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Q 1 uv i . ,. W -Y ,v---Hug.-W r - -vw-f-AY ,frf . fm .fifvw NN V V V V v ma v 9 V V V V V if V V V if V V X A PARAGON PRODUCTION by Uhr Qlrlgan Qui! IONYGOIGIV ALAIAHA u 1 5 i a 3 Gfhe Erhn VOL. V Hazel Green High 0 School :ull I. To you, the National Guards, the Selectees, the Volu DEDICATION nteers In our air corps, the land forces, the navy, the marines- To you, who left your homes and your loved ones, The calm and pleasant Ways of peace, To guard the clear flames of liberty, To rid the earth. of tyrants and oppressors, And restore to us quiet days of peace. To you we, who still occupy the halls late-frequented by you, Do dedicate this l f -9" x xx. I ' Z rl , lf I I , ,'n, I l i 'A ffl vo ume o The Echo and proudly bear to you 'Iii' f kigrt 3 i"i"l'i'A-1-'x iiiiip A fififi wan--k+,,h' K Fond greetings from your Alma Mater. 3 I 5 5 H- I 2 I - , fa. i I . 4 I 'u 1 I I I 9 2. ECHO STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................. .. Louise McCollum Assistant Editor . . . . . . Frances Harwell Feature Editor . . . .... Doris Shrader Class Editors- Sr. III ...... Helen Tate, Charles Towry Sr. II .... . . . . Edith Alred, Lacoma Askins Sr. I . . . . . . Annie Sue Bolen, Rex Thomas Jr. III . . . . . Vivian Posey, W. J. Spray Jr. II .... . .. Doris Roper, Billie Towry Jr. I ......... ..... D oris Manly, James Owen Athletic Editors ........ Rozell Smith, Clinton Bradley Photograph Editors .. . Geneva Williams, Harold Brock Typist .......................... Eugene Ca-mpbell Business Manager .................. Floyd McCollum Assistant Business Manager .............. J. R. Jeans Advertising Managers ...... Jean Fisk, Edward Spelce Circulation Managers .. Lillian Wheeler, Lila Jean Cole Faculty Advisor . ................. Miss Eula Blansit 3. PRINCIPAL Q This page is respectfully dedicated to Mr. Alva S. Simms. This is done as a. tribute to our principal for his loyal spirit of cooperation and for his devotion to the boys and girls that have come under his leadership. 4. MISS EULA BLANSIT English MR. CHARLES SARVER Coach, Social Science MISS BEATRICE STOREY Home Economics, Science MR. JOHN W. MOON Junior High Work MRS. A. D. MCLAIN Junior High Math MISS RUTH CHAMBERS Junior High Work MRS. MARGARET PLANT Sixth Grade MISS EVELYN KELLY Fifth Grade MISS LILLIS ROBERSTON Fourth Grade MISS JANIE McCOWN Third Grade MISS RUTH DICKEY Second Grade MRS. E. C. KENNEY First Grade MISS BUEL DAVIS Music FACULTY ' r s. ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION County Superintendent Mr. George D. Brown H. C. Pollard ............. P. W. Peeler . A. L. Moore . . Ernest Collier . Marion Bennett J. O. Fisk .... J. R. Cole .... County Board . - v . u . . .......-...- Local Board J. A. Carriger .. . 6. . . . . . . . Huntsville . Huntsville New Market . . . Madison . . . Gurley Hazel Green Hazel Green Hazel Green SENIORS PRESIDENT FLOYD tMAC7 McCOLLUM New Market, Alabama "Noble By Birth, Yet Nobler By Greater Deeds" Entered from Walnut Grove Jr. High '39 Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Soft Ball '40-41-42 President Class '41, Vice-President Class '40 VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES ICHUCKD TOWRY Hazel Green, Alabama "The Tree of Man Was Never Quiet" President of Senior I Class '40 SECRETARY And TREASURER MILDRED CAMPBELL Flintville, Tennessee "Worth, Courage, and Honor, These Indeed Your Birthright Are" Entered from New Market School '40 4-H Club '41-42 REPORTER DORIS fDOTJ SHRADER Hazel Green, Alabama "Thy Sweet Smile We Ever Seek" Entered from Walnut Grove Jr. High '39 Secretary of Class '40, President of 4-H Club '42, Secretary o 4-H Club '40, Most Popular Girl '41, Good Citizenship