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I v ?'N- 2 ig . . F Q in 5 A X fl-I S Av 4? Vg- Z .ff 7' , Q 4 qi s M if S. l I , .H 4 f ,Q WL., .wh CAI, f if 'u y 3 , 4 , f A w W " we g1wxsggQ55., V F H - 'U :ggi ? fy A5fgX,6!LL?g xg'f5'ggEQ:5J'ia4 A L.1vQ-rifimi w"'ze W I'i5vQfiz,1' K ' A .M ' ' ' 4 A7 LIBRI CIX f"'5""' 35 ffw SX! Lark Staff Editor in chief Assistant Editor History Editor Business Manager Prophecy Editor will Editor Athletic Editor CG1r1s7 Athletic Editor fBoysJ Activity Editor Copy Editor Humor Editor Faculty Advisor Technical Advisor Dean h1emerschneider Carole Ggren Betty Klingensmith Carol McQueen Alice Nairn Jack Dawson Ted hhite Darlene Dumke Dean Johnson Mr Ford Miss Lease 7 We, the Senior Class of Grand Meadow, Class of 'Sh, dedicate this annual to our parents in appreciation for their interest ini e educational opportunities which we have experienced CLASS ROLL Jack Dawson Darlene Dumke Dean Johnson Betty Klingensmith Carol McQueen Alice Nairn Carole Ogren Dean Riemenschneider Ted White KniSlkHl In memory of Calvin Clark, who passed away on April 26, l9SO We shall always rem ember him as one of our 5 X J I WMMN s KN F21.' JMW XX 1V1- X 0. V 5 '.1 1' 2 . 1 5 1 SD ' X rv- . QD m 1 1 1 x 1 1 -M1 ' 1 , 1 1 , 1 e 1 JAI ' ' '-nz, 1 NM V Qgmnm wmnyn 1 ,. 1, H My A l X wdun I! 11 I 'nlvvumumw 1 ' rl V. sf! MEM 4 5-' 'jf . " 1,3 X mf 3 "iff ' :rw "' Q- f f 1.59. Board of Education Hr Ford, Supt Glenn Townsend, Bob Rawson Erwin Reinking, Wayne Browrlee, Warren Baker, Treasurer, B111 Pease, Secretary, Gunnard Carlson, President Student Council Carole Ogren, President, Darlene Dumke, Secretary treasurer, Clarence Anderson, Carol Smith, Darlene Pitts, Norman Carver, Vice president, Shirlee Ogren Standing Jim Dawson, Arnold Dawson, Reporter IIS Wayne Harrison, Beryl Fuller, Loren Carver, Ralph Godfrey, and B111 Pease are the men who drive our school busses through wind, rain, and snow B HOT LUNCH COOKS CUSTODIAN Mrs. Howard De Wolf Mr. Howard iS1imJ De Wolf and Miss Dorothy Downey Faculty Rupert Ford Charles MoQueary Supt Coach Fern Lease H0103 HOTTGW Eldo Reid gamma-9151 Home Ee Ind Arts U64 John Andersen Agnes Wilson Shirley Steffe Music 6ag7 MRS 'V' Florence Timmins Helen Reid Wthel Anstino 2 B 3 1 Kindergarten 5 , , I , e . e ' e K , I . 'K My 7 ' ' ' V : .e x , e 5 --4' 5 I 'Q' v , H X f. 3 I ...- ,Q gf X 73' v A v SX X if " , 1' Y . ,gf N ' 1' Ji' 1" xf 0 ., A ' l 9' nk 5 74 f -, X iff x .Q ,X Qxfifmlllx. N f 2 If 1 43 A ? I K X R QNX ,J B- YW Q A 3 f"5-,, - f I 'R 'as ' ' ? 1 -,.f-"Q DARLENE DUM E Nickname 'Dar Motto uLove is right, but I've got work to do Birthday August 25 Transfer from George Basketball 3 h Valedictorian 4 DEAN JOH SON Nickname 'Johnnie' Motto Hip slowness of speech does not indicate slowness of action. Birthday--January 21 JACK DAWSON Nickname 'Duce Motto nIf 1t'e for a good time, count me in Birthday February 19 Basketball l 2 3 M Baseball 2 3 M Basketball 1 2 3 Baseball 1 2 3 h Vice president 1 One Act Playa 2 Junior Class Play Second County Team- h Homecoming Attendant M Chirp Staff--M Lark Staff--lg, Student Council 3 President 1 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play M Second County Team h Reporter 3 One Act Plays 2 Chirp Staff lg, Lark Staff h Glee Club 3 h Band 3 A Junior Class Play 3 Reporter 3 Senior Class Play M Student Council Sec and Trees M All County Team Chirp Staff M Lark Staff h CAROL MCQUEEN Nickname 'Mac Motto- 'Love is password n Birthday April 25 Glee Club 1 2 3 M Band 1 2 3 M Mixed Chorue 2 ALICE NAIRN Nickname Alyn Motto 'Don't take life seriously, you'1l never et out of it alive Birthday February S Basketball l 3 Basketball Manager 2 Cheerleader M BETTY KLINGENSMITH Nickname 'Betz Motto 'Hy heart's not my own, but I don't care It' in good hands Tr o 2 M Glee Club l 2 Band l 2 Baton Twirler 2 3 One Act Plays 2 Student Council 3 Junior Class Play 3 Reporter M Senior Class Play Chirp Staff M Lark Staff M Mixed Chorus 2 Birthday April 7 Girls Sextette One Act Plays 2 President 2 Student Council Secretary 2 Junior Class Play Treasurer 3 Band President M Treasurer M Balketball 1 2 3 U Senior Class Play G196 Club 1 2 3 H County Honorable Band 1 2 3 U Mention M Homecoming Queen M Chirp Staff M Secretary 1 Lark staff M Mixed Chorus 2 Secretary 3 Librarian 2 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play One Act Plays 2 Girls Sextette 2 Tr o 2 Chirp Staff M Lark Staff M DEAN RIEMENSCH EIDER Nickname Peanut' Motto- 'I don't mind schools but oh these women! Birthday November 17. Basketball h Band 1 2 3 M TED WHITE JR Nickname Junior Motto- 'It takes determination to own a car and remain unattached n Birthday June 10 Baseball 2 3 CAROLE OGREN Nickname--'O' but a1most.' Birthday May 25 Glee Club- 1 2 3 Baton Twirler Treasurer -1 One Act Plays- 2 Band 1 2 Business Manager 1 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play h One Act Plays 2 Homecoming King h Vice president h Chirp Staff M Lark Staff h Motto--nNot quite, Basketball 1 2 3 h Secretary--2 Junior Class Play--3 Vice-president--3 Senior Class Play--U President M Student Council President M Homecoming Attendant County Honorable Mention M Chirp Staff M Lark Staff -h Business Manager 1 Vice president 2 Mixed Chorus 2 President 3 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play h Chirp Staff h Lark Staff h Salutatorian h M The seniors will their desks to the junior class so they can freeze when 1t's cold and cook when the radiator is work- ing. We also they can follow I I I i:.ll Q!! will them our torn and tattered old books so iiq: in our steps through the halls of knowledge. Er: 45: ' Q 5-if? I, Alice Nairn, will my cheerleading position to anyone who is ambitious enough to deserve it I will my Quimby road map to Valeria so she can get there in record time My h shoe size, I will toJean Rutter