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ms 1. W ffi l . :' F -15 .. 25 mi .52 .W - Q Q, Ja- V-1-'P I' 'jim K YT? ' " iii V Q P VV N' 0 u'4 ,x-fa Q-3 'N 3 it 1 o, , . . ,V - x 5 1 V " . - .Q ,Q . ' 1. ' . r in 'M A ,' '.x0,' 9. IH ' ' if-P PI -tutes. ' u 1 K v f" fl' ', , .1 3 1 . .- , qw, f - . -V .--Q :' 44 -' ,tfow . L9 9- 4 , ' Y f- f '1'- -Afw+:'fUf::vg:i-..' bf- 'f P V -. ... . ,, ., -....f:.1-, --.N-L -, W-'g "J'-vrfgwxkt'-- - 11---f , -H-524.2 ,.- ., .,:F'.., ..Q,..f: , f H ,,f. .. . K ..V Mil Y, , -V QQ 1, M4 ,.- V.. ,- A - ,,,.,., .,-, 'A-5' ' ' . ' "".-" " "', Q -fp- -sf TP. fl'--' -- "" , ., - --- . -'.-W ' '11 ",, 'f"Z-...."1?1-'Li ,A V -1-Ei -gn-'M v' " f"'T-"M Y- -. ' ""'i918lh- m-vu-rw. J... i, -fo- xnnr. ...PA .-an f V "" "'-V ---- .. if . ' ' -' r W N. ,, -"Jr-fn ,ww ,,, ,N fb ' ,,,, Q f-V - - ' - - fr- "1 " Q .Y '- -:L " W" Q ' .g...T . . F' ' -. " ' " Y 'QI If -YQ ' 'M' ...-.aw -....' " -,. " , 1 : N 'V Y , 1 ?3"" 1' '1l u-s----,,. I 3 x Qfimvfgf Our school, where we have spent so many impressive days, working, playing, and learning together. Our sehool too, where we have found inspiration for a better way of life. V Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of HAMMOND CENTRAL SCHOOL Hammond, New York. Yearbook Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Sue Langtry BUSINESS MANAGER - Nancy Kolner ADVERTISING - Larry Roth DEDICATION - Laurie Biondi 5 SPORTS - Dick Felt A A 1 ' :Ii 'P 1 '17 K HISTORY - Carol Arnyot 'Q -A I .22 It . 2 SNAP SHOTS - Dorothy Gardiner ' ' ' ' LAST WILL - Stanley Williams PROPHECY - Don Towne: Jim Mahay ACTIVITIES - John Hadlockg Kris Milsap SUBSCRIPTIONS - John Carling Tony Altierg Bill Aiken fSeated, L-RJ N. Kolnerg J. Hadlockg L. Biondig S. Langtryg D. Gardinerg L. Rothg C. Amyot. 1StandingJ D Towneg D. Feltg W. Aikeng J. Mahayg Mr. Toomey, Advisorg T. Altierg S. Williamsg K. Milsapg J. Catlin. Foreword With our high school days come to their close we pause to look back upon the friends and the hap- piness we have had. Our last year had been filled with many experiences we shall never forget. The joys, the sorrows, the fun, and the hard work - these are all parts of our memories. In the 1962 Spotlight we have tried to preserve these wonderful memories of Hammond Central School. SUSAN LANGTRY Editor-in-Chief v Dedication To all our teachers who have laid the foundation for learning and who have guided us along the pathways of knowledge, we, the Seniors of Ham- mond Central School Class of 1962, do dedicate this yearbook. f f f A':1gn:::,-""7-N'3'::Q 1, 5,3-'QQ-lm ,li sX.m,?.mN .. ,f .,,, Y .,, 5 1 I .,..,...,X-, Q , - X V ' in . . , . v. Q ll ,S-mf S . 5 ' , . 1 4 2 F 4 QQ! !z7f?5"W5'fIQ4Z7F0A" 7"4'?b- Y, 5 1 f '- 53 'N-'F' 'L ! T r ff E1 I - QW N fr' 'ti . , - mu me-g an if k X X J", 6 V, x J 8 wx , ., , rug Q I 1 H32 Eg EX 5 , n N 212, ,R A V' 1 1 gif I I u 1? .xx I, Q E x i: 4 'I E K , A ER ' QM ,V Q L A" L 0'-KEW' r M it Q A Q 5? f 'f F If v K MRS . RAYMOND BAXTER PAUL-SCHERMERHORN JR. STEWART CUTHBERT Board 0 Education GLENN SI-IOULETTE -JW? 5: '-f 4-9 1.x T r. , ' wx' F N4 L 1 fi M . - C--5 Q . rm, V, . Q x xx -x H 5 DVA- HV' J X K ' Avg X- In -Q x -I . fs ECE :F-N , V X Nu 7 - AX K., 1 .Vg D-:J-'-iuhwnmnwpi-Q. 'X' J, Q, N if 4 4 21 V MRS. ALLEN CHASE EMILE FAUBERT WILLIAM EVANS you cannot as you would achieve, you must perforce accomplish as you may." William Shakespeare - To the class of 1962 I wish-an' abundance of faith in your ability. You have the essential capacity to get perspective on disappointments. If you fail, try again without giving way to despair. John T. Bochenek Supervising Principal SECRETARY Stella Wilson, Clerk of the Board ,-.' , . f ff? x W., U lb x Ny If CFirst Row, L-RJ A. Williams: H. Eustisg H. Watsong A. Storieg F. Felt: H. Campbellg M. Spies F. Hunneyman. CSecor1d Row, L-RJ W. Iohnsong D. Hortong T. Chapmang J. Bochenekg F. Crump: L. Feltg A..Had1ockg M. McCourt: E. Jones. CThird Row. L-RJ C. Toomey: R. Toteng. G. Kayeg H. Bariteaug B. Wisseg S. Richardson. Miss Gorrow Junior Lavarnway Perry Watson Cafeteria E LZ Mrs. Pat Plummer Mrs. Ruth Gibson Mrs. Alice Manning CFirstRow, L-RJ Lucille Fur gisong Carl Furgisong Donald Baxterg Bob Mallette. fSec- ond Row, L-RJ George Ste- wartg Harry Stevensong Bob Deckerg Vincent Rosenbarker Bob Walsh. Bus Drivers mu, Th is .Be True Zh 3 82.2 Tim and Marcia Sue and Terry Vicki and Phil Gary and Laurie Tony and Clista Larry and Carolyn NA.,J-" "i.. f-KT' A I VUTLLRE X sfzuwes - 'llIv0""""' Born: March 9, '1944 Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3 DOROTHY DOUGLAS GARDINER Born: December 1, 1943 JOHN RICHARD HADLOCK Saying: Still water runs deep! Saying: Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4 Bowling 1 A.V. Club 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Library Club 2, 3 F.H.