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 - Class of 1962

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W V w W W 4 I u-, 1 , M.n,1 , , 'Y"', n v' . I, N 'n' a ,4 1 . - ' W mn 3 I 1 . I WL, ' I ,y' x ' 'w ' 1 if HJ EF wk I 1x .W 5 u T 1 , Q., fb WV " 'h W 'iff W 519 -eq! -"u i 5 uf "" ,. . , .,,.' N 3,1 ' . V 'X' f 11 lynx 'I 50" uf A1 50, hm , ' 1 '-,,. fl "4 '- A v ,M fx 14 u . S. I' -1' ,, - is r x M, X 0, 41 " . 4 I w C 1 X I I ' 4 . L , f , . I 4 'X I 5 n 3 a W 1 u 13 1 r Y K I A N f . N.-Av 9.-3 , . rxilia. .'.-75' 3-fo an .W ,, V A... ,.y54Qfva: V ' , ,1 f.'1.1'.N."b-Q-atb" -'Jxfix we-ff . 4 "W -fb G hs . s., Y' 'xl O' w A, 1 ' A 51. 5 , fx W A ffl' I 1111. 11-- Bx ' xl ' xl X msg :nm I N 1' INN I 14 ' ask 1 X 'gli' alll fill! , Il! 'xH'll Nfl! XQQ . X:l --lkx -Slit' S ur-5 f W ffl' XXX ,wi I X ,fizl ' : X Ex I : Lf 4' KX it :u 5 ' f aj! is Xxx ftf 'f' :W Nuff' A 1,1 X X R1 X 1 :' 'rl f N54 -M' V' a - + . v , Aff cz mu' Lf everlmtzng I0 J our Hmfdzng if everlartmg I lg x lin? I IEE!!! gg? :W ' lv' 962' ACIOFHXI 11 Sue Chapman Fciztor nnnzy Brooks Manczgw Mr LHMH11 Bzfzvvnnn and M155 Anne Broun Aalvzsers T l'11l1fixf1mlfvVril1usl11ffc11ts uf llnmliafg lligfz Snfmfff, C n A' lzurlutie, Nc'if1 c,lf7l'Olflll1 f ,.J , . ff 'D ' J, ' 1 I ,. n 1 Y H li S 1 5 x I 'v V 4 u I ii E K-' , Q di' 4, . :rx Q mpg a, f4'3..', 2 its o o . 4 ff V'l 'n' -. ff," mu--4 ,,,v,-5 4 X w'X1f" .. ww' MA., .1 ML '4"K'biW I W .w ,WMXM ,sn ,, 4,4 .W N 4 Q nz www ,WN .0-. :M .pmcw JA.-f yu-W' I 'fill HPWZ KXXS HCDJIX CJNMJT K UU WH ':'!3 UF X CIXIUFSS MJD W. 1xN,! mH1nfH3xx Nw? kj 1'X'Yfv2" P ' ' "Diff I Jr Mlm Wm, . Page Four Y.mX,.'J LU! Hi 'X HI UJf!llCJX. V fa, We.-N f.Qx My Kg " '-1,516 sv MWLN: w 4 ,fin ' "YK xx 4 , I ' , 'K 1 i W I N , V- 'xl' ' I .. 6 I , - ,,,,. , 1' -Q,,,, ,- ,ff , 5.2, ' 'U 13", '-' S X ,.. , V: .4 h f s 7 f g .1 Q55 --P ' , ' W If '- C, ' 'L A Y Q , . 0' B 10131.91 HH Cff"M'IH X U1 Hifi M' Xl? Wi Ulf' , X I HU! HH lJl'uH'Xf U1 CffHW'1.f4' I! Vw ,HMM H Xi H VI! HHH 'N ' H fllklikf iii? KN' sv' sc? FX IX rylyl IX' 7 Q X52 X X 9'0'9'0.9'0 9' l.9'0.9'0"9'0.9 090909 N! Xl, Nl Nr' X ILX :SX l.X I' X I X if fs, si 0.9 0.9 0 , 9. 'sg ' 9 9 9 'I 9 X x M, 1.9 f.x '-, 9 f'9 'Q 30.9 4' Y Y gi, 1, .5 woeos 0809 s xo x -0 49494909 90909090 5 , xffk I , X I 5 C 9 O 0.9 1 xx x4.xf N ex 1.x 'x 1.x x0.96-9090 X1 4-909 90 YOU ,RHF IFUTIH OI-V THIS FLFM HUINCI IN ITS C iOXFIMINLlFlD CROXVTII. 7' ut.. . 5 Vi? 'H .Q p 5 I Q 9 'fM"L"'1a"ZL'i.ffW,' W," ' . 4' ' ,,,, QA ,wx M43 '74 -ang" ' ' -4' 1- 2, 'A L. 12 4 , , 'ff V W W K, -gg 0, , ,, ' f VA. hh if - fm 4 , ,f fini A' W Q K mm , 5 '-annum QQ: Y' - ' NN, , 'Qt W--.as I ,K x "Hn-' Q ' qjmzffel V1 1 .A f' X 39' 15 Wifi -Fin 1-QW 51' ,ew in-1 ,Ol 'Vx 'ip 'MV 0 A7459 fgxgf 3. 5 Q. ,A 5 ,.ig,wf-L i' -R., xx 9, Q n 4. R 5 Q u 24 A- x --vs. b -we. 5. R13 .,.v.. bn f " W X. x. ff.... X. S' 'L h M., , ,, ..,+...-,... 1 t t As husiness adviser to the annual staff for the last two years, she has shown remarkable manager- ship. DEDICATIO The traditional teaching spirit of Harding l-ligh School is reflected in her high standards of instruction. Her keen sense of humor mingles with a calm, serious attitude, mak- ing her appear sterng but in reality, her disciplinary methods prepare us to meet the responsibilities that our futures will bring. Her fairness and willingness to help sets an example for students and colleagues alike. This is our way of say- ing, mllhanks to you for your shining light of guidance, Miss ANNE BROWN.H -Q, .tw If hox. x fri Ill' lg x 1 I I file- :ll x .nnnlpgli 'xs--IIIIIIII IQ- pi 5 "I-- 1 I 'l."fL xl 5 gllpl I N I' 1 Her humorous personality is shown as she plays jack-in-the lu il I' 1415:-:' pigll Ili ' nun xl x,-lllll',r' x ll I' l-ll'f"I 5 lyl XX: f 5 1 I Hai 'I ,I I xx 1' I xx 1 R X 1,1 x X J' 1 s ating-- '11 '-.c ' ' xg -,eC" ' xxx 1, ,' x I ' M 6 'Z N 4 1 'ff' 'lvl' 'FW If ,' Il x nl I 1 x 1 f ,X 4, E l . 41' ' i3iiiiiil'lliIlIII -yQ5l- .gr x N 1 Q lu' I-1' ' 1 X: ff' ll If I l In spite of her youth, she holds the respect of her students. X fff ffyf iff!! 1 if ,V W ,Y gm 1, , Y fffff' f',4'i'Q 'ff ff . f " ' f' 'flyif H1 ,- wV,:',:,, xf!-If 1, ff 2 " f' ff -0 40 ffffzf ' f , wwf X WWW? f ,M ff fi , , pf ff wwf ,f ,g 42' f X f V i,!,, f ,ff WW WffAW4, ff Wifi fKxALMLUUTTRATWWV xff , if E K 5 ' K fV CLASQEJ Rf s.-. V . X' - fa-x A5212 Hrs? 'ww u u "" v. I L. v f'f1..,afl'2"W7:+flf ew? -R' ns JA, x A . 1-454370-' ,ag ,Q 4 2u,,,.m ' 4 .uf -5-,. z mm, qeqig- .swf wssuw fr' 7 gg 1' i 4 wh'-Q ,"bn"?"m I V . F3 d:f?, 4 f my f -My 5' "' r 4,-ef .Q kgr, .I .5 fr P3 4 , ., f -3, ,,, Q ' H if fy 4 .ard r If 4 1QDlXfllIXllSTF?,4XTlOIV , , . 1' fu www nj Ifzf'mfflll111xii1n1Ii1w1.f sf! Iljlflll lf1i'1V1'ww1f TXIVUIIU ffi1'i11Q Us the imizd 0fki1'z0lizess,the aid of exp e1fience,mz0itIie V001 of discipline 2,1 I. Y -nf " as A . ' ng, --' Q ' wr 4, ' is" -1 ...' iff' ' W A .K Sgr' A ,pw ,""' Q, r., 1 xii? A W . i l ,af ,pr 4 .af 6 Q,- , vf in CM , ff? flaw., MD. r French and Spanish ears to the language nrwl' records. rm, Vve Search for the wisdoui and knowledge of liookx in our uzozlerii lilmirjf. ,ggnvf The physics and ciiemistry labs serve to prepure to1norrow's engineers cmd scientists. if, ,, ,, QW! Ngo ,A :iw iw? 5.45 I, 2 x7-N 'U of G K-Q-, ,V T ,- -4 .fn I T,-iA,.-. 1 f-W-- 9 W Q, ?f1"s az be f ,-ff!-1-w,,w , f f,, A ,X ,nl .-,, -- ,- vf, -, , . ,xg 1 ,i Q f if gf. ., ' in .av Senior science is offered for tile first' time 10 seniors who did not Izfzve the opportzuziiy Io luke clieuzislrqr or pliyxics in ii 17l'E"l'iO1lS year. The ciissectizzg of fl cat is one of the major projects of tile mivarzced iviology class. i Q A we 4 am QW I a ,iz 1 El W 5 , ,b f.1,M.,4w,, ,N f W ., , , x , X ,,, . 10 ADMINISTRA T10 Page Qmtcen 1457! .:Q.E:f1.E,,f7"l?" L5-W , Q X M-WW! Q U ll! Q R M M M M M 'N-wg, A N' MR. JANIES R. HAWKINS Principal MRS. MYRTIS I. IVIACKEY Assistant Priricipal ff" MRS. CTORA D. STIVVALT MRS. MARGARET S. BELL Secretary Assistant Secretary i i f 1 5 T I 1 A i I 5 L i v n 2 i i 1 L v i L. I ' - J K E , ,YW ,, V " -. , f f -, . ,-, - FACULTY IDA BIARIAN BELL ..., Girls' Pliysiciil Erlzicntioiz Limestone College, B.S. Degree REBECCA BIGGERS ................ Lilzrm-ian Aurora College, Charlotte College CLETA l. BLACK .... llforlri History, English 12 .-Xppalachian State Teachers College, Mererlith College, University of North Carolina, B.S. Degree THOMAS LAXIARR BRIUMAN ............. Art Mars Hill College, University of Georgia, BS. in Art Education Degree, Master of Art Erlueation Degree WILMA ANNE BROWN Tvrriizg l, Typing ll. General Business Erskine College, Wlake Forest College, BMX. Degree FLOYD L. BUMCARNER Anzericmz History, lfVomi History Davidson College, BS. Degree, .Xppalachian State Teachers College, BLA. Degree MARY LOUISE BUTLER VVorlol History, Visual Aiils East Carolina College, B.A. Degree, University of North Carolina, M.A. Degree, Special work, Columbia Uni- versity EMILY' REBECCA CARR Family Living, Foods ami Clotlziizg l, Foods and Clotlziizg Il, llouze Arts for Boys, Home Nursing VVOm2n's College of the University of North Carolina, B.S. Degree lVlABEL CL AIRE CHANDLER Distrilmtive Eiiucotioii l C3 ll VVoman's College of the University of North Carolina, Business Administration Degree EUGENIA B. CTHRISTIVIAN . .llforld History, Civics Peace College, Greensboro College, .X,B. Degree THOMAS ALVIN CORDETT ..DriI'er's Eiluciitimz Transylvania College, A.B. Degree, College of Bible, B.S. Degree IOHN C. COUCI-ILAN ............... Cziitimzce University of Alabama, B.S. in Chemistry: East Caro- lina, MA. Degree lElUBERT DOUGLAS CROTTS Aiiiericeiiz History, Prolilems of Am?ricm1 Democracy Lenoir Rhyne College, University of North Carolina, A.B. Degree and MA. Degree CATHERINE DEATON , .............. Guirlrozce Duke University. A.B. Degree: University of North Carolina, M.A. Degree ALICE B. DUNN Refresher illailzeimifics, Lntiiz l Duke University, A.B. Degree SAM P. DURRANCE .......,........... Clzoir Harding College, B.A. Degree, Duke University, MJX. Degree, Rollins College, Special work: University of Michigan, Master of Music Degree Nm V,-,, ,,...-an ...ff 3' W' 1 .J4'x 'ww Lille tlie stziclents, tlzey lorecl tlze olil lliirclingg The uzodernz incfustrial arts shop develops skill in rzzfznzml labor and construcfive Tlzirzking. r f ew-V ,p gs ff E1Zf6l'fHil11'1191fZf has its place in the vocatiomzl world, too. w J Secretarial subjects prepare fO1'lIOTI'O1I'yS busi ness leaders. Future lzuslmmls and lznchelors learn how to 3 cope with domestic emergencies in Home Arts for Boys. r ,,,, , , K. Cfe- f 5 1 ' ,4 , . , if f For uzauy, llze fmnlpoline is fl neu' chxperiexzce. Super1'if:ef1l training lzelps tlle stmlents learn fmzdmvzezzmls and rules of sports. FI! Q"-'Y 1-67 I gn me of lyczsleetlmll. T110 lmrs lzelp rlevelop co-orcliuatimz mul muscle fone. Girls fiml Llll euzofiolml ozftlei in zz Iiv ely ACULTY ELIZABETH ELLIOTT ..... English 9, English IO Queens College, A.B. Degree ELIZABETH VV. FRICKHOEFFER ...... Librarian liutgtown State Teachers College, B.S, Degree in Ed- ucution IJAVID A. IIARRIS Boys' Physical Education I E7 II, Boys' Health XVnkc liorest College, BS. Degree, Appalachian State 'l'euulIeI's College, M.A. Degree EDNA B. HARTNESS .......... . . . ,English Il Erskine College, A.B. Degree: Duke University, M.A. Degree DIARY CAROLINA HINES .English Il, English 12 VVOI'Il2lI'l'S College of the University of North Carolina, George Xllashington University, A.B. Degree KATHERINE VV. HINSON .......... English IO liast Carolina College, A.B. Degree and MA. Degree, Special work, Johns Hopkins University VVILLIAM, IENNINGS Senior Science, T.l'. General Science, Boys' Physical Education Vlcst Virginia Uniwcrsitw B S Degree VIVIAN INESBIT JOHNSON English IO xDlJlllLl'llll'l Stite Teichers College BS Degree ELIL XIZETII ANNE LANDAUER Algehra I Algebra II Srlem Collage Unlrerslty of North Carolina AB In Xlrth Dc IOTHX LIDE Biology Cokci Collcge UDIXLTSIIY of North Carolina BS Nlxm Bon EPS IXIACIXORELL Bilole I Bihle ll Rindolph Muon Vllornans College A B Degree Pres bxtcxmn Asscmbly Turning School Bible Seminary In New Xork Duke Unnerslts MA Degree. General Science, Biology Southern IIIIDUIS State Normrl Unncrsitv Queens Col Iuc B X Degree App Il rchim State Teachers College, X Du ELLA MAr BIORRIS Bookkeeping Be ieshei Illath General Business VK cstcrn Carolina Collcgc B S Def ree LAu R A IXIORRIS T1 ping I Geneml Of ice Practice Apprldcluan Stitc Teachers College B S Degree ROBLRI S ODELL Mechanical Diauzng lr 0 Sr Shop li-.t Tcnncsse Strtc Collage BS Degree and IXIA Degicc BARBARA PEDFRSLN French I, Spanish I Unuersitw of Minnesota BS Degree ,h .1, .1 .U Av . ,, .. I ,, ' 1 zz' 'Q li 2 , , .. rf , Y . I ji j ,,, ', -' ' ' , , -- I 2 ll ' .. ' ' ' ,- ' my ."v, -' ' ' , Y, , .. , , , . . I I ' ' I , f i S '- 1 - ,I , ' , , ', -' f 1 ss ' 1 - .v - - VVILLIANI L. IXIAYBERRY . ' . ' f ' 1- ' g' , i 'mg-'iv - . sy, . ' , . , . . ', ' , . 1 ,,, .I. , . . . .Xl.I. 'gree ' el fl I I I A L L, , 7. - . I ,,,' A J , ' f z'- . Q 1 ' , , 1. .. r " I ' 'A . . C '. J - . I -U ', , . i .. c . , .. . . ,-,, 1 -'Iv ' .' . ' l i l l i l xcnrxf Qs FACULTY VIVIAN P. RHODES ............... English 12 Womanls College of University of North Carolina, 6' A.B. Degreeg VVinthrop College, M.A. Degree DAVID SERRINS ............. Band, Orchestra Ithaca College, University of Miami, B.A. Degreeg University of North Carolina, lNl.A. Degree Q ,Jw- LETTIE M. SMITH Shorthand I, Shorthanal ll, Typing I Catawba College, B.S. in Business Administration RONALD ADEN SMITH ....... Special Education North Carolina State University, Vllake Forest College, B.A. in English Lois BEAVER SUMIVIERVILLE Solid Geometry, SMSG Algebra, SMSG Geometry, Trigonoinetry Queens College. A.B. Degree U Af-SPN , HELEN H. TALLENT Girls' Physical Ealzzcation, Girls' Health if Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S. Degree X V, V fa I ' A if EUGENE TODD ........ .... C heinistry, Physics Clemson College, B.S. Degreeg University of North Carolina, Master of Education FLORA RAIAE WATSON Algebra ll, College Algebra, Plane Geometry Vllinthrop College, A.B. Degree AUDRIA VVESSINGER Biology 1, Biology ll, Algebra l Meredith College, Duke University, A.ll. Degree RUTH YELVINGTON Latin II, French I, French ll hflereilith College, A.B. Degree in the classroom or in the teachers' lounge, our faculty marvels over the nzofleruistic beauty of OHV IZCUJ SCllOOl. ff it ' A I-5 1? 3. 5 Page Twenty-one 7'5- 1 CLASSES llwa NIIILIUIII fN1lNlnlVlIl fffs "fUff1f,1.'fx lfzu jrlwzzkfsfzips maole in the classes are as lasting as "heaven" itse -wa . a 'N H swf' ,.f" , T541 FIRST SEMESTER BILL TEAGLIE, Presiclewt BUTCH TVIITCHELL, Vice-president STEPHANIE CATKDN, Secretary MAIIGIE TIELIXIS, Trensznfer SECOND SEMESTER FIISLAIY BROOKS, President BUTCH NfIITCHELL, Vice-president TTARRIET KELLY, Secretary TE 0 R 0 C E R 5 STEPHANIE CTATON, Treasurer MR. EUGENE TODD Adviser As we looked down that long road to graduation day . . . , . .V , v' TQ: Q, A A f f A .F ,l A ,IS 9: gt .A VL. f I, .5 61 4 ggi' ' , f ,fx V 5, , Q, A Ag pf w 'U N v gf M-K fi ,. , S, A ff ' l 1. K 5 vw ' J Q-5,1 ..,,-v-ff " X In j. .4,.....,,, . wp- Q, Q l"Qv"f- 5, L 1 AE -Eff' 'm N 'Q' s....f' f, 'H 2 vt is w.. M' JERRY VVAYNE ANDERSON MARTHA JANE ANTHONY BRENDA JEANETTE BAIN JAlX1ES EDWARD BARREE, FREDRICK PRESTON BARNES JR. IJIANE FVIARIE BELR REBECCA JANE BENTON NANCY TLXLICE BIGGERS NIARCIA EVELYN BLA1S1Nc IJOUGLAS STEPHEN BLUE Page Twenty-five 0 2.1 -unll""M , X, -snuunav'W"' 'im- in fwf- x .Z..A.-mi. Czzmerwz Hood is ut the head Of the Top Ten Scholastic . w e Q Wg N D R iw . W .Q V fm' 'QQ f "'5, 'iv' 5 W. ,,,......-4 --av . -.uf Seniors. -4-Gwyn ., .. , f ' A B Db ft v, . . t Y: M . af 1, -, V, ,O 1 Y? ' By' A A M .4-'V' i' 1 - W CLYDIA BIIAE BOLTON SHARON COLLEEN BOOTH DIANE KISSIAH BOSWELL RICHARD FRANK BOSWELL KAYE DELORES BOWERS SENIOR! 1 1? DALE rI1H01N1AS BRADLEY BELINDA VIOLA BRADSHAW JAIXIES HAROLD BROOKS REBECCA ANN BROOKSHIRE XIIVIAN SARITA BROWN I N .,,. 5 V , Ik 'W-If 4 'Z A ,,,,, ,315 'Hr' . "Nunn-'PP' 4 K sv, 1 :V ' W, ,UF f f 1962 'QV' "e:"'f" Page Twenty-six We stopped 5 we hesitated g look at our past we remembered as we took a .nn Il I I ""Z1.I37" 'W' 'W qlvv--'Y' I in A , e If 15 fm 6, ffl 'Q' 'CQ' Z uw fx Q-if ' , 3.5 I f7 -IOHN BONNER BROWNLEE FRIEDA LEE BUINIGARNER ROBERT LEE BURNS WILLIALI CHARLES CALDWELL LINDA FRANCES CAMP '-QW' 14' I S ,, I I ROBERT ALLEN CTANADAY ALICE PAYE CARLISLE BILLY CHARLES CARNES STANLEY MARTIN CATHEY STEPHANIE ANN CATON L rp. .NAM 4""I7 LAURA lNEZ CTAVNEY SUSAN IDALE CIIIXPAIAN UIOSEPH STANLEY CZHRISTENBURY BETTY LYNNE CHRISTY ROBERT BERNARD CLAPP Page 'IM'lUC"lI1jf-SCl'Cll Oh, if only the events that twinkled before our eyes would las! foreverg ,ly AP- fgw 'Wt 'grave CLARULYN ZXNN CLARK FRANKIE LYNN CTLARK PATRICIA CLIIARLENE CLARK SCREVEN VLUHNER CLARK IIARRY LAWRENCE COE Page Twentyfeiglzt ,Wd Q' ,.' BRENDA CHRISTINE COLE LVIARY LEICH AIXIANDA COLE FLOYD EUGENE COOKE LORRAINE ARIXIANDA CONN JOHNNY WESLEI' CROFTS, JR. WB!! LAWRENCE NEAL CRUTCHFIELD KENNETH WAIINE CUTHBERTSON CARL STEPHEN DAVIS JIIYIIXIY LYNN DAVIS SHEILA DEANE DEATON .lm 'Qu fu, ., ,245 C' 'E"T" PATRICIA ANN DETWILER ELNIER LARRY DLINCIXN ORA WILBERT EADS, -IR. SAMUEL VVAYNE EASON MARY CATHERINE ELLINGTON SENIURS 1962 1 .