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 - Class of 1953

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O CEB Mar N 7' Q0 0 K4 5.3 ny have fum' ffiZff77C27!f.S, f fm Vg A4201 ggpyfpgnfbn fn my days 0 MXZMUOCL my joyfgf 5cA0Mf1y5 aff are Sane, vibe ofaf zgmfkff f2c'e5 , A7 62af'fQ5 ZQfnA JZ gfaw Q5 '53 wclfigc Y x ipal Charles Hooker con High School Principal G C4 C C I fers ustafson Z2 ofeoalfafe 522 jearkvf fd wfyomas j'U.fifoI3ns'nn... Qacilef, Mfzzlrf auf ,?00f?,J02Q' Cflfoffanf, Cllllffflklldff Guidance Director Walter Kennett Helen Finley, Lillian Mc Stewart, Jean Moore Katherine Lippert, Mario Robert Cooke, Malcolm Mu Walter Kennett, Oscar Gu Malcolm Stewart, Te A rcprcmcrmltivc group. Entire, Frances Stephenson, Margaret n Scott, Louita Hayner, Marion Jenks, sgrove, Evan Littlefield, Carlton Osgood, stafson, Carty Lynch, Harold Innocent, d Dunn, John Favitta FLORENCE ARKEL "Flo" and her car are nearly inseparable. You can hear her asking, "anyone want a ride downtown?" Has participated in softball and belongs to the G 84 M Riding Club. Captured the title of most modest in class elections- hangs out in Florida-likes driving- wants to be a secretary-Big Island-Needs joe Qlucky boyl! DAVID BARBUTI "Dave" was a Varsity football player. Also in J. V, Basketball and the Senior play-"What do ya say?"-can be found in the pool room- likes to paint-ncecls most a bucket and a tooth-brush-ambition is to get married- bound for Monticello. J! MARTINA E. AH EARN "Betty" was our cheerleading captain. Also in hockey, soccer, baseball, volley ball and howling-Sergeant at Arms of Hi-Y- G. A. C.-Band, Glee Club, Orchestra, Senior play, G. O. representative-"What's New ?"- High School Corridor-teasing-wants to learn to clrive4heacled for Africa soon- needs a Driver's License. PAULINE BORDONALI "Pizon" was the treasurer of our Hi-Y, sports council and V. P. of band, also in hockey, basketball, bowling, volley ball, tennis- Senior play, big "but little" Mary-"Please, Mr. Osgood take us bowling-room 208- seen driving her car to Middletown like a Hell Driver-needs non-breakable car- bound for college. To follow Mr. Littlefield's footstep. ANN BEEBE A "Shotgun" or B. B. gun would ordinarily be suspected of having a loud noise but not our Beebe. She's the quietest girl in the Senior Class-has been in softball and bowling- favorite expression "don't be simple!"- Zoby's-movies-hopes to join the Waves- Bainbridge, Maryland-needs most, money. CHARLES BENDE "Big Ben" was president and treasurer of the F. F. A. Also in varsity basketball, baseball, football and track. Operetta, Bennett Speaking Contest, Senior play Q"l-lello, Beautifulul "That's the way it goes."-Villa D'ambrosi- hanging around Montgomery-own a Chicken Ranch-destination? you tell us-needs most, Gillespie's brains. CLAR105 COLEMAN PAT CARNEY "Pat", with an afhnity for mirrors and that certain way of keeping each hair in place has been active in basketball, softball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, tennis, bowling, Glee Club, and G. A. C. The matronly "Mrs. Orcott" in Senior play-Youth In Gov't-Hi-Y reporter- "Laugh, I thought I'd die." Can be found in Chem Lab-likes to argue-lawyer- Supreme Court-needs a client. jon-iN BROWN John Brown's body lies-just ask his teachers! Has been in track, a G. O. representative, also in band for 2 years. His favorite expression is a snore. Like Harold Miller, his pastime is skating at the Avalon. Wants to be a mechanic and some day have his own garage-needs most, the tools to accomplish this. "Reecy", who often graced the halls with her dog collar, was Veep of Senior and junior classes, in Glee Club, Honor Society Treasurer, Hi-Y president, G. A. C., bowling manager, softball, G. O. representative, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, dramatics, Senior play fLittle? Maryl-"Oh stop!"-205 or 208, chasing teachers-would like to re- place Mr. Lynch-wanders around Murray Ave. with "that" look in her eye-needs a little understanding. JAMES E. DERBY "jimmie" is the male thrush of our Senior class. Last two Operettas, band, G. O., Senior play, dfamatics club and won second place in the Bennett Speaking Contest last year- U "VVan'a hear something funny?"