so she won't have to complain about hers all the time I, Carole Ogren, will lf6 of the basketball team to any one who is capable of keeping the training rules, my ability to goof off in class to Ronnie Nairn, so he can keep the kids from being bored in any dull, monotonous classes I will my ability to always have a good time anywhere and everywhere to the junior girls as their goal for next year, I, Dean Johnson, will my basketball suit to anyone who is good enough and my baseball suit to some fresh air fiend I w1ILmy ability to charm allthe girls to Clarence Anderson and the noise I make when leaving school to Walter Brownlee I will my ability to get out of work to anyone clever enough to do the same My good grades, I will to anyone who is as brilliant as I am I, Jack Dawson, will my basketball uit to Bobby Carl Ronnie Nairn, my charming ways with the teachers to Norman arver, my height to Malcolm Cowan, and my broken pencils to Kay Carl son X 1 I, Dean Riemenschneider, will my basketball suit to my brother Richard, because he is as good as I am I will my IV! ff-SWK ability to get good grades without studying to someone who could use it, namely Walter Brownlee My talent for wheeling a Buick around, I will to anyone who can afford it fd J 0 . . Q I O ' , I l x, :Wx , X Rs f P ., C, Q I FP f . I f f O M - 54451 son, my ability to drive fast and still not kill myself, to 'xhg -' EvA xi? C EE N 'fc . Us M. ja. ,K , rg I, Betty Klingensmith, will my 116 of the basketball team to Darlene Pitts if she cares to be sandwiched in all season I will my position on the throne to any junior girl who meets the qualifications Being of sound mind and no heart, I will my developing ability to write letters to any one whose boy friend leaves the country 'iv dig I, Ted White, will my ability to raise a heck of a lot of noise when I leave school to Ronnie Nairn so he can keep the place alive My fan mail, I will to Walter Brownlee so he will have something to do in the evenings I will my ab ility to drive a Chevey without knocking the rods out toRon nie Nairn I, Carol McQueen, Underwood to Carole Lindsay as it wiD.go about her speed, my charming manners to anyone who needs them, my repertolre of witty stories to Mary Lou Pease so she can keep the kids amused, my proficient vocabulary to ' Oi, someoneuho can use it to the proper advantage,ramely Shirley Roepke, and my boisterous laugh to anyone who wants to keep the school house alive I, Darlene Dumke, will my ability to et gcod grades to Roy Townsend so he won't have to work next year and will be able hopay more attention tnthe girls I will my basketball suit to anyone who likes to sit on the floor My height, I K will to any girl who is gowng mith a tall man To the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, collectively and individually, we convey our power of saying the wrong thing in the right place, or the right thing in the wrong place Just how this is accomplished we are not able tosay. Each one will need to work the matter out for himself or OHM , herself There is no doubt that much benefit will result from the effort In witness whereof The Senior Class have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seal, this nine- -S'e? 'X teenth day of May, ln the year of our Lord, one thousand, X N nine hundred and fifty-four. ' 7 WIIY WITNESSES: . I ' U 'Tr AU ' NV ina Y EIIIYL Vghs ' Mi ff ' I 5 f ' .. . 65 i Il I 6 X Q 01 3 . xi A X P Class History Of the seniors who started their career School under Miss Elva Iverson, August 31 out of twelve remain to graduate together Klingensmith, Carol McQueen, Ted White, and neider In the second grade vewere again guided and at the beginning of the second semester Dawson into our class in Grand Meadow 19h2, only four They are Betty Dean Riemensch byM1ss Iverson, we welcomed Jack Miss Phyllis Tindall was our 3rd and hth grade teacher, and we added Alice Nairn to our class in the third grade Chris Rasmussen joined our class at the end of the second semester in the hth grade Dean Johnson also joined us Our teacher in the Sth grade was Miss Marjorie 0'Neal, and in the 6th grade, Miss Dorothy Manley was in charge of During this year Calvin Clark joined our group Carole Ogren also entered our class at this time Through the 7th grade our class enrollment was th same, and we all passed to the 8th grade and were all very proud of it We had lots of fun in grade school, but weall looked forward to the seats we would occupy in high school During the 8th grade we were all very sad when Calvin Clark passed away on April 26th, just before graduationuhich was held on May 20, 1950 Then came that big day that we had all dreamed about Yes, on September M, 1950, we climbed the additional steps into high school The first thing we were faced with was the day when the Seniors could tell us what to do They called it Initiation Day, and they did a good job of fixing us up The girls were Little Tots , all decked out in diapers and the 11ke e boys had to dress as Ladies so they thought, and of plimented us very highly on our good sportsmanship, and I think we 'Green Freshies had as much fun as the nCommand1ng Seniors Our Freshman officers were Jack Dawson, President, Dean Johnson, Vice President, and Betty Klingensmith Secretary Treasurer Mr T P Stixrud was our class sponsor The party we gave while Freshmen was called thaFreshman Frolic It was in honor of the Seniors, and also a farewell for them In our which the dance Our identg Dean sophomore year, we sponsored a Sophomore Hop to entire high school was invited It was a spring class officers were Betty Klingensmith, Pres Riemenschneider, Vice President, andCarole Ogwn, Secretary Treasurer Our class sponsor was Conch Charles McQueary We gave two, one act plays They were entit1ed,nwho's Afraidu, and 'Hitt1n' on All Sixn Our junior year will be well remembered among the years spent in Grand Meadow At the beginning Of OUI' 111113-01' Fears I O I O us. . O O , . . ll N Th ll ll , course the seniors added the finishing touches. They com- I . n O o 2 1 . xy - . 