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, . ,X,.f" "7-"V , 1 ' f u 1 1 f' - . f' ' I' Y-QL x,,,j'Q'fZ,,Lijy' Ag! ADMINISTRATION 5 . PRX NQAPN. We the Senior class of 1956 wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr Howard DeBaun, Sr who came to Hemlock in the fall of l9L4,8 as our principal He has devoted much time and effort to our school problems His strong precepts, his friendly disposition, his emphasis on sportsmanship, and his abiding interest in the lives of the students will always remain on our memory 'il , P 3 ,J ' x .V A gr" 9 n V I -a at t r Q 'EA ,V 2 at ' , . -4 - V 5 f ax 'V . " ' 1. I O I DEDICATIQN 'kv MR VINCENT A BRUNI COACH In the fall of 1955, Mr Bruni came to the halls of Hemlock as our coach and has devoted much of his time and effort to our school activities His strong precepts, his friendly disposition, his emphasis on sportsmanship, and his abiding interest in the lives of the Seniors will always remain in our memory Since he is always ready and willing to help, the Senior class extends to him a sincere and hearty Thank You Av? ' y l V If , , ,V yyyy f 5 v ' gk if ,, If .H FACULTY ZS P3 6 'bv wa-L dack row Mr P1eterpaolo,Mrs Short,Mr W1lliams,Mr Palson,Nr Bruni, Miss Vescovi,Mrs Wemett Front row Miss Blank,Mrs Glbbs,Mrs Scutt,Miss O'Shea,Mrs Bush The Faculty Club has the following officers President Judith Scutt Vice President Kathleen O'Shea Sec Treas Mildred Blank Legislative Com ittee-Mae Short Public Relations-Peggy Wemett Sunshine-Phebe Gibbs Norma Vescovi Social events of the year have been a picnic, a reception by the com unity council, a get-acquainted dinner, a Christmas party, a spring party, and a dinner at Holloway House to climax the year. SEN KORS ROBERT FOGARTY Baseball M Basketball Ll Soccer 3 Volleyball 2 HAROLD FERRINGER Athletic Ass' Baseball 2 Basketball 2 Boys Chorus 1 Class Officers 2 Soccer 1 Student Council 2 Volleyball 1 LUELLA MOORE Athletic Ass'n Basketball 3 Cheerleading 2 Chorus h Class Officers Newspaper 1 illl' 'inf JOHN SCALA Athletic Ass'n Baseball M Basketball M Class Officers Soccer 2 Volleyball 2 Yearbook staff 1 iv' DOLORES BENHAM Band A Chorus k Red Cross l Dance Band 2 Yearbook staff Basketball 2 Cheerleading 1 Athletic Ass' Class Officers 1 L+ Student Council 3 113 S.: SENIOR CLASS when s hool opened in the fall of 19S2,our class consisted of eight students,but lost Kermit Stumbo who is now attending school in Honeoye Our first money raising project was selling of seeds and later sales of stationery Later in the year we had a movie which was a great success Early in the semester we chose the following to lead us through the school year President Fred Woodard,Vice Pres Dolores Benham, Secretary Luella Moore,Treasurer Barbara Humphrey,Colegrote We chose Mrs Bush for our class advisor We started our sophomore year with seven members Our class officers were President John Scala,Vice Pres Luella Moore,Treasurer Fred Woodard we chose Mr A Zary as our advisor Our first act ivity was our Halloween frolic which brought us high returns Than we had a round and square dance which helped our funds In our Junior year we had six students left with Mr Palson as our class advisor With Luella Moore Pres1dent,John Scala Vice we started our year with the sale of magazines Towards the end