Harriman High School - Arrow Yearbook (Harriman, TN)

 - Class of 1951

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Harriman High School - Arrow Yearbook (Harriman, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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44,41 , LMA- ffffi 'CJ N P' 2 A, Mfsf ' o x , Q Z . , V , ' 1 '. ,iff ' ' fi A, v "". 'ix,'L. XV? my X 1 ,f M : 1 fy: 131 5 325323 'WM 2 kwx f Q0 v O n mf' ' may 5 OLAM 7 W W 124 I Z gr W fi-1.-4 X ,. .. 0' ' MX B b Rig! 'A -x f , mg,- W3 . ff A .I , Y W Q 1 ff Q x YQ. 'f I x f '. . 4 1 E1 I .501 X A A 1 fi y , .A Qi? Q , S ri' Eg. 7 4 . 3: 'Qizef X ," 4: 56 ' 221. A 'I ' , I W .AFPOW nm g 6lMJ'L lzopdafer 4 D- zffzcrf 1011 T tune I nwc w en sc twc Jcnlfr ass was to exprcsk our prcclatu n t r o v f ovc he Der c4c our vcrurx In wc cn o atc an rr I c chool hoard who has SI acnerously provlded modern edu W Jung us LLVIVL h ac5 ncnc IS y 5c wool we wwh to sax Than4 x u To Mr Cay I-Iaun wc hereby dedlcatc thus thc thurty fourth volume at the ARROW H15 untaullng help has I4 nd understanding tall our prahlenm have been It lneetlrnalple xalue Sc to num we my Thanx you To Mr Dan Prophater we also dedicate the l95l ARROVV In all sutuatuans wlth vvhlch v e navc heen con trcnted at I tnmes when we needed auldance mcst she nexer talled us To her we say Thank you To the Student body at I-Iarrurnan Hugh School W hope you wall enjoy thus record at the achuevernents durlng thc past sch ol year kiwi , KAVVFIJ' I f. .he 1'-'Pasco X h lv tffw ICI r at l95l! h " ' ap 'H c fl h ie v ht h fe 'rlrcl nw I X he 1 sclo ,I H I x lI'- d Q vttahle T thr- catlonal tacllltles and to the Iacultv for theur guldance in Ielr , lt H t e gre tft I H flt lrwm our vearw IIT I , ,, ' , " l ' S , ' H u W f- e E0 .APFUW Superintendent Principal A any L to R Mrs W R Massey CTruont Officer? Mr C R BlockfSupermtender1t7 Mrs W E Smlth lSchooI Secretory? Mr G M Bollord CPrlncupcJlJ HEAD DEVIL Four J .XJFPIIW M l'lll0l ll I H MR C1 M BALLARD Principal Mathematics MRS H C BUNCH English Jumor Sponsor MR JOHN B DODG Mu nc and Band MISS JOYCE DUFFIELD English Freshman Sponsor MISS NELL EDWARDS Spannsh Sophomore Sponsor Beta Club Sponsor MISS ELLA HALL Mathemotlcs Geography Freshman Sponsor MR CAY HAUN Freshman Sponsor M C D JONES Engllsh Junlor Sponsor CHARLES MCDANINE Camrnercual Sophomore Sponsor I-lu Lxte Sponsor MISS LUCY PIERCE Lebrarlan MR WRAY SMITH Physlcal Education History Asst Football Coach Basketball Coach MISS LENA EVANS Home Economncs Junior Sponsor MRS DON PROPHATER Chemistry and Biology Sensor Sponsor MR TOLBERT THOMPSC J Mathernatucs and Phy vc Semor Sponsor F we ze J S J Ill' Alf c Social Science , R . . , R -L . . N . I . Y K ' S s SSM iiii fWiM2ij igjgj i Samoa fm X QXHQHMQQMQZKQPHSWW5 7Ww N WW iyiwgffff W WM EW WW 5742! My W?1?,,, wif R HW! gy! W0 vw ya? M M W f YM? bf fx Q ,LJJJJJ Wlfffwwn EW My . M V M JM MW 1 H W Q Z, KEN, -2776 '- Q-Juan, E sy M2 5 5 Q 5 WWW E We WLM!!! E, is ,qw f 0 JW lv Q3 gd ' f W' WA ' .7 .!gl'I'0lll 8lfLL0l" Kfdifii OMCWY5 Larry Slaelton President Tom Dalton Vice President Sue Carter Secretary Madge Bowman Treasurer Gwendolyn Jones Reporter 0 orri Blue and Gold Ollfel' Yellow Rose offo "Wisdom is knowing what to do, skill is know- ing how to do it, and virtue is in doing it." Z F I'l'U IU 7 J endow . GERALDINE ADKISSON EUGENE "BUDDY" ALLEN HOBEQT BARNETT MADGE BOWMAN VXONEL BRUMLEY MARY FLO CARMACK SUE CARTER -lO'vXAS TOMNAY CASTLENA MMM' CHAMBERS GERALDINE ADKISSON H Lute 4 F H A 3 BUDDY ALLEN 1948 transfer from l termerws Club 2 3 4 Pres 4 ootball 2 B 2 3 4 Arrow S ,rumor Preslaent Jumor Play HOBERT BARNETT Puoneer MADGE BOWMAN Basket ball l 2 3 4 Treasurer Beta Mmar l Gorl s State l95O Class Treo urer 3 4 Arrow Staff Band l IVONEL BRUMLEY Basketball l 2 3 4 Drull Team l 2 Cheerleader 3 4 F H A 4 Sophomore Secretary Jumor Play Hn Lute 3 4 Arrow Staff MARY FLO CAR M CK Band 2 3 4 Beta Mmorl 2 Beta Club 3 4 Junior Play FHA 3 4 Dramatc Club 3 Hu Lute 4 SUE CARTER Dramatic Club 3 Drull Team 3 Cuurl s State l95O Jur1IOr Play Secretary 4 Flag Carp 4 TOMMY CASTLEMAN Puoneer Beta Club 3 4 JIMMY CHAMBERS pl meer F atoall l 2 3 4 Lettermens Clut' 5 4 T , f' , " T , i- ' Q . - - J ff- f ' TM. , Let ' , , g 1 3 F 2, 3, 4g asketbali I I 5 taff ' A' 5 ,I A , ' if' , - , , , 5 J ' 5 Sl , 5 Q- , , T , 5 ' , 3: , Q A W Q z z A ' , 5 J - - A I , , 1 ' T : , Q 1 V . . , : i I I! I . I , I , P 3 , : g w , ' I , 7 - , O z 0 , , , 5 ' J 7 . je ..!gI'l'0Ll! CHARLES COREA, Pioneer, Arrow Staff, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, Drama Club 3, Junior Play- IRA LYNN CRASS - LEON CROSS, Pioneer, Junior Play, Boy's County, Freshman President, Arrow Staff, Hi4Lite Staff 4, Safety Patrol l, 2,-TOM DALTON, Pioneer, Football 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Class Secretary 3, Class Treasurer 2, Basketball l, 2, 4, Vice President 4, Arrow Staff, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 1 RIDLEY DAVIS, Drama Club 3, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, - ELIZABETH FOSTER, Transferred from Pennington Gap, Va. 3, Drama Club 3, Hi-Life Staff 4, Beta Club 4, - DEAN GARRETT - JOE GILLILAND, Pioneer, Book Club l, 2, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, Drama Club 3, Junior Play. CHARLES COREA IRA LYNN CRASS LEON CROSQ TOM DALTON RIDLEY DAVIS BILL DELANEY DEAN GARRETT JOE GILLILAND Cf, 0 57 Nme , In ,W WW 5 f 1 , I x ,4f EuzABETH FOSTER f , . 7 . 55:5 .740 ,!zJl'I'0ll1' 0l"8 . Ten NORMA JEAN HESTER CATHERlNE HOBBS VIRGINIA HUMPHREYS QWENDOLYN JONES MAXINE KINDRED JAMES LITTLETON LOYCE MAY DON McCLURE BOB MCCU' LOUGH NORMA JEAN HESTER Pnoneer Class Secretary l Band l 2 3 4 Beta Club l 2 3 Secretary 2 Hr Lute 3 Jumor Play Publuc Speakmg 3 Arrow Staff Band Secretary 4 CATHERINE HOBBS Beta Club l 2 3 4 Beta Mmor Sponsor 4 Band l Drlll Team Flag Corps 4 Glee Club 3 VIRGINIA HUMPHREYS Drrll Team l 2 3 Hu Lute 4 r H A 4 GWENDOLYN JONES Ploneer Beta Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Drlll Team 3 HI Late Staff 3 4 Drama Club 3 F H A Vice Presndent 3 Arrow Staff Class Reporter 4 Jumor Pay MAXINE KINDRED Pioneer Drill Team 3 F H A 3 JAMES LITTLETON Hu Lute Staff 4 LOYCE MAY F HA 3 4 Hn Lute Staff 4 DON McCLURE Football I 2 3 Basketbal l 2 3 4 Arrow Staff Jumor Play Lettermens Club 3 BOB MCCULLOUGH Football 3 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Hn Lute Staff 4 Arrow Staff Jumor Play I. 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 ' 1 -'F1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 11 1A4' ' 1 1 1 1 1---11 ' 1 ' 1 111 1-11 1 1 11 1 11 1 ' 1 1 r OLGA McKlNNEY, Pioneer, Hi-Life Staff 4, + MARGIE MELTON, Junior Play, Hi-Lite 4, F.H.A, 4, f JOAN MUERTH, Transferred from Glouster High School 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, Sophomore Treasurer, Junior Assistant Treasurer, Beta Club 3, - DELLA MAE MURRAY, Pioneer, F.H,A. 3, 4, f CALMA JUNE NOE, Drill Team l, 2, 3, F,H,A. 2, 3, Glee Club 3, - AGNESJPETEIQ, F.H,A, 3, - LEITA JANE PHILLIPS, F.H.A. 3, 4,fFLOYD RUMAGE, Transferred from Houston, Miss., lg Hi-Lite sfoff 3, 4, - CHARLES SCANDLYN, Pioneer, safe-fy Paulus ,i, 2, Glee Club 3, Arrolw Staff, Junior Play. I 3 A , - xy Y 5 OLGA MCKINNEY MARGIE MELTON JOAN MUERTH DELLA MAE MURRAY CALMA JUNE NOE AGNES PETERS .i LEITA PHILLIPS FLOYD RUMAGE Q N CHARLES SCANDLYN Y I 1 we ,APPOW OZ? 0-wif.. Tullrr JANE SHANNON LARRY SHELTON FLOY SIMS PATRICIA SISSOM GENE SLAGLE LILLIAN STRICKLAND BETTY TEDDER PEGGY TESTEMENT MILDRED TODD JANE SHANNON Ploneer B nd I 3 4 Beta Club I 2 3 4 Drlll Team 2 Glee Club 3 lunaor Play I-In Lute Staff 3 4 FHA Parl 4 LARRY SHELTON Beta Club I 2 3 4 Presndent 2 Beta Munor Sponsor 4 Drama Club 3 Publuc Speoklng Contest 3 Class Presldent 4 ,Iunlor Play Boy s County FLOY SIMS Transferred from Hot Springs Ark 3 Drlll Team 3 Hn Lrte 3 4 F H A Secretary 3 President 4 Drama Club 3 Arrow Staff Home Economics Award 3 PATRICIA SISSOM Pioneer Drlll Team I 2 Band 3 4 Majorette 3 4 HI Lute lub 2 3 4 Junuor Play Boy s County Drama Club 3 Arrow Staff LILLIAN STRICK LAND neer D Il Team I 2 3 A BETTY TEDDER FHA 3 Beta lub I PEGGY TESTEMENT Malorette 3 4 Junior Play Band 4 Glee Club 3 F H A I 3 4 HI Life Staff 3 4 Book Club I MILDRED TODD Pioneer F H A 3 , ' J 0 , , 2 , , , J A , J 2 P ' , J V . . . J - , , , , 1 Staff 4, Drama Club 3, F.H.A. 3, - GENE SLAGLE, Pioneer, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's , Pio g ri , , 5 FH. . 