-hangs out in Miss Newkirk's office-likes to light with Mary Ann-wants to be a music teacher- Phil Spitalnie's All-Girl Orchestra-needs a joke book. JUNE Diavo june, who has been Hi-Y secretary, in op- erettas, Glee Club, G. A. C., Senior play, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, bowling, is our hall-hanger-"Have you seen Roy?"-can be found wherever Roy is-favorite pastime is Roy-destination, married life of coursee-needs a husband. Rov GILLESPIE BARBARA FREEDMAN "Barb", our own "oomph" girl, is noted for her ability to stick to one boy for four or five monthsubasketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, volleyball, cheerleading, Honor Society Veep, G.-A. C., Hi-Y, Glee Club, Orchestra, Senior play tour girl Olga, the wall crumblerJ4f'Do we have to walk?"- can be found at "Frank's" or I-Ierby's-doesn't know where she's going, but wants to get married-any eligible man around? STANLEY P. GUQALA "Stan" ffirst time we knew this one, tool made a hit in baseball-"Drop Deadn, he says Grosse's-Huntingfwants to be a big game hunter, therefore his destination is naturally-S. Africa-The boy needs money. CAsP1aR HARCHUT "Cas" is very shy, in fact he captured this title in the 'class elections, Active in baseball .ind high man in bowling. "XVhat did you says?"4Seems to like Middletown, also bowl- ingfgoing to be ll machinist in Alaska some- day-all he needs is a new car. "Roy", junior and Senior President, varsity basketball, football, track, president of the llonor Society, Senior Play, as David King- sley. "lt's quality, not quantity" is his motto. If you want to find him he will be at 150 Grand Street or on the Way to the movies. Wants to become an engineerv-Might land in California-Needs a TV set. JOSEPH HIQLHOSKI "Uner", our class Hirt, is noted for Ilya! look in his eye. He has participated in j. V. basketball and varsity basketball and also varsity baseball. G. O. representative-"Let's go!"-You can find him at Mason's store or playing sports. He has a great desire to get rich and move to Alaska-needs most?- money. CHARLES HOLMBERG "Buzzie" was our football player for two years, also was in wrestling, "New Hampton l-lot Rod Club", Senior Play and G. O., V. P. SHIRLEY HIHNZELMAN "Woodge" QI sure wouldj was our Senior Class Secretary. Her sport activities included softball, archery and bowling-has also been treasurer of G. O.-"Oh happy day"- Zoby's--likes records-someday she'll join the XVaves4Bainbridge, Maryland-needs n car. JOAN JOHNSON "joan" is our "Strong" girl, took part in baseball, basketball, soccer, G. O. representa- tive, Hi-Y, Senior play, Madeleine, fWhyn't ya wear dungareesll-"Oh Chrristmas!"-4 joanie clerks at "Strong's!"-wants to be a nurse- heading for Lenox Hill and needs a of F. F. A.-2 yrs. "Hit the road" or "Yeah" -Hot Rodding. Wfants to be a Fly Boy or State Trooper. Still doesn't know where he is going-Money and a fast car. RUTH HOUSTON "Sweeties" known for her bright smile which seems to charm the members of both sexes Cjust ask the boysj. Plays a good game of basketball, also hockey, softball, bowling and soccer-Chaplain of the Hi-Y, G. A. C., band and Glee ClubM"Mercy sakes"-Frequents West Point constantly but spends most of her time trying to please Mr., Hayes?-wants to pass Chem fwho doesn'tJ-headed for New York City Hospital-needs an understanding man. doctor. GERTRUDE JONES Trudy", who thinks she needs a stepladder, has been secretary of Westminster Fellowship, in glee club, bowling, basketball, soccer, soft- ball, G. A. C.-can be found at home, usually readingkgoing to be a nurse-off to Bellevue with the nuts-got a straight jacket? ,7i'V..