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I 5 f.f..a.'. EX LIBBIS Aluzow ' ' pointing our way through the misty, unknown seas of the future. Mi wk S vm .,,.,,,,,.Wh ' ,W-W. , ,Mgtgww , LMP 3 N, w...QHgw .Q MM-, W K. X . ,-Q u - 5 J -"': 'A " fl X ' A Www - Q - - 4W........, 0.- . Q. . , ,,., x 8-wvqxf? ,.,, 1 ' - , W b M' ,WW ww 5 , ' i wh, 'ww 4 I gi eff 1 ,,.4f"'2 "'x 2 V , ..,a v All aW sg ,Q 4, . ,QW w"- Af X'.'ff - ' f Q V , we VA ' L 1' , f 5 , f M' 'if f ., .5 Q. 5 ' . K 1 xp A vu f .M 1 W on-- ' ' ' x. 6 if KJMW ww .MW s WI" mx we vii! mwyb M MV, M .gm X K 5 . 'Q NWN if Mr. Wray Smith SHIP FAVORITES Mrs. Curtis Taylor L DE.DICATION As the doors of our Alma Mater close behind us and we make our way out into the world to seek further knowledge, we call to memory those, who by their lov'e and guidance have directed our wavering footsteps during our high school years. To Mrs. Taylor, for the love and friendship she has shown us when we were in need of understanding, we wish to say "thank you." To Mr. Smith, who through his patience and understand- ing, has shown us our need for physical, mental, and spiritual development, we wish to say "thank you." To them, we feel a deep sense of gratitude and thank- fulness. ln appreciation, we dedicate the l95O Arrow. 0N THE QUAIITERIIECK ADMIRAL C. R. BLACK lsuperintendentl CAPTAIN G. M. BALLARD lPrincipaIl Through the years which a boy or girl spend in school, the teachers and other leaders are taken for granted because few students realize the im- portance of our faculty to us. They fail to realize what they do in the devel- - oping of not only our minds but our socialibility and character as well. THE CABIN Mrs. W. E. Smith, Yeoman Mrs. H. C. Bunch Mr. John B. Dodge Miss Joyce Duffield Miss Nell Edwards English Band English Spanish, Beta Sponsor Senior Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Science, Sophomore Spon- Drill Team Sponsor sor, Hi-Lite Sponsor. I ,DE JM ' as Mm A V W9 ' Mr. Cay Haun Mrs. C. D. Jones Miss Lucy Pierce Mrs. Don Prophater Social Science English Librarian Science Freshman Sponsor Hi-Lite Junior Sponsor Miss Ella Hall Social Science Mathematics Freshman Sponsor Mr. Wray Smith Physical Education History Asst. Football Coach Basketball Coach . ' , , . l e-e ,Q X g m, . 35 ggi SHIP NAVIGATORS we ' 2 ffffi f lThe Plot Our Course? Y , A, ,K Mrs. Curtis Taylor Mr. Tolberl' Thompson Miss Ethel Womac Commercial Mathematics Home Economics Sophomore Sponsor Junior Sponsor THEME I, XX Hx I5-45 -4f,n4 4 f 1 1 S"':'1--"". d',d':'- 'D 111 pf 1 Fd 1 HJP3. CLASS op 4 1 :nf . Our Ship Finally Came In NOW WE ARE READY TO EMBARK ON OUR VOYAGE TO SUCCESS LT. COMMA NDERS FURMAN SCARBROUGH SENIOB CLASS President , .. Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer i ....r,.A ,, ., ,, Colors: Maroon 81 White Flower: Red Rose Motto: "They can conquer who believe HENRY YEARY IIFFICEBS Lowell Furman o Tommy Henry Esther Sca rbrough Norma Jean Yeary they can." S E A M E THE SENIUR Albert Julian Ahler Pioneer Beta Minor Charter Member ll, Beta Club Ill, IV, Advertising Manager of Hi-Lite IV, 4-H Club l, Band I, ll, ln, lv. Jack Baker Pioneer Assistant Class Treasurer ll, Testator of The Arrow, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play. Betty Jean Black Pioneer Drill Team I, FHA I, Basketball I, ll, Miss Sopho- more ll, 4-H Club I, II, Senior Glee Club. Patsy Black Pioneer Band I, Drill Team ll, Basketball I, ll, FHA Par- liamentarian IV, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play, Clara Boswell Pioneer FHA IV, Senior Glee Club. Cleo Brewer Pioneer Majoretle ll, lll, IV, FHA I, IV, FHA Reporter IV, Basketball ll, lll, Typist for Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play. Gene Brewer Pioneer Football l, ll, IV, Senior Glee Club. Christine Brooks 4-H Club I, Public Speaking Ill, Senior Glee Club Senior Play. June Bullens Pioneer Drill Team ll, FHA l, IV, FHA Historian, Senior Glee Club. Charles Burns Pioneer 4-H Club I, Literary Editor of Hi-Lite IV, Edit The Arrow: Drama Club IV, Senior Glee C' ior Play, DAR Good Citizenship AU' FIRST CLASS 0 F l 9 5 0 Ernest Chandler Pioneer 4-H Club lg Safety Patrol lll, IV. Fred Crowder Pioneer Football ll, lVg Letterman's Club lll, lVg Class Vice- President ll. Carl Curtis Pioneer Beta Minor Charter Member llg Beta Club'lll, IVQ Senior Glee Clubg Senior Play. Dorance Damron Transferred from Columbus, Indiana lVg Chess Club lllg Camera Illg Senior Glee Club. Mary Alyce Evans Drill Team ll, lllg FHA l, Wg Historian for FHA lVg Class Secretary l, llg Hi-Lite Production Manager IVQ Senior Glee Club. Lowell Furman Beta Minor Charter Member llg Beta Club Ill, lVj Vice-President llg President IVQ Arrow Staff Busi- ness Managerg Boys' State Illg Class President IVQ Band l, ll, Ill, lVg Band Reporter IV. Billie Ann Gilliland FHA l, lVg President lg Class Treasurer lllg Typist for Hi-Lite IVQ Senior Play. Eleanor Gilliland 4-H Club l,llg FHA lg Basketball llg Band I, ll, Ill, lVj Senior Glee Club. Betty Jo Gillis Senior Reporter for Hi-Lite lVg Senior Glee Club Fred Hall Art Editor of The Arrowg Hi-Lite Art Editor lVg Band ll, lll, IVQ Band Council Vice-President lllg Presi- dent lVg Senior Glee Club. SEAMEl THE SENIUB Ann Hargrove Transferred from South Harriman Ilg Drill Team II, Illg Cheerleader IVQ Basketball II, III, IVQ Physical Education Reporter for Hi-Lite IV. Don Harmon Pioneer 4-H Club lg Assistant Photographic Editor of The Arrow: Senior Glee Club. Tommy Henry Pioneer Football I, Il, III, IVg Class Treasurer Ig Class Presi- dent Illg Vice-President IVj Lettermen's Club Il, III, IVg Vice-President lllj President IVg Arrow Sports Editor. Jimmy Hild Pioneer Football lllj Senior Glee Club. Carroll Hudson Pioneer Football Ilg Basketball Il, III, IVg Secretary of Let- termen's Club Illg Class Vice-President Ilg Hi-Lite Distributing Manager IVQ Senior Glee Clubg Arrow Advertising Manager. Wayne Jarnigan Pioneer Senior Glee Clubg Senior Play. Charles IBudl Johnson Transferred from Harrison Chilhowee Illg Letter- men's Club III, IVg Football III, IVQ Class Reporter III Helen Mae Johnson Transferred from Harrison Chilhowee IVQ Band I, Ilg FHA I. Ralph Johnson Jr. Pioneer Football llg Exchange Editor of Hi-Lite IVQ Photo- graphic Editor of The Arrow: 4-H Club Ig Senior Glee Club. James Kelly Veteran ot World War II. FIRST CLASS 0 F l 9 5 0 Jimmy King Football Il, Ill, IV, Basketball I, Il, III, IV, Class Vice-President I, Lettermen's Club lll, IV, Treasurer Ill, IV. Frances Malenovsky 4-H Club l, II, Basketball II, Drill Team III, IV, Senior Glee Club. Mildred May 4-H Club I, II, Senior Glee Club. Tom Martin Pioneer 4-H Club I, II, Vice-President II, Senior Glee Clubj Senior Play. Helen Mee Salutatorian Pioneer Beta Minor Charter Member II, Beta Club III, IV, Treasurer IV, FHA I, Drill Team Il, III, IV, Hi-Lite Assembly Reporter IV, Senior Glee Club. J. W. Mee Pioneer Senior Glee Club. Joann Mee Pioneer Senior Glee Club. Lawrence Miller Basketball I, IV, Class Vice-President II, 4-H Club II. Bill Newcomb Pioneer Sports Reporter for Hi-Lite IV. Iva Jean Overstreet Pioneer FHA IV, Senior Glee Club. SEAM EI THE SENIUB Clement Palko 4-H Club II, Secretary Il, Band ll, III, IV, Senior Glee Club. Martin Palko 4-H Club I, II, Safety Patrol III, Senior Glee Club. Norma Jean Parrish Pioneer Elementary Reportertor Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club. Annette Pierce Pioneer Drill Team I, III, IV, FHA I, Sports and Physical Ed- ucation