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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1958 volume:

V E S Iqfkwsf .ff 5 1,24 I ' ' di' , N ' 'g '. A - . f:'.:':K 'f' 'a 4 rr . 'Q T , 'f Q , ' 4 ' . :F 4 ' e Y -.l fif11?'.T'4 -- 124:-,-,-. A- 1. -W ,fr W 1 - ,., ..-- 1-,, ,,, f ' f ' , g , ' " -' - L' - ' "4-'A'f'?T'2' PPAQPVFL- -fP2-F?: -1,-2'??ff?- 1,-ggg. ' - iv--.- ,H , g , , , , , Wg , K A My wb ...M 4-,,,,5g .kb l ig-,' My L- f -f Si! N? Q KS Bwfqg ww PWA' , JVM 1, I 'N' . .gf QQ? ab J 3ffWf g 2 jf if QV yy PSWJD LX g , wwf? AW .0' ff' GDM! W V:V Jw fifmfi .A q fl-W-Z1 15 YL '+A o 'g I . Q H. , . ffm- . . 1 , 1 ,F . M?53ni:ilB'l'lfv6 PAFSFX TE DOGMS AY BUCK 1958 Published by the Doomsday Staff Hastings High School, Hastings, Michigan Photography by Versluis Studios Printing by Hastings Commercial Printers The Doomsday Book was named after the Anglo-Saxon "Domesda y" meaning a record book. . Jnrw Q,- DEDICATION MR. ROBERT C. KING All our school years Mr. Bob King has worked tirelessly so we could have a good time. At Summer Camp, play- ground, -Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-y, roller skating, and at least a thousand dances, Mr. King has become a friend, big brother and second father. No words can express our gratitude... mere "thank you's" are inadequate to Mr. King, who, as much as any other person, represents the past twelve years. 'XJ , I l . X I ' .5 . A IHI5. ' i .S I 7' Ts' . I 1 ,wx HI EVER YBODY: My name is Saxie, and I represent Saxon spirit. I' ve been described as a "trampish,' devil-may-care, fun-loving, gay rake. They say I've got an appealing, cynical brand of "savoir-faire' that covers a heart that's ZLL heart: The kind of gay dog the guys envy, and the girls want to devote their lives to reforming. Maybe I'm Chuck Morr, Jim Fletcher, Gordie Hecker, Tom Brown, and McGraw all at the same time. I like to think I truly represent the Saxon Spirit of the class of '58, because I really live it up, but you can see my heart if you look in my eyes, and it's solid gold. I'd like to take you on a trip through our year at Hastings High to show you pictures of the people who are so important in our school life: the Seniors, the underclassmen, the clubs and what we did in sports this year. You ought to see most of the people of Hastings High in the pictures: your friends, your teachers, and your teams. I represent your memories of Hastings High School, and, like them, I will always tag along. BOARD OF EDUCATION C. Faul, L. Lamb, M. Smith, H. Frost, A. B. Gwinn, NLD., L. Demand L. H. LAMB, Superintendent ADMINISTRATION DL R. GILL, Pfmcapn H. J. REINHARDT, umm: Pfmcapu f l C l QA Mrs. Shirley Burlingame "I'm going to write my Civics book" OW!! ist "Good typing positions, please." 'Mm Jane Sim fb Q, Mr. Ken Robbe "Signal left for left turns!" .2 i .En Mr. Russel Fowler "Back when I was in the war" FACULTY RCW I This is the faculty. 'I'hey're all pretty nice people, though sometimes we don't like to admit itl Q 0 2 4 mf s X ',.' . 13 'Z--. , '1 3 5 5 Mm. sue In-encn ' 0 1 "Say, Cousin..." ' oo C 04 0 Ds 0 Ov Mr. Robert Topel "Knock off the chatter." Mr. Lyle Vnnderbrook "You'd be a. good squgre dnncer.." do 5 0 J og 0 v Mr. T. P. Gies Mr. Victor Camp 0 oo ..We,v6 had ONE request "I hope I-his will work" do Q for a test." 0 I Mr. Arthur Steward "Back when l was in Wayland..." 1' Mi Mary Campbell ' "Watch your time, people" oz o Q . f 0 o Q ' 4 0 Mr. Herbert. Moyer ' "Shut up!" 0 0 at 6 Q o o O I Q o o 3 QI 41 0 " 0 0 9 o o pb Oo 0 4 0 0 o I Od o o 0 Mr. W. A. Sim 9 0 o 0 .. . - . 00 C l " 0 an 0 lute ligent people .... 0 'oo . 0 0 0 sl' . G F 4 4 0 0 0 0 "' IL si? 6 Miss Mary Schroeder "Take out a. nice, clean sheet 90 O f 0 ol' paper. ." 6 ago Miss Emily McElwain fe 0 .L 0 K Miss Rosemary Delaney "Not that I'xn bitter anything..." , Q! ,J 2' - o , , ,I 'Ili N 4. K. .. 0 0 Keep your eyes on your own 'J paper." 0 . fl V ' O ' 0 " he 4 L , - . 3' I . .va , l 4 a Q x is , o Mr. Max Wilde "Yeah, that could be." 0 Q 00 o A A Mrs. Elizabeth Underwood "All right class, sign off please" Miss Doris Wiley "All right o M 'unix .ly . xv-, l . nv VL :U f' XX ' l . ,, , , 1, 1- l. 'l -1 " -M A ,rd Mrs. Gladys Youngs "O. K. Sweetie." Mr. Edward Banfield Y U kids. quiet "Now, I hope....." down now " Mr. Herbert Reinhardt Mr- Carl Damson 0 "In the main..." "Back in Holland when I was a boy .." l . 1 K G vs 4 0 S 4 444 e f' N Mr. Ted Knopf K J 1 Q "Quiet down, please." 5 r Miss Dixie Cooley 04. "Back when I was in H.H.S.." Mr, John 0191-ey "Wharf: new?" 6 . 4 0 J , 2 . V V 0 V1 . , y ,. 0 4 ao ., , as 'vfM5M5frm U '- 'ei p Jr ' M f fl . ' Mr. Bruce wimm 9 0 f K ,f .Q 5 5: 1 .K 2, "You boys get away from the 0 0 , , A .h- .I-v 0 mu meh ob Mr. Tony Turkal Mr. Robert Miller og "Have you heard the one "Oh, ygu gig-lg." Q about." Q H 6 Q' il 62: 5 Q oe' ' . 50 0 o 9 0 O-gp go 0 0 0 0 up i' 09 Q Po ,, D o O Rgfefn Mr. Jack Hoke oo B oo .-And anyways..." oo 0 oo 9 Mr. Lyle Hulbert Q "..and..." oeco O I i 5? LIBRARY STAFF G. Francisco - G. Bolo A H. French 'VN OFFICE STAFF D. James- H. Johnson - S. Heckathorne l l ...Qi--C CUSTODIANS E. Swan, L. Church, R. Ganguillet, B. Hayner, A. Dalman, D. Bennett, B. Hughes, W. Crofoot. CAFETERIA STAFF J. Eaton - E. Campbell - O. Hyde P, Ofsbom W. Friend - W. Campbell ' WW4'?'WWi i P .1 I SENIOR CLASS I 958 The Class of '58 is truly a unique group clearly illustrating the togetherness spirit..The Seniors have worked each year on their class floats with the reward of three first places to their credit setting a record. As Juniors, they put on the Hlck Sock Hop, a dance many will remember. The unforgettable "All My Sons' was their first play. The Junior Prom transformed the East Gym into a "Stairway to the Stars." Everyone agreed it was the "best" prom in years. For their last dramatic presentation the Seniors presented "Father of the Bride". a successful comedy. The Seniors have done many remarkable things in their past four years, which constitute happy memories ln H. H. S. i y ANDERSON, BARBARA Band l,2,3,43 G.A.A. 2,33 Pep Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Ir. Play Comm. 3. ANDREWS, PATRICIA G-A-N L23 Square Dance Club l,2,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pep Club 4. ARNOLD. MARILYN Future Nurses Club 1,23 Bible Club 1.2,-43 G.A.A. 2,33 Chorus 23 Choir 3,43 Operetta 3,43 Tri Hi- Y3. BARRY, DONALD Track i,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Class Vice Pres. 33 Class Pres. 43 Hi-Y 3,43 Jr. Rotarian 33 Key Club 3,42 Honor Society 3, 43 BASSETT, CAROLYN Choir l,2,3,43 Operetta l,2,3,43 Cast Member 43 Girls Ensemble l,2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. ANDERSON, JOYCE Chorus l3Girls League Board 2, 3 Treas. 