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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1973 volume:

It is a pleasure to write a brief message for the YEARBOOK of the Higgins Junior High School. Congratulations to those graduating from " Higgins " this year and remem- ber that you are graduating from one of the largest Junior High Schools on the North Shore. You and the other students have been educated in a great national and inter- national period of change. In later years you may recall that the Vietnam Conflict, the longest war in our history, was brought to a close during 1973 . However, you should recall some of our pleasant school activities namely; the great December musicals, the successful sports teams , the interesting club meetings and the school dances and assemblies . On behalf of the entire Higgins teaching staff. Guidance Counselors, the clerical staff, the Unit Directors and myself, we wish you success, health and happiness in all your future endeavors . Remember PEABODY always - it is a remarkable city. Go and make your mark in the world but if you can, leave something of yourself in Peabody so that ’future generations will remember that you did not forget the city that gave you your basic education . ' Edward J. O ' Connor Principal Our Faculty 1st ROW: Mr. Hanly, Mrs. Gregory, MissNangle, Mr. Delucca, Mr. Fitzerald, Mrs. Brett, Mr. Cassidy, Mrs. Gibeley, Miss Appiani; 2nd ROW: Mr. Heil, Mr. Reardon, Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Butterfield, Miss Romanowicz, Mrs. Sargent, Mr. Marrs, Mr. Blute, Mr. Nason, Mr. D’Amour, Mr. Gibeley, Mr. Godfrey MR. FARIA - A HOUSE MR. DONOVAN - C HOUSE MR. PURCELL - B HOUSE EILEEN DUFF - SECRETARY DAN SILVIA - PRESIDENT BILL ST. PIERRE - VICE PRES. BEVERLY GRIFFIN - TREASURER Unit Directors Council Officers 2 1st ROW: Mr. Lawless, Miss Conde, Mrs. Lampropoulos, Mr. Zakas, Mr. Medina; 2nd ROW: Mr. Ward, Miss McLaughlin, Mrs. Sheehan, Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Kingston, Miss Donaghue, Mr. Kingston, Mr. Manning, Mr. Solovicos 1st ROW: Miss Halloren, Mr. Lehto, Miss Rubin, Miss Murphy, Miss Conde, Mrs. Thibodeau, Mrs. Winer, Mrs. McLaughlin, Miss Ivers; 2nd ROW: Miss Shea, Miss Wilkins, Mrs. Dupre, Mrs. Rossetti, Mr. Conti, Mr. Andruszkle- wiez, Mr. Zakas, Mrs. Fixler, Mr. O ' Connell, Mrs. Steiger, Miss Burnham, Miss Glaser, Mrs. LaPointe, Mrs. Arnold 3 Just Imagine Bill Bailey Not wearing brown. Harry Kallas not talking about skiing . Basketball Cheerleaders knowing when to run out at time out. Paul Smith with a new tailor . A1 Ducci not being suspended . Mary Ellen O ' Donnell with no gum. Sue McDormell hated Bobby Orr. 1st lunch for all ninth graders. Glenn Freedman forgot his wig . Richard Patterson - serious. Danny Fuller - cheerful. Kathy Donovan not twirling her gum . Maria Vassallo’s pants not splitting. Mrs. Gibley losing her temper. Alternates getting to cheer . Everyone doing their own Biology . Danny Silva being 10 ft. tall (or even 4 ft.) Anyone getting up at 6 a. m. to go see a hockey game. 9th graders paying dues on time . Virginia Soucy combing her hair. Mauricia Stoodley not putting on makeup in class. Nobody getting thrown oui of 2nd period Algebra class. Keruiedy bears Higgins! The 9th graders of the Student Council got to do something for the school . The kids going to the dances. 