1 e Darlene Dumke joined us Our class officers were President, Dean Riemenschneider, Vice President, Caroh Ogru1 Secretary, Carol McQueen, andTreasurer, Betty Klingensmith Uur Sponsor was Mr John Anderson The Junior Class Play, nThree Fingers in the Door , was given on October 28th and 30th The play was a three act comedy mystery During the second semester we worked on the Banquet and Prom The Banquet was held at the Warrior Hotel in Sioux City on April The theme chosen ws "Hawaiian The Junior Senior Prom was held in the gumnasium with Leo Mahoney and his band providing the music We all returned for thesenior year Our class officers were President, Carole Ogren, Vice President, Ted White, and Secretary Treasurer, Betty Klingensmith This year Mr R C Ford was our sponsor This year we told the 'Freshies' to wear story book costumes for Initiation They all looked reel George and On October 23rd, we seniors went t:S1oux City to have our pictures taken As yet we haven't found too much fault with them Homecoming was held on November 20th with Ted White and Betty Klingensmith reigning as King and Queen Dean Johnson and Carole Ogren were attendants, and Larry Trapp and Julie Irwin were crown bearers April 9th was another big day and night We Seniors started early in the morning to see some of the highlights in Omaha We visited KOWH, Joslyn Memorial and Boy's Town The Junior Senior Banquet was held on April 30th, atthe Bradford Hotel in Storm Lake A mexicam theme was carried out, and everyone enjoyed it immensely Hay 7th, the Junior Senior Prom was held in the Grand Meadow gymnasiu We all enjoyed a wonderful evening Mrs Morrow was the director d'our Senior Class Play which was entitled "Her Step Husband " We were all very proud of our success It was presented on May llth Baccalaureate Exercises were held in the Grand Meadow gymnasium on May 16th Rev Dumke gave the message Com mencement exercises were held on the folhowing Wednesday night, May 19th The address was given by errill Davis of Westmar Darlene Du ke was honored as Valedictorinn and Deen Riemenschneider ws Salutatorinn Betty Klingens ith mm also honored with the Citivenship Award Our motto was 'Not the Sunset, but the Dawn Aoua and white sera the class colors, and the class flower was the American Beauty Rose We nine Seniors of "SL," have completed our four years of high school and will always remember the good times we've had together Our memories of good old Grand Meadow High School will long be remembered in years to come!! ' e O I N . 0 ' " e ' n O 0 O ' e e were very good sports. . O O C On - I O on . V , -, O Sensor Prophecy Here it is, 1965 The class of 1955 is going on a well earned vacation to Mexico where a class reunion willbe held A slight delay occurred when Mary Ellen arrived at the G M Airport twenty seven minutes late The flight was uneventfulwith the exception of the dis turbance caused by Shirley Roepke complaining aboutthe vita min content of the food This racket caused the pilot to come back and holler, 'Shut up or I'll club yalln We could tell by the exclamation that our pilot was none other than Dean Johnson Despite the fact he had a new uniform, he was still the same old codger that we knew back in G M We arrived in Mexico City just in time for the Fiesta, and everyone was celebrating We checked into our hotel, and while searching the halls for our rooms, we came across a peculiar sight a scrub woman kneeling on the floor, with a scrub brush in one hand and a book in the other. Clarence, wondering around in a daze looking for our rooms, stumbled over her scrub pail and got her book wet Did she get mad!! She took out after him cognized her as none Just as we pushed over ger came tearing down nize this short, fat tache He saw that we with her scrub brush, and we then re other than the former Carol McQueen to give Clarence first aid, the mana the hall At first we did not recog man with his black hair and long mus were giving first aid to Clarence and rushed over to ask what was happening After we told him the scrub woman had attacked Clarence, he explained he had been having trouble with her and was getting no work done Hear ing this, she tore after him shouting, uPeanut, you lit le monsterl' I don't have to work here Realizing this was a I . - O S e o - o A I o 1 o o 0 o 0 . - e 0 . - t -. Q a a n 3 a S . Q o c o o n 0 Q 0 0 t'. - 0 0 v o c o 0 a o 0 former student from G M we rushed to save him, but as we dashed around the corner, we saw he was doing quite well for himself, he wa spraying Carol with a fire extinguisher Karen, hanging out the window, yelled that the parade was just starting We got Karen back in the hotel, and asked Dean and Carol to Join us and show us around Dean told us he was still a bachelor, but had got acquainted with many ladies since leaving G M Reaching the street, we stepped out into the crowd Norman helped us push to the front to get a good view Dean gave a long, loud whistle, Norman thought he was whistling at a doglmnzwe saw a band marching down the street headed by a strutting majorette Dean tore out into the street with his little black book to get her number She slapped his face and knocked him down Norman had to give him artificial resplration so we could see and enjoy the band. Then the majorettehalted herband and played NDragne ' We found out that this little majorette was none other than Alice Nairn n Alice told us to be sure to see the bullfights because her All Boy Band was going to play The only way to get to the bullfights was to ride in a rustic old cart pulled by donkeys Mhile looking for a cart Arbie had a narrow escape