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Gorham Normal School - Green and White Yearbook (Gorham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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1' ! ... 4 113 4, Q M ef I H? A i I t M1 D - svqgl K Q 1 J' J bl 1 ,E as 4 i 'M i 4' wx , ' f ' STE, K tag f '. hx YJ 11 K I - 1 jf. Q 1 A . Q V Q., ' I 'I ,'. '4 M' ,Y . W Q , .wa , , fy Tl ,' .f'Q:"'Q'A , .NF K 05,13 ,,, i Q siding ding, 5 . Q . X 9 is 3- - A Q 1 , r5'.4"'-'4'-wf . 3 ' , ,, 'gp v ,gin at 'A I A Q5 . 1 , wmv 4. gi. ' A .l , , " ,wi A ,, , . ,fx 1 aa ' N 5 f"'f"f "'f 91 ' f .+R ' 6' Q ',,..gw 'I 2 ' 1 4' AA. " 5 N V? 1 u ,-, 0 4 ' f ' V f 4 U W I X' tl l 3 xr O ,iff 'f A 5, . .NL .: :Q.52if,f, f 2 X A ,H 'gh-15' A 1-Wigif Q 4 six y V 1 2 5 .gg M. an 2 "N 0' ' A 322' mg! ggi! Q 'K 4. Jr. N wi' 'W,,fx"Xx 3 fy N ll' , ' N 'i.1.xi .R Q2 , Y Q pu, Y ' ,' ai' i t, 'Q ,v 'V-,ju it .A - lx .x,f , ' QZJM-ftk f-fa X an .- . I - N ' 'Q Q M is H f. js' -Q 9 8 M- i Y U? Q A lr ' Y R R 1' an" V . adv, Q A R O .Q ix-A ,R .- W, A 1 . 4, , Q - - n A gpg s .W , N V .1.,.y, Qi me Q X .,-3,,fb,,, , 1 , 'K' J' 1 'xx n Q A 1,8-,,,, . M 'g 5 , . A"fZ 'f ph w 'N s . ww - - . . . ,P 1 X, rv ...V j . Q , 1' .vp - , . .rs ig, Q5 v 4 b. . A . A ' ww xv- ,A 1, Q ,V ' W X 5 l pl I , v 3 'S I .' six... ,,' Y ,ggi ,km 5-MI" . X3 ' 1, 'YK' N . ,V A Y .ik . , 3 W ' i.. sg ,X , ' Q. 'bo' , a ."' ' f"'Y 'Y , ' s 1 ft V Q J .Q ff 1 1 Y ww .,,,...m-ww -4- L - 1 "M M 1. ,4 X' , Aff up z V Ho A Q in ., ,M W V X ff, I A, W ,..,, It L , fav' w 4, v mm my ax fx .X ww WLSNBSEAQ 'N 1 . ,X 4. . 1 1 -, , xii' Q f J F2-ff 1 . R51 ' f 1 ,yfgerw if . as : Q - aff , y 2 ,ff ' , Sly Q' K' 'mf f 1 r wwf 5 I if if ' ufa,4'2 "g,- :- Q .4 g 1' mg hfjfr ky f bfi W 11:53 4 Q Qi' , fri?-r7.1 I -N., ,N ', " 1 91 ' ' A , :yy 8f4,m,l.,z' g X, , I ' K 9 pf ' I 4. 5? ,ff ' ki ,aff ffa, 4 l ' 'M 1 , fir. Y "",'5' , 't gp' Q 5 .JAf4,'f,hf', if '5 .sw as ,Q A gzip QM, Liv , 4 I f '-4, 5 x,.,Ag 'V .' ' -'M f ,sw My I lyfcfx z gli K.,'w'.n .Ny Hi ,fir KN.. 4 1 X A ,pw f ay 1 2 Q r iwh ,A . - 1- Vr W ' i""',7 .' f , ' ,Q .. A . f' Q' "Q .Wt A x e in tt 6 . "v 4 ,' ' YW- Hiiffsg!-1: -:K ' Lf ,, ' ' 3 "W "5f",afY. ' ff '41 'fra-Tai ,xif f if ' . "K, e -,.vf,, 'rv AL" , A '5 'xw 'f"'.'4 . f 'Q ' 4 , 'L ' , 'Q W ' f an Af- , we :W Tw-o' ww ff 'fix gg: f. 'es 133 wx e 40, wg C. -wa ,,,,m-Q S. n 4 f 5 1 , , 59 YWQY' MW14 SIL, yay,-f., 4 v .gymfbg If im ,4 -QW' ' J, ,fv " Wlgyw rf . .- Q,- K f , 1 2 M4 4 , - ' . 7, , lk 4. if 1 ?'V 3 A ' . V -"' SP ' Ngbiv x 1 15" 4' " L3 ' 9 M. Q 13 s- U ' fl inf , , . ,-tfiwv , A L' 4 n V V 5 RQ. ' 5 ,M ,' trail' ' f 'fx' , 1+ 1 ' V 5, 4 ' Q , fc , ' Tkfvf 4, '- Y? if ff' ' , , 5 If f, ,sg F". f 1. N59 32.2 M- ' "' ' 3 'hifi - .' ' , -"'-lylfa, " ' Q 9' , 4 ,ww ,Q ,., f uf 451. if , A ,V Z .K A A M g , 1 , 'Q ,v b 0 A M M " 35.5 1 .VW , M- 4 .'K"',,w," 1 A 8 ,K ff' R ff "'T :Q -f,,,' 4 J X 2 ' - Z SQUJNA V.: , P' , 3 f- 1 . 1 f ! A 12 ' 4 f .P , 5' ' ' f I ' ' V N ' 1 'Y , Y,-1A K - , A 1 41,4 ,Z li 'villa . -1 vw Q if ,ga P ww M., ' , V, www .,, w "'Nw,,f, M HBV Lai' lbqf mf' Mrk gf. , W W -1' 'A w .Nana 4" 4 i 'S J 4 l 1 fl Q12 5 1 1 J Page Four THE HILLCREST Formerly Green and White VOLUME XXIX Gorham Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant ..... Business Editor . Assistants . . Photography-Editor Assistant .,... Write-up Editor , Faculty Advisor Photographers Art Cover of State Teachers' College 1 949 Published by the Representatives of the Student Body . . . . Margery Totman ......,RuthSmall . . . . Michael Anthony . . . . . , Irene Wight Thelma Resnick Robert Masterman . . . . Ramona Lancaster . . . . . . Helen Knight , . . . Doris Van Blaricum Grace