Editor of Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club. Don Raby Pioneer, Senior Play. Lucille Roberts Valedictorian Pioneer Beta Minor Charter Member ll, Beta Club Ill, IV, Secretary IV, Feature Writer of Hi-Lite IV, Literary Editor of The Arrow: Public Speaking IV, Senior Glee Club, DAR Good Citizenship Award. Wanda Jean Sadler Pioneer FHA I, IV, Drill Team II, III, IV, Typist for Hi-'Lite IV. Billie Jean Scarbrough Pioneer FHA I, IV, Basketball ll, Typist for Hi-Life IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Majorette IV, Senior Glee Club. Esther Scarbrough Beta Minor Charter Member II, President II, Beta Club III, IV, Vice-President IV, Drill Team I, FHA I, IV, President IV, Basketball I, ll, IV, Class Pres- ident I, Treasurer II, Secretary III, IV, GirI's Basketball Reporter tor Hi-Lite IV, Arrow Staff Sports Editor, Public Speaking II, Winner of Serious Readings Ill, Band III, Girls' State Ill, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play. Nancy Stevens Pioneer FHA I, IV, Secretary and Treasurer I, Vice-Presi- dent IV, Basketball I, Ill, Manager IV, Band I, II, Ill, IV, Secretary III, High School News Editor for Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play. E FlnsT CLASS 0 F l 9 5 0 Zella Mae Summ r e s Transferred from Wartburg IV, FHA I, II, III, Bas- ketball Ill, Senior Glee Club. Betty Stout Pioneer Public Speaking I, II, Basketball I, ll, Majorette II, III, IV, FHA I, IV, Senior Glee Club. Lucille Tedder FHA I. Imogene Turner Pioneer FHA I, Drill Team II, Senior Play. Jacquelyn Turner Pioneer Drill Team II, Ill, FHA I, IV, Beta Club IV, Editor- in-Chiet of Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play. Kathleen Walker FHA I, Senior Glee Club. Bob Westmoreland Pioneer Football II, III, IV, Feature Writer ot Hi-Lite IV, Sales Manager of Arrow, Senior Glee Club, Decla- mation Contestant, I, II, III and IV, Winner III, Sen- ior Play. Charles Wright Pioneer Senior Glee Club, Basketball IV. Robbie Faye Wright Transferred from Oak Ridge Ill, Class Treasurer I, Chorus II, Drill Team III, FHA Secretary IV, Proph- etess for Arrow, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play, Cheerleader IV. William Lester Wyrick Pioneer Beta Minor Charter Member II, Beta Club III, IV, Beta Minor Sponsor IV, Assistant Editor of Arrow, Junior Red Cross Representative Ill, Senior Play' Hi-Lite Staff, I Norma Jean Yeary Pioneer Beta Club III, IV, FHA I, IV, Secretary and Treas- urer I, Class Treasurer IV, Typist for Hi-Lite IV, Senior Glee Club, I,lliI'TENAN'l'S Shelton, Muerth, Bennett, Allen, Dalton, Bowman, Thompson, Prophater JUNIUB CLASS IIFFICEBS President , Rudolph Bennett Vice-President ,. ,T Buddy Allen Secretary Tom Dalton Treasurer , , ,T Madge Bowman Asst. Treasurer , Joan Muerth Reporter . T ,T , , Larry Shelton -Sponsor . Mrs. Don Prophater 8. Mr. Tolbert Thompson Flower: White Rose Colors: Maroon 81 White , Motto: "Knowledge Comes, but Wisdom Lingersf' EAMIEN-21nd CLASS l'llE JUNI0llSj First Row: Gwendolyn Jones, Virginia Humphrey, lvonel Brumley, Peggy Brown, Second Row: Jimmy Chambers, Maxine Kindred, Buddy Allen, Mary Flo Carmack, Tom Dalton, Rudolph Bennett, Madge Bowman, Catherine Hobbs, Sue Carter, Leon Cross. Third Row: Bobby Mc- Cullough, Loyce May, Ridley Davis, Charles Corea, Norma Jean Hester, Merrill Botkin, Billy Delaney, Hobert Barnett, Shirley Jackson, Dean Garrett, lra Lynn Cross, Thomas Castleman, James Littleton, Joe Gilliland, Geraldine Adk5sson, Don McClure. First Row: Jane Shannon, Lillian Strickland, Pat Sissom, Olga McKinney, Mildred Todd. Second Row: Della Murray, Calma Noe, Peggy Testament, Joan Muerth, Leita Phillips, Georgia Wright, Agnes Peters, Larry Shelton. Third Row: Fred Wallace, Joe Williams, Joe Roberts, Elizabeth Vann, Edna Williams, Marjorie Me ton, Betty Lou Tedder, Floyd Rumage, George Turpin. Fourth Row: Buddy Whitaker, Gabe Weaver, Charles Scandlyn, Gene Slagle, Floy Sims, Joanne Wright, Fred Mullens, Mr. Tolbert Thompson. ENSIGNS Edwards, Edwards, Hart, McGill, Evans, Hinds, Taylor SOPll0lVl0llE CLASS 0FFlCEllS President , .. Sam McGill Vice-President r ..., Lois Edwards Secretary H . ,... Nancy Hart Treasurer . r. . , Aileene Evans Reporter A... r . .... , . . ..,. .. .,,. . , Martha Hinds Sponsors Miss Nell Edwards 81 Mrs. Curtis Taylor Flower: White Carnation Colors: Blue and Gold Motto: "Forward Ever, Backward Never." SEARIEN-3rd CLASS l'llE SOPll0Nl0lIESj R 3 'aa First Row: John McGhee, J. T, Phillips, Howard Mullins, David Moody, Bill Pryor, Alvin Willis, Doris Parrish, Joan Yeary, Joyce Oran, Winnie Plemons, Jeannie Wright, Betty Pierce, Harold Jenkins. Second Row: Miss Edwards, Nancy Jarnagin, Kenneth Taylor, Tommy Jenkins, Fred Killefter, Bobby .lones, Miriam Morton, Peggy Robinson, Phyllis Smith, Ruth Turpin, Allen Todd, Alta Rose, Jean Rumage. Third Row: Fyncs Jackson, Don Scandlyn, John Langley, John Ple- mons, Sam McGill, Wanda Miller, Norma Jean Walden, Bobby Jean Mil'er, Betty Sue Northern, Joan Monday, Diana Lawson, Sally Mee. Fourth Row: Boyd Jones, Arthur Oody, Carl Woods, Charles Stiles, Connie Livingston. First Row: Don Ballew, Agnes Garrison, Billy Branam, Pauline Hamilton, John Ballard, Jack Hutchison, Emma Jo Honeycutt, Betty Brown, Peggy Guess, Walter Cox, Second Row: Iva Sue Branam, Joanne Ellis, Eva Mae Evans, Nancy Jane Hart, Mary Ellen Ahler, Anita Ruth Baker, Geneva Hicks, Marlene Graves, Dorcas Christmas, Tom Forrester. Third Row: Gordon Baker, Betty Blank, Patricia Britt, Lois Edwards, Wanda Bullens, Doris June Adkisson, Martha Ann Hinds, Dawn Edwards, John Mack Gallagher. Fourth Row: Bobby Coward, W, A. Crowder, Dor- othy' Brewer, Myrna Gustison, Sue Hild, Montana Harvey, Betty Lou Hall, Margaret Hunley, Aileen Evans, Mary Lois Carter, James Hood, John Brown, Not Pictured: Dan Bell, David Hall, Browder Edwards, Charles Graves. r IIEF PETTY IIFITICEIIS Hall, Roland, Ingle, Abslon, Murray, Duffield, Haun FIIESIIDIEN CLASS UFFICEBS President Franklin Murray Vice-Presidenf . Chester Abston Secretary Jimmy Roland Treasurer ., ,M , ., , . .,.,. l ., ..... ,,. Harold lngle Sponsors Miss Joyce Duffield, Miss Ella Hall 81 Mr, Cay Haun Flower: Yellow Rose Colors: Gold and Green Motto: "Conduct and Courage Lead to Honor." DECKIIANDS i FBESIIDIEN j First Row: Nina McNew, Warren Langley, Wilma Miller, Cecelia Malenovsky, Earl Ladd, Patsy Hamby, Frances Ann Margrave Bill Johnson, Ann Miller, Lee King, Imogene James, Beverly McConnell, Gerald Jenkins, Grady Henley, Peggy Hickman, J. W Hacker, Myrtle Lee, Mary Nell Kelley, Stanley Hendrickson, Franklin Johnson. Second Row: Thomas Mullins, Betty Sue May, Betty Kindred, Phillip Harris, Janice Muerth, James Kelley, J. B. Johnson Mae Bell Kelley, Franklin Mee, Harold lngle, Jim Lee, Julia Killeffer, Helen Lane, Millard Mitchell, Sarah May, Loretta Kel Iey, Don Jenkins, Miss Ella Hall. First Row: Louise Catron, Cinna Lee Daniels, Louise Beason, Jessie Gamble, Richard Ford, Freeman Crowder, Gerald Gilliland Larry Cole. Second Row: Helen Daniels, Fannie Lee Brown, Lois Collins, Esther Cofer, Freida Allen, Lamont Cruse, Chester Abston. Third Row: Helen Conley, Margaret Bramblett, June Daniels, Wilds Beason, Marcia Cook, John Gilliland, Marvin Bdlden, John- ny Collins. . Fourth Row: Mildred Freels, Eustine Gillis, Margaret Cofer, Reba Lee Borum, Ruth Edmonds, Dick Burns, Roger Bishop. First Row: Estel Spakes, Costello Whittaker, Dobra Phillips, Jack Wright, Quentin Watson, George Strickland, Anna Pierce Second Row: Wayne Wallace, Jean Sampson, Edna Jean Sanders, Jo Ellen Payne, Thomas Slagle, Betty Sue Worley, Ruth Sims Ralph Thompson, Jimmy Rowland. ' Third Row: Bob Wright, Jerry Turbeyville, Cletus Weaver, Betty Sue Styles, Ruby Peters, Billie Ruth Rose, Betty Renfro Houston Sellers, Mr. Cay Haun. Fourth Row: Beverly Norris, Johnny Nichols, Bill Nichols, J. C. Sanders. ' Fifth Row: Joyce Shipwash, Patsy Qualls, Rebecca Williams, Glenna Mae Sexton. Not Pictured: Bob Weaver, Shirley Mullins. 