-fefjje .. S - .Sei .. ' -T1 H L+? .Ai , i :aaa ,.x'. fYeiZ7'4 : ,Z L. ug LUTHER H. JONES "Luke" seems to be Mr. Kennett's handy man, also specializes in setting up movie projectors from Room 117 to 225. Has been a member of the F. F. A. for 3 years-his favorite pastime is working on Tin Elizabeths fthe two just don't seem to go togetherj-"Good night"-is a home boy UD-wants to be a mechanic-headed for the Air Force-needs a car. JOAN E. KNAPP "Knappy" is known for being snappy with the change. She has been in basketball, soft- ball, badminton, soccer, hockey, G. A. C.- Linda in Senior play-"Always asking for gum"-seen at Maney's horseback riding- Bound for Navy to be a Wave-all she Wants ' is some money. EUGENE KOLMAN . "Gene", our junior class treasurer, is very athletic. He has been on the J. V. Basketball team and has been a Capt. on the basketball and baseball teams, but "That's only minor"- He can be seen in Pahucki's store playing cards-he wants to be an engineer but where he's going is beyond him because he needs brains. FRANK KOLMAN "Frankie", who is bound to be a professional baseball player, has proven his ability by his athletic prowess in J. V. basketball, varsity basketball, varsity baseball, soccer. Also might see him in Tony's-Likes to do anything as long as it is fun-Thinks he needs talent but the Brooklyn Dodgers will doubtlessly win the series when Frankie joins the team. PAUL KROLL When we think of Leno fwhere'd that come from?J we usually think of Connecticut or other hooky spots. President and treasurer of F. F. A., president and vice president of 4-H and the photographer in our play. "That's the way the ball bounces"-Montgomery Street- Keeping Spam company-most ardent desire is to graduate-destination-who knows?- needs an understanding wife. DANIEL j, LEMPKA Our lighted "Watt," who was Sam Hastings with that Texan drawl in the Senior play, has been in Varsity baseball, and football. "I'll say"-If you're looking for him he's bound to be in Tony's-Likes to play cards-Bound for Miami to find an Orange Blossom. BARBARA LovE MAR JORIE LEWIS When you think of "Marty" you think of Charlie, too-She's been in basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball-Hi-Y., G. A. C., Sports Council-"Ann" in the Senior play- "Where's Charlie?"-'42 Cadillac-Vfants to leave New Hampton-California is her des- tination-needs credit for English 12. FREDRICK R. MAY "jimmy Flood", has participated in bowling. He's always seen riding around in a car but soon will be on a ship in U. S. Navy- Spring fever is his weakness therefore he takes special two-week vacations-Needs a life saver. M'-hr 42179 JEAN MINER "Minner", yearbook editor-in-chief who charmed her classmates with her Southern drawl-basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, manager of volley ball-member of cheerlead- ing squad, G. A. C.-sports council, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Glee Club, band, orchestra, G. O., Dramatics Club. Secretary of Junior Class-"I'm going to quit Trig!"-can be found in Chem lab-Has the road to N. Y. M. A. completely worn out-wants to speak Eve languages-needs some spare time. AUDREY MITTON Our little "Shortie" was our class treasurer- "Oh darn"-Seen around W watching T. V.-The only way see the world is by being an Airl On her way to La Guardia to see the pilots come in-needs most ?-those pi HAROLD MILLER "Healthy" looks healthy and would certainly have to be to make J. V. basketball. "I was flying low" is his favorite expression and we all agree. That car really moves. His favorite pastime is roller skating at the Avalon- wants a Mercury-his destination-a chemical plant-needs most Qas nearly all boys seem toj money. ashingtonville she wants to ine Hostess- lots! "Lovey"-nickname often a source of em- barrassment, has a divine French accent. Get her to pronounce those "r's"-been in baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, Hi-Y Veep, G. A. C. president, secretary of the Honor Society, band, orchestra, Glee Club-If she tells you shut the door, she might mean "-Iet' adore"-Lovey loves to flirt-practices in West Point-ambition is to get married. 1. 