33 Class Treasurer 33 Pep Club 2,33 Homecoming Court 23 Ir. Play Comm. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Student Council 43 Class Sec: Coop 4. ARENS, ELIZABETH F.H.A. 1,43 Square Dance Club 2,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 I-Hop Comm. 33 Ir. Play Comm. 33 G.A.A. 43 Co-op 4. BABCOCK, IUDITH Future Teachers Club l. ru' BARRY. LINDA Square Dance Club I,2,43 Cheer- leader 23'Homecoming Court 23 Homecoming Queen 43 Tri-Hi Y 3,43 Pep Club 4: I-Hop Comm. 33 Ir. Play Comm. 3. BELSON, JOHN Forensics 2.3,43 Debate 3,43 Hi- Y 3,43 Chaplain 33 Ir. Play Com. 33 Jr. Rotarian 3. BELSON, LARRY Science Club I,2: Rifle Club 2,3: Hi-Y 3,4: Chaplain 4: Ir. Play Comm. 3: Ir. Rotarian 3. BIRD, GAYLAND Rifle Club I,2: F.F.A. l,2,3: Treas. 3: Science Club 2: Track: Ir. Play Comm. 3. BROWN, THOMAS Band l,2,3: Square Dance Club l,2,4: Pres. 4: Student Council l: Tennis l,2,4: I-Hop Comm. 3: Boxing 3,4. BUCK, LAWRENCE Key Club 2,3,4: Hi-Y 3,4: Jr. Play Comm. 3. BURKE, CAROLE Gl.A.A. L23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4: Girls League Board I: Ir. Play Comm. 3: I-Hop Comm. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3,4: Square Dance Club 4: Doomsday Stall Editor 4: Pep Club 4. I, L ,pg a f: 'Q r fi' we "" l 5 xi... 'W' BELSON, WILLIAM Baseball I : Football 2: Co-op 3,4. BOWDEN, ROBERT Football l,2,3,4: Choir l,2,3,4: Operetta l,2,3,4: Cast Member 2,3,4: Singing Saxons I,2,3,4: Baseball l,2,3,4: Key Club 3: Hi-Y 4: Student Council l,2,3,4 BROWN ELL, I EF F F.F.A. 2.3. go 0 L0 to at .4 0 0 0 v 63 ' gl 4 .v BUMP, DAVID Hi-Y 3,4: Treas. 3: Jets 4: Ir. Rotarian 3. CADWALLADER, RUTH G.A.A. l,2x Tri-.Hi-Y 3: Square Dance Club 2: Jr. Play Comm. 3. CASSEL. LOIS Bible Club l.2.3.4: G-A-A-Z CLEVELAND. IANA Student Council l.2.3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: Girls League Board l,2.4 Vice Pres. 2: Debate I: Square Dance Club l,2.4: Cheerleader 2: I-Hop Comm. 3: Ir. Play Cast 3: Class Treas.3: Tri-Hi-Y 3.4: Vice Pres. 4: Pep Club 4. CONKLIN. JUDY Chorus 1: Choir 4: Operetta 4: Pep Club 2.3: Tri Hi-Y 3.4: I-HopComm. 3: Ir. Play Comm- 3: F.H.A. 3. DAWSON. RONALD Hi-Y 3: Coop 3.4. DURBIN. DELORES Chorus I: Jr. Play Comm. 3: I-Hop Comm. 3: TrifHi-Y 3.4: Girls League Board 4: Co-op 4. lm 4 C, h..,.,,l i ' . . . I iv 9 6. 3 ....,,w 'mg WW f M 2 fi? N . 5 ,,,.,, ,1,,,.,:.rwn2svf i3D, Qg 1 1 'fsfi 5 I li if ff '- xtqr-. V. I liwvgbiy CHAPELL. THOMAS Transferred from Oklahoma 3: Key Club 3: Ir. Play Comm. 3: Student Council 3. lx 68537, CLEVELAND. SCOTT Football l.2.3.4: Basketball l.2, 3.4: Track l,2.3.4: Student Council l.2.3.4: Justice Comm- issioner 3: Mayor 4: Square Dance Club 1.2: Key Club 2.3.4: Jr. Play Cast 3: I-Hop Comm.3: Ir. Rotarian 3. COOK. RODERIC Science Club 1.2: Treas. 2: Jets 4 Ir. Play Comm. 3: Hi-Y 3.4. DeGROOTE. FRANK Football 2: Track 3. DENNISON. TERRY Choir l,2.3,4: Operetta l.2,3.-4: Cast Member 3.4: Mixed Ensemble 2: Singing Saxons 3.4: National Honor Society 3,4: Fortnight 3.4: Quill 8z Scroll 3.4: Ir. Rotarian 3: Ir. Play Comm.3: Doomsday Staff 4. 'V EATON. DONALD Chorus I3 Choir 23 Operetta 23 Hi-Y 33 Coop 3, 4. ELLIOTT, ISABELL Co-op 4. FERGUSON, GARY Football l,2,3,4: Track I3 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Square Dance Club 4. FLETCHER, JAMIE Football l,2,33 Key Club 2,33 Sgt. at Arms 3: Hi-Y 3,43 Ir. Play Comm. 33 I-Hop Comm. 33 Class Vice President 4. FROST, SANDRA G.A.A. 1,23 Square Dance Club l,2.43 Girls League Board 2? TrifHi-Y 3.4: Pres. 4: Ir. Play Comm. 33 JHop Comm. 33 National Honor Society 3, 4: Pep Club 4. EHREDT, ROBERT Football I,2,3,43 Baseball I,2,3,4 Student Council 3, 4: Ir. Rotarian 3. ENGLE. LINDA Choir l,2,3,43 Operetta l,2,3,43 Girls Ensemble l,2,3,43 Nlixed Ensemble 23Girls League Board 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Sec'y 43 Ir. Play Comm. 3. FISHER, NOLA G.A.A. I,2,3,43 Future Teachers Club 3,43 Treas. 33 Band l,2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. I-Hop Comm. 33 Ir. Play Comm. 3: Pep Club 4. FLORA, MARY Transferred from Muskegon 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. ,Z n'. 0 Oo 90 V0 vb: U 0 . Q' Ig 9 a Q 017 6 ..j 1 0. , 9: A v 0 I U Q A0 I 0 Ol fo Q' W, 9'l o M J GALLUP, RON F.F.A. 2, 3. GONYOU. GERALD Golf I3 Key Club 2,3,43 Vice Pres. 43 Basketball 2,33 Tennis 2,3,43 Ir. Rotarian 3. GRANZ. CAROL Future Nurse Club I3 Ir. Play Comm. 3 r' Q 0 00 as do I 0. 4 do 0 00 0 to HAMMOND. CLAUDE F.F.A. l,2,3,43 Sentrnal 3. HAYES. CAROLYN G.A.A. l,2,43 Future Teachers Club I3 Forensics I3 F.H.A. 23 Chorus 23 Band 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3: g-Hop Comm. 33 Ir. Play Comm. HECKER, GORDON Class VicePres. l3 Basketball l,2 3.43 Football l.2.33 Tennis l,2,3, 4: Student Council 2,43 Vice- Pres. 43 Key Club 2.3,43 Pres. 43 Class Pres. 23 Jr. Play Cast 33 Hi-Y 4. GRANFORS. WAYNE Track l ,2,33 Football 23 Hi-Y 43 Treas. 43 National Honor Soc- iety 3,43 Treas. 4. GREEN. MARSHALL Football 2: Track 23 F.F.A. 2.3. 43 Reporter 43 Student Council 2 HART. PATRICIA G.A.A.I: Tri Hi-Y 3.43 Jr Play Comm. 33 J-HOP Comm. 33 Square Dance Club 43 Pep CIub4 HECKATHORN . SANDRA G.A.A. 2.33 Girls League Board 4 HIGBIE, NANCY G.A.A. 1.2: Girls League Board l,23 Tri-Hi-Y 3. 