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in I E X-L ,. ' 4 ,l,.'l1,:5..0 A .,,,' 4 9 n Q Q .,m , . ,V ,Q I Z 4 . I, , ,- K Q HL- Q 4 I 1 ,:, .. 4, if K K in A' ,""f1 ,Q , vp , ,,, 4, , .W nf , f wh ,ik if' , Wa. ' . ' . YG fl 4 , 'ef' ' 'yu dl. 'Y 'Q .. , ,. tk 'W . ,,, wi' 1 1 ' fa 1. ws ' f' 'N if,11MQ.- L" 5,4 : ., i N PU BLiSH'ELD BY 'The Students HARRIMAN HIGH HARRIMAN, YSXA X ' x K,-J kdkv A-... Y-. S X - ' I ' 1 X 'xc Q- i X ., X, -4 6' ,-v Y "-257' x Wim :gf ggyzqg '2is:fQ9sef-547 5i?r's':i when-ff N 'N ea- r 4. ' N' " or l fi 4 .' s 'gl'-all ' FEW elif l illll. l 0? 1' ii ISYS, 'wil 24 259' ' Q , EV f' I .Liv f , 7 il VW ' -. . ' L r Fonewr tnb 1 , MH A record of our school year those facts and events which will in years to come cause pleasant memories for the ,Qlumni and students of Harriman High School: and to set forth. to any who are l interested in our school, the work and spirit of our organization. the Senior Class I933 offers you the fourteenth volume of "The Arrow." Q f?E?f'vQ7z 'ref lllll l llwl lil' was Q rllhjrb ll: QJHQW lllul SR W atrial fi -fl' 311315, XX '?'l ' A . ll rl f gg X xx Q 1 l lll' iii" .. s s in C, jf Y ' NT 'lim for 4 N27 l SX i V 1 fish s il .x-' ' gffflj i if lg umm ti, i - X six ,f ., s- . iff W Q-ni ,AX 4 ll ,I l -g 3 ,i ,f e- X. f X ,X ' ,, i W My me f M ll g I fl y W 'li N s egg, l f , f X W I 'WPA .L A'A fly Q i 1 af' H I ll fl x A , V l j y - , ,fi f ' Q A '71 K , r A l, Z X iifyfir, 1,4 iff A ' f l y QMAA. e f I-Q s +e 1 414' '1"f"-4-,mn 1 y - 1 .f f i' ' ' ' V 1 , V . W A J ri. ,.. . .,1xl?ilu,.fx.3afm 4 1 H, , , 'Q A . 1 H . - s. .1 9 42 ' 'P . ' . 1 . , . Q- - , gi, L' "' 4 'ff , qi' -I.r Ah, A M I rig. ' with r . - .r-U' 4 "f.,9'. 33, ' ' , ,. , 'X .' S. , . ' , 'Q-,F gin' -'i ,b L . . ' ' Q '.-ji' ,fr , 1. 'F 'A 1-Lx 'gf' , 'il . ' 'fl 'fm 14. ' ' .. ' -A .. ., , , 4. 4 - s. W, im " f .' 4 - nr 1 -L 4' ,mf it ff i -, 2 -1,4 ,Y 'fbi fi dl L9 a -wf .A -A 'pg W, 1 u , ng 4, Jgg E 41. qw. S gif 4 . -,-9' . ff-f ,- 'I V2 l' -3-' rt- -- . 33, - X QDEDI TID? '- 2-his ' A-nv . 1 W ,gp i Q " ity To our paqrleznts. who have sacrificed un- s ffm' ' ceasingly that we might have the bene- . V 'V' 5 ' , ,. ' , , A". ,E A ' i.QyrfQk fit of at least a high ,school training: f 5 i - h U L T ' who have talcen pride 'in our achievef A ., , ments and sorfowed at our disappoint- p ' b in ments: who have always instilled in us ' if i'i,A A ,V ' n37"1Q: only those morals and ideals which pro- ,V W, tl f l,' . 4 A i rw' , mote the highest standards of livingg 'A-' ' -f... , g - fi and to MiQ'li,lda McGuire, class spon- I V 55 'r sor. whose untiring efforts are largely A ' . , 1 ,fm l responsibleiorltlwe publication of this, I rig volume: whose lovable nature has made v f. fi. . V f 9 for her a friend of-every member of I, the 'Class. we. the members of the Class X J ' if ' of '33, do dedicate this. the fourteenth i .i i volume of "The 'growl' Q 'll' i Q J A 3 , liglfia Q . I lj ig l - I' l 1 Y M, . Xxx.: X, x in l ' 'S' Q , "1 t Q ggi ' ,JDWQN A 'EN 14 :4 , W lu. J I i ,. . - v-sn 41-as--W' NH lf1'f4lM f'Llli . ' 1' - t A M A---J , , o.. ..-1.-. I - Z. Q va' A QQ- I' 4 ' l .iw 5 X J - 4-B., 2 ,nc f". ,fa sk' 1 1 ' MH. . . , i27'fsl'll5iJf ' 1u'S.mu.:'.aw. W- .zihfffz-:if-if3Uf'. Mil - THE ARROW CHQ MIJAU5 y SUDEDJNTENDE NT .g. GQ.759z,4cfL PllNCIPAl. .g. We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Wallace and Mr. Black, who have with patience, wisdorn, and sincerity guided us through the tour years ot our high school career: who have at all times presented to us only those ideals which are worthyg and who through their unusual cooperative spirit arid their untiring ettorts, ire largely responsible tor the high standards which our school maintains. They have our sincere good wishes tor the tuture, bg i ,, ,, , ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,, Q ,,,,.,,,,,,, , QFKA me ' 'N ,QQ fl ine: f ffefh-+-f:-55-2 A Ali: f- 5-54:10 4 THE ARROW C.D.WaIIac:e Eleanorfbawd CQ. Black. rafv0f,v11w1rrz, 5010112011 mu llAi7f!l4fKf E4 INV PIMCIPAI... JCIIIC6 Irene C.Cummms Ckawice S. Bunch Jeannette Alpovd IDM! !C0l0lflCI . .. EIGIIJII ffV6'l!5lf CdM4lf0Cf... HAf,?fH47lC'.5 David H, Evans Hilda MQGuir-e Geor-QeWBall2Pd DVGIIIXK. IIUWOIICI .CIWCI IIIRAIIAI. .. FIZINCW Z'04Cll,..flfJ70RK.. HITIIIIYATICS FACULTY, I 932-33 'TQ , , , ,,. ,,,,,,,,, H ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,. Qpn-fl--.-V-V -V f.-14--:1 -xff+'nr-S' ---fnf 71:15-A-chA3f-5,1-ngqq ! X 5 THE ARROW I I ANNUAL STAFF Y Editor-in-Chief ..,, . . . . .... L. CARLYLE MARNEY Business Manager , ,.,. JAMES R. HUDSON Assistant Editor .,,.....,.. .... M ARY GODDARD Assistant Business Manager. .. ,..,,. JAMES H. BAKER Art Editor ............,,. ..., C ARLISLE EVANS, JR. Assistant Art Editor. , . .... DOROTHY DAVIS Calendar Editor ...., .......... H ELEN DAVIS Snapshot Editor. .. . ...... LOUISE NEERGAARD Literary Editor. ., , MARY FRANCES ADKISSON Athletic Editor.. . . ...., ..... F REEMAN ALLEN Athletic Editor ....... .... . ...,. B ETTY BOWMAN Junior Class Representative, .. .. .BILL MCCLUEN 4 Bflffaj . , ,,,,,,., .,,, ,,,, , , , ,,,,, 10,0111 . wwf ,,,,.,,,,,, ,, ,,,. , ,,,, .,,.., Q I X 6 1 , A Hy .4 ,V ' X X" , , Y 1m JVTEU 'W UW f U X ,W ilfwlffv .S x P I 5 11 jfiSI" l' I v LS,,,Q5 W "wgff Xfiyl? N ff M 6 54iE4pQ 41 X HQ f PW! A 10 X ffm- 1 UWM MIJ N f rf 'M kmx W umm N P n-'I. S, S ' 1 "JIM A ' X xl LV IAV7' S. ' " ,1 S Q"f .S ,mg S w MH V I N14 Wfwxw , H 2 X ' ' P .X.l n ,ff - r P, 5 4x -, ,4 , X!! 