'l""'5'it: s i ggg jig J. MACK MORLEY "Big Mack", the captain of football, was in wrestling, track, F. F. A. Also belongs to the New Hampton Hot Rod Club, was in the Senior play-"That's the way the ball bounces"-Seen at New Paltz and then driving to the movies-Going to Alfred College to RICHARD OSBURN "Richie" was the captain of soccer, captain of J. V. basketball, also in varsity basketball, baseball, football, operetta. "Yes, sir!" Sancres Manor-keeping fguess whoj company-Own Sancres Manor-bound for Hoboken, New jersey-all he needs is answers to Hnal exams. be a farmer-wants a jet propelled car. LEWIS MYRUSKI "Lou" was Joseph, our butler, in the Senior play. Reliable catcher in baseball, brawny guard on varsity football, J. V. basketball- "I wouldn't know"-hangs out at Tony's- pastime, movies-get rich-running to Balti- more-Could use some money. RITA PRIMAVERA "Reet" will always be remembered at Operetta time. Has been in bowling, basketball, volley- ball, soccer, baseball-Hi-Y and Glee Club- Manager of archery-"I don't know"-Miss jenk's room, 217-plays the piano-army wife -likes West Point-college. ELEANOR POLHEMUS "Spam", a tasty dish, was a varsity cheer- leader, also in Hi-Y, band, Glee Club, orchestra, basketball, softball, hockey, soccer, Senior play fwith a hey nonny-nonny and a swiss on ryelj "Don't mess!"-Frank's-Paul -Pass English-headed for Maple Avenue- in dire need of a psychiatrist. JEAN SAWYER "Jeanie", our petite president of the G. O., lead in senior play as "Terry". Can we ever forget that bedroom scene? Was active in bowling, soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, tennis, Hi-Y, Glee Club, operettas, Youth-in- Government, Honor Society and was chair- man of finance committee-"I have to laugh"- Can be found at any time in 208 confiding to "him"-intends to be an elementary teacher-Canada-needs patience. MARY ANN THARALDSEN "Mat"-managing editor of the school paper, assistant editor yearbookfG. A. C. Hi-Y Honor Society-baseball soccer lhocke 7 . , , y, basketball-Secretary and Veep of the G. Oi that diabolical sense of humor-"Ge-orr-rge, all the way"-zombies-loves to read books for term papers, ambition is to finish one on time4Needs most: a lion tamer. JOHN N. SINNOCK "Shorty" fonly 6'J was the class intellect, which seemed to surprise him, however, he's best known to us as "Sinnock the cynic"- plans to go out for track, was Stage Manager of Senior play, also in operetta-"NXfhat you don't know won't hurt you"-you'll find him in the least likely places "being objection- ablenfwants to be a millionaire-Oak Ridge- needs a better build. X BERNICE WALDMAN "Bare-knees", noted for her Dr. jekel, Mr. Hyde quietness has been in basketball, hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball, bowling, tennis, G. O., G. A. C., Hi-Y, Operetta, dramatics and the Senior play as Bernice Neimeyer f"Definitely r-r-rippingnj-"Didn't I tell you?"-loves to drive that Mercury to West Point--wants her name linked with a designer like Ceil Chapman--look for her on 5th Ave.- if she gets a partner. GLADYS E. VAN CUREN "Dusty's" known as the cutest kid in the Senior class. Active in basketball, softball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, stunts 8: tumbling- Hi-Y, G. A. C.-Dramatics, G. O. representa- tive, Glee Club-"Hit the road!"-Zomby's- Hot rodding it-Hopes to hang out a Vet's shipgle-Cornell-needs a night with the gir s. JOHN STIEFFIENS Everyone looked up to "Little john" with few tall exceptions. Could be seen running down the soccer field advancing that ball, active in F. F. A. S "Well, I'll be darned!"-usually found in a place of solitude carrying out his favorite pastime, loafing-intends to be a farmer-Californiafneeds ambition. K J Engl, 1 iif X ww l 53: Nr 1,2 M51 .atgf josEPH ZIELINSKI "joe", the manager of the stage crew, was also in baseball, bowling-Frank's after roller skating-From an ambitious sailor to an Admiral in the Navy-he is going out on the Pacific Ocean in 1 row boat. 