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QWLWWCQASCAQM 74a 5640 M55 7 2 D amaze! ' mwah! finale Vcfmmf ?ze4enz'4 . 5 31:1 eciccdlccwz e e ang lor cz mofnenf we fhe Closs l955 e 1 hodowed ond nofw silent holla hold For U5 The rhosf rherlshed men ones We lonmolf +honl4 Thee Alnwo Mofer for hovnng gulded us olong The poThs of leornnng Yo o bentr knowledge of ourselves ond preporohon lor The future I I Rflncf' . l , f , . ,cl d'- cote this hnol edition of the Echo fo Almo Moler. The l U - - 1 El l I A ' 1 1 D agen Dedlcahon Admmlsfrahon Faculty Sensors Superlahves Class Wlll Class Prophecy Underclassmen AC'l'IVI'l'IeS Afhlehcs Adverhsements 'haf' wr L .1 F wx! X 3 vwosf ' 5 JT -- 2 V11 ' ' .,-sw.: fn 0 V YH- 'wpgfrsf y'C'1l"f wi H 1,1 Ya, ldirf cow, fd l 1 11- ff' Tw li of 1955. : 1 ue 'P wiv wx - -'f flf' WW ' I, H' ill' fl 'V :B 14 lf: , li 1 N' ' ' wr fl ff ml ' " xr, I ' - W v .U ' FU ' 1 , ' , 7 5 N atom DANIEL TURNER Prmclpal CLYDE D BENNETT Assistant Prlnclpal Samuel Gorton Hugh School Samuel Gorton High School CHARLES B. MacKAY Superintendent Warwick Schools HORACE E. HOBBS Assistant Superintendent Warwick Schools CLARENCE S. TAYLOR Assistant Superintendent Warwick Schools f4,0,6fzecc4fcon ?a9e We the Class of 7955 wrsh to pause for a moment to express our appre cratron to two people who by their kindness and patient understandtng have contributed so much to make our memories of Gorton fond ones Frrst to our beloved former prrncl pal MR HENRYJ COOPER who IS certain to be Immortal In all our hearts The memory of his dlstlngutsh ed person and friendly helpful per sonallty will always be VlVId In our problems hus own and gave everythnng he had to make It a better school we were very sad to part with htm For has Patient understandmg and wlse guldance through our school years his warm encouragement and attitude of companionship he wlll always have a place In our hearts Also to our class adviser MISS DAVIS whose smcere Interest and wealth of concern for our class has endeared her to all of us we express our smcere gratltude We can never forget her wlllmgness to see us through our struggles and her loyalty to us In times of strife Thank you Mass Davls for belng so wonderful through the years I I I I l I I I - I - - I . minds. Because he made Gorton's I I I I . I I I ' I I ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated: Lillian Conroy, A.B,, Ed.M.: Ruth Shailer, A.B.: Adeline Kopitko, A.B. Standing: Charlotte Barrett, Ed.B., Senior Guild, Alice Hurl, Ed.B., ECHO. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to Right: John Rudert, B.S., Ed.M., Track: Joseph McKeon, B.S., Ed.M., Senior Science Club: Thomas Trainor, Ph.B.: Jerry Deluca, B.S. Auto Club, James Montague, B.S., Hi-Y. gs SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Seated: Elsie Davis, B.S. in Ed., Adviser, 'I2th Grade: John Salasses, A.B. Standing: Robert Chilton, A.B., Adviser, Student Council: Mary Munson, Ed.B., Ed.M.: Franklin Watson, A.B.: Daniel Pendergast, Ph.B., Lettermen: Coach Jr. High Baseball and Basketball, Assistant Coach. MATH DEPARTMENT Left to Right: John Gannon, Ph.B.: Frances Otis, Ed.B., Class Day, Michael Morry, Ed.B., Ed.M., Coordinator of Assemblies. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to Rlght Edmund .Iusczylc BS Coach Varslty Baseball Asst Coach Basketball J Hugh Football Dorothy Bradshaw BS Gnrls AA Elizabeth Prlce AB Anne Kerrlgan BS Girls AA Avon Hall BS Boys Gym Club Coach Varsity Basketball and Football ART DEPARTMENT Left to Rught Helen Spruce BS nn Ed Art Club Evelyn Judd BS In Ed Art Club BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Seated: Mary Tillinghast Ed.B. B.S. G.B.C.' Elizabeth Byrnes B.S. Junior Achievement. Standing: Elizabeth Donnelly B.S. ECHO Sales- John Venditto B.S. in B.A. Stockroom. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Left to Right Beatrice Colvin EdB All State Chorus Jr All State Chorus Mixed Glee Club Dorothy E Wordell EdB Festival Chorus Follies Quarettes Paul Wlggms EdB Mus D Band Orchestra Instrumentals MANUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Left fo Righh John McGiveney, B.S., Afhlelic Directory Charles Quill, Alphonse Gilardig Mau- rice Tougas, B.A. in Ed. LIBRARIAN Ednh Dahlgren A B Junior Book Club Library Assisfants '27 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT left to ugh? Mary McKenna BA Dorofhy Fiske BS EdM Sewing Club Assembly Frances Scoff BS EdB MA GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Left to Right Hang Sarkesuan EdB Adviser 91h Grade Mary Munson Ed B EdM Eliza b 1h I Hurl Ed B A M Speech Correchon James A Mclaughlln A B 'll JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS Sealed left fo rughf Lulluan Longo Ed B Advusor 81h Grade Cafherune McGuunness Ed B Aluce O Bruen Ed B Advuser l01h Grade Y Teen Sfella M Burton Sfandung left io rught Anfhony E Wulluams A B M A GOR TONITE Frank Buccu Ed B Jr Hugh Assem blues Edward Crowley Ph B .lunuar Poluce Gerald W Archembaull A B 7th Grade Plays Jacques L Maynard AB Senuor Play CNof pucfured Lulluan O Neull Ed BJ LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Left fo Rught Ethel Reud AB Coardunator of Junuor Gu Senuor Acfuvuhes Graduatuon Honors Day Eleanor Hough AB AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT Munard Pruce B S Future Farmers of Ameruca ASSISTANTS Marilyn Scanlon Secretarial Asslsfanf Eliza beth Gufford Secretary fo Mr Turner C-3 fav ,- ,nr 0 nn Barbara Hoffman School Mafron June Delkne 1293 CAFETERIA FORCE Le lo right M Taira A Whale R Pace E Audef G Gran! B Robbins E Schenck School Nurse HEAD CUSTODIAN George Hawley 'I3 I! Q 'S-H123 U llvl' WF! lil INK Who! 0 sferlmg group' Boom' Hall fhe fumbling heroes Nof fi X U Dall IH fl-,e bunch, 2 s I Pear-shaped tones, now! Hgld fhqf line! LLLLLUU A quickie Where drd you hear fhcrf? Laci acf - "Our Town." The pause fha! refreshes lx-,....,, f ihe world Principal H The weigh' 0 'Pm Tempore 'I5 Our Town Cora s the Echo Square Dance the secret superlatlves Senior Week the Prom orles that we may keep as tokens of our years at Gorton They are carefully impressed upon our mmds for us to remember lust as we would press flowers m a book Someday we wull open this book and look fondly back at these memories Echoes ofthe Past the finality of Graduation, all these are mem- 0 Seaiafw Class President - Ronald Smith Class Vice-President - Richard Guindon Class Secretary-Treasurer - Barbara Morgan D.z42f4awwl Barbara Morgan has been chosen by the senior girls and the faculty to represent Gorton High School at the Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Conference conducted by the Daugh ters of the American Revolution Barbara was chosen on the qualities of leadership scholarship service and patriotism This is not an unusual honor for the Morgan family as Barbaras sister Marilyn was the recipient of the award in 1952 Among her other extra curricular activities Barbara has been Secretary Treasurer of her class and of the A A in the llth and 'l2th grades She has been a cheerleader and a member of the National Junior Honor Society and the Rhode Island Honor Society We the students and the faculty extend to Barbara Morgan our congratulations and the hope that her future years in the nursing profession will be as successful as her years at Gorton a 1 W I - I I I ' , . . . . . 1 I . ' , I I l Co-Editor ot the ECHO - George Jensen Co-Editor of the ECHO - Thomas Mclntosh President of Student Council - Raymond Buttery meet rfmmi The Ernest Griffin Award is presented annually to the senior boy who has done a creditable 'ob In the scholastic as well as the athletic field as ludged by the vote of the Lettermen This year Ronald Smith has fulfilled the requusutes of the recipient of this award that of good citizenship schol Ronald has been class President in the 10th and 12th grades and class Vice President un the 11th grade He has been a member of the Lettermen the Student Council and the Senior Play cast among has other extra curricular actlvltles As the last recipient of the Ernest Grlftin Award we are certain that Ronald will prove worthy of the presentation as have been the recipients before hum I I . . . I .. . I - astic accomplishment, and athletic prowess. 'I9 PATRICIA ANN BARLOW 182 Vernon St. Hoxsie llpatll Echo Sales 3, G.B.C. 3, A.A. l, 2, 3, All State Chorus 2, Senior Guild 3. ERN EST RAYMOND BECK 12 Wheeler St. Oakland Beach "Ernie" Follies 2, 3. PETER BENDER 56 Van Zandt Ave. Longmeadow W llpetell RONALD BERARD 652 Oakland Beach Ave. Oakland Beach lIMannll Gortonite Editorial 3, Student Council 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Lettermen l, 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 3, Follies 2, 3, Prom Com- mittee l, 2, 3, Football .l.V. l, Varsity Football 2, 3, Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, Captain 3, Basketball J. V. 'l, Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3. MARGARET AGNES BRADY 56 Elmbrook Drive . Bayside Ilpeggyll Echo Sales 3, Gortonite Business 3, Y-Teen 3. 21 l wg ski Y JAMES JERRY CESARIO 60 Brinton Ave. Highland Beach lljimmyll CONSTANCE MARGARETA CHERMS 17 Congress St. Longmeadow "Connie" Echo Editorial 37 Y-Teen 37 Senior Play 37 Twirlers 1, 27 All State Chorus 17 Prom Committee 2j Girls' State 17 Assemblies 1. ALLAN STUART CLARK 52 Stokes St. Shawomet IIAIII Follies 2, 3. FRANK LESLIE COLDWELL, JR. 642 Church Ave. Hoxsie Junior Varsity Football 2. JOAN CAROL CONWAY 1910 West Shore Rd. Old Warwick "Joanie" Echo Sales 2j G.B.C. 37 Know Your Rhode Island Club 1. 23 ELEANOR FRANCES DEVINE 220 Harmony Court Hoxsie "Ellie" Echo Advertising 35 Echo Sales 1, 25 G.B.C. 35 Senior Play 35 Follies 3. ELIZABETH DEVLIN 550 Oakland Beach Ave. Oakland Beach IIBSHYII A.A. I, 25 National Junior Honor Society. NANCY DICKERMAN 991 Cedar Swamp Rd. Apponaug llNunIl Echo Sales 35 A. A. 2, 35 Y-Teen 35 Follies 2, 3. PATRICIA ANNIE DREW 32R Sagamore St. Oakland Beach Ilpotll MARTHA DROMGOOLE 80 Sagamore St. Oakland Beach IIMGHII Echo Editorial 35 Echo Sales 25 Gortonite Business 'l, 25 G.B.C. Secretary 35 A.A. I, 2, 35 Y-Teen 35 Cheerleaders 2, 3, Secretary 35 National Junior Honor Society5 Follies 2, 35 Senior Guild 35 Pep Assemblies 2, 3. 25 - N 'I' JOHN FABIAN GARVEY 70 Northrup St. Oakland Beach 'l.lohnny" Student Council l, 2, Hi-Y l, Follies 1, 2, J.V. Football 1, Track 1, 2. DOMENIC GERMANI 43 Aurora Drive Hoxsie llnomll Gortonite, Sports Reporter 3, Lettermen 'l, 2, 3, Prom Commit- tee 2, 3, Varsity Football 2, Follies 3. BARBARA ANN GIBLIN 57 Elberta St. Hoxsie llGibbYll Echo Editorial 3, Gortonite Editorial 'l, A.A. 'l, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Y-Teen 3, Senior Play 3, National Junior Honor Society, Library Corps 'l, Prom Committee 'l, 2, 3, Executive Committee 2, Girls' State 2, Senior Guild 3, R.l. Drama Festival 3. JOAN MARIE GIBLINi 57 Elberta St. Hoxsie "Jeanie" Echo Editorial 3, A.A. 'l, 2, 3, President 3, Know Your Rhode Island Club 'l. CAROL ANN GIBSON 209 Edgehill Rd. Hoxsie llGibll Echo Editorial 3, G.B.C. Secretary 3, A.A. 2, 3, Y-Teen 3, Sen- ior Play Crew 3, National Junior Honor Society, Library Corps 3. 27 fm .IUDITH HANDFIELD 249 Bellman Ave. Shawomet lljudyll Echo Advertising 35 G.B.C. Secretary 35 Y-Teen 35 Follies 35 R.I. Drama Festival I. EDWARD MICHAEL HARRINGTON 20 Slater Ave. Warwick Neck IIEdll National Junior Honor Society5 Prom Committee I. HENRIETTA DOROTHY HARRIS I2 Crockett St. Oakland Beach "Bubbles" A.A. 