'Vgl fg,g,fm ' X , r S ra ""' II: LI U! ' I, , yy Pi PwfVlI1-ijni .fi L, :jf N A ' I if 5 lmI.,I It I ,X ll Mb 7 of 7 "+f f' IH J' I 'JM ki If '16, Y I 1, 1' H 9 1' ff ' ' 'f Xl! R ,jf il 9 A ll 1' f V' l S' M X In XL I' ,Y I gf . ,425 ,- 1. M5 S Iii lg ' 1. 41- 1 5 -if-, Mffgax - L-.V s 'I , Z' Y . , I 5 -:gym :X , , . z+He?55?jx ,XA f ,,. H QM? gif fg?a 'yf f5Qg 5 V I, 54f f?5QVWV0S7f,fAw 'Wyy fd' ' ,ja '57 ' ,, ' fy. Kp, 4 'ff 5171 55.1 14' 1 Rau M' f M feednyf' ff-ia'V , AQ H , L 329- 'f,f-'z- 1 ff f il-ff -:E VvT'! , b fd! 'f Pffi1F2i5i4?41,:Q3 A ,MQW -Q12-:Q555:4ffigMm4Q4Af23 , - '-. Lili? -Q -,4QgE?:7TT1:L:' CLASSES THE ARRQW PAULINE FRITTS JOHN TYLER DAVIS LOUISE NEERGAARD "Fwy" Favorite Pastime: Thinking of Jay. Greatest Ambition: To love. Salutatorian H. I-l. S.: Cheer- leader '33: Secretary Senior Class l-l. l-l. S.: Cheerleader '3l, '32: Secretary Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class: Athenian Literary Society: Glee Club '3l, '32, '33: Basket- ball '3I, '323 Mammy's Little Wild Rose: No Account David: Girl Shy. "Clubtoot" Favorite Pastime: Eating Chili. Greatest Ambition: To die a natural cleath. Salutatorian: President Class '32-'33: Treasurer '3O: Class Sec- retary '3I: Football '3I, '32, '33: Glee Club '32, '33: Orchestra '3l, '32, '33: Athletic Council '33: Girl Shy: Miss Cherrybios- som: George ln a Jam: Lucky Break: Dixie Minstrel: Basketball '30, '3I, '32, '33. SENIOR CLASS "Pot" Favorite Pastime: Griping about school. Greatest Ambition: To get out. Glee Club '3l, '32, '33: Basketball '3l, '32, '33: Drae matic Club '3l, '32: Senior Class Treasurer: Snapshot Editor, "The Arrow": Home Economics Club '29: Lucky Break: George ln a Jam: Wedding: The Antics ot Ane drew. 1 COLORS: Red and White FLOWER: Red Rose MOTTO: "Work, Wait, Win" H O N O R S VALEDICTORIANS JOHN McGLOTHIN PAULINE FRITTS SALUTATORIANS X .,,. J, he F12 in -tl.. .?q..i , x JAMES HOWE BAKER JOHN TYLER DAVIS - ,,f,,,1U,fful , "'ff,,,,,,,,1u,,,,,f,,,.,..,,,,., -sQ"As- nz- 1:--fqfj Qfzn--efn aff, e f-ef--5-J 8 7 MSfT'TT' T 'T L-if ARROVV- V JACK GOLDSTON "Rachel" Favorite Pastime: Play- ing hoolrey. Greatest Ambition: To be a politician. S. H. Football '3I, '32g Basketball '30, '3lg Literary Society '30, '3I: Vice President Senior Class. ROBBIE LEE CRABTREE "Bobbie" Favorite Pastime: Read- ing. Greatest Ambition: To be a big woman. Dixie Minstrel '32: "Miss Cherryblossom"g "Girl Shy"7 Glee Club '30, '3l, '32: Dramatic Club '32, '33. ARTHUR RIVERS "Jr," Favorite Pastime: Find- ing fault. Greatest Ambition: To live in South Harriman. Basketball '32g Glee Club '3I, '32, '33: Lit- erary Society '32: Dra- matic Club '33. JOSEPHINE DUNN "Josie" Favorite Pastime: Talli- ing to the boys. Greatest Ambition: To be a nurse. Basketball '32, '33. ,fra ..-Q ,,-,,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,, 0,0111 ., ,,,,,,,,, ,, ..,, ,,,,,.,,,,..,.,. HELEN DAVIS HLUCY.. Favorite Pastime: Loolr- ing cute. Greatest Ambition: To get married. Glee Club '3I, '32, '33: Dramatic Club '32, '33I Literary Society '29g Basketball '3l, '32, '33q Historian "Arrow"1 Public Speaking '32Z "Girl Shy"g "Bachelors Reverien: Home Eco- nomics Club '29, CARLISLE EVANS "Cuz" Favorite Pastime: Talk- ing in school. Greatest Ambition: To be a gentleman. Football '32, '33: Glae Club '3l, '32: Dramatic Club '32, '33: Orches- tra '3I, '32, '33: Letter Club '32: Hi-Y '32p Art Editor "Arrow"g "George In a Jam": "Lucky Break": "Girl Shy"g "Dixie Minstrel." VIVIAN SMITH "Vee" Favorite Pastime: Walt- mg. Greatest Ambition: To be valedictorian. Glee Club '3l, '32. WILLARD WHITTAKER "Willie" Favorite Pastime: Work- ing Solid Geometry. Greatest Ambition: To be a mathematics teacher. Football '32. 9 'FTSE fiff Qllttflltwii-C.. THE ARROW CARLYLE MARNEY "Powerhouse" Favorite Pastime: Think- ing. Greatest Ambition: To be a loafer. Editor-in-Chief of "The Arrow"g Football '3l, '321Glee Club '3l, '32, '33q Orchestra '3l, '32, '33g E. T. l-l. S, Orches- tra '3l, '32q Letter Club '32, '33g Basket- ball '33: "Miss Cherry- blossom"g "Lucky Break"q "Dixie Min- strel", "Girl Shy": "Antics of Andrew." MARY FRANCES ADKISSON "Sunshine" Favorite Pastime: Go- ing to the post office. Greatest Ambition: To marry a wealthy man. Dramatic Club '32, '33: Glee Club '3I, '32: Basketball: E d i to r School News, Public Speaking '32q Literary Editor "The Arrow"3 "Miss Cherryblossornug "Lucky Break." JAMES HUDSON "Jim" Favorite Pastime: Go- ing 'Possum hunting. Greatest Ambition: To be able to sleep late in the