Girl '41 Glee Club '40-41 EDWARD iCOACI-Il SPELCE New Market, Alabama "A Man Must Fight for the Things He Loves to Win It" Entered from Walnut Grove '36 4-H Club, Football '41-42 ROZELL KROSSIEJ SMITH Harvest, Alabama "A Mind At Peace" . Entered from Toney '39 Home Ec Club '40, Basketball and Softball '40-41-42, Reporter '40, Glee Club '40-41 7. SENIORS LOUISE lLITTLE MAC? MCCOLLUM Huntsville, Alabama Entered from Meridianville '39 "A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine" 4-H Club '40-41-42, Secretary and Treasurer of Class '41, Secretary Home Ec Club '40, "When Sally Comes to Town," Basketball and Softball '40-41-42 RENE RUSH SHAMBLIN Huntsville, Alabama Entered from Meridianville '39 "Smiles That Win, Tints That Glow" Basket Ball '40-41-42 MELVIN STEWART Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Walnut Grove '39 "Large Was His Bounty, and His Soul Sincere' President of Red Cross Council '42 CLINTON lDOC7 BRADLEY Hazel Green, Alabama "He Was a Man Take Him From All in All" Base Ball, Basket Ball, Football '40-41 Vice-President Class '41 LOUISE HAYNES Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Walnut Grove '39 "So Soft, So Calm, Yet Eloquent" 4-H Club '39-40-41-42 IMA HILL Entered from New Hope '40 "Joy Cannot Come Unless lt ls Earned" 4-H Club '40-41-42 EUGENE CAMPBELL Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Walnut Grove '39 "He Has a Will to Conquer" "When Sally Comes to Town" '41 RICHARD GRAHAM Hazel Green, Alabama "A Noble Character is the Most Precious Crown" 4-H Club '39-40-41-42 ZARA TOWRY Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Walnut Grove '39 "Her Laugh Is Like a Rippling Stream" Secretary Red Cross Council '42 8. 1 SENIORS LILLIAN IBANYONJ WHEELER Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Meridianville '39 The Hymn to Beauty Was Written On Her Face" Basketball, Softball '40-41-42 Home Ec Club '40, 4-H Club '40-41-42 ELBERT OWEN Ardmore, Tennessee Entered from Elkwood '39 Kindness in Women, Not Their Beauteous Looks Shall Win My Love" Donkey Tester '42, Ping Pong '42 BERYL LAW Meridianville, Alabama "Efficient in a Quiet Way" 4-H Club, Home Etc Club '40-41 CLARA THRASHER Hazel Green, Alabama "A Sweeter Girl You'll Never Find" Home Ec Club, 4-H Club '39-40 HAROLD tl-IAP! BROCK Hazel Green, Alabama "Honest As the Day Is Long" Vice-President of Class '40 MARY WILBUR Ardmore, Tennessee Entered from Elkwood '39 "Nothing More Delightful Than Truth" 4-H Club '39-40, Home Ec Club '39 DUNCAN CLARDY Huntsville, Alabama "Blonde Flash of Senior Class" Football. Softball '40-41-42 4-H Club, Basketball '41 LEONARD HUBERT Hazel Green, Alabama "Honest, Upright and Studious" DORIS SHARP Toney, Alabama Entered from Toney '39 "Wit is the Flavor of Imagination" Home Ec Club '40, 4-H Club '41 9 SENIORS HELLEN TATE New Market, Alabama "She Was A Spirit Of Delight" Sec. of Class '39, Songleader '40, Home Ec Club '39, Reporter '39, 4-H Club '39-40, "The Spinsters Convention" '39, Prettiest, Friend- liest Girl '41, Glee Club '39-40-41, Rep. as Queen from H. G. in Pageant '42, RAYMOND 4EARLJ BROWN New Market, Alabama "His Humor Is A Thing of Joy" Football '40-41, Basketball '40-41-42 LUCILLE 4LOUJ KNOWLES Hazel Green, Alabama "Innocent, Sincere, of Every Friendliness, Name the Friend" 4-H Club '39-40-41, Home Ec Club '39-40 ROBBIE KROSIEJ WHITT Ardmore, Tennessee "A Good Heart Is Better Than All the Heads in the World" Entered from Elkwood in '39, 4-H Club '40-41-42 EARL KCONGOJ TOWRY Hazel Green, Alabama Entered from Phillips High '39 'Alf Worry Were the Only Cause for Death Then Should I Live Forever" Football, Basketball, Soft Ball '40-41-42 WILMA JEAN FISK Hazel Green, Alabama "My Heart Is Like a Singing Bird" Basketball '40-41-42, 4-H Cub '40-41-42 CHARLES BROSEMER Flintville, Tennessee "My Thoughts Grow Keen and Clear" "When Sally Comes to Town" '41 GENEVA WILLIAMS Toney, Alabama "A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned" Basketball '40-41-42 WILLIAM ARY, JR., KLittle Berry? Hazel Green, Alabama "Smooth Runs the Brook Where the Water is Deep" Soft Ball '40-41 10. SENIORS ALBERT tPROFESSOR7 LAW Meridianville, Alabama Entered from Scottsboro 1940 From A Little Spark May Burst A Mighty Flame" Football '42, 4-H Club '41-42 LOUISE BOLEN Toney, Alabama Entered from Toney '40 "Her Friendliness and Sincerity is Sincere" 4-H Club '40-41-42, Home Ec Club '40 LILA JEAN COLE Hazel Green, Alabama "My Heart Is Like A Rainbow Shell" Basketball '40-41-42, 4-H Club '40-41-42 THERESA MILLER Toney, Alabama "At Peace With the World" 4-H Club '40-41-42, Home Ec Club '41 GLORIA HORN Hazel Green, Alabama "Her Cheek Is Tipped With A Blush" 4-H Club '40-41-42 JAMES ECHOLS Meridianville, Alabama Entered from Meridianville '40 "A Man of Few Words" 4-H Club '40-41-42 GENEVA KPEE WEE? MCEYELA New Market, Alabama "A More Sincere Girl You'll Never Find" 4-H Club '40-41-42 ONEDA 1POKERl POPE Toney, Alabama . Entered from Toney '40 "Quiet of Speech, Beneficient of Mind" 4-I-I Club '40-41-42, Home Ee Club '40 J. C. BISHOP Taft, Tennessee Entered from Scottsboro, Ala., '42 "Silence is the Perfection of Joy" ll. PROPHECY Hazel Green General Hospital Hazel Green, Alabama, May 15, 1952 Dear Hellen: Here it is the eve of the tenth anniversary of our graduation from high school. It's too bad that you, our class editor, cannot be present at our reunion. I suppose it is pretty inconvenient to travel all the way from Honeymoon Island to attend. Most of the class will be there, but of course there will be a few who can't be present. For instance, Floyd McCollum, he is Mayor of New York and can't leave his office, and there's Lila Jean Cole, superintendent of Vanderbilt Hospital and can't leave her duties. Gloria Horne was chosen Glamor Girl of 1953 but I don't suppose that is a surprise. Jean Fisk is making good as a bookkeeper at the live stock yard in Huntsville. Fate does do odd things, Earl Towry is president of the University of Chicago. Another member of our class has also become educational minded, Doris Shrader, who is tutor of a French family, reads the children to sleep every night with "Peter Rabbit." I know you would expect Louise McCollum to be living in Hendersonville, Tenn., but she surprised us all and is teaching school at Meridianville. In every class, however, there are those who insist an getting bitten by that well known bug called love. Such was the fate of Harold Brock. Poor Harold! He came home the other night and he had no sooner gotten in the house than Zarah Towry used the well known rolling pin on him. Then there is the case of Albert Law, who is now Mr. Lillian Wheeler. But another kind of bug bit Ren Rush Shamblin, the movie bug. A movie scout came to Huntsville and rec- ognized her beauty at once. She is now Clark Gable's leading lady. Elbert Owen followed an army career. His friends now know him as General Nuisance of the United States Army. Robbie Whitt is in Reno obtaining her fourth divorce, this time fnom Melvin Stewart. Charles Towry lived up to our expectations: he is one of America's most famous lawyers. Do you ever hear Richard Graham's program on Monday night? He is known as the golden voice of radio and Geneva McElyea is his 12. feature- singer. Lucille Knowles who was known for her lovely clothes is modelling for a department store' in Birmingham. Oneda Pope is a secret police woman. J. C. Bishop has a big farm near Hazel Green and rai es chickens. Eugene Campbell did not do as