'I5 Y-Teen 'I5 All State Chorus I, 2, 35 Follies 'l, 2, 3. BARBARA ANN HARRISON 34 Grace Ave. Conimicut "Barb" Echo Sales 25 Gortonite 35 G.B.C. Secretary 35 A.A. I, 2, 35 Twirlers I, 2, 3, Head Twirler 35 Follies I, 35 Pep Assemblies 'I, 2. MARY HAZELWOOD I77 Wood St. Oakland Beach llMarlI Echo Sales I, 35 Gortonite Editorial 35 G.B.C. 35 A.A. 25 Y-Teen Vice-President 35 Band I, 25 Twirlers I, 2. 29 CAROL MARIE HUNOLD 31 Cambridge Ave. Conimicut "Saphire" Echo Sales 1, Echo Advertising 3, G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Twirl- ers 1, 2, 3, Follies 3, Assemblies 3. GEORGE ARTHUR JENSEN 50 Winter Ave. Conimicut Echo Editorial 3, Co-Editor 3, Student Council 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Band 1, Orchestra 1, National Junior Honor Society, Prom Committee 2, 3, Executive Committee 1, 2, 3, Assemblies 3. TERESA ANN JOLLS 22 Fulton St. Conimicut llTerrYll G.B.C. 3, A.A. 3, Y-Teen 3, Follies 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, As- semblies 2, 3. ' ROBERT ALFRED KANE 95 Harvard Ave. Conimicut lIBobll ANNE FREUND KAUFMAN 262 Tiffany Ave. Warwick Neck "Annabelle" Echo Sales 1, 2, Echo Advertising 3, Gortonite Business 1, 2, Gortonite Editorial 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen 3, Senior Play 3, Band 1, Cheerleader 2, Head Cheerleader 3, Follies 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, City Government Program 1, 2, Senior Guild 3, R.I. Drama Festival 3, Assemblies 1, 2, 3. 31 M91 699 W? DIANNE FREUND KAUFMAN 262 Tiffany Ave. Warwick Neck IlDill Echo Sales 1, 2, Echo Editorial 3, Gortonite Business Editor 1, 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen Treasurer 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Twirlers 1, 2, 3, National Junior Honor Society, Library Corps 1, Follies 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, City Government Program 1, 2, Senior Guild 3, R.l. Drama Festival 3, Assemblies 1, 2, 3. SANDRA EVELYN KELLOGG 42 Barber Ave. Greenwood llsandyll Echo Advertising 3, Echo Sales 2, Gortonite 2, 3, G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen 3, Twirlers 1, 2, Senior Guild 3. JUDITH ANN KETTLETY 54 Steele Ave. Conimicut lljudyll Echo Advertising 3, G.B.C. 3, Y-Teen 3, All State Chorus 2, Li- brary Corps 1, 2. MARILYN ROSE KENNY 93 Cady Ave. Longmeadow llMeIll Echo Editorial 3 AA 1 2 3 MARY ROSE KROIAN 686 Sandy Lane Apponaug Echo Sales 3, Student Council 2, G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, Y-Teen 3, Follies 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Assemblies 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN KURILLA 41 Betsy Williams Drive Hoxsie "Pat" G.B.C. 37 A.A. 3. MARCIA FRAYNE LAKEY 71 Sayles Ave. Warwick Neck "Marsh" Echo Advertising 37 Echo Sales 2, 37 A.A. 1, 2, 37 Representative 37 Y-Teen 37 Inter-Club Council7 Prom Committee 37 Executive Committee 3. CLARA MAY LAMSON 91 Ridgeway Ave. Hoxsie "Claire" Echo Sales 1, 27 G.B.C. 37 A.A. 1, 2, 37 Y-Teen 37 Cheerleader 2, 37 Library Corps 17 Follies 2, 37 Prom Committee 2, 3. HEN RY MATTHEW LEMIEUX 15 Warren Ave. Warwick Neck "Hank" National Junior Honor Society7 Football J.V. 1. JOHN JOSEPH LEWIS 275 West Shore Road Hoxsie "Jack" Lettermen 1, 2, 3j Follies 2, 37 Football J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 37 Basketball J.V. 1, Varsity 2, 37 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3. 33 'N-v' wp..-nr , . CONSTANCE ALINE LOFGREN 125 Carlton Ave. Warwick Neck Connie Echo Editorial 3, A.A. 2 3- Y-Teen President 3' Follies 2 3 Prom Committee 1 2 3- Senior Guild 3' R.l. Drama Festival 3 WESLEY CLAYTON LOYD 39 Winter Ave. Conimicut Wes Class Ofticers, Vice-President 1 President 2- Student Council 1 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Hi-Y 3, Lettermen 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 3 Band 1, Orchestra 3, Follies 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, Var sity Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 3, Executive Committee 1, 2, 3 City Government Program 2, 3, Assemblies 2. 3. EDWARD FRANK LUCHKA 19 Shawomet Ave. Shawomet "Eddie" Follies 1, 2, Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, President 3. JAMES McAlOON 225 Canfield Ave. Oakland Beach IIJ imll MARY AUDREY McCAUGHEY 35 Overbrook Ave. Conimicut IlAUdll Echo Sales 1, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Twirlers 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen 1, All State Chorus 1, 2, 3. 34 1 EVERETT McCURDY, JR. 19 Gibbons Ave. Conimicut IIEVII Leftermen 3, Prom Committee 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3. JOHN WILLIAM McDERMOTT 293 Grove Ave. Bayside "Jack" National Junior Honor Society. JUNE MARIE McGRATH 26 Watson St. Oakland Beach "June-E-Babe" G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen 3, Program Chairman. THOMAS ALEXANDER MCINTOSH, JR. 32 Carder Road Old Warwick IIMGCII Co-Editor, Echo Editorial 3, Student Council 2, Lettermen 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 3, All State Chorus 1, Follies, Stage Crew 2, Bas- ketball J.V. 2, Varsity 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Assemblies 1, 2. CONSTANCE ANN MACOMBER 101 Sevilla Ave. Hoxsie "Connie" G.B.C. Teller 3. 35 511' CAROLE ANNE MUNROE 127 Glen Drive Apponaug llcocll Echo Editorial 3, Echo Sales 1, 2, Gortonite Business 1, 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teen Secretary 3, Cheerleader 3, National Junior Honor Society, Library Corps 1, Follies 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, Senior Guild 3, Assemblies 3. JOHN PETER MURPHY 224 Reservoir Ave. Providence llspeedll Echo Editorial 3, Hi-Y 3, Lettermen 3, Senior Play 3, Follies 3, Football J.V. 1, 2, Varsity 3, Assemblies 2, 3. GEORGE RANSOM NOBLE, JR. 20 Stokes St. Conimicut "Georgie" Hi-Y 1, Senior Play. JEAN ANN NORTON 81 Dixie Ave. Hoxsie "Jeanie" Library Corps 3. PATRICIA ANN PASQUALETTI , 25 Granger Court Hoxsie "Pat" Echo Soles 1, 2, Echo Editorial 3, G.B.C. 3, Y-Teen 3, Senior Play Crew 3, National Junior Honor Society, Library Corps 1, 2, Senior Guild 3. 37 THOMAS HENRY REID 53 Halsey Drive Hoxsie llTomII Echo Sales 37 Gortonite Business 37 Student Council 1, 27 Letter- men 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 37 Follies 37 Prom Committee 37 Football J.V. 1, 27 Varsity Football 37 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 37 R.I. Drama Festival 37 Senior Play 3. VERONICA RICCI 54 Transit St. Conimicut "Veron" Library Corps 2j Assemblies 1, 2. CAROLYN JEAN RIDGEWELL 399 West Shore Road Hoxsie "Jeanie" Echo Sales 1, 27 Gortonite Editorial 37 G.B.C. Secretary 37 A.A. 17 Twirlers 17 Drum Maiorette 2, 37 Follies 27 Senior Guild 37 Pep Assemblies 1, 2. JOAN CHRISTINE ROSS 85 Oakside St. Warwick Neck Echo Advertising 17 Echo Sales 2, 37 G.B.C. Secretary 37 A.A. 1, 2, 37 Y-Teen 1, 27 Prom Committee 1. JOAN ALINA SANGSTER 117 Longmeadow Ave. Longmeadow Echo Sales 1, 27 A.A. 1, 2. 39 1 HARRIET THEWLIS 91 Spring Grove Ave. Oakland Beach "Bugs" Echo Sales 2, 3. ELLEN AGNES TODD 37 Ottawa Ave. Oakland Beach "Torch" Echo Sales 2, Echo Editorial 3, Gortonite Business 1, 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, All State Chorus 2, Senior Guild 3, Assemblies 1, 2. HAROLD EDWARD UTTLEY 288 Warwick Neck Ave. Warwick Neck IIHUIII Echo Editorial 3, Gortonite Editorial 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Senior Play 3, All State Chorus 2, National Junior Honor Socie- ty, Follies 3, R.I. Drama Festival 3, Assemblies 1, 2, Delegate Older Boys' Conference 2. W M i,,1lwlM0J'lAfbf4fjffylVl':f lla W lt ll A WMM 53 MARGARET JANICE VOSE 138 Gordon Ave. Oakland B ch "Maggie" Student Council 1, 2, G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Li- brary Corps 1, Follies 3, Executive Committee 1, 2, Assemblies 3. BETTY ANN WALLACE 39 Community Road Hoxsie lIBetlI G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, 2, Y-Teen 3, Prom Committee 2, 3. 41 is D 1 JOSEPH THOMAS WERBINSKI 101 Omaha Blvd. Hoxsie oe Lettermen 1, 2, Senior Play 3, Band 1, 27 Football, Varsity 1, 2 BEVERLY ANN WHITMAN 85 John St. Oakland Beach ev Echo Editorial 3, Echo Sales 2, 3, Student Council, Secretary 3 G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, Band 2, 3- Twirlers 2 3, All State Chorus 1 Follies 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Executive Committee 35 Assem blies 2. DORIS MABEL WINSOR 4 Althea Road Hoxsie G.B.C. 3. KENNETH WOOD 712 Church Ave. Hoxsie lfKennyll CAROL JUNE WRIGHT 361 Church Ave. Conimicut Echo Sales 3, G.B.C. 3, A.A. 1, Y-Teen 3, Library Corps 2. fNot picturedl GERALD GARVEY 70 Northrup St. Oakland Beach 42 A-I Seated I to r G Jensen M Lakey B Morgan Sec Treas R Gulndon Vlce Pres R BufTery B Whltman W Loyd Standing I to r Mlss Davis R Smith Pres COMMITTEE CLASS OF T955 the capable leadershup of thelr Presldent Ronald Smith clanms many socual and flnancual successes In addmon they had a square dance and a very profltable food a novelty masquerade dance on Aprll Fool s Day whlch EXECUTIVE The Class of T955 under and their advnsor Mass Davns to the annual Chnstmas Hop sale The class also sponsored was a tremendous success 417,51 14' Q X L. Seated l to r P Pusqualettn P Hodson B Whitman M Perrotta C Barker J Glblln B Glblln andmg I to H Uttley J McDermott D Kaufman B Morgan J Fagan C Gabson A Davis G Jensen E Harnngton fNot plcturedl P Kurllla M Kenny T Fern RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY We wash to extend our congratulatlons to the nineteen members of the Rhode ls land Honor Socnety These students have achueved an average of 8506 or better nn theur studnes throughout the tenth eleventh and twelfth IDEAL GORTONITE Ronald Smnh and Barbara Morgan 0 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ann Davis and George Jensen BEST LOOKING Martha Dromgoole and Wesley Loyd Barbara Morgan and Edward Harrmgton BEST STUDENT WITTIEST John Murphy and Audrey McCuughey Mary Krolun and Thomas Read """"UWrea-gg., BEST NATURED John Murphy ond June McGrath MOST DEPENDABLE Marcao Lakey and George Jensen of 1 , G 4 'I . 