43 Chaplain 43 Ir. Play Comm. 33 Debate 4. HOWE. GORDON og og Track 2,3,4: Iii-Y 3, 4. ,J U U: 0: of I if 0 0 Q I 6 VI I HUFF.IUDY U on 3 . s O 0 . Qs g do ' 0 9 Q 5 HUNTLEY. JOHN Football la Square Dance Club 2.43 Key Club 2: Hi' Y 3.4: Ir. Play Cast 33 I Hop Comm. 3. JOHNSON, LINDA Pep Club 2,33 Sec'y 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3: Ir. Play Comm. 3. KARMES. PETER Rifle Club 2,3. Q HUBBELL, JANET Ir. Play Comm. 3. HUGHES. DIXIE Transferred from Woodland la Band Majorette I.2,3,4: G.A.A. 2: Square Dance Club 2,4g Stu- dent Council 3: I-Hop Comm. 3 Ir. Play Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Fortnight 33 Pep Club 4. HUVER. IANICE G.A.A. 23 Girls League Board 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Ir. Play Cast 3: Chorus 4. JOHNSON, MIKE F.F.A.l,2,3,4: Square Dance Club-1,23 Rifle Club lg Football 2,43 Boxing 3,4. KENNEDY, LUCILLE G.A.A. l.2: Square Dance Club l,2: '1'ri-Hi- Y 3. KUEMPEL, DOROTHY Tri-Hi-Y 3. LAWRENCE, IOANNE Cheerleader l,2,43 CcrCaptain 43 Student Council 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 g-Hop Comm. 33 Doomsday taff 43 Pep Club 43 Square Dance Club 43 Ir Play Comm. 3. LEONHARDT, PHYLLIS Future Nurses Club l,2,3,43 Sec'y 23 G.A.A. I3 Band l,2,3,43 Pep Band 43 Ir. Play Comm.3t Tri-Hi-Y 3,42 Quill 8x Scroll 3,4 Fortnight co-editor 4. MARTIN. IACQUELINE Square Dance Club I, G.A.A. l,23 Future Nurses Club 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3. MORGAN, DELL I. Baseball I,2,3,43 Football I3 HLY 3.4. 152' LABERTEAU X. RITA Student Council l,2,3Q G.A.A. 1,22 Square Dance Club l,2,43 Class Treas. 23 Tri Hi-Y 3,43 Class Sec'y 33 I-Hop CcrChm 33 Jr. Play Student Director 33 Pep Club 43 Doomsday Staff 4. LEONARD, WILLIAM Football l,2,33 Baseball l,2,3,43 I-Hop Comm. 33 Jr Play Comm. 33 Hi-Y 3.4. McNUTT, IANICE Cheerleader l,2.3,43 Co-captain 43 Student Council I: Square Dance Club l,2,43 Chorus 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Fortnight 33 Ir. Play Comm. 33 Pep Club 4. , 7 Qtr A 3 1 XX A . f ' gg- DN XX il. MARTZ, GLORIA Band I,23 Square Dance Club l, 2,43 Ir. Play Comm. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 33 I-Hop Comm. 33 Pep Club 43 Cheerleader 33 Homecoming Court 3. MORR, CHARLES Graduated end of first semester3 Baseball l3,Track 23 Hi-Y 3. MURPHY, EDSEL F .F.A. 2,3,4. NEIL, KAREN Choir I,2: Operetta. 1.2: Girls League Board I PEAKE. IVIELVA Bible Club l,2,3,4g Pres. 3 Vice- Pres. 4: Chorus 2: Ir. Plays Comm. 3. POSTULA, MICHAEL Football l,2z Track 2,35 Key Club 2.3. if 5 ,- od" K REAHM, LARRY Class Treas. I: Football I,2,3,4y Track l,2,3,4. MYERS. BILL Key Club 2,33 Square Dance Club 2. . ,,,,, V3 , NORTON, AGNES Ir. Play Comm. 3. PERRY. AGNES G.A.A. 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Treas. 4g Ir. Play Comm. 33 I-Hop Comm. 3: Doomsday Staff 43 Pep Club 43 Forensic 4 0""el emi RANSOIVI, IUDITH G.A.A. 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 I-H Comm. 33 Sr. Name Card Comm. 4. ' Stl ,B . 2, 5 A, REYNOLDS, DAVE il C ' RODGERS. ROBERT Student Council I: Basketball l, 2,3,4: Baseball l,2,3,4-1 Track 2. ST. JOHN, IVAN Football I,2,3.4: Track l,2.3,4: Student Council 2: Key Club 3,4 Ir. Rotarian 3: Hi-Y 4: Dooms- day Staff 4. SCOBEY RODERICK Track I: Ir. Play Comm. 3: F.F.A. 2,3,4: Sec'y 3: Treas. 4: Jr. Rotarian. SHRIVER, RODNEY Q pf 0 Q0 o 00 " 0 0 00 ov 0 00 4 ,0 I SINCLAIR, DOREEN Choir l,2,3,4: Operetta I,2,3,4: Pep Club l,2: Tri- Hi-Y 3. RUGG, DOROTHY Square Dance Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Ir. Play Comm. 3: Co-op 4. SCHILHANECK, LARRY Tennis l,2,3,4: Class Pres. 3: Hi-Y 3.4: Pres. 4: Ir. Play Cast 3, I-Hop Comm. 3. SERGEANT, JAMES Football I.2,3,4: Basketball 1.2, 3,4: Track 1.2: Key Club 2,3: Jr. Play Cast 3: Student Council 4: Square Dance 4. SIM. BEVERLEY G.A.A. l,2: Debate l: Girls League Board l,3: Class Sec'y 2: Tri-:Hi-Y 3,4: Fortnight 3,4: Co- editor 4: Quill 8: Scroll 3.4: jr. Play Cast 3: Public Service Comm 3,4: Commissioner 4: I Hop Comm. 3: Doomsday Staff 3,-4. SLOCUM, LINDA Band 2,3.4: G.A.A. 2: Future Teachers Club 3: J Hop Comm. 3: Ir. Play Comm. 3: Choir 4: Girls Ensemble 4: Operetta 4: Mixed Ensemble 4: Pep Band 4: Dance Band 4. SMITH, CHARLOTTE Choir 1,2,3,43 Operetta 1.2,3,43 Q Cast 43 G.A.A. 13 Girls" Ensem- ble 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 1.Hop Comm. 33 Ir. Play Comm. 33 Square Dance Club 43 Girls' League Board 1,2. 11" ',Vv .K uo o o . SMITH. LINFORD ' T' ,- Chorus 33 Choir 1,23 Operetta 1.2. STEEBY, I ACK Golf l,2,3,43 Rifle Club 1,23 F.F.A 2,3,43 Football 4. SUNIOR. RICHARD Football 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2. THOMPSON, DENNIS night 33 Ir. Rotarian 43 Coaop 4 331' mf? ,f I 3 Key Club 2,33 Track 23 Fort- D . 3 f"' cg SMITH, CONSTANCE G.A.A. 1,23 Student Council 2,43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Treas. 43 Square Dance Club 43 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Pep Club 4. STAMM, ANN ETTA Chorus 13 Choir 23 Operetta 23 Square Dance Club 2,43 Tri-HL Y 3,43 Fortnight 3,43 Ass't. Manager 4. STRAUB, MICHAEL THOMAS, JAMES Key Club 1,23 Forensics 1,23 Football 1,21 Baseball 1,23 Jr. Play Comm. 33 Debate 3,43 Hi-Y 4. TIFT, TED Class Pres. 13 Track 13 Square Dance Club 112,42 Pres. 43 Ir. Rotarian. TOBIAS, RONALD Track I: F.F.A. 2,3,4: Vice Pres. 3: Pres. 4. TRUMBULL. DOUGLAS Square Dance Club 2: Key Club 2.3: I-Hop Comm. 3: Jr. Play Comm. 3. WALDRON GEORGIA Choir l,2,3,4: Operetta l,2,3.4: Cast Member 4: Forensics l,3: Class Vice Pres. 2: Jr. Play Cast 3: Girls Ensemble 3,4: I-Hop Comm. 3: Square Dance Club l,2,4: Doomsday Staff 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council I,2. WHITE, N ILA JO G.A.A. I: TrifHi'Y 3: Jr. Play Comm. 3: Girls League Board 4: Public Service Comm. 4: Student Council 4. WILSON. BRUCE Football I: Rifle Club l. 13 ,fggggkl is M V V Z. i ff' . I-.A eyef is V f . 5 lu' in I 1- K. , 4 L 1 1 Z . 4 ,X 4 1 ' :"'.' ,. Y ,I T1 I iw- ' ..