'vo 5 f 41.55 ci EQLJYUS gee? Ur-ea ess-3,5 u nk Q A ,X Moss N1 eric moms HELL DRIVERS: Ruth Houston Charlie Holmbe Pat Carney TEACHERS' PETS! Jean Miner Roy Gillespie TEACHERS' PECTS: Clarice Coleman Stan Gugala SHIEST2 MOST HODEST' 9 5 Af' E33 '5 Q cf Betty Ahearn Florence Arkel Casper Harchut . Audrey Mitton Casper Harohut mos? Liheiy fo Suceeecf N C-3 5 ei' L CD O fi s 71 LL.V,Q ' I H f......L' -"'-7 -- kai Dangers Qffekaf-5 Ffivfs if 51691 fgvincf-5 254.-2.336 i1+2'w?Qf'e5 Qomemosf 'Enos' QEQQG 'Ffo,?,-fmies.-1' Qressar .5192 graft? Eiecsf 3- 8020369 Q,foJ55?,1 few 9355? moi? QQBHEEAEQQUS um 5 rx, ' al ,W 1 01-- 216. XX OJ Q, cf .Q,. C9 O2 U00 C1056 Q' XX Y 05' 504559 0 QM Cbboo D UJQJQJ., bb? 509520 ' 21 U 5 G16 0 O . . ' L WQXae'qe'1QqM3f?4QixX3?w QM X O'c'0Q,0 QQQQQXX b NXOOCEJ. QQXQOX 'fo 2, Q19 XA N9 fQ ohocys o O Xo Q9 60 Q XX 5 NX O of xi?Xqo5wXNo0 X0'C7NNX OX O O60 I7 o.bx4:OiOYNYNQ.,c SQYQBYNQQ X0 llffeeigxoo Y, X0 wig Ogio XO qycoo P10 N obexx' Xxoo . ,QQYL Drag? CAN new woe if 0 WC XKQM AQQAUJX was XS . 0 Q, ea, 050466 N66 QCOOXXOLEK X 502, eff W ON, . xo 9 COM Q29 mfox is xv O -EPC max O' ,X O - c. Yxaeoix cioox wgegcwxzx , O 0 O Vee 084 imowojqo X' X fed!! ox: 'Nlf 5 oo ,N xoe. xw . cf' owl 0 QXNX Xaefclwf - ,900 'YARN QXOCO' 4 4 X 21 AOXX xo OC vie, wx X x0 xox-5 Xxve, cox fb 0- Xxoa, 0 0-mx QO- bofwc 0' xgl-QXQCQBQ, YN Og Xtxo X XQQJG6 Xzeies X004 QC BQAYN No 13 X196 500' 3 xo Xka Cf 0810021 XC' Vx ooeb X0 X0 XXX G4 Xo Nl QOXO I Xgsggi X :Xcel ,Qgk-00 Xe, 0-0 C . X YK o M4060 'S' Xxsi' No X ef Nea 'J ,K 2 No YN YQAN6 -lafo Q-,aes VX eenw OM- oo Q0 Nw, X65 N40 N9 X Q O-L0 D CQf0X 56565 5 Qxebxl NN-X QJQA-0,51 - R0 M 0 N ' 'dev H XM XXX 5 29911 wr c Q4 xo 00 Xxx 'N 404 v xzaif AQ YN 2. AW fxe 4 e,-se, be-POXC we Y X0 Q0 ., of ee X0 OQQXX . x6 09 oe . C: XO o Q0 544+ 4 Q, C4000 ao X4 QQ da ,,x o Gmb Xge, an ee,-1 9 5 os 099 zo X941 q X 'Q codxgo QNY-0 so 'Y SYM C30 XA 0 oc X e, X 60-9 Qs c X el Abt-cr Xa Bao P49 Y-96' N450 Rex G O Nw XY' x 4 Ache are QA wb Moe N- Qu 00 56 2,166 6 , Xa Qox Q 4 Q1 e, 69 Nad, . Xo Xxgfb Ab fc Of' QQQANC0 0 Qvofb X644-X X oO 0 Xaboao x bow N16 Lo-90 X0 X C ow OX .NV ix Qmbw Q Q cab CQ QNQOXYN 005X Xofmqrjfffmw' . nf 50,00 xaxggeoe 'Pr i 6 , , a Q04 gb 9906 iz 'OQC 509' -Sgqqi, C fijjxefs YQ Xk""X 11' Q ds! X O Qgyxez '-6-obo foo XO .X QD 'gaafvam XQZAGJS X904 mbxvlodg 6005: , 'ooroxeexeh YW' QA 0 X 0 sax 5 dx ' ZQQZ6 - 1 QNX V 'q7eXrefJ X0 A 60 Of VNS X Y 4209 J X Ny 96 M f 4 Og 5162 355 gba Q W oo ff 'T Ur I7 e I, Ggqlfee I L' Q, R ,Va ef? ,OP 1 noofw JQf-6 XG if f54?Pye . O QQ Q I - 5- 'iffqfnso 05' V95 AGQVQ' 51.4 Auf 'P 'J uslfe X fgge up 6 Af 'C-I-odd 1 0 G Q S Q . 9 " G 6 ey 'Q 5 If 6 C 78 Q 17' QV QS 5' A l-f Qs 6 6 4 'gofffes 'ZW-Q7 'fqf 0 0'- ne X 6 Q u 6- 24 6 r- Pl fe 0? fx, f ff C' f - 0 QI " Q 4 Avo 'SQf'r4Qc'1i-!Q'54'jff5' 'f f"Af L6'LZ1Q:Fo.r44Qw Q93 Assy' Ofqf fo Sf SMP 0 fb Q 17044 PQ yes QVQ- 'S OZ, gf 534 Sf edu' 40" 9 fyqn io oo.: X fe ,ins ,CSG Q ooo, non Q! X 740 u Q! . 01- 9 99 G xr Q Q gf- , Q 11 Q e 49 Yes Vg? Qxfgof 7' 051-Q Aoi 5 by Q Gym Qf '4f,,,'fC,Q Vg, 4,5 4,5 felfoe 6 ,I of fo H Q7 D of '07-'I 6-s ,14e?'fo0o fjxohm' WU - Q QA A ' fo I5 0' A Q P! O A pk , ' J S G J' Q 4 A I 'c Q If Ce 'S' ,P Q ye up 5 I ff L'efVfQ"fS,f0'W'4 Wfooffh on P660 4 Q 'ef' axe? ,IGH 696k PGV ,ol XOQ .744e 02' ,fo Qecafr J-74 'N 5, 1? ,Sq lfffwfs Aff 2121 'f' exif Qf,fwf,2PfiH Q FP. ,, f Q - , ' o 99150 0,-f'f6f"475'.55!4"5 gap 'C Q3 MQ, 9 PA! 'o Qs beep 'UQ ,Fr 4 '75 Q44 off Q f 6 Sf' ff 'la Q 2 ,gf-P4 Ge? Qs C' OKC? 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X5 X 'JZ-, X - N J Qyosfak 4? ZW V ky or vu ox' I M- .arf xxx x C5 N 'rl G1 L lf'- 1 E2 H 4-3 LG ID U A QQ .-SC' 8 In ,.4 on r-I 4 I3 Q4 UI uf C my' :Lo L QW Q r-4 GJ O G3 V77 r-3 Q A C5 -'S V10 sv' C 1-4 CD O Af 411 U '12 A: 6' n A Si 'Tj -H Q ,u. fr-4 ,ff .