4 Leaders Club 1st ROW: B. Walsh, J. Bettencourt, B. Crayton; 2nd ROW: A. Ortins, S. Mogavero, M. Dulavitz, B. Bailey, M. Chiarridona, R. Thibodeau, E. Croughwell, M. Madruga, J. Moore, J. Pearson; 3rd ROW: P. Matvichuk, T. Morgan, J. Bolletiero, J. Donlon, J. Coombs, S. Coombs, L. Loman, S. Parkinson, G. Kokoras Yearbook Staff 1st ROW: D. Moody, D. Phillips, R. Lipsky, L. Keicher, P. Pellico, N. O ' Leary; 2nd ROW: K. Doyle, P. Tanguay, P. Baldwin, C. Flynn, A. Freeman, L. Wilson, D. Riley, M. Delaney 5 Science Club 1st ROW: S. Buttcher, J. Silva, N. Hobey, S. Hanlon, M. Eugenio, M. Fiore, D. Phillips, J. Haig; 2nd ROW: C. Linehan, C. Mahalaris, K. Robinson, S. Macrinotis, L. Morin, B. Robinson, S. Hamilton, N. DeBar, C. Newhall, M. Delaney; 3rd ROW: Mr. Reardon, M. Chiaradonna, B. Baily, G. Moskovitz, R. Murphy, J. Maciewicz, R. Hogan, M. Coughlin, J. Bates, J. Breen, S. Flynn Homemaking Club 6 1st ROW: Donna Czarnechi, Mary Coughlin, Donna DeMille, Sharon O ' Brien; 2nd ROW: Ellen Trem- blay, Cindy Jacques, Mrs, Arnold, Jody Bates Ski Club 1st ROW; D. Forstyh, J. Leary, K. Toye, D. Toye, T. Doherty, C. Richard, L. Sands, V. Maniates, A. McDonald, D. Phillips, J. Antonio, E. Ardini, D. Soule; 2nd ROW: J. Kallas, L. Morin, P. Sands, D. Soule, R. Coombs, M. Delaney, K. Tournas, S. Hamilton, C. Newhall, S. Macrinotis, C. Tudor, M. Sullivan, K. Britt, M. Meagher, S. Mowder; 3rd ROW; K. Kachinski, H. Kallas - pres., D. Marc-Aurele, M. Cunningham, R. McOsker, A. Argenbright, R. Hogan, J. Henry, L. Woodworth, J. Callahan, E. Croughwell, M. Nolet, J. Cliffe, K. Stevens. Mr. Rogers advisor. Stamp and Coin 1st ROW: Larry Nadeau, Mark Lynch; 2nd ROW; Craig Olswang, James Pruss, Jeff Rousseau, Satorl Andella. Mr. Coviello advisor. Band 1st ROW: K. Anslono, S. O ' Donnell, N. Sullivan, J. Silva, J. Little, D. Pyburn, C. Olswang, S. Boucher, R. Shallow, R. Snider; 2nd ROW: S. Krammick, B. McLaughlin, A. Estabrooks, T. Eagar, P. O’Keefe, P. Coombs, B. Griffin, F. Harris, D. Terrenzoni, M. Griffin; 3rd ROW: J. Cole, B. Pasquale, J. Broughton, J. Macieiwicz, M. Simyrnios, J. Little, J. Chandler, G. Moskevitz, F. Tomaz, D. Selva, Miss Glaser, advisor Fashion Club 1st ROW: Brenda Silva, Laurie Savur, Faith Silva, Patty Bochley; 2nd ROW: Mrs. McLaughlin, Sue Ring , Mary LeBlanc AERO Club Billy Carey, Nancy Henderson, Missing; Richard Mistretta, Walter Sorenson, Stephen Hosker , Don Spurr, Francis Walker, Beth Alexuk, Jo -Anne Bates 8 International Club 1st ROW: S. Viscusi, B. Leverque, C. Wilczenski, E. Williams, M. Frasca, M. Gibbs, M. Martin, P. Walsh, F. Silva, Mr. Medina; 2nd ROW: T. Lawrence, M. Kenney, M. Zolotas, J. Pruss; 3rd ROW: M. LeBlanc, W. Welch, S. Greenier, C. Scribner, P. Peguero, L. Savy, B. Silva Spectrum 1st ROW: M. LeBlanc, P. Towey, M. Lehto, B. Baily, A. Hallinan, B. Griffin, P. Nadeau; 2nd ROW; N. Nelson, A. McCarthy, D. Clothey, M. Branquinho, M. A bad, S. Flynn, J. Sheehan; 3rd