well as we expected: he is pedding pencils on the streets of Huntsville. Charles Brosmers has a barber shop down on Jefferson street. Louise Haynes is a Home Ec teacher. Geneva Williams owns a beauty shop on Fifth avenue and she has Raymond Brown as a regular customer each week. Ima Hill and Beryl Law are working with Walter Winchell on his pro- gram. Ima holds his papers while Beryl pronounces the words he cannot. Clara Thrasher and Mary Wilburn are hostesses on a big air liner. With their grand personality they should be making good. Louise. Bolen is in Hollywood. She is expecting a screen test soon. But surprises of all is Edward Spelce and Theresa Miller. They joined up as a dancing team and are touring the country as the "High Steppersf' Leonard Hubert has just got his degree from the University of Ala- bama. He is going to take Mr. Simm's place as principal when he re- signs. Doris Sharp has just settled down to be Mrs. Thrasher, she seems satisfied with that. William Ary, Jr., has a laboratory in Hazel Green, he hardly ever comes back to see us. Lillian Wheeler is engaged to marry the famous actor, James Echols. Well, I think I have given you some idea as to what most of our class is doing. It was a nice class, and I'm glad they're all doing so well. Your friend, Mildred Campbell, M.D. P.S.: Just read in the paper that Duncan Clardy has signed a contract as head coach at Auburn. Clinton Bradley is to be his assistant. Rozell Smith has just ended another successful year in professional basket ball. 13. CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of- 1942 being of sound mind and memory and knowing that our'days at H. G. H. S. arenearly over do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testa- ment. P e M y ' q Section I V To Mr. Simms we leave our unlimited gratitude for his tireless ef- forts in makingour experience at Hazel Green High School pleasant and profitable. - 'a 'A L Section II g 4 A To the faculty we leave a flask of liquid knowledge to be poured into the empty heads of the coming senior classes. ' Section III I To the student body we leave our hopes' that they will elevate the Junior Class to the high ideals which were adopted by the Senior Class of '42. Section IV 4 Clinton Bradley bequeaths his ability to play basket ball to Buford Whitt. Mildred Campbell leaves her ability to make friends to Lillian Mathais. Genevea McEleyea leaves her facial expressions to Ruby Bettertonl Hellen Tate leaves her place as Senior Editor of The Echo staff to Ida Mae Brooks. Harold Brock is happy to leave his flirting ability to Aaron Stephens. Theresa Miller leaves her habit of study- ing book keeping to the future classes. Melvin Stewart is famous for writing love letters which he hopes some day will bring closer commu- nication and a happy marriage to J. W. Brooks. Louise McCollum leaves to Wilma McEleyea her ieadership. Earl Towry bequeathes his speed to the future football teams of H. G. James Echols leaves his love for the girls to James: White. Lillian Wheeler wills to Cath- erine Reynolds her happy spirit. Jean Fisk is leaving her hearty ap- petite to Ruby Reynolds Cwe hope she does it justicel. Raymond Br-own hopes Wayne Morris learns to like sports as well as he does. Doris Shrader leaves her place as office keeper to Lucille Patrick. Floyd McCollum is very popular with the Toney girls, here's hoping Willie York can take his place. William Ary, Jr., wishes Billy Frank liif to adapt his studious ways. To Virginia Ealy, Ima Hill wishes to leave her love for chewing gum. Albert Law wishes to leave his place 14. as Professor to Lacoina Askins. Zarah Towry leaves her nature of laughter to Ruby Franklin. Lila Jean Cole is of an inquisitive nature and we're sure Hester Hunt can fill in there. Geneva Williams be- queathesheriability as a good basket ball playervto Catherine Hill. Edward 'Spelcgq wills :his ability to make wise cracks to Lonnie Rey- nolds:-. Elbert Oyvensl leaves. his ability to make wise cracks during Miss Blansitisgrecitation to Dewey Hulsey. Eugene Campbell wills his knowledge of chemistryto James Smith. Rozell Smith bequeathes her good sportsmanship to Mildred Thomas.y' Beryl Law 'leaves with Dor- othy -Parker her quiet disposition. 