Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD)

 - Class of 1953

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Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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s 12 ij A x . n, ga 1,r2:z w-1,1..+- A ',sf.L?4.4f.-1,,f.,. 5 A f -f s: . , -W' 'F ' J 1 ' ' f' A: ' Q- H +- P EW:-r.fg: : p h.i'w.. rx ' J tksgibm Mayan mei . 1 .1 Qwi , A - A fig ' '- -2 ., , , .W -- - Q r . ., - H--f . W- fm' .. A - . -'T ' f ,,.f-z-.-1:"" 3j-'T-f' , . agffyl. , E73,f45:'fi2 K Q5 3533 'M' Zim Nuff. , ' A U1 x EL? is . f 'M VA' ' 1 ' ' Q' 4' v. 1 Y 1 1 4 1 'uv ffm GV 'Q' S if .f . Wada, "" ',fg""1 ' " " ' "gt" up "fg""j3i WAZSQ 'J' F ' 5f1if""f fi""'Z' 'ff "W" '2"a4M f Q 3A5jgL,. ' 'Z , 'flwtp' f I Q' ,, K, ie md. -A ff sv gt YW ,W ' ,f -,fx va . LQ . J, . 4' Jw W 21 . F M , 1 ' , X 5 , A 1 if " f Q 'ZH 1 W ' 4.4 J 1 , - lf - 1 1 M1 ww. 'J-fn! 1 idk' 5 'L 'nm " Q. '1 F11 ,gm L, .l ,.-'Zi' , , f A 4 2 1 1 . V .. , dmv' 'W 1 ua f Mrfeg , -, N .1 -A 5-A .4 .- ,, W . Q A,.gg,:.g'f ,.,,v,:f:. 5 5 1:,,,,3ffu,,i.ha, r. Q'?'A311'ffgfY3,'F7?335gi'fE7ig5'Q"5' 'k'.:'E- xf, Q" -I M .11 --"Vi - ' ' I vf?-6 :fb "wa X. 'Uni' W ,--m 1-, . U , , s f - 1 31. nl' I-'r I. ' ' ,1-,L '. '- fi'-. .V ,Q . .-,, -- :-,,,-w.- f - - ,flax ff f. ,,R -, n ,,,5. L,,? Vx- 411. iwnflzg :rm yn V. E.. 5.4 QA My ..L.-,ww . 4. ,.x,.-,,,r'f .iizi-gg'-f5Y"i.' -W '4 , 1, V1 ..',,.,..-, :f- - K-L5 -r.'S"f!f.. N- 1 5 3 . slip: hfilflfff. lf' . ' E? :L , up 4 WS .ln ,. ,sf-1 :4?v4A " ' 23-5 . 2, , A R 3 t 5 A N J 4, X ,- x , 41' . -,- q' , Q, . A L, -X lifzlf :Gi , if 'rt v 1 km M W . :Z 'xv PY . N ! , .Q Ag p , .Vw ,e. aff' gn '. ,iw . w X i Q. ax' Vg ' ,- vc 4 ,-v wr ei gfugu g g ,N HQ., rg-2,3 k K TQJEQQ1 - yn " 1' 4 -. ,".3.gf-1' :L ., L-Jw my ' 132,-, . - 'i'fg'j, -" ZI"'r 1' -, r' 4 ' ,S"Ys:.1,,l:,i'-I'y - 4 ' ' ,If A31 "K"-g V . v .'--. , , '. ,f-A v .'.' , 42 V '1L.Q:if3:1" Q ' aff' lx . , f: - " Y , Tm, 371. M U PM 13,5 , f we 4: " S, ugqwzfyannucfx JN-Q 084.11 . x ,IX """-'g - ' 1., L Im T"12E11.:. f gig fflilllf, f 1 'U"'2f2sf, f fy' ' f ,:.g,...jz-..:--...LT L':5g::.' L. ulllmlg A 'I 5 fgnv .fb fi- .4 ffm. EW Q' ' Fir- 'J 'vb' "A un: MI? " " 'Q gfZffLd:.nul?W! Q YJQTQ, 4' 3 4 I 'S' f .h5,fFf,y,' 9 ' 'N . vi rg v Ei. IIIIAALQSI xxx. I - ' f f ?if!'1:ff If,V ,Z vm nlnwpcwzvr Wifi, L f' A A fx! rr- Hu g W -. 161V lti-fi " ' . L " V 9433555 " . f 13121 f '1 5 izsggm ,Ax arf- 3-,. ' x v.x-a..- T?-ink : "":Z' .-va 0. """"' Qi. ..l- ""i', ,-,- ii 7 .-.i, i. - ...- 11- l,, 1 Qahrn Bn rams 51513 ggchonl 7 ahrn its raw, . nhirniinn ,f -XM? it Qt o K x. x v X, ,, 5- wal' Ex X "a X , x gf TO OUR PARENTS TO YOU, DEAR PARENTS, for your faith and trust in us we dedicate this yearbook. We treasure it in your memory--always hoping we will be able to return through some small ways all you have done for us. 2 - i'1f'1:f. 5f:sfs:. aw. 4 - 'f xxwreou 5' BUNCH DMINISTR TIO MR, GRAYSON S. BURRIER Principal MRS, ROSE BEYRANT Secretary 1 A , E NRTZA H , ' , in H-QM: MR. DAVIS - Guidanceg MRS. PAYNE - Libraryg MRS, RAMIREZ - Musicg MR. KAMINSKI - Art. MR. Training, Math, Frenchg MRS. COBOURN - Latin, Historyg MRS. DAVIS- Mathematics. FISHER - Driver MR. FAUVIE - Industrial Artsg MISS BLAND - Home Economicsg MR. TARBERT - Machine Shop. MR. GRAFTON -- Boys' Physical Education, MISS SHEPTER -- Girls' Physical Education MRS. BUTKIEWICZ - Vocational Business: Mr. May - General Busi- ness. CORE TEACHERS: FRONT ROW - MRS. BALDWIN, MISS DONNELLY, MRS.BENNINGTON, MISS EDMUNDS, MISS PURCELL. STANDING - MR, KIDWILER, MR, MILLER, MR, MCNAMEE. Q lui S fgs fszase fb rimmrnmsm QQ W fb aff" X Q Q Q V lx CX, fb dl 5, 0 lx Uk - S Q wb 17 D00 5 0 Q i, V SQA M X 7 im OO G 7 Q Ax O0 Q ' 1 222 x O f f -,N Q Q Q C7 USD Q 'Iggy U ' OO EV . SAX , U 'b QQ " y' ' U O Q QQ Q XQQCQ I A IA-XXX Q O Q G G ' , Q Q 7 Q C' Q U . if Q Q, QQ Q Q QQ QQ i q' 0 QQQ0 cf V X-" O09 Qs , Q 451 is Q' Q O 0 9 Q oO Q Q m X Q , oog gfi Q Cl iw nznmr Q EI Do CLASS OFFICERS 0 .. -,A : , 1: - 0 ,i5,1jfa1f' w. ,A 1 .--, , .L.- ,,-.,': . A W., 54 o una D Do Q 5? 0 .Qi"'S U .1 , ' lg' ,, C, L giz Q 0 SS L -: - . 4' S Q ' S T, SS Q Q Q D D D D C' G , 0 D PRESIDENT: o 0 Q C, D E, VICE-PRESIDENT, 2 Z SECRETARY: O ,f O Z O Q Q TREASURER: MICHAEL ANDREW MARY MICHAEL BARBARA ANN GER- FRANKO -' 'Mike' DOYLE -- 'Mary DOM -- "Gert" . . . . . . Academic . . . Mike' . . .Academic Commercial, , , Ath- 'Such a deal' . . . Carefree, Confusion, affable, dependable . . . President of Soph- omore Class, President of Senior Class, Glee Club 2, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Thespians 3 fPresidentJ, 4, Student Director of Ir. Class Play, Chairman of Magazine Drive 4, Gracian 4, Yearbook 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Usher 3, 4. ROBERT MARVIN AR- BOUGH -- "Bob" . . . Industrial . . . Quiet, unassuming. . .Bugler in Legion Corps . . . Likes farming. . . last seen driving eithera tractor or a car . . . Projector 3, 4, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Bright, capable, pleas- ant, tiny, engaged . . . Library Council 3 fSec- retaryj, 4, Yearbook 2, 4 fArt Editorl, Gracian 2, 3, 4 CAs- sistant Art Editorj, General Chairman of Magazine Drive 4, Dance Club 3 fSecrev taryj, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President of Senior Class, Monitor 4, Thespians 4, Home Economics 2. letic, burnette, cute, jolly . . . Hockey 2, Fieldball 2, Speedball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, smu- dent Council 3, 4 Yearbook 4 QBusiness Managerj, Treasurer of Homeroom 2, Secre- tary of Senior Class, Monitor 3, Thespians 3, 4, Dance 3, 4. ft, ff' Michael Andrew Franko Mary Michael Doyle Barbara Ann Gerdom Patricia Mae Taylor PATRICIA MAE TAY- LOR -- "Pat" . . . Commercial . . . Sweet, neat, athletic . . . Fieldball 2, Hock- ey 2, Speedball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Moni- tor 3, 4, Jr. Class Play, Dance Club 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Home Economics 4, Glee Club 4, Yearbook 4, Gracian 4, Treasurer 2, 4. WILLIAM BALDWIN -- "Bill" . . . Indus- trial . . . Hot rod en- thusiast, quiet, me- chanically minded, good sense of humor, but moody at times . . . last seen driving his green convertible . . . Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Ambition -- Armed Forces. B A RBA RA LY N N BEA C H - i L?ii-1' :'- - : ' Img... ,,5,,,r,-,,ff,, fy. ., I V, , LEY - "Beech-nur" . .. Academic . . . Drama- tics 4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Orchestra 4, Student Council 3,41 Sec.J, Year book2,3,4fEditorJ, Gra cian 2,3,4p Jr. Play, S Play, Basketball 2,3,4 Softball 2,3,4, Fieldball 2, Hockey 2, Speedball 3,4, Library Counci12,3 Library Chief of Staff 2 State Treas. MCSLC, 2 ,,, ,f:,j. ' - . k,L- sg' . A V r ' ,,. s ,,.r ww - ' Z lb -an ri fi-in Q aa y 4 5 ,atf S "': State Sec. MCSLC, FHA 2,35 FTA 4. r Q , jf is 5 tx il IOANN LOUISE COL- LINS - "Io". . .Commer- cial . . . Good dancer, jet-black hair, quizzical eyes . . . Class secretaryf 3,4, Gracian 4, Dance Club3,4, Ambition-sec- retary. GLORIA MAE BLOOM - "Glo" . . . Commercial . . . Sweet, quiet . . . Good singer . . . Glee Club 2,3,4, Softball 2, Basketball 3,4, Speed- ball 4, Commercia1Club 2,4, Home Economics 3, 4, Dance Club 3, Year- book 4, Library Council 2, Gracian 4 fAsst. Art Editorj. NANCY PATRICIA CAL- LAHAN -- "Nan" .. . Academic . . . Blonde, clever repartee . . . "Hails from North Caro- lina' . . . Gracian 4, Yearbook 4, Monitor 4, Usher 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, QSec.J, Softball 2, 3, 4, F,H,A, 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. was H er- BARBARA ANN BROWN - "Barb" . . . Commercial . . . Tall, blonde, sweet, slender . . . "Navy fan" . . . Dance Club 3,4, Commercial 3,4. ARTHUR EMERSON COAKLEY - "Coke" . . . Academic . . . Tall, blonde, goes steady . . . "Last seen wrestling with Kent" . . .Footba1l2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball 3,4, Glee Club 2,3,4 fPresidentJ, Student Council 3, Dance 3,4, Dramatics 4, Junior Play fStage Directory, Sr. Play, Ambition - NRORTC. CONSTANCE ADAMS BLAKE - "Connie" . . . Commercial . . . Neat dresser . . . Expert sewer . . . Popular, pretty . . . Glee Club 2,3,4, Dance 3, Dramatics 3,4, Com- mercial 4 fVice-Pres.J, Student Council 4, Cheerleader 2,3. JOSEPH JAMES CORRERI -- 'Joe' . . . General . . . Oh, yeah . . . Loves to argue, mechanically minded, serious . . . Gracian 4, Yearbook 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Stage crew 3, Projection Operator 3, Usher 3, 4, Monitor 3, Safety Patrol 3, Sr. Play. MELVIN WILLARD De- BAUGH - "Mudge . . . Industrial . . . Quiet, news-minded. . . Print- er's devil . . . Last seen inRecord office