Pesilli Jeannette Dumas Clyde Bartlett Gerald Hoar . . , . Mrs. Bonnie Bess King Purdy, Inc., Boston, Mass. Samuel Broeato, G.S.T.C. . . . Barbara Stanley Contents Editorial A A Dedivation Campus Scenes Favulty Photographs Staff Photographs Seniors A A Juniors Sophoniores Freshmen A A Mens and XXIOIHCIIQS S1 Soc-ial Life and Cluhs Dormitory Life A A A Men's Life AA , Campus School Scenes Campus Informzlls Student Directory Ac'knrrwledgments Advertisements A ,A Your Favorite Pivtures Autographs A Jorts Page 7 3 10 16 24 23 38 40 42 44 52 74 76 78 80 85 88 89 102 103 Page Fi vc QUEEN ESTELLE of Gorham for a New World ' v -eaehefg New l NEW TEACHERS FOR A NEW WORLD Our theme, "New Teachers for a New World", must sound familiar as it has been used often in addresses, magazines, and books. The phrase, L'New Teachersw, at first thought seems to be very ordinary and is used over and over in the educational field. To us those two words have a ve1'y significant meaning. They do not mean simply that young men and women just out of college are going into the teaching field and are "new,7 at the profession. They mean that these people graduating from teachers colleges throughout the nation are going out with new and fresh ideas, with progres- sive methods that teach a child to be a citizen along with teaching him his subject mat- ter, and with the advice handed down from famous educators and from people ex- perienced in the profession. It is the aim of teachers colleges to steer their students away from the stereotyped methods which are now associated with the old schools. With our society growing more complex year after year it is important for the child to learn the great responsi- bility that goes with his being a citizen of our country. Where else but in the class- room, which reaches children of all classes, colors, and creeds, could he better learn the fundamentals of democracy and have an opportunity to practice them? We have a unew worldw. lt is a world that is changing every day. time we read a newspaper, pick up a magazine, or listen to the radio. We see it every Even our gov- ernment has had to make adjustments to this rapid change. Teaching methods of one All of us have to make adjustments, some consciously, most of them unconsciously. Therefore we present to you, Hhew Teachers for a New Wforldw. hundred years ago do not meet the requirements of our modern society. Page Seven Page Eight Miss Ethelyn Upton ' 1 Ready for Work In Consultation To Miss Ethelyn Upton we, the class of l949, do sincerely dedicate our yearbook. For her patience, for her constant understanding of human endeavors, and for her skillful guidance in creating future teachers, we hold her in high respect. More Business l'1lg0 N fur STROLLING AROUND THE CAMPUS WE SEE Russell Hall THE BUILDINGS Corthell Hall LETS HAVE A GAME OF PING-PONC IN ROBIE REC. T I f IT'S DINNER TIME AT EAST HALL DINING ROOM A I D IVI I N I S T Ii I A T I O N k A N D C L A S S E S l'11gz' Fiftcvn l'ngv Si.vlr'f'1z WE MEET THE FACULTY and Harland Ladd, Stat? Comlnissionel' of Education The l'resicIent's House go SUITCIIIUCII k if Dr. Francis L. Bailey, President fIll'!'lI -u Q. U i M J 8,-1 115 .,.k ,S , 4 M R' 54 Dr. and Mrs. Bailey Robert Miller Miss Mary Peabody Louis Woodward Miss Genevieve Flark .lohn Mitchell Lawrence Tilley Arthur Martin Ralph Duso JN incite Mrs. Bonnie Bess King, G. Flint Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth Lidback Miss Elizabeth Sawyer, Miss Edna Dickey, Charles Martin Page TIUPIIIUY Miss Miriam Andrews, Miss Esther Wood, Miss Evelyn Littlefield Miss Doris Fitz, John Bodnarik, Mrs. Carolyn Lansing TIl'l'lI ly-mu LIST OF FACULTY MISS MIRIAM ANDREWS B.S., Columbia University