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 LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT HARkz:a high SCHOOL ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS 61111 ... Is a Time for Youth K Presented to the Senior Class °f 1970 Harlem High School LOVES PARK, ILLINOIS CONTENTS Opening Section ... .... 2 Activities 20 Sports 34 Organizations 54 Seniors 96 Underclass 134 Faculty 164 Advertisers 182 Senior Activities... 214 Index 220 IWhat Is Youth is a time of growing in experience and knowledge. Our high school days ore the beginning of a search for ourselves and a guide to what we will become. We meet new friends and in our sharing sometimes find our first love. Yet not always do things go well and we find that sadness is just as much a friend as happiness. We learn to laugh because it is so often needed. From our school world, we learn to understand our rights and responsibilities. Our individual differences develop as each of us looks for a goal and a purpose. We dream but not in fantasies, rather staying only a step away from realities. It is the realization that high school is only the beginning, the door of tomorrow. This has been our time of youth. 2A Youth?Love and Friendship A Soft Touch, a Quick Glance, Sharing Laughter, and Being Understanding Shows Someone Cares.People Need People . . .6 Experience and Learning Knowing Our Rights and I Understanding Our Responsibilities . . .Solitude 10 Mine • • •II ALONEEmotion • • 12In a Wordless Language 13Individualism 14Pd Rather Be . • • 15Freedom Is a RoomFragments YesterdayRemember 19Raindrops Falling on Our Heads Didn’t Dampen Huskies Homecoming A Time of Pride Have you got that spirit? Yea, man! After Thursday's pep rally, no one could doubt that Harlem's student body had a new enthusiasm. Students united to cheer their classmates on to victories in tug-of-wars and the powder puff. These cheers turned to oohs. ahs. and ohs" as the blazing light of the fireworks streaked across the sky. Later, after the bonfire s warmth could hold them no longer, the chain encircling the fading embers lost its links as couples drifted toward home. Thursday's enthusiasm carried through to Friday’s assembly and the game. The Huskies fought hard and fast until the relief of half time came. Each class stood to admire their floats as they waited for the announcement to prove their work was worth it. The mighty seniors rejoiced in their victory. Yet. tension increased as the court stepped into the pouring rain to walk to the platform of glory. Many eyes filled with tears as Dee Dee Thayer's name echoed across the field. Through a joint effort of a cheering student body and a fighting team, the Huskies easily triumphed over the Auburn Knights. On Saturday evening. seniors danced to the slow, soft music of their last homecoming. Other couples shuffled almost without sound across the floor. Through all minds ran traces of the last three days ... which had held victory, spirit, and being together. 2223a r 9 • 2425 The Senior Class Presents "The Crucible” Entanglinq strains of music caught our ears as the house lights dimmed. All eyes feil upon the setting of the stage in the round. This powerful drama unfolded as the hushed suspicion of witchery in Reverend Paris's daughter and in three others. Abigail Williams. Mercy Lewis, and Susanna Walcott. They became so deeply ensnarled in their own vengeful acts that they were compelled to go beyond the realm of sanity. As a result. 72 innocent people fell victims to the superstition of the community and the revenge of the children. Reason was defied through the blackening of John Proctor’s name and destroyed through the taking of his life. To the performers, behind-the-sccne workers, and the directors. "Bravo and encore!"A Time for Rededication • • "test We Forget . . . LT. Curtis Chaliberg SP 4. Michael Dagnon RFC- George N. Fanis Jr. SP 4. Patrick Finch CPL. David E. Flaningam SP 4. Terry Larsen SP 4. Phillip Nichols W O. James H. Owens LT. Stanlev Patterson L CPL. Feliz Perris PFC. Harold F. Werle 28Veterans Day 2932Brian Isoz. Kay Ainsworth Queen. Pat Winch and King. Randy Green Scott Hughos. Kris Easton Bob Young, Wendy Townsend Will Mctevige. DeeDee ThayerA 35"VAKsnY Huskies Post Early A tremendous effort by the Harlem Huskies found them in sole possession of first place in the Big Eight Conference until almost half of the season was gone. After tieing West in their opening game, the Huskie eleven smashed Auburn and Belvidere to take possession of first place. Not since 1962. when Harlem won its first two games, has the Huskie football team caused as much excitement in this school. The next four games spelled the downfall of the Huskies. To place-high in the tough Big Eight Conference, even the best team needs breaks to win. A few breaks in the last three games could hove meant victory instead of defeat. Although the team placed sixth in the Big Eight there were few fans disappointed in the play of the Huskies. 36FOOTBALL” Big Eight LeadFront row: J. Anderson (mgr.). L. Miers. J. Miers. G. Kaufold. M. Stone. J. Miers. S. Bergstrom. 0. Martinovich. D. Foreman. L. Hughes 2nd row: A. Hoppe (mgr.) B. Mayers. R. Bartels. M. Hartman. T. Humpal. B. Young. N. Peterson. M. Jones. 8. 8rendon, 0. Foreman, M. Sorrentino. D. Lamb. 3rd row: Coach B. Young. C. Grooms. D. Johnson. D. Acaloy. B. Larson. M. Lenius, B. Lang. It takes a lot to be one of the best. Size, speed, power, consistent play, and superior ability are necessary to make a winning team. Leading this year's football squad in these qualities were two senior linemen. Tom Gibbs and Jim Miers. who were honored at the end of the season by being elected to the Big Eight All-Conference team. Jim Miers. described by Coach Young as "a hard-nosed football player," was also chosen as both honorary captain and most valuable player. 38C. Forbes, B. Peel, M. Gelligan, D. Johnson, 8. 8rondon, S. Hughes. Gibbs. I. Hales. D. Houy. R. 8ender. G. Johnson. 0. lindgrcn, R. Roland. 4th row: Coach K. Franzen. C. Harris, 8. Olson. D. R. Smith, M. Trollop. P. Rooney |Ass't). R. Elsbury (Ass't], 8urns. T. Sloggctt. 8. Olson. M. Denton. R. Coates. D. Foss. T. 39"SOPHOMORE Pups Hold Four Teams rtJSKKs IJ5KIU HUSKtlft USKI1S 'r F »USKItS HUS ! fa HuSl lusfttis IliSKlCS MUSKUS HUSKICS i3Kin HOSMES Hosnts SAIfi HUSHES Hl$Kl£S 'USKIES "iSmiS 40 The Harlem Pups, playing with genuine desire throughout the season, proved to be a proficient team, shutting out 4 of the 9 teams they played. Exhibiting superior strength early in the season. they won 4 of their first five games. The offense, possessing an equally matched passing and running attack, contained the opposition. The Pups' defense showed its power and poise as they held the Auburn Knights scoreless, enabling the offense led by Gary Cook and Dan Drier to rally for the winning score. Undaunted by their loss to Guilford the Pups challenged and defeated the Boy-lan Titans on their home ground. Once again, the Pups' defense led by Paul Russell and Ron Haine. crushed a last minute desperation try for victory. The Pups finished the season with two losses, yet retained the respect of the Big Eight conference teams. Row I: A. Cortcr. S. McDowd E. Forman. E. Hancock. T. Gilligan. M. Crystal. J. Holt. D. Floyd. 8. Vurnovas. T. Watkins. R. Golub. I. Mitch 1 . J. Mayor. R. Gregory. Row 2: R. Gill. D. Drior. M. Easton. M. Thompson. F. Adami. G. Johnson. $. Puls. 0. Ford. D. Sawtello. D. Strothman. R.FOOTBALL” Scoreless HUSKIES . SUSHIIS JSMfS kUSKKS HUSKIES 'UJSKIIl Allen, L. Povey. S. Scronlo. R. Green. J. Boksell, R. Peak. Row 3: Coach Franiak, J. Johnson, R. Haimc, G. Marrow. N. Irwin, B. Kirpatrick. D. Proston. G. Cook. M. Gliddon. J. Reese. J. Fohoy. M. Burdeaux, P. Nelson. G. Wall. $. Humphrys. D. Fadness, P. Russell. Coach Ostrom. 41Cross Country: Row I: T. Douqhcnbough, D. Thompson. M. Yunk. J. Reed. J. Sturm. J. Hartman. Row 2: B. Shortt. K. Former. B. layng. T. Booker. C. 8rown. K. Heiberg. D. Riddle. 42Steve Miller Goes Down State For the first time since cross country was introduced as a sport in 1961, a runner from Harlem achieved the coveted honor of participating in the state meet. Senior Steve Miller, in his third year on the varsity, had a fabulous season, placing exceptionally high in several big meets including third place in both the Big 8 Meet and the Sectional at Sterling. Paced also by the consistent running of senior Will McLevige and junior Mike Bevins, the team showed great stamina and determination in the grueling 2.7 mile marathon, stunning both Belvidere and Auburn, and ending with a fine 3-4 conference record and 5th place in the Big 8. McLovigo, J. Dannenfeldt, R. Alton, B. Carpenter.44Mike Floyd Tops Big Eight Scoring The Harlem Huskies found it difficult to function as one unit this past season. Mike Floyd. Big Eight scoring champ, received the publicity he deserved for his flashing, flamboyant lay-ups. and his twenty foot jump shots, but the task was too great even for this sharp-shooting junior guard, as Harlem's 3-22 win-loss record weals. All-considered, the season had its ups and downs. There were the exciting moments such as Floyd's season high of 38 against Freeport and the impressive show of teamwork and talent in the first half of the East game. There was also the disappointment of suffering three straight losses by only a total of eight points. With some good potential returning, the Huskies have high hopes for a winning season next year.Front row left to right: Craig Southard. Bobby Young. Brad Brandon. Donnie Foreman. Alan Clements. Donnell Foreman. Morry Swanson. Second row: Ken Dcmars. Manager; Duane Houy. Ken Inskcep. Roger Alton. Brian Isoz. Scott Hughes. Mike Floyd. 8rod Peak. Jeff Anderson. Student Trainer. Third row: Alan Hoppe. Manager; Davie Williams. Dan Foss. Rick Coates. Mark Rose. Donnis Burke. Dennis Rapp. Randy Roland. Cooch Nicklaus.47Cook, Foreman Lead Promising Pups Inspired by a new coach, Fred Lundeen, Harlem’s Pups started out the basketball season with a 4-0 record leading the Big 8 Conference. Top performer for the Sophomores was Cook with 19.8 points per game while shooting an amazing 47 percent from the floor. Cook was also the leading rebounder but got a lot of help on the boards from forwards Dave Preston and Jim Holtry. Guards, Elijah Foreman and Duggan Floyd, besides being the ball handlers and play-makers, did outstanding jobs on defense. The pups fell into a slump the last few games of the long, rough season but still finished a highly successful year by taking 4th place in the tough Big Eight with a 7-7 record. The 1971 varsity season should be improved through the_ addition of the successful 1970 Pups.Front row left to right: Vornon Roy. Buster Riggins, Mike Thompson. Elijah Forcmon, Ouggon Floyd. Lucky Mitchell. Don Drier. Second row: Poul Nelson. Jim Holtry, Neil Cohill. Gory Johnson. Brion Pouley. Croig Youngborg. Doug Willioms. Dole Edmond. Third row: Cooch Fred Lundoen. Miko Jonos. Jeff Beksel, Mork Gliddon. Dovo Preston. Gory Cook. Jomes Williams. Scott Cromwell. Cooch Herbert Grigg.Gibbs Undefeated Until Stat(1 Quarterfinals Wrestling is the toughest of winter sports at Harlem. Conditioning involves not only the body, but also the mind. Mental readiness is important, too. for when competition comes it is between only two men, both wanting victory. Varsity Coach. Robert Elsbury. and Sophomore Coach. Charles Fletcher, instilled that drive and desire which was seen in the matmen's 9-6 dual meet record, the best in school history. Besides sporting an excellent team record. Harlem had two champions in seniors Tom Gibbs and Bob Lane. Lane went on to become champion of his weight class in District competition. Tom Gibbs, however, showed what true wrestling ability and geniune desire can accomplish. In conference meets, Gibbs built up an enviable 28-0-1 record. In the Big Eight, the district, and the sectional contests. Tom again brought honors to himself and to his school when he captured first place in all three meets. He was Harlem's only grappler to win the Big Eight Championship twice in succession! Next year's team will find it hard to replace these two graduating champions, but a more fully balanced squad should keep them in strong contention for the Big Eight Conference title. 50Varsity Wrestling—Front row left to right: Dan Thorpe. Steve Schlicting. Alan Masiulis. Larry Hughes. Jim Lynch. Bob Lane. Ken Parker. Second row left to right: Chuck Atterbury. Matt Hartman. Chorlcy Schulz. George Johnson. Kevin Yapp. Mark Sorrcntino. Third row loft to right: Coach Elsbury. Dave Berkhcimor. Larry Hakos. Bob Sutton. Scott Elston. Tom Gibbs. Cliff Harris. 51J. V. Wrestling—left to fight, first row: Tom Dauenbaugh, Dave Rodor. Steve Bailey. Dale Hlelman, Kenny Poole. Dave Berger. Second row: Dean Pelton. Richard Tucker Richard Young. Richard Hanson. Richard Schulr. Garth Morgan. Russ Golub. Third row: Helmut Hein. Mark Haime. Bill Kirkpatrick. Mike Lamcycr. Davo Hopkins, John Mcirs. Clydo Grooms. Harlem SEASON RECORD Opponent 33 Freeport 17 23 Hononegah 27 25 Harvard 21 15 East 25 13 Belvidere 36 35 Boylan 11 24 Rochelle 19 37 West 15 20 Guilford 27 13 Dixon 30 32 Stillman Valley 14 19 Woodstock 28 29 Polo 11 17 Rock Falls 23 35 Beloit 13 Big 8 Conference 4th District Meet 4th Sectional Meet 1 Ith Sophomore Wrestling—left to right, first row: Don Prock. Jim Reed. Craig Anderson. Dave Ford. Bob Brown. Jeff Hortmon. Dennis Stephens. Second row: Lloyd Pavey. Paul Russell. Dan Elston. Ron Holme. Greg Wall. John Jacobson. 52Aquamen Improve Through Hard Work The swimming teem, in its second yeer et Harlem, failed to score a victory in varsity competition but did enjoy vast improvement in individual events. The team was led by Steve Bergstrom in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle. Bob McCarthy in the 100 yard backstroke, and Alan Tighe in the 200 and 400 yard freestyle, who cut all their times by as much as 45 seconds. The swimmers, if they can continue to progress as they have in the past years, will become serious competitors in the Big Eight. Front row left to right: Stcvo Miller. Rocly Gill. Bob McCarthy. Dove Thompson. Mile Prentice. Gory Porter. Tim Hendricls. Roger Voiden. Second row: Coach Gris-ley. Brad Jones, Steve Davis. Steve Kline. Al Tighe. Richard Allen, John Sturm. John McEochron. Richard Blaydoct. Howard Damon. Tom Wollaco. Third row: Gil Morrow. Androw Corter. Danny Foss. Jim Sotre. John Donnenfeldt. Richard Hilde. Steve Bergstrom. Mile Bevins. Mar' Trollop. Coach Johnson. Fourth row: Bob Olson, Dan Southard. Mile Rogers. Sam Bundid. Steve Humphreys. Fernando Englesma. Steve Board. Bob Owens. 53  l sss vSajsasi: , . ■ ,ho Way ... Use Student Council Picketing Ain t the way Student Council is a link between the administration and the student body. This bond was strengthened by weekly meetings which produced a better relationship between the two. The enforcement of the parking lot rules proved that when a problem occurred S. C. could react and act. Special meetings were held to form a compromise which eventually led to the system of an open campus. Freedom was experienced by all. when study halls were abolished and the wearing of slacks for girls was approved. Tradition was upheld when, once again. S. C. sponsored Homecoming, Student Council Week, and the Sadie Hawkins dance. Student Council means many things, but to the students at Harlem. Student Council meant a time of holding on to customs of the past but realizing that a time for a change was needed.1st row loft to right: C. Rcseborough. T. Mumpai. L. Leslie. J. Helqcson. 2nd row left to right: C. Schott. D. Kuhn. $. Bortilson, K. Ainsworth. A. Schusler. J. Bentley. S. Board. D. Lamb. L. Anderson. P. Olson. S. Doyle. 3rd row left to right: S. Olson L. Johnson. C. Johnson. J. Owen. R. Dauonbaugh. D. Johnson. C. Schlichting, T. Schwcngcls. R. Hegna. J. Mead. L. Jelinclt. G. Coates. S. Bliss. S. Schlichting. J. Oswald. 57National Honor Creates Enthusiasm for Achievement Front row (loft to right): Deborah Ryon. Sandy Kloindl. Debbie Goggiel. D'u Cagnoni. Pat Winch. Jerry Kanlaala. Lorinda Hall. Bev Scheme. Middle row: Scott Huqhes. Gretchen Kluth, Tom Gibbs, Jc f Dragcr. John Dannenfeldt. Ron E'tberq. John Owen, Kurt Huddleston. Will McLovige. Top row: Sue Hessian. Trinda Johnson. Dave L lev. Cole’te Spierieg Rosemary Harding. Rodney Wash. Jill Bustle, Geoff Kolb. Candy McCain. In the spring of every year. NHS holds an Impressive induction ceremony before the entire student body. Those students, honored by membership in this most selective organization, are representative of Harlem’s finest. New members are nominated by the faculty on the basis of four criteria: scholarship, leadership. character, and service. Inductees may include only ten percent of the senior class and five percent of the juniors. NHS gives recognition to its leaders of today realizing that they will be our hope for tomorrow. 58 Officers—(left ught)Gretchen Kluth. Secretory; Colette Spicring, Trcavurer; y, ! McLevige. Vice prevdent; Scott Hughes. President.Journalists Honored • • • Front row: Pat Olson, Phyllis 8ato. Sue Hossian, Deb Braaten. Middle row: Viclti Shortt. Kris Peebles. Dob Goggiel. Pat Winch. Grotchon Kluth. Trinda Johnson. Top row: Dove Johnson. Will Mclevige, Lorinda Hall. Craig Southard. Quill and Scroll rewards Harlem's Meteor staffers and Pepper people for their superior work in journalism. Meeting the requirements for Quill and Scroll, students must be juniors or seniors in the upper third of their class with a recommendation by their advisor and the approval of the executive secretary to assure membership. All the long hours and hard work seemed worthwhile as the stately induction ceremony concluded. 