Graceland University - Acacia Yearbook (Lamoni, IA)

 - Class of 1929

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Graceland University - Acacia Yearbook (Lamoni, IA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 151 of 162
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Page 151 text:

l Y " fffIfliiiiixKfxYxL sxfxxx.4Al " F ' 2" " ' ' ' ' T ' ' ' ' ' 3 ti gf N yt N '1 in N 1 - . . . V1 N Pflddy, 55136771597 21 ,lones was seriously hurt in an accident. b .The Faculty Recital at the church to- Everybody IS sad about it. V night was very ably done. Saturday November 3 1 D A ' . y Saturday. September 22 Graceland took the game from Albla to- r There were a lot of words used today day, 6 to 6. I wish when the Herald Hall 5' that are not found in the Graceland Dic- fellows Serenade Bide-A-Wee girls they 5 tionary, because some of the students didn't WOUld feed them something besides ice I get ln the Society they wanted in. cream. There are no scraps left. by Friday, September 28 Monday, November IZ V' They tried to drive me back,'but l fol- lowa Wesleyan beat our boys Z2 to 0 I lowed a bunch to the church tonight. lt today, S0 l stayed out of Sight- was a get-to-gether song fest. The different . I Dorms tried to display their musical talents. Tbumfayf Nofuember 15 . b l got kicked in the ribs tonight by a big I lay Outslde the Church tonight and ,V stiff' that had played on the football team heard 21 quartefte by Hartman and his gang. v against Maryville, Graceland got beat. Tuesday November 27 I Tgsdayg gffffbf' 9i I d t d b won from Albla today, 20 to 0. very o y seemet ga o ay, ecause I they started work on the Girls' new Dormi- Tbllffdajf, N0'v?111b61' 29 P tory. The Romantic Age must have been well , , ' d, ' d ' f t' f ' - is Friday, October I2 aecsiixggterau glng rom ac ions a ew mln 7 The football boys. came in from the . . ' , football game tonight ln good spirits. They Friday' Defember 7 by won from Chillicothe, 7 to 6. B l'll betl-illltroged around the Football 5 anquet a a ozen times tonight. The bY Safufdfly, October 13 smell of that chicken and stuff made my W lf l was allowed to join a literary society, mouth water so l almost drowned a time is it would be a pretty hard decision to make, or two. l heard someone say that Unk had by you can't tell who'll win. The Vics won a new date, and that he'd keep on until he is the College Extemp. Banner tonight. embarrassed the Administration yet. 7' F . Q Ed Traver was elected Football Captain N rfday,bOct0ber l9 h h d torknext year and what a speech he did ve een running ere and t ere to ay ma e. N trying to Gnd out what was supposed to be , :sq happening.. There were strangers coming -5afufda3'fDf-'Ce'11bf?f 8 N in and thliiligs in a hum all over. There The Pleiades won from the Vics tonight l was some ind of meeting in the Chapel in the menls debate. Q and thought l'd slip in on it. l got in, all .. ,Q gut my tail, and some imp slammed the luefdayi Dfcembef 18 9 oor to on it. l let out a yelp and about Christmas is getting in the heels of some that time Mr. Briggs came in and gave me of the guys around here. They are begin- 'N a look that made me think of St. Peter. ning to put on a far-away look. l wonder They called lt a pep meeting, so my yelp 'lf many will stay here for Christmas. wasn't very inappropriate. p I , . . Wednesday, December I9 D Lil-:gy wouldnt let me m to See the Hlgh l didn't sleep much again last. night. ' There was lots of racket, klds packing and PY Saturday, October 20 - X fixing up for going home, and today at 4:35 I HThe game was one grand and glorious school turned out for over two whole weeks. , defeat for Missouri Wesleyan," so l heard. Tuesday, Decembe, 25 te Sunday, October 21 - Gosh, but l've beengetting lots to eat , Home-coming is about over. Today is during the 'HST fevlf d21YS- They V6 been , the last day, but it's a good thing, for h3V1US S0,m21UY PHFUCS and MTS- Brook has I everyone seems to be worn to a frazzle. been C0Qkm8 50 mam' ewd things fo eat, , . . l'm afraid l'll have stomach trouble. There ,Q ""dalVf Ufwbff 28 - has been a party or something every night. 5 New Dorm rules went in force tonight, All of the kids are having a good time. tl lN3Ia1ypbleS.1t will be more safe for me on the Wednesday! january 2 D 7. All the students have come back in body, N uefdayf Qctabef 50 abut where is their spirit? l'm glad l'm not : We recelved news today that Mr. Lonzo ' a student and have to go back to studying. N N N N N N kazaa .xxzxxzxxxxazcavzx - - .a 5. - 5. - 5. - - - - , .. - - - -.- 1 ' Page 137

