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Contents Administration 9 Faculty Qeniors 13 25 Classes Activities 41 55 Organizations Athletics 75 99 Jr. High Advertisers 121 133 Qr. Credits 146 PORTRAIT 1968 Ill Trl I] ■ 71 !l • • The Key To Memories . . . ~n -■ During our years here, we have come to know a man— a man who, rather than lead us by the hand, has pointed the way and helped us if we fell; a man who is not satis- fied with the average, but strives for greater mastery than is required of him; a man who has sparked students ' interest in his subject by various projects; a man who as a class sponsor has devoted many extra hours in helping with class activities; a man who as a coach has brought many honors to our school and has promoted good sportsman- ship among the team members; a man with a quick sense of humor, who has shared with us many happy moments. The PORTRAIT dedication is not a symbol of agreement, but one of respect, and we offer it to this man— Mr. Arthur Kramer ADMINISTRATION r - y^ ( ;^v^^ Our Principal Mr. Qtuart Ellens Superintendent MR. PETER LAMER Board Of Education STANDING: J. ZOET G. LUGTEN C. KLINGENBERG SEATED: G. IMMINK J. KOOIKER J.H. ALBERS L. KLEINHEKSEL MRS. D. DEAN Secretary to Mr. Ellens Administrative MRS. H. AMES Secretary to Mr. Lamer 9ecretaries rr ' r, r MRS. D. BRINK Office Assistant MRS. S. SPENCE Payroll Clerk MR. CUSTER MRS. WASSINK Language MR. TANIS MRS.WIERENGA MR. STOEL MR. FOLKERT MRS HOUSEMAN MRS. MAATMAN MISS VELTHUIZEN MRS. ELZINGA MR. LA GUIRE Language Math MR. LANINGA MR. BOS MRS. WINDEMULLER MRS.NIENHUIS MR. KRAMER MR. RHODA MR. EDING MR. WHITCOMB MISS KEMME 9cience 17 Fine Arts MR. SPENCE MISS WENNELL MR. VISSER NOT PICTURED: MR. SMART MRS. VANDER MEER 19 MR. VAN LENTE MRS. WAKEMAN MRS. BOUMA MR. GROENHEIDE MR. SMITH MR. COTTSW Practical Arts 19 Qocial Qtudies MR. CAMPBELL MR. DE YOUNG MR. APPLEDORN MR. BUITENDORP 20 MR. TER HAAR MISS MAST Phys. Ed. V IB ) H ^M 1 - M These are the busy, devoted hands of the faculty and administration, which have led us, the student body, throughout the school year through acts of service, leadership, and kind- ness. Therefore, to that faculty and adminis- tration we would now like to give a big ' thank- 22 pFiB A J^j^,^. Bus Drivers Left to right: R. Haverdink, L. Timmerman, H. Breuker, F. Tubbergan, H. Haver- dink, J. Lohman, H. Albers, B. Smit, J. Wolters, J. Kleinheksel, J. Folkert, H. Nyhof, R. Busscher, Not Pic- tured: E. Klingenberg, J. Veen, G. Rigterink Custodians Left to right: H. Hulsman N. Wierda H. Haverdink F. Wierda A. Immink G. Antoon Chefs Left to right: E. Langeland W.Sal E. Tanis M. Koops L. Mitchell D. Kaper M. Edgerly L. Lugten 24 SENIORS President— Ward Johnson Vice President— Phyllis Van Dyke Secretary— Vema Zoet Treasurer— Rose Folkert Sponsors: Mr. Kramer Mr. Tanis -*** Members of the Class of 1968: This book comes to you three months after you have left your high school alma mater. As you page through it today and again on numerous tomorrows you are reminded of many experiences— of associations with classmates and teachers, of good times and of heartaches, of unforgettable thrills and of hours of drudgery, of noble accomplishments and of dismal failures. Your PORTRAIT is at once a remembrance; but it should serve also as a challenge. It speaks not only of work completed, but also of tasks unfinished. It reminds you not only of friendships made, but also of unknown futures. This yearbook should serve as a window— a two-way screen for viewing. As you look backward, are you completely satisfied with your record of the past four years? Are you content to rest upon laurels earned in high school? Reversing the direction of your view, do you see clearly established goals? What part will your commitment to moral values and religious principles play in the realization of these goals? You have left the high school ranks, but our thoughts and prayers continue to go with you. FAITH IN GOD, BACKED BY COURAGE AND ACTION, WILL ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE! These words of your chosen class motto can be a powerful force in your lives. It is my hope that they take on ever-increasing meaning and relevance as you wind your way down life ' s pathway. ^uf^Suv- 26 SANDRA ADAMS MARVA BEYER DEBRA BIRCE JOHN BLYSTRA VERNA BOERIGTER JOAN BOERMAN PAUL BOERMAN RUTH BOEVE 27 TERENCE BOUWMAN GEORGE BOUWMAN BONNIE BOUTAIN STEVEN COOPER SALLY CONNER LINDA DANNENBERG JAMES DANGREMOND DAVID DALMAN 28 VERNON De WEERDT DONNA De WITT TONY DOOLAARD MARGIE DOUMA ALYCE DROST THOMAS DYKSTRA GLENDA EDING NANCY EDING 29 MICHAEL GENTRY ROSE FOLKERT RONALD EDING JANE GREYING GARY GENZINK CLARE HEYBOER KARLA HECK CLIFFORD HAVERDINK 30 MARY HOEZEE LINDA HOFFMAN BERNELL HORNSBY RICHARD HOVING BARBARA JOHNSON WARD JOHNSON CAROL JOOSTBERNS NANCY JOOSTBERNS 31 RICHARD KLEIS CAROL KLEINHEKSEL CATHY JORDON MURIEL KLOKKERT GARY KLINGENBERG ANITA KOLLEN PHILLIP KNOLL LINDA KNOLL 32 CARLA KOOL LYLE KOOPMAN VICKI KOOPS KENNETH KORTERING ROGER LARSON GARY LOHMAN LANE LOHMAN JAMES LOWERY 33 BARBARA NIENHUIS STEVEN NABER JOY MOORED GLENN PETERS LINDA NYEBOER KENNETH PRINS CINDY POLL CLARENCE PITSCH 34 GARY RAMAKER STEVEN RANKENS KAREL REDDER RICHARD ROBINSON DAVID RYZENGA WAYNE SCHAAP DONNA SCHIPPER DALE SCHOLTEN 35 KENNETH SNELLER NANCY SMITH JAMES SCHUITEMA CAROL STERENBERG BETTE SPRICK ROBERT TANIS PEGGY STERNBERG LARRY STERNBERG 36 RONALD TIMMER EUGENE VANDE BUNTE BONNIE VAN DEN BELDT WARREN VANDER KOLK ALLISON VAN DUSSEN PHYLLIS VANDYKE WAYNE VAN OMMEN LOREN VAN ORDER 37 DENNIS VAN VOORST BRIAN VAN TUBBERGEN NANCY VAN OSS LARRY VEEN WAYNE VAN VOORST JULIE VER HULST THOMAS VELDHOFF WILLIAM VELDHOFF 38 CARL VOORHORST MARCIA WOLTERS CHERYL YONKER JACK ZIEL WANDA ZOET VERNA ZOET ^^3^^ CLASS MOTTO- m i V V^^B " Faith in God, backed by cour- 1 tp-- ' *^W 1 age and action, helps to accom- plish the impossible. " iL * I CLASS SONG- ^l^jL ^^ " The Impossible Dream " .^^fl CLASS COLORS- Blue and Navy Blue BARBARA ZUIDEMA CLASS FLOWER- White Rose 39 DAR Good Citizen Boy ' s State Representative LINDA HOFFMAN WARD JOHNSON Hie Senior Class of 1968 is happy to pre- sent Linda Hoffman as their recipient of the DAR Good Citizen award. She was chosen by the faculty on the basis of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Con- gratulations, Linda. For the first time, one of our senior boys attended " Wolverine Boy ' s State " in East Lansing. Ward Johnson was chosen for this honor by the principal and the teachers of Hamilton High School. The purpose of Boy ' s State is to develop the responsibilities of leadership, to prove the advantages of citizenship, and to promote the art of clean sportsmanship. CLASS Juniors President -Gord Poll Vice President— Sue Coats Treasurer— Mary Veldhof Advisers: Mr. Buitendorp Mr. Whitcomb NOT PICTURED: Secretary— Joan Moored Glenn Alderink Rhonda Alward Nancy Appledorn Richard Ash Kirk Barkel Linda Berens Harry Bergman Lester Beyer Peggy Boerigter 42 Terri Boerigter Grace Bouwman Bob Boyles Carla Bowers Wanda Branderhorst Wanda Bradford Wayne Breuker Jan Brink Pat Brink Shelley Brink Michael Burgess Gary Busscher Sue Coats John Conner Debbie Coryell 43 Jan De Zwaan Jackie Dykstra Larry Dykhuis Bonnie Eding Dawn Eding Don Eding Howard Eding Ron Edgerly David Elenbaas Harlan Elshuis Jerry Engelsman Beverly Essink Mark Folkert David Geerts Jerry Green Jarvis Groenheide Jack Grotenhuis Elinor Haan Terry Heck Jackie Hoezee Bob Hoffman Donna Hokse Benita Hornsby Barbara Hulsman 44 Mary Lou Hulsman Bonnie Humphrey Mary Johnson Ron Joostberns Calvin Kleinheksel Elois Kleinheksel Judy Kleinheksel Mary Klingenberg Pam Klingenberg Bob Kooiker Ruth Kooiker Barb Kraker Joanne Krause Ken Krueger Earl Lankheet Wendell Loew Christine Lohman Sandy Lugten Marva Lugtigheid Barbara Meiste Linda Meiste Joan Moored Jill Nyland Dennis O ' Conner Judy Oetman 45 Calvin Oldebekking Bill Osborne Linda Peters Gord Poll Betty Prins Douglas Prins Sally Prins Kathy Reus Patricia Rigterink Don Sal Norma Schipper William Schuitema Linda Schutter Don Slotman Howard Slotman Roger Slotman Rita Steele William Stickley Carol Stickley Robert Tanis Carol Timmer Rose Mary Twining Mike Van Bragt Bill Vanderford Sharon Van De Wege 46 Maria Van Ommen Larry Van Order Vincent Van Order Carol Van Oss Sally Van Vuren Scott Van Der Kolk Wanda Van Der Kolk Harold Veldhoff Mary Veldhoff Paul Wedeven fcZfck Calvin Yonker NOT PICTURED: Dona Boeve Gary CollLngs Jerry Eding Anita Griffith Mar cia Johnson Gary Jurries Judy Overbeek Connie Poll Paul Wedeven Sharon Wiltse Arlyn Wolters Nancy Wolters Connie Wolters 47 Qophs Pres.