Hicksville High School - Hixonian Yearbook (Hicksville, OH)

 - Class of 1932

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Hicksville High School - Hixonian Yearbook (Hicksville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1932 volume:

Qi Course, vve printed the l-licl4sville Annual . . as vve have done lor rnany years, and alvvays satislactorily . . . fixlvvays The lvie-loo prinler cannol hope lo produce Jrhe mod- ern school annual - neirher in Jrhe lime allorred nor in Jrhe manner expecied in This day and age. I+ re- quires specialized eguipmenr and a Thorough under- slanding ol lhe diiiicull Task involved. We never rake on more annuals Jrhan we can properly handle. This insures a high grade of worlc and delivery al Jrhe promised lime. Senior Classes are inviied ro gel in louch wilh us. If il is price only lhar inreresls, we are noi lhe people lo deal wirh. If you wani qualify and price, ii will pay you To vvrile To us. The Deliance Printing and Engraving Company DEF ANCE, Ol-HO PM I D A- 4 :-:.. on ,,,.. , .Q .,-, . .. -,,. Q . - mf-1 -- --..X4 'mhrv IN AFTER YEARS N - . f WHEN You RE-TURN THE 1. PAGES OF THE ANNUAL I. If WHICH PERPETUATES YOUR PRE- ! '2 A I GRADUATE JOYS AND SORROWS, ' if 5 you will praise fI1e wisdom of the I I ' stag that selected good engraN7ings c I A I rather than just ucutsf f - , Years do not dim the Inrilliant I -I . printing quality of E EN, PORT WAYNE HALRTONE ,-.. ' 1 PORTRAITS AND VIEWS ' ,T - I A -, Xg, A " , I AES' boy I I of I ' A I F if ,ff ' f'-2-.LE .Q'::,.., .127 . .W K-TQ: EIHE MARK OF EXCELLENCE if If I 1- I dr, , , '55 ,,,r-o-,,. I 2 I QW! Wayne gngmvin FORT VVAYN E. IN DIANA I 4 ,N QR, M3 I I I ? gift! . Nj I -. ' I 9670- I kv i ' , 1 , . E 'M' , . T To Q, I I 9 Qutographs . .- Q. til I ' ,.. ' -'I-L hal I, ' 4 J ' u . '- 1 in 'I . 1m ...f + 40 ' L -f milf-111, , . , . 1- iv W A I , 'Y . 5 -4 3 N-I 1 . af .-L+ 4' . 1, -an Mg! I+ -e-, -a -1 . 31Z ' -f-paid' 4 Ybspfi, i9,. "4 tl-E I' :nt j:.'1"2 -1 -1: Q.-. .. . if?"- I -1 Q I . -' I' 5 I 1.4 W-A A.. .l9mwn"' ,L V. :QP I 1.4 W-A A.. .l9mwn"' ,L V. :QP 1 4-ix e 'yr-:,-51'Jer-,,:.-.,..,,......,..f.. . , ,V , . 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P i 1 4 4 , K., XE , ....-....,,..,,:f..f - ff ,r -2-.....,, ,,..,.4'w-'---w.,...-.... .i,-..1,- -.V 1--f--'--1-w----Q ,ii V J- ff- - F A 4 Z'N.,s !f-,- N-5 x , , 4 55 ISDTWR 1 s A :I ,S Qxkrlfg If . , ' ,621 L55-fm ,Qi 4-IFS?-K 2 5 . fl I 4 f"N X SW 3 4 ww. 'iv 255 A flxx 5 lr f -Nw 'fl I il' ' 5iQ0QQfm H - , sr, ni' J .9""'-TTT1 932- 'PV"""5'C. x ' v , J . A I 11 L H 1 X 0 N l A N ' -g.,,,e s Q on ' F -if ' fx' 3314 X XV Dedication To ANNA SCHOFER who accompanied us in our first ventures, helped its over countless obstacles, and lent the light of her presence to all our gatherings. in order to signify by some token our gratitude, we, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and thirty-two, have dedicated this seventeenth volume of the H ixon ian. 0 S M ISEZ I' H Ii. H l X O TX l A TN U 712 ANNA SCHOFER 7 lf i igffe--f ' 32 j g H R I H Ii H I X O N I A N .1 ,,.Y,, , - v - V asf v e e s -.J O TEACHERS' BEST WISHES Seniors of i321 l am sure that your years in high school have been pleasant. May the benefits derived and the experiences passed through be a real help to you along the pathways uf life, H. S. ARMSTRONG. Tl1e class of l932. to paraphrase the remark of Queen Mary of old concerning Calais. is written on my heart. l wish you every happiness in life. GEORGE PATTERsoN. Through your splendid cooperation in all musical activities you have been an inspiration to 111e. MARIE R. KELLER. Success comes to those wl1O are always fifteen minutes ahead of time. May the Alarm Clocks of the '32 graduates be turned up and success greet them at every turn. ROBERT WELTY. lt is my earnest wish that the Senior Class of l932 will adopt the old yet ever new motto: Hllbl'CllllIllll4? 1101110 csl. fbi benefice locus eslfi Baal-JNIECE B. KERR. Musicians. orators. athletes. statesmen. who knows what you may be, but my best wishes to you. May the world be made a better place to live by your presence. ESTHER How1:NsT1NE. "The glory of a firm, capacious mind" is the gift bestowed upon each and every memlver of the Class of 1932. May you cherish this gift throughout life. Success to you. and farewell. ,IEANETTE E. RHODES, Librarian. "He most lives wl1O thinks most. feels the noblest. acts the bestfl May each succeed- ing year find each of the class of 1932 achieving success and enjoying increased hap- piness. May you truly live. ANNA SCHOFER. To achieve success is a line and splendid thing-but after all, Seniors, "it matters not whether you have won or lost. but how you played the game." MARY EDYTHE JOHNS. Here is a group well prepared to fill its place in society and help to place it upO11 a higher plane in the future. LEIGHTON CONKEY. S X -sys., I 93 2 Z1 6 2 iiii f Xi X N 7 ' I ix ff X if ii MK 5- Xl ffm ,wma ,. i-i.-i....,ii , ,,, , . , W. ,, - MT, f,W,,i . , ,, , i Q, RW-, i if i- 11 M-' 4 .-f f 6 R, - H' . Q 1 i i W 1 fi izia n xi 1 H 4 1 -' 7 .ii :'f'- aww i ' S K1s,Wf ir.1,EiEiii? !l1g "Hifi HH, ,fm mv' .Ali l x :E ml: M ng' LII "' W i i ' i Q i ff' if w X225-f if Y ,, . , Y- ik 'Nqr if Administration I H E H I X O N I A N in , .f-if Vi f-,J ,234 Xxx di - ui ,t E fi , ' Y If-7 -V .1 ' ' 5 0 , ' 1 1 1 ,' .515 'YL ' 1 3 t "' rf1 ,1 ff- 'f ' 1. 1 p2 ' w F ffxfid-wi-fw , f JA :w if W5 M -- X ,,BQ'34f- A.f2 2 4"'1:n f 1 '-VH? "W 1-MJL'i ' F. WL' 'U ?+v' "ii UM' U 'FA . if'ff"7,'l . - w Q ' .frilly T", L1:f.f.f' 4. - - W ., ,, . 5 X if X' -L,-1. K4 MP, V' I ," ffl." -ff . li -7313 .I "-' X 1 1 ff fr 'ff P' wig if-'E i' V ' ' EI 15' 5 '13 I A 42 .I 9 Q F P 4111, Mimi 'N if ,1 I ff f . fmf'-' FFF U "'f'1'ZF'-3' ' wiv-1 4" 3 - If ,, AX' -P ,! ' 'Fa ' H fa ' f it lrfgx 5 -M ""g Q e ... 5 Y Nl f, 9 L, fl 1 -,, L' l 1 I I- N.. J, Xa - h ii . V U lu. W.,-77. fLf4 'W' H. gf" P- g., Q' ,L 'J U G4 A HICKSVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL lil P. J. Muwllx' Clw-A L. E. GRIFFIN 'Wim gif 1 H lp H I X O X 1 .X N. BOARD OF EDUCATION ,f,. Fruxla I. Xl Ii Plvsllfelzf J. O. Loxcswolwll ll U. 5. pXPPl.r:agA'rE I I1'f'-l,l'f'.iIl!l"l1f . .A-4 fw- 44 W 3. ., ff- XM e I ,fx x y Sv f , 5'f'3f,,z.:'E, . .' f' .JP ' ,ziivw , I 3.5 , . ,,.,t,.- 2.55. 'gf 1 4- -digg. , jf ig" -. 4 ,2ii1JfJTffe. li' - V 'gf ,Q f :P M7412 My FRED Fmms - Y-1 'I H If H I X O N I 'A N l? X "A life spent worihily should be measured by a nobler line-by deeds, not yearsf, 12 l932 :J-"rf XJ Z Q ll I 'V 1 x Y ' -.Q-. Y ' - f . -49" - ...rj , - . .V w' V""'-. , 3 .,,-"f . 1, f 'LJA7' W Y- 'A,,wa'.:LL'x: rl- -V , L-, . ,,, I N g ' Af' " Hff' g 15' ,. 1. J ff " - 'V . "---M '7-"' A' W X I' , f ' A ' ,f --f.--f ,J x.,.f -Xb! X-N,.V K, -P . X f A L...,.,.--ff" Q' N---"'kS...,. "" H. 5. Xl:xlf'1'::ux1, H11lu'l'1'l1l4'114lf'l1l nf .gl'llIlHlS Ilmlllr-1' High Fvlluul. "ll: X. H.. IJ:-Iiallnw1f4vlI:-gm, 'I I1 Nl, X..Hlliu5l:ll1- l Inu-1XiIy.'ff: 5lIIlVl'lIlll'lIIi!'lll lIll'lxHXI'4'. l'JI.w-19.12. 1 : A v wgil k N ' Ax A. 5 W -A - ,.fL , A. ,, ' ,Q I.. "Q - f- x 'N " L-..'-k2lfi :fff-2 '-fg.,gk,. 'f-1gQ:,f.'-::g,,.v 1 if-'f"' ,A-A-if I x I ,?1J3'--K 1 b -f' i?3if'2.il:2Efwir2f' 'xW'l,p f"Lifllzifj-.?,g?y:5?:f 54 xi L-!,l'..1 nsxj -f"s,f LX,,a S'k,J' CM! f: 7 'ffikp f X QA 72 T I-I E H I X O N I A N G'Hope, like the gleaming laper's light, Adorns and cheers our wayg And still, as darker grows the night Emits a brighter ray." I-I A X A l932 ,M I' H Ip II I X ll N I X 'X :if ' 3liilf'Y"gi'1iW 1f'T:'1ff' H-'fff i- '- f if: I v -g Q Z ' i QE, 1 X -N Q Gsonrzrz A. PATTERSON P1'1'11 cipal Hicksxillc- High Sulmnl. '1-I2 Ohio XXVIII-31111 1 lmiu-lsily. 19155161 C4-urgc Xvzlxllillgloll Univerbity. 1916-'17: Gefv1'gvlnw11 SQ-lnwl of 17011-ignl Ht'IL1lIlIl1h. 1919: A. B., Ilarxarcl. 1922: 'l'va4-lu-r. Iliuksvillv High Sclmul, five yrars. I5 qw. '31 ' -W Naoigfv Cjfbff 6:2-PSF? 4, ,A 1 .1 T' QA - "' '- H'- li l l lf. ll I X CJ N I A N cs- .Aff J-Q 4 f17ff2jj'W- Q i f 'i ' AC Y- S kj Li:1fzHToN Coxmix' ROBERT XVI-QLTY SI'I'f'lll'f' pllallzemnlics and Science l'l3l'IN1'l' lligh S1-lun-l. 'Ili A. ll., DPhe1lu'f'. '23: lllL'li5Xlll9 High Svllrml, i273 A, B.. Defiance, llw4,'Lll'lN'I'. llirlx-xillv lligh Svllhlvl. sown yl,"Cll'b. 731: Teacllcr. Hicksville High Sclmul. one y6Hl'. Ani SQHOFER JEANNETT12 RHOADES HI-.QffJl'A1' and EllQ'Ili.Vll Libl'al'1'f1r1 Hailliv lliglu Sclmnl. '25: A. B.. Willvnlwrg Hicksxille High School. '28, flnllvgim-. .231 ,lll'ill'llf'l'. lliL'l'hXil0 lligll Srlnml. llfur yi-ul'-. 16 S - I9?2 Z1 , . . 7 'K Y xt T H E I-I I X LJ IN I X N 9' J' nfl: ,gif 'xii-fwwt. i.,i,if5,,5gr,g.,f:h xIxIiI:l7:i::aqw':I if Y 'liytrx 11 f' Kmgny 41 l .x,1,1,,?fQ,.Q'FXu.'1g J r +9 411 L X151 1- . ftf3,If?3pfsf2'rEn6f.?ii'i IVIARY EDYTHE Jonxs Huang Iii-31.1.1-:ii COIIZIIICTCE ,llus1'f- fiarrett High Svllnfvl. 'IZT: Indiana lniwisily. Xlilfurfl iff-nlvr High SVIIUIYI. 'IUQ Hhiu Iini- I92T-'ZZ8: B. S.. lnfiiana Slillf' 'livarlwis flulla-gf. xi-wily. Puhlit- Swlimil Klnfiv. 'I?l: 'IiIlI'l'!"X4'Hl' '3I: IJ. fi.. Inrliana lIIlIYE'l'5IIy. 'PIZZL 'IivLi4'IWI'. Iuiw- lliiahnmi. 'Wg Siiimf-1wjsm'uI Xiuriv, Mil- IIickSvi1IC'HigII1 Scluwl. one Q'PJ:ll'. fowl 411-ntvr. llhiu. fum' 5+-zirxz XII. Ya-rimii. Uhiu. Iwo yvarf: Ilivkrxilh- High St-luml. Illlll' M-urs. V BERENIECE B' KERR ESTHER HOWENSTINE Lalin and Algebra Smillz-Huglzes Home Econonzics gowersmh High gcliooli '06: Ph.Bu Ohio Uni, Smith-Hughes Home Ecmummivs. I-Iivksville versity, 'llz lil. A.. Coliimhia lshii-erhilyr 'gli High School. '19: B. S.. Ohio State I'niver-ity. Teacher- Mark Cerner Hi,-,h Schholi one year: '23: Graduate Student Liniversity of Chicago. Hicksville High School. wir years. gunnners 1925-'23: Te-aclier. Harravrl High School. one yearg Hlcksvxlle High bchool, seven years. 17 -.-:ZLS I 93 2 Ja A - - -ff 1 . K , w . , ' " . ' ' -- I ' Y: :Y YY- ' Y-Rm I :vw I I I I- I I I V w COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Masonic Hall IVednesday Eveiiing. May I1 BACCALAVUREATE SERMON Sunday' lfveiling. May I5 The Rev. Frank E. Highie. Pastor Methodist Church Methodist Church HI-ClfNl'lCBlYlAL PAGEANT Huber Opera House Tuesday Evening. May I7 ANNUAL SENIOR PICNIC Deshler Cottage, Hamilton Lake Wvednesday, May I3 COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Huher Opera House Thursday Evening. May 19 Class Address, The Rev. R. Lincoln Long, D. D., Toledo, Ohio ALUMNI BANQUET Friday Evening. May 20 Methodist Church 18 ,V a. ,flax ff , ff 1 L ' sgm . .-.iii J' 'V ,F .ms Mmm. n kg Q A fi . W , aff Eiwf ' QW f,.,' ! ' H IIIA ' , ' H s 6 , . U .n'nma ss wit h D 5 Y . .M fl ' nil! WN j L'-Q M A 5 A. rj my , Hiram 1' P, 4,141 , f a ff I I In .W A ,. WI ' I Classes 727' Nm W It I I I I I I X 1 J N I ,IX N WHO ARE THEY? Jn X I932 If - v T H F H I X O X I .. X X llIllt'fllf'lUfI'llI1 Xulwln-lurmll: Llnw l'rv5ul'-ni. I: Claw bun:-l.1u Ii: Ellitur Spmunlrifl. Li: Ulm- fluh. .L I: Lu 1 l vrurv lr-ngzrxxln. fr: "Thr: Chu-l 5 Ilmuvrllx Slxx Pxl 1, Scgmlrrgu Szzlututuriarl. llR'N1lllt'l1l S.llul.n-nun: Nmf-l'u--nfl--111. I: 5--fn-lulx'. Z: ' Pr.--1-ll-nl, .l, lg Ulm- lllull. l. 2. J. 4: l-'-mllmll. lul'X.u fl: Iirllhn- LI. .L I: IMS:-lfzull. Ll. .L I:ll'-h.m-.2.S1:0wlnwl1u. I: I.in-mu l.f-nf-1. .11 'l'r1.nug:uI.n1 llulmf-1. 'L: ln-C.h1+'f Hnmungm. 4: "lim-1 LL.1r-I-yn li'-uw." .4. 4: Nlrmg Loma-rl. J. 1: 1,111-mn I.:-th-x. Ill 1 Nlinftrvli, IJ: .luniur Jubilvu. 3. "Haw lim zlw ffm- zlmr luum'l4'd 11 zllrrmuflfl ,ll.1,w and lrurnl zhv rnlflfm mu.-1: .ff llmmjf' PAUL CARR Treasurer GI.-P Club. 1. 2. 3. 4: Qlmrlr-l. 3. 4: Lun-ky Jude. 2: Junior High E-lilur. Spunnnlrlfl. fi: Roof Ganlcn Re-um, 3: Liturary Pmgram. 15: Spring Con, cvrl. 3. 4: Buakrelhall. 3. 4: Full Can'- nivul. 3: Junior Jubilee. fl: Treafuwr. 4: Football. 12. 4: Baseball. Zi. 4: Tri, angular Cnmeql. 3: Alhletit Manager Hixuninn. 4: Urvhvslrn. 1, 12. 3. 42 Trurk, 3. 4. "I will rwzllzer yield lu Ilw sung nj zhv airvn, nur zlze mm- uf 111.3 hy:-rm, ilu' Irfan ul llw cwf'uLl1lf', nur the lmwlmg uf ilu' Wulf," "SLM--v lm- nhl tL.l.Iing." .Sz I,m-ruxy Pmgmnun. 14: Bn-lwllmll. LI. Il. l: "R-ml l2.1r-lf-11 K'-mv." Ii. 4: spring Ljumw-lr. Ii. lg Aumunx Ellimr Swmn. llxfl. Il: liu-inv-- Nlunugwl l'hxnn1un. 4: Luvkx Lvl-f. Z: Juxnm Julul -'--. 'l. "lip lwlll, lu- lmlll, unll 1-wnulwrw ln- lmlfl'." Ru xmwn LILLY .lUfliPH CARR l lil'-l,l'L'SI.llt'l1l Serrvlury Cl:-1' Clulr. 1. I. J. 1: U1'4'lleill'.1. 1. Ulm- Clulv. l. 2:01.-lwxlru. I. lf. ll. 4C 2, fi. 4: llvlrdlrk .ll Trarli. ll: Spnurl- Thr' Lllvliy' .lilllvx lf: Bzlsvhdll. 2. fl. 42 llrifl 5l.lI'l'. 15: Hixuniun Slall. 4: Fu-xlbull. 4: Baxkrlball. Il. 4: Truvk. Hemf l,l.u1l+-n Hr-xur-. fl. -11 Spring fi. 4: Howl' lkarmlr-n Rn-U11-'. 3. 4: Cmxru-rl. IS. 4: Tho Lucky ,l.nlf'. 2: Sprm,L Clmwfll. Ii. 4: T1'iangul.Ar. 3: .luninr ,luhil--4-. IS: Tri..mgul.z1' Cunt.