4 ' 3' 'E 'V as 4. My T , cuTEsT A ' , X 1 ' E N Mi., X'-E 1 T7 Q Fx V T u MOST VERSATILE Thomas Mclntosh and Barbara Glblm MOST ARTISTIC Constance Lofgren and Rlchard Gulndon PEPPIEST Joseph Grlllo and Ann Kaufman MOST MUSICAL Carol Hunold and Joseph Werbmskl BEST DRESSED Mane Perrotta and Domnmc German: nn 1. MOST POPULAR Margaret Vose and Ronald Smnth MOST ATHLETIC Joan Gnblm and John Lewes CLASS FLIRT John Garvey and Mary Hazelwood We the Class of T955 consuderung the uncertaunty of thus lufe do hereby make publush and declare thus to be our first and last wull and testament as follows We Charles Anderson and Robert Kane do hereby leave to Mr Gulardu some penculs un hopes that he wont beg borrow and steal them from hus classes next year as he dvd thus year We Jum Andrew and Duck Crothers do hereby leave to the Thatcher boys Vuc and Norm two copues of Dr Eunsteuns Theory of Nuclear Equatuons un hopes ut wull be put to good use un keep ung them eluguble for football season next year I Barbara Baurd do herebv leave to Vuc Thatcher one kung suled map so that he may find hus way through Roger Wulluams Park I Barbara Baker do hereby leave to Mass Tullunghast one mucro phone so that she wont straun her vouce tryung to keep her G BC tellers quuet I Pat Barlow do hereby leave to Ethel Myruck a luttle kutten to keep her company an the nughts her luttle red head doesnt show up I Ernest Beck do hereby leave nothung to nobody sunce body left nothung to me I Peter Bender do hereby leave I Ronnue Berard do hereby leave Marue Harrungton a package of cugarettes so she wont have to use her own to keep the boys well supplued next year I Margaret Brady do hereby leave to Audrey Hughes one horseshoe un hopes that ut wull brung her lots of luck un the new hugh school I Skup Brown do hereby leave my abuluty to remaun a bachelor un my Senuar Year ta any Junuor boy who can qualufy I Cynthua Barker do hereby leave to Larry Grant a doll named Cupud ll so hell have someone to consult wuth all hus problems PI next year I Raymond Buftery do hereby leave to my brother Teddy a school un better style than I dud' I Joanne Butterworth do hereby leave to my suster Kathleen one pound of sugar un hopes of sweetenung her early mornung dus posutuon I Arthur Canavan do hereby leave to Joan Knox one doll to walk heu to classes so that she wont be lonely next year un the new hugh school I Duck Cave do hereby leave Gerald Gregory one package of cugarettes so he wont have to bum them next year I James Cesaruo do hereby leave to Gaul Parker one bottle of Gerutol so that she wull grow up and lose the name Mudget I Connue Cherms do hereby leave to my suster Glorua one fishung rod to catch that specual man and also a hat filled wuth goodues as the way to a man s heart us through hus stomach We Allan Clark and Edward Luchka do hereby leave to Mrs Wordell our great bouncung and fallung snow machunes un the hopes that wuth a few munor repaurs she wull be able to use them un the future I Frank Coldwell beung of sound mund and body hereby leave to Mr Gulardu a trauler to carry home all the furnuture that he made for hus home I Joan Conway leave to my brothers Edward and Francus car so that they wull always have a rude to school I Davud Corbutt beung of sound mund and hugh spuruts do here by bequeath to the future faculty of Warwuck Hugh School hugh powered cannon to control any outbursts of the student body I Anne Davus do hereby leave to my suster one fishung pole so she can finally hook a man I John Deugan do hereby leave nothung because I dont have anythung to leave I Eleanor Devune dc hereby leave a box of aspurun to Muss Bradshaw un hopes that she wull recover from the many head aches we gave her I Betty Devlun do hereby leave one date book to Patrucua Whutman un hopes that she keeps her dates straughter than I kept mune I Nancy Duckerman do hereby leave to Barbara Clark one book on How to Catch a Boyfruend un Three Easy lessons that I wont have to share mune wuth her anymore I Martha Dromgoole do hereby leave to my brother John my own edutuon of How to Get In After Twelve Wuthout Beung Caught un hopes that he wull be more successful at ut than I was and one paur of shoes to replace the ones he has worn out walkung a Cer taun gurl home I Donald fPuston Rungl Dubuc beung of sound mund and hot Ford do hereby leave to any lunuor who us as crazy as I all the skud marks torn up grass and foot deep ruts to anyone who wants them I Jean Fagan do hereby leave to Ray Brown and Frank Young all paud up GBC cards sa they wull always be caught up next year We Bob Fletcher and Carmune Tavarozzu do hereby leave to J Allan Plant and Archue Wulluams V1 pount so they wull be able to graduate next year I Eugene Fournuer do hereby leave my abuluty to receuve As un Art and Gym to any unfortunate lunuor who wants ut I Zubette Fuller do hereby leave to Muss Hurl one bottle of red unk whuch should lust her at least for one day I John Garvey beung of sound mund and body do hereby leave to my brother Thomas Garvey the posutuon of Class FIurt" un hopes that he wull be able to do as well as I have done We Dom Germanu and Tom Reud do hereby leave to Mrs Judd two fine portrauts un memory of our fine work throughout the year I Barbara Gublun do hereby leave to Charlue Randall one Senoruta so he surely won t forget hus Espanol next year cure for hus contunuous aches and pauns I Shurley Gules do hereby leave to my suster Lous one bottle of peroxude so she can put those golden hughlughts back un her hour I Joseph Grullo do hereby leave to Mr Turner one paur of wure cutters and one saw so he can extermunate some of his un avoudable lawn ornaments We Duck Guundon and Jack Lewus beung of sound body and corrupt mund do hereby leave to Cap Bauley a small portuon of our collectuon of towels whuch we have put to good use durung our stay at Gorton I Earl Guruuan do hereby leave to Mr Gannon one megaphone so that he may be heard throughout all the corrudors when he shouts Get unto your home rooms I Barbara Hough do hereby leave to Anne Mecuruo one ma lorette doll un hopes that ut wull unspure her to fulfill her ambu tuon to become a malorette at the new hugh school I Judy Handfield do hereby leave to my cousun Jean a book that became very handy to me by the way on How to Get Your Man un Ten Easy Lessons I Ed Harrungton do hereby leave to Mr Morry the paur of super quuck change seat covers whuch he requested and needs so badly I Henruetta Harrus do hereby leave to my suster Agnes one book on the Etuquette of Datung I Barbara Harruson do hereby leave to Kung Berard a pru vate telephone so he wont have to waut tull the last munute to make hus dates un the future I Mary Hazelwood do hereby leave to Muss Tullunghast a doui to remund her of her problem chuld I Jeanne Helue do hereby leave to Mr Montaque a luttle baby chuck so that he wont muss my chup chup next year also a book entutled Gone so that he can read ut to hus classes before lunch 666 I I . . . . . I . I . l I I I I I 1 1 1 I I . ' . . . . , , ' 1 1 . l I ' ' I I I I ' 11 '11 so , , , . . ' . . . . , 1 1 - . . . . . 1 1 1 1 - - - 11 - ' ff . . . 1 . . . i 1 1 D , ' ' . . I . . I . 1 1 - , , , . . . , ' . ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . I , . . . . . . , 1 1 ' , ' no- ' ' I . .I ,, ,, . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I . . . , , . .. . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 ' - ' ' . . . . , . ' I I I . . ,, . . . . . I I 1 1 . . i I . . I . I 1 1 1 , , - 1 1 - , . 1 1 1 I I 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' U ' ff new I955 Ford, un hopes that he wull be able to take hus gurl to lr Carol G'b50"1 do l'9"9IJY l90Ve to Af' J'-""'0" flonesf 9 Wfe . ' . . I . . I 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . . - I , I l 1 I - I ' I I . 1 1 1 , 1 - . 1 - 1 1 D . I I ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 11 11 I , . I . I . I .1 1 - 11 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 " ' ." . , 1 1 s H 1 1 1 ,y I I I I , .... . . . .- I I . . . . ' I I I . ' . . . . 1 1 1 1 11 - 1 - - 11 1 1 1 . . . . . . , , . , - 1 . . - 1 1 1 1 ' , a . . . - - 1 1 1 - 11 - - 11 I . . I . . . . . I h . H ' H . 1 1 I I I ' , g , . . . . 1 I X I I I . . . I . . , , , I ' I I ' I ' . 1 - 11 - - 11 . l I I V . . . . . 11 11 - - I I ' ' 48 I Pearl Hodson do hereby leave to Rose Howarth a muzzle to use on her precaous Ol boyfraend an hopes that he wont make so much nolse an the show hereafter I Edath Hopkans do hereby leave to Mr Chalton a cash register and a doll so that he can practace checkang and wall have some one to keep ham company on the way to work I Donald Hough do hereby leave to Nancy Malone one tan Marane to make up for the one that she lost I Jeannette Houle do hereby leave to Mr Deluca one large cookae to replace those that I have eaten also one bottle of nerve palls for future use an Draver Traanang I Carol Hunold do hereby leave tg Mass Tallanghast one peace PIP? I George Jensen do hereby leave to Mr Morry sax of has own words whach he has promased to eat We Theresa Jolls and Martha Reed do hereby leave to Gerry Stachowaak one road map a flashlaght and SOS equapment an case of emergency durang her excatang rendezvous at the ancaent Newport mansions Rememberk' We Anne and Dtanne Kaufman do hereby leave to Jerry Greg ory and Charlae Donovan the corsoges they dadnt gave us ast year for Warwack Naght I Sandra Kellogg do hereby leave to Charlae Randall a quarter a package of gum and a Cadallac so he wall always have money so he wont have to borrow gum from anyone next year and so he wall always have a rade to Cora s I Judy Kettlety do hereby leave to Monaco Garvey one football so that she may continue her role as Mr Touchdown next year We Maralyn Kenny and Joan Gablm do hereby leave to Mass Bradshaw a booklet on How to Drave so that she wall not leave any chrome from her car an the school yard I Mary Kroaan do hereby leave to Helen Fox a package of cigarettes so that she wont always be runnang out of them and the abalaty to smoke an the new hagh school wathout gettang We Pat Kuralla and Connae Macomber do hereby leave to Mass Tallanghast an electrac fan wath whach to clean her desk I Marcla Lakey leave to Mass Tallanghast some of that aewelry she lakes I Clara Lamson do hereby leave to Teddy Leonard a skunk IH hopes that at wall keep the garls away next year I Henry Lemaeux do hereby leave a book on chald psychology to Mr Morry an hopes that at wall oad ham an has class counsels I Connae Lofgren do hereby leave Gerry CBabyfacel Gregory one large marror so that he has favorate fan wall not be neglected an the future We Wesley Loyd and John Murphy do hereby leave to Charles Donovan one washang mochane to keep has athletac equapment clean so that the boys an the locker room next year wont have to suffer lake we dad I Audrey McCaughey do hereby leave to Charlae Randall olave complexaoned doll to keep ham company on those long rades I Everett McCurdy do hereby leave Mass Colvan a record of Hearts of Stone to play to her chorus classes next year I Jack McDermott do hereby leave to Mr Morry Mr McKeon and Mr Watson a supply of gum so thear future classes wall have a supply when I leave I June McGrath do hereby leave to Jerry Gregory one dollar to buald o dream on I Thomas Mclntosh do hereby bequeath my luck an gettang an extended homeroom peraod when my homework asnt done to any one who feels he needs at I Ball Markham do hereby leave to Mr Prace one package of palls so he won t have anymore sleepless naghts I John Charles and Joseph Martan Ist land lastj do hereby leave to Carol ODonnelI one pound of coffee so that next year she wont have someone half kall hamself tryang to get her to -.ora s after a game for a cup of coffee I Alton Merrlweather do hereby leave to Kenny Grant and Da vad Wheldon one bradge so that Kenny wall not have to carry Da vad paggy back across Bucky Brook when they come over to my house I Daanne Maller do hereby leave to my saster Vlrglnla a new wardrobe of clothes so she won t keep borrowing mane I Barbara Morgan do hereby bequeath to my brother Bally a pogo stack so he can t exceed the speed Iamafs anymore I Carole Munroe the Admarals Daughter hereby leave to Charlae Davey Randall a red and whate dinghy so he can row hamself across the lake to school next year I George Noble do hereby leave to Mr Montaque a plaad shart so that he may match has sharp bow taes wath at I Jean Norton do hereby leave a copy of the song Congratula taons to You to the Junior glrls so they can sang It to thear class mates next year when they are lucky enough to get a guy lake JOE I Pat Pasqualette do hereby leave to Sally Young a blanket to keep her warm an the drave an I Teresa Perra do hereby leave I Marae Perrotta do hereby leave to Teddy Buffery a book on Howto Get Acquaanted wath Garls and some mastletoe to help ham I Marcus Peterson do hereby leave to any underclassman who wants at a last of the cutest garls at Aldrach so that youll have a head start next year I Murael Raquaer do hereby leave to Carol ODonneI a cake so she wont have to walt to be wanted on an Cora s I Veronaca Racca do hereby leave to my neaghbor Maryann Scal lon one pound of coffee to help her from annoyang her neagh bors an the future I Carolyn Radgewell do