oi the year we had our Junior Prom and Alumni Banquet which was held in Fay The gym was beautifully decorated with p1nk,green and white Our senior year started with six members,but than lost one member Barbara Humphreys We chose Mr Bruni as our class advisor Our sales of Christmas cards started our senior year off with a bang' Later we had a round and square dance followed by a few baked food sales Later on in the year we also sold everyday cards We will leave for our senior trip to New York City over Easter vacation We have reservations at the exclusive Hotel Taft CLASS WILL Dolores Benham leaves her Baritone to Barbara Whiteman and her art work to Howard DeBaun Jr Luella Moore leaves her place at the Saturday night dances to Hazel Northrop and her office work to Martha Tiffany Harold Ferrlnger Leaves his math and science to Carol Thorpe Bobby Fogarty leaves his good conduct to Agnes Northrop John Scala leaves his basketball and baseball suits to whom ever plays first string guard Class Color Red and White Class flower Red Rose Class Officers President-Harold Ferringer Vice Pres-John Scala Secretary-Dolores Bonham Treasurer-Luella Moore Class Advisor Mr.Bruni President.Do1ores.Benham-Secretary and Harold Ferringer-Treasurer. J UN IORS JUNIOR CLASS H DeBaun,J Connor,A Northrop,M Tiffany,C Thorpe,M1ss Vescovi advisor, This year money for the Next came B Francis,G Gascon the Juniors have been working very hard raising Senior trip Our first project was the magazine our car wash in the fall Because of the rainy weather we all got washed but we did manage to get some cars done Even had to change a tire we had just settled down again and it was time for Christ mas corsages so we turned into a production line The corsages did look nice even if we say so ourselves In February we had a bake food sale and at this writing we are looking forward to a bigger and better car wash Our year will close with the Junior Prom and the Alumni Dance Our officers are President Howard DeBaun Vice Pres John Connor Secretary Carol Thorpe Treasurer-Bill Francis drive, and we all became salesmen. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE chess Front row H Northrup,B Benham,R Gascon,B Folts,Q Harvey J Benham Back row A Francis,CfFoote,J Gillette,Mr Williams advisor,B Gascon,B Whiteman and M Odell Barry Folts Vice Pres1dent,G1oria Harvey Secretary,Joan Benham Treasurer Our first activity was a bake sale in the month of October Later in February, we started selling cards and had a very successful year The Sophomore class opened their calander of events for the 55 56 school year with a Halloween Frolic The remaining events, tentatively planned, for the school year includes a bake sale and a dance The selection of a class ring and planning methods of raising funds to increase the sophomore treasury are the remaining problems for the school year Folts President Gascon Vice President Harvey Secretary B.Benham Treasurer We started our first year with Carol Foote-President, B. -- R. - Ge ' FRESHMEN 'Qui FRESHHAN CLASS Back row B Hodge:-s,K wh1ce,L Coykenda11.L H0111ns.P Benham D Horton,V Propson,A Gascon Front row Advisor Mrs Wemett,B Ha1ker,G Patterson,J Semmel O.Moore The Freshman Class started off well this year by sellin 8 light bulbs with a large profit being made. show We are going to sell cold drinks and 'hots' at the minstrel and plan to have a bake food sale this spring. Our class officers ere: 'G President - Alice Gascon Vice President - Larry Bolling Secretary-Treasurer - Patricia Bonham S 4 N? s of ' if - f ,ff-Wwwwmw 'fQ+Hr A ' ,f '?f14'F 1 if , ,HJ ' 'Q V ' , 4--ff' ' ' I' V ,QW ' - . ' L ,1 V .