Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN)

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Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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, My aw . WW n MM my 3? ifiwww W W M vw SN WW J M,g'fM,?M W iw WWQ Q 9:-T22 is fb hiiif M22 2 . 155 Em U Www! E QE mf jk fy, f ' ' ?ffg!fl f'?QfsE' QFQQQ 'Qi 252 QQ? , Q W , , ,MVQ3 ' , gk M Qgg wffv ii M 5 ZW iifsw A M 335 ?YwXYi?f5 wif ' 1 31 M3 33 gf F5 32:5 t Q if iiigiii? il? 5 1 Qfg 24 Gun QSCCMQ '59 -Y 1 W., 5: . :QQ nys 3 Q. um-QM, him K 4 ,f""M wv"'wW wk ,,...-'f' 1 is QWN uf an ,, xx 1' Q1 W? :KAW S 'nw n 'Wa 'QQ ff 3 "W-f mmf f' ' A gg y ,"'--...W J"'!VV ff 'ff ff uf gf: if XJ 0' R, ,-...mass---W W ds.. Qi A 'N W . ,. .:.,,,...v R' V ' K 'if , -QQ I 3-5'5ff??2gfa.,. ma, Ha 'W M .Mm x , 21 'SH ' iii E ia J Q -vt 1 M, ff!! .1 g. ,J E 0 o '1 7' 1, i L N: L! f x 5 , - fx CJ ., Q ffl' W 1 mf F f .X V g v K, 1 fe ww? s f ' ' fi 4 3 .. X Q Q i . f g , X L, Y' , A 192 . I ,awp V11 M, . . liilfziflf x ,i fg3xS? " N , x r , H i , my M Q ,X M F H W X Q31 rf Aig55giJ:4:M1.Q5413:5.g,::X7Q,?5fEg:i57li:, ,:I,fgiLf?4x:132gB51 6 -' g "':': - X ,.'.. gg , 'T i K :" ".. ' K 5' X :'A' J, 1 Q W ,V i3 F' .", Ii 42 . ' Si M5 H19 publzlshed bg me BETA CLUB Hendersonville High School He-:N DE nsoNvn.LE , TENN ESS EE H o D ICA We, the Beta Club, dedicate this, the seventh edition A of GOLDEN BIEMORIES to Mrs. Mack Bingham and john O. Barnes, jr., for their sincere devotion to every phase of school life which fuse into the quality which makes this recognition a inatter of entire fitness. T I W. .L Klkln' Bb., MUN. Prinrillnzi THE FACULTY MRS. MACK BlNcu,xxI IIOHN O. BARNES, AIR. LATTIIQ Bmnwx-LLL RM' SMHH KIARY GORE DUDNEX 15.5. B.s. Bs. BS. 11.5. A. C. Wlilsls NIILTON CIIRTIS Nlks. fIORIlIil.L JOHNSON Nlks. Tuos. H, ELLIS ILS. B.S. B.S. I.,I,, ILS. xx , 'f 4 5 -z a 5 3 , , .4 N , 1 Q25 wi ?1 J 2 WS? is HQ ' Q X Eg 5 2 'V in sag, 'MV 2 a::I:- WNMN ,SH . 'X fha Q ning sllllll'Tl'lIl'H'! 2--'l'llr' Iirlrz Trim: ?4IVrmllu1lI fallI'I'Il :.vIlll!li!IIlf!'. IWW: I-Inav' lfI'QflfllI'fl,' 9-Um' IIr'l'01 ll High!! 7-Nlrulliug: N-Ii11n1.x,' O4-flUIl' Ilirl 'I'lli.x fftlflflfll? Ill-IJ. J. IJ, YIIHIII firm lxrlrirlg. , 124 1 Offfwn! QQ cjbzdim 2? ' ly .f Bay, 7 , ,AA I JQQV X ,li FQZLH , QEQ, fffff Q . J ff gigejys Y f Z4 X, 4667 y 6 tqvjiiii 61,1-eva' ' GRADUATES 'C- CZLEM Rx-:lisa Iiunsu joHNsoN Sul-1 I'r1'1'Tx' , VAL1ek1r: CAGE ,, lwzcczx' C1ov11vu'l'0N OFFICERS Prfsidwlt . Vice-President . Secretary ,. .Treasurer , Reporter THE SENIOR GLASS O NOAH ALLEN Football. '46-'49, Alt. Captain, '49, Basketball, Art Editor. Commando Comet. NOLA LEE ALLEN Glee Club, '47, Commando Comet Stall, '50, Prettiest Girl. VALERIE CAGE F. H, A., '47-'50, Beta Club, '47-'49, Treas, Senior Class, '50, Paper