-51. Chl-4-r l,:-a-lr-r. Ii. -I1 Literary Prugrum, Il: Yivr'-Pl'1.-Qlelvnl. 4, Q42 .luniur ,Iubilrru fi: Spounnlrilt Fluff. li: H. H. 5. Quarlvl. li. 4, "l :mx pmnuwd un 41 tznw, Tu lmzw- rwnwn fm :nv rl:-xnwg "L1gl1ll'n lrum jlur lu frnr hy jlwu Frum lllul lzrnw nnlu 1l11.v,w11xur1 und lfrwml lu lrlwul, lamerzl uml I hum rf'4'r1rwl nu rhwnf nur vue." rm.wn." A"- l :Q I fl l kk Fl ., 1 X X , , 1 1 ,MWA H R, in V Y',,3i:1CT,,f'Xw- i . ' Nfl ,iffy L7J"'T ' 1 ' 'L-ii -, -K L gil- lx-" 1 '- ff ,U 4 ROBERTA NEFF ul.-.A f:1..1.. 1. 2. ,x. 11 ixi..k.-mil. 4. x'a.-F.Pmi.i..m, 21 Liter- uu mn...-. --s,....,l..i.m." 14. Au...-any 1-jflimr '-Hix..man." 4. ,, . . Q ,sl fi N b.-.2552 5 Cl-W-1 if lim-l Ilulwlvii livxuv. Il. lg Xlinslir-I Show. Ii: Luxiug Cup, Ii: Luvky Lula-. 12: Spring Coin-1-rl. fi, 4: ,luuiur julnilr-11, ,lx Lil- vxurv Plugrzillix, Il. 'Ulgw mmm! uizhwr hw, u I ruimn: milf hw infinih- mm-ls." WILLIAM LAVR CIN- Clulx, l: Urrhrxlrci. 2. fl: Ifuullmll. 4. "L'r.w1liur:'s lwir, lln' uurlfl, lhv uurlul H mmf. ll.-XRY HELENA JORDAN Cl-Av Club. I. 2. 3. -1: Luvky Jaflv. LZ: Lauly Franvie. Z: :Xluluui I-Qililur "SpUumlril'l.'i Il: Lilcrurv Program. Il: Rmrl' llunla-n Hr-iuv. Il. 4: Spring Cnnrr-rl. fl. 4: Snrirlv If-lilur. "Hixuni:ni." 4. "I hun' nu urlwr lful 11 1mrrmn'v rvnmn: Illini: him M, lirl 4-11i..w I lliinl.: him xii." W'u'w. SERVERS 1unior.lul:ilr-1-. 3. "WF grunt. ulfhuugh ,Jw hurl rlmvh uif. Sin- u-uw wry .hy uf uiing il." W.4I.TER DE.-KTSM.-KX Bum-luill. l. LZ. 3. 4: Trunk. H. 4: Fmnhall. 3. 4: Basketball. 4: Glrr- Clnli. l, 4: Ruol' Ggxrnlrn Rr-vu:-. 4: Spring Cuuvrrl. 4. "Tin u.ul1l's 11 bubble and the life nj man less than a .xpullf Gm' BEERBGWER Clan Trl-usurr-r. 2: Businve- Xlanagr-r. "Spnun.lril't." " Ulm' Clulw. 4: Roof Gurnlm-n Rr-uw, l: Hclsr-bull. 3. 4. ".llv .xnlufl dmv--lrhvlz I un.: grw-n In judgnwrilf' 31.-KRCELINE Kocu H,xrluu High Svlmul. l: Glve Club. l: Typing Awanls. 3. 4: hfiflunl Su--ivly I-lilimr. "SpnnnilriI'l." Ll: Juninr Jubilee. 3: "Hixuuiuu" Stull. 4, "Lf-1 lln' irurlil ilidv, In :hw 14--,rid gn. .-I fig fur mmf. ruul fi fig jnr if-Ur." .,, " 23 Q N... - ' .cw 2 -1 fn:- giu .ffg.. 21-LS.'?3 Pk? 577' A -Wi M1144 RRRR ' R 45 f - I Pm'L1,ls ELUIQH Imfm. 1. za: ul.-.. finfl.. 2. a. 41 B...L..fI.,.l1. 11 c:n...f sfffff 11 Lffn Frunvn-. 11 'rm Lurkv Jmu.. 11 l:....f mm..f.-f. nffff .L I: sprung Lffnwrz. f.. I: hfff-I'1f-XMI.-nr, .fr X.-I.n.mr Iffmflf Hagf. mfffff. --s,........ufm." 'af Jfm1f..- pfmm-.-, If ma ff.-.fx I.1l. .ll "HiXulIi.I1l'4 Skull. I. "Ind hw ffff-ff W ffm. fffnwfl ffffh hf-r flfffffnf f f lfffffw uifff flff' fur." Yun Rlmzxm It Tlhlllglllul' Cfmlf-Il. I, fl: Luf-kx Lui--, 2: l,.IfIx l"r.mff--. - Iiffuf llnrflvll llmlfv. 1. I: Sprung lllvllnrrl. 3. l: Nlllxxllwl ZZ f.f,, ,I . Iflw Llub. J. J. I: l..INI..Ixl..Ill. I: A--1.1.1111 l.fx'-mfs bluff.: --f,,f...f..4ffff. .nz 1.af.-...ff I-f..m.m.. :Z 1.1f.f.I smff. :1 xf.f....f 1..1..1.f.. 1:1 "Hax.ff...m" smrr. 1. "IIN uff ff mffrf- llfffff mfnf, lwr fffff ff ' ff f-lfflfff' Rulll-llll' LtIXIZ5W1llI'l'II ffl:-.A Club. 1, J. ... I: Ifmll-.IlI. J. ... I: ll.:-If-xlhnll, -. -. I -.ffl , .-.,. . ff.. f. I.f: vu, '-fg.n..I:f.f-,-.,,I: . II, I: lunmr lnlnlf---. .Ig 'l'n.lngul.u Cmnt'-Nl. .7: Ilmxlfv-l Fllfm fl. --:ffm ff, ffmffffff ff ffm, mf ffm fffffff ff,-ffff. uffffmff fm ffm, fmff ff ff f.-mg mffffffffr lll-1nBL:R'r RINIZIHNIII-IRI? Fmlllmull. U. II. I: Avi-mul Alhlf-tif' lflflmn. "Slfff..f1-lull." 'l'f.n-k. fl: "Hiwniuu" Sl.nI'l'. I. "f1ifw- mf, ff Ipfrff llffff .fn flfix ffff-K rffffglf If-ff. lffff-f fff hffff- lffv milf fi1l'fl nfrll ff lffxlv ufffflf' fII,xRf:r:LI.A DVIIFI-IY Ffmf H cum Wlnk. 1: 1w,.afm Mmffuf, 14, 41 u.fff.ff..-f-.-f..f L..m1r-NI. 5. -Ig 5h--rrI1.m-I Lf-run.-mf-. I: Ill-mu Lfmlmfmlf-, I "Hiwniun" 5mI'l'. I: luniur .luI.il.-I-, I, "II Nha ffffl lfffnfrf,-1 ffnr."' Lms MCDUNALU Typing .-Xwarfls. Il. I: Cunmwrviul llmxu-N14 II. fl: G1--v Club 1. 2. 3. -I: "Hixnl1iull'4 Stull. -I: Four H Club, 1. LI: Slmrl- lmnfl C:-rliflralrg Sprung Cum,'v1'!. .L I: .luniur luluilw-. .41 L.:-lx Fnunrf--. 3: Ln-'ky' lull.-. 3: Rm-I' G.mIfn R1-vur, II. 4. "lT'lfHn did mffrffiug vrfr lfrful. uful lfnfl gurl: lfwffnfzff ,gm fffmffwu Lsoxr: CLELAXD Clee Club. 1. 2. Il. 4: Shuwhuanz Luvky Jade. 2: Lanlv Fran- fw-Q. 2: Spring Cmwn-rl. LI. -Ig Rumi' Guulf-n R:-xue. 3. I: Hixfln ian Stall. 4: .lnninr Julvilee. 3: Hin-Irvl., 3. ".4x merry us fhv :lug is lang." D . ,f-fa 23 'Q lla'-iff in gms ,l fix,"-Qfxf-. Ni 'liziflligl if ' ,42f.,h fig:--f,A,..-' . M. ,xl 1. 'S I x,5....-.ffhumfgjai Y,'- Qing ,I-x-A 1 7 M 71 :nnn J' 'Z'A g I H IL H I IX 0 N I EX N fa -. .Ak IJIDRIVIXIIHA Gnulilc "l1,,.1 111 11.111.'11x 1111.11 111.1 1-111,11 1111 11-mg.. A 11,1 11,1111 1,,.1 1.,,1.111:- 1,11 ..1,gX." .AIADUNNA KI-LNNER u..Qk.111,a11. 1. :sq '-Hix.,nn1." surf. 4. "l.11. 1111 1111111 1'11l111- 111 11 1111111 1111111-, 11 1'1'11u1111f 11-111111111' .-,,1111...1." ELYIN Tumi. S.1u11- tu: the liualiluib. 15: l.iu-:nv Play. U: "5pm1n1l1'ifl.' Runga Ruuucxan GH-1' C'ul1. 1: Knuf Uulnln-ll Hr-suv. -1: Spring Cunw-rt. 4 "5l1oululrifl.'4 li: Juniul' ,lulnifm-. 3: "HiM1niun" Staff. 4. 5 nf' 'E+ .Wk 'Pb' B. "I lhuv, fwgI1'rf111g nwnrldls 1-mix. ull 4l1'1lic11le-d 111 rlffxffmx 111111 111.1 1..-11.111'11g 111 111. 111.'1..1." IJLNURE RoBrgn'rs0x Typing -Xuuuls. Ii. 4: Four H Club. IS: Tvying CrrliIir.alr'. I1 llunxulm-lvinl lf-1nh-wl. 4: Sh11r.hun4l Cvrlifwule. 41 Junior .llllwi nw. fi. "J: 1-!111,Xr1- 11v 1111- 1111 1111111f11 s11111u Doms BIETZ Tvplng .-Xwuruls. 'L -1: Fuur H Clnlhing Clulw. l. 2. 3: Typing Quill.-xl. fl: ' HixunEnn" Snlff. 4: Junior lubilve. Il. "Sl11"x all mp lunry 111111111-rl h1'r.' RICHARD LAIB Ibm-lull, l. L21 B.nk1'll11lll. 2. 111: Funlhull. 43 Clem- Club. l. 2. 55. I: O1-1-In-aim. 1. 2. fi. -1: D1Al1:nv. 2. 3: 'I'riulu:ular Cunu--I. 55: 1.11.-kv 33.1.-. 2: ny Lu,-.1 an l.aw.y. 2: 1'h1-.lv 011.1 A11 Plays: Nnmf C:ll'4lu'u K:-xum-. fl. 4: Spring Cuncvrl. ll. -1: Cir- :-ulalliun Xlunug:-13 "Spuumll'ill," 33 Cirrululion Xlzllmgv-r "Hixuuiuu." 4: .-X-xfislulll Clin-vl' lwalnlz-r. 41 .lllniur jubilee-. 3. 4- "l"11in u'11ul1l I. 11111 I Jun- 11111: I rlurw, unvl w! I muy 111115 I 111111, 11l1!11111gl1 I 1-11111 11111 1 .dis ,,1.111Y1.1.- 1.11.-11 1 ,11.1, 11.11" 1 -yn X ' l9E2 K X! IZI1-1- Club, l. 2. CL. I: "H'v1ui.1n Huff." -I: Lurky ,lqnlm 23 Lulv lfxanlu-1--. LZ: Sufi:-lv Emlilur. "Spur1n1Irifl," H: Lila-rary , ' l'111g1,m1. Ii: Ilmvl llamlwu Iimur. IS. bl: H4-kvlbull. 1: I-'All F1-Nllxzll. fl: Juni11l'.llll1if1-1g fi. w B.1xk1-llufl. 2. 'L 4: Fuullzull. 1. 2. 3. 4: Truck. 2. Ii. 4: '41 1: uz..1., 2. :1. 1.111-ky 11.4.-A. :I Run! Q...-.l.A.. H.-H., ga. 11 'Hn11ni:u1" Slulf. 1, --1',, 1111 .1111 1111.1 11,1 1:m11: T H E H 1 X U I A TN Orvl1r'5'ra. l. 23 film- Cub. l. 2. 15. 4: lnlwlu lull:-. li: Xlln- slrvla. fi: Rnmf Gull:-n Hvxlw. fi. -l: lun,ur lulnlr-v. 4: "Hu, Un1un" Stall. -1. "I um luv my fm fn my ff, Inf." Rnsum' Nmwx Ulm- lllllll. fl. l: "Hlx4u1lull4' Stull. -lt Hu-ll' lhlnlv-I1 li.-xll--, li. 43 S .52 Junmr julmn-un A. '-our H1 M., mu.-1. 1,',m,,f.g. 1..,,-Um.. muff." Lllw- l,.ulx. .L l: Xllnsllw-l-1. J: Rum! lun-lvn ll.-lu--. .l. l: Sprung llnurvrl. fi. lv: lfl-nlling illull. 2. .L Hn, CIW Club. l. 2. Il. lg Rfml' llurllvn l'lvxxu'. 25. I, High s.vh...,l. Annu-rp. 1. Q. x. F.,..:r.u11. 4. "D1w.'uurw' ilu' x11'r'r'lf'r lfunquwl .11 the mimi." Gln-1' Club. 1. LI, fl: Lurkv .l.nlP. 2: Fall Fr-alixul. .52 Kumi Gard:-n ".-1 lfiml ul w.vr'rIlwr1I lluml: fllxvuur ff Clem- Club. 3. 4: R-mf Garden Revuv. 3. 4: Spring Conn-rl. 3. 4: M Editor. "Spo0nclril'K." IS: Lilvrary Prnggluln -lg junior Juluile-u. 3: "Hixunian" Stalif -lg Cummr-rm-ial Cunufsl. 4: Slmrlhnnnl CPrKiF1f'utP. 4. "O happy vurth! Wlwrvuzz thy mnucvn! ju-r flu 1-'nr lrwzd prln Lum-1-x'l. .L l: lrxJl14,:ul.1r Mlm- Llull. .11 lwlnllmll. 'llv lu ..ag....-: if '1 O- -1 3 W. ff- f 3,4 4:-f X I X- I X kj ADAH Hoax Ill.-Ul.I4bRlE1 XVI-QLLS m.m,, fl g.'f,11,, ,,, f.U.,l-fm. mini." ARLENE Kl1.I.1aN lr',wI ffmnfl, Hfm-wh hm, I..-X1 gzfr. nn .fl f ff 1. H.um1.u C 1. MP CLARK HUUTMAN Rvvue: Spring Cuncl-rt. EVALYN KISABETH inslrels. 3: Typing Awards. 3. 4: A-iiiluut Ex:-hangs 'I' H lp I 1 I X 1 I N I .X N -' 'f 'ff' TIL YY, Y--721 Tri. 11 -'-' 23 'ff -1: 'L FL -1:7 fd, 15-Ffiiiuxsf ' rc, 1932 1915 19111 1951 1952 1956 1959 1965 1967 1971 1975 CLASS PROPHECY 1:Xpril 291 l rcniember that day very clearly. Wie were at a banquet Lord Wil- llillll Laub was giving. All our old class was i11vited. President Schofer. of Hiram College. was there. a handsome figure in blue satin. One unfortunate acciderit occurred. While holding a cup of tea with fingers which were more ac1'us1o111ed lo baske-tlnalls Zlllfl footballs than teacups. it fell, spilling the tea over his beautiful azure breeches. Poor Paul retired. 1,Il1lll' 11 1 heard the sound ol the boat COl111I1g up the river Potomac this after- noon. 1'Ship ahoy1" called the skipper. l recognized the deep base voice of Joe Carr. He now e111ploys that voice teaching the straight and narrow path to erring lambs of Pohick Church. which Washington used to attend. 1A11gLlSl 291 111 my wanderings today. l chanced upon Herb. Ringenberg sur- veying. ,lust another boy w11o loved tl1e soil so much he took surveying as his work i11 orcler to he IICEII' it. 1 Noveinber 31 Of course you k11ow l spend the winter in the Yvest lndies. Wlhile there l saw Dick Laub in Berniucla managing an onion plantation for recreation. He 11as just retired from his position as president ofthe Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. 1 l'1Pl11'll2lI'y 11-1 Di11ed at the Refs today. General Washington was there. Phyllis. a former successful New York lawyer. always was a celebrity seeker. Oh well. George 1tee l1ee1 has promised to di11e with ITIS. 1Septemher 111 Walter Deatsman is i11 tow11. He wo11ld have to meet Dorotha Sinn. the townis most charming widow. Sheis working on another novel: you know she was the hrst woman to receive the Nobel prize in literature. 11une 121 Today is Dorotha and W'alter's wedding day. Vada Ridenour was her 111aid of IIUIIUI' and Bob Longsworth best man. 1 suppose they will be marry- ing soon. They seem quite attached to each other. 1,111ly4.1 Quite a celehralimi was held at Mary Helna Jordan's in honor of a new artist. Roberta Neff 1lVlrs. ,loseph Carr1. l hear Roberta will soon go to 1Vlt. Vernon to paint the portrait of General W3Sll1I1gl0I1. 1Octol1er 301 l saw i11 the papers that Guy Beerbower and his wife Marceline 1Koch1 had gone to New York in the hope of restoring their son's health. It seems he has headaches. Guy is often called the king of radio announcers. 1September 251 1 we11t to a fox hunt at Mt. Vernon. Raymond Lilly was there with some of his 11ew hounds. He is now a noted tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Company. 1August 181 1 stayed over the WCBIQ-Clld i11 Philadelphia. Wliile there l heard Harold Camp i11 Carpenter's Hall. l visited Hampton Court lnstitute, an old ladies' home managed by nry old friends. Yvayva Seever. Majorie 1Vells. and I,.Pl1l1l'P l1o11ertson. '1 T H E H 1 X O N 1 .A 'N sf: 1i?"'JmC 'l -M.: -sf fo-Q as X- sxsw ,J of K . 1939 1iMay 101 The pest of my class days. Paul Carr. has gone to india to help Gandhi fight the Indians. Adah Horn went to China to help embalm dead Chinese. 1990 1DeceInber 101 Evelyn Kisabeth. our representative to Congress from the fifth district, married Elvin Thiel. Speaker of the House. yesterday. Evelyn says she is going to give up her public work and live a quiet. private life. Her friend. Marcella Durfey. was the maid-of-honor. You've prohahly heard of her work as a court reporter for the Supreme Court. 1991 lNovemlJer 111 1 heard today that Lois McDonald has won the tennis cham- pionship. She's a second Helen Wills Moody. Madonna Kenner was there super- vising the moving pictures which were being taken. 1993 1February 31 The countryside has been agog over the inventions of :Xrlene Killian. At last. women will not he forced to stay at home for the sew ing mat-hine is a great time saver. 199-1 lMarch 151 who would ever think that our own Robert Xelson should have won the Battle of Fallen Timbers? He is a second Napoleon. 1997 liuly 181 1 read that the former Leone Cleland and her huslnand. Roger Ro- docker, have decided to go to the wilds of Africa. 1 guess love always wins in the end. 1998 1Nov. 101 1 was reading yesterday that Boh Longsworth is hudding into a second Babe Ruth. He's with the Cardinals. Clark Hll1lil11llI1'S write-up uf the last game was highly praised. 1999 tDec. 251 Received a letter from Mary H. Jordan and Yada liidenour. They are French instructors in Sorbonne University in Paris. 1999 1Dec. 311 My pen is about dry: there is no more ink: my life is alwout to end. 1 entertained Dorothea Ganger today. Poor thing is about gone too. She talked of her stage successes and left in ahout an hour. Good-bye and may God save this diary from the hand of my mortgagers. 