- JAMES IDALE ELLIOTT SHEILA ANNETTE ENNIS THEODORE CHARLES ENTZRIINOER PIOWARD LEE ESTES BRENDA ANN EWING ax -qi f"'7 A W, '11, bid' if x 1 w, if QA ,Q . 'QW wf rw Sue Clmpuzazz plnces 'M-df I -My second in the Senior Cluss of 1962 an lf" rv? l!""'1b Page Twenty-nine '32 WILLIABI GARLAND FARSON KERMIT DON FIDLER DO'ROTHY MARIE PINK JOYCE ELLEN FISHER HENRY MILLER FORT SENIOR! 1962 TREVA ANN FOUSHEE NIICHEAL ANTHONY PRAZIER CHARLES DEAN FURR LINDA .IOYE GIBSON PHILLIP LEWIS GILES but too quickly we realized that these events would soon be memories that would linger in our minds forever IVE Cul' ,I 436' add" L Jsf'X fr-'Jf MQ' 1-'-"" 'tw IEW' ' if STEVE CURTIS GILLAND LARRY MYERS GODFREY JOYCE ALETHA GORDON BRENDA JOYCE GREER BRENDA SUE GRIFFIN 'V-"' 'fi' CTAROLE .IEAN CERIFFIN PATRICIA ANN C:ROCAN ,IULIUS BRENT GROVE SUE ELLEN I-IACLER ALLEN PIEYWARD HALL WN 1""""'7P CLARY VVAYNE IIAIXIIXIOND RALPH JACKSON PIANLINE EMILY PAYE HARRIS ,IARIES IDALE PIAWKINS PATRICIA ANN IIAYES Page Th irt y-one W Remember when we were termed, "silly, sloppy sophomores" who were "know-it-ails" . n W '4 4: '- f f 2 E A 'vb ,U 1 E js. A Q iQ0'N-'way """'9"' 'WWW' viii? ,4av"" 'Q'-' 'W 1 Ad fs. ' R, tp, ' iq IDONALD VVILSON IVIELMS MAROIE LENURE IIELNIS ROGER ANTHONY IIELMS VES'l'A ANN IIICKS EAIILY GAIL HILL Page Thirty-iwo ,uf'4""7" LARRY VVAYNE I'lINES NANCY DELL INIIPPS LYNDA IACQUELYN HOLDER LARRY DEAN HOLLIFIELD CAMERON WESLEY PIOOD 'lui' E254 Q4- 2 qw, K 4,,....,,M.-65 1. JACKIE DELORES HOUOH JOSEPH WESLEY PIOWARD JUDITH ANN HOWARD HAROLD EUGENE PIUDSPETH GLORIA YVONNE HUGHES Ap-X 21? 'WS 59' An' ,Uv CAROLE ELIZABETH HLINTER JENNY LYNN IRVING PHYLLIS ANN JACKSON BONNIE IRENE JENRETTE FRANK fXLFRED JENKINS ENIORS 1962 NANCY ELIZABETH JENKINS TED MICHAEL JENKINS ERIXIA JEAN JORDAN NIALCOLIXI EVERETTE JORDON MARY LEE JUSTICE fa, fi' gusfx V Y Y' f ' QI, , -sfx I 'uhm-g,. ff' 'f'- N I :L up f 1 ff 1 f f f 1 X., f ny, 1 as s,q N.. , Clif Phyllis Amie Reid lzoliis tile fourth position in this sclmlzzstic fmup X vw: X wg.. 14.117 472- ',,-v 4C'C5"' N-nf Page Thirty-th ree My , MN I . , lr I. R L 4 ,.. 2 'Q-V 'if' XE If 'E-fi 2: yi I I X! Jah! 111 fifth place is Nancy VViHin111s. SALLY CANDY KEEN HARRIET SUE KELLY BRENDA IOYCE KENLEY MARSHALL GLENN KERNS LARRY OLIVER KERR SENIOR! 1962 JUDITH ANN KEY MARGARET ELAINE KILLMON KENNETH JALXIES KING RALPH ZACHARY KING, IR. EVON IVIARIE KIRBY mf' Page Thirty-four ana' when we were juniors planning the prom for those mature, sophisticated seniors? N Av' 'IW .px ,qw 3 19' DX! , ,X 3 3 T i I , We ., I f""'7 5h E fu" W fs? 'Ny' X 1 Y IJ ,W an 45 f -:rr 7 in QQ L A 7 5,7 I QR 'I JW? N, x DOTTIE ANN KIRKLEY RICHARD DEAN KISER DAVID BYRUM KNIGHT ERNEST DONALD KOLLAR JEMMEY LATRELL LANKFORD PHILLIP EDWARD LERIRIOND PATRICIA jo LEWIS LALOY LELA LINER COLIN KELLY LITTLE JAKE ARNOLD LOWE LIARRIET ELIZABETH LYLES CJARY FRANKLIN IDYTTON ROBERT JAMES LVICZXNULTY JOE EDGAR NIAGEE, 111 FILERESIA ANN NCCARTHY Page Thirty-five Then, at long last, we were seniors, drooling over a new school, sharing a new world of happiness in many ways Xlwtq.. 'ir' .wwf fi.,-a-H" 1915: ' , ' f"s PM A, I-.S-A A if fi 'R' " if VN hh L , QIOIIN rI1HOMAS KXICCLAIN RONALD CARLTON MAJOR ELIZABETH JEANETTE MELTON BETTY ELIZABETH lX"ICClULT.OUGH RICHARD LLOYD lVIANUS BARBARA JEWEL MERCHANT BERTHA OZELLA NXICINVILLE VDANNY CARL MARTIN ROBERT JABIES MERRITT LARRY NIAX KTCKEE XXANN MARSHALL MARTIN DOUGLAS CHARLES MILLER IRVIN PATTERSON MCMANUS QlHERYL RAYE IVIAYS IAIXIES ALBERT MITCHELL Page Thirry-six ,-"W M.: gc, ,-sr. 417' 1-ff CALVIN ACUEE IVIITCHELL LARRY JOE JVJONTEITH GLENDA JEAN IVIUNDY KJILDRED REBECCA NJUNSON JAIXIES DAVID NANCE SENIOR! 1962 ANNE GRIFFITH NEAL WENDY ROSA NELSON TOMMY EUGENE NETTLES JOHN CLIFFORD PAXTON CHARLOTTE REBECCA POPE 7"-y IW 4"Qxfv lv .1 'N ff 4' I g ' 'JJ ul' age X .-KV 4. WSJ' ,K x Om.. wn...'-"1 ,,.,..f""Y' fl A7 J 4' 7 Margie Helms is sixth in her class. 80 A ,,AE!" fs,-N 's'W"""vx Page Tlzirfy-seve1z 3 Y 41- f .M Aliumzy Brooks fakes sevelzth place in the class of '62. fffxv fvy :Dyk ,Q 'wan VT' .."' Page Tlzirty-eight f'Ulw ,X 'R f . , f fy ,N iwff - .4 M gf--9,7-"1 S JANICE LENORA PRESSLEY JOYCE LVIARIE PRESSLEY SUSAN CAROLE PROCTOR LARRY WILDON PROPES CQEORGE OLIVER PUCKETT ENIOR LARRY LEE RALEY PATRICIA CQAIL RAWLINS DONALD FRANKLIN RAY RONALD LEE REAVIS PIIYLLIS ANNE REID .V 1962 shouting the victories with the cheeifleaders at our games, whistling for our great band ana' inajorettes, ana' crying when the annuals Caine ov' my' Lp!- Mb' .--1-W" 14951 ffm? an-I PHYLLIS GAIL REID WILLIE FRANKIE RHODES PHYLLIS OPHELIA ROBERTS WILLIE SANDRA ROBINSON JOHNNY ISEITH ROGERS 1 , 1- 1 1- , fill' ffl I E -1-' 5 1. ,, eX3"h-af 'IIIXTBIY REID ROLLINS RONALD LEE RUDISILL ROBERT GRIFFIN RUSSELL ELSIE LOUISE RUSSELL IABIES EDWARD SCHRAPPER 5 x Mar' IDENNIS ROOER SELLERS ISATHERINE ELIZABETH SHRUM CARCJI.E ANN SBIITH ROBERT ,DOLICZLAS SBIITH RONALD STEWART SDIITH Page Thirty-xziize Mwww an then, it was almost graduation day. We realized that in just a few weeks we would remember, shed a tear, and say goodbye for the last tzme, dn-.w"' SAIxIuEL ROLAND SMITH STEVEN EUGENE SNIITH ROBERT CTLAY SPARROW PIIILLIP NEAL SPARROW JOE PIUBERT SPENCER, IR. Page Forty JOE SHERIDAN SPRAY, JR. PATRICIA ANN STALLINGS SYLVIA ANN STEVENSON FELTON NEWDAY STEWART VICKIE DIANNE STEWART KERRY ILDCAR TANNER VVILLIAINI EDWARD 1EAc,UE SHARON ELAINE TNEAL GLENN RAY TEMPLIN EDIVIOND DAVIS FIGHOMAS, ll SENIOR! 1962 RICHARD LEE FIHHOBIPSON SANDRA FAYTH THOMPSON FAIRLEY GLENN rIwHREATT YOLANDA ANN THROWER GEORGE AUDIS TCJRRENCE nag, if! IR 100 Eiglzth place is held by . 9, f' 2 Q- E9 G41 I .Qin-lb W V! Calvin Mitchell. Page Forty-one ' '-xi-I 3 WWW .',.-.ufgg In ninth place is Carole Griffin. T ,I K I 'I 5 , 2 JOHNNY MAX TROUTMAN A BRENDA CAROL TUCKER I A WADE EDWIN UTSEX' A LANNY HAMILTON VESSELL LINDA BELLE WADDELL If SENIORIY 1962 I I . ! JAMES H. WALLACE ROBERT LLOYD WALLACE CAROL JEAN WATERS RICKY JADIES WATSON MALVERN WWILLIABJ WEDDINE, JR. Page F01'1y-two 4 but through our mingled tears and goodbyes, we would be saying, "Thanks to you, our treasured Alma Zllater, Harding High" WMP? Mr rg J r -1 V ku- T, . HW f f f 4 fm- rx , . , X 9 I ,X Af' FC' ,JR Nffu DAVID ALLEN WERNER, JR. IIUDY IXNN WHITEN JAMES PIOWARD WHITE DICKIE PIANSOINI VVILKINSON JULIA ANN WPIITE NANC1' ALICE VVILLIAIXIS PAUL EDWARD WHITE IXICHARD ARLEN WILLIAAIS GLORIA KRISTINA WHITE ANN LORRAINE WILSON kivm 9 1 'Inv-5 MM VXI' A :sr :fr "Nq- , ,. ,' ,ff TOMMY LEWIS VVIAIRISII PATRICIA JAYNE XAIINKLER VVILLIE SAINIUEL WOODARD CAROL ANN VVOODS ROBERT OVERCASH XVYATT Page Forty-rlzree 1 ,Q , , 1 S4 'W id' 'f 3 1 5 -,ff Q' 3 an X PFHOIXIAS BURNS ZEINIAN vgmg.. CAROLE LYNCH CABELL 5 E N I 0 R S I 9 6 2 Trem Fouslzee shares ninth in the Senior Class. Teresia Ann AICCLl1f1'Zj Qtands tenth zn her class 7 ff ZZ? Q 4 S N Page FO7'fjf'fO1lT 5 ! ,, . .u w f 0 sv A '-:4'i"'L -IA X if 2 5, Y Q Q 223 W Q W X 5 X X 1 X 2 .,-l f, W 4 f f X wi? f 5 Q ff 4 , 4 i I f ff X 1 Gmfluntiow lurks, in spite 0 and play. f f f ,., , ' X 1 ff , ,,1A,,, , ,X 5 030 f ' ff ff f f , f y .. X 4 f sleep Page Forty-five FIRST SEMESTER SANDRA lVlAGEE, President BOYCE PARKS, Vice-president CAROLE lovers, Secretary JOHNNY REICHARD, Treasurer The Seniors had their annual "guess session" about the theme of the biggest event of the year, the junior-Senior Prom, which was given by the juniors to the seniors. The eleventh grade planned, dee- orated, and financed this spring dance. Their hard work over, jun- iors realized that their labor was worth the effort when they saw the pleased looks of surprise on the faees of the seniors. SECQND SEMESTER SANDRA lVlAGEE, President BOYCE PARKS, Vice-president JITNIIXIY FITEAL, Secretary IOHNNY GRAHAM, Treasurer 3 , ,,. lu- '- Q CIT' A-.Wf"' Z9 . ' ,I 1 --.gr ,V is gf 47" .4--rv' . 1-1'-Y' if ,qw-f'S97' I ' in - , ' : W Aifx ' Y mf Q, . '11 4.43 KAY ADAIxIS BUTCH ALLEN JEANNINE ATKINSON DAVID ATWOOD LEE BAGWELL VVALTER BARGER SYLVIA BLACKWELL THOMAS BOSTICK MICKEY BOWEN CAROL BOYKIN SHEILA BRACKBILL PAYE BRIDGES , vu! -lf""". 'M' ' Q X 434 'WTC LONNIE BAUCOBI PHIL BEAN ANN BEATTY PHYLLIS BECK CQAIL BENNER BIIISSY BICCER BOBBY BROOKS BOBBY BROOKS -IUDY BROWN BIARGARET BROWN STANLEY BROWN BARBARA BUINIGARDNER .pcm 20's if , ff' A V.. 'IMI N U sf Q," , 3 I5 , a ay If XIXAEAW rf yy f ,If A7 .X x .Q uf , A ' ' 2 VN:' 2' ,R "' T 1 Ag," f km' A N' 'I-If ' 1 jj ' , A ,ffm S 1 'Q . """.,g an vii M ' 1 faux K ' '1":..., lp Page Forty-seven T, NJA x , 1 """' N, N1-"V "I IDU , UW' W4-4' -',.,.,v" I , mn. , my , l'3"'f I ahgi 9 ,..--H , , M" 3' .f an nw f X Q I N J- R? jf 'A I W! e':a2f'f4':.' ,, ,f 4! 1, A A T if 5" Page Forty-eight :rl ., 1 -, Q ! .M I LINDA BUBIGARNER STEVE CABANISS STEVE CALDWELL CHARLES CALLOWAY BAY CARRIKER TERRY CARSON BARRY COOKE FREIDA COPE JOYCE COVVAN BQICHAEL CRAIG 'TRISHA CRAIG PAT DARNELL fri 'sv 33 fG4i'f CAROLYN CARVER EDITH CASE JIMMY CAUDLE LIBBY CROMARTIE BOBBY COBB SUE COLEMAN NANCY DAVIS TERRY DAVIS WAYNE DEASON JUDY DELLINGER BRADFORD DOBRS CARO'L DOVE iiww f B fff , W I f Q :ff A I 7 45 Jr' , Q WA , ., Lam' I , if ,I 4 , j Q, V , f ., .,,, 5 ,, ff Y , , f , VQW I 71 f bl' 'U"'Z'?, yi!! 5 rf f 17, 5 Y, .gig :ymf ff fy!! K Z ! f f ' X U A X A fl f A x 'WWW -A . 1- :gf 'Cl' R, yzvis .2gyP59W'f., A R. . , ' " :I p ' ,Iqaa-'m ,sf A 1,fw.f,Lfw. vw , f. 'L-L 32 A J 'Gr' . In -9 'A.,,,.,f was .w-...N ? MICHAEL .IJZURIK SUZANNE ELAINI DCJNNA ENNIS BOBBY EVANS JUDY FALLS SHELLY FAULKNER SUE CQARDNER JANE CEARNETT LINDA CJLASCO JOHNNY CERAHAIXI BETH GRASS CJAROLYN GREEN fs. 0? J,"-'x 'lr--'f 'Hifi Q S Y 'le' If 'J issf' LOUISE FLEIXIING SHARON FOLK BONNIE FOWLER PAT FRANKLIN IJICKIE FUNDERBURKE VERLA CZAMBRELL BUD GREE,NE CJERRI GREENE FRANKIE CJRICE JXIELVIN CJRIFFIN EARL GULLEDGE SONYA CJUSTAFSON 4'a?, w if i 1" if -- fi 4- . Nm P 3 531 . Vs" VFFF, .y 'A ' M . f, I ffA'Qv' aw' K LS ' is 'A f ,AJ ff f vW,fw' f A age Forty-wzifze 'Z PZ 'ldv' ig QW X iff! 52? I 'QV Page Fifty fi If ,f RICHARD HAAS IJQNNIE HAOLER CAROL HARIEL SANDRA HAMMOND IIINUNIIE O HARRIS RICHARD HARRIS WAYNE PIINSON GLENN HIPPS SUE HOLCOMBE LEROX HOLDEN IULIA HOOD LINDA HOPPER 5-env 'Z' , IR I I C AROLE IIARWEI I IOMMI HELDERBIAN XqARVIN HENDERSON IMIXIX HERRINC LARRI HERRON BUZZY HILTON IULIE HORNER ELAINE HUFFLINC GAIL IVEY BERNICE IACKSON CHARLES AIXIES RUSTY ANIES X lggxffw inf I ,,-I ff ff Ha-aw BILL JENKINS DWAINE JENKINS NANCY JOHNSON PAULA JOHNSON FILED JOHNSON KATHERINE JOHNSTON EDWARD KERLEY YLINIOTHY KESSLER CJAIL KISER KAY KISSIAH CARL KNIGHT ANGELA LAWING BARBARA JONES CIAROLYN JONES LARRY JONES CAROL JOYCE DAVID KEATHLEY DIANNE KENNEDY JVIARJORIE LEE VAN LEONARD r11O1NIlXIY LIGON LARRY LITTLE WILLIE LLOYD LINDA LONG if' M.-wav' P 'Wa' ' ei nv TP- 37 fu ,JF ,MQ 'Eh vw QHv"""!' "hyp- ,,..4-gf' 'muff' 51' Przge Fifty-one f 57, yn. U , ' T' ff . 5 A I ., 4' .4 , - ,fi . "va, -- f f ,ful- 'f .V ' WMUJ f'4"K if f 1 3 if 1114: -,pf Q, f A70 , ,, v- 2, M iw 79m X. Lam AFHRE Pqge Fifty-two 2 A X ff ' - .,,, I CQAIL LYNCH SANDRA JVIAGEE SUSIE JX'1ARTIN BONNIE MCANULTY JUDY MCCRAY PAM MCDANIEL SUZANNE JVIAYBERRY DELORES MCKNIGHT OLIVIA IMIAYNE FRANK JNTCALISTER IJONNIE MELTON JUDY JXTERRITT PADI MILLER JOHNNY MITCHELL CQENE MOORE NANCY JVIOORE ,V W ,aw A 3 IRVIN MCMANUS DOROTHY JXXICRORIE STANLEY NIORGAN ALICE MULLIS BARBARA MULLIS SONNY JVIURRELL JULIA NAPOLITANO JIIXIINIY NORRIS AAF' XS- A iff, 453 ,1n,"" YTW77 ' R"!IITZY O'CO'NNOR JAMES OSBORNE NICKY PANOS JIIXIINIY PARKER BOYCE PARKS RICKY PASOTTO BRENDA POPLIN CARROLL POSTON ELEANOR POTEAT FRANK PRESSLEY DIXIE PRIDGEN DALE PRIINI 631 WX on JEAN PENDLETON hs, A-17' LPIRAIG PEROERSON FIWEDDY PHILLIPS RIIARY PLYLER LINDA POLK LAURA POOLE JUDY QUEEN CJELIA RAPPE LESLIE REED RIOIIARD REESE JOIINNY REICIIARD LINDA REID fix WW uf i .ji gr-15 when mf""' -1-w""' fi wwf,-gg, 168' if Qmvxk 7' Page Fifty-three ,QAVQ QI' W., 127' ,W n Y M' ' gf- , '. ,Q ,f-'M ' 2 , 4f '4 , A A fy i f U W W' A E? A I -- A ' 1- 'E ,, 54' ' ' ' ,--M' I H f I . f W ,, v-wi Q. ,,., .14 ' f ' - 'B-'lm' M...-ff :I 'f f, ' A -,, -' 'J 'I I , S fff:f'1'ffffggf5f,' g ..,,-W4 LARRY RIDGE RODNEY ROBINSON JAMES SANDERS CATHY SCARBOROUGH VERNIE SEAGO CQINNY SEVERS VICKEY SPIVEY CAROLE STARNES KAY STARNES W.AH'NE STEPHENS VFALEAH STEWART EDDIE SUDDERTH , , 1 A 3? ,V,,,y, ,, , I A I '- I, WS' 1 X . . ,Q W K quaw Ura - Y-4 if 4, f , ff,fW,fyw IDON SKINNER CAROLYN SLOAN VICKIE SIXIALL BILL SMITH LEON SOLOIWO-N ANN SPINKS RAY SUDDERTH DIANE SWEEZY RICHARD TARLETON JIIYIIXIY TEAL WALTER TIPPETT R'1YRA THOMPSON 1 ,,. fy- ,X do-N V'-Qr'j1 A I age Fifty-four iw, an-a-HQ' Rf .ff I A ff 3 f 'g , 145' f. A , g m, -gxleisw- ' in , A If fi' RSS.. ,por npv- figs ,-Q, AI -.fy 0' A-A 'EZ' fg fj f' V fs ,ig ,Yjgffff 5 ., "' ' ff' 'J .fan ,""' ' ' A' f' "1 ' A QIQQSL k g. I . A V , XY J' EA -Y: , f X' ' ,N-w,. V' 4 Ghana! , . f 'A ' STAN FFHRAILKILL VERNIE TWITTY JOHNNY VANN UIUDI WACASTER JUANITA VVHITLEY BARBARA VVILLIAIXIS BECKY WlLI.IAh'TS BUTCH WILSCDN JACK VVASHAINI BRENDA WATTS JOYCE WHEELER BRENDA WHITLEX' SUE WIB'IBISII JOE WRAY AIANICE YANCY IOHNNY YATES ' FP' 1 3' 11:57 Y, . ,f ---' . ' A ff ' .an Er, 'So' 'in ,, , ,"""'ik H'Q3l3i'- .Qi 'E-57 if , Page Fifty-five SOPHUMOR ' Kizif Aye V Y Y ,, Q. hlns. l3AIuzAnA PEDEIzsEN flci'1fiSCr OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER BUTCH FINLAYSON, President CINDY POLK, Vice-president BETTY BELL, Secretary CYNTHIA LEIxIIvIoND, Treasurer "There just isn't enough time to do anything," was the familiar cry of the tenth grader as he studied for hectic exams, wrote themes, and read a book-a-month for the first time. For most of the sopho- mores, attending Harding was a new experience, which laid thc foundation for their future growth. The sophomore year was a period of labor and decisiong no other year could quite parallel lf. SECOND SEMESTER BLITCH FINLAYSON, President ANGELA FREEIVIAN, Vice-president CINDY POLK, Secretary RICHARD JUSTICE, Treasurer OPHO URES EDDIE ARIMONS CONNIE ANDERSON JO ANN ANDERSON LOUELLEN ANDREVVS PEPITSA ARDAIXIIIS JUNE IXRTIBEE SHEILA ARONSON JANICE AUSTIN GLIVIA AYCOTH FRANKIE BALL MIKE BAKER PAULA BAILEY LOUISE BAILEY BETTY BARKER CLAUDIA BEAN BECKY BEATY BETTY BELL JOHNNY BERARDI ALLEN BETTIS MILTON BLACK LARRY BLACKBION CAROLYN BLACKWELL IDAGIXIAR BLAYLOCK MARGARET BOURCEOIS ANDY BOWEN PAUL BRACKBILL FRANK BRADLEY BILLY BRAND CINDY BROOKS IRIS BROOME LEW BROWN REBA BUIWGARNER CHERYL BURBANK CARI.. BUSBY PATSY BUTTS SANDRA CALDWELL DAVID CANNON DALE CARTER PAT CARVER KENNETH CHANDLER CLAUDETTE CHAVIS MICKEY CLARK RANDY CLARK CAROLYN CLAYTON DAVID CZLONINGER 412 r A 5' 6 7' 7' 12' eg -A. 5 .Pb ' I g ,K ,O N Il au- AL. ? I fUFN :SF . 