MA., Columbia University DR. FRANCIS LOUIS BAILEY, President RA., MA., Unixersity of Michigan I'Il.D., Columbia University ,IOI I N BODNARIK, JR. B.S., Kutztown College SAMUEL A. BROCATO B.S., Rutgers University LAWRENCE N. CILLEY Gorham Normal School Stout Institute M ISS C ENEVIEVE CLARK M.A., Clark University MISS EDNA F, DICKEY B.A., University of New Ilampshire MA., University of New Ilampshire RALPII E. DUSO M.A., New York University MISS DORIS I. FITZ Posse-Nissen School of Physical Education M.A., Boston University MRS. BONNIE BESS KING A.B., University of Chicago M.A., University of Pittsburgh MRS. CAROLYN LANSING B.S., Bridgewater State Teachers, College M.A,, Boston University MRS. ELIZABETH D. LIDBACK A .B., Bates College MISS EVELYN LITTLEFIELD B.S., Deliance College, Ohio M.A., Columbia University Page Twenty-Iwo ARTIIIJR I. MARTIN B.S.E., State Teachers' College, Ifitcltlmtirg, Mass. EtI.M., Slate Teachers, College, lritelllntrg, Mass. CIIARLES I". MARTIN AMB., Collmy College M.A., University of Maine ROBERT N. MILLER A.B., Collwy College .IOIIN MITCIIELL B.S.E.. Eitehliurg, Mass. M.A., University of Minnesota EVERETT S. PACKARD, Registrar B.S., Rutgers University MISS MARY PEABODY RS., Boston University M.A., Boston University MISS ELIZABETH C. SAWYER B.A., University of Maine M.A., Boston University C. FLINT TAYLOR A.B., Colby College MISS ETIIELYN UPTON B.S., Coluniliia University MA., Colulnbia University MISS ESTIIER WOOD A.B., Collly College M.A., Radcliffe LOUIS B. WOODWARD, Viet'-plwfsitlerlt BA., Bates M.A., Ilarvartl CAMPUS SCHOOL FACULTY Standing: Miss Katharine Hanscom, Miss Helen Allen, Mrs. Esther O'Brien, Richard Barbour, Miss Marilyn Farrar, Miss Harriette Trask, Miss Alberta Littlejohn. Seated: Miss Cora Hay, Mrs. Mercy Packard, Lawrence Furhush, Principalg Miss Eleanor Barton, Miss Louise McLain. Page Twcnly-Ilzraf, Celia and Chucky O R R FAVORITE Nl'-'X ,1 For a Green Slip I Ill Dedicated ln our MR. LUNT Whof-with furnacfes to sloke-f-f Crounde tt care for-N 1 B I . I I I Gadgets to mend- CALORIES PLUS a million and one odds and end Was just T00 BUSY To be photographed. "And That Bill Was-" Page Twrnlx In LIST OF FACULTY CAMPUSSCHOOL MISS IIELEN F. ALLEN B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College RICHARD E. BARBOUR B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS ELEANOR BARTON B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS MARILYN J. FARRAR Farmington State 'I't-acliers' College LAWRENCE FURBUSII, Principal B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS PERSIS .I. HALL B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS KATHARIN E HANSCOM B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS CORA C. HAY B.S., Boston University Ed.M., Boston University MISS ALBERTA LITTLEJOHN B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College Page Twenty-six MISS LOUISE E. MCLAIN B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MRS. ESTHER O'BRIEN B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MRS. MERCY PACKARD B.S., Gorham State Teachers' College MISS HARRIETTE C. TRASK Castine Normal School STAFF MISS H ELEN CEC ENH EIMER B.S., Nasson College MISS ELECTA MCLAIN Shaw's Business College MRS. CELIA CROSS, Matron B.S,, Gorham State Teachers' College MRS. FLORA WALLACE, R.N. HENRY LUNT Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds From Kindergarteners to College Seniors, Gorham students learn by doing. We invite you to look in on them at typical moments of their school care-ers. Page Tweniy-smwn 1: Twcllly-Mg SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT HUBBARD, President MARY VENTRES, Vice-president RICHARD MACDONALD, Secretary ELIZABETH MCKOWN, Treasurer