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-....,f-V , .v--,-,wg-rt , -1-w-- f 1 ,1uu--- .. . ,Ffh Gdlb67Z.Wg the lemfef 0 memwfy ja, 1 fm wk ' 4 - A-' Nx t -' 1 ' xgv4 'f- 1 'F fo pm? in Ike Af 4- H1 'Sq' 1963 22 Q?- a! ,v-.Wt 4' X I 1 N -' x ,. .. '3' ,Y .- :, X ' N '. - ' I fr It K N -'z If 1 , -' Lf, ' A ' z 1- , G-T?-Sv, 'Q x 'ily D 5. , ,,-.. . 9 5 .ff ' Q ' A 1.1,--t c I I 51 2 I 6 3 ff W , X ' ., V fy , ' WN,WCf'li ,zfiiifigf X V4 Q V ' , ..., X A Q f ff W V, ,,,, f Q f f f M I 6 .... Q N f y A ,, ,,,,, A.f-E9""?5',v. ' f f X M V X W x" A., res' Q K I al 6 . qv, 1 , 4 ,x ' . 5 H14 , 2 " . ' s. ' ' Lx , ' ,a.d'g5 K '1--- ,P"'-',:. : - , ff 'B A 'gf Jw" E ' L.: 559' - . AP-5 'Y I-2.4.1. f v1'T'. ., In 1 S bag Q -if ' " - 3- - VER P .sv r. ' Lv' :'..1" 7215? NN A ff! fl w s W, f f fx 9 l f W ,Ji 5 W V Q8 'S ,,e I ju .'1'. .Z N Q fu ? L1 J A xA J Lemfef from Ike Wee of memmfzbf J -4i-.:" ,, A U 1, .. ,M"""T'--, . , . 'WWW v--ww... WW .- Vw WZ' CURRICULUM ff ATHLETICS H.. I w Today, more than ever hefore, our students need leaders who possess strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and devotion to duty. It is a rare satisfaction to find ali these eharaeteris-4 ties in one person. Her eoneern for her stu- dents' scholarship, her willingness to help, her open heart, her own desire for knowledge-for these qualities we are appreciative and dedi- cate the 1963 ACCBIRN to our friend, Miss KATHERINE FIINSON. DEDICATION s mm- iiliss Hinson displays her sunny disposition during Il casual break in one of her classes. Page High! 'X ? euffie alum "The fruits of the tree of lmowleclge are mriozzsg he mzzest be strong indeed who can digest all of them."-COLERIDGE Qxf X , f X , if ,,f W Xy - 4 5 W ,4 sy Ah w X Q.,-Q, - . ,, fx fn K 7 w," aff QM W - M x 5 f yi K Z ,f 7 f -3' f 'gif W I , . , .W , W , f Q Xl' 4: 9 W u -2' Q:,2,,g,,f--ggw 15 ww L 1 Q X ,f 1 4' R m XX N wfmq ,W ' Wy " X, ma.. fa .1 4 'N Jw Q 4 W . J, - r--v I Izese are the ones who plan our 'LUIZJ' into IIZQ fllflfife. . f 6 vwjfx 'NWN N. 43 3 I w Q M 9 I llfll 3 f T' Q X I' M Sfmuxwmw ff f ' " wffsrf Lx QQ Q ,f f ,f ' jfw X , M y ' fg zbsxf Iigaeievjyisag-':g:,.-1:31 . ' . I Mus. AIYRTIS AIACKEY Assisfaui Principal I'f1gu ,I'll'UIl'L' MRS. Conn. D. STIWALT SCC1'CIl11"I' MRS. M,xnc,x1zET S. BEL! fIssi51f11zt' Secrcimja' Z--'Z' MR. JAMES R. I-IAWKINS Principal ADMINISTRATION WW 1 x 1 ELIZABETH B. ELLIOT .... . .Englislz IO Queens College, A.B. Degree SARAH EMERSON ....... English ll Ev 12 Catawba College, AB. Degreeg Appalachian State Teachers College DOLORES FREEMAN .... Englislz IO Ev ll. Speeclz University of Michigan, B.A. and BLA. Degrees EDNA B. HARTNESS ......... English 11 Erskine College, AB. Degieeg Duke University, NI.,-X. Degree KATHERINE HINSON , , ....... Englislz IO East Carolina College, A.B. and MA. Degrees: Iohns Hopkins University, Graduate work VIVIAN P. RHODES .......... English 12 VVOman's College of U. N. C., BNN. Degree, Vllinthrop College, NIA. Degree W, 1 ll gg. 'E 'fl , 7 W! DMMQ 4' . . . , ' 'x VIVIAN STEGALL ............ Englislz 10 .Xppalacliian State Teachers College, BS. Degree fl lively cliscnssion in Miss Hinsoifs 1Otlz grade class. Page Fourteen wwf' , A, 2 y 'l gf f hifi: "1 MA . fig as X li V 3 lx ,V ff - ff M- N ' "" ' C , it 2 2 'E A Xie? 5 i ,ig a A QM .Q . 4 4 flw' 'QU " 0. Q sb J .V 5' V ' Aw. . ,MZ The English Department is the Core of our curriculum. lts aim is to teach llarding stue dents the fundamentals of the English lan- guage from punctuation and expanding vof eahulary to an interpretation and appreciae tion of literature. English is required of all students each year and three credits must he earned in order for a student to graduate. rllrs. Rhodes prepares her seniors for college English. lnteusiire drilling in gmuzwzur is required in ION: grade English. M ,W .MW-.N-W. www - ,wwfim - 1 W, ,wf,ff,ff K f www.. ifymw M wwfmfmwwm M wa Q-www,-a-wp W ww-abfuwwmmw vm-www-mmm -wmwmnamawnu mann.-,.,,,w 0, mfww-uanuqnm.. meow-vp-...F.,,.,,,,. w-n-auf.-,.,,,,..,,,, 4l'llulnuu.mu.,.,,, rl-sung-a..........,,,, hn--Q-...,.,.,, ,.z""" hlacheth next year. 2 1 ills' ', 1 I These juniors are mrticipating studying Page Fifteen Yvoismu Bnacex' .,........ . . .Frerzcll l llora Xlacdonald College, l3.X. Degree: Duke Unix crslty, HUX. Degree l3,mu.x1i.x Pnnunsriisi . University ol' Nlinnt-sotai ,,..Frer1el1 S' Lrztizz Xlererlitli College. MU. Degree R Lrrrr Y E LV 1 NGTO N Tapes ure used in laotli Sptznislz and Ffezzclz as an nitl itz developing pro- izzzlzeiuliolz. llze emplmxis in French III is on Freueli lileminre. Page Sixteen ' Q0lP f. FOREIGN LANGUAGES The aims of the Foreign Language department are to allow the students to hear and understand the spoken language, to speak the language, to read the literature understandingly, to write the language grammatically correct, to get an understand- ing of the geography and the political and governmental sit- uations, to learn to appreciate something of the life and cus- toms of the people so that we can live together peaceably, to better understand the ideals and philosophies of the peoples of other lands, and to appreciate fully their contribution to our culture. .4v""9'?' 'WUEHIH ,MZ '- .. ' FRENCH CLUB Mary Ann Alexander, Jo Ann Anderson, Louellen Andrews, June Artibee, Mike Baker, Alda Barnes, Missy Bigger, Sylvia Blackwell, Jan Boyter, John Brown, Judy Brown, Mar- garet Brown, ulia Brownlee, Linda Bumgarner, David Cannon, Ann Champion, David Gloninger, Bil ie Jean Cook, Donna Corbett, Libby Cromartie, Vickie Crump, Kathy Cur- tin, Laraine Davis, Nancy Davis, Elaine Deese, Judy Dellinger, Monnie Lou Digh, Ann Elmore, Butch Finlayson, Dawn Fisher, Angela Freeman, Linda Glasco, Steve Glaseo. Johnny Graham, Donald Grubbs, Rhonda Hancock, Marvin Henderson, David Holli- field, Sue Holshouser, Julia Hood, Peggy Hurloeker, Joyce Hutson, Sandra Johnston, Carol Joyce, Louis Justice, Richard Justice, Herman Killian, VVally Killough, Mike League, Richard Lineberry, Larry McAfee, Norma Medlin, Pam Miller, Gail Mintz, Sylvia Mintz, Frances Moretz, Irvin Murrell, Julia Napolitano, Margaret O'Brien, Harriet Padgett, Rickie Pasotto, Sherrie Patterson, Jean Pendleton, Carter Pittman, Andrea Plummer, Mary Plyler, Cindy Polk, Laura Poole, Barbara Porter, Bill Pressley, Cathy Scarborough, Richard Seago, Ruthie Shaw, Frankie Sifford, Don Skinner, Carolyn Sloan, Rodney Smith, Jane Stroupe. Buddy Sweezy, Diane Sweezy, Stuart Taylor, Jimmy Teal, Miriam Terres, Myra Thompson, Lynda Turner, Pete Underhill, Judi Wacaster, Jeannette VValsh, Brenda VVatts, Joyce VVheeler, Deborah VVilson, Gail VVingate, Rosemary Yates. ,un--Q iff' ,.,.,v-f 5044 Lnsnfx Grsixsco, Presitleul RICKIE PAso'1"1o, Vice-presirlerzl Jo ANN IIXNDERSON, Secretary Buren FINr.Ax'soN, Tretrszrrer The French Club, Entre Nous, is composed ol' students taking first, second, or third year French. This club stimulates a greater interest in the French language, the French customs, and the French people by presenting many various and entertaining progrznns. This lmlletizz Izonrrl, tlisplrzyirzg picture esqztc scenes of France, orozrses 1l1e interest of these sturlerzls. E 5 it Q X 5 4 , ss W S s 'm .. t w in Meta Ezra? - si .,s'w'?fXs::' .. " , WIA XV-- I 1,1.- A af.-f' ag!! M -M WN" MV "'lli9luulQ"f SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Todav there Ib ti need for well trained scientists in every held Courses otlered If Harding in this area are Biology l and ll Chunistrv and Phy sics. illhese courses help prepare students for Lollwe and help further their knovvlf edge so thit they may he prepared for the world of tomorrow . Chemistry laboratory periods are made interesting hy Mr. Toolrl s practical experiments. 7 ,A ,f y . y Q A W 1 5 ,4 5 f if X We wk N ,r X 4 vsp 7 x X f W ff Q , gy, ' A lyk: 1 s ' s 1 5 9, f V We J W WILLIAM I. IENNINCS ........ Boys' Physical Ed., Senior Science, Physics VVest Virginia University, B.S. Degree Donorrw LIDE .............. . ......... Biology Coker College, University of North Carolina, B.S. Degree WILLIAM L. MAYBERRY ,. .............. Biology Southern Illinois University, Queens College, B.A. De- greeg Appalachian State Teachers College, M.A. Degree EUGENE TODD ...................... Chemistry Clemson College, B.S. Degreeg University of North Caro- lina, M.Ed. Degree AUDRIA VVESSINGER .............. Biology I E9 ll Meredith College, Duke University, A.B. Degree Wim.. , W. L, if' x i Q- 4 1 W W x 5 , f , Qx e if ,Kewl M' 14146111 bf' ....,....m ,WM 1 If .,, , 1 fe f vv wfw m 4 A 4 ' 4, X 3 bww ina L Biology II students Llissecf vnriozzs members of each pllylzrm of the uniuml kingdom. Filst year biology students study tlze classification, Ynzlyitul. life processes and flllflffllll-1' of the simpler nzeuzlzers of the llVlf11Z!Il lii1ZgL'ZO11l. y' 'Wy ':3EE3' ?fif'52f ,W ,,,..-ff' Students observe the lrelmvior of fish in Il clzzssrumu Lltlllflfilllll. -My 1- wr W Q S 5 5 ,u 4 f ff n Wzgyff' s wmym The Social Studies department en- deavors to teach a greater understandf ing of our heritage, to promote an appreciation of the present, and to expend greater promises for tomorf row. It prepares students to live har- moniously within their environment and to he tolerant of all races, rc! ligions, and creeds. VVhat memory is to man, history is to a nation. tx lm.. CLETA I. BLACK ................ Wo:-ld History Appalachian State Teachers College, Meredith College, U. N. C., l3.S. Degree use MWWW FLOYD L. BUMGARNER ....... .American History Davidson College, B.S. Degree: Appalachian State Teach' ers College, MA. Degree AlARY LOUISE BUTLER ............ VVorlvl History East Carolina College, All. Degree, U. N. C., Mid. llistory Major, Columhia University, Graduate work EUGENIA B. CHR1sTMAN .......... liforld History Peace Iunioi College, Creenshoro College, JMB. Degree SOCIAL STUDIES Hurzianr DOUGLAS CF-OTTS ..... .T. V. History Sr Problems of Americmz Democracy Lenoir Rhyne College, U. N. C.. .-XB. and ALA, Degrees The expansion of llze United States is nzczcfle clear lay map study. was X , llzrrding students arc required to take one year of world history and one year ol' American history. One large Class studies American history through the media of rl-. V. Problems of American Democracy is offered as an elective course. The knowledge of history is a vital part of the education of the future citizens of thc world. we-'ef--V,-i--M--.,,....,...,,-, ,- , V wtf Student tericlzer, Ronnie Dosler, gains uzucli experience while coizciuctiizg world history class. ANNE B. BUNCH ...... Typing I Eff ll, Refresher Math Erskine College, VVake Forest College, B.A. Degree: Appalachian State Teachers College, MA. Degree ELLA MAE MORRIS ........ Bookkeeping, Refresher Matlz Vlfestern Carolina, University of Tennessee, B.S. and MA. Degrees LAURA lVlORRlS ...... General Office Practice. Typing l. Vlforlol History Appalachian State Teachers College, BS. Degree LETTIE M. SMITH .......... Slfzorflmnal I 55 II, Typing I Catawba College, B.S. Degree Students final vlrills helpful in obtaining accuracy and speed. Uur business department offers Typing l Sz ll, Shorthand l 81 II, Bookkeeping l Sz ll, and General Ullice Practice, all of which are vital to the girl or boy who plans to make a career in the business world. A thorough knowl- edge ol business techniques and business machines is acquired when one is able to take all of these courses. ln C. O. P., young girls learn the fine points in lieing successful linsinesswoinen. Page Twenty-two A BUSINESS DEPARTMENT imlnnusnm amd ..... t..:Mamct.:e .. .... ' , .'.-.c,,. AK .rm .LL The second-year shorthand girls compose the unique business club of Harding, the Creggettes. These girls constantly strive tO improve their shorthand speed and to supplement their knowledge of business activities in various fields dealing with Office machines and general secretarial work. FIRST QUARTER lVIARGARET BROWN , riii President GINNY SEVERS ..,. I , iVice-Presidenf RTYRA THOlX'IPSON . . . . I . Secretary NANOY DAVIS . . . ...,i.r..,.., Treasurer IANE GARNETT . . . . rRefresh11ze11t Clrrzirmrfzr ANGELA LAWING . . A ,i.,....4. . . iChaplai11 , SECOND QUARTER JULIA HOOD ..,....,i,i,...r,.,,. . , . .Presideul OLIVIA MAYNE .,,. . .Vice-President LOUISE FLEMING . . ,..,, .L..,i, S ecretary LINDA POTTS ,..., ....,..,...r,ri T reasurer TALEAH STEWART . , , Refreshment Clmirnmrz DALE PRIM ,,... ,,.,....,,.,.. C hnplnirr Refreslzmerzt Conzmittee DIOYCE VVHEELER BARBARA STEELE KAY ADAIXIS ANN BEATTY THIRD QUARTER NANCY DAVIS . . ,President JOYCE WENTZ , . Vice-President DIANNE KENNEDY . . Secretary CAROL LEE VVATSON . . . Treasurer lXflARjORIE LEE . , DOROTHX' lvlCRORIE Refreshment Clzniruzmz . . I I A , . Clmplnirr FOURTH QUARTER PAULA JOHNSON , LINDA POTTS . NIITZY OlCONNER . DIXIE PRIDGEN . BARBARA RTULLIS KAY KISSIAH . . . TEANNINE ATKINSON CTAIL BENNER . I , , , . . , . President . Vice-Presidezzl , . I , , Secretary . . . T I .ir. Treasurer Refreslzmerzt Clmirrunu I , . T , R , I I Clfmplnizz RTRS. LETTIE SIXIITH, Adviser BERNICE .IACRSON Page Twenty-three Ames Du NN ................,...... Algebra I Queens College, Duke University, AB. Degree Lois B. SUNIIVIERVILLE ........... Algebra I Ev ll. Solid Geometry E9 Trigonometry Queens College, AB, Degree FRANK T1MsoN .Algelara ll Er lll, SMSG Geometry N. C. State College, B.S. Degree, U. N. C. FLORA lVlAE WATSON .Algebra ll E9 Plane Ge011ze11'-1' XVintlu'op College, AB. Degree Uforlzirzg exawzgoles at tlze laoarvl is essential in Miss Watsorz'5 class. 'llue ll21l'CllI1Q eurrieulum offers 21 wide variety of math courses including Refresller lNlull1g Algeldru l, ll, ancl Illg Plane, Solid, .md SlXflSG Geolnetryz anal Fll1'igono1netry. The new approach to math preparecl by the School Mathematics Study Group is usecl in SNSCL Geometry, 21 eomldination of Plane uncl Solicl Geometry, and in SMSG AlgCl'JIf2l lll. ge ll-lUL'lIlj"fU1l1' Q X W.. 1, Q. we w W f 0 J myf ,MNH A X ?f Q QV? H i l? ef 1 lf QW -' If +A, , . JJ' 7' ,N F' 'T' 'z f f X 1-pie, E N, , . 'fix V N' , v ., . .fI3:.1,. S 1 ' V - vw .V A hiv' Ax , np, , W J Q x, xx, es, X Q3 wM,,wdfYWf MATHEMATIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Timsolz plots points O17 the gmplz in Algebra Ill Mxgvw-W f 3 - ZX 153, Vflwwn ' ? V APW f WX sf? - -"' Q gc f' 'Y 4 ART DEPT. .NM ww Q. - NFIIOIXIAS LAMARH l3n1uix1AN ......... Ar! lliiiiersity ui' Cieurgin, Nlaster mmf .Xrt llilueutifm. IBS. Degree in .Xrt Ilnlueuliun ROBERT S. O'Di21.L .... Refreslzer Math, Shop C' ixlUCIItIlIiCflI Druwizzg lfnst Tennessee State c'UiiL'lLK'. HS. llegree ziml XI..-X. Degree Q-1.404 '-'UMW SHOP n 5 XNXN va Eh ..,. ,-waz: Y WK' f W ,4A, .V,A f,,V rrr f 'gk 7 ff, D ' Nqr ut 12 , 2 ,, S Six , lf sr A . ' ,,L, f ww X hir. Hriginun ofters to his LIIT students the ideas ot modern art. Students use their own icieus, de- signs, and techniques in their work. lnchlstriail iirts is it suhjeet urea in general ethlegltion dealing with the understuiiding and interpretation of inchlstriul activity. The Industrial Arts depart- ment is eoneemecl with materials, princesses, und' prwcluets of industry. Several hoys liuve won prizes in emmty amd state eompetiticm. 