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1 ' St. Law. Valley League Chorus 3,4 KRIS ALLEN MILSAP Born: July 20, 1944 Saying: "Quimby fo Activities: Basketball 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 4 r 1962! D ii Y TONY MICHAEL ALTIER Born: July 25, 1943 Saying: A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men. Activities: F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Offices Sentinel 3 Vice-President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 1, 2,3,4 Baseball 3, 4 A.V. Club 1,2,3,4 V v CAROL AGNES AMYOT Born: November 14, 1944 Saying: It is safer to hear and take advice than to give it. Activities: Class Secretary 1 Student Council 2, 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Library Club 2 WILLIAM CHARLES AIKEN Born: June 16, 1943 Saying: Touch her off Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3 Yearbook Staff 4 NANCY JEAN KOLNER Born: May 31, 1944 Saying: Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it. Activities: Class Treasurer 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 President 4 Chorus 2, 3,4 President 4 St. Law. Valley Potsdam All-State 4 Yearbook Staff 4 LAWRENCE HOWARD ROTH Born: October 26, 1944 Saying: He who thinks himself a wit is only half- right. Activities: Student Senate 3 Soccer 3 Basketball Manager 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 League 3, 4 JAMES STEPHEN MAHAY Born: October 18, 1944 Saying: If you wish to commit the crime of killing time, make sure it is your own. Activities: F . F . A . 1 Yearbook staff 4 Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 Bowling 1 SUSAN JANE LANGTRY Born: September 28, 1944 Saying: Life has a value only when ll has some thing valuable as its object Activities: Class President 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 President 4 Bowling 1 Band 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 G .A . A . 1 Library Club 2, 3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 St. Law. Valley League Band 2 Pep Band 3 Cheerleader 1,2,4 Activities: F.F.A.1,2,3,4 President 4 Student Senate 4 Baseball 1,2, 3,4 Football 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Soccer 3,4 Varsity Club 2 STANLEY LEROY WILLIAMS Born: March 31 1945 Saying: It isn't the whistle that moves the train Newspaper Staff 3 4 RICHARD LAWRENCE FELT Born: January 6, 1944 Saying: Boo for Quimby Hurrah for Zrglerf Basketball 1, 2, 3, iff ik DONALD JAMES TOWNE Born: February 18, 1944 Saying: A chip on the shoulder always indicates that there is wood higher up. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Vice -President 3 , 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Soccer 3 LAURIE DELL BIONDI Born: July 5, 1944 Saying: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. Activities: Bowling 1 Student Senate 1 Class Secretary 2, 3,4 French Club 3,4 President 3 Secretary 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 3, 4 JOHN RICHARD CATLIN Born: April 4, 1944 Saying: Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 1 Baseball l, 2 DICK FELT JOHN CATLIN BILL AIKEN IGYIS MILSAP JOHN HADLOCK STANLEY WILLIAMS JAMES MAHAY DON TOWNE TONY ALTIER LARRY ROTH LAURIE BIONDI NANCY KOLNER SUE LANGTRY DOROTHY GARDINER CAROL AMYOT Prophecy Dick is going to manage the Walter Langtry farm in North Hammond. John has just taken first place in the Daytona Beach speed trials with his Corvette. Bill is now a professional guide for greenhorns at Chesapeake Bay. Kris has just opened the only Auto Supply Shop in Hammond, for racing cams. John has just run the 100 yd. dash in the Olympics in 9. 1 seconds. Stan is building a swamp boat so that he can be sure of get- ting to Rossie in the Spring. Jim has just applied for a job at General Motors so that he can get Chevrolet parts cheap. Don has just fixed his Ford in hopes of making another trip to Gouverneur. Tony is now running a horse show at Baxters. Larry is staying at home because he can't afford to go any- where else. Laurie has settled to the task of becoming a farm wife. She lives on the Triangle Road. Nancy is a successful Physical Therapist and is helping her husband, Rick, design boats. Sue is now residing on the Dunham Estate with her many children. Dorothy has just left to join the WAFS to meet her husband in Texas. Carol is still going to the Redwood dances in hopes of hooking a husband. Class History The four years, that seemed to be an eternity, today are a reality and only a mere flash of time. Only a short time ago we were freshmen looking with apprehension and hesitation upon the four years ahead of us. During our freshman year we sponsored a dance, sold Christmas ribbon and candy, and held a food sale and ice cream social. Mrs. Campbell was our advisor. In our Sophomore year we undertook such projects as selling bookcovers and mag- azines, sponsoring an ice cream social and a paper drive. For our big project we held a Christmas Ball. The profits were very small but we had a lot of fun. Mrs. Camp- bell was our advisor. Our Junior year marked the last half of our high school careerf. To fortify our treasury