Page 150 text:

V"fKfiIIiiiLIxifx'Kxs . 42 " A 4. " """"' .C ' ' Q , I N '3 v , fl D D P I P 5 5 P P r N N D P . P V ' "WEAKLIVER'S TAILI' P D P lin just a connnon, everyday pup, hut that niakes no chnerenceg Vni here. Sk: one I knows. from whence I came or whither l goeth. When I came to the campus it wasn't my , intention. to stay, but somehow I liked the bunch and l've stayed, regardless of the kicks N and cursings I got. when I first appeared. I belieyelve gained in favor with a few, for I've N featured in one big play-and they even let me inside the commissary. Since puphood l've ,Q had the ambition to write some of my experiences and, unbeknowing to everybody, I've ,Q written a few of these down during the past. year on the campus. If you care to read them, ,Y all right, if not, all right, for, after all, l'm just a dog. lg Ffidfly, September 7 Sophomores and juniors coming in. They ,Q . , . look asif they had a htde sense pf I L dniint sleep S9 welll last: mght Slfmehew' Things are getting more quiet and serious yY Them queer nfnsesfal t rqgglktvf mghti around the Irlill. I see people going around yu M EY tWerePCOFmg. rom Blbe' ' ie ham, with hooks piled on their arms a foot high. we Frggqenfgla I esinspgnlttmascgmssschtoodagl 05? Classes must have started today. :Q heard Mr. Briggs .say that today and' to- Wedllffday, Sfpfwlbff 12 ,Q rlnoriiiow well: dregistration daysd fork the 'The nrgtn pillaylery meletingl tlonight vias , resinen. og w no suppose o now surey goo . ats w at eart a ot p I what that means, but perhaps they will of people say as they came out of the Y know before they are through. Chapel tonight. by Saturday, September 8 Friday, September I4 l don't know what to think about a Ididn't stay at the college tonight. There D bunch that won't let a respectable dog trot wasn't any room for me out on the campus, N across the campus in peace. If this Regis- so I went visiting. I guess I'Il make Friday :Q tratioiglfsbcaulsmg tlhese upstarts to act this night my social evening. way, ' e g ad w en it'.s over. l've had a Safumfay' September 15 ,N d0Zen guys t0.PUt thelf nUfnhef,eleVen5 General Athenian tonight. Dogs are not , flown an mbiltfill ltfaday, and they didnt do supposed to be in the Chapel, but I slipped p S0303 eniabgfoelttlef- I hope they learn in liiehind lanotherkguy, Maybe you are y 3 fe e year IS Over. won ering ow I now all the names o N Sunday September 9 these things, but you must remember that P ' dogs know more than people think they do. hd t b d h t h I f . 2 and 'l?me22IZg00fI afiiigifilfp ZWISIZI' me 1 fmffdfw, Swffmbff 20 p I lay down on Bide-A-Wee steps tonight r Mongay' Segtember 10 1 to take a nap and was almost asleep when D 2 Th1S In0fnlng I WHS Ont behind the Gym something awoke me. I looked up in time l when I heard the lTl0St unearthly yells and to See three gifls upon me from bu SCI'CEifl'lS that Ive CVCI' heard, I IOFC Ollf behind, I made 3 leap, but was ngt quick P 3.I'OLlI1CI the FOI:116l' of the Gym and towards enough, About 3 hundred-Seventy-poundef PY the Ad Building to see what was up.. I grabbed me by the tail. I scratched and Q thought Sure the whole College. was burning fought until I got away, but what I couldn't ,Q and these Freshmen were getting their JuSt understand was why anybody would treat N dues, but to my astonishment there was ya an inngcent gny that way, Next day I , lot of folks out there falling on each others understood. It was Dorm initiation night :N necks. It happened to be a bunch of with the girls. g' N 4 N - j In E fl MMM-MMA H Nfl, .Y P4 Page 136

Page 152 text:

-v -- -V '- r -f. 4 I -I i I 1 In ,Q '31 ,fe D P V " ii'iiIi" ' " ifxYxAxi Q 42' ' I ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Tuesday, january 8 Lost to Albia tonight, 26 to 28. I get to see all the basketball games. Friday, january II They say they have an annual stag partv every year Well tonight as I came by the Hall there must have been something like that gomg on I didnt feel like showing myself anyway Saturday january 12 The Kaps won the Academy Declam contest tonrght Thursday january I7 The basketball fellows took revenge on Albla tonight beating them 41 to I6 Frzday january 18 Iowa Wesleyan has beaten us both in Football and Basketball The score tonight was 38 to IZ in thelr favor Tuesday january Z9 Miss Alma Peterson from Chicago gave her concert here tonight The ground was so slick and 1cy that some of the poor lrttle boys fell and broke their shoulders I S U beat us 47 to 26 The Tuesday Night Club put on a banquet at the Coll seum tonight for all college men The eats were good Thursday january 31 I heard lots of people say that the Three Pegs was the best play that the College Players have ever put on The game with Creston came out I7 to 24 In our favor Saturday February Z This next week is gomg to be a pretty busy week for some of us F M Mc Dowell is gomg to lecture The reception of scraps thrown out Tuesday February IZ Today at noon as I was coming across the campus north of the Ad Building I spled an old mammy cat sitting by one of the pme trees Now you can guess how mad this made me A cat has no more business at college than a Freshman I politely hopped right on top of her When she got loose she tore around the corner of the Ad Building and as Mr Briggs was startmg out of the west door to go to lunch that cat ran right square between his legs That was awful' I changed my course and all I got to hear him say was Blankety blank "' 'li 'f I dont know what that means for it is not dog Iatm Frzday February IJ Someone called me something today that didn't sound very complimentary. I don't know where they ever got the name Weak- liver. That name would kill most any- thing. The game with I. S. U. tonight was the most outstanding game of the year How can anyone study after an ex citing game like that? Frzday February ZZ Today is Washmgtons birthday and the College Players celebrated rt with Romeo and juliet I slipped up the back way and sneaked by the orchestra pit and found my partner jim and watched the whole thing CHeard behind the curtain at Romeo and JLIIIEI J Miss Thompson All right now run up the curtain Myron Fligg Say what do you think I am a squirrel? Tuesday February Z6 Miss Irene johnson was chosen the most popular girl in school Even though she is a freshman I like her She pats me on the nose nearly every time I pass her Maybe I remlnd her of Steve Frzday March I We won another game tonight It was Osceola this time We ve won ten games out of thirteen this year Saturday March Z Lost another game tonight to Mrssoun Wesleyan They took revenge on us Sunday March 3 Oratorio gave their concert tonight but of course Im not allowed to go and hear such things Frzday March 8 Well tonight was the best night I exer had I played a part 1n the All College I was supposed to do but I hope I didnt look too dumb Thursday March I4 If I could be just what I wanted to be I think I would be a faculty member The Faculty Party tonight was rather bolster ous so I hear Ive always wanted to be boisterous Saturday March I6 The Vics took the Music Contest banner tonight It was a close run between the Niks and Vrcs Iuesday March I9 'I he A Cappe la Concert tomght was per fectly wonderful Im gomg to try my xoice tonight about I2 or I oclock it Walt doesnt kick me off the campus 1 --.-5 1 1 1 1 vi 54 ' - 4 p , . , . l . , . . . Y4 v , . ,, . ' ' " 3 I ' . v - ' . . I by ' ' ' . I. ,, ' 4 ' I I - H - . -- - 4 p . Q H . , 4 ' I ' , 1 -' 74 N . ' , I 5 . . . . 4 9 . . , . 4 N . ' 4 N , f ' ' . ' 4 N U , , ' . - 4 vu I A . . - 4 is - ' . U vi v4 . , . . I . - 1 1 54 N - ' -. ' . ' 4 N - ' ' . V4 DY ' 54 N ' , ,4 by . X . . 4 N ' . . 'Q' P! :Q Q . v ' . V . . v b' . A ' v 4 K1 '4 - 4 N . ' . . - 21 ' ' . . y N at the church was unusualt there were lots Vaudeville. I didn't just exactly know what yi N ' . ' :Q N I . ' vi N . , V4 7 ' , - . Y4 ' . ' . Q PY ' f ' 'J N - ' , - ' ' D r . . ' ' , yi Fw ' ,Q Y ly - - ' - , s4 t .V . ' . . V rl I A . Q L.. I . gf W , . I - '4 .4 l. .. . , f as , .4 yy . , , . . Q A . H il N - - V . . ' I , ., yi PY ' . , . ' U ' 'Q z' 4 4 :4 r v1 N N N y, :Q Q N 4 SIX .XX .KKXKXXXXKXXZK BLK .lK?555. YIFIIIIX. IX'IffIXIII1'IfQ Page 138

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