1 Q I L if fer, Q QW A Wp f h 9 a it if rv 1' 5 4, .. J f s' nw The fine art of homemaliing is taught through prac- tical training in meal preparation, sewing, and child care. On Teacher Appreciation Day, these students made corsages and prepared refreshments for the teachers. Home economics training helps prepare girls in many ways for planning their homes. The F. ll. A. members seek to discover themselves and their worth to others, contribute to the joys and satisfactions of Family living, strengthen their education for future roles, and achieve good citizen- ship through homemaking. HOME ECONOMICS EIWILY REBECCA CARR Foods and Clothing I E47 Il, Family Living, Home Nursing, Biology XVoman's College of U. N. C., BS. Degree i X ,AA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Paula Bailey, Julia Brownlee, Barbara Bum' gardner, Reba Bumgarner, Secretary, Pat Dar- nell, Judy Dunn, Vice-president, Earleen For tune, Angela Freeman, Lynn Gauthier, President, Brenda Helms, Sue Holshouser, Jean Johnson, Treasurer, Yvonne Malone, Kay Melton, Vickey Spivey, Brenda Strawn, Secretary, Jeannette Walsh, Gay VVeeks, Kitty Wigglesvxforth, Miss Emily Carr, Ativiser. Lonnie Baucom, Philip Bean, Paul Brackbill, Margaret Burns, Dale Carter, Barbara Blackburn, Bruce Cooke, Ronnie Cowles, Linda Dean, VVayne Deason, Judy Dow- less, Wayne Garten, Sue Gardner, Haroleen Green. Rich- ard Haas, Richard Head, Billy Iackson, Carl Knight, Irvin McManus, Darrel Martin, Susie Martin, Charles Nlarze, Mike Mills, Dianne Morris, Laura Morris, VVayne Nelson, Robert Reynolds, Johnny Rhodes, David Richard, Betsy Sanders, Bubba Shaffner, Iimmy Smathers, Larry Stamey, Eddie Sudderth, Walter Tippett, Vernic Twitty, loyce Watts, Brenda Whitley, Sandra Williams, johnny Yates. OFFICERS JOHNNY YATES . . . .......... .......... P resident BILLY JACKSON , , . . .Associate President RICHARD HAAS .. ...... Vice-preside1zt MARGARET BURNS . . ...... Secretary IOYCE WArrs . . . ....... Historian LINDA DEAN ,,........ . . .Pfll'liLI1116l1ffll'iH11 Miss RIABEL CHANDLER .. ......... Adviser Our D. E. Club uses many devices with which to develop potential leadership in the field of distri- bution, and a sense of individual responsibility, to provide opportunities for intelligent career choice in distribution, to allow practical application of D. E. through competitiong to encourage use of ethical practices in business, to provide for mental and physical health through satisfactory social and rec- reational activitiesg to engender a high respect for educationg to induce good citizenshipg and to create and nurture an understanding of our free, come petitive enterprise system. QI ' :Wt f Q 'V sw? RIAISEL C iixixnun Xverett Junior fn ter tunnis C uf U. N. C lt DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIGN , 'Y' fm ici lXlARY BOWERS lVlACKORELL ............... Bible l Ev ll Randolph-Macon VVoman's College, ,X.B. Degree, Duke Univer- sity, BLA. Degree, Bible Seminary in New Yorkg The Presbyterian School of Christian Education Eddie Ammons, Ann Beatty, Gail Benner, loyce Blankenship, Sherry Brotherton, Carolyn Brown, Charles Brown, Gene Brown, Margaret Brown, Ronnie Brown, Linda Bumgarner, lames Calla- han, Sonia Campbell, Terry Carson, Patricia Carver, flimmy Cau- dle, Bobby Cobb, Ray Cobb, Donna Dagenbardt, lohnny Daniels, Pat Darnell, Terry Davis, lack Davis, Ricky Davis, VVayne Dea- son, Sammy DeRoberts, George Doggett, Susie Elam, Jimmy Ellis, Donna Carol Ennis, Linda Eskridge, Chris Estep, David Fesperman, Sharon Folk, Cuba Ford, Billy Gooden, Bud Greene, Frankie Gricc, Sonya Gustafson, Leroy Holden, Howard Holland, Donna Hickok, Gail Ivey, Harry lohnson, Linda losey, Carol loyce, Teddy Keziah, Kay Kissiah, Tommy Kiser, Larry Little, BIBLE I T1rErx1E: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needctli not to be ashamed, right- ly dividing the word of truthf' II Timothy 2:15 The purpose of all Bible study is that the students may know God better and learn to live in accord with His will. Bible develops Christian understanding and growth in Christian fellowship. VVillie Lloyd, Leoryn Lynn, Andrea Massie, Suzanne Nlayberry, Carl lNlcCulloh, Ken McDaniel, Phyllis McDowell, Sarah Lynn McGuirt, Harvey Miles, Johnny Mitchell, Carl Moore, ludy Norman, lerry Norwood, lames Osborne, ludy Painter, lean Pendleton, Virginia Pickard, Betty Picklesimer, Carroll Poston, Eleanor Poteat, Dixie Pridgen, Juanita Privette, Lynn Pruette, Carol Robertson, Roy Rogers, Mike Scruggs, Vicky Spivey, Keith Starnes, Barbara Steele, Linda Stevens, Linda Stiles, lohn Stover, Ann Stutts, lenny Taylor, Walter Tippett, Stan Thrailkill, Sarah Utsey, Gerri Vest, Terry Walden, Gay Weeks, Ronnie William- son, Betty lo Wilson, ludy Wyatt. BIBLE II The second year Bible course provides the students with l a more thorough study of the Old and New Testaments. Marilyn Bigger, Carol Boykin, Bradford Dobbs, Michael lJlLll'lli, Bonnie Fowler, Sherie Graham, Sandra Hammond, Elaine llull- ling, Busty Iames, Mary Ann Lyman, Tommy Ligon, Judy Kle- Corkle, Judy hlcCray, Dorothy McBorie, Becky hlelvin, Barbara Nlullis, Iames Osborne, Brenda Poplin, Klartin Shatley, Vllavne Stephens, Ray Suclderth, Carlos Vllilliams. 3 4 f JW fir? 25.5.1 vw J Mn X 4 , F. T. . Future Teachers of America endeavors to instill the love for a teaching profession to interested Harding students. Members should maintain a "C" average and have a vital interest in the program. """"' Ni ...lv .-. VVillie Lloyd, Betty lane Furr, Elaine Deese, Sue Holshouser lulia Hood, loyce Vllheeler, Carole Harwell, Ann Elmore, Kathv Scarborough, Sarah Marius, jutlv Thornburg, lulia Napolitano Sue Colemon, Larry Smith, Ann Champion, Diane lxennedj: Presideizrg Sylvia Blackwell, l'iee-president: Brenda Vllatts, See- retrirvg Laura Poole, T1'8!lSl11'Cl'Q Irie VVrav, Parliumewztririuiz5 Mr. Doulqlas Crotts, Adviser. 1 Pt!-QL''llll'CIl1-Yllillt' il 1 l E x 1 I 1 l 152 Wi CHAPLAINS' COUNCIL The Chaplains' Council endeavors to promote the spiritual values and Christian activities in our school. Its main functions are to give and promote devotions in the homerooms, clubs, and Bible classes, and to present the various religious programs throughout the year. The club strives to bring it- self in a closer association with Christ and His teachings. Io Ann Anderson Robbie Barr Missy Bigger Carolyn Blackwell Cindy Brooks Margaret Brown Iulia Brownlee Linda Bumgarner Ioanna Cherry Carolyn Jones Dianne Kennedy Linda Kennington Dona Krohn Mike League Sara Manus Cecilia Page Eleanor Poteat Barbara Pullen .Iohnny Reichard Linda Reid Carol Robertson Kay Rozzelle Charolyn Sapp Vernie Seago Ann Spinks Laura Werner Deborah Wilson Miss Marv Bowers MacKorell Adviser' OFFICERS Cail Cochran AlARGARET l3iaowN .......i.. President Kmy Comms , 7, , Ianet Dunphy LINDA Rum ...... . . .l ice-president Shawn Folk ANN SPINKS ..... Secretmjf Lynn Gauthier ,IULIA BROWNLEE . . . Treasurer Shefle Graham Peggy Hughes Peggy Hurlocker Nancy Carol Iamcs Harry Johnson 5 tti' Zi I Page Tliirl V 17 'mv Lee Bagwell Sylvia Blackwell Tommy Bostick Sharon Boyles Aloyce Cowan Libby Cromartie Pat Darnell Terry Davis Bradford Dobbs Linda Glasco Frankie Grice Shirley Hess Donna Hostetler Miriam lordan Pam McDaniel Dorothy McBorie Andrea Massie Laura Poole ,lohnny Reichard Kay Starnes Brenda VVatts Brenda VVhitley Sandra Williams lanice Yancey ELIZABETH VV. FR1cKHoEFFEH ,... ........... L ibrarirzu Kutztown State College, Kutztown, Pu., B.S. Degree JACQUELEEN TADLOCK. . . ...... . . .Lilrmry Secretary LIBRARY CLUB The primary purpose of the Library Club is to en- able the students to learn more about the library and to become better acquainted with one another. Their main project this year was in helping the P. T. A. with the Cood Used Clothing Drive for needy school children in the City. OFFICERS Leu BAGWELL ..... ......... ...... I ' YCSTLTEIII 'IOIINNY REICHARD . . . .... Vice-presidezzt BRENDA VVATTS . .. ..... Secretary Sxrvm BLAQKWELI. . . . . .Treasurer BRENDA VVIIITLEY ...... Chaplain Tumi' D,xv1s ...... ........ I Reporter Liisuv LlROM.XR'I'1E ........ . ............... Social Clzairmazz as Page Tllirty-mic' 39' ' Minn' ANNE CEUNTER ........................ Girls' Chorus llurinan University, BMX. Degree in Music Id., .Xppalaehian State Teach- ers College, Nl..X. Degree in Kltlsic Ed. Sharon Boyles, Faye Bridges, Sandra Caldwell, Carolyn Carver, Freida Cope, Pat Darnell, Agnes Davis, Virginia Garmon, Donna llostetler, l'ice-president, Nina Hughes, Cynthia Lctnmond, loan Martin, Kay Melton, Secretary-Treaszwerg Harriet Miller, Barbara Menlillian, Charolyn Sapp, Ruthie Shaw, llresizleutg Miriam Stone, .llzoziigerg Judy Teague, Atcomprmist. SENIOR CHOIR llarding's choir, though small in number, has carried on the schools great music tradition. lt has given outstand- ing performances in various programs throughout the vear. Next year the school hopes to have a greater numf her ol' students participating in a mixed chorus. A . ' .TVR "lr . .. YW 'l'he orchestra strives to provide the most efficient in- struction in instrumental music for interested students. lt seeks to promote interest in better musical performances and to develop the maximum musical potentialities of the individual student. The orchestra provides enter- tainment at various student assemblies during the year. ORCHESTRA FIRST VtoL1Ns+Riehard Harris, President 87 Concertmasterg Car- ole Harwell, Secremryg Norma Medlin, Lynda Polk, Emiliia Porins, Sue VVimbish. SECOND VIOLINS-BCCky Atkinson, Gail Cochrane, Suzanne Currie, Jane Garnett, lean Grass, Ieannie Holder, james Sanders, Vice-president. FLuTEsABarbara Porter, Carolyn Sloan. CLAR1NETs4Linda Clark, Ruthie Shaw. BASSOON -fDavid Hollifield. VIOLA-Michelle Faulkner. CELLO-NSDCQ' Cooke, Barbara jones, Treasurer. PERCUSSION-Alike Simpson. Mn. PAUL SIBIPSON Director ,Ami ,V dn?" , :tu 'f ' fu -5 .. , Ui V fy, 9 fee? A ' ? -Zvijl Y 1 -1: 5745 Q CONCERT BAND Mn. PAUL SIMPSON, Director .Xppalucliian State Teachers College, B.A. S M. X. Degrees Both classical and Broadway hits are beautifully exhibited by the llarding Concert Band. The band entertains at student and P, T. A. assemblies. They also visit nearby cities to compete with other high school bands in musical contests. 89- BUTCH VVILSON JIMMY WEssoN RUTHIE SHAW , OFFICERS . . . . .President . . . .Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Trornlzones Allen Bettis Bonnie Edwards Danny Gardner Mike Lynn f Trumpets Butch VVilson Ellen iX'larquardt Eddie Caldwell Bill Shumate Bonnie Vliimbish joe VVray Doug llollilield French Horns Jimmy Vllesson Buddy Biehey Bill Cashion Saxoplzones Bill Marks Jimmy Parris Steve Roberts -lohn Thrower Pete Underhill Clurinets june Artibee Linda Clark Joyce Cowan Johnny johnson Carol Starnes Allen VVray Briss Clarinet David Hollifield Flzrfes Barbara Porter Carolyn Sloan Drums Charles Corbett David Doby limmy Norman hlilce Simpson Gene Stroupe Butch VVard sw W Q Z Q we Q A' .Lfqwq fat .lf 4-su..-.WN,,,,q, K 2 ms IWV I mf ax, Ni' 4 J' DRIVER EDUCATION THOMAS ALVIN CORBETT .Drivers Education Transylvania College, i-LB. Degrceg College of Bible, l3.S. Degree Am'-,f...M ,, ,, ,fm-W fifwfwwwswawm may ,, ,wh W I ln the classroom, students are taught traffic rules and regulations and opera- tion and parts of a car. They must meet the strict requirements of the course before they are allowed to take "on the road" training. This consists of twelve hours of actual driving under the direc- tion of Mr. Corbett. "Mu-my-, '40-as xi... SPECIAL EDUCATION NIARGARET ALSTON ............... ..... S pecinl Education VVomun's College of U. N. C., A.B. Degree in Sociology Ilarding I-ligh School is one of two senior high schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System that has a special education program. This class will graduate its first members this June. GUIDANCE CATHERINE DEATON . . .,........... Guidance Duke University, AJS. Degree, University of Nortlr Carolina, NLELI. MARTIN MCGIRT ,... .... . ....... G uidmzcc Davidson College, BS. Degree: Emory University. ALS. Degree: N. C. State College Vtfithout the help of our guidance coun- selors, Mrs. Deaton and Mr. lVlcGirt, many of us would be thoroughly confused when we begin filling out applications for col- leges and registering for college entrance tests. They are always ready and willing to help us with any school or personal prolr lems. xx' NURSE liI3VEllLY XN'A'1'uHs ............,. Nurv ll N. St. Lulte s llosprtal. St. Louis The school nurse serves as a screen- ing person for defects and referrals and as a resource person luetween you, your home, and your community. It is helieyed that a healthy hotly is a prerequisite to an inquiring mind. Ile who is sound of hody is more fit For all Frontiers of learning academically, economically, politically, socially, and religiously. WW t Q-XT PHYSICAL EDUCATION The hwdy needs tw hu tlexclfipcd .is will .is the mimi. Thi: is tht- Jim 'wiv physiuil ctitimti-iii. Btu- denb haw the Uppfmrtunity tw difpiay' thcii' skillx and dcxclwp btrongcr tiit1i11uteri5tia.s Ht spflrtsmtiii ship. cictci'min.itiun. timi icticisrfhip. Swmc -it thc bportb participated in tin' hisixcthail, x'wlicyh.ili. hid! mintmm. track. scifthall, .md .1I'L'l'lCl'f'. Cymngfzit .md rccruitiuntii g.1me5 are A1515 taught. . eight lifting fx ti timf graft of the pizuittzf fitizew pug' P326 TZZfVI,1fx!'n 4. Pi Qi- 8 ini'-:Q A34 wa -.,,, sl' :gb ,J .tg IDA KlARI:LY BELL Giffs Pizpsigal Edzzcmiov Liii: Ii: Cxiicgc. BS. D1-gree llxvio .-X. H.XRF,IS Bcpi Pi2.'f5fQ.lI Eizzcaffo' VLA: Pies: Cjleif. HS. Degree ,Xjpglgqiigfi Sgt: Trtghers Ciliegf XI. X. Degree HLLLN H Txttixr B'o'w . .4 i.... .IuL.t::J 7: 4.4,:.g? , 1.2: Q-J.:,::: gege bb, 1:5154 O 2, ., 1..:K5.:.t.. ' -1 -X "'e"1' X lc t f i't'z Put Xkins, Olivia .Xycutln Luuisc Birilr-5, Siinmlrii l3.iIwr, Linrlii IIUIIX. Ile-tty Bell, Blissy Biggers, Xliirgarct Bmirgeriis. lliyc Brirlgcs. Ciinrly Ili-mills. Sharon Bruoks, Carulyn Brmxn, Hr-Im Blll11LLll'IlCl', Nancy Bush. S.iiuIr.n Caldwell, Jminna Chcriy, I.inrI.i Clank. lTI'L'ILl.l Campo, Ix.ilIi3 Curtin, Pnl Darnell, Nancy Dzixis, lcrry llrxis, Iircnrlri Ileulmcrry, jnnci Dunphj. Peggy Eddens, Suzie Iilzini, Lriwmnc Ellis, Cindy Elinnrc. IJnnn.i llnnis. Betty Jane Furr, Susan Furr, Linn filllltlllvf. Yiulxic Ciilwm, Splviri Curl- frcy, Julia Harper, Brcnclzi Helms, Linda lliglit, Pain llinsun, Suv Ilnls' houser, Nancy Honeycutt, juliu Ilurner, Peggy Ilughcs, jean julinwn, Sandra Johnson, Camlyn Innes, Linrl.i jersey, Diunnc lin-imclly, Ifiuiiicus Kcrns, Kay Kissiali, Dianne Knfmlcs, Linrlii Lung, Plum XlcDunir-I, Siimlrai GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G. A. A. was Ol'gilI'1lZCCl to form Iricnclsliips Jinrmg the students of llurrling. li-I'lCIlCISl1ll7S ulrcucly muclc will grow stronger as the stuclcnts play tlic cliffcrcnt sports. Also the G. A. A. develops skills of sports. Rulcs ul' tlic grnncs are learned as well as how to play tlicm. Block tlznt Slflotl Xlgigcc. Timing Xl.lI1Il1L'. ,lcucl XI.inning. s.lI'.lI1 Xlanus. Ilcggy XIcl'u'I'. Iris Xlnrris. Shi-rri XIuIIi,g.m, Phyllis Xi-ut-ni, -lucly Xniin.in. lint UL -lllllf I'.uintcr. lI.iinc Pagu, Xlr-Indiv l'.iync. -latin Ilcmllr-Imi. lfingcr Pimli- Ill. .urcI, clllllj llllllx, Ilclcn Ilrlrur, lgIc.inur I'utc.it, Clirnl ll1lIWL'l'ISllI1. Altkllllr' Ilolu-3. Bunny Rulainsmi, XI.iriIyn SLincI.iir, Xliri,nn Skinnvr. ,lu.innc Smith. Yiulxic Spiicy. l3rcnrI.i Stiumn, -IIIJIIIIL' 'I'.iinwn, Susan Liylnr, 'li.iminj llI1UI'lY, ,Iunly 'I'ImrnImurg, Cliniillc 'lIix.1iIIxiIl. l,urutt.i TI-llClxCl'. Cliiml XYilIx, Li1ilI.i Wlilsli. Illcnrlri XYJIIN, jwiyu- Wlicr-IL-r. Kitty XYiggIcsun1'tI1, I3n XX'iIw. ljrlws XYiIIi.ims, ll.