we held a dance and sold candy. Our biggest projects were the Junior Prom and the Christmas Ball. We spent many hours decorating and again our profits were small. The big moment of our Junior year was when we received our class rings. Mrs. Campbell again was our class advisor. September, 1961! Seniors! Finally we had reached the status of Seniors. There was no time to bask in the limelight, for there was work to be done. Our big project was publishing the 1962 Spotlight. We held a dance, the Christmas Ball, sold light bulbs and stationary. This year our class attempted a new money-making project. We are holding a Celebrity Auction, which promises to be very successful. Mr. Toomey was our class advisor our last year. We are impatiently awaiting for April when we leave on our Senior Trip to New York City and to Washington, D. C. So completes our history. Every class that follows will have a history of its own. To make it the very best history though, follow these few remaining words of wisdom. Be wise and patient, look to the future while in the details of the present, and keep smiling. And now, looking back on our years at Hammond Central, we must remember our teachers and advisors who have guided us through our high school careers. We hope they won't forget us, for we'll never forget them. Class Will We, the class of 1962, at the conclusion of our high school education, deem it not only fitting and proper but necessary to bequeath some of our excellent, extra- ordinary, and invaluable possessions, traits, and characteristics to the lowerclassmen and flustered, frustrated faculty, who have helped us in our times of troubles and times of joys. To the Freshmen we leave many enjoyable class picnics. To the Sophomores we leave paper drives for money-making projects. To the Juniors we leave the bill for the desks and windows we broke while Freshmen in their present room. To the faculty we leave a well-deserved rest, and a chance to settle their nerves until our children reach their classes. The said, outstanding class bequeaths the following to the lowly undergraduates. Bill Aiken - Leaves his season's pass to the Watertown Speedway to Lee Shoulette. Tony Altier - Leaves his ability in shop to Reine Beaudin. Carol Amyot - Leaves her shyness with the boys to any girl willing to take it. Laurie Biondi - Leaves her love of Oak Point to Donna Langtry. Dick Felt - Leaves his much wanted skill as a basketball player to Dennis Hanson. Dorothy Gardiner - Leaves her ability to help anyone who needs it to Christy Drake. John Hadlock - Leaves his tall slim stature to Brian Stewart. Nancy Kolner - Leaves her quiet ways and pleasing personality to Carolyn Faubert. Sue Langtry - Leaves her hectic year as yearbook editor to any Junior so deserving it. Jim Mahay - Leaves his discovery of girls to any boy wanting it. Kris Milsap - Leaves everything except his Pontiac. Larry Roth - Leaves peace and quiet to the girls of Hammond Central School. Don Towne - Leaves his ability for buying used cars to Tim Atkins. l Stan Williams - Leaves his witty remarks and four years of goofing to Ned Cole. i Q S Lastly I hereby appoint Mr. Toomey executor of this will, my last will and testamenl: hereby revoking all former wills made with me. In witness whereof, I have here unto subscribed my name the twentieth of Decemberi in the year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-two. We, whose names are hereto subscribed do certify that on the twentieth day of De- cember. 2 ' Testator, - Robinsville 3 This document was witnessed by: Larksville 2 Larry Stan i. Q W Q m ,I ,M fb 6 ' sifwnw " if 1 .a E i ,ii S , XX, . f P1--::i" ' My M lp u nmilln. olpfiylfl X " A V Carol M i I i i fx gl gy 24113 A P E mi F 'w g in I D ww- ? X Q 5' , Q - IQ V Nancy .T az T N R N Cat ef ,,-Li XWW 1 . Q ef Es! ! if U ow 64' Sue ER Q T "F .. A X x fb? Laurie L1 f iii QW QQ 4 iffnnf John Bill K3 .av L gig' W -f"'f9W1N'Hmk51 W W V M ' . If ,WN 5 if" .W Q i Q ax , X X N: -'- I Jim Dot X 'Qj O u U . T3 ff Q 5 NVN 5 ffff, AJ A K G63 ' Don A. ,1 I Dick C S 5 P3 ' P 9 ww . ,I 2 ' Q xxilli A , ' L! ll V, 4. Ao' Tony Kris -'O' X. ' 1 ,? Aj , X 6 'N 2 t in . I ". , 1 .I ' Q .3-"Qc , 55 K. n + 23 WM f ' f L '-0,3 I fir' , , 'Z J' 1 5" 15: U - , .F ,' f' ," xx., W ' Wi, 4415K rl ,Q , V. ah' H - - 1 e fy '. w X ,. ig Q .'-'Aa 4,ff.4p. 'fm 'msg ' 51" k ' ' -,Q y 'gf Q . X J xi Q I, I f 'k P .N g - ff N X i I EEN! K K. . fa A , s . 15-956' 7 Q X 5 9 ' Q N CFirst Row, L-RJ R. Beauding D. Rogersg F. Tourong B. Stewartg Mr. Richard- son. fS6C01'1d Row, L-RJ C. Faubertg D. Langtryg G. Wainwrightg I. Roberts- D. Ayeng L. Dunng E. Hansong L. Amyot. fThird Row, L-Ry L. Lavarnwayg T. Atkinsg R. Youngsg B. Ho11istergD. Bickelhahptg G. Bass. QFourth Row, L-R7 A. Spiesg C. Baxterg D. Ma11ettegM. Walton: K. Nelsong R. M. Pierce B. Hollisterg K. LaBarge. EUJRVY L VNOLI' , I NU VHUE3 ' ls, . K K SHOWN I . A IR Sq if r A . .. gillii ',A,.. iv A - . . ff Jw. ' , ' r '- rf. . --auf -. 