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g, -..., ,- . ffb ,.f,.. , 1f- bf' +- K ' " '-'lp K 1' ff? 7 - f 'V E i ? '7?11 i- 'i1'2?5 '- 5 : 2-.:f. . : ' V Q 4, V QI. - " 1.-, 'ew .- f rv '- .g lg?-' f? - '- Q 1 " L ig 5 5? j V- f 4 Y ii, -gf-.44 5 ' 1 .,s 911.544-Eg 5' - .'x'f'?'575f: ' V5 .f 1- 1? ' - J'- . .Y :J z -g , LQQQ-. , -:"l 4 f' gzgqgl. , V.-" 5 '- 'ig :Wg . QE? :E .V QQ 1 fa? ' . Y A 1441, g A wax ? "1 X W - ,g ,K " 91.1 .E . -2 A i 3 1? ' - W? ' , 1 , ? Q Amupfax 1 3 lv ai , . rr Q "1 1 -1 Ji ,. F' i x:"' I 4 w ' X A - , ' 7 51.3 Ai 1. a 4 '4 V Q V 1 Y ., . " +314 A in' 'Qi 4 AQ v A A, ,e Q -, ' , gig f if AV, Tf"'sw. 1,2157 '39-ki g L 1 i .1 1 v s 527 . -. V , swf: Q 1' -vm:Fl!.5?'f9"' .5 anwi ' ,. ' Q , My ft , W1 . ,, wk' JI, I 1, V - I .Hy .17 fx .-:lj V xl- ' 1 ,j 5 Af 7' ff' - 1T5,:' ' M , - qi, Q +4 Y.- ' o , PM. if 42' Q1 Q Qi. iiigifzlf ,..,...k,,. vp. ,, 31314 ' ..1. -'W' Twin 1-5- .., o Sow' 'Q ,fix , 5 . w ku an 4 1 n 4. 1 , V' at Q 1 1 , . , - -s Qffis -TSM 1 . , ,, .nyii 1 v 5 v 1 -MF, U ' Q We ' f' .-x, , 1 W 5 V - Q Q . I Q Q' me l 5 ,.,ub.i,. ,,,,,4 . . X 1 N n 4 'JR , fi.. it ,AF Uw- 1 s A 6 . -w U... fa 'n L . 1- ,, . 4 -1 In ,fx .P , ff w df? . . ,L . . ' ' . Wy . u - J K -If , wh-. , ' gr'-V + 3 4 -,. I e'14?fl' f .. -'Ei' .1 'Q 4 4 11, g. ,gm ,LFE " fr Zh M is ,Q 1. X w , Q W Rink -1 Wx mtg A am ll an E . H ,,,2 t,."'4 -,'- J I -L' is Y - - " g:.j,g?7',ff.', ,Q-W . . 1' 1 . nf I imf ija w-:X ' 7 'auf M ' Q 'F f A. ,, . m. sg V A -ef N Q 1 ,i.,. iff- 4, , 1 iizitf 4u,, , ' . ' ff? ' 5 s is ' .V-akin ' 1 r, , Q Z ' . 556 K 7 f , La, 4,4-3 , ,. - ' 3171, ,J Q .. Q ffjjf A 4 N, Q ., , - E-'ff' - l In 5 ' . " l .xiii - , ffft4, ' ' Mg' " E512 ,Q uf ' ES.f' at . 'i W . Evyf " , 51' , ' 1 . 9 Er:-Q1-,., ' A' E' .V , r Ea- , .K 1 - V A .as Q3 pm, A ,, . Q,,p -ww f, -,g f, 0 'Y W , . a F . , x V . , ,QQ V ' W W 9 Q- is N f Q T f ' -" - 'f k , 4 . X ,SJ A- ' ' 'Iff"':, , . 'F , 4 - -- W . pf' 'Y .... 4 1 fi, ,,A V Edward Melvin . . Editor Arthur Brewer . . . Bus. Mgr. Mrs. McC1uen . . . Sponsor X f Lx M ., Sf.- ., A l , - , f :vfqf-1 ' I 1 Jifizwfi. - ' 3 : ' , Q rf! ' 2 N ,fffyl fr, 5 1 'i 3 , A I , 1 K- , g 2 , I ' 2 ' ffm I 5 ' ex' . , ff X . QW L1 Qi Q ,qi la M1 W5 P1 1 ' W 5 X if? LLC. 3 K N 5' V71 L 4 vx -Y - ,- P' ff' -ff ' l -if 'ff 'ff fx. 4 xx M .V ,,1 f ,L -1 N ,U :X 31 ' EV 2 'I ' x ' xx' F ' W ' X filA 'CING VICTIIRY IT lS OUR PURPOSE to present in this volume a picture, as realistic as possible, of the life at Harriman High School as seen and lived by our class, the first graduating class of World War ll. By this We mean to present not the life of the classroom only, but We have endeavored to incorporate the atmosphere of the school in all its phases-social, athletic, literary, and otherwise as we engage with our countrymen in the civilian defense program. Our intention is to present our- selves, not as the little angels our mothers sometimes think us, nor as the indolent drones and "sapheads" the faculty think We are: but as We feel ourselves to be-with our joys and sorrows, faults and follies, ambitions and ideals of vic- tory for our country and ourselves. May you find in these pages a record of such scenes and incidents as will keep alive and Warm in your hearts the memory of your school days and deepen your love for your Alma Mater. To our friends and readers, we offer no apologies, only greetings. We have done our best, and if there be fault it lies not in our efforts but in ourselves. iitw, 4 fxfffx 4+ ,44ifY+:4 tiiiii ,fwfr Y ,xw:+4xtf1,y +1 I THE STARS AND STRIPES MlNDFUL THAT OUR COUNTRY stands as the last bulwark against the tragedy which threatens to engulf the world and that all we may ever hope to he or do depends upon a successful conclusion of the conflict in which We are now engaged, it is fitting that we, the Senior Class of l942, hereby dedicate this, the eighteenth volume of the Arrow, along With our lives to that greatest of all emblems of freedom--Our Flag. MISS ISABELLE GOODWIN: Si! Si! she's nice and so well liked by all of those she's near. The Betas and her pupils know they're lucky to have her here. MR. LOUIS GODDARD: As l-Iarriman's science genius you can mark him down. With drop of acid and a pinch oi soda, he can really go to town. MISS LOUISE CANTRELL: Sh! is usually followed by a smile or study hall: Thus our library is always quiet, which works the best for all. MRS. FRED D. GEASLAND: With a dimpled cheek and a smile so fetching, She greets her class and it's really quite catching. MISS MILDRED LAD'D: Young Miss Ladd from Kingston comes to teach us over here. Shes wise to all our tricks and stunts--at least that's what we fear. T0 THE FAC LTY Oh teachers so wise--so full of knowledge, Who have helped us through the year Who, with endless sympathy, untiring patience, Have deepened our intellect here At dear old Harriman High, we send This greeting to you. For teachers, you have not only taught us History, English, Latin, math- But