ROW; T. Wlasuk, K. Doyle, A. Freeman, S. Davidson, G. O’Shea, M. Griffin, Advisor, Miss Conde 9 Chess Club 1st ROW: A. Votta, L. Nadeau, M. Lynch, C. Olswang, J. Evens, T. Eager, S. Quigley; 2nd ROW: P. O ' Keefe, R. Galen, S. Orlandella, F. Pabisz, J. Macziewitz, G. Katsarakes, T. Werenko, A. Argenbright, J. O’Leary, J. Martin, Mr. Gillen advisor Ecology Club 1st ROW: J. Silva, M. Fiere, S. Butchar, M. Eugenio, N. Hobey; 2nd ROW: B. Robinson, K. Robinson, J. Haig, D. Phillips; 3rd ROW: M. Chiaradonna, C. Estabrook, J. MaeMewiez, M. McKay, B. Bailey, Sue McGray, Mr. Blute advisor Audio Visual 1st ROW: Jeff Gardner, J. Goulet, J. Gruballese, L. Hall, J. Viera, P. Morgan, M. Kozisky; 2nd ROW: R. Whitcomb, S. Belonis, T. Garvel, D. Marchetti, R. Santos, S. Lindquist; 3rd ROW: M. White, J. Mcosker, S. Galloway, D. Yeomans, R. Tanzer, B. Trueria, C. Voderis, B. Brown, D. Crean, Mrs. Nessen advisor Sports Club 1st ROW: L. Fallen, M. Cliff, J. Markham, F. Keating; 2nd ROW: P. Rheaume, D. Shorey, M. White, M. Endslow, B. Morrison, Mr. Manning advisor Art Club 1st ROW: Judy Ingemi, Sonya Desjardins, Ellen Tremblay, Stephanie Batsinelas, Gina Ford, Elaine Ardini, Cheryl Said; 2nd ROW; Candy Balisted, Judy Ouellette, Mrs. Gregoski advisor Math Club f rV jlil ■■■ 1st ROW: Mike Michaud, David Diachisin, Tom O ' Leary, Frank Keating, Alan Harris; 2nd ROW; Steve Maimone, Scott Kramnick, Judy Ouellette, Debbie Ouimette; Advisor: Mr. Lemire 12 Ninth Grade Chorus 1st ROW; Monica Lehto, Jimmy Antonio, Cathy Peabody, Kathy Sorenson, Brenda Shute, Rhonda Lipsky, Marji Loring, Karen Perry, Laura Harris, Brandy Billingsley, David Terenzoni, Scott Boyle; 2nd ROW: Donna Maurais, Kathy Linehan, Alicia Tierney, Kathy Lynch, Sheila Tarasuk, Elizabeth Hoff, Abby Fazendeiro, Randa Gray, Candy Leva, Lori Jepson, Sue McGray, Tony Ponticelli Student Council 1st ROW: R. Langley, G. Chambers, T. O ' Leary, F. Keating, B. Cameron, P. Gamache, M. O ' Shea, D. Ahearn, N. Outlette, D. Micalizzi, C. Scribner Joanne Breen Jay Donlon Nancy O ' Leary Anne McCarthy Barb Cassidy Diane Clothey Steve Langely Tricia Wlasuk Angela Cusak Sam Parkinson Nancy Nelson Pam Nadeau Karen Doyle Sue McDonnel Mary-Jo Delaney Stacy Hamilton Last Will and Testament We, the ninth grade students at Higgins Junior High School, being of almost sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to the seventh and eighth graders: Joe Bogigian leaves his white knee socks . Scott Boyle leaves as Michael Jackson. Dee Philips leaves her ability to imitate the wall telephone . Jeff Linehan leaves his beard and sideburns to the loser of the teacher -moustache contest . The pep -squad leave their voices. All the students leave the forged bus passes to Mr . Donovan . The basketball players leave bouncing . Mr . Reardon leaves his fans . Leo St. Pierre leaves his hair to Joe Mascewitz. 