'X Y- 495 -'JL ' ,. , A --ik' Q . 4. . .. " 1 s wf. . iii!! A fix ' -' . , .1 , .f ' i 7 1 f ' 5' ' . 4.22-'1 f':+'fi.l??:' ,, ..f I. .- 'K ' nf? . ':-, . " f, f , . , SVN , 4 . QWFKV .-...E.Wf... 1 fr an . S e V X NP, is 4 N wr? S N g +. E .551 , k ,,.f: ,, 'g 1'v:: . H a lr N hib . r . ji K b ' , . 55. . TWQ QE. i li r2?!555W1? Maig iiifrr :.- -gifffi k 5 gigiggrfwf Eiycufif rll. lisrf1'4- 1 R.r R... l 11,w .aRa i ,, Q ' fy-mf fu fr' l - .. ,1 f , ? l' My m l?Qdi?r a s f S - R A S R -- , , r . T V1 . S ll - R . .l' f LVVV, A .L I is . ,klxg I A gif '. R .. . f 5UP? Y Nor g r NU W010 3 suown .li . .Q 1 -1 'q,.1f-- H . xii - -1 fFirst Rowj S. Deckerg N. Maloyg I. Perryg I. Rogersg Mrs. Eustis, Advisor. fSecond Rowy R. Neurothg D. Ayeng J. Gleasong S. Cutwayg J. Snell. fThird Rowj P. McCormickg D. Martin: R. Jonesg J. Atkinsg DjNico1g Mrs. Campbell, Advisor. fFourth Rowj E. Dillong S. Biondig R. Leonardg P. Langtryg F. Paddockg L . Shoulette . mn1L :M 6 . G6 mf "FW kv T-J ll I O 0 TTL 0 I' 6 S . , I I f V W x L CFirst Row, L-RJ J. Clasgeng N. Cole: P. Lavarnwayg A. Beauding I. Brown. fSecond Row, L-RJ Mrs. Spies: J. Gallagherg I. Atkinsg J. Petrie: D. Dygertg L. Ho11istergB. Proveng Mr. Kay. fThird Row, L-Ry D. Davisg T. Krakeg P. Hunterg D. Meadeg W. Jonesg J. Toland. CFourth Row, L-RJ B. Cuthbertg J. Marsawg M. Huttong I. Youngsg C. Drake: G. Shouletteg D. Plummerg W. Crawford. Freshmen ?'teh ' gf? F6 X ux . Q Fifi S w TF I . X531 gr - i CZ . 6 fFirst Row, L-RJ G. Clarkg L. Dunng I. Farrelg R. Hunterg D. Slate: G. Deck- erg Mrs. Campbell, Advisor. fSecond Row, L-RJ A. Beauding M. Hallg S. Marting Y. Furgisong R. Slateg T. McMechamg E. Slamskig S. King. fThird Row, L-RJ L. Gascong J. Hunterg T. Neurothg P. Hansong H. Viaug B. Drakeg E. Viau. fFourth Row, L-RJ M. Savageg V. Emerichg D. McLearg D. Stewartp E. Farrelg E. Bochenekg C. Davisg W. Youngsg J. Stephenson. CFirst Row, L-RJ M. Hazeltong M. Knightg S. C. Amyotg S. Martin. fSecond Row, L-RJ J. D. Hanson: L. Reedg B. Lowery. CThird Row, Bartlettp W. Youngsg R. Paddockg S. Storieg I. T t G1 10, C QE 5s 221 Rogersg C. McAvoyg L. Atkinsg Gleason: D. Robertsg D. Proven L-RJ P. Gibsong A. Bowrnangl Meicht. fFourth Row, L-R5 W. Elliottg S. Marsawg D. Hawng E. Hunneymang L. Amyotg G. Flemingg F. Burnsg N. Crawfordg- Mr. Felt, Advisor. 7' If M9S27i.i?'X Lf? s2'1.fS?2N3l F l'ff1sS21-itwfxbe I' If Cl Z X1 r 6 4 ftb 9, Nl , I CFirst Row, L-RJ G. Maloyg D. Decker: R. Deckerg G. Lavarnwayg P. Baxter F. Prestong H. LaBargeg D. Chapmang Mrs. Hunneyman. fS8CO1'ld Row. L-RJ M. Coleg G. Hunterg J. Gibsong D. Amyotg C. Arduineg D. Viaug J. Langtryg P. Baxterg E. Fleming. fThird Row, L-RJ S. Schermerhorng N. Thomasg J. Furgisong R. McCormickg T. Hazletong E. Savageg L. Hallg V. Barneyg M. McLean Mr. Crump. Ufourth Row, L-RJ M. Milsapg S. Marieag S. Emrichg M. Dunng I. Hyde: I. Davisg D. Huttong C. Gascong D. Hawng P. Ayen. Absent: J. Ayen. CFirst Row, L-RJ C. Ayeng P. Watson: L. Gibsong R. Bowmang I. Laidlawg P. Emrichg M. Bickelhaupt. fSCC0l'1d Row, L-Ry R. Marting G. Stewartg D. Ste- venson: D. Drakeg D. Paddock: G. Bartholomew: A. Shoulette. CThird Row, L-RQ Mrs. Storieg L. Davisg B. Tuslerg K. Nicolg S. Demickg D. Tripicianog my .L J. Supenskyg D. Preston. fFourth Row, L-RJ E. Leonardg W. Gascong R. Dohertyg Morrison: M. Toland .ff s , 1 10 D. Hunneymang E. Furgisong C. Sargentg A. Clarkg S. Bochenek. Absent: I. get? .45 I 1' D 1. 1' -'i r Z CZ 8 T T Cl 6 QFirst Row, L-R5 Miss Hadlockg R. Reynoldsg B. Watson: B. Bassg P. Baxter: D. Storieg N. Scherrnerhorn. fS6CO1'1d Row, L-RJ M. Hamiltong K. O'Learyg V. Marcellusg H. Demickg A. Sargentg G. Fleming: P. -Gibson. CThird Row, L-RJ E. McAvoyg D. Crumpg D. Amyotg A. Coleg G. Marting W. Ayeng C. Dedrickg K. Slamski. CFourth Row, L-RJ S. Slamskip W. Nicolp M. Hunterg A. Acklerg L. Sequouing D. Gascong J. Perry: V. Amyotg H. Arquitt. fFirst Row. L-RJ D. Schermerhorng I. Walshg P. Langtryg R. Hamiltong D. Ne1sor1gG. Forsytheg I. Bickelhauptg L. Slate. fSecond Row, L-RQ K. O'Leary C. Hawng W. Martinp T. Marcellusg I. Milsapg G. Viaug L. Roberts: Miss Mc- Court. fThird Row, L-RJ E. Savageg S. Thomasg M. Doy1egB. Rogers: J. Gibsong L. Hollisterg K. Petersong K. Gibsong J. Bohenic. fFourth Row, L-RQ D. Burnsg E. Pierceg H. Reynolds: C. Chase: R. Bass. M. McGregorg C. Viaug D. Tolandg D. Mitchellg P. Chapman. T t CZ V Y YY Y Y -W 1. ...em ,,.. 1 ,aff-wf-X ., ...L-,. . , - ' ' MQ' 1 T TL CL 6 R' 'HIGH W he nj-'avi' fFirst Row, L-RJ I. Dedrickg C. Bickelhauptg R. Shaver: R. Furgersong T. Davis ' D. Marting C. Forsytheg D. Burns. CSecond Row, L-RJ M. Harrisg I. Hamiltong Q .l K. Nelson: D. Hawng T. Supenskig A. Laidlawg M.- Amyot. CThird'Row, L-Ry J. Nelsong D. Milsapg A. Beaudinp R. Reedg L. Demickg D. Emrichg Larry De Carrg D. Snell. fFourth Rowj L. Deckerg M. Amyotg L. Dohertyg K. Nelsong R. Bartholomewg A. Cuthbertg N. Chasey K. Gascon. lf N , 0.15 - f . T . 