She was almost trampled by a run away donkey The driver stepped down from her cart, and apologized to Arbie Arbie yelled, nDarlene, what are you doing driving a cart?n Darlene explained she owned a fleet of carts and had really been doing quite well for herself On the way she told us she was very much interested in a young man who owned a pottery factory We arrived at the bullfights and found our seats, which were made of stone and were very hard When we heard the bugles blow, we saw that the big event was ready to begin The brightly dressed toreadtrs marched out carrxlnf on their shoulders the famed matador, Jaques Dawson, which is the Spanish interpretation of Jack Dawson Everyone was so ex cited that we missed the bull coming into the arena We were all waving at Jack,when the bull had detected Shlrley King's red hair and headed directly toward the crowd Jack, the brave matador, rushed to the rescue and kllled the bull! Jack was the hero of the day and invited us to dinner at one of the more fashionable night spots in Mexico City, El Theodora's After entering the El Theodora's, we gave our wraps to the checker5Miss Betty The name sounded fami liar and Ronnie said, nwhy, 1t's Betz She explained she had been working her way to California eversince graduation She tholght if she worked hard enough, she might get there within the next two years We asked what was taking her so long to make this money, and she said, Ulf you had my boss, you wouldn't make much money either Just then the boss, El Theodora, came running up and shouted, nBetz, what do you mean oofing off on the job again? Once more and you are fired! At this remark, Betty started to cry He suddenly took a change of heart and said he was sorry, and if Betz would work real hard, she would get a month's vacation in California Betty cried, HGee, Theodore, thanks! Just then Karen realized this was her brother who ran away from home, and she hadn't seen him for 10 years talked to Theodore and found that he was happily married to a Senorita who owned a coffee plantation and a string of night clubs Theodore told us that dinner tonight would be who was in the show While waiting for the dancer, we discovered Ronnie was missing he came back shouting, HOh, Brother! You should see the babe, and to think Carole Opren gave up her grass skirt o be a Mexican dancer At this p0lUt, we saw Carole on the stage, doing her hat darce Carole, seeing us, fell lnto he bard box on the guitar p1ayer's lap Very much embarrassed, she qumped back on the stage With all the class of 'Sh ard 55 together once more, we had a very eryoyable evening recalling old times We were just ready to take off in our plane,when we saw Roy coming across the runway with S11 Mexlcan Senoritas run ning after him After explaining to him that he couldn't bring them alorg, he got in the plane feeling rather low but he decided they weren't the glrls for him We then too off and had an enjoyable trip home Qwime Lwlig . ll - ll ll , We on him. He also told us to watch closely for a Mexlcandancer t . ll N I qilsir JUNf0,5:J my 'v 551 i s C669 ,N F 4 X '!x VN ju 5 Q" Xu . 1-,X X g :Q N F' -2 1 ' ' F A Qi In 5' f 4 X! ., g , 4 1 . C ,- QQ 'iff NA X R K X1 Clarence Anderson Ma Ronald Nairn .fr C 'ff se awww se ff? 3' in? egg A 2 Arbie Zupp ry Ellen Carlson Norman Carver Shirley King Shirley Rverke Roy Townsend Karen White Ronnie Nairn, Reporter Mary Ellen Carlson, Sec Trees , Norman Carver, Presldent Roy Townsend, Vice President 11 .sezyk ,Q , 7,5.,.' .ew , awmff M32 F3Nmd'Lf? wwWyMwmiWWX.5 we -- ,ww ' t ' ,arg Q .-Jain M,H,nW,M,m, N mn,,m, emw1QMw,2vw,, - J qfwwakak - QNTZWW .1 L h Ls: - -' ' ,wr wana ww,wfz Hof, Ae-ww 5 e 51ff?,hfa,'ess,.f Y U if-A 1 mifv sf ga 1. 62" :za-,K "w,f,,Q,,,1- A fu Y r-w.w.,f 21, . X reg, ,U.A,'f.,55fg5?5,g3,4,4u. hm,,pe'f,,kxWuhwwm4 '12, ,Q , Q 43-,:wi,,wQ-5 www f,b qi,Uf5bqwwW , N , I 0 -l A A .0 . . . Q W - ' '-21" QT" 1' 5" 'fL.mL.,fa1.aA . . -4 .. . . , ,V . - , ,V . , SQPH 01110555 l 1 Bob Bryant KEY Carlscn Arrold Dawson Elging Mc Queen Pleanor Meissner Mary Lou Pease L role Lindsay Darlene Pitts Richard Riewen-chneider MHFY Smit? Valerie Spencer Richard Riemensohneioez, me porter, Bob Bryant, Treasurer, Kay Carlson, Secretary, Mary Sm1th, Vice President, Arnold Dawson, lree1dent ff' as . '43 . Y J I 4 1 w ' D - , -M , A . l Lf L . Q A - . . . - . . . nf I FHESHMEW Q53 fx xx in QQ sf' ,Q is Qi at . X rf 'Inn In K! I- xfl' 1 xv , NUI A J ,Q M Dorothy Beoghly Walter Brownlee Malcolm Cowan Jim Daweor Bobby Carlqon Wilbur Ferrin Wikia. W 5 Geiger Jean Rutter Janis White Jim Dawson, President, Malcolm Cowan, Vice President, John Coburn, Secretary, Wilbur Ferrin, Treasurer, Gerry Hirahman, Re porter W , Y 5 .. . 5'?fi:Q'f' f ' 2' ,V 'J J , ' ? " . . , -4 4 .- in-kg "M J I ' f ' 1 a ': J ""f"fb?- Q- ' . -Q f Q 1- .. +w??2i 2 gwwgwff oi mug I . , 1 Q1 -, f 5: l.ff5L7 ' li J lffabigj A432 ,I f. 'V Q- g will ,P xl .2 5. . , , 5? 5 ,iii ,. .I , -In ,ws S:-ga.. A -.,,,,:', Q , N ,5.. . , 4 , ,J .A . 1 7 i- ...Q 5 M ' g J m.M ,lie ". n"' " J Mika HJ.q bw ia: 5, z,fi1Iwi1" .