27 as gfg s H932 's T 1 li H E H I X O N I A N .4-- - - 2 g, 3 CLASS WILL In the year of our Lord. nineteen hundred and thirty-two. we the undersigned paragons of the Hicksville High School. do hereby bequeath our worldly estate. high position and unsurpassed knowledge to the less gifted Juniors. as follows: I. Robert Longsworth. do give and bequeath unto my friend. George Houk. my high hat. I. Phyllis Elder. do give and bequeath unto Edna McClellan all my nervous energy. I. Dorothea Canger. do give and bequeath unto Yigrinia Cromley. my Venus-like figure. ' I. Harold Camp. do give and bequeath ttnto Charles Hoff my vast knowledge in physics. I. Richard Laub. do give and bequeath unto Harold Crouse my submarine tunder Ct grades. I. Madonna Kenner. do give and bequeath unto Mary Carr my shrinking and modest nature. I. Arlene Killian. do give and bequeath unto Dora Rohrs my infectious giggle. I. Elvin Thiel. do give and bequeath unto Walter Belnap my beautiful raven locks and my flashing smile. I. Herbert Ringenberg. do give and bequeath unto Everett Brown my ability to guard. I. Dorotha Sinn. do give and bequeath unto Alta Laub my petite charm. I. Lenore Robertson. do give and bequeath unto Mildred Nell my love of books. I. Marcelene Koch. do give and bequeath unto Madalyn Metz my snappy eyes and happy dis- position. I. Lois Mt-Donald. do give and bequeath unto Opal Shull my ability in Shorthand. I. Guy Beerbower. do give and bequeath unto Elmer Brantly my pleasant smile for the girls. I. Clark Hootman. do give and bequeath unto George Rohrs my gliding. noiseless tread. I. Paul Carr. do give and bequeath to William Rodocker my flare for telling fairy stories and ghost stories. I. William Laub. do give and bequeath to girls of the Vergel class my seat in the library. I, Robert Nelson. do give and bequeath unto Robert Weaner my good grades. I. Marcella Durfey. do give and bequeath unto Wilma Whitehurst my blond fairness. I, Wayva Seevers. do give and bequeath unto Helen Whitman my way with the men. I. Evelyn Kisabeth. do will and bequeath unto Mabel Ringenberg my vamping eyes. to be used with discretion. I. Leone Cleland. do will and bequeath unto Franklin Kemerer my unbroken attendance records, Don't reak it b . I. Paul Schofer. do will and bequeath unto Oren Ridenour my collection of rainbow-hued shirts. I. Roberta Neff. do will and bequeath unto Olliemay Walter my disdainful nose. Handle with care. I. Vada Ridenour. do will and bequeath unto Hazel Dorsey my baby stare. I. Joseph Carr. do will and bequeath my harem to Norman Reganall. I. Walter Deatsman. do will and bequeath unto Frederick Batershell my tenor voice. Don't change it. I. Raymond Lilly, do will and bequeath unto Richard Thornburg my poetic soul. I. Marjorie Wells. do give and bequeath unto Lillian Hook my pleasing ambition. I. Doris Metz. do give and bequeath unto Lela Byroade my pleasing personality. I. Mary Helena Jordan. do give and bequeath unto I.aVerne Poper my love of St. Patrick. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals. this 19th day of May. in the year of our Lord 1932. ZS - X f - '9?2 fe kj T H Ii H I Y O Y li 'X X ' - Q... I .. Q ff- . ao '- Lf A 1 L ' ' " ' I,-A' Y ' ' ' ' ' 7 " Y Y " , Y -1 V su , X V ,. -ff JUNIOR CLASS JZ". '-nf CIZIIRIQIJ Romzs HIIIIIQIII' WIANIQII :XI,'l'A LAIII l'I'r'e-IJrI'si1le'1zl 7're115ur1'r Presizlerzt VIRGINIA CRmII.I3I' Svrrelary Cmss Morro Wlrrifll the ropes of torln-I' we shall ring ffm hells of f0IllUI'l'0Il'.M Clrxss Comms Crinzsmz and C0111 CI.oxss FLOWER JTIIIFTITCIIII Benuly Rose 1+ The up and Coming class of '33 entered this hall of study iII the fall of 1929. Fifty- four frightened boys and girls bravely walked up the stairs on that ll'I6ITl0l'HlJl6 day. However. they soon learned high school rules and regulations and lost their fears. The principal social activities were two dinner parties held at the schoolhouse. The next year they were back. hut with a loss of seven. Several went iII for debate and one was successful in making the team. Juniorsl At last they weI'e hitting their stride and accomplished much. This year was a struggle to raise money for their expenses but it was done. Quite a few remained on the honor roll throughout the three years. 29 -XX FQ. 1932 A l H If H l X C J N I A TN A JUNIOR CLASS OPAL SIIULL MILDRED NELL XVALTER BELKNAP LELA BYROADE WILLIAM CAMP ELMER BRANTLEY JOSEPH TOMECEK HAzI-:L DORSEY WILLIAM RANDALL GLADYS BREWSTER MORRIS GILLISPII-3 ORILN RIDENOUR HAROLD CROUSE FRANKLIN KEMERER LILLIAN NEIDHARDT NORMAN REGINALL ANDREW DOTTS MABEL RINGENBERG MARY SHIRLEY WILMA WIHITEHURST 30 X 1932 l ff K I If in I I I I I N ' X -if-A---WU --1'-f V--. .-Y.- A 4--.A V- A A .1 ,YA-, -f-1-- -. ,,.,, ,YM , A ,NN W K L , ,V , VN V Y I ,V ,I wDA"D"'7??.Zfif'3 ' iff? 1' if "" 1:1522 'f 92 ii' ffiilfl '- '35 vY-A 111-33-35:34-" V W ?4,A-ffl -. A Q! A- Y,,,:j,--Jjjgw QL , , fl- Ei-1--fsigf 51? XY!-Q A-A,..15ij.!' A if cf If' fgfzvv 5-7'LD'9TT"-'ffr .wg il 74' 3--J f' 'T' A' Cx ""-' f?'ipT" 'DMX-, CTD?-J "-A-J' f f 'J' 'V-...--'Y "-AJ I" 4 ,. ' A--f -" XA--f,,,,,,, I --X ', 'xx lg-.-JZ' DNA- 'TN.,l,---4 --W1 JUNIOR CLASS LILLIAN HOOK HELEN WHITDIAN FREDERICK BATTERSHELL H EDNA MCCLELLAN EVERETT BROWN N DORA ROHRS WILLIAM RODOCKER D LAVERINE POPER DOROTHY NEISWENDER GEORGE HOUK EVA CLICK CHARLES HOFF MARY' CARR RICHARD THORNBLIRC MADELYN METZ RICHARD ROAN LUCILLE CEE WANETTA LEE DANIELS f OLLIEMAY WALTER MRCARET SCOTT 31 In CFXT V ' few I , F' 5337 .frn ,fffrb-N-WZ. , MWA Mfg AAAH I H E H l X O N I A N SOPHOMORE CLASS Row lffAl.Ll5N Bl CK ........ . ............ President LAVERNE OSMUN ....,., ......,.. V ice-president CARL Ruones .,....... ......A. T reasurer FRANCIS OLSON ...A.A ....... ........ S e cretary Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Ro ROBERT BROWN LILLIXN KLIM: EILICIQN KExu-:RER BLAINE 'I'nORNRlfRc PALLINE AlXI"lDli'V ALTA THOMAS w 5 ll'lAltCl'l-LRITI-1 AMES BASIL PETERS EIL!-LEX LANGNAM OWEN BEERBUWI-llt VERENA EVANS FRANK blCCAl'l.t1Y Rn CATHEIUNI-I l'lllRYATlI Cl-LURCI-1 Hulk lhlMtJURY STVCKMAN LAURA R. MAXWELL HELEN Wlalsz ELTON Tl's'r1soN w 6 JOHN MCCOMAS MARTHA lhlONROE LLm'D l'lI'l'T RVTH HOVK JAMES WliITEIiLIRST lVlAXINE PRESTON Ro MAX WRIGHT EDITH KISABETH THEODORE NEFF lVlARJORlE W1'lRT L1-:ROY NIUNROE NINA RICDONALD W7 ANNA RICCICA RAYMOND REX lllILDRED ANDERsoN CLfRTls RAY Lois HALL CECIL HUNIBARGER CLASS Morro H1170 build tlzc ladder by whicli we climbf' CLAsS COLORS Peach and Light Green CLASS FLOWER Pink Rose To make the better best has been the aim of the Sophomore Class as it has made its way through the year. Although the Sophomores do not excel scholastically, they have furnished several members of the basketball teams and the girls won the class tournament. The track season brought to light additional athletic promise. The musicals presented this year also revealed the talent found among the Sopho- mores. Members of the class took leading parts in both programs. At the class parties held, the class demonstrated its ability to organize and furnish amusement for a splendid representation of the Class. May those pupils who have talent use it to advantage and truly build a ladder by which to climb. 32 X l932 X ,ga-f T H E H I X CJ I ,X X 'I Q A XV SOPHOMORE CLASS Nur mp G -' A 33 X 1932 --fi A X4 'I 'l U11 Cged llfoch Of Glkn Lucille c I P1 I mr X I X N A T . 'T 1- 'T . - It + C FRESHMAN CLASS KIAIHKIN ALLEN ..,., ,,...,.,......,. P rcsirlenz NTERRICE HUPPE ..... .,,........ I 'ice-presizlent KENNETH RIETZ ..........,,.,....,,..,......,, . ..,,,., ...........,.,...... S ecremry-Treasurer Row 1--ROBERT TIIIEL. AlARY HRoNIIsH. KENNETH All-LTZ. RIERRICI-I HORPE. MARION ALLEN. BLAINE XVI-IBSTER. ADDA STI-HRW.-XLT. EDITH MOORE. Row 2-Bl-LVLAII HIV? cu. LAVERNE RIIURS. WALTER WITTIG. ELEANOR SALAY. C. M. SCOTT. GERTRLDE GREEN. ALTA GRIEST, JANET NELL. Row 3-MARY J. HOEI-I. ELNII-:R TXIYI-IRS. VIVIAN CRUMLEY. WALTER RANDELL. ESTER DEATsAIAN, ALLEN POI-ER. LIIGILLE MOORE. GLEN BRIISH. Rownlf-ARTIILR SNIITHERS. DORIS ROBERT ON. DANIES HIcov. ,II NE SCOTT. ROBERT RHORS. YALONA AAIADEN. LEE FORE. FRI-LDA AIIRAYTS. Rnw5-ANNA NI. ixlCCl"l'CHEUN. RICHARD XVULFURD. HAZEL HAVER. NORMAN COTTRELL. AIADELYN BTCCLELLAN. RAYMOND PHILO. DORIS SCOTT. CLAREN LAI'B. ROW6?XVALTl-IR BIROADE. ANNA BRIDENBAVGII. RICHARD AMES. LAVERNE WONDERLT. LEE Mc- CARTNET. EVDURA ZAHRN. VIRGINIA OLSON. ROGER BAKER. Row 7-HELEN DIIRFET. DARREL CONNOLLEY, RTARIAN SMITH. HENRY SCIIOFER. Bl-lTT'l' CANCER. LLOYD CRAIG. NIARION OTIS. VINCENT EYANS. Row8-LAIIRA DENEYE. RICHARD l'll'STI-ID. MARY' ALICE SCHAIIFELBERGER, LEONARD WONDERLT. FREDA DoRsET. ARLENE HOOK. VIRGIL BRANTLEY. LILLIAN KRONTZ, CLASS MOTTO To Ilze stars through dijiculties. CLASS FLOWER Lilly of the Valley CLASS COLORS Black and Cold -11- The Freshman Class has been well represented in high school activities this year. ln football one freshman was a regular member of the team and a large number were OII the squad. C' III basketball the class was again well represented. ln addition to those participat- ing in this activity the remaining members contributed a great amount of spirit to the contests. Most of the Freshmen entered the Inusic activities and a number rose to prominence in that field. In November the class Inade its appearance socially with a dinner party which attracted upperclassmen as well as Freshmen. The presentation of four scenes froIn "The Merchant of Venice" as part of chapel exercises demonstrated the dramatic ability found in the class. The class also stood high in scholastic attainment. several of the members' names being regularly found on the honor roll. That this number may increase as new diffi- culties are surmounted is the aim of the Class of 1935. 34 if C'-"1""4 Q I ' ' J-M-.-' " 'M'-r""-""SIC,fx5l,X"'T " ' T 'Y 'Y IW H If l l I X Q 1 L 1. X ff SX-237' I '' XjM'L-f5E.l9N l2ifiifi' 'f FRESHMAN CLASS - x V L " .gsfvc gi ,1 ta G'-' 'Q L' - 1, b ki' :f , f ,1 ' ' ' V 'J EQ ' f E 5 . V 3 -- If' 'f -'Z ' 1- L -- "' H f 3 X , I N. M Q ' gm Y, NJXQ ' m E33 . Ai V X sgfi :.:: 'ax' v AMN. ,A,:..:, E ,-ai-cg f ff f X? Q 2 ' Q55 ,jffkaffsf ' Y --5 -, f ' M g , "" ""'1 ' , . . . -- ? f p. M ' m 3 Q . , W - ,.., , af I - W' ' 7. ' 1 """"' Z' ' :gl -5 ?' V l ' 1 - V, V 4- f ' tic' as Y, 'wr ,. H: xi P9 W 1 K B i i?W f in MW M51 f M Q41 ,l4zk 5 :AJ fl 2 J fi I lar-E A 3 -5 M. P' mn.. NE' -E' f? A. 'if-' :ju in 3 Aj he wft,. Q D Q .. 11 . 3? 4. .' -3 A '5 . .. .,,, i 'D-'C X 4 I gg! P ,gl : 1 ir, L in , " Y f, 1 Q E A E .ELK x,,' V -IJ E ,N y'Nx.4":f- R-. ' ' - "--.' ff' , 'QQ' is L f- I 4, L 7 2- ' ' 6 'M -1 F- ' -Y . . 4 if A, 'A i is il W ut " V 1 D, 1 W qlll A H -AAb V 1 '2""iz...f ai!" 0 , . ' . . ' A , J- as '-ww, A X53 ' Pfw ? 4 ..- f""Q 'L .. 1- , 'f A-' + : H' 'aff V 4 Y I 35 va,-V i ,N "R f . - 5335 A-1 gg - S h L I' I H li H 1 X O N I A N Row RIIW I 2 Row 3 Ro w Ul- Hlrlfil Row Row Row Row Row Row 5 6 7 8 Q, -11 - -I-.sf A - 5:84, - ' ff-ui -T " " l 2 4 X JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 'Mr. llart. Miss Craig. Mr. Rodocker. -Lloyd Snyder. Raymond Fulmer. William Roan. Helen Klingley. William Rodocker. Irene Hicov. Walter Amaden. Martha johnson. Kenneth Onstott. Mana Treaster. Robert Dowell. --eDoris I-lootman. Harvey Onstott. Annetta Miller. Bert Helsel, Anna Polosek. john Miller. Annabel Rodocker. Marian Cahill. Freda Smith. Raymond Fry. LaVerge Townsend. -Jean Miller. Emilina Recicia. Rex Fry. ,Iosephine Ferris. ,Iames Hoppe. Helen Cottrel. Bruce Moore. Alberta Brown. Richard Rhoades. Betty Betts. Vance Wlolforrl. f-Betty Preston. Loren Hosack. Violet Murvey, Henry Hanter. Freda Morhart, Francis Kem- erer. Yitian Tustison. Wayne Hinsch. Betty Whitehurst. Allen Hilbert. Maxine Warner. -Carl Cook. Neva Wort. George Daniels. Betty Correll. Lester Warner. Gertrude Cottrell. Amos Zehr. Kenneth Hefflefinger. ,Iuanita Langham. Harold Brown. Kenneth Otis. Marie Lantz. Max Hitt. Lola Martin. LaVon Townsent. Lena Spires. William Lybarger. Maxine Sholl. Virl Rex. Alice Applegate. Max Miller. Laura Zohman. -Paul Laub. Leila Moore. Merle Ridenour. Geraldine Stuckman. Derril Killian. Margaret Cole. William Finzer. Juanita Beardsley, Ryff Shirley. Vivian McKinley. Patil Kerr. -Juanita Walker. Opal Fry. Richard Monroe. Marjorie McClellan. Evalyn Kemerer. Fern Hosack. Frank Toth. Doris Cottrell, Andrew Carr. Zelda Arrants. Pauline Hollar. 