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TH 55 D ENTRAL SCHOOL GREENW OD N Y P P OO E E ig I-IGNOR Mr. Harland Waters The Triple Terrace Staff proudly presents the dedication of its annual to Mr. Harland Waters. He has been a bus driver for eight years and bus main tenance for the past six years. He has kept our busses clean and in good oper- ating condition. Mr. Waters is well liked by everyone. 2 HDIHIHISTHHTIUH X if 3 02929 f ao V J Prlnclpal Boa rd of Ed ucatlo 'Q Seated, L. to R. Mr. Paul Harkenrider, Mrs. Marjorie Matthews, Mr. John Coston. Standing, L. to R.: Mr. Virgil Hussey, Mrs. Margaret Murray, Mr. Wayne Warriner, Mr. Gordon Pease. 4 X . V 1 'xx , , k A, ,Rx C I I .5 J "4 ,- -. . 73' 17 i I 5 3 1 Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. York. . . Younglove. Stieve. . Murphy. . Sutton. . Clair. . . Herrington. . White. . Harmison. Bird. . . Fancher. . Plaisted. Ford. . Carroll. . Tennant. . Salen. . Hoagland. . Thompson. . Lowrey. . . Durkee lAbsentJ. . Mrs. Holt fAbsentJ. . Faculty 5 . 2nd Grade . Kindergarten . . . . .business .Remedial Reading . . . Sth Grade . Dental Hygienist . .Home Economics .0 FF!!! . .Mth Grade . . Music . . . . 3rd Grade Studies, 7th Grade . . . . 5th Grade . lst Grade . .6th Grade . . . . Principal .Science and Math . . . .Agriculture Phys. Ed. Director . . . . .English . . Art . .Nurse ,fanny Kitchen Staff L. to R.: Catherine Ersley, Marjorie Herrick, Grace Woodworth, Ellen Banks, Mary Brown. Personnel Janitors L. to R.: Harley Lamphier, Howard Lamphier, Hugh Lamphier. N ' H, k 7 15 ff , as Q "' lj 4. , , - ' : ii 3 ' 4 .X L X 7 i Bus Drivers First Row, L. to R.: Vaughn Smith. Second Row: Elton White, Genevieve Smith. Third Row: Clifford Caffery Harland waters, Howard Lamphier, Clair Rollins, Albert Lamphier. 6 40 020' BRYAN HIGGINS 'AQV BRONW Chorus 2 3 Band 2 3 Leadership 1 2 3 brary C1 b 1,2, Radio Club 2,3,U Radio Club Pres 3, Class Secr tary 3 Class Pres 1 Student Council 1 2 Yearbook 2,3 M Yea book Editor 4 Adv Chairman 3 Art Clab 1 2 Dramatics Club 3 Proi Club 1, Nurse's Club 2 Cafeteria Cash ier 2 3,M, Drivers Train ing 3, Spring Concert 2,3 J V Cheerleading 3 M Club 1, Class Play 1 J v Basketball 1 2, v Basketball 3 A Baseball Track l 2, Volleyball 1 2 M Soccer 1 2,3 M Leadership 1 2 Prog Club 1 2, Student Councll 3 4, Radlo Club 3, Dramatic Club 3, Year ok M F F A 1,2, Class Pres 4, Class V Pres 2 Varsity Basket ba l Co Capt U J V Basketball Capt 1 F F A Reporter l Soccer Co Capt 4 Boy' Chorus 1 Spring Concert 1, Drivers Training 2 Minstrel Show 3 Class Play l 2, Chairman School Fair M All Star Basket ball 1, V Pres Student Council 4 wb? tug wir 'ami' Q-Klan' PATRICIA WALLACE Band l,2,3,M, Chorus 2 3 Band Officer 3 4, All State Band A All County Band 3 4 Class Treasurer l 2, J V Cheerlead ing 1, V Cheerleading 2,3,U, Cheerleading Capt 1 3,4, Drivers Training 3, Nurse's Aid 2, Year book 2,3,4, Yearbook Treasurer 3, Photo Club 3 Sprin Concert l 2,3, , Student Council A A 2,3, Girls' State 3 F H A 1, in strel Show 2,3, Dramatic Club 33 Junior Dance Chairman 33 Yearbook Commercial Chairman 4. 8 .,lf' w'pw' 1 I 1 3 1 1 1 Li' X v TLA c ' 3 0 ' E' 3 V - 3 1 :Mi PM 1 3 P' 'C . , 1 A , . H , A . 3 .1 ' 'Q' 0 'J . ' ,2, N.H.A. l,2, G.A. A. 1, I Y haf' S U- ' . Y . ,g - 3 g , ' - , 1 If . V 3 1 , , I . Q 'H W: D I !': . ', I , , , ' , A 14- 'SV . Wi' 1-'.x, 2 1 31 M5 1 31 ui . ,. 'f,g,L,f ,,' f fl' -K . A- ' 'C 1 1 1 V' K , 1 1 1 1 1 X .1 " " - C' . , ' I. , - , 0 ' . bo .3 . . . 35 11 . ' . , QQ 1 5 , 5, . , "' 1 - . 5 . . , t . S ,. . . . I M K - . Q S W. 3 , . - 9 , 3 1 ' XX 3 .- 2,3, . . of Q , i Q- A ' 1 1 , Q . 3 1 3 W 1 3141 I ' ' .X . O -v 5 ' , '45, . 1 ,- . ' . u . O- il. O . , W Y . Q A 1 3,u, G. . . I ' 3 . . . ' M - 0' 7552 1FQh-A FRED TERIBURY Photography Club 13 Proj. 3 . oi Club 1 e s Li ra b'1 2 ar oo 2 3 4 F.H.A. 2, , 3 Leaders ip 1' Dri ers Traini g 33 Ar 33 Spring oncert 2,3,u3 F.H.Al Secre- tary 23 Minstrel Show 33 G.A.A. 33 1855 Play 1. Q f. 5 w 1. f ' Xv V ,Pi xv NV ll f 3 ., U44 Lg, 1' 1, V XI' LK 3- X 3 3 ' SHIRLEY CLARI: . X ' L V , ' k uf V 3 N X f A1 '3,43 Cho 3 ,2,3, ' 43 orek er 2 ' 43 's J Ye J .9 3 J 'Q 3 f,fl 1" '1 5 Club 13 Soccer 1,2,3,43 M Baseball 3,43 Basketball 33 Track 3,43 Archery P- 'yy' K7 ,Z Club 3,43 Rifle Club 33 F.F.A. 13 Dr1ver's 3 Training 43 Boy's Chor- , s 43 Table Tennis 33 'X ,,7M adminton 3. x- X XALLIE MAE MILLS ffReporter 43 F.H.A. 2, Radio Club 3,uj , Proj loncC1ub 13 Chorusl 1,2,3, -N pring Concert 3 l,2,3, - nd 33 Minstrel 1'-..'hf, Show 2, - rary Clubf 1,2,33 L br-ar Club vffa 3 3 33 Art Cl b 33 etqria ' 2,33 G.A. . 2,33 ers Training - Nurse' A "N19' 2,3,uj Yea book 2,3,43 Chairman o Presales 33 Advertisin Manager 43 Scorekeepe 23 Leader- ship ls Cla s Play 13 it Class Secre ary 1. 'L 'V I .lu 9 1 KAY' WORD F H A 3, Radio 4 Photo Club 3,4, Chorus l,2,4 Band 1,2,3, Minstrel Show 3, Library Club 3 Cafe teria 3 G A A 3 Drivers Traininv 4 Nurse's Aid 2,3,M, Yearbook 3 Leader ship 3, Cheerleading 3 Class Pres 3 Class Sec retary M, Student Council 3 Spring Concert l,2,4 All State Chorus 4 D A R Award 4, Good Citizenship Conference 3, Student of the Month 3 R W1 9EEF?W g RICHARD HOUSV Soccer 2,3,U, Varsity Basketball 3 4 J V Basketball 2, F F A 2 3 4 F P A Sentinel 'IM wuluwf 10 DOROTHY MAE FLETCHER Chorus 2 3 4 Band 2 Spring Concert 2,3,4, Minstrel Show 3 F H A 2 4 F H A Pres Projection Club 1, Drivers Training 3, Library Club 1 2, , Art Club 3 G A A 2 Photo Club 2 A , w A ' .L .. . . 