2, 3, 43 - , . , . 5 C , 2, 3, 4: - . ' , : A z 1 : jf .fdfflllll GEORGE TURPIN, Pioneer, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, Glee Club 3, -- ELIZABETH VANN, Pioneer, F.l-I.A. I, 3, 4, Song Leader 3, Junior Vocalist - FRED WALLACE, Pioneer, Band I, 3, 4,-- GABRIEL WEAVER, Pioneer, Football 4, Hi-Lite 4, .IAMES WHITTAKER, Pioneer, Football Manager 2, Basketball Manager I, 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2- EDNA LOIS WILLIAMS, F.H,A. l, Hu-Lite 4, - JOE WILLIAMS, Band I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Arrow Staff Boy's State 3, Art Club 3, - JO ANNE WRIGHT, Pioneer, Beta Club I, 2, 3, 4, Book Club I, 2, Hi-Lite Staff 3, 4, Junior Play, F.H.A. Secretary 4, A- GEORGIA WRIGHT, Basketball I, 2, 3, F.H.A. Treasurer 3, 4, Book Club I, 2. GEORGE TURPIN ELIZABETH VANN FRED WALLACE GABRIEL WEAVER JAMES WHITTAKER EDNA LOIS WILLIAMS JO WILLIAMS JO ANNE WRIGHT GEORGIA WRIGHT 'KM' 0 WL I Tblrlet n li? if I E A 5' ' ' 'N ' . , ,uf L . I ' MA A , v I ' " ll . -x 9 I . 4 I. 7 A ' f' . I' . 6 f Q , , I I 0 J IOHIOII' IC l'l"5 Dee Murray Presndent Margaret Bramlett Vice Presedent Jerry Turbyvulle Secretary Johnny Collins Treasurer Frances Ann Margrave Reporter Mr McDonnell and Mass Edwards Sponsors FLOWER Rose COLORS Maroon and Gold MOTTO We re like cannnbals always trynng to get ahead IQ Fourhz n Sam McGnII Lois Edwards Dawn Edwards Nancy Hart Mrs Jones Mrs Bunch Mass Evans FLOWER Rose COLORS G roy and Rose MOTTO parts as best we can JPPJAWZIZII !C8l"5 Arnold Drake Presxdent Sara Barbara Walluams V Pres Eva Grace Stnles Treasurer Cher: Lee Wright Treasurer Mass Hall Mr Haun and Mass Duffueld Sponsors FLOWER Whute Carnatlon COLORS Red and Black MOTTO Take at easy greasy you ve got a long way to slude ml for O!f4'c'er,1 Presudent John Ballard Vuce President Secreta ry Treasu re r Reporter an Sponsors The stage ns set we will play our .7 ..!!l'I'0lU omior CKQ55 FIRST ROW W A Crowder Boyd Jone Harold Jenkins Charles Gallagher Jake Cox John Ballard Bully Branam Jack Hutchlson SECOND ROW Emma Jo Honeycutt Agnes Peters Pat Britt Loss Edwards Mary Ellen Ahler Betty Blank Joan Ellis Peggy Brown Wanda Bullens Geneva Hacks Nancy Jane Hart Vlarlene Graves THIRD ROW Nancy Jarnlgan Mrs H C Bunch Dawn Edwards Auleene Evans Anlta Baker NAary Carter Montana Harvey Eva Evans Iva Sue Branam Margaret Rhea Hunley Peggy Falrchllds Sue Hlld Betty Lou Hall Audrey Jones Mass Lena Evans FOURTH ROW MerrnllBotk1ns Bobby Jones Tommy Jenkins Charles Graves John Browr' Johnny Gallagher Fred Kulllfer Jlmmy Hodd Don Ballew r'-ivllllw FIRST ROW J T Phnlllps Bull Scarbrough Ken Taylor David Moody Alvzn Wnllns Johnny Langley John McGhee SECOND ROW Peggy Manls Dons Parlsh Joan Yeary Ruth Turpin Joyce Lynn Oran Mlrnam Morton Jeanme Wnght Phyllus Srmth Wmnne Plemons Betty Pnerce Jean Rummage THIRD ROW Mrs C D Jones Martha Newman Alta Lou Rose Sally Mee Peggy Roblnson Norma Walden Bobble June Muller Connie Llvnngston Dxana Lawson Joan Monday FOURTH ROW Ball Pryor Don Scandlyn Charles Stnles Fred Mulluns Sam McG1ll Carl Woods Flflem - - 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 4 4 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 - J JJJJJJJ ---v-y- lst ROW Tom Forrester Lamont Cuse Duck Burns Duck Ford Gerald Jenknns Larry Cole Freeman Crowder Lee Kung Qnd ROW Betty Jo Barley Shnrley Hartlnne Wllda Beason Peggy Hackman Dorthy Farley Loss Colluns Patsy Hamby Paullne Harnnlton l-reuda Allen Gerald Glllnland Phnllnp l-larrls Dan Bell Mr Charles McDannel 3rd ROW Carolyn Castleman Betty Knndred Donnetta Frees Esther Cofer Louise Catron J,JIna Knllnfter 4th ROW Fannne Brown Eustune Gnllls Helen Conley DeReta Faurchnla Margret Bramblett Grady Henley Jessle Gemble Geraldrne Adklsson 5th ROW Don Jenkins Stanley Hendrnckson Bobby Coward Harold lngle Bull Johnson 6th ROW Gordon Baker Jonnny Gulllland Johnny Colllns Franklnn Johnson C5219 0l'VL0l"8:5 lst ROW Derbra Phllllps John Plemons Frances Ann Margrave Allen Todd Patsy Qualls Howard Mulluns Jannce Muerth Dayld Wllsor' Rebecca Wullaarrls 2nd ROW Shirley Mulllns Jean Sampson Wllma Muller Jnm Rowland Betty Renfro Millard Mn chell Vrglnla Sums Dee Murray Glenna Sexton Ann Muller Mlss Nell Edwards 3rd ROW Myrtle Lee Jerry Turbyynlle Earl Ladd Edna Jean Sanders Franklnn Mee Betty Sue Stiles Peggy Payne Llllne Ruth Rose 4th ROW Betty Sue Moy Wayne Wallace Beyerly Norrns Cletus Weaver Helen Lane Arthur Lee Oody Joyce Shupwash Sth ROW Sarah May John Nichols George Ctrlckland Betty Sue Worley Houston Sellers Bull Nichols Wanda Muller 6th ROW Thomas Slagle Warren Langley Jack Wrlght Jlmmy Lee 7th ROW Tom Sheddan Quvntxn Watson Slxlull I Y . . . . ' J J J J J J J - J J J J J J J fJ - 4' 5 J J J J J ' J ' ... - ' - J 4 J J J J - - J J J J J J J J 3 J J J J J J - "' I J J -1 J J J J J "' Z J .742 .APFUW lst ROW: David Oran, Lee Bullrns, Hamer Freels, Jackue Prophater, Arnold Drake, Bully Hue Stlles, Davnd Pryor, Joe Browder, Dan Wallace, Leslie Forrester. - 2nd ROW: Patsy Lee Burns, Ruta Jane Clark, Judy Crowder, Wllma Jean Adknsson, Virginia Thompson, Nancy Lou Coward, Rose Ann Garrett, Sanda Glles, Helen Smlth, Opal Mae Ray, Alice Suddath, Shelby Collins, Margaret Berry, Bo Roberts, Jack Abston, Don Evans, - 3rd ROW: Pat Barley, Marne Woods, Betty Shelton, Reba Sexton, Mary Frances Webb, Grace Owenby, Lucile Pressly, Jane Smrth, Vrrginra Summers, Johnny Stamps, Luge Roberts, R. C. Schubert, Roger Blshop, Don Wallace, Tommy Barnett. - 4th ROW: Ann D'Armond, Bully Pague, Cherue Lee Wrnght, Marbreth Sadler, Ruby Strlngfleld, Sarah Barbara Wnllnams, Eva Grace Stlles, LLclle Willis, Bully Joe Spokes, Jim Gamble. - 5th ROW: Mr, Haun, Jarrfes Webb, Bob Wright, Klnser Roberts, Howard Westmoreland, Bobby Thomas, Tommy Roe Wllson. l J WLQVL W lst ROW Davud Gnlllland Bernard Malenovsky Stanley Jenkins Douglas Oody Bxlly Kelly Bobby Branam Jackle Newcomb Curtl Janes 2nd ROW Dean Harvey Ray Hutchison Shzr'ey Guess Bonne Kate Davls Dons Sue Hemphxll llon Kelly Patsy H rrell Juanlta Curtls Mason Goodman Ma k Mullln Kenne h Harmon 3rd ROW Grady Langley Bully Nelson Garry Jenklns Grady Bennett Clllta Jane Jenny Castleman ue Kelly Louise Clark Patsy Cardner Rebeca McNew Francis Kung Gaul Francrs 4th ROW Phullup Hnd Mlss Hall Sponsor Betty Borum Ceculla Malenausky Laura Grlzzard Faye Garner MIYIZE Lang Carolyn Carmack Sue Carson Ira Lee Bungham Betty Poole Mary Lou Kung Sth ROW Buddy Adkusson Bull Hart Earnest Langford Paul Mltts Jack Hyder Loretta Kelly Jane Baker Gall McKenney Jerry Hood Wanda Melton Marvrn Hlckman Mass Duttleld Sponsor Ken McClure Sex enhm ........-..