SENIOR HISTORY By VIRGINIA ANDRE Just about every senior class remembers the opening day of school when, as freshmen, they met in the old gym for a pep talk by lVlr. Woodward as he handed out the schedules. We remember, too-remember with smiles, chuckles, and a tinge of sadness all those feelings of independence, awe, and homesickness. I Our freshman year was fairly uneventful as we were too busy making friends and adjusting to our new surroundings. We did try to think of ways to raise money but these ideas were put aside for another year. Our pride and joy of our freshman year were our seven male members of the class! Hal Mailman, Ronald Murphy, Lionel Fountain, Dick MacDonald, Ray Smith, Russ Becker, and Francis Lucey were the apples of our eyes and were welcome on a campus otherwise devoid of young, unattached men! Our sophomore year found us one step higher on the stairway to success. Since we were now well-acquainted with ourselves, our teachers, and our sur- roundings, we began to take part in many extracurricular activities including dramatics, music, sports, and various clubs. Once again we talked over plans concerning raising money by putting oII a class show, and once again we postponed this for another year. ln lVlay we went to Sebago Lake Park for our class outing, thus ending our second year at Gorham. lVlost of us will agree that our junior year was the most successful of the four. This was due to our very successful class show called 6'Caslight Fol- liesi'-an all-student production. Who can ever forget the old-fashioned melodrama, the Barbershop Quartet, the Flora Dora girls, and the Park scenes? That it was a great success was very evident, especially by the sud- den increase of money in our treasury! This year we said goodbye to some of our classmates who had taken the three-year course and were graduated in J une. We wished them the best luck in the world, but couldnit help wondering l1ow we would be feeling the fol- lowing year when we would be in their place. Our senior year brought us many busy moments. We still were fairly ac- tive in extracurricular activities, but not to the extent that we had been the previous two years. Half of the class did its practice teaching one semester, and half of the class the other semester. This broke up the class for activities, but it didn,t keep us from having a good time. We held an outing at Gun Point in October and some of us are still talking about the good time we had. After the half, time just flew by with teas, talks of minimum salaries, fittings for caps and gowns, class parts, and thoughts of saying goodbye to our room- mates and friends. Our four years have been good ones here on the hill. They are years weill cherish for the rest of our lives with many happy memories. Page Twenty nmc .IANE ABBOTT g'From her shall read the perfect wsays of honour."- Shakespeare. Y. W. C. A., Secretary 2, Vice-president 3, President 4, Canterbury Club, President 2g Dramatic Clubg Political Dis- cussion, Student Government Council, House Committee, Vice-president 2g F. T. A. ANNE ALDEN "She was ever fair but never proudfi-Shakespeare. Glee Club: Commuters Club. A. LINCOLN ANDERSON "I shall endeavor to enliven morality with mit, and to terna per wit with morality.vAddi- son. Clee Club, Presidentg M. A. A., Vice-presidentg Student Government Councilg Kappa Delta Phi. VIRGINIA ANDRE 'Shalt show us how divine a thing a woman may be made." -Vlfordsworth. Clee Club, Vice-president 3g Dramatic Club, Outing Club, F. T. A., Amicitia Club: Y. W. C. A.g Cabinet: House Committee. President 3g Library Clubg W. A. A. Board, Girls' Sports. Page Th irty W.-gf ISIJYTIIE BEAUCHESNE She- alone of her kind knoweth true tneasure."