meeting one of those Wednesday deadlines . . . Auto Me- chanics 3,4, Projection Operator 3,4, WILLIAM THOMAS FOLEY JR. -- "Bill" . . . Academic . . . Intelli- gent, unpredictable, ac- tive, mischievous, satiri- cal . . . Thespians 3, 4 fPres.J, Dance Club 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Gracian 4, Yearbook 4, Ushers 4, Capt. of Monitors 4, Drum 8a Bugle Corps. FRANCIS ANTHONY Di- MAURO - "Geek" , . . General . . . Handsome, athletic, talkative . . . Member of the "uptown gang" . . . President of homeroom 3, Basketball 2,3,4g Dramatics4, Pro- jection Operator 2, Sr. Play, Safety Patrol 2. BETTY ALICE DuBREE - "Betty" . . . Commer- cial. . .Ambition -sec- retary . . . Softball 2, Commercial Club 2,3, Gracian 3, Dramatics 3, Home Economics Club 4, Glee Club 4. MARGARET MILDRED DRY - "Millie" . . . A- cademic . . . Jovial,in- dustrious, very depend- able, famous for her as- tute remark, "Was he dead?" ...Basketball2, 3, Softball 2, Gracian 2,3,4, Yearbook 4, Monitor 4, Dance Club 3, Hunti.ngandFishing4, Dramatics 3 fTreas.J,4, QV. PJ: Jr. 8: Sr. Play. JOYCE WILLIAMS ELY '- "Joy" . . . Academic . . . Active, sweet, sin- cere . . . Gang party- giver . . . Future Flor- ence Nightingale . . . Glee Club 3,4, Yearbook 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Jr. Class Vice -Pres. , Orches - tra 4 QPres,j, Jr. and Sr. Play. ELIZABETH GRACE Di- GIOVANNI --"Liz" , . . Commercial , , , I'm small, but remember Napoleon. . . Basketball 2, 4, Softba112, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Sr. Play, Com- mercial Club 2, Dance Club 3, 4. EMMA HARRIET FOX -- "Em" . .. Commercial . . . Short and smooth . . . Last seen talking in Foley's . . . Dance 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Fieldball 2, Hockey 2, Basketball 2, Home Economics Club 2. IRIS GARDNER - "Flat- bush" . . . General . . . "Awright Awready' . . . likes to argue, last seen at Ginny's, likes navy blue . . . Gracian 3,4g Yearbook 4, Usher 3,4g Home Economics 3, Dra- matics 33 Commercial3. JOHN RICHARD HINES - "Bubber" . . . Industrial . . .Quiet painter, auto- mobile mender, lover of boats . . . Auto Mechan- ics 3,4. ROBERT ARTHUR GOD- FREY - "Bob". . . Com- mercial. . . "Well" . . . Has stenographic mind, airplane spotter . . . Tall, industrious, depen- dable. . . Library Staff3, 4, Library Club 4, Prompter in Jr. dc Sr. Class Plays. GLORIA RUTH HARRIS - "Glo" . . . Academic . . .Active,good athlete, hopes to wear the white cap, personality smile, likeable . . . Speedball 3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Softball 2,3,4g Fieldball 2, Hockey 2, Susque- hannock 4, Gracian 4g Monitor 4, Glee Club 4, Dramatics 3,4g Dance 3, 4, Jr. Class Play, Pres- ident of 12A Homeroom 4. MERRILL ALVIN HADRY -"Merri1l" . . . General . . .Addicted to football, "All Star" . . . Baseball 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g Glee Club 2, Library Council2,3g Projector 4, Auto Mechanics 3,4 fSec.J: Hobby 35 Drum and Bugle Corps, Senior Playg Vice-President of Home Room 4, Score Keeper for Basketball 3, 4. PEGGY PATRICIA HIMES - "Peg" . . . Commercial . . . Cute, happy-go- lucky, humorous . . . Dance Club 25 Commer- cial Club 3. DONALD REESE GAR- LAND - "Don" . . . In- dustrial . . . Clever art- ist, likes loud clothes, keeps a college corres- pondence, likes sailing and boats . . . Drum and Bugle Corps. OLIVER BURKE TT MAR - TIMJR, -"Burk" . . . Ac- ademic . . . Victim of: "Burkie did it!" . . . Per- sonable. . .Football2,3, 4, Baseball 2,3,4g Glee Club '2,3,4g Dramatics 3, 4, Dance 3,45 Drum and Bugle Corps, Senior Class Play, Gracian 4. MILDRED MCCOY - "Millie" . . . Commer- cial . . . Hot-rod Typing champ . . . Cute, little . . . WestVirginia accent . . . Willing worker . . . Glee Club 4, Commer- cial Club 4, Dance Club 3, Home Economics Club 3, Junior Play 3, Thes- pians 3,4, Gracian 4. SYLVIA HELEN R. PEAR- SON - "Toodles" . . . Commercial . . . Cute, neat, intelligent, reliable . . . "Like unto Venice" . . . CommercialClub 3, 4, Thespians 3, Dance 3, Gracian 4. rw GEORGE TRUMAN Mc- ROBERTS - "Boney" . . . General . . . Retiringbut witty, unaffected, good- natured, short, easy-go- ing . . .Slow drawl . . . Drum and Bugle Corps 4, Safety Patrol 1,2. MICHAEL FRANCIS OLI- VERI -"Mike" . . . Gen- eral . . . Handy with the drawing pencil . . . Cheerful, good-natured . . . Likes going steady . . . Dance 3, Art 3, Camera 3. MARY FRANCES MUR- RAY - "Giggles" . . . Commercial . . . Zany, likeable, carefree . . . Last seen laughing . . . Dance Club 3,4, Com- mercial Club 3,4. NENA MARIA PASQUAL- INI - Academic . . . Spontaneous wit . . . Neat, attractive, sophis- ticated. . . Majorette for Drum and Bugle Corps, Dramatics 3,4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Gracian 2,3,4, Susquehannock 2,3,4, Cheerleaders 2,3,4, Li- brary2,4, Usher4, Home Economics Club 2. 'B' JAMES MORGAN Mc- MILLAN - "Jimmy" , . Industrial . . .Has lighter moments . . . Likes guns and hunting. . .Top per- sonality. . . Soccer team 3, Dance Club 3, Auto Mechanics Club 3,4, Hobby Club 4, Projection operator 3,4. SUE PATRICIA POWELL -Commercial. . .Cute, reliable, fun-loving, dances well . . . Likes tall basketball players . . . Glee Club 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Dance 3, 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Treas. of Teen-Age Club. JEANNE FORWOOD PRESTON - "Jeannie" . . . Commercial . . . Cute, neat, fun-loving, aiggly. penny Li- brary Council2,3g Dance 3, Thespians 3,4g Com- mercial Club 2,45 Speedball 3,4g Basket- ball 4g Softball 4g Jr, Play, Gracian4g Susque- hannock 4g Monitor 4, Usher 3,4g Glee Club 2, 4. 'Q CAREY ALBERT SNYDER - "Snick" . . . General . . .Spontaneous wit . . . Athletic, even-tempered . . . Football 2,3,4 fCoachjg Basketball J. V. 2, Softball2g Stage Crew 2,3. WILLIAM WALTER SAMPSON - "Bill" . . . Industrial . . . Athletic, vivacious, Tallest senior . . . Quiet . . . Softball 2,3g Basketball 3,45 Baseball 45 Projection Operator 4, Auto Mech- anics 3,4g Stage Crew 4. ALONZO ROBERT SCH- WEERS - "Lonnie" . . . Industrial . .. Usually seen and not heard, keen, friendly . . . Projection operator 2,3,4g Auto Mechanics 3,4-. i MARY JANE SAVOFF - Commercial. . . Handy, artistically inclined, CHIC, petite. . . Favorite boy'sname,Jay. . . Bas- ketball lg Fieldball lg Speedball 3g Hockey 1, Glee Club 35 Thespians 2,35 Commercial Club 3,4p Gracian 2,3,4, Sus- quehannock 3,4. EMANUEL HENRY SIL- VERSTEIN - "Monte" . . . Academic . . . In- dustrious, intelligent. . . Student Council 2- QRep.J, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4g Captain of Mon- itors 3,4g Dance 3,45 Thespians 3,4g Gracian 2,3,4g Susquehannock 4, County Delegate to Reg- ional S. C.: Jr. Play: Sr. Play, Football Manager 2 3 NESTA LEE RICHARD- SON - "Nes" . . . Com- mercial . . . Cheerful, industrious, friendly . . . Glee Club l,3,4g Sr. Playg Commercial Club lg Dance 2,3. DEAN THEODORE SPEN- CER - Industrial. . . Hot- rodenthusiast. . . Quiet, muscular . . . That Southern drawl . . . Pro- jection operator 2,3,4g Auto Mechanics 3,4g Dance 3,4g Hobby 4. EDWARD FULTON SPROUSE - "Eddie" . . . General . . . Sociable, mischievous, likeable, witty, good-natured, poetic, story writer. , ljif "C..?' WILLIAM REESE WIL- LIAMS IR, - "Billy" . . . Industrial . . . Natty, playful, full of fun . . . Fond of underclassmen . . . Projection Operator 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. of Homeroom 2, Dance 3,4, Safety Patrol l,2, Bus driver 3,45 J. V. Basket- ball 3. WARD BARTON TAYLOR - "Doc" . . . Academic . . . Spontaneous, witty, likeable . . . Superb slanguage . . . Seems to like underclassmen . . . Dance 3,4, Thespians 3, 4, Monitor 4, Gracian 4, Usher 3,4, Susque- hannock 4, Student Council 4, Orchestra 4, Sr. Play. ANTHONY JAMES VIN- CENTI - "Tony" . . . General . . . Practical joker . . . Quiet with noisy spurts, friendly . . . Thespians 4, Auto Mech- anics 3,4, Tumbling 2, Sr. Play, Band 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Football 2, Art 2,3,4, Susquehannock 4. RICHARD CHARLES THOMPSON - "Perkins" . . . General . . . Satiri- cal. . . Hotrodona mot- or scooter but usually quiet. . . Soccer 3, Soft-- ball l,2,3,4, Football Manager 2, Auto-Me- chanics 3,4, Camera 3, Sr. Play Stage Crew. RICHARD LEE WILLIAMS - "Dickie" . . . Aca- demic . . . Personality plus . . . Gracian slave driver . . . Likeable, noisy, Doetic . . . Gra- cian 3,4 fEditorj, Library Chief of Staff 4, Library Council 3,4, Drum and Bugle Corps 3,4, Treas. of Jr. Class, Thespians 4, Susquehannock 4, Mon- itors 4, Jr.Play, Sr.Play. YN f iii in , 12 Ari KENT FULLER STEWART - "Kent" . . . Academic . . . Athletic . . .Blows bugle for Legion . . . Baseball 