0 o o 5 u . . J . . . ,- J . . , e u o 3 . o 2 Pj - ' s - , A' . . J ff . 15 a 3 " . O 0 1' 1 .1 . ' 3 o o o . . . . I 1 ., 0 fi, ' ' .K N x x ' ' ., A' Ei???i?ifM P Q , ,M NJ -I O' . . J , I I . C l C . 1 1 1 0- . . 3,4- 4 , , s ,3s . . A, , . . . P ,3, 3 . . . . 33 . . 3: q o , . . . , I Q -A-Q-'Esl ALLA YORK Class President l P F A 91a Vice President 2 D President 3 Citizenship 3 Track 1 3 Soccer 1 4, 1 Yearbook 3 ,2, ..-f4"' if AJ? M fps CAROL HURD Band 1,2,3,4, Band Treas urer 4, Chorus 2 3 F F l F F A V President 3,M, Drivers Training 2, Photo Club 3, Library Club 2,3, L1 brary Club President 3 Spring Concert 1 2,3 4 All State l, Yearbook "' 2,3,M, Leadership 2 Cafeteria 2, Nurse's Aid 3 4 Minstrel Show 2 Delegate to Syracuse ,ff 4, Athletic Treasurer 4 023' VICTOR LOSEY Soccer 1,2 3 4 Soccer Capt l, Soccer Co Capt 2 M J V Basketball l 2 V Basketball 3 J V Co Capt 2 Baseball l,2,3 ack l 2 3 A F 2 3 4 F F A Reporter 3 Yearbook 3 Class Pres Class V Pres 4 Cla Play l 2 Drivers Training 3 Boys State 3 Volley ball 2,33 Class Sentinel 3. 11 'ff 'kr-77' ' 1 ld f'1 1 V g . . . 1 ' A A 3 F,..A. Q V 4 5 3 1 S 3 , 3 F.F.A. 1 3 , 4 - Ig. ' ' lffgfrl X ,1 A, n Cjgf? Y V . . f X ,A-,, "' ., . 1 A 4mg!1 J PVP? + ,wWWCfm w 7 1 is wi ,jf 4-, V' 412' JQVWNQMK ,nv-lil Y fy' 2 ' 'gi' qw 'C M'1'1' qgpspf'iv, hr ,E-, ' - ' f? ' L -f-252' ' I A ,L . 5 ,A If ,M Qu, , . . , f , ff, ,1 Iwi .4 + A A w X ., - . - A D' ul , 3 1. .. X - J - : 3 J J Q A - . C 9 .. . Q 3. . . - . 3 - : J 3 , . ' ,3s 1 ' , I I ' . , J -M... I 41 ' . , . . J I , I ' - I . . s 1 - - 1 J f , . Q . . ' N . . ' I , Tr 1 1 1 5 - F ' A v 1 Q V 0 0 . W s 9 1 - . . A 1 ' . , . - M 2g . . g ss 4 H 1 I , V . . - M 9 J PW I A!1!FE 'uv ...J Mr Lowrey SENIOR ADVISOR To the Class of 1955 Nearly nine vears have passed since World Mar II ended and me rejoiced that a period of peace and promise commenced During these years you have completed your secondary education However, during these years hopes have changed to doubts and there is danger that in our disillusionment we shall lose the will to strive for those things that in all times, have made life worthwhile In the face of such circumstances my wish is that you may have the courage and the vision to think straight and act accordingly Too many of the problems you face today have arisen from compromise and the accept ance of false values by those who have preceded you These great problem can only be solved by generations of men and women capable of seeing straight and possessed of the conviction that by intelligent and constructive action great ends can be attained I am not wishing you either ease or comfort, for they are not the elements that make for accomplishment I am wishing for you the challenge that comes from a Job to be done, may you later gain the satisfaction that comes from sharing in the accomplishment of worthy ends IZ S AQ. . H Q 4 V X NK I we , . , I ' .- ,- 1 -KA, 3 . .sq 1 M. ' 4 B x A I l F ' figaif ljF" Hiahza , 'Ig' K , 4715 fi' Q f , " We K I YW , 'A fgxagi. M . V v .. . . c , , Q CJ 3 . . . n ll . . . . Senior Horoscope MQ Ti Qnave Dlsl Falrless Pet Peeve 1 s Penn e ants to be successful ill be Housew e H RI K It A L kes Eva Dlsllkes loisy People Pet Peeve Conceited People rants to be Secretary lll be Housewife DCRfTHY WA rLRTCHER Nickname Dottie Likes DCHOO1 Dlsllkes Concelted People Pet Peefe Perslstant People wants to be secretary Jill be Successful KAYL LPF rORD Nickname Kale Tikes Dl likes Pet Peeve People who talk behind Jolr back Jants to be Nurse lll be Nlrse No one RRZAN DUAJ HIGGINS Nickname H19 Tikes Pat Dislikes oman Drivers Pet Peeve Parllamentary Procedure ants to be Patty Lou s husband Mill be Successful electrical engineer YICHARD HQUS Nickname Dick Likes Night life Dislikes Some girls, Pet Peeve work ' wants to be Sailor will be' Bum CARCI JUA HURD Nlckname Kid likes Chuck Uisllkes Turnlps Pet Peeve setting in early Wants to be 'orld Traveler Llll be Housewife VICTOR ALLLN LOSRY Llkes Girls Dislikes Going steady Pet Peeve Straight hair Wants to be Mechanic Wlll be Plumber ALLTE MAR MILLS N1CkU3m9 Al Llkes Dancing Dislikes Blondes Pet Peeve Two faced people Wants to be Beautlcfan will be Housewife ALTA RALPH VORK Nickname Pop Likes Canisteo Dislikes Sitting around home Pet Peeve People who ask questions Wants to be rarmer Will be Farmer PATRICIA LOU WALLACE Nickname Pat Likes Tall blondes Dislikes Spagetti Pet Peeve To be called Patty Lou Wants to be Secretary Will be Bryan's wife FREDERICK LEROY TERIBURY Nickname: Fred Likes: Spagetti Dislikes: Girls Pet Peeve: Teachers Wants to be: Pilot will be: Pilot light U AATY IAGDALINE BROWN dl ',l5. I hlc,ngn,: Shwrife ' :I Likes: Dill , : J l,.llkes: Un i ', ' x : ,, , ,: Bfs y .,wAl : C 'Y - 'T I 'I AJ 1 - 1 - 1 , . uv . PJ : ,' . lfl Q : S l LF' ANN C,FRU ' L Nickname: Shfrl Nickname: Romeo i : 1 ' : ' v '1' c .f - I .-. u : J : W : . ' 1 , l W- ,,.u , 1 1 L- - A - . . L- 'N, I o 1 - - ,I I ' - w , A I - 4 V v . .- 'A - 1 , W A ol A .. : J 1 L, I T,V, Q S Z '. 1, K 7 ' V : - - ' N W 1 1 3 ,ll', IE P we 1 Q3 : L Z - g 2 V . 