morning. Business Manager "The Arrow"1 Football '3ly Football Manager '337 Glee Club '32, '33Z Orchestra '3I, '32, '33: E. T. l-l. S. Orchestra '31, '32: "Miss Cherry- blossorn"3 "Dixie Min- strel": Student Athletic Council '33. ETHEL WALLACE "B. Favorite Pastimes Argu- ing with boys. Greatest Ambition: To be a science teacher. Glee Club '3l, '32q Dramatic Club '32, '33: Mixed Chorus '321 "Miss Cherryblossomf' vnu, , ,,,, f1,,,n,,,,,,,N.,..,.,w,,., LOIS JANE DUFFEY "Stuffy" Favorite Pastime: Play- ing the violin. Greatest Ambition: To become a musician. Orchestra '30, '3I, '32, '33g Glee Club '3I, '32, '33: Dramatic Club '3l, '32, '337 "Miss Cherry- blossom." JOHN FARNHAM Favorite Pastime: Eat- ing fish. Greatest Ambition: To be an "Aviator." E. T. l-I. S Orchestra '3l: Orchestra '3l, '32, '33: Band '3l, '32, '337 Dramatic Club '32: Glee Club '32: Junior Secretary: "Dixie Min- strel"7 "George ln a Jarn"g "Lucky Break"g "Girl Shy"g "Antics ot Andrew." MARY GODDARD Favorite Pastime: Ricl- ing in a "Dodge," Greatest Ambition: To travel. Associate Editor "The Arrow"g Dramatic Club '32, '33g Glee Club '32g Treasurer of Sophomore Class: "A Lucky Break"7 "George ln a Jam"g "Miss Cherryblossom,"g Treasurer of Dramatic Club '33: "Girl Shy." JACK SHELLEY Favorite Pastime: Re- lating history. Greatest Ambition: To become a business man. Kingston English Club '29, '30, '3Ip Vice Presi- dent Literary Society '3l, '32q Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class: Reporter, '29g President F. F. T. '3O: Vice Presi- dent '3Ig "Miss Adven- ture": "Cousin Jean." zu Aa 1- -4- K- +- --- Az - I X lO , THE ARROW1 JANIE GAMBLE "Kid" Favorite Pastime: Get- ting black eyes. Greatest Ambition: To be a famous basketball player. Basketball '33. BEN JENKINS "Blue-John" Favorite Pastime: Run- ning around. Greatest Ambition: To do as he pleases. DOROTHY DAVIS "Tossy" Favorite Pastime: Eat- ing. G r e a t e st Ambition: Guessl Dramatic Club '32, '33: Secretary and Treasurer Glee Club '3l, '32, '33g Athletic Council '3l, '32, '33: Manager Bas- ketball '3l, '32, '331 Public Speaking '32: Junior Treasurer: "Miss Blue Bonnet"g "Ghost Bird": "Miss Cherry- blossom": "George In a Jam": "Lucky Break": "Bachelor's Reverie": "Girl Shy." ROY SISSOM "Simon" Favorite Pastime: Chew- ing gum in school. Greatest Ambition: To be a poet. Adelphian Literary So- ciety '29: Dramatic Club '29, '30, '3I, '32. '33g "Dixie Minstrel": "Girl Shy"1 Secretary Dramatic Club '33. My -f.:' ---,vvz A Ti I. . ,,..,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,W,,fu1 . '-,,,,,,.,,,.,,,..,,,,,.,...,,,,.,. CHARLES ADKISSON "Charlie" Favorite Pastime: Study- ing French. Greatest Ambition: To become a French teacher. l-l. H. S. Assistant Cheerleader '33: Dra- matic Club '337 S. H. H. S. Secretary Glee Club '29: Mascot Foot- ball Team '29: Presi- dent Sophomore Classy Basketball '3I, '32: Glee- Club '3l. '32: Cheer- leader '30, '3I: Athe- nian Literary Society '30, '3l, '32. BETTY BOWMAN "Bet" Favorite Pastimo: Mak- ing eyes. Greatest Ambition: To be a "Mrs." Dramatic Club '32, '33: Glee Club '3l, '32: Basketball '31, '32, '33: Secretary and Treasurer Lettermen's Club '33: Athletic Editor "The Arrow"3 "Lucky Break," TOM EVANS "McCutcheon" Favorite Pastime: Courtin'. Greatest Ambition: To win "her," Football '30, '3l, '32, '33: I-Ii-Y '30, '32, '33I Lettermen's Club '30, '3l, '32, '33: Dramatic Club '323 Glee Club '32g "Dixie Minstrel." ELIZABETH MANN "Bibby" Favorite Pastime: Flirt- ing. Greatest Ambition: To be a stenographer. Glee Club '30, '3l, '32: Dramatic Club '32g "Miss Cherryblossomf' Qyi -5 - - ff- .f -- l--he- A- I I rw? THE ARROW JAMES HOWE BAKER "Jim" Favorite Pastime: Study- ing. Greatest Ambition: Not to be Iazyl7l. Valedictorian: Basket- ball '3l1 Orchestra '3I, '32, '33: Lettermen's Club '3I: Track '3lg "George In a Jam", "Girl Shy." GEORGIA MILLER ,IJOGHH Favorite Pastime: Com- ing to school. Greatest Ambition: To live in Chattanooga. Literary Society '3I, '32g Glee Club '3l, '327 Girls' Chorus '30, '3l1 Basketball '29, '30, '3l, '32g "Mamma's Little Wild Rose"g "No Ac- count David." FRANCIS TALLANT "Booger-Eyes" Favorite Pastime: See- ing Mildred. Greatest Ambition: To live in Sweetwater. Glee Club '32, '333 Dramatic Club '32, '33: Orchestra '3I, '32, '33I Bancl '30, '3I, '32, '33I "Dixie Minstrel": "Lucky Break." IMOGENE MAYTON "Gene" Favorite Pastime: Gig- gling. Greatest Ambition: To be a Home Economics teacher. Glee Club '32, '33Z Dramatic Club '32, '331 Basketball '32. s HAZEL COOKE "Cookie" Favorite Pastime: Run- ning to school. Greatest Ambition: To qet a Rose. Basketball '30, '3l, 32, '33 JACK ALLEN Favorite Pastime: Play- ing basketball. Greatest Ambition: To be a lawyer. Dramatic Club '33, Orchestra '32, '33q Bancl '32, '33q Basket- ball '32, '33. INICE MILLIGAN "NickIes" Favorite Pastime: Worrying. Greatest Ambition: To live on Emery. Glee Club '32g Public Speaking '32. JOHN McGLOTHIN Favorite Pastime: Get- ting lessons. Greatest Ambition: To amount to something. Valedictoriang Football '3I. g. fx- --W 1, .,,i, ,..x ,,.,,,,,,,.,:,,,,Um,,,Nf,ff11f,i. VA-,,,,,,,f,f,.