-. ,- 1 x - . l , ' x l' " x KX . ' P t l 5 v las! fn! ,e ,l 1- ' 1 . I J f'f,L 'V 1 . v'y "gk I I .I lx' L10 1511211 fl 'Q' MR CLARENCE ANEST MRS G M BALLARD EIQIUHII Socuol Sclence Home Mokmg Scuencc Moth Heclfh MR WADE CALLICUTT Moth Scuence Health amor LM? jam fy MRS J P CARROLL Reodmg Spcllxng Socxol Science MR RALPH FLANAGIN MRS BEN HART MISS NANCY SNODGRASS Mothemorucs Social Scnence English English an f S' as xg S'f?5E:l A L C J ,X rrnu' -fW'W.aLZ-fem 3 AW! l t RON Larry Langley Jum Edwards Franklun Jenklns Bobby Gallahcr Doyle Harmon Sam Ed Glbson John Adcock S D Overstreet E M Overstreet 2nd ROW Jean McK:nney Sanda Norrls Angelee Langle Wulma Jean Kelly Sue Bullens Nora Jane Grlder Paullne Hlckman Dorothy Lee Carter Wnlllettc Garrlson Mrs Ballard ponsor 3rd ROW Lorcne Lang ley Velma Lee Muller Evelyn Chapman Rachael Bllbrey Vuvlan Jackson Sue Morrnson Lorls Kerley Zuon Goodman Mary Lou Gllns 4th ROW Jack Harper Jack Jarnguan Joe Mllls Don Johnson Davnd Mee Gordon Muller Eugene Latham 5th ROW Johnny Cherry Lynn Brown Curtls Helley George Ed Hamulton Bully Paul Moore John Cater fglfl Qu Q Mr Flannuqan and Nr Calllcutt Sponsors lst ROW John Harper Joe Wallace Howard Bucknell Sonny Sheldon Dovud Slssom Alan Ellns W C Sheldon Dc-word Smith Bobby Cater Douglas Black John Staples Emanuel Walden Gravxle Baker John Clark 2nd ROW Joy Allen Jerry Ann Brewer Barbara Drake Rebecca Evans Patsy Sampson Mary Francls Brown Joan Ray Loulse McDermltt Delores Weaver Margaret Testement Lars Wrlght Faye Brooks Flora Edmonds 3rd ROW Sanda Brown Glorua Bryant Alllene Beason Shlr ley Adklns Peggy Austin Patsy Smith Betty Lou Stulman Patsy Barnett Gypsy McCarrall Elane Scott Wanda Worley Daisy Carr 4th ROW Charlie Black George Condutf Eugene Snow Ronald Wardlow Barbara Austm Carolyn Dannels Nancy McCloun Sanda Vance Aluce Worley Chrustune Humphreys Jean Clark 5th ROW Buddy Brannam Alan Summers Gene Schubert Bobby Armes Gene Farmer Kaya Adknsson Tom Davus Earnest Whutlock Ronald Easter Lester Sands Elbert Chlt wood Houston Scarbrough 2129 mi. lp J .D , ' 3 ' -w ww- L ' Il ' -. f ' f J .X S Q .., . 7 nf' f' . . I If 5 ' 1 Q Q ' I 1 ,- I: , l , I , I , l, I , I . - I S L ffl ' ,xi ' ' 1 '4 , h ,FRI ' l ' V A ' ' - ii E ' . f ,i ' . f ,V I f , ' 'A .af ' 3 A . , , H'-A :Qs . i ' 4 K if ' + :Q - "' - . . 4 A ' 1 . if f x if ' I il ' ' g Nineletn cw? .AFFOW lst ROW. Mrs. J. P. Carroll, Joan White, Mary Jo Hatfield, Lin da Lou Strickland, Joan Rayburn, Anita Martin, Margaret Sands, Betty Jean Ward, Joan Murray, Mrs, Ben C. Hart, - 2nd ROW: Estel Spokes, David Webb, Wanda Bridges, Kathleen Howard, Barbara Bicknell, Rebecca Williams, Donnie Mitchell, Leslie Sue Pogue, Alice June Shillings, Alma Fay Sanders. 3rd ROW: Bill Ed Stout, Vaughn Scarbrough, Billy Charles Wright, Quintea Oran, Gail Sigrron, Jane Bowman, Shirley Testement, Corinne Black Anna Lou Peters, Charlotte Gilmore, Elsie Mae Clark. - 4th ROW: Estel Payne, Curtis Troutham, Earl Clark, Jack Jernigan Ray Wright, Gary Prim, Hershel Rose, Newell Wright, Tom Yeory, Tony Webb, Juan Strickland, C. E. Jackson. OSZUQVJA gin P 'lst ROW R to L Mr Anest Cynthia Judd Geneva Ch twood Peggy Hicks Nell Garrison Jeanette Forrester Nan y Mcflain Gypsey McCarroll Jane Elmore Mae Harris Betty Jo Landreth Doris Ann Hall Linda Latham Juanita Graves Barbara Price Francis Lowe 2nd ROW Una Lowery Alma Lowery Louise Mc Dermnt Peggy Kemmer Peggy Ford Betty Gibson Joyce Huck David lxelley Frank Hamilton Durell Johnson Edward Jenkins Ronnie Quarles Billy Northern Billy ONeil Paul Moody Don Foster Don Petters Gene Farmer Ernest Whit'ock Alen Ellis 4th ROW Angelee Kerley Sarah Hunley Betty Jones Janie Miller Jimmy Rapaport A J Melton Lee McCarroll Charles Hill Danny Lawson Tellous Kelly Wallace McCarroll Jerry Howard Buss Newcomb Bobby Miller Jack Gallaher Eddie Farmer Tuenly man, Ann Milg, H. M. Forrester, Lloyd, Gamble, Steve King, Ray Hargis, Bobby Sanders, Wilma Payne, Kay Mitchell.-3rd ROWS -AClfL'Uifie6 Q2 52? mix X x lxx 55' 5 AV I, df' A CLUQ X MEN ,P WJ , me 1' 0 0 06, oi 0 ,. ' 4 :R 1 0 ff Q91 'QOJ an ' 2 .4" " . 'V jf SX ,- 'x X-. X ,Q 1 -K N X , ff-,xi-:-X - 1 '12, ,1,l,,3',.I'.'5"f,4 f- "XV ,ff ff 1 r 'I ! 'S ' Q f 1' ' 5 I " Q 245 sf ,vi we YY r ul , f x o x 1 " t fx X 533' ' ' . QQ i . my . 91", . x - . ' - , 1 , v .- lq. I Ei X tg? :Q .. 03531 3 N :af , x " 'X Q Q . .1 LQ if " 52 f 3:3 ' L N : 'N N 0 I I Q . , 11- X .ggtm 'a ,qi , Q- .9-5. . ,cj - S. ' 03' . 1 N5 5 0, .J Y S , , 'Q ,' 0, s 'A O 'Qq.,,,.., - A ' x "td '--11" is ,9' x.41:fA -31.9. v, ,. ' K,-1: "1-... ., , .,.v'.ff '-12 fi-t.e:.,x M' 'L , , f,,a-uv" 'wife 4'-Serie: "5"',.d-532 f 4-gg., U D .748 ..f4I'l'0ul V.. Era CM alfa, M Ll'LOI'5 0,015 CLOCKWISE LEFT FRONT Lols Edwards Treasurer Alvrn Wlllus Jane Shannon Larry Shelton Student Sponsor Alleene Evans Wrlght Dawn Edwards Norma Jean Hester Peggy Robmson Eluzobeth Foster Reporter Catherine Hobbs Student Sponsor Geneva Hacks Wunnue Plemons Joyce Lynn Oran IN CENTER Marlam Morton Thomas Castleman Mass Edwards Sponsor LI'LOI'5 Ist ROW Julra Kllllfer Ann Muller Sarah May Betty Knndred 2nd ROW Student Sponsor Larry Shelton Gerald Gllllland Betty Sue May Earl Ladd Catherine Hobbs Student Sponsor Twenty two .Q W John Ballard, Mary Flo Carmack, Bill Delaney, Presidentg Gwendolyn Jones, Secretaryg Bobby Jones, Vice-President: Jo Anne J .14 fI'0W if 52 ef, K CL fl"0 effermen AGAINST WALL L to R Allen Todd Bob McCullough, Tom Dalton, Charles Graves, Bull Pryor, Dee Murray, Jimmy Chambers AROUND TABLE Jack Hyder, Carl Woods, Buddy Allen Don McClure, John Plemons, Gene Slagle Arthur Lee Oody Knot presentl .5249 pafruf lst ROW Bobby Cofer, Bull Staples, E M Overstreet, Ernest Whntlock, David Webb, Johnny Harper, Emanuel Walden 2nd ROW Stanley Hendruckson, Ralph Flanmgan QDIFGCTOYJ C E Jackson 8ff8l"l'IfL8l'L Twenty tbrn C ii .lllll Z f A' llll .1 .L . YQ EQ f f' A J we ,Arrow I A r A -' , Left to Rxght: Merril! Borkzrxs, lvonel Brumley, Comme Llwngston, Pot Brnft, Loss Edwards, Bull Pryor. CHEERLEADERS: U, H.3 lst ROW: Joe Wolloce, - 2nd ROW: Carolyn Cormozk, G -3rd ROW: Betty Borum, Alnenc Beeson. Tuf:1f5'-fum orl Frances, Mitzie Long, j .APVOW fe Margie Melton, lvonel Bramley, Edna Lois Wiliams Jo Anne Wright 2nd Row: Mr. C. E. McDannels, Mary Flo Carmack, Joan Ellis, Elizabeth Foster Jean Rumage 3rd ROW: Catherine Hobbs, Eva Evans, Virginia Humphrey, Frances Ann Margrave Afh ROW: De Rela Fairchild, 5th ROW: Joan Muerth, Peggy Tesfemenf Bobby June Miller Phyllis Smith, erry Turbyyille, Gerald Gilliland, Grady Henley, Bill Delaney, Charles ' hel George lorpin, Carl Woods, James Littleton.-Sth ROW: y Black.-l. Winnie Plemons, 2. Charlene De Armond, 3. Marbreth Sadler, Twrnty- ls? ROW: Fat Sissiom, Gwendolyn Jones, Jane Shannon, Eva Grace Sfiles, Pat Britt, Betty Blank, Peggy Brown, Olga McKinney, Dorfhy Farley,- Connie Livingston, Floy Sims, Leon Cross.-6th ROW: J Corea.-7th ROW: Wayne Wallace, Joe Gilliland, Dink Mit: , John Langley, Bill Pryor, Bobby Perkins McCullough, Floyd Rumage. l. Joyce Oron, 2. Catherine Hobbs, 3. Virginia Summers, 4. Mary Lou Gillis, 5. Nanc Vance, 3. Sue Carter, 4. Fannie Lee Brown, 5. Wanda Melton.-l. Par Bailey, 2. Anne 4. Wanda Bullens, 5. Rebecca Williams, 6. Berry Pierce. fi: 8 UA., bdrm, Mflfffe 0WL8l'VLH, Qfif 0 l'VL6?I'lC6L lst RON Agnes Garrr on Norma Walden Montana Harvey Mary Ellen Ahler Mary Flo Carmack Nancy Hart Dot Farle Lovce Edwards Pat Brltt Dawn Edwards Vrrglnla Sums 2nd ROW Mass Evans Peggy Testement Arleene Evans Janrce Muert Marlene Graves Paullne Hamulton Rutn Turpln Joan Yeary Wrnnle Plemons Joyce Oran Emma Jo Honeycutt Dorls Parrish Sarah May 3rd ROW Fannne Lee Brown Carolyn Castleman Llllle Ruth Rose Betty Renfro Betty Sue Stiles Salley Mee Floy Sums Elrzabeth Vann Jane Shannon Betty Lou Hall Nancy Jarnagun Jean Rummage 4th ROW Della Murray Alta Lou Rose Beverly Norrls Georgra Wrrght Calma June Noe Eustlne Glllus June Adklsson Ester Cater Loyce Collins Wanda Muller Vlrglnla Humphrey lvonel Brumley Margie Melton Joan Wright Audry Jones lst ROW Lucllle Wrllus Lorene Langley Sondra Morris Patsy Herrell Zuann Goodman Betty June Borum Gall Francrs Mltzle Long Carolyn Carmack Shrrley Guess Juanita Curtls Alice Ann Suddath Patsy Gardner Ilan Kelly Cherrre Lee Wright Ruby Strlngfleld Gaul McKrnney Sue Kelley Shrrley Hartllne Judy Crowde Marbrc-th Sadler Laura Grlzzard Eva Grace Stlles Sara Barbara Wrlluams Patsy Lee Burns 3rd ROW Charlene Vance Lois Kerley Vlrgunua Summers Dora Sue Hemphlll Jo Ann vwhlte Frances Kung Bully Jane Pogue Opal May Ray Jennre Castleman Shelby Collins Alce June Shllllngs El e May Clark Carol Ann H ll Paulrn Hlckman Helen Smith 4th ROW Ann D!