1 '71 , 4Fl' , -9 , c I , Q.- Y-.:" X, rw 'K I mf, 49 ,mf Z-, 9-I x, f 1 .f I X.. '. . its hu' - T2-P xl .af ,..-. f 9 . Kp! , T ' , xv' gg .- - ju ,-,,X T' ' 4 'M ,V SC' .N .XX 1- -X xg, .J ,,,A th," Y f ,,. 'l va L. 'Q , , Q2 I -5,- ,bp-., At 'W' ,- - C er' W' 11- f A.,- XV 6-W ids-" me . 'ii 'P' L I ' ' d!'T' 'f-fd. 7 0 'K ,- ' U -sf' , " V A'P ,zz- ., '-:Em 'Ji' IW I 15, .ii -G.."' : Ivy, 'fl 5' ' W- 'I far-A A ,v--- 'iv ff' . ,R , in f ,f ., 'ws K , 'W -... QQ., - Y Y A A , SS Lg? !..1 4 , I S: A ,f . qv' , I ' f . . 9. f ax If ,, J ggi? A 2335? 1.12 . ., 'L' "Ah 1 4ZiIi'i',-L . ' fa? i ff ,, an V. Y 7 P A 'ef W pf ,na 'U' 21-PJ ,V 13- A ', gg, 'wr' X 0 I 1 A , , " ,fr 'YW It ,,- if R I , , ZA wr IFJ N--f rv fv- -7 , I fd ' .aw ,4 4 'Q Qu V' M, qv, V fd w r ft fl 4, 4, ,I F A B, f ..-N 'Q""'D" Q. , - 'T' 4- . ...Mp iff f 4- Nl- N in f NW, 1 ings m'X -,h,,. WHFZI J , . 'K ,Qi gf: "ff I. 441 ,E I 1 fn: A 15,1 51 Y 4, K .. W , 'M 7 ' J -A R , U ' 'I 71 ' Q ,L ,M Q ,OMWA C4 ,AVA , Y ' an .- 'ah 'L 'Y 222' M . I 1' I ,4v-I I ,an-vw, "" , Z ? 2 R . E A A fm ' 2 f ' " ' if xi. YA" -1- Av' OP OM SHERRY CLOUSE GARY COBIER MIKE COOK BILLY JEAN COOKE BRUCE COOKE BARRY CORBETT RONNIE COWLES VICKIE CRUMP ROY CURRIE DONNA DAGENHART JUDY DANNER EARL DAVIS LARAINE DAVIS RICKY DAVIS VERNON DEAN ELAINE DEESE L,ILI,IAN DELLERS IJERBERT DENNINC JVIONNIE LOU DIGH JANET DRANE JUDY DUNN RICHARD DZLIRIK RONNIE EDWARDS NANCY ELDER JIIXIMY ELLIS LARRY ESKRIDGE LINDA ESKRIDGE QJAROLYN EVANS QQERRY FAILLE JOAN FERGUSON BETTY FIANCHINO MARCIA FINCHER BUTCH FINLAYSON LORETTA FINLAYSON MARTHA FISHER LARRY FOGLE EARLENE FORTUNE JERRY FRADY MARY ANN FRANCIS ANGELA FREEINIAN ARNOLD FREEINIAN BETTY JANE FURR MICKEY GAILLARD DANNY GARDNER VIRGINIA GARINION WAYNE GARREN DAVID GARRIS LYNN GAUTHIER BRENDA GIBSON DIANE GILLAND SYLVIA GODFREY BILL GOINS HARO'LEEN GREEN JERRY GUY NELLIE HALL HANK HANKINS DOUGLAS HATCH JOANNE HAVNER PRISCILLA HAYES RICKY HEAD MILTON HEATH BRENDA HELMS JIMMY HELMS GUY LIENDERSON SHIRLEY HESS DONNA LIICKOK JEANNIE HOLDER DAVID LIOLLIFIELD SUE LIOLSHOUSER SYLVIA IJOOKER IDONNA HOSTETLER DAVID LIOWELL IDARLENE IIUBBAP-D NINA IJUGHES PEGGY HUGHES LINDA LIUTCHINSON JOYCE HUTSON JOE JACKSON BONNIE JACKSON JOYCE JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON MIRIAM JORDAN LINDA JOSEY LOUIS JUSTICE 'h-1 'SC - f is A' . - f - ,J-4" gif li N XS H I" 5? 'Kagan K 1 is fq 1 'xfw ' tg? ' s YN CF" fv 'i i 2 A-R If ' P3 If 4' J -vw.. ff , sk A'-Q' 4-f7' , 2: .YIY. in O9 Spf gf? X., 1- lg -9 9--: ' ew' ,L . A, L, 'J , WL Qz,-'V 'QI RICHARD JUSTICE W I I J FRANCES KERNS KAY KERNS MARILYN KESLER LIERIWAN KILLIAN ' ' I .gf J I X A WALLY ISILLOUGH . Q 4.1 ,gn ww , .ifgrf , 'C' f' x Q-Ay .Y If: 3, fa 41' AL- A, G' A I , 2 A 'S 0 'Ou' 11,-'V J if I ,. - 9- 1.f S , if ,va .1 Y I I 2 3, 4 - ' " I I 4 n X 1 AISH 4' M , Rn I vw, EVA EY an my ,pm f JV f vxfif' -fi '7,'1 I ,AJ M I 'f-1' A , ,Z 7. 5 , M. j ..,- . - "'f""f,-1' -f H I 'swf' . L, , ,,,-Af X if KQV f R 2 Lrvq . . g Q. 3 " fffwfiiq' I I Lf gf x . 4 ' ftf 1,4 1 . 'Q -1 , 'IM . s ,l bl I, Q M lt.. 2 7 9- 05,7 , X ,-1 ,J ,X Y Q! I , 4, , I fm. mm I I ,V , I,- , wg ,V WW, , -...mf , R2 ,'.. ,Q W Y A W 75 ,f- 4 ' A :312:? nf!! 525223 A A Y -0... , .Tig-, , Ugg!! ,eff-:Zi 4 fuk .4 wk. np-9' , 1, kv I- , J 4 A 1 my I-,.1, ,J ,, I ,f L W' iw A , ,M 'H ' MA A-1 " 1 im WN ,4 7 . M- , rf A Z, , K Am- X or , . , , ,V . A X ,,, 4,..A.,. I WV, ,A , M A ,fa , .,LT.., - X4 K W ,., g , X ek ,Aww Y 'W , f .,444q'fig, ' R 4 fffwg ' J KTA 4 . f . A ' -- " I X 1 f' A 1 ,MVA A Q I ,gf '-Q' ' ' . IW 'W' gg . ' ,.,. ' 4 , 1 .,,-ff ' " 11'.,, , ga X I Qs , My ,Ig 4 , , .Q . f ' " ' . " 4r"g:4' Y Af , I 'fm ,syn Q' ' - 2 'W m, IL, If ff?-if 'N Q , ,Q yy, -M I df! 'V' Q. Ze' 70- '5- ,QMY , I4 "' 11 ' I+ 0 H OREGV JIAUXIY KINDER TEDDY KIZIAH STEVE KNIGHT DONNA KROHN MIKE LEAGUE WAL'I'ER LEDFORD JOYCE LEE CYNTHIA LEMMOND JOHN LEWIS LYNN LEWIS RICHARD LINEBERRY BILL LINEDECKER JOHN LIPPARD DEAN LONG RICHARD LUCENTE CLAYLE LYERLY MIKE LYIXIAN JUDY LYONS RICHARD LVIALCOLIXI JIMMY MARTIN ZXNDREA N1ASSIE BUTCH MCCALLUM RONNIE IXXICCAULEY CARL IVICCLILLOH RTIKE MCGAHA CJOURTNEY MCGARITY SARA LYNN MCGUIRT JACKIE MCLAIN LINDA MCLEMORE BARBARA MCMILLAN NORMA IVIEDLIN KAY MELTON PEGGY IVIERCER IIARVEY MILES LARRY MONAGHAN JVIARY PAT MOORE BRENDA MORRIS IRIS MORRIS PIPOIXHXIY MOYERS JUDY IVIULLIS SHERRY NEELY WIXYNE NELSON JIIXIIXIY NORB1AN PAT OUTZ JUDY GWENS CEC'ILIA PACE EDDIE PAINTER JIMMY PARRIS MELODIE PAYNE CAROLYN POLK CINDY POLK EMILY PORINS BILL PRESSLEY SHIRLEY PRICE PETE PUCKETTE BARBARA PIILLEN JOHNNY RHODES PATRICIA RICE BILLY ROBINSON ADELE RODCERS ROY ROGERS GERALD ROPER KAY ROZZELLE RONNIE RUSSELL BETSY SANDERS BERNARD SHAW RUTHIE SHAW BUBBA SHAFFNER DALE SHIELDS BILL SHUNIATE FRANKIE SIFFORD PATSY SIIWPSON MARILYN SINCLAIR PAT SKINNER JIINIINIY SIXIATHERS DANNY SINIITH EDDIE SINIITH GAIL SMITH 'IO ANN SIVIITH JOHN SMITH LARRY SMITH MARTHA SMITH BOBBY SPENCER LARRY STAIWEY LINDA STEPHENS BARBARA STEWART f m ia S' , wi A qs - ' W I .,A,,,':,f . In J , , , wax, Y. .n G I -' , 1 . J D, f , LJ' r'- ,FF Q... 'R In 'qu .C 4,--'VH fx 'fx , g . 'x WV 1' 'in Z' ar- AA C E -'r I fan, ' A ,v uw- 'N aww' f , , ,. 76 " 'nf ,. n. D 1. S.- -.,...,, K-ggi r , fr ANNE STUTTS f ff' "' ERRY SURRATT CONNIE TAYLOR P! he www rf GENE STROUPE A I V A It , Z 1 X . A' Y, I . ill- I' iv- 5 , f ,A g ,QL ' a ,Ni 'iv I ,.,-A Y A V' A- 91.5-4fi'.. . 1' -4 ' - .-surf, A xg ,. Y , , 'A My 1 ,,..,, Z. . A f- "" . Q5 W N 41 If an 1 A 1 - ' X' . in ,M N K 1:7 ' 1..- 1 1:",,g:V I 'iffy ff' 'a 5 . -Z V S -'fa I Ax A h . '-rflov' ,I N s 'T' , - 'ew' S, '65 ggi? . -4- -Z Q . X, mf, ,... fun 1 , ., , f xx -...A-2 Q P rw 3 431 www... I L- f'T X is ff f W Page Sixtyhtwo av M! 'll'r""" ,M ,MW f- -QW' 5 L X I , J A IR ff X W f EK-fd" 4-4' vw SUPHO ORES STUART TAYLOR SUSAN TAYLOR UDY TEAOUE MIRIABI TERRES IUDI THORNBURG IERRY TILLMAN DAVID TRULL RAY TRULL LYNDA TURNER PETE UNDERHILL QCOTT VAN MALSSEN LARRY VESSELL MARY ANE WAGONER DARLENE WALLACE EANETTE WALSH LINDA WALSH C1AYLE WARNER RICHARD WARREN DAVID WATTS IUDX WAITS PETE WEBB GAY WEEKS IILXIIXIY WESSON NELDA WEST IUETTY VVILLIABIS MIKE WILLIABIS WAYNE VVILLIAMS BETTX O WILSON MARY IANE WILSON MIKE WILSON GAIL WINGATE TOMMY WISE 'Oh WYATT XqARC,ARET YANCY RUSEINIARY YATES If 'limp 'WI FIRST SEMESTER CHRIS ESTEP, President TRINA FITTS, Vice-president KATHRYN JENKINS, Secretary FRANCES CTASE, Treasurer The freshman year is not only a difficult readjustment period, but it is also a taxing experience for the youngest members of our stu- dent body. Many times during the course of the year, one can read the exhausted freshman's thoughts, "I wish I were back in jr. lslighg l'd show 'emf' Never- theless, our freshmen are extreme- ly proud to he a part of the Hard- ing Student Body. SECOND SEMESTER CHRIS ESTEP, President STAN PAINTER, Vice-president FITRINA FITTS, Secretary lXlIKE SIINIPSON, Treasurer FRESHMEN BRENDA BARNETTE CHARLES BEATY LXJINNETTE BILLICK JOYCE BROWN PAT BURBANK FRANCES CASE BILLY CASHION LINDA CLARK CHARLES CORBETT SUZANNE CURRIE SHERRIE DEROBERTS LAWRENCE DICCS JANICE DOBBS DAVID DOBY CHRIS ESTEP BILLY PINK TRINA FITTS BRENDA GILES DAVID GILES VV-AYNE GRAHAIXI BARBARA GREGORY MARY HATCH DAVID HELMS MICKY HELMS LOUISE HERBIAN GARY ISENHOUR CHARLES JEFFERSON KATHRYN JENKINS NIARSHA JOHNS LINDA KENNINGTON DANNY LINE JEWEL LVIANNING HERBERT LVICINVILLE TED BXICKEE BILLY MELTON SHARON MERCHANT JOYCE MILLER STAN PAINTER BARBARA PORTER JOE REDDING DANNY ROBBINS CAROL ROBERTSON JOYCE PYOCHELLE CHARLYN SAPP TONY SERRANO MIKE SIIXIPSON BARBARA SMITH MARY ALICE SMITH PAM SMITH PATSY SINIITH KENNY STOGNER ROY SWEEZY BRENDA WATSON BONNIE WIBIBISH 1 S 1 Q., - J A X wr! 6'2" -Y Qffbi sg' '. -:"F:f.- f . -I ' X' "ff-5 " 4 ,, .5 ' .7 F J, " Tar ,., 1. - 151 y 0 WZ, I I Y ' z.,,ff fr-C' f K ' V .par 'e, Mr? ,- V xv Q C' I I 'Pun -any I , '.' 5, ., Q 5 QIW AZN M X A Q1 6 J! N.. 235 Y 'R .. fx I 'Q 4- -' , ' I 'QMS Mk Lf ' on ,..,-, if X A 'A' ff-f' A f Y 405- A Q Rf' . , Q - 'L Af L , , I A4 I , ' I X if I X T K.. . " h I - J. HA , A X ,R ' 5 yi f ff-. ....., 'war an A , 'J A ,. - .. f V no- ' ' - A 'igfff' Y. I , 5, yi ag .I -1f'i':'i X .f 5, , , . , ,, .C . , J, ,I..,,.,,,.U ' 1, f Q "-M3nY::5,,553 - fy i.-in .5:5igfL.1fii:s J - ,-- - , J, 7: , Q ,oh ,Ah , fm is-' X , I Q: V gif, v. gl-yr' X ..,A....1 Cf? in wif", ' J af 11" 4. -- , -., -q- 1? fn Q i,-- lf' ,,. WF, Ms "" "' I ' Uv" fl- px 'T' .,- X I.,,.... J vr"" 'nr vn. EMA "'q'Q'b 3 1 f Eff! ofa" rf' ,a ' ,Qu 1, f """ .3KY,., Ffa 'W ,W -,,f,,f W7 ACTIVITIES fflt' Nfxlf' NlIIL!L!L'l, !lL'lVm'!f wf fwjfl wk file lr1'i'!1I Ill 1 creases and continues to grow with each passing ye N-f..,-,..+ffM'-un-ww ,, ,,,, -4" wr S v 1 Y ga-fu. hw -A W f S444 X W ,eryiw f w W X ffyg f 1 l ,p-Q, T? Q 1 3 JE 2 f Z as f y., 2 if AL JENKINS Vice-President SAIXIBIY WOODARD Presiolent STUDE A forever shining star in our heaven of many stars is the Student Council. To conform with Harding's new appearance, the student government initiated a limited honor system-no locks on lockers, no smoking in the building, and no breaking in the lunch lines. Under the guidance of Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Deaton, the Stu- dcnt Council sponsored a student lounge with a juke box, drink machine, and a large dancing space. Other new activities begun by the student government were Page Sixty-eight LEROY HOLDEN Secretary C0 CIL a suggestion box, College Night, a night when various college representatives come to talk to students interested in college, a Lost and Found Department, and an intra- mural program. Cuties 'n Capers, a variety show in which twelve calendar girls and a "Miss 1962, are chosen by the audience and each grade produced a skit, was a tremendous success. Our Student Council has lived up to its motto, "Let's make Harding number one." Bovcis PARKS Treasurer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER TONY FRAZIER I I SUE CHAPMAN ,A.. ROGER SELLERS I ANGELA LAWING I I TINA VVHITE .S.. BUD STEWART SV,. SANDRA THOMPSON JOHNNY BROWNLEE JUDY BROWN ...Y,, JOHNNY REICHARD VESTA TTICKS I I I I CAROLE GRIFFIN I STEPHANIE CATON JIINITNIY BROOKS I I I COMMITTEES I I IJfVays aurl Means I I I ..I,.,., Honor I I I I Intramural I I I I I I Clzarter I Student Lounge I ,IIII I Traffic I I I I Publicity House and Grounds Social I I Elections I I I I I I Program I I .Sclfzool Spirit I I I I I I I I ICafeteria I I I Parliarnentarian OLIVIA AYCOTH I JOHNNY BROWNLEE ROGER SELLERS I ANGELA LAYVING I I ANGELA FREEIXIAN JIMMY TEAL I I I I SANDRA TIICJBIPSON VVAYNE EASON I JUDY BROWN I I RICHARD WARREN VESTA TTICKS I CAROLE TWTUNTER I WILLIE LLOYD I I I HANK HANKINS I I I COMMITTEES I I IJIVay5 Ullll Means I IIIIIII Honor I I I lntrauzural I IIIII Clzarter I I ISturlent Lounge IIIIIIIIIIIIITraffic I I I I I I I I Ipulzlicity House anal Grozuuls I IIII IIIII S ocial I I Ilflecfions I I I I I I IProgranz I I I Scllool Spirit I I I I I I I ICafercria I I I Iparliauzcnmriazz Page Sixty-nirze FIRST SEMESTER Trina Pitts, William Richey, Barbara Gregory, Cindy Polk, Cecilia Page, Angela Freeman, Wally Killough, Lynn Gauthier, Jerry Guy, Gerald Roper, Betty Furr, Pat Outz, Willie Lloyd, Joyce Bagwell, Bill Jenkins, Earl Gulledge, Dwaine Jenkins, Butch VVilson, Alice Mullis, Jimmy lVlcAnulty, Allen Hall, Bob Ganaday, Frieda Bumgarner, Doug- las Blue, Nancy Jenkins. Steve Davis, Wayne Eason. HOMEROUM REPRESENTA TIVES SECOND SEMESTER Mary Smith, Cecilia Page, Richard Lineberry, Wally Killough, Linda Hutchinson, Jerry Guy, Susan Taylor, Carolyn Polk, Pat Outz, Linda Glasco, Stanley Morgan, Bill Jenkins, Terry Davis, Dwaine Jenkins, Julie Horner, Diane Swcexy, Tommy McClain, Dale Bradley, Boh Ganaday, Frieda Bumgarner, Douglas Blue, Gary Swaringer, Jimmy hlcAnulty, Vivian Brown, Stan Painter, Carol Robertson. Tl? Suu QHIAPMAN Iimixn' Biiooxs TINA WHITE tice IMPERA OR 5 Iuzpemtores is the Latin plural word meaning "the leaders." Our Imperatores form ri club consisting of ten student leaders-five girls, five boys. Erich year they direet Maroon and Gold Day, u day when the various honors and awards are given to deserving students. For 21 senior, membership in this eluh is an achievement of pride. IJAVIS Hfmnis fildiiiser Em' rf.: , ,Galaxy an lf-Q W , Q ,i- i r f'-is 'ig W K.. Worn., ..e.. Qs PAT VUINKLER Sun CHAPMAN Editor ,-1 X- fi - R 'ft KT Assistant Editor MR. LAlVIARR BRIGMAN Eolitoriai Adviser E if V a . Zi. f """- ' 1' ,.. , , . E 11 E' TFT 'TQ-l if-7 V' 'T 55 'T' 'Q' ' "TJ Ti " 7 2' I-A , V, 1, ' X- I , J J J if I-1' I .i..1' .4 ff' I 11' fs if Vx! 4' wg B! .-,, YL Ll-ij L!! ,JI ,-, , , I 1, N, . X , N M, ,-,,, ,4J....,..1..',l.J,..' ,L 4,4 A. .. gy CX 1 - ' ri' '- -an-gngnmv ,ml E ,Z - mm an The starry-eyed 1962 ACORN staff had quite a goal to uphold-the fine rating won by the 1961 ACORN. The traditional cries of the yearbook staff, "lust wait to see what color it will be," and "It will be the best yetf' absorbed their conversations. Our 1962 ACORN has entered the universe of other ACORNS. The yearbook staff sincerely hopes that this record of our year of tran- sition will be a shining treasure in your life. CLASS EDITORS Treva Foushee, Seniorg Angela Lavving, Juniorg Sherry Clouse, Sophomoreg Chris Estep, Fresh- man. ASSOCIATE EDITORS Willie Lloyd, Iunior Assistant Editorg Johnny Reichard, Assistant Business Managerg Joe Ma- gee, Sports Eclitorg Johnny Brownlee, Club Edi- torg Cameron I-Iood, Faculty Editorg Stephanie Caton, Feature Editor. ADVERTISING STAFF Harriet Kelly, Manager, Elaine Alexander, Becky Allen, Gracie Allen, Diane Belk, Jimmy Brooks, Becky Brookshire, Judy Brown, Bill Caldwell, Sue Chapman, Carolyn Clark, Bill Farson, Joyce Gordon, Gerrie Greene, Frankie Grice, Donnie Hagler, Nancy Jenkins, Barbara Jones, Dianne Kennedy, Colin Little, Willie Lloyd, Lynn Long, Craig Pergerson, Joyce Pressley, Susan Proctor, Larry Propes, Johnny Reichard, Linda Reid, Carolyn Sloan, Carole Smith, Ronald Smith, Joe Spencer, Ann Spinks, Barbara Williams, Tom- my VVimbish, Pat VVinkler. CIRCULATION STAFF Phyllis Anne Reid, Manager, Diane Belk, Kaye Bowers, Dale Bradley, Vivian Brown, Frieda Bumgarner, Sue Chapman, Carole Griffin, Car- ole Harwell, Margie Helms, Vesta Hicks, Leroy Holden, Jacque Holder, Julia Hood, Barbara Jones, Harriet Kelly, Angela Lawing, Sandra Magee, Cheryl Mayes, Eleanor Poteat, Joyce Pressley, Larry Propes, Ronnie Rudisill, Ginny Severs, Joe Spray, Patricia Stallings, Bud Stew- art, Judi Wacaster, Bill VVeddine, Pat VVinkler, Tina White. O s J. MISS ANNE BROWN JIMMY BRQ0145 BUSiVl0SS AKFZWSGI' Business Aianager Q' N lt.