Grantham High School - Grannawayne Yearbook (Grantham, NC)

 - Class of 1958

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Grantham High School - Grannawayne Yearbook (Grantham, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 41 of 100
Page 41 of 100

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Page 41 text:

Last Will And Ccsiument 'S We, the Senior G!ass.o'E'ih'ihvIii!1iP,i!tf-t,hundred and fifty-eight, of Grantham High ScYioo1f1'Count5y2pf Wayne, State of North Caro- lina,be-ing of sound and realizing that we shall soon de- part from our Alrba. A' Qter, dohereby make and declare our Last Will and Testaml . . QM.. ' .1 ARTICLE 1 , 945-N , , To Mr. Jones and the 5facu,7I'Eif'i'Y1!2h'ibers we leave PEACE. ARTICLE II To the Junior Class we leave: . A. Our quiet, orderly, dignified, well-mannered, industrious, intellectual business-like, amlzfitious, illustrious, impressive, enchanting, captivating, charming, co-operative and merce- nary spirit. . B. The other side of the water' tank to paint next year. ARTICLE III We, the Seniors, leave to the Sophomore Class our determina- tion and hope for the future. ARTICLE IV , Q' W e , the Cla s s of leave the Freshman with the happy thoughts that "Old School Teachers Never Die," they're just around the corner. 5 ARTICLE V The Seniors now will their most prized possessions to their dear underclassmenhoping they will be cherished and appre- ciated. ' I, Jerry Weaver, leave my love for girls to Arthur Jackson. I, Dorothy Price, leave part of my intelligence to any needy Juniors. We, Pat Blackman and Lela Faye Britt, leave our ability to loaf at school to Betty Jane Thornton, Jean Sutton, and Margie Smith. ' I, Betty Faye Jernigan, leave tinffgggist line to Genever- ette Wise. ,J -' ' ' 'i7ffggQs.. I, Becky Jones, leaafe my Sggpior books Thompson and Carolyn llenningrrjggd . M3 lgfQfff3,fg ' i' - '- it I, Glenn Joyner, l' a ve quietl Luby 'Bryan,3'Ear1J Dunbar, Glen FtgtreIl'efQd B igltjaigne. Q 1, Philip Hood, leafvedniy listfiif gig? -iitiiiH'obby Raynor. I I, Gordon Joyner, tg-:ave a p'6f'Qrtiol?rF ofzgtghcurls to any needy girls. 1, ff I 1, Annie Ruth Massey, le-aw'1QanrXQde1iihdabi1i1:y to an the ir- responsible Juniorsf I, Sheila McGarr, le ayexmy ever-refgigiess to have a good time to Joyce Casey and gn I , A, r I, Merrell Sasser, le avtgh H Jlplajil' future guardsmen of " 'M' ' ' I, Myrtle Laws, leave a portion of my hair to Jenny Porter. I, Landis Neal, leave my ability to have a good argument to Evelyn Edwards. I, Melba Rhodes, leave my cheerfulness to Dartha Westbrook and Mattie Wilkins. I, Billy Ray Howell, leave my ability to slet-p on class to Joi- Strickland. , I, Bobby Williams, leave my love for Newton Grove girls to Charles Weaver and Kenneth Graham. I, Marceline Tucker. will my homemaking practice to Gail Grantham. I, J. L.Weaver, leave my love for Mercurys to Jerry Tyner. I, G. A. Spain. leave my "sunny good mornings" to Russell Robinson. I, Erma Thain, le a ve m y lo ve fo r '57 Fords to Shelton Grantham. I, Annette Stevens, leave Mary Alice Denning and Annette Britt my friendly ways. I, Ray Westbrook le ave my love for "bad Fords" to Willie Giddens and Jerry Reaves. I, Joyce Edwards, leave any ofthe remaining "Weavers" to any lucky girl. I, Joyce Herring, just leave for Japan. I, Marvin Weaver, leave a few inches of height to Lynwood Price. I, Mary John Best, leave my love for State College to Ann Laws. We, Ann Summe rlin and William Goods, leave Newton Grove to Nellie Mac Bryan and Phyllis Jernigan. I, John William Taylor. leave to Dwight Laws, my ability to play the guitar. I, Gordan Best, leave my ability to date all the girls to Tommy Mozingo. I, Charles Martin, leave my office as Beta Club President to Jerry Wadsworth hoping he will do an extra good job. I, Billy Stevens, leave my position on the ball team to James Barnes. I, Don Keene, leave nothing because I'm Stingy. I, Agnes Britt, le ave my ability to get engaged to Barbara Best and Lena Rose Joyner. I, Claro Grantham, leave to anybody my ability to out-talk the teachers. I, Erlene Head, leave my love for the Air Force to anybody. I, Gorden Harrell, plan to leave this old school with a satis- fied mind. l, J. A. Wilkins, leave my love for Goldsboro girls to Carrol Ingram and Ray Mercer. I, Shelton Williams, leave Stevens Mill to Stanley Hartley to do with as he pleases. I, James Weaver, leave my Air Force career to just anybody. I, Lacey Edwards, leave my ability to "holler" tires to Sally Best and Helen Aswell. We, Betty LouBritt and Margie Westbrook, leave all our notes and quiet dispositions to Betty Thigpen, Joyce Keene, and Clara Lee Hare. I, Dora Lee Thornton, leave a portion of my personality to the needy Juniors. We, Lena Britt and Violet Bryan, being of sound mind and re- alizing we need each and everything we have, leave noth- ing to nobody. Wei.the graduating Senior Class of 1958, do charge the Junior Class toexecute faithfully, and to the best of their ability, this our Last Will and Testament which is to become effective on the day of our graduation. Signed, sealed, and established 'by the Senior Class of Grant- ham!-Iigh in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Fifty- ,eigIit'in.the presence oi the following witnesses: Testators: Mary John Best Witnesses: Violet Bryan Philip Hood Lena RuthBritt