hereby leave to Mass Tallanghast the plastac whastle I saw an her desk drawer whach I borrowed one day to use at band practace when I forgot mane I Joan Ross do hereby leave my gym suat sneakers and shower cap to my brother Bob an hopes that he may flnd use for them an has future gym classes I Joan Sangster do hereby leave to my saster Jean a doll so she wall not be lonely after I get marraed I Joyce Scott do hereby leave to Letty Leveque o recape book I Ray Sevagany do hereby leave to Everett Snow one cup so that when he goes to Cora s next year he can brang has own coffee I Ronnae Smith being of sound mlncl and broken bones do hereby leave a baby bottle and bab to Gerald Gregory to match has cute baby face I Jane Spanks do hereby leave to Frank Racca one large red thumb so that he wont have any trouble gettang a rade when he goes on has traps through New England I Harraet Thewlas do hereby leave to Maldred Bugbee a Jaguar so she won t have to use the truck for a hot rod I Ellen Todd do hereby leave to Charlae Randall one gaant economy saze hammer so that he may be able to demonstrate when people ask ham that fatal question next year I Harold Uttley do hereby leave to Dr McKean one paar of pants to replace the ones on whach I accadentally spalt salver natrate way back an September I Maggae Vose do hereby leave to my saster Norma and Jerry Gregory one package of Betty Crocker ready coke max so that the next tame they bake o cake they ll be sure at cooks I Joe Werbaenska do hereby leave 20c for the payment of bookcovers purchased an September I Beverly Whatman do hereby leave to my saster Patracaa one dog to keep her company on that long lourney to school I Doras Wansor do hereby leave to Merry Souther a doll so she won t get lonesome at the bus stop every mornang I Kenneth Wood do hereby leave my scholastac abalaty to any one who wants at I Carol Wraght do hereby leave to Mallae Bugbee a check for a sumcaent amount so she can pay her own ball at Mary s Know all men by these presents That we the Class of 1955 the caty of Warwack and the state of Rhode Island beang of sound mands and good memoraes do make declare and publash thas our flrst will and testament Sagned sealed and watnessed by ELLEN TODD MARIE PERROTTA II ll ' I I I I I l . . . 1 . , . . . , , . ' ' , 11 - 1 11 1 1 1 . . . . . 11 11 . . 1 ' ' , 1 1 - 1 . 1 - ' ll I I ' 1 , . , . ,, . . . . . . I I ' 1 1 . . . . ,, 1 1 1 I I I ' n 1 1 - 11 - . . . , , . 1 1 1 1 . , , 1 1 1 11 . . . ,, . . 1 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 ' I 1 1 . - . . , 1 1 4 1 , , ' ' ' ' . . . 1 I ' 1 I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I , ' ' , I I I ' , . ' ' I I I I . 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 , 1 . 11 - 11 - , , , 1 1 . , I I I I , I . , . - 1 , . 1 1 1 CQUQIII- and hope that she wall be able to use at in the future. o 1 , 1 I 4 I , I I , . 1 . . 1 . , , , . . . . - 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - . ...... 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . . , , , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , ' 1 . , . . b I I ' I 1 1 1 an I I I ' . ll Il I I . I 1 - I 1 1 - 1 - 1 ' ' ' ' , . , , . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . ' I I I 7 ' 1 - ' A I I I I , I 4 , ' , . 1 1 ' . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 , . , . . . ,, , : , , an , 1 , , - . . . . I ' Q - - 11 11 . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . The year l975 the place the office of the nations leading weekly magazine A Look at Llfe from Behind a Pot Our editor Tom Deadline Mclntosh has lust assigned us to report on the an vention of the century a time machme' As we dash out of the office we are almost run over by a speed mg motorcycle driven by Earl Gurllan but we es cape and flag down a cab which to our amaze ment is driven by none other than Clara Lamson gurl hockey After a brief three hour chat we head for the site of the experiment MIT McKeon In statute of Technology As we pass through a huge forest which we re member as the Gorton Tree Farm we see Everett McCurdy and two other unidentified figures glumg branches back on some undernourlshed looking pane tree and also we see our old friends Ed Luchka Tiny Merrlweather and Art Canavan diligently carv mg their initials on some of the larger trees Leaving the forest we see a huge brick structure which was formerly our Alma Mater now relegated to the previously mentioned Institute and under the supervision of the Bug Three of Science Genius George Jensen Harold The Ultimate Uttley and Ed The Wizard Harrington the inventors of the time machme We are met at the door by the assistant bouncer Bug Jam McAloon who ushers us inside We spend our first half hour with our guide Pete Bender r mg to find which as the Up stairway so we can get to room 207 the private workshop of our genuuses As we enter the room a few dials are mg set by the chief dual twister Dave Corbltt He plains to us that the contrap machme as built tirely of orange crates old vacuum cleaners and Scotch tape' Naturally this increases our confidence un the who sn dingy and as we step unsude and fasten our safety belts the master switch ns thrown and with the clankmg of bells the flashing of lights we start our flight through time After a somewhat breath taking rude we reach our destination and gaze quuzzlcally at the landscape trying to decide upon our whereabouts We see orn ate temples sumptuous palaces stately marble pul lars and trlumphant arches resting peacefully on seven rolling green hulls After extensive contempla tion we reach the unanimous decuslon that we are now in Anc1ent Rome' We are greeted by Ernie Beck captain of the royal guards and three of his cou PWM rageous men Charlue Anderson Don Hough and Kenny Wood They escort us to the royal palace and on our way we witness a fascinating charlot race be tween Skip Brown Don Dubuc and Jack Martin It looks like Martin s Blue Demon all the way but Don finally gets his ooga horn special rolling and breezes home lust ahead of Skip Brown who took second when Jack stopped to ask Betty Wallace which way they went Dubuc is then presented a wan ner s trophy by Anne Kaufman president of the Don Dubuc Fan Club Suddenly a hush falls over the crowd as Domumcus German: famed orator begins his speech with these immortal words Friends Romans and Countrymen, lend me a half a buck We dont stay around to hear any more of these words of wisdom but con tunue on our way Next we see the two great ath letes of the day Jack Lewis and Ron Berard flexing their muscles for the leading sculptors of the time Connie Lofgren and Connie Cherms Fmally we arrive at the palace and are greeted by the Lord Chamberlain Ray Buffery and his Lady Mane Perrotta who are to be our royal escorts They take us to a great hall where a banquet IS an ses sion We sut down and are approached by the head chef Jeannie Rldgewell who has prepared for us her specialty Lima beans After a deluclous meal the waitresses Betty Devlin Cynthia Barker and Jo anne Butterworth clear the tables of everything ex cept our bubble gum which we have been carefully guarding and then the royal trumpeters Carmnne Tavarozzl and Ray Sevlgney sound their horns as a signal for the entertainment to begun Toots Swivel Hips Spmks leads her dancing girls Mary Hazel wood Barbara Baird June McGrath and Jeannette Houle through their routine which as followed In quick succession by the court 'ester John Garvey, and Hercules Fourmer Court Strongman who then re lmquush the floor to Joe Werbmskl Ann Davis and Barbara Glblm three of Romes most famous dra matns personae who give a magnificent perform ance and conclude the entertainment Our escort informs us that ut is now time for us to meet the Emperor and Cas his fiddle concert as now overl we are ushered into the throne room by Bull Markham and Jack Dengnan where we see Ron Nero Smith and his queen Martha Dromgoole dl cussnng the court gossip columnist Carol The Eyes and Ears of Rome Munroes latest report on Mark -V I - 1 1 1 . , . . ,, . 1 . , ' Q 11 - 11 - 11 - - . . - - . , 1 ' , , . ' Q ' ' - - 1 11 11 - 11 - 11 - I - I . 1 I ' 1 , . ' . . , . ' 1 1 ' ' 11 , . . ., - . - 11 - - . I ,, . 1 - 1 ' - - 11 1 1 1 - ' I 1 ' 1 1 - 1 , . 1 1 1 - - 11 ' - 11 11 - 11 - 1 1 - 11 - I1 ' ' - 1 1 ,, . ,, . . . . . , . - 1 1 , '-' . ,, . . ,, . . . . . 1 - 1 1 1 I I T Y' ' . . . ,, H . . 1 1 1 . , be- . . . . . . . . H . , . eX- . . . . . . ,, . . . - en- I - 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 I ' ' ll ll ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . , - - 1 - I I - , . I I ' 1 . ' , . . . . ,, H . . . 1 S' . . . . . . H - 1 1 - - I1 I ll Antony Loyd and Cleopatra Duckerman We opol oguze for unterruptung but the Emperor us enraged and orders Off wuth theur heads' Somehow thus doesnt quute seem to agree wuth us so we slup our guards Bob Fletcher and Duck Cave a Goof Ball and head for the hulls We finally lose ourselves un the marketplace whuch us buzzung wuth actuvuty un the warm mornung sunshune Among the persustent dealers attemptung to unterest us un theur wares we see Eduth Hopkuns the owner of Toots Red Hot Puzzerua unstructung her appren tuces Jum Cesaruo and Veronuca Rucca un the art of squeezung tomatoes We also see Al Clark wuth hus sleeves rolled up dulugently posung for a new desugn of elbow macaronu As we move to the next stand we see R R Kellogg sellung a couple of her newest Table Talk pues fig leaf chuffon to Pat Barlow and Jean Helue We then notuce a large crowd gatherung and as we stop to unvestugate we see Joan Sangster and Muruel Ra quuer guvung a lecture on how to develop a powerful vouce After uounung un the vocal exercuses led by Dorus Wunsor we find that we are quute thursty so we hasten to the Maggue Vose and Torchy Todd Wune Shop to try theur latest concoctuon Oluves on wautung we see Jum An the Rocks We have to bartender George Noble oluve orchard so that we our drunks Whule we are waut awhule because the has to dash down to the may have fresh ones for drews guvung hus bookmaker Honest" Joe Grullo two dollars on Skup un the next charuot race The bet us un turn recorded by hus gurl Fruday Jean Norton a graduate of the Jean Fagan and Judy Kettlety School of Busuness After we finush our drunks we head for the Guundon Brudal Salon to see Eleanor Devune and Judy Handfield modelung the latest cre atuons for three brudes to be Theresa Jolls Connue Macomber and Pat Pasqualettu We now decude that we had better start our lourney back through the market place but are so tempted by the cakes un the bakery of Scott Hodson and Thewlus that we must go un and try a few of those Roman Delughts We are unformed that the former fourth partner of the establushment Muss Hen ruetta Harrus us now the founder of Rome s own Jun uor Achuevement a very successful organuzatuon whuch manufactures a new type of hot water bottle unvent ed by Barbara Hot Water Harruson and Barbara Bottle Neck Baker Thus unuque organuzatuon fea tures an all gurl sales staff headed by Barbara Haugh and Duanne Muller the orugunal cash and carry gurls Our conversatuon us then unterrupted by two customers Theresa Perru and Carol Wrught who en ter the stand to purchase some of the delucacues pre pared by our hostesses We bud goodbye to our fruends and leave the shop In the street we hure a guude Jerry Garvey to escort us back to the tume machune We welcome the cool unteruor of the ma chune after the nouse and chatter of the market place but once the swutch us thrown we find ut usnt so cool after all After our very excutung but loltung rude we arruve back at the unstutute