Staff, Manager Basketball, '50, Honor Roll, '49. PEGGY Lou COVINGTON East High, '46-'47, Cheerleader, '48, F. H. A., '47-'50, Basket- ball, '48-'50, Paper Staff, '48-'50. XIARY FRANCES DRAPER F. H. A., '47, Commando Comet Staff, '5O. JEARL ANN DURHAM Class President, '47, Football Queen Candidate, '47, '49, Cheerleader, '48, F. H. A., '-17-'49, Basketball, '49-'50, Paper Stall, '50. SHELLEY EDWARDS Football. '48, Manager, '49, Basketball Manager, '49, H Club, '49. CLYDE W. GARRET1' F. F. A., '47-'50, Vice-President, '49-'50, Basketball, '49, Paper Staff, '49, '50, H Club, '49, '50. A4 V wif", fy imc, J , WZ? S N , Q' E N .3 5 EQ af SENI O RUTH CELIA GARRETT H Club, '49, '50, Honor Roll, '49, Papcr Stall, '50, Cheer lrzirlcr, '49: Bctir Club, '50. ANNIE NIAZELLE HALL Bum Club, '50, Vin:-President of Glcc Club, '50g Paper Stall 60: Student I.ih. Assn., '47-'50, Song lfcstivzrl. DLTIJNI-LY HARRIS ll Club, 49. '30, F. F. A., '-IS, Football, '-'IS-'5lI. XIARY jo HENRY WL-sl Iligh, '47, "IS: C2lXl'I'l ,Ir. High, '16, Y-Tern Club '-I7-'481 N. I". l.., '-185 Monilor, '47-'48, COL' R1 N EY H EXVGLICY Vice-l'lm-sirlrnt of junior Claw: F, I", A., '47-50: Foolbnll, 'Mi-'50, Bnskctbaill, Sub-Distrif! Rep.: llusincss Mnnngcr of hlllllllll, '50, lfunmmnrla lfonzfi Stuff, '47-'50. I LLLLAND HIQXVGLEY F. lf. A.. '47-'49, Bela Club, '48-'50, Reporter, '-Ill: ,l'l'CZISlll'l'l'. '50, Sports Editor, Annual, 'llllg H Club, '49-'50, Camnumrlo lI,'1nu'I Stall, '50. CATH ERINE CLAIRE HUNTER llliecrlealler, '47g F. F. A. Queen, '50, H Club, '47-'50, Beta Club, '48-'50, Beta Club President. '50: Girl State Rep., '-191 Cumrmmdu Comet Stall and Annual Editor, '50, Enoisu JOHNSON I-'. Il. A., '47-'50g Basketball, '47-'50, Beta Club, '50: F. H. A. Conn-nlion, '48, '493 l'1lTllIIIIIPllI5lI'lIlIl of F. H. A., '50, Paper Stall, '50. , DELORI-QS Ct'RTls KIQLLI-ix' Glcc Club, '47, '48, Connmmdo llmmft Stall, SARAH ANN KETRING Class Serretary and Treasurer, '47-'49, Beta Club, '48-'50, Foot- hall Queen Candidate, '48, Cheerleader, '49, H Cluh, '49, '50, Asst. Editor of Annual, '49, Paper Staff, '50, Honor Roll, '49, ROBERT R. KIRKPATRICK F. F. A, Treasurer, '48, If. F. A, President, '49-'50, Class l'res1dent, '48-'49, Paper Stall, '49, '50. JAMES E. NIt1CoNN1f1I.L F. F. A., '47-'48, Commando Comet Staff, '50, IFRANCES .l1'1ANl'1'l"l'l'f NIAIION F. H. A., '47, '48, Glee Club. '47, 118. CA'l'HKRlNli NIUNDY Basketball, '47-'50, F. H. A.. '47-'50, Vitie4Prcsident F. H. A., '48, H Club, '47-'50, Secretary of F. H, A., '48, Paper Stall, '48, '50, Football Queen Candidate, '50, "Miss Henderson- ville," '49. -IANII-QS NICHOLS F. F. A., '40-'49, Commando CUIIIPI Stall, 'SIL FRANCES SUE l'ET'l'Y Tilghain, Ky.. '47-'49, Secretary and Trcztsurer of Student Council, F. H. A., '50, Beta Club, '49, Secretary of Senior Class, H Club, '49-'50, Paper