2 A, ,: f - . LY , Y H , . . Y - : I . P 'E 13 Class Prophecy The optimistic viewers of the Class of 1955 are now in Madam Mermack's class looking into the future year of 1965 Plans have been made by Madam Mermack so that the class may see how successful they will be Our first look lS in a large department store which is owned by a man named Victor Losey Victor moved to Buffalo right after he graduated The next place we see is owned by Mr Willlam Mullen If you will recall he married Mary Brown about seven years ago They have eight little boys Not too far from the Mullen farm is one of the largest farms in the district This farm is owned by Alta York H really built that farm up after he graduated Now we visit the city of New York where Dorothy Mae Fletcher is working as a secretary She went to school in Buffalo and then went to New York for a better Job Since we are so close to Long Island, we might just as well visit the well known school princlpal, Mr Richard House After finishing college he went to Long Island for more training I guess he 1S getting it our countryv Mr and Mrs Bryan Higgins as you'd all expect Mrs Higgins is the former Patricia Wallace If we go to the Washington Airport we may see the well known pilot, Mr Fred Teribury Mr Teribury is now the new test pilot for the army Going across the country we can see the largest farm in Kentucky This farm is owned by Mr Chuck Buttons Mr Buttons skipped off with one of our local girls Her name, as some of you might know, is Carol Hurd She always did love the farm Now if we skip over to Texas, we can see one of our former graduates Miss Kaye Lee Ford is the head of one of our largest hospitals In Nevada we will find a housewife by the name of Mrs Milford York She is the former Allie Mae Mills Allie has a set of twins, one boy and a girl Our last place to visit is where Mrs R J Walrath lives Mrs Walrath is a former graduate by the name of Shirley Clark Shirley has to have a girl now in order to catch up with Allie Mae Shirley has a boy Since this completes the class prophecy of the Class of 1955, Madam Mermack asks the group to leave so that she may help other groups see how successful they will be . A . e Shall we go to see the President and the First Lady of in L DI Tl 'I f or O Wm! 1463! v FH' VHYKJ CTRL 1 Hr A. ' I' amy C 'J Q E Lbs Jpaup "F P ,AQ F T'If O Voc , :- Vfx 25.1 5 we 4 1 Ofpfn q Y-Nj 1-'vm X63 Q Y' qhil srxr I' ww INK 5 J 'CFS Y' k int to F 13 C111 my-pf, ,L AJI' - 15 L1 1 1:1- Q I ,Y '14 Y - 1' .lvLL.,2j' Q'ujfLGZjlI Jfv- L? - ' ,nfs ff lf , 3:'mf bf Siwnifiifh f"4lPS A N ' 'f H'P llll vikl ami testaieng, gwe ' THA ' 17" 'g H.w- v,,,. v wgnww Qt- , Q - - Au -.wit - L .::.,',, 4 gg Q2'1j"-2 mf '- 3' ' --uf-.,.: .fs - +, .. ,- ,, ' . ', n'M ' A- Y -WWQL--we . .., - YJML ,.n1Gr -as3. ' 4 D fiVf 'P1w, Q 2793 " mgn 5qpqL5p'g,y i9L iTllf7f i QQ'-r'IrQ Qliss 3p,f4Q5g, A,.l1.,1,.j. T-IAT., 1ix5,J,?S , V :,,inT1Q I Yt,?Iqt :AAT 'VAA if ', F' -fit Q hwy T 3uAH3 in q,p 1,Cq9F' , C3F'R Kirk wivus an la1vrmQ fQtLQajg thp 1 f,x-,4'-+- ,, -, ,,: , ,A , :'A' 133.7 f 'V L' :L fi, flgff. Fil, ','EF-- 1g5,-i1Q5,f31"j3- H570 ' F7 -rains Mir swile to Yivett FfWQ27l fry: t:.,., v, - K """A-- '74, ,,J..1 . ',I',w,5-'fl l"Vr' 'v 2 mir :11fgQ-f-- ff 1,3 V- 4 ,,:'v ..,. -X ,. -- .. , , ' " " AT 9-5:J f 13 xTUU,mlC! 2:1 nLniiL,i fa nj, , v f-ta 5 Id waves his bazpfplness tg ibbert 'farf- I l Erjan Hi fiLS lggvgs his 8ii1TUf V rgj 31,ng W-31 CQHCK, U xxx qEudHr'. aliK, tx jjgpawq ' Hvfkenridvr. VH"i ic zallaoe .- '-S her ' 'gy ,O 5 Class Q time in 33- 1 V Hfwr'ng ' ' , 'V A'h41lf"" - ,. ' Y." 7 fm wr ' ,, .V . , H H-1i: 449 .,W,a 1Qa.,U .Q, 4n11LLy tj Q, 1U I Jfuflf' KYIYIYW 'Qfl jlfsvq ND, v--I Q ,yvwwiichari Vi::, l,h V- 5'g 5Qf5gL 3, jug I, , 5' X Af' ' v X ffCt.T pwgww Wcqvn 5sn n,q1v f 4 N. -, Y Lrg V, ., .1 f..,J . ,LQ .,,.I j .LCLF n,,' g.C,',,L x f-11 Q+R...r' 'ann Q Mig f ,q - 5. gf -.W- 1 t X , , f - H-' -V -La J- R! xx w 'f V19 ',!'.1IL1LI" Qffnz' 18 A 'rJhfjl9. x X 3a'.i a 3 w1tn2sU1d this xx 5"-'f wif'-f5I'f'. Ray uf' Jpng N "2 A , V . X A r . mx-, an: PFW'- X five. K Class History Although 1943 was a momentous year for each of us as we entered Greenwood Central School, it was also an important year as far as the world was concerned World War II was raging The Allies had begun their campaign against Italy by seizing the Pantelleria Islands on June 11 The Italian mainland was invaded and Italy surrendered on September 8 Casualties were heavy for both the Japanese and Allies on the Gilbert Islands in November 1943 President Franklin D Roosevelt was an able executive durlng this critical period While the world as a whole was concerned with the problem of war, twenty five children in Greenwood were concerned with their first day of school We were met and welcomed by Mrs Clinton York It is interesting to note that only four of our present twelve members started ln Greenwood in 1943 They are Allie Mae Mills Mary Brown Patricia Wallace, and Fred Terlbury During the following years the other members of our small group Joined us Alta York entered in the second grade and Dorothy Fletcher in the third grade Victor Losey joined us in the fifth grade, Shirley Clark in the sixth grade, Bryan Higgins in the seventh and Carol Hurd, Dick House and Kaye Ford in our Freshman year The early years of our school life were devoted to learning the three 'R's My, what a job it was but it was worth the trouble' In 1950 we started in Junior High It was a complicated process passing from room to room for different classes and having different teachers, but in a few weeks we had learned our way around When we started 8th grade tragedy struck our small class, for we were divided into three groups in an attempt at homogeneous grouping However, in our second year of high school we were together again, working for the During our Sophomore year our main money making projects were bake sales, selling stationery and having a concession at the School Fair At last we were Juniors, and with