1st and 2nd period classes leave their likes for Public Speaking . Alby Intonti finally leaves the girls in 5th per . English their subs. All Mrs. Donato’s classes leave the " honorable mention chair . " 3rd period Biology leave the many crayfish. Warren Jackson leaves his harmonica. Stephen Leger leaves his magic tricks . Cheryl Tome leaves her sweet , innocent , voice . Donna Maurice leaves as " Candy Man. " Ricky Whelan leaves his many football injuries. Marji Loring leaves her hats. Eddie Croughwell leaves his checked socks to Mr. Neylon . Scott M. and Mike D. leave their overalls. Superlatives Sports Scoreboard The Higgins football teiam finished anotheijfine season this year and under the direction of coafhcs Th & in and Delucca combining both a strong offense and a w^T-balancejJ( defense , the HellionsI finished with a fine 5-1-1 record for the city ^championship. Higgins jjefeated Arch -rival Kennedy by a score of 22 -6. Although finishing with a^iS^d^f 5-8 i^lHiggins basketball team deserves a lot of credit. , Although lacking in he^ht, our hoop men made up for it with hustle^nd detemiijation. Coach tleanoulis has started a program of grooming eighth graders for ninth grade competi- tion. This should enhance the future of Higgins baskejjgall . This year was the fir & year that ibe Higgins hockey team played in an organized league. They finished the year by finishing fourth in that league and gained the resp^cj^of’all the members. Coaches Gill and Kingston had nothing but praise fgr ' the team that finished with seven wins and six losses. The highlight of the season came when the Hellions shut out rivaHKennftdy by a 10-0 score and thus took the city championship in yet anothe^ sport. BASKETBALL HIGGINS 45 FOOTBALL KENNEDY 27 HOCKEY HIGGINS 22 HIGGINS 44 HIGGINS 10 KENNEDY 6 KENNEDY 34 KENNEDY 0 t ' Football’s Finest Higgins 6 Memorial 6 Higgins 13 Briscoe 8 Higgins 22 Salem 12 Higgins 35 Fenwick 7 Higgins 22 Kennedy 6 Higgins 0 Haverhill 12 Higgins 20 Lawrence 8 and Hollerers miw ' -m mw^ fMrkk^: Higgins Hockey . . . I i Raphael Abad George Akre Mark AUain Edwarda Almeida Desi Ampeliotis Sue Angell Andy Argenbright Patty Arnold Paul Asloglou Dennis Aylward Bill Bailey Pam Baldwin Brenda Ballard Teresa Barrett Terry Bartkiewcz Randy Belanger John Benson Tom Burgeron Charlie Bettencourt Fernando Bettencourt John Bettencourt Rui Bettencourt Maria Bettencourt Richard Bettencourt Brandy Billingsley John Bird Paul Bitchell Joey Bogigian John BoUettiero Debra Bornstein Mary Bourgeois Bob Bourgeois Maria Bovio Scott Boyle Sue Bozek Joanne Breen Judy Brissette Virginia Britton Dave Brooks Ralph Broughton Barry Brown George Burge Michael Burns Michael Buttafuoco Barbara Cahill Rob Calef Cindy Call Judy Callahan Kevin Callahan Maria Caravolas Mark Carlson Ann Caron Michael Caron Dave CarroU John Carvalho Cheryl Cassidy Deb Cassidy Maria Catarino Robert Cavanaugh Joe Chandler 31 Mike Chiaradonna Cheryl Cho queue Dianne Choquette Kevin Clements John Cliffe Diane Clothey Tony Coimbra Henry Coito Chris Cole Frank Cook Chuck Cooms Russell Coombs Steve Coombs Mario Cordeiro Donna Corriveau Mike Coughlin Dave Crean Rich Crist James Cross Eddie Croughwell Armindo Cunha Burton Curley Brian Curtis Angela Cusack Judy Dailey Diane Decker Mary -Jo Delaney Rob Demarco Mary Ann Denis Tanya Desjardins Paul Devereaux Darlyn DeVoe Gary Dion Christine Ditty Charles Doherty Joseph Donlon Kathy Donovan Leslie Douglas James Downey Karen Doyle Debbie Driscoll Jennifer