Greenville High School - Chief Yearbook (Greenville, OH)

 - Class of 1923

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Greenville High School - Chief Yearbook (Greenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 7 of 180
Page 7 of 180

Greenville High School - Chief Yearbook (Greenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 6
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Page 7 text:

, . .. . . .... . . ...... ..1i.-H,i,:uI...-.. .......-. ...... .. .......... ...-......... . mmmv I u nu-'li' 'i""'1amiwm1riif:' unnu:1:""'-nur nr -nlildgiffnlaiimwl minus' i v 'nhnuu lnrnunnllllllllllununln " ' -luuunru mum: um uinulununuuluuii- iiurl'nl'iuull1ml ' mint nm' 'uf' ,' 1- -vm-nnnn mg 1 " ""' "" . u u nu nun H "mfg" l an u ..i ii Ill 'V ullllfnlfgmrlgznl zuuqwnf In .,.,, H :::::::,,,::1-'- :1:g':: ,. ::,,u"' W... U ' ' . ... .. 1'f'SEu.ii...1.1.l2:-iii--JI... :. up --gl 'gy--y-'lu 1' i-- 1- --I ----- -- in'ni'llul:mmtu1.'mmmnum 'ia-ir.ii.wLi..nnn u 1m.mnnnu-mn ii-'u:i-mimi.,-if it-1-iii--uf1'i,.n ....,.i.H,21', ,nn I u-1gmm-un.inilulunu..-.-......-I--um ., .wi gi-.unfnunu - mann 4 I.. -1 -nu. ini,unnusunpni.-.nunmmm1 lliiu: iuml' mm nm in mmn i in nv fr .um --....-.i ...... - .. ....... ... in n mn-in muunmu. nm um-mu. . m .-i I . li -. :il .I .mi im I :H M . . v----....v i i . -i. .. . .I i mu., .. ,, .- . 3 . . .,- if-iI.-.MTIHII-.HifiitllnmnllliiiiiiiuniinnL'.1L..f:.2:.i.!.:lLJDa,'3'LZ2'Enu-7551-Iim---515---1--!1J....,,............. .Uuinnmil..nunuum-mln ': u UMHH ' Ybo 7700---'lim Ybo The old fountain pen is Covered with rust, liut sturdy and staunch it stands, And the old school books are strong with must And the papers cling to the hands. 'liime was when the fountain pen was new And the school books were used every where, That was the time when the boy rushed in And slammed them in a Chair 'il'll put 'em away when I come hack, They won't slide offfl he said. So he heat it down to the swimmin' hole Like he was out of his head. fYou've heen there perhaps sometimes. You know just how it goesg XVhere a guy happens to throw his hooks Nobody ever knows., But faithful to the end they stand lfach in the same old place. Awaiting the grab of the searching' hand And the grin on the sunburned face. Cl really hate to end this tale, But l am sadly stuck l'll have to hurry to my Geoin Ur l'll he our of luck., ROBERT HOFFMAN, 724. G G'-. -BE" . .- uewzzs -P EEE? Raw 82

Page 6 text:

llllllll If ll Ill .Ill I 4 I u n .. , . . 1 1. . 1 - V . - -. - ,, mm :uw mmuuunu lllllllllllll n I- ""' uunmmmmmn . . "" "'5."f' "' " """"""",,ff:H1'mm 3 ...............- , . . .. .. .. . ...--... ,, l..s:::F' ':il::':L"lf -E'li'5fFFI?f'?l1"i::f5fl":.2F.. ..-'z1.'l'fl'2:1':. "'-'579-'lm'f7:Emn"''35mi'3:52257-'75-EE55"-57375771733 ,,:,'.,..'.,m....i H . . .. -.-fm..-...... ...... ... ....... ...-. . ..... ...-:...':sn:r ":"-n- -fn-5'--: 711 --rf pum,,:.m,,"h,iMlm::M2mm: wM:M::'uu.t.:g., -- ni . nag:-ulun :mann .--.m.,m.--- nun.lfffgllill.-UnkH1M112Hl1dHvindufh'll'i'ifl'a'nmlA :ma ,v1::..1:.:.1::::nan:. '.'::.:".1f:::: :::- .'::-:1r1:::::':z.n:::: " " :::" ':::::z'az':.:"""v' "mv"---'I-1 .mmlmgnq I, , U, . ' . r J - I H nun null luumnr ., ..:v..::1cz-:.':..:w":' .:m"9::' ':::.--'u"::'.: 'ren' i":e.i::::.-HL:r'v.':' -' 1'-H-1--g--g-ggm:51---------f-w'-----I-gig'--,f ' Geffifig Bark I0 F07'illH!Cj! fllyfh apofqgiff Io Uv. G. I-lrzrzfingf. ! Our High School is in a terrible condition, a deplorable condition. ln fact it is now so bad that we, the noble staff are losing valuable sleep over it. The first magnanimous discord is "The Chewing Gum Menaceu or "The Broken Jaw." As soon as we step in the door we 'ihearu that it is good. Every- where we turn we are confronted by gaping mouths which waggle perpetually and at the same time try to talk lfnglish Whenever we walk we tread on sticky, stretchy, clinging gobs of worn out chicle. Little mounds, like wasp nests, on seats, walls, tables, etc., are merely the last resting places of the brave soldiers from YVrigley. The tinfoil wrappers overflow the waste baskets, litter the floor, and congest the hallways. No longer does the smell of the HSpanish National Flower" perfume the breeze. It is replaced by the stale odor of Spearmint, Doublemint, or Juicy-Fruit. Our High School motto seems to have become "Chew it after eiery meal, and until the next one." The only reason we do not put our nickels in the Monday savings account is that there are no nickels left after buying the daily stock of gum. ln actual figures compiled by Mr. Martz, if all the gum used in one year was rolled into a hall it would overshadow the moon, which, according to Miss Lindsey would be indeed disastrous. The second reason for our insomnia is "Clur Bo Problem" or HYVh' Thev 5 . Split Their Pants." No longer do we see the modest, sensible old fashioned form of trousers. They are now ripped up the side anywhere from six inches to six feet, and sometimes a bit of lace is inserted in the aperture. This fad has probably been started bv the Paris, Boston and lvory Companies as an advertisement. lfveryone who owns a pair of scissors or a razor has his trousers split liach morning we hear them Hop- ping as they approach old G. H. S. They Hop, Hop, flop in time to the syncopation of their owner's jaw on a strip of eating gum. Now this new form of Scottish kilts would not be so bad, were it DOI for the colds contracted from undue exposure This in turn causes a great increase in the consumption of camphor, and if it is not soon stopped we will not have any more moth-balls. The third and last article on our list of reasons for floor walking is i'The Pow- der Canf' No, no, don't become nervous, it won't explode, we were referring to a can containing face-powder. These Means" are built on the general plan of a corpulent half dollar, and are carried everywhere. At breakfast or dinner, in school or out, at dance or party, you may see the girls in the act of redecorating the landscape. Nor is it confined merely to girls. The female end of the faculty, our mothers, and even our grandmothers do it. Sometimes you will even rind certain young men who have so far forgotten their dignity as to borrow a Ucann from some sweet young thing. These conditions are outrageous and are leading us to certain ruin, but even these could be borne stoically, were it not for the possible dangers of this Wide-spread habit. Suppose now that just after the female population had linishcd powdering and started for school, that there should come a big wind. It would raise such a dust cloud that the people in Cincinnati would think the Town Hall was on tire, and maybe someone would have heart-failure and die. Ur, suppose it should suddenly start raining. The powder would be washed off in such quantities that it would clog the storm sewers and we would have a big Hood. Therefore we enter our plea for shorter hours, more pay, and less work. JOHN COLEMAN 81