- 5 HAmuET KELLY Advertising lllmmger PIIYLLIS REID Circulzztiozz lylmza r ,Q-We Reporting the news and recording events are iinpormnt actors in our slzinin O oreverness. We -Idea bv .' Q T We W7sli You A Merry Cbristmasu-ww nf , f - X ,ff 2514 I 4 ,Zi f , lv Framed , - If iifififji , f X b f , MW ff' , , H f' fan? f f Z' if f ,, 3 , r .. ,r -N yvfv -1- n b ,W Mfyfl of 'f X , ff of m f ew 1 4 4-4 r SANDRA THOMPSON, Editor BILL TEAGUE, Business Manager If.I -.L I Y1f?5' T Y1f1,F.F EDITORIAL STAFF "'W""lY"'5"" " 1J1,f'i:tmf: f gf v vw f ,.,..-vfwww 4 3, ,K , Ai? ,-f.,,. f ,,t.M.f..4. ,Q ,ref w 1s-1 in . ft 4 .e "Y .Wf -W 7- UA' f ii-f-.iw ,il f ffewe tem, 15 , f Ig 4 7 W W' 2 W f , 9 gg' 3 Y f Q4 7 Q if- ,ii If if K rwfree t+r M f, 4' ' f Uv , T , '9 7 .r ., f G 'f,Q,4l . ,,,- mm grafiix Pfebkm f A'-4-4-4 SAMMY IW DISTRKY FINARS Julia Napolitano, Phyllis Anne Reid, Susan Proctor, Donna Kliron, Klariorie Lee, Timmy Teal, Ronnie Edwards, Dianne Kennedy, VVayne Eason, jimmy Parker, David Keathley, Stuart Taylor, Sherry Clouse, Barry Corbett, Martha Smith, Sandra Caldwell, Bill Pressley. Page Seventy-four R . 2 ,1 .,, ASSOCIATE EDITORS MAIIGIE HELMS . BUD STEWART .. STEPHANIE CATON TINA WIIITE .... IOYCE PHESSLEY . SAMMY YVOODARD BECKY ALLEN . . . ELAINE TDEESE .. BUSINESS STAFF lulia Napolitano, Linda Aclerliolclt, Vivian Brown, A1 lenlcins, lucly Brown, rlolinny Brownlee joe Spencer, Tommy Vilimbish, Carole Griffin, Sandra Magee, Dianne Swcczy, Ginny Scyers, Angela Lawing, Nancy Davis, Mary Plyler, Missy Biggers, Treva Foushec, Phyllis Anne Reid Sue Coleman, Linda Glasco, Judi Vilacaster, Susan Proctor, Gail Kiser, LaTrell Lanlclorcl. . ............ Assistant Erlztor V' 'EK' W0 Assistant Editor-Plzotograrplzer 'V 1 'nl' ' . . .Circulation lllanager " . . .Advertising Illmmger . . .Feature Editor . . .Sports Editor Y . . . . . .Typist I A A A :li k 'fn '-isa , . . .Typist a ' Ta, If 3 do ,J A ' Tlze "l7ru1fzt" of tlze work falls ou tlze lzenrl typisf, Harric't Kelly. Tlze ziny before llze paper goes to press one can hear "peck, peclz, peck," coming from tlze Stuoleizt Council ivorlzroom. Illrs. Alice Dunn is tlze adviser to tlie Hi-Lifes. ,eifesifv 17- Q3 ,W K iw" ' IQ! , , fs-0 'R fy 1 I f -ff'-sh 1 7 X. Ui 1 'A TIONAL SENIOR H0 OR SOCIETY OFFICERS CABIERON Hoon . . . . .4.... President Suri CTIIAPNIAN . . .... Vice-president TJVVAINE JENKINS . . . ..... Secremry LAURA PooLE . . . . . .Treaszirer Linda Aderholdt, Nlarilyn Bigger, Sylvia Blackwell, limmy Rroolqs, ludy Brown, Margaret Brown, Vivian Brown, Linda Bumgarner, Stephanie Laton, Sue Chapman, Caro- lyn Clark, Lorraine Conn, Libby Cromartie, Carl Davis, Ora Eads, Mary Ellington, Don Eidler, Sharon Eollc, Trcva Eoushce, lane Garnett, Linda Glasco, Johnny C-raham, Carole Griltin, Allen Hall, Richard Harris, Margie Helms, lacque Holder, Allen Honeycutt, Cameron Hood, Julia Hood, Dwainc lenkins, Nancy lenlcins, Carol joyce, Mary Lee lustice, David Keathlev, Kenneth King, Frank Mc- Alister, Cheryl Mays, Barbara Merchant, Ellen Mintz, Calvin Mitchell, Julia Napolitano, Mitzy OConnor, Mary Plyler, Laura Poole, loyce Pressley, Larry Propes, Linda Reid, Phyllis Reid, Carolyn Sloan, loc Spray, Patricia Stallings, Diane Sweezv, Vllilliam Teague, limmy Teal, Sandra Thompson, Judi VVacaster, lack VVash'im, Ioyce Vlfllieeler, Tina VVhite, ludy Whiteii, Nancy Williams, Dickie Wlillcinson, Pat VVinlcler, Sammy Vvoodard. Miss Anne Landauer, Adviser. The National Senior Honor Society, which was organized hy the National Association of Secondary Principals, was created to stimulate scholarship in the secondary schools. It was decided that the foundation of this program should be based on Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Serv- ice. The greatest honor that can come to a high school stu- dent is to qualify and he tapped into the National Senior Honor Society. if ,, mga Alll aj Linrla fkclerholtlt, June Artibee, David Atyvoorl, Olivia Ayeoth, Brenda Bain, Mike Baker, Beeky Beaty, Diane Belk, Sylvia Black' well, Kaye lloyvers, Mary Elaine Breen, Becky Brookshire, Judy llrown, John Brown, Margaret Brown, Vivian Brown, Johnny' Brownlee, Iirierla Bumgarner, Linrla Bunigarner, Carl Busby, Bill Calrlyvell, Sanalra Calrlwell. Bob Canarlay, Stephanie Caton, Sue Chapman, Bob Clapp, Carolyn Clark. llilly Cooke, Joyce Cowan, Libby Cromartie, Donna Da,Lgenhai't, Nancy Davis, Steve Davis. Terry Davis, Vl'ayne Deason, Carol Dunphy, Susie Elam, Nancy lilder, Bill lfarson, Michelle Faulkner, Joan Ferguson, Bette Fian- ehino. Marcia l'incher. Ilenry Fort, 'lreva lfoushee, Mary Ann lirancis, .Xngela lireemzin, lireeman fleroyv, Linda Clasco, Johnny Graham. Carole Criffin, Allen llall, Faye llarris, Richard llarris, Joanne llavner, Larry llines, Susie lloleombe, .Xllen lloneycutt, Cameron lloorl, Julia Iloorl, Julie llorner, Joyce llutson. Billy Jackson, Rusty James, .Xl Jenkins, Dwaine Jenkins, Nancy Jenkins, Joy ce Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Jones. Carol Joy ee, Richard Justice. Marshall Kerns, 'l'im Kessler, Herman Killian, kenneth king, Dottie Kirkley, Gail Iiiser, Donna Krohn, John Lippartl, Frank Meiklister, Sanrlra Magee, Rita Martin, Antliea Massie, llarvey Miles, Doug Miller, Calvin Mitchell, Larry Blonaghan, Julia Napolitano, X'Vcndy Nelson, Cecilia Page, Jimmy Parker, Ricky Pasotto, Mary Plyler, Carolyn Polk, Cinrly Polk, Laura Poole, Barbara Porter, Bill Pressley, Joyce Pressley, Larry Propes, llieky Rayfielrl, Linrla lleicl, Phyllis Anne lleirl, nlartlell Rodgers, Louise Russell, Cathy Scarborough, Vernie Seago, Marilyn Sin- clair, Don Skinner, Carolyn Sloan, Bill Smith, Joanne Smith, Honaltl Smith, Leon Solomon, .Xnn Spinks, Joe Spray, Kay Starnes, llurl Stewart, Diane Siveevy, Roy Svveezy, llill Teague, Jurly Teague, Jimmy Teal. Miriam Terres, Sanrlra llionmson, Jurly iIlll0I'I'llJLl1'Q, Lynrla Turner, Scott Van Malssen, Jurli Hlaeaster, Darlene XVallace, Jeaneite lValsh, Jack XvLlSl1lIl1l, llren'la Ulatts, Jimmy XVesson, Joyce X'Vheeler, Tina VVhite, Dickie Xllilkinson. Butch XVilson, Mary Jane XVilson, XVayne Ulillianis, Cail Ulingate, Joe Wray, Rosemary Yates, Miss Ruth Yelvington, .-lrl1'isei'. FRENCH CL U 5rIZA31EKIiiJv5N.. .. y The French Club, Entre Nous Qamong usl, is " eomposecl ol students taking last and seeoncl year MARY PI-YLEH -.'- ---'- S 9C1'f2ff?VJf ljreneh. lts purpose is to stimulate interest in the JULIA NAPOLITANO .. ...Treasurer French language ancl national traditions. Page Seventy-seven 'V we -ibllfy 'bf new' 6 -A4 ff KEY CLUB OFFICERS 'IOHNNY BRQJWNLEE .. .... Presirleizt Buren RIITCHELL . . . . .Vice-president VVAYNE EAsoN . ...Secretary . . . . . . . . .Treasurer BILL Tigixeua . Room: Srrriins . . . .Directory Clmirimin jrmixw Buooics , , . . .Directory Clzairmniz The purpose of the Key Cluh is to develop in- itiative and leadership, to provide experience in living and working together, to serve the school and community, and to stress scholarship among the students. Under the guidance ol' Mr. Eugene Todd, this Kiwanis-sponsored cluh is highly selec- tiveg a hoy must have above average grades and Ll potential leadership ahility helforc hc may hecome ii memher. Page Seventy-eiglit X X Z f i I 47 Z X f ' X f f 6 Y is A' Dale Bradley Jimmy Brooks Johnny Brownlee foe Christenbury Wayne Eason Howard Estes Allen Hall Leroy Holden Colin Little lake Lowe joe Magee Stanley Morgan Butch Mitchell Boyce Parks Larry Propes Johnny Reieharcl Roger Sellers Ronald Smith Leon Solomon Bill Teague Bill Weddine Tommy Vvimbish Sammy Woodard CHAPLAINS CUUNCIL Every morning during homeroom, a Chaplrrns Coun cil representative conducts a devotional which tccds tht spiritual life of the students. Linda Aderholdt Gracie Allen Jo Ann Anderson Diane Belk Marilyn Bigger Carolyn Blackwell Clydia Bolton Jimmy Brooks Margaret Brown Reba Bumgarner Stephanie Caron VVayne Cuthhertson Bradford Dobbs Cathy Ellington Joyce Cordon Donnie Hagler Brenda Helms Jeannie Holder Cameron Hood REPRESENTATIVES Joe Howard Al Jenkins Marsha Johns Donna Krohn Cynthia Lemmond Vvillie Lloyd Kay Mason Cheryl Mays Donnie Melton Mary Pat Moore Iris Morris Susan Proctor Linda Reid Carol Robertson Charlyn Sapp Ray Sudclerth Jiminy Teal VVinn Utsey Barbara W7illiams Miss Maeliorell, Adviser Page Seventy nine lliss Bowers illaclforell teaches lzer Bible I anal Bible ll classes how to read and study tlze Old and New Testaments. BIBLE I THEJXTE Study to show thvself approved unto God Workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly d1v1d ing the word of truth II Timothy 2 15 The Bible I classes have elected the following as their officers Presidents Roger Helms Judy Whlten, Johnny Brownlee, David Werner Vice presmlents Susan Proctor, Ray Sudderth Brad ford Dobbs Gracie Allen Secretaries Louise Russell Elaine Alexander, Colm Little Marilyn Bigger, Ted ohnson Tieasurers Danny Martin, Mary Ann Lyman Barbara Seagraves, James Osborne, Sandra Rob inson, Walter Barger MEMBERS Elaine Alexander, Butch Allen, Gracie Allen, Jerry Anderson, Walter Barger, Marilyn Bigger, Carol Boykin, Johnny Brownlee, Margaret Burns, Alice Carlisle, Carolyn Carver, Edith Case, Frankie Clark, Freida Cope, Laraine Davis, Bradford Dobbs, Carol Dove, Michael Dzurik, Martha Fisher, Mary Ann Francis, Monticello Fox, Verla Gambrell, VVayne Gar- ren, Steve Gilland, Sherrie Graham, Brenda Greer, Melvin Griffin, Sue llagler, Sandra Hammond, Tommy Helderman, Roger Helms, Harold lludspeth, Elaine Huffling, Gail Ivey, Rusty James, Ted Johnson, Linda Kidd, Van Leonard, Tommy Ligon, Colin Little, Mary Ann Lyman, Jimmy McAnulty, David McClendon, Judy McCorkle, Judy McCray, Dor- ' Q othy McRorie, Danny Martin, Van Martin, Pam Miller, Charles Mouchet, Barbara Mullis, Becky Munson, Jerry Norwood, James Osborne, Judy Owens, Teddy Phillips, Brenda Poplin, Frank Pressley, Susan Proctor, Pete Puckett, Richard Reese, David Richard, Phyllis Roberts, Mike Robin- son, Rodney Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Keith Rogers, Louise Russell, Jean Satterfield, Ed Schrapper, Barbara Seagraves, Robert Sherard, Doug Smith, VVayne Stephens, Sylvia Stephenson, Harold Stogner, Ray Sud- derth, Gary Swaringer, Richard Tarleton, David VVerner, Judy Whiten, Carlos VVilliams, Suzanne Wilson, Carol Woods, Neil Woods, Rosemary Yates. 11.4, 3,45 , :www I MEMBERS Joyce Bagwell, Clydia Bolton, Carole Cahell, Brenda Cole, Mary Cole, Sheila Deaton, Pat Detwiler, Cathy Ellington, Sheila Ennis, llrcngla Ewing, Joyce Fisher, Brenda Griffin, Pat Grogan, Clary llainmond, Ralph Ilan- line, Jimmie Jo Ilarris, Emilie Hill, Neney llipps, Delores Ilough, Gloria Hughes, Bonnie Jenrette, Larry Jones, Judy Key, Elaine Killmon, Jane Kissiah, David Knight, Phillip Leminond, Belty BIcCTullough, Bertha RIC- BIBLE II THEIXIEZ "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may he perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." II Timothy 3:l6fl7 OFFICERS Presidents: Glenda Mundy, Brenda Cole Clmplnins: Cathy Ellington, VVinn Utsey Secremries: Joyce Bagwell, Jane Kissiah, Johnny Reichard T1'5HSll1'91'S2 Sheila Ennis, Jimmy White Inville, Ronnie Major, Craig Melton, R vhhy Merritt, Nzncy Moore, Lrura Morris, Glenda Mundy, Anne Neal, Linda Potts, Janice Pressley, Johnny Reiehartl, Phyllis Gail Reid, Frankie Rho es, I-tahy Shium, niiny Smith, Neal Sparrow, Gail Tizllman, Mike JIVCITI, XVinn Utsey, Robert Vllallaee, Carol YVaters, Ricky XYatson, Jimmy XVhite, Richard YVilliams, Page Eightyrone C 0 N C E R T B A N D MR. DAVID SERRINS, Director The concert band entertains the PTA and student assemblies with beautiful music from both the classical and Broadway files. Tronzloones Allen Bettis Bill Caldwell Ronnie Edwards Charles Entzminger Danny Gardner Mike Lyman Stuart Taylor Trunzpets Scott Van Malssen Ronnie Wimbish Cornets Ted Jenkins Carl Knight Bill Shumate Butch Wilson joe Wray Clarinets Becky Allen june Artibee Linda Clark Joyce Cowan Kenneth King Phyllis Anne Reid Ruthie Shaw Ann Spinks Juanita Whitley Bass C larinets Sherry Booth David I-lollifield I . ,v . 4 A V , Tillza . ter-ff A T as no IJ, E - ,wig ,V I 3 Z Flutes Carolyn Sloan Barbara Porter Baritone Bill Parson Oboe Doug Miller William Richey French Horns Bill Cashion Buddy Richey jimmy Wesson Saxophones Richard Albea jimmy Parris Pete Underhill Dickie Wilkinson Tuba Tommy Bostick Eddie Thomas Drums David Doby Chris Estep Jimmy Norman Mike Simpson Cene Stroupe OFFICERS BILL CALDWELL .......... President BILL FARSON ...... Vice preszdent BECKY ALLEN ..... Secretary ANN SPINKS , , ..... Treasurer Violins Richard Harris, Concert Master Frances Case Suzanne Currie Jane Garnett Sue Hagler Carole Harwell Jeannie Holder Norma Medlin Lynda Polk Emilija Porins Celia Rappe James Sanders Joe Spencer Sue Wimbisli Viola Michelle Faulkner 'Celios Kaye Bowers Barbara Jones Double Bass Ora Eads Ccorge Torrencc Flu tes Carolyn Sloan Barbara Porter Olvoes Doug Miller VVilliam Richey Clnrirzets Ann Spinks Joyce Cowan Kenneth King 0 R C H E S TR A Mn. Dixvin SERRINS, Director The orchestra combined with the senior choir to gnc Handel's immortal "The Messiah." Several other pro grams were on its agenda this year. Frezielz Horns Buddy Richey Jimmy Vvesson Trumpets Ted Jenkins Butch VVilson Trouzlioizes Charles Entzminger Bill Caldwell Allen Bettis Tynzpmzi ChriS Estep . V-Jn. K4 Lf MAR CHING BAND Mr. David Serrins, Director Our marclzing lvaifzol and iuajorettes add spice and entertainment to tlie lialf-time lull of the football games. We all lzave pride in our awaral-winning laanolg it took first place in a alistrict "Gay Ninetiesn contest sponsored by the Clzarlottetown llflall. Tromlaoues Allen Bettis Ronnie Edwards Charles Entzminger Danny Gardner Mike Lyman Stuart Taylor Trumpets Ronnie Wimbish Scott Van Malssen Cornets Ted .lenkins Carl Knight Buddy Richey Bill Shumate Iimmy Wesson Butch Wilson loe Wray Clarinets lune Artibee Linda Clark Ioyce Cowan Kenneth King Phyllis Anne Reid Ruthie Shaw Ann Spinks Iuanita Whitley Bass Clarinets David Hollifield Sherry Booth Flutes Carolyn Sloan Barbara Porter Freizcli Horn Bill Cashion Drums David Doby Chris Estep Douglas Miller Iimmy Norman VVilliam Richey Mike Simpson Gene Stroupe Saxoplzoues Richard Albea Iimmy Parris Pete Underhill Dickie Wilkinso llflajorettes Pat VVinkler, Head Sue Chapman Pat Lewis Barbara Williaiiis Ioyce Iohnson