5 ' 0 'T 1 x sf Xa fFirst Row, L-Ry D. Mitchell, D. Spiesg J. McGregorg S. Ayeng R. Bergaug C. L Viaug C. Stevensong D. Hunterg I. Matting Mrs. Horton. fSecond Row, L-RJ R. Farleyg R. Flemingg M. Harrisg R. Robertsg K. Shaver. K. Petersong D. Gas- X pf cong I-I. Walshg M. Burns. H gi' w 1 F03 T S Cl If 8 Z. IZ 6? I' Q V E W 6 CFirst Rowj J. Milsapg S. Shaverg R. Lowreyg H. Rogersg L. Taylorg D. Dedrickg 'I K I ,Z Mrs. Jones. fS6COI'ld Rowj R. Flemingg L. Gibson: F. Bergaug D. Emrichg V. 6 X Ayeng S. Hunterg D. Baxterg J. Arquitt. fThird Rowj F. Forsytheg C. Scher- RNS merhorng A. Atkinsg C. Pontiusg B. Bass: B. Gallawayg N. Proveng K. Marcellusg T D. Roberts. fFourth Rowj P. Bickelhauptg T. Pitcherg P. Truaxg W. Knightg C. Shindlerg J. Bochenekg M. Marting L. Reynolds: C. Decarrg D. Hawrx. ' fAbsentJ L. Lindg L. Smith. 9 0 0 S CFirst Row, L-R, Seatedj D. Gosierg S. Jonesg M. Langtryg S. Gibson: P. Mar- sawg R. Amyotg M. Amyotg C. Dunng I. Felt. fSecond Row, L-R, Standingj R. Amyotg R. Amyotg R. Amyotg S. Sargentg C. Phaleng S. Tolandg B. Hoffer berthg F. Langtryg P. Paddockg E. Dawleyg N. Rosenbarkerg M. Viaug D. Phay leng V. Smithers. Q ff Wilkes as Eff y -ts. .M 'fy 5 J 5 1 in ,iw , . , X g 1 h xx , 5 f x fix ' 5 N N 'k ' . 1 - ' , zntfvul P 3, X ei E - n V Aw L ' 'uv h 7' . 'va' s' ' , f I vn- . 4 'Ar' J I W xx T9-Q ': 1 I v 'LXL " Vi' . Q .5 N . . , 1 A , , I fa v 1 . ' gfivl ' . ,. if 55" -ff' W .,. I. Q fx ,Q W U56 If O LL lL n e c,n, L I II-II ... 2. . 1 CFirst Row, L-R5 Mrs. Eustis, Advisorg N. Kolnerg L. Amyot. CS,ecorxd Row, L-RJ L. Biondig A. Spies: C. Baxter. fFi1'st Row, L-R5 N. Maloyg D. Fe1tgC. Faubertg Mrs. Spies, Advisor. QSec ond Row, L-R3 P. Watsong C. Amyotg E. Hansong L. Gascong C. Amyotg B. Leonard. at Hi 0 0 IZ TL 0 0 cz C. 1' L 6 If 6 P CZ 'LU CZ 8 I' fFirst Row, L-R5 D. Langtryg I. Gallagherg S. Biondig I. Gleason: E. Hansong I. Perry: L. Amyot. fSecond Row, L'Rj C. Baxterg D. Plummerg M. Waltong A. Spiesg K. LaBargep B. Ho11istergC. Faubert. CThird Row, L-R7 Mr. Toteng L. Rothg C. Amyotg N. Kolnerg S. Williams: L. Biondig S. Langtryg J. Carling Mrs . Spies. I fFirst Row, L-RJ Mrs. Eustisg E. Hansong L. Arnyotg S. Decker. fSecond Row L-R5 D. Langtryg M. I-Iuttong I. Atkinsg N. Maloyg J. Gallagher. fThird Row L-RJ A. Spiesg D. Plummerg D. Nicolg M. Waltong L. Biondig B. Hollister. CFourth Row, L-RJ G. Bassg P. Langtryg L. Shouletteg D. Davisg S. Curwayg S Biondig D. Ayeng I. Clasgeng L. Lavarnway. Z 3' fFfi'St Row, L-RJ S. Langtryg P. Lavarnwayg J. Perryg F. Paddockg P. Langtryg B. Hollisterg G Decker L. Lavarnwayp I-A. Atkinsg D. Plummer. fSecond Row, L-Ry A. Spiesg C. Baxterg M. Walton D Nicol: S. Deckerg B. Proveng N. Crawfordg D. Marting D. McLearg R. Slate. CThird Row. L R3 C Faubertg M. Huttong P. Gibsong E. Hansong C. McAvoyg L. Atkinsg W. Youngsg E. Hunneyman D Dygertg J. Youngs. fFourth Row, L-RJ N. Maloyg J. Atkinsg S. Cutwayg J. Gallagher: I. Petrre C Amyotg T. McMechang B. Cuthbert. CFifth Row, L-R1 Advisor, Mr. Bariteaug T. Atkinsg S Stone D. Ayeng W. Youngsg S. Biondi. CStandingy C. Drakeg D. Langtryg R. Slate: D. Ayeng D. Hawn. CKrieelingj K. Nelson . Q 2 ll X1 'Y g W x l .1 sl 'll mu W fl lt ,.1n'1ggl..,,. . ,it 'l. m'fll4 V ...L , E A' . ll, Cl IZ CZ C TL 6 fFirst Row, L-RJ P. Lavarnwayg M. Walton: D. Plummerg A. Spies. fSecond Row, L-RJ S. Biondig J. Gallagherg B. Cuthbertg S. Cutwayg C. Faubert. fThird Row, L-RJ Mr. Bariteaug F. Paddock. CFirst Row, L-RJ S. Emrichg M. Maclean G. Deckerg J. Langtryg D. Chapman L. Dunn: B. Loweryg C. Amyot. CSecond Row, L-RJ D. Amyotg S. Rogersg N. Thornasg L. Arnyotg E. Hunneymang N. Crawfordg D. MCL:-:arg C. McAvoyg L. Atkins. CThird Row, L-RJ Mr. Bariteaug G. Lavarnwayg P. Gibsong I. Gleason W. Youngsg S. S. Storieg D. Decker. 771. Cl Z 'TZ 0 T Yxiiiiiifzklrfnii' ,' f' 7' ' ' M: 3G'gfQ'f1 L L , ,M - fFirst Row, L-Ry B. Cuthbertg N. Maloyg J. Gallagerg E. Hansong L. Amyotg Mrs. Eustis, Advisor. fSecond Rowj J. Robertsg J. Marsawg N. Kolnerg J. Perryg D. Marting D. Ayeng D. Gardiner. fThird Rowj K. Nelsong B. Hollis- terg C. Faubertg D. Langtryg C. Drakeg G. Wainwright. CFourth Rowj A. Spiesg C. Baxter: W. Crawfordg D. Plummerg D. Nicolg G. Shouletteg M. Walton . i :sig i . , ' 's vk Xgjen ' n-L1s,'x X fFirst Rowy I. Gleasong D. Meadg T. Neurothg W. Jones. CSecond Rowj D. Ayeng J. Snell: S. Biondi. Driver Education ' 1.43 .V -f N! ., ,. K- H 51" -A 1 12.-1. .f - 1 sins-zwfnxi' Y' k I ' "rl i: f f as. , ,,,. .:, .1 X .. -- . ,. ,, yung... MR. WISNER CL-RJ Mr. Wisnerg C. Faubert: E. QL-RJ R. Neurothg B. 1-Iollisterg M Hansong T. Atkins. Waltong Mr. Wisner. W QL-RQ I. Marsawg B. Hollister: Mr. KL-RJ D. Bickelhauptg D. Langtry Wisner. L. Amyotg Mr. Wisner. 11.1- ww-" Q.. 1 6' F" I , fl N-:Q -- fL4-111, qFirst Row, L-Ry S. Langtryg A. Spies: D. Langtryg Mrs. Spies, Advisor. qSecond Row, L-Ry D. Plummer: I. Ga11aghergD. Gardinerg L. Amyotg C. Faubert. AKE CMM Rsflf 'Z' 4' ' 'ir' rf' 5 an E T CL-RJ C. Faubertg S. Langtryg A. Spiesg D. 'Z W f if CL-RJ V. Wainwrightg K. Nelsong D. Ayeng Langtry. 