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Wxi! uJ i6Vuv fhC bcs 4-o m c T " CVc. A ' ures-t- r ' u6 £u£rKiVOU O r h )p6 ofy hA Z-nZM ( fW gc 1 tAQ ' J ouAdl6o4- o-ciife 5ih ' lCrt f CG- CO 4c 0 5 v- OO Ck ( z: f ouJ . Haysi Public Library Haysi, Virginia HAYSI PUBUC UBRARY HAYS), VIRGINIA HAYSI HIGH SCHOOL HAYSI, VIRGINIA 24256 VOLUME 21 Table of Contents Administration .4 Teachers .5 Highlights.10 Memoriam .16 Seniors.17 Sports .33 Activities.49 Underclassmen .69 The Yellow Pages .96 THE 1977 YEARBOOK STAFF INVITES YOU TO FEEL FREE TO REMEMBER ’76-77 WITH US • HAYSI PUBLIC LIBRARY uavqi VIRGINIA FREE TO BE ME with . . . FRIENDS who never let you down no matter what ... TEACHERS who are concerned with your problems ... HAPPENINGS that help you get away from the classroom and let you show your talents . . . NATURE in which you find that solitary moment and in doing so, find yourself and thus . . . freedom. 1. ) Friends . . . our class of ' ll . 2. ) And for Gerry Coleman and Becky Duty . . . friendship. 3. ) An early snow makes our mountains beautiful. 4. ) Physics teacher, Mr. Bruce Rush, works together with his class. 5. ) Missing eighth period is an en¬ joyable aspect of pep rallies, or so Katrina Owens thinks. 2 2 3 ADMINISTRATION AND GUIDANCE CONCERNED WITH STUDENT PROBLEMS Many responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of our administration, but Mr. Erdman Mul¬ lins and Mr. Finis McCoy are fully qualified to take on the tedious tasks that help keep the school running smoothly. All too often we think of tardies and discipline problems when we think of administration. An offer of assistance and a real attempt to com¬ municate further help to indicate the effort our administration makes to fulfill their re¬ sponsibilities. Our guidance counselors, always warm and concerned, help many students make decis¬ ions about schedules, and future plans for college and vocations. They are on hand when we have problems; they offer a sym¬ pathetic ear when we just need someone to talk to. llHj -fx J vl ' — 1 r 1 —|- 1 1. ) Mrs. 2 Negetha Powers, Guidance Counselor, explains PSAT test to Lan e Woods. 2. ) Mr. Erd¬ man Mullins, Principal, works on school busi¬ ness. 3. ) Assistant Principal, Mr. Finis McCoy, of¬ fers advise to Jerry Vi¬ ta toe and Ricky Mul¬ lins. 3 Betty Deel, Guidance Counselor Finis McCoy, Assistant Principal Erdman Mullins, Principal 4 NATURAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES STRENGTHEN STUDENT SKILLS [History and Political Sciences broaden the students ' view¬ point as they offer some insight and hindsight as to the nature and course of civilization. This, plus a knowledge of our own political system, as gathered from senior Ameri¬ can Government, enables us to better understand the forces and the patterns of our history. Study of the natural and physical sciences is begun in the 8th grade IPS program, and is carried through in Biology and other advanced courses. The science program is strong and greatly strenghtens student skills. 1) . Mr. Zane Counts appears to be in a rush to get back to those Beta Club candles and junior class candy. 2) . Coach Butch Kiser spends his lunch hour play¬ ing ping pong. 3) . Mr. Maynard Owens takes a minute to brush up on current events. Jack Colley, Science Zane Counts, History Raymond McCarty, Histor Darrell Silcox, Science Jimmy Smith, Science PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE: Betty Deal, Sci¬ ence 5 STUDENT INTEREST COED CLASSES |The Home Economics and Ag¬ riculture Departments have broadened their course content by including the male and female viewpoint, respectively. In home economics the boys are seeing ■the girls’ ideas more realistical¬ ly and the same is happening in •the agriculture classes. Sur¬ prisingly enough to some, these boys and girls who chose to break the sterotype have done well in these courses and have even been accepted by fellow classmates. GROWS WITH NEW 1. ) A new and much admired teacher, Mr. Greg Salyers, relaxes. 2. ) Mrs. Hud¬ son gets still another amus¬ ing test answer. 3. ) We catch Mr. Ray Mac- Allister on his way to the new agriculture building. Nancy Hudson, Home Economics Ray MacAllister, Agriculture Katie Jo Powers, Home Economics Bruce Rush, Band 6 REQUIRED CLASSES AID STUDENTS FOR WORK AND COLLEGE There are some courses that you just can ' t seem to get out of. Graduating from the 7th grade is a must in order to boost up those phys. ed. and English classes. Enrollment is high and rooms are crowded but the knowl¬ edge gained and the sense of fitness acquired makes these required classes both necessary and worthwhile. 2 3 Larry Compton, Phys. Ed. Bill Deel, English Homer Deel, English, French John Johnson, English Norman Mullins, Driver ' s Ed. Tommy Neel, 7th grade Shirley Salyer, Phys. Ed. Kathleen Slusher, English, German Gary Tackett, 7th grade Bill Wright, English PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Jewell Askins, English Argielean Saylor, 7th grade Glenda Wampler, 7th grade 1) . Mr. Bill Deel seems mighty satisfied about posing for this snap shot. 2) . We catch Mr. Norman Mullins taking a much needed break from his harrowing driver ' s ed. 3) . Larry Compton and Shirley Salyer seem to be discussing who gets to leave the building first. 7 STUDENTS GIVEN CHOICE OF DIFFEREN1 COURSES Ronnie Bartley, Math Students here who favor math find a wide selection of math courses to choose from in the college prep, curriculum, including Physics which, for the first time in several years, is being taught. For those who prefer to prepare for the business world, they also may choose from a wide variety - including a clerk-typist block program and a brand new Business English course, which may be substi¬ tuted for English 12. 1) . Miss Jackie Collins also illus¬ trates what she is teaching. 2) . Mr. Ronnie Bartley, Math teacher, appears to be one who enjoys his work. 3) . Mrs. Lana Taylor announces that business teachers have their share of paper work--and more. Roy Deel, Math Judy Fuller, Librarian Lana Taylor, Business David Yates, Math Harold Byers, Business Jackie Collins, Business Lee Deel, Math 8 SCHOOL SERVICE PERSONNEL A NECESSITY Our Secretary, Patsy Kilgore, checks fi¬ nances and teachers registers, types school correspondence and does a million other things in her " spare " time. Keeping the halls and rooms clear of rubbish, paper airplanes, love notes and spit wads is a full time job by it¬ self, to say nothing of repairing windows, fixing torn up seats and mopping floors. A custodians job is never done. Tasty and nutritious meals are served by our cooks. 1) . Miss Patsy Kilgore finds this particular item of paper work amusing. 2) . Head janitor, Mickey Mullins, takes a brief break while in the cafeteria. 3) . Hermie Barton, Aileen Vandyke, Elsie Tucker, Irene Counts and Mary Woods are busy serving lunch. Kathy Harrison, cafe. secy. Patsy Kilgore, secretary Elsie Tucker, janitress 9 2 1 HOMECOMING BRINGS FIRST WIN TO TI- GERS;TAMMIE POWERS VOTED QUEEN Homecoming Court: Bernette Boyd, Kelli Belcher, Tammie Pow¬ ers, Edna Boyd, Jennifer O ' Quinn and Rebecca Hackney. 1) . Tammie Powers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Powers, is crowned queen. 2) . Robin Powers, former queen, con¬ gratulates her sister. 3) . Senior attendant, Angela Belcher, is escorted by Tim Sen¬ ter. 4) . Myra Stanley cheers for the Big Blue Machine. 5) . Kelli Belcher, eighth grade repre¬ sentative, and Steve Potter await half-time festivities. 10 SPIRIT WEEK A GREAT SUCCESS Spirit Week is traditionally a time of high excitement among the student body. Faculty and students alike take part in daily pep rallies, issuing slogan challenges, tri¬ cycle races, and making floats. In the cheering com¬ petition between the classes, the jubilant eighth graders won the spirit stick. All of this feverish activity culmi¬ nates in Homecoming. With school spirit at its highest point, we call this tra¬ dition a success--we show pride in our school and team and that ' s what counts. We scalped the Pocahontas Indians 14-8 in our Home¬ coming game, and wound up the festivities with a dance sponsored by the Key Club. 1) . Pam Farmer throws token footballs to fans. 2) . In the assembly pro¬ gram, Michael Mullins and Regina O ' Quinn, get ready for the tricycle race. 3) . The theme of the Art Club homecoming float was, " Beat the Indians " . BEAUTIES AND SWEETHEARTS ARE SELECTED ON MERIT AND PERSONALITY 1) . Third year home economics student, Rosa Duty, was chosen by fellow students as FHA Queen. 2) . Miss FBLA is Tammy Powers. She is also club president. 3) . Jenniver Compton, an eighth grader, won the popular vote for FHA Princess. 4) . The title of Miss Jr. High was won by Melis¬ sa O ' Quinn. 5) . 2nd runner-up in the Miss Jr. contest is Cynthia Blankenship. 6) . This year ' s Key Club Sweetheart is Angie Belcher. 7) . 8). Sherri Owens and Enola Fink are 1st and 3rd runners up in Miss HHS pageant. 9) . Miss HHS is Nancy Colley. 10) . 3rd runner-up in the Miss Jr. High contest is Karen Stanley. 12 5 SUMMER BREEZE IS THEME OF JUNIOR- SENIOR PROM 1. ) Ray Hall ' s job for the prom was keeping balloons blown up for decorations. 2. ) Robin Owens is satisfied with the completion of the stage decorations. 3. ) Bruce Sutherland and date Sherry Cole¬ man enjoy the music of the Micheal Cop- perfield band. 4. ) The steady two¬ some, Jim Grubbs and Minetta Owens are en¬ joying the night. 5. ) Coach Larry Compton and wife Ju¬ dy look relaxed mid¬ way through the eve¬ ning. 6. ) Jimmy and Rita Justus ask Junior Ep- ling and Debbie Fuller to pause for a picture. 7. ) Vi van Sykes is glad to hear the 3:15 1 bell ring after a hard days work on the gym¬ nasium. 