Page 40 text:

6flI5S History Inl954, we the graduating class of 1958, ente red high school. There were sixty-five of us unde r the supervision of Malcolm Bender, Leroy Pittrnan, and RobertSanderson. During the year we lost Norwood Daniels ,BlendaSutton,Faye Thornton, Lois Bradford, Gerald Bradford, W ilbu r Hall, Faye Mercer, Louise New- comb, Harrell Garris , Charlie Helen Weeks, Billy Ray Toler, and Marie West- brook. We enjoyed our classparty at Goldpark Lake. We returned to high School as sopho- mores qu i t e reduced in number with only forty-nine students. To greet us that year were Miss Evelyn Davis and Mrs. Henry Cox. Since we had experienced the routines of h i gh school, we had very little trouble settling down to work. B e adie Thompson and George Issac Joynerleft, but we gained Billie Ann Cauld- er to fill one of the vacancies. This year our class party was at Herman Park. Afterwards, most of us en- joyed a movie. After a short vacation, we returned as juniors re ady to undertake the responsi- bilities that were before us. Our instruct- or this yea r wa s Miss Elizabeth Lewis, who led us through our many activities. At our first class meeting, we elected our o ffi c e r s fo r the year. 'fhey were! President, James Weaver: Vice-President, Landis Neal, Secretary-Treasurer, Philip Hood. H ' The h i gh lights of that year were the Junior P l a y , "The Whole Truth," and Junior-Senior B a nqu e t , which were both very Successful. To end our junior year, we had a Weiner roast at Goldpark Lake. On September 3,1957, fo rty-six ex- cited seniors proudly took their placesin the s e nio r homeroorns with Miss Sandra Donaldson and Mrs. John Lowdermilk. Our o ffi c e r s 'werez President, Dora Lee T h o r n t o n 3 Vice-President, Charles Marting Se c retary, Ann Summerling Treasurer, BillyStevens, Reporter, Becky Jones, Historian, Erlene Head. Soonafterwe began school, we started work on our annual. In order to finance the annua1,we sold ads and gave a chicken stew suppe :r which was a success though we worked hard. One of our greatest thrills was when we received our class rings. How proud we were to be flashing them around showing them to our underclassmenl During the first part of the year Miss Donaldson le ft us, and Mrs. Bob Bradley came to take her place. As the end of the year approached, we looked forward to the Senior Play and being the guest of the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. We shall neve r forget these Occasions. u We ended our twelve years of school by receiving our diplomas. Tomorrow we will go out into the world to seek our in- dividual happiness axid' success. A Charles Martin Erlene 'Head 36

Page 42 text:

As Our years llufald Oh! who is that getting out of that 1968 Pontiac? It's Philip Hood. I guess he traded that Pontiac he had in High School for it. Erma Thain is now teaching music in California while herhusband, Glenn, is selling oil field equipment. Lowe r the gang plank, folks. Do you see who I see? .... none other than our own Claro Grantham who is now in the United States Marine Corps. Lac ey Edwards and Glenn Joyner are two of the most successful farmers of our day. I've heard they had to build larger barns this year, and they are buy- ing n e w machinery. What they learned in FFA must have been worth a lot. Say,what's this? Buy your tickets for the wrest- ling match tonight. Marjorie Westbrook defends he r championship title . Well, all I can say, it should be exciting. Ray Westbrook is the fellow to call when you need tohave the sink unstopped. I understand he is a first- rate plumber. Mary John Best, as you know, attended E. C. She liked it so well that she is now on the faculty the re. Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Up-to-the minute interesting new s written by none other than Becky Jones, news reporter for THE NEW YORK TIMES. Joyce Edwards is now running a nursing home . She is s o kind and good to all of her patients. Who knows, perhaps some millionaire from Grantham may will her a fortune some day. Granthamis really proud of Shelton Williams. He is a Ge ne ral in the Air Force. They will have a big parade which will cover from Grantham to Mount Olive. L e l a Fay Britt made the headlines on the Sports page when the New York Giants won the pennant. You know she is the manager of the team. Her manager hop e s she will retire in the future and manage their own five players. If any of you fellows and girls go sailing on the sea of matrimony on your honeymoon, how about dropping into see Betty Lou Britt in Florida? 'I understand she has quite a fleet of yachts. Bobby Williams ha s b e e n looking around for an office to hang his shingle on. You know he is a dentist now. "Hold on to the chair, patients, please." If you have been reading the newspaper, you know that one of the top scientists of the day is nous other than Marceline Tucker. They say she is awizard and can split an atom to the n-th degree. J. L. Weaveris doing quite well for in his hardware s to r e in Mount Olive. He says the wonien don't buy rolling pins any more, but to tell the new brides he has another supply of can openers. Jerry Weaver has finally gotten on television as a comedian. There was nevera dull moment at school as long as Jerry was around. Too bad Myrtle Ann Laws and E rline Head got married and quit their jobs as dime store workers. I looked around as a young nurse appeared. It was Dora Lee Thornton. Afte r working toward her goal, she finally became a nurse. Melba Rhodes just told me she likes her job. She is private secretary for the president of PATTER.SON'S DIME STORE in Jacksonville. Agnes Britt tells me that she is spending a few days with herparents before she returns to Paris. She and he r husband live in a big mansion, complete with se rvants. H e r e c om e s Pat Blackman driving up in a new Cadillac. Her husband owns an automobile agency, so I guess she will have a car now when she wants to go. Billy Stevens has just come in. Since he is a doc- tor, he ne ve r knows when he can get away from the hospital. Billy Ray Howell owns a clothing store in New York. He specializes in suits for fat men, since he has gained a few pounds. John William Taylor is now in Hollywood, Cali- fornia. Since he has taken Elvis's place, it keeps him bus . YI see Gorden Joyner has become a patrolman. He works in the big city of Mount Olive. When he is not on his trips chasing Betty Lou and her boy companion for speeding, he is sleeping. Ann Summerlin won the most blue ribbons at the fair thi s year. She is a wonderful homemaker. No wonder her husband is putting on weight. Say,whois that smiling nurse coming out of room 209 in Duke Hospital? Annie Ruth Massey, of course. Who wouldn't get sick just to have her hold his hand. April's issue of CHARM reallydisappearedfrom the newsstand,butno wonder. Our own Violet Bryan's face smiled prettily on the cover wearing a new Easter bonnet. She really is a lovely model. My, that new filling station that Landis Neal is building is 'r e ally terrific. Some people wonder how h e do e s so well, but I would like to know if his con- science hurts himwhenhe sells three quarts of gas for a gallon. I saw Dorothy Price on television the other night. She looks happy since She has become a famous pianist. Go rdon B e s t is spending a few days with his mother before returning to Wake Forest, where he is a professor. He was always thought of as a professor in school. Attention! All boys who are planning to join the Air Fo rc e please see General James Weaver for all information needed to join. Gone to join her husband overseas is Joyce Herr- ing. I hear she has a real good job as secretary for one of the Generals, Sheila McGarr's latest poem, "The Life of Joe," has been accepted by her mother with honor. Lena Ruth Britt who has completed her Home Ec- onomics cou r s e at E. C. is now happily practicing, instead of teaching. Charles Martin, recently named "Playboy of the Year,"is now sweeping floors for Carolina Theater in Goldsboro. ' ,Q G. A. Spainand Merrell Sasser, now serving in U. S. Marines Corp s , tell us that they have at least one girl in every state. Marvin Weaver and William Goode now own the WEAVER AND GOODE VAN LINES. J. A. Wilkins is serving his country as a jet pilot in the U.S. Air Fo rc e . We do hope his wife is happy since she is out of the state with her husband. Betty Faye Jernigan has recently resigned from her fo rme r position to become private secretary of our newly elected president Don Keene. We understand, Gordon Harrell has just completed his first tour around the moon. We do hope he enjoyed it. I he a r that Annette Stevens is doing all right as an Airline Hostess. We hear that one out of a hundred usually marries a millionaire. Lela Faye Britt Pat Blackman Class Prophets

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