-rrict Xxvlllhllllm l.incI.i Ulilliams. Sumin XYUuLl.Il'LI. JULIE Xlijaltt. -Qqnunn-na ,.--- Q .irri- f,.f1 lf' 5 , lEI.l2.-XNOII Pwr i-px 1' , . . . . NANCY Dwis .. ...Via Ilrcslilcrzf prcsirlwzt IELTTY Bri 1, ..... . . ,Ss'cre1m',i Rum. Brlxiczxnxiiiz ,, Iiirrmmw- Miss Bur ......... ....,.... . fliliisci NIARGAR151' liounczigois . . . . .Hccordin Sccretrzry ANGELA lnxwiwcz ..., . . .Pzilllicitg C'IzrziI-111.111 llugr' 'I'I1irf,iAsCi'U1z 2' My W ? Y . I 4 X JWZEYW 'RM Q ':IJ'f.9i A f " s '+f If was J :,g:vf. s f 1" Es-f 'f -Q f 'EJ' '- Q Q2 O , 552521: R . - Rs? 2225: R I 5 12.5 ,- ,S-'iffxx f E ' A , if f -2 QW Q '51 L , 3 , 1 N Rm HIE SHAW M A J 0 R E I I E S IOYCE IOHNSON, lwud HHS 1 f E IVIARY PAT MOORE FLAG CARRIERS SUE VVIBIBISH nlum' BROWN BARBARA -IONES, Head ANIIRIANI TERRES CTECILIA PAGE LYNN LEWIS Cnot picturcdl hlr. Paul Simpson, Director Our marching band and majorettes, small in size but big in heart, put on many un- usual and exciting pre-game and half-time shows. 'lihe bands busy schedule included a world premier, greeting the Vice-President, and adding spirit to the pep rallies. The W highlight of the marching season was marching in the Qarrouscl parade. Iqromlaones Allen Bettis Ronnie Edwards Danny Cardner Mike Lyman Trumpets Eddie Caldwell Doug Hollifield Ellen Marquardt Buddy Richey jimmy Wesson Ronnie Wimbish joe VVray Drums Charles Corbett OFFICERS BUTCH VV1LsoN . , rri. i.,,, s L Presiderzf -IIDIBIY VVEssoN . , Vice-president RUTHIE SHAW . . Seeremrfy-TrensiiVer David Dobv Flutes Frezzclz Horn -limmy Norman William Richey Mike Simpson Cene Stroupe Butch Wzii'd Tulms David Hollificld Buddy Richey Snxopho nes Bill Marks jimmy Parris Steve Roberts 'lohn Thrower Pete Underhill Barbara Porter Carolyn Sloan Clnrinets -lune Artibce Linda Clark Joyce Cowan ,lohnny johnson Carol Starnes Allen Vvray Bass Clmfinet David llollifield Baritorze Bill Cashion Bill Cushion Flag Carriers ,ludy Broun Barbara jones, Lynn Lewis Cecilia Page hliriam 'licrres Sue Wflimbish illrijorettes 'Ioycc johnson, Nlary Pat hlor Ruthie Shan Drum illnjor Butch VVilson HIL Page 'fliirlfi V ff f W .riff N M x., , ,, is W, , 3355! I g 2 W ' ffzz V- 4 QF' 0 , ' y' ' 10 S5 4- -11 2 V ,K ., 1 , E 'fl XM fm VS L, W, , ff Y N .AA W" ' mow, f , AZ ff Q2 if A x nv ' W f , 4- muh" W, 3 X 2 -L uf f--nv. f ' f f MZ X1 mf, W , N .6 f QW aw, 4 Q MW x. Sai' We '44 'Q ' 2 ,A 'Q' ' '1- W X 4 ,, x .av 1 ..,, ,Q x , -, g, wwf -QRYQO f ff- .f1,z. 1- A 'X wi 4 4, , f 1 1 s f , " .M 5- .3 Wa, . , V fa Kp X1 P' 1 , 3 ,515 1: l , , A il , . .6329 , R . ? 1 Z5 A 25 ev' :rf f' ig iffwvy J f'as Wqf L 5 3' if ,gy ,N V . wi Apflfk ff fi' I , 1 ' ' 5955 A 2 ' Z 'gzip I Q' ' f . WM.-. W, , 4. , H img. 14 54 QAWA' Z f -'-' , f A r ., 3 gn V Q, ZAZ an Q 1 Q . f 4 fig Y ' f sf K .ah -Q wwf f 4 ,Y , 1'Qfaggf wh i.f,gv4swA50 A J 4 4 f ng 1 z , 1 A ff 1 ' 4 'sf 4' 1 f ag va 4' ,fu 4, Y 4 A I 4 xl k n 0 ,X X A f ' lr f 1 fff, 42' 2 J 1 ' sg' S f f s " A 3 ma W ,Mu .ya Q fa, 4 ,Mji f Rs mfg, iw I F ,Ln QI F9 4 gif' THE '62 RAMS Harding . I5 XVest I3 Harding i O Asheville O Harding , . 13 Gastonia ln Harding 7 North 20 Harding 25 South , 7 Harding 24 hit. Airy O Harding 2 13 Myers Park , 13 Harding 2 20 High Point 14 Harding i 12 East 26 Harding . ,.,i . 7 Ca ringer l 3 Hardings small but amhitious team got off to a good start with a win against VVest and a tie with Asheville. lhe Rams lost the next two games to Gastonia and North, hut streaked haela to three wins and a tie in the next four games. Ineluded in these were wins against South, Mt. Airy, and High Point and a tie with the high ranked hlyers Park lXlustangs. The Rams fought hard in the last two games, hut were overeome hy their opponents, East and Claringer. Even though they lost the last two games, the Rams still had an impressive reeord with Four wins, two ties. and four losses. I W Wx ,sv W ,W We Aa 'S ,M ,WJ 1 A+. L. LEROY HOLDEN AND BOYCE PARKS Af C0-Cnpmins Johnny Mitchell, Richard Lucente, Mike Lewis, Mickey Gaillard, Dennis Miller, Boyce Parks, Ronnie VVitherspoon, Terry Carson, Arnold Freeman. 'WL 5 1 ..4 Z - mg? W, 5 K B X '4 Page l:0rIy-fom' 31 OUR GOLDEN RAMS Qur mighty Rams began their strenuous training in the heat of August to prepare for the challenging foothnll season ahead. 'QE' vw uuinuw CLIIARLES CLALLOVVAY JOHNNY DLINKER PETE WEISB ROY BUSH JIIXIIXIY LUCENTE LARRY BLACKIXION LEON SOLOIXION JOHNNY BERARDI DREW JONES HENRY ENSLEY BUTCH FINLAYSON DANNY WHITE LARRY SIXIITH JERRY GUY STEVE CABANISS HERMAN KILLIAN LEROY HOLDEN DWAIN JENKINS HANK HANKINS DON STEPHENS JACK PORTER RICHARD SEAGO JOHN STOVER BOBBY BUROESS KENNETH CHANDLER STANLEY MORGAN TED JOHNSON NIIKE ROBINSON CQRADY STOGNER EDDIE IAIARRELL FLOIXIIXIY BOSTICK gr' f Ravwf af 7 . Y H' 5 ew X je! fQj 6? , f I ff I m f fi We ZQQQ Yf I ,. .,f , 2' ' 2' I ,,l, f 7 Q ffy fy THE HARDING HIGH FCDOTBALL TEAM First row: Boyce Parks, Dwain Jenkins, Ronnie Vvitherspoon Mike Lewis, Dennis Miller, Richard Lucente, Hank Hankins Don Stephens, johnny Berardi, Terry Carson. Second row: Henrv Ensley, Arnold Freeman, Steve Cabaniss, Charles Calloway Ted ohnson, Drew ones Mickey Gaillar Ric 0 I , , d, hard Seaoo, Larry Smith, Roy Bush. Third row: Leon Solomon, Tommy Bos- tick, Danny VVhite, lack Porter, Iohn Stover, Herman Killian, y J 'mybw Pete VVehb, Iohnny Mitchell, Kenneth Chandler, Mike Rob- inson. Fourth row: Jerry Guy, Bobby Burgess, Johnny Tinker, Stanley Morgan, Leroy Holden, Butch Finlayson, Larry Black- mon, Eddie Harrell, Grady Stogner, jimmy Lucente. Not Pic- ffjrei: johnny Graham, Richard Harris, Benny Meeks, David , ru . AWARDS Most' In1provedfLeon Solomon Best L,i1'ZCHI6UL--l.,Cl'0Y Holden VVBT Best Player Award-Leroy Holden Best Back-Boyce Parks Sporrsnznnsltip-Hank Hankins J. V. FOOTBALL FLOYD L. BUINIGARNER Roy Holm, SR. I. V. Coaches m. ,WSW ta First rout: Bill Iackson, Nick Karnazes, Ronnie Huntley, Stan Painter, joe Redding, Danny Line, Charles Mcliaskle, Steve Roberts, Wayiie Smith, Larry VVinkler, Larry Iolly, Charles Jefferson. Second row: Steve Glasco, Allen Dasher, Mike Baker. Ronnie Smith, Ronnie Wimbish, VVally Killough, Charlie Black, Clyde Garris, Larry Little, Sonny Culbreth, Mickey Helms, Marla Abernathy. Third row: Doug Carson, Leslie Knight, Bill Chap. man, Iohn Buchanan, Dee Dee Richey, VVayne Graham, Mike McGaha, Larry KlcLynn, Connie Smith, lack Nichols, VVayne Helms, Lawrence Dicks. Page Forty-seven VARSITY BASKETBALL Co-Captains Steve Cnlumiss ami lolinny Reielmrrl ,llamiger Bill Liizeiiecker mul Cofzclz leizniugs. llarding 49 Rock lolill 2 llarding 5-l East 2 2 . Harding 49 Catholic 2. llarding 55 Caringer 2 2 l larding 57 West ,.., Harding 32 Rock Hill 2 llarding -16 South 2 2 2 llarding 52 North 2 2 2 llarding 2 61 hlvers Park Harding 33 Castonia 2 Harding 32 East 2 22 llarding 45 Asheville 2 llarding 69 Catholic 2 llarding 58 Caringer 2 llarding 70 VVest 2 I larding 70 South 2 llarding 5-l North 2 2 . llarding 61 hlvers Parli llarding 46 Castonia 22 llarding 33 Asheville The llarding High School team, plentiful in speed but lacking in height, lost the first two games of the season before hitting the winning column against Charlotte Catholic. The Rams then skidded to nine straight losses liefore xxinning their second game from Catholic. Even though the Rams played hard and showed good sportsf manship, the next five games resulted in losses. The Rams hounced back with a close win over Castonia and then lost their last game to Asheville. Richard VVarren was one of the leading scorers in the conference. STEVE CABANISS IOHNNX REICIIARD ,CIA .IOHNNY lVlITCHELL RICHARD WARREN LARRY RIDGE RONNIE JACKSON IOEY lVl0ODY ICIINNY BERARDI DALE SHIELDS ARNOLD FREEMAN lVlARVIN HENDERSON LARRY VESSELL Q! 1...f f' ' z w 5, My ! miw First rout Larry Ridge, Dalc SI1iL'lLlS, nllllllit Izaclwmlm, Vluhlmm llcxxmli, I.Zll'l'j YL-vel. Ricllurcl XVLIITCII. Scwml row: Arnold I'llACCIHLlIl, Iuhnn5' IM-iuluml, Ai Hwluilmwn, Xlurvin Ilcmlcrwn, -Iulnmny Mitulmcll, 'lucy Nlumly, Stub fallnzllliss. Hunl llcnningx, Clmulzg Hill lil1ualcL'lw1', AltlIlll!LfL'l'. J. V. BASKETBALL Co-Cuptazixzs Dickie jordan and Rmznie Surrerfielzl Couch Douglas Crofis Page Fift3 Firm' row: Paul Cadoret, Carter Pittman, Larry Stone, Larry Davis, Sonny Culbreath, Kenneth Russ, Drew Iones. Second row: Steve Glaxo, Henry Ensley, Larry XICG1ynn, Dickie jordan, Ronnie Satterfield, Mark Abernathy, Coach Douglaa Cmtts. P L 5 25 fs ,3- ifx, ,",+ S S 2 SANDRA X03 , , , , Sv N ga, xr .GQ , . .. r , I j . Qs 2 J E 'LIP ,, f , Q 5,5 f ' ,ei 90? C bi Z , It 1 . , A , XI A 5 H.H.S. PEP CLUB OFFICERS CTELIA RAPPI5 .. ,...... Presirleni LINDA REID , , .... Vice-presiderrl CINDY Bnooxs ,,..... ..... S ecretary CJATHY SCARBoIIouoII . , . . .Treasurei RIARY PLYLER ...... ........ C liaplain CAROLYN GREEN . . . . . .Social Chairman Our high-spirited Pep Club boosted our football team at all the games this year, and they made many signs for the basketball games. Their loyal spirit is seen when they are selling cards, shakers, and stickers, when they are yelling in the hallsg and when they are busily designing posters. Kay Adams, Olivia Aycoth, Robbie Barr, Betty Bell, Mary Elaine Breen, Missy Bigger, Cindy Brooks, Sharon Brooks, julia Brown- lee, Linda Burngardner, Linda Bunigarner, Nancy Bush, loanna Cherry, Sue Coleman, Libby Cromartie, Donna Corbett, Nancy Davis, Terry Davis, janet Drane, Ioyee Edwards, Sharon Folk, Angela Freeman, Betty lane Furr, Susan Furr, lane Garnett, Vickie Gibson, Carolyn Green, Cathy Helms, Pam Hinson, julia Hood, Glenda johnson, lean Iohnson, Angela Lavving, Mar- jorie Lee, Cynthia Lernmond, VVillie Lloyd, Sylvia Lowman, Sandra Magee, Parn McDaniel, Francis Moretz, Iris Morris, Phyllis Newton, Margaret O'Brien, Harriet Padgett, Sherry Pat- terson, Melodie Payne, Mary Plyler, Carolyn Polk, Cindy Polk, Eleanor Poteat, Linda Pressley, Barbara Pullen, Nancy Query, Celia Rappe, Linda Reid, Kay Rorzelle, Cathy Scarborough, Ginny Severs, Donna Sloan, Ann Spinks, hliriam Stone, Diane Sweery, lo Ann Tarnson, Susan Taylor, Judy Teague, Iudy Thornburg, Loretta Tucker, Sarah Utsey, -ludi VVaeaster, Linda VVzilsh, loyce Vilheeler, Deborah Vvilson, Susan Viloodard. aw if , Sf X mr. f Eff' wx 4, ig' ' ,Q wx WB! . i. 5 I kv , ..., gm 12 2. Wu! . fx, ,"','i1'fk'?'- mf , S H, N Q' Q2-gx' ' H 1. 1. ax .giA?.Y Fw wg 4 Z 4 ,Qszxft 1 X , HY' 'f :W 1 ..- W V 4 Wm: "vii 'XW ' ' H V. , ji? , , Gil ky V. 5 A I g 4, , . ,... A, N .t Qu .M ww-".-, .,," . "r,N'w5-"' w - . ,,,,' M . .f..w,.,g 'fn fl ', -,. A ,"'k. . , ' ' -' 9:14- - 1 , - -s ' 5 '-W f WE, I .. A Y' , .ll xv, l 'Q V 4 X . F " s5gi..k3x'1.'2x'- K 'v. .4 0 f A ": g ., A 'x,' Ng Pfghtrz Y 4 N K 9 .-' 'Uym Eg? f Q - , , Q, . '-. -ws. ,V High -"X ' 1 '. , '-'V '. - A -f K ' , .L , ,, -,'v-.N 1 f Q ",p,'f"tvY1 AM n ,..,,,, , - f . 'x ,L .. N ,K 2 '- V GM , , X-xv.. ,nk 'K I- . x YQAQIQHV 1 .fix h 'IU-Q X ' .,f.v H" K 'tffv yyf' .L,x'V': qxf ...A ff. ,""i,.f.'sv, 'F' A JV X V ., A I . , , f , .N , ,g .,.,,5 f ,ff x . , '7' ' 4 L, " ' J 'V ,- ', , , x .N YU 'Q 4 -, . ' 3 ' f' fn 4 . " 7. . ' ayifx- 'f f A f ."'dA' 1 xw . X, ' . N :V wg" "'.. UQ ,' G tu, M " A ,. K A ' Q." 'T L fvhf 5' Q, . L 15 . Q r' W fs flu, ,X V if . ' Vx ,fm 1 . K, Q 9 M ,xxx nw X,,.,?4 jwf, .. , 4 R4 X , 3 5, ' ' ' 5 - yf- 1- U3 ,QT-,,g . A , .,.,, ,Q ,, -,A M,4,,,,x V ' 4, ' ,inf ww.. gf-tg 8 5 ' ,g ' , A . . - . .,,.. X. I.. , f, 1 'vw .f y-X A' Y - 6 Q - ., -- .L " ,. " - - 1 v ' 1 '-C" .-Q'-' .WAI fix' 'W-2' 1. ' + f. X- Viz- '- 'VZ Q' 4 'fix " 42- ' ' , ,X Lx M J" .1 . ., ' '. . ' Q. -' lx' ' Mu.,-Sal ' , -1 :' 1 A- 'wk ,'?x,w'1 Q ' xi' 9- E ff' , ' x Sie-"H 1 . . 1 ,, .. 4 x ,..' . af A 4. . n-f.,,. 4, HQQN, ., , wg, .gf W , .,,-r , Q -A 4 z . K w. . ,- '. -- fi -w f:fA2 r ,.. . ' M 4 . D !6.,w' Q. got VL :I . -ft ,M x V .-A Jn., ff. -N .Z - iwhkt , XFKRQ, jail Aguila,-.X ,yy X-ZA Zgw iqmcvgirgu aw v aj 4 gpm .Q L ,.- xv ML x . 1 , ,: ' ,. ' VA. I, VV W -K 'f X , N.-1-w w, 1 5Qex'Cfs ,,j.Q..4' , , ., x qw-' 3. 4' N ,fwn - ,L tw. ,'.?gQ71' . Z T xg5,5ff?X'fji,' . - ' fl 324' -. ." pf! V jag '1'.:"z'Q j'1,:f K,-3 --,f x -fwf Tax' ' ig . x '+ A -.' MM ' w- X 1 ' . W V 1 ,V x HA i 7 4 V f I I QM, .,, f- V, Z, N X - . gf, .34 , ,-7, ', Q , X , , 5- wfysf.. V, 1" '. . 'w . R ,ay ,M - ,saw Mafia Z14. w 'x7,5 , , Q ' . 'fi 1: I -K' A . fx w,' W , - ,,. . ' ., 1' px -ff, Wyy.--5 - 9. " "' , X H Q, - U h A ,K , ' . uf , . U V L. . - .W ..,,. I K, ,A in V .. ,M ,Q x ., . -. .M I ,A , ' " ' 'V -1 'v -x X :QW f -, Y 4, mv,-1 'f"!"" ATN M'-"'-S ' N z""-: X . "S ' ' ' ff Y, "f -. , H- ' , - v - ' N1 , ' ,Q . --: Tx. , X' bf 'E V, x- J ,1.V"., 'QT . -i 1 ' " 1 X '- , 4 ur , 1 Y ' -,ff ,f 1, x N H V - q.,,,3ai-""' sg iw. :aa ' -... yy, , R., X , X, f---ww ,iv fummisxt .I Y ft N ,pax A , Lf,,,4-xvj Q W1 ' A I. .eu Z.. ,tx 5 xx I ix. his ,A x, I . , 5 t as A1 V .s 4, :ix 'QQ A vW,,.1':w 14 n ""':'-SQ '- "'K."""'1-Y " ' YH. VX ' 72 1 H7"'f?7r'. m fi' ' . 'X -6 ' '. "'.A', L' i V f,?x,,j:,m M. 4 I , JW 73 8 .T U ,yu 5 iq 4 ,A if is .xxx g , .. ,LN xl! , -.., Q fx 1. N A , - " A' ' .' L' ' x . ' ' 1 -4-Jai ' 'AFxi""A1 .K . w ' ' -..1X'1"4-'Q' K . w""' v . ' - 1, - . x V 1 N,-j , . - N. X 5 Y f , . -C"f fm. . ' --M -. V ' -cf -'59 KY M- '.'.x. V... -wh - Hg ' X. X 'TTTM' 1962 HOMECOMING QUEEN 1 - 5 Soplzmzznre zzltcmimzr, llubluic llurrg Izmior utlcmlulzt, Mary Elaine Breen: Senior nrtelzclam, Cathy Scarburuugli: Hrmzecouzizzg queen, Donna Carol Ennis: Senior llffglldlllll, Diane Sweezyg Imzioz' uttemlmzr. Slierry Neely SUUIIUJIIUVC ntiemlmzl, Ciatliy Helms. lffffkl HOMECOMING COURT iX liusli fell owl' tlic cinwcl as tlic l962 lwinccoming quccn, Donna Cin-ul Ennis, stcppccl froin licr rccl and silver roclact. Slie was ciwxxiiccl by l:Ol'ITlCl' foot Imll cuptaili, Billy lvcclclinc. 