59 Officer —loft to right: Will McLcvige. Prciidcnt; Cindy Terry. Secretary: Vicki Shortt. Social Chairman; Gretchen Kluth. Trcaiurer: Craig Southard. Vice Preiident.Officers—(left to right): James Coffman. Vico-Prosidcnt: Carol Finks. Secretary-Treasurer; Debbie Barnum. President. Harlem Greets Foreign Exchange Student, Kris Kaasa A foreign student, a new acquaintance. a smiling face in the hall, ore the impressions of Harlem toward our exchange student. Kris Kaaso. World understanding is often an ideal, but through bringing the first exchange student to Harlem, A.F.S. initiated the program by which this will become a reality to our student body. Time, energy, and a hope to succeed brought fund-raising to a peak as A.F.S., strove to bring another foreign student to Harlem. With the departure of Kris, we arc anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new friend. KjI have lived in several Norwegian towns, but now my hometown is Horten, about two hours ride from Oslo, our capital. My Norwegian family consists of Mom. Dad. and my three sisters. Here in Loves Park I have two sisters (Vicki and Lori) and one brother (Barry). The American Field Service gives scholarships to 3000 foreign students to live here in the U.S. for one year. I was one of the lucky ones who was picked, and my American family's name is Shortt. 61Tm One of Many Thousands Representing My School 8oyi' Ste e Representatives: Brian Isox, Stan Bartilson, Ron Elborg Girls’ Stotc Representative: Gretchcn Kluth Art opportunity for high school students to live as self-governing citizens was the purpose behind Girls’ and Boys' State. Learning by doing gave them a new understanding of the function of our state government. Our student citizens attending Girls' and Boys' State were Gretchcn Kluth, Stan Bartilson, Ron Ekberg, and Brian Isoz. Each having excelled in either athletic ability, academic achievement, or all-round personalities, made the week a time of new and lasting friendships. Loft to right: Debbie Bnrnum. Treasurer; Vicli Shortt, President; Gretchcn Kluth, Secretary: Dcug Gilbert. Vice President. This organization cordially invited its members to take a look into the language, customs, and everyday lives of the peoples of the world. A journey to different countries was made possible through films and speakers from such countries as Holland ond India. In all such activities, I.R.O.'s exuberance was dominant. Their culminating activity was a Spring trip to foreign consulates in Chicago. This year the newly gained experiences and knowledge brought to I.R.O. the true meaning of the theme of understanding. View the U orld Through I.R.O. 62Betty Crocker Likes Debaters Supreme Combine 100 hours of research wiih desire to gain a personal knowledge of current events. Blend in room for improvement and decisiveness. Mix in a pinch of the gift of gab and one has the ingredients that are the makings of a good debater. If this batter is warmed in the oven of experience for a year of actual debating it will yield to the novice debater new self-confidence, good speech habits, the ability to observe all sides of an issue, and research proficiency. Glazed with a berth on the Varsity squad, the product is ready to be proven. When this dish. Debaters Supreme, was served with the topic: Resolved: "That Congress Should Prohibit Unilateral Military Action in Foreign Countries." it won blue ribbons in effort and outcome. Loft to right: Jim Covert, Glcnno Ashby. Stan Bartilson. Kathy Bower . Student Librarians Show Interest . . . First row: Lloyd Pavey. Eva Quintanilla. Marie Rose. Lois Jante. Second row: Jeanne Wienjierel. Laura Knox. Dan Riggins. Brenda Phillips. Helmut Hein. Bruco Lance. Suo Harms. Advisors: Mr. Vineyard. Mrs. Sidcn. Mrs. Gartner. 63"Act Well Your Part, There all the honor lies” Officer!—(loft to right): Noel NicKoIt. Pre»id«nt: Dru Caqnoni. Secretary-Treaturcr; Louie Everioll. Vice-Provident. Whispers backstage contain excitement as scenes are changed and the characters hurriedly take their places. Make-up people retouch faces as last minute checks are made of positions, set. and lighting. Two minutes to curtain time is the warning. The play begins. All of our dramatic productions are made up of backstage crews who combine with the talents of the actors to strive toward perfection on stage and the final goal of Thespians. Officer!—(left to right): Martha Sac ley. President; Laurel Jcnicn, Secretary. What do Betsy Ross. Thomas Edison. Rembrandt, Joseph, and Alexander Bell have in common? With their skills they could be footlighters. In Footlighters there is a job for everyone. Footlighters do the preparation for the plays. They transform bare stages into settings of any time or place using props, lights, and sound. Ordinary people are changed into stage characters by the sensitive hands of the make-up people. Footlighters. after creating the phyiscal illusion on the stage, desire the total involvement upon the stage. They find they can no longer resist the urge to be in the spotlight instead of the reflected glory behind it. Footlighters Dress the Naked Stage 64Officer —lof «• r'9f ,: Jo ™ Dannenfeldf. President; Lorry Messmgcr. Secretory. Treasuror: Curt Huddleston, Vice President. Energetic Math Students Prepare For College Enthusiasm and a common interest were combined to produce an active Math Club. Under the counselling of Mr. Charles Fletcher, these six industrious students prepared for college math courses in their spare time. Although small in number, they generated a lively spirit of learning that will help ease the burden of future classes. Officers—left to right: Brod Jones. Vicc Prosidcnt: Keren Koprowici, Secretory-Trcosurcr; Jim Welsh. President. Fossils Anyone ? There's more to the world than meets the eye. Microscopes and telescopes hove proven this fact to Science Club members. Throughout the school year students interested in biology, earth science, chemistry, or physics have been researching and having fun at the same time. Individual projects were encouraged by the sponsors: Mr. Melvin Panjkovich. Mr. John Sundstedt, Mr. Brian Johnson, and Mr. Robert Ellsbury. Group activities were varied and educational. Guest speakers were invited to lecture on wildlife. hikes were taken, and a field trip to Chicago were all a part of Science Club's schedule. With all the advancement in science today, this organization couldn't help but be alive and active. 65F.H.A. Builds Character Through Community Effort Noise and laughter blending with aroma comes from the Home Economics room when F.H.A. holds their meetings. Development of character and community services were the main objectives of the club during the year. Future Homemakers initiated the new school year by dressing-up dolls and giving them to orphanages. Parents were brought in on the fun with the Daddy-Dinner and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. Good times outweighed the work and made the year a time of inspiration and achievement. S”’" C”"' S'C”"d ' ,i5M: C«" ' •»«»■ J- 0.» W.W, 66An Apple for the Teacher Readin’, 'riting, and 'rithmetic were learned by all when the members of F.T.A. took over the classroom. Student-teaching was only one of this year's activities; lectures and field trips supplied additional opportunities for new understanding about teaching as a career. Becoming a teacher takes time, effort, and devotion, and the club members gladly accepted these terms. A sense of achievement was obtained when steps were taken towards obtaining their goal of teaching. f?=nr-| | CANDYSHOP Future Secretaries of America Work Toward Business Success 'brf fv ( vo Every summer, chills race continually down the backbone of thousands of high school graduates working on their first permanent secretarial jobs. These new employees don’t know what to expect. The National Secretaries have set up a program to release the tension by acquainting high school secretarial and clerical practice students with office operations. In the Hononegah Chapter, to which Harlem belongs, practicing secretaries and employees inform the students of office procedures, what bosses require, and how to fit into the office routine. During National Secretaries Week, the FSA girls tried out their new knowledge while visiting the sponsoring secretaries in the offices and working along with them. Officers—(loft to right): Pat Hcaborlin. Treasurer; Rita Dauenbaugh. Secretary; Shirley Sundly. President. 67Inspired Young Artists Create (Left to fight): Noil Peterson. President; Rosemary Hording. Secretary-Treasurer: Terry Brewer, Vice-President. Talent and lots of patience constitute a real artist. Brushes and paints arc required, but the ability to transfer images from the mind to paper must come naturally. Discovering and expanding this talent was the primary aim of Art Club members. To reach this, they worked on individual projects and as a group made the scenery for the operetta. Also a journey to the Chicago Art Institute was a part of the agenda. All activities were a part of learning to be creative and express oneself. Say It In French . . . Enjoying oneself plus advancing the French language through a media of group interest are the aims of students in French Club. Christmas spirits enveloped students in a union of French, Spanish, and Latin clubs at a banquet to share knowledge of foreign cultures. Bake sales helped to finance events that became rollicking adventures making this group pleasurable. (left to fight): Howard Damon. Vice-President; Dru Caqnoni. President: Rick Young. Secretary-Treasurer. 8Hail Caesar!!! Ancient Rome and Greece, the Parthenon. Augustus. Aristotle, and Socrates are only a few of the places and people that came to life every third Wednesday at the Latin Club meeting. Promoting interest in the Latin Culture and history has been the continuous effort of Latin Club. For the twelve members of Latin Club, membership into the Junior Classical League was a great honor and privilege! This young and eager club opened the doors for exploration into the Latin world. Officer,-loft to right: Dene Jones. Socrotery: Julio Shank. President; Helen KwiellowsVi. Treasurer: Sue Moberg. Vice-President; Tom Wellece. Sociel Cheirmen. Te Quiero9 Enamor ado99 Fun but learning ... learning Spanish. This was the primary goal of this year's Spanish Club. Fiestas celebrating Spanish holidays gave all members an opportunity to enjoy themselves. A joint Christmas party with the French and Latin Clubs was a happy success. A new understanding between the organizations came through the sharing of songs, stories of their countries' special customs, and the eating of exciting new foods. A trip to Mexico is every Spanish student's dream. Spanish Club helped to make it a reality by raising funds for many interested students. Each adventurer will return with tales of the glories of Mexico. Officer,—left to right: President. P«» Winch; Vice-President. Gayle Estobrook: Secretary-Treasurer. Kathy Young. H.H.4 I ih— 69Mod Jazz Lifts School Spirit Spirit, anticipation, and a sense of pride could be seen on the faces of the eleven girls of the Pom-Pom Squad. An enthusiastic response followed each performance whether at half-time, a wrestling meet, or a student assembly. Routines based on the songs "Marne" and "Hey. Big Spender" took hard work and hours of practice, but were necessary to achieve the quality of this year's Pom-Pom squad. 70Lettermen Work Together Natural ability and a desire to excel are the marks of a superior athlete. Months of training and tough competition are rewarded by the presentation of varsity "H's." Only Harlem's finest athleies. these varsuy biter winners, are eligible for membership in H-Club. Actual membership, however, requires lettermen to perform services for the club. Working on the Homecoming Dance and ushering at home basketball games were a few of H-Club's activities. Rec nights and the annual steak fry helped tie all the sports together in fun and friendly competition. Left row. (front to back): B. Lane R. HIIJc B. Young M. Lenius M. Ga igan. C. Forbe: S. Hughes G. Johnson. R. 8cnder. R- Smith. J. Ahmer. Cross Bar—(left to right): J. Wood. J. Mors (Vice President). T. Gibbs (President). W. McLevige (Secretary-Treasurer). S. S:hilcn-:-'T, K. Parker Right row (front to back): M. Sorentino, D. Martinovich. J. Miers C. Shultr. 0. Acaley. C. Southard R. Geen B. Isoz. T. Sloqgctt. L. Hakes. J. Danncnfeldt. 71Officer —(left to right): Carol Finki—Social Chairman; Barb Berg—Recording Secretary; Kris Peebles—Treasurer; Lorindo Hall—Secretary; Sharon Olson—Vice-President; Colette Spiering— President. G.A.A., a Symbol of Friendship A candle and a rose. These beautiful symbols bring girls into an. organization of fun and togetherness. New friends, old friends, joined in games that seemed more enjoyable when so many were playing. Sharing the victory of either side, all learned the meaning and value of sportsmanship. Throughout the year, members created an atmosphere of warmth and friendship through participation in the numerous activities of G.A.A. Another symbol, a letter received at the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet, left in mind traces of happy times on Mondays and Thursdays. 72Swim Club Offiert—loft to right: Pa!ti Olson. President: Key Ainsworth. Show-Manager: Sandy Scoddcn. Vice-President; Candy Holliday. Secretary: Sandi Hjghes. Treasurer. Water, Water9 More Water . . . Moans and groans, huffin' and puffin', could be heard in Harlem's pool every Thursday night. Miss Griggs, sponsor of Swim Club, put all the new members through their paces, touching upon all seven basic strokes. Next was the presentation for tryouts for the annual Swim Show. The girls were divided into several groups with each group concentrating on a certain aqua-stunt. After practicing continually, finally came the moments of anticipation at tryouts and the hopeful desire for a promising Swim Show. 74Pep Club Lifts Their Hands Up To the Huskies Officers—left to right: Lynn Halier. Vico-Projidont: Candy Onoy, President. What does everybody think about the Huskies? Pep Club thinks they re outasite! Pep Club launched the new year by declaring a Kick-Off Week, which involved all students in the promotion of school spirit. They occupied their time and effort creating posters and skits. A new meaning of school spirit made its presence known at Harlem High. 75loft to fight: Dee Dee Thayer. Linda Leslie. Teri Martin. Connie Schlicting. Carmen Schutt. Sue Oliver. Fire-Up For A Victory Everything begins at summer camp where Varsity cheerleaders go for special training in form and stunts. With abundant ideas they spend the rest of the summer putting to use their new knowledge. Autumn finds them evoking the roar of the fans and the spirit of the team as that winning touchdown is made. Towering mounts as high as spirits are built in perfection, and the ball swishes through the hoop as the crowd is led on in cheers. Echoes of jubilant and anguished cries were not forgotten as the season came to a close. Still faintly heard is Fire-up For a Victory 76Enthusiasm plus . . . J.V. Cheerleaders "Shoot, shoot, two points more! Come on Pups, up that score!" Whether a win or loss, Harlem's first Junior Varsity Cheerleaders made it their goal to promote pride in all Huskie fans. As these six girls performed new chants and cheers, school spirit rose to push our team onward and upward. Firjt row: Dobbie Skalitrly. Lydia Suchy, Chrijtal Johnson. Second row: Lori Folti. Sally Burden. Janellc Fadncss. 77Front row. loft to right: Jean Nystrom, Teri Brydon. Karla Hotlostad. Corin Ames. Middlo row: Cheryl Ellison. Denise Reese. Cathie Vailo, Darcy V eber. Nancy Ware. Mike Johnson, Gail Sellco. Back row: Wayne Jacobs. Advisor: Dan Bachelor. Roger Porter. Joan Hold. Harvey Codrum, Pool Thompson.Officer!—loft to right: Nancy Ware, Secretary: Harvey Cockrum. Projidont; Darcy Wobcr. Treasurer: Miko Johnson. Vice-President. DECA on the Job Training . . . Work and learn, isn't that the way of the world? One has to put out an effort in order to receive any benefits. Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) use this philosophy as a guideline to their co-operative education plan. This year sixteen Harlem students, under the supervision of Mr. Wayne Jacobs, attended morning classes and held afternoon jobs. Each participant was required to work at least 15 hours and no more than 30. By limiting time the program was kept balanced and running smoothly. Co-operative participation of the student through work at school and on the job was the key to DECA success.Cadets Build for Future . . Activities and education drew many Harlem students into NJROTC. New sophomore cadets were trained in the basics of naval life: customs, traditions, history, and naval equipment. Courses covering such varied subjects as astronomy, meteorology. and oceanography gave junior and senior members of Harlem's corps a more complete understanding of their world. Precise drills and sharp commands became familiar to all NJROTC members as they prepared for special appearances in parades and assemblies. The Color Guard brought dignity to the opening ceremonies at all home basketball and football games through their solemn presentation of our flag. This year of training made a permanent impression on all of the cadets through high standards of discipline and responsibility. Unit Commar.dor John B. Wcant NJROTC Color Guard (loft to right): Rick Rubondali. Steve Bailey. Color Guard Commander—J. Paul Thompson. Dan Waller. David Uhlir, Ernost Christen on. 80Left to right: Executive Officer!—Lt. Cdr. Dan Montgomery. Lt. Charles Allton. It. JG. Robert Hogberg. En . Guy Bachman. Chief Petty Officer David Wei-born.Platoon 1 Front row left to right: Enjign J. Paul Thompson (Platoon Commander), lit Squad Leader Helmut Hein. Cadet Darrell Schmid. Cadet Larry Bennett. 