and find a Cuvul Defense class composed of student nurses Marulyn Kenny Martha Reed and Margaret Brady un sessuon They are lus tenung very untently to head nurse Barbara Morgan who us guvung the latest first aud technuques un event of any more dusasters such as Hurrucane Carol or Gorton s 54 football season We leave the laboratory and head back to our office On the way we tune un our atomuc tel a ra duves whuch were unvented by Henry Lemueux We want to be sure to catch our favorute dusk lockey, Moondog Peterson spun the top tures whuch are sung by Carol Hunold Wump Crothers and Mary Krouan Next we hear an advertusement for Zubett Fullers Z 8. Z Zupper Company The Zuppuest Zup pers You ve Ever Zupped Funally we catch a bus whuch to our surpruse us driven by Bob Kane After droppung a couple of slugs un the meter we step to the rear and almost upset a scrabble game between Marcua Lakey Bev Whutman and Joan Gublun Bev seems to be ahead maunly because Pat Kurulla us un the next seat sluppung her the answers from a gugantuc ductuonary As we travel along we see from the wundow next to us Audrey McCaughey stondung on a street corner guv ung a lecture on how to druve a car and never get stopped to a group of teen age gurls In the group we can see Joan Conway and Shurley Gules payung very close attentuon Soon we reach our stop and head for our office Outsude we see the shoe shune boy Tom Reud guvung a quuck shune to Frank Cold well Of course thus us very hard to do because Frank s not wearung any shoes We rush post our two fruends and unto the office where we see Jack McDermott the vuce presudent un charge of swattung flues busy at work and our secretarues Joan Ross and Carol Gubson fast asleep as usual We pause to take our first deep breath sunce the start of our unbeluevable adventure seat ourselves at our typewruters and be gun to wrute the story of the century Thus prophecy was prophocuzed by two of the best prophecuzors that ever prophocuzed a prophecy DIANNE KAUFMAN and JACK MURPHY 11 11 11 - - - 11 - - 11 - , . . 1 - . 1 1 1 ' 11 11 - - - ' 1 . . . . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 - . ,, . . . 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 - ' - 1 1 , - 1 1 ' 11 11 - I - - . . H . - . . ,, . . . 1 1 - I - ' ' ' 11 11 - f 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 11 - 11 11 11 1 - 11 - ' - ' ' - 11 - 1 ' 11 , . 11 . . . . . . . 1 1 . 1 - 1 ' 1 ' ' - 11 - . . . 1 , . ,, . ,, . . . . . . . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . . , . 11 . 1 . ,, . . . . . , - 11 - - 11 - - ' ' 1 1 - . 1 1 1 ' . . . , 1 1 - , . 11 - 11 - - ' 1 1 ' ' 1 . . . , 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 ' . 1 1 ' ,, ,, . . . . . . . . . . ,, ,, . . I - 1 1 ' Wu, V? Zlwlezclf The first doy of school The lndeclslon os To nex1 years schedule The rush 'ro loin ocflvlhes ond Try out for feoms the 'oy ond dlscmppomfmenf on reporf cord these ore The experiences which lead To loelng ox Senior fo being Q pcxrf of our Alma Moller We sholl never forge? these experlences ond The beneflfs we ve derived from Them When we look bcxclc upon our Underclossmen days we do so wlfh 0 smile upon our llps Echoes of The Post doy, The desire fo be known . . . all iii' an 4 llsl. ll!! .,. us .,, SSSQQ QEESZI ll' I 1-YEL I: BE!!! H!! EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ated l to C Merchant Smuth M Bartlett Sec C Randall Pres C Donovan Vuce Pres R Creta A Houle Standung I to r G Gregory Muss O Bruen W Amoroso of 7956 Advusor Muss O Bruen Throughout the years the Class of 1956 has been successful un sponsorung a movue for the pupuls of John Green School and square dances for the .lunuor and Se nuor Hugh Schools Thus year the class sponsored a Get Acquauntecl party for lunuors from Aldruch Lockwood and Gorton as they shall become the first graduatun class 9 from the new senuor hugh school A record hop and a Valentunes dance proved to be the hughlughts of the year and last event of the year was the annual class pucnuc 56 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated I to r S Neary J Malo E Herdecker Sec E MacDonald Pres J Sangster C ODonnelI D Paulm andlng I to R Poter Malor T Cook J Dromgoole R Pearson G Baker fNot plc tured Mr Sarkeslan and J Todd Vnce PresJ 'Ml The Exe utnve Committee of the Class of 1957 has done much for the benefit of theur class under the dnrectuon of Mr Sarkesuan They have produced o very successful square dance among other socxal events and promise to be a very actuve class In the future EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated: C. Thompson, P MacMul P. Burke, G. Low len, E. Murphy, Miss Longo, Advisor ,JX ercentage of their Out of a group of 175 the Class of 1958 has placed a large p group on the Natuonal Jumor Honor Society We are sure that thus class wlth such a hugh socnal and scholostnc rating wall be outstanding un the future ow D Corblt C Curtls V Reard n M Ver M Salv V Muller B MacMl on C a mand E Pearson 2nd ow l to A Worthen B Albee C Wilbur B Wrlght J Corbltt M Caldwell J McMullen P Krusalas S Robinson S Arnold P Burke 3d row l to r J Houston T Vest D Paye R Ross E Murphy P Sandman P Pelkey R Hopluns W Edwards C Thomas fNot Plcturedj J lavarone one members of the Class of 1958 our smcere con H nor Society To be elected hth tend to the thirty N tlonal Junior o h seventh eng , We wash to ex gratulatuons for their being elected to the a dent must have an average of 8006 or better nn t e to thus group a stu and nmth grades , . TJ , ' ' ,- X Ts .l l tx 4 . is 4 R. 'V of . 1' I I - tr- v V 1 V L qv B 5 ,. K x K W ' krlx F . B, ' ' s. -Lv A J as 1- sr 'J 1 V' V Y t l ' me . , . g K lstr ,l.tor.:. 't, . ', . o, . y, .'io, . ' , . 'll , .FIA r , . r.: . , . , . ' , . ' , . ', . , . ' , . . I ' ' I ' I ' ' r , . ,: . , . , . , . , . , - 1 - . - , . , . . 1 1 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE I ' Seated, l. to r.: K. Sheen, S. Smith, J. Fiddes, R. Poole. Standing, l. to r.: J. Geneves, C. ,w I Mitchell, Mr. Chilton, D. Vale, L. A Q , zi- Houle. Under the guidance of Mr. Chilton, the Class of 1959 has had an active part in the social lite of our school. Many of the boys have played on the iunior high teams this year, and we are all proud of their outstanding sportsmanship which has become a symbol of the Class of 1959. I-Q-Sl! Q' ' " C f Fi .f 1 I X x 9.05 1 ff ff fl 532W Y Ni ,f 0 nog. yr . 54 if ?wN-jd! 65444 of 7960 x gil .QI 1 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated, I. to r.: E. Fitzgerald M. Ferlingiere, G. Davis, J. Raines. Standing, l. to r.: R. Pride, R. Scott, Mr, Crowley, B. Hobbs, E. Conway. A The Class of 'I960 has one of the largest enrollments of any class attending Samuel Gorton High School. We are sure that this class under the guidance of Mr Crowley will attain great heights in the future. Opening night of the Senior Play color ful campaigning for Student Government Day the Hawaiian beautues football heroes and Snow Queen ot the Follles reporting for the Gortonlte and Echo Fearlessness of the faculty In volleyball Echoes of the Past 1401: "Confused geniuses at work" Advisor. ,gg me ,fn - "The art of Plagiarismlu Marilyn Kenny, Barbara Morgan, Joan Giblin, Ann Davis. isp... ,QM .pm- ..,,. i w George Jensen and Thomas Mcln- tosh, Co-Editors and Miss Hurl, Z "We could swipe this layout from 'The Reminder'." John Murphy, Harold Uttley, Marie Perrotta, Joseph Grillo, Q . L ' v C S., lf L1 H "Take a letter." Beverly Whitman, Patricia Pasqua- letti, Constance Cherms. "Now what do you think about our new cover?" Barbara Giblin, Richard Guindon, Constance Lofgren, Dianne Kaufe n'l0n. "Can we quote you on this?" "Oh, how nice he came." Ellen Todd, Martha Dromgocle, Carol Gibson, Carole Munroe. Due to an all out campaign by the Sales Staff under the guidance of Mrs. Donnelly, the ECHO shattered all previous records in the sale of Yearbooks. Parallel to this effort, was the sale of advertisements by the Seniors through the diligence of the Advertising Staff. Thoroughly confused by the new experience, the Echo Editorial StaH, under the guidance of Miss Hurl, soon overcame their various ditticulties and became a united group. Faced by a blank Yearbook dummy, they faced the task of plotting and planning layouts, writeups, and photographs, and even designing a new cover for the presentation of the final edition of the ECHO. r IS ml L ECHO SALES STAFF lst row, l. to r.: G. Jeffers, B. Gardner, M. Tucci, Mrs. Donnelly, N. Dickerman, J. Scott, M. Lakey, M. Brady. 2nd row, I. to r.: M. Bartlett, M. Bugbee, P. Beaudet, C. Beaudet, R. Tanzi, C. Wells, N. Beauchene, L LaPlante, H. Fox, J. Haggas. . 3rd row, l. to r.: D. Tatro, B. Carmichael, L. Mason, J. Costello, E. Hopkins, M. Parker, D. Sprague, J. Caldwell, H. Thewlis. Joseph Grillo, Coach Hall, Coach Jusczyk, Ronald Smith g Norma Sbardello and Judy Morganthal Co Editors with Mr Williams Advisor ,A , EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: A. Kaufman, Sports Editor: C. Wells, Feature Editor: M. Brady, Circulation Manager: C. Barker, Circulation Manager: J. Helie, Asst. Business Editor: V. Reardon, Business Editor: C. Randall, Asst. Sports Editor: D. Germani, Sports Staff. The Gortonite, our monthly publication of school news, has achieved high esteem through the years and is a member of the International Quill and Scroll and the Columbia Schol- astic Press Association. Through this publication, we are kept posted on the latest school events, both social and scholastic, alumni bulletins, and sports highlights. We extend congratulations to the editorial stafT the reporters and to its advisor, Mr Williams REPORTERS 'lst row l to r M Vase B Gardner J Parker M Bartlett C Beaudet J Austin 68 2nd row l to r B Carmichael J Rndgewell T Reid H Uttley P Beaudet l K . . .. , , . . ' . . , . ii--1 ii-.T ,. -1. 1- ,V 1- 1- 1- ' ,. .:. ,- ,A 1- 1' - STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS L t Vnctor Thatcher Vuce Presndent Raymond Buffery President Beverly Whntman Secretary Robert Lofgren Treasurer The Student Council, under the dnrectlon of Mr Chnlton, has been a very active orgamzatnon Composed of student repre sentatlves elected by their classmates, the group has been Instrumental In forming a Cafeteria and Corrldor Corps and has undertaken the task of plannmg the school calendar for the year It as through the Student Councnl that an actlvuty must go to acqunre a date for a school function Thus group also serves as a lnnk between faculty and students for the students to voxce thelr oplnuon on school matters sb 'N-.1-rf' flhf' , "' , AY STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP 'lst row, l. to r.: G. Jensen, W. Loyd, R. Berard, D. Tatro, A. Davis, Mr. Chilton, B. Haigh, B. Whitman, R. Crothers, R. Buffery. 2nd row, I. to r.: S. Hawcroft, C. Taylor, R. Creta, G. Gregory, V. Thatcher, R. Lofgren, A. DeMauIa, E. Davis, J. Malo, 69 I f We-Z The Hi-Y, sponsored by the Y.M.C.A., is an active social and Christian fellowship organization consisting of boys in the tenth through the twelfth grades. Under the guidance of Mr. Montague, the Hi-Y has sponsored many successful activities, splash parties and movies. Some of the boys at- tended the 65th annual Older Boys' Conference in Lawrence, Massachusetts. HI-Y OFFICERS Guindon, Presidentp J. Garvey, Chaplain. 2nd row, I. to r.: Mr. Montague, Advisor, J Grillo, Treasurer. HI-Y MEMBERSHIP 'Ist row, I. to r.: W. Loyd, J. Lewis, J. Garvey R. Guindon, D. Dubuc, J. Grillo, H. Uttley, Mr Montague. 2nd row, I. to r.: K. Smith, H. Gowdy, F. Young K. Dubuc, R. Brown, R. Berard. 