14 The junior class consisted of 103 students. Out of the class a prom committee was chosen to begin preparations for the Junior-Senior class prom. Class meetings were held and finally it was decided that the theme would be summer breeze. After selling magazines and candy, enough money was | raised to begin buying the neces¬ sary supplies to produce the actual summer evening. Students from the sophomore class were chosen as ushers. The band that per¬ formed was Michael Copperfield from Elkorn City, Kentucky and prom night was a night to remem¬ ber. 15 A Memoriam For Ricky Woodrow Dale And Mitzi Regina Rose Turn me loose from your hands Let me fly toward distant lands Over green fields Trees And mountains Flowers And forest fountains Flome along the lanes of skyway For this dark and lonely route Projects a shadow cast in gloom And my eyes Are mirrors Of the world outside Thinking of the ways the wind can turn The tide And these shadows turn from purple Into grey For just this skyline Pigeon Dreaming of the open Waiting for the day that he can spread his wings And fly away again Fly away, skyline Pigeon Fly Towards the dreams you left so very far behind Let me wake up in morning to the smell of new-mown hay To laugh and cry To live and die In the practice of my day I want to hear the pealing bells of distant churches sing But most of all Please free me from This aching never-ring And open out this cage toward the sun For just this skyline Pigeon Dreaming of the open Waiting for the day that he can spread his wings And fly away again Dedicated to Flight and Freedom by Elton John and Bernie Taupin Mitzi Regina Rose Ricky Woodrow Dale 14 16 1.) Melinda Edwards, a future busi¬ ness major, prepares to answer Government questions assigned earlier during the day. 2. ) Busy concentrating on a timed writing and ignoring the camera is Jack Colley. ANDERSON, BILL JR. son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson, Sr. ARTRIP, MARK son of Mr. and Mrs. Fayne Artrip ARRINGTON, MYRA wife of Mr. Rick Arrington BAKER, ROCKY son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Baker BARTLEY, KITTY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bartley BARTON, RONALD son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barton BELCHER, ANGELA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Belcher BELCHER, HUGH son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Belcher BRANHAM, RAMONA daughter of Mrs. Jean Raines BREEDING, JANET daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Breeding BROWN, SONDRA wife of Mr. Ronnie Brown 18 Class Of 77 ... Largest Ever Graduated From Haysi High BOYD, EDNA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boyd BOWMAN, JENNY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hargadene Bowman BURNETTE, JAMA daughter of Mrs. Marilyn Powers CHILDRESS, GREG son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Childress COLEMAN, GERRY son of Mrs. Betty Coleman COLLEY, JACK son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Colley COMPTON, ANNA wife of Mr. Flannagan Compton COMPTON, TERESA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Compton COUNTS, DEXTER son of Mr. and Mrs. Maloy Counts DAVIS, BILL son of Mr. and Mrs. William Davis DEEL, DELLA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mosco Deel 19 DEEL, GARY son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Deel DEEL, MARY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Deel DUTY, JEFF son of Mr. and Mrs. Melster Duty DUTY, ROSA LEE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest P. Duty EDWARDS, DENNIS son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Edwards EDWARDS, KEITH son of Mr. and Mrs. Whetzel Edwards EDWARDS, MARTY son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Edwards EDWARDS, MARY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Edwards EDWARDS, MELINDA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Edwards EDWARDS, NEIL son of Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Edwards EDWARDS, SHERRY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lyall EDWARDS, VICKI daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Edwards § X 1 20 1 Seniors Remember 76-77 As Best Of School Years . . . 1.) Representing her class as Miss Senior, Mary Deel, will definitely remember 1977 as her favorite school year. EPLING, GERALD JR. so n of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Epling Sr. FIELDS, THOMAS son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fields FULLER, KAREN daughter of Mrs. Imal Fuller GILBERT, CHARLES son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gilbert GILBERT, KATHY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert GRIZZLE, GRETA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grizzle HACKNEY, KITTY JO daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cledith Hackney HACKNEY, SHERRI wife of Mr. Eugene Hackney HALL, DAVID son of Mr. and Mrs. Caudill Hall 21 2 HALL, RAY son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall HAMMONS, DONNA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hammons HESS, KAREN daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hess HILL, JAMES son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hill JUSTICE, RITA wife of Mr. Jimmy Justice JUSTICE, SUE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Justice 1. ) Myra Arrington, Sondra Brown, LaCreta Owens and Mickie O ' Quinn realize that a quiz is only a few moments away. 2. ) After three study halls a day, Ramona Branham never has to worry about homework. 3. ) Chicago seems to be having trouble with his assignment . . . help, evidently, is on the way . . . Eighteen Year Olds At Last MULLINS, FORRESTER son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrester Mullins MULLINS, JEFFREY son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Mullins MULLINS, MARK son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mullins MULLINS, RICKY son of Mr. and Mrs. Leona Mullins MULLINS, ROGER son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mullins MULLINS, RONNIE son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mullins O’QUINN, DIANNA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O ' Quinn O ' QUINN, MICKIE daughter of Mrs. Nell O ' Quinn OWENS, DARRELL son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Owens OWENS, LAVEARNE wife of Mr. Jerry Owens OWENS, MINETTA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Owens OWENS, ROBIN daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Owens 23 Seniors’ Futures Filled With PERRIGAN, JEAN wife of Mr. Bob Perrigan PERRIGAN, NANI daughter of Mr. and Mrs John Perrigan PERRIGAN, WAYNE son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Perrigan POTTER, STEVE son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Potter POWERS, KEITH son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Powers POWERS, TAMMY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewry Powers PRESLEY, FRANK son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Presley PUCKETT, PAMELA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Puckett RAMEY, ADA wife of Mr. George Ramey RASNAKE, DEXTER son of Mr. and Mrs. William Rasnake RASNICK, ANGELA daughter of Mrs. Betty Hill 24 Work, Marriage, College 1. ) As usual, Ronald Barton and Greg Childress are studying. This time they are interested in a cross-word puzzle. 2. ) Sherry Thomas loves to study . . . and it RASNICK, GLORIA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Rasnick RASNICK, GREG son of Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Rasnick ROSE, DORSIE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelver Coleman SENTER, TIM son of Mr. a nd Mrs. Marvin Senter SUTHERLAND, BRUCE son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sutherland SUTHERLAND, FRANKIE son of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Sutherland SUTHERLAND, NANCY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Sutherland SUTHERLAND, PATRICIA wife of Mr. Blaine Sutherland SUTHERLAND, RANDY son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Sutherland SUTHERLAND, SAM son of Mrs. Class Of 77 Prepared To Meet The World . . . SYKES, TERRY son of Mr. and Mrs. Arville Sykes THOMAS, ROSA wife of Mr. Ronald Thomas THOMAS, SHERRY S. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomas 2 26 WILLIS, RITA S. wife of Mr. Omel Willis VIERS, BURNIS son of Mrs. Selregene Viers VITATOE, JERRY son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vitatoe WHITNER, JOHN JR. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Whitner, Sr. 1.) Robin Owens and Dianna O ' Quinn, yearbook staff members, explain to Rosa Duty that there ' s no use to take all that work home tonight. An extention on the annual deadline has been arranged ! 2.) Jeff Mullins seems to be asking, 1 ' Does anyone have any Government notes to loan the needy? " 3.) Mr. Senior, Tim Senter, (L) shares a laugh with Jimmy Grubbs, a senior-to-be. 4.) Senior class officers, 1977: (L-R) Rita Willis, Reporter; MaryDeel, President; Kitty Bartley, Secretary; Bumis Viers, Vice President. 27 The last year of school means preparing for a future and fighting the apathy known as 1 ' senioridis ' ' . And the biggest realization is that 1 ' you look forward to your senior year but when it arrives you ' re now really ready to make decisions which form your future ' ' . In looking back at the activities you participated in, there is also the realization that working up to graduation meant good times too. ANDERSON, BILL: Beta club 10, 11, 12; Science club 10, 11, 12; Science award 10; 4-H club 10, 11, 12; 4-H club-Vice President; Science club-Reporter; Keep Virginia Green; Track; School News for WECL and WDIC Radio Stations; National Rifle Association-Jr. member; Who ' s Who among American High School students; Honor Roll; ARRINGTON, MYRA ROSE: Who ' s Who in American High Schools 12; FHA 8,9; FBLA 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12. ARTRIP, MARK: FFA 8, 9; VICA 10 , 11 , 12 . Pep club 8; Foreign Language 8; FBLA 11, 12. BOWMAN, JENNY: 4-H club 8. BOYD, EDNA: FHA 8, 9, 12; Foreign Language 8,9; AMPC 9; Science club 10, 11, 12; Beta 10, 11, 12; Girls Basketball 10, 11, 12 . BRANHAM, RAMONA: FHA 8, 12; Pep 8, 9; Bible 8; Art 9, 10, 11, 12; AMPC 9, 11. COLLEY, JACK: Band 8,9, 10, 11, 12; Science club 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 8, 9, 10; Key club 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12. Senior Index 1977 BAKER, ROCKY: VICA 11, 12. BARTLEY, KITTY: FHA 8,9, 10; Foreign Language 8, 9; AMPC 9, 10, 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12. BARTON, RONALD: FTA 11; Beta club 11, 12. BELCHER, ANGELA: Band 8,9; Key Club Sweetheart 12; Homecoming Court 8, 11, 12; FHA 12. BELCHER, HUGH: 4-H club 10, 11; Who ' s Who in America igh Schools 12; Key club 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12; Science club, 8, 9; Football 11, 12; Track 8, 9, 11, 12; Bible club 8, 9; KVG 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 8, 9, 10, 11; Band 8, 9; Forensics 11, 12; Art club 10, 11, 12. BELCHER, SANDRA: FHA 8, 12; COMPTON, TERESA: Pep club 8, 9; Science club 9, 10, 4-H club 8, FHA 8, Foreign Language 9; FBLA 11, 12. COUNTS, DEXTER: Art club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12 . DAVIS, BILL: FFA 8, 9, 10; Key club 9, 10, 11, 12; AMPC 11; Football 10. DEEL, DIANNA: FHA 8, 9, 10; VICA 11, 12. DEEL, GARY: VICA 10, 11, 12. DEEL, MARY: FHA 8, Pep club 8,9; Foreign Language 8, Science club 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Class president 12; Miss Senior; Valedictorian. 