- . - . . . I I John Coburn Gerry Hirschman H FRONT ROW Carol Smith, Judy King, Shirley Ogren, Dorothy Rawson, Barbara Coburn, Arlene Anderson SECOND ROW Don Kintigh, John Dumke, Mrs Morrow, Jimmy Carlson John Harrison 'N nqhm FRONT ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW Ronald Johnson, Gordon Hammond, Sharon Spencer, Mary Ann Reinholdt, Joelle Cowan, Beverly Bates, Sylvia Rawson, wilson Barbara Bates, Koreen Ham ond, Elaine Reinking, Diana Pease, Phillip Youngdahl, Sandra Youngdahl, Tom y Rutter, Connie Dewolf, Tommy Dawson, Dale Moritz, Eldon Meissner, Glen Kalvelage, Rodney Dewolf, Larry Klingensmith, Dale Grauer, Bobby Brownlee Dick Zupp, Mrs Bonnie Flisher if Qffi g S ffm A - Q I ' a 'Ofix """"W""'N FRONT ROM Michael Spencer, Sharon Barwick, Gail Mc Queen, Jerry Irwin, Candice White, Freddie Noble, Carol Pease, Jerry Rawson SECOND ROM Jerry Spencer, Kathleen Reinking, Gail Klingensmith, Jerry Fosnot, Ronny Sadler, Karen Ford, Margaret Whited, Gale Smith, Joell Johnson THIRD ROW David Althaus, Jack Rawson, Mary Ellen Hirschman, Linda Ogren, Larry Riemenschneider, Mary Ellen Hansen, Bryan Cowan, Carl Youngdahl, Danny Zupp, Mrs Steffe FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: AH Larry Warburton, Francis Gravenish, Gerald Nairn, Earl Bauder, Evonne Johnson, Douglas Youngdahl, Rex Reinking, Cathy Ferrin, Phillip Spencer, Jack Spencer. Kenneth Baker, Konny Sadler, Douglas Henke, Beverly McHugh, Douglas Rutter, Ruth Fosnot, Miriam Ford, Jimmy Carver, Danny Johnson. Gary Slota, Janice Coburn, Richard Waller, Colleen Supler, James Althaus, Margaret Gravenish, Mary Lou Rawson, Barbara Ford, John Hammond, Miss Timmins. L xg. . v -Fi L. Q . kg fl f'5 .V am, .. e.' Q ut y fn5 ri Flt"9""'1 A-K FRONT ROW Patty Hammond, Vicki Hate, Lona Townsend, Jane Berglund, Patricia Henke, David Waller, Steve Waller, Jimmy Bauder, Linda Baker SECOND ROW Linda Slota, Candy Hodgen, Janice Herbold, Barbara Schuldt, Kenneth Toutgea, Mary Lou Irwin, Shirley Knutson, Marcia Hohbach, Ina Irwin, Ila Irwin THIRD ROW Mrs Reid, John Reinholdt, Rita Rhodes, Douglas Baldner, Nancy Rutter, Bonnie Rawson, Roger Bryant, Danny Johnson, David Culler Alan Riemenschneider bqihew-9' FRONT ROW SECOND ROW ABSENT DROPPED Peggy Jo Hammond, Tommy Berglund, Julie Irwin, Larry Trapp, Linda Warburton, Joel Perrin, Alayda Irwin Jimmy Irwin, Michael Gravenish, Billy Hodgen, Darrell Godfrey, Leonard Hansen, David Dumke, Neal Waller, Lynn Carver, Hrs Anstine Steven Barwick and Barbara Althaus Larry Warner and Beverly Hienstra Q W " f.f 3- +- " I J! Q ga ' f'H an ' I ur ' , 6,I! r R , ts., - x ' I . W . C . . I . 9 0 I I 1 f I Q 'YJ' W4 '-. . " nan-uf " Q-, . - ,, . A as ' lv L. V an . - , 1 , 4 'Q " A . .W 1 I 'Q y ' w . R X, ' . . . 0 . . U O 2 e U . .Q Q 3 IWW, lr dgfigmsli .mn new k Girls Basketball Clrole Ogren Gerry Hirschman No 20 N0 22 Betty Klingensmith No 23 N is -if Shi-I'16y King Darlene Dumke No 31 No Bk Darlene Pitts No 32 . ,, , M . ,T , XXJ1, Ei B U :QA W- 1 'elk' A The GPBHG Neaoow Larkettes hau a successful seas n with eleven victories and nine losses Plcture on the preceding page FRONT RONCleft to rightl Darlene Dumke, Shirley King, Darlene Pitts, Betty Klingensmith, Carole Ogren, and Gerry Hirschman BACK ROWfleft to rightl Mrs Reid, Carole Lindsay, Dorothy Beeghly, Jean Rutter, Elaine Mcqueen, Mary Smith, Valerie Spencer, Janis onen Date s Girls .I!L..... ...X- White, Eleanor Meissner, and Coach McQueary Meriden Union Kingsley Pierson Cleghorn Kingsley Cushing Quimby Brooke Meriden Quimby Washta Union Maurice Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan uirls' County Tournament Marcus Marcus Jan Jan Boys' County Tournament Larrabee Marcus Quimby Pierson Washta Girls' Sectional Tou Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan 1953 10, 1953 1 1953 1 1953 20, 1953 1953 1953 1053 1953 1 1953 1 1953 22, 1953 195M 12, 1954 Cleghorn 1 195U 5 1954 Cherokee 1 195A 20, 195k 2 l9Su 2 195k , 195A rnanent Kingsley Lawton Feb Moville Feb Climbing Hill Feb Larrabee Feb Boys' Sectional Tournament Holstein l95U l95h l95H 195M Place Here There Here Here Here There There Here There There There Here Here Here There There There Here Cushing Feb 8, 19 M Battle Creek Fe 19, 1954 Picture on the following page FRONT ROwlleft to right! Jack Dawson, Boo Bryant, Dean Johnson, Ronnie Nairn, and Roy Townsend BACK ROWCleft to right? Norman Carver, Walter Brownlee, Clarence Anderson, Dean Rlenenschneider, Jim Lawson, and Coach Mcqueary The Grand Neaaow nerxs nad a successful season with sixteen vic tories and seven losses X Ql ,Q 4EE?v1r "' 5 C:::- -::Z 1 O t Bo - 5, H9'37 23'3O . ' 70-38 52-26 . 3, eo-ua 57-56 0 7: 6l'b1 . U9-39 39-M2 . 1, 31-36 38-32 ' - U, 52-M6 33-U7 M Q 5: 1 u7'uu 39'33 - 8, 33-31 H9-35 . 5. 4 36-Bu 33-58 - 5, 27-56 39-37 - 73-26 34-63 . 8, 69-gl 51-M2 . 1 52- O Washta Jan. lg, 195k in-65 Q 1 5 O-30 - 1 , M7-67 I 8: . hh-Sl 0 3: . 6, il-M2 60-ul . 29 O-39 37-So - 1, 39-36 - Q, , 3M-53 0 1 . 5, 68-A9 ' v 5 3M-32 b. A6-61 n if XX , 5 E --3TfiT'- 11 Q3 ff -.3 X' ,e:':r:.1-X Z 9' 41 ' X -- oys Basketball , 1 if f ,fig.fg Q: 4 w A, N ,f ,-1 'I If fern , 1 . . 3 fx 'vs K7 N ' ' J 3 mi, N im Roy Town and No 32 lo 31 .M W Dem Johnson 55 30 lik Ja k D ws No 15.2 BbB FRONT ROW Ronnie Nairn, Clarence Anderson, Norman Carver, Bobby Bryant, Jack Dawson, Dean Johnson, Walter Brownlee, Jim Dawson, Roy Townsend SECOND ROW Hr HoQueary, Malcolm Cowan, Wilbur Perrin, Bobby Carlson, Arnold Dawson, John Coburn, Richard Riemenschneider FN FRONT ROW Dean Riemenschneider, Clarence Anderson, Norman Carver, Walter Brownlee, Jim Dawson, Nr, McQueary. SECOND ROW Malcolm Cowan, John Coburn, Richard Riemen schneider, Arnold Dawson, Wilbur Ferrin, Bobby Carlson Cheerleaders Alice Nairn, Karen White, Arbie Zupp, and Mary Ellen Carlson are the cheerleaders whose pep and energetic yells helped us win sa e exciting bsllgames PeP Band fr- FRONT ROW Shirlee Cgren, Judy King, Gerry Hirsohman, Roy Townsend, Kay Carlson, Malcolm Cowan, Janis White, Mr. J V Anderson, Director SECOID ROW Carol McQueen, Bobby Brownlee, Clarence Anderson, Walter Brownlee, John Dumke, Arnold Dawson, Ronnie Nairn, Wilbur Ferrin FRONT ROW M McQueary, Carol Smith, Conrie De olf, Barbara Coburn, Dorothy Rawson, Shirlee Ogren, Judy King, Arlene Anderson SECOND Row Sharon Spencer, Mary Ann Reinholdt, Bonnie Flisher, Joelle Cowan, Koreen Hammond, Barbara Bates, Diana Pease, Elaine Reinking, Beverly Bates, Sylvia Rawson FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: Mr. McQueary, John Harrison, Larry Klingon- smith, Rodney Dewolf, John Dumke, Donnie Kintigh, Jim y Carlson, Bobby Brownlee, Dick Zupp. Gordon Hammond, Eldon Meissner, Dale Grauer, Philip Youngdal, Tom y Rutter, Glen Kalvelag Dale Mortz, Tom y Dawson, Ronnie Johnson. 