Graceland University - Acacia Yearbook (Lamoni, IA)

 - Class of 1926

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Graceland University - Acacia Yearbook (Lamoni, IA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 145 of 156
Page 145 of 156

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Page 145 text:

3 7: -. ., I ill ll l 4 l M ll if lvl? 1926 ACACIA Saturday, Oct. 10: The Crescents entertained all the girls in Bide-A-Wee last night and I gave up trying to sleep at home and went over to the boiler room. Monday, Oct. 12: We had a talk in chapel today about an Endowment for Graceland. It seems to be the rage and of course we can't be behind the times. Wednesday, Oct. 14: School was dismissed for intersociety games in the morning. The Kap girls and Nik boys came out ahead. Saturday, Oct. 17: More initiations. I hear the F O Xls annexed Glen, Evan, and Clar- ence. Sunday, Oct. 18: A bunch of the girls went to Herald Hall for dinner so I had lots of time to doze. At the Hall they learned some new songs. I'll be glad to hear something besides "Oh, Katherina." Thursday, Oct. 22: The Cathedral Choir sang at the church tonight-the first Lyceum num- ber. I enjoyed it fine myself. Tuesday, Oct. 27: The Record today was full of noise about the Endowment. They say it means life or death to the college. It would sure be terrible if it failed. Friday, Oct. 30: Great preparations are under Way for the Homecoming tomorrow. We even have lots of snow to celebrate with. The Herald Angels presented "College Days" in the gym and I laughed myself into a fit, but I came to in time to see the old students that came in on the 8 o'clock. It sure seems good to see them all. Saturday, Oct. 31: Everyone has been so busy today with breakfasts, society meetings, pep meetings, parades, and that awful muddy football game that we're all about in. Sunday, Nov. 1: Most of the girls stayed home and cleaned up everything for the house opening. Everything looked so nice I was proud I belonged to the dorm. Thursday, Nov. 5: This week has been pretty tame after last, but the weather has furnished plenty of excitement. Anyway the other half of the intersociety games were played and those Kapplgirls came out ahead again, and the Pi boys. Friday, Nov. 6: You ought to hear those girls groan that played baseball yesterday. Even Judy says she feels stiff and thatls saying something. Flossie told me all about Vivian McElroy's and Tuck Johnson's wedding. Wednesday, Nov. 11: Our boys played Penn today and lost 6-4. Too bad! Good reports are coming in from our Endowment workers. Thursday, Nov. 12: There was a Lambda Delta Sigma meeting and Mr. Mortimore talked on geology. I don't care for those high-brow affairs, myself. Friday, Nov. 13: The Allover Six Club had a feast at Herald Hall. I tried to get some of the duck but it was eaten in a hurry, I guess. Tuesday, Nov. 17: This week the students are 'having their pictures taken for the ACACIA. Some of them are awfully funny looking. Miss Norris had her hair bobbed. Hurray! Friday, Nov. 20: The students learned how to eat in chapel today. No such foolishness for me. I'm pretty efficient in my own way. The K. girls have three new members, I'm told, Fae, Ada, and Gertrude Lane. Wednesday, Nov. 25: Today school is out for Thanksgiving vacation. I guess I'll take one, too, though I hate to miss what the ones who stay will do. Sunday, Nov. 29: Here I am back again and my old corner sure looks inviting. Guess I'll turn in. Monday, Nov. 30: They had lots of things while I was gone, a vacation frolic in the gym, and a lecturer at the church. Flossie said everyone laughed a lot, but she couldn't see much to it. They had chicken at the commissary Thanksgiving and to think I missed it. I Tuesday, Dec. 1: Tonight there was an illus- trated lecturer at the Coliseum. She intro- duced "Pal" to us and that seems to be con- nected with Tess S0mCW3y'. I nearly went to sleep till she mentioned cats. That woman sure hates cats, guess I'd better stay out of her way. Friday, Dec. 4: Conny is going away Sunday so the O. O. H.'s had a party for her. The Freshmen were sure kiddish at their party. I got disgusted and came home early. 19 Q. ,,,,,.A,, to , 1, , Y .-, '47 - x Y- pi. T if 'glib' .-,,., - 5 .ww v 7