Staff, '50, Cheerleader, '50. O O CLEAI REESE Football. '47A'49g President of Senior Class, '50, H Club, '48, '49g Basketball, '48-'50, Business Manager, Paper Staff. EMMA JEAN STAFFORD Song Festival, '48, Glee Club, '47-'50: President of Glee Club, '50g Feature Editor, Paper Staff, '50, Annual Staff. '50, Student Lib. Assn., '47-'50, Beta Club, '503 Basketball Manager, '50. ALVIN SUTTON F. F. A., '47-'50, Commando Comet Stall, '50, JOYCE WILLIAMS Basketball, '47-'503 F. H. A., '47-'50: F. I-I. A. Treasurer, '50g H Club, '47-'50g Girls' State, '49g F. H. A. Convention, '48, '-495 Paper Stall, '50, Sportsmanship Award, '49. 'IQOMMIE RUTH XVINGO F. H. A., '47-'50, Commando Comet Staff, '50: Glee Club, '47. In Memory of DONALD STINSON 1931-1949 Who would have graduated with the class of 1950. HISTORY In the fall of l946, the doors of Hendersonville High School opened to admit 49 little freshmen. This is a record of their joys, triumphs, sorrows and disappointments. To launch our class, we elected Mr. Webb to be our guide and counselor. The class officers were as follows: Bobby Davis, President, Sarah Palmer, Vice-President, Sarah Ann Ketring, Secre- tary and Treasurerg Catherine Mundy, Reporter, Kate Hunter and Martha Alice.,Veach, Cheer- leaders. We had our trials but only the joys are remembered. One of our remembered joys was a wiener roast at Mr. Webb's farm. We started our second year confident of suc- cess and with most of our original number. This year we gained a new member from East Junior High. VVe chose Mr. Webb to stay with us as guide. The election returns showed Robert Kirkpatrick, Presidentg Catherine Mundy, Vice- President, Sarah Ann Ketring, Secretary and Treasurer, Eloise Johnson, Reporter: and to cheer our boys on to victory, Jearl Ann Durham and Peggy Covington were selected as Cheer- leaders. On starting our Junior year we really got ahead financially. We again chose Mr. Webb to be our sponsor and to help with the added business, Mrs. Mack Bingham was elected co-sponsor. This year we needed a competent and experienced staff so we elected Robert Kirkpatrick, Presidentg Courtney Hewgley, Vice-President, Sarah Ann Ketring, Secretary and Treasurer, Kate Hunter, Reporter, and with a number of our boys making the squad, we chose Ruth Garrett and Sarah Ann Ketring to voice our hopes on the gridiron. One of the great triumphs of the year was the junior Play, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS. The proceeds of this went for a gala Hawaiian style junior-Senior Reception. It was given in the new cafeteria which took on a festive look with flowers and gaily colored paper leis to wear around our necks. Also, a long remembered trip came this year as we boarded a bus and journeyed to the historic home of Andrew Jackson. After this we visited the State