that advancement we received our class rings which we had ordered the preceding year Our Junior year found us with twenty members in our class and very few funds for our Senior Trip We really began to work We sponsored a Junior dance, Dusty Owens, and had the selling of refreshments at the basketball games We also sponsored the Junior and Senior Banquet which proved to be a very enjoyable event At last September 1954 rolled around, and as Seniors we were starting on the last part of our Journey at Greenwood Central We were sorry to learn that we had lost seven members of our class Kay waight, Frances Burdick, Dorothy York, William Vanderhoef, Ronald Ersley, Archie Kernan and Duane McCormick We had not only lost seven members but also Mr Lynn, who had been our advisor during our Sophomore and Junior years Mr Lowrey became our advisor Early Saturday morning, April 30, we all met at G C S to start our trip to Washington, D C We had been striving toward this trip for three and a half long years, and were anxious to be on our way During our stay of six exciting days we saw such places as the Capitol Building Lincoln's and Wash1ngton's Monuments, and many other places of interest Our stay seemed all too short, but we realized we had to return to Greenwood to complete the last lap of our schooling Graduation arrived and with its coming our time at Greenwood Central was at an end Our four years had been full of experiences which had equipped us for the future It was a time of farewells to those we had come to love, and a great sense of expectation for our tomorrows To you, dear G C S we say farewell 16 two main events of our high school lives: the Senior Trip and Graduation. J K, 9-4f,1gf2aw y ,'5v-n f 15, P 'X Ag FINISH THAT PAP W HAVE YOUR PICK . V - V V. ,, ,, , ...,,..,,.,. ,e,1,M+L,.,, wgzgwvmrxxwmJEmwf5a, 49 DADDY SALEN, DID YOU SAY SMILE? HUMI FOOD F . 'N fkx LQ I2 f- , , 9 i 'I UB WORKING? 'n 'f' , P yA '+I 'w"vr' may A N N,-5 5 Q , PENCILS, PASTE, PICTURES WATCH THE TIME, HELEN ' """u:x ARE THEY ALIVE? WATCH ME DRIVE WHAT ARE YOU MAKING, LYLE? A .Aff T , Wg A if UHDEHCLHSSHIEH X 1 J 96? '44 X f X X if X ,f B 6 X X If X 1 . Junior Class Shirley Higgins President Jinifred Saunders t i V. President .,Xk Ml, Ellen Murray Secretary Suzanne Lippert lv! Treasurer Emmett McNeill Student Council Rep. First Row, L. to R.: Theodore Grumley, Suzanne Lippert, Winifred Saunders, Shirley Higgins, Ellen Murray, Emmett McNeill. Second Row: Laverne Stephens, Richard Harkenrider, Duane McCormick, Ronald Ersley, Mr. Hoagland, Robert Losey, Thomas Harkenrider, Richard O'Brien. First Row, L. to R.: Leo Grumley, Louise Brown, Lillian Herrick, Ruth Dennis, Dale Pease. Second Row: Phyllis Allen, Mary Mix, Ann Wyant, Mr. Salen, Lgyaug-Higgins, Kathleen Murphy, Waneta Sherman, Larry Vanderhoef. Third Row: Robert Moore, Ralph Mix, Harley Lamphier, Gary Reimann, Glenn Campbell, Clair Cornell, Richard Updyke. Absent: Shirley Holt. Sophomore Class Lillian Herrick PI'eSid6I'1t Leo Grumley V. President Ruth Dennis - Secretary Louise Brown Treasurer Dale Pease Student Council Rep. 8 ' ' au: J-ld A M53 A X - 'Y-,," ' -.' .L?... . p. First Row, L. to R.: Larry Rogers, Betty Ann Brown, Joyce Fox, Janet Phillips, Dean Sherman, Mary Burdick. Second Row: Miss Stieve, Robert Baker, William Updyke, Lyle Dixon, William Kelley, Alvin Mills, Joyce Dixon. Third Row: Florence Osmin, Robert Vanderhoef, Catherine Ersley, Sally Waight, Ella Woodworth, Evelyn Lounsberry. Absent: Howard Hulse, Lawrence Hulse. Freshman Class Joyce rox President Betty Ann Brown V President Janet Phillips Secretary Larry Rogers Treasurer Dean Sherman Student Council Rep First Row, L. to R.: Joyce Dennis, Dale Lamphier, Sandra Allen, Roger Harkenrider, Patricia Higgins, Kathleen Lounsberry, Glenn Moore, Helen Kernan. Second Row Gerald Updyke, Genevieve Soble, Roger Woodworth, Burdette Hulse, Jack Losey, Raymond Baker, Richard Mix, Clair Tracy Third Row: Mrs. Sutton, Lloyd Drake, Arnold Holt, Jane White, Robert Gratto, James Soble, Dona Shirley, Dale Sherman, Esther Main, Sharon Smith. Eighth Grade Roger Harkenrider President Sandra Allen V. President Patricia Higgins Secretary Dale Lamphier Treasurer Kathleen Lounsberry Student Council Rep. l I-, ,gn Seventh Grade John Murray President Joe McCaffery V. President Lorraine Bassett Secretary Leroy Herrick Treasurer Dale Campbell Student Council Rep. First Row, L. to R.: Rodney Hulse, Leroy Herrick, James Joe McCaffery, John Murray, Lorraine Bassett, Dale Camp- bell, Shirley Decker, Myrtle Mills. Second Row: Richard Rogers, Charles Saunders, Harold Samuelson, Nancy Dixon, Mary Waters, Kaye Moore, Janice Herrick, Johnne Murphy, Penelope Cole, Margaret Brown. Third Row: Mrs. Fancher, Carl DuBois, Barbara Hulse, Charles Fox, Richard Fletcher, Donald Cady, Ann White, Barbara Bormann, Leo DuBois, Wayne Brewster, Roger Smith. Absent: Bernard Campbell, Catherine Murray. First Row, L. to R.: Ellen Burdick, Richard Samuelson, Robert Streeter, Gerald Dennis, William Eaters, Esther Drake. Second Row: Patsy Sherman, Dorothy Raish, Clinton House, Sally McCaffery, Lynn Vanderhoef, JoAnn Reimann, Wallace Groves. Third Row: Mrs. Carroll, Nancy Tournor, Merton Genung, Mayne Narriner, Sylvia DuBois, Margaret Ross, Lois Bennett, Barbara House. Absent: Robert Lounsberry. Sixth Grade Fifth Grade n I ' 4 y , W ill' x First Row, L. to R.: Myrton Phillips, Betty Mix, Linda Bassett, Elaine Holt, Lillian Kernan, Anna Marie Brown. Second Row: Thomas Fowler, Roderick Ford, James Tracy, Sally