Hampden Sydney College - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Hampden Sydney, VA)

 - Class of 1910

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Hampden Sydney College - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Hampden Sydney, VA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 12 of 250
Page 12 of 250

Hampden Sydney College - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Hampden Sydney, VA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 11
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Hampden Sydney College - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Hampden Sydney, VA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 13
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Page 12 text:

Professor Henry C. Brock ll li high stantling of lll'l' gratlnatvs has lnng lm n tht- ltnast uf Ilz11nl'tlt-n- Slllllff' ilvllw-gt-. antl for this striking fat-t tlivnf is a snliic-ivnt l'Xlll21llQlTl0ll. lt is satl- to say that 1Iilllllttlltll-Sllllllf' owvs he-r worth l2ll'f"K'l'V tu tht- -. Iytu- of nn-n sln- has lu-4-n alrlv to 4-nlist in llbl' st-1'x'i1-0. llnring' all hor Past liistorlv slut has innnln-rc-el among ht-r iiistrnt-tors nn-n of high uharactvr antl 1-xmtlttioital nn-Vit. anfl liztmtillv, in this rt-gat-tl. llCl' iiitvn,-sts art- still ln-ing 1llllllll'2llbl.X' volts:-1'x't-tl. lloltling' a Itlaw- nf slit-vial flistinvtion in hc-1' Filftllllf' no--tlay is the snlrjt-Ct of tht- pi-4-st-nt skvtvli. l'1'ot't-sso1- ,lIfQ'1ll'f' V. lfhwwlc. ln hiln II211111NlCl1-Sl4lllf"V has an assi-t of honor antl nn-rit of whit-h sho inalv ws-ll ln- piwmlnl. How ninc-h lnx has inc-ant to hvr lifv. tratlitions, anfl worth as an institution of learning no onct 4-an fnllv tttll: lint Q-vrtain it is that his valnalrlt- sttrvivcs tlnrinn' tht- past txwitty-tiw yvars ltavt- plat-4-tl Ilaniipelvn-Sitlin-iv nntlcr lasting ulvligatitnis to hint. :intl Ptlllilllf' vt,-rtain it is that thv tlno ft-1-lings of gratitntle antl app1'eciation on lwr part will only ll1l'l'l'2ISl' with this lvc-ars. ln tho fullowillg linvs an effort is nnnlt- tu gin- soinv 1-stiniato. liowvvoi' iiiatlt-qnato, of lDi'of'pgsoi' l3rot'k as svltolalx l'4lll4'ZlllIl'. p:lt1'iot, g't'llTlO1llil11. 'liI'll"ll4l. 1. lloth ltvv tastc- :intl lay training Mr. H1-ocli is untitled to the enviable tlistint-tion nt' st-liolar, for lu- has always hwn a luvvr antl a stlnlcnt of the host things in laiigatagt- antl litt-ratnrt-. To hint as a youth thv pnrsnit of Latin antl Urn li was not a lnnwlvn, lint a plm-asnrm-1 to hint thtst- stnmlits nivant. not 1ll'll1lQl,'l"Y, lint luanty, swutintss. lifv. First a stntlt-nt at Ri:-llinmnl Vollcgm-, 1852!-lil, anel thvn at Ilainlolpli-Mat-011, 15131-132, hv l2lll'l' 11813593 1-nterm-ml tht- lvitivt-1'sit.v of Virginia. wln-rv hm- vontinnul his stnflims until ht- was gratl- natml in IST! with tht- flvgrw- uf ll. l,it. lla-rv hc vainm- in 4-oiitact with Basil l.. Hiltlvi-slw-rv, anfl thtt t-tim-t ot' this tarly asstwiatimi lnnst haw nnlant innwh tu ont- of lcinwlrwl spirit: antl now forty yaars sinut-, it rt-tlnirts no 1-tfort tu tlttvrnliin- in what st-lionl M 1'. Brom-li was lrrnnglit np. Thns ht- rvp- rmfst-nts antl. in his lioitoiwl pusiliull as l'i'ot'rsso1' uf f,ll'l'Cl-C at ll211111NlUll-SlIlUl'f'. voiitilnnis thu lu-st trznliti-ins nt' 4-lassival srliolarsliip in tht- Snnth. 2. With tht- st-holar's tastr- antl that stnflcnt's low of ll'2lI'l1lllQ. zllltl with :Ill 1-xt-rllm nt nn ntal 1-tlllipiiwiit. Klr. lirtwlc natnralllv antl marly tnrnwl To tht- ulnva- tional worltl for his t'2ll't'l'l'. ltnnnwliatrly nlnm lvaving tlw lvnivvrsity uf Vir- ginia. wln-rv hm- haml 2lll't'Rl1lf' 1'vwivul l'U'1IglliTlltll hir his atlnpoiiittlicfiit tu an i11sti'1n-ttwsliip. ht- viitt-11-tl npnn his lui-ntlssioii as a tt-an-ln-1'. :intl sinvt- tht-n ht- lnas gin n without stint of his litl- antl lalmrs to the gre-at vanst- of l'tllll'illlHl1 in his nativv States-Virginia. Froin ISTQ to ISTEP liv was assoviatt- 'lll'ill'lll'l' in