1 r HULL 0FFICEllS JUNIIIB IIIGII F A C U L T Y Mr. Clarence Anesl' Geography Seventh Grade Mrs. G. M. Ballard Science Home Economics Mr. Wade Callicut Science Math Mrs. J. P. Carroll Reading Eighth Grade Mr. Ralph Flanagin Mathematics Seventh Grade Mrs. Ben Hart History Eighth Grade Mrs. W. R. Massey Truant Officer Miss Nancy Snodgrass English EIGIITII GIIAIIIE First Row: Jimmy Furman, Curtis Jones, Stanley Jenkins, Douglas Oody, Jack Prob- hater. Second Row: Willie Jo Turner, Betty Jo Barnett, Anne D'Armond, Nancy Lou Coward, Sue King Carson, Shirley Melton, Dora Sue Hemphill, Mrs. J. P. Carroll. Third Row: Howard Westmoreland, Lucille Press- ley, Reba Sexton, Grace Onsby, Barbara Mul- lins, Virginia Thomas, Mary Lou King. Fourth Row: Betty Borum, Billy Hue Stiles, Opal Mae Ray, Arnold Drackenburg, Dan Wa'lace. Fifth Row: Marvin l-lickman, Grady Bennett, Jane Baker, Tommy Roe Wilson, Bill Hart. Sixth Row: Kenneth l-larmon, Bobby Adkins, R. C. Schubert, Jack l-lyder. First Row: David Gilliland, Dan Wallace, E. M. Overstreet Jr., Johnny Stamps, David Dran, Lee Bullens. Second Row: Cherie Lee Wright, Cilita Jones, Marbreth Sadler, Betty Shelton, Gary Jenkins, S. D. Overstreet, Rose Anne Garrett, Mrs. G. M. Ballard. Third Row: Virginia Summers, Jeannie Castlernan, Patsy Herrell, Mary Frances Webb, Doris Simpson, Gail Francis, Don Evans, Ray Hut- :hison. Fourth Row: Wanda Mae Melton, Reba Ann McNew, Margaret Barry, Betty Ann Poole, Juanita Curtis, Ernest Louktord, Dat Bailey, Sara Barbara Williams, Samuel IBO? Roberts, Fifth Row: Jim Gamble, Jack Abston, Grady Langley, Benny Turner, Cor- 'ine Black, Paul Mills. first Row: Lynn Brown, Jack Newcomb, Dan lohnson, David Pryor, Ken McClure, Estal Spakes, Leslie Forrester. Second Row: Betty Sampson, Laura Grizzard, Helen Jarnagin, :rancis King, Judy Ann Crowder, Alice Ann Suddath, Patsy Gardner. Third Row: Urlma ean Adkins, Gail McKinney, Lige Roberts, Bonnie Kate Davis, Mitzi Long, Carolyn Car- nck, Ira Lee Bingham, Patsy Lee Burns, Ars. Ben C. Hart. Fourth Row: Thomas Bar- iette, Jerry l-lood, Bobby Thomas, Jane imith, Bi'lie Jane Pogue, Eva Grace Stiles, iitth Row: James Webb, Doyle Williams, Iinser Robe-rts, Tom Johnson, Charlene fance, Gene Edwards, Mason Goodman. TOWAWAY n0CK HANDS SEVENTH G B A D E riisi rxuw. Jedi! Jirluxlarlu, rxuuert OBIIBQVTET, lUrY1rT'ly Teafy, I"fEI'lKllf'l JENKINS, QUEHTID Uran, Herschel Rose, Johnny Cofer. Second Row: Margaret Sands, Nora Jane Grider, Gail Sigmon, Sue Bullens, Linda Strickland, Angelee Langley, Wilma Jean Kelly. Third Row: Mr, Flanagin, Teddy Hall, Ted Wampler, Rachael Bilbrey, Anna Lou Peters, Velma Lee Miller, Gypsey Mc- Carroll, Betty Ward, Rebecca Williams, Mr, Anest, Fourth Row: Ray Wright, Jack J'arnagin, Newell Wright, Daisy Carr, Betty Jo Landerth, Shirley Jean l-loneycutt, Paul Clowers, W. C. Sheldon, Joan Rayburn, Maxine Breedlove. Fifth Row: Billy Lunsford, Billy Paul Moore, Curtis l-lenley, Elbert Chitwood, John Cherry, Wanda Barry, Alice Shilling, Juanita Matheson, Mavis l-larvey, Margaret Delaney. Sixth Row: Betty Jones, Carl Hensley, Gene Latham, Clyde l-lare, George l-lamilton, Mildred White, Zuave Goodman. Seventh Row: Elsie Mae Clark, Willard Mitchell, Jack Lawson, Gordon Miller, Tom Davis, Kenneth Plemons, Charles Sands. First Row: Larry Lang'ey, John Bunyan Adcock, Sam Gibson, David Webb, Jimmy Edwards, Curtis Trentham, Gary Prim, A. J. Melton. Second Row: Jack Harper, Bill Edd Stout, Billy Charles Wright, Robert Collins, Doyle Harmon. Third Row: Miss Nancy Snodgrass, Gail Sigrnon, Lorene Langley, Joan Murray, Alma Faye Sanders, Leslie Sue Pogue, Carol Ann Hall, Elene Scott, Bobby Jo Honeycutt, Mr. Wade Callicut. Fourth Row: Shir'ey Jean Testament, Ruby Jer' nigan, Mary Ruth Cullen. Fifth Row: Mary Lou Gillis, Sandra Norris, Dornie Ann Mitchell, Eve- lyn Chapman, Martha Brooks, Sixth Row: Pauline l-lickman, Dorothy Lee Carter, Lois Kerley, Vivian Jackson, Pauline Scott, Seventh Row: Mary Helen Johnston, Mary Jo Hatfield, Joan White, Faye Brooks, Flora Mae Edmonds, Willetta Garrison, Marcia Goddard, Eighth Row: David Mee, Kay O, Adkisson, Joe Mills, Earl Clark, Vaughn Scarbrough, Toney Webb, William Keebler, Ninth Row: Francis Andrus, Harold Marshall, John Tate, Bobby Sampson, Bill Christ- mas, Gordon Kerley, C. E. Jackson, Jimmy Newcomb, Alfred McCarroIl, X 5 Y ? "Fwy H ,M W , ,f - ,W -:W gm ww Li - 5 .WV Q, , I , '- 2, W Y, Q FN .sf M 354 , hm .1 .4 wrt f, -' ,. .' .gr 'CUE ' Qi? Ai' -Q ' ,rf 3, L ., 'TP'--A f , 5 'TF Q l f V. E 53? ff' fi ' 3 is if ff Q E AX, wif, Sq 4... xr ,M ggngw .. 11gsf??'i V W +1 IMF' ' E. fi' Yififff' L. wif we , . Ei 1 Y ' ,kg 3, . if Q , Ji :+V N w I x fi diff A X, .Q - ww- K , -w: f- - A I 1 1. klq. Wigggg: . a ,v , W, www sf filrkf' Q' qs 'c- ,.-U :. ,ff 'f'x-..- , ,: ,, ,, , 1? if .. if , 255' A .. :.1aff ::f5F .i5i K ' f 3 ' .gf ,. ,: .. ..' ,,. V .. ,G ak Q sw N 5, 5, 4 5 ,sf 'x w N . 3 75 Naam X 'Y Z' ,4 65004 fiif l'5 MUSIC AT HARBIIVIAN Ill Probably no other organization has added more culturally as well as in good publicity for Harriman High School as the Harriman .layCee Band. They have more than proved themselves both at home im numerous local city events and school affairs. and away from home in the band clinics and many band festiva's in which they have participated. ln i949 they won a "Su- perior" rating, the highest possible and as a result of this contest went to Murfreesboro to win still another "Superior" in the State Band Festival. Under the responsible guidance of Director John B. Dodge and Manager Max Johnson they have added sparkle with their colorful half-time performances throughout the football season. ln January of i950 the Band will play host to the East 'Tennessee Senior Band Clinic in their recently completed home which is part ot the new High School Auditorium. BAND UFFICEIIS First Row: Dorcas Christmas-Librarian, Cornelia Livingston-Secretary, Fred Hall--President, Ar- nold Drachenberg-Junior Representative, Second Row: John Ballard-Treasurer, Charles Stiles- Senior Representative, Phil Harris-Vice President. DRILL TEAM S E N I 0 ll GLEE Cl.l'B BETA CLUB FIRST RCW3 Lucille Roberts, Carl Curtis, Gwendolyn Jones, Larry Shelton, Jane Shannon, L o w e I I Furman--President, Kathie Hobbs. SECOND ROW: Betty Lou Tedder, Thomas Castleman, Jacqueline Turner, Joan Muerth, Norma Jean Yeary, Helen Mee-Treasurer, Mary Flo Car- maclc, THIRD ROW: Norma Jean I-Iester, Miss Edwards- Sponsor, Joanne Wright, Lester Wyrick, Esther Scarbrough, Julian Ahler, Bill Delaney, BETA l5lINOIl CENTER: Esther Scarbrough, Sponsor, Al- vin Willis.