Murray, James Kernan, Brian Waight. Third Row: Mrs. Plaisted, Barbara Lamphier, David Campbell, Jay Paul Bormann, Alberta Woodworth, Lawrence Whitsell, Robert Updyke, Marie Campbell. Absent: Sharon Lewis. First Row, L. to R.: Gary Vanderhoef, Clifford Cole, Roger Streeter, Donna Mullen, Paul Sherman, James Losey, Francis Updyke, Andrew VanSkiver. Second Row: Gary Clark, Gordon Herrick, Linda Cady, George whitsell Marilyn Genung, Linda Caffery, Dean Plank, Gerald Butler, Betty Pease. Third Row: Mrs. White, Douglas Wyant, Leo Hulse, Jefferson Brewster, Gloria Wallace, Barbara McCaffery, Phyllis Leonard, Cheryl Hussey, Elaine Houghtaling, Frank Saunders. Fourth Grade Third Grade First Row, L. to R.: Alexis Brown, Stanley Smith, Gail Smith, Larry Tourner, William Hawkins, Donna Wallace, Diane Woodward, Curtis Erskine, Mary Jo McCormick, Royce Vanderhoef, Shirley Hoyt. Second Row: David Waight, Barry Quinn, Lynn Redmond, George McCaffery, Roger Williamson, Stanley Murray, Frederick DuBois, Gary Rollins, Sharon Tourner, Nancy Herrick, Benjamin Smith, Nancy Kernan. Third Row: Marguerite Waters, Donna Krusen, Gary Chaffee, Robert Burdick, Janet Harkenrider, Roy Bennett, Robert McCaffery, Harlan Warriner, Sheldon Kernan, Barbara Soble, Jack Bormann, Larry Woodworth, Miss Bird. First Row, L. to R.: Candace Mattison, Carolyn Bassett, Dale Grumley, Judy Whitsell, Jayne Krusen, Jacqueline Tournor, Deforest Genung, Judy York, Shirley Herrick, Gary Krusen. Second Row: Sharon Hunt, Lawrence Dieterman, Ruth Burdick, Judy House, Barbara Lewis, Charles Lawrence Daniel Wyant, Maureen Ludden, Suzanne Kernan, Edward Vantrees. Beverly Quinn. Third Row: Marilyn Drake, R995 Lowrey. Sharon Holt, Beverly Lewis, Lar'I'lJ Mullen, William Meehan, Susan Edwards, Sheryl Elster, Elliott Chaffee, Jack York, Cheryl Warriner, Mrs. York. Absent:Kather1ne Cole. Second Grade First Grade First Row, L. to R.: Michael Tournor, Sterling Lewis, Stephen Williamson, Marlee Carroll, Benjamin Losey, Darla Downey, Gregory Mattison, Bonita Whitsell, Patricia Ford. Second Row: Richard Hawkins, Nancy Lawrence, Thomas Moore, Larry Lewis, David Tracy, Linda Mills, Sandra Greene, Robert Decker, Thomas Greene, Bonnie Raish, Calvin Reimann, Jerel Wood- worth. Third Row: Mrs. Ford, Gary Hulse, Debra Terlbury, Marcia Gratto, Ronald Meehan, Ronald Ford, Gerald Chaffee, Anna Marie Murray, Lawrence Woodworth, Audrey Woodworth, Mary Coston, Wayne Dixon, Dean Holt. Absent: Michael Cheeseman, Patricia Hanbach. First Row, L. to R.: James Vanderhoef, Larry Burdick, Robert Hoyt, Connie Murphy, James Van Skiver, Beverly Hoyt, Gary Burdick, Sandra Mattison, James Wallace, Jolene Cheesman. Second Row: Dennis Wyant, Sheila Ross, Gayla Rollins, Starlith Edwards, Gail Tennant, Jan Sluyter, Lucinda Downey, Diane Lookenhouse, Carol Warriner, Donald Donaldson. Third Row: Miss Younglove John McCaffery, Stephen Coston, Joanne Hanbach, Kevin O'Brien, James McCormick, Sue Ann Ford, Terry Smith, Thomas Eister, Pamela Higgins, John Hunt. Absent: Duane Chaffee, Floyd Drake, William Ludden, Neil McCormick. I Kindergarten 'iw ,F , L3 NL ef 'N 2 dist I "L, f-OJ Mm 9 ' ' Wai! 3 W 3' 'X Q 1 bi 'P QQ ew ' is X' W' V' Qi Q ik MANV- 94 Z6 72 , f - x , " 'vw . - if Q -4 L I LL -- fi f-Q ,v ' lv Q :- mf, , 2. ik 7 x ' J-' " 1 3 1 1 - .. - .. .-eat., I '-v- .......:, T A 2 If 'T ' :li I 'E i , 6 ,i "' i. rf. ,N -1 ,, ' Q ff' ' - X ' . RT W J 4 F5 f- - " Q46 L Ts' ' Q " ,NX ' r f V ,ii N QQL Q- f 6, mfg X ' 5 " ,. IX' N MMl,:..g.,wa A ' 1 ' x QL"'-""- --,- f'- 21151551111 h Ai VA A - i ' , -11:0 ,. 4 1, .bk . 9 1, .. ti 'gi "T ' X Q ' K - 'r X gr' . l X! A 1 . ' f 1 iii x V' Y V, Q P ' I . ,QAM 'hz .f Q i 'V-R, I 'Tw-A In 'P "" h ' A ' R- . . N I in i-WWA" ,i 'xx . , Xi Sl ff ., 5 Q W 4 ,A if H XY' A Q 1 f' - - W Q 9. - W 5 6 1,1 H 'dv . ug I. in I A , Qi f f 1 , . "'A- A' V ,,,,44s- ---- HCTIVITIES X0 N, QW xL!4f First How, L. to R.: Florence Osmin, Betty Ann Brown, Phyllis Allen, Waneta Sherman, Joyce Fox, Evelyn Lounsherry, Mary Burdick. Second Row: Mrs. Harmison, Rvth Dennis. Dorothy Fletcher, Kaye Ford, Catherine Ersley, Marv Mix, Joyce Dixon, Suzanne Lippert, Shirley Clark. Third Row: Lillian Herrick, Sally Haight LaVaun ,Hig5ins. Janet Phillips, Ellen Murray, Ella ioodworth, Shirley Hifqins. Allie Mae Mills, Kathleen Murphy. Absent: Euienia King. Senior High Chorus Shirley Higgins President Evelyn Lounsberry Secretary Shirley Clark Social Chairman Standing, L. to R.: Shirley Holt, Ronald Ersley, Fred Teribury, Clair Cornell, Harley Lamphier, Ralph Mix, Laverne Stephens Seated: Mrs. Harmison. Boys Chorus . X. XXX A ... V ' L A ..4" 'Qrgi- 231 X , Majorettes Front, L. to R.: Janet Phillips, Joyce Fox. Standing: Sally Weight, Joyce Dixon, Ella Woodworth. Band Patricia Wallace President Shirley Higgins V. President Laverne Stephens Secretary Carol Hurd Treasurer Larry Rogers Student Council Rep. Roger Harkenrider Evelyn Lounsberry Librarians Betty Ann Brown Social Chairman First Row, L. to R.: Leroy Herrick, JoAnn Reimann, Shirley Decker, wayne Warriner, Larry Rogers, Betty Ann Brown, Kathleen Lounsberry, Patricia Sherman, Robert Streeter. Second Row: Johnne Murphy, Genevieve Soble, Suzanne Lippert, Barbara Bormann, Shirley Higgins, Clair Cornell, Carol Hurd, Waneta Sherman, Ruth Dennis, Dean Sherman, Evelyn Lounsberry, Mrs. Harmison. Third Row: Kathleen Murphy, Burdette Hulse, Roger Harkenrider, LaVaun Higgins, Leo Grumley, Gary Reimann, Dale Pease, Harley Lamphier, Ellen Murray, Laverne Stephens, Patricia Wallace, Lillian