28 DUTY, ROSA LEE: Future Leaders 8; FHA 8, 11, 12; 4-H club 8, 9; Pep club 8,9; Basketball Queen Court 9; Book club 10, 11; FBLA 10, 11; Typing Award 9; Library Award 10; Beta club 12; Future Homemakers of America Queen 12; Annual staff assistant editor 11; Paper staff 11, 12; Annual staff Editor 12. EDWARDS, DENNIS: 4-H club 9; V1CA 11, 12. EDWARDS, MARTY ALLEN: FFA 8, 9; VICA 10, 11, 12. EDWARDS, MARY: FHA 8,9, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12; Science club 10; FT A 11. EDWARDS, ROGER: FFA 8,9, 10; VICA 11, 12. EDWARDS, SHERRY LYNN: FHA 8, 9, 11, 12; Foreign Language 8,9; Art club 10; Book club 10; Perfect Attendance 9, 10. EDWARDS, VICKI: FHA 8,9, 10, 12; Foreign Language 8, Book club 9, 10, 11, 12. EPLING, GERALD: Bible club 8; Science club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 8; 4-H club 9, 10; Pep club 10; AMPC-Photo club 10, 11, 12; Key club 10; Basketball 8,9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Annual staff 11, 12; Paper staff 11, 12. FIELDS, THOMAS: VICA 11, 12. FULLER, KAREN: FHA 8; 4-H club 8; Pep club 8,9; Science club 9, 10; Foreign Language 9; FBLA 11, 12; Beta club 12. HALL, DAVID: 4-H 8. HALL, RAY: VICA 11, 12. HAMMONS, DONNA: FHA 8, 10; Art club 8,9; Pep club 9; FBLA 11 , 12 . HESS, KAREN: FBLA 10, 11, 12. HILL, JAMES: Football 8, 9; 4-H club 9; VICA 10, 11, 12. ILBERT, CHARLES: FFA 8, 9, 10 . GILBERT, KATHY: FHA 8, 9, 10; 4-H club 8; Book club 9, 10, 11, 12; Annual staff Business manager 12. GRIZZIE, GRETA: FHA 8, 9, 12; Foreign Language 8, 9; Beta club 10, 11, 12; Science club 10, 11; Basketball 11. JUSTICE, RITA: FHA 8, 9, 10; Foreign Language 8,9; AMPC 9, 10, 11; FBLA 11, 12; Annual staff 12 . JUSTICE, SUE: FHA 8. KISER, KATHY: FHA 8; 4-H 10; Beta club 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12; Pep club 11, 12; Cheerleader 11, 12; Annual staff 12. McCOWAN, BOBBY: FFA 8, 9. HACKNEY, KITTY JO: FHA 8, 9, 11; 4-H 8; Pep club 10, 11; Perfect Attendance 10. MULLINS, FORRESTER: Bible club 8; Science club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 8; 4-H 9, 10; Pep HALL, CLINTON: VICA 11, 12. club 10; AMPC-Photo club 10, 11, 12; Key club 10; Basketball 3 1.) Sherry Edwards, an ambitious art student, held a part-time job during her senior year. 2.) Top Ten seniors for 1977. Mary Edwards, Janet Breeding, Tammy Powers, Myra Arrington, Angela Rasnick, Bill Anderson, Rita Stiltner, Mary Deel, Greg Childress. Not pictured Tim Senter. 3.) Neil Edwards talks to Mrs. Shirley Salyers as the photographer suprises them both. 29 Seniors Stress Activities 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10. 11, 12; Annual and Paper staff 11 , 12 . MULLINS, JEFFREY: Art club 8, 9; 4-H club 8,9. MULLINS, MARK: 4-H 8, 9, 10; Science club 9, 10, 12. MULLINS, RICKY: 4-H club 9; KVG 10. MULLINS, ROGER: VICA 11, 12. MULLINS, RONALD: FFA 8,9; VICA 10. O ' QUINN, DIANNA: Foreign Language 8; Future Leaders 8; Science club 9; Beta club 10, 11, 12; FT A 11, 12. O ' QUINN, MICKIE: FHA 8; Pep club 8, 9, 10; Cheerleader 8; 4- H club 9, 10. OWENS, KEVIN: VICA 10, 11, 12 . OWENS, LEVERANE: FHA 8, 9, 10, 11; Chess 11. OWENS, ROBIN: Annual and Paper Staff 12; FHA 12. OWENS, MINETTA: 4-H 8; FHA 8, 11; Pep club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language 9; Science club 8,9; Book club 10; FBLA 11, 12; Cheerleader 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Homecoming Court 11. PERRIGAN, JEAN: FHA 8, 9, 10, 12; Book club 10, 11, 12; FBLA 11 , 12 . PERRIGAN, NANNIE: Book club 9, 10, 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12; FHA 12 . PERRIGAN, WAYNE: Art club 8, 9, 10; FICA 11, 12. POTTER, STEVE: Art club 8,4- H club 8; Science club 9; Key club 10; Pep club 10; Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 8, 9, 10 , 11 , 12 . POWERS, KEITH: VICA 11, 12. POWERS, TAMMIE JO: FHA 8; Science club 9; Beta 10, 11, 12; Football Homecoming Queen 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12. PRESLEY, FRANK: Art club 8,9; VICA 11, 12. PUCKETT, PAMELA: FHA 8; FFA 10; VICA 11, 12. RAMEY, ADA: Foreign Language 8, 9; VICA 10, 11, 12. RASNAKE, ALMA: Choir 8; FFA 10; VIXA 11, 12. RASNICK, ANGELA: FHA 8,9, Seniors stress activities such as hard work in order to achieve their credits. Staying in school, getting good grades and enough credits so you can get out as soon as possible, working hard on term papers, and learning how to figure out your own income taxes are amoung others. In Clerical Science, learning how to type and file were very helpful to business bound students. The Class of 1977 go involved and everyone worked really hard. You only have one senior year so make the best of it. 30 10, 11, 12; Book club 10; Beta club 10, 11, 12. RASNICK, DEXTER: Art club 8, 9; VICA 11, 12. RASNICK, GLORIA: FHA 8, 12; Book 10, 11, 12; RASNICK, GREG: VICA 11, 12. ROBINSON, RITA: FHA 8,9; FFA 10 VICA 11, 12. ROSE, DORSIE: FHA 8; 4-H 8; VICA 11, 12. SUTHERLAND, FRANKIE: FFA 8, 9; Pep club 10; Basketball 10; VICA 11, 12. SENTER, TIM: Band 8, 9; Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Key club 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11, 12; Bible club 9; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Choir 8, 9, 10; Pep club 10, 11; President Key club 12. SUTHERLAND, BRUCE: Pep club 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; VICA 11, 12. SUTHERLAND, NANCY: FHA 8, 9, 10, 11; Pep 9, 10, 11, 12; Class president 11; Chess club 11; Student Coordinating Council 10. I 1. ) It seems as though Sherry Hackney, Rosa Thomas, and Kitty Hackney are late for homeroom. 2. ) Frankie Sutherland slips a cigarette during study hall. 3.) Ray Hall doesn ' t seem to mind the fact that he just received an F in government. SUTHERLAND, PATRICIA: FHA 8, 11, 12; Pep club 8, 9, 10; 4- H 8; Cheerleader 9, 10; AMPC 10 , 11 . SUTHERLAND, RANDY: Chess club 8; Key club 9, 10, 11, 12; Monogram 10; VICA 11, 12. SUTHERLAND, SAM: FFA 8, 9; Key club 10, 11; Monogram 10; Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; AMPC 11 . SW1NEY, THOMAS: FFA 8, 9; VICA 11, 12. SYKES, TERRY: Basketball 8,9, 10, 11, 12; Football 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Key club 10, 11, 12; Monogram 10; Pep club 10. SYKES, VIVIAN: Pep 8; Foreign Language 8; FHA 8, 12; Choir 10 , 11 . THOMAS, ROSA: FHA 11; Chess club 11; Pep club 11. THOMAS, SHERRY LYNN: FHA 8, 9, 11; 4-H 8, 9; Pep club 9, 10, 11; FBLA 12. THOMAS, SHERRY SANDRA: FHA 8, 9, 10, 11; Pergect Attendance 9. 31 Gone . . . Those Happy School Days And then, as suddenly as they had dawned, they faded into the less carefree days of adulthood. And finally they are now gone . . . those happy school days. VIERS, BURNIS: Football 8,9, 10; Basketball 8; Track 10; Monogram 10; Class officer 11, 12 ; VITATOE, JERRY: VICA 10, 11, 12 . WILLIS, RITA: Arts club 11; Beta 10, 11, 12; Senior class reporter; Valedictorian of Senior class. 1.) Donna Hamons and Leveame Owens busy in Cler Typist class. 2.) Keith Powe . . . another morning . . . same old locker . . . WHITNER, JOHN: FFA 8, 9, 10; Bible club 8,9; Basketball 8,9, 10, 11, 12; Key club 10, 11, 12; Football 11, 12; Beta club 10, 11 , 12 . YATES, DELIA: FHA 8,9; Science club 9; AMPC 10; FBLA 11 , 12 . 32 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ARE DISTRICT CHAMPS; THREE SENIORS LEAD SQUAD Girls ' basketball has generated enthusiasm and much school spirit during the three short years we ' ve had a team. This was a good year for the Tigerettes. After losing only one game this season to Pound, the Tigerettes went to the District play-offs with a 17-1 record. Led by the senior players, MaryDeel, Tammy Jo Powers, and Edna Boyd, our team defeated Council and the District Championship Trophy was ours for the second year in a row. Aggressiveness has been the key to this winning season plus the outstanding coach ing abilities of Judy and Ronnie Compton. We were one step away from going to the State play-offs. We ' ll be losing three of our starting seniors, but we ' ve got some good girls coming up. 34 L-R: Lisa O’Quinn, Sabrina O ' Quinn, Sue Sutherland, Mitzi Rose, Mary Deel, Sharlene Kilgore, Regina O ' Quinn, Edna Boyd, Blenda Ramey, and Tammy Powers ' S-x-i ; 1. ) Mary Deel waits for the re¬ bound. 2. ) Tammy Powers, Mary Deel, and Edna Boyd show smiles while displaying the District Champion¬ ship Trophy. 3. ) Tigerettes as a group. 4. ) Tammy Powers lays the ball up for two points. 5. ) Sue Sutherland shoots from the foul line. 35 BIG BLUE MACHINE! 1. ) Tigerettes begin the game. 2. ) Coach Judy Compton cuts the net after winning the District title. 3. ) Sabrina O ' Quin shoots over a Gar¬ den player. 4. ) Tiger ettes walk off the floor after a hard fought game. 3 I JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD ENDS SEASON WITH 17-1 RECORD; WINS DISTRICT TITLE 4 " 1 ■ v A 7 .4 - o | ft ft | V. I ' ij ft ! -c ' ' ■ 1 f ft- | ■ - - ■ L . ■ Cl ■ u ± 1. ) Etta Viers moves around a Pound girl. 2. ) Linda Viers scores two over a Wildcat play¬ er. 3. )J.V. Tigerettes get ready to leave after a victory. 4. )J.V. Tigerettes to¬ gether. L-R: Freida Rasnack, Mary Turner, Linda Viers, Kelli Belcher, Sondra Younce, Etta Viers, Donna Duty, Tammy Sutherland, and Coach Shirley Salyers 37 TIGERS ALIVE AT 5-5 I think that we as a team became satisfied and forgot w r hat we could have accomplish¬ ed if we had only worked harder. We set as a goal The Districk Championship, and fell short by one game. Our season ended 5-5 and I feel that each of the players and coaches know that we were much better than our record indicated. The one posi¬ tive note that resulted from losses this year, was the realization that the possibility of a district championship at Haysi is no longer the " Impossible Dream " . We will feel great loss with the graduation of our nine seniors, but we were extremely fortunate to have 22 returning lettermen. With the leadership of our seniors next year, coupled with a highly talented junior and sophmore class, our dream of a District championship mya soon come true. My message to the team: Don’t be satisfied Dont ' t be average Always be thankful Coach Kiser 38 . « ia mi firiVifMiil if i i i i Y nfrirwif 1) . Jeff Duty and Rocky Dale nail an Indian for another loss. 2) . Tiger coaching staff; Asst, coaches: Tommy Neel, Raymond McCarty, Larry Compton and Head coach Butch Kiser. 3) . Grubbs connects with Sykes for 6 pts. against " Poky " . 4) . Tension builds as Tigers await big game with Honaker. 5) . Season Results. 6) . Keith Powers and Jeff Duty (71) drop another Indian. Randy Sutherland reas¬ sures him, " He ain ' t Goin ' No-Where " ! 7) . Tiger fans see action-- " That’s the way we like it " . 8) . 1976 Varsity Football Squad. 39 1.) Sam Sutherland adds a point to make it Tigers-14, Indians -8. 2.) Smitty Harrison takes his turn at the 1 ' massacre an Indian ' ' game. 3.) 1976 Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Peggy Church, Kathy Kiser, Tisha Taylor, Myra Stanley, Pam Farmer. 4.) Coach Kiser relays " a message to Jimmy Grubbs for the upcoming play. 5.) Terry Sykes brings in an 41-yard bomb from Jimmy Grubbs. 