— Loren Joostberns Vice Pres.-Kathy Poll Sec— Diana Knoll Treas.— Lou Jean Haverdink Advisers: Mrs. Windemuller Mr. Visser Dave Aalderink Jerry Antoon Pat Bakker Dan Barrett Calvin Bartels Connie Barkel John Bauman Janice Becksvoort Don Berens Sue Birce Dean Boerigter Pam Boerigter Marge Boeve Linda Bosch Dale Boutain David Boukamp Pat Bouwman Karen Brecheisen Mary Breuker Margo Brink Randy Brink Norma Brower Randy Burgess 48 Francis Carrier Pat Cooper Ben Conner Charlotte Cross Paul De Fouw Ward De Fouw Ray De Witt Trudy Doolaard Lauy Dubbink Bonnie Dykhuis Barbara Eding Beverly Eding Marcia Eding Sandra Ellens Rick Ende Glenn Engelsman Carl Folkert Debra Folkert Hazel Graveling Arnold Grodi Bob Grondin Dave Grotenhuis Alan Haskin Phil Harmsen Lou Jean Haverdink Kristi Heck Karen Hoffman Thomas Hoving Linda Hulst Tom Immink Steve Jacobs Bob Jones Sheryl Jones Eleanor J ipping Bruce Johnson 49 Nancy Johnson Rusty Johnson Loren Joostberns Kelvin Kale Glenn Kleinheksel Kathleen Klienheksel Randy Klienheksel Diane Klingenberg .Dan Knoll Diane Knoll Donna Knoll Elizabeth Koeman Barbara Kooiker Barbara Koop Susan Kooiman Jan Koopman Calvin Kraal Bruce La Mar Reed Lampen Bonnie Lohman Sandra Lohman Sonja Lohman Judy Lubbers William Lundy David Maatman Jack Machiela Diane Meyer J ill Mitchell Donna Mulder Carol Oetman Vicki Packard John Pitsch Kathy Poll Rick Poll Marlene Prins 50 Sarah Reichel Calvin Reimink Larry Reimink Linda Reith Diane Robinson Peggy Schaap Janice Schutte Keith Suhutter Dick Schipper Cal Schrotenboer Carl Simpson Dana Steinke Dave Sternberg Wayne Sterenberg Allen Swainston Mike Timm Sally Tucker Dale Van Den Beldt Bruce Van Dussen Gwen Van Ommen Kim Van Order Tom Van Tubbergen Cal Van Vuren Dave Veldhoff Larry Ver Hulst Karla Volkers Barbara Wolters Pam Wolters Jane Yonker Arlyn Zoet NOT PICTURED: Harold Eaton Roger Jurries Margaret Van Kirk Dave Wolters 51 Freshmen President— Larry Grotenhuis Vice President— Dave Immink Secretary— Jan Folkert Treasurer— Susan Lohman Advisers: Miss Velthuizen Mr. Van Lente Kathy Alward Tim Boeve Roger Boerigter Sue Boerman Betty Bouwkamp Gloria Bouws Lyle Boyles Patty Bradford Lynette Brenner Randy Brenner Richard Brenner Mark Breuker Rudy Broekhuis 52 Sue Bronson Randy Busscher Randy Carrol] Mike Carter Mary Conner Elaine De Weerdt Douglas De Zwaan Curt Dokter Dan Dubbink Kendall Dykhuis Keith Dykhuis Veta Dykstra Deborah Eaton Debra Eding Michael Eding Randy Essink Jan Folkert Nella Folkert Jackie Fredericks Judy Geerts Joan Genzink Debra Greer Larry Grotenhuis Kathleen Harmsen Diane Haverdink Karen Hemmeke Luanne Heyboer Peggy Hightower Marilyn Hoffman Janice Hyde Dave Immink Sandra J agger Steve Jones Connie Johnson Dennis Kempkers Cindy Kleinheksel Bruce Klingenberg Rose Kooiker Janet Koop Douglas Koopman Joy Koster Richard Kraker Calvin Kreuze Patty Krug Ted Lamb Dick Lampen Kelly Lampen Glenn Lankheet Jack Lezman Jean Loew Kathleen Lohman Susan Lohman Charles Lowery Kathy Lugten 53 Lori Lugten Lyle Lugten Vaughn Maatman Pam Machiela Debbie Marsh Gary Meiste Sandra Morgan Rita Nyeboer Ward Nyhuis Harvey Overbeek Luann Palmbos Larry Pelkey Mark Potter Dan Reimink Mark Reuschel Peggy Rice David Robbins Shirley Rutgers Joan Sal Bryan Sale Jay Shuck Yvonne Sims Mark Semon Chuck Schaap Bonnie Schipper Julie Schipper Peggy Schipper Carl Slotman Debbie Slotman Joan Slotman Roger Smoes Richard Swainston Margaret Tellman Karen Top Paul Tucker Sandy Tucker Debbie Tyink Greg Unger David Vander Kamp Jim Vander Kolk Steve Van Doornik Pat Van Kampen Wayne Van Liere Barb Veldhoff Jack Veldhoff Mary Verlin Sharon Walters Gary Welscott Rhonda Wolfe Marc Wolters Debbie Worstell John Zoet Diane Zuidema Annette Zuverink 54 v ' V * - ff .ay*-. Queen Vicki Koops Sr.— Carol Sterenberg Jr.— Nancy Appledorn Soph.— Pat Bouwman Fresh.— Joan Genzink Homecoming ' 67 57 On October 12, the Senior girls played the Senior boys in a Powder Puff football game. The boys romped over the girls by a score of 38-0. Following the upset, there was a bon-fire with a Maple Valley effigy burned at the stake. As superstition would have it, Friday the 13th turned out to be unlucky. The Hawkeyes lost their Homecoming game to the Lions by a score of 7-6 on a rain-soaked field. A post game party featuring a group from Hope College birghtened up the night. Junior ' s Winning Float The Square Root of Sound 58 ' ^Uki^J- Twelve Angry CAST Foreman Steve Cooper Juror No. Two Donna De Witt Juror No. Three Wayne Schaap Juror No. Four. Bonnie Van Den Belt Juror No. Five Mike Gentry Juror No. Six Gary Ramaker Juror No. Seven Marti Wolters Juror No. Eight Ward Johnson Juror No. Nine Vicki Koops Juror No. Ten Sandie Adams Juror No. Eleven Linda Hoffman Juror No. Twelve Nancy Smith Guard Carl Voorhorst Judge Carl Voorhorst Clerk Allison Van Dussen Jurors CO-DIRECTORS Miss Wennell and Mr. Visser STUDENT DIRECTOR Peggy Sternberg 60 T " I v \ » f? 1 . 1 J PI- You don ' t really mean you ' ll kill me, do you? Look out! Don ' t worry, I ' ll have you ready by show time. It was done something like this, wasn ' t it? 61 62 CAST Gloriana the Twelfth Pam Klingenberg Mary Mary Veldhof Jane Shelly Brink Fran Nancy Wolters Pam Jan DeZwaan Ann Sally Prins Norma Joan Moored Helen Sue Coates Page Rita Steele Miss Johnson Norma Schipper Miss Wilkins Mary Johnson Mrs. Reiner Joanne Krause Jill ... . Pat Brink Debbie Pat Rigterink Mrs. Bascom Beth De Witt Tully Bascom Kirk Barkel Count Mountjoy Bob Hoffman David Benter Doug Prins Mr. Beston Vince Van Order Professor Kokintz Mike Van Bragt President Howard Slotman General Snippet Larry Dykhuis Will Tatum Gary Busscher Soldiers and Students Ron Edgerly Ron Joostberens Glenn Alderink Paul Wedeven Tom Mulligan Gary Jurries Announcer Scott Vander Kolk CO-DIRECTORS: MISS WENNELL and MR. VISSER STUDENT DIRECTOR: CHRIS LOHMAN 63 The Yeomen Sophs Sponsor Hearts Of Love Fresh. Jean Loew Jr. Sue Coats John Zoet Bill Osborne Soph. Linda Hulst Sr. Cathy Jordan Dan Knoll Ward Johnson Queen Verna Zoet King Vern De Weerdt The New Shady Hollow Singers Bye-Bye Birdie DIRECTORS Miss Wennell Mr. Visser Mrs. Maatman STUDENT DIRECTOR Terri Boerigter MUSIC DIRECTOR Mr. Smart 66 I ^H ^M ^ " ^ tti H 1 ■^J ( . v^/i w ^J CAST Albert Peterson Mike Gentry Rosie Alverez Pat Brink Maude Carl Voorhorst Ursula Merkle Pat Bouwman Kim MacAfee Marti Wolters Mrs. MacAfee Joanne Krause Mr. MacAfee Gary Ramaker Teen Trio Linda Berens Kathi Berens Mary Klingenberg Mae Peterson Kathy Alward Conrad Birdie Dale Scholten Mayor Ward Johnson Randolph MacAfee Kim Alward Hugo Peabody Dave Maatman 67 - IWE^^;; - Hill " H i ■ 1 ^IRa ' ^l ^ p * ' ~~- MENU Jello Salad— Broccoli Baked Potatoes-Sweet Potatoes Baked Ham English Muffins— Beverage Relishes Ice Cream— Sherbet ISSSMp 68 Twilight In London PROGRAMME Master of Ceremonies Gary Busscher Invocation Joan Moored Dinner Intermission Senior Class Prophecy Bill Osborne The Outfit 69 70 Commencement The Class Of 68 CO-VALS Anita Kollen and Linda Hoffman DR. WILLIAM STIELSTRA " People Power " V ~ »: hi On May H.H.8. Qen It i l 1 ■TV ■- ■ « r n ■-— felt the solemnity of the occasion . . . .* . . . reminisced about the past 4 years . . . . . . thronged into for the ors . the office last time . m I . . . felt a sense of accomplishment . . . n . . . gained hope for the future . . . . . . and gained an insight into the unknown. 