Page 144 text:

Q jrfffr 1926 AcAclA 'C seen:-3.6 XC4-4,4 .bb ,gseffgfffv E , tfi l' 'lil v ff ll THE DIARY OF THE KAMPUS KAT Sunday, Sept, 55 1 have been busy getting Saturday, Sept. 19: The different societies met. M rfb things fixed for tomorrow. Lots of new kids with all their new members. I visited them 1 I Y keep coming, and I'll sure be kept busy get- all, but left before the initiations began. ting acquainted with them. College people are awfully silly. Monday, Sept. 7: This has been a full day with registering and everything, and We had Sunday, Sept. 20: Everybody ate at the church. the first chapel Service. Mr. McDowell gave I went to visit Flossie Carlile as it is really his farewell address and it made me so sad bmadfnlng to. get away from dormitory life I had to leave before he was through. Prob- once m a while' ably no one appreciates Mac like I do hav- Friday Sept 25' U S Commissioner Tigert ing been here the longest. ' . ' ' ' ' . , spoke m chapel today-I didnt go on ac- Tuesday, Sept. 8: I've had to steer pretty clear count of the rain I saw some former Stu- of most folks today. Classes began and dents at Supper 'hMack,, and hvelvatinaj, t everyone seemed so preoccupied or else in It Seems they jllst canyt Stay Way l he such a hurry they couldn't stop toltalk. a ' Wednesday, Sept. 9: The librarians were Monday, Sept. 28: A bunch of students went to Leon to Teachers' Institute today. Good way to get out of classes, I'll purr. laughing at the Freshmen in the library to- day-don't worry, they'll learn. I'll never forget the first time I talked out loud in the libary, I nearly lost my first life. I went to Friday, Oct. 2: We had they first pep meeting the Prayer meeting fonlghtv fhe llrst one is of the year-everyone is so enthusiastic about always Very mterestmg' . . the football game tomorrow, I'll have to - Thursday, Sept. 10: My, this is a long week! reprimand George Mesley for the Way he I1 Q It seems ages since school began. I was go- threw iq-ookiev around, though. 41 ing down to Herald Hall Cthey are having l a lot of funj but decided I needed the rest Saturday, Oct. 3: Whew! I'm a nervous wreck V J for tomorrow. after that game with Benedict and a score Friday, Sept. 11: Tonight was the Faculty Re- of 6-6. ception. Some affair. The most exciting thing was when President Briggs knocked a Sunday. Oef- 45 Tllls has been H most Peaceful home run. Everyone laughed but I was aw- day- All the b0yS Went fo Herald Hall fully Proud of him. for dinner, so we had things quiet all after- Saturday, Sept. 12: The first General Athen- 0009- ' ' ' h ld ' h . M ld Q lan meeting was e tomg t y 0 Monday, Oct. 5: The Bible Class had lots of 4 friend, Oscar, arrived and almost broke up the meeting. Monday, Sept. 14: Miss Carlile talked in . fun in honor of Uncle Roy's birthday. Mo- ses was rescued from the bulrushes in a chapel about the Oratorio. I'm not interest- Post Toastle box' ed in music 'cause every time I try to vocal- ize someone fires a shoe at me. It's a hard life being a kitchen cat. Tuesdav. Sept. 15: I'm pretty sleepy today. The girls of this domicile entertained Bide- Vvednesday, Oct' 7: The 0. H. Hjs have Tuesday, Oct. 6: The College Players had a business meeting and eats in South Woods. Sounds kinda funny to me. A-Wee and it was so noisy I almost had a three new pledges, Lois, Wanda' and Ge,-- fit. Girls are such noisy creatures-I'm glad nude. Yes, and therels 3 new club called A llll Pm 3 Cat- the Allover Six. No fellow can belong un- ill Friday- sein- 183 The Faculty Put OH some less he is six feet. It sure is a long club. il hi kind of entertainment or recital at the U vv church. I Went the rounds with the night- Thursday, Oct. 8: Flossie tells me they're hav- All watchman and We had lots of fun soecu, ing an A Cappella party and initiating the "faq 'of' lating about the new dates. new members- Tl W WI 19 Ml lf I I ,, If 5 2 'A X -Q? Y TVN z , e' xt Q A 4,.2'c , 5 ks