Prison, this made us feel lucky indeed to be free and on the road to happiness. The perfect day ended by seeing the stage play, MACBETH, at the Community Play- house. Everyone, including Mrs. johnson, who had taught us the drama, and Mrs. Bingham, our sponsor, had a wonderful day. Our last year in high school we took the re- sponsibility of editing the COMMANDO COMET and helping with the annual. True to the fine policy of not changing guides in the middle of the trip we kept our Junior sponsors. We elected Clem Reese, President, Eloise john- son, Vice-Presidentg Sue Petty, Secretaryg Valerie Cage, Treasurerg Peggy Covington, Reporter. We elected Sue Petty as Cheerleader. Kate Hunter was elected Editor of the annual and paper. Our class night, play and graduation are now at hand so we look backward with pride and say "We have learned to do some things better," we look forward with anticipation to applying the knowledge we have attained. We now say farewell to fellow students with the admonition that "He who strives succeeds." This is to thank the faculty for their aid, advice and sincere words that have helped us in our struggle. EMMA JEAN STAFFORD wwmmqku ,W W 1 v ' ff iid XVILLIANI CAGE ., KATHLEEN KIRKPATRICK IWARY KATHERINE ,I'lT'I'I.E JANE BARRETT JANET O'SAILE ..,.. MISS MILTON CURTIS RAY SMITH OFFICERS . . . ,President Vice-President .. Serrelary . . . Treasurer . . ,Reporter . . .Sponsors JUNICRS 5 , im ' - ,W s 5 Y tl gt 1 ..,. .2 ,,,v , my - ,Q 'L Q 'V Q Q J W V, f ' :.,:V .H . ff - N N 1 '.'Q. - A 1 N , iil , .1,. 1 W,L, , :Qi ,nw 1 - H J , . ' .... 1 ., . -in V .... 1 ..: ..., -V U tg 1 ' ,, , .,:jff21::x-' K 191151 Rum' NI 11111,-x111-i'1' Nl1'Nm RAY .l1fN1a1Ns .XNNA S'1',x1-'1-11111: lSo111sY RfJl'Nl'Rl-'I-I lJo14u'1'11x' D1-Nsox lSoN1'11x RA1.1'11 lkx'1N Nlc:Nl1'k'1'1u' S1'1'm11l Ron' Tlzirrl lfflil' l"n111'Il1 Ron' 1j.xN1i IMRR1c'1"1' l.. IZ. 6114141110111 NANCY S'1'A1.1fx' 'I E11 S,x1'N111aks N014 XIA1 ,X1.111411m1.1-' 1X1.1fN HLIN1' Du140111x' NHLKZUNN1-'1.1, Ro1.1fk CQ,xRR1f1'1' K.x'1111.1414N R1RK1'.x'1'R11:k AIOIINY KICFNI1' .XNN S,xx'1i1.x' 111411111-1 lJ1111N141x' 1411. l'A'1'sY l'1I.NIORli Ross 'l'1111x11's0N ,ll'Nl'I fflTR'I'lS F1-'N'1'R1fs5 311101411 NIMH K,K'l'lIliRlNli 'l'1'1"1'1.1 lSk,1x1m1.1QY Slsczo XINRY K,-x'1111'1uN1c l'Al'lf5 XYll.l.l.XXI 111111111 ANNA MARY CZAR1'1111-iks Fifllz Hun' 'UXI l51.001m1v0R'111 -I.-xN1a'1' f,'SAll.l-1 Ul4'Nlf' S'1',x1.1fY 1.1141 I1-'AN I'o1N111ax'1'1ik R11N,x1,11 V111 1-710141 K First Row PAUL DURHAM BIQTTY BUTLER NIARY I.OI'IsE GOURLEY :XNITA SIRCY HAZVI, NIUNDY NIIc1IIAIfL XVI-IAVER NIAVIQLIA HI-LWOLEY I-'RANc1Ifs STINSON ROY JENKINS BliT'I'Y DRAPICR I.ILI,IAN CIAxIPIsIiLI. NIARY .ANDERSON jOYI:Ic STALEY Middle Row ROSIE LEAN JONES SIIIRLEY KING HVILLA DEAN HYATT JUNE HICRMAN VIRGINIA STEELE VIOLI-:T BROWN ROBERT