68 MARCH 1 End of 4th Marking Period 1 Grand Valley Orchestra Assembly 5 Basketball Tournaments Allegan 7 New World Singers Assembly 9 Basketball Tournaments South Haven ! SEPTEMBER DECEMBER MARCH con ' t. 5 School Starts 1 End of 2nd Marking Period 19 Jr. High Talent 12 Allegan Fair (Vi Day) 1 First Basketball Game Assembly 15 First Football Game Coopers ville— Home 19 All-School Skating Party \ Parchment— Home 19 Christmas Concert 21-22 Jr. Class Play 26 Trampoline Act Assembly 22 Christmas Vacation 26 Science Fair 27 Jr. Class Rings Arrive 28 Sophomore Career Days 28 Mock Convention Hope College 29 Sr. High Talent Assembly OCTOBER 16-17 M.E.A. Teachers ' Institute 20 End of First Marking Period JANUARY 2 School Resumes 5 Electric Power Failure 17-19 Semester Exams 19 End of First Semester APRIL 1-5 Twirp Week 5 Sr. Follies 1 1 End of 5th Marking Period 12-15 Easter Vacation 23 Magician-Ventriloquist Assembly 25 Band Concert 26 Faculty vs. Seniors Basketball Game 30 Student Government Day 30 Student Council Elections NOVEMBER FEBRUARY MAY 6,9,13,16 Parent-Teacher 3 Sr. High Solo and 7 Exchange Student > Conferences Ensemble Assembly 16 Teen Challenge 10 Valentine Party 8 National Honor Center Film 17 Tri-City Band Concert Society Assembly 16-17 Sr. Class Play 17 Jr. High Solo and Ensemble 8 Bye-Bye Birdie 23-24 Thanksgiving 22 Expressway League Choral 10 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Vacation Festival 13-18 Sr. Trip 29 Don Lonie Assembly 23 Hootenanny 23 Sr. Honor ' s Assembly New Shady Hollow Singers 24 Sr. Tea 26 Baccalaureate 27,28,29 Final Exams 29 Commencement 74 AT/ON Mr. Custer— Adviser M. Douma B. Hornsby R. Boeve S. Reichel S. Brink K. Lohman T. Boeve G. Busscher C.Poll V. Koops T. Bouwman W. Johnson G.Poll L. Joostberns L. Grotenhuis C. Folkert 67-68 Student Council Rolls With Action Officers Suggest New Ideas OFFICERS: V. Koops— Treasurer, C. Poll— Secretary, Mr. Custer— Adviser, B. Hornsby— Vice-President, M. Douma— President 76 Pfr«M ^ !■ ! 1 T ! HHH FIRST ROW: M. Van Bragt, K. Hoffman, D. Slotman, P. Van Kampen, S. Lohman, A. Drost, P. Machiele, J. Folkert, J. Geerts, D. Eding. SECOND ROW: B. Eding, E. Jipping, M. Hoezee, J. Machiele, C. Folkert, C. Simpson, K. Lohman, B. Hulsman, B. De Witt, L. Lugten, H. Slotman, C. Kleinheksel, M. Eding, V. Maatman, P. Klingenberg. THIRD ROW: J. Loew, B. Grondin, L. Palmbos, L. Heyboer, K. Scutter, Hamilton High To begin their marching season, the band gave their first per- formance at the Allegan Fair. On Saturday of that same week, the band traveled to Western Michigan University and partici- pated in the activities planned for Band Day. Besides giving the pre-game shows and performing during half-time at home football games, they also entered the Marching Festival and received a II rating for their performance. The Christmas Concert held December 19, marked the begin- ning of the concert season. Many students also participated in Solo and Ensemble where they were individually judged for their playing ability. The rating for the entire band was given at Festi- val. The Hamilton Band received a rating of II for their fine play- ing. The concert season came to the close as the band presented its annual Spring Conce rt. The band not only had a busy year, but also a very profit- able and memorable one. MR. SMART-Director 78 C. Schaap, D. Berens, G. Welscott, P. Wedeven, M. Eding, B. Hoffman, J. Lezman, D. Geerts, S.Jacobs, R.Johnson, K. Volk ' ers, D. Schip- per, D. Scholten. FOURTH ROW: S. Lohman, R. Burgess, K. Dykhuis, M. Brink, J. Hoezee, K. Kruger, L. Van Order, W. Van Omen, H. Overbeek, Mr. Smart— Director Concert Band Mike Van Bragt-STUDENT DIRECTOR, Mr. Smart - DIRECTOR OFFICERS: M. Van Bragt-Vice President, H. Slotman-Trea- surer, D. Scholten— President, B. De Witt— Secretary 79 MAJORETTES: R. Steele-Co-Captain, C. Jordan, B. Koop, S. Brink- Co-Captain DRUM MAJOR: Mike Van Bragt Leaders Of The Parade Time Out for a Rest COLOR GUARDS K. Reus N. Wolters C. Lohman-Gaptain M. Lugtigheid P. Bouwman 80 Band, Take The Field! Dale Scholten, left, has received the John Philip Sousa Award which is given each year to the outstand- ing senior band member. He was chosen by the faculty and the band on the basis of musical ability, leadership, and co-operation dis- played during his four years in Senior Band. 81 Hamilton High FIRST ROW: Miss Wennell-Director, C. Jorden, K. Alward, J. Koop, F. Carrier, N. Brower, W. Vander Kolk , J. Schutte, S. Coats, N. Van Oss, C. Cross, B. Hornsby, S. Van Vuren, P. Brink, S. Wiltse, L. Nyeboer, B. Schipper, P. Hightower, C. Stickley, R. Twining, V. Packard SECOND ROW: D. Meyer, J. Barrett, J. Oetman, J. Krause, B. Hornsby, C. Oetman, M. Wolters, L. Meiste, M. Klingen- berg, M.Beyer, D.Boeve, J. Brink, C. Van Oss, B. Sprick, M. Breuker, K. Redder, S. Rutgers, J. Berens, D. Kaniff, S. Conner THIRD 82 Chorus 9ings On ROW: V. Koops, J. Moored, K. Berens, A. Kollen, L. Hoffman, K. Alward, J. Schuck, D. DeZwaan, D. Ryzenga, A. VanDussen, R. Swainston, R. Kleis, W. Van Voorst, M. Timmer, L. Koopman, W. Schaap, G. Busscher, L. Lohman, D. Scholten, M Gentry, R. Bren- ner, G. Ramaker, B. Prins, M. Prins f & i WW / i t^^k^H 83 " %!, To Gloria I lun & ^er Journal Robert Muczynski, Op. 19 v X MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL National Honor Society Qtresses . . . Character Leadership Scholarship Service FIRST ROW: A. Kollen, R. Folkert, B.Johnson, M. Wolters, R. Boeve SECOND ROW: L. Hoffman, W.Johnson, V. Zoet National Honor Society induction was witnessed by the students of Ham- ilton High in the gym- nasium on May 8, 1968. Those chosen for mem- bership in the tapping ceremony numbered four seniors and nine juniors. The first in- duction ceremony of this organization was held in 1963. FIRST ROW: V. Koops, M. Veldhof, C. Sterenberg, C. Poll, D. Eding, J. De Zwaan SECOND ROW: P. Sternberg, S. Brink, B. Hoffman, B. De Witt, H. Slotman, M.John- son, C. Lohman 85 D 8 C. Kleinheksel-Photographer, M. Van Bragt -Sports Editor, S. Tucker-Business Manager, P. Sternberg- Organizations Editor, D. De Witt -Classes Editor, L. Hoffman-Activities Editor, C. Lohman-Assistant Edi tor, A. Kollen— Editor-in-Chief, Miss Wennell-Adviser PORTRAIT FIRST ROW: D. He Witt, M. Van Bragt, L. Hoffman, A. Kollen, Miss Wennell-Adviser, C. Lohman, S. Tucker, P. Sternberg SECOND ROW: D. Eding.J. Koop, B.Johnson, P. Boerigter, N. Appledorn.C. Kleinhcksel, C. Joostberns, B. Nicnhuis THIRD ROW: K. Redder, K. Lohman, L. Haverdink, J. Koopman, B. De Witt, J. Moored, S. Ellens, V. Zoet 86 " Portrait " And " 9pectra " 9taffs Hurry To Meet Deadlines Buy Your /* VALENTINE j/ MCSSAGE I Spectra Staff Makes News FIRST ROW: M. Douma, Mrs. Houseman-Adviser, P. Van Dyke SECOND ROW; N. Joostberns, C. Sterenberg, C. Yonker, K. Heck, B. Osborne, J. Grotenhuis, S. Adams, P. Sternberg, B. Van Den Beldt, S. Brink, J. De Zwaan Qpectra Editors Complete Many Tasks Mrs. Houseman— Adviser J. Grotenhuis, B. Osborne— Sports Co-Editors P. Sternberg— Copy Editor S. Brink— Managing Editor N. J oostberns— Photographer C. Sterenberg— Business Manager P. Van Dyke, M. Douma— Co-Editors 88 f f I C e C. Sterenberg, L. Dannenberg, V. Koops, M. Douma, D. DeWitt, V. Zoet. NOT PICTURED-J. Moored FBLA Promotes Business Of Tomorrow W o r k e r s OFFICERS: L. Nyboer— President, P. Van Dyke-Vice President, Mrs. Wakeman-Adviser, B. Sprick -Secretary, B. Hornsby— Treasurer, J. Boerman— Reporter 89 REPRESENTATIVES: J. Folkert-9th grade, D. Meyer-lOth grade, B. Prins-llth grade, L. Hoffman-12th grade, Mrs. Was- sink— Adviser Mew Clubs Take Root At HH9 9 c i e n c e C I u b OFFICERS: K. Barkel-President, G. Busscher-Vice President, P. Klingenberg-Secretary, P. Rigterink -Trea- surer, Mr. Eding— Adviser 90 French Club Expands Its Boundaries OFFICERS: Pam Boerigter— Treasurer, Pat Bouwman— Secretary, Terri Boerigter— Vice President, Rose Folkert— President, Mr. LaGuire —Adviser German Club Presents Program OFFICERS: Miss Velthuizen— Adviser, Chris Lohman-Vice President, Mary Johnson— Treasurer, Bob Hoffman— President, Eleanor Jipping— Secretary 91 OFFICERS: Mrs. Lamoreaux— Adviser, Sue Coats— Secretary, Nancy Eding— Treasurer, Sally Prins— Vice President, Jan De