Connie Anderson Flag Carriers Carolyn Clark, Head Becky Allen ludy Brown Barbara lones Sue VVimbish Head Drum lllajor Bill Caldwell Assistant Drum Maior Bill Farson IS IS ? t TENORS-Don Fidler, Allen Hall, Zack King, Van Leonard, Johnny hlitchell, Jack Paxton, Ronnie Pearson, Bill Pressley, Larry Sosebee, VVilton Stogner, George Torrence, Tommy Vklinibishg BASSES-Eddie Ammons, Jerry Anderson, Eddie Barhee, Vtlalter Burger, Jimmy Caudle, Joe Chris- tenbury, Floyd Cooke, Charles Entzminger, David Fesperinan, Don Helms, Gary Lytton, Harold Stogner, Glenn Teinplin, Richard Thompson, Stan Thrailkillg SOPR1lNOSg,XIartha Anthony, Diane Belk, Nancy Biggers, hlinnette Billick, Blenda Bradshaw, Carole Cabell, Sandra Caldwell, Linda Dean, Cheiil DeRoberts, Judy Dunn, Donna Carol Ennis, Louise Fleming, Sharon Folk, Treva Foushee, Verla Gambrell, Diane Gilland, Faye Harris, Gloria Hughes, Bonnie Jenrette, Candy Keen, Gail Kiser, XVillie Lloyd, Susie Martin, Kay Melton, Joyce Miller, Anne Neal, Judy Painter, Charlotte Pope, Susan Proctor, Linda Reid, Charlyn Sapp, Jean Satterfield, Ruthie Shaw, Bobbie Smith, Carole Starnes, Troyanne Stewart, Judy Teague, Sarah Utsey, Brenda VVhitley, Betty VVillian1s, Nancy VVil- lialns, Gail VVingate, Carol Yvoodsg ALTOS-Connie Anderson, Faye Bridges, hlargaret Brown, Lynne Christy, Frankie Clark, Freida Cope, Sheila Ennis, Marcia Fincher, Martha Fisher, Joyce Gordon, Shirley Hess, Jeannie Holder, Julia Hood, Linda Hopper, Peggy Hughes, Carole Hunter, Lynn Lewis, Glenda Mundy, Becky Munson, Beth Newton, Lynda Turner, Mr. Sam Durrance, Director. ENIOR CHOIR nw, 2 ,fs l 1 OFFICERS GLEN TEMPLIN . . ...... President Q FLOYD Cooioa .. ...... Vice-presiclent l PAYE HARRIS . . . . .Secretolry-Treasurer KNOT picturedl l BOARD Joe Christenbury Lynne Christy Carole Hunter At Christmas time the Senior Choir presented "The lVlessiahl' in a combined program with the concert band. Each year the Choir takes part in the Easter assembly and the baccalaureate service. ,444 A P' , As a service to the school, the Junior Red Cross spon- sored a chartered student bus to Gastonia and enlisted members to the Junior Red Cross in the annual member- ship campaign. At Christmas time volunteers prepared candy bags for an out-ofetovvn orphanage. Over all, the purpose of the Junior Red Cross is to interest students in service to the American Red Cross. OFFICERS TINA WHITE . . . ...... President BARBARA JONES . . ...... Vice-presitleut GERRIE GREEN .... . . .Associate Secremry CAMERON Hoon . . . . .Associate Secretary GLEN TEMPLIN . . ........ Treasurer 5 Q NIOR RED CROIX Becky Allen, Gracie Allen, Janice Austin, Eddie Barbee, Larry Blackmon, Clydia Bolton, Andy Bordon. Tommy Bostick, Sheila Brackluill, Blary Elaine Breen, Billy Caldwell, Billy Cashion, Barry Corbett, Libby Cromartie, Linda Dean, Janet Drane, Sheila Ennis, Don Fidler, Trina Ifitts, Angela Freeman, Brenda Cibson, Linda Glasco, Carolyn Green, Cerrie Green, Frankie Grice, Brent Grove, Carole Harwell, Cameron Ilood, Linda Hop- per, Barbara Jones, Louis Justice, David Keatliley, Tim Kesler, Herman 1 cf gms. s it if fs "i' 'fi ' "eff-' eww- - .. If - X X Killian, Yllilliam Linedecker, Ronnie McCauley, Gene Nloore, Julia Na- politano, Boyce Parks, Barbara Porter, Eleanor Poteat, Joyce Pressley, Sandra Robinson, Joyce Rochelle, Larry Smith, Joy Spenser, Jerry Surratt, Gary Swaringer, Sharon Teal. Glen Telnplin, Susan Taylor, Lynda Tur- ner, Jimmy Vllliite, Tina Wlliite, Betty Wlilliarns, Mary Jane Vllilson, Joe Wlray, Mrs. Ella Mae lvlorris, Adviser. .,...a-A l .,,,,,,, l - ar VT ,F Agww. ,M J Page Eiglziy-seven 1 . uh t.Sv0.Qxv,, 3901 ,'0Q' 0 '50 0 4 v .!N' f'X I "-Q-or' 1 .1 'A' rw G, f. f 3, fm, fs. 045090 T 6 Q 1' 'VA Nl Xl xx Lx Dx 1.x 1.x x-f'x0QOQ" fxg-Nfxfx 139, Jx 1.x fe. 'D o 0 " f 'INIXIN WQQQ w4fx-fbfwbf D U 0 ! '. I N f N I 1' X l.X !.X I.X GREGGETTES FIRST QUARTER Evon Kirby, President Nancy VVilliams, Vice-president lucly VVhiten, Secretary Vesta Hicks, Treasurer loyce Gordon, Chaplain Lorraine Conn, Refreshment Chairman THIRD QUARTER LaTrcll Lankford, President Barbara lNlerchant, Vice-president LaLoy Liner, Secretary Mary justice, Treasurer lacque Holder, Clfzaplnin Pat Rawlins, Refreshment Clmirnmn """" "":i::7fr.1:L':y X. SECOND QUARTER Becky Allen, President Clyclia Bolton, Vice-president Mary justice, Secretary Vicky Stewart, Treasurer Erma Jordan, Chaplain Pat Lewis, Refreshment Chairrnfin EQURTH QUARTER Lorraine Conn, President Vesta Hicks, Vice-president Pat VVinkler, Secretary Nancy VVillia1ns, Treasurer Vicky Stewart, Chaplain , , P f 5 o 1,' ' ,,, , Q igalvlfmh i.,. l- - 'Q' The Creggette pin pictured here is the pride and ioy of every second year shorthand student. It syinlaolizes her rnenzlaership in I1 chili that develops her potential in sec- retarial worla. t 7 7' 1 ' f 155 0.45 0.45 f .Q 0.5 0,9 0.85 0 if 0 Q' 0 Q 0 SZSZSZQ 'ZSZSZSZ 0 Q0 0i x Q' 'P Qoeoeoo foibfkfb 0 -f xf xf xf 1.x fa. f,x QOQ'5'Qff'9 f x'f Q1 'ff IX fX fx f 'I .I ,I N5 4,9 ff feb QQSQQSOQMP Q-JMBQQQQB 5060561 fbi N'l'Q 'fix Q, 1 Rf f.t :V ,Q are 0.9 '11, Nb '96 00" I4 -'N ,x I,X 'b 0 terms Ioyce Bagwell Clydia Bolton Lorraine Conn Pat Darnell Cathy Ellington Pat Grogan Jacque Holder Iudy Howard Louise Iohnson Erma Iordan Elaine Killmon The Library Club is formed by the librarians and library assistants to develop a better under- standing of the library. Every year this club spon- sors a Thanksgiving basket, which is presented in an assembly program to go to a local orphanage. CATHY ELLINGTON VESTA Hicks ,,,, LORRAINE CONN . IUDY VVHITEN . . . LALoY LINER .. ERMA IORDAN . , ClLYDIA BOLTON . . PAT RAWLINS , , .....Pl'CSitlC1l1' LaTrell Lankford E1'?tZl3'1R1fZ1i1 L I B R A R Y C L Barbara Merchant Shirley Price Pat Rawlins Kathy Shrum Carole Starnes ludy VVhiten Brenda VVhitley Nancy VVilliarns ,ff S f, ff'57,f OFFICERS . . . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Vice-president . . . .Vice president . . . . .Treaszrrer . . .Reporter .............Clzaplrzi1z . . .Befreslimerzt Clmirnmzz ls D. E. CLUB I II . Qs The D. E. Club is under the instruction of Miss Mabel Chandler. The purpose of this club is to train students in leadership ability and to offer an opportunity for those students desiring to work as a part of their school program. ln addition to speech training, on the job training, work manuals, job interviews, and ad layouts, the students have time for entertainment. They look forward to the stu- dent-employer banquet held at the end of each year. OFFICERS BILLY CARNES .... 'TTIERESIA lVlCCARTHY , , , Ior-INNY YATES .... President . . . . . .Vice-president . . . .Associate President JOYCE FISHER .. ......... Secretary PATSY HAYES . . . . . . .Treasurer AL NIITCHELL . . . ............ Historian HOWARD Esriss .... Lonnie Baucom Phil Bean Carol Bowman Linda Camp Billy Carnes Laura Cavney Pat Clark Lawrence Crutchfield I. D. Elliott Howard Estes osce Fisher Carl Fuller Phil Giles Richard Haas Dorothy Fink L 1 1 Editor of Promotion Patsy Hayes Harold Hudspeth Richard Kiser Ronnie lVlaior Teresa McCarthy Al Mitchell Bernard Robinson Steve Smith Richard Tanner Fairley Threatt Iohnny Troutman Iimmy Wallace lohnny Yates Tommy Zernan Angela Freeman, President, Ianice Pressley, Vice-president, Lynn Gauthier, Secremryg Bonnie lX'lcAnulty, Treaszwerg Gracie Allen, Martha Anthony, Brenda Bain, Alice Carlisle, Patricia Carver, Sherry Clouse, Billie lean Cooke, Lillian Dellers, hlonnie Lou Digh, Judy Dunn, Carol Dunphy, Sheila Ennis, Bette lo Fianchino, Trina Fitts, Earlene Fortune, hlary Ann Francis, Gerrie Green. Brenda Greer, Barbara Gregory, Pat Grogan, Brenda Helms, Ienny Lynn lrving, hlarsha lohns, Barbara lean Kemp, Mary Alice Hatch, Betty hic- Gullough, Glenda Mundy, Becky hlunson, VVendy Nelson, Mitzy O'Gonnor, Barbara Pullen, Brenda Robinson, Kloanne Smith, Connie Taylor, Brenda Tucker, Jeanette Vllalsh, Carol Vllaters, Betty lo VVilson, Elaine Wlinecoft, Margaret Yancey, Miss Emily Carr, Adviser. FUTUR HUM MAKERS The aim of the Future Homemalters ol' America is to prepare IOITIOITOX-VQS wives and mothers in the mechanics ot modern living. Vivian Brown, President, Stephanie Caton, Vice-president, Phyllis Anne Beid, Secretary, Lynne Christy, Treaszirerg loycc Gordon, Clmvlrzizzg Linda Aderholrlr. Becky Benton, Sylvia Blackwell, lWarcia Blaising, Frieda Bumgarner, Bill Caldwell, Linda Glasco, Carol Griffin, lulia Hood, Diane Kennedy, VVillie Lloyd, Iulia Napolitano, Laura Poole, loyce Pressley, Susan Proctor, Louise Russell, Toe Spray, Brenda VVatts, Tina VVhite, Pat VVinkler, Mr. Douglas Grotts, Adviser. .T.A. The purpose of the Future Teachers of ,Xmerica is to stimulate a strong interest in the teaching profession. hiembership is open to any tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grader with at least average grades and a true interest in teaching. E' '4 gn fi 'FW f g. 'I in L GIRLYATIJLETIC ASSOCIA T10 This new club was organized to fulfill the needs of the increased interest in sports. Witlr the dis- continuation of girls, basketball teams in Charlotte, membership in the Varsity Club decreased. The Varsity Club officers for 1961-1962 organized the C. A. A. in order to have a larger and more effective club. The only requirement for joining is to have a sincere interest in sports. At present, this is the X X ff Kay Adams, Elaine Alexander, Becky Allen, Martha Anthony, Becky Beaty, Betty Bell, Missy Biggers, Clydia Bolton, Faye Bridges, Cindy Brooks, Becky Brookshire, Barbara Buingardner, Frieda Buingarner, Reba Bumgarner, Nlargaret Burns, Sue Chapman, Carolyn Clark, Sandra Cald- well, Frieda Cope, Libby Cromartie, Nancy Davis, Cheryl DeRoberts, Judy Falls, Sue Gardner, Linda Clasco, Joyce Gordon, Carolyn Green, Carole Griffin, Carole Harwell, Vesta Hicks, Nancy Hipps, Jeannie Holder, Julia Hood, Kathryn Jenkins, Nancy Jenkins, Carolyn Jones, Gail Kiser, Harriet Kelly, 'Dianne Kennedy, Linda Kennington, Frances Kerns, Eyon largest organization in the school, its membership is 165. OFFICERS PAT VVINKLER . . . ..,.. . . ..... President HARRIE1' LYLES . ..Vice-president DO1'TIE KIRKLEY . , . .... Secretary NANCY HIPPS , , , , . .Treasurer Kirby, Dottie Kirkley, Jane Kissiah, Donna Krohn, Angela Lawing, Linda Long, Harriet Lyles, Sandra Magee, Rita Martin Mary Pat Moore, Julia Napolitano, Cecilia Page, Jean Pendleton, Mary Plyler, Charlotte Pope, Eleanor Poteat, Susan Proctor, Celia Rappe, Linda Reid, Kay Rozzelle, Cathy Scarborough, Ginny Seyers, Marilyn Sinclair, Carole Smith, Kay Starnes, Gail Tallman, Sharon Teal, Brenda Tucker, Linda VValsh, Brenda Watts, Tina Wlhite, Juanita Whitley, Carlos VVilliams, Mary Jane Wilson, Pat VVinkler, Miss Helen Tallent and Miss Marian Bell, Advisers. wi 8517, A 'ef rw, TW: ' , azruwlw K0 3 59 LAN Tlie G. A. A. fzuzctioizs zfmler tlze guizlmzce of Bliss A larian Bell anal Miss Helen Tnlleiit. Cowl, cletiii fuzz lzelps tlie girls clcvelup iz HZOVC 17It1l1H'UUllllOUlZ on life. .Many receive the iizstrztctiozz vital to a good athlete. New activities were iiztrozlucell. s 2 ., ' M' I , , - .-V-M,-.' .v'..l!'4P" M- -A-A -v-'M-'-"""i" Hleefzrilers in girls' sports are lemlers in U woiiuiifs l1'OVlll,H is tlze fitting motto of tlzis orgaizizntimz. X They "war111-1110" by izimping rope IOO times. TEE Page Ninety-four Becky Allen Tune Artibee Claudia Bean Missy Bigger Clydia Bolton Margaret Brown Faye Bridges Linda Bumgarner Libby Cromartie Terry Davis lanet Drane ludy Falls Michelle Faulkner lane Garnett Linda Glasco Carole Harwell lulia Hood Linda Hopper Nina Hughes Barbara Tones Candy Keen Gail Kiser Linda Long Iulia Napolitano Mary Plyler Charlotte Pope Shirley Price Celia Pmappe Patricia Rawlins Cathy Scarborough Ruthie Shaw Carolyn Sloan Kay Starnes Ann Spinks Diane Sweezy ludy Teague ludy Thornburg Iuanita VVhitley Becky Williams Sue Winibish Carolyn Iones Harding's Y-Teens seek to fulfill their Christian purpose: 'lTo build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our com- mon life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Chris- tiansf, by actively completing these projects: col- lecting, repairing, and sending used toys to a men- tal hospitalg planning a party for children in a childrens homeg offering service in health projeetsg Christmas carolingg and making favors for hospital trays. TDIANE SWEEZY .. ....... President LINDA GLASCO . . , .... Vice-president TERRY DAVIS .... ...... S ecretary TULIA Hoon ........ .... T reasurer NIARGARET BROWN .... . . .Chaplain MARDINL' X OFFICERS ELEANOR POTEAT ............. ...... P resident CELIA RAPPE ,... . . .Vice-president DIANE SWEEZY ,, ...... Treasurer GAIL KISER .............. ........ C lmplaizz SUE WIMBISH .............. . . .Socinl Clznirnzrzu NANCY DAVIS Knot picturetil .... ........ S ecremry The smiling faces of the girls dressed in gray and black have added much to our school spirit and sportsmanship in the past two years. The girls make posters, help with decorating the school and sta- dium, and sell programs. Even with all these ac- tivities, the girls never are too tired to miss a game. Whether' we win or lose, the "pep cluhbersu are the ones that keep smiling and saying, "We did our hestf' Louise Bailey, Missv Bigger, Mary Breen, Cindv Brooks, Nlargaret Brown, Frieda Bumgarner, Sandra Caldwell, Frances Case, Claudette Chavis, Brenda Cole, Libby Cro- martie, Nancy Davis, Sheila Deaton, Monnie Lou Digh, Ianet Drane, lerrie Faille, Miriam Ferris, Trina Pitts, Sharon Folk, Betty Furr, Linda Glasco, Carolyn Greene, Carole Griffin, Faye Harris, Iirnmy Harris, Carole Harwell, Brenda Helms, Vesta Hicks, Iulia Hood, Linda Hopper, Peggy Hughes, Carole Hunter, Phyllis lackson, Nancy Johnson, Linda Vlosey, Carol Ioyce, Gail Kiser, Kay Kissiah, Angela Lawing, Ioyce Lee, Mariorie Lee, Linda Long, Sandra Magee, Rita Martin, Cheryl Mays, lulia Napoli- tano, Melodie Payne, Mary Plyler, Carolyn Polk, Charlotte Pope, Eleanor Poteat, Susan Proctor, Celia Rappe, Linda Reid, Donna Krohn, Pat Rice, Cathy Scarborough, Ginny Severs, Ann Spinks, Diane Sweezy, Susan Taylor, Brenda Tucker, Iudi VVacaster, Gay VVeeks, Tina VVhite, luanita Xlilhitley, Sue Wiinbish, Carol VVoods. Miss Helen Tallent, vzser. HARDING PEP CL U ,mi ,J 'Univ vu nm IA HR Nl RUINS Jrlflflfcii HA num nn 0015 annum xnnml 6" 'fi' moms ,,, , ,gRl7lAfg YKARBWW T he fun and hard work of our activities are the same ,swf , f Y, . , ,fY v' x, .1 ,f K :AEK HARR NMS. Y P HARDZNG MGH if Ina ,-Myiff Q , ,X 1-.f,L,:s'1'w M ' . VY, e af 9 e' 'c -9 ,QW . frffftw Aa, ' Lafiflil ' gif . "fi jf? I 4. A 1ATl-ILETI C25 1 , , w Hf1fe1!1f1uf'uf1ffffuzwzlzffLf PM ef Kffi.fKMffL ffurwffffvlufft N spirit and sportszzzanship are another element in 0'L41'f01'87.781'1fl6SS V., , , f . , v gsgflff, fb , fliwg Q If , , ,, I . 