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 £W JdibuA. % THE ETEOR PUBLISHED B Y THE SENIOR CLASS OF HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT 1 SS Leona. B. Me er Was Oa r friend aod Cou.n $e o r here lor ten years She sponsored, the Meteor those years. It y v es ol§ pleasure to cL e cL ca. the Q4- Meteor to her.» .• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Fable of Contents DEDICATION FOREWORD FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS CALENDAR SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN PEPPER STAFF WOOD BUTCHERS G.A.A. CLUBS MUSIC BOYS ATHLETICS and CHEERLEADERS • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Foreword May we hope that the light that emanates from our liar Inn graduates will serve as a beacon at home and an inspiration abroad. There is a greater need for knowledge in this Atom Age than ever before. Schools must meet all challenges. Emerson stated that fear was caused by ignorance. 'I'lius if we are to enjoy the Four Freedoms we must dispense the ignorance which will prevent that enjoyment. American schools are striving to do this by training for good citizenship and for service to mankind; by helping pupils solve their individual problems; by giving them a purpose ami design for living, and by upholding the democratic way of life. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT • tteteor STflfF e .l)ancP «us.«vl% C'lMuss, M.9av cSs ffl G N kl'rSon £..4a rpUtf, Ci.R uLfjri .K "n On, p. HuSfcV . S nAr«,w«. , Lur , (Vf- £ fc.w'f D» , P 2? uv VagtcvN % . aAv b» , tr» +U S'. £ WtrCiwQ Q.ftra c x fcx’r 'i , 3c'tnOO'» t No,K«v, 0- SvJi U«- ri JD . C lar t Co. D «. «dvj"i SO»-S -• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • .Meteor Stall KDITOK-IVCIIIKF James Leary BUSINESS MANAGER Walter Daer PUBLICITY Dirk lluscn, Betty Heffner, Bill Berk ART Marlene Anderson, Marjorie Hums, Lois 'I'arpley TY PISTS Betty Heffner, Mary Rader. Marlene Kinson. Norma Bentson BUSINESS MANAGERS David Clark, Nonna Bentson, Bill Smith, Portia Andrew, Phyllis Zumhagen, Marlene Kinson, Betty Heffner, Bill Beek, Charles Branch, Frank Perkins, Mary Rader. MAKE-UP Helen Jarvis, Dave Ralston. Fred Fleming, Clifford Nelson. Bonnie Van Detiscn. Joan Day. Robert Sehoonmaker, Gordon Swisher. SPONSORS Mr. Joyce (Advertising), Miss Winfrey NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Administration “Thp whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. ’—Anatolc France. {Nothing of Truth is ever destroyed. Our methods have changed, hut facts have remained facts until proved untrue. In this day when mothers are going into competitive fields, the schools must assume greater responsibility. To the teachers more and more conies tin opportunity for assisting the child to adjust himself to to the environment in which he must live. Teachers must answer his questions about tin universe and people. Thus the teacher has been forced to become specialized in more fields. We in Harlem have the full time services of an excellent nurse, one that no child fears to approach with his problems. Wc have sponsors who make it their business to direct the pupils in the social affairs as well as their study problems. 'flic hand worker has his chance along with the thinker. Each is recognized as being a necessary unit in his community. Crowded conditions handicap us. hut as we look into the future wc sec a new set-up. The building being erected south of the old building promises to empty rooms which the high school will use. Mr. Ilovcy has most capably made use of every nook and corner in housing the classes. Because of his untiring attention to Harlem's needs, our school has been kept on the accredited list. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT • _ •DU lk)HO sJ 3UW3(J J9WXUOQ uHor S3 91 3 M w 131 m j.yd• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Faculty Kuwu’l W. Hovey, B.Sc., Ph.M. Su perintendent University of Illinois .... University of Wisconsin Harold Moore, B.A., Pli.M. I rind hi I Dean of Hoys Senior Sponsor Lake Forest College .... Northern Illinois State Teachers College .... University of Wisconsin .... University of Illinois Extension. Bookkeeping .... American Government .... Business Law .... Guidance Director .... Student Activities Treasurer . . . . Director Magazine Sales. Frances J. Valentine, A.B.. M.S. Dean of Girls Senior Sponsor James Millikin University .... University of Colorado . . . . University of Illinois. Plane Geometry .... Advanced Algebra .... Solid Geometry .... Trigonometry. Jesse Horan. B.E. Northern Illinois State Teachers College .... University of Illinois. Algebra .... Geometry .... Sophomore Sponsor. John Son tag, B.E. Oshkosh State Teachers College of Wisconsin .... University of Colorado .... Rockford College .... University of Wisconsin .... Colorado State Teachers College .... Stout Institution, Menomomie, Wisconsin. General Science .... Biology' .... Physics .... Camera Club .... Conservation Club .... Sophomore Sponsor. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Faculty Clyde F. Peterson, B.S. Illinois Wesleyan University .... Northern Teachers College. Physical Education .... Health .... General Coach .... H-Cluh. Illinois State Science . . . . John G. Martin, B.A. Beloit College .... University of Illinois. American Government .... U. S. History .... Sociology . . . . Lightweight Coach. Mrs. Stone, Graduate Nurse Way land Academy .... University of Wisconsin .... Billings Hospital .... Michael Reece Hospital .... Rockford Hospital .... Nurse. William B. Young, ILL. Illinois State Normal University .... University of Pittsburgh Graduate School. Industrial Arts .... Freshman Sponsor .... Woodhutchers. Harry A. Campion, B.E. Western Illinois State Teachers College .... Northwestern University. Shorthand .... Typing .... Pepper Sponsor. John H. Mohring, B.S., M.S. Drcxcl Institute of Technology .... Slate Teachers College, Kutstown, Pa. . . . University of Pennsylvania .... University of Wisconsin. English II ... . Plane Geometry .... Social Studies . . . . Sophomore Advisor. Marian Welhes. B.A. Michigan State Normal College .... Rockford College . . . . English 111 ... . English IV ... . Junior Playr .... Junior Sponsor. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Facility Clyde L. Joyce, B.S. Memphis Slate Teachers College .... University of Alabama .... Lake Forest College .... Memphis Conservator)' of Music .... Mississippi State College .... Sherwood Music School. World History .... English II ... . Prom Advisor .... Junior Sponsor .... Meteor Sponsor. Azalia W infrey, B.S. Central Missouri State Teachers College .... Chicago Musical College .... Northwestern University. English IV ... . Librarian .... Meteor Sponsor. Pearl Morton. A.B. Missouri Wesleyan College .... Columbia Teachers College. Home Economics .... Freshman Sponsor .... Junior Prom Committee. Evalyn Clark, B.A. Illinois State Teachers College .... Illinois Wesleyan University .... Rockford College. Pepper Sponsor. (.ariotta Kinney, A.B. Knox College .... University of Southern California .... University of isconsin .... Inter-American Summer School, Saltillo, Mexico. Spanish Club .... Augustans. Rudolph Saarinen. B.E. Northern Illinois State Teachers College .... University of St. Ix uis. dec Clubs .... Orchestra .... Band. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOi • Seniors For four yean we have been together, playing, working, laughing. learning and developing those traits which have been discovered and nourished by a faithful faculty. As we approach the day of graduation and realize the time grows short until the world will knock at our doors and invite us to bring forth our talents, we feel quite inadequate, and wish we could once more be Freshmen. How we would study to he ready for that knock of opportunity! Then we realize the past is closed. From our four years we must organize our learning, and armed with it and a stout heart and youthful zest, we must enter the stream of life with swift sure strokes. Our thanks to our sponsors. Miss Valentine ami Mr. Moore, who have been willing to help us at all times. Also our officers. Clifford Nelson. President; David Ralston. Vice President; David Clark, Secretary; and Leslie Swanborg, Treasurer, who have served faithfully. MARLENE JEAN ANDERSON G. A. A.; G. A. A. Secretary I; Junior Glass Secretary 3; Sports Leader 2; Mixed Chorus 123; Operetta 2; Prom Gomniittee 23; Senior Play I; Play Committee 3; Pepper 3; Meteor 4; Ganiera Glub 2.3. Favorite Subjects: English and American History. Hobby: Knitting. Plans to go to the West Goasl. Go on to an art school and take up Commercial Art. PORTIA MARION ANDREW G. A. A.; Mixed Chorus 1.2; Girls’ Chorus 3.4; Pepper Staff 3.4; Meteor Staff I; Junior Class Play Committee 3; Senior Class Play 4; Operetta 2; G. A. A. Dance Committee; Publicity Chairman for Magazine Sales 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Attendance Monitor 3; G. A. A. Sports Leader 4. Favorite Subject: Mathematics and Bookkeeping. Hobby: Sports. Intends to go to business school and become an accountant or bookkeeper. • nineteen hundred and forty-eight  • HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL Seniors WILLIAM EDWARD BECK Glee Cluh I; Operetta 2; Football Manager 3,4; Ba.kethall Manager 3,1; Track Manager 4; H Cluh 4; Meteor Staff 4. Favorite Subject: U. S. History. Hohhy: Stamp Collecting. Undecided hut w ill prohahly work. NORM A LEE BENTSON G. A. A.; G. A. A. Sport Leader 2.4; G. A. A. Assistant Secretary 3; G. A. A Dance Committee 1.4; Augustan 2.3,4; Augustan Vice President 3; Glee Club 2; Mixed Choru 1; Camera Cluh 23; Home Ec. Cluh 2; Meteor Staff 4; Meteor Magazine.. Captain 4; Fire Monitor 4. Favorite Subject: Latin and Civic . Hohhy: Collecting picture . Plan, to go into nur e. training thi fall. Later, hope, to .tudv piano. CHARLES RILEY BRANCH. JR. Band 1.23.4; Orch. 2; Augu.tan. 23; Vice President 2; Junior Play Committee 3; Senior Play 4; Football 4; Track 1; Meteor I; Fre.hman Cla. Treasurer 1; Wood Butcher 1; Operetta 2. Ha no favorite .uhject like them all. Plan to teach. KENNETH RALPH BROMAN Band 133.4; Orcli. 13; Football 13: Wood Butcher. 1; Junior Play 3. Hohhy: Working on my car “Elzie.” Plan to he an Architect. BETTY JEAN BROWN Mixed Choru 13: Augu.tan 23.4; G. A. A. 23.1; A. O. A. 23.4; Play Committee 3,4; Prom Committee 3. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hohhy: Reading. Plan to go to California after graduation. FRANCIS I. BURNS Augu.tan 23.4; Con.ervation Cluh 4. Hohhy: Model Airplane Building and Radio. Vocation: Radio Repair and Television. DAVID WILLARD CLARK Fre.hman Class Vice President 1; Wood Butcher 1; Soph. Initiation Committee 1; Junior Class Treasurer 3; Junior Home Room President 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Junior Play Usher 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Senior Home Room President 4: II Cluh 2.3.4; Football 133.4; Track 13.3; Senior Play 4; Augu.tans 23.4; Meteor Staff 1; Camera Club 4; Conservation Club 4. Hohhy: Fishing and hunting. Hopes to attend Augustana College at Rock Island. Illinois. LYLE ALLAN CORRIGAN Football 1.3.4; Basketball 13; Track 13,3; H Cluh 4; Junior Class Play 3; Play Committee 4; Prom Committee 3; Meteor 4; Wood Butcher 13; Milk Monitor 3.4. W ALTER BUDD I)AER Wood Butcher. 13; Camera Club 3,4; Junior Play Stage Mgr. 3,4; Pepper Staff 4; Prom Committee 3; Meteor Staff 4; Magazine Captain 3. 4; Orch. 13; (.lee ('.luh 3. Vocation: Radio Repair and Electrical Work. Hohhy: Photography and Amateur Radio. M A RIE TH ERESE DAN IELSEN Mixed Glee Cluh 133: Girls’ Chorus 3; Pep Cluh 2.3.4; Augu-tans 23.4; Augu.tan Trea.urer 3; A.O.A. 4; G.A.A. 23.4; (LA.A. Trea.urer i; Operetta 2. Favorite Subject: Shorthand and typing. Hohhy: Sports and Dancing. Plan to attend Business School and further education there. nineteen hundred and forty-eight• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Seniors MARY JEAN DAN I ELS EN Mixed Glee Club 1.2.3; Girl Chorus 4; Pep Club Vice President 3; Align- tans 23; A.O.A. 4; Operetta 2. Favorite Subject: Shorthand and typing. Hobby: Horseback riding, ire skating, shimming and sports. Plans to go to Business School for private secretarial work. JOAN EVELYN DAY G.A.A. 13,4; Glee Club I; Play 3; Play Committee 4; Augustan 3.4; Augii -tan President 4; Prom Committee 3; Pepper Editor 4. Meteor 4. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Writing and Reading. Plans to attend Rockford College. JOHN DOHERTY Football 23.4 Track 133; Baseball 13.3.4; Prom Committee 3; Class Treasurer 2; Conservation Club 4; Wood Butchers 13. Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Professional Baseball. CLIFFORD EMIL DUMMER Wood Butchers 13; Football 1; Play 3.4; Camera Club 4; Conservation Club 4; Soph Initiation Committee 2. Favorite Subject: Industrial Arts and Typing. Hobby: All sports and photography. Plans to work in Press Photography after graduation. PATRICIA ANN EAU CLAIRE G.A.A. 13.3.4; Girls Chorus 13; Play 3.4; Pepper 3.1; Operetta 2; Camera Club 1.23; Student Council I; Class Vice President 1; Prom Committee 13; Sport Leader 133.4. Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Cooking and sewing. Plans to go Designing School. FRED CHARLES FLEMING Football 133.4; Basketball 133.4; Track 133; Baseball 13; H Club 23.4; H Culb President 4; Class President 13; Wood Butcher- I: Vice Pre-ident Wood Butchers 1; Meteor 4; Magazine Captain 4. Favorite Subject: History. Going to College. GAIL R. GOBER Band 13.3,4; Mgr. Football 3.4; Mgr. Ba-kelball 2.3.1; Mgr. Track 3.4; Stamp Club 3; H Club 3.4. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobby: Bee keeping, collecting stamps, camping. BETTY ANN NANCY HEFFNER G.A.A. 23.4; Girls Chora 13.4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play Committee 1; Mixed Chorus I; G.A.A. Dance Committee 23.1; Prom Committee 3; Pepper Staff 1; Operetta 2; F'ire Drill Monitor 1. Favorite Subject: History and English. Ilobhy: Reading and Eating. Plans to enter Rockford College. CAROLYN HUDSON Mixed Chorus 1; G.A.A. 23.4; Girls’ Clioru 2; Operetta 2; Camera Club 23; Play Committee 3.4; Prom Committee 3; Play 4; Pepper I. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping and History. Hobby: Doll and Free Samples. Travel Florida after Christman of 48.” • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Seniors RICHARD DEWAYNE HUSEN Font lull; Track; Student Council 4; H Club 2.3.4; Meteor 4; Wood Butcher Club I; Augustan 2; Play Committee 3.4; Fire Drill Monitor 2.3.4. Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Fishing and bunting. Plan to travel and see the world. MARJORIE LORRAINE HUSS Glee Club 1.2; Augustan 23,4; Junior Play 3; Meteor 4; Senior Play 4. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Drawing. Intend to continue studies. HELEN BESSIE JARVIS Senior Class Play 4; Meteor I; Pepper 4; G.A.A. 4; East High G.A.A. 23; Howling Club 2: Y-leen 2.3; French Club 2.3: ABL 3 Highlight 3; Argu 3; Sophomore Honor Group 2. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Howling and fishing. Plan to be a stenographer after moving to Milwaukee. Do office work. I.OIS JOAN JOHNSON. G.A.A. 3; Junior Class Play Committee 3; Senior Class Play Committee 4; Pepper Staff 4. Hobby: Reading, collecting item for llarecbet. Work a P B X operator for a while gel married then. PHYLLIS MAE KEELING Mixed Chorus I; Choru 2: Augustan 2.3.4; Prom Committee 3; Play Committee 4. Plan to go to California after graduation. MARALYN KELLEY (LA.A. 122.3.4; Augustan 2.3.4; Chorus 1.3.4; Home Ec. (Hub 3; Camera Club 3; Play Committee 4; Sport Leader 3.4. Favorite Subject: Hookkeeping. Hobby: Collecting dolls. MARLENE MAE KINSON G.A.A. 122.3.4; Vice President of G.A.A. 3; President of G.A.A. 4; Music 1.2: Camera Club 23; Sports Leader 2.3; Pepper 3.4; Meteor Staff 4. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobby: None right now, school keeps me pretty busy. Traveling immediately after Christmas of “48"; in the meantime work. CHARLES RAYMOND LAYNG Football Mgr. 13; Trark Mgr. 133; Industrial Arts Club 1: II Club 2.3.4. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Intend to join the IJ. S. Marine Corps. JAMES RUSSELL LEARY Augustan 23.4; Play 3; Meteor 4; Stamp Club 3; Vice President of Stamp Club 3; Che Club 4. Favorite Subject: American Government. Hobby: Stamp Collection and Reading. After graduation 1 plan to attend college. ROBERT ROYCE MARTIN No activities. Favorite Subject: All science . Hobby: Target Rifling pirture album. After graduation I am going to business school. Inter finish leurning the hardware trade. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED H I G H SCHOOL • Seniors INGVAR NELSON Football 4; Boys’ Choru 3; Mixed Choru 3: Wood Butcher 1-; l la Com-niillee f; Prom Committee 3; Fire Monitor I. Favorite Subject: Social Science or Study Mall. Hobby: Everything—I like to work on my car. My future occupation will be a baker. GORDON LEONARD OLSON Wood Butcher U; Track I; Football 2. Favorite Subject: Wood Working. Hobby: All out of door sport . Work after graduation in trucking business. FRANK J. PERKINS Wood Butcher I; Prom Committee 3; Stage Hand 3; Football 3.1; Basket-ball Mgr. 3; Meteor Staff I: Conservation Club I; Track 3. Hobby: Pool. Ambition: College. RICHARD EDWARD PETERSON Band 1,2.4; Conservation Club I; Orcli. I: Wood Butcher 1.2; Junior Play 3; Football 2; Cheer leading 1. Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Collecting record . To travel and then bark to work. MARY W. RADER G.A.A. 2,3.4; Cla Secretary 1; Play Committee I; Mixed Choru I: Girl ’ Glee Club 2; Play 3; Prom Committee 1.3; Operetta 2; Meteor 1. Favorite Subject: History, mostly American. After graduation I intend on going to Business College taking up courses a medical secretary. DAVID RALSTON Football 1.4; Basketball; Ba ehall; Track 1; Mixed Choru I; Junior Class President 3; Senior Vice President 4; Student Council President 4; Camera Club President 4; H Club 3.4: Treasurer 4; Meteor Staff 4. Favorite Subject: Pbvsical Ed.. Mathematic . Chemistry. JACK LESTER EUGENE ROSS Play 3.4; Football I; H Club 4; Pepper 4. Favorite Subject: World History. Bookkeeping. Hobby: All sports. After graduation I plan to attend trade school. CORA ANNIE ROWE Glee Club 1. Favorite Subject: Physical Education. Hobby: Collecting poems. To work in an office. SHIRLEY JEAN SAMP G.A.A. 1; Glee Club 2.3. Favorite Subject: Physical Education. Hobby: Collecting Movie Slur Pictures und match covers. I plan to work in an office. ROBERT JAMES SCHOONMAKER Baseball; Football I.2.3.4; Basketball I; Track 1.2.3; H Club 3.4; Conservation Club 4; Student Council 1. Favorite Subject: Mathematic . I intend to go to college. WILLIAM CALVERT SMITH Orcli. 1; Wood Butchers 1.2: Band; Class Play 3; Class Play I; Conservation Club 4; Meteor Staff 4. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Intends to attend college when out of High School. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SC innr Seniors RICHARD SORENSEN Augustan 2.3. Hobby: Jive Records. Favorite Subject : Mathematic . Intend' to attend college. KENNETH STROM Private First Class in R.O.T.C. 2.3. We»t High. Hobby: Model Airplane . JOHN FREDRICK SUNDSTEDT Industrial Art Club 1.2; Football 2.4; Basketball 12J.4; Track 1.23.4; H Club 3,4; Junior Conservation Club I; Augustan 3; Home Room Club Treasurer 3. Favorite Subject: History. Intends to attend college. LESLIE ERNEST SWANBORG Basketball 1.2.3 Football 3,4; Track 1.2,3; Baseball 2.3.4; Class Treasurer 4; Junior Conservation Club 4. Favorite Subject: Typing. Hobby: Junior Conservation Club. After graduation I plan to work in an office. GORDON RAY SWISHER Wood Butchers 1,2; Football 1; Track I; Play Committee 3.1. I plan to get a job in an office. LOIS TARPLEY West High Librarian 2.3; Meteor Staff I; Pepper Staff 4; (LA.A. 1; Smior Play 4. Hobbies: Collecting everything and sleeping. Ambition: Want to work in F.B.I. offices in Washington. I). ('.. BONNIE JEAN VAN DEI SEN G.A.A.; Meteor Staff I; Student Council 1. Favorite Subject: Physical Education. Ambition: “Public Stenographer. PROSPER WARREN WHIPPLER Wood Butchers 1.2; Music Hobby: Hunting and trapping. I will join the Marines. DALE WILSON Hi-Y 1,2; Club 1; R.O.T.C. U, 3. in West high. Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Ping-Pong. Intends to work. ROBERT LEROY WOOD Football 13.3.4; Basketball; Track; H Club 3.4; Camera Club 2,3,4; Junior Conservation Club 4; Industrial Arts Club 1.2; Fire Marshall 4. Favorite Subject: Typing. Hobby: Photography. GINA LOUISE YEAKLE G.A.A. 133.4; Prom Committee 1.3; Mixed Chorus I; Girls Glee Club 2; Camera Club 23; Junior Play Committee 3; Senior Play Committee 4; Operetta 2; Sports leader 3. Favorite Subject: History. I plan to attend business school and work on the West (.oast. PHYLLIS LAI RENE ZUMIIAGEN G.A. 1.2.3; Girls Chorus 23; Play Committee 3.4; Prom Committee 3; Meteor Staff 4; Melody Club 3; Girls Glee Club at West High. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGH• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • "We’re Leaving” This is the class of forty-eight speaking to you. W e re going to talk to you just a few minutes leaving with you our impression of Harlem. To sonic, Harlem School means nothing more than two six-letter synonyms—simply—Harlem — school. But to most of us it s something more. It's zero hours ami home work, two necessary evils. lt s the first formal ami that first corsage. (Remember how you tucked it so tenderly away in the pages of that 44 catalogue!. It’s hallways before class time, crowded with laughing, chattering students. It’s G. A. A. ami the Junior Prom; it s that special beau! its report cards and forging our mom's signature. (Oh!) It’s school buses and those notes we thought the teacher didn’t sec. It’s that day we skipped school and how wc spent most of our zero hour time asking ourselves if it was worth it. It s a game of winkum—study hall preferred. It's teachers, someone vou can always turn to for trust and advice; it's that easy friendship that you'll never find elsewhere. Harlem—it's you and I a major part of every one of us! On June fourth we'll he saying a final good-bye—putting behind us forever our high school life ami early youth. It will all he only “something to remember." Perhaps we're getting sentimental. hut Harlem's been a pretty important part of us for four years. Take good care of it when wc leave! • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY -EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Compliments of MR. AND MRS. CLAYTON HEFFNER MARY AND JOYCE MR. AND MRS. JOHN NELSON MR. AND MRS. HERBERT DUNN MR. AND MRS. ARCHIE G. ANDREWS • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •TKe Wn latheGrcenSkirt Rrles Brnnck-IW-Eslrert Coin, r c e v'e. Y s Y oo x LiOisTar lev - IDel phineL-fl ule,an AcJv'erftuYess DwidCU -K-(V f.GeoT Fuller Mivm-jS'broke IVWIene (Wer son-(V rs. G.T F, With Millionaire: Mr. V(orAn - Di recto r Cnrol ineHuclsor»-E!f 'v RBoaKURift, police womnn ftrtiA Ar Jrerv-fV rsn"Jej erson 3 ncS,Soc.|eftder Ke|enjBrviS- V ill ie Tulle t, the Jack RoSS-XlfAfl A SS , Ocuest |i-om ArvunsftS T t FruCI Aire -Le.nR(V ft Crow, Fullers v,«id Cli oYrl-Dammer-Wi U ie Ron h. the hired flte-H—H A R L EM CONS OLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL Juniors Our talented Junion have plenty to recommend them. Every activity is represented by some of their number. We feel sure they will make a dependable Senior Class. We should like all to return next year and he graduated. They showed good judgment in the choice of their class officers choosing the following: President Charles Vaughan Vice President Eva Mae Kousli Secretary .. Joan Skrodcnis Treasurer ............ Jeannine Fahr Their sponsors, Mrs. Welbes and Mr. Joyce, have guided them wisely and competently. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Juniors MARJORIE ADES 'A good mind possesses the ages." JOE AIELLO "And did nothing in particular And did it very well." PHYLLIS ANDERSON “There are tuo days in the week about which and upon which I never worry -yesterday and tomororw." GLORIA BIRD “The eye of each man sees but what it has the power of seeing." JACK BRANNING “With women the heart argues, not the mind." RICHARD BROWN "He silent and safe silence never betrays you." DONNA BURDICK “Love me not for comely grace. For my pleasing eye or face. Nor for any outward tart, No. nor for a constant heart." JULIANNE BURDICK "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about." ROBERT BUXTON “ can resist everything except temptation." LAWRENCE BYMASTER “A close mouth catches no flies." SUE CARTWRIGHT "The true male never yet walked. Who liked to listen when his mate talked." FRANCES CLEARY 7 have ever confined myself to facts." SHARON CLINE "A man says what he knows, a woman says what will please" DOROTHY CUTLER "I make the most of all that comes. And the least of all that goes." JEANNINE FAIR "A lovely lady, garmented in light from her own beauty." PATRICIA FA1RCL0UGH "People who have no weaknesses are terrible: there is no way of taking advantage of them." ROBERT FRANKLIN "I can study my books at any lime. They are always disengaged." LARRY GRAMZOW “Men are only boys grown tall. Hearts don’t change much after all." NANCY GRANT "H hat wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Juniors LORN A HANEBUTH "If you stop to be kiml. you must often suer re from your §oith." RICHARD HARVEY “He said little but to the purpose." JOHN HAUGEN "To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for." klETH HENLEY “None but himself can be his parallel." SHIRLEY HOLDER "There uas nothing more fun than a man." ARLENE HOUSTON "Better know nothing than half know many things." DORIS JOHNSON "Blessed are the for netful; for they pel the belter even of tlicir blunders." LACE JOHNSON "lie had no malice in his mind." RUTH JOHNSON "Every man is as heaven made him. and sometimes a great deal worse." IRMA JOSEPH 7 agree with no man’s opinions. I have some of my own." SHIRLEY KELLER "Those who want the fewest things are nearest the gods." MARGARET KILLE "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence." BARBARA KIMERY "Reproof on her lip. but a smile in her eye." RICHARD LAMONT "Last night at twelve I felt immense But now I feel like thirty cents." PATRICIA LATTA "She needs no eulogy; she speaks for herself" FREDERICK LENICS "I do not know any retuling outre easy, outre fascinating, more tlelighlful than a calalouge." DONALD MrCARTHA "lie is like a cock who thought the sun hail risen to hear him crow." CAROLYN MESSINGER "Let thine occupations be few if thou uouldest lead a tranquil life." GEORGIA MEYER "No human thing is of serious importance." JESSIE O'DONNELL "I laughed and danced and talked and sung." PHYLLIS PATRICK “Til strange what a man may do and a woman yet think him an angel." Bt RDETTE PETERSON "People who make no noise are dangerous." DONNA PETERSON "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Juniors JOANNE POOLEV "It is better to uear out than rust out.” CAR LIENE REICHSTEIN “The best happiness a woman ran bmist is that of being most carefully deceived.” MARIAN ROBERTS "Peace is rarely denied the peaceful.” EUGENE ROGERS “A man should choose with careful eye The things to be remembered by.” RAY ROGERS “That's the nature of women. Not to love when we love them. And to love when we love them not.” EVA ROUSH "She doeth little kindness Which most leave untlone or despise.” BETTY SEYMOUR "As good natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leather." JO ANN SHROOEMS "It matters not how long you live but how well” WILLIAM STRAHER "Something depressing comes on the mind If hen it has been too occupied with the female sex.” EDITH STROM "Count that day lost when low descending sun Views from thv hand no worthy action done.” RHODA STRONG "Courage is a virtue only in proportion as it is directed by prudence." MARILYN TAYLOR "Her modest looks the collage might adorn.” RICHARD THORN "A little farm well tilled A little farm well filled A little wife well willed Give, give me.” ANNA TIMMERMAN "A little folly is desirable in a man that will not be guilty of stupidity.” CHARLES VAUGHAN "If hat people say behind your back is your standing in the community.” BETTY WILSON "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” DOLORES WOOD "Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.” RUSSELL ZUMBRO “It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.” NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Calendar SEPTEMBER Thirty day ha September Week of Harlem ehool “daze.” Football, tennis, swimming, and hike Arc what the Harlem student really like . Sept. 4— Boy find football suit need ventilating for such hot weather. Sept. 5—Goodbye, Mr. Alrutz. Sept. 8—A few freshmen lost. Sept. 10—W e greet Mis McCutchcon. Sept. 10—We lost a Hygiene Class. We found it. No casualties! Sept. 13—Harlem defeats Aquin, 12-7. Sept. 15 A decided coolness noticed in school, l imb, the weather. Sept. 16 M is Morton mistaken for niece of janitor. W hat three Seniors were to blame? Sept. 17—Freshmen initiation entertains those attending. A nice party. Sept. 19— Harlem lightweights lose to Hononegah, 12-0. G.A.A. organized. Fire drills under wav (Mr. Joyce never leaves hi hat behind i. Sept. 20 -South Beloit w in over Harlem. Sept. 22—Election of cheerleaders. Good hunch of girl chosen. Sept. 23—Room 26 give Dine and Dance. W hy don't the hoy dance? Nomination for cla s officers. Sept. 25—Election of class officers. Sept. 26—Harlem launches magazine sales. It was work for all of u . Sept. 27 Belvidcrc invades Harlem. Sept. 29—Mr. Peterson has an assembly to bring up the sales for the hoys athletics. OCTOBER Lessons, themes, report card time All bring u together: Parties, shows, and hay rides prime Are for October’s bright blue weather. Oct. —Miss McCutcheon’s assembly stresses what the G.A.A. needs in way of equipment. Oct. 3—Miss W infrey give a show to bring up the sales for the Meteor. Theme: looking hack to—‘'W ay hack when. ’ Oct. 4—Harlem loses to ion. It wasn’t “beautiful Zion ’ to us. H. Club gives dance the night of the Zion game. Not many hoys sat down this dance, for there were fewr seats. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Calendar Oct. 12—St. Thomas has to battle to overcome Harlem gridders. Oct. 16—First program of the year was welcomed by many that like music. A very fine harpist entertained us. Harlem travels to Sterling to lose there. Oct. 17-18—Teachers convention gives the students a few days of play. Oct. 27—Miss Valentine falls for Mr. Young. (Just the wax on the floor). NOVEMBER Pumpkin pie, and turkey fine Await us in November Vacation time is in our mind. Nothing else can we remember. Nov. 1—Senior boy takes Miss Morton home before game—the rain was wet. Nice gesture. Senior. Nov. 21—Advertisement drive for Meteor begins. Nov. 22—Harlem takes defeat from Beloit. Nov. 28—W est High takes load to win 74-59 over Harlem. Anytime—Freshman hoy takes over girl's job of taking care of children. DECEMBER Basketball vies with old St. Nick To get all the attention Home room parties, basketball games But. there is no dissension. Santa's coming, vacation, too. Bringing skating, coasting, ami Senior Play Come, December, do be quick. For each wishes to take his pick. Dec. 5—Harlem leads to win over Kirkland. Dec. 6—Orangeville defeated by Harlem on their home floor. Dee. 12—Harlem wins against South Beloit here. Dec. 13—Huskies battle the Bulldogs of Aquin to win 58 to 41. Dec. 20—Former Harlem players win over the high school Huskies. JANUARY January came with ice and snow. To make eyes sparkle and cheeks to glow; Semester tests did come and go. Now Harlem is ready to meet another foe. Hello, Mr. Blankenherg. why are you here? Oh. to take our picture? Then do please make them so clear. That none will look on them with fear. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL . • Calendar Jan. 10—Harlem rapes, Itut lose to St. Thomas. Jan. 13—Harlem Huskier have a had streak and lose to Polo. Jan. 16—Harlem loses to Hononcgah! Lightweights win. Jan. 17—G.A.A. Dance has a ‘'cool" start. It was a lovely dance. All night party attracts a group of girls that just as soon stay up. Jan. 23, 23—All classes are serious. Uh-huh, that's right. Semester exams are upon us. Jan. 23—Harlem heats South Beloit there. Jan. 24—Kirkland defeats Harlem at their own school. Jan. 30—Zero hour for all. Report cards came out. (Some smile; some frown). FEBRUARY e’ve each received and sent a Valentine, And all was very fine; To send some comics we did pine X ithout our names on the dotted line. Fell. 6—P.T.A. Minstrel Show. Great Success! Feh. 7—Ml. Morris loses to Harlem. Feb. 12—Lincoln's birthday. School closed. Feh. 13—St. Thomas heats Harlem for the second time. County Teacher’s Institute. Another holiday! Wheel! Feh. 14—Harlem five heat Aquin. Feh. 19—Seven young misses strolled one school day. To a picnic held at Rock Cut; Each one took her lunch and some candy to crunch, But failed to inform her dear teachers. Feh. 19—Pupils hear seniors debate. Feh. 20—“On the Beam” auditorium program hv Glenn L. Morris. Harlem takes revenge and wins over Hononegah. Feh. 21—Seven young misses remain after school In the room where the culprits go. Each must do penance, act sincerely contented; And promise to attend school. Feh. 24—Achievement Tests given to the High School. Feh. 27—Orangeville loses to Harlem. Feh. 28—Harlem defeat Zion. MARCH The basketball season is over, Pile month for the tournament here. The Meteor Staff looks sober. But when material's ready they’ll cheer. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Calendar Mar. I—Seniors working on METEOR. Mar. 2, 3, 4, 5—District Tournament. Harlem loses to Stillman Valley. Too had! Mar. 9—Cake ami flowers make their appearance in the oflice. Whose birthday, Mr. Hovey? Mar. 10—Six week ends. Exams again!! Mar. 12—Junior play, M’LISS. Nice work, play cast. Mar. 16—Zero time again. Report cards. Mar. —Courtesy Day. Girls are ready for the “evils. Mar. 26-29—Easter vacation. W hat fun! Mar. 30—Back to school for the final lap. APRIL This is the month we dine and dance. Together with the juniors; Boys, do you see that coy glance? Then lon your hih and tucker. And hasten in to supper. Apr. I—Teachers are all alert. They will believe nothing. Apr. 12—Athletic Banquet and Dance. "Will he ask 1116?” “What will I wear? ‘ W'ho is going to play? " 'fake precedence over all else. Apr. 23—Last time for Report Cards until the end. W e know just where we stand. W e must give all we have. MAY Come, smiling May W ith your flowers and halmy air; Usher in the all important day. And grant that it he fair. May 1—Junior Prom, the last one for class of Forty-Eight. Had a good time. May 12—Senior Mother's Tea with Miss Valentine in charge. A good time, was the theme. May 21—Senior Class Night and Farewell Dance. The last time we'll dance as high school hoys and girls. May 30- Baccalaureate Services. JUNE June 1, 2—Senior Examinations. The last groans. Hurrah! We passed! June 3—Senior Class Picnic. Too much food—everybody miserable. Many sunburned noses noticeable. June 4—Commencement. "Tomorrow Begins Today.” The conflict—SENIORS vs. LIFE. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Sophomores They started the year off by planning the first party, the Freshman-Sophomore Initiation party and did a thorough job. They enjoyed being the ‘’master." hut only good fun stunts were prac-tieed on their lower classmen. Credit goes to their sponsors. Mr. Horan and Mr. Sontag, and their officers for a successful year. Their officers are Henry Anderson, President; Lloyd Nordquist, Nice President; Tommy Timmis, Secretary; and Jerrold Scliune-man. Treasurer. (Hass Hoi! Hack Row: Henry Anderson, Allan Edwards, Richard Hanson, Virgil Adrian. David Ahhott. W ayne Seaton. Tyc Smith. Erie Lund-herg. Robert Stuffleheam. Jerrold Sehunenian, Donald Oycn. Sixth Row: W illiam Rverson. Gene Readctte, Tommy Timmis, Ronald Granath. (herald Faulkner. Janies Dusing. Howard Jackson, Duane Diehl. Lee Johnson, Lloyd Nordquist, arren Layng. Fifth Row: Richard McDevitt, Donald Carey, Denton Bolton, Loren Lundgren, Howard Mead. Kenneth Phillip . David Tresmer, Marco Monte, Richard Day, Donald Malott. Robert agner, Ronald Board. Fourth Row: Barbara Wight. Geraldine Wilson. Gloria Clark. Bonita Thomas, Evelyn Brown. Mary Doherty, Virginia Warner, Thelma Danielson, Jeanne Sehwenk, Joan Sawdey. Lorcc Mace, Anna Pease, Gwendolyn Evans. Third Row: Marianne Andrew, Beverly Neffenegger, Beverly Traff. Lois Cline, Vivian Larson, Dorothy Husen, Patricia Palmer. Doris York. Janis McCarty, Joyce Madsen, Doretta York. Sharon Mitchell. Barbara Layng. Second Row: Margaret Reid, Robert Schlensker, Ronald Erick- son, Richard Dove, Kenneth Farr. Julius Holden, Harold Combs, Roger N’iffcnegger, Roland Nelson, (Hen Turnbull. Joan Johnson, Barbara Pamham. First Row: Mr. Horan, sponsor; Marjorie Rowe, Roberta Hes- singer, Beverly Pilgrim. Ruth Latta, Joan Stein. Patricia Peterson. Eleanor Hart. Joan Barrie, Olive Hoffman, Mr. Sontag. sponsor. NINETEEN hundred and forty-eight •• harlem consolidated high school • Freshmen Our Freshman class ushered into the high school plenty of energy. Soon they learned to turn their minds to their daily tasks. Many varied talents showed themselves Initiation Night. What a grand time they had! They were good sports—all. With Mr. Young ami Miss Morton to advise and assist, ami their officers: President—James Avery; Vice President—Paul Meyer; Seeretary—Bonnie Swanhorg: and Edward Johnson. Treasurer, to serve, they have enjoyed a pleasant and profitable year. CLASS ROLL Group 1 Baek Row: Earl Beach, Neal Ricken, Wayne Gamhart, Milton Evans, Biehard Koguski, L Hoy Meyer. Robert Ilazen. illiam Eau Claire, Raymond Jones. Fifth Row: Beverly Norniore, Ruth Shelleross. Ruby Spicker- man, Elizabeth Anderson. Lou Schultz. Ruth Mead, Shirley Swanson. Georgia Muehmore, Bonnie Burdick. Fourth Row: Kenneth Nelson. Dallas Johnson, Alan Bjorkland, Franklin Hervcrt. Richard Yates. Joe Everett, Robert Borden, (Jerald Johnson, Robert llissong. Third Row: Joyce Alexander, Betty Albee. Shirley Ferguson. Elaine Hutton. Alice Hoover. Margaret Russ. Phyllis Cline, kara- Ivn Schenk. Second Row: Beverly Stein. Walter Oswald. Donald Rydcberg. Richard Roush. Donald Anderson, Wayne Sonneson. Richard Townsend. Judith Colomhi. Front Row: Miss Morton, sponsor: Dolores Bell, Norma Mitch- ell. Bonnie Baldwin, Nancy Stevens, Dolores Carter. Donna Peterson. Group II Baek Row: Richard Schuster, Richard Johnson, John Fox, Edgar Johnson, James Bender. Roeeo Fiordilcsi, Marvin Carlson, Natali Trapini, Gene Larson. Fourth Row: John Sontag. Jr.. Roger Bird, Jerry Anderson. illiam Baheoek, Janies Avery. John Fagerstrom. Robert Brown. Carl W ehster, Robert Hughes. Third Row: Janet kinson. Sally Corrigan. Joan Lindquist. Mar- garet Freels. Joan Sawdey, Mary Owens. Leatriee Anderson. Bonnie Swanhorg, Carolyn Messimore. Second Row: Ronald Haekler. Jack Willis. Harold (dark. Ken- neth Bryden. Richard McKern. Rex Ferguson. Walter Stenzel. Robert Gohcl. Robert McCarthy. First Row: Dolores Hogan, Joetta Mace, Beth Ann Williams. Joyce Jtdinson. Pearl Smith. Carol Larson. Sheryl Crawford. Joyce Bartlett, Mr. Young, sponsor. nineteen hundred ANI) forty-eight •F 9£jm !N CLJJJVresUeipi onHARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL Where, Oh, Where? Where can a man buy a cap for his knee? Or a key to the lock of his hair? Can his eyes he called an academy Because there are pupils there? In the crown of his head what gems are found? ho travels the bridge of his nose? Can he use when shingling the room of his house The nails on the end of his toes? Can the crook of his elbow he sent to jail? If so, what di l he do? How does he sharpen his shoulder blades? I’ll he hanged if I know, do you? Can he sit in the shade of the palm of his hand? Or heat on the drum of his car? Does the calf of his leg eat the corn on his toes.'' Then why not grow corn on the ear? —Mrs. Karl Phillips. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY -EIGHTUE PUT THE Pf PII THE Sjq.c.'K Rju» - R. RoousWi , R C VoV nr n, 'V- nVvY-ivWi Ros . LlJ. 0 « vAV-c Tct % O’Donnell, SC,Taw ovcl, ' isor » R itr i. lo' U . S or A R0 o_ S.CVin®-, CVA Gtavst’ , is? o 1% rv ovN, f . ar iroi . 0. f acfeow, M. Ki'ntovx % PcEauC la»Vc, CA. 9Tr sV Ro uj - y?r. 0qw v o r % D. h ?n J5. iisov" , . R ndrfcuJ, L'Vpyrpljy, ft 9vor kv_VfSi CAfV. Cl a.«rfc , M r- Sa o n a 7 .GENERAL ACTIVITIES V sepjous — Iretweenthe crosses FIRE PAT R OL Donfl Id 3oomho tve '- KilU 13a hJ PfikJ—R«. ti— "Bue'rl0 1 CVvPS- jsk- - Co?. - ?: »! a t -fUE- d£PArT£R . 30 S• HAKLEM CONSOLIDATE!) HIGH SCHOOL • ;. a. a. Today, with the accent on the heathy body, our girls arc reaching a high standard of beautiful American Womanhood. Our country had need of sueli in the last world crisis. Our girls must take their place beside their brothers in the work of tomorrow. Thus, our program for Girls Athletics. G.A.A. CALENDAR Fall- Buddy Hike Winter— G.A.A. Dance G.A.A. Award Assembly ........... G.A.A. Initiation ............... Spring— . . Election Baddy Hike October January 17 February 25 March 2 .May 24 April • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • G. A. A. OFFICERS IV.-.i.l. iii Marli ne Rinson Vice President Eva Mae Roush Secretary Marlene Anderson Assistant Secretary Bett ilson Treasurer Marie I)aniel «»n G.A.A. LEADERS Swimming.........._........... Sue Cartwright, Marjorie Ades Archery Jeannine Fair Soccer Marilyn Taylor Volley Ball Portia Andrew 1 ’ambling Gloria Bird. Pat Palmer Bowling Jo Ann Stein Basketball Carlicnc Reichstein, Pat Eau Claire Baseball .................. Arlene Houston. Dorothy Husen Hiking Carolyn Hudson. Norma Rentson • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Augustans The regular programs of the Augustans have consisted of singing of Latin songs, and talks by members on interesting phrases of Homan life and customs and their influence on our own lives. At Open House the club presented under the caption of “Roamin' with the Romans' a dramatization of “Julius Caesar" and a trip through Roman history. Posters were also exhibited. Officers: President—Joan Day; Vice President—Jack Branding; Secretary—Dolores Wood; Treasurer—Sharon Cline. Sponsor— Miss Kinney. Spanish (Unit The Spanish Club calls itself “La Tertulia" or the friendly gathering, ami emphasizes the practical use of Spanish in every day life through conversation, dramatization, songs and games. It has sponsored a dance, held candy sales, and presented skits at Open House. The officers are: President, Keith Henley; Vice President, Joan Stein: Secretary, Pat Palmer; Treasurer, Larry Gramzow. Sponsor-Miss kinnev. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •The Student Council consists of twenty-one members representing every home room and major school organi-aatlon The Council represents the students in thtlr relationships to the adminIstra11 on and faculty It endeavors to promote a finer spirit of co-operation and wholesome interest In all the activities of the schooI• It is hoped ultimately to have students assume an ever greater share in the functioning of the school We strive to move ever in the direction of the democratic Ideals upon which our society is founded, by assuming the duties and responsibilities that will equip us to meet the needs of the future more effectively and efficiently Officers: Pres --David Ralston; VIce-Pres•--Betty Wilson; Sec --Nancy Grant; Treas --JudIth CoJombi HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • The Conservation Club The Junior Conservation Cluli of Harlem High School is the school's newest organization. It was organized this year under the guidance of Mr. Sontag. The club has forty charter members and is growing rapidly. The eluh's officers arc for this year: President, Boh Schoonmakcr; Vice President, Gene Prentice; See-retan.-, Dave Clark; Treasurer, John Sunstedt. The purpose of the club is to practice the conservation of natural resources and disseminate information among our fellow- citizens on the general phases of conservation. A proposed list of activities include: 1. Provide shelter for fish in lakes and streams. 2. Plan movie entertainments. 3. Plant trees and shrubbery in neglected parksites. 4. Plan to aid projects for reforestation, and have an annual picnic. 5. Hold a rifle shoot, and hold a series of dehates on the conservation and protection of wild life. W e feel that this cluli will do much to encourage people to become more familiar with the out-of-doors and find ways to use leisure time which otherwise might not he discovered by them. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Music BAND Bark How: Sheryl Crawford, Donna Peterson, Bonnie Swan- borg, Anna Timmerman, Marjorie Ados, Donna Peterson, Mr. Saarinen, Band Director. Second How: Eugene Stuffleheam, Burdette Peterson. Carol Messimore, James Bender. Jerry Anderson, Robert Hissong. Walter Daer. Kietli Henley, Charles Vaughan, Gail Goher, Margaret Buss. James Avery, Jack Willis. First Row: William Smith. Charles Branch. Kenneth Bryden, illiain Baheoek, Eugene Hogers, Broman Broman, and Hohert Hazen. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Music “Music must take rank as the highest of the fine arts—as the one which, more than any other, ministers to human welfare.” —H. Spencer. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUBS Back Row: Mary Danielson. Bonita Thomas, Betty Wilson. Joan Pooley, Jean Sawdey, Joan Sawdey, Thelma Danielson. Jeanne Schwenk, Lorn a Hanchuth. Donna Peterson, Joan Lindquist, Mary Catherine Doherty. Fourth Row: Betty Seymour, Dolores Wood, Janet Kinson. Sally Corrigan, Dorothy Cutler, Anna Timmerman, Marjorie Ades, Maralyn Kelley, Carol Larson, Joyce Bartlett, Doris ork. Doris Johnson. Third Row: Joetta Mace, Sheryl Crawford. Sharon Mitchell. Doretta York, Dolores Hogan. Lou Schultz, Joyce Madsen, Marianne Andrew, Barbara W iglit, Beth Ann W illiams, Ruth Mead. Karalyn Schenk. Second Row: Barbara Pamham, Phyllis Cline, Beverly Nord more. Sue Cartwright, Dorothy Strom. Ruth Shellcross, Ruth Johnson, Portia Andrew, Norma Bcntson. Betty Heffner, I ois Cline, Beverly Niffencggcr. First Row: Beverly Pilgrim. Bonnie Baldwin. Nancy Grant, Donna Peterson. Beverly Stein. Margaret Russ, Mr. Saarinen. Bonnie Burdick. Alice Hoover, Judith Colomhi, Dolores Bell. Norma Mitchell, Nancy Stevens. BOYS’ GLEE CLUB Left: Mr. Saarinen, Director; Prosper Whippier, Gail Gober, Eugene Rogers. Kieth Henley, Jack Branding. Robert Hughes, Natali Trapini, Gene Larson, Charles Vaughan, and Kenneth Brvden. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT. •irosrre HARLEM « "Be hot VV ft ck or J Kirkl AnJ Ornngc vi lie S- Be I iot ftani r ft I II M h I StTho v i s Polo nononeer«h S'Bel.ot K» YkIn no BeUide re V)f. fftorr'iS 9f.7 ho » AS ft qm i n Mono neh O Bnae i ||e Xion Stillrvifln Vr lie W T 23-5-0 4?-7$ 52-3? if-3 - 3 55-.2 5 5?-+ 2. 33-iff 3f- 39 40 42 «H -4i 31-21 IS-33 4342 So 3+ 3o-3+ +2- +o 55 -32 H-35 35-33 4 3.1-12 TheMe------- CJporT A»1 K»P 1 4-7 — 48 LIGHTWEIGHTS HAPLE V1 W T Belioti 9 - y.; , W'RocK-ford 19 - if $ K'irkUnd 23- 24 OfAH eri He. 34- 4 S. 0ol «ot. 23 - 22 A au'i n 21-n ft lu vmi 21 - 4-7 Sf.Thorns 21 - 33 "Polo 34- 21 kJortoneo-flh +1 - H S. Bel iot 33-24 Ki r k I n nd 34-39 Bel ride re 21-44 I W Morris 29- 3S ' SlTho fts 21-32 A«M i n 21 - IS Ho no netr Ah +2 - 3o Or nG€V( lie- 43- 33 io n 21-32 El cun 32-41 St.ThoMAS 3t»- 4 Stfonfr Bodies QuicKThinKi nG Teft v vyorK!• HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Varsity The nineteen forty-eight football season opened with four men who have hatted the pigskin around the gridiron for four years. Ralston. Sunstcdt, Woods and Doherty. Lady Luck chose not to smile on their efforts—they won only one game. But straight through the season they persevered. Harlem was proud of them. When the haskethall season opened, again Coach found his Varsity team depleted, only one being left from last year's team. Fred Fleming. The going has been tough and only one point stood between them and victory several times. But they played good haskethall; there was no whining. It is not the winning that always counts hut the manner in which the game is played. Out of their concerted efforts will come to these players the satisfaction of working together as a perfect unit, for a united cause, to bring glory to their school. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •f"OoT0fl t-u C-o ««. S a u%- 1 . 7 n«v.« H net m v S» Ot u . r o U wt o io 0 L t, o t . m. it. — HO"l.j 9 - «» Hmurt O Jo M OIT4.C M 1 sr«KUMc Hu » . .« » ilON c. Jj ij 1 1» « otk u o' »4 " 0O-U-l-n-T-E-T THE HOPE OF THEIR SEX— ' - HARLEM CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL • Lightweights and Cheerleaders The Second Team showed much improvement under Mr. Mar tin's excellent coaching. Next year will give them their chance to make their opponents play very hard if they expect to win. The loyal cheerleaders were always on hand to lead the rollicking, encouraging yells. To them goes much credit for their good teamwork and inspiring leadership. Even if the score hoard failed to show Harlem was the victor, the players and the cheering section chalked up for themselves a moral victory. Varsity Cheerleaders are Dick IVterson, Dorothx Htisen, Eva Mae Kousli, Betty ilson, Judith Coloinhi. Lightweight Cheerleaders are Sally Corrigan, Alice Hoover, JoAnn Stein, Juliannc Burdick. Gloria Bird. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •Advertising The Senior Class and Sponsors of the Meteor wish to express our thanks to those business establishments who gave us advertising and helped make it possible for us to have a year hook. • NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT •ANDRE HARDWARE CO. 5517 North Second Street Loves Park Phone 7-8712 ★ GENERAL ELECTRIC STORE also HARDWARE, PAINTS AND GLASS‘Fresh as Nature Made Them’ Dairy GRADE A Products CENTRAL DAIRY CO. Dial 4-7839 809 First Avenue HOUGH AND BURKMAN AGENCY Real Estate - Insurance 425 Pearl Avenue Dial 7-9441 DIAL 3-5439 For Fine Home Furnishings BLOMQUIST FURNITURE STORE 1121-113] BROADWAYAlexander's Invite You to conic in and try our HOME MADE PIES 107 West State 506 East State 223 North .Main GOOD WISHES from Erickson’s Home Bakery 513 Seventh Street Rockford, Illinois Dial 4 3112 Skandia Hardware Company 325-329 Seventh Street ardtvare - Gifts A ppliances Roland Olson Mason and Cement Contractor Hockford, Illinois Forest Hills Road Compliments of C. V. Olson Clothing Co. 218-220 Seventh Street Dial 4-3461 Family Orders Picnics Oliver’s lee Cream Shop We Specialize in Hamburgers MALTEDS - SODAS - SUNDAES 1202 Broadway Dial 2-9505GOOD LUCK To CLASS OF 1948 Compliments of the CENTRAL ILLINOIS ELECTRIC ANI) GAS COMPANY 303 North MainCongratulations Graduates . . . Because of our American way of life you are the best informed students in the world. Continue to keep well informed and up-to-date on world events by reading the ROCKFORD MORNING STAR Borkforb Rrgisfrr-Rcpublir Northern Illinois' and southern Wisconsin's most complete newspapers Featuring HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES Dobbs Hats Bostonian Shoes Arrow Shirts and 'l ies Mc( Gregor Sportswear Completely air-conditioned for yonr shopping comfort mnsons M2 i ISorth Main StreetLET YOUH DOCTOR PRESCRIBE SPORTING GOODS Then Let Us Fill Your Prescription Fred Parker and C. E. Edwards, Associates Drugs Athletic Supplies School Equipment 5452 North Second Street Sportswear Rockford, Illinois 320 W est State Street Dial 7-9721 W’c Deliver Dial 3-6-176 Rockford Printing Supply Co. Printers • Stationers Dial 2-7719 214-216 East State Street (rood Wishes Rowland Pharmacy tubby Hole 329 North Church Street Rockford. Illinois 5453 North Second Street Dial 5-1224 HONEY from apiary of Rol t. M. Gober Compliments 532 Marie Ave. of Rockford, Illinois Allen’s Sealtest Ice Cream Best Wishes to Class of '48 Rndeliiis Drugs Rockford G. E. JOHNSON, R. Ph. G. T. E. JOHNSON, R. Ph. Typesetting Co. 402 Seventh Street Rockford, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Specializing 130 North First Street Dial 2-5424 in DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE‘•ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER You Dial 5-2322 and we CAREFULLY Move Your Furniture and Appliances City Wide Delivery Service 214 North Water Street BLUE ★ STAR POTATO CHIPS Rtcipm PUe« layer of cooked asparagus in casserole. Cover with layer of crumbled BLUE STAR Potato Chip and layer of sliced hard-boiled eggs. Cover with grated cheese and repeat. Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup. Top with grated cheese and crumbled chip . Bake 30 minutes at 350»i BLUE STAR Potato Chips 'p iedJior y°ur mon°y bacl Fred C. Olson Mortuary Colonial Heating Company 7 i the shadow of the church" For Better Heating Rockford, Illinois 113 South First Street Dial 3-6521 Koekford. IllinoisRAPP FLOOR CO. GENERAL FLOORING CONTRACTORS Sales and Installations Mar-Flex PLASTIC MAGNESIA FLOORING TERRAZZO CERAMIC TILE ASPHALT TILE RUBBER TILE 251 Merrill Avenue Rockford. Illinois DIAL 7-7824 Courtesy • Service • Experience Service CRAIG MOTOR COMPANY DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS AND TRUCKS Most Modern Garage in This Vicinity Now Location: 127 Hall StreetAlexis School of Ancona’s Music Orthopedic Shop CARL G. ALEXIS, Director SHOES Piano - Pipe Organ - Hammond Organ Voice - Violin - Flute - Guitar Shoe Repairing Saxophone • Clarinet - Marimba 5428 North Second Street 403 Seventh Street — 2nd Floor Loves Park Dial 3-6332 Dial 7-8524 • Specializing in Sales and Property Management R E X A L L Everett D. Banker Drug Store Realtor NOTARY PUBLIC 5449 North Second Street Dial 2-5538 - 2-5539 613 Empire Bldg. Rockford, Illinois Compliments of K K Cleaners Gilbert W. Skeeters Manager “We Keep the Spots" Chicago Motor Club 921 Elm Street Rockford. Illinois 322 North Main Dial 3-4424Loves Park Sweet Shop Box Candies - Gifts Wrapped TASTY SANDWICHES AND LUNCHES Delicious Malteds and Sundaes "i o Treats Can Compete With Our Eats" The Car-Pet-Line Store RUGS - CARPETS - DRAPES - CURTAINS - LINOLEUM ASPHALT TILE - WINDOW SHADES Electric and Gas Appliances 5420 North Second Street Dial 7-8711 428-432 Seventh Street Dial 3-9651 Compliments Hickeys Compliments of Parkside Food Mart 5442 N. Second StreetRockford Standard Furniture Company FINE FURNITURE. CARPETS. BEDDING, AND HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Established 1887 1100 Eleventh Street ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Dial 2-5577 Harry C. West, President-Treasurer Walter Franklin. Secretary Burpee-Wood Funeral Home 420 North Main Street Telephone 2-3703 Serving the Community Since 1856 Rockford Mattress Co. Dial 4-9141 Clias. Powell, Prop. Manufacturers of 1NNERSPKING MATTRESSES, BOX SPRINGS AND STUDIO COUCHES From Factory Direct to You ROCKFORD, ILLINOISi ¥ NATIONAL LOCK COMPANY Rockford, IllinoisWITH BEST WISHES FOB YOUR SUCCESS Rockford Lumber Fuel Company 201 East State Street Rockford, Illinois DIAL 3-0441 COAL - COKE - FUEL OILS LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS J. H. Patterson Company See Vs . . . About DeVoe Paints and Mule Hide Roofs Whirl) Can Be Bought Easily hy the Month DIAL 7-7424 721 Pearl Avenue Park rw reteAfr0 v c- i o irefKV rpwA K Copyright 1946 • THE SQUIRT COMPANY WILSON BOTTLING COMPANY 518 Fifteenth Avenue IWkforri, IllinoisCompliments ROCKCOTE l’AINTS Established 1927 ROCKFORD PAINT MFC. CO. R. J. Baudhuin, President 201 N. Madison St., at Market Dial 3-6445 Compliments Compliments of °f SALAMONE SONS WINTER’S SNACK BAR We Specialize in Meats 5527 North Second Street “The place where the Dial 7-9552 boys and fdrls meet"Compliments of Farmers' Feed and Locker Company 610 Cedar Street Rockford. Illinois Rochelle Pecatoniea GOO 1) is the word for COLONIAL BREAD John R. Porter and Company Druggists Corner State and Main Street Rockford. Illinois Johnson Burke JEWELERS OPTICIANS 107 Seventh Street ‘DI AL 5-7615 FOR THE CORRECT TIME” . , . u-: ' ■ r.' • ;!