Zwaan— President, Mr. La Guire— Adviser Pep Club Rouses Enthusiasm OFFICERS: Joan Moored— Secretary, Joy Moored— President, Ruth Boeve— Treasurer, Rog Larson— Vice President, Miss Mast- Adviser 92 GAA Expands In Basketball, Softball, Track, And Volleyball OFFICERS: Linda Dannenberg— Sports Chairman, Peg Sternberg— Treasurer, Jan DeZwaan— Secretary, Phyllis Van Dyke— Vice President, Bonnie Van Den Beldt— President, Miss Mast— Adviser Varsity Girls Take League Trophy FIRST ROW: B. Van Den Beldt, N. Joostberns, M. Douma, P. Van Dyke, L. Nyeboer, B. Berens, D. Mulder, B. Homsby SECOND ROW: Miss Mast -Coach, D. Slotman, K. Lohman, P. Sternberg, L. Dannenberg, W. Zoet, D. DeWitt, S. Ellens, R. Kooiker, J. Hoezee 93 OFFICERS: L. Nyeboer-President.D. De Witt- Vice President, R. Boeve-Treasurer P Van Dyke -Secretary, Miss Mast -Adviser A t 9 h • i 1 s e t + e • i r c s The Athletic Sisters have proved to be a big asset to the Athletic Department. The organization paid for most of the girls ' basketball uniforms with the profits made from conces- sion stands at the various sports events. The members enjoyed a pool party at the Golden Eight Ball in Holland. The money left over in the treasury will go to the Girls ' Athletic Depart- ment. 94 H a m • I ! + o n V a r s i t y c i u b Mr. Kramer— Adviser, Dave Dalman— Secretary, Steve Naber— Treasurer, Cliff Haverdink- Vice-President, Ward Johnson— President, Mr. Bos— Adviser During the past year the H-Club has purchased a trophy honoring all seven of the athletic teams. This trophy, in the form of a plaque, is inscribed with the names of the members of each of the teams. Another new idea this year was the Outstanding Senior Scholar-Athlete Award which was pre- sented at the end of the year. The H-Club also operated a hot dog stand at all the home football games. The best part of the year for all was the initiation. H-Club is looking forward to another exciting year. 95 FFA Competes In Many Contests FFA CALENDAR September Allegan Fair Entries October Harvest Crops in Land Laboratory December Chapter Farmer Degree Initiation February District FFA Leadership Contest Farmers ' Week March Zeeland Livestock Sale State FFA Convention April Allegan County Soil Judging Contest May State FFA Judging Contest Planting Crops in Land Laboratory Parliamentary Procedure group stresses order. OFFICERS: Scott Vander Kolk, Vice President, Ron Timmer— Secre- tary , Wayne Van Ommer— President, Mark Folkert— Treasurer, Don Slot- man— Reporter, Roger Slotman— Sen- tinel Oh, just for a feel of the land! 96 M o c k DID THE MOST FOR HAMILTON Margie Douma CLASS CLOWN Mike Gentry " " Cl { Tight squeeze. E I e c t I o n s MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Linda Hoffman, Ward Johnson, and Anita Kollen Miracles can happen! DID HAMILTON FOR THE MOST Carl Voorhorst Rev-up ! MOST ATHLETIC Linda Nyeboer and Cliff Haverdink MOST POPULAR Rog Larson, Verna Zoet, and Vicki Koops Climbing the Popularity Pole. MOST FRIENDLY Carol Sterenberg and Ward J ohnson Oh, how sweet they are. BEST DRESSED Cindy Poll and Gary Genzink CLASS COUPLE Verna Zoet and Vern De Weerdt !, MII!HHI E JINN r* [ > ~^== t- £ Please say " Yes " . BEST LOOKING Cathy Jordan and Terry Bouwman Fuss Budgets! MOST TALENTED Marti Wolters and Ward Johnson Normal schoolwear? Perfect " Harmony. " 97 Audio-Visual Gives Film Qervice T. Heck R. Robinson D. Van Voorst R. Kleis G. Ramakei L. Van Order Qtudent Librarians Help Keep Order LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Kleis, D. Hokse, B. De Boer, S. Wiltse, J. Boerman, C. Den Besten, C. Stickley, B. Kraker, D. Boeve, M. Van Ommen, Mrs. Lam oreaux— Librarian 98 V & *v J •f - jtfM* Athletic Director . Three Hawkeyes Chosen All-Conference FIRST ROW: D. Dalman.G. Ramaker, J. Ziel, R. Joostberns, R. Larson, R. Ash, C. Pitsch, G. Jurries, S. Cooper SECOND ROW: J. Conner, B. Osborne, B. Tanis, W.Johnson, D. Prins, C. Heyboer, B. Schuitema, G. Busscher, L. Dykhuis,B. Van Tubbergen THIRD ROW: R. Edgerly— Manager, Mr. Tanis— Coach, S. Naber, C. Voorhorst, C. Haverdink, G. Klingenberg, C. Schrotenboer, P. Wedeven, G. Alderink, Mr. Campbell— Coach Hawkeyes led their opponents in rushing with a total of 1563 yds. to their 1382 yds. Roger Larson, Cliff Haverdink, and Carl Voorhorst were selected to the All-Conference first team. Cliff Haverdink, who was selected Most Valuable, led the team in receiving, rushing, and scoring. Carl Voorhorst and Gary Klingenberg received the Most Improved award. Out a ' m ' way VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Parchment 18 6 Wayland 13 27 St. Francis 9 33 North Muskegon 7 27 Maple Valley 6 7 Caledonia 13 27 Fennville 34 Middle ville 6 13 Cheer up fellas 102 9eniors ■-« i & xtfM ' :?: ^£ " QSB^^^l!a CLARE HEYBOER CARL VOORHORST BRIAN VAN TUBBERGEN STEVE NABER GARY KLINGENBERG GARY RAMAKER 103 J.V. ' s Fight Valiantly FIRST ROW: D. Van Den Beldt, D. Boerigter, S. Lampen, L. Zuidema, T. Van Tubbergen.D. Knoll, R. Busscher, D. Maatman, B.John- son, A. Zoet, C. Kraal SECOND ROW: Mr. Ter Haar -Coach, R. Brink -Manager, P. Harmsen, A. Haskens, T. Immink, C. Bartels, R. Jones, C. Reimink, J. Machiela, J. Pitsch, A. Grodi, Mr. Rhoda-Coach NOT PICTURED: R. Jurries ' The Junior Varsity Team finished its season with a 1-5-1 record. Their Most Valuable player was halfback Dan Knoll who excelled in running and tackling. Fresh- man quarterback Randy Busscher received the Most Improved player award and did a fine job of directing the team. J. V. SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Parchment 6 18 Wayland 26 North Muskegon 26 6 Maple Valley 14 Caledonia 6 6 Jenison 13 24 Middleville 33 104 Hamilton ' s first freshman football team posted a fine 3-1 record. Selected Most Valuable Player was halfback Dick Lampen who led the team in rushing and scoring. Roger Boerigter was the Most Improved player. Next year the junior var- sity team can expect some hard working, exper- ienced players. SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Maple Valley 19 7 Caledonia 20 Jenison 7 6 Middleville 27 Mud Didn ' t Qtop Freshmen FIRST ROW: B. Sale, D. Reimink, J. Schuck, L. Grotenhuis, K. Alward, T. Boeve, D. Immink SECOND ROW: C. Lowrey , D. Lampen, B. Klingenberg, J. Zoet, G. Unger, M. Reuschel.D. Koopman, R. Boerigter THIRD ROW: Mr. Appledorn-Coach, C. Dokter, M. Carter, V. Maatman, D. Dubbink, W. Nyhuis, S. Van Doornik, K. Lampen, C. Slotman, R. Essink— Manager Expressway League Champs Have 8-0 Record FIRST ROW: V. De Weerdt.C. Haverdink, T. Veldhoff, L. Sterenberg, W.Johnson, G. Poll SECOND ROW: Mr. Bos-Coach, R. Hoving- Manager, G. Jurries, H. Elshuis, S. Naber, H. Slotman, B. Tanis, B. Osborne, R. Edgerly— Manager This year ' s Varsity became the first Hamilton team to go undefeated in league play. The Hawk- eyes had a perfect 8-0 record in the league and a fine 15-2 overall record. In tournaments, the Hawkeyes defeated Allegan in the closing seconds by a score of 57-54, but were defeated by South Haven, 67-60 for the district title. This was Coach Tom Bos ' second straight Expressway League championship in 2 years. Cliff Haverdink and Ward Johnson were elected to the All-Conference first team and Vern DeWeerdt was selected for the All-Conference second team. Chosen most valu- able was Cliff Haverdink and most improved was Tom Veldhof. VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Coopersville Fennville 48 54 37 52 Middleville 67 56 West Ottawa 65 86 Caledonia 67 52 Calvin Christian 72 67 Lee 60 57 Zeeland 57 68 Maple Valley Wayland Middleville 67 58 70 42 37 54 St. Augustine Calvin Christian 81 80 33 73 Caledonia 58 49 Fennville 64 57 Maple Valley Wayland 71 72 46 61 106 Triumphant Qeniors CLIFF HAVERDINK 107 108 J.V. ' s Have 9pectacular Geason FIRST ROW: L. Reimink.D. Sternberg, J. Machiek, B.Johnson, D. Maatinan, C. Simpson, R. Burgess SECOND ROW: R.Jurried- Manager, C. Schrotenboer, R. Poll, L. Zuidema, D. Berens, R. Kleinheksel, D. Aalderink, Mr. Tanis— Coach This year ' s Junior Varsity team had a perfect 8-0 league record and a fine 13^4 overall record. The