-Uf,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, eff-e A- 4 -- f--1 - - 2- A- is f- L- -A -ae -.exe E- A A I2 T HE ARR o W RACHEL WILLIAMS "Brownie Joe" Favorite Pastime: Jok- ing. Greatest Ambition: To go to school. S. l-l. l-I. S. Basketball '30, '3I, '32g Glee Club '30, '3l, '32: Treasurer Sophomore Class7Liter- ary Society '3l, '32: "Mamr'ny's Little Vfilcl Rose." FREEMAN ALLEN Hllieyl' Favorite Pastime: Re- ducing. Greatest Ambition: To be President. Football '3I, '32I Bas- ketball '3l, '32, '33I Glee Club '33: Sports Editor, "The Arrowug Letterrnen's Club '32, '33. ALMA JENKINS Favorite Pastime: Think- ing of some one. Greatest Ambition: To meet her MAN. Basketball '33. MARGARET LOUISE SANDERS "Dinqer" Favorite Pastime: Not talking. Greatest Ambition: To own a Bill. Glee Club '3l, '32q Dramatic Club '32, '33g "Miss Cherryblossomu: "George ln a Jam"g "Girl Shy"g "The Antics ot Andrew." if WOODROW KELLY "Dunk" Favorite Pastime: Fish- ing. Greatest Ambition: To send 75 words per minute C. Morse. NEVA JOHNSON "Sis" Favorite Pastime: Play- ing basketball. Greatest Ambition: To be a coach. Basketball '3l, '32: Glee Club '3I, '32I Dramatig Club '331 Le-ttermen's Club '3l, '32g "Miss Cherryblos- som", Public Speaking '32. JODIE MILLIGAN "Hog-Eye" Favorite Pastimes Mal:- ing A's in English. Greatest Ambition: To get a diploma. President Freshman and Sophomore Cla s s e sg -Football '30, '3lg Hi-Y '30, '3I, '32, '33g Presi- dent '32, '333 Letter- men's Club '30, '3l. GERTRUDE PATTON "Gertie" Favorie Pastime: Vamp- ing Gilbert. Greatest Ambition: To meet a traveling sales- man. Dramatic Club '32. .1 x " I3 THE ARROW CAN YOU IMAGINE 1 WOODROW BAILEY with a perfect attendance record? FRANCIS TALLANT wearing less than a number eleven shoe? VIVIAN SMITH "flunlcing"? JOHN FARNHAM preparing a French lesson or malcing the honor roll? LOIS DUFFY failing to jump when touched? BETTY BOWMAN with a frown? BOB WILLOUGHBY being a stenographer? JACK SHELLEY appearing at all slouchy? MISS ALFORD not laughing? WILLARD WHITTAKER being unprepared on Vergil? ARTHUR RIVERS suffering from an inferiority complex? MRS. BUNCH being anything but calm and collected? JUNIOR EVANS without his nose? CARLYLE MARNEY or JAMES HUDSON convincing the other in an argument? ROY SISSOM wearing a mustache? JOHN TYLER DAVIS flirting? GEORGIA MILLER talking anything but baby talk? DOTTY DAVIS being more than a bloclc from Tom? FREEMAN ALLEN weighing I2O pounds? JODIE MILLIGAN in a Tuxedo? RACHEL WILLIAMS as a platinum blonde? PAULINE FRITTS being called "beautiful, but dumb"? MR. BLACK apologizing to a boolccase after bumping it severely? GENE MAYTON with black hair? WOODROW KELLY not answering a Physics question? JAMES BAKER being termed "handsome"? LOUISE NEERGAARD playing a classical Chapel March? JACK GOLDSTON yelling? THE CHEMISTRY LABORATORY failing to explode at least twice a semester? ff.- 1' X I 4 THE ARRow y- DIARY 1 September 6-School began-lessons assigned. September 8--Going good. September I0-Elected Class Otticers-John's "IT," September I2-Argued all day-and ordered our rings! September 23-First Football game-Beat Notre Dame 6-0. September 30-Senior Class well-represented. H. H. S. I4, Karns O. October 5-Elected Annual statt. Whatta statt! October 6-Grade cards-Oh, my! Rings came-Whoopeeee! October 8-H. H. S. 32, Wheat 6. October I0-Selected Annual. Oh, Boy- October I4-Beat Chilhowee I3-O. October I8-The Seniors "Curled and Pretty" . . . Some pictures. October 2I--Harriman 24, Lenoir City 6-Good old team. November 2-Seniors locked out ot our room. November II-Holiday-Were we glad? ? ? November I2-"We" began practicing "Girl-Shy.' November 23-Play Kingston-Watch-em-boys . . . November 24-Thanksgiving Holidays. December 7-Excused from English-Thanks to Mrs. Bunch. December 8--Senior Class presents "Girl-Shy." December I5-lt's all ott now 'till January 2. January 5-Everybody smiling-glad to get baclc? 7 7 January I8-What'll they do without us next year? Nine players on team. January 25-Finals start. Will we be Seniors again next year? January 27-Charles had appendicitis. Miss him, too. February I4--Miss McGuire got a valentine from Jack Allen . . . What's this? February 2I--Even we have to economize. Save your pennies! I I March 2-Tournament . . . Ten Seniors in school. March 6-Charles is back with us. March 9-Our Senior privilege-We went to chapel on Thursday. March I5-Class meeting-Will we have a banquet? 