-an , W. ,,,,-MA!-""' I 3 1 3 S q- . lj . V 4 Q V x Y? f 0 2 , 1 x- ,wf W V ' L, , . V xv K I I K , , 1 , A-Z. ' , .,, lx 'Tir' f' 6 ,' V' ' 'gy' . Y , I V+ ' .f , is 1 1 .g ,, V M 4- , 3 I' g e e U ' e 0 ' Q 9 g I 9 ' e 7 'V G Fade ' 2' 9 B row Mrs Short,C Cornish,C Franc1s,M DeBaun,S Cornish,R Gascon,J Humphreys,L M1lbredt,R Slocum,B Hoppough,D Connor,H R1chardson,C Northrop,H Northrop,F row N walker,S Walker,J Connor,B Collins,E Rodgers,H Benham,R Franc1s,Hilda Moore At the beginning of the year there were twenty four pupils in our room Soon Barbara Colegrove moved to Florida Later Gail Little tran sferred from Honeoye, but she was with us for only a short dme Then Helen Richardson left us in March for a year in the American school in Frankfurt,Germany In September,we organized and elected Bob Hoppough as our Pres Bruce Collins Vice Pres Douglas Connor Sec Treas Linda Milbredt and Carolyn Francis as our representatives on the student council and Hilda Moore in the Junior Red Cross Our social activities have been fun Our first party was at Christ mas,including a tree,exchange of gifts, and refreshments.The second one was on Valentines Day. Then we had a surprise party for Helen Richardson. Sur year closed with a picnic. In September,we spent a period at Hemlock Lake noting some of the historical markers on our way. In the spring we visited the Museum in Geneseo,Gazette office and Library in Livonia. We made contribution to the Jr.Red Cross and the March of Dimes Our parents have been kept informed of our progress through three evening meetings with our teachers and a special conference in March for making out our schedules for next year. . A A 'A . ,I ' 7' . J t .. Q A 9 - i ' L' . A ',, f .. , . ,, , 'Y , t , . v B 1 ' , ' 1' , V, , A2 fb 'f 1 f fx ' , J , ' r W A .- . 771 if . ,aff Y.. 4 - ,. - - , 1 V , wg W, .45 V M A ,.,, - U Y , C :. 4 , - - 0 , L Q ,T ' W ,.,, I iv l " " Wo .2 . .L X, 7,2 , vy I M. L' QV 3 f - - : , j 3 Y' . 'br 1 3 I I v i - , 4 . I ,hw , sl . ,, . X .. A, C My X . ,, . o ' o o s o 0 0 0 o o o 0 o Q 0 e " 0 0 0 0 o I O O ,, . o 0 ' ' . O o - o is 0 ' ' O o 0 ELEMENTARY E QV' K i- DeBaun,T walker, J Lenmon,D Rogers,J Sheppard,D Connor, E Qobaok,N Lemmon,J Soback,S Moore,Mrs Gibbs,M,row G Genthner, J DeBaun Tuorton L Trehart F row G Collin B Northrun P Mallory B.row-T.Genthner,S.Ne1son,S.Gi1lette,B.Semmel,G.Hunter,J.Propson Miss Blank M.row-M.Priban1ch,J.Benham,L.TerseEan,S.OYpermann,J, Pribanich,f.row-B.Soback,L.Tersegna.R.Lemmon, .Green ey,C.Horton f QVYY Y " 'f V 1 V ' . Y V - Q ' I 5 ' f A g Q 'r , , f X, I 'f v Q I , ! - A sl ' Q 5 G T '- p 5- ' -. .. . 4 'lar 1 f - M V f In - . rx - ' 55 7' A .... , A fn ' K , iw: GL if fi f 1 V , ,3 3" 5' ' - 'z H 1, M O , 'A I Y , qw- ' . , an 0 F Y' ' l I G g ., , 5 , 'R' -L. ' K , 4 953' W ' - 15, L . ,V , 1 ' T- ? Q Bo ' 0 s v s o s o OU N -0 0 c e " 0 0 'Q JI" Q s q o ' Q - A g 9 , B row K Horton,B Oppermann,R Camp,S Robinson,S Harder F row K Walker J Pribanich,J Co11ins,S Br1ggs,D Thomason Mrs Van Vliet IJ J .Af B row B Fo1ts,S Mal1ory,N Duem e1,D Harder,B Thomason,Mra Scutt, M row S Harder,R Duemme1,R Co111ns,B Shepard,T.Oppermann,M Duem el, F.row S Ne1son,J Ma11ory,S Draper,M Propson,R Richardson,M Duem el f f+Q4H 5 V ' 1 ' 1 1 . ..,, f .. x - l 1 z Y . , , . 