J.V. ' s were coached by Mr. Wayne Tanis. This was the first undefeated league record achieved by a Hamilton J.V. team. Most valuable player chosen by his teammates was Cal Schrotenboer and most improved was Dave Aalderink. J. V. SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Coopersville 42 45 Fennvifle 62 59 Middleville 56 50 West Ottawa 41 66 Caledonia 58 39 Calvin Christian 49 42 Lee 62 64 Zeeland 40 64 Maple Valley 58 37 Wayland 58 48 Middleville 55 53 St. Augustine 50 46 Calvin Christian 56 44 Caledonia 63 45 Fennville 72 51 Maple Valley 54 37 Wayland 67 50 109 FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS Hamilton had its first freshman team this year. They were coached by Mr. Wayne Cotts. The fresh- men had a fine 5-1 Expressway League record and a 7-6 overall record. The most valuable player was Carl Slotman and the most improved upon the deci- sion of the team was Ward Nyhuis. Middleville West Ottawa Caledonia Holland Christian Zeeland Gobies Wayland Middleville Holland Christian Caledonia Newhall Jenison Wayland Our First Freshman Team FIRST ROW: W. Van Liere, D. Lampen, T. Boeve, L. Grotenhuis, R. Busscher, K. Lampen, P. Tucker SECOND ROW: Mr. Cotts-Coach, C. Schaap, R. Boerigter, W. Nyhuis, D. Immink, C. Slotman, S. Van Doornik, J. Zoet, R. Essink-Manager 10 MARTI WOLTERS PAT BRINK CONNIE POLL MARY VELDHOF Varsity Cheerleaders Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders B. Kooiker, B. Eding, P. Bouwman, B. Koop, E. Jipping, L. Hulst Freshman Cheerleaders R. Nyeboer, K.Top, D. Zuidema, S. Slotman, J. Genzink, L. Lugten 112 Track Team Wins Two Trophies In Best Season FIRST ROW: C. Folkert, P. Tucker, S. Van Doomik, D. Knoll, S. Cooper, W. Johnson, R. Kraker. SECOND ROW: B. Sale, K. Kale, A. Haskins, T. Hoving, P. Knoll, T. Van Tubbergen, D. Van Den Beldt, B. Osborne, D. Lampen. THIRD ROW: K. Al- ward— manager, C. Pitsch, M. Burgess, P. Wedeven, W. Van Ommen, T. Veldhoff, G. Klingenberg, C. Haverdink, D. Prins, D. Im- mink, Mr. Ter Haar— Coach The 1968 track team finished first in league competition with a 4-0 record and an overall record of 13-1. Led by Cliff Haverdink (most valuable) and Ward John- son (most improved), the team went on to break several school and league records. For the second straight year, the Hawkeyes won the Expressway Conference meet held at Hamilton. Cliff Haverdink, in his first year of track, set a new state regional record in the 440 at a time of 51.2 and took second in state competition with a time of 50.6. 113 Senior TOM VELDHOFF CLANCY PITCH WAYNE VAN OMMEN SCHOOL RECORDS 1968 EVENT RECORD Klingenberg Shot Put 45 ' iW ' Haverdink Long Jump 19 ' 11V4 " 440 Dash 50.6 » Prins 880 Run 2:06.8 Van Doornik Mile Relay 3:36.4 Prins N Haverdink Knoll I 14 Champs GARY KLINGENBERG CLIFF HAVERDINK STEVE COOPER-PHIL KNOLL Tennis Team Fights Valiantly FIRST ROW: R. Boerigter, D. Maatman, L. Reimink, H. Slotman, M. Folkert SECOND ROW: R. Joostberns, J. Machiela, C. Schaap, G. Busscher, Randy Busscher, J. Grotenhuis THIRD ROW: B. Boyles, R. Diepert, D. Bouwkamp, R. Hoving, C. Klein- heksel, L. Grotenhuis, Mr. Tanis— Coach This year ' s Tennis Team put up a great fight against tough competition and finished third in conference with a 3-12 record. Chosen most valuable member of the team was Gary Busscher. Through the experiences gained this year, the team hopes to come back strong in ' 69. TENNIS SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY WE THEY West Ottawa 7 0 ' Allegan 7 3 ' Coopersville 2 3 — — Zealand 5 5 Wayland 3 2 1 ' ' Middleville 5 5 South Haven 7 7 Caledonia 14? ' * SENIOR RICH HOVING-COACH TANIS 16 Hamilton ' s golf team, composed of only one senior and eight underclassmen, finished the season with a 2-1 1-1 record which gave them third place in the league. Rick Ende re- ceived the most valuable award and finished with the best average which is 48.6. The team averaged 203.5 while the opponents averaged 185.5. Composed of a young team, Hamilton is looking forward to next year ' s season. GOLF SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY WE THEY Gobies Wayland Vi Bloomingdale VA Caledonia South Haven 1 Allegan Middleville SENIORJACK ZIEL-COACH BOS Hamilton Golfers Looking To The Future FRONT ROW: J. Zeal, R. Essink, D. Steinke, R. Poll SECOND ROW: D. Kempkers, G. Collings, D. Schipper, R. Ende, J. An- toon, Coach— Mr. Bos 117 Varsity Baseball Team Regains Expressway League Championship ' ■*v. ■•,. ' .. ,,„ ' ,.* FIRST ROW: R. Larson, B. Tanis, J. Conner, L. Dykhuis, G.Jurries SECOND ROW: S. Naber, B. Schuitema, V. De Weerdt, G. Poll, E. Vande Bunte, H. Elshuis, Mr. Kramer— Coach The varsity baseball team ended the season by winning the Expressway championship. They were led in batting by John Connor who had a .431 av- erage. Steve Naber and Rog Larson were selected for the All-Conference first team and Vern De Weerdt and Gary Jurries were selected for the second team. 9enior9 V. De Weerdt. S. Naber, Coach— Mr. Kramer, E. Vande Bunte. R. Larson 119 J.V. Baseball FIRST ROW: T. Bocve, R. Brenner. K. Dykhuis, L. Boylcs, V. Maatman, C. Kreuze, K. Lampen SECOND ROW: J. Pitsch, D. Berens, D. Dubink, D. Alderink.C. Schrotcnbocr, B.Johnson, D. Koopman, D. Sternberg. Mr. Cotts— Coach J.V. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS WE THEY Wayland 4 6 West Ottawa 6 7 Zeeland 5 3 Martin 3 6 Caledonia 3 2 Hopkins 6 Hopkins 11 Hudsonville 1 2 10 3 17 Wayland ■ 8 11 Martin 6 7 Zeeland 1 14 Caledonia 6 5 Hopkins 10 Hopkins 1 8 13 The J.V. baseball team showed courage and determination in a fine year of baseball. Leading in batting were Cal Schro- tenboer, Dave Sternberg, and Cal Kreuze. Winning pitchers were Schrotenboer and Brenner. 120 f# ■ ■ fcr. . . ' ■ NIOR HIGH Pres. V. Pres. Sec. Treas. Pat Sternberg Ron O ' Conner Deborah Maatman Mike Voorhorst Gayle Achterhof Linda Alderink Velva Bartels Gloria Becksford Steven Becksfort Jackie Beyer Freda Blanton Douglas Boeve Kathie Bolks KathiBouwman Kathy Bouwman Winola Branderhorst Karen Brandt David Brenner JillCapel Steve Carter Sally Cook Michael Cooper Mary Den Bleyker Diane De Wirt Kathy De Zwaan Dorothy Dubbink Bob Eding Dean Ellens Kathy Ende Kathy Folkert Dale Fredericks Benjamin Godines Pearl Grodi Dale Grotenhuis Loren Haan Thomas Hallquist Karen Hulsman Patty Hulsman Dick Immink Betsy Jacobs Paul Jacobs Phil Jones Terry J ordan Nancy Kleinheksel Timothy Kleinheksel Jim Koeman Roger Koops Cindy Kortering Randy Kraker Sheryl Kraker Bernadette Krueger Jerry Kreuze Steve Lampen Marshall Lohman Ray Lokers Dale Lugten Rhonda Lugtigheid Jeff Maatman Ken Mc Donald Larry Meiste Wayne Mokma William Moore Mickey Osborne A ft J| m fB $ Eighth Grade W ** S © a § * i % s 122 Anne Paar Bill Pelkey Calvin Peters Kathy Peters Diane Prins Paula Rastall Lloyd Redder Gary Rienstra Dawn Reimink Louella Riddell Mary Rigterink Kerwin Roelofs Dan Robinson Jack Schrotenboer Dave Schuitema Hulen Simpson Diane Slotman Roger Sneller Donald Steele Calvin Sterenberg Wesley Sternberg Patsy Sternberg Kim Sylvester Douglas Ter Haar Patty Timmerman Beth Topp Mary Van Den Beldt Marsha Van Der Kolk Scott Van Der Kolk Bud Van De Wege Ira Van Dussen Kathy Van Dyke Lee Van Order Barbara Van Vuren Dale Verlin Nancy Wakeman Gary Walters Carol Wentzel Scott Wolters Roxanne Wolfe Carole Zoerman NOT PICTURED: Mike Hoezee, Judy Kooiman, Marcia Van Kirk 123 Pres. V. Pres. Sec. Treas. Jane Naber Randy Haverdink Joyce Immink Fred Van Doomik Sally Aalderink Margaret Antoon Kathy Babinski Kristi Barkel Stephen Bauman Leon Becksvoort Beverly Becksvoort Michael Berens Robert Birce Rhetta Blanton Tom Boerigter Joseph Boeve Mary Bouwkamp Shirley Bradford Lois Breuker Brad Brink Larry Brink Gary Brinks Joyce Brown Bob Busscher Cindy Busscher Debbie De Fouw Alta Downing Randy Dubbink Lori Dykstra Terry Eaton Tommy Eaton Lynette Eding Dennis Ellens Alan Ende Connie Folkert Seventh Grade Lynda Folkert Terry Genzink Michael Golding J ohn Greer Ron Groenheide Daniel Grondin Fern Grotenhuis Nancy Have man Karl Haverdink John Heinold Karen Hieftje Denver Homsby