'I' 2 1- 3 ,.,. , . I n 5 ' if W Ruthie, joyce, ancl Mary Pat presented nmny zinuszml routines for ns at lmlftinze flaring footlmll season mul enliveneil umnj' assemblies and pep rallies. Our elzeerleznlerx in n ltuclzlle. 1 - wmv, ' f A nmil ruslz for tlze lmll givex Howling n first-clou' 4 ,wxxww 1 Z Page r'fffy-ffm Fun. f M Z 1 Q ws? fxv X K x v Z X A ,fs 1 X f f Y x, Q f Q ' -4' I a 1 W aff ff? fif ff!! XZ 7 ff fyf df 'fgfff 1 if Ky! ' f fy! W ff, fffffy f Z! Xfflrgfi ff' Q46 gf ffifg gkfv .IL -, rxx 'fs 1 ' ' ' s ws , . fjs. "iq :T 7:55 5 ' 'ffl . ,-.nx , --- 1 i"'f,':1 -. 'fn Z' 8 Hd' qs. 1 ip" ' "' "Ja- ', ."z4 FEV , 1 I i VVILLIE LLOYD C0-Editor 63560777 MRS. BETTY FRICKHOEFFER Alias. ANNE BUNCH Editorial Adviser Business Adviser Puge Fifty eight AIARGARET BROWN Co-Editor if fe is . Nw. Preparations for the sixtyethree ACORN began in the spring of sixty- two with the selection of the new staffs. The Advertising staff began securing ads in the summer, while members of the Circulation staff set about making colorful posters to boost campaign sales. After def eiding upon a theme, the editors began their tedious but rewarding work. The sixty-three staff would like to thank everyone for his eooperation. -IOHNNY CSRAHAM JOHNNY REICHARD Business Alcimzger 3 i Z S 1 1 f P 4 , Advertising Mmmger ASSOCIATE EDITORS Tommy' Ligon, Plzotogrnplierg Jane Gar- nett, Feature Editor, Linda Glasco. Snapshot Editor, Richard Justice, Fuc- ulty Editor: Dona Krohn, Junior Assist- ant Editor, Sandra Magee, Clulz Editor Cnot picturedj, Bobby Brooks, Sports Editor Cnot picturedj. ADVERTISING STAFF Gail Kiser, Linda Long, Susan Taylor, Iris Morris, Carole Harwell, Betty Bell, Margaret Brown, Jane Garnett, Juanita VVhitley, Mary Elaine Breen, Cynthii Lemmond, Dean Long, Frankie Grice, Johnny Graham, Dona Krohn, Nancy Davis, Celia Rappe, Angela Lawing, Richard Justice, Bill Presslcy, Johnny' Reichard, Arlirertisinyg Mmzuger. CIRCULATION STAFF Judi VVacaster, Mary Plyler, Carolyn Polk, Cindy Polk, Janet llrane, Sherry Clouse, Gail Kiser, Missy Bigger, Kay Rozzelle, Vllillie Lloyd, Jack Vllasliani, Juanita VVhitley, Linda Bumgarner, Sarah Utsey, Eleanor Potcat, Linda Reid, Julie Horner, Nancy Davis, Carol Joyce, Ginny Severs, Dona Krohn, Bar' bara Jones, Johnny Reichard, Sandra Magee, Bill Pressley, Mary Pat Moore, Johnny Graham, Richard Harris, Caro- lyn Green, Richard Vllarren, Carole Harwell, Circulnfiou lllH11ll42CI'. CAROLE I-IARWELL Circulation Mazinger A 2 Q W0 tigpvffhkfmmy shaky Our paper provides each of us with the latest school news and data on coming sehool events. Students express their views and opinions through the editorials, and there are many 'ifunu Columns. These things combine to make the paper a vital part of our life at Harding. -5 00 tat. . 3 if Ioaolfl' it , Um, ,WN Q ' lu Iill X me iziilmegslliii itli tiger- Q . C 1 . Q xg 'Y .B 0: cave " 04 ' Q it HI-LITES STAFF ff: it 'IUL115 llonxiin . . LEW Bnowx ...... RICHARD LINISIZISHRY Snisnm' ClLOUSE , , . STANLEY NIORGAN . . liiiiiix' ci1lOMAHTlI2 . BILL JENKINS ... CiAlL VViNc:tx'1'i3 . . ELAINE Diiizsis .... Cfyxriiiix Ii13AimioNo lJoNA Iiizonx .... lnvix Xlunniaii .. Mus. 1XLlf'Ii IJUNN Page Sixty .. .Assisttiizt Editor . . . . .Feature Editor ,flsxistaiit Feature Editor ,... . . .Cliilt Editor Sports Editor rlflvertisiiig Manager Circulation ilflmzager ......Artist . . .Typist . . .Typist ........Typist . . . .l'lzoto.t5i'tipl1er . . .fliiviser f f f ff ' f 'gif J .4 3 57' 4 "' M VVJUFZ ss' 1 -4,4 '5f1',..zf7 43? W ivy...-af? - va l t , . A54 I, I The Christmas edition of the Hi-Lites 8:-'mv-fi vw.-ff 1,0 1' as 6.3 4 ,, ,',.:, 'V I ,W l' V x SQL?-'Q ' 4 W ,ix - .wt A W -Q-it W .4 V i 'U Vt 448 X t i w1w aw- I-in 1,-f'-ir "l""""' EDITORIAL STAFF Linclzi Lutes, llwvie Massey, Terry Davis, Sylvia Blacluvell, Linnlii Illilsli, NIzn'ini'ie Lee, 'Inhnny Beichurd, Iliane Kennedy, Iulie Harper, Lyn Smith, Billy Gnncleii. Clziil Smith, Kathy Curiin Claucliii Beam, Donna fnrlnett, Bill Prewley, Alargaret Ilnrireeniw, Irie IYrz1y. 'IIIAIII1 Amlerwn Iinnny Teal, Gail NIIIIII, Invee XYIieeIer, Iuunitii IVhitIev, Pin Ilarnell, Ir-xv Brmvn, Ilielhml Lineherrv, Sherrv Cilnuse, Stanley Xlnrgzin. Iulie Hnrm-r, luIi.1 Ni1pnIit.inn. BUSINESS STAFF Irvin lXIurreII, Cami Ioyce, Cindy Brooks, Bill Prcsslcy, Slmriin Fulk. Linda Reid, Linda Bumgarner, David Cloninger, Sarah Utsey, Bill Goins, Eddie Painter, Larry Munaghuii, Linda VVaIsh, Olivia Ay-chili. Gail Kiser, Mike League, -Iulia Brownlee, Nancy Query, Bill Ienkinx, Libby Cromartie, -Iucly Brown. IlrmIi1zg's Own Hays Ciirj' ami Cm 'lIrm'is. .JY """7 ,va Nm P, ff yr fi ff -. -4,42 'Q H . 4,1 -, 4 M 3 L V .2 ,.., ' - f-4 f Q, . A . ,.-P - 'V nf' "' 145-sig, . , v ,.-ig.. -49, Ye. 1 - 2 X V - , ,.,.. .---- I - .. X X . , , " , v at .w-153: F, 'N " f V ' ff - , , X ' ' .uf A ii X f , Q V , A I STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the mainspring and backbone of all stu- dent activities. It is made up entirely of students and is run entirely by students. Our council has sustained our limited honor system and has begun the establishment of ll point system. The purposes of the Student Council are: 1. To develop good citizenship 2. To provide within the school a climate conducive to the intel- lectual, physical, social, and moral development of every memf ber of the student body. Vlghe accomplishments include a point system. The motto ol' the 1962-63 Student Council is l tlarding Building For l lonor'Character-ldriendliness. IIMMY TEAL President BUTCH FINLAYSON Vice-President ANGELA LAWING Secretary IUDY Bnowrw rl,-'l'E'tIXlll'Gl' 'li 3 I L EXECUTIVE CO UNCIL E ,of FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER JOHNNY REICHARD I I I I I I I I lzitrmizziml RICHARD LINEBERRY LINDA GLASCO I I JULIA NAPOLITANO I I LIRRY CROBIARTIE I I lVIARGARET BOURCEOIS WALLI' KILLOIIGH I I GINNY SEVERS I II SYLVIA BLACKWELL TERRY DAVIS I I I I I LEW BROWN I..,. ANGELA FREEMAN I I OLIVIA AYCOTH I I BlJARY PLYLER I I DWAIN JENKINS I I House mul Grofiiizcls I I I I I I Promqrnnz I I I I Pzflvlicity I I Sfiulcifzt Loiiiige II I I Icnfcteriii Iufnys and Means I I Sclzool Spirit I I I Honor I I I ICl1m'te1' Elections I Social I I I IIII Social Point System Pl7l'lll'I1IIEW1lHl'll7l7 DIXNNY VVHITE CHARLES CALIICWAY I RICHARD LINEBERRY RJARGARET' BCIIRGEOIS DWAIN JENKINS I I CIINNY SEVERS LEW BROWN I JITERRY DAVIS I I Jo ANN ANDERSON I ANGELA FREEIVIAN I OLIVIA AYCOTII I SYLVIA BLACKWELL I WALLY KILLCJLICIII JULIA lXlAPOI.ITAN0 I I I I I I Ili1triIu11iI'nl Home mul Czlfflllllflb I I I I I IProgm1I1 I I I I I IPzil1licity Ufnys aizil Mcnizs Sclzool Spirit I I I Honor I I I Clznrtei' Elections I Social I I I I Social I I Point Systcnz Pnrlinuienmrimz lXlL'll'SJ7l7J74.'l' Page SiIxty-llirec I FIRST SEMESTER Betty Rell, Reha llunigarner, Paul Cadoret, Sherry Clouse, jim Cox, Billy Davis, Larry Davis, Cheryl DeRoberts. Chris Estep, Arnold l:l'L'CIHklIl, jerry Guy, Bill jenkins, Dickie jordan, Richard justice, Francis Kearnes, David Keathley, Rich- arcl Lackey, Gail McKee, joey Moody, Boyce Parks, Carter Pittman, Ronnie Pagoota, Eleanor Poteat, Ronnie Satterfield, Mary Smith, Diane SweeLy, johnny Vanri, Pete Vllehh, Danny VVhite, Barry Vliorley. fx - HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES SECOND SEMESTER llohhy Rroolvs, jim Cox, l,ari'y Davis, Nancy Davis, Cheryl DeRoherts, Lavonne Ellis, Chris Estep, Lynn Gauthier, Linda Cilasco, Rremla Ilelins, Ronnie jackson, l.intla lxennington, Richard Lackey, Cecilia Page, Ronnie Pagoota. Boyce Parks. Carolyn lpolli. Ronnie Satterlield, Pete Underhill. johnny Vann, jucli XN'aeaster. Pete YVebh. First row: Boyce Parks, -Iulia Napolitano, Sherry Patterson, ,Ioyee Edwards, Linda Lures, Emiliia Porins, Brenda Strawn, Gail Vllingate. Lynn Gauthier, Faye Bridges, Sue Wlirnbisli, Ann Spinlis, Kay Starnes, June Artilnee, Sue Cioleman. Second row: Butch Allen, Carol Ioyee, Ted -Iolinson, Claudia Bean, Linda VValsl1, Peggy Hughes, Carol Robertson, Judy Norman, Mary Elaine Breen, Carlos YVilliams, Ieanie Rolbey, Linda Vllillianis. v ,wr JUNIOR RED CROSS BARIBARA 'IUNI-QS . . ELEANOI1 Po'1'EA'r , Iuru NAPOI.I'I'AN1J ALARY ELAINE Bmixiiw Louis Jus'1'1e13 , STUART T.xYI.ou , , . . .Presirlexzl . . .Ci0-17l'C5lLlL'lll V . . . ice-presitlczzl . .Secretory . . . . . . .... 'liiwzszirer' Cwlllllllj'-Il'lLlL' Cjflllllfll Hepreserzfutive illie two main vroieets of tlie unioi' Red Cross are tlie l . . enlistment of luoys and girls yxlio are interested in become ing gray ladies or gray men serving in local hospitals and tlie inalying ol' a Red Cross album. ililzirtl row: il'ommy Hostielc, Jeanie Holder, Pat Earnhardt, Linda Clark, Barbara jones, Eleanor Poteat, Jean Pendleton, Louise Bailey, Georgia Gibson, Ted llooks. Fcmrilz row: Frank Pressley, Louis justice, Stuart Taylor, Larry Ridge, Ann Elmore, Mark Alxernatliy, Allen Bettis, David Cloninger, Mike League, Uwain Ienliins. R X X. X X , I i an 2 Jn I 1 is i Q I 1 E 5 H 3l gl Ni X- N If N . l' f .4 ww mm. J, Bubby Brooks Steve Cabaniss Mickey Gaillarcl johnny Graham Hank Hankins Leroy Holden Richard Harris David Keathley Stanley Nlorgan Boyce Parks Johnny Reicharcl Leon Solomon Jimmy Teal Richard Warren Jack Washani 'f If ,, , 5,1 24 Q .V U ig' 7 Q X S f X 125 fy, yff .' l l af he Q, , K X A New X X 4 f X KE YCL fs' ' ,,. A, , V. , , s, f 4 ,iz 4 Q if Hz , fs X Eyf j 's 1 fs- yf M y Wgb K C WZ as we - is fl lllN'm, 5 , 3 ' 4 3 lx z f S Page Sixty-six UB STANLEY MORGAN LEON SOLOMON . MR. NICGIRT . .. DAVID KEATHLEY BOBBY BROOKS . . . . ,President Vice-presideni . . .Adviser . . .Secretary . . .Trez1s141'e1' The Key Club is a service Club for boys, and admission is by invitation Only. A boy must have a "C" averave a willinvness to work and O ' D 7 be a member Of the sophomore Or the junior class to be eligible for membership. First 1'O117Z Leroy Holden, Leon Solomon, Dwain lenkins, Boyce Parks. Second row: Grady Stogner, Danny Vllhite, Richard Seago, Iiminy Lueente, jack Porter, David Trull, Larry Smith, Marvin Henderson. Third row: Iohnny Nlitehell, Larry Ridge, Larry Vessell, johnny Berardi, Henry Ensley, Drew Iones, David VVatts, Gerald Roper, Steve Cahaniss, Ted Johnson. Fourtlz row: jerry Guy, Arnold Freeman, Charles Mane, Charles Calloway, Johnny Graham, hlike Lewis, Irvin Murrell, Pete Vvebb, Nlilie Robinson. Fiftfz row: Herman Killian, Hank Hank- ins, Richard VVarren, Mickey Gaillard, Roy Bush, Eddie Harrell, lohn Stover, VVally Killough. Sixth row: Larry Blaekmon, Danny Gardner, Johnny Reiehard, Ray Trull, Ronnie Vlfitherspoon, Stanley hlorgan, Tommy Bostiek, Kenneth Chandler. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club is an organization composed of boys who have earned a letter in sports. LEP.ov llOLDl:N ,, ..... President Llfow SoLoMoN A , . .l'iee-presidelzi IJVVAINE ,ILNKIM A U , . .SL'L'I'Ul1ll'-I Rover-1 Pfxnxw , , . .'l'reu.surev Page Si.X'14V'SL'l'c'lI as f ' f rf -TEENS fC 1143310 psy. , Q A.. S fyyfw iz f I X A W? f 'ff'-X , ea tt The purpose of the Y-Teens is to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. The Y-Teen goals include growth as a person, growth in friendships, and growth in knowledge and love of Cod. The projects this vear were helping the Nature Museum, giving a Christmas party for the Cradleland Day Nur- sery, visiting hospital patients, and sponsoring dances at the YWCA. OFFICERS JULIA Hoon .. ...... President TERRX' DAVIS I I . . . Vid?-p1'9Sid611f Missy BIGGER . .... Secretary VIANE CEARNETT , , . . Becky Atkinson Frankie Ball Robbie Barr Claudia Bean Blissy Bigger Iulia Brownlee Linda Burngarner Nancy Bush Nancy Cook loyce Cowan Laura Craven Libby Cromartie Suzanne Currie Pat Darnell Terry Davis Elaine Deese Ianet Drane loyce Edwards Michelle Faulkner Marcia Fincher Susan Furr lane Garnett Beth Crass Pam Hinson Sue Holshouser Julia Hood Ioyce Hudson Dona Krohn Pam Miller Iudy Mullis Ginger Piclcard Carolyn Polk Eleanor Poteat Nancy Query Celia Rappe Ruthie Shaw Nliriam Skinner Carolyn Sloan Donna Sloan Miriam Terres Nlyra Thompson Indy Thornburg Cay VVeeks loyce Wlieeler Susan VVoodard . . .Treasurer 51 WF :,' X xi ,2 em. 'ff ' ' f yr. s c 4 Q , V, ,, ,W 2 , s- '-M , ,, A 4 .Q , ye 1 X 4 1 .,f .-awzerm - X J 'A , U fy , X A 5 U , .. , Y J? , .,.. M ww was.. aa , M .wa .,a..W,mM fi? ' x- ,- W uf ' 2 ., - W THE CHESS NUTS This newlyaorganized cluh strives to draw an interest to chess, to activate mental exercise, to adhcrc to the rules ol' good sportsmanship and eonduct, and to challenge other chess clubs in the city. VISUAL AIDS Visual Aids students learn how to operate various audio' visual equipment and aid classroom study hy showing films. x john Brown, Barry Corbett, Bohhy Evans, lulie Ilorner, Secremry, Dwain -lenkins. Carol loyce, Klikc NlcCaha, Courtney NlcGarity, Stanley Morgan, Treuszrrerg lrvin Nlurrell, Vlimmy Parker, Rickie Pasotto, Martin Shatley, Presidelzlg Don Skinner, Rodney Smith, Diane Sweezy, johnny Vann, lack VVasham, loc Vl'ray, Nlr. Frank Timson, Adviser. Iimmv fautlle, Larrv Nlclwnn, Iames Qshorne, Toni' Nlincev, lrvinrhlurrell, Craig Melton, ljavid Howell, Tommy Ligon, LIIEQ-' "TILE af.,-, 5' " -1 .-.1 Q n-QB? 5-if Eli 1 ,-,: -'-l' :wg ,-.C, 3-',-. 1-H.. Q -lUl -,...1 :ZS ji-:V-. ...AQ :,.. 'fj .-? Q,- :C ,....,.a '33-1-v "ff '4' 5 Lf..-4' ' NJ I 4-31 v-4.1152 g-.-.D "'v-J -4 Z 5. -5.4 -CFU 3'-1 ...rg ...4rvT "':'f CHF E.f.,: Z,-.' :'NJJ -.4 1:5-N r-'QC " r-f :TQ ..a.,,... . Hi... fx ,-.k '-4,-,Z A .- :.i-'C Ziff -IRIX- gr- .,.y:'T- MWWA Mmm Heichard, Pam Smith, Kenneth Chandler. Q www S X v ' , it 5 Q K ,.: .,.. 1 N Weiss? Z X? E .JA in... PIT N 4-5 f if e3f?'A , f - ' 5 A -, , - 2,9 .f"--5" ' U 'g W2 i . Q, - ' i ' "i . QSSL "U fm1 Iafissfzzf fzozzrs I 01100 U7IjU'1'C1.' I 'I' l1'm1'su'Uc'I their IIIUIIZUVT stiff."-Ccm'11111z 13 . -' X TKT? . X L 3557.5 , 4 Q 1 :.., f Q ,7 f Y' ef w N 4 ff X f 1131 'e g f I lib X J f Y N S X 1 4 sf-1: -1 I SENIOR BEAUTY J f 5' f55 QOIQFLCL CGLPO lfllfllff M I XM f ff ' ' " .J Q, ifa,,, ' , dwg' W f ffvwff ,ff , 4-Mf g ,, fr M1 V ,ZAX7 7 ' SOPHOMORE BEAUTY my MMM Karr 5. W ,.., , , Xmpw QWNJ' W , JUNIOR BEAUTY mm XSZQPIV Weefy 14 ffh 3 XY? . 3,15-T fm, ffQ'vQ4v QQ? . ,9 gp , is ' J ?-I ls is Q fy, 1 I I S M Z Y 1 I Wfk , Atwafl Q ' N f' e4 Q- gpg iw Q: Qi. 32521.99 , 2 1 'Q .:,. zlmffiz-,wi . rw, Xiifmr? fe CALENDAR GIRLS Ar Cuties ,ll Capers, the Student Couneills annual fund- raising project, the Senior Class walked away with the first- plaee stunt for the third consecutive year. The following lovely girls were chosen hy the audience as Calendar Girls: MISS 1963 Miss lDIANNE KENNEDY Miss ffllflllflfjf Mrss LYNN GAUTHIER IWZSS Ning Miss SANDRA MAGEE Miss Sepzember Mrss CECILIA PACE Miss Febrzxnry iVIISS BETTY BELL Miss june Miss ANGELA LAWING Miss October MISS SHERRY NEELY Miss Murciz Miss April MISS ZXNGELA FREEMAN Miss LINDA POTTS if I, W -054 .- 'v X A ' .fif- .iw ' .