2nd row left to right: 2nd Squad Leader Dan Waller. Cadet Bill Gent. Cadet Wayne Schultz. Platoon 2 Front row left to right: Ensign Tom Martin (Platoon Commander). Cadet Tom Orsborn, Codet Tobcrf 8owser, Cadet Terry Watlins. 2nd row, left to right: Cadet Dennis Son. Cadet Sick Rubcndell. Cadet James Whittaker. Platoon 3 Front row left to right: Platoon Com mander Ensign Keith Hoskins. Cade Curtis Porter. Cadet Steve Bailey. 2n: Squad Leader John D. Shortt. Back ro» left to right: Gary Rumclhart. 1st Squat Leader Ed Stubbs. Cadet Mike Rain water Cadet Mark Heeler. Cadet Ailo Calc Cadet Mike Christensen.Platoon 4 Front row left to right: Ensign DouS Fadness. 1st Squad Leader Brod Jones. Cadet Kenneth Swinbank. Cadet Richard 8layloc' Cadet Art Orsborn. 1st Squad Leader Ernie Christensen. Back row left to right: Cadet Rodney Hencry. Cadet Ron. aid BenneM. Cadet Jomos Rainwater. Cadet Ray Garmon. Cadet James Smith. Cadet Dan Southard. Front row left to right: Lt. Cdr. Don Montgomery. Ensign Guy Bachman. Cadet Mike Houy. Cadet Mike Havens. Cadet Terry Croticr. Back row left to right: Lt. Robert Hagberg, Cadet Robert Lano. Cadot Dennis Stephens. Lt. Charles Aliton. Codot James Coffman. Chief Petty Officer. David Wel-born 5th Piotoon NAVAL SCIENCE. 83Band Strikes Up! Musicianship intensified, as Harlem's band program increased greatly. Two bands were formed to satisfy the varying needs of the band students. Cadctte Band, com-posed of beginning and less advanced musicians, were taught the fundamentals and graduated many fine prospects into Concert Band. Concert Band combined its musical talents to produce many exciting performances. During the fall Northwestern Band Day and several gigantic entertaining half-time shows created a sense of pride, unity, and many sore feet. Three carefully selected numbers for full band, many solos and a wide variety of ensembles were carefully prepared as the bandsmen again sucessfully competed at state contest. They brought away honors, but more important. memories that will resound for many years. 84Band—1st row left to right: K. Young. J. Brabazon, T. Fair. P. Marshall. S. Pauley, M. Sackey, B. Wilson. D. Dunster. J. Schuslcr, C. Anderson. W. McKinnoy, 0. Foss. D. Isoacs. C. Lunsford. S. Dieter. M. Koch. K. Porkinson. T. Cullen. 2nd row left to right: V. Smith, J. Kankaala. B. Brassier. B. Chain. D. Wojohn. K. Van Zychlin, S. Kruse. R. Ekbcrg. J. Dannenfeldt, D. Acaloy, R. Cushing. C. Holliday. W. Goff. J. Balter. D. Burke. L. Anderson. G. Coats. M. Danccy. S. Hendren. V. Hultgren. S. Hatch. 3rd row left to right: M. Bressler. M. Roso. P. King. J. Jezierski. P. Isom. D. Stolberg. J. Reed. C. Grebow. B. Pauley, K. Inskeep. K. Ainsworth. J. Westen- berg. J. Hcrbslcb. J. Owens. D. Poarce. R. Pinkston. J. Wienzierl. T. Meyer. P. Hanebuth. V. 8racc. M. Glidden. D. Tureson. J. Jury. P. Stichter. D. Hall. J. Bock. 8. Berg. G. Kolb. J. Drager. 4th row left to right: S. Hondershott. B. Stowers. L. Brown. T. Gclonder. E. Zabawa. D. Christophcrson. R. Young. S. 8oard. T. Acaley. D. Ibach. R. V alsh. D. Kryder. L. Heintz. Band Officers—Bot. tom left to right: David Pearce. Student Director: Ron Ekberg, President. 2nd I. to r.: Jeff Dregor. Treasurer; Jody Wcstenbcrg, Senior Representative: David Kryder. Vice-President. 3rd row. I. to r.: Kay Ainsworth. Secretary: Kris Parkinson. Sophomore Representative. Candy Holliday. Junior Representative: Terry Cullen. Student director. 85Rodney Walsh. Drum Major Drum Majors Twirlers Dan Foss. Drum Major Loft to right: Corey Ar.derson. Vicki Shortt, JoAnn Sleeker. Barb Wilton. Debbie Hall. Sue Martinovich. Debbie Estelle. Marlene Koch.Front row: Barb 8erg, Cindy Terry. Rita Daughenbauqh. Glenna Ashby. Middle row: Bill Oakes. Peggy Nyberg. Greg Zimmerman. Dove Liles. Debbie 8ornum. Mike Denton. Back row: Doug Gilbert. Kathy Bowers. Jerry Mead. Mrs. Peterson. Carol Mathieu. Jack Swanson. Madrigals Create Through Harmony Singing and enjoying it. is all part of Madrigal performances. All voices blended to create a special kind of harmony. After hours of practice, this sound came to many listeners through happy songs and warm ballads. These young performers strove to express themselves through music by singing from the heart. So with pride and a feeling of fulfillment, Harlem's Madrigals ended another year. 87First row: R Dauenbaugh. S. Oliver. L. Hall. S. Hoffman. L. Board. Second row: G. Estabrook. P. 8arnes. P. Launiui. G. Ashby. C. Mathieu B. Larson. R. Anderson. R. Peak. Third row: B. Welsh. C. English. T. Jacob, L. Suchy. M. Wit:. A. Hoppe. B. ho:. A. Penninger. Fourth row: S. Sundly. M. Burfield T. Johnson K. Bowers. L. Lighthart. P. McMillan. M. Denton. J. McCain. 88 Look, Listen and Hear ... Down the stairs from the choir room fourth hour floated i. the sweet clear tone of A Ca-pella. Enthralled audiences listened to me at school concert in honor of Veterans Day and Christmas. I accompanied the choir to Trinity Lutheran for Christmas and the Invitational Sina at DcKalb. When I was applied to Ensemble music. I was rated superior. People almost rolled in the aisles when they heard that Southern drawl and me in the funny ' Lil Abner." Altogether. A Capella and I had a good year. Officers (left to right): Jeff Anderson. Vice-President: Sue Oliver. Treasurer; Brion Beebe. Student Director: Rito Dauenbaugh. Secretary: Jerry Mead. President.First row: J. Moad. J. McEachran. G. Zimmerman. S. Hessian. B. Berg. D. Johnson. Ms Peterson. Second row: D. Gilbert. S. Bergstrom. J. Anderson. R. Vaiden. Y. Gentry. H. Smith. Z. Rader. K. Peebles. Third row: J. Johnson. S. Swanson. P. Nyberg. L. Jelinel. L. Heiom P. Winch. D. 8ornum. Fourth row: R. Smith. B. Beebe. R. Hogan. 0. Williams. D. Liles. D. Steiner. D. Davis, N. Kev.Ier.■So, With a La, 77, Do 1st row: Mrs. Peterson. B. Williomi. C. Johnson. G. Hughes. C. Wilson. J. Mcdbcrry. D. Reder. D. Skolihky. 0. Ralston. 2nd row: D. Crowe. T. Mortin. K. Hoppe. T. Torsrud. E. Brown. S. Fanis. R. Galub. M. Anderson. B. lanigan. K. Crui. 3rd row: D. Lewis. J. Leonard. V. Oakes. H. Wainwright. K. Hessian. D. Riggins. D. Miller. L. Zimmerman. A. Hexom. D. Scott. L. Liles. 4lh row: N. Danncnfeldt, F. Adami. R. Faust. K. Farmer. S. Humphreys. D. Spencer. R. Borgman. B. Bourne. V. Ray. S. Bressette. R. Greene. Correct breathing methods and sight reading are stressed along with blend and vowel sounds. Use of these skills and feelings portrayed, captured the audiences of Mixed Chorus. Spontaneous applause marked the opening at the North Suburban Woman's Club. Performances varied with a serious mood for the church concert, then a lighthearted spark was shown for the Mother's Tea. Appreciated relaxation showed in the antics of the members at the party honoring seniors. Officers— (left to right): Brad Boumo. Student Director. Chrys Johr. n, Treasurer. Terri Mortin. Secretary. Heidi Wainwright. Vice Prciidont. Dan Riggins. President.First row: Mrs. Peterson. Chris Berger, Bonnie Goncns. Nancy Gregory. Karen Riplingcr. Darcy Spilion. Second row: Nancy Roberts. Ricly Robertson. Cindy Waller. Sue Moberg, Kathy Pond. Phyllis Leu." Third row: Shelly Richardson. Helen Heinlel. lit Hughes. Flora Funl. Linda Hon. Sharon Zomol. Terry Choclley. Mabel Ethington. Fourth row: Lisa Perry. Lea Varalli. Karen Gilbert. Dawn Findley. Barb Hac«bert. Sue Lloyd. Julie Hart. Debbie Morgen. Dcbbi Neslund. Though voices were tinged with hoarseness. faces glowed joyously as Treble Clef worked its way through a busy schedule. An invitation from another school's choral group for a Christmas Tea resulted in an exchange of music techniques and an in. sight into the activities of a different school. Early spring heightened spirits as they sang their way to a smooth performance for an evening church service. On they charged to the Mother's Tea concert which brought the season to a harmonious closing. Officers—left to right: Li: Hughes. President; Shel-loy Richardson. Secretary; Sharon Zomol. Vice-President; Ricly Robertson. Treasurer.Pepper Is the People Pepper-Upper Editors—Editor in Chief, PKyl'is 8ato: Special Events Editor Pot O-'.on; Features Editor. Sandy Kiei-dl: Ne«s Editor. Deb Goggiel: Sports Editor. Dan Johnson. Trying to keep up with Harlem's fast pace was not an easy task for Pepper staffers. Yet. with quick energy and an insight into news, each issue was packed with what was happening. School activities were not the only topic covered by our bi-monthly reporters. Editorials brought interested readers into local and even world problems. A few added touches brought the Pepper a "new look." such as its first color page and a supplement on new educational programs. A paper put out by young hands, the Pepper demonstrated student involvement beyond the world of Harlem High. Artist: Dick Kulpa General Staff—left to right: Front row: Da-s J-jnes, Valerio Trosmcr. Cathy John n. Diana Jones. Middle row: Kelly hessian, Jeanne Schuder, Carol Rurnlcr. Kathy Butler. Kevin Jen on. Back row: Dan Order. Sandra Heidcman. Ran Ann Cutler. Vicki Kinson. Cyldo Grooms. 92Assistant Editors—Kathy Jones. Assistant News Editor. Oec Dec Thoyer. Assistant Features Editor. 93 Photographers—left to right: John Kicly. Sherry Skalilrty. Julie Oswald. Sue Martinovich.Staffers Produce Reflection of Harlem Meteor is faced with the challenge of condensing a year of cheers, crowded hallways, classrooms, open books, and especially Harlem people into a true portrait of our school. Cover design and theme were chosen as the yearbook began to take shape. Photographers appeared everywhere trying to capture the spirit of Harlem within their glassy eyes. Layouts were patiently measured and drawn on permanent sheets with precision for balanced quality on the pages of our yearbook. Meaningful writeups, worked over and over, explained the numerous student activities. As the deadline approached the Meteor was complete, perfect. Happiness and pride were overwhelming as the 1970 Meteors were handed out. The year had flashed brightly across its pages. Editor-in-Chief: Craig Southard Co-Editor: Gretchon Kluth Layout Staff—(left to right). Front row: Cindy Terry. Editor. Back row: Pat Marshall. Portia Hancbuth. Gayle Estabrook. Kay Ainsworth. Darla Kerchner, Jackie Joern, Trinda Johnson. Wendy Townsend. Photographers—(left to right): Front row; Denise Russell. Carol Finks-. Back row: Scott Lewis; Dave Johnson. Editor; Ken DeMars. Advertising and Subscription Staffs—(left to right): Bottom row: Donna Hopper, Joan Ulbricht. Judy Sloggett. Leigh Ann Anderson. Top row: Kris Peebles. Editor Subscriptions; Vicki Shortt. Editor Advertisements. 94Business and Typing—(left to right): Debbie Ryerson. Debbie Johnson. Sandy Huqhes. File Editor—Kristie Easton. Business Editor—Debb'e Brootcn. Chris 8urdicl. Carol English. Denise Finch. Writer Staff—Bottom row (left to right): Lydia Suchy. Candy McCain. Sue Rigby. Second row: Jactie Helqeson. Assistant Editor—Sue Hessian. Janice Schutt. Top row: John Danncnfcldt. Teresa Jacobs. Editor—Pat Winch.Graduating Class of 1970 DAVID WILLIAM ACALEY JAMES WILLIAM AHMER KAY MARIE AINSWORTH CHARLES RAY ALLTON DAVID JOHN ALMBERG CARIN LEA AMES JOYCE ANN AMES BECKY LYNN ANDERSON 98 CORALEE ANDERSON GARY ROBERT ANDERSON JAMES STUART ANDERSON LYNN LOUISE ANDERSON REED ALVA ANDERSON SHERRY JOYCE ANDERSON WAYNE LYNN ANDERSON LARRY ARTHUR ANDREWS DONNA DIAN ARNOLD GLENNA JEAN ASHBY CHARLES JOSEPH ATTERBURY GUY KIMBLE BACHMAN LUCILLE SANDRA BAGLEY BE'iTY JEAN BAHLINGKENNETH EUGENE BARCLAY STANLEY WAYNE BARTlLSON JR. DAN EDWARD 8ATCHELOR PHYLLIS LOUISE BATE JEAN ANN BAUER GEORGE ALVIN 8ECKHAM BRIAN KENT BEEBE BONNIE JEAN BERG DIANE BERGER DAVID RAY BERKHEIMER PEGI ANN BISHOP NANCY SUE BLADE PAUL F. 8LUME CAROL ANN BOETTCHER SUSAN KAY BOHN RITA FAY 800KER VICKI LYNN 80RGMANNTHEODORE 60R0WSKI TIMOTHY JON BOUSTEAD KATr:Y SUE BOWERS JOHNNY LEE BOYCE DEBORRAH JEAN BRAATEN FRED DONALD BRACE PHYLLIS JEAN BRACE GARY DEAN BRADHAM MARILEE THERESE BRADY BRUCE ALAN BRANDON TEkRY EDWARD BREWER CHARLES BRUCE BROWN DE88IE MAE BROWN TERI LYNN 8RYDENRICHARD ALLEN BUHRMAN CATHLEEN JOANN BUNGER FRANCES H. BURDICK MICHAEL FRANK BURK DENNIS CHARLES BURKE CHARLOTTE FAY BURLESON NANCY IRENE BURTON JILL DENISE 8USKIE THOMAS JUNIOR CAGLE DRUSILLA MARLENE CAGNONI JUDY JEAN CARA8ELLI DANIEL SCOTT CARLSON BRAD ALLEN CARPENTER GAIL LaVERNE CARTER PATRICK EDV ARD CASEY THEODORE NICK CHABUCOSdan lee chandler LINDA CAROL CHESTER MARY JOAN CLAEYSSEN CURTIS LEE CLEAVELAND ALAN THOMAS CLEMENTS HARVEY LEE COCKRUM JAMES WILLIAM COFFMAN CONNIE MARLENE COLE R08BYN LEE CONLEY KIM EDWARD COOPER JAMES LYLE COVERT BARBARA JEAN CRADlC DAN WILLIS CRAIG SUE KAY CROMWELL TERRY RAY CROTZER CHERYL LYNNE CRUMRINEKATHY MARGARET CRUZ TERRY CLIFFORD CUMMINGS JOYCE LINDA CUNNINGHAM RAEANNE PATRICE CUTLER ALENE VAL DAHLSTRAND HOWARD JOHN DAMON JOHN CHARLES DANIELSON JOHN CARL DANNENFELDT JOANN CHARLOTTE DARDEN RITA JEAN DAUENBAUGH NANCY LYNN DAVIS MIKE JEFFEREY DENTON MARTHA MURIELENE DEVORE DWIGHT ROBERT DICKSON NANCY LOUISE DlEfERMAN ARLENE RUTH DITZLER8IILY J. DOLE DENISE RAE DOWD HUGH WAYNE DOWNS STEVEN LYNN DOYLE JEFFRY STUART DRAGER GARY WILLIAM DROST ALANNA DENISE DUCLON ROBERTA LEE DoFOE SANDRA SUE DUHIGG BRAD EDWARD DUSING SUSAN EILEEN EARLYWINE KRISTIE LYNN EASTON CRYSTAL FAYE EDELEN RICHARD EDELEN CATHY FLAINE EDMONDS JUDITH ANN EISENTRAEGERRONALD DEAN EKBERG CHERYL LEE ELLISON SCOTT ANTHONY ELSTON PATRICIA JEANNE ERICKSON CHARLES LdVERNE ERICKSON R08ERT ESPARZA SHERRY ANN EVANS CLINTON LEWIS EVERHART LOUIS ALLEN EVERSOLL KATHRYN GRACE FABRICK PRESTON GRANT FADNESS BRENDA SUE FERGUSON KATHY KAY FEUILLERAT SANDRA KAY FILES DENISE ANNET1E FINCH LARRY STEVEN FIORELLO Forward Ever 106MIKE JOSEPH FLEMING RAMONA LEE FORBES MARK LEWIS FORD DONN'.E FOREMAN JUNIOR DE8BIE MAE FORSYTHE DANIEL FRANKLIN FOSS LYNDA JOYCE FOSS DEBBIE JEAN FOSTER DAVID FRENCH JEFFREY RAY FULLERTON MICHAEL CURTIS GALLIGAN JOHN BART GENENS Backward Never YVONNE MARIE GENTRY THOMAS JOHN GIBBS DOUGLAS ALLAN GILBERT PATRICIA DIANE GIUFFRE 107DAN DWIGHT GLIDDEN HARRY G0EDER1 DEBORAH GOGGIEL CINDY JEAN GOSSARD CLARE MARIE GOUGH SHARI ANNE GOULD CHRIS LEROY GRABOW LINDY JOY GRACHEK BRAD ALMY GREEN CARLENE Y. GREEN RANDY LEE GREEN SYLVIA LYNN GREER DENNIS WAYNE GREGORY SHEILA LEE GUNDERSON ROBERT CARL HAGBERG LARRY R08ERT HAKES; w M LORINDA MARLETTE MALL PENNY SUE HALL PAMELA LYNN HANCOCK LARRY DAVID HANEY NANCY HANNABACH REX ALLEN HARBISON ROSEMARY LYNN HARDING DONNA LaVONNE HARLACHER CLIFFORD LEE HARRIS HOLLY JO HARRIS GRGORY DUANE HARWOOD KARLA JOY HATLESTAD MICHAEL DONOVAN HAVENS PATRICIA ANN HEABERLIN PIXIE JEAN HECKER WALTER STEVE HEDRICK 109SANDRA JEAN HEIDEMANN LARRY FOREST , HEIDENREICH DONALD LESLIE HEIDENRICH JOAN FAY HELD LINDA JEAN HELGESON GRETCHEN LOU HENDRICKS LINDA JEAN HENRY SUE ANN HESSIAN GAIL ELLEN HICKS KAY JOAN HLADILEK JOAN ELAINE HOLDER MITCHELL ALAN HOLTE JOHN PAUL HOMEWOOD DEBORAH KAYE HON NORMA JEAN HOOVER MICHAEL DENNIS HOUYGLENDA JUNE HOWARD ALLEN DALE HUBER RODNEY KURT HUDDLESTON RICHARD WAYNE HUDSON PEGGY HUFFMAN PAMELA SUE HUFSTEDLER LARRY OTIS HUGHES SCOTT EDWARD HUGHES ELIZABETH ANN HUSMANN CONNIE SUE HYATT BRIAN LEE ISOZ JACK RICHARD JACOBS KATHLEEN ANN JAHN VICKY LYNN JAMES LOIS ANN JANKE DANNY LEWIS JEANS IIIKEVIN WAYNE JENSEN LAUREL ARLINE JENSEN JACQUELYN JOERN DANIEL LEE JOHNSON DAVID LAWRENCE JOHNSON KATHLEEN ANN JOHNSON MICHAEL EUGENE JOHNSON ROBYN ANN JOHNSON SETH PAUL JOHNSON SHARON KAY JOHNSON TRINDA LYNN JOHNSON LINDA LEA JONES DELORES JURGENS RENAE DIANE JURY KRISTINE KAASA SUSAN L.iRAY KANEGERALD OLIVER KANKAALA TIMOTHY LOWELL KA$T KEVIN CHARLES KELLER MICHAEL STEVEN KELLY PAUL EUGENE KELLY DARLA SUE KERCHNER JAMES EDWARD KIELY KATHY DIANE KING MARK EDWIN KIRKPATRICK PATRICIA ANN KLEIN SANDRA LEE KLEINDL GRETCHEN KAY KLUTH DARLO DENISE KNEPRATH MARLYN GEORGE KNITTEL DEBRA SUE KNODLE LINDA MARIE KNOEBBERGORDON RAY KNOWITON LAURA ANNE KNOX DIANE KNUTSON JOANN KNUTSON GEOFFREY KEITH KOL8 DENNIS ARTHUR KOLM PAULA JEAN KOLTERMAN SHARON MARIE KOTT EDDY WAYNE KREUTER TRACIE MARIE KREUTER MELVIN CLAIR KRUSE SUZANNE JEAN KRUSE DAVID ROBERT KRYDER DUANE JOSEPH KUHN HELEN THERESA KWIATKOWSKI BILLY LAMBSeniors Find It Verry Interesting? KATHY DIANNE LAMBERTH DANIEL RICHARD LANE ROBERT CARL LANE PAMELA MARGIE LAUNIUS CRAIG ARTHUR LEE CAROL LEGGE MICHAEL LoVERNE LENIUS BARBARA KAY LEONARD LINDA KAY LESLIE BRUCE DONALD LEVEY MARK EVERETT LEWIS LEON RAY LIGHTHART HOWARD DAVID LILES TERRY ALAN LILLY JANICE KAY LINCOLN PEGGY JEAN LITTELL 115DONALD GENE LUDINGTON JAMES PATRICK LYNCH KATHY MA8ERRY david Charles MADISON LINDA SUE MAITLAND CONNIE SUE MARCH JEAN ANN MARRIETT BARBARA JEAN MARSKE CONNIE SUE MARTENS DENNIS BERNARD MARTINOVICH DUANE BARRY MARTINOVICH JUDY LEE MARTINSEN ALAN LEO MASIUSLIS CAROL DIANE MATHIEU DEBORAH SPRING MAYBERRY DEBBIE LYNN MAY80RNESHERRY JEAN mcalister CANDlS ELLEN McCain RONALO DUANE McCarthy ROSALIE ANN McKEE V ILLIAM VICTOR McLEVIGE CLARENCE LEON McNAMER JR. GERALD THOMAS MEAD MICHAEL DONALD MEIER RONALD LOUIS MELCHER LARRY ALLEN MESSINGER RONALD ROBERT MESSINGER JAMES LEROY MIERS III JOHN DAVID MILHONE PAMELA ANNE MILLER STEVE ALAN MILLER RONALD JAMES MILLIONDANNY EUGENE MONTGOMERY DAN LEWIS MOON JIM DWIGHT MORRIS GAIL ELAINE NAGEL JOY NELSON NOEL DUANE NICHOLS WENDY GAIL NICHOLS JAMES ROBERT NIELCEN DONALD ORAN NIFFENEGGER 8ECKY ANN NOVOTNY ROBERT FREDERICK NOVOTNY JEAN MARIE NYSTROM WILLIAM CHARLES OAKES MICHAEL O BRIEN 118MICHELLE ANN O'CONNOR SUE KAY OLIVER PATRICIA MARY OLSON ROBERT VERN OLSON MARGARET MAY O'NEILL CANDIETH JOY ONEY JOHN EDWARD OWEN GIL8ERT DENNIS PALMER KATHRYN SUE PARKER KENNETH LEE PARKER SHELLY LOU PAULEY BRENDA SUE PAVEY DAVID JOHN PEARCE R08ERT WAYNE PEAVY 119  WILLIAM NELSON PECK KRISTI ANN PEE8LES LUANNE PETERSON MARK STEPHEN PETERSON Seniors Create MELINDA KAY PETERSON NANCY LOUISE PETERSON NEAL ROGER PETERSON VICKIE MARIE PETERSON DAVID GENE PETTY