40 ROW I: Coach Bill Deel, Lane Sluss, Jimmy Rasnick, Rick O ' Quinn, Dwayne Yates, David Mitchell, Bob Dearman, Brad Childress, Bob Lyall, Randy Souleyrette, Coach David Yates. ROW II: Ronald Hill, Randy Bean, BinjiHart, Trevor Childress, Scott Anderson, Chuck Stiltner, Richard Edwards, Brian Owens. ROW III: Richard Fuller, David Yates, Stoney Fields, Kenny Edwards, Marty Lyall, Phillip Lyall. J.V. Football Squad Comes Through Season Wrap-Up 1976 Junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Deliliah Turner, Fern Deel, Sheila Wallace, Nanette Willis. Our 3-3-3 record was not as good as the previous two years but we were operating with a majority of unexperienced eight graders. The main objective in Junior Varsity Football is to prepare our boys to compete on the varsity level at play - - therefore we stressed fundamentals and learning the basic offense and defense used by the varisty squad; the wishbone offense and the 5-4 defense. It was in accomplishing these basic objectives rather than in the win-lose column that we felt we had a successful season. Coach, Bill Deel. 41 Tigers Seek District 1976-77 Varsity Basketball Squad. L-R Standing. Chris Deel, Bubby Mullins, Neil Edwards, Tommy Garrett, Eddie Steele, Sam Sutherland, Joey Owens, Jimmy Grubbs, Tim Senter, John Whitner. ROW II: Coach Norman Mullins, Allen Viers, Steve Potter, David Sutherland, Gerald Epling, Terry Sykes, Asst. Coach, Bill Deel. 42 The Haysi Tigers Basketball team has not done as well as expected; the boys are talented and competitive, but they have not been able to get it together. Although the team lost one of it ' s starting seniors due to injury, they have had good back up players. Thus far, the team is 4-11 overall and 4-8 in the district. Tigers are presently in 7th place. They have hopes of making the district playoffs and moving on to tiie regionals. There are 4 starting Seniors on the team. Coach Mullins hopes they will show some of their talented leadership for the remainder of the season and throughout the playoffs. IgggjgmK! 1.) Bubby Mullins pulls down rebound with host of Tigers around to make sure. 2.) 1976-77 Varsity Cheerleaders: Bella Puckett, Sandy Sykes, Minetta Owens, Tammy Colley, Regina O ' Quinn. 3.) Sam Sutherland blocks shot over back of Green Wave in hard fought game. 4.) David Sutherland brings ball down the base line. 5.) Tiger cheerleaders doing their job. 1) David Sutherland, a starting sophomore, has great potential to lead Tigers in the next two years. 2) Neil Edwards, a senior, averaged 16.8 points a game this year. 3) Bubby Mullins, an outstanding defensive player, brings ball down court. 4) Terry Sykes, a valuable defensive player, also averaged 13 to 15 points a game. J.V. Basketball team (L to R) Anthony Yates, Benji Hart, Eric Owens, Shawn Owens, Danny O ' Quinn, Gary Edwards, Jeff Sutherland, Bradly Childress, Jeff Owens, Mickey Barton, Royce Owens, Sitting: Mike Mullins Coach Larry Compton, Greg Woods J.V. Team Shows Potential Coach ' s Comment I would like to begin by saying this has been my most enjoyable season as a basketball coach. The talent on this team is unlimited; they can and may go places in the future . I don ' t want to single out anyone because the great season we are having is the result of a team [effort. We made some great comebacks (Hurley and Garden) and we have out-hustled every team we played. The results were not , always in our favor but the boys could always hold their heads high. In conclusion, I know this has to be one of the best J.V. teams to play at H.H.S. in some time. 1) J.V. Cheerleaders (L to R) Trina Owens, Stacey Garrett, Dedra Hill, Alfreda Turner, Rhonda Yates. 2) Jeff Sutherland brings down rebound. 45 Tigers Ranked Fourth 1977 Baseball Team. Standing L-R Coach David Yates, Tommy Garrett, Jeff Duty, Randy Sutherland, Bubby Mullins, jimmy Grubbs, Terry Sykes, Tim Senter, Coach Larry Compton. L-R Anthony Yates, Lyall Duty, Noah Edwards, Kent Yates, Gerald Epling, David Sutherland, Mark Hill. 1. ) Bubby Mullins, last year hampered with a broken foot, hopes to make a comeback this season. 2. ) Boys exhibit team togetherness as method of a win¬ ning season. 3. ) Randy Sutherland will take over first base duties. 4. ) Gerald Epling, last year ' s catcher, will finish up his varsity career this season. 5. ) Terry Sykes, a senior shortstop, prac¬ tices up for his first game of season. 6. ) jimmy Grubbs swings the wood. i ' V ' ■ f, - •4 — ; T Jl,-- : v ' The Tigers baseball team had its ups and downs last season. At the end of the year, they were in fourth place. Basically, the team displayed some good talent; the pro¬ blem was a lack of support from the stu¬ dents and the community. If the boys ' talents had been appreciated more often throughout the season, the team would have been more motivated — perhaps to the point of taking that elusive first place. Sophomore Wins Mile And Two Mile Event In CVD Meet (L-R) Don Rasnake, Ronald Wallace, Benny Garrett, Hugh Belcher, Jeffrey Wallace, Sidney Carico, Glen " Jackrabbit " Turner, Coach Raymond McCarty. (For years, the students and the com¬ munity haven ' t taken track seriously or even shown much interest in this sport. The students have great track capabilities and with training and ef¬ fort they can become great athletes in not only track but other sports as well. Sophomore, Glen Turner, il¬ lustrated this last spring when he won both the mile and two mile events in the Clinch Valley District Champion¬ ship meet. He totaled over 100 in¬ dividual points for the season. Hope¬ fully this should make us realize there are a lot more like him who have similar potential. The problem now is to get an enthusiastic track program organized and get the stu¬ dent interest aroused. 3 1. ) Coach McCarty is ready to time a run for Sid¬ ney Carico and Jeff Wal¬ lace. 2. ) Ron Rasnake and Ronald Wal¬ lace begin evening track practice with a warm up ex- cercise. 3. ) Benny Garret hands off the baton to Hugh Belcher dur¬ ing a relay race. 48 PUBLIC PERFORMANCES REVEAL BAND’S TALENTS 4 1. ) Band Director Bruce Rush stands in with the Drum line which includes (L-R) Mark Mullins. Rick Whitner, Jeff Owens, Andy Mullins, Jack Colley and Tony Colley. 2. ) (Center) Melinda Edwards, Drum Majorette and (L-R) Majorettes, Ka¬ trina Owens and Rhonda Yates. 3. ) Saxaphone line (L-R) Lane Sluss and Scott Anderson. 4. ) Trombone players (L-R) Kevin Turner, John Whitner, and Brian Rat¬ liff. 5. ) (L-R) Tuba-Terry Woods, Baritone- Carmel Rasnake, Trumpets-Buford Hill, Kent Yates, Rocky Barton, Wren- da Barton and Teresa Edwards. 50 6.) (L-R) Bass Clarinets- Curtis Jackson, Etta Viers, Brenda Rasnick. Clarinets - Keith Stanley, Lesa Church, Lisa Owens, Donita Mullins, Vickie Church, Brenda Ed¬ wards, Sheri Senter, Becky Branham, Pam Barton. 7.) (L-R) Rifle Corps in¬ cludes Stacy Garrett, Na¬ nette Willis, and Sandra Souleyrette. 36 members of the marching band began the year by drilling for the public performances they will be making. Under the leadership of Mr. Bruce Rush and Captain Melinda Edwards, the band performed at all home football games, at the student assembly programs, and at the Christmas parade. They also staged public concerts. They appeared at the South¬ eastern Band Festival, which included parade and field com¬ petition and a television ap¬ pearance. 51 Future Teachers Honor Faculty During National Education Week The highlight of the FTA club was National Education Week, which consisted of an assembly program that dealt with the past 200 years of national and local education. The group chose Mr. Ronnie Bartley as their guest speaker. Throughout the year the club is active assisting the faculty and administration whenever possible. The group ended National Education Week by serving refresh¬ ments to the faculty and administra¬ tion. 52 FTA Club. First Row: Vicky Branham, Jenny Mullins, Linda Viers, Dianne O ' Quinn. Sec¬ ond Row: Rita Willis, Mary Deel, Tammy Colley, Jennifer Childress. Third Row: Beverly Owens, Melissa Owens, Debbie Frazier, Pam Farmer, Tammy Corder, Eileen Hill. The FHA club had a busy schedule this year which included a goal to involve the members more than ever before. " Everyone worked really hard, especially the officers, " said Mrs. K.J. Powers, FHA advisor. Money-making projects included selling calendars and candy. The Christmas season was an active time for the club. Club queen and princess, Rosa Duty and Jennifer Compton, were in the community Chirstmas parade and canned cakes, which were prepared by the members,] were distributed to senior citizens as Christmas gifts. " The 118 member club not only had number it also had many excellent qualities, " said Mrs. Nancy Hudson, advisor. The officers worked many hard hours on the club ' s program of works for the year. " The program of works helped us stress our activities much better, " said Rosa Duty, club secretary. Future Homemakers Club Largest In School; Stresses Program Of Works 1. ) Mary Deel performs one of the many tasks of the FT A by sub¬ stituting for a teacher. 2. ) President Diane O ' Quinn tells the other members what a headache substituting for a teacher can be. 3. ) FHA Queen and Princess, Rosa Duty and Jen¬ nifer Comp¬ ton enjoy dis¬ cussing FHA activities. FHA Club. Row I: Carolyn O ' Quinn, Debbie Fuller, Edna Boyd, Sherry Edwards, Donna Deel; Row II: K.J. Powers, Ad¬ visor, Darlene McCowan, Delilah Turner, Sherry Willis, Nanette Willis, Lou Jones, Barbara Viers, Linda Stallard, Kathy Crihfield, Donita Mullins, Sherry Edwards, Gail Deel, Joan Mullins, Fern Deel, Lesa Church, Carla Coleman, Bernice Deel, Michelle Carico, Nancy Hudson, Advisor, Row III: Vicki Willis, Jennifer O ' Quinn, Linda Fleming, Jullie Fuller, Bonnie Deel, Robin Edwards, Daisy Deel, Shelia Woods, Debbie Barton, Josphine Kiser, Becky Hackney, Loretta Robin¬ son, Shelia Sweeney, Patricia Edwards, Lana Lockhart, Loretta Mullins, Phyllis Owens. Row IV: Roberta Turner, Teresa Gilbert, Judy Barton, Rebecca Gilbert, Brina Owens, Lisa Deel, Geneva Kiser, Vicky Barton, Roxie Body, Melissa Rose, Jennifer Compton, Judy Barton, Debbie Barton, Anna Gail Edwards. Row V: Rebecca Wallace, Dana Baldwin, Ka thy Puckett, Vicky Stanley, Lora Presley, Pam Ramsey, Freda Rasnake. Row VI: Pattie Farmer, Melissa Owens, Tammy Duty, Lisa Owens, Daisey DeelJ Rebecca Branham, Lawenna Rose, Shelia Lockhart, Lisa O ' Quinn, Lynn Duty, Carolyn Arrington, Lana Sykes, Mary Turner, Diana Stanley, Mary Anderson, Annette Carol, Sondra Younce, Vicki Parrigan, Row VII: Sherri Coleman, Cynthia Blankenship, Dorothy Hill, Teresa Hall, Donna Hess, Pam Edwards, Erma Dale, Vicky O ' Quinn, Kelli Belcher, Pamela Fuller, Donna Duty, Donna Souleyrette, Pain Duncan, Paula Duncan, Alfreda Turner, Janie Frazier, Letta Pauley. Key Clubbers Active; Maintain All-Male Membership 1 Key Club. ROW 1: Jeffrey K. Owens, Jeffrey L. Owens, Danny Rasnake, Greg Stanley, Tim Senter, Anthony Yates, Jimmy Grubbs, John Whitner, Steve Thomas, Tony Colley, David Yates, Advisor. ROW II: Buford Hill, David Sutherland, Bill Davis, Ronnie Owens, Barry Willis, Michael Woods, Andy Mullins, Micky Barton, Danny Spangler. ROW III: Rick Whitner, Jack Colley, Lyall Duty, Rodney Stiltner, Robbie Hay, Hugh Belcher, Phillip Willis, Steve Potter, Dexter Counts, Brad Childress, Eddie Stanley, Tommy Garrett. ROW IV: Bubby Mullins, FleaEpling, Randy Sutherland, Noah Edwards, Carmel Rasnake, Shawn Owens, Mark Hill, Warren Hay, Danny O ' Quinn, Chris Deel, Royce Owens, David Owens, George Wallace. 2 The Key Club is among the only remaining all- male organizations at Haysi. This service group directs traffic after school and at sport events, serves popcorn for ballgames, raises and lowers the flag each day and places spotters at the home sports activities. The club not only strives to help the school, but is responsible for many community improvements. Along with the local Kiwanis Club, the group helped add an addition to the refreshment stand at the football field. 