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball4, Club Rep. in Student Council 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Drum and Bugle Corps 3, 4. To LESTER DANIELWILSON - "Les". . .General . .. Top personality, fun- Ioving . . . Has out-of- town interests . . . Stu- dent Council l, Tum- bling 2, Pres. of Home- room 2, Jr. Play, Basket- ball 3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Thespians 3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, Dance Club 4 fPres.J. CLASS HISTORY As we the class of '52-'53 look back through the years, we hardly recall when '47 -'48 found us meek, timid, wide-eyed Seventh Graders. Due to inexperience and lack of size, we did not appear in many of the activities or on many of the sport teams. We did, however, present a school assembly: and we were represented on the boy's basket- ball team. A few of the girls went with the Junior High softball team to the all-county meet at Bel Air. The Eighth Grade found us sponsoring a dance and giving our famous panel discus- sion for the PTA-"Do Generals Make Good Presidents?" We were coming out for sports by now and had several members on the football, basketball, and Jr. Varsity girls' bas- ketball team. By the Ninth Grade, when we were the big shots in Junior High, we were well rep- resented in all school activities. We gave another dance and took part in all other pos- sible activities. On our visit to Philadelphia we visited the Franklin institute and the Museum of Natural History. Much emphasis was put on the following year's curriculum when we would be entering Senior High School. Our Sophomore year found us adjusting ourselves to the alphabet marking system rather than S's and U's. A trip was taken to Washington accompanied by Mr. Boyle. One member of the class toured the F,B,l, building. It was a trip never to be forgotten. Throughout our Junior year we were busy and active in all realms around the school. Our biggest project was the giving of the Junior-Senior banquet and prom. At the prom we were formally presented our class rings from the seniors. We not only won the mag- azine drive but doubled our goal of S150 proving that, as Juniors, we still found time to get out and sell. We had the top salesman and third high salesman in our class. By now the girls literally dominated the sport field, and although we only had ten voices in the Glee Club, they were the necessary ones. This year--our twelfth and last--finds us busy with name cards, announcements, pictures, and the yearbook. We are anticipating a banquet from the Juniors--fit for a king and a prom fit for his royal ball. The sport field is still being used widely by both boys and girls. Then at last the day of graduation fso hard earnedl will find us proud, yet rather sad, to be saying "so long" to our beloved Alma Mater. 13 We, the Senior Class of '53, being of feeble mind and frail body, do unwillingly bequeath to the Faculty and the Junior Class--our heirs apparent--these few tokens: ITEM I: We will our bodies be used as fertilizer for the beautiful shrubbery surrounding Havre de Grace High School. ITEM II: We bequeath to our Faculty the following: MR. BURRIER: MRS. COLBOURN: MISS SIPLEY: MISS BLAND: MRS. DAVIS: "POP" DAVIS: MISS DONNELLY: MR. KIDWILER: MRS, PAYNE: MR. FISHER: MR. TARBERT: MR. GRAFTON: MRS. BENNINGTON: MR. FAUVIE: MRS. BALDWIN: MR. MCNAMEE: MISS SHEPTER: MR. MAY: MISS EDMONDS: MR. KAMINSKI: MR. MILLER: MISS PURCELL: MRS. RAMIEREZ.: MRS. BUTKIEWICZ: The school - since nobody else wants it. A class of perfect citizens. A Physics class who can stand the subject. Automatic tea bags. An underground tunnel leading to the bank down town. An underground tunnel leading back to the Davis' home. A trip to Venice for two with a new "sombro." A Hudson Hornet. fWho really doesn't need ity Our entire Webster's unabridged dictionary and all the A's which resulted from its use. A Cadillac driver-training car equipped with a built-in piano. A complete hearing system especially for the Machine Shop. A new school jacket. A tractor to clear the mud in front of her house. A cast as good as ours for his next year's Junior and Senior plays. An automatic coffee percolator for a first-period fresh-up. A pair of boxing gloves for his many bouts. A complete wardrobe of nylon blouses and velvet and taffeta skirts. An extension for his cottage built for two. A MRS. Degree. All his sure shots to run up a few high scores for next year's team. A new set of pipes. A 6'2", blue-eyed, blond coal miner. A map of U. S. to prove Texas isn't the only state in the Union. Our sincere appreciation for her time and efforts put into our yearbooks. ITEM III: We bequeath to the Junior Class the following: Jeanne Preston leaves her bottle of freckle remover to Charolotte Callahan. Bill Foley leaves his angelic expression when caught doing something wrong to Arthur Wilson. Mary Jane Savoff leaves her collection of rats to Bobby Ray and Donald Lee Walker. Mildred McCoy leaves her speed in typing to Margaret Houck. Mildred Dry leaves her zest to travel to Naomi Abbott and Grace Grieninger. Melvin DeBaugh leaves his quiet ways in class to Walter Carroll. Bob Arbaugh leaves his unassuming attitude to David Himes. Bobby Godfrey leaves his athletic ability to Travis Parks. Arthur Coakley leaves his height to John Shaefer. Monte Silverstein leaves his studiousness to Herbert Blackson. Donald Garland leaves his love of boats to Bobby Goll to carry on. Carey Snyder leaves his winning ways in POD Class to Fred Baldwin. Nena Pasqualini leaves her driving ability to Mary Ann DeCamillis. Nancy Callahan leaves her long list of Elkton admirers to Yvonne Short. Kent Stewart leaves his long list of absentee excuses to Charles Greenland. Dickie Williams leaves his English definitions to Vesta Barker. Iris Gardner leaves Bainbridge' to Dawn Ebright. Lester Wilson leaves his hot rod to Alvin Ratledge. Tony Vincenti leaves his pugnaciousness to Kenny Hagen. Merrill Hadry leaves his earnestness in PD Class to Aaron Rembold. Pat Taylor leaves her aversion to the male sex to Mona Johnson. Harriett Fox leaves her bottle of peroxide to Janet McCullough. Joann Collins leaves her dark hair and eyes to Peggy Fantom. Barbara Gerdom leaves her position as guard on the basketball team to Darlene Brill. Joyce Ely leaves her ability to play the violin to Jackie Meager and Peggy Brill. Mary Doyle leaves her engagement ring to Noreen Farell and Christine Montville. ' -- , , 14 i Gloria Harris leaves her delight of participating in sports to Virginia Dibb and Leah DeBaugh. Burkie Martin leaves his witty jokes to Donald Lewis Walker. Dickie Thompson leaves his motor scooter to Dale Childers. Ward Taylor leaves his heavy beard to Dicky Colbourn. Willie Baldwin leaves his enthusiasm for automobiles to Paul Sherman and Joe Ar- baugh. Barbara Beachley leaves her ambition to Patty and Sally Denham. Alonzo Schweers and Billy Sampson hereby give and bequeath their shyness to Paul Zachry. I, Mike Franko, leave my job as President of the Senior Class to anyone who is fool enough to take it. Francis DiMauro leaves his secret formula of lifting weights including Charles Atlas Course to Jimmy Wilkie. Our pretty-as-a-picture lass, Sylvia Pearson, leavesher fair features to Janet Preston. Nesta Richardson leaves her place at National 5- and 10-cent store to Phyllis Cooper. John Hines leaves his measly old Pontiac to Paul Sherman. Billy Williams leaves his record for prompt attendance to Donald Walker fGooseyJ. Joe Correri leaves his favorite seat in P,O,D, to Vesta Barker, Gloria Bloom, Francis Murray, and Peggy Himes leave their ability to take Short- hand to David Himes. I, Sue Powell, leave my "poodle cut" to Naomi Abbott. Barbara Brown leaves her tremendous appetite to Peggy Lou Fantom. Betty DuBree leaves her job at Levy's to Helen Sherman so that she can carry on. I, Freeman McRoberts, stop calling my hogs long enough to hand my subscription of "Country Gentleman" to Charles Greenland if he can take time out from rounding up the cows to read it. I, Edward Sprouse, do hereby give and bequeath my quietness to anyone who makes E on conduct. I, Jimmy McMillan, will leave my ability to cut classes, and get away with it, to anyone who will pay me enough. And as for Carey Snyder -- last but not least -- he just leaves fand he knows the teachers are glad of itj. In closing we, Seniors, would like to leave the entire faculty a year's supply of aspiren, arsenic, and hadacol -- compliments of the Class of '53, To the Junior Class, we have left the "Royal Road of a Senior" over which to travel their last lap through high school. We also bequeath them all left-over . . . tickets to