-8, , ',ffJ'g Q., 3 .5243 S -Q it 44 ' .Xlii uF',' ." I , E-1. '-fi" .34,x,a,-'. 'Girlz' TOLLES, ROBERT F.F.A. l,2,3: Square Dance Club l,2,4: Rifle Club I: Boxing 3.4: Ir. Play Comm. 3. VEACH, BARBARA Chorus I: I-Hop Comm. 3: r. Play Comm. 3. WALDRON, TRUDY G.A.A. l.2,3,4: Pres. 3: Girls League Board I: Student Council I: Ir. Play Comm. 3: I-Hop Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Square Dance Club 4: Pep Club Pres. 4. WILLIAMS, DON F.F.A. 2,3,4. Qs Q Gnu Q 0 00 0 0 "Q- Q o QQ 0' 0 Oo IJ 2- WINGEIER, RICHARD Basketball l.2,3: Tennis 1.2: Football I,2: Square Dance Club l,2,4: Ir. Play Comm. 3: I-Hop gimm. 3: Jr. Rotarian43: Hi-Y WOLFE. ROGER Football L22 Baseball 1,23 F.F.A. I,2,35 Singing Saxons 3,43 Operetta 4. WOOD. KATHRYN Girls League Board I,2,3: Sec'y 23 Pres. 3: National Honor Soc- iety 3,43 Vice Pres. 43 Quill S! Scroll 3,43 For-tnight 3, 4: Bus. Mgr. 4: Ir. Play Comm. 3: I-Hop Comm. 3. ZEIGLER, MARILYN Future Nurses Club 2,3,43 Pres. 43 G.A.A. 2: National Honor Society 3.4: Sec'y 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Student Council 4. WOOD, EUGENE Transferred from Morganton, I N. C. 4. vo U o o 20 0 WORTLY, RONALD Bible Club 4. at 0 o' 1,0 dd D. BARRY I. FLETCHER I. ANDERSON C. SMITH President Vice President S0Cf6f3fY Treasurer I X is Jin Q. H wi S v .y 'Q , , A T S f . '.., ' ' , F, X V, ,Q .. fE.,.,. f i Q' . 4, I - -w' Q, , ig J , . ,. b nlz . W A'-- VW" - ' w , .F nf 52:5 -o 'Q KJAXQY W if Mfg If xg X 9 . 'H 'X ww mf' ' " . X ,z 1 Q if 4. x F x 4 is' a. , 1 EE.. K 5. 4 Q ,gil 85,45 Q mr Q1 . .. xx K w-, Lai if W Y M.. Q if N . 1 v A L 1. Q ,gf Qsiij l ga 4 'x -f Y 4k ,NV . PQ 4 " ' - f 'W , ' wt. D wif I 'ww 1 ,,. - A 1 ,E f 'ff D A. u 1- " 43 aff W ,nv ma h M .K . ,. I . :I , ': - xffv ... W 4? L' J S lx. AJ, XR' 12 J 1 's . .ani x , H f A .4 ,' g ., -2 A 4 ,A f CLASS of '59 Our Junior class participated in the Homecoming parade October 10, and our float won second place! In November, our class presented a very successful play, ,"Onions In The Stew", by Betty MacDonald. In the spring. we worked hard for many weeks in preparation for the I-Hop. The success of all these activities proves that we have both good leaders and willing workers in our class. I. 1860135 President: N. Frey, Vice President: M. Miller, Secretary: B. Burkey, Treasurer wa? Fl 'H C. Baker, C. Bennett, N. Barlow, B. Burkey, D. Clark, Barnum. D. Christie, R. Benner, C. Carr, M. Becker, D. Bicknell, D. Clouse, W. Bowden. I. Briggs, J. Campbell, R. Ball, I. Bryans, G. Case, G. Clark, D. Cheney. W. Armour, R. Bartholomew, M. Aderhold, B. Baum, Birmingham, B. Babcock, D. Cleveland. M Furrow, I. Cook, D. Cole, B. Foote, I. Foote, I. Gallup, M. Gies, B. Feclewa. N. Frey, M. Curtiss, R. Curtiss, M. Craig, D. Friend, Davis, R. Coats, G. Cole. U. Grinvalcls, C. Fox, F. Garey, Curtis, B. Cook, D. Donovan, E. Count, R. Gillesgie, G. Foley. JUNIORS: M. Hull, J. Hyde, L. Hughes, L. Keeler, J. Krebs, D. Kesler, J. Jacobs, D. Lambert, J. Johnson. S. Hausa, F. Hubbard, A. Johnson, S. Huver, E. Holzhaus, Haywood, Haywood, D. Hindes,S. Hayes, M. Gallup. C. Kaechele, S. Kulikowski, B. Klevorn, Jacobs, C. Kahler, W. Lake, L. Howe, D. Hulbert, J. Hoos, F. Kenfield, B. Heath. M. Miller, M. Morey, L.Ossenheimer, M. Mathews, J. Naylor, J. Moan, L. Mitchell. R. Myers, D. Logan, N. Lyndon, K. Mead, M. Madison, R. Lundquist, B. Millerans, S. Morgan, C.Oversmitl1. M. MacLeod, N. Lubieniecki, H.L0ng,J. Lyons, M. Nichols, L. O'DonnelI, B. Nelson M. McCall, R. Merrill, E. Mon. if IUNIORS I". Rowley, B. St. Lawrence, B. Strait, I. Roush, S.Schowalter, D. Sexton, S. Phelps. W. Shaeffer, K. Shook. J. Rhodes, T. Peterson, D. Stamm, G. Sheffield, I. Roush, Stanford, M.Quada, Shute, Phelps, G. Smith. G. Rheynard, B. Stanton, B.Smith, B. Spencer, T. Steury, W. Pierce, R.Stidham, D.Sothard, T. Sheldon, F. Stam 23 1'-2 P. Underhill, J. VanWee, P. Taffee, S. Wilder, J. Whittemore, I. Williams. D. Vahlsing, D. Tack, M. Turner, S. Thompson, I. VanNocker, M. Weaver, R. Tilbert, L. Vandlen. B. Vincent, C. Teunessen, C. Wood, C. Turnes, D. Wallace, I. Willbur, J. Woodmansee, D. Williams, G. VanHouten SOPHOMORES OurSophomnreCIalsisagrowlngc1us!nH.I'I.S.We part1clpatedinthzHomz- coming thisyea.rwithafIoat,anda,Ithoughwedidn'tpIuc,we'IIboin than pitchhgnzxtyear.WehaveaIotofgoodworkzrsinou:rclass,4nda.reIook'lng fofwudtotakingontheresponsibllitiesofbeingupperchiza. I i . P, , , 1 3 ' iff .X vi: " A a A r E, W R 1 7? Q L l QV' , D. Baty, President H. Curtiss, Vice President S. Manning, Secretary S. Andrews, Treasurer Y '3 Q gl 1 'Wi ' Q Q A. Borton. N. Barry, B. Bowne, C. Callihan, J. Brunt, B. Allerding, B. Brower, P. Adams, B. Abendroth, Bryans. C. Bortak, Bassett, S. Barve, J. Barbar, P. Bogue, S. Bromels, B. Bauchman, H. Bishop, S. Andrews, N. Braden, A. Bennett. S. DeGroote, S. Dyer, 1. Capipon, D. Durbin, C. Converse, S. Douglas, E. Campbell, C. Dunn. D. Cheney, D. Cullers, C. Converse, R. Coble, L. Castelein, L. Cairns, I. Cairns, K. Buelmler. R. Dunnigan, J. Crawley, B. Conklin, C. Demmons,M. Buckland, H. Curtiss, K. Christie, M. Campbell, I. Cox. C. Heacock, M. Edwards, A. Guernsey, I. Hammond, M. Greenfield, B. Hart, S. Fedewa. B. Haines, C. Hamp, I. Howard, N. Grashuis, I. Guthrie, M. Hawthorne, S. Harmon, J. Green, P. Forman. S. Hackney, S. Gallup, D. Havens, M. Fricldle, R. Herbstreith, D. Gallup, P. Herzel, Green, Finkbeiner, E. Ehredt A. Knapper, S. Hopkins, N. Larkin, D. Hurless, S. Manning, L. Kunde, V. Main, I. Lyttle, M. MacLeod. I. Kurr, L. Knapper. R. Huver, P. Ionker, L. James, M. Lydy. D. Lancaster, D. Kruko, P. Lambert. I. Kelley, K. K0nieczny, L. Martz, D. Johnson, M. Homes, C. Liglitcap, J. Mapes, D. Kelley, L. Kenfield. J. Parker, C. McCrimmon, B. Nichols, M. Moore, W. Miller, L, Reid, M. Morris, I. McNutt, S. Naylor, P. Orsburn. R. Meade, K. Neil, E. McMullin, T. Palmer, R. Reigler, D. Nussdorfer, D. Munn, T. Myers, McKee, L. Poulson. G. Miller, M. McMillan, J. Moinette, B. Payne, G. Mitchell, B. Miller, H. Miller, H. Norton, B. Reid, D. Newton