1 , , I I 5 ' If , , ' - .S K 'b T' .. ' h A ' . 'ng 'Q 4: Y ' A I L 17 by Q' K ' , I dx 1 ,f -- J 0 ' o 0 0 0 ' ' o " o Q 0 O 0 ' I O 4 Z., Q ,Q 0, 25, if fr V, , ,lj Y , ' 1 , , ' 1 V H' J 'M 'fuf , W A 1' .. ' Q' fy - .Q A -I ,, -i 'v fs N ' .., fi f' A 'U ,, , J 3 V ' ' Q . -Q 22, --' 1 , 1 ' " ' , x A 4 h X " A' -an nr ,, 'i' ,A -1 .-. Q" -gp l ,Q I A, . . ' . 3 F . I Pj , f, I. - i ,mf X ' ,, k ,,--1' '-1' 1 h ' 1' -Q-A-' f , V th 4. ' -L . '1 7 I, ja. - k"- NQMULQ , ff-,-, :gf -Q ul 'gg Rf,-f'.4-'gggfx-3, 0 " 0 a o 0 0 s 0 ' Q 0 0 0 0 ' I 0 0 0 0 0 Q EX LI BRIS MNJv'HvH' l' 441517 Back row J Connor,B Fo1ts,J Qcala,H DeBaun,adv1sor Mr Bruni Front row M O'dell,G Harvey,A Gascon,L Nilbredt,C Thorpe,n Benham Yearbook Staff Officers Editor Dolores Bonham Advertizing Mary O'dell Co Editor Gloria Harvey Junior class Howard DeBaun Bus.Manager-John Scala Soph.class-Barry Folts Sports Ed. John Connor Fresh.class-Alice Gascon Secretary-Carol Thorpe 7-8 grades-Linda Milbredt This year the yearbook staff was close with representatives from all Jr.-Sr. high school. This was done to insure exper- ienced personnel for future yearbooks. This is the first yearbook Hemlock High has had since 1952. We have had an especially enthusiastic staff which has taken it upon themselves to make the book possible. We wish to thank Miss Vescovi who headed the advertizing corps. we would like to thank our patrons who made this year- book possible. W . . , -- 2Q?2.7,' fl , , , I, , , 5 me 4 - J a ' K fiWf:"'- ' , 5,53 ' ' I ,.. ,, --vw "4 ' AM? Y f , ' A 'J' f lgflfzfj ' I In ,.-. "' ' -, , n , . ' 'F ' 21 I I 1, , ,X :ck 4 - . 1,1 ws S Y' df I ' f In V - ,. Q 1 5 , i , f , Y MM.. V 3 . rv' Q ' A, -... ... ,V , , , W . t V , 'S Q.. ' J M - 4 ' ' ' '---... ..1lL1'L'.:Lg 11... Mi... fag ,svgefwy I f"',' ,mf .V f Q V bw ,I ., fs. f ' 0 e o L- o " Q e , TN " e e 0 0 l e e o 4 O - - A . - - AC TIVI TIE S STUDENT COUNCIL B row W Franc1slTreas DB Whitemen,H Ferringerlv Presl G Gascon,P Benham,C Thorpe,S Harvey,F row Mrs Short,C Foote,C Francis D BenhamlPresJL M1lbredt,A GasconCSecDB Benham and H Northrop l Z- dm A review of the Secretary's record for the school year,1955 1956 found the student counc1l's activities were many and varied Each Wed nesday afternoon,with few exceptions,the representatives met with the officers and advisor to carry on the necessary business Their projects were quite successful,chiefly because of the cooper ative attitude that was fostered throughout the year lhis was estab lished by inviting Mr DeBaun and the faculty advisers to a September meeting to discuss the years program and each ones responsibility in carrying it out For each project,a faculty council committee was chosen to sponsor it 'Service to othersuwas the thought foremost in two of the councils projects, the clothing drive and book fair The council was represented at the Regional Conference held at War saw in November,at the regular meetings of the Livingston County Cou ncil at Geneseo,at the annual