FRAZOR BUFORD GREGORY jOIIN BROWN EDDIE HAYES TOMMY GAMMONS SALE BURXVELL Rl-IBA IWUNDY Last Row DOUGLAS ENGLAND BILL DIATIRAR JACK BROWN CONWAY BOONE DOUGLAS 0'SAILE -IUANITA HAWKINS SOPHCJMORE CLASS fl 'A Z flfrff, 7 First Row PAUL CATHI-:Y JEAN CURTIS KATHERINE CURTIS NANCY SUE DURHAM IRENE BREXVINGTON BETTY JEAN DOWNS RAY CARTER W. C. MCCUE SARAH JO LYON RICHARD KIRKPATRICK IRENE BLAIR SHIRLEY KIAHON INEZ BURNETT LOUISE CACE FR Second Row CHARLES XVILLIS FlN0XIN1Y HENDERSON BILLY STAFFORD SAMMY BUSIIY .ANNA LOUISE POINDICXTIQR CHARLEIZN RALPII NIARIE BOWERS JEWEL YVILLIAMS FANNY FAYE HAWRINS JEAN KEMPER BOIIIIY PIUTCHISON FRED FISHER JANICE CLINARD Thi-rrl Row KILAUDIE YVIIEELER LONZO RALPH BILLY GLENN TITTLE rl1YRlil5 RALPH WALLACE RALPH ROIII-1R'I' FRAZOR JAIIES DICNSON lIE'I"1'Y GANN DON ANDERSON URICFN NLQVVBICRN NIANINE I'IYA'l'T SUE VAUGIIAN ESHMAN CLA Fourth Row I.IiWIS YVILLIAMS ISILLY Llili POPE CIIARLES ALLEN BILL HALL BILL NICGLOTHLIN FRANCES LIKE DANIELS ALLISON GOURLEY GRADY ISLOODWORTII J. C. BLAIR CIIIfS'I'I-:R YFHONIPSON J. O. BARNES, JR. Sponsor SS S EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS I.o1:1s1i DAVY .,.,........ , ...., PIAf'Si!ll'lIl FLOYD IMA: l'OlNDEX'l'IiR . , . , . . ,I'ire-Pmsirlmzr GRAN XVILSON HARRIS . , S'1'r're'lr1ry-'I'n'n.x1m'a SALLY ANN DAVY .... ....... . Rvjmrlw 1,lJc:l1fN .XNUIZRSON . .... .,.. ...... . . , . . Hvporlm EVENTH GRA Bvnm' HLIRT , IPAYI-i .XLLICN , . NIANIC l'1f'l"l'Y , , , , , . RAY FliNNl4II.I. .,... . CAROL jx-ZAN Iiowlliks OFFICERS . . I'rz'siflFHt Viz f"I'r1'si1lz'r1l . . . ,S1'!7'l'fIll'y . , .Trr'asurf'r . .lIr'j1rn'lf'r DE PROPHECY As I looked into the crystal, the road to the future led forward for twenty years and I saw myself walking down it to the year 1970, where it crooked and forked into all directions. The first turn led to Washington, D. C., where I watched the inauguration of the youngest pres- ident ever to enter office. Robert Kirkpatrick took the oath of office and the first lady, the former Sarah Ann Ketring, watched with pride. VVhile in Washington, I saw Senator Emma Jean Stafford addressing a joint session of Con- gress. She talked slowly so that Mazelle Hall, a clerk in the House of Representatives could write it all down. The next fork in the road led to Henderson- ville, where I saw a parade coming down the street. The band was led by Alvin Sutton. The celebration was in honor of the opening of a newspaper, The Hendersonville Times, edited by Clyde Garrett. As I ventured on down the road, I noticed that a new livestock market was being built, at the edge of town. Dudney Harris was plan- ning to make this market the best one in the South. just beyond the livestock market, I noticed a new General Shoe Plant under construction. The foreman in charge of the work was James Nichols. The land