6 ff ' Q 'I' ,A if ' N , Z L 2 P. T 1'- O I 1 - i C Q I S P 0 C ,U ' -'4" 2. " miuam ll! I Qiixif ' QV Y R if v ' ee 1 , s Q Ban FRONT ROW Karen Mhite, Elaine McQueen, Jean Rutter, Shirley King, Connie Dewolf, Shirlee Ogren, Bobbie Carlson, Judy King, Clarence Anderson, Betty Klingensmith, Mary Ellen Carlson, and Eleanor Meissner Carole Ogren, Mary Lou Pease, Diana Pease, Janis White, Arlene Anderson, John Harrison, Dorothy Rawaon, Malcolm Cowan, Gerry Hirschman, Kay Carlson Roy Townserd, Dear Rierenschneider, Donnie Kintigh, and Carol McQueen Mr Anderson, Eldon Meissner, Phillip Youngdahl, Dorothy Beegalj, Wilbur Ferrin, Ronnie Nairn, Arnold Dawson, John Dumke, Walter Brownlee, Norman Carxrr, Darlene D wke, Larry Klingensmith, Mary Reinholut, and Bobby Brownlee Girls Glee Club SECOND ROW THIRD ROM D FRONW ROM Shirley King, Janls White, Arlene Anderaon, Dorothy Beeghly, Gerry Hirschman, Carol McQueen, Carol Smith, Shlrlee Ogren, Judy King, and Mr Anderson SECOND ROW Dorothy Rawson, Alice Nairn, Jean Rutter, Bett Klingensmith, Darlene Dumke, 5h1rley Roepke Karen White, Mary Ellen Carlson, and Arbie Zupp ' O 4 A YL E1 4 O I I , .1 of 1 2 .Q . F5 EQ ,, . 'D :tr -. if ,I - E f ' ' - U I I I y I I I 1 we 'Y FRONT ROW Ted Vhite, Carol McQueen, Miss Lease, Carole Ogren, Darlene Dumke, Betty Klingensmith SECOND ROW Dean Johnson, Jack Dawson, Alice Nairn, Dean Riemenschneider FRONT ROW Koreen Hammond, Elaine Reinking, Rodney De Wolf, Connie De Wolf, Gail Klingensmith, Gordon Hammond, Dick Zupp SECOND ROW Sylvia Fawson, Mary Ellen Hirschman, Beverly Bates, Sandra Youngdahl, Joelle Cowan, Kathleen Reinking THIRD ROW Mr Anderson, Eldon Meissner, Tommy Rutter, Phillip Youngdahl, Ronnie Sadler, Jerry Irwin P' Q F5 Ag, -' 4 A . , ,A -1. S ' no S? O ' V ,. R Q If e S 1' ' I I ' 4 .v 5 ' ' Q ,w b 'W 1 .4 f 'VW 3 J ee R gf w- R - Y D If 5 Q S JJ fiomecomm Homecoming of 'Sly was held in the school auditorium on November 20, 19515. Pictured above are the King and Queen, Ted White and Betty Klingensmith, at tendants, Dean Johnson ani Carole Ogren Larry Trapp and Julie Irwin were crown bearers Q .f r 2 , gage A . - w , u 1 . f I " if ,.i'fz5'- ' f x . ,, . I K 4, S 'Al 6 -. -4 Q : W " ff " S 'hu ' X 1 Freshman Inltlatlon I V' ! 6 if ' an xii, A ,A 1 ?, SklP Da 7 30 A M on April 9, found a sneaky looking bunch of seniors slithering out of the school yard on a Skip Day This is a bird's eye report of the goings on of those sneaky characters They flew down old Highway 40 to SioUX City where they crossed over the state line into Nebraska It was evidently a little early in the morning for these kids so at 10 OO they stopped in Freront for a cup of coffee Suplcicus cups here, need a good dishwasher Crossed Platte River t l0 35 A M Lousy caneraman, nobody took a carera At ll 15 recrossed Platte River This is a crazy looking river At ll 31 hai to detour around a bridge, craz kids They snuck into Ovaha about lc OO Ate at Sowberv's Where ever that is! hal nixed up vaitress, and coPfee strong enough to eat the enorel of their te th They xisited KOVH cores fron Thev descended on Joselvn Memorial Art Museum at 1 M5 They cawe out convinced that somebody appreciated art and had the money to do it with too At 3 10 those ve ry anno ponsers vent on v vrry,1mpre ive tour of Boys Town. Then those kids changed directions and started back to their own state They vere evidently hung ry Joes as they fed their Faces in Frenont rt I SO Abouto 39 they arrived in Sioux City andhfd f big confermuncm the location of sore place to evtfagalnll At 7 30 I founi the girls at the Patiole tin , of course! approxinrtely 7 50 those characters gave this bird the a r, and there they vent from there is anybody's guess Yours for better sleuthing, Pee Wee Robin Junior Class Play The Junior Class Play, 'It s Never Too Late', was given on October 29th and 30th, The play was a three act comedy The cast of characters was as follows: Mr. Lee Norman Carver Mrs Lge Arble Zupp Charlie Ronnie Nairn Virginia Shirley Roepke Kathryn Karen White Miss Stanley Mary Ellen Carlson Lewis Roy Townsend Arthur Clarence Anderson Deedie Shirley King Football Players High School Boys Society Ladies High School Girls 1 ' C . . . 0 . , I 1 A ' o , 1 ' , H : 1 e f . ' A 0 I . . : 1 g .y . . ': . , U - 3 . e - ' . , . , 1 , A Q" r . r L T at 1:15. Nov they know vhere all that real George rusic : U ' 1 Q f Y. , 0 I . ',f S. ' ns 'rd Z s ., f .es . 17 V I jf 1 . 'Z . Z f Q . At . 2 ai ' ' I 1 I ' ! , - Q Senior Class Pla ,M 7'5Vi Qiig? , . , 5 fQQ3V U W i fre 7?- "rx "fr ' 'A , Th: Senior class of Grand Meadow presented 'Her Step Husband at the high school auditorium May llth Curtain call was at 8 OO p m Cast of Characters Harvey P Marshall Dean Riemenschneider Dr. Gerald Niles CJ'erryJ Jack Dawson Limpy Lannigan Ted White Officer Shea Ro Townse d y n Mary Marshall Carol McQueen S ylvia Allen Betty Klingens ith Miss Emily Paisley fAunt Emmyl Darlene Dumke Florence Ainslee Carole Ogren Stella fthe maidl Alice Nairn The play took place in Harvey P Marshal1's bungalow at Crestsale, a suburb of New York It was a comedy in three acts law 3 Q I an . Q Junlor Senior Banquet The Junior Senior Banquet was held on Friday evening, April 30, at the Bradford Hotel in Storm Lake The theme, 'South of the Border, was carried out Bright colored crepe paper, ballons, and h ts cascaded from the ce'l1ng A l rge c ctus centered the decorations The piano was covered with n arrangement of gourds placed on a serapl A large donkey stood contentedly ne r it The walls were decorated with guitars,hats, and serapis lazily swinging above a fence The tables were decorated with red and silver streamers down the middle