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Page 13 text:

K01111111111 1Y111V1'l'S1fy High S01111111, Yi1'gi11i11: 1111-11 ,Xss1,11i'i1110 r111'ilL'111'1' i11 1111'- High S1-1111111. C,'11111'111111-s1'i110, hY1l'g'1111il, 15751-N12 111111 K111s11-1' 111 1'11i1'1-1'si1y S1-1111111, l,'11a1'111110svi110, 1881-813, 111111111 1110 11lfTl1l' 1111si1i1111 111- was l'2111l'11 111 1110 01111i1' 111: E11g1ish 111111 11is1111-5' 111 111111111111-11-Si11111-y, 111111 i11 IHHH 111- was 11'1111sf1-1-1011 111! T119 C'11211l' 111' cil'f'l11i 111111 I'11'l'1l1'1l. 1'11'11111 111211 1i1111- 111 11111 111'1-s1-111 11111' his lif1- 211111 his w111'k h111'1- 1101-11 1111 i1111-g1'111 11111'1 111 1111- 1'11111-Q1-. A s11101111i11 01l1'C1'1' 111 11111,11'U1if'11 S1'1'V1Cl"! F1'11'1lv fvC211'S gin-11 111 1111- 1-1111s0 11f 1-11110111i1111, 111111 1w1-111y-1'i1'1- 111' 11141511 .V1-111's 111 111111111111-11-Si11110.1'1 21. 13111 11111 11111110 i11 1i1110 111' 1101100 1111s I,1'1lfl"SSl11' 111-1101: 1'011111-1'1-11 11'111- 111111 11111111111 s111'1'i00 111 his S11110g i11 1i1111- 111 1v111'. 11s W1-11, 111- 11215 111111-11 his 1g-1'1111111'y's 01111 111111 1'igh1 1lfl1l1f' 211111 1'111i111111y has 111- 1'1-s111111111-11 111 111111 131111. 111 1110 st1'11'111y 412lf'S 11f 1110 1111's 110 XVO111 f01'111 111 1110 11111111-'S 11-11111 111 i1g11T for 1111 111111 is 111-111'0s1 111111 111-s1 111 111'01'y 11'111---111-111'11-11 1111111, 211111 11s il s111j-1'1-1,1 111011g0 111 111111' 110 g11v1- 11f his 1111'11 1if1-111111111 111 1-111'i1-11 1110 s11i1 111 his 1-111,-1'is11011 S11111111111111. 1.ik0 his 11is1i11g11is111'-11 111-1'1f0ss111' 111111 fi-i1-1111, Mr. Gi11101's11-1-V0. h0, 11111, W1-111's 111 fhis 11115' 1110 111111111'111110 1D2ll1Q1' 111' 21 11111110-s1i-ur 1'1-1:1-i1'011 whi10 11g'h1i11g i11 11011-11s0 11f 11is 11111i1'0 131111. -1. 111 M1-. 131-11011 1110 f'Y11C 11f 1110 311111111-1'11 01-111101111111 is 111-1'f1-1-115' 1'PH11ZC'1,1. By 1111'f11, 113' 11ss111,-i111i1111. 