had been bought from a farmer, james McConnell. I now visited the school and saw Joyce Wil- liams coach a championship team. These girls hadn't lost a game the entire season. As the gym faded into the mist, the images of two persons formed in the crystal ball, and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Hewgley entering the office of the Hendersonville Motor Co., which was owned by Courtney. Mrs. Hewgley was the former Eloise johnson. Turning another curve in the road to the future, I found myself in front of a hospital. The shingle over the door informed me that Dr. Clem Reese was chief of staff and Catherine Mundy was Superintendent of Nurses. The crystal next led me to a busy street in Memphis. On the window of a nearby office was the name of the little man who had taken Crump's place, Shelley Edwards. In another part of Memphis, I saw a theater which was showing a movie starring Nola Allen and featuring the- work of the famous art director, Noah Allen. The manager of this theater was Leland Hewgley. Again the crystal cleared and I found myself in New York City, where I saw Mrs. Bob Kelley talking to a bookkeeper, Frances Draper. The topic of conversation was about the days when Mrs. Kelley was Delores Curtis. As I walked past Rockefeller Center, I saw Valerie Cage, a famous physicist, talking to Sue Petty, a reporter for the New York Times. In a downtown bookstore I saw a book listed as the best seller written by Kate Hunter, who is now Mrs. Fentress McGee. The scene again moved to Chicago, where I found Ruth Garrett was an Airline Stewardess for American Airlines. I now walked into the office of the Universal Cosmetic Company of Chicago and found that Peggy Covington was the creator of the cosmetics sold by the company and Jeanette Mahon was chief bookkeeper. At a downtown theater I saw the name of Jearl Ann Durham, famous concert pianist, who was to give a concert that night. Tommie Wingo was managing the concert tour. As my own image appeared in the crystal a gypsy came through a concealed passageway and told me that I was to become the writer of utterly fantastic fiction. MARY JO HENRY ACTIVITIES Bottom Row FRANCES STINSON KIAVELLA HEWCLEY ANITA SIRCY JOYCE STALEY DIARY ANDERSON EMMA JEAN STAFFORD BIAZELLE HALL SARAH ANN KETRING SUE PETTY PEGGY LOU COVINCTON TA CLUB Second Row SHIRLEY KING COURTNIZY HEWGLIZY ELOISE JOHNSON C LELAND HEWGLICY PI-:TE CAGE JANET 0'SAII.E BONITA RALPH KATHLEEN KIRKPATRICK NANCY STALEY NIICHAICI. WEAVER Third Row ANNA STAFFORD PATSY ELMORE fA'I'HICRINli CLAIRE HUN l PIR JANE BARRETT RUTH CARRI-:TT DOROTHY NICCONNELI. LELIA '1'I-IOMSON Sponsor AIRS. NIACK BINGI-IAM Co-Sponsor EE CLUB First Row Last Row IJLLIE MAI JENNINGS NIARJORIE KEMPER JOANNE BRADLEY ANNA STAFFORD LAVERNE CARVER BETTY CLENDENING JO ANN GAMMONS PATSY FLMORE NTARY