10--Kathleen Elder. Frances Durfey. Marie Ridenour. George Wilderson. Evelyn Keener. Evelyn Monroe. Martha Rodocker. ,lack Wright. Barbara Brown. Georgiana Rhodes. Millard Cahill. II-Rose Horvath. Lawl'ence Osman. Mildred Rodocker, Thomas Champion, Kathryn Ricicia. Robert McCauley, Harriet Piper. Lester Myers. Betty McDonald. Robert Walter, Iva Mae Dotts. l- From the time of entering school. each grade is a step in preparation for the entrance into High Rchool. Members of the Eighth Grade have now completed this last step and will be the incoming members ol H. H. S. in 1933. The ,Ittnior High, under the able instruction of Mr. Rodocker. Mr. Hart and Miss Craig. have done splendid work and will make a welcome addition to our High School. The Seventh and Eighth grades each have Athletic Clubs for the purpose oi promoting good :portsmanship and liking for good. clean sports. Basketball is the chief sport. They have played games with Spencerville. Sherwood. Newville. Bryan and Mark Center. having won tltree games and lost four. Both the Seventh and Eighth grades joined the Red Cross this year and gave baskets at Christa mas time. The play. "Polished Pebbles." was an accomplished success. The acting and costuming were exceptional. .Iunior High is to be commended for such line work. The Seniors, when leaving High School. can feel sure that they are entrusting to faithful and eager hands the task of carrying on the Spirit of Old Hicksville High. 36 X A 1932 X XJ T H rg H 1 X 0 N 1 A x tv!! X 'Nklx I JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ES' 2 , za 5544, ag, A .. -5 ni41,.,.1f Y,-- - f-.Q yu V,.. , -x-.,. fl. W-.w1A.:.c9.x.-Y-, x 4.,, 50 J U 1' .SQA ,L,g3:g1x2::gii.,f,f5gigifi,-:f,.5,45 vqtk I N',I,' M su 1 2 " a 5 N ff '-'." 2 Efil f.'. '32 'f 51 ,-f- I -'.,2 'ib' ' VT Lk I H --'V 1,1 ax Q i an 3 ,,45a':1,- AE-' , 'V w x:.:, ' gag, 'vi'- Was-, - wg, , ' .Q ""-1-lv L ' 'W , ' fl Q E155 1- :Z ia ,vu H it . H -1- ' f L, N QE-1 4 -Q23 H' X' 4.1 ' C51 , . l 51", .Q QQM ,1 1 h 1 A ,lf 'f ,-. ,Q , , ' 'V V '.V. Jvx- I Xl: L iv i Ol A 7' 1 yi L 5 F4 'AI fr f K ,Av 1. v 4 221, Qfrwy q ' ..-. ij , ,, I wi, A ZF ef, Hn P" 'P+ , ik ,V-' f W "' 'M ' - H X , MJ kk f A Y JEL. ,HW A f 55" 'x 'L .L J. ' G Lil Ep- ' 'J ff' 3 "n"'a, IN" G tht 4 ' ?fg1"7 T3 A fl ' an A ' 1 : x 44 2 ' ' an ,,- - . ILL Y, I i i. ' LQKASMQA ,AO A .. ' nifilii-LL K A ga A K Q 4 ,jg i 3 V ff. na .2 H, -L-I love., ,V Q.,-Q, :gy 1 1 L f I 3 P ' T ' yi tif I , l ' ,SJ Y 75 uk-1l,QA1. :JL :K l N If iff. ,I if A Q ff-' is ' 'I' '15 5 1' ! i .V i t' ' 'Ti fi -' 1' w - . ' . l H H H funnel if ,O O ,A., ,V ., H W 1' fx H A H H - -Q fu 657, S -uv. any ?a'w".' .1--f Y ly- ss 3 is J. A 4- , A ua U. .X ah H E. - 5 'P 3 1 4 L 1 2 5 4 if 'ww Q s .. x . . - M ff I 0 ' f'HA'i.!l.Wfl SA ' X,,:, ...', 1 5"':1.j.. V , 1 ..,1 ' In V x lr , .. QV' . .L 4' .. , J. 4. W J 1 .1 I. -. 5 , 5?-11: .:,.1-agree-, -f .,. - ,gg-A '-V . f , Q -' .5 ' , A fd ,E-A x L ,, AW 2'1-X " -11 1., 'Q -'-- 5 5' V9 'vqxl I -.Jw Yu Q W H my 1 Gif? . . h A X an L "I ,j' 1' '-:JV A RI M 511-.3625 ...VA,. .,,. ,,,A : ,... , - XT- wg. Q '-an-in mln pug' it 2 :Al V ,d E5-4,?g . ' -, M: --4- iv -- V H f ' ' A A , .,,M -1-SJ ,. ,,.A.A, . H H ' H Q',-.1 ,.': M I qs' : t I --,. 1' :l5E::,:.:1f:i::" O' 5 . '1"lf! 5. 7 X H I932 jf, " I ll If ll I X ca N 1 ,x N f7if, x:p W iid Y ,S A A 1932 ' g " f Q -AKYX If 'M' K 1 f ' 3 ff :gh W Uk 1,,, , N, I lu' It H In xo i 'U MIK' ' N Il. '-I "-, ' s M551 I: .N XXX x Q vi, , Il WI mllnflll II' ll' ml YG? of-F ' tg. Ill 'umfrmjf Q f W X x 'Ii' , N ,CQ .. ' UI" l,JlXXxx.kAn UT' Q I ' 7 ",1- ' lg ,f 2' ', 'J -- fi' '-I i Nami V , -' 'K I . . . f 'i X - Txw QYWA ' ,' 'n w' M M H N i 'I mx 'A Xxli. l-- 'ff 7 41 ' Activities l I l li H l X CD N l A N E- .J Cl HIXONIAN STAFF At first it seemed that "old 1111111 depression" had made it impossible for a Hixonian to he pulmlistied. lint the class determined to "carry on" acl-ordiiig to the precedent 1-stahlislied i11 previotis years. l'iYf'l'f'0llP zealously hegan to make nioney and the o11t- took lJPL'i3lltt' lllllCll hriglhter. The stall was not chosen until late ill the year. hut one a11d all worked Ullllflllgly. and helped to make the illlllllill a Slll'L't'SS. The stall is as follows: Dorotlla Sinn .,.i., ,,.,.. E ditor-in-Chief Holm-rta X1-tl ..... ...,. A ssistant Editor Paul Sl'll0lil'I' ..,.. ..,.,.,.,.,,,,,... B usiness Manager liilylllilllfl Lilly .. .,.,.,.,.,,........,,..,,,.,...,... ,.............,. .,.. A A ssistant Business Manager A111111 H111111. llorotln-11 Cainger. Mairvella Uurfey ,.1, .. 1,..,,1...,, Literary Editors Paul Carr. Herhert lilIlgt'l'lJ6l'Q ,..,,,,,,.,,.,..,.,,..1,....1 ,,,,,,.,,, A thletic Editors l'lic'l1ard lkllllt ,,..,., , ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,. .,1,, C irculation Manager Mary Helena jordari. Phyllis lflder ......,,,.,,....,.,..,.....,.....,,.,.,., ,,.,..,,,.,,,, S ociety Editors Lois MclJo1111ld. Elxin Thiel. Nlill'l'PllI1t' Rot-h, Doris Metz ,,,.,,,.,. Snapshot Photographs Nada liltlPtlHlll'. Arlint- Killian. Nlllfltlllllil Kl'llIlPl'. livelyn Kisaheth, a11d RUl7f'l'l Nelson ,,,1......,,... , ,,,.,., ..1,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,1v1,,...,,...,...,.....,,,,, 5 pecial Writings Nlr. .'xI'ItlSll'UIlg and Miss johns ,.,, ,,,..., l '13l'Llllf' Advisors JI 'IA H !-' ll I YQ fl X l N N 4 , '-. . f-W "f-1 f fe-' ' ' -ef 'ff' "H'm'e"" "'- -' We-'f":e:'tgg1T:'i- .ggg,1::V mYg,::5'T5T'ggi4:L:if''ze' W NJ K4 7Ll'5ff""if' 'il IJ ' efQf"'Q' .f7i'i- k' 4 X' X1 ' "" V ig ,A..r, '-x..- ""-f' -- N-" e' my-xnxx --V SPOUNDRIFT STAFF The Spmniclrill. the- niunlhly High Sflinnl l,illJl'l'. NUS pulvliflie-il In ilw ,llllli1ll' Class. ilSllilSlN"l'll lln-1-iistmii sinw- IUIU. ish:-n il una lnumle-il hy Nliw Stella l,illi. ll has lieen llIlllt'l' the siipeiwiaiuii ul Nlr. l'aille-ismi lm' lin- his! lixv years. The stall is as fullmss: Him-l Dorsey .... , , limliloi'-iii-liliie-f lfvu Clif-lx. Hulbert XX t'Llllt'l' , , -Xss4u'izll4- lfmlilwrs Xirginiu liimiiiley , , . , l,itei'ui'y lfililni' l,1l1'illm-live . ,,.. ,. 'xssirlillll l,ilvrui'y lfililwr Mary Shirley .,,, , , Sm-in-ly lhlilni' Gladys lirewster .,,, fksislunl Swivly lfmlilin' lVla1'y Curr ,....,. . , , , ,Inlw lfililoi' xvilllfi' Belknap ,,,. .-Xsfislunl julw lfililnr Alta haul: ,,,,,,,,,, , Aluniui' High lfmlilui' MuI'ga1'et S1-ntl ., H , Assiwtanit Jllllilll' High Hililur Geirlfle Hnuli ,.,. ,,,., , , , .,., A Allilelir' lfrlilnl' Rif-hard 'lwhoriiluirgg ,,,, ,, , Assisliuil Alhleliv lfdilui' Ollieinay Waller ..l, ,. .. ,, Hxvliaiigv liclitm' Lillian NE'iClll3I'Cll ,,.. ,,,,, , Xssislginl lfxvliuiige lilllllll' Margaret McCauley ,,,,, .. , ,, .,,.,,..l.,,.,., :Xluinni Dorothy N?iSN'8llClt'l' .... ,,,, . 'Xssislanl Alumni lfflilol' NOYIIIHII Heganall ,,,,, ,,,,...,,, . . ,,,, Business Manager Oren Hidenour .l.,,,.. ,.... , -Xssistunl Business Mazinger George Rohrs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, , liiiwiilatiuii lvlllllilglll' Franklin Kennnerer ,,,,,,,.,,, ,.,, ,,,l . , , ., , ., ,,,. .....,, . Assislainl lriiiwiilatioil NIHIILIQIPI' Mr. Geurge Patterson .,,.. .,..,,,,..,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,....,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,.,.., , , , , , lrkltllllj .Mlviwr The wishes are fur the next centennial year the vxistanive ul this paper. 41 4 . ,ff-7-If ""' --- ' A """GQ7' f7lN'-325' -Q' ' 175 if gl: X "' 3"' mf, ,,."'m":4t3iAJjE4h+ii w' V , v - v :,,,,-Arr ' 7? 2 L X' X 1 H it H 1 x 0 IN 1 A N ' f- - 44-S Y-i fig? ' rg ' . U' , -'-' W -'15 -A ' J K Q GLEE CLUBS Due to the large election for music this year the Clee Clubs were divided into three groups. One of these groups was the Girls Clee Club. which consists of those who had some knowledge of music, Judging from the sounds which came from Room One, they seemed to have accomplished a great deal this year. The girl soloists for both the Roof Carden Revue and Spring Concert were taken from this organization. The public after hearing them sing at meetings of the Parent-Teacher Association and Spring Concert realize how much they have accomplished in music. Among the boys in the high school twenty were found who had some training in music. An audience has a real desire to hear a group of boys or men sing. This group satisfied this desire on many occasions. During the year they furnished music for the annual Roof Carden Hevnue. Spring Concert. as well as many other occasions. The Clee Club was faithful in practice and made marked progress, They feel proud of the spirit manifested. the co-operative spirit and their contribution toward making the year a success. Both boys and girls joined to make the happy group of eighty which gathered every Tuesday. rain or shine. to fill the air with melodious notes. Each one put forth a great effort to accomplish the tasks placed before them. The Chorus took part in two plays, 'LThe Roof Carden Revue" and uThe Spring Concert." Under the direction of Mrs. Keller. the chorus made splendid progress and enjoyed the thrill of success. 'lg S A i932 KY GLEE CLUBS 4 ay, -v CMAQ, V - .if- ,R , vrg. Q' ,? A ., U 'A I If H V 41 5' ' . .' ' ' Z ' -- -. -- . av Aw 1' Y kv- y -Q 1 V-'u 7' Y' ' ' 'Asif' V. .W f ,V , ifjfx " , V - - ' w - V .fy--I' ' 5 ""vevff-.4' - ' fy, . V. ,y 'I -" ' I mpinaebrf A f :rm-. -" ' , ' " 'fir 1 1 ,- A ' f . - ' , ,-1 5 x ,. 11,41 A .I .V 1 ,M 1, V , . A 7,-.4-Hr: . x .-5 ,, -. .. Q, Q .3 :- ' E, ,-35 V mi' f.51V ,- .qi , -, -144, ,VV . 3- .4 ' -' "fig -f1QGQ,'Z3j',p -eg .- 'Y ,',1 . 1 - , , Y I 5, kr gal LIL " Q 1 f v gf JE- Qffr 1:-' ' 4.2 'As .4 ul- F -5,-A ,V ,V , V, ,S P v 4- . .V 5Hl N5 ,ION Bq V V LA ,-' ,K Q fi h-gqgj V .Zigi L, , - ., ...jf ' , ' 1 V5 V -, ,U V A .-.4 , . 4, 1'+'7-.- 3: fP,,f ' , - , ., .- 1 I -4,,,y.ig , ,1,'l.s.,k ,,,g .rv Q A , if' U ' f.1'4Pf3": ' ' L, 1 ,. Jn... ,. ,, , ,' .4 .,"w , .5 ' 4 V-.' 1- - , ' A f . :' , v " -of ' yu., . .X J.: N Ag 1' . A V Q vw Af Q 4 ' H K , a - --9. ' V V - 4. .,h,4v.,,,i I ,Q .,a5:'-VV. V- , - M W" 1' :NJ 'fx' . 1 ,J ' ' ' 'lf ' .4 . .J V, -1'-"1 'f Vu- V V ,. - we ,. , . YSL ' LZ" "Wh '21 , . ff !'vf' 114 '-rx. 9 -.. -1. . an ,.,,, , .4 ,,, are , , 4 S 1--1' 4 -- ' : - F , . ' M 2 ' .. f-Q pf, g,..,, 1 1 1 :Ve-V53 . '-,i'YeV',eiJ K, V .QA V .bu-r V 51. . QV .Jw rr. f Vx- . ' . V4 - H' .. ' " 9.1. L gf, ,Z .aff WY.- V :-. " .4 ff" 11 Vu ' F . .F :Ei-:fn j.l,A-.Fu fr ,V 1. .d V- .' ' fjff- ng if - V,-,, , .1 if., --VV ,ycssf , Q.-,,.Q -.svnh,1-.-M1-V,1,f..I 4 'sm ... ,, . ,- , 'wg ' , 23V 1'-Vi" E' 'fa r.V ff.: In Ati, U , ,-.-1 Q, 15 -gg . -Q-,,, 1, ,., V., .., iw 'ds' ji, .01-:.-.-igfilxz-vi V 4 1. "fin .' if 145 C , If-,zip .Q-.-V.: 3 ' "v, -4 ,, H xx -r fi V675 3 x,. ,. , ,V 1, . f Vw , i,.4 ' A-wi, w , U, ,ls "im ,V .Mg 1, ,.r '-r 3. 5 ws. X- rc. L' .QL . .-.xu 3. c ,., v V 51 W V ax x .4 i 4 .3- - -1 . , ' x J-1 .., .YH Q0 W cf in 'Q :M RYE J. W.: ,..,.. 5. , if. 175 f he K 4.3 .sy .4- 'Y f ,fs 5 1: ex -ef v- gf. 2: fs 'GTHE ROOF GARDEN REVUE" The second annual Roof Garden Revue. under the direction of Mrs. Keller, surely deserves much credit as the outstanding musical event of the year. The entire show was composed of solos of popular twentieth century songs. with flashy and smartly dressed choruses. With Joe, Paul. Bob, Charlie. and Bill under the burnt cork furnish- ing the fun. we might say that the show was a first Class one. First Row-Mildred Nell. Adah Horn. Verina Evans. Esther Deatsman. Mildred Haver. Lillian Krontz. Beulah Hinsch. Betty Ganger. Second Rowgvada Ridenour. Dorotha Sinn. Gladys Brewster. Marian Allen, Vivian Cromley. Mary ,lane Hoff, Lucille Gee. Third Rowfldelen Durfey. Catherine Horvath. Hazel Dorsey, Edith Moore. Lucille Moore. Margaret Scott. First Row-Elmer Myers. Leonard YVonderly. Raymond Rex. Paul Carr. Robert Longs- worth, Joe Carr. Charles Hoff. Paul Schofer. Second Row-Marjory Stuckman. john MCCOIIIBS, Richard Laub, Willialii Roclocker. Norman Reginall, Raymond Lilly. Olliemay Walte1'. Virginia Croniley. Third Row-Dorothea Ganger. Dorothy Neiswender. Leone Cleland, Wanetta Lee Daniels. Laverne Osmun. Vada Ridenour. Gladys Brewster. -H X e 1932 X I H E H I X O N l A N THE ROOF GARDEN REVUE 5 ' 1 -.., f f , ..