of the table Red and sllver candles were the main center piece Favors consisted ofcacti and Quit rs The place cards, napkins, and programs added to the Mexican setting The menu consisted of tom to juice, swiss steak, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, lime salad, rolls, relish p1ate,and sherbert Norman Carver welcomed the seniors Carole Ogren re sponded with a mess ge from the seniors The junlor bOVS sang Mexican Joe The prophecy was read byShirley Roepke The will was read by Darlene Dumke Another Mexican song was sung by the junior girls, Mexicali Rose M Ford spoke of uIdle Ch tter on the Plaza ' A saxaphone duet, UID a Little Spanish Town,' was played by Mary Ellen C rlson and Clarence Anderson M McQueary spoke on the subject, In a Spanish Town W The junior class pantomxned the song, nEh Cumpari U Junlor Senior Prom The Junior Senior Prom was held at the Prand Meadow chool House on May 7 The t eme, South of the Border, was beautifully carried out Bright colored streamers de scended from the ceiling Hats guit rs,and serapis decor ted the walls In the center of the floor was a cactus where a Mexican Ranchero was sleeping The stage represented a Haclenda whererefreshments were served The menu consisted of ham, potato chlps, lime pear salad, rolls, a relish plate, and punch The luncheon table was located in a corral 1 I nr I ll 0 u D on Q A 4' L . Karen White wnd Shir1eyKing played a piano duet,nTico T1co.n u . . n I, . ' Ei U o ' I f 4 ex . r. T W I I nr S - A 0 h n n J I u Graduatlon Baccalaureate services were held May 16th in the school gym- nasuim. The Processional and Hecessional were played by Jean utter Invocation, Bendiction, and the message were de- livered by Bev Allen Dumke Beverly Irwin sang 'The Lord's Prayer Commencement was held May 19th in the school gymnasuim. Rev Allen Dumke gave the Invocation and the Benediction v Merril Davis of Westmar College, Le Mars, Iowa, delivered the message Dorothy Beeghly sangnThe Twenty-third Psalm The Valedictorian award went to Darlene Dumke, and the Salu- tatorian award was received by Dean Rdemenachneider Mrs.Morrow presented the eighth grade and Supt. Rupert Ford, the seniors The president of the school board, Mr Robert fhwson, presented the diplomas to the seniors and Supt Rupert Ford presented the eighth grade diplomas CLASS HOLL Jack Dawson Darlene Dumke Dean Johnson Betty Kllngensmith Carol McQueen Alice Nairn Carole Ogren Dean Riemenschneider Ted White CLAbS MOFTO "Not e sunset, but the dawn CLASS FLOwsR American Beauty Rose CLASS COLORS Aqua and whitg Q Lg lf, V' mm 5 wiv I Y -- , E sw 3 Snapshots h C' ncya I ouniy :Tum v G 5 se--j '71 Lbfle la bs' he mu Y-my S 'P Jams 'party' Jhesi ,lm-ng by'H'll+Sj Jpwneh 'mis isfhe Bun yfff? uv P Je and ,BUCMH-'S cdiwne .sto 7 Beauty a s fate. tau ne 'Fans U I 71 I B' nt ad cvn the eq, Col, LILY ettes mn us ls ef' MW' Pu., 1 . O ri fjvy I ,B ' Y 5 Y' I '.', , Io brzims , 'P b int I I i 9 ,, I I On. 0 . ' " 3 xx lc 4 gg J- ,fir 6 4 x, K Q- 'N , C30 . 1? X o f "F X . Q I ' , - Nonchllthf cutting fshev-ui C un era vmj I-in in is 'i Anus :S wah-,hi-ng Ty Y EDJ C-one' awuz ff Wu Play boy! 1'--.,--.N U50 Yffyeghe S Wow Y' The Get away Sad 56154 P+ mm Dar s A95 if it Nowwmf, A M nate 'Unese are Lad I7 Xe i f "-L'-R Wheel, he sill nes' N5 TlS'l7e n I What 5 So funny' faqdafep 0 'Sweet dreams lfbmu mmes Ok' -Pfeli-S6 Z 11: eh-5' fb "'4"i X X , QE , N I B QP ij f . 7 0 u YB 'X Q Q, D XL V ' A " xx . I ' lj all ' E a ' is 1 NJ -AVUA' i , I ,fm L 'W 9' . R .K-as 'X ,, 'W A , ,cob Kx W V if 1 ' R A bd 0 1 ' fr LF 1 I I 'FQ C- i' ' 'N ll' 6 rr "7 2 ' , i 5 ' ,Ugg I, -- y I . l V , Y .1 How We Looked Then -Q! Xymvffv-buf-dw WQW ddujzww Q- .JE-..., ,D WMM whiz N-x fwf WMM ywwfevwww .um ' ' Y :V ., 11 M ,Liang ,i H540 ,d2,,,.,dALf - 1 fb ff . 4 e M 'I J' 5 mg! W '? 0 wig F ,W oUm "fav" if .I X X W W - L2 Q A La xf R5 ' lm 9' li l! 5 in k 1 X 'iE15:1':: " 532: T3 FARMER CO0PERA'I'lVE ELEVATOR C0. lGI'q0I1 Correctlonvllle FL UD GR XIX C0 XI LI MBFIX POb1b VVII11 SLED THE. HONII OF FT LCO FLEDS HULLING - GRINDING - CLEANIXG - THEAXTING A and PHELP A COMPLETE BANKING Klngsley Iowa ANDS SEED SERVICE HOME OF QUALITY SEED Growers Processors 'SL DlStFlbUtOTS of Rellable Farm Seeds MARC US IOWA "Established in 1883 ' ' 0 0-KEVROIH f AGLE 0HEVROLET More People Buy C HEVRQLLT S Than Any Other Car Telephone 349 M XRCLS IOW X Staple and Fancy Groeerles Meats Pan O Cake Kngel Food Largest Cake ln Town 490 PHOlNE 79 AGLE B00 APPAREL Featurlng Natlonally Known Brands Clothlng for MElN WOMEN Sz CHILDREN Phone 263 Marcus Iowa i l T M 77 AGLE' F000 HOP MAR S L MBER COMPA Y Complete Bulldlng 'Servlce Lennox FL1Il'1'lC'C S C F1116 md Nmerle ln St 1nd lld Plumblnff l lXtLlIf,S Portable Bulldlngs Bllllt to Order Phone 68 M XI CLS IOWX SPTCIXIISIS IN llNkIi PIIOIOCRXPHS C rad e THERE IS NO WLBSTITLTE FOR QD-XLIIV 711 PIGFCC Sloux Qlty Street IQWQ + '. 2 'z li ," fz :Y ' U' .,-1 PTA K , JW" ' .' L,', , Nationally Known , :I1l,Q",' Q " li of 1" uutes KI LY T 1 'Y ' i! FOR FRIENDLY BANKING SERVICE CONSULT WITH FARMERS SAVI G BA K Plerson Iowi N11 MBI I I LDLIXAL Dr POSIF IINSUII XNC L C OMPOH XTION onsu Wlth Hour elghho He Now Our' 1 tome WI XPPRECI ITF 'XOUII I X1 IION XCI1, CIIPHOREE FAPIVIERS HE xDQI XI ILhw CHERUKEE IMPLEME 'I' C0 Cherokee Iowa JOHN DLERQJ 81 ISTLDLB XhE'i DL LXVIL MILREPS gz SI PXIIXIOIIS DLYFEH WXSH M KCHINI S If XRIVI WXI'Fh SYSFFMS I NIIIISNNKB MOPSIL FQUIPMLNF MECHXNIC XL DYICIIING 8 IILINC FILL LINE OF bPORTING EQIIPNILNT JOHN DEERE Phone 54 or 55 STLDLBXREP Phone 1220 , , C . ., ie. ew, Y. , , ..1 , , I 1 1' L '11 " ' J . r I ' 1 I . , , . C It R. r - . H Is , C1 s I' D ' ' v J,"7 N ' .4 . , A 4 4 I. I . we , q T , , ,,, , .4 I L ', H L ' . I , L T ,I ,I , . ,T , I. 9 I A Sales 69 SGTVICC ,Q L. ., , ,. ,I L fx ,. ln s. J . 