-President, Lester Wyriclff- Sponsor. STANDING: Miriam Morton, Lois Edwards, Peggy Robinson, Aileene Evans, John Ballard, Dawn Edwards. Phyl- lis Smith, Bobby Jones, Mary Lois Carter, Geneva I-licks, Winnie Plemons, Joyce Oran, Doris Parrish. EDITIIIIIAL Jackie Turner, Editor-in-chief, First Semester: Eugene John- son, Exchange Editor, Joanne Wright, Associate Editor, Ann- ette Pierce, Editor-in-chief, Second Semester, Sports Editor, Bobby Westmoreland, Feature Writer, Nancy Stevens, School News Editor, Fred Hall, Art Editor, Charles Burns, Literary Editor. Ill-LITE STAFF Complete Hi-Lite Staff LETTlillDlliN'S C I, U B First Row: Fred Crowder, Bob Westmore- land, Tom Dalton, Bud Johnson, Tom Henry CFresidentJ, Buddy Allen iVice- Presidentl, Arthur Oody, Second Row: Gene Sagle, Rudolph Bennett, Carroll Hudson, Chester Abston, Charles Cullen, Jim King CTreasurerJ. SAFETY PATll0L The Safety Patrol was organized in Oc- tober of l93l by C. R. Black. Since then there have been only two accidents, nei- ther of which were serious, The Patrol Boys go on duty in any kind of weather, rain, sleet, or snow. We Owe these boys a debt of gratitude because of their con- stant vigilance tor our protection. nf!! mi' CllEl2Ill.li.KlllE IIS Robbie Wright, Ivonel Brumley, Vir- ginia Sims, Ann Hargrove. .lllNIOIl IIIGII ITIIIEIQIILIQAIIIZIIS Willie Jo Turner, Freida Allen, Betty Borum, Mitzi Long. 4 , Q l z Students in Home Economics Ill F U T U B E IIUMEMAKIEIIS 0F ADIEIIICA Sflldenfs in Home Economics I 81 ll A IIT I' I, l' ll SCIENCE fl l'Il A PFIILII' SPISAKIB lTLl7Il DIIANIA l7Ll'll Nll'Sll' A fl l'll .. WE MK , M55 M My 51 - Q...-34. 2 -- x. 5 f , f:"?Fg ' A SWF ,M 'A ileii ml My , -im A. Ja S - wax 'Hams W - JA Sifigyi .A Hifi- -,if -M,-a-,f, x kai? A . Y- In Ek is ,wee A ,.,, ,W K Y fi fm 5 by .5 wi 3 gfe- w 0 Y. 5 y 'Yr fl 1 srl 1 1 ' asm fic 1-2 U 4' if i' First Row: Gene Slagle, Rudolph Bennett, Dick Burns, W. A. Crowder, Buddy Whittaker, Bill Johnson, Don Mc- Clure, Fred Crowder. Second Row: Charles Johnson, Charles Cullen, Jim King, Bob Westmoreland, Tom Dalton, Bob McCullough, Dee Murray, Charles Graves. Third Row: Allan Todd, Chester Abston, Jimmy Chambers, Gene Brewer, Buddy Allen, Jack Hyder, Paul Mitts, Tom Forrester, Kenneth Taylor. Fourth Row: Sam McGill, Johnny Plemons, Jack Jackson, Tom Henry, J. C. Sanders, Browder Edwards, Wray JBLUE DEVILS 0N GBIDIBUN Although our "Blue Devils" weren't in the win column very often this year, they almost always showed a fighting spirit and lost some close ones. With a few breaks we could have done better. Then to our credit, our gridders always showed that they were good sports, which after all is one of the most impor- tant factors of the game. WE SCHEDULE THEY 6 Oliver Springs 'I3 20 Kingston 0 7 Lenoir City 6 Alcoa 0 'I9 Sevierville 0 Dayton 39 South Harriman 7 32 19 Oak Ridge 28 33 14 0 Rockwood 39 ffm .. f M -. wwe - M, ,, mugs, N Q Mm H: Lf..., ff .Q .1 K ww rs: FV' AW Mg QMMQ QW 'cf yawmgw vm IW W X ww mu + M -fn, '-:V+ -P' if 'mfiig :L .-wwf . www ,,-' xg. ' .wx , , 'V , ' ' ' gihgmgg . 5 3 "mf, .. , M- ix - X ' JZ, wtf 12, V'--.Qi fa , 'i 'H Af. -:q,,g',, .7--V Rmwiqwnwmwwg W- ' f , . 1-3 , - 312 n ,usavffi " 3 5 . 'df ff Q4 ,fi M M ,,.. i X mif A 5 . 11 5 ii we nw: I .M 5-J Lf ,fi M: 2 WWW W skis HQ, WF ,, ' ' ' s. W, Q My "' M WW.. 4 ww is-1 if i 12: -.5 Mu. v . , V,.k La , , .gg . , x E1 JW 5 ,qgggxgv ,f,- 5 .. ' ww, 'af .ir Q 1' ff? , ifwvf? .m,,b ,S 5' I M az q e :wg .f I 3 .. E! gs gs E E ,Q sw Ti :dia H Zh TH 4x"L,1'k,, rg, HW! 1,44 mf . K 5 A A L. 1-Y :Qi A,,, j i Maw , 3 LA 1, S QL 3 ug, .L -Qa- .. I , Q1,4aQtff,,-1.1 LL,, f' ds QifKs'i?2s-iz 'W ' ' W V was ff .. ,4.. E 9 .,. .. . 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Third Row: Coach Troy Baker, Franklin Mee, Johnny Collins, Harold lngle, Cletus Weaver, Kenser Roberts, Wayne Wallace, Franklin Johnson, Jimmie Roland, Millard Mitchel, Jerry Turbeyville, Jackie Abston, Coach Cay Haun. JUNIIIB IIIGII FO0TBALL We are justly proud of our Redhounds, who, although handicapped by inexperience had a very successful season. In this, their first season of play, they showed rare sportsman- ship and football ability. These boys under the guidance of Coaches Cay Haun and Troy Baker won three while losing only two, one of which was avenged in a later game. The older members of the squad will be a welcome addition to next year's varsity team. BEllIl0UNDS SCHEDULE WE REDHOUND SCHEDULE ' THEY 6 LENOIR CITY I3 0 OAK RIDGE 41 6 LENOIR CITY 0 25 SOUTH HARRIMAN 0 42 SOUTH HARRIMAN 'I3 First Row: Bill Pryor, Carroll Hudson, Don McClure, Coach Wray Smith, Jim King, Buddy Allen, Carl Woods Second Row: Lawrence Miller, Arthur Lee Oody, Johnny Plemons, Charles Cullen. BIIYS' BASKETBALL The Blue Devils, under the coaching of Wray Smith in his new role as head coach, are progressing toward the goal of a top notch team. In their games they are showing good spirit, hustle, and sportsmanship, Even if they don't win every game, they're always considered dangerous by their opponents. SCHEDULE SPRING CITY SPRING CITY SOUTH HARRIMAN SOUTH HARRIMAN OLIVER SPRINGS ROCKWOOD OAKDALE DAYTON LENOIR CITY KINGSTON DAYTON LENOIR CITY ROC KWOOD M I DWAY KINGSTON OAKDALE MIDWAY First Row: Lois Edwards, Jeanie Wright, Patricia Britt, Georgia Wright, Ivonel Brumley, Joanne Ellis, Imogene James. Second Row: Coach Wray Smith, Madge Bowman, Dawn Edwards, Esther Scarbrough, Co-Captain, Ann Hargrove C -C I Vi I i Si O apta n, rg n a ms. Not Pictured: Nancy Stevens, Manager. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Devilettes began with great hopes for future games and players. With Coach Smith building up the character and encouraging the players to fight and win, they sprang forward to seek the goal of a winning team. SCHEDULE SPRING CITY SPRING CITY SOUTH HARRIMAN SOUTH HARRIMAN OLIVER SPRINGS ROCKWOOD OAKDALE DAYTON LENOIR CITY KINGSTON DAYTON LENOIR CITY ROCKWOOD MIDWAY KINGSTON OAKDALE M I DWAY Q my ix Y flea e, .1 9.5517 1 X if 5 ,3,, 5421 5527 2 an if-L 5. IT W if W.. . Msg. fy ,e... if -. gig , 5.4.5, gg, A.., . ,, 5, .gg M ,. ijt 1 A 5 fx Q. . jii, - - 2 I , ,, ,. .. ,,,L, k , ,K 5 2221. '-'f-if 1 'ff'--fm? , Q X 1.5 Q H f S- , ,-mv, :f,g1:k,1.2 V .i':f22f.f , sy. -:iglif-w xifmvssi I Lsfrw, ' K ' 1 .Q TSQ 1 12316 I mg..- Fifwfii M? 3' iw.: bi .1 ggi! 55517 D 5 J, :,i . f. .YC I .mp .QM A , ,Y ..i.. : '55 QSM, , H4 52551: 5 1 V ff sg-as Y . ' ..M5,. , 1 . . vm,-A..,,,gi J., , ,, .. aw . X . Z 5' Eff? ff' If 3252.91 -. f, 1' Qu: fm .. -. , 1 , Q .... 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Musclemen Henry's pet Sitting Pretty Midnight Shift Photographers??? Cheer boys, cheer! EQMW Campus Cuties 5. What this school needs is more Who said that , women! Dead-head gang, 6. Four of a kind Hot-rod Happy 7. Sophomore eye-fulls ' 8. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral or??? -Q -- V : if P w, :.- Ag A , f 13 Q- .A X 7 A' . ,q5,fq5s, 1 qwmiffwd I n Y: ig Z ag? , , Q S .Fi M k vggw 3 Y , fy 1 ' 'ZS f 'H ,. 'fr"'?xR , ' ' ,3"?" J fling- H AYSQGY11 f, - .h Vi A Pa ,Hy W W ff? . s 13 ' A .W my 2 L Q Q' E 55 fl 5 72 0 W , 'wwfffsf xg H -Msgfiizy 1 'fx pg.: n Aww: A A ,f X 1 ' :fig ,V . N ' s i . f . , , ,. fa was ssmw. K " K fuhw fs' vfrmmgh 3- L5m+im Quw W 45: 4 W Viffiigf si? A was 14,1 - X - -z . -new Q Q 0 . " ff iT?35Z"'fw3 - G Q55 b - Q 1 'vi ., N ' x x , 5' ' M- ' 'ix , ',, ' :Jr ff iw, - be fy 1 31 X ' i-wiv H 5 ffiff, W Si I Qwifzggjr . . Ai 'iw-Q: " v - I A K ,V f , , , 5 1 :NS 'f is-QL 'EY X ' Ktvuni v Cu ' f"'i1:, A2 - rx K ' ' 1' rf I ' B 4 y .1 ,fs W "Wm QA c X. k wwf r ww E? '. 5 ' Q k r I 1 -fl im SS.. , fi 1' if W 'f A f , we , L f ff 3 ,fifqffzii f. ,Z Q mmsgfgt yy. f 4i3!,iQgy?gAS PM 52. M2355 "V H HITS? Egfr' fvnfbii QL A12 -' tween , 5 if X ,Q . Wfimw' K' I' A mmm NWN' was . Q lr. L W,,,4,mM N , . ..,,Q ,MM Qi? 1 ww f S' ,Af J, if X ' Fi ' if, ll K X QW MFSVVT' 'Y L ,ss5:.,..4f-' 51 F x vu All rx , QM 1' ve 4 Y Q -" X3 I L? ' 1 ' 4 if Q , , 2 2 -f G 5 K fiifiiiiiiilii ' A Pif,V-5:1-PEN? K . 