454 ,f qv, , ' V '. X , ,,,,,5,f,-X 1 f f '4 - ' fha-.w N A-f-v f- - ,rv pm, v, ' W W D V.: Q ixy z, A W 1 - fl-I -' . ' ff W, f f " 4 ,,..,MA .V 4 Y' 55gKQ,,?f'. f L V fjgf A wif 1 J Jn- ' Er? f M- 511 Q: -5,7 2 544 IK? ' ..L , A ' ' 1 .45 W -1 , ,P 7' 4? J' 4-H 1 ,Q M i V. ,- 4 c 3 , ' -, r 1. ,, im, . ,Li um X gignh ' Z' ' .W- nwf Ja..-me Harding Harding Harding Harding Harding , r Harding Harding Hardinv. . Harding Harding SCOREBOARD VVest . . . i Asheville A Gastonia .. hriount Airy North .... South .... Myers Park High Point East ,.,ii Garinger A t In a close game with Asheville, the Rams showed a ourth quarter power uhich sped them to their second victory of the year The Rams Scramble or the bali. ,vs W, . f' s M fwrllflbf-4' 9 Qt: IJOBBY ALLISON Mmzager VARSITY COACHES VVILLIANI J ENININGS Baci zelzl CTOtTLlZfVV1LLIA1Vl SMITH, Line COLZCII-IJAVE HARIHIS, Head Coach CAPTAIN BILL WEDDINE CAPTAIN BUTCH RALEY STEVE CALDWELL JIMMY HAWKINS DONNIE HELMS LEROY HOLDEN TED JOHNSON JAKE LOVVE GARY LYTTON JOE MAGEE TOMMY MOCLAIN BUTCH MITCHELL BOYCE PARKS JACK PAXTON JIMMY ROLLINS RONNIE RUDISILL BOB RUSSELL ROGER SELLERS LEON SOLOMON GLEN TEIXIPLIN K 1 ,4 xv xx V-M V, f 25 xiii .f 'N f f , , QI, 4 fi ki? 4 ,Q V , M ' ff 'WWW FJWQ5 'I , ,faf -45 5 z g v t. -- :L 2 1 " 5? " ' ,Q A X W f'Z?'3f , I bv' 1.1 3 5? if 5' ,iff ,y Qf- , ,f 'C-J. , N.'fff'f,f,W Q55 ,S Z? f ,A IHAV Qi ' y hit?" f 'V X, V f ,cu - ,f f ,335 f - e fYyg 4Q,q ,fA My 41 . my f , ' 1CZ'A'x., 'f1. W ' Q ' , W W4 b W sf ,M ..., . x , if 535. Rv 1 " ff MM. ' . V ., 1. f, f WWWQ vl- 'Ef-'f" Q ' U 11 1 ' 2135 I I F239 W 'Wax "F, , ,, f . M -25 Wm 1 P? 4 me mi Q W is , ,.,y' zf 5 W iffy ' M, ,V-,M SIW ff? A Z2 1 ..,,, i V1 SQ J ' 41.1. 16 ' ' ,224 ff Zu.: ,..,., -.-.., uv' an .. A. vw. L fi Q 1 :eww .x 'Q'-L '. A .15 wi ,nn , ,fR"' ' V 4 Q .wig ,ll X .1 -1 ' 'K an a ,.,,.Q-IP 7- n2,' fs 5' Q 3 6' , ua. TROPHY VVINNERS Best Back, limmy Hawkins, Best I,.i1ZE11llHZ, Butch Raleyg Best Sp0rts11m1zsl1ip, Boyce Parks, Most I1111Jl'Ol7CIl, Leroy Holden. AWARD Slirizze Bowl-Butch Raley, jimmy Hawkins All State-Butch Ralcy, limmy Hawkins All City-County-Leroy Holden, Butch Raley, Jimmy Hawkins All flizzericarz-Butch Raley, Jimmy Hawkins All Confweirzee-Butcli Raley, limmy Hawkins HARDING RAMS-1961 Dale Bradley, Bobby Brooks, Steve Cabaniss, Steve Caldwell, Charles Calloway, Floyd Cooke, Jimmy Davis, Arnold Freeman, Micky Gaillard, Allen Hall, Iimmy Hawkins, Donnie Helms, Tommy Helms, Larry Herron, Leroy Holden, joe Howard, Dwaine Jenkins, Ted Johnson, Larry Kerr, Herman Killian, lake Lowe, Richard Lueente, Gary Lytton, joe Blagee, Tommy NIeClain, Bolwby Merritt, Butch lylitchell, Stanley Nlorgan, Boyce Parks, 7 7 1 'lack Iaxton, butch Raley, jimmy Rollins, Ronnie Rudisill, Bob Russell, Roger Sellers, Leon Solomon, Joe Spray, Glen Templin, Roluert VVallaee, Bill Vkleddine, David VVerner. Page One II1,l11C11'CL1 Four COACH FLOYD BUNIGARNER ASSISTANT COACH ROY HOIKIJ, SR. WNO1' picturedl CAPTAINS LARRY SMITH AND HANK I-IANKINS fA YVE FOOTBALL TEAM johnny Bcrardi, Robert Beard, Clmrlie Black, Milton Black, Larry Bluclimon, Robby Rurgcss, Rlilic Cook, Bruce Coolw. Herlby Denning, Duvicl Doby, Lawrencc Diggs, .Iinnny Ellis, David Fcsperlnan, Butch Finlayson, Jerry Fracly, jerry Guy, liowzlrcl Holland, Charles Icfferson, Stcvc Knight, Ronnie lNlcCaulcy, Carl McCullol1, Courtney MC- Garity, Tonnny Rloycrs, lolinny Mitchell, Stan Painter, Billy Robinson, Dale Sliiclcls, blolin Sniitli, Dztvicl Trull, Stuart Taylor, Pete Vllcbly, linnny Vlicsson. An afternoon scriinmage among themselves proves to he extremely helpful before zz big game. ,pf ,94- mmm .lla-.. -"""""' IACR PAXTON, LARRY KERR, Captains Inu LINEDECKER, ,Hazzrzgerg VVILLIAIVI IENNINGS, Coach. Beginning the season with the advantage of speed but the disadvantage of height proved to be very unprofitable for our 1962 Rams. They were off to a good start on December 12 when they beat South Mecklenburg, but this winning season was to be snipped in the basket when the Asheville hflaroons and Rock Hill Bear Cats got hold of them. This depressing situation Put a new speed in the Rams' feet and new height in their rebounds as they sueeessfully beat North Nleeklenbtirg and Charlotte Catholie. The next six teams towered over our boys only in height to gain their vietoriesg but the spirit and determi- nation of the Rams remained high as our underestimated team whipped Asheville and went on to slaughter North in a two-game winning streali. Then our Rains again took a turn for the worse by losing three in a row. At the time the ACORN went to press, our boys were preparing their spirits and determination to win their last three games against Garinger, Charlotte Catholic, and Gastonia. 4 , BOYS? BASKETBALL ,IACK PAXTON LARRY KERR LANNY VESSELL Bun STEWART Y, Q-4 vi i ui 'i -nf wi -rf' -:f , ,.,,,-- .Uh Us Q. ,ff N1- -41 x.,,,,, vu' Hun- ...V W-' N, an to" 'Huff if e hun- i' . dl 1 3 Qyi 5 s. 3 5 . ffl i 2 , .gp Q' 'A i I hx ,J ,xg 4 ' .AM ku' fx IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL DALE SHIELDS, ARNOLD FREEIVIAN, Captains TOMMY XVISE, illmmger-RONALD SIVIITH, Coach First row: Arnold Freeman, Ed Kerley, Ronnie jackson, Larry Vessell, Micky Clark, Dale Shields, Vllaync Nelson, lulmny Bcrarcli. Second row: Pete Vllebb, Ierry Guy, Iuhnny Reichard, David Atwucid, Ken Davis, Marvin Hfsnderson, Vllaync Iuhnson. Page One llznnlred High! l1.,..-, -f1fi""-- First row: Stanley Morgan, Henry Fort, Ted Iohnson, Iiinmy Hawkins, Bill Ienlcins, jimmy lVIcAnulty, Steve Ca- biness, Dennis Miller. Second row: Johnny Graham, Boyce Parks, Johnny Bcrardi, Larry Kerr, joe Spencer, Lanny Vessel, Allen Hall, Craig Pergerson, Jackie VVasham. Last row: David Vlfatts, Larry Smith, Richard Vliarren, Marvin 7 7 Henderson, Steve Davis, Gerald Roper, Pete Webb, Larry Xessel. 1 J liifijll '27 1962 BASEBALL TEAM Coaclz, FLOYD BUIVIGARNER C0-Cnpmizzs, LANNY Vesslzl, AND -IIAIIYIY LlAWK1NS tllmztzger, XVALLY KILLOUGH CHEERLEADERS VESTA I'1ICKS SANDRA 1X'1AGEE CAROLE HUNTER GINNY SEVERS FRIEDA BUMGARNER TINA VVHI CAROLE GRIFFIN Head TE 5'-1 4 tx f N I ,...,- y , ,Q , . Jwv , V B I i f -"4 ' "' if G v ,xii Z' .,. . L I ,, :A.:5.:Yf' Vg V, ,, ,. .C f" f.viQYJ,, . : f 'I f N t 'A ii M A ,E fx .2 ew Linernen Leroy Holden and lake Lowe eye tlfzc pigslcin. 3 as if it were lvotli friend and foe. l we-'- Gym classes provide seasonal sports for all stzmlents. ATHLETICS AT HARDING WEAR MANY DIFFERENT FACES fr' W -fwvemr-W N' - :ii A At every gmne tlze lively clzeerleacler Q lend tlze ' X crowrls in clmnts :mel clzeers for our Rams N I '1 I A vg ' 3, -K Ig., ff? . 4 15 vs f l Tl1e 1961 Rams tlzrew tlzeir weiglzt tzrozmtl wlzen tlzey fomztl out tlmt our lixzeznen mferfzgefl ZOO pounfls. g Tlze vivncious rmzjorettes, along witlz tlze lmml, liverzeil up Th? 15 U famlllaf View Of lzalf-'times nnfl time-outs witlz lively 'Hlfl1'Cl16S tzml LenferB11tclz Hale f. J ctztcliy routines. 0-. . I .., t - W if rf., A H lf fn , 1? F A Z 50 f 1 ' X K W9 l We all have our ups and olownsg ancl in foo1lmll, tlzis is certainly no exception. U FEATURES lluffzzlicu x11,1w '1'ff1li1us, Hlfzfwfftffx, 4fLlllL','N, xj1uu!L1flf1i 411wf,s and class night officers are the featured stars of the year -ls. Q' , f 1 A . 5 v if, f A . '4 1, 4 1' I I Aw ' 1'l . Q, f M c ' ' . , wing ' xy, E ,,.Q,, 3 . A I. A A ,, 4, , . 0 . v M 8. i 1 fl Q , I 5 4 1 ' 4 x, a .1 5.-31 if x ,E ,' "' , v ,M f . xx , 3151, fat Ag 1 N A551 , 'I 'ilrmvr , f- Q fr 5. 1 M w A 4 n ' -1, Avy . L QQ Jin ,Hg f fm,yn,, 'f f f HIGHLIGHTS THE YEAR The outstanding lziglzliglzt was entering Hard- ing's new lmilding for the first time this Auguxt. Seniors did not let the zuzderclnssnzen forget who were seniors when Senior rings czrrived in Septenzlner. '15 Our victory over A Iozuzt Aim" ditl not sizizzc so bright as our Homecoming Qiieen, Faye Harris. For seniors, the crcmizziizg izigizlilrgiil, gracizmtion evezitzmliy comes. F1411 ami frolic for participants ami spectators alike made Cuties 'll Capers zz lligllligilf. Iuniors and seniors unite for the last big dance of the year- the Iunior-Senior Prom. 0110 of the most iookeci-forvvzurd-to Cvcnts Comes in the spring of each year. After much toil and anxictv, the 1962 ACORN brings many sighs as the students observe it for the first time. Page One Hunclreti Fifieezz A burst of cheering erupted from the crowd when the curtain was removed, revealing Faye Harris as 1962 Home- coming Queen. To the tune of "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi," Faye gracefully walked to her place among her attendants through the gigantic football, which had been formed by Y-rw? the bbagid to signify Harding's greatness in the sport of oor a . FAYE HARRIS Queen V! Dir. Hawkins crowned Faye as tlze tennis favorite. l . x HOMECOMING 1961 HOMECOMING COURT Donna Carol Ennis, junior atteudmztg Becky Benton, senior attendantg Angela Lawing, junior attemlcmtg Faye Harris, Queeug Carole Hunter, senior atrezzdazzig Sherry Neely, sopltomore UHEIIOZZZIHQ Trina Fitts, f1'eslzmmz attendant. 1' 1,7 Q-Wrw., SENIOR BEAUTY Kwai SENIOR BEAUTY B' JUNIOR BEAUTY W5 .fdngefa Ofawing SOPHOMOBE BEAUTY M5 Egyfzerrg Weefy EBESHMAN BEAUTY md gargara gifegory avi In fi- 1- 125' 1 1 I 3 ,E , i.. 1-,Ywfi---f ' ' -of-0 fy- ,L , :.g:1'57" A The stmiezzts1'1tte111ii11g lize Lilllllff cizow ,Uisi C111'11iCG1'iffi11 t111'eig11 llYfIIL'il'q1lCClZ. Afte111i1111ts uicre Jliss S11111i1'11 Jlagce 111111 lliss 8111111111 Tizouzpsmz. THE UW BALL .-,Hy--1 ,fi ,Y , IPFV 1 sf, .B-S Q' ff? ,,, -Y Those 1zt1'e1z1ii11g tize C1lI'i5f1lIl'IS Dizzzce will long 1'e111e111Iae1 its tizeuzc, "Hlz11ps011-1'i1zflze Snow." "libs S110111 Bali" i1z1iee1i limi 11 171111 l'ifl11Ci1Zg to tile music of Neil Criffizfs 17fIl1lZ. CALE DAR GIRLS Cuties 'n Capers was an ideal remedy for the mid-term gloominess of the students. The caper of the lunior Class was eliosen as the best of four stunts and the following were elected by tlie audience as Calendar Girls: MISS 1962 Miss STEPHANIE CATKJN Q 7 61,451 Myst? si 3 Miss IFIVIIIKITQ' Miss PHYLLIS ANNE P11-31D ,im rim Miss CiIIERYL Mrws Miss S6'17fC1lll7l3l' Miss CTAROLE ciRIFF1N 'F I i Miss FC171'1lflVj' MISS IDIANE KENNEDY Miss lime MISS ANGELA LAVVING Miss Octolicr A1188 SANDRA MAIIEE .Q -S' I c'sL'j:T IQ' Miss Mizrclz MISS CIINNY SEVEIIS Miss july MISS FAYE IIAIIIIIS Miss Novuiizliei' MISS IJONNA ENNIS Miss .fiprli A1185 CIIIIOLE IIIINIEII Miss ,hrgzist MISS LINDA IIIIIIIIEII Miss Dccvzizlwi' MISS EIAINE liII,I.AIoN PIINQU KJIIU l1llHL1VL"li lll'.'1If'1"IlI1'CL' As the theme, "Sweethearts on Paraiieu was carried out, ri King and Queen of Hearts - Sandra Magee and Leroy Holden-were chosen and . . . THE VALENTINE DA CE . . . the runners-up, Flo-wi Cooke and finely Brown, were dzililieci Prince and Princess. CAROLE JOYCE STANLEY AIORGAN IIIDY BROWN LEON SOLOMON CAROLE IIARXVILLL I 5 V a 6 t I 1 I l si'- f-ILA I' ,Z Q 'fy w CHIEF MARSHALS SANDRA AIAGEE, Chief Ahzrslznl RICHARD PIARRIS, Assistant Chief illurslml AIARY PLYLER BILL IENKINS LINDA REID IJAVID KEATIILEY IOIINNY XIANN f., 'Sl 'P IUNIOR MARSHALS Each winter thc junior class clccts :I percentage Ol thc class tO DCCOIHC -lunim' lXilLll'SllLllS. TO hc cli- gihlc, ouch cglmliclutc must lmznfc at lcust ll "B" zlvcr- nge for hoth SCITICSYCYS Ol his sOphOInOrc yczn' and the first scmcstcr Ol' his junior YCQIT. This select group rcprcscnts nOt Only scholastic uhility hut also lcuclcrship ability. ,lunior lXilLll'Sl1LllS ptmrticipzltc in Class Night, BaIccIIlIILII'cIItc, and Cilllllllllllllll. DIANE Swiinzx' HIOIINNY CDXAHAIXI IININIY TEAL CSAIL Kistsu lXlAIlGARET BROVVN LINDA CQLASCU lJAVID .ATXVUOID IIILIA NAPOIJIANO IAIIIQII3 XVASIIAIXI ILILIA HOOD NI LINDA ADERHOLDT Betty Crocker Ho1ue11mker Awnrd H0 ORS A WARDS WW SAMMY VVUOUAHD Q H1811 j0lHZCi 01-15 IU 7 91 I IC IN7 I I 1 Sun CHAPMAN, AL IENKINS VVilolacres Delegates BILL TEAGUE HHl'VH1'Ci Book A'l1'f11'd fa' W U . f, . A f . W f wwf ,W'Vf"ZW! " f N ,N ,,... IUNIOR ROTAIHANS SAMIVIY VVOODARD, BUD STEWART, BILL TEAGLIE, IIIXIIXIY BROOKS, ,IOHNNY BROVVNLEE, AL EIENKINS, ROGER SELLERS. SANDRA TlIIO1X'IPSON Girls' State Delegate I x Q N R 1 r is 723 -X IQILL FILM LIL, YIIMIXIX TJRUORS SAMIXIX VKOODARD Hays' Smte Delegates TINA XVIiI'I'I1 Deleglne 10 Rell Cross Cfrmwfzlimz ui Grecncove. SANDRA THOMPSON D. A. R. Awarcl Miss Hi-Miss 1 l- , H WN? A QS' 535. V A 9 , LW 'f A-W , Most C0-operative I IARRIET KELLY jiixmn' BROOKS WEP' UF? GRASS Q r? The Senior Superiatives were elected by the members eq Of the Senior Class on the 'fel Most lutellectzzai SUE CIIAIDBIAN CAIXIERON HOOD K I Most Original PAT VVINKLER BUD STEWART ,W x .uhh I' 3 basis Of merit in these eatef f 5 E N I 0 R I 'W A i Most Popular Best Looking dx CAROLE i'iUNTER PAYE HARRIS I IOE CIHRISTENBURY COLIN LITTLE Y l Best Dancer VESTA IJICKS EDDIE BARBEE i XUPERLATIVES Wirtiesr NANCY JENKINS BOB CANAIJY Most TtYIC1lfL'L1 -FREVA FOUSHEE BILL CALDWELL 'K"'L-H ' xt IUO51' DEJJCIZKZUZIIE? PIIYLLIS ANNE IREID AL JENKINS ' J.. 'rf' Q 1 III, . ,r , Y I 4 ' y I x lu R 1: 1 L 1 ' ' Host Athletic DOTTIE KIRKLEY JIIXIIXIY PJAVVKINS Most Likely to Succeed SANDRA TI'IOhIPSON BILL VFEAGUE pg1 D F BULB Best Dressed DIANE BELK KEITH ROGERS SENIOR SUPERLATIVE5 Best All Arozuzd Friendliest CAROLE GRIFFIN LYNNE CHRISTY SAINIMY XVOODARD ROGER SELLERS Vlost Cozzszdemtc STEPHANIE CATOIN OHNNX BROWNLEE LJAMERON Hoon, Valedicrorimz PA' VV r P ' ' 1 INKLER, oet bun STEWART, Lawyer SUE CHAPMAN, Salutatorimz CLAJT.NIGHYiOFFICERS ln.. ,.,., lbym -, T SANDRA Fl-lHO'MPSON, AL IENKINS Bois CL Ciftorimzs CLASS VVe are looking down that long road to graduation with iust a moment of hesitation. We are stopping to remember and never to forget the memories that began on Harding's doorstep. Remember the first day we stepped inside that door and tried to imagine what the future had in store? We couldn't be told what the future would bring, for we knew it all and everyone else knew not a thing. We learned the hard way, but very fastg for everyone could see it was an inevitable task. Remember moving into our new air-conditioned school and the way everyone in town iust drooled- the smell of newness, getting lost in the hall, my, we certainly had a ball! Remember the gaiety of our dances all our serious, but silly romances- our mighty football team and the way the crowds would shout and scream- the cheerleaders leading the cheers so loudly and our high-stepping maiorettes bringing wolf whistles and "howdy." . APP, Historimz ll .. Ci Jlll ALowrLr,, Prophet POEAI Remember the Hi-Lifes the ACORN Maroon and Gold day and all the ioys and tears we shared as we went on our merry way. Now we must say good-bye for the time is drawing near W7hen we will step into a new world with Confidence and without fear. lt's a mighty bi-1 world with a new door 5 . 