Herrick. Absent: Joyce Dixon, Bryan Higgins, Richard Harkenrider. z ' 5 Student Council First Row L to R Theodore Grumley Kathleen Lounsberry, Ruth Dennis, Thomas Harkenrider, Bryan Higgins, Kathleen Murphy Emmett McNeill Second Row Dean Sherman, Mary Brown Patricia Jallace Mr Hoagland, Dale Pease Richard O'Brien, Larry Rogers, Dale Campbell Sharon Smith The Student Council the students' government of Greenwood Central School was quite active this year As usual in the fall the School Fair, one of the best in recent years and the Halloween Party revealed that the Student Council had put forth much effort on behalf of the students Later on in the fall the Council sent four representatives to Honeoye to the Regional Conference of Student Councils Problems confronting various Student Councils were discussed such as letter awards constitutions, and student courts Our representatives were Thomas Harkenrider, Emmett McNeill, Dale Pease, and Theodore Grumley Some of the committees that were busy this year were Letter Awards, Fund Raising, Elections, and Constitution The Fund Raising Committee is trying to set up a systematic way of raising funds for each class so they will know what activities they can sponsor in order to raise money for their senior trip. This January the Student Council had charge of picture taking for the entire school In April the election of new officers took place. The Student Council has had a very successful year and is already making plans for getting off to a good start next fall. 30 . - . . R 5" .- E, W i 1 Q 5,5 Q , . .I , , . I J 74 v , . J , . 1 , . 1 J . , . . . Yearbook Staff Mary Brown Editor-in-Chief Leo Grumley Assistant Editor Louise Brown 31llv Sec.-Treasurer Patricia Wallace Commercial Editor Allie Mae Mills Advertising Manager Seated, L. to R.: Miss Stieve, Leo Grumley, Mary Brown, Louise Brown, Patricia Wallace, Mrs. Fancher. Standing: Shirley Clark, Richard Updyke, Robert Moore, Bryan Higgins, Gary Reimann, Joyce Dixon, Carol Hurd. Absent: Allie Mae Mills, Robert Vanderhoef. Library Club Ellen Murray President Helen Kernan Vice-President Genevieve Soble Secretary Sharon Smith Student Council Rep. L. to R.: Sandra Allen, Kathleen Lounsberry, Florence Osmin Mary Burdick, Esther Main, Lillian Herrick, ins Ann dhite, Helen Kernan, Genevieve Soble, Ellen Murray, Patricia Higgins, Sharon Smith. Seated: Mrs. Sutton. Absent Catherine Murray. F. F.A. Richard Harkenrider President Emmett McNeill V. President Dale Pease Secretary Richard O'Brien Treasurer Thomas Harkenrider Reporter Richard House Sentinel First Row, L. to R.: Theodore Grumley, Richard House, Dale Pease, Richard Harkenrider, Emmett McNeill, Richard O'Brien, TUGOGOPG' Gfumleyi Thomas Harkenrider. Second Row: Laverne Stephens, Gary Student COHHCN1 Rep' Reimann, Robert Losey, Mr. Hoagland, Ronald Ersley, Harley Lamphier, Glenn Campbell. Third Row: Dean Sherman, Larry Rogers, Robert Baker, Victor Losey, Howard Hulse, William Kelley, Nilliam Updyke, Lyle Dixon, Larry Vanderhoef. Absent: Alta York. First Row, L. to R.: Suzanne Lippert, Mary Mix, Carol Hurd, Shirley Higgins, Shirley Clark, Ruth Dennis, Winifred Saunders. Second Row: Evelyn Lounsberry, Joyce Fox, Louise Brown, Joyce Dixon, LaVaun Higgins, Ella Woodworth, Dorothy Fletcher, Waneta Sherman, Mrs. Herrington. Absent: Florence Osmin, Mary Burdick, Allie Mae Mills. F.I-LA. Shirley Higgins President Carol Hurd Vice-President Shirley Clark Secretary Mary Mix Treasurer Ruth Dennis Student Council Rep . Proiection Club Duane McCormick President Harley Lamphier Vice-President Gary Reimann Secretary Janet Phillips Treasurer Richard O'Brien Student Council Rep. First Row, L. to R.: Clair Tracy, Dale Sherman, Raymond Baker, Richard Mix, Lloyd Drake, Burdette Hulse, Arnold Holt, Gerald Updyke, Glenn Moore. Second Row: Dale Lamphier, Gary Reimann, Betty Ann Brown, Jane White, Janet Phillips, Joyce Dennis, James Soble. Third Row: Richard O'Brien, Clair Cornell, Harley Lamphier, Robert Moore, Duane McCormick, Shirley Holt, Ralph Mix, Emmett McNeill, Lyle Dixon, Theodore Grumley, Mr. Salen. Absent: Larry Vanderhoef. First Row, L. to R.: Leroy Herrick, Rodney Hulse, Richard Rogers, Lorraine Bassett, John Murray, James McCaffery, Myrtle Mills. Second Row: Shirley Decker, Johnne Murphy, Harold Samuelson, Mary Waters, Janice Herrick, Kaye Moore Nancy Dixon, Dale Campbell, Charles Saunders. Third Row: Mr. Salen, Wayne Brewster, Carl DuBois, Charles Fox, Anne White, Donald Cady, Richard Fletcher, Barbara Bormann, Barbara Hulse, Leo DuBois, Roger Smith. Absent: Catherine Murray. Seventh Grade Proiection Club Johnne Murphy President Barbara Hulse Secretary Wrestling Club First Row, L. to R.: Theodore Grumley, Victor Ldsey, Dale Lamphier, Laverne Stephens, Leo Grumley, Mr. Hoagland, Richard Harkenrider. Second Row: James Soble, Harley Lamphier, Thomas Harkenrider, Dale Pease, Duane McCormick, Richard O'Brien, Glenn Campbell. Archery Club First Row, L. to R.: Robert Vanderhoef, Gary Reimann, Fred Teribury, Larry Vanderhoef. Second Row: Evelyn Lounsberry, Kaye Ford, Janet Phillips, Joyce Dixon, Ann Wyant, Louise Brown, Betty Ann Brown. Third Row: Lyle Dixon, Robert Losey, Duane McCormick, Clair Cornell, Harley Lamphier, Emmett McNeill, Mr. Thompson. Absent: Joyce Fox, LaVaun Higgins, Richard O'Brien, Robert Moore, Victor Losey. Radio Club Seated, L. to R.: Winifred Saunders, Kaye Ford, Allie Mae Mills, Mary Brown, Sharon Smith, Helen Kernan. Standing, L. to R.: Lillian Herrick, Roger Harkenrider, Richard Updyke, Dale