'Charles Brosemer ,leaves his blush for Bobby Whitt. Lucille Knowlesf leaveslher :love for fun to Atlas Hill. Doris Sharp bequeathes her wit to' Dorothy Caneer. Rene Sham- blin wishes to 'bestow upon Louise'McClusky her naturally' curly hair. Robbie Whitt leaves her impersonation of other people-to Mary Ann Graham. Louise Bolen bestows her neatness upon Hilda Towry. J. C. Bishop leaveseto Joe Bob Price his quiet nature. It is our hope that J. R. Jeans will acquire- theflrm foundation Cof course we mean feetl that Richard Graham has possessed for-well, quite abwhile. Oneda Pope leaves her angelic disposition to Laurene Cole.. Gloria Horn be- queathes to Pauline Bevill her hatred. for all the boys. To Muriel Sul- livan, Louise Haynes wills her studious nature. Chares Towry leaves with James Ghidotti his politeness. Clara Thrasher wills to Ruby Stewart her sweet disposition. To Dorothy Gill, Mary Wilbur leaves her good opinion of every one. Last, but certainly not least, Duncan Clardy wishes to will his love and deepest emotion for his beloved institution, H. G. H. S. to the Junior Class and those who follow. This Will and Testament is hereby legal this 15th day of May, nineteen hundred and forty-two. . SENIOR CLASS OF 1942' Ilellen Tate Bula Blansit Floyd McCollum Atty's-at-Law Witnesses : J. R. Jean Billy Franklin Codicil-Leonard Hubert wills his N. Y. A. work to Dewey Hulsev. 15. l i SENIOR II CLASS 1st Row-Dorothy Caneer, Dorothy Mae Owens, Lillian Mathias, Juan- ita Holley, Virginia Ealy, Ruby Stafford, Lucille Patrick, Muriel Sullivan, Ruby Betterton. 2nd Row-Ruby Franklin, Edith Alred, Frances Harwell, Wilma Mc- Elyea, Ida Mae Brooks, Katherine Hill, Dorothy Gill, Hilda Tow- ry, Ruby Stewart, Billy Franklin. 3rd Row-Dewy Hulsey, Hester Hunt, J. W. Brooks, Willie York, Thomas Pitts, Lacoma Askins, Gladyn Garrison. 4th Row-Morgan Hayes, Woodrow NVilburn, Joe Bob Price, Leroy Coulter, Bobby Whitt, Gobart Aldredge, William' fTutJ Campbell, Aaron Stephens. Not in Picture-Clarence Thrasher, J. R. Jeans, James Ghidotti, Wayne Morris, James Smith, Buford Whitt. I 16. Senior II OFFICERS President ..... .... J . R. Jeans Vice-President .. . . . Billy Franklin Secretary ....... . . . . Lillian Mathias Reporter . . . Tr ..... .... F rances Harwell MOTTO "United we stand, divided we fall." COLORS Red, White, and Blue FLOWER Roses and Ferns ,EVENTS October--Party for high school. January-Donkey Basketball Game. March-Chas. Sarver, our class sponsor, left for active useful to the Navy. April-Junior-Senior Ban duty in the Navy. He was always ready to h l e p us. We will miss' him and know he will be very quet. 17. SENIOR I CLASS First Row: J. W. Roper, James Toon, Edsel Hatchett, C. B. Beech, Wilmer Hill, Carl Boles. Second Row: Frances Pope, John David Adkins, Kathryne Bobo, Clay McCollum, Lillian Moss, Annie Sue Bolen, Mary Ann Graham, Mary Frances McCown, Effie Brew- er, Mildred Thomas, Laurene Cole. Third Row: Kathryne Reynolds, Ruby Reynolds, Evelyn Hill, Magadline Birdsong, Louise McClusky, Opal Hyatt, Bernice Cantrell, Lorene Phipps. Fourth Row: Atlas Hill, Mary Self, Rachael Shockley, Ira Dunlap, Gordon Garrison, Donald Boles, Forrest Cox. Fifth Row: Dorothy Parker, Kathryne Jones, Olene Travis, Pauline Bevill, Orval Markham, Darold Norrell, Allen Franklin, Virgil Mitchell, James White. Not In Picture: Ida Mae Echols, Marie Hargroves, Louise Milam, Jean Schri-msher, Louisa Thomas, Dorothy Whitt, James Campbell, Lonnie Reynolds, J. H. Taylor, Rex Thomas, Jack Hodge, Robert Rousseau. 