New York, caps and gowns, and make-ups from the Sr. Play. The privilege of being an upper classman goes to the Sophomores who have gone halfway along their journey. The best two years are saved until the last for you. And for the beloved Freshmen -- who have so graciously driven us insane -- we secured one-way tickets on slow boats to China. In Witness Whereof, we certify that we are not competent to bequeath these possessions and do unworthily affix our seal. Those who accept these bequests do so at their own risk this ninth day of June, nineteen hundred and fifty-three. Class of '53 Ima Dope Witnesses: 1 - Augusta Wind , AND 41 Q 77f!,5' 4, .SEAL " 5' f'lEf4fV.5 Q QS' 4, 0 17 .Ku r 'afV0fHfxvHf f' P , E i new an 9' KA M If ... A 15 CLASS PROPH ECY The Physics Class of '53 has just invented a crystal ball which enables us to view the Class of '53 in many parts of the universe twenty years from the day of graduation. As the mist clears from the globe we see members of our class in every part of the uni- verse doing every imaginable thing. As we look into the crystal ball, we see Lester Wil- son, the Service Station magnate, seated at his desk in his ultra, ultra, modern office in the Wilson Building, counting his millions while bouncing his private secretary, Eliza- beth Di Giovanni, on his knee in a true executive manner. Willie Baldwin has just driven by the building in his supersonic "Jet-a-Buick V-l2," the latest model in cars, which fin case you are interestedl, Mr. Baldwin invented and has made himself a small pile. Next to the Wilson Building is the Correri World Fruit Exchange, which specializes in Jet-Delivered Moononic Fruit. It is a well-known fact that Mrs. Correri and their 12 "Bambinos" are quite proud of Pappa. In the park, we see a striking monument, a dedication to Richard Williams for his fabulous new dictionary, which has replaced the famous, but outdated, Webster's. fExcerpts from the famous Unabridged Dictionary in- clude: Gullible-a type of seagull, Neophyte-a type of shoe leather . . . etc.j All this praise has not affected our Richard as he still goes on his merry way. Vincenti's Men's Beauty Salon fThe Exclusivej is the only establishment of its kind in the country having a machine which enables "Flip" to cut 50 heads at one time with only a flick of a dial. His chief manicurist is Mildred McCoy who is happily married to one of the famous Hatfield'sg and due to this marriage, the Hatfield-McCoy feud has ceased. Ward Taylor has now replaced Jack Benny on radio and TV, and comparable to the old Maxwell is his '49 Nash. Looking down Vine Street in Hollywood, who do we see at the street corner but Carey Snyder watching the babes go by . . . While in California we gaze at the famous Santo Di Mauro race trackg formerly Santa Anita,now owned by the world-renowned racing enthusiast,Francis Di Mauro. Arthur and Sue have now been married for 10 hears and have raised a full basketball team of seven-foot boys. Joyce Ely has married the most eligible bachelor in the U. S., John Cadillac, a mil- lionaire. She is now the society leader of Aldino. Donald Garland, the man who ghost wrote "Lil Abner," has now brought out his own comic strip, "Little Abercrombie." The Republicans and Democrats together went down to an ignominious defeat at the hands of the Prohibitionists' Party, led by that ardent dry candidate - Kent Stewart. Gloria Bloom world's fastest typist and new speed champion of shorthand, has just been hired by Dr. Burkett Martin, founder and director of the Martin Dental Clinic, who has just invented "Snug Uppers." While traipsing around in the medical field, we happened to hear about Dr. W. T. Foley who just underbid Read's and Rexall for the lnterplanetary Drug Store Chain. Harriet Fox, an asset to any man's secretarial staff, has just been hired by Monte Silverstein who is President of thatnation-wide chain of department stores, Emanuel and Sons--which has bought out Macy's, Gimbels', and Marshall Field combined. Jeanne Preston is now playing on the basketball team--The All American Red- Heads. Barbara Beachley has tread more pedestrians than any three female Pennsylvania drivers. Mildred Dry, who has replaced J. Edgar Hoover as head of the F.B,I,, has finally proven the theory that a person can hold his breath for three months funder H201 and live. While looking around Washington and coming upon the White House, we remember that way back in 1952 it was repainted. Well! John R. Himes is now the magnate of the painting industry, and the White House is again being redone. The green room is now the chartreuse room, the blue room is now the aquamarine roomg and the red room, the fire-engine-red room. On a street corner we pick up a DeBaugh Chronicle, owned and edited by our own Melvin DeBaugh. On the society page we see the pictures of Gloria Harris, Superinten- dent of Nurses at Harford Memorial Hospital--the great medical research center, the l 16 paper announced her engagement to a well-known plastic surgeon. Coming down the street, whom do we see but the president of U. S. flanked by four stalwart secret-service agents, one of which is Merill Hadryg he is also Chief of Police in Washington D. C. Barbara Gerdom and Iris Gardner, after having joined the WAVES, have become chief pretty officers at Bainbridge. Connie Blake, that incomparable typist, has become Chief Secretary to Col. Mike Oliveri, who is commanding officer of the 729th National Guard Post. Captain Eddy Sprouse has been bucking for Major in the National Guard, but, he hasn't made it yet. Patsy Taylor, who has gotten over her shyness toward boys, is the leading hostess in the U. N. Building, it is one of the biggest hotels in New York. We see' that a bridge larger than the Golden Gate Bridge has just been completed by that master engineeress, Mary Doyle. Nancy "Onery" Callahan has gone back to North Carolina: she is now famous as the author of "You Wanna Hear A Joke." This book has been the best seller for weeks. On a movie marquee we see that Barbara Brown and Sylvia Pearson are co-starred in a picture called "The Havre de Grace Story." Lonnie Schweers has a string of fish markets on the Atlantic Coastwhich specializes in canned gold fish--just like sardines. Mary Jane Savoff and James McMillian have collaborated on a self-instruction book for the beginning artist that has become a must for everyone seeking finesse and aesthetic appreciation. Mike Franko, now State Superintendent of Schools,has reversed the school system. The hours are now 10 to 2 with two hours for lunchg periods are half an hour long and students may leave the rooms at any time. He has completely banned Physics. Dean Spencer and Billy Williams have been in business for some time, manu- facturing special hot rods for the teen-age crowd. Nesta Richardson succeeded her mother as manager of the Elementary school cafeteria and now she is general manager of every school cafeteria in the country. She specializes in a dish called "Haber Dasher Hash." Thanks to Nena Pasqualini, the fashion center of the world is no longer Paris, but Havre de Grace. Nene is now known as Madame Pasqualini. Richard Thompson, the motor- scooter king, has just bought out GeneralMotors. Dickie's motto is: "Two motor scooters in every garage." We find that Peggy Himes has made use of her talents which she developed in High Schoolg she is now the author of many books on how to build your imagination and be- come the life of the party. Francis Murray has just married an admiral who has just placed a small cottage with red shutters and with a white picket fence on his flagship for her. Freeman McRoberts has just bought a farm whose size is comparable to the King Ranch in Texas. We understand that he is going to raise night crawlers. Robert Godfrey has just replaced the aging Arthur Godfrey on television and radio. He has gone as far as to dye his hair red. Jo Ann Collins has just won the "Miss Universe" contest and was last seen modeling for Hour Glass Company. Robert Arbough won the Indianapolis 500-mile race for the tenth consecutive yearg the race officials have renamed the speedway, The Arbough Raceway. Now the principles of science which had been rebelled uponin engineering have finally caught up with us as we vaguely see the Class of '54 through the gathering mist of the crystal ball. sry!! f fm iff' W7 'fs' tv - 5 17 At the E1y's again , , rw f "ff 'H Ha11owe'en! What a night! Finally! A pose? I , , -M Fashions a la mode . . . At the game! A meeting? A report? as A nine -some Typing? D-Day in Jr. English! isi' .fA -n.- : .dia Wind? Eh? Dainty with a derni-tasse . May 1? Angels' View! Another zero? P s Q . Q 4' f 0K1 0 Q in XFX Q5 I -.