-- dyfn Miss july Miss August M155 CTAROLYN POLK M155 DCBNNA ENNIS 4:17 Miss Novcnziner Pvliss Deccmiier Miss CZINNY SEVERS A1188 iMiARY E1.A1NE BREEN -M . '73, sm- 1 ,W-. ,L '- -1 .1, 6 , ' Q Cf N 1 i Yrlvvfa w ' 5' fy ,, V mf -, ',,. ..,, i A mam NATIONAL SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS RICHARD Hmnus .. .......... .,... P resident DoN SKINNEP. . . . . .Vice-president LEW BROWN ...... .... S ecretary DUTCH F1NLAx'soN . . . .... Treasurer 'lihe National Senior Honor Society is composed of eight per cent of the junior class and twelve per cent of the senior class who qualify scholastically and rate highest in character, leadership, and serv- ice. The scholastic requirement is a three-semester "B" average with no grade lower than UC." Iztniors: .Io Ann Anderson, Margaret Bourgeois, jan Boyter, Cindy Brooks, Lew Brown, Vicki Crump, Laraine Davis, Elaine Decse, Nancy Elder, Marsha Fincher, Butch Finlay- son, Mickey Gaillard, Bill Goins, Hank Hankins, Brenda Helms, David Hollifield, Peggy Hughes, Linda Hutchin- son, VVally Killough, Mike League, Lynn Lewis, Gail Lyerly, Norma Medlin, Mary Pat Moore, Iudy Mullis, Emiliia Porins. Barbara Pullen, Frankie Sifford, Gail Smith, Miriam Terres, Pete Underhill, Linda Walsh, Nancy VValsh, Richard Warren, Jimmy Wesson, Betty VVilliams, Gail Wingate, Rosemary Yates. Seniors: Missy Bigger, Sylvia Blackwell, Bobby Brooks, judy Brown, Margaret Brown, Linda Bumgarner, Libby Cromartie, Sharon Folk, Jane Garnett, Linda Glasco, johnny Graham, Richard Harris, Allen Honeycutt, Iulia Hood, Dwain Jenkins, Carol Ioyce, David Keathley, Frank McAlister, Gail Mintz, Irvin Murrell, Iulia Napolitano, Mitxy O'Conner, Mary Plyler, Laura Poole, Linda Reid, Don Skinner, Carolyn Sloan, Diane Sweezy, Iimmy Teal, Aludi Vllacaster, lack VVasham, .Ioyce Vllheeler. Mrs. Lois Summerville, Adviser HHS mw- mwmev a 9 10,9 Z C O ,M X , ,f,,.W.W'M.o.--!..w-w- Z 1 " ,Q 3 .F f 1 ,wif 0 X. V , . Q, N X f . Aw Q-wi L 54 4447! U :. 1 'aa f NW., ,. Q Q . fi T 5 If W Q , S 3 V 4 ,jj ff is if. . S, . 5 AE " , S . ZX X . f X si N ,W The lzigllliglzl of the evening was the crowning of Bliss Angela Freenzfm as Bliss Sizouiimil of '62 flllll her iiftemirznts, Aliss Imiy Brown and Miss Limia Reid. THE CHRISTMAS DANCE The theme, "'Twas the Night Be- fore Christmas," was heautifuiiy carried out with holiday decora- tions of red and white. The IOC Salem quintet provided the music, amd the P. T. A. provided the rc- frcshmcnts. THE VALENTINE DANCE A i 1 4 5 V Q ,f f X .- 1 wf 1 Q ' We ,, i .xg-fx " A " V'-f!,,4 i , 7 , , 7 f . ,Q f i Q , 5 WW X f i 1 f X KVM? sf 1 ,V 'r it f Q 1 lf, 5 . li! 7 X xy f Q' A ii fi W 3 I Iuiiics firxiff i r , Mr E? Mibs Friewzdly Sumlrn Magee rind Iolmny Heiclzurd SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 1 : 'l Vlilic first big dtmcc of thc yL'ill' was tlic Sudic Huwkim Duiicc, wlmcrc cx'c1'yonc CQIIUC dressed in tlicir lucst Dugputch stylc. The Ci2lIlCC cummittcc wont all out with original ciccof fe rations and activities sucli as L'LlkL"XX'1lHiS :tml ling-culliiig and lx'st cl1'csscci contcsts. loc Iuciemu, ulitis ,xillI'l'.1'ill1 Sum, win in Cflllxftllli tieumml for Izix scrviuus, such in in the mmf of liurry uml Cylzllziu. Nearly 200 Dogpfzlcizerw SLj1lHVU'LilllZCCL1, twistetl, mul uwzllzetl In 1110 fine music of the Xceclinm. f " mm -swm.fmwn xQ fA Q it if 2 f Am-WN Y " s 'A if 3 , 5 It Elia vm., zree lmime5, Mimy, lmij, and Ann, give their rendition of "Side by Side" for enierminnzenf lletween ntnnts. CUTIES and CAPERS mm- - Two twislers, Airs. Freenmn and Mr. VViIey-and we don? mean torlzadoeslf "Kilg0's Crznteennsu of Home, SO B. C., mu the tlzenze of the first-place stunt presented by the Senior Class. Riclmrd Harris and Carolyn Green were clmirinen of this izilarious skit. Page Eighty-two 5 A scene from tlie secoiwl-place soplzomore stunt. tlze Hilnclcic Greasy Show." Wrnclzed with 50115, Aliss Curr receives COlZgl'IllLllllTll0lZS from clnzssumtes 11.10011 winnirzg tlze pmitioiz of llearl clzeerlemler. 6- 1 A W' bww' x z f. we 125' Q, . v S? 4' U Z QQ i 532' As our teachers sometimes see us! l g i 5 2 3 4 S 3 1 A recitation from fenzilziize-voiceal Hiclzurcl in flze junior class simzt, "The Alleglznzzy Hillbillies." Page lfiglzfm'-Ilzrve 'WY 'I '- SANDRA MAGEE, junx' BROVVN Girls' State lJEl64gHl65 Uucly elected Lieutenant-Governor of her party in muck guvernmcntlj RICHARD INIARRIS, VVlLI.lb LLOYD VVilrlnc1'es Delegates CHUIIIQII Relations Cunferencej HONORS AND AWARDS LINDA GLASCO Betty Crocker Homemrzker Award JULIA NAPOLITANO Delegate to Real Cross Convention at Greencove me-+A.A 2 RICHARD HARRIS Harvard Book Award WIILLIE LLOYD, ANGELA FREEMAN .UQ .g, .1 Af., N. Miss Hi-A Iisses 2 H x X as wx ,M- ' X , va"2f5 , 'WV' 'X . 22 I fwfr A ' fligffigw' ' ,ff z':Q:,,,,'g K jg, .mf -mm . m,n.i,.mL -IIIDI' BROVVN D. A. R. All'HI't1 North CUl'0!iIIt1'S 'Imzior .Uiss nf X I 4 JUNIOR ROTARIANS DWAIN JENKINS, JQIINNY CZRAIIAM, BUYCE PARKS, JITYIAIY TEM., ,IOIINNY RFICIIARD, RICHARD IIARRIS, STANLFY AIORGAN W af W X X 4 ,wwf f I SW. , f KN 2, ,M Q Pm 3 , 1 JM'-1 gill , f No. 1 Richard Harris I No. 4 Linda Glasco No. 2 Don Skinner No. 3 Carolyn Sloan i TOP TEN 5 These seniors rank highest scholastically in their class, iudging from all semester grades since the tenth grade. ' G No. 5 Sylvia Blackwell If SENIORS wif? No. 6 Laura Poole No. 8 Margaret Brown No. 7 Bobby Brooks No. 10 is shared by Libby Cromartie Irvin Murreii No 9 Alien Honeycuit SSH-XR t X-W W 50 Yi ky?-.v, " ,f , M: .WN 4 f f f 1, -4' f ww w " xy J ,,f 1- X 4-X rf My N 6 , f M Www VZ , M: ,X QSWW wmWmwfMWMWWwwHQ KL, W ,, -, ,Q ,f , Q K, 4 .. vw. U JN my Q 2 . 'K Mi f S ,Q f . xx x, Ak, A 9 xi CW: vi 1. f, f -f K M J' D ' fi? YW" VY Q 1- 22,1-:..11ff, W ,. M f f V , , Q M 1443 il .fy " 'lf Sf! x N X Kfdjj 5 II I HS TZ? 1117 I 170171 MIL 11009 IHC ZVZC POPE X A W l . iii. 'N xI,a-" :A I: .IQ 1. Q N4 5 -1' 5. 59+-' YA- 0- ""'9' 29 ,, xx xdiir X 141 -f,. ,w k . - . . f If L, N ' 91 , ' ' VN wr- I... 'ei' - 5' - Yi fr Y - 5- .Q . - , Q 9 a C' , W x 'jr . -"2 , , I 2 .7 24 ' . ' ll Q ,A eff I K ' . Q S - , f P-, i ,f Vx --ky 11 rw x N' ' 5 ' .Q -. " Iis cc111 Cntio1 1 arms thc' cm 11u10n mirzvlg 5 3 lc Wg 'S , 1 f f ' I' Ulf' T T' - ,Q-I .-' . -X -Y . Xiqg 1 Q VV! 1 2' I, f -' gym X In z, . , , ff az' 'SSW 1212 -14 fm V2 N., 3624 -wg ,QS X WW X FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER ROBERT RHODES, President' DANNY VVHITE, President DIOKIE JORDAN, Vice-presiflerzt RONNIE SATTERFIELD, LAVONNE ELLIS, Secretary Vice-president IJEBORAH WILSON, Treasurer .IOANNA CHERRY, Secretary DEBORAH VVILSON, Treasurer SOPHOMQRE CFFICERS "WE HAVE ARRIVEDQ' echoed the cries of the sophomores as they came to Harding for the first time in September. Awaiting them were more homework and more exeitng times than they had ever known before. MR. EUGENE TODD, Adviser Sophomores NIARK ABERNATHX' ROGER ADCOCK PAT AKINS DAVID ALEXANDER MARY ANN ALEXANDER DIANNE ALLEN EDDIE AMAIONS SANDRA AIxIIvIONS CONNIE ANDERS VVAYNE ANDERSON DOROTHY ARROWOOD BECKY ATKINSON SANDRA BAGVVELL DONNA BAILEY DARE BAKER KAY BAKER GAIL BALDWLN BRENDA BALL ALDA BARNES BRENDA BARNETTE ROBBIE BARR BONNIE BASINCER RAYE BAUCOIXI DAVID BECHTOLD JACKIE BECK LINDA BELK BONNIE BELLAAIY DONNY BERRYHILL DONNIE BEVEREDGE Bf1INETTE BILLICK CIIARLIE BLACK PAULETTE BOWERS TOMMY BOYD CAROL BRAND SHARON BROOKS CZENE BROWN IIINTIXIY BROWN KENNY BROWN PEGGY BROWN BONNIE BROWN 'IULIA BROWNLEE CONNIE BUCHAN ,IOHNNY BUCHAN LINDA BUMCARDNER LINDA BURNETTE NANCY BUSH BOY BUSH PAUL CADURET EDDIE CALDWELL IIEAN CANADX' DOUC CARSON FRANCES CTASE BILLY CDXSHION LLEORCE CIXSIIION QF? M dw' AX vm- T' I ,rms dh Rf W 'fcf W , S "" SW, 35 I ja - f Mn-4 ' P, X. IL. fl R, f 5, I LI f' .S ,E ws' X 4547 fag ,S :ffl ' usr""f' A 'X f , S R Nh . M u' 6' Q.. 47' ,Q :,., QE 1 ' S INK 341 Vvvs Zin - M If A , , . X g W l m V 1-2 ,. Y 5' I 'A WS 1 H 1-Nz? " X 7 I 1 'e Q ' f 4 , V, A , A X f. f ,,., . X wx Z2 ' 5-Vyiyf-X V Q ' AQ W Wav -Y W rw 'R' gi! if ,,,, as 5? V -ff - ' , " '- ,QA 1 4 1 ,4 ' ., ' ' 7 I , - 1 C , A S Z ffillrf' N ' K M' ,. ,, ,, Ai,, I ,..I I ,, f , .QW-,, My 5 'Q , . Am L I mr' A . ,ew-1 fm In WW M W, we-y-jf 1 . 'f' A V . It . S., X Tl is ' I .- f L, il, 7 ? A ,954 Q? x A. f +, .X 343217 Zh y A 5 A ,A- .Anya f 6 l"' ",'1 - Ev I " f V 2? . , S 5. Q Q 44 I X 'Y 1 , rw -1. V 4 1 f yr-,. if. Www , . J -: AR A , I , .1 3 " I A , A- V .: .- I I ,J I I A ' . . M , ,V , . y - I . , QV' 'R , mf' f 1 . 4, l Q '41 3 A A 7 a Q , V""w. , A my X V 5 A... V, 1 ' ' I -9' ve 2 ,JA A9 7 s If 54 ,A-MQ ' L . "" ' -f ff if 2- A' I 1? A j A . . f ,, , gi.--. A J SWS? 1 Wi ' 'D v f- Q .. Ip ff 1 4 ' ' 'Q'- Y WSW? 1 f 1 X A M4 7: Z' I"Q? J Wx ZA A " , ,. X, iv ,, '5' , nyx f f Q l ,V 4 A f 5, f 1, ' , M A 'VZ Y :vii f 4 2, --, 1 '1' A , In "X . . A ' ' 'ff A' 'A E 53:15 ' 4 A-' PM 49 ' .A Lf . I 1 , ' J A 'fl' f 'X ,. ,Z 57 Y A if M I , , J , A . tl Y ., :A , ' I ' 5 'fs ,..f .. , ,C 3 .. , I ' "dw -f . A -NQ it ,1,,, if AAA. ' ff 'S-A , fu. Sophomores ANNE CZHAIXIIPION BILL CHAPMAN BONNIE CHAPMAN JOANNA CHERRX' LINDA CLARK RICKY CLONINGER RAY COBB GAYLE COCHRAN LINDA COE WESLEY COCICINS KITTY COLLINS NANCY COOK ZXNN COOPER CHARLES CORBETT DONNA COARBETT JIIXI COX LAURA CRAXVEN EVELYN CRENSHAW NANCY CRIISE SUNNY CULBRETH SIIZANNE CURRIE KATHY CURTIN 'I'O1x1IxIY DAGENHARDT FLONI DACENHARDT LORENE DANIEL ALLEN DASHER AGNES DAVIS BOBBY DAVIS CZLENN IDAVIS LARRY DAVIS VERNON DEAN SHARON DEATON CIHERYL DEROBERTS BRENDA DEWBERRX' HERBERT DICKSON LAWRENCE DICCS JANICE DORIIS DAVID DOBY GEORGE DOCCET1 CECELIA DOYLE DONNA IDUNN PAT EARNHARDT PEGGY EDDENS KENNY EDGEWORTH JOYCE EDWARDS LAVONNE ELLIS ANNE ELLXIORE CINDY ELAIORE IIENRY ENSLEY LIBBY ENTZIWINGER CHRIS ESTEP JOE ETTERS NJARIE FARAR JEANNE FARRIS So homores P CHARLENE FERRY RANDY FIANCHINO DAWN FISHER LINDA FISHER CUBA FORD GARY FRANKLIN PAM FRESHOUR SUSAN FURR BECKY GADD CLYDE GARRIS CZEORGIA GIBSON VICKIE GIBSON BRENDA GILES DAVID GILES RONNIE GILLESPIE STEVE CSLASCO BILLY GOCDDEN W.kYNE GRAHAM .IEAN GRASS BRENDA GREEN DARREN GREEN RAY GREEN TERRY CQRIFFITII DONALD CZRUBBS JUDY LIAGLER MIKE IVIAIXIRICK RHONDA HANCOCK BRENDA HARCE11' .IULIE ICIARPER EDDIE LIARRELI- DANNY lIA'lLEY JAY HAYWOOD SUSAN HEAD BILLY IIELMS CATHY HELAIS MICKEY IIELMS WIAYNE IIELRIS ELAINE IIENDRIX BOBBY HENDRIX BARRY LIERSH NANCY IIICKS LINDA IIICHT BOBBY IIINSON PADI LIINSON PAIVI HOLDER DOUC HOLLIFIELD NANCY I'IONEYCllT'I' NANCY IIONEYCUTT CBEORGE HOOD LARRY IIOOD 'LED IIOOKS .IIIWNIY IIORD RONNIE HOWIE DARLENE HUBBARD I no Q, Jus, awk,-L gf 14" 'X Manif - f 4 4,0 9 f 2 A gwffw. K , f, Q , DE' If A,, "" 1' f Q, 5 .I ,f ,. -W Z1 Yf. , A 'iv'- YQ 2- 6 ,, KSVL K A L W x 2 " J A R.-.V X xx V V SSS? "2 , Nh Fx ,, as. D Y . XB S' "' We Y ' -1 . s ' ' gk -mf 'f 34 X W' if M A C, 'YY ,, fi' ,--.., ,Q -'Y' 'Z I gm 'QM -f I trnw xy my ,N ' I ig ! 4 E LW M A S G., 6 A SI I ...:. - A ' A 7 -' , 7 ,' Q I , 'J 1 ' ,f fix rv .. 'Z Y 1 QQ! My 4 FZ 7 , , A W f U Y . gi! , SKK? ' r ffdvumm 4449. sv' ,W ,, 79 by K QI., ...- 1 , L i Q , .A IVQI In W X Q Huw v' A 2, Sophomores VICKIE HUGHES RONNIE IJUNTLEY PEGGY HURLOCRER LARRY HYATT CJIIXIIXIIE ANN INGRAINI BIII. JACKSON JDOUG JAMES NANCY JAIYIES PEGGY JABIES CHARLES JEFFERSON KATHRYN JENKINS JJARRY JOHNSON JEAN JOHNSON CJLENDA JOHNSTON SANDRA JOHNSTON DREW JONES JJICKIE JORDAN JVIIKE JOYCE QJECILIA KALE NICK KARNAZES JDEXTER KAY JLIANITA KAY FREDDIE KELLY LINDA KENNINGTON JVJIRIABI IQILLIAN PHILLIP KILLDIKDN IDONALD KING LIERBERT KINLEY PYONNIE KINNEY TJOIXIIXIY KISER LESLIE KNIGHT SHERRY KNIGHT DIANE KNOWLES BUDDY KRECH RICHARD LAGKEY JIIXI LASKOWSKI BRENDA LAWSON BIINNIE LEWIS DANNY LINE SANDRA LINGLE WILLIAM LLOYD VIJOMIXIY LOFTIN SYLVIA LOWMAN JIBHXIY LUCENTE LINDA LUTES LARRY MCAFEE EDDIE JXJCALISTER JNDA JANE JXJCCALI, MIKE NJCCJORKLE KEN MGDANIEL JOANNA JVICCZRATH RICHARD JXJCKINNEX' LARRY JVJCLYNN DEANNA JXJCRORIE Sophomores PATSY RICVICTKERS YVONNE RXIALONE IIEWELL RIIANNING SARAH RIANLIS BILL MARKS JOAN MARTIN RAY MARTIN DOVIE RIASSEY CIIERYL MATIIIS GEORGIA RIATSON CURTIS B'lERC'liAN'l -IOYCE MILLER LINDA MILLER LVIIKE RVIILLION SYLVIA RIINTZ BOBBY PYIIOORE FRANCES RIIORETZ CAROL RNICRRIS LINDA MIILL SHERRY IN1llLI-lCAN BRENDA NEVINS PHYLLIS NEVVTON 'ACK NIGIIOLS -IUDY INORMAN PAT NORRIS R'1ARGARE'l' CTBRIEN BERT OIIOBI RICKY OLIVER JIMMY GSBORNE BRENDA O'I'I' I IARRIETTE PADGETT E ELAINE PAGE RONALD PAGOOTA STAN PAINTER SHERRY PATTERSON LYDIA PEIfl KAREN PERAUIQI' BETTY PICKLESIIXIER CYARTER PITTIXIAN KATHY PITTIxIAN ANDREA PLuIxIIxIER JANICE PLIIIxIIxIER DONALD POI-I.HAAlhlEll NIARY POPLIN BARBARA PORTER HELEN PORTER AIACK PORTER LINDA PRESSLEY LYNN PRUE'l'l'E PAT PRLIITT NANCY QUERY PAT REID RONNIE REID ROBERT RHODES I 'Q""" X , 'fi If W AS? , X U' fi M f PEN 19' '95 4 , 717.1 iw I , f f f A I ' AER A-3 Q i w , 'Rs-, , mi X 6 IP 'K .. 55? ' V fxfg :A gi :wwf . 26,46 O 7- QL ff' 1 S fs Y We Ao M X0 f ff mx f 1 X if W f f f Z x ! X I f f P f f f f f M X Y W Z if ffK7N g W f ' QA W - AVR f 151 I-f ' ZSZW " .. - , QMS, If I . ? ff.. ! ' -- ,f., , ,I A .. Iv ' D w S97 ' W 'i X A 1 P ,A 2' V954 R f I 'U 7 f V 4 Sq , .Mf f I. M GK 5' V Tis x' , K M ww I 1. Q'-Af' '54 ff ' K E , 'ff A v 4 fu, ,. ! .P 74+ 59" 'R W Z - , , V- 'S 1 Q ' ,Av ' v 1 ' I 12 ' ' -I W, .',,,. .1'P'i5" -M ,il I V U , -I ., i fa., 7, I a N4 Q , I f - Y VY ,ifgsrayvvftl ' A ,, X 2 S M. A y M I ,s K K I X 12 X' We ? A X P X f ef Q N.: P1 ,4- FUR .f E , N3 .-I I ,gig ZA ' -vw' , as ,, Y T I Q , 'T 'K A-A my I 1 if ff I ,D 3 'lv ' R 4' iw 2 4 Q r ti C ' K fl Y. v A .Y-6 W A . ,ivy A N ,, ,, -.. ,, -' nw A 'JC 129 S-.K Q A -M iv- I A X I 1 V i X W' Y ,7 X 'EI XX' I 4 Sophomores DIARY RHYNE VVILLIAM RICIIEY BARBARA RILEY DANNX' ROBBINS STEVE ROBERTS STEVE ROBERTS CBAROL ROBERTSON AL ROBINSON LINDA ROBINSON .IOYCE ROCHELLE FLROY ROLLINS KENNETH ROSS ,FERRY ROWE LARRY RUSHING CHAROLYN SAPP RONNIE SATTERFIELD LARRY SCARBORO ESTHER SCARNECHIA IDIANE SCOTT RICHARD SEAGO CAIIOL SIIARPE RIIICKEY SHARRON XIIVIAN SIIOUP RIIKE SIMPSON ROGER SIIXIPSON LARRY SINGER 'DONNA SLOAN DOBBIE SIXIITII BHTCH SMITH CBONNIE SMITH IJVVAYNE SBIITII -IUDY SMITH LYNN SBIITII MARY SAIITII PABI SMITH PATSY SMITH RODNEY SBIITII ,LERRY SLXIITH BOBBY SPENCER BIARY SPENCER 'LOJXIIXIY STALLINGS RONNIE STANLEY BILLIE STARNES CAROL STARNES BOBBY STEVENSON CZRADY STOGNER KENNETH STOGNER EDDIE STORES LARRY STONE VIOHN STUVER RICHARD STOVVE BRENDA STRAWN KENNE1 H STRAVVN -IANE STROUPE Sophomores SHARON SUNIINIEFIS ROY SWEEZY ANNA TALAND CTAIL TALLEN1' JOANNE 'TAMSON LINDA TARLETON JENNY FIJAYLOR CAROL THOMPSON JUDY THOBIPSON WILLIAM THOMPSON CAMILLE FITHRAILKILI. JOHNNY TINKER DAVID TOWNSEND DANNY TRUEITE LORETTA TUOKER GERRI VEST ROBIN WADDELL EDDIE WALLACE CAROL WALLY BUTCH WARD BARRY WEBB BRENDA WLEN'fZ LAURA WERNER MARIE WCJRTH DANNY WHITE CAROL WIKE HARRIET VVILLIAIXIS LINDA WILLIARIS BRENDA WILSON DEBORAH WILSON BONNIE WIMBISH FLETA WINDELL JACKIE WINGA'FE JANIOE WINCATE MALINDA WINOATE MIKE WINCATE WAYNE WISE BONNIE WITHERSPOON VICKIE WITHERSPOON TOM WOLFE MIKE WOOD SUSAN WOODARD JUDY WORKNIAN BARRY WORLEY ALAN WRAY TED YANDLE PATSY YOUNG ev- B. ' ' WYE' A A 3 ' Wf ,, 1 lx If ' 4 in 7 X A bv f 4 Z v ' I .M r sys . , XL 'f I Q A WMM 'mix' 'H 9 'hr 1. ww- fi ., R W S0 . 