Drougas Mike Dulavitz Grace Dullea Jimmy Dumas Walter Eliuk Wayne Elliott Bill Elwell Kevin Emmet Dorene Eon Betty Espinola Chris Estabrook Sharon Estelle Evie Everson Donna Farr Mary -Jo Farrell Abby Fazendeiro Steve Ferranti Debby Ferry Cecilia Fialho Colleen Flynn Doug Forsight Terry Forward Glenn Freedman Ann Freeman Jim Freitas Jeff Foss Cathy Gagnon Andy Gallant Paul Gamache John Gannon Eddie Garabedian George Gardner Maria Gil Kathy Goodwin Joey Goulet Michael Goutzos Randy Goyette Randa Gray Bob Grayton Don Grennan Bev Griffin Linda Guzofski Brian Hall Alan Hamel Stacy Hamilton Laura Harris Tom Hart Scott Hatch Ron Hechman Karen Howland Mike Howland Arthur Hubbard Rich Hughes Don Hulbert Pat Hunt Sherry Hunt William Hurley Priscilla Hussey Albert Intonti Warren Jackson Chris Jaillet Sharon Jenkins Lori Jepson John Johanson Anita Johnson Scott Judd Tom Judd Andy Kaldes Harry Kallas Elizabeth Hoff Ruthie Hogan Dianne Holuk Timmy Horgan Cheryl Howland Rich Heil Athena Henderson Nancy Henderson Judy Henry Roy Hitchman Joanne Kanarellis Rob Kane Lois Katcher George Katsarakas Steve Kelley Steve Kent Laura Keough Ann King Greg Kokoras Karen Kolodziej Arlene Krisko Teena Kulakowski Danny Kyminas James LaBelle Rob LaBelle Ron Macchi Kim McDonald Joe Maciewicz Mark MacKay Sue Macrinotis Mark Madruga Sheila Magesky Kathy Mahalaris Alan Mallas Tom Mallas Denise Marcaurelle Nancy Marino Karen Marques Tony Martins Mark Martins 36 Steve Materkowski Paul Matvichuk Bob Matvichuk Donna Maurais Rebecca Mavroules Cynthia McCauley George McCauley Karen McCann Ann McCarthy Dave McCarthy Mark McClure Soria Laurenzo John Leary Larry Levitt Denise LeBlanc Mary Lee Steve Leger Monica Lehto Gail Lenehan Candy Leva Diane Liakos Kathy Libby Kathy Linehan Rhonda Lipsky Lee Loman Cheri Lonergan Pam Lord Marjori Loring Robin Lowry Dawne Lucia 37 Kathy Lundberg Kathy Lynch Don Lyons Raymond McDaid Karen McDonald Scott McDonald Sue McDonnell Mary McGee Michael McGinn Sue McGray Colleen McKinnon Cathy McLaughlin Joe Mello Tony Mendonsa Fernando Mesquita Wayne Mitchell Karen Molligi Scott Mogavero Debbie Moody Jimmy Moore Louis Moreno Denise Morin Lorna Morin Kathy Moroney Bruce Morrison Roberta Morrison Rich Morse George Moskevitz Maria Moutsoulas Paul Murtagh Pam Nadeau Cathy Nally Nancy Nelson John Newey Chris Newhall Ann Noone Danny O ' Callahan Mary Ellen O ' Donnell Nancy O ' Leary Pat O ' Leary Marlene Opidee Albert Ortins Judy Owens Ross Panacopoulos Mike Panagopoulas Pam Pappamechail Valerie Pappafotopolos George Pappas Paula Parente Karen Parry Eleanor Patterson Rich Patterson Karen Pavenski Cathy Peabody Jeffrey Pearson Dave Peicott Pam Pellicio Robert Periera Richard Perrin Victor Perry LuAnn Petrillo Diane Phillips Steve Pigulski Sharon Pinto Tony Plante Paula Pomakis Tony Ponticelli Donna Poore Maria Porteia Carole Porter Laurie Potter Arleen Poverman Denise Price Bruce Purdy Joanne Puzzo Brian Quintal Edward Quintana Frank Quirk Clayton Race Mike Rainey Sharon Reed Dianne Riley John Robazewski Kim Robinson John Rodgers Chris Rose Pam Ross Dolly Salalayko Roy Santos Lorraine Sauve 40 Ken Savolainen Mike Sawall Andy Sakonis Julie