-C: fl O 'rf UT r-Q L Qu fb-l r-4 'ri Q g, A b cu P L4 U3 .1 , ,-. Us CD SD +7 C15 Kl- Xcrcerman, Tiff 2 rdi Fa Dowbal, Jones, l L 4 0 x R C C O El Barber, ct, edi A D. , 5 ui! I 0 3 0 I In 1 UO Us 443 D+J J 0 4 J 2 E Q 4 3 J M C C O DD Q D- CL Q4 hd G 4 U, D 49 -4 -1 QE r4 A -1 -4 J -1 -4 UJ WA-LIID, nd ns UGURSUII, DI.lCL'.LUU oarlnange .Lo , mlonul, I PHBIL 8 LV D1 Q m as A r4 f4 o O GJ -H L ca Q ID o S- R -H A: KD 5 'U Q :L Q Q. 5 it L Q b llew, Ri Coddington, Pe well, Ho Poharski Hendershott, Consoli, 2 lonski rg, Za be , Holm 0 15 M EI Q C C +3 r4 0 U0 U0 bl 'H 35 CL E U rl A C 0 m in cb 5 J: U0 3 G U JZ O G 5, nford, Sa Wager, sen, d aral Th Us 15 C O D! Silvestri, Harris, rcer, zareski, V. Me Ko Carney, Mandate, well, Grippe r, F. Ho Lisack, Schoo ke rs Ui O 13 L Q D4 lhai Mu rx Merce Brink, llespie, Gi Pkaa E U FJ ai CL -H L C3 A C -d 49 Arkel Richner, eis, Fr anco, B1 oviski, , N cci talu Ma ttiloro, Ba M r4 E U ii C 0 L L N E! bn L K4 D CJ fi O 33 9 d II C G DD Q B2 Ou UD Q4 L L Q CL Us Q J3 O S4 S LI QD CJ E :E Q C 'H U vi A 50 P B ef A bw CD C E Ii ba U r4 L Q B4 Pk CI GD 03 YI GD if CJ U1 Uk UD Q r4 13 O UD 'Q 8 lg 'NIFXL I o C CI-0 I lhivb , 5? 4 X . .5 5 XYWWQWQ QlF" .fd-O .ip .nlll 4 K ,,, ,fm G, 'JI" 5 .age xq" 94 .WW k"'-...Ja UI F-S w 1 Q O I W H N1 Mabee ufman, E. Crabbs, Ka L. criuelli, D il Verna S11 .T . Magee rage r K T vs Rhein C' LJ! 7 Lrice .P S6 R . Hou Ellis, ion, B. Hood, E. Pac R. er, 1 il M J. A. Ellis Hoare 6, L. , L. LB ordloh , N lsh H 58 smitn, C. ld n,Go Bur Waldman, de , Ben Dukowitz run, J K0 V. ess, Burg S. Kennedy . Lewis B lar , J. M11 amp K len ay, Ga Gr FY, ST P 0 lhair, P. Green, I Mu S. Henry, J. J Lease s Anderson, , R. ith , E. Sm bias To J. Hansen Quick, J. lker, W. Wa Decker, T timer, Lat H8 Jo De H. 1 Zandt Van J. kerson, Ec C. Jasinski, , J. Wisner B. rten, Ga , w. alucci at M R. YOH R. Mit Bach, Young, Johnson, Barron, Schoenholz, Tyler, cock, Bab RQ X S21 IG .C CU Ei Ox YD C 32 K5 1 A C 'H Z 'GC UO KDLD y, Strong, ffert La 1-4 0 -H D-4 atson erson, W nd Shader, c , G. A , Dill, 0 'Sin L.m Q . Ps K-e GU GS r-4 0 E. E A S lle Covi Z2 A55 CL'-C use, Ho A. ! C8 Pa ertson, S .D h0 L11 G EI O ID C L1 O 'D 1-e CU Ri 2 A +7 I-'I U Ei A ID G3 ba O r-1 .Ei +7 L O bd A S-4 OD on C O -43 -P 'rl I1 A bl +7 C -ri bd own, Br sler, Ca ir, HO, T Anderson .5-4 o 51-4 ZF -in CJK! ra rl 'd 2. Z If 6 111 15 I' df d 6 'WX xfr l Yu, L J ,-a .Im gg? Committee reports at G. O. meeting ,e -'N 2, ,A.t. .,.. QQEQEE an Q at new QQ? gffifg E Q3 ini, L. to R: Salamone, J. Tharaldsen, Miner 55? Nott , Goldsmi nh, Keller ' 55qg,V2Q5i5,gg Jean Sawyer presides l q X i I C L. to R: First 391: Tyrrell, V. P., Sawyer, Pres., Pellew, Sec., Jensen, Tres,, Second Egg: Kipp, Blanco, J. Tharaldsen, Deyo, Dombal, Ahearn, Johnson, Schroeder, Third Egg: Kennedy, Mally, Miletich, J.Lee, Salamone, Miner, Holmberg, Fourth Egg: Critelli, Hansen, Kauffman, Love, Jones, Fifth Egg: Sherloci, walker, B. Sawyer, Keller, Seward, Jackson, Mr. Stewart, Advisor, Steffens, Nizolek, Schmidt Using the voting machine A Registering 5. X S QW gi.-UW yavkiv Q QYIZT EW J' 'L f if ,ff Caucus in session 'vcr Y 03-,WX Giang go e ae-Segiol Y 4:8313 2 . '51 ..:::: ss :mn z::E'EE Q -1 , R if 2? lx: S Q' 1 5 .T If' ff 3 I uf' L. to R: Slone, Pollack, Mulhair, C. Holmberg, Bende, Morley, Brola Second Row: Critelli, Decker, Andersox warren, Goldin, Schmidt, C. Kroll, Third Row: Mercer, Garten, Schoonmaker Steffens, Howell, Walker, Fourth Row' Maney, Lattimer, H. Holmberg, M. Kroll, Mabee shen F. F. A. receives the Dairy Herd Award Frank Fischer, Karol Bailey, Joe Zielinski, Paul Kroll, Bob Ryerson, Lloyd Jackson, Earl Silvernail, John Sherlock, Stanley Conklin fdgfi rea: N .- 11., JW, sam: exe., ew Siem' . 81' 09195 9, Co P-1165 . 0 Q Sponsored by Blau of '54 Presents H.M.S. ORE U, W K. V.hk M ' Ye X ' Q - K ,ee.' S990 e W5 6 ' L DA azggg fiff' 33 ,B ,.g .74 . ' 19 eef , eeefe fu ,ef xee "YA A e ,. VIV A ' J' 1 iq 4 QQ K 2 A X ee' Q V x 'M I -I' 0 ,L K .eff 3 nj! X E X 2 Wood, Cherveny, Terracino, N. Love, A. Lattimer, 3. Lattimer Houston, Johnson, J. Kroll, Fitzpatrick, Keys, Lippencott Derby, Goldsmith, Dickover, Magee, Morse, Mandate, Pellew Miller, Kauffman, B. Matalucci, Wheeler, B. Love, J. Miner, S. Wade T. Tobias, J. Tobias, C. Wade, Baldwin, Hopkins Ryerson, Speirs, R. Matalucci, B. Miner, Nizolek, Quackenbush, Rivercamp r l Mr. Batorski conducts. 