'V K . ' ASLS 9 I A V ff. J I ff ,.,,.Y . .A Q? l , -Ng? 7, ,A Im SVN f Aww' Jn... . 5' ' I .Y Q, 5, K x 3' 1 ,. "L 3, .M 1 ww , I M 5 f .4 ' 'F ' ' x . , .ww W? ,X W ' .f , - ., . :A D .I S... I fa: J, W A - 4 I- - Z ' A , wi I D 2 V Wal N , W- X 1 In 194091 Q -wg, VM ra ' w .- . if. A 53 I ' 5 X 46" A-ff ' fe I . Mm ' iv K Jw iex V WK"4x W ,L an ' Q. A, W - df' 3 X 'K -m X . ' J :J 52. '11 i t QS ' ' , V ge.-:ff 4w f - 4, i' A ,. 'bww'-"' L. Wm 'Q S, f Z W 2 X0 ig, XZ? , Wy' 7' vlf , A I 3 ZR. SIA 4 N Y I 'SI X ,. . Q' jf.,:'v ' Je ma 1 W s " cfm 'WK' fin , f Ov' af" -ff f I W, X , ,, AGL ,f 5 X' , ,,,,, ,,,, H-, Sv 5,2531 ,sg 5 ,yff,g5 4 gg' s f ff X 4 Z A 5 l 1 , ws- ,A ' - 7' - MW, R1 gg? Y Page NinetyfSe1'en Nineiy-ei n ffliemnrium jUx 1 IIARRIS FIRST SEMESTER iiANK IIANKINS, President JOHNNY BERARDI, Vice-presiaient CiAROI.YN POLK, Secretary RICHARD LINEBERRY, Treasurer JUNIOR OFFICERS Striving to please the seniors with their arduous efforts. the juniors spent much time in prepurtion for the longfuwaitcd Junior-Senior Prom. This class was the first junior class to receive their class rings in the spring of their Qlunior year. Mus. BAmsAmx PEDERSEN, Adviser SECOND SEMES'l'llR iiANK i'iANKINS, President QilNDY Poua, XHCL'-171'L'SiliL'lIl CAno1.YN Pork, Secretary join' Moonv, Trerzszfrer YTHREE .IO ANN ANDERSON LOUELLEN ANDREWS PEPITSA ARDAMIS UIUNE ARTIBEE -IANICE AUSTIN OLIVIA AYOOTH PAULA BAILEY LOUISE BAILEY BIIKE BAKER SANDRA BAKER FRANKIE BALL CLAUDIA BEAN BETTY BELL 'IOHNNY BERARDI ALLEN BETTIS LARRY BLACKIXION QTARULYN BLACKWELL .IOYCE BLANKENSHIP NIARCARET BOUROEOIS ANDY BOWEN 'IAN BOYTER PAUL BRACKBILL FRANK BRADLEY BILLY BRAND MARY ELAINE BREEN CINDY BROOKS JOHN BROWN LEW BROWN REBA BUMGARNER BOBBY BURC-ESS CARL BUSBY SANDRA CALDWELL DAVID CANNON DALE CARTER PATRICIA CARVER RANDY CLARK MICKEY CLARK DAVID CLONINCER SIIERRY CLOUSE BOBBY COBB MIKE COOK BILLIE JEAN COOKE BRUCE COOKE GARY COBIER BARRY CORBETT BONNIE COWLES VICKY CRUMP ROY CURRIE QP- R f A f I f 1. f Q , , . ' , .M ilf f ,ff 4' A ska Y BB f JUNIGRS SIXTY THREE Page Ona Ilzmdrefl O11 JUNICDRS SIXTY W viii' N-mf' r 'bn' -QW ww' W' ,,..M--f P""""' ww-'V .Q Lge Um' Iillllllfftl Two THRE DONNA DAGENHARDT LARAINE IDAVIS BOBBY DEAL ELAINE IDEESE LILLIAN IJELERS PIERBERT IJENNING IVIONNIE LOU IDIGH IIUDY IJOWLESS .IANET IJRANE 'IUDY DUNN RICHARD DZURIR RONNIE EDWARDS NANCY ELDER JIIYIIVIY ELLIS LARRY ESRRIDGE LINDA ESKRIDUE .IOAN FERGUSON BETTY JO FIANCIIINO AIARCIA FINCHER BUTCII FINLAYSON LORETTA FINLAYSON LARRY FOGLE EARLEEN FORTUNE -IERRY FRADY DIARY ANN FRANCIS ANGELA FREEIXIAN ARNOLD FREEMAN BETTY IANE PURE BIIICKEY QLAILLARD DANNY GARDNER LYNN CZAUTHIER BRENDA GIBSON DIANE CQILLAND SIBBY CJODFREY BILL QQOINS BUD GREEN FRANKIE CIRICE IHIANK IIANKINS .IOANNE IIAVNER BRENDA HELAIS CQUY FIENDERSON 'DONNA IIICKOK DIEANIE IIOLDER 'DAVID IIOLLIFIELD SUE IIOLSHOUSER GARY HOOKS BIICHAEL HOOKS 'DONNA llU'STE'I'LER JUNI JUNI an S1137 , L1 I A iw .ww L ,I 4 f W ' Z I 'ff' Aww, ' ' I 5 W Q Pugge One ll1llZll7'CdF01 T R NINA HUGHES PEGGY HUGHES LINDA HLITCHINSON JOYCE HIITSON CSAIL IVEY BILLY JACKSON JOE JACKSON RONNIE JACKSON JOHNNY JOHNSON JOYCE JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON JVIIRIAIXI JORDAN LINDA JOSEY LOUIS JUSTICE RICHARD JUSTICE KAY KERNS FRANCES KERNS JVIARILYN KESLER CZARY KEZIAH VINEDDY KEZIAH HERBIAN KILLIAN WALLY KILLOUGH STEVE KNIGHT DONA KROHN NIIKE LEAGUE -IOYCE LEE CYNTHIA LEAIIXIOND JOHN LEWIS RICHARD LINEBERRY -IOIIN LIPPARD DEAN LONG RICHARD LUCENTE CLAYLE LYERLY RTIKE LYINIAN MARX' ANNE LYZNIAN -IUDY LYCNQ BUTCH RlCCiA1-LUM CARL R1CC7ULI,OII MIKE LVICCLXIIA COURTNEX' MCCQARITY LINDA RIICLEIXIORE RICHARD RIALCOLM IDARREL RIARTIN ,IIIXIIXIY RIARTIN NORMA RRIEDLIN FRANCES MELTON KAY RIELTON PEGGY MERCER JUNI ORS IXTY THREE f""N Am' vw---R rpg, I R RRR vi 1,5 wi' .ww 1. -was 41' - ,J X, A ,Q L95 4? 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W wx- , 4-, " i ff I 4 sw, 'X , , QQ-:Q-Eff X Wg-j"':f , 1 - 4 A , 1' "LZ Af Rc Ilgc, Om Ilmzdrccl Six BENNY IYIERRITT SHIRLEY PIETCALF HARRIETT MILLER PIWONY IVIINCEY LARRY AIONAGHAN .IOEY AIOODY ALXRY PAT MOORE IRIS IYIORRIS ,IIIDY MIILLIS SIIERRY NEELY 'IIIXIAIY NCJRBIAN ,IIMMY NORRIS -'AMES QSBCJRNE PAT OUTZ CTECELIA PAGE EDDIE PAINTER .IIIXIBIY PARRIS NIELODIE PAYNE QTIIIP PHILLIPS XIIRGINIA PICRARD QDXROLYN POLK CPINDY POLK EM I LIYIA PORINS BILL PRESSLEY FRANK PRESSLEY BARBARA PULLEN LESLIE REID CRECILIA REYNOLDS .IOHNNY RHODES BUDDY RICHEY IIEANIE ROBEY GERALD ROVER KAY ROZZELLE RONNIE RUSSELL BETSY SANDERS NIIKE SCRUGGS BERNARD SHAW RUTHIE SHAW 'DALE SHIELDS BILL SIIUIXINIE FRANKIE SIFFORD PATSY SIMPSON A1AR1I.YN SINCLAIR RIARIAN SKINNER DILMMY SMNIHERS IJANNY SMITH CLXII, SMITH -IOANNE S1xu'lE11 JUNIORS SIXTY THREE JUNIORS SIXTY THREE LARRY S1N1ITH BOBBY SPIVEY LARRY STAMEY BARBARA STEWART LINDA STILES CYENE STROUPE .IERRY SURRATT CTONNIE rI1AYL0R STUART VIYAYLOR SUSAN FLAYLOR .IUDY TEAGIIE IX1IRlAM TERRES JUDY ,111-IORNBURG WALTER rI1IPPETT FIAIVIES VIQOIWBERLIN IDAVID TRULL LYNDA TURNER PETE UNDERHILI. LARRY VESSELL IVIARY JANE WACLONER DARLENE WALLACE -IEANNETTE WALSH LINDA WALSH QJAYLE WARNER RICHARD WARREN DAVID WATTS PETE WEBB GAY WEEKS JIMMY WESSON RITA WEST PAT WHITEHURST BETTY WILLIABIS CARLOS WILLIANIS MIKE WILLIALfIS RONALD WILLIALISON BETTY JO WILSON MARY JANE WILSON MIKE WILSON GAIL WINOATE FTOINIMY WISE JOE WYATT MARGARET YANCEY ROSEMARY YATES JUNI O 'WHS -l2':?Q" Av'- 'W' ,wif sl fdhidf -on ,an '40, ,.-mr RS SIXTY THREE Page One Humired Niue L f ,- O 1 ' we '-U., ff , Q EY ef my f Lf jf N ,NX 5 i x..,, ...,,.,.v.f-H4 MOST POPULAR SANDRA AIAGEE LEROY LIOLDEN BEST DANCERS CJLIVIA AIAYNE IDONNIE MELTON FRIEN DLIEST ,IOHNNY REICHARD CAROL JOYCE MOST LIKELY FIU SUCCEED jum' BROWN UIIIXIIXIY 'TEAL 3 GZ ' t.'fg,7y , , fi? 4. , tg N J 1 LMAWW 4 W ,Lv 5 tf., t. SE 4 r -V +L . . ,Q '-Q W we flsiwfgwx rt... 'yvmwiw' f A ' My - , 'cv vw NIOR Elected hy their classmates as the best in each Of these classifications, these 30 people are the 1963 Senior Superlatives. Q . , Q VVITTIEST TIM KESSLER ANN SPINKS I3liS'l' IJRESSED Dfwm KEATIILEY NANCY 'DAVIS SUPERLATIV Is. BEST LOOKING DONNA CAROL ENNIS STEVE CIABANISS MOST TALENTED SY1,v1A IBLAOKWELE IILITCH XVILSON Knot picturccll MOST ORIGINAL MAnc:AnE'1' BROWN XIAN LEONARD MOST lN'l'Iil,lOlLCT'l'LlfXl, Llxulm POOLE RIUIIARD llfxmus MUST DEPIiNDfXl3l,l1 -ILlL1,x N,x1fo1 l'1',xNo -IOHNNY CQHAIIXXI -C MOST CONSIlDLiRi X'l 'll ,IACK XV.'xs1mm XV1I,1 11i 1.1,ox'n MOST' ,fX'l'l lLli l lf C,xno1,x'N CQHEEN BOYCE Pxmis -,O UNSLINCQ IHLHO .XND IIEROINE AIISSY lilczcghn Hcusxsv Bnocms SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST ALLAROUND GINNY SEVERS 'IIAUXIY PARKER CLASS NIGHT OFFICERS RICHARD HARRIS Vczledictorimz Lawyer DON SKINNER Salutcztorimz -I um' BROWN H istorimz JULIE HOHNER Poet JIINIINIY TEAL Prophet ANGELA LAWINC BOYCE PARKS Giftorians BUDDY H AGLER CAROL FELTS Mascots f xs. X sts ,if wt ,lunior Marshals, chosen by their classmates, have maine AlARY PAT AlOOR1L, PIANK llANK1NS DONA KRUHN, PETE LINDERIIILL tained a "B" average for two semesters. They lead the seniors in Class Night, Baccalaureate, and Graduation and participate in the grand march at the Junior-Senior Prom. NIARGARET BOURGEOIS, RICHARD WARREN Io ANN ANDERSON, BRENDA HELMS we y Jursuora MARSI-If-its q -A s 5 f BUTCH FINLAYSON, LEVV BRQWN CHIEF MARSHALS NWN New 9 55 4-ws ff 1 x , arf: X K f G wg, .Q---,, V? .3 1 AIIRIAM TERRES, VVALLY KILLKJUGII CPYNTHIA LEIVIIVIOND, RUTHIE SHAVV e ? l 2 2 W f A 7 ., p 0 a lQAY ROZZELLE, PEGGY HUGHES , , , We BILL L,o1Ns, LYNN LEVVIS ,V ' 'WS z,,f 0 g,ff -,gg f we f L V- Wswyt Q Z Z X f 4 Aff AZ! Sf X ,tt,, - '7!",'?sr' 4262 I- ff3ff4,',:'r -pf. 6 ff W fsifsisvw 'z..- 5 R ,JW ,A fjf' fifif ft ,i W leaf W1 :6'i'15M ff , ,X gf 3, f .2 , , ,U A ig, -bww- A night spent with "Munm" Fricknoeffer, working on the annual. Mr. Clontz is 'nst one o those nt Hmfdinff who 1 I . Inj Q keep fI1ll1QS rnnnzng snzootlzly but do not recelve due recognition. Go, Rmns, Go! A new slant of our gym. 5 3 l I Z l l l 3 i l I SENIOR OFFICERS The seniors, anxiously awaiting grzrcluation, underwent many ob- stacles and tests of strength in their lust nine months ol' high sehool. Many joys and sorrows were experienced, and each senior has ll satisfaction and ai sense ol Iieeomplishment that no unclerclassintm has yet experienced. Miss FLORA VVA'rsoN, Adviser FIRST SEMESTER RICHARD l'lARRIS, President JACK WIXSHABIA, Vice-president Missy BIGGER, Secretary RILI, JENKINS, Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER RICHARD llARRIS, President JACK. WASIIAAI, Vice-president lXllISSY BIGGER, Secretary QlHARLES CTALLOWAY, Treasurer Seniors could relax' this year! SENIORS HELEN KAY ADAAIS IDONALD ,IUHN ALLEN 'IEANNINE ATKINSON .IOYCE LEE BAGVVELI, LONNIE BAUCOIXI PHILIP VVAYNE BEAN IXNN BEATTY GAIL -IEAN BENNEII BIARILYN BIGGER BARBARA ANN BLACKBIIRN vii "'C"7' SYLVIA BLACKVVELL 'IIIOIIAS BICCIALII BOSTICI4 EIOIIN BIICHAEI. BOVVEN CBAROL BOYKIN SHARON DIANE BOYLES MW Saw f YK' Pnlgu Om' I"1llllLlVULI Svvcrzleerz Rfmm AW NW Sf W' Q, 10 'f B 0 J? SQL P f X 'R ' T jk O , XS, f ' ,, ' 0 Q 'BM .,,, ' my X ww vlu' .z R ,. Mfr ,Q X Y , wr- ,G 3, agp - A Egg X5 X 0, V V '55, -5 N W ,,yZ f f R. 1 if W -9-,wry Z f ' Z 5 sw ? ' 7 Y , 'lf' J S ij: w gM '.-,,,Q .W, :5QQ,!ja. : , 'I , J Sfwmgw zdwf l :,..:.S,.1--.,-S ,QS . "'1 V'W-Q, .1,,, 5 9 X If , S 5' F N f X if X S Y, , S S y x 'x 2 W 2? wif ff f Z S 4, f W AN , ,v xl 410 S. 1 X w gy. S W? hr' 4 Q I X9 W f 1 S 5 ff ' QR, ff 4- My .Q ,M Vg - asf f ' . f . VELAIA PAYE BRIDGES ROBERT EDWIN BROOKS jum' ANNETTE BROWN MARGARET ANN BROVVN STANLEY BROVVN BARBARA IXNN BUINIGARDNER LINDA KM' BULXIGARNER BXIARGARET LEIGH BURNS RAY STEVE CARAN1SS CHARLES RICHARD CALLOWAY 'IVERRY LEE CARSON CTAROLYN CARVER IIAAIES VVAYNE CTAUDLE ,I,xN1E SUE CEOLEIXIAN BARRY MARSHALL COOK .Wane IU HV' If an l'Il fell you my college 11011111 scores PRIEDA DIANE COPE .IOYCE ANN CUWAN fyozfll fell me yoz MICHAEL VIQHOINIAS CTRAIC1 ELIZABETH NANN CTROMARTIE PATRICIA ANN IDIXRNELI. I? qw rc, 0, , ma LQ. , WNW, f ,H .I,,,I ,.--r' RS us! , I , ,I A 1 1 Q - I . 1, Q s 5 , . f 1 Q 5 u ' X1 gfwyvm f ,piw f NANCY EARLE DAVIS 'FERRY ELAINE DAVIS LINDA ANN DEAN WAX'NE DEASCDN z 4 4 BRADFORD DOBRS NIIICHAEL IDZURIR SIIZANNE FRANCES ELA A1 'DONNA CTAROI. ENNIS -IIIDITII ELAINE IJELLINGER RGBHV EVANS .91 wwf' Wuqgif 3' R902 f,n.v-'YV K 4 N 4-W ,wi RD 3252, if AWN V V f e Om' IilHIl1I't'4i Nirwle 'E wp-in fy , ff 7 15 'SK , .fyf 1 , ,nw A MQW MICHELLE .IEANETTE FAULKNER MARY LOUISE FLEMING LINDA SHARON FOLK BONNIE FOWLER BEVERLY SUE GARDNER JANE INEZ GARNETI NANCY CAROL GLADDEN LINDA MARIE GLASCO JOHNNY WAYNE GRAHAB1 SIIERIE TERESA GRAHAM NELLIE ELIZABETH GRASS CAROLYN ROBERTA GREEN IVIELVIN DOLIGLAS GRIFFIN EARL GRAHAM GULLEDGE SONJA 'IOHANNA GLISTAFSON f X? I I'IU1'CZi1ZtQ,S finest on parade. SENIO LARRY RICHARD LIAAS 'DONALD VVAYNE HAGLER SANDRA ROSE LIAIXIBIOND RICHARD CASEY HARRIS CAROL DIANE IIARWELL I""'x nW':""'?V RS RENA ALICE HAWK FLOIXIAIY EDWARD HELDERAIAN AIARVIN VVILLIAM IJENDERSON SHIRLEY LEE HESS AIORRIS VVAYNE IJINSON M CYLENN LEE HIPPS XVILLIAAI LEROY I1OI.DEN -ILILIA ANN IIOOD CTHARLES ALLEN IlONEYL:III"I' .IIILIE CJLIVIA IIORNER f - : M 'rv ,..'?'f1:. -. as . M 31 ' - ' A . -2 ' ' U Ax , .1 Q," ,-Jnngih wav' IQ-nv! 4 W I N V f"' : X X if P " 1 XJ xx X 1 Y 4 :S L If ff A , ' 1 x Q -Y X f 4 f , W I f I If , . - , 1 f I, 5 My RQ Q' 9 f f 452 'K f W. V , Q '4 11- f ""' fr D' qw. If L L, 6 HKS? vNi5'w. ' fff' 'QQQJ NQ , ii ' I 'J 1 A ' Q, AIN: ' ' ' ' i..fv1 I ..: ,gg QM , 1,-I , 1 sf .. I- - . I Aviv' I , , if ujiifi Q X R, f 'f., .4, T. ' . 2 gf, , " , R, fm I rv.-V I fx.. YLQJJB' J Inge One PIIIIIKIVCII Tll'Cllf,l"CJlZL' H '35 ., R 2 f wwf K Q 5 .. , I 4x38 P 4, , I X 1 MWWWI "XZ .1 S Y A .1 1 fp W bb Q - ,I V x , I, 5 , :ffm , LY 4, S9416 , 5 ef , ' ,z.'14fff1i L MR Q K6 sk f.,.1Ei ..,. 5,f W, r W , K XM' IQ-au, 'xy' w fx Z 1 www 'kgwrfxzw ,I X J Z Z Z If 5, W- 1, WMM' SEMA BARBARA ELAINE HUEELINI: BERNICE ANN JACKSON NED RUSSELL JAAIES DWAIN LABIAR JENKINS JAIXIES WILLIAM JENKINS PALILA AIAE JOHNSON r1vED AUGUSTUS JOIINSON KATHERINE JUDITII JOHNSTON ROGER FRANKLIN JOLLY BARBARA LYNN JONES CJAROLYN LUCILLE JONES LARRY BANKS JONES CAROL ANN JOYCE IJAVID PRESTON KEATIILEY FRANCES DIANNE KENNEDY I 3 117151. Ilmzxzzy and julia do the "DoxgpfItc11" I SENIORS EDWMIIJ IIERBIAN KERLEX' 'l'1AIo'IIIY EVA KESSLER CQAII. ANNEITE KISER VICKIE KAY KISSIAII CARI, KNIILIIT ANIQELA NAIJINE LAwINc: LXLXRJORIE C,xIxIILI.E LEE VAN VVILLIAZXI LEIINARII MICHAEL Fl4H0IxIAs LEWIS -IOIIN 'IQIIOAIAS LIIIIIN Muff' Wffiwif' M-WM' rw.. ,,, Q17 .' XfVII,I,IE NIJRVELLE Llfmn LINDA LIINLL IIAIIIIY I'RAN1il.lN IXlcuXI,IwIEIz ,IIIIIIIH ELAINE NCCIIAI' J 'fa l.xmIEI,,x IIIENE AICIJANIEI. ,um Izgc OHL' I'IIlllL1VL'41 fIHII'c1IIrI'-III NWS!! A 196 'MST' 'STV fw?'!P'7'?P5 'wx Ar r 'QW' f Ffa 1 A QJEYW lv-W" vm-.0-v0"" -sb.-ny, 'WV Nm NXIARJORIE MCDOWELL PHYLLIS JEAN IVICDOWELL BRENDA GAIL 1X1CKEE IJAVID NICLENDON ROBERT IRVIN MCIXIANUS IDOROTHY LOUISE IVICRORIE NANCY SANDRA IXIACEE MARY LOUISE MARTIN SUZANNE NIAYBERRY AfIARY QLIVIA IYIAYNE CRAIG STEVEN IVIELTON IJONALD EDWARD IVIELTON BECKY SUE AIELVIN DENNIS DALE NIILLER PAIYIELA SUE IVIILLER Dc'si g1zcf17 to HIIIIQL' you look fll'iCL'.' SENIO CLAIL ELLEN 1XlIN'l'Z IOHN ROBERT AIITCIIEIJ. STANLEY EUGENE AIORGAN RILEY EARL INIORTON LXLICE PAYE LXIULLIS L ,gi A RS I3,xnnA1zA ANN IXIULLIS lRv1N IIENRY NIURRELI, In. 'IULIA IDELORESE IXAPOI. Mrrzx' REE O'CTKJNNElK -IUDITH ANN PMNTER ITANU -lmmlx' XXJAYNU Pfxmuflx IIOYLE Ciluix' Pmuxs I71xEnEn1Ck XVAIEORD P,wO'1'lO ,IEAN Clxnlix' PliNIJl,E'lON Cfmu: XVHHNEY PEHCERSON 'fu-M' N "l'r--an j ,KW 5 mwfwf 'QT'M'ff7 .40-4-wr f. .fl Z f EW Nw 'ml' "lQ"' if . ,E ' Fuego Om, I1llllL1l'C'Ll Tuwzij 419, W-, 1 A42 Wig , Nm 173' W A-an-M Qibwf" 'Wax ..-W, X VM: Huff' A , ,, f 9 , f N! gd' 2 , f 3 Z, q"""""Z'1' ,Rf Asa! Anwfw 'Z' MARY CATHERINE! PLYLER LYNDA ROSE POLK VIRGINIA LAURA POOLE BRENDA POPLIN HAZEL ELEANOR PO'I'EA'I' .LINDA ANN POTTS DIXIE YVONNE PRIDCEN RATHERYN DALE PRIBI CIELIA ELIZABETH RAPPE RICHARD LEE REESE .IOHN CLYDE REIOIIARD LINDA RUE REID LARRY STEVE RIDILE RIIILDRED BUNNIE ROBINSON RODNEY LANE ROBINSON Did we lzcnr souzcmzc say, "Come as you m'e"! SENICDRS ,IAAIES EDVVARD SANDERS -'ACK DDNAID SKINNER CTATIIY DEIXNNE SCARBDIMJLILIII CAROLYN ELIZABETH SIDOAN VERNIE BEATRICE SEACD VVILLIAM PAUL SAIITII VIRGINIA ANN SEVERS LUCAS IJELEON So1.D1x1oN AIARTIN SIIATLEY ANN GIIAIIAAI SPINIQS Q If M X fff XVICKEY ,XNN SPIVEY RACIIEI, KAY STARNES liswrilfn VVALEIXII STEVVART AlIRlAkl -'EAN STDNIQ FLORA ,XNN STLVI 'I s ,gr X ff 4,3 'MW M 'wf If ff . 