you have aroused within us courage To look at lifeerand laugh. You've helped us overcome our fears, Those fears of world conflict and strife. You've taught us the importance Of the needful discipline of life. Now, you are all more than mere teachers, More than each appears, You are friends to all And will not be forgotten through the years. MR. C. R. BLACK: Hes our leader and the very best one too, With his interest and suggestions he has helped to guide us through. MR. I. C. QUINN: Mr. Quinn is quite a helper and talented is he. With all his hammering and sawing, too, he's busy as a bee. MRS. W. GLEN MCCLUEN: Mrs. McCluen is a sponsor under which a class can thrive. In her classes and her music for the best she'll always strive. MRS. H. C. BUNCH: Mrs. Bunch gives her classes ambitious ideals. You can tell by her actions that's the way she feels. MR. GEORGE BALLARD: Hes the principal of this school and tea'ches "math" as well. As the coach of our boys' teams, his rating is just swell. MISS IEANNETTE ALFORD: Typing and commercial work are quite easy in her sight. Vile couldn't ever let her go, especially the Hi-Lite. CLASSES 1 T The Seniors smile IIE SEN IIFFICERS President CHARLES WALKER Vice-President I. W. AYDELOTTE Secretary DOROTHY SWANSON Treasurer MARGARET LOUISE HUDSON Sponsors MRS. GLEN McCLUEN MISS MILDRED LADD ll . They got there, that's sure As they look back at last The way was steep On their past four years But look, underclassmates, Which have flown so fast. At what they did reap. During these years Their goal was set The motto was either To get there or die. high So let the great Seniors Who are book-learned and wise Be an example Before your eyes! SCHOOL STARTED on September 6, l938. This was a happy event for seventy students, who had no way of know- ing what was to come. The usual trouble, lessons, were encountered but we overcame them under the guidance of such splendid sponsors as Mrs. Geasland and Miss Goodwin. We were well represented in football, basketball, and drill team. During the year We enjoyed a picnic in the pa'rk ou Cumberland Street. The following year found our number decreased by three, but our pep was up to par and with Mrs. Cum- mins and Miss Davis as sponsors we undertook the studies of our sophomore year. One afternoon we were dismissed early and chartering a truck we went to Ozone Falls where we enjoyed a picnic supper. As Juniors our contribution to the H.H.S. program included participation in all sports. Under the supervision of Mrs. Cummins and Mr. Goddard we got off to a good start. During the year we sponsored a movie, enjoyed a Valentine party, and treated the Seniors to a banquet. The crowning event of the year was the successful dramatic production of All American Family. With much more dignity than when we were Iuniors ,we came in the fall of '41 to our final year at the old Alma Mater with Mrs. McCluen and Miss Ladd in command. We ma'de "V for Victory" our motto, and appropriately selected red and white as our colors and the red rose as our flower. The gridiron warriors, basketball team, drill team and clubs-Mall were enhanced by senior efforts. As the end draws near, there is a gleam in every senior eye, and there is the hopeful belief that despite the studies and penalties we shall soon emerge victorious. From the summit, as Seniors CLASS 0F 1942 I. W. AYDELOTTE l. W., our vice-president, is admired by all. He's a good-looking lad-- both blond and tall. Transferred irom Lawrenceburg '4l, Basketball '42, Vice- president ot class '42, "All American Family." VELMODEAN BAKER Velmodean is a true blond in this senior class. Shes a well-liked, reserved, and quiet young lass. Glee Club '40, '4l, Pioneer. ARTHUR BREWER Arthur Brewer is an asset that our class can't spare. By all, including Elma, he's considered quite rare. Business Manager of Arrow. ANNE BUCHANAN l'm really trying awzully hard to make these verses rime. So excuse me, l'll omit myself, and save aa' little time. Secretary-Treasurer of class '39, Glee Club '40, '4l, Drill Team '39, '40, '4l, '42, Beta Club '4l, '42, Vice-president ot Beta Club '42, Class reporter for Hi-Lite '39, Literary Editor of Hi-Lite '4l, lfditor-in-Chief ot Hi Lite '42, Literary Editor of Arrow, "All American Family." BOBBY MAE BUTLER Bobbie takes care ot our basketball girls. She's a pretty young maid with lovely brown curls. Drill 'Team '39, '40, '4l, '42, Basketball manager '42, Pioneer. LAWRENCE CATE: Now Lawrence is not exactly what you would call shy, But he's really a Casanova to all the girls nigh. Band '4l, '42, Drill Team Drummer '41, '42, Bookworms '4l, "All American Family", Advertising Manager of Hi'Lite '4l, '42, Assistant Advertising Manager of Arrow, Pioneer, MILDRED DAVIDSON Mildred Davidson is a brainy one and really pretty, too. Of her kind we know there are just a very few. Transferred from Da'yton '42: Dayton, Science Club '39, '40, Home Ec Club '39, '40, Beta Club '4l, Harriman, Beta Club '42, I. C. DUNN l. C. has a knack for queer questions, it's true, But without him just what would the senior class do? "All American Family", Advertising Manager ot I-li-Lite MARIE FINK Quite smart and so gay, that is Marie. She chooses Fay as her pal as it's easy to see. Glee Club '40, Beta Club '4l, '42. BILL GALLAHER Bill is a star in all kinds of ball, l-le's a popular boy and admired by all. Transferred from Columbia Military Academy '4l, Football '4l, '42, Basketball '4l, '42. We are looking two ways IEANNE GILES leanne is a friendly and popular lass, Who says it feels great to say you have passed. Drill Team '40, '4l, '42, Historian of Arrow, Pioneer. MARGIE I-IARDING Margie is quite giddy and really swell fun. And we think she's decided that Bill is the one. Drill Team '39, '40, '4l, '42, Class Reporter for Hi-Lite '4l, "All American Family," Art Editor of Arrow, l-li-Lite Art Editor '42, ELMA HARMON Elma has plans, of that we are sure. XNe feel certain they center around Arthur Brewer. Head of Lost and Found Department '39, Pioneer. MARY FRANCES HARMON Mary Frances is retiring and shuns the bright light, But without her help we would be in a plight. Beta Club '4l, '42, Pioneer, ROY HARMON Tall, dark, and handsome, that describes Boy. His record in sports is to us quite a' joy. Glee Club '4l, Football '40, '4l, '42, Basketball '40, '4l, '42, President of Class '4l, Pioneer. DAN HARRIS Dan is a well-liked and goodlooking young lad, Who can't seem to decide whether to be good or bad. Pioneer. REBECCA HARRISON Her name is Rebecca, a sweet little maid. Like the rest of the Seniors, she has made the grade. Transferred from Athens High School, Athens, Alabama '42, Harriman, Beta Club '42. ROBBIE HARRISON The senior class has a sweet southern belle, Who says, "Sho nut, a'm fine. ls you all swell?" Transferred from Athens High School, Athens, Alabama, '42. BLANCHE HUDDLESTON Blanche is a worker and to the seniors quite a treasure, And also to Rudolph, we hear she's a pleasure. Glee Club '40, '4l, Drill Team '40, '4l, '42, Bookworms '4l, Hi-Lite Class reporter '42, "All American Family," Advertis- ing Manager ot Arrow, Pioneer. PAY HUDSON impulsive, alert, and fun is Fay, And she'd like life a lot more, no work and all play. Glee Club '40, Pioneer. ack over our school days, CLASS 0F 1942 CLASS 0F 1942 MARGARET LOUISE HUDSON Margaret Louise is petite and very demure, Cf her type there are few, and with her grades there are fewer. Drill Team '39, '40, '41, '42, Beta Club '41, '42, Class Treas- urer '4l, '42, lunior Music Club '41, Pioneer. j ELIZABETH IACKSON Elizabeth is a choice senior and a merry songbird, too. And when there's work that must be done, she takes that as her cue. Transferred from Coalfield '41, Coalfield, Home Ec. Club '40, Glee Club '40, '41, Harriman, Glee Club '42, Beta Club '42. NORA IARNIGAN Happy-go-lucky and helpful is Nora, In her studies she's far from a "Dumb Dora." MARGARET KYTE Margaret is needed by both students and teachers, A sports lover and merry maker are some of her features. Basketball '39, '40, '41, '42. G. L. LONG G. L., quite the Romeo of the whole senior class, lt not lacking in looks nor is he in brass. "A1l American Family," Drum Major '42, Bookworms '41, Football Manager '39, Pioneer. GEORGE MARTIN lunior Martin's not one of the Martins and McCoys, But he's really a wow among all of our boys. MARTHA MARTIN Loads of fun is Martha but she looks before she leaps. Maybe that's the answer for those "A's" she always keeps. Vice-president of Class '39, '40, Drill Team '39, '40, 41, '42, "A11 American Family", Beta Club '41, '42, Beta Club Re- porter '42. EDWARD MELVIN Edward, the editor of this annual that you're reading, 1-las a place in the world for his ability in leading. Editor of Arrow, Safety Patrol '40, '41, '42, Football '41, '42, Mimeographer of 1-li-Lite '41, '42, MILDRED NORRIS She's as moody and changing as the clouds in the sky, Vtlith a smile that will suddenly break into a sign. Drill Team '40, '41, '42, Glee Club '40, '41, CLARENCE PARRISH Clarence, the honored captain of the football team, 1-las a record over which the seniors all bea'm. Football '42, Glee Club '40, Pioneer. and at life thru the mn CLASS 0F 1942 EARL PARRISH Earl is an orator, by trade that's his line. This talent and Earl are both really fine, Class reporter for Hi-Lite '40, Bookworms '4l, Pioneer. l. P. ROSS l. P. will be business-like in all that he'll do, And he'll feed you a line along with it, too. Transferred from South Harriman '40, South Harriman, Glee Club '39, Vice-president of class '39, Harriman, "All American Family, Glee Club '41, Assistant Business Man- ager of Arrow. INA SANDIDGE Ina with her pleasant ways helps to cheer our room. And with her very winsome smile she'll never fret nor fume. Transferred from Everett High in Maryville '41, Home Ec. Club '39, '40, '41, Basketball '39, Class Secretary '39. HAROLD SCARBROUGH Hard working, swell fun, and quite brilliant is