Pease, Richard Harkenrider, Ellen Murray, Patricia Higgins, Mr. Lowrey. Absent: Robert Gratto, Dona Shirley, Robert Moore, Richard O'Brien. First Row, L. to R.: Rodney Hulse, Dale Campbell, Charles Fox, John Murray, Leroy Herrick. Second Row: Nancy Dixon, Esther Main, Patricia Higgins, Jane White, Dona Shirley, Barbara Bormann, Sharon Smith, Mrs. Herrington. Third Row Joyce Dennis, Shirley Decker, Sandra Allen, Penelope Cole Mary Waters, Janice Herrick, Genevieve Soble, Margaret Brown, Lorraine Bassett, Kathleen Lounsberry. Absent: Helen Kernan, Catherine Murray. Junior High I-lomemalcing Driver Training Seated, L. to R.: Robert Losey, Shirley Holt, Kaye Ford, Allie Mae Mills, Richard Updyke, Richard O'Brien. Standing, L. to R.: Lyle Dixon, Theodore Grumley, Richard Harkenrider, Larry Vanderhoef, Thomas Harkenrider, Florence Osmin, Shirley Higgins, Ann Wyant, Winifred Saunders, Harley Lamphier, Lawrence Hulse, Mr. Lowrey. Absent: Richard House, Frederick Teribury. Photography Club Mary Mix Sec.-Treasurer Kathleen Murphy Student Council Rep. First Row, L. to R.: Dale Pease, Kathleen Murphy, Mary Mix, Emmett McNeill, Kaye Ford. Second Row: Evelyn Lounsberry, Janet Phillips, Duane McCormick, Ann Wyant, Sally Waight, Mr. Saleh, Gary Reimann. Absent: Joyce Fox, Eugenia King. READY TO LOAD fw WATCH YOUR FINGERSI AT HOME SURPRISED, MR. LOWREY? GOOD OL' G.C.S. LABORATORY MEANIESI CONGRATULATIONS! GET THAT BALL! SCHOOL FUN 38 -N'-rv -Ig 4.5, . I A I ,X HTHLETICS Q o 36' Soccer Co-Captains Bryan Higgins Victor Losey First Row, L. to R.: Dean Sherman, William Updyke, Larry Rogers, Laverne Stephens. Second Row: Dale Pease, Harley Lamphier, Bryan Higgins, Victor Losey, Leo Grumley, Fred Teribury. Third Row: William Kelley, Richard Harkenrider, Gary Reimann, Duane McCormick, Richard House, Thomas Harkenrider, Shirley Holt, Robert Losey, Clair Cornell, Lyle Dixon, Mr. Thompson. Absent: Howard Hulse, Lawrence Hulse. L. to R.: Mary Mix, Evelyn Lounsberry, Patricia Wallace, Joyce Fox, Suzanne Lippert. Varsity Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Basketball Co-Captains Harley Lamphier Ralph Mix First Row, L. to R.: Dean Sherman, Clair Cornell, Ralph ,MLXA-Harley Lamphier, Richard O'Brien, Larry Rogers. Second Row: Leo Grumley, Gary Reimann, Robert Losey, Shirley Holt, Dale Pease, Richard Harkenrider, Mr. Thompson. Absent: Howard Hulse, Lawrence Hulse, Robert Moore. First Row, L. to R.: Ruth Dennis, Betty Ann Brown. Second Row: Sally Waight, Joyce Dixon. Third Row: Lavaun Higgins, Miss Stieve, Ellen Murray. ' J Cheerleaders il 1 X L Junior Varsity "AU H L 4 v ' ' 45'hz 5 3 ' n .sw 476. N 57000 4g::i I I l-D+ z fllf 'Nik X ,,,,.,,, "' Q 'A M Baseball ,gi 'WDA .Y-, , S ' .. 55. XM fl w I-f .QIIO 4 Jx, lf' Last Years Baseball Team First Row, L. to R.: Victor Losey, Duane McCormick, Ronald Ersley, Bryan Higgins, Dale Pease. Second Row: Mr. Thompson, Lyle Dixon, Harley Lamphier, Shirley Holt, Richard House, Gary Reimann, Fred Teribury, Hugh Lamphier. Absent: James Lounsberry, Archie Kernan, Robert Kramarik. L. to R.: Shirley Clark, Mr. Salen, Ann Wyant Score Keepers Varsity Basketball First Row, L to R Ronald Ersley, Thomas Harkenrider, Bryan Higgins, Duane McCormick, Laverne Stephens Second Row Em ett McNeill, Shirley Holt, Richard House, Dale Pease, Mr Thompson TEAM SCORES Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood Greenwood 36 82 60 35 39 41 61 146 51 SN 36 U2 63 34 M7 42 36 37 52 61 43 TEAM Whitesville Troupsburg Bradford Savona Whitesville Jasper Andover Woodhull Prattsburg Cohocton Genesee Campbell Jasper Troupsburg Genesee Woodhull away home home away home away away home home away home away home away away away i V ag , 43 36 36 29 56 146 49 32 145 143 M5 27 ' 'IIA 51m ? s Q THINK YOU'LL PASS? . w WANT YOUR LETTER? WHAT HAPPENED? SEE HOW IT'S DONE? Q L X 5 .W .4gw M A A Qi E? L 5 fa ' it E, ififjfwfffw Q, QM 9 ire T p f, w L. wi, Qomphrnents of Young 6. Young Greenwood N Y DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES Co nphments of Dean Sm1th Greenwood N Y HALLMARK CARDS WHITMAN S CHOCOLATES SEALTEST ICE CREAM Beavers Rexall Store Canrsteo N Y Cornplrn ents of Chaffees Hardware EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Greenwood N Y Cornplm ente of Tuttle 6 Rockwell Co STEUBEN COUNTYS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Compllrnents of Greenwood Feed 6. Supply FERTILIZER FEED FLOUR SEEDS Greenwood N Y Cornpllments of W1lklnS0n s and 10c S1 00 and up Camsteo N Y A BEN FRANKLIN STORE Cornphrnents of Hornell Auto Supply 58 Broaoway H rr Phone 7305 l Y A I 1 '1 . ' I . T7 . , . , 1 I E ' 1 I 1 O l ' N l I l ' Hornell, N. Y. -7744 gf --v , U- .,,, ,WW ,,,,,,,,,, 777, Y l I I . . , L I C . 1 i ' ' ' 3 W ' o uell, N.Y. W L Llppert CO""1Dl1I'T191'llS of e represent the lmesi compames Eldridge Stahon In the world Greenwood N Y Greenwood N Y Comphmems of Comphments of Overhead Door Sales Co A McHenry 6' Co CARL A LAMPHIER DIST QUALITY IEWELERS Fon OVER A CENTURY West Mom SI Camsteo N Y Phone 4421 106 Mom SI Homell N Comphments of IOHN SEXTON 6 CO Manufactunng Wholesale Grocers P O Box 423 G P O New York l New York Iay Madsen Equrpment C R Evans Corporahon Company Inc PLUMBING AND HEATING DISTRIBUTOR or CONTRACTORS CARPENTER SCHOOL COACHES Perry Bulldmq Corner Second and Baldwm Sis 120 W1lsoTI Ave Bath N Y Pnone 6318 Elmlm N Y W . . . . 4 36 ' . ' , . . ' . , . Y. . 