54 3 Pep Pals Show Spirit By Supporting Teams Spirit and enthusiam were things the Pep Club posessed to make it one of the best clubs in the school. It strived to support all school sport teams with an abundance of school spirit. Pep buses traveled to most of the away sport events and pep sections were arranged at both home and away games. The members of the club shared the triumph of victories and the disappointment of defeats. 1.) Barry Willis and Ronnie Owens performs the daily task of putting up the flag. 2.) Jimmy Grubbs works hard on typing up rules for the new members. 3.) Pep pals get excited when the scoreboard shows that we ' re " STOMPING THE COBRAS " ! . Pep Club. ROW I: Dewayne Yates, Ricky Yates, Eileen Hill, Mitzi Rose, Gerald Epling, Hugh Belcher, Tommy Garrett, Anni Ruth Colley, Debbie Delaney, Alice O ' Quinn, Donna Hammons, Vonda Edwards. ROW II: David O ' Quinn, Sondra Wallace, Sabrina O ' Quinn, Regina O ' Quinn, Sandy Sykes, Bubby Mullins, Vicki Duncan, Minetta Owens, Debbie Boyd, Blenda Ramey, Tammy Corder, Sharlene Kilgore, Darlene McCowan. ROW III: Tammy Sutherland, Pam Deel, Danny Rasnake, Pam Farmer, Myra Stanley, Rhonda Yates, Katrina Owens, Tammy Colley, Pam Branham, Pam Barton, Rocky Barton. ROW IV: Peggy Church, Kathy Kiser, Karen Fuller, Lora Presley, Pam Ramsey, Kathey Puckett, Vicki Barton, Patty Fanner, Christine Rasnick, Amy Sutherland, Dedra Hill, Sheri Senter, ROW V: Buford Hill, Shawn Owens, Delilah Turner, Anita Kiser, Etta Viers, Kelli Belcher, Melissa Rose, Jennifer Compton, Vicki Church, Pam Duncan, Alfreda Turner, Paula Duncan. ROW VI: Rick Whitner, Kent Yates, Stacy Garrett, Nanette Willis, Dorothy Hill, Martha Raines, Donna Souleyrette, Donna Duty, Melissa Owens, Kathy Critifield, Teresa Yates, Sherri Coleman, Cynthia Blankenship, Teresa Wallace, Alice Woods. 55 Stefs? wimp 4-H Club Members Unite With Different Interests The main goal of the 4-H club is to involve young people with their community and adults. Although the group is small, it has proven to have quality. Important activities agreed on by club members were: Share the Fun contest, day camp learning programs and summer trips. The group also made several nature field trips and sponsored the annual talent contest, along with the Dickenson County Extention Agent. The year ended with several members attending 4-H camps as counselors. 4-H Club. ROW I: Mark Willis, Lisa Deel, Bill Anderson, Robbie Hay. ROW II: David Anderson, Frankie Sykes, Warren Hay, Don Artrip. ROW III: Brina Owens, Junior Epling, Tim Wampler, Mike Edwards, Ronnie Perrigan, Farley Sykes, Paul Gilbert, David Belcher Lee Deel, Advisor, Roy Deel, Advisor. ROW IV: Bubby Mullins, Hugh Belcher, Barney Deel, Rick Whitner. Annual Science Fair Climaxes Science Club Activities ■ft Science Club. ROW I: Sheri Senter, Tony Colley, Robbie Hay, Bill Anderson. ROW II: Warren Hay, Mike Younce, Kieth Willis, Stoney Fields. ROW III: Mike Mullins, Steve Thomas, Buford Hill, Rick Whitner, David Anderson, Mark Mullins, Melinda Edwards, Ricky Ratliff, Lane Sluss, Benny Hess, Jack Colley, Advisor. One of the most memorable occasions Science Club members had was a visit to the Tri-Cities Airport in Bristol, Va. This included a plane ride and aviation studies. A nature field trip through the mountains was an interesting experience and ended with the members getting ideas for their annual Science Fair Projects. The Science Fair was a two day event which enabled members to show and explain their different projects. These ranged from Aciputure to the complete explanation of the Heart. 1. ) Mr. Roy Deel, along with his brother Mr. Lee Deel sponcers the 4- H Club. 2. ) Mr. Jack Colley always offers his opinions on Science club matters. 3. ) Warren Hay works in the library on his Science club project. 4. ) Mark Mullins expresses his ideas for the Science Fair. 57 Theme Of Art Club Homecoming Float Was “Beat Indians” ' ' The members of the Art club have r been filled with creative ideas, ' ' said Mr. Bill Deel, club sponsor. This was proven during the Halloween season when the club sponsored the, ' ' Haunted House. " A fee was charged and this was an exciting money-making project. The annual art exhibit, which was held in the school library, was another example of the club ' s creativity. One of the hardest worked on projects of the group was the Art club homecoming float. The theme was, ' ' Beat Indians. ' ' It consisted of Indians capturing a Haysi High football player, but as you know, here came Tigger the Tiger. Our football player was rescued. 2 Art Club. ROW I: Debbie Boyd, Bubby Mullins, Vicki Duncan, Junior Epling, Sandy Sykes, Regina O ' Quinn. ROW II: Blenda Ramey, Tammy Corder, Mitzi Rose, Ruth Colley, Eileen Hill, Tommy Garrett. ROW III: Vicky O ' Quinn, Erma Dale, Sondra Wallace, Tina Owens, Dedra Hill, Sabrina O ' Quinn, Minetta Owens. ROW IV: Rhonda Yates, Katrina Owens, Anita Kiser, Etta Viers, Debbie Rasnake, Jenny Mullins, Deanna Mullins, Tina O ' Quinn, Pam Deel, Tammy Sutherland. ROW V: Nanette Willis, Stacey Garrett, Dexter Counts, Alice Woods, Neal Grizzle, Roger Ramey, Eddie Steele, Ron Rasnake, Linda Viers. ROW VI: Tony Colley, Jeff Taylor, Jenny Mullins, Hugh Belcher, Rodney Stiltner, Buford Hill, Rick Whitner. 58 KVG club. ROW I: Kelly Wallace, Mark Willis, Steve Viers, Jeff Tucker, Anthony Yates, Mark Hill, Jeff Wallace, Andy Mullins, Bill Anderson, RickWhitner. ROW II: Tommy Garrett, Hugh Belcher, Bubby Mullins, Junior Epling, Rocky Dale, Jimmy Baker, Eddie Stanley, Danny Deel, Jerry Vitatoe, Rick Mullins, Buford Hill. Keep Virginia Green Club Volunteers To Help Prevent Forest Fires The Keep Virginia Green club is a volunteer group, which is mostly interested in keeping the forests green and clean. The organization meets about once a month and attends meetings sponsored by the local fire wardens. These meetings pertain usually to preventing forest fires and how to control them once they have begin. The group also collects litter along the roadways and in the forests. 1. ) President Sandy Sykes, Blenda Ramey, Neal Grizzle, and Eddie Steele work hard on posters telling about the 1 ' Art Fair. ' ' 2. ) Linda Woods, Sandy Sykes, Bubby Mullins, Sabrina O ' Quinn, Regina O ' Quinn, Dexter Counts, Karen Stanley perform their skit on the homecoming float. 59 Bible Club Takes Active Part In School Assemblies Bible Club. ROW I: Jimmy Smith, Advisor, Janie Frazier, Annette Carrol, Clifton Deel, John Dearman. ROW II: Mark Willis, Debbie Frazier, Tony Colley, Melissa Owens, Jamie Sykes, Sheri Senter. 1.) Michelle Carico, Linda Fleming, Sherry Edwards, Debbie Barton, Julie Fuller, Pam Deel, Bonnie Deel, Jammy Sutherland, Letta Pauley do research for Book Club. Book Club Aids Librarian; Sponsors Monthly Book Sales The librarian, Mrs. Judy Fuller, is ably assisted by the Book Club. Since the library department is now taking care of all audio-visual equipment, the librarian is involved in many activities besides the work with books and magazines. The Book Club is basically a service organization, but finds time each month to sponsor the popular book sales. After completing a year ' s work, the members receive their honorary Book Club pins. 2. ) Vicky Perrigan, Sondra Younce, Sheila Wallace, Loretta Mullins, Dianne Stanley, Brenda Rasnake watch a movie in the library. 3. ) Gloria Rasnick, Nani Perrigan, Jean Carico, Vicky Edwards, Kathy Gilbert, Loretta Deel, Patricia Edwards, Deliliah Turner, Vicky Stanley, Irma Dale, Barbara Viers, Donna Hess, Pam Puckett do research for the Book Club. 61 Future Farmers Begin Classes In News Agriculture Building The FFA is a group that requires skillful knowledge. The group is taught agricultural techniques, machinery management and are encouraged to develop careers in farming and agricultural fields. Through participation in their different selected school projects the members of the club have gained needed confidence to pursue their individual goals. Helping the students is the new agriculture building, which has much new equipment including . auto and small engine repair, carpentry and woodwork. 1 FFA Club. ROW I: Mike Younce, Keith Edwards, Richard Fuller, Barry Willis, Greg Stanley, Jeff Lyall, Keith Edwards, Dennis McCowan, Greg Deel, David Turner, Jeff Baker, Mike Mullins, Linda Fleming, Carl Coleman. ROW II: Richard Green Ricky Yates, Kenny Edwards, Chuck Stiltner, Larry A. Deel, Scott Owens, Tim Wampler, Ranky Bean, Clifford Turner, Royce Owens, Kevin Turner, Byrd Fuller, Keith Woods, Ronnie Owens, Phillip Lyall. ROW III: Glenn Rose, Danny Duty, Johnifer Mullins, Carlie Fuller, Dennis Fuller, Earnest Owens, Darren Deel, John Ramey, David Yates, Benny Hess, Danny Roark, Kenny Hill, Greg Delaney, Tod Edwards, Gary Edwards, John Dearman, Dallas Owens, Jimmy Rasnick, Ray McAllister, Advisor. ROW IV: Ronnie M. Stanley, Woodrow Mullins, Robert Bailey, Ricky Deel, Danny O ' Quinn, David Mitchell, Randy Souleyrette, Lane Sluss. ROWV: John Baldwin, Sam Walden, Lamie Sykes, Benji Hart, Tim Lyall, Anthony W. O ' Quinn, Mickey Blansett, Joey Justice, Todd Dunford, Curtis Jackson. ROW VI: Greg Salyers, Advisor, Brian Owens, Brad Childress, Jeff Sutherland, Todd Dunford, Clifford Owens, Danny Powers, David Carmack. bw AMPC - Photography Clubs Join Having co-sponsors, Mr. Bill Wright and Mr. Darrell Silcox, the AMPC-Photo club got off to a good start. The club was formed combining the AMPC and Photography clubs. They helped fulfill -their purpose by learning not only how to take pictures but how to develop them. Many club activities were also centered around the topic of weather. 1. ) FFA officers, Bob Dearman, Clifton Boyd, Ralph Roark, Bradly Childress, David O ' Quinn, and Micheal Perrigan are always ready to help the FFA Club. 2. ) Mr. Darrell Silcox is a co-sponsor of AMPC - Photography. AMPC - Photography Club. ROW I: Scott Anderson, Keith Willis, Paul Rose, Brian O ' Quinn, Lane Sluss, Micheal Younce, James Tucker, Mark Mullins, Bill Wright, Advisor. Honorary Betas Sell Candles, And Candy To Attend State Convention Beta Club. ROW I: Debbie Fuller, Carolyn O ' Quinn, Linda Viers, Rosa Duty, Regina O ' Quinn, Sandy Sykes, Bella Puckett, Jenny Mullins, Hugh Belcher, Vicki Branham. ROW II: Angie Rasnick, Edna Boyd, Danny Spangler, Mark Hill, Tim Senter, Dianne O ' Quinn, Mary Deel, Tammy Colley, Karen Fuller, Kathy Kiser. R OW III: Noah Edwards, Jim Grubbs, Minetta Owens, Debi Mann, Sondra Wallace, Vicki Duncan, Blenda Ramey, Debbie Boyd, Mark Willis. ROW IV: Tammy Powers, Janet Breeding, Becky Hackney, Sue Sutherland, Anthony Yates, Rodney Stiltner, Beverly Owens, Melissa Owens, Jennifer Childress, Lane Woods. ROW V: Rosa Thomas, Sherri Hackney, Josephine Kiser, Carolea Willis, Ronald Barton, Bill Anderson, Robbie Hay, David Sutherland, Barry Viers. ROW VI: Donna Deel, Karen Hess. Selling candles, candy bars and Mums for homecoming were the money-making projects sending Junior and Senior Betas to State Convention in Roanoke, Va. The Beta club, an honorary society for students in grades 10-12, is basically a service organization. This includes rendering help in all parts of the school. To end the year, leadership certificates were presecuted to all Senior members. 