3 if Hsu X 5 ff .5 . gg Q 1,4 ef 2:5 ig my Q lf? W 4 ' I fi, xl Lvigiis 1 Z , E W1 L-1z.fgg:g,V vs? , P ' 1 k X f im ' - M iii , . ' 4, ' -Q eg,-K - .W F 5 Yip f " i MGQT Fi15PiJL.AZ? K N-W. EY - Q, An' Q 1' L. ' 1 :V 5 ewes' Wifp f 4 ff? Lfifsf M1 .fb 2 ,, :Q x 2 wggggfqglf Va: 7 . A '-:iff , K , . 2 . 7 b ' .5 f E f A Q 1- ' f-Q M E f, w?gL1,s,, 3 Veil? T ' ' ' .X ip' A fi 1 A ng ' Agfa: sf ,- . Nba : Wu: , 5 fwff ' ' fix? f iffy? Q f 3, f r Vg, ., vp Q m 1 whiff- 'fifwi Q. U- is I , , W,-y - . V, W ,WML ,, x QW - 5. A N -'U XA 1 A .5 lg 231-, Q32 QE 4 Q Q V at V, . -Q ,Sf 5 ' ' - iff 'S i 1 Aa, k l f X PT Q an + EEBT ALL ARGUND Esther Sf..Hhmug?v :L lim Kung Wv,,,ig5 Ng X641 X gag f ,Q W--1, g-u,f'- ., rf f, X ' 32 , fy . w,. b ,Q -gk W fig. X' :ww ' iw if wg ' .ge Vi ,fy V . V , ,g m gfpifu , Q Q wifi Li X ' T ' Q., N .Q f 2 ,M -4 Q 15139 L A I , V' 3,74 y ,LM f K ,V 32, ,415 M5 wx., . V ., X , . W . lg , X ,W W L N, N.. ,Q , , mam H fi Q' an 5 K wr 1 ' , .sw "z 5552? Y -at M L . Sa,-wg P A L, . V ,' f I 44,1 Xi M f A W ,A S1 Yu, ss SQA gy' g - Q wr Yi - g Q v . , if , TL 5 Haw mctmmf, f -:wifi my c5.?-f-11'-2 XA.-qw f ' if , lw2f'fx'f ,ig sg? , y if --ML 4 4 ,K ., , N 1-1 gh :Qsf , -X,:m.fwwg??5?V's . P ? if 5' 5 wh-it I 5 A 4 1 THE Alllllllv STAFF Her1fY, - Ediior: Tom . ki Associate , ' . Ediioreiwchieli Liiigiglifllye-liis' Svofls Educ' charles Bulgstaiiofg Esiiief SCE" Boys' PO' The Arrow Staff completed the task of gathering advertisements, assemb- ling the Arrow together, and selling their masterpiece. We are grateful for having the privilege and honor of putting together and distributing the annual. We hope everyone is well-pleased with the effort that we have made. Fred Hall, , , g ap 1 Editor, Lucille Roberts, Literary Editor. Art Editor, Don Harmon, Asst. Photographic Editor' Eugene Johnson Photo r h'c ll.ett to Right? Bob Westmoreland, Sales Managerg Robbie Wright, Prophetg Nancy Stevens, l-listoriang Jack Baker, Tcstatorg Carroll Hudson, Advertising Managerg Lowell Furman, Business Manager. ONE OF THOSE ARROW STAFF MEETINGS me at nu we al' Q SENIIIR CLASS PBCIPIIECY Since so many scientists and geniuses have been coming to Oak Ridge in the last ten years, it is no wonder that we find our- selves living on a new planet they discov- ered. The Harriman graduating class of I95O were given the honor of living on this new planet, called "FooI's Paradise." I was the only one who didn't move to this newly discovered haven. I had been working for the Roxy Theater for ten years, and fin- ally saved enough to take a trip. As so many of my old school pals were living at "Fool's Paradise", I decided I would go visit them. Arriving on the new planet, I went into a small cafe called Eat and Be Merry. As I walked in, I saw a few faces that looked fa- miliar, and sure enough there were some of my school mates from Harriman. The chic-looking waitresses were Cleo Brewer, Jackie Turner, and Kathleen Walker. They told me that there would be a floor show at eleven o'clock. The entertainers were Nancy Stevens, Lucille Tedder, and Mae Summers, with Jim King as their director. This sounded interesting, so I decided to stay. The cigarette girls, Iva Jean Overstreet and Norma Jean Parrish, told me that I might remember the manager, so I asked to see- him. Lo and behold, he was none other than Carl Curtis, supported by his two husky bodyguards, Fred Crowder and Charles Cul- len. Carl told me that Jim Hild and Wayne Jarnigan were his expert chefs and that Christine Brooks and Clara Mae Boswell were the best dishwashers in town. I knew so many people there, I quit the Roxy and started working at the Eat and Be Merry Cafe. I liked it just fine until I found out who the chief loafers were. Yes, they were Bill Newcomb and Don Raby, always trying to get a "drink" from anyone who would buy them one. After a few weeks, I decided to move on so that I could see some more of my friends. As soon as I had stepped into the terminal, I saw Anthony Malenovsky shining shoes and Martin Palko sweeping the floors. They said there were a few other school mates around. Ernest Chandler was the ticket agent and Gene Johnson was working at the Information desk with J. W. Mee assisting him. While waiting there, I saw Lowell Furman. He was a doctor, and with him were his two nurses, June Bullens and Annette Pierce. They were going to an insane asylum, where Lowell said they were needing help, I de- cided io go along with them as I had nothing else to do. As the rocket flew into the terminal with a tall, thin man as its conduct-or, I saw that he was none other than dear old Jack Baker! He told me that Julian Ahler was the pilot and Lawrence Miller was co-pilot. Coming to the asylum, I saw the gate keeper, Gene Brewer. He told me that his beloved wife, Norma Jean, and her fifteen F ' -w 'FQ little Brewers were inside. He said married life and the children had driven her crazy. Lucille Roberts was helping take care of the children while poor Esther Scarbrough and Helen Mee lold maid school teachersl were trying to teach them right from wrong. As I walked down the corridor, there in the second cell sat poor bewildered Tommy Henry, shining his two false teeth. I went on to another cell where poor Patsy Black sat crying, "I know I was right. Mr. Haun said so when I was in high schoolI" After all this, I needed a rest so l went to a city called "Musical Atoms," There I learned that Charles Burns and Carroll Hud- son were opera singers with Clem Palko's orchestra. The next day I visited an art museum. There were some lovely paintings by Fred Hall and Dorance Damron. While in this little city, I stayed in the Wyrick Hotel, of which Lester Wyrick was the manager. Tom Martin was the doorman and Ann Hargrove worked at the information desk. She had a sign up reading, "Just Ask Me." One evening I went to the theater where a comedy was being played. Betty Jo Stout, Betty Gillis, and Helen Johnson acted as the Three Stooges with Wanda Sadler and her two mad hands accompanying them on the piano. They told me Charles Johnson and Don Harmon had been pharmacists in a nearby drugstore until they mixed the wrong kind of medicine and now they wereri't around anymore. I left them and walked down the street. I saw a huge man who looked familiar. It was Bob Westmoreland, now a football coach. He said that he hadn't won any games, but hoped to do so in the future. Later, I met Billy Ann Gilliland with her small football team walking behind her. She was very proud of them. She told me that Joann Mee cleaned house for her and helped take care of the children. Nearby was a billboard ad- vertising Betty Jean lKeIlyl Black and her troupe of motorcycle Daredevils. I heard Charles Wright was a light weight champion and Lawrence Miller, .of all people, was his instructor. One day, I went into a little dress shop called We Fit Any Figure, owned and op- erated by Eleanor Gilliland and Mary.Alice Evans. Their interior decorator was Imogene Turner. I went to another store where Billie Jean Scarbrough and Frances Malenovsky were models. I sure was surprised to see theml By this time, I was practically out of money. I went to see about a job as an atomic rocket stewardess. I walked into Fool's Paradise Rocket Lines' head office, owned by James Kelly. He told me that there were no vacancies but he'd send a rocket- gram to the Roxy if there were any