Page 146 text:

from the men's,.7.,..YY W... ,Ysw.,......,.,,,...,Y.--Ya . W. L., ., ,, "' -I 'V 5' ::-' I wx! Saturday, Dec. 5: Ho, hum! I'm just home debate and I really can't say 1926' ACACIA I .4 Wednesday, jan. 6: I noticed tirvo new dia- monds today, Katharine Axtell and Frances much for them. Thursday, Dec. 10: I went down to look in on the Football Banquet at the Coliseum. The program was dandy and the eats looked good. I almost threw two fits to see Trax acting like Mr. Briggs.-We had sad news today. Virgil Johnson died yesterday in a hospital in Des Moines. V Friday, Dec. 11: The College Players put on their first play at the Coliseum. It was some- thing about a lot of keys and looked like an awful mess to me, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Wednesday, Dec. 16: We had a Christmas Ves- per Service tonight and I came home feeling so happy and "Christmasy" that I almost lost a life trying to express myself. I guess I'm just not understood. Thursday, Dec. 17: A Mr. Koch sang at the church tonight. Flossie said Miss Carlile thought he was the best we ever had here. Friday, Dec. 18: The Community Pictures are shown at the Coliseum now and I waited around an hour to get in, as nobody told me that they are at 7:30. Anyway the show "Broken Laws" was worth waiting for. I'd have used a slipper on that kid, and one on his dad, too. Saturday, Dec. 19: The girls debated tonight about pitying their grand-children. I didn't go, but I suppose it is a vital question to those who have grandchildren. Tuesday, Dec. 22: I tried to get in on the Lambda Delta Sigma Christmas dinner, but someone gave me a dirty look and I cut for home. They had chicken, too. Wednesday, Dec. 23: Hooray! Vacation! Nuff sed till Jan. 5. Tuesday, Jan. 5: Everyone, that is all but the SW, are back and ready for school. New Year's Resolutions seem to be in style, but I don't suppose they'll last long. Cochran. Graceland is living up to her reputation. Saturday, Jan. 9: I went to the finals of the women's debate and found it was still on the grandchildren question, but I stayed it and learned quite a lot. The Niketes the banner. Sunday, jan. 10: There was a reception our new Spanish teacher, Miss Carrott. wonder if she likes cats. Ollt got for I Monday, Jan. 11: The Pi's won the Record contest today. They must have lots of soci- ety spirit or lots of cash. Friday, Jan. 15: Mr. Lawrence Brings read to us in chapel-it was from "Macbeth" I left during the sleep-walking scene. It was too spooky. He read "Candida" at the church and it was fine. Saturday, Jan. 16: Edith Woods knocked 'em all cold at the Academy Declam contest to- night with "The Phantom Airplane." Monday, jan. 18: Chillicothe beat us at our first basketball game. Miss Layton got taken for a co-ed and almost had a date. Tuesday, Jan. 19: Another game tonight. Wowie! They beat us again. Wednesday, jan. 20: Not much doing tonight. The library was jammed with folks getting in their last cram. I don't believe in it my- self. Thursday, jan. 21: The Lambda Delts learned all about modern music and art. Friday, jan. 22: Exams and more exams. I'm glad I'm a cat. Saturday, Jan. 23: Miss Layton's Contempo- rary Literature class had a banquet, toasts and all. Fine way to take exams, I'd purr. Tuesday, Jan. 26: Clarinda played basketball here tonight and we almost went wild and then the score was 30-29 in their favor. Too bad for us and Boot's head. M9 ilitf-ff'

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