-Xrmond Pat Barley Wanda Melton Babble Jo Honeycutt Nara Jane Grader Mary Frances Webb Faye Garner Lourse Clark Wrlletta Garrlson Dorothy Lee Carter Wllma Jean Kelley Kathleen Howard Sue Morrlson Anna Lou Peters Velma Lee Muller Sth ROW Sandra Gales Cellta Jones An gelee Langley Betty Jean Ward Mary Lou Kung Ruta Jane Clark Wnlma Jean Atklns Reba Sexton Vlrglnla Thompson lra Lee Blngkarn Jane Baker Evelyn Chapman Gall Sgmon Rebecca Wrlllams Marv Jo Hatfneld Alma Fav Sanders 6th ROW Joan Murray Vlvlan Jackson Anuta Martin Lrnda Strickland Leslre Sue Pogue Dornxe Mltchell Sue Bullens Margaret Sands Shelby McKrnney Mavls Harvey Barbara Becknell Wanda Brzdges Shrrley Testament Jane Bowman Rachael Bllbrey i 1 , 1 V 1 l 1 , I lf 1 I 1 ' Mrs, ,Ballard-2nd ROW: Mary Helen' Johnston,vJo Ann Rayburn, Mary Lou Gullrs, Bonnie Kate Davls, Rose Ann Garrettl, , O , 2 , ' -- Q 2 ' , ' , , Twenty-six f 5 ,M rf Q. 4 '1 ' N ,f 1 .1 1 -1 , ,f4fAL,fm 0 .1 , I 4,415 fy!! fs f ff 'N 1 JQJU -f fzflkfdxd J '4-pf ff'f54f.V,,4, ,fidfv fyfffflxtf ff "'!"f.Af j-fr-ffzfg! JO'-f0fA.f if g"?'V-1CQ,,4.-1' f.fff fax fl -fx., .xff if .ffgffyff JQVQX f J ,,f !4',fA'C L' fi-f wifi! J-ff f-f-f-ff f"V' ., B K xx, -K 7-. X 1 ' .N NISX -f NN MN x x 0,4 ff! , V x I' 1 ft- .f.fl"..f -A' I YN x X X fvfof' .,f.f.f!f.,f, .kQ,ff rl! J .fbf 'ff .1 'fy ff, 'CJK' .ff riff! X Xxx X KSx X NN 'R xx N' x Dwi 3 K i '25 xi 1 u 'PNN A N xhvi x-, Q 6 X N 'x4 rf!!! .4 X L5-N .Y X1 X HJ" f .142 ff, if uf fl 1 "' -i ' ri 1 ' g.. w , J x ' -' Y s., . f xx , -, I . X " ,. , 1 f AJ X' 1 1 I ' A , X A A f - - , ' V , f A f f K H ' K, I -7 fi J I' -f ..f ,lg X ,' 1 ' , , X, J. A - ' X, L, f ' 1 N ' f f' ' 7:1 ' Y '-f 1 ' K 'I A 1 I I , .Q'e.'t'-in f x 7 fs-SN" ' 'X f ..., Q f rw' Nr. M . s-M wi. -f 1' Tp f - f ' R ' .30 .1 , -f s ' : h six . .ff , N s ' WI' y " V ,N Q L ' ' N ' X f -J 1 , , , K , 5 K X51 gg mx hy! ., ' Nw xii: - Q -2 5-.u . J 'J . L SNS. kg. X., f , . -A-gs ,. '-v X f l , ' , :QQ -,U 31.5 A v ' IJ' ' ,f : . Nw , , , "Ga gsiscs f.! f "' -f- , f was ' NX ,f -.-,, . x v fx , 5 f fa- Q X ib- flf , . i V, . Q . ,4 l, , "' X , M ,S .- ff .--f .4 -f ,- - f' J fff',. I ' - , 4 1 ,V L I I ,KZ 1 f V, ,f- ff rf , rd f f X L, . X V . ,- , , - ' f - ,f ffl! 1 ' ,g -, A , I ' 1- ,af,9,, J' ,f I f , ' K A 1 I , ' , , Ffvf A' 1, fi 4. A i my K X . -I 1 lu , , . K+' N 2? V. ', M V' J' ,Q ,fa ', x' f 1 A- jf-I , I' r ,, . . 1 7 ev A f if 1.1 P 'J' -- S X-I ! ,if f 1 I ' , ' 'LN .f 44 , . 1 - Y f X x I 0 w J .Xglfftlll 6U"Illll6Ul .SiA00!!ga1c! CMJ QXZCQPJ It . uh .zqbt .1 w..u-annum TOP PHOTOGRAPH Rnght to Left Joe Wrllroms Pres Morgret Roy Hunle Vce Pres Norma leon Helier Sec Auleene Evans Sensor Rep Evo Grace Strles Jr Rep ummm-ww x IP J . . I . P ' ' ll' I Z ' I f., -Q , 72 . , , 7 I f we , , I 1 W ' R ,Ln ' A 3 Lf - rv' in I vig "Y, I " City Q E r.. Sglrik '5 AA YA , X 'Al SL X BOB MCCULLOUGH CAPTMN W MR GEORGE BALLARD MR LURAY SMITH COACH ASSISTANT COACH , 5 ' A X D 'C' 1 fs O 4 O fy X 5 I Z gs b 5 I 'O A:,- ' J! ! Q 1- V 'VVVV In V VVVV V s Turn fy -' IL f- HAROLD f 1 SNGLE SAM MCGILL A - , .x Qu 1 JIMMY ' ' T3 CHAMBERS JIMMY ROUJLAND ,A 'N 52 X ,, xg. I 555 FRANKLIN JOHNSONQ 'Q .... ce-mmfs csmves ' X N .I 3 N in -Q' Ag N E TOM FOPx?wESTEP-. L CARL. WOODS BUDDY ALLEN GENE SLAGLE ,Q X emov J' mzmev 'M FRANKLIN MEE sf' 2 WL Q I I .a 41' ?P ? A 1 Z Lf DEE MURRAY Bovo JONES . V. r", , JOHNNY PLEMONS , Gfg , asm JOHNSON F CLETUS WEAVE R 3' . .1 4' 'LGA ,AN 5 14 X , X V1 if ff . 2. C' cv' "' TOM DA LTO N JACK HVDER M L, .Sf DICK BURNS .74 .!4l'I'0lU 6ll'l'lJ'I'L6llfL K E cibelllfgf lst ROW Gene Slogle Bob McCullough Jack Hyder Charles Graves Jummy Chambers Tom Da ton Jnmmy Row and Harold Boyd Jones Grady Henley Jerry Turbyynlle Bull Johnson Cleatus Wealer Franklm Johnson Buddy Allen 3rd ROW Dave Moody lnsanagerl Howard Mullins Lamont Cruse Gabe Weaver Bobby Coward Carl Woods Som McGill Paul Mtts John Plemons Wayne Wallace John Co'l:ns Jummy Hood lmanagerl LSZABCJMJA Gneldo Loudon Ollver Springs Sevlervnlle Kingston Lalfollette Lenoir Cnty South Harruman Alcoa Rockwood Tbxrty Iwo 2 fbi' lngle, Dick Burns, Millard Mitchell.-2nd ROW: Tom Forrester, Dee Murray, Franklin Mee, Buddy Whittaker, W. A, Crowder, am? .XJPFOW gc! Jgonn A ESZAQJML Lenoir City S. Harriman Lake City Oak Ridge WADE CALLICUTT DON EVANS MR HAUN ist ROW Johnny Stamps Franklin Jerklns Johnny Cherry David Gilliland Gene Shubert David Kelly Tinker Scorbrough Henley Ted Wampler Douglas Black Arnold Drake Curts Jones Bo Roberts Jimmy Edwards 3rd ROW Mr Collucutt Ken McClure Jimmy Gamble Joe Browder Don Evcns Davd Pryor Kinser Roberts Bill Ed Stout Don Wallace Gene Former Don John on Jock Abstcn Mr Houn Thlrfy Ihre? Don Forrester, R. C. Shubert.-2nd ROW: Moscn Goodman, Roger Bishop Lige Roberts, Ernest Longford, Don Wallace, Curtis "W ,Z J 1 Q , W K an F' f . ' f A W A E .2 I ,,f"' X414 'Ex W1Px6lNlF3 5 D 'MM C dwg QLJRSQQ-,T Dfww EOUUARDS il 2? -2- ,..,.-254 xi? X El L' VVGN Q'wLfM EY lf .gf-ix ,JJ 1 ff Low EDWARDS MADGE. BOLUMAN I5 'l 40' 4 - 5 '1 1 , il X ' A , ' Y W I x 4 'Q ' 1. I, i - . ' Ju F" fl' 1 A I A , I In f 'ERS Qlpwjn Q i 1 Qlsj N fi y 4 A , 0 J J A , QV fl A in V I vm 54 -j, -1 ' J N I ' A '54'2 ' J. O XJ, ka' 54' I ,.,. nb, 1,6 , ' X ' A QS. 3.4 'X ,.' 1 1 . ' 4 ' 4 -J 4,yA'ff ,xx f R: sf , 1 ' 2 f N , fg LV .,' -Q ' 5 H1 5 T? 2' J ,EN X 3 I -J 0 1' 3 K l 9 " X ' X Q 3 ? ff X Q ,3 e x q , ' , N 1 sa F 1 f I KW V Jima: 133 . " a f 4 , ' ii, FT' f L, A V I JR 4' 1 rx: 'iff 5 , 1 If E 1 Q Q 542 ..!dl'l'0lll ago Ewlefgaf Tblrly SIX' lst ROW Grady Henley Eorl Ladd Bull Johnson John Langley John Bollord 2nd ROW Mrllard Mutchell Mgr Bull Pryor Merr1lIBotklns Don McClure Buddy Allen Copt Carl Woods Arthur Oody John Plemons Mr Wroy Smnth Coach BOYS BASKETBALL Cumberland Homestead There Oliver Sprlngs Here Cllnton Here S Harrlman Here Melgs County Here Lenoir Cnty There Cumberland Homestead Here Carson Newman Freshmen There South Horrnmon Here Clnnton There SCHEDULE Kungston Here Rockwood There Mndway Here Lenoir Cnty Here Mudway There Rockwood Here Oakdale There Oluver Springs Here Meigs County There Tournament March l23and4 Oakdale-Here Kingston -There 3 A Ae - rrow GPA Z?6L5L2fL6L Ist ROW Rebecca Williams Virginia Sums Joan Ellis Jeannie Wright Freida Allen Wanda Bullens Bowman Lois Edwards Mr Wray Smith Coach GIRLS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Cumberland Homestead Rockwood Oliver Springs Kingston Oakdale Midway South Harriman Midway Meigs County Rockwood Lenoir City Oakdale Cumberland Homestead Oliver Springs South Harriman Meigs County Kingston COACH WRAY SMITH MANAGER JULIA KILLIFER Thirty xrznl . 2nd ROW: Julia Killifer, Mgr. Ivonel Brumley, Patricia Britt, Virginia Summers, Dawn Edwards, Madge -we .AFPOW Th fy gf! 42 pas- mai SOLID GEOMETRY HISTORY IV ENGLISH IV E0 -JZJPFUIU COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT LIBRARY fb Pl J Ddfm CAFETERIA ,.....l-0" PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEP! HOME ECONOMICS DEPT JA jiri? ll! 111110 Geraldine Adklsson Eugene Allen Hobert Barnett Madge Bowman lyonel Brumley Mary Flo Carmack Elena Mae Carter Thomas Castleman Jlmmy Chambers Leon Cross Charles Corea Ira Lynn Crass Tom Dalton Rndley Davls Elizabeth Foster Bull Delaney Dean Garrett Joe Gllllland Norma Jean Hester Vlrglnla Humphreys KatFerlne Hobbs Gwendolyn Jones Maxine Klndred James Llttleton Loyce May Don McClure Margle Melton Bob McCullough Olga McKlnney Joan Muerth Della Mae Murray Iva Jean Overstreet Lelta Jane Phllllps Floyd Rummage Charles Scandlyn Jane Shannon Patrlcua Slssom Gene Slagle Peggy Testement George Turpin Larry Shelton Joe Wllluams JoAnne Wright Edna Lots Wllllams Georgla Wrlght James Whlttaker Fred Wallace Ellzabeth Vann Mildred Todd Betty Tedder Lllllan Strickland Floy Sums Agnes Peters Calma June Noe Gabruel Weaver lr M if ename Jerry Buddy Barrney Roxy Ne o ue Hop along Castleman lm Sweetle Duke Beach Legs Stubby 1 Salty Cow Bruce UQ Hester Jlmmy Katy Gwen Mlckue Re Crocodlle Mary Beak Dlflxlne Dellte yay ee Shorty Smtlne Shannon a lug M8tB G orge l.ar ry Re George Gabby Freddue z Todrly Teftrler Bcttc r Floss Aanes Cal ma Hawk A0 1 ruffff n l-lalr Tallness yes Clothe Smmle Talk Neatness Studlous Clothes Frlendluness Walk Musc'es Cute Remarks Co operatlyeness Cuteness