Sheryl Hoving Keith Hulsman David Jacobs Martha Jacobs Bernie Johnson Robert Johnson Scott Johnson Tom Johnson Stanley Jones Sandra J ordon Vicki Jordon Kristi J urries Carla Klienheksel Jim Kleinheksel Tim Kleinheksel John Knoll S > 124 Paul Koopman Blaine Koops Sandy Koopman Dick Krueger Cindy Kuipers Leonard Laaksonen Sharon Lamb Keith Lampen Linda Lampen Mike Lampen Rudy Lampen Shelly Lampen Diane Langeland Carol Lemmen Linda Lemmen Beverly Lohman Linda Long Ronald Lubbers Gary Meyer Keith Mokma Bonnie Nyeboer Jean Nyhuis Susan Payne Jeanette Pelkey Bruce Peters Nancy Peters Cathy Pieper Randall Poll Chip Prins Donna Reinstra Dawn Robbins Diane Schaap Judy Schaap LuAnn Schipper Jacqueline Schutte Gary Slotman Earl Slotman Gail Ter Beek David Timmerman Debbie Van Der Kolk Mark Vander Poppen Lynn Van Order Lois Veldhoff David Ver Hoeven Dolphus Victor Darwin Volkers David Volkers Gary Weighmink Dwayne Wolters NOT PICTURED: Donnely Barber John Doolard Ruth Johnson Elaine Rutgers Elaine Rutgers Fred St. Arnault 125 8th Grade Basketball FIRST ROW: Maatman, Rienstra, Schuitema, Roelofs, Ellens, Simpson, Schrotenboer, Lokers, Redder SECOND ROW: Verlin— Manager, Kreuze, O ' Connor, Lohman, Peters, Lampen, Wolters, Voorhorst, Fredricks, Jordan, Steele, Osborne, Kra- ker, Mr. Kramer— Coach 7th Grade Basketball FIRST ROW: Boeve, Genzink, Ver Hoven, Ellens, Poll, Groenheide, Meyer, Hornsby SECOND ROW: Mr. Appledorn- Coach, Haverdink, Van Doornik, Slotman, Johnson, Brink, Boerigter, Becksvoort, Haverdink, Zoet, Peters, Brinks— Manager 126 • OPPONENTS WE THEY Middleville 39 10 Caledonia 38 6 Fennville 39 36 Wayland 36 27 Middleville 53 20 Fennville 61 62 Caledonia 52 22 Wayland Fennville Wayland Middleville Wayland Caledonia REBC WE iARD THEY 37 26 35 11 20 41 44 36 15 37 46 44 39 24 39 19 26 23 38 32 8 t u d e n t C o u n c • i FIRST ROW-S. Koopman, K. Barkel-Vice President, J. Naber-Secretary, P. Stern- berg, Mrs. Wassink -Adviser SECOND ROW: B. Topp, P. Sternberg-President, D. Ter Haar— Treasurer, T. Boerigter 8th Grade Cheerleaders W. Branderhorst, K. Folkert, C. Wentzel, R. Wolfe, K. Ende, P Sternberg 7th Grade Cheerleaders B. Lohman, J. Naber, G. Ter Beek, S. Koopman, K. Barkel, J. Immink 129 FIRST ROW: C. Wentzel, K. De Zwaan, D. Reimink, B. Becksfort, L. Schipper, P. Rastall, D. Dubbink, R. Wolfe, C. Peiper, S. Payne, N. Wakeman SECOND ROW: J. Beyer, L. Eding, G. Achterhof, V. Bar- tels, D. Maatman, J. Greer, M. Van Der Poppen, P. Sternberg, R. Lokers, K. Bolks, J. Schaap, M. Van Der Kolk, D. De Witt, A. Eding, K. Hulsman, A. Parr THIRD ROW: D. Greer, F. Van Doornik, E. Slotman, L. Van Order, S. Bauwman, M. Hoezee, R. Zoet, H. Simpson, L. Folkert, T. Kleinheksel, L. Haan, J. Kleinheksel, L. Brink, D. Volkers, R. Dubbink, S. Kraker, D. Wolters S. Lampen, R. Kraker, G. Slot- Jr. High Band FIRST ROW: Miss Wennell-Director, D. Robbins, M.Jacobs, K. Babinski, W. Branderhorst, C. Klein- heksel, K. Julsman, J. Immink, K. Folkert, W. Yonker, M. Antoon, K. Van Dyke, D. Barber, S. Hoving, B.Jacobs, L. Breuker, B. Van Vuren, M. Ritgerink SECOND ROW: L. Alderink, J. Kaniff, M. Van Kirk, C. Kortering, D. Prins, C. Busscher, S. Cook, S. Aalderink, C. Zoerman, J. Capel, K. Peters, M. Van Den i 30 man, R. Poll, M. Lampen, T. Kleinheksel, M. Osborne, M. Lohman, G. Becksford, N. Kleinheksel FOURTH ROW: T.Johnson, R. Lampen, D. Ter Haar, S. Wolters, J. Maatman, D. Ellens, B. Kreuger, D. Homsby , D. Kreuger, P. Wolters, Mr. Spence— Director, D. Grondin, R. Koops, D. Schuitema NOT PICTURED: M. Reiser DRUM MAJOR: J. Maatman MAJORETTES: L. Dykstra, S.Jordan, S. Koop- man, R. Lugtigheid, D. Slotman And Choir Beldt, M. Den Bleyker, K. Ende, P. Timmerman, K. Barkel, K. Bouwman, P. Sternberg, D. DeFouw THIRD ROW: C. Folkert, W. Moore, B. Peters, I Van Dussen,D. Steele, B. Brink, J. Kaniff, P. Koop, man, R. O ' Connor, C. Peters, G. Meyer, D. Boeve, B. Johnson 131 FIRST ROW: D. Hornsby, L. Brink, D. Grondin, D. Ellens, T. Genzink, L. Redder, M. Voorhorst, J. Kreuze, M. Lampen SEC- OND ROW: D. Schuitema, T. Kleinheksel, B. Busscher,G. Weighmink, J. Boeve, M. Lohman, M. Cooper, M. Hoezee, J. Maat- man THIRD ROW: Mr. Rhoda-coach, D. Ellens, K. Roelofs, S. Lampen, S. Van Der Kolk, R. Haverdink, M. Osborne, H. Simpson, J. Schrotenboer, T. Boerigter TRACK RESULTS Holland Ch r. 69 1/2 Hamilton 39 1/2 Middleville 83 1/6 Jenison 54 Caledonia 29 Hamilton 26 5/6 Wayland 67 Hamilton 44 Middleville 88 1/2 Wayland 52 1/2 Hamilton 35 1/2 Caledonia 11 1/2 132 Vrllk in fc oHon Dollars Cents M • KM HAMILTON FARM BUREAU INCORPORATED COOPERATIVE THE NEW SOUTH ELEVATOR Telephones: Main Office Garage Hardware and Appliances Implements Hamilton 751-5191 751-2111 751-6301 751-2491 Lumber Wheat Building South Elevator Corn Building Fertilizer 751-2201 751-2002 751-2001 751-2003 751-2004 Michigan 134 FOLKERT TV & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE See us for Zenith Color TV 751-2963 Overisel OVERISEL FEED SUPPLY CO. Feeds Ground and Mixed While You Wait or Delivered To Your Home HAMILTON MOTORS INC. HAMILTON FOOD CENTER Congratulations to the SENIORS from OVERISEL AUTO PARTS RON DeVRIES-Prop. Late Model Parts Snow Plowing Wrecker Service MAATMAN BUILDERS 7514101 R. R. #3 Holland 135 HAMILTON VIKING Compliments of EDING TRACTOR SALES Massey-Ferguson Sales and Service Box 156 Hamilton ' RINiT SHOP • ■ i £ I ZEELAND PRINT SHOP Letterpress and Offset Printing 772-6636 145 E. Main Zeeland Compliments of DOG LIFE CORPORATION Hamilton Michigan ALBERS BODY SHOP HOWARD ALBERS, Prop. Bumping and Painting Glass Installed Free Estimates Complete Radiator Service Hamilton Michigan 136 Dependable Jewelers for a Half Century POST ' S JEWELRY 394-4882 6 W. 8th Street Holland MEYER MUSIC HOUSE Band instrument rentals as low as $5.00 month ly, no time limit. All rental costs applied if purchased. Holland Michigan " The place to go for the brands you know. " LOKERS CLOTHING STORE MEN ' S AND BOY ' S APPAREL 772-2902 Zeeland Compliments of GARRY NYBOER-Builder Hamilton Michigan DON ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Compliments of ZEELAND VARIETY STORE Zeeland Michigan Compliments of GEORGE ' S 5-100 772-2117 Zeeland 217 E.Main Zeeland Michigan 137 LAMSE AGENCY, INC. Package Plans Our Specialty Aut os —Trucks —Traile rs Liability Life Trip Accident Home Owners Farm Owners Workmen ' s Compensation 7724671 Ze eland DEKKER ' S JEWELRY 124 E. Main Zeeland Interior Decorating Service DE PREE ' S OF ZEELAND 110 E. Main 772-2171 Zeeland See Us About Our Printing HIGHTOWER PRINT SHOP 139th Avenue at 42nd Street For Improved Contact Lenses See Pieper and See Better DR. JOHN PIEPER Optometrist 751-2143 Hamilton 394-4882 6 E. 8th Street ADDY & KEN ' S MOBIL SERVICE Be Sure! See Your Doctor Each Year HAAN ' S DRUG STORE /- ■ obilgas M > X > 3i Zeeland Michigan 138 PETE ' S DRIVE-IN HOME OF DELICIOUS FOOD M-40 Hamilton, 751-4001 Compliments of JOHNSON ' S SHOES AND UPHOLSTERY f 1 ■ 1) 1 Tgfcffrf^ HAMILTON TILE AND FLOOR COVERING Noted for Wall Tile and Great Lakes Paint Compliments of DR. HOMMERSON Hamilton, Michigan Compliments of DYKEMA FUNERAL CHAPEL Hamilton, Michigan HAMILTON WELDING AND REPAIR Farm Implement Repair Wrought Iron Railings Portable Welding 139 ZEELAND F D L A N D THE HOME OF FOOD VALUES 107-109 East Main Zeeland 49464 Michigan FOX ' S JEWELERS OPTICIANS 12 West 8th Street Holland 392-225 MERLE BOES (standard) STANDARD ' S COMPLETE COMFORT PLAN INCLUDING NEW AMERICAN BRAND HEATING OIL WITH STA-CLEAN PLUS Standard ' s Insured Budget Plan Sta-Ful Automatic Delivery Holland " For the Happiest Food in Holland ' 140 751-2143 Overisel Compliments of MARVIN ALBERS COMPANY Holland Michiga NORTHGATE MOTORS Owner WARREN WOLTERS SALESMEN Gary Genzink Jeff Altena Cross Over The Bridge GRAND FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS Makers of Grand Chieftain Canoes Car-Top Boats Sales and Rentals 751-5160 Overisel HAMILTON DRY CLEANERS QtJtycleaning Hamilton Michigan 141 VAN HEMERT SALES AND SERVICE Magnavox ^ " \^ " ' r Frfgidaire Frigidaire w Magic Chef Holland 396-6651 VAN