-Q, , QQ V C Q Q Q fzxffgld . .h V - 5 lj af' QQ N Q- QQ D l Q Q D DCYL I ' D Kyra UQQQ X A K J 0 Q D I C5 f Q, SQ ' 167' F V Q W A Q M' Z," Q74 fl W3 Q 5 is '7 X Q D G is f S Q ,Q 0 as Q X 45 Q1 ., A X ii Q 'Q I QQJX 9 fw 1 ' 'fa , 'X Q, Q Q Q N , xl Q U Q Q Q, M QQ X XJ Iagfgmrzn JUNIOR CLASS ' p. .. .. A A - .. 4 ' FRONT ROW: C. Callahan, T. Rocher, D. Brill, E Wright, V. Barker, P. Zachry, V. Dibb, M. A. De- Camillis, G. Grieninger, P. Brill. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cobourn, H. Blackson, P. Denham, D. Ebright, Y. Short, N. Abbott, M. Houck, N. Farrell, L. De- Baugh, R. Twombly. I. Pollock, C. Montville, P Fantom, J.I11ian, M,VanEvera, J. Preston, S. Parker S. Denham, N. Bowen, R. Goll, Mrs. Davis. BACK ROW: D. Lee Walker, R. Ray, D. Lewis Walker, D. Himes, F.Baldwin, T. Parks, C. Greenland, D. Chil- ders, J. Wilkie, A. Rembold, W. Carroll, I. Shaeffer, K. Hagen, A. Wilson, P. Zachry, D. Colburn, J. Pierce, A. Hall, J. Arbaugh, R. Worthington, J. Mea- ger, J. Patton, A. Ratledge, P. Sherman. We, the Junior Class of Havre de Grace High School, have contributed to all school activities and are very proud of our participation in all school organizations. By working dili- gently, the class of '54 has always come near or on the top in dances and other social activities. The top dance of the year '48-'49 was put on by the present Junior Class, and, during the eighth and ninth grades, we did just as well. This year the Junior Class Dance was a tremendous hit. Annapolis was the high event in the seventh grade and Harford County and Baltimore City were toured by all in the eighth grade. The high points of the ninth grade were trips to Washington and Philadelphia and the presenting of an excellent one-act play. This year through the efforts of our president, Donald Lee Walker, we gave the seniors their banquet and prom which will long be remembered by all. All Juniors were very happy to receive their class rings this past year. We have had a fine representation on every team and hope to continue our best efforts in all phases of our senior year. 20 SOPHOMORE CLAS FRONT ROW: M. Olsen, B. L. Watts, L. Phillips, J. Simmons, M. Brown, J. Smith, C. l-limes, R. M. Di- Polo, C.Beach1ey, S. Rudicill, N. Borrell, S. Murray, P. Wilson, J. Fogle, S. Hayes, P. Jones, S. Marchant SECOND ROW: Mr. Fisher, C. Lucas, H. Tarbert, M Vaught, D. Andrews, D. Twombly, W. Pollack, S Reynolds, J. Atkinson, R. Vincenti, M. Ragar, M Lind, M.Swindell, P. Ebright, R. Zellman, P. Abbott M. DeBaugh, M. McGavin, N. Stephans, T. Cochran I. Di Mauro. THIRD ROW: W. Brogan, O. Oals, F Mitchell, W. Day, P. Pool, I. Smith, I. Preston, B Love, F. Walker, F. Deppish, J, Smith, S. Wilson, J Baldwin, R. Wilson, R. Drennan, G. Kirtcher, M. Ham- ilton, D. Donavan, F. Mergler, G. Yingling, S. Samp- son, I. Zeigler, L. Anderson, H. Taylor. We, the Sophomores of the Class of '55', have collected and assembled a colorful epic of our past history. In our second year of Junior high school, we made our first distinction by winning the honor of having our candidates chosen as king and queen of the Fiesta. Our freshmen year was dotted with such awards as second place in the annual magazine drive, and again taking top places in the Fiesta. We also reached fame when our class gave a dance which turned out to be the social event of the season, netting us the highest profit of any dance that year. In the same year we presented to the public a one-act play which was very suc- cessfully given and enjoyed by all. And now, we the Sophomores - with our changing ambitions and high ideals - are looking forward to our remaining high school years with confidence in ourselves and our school. FRONT ROW: A. Kohler, N Lawder, T. Barker, P. Gilbert, J. Carcirieri, R. Farrell, J. Scott, V. Rompalski, F. Jester. SEC- OND ROWg Miss Donnelly, J Sale, S. Baekey, J. Richardson B. Wise, J. Auten, C. DuBree D. Maxa, H. Gurien, L. Stewart. BACK ROW: B. lllion, S. Samp- son,J. Owen, J. Johnson, T. Har- ris, C. Todd, R. Downer, D Wilson, D. Bailey, F. Liberator F. Pearson. NINTH GR DE Our Class demonstrated the value of planning and working together when we won, as the award for outselling all other classes in the magazine drive, a free trip to Washington where we saw "Ike" on his Way to the White House for a conference with Trurnan. This trip served as the basis for a culminating activity in our study of the Federal Government. Our Spring Dance was followed by an educational trip to Philadelphia. FRONT ROW: P. Grant, S. Meadows, S erts, D. Grisson, E, Horton, C, Sheets, J Harkness, I. Wardell. SECOND ROW Mr. Kaminski, B, Schwartz, B. Brogan M. Fletcher,G. Graef,B. McMullen, G Curry, F.Baldwin, F. Ward, J. Andrews Graybeal, J. Schweers, H. Jobes. -, A , , - Q Q FRONT ROW: A. Johnson, F. Fallon, C. Tibbits, M. Strowgune, D. Carlile, E. Sentman, P. Keen, C. Frahern, J, Shep- erd. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ramirez, A. Wi1son,J. Seaton, A. Stalters, V. Short S. Vincenti, B. WHY, I. Higgins, W. Boyd, BACK ROW: J. Wilkie, F. Garland, D. Smith, W. Richardson, E. Di Mauro, J. Castrenze, J, Hughes, J. Blackiston. Smith, S. Cu1leY,J. Sprouse,O. McRob- T. Parker, L. Jones, W. Keppinger, B: Q - FRONT ROW: L. Garber, D. Horton, C. Forsythe, B. Powell, M. Kane, B. Adams, K.Narneth, R. Liberature, C. Foy, A. Sprouse, M. Boteler. SECOND ROW: Mr. McNamee, J. Whit- ed, J.Blackson, S. Ratledge, P. Disbrow, E. Lyle, V. Doyle, J, Gordy, A. Gilpin, B. Cornett. BACK ROW: D. Hanson, D. Graybeal, R. Hicks, K. Unruh J. Simpers, G. Donovan, H. Thompson, H. LaPenotiere, F. Hartman, W. Wallett, B. Bur- chette. EIGHTH GRADE A talk by Mayor McLhinney, a trip to the waterfront to observe conditions which cause water pollution, a trip through Harford County, and scientific experiments have highlighted our activities this year. A trip to Washington, motion pictures, film strips, and work on the fundamental skills have rounded out our pro- - gram. FRONT ROW: M. FinleY. J. Lawson, R. Vaught, A. Rodia, M. Brown, B. Channel, R. Buisson, D. Higgins, B. Hill. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kidwiler, D. Packard, A Silver,I. Aument, D. Sprouse, D. Brink wan, H. Tate. BACK ROW: W. Mead ows, R. Idol, D. Love, J. Zellman, W. Hipkins, J. Curry, R. Taylor, R. Law- rence, D. Cowan, F. McLaughlin, K. Wilkens. FRONT ROW: S. Neidlein, A. Drennen, N. DeMull, S. Webb, A. Botts, B. Merg- ler, J. Williams, P. Clow, J. Pollock. SECOND ROW: Miss Edmonds, S. Day, B. McLaughlin, C. Lilley, L. Pates, N. Myers, P. Forwood, J. Davidson. BACK ROW: J. Anderson, R. Teller, D. Deppish, R. Grieninger,J. Strowgune, W. Phillips, J. Dennis. FRONT ROW: I.Bines, N. Barn- hart, A. Evans, P. Owens, G Blansfield, A. Farrell, C Adams, E. Harrell, L. Myers, B Boyle, V.Boyd. SECOND ROW I. Baldwin, H. Elliott, A. Beach- ley, C. Sprouse, G. Hall, M Gerdom, K. Reetz, D. Pierce, M. Bullock, B. Jones, C. Hill, F. Jones, F. Puffenberger. BACK ROW: W. Boyd, W. Nichols, G. Sokol, E. DeCamillis, B. Roabe, W. Bowman, T. Bowman, R, An- gelini, N. Gallion, E. Colburn, L. Simmons, C. Tarquini, T Hughes, V. Petrosino. Q60 mari: SEVENTH GRADE This year the Seventh Grade, while still the youngest members of the school, has shown that they are capable of competing with the other wiser classes. To get them off to a flying start, 7A proceeded to win the PTA mem- bership drive for the high school, enlisting 89 parents. In the magazine drive the Seventh Grade had the largest amount of sales per grade. The Seventh Grade is also the backbone of the Orchestra, they have 12 members. Plans for the year included a trip to Annapolis, individual class trips to Baltimore, and tours of Havre de Grace and Harford County. ffm FRONT ROW: E. Auter1,J. Love, T. Vin- centi, S. Diffenderfer,,T. Gray, P. Shove, H. Smith, A. Johnson, B. Leonard,B Hebditch, L. Meadows. SECOND ROW: C. Wettig, R. Burgess, N. Hughey, S Haines, M. Ward, B. Swanson, T. Jones w. strong, E. Boyd, w. Myer, Mr. Mil: ler. BACK ROW: O. Parsons, G. Walter C. Poist, M. Hogan, F. Finley, R. Fox D. Hamm, H. Lorenz, G. Babec, P. Hines J. Newman, C. Loy, G. Sprunger. FRONT ROW: G. Samoras, J. Robinson, l.Rosentreter, D. Roberts, V. Carson, M. Shires, P. Rompalski, J. Thorpy, G. El- liott, B. Mitchell, P. Lilly. SECOND ROW: M. Bennington, D. Carroll, S. Law- der, J.Currier, D, Elsner, S. Van Swear- ingen, C. Weber, C. Swann, J. Blansfield, V. DiMarco, R. Goll. BACK ROW: W. Carter,R. Kupferman, N. Berg, W. Gris- son, L. Clow, A. Brogan, G. Buck, C. Hebditch, R. Ward, K. Gibilisco, H. Neidlein, R. McVey, A. Koszoru, F, Sanders, E. Bowen. Absent from picture - C. Williams. K J.. vm -z Q it 'V 9? S is '-A Q Q KNE E-53 , Q 0 lf K4 ? 