18 JUNIOR TEAMS JUNIOR BOYS JUNIOR GIRLS 31. Y . so lllll 33333 lst Grade, 2. Gfi de 3 G,-adg 415' Cfdde 9 JM. ghaqle, 60' Cf-a de. Oo .1 ill. 1111. r 471 B A 1111, Y .g ,, gf :W M Ai ,www ,,Mh,, . ,L .... LL,L V .,.f. .L,Lg,4,5,.,,mwa-N ww-M - ,, , W , 1 V ol!-P AIFYLI. rl!-+C? 1 O 6 'X 27 A wa 'F S f-Svorifes ,ff wa , l M +++:rPF u e me 'PH Club boys ' Cftemisfrty Bi Ou F uori'fe. lille 5'-9 Eraciter if Three, J: 4-I-lClub Girls Mushdeers Arfmid 'Prof W ,gges mi -pw 5 Donke f l l l Qgasxcr n If G? C HM 145355 x .WP Million, dollar legs 'Ea eller aml l'i-lS pal The Rad Heads A GooJ Ci'l'ii c n.5'luP lllll ii iii Old Building girl When mailer- minds ln, 3,1 +.g,+p,e, Bus Dime:-s lHear No EMI SpeaKNQ Evil A SSE 2 Fkng Rang TQIM, f Q, ix 5' A B Q Y I x -r Q 'lx' "- , , Go .N hp es .. I3 me DlM.r .T-Sang W NN K , K in U janifoo- How- boa-+ Li bra 1-ian Els a Pi de? eN3'lfSlb iN Se.vSioN w - b WHG1, Sho-rs" X i I BACK 12 P. S i 36. P Huntsville Home of Quality Wearables for the Entire Family G.E. Appliances Venetian Blinds n Beauty Salon DUNNAVANT'S Compliments Ol Madison County Livestock Market A Reliable Place To Bring Your Livestock I. O. FISK 6- M. L. STINNETT. Props. Phone 1746 Huntsville. Ala 37 Compliments Ol A. W. WALTERS Salesman Class Rings and Pins Trophies. Medals and Awards Invitations and Cards 2111 E. Chilhowie Ave. Iohnson City. Tenn. Compliments Ol Laughlin-Service Funeral Home Huntsville's Oldest. Finest. Largest. and Best Equipped Ambulance Service Huntsville. Ala Compliments Ol W. A. 6. O. K. Spelce Gin Company Hump. Alabama 38 Compliments Ot Thomas S. Dark. Druggist -And- City Drug Company 011NsoN and muon Wzhyit ima Compliments Ot M. R. MOORMAN. M.D. Compliments Ot F. C. MANNING Tax Collector Compliments Ot THOMAS W. IONES Probate Iudge 39. Compliments Ol C. l. OWENS Representative From Madison County Compliments Ot ' BLUE WILLOW CAFE George McKnight. Prop. Meridian Street Huntsville. Ala l I I I 1741 - 2 H. L. Pearsall 6. Sons. Florists Phone 363 115 5th Street Huntsville. Alabama DILWORTH LUMBER CO. "The only real security. a home ot your own" Valuable Asssitance Free Huntsville. Alabama Compliments Ot B. F. GILES CCAL CO. "We Solve the Burning Question" Phone 250 Huntsville. Ala. 40. Congratulations to Hazel Green High School and Seniors. You have sent us some of our best students. Keep it up-you are doing a good work. North Alabama Business College Huntsville. Alabama Compliments Of H. C. BLAKEMORE Sheriff Compliments Of IEFF D. SMITH Circuit Solicitor ALLEN'S WATCH SHOP ELGIN WATCHES. BANDS 10811 Washington Street Huntsville. Ala. In the current crisis it is more important than ever that the youth of our country know that our "way of life" has brought more happiness and more opportunity to more people than has the system of any other country. Let's Keep Our Public System FREE! A FRIEND 41. HOLLYWOOD SHOPPE Presents the Newest and Lowest Prices TENNESSEE VALLEY BARBER SHOP Lawson Williams, Prop. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of OLYMPIA CAFE Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of ARNOLD'S Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of I. O. BAITES, D.D.S. Huntsville, Alabama Money When You Need lt! Quick, Courteous Service FULTON LOAN CO. 205 1-2 E. Holmes St. Phone 429 Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of WOODAIL RADIO SERVICE l ' Compliments of I BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO Portable Typewriters Huntsville, Alabama Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps 42. For Style and Price come to the LQUISE SHOPPE North Side Square Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of "OLD 'I'RUSTY" , Y Compliments of A FRIEND Buy Clothing and Shoes at FOWLEB 61 CHANEY. Inc Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of A FRIEND POST OFFICE CAFE Best Knoivvn 37 Years Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of Gordon Thrith Fruit House Compliments of GRAND SHINE PARLOR Dry Cleaning and Shine Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of R. E. Hicks Fruit House Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of ROY IACKS GROCERY Groceries and Notions 71 M 'd' S . Ph Huntsville, Alabama 7 en mn t one 636 Huntsville, Alabama T. T. TERRY THE FAMILY sToRE Men's, Women's and Cl1ildren's Ready-to-Wear, Shoes Piece Goods and Groceries "Great is the Power of Cash" Compliments 'of Fleming 8: Thornton Real Estate and Insurance Huntsville, Alabama CANTRELL TIRE COMPANY Seiberling Tires and Tubes Holmes and Jefferson Streets Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of Becker's Department Store Huntsville, Alabama W. L. Halsey Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS Reliable Merchandise Since 1879 Huntsville, Alabama 44. Il MASON FURNITURE CO. "Serving Thousands Since l908" Huntsville. Alabama WHITE PRINTING CO. Pnnvrrmc AND or-'FICE SUPPLIES Ph ne 1068 Times Building Huntsville. Alabama GERON LUMBER COMPANY DEPENDABLE SERVICE dian Street Phone 1179 Compliments of LEWTER HARDWARE Huntsville. Alabama 45 C0mPlimeniS Of GOODYEAR SHOE SHOP IACOBS BATTERY CO. Old Shoes Made New Huntsville, Alabama Huntsville, Alabama PICTURES IN 'rx-ns ANNUAL WERE MADE BY HUBERT WILLIAMS Huntsville. Alabama Compliments of STERCHI BROTHERS "NORTH ALABAMKS LARGEST FURNITURE STORE" Huntsville. Alabama 1 DR. T. S. GIBSON LYRIC AMUSEMENT CO.. Inc. QPTQMETRIST Lyric, Grand, and Elks Theatres P11000 224 Huntsville, Alabama 216 R3Ud0lPh sheet Huntsville, Alabama 46. We bug, Pougtry, Eggs, Hides, Furs ool, crap lron, Metals, - Ragd, Paper, Burlap, Auto Tires Compliments of """ Tube' 1010 SERVICE s1'A1'1oN TENN. POULTRY G HIDE CO. 403 Washington Street We Specialize in Vulcanizing Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of SOUTHERN SHOE STORE Huntsville's Big Family Shoe Store 113 North Washington Street Buy Your School Shoes Here Compliments of A. E. HILL GENERAL MERCHANDISE Hazel Green. Alabama THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufacturers COTTON SEED PRODUCTS HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS Huntsville, Alabama cu 1 l m , C0mPlimeUf5 of Compliments of A'l'LAS CARRIGER Honest and Friendly Service W' H' PAYNE Groceries, Texaco Gas, Oil Hazel Green, Alabama Wholesale Candy Huntsville, Alabama 47. Compliments of DUDLEY POWELL SERVICE STATION TEXACO PRODUCTS Firestone Tires Battery Service Corner Green and Clinton Streets Huntsville. Alabama .Compliments of C. S. LOWE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ginner and Cotton Buyer Hazel Green. Alabama S 3 7:21 ' 1 Compliments of Compliments of L G. REYNOLDS A FRIEND GENERAL MERCHANDISE Toney, Alabama Buy Bonds and keep our country from being in bonds. ALABAMA GROCERY CO. Wholesale Groceries Phones 82-83 The 210-212 Jefferson Street 4, 48. E I H i A 1 x V z V E 1 F . F i Q a P F I 5

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Hazel Green High School - Echo Yearbook (Hazel Green, AL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 23

1942, pg 23

Hazel Green High School - Echo Yearbook (Hazel Green, AL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 20

1942, pg 20

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