BRENDA CARLENE PHILLIPS CECELIA ANNE PHILLIPS TERRY ALLEN PHILLIPS BARBARA JOAN PIERCE JIMMY LIONEL PIERCE ROGER PIETZ STEVE V AYNE PIHL a Winning Float 120IVAJEAN PITTS ROGER ADOLPHS PORTER WANDA PURIFOY KARLA JOY PURNELL JERRY EUGENE PYFER EVA THERESA QUINTANILLA JAN QUIST ROGER WILLIAM RADANT ZELLA ANN RADER SANDRA JEAN RAMSEY DARYL LEE RAYMER DENISE ARLETTE REESE JUNE AILEEN REEVES DE88IE KAY REYNOLDS DENNIS SCOTT RICHMOND STEVEN DONALD RICHMOND 121SHARON FAYE RIEFFER KRISTY MARLENE RIGGS CHARLES LEE RING MICHELE RIT2A RICHENE DENISE R08ERTS0N SANDRA EILEEN ROBINSON CURT ALAN ROGERS MICHAEL WILLARD ROGERS RANDY LEE ROLAND CAROL SUE RUMLER DORIS ANNE ROUND DEBORAH GAIL RYAN 122MARTHA ANN SACKEY GAIL ANN SALEE JANICE MARIE SAVAGE BEVERLY ANN SCHEWE MARGARET ANN ST. CLAIR STUART AL8ER SANDRA SUE SCADDEN CONNIE ANN SAU8ERLICK SCHLlCHTING Senioritis Is, Cutting Down Underclass RAE ANN SCHNEIDER PATRICIA LYNN SCHRADER THOMAS LEE SCHUEPBACH CHARLES GUSTAV SCHULTZ 123DEBRA JANE SCHULTZ ANITA IRENE SCHUSLER TODD STEWART SCHWENGELS VERNITA KAY SEAMAN FRED LEON SENTERS DUANE LEE SEYMOUR GWEN JEAN SHAW VICKI JANE SHORTT LARRY MARK SHOTT DAVID JEROME SIE8ARTH ROBERT WILLIAM SIMPSON DAYLE LYNN SKATTUM TOM ROGER SLOGGET EDWARD ALLYN SMITH MELINDA KAY SMITH RHONDA LEE SMITHSALLY RAE SMITH STEVE WAYNE SMITH VARLENE INEZ SMITH MICAH LYNN SNODGRASS DENNIS E. SON CRAIG ALAN SOUTHARD JERRY RUSSELL SOWERS SHARON ANN SPENCER COLETTE ELSINOIR SPIERING DENNIS PAUL STEPHENS MICHAEL JEAN STONE BARBARA LYNN STOWERS DAN JAMES STREIT CHRISTINE MARY STUBBS KARON LEE STUFFLEBEAM SHIRLEY MAE SUNDLY Those WereDAN LEROY SURFACE ROBERT CHARLES SUTTON CAROL HELEN SWANSON JACK ALAN SWANSON LANA ROSE SWARTOUT MARY CELESTE SZYMANSKI RICKY ALLEN TAPP WILLIAM LEE TAYLOR CYNTHIA LEE TERRY DEIRDRE KAY THAYER IONA RAE THOMPSON PAUL LESLEY THOMPSON ROBERT ALLEN TISH WENDY IRIS TOWNSENDLORETTA FAY TRAFF VIVIAN ROSE TRAIL JEFFREY LYNN TRAINA MARK STEVEN TRUCKEN8ROD DIAN ELISE TURNEY HELEN LOUISE ULBRICHT LINDA MARIE UNTZ STEVE AL URBELIS CATHIE ANN VAILE PAULINE LOUISE VYBORNY LARRY JOSEPH WALSH RODNEY ALLISON WALSH NANCY ANN WARE LINDA KAY V ATKINSDARCY ANN WEBER DEBORAH LYNN WEBSTER DAVID LOYD WEL80RN JUDITH WELBORN DESA LYNN WELSH JACKLYN ALICE WEST JODY ANN WESTEN8ERG MICHAEL MURRAY WHITE 128 RICHARD EUGENE WHITEAKER CONNIE LEE WHITEHEAD GERALDINE MARIE WICKBERG JEANNE FERN WIENZIERL JAMES RICHARD WILLIAM PATRICIA RAE WINCH MARIE LOUISE WITZ SANDRA RAYE WOLFGRAM JOHN ALLEN WOODROBERT ERWIN WOOD GAIL ALISON WYLDE ANNA LOUISE YAKEY KATHERINE JO ANNE YOUNG ROBERT MICHAEL YOUNG KRIS SUE ZIMMERMAN CAROL ANN ZWIERZYCKI RAYMOND NORBERT ZWIERZYCKI The Beginning of the End Phofographt Not Available STEPHEN JOHN AMES TERRY LEE ANDERSON RANDY ALVIN BENDER PATRICK WILLIAM BLAISDELL RAYMOND TAYLOR BLOYER JUDY PATRICIA BODIN LON LaVERNE 80RGWARDT MARILYN ODETTE BROWN SAMUEL GARY BUNDICK ERNEST THEODORE BURRIGHT SHERYL LYNN DEMPSEY CRAIG KENYON DEMUS CYNTHIA SUE DOWD PEGGY JEAN DUDLEY DENNIS RAY DUNN THOMAS EDWIN EVANS MIKE PATRICK FETTERS PATSY ANN FORLINES MICHAEL LEON HASTINGS MICHAEL JOHN JACOBS GEORGE EDWARD JOHNSON THOMAS NEAL KISLING DANIEL RAY KOROLL GARY RAY LAKE DAVID VINCENT LUND DANNY RAY MORRIS DIANE MARIE MORRIS MICHAEL ALBERT NAVICKIS NANCY KARIN OLSON NANCY JO PETRIE RAYMOND EDWARD PODGORSKI FRED HERALL RHODES GEORGE EDWARD RUSSELL BRUCE DOUGLAS SCHABELL DALE WILLIAM SCHANDELMEIR KARON LEE STUFFLE8EAM JEANETTE SULUNGER JEANNE SULUNGER CLETICE VERNEL TEMPLEMAN CARL FREDERICK THUNBERG MICHAEL EUGENE VASSEUR STEVEN EDWARD VASSEUR DANIEL STANLEY WARD GILBERT ANDREW YOUNG WAYNE ANTHONY ZOVITOWSKI 129CLASS CLOWN; Curt Rogers BEST ALL AROUND: Pat Winch, Randy Green 130 BEST DANCERS: Nancy Burton. Larry Hughes131 FLIRT AND CASANOVA: Renae Jury. Jerry SowersBEST PERSONALITY: Rita Dauonbaugh. Scott HughesWITTIEST; Dave Johnson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Bev Schewe. Will McLevige TEACHER'S PET; Howard Damon MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Candy Oney, Jim Miers -r f t rClass "71" Gary Aese Steve Adams Brian Abernathy Roger Alton Otficors loft to right: Leigh Ann Anderson. Secretary; Jim Humpal. Vice-President; Dave Lamb. President; Debbio Bernum. Treasurer. We . . . Ourselves 136 Steve Ancona Dobbic Anderson Gail Anderson Jeff AndersonLeigh Ann Andorson Linde Anderson Marcie Anderson Pam Andorson Relph Anderson Vic Anuceuslas Joette Arco Mery Atterbury Monty Atterbury Cherles Austin Keith Bede Clorcnce Beder Mile 8ogwcll Steve Bailey Jim 8eldocl Linda Baney Candy Banks Ramona Barclay Potty Barnes Robert 8arnes Debbie Bornum Janice Bartels Rodney Bartels Cindy 8ccl 137Steve Bergstrom Mike Bevins Donna 8!oycr Lorry Board Steve oard Nancy Boordman Cathy Bodin Terry Booker Kothy 8owej Vickie Brace Brad Brandon Art Braiel Mary Bressler Mark Broach Randy Brockway Barb Browman Debbie 8rown LcRae Brown Robin Brown Paula BryantMary Cadwell David Caldwell Ricky Carl Tom Carlson Andrew Carter Leslie Carter Steve Cascio Linda Casey Lois Cates Bunny Chain Rod Chambers Diana Christo! Mike Christensen Dennis Christopherson John Clark Wayne Clarke Danny Cogdill Allen Cole Kathy Conloy Robbie Clay Torry Clcovclond Rick Coates Loren Cook Karen Coopcridcr Donald Coonfaro Connie Crouse John Coonrod Terry Cullen Richard Cushing Sheryl Cutler Donna Davis 139Joyce Davit Steven Davit Loretta Dawson Denise Day Bob Debelal Donnis Deiter Ken DcMars Steve DeWitt Nancy Diclson Janet Dieti Terry Dole Milo Drale Richard Duhigg Jeannette Edelen Carol Englith Diane Epperson John Epperson Brenda ErbyCharles Forbes Steven Ford Donell Foreman Larry Foreman Dan Foss Donnis Foss Mike Foss Randy Foust Cary Franxen Julie Froninq Randy Galvin Ronald Galvin Vicky Garnhart Jim Gates Roger Gaubas Bill Gent Royann Giggee Gail Gliddon Karen Goddord Wanda Goff Chris Good John Goodrich Patty Gowin Bob Grabbert Dan Graham Darwin Graham 141Matt Hartman Gary Harvey Diane Harwood Vornon Heather Mark Hecker Rick Hecker Dale Heilman Helmut Hein Larry Greene Ronald Grcsty Cindy Griffey Clyde Grooms Linda Hockbert Mark Haimo Barb Hakes Debbie Hall Pam Hall Lynn Haller Portia Hanebuth Vicki Haney Richard Hanson Richard Hargraves Dianna Harlachor Sharon Harlacher Linda Harley Suo Harms Allen Hoinjoroth Jackie Helgeson Tim Hendricks John Hcrbsleb Juniors SufferDon Horn Cindy Horrocks Keith Hoskins Duane Houy Carl Huff S'andi Hughes Vicki Hultgren Jim Humpal Tim Humpal Douglas Ibach Ken Insteep Pam Isom Valerie Iso: Teresa Jacob Theresa Jacobs Connie Jacobson Ann Johnson David Johnson Sheila Hoffman Randy Hogan Beth Holden Candy Holliday Linda Hon Davo Hopkins Alan Hoppe Donna Hopper Through A. C. T Jackie Hessian Roberta He om Richard Hildo Ellen Hir.deDave Johnson Debbie Johnson Jim Johnson Kathy Johnson Linda Loo Johnson Lyndo Johnson Mory Johnson Robert Johnson Sharon Johnson Vicki Johnson Bobbie Jones Dana Jones Diane Jonos Kathy Jones Mike Jones Jim Jury Diane Kane Gary Karsten Nancy Karsten Gary Kaufhold Vicki Kaufhold Lorraine Kawalcc Nancy Kessler Charlen KingMike Lamoyor Andrew Lance Bill longe Lois Lonigan 8ilI Larson David Larson David Lee Linda Leo Frank LcFevre Melody Lewis Scott Lewis Rick Lilly Donnis Lincoln Cathy Lind Chris Lind Dan Lindgron Stove Logan Cathy Luttrell Connio Mace Pat Marshall Teri Martin Sue Martinovich Jennifer Mayberry Linda Mayberry Bruce Moyer Melvin McBribe John McCain Marsha McGrow Karen McKelvcy Wanda McKinneyPhil McMillen Clarence McMullin Terri McNemcr JoAnn Medberry Mile Medearis Jerry Mekher Joyce Mcltoscn Laverne Meyer? Robin Michaelson John Miers Robert Milburn LuAnn Miller Milo Millor Richard Miller Ross Miller Melody Mill? Pat Minihan Sue Mobcrg Donna Moore Janctt Moore Bill Morriion Joy Morrow Jane Mueller Marsha Naviclis Linda Neblocl Betty Nelson Kathy Nelson Robert Nelson Lillian Nichols Jeff Nilsen Kathleon Nofsinger Roger Oellig Sharon Olson Julie Oswald Pamela Oswald Randy Otdoefor Jerry Ofterson Mary Owens Bill Paris 146 Uoyd Pavey Jerry Peek Allen Penninger Vickie Petrie Julie Pinkston Bred Peak Christi Peek Pam Peters Danny Phillips Janice Poe Nancy Pearson Dean Polton Scott Peterson Kenny Pilcher Judy Pokrant Kcnnoth Poole Curtis Portor Gary Porter Don Prock Randy Prock Paul Pocket Veronica Purifoy Cindy Queen Barb Rader Michael Rainwater Debbie Ralston Dennis Rapp Lewis Rafcliffe Leighton Raymer Stove Rich Poggy Richords Shelly Richardson Sue Rigby Bridget Riggins Dan Riggins Li-.da Rinaldo Christine Robar Nancy Roberts Dan Robinson 147Diane Robinson Gail Robison Lee Rodewald Mark Rose Gary Rumelhart Larry Rungren Denise Russell Teresa Russo Debbie Ryerson Carla St. John Terry Salo Ken Sanofsky Kennie Sather Jim Satre Steven Schlichting Darrell Schmid Gene Schneider Alisa Schultz Donna Schultz Richard Schulz Gotthold Schumann Carmen Schutt Jonice Schutt Debra Scott Juniors in the Karen Scott Teresa Shafter Clifford Shaffer Julie Shank Jim Sharp Geneva Sheets James Shirk John Short Wayne Shultz Wendoll Shumate Debro Skalitzky Gordon Skattum Judy Sloggett Richard Smiley Debro SmithHolly Smith Keith Smith Randy Smith Marl Sorrontino Judi Staples Joan Stephens Renee Stewart Pam Stichter Marla Stickler Roger Streit Jerry Struse Ed Stubbs JoAnn Sturm Lydia Suchy Maurice Swanson Steve Swanson Wendy Swanson Bob Taber Kevin Talbott Peggy Taylor Frances Toaster Joe Tennison Mel Theel Stephen Thomas Middle of Things Paul Thompson Curt Thorell Don Thorpe Debbie Thunberg Bill Tilburg Pam Tinier Linda Townsend Janet Trail Valerio Trcsemer Ronald Troller Mile Trollop Laurene Tubbs William Uhlir Joan Ulbricht Pat Umbcnhower Roger Vaiden Marl Varalli Terr! Vola Milo Vyborny Dale Walle' Danny Waller Tom Wallace James Warren Robert Webb Archie Weber Linda Weber Rebecca Welch Eddio White Roy Whittaler Karin Widell Davie Willioms Marl Williams Wanda Williams Linda Williamson Corlo Wilson Henry Wilson Tim Wincepaw Konneth Witt Carla Witi Diano Wojahn Dan Wojahn Joe Wojewodili Francis Wood Fred Wood Patty Wood 150Never Fear to Attempt Jim Young Richord Young John ZanderCorl Abbott Fred Adami James Adams Leo Aiello Richord Allen Tim Albcrg Gary Ames Greg Ames Officors loft to right: Jenollo Fodnoss, Secretary. Lucy Jelinok. Troasuror; Dan Dreior. President; Jim Wolsh. Vice-Prosident. Class of r72 9 Sophomores Begin Pamela Ames Steve Ames Brian Anderson Craig Anderson Don Anderson Linda Anderson Merry Anderson Denise Andrew Cathy Andrews Lynottc Argylo Rochol Arlow Robert Arneson Gisele Arnold Laddie Arnold Mark Backos Jim Bagley Earl Bailey Jeanne Baker Becki Banks Walt Bankson Sam Barlow Roger Barnard Ron Bass Vikki Bauer Janico Beovor Jim Beck Mike Becker Jeff Boksel Dan Belcher Susan Bendor Lynn 8enjamin Ron Bennett 152Judy Bontley Barbara Be vim Marla Blackmcr Paula Blockwoll Richard Bloylock JoAnn 8!ecker Sandy Bliss Beverly Blumo Larry Boel Debra Boggi Pat Borchardf Rifa Borgmann Jeff Borsini Lorilee BosjoII Brad Bouma Robort Bowier Judy Braba;on Susan Braham Becky 8randon Barb Brandt Connie Breese Susan Bresette Betty Bresslor Harold Bridgos 8ob Brown Cecil Brown Emma Brown Nancy Brown Linda Bruner Barb Brynolf Karon Brynolf John Buechner Mike Burdeaux Sally Burden Debbie Burle Dione Burns Rathard Burrow Bill Bush Sandy 8uttcrfic!d Arlan Bystrom 153 James Cagle Noll Cahill Sandra Cain Pat Callahan Polly Caltagorono Glo Campbell Bob Carey Frank Carlson Phyllis Carlston Dianna Carlton DIano Carro Allen Carter Debra Carter Debra Carter Kenneth Carter Sandy Cortor Mike Case James Cotes Kathy Cafes Rose Catron Dave Ccvenc Dawn Chalfant Debbie Chandler Sandy Chapman Terry Chockloy Mark Christol Ernest Christensen Carole Christianson Robert Clark Roger Clark Stephanlo Clark Cathy Clarke Pot Claus Jeff Cloovolend Chuck Clifton Margaret Cline Gary Coates Richard Cobb Chris Combs Anthony Comer Gary Cook Loura Cooper Kathleen Covert Nancy Co Sophomores Add 154LuAnn Crawford Will Crawford Scott Cromwell Debbie Crowe Mona Dalen Marilyn Dancey Nancy Dannenfeldt Terry Darden Colleen Deuenbaugh Tom Deuenbaugh Lisa Davis Denise Doy Scott Dcitor Sharon Deline Randy Demos Kay Dieterman Greg Dole Debbie Donaldson Connie Doner Kathy Dowd Don Order Michael Drost Joyce DuFoe Gary Duggan To Spirit Randy Dull Deborah Dunster Milo Easton Billie Eaton Dale Edmond Shawnee Elmore Dan Elston Vicky Englchort Fernando Engclsma Dennis Eppenbaugh Michael Erslend Bill Eyster Debbie Eyster Doug Fadness Janelle Fadness Trudy Fair Sharon Fanis Ken Farmer Mono Fatheree Karen Fedderly 155Cindy Ferguson Bruce Fields Down Findley Kathy Finn Mickey Flondcrs Duggan Floyd Debbie Fluaitt Linda Fluaitt Jeff Fohey Lori Folti Jenot Fordell Elijah Foreman Dawn Friend Flora Funk Kathi Furscth Russ Galub Raymond Garman Edward Gee Tony Gelander 8onnic Gonens Mike Genens Paul Genore Dennis Gercns Dan Gilbert Karen Gilbert Jeannette Hale Mary Hall Mile Hall Stolid Hall Ed Hancock Noncy Hanson Susan Horley Williom Harris Julie Hart Rocky Gill Terry GiUigan Marl Glidden Glen Gohycrs Wayne Goines Lynn Goken Dave Grapes Robin Grebas Roger Green Diane Gregory Nancy Gregory Ricly Gregory Stave Gricsman Stan Grimm Jim Groshans Robert Guensburg Cheri Gustafson Barbara Haclbert JoAnn Hackworth David Hafferty Ronald Haime 156 Jeff Hartman Jim Hartoon Jill Harvey Sieve Hatch Paulette Hays Randy Heeler Robin Hcgna Mary Heindenreich Helen Heinkel Lesley Hointz Ken Heiberg Steve Held Sandy Helgoson Gayle Holman Sandra Hendershott Sue Hcndren Jeff Henke Debbie Honninger Rodney Honry Kelley Hessian Avis Hexsom Cathie Hocking Jim Holtry Darrell Housewcart Brad Huffman Greg Huhsman Nate Irwin Curt Jacobson Mike Hilleshiem Kathy Hoey Chris Hon Dennis Housewcart Gary Hughes Steve Humphrey Darcy Isaacs Dorothy Jacobson Jill Hladilek Gordon Holmblad Karen Hoppe Betty Howard Li: Hughes Charles Hunt Kevin Jacobs John Jacobson 157Joel Johnson Joel Johnson Steven Johnson Tom Johnson Bred Jones Michecl Jones Dcboroh Jury Steven Keoster Lorry Korsko Borb Kctolson John Kiely Mickey Kicselburg Jeonotto Kilbrooth Peggy King Sherry Kinnomon Bill Kirkpotrick Gory Kisting Donnis Klaos Dolo Kleparski Ruth Kluver Kevin Knoulz Joyco Knittel Grog Knott Marlene Koch Allen Kruse Jody Lohorne Constonce Loko Dennis Loke Bruce Lonco Dorlone Longo Borb Lonigan Rosie Lonielbird 158•V' Vcnita Larson Stanley Lathrop Phyllis Lau Bruco Layng Dan Lee Deanna Leo Sharon Lee Stanloy Lee Janet Leonard Darlene Low's Davo Lows Cindy Libby Linda Liles Pam Lilly Vickey Lincoln Ramona Linsson Rich Littlejohn Sue Lloyd Jody Lofgron Cindy Long Cathie Lunsford Grog Lutor Julio Lu« Paula MacAdam Wendy MacAdam Ann Madru Barb Maitland Chuck Malono Scott Maple Nancy Marske Debbie Martens Jeff Martin Tom Martin Becky Matejcek Tom Mathews Bill Matthews James Mayor Bob McCarthy Terrenco McCoy Steve McDonald John McEachran Olive McGuiro Ellen Mcdcaris Kathy Melvin Vernon Morcer Harley Mossinger Catherine Michaelson Deanne Miller Linda Miller Patricio Miller Connie Mitcholl Richard Mitchell Toni Mitchell Randy Mi;ner Larry Moberg Mary Moncado Sherry Moody Dcbbio Morgan Gorth Morgan Debbio Morris Gilbert Morrow Rod Much Mary Mulcahcy Joe Myers 159Terry Myers Lyndo Neill Pem Neill Diene Nenie Curt Novickis Rondell Neeth Peul Nelson Terry Nelson Debby Neslund Terry Neslund Poule Neujahr Debbie Nichol Sue Nordquist Peggy Nyberg Chris Nystrom Vel Oakes Den Oberg Bob Olson Russell Olson Jim Ort Velinda Ostberg Alen Otdocffer Debbie Outran Bob Owens Cherles Owens Belinda Page Kris Porkinson Brian Pauley Ron Peek Roger Pcasleo Ann Policy Jim Pcnewoll Shonnie Perkins Liso Perry Larry Persoon Dusty Peters Dobbie Petersen Cheril Peterson Dale Peterson Sonje Peterson Pam Petrie Debby Petitt Doug Phcrigo Jennifer Phillips Rosalio Phillips Kevcn Pihl Ann Pikios Rodney Pinkston Liz Pitts Kathy Pond Debbie Portor Gayle Portor 160I Michael Prentice David Preston Wally Print Karen Pryor Steve Puls Linde Quintonilfe Cindy Reef: Dave Rader Jim Rainwater Rutiell Romciyl Vernon Ray Leighton Raymer James Reed John Reese Ken Richordton Dale Riddle Donnis Ridlon Dan Riggins Pat Ring Karen Riplinger Mike Ritter Gary Roberts Jomos Robison Mike Rogers Candy Rosborough 8obby Rouse Debbie Roux Jeanne Rowan Rick Rubendoll Debbie Runge Vickie Ruthe Lauren Ryoll Carol Ryan Peggy Ryan Lora Sabin 161Stove Seronko Debro Servant Pot Shafer Barry Shortt Cheryl Shrevo Lisa Shreve Kathy Shultz Ray Simms Sherry Skalitzky Chorlo Smith Debbie Smith Ike Smith Jim Smith Karen Smith Kathy Smith Sherry Smith Terrance Smith Daniel Southord Regino Sparkman Dawn Spcich Dan Spencer Martha Spiess Darcy Spitson Lloyd Spitson Bill Stanton Pam Steffen Debbie Steiner Stevo Stophons lorio Stewart Don Stine Bobbi Stivers Tim Stolbcrg Gary Stoltz Brenda Stowers Jeff Stram Don Strothman Ruth Stubbs John Sturm Doug Sullivan Robert Summers Karlonc Swenson Ken Swinback Boo Tanrath Albert Taylor Jill Terry Chris Thayor Steve Thomas David Thompson Mike ThompsonI Joanne Wontland Linda Whitaker Mart White Valerio Whito David Whitoakor James Whittokor Becky Williams Phillip Yakoy Cathy Young Linda Young Craig Youngborg Mike Yunk Ed Zabewo Linda Zimmerman Terry Watkins James Wcgman Anita Welch John Welch Rachel Wolch Jim Welsh Jenico Wells Doug Williams Jamos Williams John Williams Barb Wilson Jorry Woods Rebecca Worley Pom Wright Paul Thompson Dave Thombloom Albert Tigho Harry Tillmann Tom Torsrud Kenny Triplett Sheryl Trombley Richard Tucker Steve Turck Dennis Tureson Marvin Turk Brad Turner Bob Turnure Fred Tyson Dave Ulven Jody Vaher Kerry Van Heldon Lea Varalli R bin Vaughn Richard Veach Roy Vermillion John Vole Dan Volden Dave Volden Karen Von Zychlin Brian Vurnovas Heidi Wainwright Cindy Walker Greg Wall Shirley Wallis Rock Wanstrom Debbie Warner 1634l nAdministration Beryl Thurman Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Wilt, Superintendent Mr. John Kinley Attorney Dr. Walter Fink School Board Mr. George Kolb Mr. Abe Rowland Mr. Jack Oswald 167Guidance Richard Hassan, Department Norman Koerner Angelo LaLoggia National Honor Loras Schlitz Mary Ellen FryJohn Adams English 10 Forensics Debate Robort Beincma, Department Chairman English I I Creative Writing Junior Class Play Dennis Bilyeu Communications Speech I. II Senior Class Play Footlighters Thespians Language Arts John Bolger English 13 Creative Writing Nancy Flanagan English 12 French II French Club Gloria Johnson English 11 Junior Class A.F.S. 169Barbara Kloster Jill Lundberg Kathleen Norwood English 1 1 English 10 English 12. 