64 o The FBLA Club aids its members for the role as professional business persons. " It is of hopes that these students will go on to business related schools to improve their abilities, 1 2 ' said Miss Jackie Collins, business teacher. The coed group delivered fruit baskets to a resthome, sponsored the elementary beauty pageant, took a trip to a business college and ended the year with the annual spring picnic held at the Breaks Park. The main highlight of the year, though, was the recognition by the National Business Leaders Association to allow the Haysi FBLA club membership. This permits them to compete in national FBLA activities. Future Business Leaders Join National Organization 1. ) Vicki Duncan is excited when she finds out she is attending the State Convention. 2. ) A group of FBLA members help Mrs. Taylor grade papers. FBLA Club. ROW 1: Vonda Edwards, Keith Woods, Debbie Delaney, Alice O ' Quinn, Donna Hammons, Lana Taylor, Jackie Collins, Advisors, Tammy Powers, Kathy Kiser, Karen Fuller. ROW II: Janet Breeding, Sherri Hackney, Rosa Thomas, Minetta Owens, Debi Mann, Sue Sutherland, Nancy Sutherland, Mitzi Rose. ROW III: Bernice Deel, Gale Rasnick, Sherry Thomas, Teresa Compton, Ramona Branham, Lana Burnett. ROW IV: Kathy Gilbert, Peggy Church, Pam Farmer, Carolea Willis, Karen Hess, Christine Rasnick. ROW V: George A. O ' Quinn, Keith Edwards, Ralph Roark, Eileen Hill, Tina O ' Quinn, Harold Byers, Advisor, Gary Edwards. 65 Annual and Paper Staff. ROW 1: Rosa Duty Yearbook Editor; Rita Justice Ads, Seniors; Kathy Gilbert Business Manager; Kathy Kiser Ads, Seniors; Sondra Wallace Underclassmen, Ads. ROW II: Robin Owens Writing Editor, Newspaper Editor; Dianna O ' Quinn Typist; Sandy Sykes Underclassmen, 1.) Forever friends, Regina OQuinn and Sandy Sykes laugh about soliciting ads in PiKeville, Ky. 2.) When the annual staff group picture was taken (atop the school building) Gerald Epling found time t skate on the ice. 3.) Senior staff member Rita Justice relaxes in the guidance office after returning from Grundy, Va., where her group sold advertisments. 4.) Freedom yearbook editor, Rosa Duty, waits in the office to speak with Mrs. Slusher, yearbook advisor. 5.) Karen Fuller and Kathy Kiser seem proud of their newly completed advertising section. 6.) Robin Owens, the most energetic senior in the 1977 class, couldn ' t wait to have her picture taken. ( b Yearbook Staff Forms Unique, Unified “Freedom”; Also Do School Paper Productions ■y 1ft ' A Freedom staff of fourteen kept busy during the year trying to produce a yearbook that included as many parts of the student body and administration as possible. The staff tried to unify the book by coordinating colored pages and designing a unique cover. 1 ' Colored paper and a different style for the yearbook cover broke away from the traditional, and I feel helped to further emphasize our theme of 1 ' freedom - espesically in matters of freedom to be yourself, ' ' said Rosa Duty, Freedom Editor. Hugh Belcher, photographer, attended a yearbook workshop and said, 1 ' I think the workshop helped make the book better. It was lots of fun. ' ' Disagreements are bound to erupt when so many opinions are involved and the Freedom staff was no exception. ' ' The staff worked together closely with a few disagreements, but the ending results show it was all worthwhile, ' ' said Robin Owens, senior staff member. Between deadlines the staff saved money by producing several editions of school newspapers. Typist; Regina O ' Quinn Typist, Sports; Karen Fuller Ads , Seniors. ROW III: Forrester Mullins photographer, Sports, Clubs; Hugh Belcher photographer, Sports; Gerald Epling photographer, Sports, Clubs. Not Pictured Vicki Duncan Underclassmen. 4 67 Memories Are Free HAYSI HIGH SCHOOL BAND © HAYSI VIRGINIA With common goals and com¬ mon belongings, we laughed, we loved, we played, we lost and won. Those were our school days. . . our happy school days. They were real, because we made them real. Theywere alive because we existed. Someday they will only be memories. 1. ) Haysi High School marching band comes onto the football field at a home football game. 2. ) Pep Pals show how they ap¬ preciate the Tigers ! ! ! 3. ) Tommy Garrett watches a Junior Varsity Bas¬ ketball game. 4. ) Mickey Blansett looks tired after 10 laps around the gym. 5. ) It seems as if Darlene Mc- Cowan knows something no one else does. 69 JUNIORS FAVOR CLASS RINGS TO HELP MAINTAIN TRADITION Debbie Arrington Roy Baker John Barton Tim Barton Vickie Barton James Belcher Hillard Blankenship Mickey Blansett Debbie Boyd Carter Branham Marvin Carico Sidney Carico Barbara Carmack Jennifer Childress Benny Church Peggy Church Ruth Colley Karen Colley Tammy Corder Jimmy Counts Rhonda Counts 70 Wayman Cumbo Chris Deel Donna C. Deel Donna J. Deel Kevin Deel Patricia Deel Ray Deel Robin Deel Ronny Deel Debbie Delaney Vicki Duncan Vonda Edwards Pam F armer Adonica Fink Debbie Frazier 1. ) Joey Owens and Chris Deel laugh about getting by with skipping class. 2. ) Tommy Garret, Ruth Colley, and Debbie Delaney show that they really are capable of cheering at pep rallies. 3. ) Sue Sutherland and Mitzi Rose enjoy talking before a ball game. 4. ) A first year German student, junior Kathy Moore is " spreching " Deutsch. Benny Garrett Tommy Garrett David Gilbert Darrell Green Neal Grizzle Jimmy Grubbs Becky Hackney Smitty Harrison Robbie Hay The Junior class ordered their class rings on November 11 and for many, this was what being a junior is all about. To some students their ring will be symbolic of memories of the good times and high school accomplish¬ ments; for those others who foresee college, their ring will be the first symbol of educa¬ tional achievement and holds the promise of more. 71 JUNIORS AWAIT TURN TO BE SENIORS Kenny Hess Eileen Hill Sharlene Kilgore Richard Kiser Debi Mann Kathy Moore Bob Mullins Brigette Mullins Mark Mullins Nickie Mullins Phillis Mullins Ricky Mullins Alice O ' Quinn Keith O ' Quinn Regina O ' Quinn Sabrina O ' Quinn Teresa O ' Quinn Tim O ' Quinn Tina O ' Quinn Beverly Owens Jeff Owens Joey Owens Melissa Owens Natalie Owens Vickie Owens 4 1. ) Eleventh graders are raring to go for the pep ralley. 2. ) Debi Mann and Sue Sutherland show by their expressions how they feel about Mon¬ day mornings. 3. ) Regina O ' Q uinn is actually doi%ig some¬ thing worth¬ while ???? 4. ) Vonda Ed¬ wards is a junior who enjoys cheering. 72 The Juniors began work early this year in order to present a successful prom. They worked extra hard on many projects to raise money. Committees were formed to help carry on business. These committees were led by the class officers: President, Debi Mann, Vice-President, Robbie Hay, Secretary, Carolea Willis, Treasurer, Blenda Ramey, Reporter, Rodney Stiltner, Parliamentarian, Sondra Wallace. This ambitous class is ready to put on the best prom ever. Bella Puckett Johnnie Puckett Blenda Ramey Roger Ramey Christine Rasnake Ron Rasnake Sue Rasnake Danny Roark Cecil Rose Jeff Rose Mitzi Rose Gary Souleyrette Myra Stanley Eddie Steele Rodney Stiltner Sally Stilner Billy Sullivan Sue Sutherland 73 PROM PLANNED BY AMBITIOUS JUNIOR CLASS Sandy Sykes Barbara Turner Bill Viers Jeff Wallace Ronald Wallace Sondra Wallace Micky Wampler Carolea Willis Melinda Willis Lane Wood Christine Y ates J anet Y ates 1. ) Debbie Arrington enjoys. knitting instead of doing her English. 2. ) Myra Stanley making an¬ other one of her daily fourth period calls. 3. ) Is Roy Baker doing his his¬ tory for the first time all year? 74 SOPHOMORES ENJOY LAST YEAR PHYSICAL ED Mary Anderson Terry Arrington John Baldwin Jimmy Baker Micky Barton Morris Barton Linda Barton Terri Belcher Bernette Boyd Judy Boyd Roxie Boyd Vickie Branham Sonja Byers Cathy Caudall Keith Church Sherry Coleman Cathy Colley Tammy Colley Rocky Dale Sharon Dale Barney Deel Bernice Deel Danny Deel Becky Duty Lyle Duty Eva Edwards Mark Edwards Micheal Edwards Noah Edwards Noah Edwards T erri Edwards Debbie Fleming 1. ) At a pep rally for the Basketball team, a group of sophomores show how they appreciate their team. 2. ) Linda Viers takes it easy during Study Hall. 75 SOPHOMORES GET DRIVER’S LICENSE D arlene F uller Debbie Fuller Harold Fuller Pam Fuller Ronnie Hackney- Benny Hammons Gary Hall Jerry Hall Debbie Hay Kathy Hay Connie Hess Tonya Hess Buford Hill Eddie Hill Mark Hill Robert Hill Connie Kiser Darline McCown Andy Mullins Deanne Mullins Denise Mullins Jeannie D. Mullins Jeannie L. Mullins Richard Mullins Carolyn O ' Quinn Lisa O ' Quinn David Owens Donna Owens 1. ) After Physical Education class, Mrs. Salyers and the girls wait for bell to ring. 2. ) Sophomore, Karen Stanley plays the part of Tigger the Tiger, at a Football game. 3. ) First year typing student, Mark Willis, finds his assignment for the day. 4. ) Mary Turner talks to Deanne Stanley about Driver ' s Education. 3 76 Eric Owens Jeff L. Owens Jeff Owens Shawn Owens Gary Perrigan Burns Phipps Micheal Puckett Kim Raines Johnny Rakes Carmel Rasnick Connie Ratliff 77 Paul Rose Sandra Souleyrette Danny Spangler Caudill Stanley Eddie Stanley Karen Stanley Robert Stanley David Sutherland Tammy Sutherland Frankie Sykes Lana Sykes ■ Alisha Taylor Jeff Taylor Steve Thomas Jeff Tucker David Turner Gary Turner Mary Turner Allen Viers Barry Viers Bob Viers Linda Viers Steve Viers George Wallace Pamela White Rick Whitner Alice Woods Tim Woods Keith Willis Mark Willis Anthony Yates Kent Yates 1 1.) " The tardy bell has already rang, Anthony! " The Sophomore year is the first year of eligibility for being invited to join the honor clubs of the school - - the Key Club and the Beta Club. Being eligible for varsity sports and prom ushers, getting your driver ' s license and taking that final year of physical education are some other highlights of the 10th grade. 10TH GRADERS INVITED TO HONOR CLUBS FRESHMEN MOVING ON UP Ninth graders must de¬ cide whether to follow the college preparatory, technical or vocational business curriculum. Future goals and am¬ bitions are being for¬ mulated at this point; freshmen can look for¬ ward to many activities and events before grad¬ uating. It ' s nice, as many freshmen have noted, just to move up a floor and have a hall locker. Trying out for Junior Varsity sports and sports related activities are also high points of the year for this class. David Anderson Clayton Baker Rocky Barton Randy Bean David Belcher Rebecca Branham Annette Carroll Brenda Chapman Bradley Childress T.isa Church Ricky Coleman Tony Colley Sheila Compton Jimmy Counts Irma Dale Brian Davis John Dearman Clifton Deel Fern Deel Gail Deel Hillard Deel Jeffery Deel Lisa Deel Keith Edwards Pamela Edwards Patricia Edwards Todd Edwards Trinia Edwards Janie Frazier Warren Hay Tammy Hackney Kelly Hackney Richard Green John Paul Gilbert Stacy Garrett Randy Fuller Eddie Fuller 1.) Pam Puckett helps Loretta Mul¬ lins fix a bulletin board in the library. 