county council day at Lima Through the school calendar, the council attempted to permit each organization to have its fair share of the years activities Assem blies were arranged by the Faculty Council Assembly Committee On March 7,the annual council assembly,as required by the constit ution was held The fact that there was a student court seemed to have made the student body more conscious of the regulations and the need to abide by them in a democratic society Due to recognition for good citizen ship was given through the selection of a boy and girl citizen for each month The real test of ability to manage our'snool came on student day when members of the council assumed the administrative and teaching positions for grades 7-12. " 5 " g 0 l 0 o , o o o o " a Q o . Q 0 0 0 0 , , ,Q 4 k ff" ft , 5,1 , A I ' 1 -I il - ,, , ' S - 5 . , v ' 9 fr G -.. , X .vvr , , 4 W a f , , ,, x 1 A 1 , I , f f f 1 -'Q D' "' K Q JJ I 1 .- , ,A ' f 'XL , :I-, ' W fl W ' 1,4 af - ' W' -f gs. ' ,M W m sv W .2 - .: ,ay - J . - s o - ' r'1 . - o . - 0 V o .- - I . - " 0 - 0 - . - O if K X f Athletic Association row Mr Bruni,J Humphreys,P Benham,L Moore,K White,L Coykendall, DeBaun,J Connor,B Folts,L Holling,H Ferringer,B Whiteman,M Tiffany, Walker,MissVescovi,B Benham,D Benham,M row D Connor,M DeBaun Patterson,J Sem el,M Odel1,L M1lbredt,J Connor,F row C Thorpe, A Northrop,C Corn1sh,H Nortnrop,S Cornish,C Foote The officers are President J Scala Vice Pres L Moore Sec Treas S Cornish The athletic association is the largest organization in the school for the year of SS 56 This year the association has been very active, they sponsored C25 bake food sales C75 round and square dances A Christmas party dance Mother vs. high school girls plus Faculty vs. J.V. basketball game. We hope to sponsor roller skating in the gym in the near future With the funds from the above activities we have purchased equipt- ment to add a new sport to our school competition ltrackj- The equip- ment is available for gym classes, also a new clock for our score board will be purchased. I I 1 . . ' y, 1 V5 A . 1 . . v as Ji 1 ' A .Q Q Q ? J : , I 5 I I 1, ly I L .A 4 if W s I , Be ' 0 o e o o n Ho C I Q . I I Be e ' e c ' e o , Go 1 e e e e " e Stamp club Back row J ,Mr hort,J Pr1banich,R S1ocum,J Humphreys,M DeCaun,G Patterson Front row W Thomason,T Oppermann, B Shepard,D Connor,H Richardson C Horton and R Lemmon Science club Back row G Patterson,S wa1ker,C Cornish,N Gascon C Francis,Front row D Connor,L Milbredt,B Hoppough,E Rodgers 5 - 6 . , JN, I Q' " A 0 , , ' K A -- A 1 2 ' r , . v 5- .-Q 6' , ' ' 4 ' 4 ' 'Q A . " E Axqw I . Q f--- . I 0 - ' ff ,,, - J a I 1 , 3 'M o ' 0 0 o I o o 0 0 o ' 0 0 Q , 0 0 9 Q 0 0 l i ... 21 3 ai 5 , l I if' ' ' 1- KV lv fm 5- . " -uf' 2 . ,. N I ia e L . , Q f Af , Q 'Q I , . c 1. i- ' 3 N , 3 . , A 8 : if W 1 ' D ,wwf f ,n f , Y! fa I L . H J ' 'S Vi ' . E . ,I . I E v ,wr ' " 0 o 0 o 0' 1 " 0 a Q o 0 i Jr Red Cross back row C lhorpe and C Foote Front row D Benham,H Moore,S Na11ory,Miss Vescovi,C Horton EE, Shop club-Mr.Williams,B.Co111ns,N.Gascon,R.S1ocum,C.Cornish, S .Wall-ner, J. Connor',H. Benham, C.Nor'thrup,E. Rodgers , B.Hoppough, and R.Franois. U 5 l I V 5 5 Q ' Q 'V 'E 1 T 2? J 1? bfi!! Q, ' ' 1 ' o. s mf" x .v-v".n'ff'6 H b 4 I --. U I.:':':':-:.T.r--AA A 5 . fl Q " Q o 0 - Q Q Q Q A Q A Q 1 , f. ,' , fi A Y Q 7 Z , '53 -W' Q -Q' ug X, , ,J of ' E Q' , o Q Q T i o s ' , . " 7' .J - fri 1, f " ' N: 1 V A 2 'aa' I' SQ s, .eQ.g 2 Q xy 5. Q ' ' 21" 2'-e af -f 33 0 493 1 we 'Q wk. M Senior Band under the direction of Miss Vescovl 91 Jr bend b row Piss Vescovi,D Connor,G Hunter,B Semme1,S Walker, C Horton,f row J DeBaun,S Oppermann,S Shepard,M Pribanich,DeBaun 4 ii is .'Livis , lg- SK 6: cv V ' Q, c na- l 0 ' 0 -, 1 73- tr , , - . 