13 Creative Writing Junior Class Nicholas O'Connor French I. Ill French Club 170 Mary Ross Latin I. II Latin Club Nancy Smith English 10 Sophomore ClassSylvia Staley Spanish II. Ill Spanish Club Operetta Marianne Vahrcnwald English Junior Class Richard Thomson Communications Debate Forensics Thespians Kenneth Thompson Communications Senior Class Play Veterans Day Chairman Meteor Quill and Scroll Operetta C.W.T. Ernistine Williams English 11 F.T.A. Beverly Wilt Communications Forensics Barbara Greer English Replacement Teacher CommunicationsJill Acker Government Senior Class Angelo Caruana Government I.R.O. Social Sciences William Connor Psychology Student CouncilMichael Grilc Government I.R.C. Bill Girling U.S. History Sophomore Class Harvey Meadvin Consumer Economics Pep Club Steven Lutcr Geography Cross-Country Pep Club Clifford Zapke U.S. History Kraig Osberg Modern History World History Roger Ostrom, Department Chairman U.S. History Sociology Sophomore Football H-Club A.F.S. 173Robert Elsbury Biology, Current Science Wrestling Coach. Science Club Assistant Varsity Football Science Brian Johnson Earth Science Science Club James Norsen Earth Science Senior Class Ronald Franiak Biology Varsity Baseball Assistant Sophomore Football Junior Class John Ihne Biology Current Science Junior Class Melvin Panjkovich Biology Science Club John Sundstedt Biology Science Club Department Chairman Mary Trumbauer Chemistry PhysicsOral Brake Industrial Arts Student Council Charles Christiansen Department Chairman Electricity Junior Class Clayton Thompson Industrial Arts Robert Young Industrial Arts Varsity Football Industrial Arts Mathematics Marlene Boehlo Algebra I Geometry Math Club Charles Fletcher Geometry Algebra II Math Club Robert Rogers Geometry Drafting Footlighters William Hyde Geometry Trigonometry Elementary Functions Pepper Quill and Scroll George Lingel, Department Chairman Geometry Trigonometry Elementary Functions Athletic Ticket Manager National Honor 175Business Helen Farnum Clerical Practice Bookkeeping F.S.A. Wayne Jacobs Marketing DECA Senior Class Daniel Faust Business Math Blanche Hill, Department Chairman Shorthand Secretarial Practice Senior Class Mary Lou Rippberger Patricia Lang Shorthand Bookkeeping Pom Pom Squad Pep Club F.S.A. Karon Koernor Typing F.T.A. Rod Sargeant Bookkeeping Business Law Senior Class Lana Simpson General Business Student Council Marjorie Stover Salesmanship Business Machines F.S.A. Sophomore ClassLibrarians Velma Gartner Library Club Art Kay Siden Melvin Vineyard. Deportment Chairman Library Club Richard Baxter James Gunn Art Art Art Club Art Club Marilyn Shippee Art Art Club Naval Science Chief John Weant Naval Science Junior Class NJRCTC Color GuardPhysical Education Bruce Gresly Physical Education Senior Class Assistant Swimming Frederick Lundeen •Physical Education Sophomore 8asketball Pat Rooney, District Chairman Physical Education H-Club Assistant Football Judy Griggs Physical Education G.A.A. Kippers National Honor Sharon Hendrix Physical Education G.A.A. Eugenia Turney Physical Education G.A.A. Judith Wise Physical Education Cheerleaders Student Council Kenneth Franzen Physical Education H-Club Assistant Varsity Football Assistant Varsity Baseball Clyde Peterson, Athletic Director Homecoming Choirmar H-Club 178Driver Education Herbert Srigg Driver Education Physical Education Assistant Track John Norwood Driver Education Golf Coach Assistant Varsity Basketball Terry Tamblyn Driver Education Sophomore Class Douglas Timmons Driver Education Student Council David Grivette, Department Chairman Driver Education Assistant Wrestling Courtesy Car Club F.T.A. 179Home Economics Band Elizabeth Welsh Sewing Tailorinq F:H.A. Harold Luhma Band Senior Class District Chairman cvhrne Po,°— Senior Class OperettaStaff—Front row (l ft to right): Morion Seipts. Beatrice Front . Dora Print. Mae Ryan. Doris Cliff. Joan Christopher-son Back row: Barbara Peterson, June Johnson. Marge Fricke. Marion Broman. Ha e! Cheek. Elaine Boustead. Lucille luckoy. Sara Monti Cafeteria Supervisor Custodial Staff Staff—Front row (loft to right): David Bush Claude Boslem. Phillip Ross. Bob Brungarf. A! Santee. Not shown: Er«'n Knudson. Ken Busby. Staff—(left to right): Mary Mead. Vera Heather.AMBURGERS INSTANT SEPVICF KINNEYi i Sl'ors J COCKTAI Rexall stop ’ARKING IN REAR Hill Br FOOOSIORI C fN f . I . Oi I WHY WAIT [ •SNOW TIRES ON SALE NOW IlNCOMr tota ), ; TAX r™| VY OPENUNTA 9Advertisers [tmofts muffler SHOPS . LANES, WHY WAH SNOW TJRES ON SALE NOW 183Compliments of A. W. ANDERSON AGENCY, INC. 6464 North Second Street 633-6630 BEHR MACHINERY DR. FINLEY EQUIPMENT CORP. Optometrist Congratulations 6121 North Second Street to the Loves Parle Class of 1970 184 "The Store To Shop'" LOVES PARK DEPARTMENT STORE Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. North Second Street and Grand Ave. Dial 877-7521 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 6433-39 North 2nd Street Loves Park, Illinois Phone 633-6167 Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1970 From "Wid" and "Ron" HOUGH REALTY 5134 N. 2nd St. 877-2538 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE pacemaker Work Guaranteed At BLUME'S GARAGE 5614 North Second St. OVERHAULING OUR SPECIALTY —B-Truck Testing Lane— rT —Front End Alignment— vi —Wrecker Service— S? r fSiV AUT° flR PA,R tAA- Jar Service cT ANDERSON GULF MARINE Complete Auto and Marine Service Center Compliments of HI-WAY GROCERY 7904 North Second St. Dial 633-4717 TED MALEZ GENERAL CONTRACTOR 633-3467 Build • Remodel • Repair Commercial • Residential • Industrial 185TOWING SERVICE DIAL 877-6968 Phone 877-4402 LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY ORGANIZED BOYCE'S SKELLY Tire Repair—Brake Work—Lub Tune Ups—Auto Repair BOYCE SPARKMAN Alpine and Windsor Rockford. III. 61111 COAST-TO-COAST STORES 7824 N. Second St. Rockford, III. RALPH LARSON BRUCE BECK H. H. HOLMES Testing Laboratories, Inc. 1515 Windsor Rd. Concrete Steol Asphalt Soils NICHOLSON HARDWARE CO. 208 7th Street Dial 963-4821 ROBERT GRANT District Manager 633-9066 sen A CD o PARKWAY MOTORS, INC. ?■ COURTESY AIRCRAFT COURTESY REALTY, INC. MAGIC MOTOR COMPANY NORTHLAND APARTMENTS CLARK BROADCASTING COMPANY SERVICE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. MAGIC ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION A-MAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY 186MISSISSIPPI VALLEY ERECTION CO. OF ILLINOIS Subsidiary Of Mississippi Valley Structural Steel Company P. O. Box 528 2415 20th Street Rockford, Illinois 61105 Telephone (815) 398-1180 ERECTORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL — MISCELLANEOUS IRON — STEEL DECK — SASH — INSULATED WALL PANELS OVERHEAD CRANES — MONO RAILS — EQUIPMENT RENTALS — CERTIFIED STRUCTURAL WELDING Congratulations SS Aut ft M O U S CLAYTON HOUSE MOTEL 4800 N. Second St. Loves Park, III. 61 I I I Phone 815-877-1401 RON RATTE Manager Congratulations to the Class of "70" e B WINDOW CLEANERS 606 Ronrose Ave. Loves Parle, III. 633-7555 PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING HEATING REFRIGERATION PARK PLUMBING APPLIANCE CO. 6731 Elm Ave. Loves Park, Illinois—61 I I I Mechanical Contractors Congratulations to the Class of "1970" ® O V L Park L anes 5318 N. 2nd Street Loves Park, Illinois DORMY HILL Manager 877-6051 187188A-B-DICK COPYING DUPLICATING PRODUCTS ALLEN'S CHINA SHOP A. 8. DICK COMPANY, 1001 Rlvor Lano, Rockford, Illinois 61 III 123 W. State AREA CODE 815. 877-5709 wolohan LUMBER CQ MARSHALL PRINTING SERVICE 5325 East Drive Loves Parle, III. Phone 877-6877 LUMBER PUJMMNO HIATWO BLBCTRICAL III River Lane; Rockford, III. 61 II I Phone 877-4027 KRUG'S PET SHOP 5425 N. 2nd Phone 877-6111 189LENZ PHARMACY 5440 N. Second St. 877-4009 7931 N. Alpine St. "Your Doctor—Our Best Reference" FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Congratulations, Harlem Graduates... You have arrived at an important milestone. We congratulate you for this achievement, and we wish you well in whatever you decide to do. Some graduates will choose to further their education in college. Others will go into the business world or industry. No matter what your choice, when the time comes for you to commence your life’s work, we would welcome the chance to discuss with you the career opportunities that exist at Barber-Col man. We're proud of our Company, and we re sure you would be, too. BARBER-COLMAN COMPANY "An Equal Opportunity Employer" AMERICAN TOURISTER—SKYWAY—VENTURA SAMSONITE—HARTMAN and Many Other Brands LA-BOB'S Rockford Plaza Shopping Center "You’ll Always Do Better at La Bob’s" 190 STUDENTS: Bring in your Annual. We will put initials on in gold free.NORTH PARK COVENANT CHURCH 545 Superior Rockford, III. Phone: 633-3882 Pastor: LEWIS I. MOON Parsonage: 633-4956 520 Superior Best Wishes To the 1970 Harlem High Graduates GUNITE DIVISION KELSEY-HAYES COMPANY Compliments of 'A FRIEND' Producers of Wheels and Brake Drums for Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers 302 People Avenue Rockford, Illinois 191rtwin pack |ft| potato chips Best Wishes From BLUE STAR FOODS UNIVERSAL PATTERN WORKS, INC 2016 3rd Ave. 398-2016 ED THORNE'S HARDWARE MARINE CENTER 7928 North 2nd St. Johnson Motors—Boats Large Fishing Dept. Paint and Hardware 633-3553 SUPREME DOG "N" SUDS Congratulations to Class of 70 Dial 633-3431 Sal pa h prescription pharmacy LLOYD W. EYSTER R.Ph. B.S.Ph. Ph.G. 41TM IS OU« •' ' AL CERUTTI R.Ph. B.S.Ph. Ph.G. I ' ROBERT L. STUFFLEBEAM R.Ph. B.S.Ph. Ph.G. Congratulations Seniors of Harlem High School KONCRETE ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS, INC. 6900 Forest Hills Road P.O. Box 2153 Rockford, III. 877-2414 7924 No. Second Street, Rockford, Illinois 61 I I I • PRESCRIPTIONS . DRUGS • FOUNTAIN • FANNY MAY CANDIES 192Compliments of LOVES PARK CITY COUNCIL LANE A. PETERSON..................Mayor LUCILLE GRAY ..................... Clerk MARIE LAUER ...................Treasurer ALDERMEN C. Everhart......................Ward I R. Carter.........................Ward I L. Christianson...................Ward 2 J. Sinkiawic......................Ward 2 R. Allton ....................... Ward 3 G. Marshall......................Ward 3 T. Gilbert.......................Ward 4 R. Swenson ...................... Ward 4 H. Anderson ..............! . . . Ward 5 D. Kildow.......................Ward 5 Compliments of LOVES PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT Congratulations Class of 1970 PARKSIDE MEN'S WEAR NELSON'S FLOWERS Your store for all your favorite dress and sportswear. Shop 9-6 Tues., Wed., and Thurs. 9-9 Fri., Sat., and Mon. 5448-52 N. 2nd St. 877-411 J 430 River Park Rd., Loves Park Compliments of RYAN SHEET METAL, INC. Je(| uU Commercial Industrial Sheet Metal 6735 Elm Avenue 877-7735 530 Windsor Road Dial 633-7050 DAVE and DON STEINER 193Congratulations to the Class of 70 From SWIM CLUBTc n fountry «N1 0 HJW Compliments of CABINETS BY CLARK, INC. 2305 Charles St. Compliments of WAGON WHEEL 195 Rockton IllinoisCompliments of FOSS BUILDERS 302 McKinley Ave. Loves Park, Illinois Compliments of LOVES PARK SPORTING GOODS AND MARINE 5508 North Second Street Best Wishes for Future Success JUBILEE FOOD MART 4901 North Second Street From Dial 964-7894 CAMCAR SCREW MFG. A M PATTERN WORKS, INC. 5701 Industrial Box 2166, Loves Park ROCKFORD. ILL. 61III PHONE AREA CODE 8IS , 877-7733 600—18th Avenue CAMERA CRAFT I 14 W. State Downtown Rockford Rockford area headquarters for quality cameras, tape recorders, and binoculars. Compliments of LOVES PARK LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 5018 North Second Street Loves Park, Illinois 877-7552 196AMERICA'S MOST VALUABLE stamps SINCE 1896 THE SPERRY AND HUTCHINSON COMPANY 6429-3 I North Second Loves Park, Illinois Compliments of PETERSON MEMORIAL DESIGN SERVICE 877-3375 Congratulations to the Class of 1970 WARNER-LAMBERT PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Compliments of Your Compliments of Tri-State Aluminum Products 5500 Forest Hills Road Rockford, Illinois 61105 6300 Forest Hills Rd. 877-6081 GENERAL FORGING DIE CO. Manufacturers of Forging Dies 7413 Edward Phone: 633-4224 "f yi Qoty'' "£ue iytJusu} frvi HUliUcA" 197J. H. PATTERSON CO. 721 Pearl Ave. Dial 877-7424 Quality Lumber, Fuel Oil, and Building Materials Cash and Carry Prices Delivery Service ■r r ri r» ri fc jhPATTERSONc 24 HOUR OIL SERVICE sHiur LUMBER .FUEL GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 30 GRAND AVENUE LOVES PARK. ILLINOIS 81111 WXANOI jOmsSON owe m VVHLIAM P MAftUM Puror ,v3l Cr«A C r ICA.L t. ctfuxt BEST WISHES GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH OF LOVES PARK is pleased and proud to have the above pen and ink sketch of our church as a part of the Meteor. The artist is a former co-editor of the Meteor. Gayle Oswald. Gayle, a dedicated and faithful 198 member of Grace, s presently a junior at the University of Illinois. Champaign, majoring in Industrial Design.Congratulations to the Class of '70 WOOD HOLMES 402 Trust Bldg. Compliments of LOVES DRUGS, INC Mil N. 2nd St. Congratulations to the Class of 70 DEMETRIS PANCAKE HOUSE 4820 N. 2nd St. Compliments of DOTS" BEAUTY SALON 906 Windsor Rd. PARK TRAILER SALES Dealing in Concord, Woodsman Travel Trailers Truck Toppers Pleasuremate Camping Trailer New and Used Campers Quality and Service is our motto 5641 N. Second St. Loves Park, Illinois Congratulations to the Class of 70 SUTHERLAND LUMBER 6800 Forest Hills Rd. Compliments of the CLASS OF 71 199Congratulations Senior Class of 1970 Chris Grabow ...... President Pat Winch...........Secretary Randy Green......V.-President Ron Ekberg ........ Treasurer Kaasa K—Scadden S—Senters F—Simpson B—Klein P—Mason P—Hon D—Forlines P—Galligan M—Schandel-meier D—Dannenfeldt J—Heidenreich L—Kirkpatrick M—Kwiatkowski H—Foreman D—Ahmer J—Ashby G—Beebe B—Blume P—Brace F—Casey P—Damon H—Doyle S—Evans S—Gilbert D—Eisentraeger J—Martinovich D— Berkheimer D—Cleaveland C—Dahlstrand A—Ames C—Bate P—Kluth G—Kruse M—Levey B—Lewis M—McKee R—Meier J—Nagel G—Oakes B—Pavey B—Kisling T—Martinovich D—Cunningham J—Daughenbaugh R—Feiul-lerat K—King K—Kuhn D—Mead J—Jacobs J—Keller C—Leslie L—Anderson B—Borowski T—Chabucos N— I tickson P—Fiuidb L—Heidenrich D—IHuddelston K—Montgomery D—Sauberlich S—Bauer J—Blade N—Nif-feneqger D—Glidden D—Harding R—Hancock P—Bodin J—Crai D—Evans T—Lee C—Forsythe D—Franklin v—Duclon A—Easton K—Grabow C—Harbison R—Kankaala J—McLevige W—Peterson L—Reynolds D—Kruse !—Knox L—Hufstedler D—SchuepbacF T—Schwengels T—Quintan lla E—Schlichting C—Liles D—Kolb G—Wes-t jnberg J—Zovitowski W—Zwierzycki C—Stufflebeam K—Truckenbrod M—Zwierzycki R—Almberg D—Lily T— March C—Miers J—Ames J—Bohn S—Cole C—Dole B—Berg B—Cr jz K—Burk M—Ames S—Dowd C—h all L— f oss D—Magdziarz M—Isoz B—Jury R— Kane S—Lamb B—Petty D— Rader Z—Smith E—Stone M—Brown C —Peck I —Kleindl S—Littell P—Nichols N—L unius P—Madison D—O'Ne II P—Olson N—Pyfer J—Reese D—S )n D— nderson C—Clements A—Young G- -Welsh D—Young—K—We er D—Walsh L—Vaile C—Terry C—-Wylde G—Yakey A—Reeves J—Kryder D—L ?sher B—Miller S—Morris D —Parker K—Pauley S—Pearce D—Mo ris J— I nutson D—Traff L—Trail V—Walsh R--White M—Young B—Held J—Houy M—Jahn K—Juno S—Knittjl M— F etrie N—Pierce B—Duhigg S—Rogers M—Harris C—Pierce J—Els on S—Foster D—Harwood G—Hedr ck S— French D—Hughes S—Hoover N—Ha ris H—Genens J—Dusing B—Gentry Y—Havens M—Huffman P— Hecker F—Hughes L—Howard G—Holder J—Hubler C—Hudson R—Rhodes R—Rogers C—Knutson J—Kreufer E— Lincoln J—Marten C—Million R—Nielcer J—Peterson N—Phillips D—(reuter T—Leonard B—Mathieu C—h ovotny B—Purifoy W—Purnell K—Phillips T—Swartout L—Rieffer S—Peebl ;s K—Nystrom J—Milhone J—McNarrerC— Melcher R—Thompson P—Thunberg C—Stowers B—Surface D—S ranson C—Urbelis S— Vasseur M— yborny F —Robinson S—Schrader P—Webster b- Watkins L—Vaaaeur S—Swanson J—Novotny B—Russell G—$ iebarth C—Spiering C—Johnson K—Johnson T—Johnson ‘ M—Husmann E—Johnson R—Mayberry K—Southar J C— SFephens D—Acaley D—Bailey C—Carter G—Everhart C—Eversoll L—Crumrine C—Borgmann V—Ai derson N —Ainsworth K—Atterbury C—Bartilson S—Carabelli J—Danielson J—Anderson T—Boustead T—Batche or D— Carpenter B—Dieterman N—Earlywine S—Dowd D—Ford M—Bachman G—Andrews L—Boyce J—Bra :e P— E rady M—Brown D—Burke D—Dunn D—Goedert H—Hageberq R—Hessian S—Dudley P—Edelen C— Forbes R—Burelson C—Anderson G—Burright E—Chandler D—Cromwell S—Olson P—Prins W—Rigqs K—She ft L— Brown M—Davis N—Demus C—Downs H—Drost G—Goggiel D—Blaisdell P—Boettcher C—Fullerton J—Dleays-s ;n M—Borgwardt L—Anderson J—Anderson L—Anderson L—Gunderson S—Hannabach N—HarlacFn r D— Hatlestad K—Foss L—Hall P—Gossard |C—Grachek L—Bahling B—! arclay K—Beckham G—Braaten D—B adham Q,—Brandon B—Burham R—Heaberlin P—Bundick S—Cagnoni D—C irlson D—Dempsey C—Edmonds C—-abrick K—Anderson R—Anderson S—Aiella G—Alton C—Arnold D—Burton N—Cooper K—Covert J—Darden J— Denton M—Chester L—Heidemann S—Her dricks G—Kolterman P—Larr berth K—Lighthart L—Crotzer T—Cu nmings T—Bagley S—Bender R—Bishop P—Erickson C—Harbison S—Knoe ber L—Mayberry D—Peterson V—Fi es S— F nch D—Gibbs T—Gough O—Gould !