Smartness Wlllrngness Speech Teeth Wllllngness Knowledge l'lCJlr Clothes l-lalr Dnsposltlon Good Looks Figure Foollshness Clothes Co operotlon Hands Strength Car Eyebrows Cuteness Halr lmltatlng People l-lalr Frlendluness Braun Co operatlon Eyes Teeth Eyes Vfllllngness Cornet playlng Volce Wllllngncss Just being Beth l-lalr P rsonaluty Dlsposunon Haur and teeth He 'Jrng someone jill K Faclal Expvesslons Temper Blushlng Actung Sully :tubbornness blowness Oncell' Quletness Alleene Puttlng on sarcasm Playlng Hoaky Fllrtlng Quletness Trylng to be mean uletness Not talklng Dlsagreeung btudles too much Fusslng Talklng Laughlng blyness Pesterung People Largeness Poutlng Neryousness Foollshness Self centered Talk Quletness Tom baylsh Build Trylng to be an A Student Talk Dan Concert Baby talk Not studylng Laughter Wforkung too hard Tallness Doydreamlng Temper Sarcasm Qutetness Not gettlng History St yng at home Tlmldness Ho cfulness Smlllng all the tlme u etness Being sllly Talk C e f 77 I CA, X fn , f . . H ,, . . ,, f, ,, H E F - ,, ,f C V - J ,, HH V - HF' H - US ,, A n C - H V ,, . J . HJ. ,, J H ,, - ,, ,, - ,, ,l V - . l ,,R.d,, A - - . ,, ,, - - ll I1 , Q ' . S ,, V ,, - . - ff ,, f f . , , . . . ,, . . ,, - NAV, . . . ,, . U - . ,, H - ' "Butch" Good Work Being hateful ,, H - H' ,, . . . HL ,, Y - ,, H - ,, ,l l . . up tn . - ,, i , . 'Joe' W . , . ,lion X . J ,, dn X - ' . "Eli " ' ' J t CH ' ' ' "LllllC'l tt e . ,, ,, , Q 1 - ,, ,, , 'l fn' '-N40 ky ..!4l'l'0 IU Z! WIN? Wlth Loyce At the Statlan Wuth Gabe Anywhere Wlth Wnth Wlth Roxy With Jimmy Nancy Jane W Theatre Alleen Around Town ln Mona Lnsa On Clnfty Street Here and There Around Wlth Patsy Drawnng Wlth the boys Wnth Finns Studying At Walnut H Wlth Sue and J W Wlth Ray or Bob Wlth her Suster Emory Wuth Agnes With C G A the Webbo Edwards Shoe Store Wuth Peggy or James Wrth Maxune At the Prnncess At the White Store Pe terlng Someone Wlth Leon W th Ellzabeth Wasting for Dan Pool Room Wlth Joan Talklng Hurry ng Wlth Eva Grace Workung on Hugh Lltc Wlth Franklln At South Harriman Wtth Gene In the Band Room Wrth Jane ln Shorthand Wnth Wnth Wuth Wuth With Wuth Agnes Calma Gwen Loyce Lal I ran Hobart mfs Mulllonaure BUS Driver Mechanlc Physucal Ed Teacher Nurse Bubble Dancer X Ray Technuclan Theatre Prajectloner Doctor Retnred Loafer Dentist A Man Taller B I Age Research Chemlst Commerclal Artlst A Graduate Raduo Announcer Normal Nurse Mr Thompson Secretary Beauttcuan Farmer Secretary Housewlfe Lawyer Spanush Teacher Burlesque Dancer Mr Haun s Pet Offuce Worker Lawyer Popular Technlcnan College Professor Housewnfe Jet PI at Housewufe Physlcs Teacher Artythnng Dentlst Te hnucuan Secretary Housewnfe Anrplane Meckanlc Pharmacust Sanger Secretary Stenographer Secretary Home Ec Teacher Offuce Worker Teacher Mechanic Teacher wr , IIIII, I Ballet Dancer Pro Basketball Player Farmer Old Maud Housewufe A good onc Housewlfe Usher Hen pecked A Truck Driver Forexgn Leglon Wrestler Loafer Another Hoover Somethlng A Success Here Next Year Postman Teacher Nurse Fnrst Woman Presvdent Song Wrlter Beautncaan Success A Good One Married to C Norma Jean s chuef advusor Old Maud Mass Emory Gap Bass Srnger Great Orator Lady Wrestler Asleep Technlcuan Another Dodge Wautress Loafer Model Another Mr Thompson Tobacco Manufacturer Busnnessman What she wants to be Marrued Pro Basketball Player In summer school Very famous Slnger Mrs Married An Old Maid F H A Sponsor Housewmfe Another Mr Haun A success ! A0011 I IIIUII I Oh you shu u Ugh Ugh But Gee Oh Come cn Oh I ve got somethung to tell you Well l forgot about that XVQII curse your luttle polnted head Huh Hey Aileen so O o Baby Doll guess o you I don t know What dad yas: What clld xcu a l dldn t know x u could draw wash Coul d t O I ee Boo Hoo Ions mad 99 What dld re s x Oh now Mr T mpson Oh Mr McDonnell Nothnng mach Wel O K Oh Golly C G sala Bo I ve gc :z ,ood yoke to tell you Golly Oh shut up Nothung nfuch I don t have gmc all day e I You wanna r e This Arrow Have you studled for your Hustory C come on D D Dan Who Me? Hey walt c mnute No No that not rnght Mr Thompson Are we supposed to do that too? Now the new style book says GY I don I' know lhope we wan tonrght That IS what It savs here I gust can t get thus stuff Nothlng Much Well you Sand We got mad last nnght Now Gwen But Mr Haun sand Hey Look' Huh Fnrlx HI re' 141 ll! 'J if .lm I . I . fu As' if :rn 10 rj A1 fn .ml . II I HI, , I s - E If l I 11 I A I1 - 1 "lfll y, 'l B I. . , III I T ld V, II II I II F. . , nt . " ' I say?" . X g . II I I 3 Y?II . , II I V H II 'J ' "l I d 3 hat" , , . II h' S II I II I I - C II III " ' I AQ I I , 'Q I ll I . I", ll II If 1 Playing Basketball Manager ofM1ller SI Brewer Janitor "Do you hue your English?" . I A . G. " l I IV II I-IA' , I . I II I , H I II I y I I . , ,, I U N II fl -I "W l, l'll sax" 3 II ' IJ " , II I II I . I I II Y II Il II AI - II IIIJ ' Oh. . F II I I II , . I Q I 3 C II , V H fI . IIS II II II I . II I II . II - I II X A I II - I - II II I - II II I .742 .XJFVOW I -sq.. Forty-four 51 ff Seated L to R Charles Corea Norma Jean Hester Gwendolyn Jones Gene Slagle Floy Sums Madge Bowman Don McClure Buddy Allen Ivonel Brumley Bob McCullough Sfandnng L to R Ball Delaney Joe Wslllams Leon Cross Charles Scandlyn Tom Dalton .X4I'l'0 LU 4- fs Shi 2444 ,naw .Q0"1"' ,IN LEON CROSS Assoclate Edntor CHARLES SCANDLYIN Edutor In Chnef JOE WILLIAMS, Business Manager GWENDOLYN JONES, Assoc. Business Manager Forty-fi: r f I UW Gene Stagle Photo Editor Chartes Corea Aesoc Photo Edutor Don McCiare Soles Manager Madge Bowman Bob Mcfuliougt' Adwerttfung Manager Torn Dalton Boddx Atten Sports Edmtor Vboys Floy S me Iwonel Brurnhog Sports Editor 'gur!s Nlorma J. Hester Bnll Delaney Proplnecx Testator Lat. Editor Hustorian Art Editor E iff!! lU Cfcm cxfrfnfory One hundred and twelve llttle Blue Devuls entered Harriman l-llgh School nn September l947 Thus year we had a slnght green tinge and spent most of our tame gettnng use to the new llfe Our sponsors were Mr Thompson Mass McMurray and Mlss Hall We dnd not partnclpate an any money campaigns but by class dues we dnd have a Chrnstmas party wlth all the trnmmnngs Wlth full Blue Devil Armor on we march ed unto our sophomore year wnth Mrs DeLaney and Mass Duffield as sponsors We began our magazune sale early nn October to fatten our treasury That year we topped off the mud term tests with a party nn January We began our yunnor year wnth Mrs Prophater and Mr Thompson as sponsors We soon reallzed the responsnbnluty of fnnancang a banquet and began selling football schedules We also gave the flrst play to be presented an the school audntornum After much plannnng and flxlng our dream of a l-lawanan Crunse spread over the gym We unvvted the sensors to a wonderful banquet After the banauet was a dance to whlch all hugh school students were lnvuted We enloyed dancnng to a professlonal orches tra from Chattanooga ln all thus rush we took tnme out to order our class rnngs and unvutatnons Now we dawned upon our glorious sensor year Agann we have Mrs Prophater and Mr Thompson as sponsors Great tribute goes to Mr Thompson for beung our sponsor for three years We readuly elected our class offncers and the Arrow staff We also rushed unto the sale of ads to funance our annuals We have many other fnnancual schemes up our sleeves as showing movles and glvung a class play Agaun thus year we are goung to return to the realm of dramatucs to gnve the best play pre sented by a sensor class nn the school audu torlum In l95l Oh' My' Ah' These were some of the expressions you would have heard thus year Yes you guessed at we got our nngs The thung that makes a senuor really a sensor The Sensor Class gave a Chrnstmas dance thus year and Invited students of grades nnne through twelve CWlshful thnnlangl We are all anxuous to feast our eyes upon the banquet the junlors wall present to us this year lm sure we wnll enjoy the dance too The last and most Important occasuon we are lookung forward to