ANDERSON DIARY FRANCES CASE EMMA JEAN STAFFORD BILLIE JEAN POINDI XIIR BONITA RALPH JANE PE'I'l'Y ,ANN SAVELY FAYE ALLEN JEAN STAFFORD NANCY SNAPP NIAZIZLLE HALL EVA DAVIS BETTY SUE RALPH SARAH Jo LYON FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA lioliom Row .Swrmzrl Row BETTY BUTLER PEGGY LOU COVINGTON VALERIE CAGE MISS XIILTON CURTIS XIARX' LOUISE GOURLEY JOYCE WILLIAMS CHARLENI-1 RALPH Sponsor BONITA RALPH SUE l'E'I"I'Y JANET O'SAILE KATIE HUNTER BILLII-2 JI-:AN l'OINIJEX'1'ER ELOISE JOHNSON SARAH JO LYON JEAN CURTIS IRENE BREWINGI ON CIATIIERINE AIUNDY NANCY STALICY KATHICRINE CURTIS NIARY ANDERSON .XNNA LOUISE POINDICXTICR VIRGINIA STEELE NANCY SUE DURHAM XIARY KATHICRINIC 'l'I'I"l'Ll-I PATSY ELNIORE JICARL .XNN DURHAM FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row Third Row GREEN NEWBERN PAUL DURHAM BI'IfORD GREGORY CONWAY BOONE CHARLES FRAZIER XYALLACIE RALPH ALLISON COURLEY RAY JENRINS BOBBY HUTCHISON TOM BLOOIJWORTH GRAIJY BLOODWORTII JOHN BROWN RICHARD KIRKPATRICK ROBERT FRAZOR TOMMY GAMMONS DOUGLAS ENGLAND g,,,.,,,,,,' RUN, LEWIS WILLIAMS L. C. GREGORY BRUCE DUDNEY ROIsER'I' KIRRPATRICR DON ,ANDERSON ROGER GARREW ROY JENKINS JOHNY KEENIC JAMES BENSON A J. C. BLAIR FENTRESS NICGEE PUUVUI Row TYREE RALPH GENE STALEY BILL HALL J. 0. BARNES, JR. LONZO RALPH BILL IJIATIRAR CHESTER THOMPSON Sponsor CIOURTNEY I'fliYVGLliY ROSS FIAHONIPSON ALVIN SUTTON ED SAUNDERS CLYDE GARRETT BILL KfCGLO'l'IILIN ALEX HUNT JACK BROWN JOE SCOTT COMMANDO COMET STAFF XIRS. NIAILR BINIQIIAAI KXIII' IIIINII-1R NOAH .XLLICN . Slrmzsm' , lirlilm' . . , A rl lirlilm' IISI I LLIQM Rf Q . I f..-XIIIISRINIC NILINIJY I,I.OISIf .IUIIXNON .. K1 , . fIl.S'il1l'SS AIIIIIIIQIW' A.ssi.vlaI1l lirlilor I-P'f'lllIlfiO7I AIIUIIIQFIA SUE P Ii'I'l' Y SIIELLEY ICIJWARIIS -I ICARI. .XNN DIIRIIAM I.. C. GREGORY SARAH ANN KICTRING BRAIJLICY SISCO KIOYIJI-3 YVII,I.IAXIh SAMMY BUSBY NANCY SUE DURIIAM CLEM RICIZSIC PAYE ALLICN l'liTlC CAG Ii HIAIIKIIC CIIZRTIS BILLY GLENN 'lwI'l"lLl-. KATE HL'N'I'ICR IfIfNTRESS NICGEE ROGER GARRE'1'1' GREEN NICXVISICRN DOUGLAS IENILLAND LELANI1 HliWlLI.1'1Y REIIA MUNDY CONXVAY BOONE CAT! 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G Goodlettsville Iinck Row BRUCE DUDNICY PETE CAGE ,IOHNY K1-IENE BRADLEY SISCO COURTNEY HEWGLEX JACK BROWN SALE BURWICLL IRVIN NICXIURTRY 2-1 , 0 .. ..l8 .25 53 ,M60 0 . .... 33 .. ....0 . .,.. 21 GIRL 'BASKETBALL l'L THE SQUAD -ggx Clbllllgltlll. Clzllllcrinc Nllllllll, SIIG l'clly. Fluisc llolinson. lloycc Williams. lIC2ll'l .Xllll Dui'- l1'1m Ckricli Rm Smith. lrcnv Brcwinglon. Belly Bllllcr. Hzllvl Nlllllrly, Ilillic UICLIII l'uimlcxtc1'. 