—Hakes L—Joe n J—Lyncl J—Cockrum H—Oney C—Coffm n J— Dickson B—Ditzler A—Ellison C—Fadne;s P—Fleming M—Esparza B —Ludington D—Bloyer R—Booker R—Conley R—DeVore M—Drager J—Cutler R—Bcwers K—Cradic B—Fetters M—Brewer T—Bryden T—Bunger C—Hastings K—Wolfgram S—Ulbricht H—Marriett J—Sloggett T—Jacobs M—Jensen K—Lenius M—Marske B—Oliver S— Kolm D—Lane D—Moon D—Olson B—Fietz R—Jensen L—Keller K—McCain C—Morris D—Palmer G—K tt S— Like G—Lane R—Ritza M—Round D--Knodle D—Miller P—Morri; D—Parker K—Radant R—Lund D-—Ogle W—Ring C—Smith M—Smith R—Mar insen J—Masiuslis A—McAli iter S—Zimmerman K—Wienzierl J— Helgel-s n L—Richmond D—Whitehead C—Hessinger L—Templeman C- -Szymanski M—Owen J—Ryan D—Scattum D—Welborn D—Messinger R—Snodgras; M—Robertson R—St. Clair P—Schneider R—Williams J—HladiU k K— Haney L—Harty J—Peterson N—Nav ckis M—Maitland L—Knowl on G—Townsend W—Schabell B—Homewood J—Richmond S—Phillips B—Peters Dn M—Phillips C—O'Conner M—Kiely J—Green B—Ramsey S—Wright J. —Turney D—Raymer D—Sowers J—Sutton B—Thayer D—Short! V—Gregory D—Kerchner D—Wi :kberg G Knoprath D—Schusler A—Thompson I—Peterson M—Jones L—iGrcer S—Green R«--Winch P—Smiifr S— Holte M—Smith V—Schultz C—Seymour D—Smith S—Schultz D—Roland R—Traina J—Streit D—Stubbs C— Rumler C—Sackey M—Savage J—Seaman V—Taylor B—Wood J—Shaw G—Tapp R—Ungs E—Tish B—Untz L Ward D—Witz M—Wood B—Johnson D—Sundly S—Kelly P—Jeans D—Hyatt C—Huber A—Henry L— Hicks G James V—Janke L—Kelly M—Johnson G—Johnson S—Sallee G—Schewe B—Johnson S—Ware N— West J Kast T—Koroll D—Johnson D—Harlem Senior Class of 1970—Buskie J—Ekberg R—Spencer S—Harlem Senior Class of 1970 200 SOUTHARD MOVING STORAGE 809 Cedar St. Ten years of experience and integrity are behind every move. Agents Republic Van Lines President: HAROLD SOUTHARD Manager: CHARLES SHEPARD Fireproof Home? Think!! TERRY BROS. PLASTERING 7602 Borodell St. Rockford, Illinois 61 III (815) 633-4431 or 1-623-2580 ALL TYPES PLASTERING Ornanmental Residential Industrial Decorative Commerical Patching Free Estimates SHlKEfS PIZZA PARLOR I 21 kinds of pizza! Mugs of ice cold beer! Ye Public house At Shakey’s we serve fun (also pizza)' , Bring the whole family! Congratulations to the Class of 70 Just 2 (two) blocks south of North Towne Shopping Ctr. 3207 NORTH MAIN Rockford, Illinois 877-7471 Phone Your Order and Pickup ... 2012531 Eleventh St. 202 Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. 401 E. State min iiilfet BETHANY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Pastor REV. PEDER CARLSON 5403 N. 2nd Congratulations to the Graduates 203 LOVES PARK EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCHIHfLJ Everything in Insurance' KEN McEACHRAN AGENCY 405 Grand Ave. 877-3417 Loves Parle, Illinois Compliments of K K MACHINING SPECIALTIES CO. Loves Parle, Illinois Compliments of HOUSE OF BOTTLES 5619 North Second St.Congratulations June Grads from Rockford Crescent. Right now is a good time to start cutting through the maze of different ideas on where you go from here. If you are wondering what the future holds for you . . . stop for but a moment and think about the many dignified, productive and personally satisfying professions right here within Rockford industry. All of them help make our progressive technological society possible. Two such professions are header die makers and machinists. They both contribute culturally and economically. Our automobile industry and its affiliates alone—which Rockford supports with its machine tool capacities—represent a full third of this nation’s total economic output. These industries help maintain the economic vitality of America. Rockford Crescent, one such industry, is looking for header die maker and machinist apprentices. Here you would have the opportunity for advancement and participation in rewarding employee benefits, and you would be directly helping to support our great American way of life. So ... if you think you have a future in industry, come to Rockford Crescent. Rockford’s leading manufacturer of wire drawing machinery and other industrial equipment. Who know's? Rockford Crescent may be where you go from here. ROCKFORD CRESCENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY 420 Buckboo Street. Rockford. Illinois 61101 968-050?(joetn (Jt. POST PUBLISHERS INC. 3 GREAT COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS • The Post • Monday Morning Mail • Eastsider 518 Merrill Ave. 877-1467 Congratulations From ABC PARTS MACHINE CO., INC. 345 Grand Avenue 877-2561 Everything Automotive PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION PARK PLUMBING APPLIANCE CO. 6731 Elm Ave. Loves Park, Illinois—61 I I I Mechanical Contractors ROCKFORD COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY LOVES PARK JEWELRY DIAMONDS, WATCHES, and CLOCKS Watch and Jewelry Repairing Diamonds Remounted 5246 North Second 877-6313 206Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1970 From "Loves Park's Pioneer Grocer" PARKSIDE FOOD MART "Your Modern Self-Service Mart" North Second Street at Grand Avenue OPEN 8:30 A.M. TO 11:00 P.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK FOREST HILLS ROAD • ROUTE 4 • ROCKFORD ILLINOIS Compliments of TOPPER INSURANCE REALTY METEOR CORPORATION Gun Type Drilling Gun Boring Place Your Business With Those Who Care 7914 N. 2nd St. 633-0370 Compliments of PARK BOWL Bowling and Lounge DICK AND BILL 1902 Windsor Rd. Loves Park, III. 5626 N. 2nd St. G. H. TOOL COMPANY 931 River Lane Loves Parle Illinois Dial 877-7823 For Courteous, Friendly Service 207WHY NOT GRADUATE TO THE EVER-GROWING NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY . . . FASCINATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. ROCKFORD MORNING STAR itorkfnrh ftlegiet r-S puhltc Reaching Families In 13 Counties In Northern Illinois And Southern Wisconsin. Compliments of the LOVES PARK TAVERN ASSOC. EARL'S LIQUOR FINNEGAN’S HOUSE OF BOTTLES MAYFLOWER PARK BOWL PARK LANES PRAIRIE MOON SAHARA TOWN HALL VIC JIM'S 208Congratulations to the Class of "70" Ask Hailey . . . He Knows Photoqiaphy EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC CALL 877-4321 PARK CAMERA SHOP 5801 N. 2ND 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O e O O O O J ClfKs Z CtKtCS CORPORATION o o 0 o o «• o o • o o o o o AUTOMATION CONTROLS oesicn cnoinccrino ASSEMOLY MANUrACTURE FABRICATION SERVICE 326 South Moin Street 815 968-5814 ROCKfORD, ILLINOIS 61101 Compliments of BORDEN COMPANY OSCAR'S BARBER SHOP VARLAND AGENCY 4 Barbers—Open 6 Days a Week MON. THRU FRI. 9:00-6:30 SATURDAY 8:00-5:00 Roscoe, III. Dial 623-2159 OSCAR PRESLEY Owner 36 Years of Proven Service in INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS REALTORS 730 North Main 968-5841 I Compliments of MORRISON TRAVELWOODWARD GOVERNOR COMPANY 5001 North Second Street Rockford, Illinois, 61101 815-877-7441 We are interested in you. Please visit our personnel department and learn more about your opportunities at Woodward for: a satisfying career on-the-job training . : training at Woodward Academy educational reimbursement from The Members of the Woodward Governor Company High School graduation is an important milestone whether you continue formal education or begin your working career. If you decide on a business or industrial vocation, consider Woodward where a most unique philosophy of business combines with outstanding post high school opportunities.ANDERSON OIL CO. DR. JAY G. BLACK DR. JAMES F. HICK Qualify Plus Service— Phone: 633-1812 8030 North Second Street Rockford, Illinois Optometrists LeMAY SALES Tupperware Distributors 8104 Commercial Ave. Ph. 633-3911 P. O. Box 2043, Loves Parle, III. 61 III CONTACT LENSES Loves Park, III. 611 11 DELEHANTY FUNERAL HOME 401 River Lane Loves Park, Illinois 877-7491 211Your Future Is In Your Hands Students who go places get there by saving . . . Good habits, acquired at an early age in managing money, are important to your future education. success and happiness. "Money Magic" works for you when you save regularly. Let the earning accumulate, and then get earnings on the savings you leave in. "SAVE" where you have insured protection. Savings Accounts are insured to $15,000.00 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation —an agency of the United States Government. Pass Book Savings earn 4, 2% or more. Certificates of deposit of $5,000.00 or more earn 51 4%. Dividends on all accounts compounded or paid quarterly. INSURED "Where You Save Does Make a Difference" LOVES PARK SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 5629 North Second Street Dial 877-0231 61 111 Compliments of a friend ... A Friend Is Your Need's Answer. 212 GIBRANCompliments of ROCKFORD CLUTCH DIVISION ROCKFORD CLUTCH Offering employment opportunities to Harlem graduates Borg-Warner Division 'STYLE STJ2RE FOlB JVTEN B Decorating Consultants HENRY LINDBERG FURNITURE COMPANY 218 South Main Foods for Home Freezers LARSON FOOD CENTER 6704 N. 2nd St. Rockford, III. 877-2541 213Compliments of DWYER ANDERSON JEWELERS Compliments of HOUSE OF HALLMARK CARDS SYZYGY PATRONS PAGE Barrell of Beauty Salon 2522 Auburn St. Centennial United Methodist 219 S. 2nd Dairy Twist 7828 N. 2nd Dutch Mill 1631 Rural Kwick E Z Foods 5315 Auburn St. Mullins Company 6202 Material Ave. Park Motel 4702 N. 2nd Radiator Service Rockford Investigation 206 W. State Rockford Radiator Repair 769 N. Madison Scotch Cleaners 505 Boylston Strike at Reitch's 3007 N. Main St. 214Senior Activities A ACALEY, DAVID-Band 1, 2, 3; Footboll 1, 2, 3. H-Club 3 AHMER, JAMES—Bond 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2; H-Oub 1,2. 3; Track 1,2,3 AINSWORTH, KAY-Band 1, 2 Secretary- Treosurer, 3 Secretary,- G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1, 2, 3 Show Manager,- Meteor 3; Student Council 3; Swim Show 1,2, 3 ALLTON, CHARLES-French Club 1, 2, 3; NJROTC 1,2,3 AMES, CARIN-Deca 3; G.A.A. 1 ANDERSON, BECKY—G.A.A. 1,2; Kippers 1 ANDERSON, CORALEE-Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 2 Vice-President; Ploy Committee 2; Science Club 3; Twirling 1, 2, 3 ANDERSON, LYNN—G.A.A. 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Pep Club 1 ANDERSON, REED—Chess Club 1 Secretary ASHBY, GLENNA-A Copello 2, 3; Debate 2, 3; Footlighters 1, 2; Forensics 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3; Kippers 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Sr. Class Ploy; Thespians 3; Madrigals 3 ATTERBURY, CHARLES—Basketball 1; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1; Wrestling 2, 3 B BACHMAN, GUY -NJROTC 1, 2, 3 BAHLING, BETTY—Footlighters 1,3; G.A.A. 1,3 BARTILSON, STANLEY-Boys State 2; Debate 2, 3; Student Council 3 BATCHELOR, DAN-Deca 3 BATE, PHYLLIS—G.A.A. 1; Pepper 2 Assistant Features Editor, 3 Editor-in-Chief; Play Committee 2; Quill and Scroll 2, 3 BEEBE, BRIAN-A Copello 2, 3; Operetta 2. 3; Ploy Committee 1, 2; Sr. Closs Ploy; Spanish Club 3, - Student Council 1; Thespians 3; Wrestling 1 BERG, BONNIE-Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1 BLUME, PAUL—Baseball 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 1; H-Club 2, 3 BOHN, SUSAN—G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 BOOKER, RITA—Debate 2; Forensics 2; French Club I, 2, 3; FSA 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2; Kippers 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Swim Show 2, 3 BORGMANN, VICKI—G.A.A. 2; Girls Chorus 1 BOROWSKI, THEODORE-Track I BOWERS, KATHRYN-A Copello 2, 3; Debate 1. 2, 3; Forensics 1, 2 Secretary-Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1, 2; Madrigols 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Sr. Closs Ploy; Swim Show 1; Thespians 3 BRAATEN, DEBORAH—G.A.A. I, 2, 3; Kippers 2; Meteor 2, 3; Business Editor,- Quill and Scroll 2, 3 BREWER, TERRY-Art Club 2, 3; Football 2 BRYDEN, TERI-Deca 3 BROWN, MARILYN-F.H.A. 1;F.N.A. 1 BURTON, NANCY—G.A.A. 1, 2. 3; Kippers 2, 3; Swim Show 2, 3 BUSKIE, JILL-Footlighters 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. Closs Ploy,- Notional Honor 2, 3; Sr. Class Play; Thespians 2, 3 C CAGNONI. DRUSILLA—Footlighters 1; French Club 1, 2, 3 Vice-President; G.A.A. 1; Kippers 2, 3; Notional Honor 2, 3; Sr. Class Ploy,- Swim Show 2, 3; Thespions 2, 3 Secretory-Treasurer CARPENTER, BRAD-Cross Country 1. 2. 3 CARTER, GAIL—Spanish Club 3 COCKRUM, HARVEY-A Copello 2, 3; Deco 3 President; Footlighters 1; French Club 1, 2; Jr. Class Play,- Mixed Chorus 1; Operetto 1, 2, 3; Pepper 2; Sr. Class Ploy; Thespians 2, 3 COFFMAN, JAMES—A.F.S. 2, 3; Vice-President NJROTC 1,2,3; Science Club 1 COLE, CONNIE—G.A.A. 2, 3; Lotin Club 3 CONLEY, ROBBYN—G.A.A. 1, 2; Kippers 1; F.T.A. 1 CROMWELL. SUZANNE-Arf Club 2; Footlighters 1 CRUZ, KATHLEEN—Footlighters 1; G.A.A. 1; Girls Chorus 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Pom Pom Squod 2, 3 CUTLER, RAE ANNE—Creative Writing 1, 2 Secretary 3; Footlighters 2, 3; Girls Chorus 1; News Bureau 2; Pepper 3; Science Club 2 D DAHLSTRAND, ALENE-G.A.A. 1, 2; Kippers 1, 2; Swim Show 1,2 DAMON. HOWARD—Baseball 2. 3; French Club 1, 2, 3 Treasurer,- F.T.A. 3; NJROTC 1; Sr. Class Play; Swimming 2, 3; Thespians 3 DANIELSON, JOHN-Debate 2 DANNENFELDT. JOHN-Bosketboll 1; Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 1, 2, 3; H-Club 3; Moth Club 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3; National Honor 2, 3; Sr. Closs Ploy; Swimming 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3; Track 1,2,3 DAUENBAUGH, RITA-A Copello 2. 3 Secretary.- F. S.A. 3 Secretary; G.A.A. 2; Girls Chorus l; Madrigals 3; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Student Council 3 DENTON. MICHAEL-A Copello 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1,2, 3; Thespians 1,2,3; Track 1, 2. 3 DIETERMAN, NANCY—F.H.A. 2 DITZLER, ARLENE-Art Club 3; French Club 2, 3; G. A.A. 1. 2. 3; I.R.O. 2, 3; Pep Club 2. 3 DOWD, CYNTHIA—A.F.S. 3; F.H.A. 3; Latin Club 2; Ploy Committee 3 DOWNS, HUGH—Wrestling 1 DRAGER, JEFFRY-Band 1, 2, 3 Treosurer; I.R.O. 2, 3; National Honor 2, 3; Operetta 1; Tennis 2,3 DUCLON, ALANNA-Band 1; G.A.A 1. 2, 3; Pep Club 3; Pom Pom Squad 3; Science Club 1 DUFOE, ROBERTA—F.S.A. 2 Treasurer; G.A.A. 215DUHIGG, SANDRA—Foot lighters 1; G.A.A. 1, 2 E EASTON, KRISTIE—French Club 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1; Meteor 3 Filing Editor; Pep Club 1,2,3 EKBERG, RONALD-Bond 1, 2, 3 President; Class Officer, Treasurer 3; Football 1; Footlighters 2, 3; Forensics 2, 3; I.R.O. 2, 3; Notional Honor 2, 3; Peeper 3 Editorial Editor ELLISON, CHERYL-Deco 3 ERICKSON, CHUCK-Bond 1,2, 3; Tennis 1, 2 ERICKSON, PATRICIA—G.A.A. 1, 2; Kippers 1, 2; Pom Pom Squad 3; Swim Show 1,2 EVERSOLL, LEWIS—Art Club 1; Footlighters 1, 2; Jr. Closs Ploy,- Thespions 2, 3; Vice-President; Sr. Class Play F FILES, SANDRA-French Club 1; Girls Chorus 1 FINCH, DENISE—G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Girls Chorus 1; Meteor 3; Mixed Chorus 2 FLEMING, MIKE—Track 1; Swimming 2 FOREMAN, DONNIE—Baseball 1; Basketboll 1, 2, 3; H-Club 3; Processional Leader FOSS, LYNDA—French Club 2-3; G.A.A. 1, 2, G GALLIGAN, MICHAEL—Baseball 1, 2, 3; Captain; Football 1,2, 3 GENTRY, YVONNE-A Capello 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 2, 3 GIBBS, THOMAS-Debate 2; Football 1, 2, 3; H-Club 1, 2, 3 President; National Honor 2, 3; Track 1,2, 3; Wrestling 1,2, 3 GILBERT DOUGLAS-A Capello 2, 3; Debate 1; Forensics 1; I.R.O. 2, 3 Vice-President; Madrigals 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; NJROTC 1, 2 GOGGIEL, DEBORAH—A.F.S. 3; Footlighters 1; National Honor 2, 3; Pepper 2, Assistant News Editor, 3 News Editor; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Science Club 1; Thespians 2, 3 GOUGH, CLARE-G.A.A. 1 GOULD, SHARI—F.N.A. 2; G.A.A. 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 3 GRABOW, CHRIS—Band 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class Officer, President 3; Junior Class Play; Sr. Closs Play; Student Council 3; Thespians 3 GREEN, BRADFORD-Band I, 2 GREEN, RANDY—Closs Officer, Vice-President 3; Cross Country 1; French Club I, 2, 3; H-Club 3; Pep Club 2; Tennis 2, 3 GREER, SYLVIA—F.H.A. 2; G.A.A. 2 GREGORY, DENNIS-Bands 1, 2, 3 H HAKES, LARRY—Football I, 2, 3; H-Club 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 3 HALL, LORINDA-A Capello 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Secretary; Jr. Class Ploy; Meteor 2; Mixed Chorus 1; National Honor 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Thespions 2, 3 HANCOCK, PAM—Footlighters 1; G.A.A. 1; Science Club I HARDING, ROSEMARY-Art Club 3 Secretory,-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Notional Honor 2, 3; Science Club 1, Secretary HAVENS, MICHAEL-Ooss Country 1; NJROTC 1,2, 3; Science Club 3 HEIDEMANN, SANDIE—Art Club 3; Debate 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2: Pepper 3 HEINDENRICH, DON—Pepper 2, Assistant Sport Editor; Tennis 2, 3; Wrestling 1 HELD, JOAN-Deco 3 HENRY, LINDA—G.A.A. 1; Kippers 3 HESSIAN, SUE-A Capello 2, 3; Class Officer Vice-President I, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; National Honor 2, 3; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Sr. Closs Play,- Spanish Club 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2; Thespions 3 HICKS, GAIL-Girls Chorus 1 HOMEWOOD, JOHN-French Club 1, 2; Pepper 1, 3; Ploy Committee 2, 3 HON, DEBORAH—Bond 1; G.A.A. 1; Kippers 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Swim Show 2 HOOVER, NORMA—F.H.A. 2, 3; G.A.A. 1; Girls Chorus 1; Kippers 1 HOUY, MICHAEL—Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; H-Club 3; NJROTC 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Rifle Club 1; Sponish Club 2 HUDDLESTON, RODNEY-Chess Club I, 2; Math Club 3 Vice-President,- National Honor 2, 3 HUGHES, SCOTT—Basketball I, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3; H-Club 1, 2, 3; National Honor 2, 3 President,- Student Council 1 I ISOZ, BRIAN-A Capello 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Boys State 2; Class Officer, President 1, 2; French Club 2; H8Club 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3; Sr. Class Ploy; Spanish Club 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2; Thespions 3 J JACOBS, JOHN-Cross Country 1; NJROTC 1; Tennis 2 JEANS, DANNY—Football 2, Manager JANKE, LOIS—F.N.A. I, 2; Library Club 2, 3 President; News Bureau 2 JENSEN, KEVIN—Baseball I; Pepper 3 JENSEN, LAUREL—Footlighters 1, 2, 3 Secretary; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Play Committee 2, 3 216JOERN, JACQUELYN-A Copello 2; F.T.A. 2; Kippers 1; Meteor 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetto 1,2 JOHNSON, DANIEL—Pep Club 2; Pepper 3 Sports Editor; Student Council 3 JOHNSON, DAVID-Bond 1, 2; Meteor 2, 3 Photographic Editor; Quill and Scroll 2, 3 JOHNSON, MICHAEI-Art Club 1, 2; Deca 3 Vice-President; Football 1 JOHNSON, TRINDA-A Copella 2, 3; Class Officer, Treasurer 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; National Honor 2, 3; Operetta I, 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3 JURY, RANAE—Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Operetta 1,2; Pep Club 1 K KAASA, KRISTINE—A.F.S. 3; I.R.O. 3; Pep Club 3 KANE, SUSAN —F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Secretary; G.A.A. 1, 2 KANKAALA, GERALD-Band 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. I, 2 Treasurer, 3 President; Notional Honor 2, 3; Spanish Club 2 KERCHNER, DARLA—G.A.A. 1,2, 3; Meteor 3 KIRKPATRICK, MARK—Baseball 1; Debate 2; Football 1; Latin Club 2 KLEIN, PATRICIA—Creative Writing 2 KLEINDL, SANDY—G.A.A. 1. 