43 XS! ff! Wi 'W W Pugv Om' nf , V + ' I If X v Q Wi, 1 1 I 5 W, , I Q I VS Q I am 74 X si 15 Q I Y Y Qu , I , f, ,Q A ar ix: , , ' I xl ,X S . I ' 2 L5-. 'X ' 4 'Q I f' ' m HIIIIIIVUII FIIVUIIIVI' wI'011 A N N ,ww-S ,.,, A . I, E ' 'N f XX f f , Wx A , If ' 1 4, yf R 1 sq A ww, V V: -ff' N' 1 - Q ii S 1 A ' ff ,,, X 3 I ff f f S Ny f 1 5 A 1 .. ' f ' +M5n'MWW muy-wwf' f Q , R V- ,..,,g,,-'V 1 S ., 7 f 4 Q , f , , A , 5 ,fl S :YZ Q51 ' I , l fwaf ..17' I X ff W 1 1' as , S' 1 nf X X S f iff 4,1 ,.. N . , 5 lgug I , 5 Q. 1- N QA ,, , f...!. sm 4 Y I , Y f W In A ' ' 1 5, , 1 ix X 1 1' M , 1 I I I 4, 46 l W Y M ,ff A it ,.,. f ff' , ' I .1.. i SK My K ? f EDWARD LESLIE SUDDERTH RAY SUDDERTH ELIZABETH DIANE SWEEZY RICHARD rIRARLETON JAIXIES ROBERT T EAL IVIYRA SUE THOMPSON PIRAIXHXIY THORN CIIARLEIS STANLEY 'THRAILKILL VRERNIE ALLEN TWITTY SARAH FRANCES UTSEY JOHNNY RAYMOND VANN JUDITH ADAIRE WACASTER CHARLES JACKSON WASHAM CAROL LEE WATSON BRENDA PAYE XAZATTS -ssh 4"'u"'Y -,gr Linda was elected SecretawT1er1m1e1 of the South-lVesterz1 D B C0lll'8I1f107I SENICD JOYCE LEE VVATTS JOYCE LOUGENE VVENTZ JOYCE ANN WHEELER BRENDA FAIRE WHITLEY JUANITA JUNE WHITLEXT K l , wfiiiiiwiiiiinf wanaziifiwf a S Vg Sififiiini if 2 J Q 0K 1F"" N I . ,. ' ff Li fl 356 . ' N f"'.i"' ,- :P I Q' od ff-'ff 1 ' 53' s A man who qzzalifies lziuzsvlf well for his cczllzng, vzgpep fails of euzployuzezzt."-THOMAS JEFFERSON if ' 221 ':.Qf'1i l X an ' 7 Q Q6 Z -wfaf gm- av. X, , -2 Q 15.4 it gi.-Y af f 'shun gh 4, 9 , Q F w 5 4 wx.. reefingd 0 en iam Congratulations! You have completed one step on the road to learning. As you search for your place in the world of tomorrow, remember to look ahead. Look back only long enough to be thankful for the guidance and help which has brought you this far. Be grateful for whatever special ability you possess but always realize that you must actively use these abilities to benefit from them. Keep an abundance of love in your heart, leaving no room for malice. May God grant you the wisdom to search after peace and to direct your talent and energy toward the good of mankind. Best wishes, Parent-Teacher Association l g O ll l l lllzirlv-lu' THE GREATER For Over 68 Years Your Home of Better Values Thomas and Howard Company BUY WITH CCNFIDENCE . "THE SOUTH'S CLEANEST CARS" S",fffQ Q',fitQ"jff," c. T. mn Auro sms Independent Neighborhood 525 500141 TYYOH Street Stores Phone FR 5-6084 CHARLOTTE, N. C. ' 4Il South College Street Phone ED 3-0112 C. T. Byrd Ice L. Hicks KE 7-5893 Page One Hundred Thirty ANNUALS OUR SPECIALTY GROU PS-SENIORS-UNDERCLASSM EN " C. " RUMFIELD QFUDIO F V Y ' M ,, wif-frat Portraits With Personality James C. Brumfield-Betty S. Brumfield WEDDI NCS-RECEPTIONS-COMMERCIAL 325 East Boufeva rd CHARLOTTE, N. C. One Hundred Thir WGIV JAMES FOOD STORE Tops on your Dial 2124 AShIeY Road Phone 399-9236 Night and Day CHARLOTTE, N. C. um: HARDWARE co. B0YD NASH USED CARS I-I. Boyd Nosh R. D. IDICIQJ Shelby l334 South Mint Street Clean Used Cars ED HB3 FR 6-1162 819 w. mae sf. FR 6-6007 P R O U D O F Y O U l if , J I 3 PROUD TOSERVE YOU l506 .xdmerican Rauf? .gdriaffg .gnc S. Blvd. Phone ED 3-4177 Flowers For All Occasions FORMALS FOR RENT FULL DRESS TUXEDOS DINNER IACKETS CUITAWAY SHIRTS TIES, LINKS C1 STUDS SUSPENDERS G SHOES Page One Hundrezl T GOND0lA RESTAURANT co RAMS co were Behind You All Famous fo' The Way PIZZA s. SPAGHETTI Served in A ROMANTIC ITALIAN ATMOSPHERE Phone FR 6-8118 Charlotte Expert Work - All Types of Mechanic Work - Road Service Reuves' Sinclair Service Station 2736 Freedom Drive CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. Courteous arid Prompt Pick-Up and Delivery Robert W. Reaves, Proprietor Telephone 399-9127 McEWEN FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. ir Phone ED 4-6421 727 E. Morehead IQOMLHJ glfaf 60111106111 y "In Any Event-Sencl Flowers" 924 North Tryon Street Charlottetown Mall ED 2-8191 CHARLOTTE, N. C. MODERN SUNDRIES at Five Points Fountain-School Supplies FR 5-2585 KATY'S KORNER Frieridliest Korner Arourid We Welcome All Teenagers Delicious Home Cooked Meals Soft Drinks and Sandwiches 104 Tuckaseege Road e Ilunrlreol T lzzrty-szx PARK lANES, INC. Compliments of I700 Montford Drive MR. 8. MRS. G. B. HARRIS Phone 523-7633 CHARLOTTE, N. C. The ANGUS STEAK HOUSE BOUIEVARD BARBER SHOP Specializing in 222I Berryhill Road The finest of open pit charcoal broiled steaks EX 99392 ocean fresh seafoods """' L' Ke"" 0""" Dial 523-8871 3637 s. Blvd For Party Reservations REPURT T0 THE STUBKHULDERS with hig dividends for America! nuiimuc rHn0UGH W5 NESS- ,Qg A INTER AMERICA' hievemellf unlor C i This is a serious financial report. For these youngsters are actually engaged in a profitable business of their own. They're learning the right way-through direct expe- rience under the guidance of suc- cessful businessmen-how a busi- ness prospers in the American system of free enterprise. Through the Junior Achieve- ment program they form their own companies, float stock, manu- facture their own products, keep books, handle advertising and merchandising-and pay divi- dends from their profits. But, more than this, they're learning to appreciate the eco- nomic system that has made this country great. These enterprising boys and girls are an investment in the future of our country. Junior Achievement is spon- sored by a long list of America's best known corporations - staffed by volunteer advisorsvwho are training teen-agers for their fu- ture in free enterprise. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT 0F CHARLUTTE, INC. Page One Hundred Thirty seven McGEE 8. OATS Your AMOCO Dealer SALON 4012 Avalon Avenue Rozze11's Ferry Road EX 9-3411 Tel. EX 9-9180 CARDINAL CLEANERS ALTERATIONS-REPAIRS '7 Same Day Service 1921 Commonwealth Avenue FR 5-6959 1531 Remount Road ED 3-0867 111llI11Hl11111l1 11111111 1211. Phon-2234-4725 MORRIS LIVESTOCK G0 112 Lotta Arcade CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mt. Holly Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. Members of Charlotte Board of Realtors Charlotte Multiple Listing Bureau North Carolina Board of Realtors EX National Real Estate Board National Traders Club 1 5, O ell cl ec1Tlzirtyfeig11t Phone Road Service "The Best Friend Your Car Has Ever Had" Phone JA 3-I822 Nite JA 3-02I7 I-OVEI-Y CORSAGES FREEDOM TEXACO SERVICE AND 3400 Freedom Drive CHARLOTTE, N. C. "Tuxedos-Dinner jackets and all accessories for rent" HOUSE OF FLOWERS Member F.T.D. Sedgefield Shopping Center CHARLOTTE, N. C. Frank Griffin, Owner 1816 P. C. GODFREY, INC. A Complete Service in PLUMBING-HEATING AIR CONDITIONING FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Our Work is Guaranteed ozzell's Ferry Rd. ED 4-8605 ROSES 5-I 0-25c STORE Charlottetown Mall FR 7-289I Compliments of PNEUNIAFII CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, N. c. NORMAN'S MARKET 2843 Rozzel,l's Ferry Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundrecl Thirty ge One llmzdred Forty 100 S. McDowell at E. Trade Street CROMARTIE ESSO SERVICE CHARLOTTE, N. c. D'lAYE'S BEAUTY SALON 'Ir 375-5237 1520 W. Boulevard KISER DRUG COMPANY 2408 Wilkinson Blvd. - ED 4-08 127 19-FR 5-1761 Scalybark Rd. - JA 3-4555 3038 Eastway Dr. - KE 7-4212 FAUl 8. CRYMES, INC. SPORTING GOODS SPECIALISTS Since 1930 Freedom Village 409 South Tryon Downtown Charlotte In Collins Dept. Store Thru High School . . . Thru College . . . Thru Life ., roons - trazzslzs Plzzn The llpen Kitchen I 1318 W. Morehead Your Friendly Neighborhood Store McCONNEll'S 5 8. 10 1721 West Trade Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. l Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont, Kings Mountain, Mooresville, Lincolnton, Newton, Hickory, Kannapolis, Cornelius, Morganton, Forest City, Statesville ioHNs-MANviu.s sum-r mnusrmi a ruurxors nzsiomrmi aounzo sum'-ur roofs nmoorme sum METAL insuumon INTERSTATE ROOFING 520 West Palmer Street - P. O. Box i086 CHARLOTTE I, NORTH CAROLINA Phone FR 5-8447 BAR-B-Q KING DRIVE IN 2900 Wilkinson Boulevard ir Home of Old Fashioned Hickory SMOKED BAR-B-Q Page One Hundred Forty ELE T M Awf I I ARIIIATURE WINDING COMPANY 'MKS BARBER SHG? 1001 West First Street HH Pays To Look WeII,, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 3129 Tuckaseege Road BUMGARDNER'S PRODUCE -Sifakefff g00J5f -gnc' FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CHARLOTTE' N' C' 730 West 'Trade Street FR 7-342' Phone ED 4-6791 One Hundred Fortytwo 9209 gif VISIT CAMP GREEN BARBER SHOP On The Corner Camp Green Cr Freedom Dr. 1536 Camp Green St. Joe T. Rush Ed Broom Res. Ex 9-0372 JONES' SERVICENTER COURTESY CARDS HONORED TRAILER RENTAL U-Haul Pick-Up 5' Delivery Dial ED 4-1765 1000 W. Independence Boulevard MECKLENBURG TV SERVICE Dial FR 5-6922 We service all makes 6' models Visit us for a demonstration of RCA Products 1530 West Boulevard PLANTATION GRILL 2426 West Morehead WW! We offer our help and consideration in fulfilling your requests 0 322 Hawthorne Lane C EDison 2-4131 "Like a Member of the Family" FUNERAL Hawthorne Chapel EARKEEY TIRE SERVICE srlwm FURNITURE co., mc. NEW TIRES RECAPPING 5414 Wilkinson Boulevard USED TIRES CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. 1319 West Trade Phvne EX 9-1321 FR 5-2409 Page One Hu "Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" CITY SAVINGS BANK 120 East Third Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone FRank1in 5-4441 D. W. FLOWE 8. SON, INC. UTILITIES AND GRADING MERITA GRIll CONTRACTORS 1323 W. Trade Street 2020 Remount Road Phone FR 5-969' ED 2-1169 Telephone EX 2-3031 .,,,,,,,,,,. .. , Esso Marjznef .Talon of BBHUQI ml'- Wilkinson Boulevard Shopping Center MADELINE MCGILL-MARIORIE DOBY Owners Open Each Night Till 9 texcept Sat.1 0. H. "Herb" Burnett Esso Service Service-Courtesy-Reliability 2201 Freedom Dr. Phones 392-4466-399-9339 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Enjoy 'SG P.' Wherever You Go IIIITIIIDRE DAIRY FARMS 1 1 -QA I K PEANUT me may PEANUTS BUTTER het POPCORN 2002 West Morehead sANDwIcHEs A h, POTATO CHIPS Phone 333-1121 1' '- SWINSON FO0D PRUDUCTS, INC. CHARLOTTE, N. c. O H m71redF0rty-four KZ MX 'EBQ-:ot wioheo for cc wonderful future! l'r's vouRs WITH Sibblflflc-!I'l'l Blu. BROWN STATE FARM INSURANCE 1531 West Boulevard SIGMON'S SERVICE CENTER Moron TUNE-uP 1239 West Trade Street FR 5-9295 If it's for the OFFICE We have it POUND 8. MOORE CO. ,-wyfff , .374 41, ark: M .I IQ it POTEAT ELECTRIC COMPANY Industrial, Commercial and Residential Wiring 3400 Tuckaseege Road CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. Phone EXpress 9-5923 Kenneth I. Poteat, Owner KEYS MADE PAINTS HOUSEWARES GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Compliments of SEDGEFIELD HARDWARE, INC. X xl "Your Convenient Hardware Store" 2815 South Boulevard Telephone 523-3661 CHARLOTTE 9, N. C. Page One Hundred Forty-six QUALIFIED WELDING BOILER REPAIR if WENTZ MFG. AND REPAIR C0. Hot Water Storage Tanks Air Receivers, Etc. C N Y A.S.M.E. Code Constructed and Stamped 3925 Hargrove Street Phone 399-1408 or 532-9526 Il ' ll F"'endIY P90PIe STEEL FABRICATION liiiu f CHEVROLETX gig : BRANNER's SHOE SERVICE 710 South Tryon Street "lt lt Can Be Done 3774911 We Can Do lt" 'A' 1306 Central Ave. 376-1222 BUllDER'S HARDWARE GI-ENWOOD E580 COMPANY 3401 Tuckaseege Road 912 West Trade Street Phone ED 2-8163 Phone 399-9238 GENERAL HARDWARE E- A- C"""f Om' Your Invitation to Shop The Friendly "Brand Name" Store in Freedom Village THE C E E CO- FREEDOM VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Wearing Apparel For The Whole Fami'ly Gift Items Complete Home Furnishings 0 Free Gift Wrapping 0 Free Delivery 0 Acres of Free Parking Beauty Salon 392-4638 Store 392-6381 Page One Hundr 1 F tg if cHAmEs w. o'mAuEv, Jewmlzs CERTIFIED MASTER WATCHMAKER ERVIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY THE TEENAGER'S JEWELER "Builder of Better Built H omes" IO7 Liberty Life Building CHARLOTTE, N. C. ir THE ANDERSON PRESS Bookkeeping and Sales Tux Service Office C' FUCIOVY Forms James B Patterson Books . . 1 ' Letterheads 5 Envelopes SpeC'ol'z"'9 "' Labellfui Shipping T095 Federal C1 State Income Taxes uc ets Business Cords License No, 2l47l6 EX 9-32l6 EX 9-3087 3014 Dogwood Ave. Telephone ED 3-IOO9 415 Oakdale Road CHARLOTTE, N- C- THE JOHN CROSLAND COMPANY DRINK 4 heerwine "Proud Builder of Good Homes for Over Z5 Years" One Hundred Forty-eiglzt CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE 1800 West Morehead Across from WBTV "Finest Steaks Served Anywhere" 332-2414 GODIEY CONSTRUCTION CO. 4804 Rozzell's Ferry Road Dial 392-6146 Motor Tune-ups Wheel Balancing McARVER'S ESSO, INC. 1535 Remount Road BARBECUE Phone ED 3-3985 HICKORY HOUSE RESTAURANT OUR SPECIALTY PORK - BEEF - CHICKEN - RIBS - STEAKS BRUNSWICK STEW "You Have Tried The Rest . . . Now Get The Best" Private Dining Room-Complete Catering Service BOB and ED CARTER 1837 Thrift Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. COPAl GRILL Specializing in Regular Dinners 0 Choice Western Steaks 0 N. C. Country Ham 0 Seafood in Season Try Our Famous Film Steaks CURB SERVICE FSZZSEQ7 F. E. Gene Gulledge, Ovvner Dial 339-9102 5923 Wilkinson Boulevard FUEL OIL O KEROSENE C R M U L l I S CHESAPEAKE PAPER STOCK CO. ., . 2221 N. Davidson sf. Phone ED 2-5548 700 W- Trade Street Automatic Degree Day Oil Delivery 24 Hour Oil Burner Service 10 Month Budget Plan Back-Hoe Service CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA "WASTE PAPER" Page One Hundred Forty BELK ,S S T UDI 0 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS PHOTOGRAPHS A Welcomea' Gift or Cherished Possession ENGAGEMENT AND BRIDAL PORTRAITS COMPLETE WEDDING COVERAGE BABY PHOTOGRAPHY OUR SPECIALTY BELK BROTHERS 4th FLOOR MELVYN MILLER Refreshing remembrance NIIllER AGENCY at Real Estate C1 Insurance AUTOGRAPHS I' W .xg ' 24I2 Arty Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. Bus. 375-3234 Res. EX 2-1922 CABEll ESSO I600 West Morehead Street up 'MA' B Q jf j ,AH ri l:n X fx RJ235' o ,NVQ : I XX f ,- xl! IRI I 0:4162 'I QI " DRl.wt One Hundred CAROLINA'S LARGEST DEALER Opposite The Courthouse CHEVROLET HEADQUARTERS SINCE 1925 531 E. Trade Street ED 2-3131 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Quality T.V. and Radio SBI'VlC8 use FAT ggy Note Book Paper Phone FR 7-3230 Manufactured By 'W Wes' Tmde 5"ee' CAROLINA PAD 8. PAPER CO. Telephone 399-9487 "Ask Goodson" KAlE-lAWlNG COMPANY Complete Office Outfitters 217 s. Tryon sneer CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FRankIin 7-2641 Goodson Gull Service GRAHAM GOODSON, Owner 2833 Freedom Drive Hwy. 27 at Freedom Village CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. Pick Up 8' Delivery Service Page One Hundred Q1- PA R K - N - S H 0 P The Wonder Stores The WorId's Most Fantastic Supermarket 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU 3512 Wilkinson Boulevard Un The Wilkinson Boulevard Shopping Centerl 4300 N. Tryon St. - Af Old Fair Ground Open 'Til 12:00 Midnight 6 Days A Week CHARLOTTE, N. C. 31515:5:g:Q151gE5E555E5SfErSrS1ErEr:,,.,.,4.::,::::.f.