ls' ' ' ' On thus day we wall receuve our long awaited diplomas Then we leave Harraman Hugh to become cogs an the rnachune of progress Forty :men 0 A . . one September afternoon about four o'clock. l I ' I 11 -4 A 11 I ' I I I , , , . .Aff LU LJEQIA 6LlfL DON MCCLURE GWENDOLYN JONES Hill II I HI LOIS EDWARDS DEE MURRAY SAM MCGILL MARGARET BRAMBLETT E I' . IHH PATSY LEE BURNS JACK ABSTON ji .!4I'I'0Ml 2l'LL0l" d,l!0l"Lf65 wwf popufar EJ! 96104115 IVONEL BRUMLEY PEGGY TESTEMENT Lid .f4!farounJ MADGE BOWMAN TOM DALTON w Flyint BOB MCCOLLOUGH BUDDY ALLEN 07 -11 .74 .jgfflllll If I Y 3 Wg Q X sd af' , X f fs x cm M I9 ec? Well here at ns the year I966 and flfteen years have passed sunce the good old fughl happy glorious days at H H S Its a lovely mornung when I open my luttle busuness es tablnshment The Bowman Slssom Studuo for the Improvement of Speech Sunce leaving hugh school Pat and I have worked up quite a Iucrat ve luttle business Looking out th wnndow I notice that my first customer of the day as Mary Flo Carmack who us the w fe of the bla Texas oul well tycoon Joe Glllland Mary Flo has just returned from Parus where she ran unto Jo Ann Wr ght now a bug dress and hat deslgner and us quvte prom nent un the world of fashuon Sunce she has become so famous un her lnne of clothes she uses many models but her ma n ones are Ellzabeth Foster Flov Suns and Lllllan Strlckland After trymg to correct Mary Flo s Speech defect I gave up and went out to eat lunch sunce I knew at would be safe to leave the bus ness nn Pats hands Whale passing a small restaurant I heard heavenly music and stop ped to ask James Llttleton who was a mount ed polnceman who was maknng nt and where at was comung from James replled that ut was Fred Wallace and has orchestra Fred had at furst trned to make a hut usmg jazz musuc but Elwzabeth Vann who mcndentally ns his torch snnger convnnced hum that blues would be much more effectnve It loolf d luke a safe place to eat so I went un and called the head walter to show me a table To my amazement ut turned out to be Don McClure I ate and watched the floor show The chorus gurls were Mildred Todd Della Murray Calma Noe and Edna Wllllams and they all performed quute well several shockmg and darung lnttle num bers all of whnch Involved leg art Seenng Edna reminded me of Margie Melton the Sweater and Sknrt Gurl of l955 elected by a unammous vote of the sweater and skurt F'ffy-on e 1 in -7 gp ,nn hs: VSX I ll 'I xx 4 lx f E xx g ' S If xl llllfl Vliy, T' '.:IJ J It 12 f GW . S . I X , T 7, Q-'Ez-: T ' fziffaf x Al: N-Q. ' 1 ' ' A N5 X X I. g ' X 441 'Lili Hlli f 0 .tal ." I S I If X j -' ', ' Lx. f' ..:: .. . Q: lt.. xl X I' I , SZ, . .' -' : 11' 51:1 , . Q' flfif ll, I I IXX - .'..':tf'1'l ,s - :g'?f:':f: X ,, , - org.. . K N . .,F,?.... -Blo- C 0 1 I - ' ' l 1 ' I - H . . I . . h . . . I . . . . 9 . I . . . . ' , ' E I ' . ce ' . . I G . . . . . I . 6 . . . - . . V I U 0 u 1 I I I . E . . . . - ' I ' . . , I . . I I ll - - ll I I I I Z' .!4I'l'0ll! 6155 I'0p!LeC? A0l'LtLl'Ll48 manufacturers of thus sectuon of the country As I was leavmg I ran Into Peggy Teste ment and she was breathless as she told me that she had finally become MISS TENNES SEE VALLEY and Joan Muerth was runner up At the door I paud my bull to Sue Carter Poor thnng she has been marrled for lo these many years and has to work to support her stnll growing lnttle famuly of sux or maybe It was seven she has so many that she lost count after about the fnfth Having more trme to klll I strolled down the street where I saw Jlm Chambers who has the job of checking the parklng meters wlth Thomas Castleman Jlm saad that he had been In the second hand car buslness wnth Buddy Whittaker untll Leon Cross bought them out lock stock and barrel He was guven the parking meter job when Bob McColIough the Chief of Polnce of our four cnty felt sorry for ham I left Jam as he was puttung a parklng tncket on Geraldlne Adklssons parked car Geraldnne came rushing out of Rldley Davus s Super Market lwhere Lenta Jane Phnllrps Ag nes Peters and Loyce May are has busy cash Iersl and beat Jnm over the head wuth an umbrella for puttnng the tlcket on her car She was aggravated sunce the meter had flf teen more munutes left Further down the street I saw Gabe Weaver standlng at has news stand Gabe Ira Lynn Crass and Hobert Barnett have a large chaan of newspaper stands all over the state and have a very good busnness I bought a paper and noticed a large article on the front page saylng Eunsteun s Theory Proved Wrong Readung It I found where Norma Jean Hester Joe Wulllams and Larry Shelton had detected a mistake In the Einstein theory of relatlvlty and made up one of thenr own They have just been presented the Pulntzer Pruze for outstandlng work In the fleld of science Not too much In the paper Interested me except an advertlsement whlch read Are You Shy? Do Partners Avord You? Are You A Wall Flower? If so come In to our danclng school It was slqned by Katy Hobbs and Floyd Rum mage who were In partnershlp and were run ning a very successful dancung school Floyd ran the ballroom dancang part and Katy had charge of the modern dance Through folks who have attended thus school I have heard that Katy us quute a knockout In her leotard Turnung to the sports page I was sur Frffg Iwo prnsed to read where two of our former grad :ron heroes had become very famous In the sports world Tom Dalton was playnng pro fessuonal football wnth the Phnladelphua Eagles Our other star Gene Slagle had just become the end coach at the Unlversnty of Notre Dame Before thrownng the paper away I no tuced a small article on the last page tellnng that Charles Scandlyn who had gone crazy and completely berserk back In l95l had lust been released from the crazy house He lost has mlnd when he worked too hard on the ARROW I threw the paper away and I dd noticed a small slgn on the slde of Olga McKmneys shoe factory O a as a g woman In shoes now and Bull Delaney does all her deslgnung Well the sugn read Buddy Allen Justnce of the Peace Marruages Performed Cheap Not having seen Buddy In quute some tume I stopped In to chew the fat and to my surprnse found hum In the middle of a marrlage ceremony Gwen Jones was playing O Promnse Me when I barged In She told me that Ivonel Brumley who had lust had her fourth set of tnplets was wrntnng a book slmnlar to Cheaper by the Dozen whnch would probably be a best seller Ask Ing about Jane Shannon Gwen told me that she was now a very successful lady get pulot and had a lnttle whale ago set the worlds speed record for women Leavung Buddy and Gwen l hauled a cab and the cab drnver turned out to be George Turpm who some years back had been a bug bicycle magnate He was slmply rolling In dough before he was put out of buslness by Dean Garrett Dean Invented a bncycle that runs backwards doesnt need pedals and In tlmes of emergency wall even sprout wnngs and fly George turned on the raduo and I heard a famullar volce Flash Thus ns your ace reporter of Radno Sta tuon WHBZ Maxme Kindred and I have good reason to belueve that Betty Tedder and Vrrgmla Humphreys have just been the furst women to ever reach the moon Before she could funush her newscast George stopped and let me out at my luttle studlo and who should I see standung In front of It but my husband Duke Corea and our nlneteen lattle Coreas wautmq for show money Madge Bowman Prophetess 0 - . - , I . , . I - I I I ' I I . I - I OS l I . , , , , . . . lg bl ' I . I II I ' I I I .- 1 . . , . 1, . . . . . , . . . A I I I - 1 I ' - . ' II ' II I - I ' I ' I . . - ' II II ' I I I I . . I I I ' I . ,, . . , . I I ll - - - 4 ' I I . I ' I I I . . . . . ll ll . . ,, . , . . . ,, . . . . , I l . A . H . . . 