0 8 Q 5 O fb if ix GDQ QQQ o mp N f M 02 Q1 DQOQQQ Q UU emi? X Q Q Q o ,wah C Q P G as 0 0 O O YQ 5 Q 0 Q O q""'h'ous 5 E 1' O Q Q Q dx Q Q QW? 6 f Q Q f Q Q Q 1 M Q Q ' Q 0 O 1 ac ra Q i nrrxtniaxf 9 O so O USQUEHANNOCK TAFF Q 00049 D U K' I D9 W I7 9 90 oo 0 on on 00 ua Uffvn U ci 7 O a Q O O G O O 75, .iv f 0 ' 3 ,F Q 0 Editor - Barbara Beachley . ... G 0 G Q B Art Editor - Mary Doyle G 7 Yearbook Sponsor - Mrs. Butkiewicz V Financial Adviser - Mr. May 0 WHAT? THE STAFF IS ALL HERE? FRONT ROW: Mrs. Butkiewicz,I. Gardner, M. Doyle, Harris, G. Bloom, N. Farrell, N. Abott, Y. Shortt. B. Gerdom, B. Beachley, iD. Garland, J. Preston, I. BACK ROW: I. Meager, H: Blackson, R. Williams, Elyg SECOND ROW: C. Montville, N. Callahan, M. R. Ray, J. Correri, A. Wilson, M. Silverstein, W. Fo- Dry, T. Rocher, J. McCullough, M. J. Savoff, M. ley, M. Franko, B. Martin, W. Taylor. Pasqualini, H. Fox, M. A. DiCamillis, R. Taylor, G. - :A P V KT , ' . I .. . . S A.... A - W Get your foot off that copy sheet , Ray! Gracian or Yearbook, Kids? Dead line I Deadline 1 Deadline I Now what do I do? E , 5 . .V..k W I 26 Hey, Jackson! Dig this! E M He looks busy but . . A "ALL THOSE IN FAVOR?". . . This governing body of our school Makes sure that no one breaks a rule, They see what can and needs to be done, They act something like a guiding light, They arrange as follows from left to rightf- FRONT ROW: M. Houck, B. Gerdom, H. Blackson, M. Silverstein, B. Beach- ley, C. Blake, N. Farrell, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cobourn, D. Wilson, K. Stewart, A. Wilson, P. Grant, N. Borrell, N. De- Mull, S. Reynolds, J. Burchette, I. Cor- reri,W. Taylor, R. Ray. BACK ROW: J. Newman, V. Petrosini, D. Smith, R. Lawrence, G. Kirtcher, S. Wilson. "ALL ABOARD FOR THE TRIP TO MARS! "... Pictured aboard this space ship we find Future scientists all of a kind, Seated from left to right at our table, We find our elected officers which we thought were able. Now we'll go over the rest of our crew, The Big Four is pictured here we learn At your right sits our Mrs. Cobourn, From there to the extreme left we find: Herbie, Barbara and Monte consigned. We elected them for one good reasong We knew they were good and we weren't just teasin'. Because we want to introduce them to you. Standing around the table from left to right, Danny, Freddie, George, Billy, and Johnny in sightg The names of the rest we want you to know, They're listed from left to right, below-- 1 'Wi O. Oals, T. Parker, F. Mergler, ' 5 M. Hamilton, B. Worthington, L. fl f ' Anderson, R. Ray, P. Sherman, R. tw Colbourn, F. Walker, C. Green- land, I. Zeigler, R. Drennen, I Preston. Seated: S. Wilson, QPres.J, J. Murray fVice-Pres.J 27 "STOP THE PRESS! "... A nose for news is all you need, A hot news tip, a boy scout's good deed: Dickie, the Editor, will take the news, Then the reporters express their views. lt's really made up of some wonderful Joe's, The staff is arranged in the following rows- FRONT ROW: I. Gardner, H. Fox, M. J. Savoff, R Williams,W. Taylor, G. Bloom, J. Preston, M. Swin- dell: SECOND ROW: Miss Purcell, C. Montville, P. Abbott, N. Callahan, M. Dry, J. McCullough, N. Pasqualini, P. Taylor, N. Farrell, N. Abbott, S. Po- well, J. Illian, D. Ebright. THIRD ROW: C. Sheets B. McGlochlin, A. Johnson, M. Doyle, J. Smith, C. Beachley, M.A. DiCamillis, P. Wilson, G. Harris, B. Beachley. FOURTH ROW: R. Colbourn, H. Tate T. Cochran, H. Blackson, B. Foley, M. Silverstein M. Franko, J. Correri. LIGHTS, C A M E R A, ACTIONI"... Many candid comments can be heard, A familiar statement, "Watch the Bird!" See the flash, a blinding light: The following photographers range from left to right- - FIRST ROW: A. Ash, J. Carscieri, Mr. Kidwiler, W. Smith, B. Taylor: SECOND ROW: F. Jester, A. De- Baugh, A. Drennen, B. Hill, S. Van Swearinger, D. Andrews,W. Pollock,A. Gilpin,R. Zellman, M. Lind, C. Lilly, L. Pates, M. Finley, R. Boyd, D. Sprouse. THIRD ROW: M. Brown, B. Owens, B. Powell, N. Barnhart H. Lorenz G.Honovan M,L Brown S Rudisill,T. Barke1',P. Gilbert. BACK ROW: D. Pack- ard, B. Swartz, H. Gurien, G. Kirscher, J. Johnson, I. Wilkie, S. Sampson, P. Zachry, C. Todd, F. Baldwin. Parker, J. Wilkie, S. Sampson, P. Zachry, C. Todd, F. Baldwin, J. Andrews, W. Keppinger, D. Himes. "TAKE A LETTER, MISS MONROE..." The rhythm of the keys is what you hear, You know their boss need never fear, Their snappy fingers keep in time, Almost like a perfect rhyme, The following people you can see Arrange from row one to row three-- FIRST ROW: Mrs. Butkiewicz, M. J. Savoff,C. Blake J. Murray, P. Taylor, I. Preston, G. Bloom, M. Mc- Coy, Mr. May. SECOND ROW: P. Z.achry,E. Horton P. Simons, V. Dibb, I. Sprouse, D. Grisson, G. Grien- inger,O.McRoberts, M. De Polo, M. Olson, S. Hayes, L. Phillips, M. Lind, S. Reynolds. BACK ROW: M Houck, L. De Baugh, C. Sheets, P. Fisher, E. Wright J. Pollock, R. Farrell, C. Callahan, T. Rochet, S Burchette,M. Vaught,P. Ebright,B. Gallion,D. Brill J. Preston. "STANDING ROOM ONLY"... One of these days when you go to a show, The owner and operator will be a guy you well know: For on this picture you will find, Projection operators, the best of their kind. They are as the picture shows Arranged according to rows-- FRONT ROW: M. Hadry, B. Sampson, P. Sherman, D. Garland, J. Himes, R. Arbaugh, J. McMillan, M. De Baugh: BACK ROW: O. Oals,C. Ziegler, F. Dep- pish, B. Love, B. Day, B. Williams, D. Delanos, L. Brogan, J. Di Mario, Mr. Tarbert. 4 -5 ,f ? "BUT THE BIG ONE GOT AWAY" 2 Here we have our outdoor fans, Ask one of these when the salmon spawns: They can tell you when its okay To shoot, hunt, or fish in the bay. These are more the outdoor Joe's, Here they are according to rows-- FRONT ROW: A. Love, D. Walker,R. Goll,J. Pierce, F. Baldwin,H. Jobes,C. Lucas,H. Blackson. SECOND ROW: D. Smith, D.W,Donavan, W. Brogan, L. Ander- son, L. Brogan, T. Cochran, F. Libertore, R. Colbourn, N. Bernardi, Mr. McNamee. BACK ROW: G. Graef, I. Murray, W. Day, G. CurrY, J. Shaffer, I. Baldwin, R. Drennan, D. Wilkinson, W. Pyle. "LOOK DOWN THE BARREL OF MY WINCHESTERH... These future game hunters pictured here Have a lot to look forward to in coming years Lets hope they have all kinds of luck, May their tables always be filled with a plump roast duck. Their placement on this picture shows, The arrangements in the following rows-- FRONT ROW: N. Gallion, A. Brogan, V. Petrosino, W. Meyer,G. Sokol, K. Gibi1isco,C. Hebditch. SEC- OND ROW: L. Clow, H. Neidlein, A. Koszru, G. Buck, F. Jones, J. Whited, E. Bowen, P. Hines, J. Simpers, Mr. McNamee. BACK ROW: F. Puffenbur- ger, E. De Camillas, T. Bowman, B. Bowman, N. Berg, M. Stamper, W. Carter. X K ,f SITTING: N. Richardson, G. Bloom, D. Bauer, G. Harris, B. L. Watts, J. Simmons, C. Beachley, N. Borrell, M. Swindell, A. L. Taylor, B. Beachley, J. Ely, N. Farrell: SECOND ROW: M. Houck, B. Gal- lion, S. Powell, M. I. Savoff, S. Burchett, P. Taylor, L. Phillips, S. Murray, C. Blake, J. McCullough, K. Marchant, S. Reynolds, I. Atkinson, C. Monteville I. Preston, Mrs. Ramirez. THIRD ROW: I-I. Blackson B. Martin, D. L. Walker, A. Wilson, L. Wilson, P Iones,M. Brown, M, A, DeCamillas, E. Di Giovanni M. DePolo, M. Doyle, S. Wilson, J. Patton, A. Rat- ledge,NI. Meager, A. Coakley. "MUSIC FILLS THE AIR" .... SENIOR AND JUNIOR GLEE CLUBS combine with orchestra to present Christmas and Spring concerts. Featured were boys, girls, and instrumental quartettes, duets and solos. We were very sorry to have lost our very capable direc- tress, Mrs. Ramirez, in January, but we succeed- ed in reaching our aims under other capable lead- CTS. SITTING: Mrs. Ramirez, F. Fallon, C. Forsythe,E. Auten, G. Samoris, S. Diffinderfer, B. Jones, G. E1- liot, C. Foy, R. Buisson, I. Boyle, J. Bines, A. Evans: SECOND ROW: D. Sprouse, M. Finley, C. Trahern, J. Webb, A. Johnson, D. Horton, B. McGlothin, I. Currier, D. Maxa, J. Auten, S. Lawder, S. Ratledge, I. Gordy, J. Williams, E. Lyle. THIRD ROW: M Shires, R. Liberatore, J. Lawson, B. A. Hill, J. Owen R. Taylor, W. Burchett, B. Illian, H. Tate, D. Wil- son, E. Bowen, F. Garland, B. Richardson, R. Farrell C. Tibbets, P. Keen, J. Sprouse. SITTING: W. Taylor,B. Wise, B. Beachley, J. Ely, A. Wilson, R. Tel- ler, C. Beachley, K. Stewart, C. Todd, N. Cobourn, L. Wilson, B. I1- lian, B. Raabe, R. Downer, C. Hill, R. Taylor, E. Webb, V. Petrosino, H. Gurien, P. Wilson, J. Sale, A. Beachley, C. Tarquini, B. Nichols, STANDING: S. Burchette, L. Clow, I. Currey, W. Meyer, F. Pearson. NDIS CHORD AND DAT CHORD . . ." -il i "TILL I WALTZ AGAIN..." To A11 kinds of music we do swing, For now it seems that bops the thingg But other steps we like to do, Which in this photo we show to you. hw Leiriiiingsiefss! the 1501k3gSY0IiCg ""' A waltz is now done with ease, And the Uembling has left our knees. "IT'S YOUR MOVEI Cards, checkers, archery, too--- A11 sorts of games we'll show to you. 32 "TO BE OR NOT TO BE..." We're the Thespians of our school, We follow every important rule: When there's a show we have to put on, We'1l work at it earnestly from day to dawn. FIRST ROW: C. Blake, J. Smith, N. Pasqualini, C. Callahan, G. Grieninger, M. DiCamillis, M. Doyle, H. Fox, C. Beachley, G. Harris, B. Watts, M. J. Sav- .gs- Z . 