7 ? March 2I-Seniors sponsored "Macbeth" . . . Money . . . Money . . . Money. March 30-Class Tournament. Senior Boys and Sophomore Girls were lucky. April 5-We sponsored "Little Orphan Annie." May I-Just twenty-tive more days and Goodbye, H. H. S. May 2-"Senior Frolics ot I933." May 5-Spring Fever's got us. May 2I-Baccalaureate Sermon. Rev. Chaney. May 25-The last Senior Play, "Paying the Fiddler." May 26-Well, here it is at last. Graduation, and Farewell, Harriman High School. HELEN DAVIS. Diarist. If J X I 5 glllfiillfmfl-as THE ARROW LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class ot I933, approaching the time when, inevitably, we must pass from the association and comradeship ot all lower classmen, for all time, do make this, our last will and testament. We realize with much sadness at heart that we are hardly fitted to assume the burdens ot the civilized world, but, that that is is, and that that is not, is not. First: To the faculty, who have been patient during all the trials we have caused them, we leave the impressions we have made on them, tlattering and otherwise. Second: To the Junior Class we leave our Senior privileges which we have never taken advantage ot, also, they may have the use ot our classroom: we need it no more. That is, some ot us won't. Third: James Hudson leaves his privilege of calling the scholars to their daily toil to A. Jack Prophater. Fourth: Jim Baker bequeaths his good looksl?l to Jesse Slagle. Fifth: To Miss Baird, Carlyle Marney leaves his superior knowledge ot third year Latin with the sincere hope that it will aid her in her attempts to guide other illiterates in their search tor light. Sixth: John Farnham bequeaths his unbearable attitude in class to Irwin Grizzard with the fondest hopes, but extreme doubts, that the atoresaid will be inspired to untold scholastic heights. Seventh: Louise Neergaard leaves her duty ot playing chapel marches to Evelyn Marney. Eighth: To Bill McCluen, Woodrow Kelly be- queaths his intinite knowledge ot all things mechanical. Ninth: Robbie Lee Crabtree bequeaths her col- lection ot chewing gum wads to Helen Milburn. Tenth: Margaret Louise Sanders leaves her trait ot being a chronic talker to Marilyn Neathery. Eleventh: To Helen Shelley, Jack Goldston leaves his quietness. Twelfth: Junior Evans leaves his nose to Garland Thomas. Thirteenth: Pauline Fritts bequeaths her Pretti- ness to no one: it goes with her. Fourteenth: To Woodrow Gardner, Freeman Allen leaves his position as Most All-around Senior. Fifteenth: As J. C. Mee is lacking in walking and hearing facilities, John Tyler Davis bee queaths to him his huge ears and teet. Sixteenth: To Lorene Parker, Betty Bowman wills her infamous grin. Seventeenth: The members ot the original trombone section ot the orchestra, will their places to Bill Krewson and Levis Hampton. Eighteenth: To Dot Sisson and Jack Krise, Sun- shine Adkisson and Janie Gamble leave their unlimited knowledge of French. With the pro- toundest study and concentration it might benefit them a tritle. Nineteenth: Ethel Wallace leaves her bewitch- ing personality and popularity to Clara Mann. Twentieth: The Editor leaves his worries, wor- ries, worries, to the unlucky devil who is chosen next year. ln witness whereot, the Senior Class ot I933 doth hereby attix its name and seal in the presence ot: MARNEY 84 HUDSON, Testators. E6 1. fs- :vi J W., ,.,., , ,,,,,,,,,,,f-iT's. ,,,,,,,,, I X I6 THE ARROW COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 'Y BACCALAUREATE SERMON May 2I, I933 Processional .........................,.,...,. ..... M rs. R. D. Marsh Hymn-My Faith Loolcs Up to Thee, . ............ Audience Invocation. .,.................. ........ R ev. E. E. Lott Chorus-Crossing the Bar. .. .... High School Glee Club Scripture- Announcements 4..,.,.. ..... S upt. C. R. Wallace Chorus-Selected ..., .... H igh School Glee Club ....Rev. J. L. Chaney .. . . .HoIy, Holy, Holy Sermon ........... . . Hymn ....... Benediction.. ....,...... ,. ......... ..... R ev. R. M. Bell Wednesday, May 24, I933 Eighth Grade Graduation Presentation ot Awards and Certificates SENIOR CLASS PLAY "PAYING THE FIDDLER" Thursday, May 25, I933 GRADUATION EXERCISE AND LITERARY ADDRESS May 26, 1933 Processional-Priest's March .,...........,...., ..,. H igh School Orchestra Invocation ............,.......... ,..... R ev. A. C. Killifer Class Song-Commencement Days .... ...... S enior Class Salutatory ...,.... .......,... ..,..........., P a ullne Frltts John Tyler Davis Duet .,...... ..., L ouise Neergaard and Lois Duttey John McGIothin James Baker Quartette ........., Arthur Rivers, James Hudson, John Tyler Davis, Carlyle Marney Commencement Address .............. Dean J. D. Hoskins, University of Tennessee Valedictory .... .........,.....,.....,... ..,.........,.. Presentation ot Diplomas .... ,.................... S upt. C. R. Wallace Alma Mater .....,...... ..... S eniors and Audience Benediction ,.......... ........... ...... R e v. M. C. Weikel .L ,,,,, ,.,., ,, .,,,,,,,,,,,uf,iii".,,,,,.,,. . --... ,. ,, 7 X I7 THE ARROW f - JUNIOR CLASS 1 COLORS: Green and Yellow FLOWER: Jonquil MOTTO: "Never Done" OFFICERS JACK PROPHATER ............. .,.,.,.,...... ............,..., P r esldent STANLEY KELLY ,,.,........... .,.4...,4 . ,. ....... vice President VERA STRUNK ,........... if-iq. y ,.,.,...... Secretary DOT McCOY ....,. 