111' i11s1i1101s, 115' 1'-V1-1'y 01'111si1101'111i1111, 110 is 21 g011111-1111111 uf 1110 11111 s1:111'11'11g 1vi1h 11i111 "i1 is 1'11"011 i11 1110 171171110-H His 1101-11 s011s0 111' 1111111'11'. 11is 1111s11'1-1'1'i11g 110v111i1111 111 high i110'111s. his g1-11111-111'-ss of s11i1'i1. his 11111111-st 111111 1l1lilSSllll1111g,', 11111 1-V01' f1'H111i 111111 1l121ll1y, 1ll'il1'11lQ'. his 1111if111'111 C'1'1l1l'11?S.V 211111 111-1'1-1'1-111-0 111 11111s1- 211111111 11i111-1111 1l12l1'1i 11i111 11s a gG11T16- 111311 of 1'11C' k111g1111y 1i11'1101' 111' 11111. 5. T11 111-1,-1111111 P1'11f1-ss111' 111-111,-11 F1 1'.l'11'1141 is 21 111'ivi11g1- i11111-1-11. E51 1' 1'02l11f' 111 101111 hi111s01f 111 1110 111,-011si1'111s of 111h01's, 110 fl'GC'1f' givcs 111 1110 very 110s1 411: his 111-1111 111111 111i1111 111 1h1'1s0 111111 01771119 11'i1hi11 1110 11111011 of 11is 1i1'1-. 111111 111-1 11110 01111 01'01' 111111111 111111 11is 01'01'y w1'11'1i1 u111,1 1101 s111'i11g, 111110 111111 I1llil'1i't"1'T1'41. fi-11111 his i1111111s1 517111. ,111111 s111111-111s 1'1'l'11g,1'1l1Z4' i11 11i111 il g'1'11ll11ll' 211111 f11i1hf111 f1'i01111, his 1j-11111-11g110s 1111111 11i111 i11 11ig1lE'S1 1-s101'-111, 111111 1111 1111110 Zl11l1111'P 111111 1'0s11f-01 11i111 f111' 11is 11ig11i1y 111111 1Dll1'11f' of 1-11111'110101'. T11 This s0h1'11111', 0111101111113 111111'i111, Q'6'l111G1112l11, f1'i0111,1, 11111111 11143 1'-1'11111110s 111111 11f 11is 11v0111.1'-fif111 11-111' ill 1110 s01'1'i1-0 111' 1110 1,'1'1110g'0, 1110 s111111'-111 111111.11 wi111 g'l'2:lfOf1l1 111111 wi11i11g 111-111'1s, 1111i11j- i11 flliiiicilfillg, 11s 11 11'i111110 of 111011- 111100111111 111111 0s10f-111, 1110 111'0s0111 iss110 11f 1110 H111111111011-Si1,1111-Y f'1'1110g'1- K.x1,E11111s0111-E. Nay 110 y1-1 1iv0 11111g 111 S00 1110 1v111'k 111 his h111111s 111-1'1s1101' 111111 11111y 1110 f1'11i111g0 11f his 11111111-s i11 1111-s0 1il110'l' y1-111's 111- 1111" 1'i1-111-s1 111111 sw0010-st 11f 11111 .L W. 11l'XYl10ll'l'ICII. 11111111111011-9111111-y f'11111-110, h1il1'C'11 1, 12110.

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