2, 3; Kippers 1; National Honor 2, 3; Pepper 2, 3 Features Editor; Spanish Club 2, 3 KLUTH, GRETCHEN—A.F.S. 3; Footlighters 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Girls State 2; I.R.O. 3, Secretary; Meteor 2, 3 Co-Editor; National Honor 2, 3 Secretary; Play Committee 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3 Treasurer,- Thespians 3 KNODLE, DEBRA-Bond 1, 2; F.S.A. 2; G.A.A. 1, 2,3 KNOEBBER, LINDA-Kippers 2; Spanish Club 2, 3,-Swim Show 2 KNOX, LAURA—G.A.A. 3; Pep Club 2; Library Club 3 KOLTERMAN, PAULA—G.A.A. 1,2, 3; Kippers 2 KOTT. SHARON-Band 1, 2, 3 KRUSE, MELVIN—Basketball 1 KRUSE, SUZANNE-Band 1, 2, 3 KRYDER, DAVID-Art Club 2, 3; Bond 1, 2, 3; Vice-President; Pepper 1, 2, 3 Photographic Editor KUHN, DUANE-Debote 2; Golf 1; Student Council 2, 3 KWIATKOWSKI, HELEN—Latin Club 3 Treasurer L LANE, BOB—Football 2; H-Club 3; Wrestling 1, 2,3 LAUNIUS, PAMELA-A Copella 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; G.A.A. 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 1, 2, 3 LEE, CRAIG—Band 1; Meteor 2; Pepper 1; Play Committee 1,2 LENIUS, MICHAEL—Basketball 1; Football I, 2, 3; Golf 1,2,3; H-Club 1,2,3 LEONARD, BARBARA-Debote 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 3; F.T.A. 2 LESLIE, LINDA—Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. Closs Ploy; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Ploy Committee 2; Processional Leader,- Sr. Class Play; Student Council 2, 3 Secretory; Thespians 2, 3 LEVEY, BRUCE—NJROTC 1; Pepper 2; Wrestling 1 LILES, HOWARD—A Copella 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 3; National Honor 2, 3,- Operetta 1,2, 3 LITTELL, PEGGY-Girls Chorus 1; Operetta 1 LYNCH, JAMES—Boseball 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 3 M MATHIEU, CAROL-A Copello 1. 2, 3; Madrigals 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3 Student Director MAYBERRY, DEBORAH—F.S.A. 2 MAYBORNE, DEBORA—G.A.A. 1 MADISON, DAVE-Chess Club 1 MASIULIS, ALAN-Band 1, 2; Wrestling2, 3 MARTINOVICH, DENNIS—Footboll 1; Wrestling 1 MARTINOVICH, DU AN E-Foot ball 1, 2, 3; H-Club 2, 3; Wrestling 1 MARTINSEN, JUDY—G.A.A. 1 McCAIN, CANDIS-Footlighters 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. Class Play; Kippers 2, 3; Meteor 3,-National Honor 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Swim Show 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3 McKEE, ROSALIE—F.S.A. 2; G.A.A. I McLEVIGE, WILLIAM—Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 2, 3 French Club 2; H-Club 2, 3 Secretary Treasurer; Math Club 3; Meteor 2, 3 Sports Editor,- National Honor 2, 3 Vice President,- Quill and Scroll 2, 3 President,- Student Council 1; Tennis 2, 3; Track 1 MEAD, GERALD—A Copella 2, 3 President ; I.R.O. 2, 3; Madrigals 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Sr. Class Play,- Student Council 2, 3 President; Tennis 2; Thespians 3; Wrestling 1; NJROTC 1 MESSINGER, LARRY-Bond 1, 2, 3; I.R.O.,- Math Club 3, Secretary-Treosurer; Play Committee 3; Thespians 3 MIERS, JAMES—Football 1, 2, 3; H-Club 2, 3 Vice-President; Swimming 2; Track 1, 2; Wrestling 1 MILLER, STEVE—Bosketball 1; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3; Swimming 2, 3; Tennis 2; Track 1,3 MONTGOMERY, DANNY-NJROTC 1,2, 3 MOON, DANIEL—Basketball 1; Football 1 MORRIS, JAMES Baseball 1,2; NJROTC 1, 2 217N NAGEL, GAIL—Girls Chorus 1 NIFFENEGGER, DON—Golf 1, 2, 3 NYSTROM, JEAN-Deco 3 O OAKES, WILLIAM—A Copello 1, 2; Modr.gols 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1,2, 3 OLIVER, SUSAN—A Copello 2, 3 Treasurer,-Cheerleading 1, 2, 3,- G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Girls Chorus 1; Homecoming Court 2, 3; I.R.O. 2, Kippers 1,2; Operetta 2, 3; Pep Club 1,2, 3 OLSON, PATRICIA—A.F.S. 2, 3; Art Club 2. 3; Cheerleading 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; IRO 2; Kippers 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 3 President; Pep Club I; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Senior Closs Play, Pepper 2 Assistant News Editor, 3 Special Events Editor OLSON, ROBERT -Football 1, 2, 3; H-Club 3; Swimming 2, 3; Track 1,2, 3 ONEY, CANDIETH—AFS 1, 2; Debate 1, 2; Forensics 1, 2; G.A.A. 2; Pep Club 2, 3 President,-Play Committee 2 O'NEILL, PEGGY—G.A.A. 2, 3 OWEN, JOHN-Bond 1. 2, 3; Math Club 2, Chairman; National Honor 2, 3; Operetta 1; Sr. Class Ploy; Spanish Club 2, 3; Student Council 3 P PARKER, KATHRYN-Deca 3 PAULEY, SHELLY-Band 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 2, 3; Latin Club 2 PAVEY, BRENDA—F.H.A. 3; G.A.A. 1, 3; Librarian Club 1,2,3 PEARCE, DAVID—Band 1, 2, 3 Student Director; Footlighters 2, 3; Golf 3; Operetto I PEEBLES, KRISTI—AFS 3; A Copello 2. 3; G.A.A. 1, 2 Recording Secretary, 3 Treasurer; Girls Chorus 1; IRO 3; Meteor 2, 3 Subscription Editor; Operetta 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3 PETERSON, MELINDA—Creative Writing 1, 2 President; FTA 2, 3; GAA 1; Jr. Closs Play Student Director,- News Bureau 2 PETERSON, NANCY—FHA 1- GAA 1, 2, 3; Girls Chorus 2 PETRIE, NANCY—An Uub 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3 PETTY, DAVID-Band I, 2; Football 1, 2; Latin Club 2 PHILLIPS, BRENDA—GAA 3; Pep Club 2; Librarian Club 3, Secretory-Treosurer PHILLIPS, CECILLIA—A Capella 1. 2, 3; Art Club I; operetta 1,2; Pep Club 1, 2 PIHL, STEVE—NJROTC I, 2 PODGORSKI, RAY—Basketball 1 PURNELL, KARLA—Footlighters f; Art Club 2; GAA 1, 2, 3; Girls Chorus I; Kippers 1, 2; Pep Club 1,2,3 R RADER, ZELLA -A Capella 2, 3; GAA 2, 3; Kippers 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetto 2, 3; Swim Show 2 RAMSEY, SANDRA—Footlighters 2; FSA 2, 3; GAA 1, 2, 3; Librarian Club 2; Pep Club 2 REESE, DENISE Art Club 1; DECA 3; French Club 2; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 2 REEVES, JUNE—Art Club 3; French Club 1, 2 Secretary, 3 President,- G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers I RICHMOND, STEVE-Art Club 2, 3 RIGGS, KRISTY—GAA 1,3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3 ROBERTSON, RICHENE Bond 1; Creative Writing 1, 2 Vice-President; FTA 1; Girls Chorus 3 Treasurer,- Library Club 2 RUMLER, CAROL—FHA 3; FSA 3; Pepper 3 RYAN, DEBORAH A Copello 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 2; National Honor 2, 3 S SACKEY, MARTHA -Band 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 1, 2, 3 President; FTA 2, 3 Secretary; GAA 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 2 President,- Science Club 3 SALLEE, GAIL—Deca 3; GAA 1, 2; Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 2, Science Club 2 Secretary-Treasurer SCADDEN, SANDRA—GAA 1, 2, 3; IRO 2; Kippers 1, 2, 3 Vice-President; Swim Show 1, 2, 3 Band 1, Pep Club 2 SCHEWE, BEV-French Club 1; GAA 1, 2, 3; National Honor 2, 3; Pep Club 1; Pepper 3 Business Manager,- Ploy Committee 2 SCHLICHTING, CONNlE-Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 3; FSA 2; GAA 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Court 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Pepper 2, 3 Circulation Manoger; Play Committee 2; Student Council 3 SCHRADER, PATRICIA—F.H. A. 2; G.A.A. 1, 2. 3; Kippers 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 3; Swim Show 2, 3 SCHULTZ, CHARLES -Wrestling 1, 2. 3 SCHUSLER, ANITA—G.A.A. 1, 2. 3; Jr. Class Play; Kippers 2; Sr. Class Ploy; Sponish Club 2, 3; Student Council 1,2, 3; Thespians 2, 3 SCHWENGELS, TODD Baseball I, 2 Manager, 3; Basketball 2; Football I; H-Club 3; Pepper 3; Student Council 3 SHORTT, VICKI—A.F.S. 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 1; I.R.O. 2, 3 President; Kippers 1; Meteor 2, 3 Advertising Manager; Quill and 218Scroll 2, 3 Social Chairman,- Science Club 3; Twirling 1,2, 3 SOUTHARD, CRAIG—Band 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; H-Club 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3 Editor-in-Chief; Quill and Scroll 2, 3 Vice President; Tennis 2, 3 SMITH, MELINDA-Bond 1. 2, G.A.A. I, 2-Meteor 2- Twirling 2 SMITH, RHONDA—G.A.A. 2; Spanish Club 2, 3 SMITH, SALLY-Band 1. 2; G.A.A. 1,2 SMITH, VARLENE-Band 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1„ 2. 3; Kippers 2; Swim Show 2 SNODGRASS, MICAH-Cross Country 1, 2, 3; H-Club 2, 3; Track 1,2,3 SPIERING. COLETTE—Footlighters 1, 2- G.A.A. 1, 2 Vice President, 3 President; Kippers 1, 2; Nationol Honor 2, 3 Treasurer; Swim Show 1 STUFFLEBEAM, KAREN-G.A.A. 1,3 SULLINGER, JEANETTE—G.A.A. 1; Library Club 3 SUNDLY, SHIRLEY-A Capella 1, 2, 3; Cheerleading I,- Footlighters 1; F.S.A. 2 Secretary; 3 President; G.A.A. 1, 2- Homecoming Court 1; Operetta 1,3; Pep Club 1; Student Council 1 Sutton, Robert—Football 1, 2-, wrestling 1, 2, 3 SWANSON, JACK-A Capella 2, 3; Chess Club 1, 2; Lotin Club 2; Madrigals 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Track 2 SZYMANSKI, MARY-Art Club 3; G.A.A. 3; Pep Club 3; Pom Pom Squad 3 T TAYLOR, WILLI AM-Bond 1, 2, 3; Football 1 Manager; Wrestling 1 TERRY, CYNTHIA—G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1; Madrigals 2, 3; Meteor 2, 3 Layout Editor,- Quill and Scroll 2, 3 Secretary,- Science Club 1 Vice-President, 3 President; Operetto 2, 3 THAYER, DEIRDRE—Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2, 3; Kippers 1, 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Pepper 2, 3 Assistant Features Editor,- Play Committee 2, 3; Swim Show 2 TOWNSEND, WENDY—G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Junior Miss Representative 3; Kippers 1, 2, 3, Meteor 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Pom Pom Squad 1 and 2 Secretary, 3 Coptain; Swim Show 1,2, 3 TURNEY, DlAN—Footlighters 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Ploy Committee 2, 3 U ULBRICHT. HELEN—A.F.S. 3; F.H.A. 2, 3 President,- Footlighters I, 2 President; Play Committee 1, 2, 3; Science Club 3; Thespians 2, 3 UNTZ, LINDA—F.T.A. 2, 3 Vice-President; G.A.A. ,2,3 V VAILE, CATHIE—Deco 3 W WALSH, RODNEY-Bond 1. 2, 3; Drum Major 2. 3; Math Club 2; Operetto 1; National Honor 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Swimming 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3 WARE, NANCY-Deco 3 Secretary WEBER, DARCY—Deco 3 Treasurer WESTENBERG, JODY-Bond 1, 2, 3, Senior Representative; French Club 1, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Kippers 1, 2, 3; Swim Show 1, 2, 3 WHITE, MICHAEL—Golf 1,2, 3; Swimming 2 WHITEHEAD, CONNIE-F.S.A. 3 WICKBERG, GERALDINE-Art Club 1, 2; F.H.A. 2; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1 WIENZIERL, JEANNE-Band I, 2, 3 WINCH, PAT-A Copello 2. 3; Closs Officer Secretary 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Court 3; Meteor 2, 3 Copy Editor; Mixed Chorus I; Notional Honor 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3; Processional Leader; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3 President WITZ, MARIE—A Capella 3; Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 2 WOLFGRAM, SANDRA—Play Committee 2,-Science Club 2 WOOD, JOHN—Baseball 2, 3; Swimming 2 Y YAKEY, ANNA-Girls Chorus 1 YOUNG, KATHY-Bond 1, 2, 3; Footlighters 1. 2; French Club 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. Class Play; Kippers 1, 2; Sr. Closs Play,- Spanish Club 2, 3 Secretary-Treasurer; Swim Show 1, 2; Thespians 2,3 YOUNG, ROBERT -Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Golf 1,2; Baseboll 3; H-Club 3 219s s' _ r s J? c £ 5 3 c c o O c c O O 2 S S Ilfs a 3 s’ S-i? i ?iS S 5SJMI13 c c c c c c c c oooooooo cccccccc xx xxxxx oooooooo ?? 3 sss3 ■% w O.’ c “ - o E “ _-2 £ 5 ? | S £ o -» © «I? 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N .2 u • . £ I " ■ “ o 1 I “ = Q £ _.■ 9 J 0 00 . 9 • S’ “ - - 5 — o- - _ fc - ? = I o 5 I CC«299C £ “ - £ . .V O 0 gOO“- _ 2 c . = g 21 s.f! r?.!.? £ .y .■? ."9 .?.? .9- o o o accaaaaack 3 £ H. -a o S « OiGowin. Patricio Aon HI Grabber!, Robert Alan Ml Graham. Daiccdio Graham. Daniel Ray Ml Graham. Darwin Rodney Ml Green. Don M. M2 Gretty. Ron Angelo M2 Griffey. Cindy Kay M2 Groorm. Clyde Lee W. 92. S2. M2 Haclbcrl. Linda Carol M2 Haime. Mark Steven S2. M2 Males. Barbara Ann M2 Hall. Debbie Gayle 85. 84. M2 Hall. Pamela Jean M2 Halle', Lynn Diane ?S. M2 Hanebuth, Portia Marian 85. 94, M2 Honey. Vicky Anne M2 Hanson. Richard Allen 52. M2 Ho'g'aves, Richard M2 Harwood. Diane Lynn M2 Harlachcr. Sharon Rose M2 Harley. Linda Oiane M2 Harms. Sue Jill 43. M2 Hartman, Matthew Van 38, SI. M2 Harvey. Gary Lee M2 Harwood. Diane Lynn M2 Heather. Vernon M2 Heeler. Marl Edward 82. M2 Heeler. Riel Alan M2 Heilman. Dale Gene 2. M2 Hein. Helmut John 52. 43. 82. M2 Heinre'Oth, Allen M2 Hclgeson. Jacquelyn Lynn 57. 95. M2 Hendricls. Tim Lee 53. M2 Herbslcb. John Allan 85. M2 Hessian. Jackie Ann M3 He«om. Roberta Lynn 89. M3 Hilde. Richard George 53. 71. M3 Hinde. Ellen M3 Hoffmon. Sheila Ann 88. M3 Hogan. Randall Curtis 89. M3 Holden. Elizabeth H. M3 Holliday Candy Sue 7 . 85. M3 Hon. Linda Fay 91. M3 Hoplins, David M. 52. M3 Hoppe. Alon Lavcrn 39. 88. 44. 143 Hopper. Donna Jo 94. M3 Horn. Oon Joseph M3 Horrocls. Cindy Kay M3 Hollins. Keith Carter 82. M3 Houy. Duane Howard 39. 44. M3 Huff. Carl M3 Hughe . Sandra Kay 74. 55. M3 Hultgrcn, Vicki Roe 85. 143 Humpal. James Edword 34. M3 Humpal. Tim Phillip 38. S6. 57. M3 I bach, Douglas Edward 85. M3 Insleep. Kenneth V esly 44. SS. 9S. 143 Isom. Pamela Jean 8S. 143 Isoz. Valeric Lynn M3 Jacob. Tereje Carol 88, M3 Jacobs. Theresa Kay 95. M3 Jacobson. Connie Jo M3 Johnson. Ann Lou Ann M3 Johnson. David Marion 39. M3 Johson, Oavid Raymond 38. 144 Johnson. Debra Ann 89, 95. 144 Johnson. James Louis 144 Johnson. Kathern Francis 144 Johnson. Linda Lee 144 Johnson. Lynda Joy 47. 44. 144 Johnson. Mary Lee 144 Johnson. Robert Scott M4 Johnson. Sharon Adel 144 Johnson. Vickie Ann Ml Jones. Bobbie Lee 144 Jo"es. Dona Lou 92. 144 Jones, Diane Lee 92. 144 Jones, Kathy Marie 93. 144 Jones. Mile K. 38. 144 Jury. James Russell 85. 144 Kane, Diane Ruth 144 Korsten. Gary LaVcrne 144 Karsten. Nancy Mae 144 Kauthold, Gary Joe 38. 144 Kaufhold. Vicki Marie 144 Kawalcc. Lorraine Theresa 144 Kessler. Nancy A. 89. 144 King. Chatlen Mae 144 Kinson. Vicli Lee 92. 144 Killing. Gale Lee 144 Kissinger. Billie Ruth 144 Knapp, Gary Leo 144 Knaoss Sue Joy 144 Kolt. Tim Charles 144 Kulpa, Richard Allen 92. 144 LaFontainc . Sherry Lou 144 Lamb. David Elhan 39. 57, 135. 144 Lameyer. Mile Lee 52. MS Lance. Andrew V ayne 145 Lange. Billie N. 145 Lanigan. Lois Jean MS Larson. 8ill Lee 38. 88. 145 Larson. Oavid W. 145 lee. J. David M5 Lee. Linda Carol 64. M5 LcFevre, Frank Darrell 145 Lew-s, Melody May 145 Lewi . Scott Eldon 94, 145 Lilly. Riel Louis MS Lincoln, Dennis Bernard 145 Lind. Cathie Joyce MS Lind, Chris Jean M5 Lindaas. Dennis LcRoy MS Lindg'cn. Danny Lloyd 39. 145 Lutlrcll. Cathy Jo MS Mace. Connie Gail 145 Marshall. Patricia Sue 85. 94, 145 Martin. Terry Koy 76. 90. 145 Martinovich. Sue Carol 86. 93. 145 Mayberry. Jennifer Nell 145 Mayberry. Linda Rose MS Mayer. Bruce Clyde 39, MS McBride. Melvin Lynn MS McCain, John Robert 88. MS McGrow. Marsha Jeonetto 145 McKelvey, Karen Janice 145 McKinney, Wanda Kay 85. MS McMIllen. Phil Lee 83. 146 MeMullin, Clarence Edward 146 McNamer. Terre Leila 14$ Mcdbcrry. JoAnn May 90. 14$ Mcdearis. Michael Lewis 146 Melcher. Jerry 146 Meltesen. Joyce S. 14$ Meyers. LaVerne Louis II 38. 14$ Mlchaelson. Robin Ann M6 Micrs. John C. 38. 52. 71. 144 Milburn, Robed Eugene M6 Miller. LuAnn Sue 146 Miller. Mile Bruce 146 Miller. Richard Potrlcl 146 Miller. Ross C. 146 Mills. Melody Ann M6 Minihon, Patrick Joyce 14$ Moberg. Susan Irene 91. 146 Moore. Donna Paulette 146 Moore. Tolie Janett 144 Momison. William J. 146 Mo'row. Joyce Lynn 146 Mueller. Jane Lome 146 Navickis. Marsha Ann 146 Noblocl. Linda Susan 14$ Nelson. 8ctty Irene 70. |46 Nelson. Kathy Lucille 146 Nelson. Robert £. M6 Nichols. Lillian Rose 14$ Nilsen. Jeff Lee 146 Nofsinger. Kathleen Frances 14$ Oellig, Roger Lee 144 O son. Sharon J. $7. 72. 145 Oswald. Julie Kaye 25. S4. 57. 93. 146 Oswald. Pamela Sue 146 Otdocrfer, Randall Gene 146 Ottcrson. Jerry Dale 14$ Owens. Mary Ellen 14$ Paris. Bill Harold M6 Pavcy. Lloyd M7 Peal. Brad Todd 38. 4$, 147 Pearson. Noncy Sheila 147 Peck. Jerry Robert 147 Peel. Chfisti Lou M7 Pelton, Dean Richard S2, 147 Penninger. Allen D. 88. M7 Peterson. Scott Victor 147 Peters. Pamela Jca 147 Petrie. Vickie Anne 147 Phillips. Danny Lee M7 Pilcher. Kenny Albert 147 Pinkston, Julie Ann 147 Poe. Janice Fay 147 Pokrant. Judy Elizabeth M7 Poole. Konnolh James 147 Porter, Curtis Haul 82, 147 Porter. Gary Stephan 53. 