Hershey High School - Choclatier Yearbook (Hershey, PA)

 - Class of 1929

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Hershey High School - Choclatier Yearbook (Hershey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 83 of 158
Page 83 of 158

Hershey High School - Choclatier Yearbook (Hershey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 82
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Hershey High School - Choclatier Yearbook (Hershey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 84
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Page 83 text:

ni ,A-, y ff 'K -X t f f Q W j 1 X , gf tx - If f K, , - W, . T ,Tv ,, V...v,,v,.v ,EQ"f, I---g. l -l R vu - 'L I1 L 1 fn l r V l X, V 1 i l J - , - ,- - , - f - i - l i , i V l Y Huck Rim'--lvft tu right--Paul furry, jznnvs Shay, Szunut-l l'4-lk. Paul XV4'l'll'lt'll. Dunziltl Kimns, Mr. Pailnigrt-n ' ttkvzivlii. llugh linkt-r, llnrry Ziinnu-rnmn, Rnhvrt Kmtt thlauntgt-rl, Hy-run Rohm-rtsnn, Curl llvss. l'nul Stump. l 1 lluininic Suvatwtiu. Lluytl Svltzt-r. lfmnt row flvtt tn right jusvpli lliluttn, tlnln Siuvtiutiglv. l"t't-alt-rick Gish, XXX-llI'nl'tl , Uws-u, Roy l.nng, lfluwl Duppt-n tl'nptninl, Gt-urgv Ziminvlwnnn, flyilt- Yi-l'gt'r, Stn-ntl Spnltnilglv, th-urgv Hnlnn-I, N I lirxnik Punta-ll. i ' D h' C Ch ' il This nurtly group uf wnrritirs, through tht-ir hzirrl fought 4-Hurts nn tht- gridiron. hzivt- hw-n :lt-vlnrt-tl cliuriipiims , , nl' Duupliin Q'uunt3'. Thx' N28 sclivrlulc wus lirnliuhly tht- nmat :uilbitiutis thzit llvrslim-3' lligh hits haul tu turn' in 'T rt-ct-nt st-asuiis, and tht' rt-suits ht-spt-nl: zi mort si1t't't-ssttil st-nsnii. Altliuugli thc tvuni lust tml clusvly inntrlu-tl gauiivs km l :luring tht- svusmi, cvt-ry tt-:tin in Dauphin County. which tht-y pluyctl, was mln-tl-zitt-tl. The scnsmni out-m-tl with Uhr-rlin ut lmine-Q lit-rslwy t'Illt'l'gt'tl vivtoriuus. Tho following wa-t-ks llurslwy cniiiplt-tn-ly truunt't-cl l,t-hunmrs st-rtnul tvaun. X fl running up thc higgt-st scnrt' of thc st-ztstni. Thi- tirst tlefcut uf thv st-ason wus rt-ct-ivt-cl ut tht' huncls of liliznht-tlituwn' J This clirl nut lighten tht- lighting spirit zuul Hs-rslwy rztllie-rl hy :lt-ft-Ltting l.itilz in tht- nt-xt gains-. llighspire- :incl llnnunvlstuwn wt-rv nur nt-xl victims. Thi- llllIlllllt'lSltlXYll gtnnt- nrovocl tn bt- tht- innst thrilling miitt-st of tht- et-austin l they hm-ing our grvatt-st rivals. Thr- gninv with Vnrlislt- prm't-tl tiiisinvu-sst'1il hut tht- Tlizuikegiving gunn- sluiwvrl thnt , llc-rflufy hvltl thv clininpimisliip. Q This yt-ar Ile-rslu-y vmnplt-tt-ly turnml tho tzihlt-s hy wwit-ly llltllllflllll Nlitltllctuwn on thi-it' uwn tit-ici. Thus ix the- history making frmtlmztll svustni of llc-rslwy High num- tn il vlnev. lfluytl Dt-ppt-n was zi vtfry rzmulilt- rnntuin nf our wunrlvrful tivt-, llt- rlifl 4-vt-rything in his lmwn-r for tht- sitvvt--s ,ilu - nt' tim team. llc will he gn-ntlv missed next vcnr. 'E ' ' t -Y I "limb" pruvvtl tu hc- n very siu'rt-ssful :intl cflirit-nt nmiiugvr ut' tht- lizuktftlxill tt-ann. lli- wus nlwnyw on tht' inh , l :intl liked hy evtfrylmtly. ll, 1 Tho "tight tu tht- finish" spirit lllllllll-l'SlL'tl on thi- gritlirun this st-nsrni pi'm'otl tu ht- thc- grvzttn-st in thtf history nf l tht- svlnml. Hy tht- Qtippurt of tht- svlnwul :intl thi- st-rvirt-s ut' t'mwl1 Pnlingrt-n :uumtlu-r vlmiinmimisliili tt-:un haw lu-1-n , , protltnvwl. l Iftbtl'I'l4.Xl,l. IN IFIKQURICS i Hcrslifsy llighSt'huul . . ., I8 tbht-rlin .... tl i llvrslwy lligh School . 61 l.4'lA2x1uni, , ,. tl Hershey High School ll lilizahvtlituwii. . , 20 llc-rslivy High Sclulol ll l i-titz A 0 Hershey High School 38 lliglisinrt- . . . 0 llc-rshey High Schoul . ll llulnnivlatmvn , U llvrshey High School T t'nrlisIv. . . .. , I0 llc-rshvy High Sclionl I-l Nlirltlltftuwli , II Totals lrlvrslivv 180 'llutnlx Hppmiviits. . -li ,1-'X Q ,L X ' 1 W ' - i -1 'l . J 3- -1-' J X! S . j yn- ' W , X 1 Ng 4,41 4, X ,. h , 4 1- i ' X N ' XX , ' r Q6 ,N QA ,dn Y A , W M... 1 nun mlm IINIlllllllllllllllIIIIIUIIINIIIIIlllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I fx.f,,,,....l "W"l"Ulmll'll'l Illlwwlwlwtvt'I'IIII'II"I"""' "U'"""""""""""" F11 f Inv- .Vim