Page 8 text:

'f"Z5.EM"' f"ifiEEi4f7f""'5' WW 1' 5:3 -1-L-mg.-...:U V 'A.'.1-"... a ,' Epf.-wuiiii-51:5 11711-FIR 'nliiflll I l'l'l'1 'l'f. ' 3' 'Trn:n1'u:4:::-T:',H-lnn:i- "' mmuu mmumn.-m mum nmuumun-mm lun: :lummn ll uul ml I ll l u' 1 'unix ,ln-mu. u 1. nunnnlnlun up nu....u nu ,nu u , Illllll 1.111 I lllllllllllll lllllllllllllnmu nun-un -- 'alll'-1: , -3,-,, "'Z':' 'l' ' I' 7'l' A Q' It fl' 1 u ln .Q -. lun un 1 :ur Illllllll mn ' lraigmu " "' - . l uv shag., ,El ""'- """" ' mu. '- , ' min unmnnl mn ' " - 'I "' ' "mm num mn, - Immun. -nun i -nu -.ununn- ..u un I ,... it I . .unnunn un u in In 1 rr ... -1 I I nun:uuuu-.nun-::Y:l"""ff-':3f'u u7':JrQ - ullllw I 1 I ,Zi - 1 - , nm . -I ... nun 1 it 'mulls nu lmlluvlnruuulun runnin rum ur: un. unsung I nn .nun :mann 1 gnu. 1 -nu ru 1nnnuunnn..-nnunnvmluil lluul ulllnln Immun- n nun: n In ln n nmnrn nu 1 nnnuununuunm - nn u -nu-' :mu ul nl nu nn -lu un nnnru nn n nnlunuunnmlnum. V, lunmuun :uf :mug u nn.. -4 nnnnnnluuununnnuunnuuunnniI u uunuunnnp un u In u .1 n 4 mnunulum l llluul u uunnuf un-mul i nuullll-n uuuunnunnn uuunuuum :umm-u ln Sflfffefff C6ll.l'Il.l' qfG. H. S. Regularly enrolled. . . ... Expect to get rich , . . . .. Get rich .4.... ..,. ,... . . Talk about liinstein's theory . . .. Know what it is ....... . ., Talk about their Hdatesn. . . . Have udates' '.............,. . . .. . Refer to Principal Hailey as C. l.. .. ,.. Refer to him as Bailey ....., , , . ,. Refer to him as Mr. liailey ,... . Refer to him as Principal Bailey. . . . , Don't refer to him at all ..,.. . . , Kick about their lessons.. Have any kick coming . .. ... 'lihink they're funny. ... Arefunny .........., ,. Talk about the ill effects of 'shot fudge suntlaex' . . liat Hhot fudge Sundaesh . Agree with their teachers .... , . . . Understand them ,....,.,, Uwe theme paper, pens, pencil malt... lfxpect to pay it ...., ...,.. . . . , . . Roast about our good library . , . . . Y . Lise it ....,........,. .. . Rave about "Rudolph" . . . Number of girls in H. S. .. Think this column is rotten. .. .. ............. . ...... lixixi.-x JANE Hi-:RkHi2mrR, QF G. H. S. lDIi!'CC'f0ll1' Go to Miss Kidwell to learn manners. Go to Turkey YVarner and Peg Landis for advice on being happy. G0 to Mr. Nletzger for an innocent expression. Goto Lenore for a hne line of make up. G0 to Leona for advice on selling annuals. Go to Stentzel for a full line of shoe goods Go to Norma to learn how to Hitt successfully. Go to Mr. Bailey for advice on skipping G0 to Mr. Allen for advice on YVoman Suffrage. 83 552 469 .18 .Ml . .U 509 o7 lol Zur, .39 No .41 552 ..3 552 17 207 ZH 552 Zo S52 .,lI 451 .13 77 77 551 '24 7 1 7 7 A

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