4 ' . , . . II 1 ' 1 ' I I -. ' I I- .7!ze .X4ff0W mf lflff eufammf We the Devuls of the Senior Class of 1951 being dead un mund and spurut do make publish and declare thus our last will and testament un manner and form as follows Furst To the Juniors we leave the pruvu lege of crematung Mrs Prophater and Mr Thompson Second To the Sophomores we leave our used putchforks and lusedl experuences Thurd To the Freshmen we leave enough fire to burn three more years They ll need ut Fourth To the underclassmen we leave both our intellect and our ignorance to keep the home fires burning Fifth Larry Shelton our head Devil leaves a chew of tobacco to Allen Todd Joe to Duck Burns Georgia Wright leaves her rock m sock m type of basketball to Pat Britt Elena Mae Carter leaves her come hither look to Margaret Bramlet Ira Lynn Crass leaves his manly look to Freeman Crowder Dean Garrett leaves to be presudent of the United States Agnes Peters leaves her never ending smile to Wunnue Plemons lva Jean Overstreet leaves her fuve years un hugh school to Jack Hyder Jane Shannon leaves un the barrel and not un a well Geraldine Adkusson leaves her soft talk to Eva Evans Suxth Madge Roxy Bowman leaves with the next carnival Virginia Humphreys leaves Carl Woods as her successor of chuef representative of Walnut Hull Floyd Rummage I fig foz leaves through the door saying lt was a tight squeeze Loyce May wills her pleasant way to Dot Farley James Littleton leaves hus red curly hair to Merrull Botkun Buddy Whittaker leaves for summer school Norma Jean Hester leaves telling Eunsteun to move over Duke Corea passing through the window leaves hus physique to Jack Hutchison Mary Flo Carmack wills her southern accent to Muruam Morton Thomas Castleman leaves hus studu ous nature to Samba Plemons Seventh Jimmy Chambers and Leon Cross leave wuth the question still unanswered which one does Allene luke? Hobart Barnett and Gabe Weaver leave together destu nation unknown Floy Sims better known as Floy Simmons leaves her little suster tellung her to be good Mildred Todd turns the Library through the door Jo Anne Wright leaves guv ung up hope of ever having a date un hugh school George Turpm leaves hus cue stuck to Bobby Jones Edna Wulluams leaves Franklun Mee wuth a funal Boo Hoo Eughth Bull Delaney leaves to make a fortune pauntung mustaches on bearded ladues Joe Gilliland leaves hus natural athletuc abuluty to Cletus Weaver Catherine Hobbs leaves her esteemed posutuon un physucs to anyone who can wunk at Mr Thompson and get by wuth ut Olga McKinney leaves to be Fugure foot at Edwards Shoe Store Joan Muerth leaves her graceful walk to Cookue Ellus Elizabeth Vann leaves on a hugh note to Spuke Jones Calma June Noe leaves her shortness to Eva . . . ,, . I . . . . . ,,, . 1 1 I ' , 1 ' ' : . . . I . . I . , .- I I ' , ' ' I I I U I 2 . ' '- ll II . , . . , I ' I ' I ' I I I 1 1 ' ' Williams leaves his little whistle in the band back over to Miss Lucyg Betty Tedder leaves . I . . 2 . . - I I 11 , fl , - - ' I 5 2 ' ' ' I J I ' - . . . . I , I 1 . . . . . . - 11 11, - 0 I , V ' . l a ll ' ll 4 , ll Il . ' I I . . . v - 0 ' I 'i '- lf I ,dm :ill WKIIZILJ l:if6ll7LlZILf C0lLfLlllL0 Grace Strles Don McClure leaves Ken to take care of all the gurls he dudn t date Gwendolyn Jones and Margorre Melton leave their Oakdale boy friends to Helen Conley Nnnth Gene Slagle lcell l3D leaves Mer rlll Bull Duck and Sam to make up with Patsy Hamby next year Della Mae Murray leaves anyway she can Ivonel Brumley leaves her basketball abnluty and nuce tngure to Beckv Wnlluams Elrzabeth Foster leaves her dannty bulld to Jean Rummage Rrdley Davns leaves has hugh tone of vonce to Sam McGlll Maxme Krndred leaves her quuet dlsposltlon to Wulma Mlller Lrllnan Strrckland leaves to the tune of Wedding Bells Fred Wallace leaves to play left tackle at Notre Dame Eugene Allen leaves 9 9 7 has large masculnne burld to Harold Jenkins Charles Scandlyn leaves has hard work and drudgery to the next poor cuss that ns edntor Tenth Bobby McCullough leaves has sklppung school to Bobby Coward Leuta .lane Phlllrps leaves to play pro baseball Peggy Testement leaves her hour glass figure to any one who can keep tame PPatt Srssommmm leavesss Dan BBell BBoy tto the wwomen pppopulatuon of the scschool Tom Dalton yours truly leaves his way wnth the gurls no on second thought l believe I ll take rt wuth me LASTLY We hereby appornt Mrs Pro phater and Mr Thompson the Sensor spon sors to be executors of thus our last wnll and testament IN WITNESS WHEREOF We the devnls of the Sensor Class of l95l In the townshvp of Harriman County of Roane State of Ten nessee do hereby affix our hand and seal to our last wall and testament thus dav of May nn the year of our Lord l95l Tom Dalton Testator Wutnesses Larry Shelton Presadent Mrs Dan Prophater Sponsor HIC, 5 Fifty fue T10 I X S G-Za 1' T r ' ' ' . I . l , . I , , ' 1 - - A , ' , . I . I . I . . , r ' 5 ' ' ' Gwendolyn Jones, Reporter 11 . 11, I ' I l ' of . , . cc 8 H ' IX A H , 'Xt 1 . Ol' 1 I l V T-' 1 . I D - I jk ,XQPPOIU Fifty-six napa ob OFFICE Coff the recordl ROSIE ww I, iff siyfj :-V -Na x xXx fm C3 2 uf fill! 'CQ f ,isle-q.,,' 468- wi --. :r -5, . C j X X 7- 3 1 1 1 5 ' X' 5 'Z i ' , ' f-"3-2' SSAX- A. i Hmmm' jlffiglf Eng: 71 .,,,.- f 'ii . Qaffifi X Cp my J ,XQYQ f 3,1 ,133-L-.. ' ' ' J '17-"Q ' fm WX? .--.3 :SSR X ' v Jewry 6-,F f X 1 5 3 W X4 2' 2 gf, GX .LX 1 UQ, 1 U, ,quo 4 'K 'S THE ACME DRUG COMPANY R L Yeorgon Propruetor PHONE 50 HARRIMAN TENN ' 4 f I 5-riglvl of MOTOROLA AUTO RADIOS Compliments Sold By Anlussou RADIO THE nnfss SHOP SERVICE HARRIMAN, TENN. CUMBERIAND CHEVROIET COMPANY Your Authornzed DeoIer FOR CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS CADILLAC AUTOMOBILE FRIGIDAIRE HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Compliments BOWERS BRDTHERS PHONE 939 FURNITURE C0 Phone 283 Walnut Hull Reor of Bank Bulldmg of :mrs us Ffh AIRLINE POSTER Irene Reynolds Manager BRANAM S Stop and Gas Wnth U PHONE 9116 SOL ROANE S HARRIMAN TENN BROWN S ELORIST CAPPS CAFE GLEN HACKNEY 20 Roane Street l-larrnma HAMILTON S Ladles Ready to Wear Phone 563 l-larruman COMPLIMENTS HARRIMAN BILLIARD PARLOR Charles Derrnck HARRIMAN CLEANERS Puck Up and Deluvery Phone 928 I - ' s T. I OF Floral Designs For All Occasions I I 5 ' n A OF EDRUGS COFER MOTOR SALES fun mom EMPlovMfNr sfcunnv WN MMD COMPLIMENTS OF ADKISSON'S ELOWERS TOM BROWN ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Box 427 - 721 Roone Sf. Phone 198-J or 1025 Horr'mon Tenn ACME BLOCK CONCRETE CO BLOCK AND READY MIX CONCRETE MIXER RENTALS COMPLIMENTS M O D E l LAUNDRY cmufns ITS STEAKS CHOPS CHICKEN HARRIMAN TENNESSEE IT S on Il SANDWEHES DAVIS GR l PHONE 9148 PHONE 9172 J OF I Junction of Highway 27 ond 70 For Your Potronoge I IN , , I d ,J , l CA HOME OF GOOD MERCHANDISE HARRiMAN TENNESSEE S XQxp1Qcv MAA nmmi H KLR fwoa-.Jia wwf WL, JMWJAMK WWW ZZLZT7 Zwajnwocifffi N4 my IQWJZA X L ,ffu-.44-ff,...d mv PHARMACY CARMMK 8- BOWERS Bnomfns VE 524 R S. .Ms T TE C0 C P' ' I I I of Phone IO , I C grofulofionst Cl f 51 " Wie- NMS -fl A I . 'S ' f rv.-...- wg Q Y i P I 'V X I I K Q v -f f il AX . ff, . Z J Ayyv . k 1 .f x li. ' - :iw SY - X A A a 7 1, JKQR ' P'V -f , T "x 'J' P X VL if . X A ' P KX VLA W' I- .4 A i - if ,, , , M - I 9' 5 4' fl ff X ' V - ,, My 0 . pw fur I SED Q' 1 C' E K- 11 S I rg S ' f X S N i F ,nl hx N . KK ' Phone 20 Horrnmon Tennesse QNX +5 C Phone139 O ei . . h P ' Mrs' H L J D t "QuoIity Merchandise ot Popular P ' " j 'R X 'xg Unk X, ix X Six! -1 ' Cx' xi Q2 GOING T0 COLLEGE? -If so, hove the Horrimon Record moiled to you so you con keep up with the folks ot home. -lt not, we know you will continue reoding the Record here ot home for oll the events of Horrimon ond Roone County. THE HARRIMAN RECORD WRIGHT BUICK C0 INC COMMENTS NEW 8 USED cARs HARRIMAN MANUFACTURING 4 I6 Wolden St Phone T250 I T COREA 8. SON I S CLAIBORNE Office Supplies 81 Equipment BEEF PORK VEAL POULTRY FISH Phone 763M Horrimon Tenn Distributor Of SPALDING SPORTING GOODS Phone T55 603 Morgon Sf I' I Ot 5l - . I I I I - - - Wholesole 14-f POPULAR PRICED MERCHANDISE Shop Fnrst DRAPER 8. DARWIN STORES 417 Roone St Phone 149 Horr mon Tenn ELECTRO MECHANICAL CO Vonce Pckell Owner Unnversol Electrucol Applnonces 311 Clinton Street Phone 184 COMPLIMENTS EDWARDS SHOE STORE COMPLIMENTS OF SPARKS CLEANERS STOWERS LUMBER 8. MANUFACTURING CO Phones 8 8. 