he, Harold rates in all fields, as it's easy to see. Cla'ss president '39, Class Treasurer '40, Beta Club '4l, '42, President of Beta Club '42, Bookworms '4l, Safety Patrol '42, Typist for Hi-Lite '42, Photographer for Arrow, Pioneer. CLEMENTINE SELF This little girl by the name of Clementine, Is a Beta and with Nora she is always seen. Diarist of Arrow, Glee Club '40, '4l, Beta Club '4l, '42, Pioneer. IUNE SMALLEY Tune, starting at six, may end by nine Talking to Bill on that Kingston line. Prophet for Arrow, Drill Team '39, '40, '4l, '42, Glee Club '40, '4l. GRACE SMITH "Gracie" around school is a well-known name, Due to her scoring in the basketball game. Basketball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Drill Team '40, '4l, '42, Basket- ball captain '42. DOROTHY SWANSON "Dot" ranks high in every field and scores of friends has she, A star in every sport we play and "A's" scholastically. Transferred from Charleston High School '40, Charleston, Class president '39, Harriman, Bookworms '4l, "All Ameri- can Family," Class Secretary '41, '42, Drill Team '4l, '42, Beta Club '4l, '42, Secretary of Beta Club '42, Basketball '39, '40, '4l, '42, Testator for Arrow, Feature writer for Hi-Lite '4l, School Reporter for Hi-Lite '42, GENEVA TEDDER From her Hi-Lite typing to another job she rushes, Yet Geneva still has time to make plenty of "A" pluses. Beta Club '4l, '42, Typist for Hi-Lite '42. MILDRED TILIJEY Mildred Tilley, as you know, is a favorite of all, And never could there be one better When it comes to basketball. Basketball '40, '4l, '42, Drill Team '39, '40, '4l, '42, Bas- ketball captain '4l. lfzr better we serve' l1C1' CLASS 0F 1942 DEOLA TRENT Deola, though she came this year, is necessary now To all of us and to Iunior, too, we hear she's quite a wow. Transferred from Kingston '42, Drill Team '42. IEAN TRENT Charming and pleasant, that describes lean. Composed and with poise she walks like a queen. Transferred from Kingston '42, Kingston, Band '41, Harri- man, Band '42. CHARLES WALKER Now Charles, our president, is a pride and a joy. I-le's that well known chap, the drug store cowboy. Class reporter for Hi-Lite '39, Class President '42, Pioneer. NANCY WALLACE Her flaming hair makes a halo of gold, And she really has class as you've probably been told. Drill Team '39, '40, '41, '42, Advertising Solicitor of Ar- row, Pioneer. PATTY ANNE WATKINS Patty, the assistanteeditor, is scholar number one. And by her record you can see all she has done. Glee Club '40, '42, Beta Club '41, '42, Beta Club Treasurer '42, Bookworms '41, Iunior Music Club '41, "All Ameri- can Fami1y", Associate Editor of Arrow. MARGARET WHITTAKER Margaret is a guard who leaves her forwards a wreck. From what we hear the opposite is true when she's with Deck. Drill Team '39, 40, '41, '42, Basketball '39, '40, '41, '42, Glee Club '40, Sports Editor of Arrow, Pioneer. VIRGINIA WHITTAKER "Ginny," our go-getter is a live wire through and through, And does her very best to help in every thing we do. Drill Team '40, '4l, '42, Pioneer. RALPH YOUNG Ralph is another football man in our crowd, And he's really a swell guy of whom we are proud. Football '41, '42, Sports Editor of Arrow. The Better she pa ,x , J ffl TA , 1 if 1 qi 2, 51 , ,M .,, Y I .,X -M 5 , i T' X a .. . 3 1. A. s Q ! S s Q , AX 31 'K 'Ts ,hw J . r 'uf Z' W ,. 5 'f '-5, 154-"' -,-:,,.. Xig. . 2 ,,,'gL:1.', A LA, Y, '.' "' Il l?-, - .. -a P91 lm. lg ' P A . . , . ff' 4 . f , . 'IL -4 . N N . "M I"". Ai-'z ,'..-'- -, , ' 4 -. QT. ., '.f."'Q :' ,.. 1 ' 'i, ...f v ,',,. ' .,-. W.: . . . . ,, ,, V ,,. 3 , 1 N. ,.A 2 + - . .Mu ,Q -- -A.. ,4 ni, '. gi, ..,- . ' ' '11-sh i . I,-,w ,, L 4-f .. 51:91 -if .1 " ' 'Q ' fin --' " xx. - ,V ' ' ' xi. - 71 'if' T0 THE UNIIDR MOTTO: Don't sit up and sit, get up and get. C O L O R S Green and White I am really unconquerable, Invincible, capable, readyg I have a kind of determination That will forever keep me steady. Steadyein any course Which I should choose to take. I will not be deieatedg I shall always be awake. F L O W E R White Narcissus Awakee-to see any obstacle 0FFICEBi President ROY FRANK NORMENT Vice-President SARAH IGNES Secretary RUTH YOUNG Treasurer HUSTON CROWE Sponsor MRS, GEASLAND Which might appear along my Way. I have never been a quitter, But have always stayed. Stayedeto finish any task Which before me may be laid. Three long years do me credit in the past You ask me who I am? I-am the lunior Class. So far a gallant race you've run, JUNIURS Helen Webb, Lonnie Sylvia, Roy Shelton, Mary Evelyn Wea'ver, Evelyn Walls, lohnny Shannon. Betty Turpin, leanne Strunk, Paul Sadler, Evelyn Vtfatson, lune Carson, Ruth Kim- ball Young, Barbara Muller, Aurellia Hobbs, Sterling Turner. Carole Litton, Mildred McGufiin, Sarah lones, Roy Frank Norrnent, Paul Hughes, Martha lean Robinson, Lillie Mae Miller, Dorothy lean Rogers, Alta Robinson, Bill Kelly. Iep Moody, Ona Smith, Helen McCarter, Shirley McGuffin, Anna Lee. Betty Suddath, lean