-,-. r-iuxtx 'I' II If II I X CD N I ,VX QCCITQ o Ziff i Qin? COMMERCIAL CONTEST The annual C1lIllIl1i'I'1,'lEll Conti-sl was held this year at Us-Iiam-P, Ohio. on the twvnty- third of April. The SIIICTPIIIS c-ntarecl were as follows Novi:-e Typing , AIHQIIPLII' Typing Nm ivf' Shorthand ,,,., ,,,,,,, AIIIHIPIII' Shorthancl Novivf' liookkveping Lillian Nvidliarclt Alla Lauh Lillian Hook Wilma WTIITIPIILITS lVIa1'4,'PIla Durfvy live-lyn Kisaheth Lois lXflr'DonaId lx'lEll't'PI9ll6 Koch Ifva Clit-k Lillian Hook l,aYt-1116 Pope-1' WIarc'c'lla Durfey Lenore Hohf-rtson lfx Ll Click Lillian Hook Lakverne Poper Ilirliard Roan t Although the c-ontestants in the Coinniercial Contrast failed to place. the ty PP of work flisplayvd hy the entrants was of splendid cllaractvr. YVith this yearis material as a Iirni hasis. and promising prospf-cts coming on. nvxt yvar undoubtedly will he more sur-I-essful. X 1932 ORCHESTRA Tlu- Higzli Sf'llIl1ll Orvlu-slla lllif if-ar liar lu-en will-ve-afliill in lllllilling ilu- expel-- lalums of ilu- pulnlu' zuul tlu- mlm-wlur. Nlrs. lxm-ll1-r. llu-x lll'5l'l'Y4'1l gmul cl:-all ul 1-re-llii for ilu-ir llllllflllgl Wllfliffll'xll'S,Kf'llf'l'illl1lLllSlPlll lll1'il'il.illllllllllIl4'SS lu Llllf'llll prau'li1'f'. On Tuesday evenings in llu- wluuvl lvuililiiig lrwm Tzllll l'. Nl. lu Iizllll ll. Nl. I-mllml ln- lu-arfl llu- uprnar of ilu- migflily lllllllllrvls in ilu-ir 1-mils-sl. lu sw- uluw luul llu- slrmige-ut will puwer. ilu- sqru-ak of llu- xinlins as llu-3 Lll'llf'llllf prau-lu:-rl llu-ir runs. llu- lvlasling of tlu- ll'UllllHHlGS as ilu-x ails-mph-il lu slicle- up llu- small-. ilu- rutllf- nf ilu- tll'lllllS as lluivugli tlie Briiisll uf-re llillilillg. llu- siuvrf- ul llu- Sil'iillillHIll'S us ilu-3 lPlillf'fllll1' siuwlliing strains uf llu- "Minnie-lu frmn ,llllllllllllbf'l'. mul alune- all llu- mlin, ilu' NIllQ'illx ul'llu-1'lzil'i- nets as they played allow Dry I :Knif- Uire-Clur - Mrs. Kell:-r A4-cmiipaiiiulf--llllie,-max XX-illl!'l. Xlaiy Carr. Fmsl' Ymrivz NI-.I -nn Yuurixsg I'1IIiN'l' Tm XIl'l.'Ixg Normal Rv-gn-nall llurix llwllif-ll l'aul llairr Williani Hmlmfker' l.e-my Kluiirm- Haynuuul Lilly Cr-urge Rlunr- Waiu-lla Lee lllil1lf'le Elmer Bramley Xlaiy Nliirlr-y fVll.ARINl-,'I'NZ "H uw lll,KIIINI-.Tai 'I'rum1ufxif.w: Alla Laulw l'uul K:-rr Umuulliy Ne-i-waiulf-r jim-pli Carr Allen llilln-rl Lee- Xl:-ffartiu-y Saxon-iiuxiix: Dm ua: Ru-liarcl I.aulv .-Xllen Blu-lx Ce-urge Willle-ruuil William Finzer Their first public- appearalu-e was at the juniur High Operetta. in wliivh they were liighly successful. The seccmcl appearaiuw- was at the Clee Club Cmugerl on April T. and their last appearance was at the S1-niur Class play. 47 i ,N ' 1 , -., ' ., --,V , .. W -. Y , I- ,,.Y- -3 n 4 5' - " .. , ' -i '- ' ' , ' - lr , V ' ' . - f.,,TL' K ' - : 1- ' .,'Mr.,g'fl H, W-Wifi' .- . , f .- ,V J r' ' "--gigfffff .iqaffii --1:3i'..v..'4l'-Y"'f31" 5....,-,,,. N-..,,.,, 7, ,.-- ---.- -f-- - -, -- v I- IN 1 -' .5-,,.! 1, V X Nay! X- I!,f' se, xv A I H E H I X O N I A N - ' rf? ff: A. -fe v- Y' '-e 3, -,gg -' J 2 X X kj F IFTY YEARS AGO The class of 1832 attended school in a square frame school-house on the same loca- tion as the present building. The high school was taught by one teacher, the superin- tendent, Mr. Reese Millison, who had charge of all classes. The studies were English, History, Geometry, Algebra, and Latin. There were few if any school activities. There were four in the graduating class of 1882, Viola Smith ldeceasedl. Lillie Gorgas-Pettit, Hicksville, Ohio, Almeda Platter-Bilderbaclc tdeceasedl. and Edwin L. Clay, Perrysburg, Ohio. Each member of the class wrote an essay, which was delivered on the night of graduation. The complete list of the Alumnis. which now numbers eight hundred seventy-five, has been omitted this year as a matter of economy. Probably the future policy of the publishers of the Hixonian will be to publish this list on alternate years, and in other years place in the annual the picture of some early class if a likeness can be obtained. 48 X l932 .gp WY gg -'Q' ' ff '4 1 gex x W ' X Na! Lx ,,1,.,. I u f V ' ufIlIIl""' , '- WW,-I f Dm ,I I 7 . i af' Hull rm 1 Ml xxxxx f fll' - yxw - ,. -if I J WA N.--4UT'llll.1l'H,VmHl , Ml ' 1 -fu, 1 wvn Ivnnluhzfullm vfl1'Iu1.H'lMu'1n. Athletics I -T 'xii-l. T- Ii H I X O N I A N a.. . '- I! -I -T i' ,f i t ,, ,..': , 3 Xu . 50 'x'5., .Yl '932 e.-.4123 I 4L', Y 272 I A 5 , 'J L Q f 4 4 . D . l t . 1 , Y- 4 ,1"x ..........,....,.....-xr-' d,,N,v,..,, . .., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . N' "1nr:""r ' '- , 1 'Y - '-'- - A11-H 1 "'l'22T"'f'9""'fJ1 '-39 ---f-3-'-:,241,1:,1.- ' 1 X' iii "' X' 1 117' 1' 'Qi' -Sz: 31: 1-1' " i 1,0-iff--J. 11-1,1-'iff' , 4145:-"Y '11 .11 gwf., 1 C'fg"f ffrfrf 'ff' f' 1' M' .F ,-f-' " 1 "mn "4 1 2 '1 . 7 1 N-1+1-HQ. ,-, 1 ,1 1-. --f 1. H , ., 1 y,ff 1 xWJfNwM1f1Vwmwfxwn 11-1 .4 'A 1 gy ' 1 Jn,-V n-1 1 'M N--'----A-, ATHLETKE 1491211111111 1I11111wy. 1111111114 1111111111 2.1s"1f11111x1'y.u w1111-1- 1llI1l1' 21- ai 111111111111 1-11111-11 ill 11111 11. 11. S. is 11P1'11111ing QLl'OEi1f'l' 1J1'1J1'y yvar. uh is 511111111 111 thix 11-1111 t1-21111. Ilis 111111111 ix 111111111 111' 1111- 111'1111111'i11g1 111 hlI1,'l't'hS1.ll1 11'a111s 11111 111 raw lIlil11'1'1il1. 111111 this wax 11l1' 1'11'1-11111-111111'1JN 111 1111- 192-11 111111111111 t1-11111. For the pasl 51-11'11 yvarf 111- has 11111-11 1-1111111 01,2111 1111111'1i1'w 111111 111 N1'111lU1. 1111-111111111 111111w- "1I11111Q1-y." l,l11a1'11 Wvlty 211111 1lill1 at QLI'1'i11 1111111 111 11111111-111-1-1111 1111- 11-11111 11115 1111111 1115 111111111 111 il 1-1111111 111 111el1111- 15111 111611051 1lf'1'illlM' 111 1115 1111111 1-x111'1'11-111-1- lIl 111f' 1Il11'1lll11N1'11, 11115111-1111111 11111 111511 11lI'1'1'1l'11 hy 111111 211111 thr' tram 112111 il w1'y HlI1'1't'Sr1ll1 f11z1F1111. As for il I1l2:lllEl1Lf'I'. "13111'ky" 111' "Al" wax ulwayx 1111 11l1' 511111 111 1111' right 111111-. II1- 111511 11u1'1i1'i- 11511011 111 at111Pti1's. H0 has y1-it 11111 11111r11 yt'ill'N 111 1-xp1'1'i1J111'1- 111 111- 1111111-11 111 his 1x1111w11111gL1'. "'1'11f4 Ullly way 111 w11i1'11 111111 lllllllilll 111111154 1'z111 111411111115 11111-111111 111 11111111-1111 1111111111-1' iw 1111- f?111'1111ragi11g 11in1 111 11I1Il1x f111' 111IllN'11. 111511-1111 11f 1-11111-u1'111'i11g 111 11151111 1'1-a111y-111a111- 1111111111115 1IT14l his 11ea11."-1 Sfl'1ll1t'Il. S111-11 is 11114 task 111 1111111-11 1.1-1141111111 1f11111x1'y. 1111' 51-11111 yt'd1'N L1t11111ti1' l11f'l11Hl' 111 1111- 1111'1xw11111' High Sl'1l1HI1. N111 Cf1111k1ey 1111111- 111 11i1-1xs1i111- with 2111 1-111ia1111- high 511111111 111111 1'1l111':l1' z1t1111-111- rP1'111'f1. 1111 was gIl'H41l12l11"11 1il'lllll 1'1Lll'll11'l' 1111111 51-1111111 111 1021. 211111 1Jf'1'12.i111'r' 1i11111'QI4' 111 1925. 111-i11gL 41 11111111 1P11t'I'l'l1Z1I1 1111111111 s1'h11111s. As a jtifl 11-w111'11. his 111111115 in 1111- 1'HLt1'1l11lQ1 1111111 111111- 111-111411 111111 Eve travk 1'11a1npi1111f11ipf. 11111- 1111111-ff-atc-11 111111114111 103111. 2:11111 11lI'f'f' 111151-11311 1111111111-N. Coach C1'1nk1ey's s111'1f1fsf 1"a11 11111 11N-l11f'qlI2l1P1y 111' I1lf'3rlll'P11. 1lUX1'tJVf'l'. hy 1111111ti1111i11g1 11114 111'1111'i1-s nf his proleges. Bettm-r 111 11is1'111111t 1116111 as 111111. and 1-xprv-5. all 11111 i11s11F1'11'iP111 11111111111 it may 1114, an app1'eCia1i1111 for 1111? high 311116110 1110211 i111pa1'11'11 111 11111 s1'111111I 111111111411 hif 1-'11-11115, Prospects f1'11' Hicksville High 501111111 athletic 11JL1111s are pr11111ifi11g far 11115111111 any 1111-1i1111N1y held.-Mr. Telly, Having made an EllV1El1T1E' rc-111113111111 as a 1110115111111 High 5111111111 1-111116111 N111 Wi-115' has returned to 111011165116 into the present athletes the high b1i:lI1f1Hl'11S 111' q1111'ts111a11s11ip. 1'11111'ag1?. skill and 56110111 spirit which nlarked 111111 as 1111tsta1111i11g, He has 1I11l'1111111,'fi'1'1 new irhlaf. given tinwelhflily of his time and energy. and in ev111'y way e111T2f11ce11 the 1'11an1'c-5 1111' eveii greatf-r hlll,'Fl:'SS in the future.-Mr. Corzlrey. -arfmxi L x, , I i, + Ti. Q N. Q , ,,N:4TfM,,2,1, ,, U, 2,11 ,,1,..1 'LHZSU-L, f 1 , M cm yifyrq- N551 E1-Ai:-7 -Q:-1 -M H111-X V .4Qf -.ff ""'w,1' v x V ,V xl ,- Sm 1, ' Q- JI , f,-H. V' .N V, 'fx V Gu" X 95" YA-1-fm -A-N--K , fi? 1 1' ifffliv' Qiff--V ' 1 -ff' 3' 5' 1 31-1 f 'yi X1 'Aff' ,4'ffEf?i3f?T11 ' 1- .'?--V.:-ff-,,i-ffffsfgA l,-if ,fE'?f:i:F:,iff' 1 ..,,1 1 X A 4 A 7' 2, ,Y 1' 12. ' .1 ' '1 '- ' ' ' ' ' L 1' 1 AJ I li I ll l X 47 N E X N an ' "- Q 're -fl-se sQfAe-54ia:2L.,.2f-as f kia-fffilj ', Q. LJ' ' -..-K -, F"MW'!Ff'ii"P'?Hw'! .1 '-93. ' 'Amy' my ",,,.f-i ag: ',4ns4 " L 5. U ' -1' ' 99 -.- ou- f " 56.1 Vw, .lil t,.??.v A' .., 1 . ... --, , , V -17' .-- Q- '-1 v Y i VAQ r t',"""1l -A-, ' - .lu.,,,', i. FOOTBALL Paul Sehofer-As a quarterback. none was better. Always in good humor and thinking of some tricky play. "Bill" Rex-A svrappier halfbaek than soine of the worst. He is a Sophomore this year. What will he be like next? When it came to running "Charlie" Hoff was not so slow and if given a little interference he went through. John Nleffomas started the year right by being in a fullbaek position and took plenty of hard knocks bringing the hall up. "Bob" Longsworth was the teanfs pass snagger. He got them if anywhere near him. Darrel Connolley--End player who showed his ability as a Freshman. Nobody Could get around his end without mueh trouble. Elvin Thiel was worth having on the team. llis size proved valuable and he used it to good advantage. "Joe" Carr-His delight was lu push the opposite opponent's face in the mud if not too large. "Herb" Ringenberg did not say very much but conserved his energy and used it by lighting all the time. Elton Tuslison was the teams athlete. There was nothing that he could not do. He always put the pill on the spot. Everett Brown, a lanky guard. never allowed anybody through. over. or under him. George Hnuk-He had the grit and this was shown hy the look on his face. He was of the best. Paul Carrsjust another player. He always took a lot of punishment and always gave hack a surplus. Walter Deatsman-His stride and running ability were shown in the Farmer game. Ask anybody. Harold Camp-When he was loose. the ball carrier would want to be on the lookout. X in as JXLL932 p - -Y-.WM affix -5 oweemesefe I I i I5 H I Y C W Y I 'X N .f y,.3...a as fs I-er zfgegi H i-:,f'11i. 1. Q.-if A-lg Ex:-.E -v-Q If A f X ,,, sM.V7Wi::jfj, 43?-zfff' s... gelsliig-...ff 'r'-'gf' tgia, FGOTBALL EDON vs. HICKSX ILLE The northern neighbors. Edon. came to visit H. H. S. on the gridiron. Friday the 13th. with the hope of attaining a victory. but the old myth of Friday the 13th seemed to be in Hicksville's favor. Although the Edon huskies outweighed the Hicksville team. the H. H. S. eleven added another victory to its laurels. The final score was l-L to 0. FARMER vs. HICKSYILLE The game to which the team looked forward to ended in a complete victory. Although Farmer scored the first touchdown the first quarter. Hicksville came back with a smashing attack and scored in the second quarter. placing old Hicksville in the lead one point. Both teams battled very hard for the remainder of the game until the last period when Hicksville nearly scored before the gun cracked. The team was lead by its very able captain. Paul Schofer. The game ended T to 6 in favor of Hicksville. AXTWERP vs. HICKSYILLE The Antwerp team came to the local field determined to win over their neighboring opponents but they lacked the ability that would have made their determination danger- ous. and Hicksville High carried the day with a score of 19 to T. CON VOY vs. H ICKSV I LLE Convoy came to Hicksville with the expectation of a victory. which was shown in the beginning by their making the first touchdown. This aroused the fighting spirit of the team and the final score of the game was 57 to 6 in Hicksville's favor. BRYAN vs. HICKSVILLE Bryan came to the local gridiron in a winning spirit and went back with the same spirit. Hicksville was handicapped to a great extent by weight. Some said the lemons were too sour or else they used the wrong kind of gum. What do you think? DEFIANCE vs. HICKSYILLE The 1931 football team opened tl1e season on September 24 by playing our ancient rivals at Defiance, Ohio. The Hicksville High School eleven was outweighed and also over half the team were having their first taste of battle. ln the end they came home with the small end of the score. 25-0. but in every other way victorious, PAYNE vs. HICKSVILLE For the sixth game of the season Hicksville gridders traveled to Payne on October 29. ln spite of a cold day and a stiff wind. bothering kicking and passing, Hicksville succeeded in crossing the goal line once in the first half. After the half, better team-work was acquired and the game resulted 20-0 in favor of Hicksville. vm? . 5, . ' 41' '?. ., .X ,Lay , .BH '.-- -,,.. I-my "lx ' K 5' qw EW" -wmv ,' 1' 9 qgfyr 1 4 , ' rr, I 4 4 A.-v 1 IP. 'J , 1. 1. I ., I . In 'P I . "ffl:-3' n ," 1, . i A , I , ,,- f Y u' Q' U ,, 'fa . .,. J, . A xr 'I ,' f 7, ff' l iff 9, LTA' . . , ,- , X 4 1- v 1 X ,M v K A , 1 4 w. , .:.. x ,vw 11 ,, . r--2 4 1 , , X 9 . 5,22- -.4, VA A V i5k:g..,Gi"k K, asf, -5 , px -xv 6 'Il 'I ,..,: I , 'A 1 Q-, 1?-, . '-- ', 2. ,xp 1 454. l " W, 'W' ,. . I N, "- ' eff j.,Lw-1 -Uri, 'sc . ll '.' ,, .55 - 4.45 .1-'I :. A X w 4,5 vw: V., ..-1 ,-. 1 ,Hz , 1 , A . 1 1 Y? Y 1 ,lw L wiv: f M, -u. .M . ,1,'vL' ' , Vie-PM , ' 5 1 w I ,Vi - J 5 . LV, :mi-' . A., ,1, , , A N Q -,,l,4vLff' ", vl,--,Lp . 43' AFM' ., .ZA ..,, fa'-i. , VM. n -, , ,. lx r ' X' ,lf 1' 'Q':,"3 .SV , qui ' . , . . . .. ' v if .,, , 'p ' 4 . 1, 1 , V, N '- , 1 ' ' . ' ,., 'L . 4 ,r .,. 