'R w Q fe. X x I fl6fl7: X - Q IQ? f"'w Nag-me 022' NGN ,Q all-59 X116 0 X J Wf Lo 97. f E funn! F2115 Q u 2 H I :QQ-nH I H X L11 10 ls is 1 gookcsw if T'l Al LIBRARY Psmm' , K lame. 4 . l'o .4..,.. . ... limo leaving ,...,.. time returning Ellm1fNfy fY1v' , I 2 I ,L... LWHQWQHW' Q W-5 J,-'iff 7 . , , fy is L -f..f,., ,Q,,,,w5g A . 5 ... , ff -i f: 'sf r ,lm .. lEwwwvMQww1 Ax .QM ,wa J,,.g.w.a. QV, MQ. rf 5+ fEH QW3M Q V W 33555 1 " 'K V' V fi-, QQ '35 1 '13-:Q k A F5555 Lllest upper class girls It'S an interes Bobton .uan.J film g OFKlHg hard I 441' cg If EZ IE CJ F1 Q:- ,H .. .V .N f 5 Allggnliaill J we VW. Nw QQ nNow class,,,uh,,, K Q 1351+- Q We -qsv' aiting for an interview .ff S Hubews 7th and Sth grade math class hard at work 1 I' voon Shows how vc fx 5 6 55 M ?ll ' 'Him , Ni Q x Q g 'Q Q9 6 W5 famin- Joan Knapp paints a Weis 'X' Fe Mr. Innocent at work in his Ceramics class Embroidering in Home Economic r-trude Jones demonstrates' 9 6 ,QQ 900 . 'V A typing class busily at work 4' S90 oo fx v ' YR? !ib5,4 ,vo ,X , 4. NEW """"""' 0 iw6 an--up ' " d :Az First Boy: Barbara Love, Barbara Freedman, Jean Sawyer, Mary Ann Tharaldaen, Jean Miner, Clarioe Coleman, Second Row: Roy Gillespie, Bill Wye, Mr. Lynch-Advisor, Joe Nizolek, Skip Kruger. George Peavy-absent member ' 71' Em """' m f '- ' - .-:. 5522E1E'.-.-:ii-:-za'.:15f212f52f3f'2f2IE5E - S ..'. 5 .,.,.,.. , V i - f3'31ifif5232532225215323235E5E3E3E5E:ErZ1EE 'g , ' "'2 L E52525252311:515:33-g:5M:3:E1ErE25222212 ' 'Q 51515:5151335235121gE21'1'1rE52gEr2g2rEg5:l13gE 561' ."" First Bogj Liohwiok, Jensen, May, 5 Karlowits, Waldman, Bordonali, Freedman, if will' ,, Seconedh Qgyli ilfroll, Bialas, Tyrrell, I Boley, Schroder, Harding, Schoenholz, Kraiza, Miller, Third Bog: Ahearn, Deyo, Lewis, Love, Coleman, Miner, Polhemus, ,, iii 23 Van Curen, Carney, Tharaldsen, Fourth ggi: Nott, Dombal n..0.-mm V -ueamamvmmm-I e.1m . rmsil ZZBZFZZQ Jem' ' ' falfjffgf sv J.nV, Cheerleaders L. to R. Pellew, Wade, Barber, Mulhalr, Zalonski, Lee, Riverkamp Y Opening the varsity game Varsity Cheerleaders L no R: Ahearn, Polhemus, Lee, K. Boley, Bruen, Jensen, Freedman, May Kr 33 hai ,Ffnrfw rlers . - 1 ' ?wf- . u.mbane MAWQ11- Walaman. Walsh. Llcnwlck, KFOl , gf f,., ' ak! K I 4 H -' 'iw ,.,,23' : ,,-' K , , 1 15312 , ' '7 hui? 1 any 'P iv w+rff V- - --52' ':",gi,.-'ii--if ., '- ,..,, ' 'M C3 'S C B E SD 2.1. O '1 CD Cf Cf CD DJ PJ. SD I-J SD UI Cheerleaders in accion WA gg. .X C-XM-we vhfi' aggmgw ikswwyof " Wiifis,f1Tfji'fg,?'v3' -'51 :f'f:'V.1 :.6.N. g's.z':WI1ix".i'3-- KV792i:lz,,if1:kzf,1g5k31f.-.1-e.rQ2i3gs, g ,' f wifiih Q ,V ' K I X, MMM lrqt Pow Rorbera Love Bnroara Freedman, Jean Sawyer, Mary Ann, Thurmldwen, Tean Miner, larice Polemnn, Second Row: Roy Gillespie, 111 xyt, My Lvnch Advisor, Joe Nizolek, Skip Kruger. oeorge First Row: Lichwiok, Jensen, May, Karlowits, Waldman, Bordonali, Freedman, Second Qgyj Kroll, Bialas, Tyrrell, Boley, Schroder, Harding, Schoenholz, Kraiza, Miller, Third 321: Ahearn, Deyo, Lewis, Love, Coleman, Miner, Polhemus, Van Curen, Carney, Tharaldsen, Fourth Row: Nott, Dombal Mr. S-tewa.1"t's had a girl Qgagj Z 5 5 9 X Mr. Favitba facinates ,f Q 3 Wi Indians painting for batt xx Test coming up Luncheon danC1n5 7th period help Hu use expounds on Shakespeare ffdrnnnu' fggl'9' . Lncipal Gustafson gives advice gg ,gg ,Q ge- M .-h- f 1- Sw' I'm Popeye the Sailor' Man -ng people are gO1H5 to the devil Look at thirteen take that comer The culprits I andy? ffeeffea Jars' ' ' fwiffef s J.nV. Cheerleaders L. to R. Pellew, Wade, Barber, Mulhair, Zalonski, Lee, Riverkamp K Varsity Cheerleaders L to R: Ahearn, Polhemus, Lee, K. Boley, Bruen, Jensen, Freedman, May Opening the varsity game W gg- . f H 'L , , U AH , ,ra 5, .,.,, , . . . ,g,Q gf? .rr Cheerleaders ln HCCIOH -'i"s'Wf is - 'L 1 - Nia V, n fgi? ff??xA wwwwwww eas nnrrn Q . v ddsla sdrea I derl f rddnsrl lnl Faww1fwd1 Mm wmqwywwwwwawi ,,,. 