Fullcs, Grace Hom- rnock, Catherine Briggs, Clay Creelcmore, David Alley, Howard Hood, lrene Hacker, Mary Farmer, Roberta Hudson, Gertrude Suddath. Mary Belle Edwards, Mildred Adlcisson, Naomi Bolden, Mary Helfenberger. tl es: it R' 1 it ,1 ,gl iff lf i L . I"1'i Complete the task so nearly done T0 THE SOPIl0 IIRES IIFFICERS President BARBARA D'ARMOND Vice-President PAUL I-IUDSON Secretary IOSEPHINE RUTHERFORD Treasurer CALVIN MOODY MCCARTT Sponsor MISS GOODWIN C O L O R S P L O W E R Red and Silver Red Rose Two Iona years you now have put behind you, The future lies ahead for each individual, You have only half the Work completed, You have only to make it what you like, Look not backward, but gaze before you Take advantage of all the opportunities At the many foes yet to be defeated. Which you'll meet upon your hike. The Sophomores---They stand so wise b Calvin Iohnston, lirnrnie Giles, R. W, lenk- ins, Gilloert Boyd, Harley Harmon, George Henley, Paul Mayton, Charles Turpin. Betty lane Weaver, Ruth Solomon, Tres- sie Lindsay, Ruby lohnson, Wanda Scar- brough, Betty Briggs, Betty Scarbrough, Treva Conley, loyce Kittrell, lacqueline Scarbrough. SOPIl0MOBES loe Pallco, Paul Scandlyn, Bill Silvey, lack Cook, Albert Sissom, Ernest Foster, Calvin Moody McCartt, Oliver French, Paul Hudson, Charles Easter, Dorris Swanson, Tommy Hopper. Betty leane Scarbrough, Mary Sue David- son, Ruth Sears, Mary Helen Bardill, Ella Melvin, Marguerite Miller, Wanda Nicely, Vfanda Borum, losephine Rutherford. Clara Taylor, Lola Ruth Mathis, George Whittaker, Fred Tapp, Cla'rence Taylor, Kenneth Walker, Archie Catron, David Henley, Albert Helfenberger, Imogene Ballard, lean Daniels. Ruth Clowers, Betty Bae Shipwash, lune Elmore, Wanda Bright, Ruth lean Irwin, lune Adkisson, Barbara D'AfH1OHd, Glen- na Smith, Margaret K. Massey, Betty Rose Wright. Anal View the world with open eyes. T0 THE COLORS Green and Yellow Freshmen in the halls, Freshmen on the stair, Freshmen in the rooms In tact they're everywhere. Now these young students, Receive the name of "green," 0FFICERS President ERNEST SMITH Vice-President IIMMY CARROLL Treasurer MILDRED DALTON Secretary PEARL SADLER Sponsors MISS CANTRELL MRS. BUNCH FRESIIME MOTTO: Green, but Growing F L O W E R Yellow Tulip But they march on regardless Their laces all abeam. W'hen the year's completed, There'll be many mental sores, But look at what has happened, Now they're Sophomores! Green they are, but just today-f tit! FRESIIM Leone Campbell, Betty Adlcisso Ruth Hammock, Myra lean Hard elle Christmas, lane lones, Be., ,ow- man, Bertha Marie Walters, Edna Ruth Butler, Mildred Dalton, Dorothy Campbell. Calvin Sylvia, lohn Taylor, W, VJ. Schuf bert lr., Winston Vtfallcer, Bobby Thornton. Ralph Trent, Paul Thompson, limmie Car- roll, Iohnny Overstreet, Clyde Swicegood, Charles Mullins, T. E. Bowman, Smith Self, lohn Voyles, Ernest Smith, C. R. Ted- der. Evelyn Adkisson, Dolores Bullard, Eva Brumley, Frances Scandlyn, lune Jenkins, Mary Ruth VValla'ce, Pearl Sadler, Edna Turpin, Opal Samson, Evelyn Russell, lohn Burka, Tommy Graves, Marshall Foreman, Eugene Ladd, Dane Tabor, Cor- dell King, Bobby Davis, Charles Carson, Willard Kittrell. Eula I-lelfenberqer, Mildred Morgan, Dor- othy lohnston, Mary Frances Young, lune Peters, Opal lurene Harris, Cora Denny, Carlene Wyrick. 'TOWIOTTOIU fllell' 6168 HIL t ff' ff Mita JR. III t 7 You stand with a ready mind to learn, With a look ot questioning in your eyes And you wonder with sincerity What, within your future, lies. A future Which, for the time includes only the next four years. You dimly visualize a host Oi happiness, anxieties, and some tears. But please let us assure you, And, of your importance, make you wise. There couldnt be a high school lt there were no Iunior High! K v if 3 ,J , , , A W 2121.2 J fp i Y A . 4 t t .x h ,I ' Mk 1, - IL ,T ,pl r , l A i 'il' 641' If ff Y f ' 7 .. U f A Miss Lucy Pierce fi 1 A ' Miss Blanche Roberts 3. Mrs. C. W. Bohanan .F Miss Dora Pierce Mr. Iohn R. Evans 1 1 . I EIGHTH GRADE Fred Pierce, Curtis Baker, Lawrence Thornton, Leland Scandlyn, Ralph Duncan, lim Long, Eddy Collins. l. W. Harmon, Fred Pyott, Lewis Howard, loe Williams, Charles Crowe, Estel West- moreland, M. C. Bardill, Alice Ruth Stout, Margaret Swatiord, Myra Overstreet, Wilma Scandlyn, Leona Kytef Nell Suddath, Mavis Smith, Margorine Scandlyn. Glenna Mae Ha'Wn, Uneda Wright, Mary Gusta Hamilton, Dorotha Io Butler, Ann Rae Cherry, Doris Margrave, Betsy Ann Hill, Faye Yeary. f.