1 . ,lv-3 '. , ' wi' fx' ,. ,J , A 'l""f 'W' .:'5'g'3il V . f -qt! fY"w" . ' Q ,.,- :'5,g4f 1' " 'GRM 1 .V A fxluff' ,.-, 1 J. . if 1 'i'1 . "4 , .. , l. -' 'H H auf. .V K X I II K H I X CJ TW I ,A DJ c SA be of ,sv BASKETBALL The 1932 season of basketball was very successful. Under the supervision of Coach Welty the team became runners-up in the county championship'tournament. Paul Schofer and Elvin Thiel had the distinction of being placed on the all star county tour- nalnent team and were each given a medal. For the first time since the Defiance County Basketball Tournament originated, the girls' teams of the county did not compete. This movement was a surprise to most of the teams although it was expected to have come shortly. . Y GIRLS' BASKETBALL Standing: Maxwell, Wort, Amaden. Neff. V. Amaden, Osmun, Hinsch. Seated: Holi, Preston, Elder. No long list of teams overcome and games won can be set down here on record. To know the fortitude and value of this team, one must have witnessed the practices as well as the games. A certain quality in the players, sometimes called "stick-to-itivenessf, would have been noticed. The girls' team did very well considering that they were greatly handicapped by their lack of experience as compared with their opponents. and by the fact that this was their Hrst seasonis work. The girls are off to a good start next year. when they will not be handicapped by inexperience. Their strong point is to take a "licking" and grin and bear it. -ll- BOYS' BASKETBALL Standing: Buck. lVIcComas. Rex, Laub, Connolley. Seated: Longsworth. P. Carr. Thiel. J. Carr. Schofer. 54 X sys. 1932 X 'fxg ir I V.--'J""1"-Q.,X Navi. ' 1 X , X X X 'Q -N A , "'. K1 Lxlulr ' Q'-ff' "'-fxg '- 5.e9...4 w.A.:' .f :,.,...,..,..x.. , ,,, , ,Y - . bk dj! KA.. XJ. 1 R .-.- ,WI X x - X '-..,' X ,-- Y t A 'I x X, BASEBALL s', -H.. - ,. - - The early 1932 season for baseball was very poor. The day on which Hicksville played Farnier at Defiance was the only ideal day for the gan1e. Of course this cold weather affected all teams alike but more so Hicksville because it kept the team from hard practicing, which was needed to make a good fielding and a hard hitting team even if it was an experienced squad as was the material the past year. Practice was called immediately after school. First the boys warmed up: next. a larger part of the practice time was spent in batting: then came the infield and outfield drill: sometimes a practice game: and last. the ever-required half mile jaunt around the track. A league tournament was organized and the drawings were as follows: Hicksville- Delaware. Farmer-Ney. Sherwood-Markcenter. Jewell-Tiflin. The ability of Schofer as the lead-off man to get on base was nearly always turned into a score by the consistent batting of the four men who followed. namely. J. Carr, Deatsman. P. Carr and Longsworth. The present year will mark the loss of some of the best baseball players the school has ever had. Hoff will have a different task to fill the position of the cool and able Deatsman. but Rex, Buck and Tustison will form the nucleus for a much depleted infield and the outfield will remain a puzzle until the spring of '33 develops its new material. V 56 . ,. f -ii gli Q' Li A ,Lg so Iffiffi if V li: I 'v T vga? 3.x six , 'I' ,, N sf"J, M--.xra-..-.-ll: --Jgafs A, 11 cw Q... r T .1 L -cf jljjiidifzemhwmiigggp rf., , - Hg- 0--N -4- W--u,.gg ,-..... .-,,c,,.ffj J A ,L fi SSESEWJ-if-"j:'fw2 S mi fw ' ' L J Na+ .1 N k V. , 'VII QI mf 'UW , Y 1 if ,AX ' IW ?"T' 1 7?f4p.uf,'NN J 1R, VN .mm ' 1 ,fffaf2ii4mj y 1uu f RW: 'J Q'TWW Wx AH + ' .JM f , .f -.5 ' Q-.3 ,L ' ' l Q iff lui-Wi' A w"f 'Q Society ' 1 4 S l 1 s 4 . , a , 4, A A I 'ian Y '- UHQJ f X N G ALUMNI BANQUET I H I H I X C J N I X N CZ.-H - f , WT sg' 'if 5 -K Q E ,if , . , V - On the evening of May 22. 1931. more than 250 old grads 'lcame homei' and assem- bled in the Christian Church to discuss old times and exchange reminiscences of bygone schooldays. The fact that this was the hftieth anniversary of the graduation of the first class and that the only living member of this class. Ella Everett-Faber, was present, lent added interest to the affair. The class of 1908 held a reunion of its own at a special table. with every member present. Decorations were beautifully carried out in gold in keeping with the fiftieth anniversary. After a delicious dinner, the following program was rendered: Invocation .,...........,..,.,.......,.......,....,........ ....,, Della Maxwell Hilbert, '88 Song Fest ,,..,,,....,..,.,,,,,,,,i,..,,..,.,,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,i,.,.,.... G eorge Patterson, '14 Presentation of Ella Everett-Faber, '81 Alumni Wfelcome .,.,.,.,..,,.,.....,.,,,.,..,,.,..,,.....i.,......,.,,.,..,.... ,....... L illie Gorgas Pettit, '82 Response v..........s....ss.s..ss.s,.ss....ls..,sss..s.s.tw.Y......st....s...,.v......,..,...i......... Lyman Dorsey, '31 Vocal Duet ....... ......,,.,...,.,r,,s D aisy Hill-Tuttle. '99, and Jett Griffin-Hoff. '03 Edith Rank, '03, Pianist Junior Surprise .....,,....,.,...... .....,r,,....,,..,,.....,,...,,.,.... V ada Ridenour, Bob Longsworth A. B, C. Quartet .....,..,,.............,..,,,,r.,1,v....,....,....,,..,..........,,,......,....,.....,....,,,,....,, ,t.,.,.,Dwight Burlingame, '28, Paul Carr. Joseph Carr, Mervin Applegate. '25 Reminiscences Lest We Forget- Nina Phillips-Schaufelberger, '08 Genevieve McCormick-Mastin, '21 Kathryn Conrad, '20 Alumni Song Toastmaster, George Lilly, ,912 1- FOOTBALL BANQUET The annual Football banquet was held December 14 at the school building. Miss Schofer was toastmistress for the evening. The following interesting program was carried out: "For We're All Jolly Good Fellowsi' '5Onward To the Goall' ,...,..,,.,.....,,.,..... .. . ..,.... Elvin Thiel. Raymond Lilly Offsides ..,.,,.,...,..,.,..,,......., ...,.,....,,....., W 'illiam Laub, Harold Kemp Team W01'k ..........,,......,....... .,,,. W alter Deatsman, Herbert Ringenberg Being on the Team Means .............. .....,...,......, P aul Schofer. Richard Laub A Quartette All Our Own ,......,.,..,,.... ,,....,. C arr Twins, Longsworth. Hoff Look at the Line-up for Next Year '....,.. ......... J ohn McComas. Allen Buck Let Us Look at the Reward .....,,........ ..............r.....,.......... M r. Conkey 1 5x L- P- T52 -1 I H F H I X O N l ,X N 1 . 1 . . .. e fe Jigih W- S if -1 ,fe F, 2 is-, K ,1 NJ x ,a -. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The Juniors entertained the Seniors and Faculty at a banquet in the Eastern Star Hall, April 29, 1931. The banquet hall represented the hall of a medieval castle adorned with shields and trophies of war. The color scheme of pastel shades was carried out by spring Howers, blossoms. and pink roses. The girls' favors were cor- sages and the boys' favors were boutonnieres. The whole was lighted by silver stars in a blue sky and a moon hanging over the turreted castle. The following program was presented by Toastmaster Paul Sehofer: Greetings, My Lords and Ladies .......,. ,.t,.,,.t..,,.,.,,,.,.,,, D orotha Sinn A Word from the Royal Senior Throne... ..,.... His Majesty Lyman Dorsey A Diversion-The Three Musketeers: The Seniors Come ,.,.,.....,,. ....t, C hevalier Winton Pilling The Seniors C0 .................................... .... ,.,,...... S i r Raymond Lilly But the Juniors Linger On ..............,,.....,..... ,.,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,, B ryge Nichols The Finders of the Lost Chord: Two Jolly Crusaders... ,,,,,,,,,. Jester P, CH Jester J, C. Fair Words from a Senior Damsel .....t.......,..... ,... .,.,,....,,.......... M a ry Ferris Let's Sing-Everyone Lady Ridenour Has Something to Say Toasts .....,.,....................,.,..........,....,,....... .,..,.. H ead Knight Lutterbein Epics of the Morgue The Class of '31 on Promenade The Crab Bag 3 x..- I I lx ll I X it X4 I X X ...,Q...,.--,.-'N -.-,-.-- -,,--..----.,, A.. f .,..,f'x M7173 lziffs-filgfwri -rrrxar-Ear--tif-sig'-sfisii Ei - L ,-ty!! j k'x X: '- yk ,Aix :MR il lx ' I rr- 'xg 'V r ' ""' "w 'N-' "' 'X N. ef ! 1 ' ,bf . x f fs ,. ,A-1' - vxd , f. ', 1, I K k! ox,-,Z -1 ,,, 1 xx,-i-'Ik-V-ki gg,-If as., .. CLASS PARTIES senior: PARTY Anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus, the Seniors rallied heroically to the call to arms this December seventeenth: even the ladies were in attendance. The entertainment furnished by the most kind sponsors was both novel and unex- pected. The dignified Seniors refrained from "Old Maid." but the game became very popular with the "deer teechursu texcept one, who didnit have a heart-a physics test was in the making I. However. the erudite Seniors used their brilliant minds in playing anagrams and cooties. Unoflicially Dick Laub was rewarded for having the most cootles. Mr. Armstrong received some pointers on early American history through Episodes furnished by the entire class. ln the soft light of Mrs. Kerrls Christmas tree, per- haps even Mr. Welty forgot basketball for a time. The climax of the evening came, of course. at the banquet table when several Hne speeches were delivered by our most promising orators. From the appearance of the festive board, we have rounded the proverbial corner where Prosperity lurksf Every- one partook abundantly with the exception of Joe Carr, who was on a diet and dared not eat more than four platefuls. A hunger march was conducted to the very doors by a mob of half-starved under- class presidents and their cohorts who threatened violence but were dispersed by a valiant faculty member. After a speech by Prof. Dick Laub. Ph.D.. L.L.D.. A., A.B., everyone felt like going home and did-eventually. Some very fine dishwashing was done by Hour teechursf' Mr. Welty acted as foreman. Orders from headquarters were disobeyed and the party did not end at 9:45. This was truly a party of the Seniors, by the Seniors, and for the Seniors. - - FRESHMAN PARTY There was much excitement among the "wee onesf' "A partyf' someone cried! This stirring event occurred at seven o'clock on November nineteenth, 1932, at the school building. Dinner was served at seven-thirty. lt was noticed that the Freshmen did full justice to a sumptuous banquet, then spent the remainder of the evening in playing games. Mr. Welty started "Farmer in the Dell" and later took part with Mrs. Kerr as captain of cross questions and silly answers. Mr. Patterson played a more dignified role by lead- ing the Virginia Reel. The party was well attended, but ended rather early as the infants needed their sleep. . 60 F X , 1932 ,C JUNIOR CLASS PARTY On the last IVednesday of NOYE'llll3Pl'. members of the junior Class could he seen in their Sunday best. making their way in the direction of a certain large brick building situated on the corner of Smith and Main streets. Inside the lighted building there was much merriment. Games were played until ten oiclock when a delicious meal was served. The party was dismissed about ten-thirty. as the teachers insisted on retiring early! 1 - FAREWELL PA RTY Un January twenty-third. the Junior Class gave a farewell party in the home economics room in honor of Margaret NlcCauley. She left soon after for Illinois. to spend the remainder of her school days. l - SOPHOMORE CLASS PARTY Those "small but honorable" specimens of humanity-the members of the Sopho- more Class-assembled in a body in the little red schoolhouse a few days before Thanksgiving for the particular purpose of hauing a class party. They were nearly all present. each arrayed in his best "bib and tuckerf' There was plenty of action ljust ask Miss Schofert. and plenty of food. However. owing to a very great disaster- those last minute orders from home-the party was declared officially ended at ten o'clock. -1 -. FAREWELL TO BRYCE NICHOLS The entire Senior Class of '32 was distressfully abandoned on the isle of sorrow early last fall when they learned of a great loss-Bryce Nichols was leaving town. But to their rescue came Buicks. Chevies. Graham Paiges. and last but not least. Mr. Conkey in his Ford. Sorrow was forgotten for the evening and the "hilarious mob" journeyed to "ye olde Laube estate" on the Newville road. well laden with watermelons and empty stomachs. After a strenuous hour of talking and chasing sheep. watermelon was served a la mode ton the Rhinel. Many faculty members were present, adding much to the fun of the evening. 