1 1 ' X .gs 1. .V 1 l, '. ' V , ' .MF :Ji Q X W .x. X 1 x.x Y A I ' L s U 0 0 ' 1 o o 0 o Q 0 ' Q e o Q SPORTS , -5 f.g"n Wm, 9 ,, 4 1 'ff + 9,1 14,57 he . ' ' , .,,f'j,v'!i . ,,. W ,, ...1 , Q .'fc'f::-N-, ,f f 5---' 6' 'fi?rT'fQ2'Z4f ? ,Z V 'Q f 'f 0 ggv f I vn- ' s SOCCLR TEAM B row B Fogarty,J Connor,B Francis,L Coykenda1l,H DeBaun,B Folts M row H Ferringer,K White,J Scala,B Wa1ker,L Hol1ing,Coach Bruni F row G Patterson,J Semmel This was the first year soccer was added to the list of inter scholastic sports The team worked very hard and made an excellent showing against far superior competition With the experience gained in this first year competition the team will be much improved for the coming year ,Jn mi I' 47 N A if NO. Carl Cornish NO NO NO. Bob Hoppough NO NO.12 James Sem el NO 16 3 2' I Somoa NIARSXTY BASKETBALL Back row Mr Bruni coach, C Cornish, K White, L Holllng B Walker and R Slocum Front row D Connor, B Hoppough, S walker, J Semme1,J Connor U0 buloxnlo Slb-9O0"fUfXlCDKAJN0Sl 0 0 0 SD 0 '? 3 P III 'S S-1 23 P- . Ken White . Larry Holling . Raymond Slocum . Douglas Connor 15 19 NO 13 NO.11 Bruce Walker NO 10 10 6 S . Stuart Walker . Joe Connor P-'FUI-' OOCDNOON U1 OSI N N S 1 CDONUJ O-F'-Q0 OJ l-' GONOO-fr' ND VARSNTY THAN fix Name John Connor 1 Howard DeBaun Barry Folts Bob Fogarty John Scala Harold Ferringer Larry Holling Ken White fx. ' Tw Rim ,K mr Q fo- N Q' X lx lttltx 3 Coach Bruni 'X 11 1, .J Q, 10 2 2 Q X X i 12 22 8 x i I I Wil! 4 N9 .2 , si, i 2 X E K S gl S S X ""'lk BASEBALL TEAM row B Fogarty,B Gascon,B Francis,L Coykenda11,H DeBaun,B Folts, N row G Gascon,H Ferringer,K White,B Wa1ker,L HOl1ing,Co8Ch Brllflif F row C Cornish,J Connor,J Sca1a,J Semmel and G Patterson WON ' LO ST - f 'fa a , ' . . s, Q- ' ' 'J 1 , h ii 2'- . ,' . - . A S- f , . :- ,, ,E '- -gb -251-1. ,Q Xi The baseball team has won the county championship for the past two years and have gone to sectional competition both years. There are several regulars who were lost through graduation but there are many new prospects to replace them. We hope to be able to keep up this fine record in the coming season. SPEEDY Pep Squad Tuxcv ? Bus Drwer f'N You Semors SEE You LATER ALLXGATOR SNNQVQ EY Revs Havw Mood CMN " rr. 2,5 l 1 . 4 , K ' N1 V! -4..- f N LNx'VxXQA 4 -N A E i J o ..,.2S'A o I Q cp ,kt A W . 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Suggestions in the Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) collection:

Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6

1956, pg 6

Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 24

1956, pg 24

Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 23

1956, pg 23

Hemlock High School - Onehda Yearbook (Hemlock, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 33

1956, pg 33

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