04, "' O? D. Marting I. Gallagher. '1 'L 4,0 NEW H00 QL-Ry V. Wainwright: S. Langtryg D. Ayen. . CL-RJ D. Gardiner: D. Martiug V. Wain- wright . fFirst Row, L-RJ T. Krakeg T. Altierg A. Beauding R. Beauding B. Stewart: D. Felt. CSecond Row, L-RJ R. Neurothg N. Coleg A. Viaug H. Viaug D. Meadg G. Clarkg J. Tolandg D. Rogers. fThird Row, L-RJ Mr. Wisseg J. Gleasong L. Shouletteg R. Youngsg T. Atkins. FFA 5 T The Brains The Thinkers 8 C 0, n, i c s Torch Men Germ Finders Welding Cutting Celebrit Auction QQ.. 9 I 1 , Shown above are several shots of the many items which the Seniors will offer for sale at their Annual Auction to be held in the early part of April. Footballs, basket- balls, books and other items have been autographed by celebrities from all walks of life to aid the Seniors in their attempt to reach New York and Washington. i T 1 1 1 3 fFirst Row, L-Ry Mr. Chapmang T. Atkins: L. Lavarnwayg F. Tourong B. Ste wart. CSecond Row, L-RJ T. Altierg D. Towneg D. Feltg G. Bassg D. Bickel hauptg B. Hollister. tl. E hi! he flu N .1 - i ' 5 I Q Q, P 'Y llf TZ. Z Cl 0 I' T S. L lf fFirst Row, L-RJ Mr. Chapman, Advisorg W. Ionesg J. Gleasong E. Dillong S. Cutwayg N. Cole. fSeconc1 Row, L-Ry P. Langtryg F. Paddockg B. Leonardg P. Hunterg I. Clasgenp P. Lavarnway. ll, . TL . L Z gh or .Q we sa 'lk S fFirst Row, L-RJ Mr. Chapman, advisorg D. Proveng P. Slateg J. Farrellg G Decker: D. Hansong L. Reed. CSecond Row, L-Ry L. Gasconp P. Hansongj Meichg B. Paddockg S. Storieg L. Dunng B. Hunter: A. Bowman. a -3 L fKnee1ingJ S. Langtryg Ann Spies. fStandingj D. Langtryg C. Baxter. C. Faubert. z.. gg, fl' K ,. ... H 5 :Hz , I 4' 'N 1.05. Qi L... i 2-1' 3-1 .YQ . . fir' -if 2 N vf-- .,,..,.,..,...,.,., . . 1 ww iwNg,.+... N ' '-ai? W -fa. ' 1. 'ww W4-, 5.51 i , ,..f' ' ff 1 :E Q FW? ,,. ,. JZEFFT' Q11 v.,,,g..-.1 wwf. fx X X . A , i I A X9 S m Q N 3 1 535 HV Q .ff . if 2 .X Wg! . Br Q. QQ W 2. 2 .. 2 Q. My.. YEFB Q X :st 'Q J 3 - - . -V' 2 , M.. ,. .li I It , Q .. . 1 'L .VKX V F2265 sy 5'---flrwefp-: -Agwgsr -1 QM, N,.J :www -,,z - K A .. . X . . fs: ' A W1 4' ' f 'Q 1 C. BAXTER A. SPIES C. FAUBERT . .. . - CJCCC . YEL! :i'E 1 if K- fff zi C l V'f. ,.. . C .2 -': ' -' D. LANGTRY s. LANGTRY fr. CI, T 5 L Z KL-RJ D. Plummer. V. Morrison: I. Gallagherg I. Atkinsg J. Perry. S n 'E V9 I Varsity Baseball Hollister. l K, .X N 7 Z N I X a W, 1 CFirst Rowy D. Rogersg L. Lavarnwayg T. Atkinsg B. Stewartg P. Lavamwayg T. Altierg Mr. Chap- ff: E' man. fSecond Rowj J. Snellg E. Dillong B. Leonardg P. Langtryg D Feltg G Bassg S. Cutwayg B. A - XMWMM, ibm ma QWEW Vw? ,QW W, 5 If 0 5 T Cl P iz S . , H 4-..-.WT ffuv-v-rf.. ,M un Y7i'-m N 'TQCE 44133453 ! 1-nw -,,,, t'-.P-1' vu, ' .-KE Wxx , I N ov K fx , ff. me we M -M-W . nggsnvnw-4nmwanl1HMV'4 lsvww-A ' ' ' ' ' '"W"""""'-'-'!Gllwgrmnumv-an Q -. .f4.f21fsQ fsfszi? l J an FARRAND'S FLOWERS 1 Hepburn Hospital si k . 1+ 'B Ph 1880 R, ,Q p one 5 RS Q RAE For the Gay Occaslons 4 I E f A X .1 . Q :- NV l !' A , , fri , N 1 X f o ' l -.-f f Mtg, 'S- . 0 Compliments of 4 Ag -me OGDENSBERG CREAMER ' .X 'll M V 'Q .54 INC. WN ' 5 30 Main A Phone Ogdensburg 613 xx 1 n D Ogdensburg, New York IES EDGEWOOD RESORT for W lr3 A --f !! "1f1 l+ PIEASVRU Fun -- Fun -- Hospitality R: GEORGE CLARK --- BUD HEBERT -!- THE GOUVERNEUR 8. ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY FAIR Come and See Us in 1962 ,JA 2 DAIRY Pnonucrs fh. .,.. 'J -. X MERCER'S JERSEY FARM, INC. Gouverneur , New York nu, sum, nm FAMILY BAR?'AIEN-CENTERS, L 218-zzz Arsenal street T0 725 45 Lb Watertown, New York ,N Winfog X' .2 i+G""5'- Suppliers for Q5 h Hammond Central School "" " Q' Fashion Show I :ARI Plunmslm New York and New Jersey Approved Board of Health Fluid Milk Plant Phone 375-6645 Brier Hill, N. Y. Complim ents of NICHOL'S FUNERAL HOME Phone 393-2220 Ogdensburg, N. Y. , f-f' IIPARDON C. SMITH AND co. V VINCENT GIBSON, Owne r Heating - Plumbing - Wiring New and Used Appliances Myers and Gould Water Pumps Authorized G. E. Dealer Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1962 Compliments of THE HAMMOND LOCAL of the Dairymen's League Assn. , Inc. Directors of the Hammond Local ofthe Dairymen's League Raymond Baxter, Pres., Dale Lowery, Vice Pres., Floyd Dunn, George Hadlock, R. H Dalton Fay, Louis Amyot, James Sullivan, Donald Baxter, Sec. and Treas. HADLOCK'S LOCKLAND FARMS and tourist accommodations FARM SUPPLIES Gehl Equipment Cobey and Cunningham Equipment New Idea Farm Equipment Silo Unloaders and Gutter A Cleaners J. S. Woodhouse Equipment Line A CAREER IN PHARMACY Have you considered the advantages of a career in pharmacy? It offers security, varied opportunities, satis- faction that comes with know- ing you are contributing to your community's health. Pharmacy is a respected pro- fession, and it pays well. Write today for more infor- mation about education require- ments, etc. to KINNEY DRUGS. Gouverneur , N. Y . Compliments of MERCER'S JERSEY FARM, INC. Fine Dairy Products Gouverneur, N. Y. Z ff, M! Compliments of HAMMOND BUILDING SUPPLIES Hammond , New York Congratulations, Class of '62 LEWIS 8. LEWIS, INC. Coal and Petroleum Products Telephone 324-2581 'Hammond, N. Y. Compliments of CITIZENS TELEPHONE COMPANY Hammond, N. Y. U-K, Compliments of J. C. QUINCER CO. Redwood New York Fis WARD'S SPORTING GOODS STORE 321 Isabella Street Phone 393-2831 Ogdensburg, N. Y. Headquarters for Athletic Equipment hing Tackle and Sporting Coods Johnson Outboard Mo rfs Lyman - Lonestar - arsen Compliments of f THE Renwoon NATIONAL BANK vw :C Member ? F.D.1.C. 1, AND Redwood 5. SAVE New York .wr-9-.