61 ,- .. "swan , I I I lf. Isl I X CD N I fX N . ,P --. - f ' f Y-5 ' 'jif f-" 4 ' - si 1 -1- -Y f W.. EVENTS OF THE YEAR When in the course of human events it became necessary to yell to win a battle. the battle to be the football game with Farmer. a pep meeting was held at the schoolhouse. A fire was built and the cheer leaders took charge. With a few words from our illus- trious coaches. Mr. Welty and Mr. Conkey, the cheering began. As a hundred or so students ran around the fire it resembled an Indian war dance. Some thought it to be an initiating party of the Freshmen for some of them had to walk home ta fact hitherto unknown to themt. But with the help of our gallant faculty they didn't have to walk so far. When the time arrived that all good children should be in bed, they all departed for their respective homes. The following day at 5:30 P. M., Eastern Standard Time, by courtesy of Mr. Arm- strong. uThree cheersw for our High School. The boys played their best game of the year. Why? Results of the Pep Meeting of course. The School observed Armistice Day at the Huber Theatre at I :30 P. M. The Ameri- can Legion band added to the spirit by playing one selection before entering the building. Glen Huber, the commander of the Legion, was in charge. The H. H. S. quartet sang a selection and Lloyd Hartzler of Fort Wayne was the speaker. The roll call followed by taps dismissed the meeting. The Juniors celebrated Leap Night with frolic. The public was invited tproviding IO cents was availablel. Three big boxing matches started the evening of fun. There followed an interpretation of an old fashioned school. Songs and witty sayings spiced the program. The classes had a lively ticket selling contest for the Bryan football game. The Seniors won after a hard struggle. The prize, five dollars in pennies. was presented in Chapel to the class by the football manager. Donald O'Niel, a former graduate of Hicksville High School, now a sergeant in the U. S. Marines, appeared in uniform and gave a very interesting talk on the various parts of his uniform and their meaning. He has served for six years in the Marines and has enlisted for four more. Mr. John Brown, the former Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, gave a very instructive talk at the same chapel. 62 I Isl tx H l X L .J N l ,fx N as A e ee ss' 'A I-?'L"fg...--Qtr -y11.f:i'fv"-1 '6fif'iWl'fffh'1-f'Q'gii z:"rg,g is-sexy-3 ff ef of ovs The special chapel to celebrate Lincolnis Birthday was begun by singing "America.'i George Koch read the Gettysburg Address. which was followed by another song. A series of interesting talks was given by Catherine Horvath. Elmer Brantley. Lillian Hook, Franklin Kemmerer and Lucille Gee. The mixed quartet presented a selection. A short icture talk by Wilman Wihitehurst concluded the roffram. P . P :- Dr. Prokhanoff. who is President of the All Russian Christian Evangelical Union. visited chapel on October seventh and gave a very interesting discussion concerning Russia of today. Dr. Prokhanoff has been imprisoned twice for his faith and perse- cuted many times but he is still carrying on the work in behalf of the Christians of Russia. He has written many books. is author of more than four thousand hymns and has organized Christian work for the banished people in all parts of Russia. Behold a surprise! One bright morning the pupils of the Hicksville High School came to school with the thoughts of the same old "hum drum." They found some very alluring and strange objects in the hall. By alluring we mean that it doesn't need much inducement to get some so-called Romeo to meet his Juliet there. Sometimes they are even used as poslolfices tsort of running down llncle Samis business t . and even beauty parlors are established in that region. There are about one hundred and four of these alluring demons. enough for everyone. ln spite of all their faults they have some very good points and help the appearance of the building a lot, these new lockers of ours. Christmas is always a joyous time of the year for everyone. It was made even more joyous for the students of the High School this year from the fact that so many graduates came home for the holidays. On XVednesday morning. December 23. a great number of the graduates came to visit their old Alma Mater again. An impromptu program was given by the members of the High School. This could be done because of the talent to be found in the High School. A few spirited songs were sung. led by Mrs. Keller. Everyone present enjoyed a song given by the seniors of last year. ,loe and Margaret led a few rousing yells and the juniors distributed Spoondrifts to all present. When the students came back to the old building on the first day of school, they were surprised to find many new improvements had been made. Among these were the newly decorated ceilings. which took the place of the cracked plaster ceiling where now and then a lath could be seen, four lights were hung in each class room and twelve in the assembly, each being covered with a white glass globe: new floors were put on 63 V ... rnmufwq1 i u TH E H I X ON I AN ,X 5-551, v , 1 9 3 2 53,4 Tu ' Z! . - fl " h 4" fda ef wrt' if It 2- - X I' ' 1-1-- wk f 'MJ el 5 ew .w e Vx ii? "I"' - "5 XRW V V2 Published by The Senior Class ofthe Hibksville High School Wfolu1ne Sazve11tee11 GENEALOGY 977.102 HSZHHS 1932 I II I II I X CJ N I .X N Fw'-"'?112f"-":1'T---'!wE?lQl:T'-536-1931 f?'iS"'ve -I if sf 55 ess. X X. s...J f -..,f' ' " -JXLS-Aix the main floor of the building and also wherever needed on the upper floorg new colored rough Hnished plaster walls were added-all of which added to the brightening of the rooms. Last but not least were the Roman columns which were put in to support the upper floor. All these improvements helped the students to enjoy and appreciate more fully the school year. Monday evening. October 5. the students of the high school and grades spent an hour at the school building. The schedule followed the usual routine of classes. but with shorter periods. Many parents and visitors were present and all were interested in the work of the students and their studies. The object of the evening was to make possible for the parents to visit the school and see for themselves what was being done. Some of the new improvements which caught the eye of many visitors were the re- decorated rooms. new floors. window shades and a modern system of lights. A Thanksgiving program. November 25. was enjoyed by the student body. There were readings which consisted of President Hooveris Proclamation. by Herbert Ringen- berg: Psalm 147. Raymond Lily: Thanksgiving. Wlhen It Comes. Danies Hicov: Thanksgiving Thoughts. Helen Wleiszg History of Thanksgiving. Evelyn Kisabeth: The Turkey. George Koch: Animals That Came Over in the Mayflower. Allen Poper: and Roman Thanksgiving. Richard Laub. Also there were songs by the entire school and poems read by LaVera Wonderly and Olliemay Walter. Merrice Hope and Mary Alice Schaufelberger rendered piano solos. An original story. "A Thanksgiving Mistakef' was presented by Theodore Neff. Harold Camp gave a brief talk on HI See by the Papers." and last but not least. Allen Buck presented "That Five Dollars" to the Senior Class for their diligent work in the ticket selling contest. It was an appropriate Thanks- giving program. The first semester examinations this year were January 13-14-15. Some students say they were hard and some easy. some faces showed signs of regret and some relief. A kind word or deed to an unfortunate student sometimes does a world of good. Stu- dents aren't the only ones who burn the midnight oil. YVe are always wondering why teachers are so cross sometimes. especially near examinations. but we would be too. if we had to go through books looking for questions suitable for the brains of different pupils and making out long lists. Work is good for all. no matter whether it turns out for better or for worse: it does no harm. On Monday evening, December 6. 1931. the mothers set forth a bounteous feast before the eyes of a ravenous football squad. The banquet was held in the dining parlors IHome Economics RoomI of the school building. Miss Schofer as toastmis- tress took charge of the program. Short talks were given by members of the squad. 64 -r I ,sc 4 Q32 -, T1-1EHIX0Ni.xx A Q - .L . ' A 14- "-" 'Y Qi ' 'jx' 1 O "V 1 "L K Y Y 'Aa' 'Y' 5 Q- X Q ,,-7 Mr. Allen Buck. the manager, brought forward an unusual repo1't on the finances of the athletic department. At the close of the program Mr. Conkey spoke at length and in detail of the merits of high school athletics. Many fans followed the Hicksville basketball team to the county basketball tourna- ment at Defiance February 26-27. Hicksville defeated Ney in an easy manner Friday night. ln the semi-finals the Hicksville quintet barely outscored a scrappy Sherwood team. The score of this game was 19-16. This "win" gave them the honor of meeting Mark Center in the hnals. Something was lacking as Mark handed the Hicksville team a 38-10 drubbing. Mr. Williarns gave a very detailed description of the photo-electric cell which plays a vital part in the modern system of television and also the modern talkies. He illus- trated the use of the giroscope as applied on the ocean and the railroad using only one rail. There were many other experiments dealing with the application of elctricity. The occasion was enjoyed by the school throughout the entire demonstration. 65 cft gg '9A3 gg , p age I H lf H I K CJ N I A N c, WASHINGTON, JUST A MAN Oil paintings and word-portraits most often painted of our first president show him to be somewhat austere. a silent and stern being. set apart in a sphere of his own: consecrated from the day of his birth to the great task of his future: destined by the gods to the performance of great deeds and to be all his people in reward. He is the American Aeneas. ' Admit this portrait to be a true one: for to paint out any of the dignity of that noble face would be sacrilege. But are there -not other pictures. which. though they do not appear on the pages of history. nevertheless were painted in glowing words by those who knew and loved him best? They have introduced brighter colorsand outlined another Washington-L acquainting us with one whom we may love as well. and one whom we may more nearly understand than the warrior or the statesman. Let us examine that picture which has become so familiar to us through our his- tories and the old McGuffy's readers. Were those steadfast eyes never lighted by any fires save those of patriotism? Did those grave lips never part in jolly badinage or merriment over the antics of a friend? Did his heart never beat more rapidly at a roguish glance from the bright eyes of some fair maid? Or heat in sympathy with his fellow-men in distress? A glance to these brighter-hued pictures reveals the answei to all these questions. YVashington always appreciated a practical joke at the expense of a friend. -'fire' depthfof- his enjoyment could be gaged by whether or not he rolled on the ground in a helpless ht of laughter. Doubtless one reason for his habitual soberness in later life was the faulty dentistry of the day. Had he then indulged in one of those violent pardaevsn-is of mirth he would have been and- embarrassed. and his dignity as president would have been seriously impaired: his false teeth. over which he had difficulty in closing his mouth. and which were 'f8B.I?fll'l'ly and.w,onderfully made. would have escaped from his control. X At parties he was anything but a killjoy. !,He was known at times to dance every set and only ceased this on learning that his p1'esence411w6d the younger guests. Even then he departed only as far as the next room. where he watched through the crack in the door. At a ball during the Revolution he noticed that the hearts of all the men present were aflutter over a certain charming belle. He calmly. because of his high rank. claimed the first dance and inonopolized the ladyls attention for the remainder of the evening. He was always aware of the admiration of the gentler sex. From eawreme youth he was--susceptible to the flutter of white hands and the soft rustle of dainty silks. He had ever in his mind to be on the watch for a mistress for Mount Vernon. History records that the redoubtable warrior offered many an enehantress this position and was refused as many times. One Mary Philipse turned him away on the grounds that "his 6 6 X vegsfv l932 g W A . V . , W. -33? -s..J THQ 1:-A-P T li t H t X 1 J X I K 'N nose was impossible." YVashi.ngton's views on the subject were that he "did not wait until ye Ladye was in ye proper mood." At a tender age he was the writer of amorous letters and reams of poetryeof debat- able literary value. A pretty face. whether or not accompanied by an encouraging glance. was enough to completely sweep him off his feet. Was it Fate that made the first fair one to accept. one who would justify and do honor to her position? Fate that made the affair with Martha the first one to be not entirely one-sided? It was not only his lighter emotions that were easily stirred. All his life he needs must guard his temper. and when it escaped his mastery. no man dared approach him until the storm had subsided. He grieved deeply over the punishing of any of his soldiers. He could not witness a battle with dry eyes. Everyone is so well acquainted with the pathetic story of his prayers at Valley Forge that it need not be repeated. He was helpless in the hands of scheming relatives who were determined to profit by his generosity. But Wfashington was ready to overlook their petty weaknesses though he was not deceived as to their intentions. He paid off the debts of his brother Samuel repeatedly. They must have been enormous for Samuel had been married no less than five times. Nelly Custis took the place which no daughter of his own was ever to till. He did not hesitate to educate and clothe her expensively. and to gratify her least whim if it lay within his power. Although he had no especial love for his niece Harriot. she could easily persuade him to buy her anything she choose. even unto a trousseau. Even in his own day. a great many people did not know his true personality. A little boy once pushed his way through a large crowd to where Washington stood. At sight of him the child cried. "Why heis only a man!" "Yes, my boyf, replied the V- President. "I am only a man after all By all means let us keep our portrait of Vlfashington the great general. the states- man, the Father of His Country, but hang beside it this other picture of a lovable. fun-loving man. who could laugh when it was time to laugh. and dance when it was time to dance. who was not too big to enjoy the simple things of life: who was "after all. just a manlw -PHYLLIS ELDER. 