1 77 ' . and again we know not what the future has in store. Yes, we've hesitated to say good-bye for we l-:new it would bring tears with a sigh, But now through our mingled tears and good-byes we are saying "Thanks to you, Our treasured Alma Mater, Harding High." an 9 AIDS U lifzfflfi Ifzc ffzpf nf wuz' f1J1'0rf1wc'1'5. this 16C0l'L7Z of OHV Still' 117011161 VCZWLOZZW Only Il 0176671 1--L Q A , .M ,. ,,,,,.,.. ,Q 0 ., ' 2 r A- aw ' r -rfb' an f .- L-1 ' . ld X' - Vw H . V VV V w Z, ,V,1s V,, ,. ,V+ V. r VV VV W L I W V5 v -vw. , , V. .1 ' Q , ' . -: V. , ,H 1 v 1 ' VV Maw V - 'N' -.Mil , ., - V, ,V,...,V -ff-V ' wx V f K N . . V rw I . V V . - mf, , Md, . V V V V AV V V ., V f ' ' Nw--f . -- -'-Q-, A ,e V M, 13 - , W ,Iggy 1' swim,--.wf "'-. Q IES- - 45- N, " 'V W- Www' , ,g.,.,,, 7 mn , ' -lqwf A' ' 1 H.. awww-w., ' . Q V, 9 .. , ,, .W 4. in ,A ws , I 1 'Wh ,w ...,5"'+,'7.,fn 1 -1 4:,g...A mv. 'f' ,. v I - A V" "N I' " , fr X QQ. -- -m-'-4--fw- .ff-. -v-Q ' -1 EJ" "5 ... ' A ' -...,.,,"' "A " nl. Q, Q- ,.. 1' ,Af 5 . - - 3 "ZF -W . n .AW ' M ' ' " 'uw l'?"'1 'A A ,A ,V V w ,V , .W .VI wry. it ah, M LM. WW, 4 . ,x VY VVVVAVVV V ,V Qs' V I , hr ,: , r -4 , 413 fV,V W, w ,. xv.. - .Tm-J ' V ,129 '-1 ,N ,- if A .. A V eg W H2 J ' ' -, A " , -, -MV' v ' -' -. 4 - uf-W ' ' ' Van V 3' 5 f W ""'V .V"'W' V AV fix' 'yy A W -. Q ' ' ' ' V ' ,4,e' ' W ' ' M ,wr 'Xa ff,-.,.., V' 'VV V 1, - ' . "QW, " X, 6 1' .. ,,g,: ' ,,,, . M, A 4, , W .33-nn-. V 7 Lfigdsiim' .2 4- . Am' A A.. -.A .. ,,,, .. .Q ' , H, -wwf A-M31 A M., , 4,441 ' f' ' ., .. 7... 'N X fx' A ' i " . -A , -s, . . 'N 1 f-:M wr-. Wh ' V, 1' ' , A wr M- f H-P ,, A ' f it Hua ' , X V . ' ' ,M 'hr'-fn .,., 5 h'1"h" .N wh" -- ,V " --4. 'MK , Xp W"'-...N-Q ., ml ,...,,kVVMJti WV1 I, V v , -4. " "5 , ...W J' A K A fy. .. fa' ' .nv ' "1 "" V, A .Y I-4-.,s.., - , , A Ax 'c:w--Wf,,,.g , b- 'A ' X, "" '4'vf-'1 , I ' . , V ..,,,,, V . . . ,W V .A VV V , ,'-wxf. ' VM 6i1Q5g?,,gf'1nQ,,43Q,1: apr , N Q"" . 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Independence Boulevard MECKLENBURG TV SERVICE Dial FR 5-6922 We service all makes C1 models Visit us for a demonstration of RCA Products 126 South Independence Boulevard MANGER MOTOR INN North Tryon C1 Tenth Streets I Your Host in Charlotte HEARTH 6' EMBERS DINING ROOM Open Daily until 11 P.M. MCEWEN FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone ED 4-6421 727 E. Morehead AllSTYlE FURNITURE COMPANY New-Used-Antique Furniture 114 North College Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. ED 2-6712 BUMGARDNER'S PRODUCE FRESH ERUITS AND VEGETABLES 730 West Trade Street Phone ED 4-6791 PIANTATION GRIll 2426 West Morehead One Hundred Thirty-six Americas Leading jewelers reefingd fo fAe .gzniorfn You have pursued to the end and mastered the requirements' that warrant this honor. You have been victorious while others have failed, and you now enter fields of higher service in the world. As you leave, may you take with you a love that will dispel hatred, pardon to heal injury, faith to surmount doubt and the light of truth to conquer the darkness of error and falsehood. May God grant that you shall be instruments of peace, placing within your hearts a true sense of the brotherhood of all humanity. Congratulations and all good wishes, The Parent-Teacher Association HOWEll'S ESSO KAY JEWELRY smvicf sTATloN 427 North Graham Street ED 2-9558 You will be pleased with our service Always on the Square STIWALT FURNITURE CO., INC. 5414 Wilkinson Boulevard For over Forty-Two Years Phone EX 9-l32l CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. Page One Hundred Thirty-sev ' CAROLINA METAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION I 2222 South Boulevard N. G. S , nc. ED mm REAL ESTATE 128 East Fourth Sheet Off. EX 2-I077 Res. RE 5-2609 FR W' mrs cms The Kind and Price of Car You Want ' 4017 Tuckaseege Road Corners on Freedom Dr. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA We We offer our help and consideration in fulfilling your requests. 9 322 Hawthorne Lane 0 WW Enison 2-4131 "Like a Member of the Family" FUNERAL Hawthorne Chapel Compliments BARKLEY rm: ssnvlcs BRDDKSHIRE REALTY 8 MANAGEMENT CO. NEW TIRES RECAPPING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE-BUILDERS-INSURANCE FRankIin 6-2751 II4 Latta Arcade I3I9 West Trade CHARLOTTE, N- C- FR 5-2409 I. C. Brookshire, lr. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight "Member Federal Deoosrt Insurance Corporation" CITY SAVINGS BANK 120 East Third Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone FRanklin 5-4441 ACOUSTICS, INCORPORATED AcousTlcAL AND RooF DECK CONTRACTOR 2501 South Boulevard CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone JA 3-4316 TOWN AND CUUNTRY WE CORDIALLY INVITE You D R I TO SHOP oun NEW Jumok DEPARTMENT WHERE You wlLL FIND A WONDERFUL SELECTION OF "SMART STYLING AT WORKING GIRL PRICESDH 2441 Wilkinson Boulevard HOUSE OF NINE :Rv D SHIRLEY WAYNE Phone 333-0189 Page One Hundred T O FRANKLIN s. KINCAID SOUTHERN TRUCK CENTER Phone 375-1151 1033 W. Independence Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. CAVALARIS ROLLER RINK AND NIOREHEAD BOWLING CENTER 919Vz East Morehead Street PRIVATE PARTIES ED 4-3761 D. W. FLOWE 8. SON, INC. UTILITIES AND GRADING MERITA GRILL CONTRACTORS 1323 W. Trade Street 2020 Remount Road Phone FR 5-969' ED 2-1169 Telephone EX Z-3031 .. SSO Marjzmi Salon of Beauty 'mf' Wilkinson Boulevard Shopping Center MADELINE McGlLL-MARIORIE DOBY Owners Open Each Night Till 9 lexcept Sat.l 0. H. "Herb" Barnett Esso Service Service-Courtesy-Reliability 2201 Freedom Dr. Phone 392-4466 CHARLOTTE, N. C. AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC ASSOCIATES, INC. 306 North Graham Street ED 3-3106 CHARLOTTE OIL EQUIPMENT AND WELDING 118 Bruns Ave. - Charlotte 8, N. C. Phone FR 5-2597 Service 6' Installation Gas Pumps, Air Compressors Auto Lifts and Underground Tanks ne Hundred Forty THE GREATER For Over 67 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values Thru High School . . . Thru College . . . Thru Life . . . W FOODS I "" tleituring Plzzn The Upen Kitchen .1 1318 W. Morehead FAUl 8. CRYMES, INC. EVERYTHING IN SPORTING cooos KISER DRUG COMPANY 2408 Wilkinson Blvd. - ED 4-0819-FR S-l76l Smce l93O IZ7 Scalybork Rd. - JA 3-4555 3038 Eostway Dr. - KE 7-42l2 409 South Tryon ED 4-0896 l P O H al Thomas and Howard Company O WHOLESALE GROCERS 411 South College Street Phone ED 3-0112 OROMARTIE ESSO SERVICE 100 S. McDowell at E. Trade Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Day ED 2-4763 TV and Appliances REA MILLER 18 Years Service Experience Televisions-Home 5' Automobile Radios 1226 W. Morehead St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. MORGAN 8. BEARD BARBER SHOP 506 South Tryon Street Phone FR 5-4855 CHARLOTTE, N. C. AGLOMA BEAUTY SHOP 1039 East Seventh Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. R1ENTAL a gif I xgk . x i, ilixx Chinese and American Food 126 West Trade Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundred Fortyrtwo WINN-DIXIE STORES 3302 Tuckaseege Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. ONE HOUR MARTINIZING I Hour Dry Cleaning SHIRT SERVICE No Extra Charge For Fast I Hour Service PLANT NO. I Dial 332-9730 I607 S. Blvd. PLANT NO. 2 Dial 332-3353 I94I E. 7th St. HELMS AMOCO SERVICE 2800 Freedom Drive EX 9-9204 CHARLOTTE, N. C. C. H. STOGNER BUILDING CONTRACTOR 515 Seldon Drive FR 6-5889 Builders of new homes and all types of remodeling and additions Day Phone SIAII Owner Night Phone 375-IO89 EX 9-7746 24 HOUR SERVICE IS Illllllll li I.V. SIIIVIIII WE REPAIR ALL MAKES 5 MODELS OF RADIO G' T.V. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Q-'gl' 'mi Servlceman Moffatt A. Starnes Joe L. Von Canon kj 1' ' Page One Hundred Forty-th DAIRY PRODUCTS Grade A Pasteurized Milk Cellophane sealed for your protection Homogenized Milk-Buttermilk Cream-Fresh Eggs-Skim Milk Chocolate Milk-Orange Drink Lemonade BlACK'S DAIRY Dial EX 9-3106 Tuckaseege Road Phone EX 9-9117 X E50 QE P. 8. P. SHELL SERVICE FUEL OIL-KEROSENE 3500 Wilkinson Boulevard CHARLOTTE 8, NORTH CAROLINA BOULEVARD BARBER SHOP 2221 Berryhill Road EX 9-9392 john L. Kelly, Owner PARK LANES, INC. 1700 Montford Drive Phone 523-7633 CHARLOTTE, N. C. PERRY SIGN COMPANY 2217 North Tryon Street ED 2-3405 CHARLOTTE, N. C. One Hundred Forty-four VV G I V Tops on your Dial JAMES FOOD STORE 2124 Ashley Road Phone 399-9236 Night and Day CHARLOTTE, N. C. lITTlE HARDWARE CO. BOYD NASH USED CARS l-li Boyd Nash Cori C. Allison, Jr. l334 South Mint Street Clean Used Cars ED HB3 FR 6-1162 819 w. Trade Sf. FR 6-6007 P R 0 U D O F Y 0 U .x4mem'can Rauf? X .' S I jgridfd gl 3 l506 S. Blvd. Phone ED 3-4177 J 1 3 Flowers For All Occasions P R 0 U D FORMALS FOR RENT T 0 S E R V E FULL DRESS TUXEDOS Y 0 U DINNER 1AcKETS CUTAWAY SHIRTS TIES, LINKS cf STUDS SUSPENDERS rf SHOES Page One Hundred Forty-fi REPORT TO THE STOCKHOLDERS with hig dividends for America! DING-Q'L,,f-"' 'Un' :cn ,Quan IUSINESQ' ,gg A amen Ann . f JuniorAchlevem0Il This is a serious financial report. For these youngsters are actually engaged in a profitable business of their own. They're learning the right way-through direct expe- rience under the guidance of suc- cessful businessmen-how a busi- ness prospers in the American system of free enterprise. Through the Junior Achieve- ment program they form their own companies, doat stock, manu- facture their own products, keep books, handle advertising and merchandising-and pay divi- dends from their profits. But, more than this, they're learning to appreciate the eco- nomic system that has made this country great. These enterprising boys and girls are an investment in the future of our country. Junior Achievement is spon- sored by a long list of Americafs best known corporations - staffed by volunteer advisorsowho are training teen-agers for their fu- ture in free enterprise. JUNIOR AOHIEVEMENT OF CHARLOTTE, INO. Compliments of CHARLOTTETOWN MALL -. .- . . . .... 'W' .... Enjoy 'S6' P.' Wherever You Go t l 'H1III , "--n-121: 1 i 1 1 'e!'l o nov SANDWICH co. :ml Q :gem A '-53 ' Y. H00 South Graham Street SANDWICHES Z ,:LQ,,, ., POTATO CHIPS E ' ,.slg,z,,.' pm ': ss " '! Ph ED 4-H39 - A - WQJX one xf,Nlff'4gi " asf" Page One Hundred Forty-six SWINSON FOOD PRODUCTS, INC CHARLOTTE, N. C. gc-:ot wiolneo for ca wonderful future! is l outhc-:rn iBell 'lr CITY CHEVROLET COMPANY "Friendly People" fCHEVR0ILETtf :: o,'4Vi" AQUA-LUNG DIVING EQUIPMENT 8. SUPPLIES AIR TANKS REFILLED 710 South Tryon Street 810 Gesco Street EP 2-7151 CHARLOTTE, N. c. 'A' Headquarters for Skin Divers BUILDER'S HARDWARE COMPANY 912 West Trade Street Phone ED 2-8163 GENERAL HARDWARE GLENWOOD ESSO 3401 Tuckaseege Road Phone 399-9238 E. A. Clark, Owner Richardson's Beauty College The School of Modern Beauty Culture 109Vz East Trade Street Over Liggetts Drug Store On The Square "We Cater To Those Who Core" Carolina Auto Upholstery Co. Tailored Seat Covers C1 Convertible Tops A Cl Collins Telephone ED 2-3998 CHARLOTTE, N. C. 9 139 West Morehead Street ED 19 58 CHARLOTTE, N. c. One Hundred Forty-eight I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CAROLINA BUSINESS COLLEGE i' CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA G l A S S , I N C . AUTO GLASS-MIRRORS SHOWER DOORS TUB ENCLOSURES SLIDINC CLASS DOORS ZI37 South Blvd. Call 333-6686 BAR-B-O KING DRIVE IN 2900 Wilkinson Boulevard 'ir Home of Old Fashion Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q COMPLETE SERVICE SPRING SERVICE COMPANY, INC. Dial EXpress 9-7I8Z 22I5 Berryhill Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. KEYS MADE PAINTS HOUSEWARES GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SEDGEFIELD HARDWARE, INC. "YOUR CONVENIENT HARDWARE STORE" 28I5 South Boulevard-Telephone JAckson 3-3661 CHARLOTTE 9, N. C. UNITED MOTOR EXCHANGE 925 South Tryon Street FR 5-4495 Motors and Transmissions New or Factory Rebuilt One-Day Installation AMERICAN DRY CLEANING 8. LAUNDRY COMPANY 3I9 East Morehead Street CHARLOTTE 3, NORTH CAROLINA BRICK DISTRIBUTORS KE 7-I555 5330 N. Independence Blvd. A complete line of Common Face, Sandface, Buffs, Grays, Chocolate and New Old Brick Page One Hundred Forty KING CHEVROLET 531 East Trade Street Opposite Court House CHEVROLET HEADQUARTERS Since 1925 ED 2-3131 41212069 3300 Tuckaseege Road 2416 Freedom Drive Phone 399-3341 Phone 399-3341 . . . You'll Find Your Friends There ED 2-3827 Night P11008 EX 9 5255 211 Tuckaseege Road We install the best and repair the rest ED 2-3739 FR 5-4240 ALEX'S AUTO REPAIR, INC 516 E. 3rd Street Charlotte 6, N C WILLIAMS ESSO SERVICE Phone ED 2-9520 800 West Trade 116 W. Phones FR 6-7579-ED 3-5630 J. A. BASINGER - REAL ESTATE SALES Member Multiple Listing Service 3rd Street Charlotte 2. One Hundred Fifty PARK-N-SHOP The Wonder Stores llre Worldfs Most Fanlaslic Supermarket 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU 3512 Wilkinson Boulevard lln The Wilkinson Boulevard Shopping Centerl 4300 N. Tryon Sf. - At Old Fair Ground Open 'Til 12:00 Midnight 6 Days A Week CHARLOTTE, N. C. . . . . . . I'I'i-:+I-I-Ir. .-:-:-:-51235515I5525:3:5f?:-.-:-:15:3:I:2fZ-G:-.X , , .3.3132:Zgzj:Q:g:j.j.g.g.g.:.g.:.5.3.:.1.:,:,:,:,:,-...Ig.:.g.g.g.g.gZ3I:.g.' . , , ,-I I-I-.-ln.. . . .'.'.',',',','p,',-:1:-'s'-'.'.'.','.V,',',-.I--U-.-I-:-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'-'- I I . 'H Q' " lliidffff f. '+L l 2! l Pge One Hundred Fiftyon FREEDOM DRIVE BARBER SHOP 22I3 Freedom Drive CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. J. C. Hinson, Manager The Best In Hi-Fi, Radio, TV Phone EXpress 9-8l33 JAMES R. DUNN RADIO SERVICE 1869 Garibaldi Avenue CHARLOTTE 8, N. C. HOME OF VELVA-TONE CLEANING Telephone EX 9-O33I GEORGE ClINE'S TIRE 8. RECAPPING CENTER R 8' w P. O. Box 8051 Use our Cash and Carry Service I404 Berryhill Rd. Charlotte 8, N. C. And Save The Difference Tire Service Phone EX 2-3272 Phone EX 2-3273 3406 Tuckaseege Rd. Charlotte, N. C. PURSER 8. THIES, INC. 233V2 South Tryon Street Commercial and Industrial Real Estate and Mortgage Loans FR 7-5428 NORTH 29 lANES LEAGUE AND OPEN BOWLING Hwy. 29 North I,OOO Yds. Beyond City Limit PARTAIN'S BEAUTY SHOP 201 Andrill Terrace CHARLOTTE, N. c. ED 4-1609 SCRUGGS ESSO SERVICE 3020 Rozzell's Ferry Road Electronic Wheel Balancing and Electronic Motor Tune-Up Phone 399-92lO Page One Hundred Fifty-two Phone JA 3-I822 Nite JA 3-02I7 LOVELY CORSAGES AND "Tuxedos-Dinner jackets and all accessories for rent" "New for '62-Ivey League trousers and dinner jackets" HOUSE OF FLOWERS Member F.T.D. Sedgefield Shopping Center CHARLOTTE, N. C. HAVNER'S USED CARS 3236 Rozzell's Ferry Road EX 2-485I Mon.