-x .4 SEVENTH GRADE R. C. Aiken, Bobby Ferguson, lim Harper Mann, Miss Dora Pierce, Reba Bullins, Emma Lee Mil- ler, Ray lohnson, lunior Westmoreland, Harry Morgan, Douglas Robinson, Shirley Henry, lune Collins, Iuanita Pierce. Paul Creekmore, Blanche Owenby, Dorothy Ruth Perkins, Helen Pierce, Iris Swanson, lane Foster, Geneva Baker, Evelyn Ford, lune Howard. Mildred Smith, lunior Reed, Edward Daniels, Sterling McCarroll, l. A. Westmorela'nd, H. C. Murray, Hatfield, Melvin McCarroll, Benton Hood, Floyd Dolores Scarbrough. NOT PRESENT: S. D. Thompson, Carl Bailey, lames Aycock. SEVENTH GRADE Miss Lucy Pierce, l. D. Huckby, Bill McNew, Tack Blankenship. Charles L. Massey, Alfred Mayton, Jimmie Solo- mon, W. H. Renfro, lack Bullington, Charles Smith. Edward Hicks, Carlene Bailey, Rebecca Webb, Edith Reed, Henrietta Giles, loyce Hester, Bon- nie lo Harvey, Iimmie Boswell. Bobby Carroll, lane Baker, Ruth Suddath, Mil- dred Brown, Geneva Iohnson, Helen Shipwash, lmogene Newcomb, Dewey Cole. NOT PRESENT: Betty Lee McClain, Arthur Bur- ton Stowers. 4fg1fi't EIGHTH GRADE Samuel Moody, Carl Ford, lames Hacker, Billy Scarbro, Som Ellis, Bob Stultz, Eugene lackson, Louis Spivey, G. P. Phillips, Bob Rutherford, Cur- tis Taylor, Charles Harvey, B. D. Smith, Bob Coe. Alma Lawson, Frances Whitlock, Clara McClain, Germaine Campbell, Martha Belle Dunn, Pearl Carter, Thelma Webb, Geraldine Matney, Nina Riddle, Mack McGuffin. Katherine Shaw, Creola Daniels, Mildred Webb, Glendora Daniels, Nancy Walker, Bernice Ay- cock, Naomi Thomas, Helen Ruth McCarroll, Levonia Bennett, Ovella Turner. SEVENTH GRADE lohn Mathis, Lloyd Campbell, lirnmie Harris, Troy Baker, Afton Weaver, Robert McGuffin, Floyd Hatfield, Mrs. Bohanan. Glenn Thompson, R. A. Young, Grandel Harmon, Marvin Hudson, H. W. Hudson, Kenneth Monroe, Bill Butler, Obie Brewer, Ed Love. Edna Young, Dorothy Wilburn, Viriginia Scar- bro, Alberta Ahler, Chloe Beasley, Betty Pope, Molly Conley, Mary Io Adkisson, Rebecca Hall. Carmaine Turner, Betty Lou Sissom, Margaret Scarbro, Maxine Smith, Louise Monroe, Dorothy Marney, Carlene Landreth, Evelyn Pierce, Ruby Carter. NOT PRESENT: Iimmie Dryman, Charles Barger, Virginia Mee. IIARIII IA HIGH DEPABT .EN S 'Ne htzve in our school some excellent departments at wdlch we 'gre proud. Each of them is guided by a well trained and an understanding teacher who inspires most of us to do our best. LIBRARY Our library under Miss Cantrells reiqn is orderly and quiet which condition is welcomed hy those who wish ta study and also by those who wish to sleep. ll0ME EC. The Home Economics Department under Miss Ladd brings a culture to our our girls, especially in the fine art of dish washing. INDUSTRIAL Mr. Quinn with his lndustrial Arts De- partment has discovered some talented ones arnonq us and everycne proudly displays his handiwork along with CI few slight casualties. SCIENCE 'Nith burns, asphyxiation, and nausea, we emerge from MI. Goddards science classes with a very superior air. CGMMERCIAL Business-like efficiency is given us by the Commercial Department under Miss Alford along with nervous breakdowns from the spccd tests. ilk lin month g Sept t. Q1 12-- 34Golder1 Rule Days begin. Seniors' first class meeting is held and class officers are elected. Devils" play Harriman's "Blue first game of the year-We win! iArroW staff is elected. 7-Spanish ll class "gets hot" at Mex- ican supper. 10-After a long and hard debate class rings are chosen, then or- dered. l4-Betas enjoy a buffet supper. ll-'A gala day--parade, Glee Club sings at American Legion program, Harriman-Rockwood football game, and Alumni Banquet. 28-29-Thanksgiving Holidays. 7-Pearl Harbor is bombed by those yellow laps! H l ' ll-Class rings arrive to everyone's satisfaction. 15-Seniors throw a Christmas party. 19wHooray! Christmas Holidays are here at last! all. SIP. pr. -lunior-Senior Banquet. -Baccalaureate Sermon. -Seniors present a play. lunior High graduation. Commencement. Here, Where study and play goes on, Where we follow every rule, Are happy memories we'1l never forget Of dear old Harriman High School. 5--All good things must come to an end, for holidays are over and we go back to school. 14-Mid-term exams begin. 23--It's those report cards again! l0-Annual sales are completed. l2-Beta Club enjoys Progressive Dins ner. 16--Clean-up Day and registration- men 20 to 45-for National De- fense. 3-7-Basketball tournament begins and lasts for five days. l7-Seniors cut-up at St. Patrick's Par- ty. 27-luniors shine, as they present the play entitled, "Going On Seven- teen." 17-Seniors entertain themselves with a Progressive Dinner. HALL 0UT F011 DEFENSE'9 REPORT ON CIVILIAN DEFENSE womc Through Februa-ry 27 Activity Progress Knitting- 46 sweaters out l7 sweaters completed Tin Foil- Being collected by Freshman class Paper Conservation- l5,225 lbs. collected and sold Bonds- A Sl00 bond bought by the four high school classes. Stamps- Sold to date-in high school 33300.70 Service Flag- To honor those boys who have attended our high school for one year or more and who now serve our country. There Food are more than eighty in the service. Conservation-- Definite plans made for garden to provide Physical vegetables for lunch room. Training- Physical training given daily Patriotic Programs- Given each week. MR, ooo 1 SAYS-- H you place a New Order for stamps over hereg You will chase cr New Order of trumps over there. -..+..,, ,,,,..