openings. Back to Earth, I guess I'm pretty lucky I didn't get that position after all. The morn- ing headlines scream, FOOLS' PARADISE EXPLODES, NO SURVIVORS. Robbie Wright Prophetess SENIOB CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1950, being of weary minds and happy memories, do here- by publish this our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: FIRST: To the Juniors we leave the privilege of using and oiling those "battered and "squeaking" senior desks. SECOND: To the Sophomores we leave our studious nature and great selling ability. THIRD: To the Freshmen we leave our best wishes and fine examples we have set at being perfect students. FOURTH: J. W. MEE leaves his five years experience in Harriman High School to Charles Stiles. WANDA SADLER leaves her sophisticated walk to "Cookie" Ellis. BILL NEWCOMB leaves his pestering the "wim- min" to Fred Killeffer. ESTHER SCAR- BROUGH leaves her grace and charm to Jessie Gamble. DON RABY leaves his place at the snooker lable to Bill Johnson. JUNE BULLENS leaves to wait for her sailor boy. CARROLL HUDSON leaves his deep voice to Floyd Rumage. NANCY STEVENS leaves her posing for Woodrow to Joan Muerth. JIM HILD leaves his size twelve "boats" to H.H.S., to be used on the campus during rainy weather. DON HARMON leaves his interest in Acme Drugs to Joe Williams. BILLY ANN GILLILAND leaves nothing, and goes home to Edward. PATSY BLACK leaves history class with a final "I don'Y know," and a sigh of relief. FIFTH: CARL CURTIS leaves his A's to Tom Forrester, so Tom can take some different 4 subjects next year. LAWRENCE MILLER leaves his sleeping in class to Larry Shelton. JACQUELINE TURNER, BETTY JO GILLIS, and MARY ALICE EVANS leave all of their "out of town boys" to Jeannie Wright. CHARLES CULLEN leaves his long legs to Allen Todd. GENE BREWER leaves his "dy- namite brain" and wooing technique to Bob McCullough. MAYE SUMMERS leaves her wee voice to Margaret Hunley. BETTY JO STOUT leaves her hysterical horse-laugh to Sue Carter. WAYNE JARNIGAN leaves his wavy blond tassels to Tom Dalton, Talkative ANTHONY MALENOVSKY and MARTIN PALKO leave their boisterousness to Fred Wallace and Joe Gilliland. SIXTH: ELEANOR GILLILAND tearfully leaves Rudolph to the female population of H.H.S. DORANCE DAMRON leaves his Yankee accent and red hair to "Sambo" Plernons. JULIAN AHLER leaves his place in those "hot" conversations with Mr. Dodge to Jack Hutchison. CHARLES BURNS leaves his worries to the poor unfortunate person who is chosen Editor next year. ANN HAR- GROVE leaves to devote the six hours she spent in school to chasing Curtis. IMOGENE TURNER leaves, leading her sister toward Rockwood. LESTER WYRICK leaves to be chief pin-boy at his fathers bowling alley. KATHLEEN WALKER leaves her unchang- ing facial expression to Pat Britt. ROBBIE WRIGHT leaves her singing ability and pret- tiness to no one, she'll need them in Holly- wood. BILLIE JEAN SCARBROUGH leaves her "twirling stick" to anyone who loves to get up early in the morning. BOB WEST- MORELAND leaves his getting mad and ar- guing to Jack Hyder. LUCILLE ROBERTS and CHRISTINE BROOKS leave their genial dispositions to Catherine Hobbs and Phyllis Smith. SEVENTH: To Leon Cross, CHARLES WRIGHT leaves his quiet manner. BETTY JEAN KELLY leaves her chewing gum in class to Norma Jean Hester. JIM KING leaves his basketball jacket to anyone with shoulders big enough to fill it out, since he never had them. FRANCES MALENOVSKY leaves to her sister, Cecelia, her drill team uniform. ERNEST CHANDLER leaves his singing tenor to Sam McGill. This time, LU- CILLE TEDDER hopes she leaves for good. FRED CROWDER leaves his blushing to Bobby Coward. NORMA JEAN PARRISH, JOANNE MEE and MILDRED MAY leave their quietness to Eva Mae Evans with the fondest hopes, but extreme doubts, that she may be able to keep her mouth closed next year. CLEMENT PALKO, the last of the Palko boys???, just leaves. TOM MARTIN, that dashing romeo from far off the farm, leaves his driving to school to Buddy Allen. GENE JOHNSON leaves his business man ways to Dick Burns. NORMA JEAN YEARY leaves her little sister to wreck her dad's car. ANNETTE PIERCE leaves her tall frame to Patsy Hamby. EIGHTH: BUD JOHNSON pulls his last prank in the halls of H.H.S. and leaves7?? with his mischievous nature, while the teachers give a sigh of relief. CLARA MAE BOSWELL and IVA JEAN OVERSTREET leave for the Princess Theater, LOWELL FURMAN leaves his trumpet soloing to Johnny Mack Gallagher. HELEN JOHNSON, carrying a whip and cage, leaves to start taking care of her little sister. TOM HENRY leaves his football ability and fascination for redheads to anyone who can use both as well as he has. GLENNA BENNETT leaves her trim figure to Jean Rumage. FRED HALL leaves his bass drum for next year's drum section to fight over. HELEN MEE leaves her dark complexion and her dark hair and eyes to Mary Flo Carmack. CLEO BREWER leaves her college men to Pat Sis- som. LASTLY: We hereby appoint Mrs. H. C. Bunch, the senior sponsor, to be the execu- tor of this our last will and testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF: We the Senior Class of l95O, in the township of Harriman, County of Roane, State of Tennessee, do hereby affix our hand and seal to our last will and testament, this 26th day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty. Jack Baker, Testator Witnesses: Lowell Furman, President Esther Scarbrough, Secretary SENIUB CLA We graduated from Boot Camp in '46 and ll5 of us boarded our ship for our maiden voyage on the troubled waters of higher education. Our first year, we sailed on the comparatively calm Freshman sea, but being only apprentice seamen, we were so busy learning navigation and ways of the sea, that we had little time for activities. However, we did have a celebration as we neared the end of our first nine months at sea. Our pharma- cist mates, Mrs. Bunch, Mrs. Delaney and Miss Pierce took care of all cases of sea- sickness and we are very grateful for their helpfulness. We left port early in September and evi- dently the life of the sea was not the life for some, as only ninety able-bodied seamen set sail on our Sophomore cruise. Magazine salesmen may seem out of place on ship- board, but driven by a pressing need for funds we trudged from cabin to cabin, selling magazines and Echos. lt also seems a little strange that busy seamen should spend their time with Biology and Algebra, when swabbing the deck and polishing the brass seemed much more important, but they told us all future Admirals should know such things. The trip was hard and often monotonous, but Mrs. McCluen and Mrs. Delaney helped guide us to port. We embarked upon our Junior voyage with only seventy seamen aboard, all of whom thought they should be Petty Offi- cers. On this voyage, in addition to sea- S S IIISTUBY sickness, some of us suffered from a plague known as Chemistry and Geometry. Our fi- nancial needs were taken care of by selling placques, caps and banners at every port. Our need for money was greater this Year, for we wanted to entertain the ones above deck, who were making their final voyage. For this occasion, we reproduced the Stork Club on shipboard. As we neared port we gave our departing seamen a farewell dance. Sailing with us on this voyage were Mrs. Prophater and Mr. Thompson. Now we're on our final "shake-down" cruise with Mrs. Bunch and sixty-five First Class Seamen. Our course is now set for the port which has f-or four years been our