H. O'Laughlin. P G. Severance, S. Rodgers, D. Scott, B. Straub, S. Sergeant, L. Sanders, I. Steeby, S. Slocum, L. Slocum. I. Snyder, K. Smelker, P. Rouse, W. Smith. B. Springer, L. Silsbec, L. Seymour, C. Steeby, S. Speas, K. Sinclair, M. Ser vice. L. Seymour, D. Stowell, R. Rozema, Schondelmayer, Smith, D. Ruthrauff, L. Roberts, F. Rogers, D. St. Johns, R. Springer, R. Solmes. S. Wilder, I. Thomas, W. Tobias, D. Taylor, S. Young, L. Weiler, N. Tobias, I. Wilson, S. Woodman. G. Whyte, S. Timm, B Tebo, N. Wood, B. White, C. Turnes, B. Tossava, R. Wilkins, N. Wood. R. Turner, J. Terpening, S- Whitney, V. Turman, S. Working, B. Wibalda, L. Waldron, C. Thomas, B. Thompson. "5 1 F RESHMEN The Freshman class is the youngest in H. H. S., but, as we have shown you this year, our abilities are We've got talent and will power, and we have three more years in which to prove ourselves as good students and workers as the upperclassmen. i .viii f. : s rl aff, EQ n is ', ,. mfr! . . - E7 F" I. Hinman. -fm.. .... :ra gg' ,- .35 ,g 1:5- f:: 'fm Zim President J- Gfiflvaldsf Vice President B. Barker, Treasurer, B. McGuire, Secretary. E. Ball, R. Bell, B. Barkhuff, Barry, B. Barber, K. Armour, Barry. R. Blain, R. Argetsinger, R. Blain, L. Aderholcl, C. Albert, G. Anderson, M. Allerding. B. Bivins, C. Bassett, D. Bartholomew, L. Barve, D. Bachman, B. Birman, D. Andrews. ll M C ve M Callihan C. Cook, N. Castelein, W. Campbell, K. Cook, M. Brown, S. Bristol, Burr, B. Burr M. Browne , . o Y, . . ' ' ' M. C ri an, D. Burdick, E. Bird, L.Brana.t, N. Brooks, S. Chrysler. K. Busclxlen, Bevxer, D. Bird, S. Clinton, or g I. Cota, J. Campbell, I. Cole, I. Brown, T. Brewer, M. Clardy, M. Chase, W. Corey, R. Converse, I. Clement. B. Edwards, M. Cronk, L. Finnie, D. Farkas, L. Cullers, J. Demmons, D. Donovan. M Dyer, R. Cronk, S. Daniels, K. Doyle, R. Cruttendon, N. Crawford, M. Feltzer, S. Dale, R. Dolbee. R. Curtiss, J. Eaton, R. Feltzer, Elliott, B. Davis, B. Damson, B. Fisher, Farrah. rs PN R. Drake, K. Gutchess, B. Gibson, J. Geller, P. Hinken, S. Foley, G. Furman, M. Gill, Heacock, N. Gray. H. Hanford, lVl. Frey, Hare, D. Frost, Hall, L. Hoffman, W. Friend, D. Hamilton, Floria, S. Hawkins, Hickey j. Harrison, J. Hinman, I. Grinvalds, Fletcher, N. Fleming, K. Holden, B. Flora, Foss, D. Hayner, Fox, I. Durbin. R. Long, D. Keller, I. Jacobs, N. Lechleitner, D. Kling, H. Lundquist, N. Keller, G. Lyttle, I. Keeler, I. Losey, J. Johnson J. Kelsey, A. Hyde, P. Kelley, S. King, Nl. Kuhn, C. Leigl'l,S. Lyons, Hubbard, N. Kahler, S. Inman. I. Louden, A. Lowell, D. Huntley, P. Kesler, B. Johnson, B. Keeler, D. Keller, K. Hubbel, T. Laberteaux, H. Hubbard, C. Lake. Q ul M. Peake, D. Martin, L. Myers, T. Millerans, D. Manning, R. O'Laughlin, Y. Noom, S. Nichols, S. Peake, M. Moan, Murphy. B. McGuire, R. Peterson, L. Maupin, A. Madsen, C. Nickerson, F. Martin, N. Pool, D. O'Connor, Pugh, Payne. Miller. H- OWCII, I- Phillips, B- Main, L- MYCfSf D. Main, R. Moinette, T. Martinez, P. Moore, M. O'Donnell, J. Postula, R, Mead. 5. -,, P. Shook, M. Sharen, B. Rosenbaum, M. Smith, I. Schuyler, S. Stutz, N. Rozema, S. Reed, A. Smith. I. Shay, R. Rowley, J. Shute, B. Ripley, G. Rodgers, B. St. Lawrence, D. Scobey, I. Ryan, L. Steeby. D. Rayner, Reed, R. Sim, L. Rowley, F. Schantz, D. Randall, T. Stebbins, B. Slocum, Smelker. D. Wolff, L. Waldron, S. Wolfe, S. VerHey, J. Teunesson, B. Whipple, I. Wolff, P. Turnes, L. Trumble. B. Tinkler, I. Tobias, I. Ziegler, I. Veach, D. Wright, A. Tossava, M. Thaler, B. VanNocker, S. Wallace, M. Troyer. G. Timm, D. Washburn, D. Williams, R. Watson, Wallace, P. Thornton, Vincent, B. Webb, D. Whitmore, W. Weller N 'W I .I X if L . .fx L . ig , A . X! f' ,ll K gs q, X ' 6 . Y BID IICI H . V -f-+ , Q W" .' 4 ul ' U H S' ' Nr 7 2+ . - Am 5 ' X E .4 J. I av J W Y K Q ts . ..,, . p 2 M .M-.qw -u ,N ' - ' L - ra. .A A cf, ' x ,, ', ' fA - s,gS XiVQ5'E Hgwffgwf ' 6 he Q' Q X1 ' p I . g P W 4 , 'Q-,gain um amz' ...H- . -f 0 ' -" -iw... .A-'WT ""' "U .. 5 p . 4 ,A , 5 '-ff-4 , K . ,, 'P i , Q - l 'V Q f ,tl gf' K - I Aff krfqxx- , A K awww I ,., I W J - .Q F A ' f wv.a K in I L QE -'MS xg 1 XX Q T A fx ' WM-'N N VY fi ' X'l , T xl Q, l , , x M , f 'xx M.-,lm 1 f if! 'V' "f 'af W? L nw"- , w 415. M , Q mf k M A I nf' gi V . L' ws mf 5 . g.: m i X 'I F if y ,L -' ,hx K ff: gg 44. 'L'-. K V K ,,L1. 2 " ' TQ 4: 1 . 4... iw :H I-i v ' 3 ' , 'bd 1' 7 ' ' Q ' W 'A ' -ff ,2,, fs 'ef 'ff "E ' ' 0 4 ,M 5:1 . I V - ,if 4,1. s." . 4' 5, . 9 A Q- " V v' sa 'iz J V, ,,4. '7" 7 V 'Q M' 4 . LY 9 ,..... L in ' ,- . ' P 43-f , ' ' sa A 1. 'P , J ,.. , , - A , H , - . ' V, , .Z ..,-f , I J 1-2 39 W Wg MUSIC CHOIR HTH B A 1 - 1 Q - First row, left to right: Jacobs, M. Smith, S. Manning, K. Gutchess, L. Engle, M. Arnold, S. Young, Thomas, P. Adams, S. Wilder, S. Wilder. Second row: K. Hamp, A. Becker, Conklin, Foote, Smith, C. Bassett, N. Grashuis, D. Sinclair, Haywood, I. Davis, Haywood, C. Baker. Third row: T. Dennison, D. Bicknell, C. Smith, G. Waldron, Fletcher, Smith, B. Bowden, N. Frey, D. Sothard, L. Slocum, Bassett, B. Springer, Mr. Moyer. Fourth row: C. Tervo, M. Clardy, K. Neil, E. Morr, B. Payne, M. McMillan, D. Hewitt, J. Curtis, B. Stanton, B. Klevorn. B. Main, W. Bowden. R. Wolfe. GIRLS ENSEIVIBLE G Q Q? 1? 'V ' , in First row: M. Smith, C. Smith, G. Waldron, J. Fletcher, J. Bassett, C. Bassett, L. Engle, 1. Jacobs, Seated L. Slocum CHGRUS l 2?'Efi .,, f?2. Q V First row, left to right: L. Weiler, I. Huver, B. Barber, Y. Noom, N. Brooks, B. VanNocker, A. Borton, S. Hackney L. Callers, M. Thayler, I. Gallup, K. Cook, S. Wallace, S. Stutz, A. Moan, Mr. Moyer. Second row: B. Foote, C. Albert, S. King, Campbell, Clement, D. O'Connor, S. Brave, N. Poole, Vincent J. Brunt, L. Knapper, K.Sinclair, I. Phelps, A. Knapper, L. Bennett, S. Wolfe. Third row: B. Wilson, D. Benner, D. Randall, D. Argetsinger, J. Reid, R. Merrill, I. Mapes, J. Harrison, R. Curtis, M. Holmes, D. Cheney, R. Springer, L. Hoffman, R. Cronk, I. Smelker. B B i ..,.ae a 5 c fm e es - Li P i iii ' 9- i v-1 N ' i f 'W ' " x ""' ,e as - q bq kb k. . SINGING SAXONS First row: C. Baker, T. Dennison, R. Wolfe, B. Bowden, N. Frey, D. Sothard. Second row: B. Klevorn, D. Hewitt, M. McMillan, B. Payne, E, Mon, D. Randall, W. Bowden, seated N. Grashuis. W H4 .. 