- VICTORY STATEMENT DEFENSE STAMPS lst 8th 7 Wks. Wk. SENIORS . Sl06.55 S 5.20 IUNIORS . 7,.,,,,.,,,,,, 97.45 l2.15 SOPHOMORES ,,,,,, 39.80 2.20 FRESHMEN .. .. 29.00 1.45 OTHERS .. ....... . ........ 5,90 l.0O TOTAL ........ 33278.70 322.00 ,,,f"' I TOTAL Sl l 1.75 109.60 42.00 30.45 6.90 5300.70 A ACTIVITIES Aim. L,,k 5. , DRILL TEANI B A N D GLEE CLUB Q 1 was 'Af 'sf n., , K f 21 Ei W I A ,a q -- Y, HK I awe! A' 5a 4 .I i 9 mv-:dim 1 ' : A i .L 'Q 0 EDWARD MELVIN .... . . Editor-in-Chief PATTIE ANNE WATKINS . . . Assistant Editor ARTHUR BREWER . . . Business Manaqer I. P. ROSS .... . Business Manaqer ANNE BUCHANAN . . . . . . Literary Editor HAROLD SCARBROUGH . Photographic Editor RALPH YOUNG ..... . Sports Editor MARGARET WHITTAKER . . Sports Editor MARGIE HARDINC1 . . . Art Editor I. C. DUNN ...... . . . Humor Editor BLANCHE HUDDLESTON . . Advertising Editor NANCY WALLACE . . Advertising Editor LAWRENCE CATE . . , Advertising Editor CLEMENTINE SELF. .... Diarist DOROTHY SWANSON. . Testator IEANNE GILES . . . Historian JUNE SMALLEY . Prophet , mu-as-43 I- IT FF ,,,,,,,,Anne Buchanan A Semi-monthly publication Member of edited and published National Exchange by the students of and Harriman High School Tennessee High School Harriman, Tennessee Press Association EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ,,,, ,, , .,,,,,,, ,, . ,,,,,,, ,,,Y, ,,,,,,,,,. .,,,,,YY,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,. r,,,,,,,, r,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , , , , , Literary Editor, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E lla Melvin School Reporter .,,,,,, ,, ,l,,,,,, ,, .,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Dorothy Swanson Art Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. ,,,,. M argie Harding Exchange Editor ,,,,,, , Feature Writer ,,,, Sports Reporter, Assembly Reporrteril, Noit Hall .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, . lean Robinson ,,,,,,...,.,,,Sarah Iones Sterling Turner Mildred Adkisson ???? Class Reporters Senior ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, lunior. .,,,,,...,,,, ,, Sophomore ,,,.,,,,,, F reshmen, ,,,,,...,,,,,, Faculty Advisers Pnonucrron si-im-' AdVGfiiSl1'lq Mandqef ,,,,., F.tj,,,:hWWnl Vnnnnr -WWWNHCHEN-WNFR-AHYWH1H7777-A777777---7777777 Production Manager. ,,,,, ,, Cartoomst ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,., Typists, ,,,,,,, ,A Lawrence Cate ,,,..,,,,Charles Turpin Geneva Tedder Harold Scarbrouqh Roberta Hudson Circulation Manager ,,,,..,, , Mimeoqrapher ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,Blanche Huddleston ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,Paul Sadler ,,,,,.,,,Barbara D'Armond Assistant Mimeoqraphers ,,,,,,,, Faculty Adviser ,,,,, ,.,,, , ,, Myra lean Harding Miss Louise Cantrell Roy Frank Norment ,,,,.,,,,Shirley McGutfin ..,,,,,,Edward Melvin Roy Shelton Huston Crowe Miss Ieanette Alford Q W - ATHLETICS s U . . .FUIITBALL Roy Aiken 1649, Clarence Parrish 1709, Ralph Young 17l9, Harley Harmon 1729, Bob Scanlyn 1739, Bill Gall- her 1749, David Alley 1759, Roy Harmon 1539, S. D. Thompson 1559, Edward Melvin 1769, Cordell King 1779, Ed Col- lins 1789, Gilbert Boyd 1799, Sam Ellis 1819, Kenneth Walker 1599, Bill Kelley 1569. SEASONS REVIEW Beginning what was expected to be a successful season, the Blue Devils ended with a record of tour wins and tive losses. The team was lighter than usual and was hampered by inexperience. The season was highlight' ed by the impressive victory over Kingston. Although they defeated South Harriman and Kingston, the Blue Dev- ils lost to Rockwood, thus failing to gain the county championship. SCHEDULE 6 Lake City ,,,,,,,,, ,,,...,,, O O Servierville ,,,, ,..,,,, l 4 l 3 Decatur ,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,, .,,,,,,, U 6 Kingston ,,,.,., ,,,,,,,, O 27 South Harriman ,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, O 6 Dayton ,,,,.,.. ,,.,.., 3 3 6 Everett ,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,, ,,,,,,, 4 6 6 Rockwood ,.,,,,,, ..,,.,. 2 7 O Lenior City ,,,,,,, ..,.,,, l 3 duff' km GIRL 9 ASKETBL LL lohn Pl. Evuris Couch Eohlly ltlllfli? Butler Moncrqer lffrs, l, B. Bullins Assistcint Coach SEASON'S REVIEW Xklinninq eleven out oi sixteen qornes, the Hcxrrinion lossies come through the seoson with ilyinq colors, They were one ol the foyoiite teqrrns in the tournament qoinq tn the tinfils hetore bowing to Spring City. Mildred Tilley Dorothy Swonson Mary Heltenlverqer Mildred McGutfin Grace Smith CCoptoinJ Mcrrqoret Whittaker Ann Stowers Irene I-locker Morqoret Kyte Mildred Adkisson Betty Roe Shipwosh Borborcr D'Armond SCORES South Horrirndn Me-iqs , Point Rock , Wlieot Rockwood ,, Lenoir City Meiqs South l-lorrimon Lenoir City Poirview Point Rock , Lenoir City lNlieot Kingston Ocrkdole, , , South Horrirnon Rockwood Kingston ,, 13 22 Meigs l6 l9 Spring City BUYS, ASK limmy Carroll George Henley Roy Harmon, Capt. Bill Gallaher Bobby Stultz P.. W. Jenkins ETB LL , , ,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,, , , . Coach The Blue Devil's basketball team was small and was hampered by was successtul in defeating their traditional rival, South Harriman, for Coach George Ballard should have a real basketball team. Dec, lan. l24-South Harriman .. . Harriman . l6lMeigs .. ,,,,,, Harriman . . .. .. 