3rd row, I. to r.: A. DeMaula, T. Cox, R. West J. Todd. Ist row, I. to r.: D. Dubuc, Vice President, R - 'km The Y Teen a large group of Sensor gurls sponsored by the YWCA IS one of Gortons most active organlzahons A socually successful Record Hop was presented In addmon to swnmmang parhes, movues and the annual party for the Lakesude Home Under the capable guudance of Mass O Bruen the Y Teen has fulfilled nts purpose of promotmg higher stand ards of Chrlshan character throughout Gorton 'sa ...Q ,- Mlss OBrien Advisor and Constance Lofgren ,SR if Presndent I Y TEEN OFFICERS lt ow l t Dianne Kaufman Treasurer Carole Munroe Secretary Conme Lofgren Pres :dent Mary Hazelwood Vnce Presrdent 2nd row l to r Marcia lalley Inter Club Council Mlss OBr1en Advlsor June McGrath Program Chairman Y TEEN MEMBERSHIP row l Z Fuller C Munroe J c H Hams P Pasquallettu C Cherms S Kellogg J Handfleld B Haugh A Kaufman 2n row l to Mlss OBnen B Wallace N Duckerman M Kroxan C Wrnght J Kettlety J R s J Houle M Brady M Lakey J Bu er worth B Baird M Raquler 3 row I to M Dromgoole B Gublm C Barker M Reed M Hazelwood B Morgan D Kau man C Lofgren E Hopluns T Jll J Hehe J Fagan C Glbson J McGrath 'MK-0 L In X xl N 5. oat? - so oo ll ' 5 I I .' LETTERMEN MEMBERSHIP Ist row, l. to r.: G. Herbster, N. Thatcher, T. Reid, R. Pearson, Mr. Pendergast, E. Leonard, W. Aucoin, J. Grillo, E. McCurdy. 2nd row, I. to r.: T. Garvey, R. Creta, R. Berard, C. Randall, R. Guindon, R. Smith, D. Germani, A. DeMaula, T. Mclntosh, N. Berard, J. Murphy, D. Corbitt. 3rd row, l. to r.: C. Donovan, J. Werbinski, A. Jones, J. Lewis, E. Fournier, R. Buttery, R. Crothers. LETTERMEN OFFICERS L. to r.: Thomas Reid, Treasurerg Ronald Berard, President: Mr. Pendergast, Advisor, Norbert Berard, Vice-President, Raymond Buftery, Secretary. The thirty-one members of the I.ettermen's Club under the direction of Mr. Pendergast have won varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball, or track, and this year have proved themselves to be not only athletic leaders but also school leaders. By selling refreshments at our home games, putting on their annual banquet, and through other activities, they have raised enough money to buy sweaters for every member of the Club. In previous years only Seniors have received sweaters. These, the last group of boys ever to wear the Gorton "G," have been outstanding and can well be proud of the group they represent. Ronald Berard, President and Mr. Pendergast, Advisor. A.A. OFFICERS Ist row, I. to r.: M. Lakey, 12th Grade Representative B. Giblin, Vice-President, Miss Kerrigan, Miss Brad- shaw, Advisers, J. Giblin, President, B. Morgan, Secretary-Treasurer. 2nd row, I. to r.: M. Bartlett, Iith Grade Repre- sentative, J. McMillan, 9th Grade Representative, E. Davis, 'I0tI1 Grade Representative. The Girls' Athletic Association oITers any girl from the 9th to the 12th grades an opportunity to take part in interscholastic and intramural sports. The companionable activities have been guided by their capable advisors, Miss Bradshaw and Miss Kerrigan. The competition is keen and eager among those who strive diligently for the honor of obtaining the trophy. Miss Bradshaw, Joan Giblin, President, Miss Kerrigan 8TH GRADE LIBRARY CORPS Shortly before Christmas, an 8th Grade Library Corps was formed under the super- vision of Miss Dahlgren. The main purpose of the organization is to promote more interest and enthusiasm in reading. It also gives a better understanding of the basic fundamentals of library science. Their proiect for this year has been to collect pictures for a picture file. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America, under the capable leadership of Mr. Price, have under- taken many worth-while proiects this past year, all of which will be of great value to the members in years to come. Each has his own individual proiect which he works on at his own home and they also have group proiects. Included in these group proiects are: Gorton's own Tree Farm on Draper Ave- nue, field trips to various dairy farms, and trips to agriculture and poultry shows. 'Ist rcw, I. to r.: K. Olson, R. Burns, A. Merriweather, W. Morgan. 2nd row, I. to r.: Mr. Price, J. Eclrstein. 74 lst row, I. to r.: J. Riley, C. Mc- Weeney, R. Garvey, R. Poole, M. Harris, Miss Dahlgren, P. Chase, B. Pine, T. Gardiner, N. Corey, M. Matteson. 2nd row, l. to r.: C. Miller, M. Bogue, S. Davis, M. Beagan, D. Howard, D. Collill, C. Grinnell, J. Reardon, N. Gardiner, J. Lane, D. Niebuhr, M. Morris, J. DeCota. 3rd row, I. to r.: D. Mischlre, P Coxe, B. Greene, W. Connors, E Brayton, G. Cherry, W. Porter, R Bourgeois. lst row, I. to r.: Miss Longo, N Sbordellu, E. Neary. 2nd row, l. to r.: N. Baker, J. Mor ,Q ganthau, A. Houle, R. Tomasetti Pres., M. Perrotta, Vice Pres., A Kaufman, M. Vose, C. Munroe, B Baird. 3rd row, l. to r.: C. Lofgren, D Kaufman, J. Austin, E. McMahon, J Naracz, J. Spinks, P. Pcsquolletti 4 C. Wright. 4th row, l. to r.: E. Lofgren, E. Todd i M. Dromgoole, B. Harrison, P. Bar low, M. Raquier. SENIOR GUILD Under the direction ot Miss Longo and Miss Barrett, the Senior Guild has been formed for the purpose of presenting, by grade, a series of one-act plays for assem- blies. The group is organized merely for the pleasure of performing for the student body. G. B. C. The G.B.C. Secretaries, under the guidance of Miss Tillinghast, serve as a National Bank which supports the many activities of the high school. It has been a great task for the G.B.C. Secretaries to have a balanced budget each week after payments are made. fre- SMG! dd Hsin ul fG.B.C. Membershipl lst row, I. to r.: M. lakey, M Vose, C. Ridgewell, B. Whitman Miss Tillinghast, B. Haigh, J. Hand field, J. Scott, C. Macomber. 2nd row, I. to r.: D. Winsor, J Conway, B. Baird, C. Wright, M Kroion, P. Pasqualetti, P. Hodson J. Spinks, M. Raquier, B. Baker S. Giles. 3rd row, I. to r.: J. Ross, M i Hazelwood, J. McGrath, M, Drom .i 1' goole, A. Davis, P. Kurillo, C. Gib son, C, Lamson, C. Hunold. l mm ?Zczq Om 'foam The Class of 1955 scored a truumph wnth the productuon of thelr Sensor Play Our Town a three act drama by Thornton Wilder Thus unusual presentatnon was produced wlthout the and of scenery gavlng the auduence an opportumty to use their nmagnnatnon to the fullest degree and thereby placing the emphasus on the story and actlon The combined efforts of the cast the production staft the llghtmg crew and especially our outstandlng director Mr J L Maynard made thus phulosophucal study of lnfe In a typical New England town one whuch wull not soon be forgotten 76 Stage Manager Mrs Glbbs Doc Gibbs George Gibbs Mrs Webb Mr Webb Emuly Webb Mrs Soames Walley Webb Slmas Shmson Howie Newsome John Murphy Ann Davus Thomas Mclntosh Joseph Werbmslu Eleanor Devme Harold Uffley Barbara Gublm Anne Kaufman Gerald Garvey Ronald Smnh George Jensen CAST Sl Crowell Joe Crowell Rebecca Gibbs Constable Warren Sam Cralg Joe Stoddard Tall Man Lady In the Box Stagehands Richard Gumdon John Garvey Mary Hazelwood Ronald Berard Wesley Loyd John Lewus Eugene Fournuer Judy Handfleld Frank Coldwell Dave Corbm Arthur Brown 77 .4-1 L X Ist row I to r Dr Wlggm A Christopher H Nesblt 2nd row I to r M Guenther S Hogan B Curcl P San Antonio F Phoneuf W Porter W Gibson G Hawcroft 3rd row I to r D Cudworth R Levallee G Lowe J Urslllo K Johnson J Beckett R Gowdey R White R Macomber R West 5th row I to r A Mernweather R Domun J Burgess E Fournier K Smuth .I Rudgewell R Germans and The members of the Band under the dlrectnon of Dr Wlgglns, have always put a great deal of tume and eltort unto makmg their group so well known through out the clty and state Although we shall never agam see the green and white of the Gorton Band and thrlll agam to their sturrlng musnc, the picture of their marching down the field wlll be among our fondest memones 78 I , . .: . ' ' , . ' , . ' 1 I . , . .: . , . , . , . , . , . , . , .-I I.: . I , . , . , . ' , . , . , . , 4th rolw, I. to rl: A. Bornolzoat, S. Worden, R. Bouressa, A. DeMoulo, F. Silvia, T. Cook, J. Taber, I , . I .: . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . L to R F Phaneuf A DeMaulo J Burgess L Cooper S Fnske W Grant R Frltsche R German: D Cudworth K Smnth J Lnttle W Marble C Tuckerman ORCHESTRA Thus IS an enthuslastuc group of musucnans who have worked this year to gave Gorton an orchestra of whlch the school may be proud The mexhaustnble energy and eFtort of the bandmaster and their dlrector Dr Wlggln was shown to advantage at assemblies durlng the year THE BOYS QUARTET The Boys Quartet a group organized by Mrs Wordell have gamed much engoyment through pleasurable group smgmg Thus group has performed an the Follies of T955 and has appeared Seated Mrs Wordell Standmg J Lewns B Thompson R Crothers N Berard NEW ENGLAND FESTIVAL CHORUS Havnng appeared un the Chrustmas Assembly and for the PTA the group wnll appear nn a New England Festuval In Rutland Vermont an March Seated Mrs Wordell Standing J Lewls C Hunold R Crothers B Thompson J Gnllo D German: I 1 - C.. - I - I T in Church programs. V I ' ii, f . ' 1 . ', . , . , . . 1 A l A l , ?'E I l .I - Q 1 1 s E I ' - T Wh ow A Harrus M Sllvsa C Retzo Y DeCota J Ropoza A Toto S Arnold M Very V Muller row l to r C Thomas A Colvulle G Davns S Robinson L Loyd J Corbltt A Bryant M Cold well D Corbltt E Pearson B MacMillan P Johnsen 3rd row l to r J Snlva D Renton A Worthen D Nnlon J Oates B Wrlght J Gordon C Heagney D Merchant J Sullnvan DeCota M Matteson J Larre J MacMullan B Ross 2 row l to r Mrs Wordell G Vose L Houe C Dwyer D Comll M Nerl 3rd row I to r R McKay C Mltchell G Cherry B Green R Bourgeois and Phwle Valemd Under the dnrectuon of Mass Colvm and Mrs Wordell, thirty sux members of grade nune represented Gorton m the All State Jumor Hugh Festnval of three hundred volces presented at Hope Hugh School on February eleventh under the dnrectlon of Mr John Raymond of Lafayette College Suxteen of thus group were further hon ored by bemg chosen to sung again un Boston for the Muslc Educators Natlonal Conference, Eastern Dlvnslon, also under the dnrectuon of Mr Raymond ew.--. fu1V ' SENIOR CHEERLEADERS A Kaufman Head Cheerleader C Lamson C Munroe B Morgan M Garvey N Vose M Vose M Dromgoole lNot pictured C Row land I I . , . in g A A '-'fr ' V.. 5 , .ji W 1 r nsi lst r , l. to r.: . ', . ' ' , . lff, . , . , . , . , . , 2nd , . .: . , . ' , . ', . . , . , . . , . , . - , . , . , . , .. . , . .: . ' , . , . , . I I ' I ' l I ' I ' I lst row, I. to r.: R. Poole, S. Lovin, C. Warren, J. nd , . .: . , . , . l , . , . , . . , . .: . , . , . , . , . . My .....,..t....,,.,-.,,.N..f:,g., ..,.,.,,,. . .,,. ...MMM -,..-.,. - . 4.4-....-..-Q.-,.-.., .. - 4 - 1' l i - - 1 : . I . , . , . 