Hamner (DD 718) - Naval Cruise Book

 - Class of 1959

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Hamner (DD 718) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7 of 58
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Hamner (DD 718) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 6
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Page 7 text:

The USS HAMNER is a long hull Gearing-class. destroyer. She was built in Port Newark, New Jersey, and launched 24 November 1945. The ship has made ten Far Eastern cruises. During the Korean action the HAM- NER took part in the bombardment of the eastern coast of Korea, parti- cipated in the landings at lnchon, and the evacuation of Hungnam. The ship wears the China Service Medal, Navy Occupation Service with Asia Clasp, Korean Service Medal w-ith five combat stars, the World War ll Victory'Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, and the Korean Presidential Unit Cita- tion. , During the subseauent "peaceful" years, the HAMNER has, with other ships of the Pacific Fleet, busied her- self on the EastPac-WestPac circuit. Combat-ready, she has performed well her mission in the Fleet.

Page 6 text:

. -, . . . , Q , Q, . , , V ---1 , . . ., W r"'f1Hff 'f-1 ,Q -4-,, , - H RH ----2:1 LT Henry R. Hamner, USN, killed in action in April, l945, lent his name to this destroy- er christened later that year. LT Hamner, a Naval Acad- emy graduate, received his commission in T943. Subse- quently he served as an in- structor at Harvard Officer's Naval Training School and was stationed briefly at Nor- folk, Virginia. Sea duty fol- lowed on the USS HO- WORTH. Aboard the destroy- er, LT Hamner took part in the Morotai landings, the western New Guinea cam- paigns, the Philippine libera- tion, the Iwo Jima invasion, at the landing at Okinawa. Off Okinawa, on 6 April 1945, the HOWORTH was attacked by six Japanese ka- mikaze aircraft. LT Hamner, then Gunnery Of- ficer, controlled his batteries with such skill that five of the planes were destroyed. The surviving plane crashed into the director, killing LT Ham- ner. He awarded gallantry was posthumously the Silver Star for in action. Q- .S ff.-,S QS ff Qw Q79 Q f, Qw.sSf4SS WS "QS, f uw ".,f QQ , 1.2 Q Q if Qff, mfr SSYQQQ- Z S zzi KQV, ASS ef W -S 'rf S 0 Q- s ff-S W. Q S fi L- Qf, Q-,V .s 4. if 4 4 'fV ,S 4-2, .Qffs Q, Qs or . 4,-Sf ,S Q W- qv SS Q-ff 1-,'QV,,Q-we MSS .1-,, S 'f , Qfwsfffs M QA f Q S Q- Q, s .Vf Q S ff .Sw sv -s S' ZS 2,1 4, ff, S: Q -5 s 'Z S rf-S .WS SW? S QS QQ.-w .-.sis ,, Q, Q.y.Q-0,503 Ly Q-wQzfswsfff .,Q. , WSE H, Q, Qf,QwW5'Qfff Qfmfg? 222- fijf f sQf, s fff 4? '25 Q12 .QSWSW-S'ffsS 07 'QW -X 'S QQ Qyws OV- 4lQ,,,'-7,524 FUN QWQSVS' 4Q,,,'ih,sfaQQIjQ"z WS Sgr ?i'S'ffLf',g ,, V '- Y : QQ WS 97 "1 V ew MSS iS C, WSW Q12 QL Qwwffx ,Q-w TN 542251-N41 NWSCZQSZ? QWQQWS V i? , ZS 4 -5 f, Q-S QQ f S Q, QQ mms Q 2 M S 'iii 'W -swift?fQ.eSM:iK2,QSlPYsws65-lf f s A364 Qa Wifi f V, Q 7.5, QE, Q-WSWS' QA ff ww S asf f i:'::e:-4-122 i , ,, fs- f 2- 1 2 fi w ff.Q ,V Q ff , 4.5 Qf M.-A f.-S Qf Mem We QV? Q . V Q-S -SW -S V. if Q- 'fVV.wfQSff-S QQf, S is-we ,SWS fi? Qw SW M552 -SQ: Q WSWS ff, -,. 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Page 8 text:

The 1958-1959 cruise wos Commonder Robert R. Dupzyk's second go-round with the HAMNER in the For Eost. But even be- fore the Coptoin ioined the ship Iote in 1957 he wos no stronger to destroyers. Service oboord the ZELLARS, the MARSH, cmd THE SULLIVANS ithe lotter two os Skipper1 well prepored the Coptoin for HAMNER commond. Born 17 Morch 1917, the Coptoin begon his novol service os o recruit ot Son Diego in 1934. In 1936 he entered the Nclvol Acodemy. Commissioned in 1940, he spent much ot World Wor II ot seo. In oddition to the ships nomed, Commonder Dupzyk com- monded PT boots, ond served obooqrd the cruiser CLEVELAND ond the bottleship MIS- SISSIPPI. When the ship comes ho-me, the Coptoin lives with his wife, JoAnne, ond their two vouno children. Potrick ond Diono. in Coro-

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