-- Dray ton. Y. W. C.. A., Outing Club, Glee- Clubg Dramatic' Clubg Library Clubg Areheryg Yol- leyball: Badminton: Ping- pong. MARY KINIBALI. BECKER "Hut noxs my task is smooth- ly done, l can fly or l can run.' 'VVV Milton. Class Treasurer I: Clee Club, live-president -13 Outa ing Clubg Library Club, Dra- matic Club: Commulers Club. RUSSELL BECKER 'IWit and wisdom are born with a man."-Seldon. Ftudent Government Coun- cilg Kappa Delta Phi, Treas- urer 2, Viee-president 3, Presi- dent flg Commuters Club, Art Club: Basketball. LUIS BENNICR "Blushing is the Color of virtue." --Henry. Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club, Vice-president 3, President 43 Outing Clubg Political Discuss Sion, Hillcrest Board: I". 'll. A.: House Committee. JOAN CATE '6Geuius must be born, and never can be taught."-Dry- den. Class Secretary 3, Orches- tra, Dramatics, Y. W. C. A. BEATRICE DOLAN "Our youth we can have but today, we may always find time to grow old."-Berkeley. Commuters Club, Treasurer 3, 4, Newman Club. HELENA DOWNS 'Tear not to touch the best.,"Raleigh. Library Club, Y. W. C. A., Outing Club, F. T. A., Soft- ball, Volleyball. FLORENCE DUNCAN 'LGood words are worth much, and cost little."-Heb bert. Commuters Club 3 Clee Club. ELLEN DYER MOne houris sleep before midnight is worth three af- ter."-Herbert. Library Club, Vice-president 2, Outing Club, Amicitia Club, Canterbury Club, Vice- president 3, 4, Political Dis- cussion, Y. W. C. A., F. T. A., Archery, Volleyball. THOMAS EVANS nl am free as nature first made manf,-Dryden. Kappa Delta Phi, Outing Club, Men's Glee Club. MARY FOLEY HHe saw not half the charms her downcast modesty con- cealedf,-Thompson. Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Outing Club, Skiing Club, Archery, Volleyball, Tennis, Winter Sports. DOROTHY GIBBS i'For the light, of your smile can be seen from afar."-Se lected. House Committee, Outing Club, Y. W. C. A., F. T. A., President 4. Page Thirty'-nite TH EODA HARDING "A woman's work, grave sirs, is never donef,-Eusden. Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Library Club, Glee Club. ROBERT HUBBARD 'gLet every Man be master of his time till seven at nightf' -Shakespeare. Class Vice-president 2, Presi- dent 3, 4, Art Club, Vice- president 1, President 3, Kappa Delta Phi, Vice-presi- dent 2, President 3, Student Government Council, Com- mencement Ball Chairman 3, Basketball. PRISCILLA LAHAYE "A perfect woman, nobly planned to warn, to comfort, and commandf'-Wordsworth. Outing Club, Tennis, Arch- ery, Amicitia Club, Treasurer 3, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Three One-Act Plays 2, Y. W. C. A. FREDA LEUPOLD '6Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust."-Shelley. F. T. A., Amicitia Club, Outing Club, Student Govern- ment Council, Political Dis- cussion, Library Club, Y. W. C. A., Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. Page Thirty-two 'Wm DENA LEWIS "Be useful where thou liv- 1-stfillerbert. Y. W. C. A., Outing Club, Y. W. C. A. Choir, Basket- ball. FRANCIS LUCEY '4Few men make themselves masters of the things they write or speakf'-Seldon. Student Government Coun- cil, Vice-president 3, President fl, Kappa Delta Phi, Com- muters Club, Dramatic Club, Basketball, Baseball. AUBREY LUSH HBCWHIC the fury of a pa- tient manf,-Dryden. RICHARD MacDONALD "The force of his own merit makes his way."-Shake speare. Class Secretary 4, Dramatic Club, Alpha Lambda Beta. ELIZABETH McKOWN "Good-nature is more a ree- . I g a able 1n conversatlon than IS witf,--Addison. Y. W. C. A., Class Treas- urer 4g Social Committee 4, F. T. A.g Softballg Badmin- tong Tennis. DOROTHY MONROE "What win I if I gain the thing I seek?',-Shakespeare. Outing Clubg Dramatic Clubg Librarian 3, F. T. A., Secretary 2, 3, Y. W. C. A., Publicity 2, Conference Chair- man 3g Community Responsi- bility Commission Chairman 4g Library Club. EDNA MORRILL "And mistress of herself though China fall."