4..4..,,....,.. T reasurer MEMBERS Joe Borah Rhea Browder Bill Bullins Spencer Carr John Dalton Tom Evans Woodrow Gardner T. L. Goddard Fletcher Hill Stanley Kelly Jaclc Krise Bill McCluen Howard McKinney J. C. Mee Jodie Milligan Alvin Morgan Jaclx Prophater Grant Roberts Ernest Russell James Scandlyn Beecher Shipwash Albert Silvey Jesse Slagle Ralph Strunk Harold Tallant Vivian Adams Pauline Bailey Deane Browne Hazel Coolre Martha Gooch Beulah Johnson Nona Johnson -r-I - Carlice Jones Clara Mann Dot McCoy Madge Newcomb Lorene Parlrer Mary Patton Montez Patton Merle Satfles Helen Shelley Elizabeth Smith Vera Strunlc Erma Turpin Grace Turpin Elzie Wallace Louise Whalen Louise Wintree 'SLA '51-" ,,,,,,f.,,.,,,, H, 1 ,,,0J,,1ufk X'w,,,,,, , ff ,,,...m,.. ,, Q 1' X I8 THE Amzow SOPHOMORE CLASS Y COLORS: Red and White FLOWER: Lily-of-the-valley MOTTO: "Slow but Sure" OFFICERS RUTH SCOTT ,,... . HAROLD RUFFN ER ,............ STANLEY CHRISTIAN Earl Brooks L. C. Christmas Woodrow Cook Stanley Christian James Christmas Carl Dalton Francis Delaney Luther Galyon Ernest Hackney Ben Hamilton Bill Lee John Morton Harold Ruttner Walter Russell lra Suddath Warner Swett E. A. Taylor Garlen Thomas PAUL WALKER MEMBERS Bonnie Adkisson Luella Bardill Alline Brooks Leoma Childs Mildred Dorsey Estelle Fritts Reba Hall Katherine Irwin Maxine Johnson Selma Jones Helen Martin Ruth Mee Helen Milburn Leonard Turpin Paul Walker Clyde Strunk Harley Goldston Bill Krewson hffllkiffl T i was-'J K President President Secretary Treasurer Rachel Mitchell Mildred Moore Marilyn Neathery Bessie Mae Parker Helen Parrish Mildred Pridemore Ruth Ethel Scott Shipwash Lucile Singleton Cord ia Smith Dot Sissom Mary Edna Mary June Ruby Fanni Walker Wyrick Lou Willoughby Wright Wallace e Lee Hester Clara McKenzie .,-,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.u ffnunffl Awmlu, .H ,,,,.,,fm,,... TX I9 glllllrllllrwi THE ARRow FRESHMAN CLASS Y COLORS: Pinlr and White FLOWER: Pinlr Rose MOTTO: "Be Fair, Be Square: Hear Both Sides" OFFICERS MARY LEE HUDSON ...,.... .,.. ,.,...,. .,.. , . , . ........ President SPENCER LUKER ., ..........,.., . ,,....,,...., Vice President GENE BREWER .....,..........,., ............ S ecretary JUNE WALLACE ............ ,,... T reasurer MEMBERS George Adlcisson Leslie Bailey Gene Brewer Bill Cooper Theodore Cruse Thomas Daughtee J. P. Durham Robert Galyon Charles Giles Leo Goodman Thomas Harmon Carlyle Henley John Henley Leonard Henry Woodrow Jenkins Bruce Johnson Hugh Kiser Levis Hampton Chassie Bailey Lorine Bardill Ethel Denny Nerine Dillard Alice Evans Margaret Eritts Louise Gardner Moneva Goodman Beverly Harrington Dorothy Hobbs Mary Lee Hudson Ruth Johnson Wilma Johnson Ernestine Johnson Louise Giles A. B. Long B. F. Lorimer Spencer Lulrer ' Sanford Martin Charles McGutfin Clarence McKinney Fred Moore Eddy Parrish Robert Poole Gordon Roberts Edward Robertson Reed Russell Eugene Scandlyn J. P. Scarbrough Walter Silvey Lawrence Slagle Denver Strunk Theodore Sylvia Harlan Thomas Charles Wallace Eugene Whalen Carl Whittaker Robert Yeary ,, W, ,, Earl Lowe Chester Lulcer Vilena Limberg Irene Lorimer Rebecca Lulcer Genevieve Majors Agnes Martin Margaret North Evelyn Rivers Mildred Roberts Kathleen Smith Louise Swann Bernice Tidwell June Wallace Catherine Weaver Ruth Williams Winnie Scarbro Grace Morgan , ,,,, ,,.,,,,,w, , U , ,,, - 9 ,I X 5 THE ARROW xx RW E w 5a2,w A- 2'-gif Q13 ' :,,,,,,mf,,f1f,ff1 , f,,,,,,,,,,,, I Q I Z Q z 3 7 ,..,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,. , o --- --f--Vs--X xfx- M :-if A , ,I ! X 2 I THE ARROW M.... ... Scuoou Mfmms hQLfN nxC.f.r- -XV, .Rb A ,Z QF H- H- 6- f- fi- f-X f-X - f -If AX X X 22 I 1 -.Sw,H,,I..,'3,f71g N I ' I' If I ff I I 1 ,Ml :iff r' 4. I 'I x ' If ESE. V4 '57 2 ' I I MIQWUWQZ, Magix, MJ wgkfga W" " if '31 f? I :DEQ O , gg gf 2 XJ3 'B 4 ' rf I v rf ff f 1 'WESN '-u H ' "ina aff lrA ,5 'Wu . ' S Mx gg'-3-'ls -i-ll-P5 F' Xxx iw -- " - v rs. - I Q-:1.l,ig-55-'gk ' ,-:1:T 1,4- - -1 14 ' 2, f i I: -'T ' -ig-.ig .fx ',,: -- :"::-:,,-- .. ,,' ' Y, --ffl? -..1i,wg, 1-Y -if-:jf 4- ,Q , v I 'K Y I f ,,',I'9a.' I I ff:-. I If f sf +.,,. f .Af--, I , we I, li, I k I ,Q ,X Ik Q, Qty' lY!,,, " ff, I f'JIai5IW',-'-'IIIIIQZE1' . 'I "Ti" 1414, 47' ff If-I Ii 'I X, ' ' . "'f- -1555: :4',., - "'g' ,HI 1'I.I ff 3' , .WY fb-' J- I'I, ,, 1 hu' , ', Inq, I -in ,Q if 'T' K L MMI!! XIII . Lf In , I , I 'II Q' If'Iwl ' II r','Lf'IfI in I 'fg Ian III? 1LIQg.,iQfL'A nw.,--11, df- . -. X - rw, -,' '53 12-I' I, ,FIM- II' ' P251 'nun if I' 1 , 3-g' ,l 'J "V QE V: I Z ' TE' In If I ', 3 FS 112+ ., 'Milli I III. .V W I ,M 19 . I 1 5. WM! II gl . A., flff ? -fe-Vw ,V 1 4 f '1 TZ" 'Y II Q 41 ,, A:',4 ,I Im, ,I HI, 45-" X IQ - Qsff l . ix- ' C gi P I" '5 V :-:E 'mx 5 ' yum? 1,5 - f I-if - . -- I :- ' QW I "A I ' ' 'U I" lf, 41-af? ?'iT?'