Selvo Laurie Serino Cheryl Shah Laura Shambos Brad Shaw Cathy Shea Brenda Shute Rich Siden Reinaldo Silva Scot Silva Danny Silvia Ava Smith Paul Smith Kathy Snow Royal Sorell Kathy Sorenson Virginia Soucy Peter Southwick Randy Sparkas Joe Spector Tom Spinale Judy Spoford Don Spurr Leo St. Pierre Mike Staid Sue Stamulis John Stanton 41 Karen Stevens Arthur Stone Mary Stoodly Barry Sullivan Fred Sweeney Alice Swiderski Pam Tanguay Sheila Tarasuk Frank Texiera Bob Texiera David Terenzoni Robert Theriault Sally Ann Theriault Mary Jean Thibodeau Rob Thibodeau Paula Thomas Cathy Thompson Roxanna Thrasivoulos Cheryl Tome Kathy Tournas Pat Towey Dianne Tracchia Brian Treuria Dave Tsaltas Arthur Tsionis Arty Turgeon Donna Vassallo Maria Vassallo Angela Vigliotti Rob Vitale 42 Chuck Vorderis Barbara Walker Gene Walsh Jan Walsh Billy Walsh Maureen Waters David Weesden Tim Werenko Rick Whelan Robert White Laurie Willson Mike Winrow Trish Wlasuk Phil Wojick Priscilla Wojick Joanne Wong Jenny Wood Lori Woo ' d worth David Yeomens Sabina Zdanowicz 1st ROW: Re Re McOsker, Kathy Devine, Maria Bernado, Paula Maggio, Cathy Marts, Larry St. Pierre, Peter Southwick. 43 r-Mi Jim Allen Jim Antonio Cathy Azela Paul Bailey Michelle Baker Jack Barounis Mike Batsinelas Sue Bergeron Judy Bettencourt Debbie Birmingham Diane Boucher Steve Bridgeo Raymond Brown Joe Coombs Barb Cassidy Sue Crean Nancy DeBar Bruce Delesky Chris Diamandopoulos John Doucette Edward Doyle Debbie Eugenio Walter Eliuk Joe Fern Steve Fuller Danny Fuller John Gargas Peter Galdiola Felicilia Gonzalez Denise Gallant Debbie Graham Rob Gasinowski George Giannias Tom Hallinan Cathy Helgran Bill Hartford Jim Henderson Rich Kulakowski Joe Jones Steve Langley Ib Larsen John Leonard Phil Liacos Jeff Linehan Paul Marengi Ann Martinuk Donna McCullough Mike McLaughlin Tom McLaughlin Kevin McWha Paul Medeiros Marian Merluzzo Fernando Mesquita Mike Mofran Danny Myers John Myers Rich Neary Mark Nolet Jim O ' Donnell Kim O ' Donnell Jim Merrill Steve O ' Donnell Maureen O ' Meara Michael O ' Neil Jim Paige Tom Palmer Sam Parkinson Debbie Parmenter Durvalina Pereira Gloria Perry Michael Petkavich Richard Putnam Elaine Racki Kimberly Ramsdell Richard Ramsdell Lourdes Rita Mary Anne Rose Richard Ryan Carl Sanger Billy Shapiro Nancy Shea Donna Silva Rich Snider Louis Spiliotis Chuck Spyropulis Frank Stiros Mauricia Stoodley Donald Taylor Antonio Teixeira Ron Theokas Alicia Tierney Chris Tighe Kevin Tirabassi Daniel Toye Carol Tudor Kimberly Watkins Library Aides Autographs I I 47 The yearbook staff gives special thanks to: our advisor, Mr, Osborne, our principal, Mr. O ' Connor, the secretaries and teachers ' aides , the teachers for all their patience, the business department , the Beverly Times , and the Taylor Publishing Company , especially Mr . Delaney . Also Lois Katcher, Sharon Reed, Nancy O ' Leary, Pam Tanguay, Debbie Moody, Diane Clothey, Trisha Wlasuk, Colleen Flynn, Dee Phillips, Pam Baldwin, Laurie Willson, Dianne Riley, Re McOsker, Maureen Waters, Kathy Liriehan, Rhonda Lipsky, John Leary, Jon Robazewski, Pam Pellicio .

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