61 The Ferris Hardware Store P h o n e 1 9 1 Hicksville, Ohio Spring or Summer . . . Fall or Winter You'll find just what you want here - First to Present the Newest and Best Styles in Wearing Apparel for Men and Women - Boys and Girls Quality Merchandise - Reasonably Priced - For Economical Buying The Boon-Bevington Co. HICKSVILLE, OI-HQ INSURANCE Fire, Life, Accident and Automobile Farm and City Real Estate Money to Loan on Long Terms E. E ARMSTRONG COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE BIRD CAFE Twenty-four l-lour Service Dallas Johnson, Prop. Phone 76 Compliments of Hixko Coal Company We Wisli to be Your WARM Friends Hicksville Hatchery Home of Hicksville Quality Chicks Opportunities for High School Graduates Suppose that just after you graduate from High School a good position- a position offering splendid opportunity for promotion and salary-were off fered youg could you fill it, or would they be obliged to pass you for someone with more technical training? In these times, more than ever, the best trained people are being selected for the better positions. Put yourself in line for the better opportunities and make certain of position, promotion, income, influence, etc., by taking a high' grade business training. This school can help you in planning your course and give you that broader and better business training that is being demanded of young people. Write or call for information about our Secretarial or Business Administraf tion courses. Thousands of others have found success through this training. 'You can too. The Oberlin School of Commerce Oberlin, Ohio 70 The Store of the Present and the Future We Believe that Style, Quality, Service, Courtesy and Honesty Will Get Us There and Keep Us There Dexdale 'Silkseziledl' Hosiery Meekers Bootery Compliments of Miller Manufacturing Co Manufacturers of Farming Tool Handles "There is no substitute for a Farmer's Elevator" Cut Aim . . . Service and Satisfaction Highest Market Prices Paid for Your Products The Hicksville Grain Co. H. Grover, Manager Raymond L,-"I desire no remuneration for this poem. I merely submit it as a compliment," The editor replied with true journalistic courtesy: "Then, my dear sir, allow me to return the compliment." Cen. Hotli"Now. suppose you are on your post one dark night. Suddenly a person appears from behind and wraps two strong arm' around you so that you can't use your rifle. Vv'hat will you call them?" Cadet Belknap--"Let go. Honey." Head of Business College: "ln teaching shorthand and typewriting. we are strong for accuracy." Inquirer: 'iHow are you on speedff' Head ol Business College: 'iWell. ol last year's class. six married their employers within six months." Compliments of W. C. Gauld We Make Glasses to Fit Your Eyes and Your Pocket Book BE J. F. GRIE T Eyesight Specialist American Building I Compliments of Garver Drug Store CfThe Rexall Store" Hicksville, Ohio "Cl" VV ' 4 A it ul lx M ' 4 i Y V r 4 N 4 4 4 li W XI 'V 'X C 0 n t e n t s I. Administration ' P II. Classes III. Activities IV. Athletics K i V. Society VI. Advertisements I I , 4 gf 11. OS In A w w f JP 1' 'r it Aa fo -' I ,, 4 4 V in . .V 7 5 s me .A MSDE! l" l v t' 4 Laurence E. Hart, Agent Representing Aetna Insurance Company PRQTECTION EUR EVERY NEED Life - Sick and Accident - Automobile Public Liability - Eire and Tornado Come in and talk over your insurance needs Always ready to serve you Office Phone 450 Res. Phone 235 IUIH. Antique Dealer- -l'This is an interesting piece. sirfa Vxlillifiiii and lvlziry chair." Mi'. Newrieh-"lt's ll bit small. Looks :is though Mary must have sat on Vvlilliainl lap." judge: "The lirst person who interrupts ine will be thrown out ol' the courtroom." Prisoner: "Hurriiy lor the judge." A young inain who had spent a Weekfend motoring was retailing his experiences to an elderly 'Alt was zi jolly change except on one occasion when I encountered ri damp inn." he said. "OV said the aunt. severely. "I presume thefer-pin went through one ol your tire-7" Ludyf"Hxive you ever been offered workf"' Trump: "0nly once, madzim, Aside from that, l've met with nothing but kindness' E. M. Bilderback Dealer in Harness, Flynets, Whips and Robes Everything in the Harness Line Also Agent for Seneca Stock and Poultry Remedies Hicksville, Qhio Compliments of The Cottage Meat Market QUALITY MEATS Geo. H. Peepers, Prop. Phone No. 27 4 Hoffman Drug Store Hicksville, Ohio The Store to Serve You We Appreciate Your Patronage But Your Good Will More Compliments of . Applegate DENTisr Office Phone 449 Residence Phone 74 Cver Central Grocery Mary jane--"l wouldn't leave my happy home for any man Joe-"All right. will live here." Rcstaurateur Ito applicant for pusitionjz "You say you have experience?" EX'COflX'lCfI HYCSSIF, llve been serving for the last ten years." Hint from a farm journal: It was alter she used his razor for a can opener that he discovered what an elegant shoe hrush her powder puff made. "All this talk about back-seat drivers is bunk. l've driven i ear for ten years and l've never had 1 word from behind," "Vs7hat sort of cai'7" "A hearsef' Compliments of unn Brook Dair Ray W. McCauley 76 Compliments of FRANK LAUB Compliments of The Auto Electric Co. Firestone Tires and Batteries HICKSVILLE, QHIQ Derrill C-"So Vealtcr VU, was the life of the party." Henry S.iuYcah, He was the only one who could talk louder than the radio." 7-- Mr. NVclty lafter having a wreck!-"I had the right of way. chdn't I, Bystander-'iYeh. hut the other lellow had a truck." Boh L.f"I am a selffmade man." Dick L.-"I am glad to hear it. It relieves :mme one else of a terrible responsibility." Timid Man fat matinee. to talkative femalesJ4"Er-I'm afraid I can't hear a word of what S iw " ing said. Vsfoinan-"You weren't meant to. This is a private Conversation." J. P. MURPHY JEWELER Phone 71 125 East High St 78 lx .lil Everyone likes to talk about Gus' ice cream bars. not simply because they are known to be the best value in Hicksville for five cents or because they are made from the best ice cream. chocolate, and all that - but because they know from the exf periences of all of our customers who have tried it. They also make their own ice cream. Their ice cream is not like most ice cream. for after you have eaten it once, then you will want more of it. Palace of Sweets Gus Karageorge, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF Hicksville News Stand Everything in Magazenes Vergil L. Bowker Hardware Furniture Serving the Community Jeffries 84 Culler Since 1874 Queensware Kitchenware Up to Date MERCHANDISE AND MERCHANDISING SherwinfWilliams PAINT HEADQUARTERS For Service and Courtesy For .Qhuality and Values Best Wislies f rom The Eirst National Bank We Help our Customers Prosper See that You are Prosperous GREETINGS To the Class of 1952 - Electric Shop Electric Contracting and Supplies Westinghouse Ranges G. E. and Thor Washers Kelvinator Refrigeration Come in and hear the General Electric Radio Compliments of . JCRDA DENTisT "I do not sec any metlwd of improving our social aricl economic relations except tliroiigli tlle teacliirigs of religion. ln fact, it is my lrelicf tlmt we liare gone as far as we can in progress and reform imtil we lirwe more geiieral acceptance of tlie triitlis of religion. lf tliese are permitted to slip away from ics tlie progress and reform wlzicli we lmve already accomplisliecl will iiamsli witli tliem. lt is for tliese reasons tliat I liope your efforts will meet witli success." -ExfPREs1DENT CALVIN CooL1DoE. The Hicksville Building, Loan and Savings Co ln Business since 1890 Compliments of Central Grocery Co. Groceries and Meats S F. G. GETROST Jeweler and Optometrist Our Optical Department is Replete in Every Detail for a Perfect Eye Test The Store with the Street Clock Compliments of The Hicksville National Bank Hicksville, Ohio I .-fxxitl I l 1 4 r ' i l it 1 fl Hr l Lil tw H 1+ . ' k- , lx l l 1, 1! lx lt V 1 ' 1 l , x I W. lr lx , ql V. xl ,A ! l, 'r 1 Atl W. l ', ' KJ F i l 1 X i 'w lx V , , ,W v x ..' ' lq' 1 4, ,4 'lx I xjillll it 4 1 'r 4 , yllx r i Xl: 4 w rl t I Foreword Through four long years, the members of this graduating class of 1932 have struggled along the paths that lead to knowledge with varied degrees of success. They have labored that they might leave Htrailing clouds of glory." May these pages be a true record of their triumphs and accomplishments in the life they are about to leave. P""-T11 i- 14 7"'W Crook, Son 84 Co. Manufacturers of Wooden Handles -::- Furniture Turnings HICKSVILLE, OHIO Hicksville Printing Co. Commercial Printers Personal Cards, Christmas Greeting Cards, Fancy Stationery LUCILE RAY PHOTOGRAPHER traits Kodak Finishing Frames Rental Library Gil Colored Photographs a Specialty HICKSVILLE, QI-HQ The Cities Sales, lne. Authorized Ford Dealers ZOO Car Storage Goodyear Tires Sinclair Gas and Qils Wreekirig Car Day and Night Service on All Cars Expert Meehariies PHDNE 20 KDO Unto Qthers as Though you 'Mere the Qtlters .... Perkins 84 Reeh Funeral Home Compliments of Seely's Bakery The Home of High Quality Pastries Phone 144 Mrs. J. M. Hosack 84 Son Funeral Directors Hicksville, Ohio BATTERSHELLS 5 and 10 Cent Variety Store We Can Save You Money And We Aim to Please C. L. I-HLBERT Insurance of All Kinds Chain Service from Coast to Coast PHCNE No. 355 Crescent Building Hicksville, Chi O l l i Compliments ul A. R. Smith Lumber Co. Dealer in All Kinds of Building Materials PHONE 164 Compliments of The l Hicksville Produce C0 Compliments of The Four Store Coal and Seed Fresh Candies Salted Peanuts E. Mentzefs 5 84 lOc Store Chinaware, Glassware, Hosiery, Notions, Etc. Same Goods for Less Money, More Goods for Same Money WHY PAY MGRE? Phone 5 7 Hicksville, Ghio Compliments of Crescent Dry Goods Co. Everything in Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear The A. 84 P. Store Established 1859 'WVHERE ECCNGMY RULESM Compliments of Fcitzefs Bakery N G. F. Burgoyne gl Sons HARDWARE Oak Restaurant We Aim to Please lvlrs. Eugene Myers, Proprietor HICKSVILLE, DI-HD Compliments of The City Meat Market For Fresh and Cured Meats Homeflvlade Bologna Delivery Free Phone SO Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Floral Designs and Decorations See Hicksville Greenhouse Stephen Panasuk, Proprietor 510 Now meet LITTLE Bill BIG BILLS little Brother Big Bill has been in society for years . . . he knows his way around . . . or did . . until the market blew up and left him holding the bag .... EMPTY. LITTLE BILL ...... BILL'S smaller brother is now taking his place . . . and he is being welcomed into the best homes in America, It will be a LITTLE Bill you'll meet at Maxwell Bros. this year, for the new mer' ehandise that's Coming in is being marked at the LITTLEST PRICES you ever saw on smart men's wear. ., Maxwell Bros. Everything to Wear' for Men and Boys Allen A Hose for Ladies 9 Compliments of Dorseys Barber Shop Compliments of FRANK PEE Furniture and Wall Paper HICKSVILLE, OHIO Compliments of Claude G. Hitt, D. D. S. First National Bank Building Hicksville, Ghio For-Get-Me-Not Beauty Shop Permanent Waves, Scalp Treatments, Eye Brow Arching, Facials, Marcelling, Manicuring Finger Waves JESSIE CRGMLEY, Prop. PHONE 46402 up

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