79 Jennifer Hill Ronnie Hill T erry Hill Joey Justice Anita Kiser Ervin Large Lana Lockheart Bobby Lyall Marty Lyall Joan Mullins Johnny Mullins Loretta Mullins Danny O ' Quinn J anet O K? uinn Kyle O ' Q uinn Vicky O ' Q uinn Brian Owens Brenna Owens Jackie Owens Jennifer Owens Katrina Owens Terry Owens Tina Owens Royce Owens Ronnie Owens Cecil Perrigan Micheal Perrigan Vicky Perrigan Danny Powers Loretta Presley FRESHMEN . .. THE YEAR OF DECISIONS 4 3 80 Kathy Puckett Pamela Ramsey Debbie Rasnake Freda Rasnake Brenda Rasnake Danny R asnake Ricky Ratliff Ralph Roark Loretta Robinson Lagwenna Rose Sherri Senter Dianne Stanley Greg Stanley Jeff Sutherland Sheila Sweeney F arley Sykes 1) . Jeff Sutherland and Tim Lyall relax with upper class- men at an assembly program. 2) . These freshmen girls show pride in their team by cheering at a basketball game. 3) . Milk is evidently neces¬ sary for growing boys, right Clifford ? 4) . Sherry Sutherland may be trying to get a word edgewise? 5) . Lydia Younce enjoys the sun during her lunch break. James Sykes Clifford Turner Delilah Turner Philip Turner Barbara Viers Etta Viers Sheila Wallace Darnell Wallace Adam Wampler Barry Willis Nanette Willis Philip Willis Sherry Willis Micheal Woods Vicky Y ates Lydia Y ounce Sondra Younce 81 SPIRIT STICK WON BY ENTHUSIASTIC 8TH GRADERS Scott Anderson Carolyn Arrington Robert Bailey Jeff Baker Dana Baldwin Gina Ball Debbie Barton Judy Barton Pamela Barton Roger Barton Dale Bean Kelli Belcher Cynthia Blankenship Pam Branham Michelle Carico David Carnack Carla Coleman Vickey Coleman Jennifer Compton Treavor Childress Vickie Church Bonnie Deel Daisey Deel Darrin Deel Gary Deel Greg Deel Jackie Deel Larry A. Deel Larry W. Deel Steve C. Deel Pamela Duncan Paula Duncan Donna Duty Tammy Duty Lynn Duty Ann Gail Edwards Freddie Edwards Gary Edwards Keith Edwards Kenny Edwards Patricia Edwards Robin Edwards Sherry Edwards Pattie Farmer Stoney Fields Gloria Fleming Linda Fleming Byrd Fuller This is the eighth graders first year of high school. It consists of everything from first year of Phys. Ed. to having their own locker. The girls mainly look forward to home economics and the boys look forward to shop. Everyone likes to join clubs. All in all eighth graders say they like high school better than elementary--they have more advantages, more responsibility, and a lot more freedom. 1. ) Gary Deel seems to have found something a little funny in his science book. 2 . ) Eighth grade cheer¬ leaders are symbolic of the tremendous school spirit possessed by their class. 3. ) Alfred a Turner and Paula Duncan carry on conversation while Pam Duncan and Rob¬ ert Bailey strain their ears to hear. 82 Carlie Fuller Jeffery Fuller Juliette Fuller Rebecca Gilbert Teresa Gilbert Teresa Hall Benji Hart Benny Hess Donna Hess Dorothy Hill Curtis Jackson Emma Lou Jones Donald Kiser Philip Lyall Dennis McCowan David Mitchell Donita Mullins James Mullins Jeffery Mullins Jonifer Mullins Ricky Mullins Anthony Newberry Anthony O ' quinn David O ' quinn George A. O ' quinn Jennifer O ' quinn Melissa O ' quinn Donna Owens Ernest Owens Geneva Owens Greg Owens Lisa Owens Melissa Owens Phyllis Owens Reva Owens 83 CLASS OF 1981 LARGEST IN SCHOOL Scott Owens Letta Pauley Martha Raines John Ramey Jimmy Rasnick Brain Ratliff Glenn Rose Melissa Rose Lane Sluss Randy Souleyrette Samuel Spangler Dennis Stallard Chuck Stiltner Tim Steele Nancy Taylor Alferda Turner David Turner Kevin Turner Sam Walden Rebecca Wallace Teresa Wallace Tim Wampler Vickie Willis Sheila Woods T erry Woods Bernice Yates David Yates Dewayne Yates Rhonda Yates Ricky Yates Teresa Y ates 1. ) Donald Kiser has secret artistic ambitions. 2. ) A reflective Melissa Rose. 84 WlllHIII CHANGING SCHOOLS DOESN’T CHANGE PERFORMANCE OF CLASS OF 1982 Sheila Altizer Michale Anderson Scotty Baker James Bartley Michael Bartley Wrenda Barton Deirdre Belcher Kerry Belcher Walter Belcher Joey Boyd Glenda Branham Jennifer Branham Jennifer Carol Kimrick Church Sammy Coleman Kenneth Colley Kathy Collius Earl Compton Danny Conaway Donald Crinchfield Betty Deel Debbie Deel Gerald Deel Gloria Deel Gregory Deel Karen Deel Lois Deel Teresa Deel Timothy Deel Travis Deel William Deel Angela Delaney 85 7TH GRADE SEES HAYSI AS MORE FREE, LENIENT Rannie Duty Brenda Edwards Margaret Edwards Scotty Edwards Teresa Edwards Conley Fields Tina Fields Raetena Fink Lelsha Fleming Lisa Fuller Rita F uller Timothy Fuller Vickie Fuller Kevin Gilbert Timothy Grizzle Patrick Grubbs Jeffrey Hackney Phyllis Hall Bonnie Hay Timothy Hayes Brian Hill Robert Kiser Anita Lyall Shelby Lyall William Owens Georgia Mullins Jennifer Mullins Lisa Mullins Melinda Mullins Timothy Mullins Diana O ' Quinn Joey O ' Q uinn Randall O ' Quinn Rocky O ' Q uinn Duane Owens James Owens 4 1. ) Mr. Neel ' s students are hard at work in their math. 2. ) These seventh graders are talking over some big plans for the day ' s activities. 3. ) Halloween King and Queen, Patrick Grubbs and Kathy Colli us, re¬ lax in the library. 4. ) Michael Bartley, Jenni¬ fer Branhan and Teresa Edwards are " really caught " by surprise. 86 For most 7th graders the change from elementary school to high school is a big . No longer the oldest and ruling class in the school, the student finds himself the youngest, open to ridicule and teasing from the upper classes. Some feel the rules of high school are more lenient than in elementary school and believe this is a definite sign of more mature treatment. The teachers also ex¬ pect them to be old enough now to have more responsibility. 2 Judy Owens Sandra Owens Judy Perrigan Thomas Perrigan Phillip Puckett Rebecca Ramey Kenneth Rasnake Steven Rasnick Timothy Ratliff Steven Roark Jacqueline Rose Paul Rose Robert Stallard Keith Stanley Loretta Stanley Margaret Stanley David Stiltner Randy Stiltner John Sykes Betty Viers Charlotte Viers Keith Viers Leasha Viers Richard Viers Larry Wallace Melissa Wallace Sonja Wallace Dale Wampler Mary White David Willis Locretta Willis Ricky Wood Cheryl Y ates F ond a Y ates Jessie Y ates Robert Young 87 88 89 Students Express Opinions On Freedom . . . " Free to be yourself. " (Karen Fuller) " Ability for me to do what I want. " (Debbie West) " Free to be me. " (Deliliah Turner) " Being at peace with myself. " (Jenny L. Mullins) " To totally express yourself. " (Jackie Collins) " You possess freedom until you infringe upon others. " (Judy Fuller) ,r Having the right to wear my jeans to a recep¬ tion on Pennsylvania Avenue. " (Jewel Askins) " Getting to do what you want to do, without parents permission. " (Janie Frazier) " Not going to school on Saturdays. " (Lana Taylor) 90 Popular Rock Music Draws Student Interests 1. ) Outside enjoyment, such as bas¬ ketball, lets the students feel free¬ dom. 2. ) After physical education, Darron Deel rests outdoors in the breeze. 3. ) A group of 10th graders prepare for lunch. 4. ) Many under¬ classmen look forward to becoming older, getting licenses, graduation, or in other words -- freedom. 5. ) A group of seniors wait for graduation, work, college and more freedom. 6. ) Eileen Hill, Jenny Mullins, and Tina O ' Quinn attended a rock con¬ cert in Johnson City, Tenn., at which the rock group, KISS, per¬ formed. 6 " To touch the world with a s ong is the most memorable gift anyone can offer. Music, is a feeling. " (Tina O ' Quinn) " Easy listening and soul music helps me feel better when I ' m down. " (Judy Boyd) " I like soft rock best. When I ' m depressed easy listening music gets my mind off things. It seems that I can relate a lot of songs to my own life, but I also enjoy some hard rock too. " (Minetta Owens) " Hard and soft rock are my kind of music be¬ cause I can really understand it. " (Neal Grizzle) " I prefer rock music to any other because I like the lyrics and the sound. It suits my mood bet¬ ter than any otherkind. " (Debi Mann) " I enjoy rock. I think it is the most real type of music at this time. " (Della Deel) " I like country music because I think it blends in with my lifestyle. Fox on the Run and Country Roads are my favorite country songs. " (Mary Deel) 91 Small Sporty Cars Seem Popular In Freedom Survey " A sturdily built small or mid-size car, for example a Z-28 or similar quality built sports cars, not necessarily new, but in good shape. " (Hugh Belcher) " Older sporty cars because they are more fun to drive and you can spend lots of time fixing them up. " (Rosa Duty) " Vans because I think they are practical, spacious, and beautiful. " (Vicki Duncan) " Chevelles and International coal trucks because they are tough, and the men that drive them are usually tough looking also. " (Robin Owens) " I really like Camaros because I think they are the best looking car made. " (Bubby Mullins) " I like Chevrolets. They are a better built car and among them is the Chevelle. " (Wesley Hall) " My sister owns a Monte Carlo and I really think it is a neat. They are among my favorite cars. " (Pam Duncan) " My favorite car is my Camaro. It runs good, handles good and is very sharp. " (Mickey Blansett) " I prefer bigger cars because I can hog the road and when I ' m going some place, people look at you like you ' ll rich. " (Dianna O ' Quinn) " If I were buying a car, I would chose a small car, such as a FIAT Sport Spyder because they are practical and very economical. " (Donna Duty) 92 " I plan to bring some real food to Haysi by- installing a Ronald McDonald ' s restaurant because I want to be a big celebrity in Haysi. " (Ronald Barton) " I plan to attend college at J VCC and go into the nursing program. " (Sondra Wallace) " I plan to go to college at Southwest Virginia Community College and become a nurse. I then plan to work for a while and eventually have a family. 11 (Rita Willis) " I plan to go to college and major in Art. I want to seek a career as either a professional cartoonist or an interior decorator. 11 (Debbie Boyd) " After graduation -- marriage. I ' d like to get a job, hopefully as a secretary after I have been married for a while. Someday I hope to have a family. " (Kathy Gilbert) " College majoring in either math or science, because I plan to teach school or go into medicine. " (Beverly Owens) ' 1 would like to be a veterinarian. I really enjoy animals. " (Warren Hay) " I plan to either go to college or to the Air Force and become a nurse. " (Bella Puckett) Students Reveal Fantasies 1.) Air hockey during P. E. 2.) Popular fantansy - getting out of school. 3.) Puckett sisters check out. 4.) John Dearman - study¬ ing? 5.) Frank Pres¬ ley waits for vocational bus. 6.) C athy Harrison has no time for fan¬ tasies. 7.) Most Senior girl ' s fantasize mar¬ riage. 8.)Alfreda Turner and Paula Dun¬ can compare grades. 2 Ideas For Change In Haysi 1 4 be change d. 11 (Melissa Owens) " I don ' t think evening homeroom is necessary. " (Kathy Kiser) " We need a student lounge. " (Minetta Owens) " We should be allowed to go to town during our lunch hour. " (Peggy Church) " I think there needs to be more room available for student parking. " (Rosa Lee Duty) " The cafeteria should have a coke machine and there should be music like there was last year. " (Dedra Hill) " Each student should have one free period each day to themselves. " (Robin Owens) " Exams should be eliminated. " (Tina Owens) " There should be change of the rule concerning public affection. " (Greg Stanley) " There needs to be a younger and more understanding faculty. " (Ann Gail Ed¬ wards) 94 " My first date with Lisa is the most memorable exper¬ ience for me. We went to the Breaks Park on a picnic. " (Clifton Boyd) " Football season is something I can never forget. It was indeed a fun and much enjoyed experience for me. " (David Mitchell) " I can remember very well when I got my Kawasaki 100 about two years ago. I felt like I had everything I would ever need. " (Barry Viers) " I enjoyed football season, and I can never forget the game against Garden High. I got a touchdown and an interception. 