9 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Compliments JOHNSON S HARMONY CORNER LEONARD E LADD fyf L I i . OF I Compliments Ot Of u I Of I Of I S" - SCANDIYN GROCERY FEEDS, MEATS, AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE EMPIRE MlllWORK CORPORATION NOAH HARDINO IOMBARD S GROCERY lIlES AIRPORT RAYMOND 8. HAZEI SHIPWASH O EEIION SANDERS COMPLIMENTS OF OF COMPLIMENTS OF OF I PHONE IOI-J COMPLIMENTS OF INSURANCE 81 REAL ESTATE PH NE SIS-J COMPLIMENTS COMPUMENT5 C l BMSENGAME BILBREY FURNITURE C0 GULF D.5TR.BUTQR 6,-,gm THE SYMBOL OF QUALITY Nationally advertised and nationally known the famed registered trade mark of Burlington Mills represents quality textile products at moderate costs within the reach of average consumers Quality is an important part of Burlington s production carefully guarded by a modern Quality Control Laboratory and numerous inspections during the various stages of manufacturing The Quality trademark also represents the skilled efforts of 26 OOO em ployees who are Working Together with experienced management to make such quality standards possible cellent examples of the fine textile products manufactured by Burlington Mills Hosiery manufactured at Harriman are sold and acclaimed all over the nation HARRIMAN HOSIERY PLANT Harriman Tenn A Unit of ur molon 1 S MUCH mio Oth: Lili ofzfmenca Executive Offices Greensboro N C BROWDER MOTOR SMH COFER AND IEDDER Box 262 PHONE ll4 Office 702 Parts CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AND FARM MACHINERY HARRlMAN TENN WELDING GRADING 81 EXCAVATING 525 Devonia Phone 363J X OF OF I I I 5 ' ' . Cameo Stockings, a production of the Harriman Hosiery Plant, are ex- , . Sixl, -5 AUSTIN GROCERY COMPLIMENTS CQMPLIMENTS No 27 The Best Port Of the Meol BARKER S WILSON SPORTING GOODS COLUMBIA BICYCLES MARLBORO SPORTS WEAR BUILDING SUPPLIES PHONOGRAPH RECORDS MODEL S HOBBY CRAFT SUPPLIES Phone 453 512 Rocme St Phone 1169 W CHRISTMAS lUMBER C0 COMPLIMENTS OF LAMBERT BROS lAKE VIEW SERVICE INCORPORATED 513 JR, 0, U, A, M, J.F.G. COFFEE CO. We Make ANGEL CREAM oo NUTS COmP"me"'S MILL CAE E MAXWELL S FUNERAL Phone 443 811 S.E.,.., Sf PARLOR A Modern Commercuol School for Gnrls Fully Accreduted Appeollng to Those Who Wont the Best Otternng Complete Office Tronnnng Secretoruol Courses Etc Poy More ond Get More lt Poys to Buy the Best NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Y M C A Bulldlng Noshvnlle Tennessee Clothnng tor the Entire Fonnnly Costs Less ot MSKINNEYS BARGAIN M'lLf,Pf1,ILl,I'I0N R CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE Supplles For All lndustrues COMPLIMENTS Sonltory Plumbing Steom ond I-lot Woter HWS LON MEE GROCERY Deollng nn Fnne Both Fixtures Contracts tor oll Kinds ot Pipe Work HARRIMAN TENNESSEE TELEPHONE 178 phone 576 of Y COMPLIMENTS Y OF S wnfx COMPLIMENTS OF BR ADACRE DAIRIES INC GOLD SEAL DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK ICE CREAM Horrumon Tenn Phone 782 W ECONOMY AUTO STORES COMPUMENTSOF OVER 2 000 Items for home and car A NS 8 NS Assocuofe Member Phone 874 FOR MEN AND WOMEN DR PE PER DR PE PER DR PEPPER BOIIIING CO LENOIR CITY TENN PHONE 64 J O , . DOYLE B. MARTIN HARRIMAN, TENN. MERCHANT TAILORS I I 5 1 COMMENTS BROWN EllIS MOTOR CO KAISER FRAZER WILLYS JEEP GENERAL REPAIR DR w G Junction Hwy 27 8. 70 Horrnmon Tenn GALLAHER Moron co Phone 420 Harriman Tenn SERVICE STATION Best Washes to the Closs of 51 Opposnte Post Offnce Phone 273 COMPLIMENTS COMPUMENT5 H 8. G FURNITURE CO PIANOS APPLIANCES lg! I OF - Q - I I I A . ' , I OF DODGE "JOB RATED" TRUCKS ' OF OF I I I WIRING MATERIALS KELviNAToR APPLIANCES CIV1 3II Roane St W T WYRICK COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF KELLYS GENERAL MOSE Phone 253 Roane Street S THOROUGH BUSINESS TRAINING PAYS LARGE DIVIDENDS KNOXVILLE COUNCIL OE BUSINESS SCHOOLS We the members of the KNOXVILLE COUNCIL OF BUSINESS SCHOOLS recommend that you choose an established BUSINESS COLLEGE that has proved itself through years of successful opera- tion. By attending a REPUTABLE Business College you are assured of fair treatment, standard courses of instruction, and reasonable rates of tuition. BUSINESS EXECUTIVES of this great industrial area recognize the DIPLOMAS of these member schools as certificates of proficiency and achievement. FOR FULL PARTICULARS COMMUNICATE WITH ANY OR ALL OF THE MEMBER SCHOOLS NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE KNOXVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE All Members Are Accredited Schools and Are Centrally Located in Knoxville, Tennessee ly-I HARRIMAN ELECTRIC co. d izmii Compliments Compliments ot ot ROBINSON 8. EVANS DR I B ADCOCK BUS PHO E 26 33 BRUCEG LESLIE M ES PHONE 44490 Blues Q .fails Awfucfco COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 712 W CUMBERLA D AVENUE KNOXVILLE 16 TENNESSEE Februory I5 I 95l Horrnmon Hugh School Horrumon Tennessee Mrs Prophoter Sponsor Members of the Foculty ond Student Body Deor Frnends We toke thus opportunuty to express our smcere opprecnotnon tor the whole heorted co operotuon given us whale producing the puctures for your I95l Annuol We hope you ond your friends wall vusut our studuo ony time you ore Interested rn plctures Our modern equipment Including speedllghts enobles us to glve you the best nn portronts Some of the other teotures of our service ore Weddung Pvctures Weddmg Albums Copynng ond Kodok Funnshung Pruces ond lntormotlon on oll work glodly grven on request Yours very truly BGL OW BRUCE G LESLIE STUDIO 113 our l l I - ' , . ANA R . I Y . . N I I , . ' I - I 1 I I ' I M A FRIEND MIDGET CAFE MDIYIIEUX 0lDSMOBIlE C0 MARSHAIIS GRGCERY 8. CAFE 526 Roone Street GROCERIES HOME COOKED MEALS HARRIMAN TENN AND SHORT ORDERS Phone I39 W Hnghwoy 6I Horrumon Term COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS MDNKS GARAGE SERVICE GARAGE SO HARRIMAN MYRIIES DRY GOODS COMMENTS LATEST STYLES on BEST QUALITY CLOTHES A FR I E N D Huglfmwoy 27 Hcarrumon OF OF I OF FRED WALLACE OF I I OF d 5' I 1 z COMPLIMENTS NORRIS CREAMERY COMPLIMENTS PICKELS FURNITURE C0 COMPLIMENTS PATTONS JEWELRY COMPLIMENTS PATTON HOTEL Sheet Metal Work for Home and Factory Warm Amr Furnace Installatlon Jack Prophater Proprietor 4 7 Morgan ST Phone 56 HARRIMAN TENNESSEE J OF OF 7 I OF S r vnovlmfn sum Mem wonns O . I I 2 Rows us of Try ROY'S Cob for extro qu ck servlce J C Y Phone 140 COMPLIMENTS ROBERTS FURNITURE COMPANY Sely . . NNE N OF vm RAY S MARKET FRESH MEATS 81 GROCERIES Sewonee Street PHONE T37 HARRIMAN TENN ROY A ROBERTS TENNESSEE HARDWARE EO Norge Appluonces Sergeont Ponnts See Norge Before You Buy Phone 306 429 Roone Stree f ROANE HOSIERY INC We Would Apprecuote Your Busuness WEITHER S SERVICE STATION Complnmenfs ROD AND GUN SHOP COMPLIMENTS R O S 5 T0 25c STORES INC S I gf! I or I I Q or I l 1 Of or or S E ' - - , , Compliments Complrnents of of ROANE DRIVE-IN SANITARY BARBER SHOP I. Comp 'ments CompI'ments of RUSSEll'S MARKET of Groceries, Meats ond Fresh Vegetables ofAu1 Kinds A Phone 752 J Cornplnnnent GENE SCANDEYN SUPPLIER OF SINCLAIR PRODUCTS S I ' s of Phone 47 Compliments Compliments of RED STORE of Meats, Vegetables, Posteurized Milk Phone 603 Congrotulotions To All Senior Closs 51 TAYlOR S GROCERY SHIElDS MOTOR CO WESTERN AUTO Your Friendly FORD 81 MERCURY Deoler Roone Street 15113 I l I BEST IN USED CARS ond TRUCKS l-lorrimon, Tennessee Phone 691-J SCANDlYN LUMBER COMPANY Bulldmg Moteruols Wholesole ohcl Retonl Phone 884 J Compllment Complnmehts WEBBO THEATRE SHIVERS RESTAURANT PM 575, YANKEE lUMBER C0 Compliments ot WHITE STORE N0. 54 MOWUTUCTUVGVS Horrlmon Term Phone T46 Yellow Pune ond Whnte Pune Lumber PHONE 740 w H B 'I' HARRIMAN TENNESSEE l-lorramon s Bnggest Booster k Ury . 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Suggestions in the Harriman High School - Arrow Yearbook (Harriman, TN) collection:

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