3 F. N r r' ru 2. P r' sf 3 E' E 9 T4 5 1 4 .. 5 wa T' 3 71 v II Q I' U '11 1 3 n -o 9 r' 5 2' 1 S TW D -1 Q F 'X 'EI 'H 'AZJYD 'd 'JZIZ i O 3' : M o F F' av '1 .-. T' T" G C '1 .Q ... 'I' F7 F" W B 5? 1 0 O 2. '1 5 95 8 57 sv 2- nv U' O 2' sn 71 CU S E N I' F7 8 a 5' 0 9 9 U3 5. 5- 75 'S O O P1 P 5 I" o 2 2. Ev 22 o 0 C 5 3 E2 m Ck 59 P W 5 :a N Y' 9 5. N I' sn S 'G iuppom X2 -uxqeag -'I 'uog 3 W cv 3 n I' -f 'www '1 X.. o D' a 59 P ?' Z so O- VI 0 P F3 U-I -1 G B D P 'JZUJD-'L 'N 'N E N '-1 2 I3 'P 9 3' 'uosnpu YIAI R sf' 2- '11 O ff I D 'xauxnl -H 91 -1 B F' 31 1 N H Y' 230-1 'Q .gnu 5 .-. 0 :r 2. T' 'JI c VO :r N sa 'I 8 S IV o :1 O n Q 5 I" N O D III 3 S U m E D lf' 2 E ua U' 0 I' W 3' :1 cz. P D 2 N ? on W 1 O 3 5" Q T4 'U N .4 0 va U1 O P 72' 5' FJ -1 Q- I' fl KD -1 9- PU O D 2 6 3 9- S E 5 5 Sf' U -4: m I' PU cn 5 F' -1 UOSIFM A apunH 'G "Hi-Dee-Hi Hi-Dee-Ho" PEP BAND: N. Fisher, B. Anderson, D. Newton, M. Turner, P. Leonhardt, L. Slocum, R. Turner, I. Kairns. V. Truman, I. Kelsey, S. Dyer, R. Myers, D. Logan, G. Mitchell C. Cairns, D. Lambert, K. Buehler, B. Smith, T. Palmer M. Lowell, B. Slocum, B. Haines, D. Hayner W. Corey, B. Iohnson, C. Lumbert fl ,' Stardust DANCE BAND: D. Wallace, W. Srnith, L. Slocum, R. Turner, B. Damson, J. Rhodes D. Frost, D. Logan, L. Reahm, D. Sexton, S. Working, D. Hayner, I. Curtis 4' ...M a 'KKK' Ein Und Zwei Und Drei GERMAN BAND: I. Hayward, N. Fisher, I. Curtis, D. Sexton, D. Wallace 4 J D,-N D. Hughes J- WHSOU M' Mine' J NX . . l u 1 K 1 N. Wood 'ix H x I N N Siege? Q Ns . Q . r , EW- L ' QT' "1 7 Mr. Steward From left to right: N. Wood, D. Hughes, D. D. Huntley, M. Miller, M. Allerding, J. Wilson ,M 1 'A 0 1 X H , M. Alle:-ding S I V xx V A D. Huntley ACTIVITIES Homecoming Mr. Robert GIBPUBD claims the first dance with Hastings High School 1957 Homecoming Queen. Linda Barry. THE COURT ASSEMBLED. I.. to R. Georgia Waldron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Waldron: Mary Jane Becker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Becker: Queen Linda Barry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Lyndon Barry: Mary Morris, daughter of Mrs. Mildred Morris: Janet Taffeta, daughter of Mr and Mrs. William Taffee. 1 Left to right: Bob Bowden, Mary Jane Becker, Bob Chapman. Linda Barry, Iusts Grinvalds, Marry Morris, Dick Wingeier, Georgia Waldron, Dick Torok, Janet Taffee. Second Place IUNIOR CLASS fi Homecoming Floats First Place SENIOR CLASS I- 1 -U ENV, Ma UN 1,4 x so ng., XJ. Qu mfa Place FRESHMAN CLASS who Q1 as Q N55 I and BASKETBRAWL In November, Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Alpha presented a Basketbrawl as a World Service project to build a chapel in Seoul, Korea. .6 19 And furthermoreg my worthy opponent . DEBATE, First Row: M. Gies, Miss Wiley, N: Higbie. Second Row: I. Thomas, I. Belson, D. Stamm "The name of my selection is" i 1 'QP FORENSICS, First Row: C. Bo:-tak, N. Wood. Miss Wiley, D. Hughes, B. Barber Second Row: H. Miller. A. Perry. M. Craig. N. Higbie, D. Havens. Father Of The Bride ..,g,l ., We . few. .H B- Sim. G- H6Ck6ff S- Cleveland' J' HUMICY T. Brown, J. Fletcher, B. Leonard, T. Chapell, C. Smith. A. Perry. K C. Stnith, G. Hecker. D. Barry. 4, Senior Play Cast C. Smith, S. Frost 1.011631 s jf' Cleveland. E x 23 4, A S I. Sergeant, J. Huver, M C.Smith. J. Huntley' 1 'l . Hecker, A. Perry, I. Cleveland, S. Cleveland, I. Huntley. A' Perry' G' Heckef' T- Brown. Q ,, . ' 1 u P Q.. "Unions in The Stew" 9 l 4 M. Craig '. B .Smith B. Burkey, J. Jacobs B. Burkey, P. Taffee C. Kaechele, B. Millirans D. Wallace, U. Lar D. Wallace, C. har li. Bur-key, J. Jaco D- Cleveland abee J. Hyde, M. Gies, C. Carr, B . St. Lawrence 21596, B. Klevorn, C. Carr, J, Whibbemore bs. N. Lubieniecki 1 N 5 J' gh' N? 1 Q fs: '- 4. affa- D. snamm. J. J3C0b5v N. Lubieuiecki, C. Carr. M. Becker, B. Burkey, D. Wallace, C. Larahee, ll- Si- .. z .K fx S ll. Strait B. Baum D. Sexton, B. Klevorn D, Sbhmm THE FORTUNE TELLER Operetta cast members: E. Mort, C. Smith, G. Waldron, M. Clardy, M. McMillan, J. Fletcher, M. Smith. B. Bowden I. Jacobs, D. Sothard, C. Bassett. CLUBS All School Officers, left to right: N. Lubieniecki, Traffic Commissioners B. Sim, Public Service Commissioner: S. Cleveland, Mayor: S. Schowalter, Sanitary Commissioners D. Havens, Justice Commissioner. Q 3... A l - Student Council seated: N. Lubieniecki, B. Sim, S. Cleveland, S. Schowalter, D. Havens. First row, left to right: S. O'Connor, B. Ehredt, D. Hamilton, I. Finkbeiner, T. Stebbins, B. Birman, L. Mitchell, N. White, N. Brooks, S. Wolfe, I. Wilson. Left to right: H. Miller, L. Martz, D. St. Iolm, N. Wood, B. Bowden, I.Sergeant, I. Bassett, I. Cleveland, M. Becker, M. Miller, R. Coats, W. Pierce. Lei t to right: R. Sim, N. Frey, H. Curtiss, B. Damson, R. Bartholomew, I. Hinman, I. Jacobs, I. Gr-invalds, J.Fletcher D. Barry, I.. Schilhaneck, U. Grinvalds, D. Wallace, G. Hecker. I am the Light of' Knowledge . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: M. Ziegler, J. Anderson, I. Ransom, R. Laberteaux, K. Wood. Second Row: L. Mitchell, M. Gies, C. Burke, S. Frost, M. Morey, L. Ossenheimer, J. Jacobs. Third Row: B. Bur-key, T. Dennison, T. Tift, W. Granfors, D. Barry, D. Vahlsing, J.Ba1-num, Mr. Wilde. Zoo-o-o-ml JETS First Row: NI:-. Topcl, C. Kahler, D. Vahlsing, Mr. Camp Second Row: T.Steury, L. James, V. Anderson, M. Buckland, J.Fi kbe' , T B 'sh 'I' Sh Id Third Row: B. Babcock, B. Cook, R. Turner, D. Bump, W. Friend n mer am y . 