final goal. When we finally reach Graduation Bay, some of our crew will be missing, but not because of our stops at port for marriage, for three of our married crew are still with us. Although hard work is still ahead, our class play will be fun and this is the voyage that we will be -on the receiving end of the banquet. At the end of our sea voyage we plan to take a trip via land to Washington. Our sea training has been hard, but worth while and we are looking forward to the clay in May when Admiral Black gives us our commissioning papers and then we will be officers in the great fleet known as hu- manity. . Nancy Stevens Historian fn .wrmxm mf, 6 L an 5 . M' 4,51 ' 4 ' M, L ls 'L ,, .., i i blvi UV v 'W . F ' w ? B- .1 -K is Victory Celebration Home-Room A touchdown??? After School Hangout Chee! It works! Professor Henry Casanova Harmon Watch the birdie, boys. Mac the Mermaid What's the formula for Our Guiding Angel Communism's foe that? Y.. R 1 I .,.,- v Y' s Q g. damtwew i..f-41-x ,45 Compliments I of Outdoor Advertisement PHONE 987 EVANS' Esso STATION , I Harriman, Tennessee R A Y ' s MA R K ET I Compliment of FRESH MEATS 61 GROCERIES i C 5: S C A F E Sewanee Street I PHONE 137 HARRIMAN. TENN. MRS. ELSIE HYDER. Proprietor COMPLIMENTS OF PATTO HOT L GENE SCANDLYN Supplier of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Goodyear Tires cmd Batteries Harriman. Tennessee THE ACME DRUG Company SCANDLYN LUMBER CO. Harriman Upholstering Co. Building Materials .-1 CS ig Ei i542 ,, in 5' pg QE of mm QQOQ 235, EGU? cg- Izigfhgf Els: wz cn D" HH E'SQ3'm5' QC: Zn m 0 Q5 QCPZH- or- CH CP,-I 'gmfn f-Elm B' 95 2 m OS H Q am I CD li in Q E E ffl :gin-1 3 are U' Hg 2 EQ 'UWO ...Q 3 ',1g M p'U-'lgfgga Z3 E53 Egg lggwa-lgma' g.5,L'11g "'O 055 33' sv fm .ym I-1 -1 m O 0 DP' Q :E Q '1 O.- 2 Q "1 cu Q 5 Q- E co Q. D. Q 9. UP' 'U 'Q 5. tx rn cu U1 ' McKinney Hardware Co. ' Compliments of PHONE138 A l HARRIMAN, TENN. , I I r I CCDMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of Th l coLL1Ns TRANSFER co ' ,e ' I I i Devoma Street HARRIMAN CITY POLICE PHONE 987 Compliments Compliments of of CATRON'S STORE Mr. 6. Mrs. Richard Delozier Compliments All Kinds of Insurance of 1'oM BROWN I M. F.McDAVID PHONE 1025-W Attorney ot Lcrw Compliments of ROANE HOSIERY, INC. Clothing For The Entire I I Family I Costs Less at- McKinney's Bargain Store I .1 I --.. ---I Compliments of KELLY'S GENERAL MDSE. Phone 253 Roane Street Compliments - of AUSTIN'S GROCERY Phone 457 Walnut Hill I ERNIGAN IEWELRY Complete Line of Iewelry All Work Guaranteed Phone No. 1169-I We Make Angel Cream Do-Nuts COMPLIMENTS OF MILL CAFE Compliment of SERVICE GARAGE .. i .1 .l I Compliments ' I of Maxwell's Funeral Parlor l fi, M.. A ' PP. PEPPER gym 5' '. fqmvmnf JA" - T' P ' -P Pi! W MM BOTTLING of ffiiffi ,XQ'jj1V'T f"'i" Mail, woo East Broadway Tennessee White Pine Co. ff r.ENom crrY 4 MP0 nm.. E, 1 E TENNESSEE LUMBER ,I Compliments I I Of LAMBERT BROTHERS C. L. BLASENGAME E ' I I INCORPORATED Gulf Distributor f L 1- ...J In Harriman lt's IDEAL CLEANERS Phone 652 I DIXIE PRODUCE MART See us for Cold, Fresh Produce G Vegetables GROCERIES--MEATS-MAGAZINES Hours 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. BARTER STORE "The Store of over 5,000 Items" Branam's Courtesy Corner GULF PRODUCTS Polishing and Waxing a Specialty . 2 2 414 Trenton St Phone 2 'Vifheels Balanced-Road Service noscor: srunoss. Prop. ' PHONE 9116 Compliments of For Keeping Your Budget Down Visit Your F1'19I'1dlY- WHITE STORE EDWIN ARNOLD Roane Streetin Harriman I INSURANCE I l I 1 ECONOMY AUTO STORES "Over 2,000 items for home and car" Doyel B. Martin Harriman, Tennessee Associate Member Phone 874 i,!.lB,iQ Coldspot Refrigerators Kenmore Electric Stoves Kenmore Washing Machines Harriman Order Office 426 Roane Street PHONES 1137 - 1138 COMPLIMENTS OF ORRI REANIERY 1 1 Compliments gf Compliments MULLINS BARBER - of S I-I O P ' Chud,.,,,'s I MEAD 50 cents Monday thru Friday C 0 R P 0 R A T I 0 N CLINTON STREET I I Compliments of KELLER'S CAFE Compliments of FARNHAM'S HARDWARE Compliments of BILBREY FURNITURE CO. Compliments of I OHNSONS MOTOR CO Compliments Compliments of of City Transportation Co. ALBERT SISSOM'S CAFE Beanie Allen-Prop. Phone 9150 610 ROANE STREET WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE ROANE STREET HARRIMAN. TENNESSEE 691-I Compliments of PICKEL FURNITURE CO. HAERIMAN. TENNESSEE Compliments of MILLS 81 LUPTIIN SUPPLY CO. CHATTANOOGA. TENN. SUPPLIES FOR ALL INDUSTRIES A MODERN COMMERCIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Fully Accredited Appeolinq to Those Who Wont the Rest Offering Complete Office Troininq Secretoriol Courses, Etc. Pay More and Get Mora!- -It Pays to Buy the Best! Nashville Business College Y.M.C.A. Bldg. Ncrshville.Tenn. CITY PHARMACY School 6 Office Outfitters Stationers Office Outfitters Phone 20 Harriman, Tenness 407 West Clinch Avenue Knoxville. Tennessee Mns. H. L. IOHNSON, Proprietor I -I Phone 3-7145 TERMINAL CAB Compliments of PHONE 61 I I Cum SM - cL11-'TY CASH s'roRE Gordon Lee Owner 502 Clifty Street COm1O1iments Compliments of of I CHRISTMAS LUMBER CO. ODE L BUILDING SUPPLIES LAUNDRY CLEANERS PHONE 453 Compliments Since 1890 l of R 0 B E R 'I' S SIIIVEBS RESTAURANT for L. A. SHIVERS F U R N I T U R E 605 Morgan St. Phone 247 THE SYMBOL OF QUALITY ' Nationally advertised and nationally known, the famed reg' istered trademark of Burlington Mills represents quality textile products at moderate costs Within the reach of average con- sumers. Quality is an important part of Burlingtorfs production, carefully guarded by a modern Quality Control Laboratory and numerous in- spections during the Various stages oi manufacturing. The Quality trademark also represents the skilled efforts of 26,000 employ- ees Who are "Working Together" with experienced management to make such quality standards possible. Cameo Stockings, a production of the Harriman Hosiery Plant, are excellent examples of the fine textile products manufactured by Burlington Mills. Hosiery manufactured at Harriman are sold and acclaimed all over the nation. IIARRIMAN H0 IERY PLA T HARRIMAN. TENN. A Unit of , , ur-Mi Burlington Mills "Woven into the LU? of America" Executive Offices: Greensboro. N. C. 1 I l--L 1 I 1 1 Compliments of Compliments of LINGERIE SHOP ,EMPIRE MILLWORK CORP Beatrice Dalton--Owner Harriman Tennessee I Remember. Always patronize our advertisers. They are loyal supporters of our school and make this annual possible. Compliments J T. L. CATE CO. of I Home ot Good Merchandise FIRST NATIONAL BANK I PHONE 10 I I Harriman, Tennessee Harriman. Tennessee Congratulations to Class of '50 I Compliments of Compliments Tiny Tot Diaper Service of Do all of Babys Diaper Service O The Modern Germ-Frtee Way! 812 Roane Street Phone 272 B A R K E RIS Compliments Iimxniet Barker I of 3 SPORTING Goons - Carmack 6- Bowers Bros. - HOBBY SUPPLIES - I N RECORDS - DRY Goons I 512 Roane sueef Phone 1169-W Clothing and Shoes COMPLIMENTS OF THE HARRIMAN BOWLING CENTER BowL EoE FUN AND HEALTH w. T. wimrcx, Proprietor PHONE 9157 IUNCTION OF HIGHWAY 27 AND 70 DAVIS DINER STEAKS, CI-IOPS CHICKEN and SANDWICHES PHONE 9148 F or Your Patronacye In Harriman Tennessee It Is DAVIS GRILL Compliments COFER 61 TEDDER f WELDING, GRADING 6. EXCAVATINC 525 Devonicz Street - Phone 363-I Iimmy Adkisson Proprieto Compliments ROYIS C of I PHONE 140 ST. ANDREWS I EPISCOPAL CHURCH Day and Night Service All Passengers Insured l... Compliments