1 0 . . Cornphments Shop PROP Vogue Dress CHLOIE FANTON 134 No Mom We11sv111e N Comp11rnenIs Rockwell Bros :S Co We11sv111e N ALLEGANY COUNTYS OLDEST AND LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Compllrnents of Ford 61 Peckham Andover N Y 1 FORD TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT QUONSET AND STRAN STEEL BUILDINGS The F1rst Ncrtlonal Bank Wh1Iesv111e N Y Member of Federal Deposxt lnsurcxnce Corp Wrldman Funeral Home Smce 1841 W1'11tesv111e N AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 26 RUSSELL E WILDMAN Comphrnents of Woodruff Cheese Andover N Y Cornphments of Fred D Rlce Muslc House MUSIC SUPPLIERS SINCE 1890 We11Sv111e N Y ARTHUR D RUNZO Phone 863 Cornphments of Cross D1ner I OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY Exczpr SUNDAY We11sv111e N Y ' of 1 I . ' SI. ' , . Y. I - ' of j . ' ' , .Y. 1 I . I - I I I I d so o or DRM l or A , Ddd-. ,so, LLM. I . I . - I I V' mphments of B111 OHcu'crgc1n Garage Crrenwood N Y Complxments of Whlte s Clover Farm Store Phone 8 17 1 1 Troupsburq N Y GROCEBIES DRUGS MEATS DRY GOODS VITA VAR PAINTS Cornphments of Short s Gas Stcrhon Andover N Y Cornphments of Harry C Potter FINE USED CARS Icxsper N Y Comphnoents of Conderman Iewelers 3 Mom S1 1-1orne11 N Y QVCI A G P Phone 1637 Con p11 ents of Icrcobs Brothers CITY CLUB SHOES 1-1orne11 N Y Conlphmen s oi Red ond Whlte Iospor N Y The Mens Shop 117 Mcnn S1 L1berty 1-1orne11 N Y BC111 N Y Co ' ' . I I , . 1C . 1- 73 , , . g ' ' 11 l I I , . . ., ,. 1 ' l A --2-fr 'Wie -f - 1 Y,,,,,,,,, , ,,s,,s,, .fs X W, ,,,,, 1 . 1 1 - 1 L , . . , . . A, . . 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 ' ' . 32 ' S1 ., H 1 1 w COIUD11m91'1fS 1 Cornphxnents of Walter Wh t ea on E H Lam Garage WAYNE FEED AND BABY CHICKS AND POULTRY EQUIPMENT WELDING AND GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING QGHISTQO N Y Phone 4153 Phone 2641 Depot St Conlsteo N Compllments 1 Comphments of Spencer Stahonery and Punt Shop R1chardsons Furmture Store Phone 202 30 Seneca St 1-1orne11 Camsteo N Y North SOL1111 ECIS1 W93t Comphments of News IS where you 11nd 11 TRY G L F Feed M111 The Camsteo Tlmes Greenwood N f Phone 4831 Canmsieo N Y Comphrnents of SEARS ROEBUCK 6 COMPANY Phone 686 181 Mow Etreet Horn 1 N W YOI14 . O 5 , 1 O U 1 1 1 43 . ' 1 , . .'.1 o - I I , ,N.Y. . O O O . . X I Q .e1, e 1 1 wrsh to use thls space to express my sm re thanks to the faculty yearbook staff ot the Greenwood ntra1 Sohoo1 for thetr C oper at on w 11e 1 was ta-:ma or tures thrs book Rathbun Studlos State Street Phone 4862 Nunda N Y Cornphments of Comphfnents of Murray Stevens STEUBEN COUNTY S LARGEST CLOTHIERS 38 Broadway Hornell New York Cornphrnents ot The I I'I Strait Wlneburg 6 Gleason Dealers m ALL KINDS OF BUILDING SUPPLIES Howell NEW YW FEED COAL AND GRASS SEED Camsteo N Y KRUSENS GARAGE 61 SERVICE STATION Esso Products Atlas Trres Batterles and Accessorles Tralned Workmanshlp Servrce wlth a Sm11e CITGQDWOOCI N Y Dhgng M D Rogers 61 Son E H Lawrence LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES INSULATION SHEET ROCK ROOFING Greenwood N Y Phone 41F2 R 23 P12 WATCHMAKER AND IEWELER DIAMOND SETTING Phone 2453 117 Canrsteo St 1'1orne11 N Y Ce 1 A ' o Y tor t' A . A A I L Milling Company 1 - GS. - - X ' rlvr S Conrphrr nts O Canlsteo Floral Home Bullders Supply nr otr Canrsteo N Y ne 5 Phone 4441 S Cornphrnents of Cleaners Launderers nc Steuben Trust Company Hornell N Y 4 O Cant teo St Hornel' N Y pl nt Con plrrr ents of Thompson Grocery Store Feenaughty 6. Allen 5 6th Street 1 o Canrst o N Y Tonys Corner Store The Cameo Shop 2 4 Greenwood Street HORNELLS ONE STOP STORE NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES TOBACCO CANDY Of SOFT DRINKS ICE CREAM AMMUNITION FISHING TACKLE WOMEN S AN-D CHILDREN S FASHIONS 'amsr o TN Y Co:n, of ' re t 1 1 1 1 Co. 7 El 'I eet 1 ' , . . Pho ,. 42 1 l 1 I r t ... I E I . 5 - . ,r, , . Q i Con. une . s of Y x 1 ,an ste , N. Y. '- ' 1 l - ' F . . A , Comphmems of MURRAYS ATLANTIC SERVICE ATLANTIC AND GOODYEAR PRODUCTS General Rep cur Body Work Pcuntmg Grocer1es Soda Ice Cream Compllment f FIRST NATIONAL BANK Greenwood N Y Comphments of CCIHISIGO GL F Servlce I Comsteo N Y Qomphmems of Gardners C1oth1ng Store MEN S WOMEN S AND CHILDREN S FASHIONS SUN DIAL SHOES 9 Mom St Comst o N Y Southern Tler Furnlture Mart CLIFF THOMPSON OWNER Greenwood St Comsieo N Co nphmems f Thomas Klnney MENS CLOTHES Broodwoy Homell N Y I of so ,.. I I l . I . . . I ooo , Y I . I . 27 . ,.Y N. 1 It o 1 - , . ' 1 , Q, Lo ,. HORNELL AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Packard Chrysler Bu1ck Plymouth Cadlllac Ford Pontlac Dodge Chevrolet Hudson Oldsmoblle Nash Studebaker General Parts SGYVICS Glenn L Bullock 6. Son AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES HARDWARE APPLIANCES AND EQUIPMENT PLUMBING IC 34393 H HNY lp NY FOR ' COOKING ' WATER HEATING ' REFRIGERATION ' HOME HEATING GAS IS FAST CLEAN ECONOMICAL EMPIRE GAS 6 FUEL COMPANY, Limrted Wellsvllle, New York Compliments of Compliments of 85 anisteo Street PHOTIG - ome, .. as er, .. I I ELL E CHAM R OF CG NC M C NTS D ISION Wesl NwYork C0 TIFKIBUTIONS Smrth S Grocery Totten S Eolwm C Elwell Healeys Gas Starr l-lubertus Gas Stall Bouorc S Garaae Taylors Stuollo Scart S Sportma Goods Store VVoool s Wallpaper of Pam Wellsvllle Texas Hot Barrons Feed l-lor ell ole Furmture Flsh General Store Cralas Grocery Store York S Stge Erways Garaae of lrrspeotlon Statrora Comollaents of J, . I . ll ' y 1 N rykyk A X X , rg K l 5 1 I ff' XXX Ls. X . BQ , . X x W, , I . ff . Tl A A 'X 1 f - f X - I I 1 "" Nl!!-

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