-UI In--. X CITIZENS N Hammond A 6091 Sgt! 0 New York 5 :fl ff!!! . . Every Banking Service I RI- NATIONAL i ggxklffs BANK .fi SIA-4 ' X , W N Safe Deposit Boxes Member F. D.I. C. Member F.R. S. gettefz Wahcea , CARBONES I For Finer Footwear Buster Brown - Florsheim Shoes Gouverneur, New York Best of Luck f Compliments of GERALD A Movies Are Good Luck to HOLLISTER Better Class of 62 S nd and Than Ever at CANALI 'S SCHERMERHORN 'S gravel the HOTEL A GARAGE F111 - Topsoil GRALYN HE TE Phone Phone DA T A R Gouverneur DA 4-4334 4-4319 Gouverneur, N. Y. Hammond, N. Y. N. Y. Compliments SIMONS FUEL Compliments VAN ORNUMS of AND SUPPLIES f Y G E STERLING L. Gouvmmeur, 0 our ' ' TAIT N. Y. Dealer Famous for Gouverneur Crouverneur SUDDEN BEN LENOX N. Y. VN. Y. I SERVICE - Parts a d ACE 81 ANN'S Se Nici MCLEARB LAKESIDE Compliments H E DONALD COTTAGE ASA QTARIES of ROBINSON COLONY Pro 'rietor THE COFFEE R.D. No. 1 on ind Off KITCHEN Hammond, N. Y , ' , Phone Black Lake Prem1se Llcense Black Lake 375-8839 Hammond, N. Y. A Specgi Pames Road Morristown 393-C2328 Edwlarrdsfville, Black Lake ' ' Compliments GILMOUR'S CLEARVIEW of VARIETY Best Wishes RESTAURANT WESTERN STORE From Italian AUTO Phone American ASSOCIATE 375-6566 .1 GOUVERNEUR Food - Beverage LIIO1-ristgwfl A Phone STORE ' Ph 1062 N, Y, LOAN Goulverneur one N. Y. Gouverneur, We Give SGH JOSEPH N' Cr'1'661'1 Sta.I1'1pS Compliments of Compliments of THE PHOTO SHOP RED GOLDSTONE Fof SURPHSS CAMERON'S gr CLEANERS Esefme CLEANERS qulpmem WHITE Phone 336 Ph0f1e568 STORE Phone 393-4460 219 Isabella JACK BYRNES St - Phonograph Records Ogdensburg Alex-Bay N Y Ogdensburg 227 Ford sm. ' ' N. Y. Ogdensburg N. Y. HESS ' GREENBLATT THE SURPRISE E. D. BRIGGS I CO. I . FCUQNTPQQQE o......b...I. S... 3 NC Store of Green Stamps Distributor of Ogdensburg Friendly BURT OLNEY O d b N. Y. credit g ens mg Fancy Foods We Give S8.rH Furniture Gouverneur Ogdensburg Green Stamps Jewelry Potsdam N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of J. F. SHARP Compliments McFADDEN Compliments MEMORIALS INC. of INC. of StL1ldeliSker Monuments TQNY 'S on lac Markers C S International anton treat Granite - Marble BARBER Trucks Ogdensburg BYOHZC SHOP Ogdensburg N Y 800 Slate Street N Y ' ' Ogdensburg, N. Y. ' ' Phono 393-5720 Compliments of SIMPSCNS C 1. t GEORGE W' DRUG STORE Ompoimen S SPERLINCHS BAILEY Prescri tion FURNITURE and , 1? DODDS' DAIRY STORES Specialists Jgiicpi-I Cosmetics Ice Cream Ogdensburg and Milk M Optometrists 122 Ford assena 401 State St. St t Phone 507 Potsdam O d nsbur ree Canton g e g Ogdensburg Ogdensburg New York N. Y. N. Y.- Phone 562 Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of GOUVERNEURG'L.F' HOWARD OGDENSBURG DON REED PETROLEUM LUMBER MACHINE Corner of State COOP" INC- COMPANY, INC.. COMPANY, INC. and Cantgn Rt. 11 Kitchen 1 South of Modernization 100 Catherine N' Y. Gouvemeufs N- Y- , St. - ' 100 Catherine St, phone 33 53 Buiie?3ZV?i Ogdensburg Ogdensburg 24-1-101135 . Phone N' Y' N. Y' Wrecklng Gouverneur 1094 Service SOL KAPLAN SPRAGUE OGDENSBURG DEPARTMENT DODDS MOTOR FUNERAL B UILDING ST ORE C ORP . HOME SUPPLY, INC. "Shoes and ci th' f Ford o Ambulance 12. River Street O ing r Mercury Equipped With the Entire Ford Tractors Phone 1960 Family" Oxygen Ogdensburg Gouverneur Gouverneur' Phone 611 N. Y. Potsdam N. Y. . Y. I N Best of Luck Compliments of Compliments of X JAMES H, ID RITCHIE'S LAVIGNE R SDALE HOTEL LAUNDRY 8: MALLETTE'S Oxbow, N. Y. L I Y 180 E ast Main DRY C EAN NG GRGCER 1 Mobil Gas Street Mobil Tires x ,f M b'l O'l Fine Food fOgdensburg, Rossie, N. Y. O 1 1 and Be vera es fl N Y 'General g ' ' je rchandi s e Rooms 3 Colnpliments of Legal Beverages J' . HOTEL Home Cooked Meals JONES Cottages' Bsats sc:15P11Nv1smZoRN Shgimgifgrs B 1 G Meals an ott e as Legal Beverages General RAY GILLIGAN- PYOP- 1 Plumbing I Rt. 185 Insurance Ph. Hammond, N. Y, Heating Hammond 32441351 h . Phone DA 372-2225 Rome- 324-2971 4-4441 New York Hammond, N. Y Compliments of ST' PAGANOIS LAWRENCE REXALL AGENCY, INC. DRUGS SUNSHINE Congratulates ACCESSORIES You! Phone 541 PIONEER General 230 Ford St. Insurance Ogdensburg Gouverneur Morristown, N. Y. New York N. Y. Call 375-8821 FRED Compliments SHURTLEFF'S of Best Wishes Compliments of Ogdensburg, RAY GEARY From N' Y' . CHEVROLET, LA BOUTIQUE B. F. Goodrich INC. MIKE Tires Part of DELDUCHETTO Frigidaire Phone 322 