RAALTIES FAMILY STYLE ALL YOU CAN EAT Zeeland PR 2-2175 BOUWMAN MOBILE HOMES Sales and Service Dealers for Park Estate and Vagabond Call 392-8459 Compliments of PEOPLE ' S BANK PEOPLE ' S STATE BANK OF HOLLAND NORTH SIDE 177 North River Avenue DOWNTOWN 36 East 8th Street DRIVE-IN 46 East 9th Street SOUTH SIDE 29th Street-Off Michigan 142 Compliments of R. MOORED & SON Dealers In Oliver, New Holland, New Idea Farm Equipment, Parts and Service, and ' G.E. Appliances " Our Award Winning Portraits " ESSENBERG STUDIO 208 River Avenue " Portraits with Personality ' 396-3674 Holland, Michigan SUPERIOR SPORT STORE Reminds us that Trophies and Plaques are a representation of all Athletic Achievement 202-204 River Ave., Holland 143 Congratulations It ' s been a long, hard struggle . . . and now you ' re ready to reap the benefits of a hard- earned education. Of all the knowledge you have acquired, probably the most important is where to find answers to unforseeable questions. Here at First Michigan we ' re in business to help you find the right answers to all your financial problems. How to arrange financing. How to get the most out of the money you have. First Michigan is your financial encyclopedia. Stop in at your nearby First Michigan office . . . and bring your questions with you. FIRST MICHIGAN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OFFICES: ZEELAND / HOLLAND EAST TOWN / HAMILTON / ALLENDALE , DOUGLAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , ' FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 144 Compliments of HAMILTON MOBILE HOME SALES Located in Riverview Trailer Park, Hamilton, Michigan 145 Senior Credits ADAMS, SANDRA -G.A.A., 1,2,3,4; Track, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Ath- letic Sisters, 2,3,4; German Club, 1,2; F.B.L.A., 4; Spectra, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. BEYER, MARVA-Pep Club, 4; Por- trait, 1 ; Future Nurses, 4 B1RCE, DEBRA -Athletic Sisters, 3; Jr. Play Crew. BLYSTRA, JOHN- DA LMAN, DAVID-Reserve Foot- ball, 2, M.I.P., 2; Varsity Foot- ball, 3,4;Track, 2,3; F.F.A., 1; H-Club, 3,4, Officer, 4; Jr. Play Crew. DANGREMOND.JAMES- DANNENBERG, LINDA -G.A.A., 2, 3,4, Sports Chr., 4; Basketball, 4; Softball, 4; Pep Club, l,2,3,4;Of- fice Worker, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew ; Musical, 1 ; Senior Follies. French Club, 1,2,3,4, Officer, 4; Band, 1,2,3, Pep Band, 1,2,3; Class Officer, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Musical, 3; National Honor Soci- ety, 3,4; Betty Crocker Homemak- er of Tomorrow Award; Language Award. GENTRY, MICHAEL-Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play; Musical, 3,4; Senior Fol- lies. GENZINK, GARY-Transferred from Holland Christian H.S.; Track, 4. BOERIGTER, VERNA-Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet Comm.;Jr. Play Crew. BOERMAN, JOAN-G.A.A., 2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 1; F.B.L.A., 3,4, Reporter, 4; Stu- dent Librarian, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.;Jr. Play; Senior Follies. BOERMAN, PAUL-F.F .A., l;Jr. Play Crew. ♦BOEVE, RUTH-G.A.A., 1,2,3,4; Track, 4, Officer, 2; Pep Club, 1, 2,3,4, Officer, 4; Athletic Sisters, 2,3,4, Officer, 4; German Club, 1, 2; Class Officer, 2,3; Student Council, 4; National Honor Soci- ety, 3,4; Senior Follies. BOUTAIN, BONNIE -Transferred from Allegan H.S.; Pep Club, 2, 3; Color Guard, 3; Homecoming Rep., 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Jr. Play. BOUWMAN, GEORGE- BOUWMAN,TERRENCE-F.F.A., 2; Gymnastics, 3; Student Council, 4;Jr. Play Crew. DE WEERDT, VERNON -Reserve Basketball, 2, M.I.P., 2; Varsity Basketball, 3,4; Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4; H-Club, 2,3,4; Valentine Rep., 3,4. *DE WITT, DONNA-G.A.A., 1,2,3,4; Pep Club, 3; Athletic Sisters, 3,4, Officer, 4; Basketball, 4; Track, 4; Softball, 4; Volleyball, 4; F.B.L.A. 3;French Club, 1,2; Portrait, 3,4, Classes Ed., 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.;Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Senior Follies; Office Worker, 4. DOUMA, MARGIE-G.A.A., 1,2,3,4, Rep., 4; Basketball, 4; Track, 4; Softball, 4; Pap Club, 1,2,3,4; Athletic Sisters, 2,3,4; French Club, 1,2; Office Worker, 4; Spec- tra, 3,4, Co-Editor, 4; Class Offi- cer, 1,2; Student Council, 3,4, Of- ficer, 4; Jr. Play, Student Director; „ Sr. Play Crew. DROST, ALYCE-Band, 2,3,4; Jr. Play Crew. DYK.STRA.THOMAS- EDING, GLENDA-Y.F.C, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Sr. Play Crew. GREVINGJANE- HANSEJOHN-Transferred from East Side H.S.; Track, 4. HAVERDINK, CLIFFORD-Reserve Football, 1 ; Varsity Football, 2,3, 4, All-Conference Football, 4, M.V.P., 4; Reserve Basketball, 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4, M.I.P., 4; All-Conference Basketball, 4, Woodland Basketball All-Stars, Honorable Mention, 4; Tennis, 1,3; Track, 4; H-Club, 2,3,4, Officer, 3, 4;F.B.L.A.,4;PepClub, 1,2,3; Band, 1 ; Outstanding Senior Ath- lete Award. HECK, KARLA-Pep Club, 1,2; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Y.F.C., 1,2; Spectra, 4; Sr. Play Crew. HEYBOER, CLARE-Reserve Foot- ball, 1,2; Varsity Football, 4; Track, 1 ; Intramurals, 1,2; H-Club, 4;Pep Club, 1,2,3, Officer, l;Jr. Play; Senior Follies. HOEZEE, MARY-G.A.A., 1,2; Track, 4;Y.F.C, 2;Band, 1,2,3,4; Pep Band, 2,3,4; Library Ass ' t, 2,3; Jr. Play Crew. 146 CONNER, SALLY-Pep Club, 4; Y.F.C., 1,2,3; F.T.A., 4; Jr. Play Crew. COOPER, STEVEN-Reserve Foot- ball, 1,2, Captain, 2; Varsity Foot- ball, 3,4, Captain, 4; M.I.P., 3; Track, 1,2,4; Gymnastics, 3; H-Club, 2,3,4; Homecoming Rep., 2; Sr. Play; Musical, 4. ♦EDING, NANCY-Pep Club, 1; French Club, 1,2,3,4; F.T.A., 4, Officer, 4; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew. EDING, RONALD- ♦FOLKERT, ROSE-F.T.A., 1,2,3,4; ♦HOFFMAN, LINDA-G.A.A., 3; F.T.A., 2,3, Officer, 3; German Club, 1,2,3; Y.F.C., 1,2,3, Officer, 2,3; Future Nurses, 4, Rep., 4; Portrait, 4, Activities Ed. 4; Musi- cal, 3,4;Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. Chr.;Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Co-op, 4; Math Award; Vocal Music Award; Music Club Award; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award; I Dare You Award; Co- Valedictorian; National Honor Society, 3,4. HORNSBY, BERNELL-G.A.A., 3; Pep Club, 1; F.B.L.A., 3,4, Officer, 4; Future Nurses, 4; Musical, 4; Jr. Play. HOVING, RICHARD-Transferred from D. D. Eisenhower H.S.; Bas- ketball Mgr., 4; Tennis, 4. ♦JOHNSON, BARBARA -G.A.A., 2; F.T.A., 1,2,3,4; Y.F.C., 3; Ger- man Club, 2,3,4; Portrait, 4; Band, 1,2,3; Pep Band, 2,3; German Band, 3; All-Star Band, 3; Jr. Play Crew; National Honor Society, 3, 4. " JOHNSON, WARD-Reserve Foot- ball, 2, M.V.P., 2; Varsity Foot- ball, 3,4; Reserve Basketball, 1,2, M.V.P., 2; Varsity Basketball, 3,4, Captain, 4;Track, 1,2,3,4, Cap- tain, 4; H-Club, 2,3,4, Officer, 4; Pep Club, 2,3, Officer, 3; Student Council, 1 ; Class Officer 4; Musi- cal, 3,4; Sr. Play; Senior Follies; National Honor Society, 3,4; Boys ' State. JOOSTBERNS, CAROL-Pep Club, l,2,3,4;Cheerleader, 2,3;Athlet- ic Sisters, 4; Y.F.C., 1 ; French Club, 1,2; Portrait, 4; Jr. Play Crew; Social Studies Award. JOOSTBERNS, NANCY-G.A.A., 2, 3,4; Basketball, 4; Volleyball, 4; Softball, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Athletic Sisters, 4; French Club, 3,4; Spectra, 3,4; Jr. Play. JORDAN, CATHY-Pep Club, 1,2,3, 4; Cheerleader, 3; Majorette, 4; Homecoming Rep., 1; Valentine Rep., 4; Senior Follies. KLEINHEKSEL, CAROL-G.A.A., 1, 2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Athletic Sis- ters, 3,4; French Club, 1,2; Por- trait, 4; Musical, 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play Crew; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. Senior Follies. KLEIS, RICHARD-Reserve Football, 1,2. KLINGENBERG, GARY -Varsity Football, 4, M.I.P., 4; Reserve Bas- ketball, 1 ,2, M.I.P., 1 ; Track, 2,3, 4;H-Club,2,3,4;F.F.A., 3. KLOKKERT, MURIEL-Pep Club, 1, 2,3,4; French Club, 2. KNOLL, LINDA-Track, 4; Pep Club, 3,4;Jr. Play Crew. KNOLL, PHILLIP-Transferred from Holland