1 - , - , . l l 80 Hgrnsbn 5 ra 'lvlrler-1 T what Bu' G Jean ,d Head W Qew SENIOR TWIRLERS .: B. Harrison, D. Knu man, . W iman, . inks, Ridgewell. air , . Hui , C. Huno ell ,-41:4 The mlurues durnng football our hopes tor the Thanksgnvxng Day game the casualties ot the basketball team the playotts at East Providence the lack ot chalrs at Cora s after the games each has become another mule stone In our days at Gorton They are more memornes to add to an already overflowing storehouse Echoes ofthe past I I I I I - X I, I . ,. ,. . ., . QP LI, A , ,..i,v7, ,I I I , nV'pX1.v3 X, fy W FOOTBALL SQUAD Ist row, I. to r.: Line Coach, Mr. Pendergasfg T. Garvey, N. Berard, T. Reid, J. Werbinski, W. Loyd, J. Lewis, J. Murphy, A. Jones, R. Pearson, Coach Hall. nd row, I. to r.: G. Place, C. Randall, G. Gregory, C. Donovan, E. Leonard, R. Smith, W. Pimental, E. Snow, G. Richards. rd row, I. Vo r.: J. Todd, R. Maior, D. Brooks, R. Creia, R. Howarth, R. Brown, R. Young, A. Harris, J. Dromgoole, L. Cobb. FIRST STRING Ist row, I. to r.: A. Jones, J. lewis, J. Murphy, W. Loyd, T. Garvey, J. Werbinski, N. Berard 2nd row, I. to r.: Coach Avon HaII, R. Smifh, C. Donovan, T. Reid, T. Leonard. Under the capable guidance of Coaches Avon Hall Damel Pen dergast and Athletlc Director John McGlveney the Gorton Hornets completed this football season with four vlctorles and four defeats Thus was the last season that Gorton Hugh School Players donned the green and whnte umforms of our proud Alma Mater Our football team was headed for one of the most successful seasons nn the hnstory of the school and sparked by a predominately Semor llne and fast hard hnttmg Jumor backfleld the team started with four straight vuc tones when misfortune gained the upper hand and unlurues depraved us of one player after another Mushaps were never endmg and consequently the Hornets were forced to oppose our tradutuonal rlval Aldruch wuthout the services of eught first strung and valuable players All us ended now however never shall the yell of crowds descend from the field to echo against the walls of Gorton Hugh School SCORES Gorton Gorton Gorton Gorton Gorton Gorton Gorton Gorton Westerly .. Mt. St. Charles Classical . .. , Pawt. West Woonsocket West Warwick De LaSalle , Aldrich ,. . 44 l- VARSITY BA Leff fo Hgh? Coach A Hall W Aucom J Dromgoole R Gum don R Smnh J Lewns A Jones N Bercrd E Murphy E leo nard SKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Lef? io right: R. Maior, G. Ba- ker, R. Lofgren, G Gre . gory, C. Donovan, R. Kelleher, B. Bol- sieud, G. Pl ace, Coach Jusczyk. Wmuzfq Z For the first time in thirteen years the Hornets have won a playoff position under the able guidance of Coach Avon Hall Jack Lewis the states leading scorer with 343 points sparked the Hornets to many a victory Coupled with hum for rebounding honors was Ronnie Smith who helped boss both back boards all season The skillful dribbling and set shots of Bill Aucoln were a deadly threat to all opponents Eddie Murphy our other guard did a fine 'ob as a play maker and much can be expected from hum in the years to come Dick Gumdon with his timely fast breaks and drives rounded out the first five King Berard with his versatility was an able substitute Star Hornet Jack Lewis captures state individual scoring honors with 343 points All of us at Gorton are proud to have this honor bestowed upon a mem ber of our senior class. This six foot, three Inches hero never slowed up. He averaged about 21 points per game, and was a definite factor in Gorton's having such a fine showing this year. 87 A - 4 751 lst row, I. to r.: S. O'Grodnick L. O'Donald M Gyser R well, W. Edwards, F. Silva, D. Barlow. 2nd row, I. to r.: R. Cursi, L. Western, R. Germani, J. Hous- ton, R. Tillinghast L. Malmgren J. Seares G Lowe S Rlccl W Vnllna Mr Pendergast JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Although the record of the Jumor Hugh Basketball squad was not outstandung thus year the experuence they gamed under the dnrectuon of Mr Pendergast wxll prove very valuable when they reach the Jumor Varsnty and Varsuty squads an the near future JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 'ls row I r C Fldde Buttery E Murphy R Connors A Hallnday R Cor rlgan 2nd row I t S Rlc Gos In E o r D Dromgoole CI Low M Tanner W Vallella Kurowslu R Tull ng ast oach Jusczyk D Lewis M Morgan D Barlow D Weldon M Gelsser F SIIVIO I JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Under the very capable tutelage of Mr Jusczyk the Jumor Hugh Football team won the Suburban Champnonshrp Wlth an early setback by Aldrich the team seemed to ace another mediocre season This defeat Inspired the Jumors to wln five games nn a row hrghlughted by a 20 O defeat of Aldruch This Jumor Hugh team had a very successful season compnlrng a 5 I won and lost record They should be well prepared for Jumor V arsnty and Varsity play IH later years f , I ' I w .'l . , . . , . t ,.to .: . ' s,R. l',. , - , ,x ,. .: . , .",G. ,. ,. ' ,R. ', . 'i - h. 'y 3rd row,l.to r.:C , Q . ,M J I il - I . , f ' r 1 , . , .Chris- tianson, W. Conners, J. Ridge- TRACK lst row, I. to r.: R. Guindon, T. Mclntosh, G. Herbster, R, West, P. Very 2nd row, l. to r.: Coach Rudert C. Calahan, F. Young, K. Smith H rris McCurdy CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country teams have usually finished within the first three fourths of the fields n the eight mayor meets entered Seven letters have been award ed to the competitors during the last three years Tom Mc lntosh and Ev McCurdy have competed for the longest period and have finished in the fist three of all their dual meets Tom Mclntosh has made the sec on team Class B Journal Bulletin choices last year G Her ser E c Curdy T Mclntosh JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Center C Flamand J McMu en M a Plante L Trabucco R Poole B McMillan E Pearson fv Ni 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 5 42 6'r0'v '01 0110 101 0562101 0"0N0Y6v'01l01 V . . n . f . -2 ' ,- . , ' ,, .. , , v , ' ' -1 W vs f - 1 '. r w .2 I 1 , A ,I - 2 , 2, . .I w . , , 1 . ,.,. 4. V , F3 , ' . 71' 1- V 4 V, , -1 c I 0 A ' I3 ..- Qa 1. ' .4 OS " . A v . ' , rs ! . . " 0 . . v . . , Y i . s A , '- : ' 1 . K B , . 95' ' ' zjh' 1 f ' . ' ' 90 01096 Q 659 X5 9 haymgyou lI1ll1C SlllCllO lllilllg your plelures 'md gelung aequounted Nvhen the need for 1 uus photogrlph arlses personal famxly or Ykidilllli, please remember your class photogmpher The Luekett Studlos f0Ys0f'0' Qlncorporatedj 75 WEYBOSSEI STREE I PROVIDENCE P S Dad you know that our folmal and candid wedding porlranure lb con sldered among the fmcst nn New England? XVllCll you or any bride to be you know are making VNLClCllDg plans be sure lo stop IH our new ground floor s-tudlo and make comparisons before you make any commxtments You will Gnd our qualllv superb and our prmes sensible two of the many reasons we are sand to be Rhode Island 9 I eadzng Weddzng Photographers TODAY S PHOTOGRAPHS FI OMORROW S TREASURES 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ,,, 90 I' A Mrs 84 Mrs N. Mrs 8. Mrs 'Q Mrs 8. Mrs COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS OF THE CLASS OF 1955 Henry H H'1rr1s George Wood Thcodorc R lqurcr Pqsro Rmcr George Torrlng joseph H Murphy I' I' I' 8. Mrs JS. Mrs 8x Mrs Q. Mrs 'Q Mrs 84 Mrs Wllll 1m T Glbson W I' Clscy A Olson J S Crothers W A Dxckerman A T Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 01f.0'Y 101101 102014010 01401'0Y 102 I' I' 8. Mrs 'Q Mrs 8. Mrs 84 Mrs A Mrs john Iwfrgqn Amos Hodson Lesrcr M Anderson Hfrrold E Uttley Iohn H Dergnan r Mr ii Mrs 'Q Mrs 'i Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs F A Remmgton Robcrtj Glblrn SWIY fxtore D Am lto W H Mont Harold Tiylor 10ff0 40+ I' 6. Mrs Thomas Peet Roger Mayerre Sloppy Bonn Crrol 82 Bxll Rolvc rt Drugneaulr A Fnend RN Mrs Theresa RICCI Fmn Roxx Icy Ioycc DlClxCfm1U Don lid 8 Nsrncy Mr 8. Mrs WalrcrT Dromgoolc 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 5 2 2 2 2 -20' 401 202 f: A-as Aaafoxoxox fs I ' ES. Z Z Z Z Z Z EL Z Z Z Z Z - - . . rf F' 71 . rf . rf :1 71 rf rf 2 ' : , , Q , PP . C ff A A 2. A '1 . - . I .... sn ...... v ', W A ' A ,fy , , L 5- s A P CJ .A 3, ' ' F -. w v ' 4 Q , rf 2 . N ' Z A 'Z " 7 7 7 '2 '- - . 5 21 in 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 . . ' " 5 ' ' , . C C . 9? Q ' , ' - F . C5 . 1 ,D . . . V . N O . O , . . " , - '-1 . A - , UQ . - ,C ' na E. . ' Q. ., ,D "1 WSSSQQQSSS SSSSSQSQSSQQQSSSQQ 556333595 5559532556 COMPLIMENTS 0 W 0 W W 0 W OF THE ?7K0' 40'40N0"07'?47i01'74?10V'0"Q1740X0'40N0540'40N7'040720'Zx 3 3 1 2 . 3 3 3 3 3 3 Q . 9 . 3 . 3 5 3 3 3 7'-0N0'4040N0'2'0'K01'-04'-0'-0ff-0'210Ps0N0N0X0' -0W0N0'1f0110'0f'0'K010N0210401f0"01L01201L01-0"0K6x CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 Gorton Parent Teachers Assoc1at1on l1'02'01 40" Presldent First Vxce Presldent Second Vice Presldent Reeordlng, Secretary Correspondlng., Secretary Tre lsurer '010-010' Recordlng Delegate Mrs Andrew Smlth Mrs Leo P Reardon Mr Danxel Turner Mrs Chester C Menthew r Mrs Francrsj Capron Mrs Milton A Gowdey Mrs Alan D Brown r Delegltes Mrs Lucretn Mowbray Mrs Wllllam Dunsmore Mrs Mllton Gowdey Mrs Aust1n Johnson h0"2010fL0f4 '-02-0f01f0Y01101f0 '0'401f-0k-01 Z U1 Z? "1 Q. cn :r fb "1 5 P3 :J Z 'G PE 3' fb rn. l'1'l 4 fb ffl COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Membershlp Program Ways and Means HOSplC1llfy Dancnnq School Mrs Alfred E Vest Safety Sunshine Budget and Flnance Mrs Edwln Lew1s Mrs times A Balley Mrs Robert Rxccxo Mrs Alfred E Klrschner and Mrs Blanche Authelet Mrs Robert T Morgan Mrs Leo E Mfulloux Mr Clyde D Bennett '0'20N0i'0f0N02f0 0f'01f0Y 5 3 5 3 2 5 5 3 3 2 2 2 li ,, C1v1l Defense Publxclty Parllamentanan A By Lavxs Letglslatxve Htstorlan Chuld Welfare Mftgaznne 93 Mrs Lucretla Mowbray Mrs joseph E Devlne Mrs George M Huse Mrs Leland A French Mrs T Everett Souther Mrs Edna H Dahl Mrs Thomas A McIntosh 49: 4 . . , Z, n A. A ' , ' N v . ' , f H , I . - ' r I' as ' A . b it F Y . ' . . A F1 V . R - f F ,. ,. . U ' . . ,. L . F Q 4 . I.. ,, . . . t . ,, - -4 A . . - Y .- 1 F N ' . ' vu . , .- A -. R . . l . . I - . , , ' A . A H - ' . . t V -1 , . . ' ,, - A . ' , i . ' '- H . . . - . , ,- .. .. A Q ' , , . s., x.. 1020"-011011021051 f0N-0f02'0N0f01 010Q01'0X0f10f'0'-1'02f0P'0f0 '0"0 1020410-f-01 PHEASANT COFFEE AND TEA CO. Kzfzg of Coffee' IO? CRANSTON STREET PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND NEWPORT FINISHING CO NS STEVENS STREET FALL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS 0'K0'20"0Y01101'6x 0"0'l0' 0110102 0"40110A-0K0 105011010 0'10"-01' 0R02 E, I I 5 9 E 5 E Q H 2 ' A I Q u . 3 P 5 S E . 5 E . 2 3 3 3,00 , I A I K0 f'010Y0 COMPLIMENTS LEW MFG CO AIRWAY DINER HOXSIE POL R QORNER5 WARXVICR RHODI ISLAND JOHN P PQNTE H1111 cr md 62111167 Re 7 98 17 5 OCCup ISSILIXCI Ro ld W lrxx lclx Rhode Isl md 95 5 5 5 6 5 3 9 5 5 S 5 5 2 E 5 5 6 9 5 S 6 63 000 '0 40 '02 040010 '0 02101 100200 ,K . kq . N! LN Q P1 ' N . N. N' A N' . . VA ,Q Q O ' x 'J -X C. 'X ' N N. I .- 3. . 7: 1: . ' L? N-f n 1 K Q 1 .N N . : ' . ' xx! .N 40? 40-0Y0'0 02010 010 f'0f 20" 10017 E 9 3 5 9 3 9 5 5 9 5 6 9 6 5 9 5 5 E S 9 E 3 2 E '0X0v105C 102201 f'0'010Y-02 f01'0H0' X91 HAMMEL DAHL COMPANY IXI d P 175 POST ROAD WARWICK R I 011011010240 1-0v'01f0W10f01f01r0f0'K0N02 014011-0K0'0N0f'6x COWIPLIMEN TS JAKE KAPLAN 0201101 0u0'-120' 9 .0 . , 3 E 2 5 3 3 2 Q 2 3 2 Z 2 5 5 N 3 P W Q 3 G 2 Z 3 5 3 3 2 ,c,,W, , A . , , 0 . , 3 BAN I MAR Automotlve Supply and SCIVICC Co AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Wholefale Retuzl IOOS WEST SHORE ROAD CONIMICUT R I HARRIS LUMBER CO INC Hardwire Pfunts Industrlal Supphes Cor Atwells 84 Hams Ax enues PROVIDENCE R I GAspee 1 4750 I 2 E I 3 2 I I Ii '00 '-0f0vf0'f'-01 01f0N0'f 0K '02 '-9'0'Z"90'k7Y55l0V07'574-9f40"9'C97 0101101 0"0K0Y0"'0N0"0'10N0"'0K6x 97 - f0f0v ' I I I I , - .Z 011020110110-f0X01'0'r0'0 RCA PH1LCo K E I T H S Telewfzon and Applzancef Orngmators of L1fet1me Servlce On All New Televxsron Sold Serwce by Sesslons Electromcs nc Governor Francrs Farms Warwxck R I HO 3 8637 HO 3 8137 WESTINGHOUSE ADMIRAL Wooo JEWELERS EAST GREENWICH Keepsake Dxamond Rmgs jom our S11ver 85 Chma Club N0 Carrymg Charge! for Credzt CARMINE TAVAROZZI 74 WOODSTOCK DRIVE WARWICK R I Buzlder Contractor RE 7 1763 CHARLES MFG CO I 101 SABIN STREET PROVIDENCE R 0'-0X0'0K0N-0f0'K0D NC 3 OF 1, , I . Namquid Drive Q- - - ' H I l I, , .I. 98 010' 0K02'01170f0'f01'0 Gorton Hrgh School 54 .st 55 CHEERLEADERS Anne Kaufman M 15, rt Vose Clrolt Munroe M Trrha Dromgoolc Carolt Rowland Norma Vose Monica Garvey COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND Comphments Hertz Rent A Car R 1 STATE AIRPORT C K GROUSE Manufacturenf 0 SCHOOL 8: COLLEGE RINGS AND JEWELRY Makers of Gorton s 1955 Rmgs 0Y040N727f0v40Y0f010vQ?X0210v'01r0110K0"0N0"010f00K0M0f OF 2 Yg' A I 2 2 4 ' 4 ' 4 Barbara Morgan Clara Lamson of If 99 CARLSON CHEVROLET INC 1710 WEST SHORE ROAD Warwxck R I OSCAR M CARLSON BAYVICW 1 0452 NORWOOD MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Cars 8: Trucks Hzgb Grade Urea! Carr Super Serv1ce Body Work and Pamtmg 1538 POST ROAD NORWOOD Sr 1 4300 1 2 E f040'0w'0f 101 Z4 QATGMNCG ln tleugn era tsmans xp and qualzty RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAOUES TIOPHIES JEWILIIS FOI YOU! CLASS RINGS lil VIII 73 IIEIIIIT ST IISTIIIII IBS PIIIVIIEIUE REMINGTON S DAIRY Producer! and Dzftrzbutom 0 GRADE A MILK Homogemzed or Cream Top Ark for our MILK zn PURE PAK contuznerf az your nezgbborbood More X H0Y S0Y0'6vQ0vQ9X0f401' 402'0"010Y0"0X0Y0'f7 100 Wy 2 I -L ,HZ I .555 Ti 0 Z . 