18 H- --Paint Rock .. Harriman . ,,,, . 9-Wheat . ,,,, . Harriman ,,,,,,,, l3'-- - -Rockwood .. Harriman . .. 15 A-Lenoir City Harriman . 2U -Meigs . . Harriman Zliv-South Harriman Harriman Feb. I. W, Aydelotte Gilbert Boyd David Louis Alley Albert Helienberger Clyde Coward inexperience. The team was scrappy and the first time in seven years. Next year, -'iPa'int Rock . ...... 23 Harriman ....... ...... 1 8 V --Lenoir City ...... .49 Harriman . ...... 25 --Wheat ........ .30 Harriman .... .. 33 -fliingston .. W .25 Harriman .. . ...Wil 27 Oakdale .... YVYVVV Harriman . . ....... .... . 29 --South Harriman .... .. 33 Harriman .. ...... . .... .17 7-Rockwood ..... H27 Harriman .. .. .... .. 20 Q' 29 Kingston ...... ..... Harriman . ...... 26 9x -ff AN KIIYEIITIQEII ' N 00 Compliments of A. VV. VVALTERS salesman M E R R E L L S Class Rings and Pins Trophies, Medals, and Awards Invitations ancl Announcements Personal Cards Caps and Gowns 211 E. Chilhowie Ave. Compliments Compliments of Of THE MEAD CQPJJQRATIQN THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1941 Compliments Compliments of of T. L. GATE COMPANY And The 'cThe Hgmg Qf Quality- THEATERS LOW pricey, Phone 10 Harriman, Tennessee Compliments Compliments y Of of CUMBERLAND GAP WOGLEN HARRIMAN HOSIERY MILLS NHLLS Congratulatioizs Seniors! from THE lVIANAGEMENT AND FACULTY OF KNOXVILLE BUSINESS CQLLEGE Compliments "The Quality School of the South" of The Army, Navy, and Defense Indus- tries neecl trained office workers. Make KNOXVILLE ENGPIAVING your plans now to attend the Knoxville V CQMPANY Business College. Corner Church and State Streets E C0m1i1lime1fltS Compliments of gf N. HARDING DR. W. G. CUMMINS EVERY DAY is Bargain Day At MeKINNEY'S BARGAIN STUBE Compliments Advancing into the Future of BOOSTINC, STOWERS LUIVIBER BUILDING, and BENEFITING MANUFACTURING CO. Phones 8 81 9 Publishers of the HARRIMAN RECORD Furniture Costs Less at SCOTT 81 SANDERS INSURANCE ROBERTS FURNITURE COMPANY C O IYI P A N Y We write policies on anything Worth Estabhshecl - 1890 insuring. Compliments Of LADD 8: COFER MOTOR SALES NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE I I Knoxville Tennessee Compliments 0f NIIRBIS CREAMEBY SIIEILDS 8: SWANSUN WHERE CUSTOMERS BRING THEIR FRIENDS PHONE 262 0OO0i+I Ceewlnnenfs MCKINNEYAS HARDWARE Of COMPANY CHASE Har1'iman's HOTPOINT and DRUG STQRE PHILCO Dealer Affiliated With WALGREEN, mc. Phone 138 Ieleninlnn, Tennessee "n-5555555555555555555555555-55555555555"' Compliments ID I-D ID lf! in I-D ll, I-O va of un I-O ID Z FIVE to FIVE STURES Il 2 2 ua 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ID PICKEL Compliments FURNITURE STGRE of Home Furnishings HAMILTONS DRY GOODS Phone 417 Harriman, Tenn. STORE Jewelry of Distinction Expert Watch Repairing PATTON'S JEWELRY Harriman, Tennessee Compliments Compliments o f of EMERYS FIVE AND TEN CENT THE WEBBO THEATER STORE HsEeN'L'E'Y"'S CARLYLE EVANS at SON S-T-O-R-E Anything you want at one store Tailor Afierchant Phone 596 Harriman, Tenn. Compliments Uf TENNESSEE HARDWARE COMPANY Best Wishes From HOTEL HARRIMAN Harrimanfs Modern Record Shop ' JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY I. T. Wrenn-Prop. Mgr. QUALITY SAFETY ' SERVICE THE ACME DRUG COMPANY Phone 50 Harriman, Tennessee Compliments Of THE HARRIMAN ELECTRIC CO. Compliments Of HARRIMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY CARROLIJS INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. Harriman, Tennessee Phone 475 Compliments Of THE HARRIMAN LAUNDRY Compliments of CLAIBORNE MEAT MARKET 2 5 THE MODEL DRY CLEANINC CO Compliments of 2 2 THE C SCHOOL .AND OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY A D K Knoxville Tennessee Compliments of DR. R. ADCOCK Compliments of THE DRESS SHOP Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of UIVIBERLAND CHEVROLET COMPANY ISSON STUDIO 'W THE C0mpIi111euts of Compllmems of CROQUIGNOLE BEAUTY SHOP HARRIMAN OIL Compliments of COMPANY THE ALL-AMERICAN CAFE iw W00000l cnfnrons or nlsrmcnvf ANNUALS ff nf' QM WIN EJ' fi IIIPIWEEQ f' I .iywfmax I "T -14' A ARCHER 81 SMITH PRINTING CII. A A 'frg 1 A , 2 uf -, 1 ' . I- fw- .' jff've'ef+- A U!" " " '1'rg'fv"i "1"1i..i3Y,Hr"2fq1va V - -1 - , v - .uw - W.-,K - wk, "- T' -'J' 1" A ,+2g.,,-1'-s-4, , , f' , Q-n ab., 5.7. 5 f ll Y y. I Q, ,I , z T' " " ' Y .' J ' - ' .2 -1-..:-1 .' . ' 5f'1 A,z:" Nw, A' " f.. 5, .im we. 7- .Z .a fi! ff fu, r ' - E.,- I 'S 'X Q4 1'- A , if f , V Q. I f ' 1 . , . I I ' 1 L -1 1 . If 7 'gf 5 , N V AL w pg, gif Pi' f v a 0 2 ,Al W5 51' 3 5 'I 3 -6 In

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