5: J il f -W- -' E, 5 . ihiy Q 3 Y.. 1 I i "THE SHOW MUST GO ON..." We try ourselves at acting without too much pain, Because we doubt ifwe'll e'er be like Leigh or Wayne: But yet as time goes by we may change, And try our talents in the professional range. off: SECOND ROW: A. Taylor, S. Powell, N. Calla han, M. McGavin, B. Beachley, M. Johnson, J. Ely, Y. Short, J. Preston, P. Abbott, I. Gardner, J. Atkin- son, M. Dry, V. Barker, P. Wilson, B. Gerdom, Mr. Fauvie. THIRD ROW: T. Vincenti, W. Taylor, J. Patton, M. Hadry, R. Williams, J. Meager, A. Coak- ley, H. Blackson, M. Silverstein, B. Foley, A. Hall, J. Correri. BACK ROW: B. Martin, K. Stewart, F. DiMauro, L. Wilson, M. Franko. 1 S FIRST ROW: H. Tate, J. Lawson, D. Higgens, C. Diggs, B. McLaughlin, M. Smithson, B. Busson, Miss Edmonds. SECOND ROW: I. Rosentrader, B. Mergler, K. Sampson, S. Smith: J. Aumant, N. De Mull. lk A 7 i :za -G .J mdk, . 1- .. idcwgn I '1' A ' :i .... , i. .1 i "MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS..." This is a saying you've often heard, Either reading a book or chasing a bird: They have collections of all kinds, They pick their hobby to suit their own minds. 33 FIRST ROW: D. Himes, R. Downer, F. Baldwin, D. Walker, J. Wilkie, Mr. Davis. SECOND ROW: S. Sampson, J. Harris, J. Baldwin, H. Johnson, J. And- rews,C. Todd,P. Zachry. BACK ROW: W. Schwartz D. Bailey: F. Pearson, B. Illian, W. Keppinger. We are the ones who work on the staff, We can give you a book to make you laughg We can give you a book to study at night, are arranged in rows from left to right-- We FRONT ROW: N. Pasqualini,C. Beachley,V. Barker, fl A M. Doyle, M. Swindell, P. Wilson, C. Montville, Mrs. Payne, SECOND ROW: T. Parks, D. Williams, M. McGavin, B, L. Watts, P. Abbott, H, Taylor, B. Ward. "QUIET PLEASE! .. " We're the ones who do take charge, And for us no job's too large, We plan Fiesta and help choose books, And are always improving the library's looks. "OPEN YOUR BOOKS TO PAGE..." Teachers someday we hope to be, To teach in schools like they taught me. Our career we hope will bring us fame, The following rows will give our name-- N. Abbott,M. DeBaugh,H. Tarbert, N. Farrell, B. Beachley, J. Simmons, S. Murray, Miss Donnelly. SITTING: N. Pasqualini, C. Beachley, V. Barker, M. Doyle, M. Swinclell, P. Wilson, C. Montville. STANDING: T. Parks, R. Williams, M. McGabin, B. L. Watts, P. Abbott, H. Taylor, B. Ward. le Ji: am1vifm1:1saeiwsisfm .f: 'ax J- - 1 if-ff 0 ag! "EVERYBODY LOVES TO EAT!" We are the home builders--it's our trade, We sure hope to make the grade, We can decorate and sew, We'll give you our names as arranged below-- P. Rornpalski, B. Jones, M. Bullock, A. Sprouse, C Weber,V.DiMarco,S. Haines,P. Lilley, C. Sprouse, P. Owen, C. Adams, J. Thorpy, S. Diffenderfer, D Pierce. T. Jones, L. Meadows, B. Hebditch, I. Bines B. Swanson, M. Ward, M. Merrill, T. Vincenti, A. lohnson, J. Gray, E. Harrell, H. Smith, Mrs. Baldwin ssl ..as1w'if- ge X LJ' These are the ones who know how to cook, Without much refer- ence to a book, They are familiar with pastry and doughs, They are arranged in the following rows- FRONT ROW: J. Shep- erd, I. Pollack, M. Lind, P. Brill, S. Cully, P. Cooper, V. Dibb, S. Murray, I. Simmons, R. Farrell. SECOND 'JL K Z 'L 53 lor, P. Ebright, M. McCoy. ROW: Miss Bland, P Fisher, E. Wright, S Meadows, B.Ga1l1on S. Burchette, P. Tay Bloom, D. Brill, T Rochet, B. DuBree P Zachry. THIRD ROW F. Fallon, H. Tarbert J. Preston, L. DeBaugh P. Denham, S. Parker S. Denham, M. Houck 9 . sf '- "WE'LL HAVE THAT TIRE FIXED IN A IIFFY..." Good mechanics we hope to be, We'll charge you a moderate fee: And, who knows, some day we may Own our own garage and hand out the pay. KI? . N X FIRST ROW: D. De Lonis,W. Sampson,A. Vincenti M. DeBaugh, A. Wilson, F. Pearson, J. Seaton, B. Downer, D. Preston. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tarbert, L Kalmbacker, P. Sherman, R. Arbaugh, B. Worthing- F. Deppish, J. wukie. BACK Row ton, J. Himes, W. Baldwin, . Rembo1d,D. Bailey,I. Kigley,J. Zieg ler, J. Hughes, O. Oals. "THE BELL HASN'T RUNG YETl..." These are the kids who police our school, To make sure we don't break the rule: At noon, and other times you see, And posed as follows are found to be: FIRST ROW: V. Carson, H. Neidlein, N. Colbourn, J. Owen, A. Beachley, D. Carroll, B. Nichols, R. Cup- perman, R. Hicks, A. Koszru, J. Newman. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fauvie, P. Zachry, V. Barker, N. Farrell, D. Brill, N. Callahan, W. Keppinger, G. Harris, P. Taylor,M. Dry,I. McCullough, M. Doyle, P. Cooper M. Swindell. BACK ROW: J. Preston, M. Silverstein, W. Taylor,W. Foley,R. Williams,D. Bailey, J. Pres- ton, N. Abbott, M. VanEvera, J. Ely, C. Monteville. ' 3 "SCHOOL BOOSTERS..." "PEPPY PETES..." FIRST ROW: F. Jester, A. Johnson, N. Lawder, D. Bauer, N. Stevens, D. Twombly, C. Monteville, M. Swindell,N. Farrell,Y. Shortt, A. Kohler,I. Richard- son, C. DuBree, B. Wise, C. Sheets. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kaminski, M. Brown, T. Barker, P. Gilbert, L. Phillips, J. Carcerrieri, D. Grisson, M. DePo1o, J. Sprouse, O. McRoberts, P. Simons, P. Keen, E. Sent- man, S. Marchan,C. Trahern,E. Horton, V. Rompal- ski, Mrs. Colbourn. BACK ROW: B. Richardson, D. Smith,J. Hughes, E. DiMauro, B. Graybeal,J. Smith, J. Seaton, J. Arbaugh, I. Diggs, P. Boole, A. Wilson, J. Castrenze, G. Kirtcher, A. DeBaugh, F. Ward. Mm iw--nEiis-.Mm..,,.v-:Jesus-.--4-at Q Q if O5 9 Q0 Tl gb f Q k O U S 0 R '3"" Q E U D Q Q Q ,193 sl fy fi Q N x ' U Q 0 . Q l 0 0 gpg, ,. I Ia , rc ' IGHT- TEAM . 5. 1 V , . 'MV X Hifi" I ff A gf J N Q 9 El 9 ,nf A , FIGHT! 'Z 1 f 1 if, af' Q SITTING: H. Curien,J.Johnson,KNEEL ING: P. Zachry, W. Pyle, R. Ray, D Pachard, T. Cochran, J. Meager, A Coakley, J. DiMarur0, L. Brogan, R Goll, H. lobes, B. Martin, J. Castrenze STANDING: M. Graften, C. Snyder,J Wilkie, B. McMillan, G. Graef, B. Gray- beal, L. Stewart, K. Stewart, T. Parks M. Hadry, B. Illian, J. McLaughlin, J Seaton, F. McNamee. This year's football team, although losing almost the first string last June, nevertheless, proved they have the stuff. While their record is not impressive and slightly lop-sided, there is a lot to be read between the lines. After gaining in experience this year, we're sure 53'-54' will see the Warriers on top again. 38 .. . .3 rs . . Out of my way, peasant! Line--H. Jobes, right endg A Coakley, right tackleg T. Cochl ran, right guardg B. Martin, centerg L. Brogan, left guard J. DiMauro, left tackleg L Stewart, left end. Backfield-- K. Stewart, right halfbackg M Hadry, fullback: T. Parks, quarl terbackp B. Graybeal, left half- back. .,8,,. . r KW ..,,,..,... . :f i 1 1 M ' ...., ,, .. A' . . 'Wf . :ef9? "l' ,-,' W, ,. ,... . Vll - .ff Us ' S 'V ' 2" ,.., L 3 . L. is .V ffwser 'Q M fir " it K? f A E. ,. . .. .,,f l,,t, , M 'G ' " 1 ' A - V Stieff- 7 1 . M 2.1355 ga fffwas ,waz-7 -- .1 'H .1 " 'Elf i w, if'15fff5,.:ff'5?'S' 4 L - : 'I S ' , , 11 1 Q21 . 4 .,m1W.Q.gSrfif:5Ms ,.,, if-1,1-z.:,g..' omg. ws 92 . .i K75733.1-ffis 5f?f1ffZf7'2,-i"H' ' ' ' iii! " M ' 1 3 3,5711-':s.,q.z3 Siva .fzgasy ' wfivi- ,5'li4Ti:'l'-'ilgw ff? A Y' W1 A .- 7 ..,f:::f,.?' if- ,ff . P rw - Hold that lme! is V ,rfsgMq..+,,,,. ,Q L- K,w..v.:..-ff-.3ft:f.:.w1.w- f Win - Loss Record H. de G .... 18 Cambridge...26 H. de G .... 0 New Castle.. 33 H. de G .... 6 Elkton ......... 18 H. de G .... 26 Southern ...... 16 H. de G .... 26 Aberdeen ..... 0 H. de G .... 14 Bel Air ........ 34 H. de G .... 20 Dover ......... 40 H. de G .... 6 Laurel ........ 31 Make way! I ve got 60 yards stored in these legs! Are you ready, Freddy? 39 FIRST ROW: J. Smith,N. B0rel1,C. Beachley, P. Brill, C. Callahan. SECOND ROW: M. Swindell, G. P. Bloom, B. Beachley, B. Gerdom, Taylor, P. Abbott. THIRD ROW: PEEDBALL FIRST ROW: T. Yuengling, K. Hagen, J. Baldwin, F. Mergler, W. Brogan. SEC- OND ROW: D. Preston, F. Curry, B, Taylor, B. Wilson, F. Liberator. THIRD ROW: Mr. Miller, S. Baeky, H. Taylor, B. Wilson, J. Smith. OCK 'ER9 C. Montville, G. Harris, J. Preston D. Brill. BACK ROW: N. Abbott Y. Short, Miss Shepter, A. Wilson J. Atkinson. 40 is 'fx an J In 3 Z. is 5? 