0 . ne I . . . 'H : ' . ' 7' 9 Z: ' vaf :T lil Nl Zi PT 'U -' 5' o :J rn 4 . , P' P14 ' . O1 , OO , . . 0 . ' C - ' , :E . . - O . 'U fb xe- 77 3" xy, . , . . , 1710X0Y 401'0K0 .np LILLIAN S XV1odlmu1Manor,?ag LUNCHEONETTE 730 POTTERS AVENUE PROVIDENCE R I E LESLIE ARCHIBALD INC 108 West Shore Road WI I 9672 HOXSIC Rhode Island LILLIAN A HELIE Prop RETAIL PAINT STORE J PASQUALE BROS 8: CO GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTORS 2291 West Shore Road Apponaug, R I 0if?5l9'Q?'40'40" C9"0'49410V0X0540Y 'I 0 I JK -00' .. r, :Q N7 - 2955 12-1, .37-5.1 I .l' JI .I , I-4,1 X : Q II' IMI S-L5 gfuxraoox L' oz :r.1"" ' ' al N ' 1 . I . v 10502102107 l0'l0v' X9- 0000040000 Lara-'aww-ox Complxments of LUMBER Comphments of A FRIEND 740 N0 Broadway East Provldence Charles Street Provrdence CARY S OIL SERVICE CALDWELL MOTOR COMPANY ll balm :le and Relafl YOUR FORD DEAIER 597 WWYWICR Avenue Lakewoo V54 ProvIdence Street West W1fWlCk R Compllments of JOHN L ADAMS CARL ABELSON Plzzmbnzg and Heating Bmldef an f Der el Jpef I8 Maplehurst Avenue Longbmewdow Wwrwxck Moaplewood Termce Re 7 8993 F111 Rwer Avenue Seekonk Mass MADE RITE SADLER BROS INC Starch free ar I1 chip can be Potato Chxps SOUTH ATTLEBORO Crnspy Fresh MASSACHUSETTS MADE RITE PoTATo CHIPS FALL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS 40' 0K?f0f0N0f'-0' 102 ' xv 405 ' ' , 5 6 . ' cl,R.I. 7. ' , . ' , .I. - ISI. wi. 1-4132 5 K 1 I, I ' 8 X jxffy Qurck Plant Service ROSETONE ODORLESS CLEANSERS 7147 West Shore Road RE 7 8310 f0"0X7 Complzmentf 0 WARWICK BUILDING MATERIALS COMPANY 2457 POST ROAD WARWICK R 1 Complete Heatmg Serwce Greenwood Yard Tel RE 7 5200 Warwxck Yard Tel RE 7 3939 MARLEY MOTORS 1776 POST ROAD HILLSOROVE R 1 Azztborzzezl Studeb ,Per and PM ml Dealer Complnments of THORPE S PHARMACY 1625 WARWICK AVENUE HOXSIE 4 CORNERS REgent 7 1440 PIONEER LIQUOR STORE fhottc Wttzet Ltqttorf md Beer 791 Oakland Beach Ave Oakland Beach R Tel RE 7 0977 I GAMBAR PRODUCTS CO INC 45 Fullerton Road Hxllsgrove Rhode Island LANCELLOTTA 8: PICCOLI Lzqutd Asphalt Hot Patch Drtz eu ayr Parkzng Lotf 69 Taft Avenue Greenwood R RE 7 9477 I KAYS DRUG STORE 795 W8fW1Ck Neck Ave WHIWICR R 1 RE 7 4959 X 0"'.01'-0'Q7K0N0"-0K01'0K01'-0110v'-0'f'0K0f0'f0'K0" I . , ' f 4 ' I 7 I . , ' ' ' 4 - h 1 ' A- J- DUQUETTE, Olwff Engineer! and Machiniftf 103 1051 Compl ments of A PROVIDENCE LAW FIRM 40110210 ALLOYD DIE CO 683 West Shore Road 402010202 Comm cur Rhode Islfmd Re 7 7474 f105'0"0' X Comphments of PETER J BARRETT A MICALEF CO INC 158 PINE STREET PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND JOHN PFRRI sf SONS Gene al fonlrafto I 1 10 R1dgeway Avenue Hoxsle REger1t 7 5953 PENGUIN AMANA PLAN 86 WEYBOSSET STREET PROVIDENCE DAIRY QUEEN OF HOXSIE 1976 WARWICK AVENUE REgent 7 8181 1 I 1 1 ST ONGE S The Store or Men and B095 Smce 1894 1733 MAIN STREET WEST WARWICK R -0f'0N?'0K0Y-0' 'I04 ' S i . . ., . ' ' i , I ' Plafzic Moldf - Took - Injection Molding r , r f , ' , . I. S K Complxmenrs of GEORGE N YOUNG Stmson Clark Funeral Home Nou Ou ned anf0pc1a!erl by WILLIAMJ CLARK JR R 4111 94 BEACH AVENUE CONIMICUT RHODE ISLAND FEDERAL NEON SIGN CO Neon Painted and Bulb Dzfphq 175 Dem Street G1 l 9643 PROVIDENCE HOXSIE DONUT KETTLE D01Z1llf Frerb Dazly 10 S1411 F1 erj Perfomzllty Compllments of WARWICK AUTO PARTS LAKEWOOD RHODE ISLAND FRANK L COLDWELL Bznldmg Contractor 647 Church Avenue I-Ioxsle Re 7 9667 CARVEL DARI FREEZE 1040 West Shore Rd Cnmmxcut R 1 Ourzcn' and Opemzed by NEWBERRY S I our Store nz Prozzdevzcc S I zery Day Therer Somelbuzg NEIV at lO95 Elmwood Ave Provldence R 1 NEIVBERRQ S COppos1re Roger wl1ll8mS Pwrkj 0k0w10'k?"0lf0v0'K0K01'-0"0N0"0"0"0"-0K0K-0v 2 I 2 2 2 I 02101'-010 L-02 0K0 . ' I I .. O UI I f 21 A ' N ' wi . 53" . OE ' ' fn ' Y . I il - ,U N . 2 ' E - . . . I 55, - - ' , fb Q , 3 , 0D X' . 1 FU Q. 2" xy, . . la., , . . I . 6 40T'0Y? X NARRAGANSETT ELECTRIC 49 Westmmster Street Proudence R I PARK FABRICS 1517 W1fWlCk Avenue K4 Cornersj HOXSIE R I Fme Fabrzcf at Fan P :ces HOWARD CLOTHES Flzlfuzg, and Fu 721111181 or Men and B031 Pro tdence 5 R I Gaspee 17255 PETERJ MITCHELL Manager MORRIS FARMS 2779 WHIWICR Avenue WARWICK RHODE ISLAND WI 1 8800 BARNES RUBBER CO INC 750 Reservorr Avenue Cranston 10 Rhode Island Complnrnents of MR AND MRS THOMAS A MCINTOSH CAPITOL LUMBER AND SUPPLY 847 Potters Avenue Provrdence Rhode Island De 1 6669 WATCHES CLOCKS J PALMA WATCHMAKER 1696 Warwrck Avenue Hoxsle R Cor of Glendale and Warwrck Avenue 0' 1-J'0'G01s0K0f6v0v02W110'10'17f0f0n0wr0Y0N0"-01' CO. ' ' '. , . . -v 1 A 4 ' - r' rf ,l,7'1 f'J'7'f' I' N 138 Weyfbosset Street 5 vl ,, . . - ' ., . CO. ' - ' ' , . I. 106 f02101f0110'204'0ff0X0147'0110'4056Y01? CLASS OF 1955 CLASS OF 1956 f0K0A0v-020 CLASS OF 1957 CLASS OF 1958 CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF 1960 0K0N0w0f0X0f0TIC f0M0f l0'0110110f0 01202 01040 5 2 3 3 E 2 E 5 1 E EM C X91 010' 10x08-Qwflf -0N0f40'l0X0A0Y0'N0'-0' GLADDINGS Prox ldence O D5 Cf Rhode Islfmd C0mPl1memS of PICK UP The OUTI ET Co stgnafufe Q PICK UP SHEPARD Stgmture I bode Islandf La1geJzSzore PROVIDENCE GAS COMPANY G O U L D S Shawomet Lunch In Every Test C15 Is Best 0 THE HANGOUT r 1159 West Shore Road Cookmgj RCfflg6f1IlOU Water He1t1n5 Ba 1 0798 House Heatmg Kttchen Heatmg Tel HOpk1ns1 0050 BAyv1ew 1 17961 SERVICE DEPENDABILITY L. H. RICHARDSON NORTHEASTERN CUTTER Co. 81 SONS ALI TYPES MII LING CUTTERS Gf"1e'f'l C"m"'U0'f S-OM sharpened Ahnufdctwed Industrlal-Commerctal Resldermal Dames Repamr and Remodelzng HENRY E AI BEE, JR 867 Broad Street, Provtdence, R I 55 GRAHAM AVE SHAWOMET, R I X0"0"0-'0n0v0w-0n0w0x0u0r for ononafaxawov 1 os 2Qi5sQ25s51Es22S2i52s25225255is2555251555:s:2igi5EsEsSeE5EsEs2a5322255555225255s5s:5geg5s5s5e:sg5555552525555525i5igigiz:z:z:s:e:e:szaggsgsgzgze51555552553 325152 PH YI N Q w... Wafvfch 4 rf5555525552515353252325EFEFEFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE521252QE553235525252523255522225525353E25522EgE5E555E5E5E3EgE3E9E9E55335:5ig:g:5:5555535:5:3g2g2gE5252555353525 I Y Y 'IL , 1 ' 7 i ' 1 I ' 1 t ' 1 GAspee l 5858 Established 1870 Platmg and Pohshrng m all tts Branches RHODE ISLAND NICKEL PLATING WORKS 91 PAGE STREET PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND Specmluff an Sllx er and Chrome Pl ttrng OTTO FRITZ Flowers You L1 e R 5 2 2 2 5 2 2 2 W, 3, CONIMICUT ALLEYS 75 ARDWAY AVENUE CONIMICUT R 1 Re 7 5355 102 01f02'-0'0'f7'0Y Cornphments of MARY S 7005 Post Road Hrllsgrove R I Good Luck Krds and Thank Yot or 40' Them your Patronage Mary Telephone COventry l 57:91 MAPLE ROOT INN Harry L and Hazel Carlson Home Coqked Fooflr Kznhwz Open atallT1meJ Calerznq lo P,1rt1cJ and Banqzzefa Nooseneck Hrll Rd Rte 3 Coventry R I CHARLESJ FALUGO 'NC Complete Home Furmfbmgx I8 20 STATE STREET BRISTOL RHODE ISLAND jAckson 1 6146 Nrghts Elmhurst 1 0843 COLONIAL MATTRESS 8: UPHOLSTERING CO Upbolrlenng by Ixcperty 84 86 Cranston St Provldence 7 R 0f'0'H0Yw7"'0'C0" Tel jAckson I 4063 BURNS REO SALES 84 SERVICE 975 CRANSTON STREET CRANSTON 9 R 1 402-0N0N0v0'01L0v '0N0"-0x , 3' Pr' 'A '. , , 1 1 I F E. 5 I . 'I :Q V I 'J 1 ' c D -4 . . fb 'Q . 4 '-A I . l - as I' ' ' m - I W . - P-A I , . I ep - P15 . P4 ' . U X, . H Hi ' v-v-. 7, . . ,. .I . . 6 Refrxgerarors Washers Ranges MAC LEOD S Applmnce Sale! ami Serwre 1822 W8fW1Ck Avenue Warwxck Rhode Island Re 7 7383 Freezers Drgerf Azr Condztzomnq A0N01'0' Comphmenrs of KNOWLES A SMITH RICHARD DRUG CO INC 7076 WEST SHORE ROAD NEWPORT CREAMERY 1756 WARW ICK AVENUE GO ernor Franc1s Farms WARWICK PRESS Gamef and Ariz erlzfzng Specmltzef CONIMICUT R COMPLIMENTS MAYOR MILLS ETTA M RICCI AGENCY 46 Translt Street Conlnxcur R I Inrzzrance 0 all Kwai! 0'191 0"Q?'9'Q?YQ'l9Y GANNON 8: SCOTT 19 ABORN STREET PROVIDENCE R 1 R e ne 1 010010-1-0'-0"-0' 43 0'1l0N0f 0202101 I . I I Q . . g D1 7' I . I , . E Ne Q I ' I X '71 ' ' R. . E" - ' I E I 4 . Tm Q N ' '11 xy, . ,ar 6, ,av . REgent 7 6500 EA 1 5705 CHURCH AVE GREENHOUSES CHARLES W SAUNDERS Prop 70 Church Avenue Shawomet R JUNE CAROL BAKERIES INC 1617 WARWICK AVENUE HOXSIE R 1 Robert CBobJ Elelds REgent 7 1366 40"01'-0' RE 7 7450 F W 81 L L Blackmar Propr BEACH SERVICE STATION Complete Mofor Rehmldzng Gar Luhrzcatron Ozl Power Lawn Mower: Outboard Motorr Oakland Beach Ave Oakland Beach R RE 7 9856 WEST SHORE MOTORS Ured Carr Bought and Sold Represented by AL ZINNO 671 675 West Shore Rd Conrmrcur Warwrck RI BRUSCATO S MARKET 36 Church St Shawomet R Developing Przntzng Enlargzng Magazzner Batterzer Tzrer Tuher Part: and Accerrorzer Pzck up and Road Serwce Mznor Repazrr Warhrng Grearzng Tune up and Brake Serwce SIDS U SERVICE X W The Place o Friendly Coarteour Servzce 425 WEST SHORE ROAD-Tel REgent 7 9804 Mortgages Arranged REgent 7 6460 MURATORE AGENCY REAL ESTATE Bought Sold Managed General Inrurance JOSEPH R MURATORE Realtor 937 West Shore Road Warwrck R HILLSIDE FARMS INC HERMAN JOHNSON Grade A Mrlk Parieurrzed and H omogenzzed Phemx Avenue Oak Lawn R I Telephone LN1on 1 0778 0'-0'-f-0"-0'0"-0' X N7 , .1. ' . , .I. 1 ' - 5 5 . - --H 1 . . . H 5 . , .I. - ' Photo Supplier ,Xxx . -Q . . 1 . ' V-SX '-J If f ' ' If , . . ' , .1. I ' ' ' G K 'III HOXSIE HARDWARE CO INC 21 AIRPORT ROAD fene al Ha duaare P mn G fen Suppl ex LRVIN MANNY EARL Compl ments of 8: H WELDERS SUPPLY COMPANY IxAY S PACKAGE STORE INC 2555 West Shore Road Apponaug R Re 7 9252 We Del ver Tel WI 1 7945 HO 18795 280 Narragansett St Edge ood 5 R MaCLEAN CONSTRUCTION CO Rendenlfal Induxt za! Commercml BAYVIEW CONVALESCENT HOME ELIZABETH A SANTOS M mum Care and Comfo I I M mmum C051 C D Carl n I' W Beech WARWICK OIL COMPANY 2 West Shore Road RE 7 2511 Con m cut R Ra ge and Fuel Ozl O I Bu ne I Tele: I on Elect If Appl ance: KINGSTOWN INN POST ROAD NORTH KINGSTOWN HIGGINBOTHAM BROS Howard Hxggmbotham P op FUEL OILS 24 Hour O l Burner REgent 7 2610 2409 Post Road Hxllsgrove R I -5 V 4- HOLLAND HOUSE GRACIOUS DINING 1473 WHfWlCk Avenue Hoxsxe Rhode Island -sV4-- 1 1 1 1 I 020' '-0'010240f 0 0f'021-01' X7'014vf0v10Y0K0'17'01f0vA0' 0Y0I0f'0f01f7f02 -054947-0'C0'540" 40K9'0x "0"00' NJ! I 'X' V I I Q 2 N S ' . H 2 5, X cn w .. -. 3 A 3 2 Q +I. I ' N. ' - - I gf I ' ' . T' sr. . ' A 3 ' I Y I ' . I Cf, , .... .4 X9 5 I , ... - , N, 4. -H g - . 1 ,A Q . . U7 "" O -1 , 2 , N D u 4 - " . " a' F' 5. 'D :- ' S ' ... F. r' F' ' r' .. .. A N7 V I 1 I . . . ,- . I I 2 V ' 9 9, .... ,

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Gorton High School - Echo Yearbook (Warwick, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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