-: 'TRU K ' III"--2 'Q 'L if-gg ei-1512 fgg I Y 'V fi- if Lf- vi 'V' r' f, A - ACTIVITIES ll 4fI I!Y HARRIMAN HIGH SCHOOL BAND 1 PLAYERS Trombones: James Hudson, Warner Swett, Carlyle Marney Bill Baker Comets: Marilyn Neathery, John Farnham, Carlisle Evans Francis Tallant Harold Tallant Bruce Johnson. Clarinefs: J. P. Durham, Mildred Dorsey, Hugh Kiser, Raymond Swett Saxophones: James Baker, John Tyler Davis. Basses: Jack Allen, Evelyn Marney. Drums: Paul Walker, Lloyd Hudson, Melvin Swett, Q. A. Coolc Alfoz Gordon Roberts. Piccolo: Lois Jane Duffey. .,-,,,,.,..,,,,,,,, I mnJ,,1u Wu 24 THE ARROW Q. 1 ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB nw tg. ,n .. . ,, . ,- K ,,,,,,,,,U,,,w'ti. "f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,.,, H- +--:m f fab-Afrffsf A1 ff -3- Q 25 ng THE 6RROW f 1? 5 ,Q ,, Q M "GIRL SHY" DRAMATIC CLUB T3 g gi ,i K- - -- f-w --ffxfkxns Aszbfffffn-fff-SL-Qfffnhf-nffatfj X X 26 THE ARROW I HI-Y HOME ECONOMICS ff.?A .N iff! , ,,,, ,.,,,,, , ,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,. Y ! X 27 THE Amaow l"""' 4: ,.,. , L. so . - srssssssrrs COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Y BOOKKEEPING Freeman Allen Martha Gooch Roy Sissom John Dalton Neva Johnson Grace Turpin Janie Gamble J. C. Mee Mary Walker Helen Shelley TYPEWRITING Mary Frances Adlcisson John Farnham Louise Neergaard Pauline Bailey Janie Gamble Mary Patton Deane Brown James Hudson Harry Phillips Martha Caqley Mary Goddard Evelyn Rivers Spencer Carr Neva Johnson Merle Sattles James Christmas Stanley Kelly Louise Sanders Hazel Cooke Woodrow Kelly Jack Shelley Dorothy Davis Elizabeth Mann Roy Sissom Carlisle Evans Carlyle Marney Clyde Strunk Tom Evans Georgia Miller Bob Willoughby We are truly proud ot the Commercial Department which became a part ot our school this year. Under the etticient guidance ot Miss Jeannette Alford, the torty members ot this department have displayed much enthusiasm and have done excellent worlc. We teel that tor those interested in the various phases ot business, the courses ottered in this department are invaluable. .nr . bf Wiz! r, ' j, X'gfS"j' we. Q ,Q- ui 2 - ,,.,,,,.,.,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ff1 . -f,,,,,,w.,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,, mah- f- ff f-- G'-of4G4 '1AiP-1Xf2ha+lXfxS-'fx-QAX- "fA3Af3 28 Mm Wm WT WMM , 1 4 fd f uf M ,nw X' ,,-ffm' X x if 'ff V I f f WH il If X K " ' " , l ' XL 4' ', ' I 1 'Z?'f?1T t ', lb 'Ill ""g 'W . ' 4 ,Wifi 717 In A '5E:2Zf N- 1 f-"ff f ,I .ll f23XKg?5'7 lf' ff " - 4, - J - 4? W " 'U ll f Www .M W , ',. 2- A x ' If 'f,. iff, 5, A 'W VZ? ff! 'W 'M I v 4' 4 KW rf: x ,. ,Hai Ag! y XJ J A ff' MAA. -1, s Q---J"4'fI!.,--Sit, " 1 ' X 2411! f .Y s, 9 A X xc 441 ' is X nr x ,N Q' X-Q J: 1X , S s ,, F" -f 1 A' ' 1 Z5-F: -fmniikf I ,, lfi:4.J.4'xf.2 ,, - , ATHLETICS g'lllrill7maT..g: THE -ARROWH '. Z-is l Ends John lClubtootl Davis Carlisle lCuzl Evans Jack lRachell Goldston Stanley lspotl Christian Rhea lBaby Rayl Browder GEORGE W. BALLARD, Head C IRA SUDDATH Centers T. L. lTeel Goddard Bob lCake-eaterl Willoughby Fullbacks Thomas lMcCutcheonl Evans Leo lTootsl Goodman Notre Dame ., Karns .,... . Wheat ..,. Chilhowee Sweetwater . .. Lenoir City v, . Halls ....... Rockwood . . Kingston.. . This was Coach Ballard's second FOOTBALL SQUAD f Tackles Guards Carlyle lPowerhousel Marney Mack lCoopl Cooper Beecher lShippyi Shipwash Clyde lCannonballl Strunk Ralph lLightningl Strunk Willard Whittaker Freeman llkeyl Allen Spencer lBigl Luker Woodrow Bailey James lJiml Scandlyn Coaches oach VIRBLE TFLABJ CLINTON, Line Coach Managers JIM HUDSON Halfbacks Quarterbaclts Albert lSunny-jiml Silvey Thomas llzroggyl Harmon Walter lPee Weel Russell Ernest lPoppyl Russell E. A. iRedl Taylor Carl lSwamp'hantl Dalton Carl Whittaker SCHEDULE . 0 Harriman .. 6 0 Harriman .. ..,.l4 6 Harriman ..,.32 0 Harriman ., ...,I3 .....l2 Harriman .. 7 6 Harriman .. 24 0 Harriman ., ....46 6 Harriman 0 Harriman ., 7 30 I49 year at Harriman High. The team under his direction completed one ot the most successful seasons Harriman has ever enjoyed, defeating Kingston tor the second time in the history ot the school, winn ing seven games out ot nine, and losing the Roane County Cham- pionship by points scored in the last thirty seconds ot play. There are time prospects tor a splendid team next season, even though ten boys played their last game this year. ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U,,f1 UU mf, ,nf 1 ,,,,.,m,,,,,,, 0 X X 30 THE ARRow BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD 1 Coach ......... ,.... G EORGE W. BALLARD Manager ..... ,.......,.,,. ....4.,... I R A SUDDATH Forwards Centers Guards Jaclc Allen E t R H T. L. Goddard Albert Silvey Bilqeg usse John T. Davis Bill Bullins I Ooper Thomas Harmon Stanley Christian CGVIYIS MGVWY Bob Willoughby Rhea Browder Spencer Lulxer Charles Adlcisson The H. H. S. Boys' Basketball team this year was the best that has ever represented the school. -It was the runner-up in the twelfth district tournament, having been defeated in the finals by Lenoir City. THE SEASON'S RECORD H.H.S... ...... 30 Oneida ....24 H. H. S. ,... 35 Decatur . .....I9 H. H. S. . . .... I7 Decatur . .....29 H. H. S. ... .... 26 Wheat ...... .... 29 H. H. S. . . ,... 