Page 82 text:

jf gd as-M THE CHOCL TIER are Athletics OF all of the activities in the Hershey High there are none that exceed those of Athletics. Primarily, physical education and Athletics serve to develop and maintain in all the stu' dents bodily health, strength and endurance, to the end that they may lead more useful lives. It is, however, further believed that in the measures undertaken for this end an avenue of approach is provided through which the students are influenced to be good in mind and in character as well as in body. Athletics bring out in those that participate many of the fine qualities that lie at the root of good citizenship. In fact, in his athletics a boy learns about citizenship when he studies political science, parliamentary law, history, etc., but in the various team games that he plays he learns the thing itself. The introduction of athletics in the school provided a long sought need for some kind of recreation. At first the sports were minor in nature, but later they developed into a more competitive form of activity. Today, by the formation of leagues among various schools of the county, athletics have created a keener interest in physical Htness and have developed a greater desire for competition. In sports Hershey High has always been regarded as a keen competitor and her teams have brought home victories and trophies which are proudly displayed in the High School library, during the past year two additional trophies have been placed to our collection. One was received for championship in Dauphin County Baseball League and the other from the Lower Dauphin County Basket Ball League. This is the sixth successive year in which Hershey High has conquered over its other participants in the Lower Dauphin County Basket Ball League. The football warriors displayed their skill on the gridiron and were declared class B champions of Dauphin County although the sports for girls are limited to basket ball and hockey, the gentler sex has established a very fine record this year. This year the girls have produced one of the fastest basket ball teams ever displayed on the floor. We pause to pay tribute to the Coaches to whom belong the credit for the honors that our Athletes have brought to the school. They not only created winning teams but they also emphasized the necessity of clean living, the honor of playing the game hard but clean, the character value of good sportsmanship. ' l if J 9 2 Z O A 2 iiiiiiini I umm llllllll I ll llllllllllllllllllll Fifty-Eight

Page 84 text:

111 11111 1111 111 1'i31111 111111'111'1I 1.111y11. H111111 111 1 111 1 1 11 ' 111111111111 111111 yilllllltlllllll 111111111111 1111111111111 1111111 D11 Basketlgalll Siquad THICK 1'1'z1r passvs. 111111 111Ars111-1' HiL1 '111- .111111 11 1 1 r11111 N 11 N 11 1111111 Sflllilll is i11 1111' 111i11s1 111' ll 11111N N NN 1 1- 111111 N N 11111. 5 -10 '15 g1111111s 111111 still 1111 11 1 1 111111 11 11 r1111 1 1 N 1 1 11111115 11ff1'r1-11 Illlllly 1-x1'iti11g 111111111-111s 1111 1rN11'1 11 1N 111 1111 1 1 111 1 r ll1S 11111 S1-1151111 11111'a111'1's. IiL'C11I'11S 11111 11-'11 1 1 111 11111 1111 111 .1 11 111 1111111 11-1111. T1l1'I1,1lSl1ll' S1-z1s1111 1'11111es 111 1 1 11 1 1rN111 1 1 lL1l11 11111 111.11111 Dl1l171X 1111- most 111ri11i11g 11111110 of 1111 N1-'1-011 1111 11 1 1111 1 1 1 T1 l111'SSll1'y 111 111'11'rmi111- who s111111111 111-1111 l'll1L 1 11 1 1 1 N 11111 1111' 11111110 e11111'11 i11 1111-ir fz11'11r, T 1'11:11'11 P111111gr1-11 goes 2111 1111- 1-r1-1111 111 fI111111111111, 1111r 111511111131 I' 1111 11 81,111 T111- KIIAUHLZE 111111 BI111- 111ss1-rs l1111'1-s1A111r11 111 11 111111 N 1111 1 r 111 1 1 111 11 1111 111 1111- 11is1111'y11f1111-s1'1111111. High High High 1111411 High High 1111111 High 1111111 1111111 1121111 46 43 25 41 5.2 -10 41 .14 85 75 My11rf1111v11 Hig11s11ir1- 11l1'0rs11111'11 S11SllI1P1l2lI1ll Swataru . 1111111111-11111'11 Hz1g1'rs11111'11 l'z1r1is11-. . l.1111'0r P:1x11 1Ii1:11s11ir1- 1 1111 11 11 1 1

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