6 on ss ' ' Where s the Glue ' W? 1 ll 11' -nu, DOOMSDAY STAFF, First row, left to right: T. Dennison, Activity Editor, A. Perry, Layout Fditor C. Burke, Editor-in-chief, B. Sim, Art Editor. Second row: I. St. John, Photography Editor, G. Waldron, Copy Editor, B. Bowden, Sports Editor, R. Laberteaux Business Manager, Miss Delaney. "Headlines, Deadlines, See Your Way Clear" FORTNIGHT STAFF, Seated, left to right: K. Wood, Business Manager, B. Sim, Coeditor, P. Leonhardt, Co editor, A. Stamm, Advertising Manager. Standing: T. Dennison, Coeditor, T. Brown, Co-editor. "Will You be the Teacher He'll Never Forget ?" Seated, left to right: B. Baum K. Shook M. Gies D. Friend. B Y Y Y FUTURE TEACHERS CLU Standinyx K. Gutchess, N. Fisher, L. Slocum, S. VerHey. USUTURES . H-Q' 3 L .2- First row, lef t to right: B. Nichols, J. Va,nWee, S. Wallace, I. Hammond, M. MacLeod. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Second row: N. Braden, J. Smith, P. Leonhardt, K. Cook, I. Payne, L. Finnie. Third row: C. Bortak, I. Bassett, M.iQuada, M. Corrigan. D. Newton, J. KelseY. C. Oversmith 4 l "The Purpose of Tri-Hi Y... H ALPHA, First row: Miss Schroeder, D. Durbin, M. Flora, P. Leonhardt, A. Stamm, T. Waldron, C. Burke, A. Perry. I. Lawrence. Second row: C. Bassett, McNutt, P. Hart, S. Frost, R. Laberteaux, D. Hughes, Ransom, Anderson, L. Engle. Third row: B. Sim, L. Barry, C. Smith, L. Arens. N. Fisher, P. Andrews, C. Smith, Cleveland, N. Higbie. BETA, First row: I. Krebs, P. Taffee, M. Gies, I. VanWie, D. Kesler, K. Shook. L. Mitchell, I. Jacobs, D. Lambert, B. Fedewa, Miss Schroeder. Second row: J. VanNocker, L. Ossenheimer, M. Morey, B. Strait, M. Miller, M. Mathews, B. Burkey, D. Sexton S. Schowalter, S. Phelps, Hyde. Third row: B. Baum, M. Turner, M. Craig, I. Stanford, S. Morgan. M. Becker, I. Taffee, C. Carr, B. St. Lawrence D. Bicknel, S. Huver. Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship" HI- Y. First row: D. Samara, D. Logan. L. Belson. I.St-John. J. Bdsm. D- Vahlsing. R- Coats Vf. Bowden, G. Cole. Thomas, Second row: B. Bowden L. Schilhaneck, D. Donovan, B. Cook, Jacobs, F. Garey, C. Kahler, Gonyou, D. Cleveland G.Hecker.T. Steury, Mr. King. Third row: I. Huntley, R. Cook, C. Kaechele, N. Lubieniecki, M. Aderhold, W. Granfors, B. Leonard, D. Barry I. Fletcher. D. Bump. E. Buck. sc " To Serve the School and Community KEY CLUB, First row: T. Sheldon, I. Finkbeiner, B. Thompson, I.St.Iohn, Rhodes, D. Vahlsing, E. Eh!-edt. Second row: N. Frey, R. Sticlham, D. Wallace, S. Cleveland, G. Hecker, G. Gonyou, V. Anderson, D. Logan, D. Hulbert. Third YOWK T- Sie!-HY. D- DOHOVZUI' B. Cook. D. Barry. C. Kahler, D. Cleveland, M. Aderhold, N. Lubieniecki, C. Kaechele. Girls! Guard your men . . l mean Girls! .. L F' ' S Reed M Macleod B Fedewa S Fedewa I. Trumble G.A.A., First row: Mrs. Robbe, M. Gill, . mme, . , . , . , . , . . Second row: B. Rosenbaum, N. Wood, P. Turnes, S. Hayes, M. Brown, M. Gies, K. Shook, S. Naylor, L. Slocum. Third row: T. Waldron,S. Andrews, S. Manning, L. Kunde,S.Sergeant, I. Cappon,S. Dyer, I. Thomas, L. Mitchell. Fourth row: I. Barber, C. Albert, M. Thaler, P. Shook, N. Crawford, I. Payne, C. Cook, M. Moore, M. Morris S. Phelps. "Girls For The Girls Room Are... H Girls' League Board. First row: I. Murphy, B. Barber, G. Furman, I. Schuyler, S. Wilder, J. Teunessen, S. Inman. b. Second rowz K. Doyle, L. Poulson, D. Burdick, L.Ossenheimer, W hite, J. Hyde, I. Cappon, B. Strau Third rowxS. Heckathorn, J. Bassett, M. Becker, Cleveland, B. Bauchmzn, B. St. Lawrence, D. Friend, N. Grashuis "Stitch .... Stitch .... Stitch .... " -i. Qi First row: C. Bennett, M. Brownell, I. Green, P. Orsborn, S. Woodman, B. Hart. F. F. A. Second row: E. Campbell, P. Foreman, B. Brower, I. Phelps, G. Anderson, P. Underhill, I. Wolff. Third rows L. Arens, M. Brownell, H. O'Laughlin, G. Smith, E. Ball, S.ChrysIer. Mrs. Jai-vig. "Farmers Feed Our Nation!" ,lesc First row: D. Cole, F. Hubbard, P. Hersel, E. Hammond, M. Lydy, T. Peterson, C. Cairns, B. Abendroth, C. Steeby, W. Clark, J. Bryans. F' H' A' Second rowx R. Dunnigan, C. Converse, D. Barnes, E. Murphy, M. Green, B. Heath, S. Hause, R. Ball, D. Tack, G. Sheffield, Mr. Knopf. ' R. Sc be , C. Wood, C. Teunessen, Third row: R. Tobias, L. Seymour, H. Long, B. Smith, I. Bauchman, 0 y J. Briggs, D. Gillespie, J. Bryans. Come on Team, Fight" PEP CLUB, First row: N. White, C. Burke, D. Hughes, A. Perry, R. Laberteaux, B. St. Lawrence, Miss Wiley, T. Waldron, D. Sexton, D. Bicknell, S. Morgan. Second rowz L. Mitchell, S. Manning, I. Cappon, S. Andrews, M. Allerding, M. Gies, L. Ossenheimer, I. Crebbs, B. Fedewa, I. McNutt, P. Andrews, P. Hart, G. Martz, B. Barber, N. Wood, M. Mathews. Third row: M. Phelps, S. Foley, K. Doyle, N. Higbie I. Cleveland, G. Waldron, S. Frost, C. Smith, M. Morey, I. Hyde, B. Strait, S. Schowalter, Fog,-111 ww: I. Barber, J, Pugh, J. Fletcher, I. Kelsey, S. Clinton, L. Barry, B. Sim, M. Becker, C. Carr, S. Huver. -4-.1 ,VXA "Allc-:mande Left" SQUARE DANCE CLUB, First row: M. Morey, S. Schowalter, D. Sexton, P. Taffee, S. Andrews, M. Smith, I. Cappon, S. Manning, N. Wood. Second row: D. Hamilton, J. Fletcher S. Clinton, C. Carr, J. Taffee, B.St. Lawrence B. Strait, S. Hover, M. Mathews, Mr. Rebbe, Third row: Mr. Vanderbrook, C. Kaechele, N. Lubieniecki, U. Grinvalds, M. Aderhold, I. Jacobs, D. Cleveland, R.Stidham, D. Frost, N. Wood. SENIOR SQUARE DANCE CLUB. First row: lVIcNutt, P. Hart, G. Ferguson R. Laberteaux, D. Hughes, C. Burke, B. Tolles, T. Waldron, A. Stamm. Second row: I. Cleveland S. Frost, P. Wall- dorff, C. Smith, Sergeant, G. Waldron. P. Andrews, G. Wood, L. Barry, Mr. Rebbe. Third row: Mr. Vanderlarool-r, Huntley D. Wingeier, T. Chapell, T. Dalman, J. Fletcher, T. Tift, T. Brown, G.Sunior, S. Heckathorne. 