•• li j. jj ' j j I • , I jtf Compliments of American National Bank and Trust Company Established 1 10 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationCompliments of Annon's Royal Blue Fresh Groceries North Town Meats and Vegetables Fuel Free Delivery North Second at 5447 North Second Street High Bridge Dial 7-8234 THE COMPLETE MUSIC STORE Compliments Musical Instruments Of Pianos Records Sheet Music ELCO TOOL SCREW CORPORATION American Beauty Music House 1800 Broadway Koekford. Illinois 404 Seventh Street GOOD WISHES from Hi-Way Grocery North Second Street and Harlem Hoad THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE The Flower Shop 505 East State Street Mrs. Bartlett’s Harvey’s Bake Shop Paintst Gifts and Housewares 'linkers of the Staff ASK US FOR of Life” SUGGESTIONS "Shop While Waiting 5443 North Second Street for bus" Rockford, Illinois PAKKSIDH 300 DIAL 2-4541 Tally-Ho Polar-Pantry, Inc DINNERS AND FOUNTAIN 610 Cedar Street Sandwiches and Short Orders Rockford, Illinois W eek Days 7 A.M. - 1:30 Home Freezer Rental Service Frozen Fowls 1303 AUBURN STREET Dial 2-1661 DIAL 4-1634Compliments of W. II. Conklin Jack McCartney Art Anderson ill Types of Insurance GENUINE -Amerock HARDWARE Good Wishes from Owens, Inc. Congratulations — American Cabinet Hardware Corp. Rockford, IllinoisJohnson Appliance Company F. H. Zumhagen 409 Hoekford Trust Building Rockford. Illinois Dial 3-1652 GE - CROSLEY - SKELGAS Personalized Accounting Service APPLIANCES • STATEMENTS AND REPORTS 227 Seventh Street Dial 2-8877 • : :i R M L bookkeeping 2705 West State Street Dial 3-8877 • COMPLETE TAX ANALYSIS Compliments GOOD COOKS COOK of BETTER WITH Hart Oil Hot Point Electric Company Range BILL SWANSON Proprietor See Your Hot point Dealer North Second and Forest Hills Hoad Dial 7-7011 GENERAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. Compliments Compliments °f °f B K Restaurant Rocky Dempsey "Open Day and ! ifeht" 5314 North Second StreetThe New State Theatre Allen’s Crockery “Always a Good Show at Popular PricesV Store Dial 2-2532 Rockford. Illinois 105 West State Street Dial 2-8827 Rockford, Illinois Dusing’s Compliments I)-X Service of Complete Lubrication Comay’s Jewelers FIRESTONE ACCESSORIES 7'he Home of Perfect Diamonds Dial 7-7021 North Second Street and Merrill State and WymanJOSTEN’S SINCE 1897 ('lass Rings, Announcements, A wards Representative W. A. FINDLAY 811 Avenue F, Sterling. IllinoisMcAlIister- Julian- Poorman W-B-DQRAN Inc. 109 NORTH MAIN STREET 301 North Fifth Street Rockford. Illinois CLEANERS INC. Quality Dry Cleaning at Reasonable 1 rices Compliments . of CLEANERS - DYERS - HATTERS Rockford Food Locker 5242 North Second Street Dial 2-7701 318 North Court Street Perkins Oil Co. Jackson Jewelers Fine Watches 5207 North Second Street Diamonds CASH OR CREDIT Dial 7-8551 115 West State Street Rockford, Illinois Carl E. Lindquist House of Lindberg Jeweler Fine Furniture 1137 BROADWAY Comer of Broadway and Ki"hth Street Rockford. Illinois Rockford. Illinois Baker’s Floral Master’s Shoes 202 North Church Street Compliments of THE YELLOW CAB Service by Radio Loves Park 7-770(1 Rockford 2-55111 Compliments Long-Klontz ’f Funeral Home Viking Shade Company 428 Park Avenue 311 Seven!Ii Street Dial 3-8168 FRANK LONG DAVID KLONTZ Bredsteen’s Loves Park Pioneer Groeery r Florist Since 1912 5504 North Second Street Compliments °l Wilbur Christenson For Jackets or Sports Wear Funeral Home it's 925 Third Avenue Rockford, Illinois McCoy’s 222 Seventh Street Dial 5-7312 Margie’s Sandwiches, Candy and Ice Cream “MEET AT MARGIE'S” 305 East State Street H. E. Cantwell Double If ear Shoe Repair Shop 5506 North Second Street The Cotton Shop Chuck Wagon "Harlem Students Always Welcome” 329 West State Street HAMBURGERS, FRENCH FRIES, MALTEDS, SODAS, SUNDAES Dial 7-9616 Dick's Barber Shop Miner's Pump Service Doyle O. Bowers JEWELER Compliments 321 West State Street of LAFAYETTE Diamonds and H atches HOTEL Repairing Spongberg Pharmacy Wilde Honey Farm j • • I i 1518 Broadway Highway 51 — Dial 7-8922LLOYD LARSON POULTRY AND EGGS Locker Plant Dial 7-9524 I,ove« Park 67(H) North Second Street Hock ford. Illinois Guy Deetz Compliments House of Music of Bean Shoe Service Successor to 114 South Wyman Street HaddorfTs ''Shoe Service That 108 West State Street Satisfies" Olson Floral Mid-City Shop Stationery “The Gift That School Sujfplies Lives” 415 Hast State Street 310 Tenth Street  Cadillac THANK YOU Glass Company for your patronage 525 South Main Street Hockford. Illinois The Top Hat 5211 North Second Street iNights, Sundays, and H olid ays DIAL 3-0404 Eric J. Gustafson Compliments Established 1909 AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES of The Third National Bank of Rockford 413-415-417 South innehago Street ROCKFORD’S OLDEST RANK Established 1854 Dial 3-7621 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Cor torationCOOPER’S CREDIT JEWELRY Exclusive Distributors oj BEUCHER AND SELMER BAND AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Rationally Advertised Watches and Diamonds TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES Special Student Rates 223 South Main Street Dial 5-1425 BALDWIN’S Appliances and Sporting Goods Rockford. Illinois 1409 North Main Dial 4-4834 Bottled Gas Service For Complete Line of Bottled Gas Ranges, W ater Heaters, Refrigerators Visit Our Showroom at 1622 N. Second St. ROCKFORD PROPANE COMPANY 4620 N. Second Street Dial 7-7333BEST WISHES FROM The BLANKENBURG STUDIOS ★ Kankakee, IllinoisDIAL 5-4531 BEST WISHES for A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE to the Seniors of 1948 CAREER COURSES in Secretarial Science Accounting Business Administration Medical Secretarial Science Court Reporting INTENSIVE COURSES American Chemical Company NEIL F. KITTS 524 West State Street Bookkeeping Shorthand Typing Comptometer Adding and Calculating Machines Machine Bookkeeping Students who complete our Accounting Course are eligible to take the C.P.A. examination under the act set up by the Illinois Board of Accountancy. Approved for Veterans (Jnder G. I. Bill of Rights Rockford School of Business 319 West Jefferson Street Dial 4-9459 Rockford. Illinois Goer I i tz-Beck nel I Company OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE MACHINES RIBBONS, CARBONS SUPPLIES Dial 3-8193 Rockford's Most Modern Business School 119-121 North Court StreetCompliments Winnebago Locker Co. PLANTS AT Cork's Food Marl — Rockton Fry’s Appliance — Roscoe Johnson’s Grocery — Cherry Valley Kasek’s Royal Blue — Winnebago Crist Clothes, Inc. 1136 Broadway Rockford, Illinois Compliments of Big 4 Hardware Mayvon Beauty Salon 5448 North Second Street Dial 7-9322 5142 .North Second Street Loves Park IT PAYS TO PLA-MOR SPORT SHOP Inc. 411-413 Seventh Street Rockford. Illinois It will he a pleasure to equip you with Quality Sporting Goods AT PRICES YOU WILL FIND MOST REASONABLECompliments °l Irl Martin and Family

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