4 V - 4 Xlzixilic Hyatt. Rclm Nlumly. Yalvric Cage. limmu hlczm Slnllorrl. Nlzulzlgcrs. llcmlcwsmix illc Hcmlci-som illc Hcmlvrsmwillm' Hcmlcrwmillv 28 llcmlcrmm'illC llcmlcrsum illc l'll'llIlCl'SUllYlllC Ilcmlvrsmwillc llcmlcrxum illc' -locllcm Gzillulin l.2lf1ly0llC Wlnilc House 3l l'urllzmml Cimxlmisvillc Hzlrlsvillc . l.ufz1yc-lle- Gullziliu SCORES HClltlCl'9UllVlllC Hcmlcrsmn illc Hcmlcrsmlvillc Hu-mlcrsonvillc I-lcilclcmmwilln' Hmimlcrsonvillc, , Hcnrlcrsmix'illC Ha-mlcremivillc Hcmlvrsmlx illn- limmmllvllsvillc l'o1'llz1ml . 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Applianres, Floor C overings, Furniture, Blinds, Draperies, Slip Covers, Read y-to- Wear Madison, Tennessee Phone 3164-3662 Draper's Home Supply Co. "Everything for the home" Hardware, Paint Electrical Appliances Madison, Tennessee Phone 3524 Dugger's Market, Inc. Quality Meats Fresh Vegetables Frozen Foods Staple Groceries Phone 3041 Hendersonville, Tennessee Compliments of HESTER CHEVROLET CO. Dealer, Sales, Service Phone 55-56 Gallatin, Tcnn. Compliments of GOODLETTSVILLE GAZETTE Goodlettsville, Tennessee 32.00 per year Compliments of ANDERSON, YOWELL 8: RIPPY Gallatin, Tennessee Patronize Our Advertisers J. F. NEWMAN 8: SON Feeds, Seeds and Fertilizers Purina Feeds of all Kinds Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 3251 Compliments of Newman's Service Station Texaco Gas and Oils Goodyear Tires Phone 2062 HURT'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Groceries Meats Vegetables Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2322 Compliments of HENDERSONVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY W. 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LAWRENCE, Manager Compliments of QUINTON "TEE" COPPAGE Hendersonville, Tennessee Compliments of Porter Womack, County Registrar Gallatin, Tennessee Compliments of W. H. TITTLE Painting and Papering Hendersonville, Tennessee Compliments of Garrott's Service Station ED GARROTT, JR., Manager U. S. Royal Tires and Pan-Am Products Hendersonville, Tennessee Compliments of MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Congratulations to Senior Class 1950 'H 'J Y I ,, 4,..,, . ng- JV 91' 'w ,.:-fmfgg' ,, "' , ' nl ' W A F1 .f' Q A N v H if-1 A S 1 ., , ' . f'1 Y' v L ,.. w f ii I 915, ,. vc -A , , wa 4, a Li.. " -A 11: , ' 'L cn- ' 1 -. s. am- ,. 5 g.. 1 f .? f " ' N ,. mf, , LL.--5 112 Q' .1 1 Q3 5- s , ',, 4 WZ: .x X' . , . 4,1 mn. .f .Q A ' 1 . . sg -- m .- wa. ,. Q V ff , , ! f '17, . A-.A , . "mi 1: 'U .4-jf' + A -, - . - xg ray: ff. . . QEPSQ' "-I . .1 F- " iv f - ,Lx ' . 5 f. - ' iw xt: ' 1 - Y - 'git my 1154 , I Q -l 4 HQ' V ,Q , ' .4 , N., i' L 1 , ' -. I ' 4. 1 . 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Suggestions in the Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) collection:

Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 14

1950, pg 14

Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 49

1950, pg 49

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