-, -j-j.g.j.j.:.:.: -.g.:.II:I:I:Ij2:Z:I:I:2:1.j.:.:.:.:.g.jI:.ji....j.:2:Z:.f.f. : ifif?3IfZ3:3:3:5525355f5f5f5f3f5f3fI525:5:3:Z:5:3:55:355f5f3f3f5f3f3f52323:5 QEQEQS Eff ,,,,,,, 5egsgfgffsfsfsgsfsgsgsgzfsfsgfgsgzffee fsfsfsfsfsfsf52ifififififffffefsfiff. ' ' ' 'rjqqfgljijl:Ijlfljiffj-I-1-Q-32:25 III-I-Ziff'-'1-'-'.'.-.'I-I'.'I-15112111211 '-I-I-Q-Q-Q.Q.Q.jg.Q.1.5I:Z:I:I:I:I:Z:.:.:Zj.L E .T f- "" ' " '-'-'-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-' . -, .. ,, ,, F , I ......-...-. --I--n----siwiq .5 , , . ul.,-,...,-,,, - .. . , T W, --.- 'bi R " I j I l I 4 I if f l 1 1 ' , .7 W, Page One Hundred Fifty-two REECE BAKER AUTO MART 'Ir IZOI W. Trade Street WILLIAMS ESSO SERVICE Phone FR 5-3459 Phone so 2-9520 soo wen Trade Home or VELVA-TONE GEORGE CllNE'S CLfAN'NG TIRE 8. RECAPPING CENTER Telephone EX 9-O33I R 8' w P. O. Box 8051 use our Cash and Carry Service l'I04 Berriyhill Rd. Charlotte 8, N. C. And Save The Difference Tue Semce Phone EX 2-3272 Phone EX 2-3273 3406 Tuckaseege Rd. Charlotte, N. C. VOLKSWAGEN SALES 5 SERVICE maxinek gzanfy Sagem 3127 Tuckaseege Road HENDERSON MOTOR COMPANY Phone EX 2,1422 I50O W. Independence Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Maxine W. James, Owner FR 5-6085 M O O R E' S HOLSUM BREAD Sewing Machines-Furniture-Appliances 404 E. Trade St. IT'S BLENDERIZED CHARLOTTE, N- C- Phone ED 4-4805-3-7212 226 Meacham St. ED 4-ZII7 Developer of Moore's Park and Marshall Acres Page One Hundred Fifty-th Phone: ED 2-3739--375-4240 PLUMBING CONTRACTOR AND ZITY ECONO-WASH Harry C. Siskron State License No. 1567 211 Tuckaseege Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. COMPLETE SERVICE Dial EXpress 9 7182 2215 Berryhill Road CHARLOTTE N C ED 2-3827 Night Phone EX 9-5255 AlEX'S AUTO REPAIR, INC. 2413 South Tryon Street Charlotte 3, N. . AAA SUNOCO SERVICE 933 West Trade St GLENWOOD BEAUTY SHOP 2615 Tuckaseege Road UNITED MOTOR EXCHANGE 925 South Tryon Street FR 5 4495 Motors and Transmissions 392-2881 New or Factory Rebuilt One-Day Installation 31 061906 TWO LOCATIONS 3300 Tuckaseege Road 2416 Freedom Drive Phone 399-3341 Phone 399-3341 . . . . You'II Find Your Friends There One Hundred Fifty-four CITY PLUMBING COMPANY SPRING SERVICE COMPANY, INC c 'k - IIIIIIS E330 ll II IIISIAIIIIA I Corner of Walnut Avenue and Independence Blvd. W-rf -1 r ,f M .,..a-.W-I-ruv0"'A,,.......r.-uf' , .-,N-J ,,,, 6. I , V . , . . 4 M810-uf .,-,.q,, W ., ,,,.,.,,M....-.,, ..., ,..ww-r- ' ' -I M. ,W , wrswf COMPLETE CAR SERVICE Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Road Service BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER "Always the Best in Food and Automobile Service in Town" Owners: R. C. Spivey, Sr. - R. C. "Bobby" Spivey, Jr. One Hundred F EHAHLUTTE UIL EQUIPMENT AND WELDING II8 Bruns Ave. - Charlotte 8, N. C. Phone FR 5-2597 SERVICE AND INSTALLATION GAS PUMPS, AIR COMPRESSORS AUTO LIFTS AND UNDERGROUND TANKS HOSKINS DRUG CQ. CQNQRATULATIONS, SENIORS AWNINGS-IALOUSIES-ORNAMENTAL IRON WEATHERSTRIPPING-SCREENS-STORM WINDOWS fr DOORS-CARPORTS-PORCH ENCLOSURES-REMODELING-CHAIN LINK FENCING-ALUMINUM slums JOHN DEllINGER HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 52I W. Summit Avenue OF 1963 Residence FR 6-6626 ED 4-5670 Charlotte, N. C PRESCRIPTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUG SUNDRIES WEST MOREHEAD GULF 4130 RozzeIl's Ferry Road EX 9-6334 'I5I6 West Morehead FR 5-9420 Page One Hundred Fifty-six EHE HARVESTERS RIIAREEE G o R n o N ' s C L E A N E R S WBTV, Charlotte, North Carolina . "A Satisfied Customer is Our E ,ach Spnng . Fhst Condderahonn Carohnas Song Feshval Each FaH The country's biggest and best all-nite H5 westedy HMS Dme gospel singers in Charlotte, the . X I Queen City' ot the South. Dm' E press 9-65 9 gm sowuuc EE ,S A COURTESY MUTURS, Inc. 515 East Fourth Street FAMILY AFFAIR FR 768' AT f EAIR EAIEIES EREERIIM .Mm DEPARTMENT 3000 Freedom Drive 122 South Davidson Street FR 5-1711 Pg o H d dzfffy BURGER 15? HOUSE DRIVE-IN HAMBURGERS-15c HOTDOGS-15c FRENCH FRIES-15c MILK SHAKES-15c FR 6-4233 1607 West Independence Blvd. WE USE 1002, PURE BEEF HAPPY TIME PLAYSCHOOL Pre-School Child Care and Training Center Mrs. C. T. Sturdivant Director Compliments of THE DAIRY QUEEN 2127 Millerton Ave. Phone 334-3922 FLASH GORDON Auto SALES TODD OIL COMPANY FUEL olL - KEROSENE New and Used Cars and Trucks 2425 South Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 523-1063 I. W. Gordon, Owner RECAPPINC- 2815 Rozzell's Ferry Road CHARLOTTE 9, N. C. Telephone EX 2-5274 CHARLOTTE TELEVISION CENTER 2601 Rozzell's Ferry Road Phone 334-2382 STRAWN'S CLEANERS Wilkinson Boulevard Shopping Center just Good Dry Cleaning Telephone EX 9-8329 PICK-UP G' DELIVERY SERVICE One Hundred Fifty-eight 4 BOOSTERS 0F HARDING HIGH SCHOOL Paul Tyson Alexander Missy Biggers Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Brown Jim Cox Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Garnett Jimmy Garnett Mr. and Mrs. Bob Graham Mike Habenicht Doug Hollifield Mr. and Mrs. Kent W. Honeycutt Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Krohn Dona Krohn A. T. Lawing Angela Lawing Charlotte Lawing Nadine Lawing David McCallum Judy McCallum Butch Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Moose Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Napolitano Linda Polk Eddie Proctor Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Proctor, Jr. Celia Rappe Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rappe Mr. and Mrs. Ben l. Sellers W. M. Spurrier Bart Stewart Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wagner Ray L. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Neal Westmoreland Buzzy White Mr. and Mrs. Frank White Compliments of Harding High School Boosters llluh lin Hams lin Page One Hundred Fifty List of AdVel"l'iSel'S Page Page AAA Sunoco Service ,,................. 1 .,..... .......e 1 54 Holsum Baking Company ....,...... 1-1 ...... 1 ..,.. ....., 1 153 A 8z P Food Stores .,.,...,,.oo,eoA,.....,. ....,eo.., ...o.., 1 4 0 Home Improvement Company ,..... 1 .... 1 ..,.... 1,156 Alex's Auto Repair .............1..,,.,....... 1 1,e..,.. .....,,o 1 54 Hoskins Drug Company .............. ......, 1 11 ............,.. 1156 American Beauty Florists, Inc. 1 ......, ,.,,,,,,,.1 1 35 Hotpoint, Inc. ..,i..........ec........,,..,.. ............. 1 ........,,.,- 1 42 Anderson Press, Inc. .,...........c,.,...,,., 1 ..,., 148 House of Flowers .........,......... 1 ...,,........,. ,...., 1 39 Angus Steak House ........,,... 1 ...... ,..,.,s 1 137 House of Nine ,.....,,,,...co,...,,....,... ....... ...,........,...,.,, 1 4 6 Armature Winding ...,...... 1 ......... ...,.,,, 1 42 Interstate Roofing Company ..,... ............. 1 ...,.....,- 1 41 Avalon Beauty Shop ..........,, ,,.,,-, 1 38 Jack's Barber Shop -.....,s.s............., 1111 ,,,.1... --,,,-, 1 42 Baker, Reece, Auto Mart ,..c.,, ,,1,,w1 1 53 James' Food Store s.s,cc.,.,.........c. 11111 .....s....,,...,,.,,,-- 1135 Bar-B-Q-King Drive-In ,,,.... ,,,,,1, 1 41 Jones Esso Servicenter ..,....,......, 1 ...... 1 ....,, 1 .... 1 ,,..,,,,. 111143 Barkley Tire Company ...., .,.,..,..,.,, A1,,,, 1 1 43 Junior Achievement ..... 1 ,...... 1 .... 1 ......,...,,,. 1 ...,,...,,,,.,,-,,,,, 137 Barnett's, O. H., Esso ,....... s,,,, 1 ......,,, .,,,,,, 1 1 44 Kale-Lawing Company ....., ...,.,......,..,, 1 1 ..1..,,1,,,.1,,, 151 Belk Brothers Company .....1 1 ...111., 1,111,,, 1 33 Katy'S Korner .111,..1.. 1 11..,.11. ......,..1 1 .... 1 ..,. 1 11 1 11,1,,11 1136 Belk's Studio .... .,,,,,11111,,1,,,,1 11,,,--1 1 5 0 Kiser Drug Company .,1.,,, 111 ...,,. ,,1,, 1 ,,,,,, 1 40 Biltmore Dairy Farms ,,,,.., 1,,,,1, ,,,,,., 1 1 44 LaPointe Chevrolet .1..., 1 ,,.1,, ,,,,,,1,,,1,, ,,,,., 1 5 1 Bizzells' Drug Stores ,.,,,,.111.1....1,11,,,,1 1,1-1,, 1 54 Lance, Inc. .111,11..,.11,1... ....1.1,.1,,., 1 ,,1,,,..,.,1, 1 139 Bob's Esso Kr Restaurant ,111111. 11111 11,1 ,,-,1111 1 55 Little Hardware ..1....111.1. ..1. 1 ..,.,,.,. ,,,1,, 1 3 5 Boosters of Harding 1,,,,1.,,,1.1, ,,,1,1,,1,,,,11, 1 59 McArver's Esso, Inc. .........,. 1 ,,.. 1 ,,,,. ,,11, 1 49 Boulevard Barber Shop ,,11, ,,,1 ,1,11,, 1 ,,,1,,1,,, 1 3 7 McConnell's 5 8z 10 Store ..... ,,,,,,.,, 1 ,,,,,,,,,1,,1, 1 40 Branner's Shoe Service ....1,1,,1,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,11 ,1,,.. 1 47 McEwen Funeral Home ........1 ,,,,,,1 1 ,,,,,,,, 1 1 11,136 Brumfield Studio 111,1,1111111 1 11,,1,1 1 1,111,,1, 11,A1,1 1 34 McGee Sz Oates Amoco 11 ,,.,,,.. ,1,,,,, 1 ,,,,,1, 1,--- 1 3 3 Builder's Hardware 11,11 111 -,.,,11, 147 Marjine's Salon of Beauty ...........1,..11 111 1,,, 11 144 Bumgarner Sz St. Clair ,1,,1 -gggggu 142 Maxine's Beauty Salon 1,,,1,,,, 1 ,,,1,,,,,1,111, ,.,,, 1 1 153 Burger House, Inc. ,,111,1,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ---,,,1 1 5 3 Mecklenburg Television Service ,,,1 1 ,,,,,,,,,,1,, 11 11,,-, 11143 Byrd, C. T., Auto Sales ..1,, 1 ,11,111 ---1-,1 1 133 Merita Grill .1..1,.......1..11.11,1.11.1,11,1,.1 1111111111 1 111111 1 44 Cabell Esso ,,11 1 1.,,.1, ,,11111,1111 1111111 1 5 0 Millers Agency 1....11,,11.11111,.,,,,,1,,, 11 1 111,111 111 150 Camp Green Barber Shop ,1111,11 1111111 1 43 Miller Kr Kerns Funeral Home ,1,,1,, .,,,111,,, 11111111111111111 1 4 3 Cardinal Cleaners ,11,1,,1,1,1111,,,1111111111111 1 11111 1111111 1 138 Modern Sundries ..,,1111.1,.1,,,,,,,,,, 111 111 11111,11 1 1111 135 Carolina Pad Sr Paper ...., 1 1,,1,.,1,,1,1,111,11,11111111111, 11111111 1 51 Moore's, V. M, 11.. 11.1...1..............., 1 1 ,111,1, 11111,,1111 1 153 Charcoal Steak House 1, ,,11111111111111111111111111 1 111111111 111---1 1 49 Morris Livestock Company ,11,111 1111111 1 111111 1 38 Charlotte Oil Equip. 81 Welding Co, 1111 111 111111 1111-- 1 55 Mullis, C. R., Oil Company ,11,1,1 1 111111111 149 Charlotte Television Center 11111111111111111 1-1111- 1 58 Nash, Boyd, Autos ,11,....1.....,,.11,,1, 111111 1 11111 1 35 Cheervrine Bottling Company ,,,1,,1111 111 143 N0rman's Market 1.1.,1......,..111..1.1,.. 11,1111 1 139 Chesapeake Paper Stock Company 1,1,111111111111111 1111111 1 49 0'Malley, Charles W., Jewelers 111,, 11111111111,1 111111 1 4 3 City Chevrolet 1,11,,111111111111111 11111111111111 1 1111111111 1 11111111111111111111 1 47 Open Kitchen, The .,.,11,,,, 1 1,,1111,,,11 1 11111111 111 140 City Plumbing Company sz City Eeon-o-WaSh 111,111111111,1 154 Park Lanes ..............1,..,.11....... ....... .,.,.. 1 1,.,1.,,., 1 1 11 137 City Savings Bank 1 1111111111111 1 11111111111111111111111111,111 1 1111111-1 7144 Park-N-Shop .11...............1.,. 1 1,,,1 1 ,,,111111,111,, 11 1111 11 111 152 Cline, George, Tire Company 11111111111111111111111111111 1 111111111111 1153 Parent-Teachers Association 11111 1111 111,11,11,1,,111111111111 111111 1 132 Coca-Cola Bottling Company 111 1111111111111 1 1111111111 150 Patterson, James B., Tax Service ,1,,,,,,1,,,,,1111 1 11111111111111 143 Collins Company, The 1,11111111111 1 11111 1 1111111111 1111111 1 147 Penquin, The 1.11..... . 1......,1,1,11111, 1 111,11,1111,1 1 11111111 11111111111111 1 38 Copal Grill ,,111 1,111111111111111 1 11 1111111 1111111111111 11111111 1 4 9 Pep Club .... ..1...1.....1......1,......, 1 111,11,111 1 136 Courtesy Motors, Inc, 1111111 1 11111111 1 11111111 157 Piedmont Fabrics ..11.,....1 11,1,, 1 1 1111111 111 145 Cromartie's Esso Service 11111111111 --YD11 1 140 Plantation Grill 1,,,.1,1,11111111 1 1111111 1 1111 143 Crosland, The John, Company 111111 1111111 1 1111148 Pneumafil Corporation ....,,.1 139 D'Layes Beauty Shop 11111 1 1111111111 1111111111111 1111111 1 1 40 P0teat Electric Company 11111 1 11,111111 1 11111 11 146 Dairy Queen 1 1.............1..........11. 1 ,,,,1,,,1 ,,,,,1, 1 58 Pound 81 MOOPG f--- eeee ...A .4,...... 1 4 6 Duke Power Company 1111111111111 1111111 1 35 Qllallty T6l6ViSi0I1 gl Radio ,.,1.1.. 111 111 151 Ervin Construction Company 11111 1111,11 1 11111 1 48 R gl W Cleaners ...i......... 4- ........ .......... 1 153 Fair Lanes Freedom 1111111111111 1 111111 11 111111 1 111111111111 1 7 Reaves' Sinclair Service 11,1.. 11 1111 1 1111111 136 Faul Sz Crymeg, Inc, 111111111111 1111111111111111111111 1 111111---111 1 Z0 Roseland Floral Company 111,1 11111111 1 111111 1 11111111 1111 1 3 5 Flowe, D, W, gl Son 1111111111111111 11111 1 1111 1 1111111 1 111111 1 1111111 1 44 Rose's Stores 1.1...,....,.,....111.,,11,1, 1111 ,1,,1,1 1 ,,,,,, 1139 Freedom Texaco 1,1111111111 1111111 1 1111111 1111111111111 1 3 9 Sealtest Foods, Inc. .1...1... 1 ,..1......,,1. ,,1,,,1,,, 1 142 Frickhoeffer Realty Company 111111 1 11111111 138 Sedgefield Hardware ,..,.1,1...1.1..... 1 .....1,, 1 11111 1 11111111 1 146 Glenwood Beauty Shop ,1,,,1111111111 11111111 154 Sigmons Service Center ..1. ...,...........1.. 1 11 1,,,,, 1 ...11.11 111 146 Glenwood Esso Service .... 1 11111 11 111111 1111111 1 111111 1 47 Southern Bell Telephone Company 1.1..1. 1 11..1111 1111 145 Godfrey, P. C., Inc. 11111111111111111 1 111111 1 111,1111111111111111111, 139 Spring Service Company ...., 1-11 ..1..1.1. 1 ..11 1 111..1.1 1 1111.1111 154 Godley Construction Company 111 1 111111 11 1 111111111111 149 State Farm Insurance Company 11111111111 1 111,111111 111 1 1111111 146 Gondola Restaurant 111111111111111 1 1111111 1111111 1 1 1111 136 Stiwalt Furniture Company 111.11.1111 1 11111111.1 11 1111111 11.11 1 43 Goodson Gulf Service .111111111111111111111111 1111 1 11111111111111 1 151 Stl'aWn'S Cleaners 1..,. ...................... 1 ..... 1 1 158 Gordon's Cleaners 1111, 111111111111 1 11 1111,1 11 11111111111 157 Swinson Food Products 111111111 1 .1..111..111.1111,111.11 1 1111.111 1111 144 Gordon, Flash, Auto Sales 1,111 1 11111111,111111111,1111111111111 11111 1 158 Thomas Kr Howard Wholesale Grocers -.-1 ...... 1 .............. 133 Happy Time Playschool 111111111111111111111 1111111 111111111111111 1 1111 1158 Todd Oil Company , 11111..1.11.11 1 1.11 11 11.11...... 1 .......1.... .....1.... 1 1 158 Harding High School Boosters Club 11111 1 111111 111 1111111111111 159 United Motor Exchange .11... 1 ..1..... 1 .....1. 1 154 Harris, Mr. Kr Mrs. G. B. 1111 1.11 1 1.,11.11 1111 11111111111111111.11111.11 ,137 WGIV Radio V....--. 1 .....-,- .....a..... - .-....-,- - ------M .---- - ----- 135 Harris-Teeter Super Markets 1111111111111111 1111 1111 1111 1111111111 1141 Wentz Manufacturing COInpany ......... - 147 Harvesters Quartet, The 11111 1111 .111 111111 1111 111 1 1111111111 157 West Morehead Gulf 1.............,. - .1.. 4 ...... -- - ..-..... .--4-156 Henderson Motor Company .1 1111 1 11111111111 1 111111111 1111111 1 53 William's Esso Service ........... - ..... - ..... - ...-.... ---., - 153 Hickory House Restaurant, The 11111 .1..1 1 .111. 111 11111 1.1149 Page One Hundred Sixty OBSERVER PRINTIN HOUSE

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