0 SPORTS Hx ,x at 'fl . L My I. ST. JOHN Guard STEEBY Guard 'lf 4 '39 37 15 First row: Coach Clarey, Sergeant, B. Bowden, D. MacLeod, B. Ehredt, S. Cleveland, L. Reahm, I. St. John. I. Steeby. Second row: M. MacLeod, J. Woodmansee, D. Sothard, T. Steury, B. Smith, W. Armour, L. O'Donnell, D. Wallace, D. Tack, S. Hause, Coach Hoke. Third row: E. Ehredt, D. Baty, M. Furrow, D. Havens, B. Conklin, E. 1Vlc1VIuIIin, B. Yarger, D. Hulbert, R. Benner. Manager, Jerry Cota 4 First row: T. Sheldon, H. Miller, B. Cook, B. Heath, N. Wood, D. St. John, L. Martz, P. Peterson, I N. Frey, K. Neil, K. Smelker, I.. Seymour, M. Frey. l Second row: A. Bennett, H. Brown, G. White, I. Finkbeiner, W. Friend, C. Bassett, I. Anderson, J.Smelker, R. Curtiss, K. Christie, M. Lydy, B. Reed. Third row: B. Bivens, I. Cole, M. Dyer, B, McGuire. R. Curtiss, D. Williams, I. Ziegler, B. Darnson, I. Hinman, T. Laberteaux, M. Campbell C Cairns Coach Miller Manager, Larry James Coach Turkal Won 3 Hastings Charlotte Hastings Greenville Hastings Eaton Rapids Belding St. Johns VARSITY LOST 5 13 Lakeview 33 Hastings 25 G rand Ledge 20 Hastings 15 Ionia 21 Hastings 14 Hastings 20 Hastings Football Scores Won 8 Hastings Hastings Hastings Hastings Hastings Hastings Hastings Hastings VARSITY Lost 0 Greenville 7 Charlotte 0 Grand Ledge 6 Portland 6 Ionia 6 Belding 6 Eaton Rapids 0 Nashville 13 BASKETBALL S. Cleveland, S 2 R. Rogers i" QW' l 'I rw' 'E 3 951' igwgr za 524 Q ., GHk Mr. Lang D R ld . Sergean E ? .....-.......-i,,.,W pm gf-1 33' First row: Coach Turkal, D. Havens, A. Bennett, D. Stowell, B. Thomp - Second row: J. Grinvalds, P. Peterson, M. Frey, D. Kruko, Hinrnan. Third row: B. McGuire, D. Baty, T. Laberteaux. 4, son, L. Martz. Q? X! 2 Q as am: 22.29 'xx'-IP" -vi. J ' First row: I. Sergeant, G. Hecker, B. Rodgers, S. Cleveland, D. Reynolds, G. Col c---..,x -,..... r',.-,1. 1 -..,. mr A,r....n...1,.1 nr r ..1.:-..:,.,.1,L mr 1vr.,1 -Mx r v-,.,s.,.1,. 1 'al 'IT ' 22:-57 35:-.:' x x X y . C. K n'n,.....,,n 1 1.,.-1.... B fa Basketball Scores VARSITY JR. VARSITY Won 10 Lost 4 Won 11 Lost 5 charlotte Hastings 40 Charlotte 36 Hastings Hastings Belding 38 Hastings 37 Belding Hastings Charlotte 58 Hastings 42 Eaton Rapids Hastings Eaton Rapids 41 Hastings 31 Marshall Hastings Eaton Rapids 50 Hastings 48 St. Johns Hastings St. Johns 45 Hastings 38 Grand Ledge Hastings Ionia 44 Hastings 42 Greenville Hastings Greenville 54 Hastings 42 Eaton Rapids Hastings Grand Ledge 47 Hastings 53 Charlotte Hastings Grand lsdge 37 Hastings 45 Belding Hastings Ionia 32 Hastings 55 St. Johns Greenville Hastings 43 Ionia 48 Hastings Belding Hastings 64 Ionia 46 Hastings St. Johns Hastings 35 Grand Ledge 56 Hastings Marshall Hastings 62 Lakeview 37 Hastings Lakeview Hastings 45 Hastings 58 G reenville TOURNAMENT GAMES Kelloggsville 42 Hastings 40 Track TRACK, First row: Coach Hoke, A. Bennett, N. Wood, P. Lambert, K. Smelker, R. Springer, L. Waldron, I. Finkbeiner, I. St. John, I. Rhodes, C. Tervo, L. Reed, Coach Topel. Second row: L. Reahm, R. Benner, D. Tack, F. DeGroote, D. Williams, D. Logan, I. Crawley, B. Yarger, S. Working, H. Curtiss, E. 1VIc1VliIlan. Third row: B. Spencer, B. Nelson, D. Wallace, K. Christie, W. Pierce, D. Sothard, C. Demmons, B. Miller, L. Martz, S. Cleveland, F. Kenfield. Fourth row: M. MacLeod, U. Grinvalds, C. Fox, W. Ganfords, I.Schondelmayer, M. Postula, D. Ruthrauff, B. Klevorn, L. O'DonnelI, D. Barry, M. Friddle. Baseball if BASEBALL, First row: B. Conklin, G. Cole, B. Thompson, B. Ehredt, J. Roush, T. Palmer, J. Thomas. Second row: I. Terpening, D. Reynolds, D. Hulbert, D. Cheney, S. Hausa, G. VanHouten, B. Heath, N. Frey. Third row: N. Lubieniecki, D. Baty, T. Dalman, I. Jacobs, F. Rogers, B. Bowden, D. Morgan, C. Wood, T. Steury Fore!" 4 Q W GOLF, First row, Left to right: L. Waldron, H. Bi Second row: Mr. Reinhardt, G. Mitchell, K. Konieczny, B. Cook, J. Steeby. shop, T. Palmer, L. Myers, L. Haughey "Love is Nothing" 'FTD C vi A 71 ' G 5' S X 1' , 1, H -- 'Q Q, IL ' TENNIS, First row, left to right: T. Sheldon, R. Stidham, D. Vahlsing, . Second row: B. Damson, W. Bowden, Gonyou, Mr. Withers. '1 hird row: D. Cle veland, C. Kaechele, R. Bartholomew, L. Schilhaneck, G. Hecker. J, McNUTT 1. LAWRENCE M. MOREY L. BURKEY R. LAWRENCE L. MITCHELL A. BECKER Varsity Cheerleaders B. BURKEY J, HYDE unior Varsity Cheerleaders ,,...., "-i--- .. -ii,,- From Left to right: I. Steeby, I. McNutt, I. Bassett, S. Andrews, D. Southard, P. Hinken. gs :gi X - 'f m , ' qi, W f K 1 srvs ma", 2 i - - H 3 , 9 g 55 3 A ' vs' S fvipgf , g Q " 4- . :'L.fx,mL' . -sg , I: -,Ns From Left to Right: I. Bassett, McNutt, S. Southard, S. Andrews. Senior Class Most likely to succeed K Wood, D. Barry T5 o2""'gw 4?:Td10"G' - U. , -Sf Best Dressers L. Barry. I. Fletcher Hate' L J womifqxwkd G. Most Athletic T. Waldron, B. Bowden 21. wx Done the most for H. H. S. 5xga5gLi10'a S. Cie veland, R. Laberteaux NW xm- so W X-St' V Cutesi d 00 M . 1. cmv2H'G'Wa1 ' ' 1 91 ' Q Class Fli rts Qfixdftxg' G. Wood. I. Lawrence r-55" Me. . Smartest ' C. Burke W. Granfors me Polling X Q ' ' 1 22 ww' fl l Q Most Original 5, 1 B. Sim, T. Brown ,, ' e -1 4' ' N jk Best . ,, . Izbbfe Shaq' 3 X p Q ir Q Ag- . .... . -, 'dr T L 4 " . M fT5 h Us A g ' A Mock Election Most Dramatic Ghavacxgsfsin C. Smith, I. Huntley 0520 53' .. I 130165 fl ",, , Cf2?f'3.1mmW1 ef N. W ' " f U ' ' X"vx gy Pessimists D. Bump, P. Hart Most Talented C. Bassett, I.. Reahm Bookworms M. Ziegler, T. Dennison gh 6 , 5 0 Best All Around ?oYX'4:N'-'ixzc-gg,4e'V, S. Frost, J. Sergeant ae' ' 135019 , ' X' e 1 Shyest op-gjmfi-5Peak, C. Granz, D. Reynolds L.scmshw"k' ' a f ... e e we . ous t NhsGWevXXeS M . 'rgmvf 3'1" I rgff Cjlgnified ' MCNUH .V sf e a ,Q ae Nw. I ga 'AN IN MEMORIUM "I want to ask you all to be serious for just a moment. We had a teacher here who loved students. She was 100 percent behind them. She loved teaching in Hastings and enjoyed the other faculty members here. Now she is gone, and all that we can do for her is to bow our heads for thirty seconds of silence, think about her and hope that she is with God." John L. Clarey -1 w 1 v ,w A w V I I 1 ,-Q95 -.l7"' x -4 u .Q SSW 3? W WM W wbiwpfgfgwff Y M. YH 3,fy5VF W If QM' VK, fjgwiqgmffgpw Ogg, WM wiidf

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