4 vi .5 .ff , Drum majorette Bialas On the bench Hawkins Howell, Waldman' Walsh' Lichwick' Krol Q.1..,.1mLn- .r- waldman. Knapp, Eseletofh Befkma' Wrestlers Carl Johnson, Clinton Barnes, Skip Kruger, Carl Emery, Jerry Tobias M -P . . r. Stewart Joach, Bill Baldwin, Vlncent Vuolo, Ted Tob1as, Doug Speirs-Manager Mack Morley, Charles Holmberg asm. 41" S 'WI ef rx? 9 Q Sec t Row: Dan Loyas, B111 Nye, Steve Hopkins, Joe ek Henry Mendeto, Dale Lyons, Nick Mabee QQ gg Q7 QU i f "" nq ' : V E ,1 5. , L , r f 1 5 jf 3. 6 e A s Q ,qi 1 ' mmggw -W4 is C r subs oe 1 d How: John Magee, Jerry Carney, John Sherlock, ey Zuk, Frank MoChurch, Earl Silverneil, Ken Hawk ln 5 X, 5 sf, l Xff e!, Vo fF? sr? S'5 Q QQ were QQ f 3 ffo lm an Se 6 Kolma n add Op? Ou 1 Shot Firsg ggyz Pete Curreo, Le Roy Barnes, Joe Helhoeki, Gene Kolmvn, Richie Osburn, George Walsh, Le Roy DeWitt Seoong Boy! John Seward, Manager, Bob Brola, Charles Bende, Dale Memmeler, Roy Gillespie, Frank Kolmen, Coach Dunn Sap int VHPSity in action Here's what I want you to do 5, r, ,WM 'L3ff"isv!'E1K'H GIRLS SPORTS """"iT L to R: Miss Flaxington, C.Bo1ey, Love, K.Bo1ey, Bordonali, Pellew, Riverkamp, Meduski May, Bialas, Zalonski, Lewis, Deyo, Ahearn, Jensen, Bruen, Karlowitz, Freedman, Barber, Knapp, Richner, Seekamp, Fitzpatrick, Smith, Jones, Pardo, Wade, J.Tharaldsen, Sanford, Quackenbush, Coleman, M.A.Tharaldsen, Miner, Houston, Waldman 0 an ,G new Siiri H Us 5 Q' E H f' 1 we - .. . .M 1 W X Clarence Wade, Bill Dickover, Michael Keys, James Wolfe Louie Myruski, Eugene Kolman, Danny Lempka, Joe Helhosk Frank Kolman Frank MacChurch, Dale Memmelaar, David Martin, Charles Bende, Richard Bernaski, Earl Silvernail Mr. Young, Jon Van Zandt, Stanley Gugala, John Sherlock Robert Lynch, Dale Lein, Manager-Joe Nizolek iv-, -c Goal line threat The Goshen line Bud Kroll circles end I wiheh. Roy Gillespie elects t holds 6 again el o kick Coach Dunn and " The Bench" in a tense moment , ,L 'Q KX 3 2 " S ml- fk-j x.,4 2 Q 4,1 ,, ,M fN 1, . ' bfhi' I I lo erkamp, Bernaski, Speirs, Holmberg, Morley-Capt., Gillespie , Myruski, . Kroll, Morgan, Manager Young, Santangelo, MacChurch, Terracino, Farley, Johnson, M. Kroll, lrola, Hopkins , Ted Dunn-Coach ' dvd. nmley, Martln, Nizolek, Memmelaar, Pollack, Bal n ,..i. is mfs LJ k 5 Q7 uf rm, 53442 lffyf f' M 487 f C -N f 'J gi-lg,1R. Sizlwiernail, Heinzenman 9' . 1 ve n L0 , J ' I 4 J Pollaroki Osburzigapiileglllzikgaggglxr, I J'Nfv3f, hu! - 57 lf' ' Hawkf-f1S, Walsh, Mr. Innocent-Coach 56' fr iaslerv C'-Willey KPOPP, Bailey, Steffens f . Exxs, Fischer, Mandato, E. Barnes, X ' y 'ion x O0 X , w , f f gl X Z E2555355552555525552isE3E35fEg5g2gEg5g2g2g5g2gsgsg K' l :.g.1'1-za.:13I1IgigI325IgigIgIgIglgigI5:gig2f:f:f:f1f:f:Q:f:f:Q:f:f:Q:QgQgQgQgfgggfgffggggff:EQEQEQEQEQEQEQgjgfgfgf3533515:5:5:E:E:E::55:5: 6dI'600k jiaff FACULTY ADVISOR ..... CHARLES R. HAYES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ..... JEAN MINER ASSISTANT EDITOR .... MARY ANN THARALDSEN MAKE-UP EDITOR ...... JOHN SINNOCK Business Manaqer....Barbara Freedman Sports Editor....Roy Gillespie Photography Ed1tor....Paul1ne Bordonali Photographers: Contributors: Joan Johnson Janet Quackenbush James Derb Jean Lee Y Clarice Coleman Eleanor Polhemus Features Editor .... Clarice Coleman Publicity Manager .... James Derby Barbara Love Typistsz Ann Beebe James Derby Florence Arkel Bernice Waldman June Deyo Jean Miner Shirley Heinzelman M.A.Tharaldsen Betty Ahearn Artists....M.A.Tharaldsen, Eleanor Polhemus Page Layout! John Sinnock Gladys Van Curen Gertrude Jones Clarice Coleman Pat Carney Roy Gillespie Jean Sawyer Ruth Houston Individual Photos of Seniors by Babycraft Studios

Suggestions in the Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) collection:

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 31

1953, pg 31

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 16

1953, pg 16

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11

1953, pg 11

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 41

1953, pg 41

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 37

1953, pg 37

Goshen Central High School - Yearbook (Goshen, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 40

1953, pg 40

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