1' n 17 ' 'W ' 'V rr' 4 1 X. I. Jn, 1 , , L. , A , , e .. . 2 J L , ' '.'. 5. ."' ,L .J I J, ,L . I ' - I T - L. Y v .T ' I L 1 4 L - Q . , ,I , 1 A - I A. K GRA D MEADOW TORE all LOCKERS Grocerles Complete Co op Meats Locker Gas SGFVICG O1 WAYNE HARRISOIN PROP Plerson Phone Washta Phone 2181 4 F 32 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER lllflll IATIOIAI. DIARY! ST! I INTERINATIOINAL REFRIGERATION INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS LEO FARBER Phone 4201 Plerson Iowa . .1 ' T Washta, Iowa T T FRA CE FRA CE Blue Rlbbon Chloks Blue Rlbbon Feeds For All Blue Rlbbon Feeds I lvestock 81 Poultry Poultry Supplles Archer s Cattle Feeds Ames Incross Hybrlds We Buy Graln We Do Custom Consult us about your Grlndlng Mlxlng Poultry Problems Meat Meals O11 Meals Sz Salt Order your ChlCkS early Hatches Monday 81 Thursday COMPANY Phone 121 1127 West Cherry 314 So 5th St Phone 254 0 UNERAL 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 80 Klngsley Iowa MA SEY HARRI and FERGUSO DEALER Phone 1442 Cherokee, Iowa Y Y Y 0 Y O FBANCFNS CHERoKEE HATCHERY FRANCE GRAIN an FEED Organized 1927 CIIMMU ITY C0-0PEIIA'I'IVE 0IlI C0 Prompt and Courteous Service :Hr Marcus Iowa lmx Q Phone 190 WESLEY HIRSQHMKN Tank Wagon Service Fielding PIERSON MARCUS Phone Phone 2168 53 on 22 PHCJNE 331 FHIIIIIEHS CU UPEHHIIVE EIEVHIIIH GRAIN FEED CDAL SEED GRAIN DRYING AND CLEANING H C ETIENTJE5 ANDERSON IMPLEMENTS KINGSLEY IOWA SYMBOL SERVICE EARMALI. TRACTORS MCCORMICK MACHINES PARTS SERVICE ,mmom INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES ,ik I HARVESTER 0 X ll ' at I 4 ix' I ' MANAGE MARCUS, ICIWA - I OF O O O O O O PETERSON MOTOR .l C. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC G M C TRUCKS PONITNC Phones 582 and 494 Cherokee Iowa ROCK ILA D LUMBER COMPA Y Phone 18 Washta Iowa HYDE mphgg ER Try our Yew 2 Bath Method of Dry Cleanlng for MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL BHIGHTLH Isl ICHIS Alteratlons hepalrlng Represented by Ray Stlvers Phone 735 Cherokee E GEL MOTOR COMPA Y Sales F O R D Servlce Phone 1240 and phone 1140 M E R C U R Y Cherokee Iowa :if WHITE R WHITE S THE WAG ER MARKET WHERE. QUALITY IS INO'1 EXPENSIVIL CROCERIES B XIXLRY ME AT M XRIMET lx lngsley Iowa Phono 29 S E RELLMYER M 0'l'0R S E CHRYbLLI PLYMOUTH Germ' Front Equlprnent I ennsen Iow Phone 33 ROLLl S HARDWARE 3ll FURNITURE RD M AG WWW senvnc: On Hlghway :J Phone 450 'Seo HEMSEIN, IOWA 1 V T 1 'Y '1 ' . ' ' 0 ' 'YP I I A Z I . ' . llll ' 'APPR V D APPROVED 1 I lr 1 I lr XX-, ' Sales SL Servlce "XM, f 'Q Y D ' . I. ' 4' I , Z1 f I . , 1 ' Ill!! will I 4 I ' A- ,- e 1. N 9 f.. . +4 ,, ,x .117:,1'.2 EVANS IMPLEME T COMPA MEXSSEY-HARRIS AND OLIVER Sales and Service ,Asst Phone 363 cm Marcus, Iowa Tractors - Combines - Farm Implements Y Compliments of DR..BROW and 0RBY VETERINARI VNS Kingsley Iowa Phone 172 Red Phone 102 V SIP ELLERBRUEK CHEROKEE FOR Your Next Coat Suit or Dress KINGSLEY L MBER COMPA Y B QUALITY LUMBEH and coma im e I Phone 37 Kingsley Iowa EDU , ,T i I 7' ,T ' I , .3 O 1 1.1- Ifrgkgai- ' -FD-"T .5 IL' 1 ' ', ,. Comphments Res phone 92 1l2 Offlce phone 92 Res phone 328 H Palmer Chlropractor Palmer and Logan Baslo Chlropraotor NLUROC XLOMETFI and SPIN GPKPHIE IX RD SLRVICL Marcus Iowa WESSLING MGTGR GG KL FHORIZLD bNLLb and SLRVICI1, Phone 33 Ixlngley Iowa Con1pI1mentS DR J P WGGDB DGE VI TLRIN Uxl XN Phone 2581 Plerson Iowa THGM 0 GA LYNN THOMSON OWNED R Klngsley Iowa Phone 64 VVE PAY TOP PRICES FOR OLD IRON AND JUNK CARS of DR. G. R. HGB G DR. D. E. Al ES IT" ,X ' .Pic E LL - 'G' '9' I ffm? FORD CNR AND TRUCK DEALER R Q of . . . Rl ' RAGE PAULIN FARM EQ IPME T X Phone 2 63 CASE FARM MACHIN Sales and Servl ERY Sc WISCONSIN ENGINES A C SE C als Klngsley Iowa DUNN CHEVRELET CEMPA Y Cherokee Iowa FOR COMPLETE SPORTS COVERAGE LOCAL ST RTE INEWS AND THE NATIONIXL SCENE R E A D Y O U R CHEEOKEE DAJLY TIMES THE TEELE STATE BA K ESTABLISHED 1874 Cherokee, Iowa A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE PIE . .... QIQ- ,..-'ng x'.L I -.-" via- B- F Z' ' C . e I , c 1 I I I I I I O . . . . T I W I I I 0 A, 1 4 , E1 I I L I AL TR T and AVI GS A Qulmby Cherokee Waghta CHEROKEE COUNTYS MOST PROGRESSIVE BANK MEMBER F D I C GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS RADIOS WATCHES S W P PA NT WALLPAPER Plerson Iowa Phone 4161 C ompllrnents of IMUNSEN PROPA E Qulmby COTTCCIIOHVIIIG Phone 2 Qulmby Iowa Phone 166 PETER IMPLEME 'I' COMPA Y AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Phone 9 1 Remsen Iowa CE TR B K LJ. YDER-SUNDRIES A IRWIN and PLYMRUTH C0 0P 0H,C0 MARGE S CAFE A 74 FOOD FARMERS C0 0P ELEVATRR E. . SRN INSURANCE AGENCY Pierson, Iowa - O FIRESTONE PRODUCTS NK WAGON , Kingsley, Iowa O ,.. w 34 . mr gn gl 'I ,' f 9 . Q Kingsley, Iowa CALL IMIIN EN IIILL IIE IIEIII G PLA 'I' FOR BULK FEEDS BULK FERTILIZERS Qulrnby Iowa LEEDS SU IIIIIE MARTIN SENOUR NU HUE COLORS Martm Senour Nu Hue t1nts are O11 base and made excluslvely 1n the Mart1n Senour pamt factorles Th1s system of color blendlng was worked out by the Mart1n Senour folks to enable your dealer to be able to supply you wlth many exc1t1ng shades wlthout havlng to carry an enormous 1nventory Whether Martln Senour pa1nt 1S mlxed at the factory or 1n your dealer s store lt 1S all the same hlgh grade product and 1S guaranteed to have equal coverage and long lastlng qua11t1es Choose your color and we w1ll rmx lt whlle you walt IIIIIIAII IDE GIIEENIIIIUSES Phone 205 Hx IN ANY EVENT SEND FLOWERS I SWA SONS SUPER 'I'0IIE SET YOUR TABLE BETTER FOR LESS Cherokee Iowa Q .9 o , . . . . 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Suggestions in the Grand Meadow High School - Lark Yearbook (Pierson, IA) collection:

Grand Meadow High School - Lark Yearbook (Pierson, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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