-Fri. 7:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M. Sat. 7:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 3 Barbers KISER'S BARBER SHOP 424 South Church Street Phone ED 3-9583 Entrance to Duke Power Building NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES WORLD WIDE MOVERS FRANK E. WATSON ED 2-I959-Res. EM 6-2273 25I9 S. Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FR 5 9735 E I 800 West Morehead Street 7' " CHARLOTTE, NORTH cARoLlNA . RAY'S SHELL SERVICE Page One Hundred Fifty-th W 'I ' If 5 T A R ZESTO ICE CREAM BODY WORKS 8- 2107 South Boulevard Phone 523-7959 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE CHARLOTTE 3, NORTH CAROLINA 2016 W. Morehead AGEzlLAos P. DEMAS, Manager Phone ED 3-6113-5 PI'lOrle 399-9237 Road Service "The Best Friend Your Car Has Ever Had" ROSES 5-I 0-254: STORE FREEDOM TEXACO SERVICE C"""0'fe'0W'1 MG" 3400 Freedom Drive FR 7-2891 CHARLOTTE, N. C. P- C- GODFREY, INC. Bookkeeping and Sales Tux Service A Complete Service in Jgmes Be PGIIGISOD PLUMBING-HEATING AIR CONDITIONING Specializing in Federal 6 State Income Taxes FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Lime NO- 2'47'6 Our Work is Guaranteed 3014 Dogwood Ave. Telephone ED 3-1009 1816 Ronolro Ferry Ro. ED 4-8605 CHARLOTTE' N' C' C0"'p'I"'e"'S of NORMAN'S MARKET PNEUNIAEIl CORPORATION 2843 Rozzell's Ferry Rooo CHARLOTTE, N- C- CHARLOTTE, N. c. One Hundred Fifty-four fan .Swing .Slain ALTERATIONS 302 South College Street Room 304 Phone ED 2-9121 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Quality T.V. and Radio Service Phone FR 7-3230 1417 West Trade Street AVAlON BEAUTY SALON 4012 Avalon Avenue EX 9-3411 "Call us for your party needs" DIIWORTH BAKERY 1605 South Boulevard "We bake to please" Phone FR 5-5059 ERVIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY "South's Largest Builder of Fine Custom Built Homes" EX 2-5321 GRIGG GULF SERVICE 1861 W. Independence Boulevard Next Door To Howard Iohnson's And Catalina Motor Lodge Phone 377-9272 "Pick-up and Delivery Service" KAlE-LAWING COMPANY Complete Office Outfitters 217 5. Tryon sneer CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FRanklin 7-2641 MODERN SUNDRIES at Five Points Fountain-School Supplies FR 5-2585 Page One Hundred Fifty-fi E s s o E s s o SLOAN 8. DANlEl'S ESSO 2522 s. Blvd. Charlene, N. c. Use FAT BOY Note Book Paper Phone JA 3-8727 Manufactured By "WORLD,S FIRST CHOICE" Gwge 5"'an'l'- CAROLINA PAD 8. PAPER CO. E S S O E S S O S T E I N ' S AMERlCA'S GREATEST CLOTHIERS A H7 West Trade Street ROZZell'S Ferry Road CHARLOTTE, N- C- Phone 376-7232 FRanklin 6-8215 CHARLOTTE, N. C. ROBERT LURI E, Manager I? f J we an Rebel lleem Restaurant 'CC! u "ln Any Event-Send Flowers" Semng BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER O 924 North Tryon Street Charlottetown Mall 2416 Freedom Drive ED 2-8191 Owned and Operated By CHARLO1TE, N. C. nm cALoMElus Page One Hundred Fifty-six PHOTOGRAPHS A Welcomed Gift I or BELK 'S S TUDI 0 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS A -V--, A ,. , I ff" I 'EEQ Cherished Possession ENGAGEMENT AND BRIDAL PORTRAITS COMPLETE WEDDING COVERAGE BABY PHOTOGRAPHY OUR SPECIALTY BELK BROTHERS 4th FLOOR .w -f' 33 PINK LADY COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY FEATURING MAYTAG I532 West Boulevard Come' of Morehead and Graham Streets Open 24 Hours YOUNCE GULF SERVICE JACK ROBFRTSUN Pucxm nnos., INC. SHOE REPAIR II00 West Trade Street Phone FR 7-2074 B ' F I3II West Trade Street eattys Ord Road Phone EX 9-I846 Fuel Oil and Kerosene Dist. Page One Hundred Fifty l CHARLOTTE, CASTONIA, SALISBURY, F: KINGS MOUNTAIN BARRETT INDUSTRIAL 6 FLINTKOTE RESIDENTIAL BONDED BUILT-UP ROOFS RE-ROOFING SHEET METAL INSULATION Subsidiary of Tucker-Kirby Company INIIIISIAII IIIIIIIINIS 81 ASPHAII IZIIMPANI, INC. 520 West Palmer Street - P. O. Box 1086 CHARLOTTE I, NORTH' CAROLINA Phone FR 5-8447 MOREHEAD GULF SERVICE at the corner of Morehead Street fr Walnut Avenue Phone FR 5-9420 O Hundred Fifty-eight Not the OLDEST, Not the LARGEST, just the BEST! g X SSH- SOUTH ERN FIBERS .Iizxfidz Ag-Proclucfd OFFICE Gr PLANT SOI Atando Avenue CHAR LOTTE, N. C. VISIT CONDER'S SODA SHOP 829 West Trade St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Delicious Milk Shakes and Sodas Sundries-Banana Splits "Where Students Meet" Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS as if ZA , 5 'L K mfr A ? 1 ii' I , jvf-ik 4. ' D I 1 1 C. FFTTW 3 In DRINK Page One Hundred ANNUALS OUR SPECIALTY GROUPS-SEN IORS-U NDERCLASSM EN " C. " IUMFIZ-ELD QIUDIF ,' -A rf ff U f- .. N 1 . 35 .AL. J Q TW T ,. .. I 5 X , ' hx ..- Sb M' r -, Jw Ag i 1 .X 1 , .5 . ---" i . ' 4 ' ' t .1 ' V N-. W ,WE 1' Y - ' - fry. ff '. f T' - . A V Q A X I, .0 Sw. -.Py g . V . . r ,X ,. - , N . fue- , , 13 ix- .EWG-::'3 , Egg V , 1 . fa- .pw Q 'arie- . W ' ,. . ,,-Equifax' 5. V - , , 3. , gig... C. ,. - 3 213. 'Ulf r ..,af""-1' ,,P':".Ar:f1? " r' ' '21'i tv.: Q kr :gf if S-'. -4 - , ' . 'H' ff 1' lf- -'I "fl "ff 'fa-Ytfi-:1'3't1 r' 1 ua ljfuizzmm 4 . .I , .4 . fri, wwe .f,,, .,,hrg,r,j-. :ff-' 'H G ' . e ' fat 3,f,y'2a. g1.-3,14,vf!f- "'feIqq? lfgfig-ffigb-' ?'gmyesf1i'.5v 1, L 'T ' L fa -. ,vffff-""."+.wE:.'d-if' Q45 Tru 7, ' Q ' I ..f-n' "1 if ' -7' " 1---.V Q......- - D . 1 . , W-, f.. V , . V1 -.-M. ...fi fm. , Portraits With Personality James C. Brumfield-Betty S. Brumfield WEDDINCS-RECEPTIONS-COMMERCIAL 325 East Boulevard CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundred Sixty THE ANDERSON PRESS Office C1 Factory Forms Books Letterheads 6 Envelopes Labels 5 Shipping Tags Tickets Business Cards EX 9-3216 EX 9-3087 415 Oakdale Road CHARCOAl STEAK HOUSE 1800 West Morehead Across from WBTV "Finest Steaks Served Anywhere CAROLINA TRANSFER 8. STORAGE COMPANY CHARLOTTE ,mmm GAsToNiA fy Tmst your if Ameqman AIIied" O Van Lines WORLD'S LARGEST MOVER ADROIT ClEANERS 1709 West Trade Street ED 4-7826 CHESAPEAKE PAPER STOCK CO. Telephone EDison 3-9512 701 West Fifth Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA "WASTE PAPER" SIGMON'S SERVICE CENTER 1239 West Trade FR 5-9295 FUEL OIL KEROSENE c. R. mums DRM. OIL AND HEATING CO., INC. ll 2221 N. Davidson St. Phone ED 2-5548 Automatic Degree Day Oil Delivery 24 Hour Oil Burner Service 10 Month Budget Plan Back-Hoe Service Page O y BARBECUE Phone ED 3-3985 HICKORY HOUSE RESTAURANT OUR SPECIALTY PORK - BEEF -- CHICKEN - RIBS - STEAKS BRUNSWICK STEW Private Dining Room-Complete Catering Service sos and so CARTER 1837 Thrift Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. BOOSTERS OF HARDING HIGH SCHOOL Earl Bradley Bob Clapp Wayne Cuthbertson Paul J. Frazier Graham C. Gibson Mrs. Louise Gillespie Phyllis Jackson Sandra Lee Jenkins Ronnie Johnson Cliff Jones Mr. John S. LeGette Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Martin Glenda Jean Mundy Sandra Robinson Martha Simpson Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Simpson Howard Carlyle Smith Mrs. W. R. Spinks Ray Wilton Tiller B. R. Turner Family Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tyser Richard Williams COPAL GRIll Specializing in Regular Dinners 0 Choice Western Steaks Open Daily 6330 P-M- ' N- C- Cwffv Ham sunday Matinee zzoo P.M. 0 Seafood in Season CI d M d t f . t F Try Our Famous Film Steaks Use 2?32EySEexce-I: dor Emu e par les I' I' cuks sERvlcE 2 as 'G e 'ee' , FR 5-9793 F. E. Gene Gulledge, Owner Dial 339-9102 5923 Wilkinson Boulevard ASHLEY PARK BARBER SHOP Blll MCARVER'S ESSO SERVICE c. M. wium A. L. riuuusn I535 Remount Road 3406 Joy Street FR 7-9337 EX 9-9I9l Page One Hundred Sixty-two List of AdVel'IiSel"S Page A 8: P Food Stores ,....,.. . ..... . 144 Acoustics, Inc. ,,.,o,7o7o.... f,.7.of . 139 Adroit Cleaners 7o7..,o7o . o...... ,....f.o 1 61 Agloma Beauty Shop ,A,., 7.11 ..11.., 1 4 2 Alex's Auto Repair, Inc. .o7o.. ,1711Y.. 1 50 Allen Sewing Shop .,117o,,1.1 17117 . .155 Allstyle Furniture ..oo71,.o o1..v.,...11...., 171171.. 1 3 6 American Beauty Florist ,.o,1..,,1. 1.V1..o7 .,..1... 1 4 5 American Dry Cleaning 81 Laundry cc... c..e. . .149 Anderson Press ,cceo . 7,.,..44.Vec1.,,,1,7,.1. , c.,c, ....V.. 1 61 Armature Winding Co. ..,.......ec.i.1,11.1Y..,,. ....e,e1 1 35 Ashley Park Barber Shop ......r,.,,.,..,,.. .. ,,., ,...,... 1 62 Automotive Electric Associates, Inc. ...r i.r..,.. 1 40 Avalon Beauty Salon .....c,,rc...............,.,. ..r,r,., 1 55 Bar-B-Q King Drive In .,cc,,..... . ,rror....i .,...... 1 49 Barkley Tire Service ,r,..,....r. ..., ,r,.., r...r,. ....r,r 1 3 8 Barnett, O. H. "Herb," Esso Service ...,r,. ,.r.,rrr 1 40 Basinger, J, A., Real Estate ........ ....... ........ 1 5 0 Belk's Department Store ........ ......... ..... . ........ 1 4 1 Belk's Studio ....................... ........ 1 57 Bizzell Drug Stores ................... ....... 1 50 Black's Dairy .... . . . . ....... .. .144 Boosters of Harding High School . .... ......... ....... 1 6 2 Boulevard Barber Shop . ................. ............... .... ....... . . . ..... , 144 Brick Distributors ..., .... . .. .. ........ ,... ........................ ....... . . 1 49 Brookshire Realty and Management Company .............. ..138 Brumfield Studio .... .. ...........................................,. 160 Builder's Hardware . ........................................... .. 148 Bumgardner's Produce ........... ....... . .136 Camp Greene Barber Shop ,..... ...136 Carolina Auto Upholstery Co. .... ........ 1 48 Carolina Business College ..........,..,. .,..,,,, 1 49 Carolina Metal Products Corp. ..r.. ........... . . .s..... 138 Carolina Pad 8a Paper Company .. ........... ......., . . Carolina Transfer Sz Storage Company ..... . .... . Cavalaris Skating Rink Sz Morehead Bowling Center .... Charcoal Steak House .... .. .. ............. ............,,,,. Charlotte Oil Equipment KL Welding Co. .... .... . Charlottetown Mall .... .. . .,.......,.. Cheerwine Bottling Company .. Chesapeake Paper Stock Company .... City Chevrolet Company ........ . City Plumbing Company . .... City Savings Bank .... .... . . Clines, George, Tire Service ........ Coca-Cola Bottling Company Conder's 'Soda Shop . Copal Grill . .. ...... Cromart ie Esso Service ....,. Dilworth Bakery . .... . .... .... . . Duke Power Company Dunn's James R Radio , ., Service .... Ervin Construction Company . Faul Sz Crymes, Inc. .... Flowe, D. W., 8: Son, Inc. . . Freedom Drive Barber Shop ...... Freedom Texaco Service , Glass, Inc. .... , .. .,...... , Glenwoo d Esso - 1. Godfrey, P. C., Company in J . Grigg G ulf Service Harris-Teeter Supermarket? Havner's Used Cars . . . . Helms Amoco . .. .. .. 156 161 140 161 140 146 161 161 148 150 139 152 159 159 162 142 155 145 152 155 141 140 152 154 149 148 154 155 158 111.153 143 Hickory House Restaurant .. I 162 Hotpoint , , ,7,,.,e,, 1 ,V 135 House of Flowers . .... .... . ... H 153 House of Nine 1, , ,C e,.,, ,,,A e,,. Y . 9, N ,,,V Vo,, Q 139 Howell's Esso Service . 7Ve,e,,,, , ,Vo.v-,- frg, V Q 137 Interstate Roofing Sz Asphalt Company, Inc. . 158 James Food Store ,.er .r.e. . ,O ,,,., .,,, , 1 ,,,,, Q 145 Jones' Esso Service .. . , ,..... ,. ,,,,,. ,.,,,,.,e ,,.,, 9 9 , 136 Junior Achievement of Charlotte, Inc, ,,,, .,,,,,, 1 46 Kay's Jewelry .. ..,,,e,,,,,s,,,,,,,,1 ,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,- , , ,137 Kale-Lawing Company .,.., ,,s.,,,, ,.,, ,,s,, .,.-,,, , l 1 5 5 King Chevrolet Company . ,. Kiser's Barber Shop ....r. . .... . Kiser Drug Company ....... Lance, Inc. .......... .................. . Little Hardware Company ., .. McArver's, Bill, Esso ...s.e.. . McCall Shell Service ..... ....... McEwen Funeral Service ..... Manger Motor Inn ....................... Marjine's Salon of Beauty .,..... Mecklenburg Television Service Merita Grill .. ...... .... ......... . ................... . - Page Miller and Kerns Funeral Home ...... Miller, Rea, T,V. ........... .................. . Modern Sundries ................ ...... . . . Morehead Gulf Service ..... Morgan 8: Beard Barber Shop ..... Mullis, C. R., Oil ....... ' ......... ...... . ...... . Nash, Boyd, Automobiles ................ .... ....... National Welders Supply Company Norman s Market ...... . ......... ........... ....... . North American Van Lines North 29 Lanes . . ..... ..... . .... . .. O'Boy Sandwich Company . .. O'Mally,. Charles N., Jewelers . Open Kitchen .. .. ... .. ... . One Hour Martinizing .... ...... . Oriental Restaurant .......... .. . P 8z P Shell Service .... ...... . .. .. Parent Teachers Association .. Park Lanes ....... .... . . .. Park -'N Shop, Inc. . . .... ................. ........ . . ..... Partaln s Beauty Shop . ....... . .. . ................ Patterson, Jas, B., Bookkeeping SL Sales Tax Serviceliii Perry Sign Company .. .... ..... . .. ....... ............................ . Pinl-. Lady Laundry .... .. ...... ..... ..... ........ ............,..... . - . . Plantation Grill . .. Pneumafil Corporation .... Puckett Brothers, Inc. . Purser KL Thies, Inc. . Quality TV Sz Radio Service .. R KL W Cleaners . Ray's Shell Service .. .. Rayco Printing Company ...,... Rebel Room Restaurant 7... Richardson's Beauty College .. Robertson, Jack, Shoe Repairdl.. Rolla-Rink . .. Roseland Floral Company . Roses Store No. 121 . Scruggs Esso Service Sealtest Foods, Inc. . ,. Sedgefield Hardware, Inc. .. Sigmon's Service .. . . Sloan Sz Daniel's Esso .... Speir, N. G., Inc. .. Spring Service Company . Starnes Radio and TV Shop Stein's Clothing Store . Stiwalt Furniture Company , . , ' C Stogner C H. Construction Swinson Food Products, Inc. ompany ..... .... .......... ....... Southern Bell Telephone and Southern Fiber, Inc. . . ..... SOUtll9I'I'1 TI'llCk Cefltel' , . Yivv A Tate's Cars . . ..... Thomas and Howard Company .... Town Sz Country Drive In .. .... .. United Motor Exchange ..... . . W G I V . . . White Star Body Works . .. Williams Esso . Winn-Dixie Food Stores Younce Gulf Service . . .... .. Zesto Ice Cream Company . . 150 153 141 153 145 162 135 136 136 140 136 140 138 142 155 158 142 161 145 148 154 153 152 146 134 141 143 142 144 137 144 151 152 154 144 157 136 154 157 152 155 152 153 156 156 148 157 162 156 154 152 135 149 161 156 138 149 143 156 137 143 146 147 159 140 138 142 139 . . ..... 149 145 154 150 .143 157 ........154 Page One Hundred Sixty-three UBSERVER PRINTING Housf CHARLOTFE, NURTH CAROLINA "W W fur- f-ff- ' -vi-11 1 ., 1 ,V .B W f"" ". I- -' a ,Z l.-4 as-5 . "" l'l4'P0, 'ii .4 'fx T I g .Qu jp 1 '1 '1 - 4 . ' -x "f s , 1 Sis . , - I W JV. ' r f 'Sul " w . '- ax S U D - sf' v 0 1 . 1 U 9 4 . Q... H .dxf ,..1 . . that I at an H A ' ' A f " ' i D ' . , '- f

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Harding High School - Acorn Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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