Compliments of of PALACE BARBER SHOP Compliments of PATTON'S IEWELRY n. M. PATTON. Owner Compliments of Martha 6 Wilson Greene Compliments of DR. B. F. SANDERS DR. EUGENE ZUCKERMAN FRED FENNELL LEONARD E. LADD Tennessee Hardware Co. Norge Appliances Sergeant Paints I See Norqe Before You Buy Phone 306 429 Roane Street . n I Compliments of DR. L. A. KILLIFFER COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Phone 495 STYLES BEAUTY SI-IOPPE 518112 Roane Street Harriman, Tenn. l i -. f GOING TO COLLEGE? I - If so, have the Harriman Record mailed to you so you can keep up with the folks at home. -- If not, we know you will I continue reading the Rec- ord here at home for all the events o f Harriman and Roane County. I THE HARRIMAN RECORD - Your Newspaper - I U 1 COMPLIMENTS OF HARRI A ANUFACTURING C0lVlPA Y THOROUGH BUSINESS TRAINING PAYS LARGE DIVIDENDS Knoxville Council Oi Business Schools THE SUCCESS YOU ATTAIN DEPENDS ON YOUR TRAINING We, the members of the KNOXVILLE COUNCIL OF BUSINESS SCHOOLS, recommend that you choose an established BUSINESS COLLEGE that has proved itself through years of successful operation. By attending a REPUTABLE Business College you are assured of fair treament. standard courses oi instruction, and reasonable rates oi tuition. BUSINESS EXECUTIVES oi this great industrial area recognize the DIPLOMAS oi these member schools as certificates oi proficiency and achievement. FOR FULL PARTICULARS COMMUNICATE WITH ANY OR ALL OF THE MEMBER SCHOOLS NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE KNOXVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE All Members Are Accredited Schools and Are -Centrally Located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Compliments Compliments of of W H B T Harriman Billiard Parlor 1230 ON YOUR DIAL F. L. Crowder Charles Derrick Compliments Compliments of of ROBERTS FOOD STORE SPARKS CLEANERS seurh Harriman South Harriman Phone 376 Compliments of DR. W. G. CUMMINS BILL'S CAB PHONE 939 Rear Bank Building Harriman Auto Exchange FOR THE BEST BUY IN USED CARS LYNN I-IARTSOOK, Prop. AIRLINE POSTER ADVERTISING CO. Irene Reynolds Manager CUMBERLAND CHEVROLET CENIPANY Your Authorized Dealer -FOR- CHEVROLET CARS and TRUCKS CADILLAC AUTOMOBILE FRIGIDAIRE HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES BROWDER MOTOR SALES I C 1 t D G Box 262-Phones: 114 Office. 702 Parts I CHRYSLER cmd PLYMOUTH Of In ern 'onal Trucks 6 Farm Machine ' an U' I OMAN CONSTRUCTION co HARRIMAN, TENNESSEE I I AMERICAN COUNCIL NO. Z7 C pl r Ir. o. U. A. M. I of Hmmm Tennessee Rose's 5-10-2541 Stores Inc. RAYMOND SHIPWASH Plumbing ------ Heating Phone 5 1 5-I For Keeping Your Budqet Down Visit the Friendly WHITE STORE Roane Street in Harriman Compliments of ROBINSON-EVANS MILLING COMPANY HARRIMAN CAFE CHICKEN-CHOPS-STEAKS QUICK SERVICE PHONE 474 Garland Burgess-Owner Compliments of HENLEY'S STORE Meats of Groceries Phone 598 Harriman, Tennessee With Compliments of Stone's Department Store Compliments of EVANS 6 SONS or Men and Women "TAKE HOME KERN'S Delivered Fresh Daily Merchant Tailors I F I...--. -..-............ I gomphmenfa I of BIHDADACRE DAIRIES INC. GOLD SEAL DAIRY PRODU 1 Carroll s Insurance Service CHESTER L HAMBY 011119 PHONE 5 HARBIMAN TENN W M FREELS GROCERY Ph 125-W H G FURNITURE CO ed F 308 TRENTON STREET f A FRIEND GLEN HACKNEY IEWELER Build g H DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT SECURITY A o pl Werthers Servrce Station Comp iments 0 of Exccrv ' I Compliments of ' Room 7 I I Davis ' in an-iman. Tennessee one Compliments -Compliments of of 0 o C ' Pianos New and Us urniture We ve at Your Service Compliments C rn iments 0 of An Where . . . An time 0 Yblfl Truft Itf Malli- aft E In this book are pictures of the friends whose companion- E E ship has made your years of study happy and memorable. Q E We hope that Coca-Cola has added some small measure of " i enjoyment to your lighter moments-that Coke has been a 5 - 1 T-I' .1 'L' friendly part of your most pleasant gatherings. :E V if t Wherever you go, whatever you may do, you will End iii that a relaxing moment now and then always helps you get the most out of life. And whenever friendly refresh- ment is in order, you can count on ice-cold Coca-Cola to I ' 3 make any pause "The Pause That Refreshesn. 1: 'ff' fl QQ.: . , ' EE- w. H '.', -ff is I Ee E s forzt ez! er way... 0 f e EE' ee - i ' 5-it trade-marks merm flue same Ibzng. , . - ,E at - iii? 2-iff-' , E COCA-COLA COMPANY BY a re-5 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF TH ' -4 - COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS v VINSANT PORTRlllT GALLA1-:ER Moron' T DIO COMPANY Dodge-Plymouth Portrait or Candid Photography Dodge "Iob-Rated" Trucks PHONE 5-8002 I I Devonia Street Outer Drive Store Group - HARRIMAN. TENNESSEE Oak Ridge, Tenn. Compliments of H A M I L T O N S LADIES, INFANTS is CHILDREN? Compliments of BOWERS BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. 'VVE-A-R PHONE 283 WALNUT HILL Motorola Auto Radios Compliments sold by of ADKISSON RADIO SERVICE C I T Y C A B HARRIMAN, TENNESSSEE PHONE 711 B O B M I L L E R Compliments SANITARY PLUMBING of Steam and Hot Water Heating Dealing in fine bath fixtures Contracts for all Kinds of Pipe Work TELEPHONE 178 Electro-Mechanical Co. Vance Pickell, Owner Universal Electrical Appliances 311 CLINTON STREET Q 200 SERVICE STATION Rockwood, Tennessee Compliments of WEBBO THEATER PHONE 184 I PHONE 575-1 Indian Run Coal Co. "WORLD'S BEST COAL" Bill Muerth Robert Leuking Howard Leuking, Props. P H O N E 1 3 7 0 -I 611 MARGRAVE ST. HARRIMAN. TENNESSEE "In The "Great Lakes Region" of The South" Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn A. Tyler. Proprietors For Good Candy and Cold or Frozen Drinks Call at CURTIS CANDY STORE Compliments of Wilson 6 Martha Greene Compliments of NOAH HARDING Compliments of RUSSELL B. SCHUBERT Compliments of ROY A. ROBERTS Compliments of GOLDEN SHELL SERYICE STATION Y YANKIE LUMBER CO. Manufacturers ellow Pine and White Pine Lumbe PHONE 740 HARRIMAN. TENNESSEE Compliments of LON MEE GROCERY Harriman. Tennessee PHONE 576 . CHASE DRUGS I ACME BLOCK Inc. And Hor1'rimcrn's Pioneer I Drug Store Block ccnd Reczcly-Mix Concrete PHONE 33 I Mixer Rentals L. E. . J . ... Compliments I C pl t of STOWERS LUMBER G Of MANUFACTURING CO. THE DRESS SI-ICP PHONES 8 and 9 ' C pl t I Compliments of f I O I HARRIMAN REAL ESTATE WRIGHT'S CAF E Own CI home cmd we will finance RQANE STREET I PHONE 1161-W SHIELDS MOTOR CO. Complimems Your Friendly Ford CS Mercury Dealer of BEST IN USED CARS AND TRUCKS FELTON SANDERS Compliments C I t camp rmen S of CHRISTMAS ELECTRIC CO. of GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES A F R I E N D W. W. CHRISTMAS COFER MOTOR SALES PONTIAC CARS 5. GMC TRUCKS 0,4 C reat 0 r s mt Distinctive N ii- 6 f fi me Of TIM An n uals F fi if ,hm 1 Archer 81 Smith Printing Co., Inc. '1033 N. Broadway Knoxville, Tennessee W AUTIIGBAPIIS Wy' Ulf W9 yo I I 4 f S I !,,,iKw,tst ff rf 0 wD'y 75 In of 1 a AX 5 , a' 5 " L.: '11, s Vs: 1 5' '5- '- A . -' I . x 3 YW: . x I' E 7 f -I' ZX, mv X,,'aX' 317- , , pw11,XX'1N " , W4 X ' HV, we nik., XJ QX Eff'-me . !"i U r. 'X ,- 1 1 5 M , r QV. '-. X ,E Xl dm. x fmX w X w w X 1 w VX, Z ,aiirf xg S 4 't . 'v'-Q-I :TJ H 'n "'5 V 1 ng'-Y . , A XXX-NM: X , X X y ,XX w XXXXN X A X H, Q 1 X , W 1 . 1, X,, Xp' W , N , X I 1' ' 1 , " , X u 1 W1 1, L 4 I 1 aw E :I 1 Q B 5 G 2 5 fi a l . w vt K Q

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