37 Oalcdale ...... . . , . .25 H. H. S. . .. ..,. 33 Roane County ..,I9 H. H.S.. 38 Wheat ,..,.. . .....2I H. H. S. . .. .,.. 38 Lenoir City ,... . . . . .40 H. H. S. . .. .... 4l Roclcwood ..,.. .....l3 H. H. S. . . .... I9 Lenoir City ,..... 22 H. H.S. 26 Roane County.. .....2l H. H. S. .. ...... 3l Alumni ,..,... .... . 25 TOURNAMENT H. H. S. ., ....,, 4l Rockwood ,. ..l7 H. H.S. ,. 38 Kingston 7 lSer'ni-finalsl H. H. S-.. 33 Sweetwater .. ....,22 IFinalsI H. H. S. ,. .. 25 Lenoir City .... 36 , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,.,,,, , ffkx.,,-,,,, , I X 3l gllllilwmal THE ARROW GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD 1 Coach ...., ..,.., . , ,.., DIXIE LYNN BOWMAN Manager .,.. ,..,.,....... ......... D O ROTHY DAVIS Forwards Centers Guards Betty Bowman Janie Gamble I-lazel Cooke Josephine Dunn Al J k. Ruth Scott Ruth Williams ma enlnns Mary Lou Willoughby Mary Frances Adkisson Rachel Mltcllell Gertrude Patton Neva Johnson Helen Milburn Helen Davis Louise Neergaard The H. H. S. Girls' Basketball team has had a very successful season in view of the tact that most ot the players were new in the field ot basketball. To Coach Bowman, who had only three lettermen from which to shape a team, goes tull credit tor the result. SCHEDULE H. H. S. .... .,... 2 4 Oneida . .... Ib H. H. S. .... ,,... I 7 Decatur . .... I3 H. H. S. .... ..... 7 Decatur . ....I8 H. H. S. .... .... I 8 Wheat ......... ..,. I 7 H. H. S. .... 9 Roane County .... ....I7 H. H. S. ..,. .... I 2 Lenoir ....,....... .... 9 H. H. S. .... ..... 3 8 Rockwood .... .... 2 I H. H. S. .... ..... I 5 Wheat . ...... .... I 8 H. H. S. ,... ..... I 7 Lenoir City ,.... .... 2 0 H. H. S. .... ..... I 5 Roane County .... .... 2 3 H. H. S. .... .... 2 4 Rockwood ...... .... 6 Totals . . ..... I96 Totals . ..... I78 TOURNAMENT H. H. S. .... ...... 2 3 Sweetwater . .... I5 H. H. S. .... ...... I 5 Wartburg .. Totals . ..... 38 Totals . .,.. 40 O ti? I ,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, W,,u,,fp: a-mum. ,., ,.,,,,,,,,., Q ! X 32 ffll'-1 .,,. . ,. fifffa "P -.., . ..-f ' f fwffw ' ,bi ' z LQ'--A' ' ' V , :Aa 45' I-.I frwzff ' 1 lm- Q ,uram vmzggik, N-Q - 'Vi ll JI, i Dfw f -4 ""' ' ' T3- - ' M74 "Xt 5 f 4' Zi! f""y f f . '2- f ' ,f Q , f-K 'xx 1 ff' f N ' ,- f.+ dai . , - .4 H, ,1 g H P H- f tml X in f -'fv yr ff?- n ,CA .. 'E . .f 1 W A,- nf, -Ir ? x rm. 'fx ' 3 -X! X 3' f- ? 4 -- KL f' QA' V Qu- Y X K ' :IX ' . "I 4 JL' Z' XJ Y . Y W - Hlffff Il' V ,-'nv X W -,K T ,T fi A -' V ,K all -.Y -15,4 1 157 ... f.. ., v , , N ff V - f ,- ..,,v , -.f , ' 1 5,2 -q K, If R3 1, I 5 . , 9 gf I I ll-2' , J Lf f X' L Q" Q S- '. - i , ' Z, 'J Q, -f 4 1" Us U f f . I l . l .J A51 but X I Q: 5: 375 L , , fx uw Wi' 3 M ff l 'lm' 'Al X' w 4 y, ., , . , f WM, pl 514- N tl '!,f,!f'f!1 ft" .'1'wF'., QQ! 'laik' ' X 1.4 A gf" I- iv C , V, ' YJ e X7 v ,wi ' 'f ' JF :gr .," fxf1f JW 1 - qw, 4 !,N"-QMFA, K, ,'7,.," - 'f -- W 1 Q tw, X No ' X Ja K' T'J 'N-'wfzfffg V ' ' XT J""',4 v- ey' Ps , .. viii , ff '9fk'5' fl' W7f'WV,f5l fsfi 'Th If -.S MJ ml' W 23,5114 mil 4 EQ' l, V A , rv 'af?if7?1T41'1aW,-mb!-9 K'Q1xMg1'BA- 4 'fbfig X wg pb' FA. .-LIXMN 4jg,V- I fl '13, X Xw Q, i fc " 7f,W"f l-9"f'?T FQ , Q 1 ,3.'-KSN' f X xv FEATURES ,Seem f I-round girl Louise! Neergaard Most HEYTJSOTHG Tioq Jamesgaller Moskfeauliful Tauliue Frills YQGSLAU-rou cl QUE, H QgoHnTjEerfDaviQ THE ARROW ' f 'V' 5 f, 1, zf , .L.,Ms ,l if 'f f , 'M ff, ' V 5 :gay 4 -E2 5:1 ' 1 E ., Q,f.... V,., :. , ,, .. .3 ' ' , 2 , N ,, Q m " 'ar-.. , WML" 'Vf , S :Manu ,J ., , S E K .y 1. qw n Lirfw COFSCHL Lvrrpe Cm.v3x-4 'W-"ws MY -rw-r '12 -iw, f I ' 4 Lvr'rLe ?m' Q ,,.,,f,,,,,, ,.,. ,,,, ff 11 . ff,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,f,,, ...1,,,,,,.., fAm Q? 1-XI: 5- A-V 4 fm 36 A f1-X-X-ASS,-K -fagswfxmhuvdx Ouality-Safety-Service THE ACME DRUG CO. R. L. YEARGAN PI1one,50 Harriman Compliments of DR. J. B. ADCOCK SCOTT AND SANDERS ESTABLISHED I890 Your Grandmother bought-her furniture from us ROBERTS FURNITURE COMPANY Harriman, Tennesse THE HARRIMAN HOSIERY HARRIMAN LAUNDRY MILLS Compviiments of Compliments of C. B. MEAD JOHNSON MOTOR CO. Authorized Sales Agency DODGE PLYMOUTH Compliments ot Compliments ot C. E. PERKINS DR. W. G. CUMMINS Compliments of Compliments ot HARRIMAN MR. and MRS. DECORATING CO. C. W. MAXWELL Compliments ot Model Dry Cleaning Co Claiborne Meat Market Southern Limestone Co. STOWERS LUMBER AND MANUFACTURING CO RIVERSIDE DAIRY BROWN PRINTING CO I Phone 7I-W All-milk Products ENGRAVERS STATIONERS ADKISSON BROTHERS I GREEN EVI LLE, TENN ESSEE T. L. CATE COMPANY The I-lome ot Good Merchandise V I Harcourt QS- Marney 6- Company Hudson Body-Snatchers and 0 Morticians Let Us Planl: Your Deceased Manufacturing . Jewelers Engravers Stationers Mother-inelaws and Wives disposed of at special rates during I933 ' 0 We use Life Buoy Exclusively Louisville, Keh'lILlClKy Burial Garments at a Nominal Fee AUTOGRAPHS

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