Thomson Resorts Appliances Ogdensburg Alexandria Bay Zenith T.V. N. Y. New York Phone 393-3330 Compliments of CARBINO'S Compliments of Compliments of LELAND'S THE GRIDDLE IQEAEEVIEEIE FORD SALES , , RESTAURANT Sterling Silver Redwood- Cars - Trucks Crystal Open 6 Days Hammond Parts - Service Watches Phone 2583 Road Ogdensburg, Ogdensburg Ogdensburg E N. Y. N. Y. ' New York Prop. Complimen s of BERNIE NEWMAN'S Compliments of LAVARNWAY CALSO LYNDE DAIRY MR. AND MRS. STATION BAR GERALD Bowling Quality Dairy GALLAGHER Barber Shop 324-2481 Products JANIE, Billiards Fountain PATRICK Phone 324-2671 Hammond Light Lunches AND TAMMY Hammond New York Gouverneur N. Y. Compliments of WI-IALEN C 1, t f K om s WHOLESALE P men V 0 BARLEY'S COLLINS Sr p Ci ars and GARAGE KELLETT co., and SARGENT'S INC. Y ICICLE Phone 375-6340 ST A Phone 895 RE AUR NT Alexandria Bay G hixrrlitovs N. Y. Ouverneur Hammond, N. Y. ew or N. Y. ROSE MANOR PEA L'S THOUSAND Compliments Phone 375-8872 DEPARIQMENT ISLAND SUN of We cater to Publish d ti s and STORES' INC' E Th id BURKE 'S Pilrniin Dry Goods Very ur av BARBER SHOP a g Roady-to-Wear , Thursdays, , Printers to the . Clothing Fridays, , , People Furnishing Gouverneur Saturdays and and Shoes , N. Y. Sundays ,- Alexandria Bay, , , N Y Morristown, Ale ndria Bay, ' ' N. Y. N. Y. DOBBINS EMILE C ' f STO E C ' l' f ompliments o Groceljies FAUBERT omp iments o CRESCENT . . ROGER'S RECREATION Meats - Legal Well Drilling RK-ET Beverages Anytime, 324 Isabella St. Shell Gas Anywhere O N' h Al d ' Phone 393-9700 Pen lg ts Hammond, N. Y. egajy na and Sundays New York Ogdensburg Phone 118 P one 324-2531 N. Y. Alexandria Bay N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of JONES Compliments of HARDWARE POMP'S DRY J- L- CLEANERS SMITHERS DuPont Paint , LOCUST LODGE Kr SON Venetian Blind West Mam St' HARDWARE Service Gouverneur Chippewa Bay lil' Y' Morristown Gouverneur New York New York New York S M' 'AEA S xflf' GOUVERNEUR Compliments Of HOWIE 'S Compliments of AUTO PARTS AND ROBERT G. COTTRELL SUPERMARKE T SUPPLY CO. AGENCY Formerly Welding Agents Meat and BOURDON and Machine Works BOB DIER GTOCCTICS FRED SCOZZAFAVA SONS Gouverneur, N. Y. MIKE MAROUN Friendly Insurance Service f9'E. Main St. Gouvemeur, N. Y. Hammond, N. Y. ART AND ORA .T HOWIE If Hammond, N. Y. Phone 324-4371 1 Compliments of C 1, tt f Compliments of HAMMOND HOME Omp men S 0 HARDWARE RESTAURANT H' J' NICOL KEN AND MRS. FRIGIDAIRE " Fishing P T HELEN THELMA A PLIANCES CUTWAY -f :CQ pupp EUS-TIS Phone 324-2182 Paint Phone 324-4000 Painting Hammond, , Hammond, ,I New York I, Supplies New York f I WILDE'S ' ' f 0 ' f Dj Compliments o Compliments of Compliments o General G.L.F. MARSAW'S F. E. TRUAX M h d' S S erc an ise FARM UPPLIE FARM SUPPLY AND SON Meats and AND AND Vegetables FEED SUPPLIES ATLANTIC GENERAL Phone 324-2981 SERVICE INSURANCE Hammond, Hammond, Hammond, New York New York 324-2551 New York -, fi.. Compliment of f!Comp1iments of BURDICK'S Complimen of PLACE BESEEIERS BILL HAUCK On Black Lake CLINTON , HOTEL Sr Road SLATE FUEL LUMBER COTTAGES MILLWORK 8r Reservations Kerosene, Gas ETC' Cash Phone 324-4101 Purina Chows Black Lake ED. BURDICK Hammond, Road Prop' N W Yo k ' Phone 324-2942 Phone 375-6556 e I BOYER Compliments BRA-NDY'5 BROTHERS DRUG STORE Ogdensburg of Prescription New York STARNES' BASTAIS S cialists New and Used pe Furniture FLORIST Truss-,es Phone 393-3270 Ogdensbufg and Norge Golgegleufr New York Crutches Motofola ' ' 325 State St. Admlral Phone 198 OSCAR'S Comphments of Compliments DEMICKIQ TAVERN OGDENSB URG of ELECTRIC MOTOR COURT GOUVERNEUR SUPPLY, INC. Ford Str t COOP ee 601 Canton sf. Ogdensburg Ogdensburg Bulk Feed Hammond New York N. Y. Service New York CENTRAL PHILLIP'S DINER JOSE PH FISHER Smooth GARAGE Sr SONS Sailing Buick - Olds 415 Ford St. Ogdensburg "The good G' M' C' , THE SHIP Trucks New York Clothing Store." Sales and "Such Service Popularity Ogdensburg Alexandria Bay Phone 788 Must Be New York New York Gouverneur De serving" New York SEAKER- PORTER'S GRAVES MARINE Compliments of Compliments of MOTOR E ' d COMPANY 212225 FIRST NE WBERRY 'S NATIONAL Chevrolet Sales MFG Boats d S . BANK, an ervlce 248 West Main Phone 2.6 Gouverneur Phone 486 Gouverneur Gouverneur New York l New York Congratulations Gouverneur Class of '62 New York Compliments of CORNER C. N. COOK PHARMACY af co. Compliments Of INC. AND THOUSAND KEELER'S ORTHERN ' ILETALS at 1000 ISLAND ISLAND VARIETY STORE CONSTRUC ,HON LIQILOR SESRE PHARMACY COMPANY H. . ED K Corner James LCUISE AND Prop. and Market WELMOT Streets Gouverneur Phone 33 or 221 , KEELER Alexandria Ba Alexandra Bay Y N. Y, Alexandria Bay N' Y' Phone 557 , Compliments of BROWNS J- E- C0mP11menfS of JEWELRY MCALLASTER CONWAY NINAIS HOTEL ST D10 STORE OIL CO. 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Suggestions in the Hammond Central School - Spotlight Yearbook (Hammond, NY) collection:

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