Chr. H.S.;Track, 3,4; In- tramurals, 3,4; Jr. Play Crew. *KOLLEN, ANITA-F.T.A., 1,2,3,4, Officer, 2; French Club, 1,2,3,4, Officer, 2; Portrait, 1,2,3,4, Assis- tant Editor, 3; Editor-in-Chief, 4; Musical, 1,3,4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play Crew; National Honor Society, 3,4; Co- Valedictorian. " KOOL, CARLA-French Club, 1,2,3, 4; Y.F.C., 1 ,2,3; Future Nurses, 4; Science Club, 4; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew. KOOPMAN, LYLE-Band, 1,2, Offi- cer, 1. *KOOPS, VICKI-Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 1,2; Science Club, 4; Office Work- er, 3,4; Student Council, 3,4, Of- ficer, 3,4; Color Guard, 1; Valen- tine Rep., 1; Homecoming Queen, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; National Hon- or Society, 4. KORTERING, KENNETH-F.F.A., 3, 4;Band, 1,2. LARSON, ROGER-Reserve Football, 1, M.I.P, 1; Varsity Football, 2,3, 4, M.I. P., 2, All-Conference Foot- ball, 4; Reserve Basketball, 1,2; Reserve Baseball, 1 ; Varsity Base- ball, 2,3,4, All-Conference Base- ball, 3; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4, Officer, 4; H-Club, 2,3,4; Valentine Rep., 2; Senior Follies. LOHMAN,GARY-F.F.A., 2. LOHMAN, LANE-Musical, 4. MOORED, JOY-G.A.A. 1; Track, 4; Athletic Sisters, 4; Pep Club, 1,2, 3,4, Officer, 2,4; Cheerleader, 2; French Club, 1 ,2,3; Student Coun- cil, 2; Portrait, 4; Musical, 1 ; Jr. Play.Sr. Play Crew. NABER, STEVEN-Reserve Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3,4; Reserve Basketball, 1,2; Varsity Basket- ball, 3,4; Reserve Baseball, 1; Var- sity Baseball, 2,3,4, M.V.P., 3, All- Conference Baseball (2nd Team), 3; H-Club, 2,3,4; Pep Club, 1,2,3; F.B.L.A.,4. *NIENHUIS,BARBARA-Athletic Sis- ters, 2,3,4; French Club, 1,2,3,4, Officer, 3; Future Nurses, 4; Y.F.C., 1,2,3; Portrait, 4; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew. NYEBOER, LINDA-G.A.A., 1,2,3,4, Rep., 2; Basketball, 4, Captain, 4; Athletic Sisters, 2,3,4, Officer, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; German Club, 1; F.B.L.A., 3,4, Officer, 4; Class Of- ficer, 2,3;Jr. Play; Secretary of the Month. PETERS, GLENN- PITSCH, CLARENCE-Transferred from Divine Word Seminary; Var- sity Football, 4; Track 4; H-Club, 4; F.B.L.A.,4. ►POLL, CINDY -Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, 1,2,3,4, Captain, 4; French Club, 1,2, Officer, 1; Class Officer, 2; Student Council, 4, Of- ficer, 4; Valentine Rep., 2; Home- coming Rep., 3; Senior Follies: National Honor Society, 4. PRINS, KENNETH-F.F.A., 2,3,4, Officer, 4. RAMAKER, GARY-Varsity Foot- ball, 3,4, M.I.P., 3; H-Club, 3,4; F.F.A., 3,4; Musical. 3,4; Sr. Play- Senior Follies. RANKEN, STEVEN-Reserve Foot- ball, 1 ,2 ; Reserve Baseball. 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3; Band, 1. REDDER, KAREL-Athletic Sisters, 2,3,4; F3.L.A., 3,4; Y.F.C., 1,2,3 147 Portrait, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew; Musi- cal Crew, 3; Secretary of the Month. ROBINSON, RICHARD- RYZENGA, DAVID-F.F.A., 2; Band, 1,2; Musical, 3. SCHAAP.WAYNE-F.F.A., 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. SCHIPPER, DONNA-Pep Club, 1,2, 3; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Art Club, 4, Of- ficer, 4. SCHOLTEN.DALE-German Club, 2,3; Band, 1,2,3,4; Jr. Play; Mu- sical, 4; John Phillip Sousa Award. SCHUITEMA JAMES-German Club, 2,3, Officer, 3; Band, 1. Spectra, 4; Band, 1,2; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play, Student Director; National Honor Society, 4. TANIS, ROBERT-Pep Club, 4; Sci- ence Club, 4; French Club, 4; Ger- man Club, 1,2,4; Student Council, 3; Jr. Play Crew; I Dare You Award; English Award. TIMMER, RONALD- " VANDE BUNTE, EUGENE-Reserve Baseball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 4; German Club, 1,2. VAN DEN BELDT, BONNIE-G.A.A., 1 ,2,3,4, Rep., 3, Officer, 4; Basket- ball, 4; Volleyball, 4; Softball, 4; Track, 4; Pep Club, 3,4; French Club, 1,2; Spectra, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play ; Musical, 4; Girl ' s Athletic Award. VANDER KOLK, WARREN- VEEN, LARRY-Agricultural Award. VELDHOFF, WILLIAM-Reserve Football, 1; Track, 2; Student Council, 2. VELDHOFF, THOMAS-Reserve Bas- ketball, 1,2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4;Track,4; H-Club, 3,4;Bana\, 1,2. VER HULST, JULIE-Pep CLub, 1,2, 3,4; F.B.L.A., 2,3,4; Art Club, 4. VOORHORST, CARL-Reserve Foot- ball, 1,2; Varsity Football, 3,4, All- Conference Football, 4; Varsity Baseball, 3; H-Club, 4; Musical, 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. *WOLTERS, MARCIA-Cheerleader, 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; German Club, 1,2,3; Y.F.C., 1,2; Future Nurses, 4; Spectra, 2; Musical, 3,4; Band, 1 ; Student Council, 1 ; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. Chr.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Co-op, 4; Senior Follies; Na- tional Honor Society, 3,4; Drama Award. SMITH, NANCY-G.A.A., 2; Track, 4; Athletic Sisters, 4; Pep Club, 1, 2,3; Art Club, 4, Officer, 4; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Jr. Play; Sr. Phy; Art Award. SNELLER, KENNETH-Band, 1,2,3; Jr. Play. SPRICK.BETTE-G.A.A., 2,3,4; Softball, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Athletic Sisters, 4; F.B.L.A., 3,4, Officer, 4; French Club, 1,2. " STERENBERG, CAROL-G.A.A., 2, 3; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; F.T.A., 2; Y.F.C., 1,2; German Club, 1,2; Spectra, 4, Business Mgr., 4; Offi- ce Worker, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.;Jr. Play Crew; Homecom- ing Rep., 4; National Honor Soci- ety, 4. ♦STERNBERG, LARRY-Reserve Bas- ketball, 1,2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Reserve Baseball, 1 ; Varsity Baseball, 3; H-Club, 3,4. VAN DUSSEN, ALLISON-F.F.A., 2, 3,4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play. VAN DYKE, PHYLLIS-G.A.A., 1,2, 3,4, Officer, 4; Basketball, 4; Track, 4; Softball, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Athletic Sisters, 2,3,4, Of- ficer, 4; F.B.L.A., 3,4, Officer, 4; French Club, 1,2; Spectra, 3,4, Co- Editor, 4; Class Officer, 3,4; Jr. Play; Journalism Award. VAN OMMEN, WAYNE-Reserve Football, 1; Track, 1,3,4;F.F.A., 2,3,4; H-Club, 2,3,4; Band, 1 ,2,3, 4; Jr. Play. VAN ORDER, LOREN-Band, 1,2,3, 4; Instrumental Music Award. VAN OSS, NANCY-Y.F.C, 1,2,3; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Jr. Play Crew; Mu- sical, 1. VAN TUBBERGAN, BRIAN-Trans- ferred from Holland Chr. H.S. " YONKER, CHERYL-Pep Club, 2; Y.F.C., l,2;German Club, 1,2,3; Science Club, 4; Future Nurses, 4; Spectra, 4; Sr. Play Crew; Science Award. ZIEL, JACK-Reserve Football, 1,2; Varsity Football, 3,4; Reserve Bas- ketball, 1; Golf, 2,3,4; Musical, 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. Chr.; Jr. Play ; Industrial Arts Award. " ZOET, VERNA-G.A.A., 1,2,3, Offi- cer, 3; Pep Club, 3; Officer, 3; Y.F.C., 1,2; German Club, 1,2, Of- ficer, 2; Color Guard, 1; Portrait, 4; Class Officer, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.; Jr. Play Crew; Valentine Rep. 3,4; National Honor Society, 3,4; Bookkeeping Award; Senior Follies. ZOET, WANDA -G.A.A., 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 4, Captain, 4; Softball, 4; Pep Club, 3,4; French C lub, 2; F.B.L.A., 4; Jr. Play Crew; Sr. Play Crew; Senior Follies; Secretary of the Month; Secretary of the Year; Business Award. ♦STERNBERG, PEGGY-G.A.A., 2,3, 4, Officer, 4; Track, 4; Basketball, 4; Softball, 4; Volleyball, 4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; German Club, 1,2, Officer, 2; Future Nurses, 4; Por- trait, 3,4, Organizations Ed., 4; 148 VAN VOORST, DENNIS- VAN VOORST, WAYNE -Musical, 4; ♦ZUIDEMA, BARBARA-G.AA., 3; Y.F.C., 1,2,3; F.B.L.A., 3,4; Jr. Play; Musical, 4. * 3.000 scholastic average or above for four years of high school. 149 150 3 7 / ■ 3 7 " if 1 f/M Jl ■ . . . which unlocks the door to the future. IJg TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " .

Suggestions in the Hamilton High School - Portrait Yearbook (Hamilton, MI) collection:

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