147 Prock. Don Edward 52. 147 Prock. Randall L. M7 Pudclt, Paul Raymond M7 Purifoy, Veronico J. M7 Ouecn. Cindy Koy M7 Rader. Borbaro J. M7 Rainwater. Michael Wayne 82. M7 Ralston. Dcbto Sue 93. M7 Rapp. Dennis Monroe 4$, 147 Rotcliffc. Lewis Farrell 147 fiaymer. Leighton 147 Rich. Steven Mitchell 147 Richards. Peggy Sue 147 Richardson. Shelly Gay 91, M7 Rigby. Sue Ruth 9S. M7 Riggins, Bridget Leigh 147 Riggins. Dan O. 63. 147 Rinaldo. Linda Ann 147 Robar. Christine Lynn 66. M7 Robc'ts. Nancy Gail 91. 147 Robinson, Oon 147 Robinson. Diane Grace 148 Robison. Gail Denise 1 3 Rodewald. Lee Alan MS Rose. Mark Alan 46. 63. 85. 148 Rumelhart. Gary Leo 82. M3 Rungrcn, Lorry Roger MB Russell, Denise Dale 94. 148 Russo. Teresa Marie 148 Rycrson. Deborah Lee 95. M8 St. John. Carla Lil 148 Salo. Terry Gayle 148 Sanofsly. Kenneth Warren 148 Sother. Kenneth 148 Satrc. Jamot P. S3, MB Schlichting, Steve Dale SI. 57, 71, 1+3 Schmid. Darrell Robert 82. MB Schneider. Gene Avery 148 Schultz. Alisa Diane MS Schultz, Donna Lee 148 Schultz. Wayne Alien 82 Schulz, Richard Eldon 52. M3 Schumann. Gotthold M8 Schutt, Carmen L. 25. 57. 76. 148 Schutt. Janice Ruth 95. 1 3 Scott. Debra J. 90, 143 Scott. Karen Theresa 148 Shafer. Teresa Christine 93. M8 Shaffer. Clifford Raymond M8 Shanl. Julie Ann MS Sharp. James Allan 148 Sheets. Geneva Mac 148 Shirk. James Oouglas M8 Short. John Gilbert 82. 148 Shultz, Wayne 148 Shumate. Wendell Wayne Jr. 143 Slalitzky. Debbie Leo 77. 90. 1+3 Skattum. Gordon A'an 1+8 S'oggett. Judy Gwen 94. 143 Smiley. Richard W. 148 Smith. Debbie 148 Smith, Holly Dec 87. 149 Smith. Keith Arnold M9 Smith, Randall Evan 37. 71. 89. 14? Sorrentino. Mark Lee 39. 51. 71, M9 Stoples, Judith lone M9 Stephens. Joan Marie 149 Stevens, Rick 149 Stewart. Renee Sue 149 Stichlcr. Pamela Sue 85, 149 Stickler. Marla Rae 70. 149 Streit, Roger Craig 149 Struse. Jerrold Ezra 149 Stubbs. Ed Park 82. 14? Sturm. JoAnn 149 Suchy, Lydia Rosemario 77. 88. 95. M9 Swanson. Maurice Gene 42. 46. M9 Swanson. Steven Helmer 149 Swanson. Wendy Ann 149 Taber. Robert Allen M9 Talbott. Kevin James M9 Taylor. Peggy M9 Toaster. Frances Jean 14? Tennison. Robert Joel 149 Thecl, Mel Warren. Jr. 149 Thomas. Stephen O. M9 Thompson. J. Paul 82. 149 Thorell. Curt Lane M9 Thorpe. Dan Wayne 51. 14? Thunberg. Debra Kay 149 Tilberg. William E. Jr. 149 Tinker, Pamela Yvonne 70. M? Townsend. Linda Clarice 14? Trail. Janet Radia 149 Trossmor, Valerie Jo 92, 149 Trollcr, Ronald David 149 Trollop. Mark Edwin 39. 53. 149 Tubbs. Laurene Cheryl 14? Uhlir. William Oavid 80. 149 Ulbricht. Joan Naomi 66. 70. 94. 149 Umbcnho-wer. Patricia Ann 149 Vaiden, John Roger S3. 89. 150 Varalli. Mark Angelo 150 Vola. Teresa A. 66. ISO Vyborny. Mile Paul ISO Walker. Dale Owen 150 Welker. Danny Gene 80. 82. 150 Wallace. Thomas Wayne S3. ISO Warren. James De«ter 150 Webb. Robert Edward ISO Weber. Archie Lester 150 Weber. Linda Gay 150 Welch. Rebecca Lou 88. 150 White. Eddie Fay 150 Whittaker. Ray Eugene 150 Widell. Karin R. 150 Williams. Davie Lee 4$. ISO Williams. Mark Russell 150 William . V anda Faye 150 Williamson. Linda Kristine 150 Wilson. Carla Jo 90. 150 Wilson, Henry J. ISO Wincapaw. Timothy Arthur 150 Witt. Kenneth 150 Witz. Carla J can ISO Wojahn. Dan Thomas 150 Woiahn. Diane Lee 85. ISO Woiewodzli. Joe Anthony ISO Wood. Frances James 150 Wood. Fred J. 150 Wood. Patti Gay 150 Woodard. Shirley Jaan ISI Wright. Don Lee 151 Yakay. Paul Ken ISI Yapp. Kenny Frank 51. 151 Yapp. Kevin Oonald SI, ISI Young. Douglas Robert ISI Young, Jim ISI Young. Richard Alan 52. 68. 8S. ISI Zander. John 151 Zander. Robin Way re 151 Zimmerman. Gregory Louis 87. 89. ISI Zornok, Sharon Ealine 91. ISI Seniors Acalcv. David William 38. 71. 8S. 93 Ahmcr. James William 71. 98 Ainsworth. Kay Marie 33. S7, 74, 85. 94, 98 131 Alllon. Charles Ray 81. 83. 53 Almberg. David John 98 Ames. Carin Lea 73. 98 Ames. Joyce Ann 98 Anderson. Becky Lynn 53 Anderson. Coralee 85. 86. 99 Anderson. Gary Robert 99 Anderson. James Stuart 99 Anderson. Lynn Louise 59 Anderson. Reed Alva 99 Anderson. Sherry Joyce 99 Anderson. Wayne Lynn 99 Andrews. Larry Arthur 99 Arnold. Oonna Diane 9? Ashby. Glonna Jean 6). 87. 88. 9? Attcrbury, Charles Joseph SI, 99 8achman. Guy Kimble 81. 83. 59 Bagicy. Lucille Sandra 99 Bahling. 8e!ty Jean 99 8orclay. Kenneth Eugene 100 Bartilton, Stanley Wayne Jr. $7. 63. 100 Batche-'or, Dan Edward 78. ICO Bate. Phyllis Louise $9. 92. 100 Bauer. Jean Ann 100 ’ 8eckham, George Alvin ICO Beebe, Brian Kent 88. 89. ICO 8cnder, Randy Alvin 39. 71 Berg. 8onnie Jean 85. ICO Berger. Oiane ICO Bcrkheimcr, Oavid Ray 51. 100 Bishop. Peggy Ann ICO Blade. Nancy Sue 100 8lumc. Paul F. ICO Boettcher. Carol Ann 100 Bohn. Susan Kay 100 Booker. Rite Fay 100 Borgmann. Vicki Lynn ICO BorowsVi. Theodore 101 Boustead, Timothy Jon 101 Bowers. Kathy Sue 63. 87. 101 Boyce. Johnny Lee 101 Braotcn. Deborah Jean 101, 59, 9S Brace, Fred Donald 101 Brace. Phyllis Jean 101 Bradham. Gary Dean 101 8rady. Marilec Theresa 101 Brandon. Bruce Alan 39. 101 Brewer. Terry Edward 68. 101 8rown. Charles Bruce 101 Brown. Debbie Mac 101 Brydcn. Tcri Lynn 78, 101 222Buhrmon. Richard Allen 102 Bundick. Samuel Gary SJ 8unger, Calhlecn Joann 102 Burl. Michael Frank 102 Burke. Dennis Charles 46, 102 Burdick. Francis H. 102 Burleson. Charlotte Fay 102 Burto-n. Nancy Irene 102. 130 Buskie. Jill Denise SB. 102. 121 Caqle. Thomas Junior 102 Cagnoni. Drusilla Marlene S8. 44. 48. 102 Carlson. Daniel Scott 102 Carpenter. Brad Allen 42. 102 Carter. Gail laVerne 102 Casey. Patrick Edward 102 Chabucos. Theodore Nick 102 Chandler. Dan lee 103 Chester. Linda Carol 103 Claeyssen. Mary Joan 103 Cleaveland. Curtis Lee 103 Clements. Alan Thomas 44. 103 Cockrum. Ha'vey Lee 23. 79. 103 Coffmon. James W.lliam 40. 83. 103 Cole. Connie Marlene 103 Coniey. Robbyn Lee 103 Cooper. Kin Edward 103 Covert, James Lyle 43, 103 Cradle. Barbara Jean 103 Craig. Dan Willis 103 Cromwell. Sue Kay 103 Crotrcr. Terry Ray 83. 103 Crumrine. Cheryl Lynne 103 Cruz. Kathy Margaret 70. 40. 104 Cummings. Terry Clifford 104 Cunningham. Joyce Linda IC4 Cutler. Racanne Patrice 92, 104 Dahlstrand, A'ene Val 104 Damon. Howard John S3. 48. 104. 133 Danielson. John Charles 104 Oannenfeldt. John Carl 43. 53. S8. 45. 71. 85. 9S. 104. 132 Darden. Joann Charotte 104 Dauenbaugh. Rita Jean 57. 44. 87. S3. 104. 132 Davis. Nancy Lynn 104 Oenton. Mile Jeffrey 38. 87. 88. 104 Oevore, Martha Muirclene 104 Dickson. Dwight Robert 104 Dietermen. Nancy Louise 104 Difrier. Arlene Ruth IC4 Oole. 8illy J. 105 Do«d. Denise Rac 105 Downs. Hugh Wayne 105 Doyle, St:ven Lynn 57. 105 Oragor. Jeffry Slua'I 58. 85, 105 0'ost. Gary William 105 Dudon, Alanna Denise 70. 105 OuFoe. Roberta Lee 105 Duhigg. Sandra Sue 105 Dusing. Brad Edward ICS Earlywine. Susan Eileen 105 Easton. Kristie Lynn 33. 4S. 105, 133 Eoelen. Crystal Faye ICS Ede'en. Richard 105 Edmonds. Cathy Elaine 105 SIsentraeger. Judith Ann 105 Ekberg. Ronald Oean 53. 85. 93. 104 Ellison. Cheryl Lee 78. 104 Eiston, Scott Anthony 51. IC4 Erickson Patricia Jeanne 70. 104 Erickson. Charles LaVerne 104 Esparza. Robert 104 Evans. Sherry Ann 104 Everhart. Clinton lewis 104 Eversoll. Louis Allen 44, 104 Fabricl. Kathryn Grace 104 Fadness, Preston Grant IC4 Ferquson, Brenda Sue IC4 Feuille'at. Kathy Kay 104 Files. Sandra Kay IC4 Finch, Denise Annette 9S. 104 Fiorello. Larry Steven 104 Fleming. Mike Joseph 107 Forbes Ramona Lee 107 Ford Ma'k Lewis 107 Foreman. Donnie Junior 39. 46. 107 Forsythe Debbie Mae 107 Foss. Daniel Franklin 33. 44. 107 Foss. Lynda Joyce 107 Foster. Debby Jean 107 French. David 107 Fullerton. Jeffrey Ray 107 Galligan. Michael Curtis 38. 71. 107 Genens. John Bart 107 Gentry. Yvonne Marie 89, 107 Gibbs. Thomas John 38. SI. 58. 71. 107. 131 Gilbert. Douglas Allan 42 . 87. 89. 107 Giuffre. Patricia Diane 107 GUdden. Dan Dwight 108 Goedert. Harry 103 Goggiel. Deborah 58. 59. 92. 103 Gossard, Cindy Jean 108 Gough, Clare Marie IC8 Gould, Shari Anne 103 Grabow. Chris Leroy 85. 93. 103. 130 Green. Brad Almy 103 Green. Carlene IC8 Green, Randy Lee 33. 71, 98. 108. 130 Greer. Sylvia Lynn 103 Gregory. Dennis Wayne 103 Gunderson. Sheila Lee IC8 Magberg. Robert Carl 81. 83. IC8 Hakes, Larry Robert 38. 51. 71. 103 Hall, lo'inda Ma'iette 58. 59. 72. 83. 109 Hall. Penny Sue IC8 Hancock. Pamela Lynn 109. 132 Haney. Larry David 109 Honnabach. Nancy 109 Harbison. Rex Allen 103 Harding. Rosemary Lynn 58. 48. 109 Harlacher, Donna laVonno 10? Harris. Clifford Lee 39. 51. 109. 132 Harris. Holly Jo 109 Harwood. Gregory Duane 10? Hatlestad. Karla Joy 78. 10? Havens. Michael Donovan 83. 109 Heaberlin. Patricia Ann 44. 10? Heeler, Pixie Jean 10? Hedrick. Walter Steve 10? Hcidemann. Sandra Jean 92. 110 Heidcnreich. Larry forest 110 Heidcnrich. Donald Leslie 110 Hold. Joon Fay 73. 110 Helgeson. Linda Jeon HO Hendricks, Gretchen Lou 110 Henry, Linda Jean 110 Hessian. Sue Ann 58, 59. 89. 55. 110 Hicks. Gail Ellen 110 Hledilek. Kay Joan 110 Holder. Joan Elaine 110 Homewood. John Paul HO Hon. Deborah Kaye HO Hoover. Norma Jean HO Houy. Michael Dennis 83. NO Howard. Glenda June III Hube'. Allen Dale 111 Huddleston. Rodney Kurt 58. 45. Ill Hudson, Richard Wayne III Huffman. Peggy 111 Hulstedler. Pamela Sue III Hughes, Larry Otis 39. 51. III. 130 Hughes. Scott Edward 33. 35. 58. 71. 44. III. Husmann. Elizabeth Ann III Hyatt. Connie Sue 111 Isoz. Brian Lee 33. 45. 71. 88. 95. Ill Jacobs. Jack Richard III Jahn. Kathleen Ann III James. Vicky Lynn III Janke, Lois Ann 43. III Jeans. Danny Lewis HI Jensen. Kevin Wayne 92. 112 Jonsen. Laurel Arlinc 44. 112 Joorn, Jacquelyn 94. 112 Johnson, Daniel Lee 57. 92. 112. 132 Johnson, David Lawrence 59. 94. 112. 133 Johnson. George Edward 39. 51. 71 Johnson. Kathleen Ann 112 Johnson, Michael Eugene 78. 79. 112 Johnsoh. Robyn Ann 112 Johnson. Seth Paul 1112 Johnson. Sharon Kay 112 Johnson. Trinde Lynn 58. S9. 83, 94. 112 Jones. Linda Lee 112 Jurgens. De'ores 112 Jury. Ranae Oiane 12. 131 Kaasa. Kristine 112 Kane. Suson LaRay 45. 112 Kankaa a. Gerald Oliver S8. 47. 113, 85 Kost. Timothy Lowell 113 Keller. Kevin Chores 113 Kelly. Michael Steven 113 Kelly. Paul Eugene 113 Kcrchner, Darla Sue 94. 113 Kiely. James Edward 113 King. Kathy Diane 113 Kirkpatrick, Mark Edwin 113 Klein Patricia Ann 113 Klcindl. Sandra Lee 58. 92. 113 Kluth. Gretchen Kay 58. 59. 42. 94. 113. 130 Kneprath, Darla Denise 113 Knittel. Marlyn George 113 Knodlo. Debra Sue 13 Knoebber, Linda Marie 113 Knowlton, Gordon Roy 114 Knox, laurc Anne 43. 114 Kolb. Geoffrey Keith 58. 85. 114 Knutson. Diane 114 Knutson. Joonn 114 Kolm, Dennis Arthur 114 Koltcrmen, Paula Jean 114 Kott. Sharon Marie 114 Kreuter. Eddy Wayne 114 Kreuler, Tracie Marie 114 Kruse, Melvin Clair 114 Kruse, Suzanne Jean 8S. 114 Kryder. David Robert 8S. 114 Kuhn, Ouane Joseph 57. 114 Kwiotkowski. Helen Theresa 114 Lamb Billy 114 lamberth. Kathy Dianne IIS Lane. Daniel Richard 115 Lane, Robert Cari SI. 71. 83. IIS Launis. Pamela Margie 83. 115 Lee, Craig Arthur 115 Leggc. Carol 115 Le-nius, Michael LaVerne 38, 71. 115 Leonard, Barbara Kay IIS Leslie. Linda Kay 55. 57. 74. 115 Levy. Bruce Oonald 115 Lewis. Mark Everett 115 Lighthart. Leon Ray 88. 115 Liles. Howard David 58. 87. 89. 115 Lilly. Terry Alan 115 Linco'n. Janice Kay 115 Littell. Peggy Jean 115 ludington. Donald Gene 114 Lynch. James Patrick 51. 114 Maberry, Kathy 114 Madison. David Charles 116 Maitland. Linda Sue 114 March. Connie Sue 116 Marriett. Jean Ann 116 Marske. Barbara Jean 116 Martens. Connie Sue 116 Martinovich. Dennis Bernard 116 Martinovich. Ouane 8arry 39. 71. 116 Martinscn, Judy Lee 116 Masiuslis, A'an Leo 51. 116 Mathieu. Carol Oionc 87. 88. 116 Moyberry. Deborah Spring 116 Moyborne. Ocbbie Lynn 116 McAiister. Sherry Jean 117 McCoin. Candis Ellen 58. 95. 117 McCarthy. Ronald Duane 117 McKee. Rosalie Ann 117 Mclev qe. William Victor 33. 43. 58, 59. 71. 95. Il . 133 McNamer. Clarence Leon Jr. 117 Mead. Gerald Thomas 56. 57. 87. 83. 89. 117 Meier. Michaei Donald 117 Melchcr. Ronald Louis 117 Messlnger. Larry Allan 65. 117 Messlnger. Ronald Robert 117 Mie'S, James Leroy III 33. 38. 71. 117, 133 Milhone. John D.vid 117 Miller. Pamela Anne 117 Miller. Steven Alan 42. 53. 117 Million, Ronald James 117 Montgomery. Danny Eugene 81. 83. 118 Moon. Dan Lewis 118 Morris. James Dwight 118 Nagel. Gail Elaine 118 Nelson. Joy 118 Nichols. Noel Duane 64. 118. 131 Nichols. Wendy Gail 18 Nielcen. James Robert 118 Niffenegger. Donold Oran 118 Novotny. 8ccky Ann 118 Novotny. Robert Frederick 118 Nyslrom. Jeon Marie 78. 118 Oakes, William Charles 87, 118 O'Brien. Michael 118 O'Connor, Michelle Ann 119 Oliver. Sue Kay 25. 33. 76. 88. 119 Olson. Patricia Mary 57. 74. 59. 92. 119 Olson. Robert Vern 3?. 53. 119 O'Neill. Margaret May II Oncy. Candieth Joy 75. II, 133 Owen. John Edward 57. 58. 119 Palmer. Gilbert Dennis 119 Parker. Kathryn Sue 119 Parker. Kenneth Lee SI. 71. 119 Pauley. Shelly Lou 85 Pearce. David John 85 Peck. William Nelson 120 Peebles, Kristi Ann 59. 72. 89. 94. 120 Peterson, Luanne 120 Peterson, Marl Stephen 120 Peterson Melinda Kay 120 Peterson, Nancy Louise 120 Peterson, Neal Roger 38. 68 Peterson. Vickie Marie 120 Petty. David Gene 120 Phillips. Brenda Carlene 3. 120 Phillips. Cecelia Anne 120 Phillips. Terry Allen 120 Pierce. Barbara Joan 120 Pierce. Jimmy Lionel 120 Pictz. Roger 120 Pihl, Steve Wayne 120 Pitts. Ivajean 121 Porter. Roger Adolphs 78. 121 Purifoy. Wanda I2l Purneil. Karla Joy 121 Pyfer, Jerry Eugene 121 Quintanilla Eva Theresa 121 Quist, Jan 121 Rodent. Roger William 21 Rader. Zella Ann 89 Ramsey. Sandra Jean 121 Raymer. Daryl Lee 121 Reese. Otnise Arlette 73. 121 Reeves. June Ailecn 121 Reynolds. Debbie Key 121 Richmond. Dennis Scott 121 Richmond. Stcvo Donald 121 Rieffcr. Sharon Faye 122 P.Iggs. Kristy Marlene 122 Ring. Charles Leo 122 Rifza. Michele 122 Robertson. Richcne Denise 91. 122 Robinson Sandra Eileen 122 Rogers. Curt Alan 122. 130 Rogers. Michael Willard 53. 122 Roland. Randy Lee 39, 46. 122 Round. Doris Anne 122 Rumler. Carol Sue 46. 92. 122 Ryan. Deborah Gail 58. 122 Sackey. Martha Ann 64. 67, 85. 123 St. Clair. Marqaret Ann 123 Sallee. Gail Ann 78. 123 Saubcrlich. Stuart Albert 123 Savage. Janice Marie 123 Scadden. Sandra Sue 74. 123 Schewe. Beverly Am 58. 93. 123. 133 Schlichting. Connie Ann 57. 76. 93. 123 Schneider. Rae Ann 123 Schrader. Patricia Lynn 123 Schuepbach. Thomas Lee 123 Schulrz. Chalres Gustav 51. 71. 123 Schultz. Debra Jane 124 Schuller. Anita Irene 57, 124 Schwengels. Todd Stewart 57. 124 Seaman. Vernita Kay 124 Senters. Fred Leon 124 Seymour. Duane Lee 124 Shaw. Gwen Jean 124 Shortt. Vicki Jane 59. 62. 86. 94. 124 Shott. Larry Marl 124 SIcbarth. David Jerome 124 Simpson. Robert William 124 Skattum. Doyle Lynn 124 Sloggett. Tom Roger 38. 71. 124 Smith, Edward AHyn 124 Smith. Melinda Kay 124 Smith, fihondo Lee 124 Smith. Sally Rae 125 Smith. Steve Wayne 1125 Smith. Varlene Inez 85. I2S Snodgrass. Miach Lynn 43. 125 Son. Ocnnis E. 82. 125 Southard. Craig Alan 46, 59. 71. 93. 125 Sowors, Jerry Russell 125, 131 Pencer. Sharon Ann 125 Spiering, Colette Eliinoir 58. 72. 125 Stephens, Dennis Paul 52, 83. 125 Stone Michael Jean 33 125 Siowcrt. Barbara Lynn 85. 125 Streit. Dan James 125 Stubbs. Christine Mary 125 Stufflebeam. Karon Lee 125 Sundly. Shirley Mae 44. B8. 125 Surface, Dan Leroy 124 Sutton. Robert Charles SI. 126 Swanson. Carol Helen 126 Swanson. Jack Alan 87. 89. 126 Swartouf. Lana Rose 126 Szymanski. Mary Celeste 70, 126 Tapp. Ricky Allen 126 Taylor. William Lee 126 Terry. Cynthia Lee 87. 93. 126 Thayer. Deirdre Kay 25. 33. 76. 93. 126. 132 Thompson. Iona Rae 126 Thompson, Paul Lesley 78. 126 Tish. Robert Allen 126 Townsend. Wcr.dy Iris 33. 70. 94. 124 Troff. Loretta Fay 127 Troll. Vivian Rose 127 Traina. Jeffrey Lynn 127 Truckenbrod. Mark Steven 127 Turney. Diane Elite 127 Ulbricht. Helen Louise 64. 127 Untz, Linda Marie 67. 127 Urbelis. Steve A: 12? Vaile. Cathie Ann 78, 127 Vybomy. Pauline Louise 127 Wolsh, Larry Joseph 127 Walsh. Rodney Allison 58. 8S. 84. 127 Wore. Nancy Ann 78. 79. 127 Watkins. Linda Kay 127 Weber Darcy Ann 73. 79. 128 Webster, Deborah Lynn 128 v clborn. David Loyd 81. 83. 123 Welbom. Judith 128 Welsh. Desa Lynn 46. 128 West, Jackiy.n Alice 128 Wcstenberg. Jody Ann 85. 123 While. Michael Murray 128 Whiteoker, Richard Eugene 123 Whitehead. Connie Kee 128 WhicVberg. Geraldine Marie 128 Wienizierl. Jeanne Fern 63. 85. 123 William. James Richard 128 Winch. Patricia Rae 25. 33. 58. 59. 69. 89. 95. 98, 128. 130 V itz. Marie Louise 88. 128 Wolfgram, Sandra Raye 123 Wood, Jonn Allen 71. 128 Wood. Robert Erwin 129 Wylde. Gail Alison 129 Yalev. Anna Louise 129 Young. Katherine JoAnnc 69. 8S. 129 Young. Robert Michael 33. 38. 46. 71. 12? Zwlerzyeli. Ca'o! Ann 129 Zwierzycki. Raymond Norbet 12? 223End Word Waiting, Waiting, It’s here. The year has ended. The book is complete. We’ve put it together with work, dedication, excitement, and sorrows. Forgetting any one moment is impossible. Everyone Dave Johnson who processed the pictures. Pat Winch gave us the meaning with words while Will McClevige kept pace with the athletes. Kris Easton and Deb Braaten kept our mess in order as Vicki Shortt and Kris Peebles worked for our goals. We acknowledge all of them as well as the entire 1969-1970 Meteor Staff. But most of all we would like to thank Mr. T. our kind hearted advisor for his time, effort, guidance and inspiration. For without him it couldn't have been possible. No where else would one man care so much about his staff and everything else. We hope that everyone at Harlem is rewarded with the best yearbook ever for it truly reflects "A Time For Youth." Editor-in-Chief. on the staff we remember uniquely but at the top of our memory are Cindy Terry who built the book’s foundation with lines and Co-Editor. 224  . 

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