1' All for Havre De Grace, Stand Up and Holler' LEFT TO BACK: G. Grlenmger, N. Farrell, M. VanEvera. CEN- TER: R. Ferrell. RIGHT TO Pas ualini, I. Mc- BACK: N. q Cullough, N. Lawder. GRAND ADDITIONS T0 ATHLETICS T-E-A-M! N. Farrell, J. Mc Cullough, N. Pas- qualini, R, Farrell, N. Lawder. Counter Clockwiseg Miss Shepter D. Maxa, A. Statlers, P. Abbott, B Way, P. Grant, J. Atkinson, M Houck, J. Preston, G. Bloom, B Beachley, B. Gerdom, P. Taylor, J Preston, J. Smith, C. Beachley. .-nk.L..l The Warriors, after losing several valuable players with graduation, still made a very good showing in the '53 season. Sparked by Sampson's dexterity at center, Coak1ey's rebounding, DiMauro's pace setting, and Stewart's opportune shooting, V the team functioned as a compact unit under the excellent coaching of Mr. Ar- D - thur Fauvie. In the picture above left to right: Mr. Fauvie fcoachj, F. Di Mauro, K. Ste- A 5 wart,I. Jobes,J. Pierce, L,Stewart, T. Cochran, W. Pyle, W. Sampson, J. Meager, Zy I A. Coakley. X., QA RA V 0! THE WARRIORS! O Q, I I f V an .0 Home ' ' VlSlTo '. 0 7 rf 56 . .na i RECORD H. de G. Opp. 38 ..... Northeast. . . . . . 48 '37 ..... Crisfield . . . . . . 31 '36 ..... Bel Air .... . . . 59 Arthur Coakley 60 ..... Rising Sun. . . . . 42 William Sampson 36 ..... Aberdeen . . . . 41 32 ..... Faculty . . . . . 341: '53 ..... Southern . . . . . 37 ..... Northeast ..... . . .47 49 ..... N. Harford ..... . . 51 '56 ..... W. Nottingham ..... 35 40 ..... Aberdeen ...... . . .52 35 ..... Bel Air ........... 53 '35 ..... W. Nottingham ...... 32 '38 ..... Southern ......... 13 30 ..... Howard Co ......... 50 'Won 6 Lost 9 Francis DiMauro Kent Stewart 42 34 UP AND COMING YOUNG BRAVES! FIRST ROW: M. Hadry,E. DiMauro, I. Owens, A. Wilson, H. Blackson. SECOND ROW: K. Hagan, D Wilson, D. L. Walker, H. Taylor, I. Patton, G. Yingling, F. Mergler, Mr. Fauvie QCoachJ. -- TIGHT SPOT! SUSPENSEFUL MOMENT! 43 S rf' 'f STARS Left to Rrght: Mrss Shepter fCoachy, C. Callahan, D. Brill, B. Gerdom, J. Preston, B. Beachley, G. Harris fManagerj P. Taylor, QCo-captainy, E. DiGiovanni. Barbara Gerdom Jeanne Preston Gloria Harris Barbara Beachley Pat Taylor Elizabeth DiGiovanni , 95 l l Get That Ball, Charlotte! Every Point Counts, Liz! UNIUR VARSIT Y KNEELING: N. Stephens, P. Abbott, J. Smith, M. Swinde11,J. Atkinson. STAND- ING: T. Rochet, C. Beachley, A. L. Tay- lor, N. Abbott. This year found the Junior Varsity parti- cipating in games with Bel Air, North East, and Jacob Tome. They also helped out in varsity games when players were absent. ,:7. ' .' .. ' :,rwr.sIs' :z-.s',': ,. " . , :W " '11 1 " K . .xww.,i.., ,. Q .. ,"5r.s::,':':55'.-"Eff 5EFaf515",5:"'-":. . ' ' ' A V K, M. i sf R . . -it i -2. f ' f is ,A Last Minute Orders? Grotesque Ballet! Fire away! Who-Me?? It's Your Ball, Gert , . . It's In There, Barb! 45 X B' OCK IT, X ' LIZ! I -1, . Catcher: Pitcher: lst Base: 2nd Base: 3rd Base: Gloria Harris Peggy Brill Elizabeth DiGiovanni Nancy Callahan Noreen Farrell Barbara Gerdom Short Stop: Barbara Beachley Left Field: Patsy Taylor Center Field: Charlotte Callahan Darlene Brill Right Field: Yvonne Short June Smith K i ' s t R11 Ki va -rl a aw: -S:-F Batter Up! f"4 .dia I-lm! What do you think, girls? , "?f.wi!v'f2 J. ft . ' it The gang's all here! A moment of concentration . . . I'm ready if you are! B reer Rf' F gift Q F t at -M -. Safe! S-s-trike! Waiting their turn at bat . . . .J F3 We .4 - ea, R , 1 id? .... F5 if .. . W, 4 SITTING: F. Ward, J. Johnson fManagersJ. KNEELING: W. Boyd, H. lobes, T. Cochran, W. Gray- We beal, B. Martin, F. Mergler. STANDING: Mr. Grafton fCoachj T. Parks, K. Stewart, A. Coakley 5 F. Baldwin, W. Pyle, L. Stewart, M. Hadry. "Y A gn , TTER P! F S- . L H, F .. W ING! STRIKE! SLIDE! KNEELING: J. Smith, E. DiMauro, W. Day, G. Curry, G. Yingling. STANDING: Mr. Kaminski fCoach5 H. Taylor, I. DiMauro, W. Sampson, L. Brogan, J. Meager. ll Q if ,asf 1? 4-A 't i P I Q2 - an c. 4 ROW 1: fbeft to Righty Pat Taylor, Richard Williams, Nena Pasqualini, Ward Taylor, Mary Doyle, luis Gardner, ROW 2: Connie Blake, Barbara Beachley, Joyce Ely, Joann Collins, Bill Foley, Monte Silverstein, Nesta Richard- son, Elizabeth DiGiovanni. ROW 3: Barbara Gerdom, Mary Jane Savoff, Harriett Fox, Francis Murray. 48 29 J I gn 145:05 'NL 2,4 f ' J ,DI-J M OO LIGHT AND ROSES - . How can we forget the wonderful night in the Southern plantation garden, the music of Eddie Dwyer's Orchestra, the Ring dance we originated, the Turkey Banquet for which ' . we slaved to raise the money. The lovely Queen of the Prom - Betty Hawks and her at- tendants - made "Moonlight and Roses" the crowning event of our junior year. JA 45' H ttts .,t, 'ii' Nd A 1"i 'tv g - Q :1 ' -1-ff i , Don't you know why he married you? C- Yassah! Ah Does! THE NIGHT OF , ANUARY 16. I t That will be all, Mr. Van Fleet. Caught in the Act! If you wish to be dismissed now and continue tomorrow . . I'11 tell you all I know! 50 BOOSTERS THE MARYLAND COMPANY JOSEPH'S DEPARTMENT STORE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAVRE DE GRACE LODGE I564 B.P.O.E. GREEN'S DRUG STORE MR. AND MRS. A. B. BEACHLEY CHARLES SHOE STORE PERSHING STUDIO MITCHELL MOTOR SALES PENNINGTON AND SON CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MCLHINNEY NEWS DEPOT HECHT'S HARDWARE STORE GRACIAN STAFF RICHARDSON'S FLORIST ANONYMOUS THE HAVRE DE GRACE RECORD BANKING AND TRUST CO. CHARLES ELY - CONTRACTOR 8: BUILDER MR. AND MRS. A. MONTVILLE Lucas Bros. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ault Grier Oil Company Harford Stationery Store Leithiser's Z. Witt's Jeweler Seibert's Market Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Foley J. Davis Jeweler Shafer's Appliance Louis Sarvino Bob Thornhill Louis H. Miller Mr. Alvin West McSpadden and McCullough Morning Star Lodge No. 20 I.0.0.F. J. M. Huber Corporation Havre de Grace Hosiery Mill City Pharmacy Democratic Ledger Harford Nash Sales Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Simon Dr. Irvin L. Wachsman National Supply House Co. RoIey's Pharmacy DeBonis K 8. F Motors Dr. Daniel Dolce Mr. and Mrs. A. Pasqualini Tawney's Garage F. Lamar Mergler D' Andrea Ford Inc. Bea's Hobby Shop Benesch's Dept. Store Miss Rosemary T. Correri Mrs. Joseph Correri Compliments of C. Curtis Morgan Thomas Blackson The Chesapeake Lumber Co. Coca Cola Bottling Works Inc. Recreation Center - Rolling Skating Rink C. H. Rigler Capt. and Mrs. Wm. Whetton 51 City Auto Supply H. de G. Police Dept. August's Jewelry Store Elizabeth Ely Mr. GetzeI's Barber Shop Del Mar Poultry Farms Gretha Tollenger George A. Nichols Music Box Barnes Motor Company R. Madison Mitchell Tic-Toc Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Abbott Goll's Bakery Rosalee Andrews Mrs. Gladys Webb Miss Mary Jule Purcell Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tweed Miss Mary Edmonds Lena Carr Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Butkiewicz Vanda Wilson Millicent Swindell JoAnne Schirling McMillian Mrs. Mary Seyfreit Miss Donnelly Mrs. Shafer Ginny Gallagher Madison Mitchell Bessie M. Sentman Curlton Parsons Roger Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harvery Keen Marion Barrett Clara Charshee May Haut Mrs. Alice Parks Tommy Salmon Sandra Newman Anonymous Bata Shoe Store Rigler Bottled Gas Service Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Jobes Mr. and Mrs. John G. Williams The Sportsman's Center Aleda's Corsetry Paul Latka Motors Betty Hawks Albert L. Gerard Plumbing Mr. and Mrs. George Dragon F. Crawford Vogt Mitchell's Florists Mr. Frank Baldwin Boyd's Antique Shop The Sugar Bowl Mr. Mason Mr. and Mrs. H. Gardner George Donahoo Coen's Amoco Alice Williams Ruth Cloak Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lowder Gladys L. McComas Wallet's Currier's Garage Maslin's Store Rodiu's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hatem Mr. and Mrs. John P. May Pauline Rompalski George Doremus Andrew Pasqualini, Jr. Nena Pasqualini Lt. and Mrs. Clen Lingenfelter Miss Pattie Patton Anonymous We, the editor and the staff of the Susquehannock, sincerely wish to thank our friends, patrons, and alumni of Havre de Grace High School who have aided the yearbook by acting as boosters. .. 0 1 0 1 fi v 1 1 Q u fl 1 o ' S- an Je' 'ZEIQJH QEM ?Lie .4-ww ,MY vfuh-.wfaisw ,M .i M 1-wwdjmw "M

Suggestions in the Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD) collection:

Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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1953, pg 35

Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 27

1953, pg 27

Havre de Grace High School - Susquehannock Yearbook (Havre de Grace, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 17

1953, pg 17

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