11 (Brad Childress) " I ' ll always remember the day, Dianna Deel, Rita Ro¬ binson, and myself locked Mr. McAllister up in his of¬ fice during Agriculture class. It upset him, but it was funny. " (Alma Rasnake) " My most memorable experience was when we almost won the semi-regional basketball finals game. " (Mary Deel) " the KISS concert in Johnson City. " (Alice Woods) " when I became engaged to Kimble. " (Sherry Coleman) " We, as long time friends can never forget our school days, such as; cherry milkshakes, coal trucks, fast cars, our love for Aigner leather goods and money, fishing season and most of all - our friendship. It couldn ' t been any better! (Rosa Duty and Robin Owens) Students Remember Special Moments 1. ) Lisa Fleming is asking for a ride home after school. Vicky Edwards says there ' s room in her Vega. 2. ) Minetta Owens suggested a student lounge when asked what she would change about Haysi High. 3. ) Mark Mullins admires himself in the glass trophy case. 4. ) After a hard hour in physical education class, a good lunch refreshes these girls. 5. ) After checking in late, Sondra Younce prepares to get her books for class. 6. ) Janet Breeding said one of her favorite pass times was going to the movies. 7. ) A very popular movie at Haysi was " The Omen. " 95 MESCHER MANUFACTURING CO. Builders of Mine Tractors and Scoops Electric and Acetylene Welding Grundy, Virginia 24614 Phone: 935-2672 THE PITTSTON COMPANY COAL GROUP Lebanon, Virginia 24266 YELLOW PAGES ARE WHERE TO LOOK COLLEY DUTY LUMBER COMPANY INC. Rt. 2 Box 146-A Cleveland Viers NU-VU-TV Jerry ' s Drive In George Slusher Marvin Senter Natney Machine Shop Haysi, Virginia 24256 Oakwood Barber Shop Coleman and Robertson, Attorneys County Treasurer, Paul E. Moore Elkins- Kendrick Enterprises, Inc Bill Harold Gerry Coleman Baldwin ' s Exxon Owners: Earnest Duty and Lawrence Colley Clayton Perrigan Cumberland Band And Trust Company Offices at Grundy Clintwood Haysi Oakwood Royal City 98 99 100 Compliments Of Splashdam Mine 101 SALYERS SHOES AND SHOE REPAIR Main St. Clintwood, Va. B G MOTORS Phone: 24 hr. wrecker 926-6211 Phone: Day: 754-9671 Night: 754-5200 or 754-9050 Elkorn, Ky. ' Home of 57 MAIN PLACE Featuring: adidas faded glory male jeans Indian Jewery and Diamonds Bass shoes A full line for everyone Phone: 606-754-4836 service racing team ' R.V. McCOY, JR. Box 734 Clintwood, Va. 24228 Nationwide Insurance Phone: 926-8451 ORLENA’S BEAUTY SALON 3 operators Open Tues. - Sat. Phone: 754-9941 102 BUCHANAN SUPPLY Vansant, Virginia 24216 Phones: 935-7581 or 935-7582 103 TO YOU FROM THE Hair Shop Grundy, VA Phone: 935-7212 People’s Department Store " Outfits for the entire family " Bonnettes Main Street Clintwood, VA Phone: 926-6061 Tate Memorial Tate Memorials Finest Quality Monuments George Marie Tate Speciality Advertisine Newton Lane Stay Eva Wood Clinchco, VA Phone: 835-8282 Buford Blankenship General Merchandise Rt. 1 Vansant, VA Ph: 597-7511 Paul’s Gulf Station Ph: 597-7052 24-Hour Wrecker Service, Minor Repairs Prater, VA Ann’s Beauty Shop Compton’s Body Shop Ann Epling Owner and Used Cars Open by Appointment Prater, VA Ph: 597-7641 Vansant, VA Bob Compton and Ph: 597-7046 Ronnie Owens Vansant Super Market Grundy, Virginia Phone: 597-7880 106 Clintwood Dollar Store Shoe Shack 107 Clintwood Sewing Electronics Crabtree Furniture And Appliance Company Box 198 Dean Crabtree Donnie Joe Mullins Brenda Mullins Paul Mullins Clintwood, Va. Free Delivery Store Hours: Mon. -Fri. 9 to 6 Sat. 9 to 5 ' The Name You Can Trust in Quality Furniture " Virginia Citizen’s Bank Clintwood, Va. Member FDIC Serving Dickenson County ' With Good Neighbor Banking " Haysi Insurance Agency R. Charles Hay, Agent Phone 865-4884 Haysi, Virginia 108 109 Jim O’quinn Ford Haysi, Virginia no Ill 112 E S GROCERY ROGER’S CO. " A Friendly Place To Shop " Grundy, VA PIGGLY WIGGLY Stores at: Richlands, Grundy, Honaker, Lebanon 113 114 Miners and Merchants FDIC Bank and Trust Company- Phone Grundy, Va 24614 935 - 8161 Phone: 935-2991 MUTTER INSURANCE AGENCY Grundy, Va. RIFE WHOLESALE INC. Box 823 Grundy, Va. B. Jonothan Rife President Phones: 935-2015 935-4747 Box 1011 Grundy, Va 24614 BUCHANAN OIL CORPORATION Phillips 66 115 CAROL’S JEWELRY GIFT SHOP Vansant, VA located at Anchorage Shopping Center Keepsake Diamonds B.C. DISTRIBUTORS CORP. Stereo Electronic Equipment Vansant, VA H M PARTS INC. Vansant, VA 24256 Phone: 935-2254 COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE’S GENERAL STORE " Your dollars make cents at Wayne ' s " Owned and operated By Mr. Wayne Owens The Store that saves you more Thank you for your patronage. 116 Grundy, VA ROYAL GULF Minor tune up’s S H Green Stamps Ph. 935-2527 Grundy, VA HORN’S SPORTING GOODS Rt. 2 Box 15-f Grundy, VA Anchorage Shopping Center Vansant, VA 24614 Phone: 935-7821 117 SEARS CATALOG STORE LAUREL’S MOTEL Gift Shoppe and Restaurant " Gateway to the Beautiful Breaks Interstate Park " Rt. 80 Haysi, Va. Owners: Haysi, Va. Willie Shirley Phone: 865-5197 or 865-5196 Gertrude Joy Reba and Mason Rose Phone: 865- 4623 Cathy BARTLEY CHEVROLET INC. Phone: 865-2241 Jim Bartley General Manager 24 - Hour Wrecker Service v Haysi, Virginia Chevrolet - Building A Better Way To See The USA 118 HART’S SHOE STORE Haysi, Virginia BYERS’ DOLLAR STORE Haysi, Va.. ' Thank You For Shopping. " HAYSI PRO-HARDWARE Complete Home Furnishings ' Low Prices, Easy Terms " Mgr. - Mr. George Yates Phone: 865 - 5150 Haysi, Va. HAYSI DEPARTMENT STORE Haysi, Virginia Phone: 865 - 5127 Viers Appliance Sales and Service Broyhill Upholstery Kelvinator Appliances Complete Home Furnishings Haysi, Va. Keepsake diamonds Musical Instruments Haysi, Va. RATLIFF JEWELERS 119 SUTHERLAND’S DEPT. STORE Gateway to the Breaks Motel WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Parts, Appliances, Toys, Tools and Paint Distributor of Doxol Bottle Gas " Center of the John Flannagan Dam and Breaks Interstate Park " Phone: 865 - 5313 Haysi, Va. 121 122 123 611 SERVICE STATION GROCERY Complete Line of Fine Groceries Picnic and Party Supplies Gas and Oil Products Phone: 865 - 4085 Wide Selection of General Merchandise Owner: Ray Hall Bartlick Creek Haysi, Va. 124 125 126 HUGH’S AIR CONDITIONING Clintwood, Va. Phone: 926-6677 Ronald Mullins, Owner General Electric Carrier Amana 127 128 LAFAYETTE Owned by: Denny H. Powers George W. Powers Lafayette Radio Electronics “The Electronics Shopping Center” Located at: Anchorage Shopping Center SANDY VALLEY LANES Brunswick Pinsetters; Pro-shop; Snack Bar; Parking Lot; Billards; Bowling; Air Conditioned Dial 935-2532 Deel, Virginia 129 HAYSI FUNERAL HOME T’kcr S no i " l 0 IAa, S ' e K. Manager Chad Barton Air Conditioned Chapel Phone: 865 - 5391 Haysi, Virginia p I K CC 130 JUSTICE AUTO PART Auto Truck Parts High Performance Equipment Grundy, VA o P rt T) CD nr S3 o On 8 • • O r—• o M nr H— VO P P to CO P Os rt a On On t— Q H{ e CO • 3 00 • 52° GRUNDY FRONT END SHOP Box 774 Grundy, VA 24614 COCHRAN’S BLOCK INC. Phone: 935-2390 Route 2 Box 3 Grundy, Virginia 24216 131 B L Maytag Company Complete Home Furnishings ■ ' Better Furniture-Moderately Priced ' ' Admiral Hot Point Maytag Seally Bassett Norge Pikeville, Kentucky Grundy, Va. 24614 Drawer Y Phone: 935-2001 JOHNSON MULLINS CHEVROLET Clintwood, Va. Compliments Of SWORD’S ELECTRICAL SERVICE THE SOUND SHACK Grundy, VA Stereo Components Amplifiers Receivers Speakers Turntables Tape Decks Records Tapes ' SPECIALIZING IN ROCK MUSIC” Compliments Of THE FRIENDLY MARKET Grundy, Virginia 134 ? i v TWENTKTH CEtfrURY-PCK Pwrt GREGORY PECK LEEREMICK THE OMEN A HARVEY B ERNHARI M CE NEUFRD PRaXCTlCN c zmovmm . biwewhit aw MACENHJFELD m HARVEY BERNHARD mi, RICHARD CONNER — CAVID SBIZER ». lERKfOOLDSMITH hwmsion h ”” 1 tnnwiTBtm nftnil OH TATTOO WcoMS AND TAPES. OISTWOUTED BY MA ACCORDS RISTRICUO HAYSI THEATRE liaysi Va. Phone: 865-4957 Morgan Compton’s Grocery Your Friendly Neighborhood Store Grocery, Dry goods and Feed Indian Creek Sutherland’s Clinic J. P Sutherland Rt. 2 Box 64-A Grundy, Va. 24614 Phone: 935-2133 136 Jesse Newberry Super Market Haysi, Virginia Phone: 865-5120 Riverside Grocery And Trailer Sales American Gas and Oil Owner: Calvin S. Sullivan Phone: 959-2211 137 138 OPTOMETRIST 139 Bee, VA Phone: 959-2760 140 DAVIDSON’S PIC PAC SUPERMARKET EDWARDS TEXACO ' ' Where Friendliness and Service Count ' ' Rt. Box 107 HWY 83 Clinchco , Va. 24226 Phone: 835-9826 Phone: 432-2321 Carroll Edwards, - - Owner Pikeville, Kentucky THE RICHLAND’S NATIONAL BANK ' ' Your Bank In Tazewell County Since 1916 ' ' ISLAND CREEK Member FDIC STORES Richlands, Va. Holden, West Virginia 25625 Branches: Raven Va. and Cedar Bluff, Va. 142 In this time of endless complications and hurried lifestyle, it is assuring to know there are some who find satisfaction in the simple things. Working together and being part of each other has been one of the Freedom staff ' s most rewarding goals this year. As Editor of the 1977 Freedom, I would like to thank the photographers of Elizabethan Studios for their help with pictures; Mr. Jack Cross, Josten ' s American Yearbook representative, who gave his advice; Mrs. Kathy Slusher, our faculty advisor, for giving her assistance and listening to our every problem; my staff, who really made this yearbook possible; the administration, faculty and guidance departments, who contributed greatly to this publication; Sherry Edwards, a fellow classmate, and Mr. Bill Deel, a faculty member, who did special artwork for the yearbook; Mr. Bill Wright, my annual advisor last year, for developing pictures for us; and most of all - my family, for being so understanding and patient during the past year. As proven, cooperation is one of those simple things that comes naturally to beautiful people. Rosa Lee Duty, ' 77 Freedom Editor Follow Our Freedom 144 ■ ’ »r..H ivol . ' ;» :»•»■ • » -t aarJ .i i m « •» » »u J •O w i n. t«V ' i J- n; a )4w K » .« v « fc flr i f. w Xr e o r tj To oat ©T -V h e StueefeS YVices 4 cuTesf tuj S m U-H..5 ujWo m ) z uev u€r nruich. ftesT u) A Vies in +ke WirU- G iU ivia loUfc.Hop SiLCCeed n t trk vr d°j ? ci «a r h Sin?ir 4 a KiS+lin a - 4 - f e we -• aoje» r ™ ' S.vTru $ u;HiUlin r Mje ulr? Ure +t T th 3 u Wi + h all mu br 2or cje, y°v haoe te h 1 t-h’j axt v or 3 v tu ?- hrtO 2L ho £ a o o ooci eJ OK XU pe oue ' ll qc£ cj to o 0 re GooA I j Cl uj, ■ - e »V ' « cAwai S Iksl ' va SlO G- C jOci JjObLl ' Vld ' fe n SL OsJYV IhoV 2 X l CAA G lLOI S LKlilOlK.-. v ; t b JL 5 U AWMmhu ClQO IV CVCod ITwulS aA i l S. cx yl 4 a.Q 0 yXp lad 03 ovcCV, MMu nire all cWo 5 txK ixRvd dd S-W ua ci n Has S 4 vQ Ivopo GU.aV‘ 5 iOO. 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