-Pope. NORMA NAYLOR "For Satan finds some mis- chief still for idle hands to do."-Somerville. Y. W. C. A.g House Com- mittee, Secretary and Treas- urer 35 W. A. A., Dramatic Club, Political Discussiong Outing Club. ELEANOR NELSON "Woman was not taken from lll8Ill5 head to be ruled by him."-Selected. Clee Clubg Dramatic Club, Amicitia Club, W. A. A.g Class Secretary 2g Outing Club, Vice President 43 Cheer- leading 2g Girls' Sports. GIRARDINA PAYNE "God created me a womanf' -Selected. Clee Club, Newman Club, Amicitia Club, President 4g Dramatic Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Outing Club, Cheerleadingg Archeryg Tennis. ESTELLE PEDERSEN "A woman is a dish for the gods."-Shakespeare. Y. W. C. A., Recreation Committee 3, 4g House Com- mittee, President 43 W. A. A.: Dramatic Clubg Class Treas- urer 2g Amicitia Club, F. T. A.g Political Discussiong Rep- resentative to Eastern State Teachers' College Conference, N. Y., Outing Clubg Cheer- leading 2. THELMA RESNICK "Curiosity is one of the per- manent and certain character- islics of a vigorous mind." -Johnson. Commuters Clubg Hillcrestg "HilltopicsU Editor 2. Page Thirty-th ree ELIZABETH RHODES "I heal' a Charniefl Iifefl- - Sllakespt-are. Y. W. C. A.g Library Clubg Outing Clubg Hiking Counsel- lor 3: Basketballg Volleyhallg Badminlong Softballg Tennisg Winter Sports: Archeryg Ping- pong and Poolg Bikingg Fic-hl Hockey. G, RAYMOND ROBINSON "As happy a man as any in the worhl, the whole worlcl see-ms to smile upon 1ne,"4 Pepys. Baseball: Cross Countryg Kappa Delta Phi. ELLEN ROWE I'My tlreams presage some joyful news at hanclfig Sliakvspeare. BARBARA SAWY ER I'TIu'it-H happy she that is so well assurt-tlffgliakespeare. Page Thirty-four HOPE SHAIN "TIu-n clicl the damsel speak again, 'Wilt thou go on with me?, I'-Southey. Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Y. W. C. A.g House Commit- tee, Secretary and Treasure-r 43 W. A. A.g Outing Clubq Basketball: Softballg Volley- ball. MARGUERITA SHERWOOD '6Pleasures lie thickest. where no pleasures seem." Blancharrl. BARBARA SIECARS 6'Slee-ping at last, the struggle and horror past, Sleeping at last, the trouble anrl tumult overf' -Rosr-'tti Y. W. C. A.g Outing Club: Skiing: Badmintong Softballg Tennis. MARION SMITHWICK "Thus on till wisdom is pushid out of life."-Younf News man Club. MARY SNOW "For he lives twice who can at once employ the present well, and ev'n the past enjoy." -Pope. PATRICIA STEVENS "Out of too much learning one becomes mad."-Ward. Art Club, Treasurer 2, Y. WV. C. A., Cabinet 4, Amici- tia Club, Vice-president 4, Dramatic Club, House Coln- mittee, Outing Club, Tennis, Archery. PA ULI NE STEWART "She moves a goddess and she looks a queenf'-Pope. Faculty Student Govern- ment Council, Secretary 3, Amicitia Club, Secretary 3, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Representative to Eastern State Teachers, College Con- fen-ner-, N. Y. 4, Archery. INIARCERY TOTMAN 'Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Mon were deceivers ever." -Shakespeare. Hillrrest Board, Editor 4, Amicitia Club, Glee Club, Secretary 3, Dramatic Club, Student Government Council, Y. W. C. A., Canterbury Club, Secretary 3, House Commit- tee, Library Club, W. A. A., Outing Club, Cheerleading, Arn-In-ry. ELIZABETH TUFTS "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below.',- Shakespeare. Clee Club. DORIS VAN BLARICUM I'The heavens such grace did lend her, that she might admired be."-Shakespeare. Amicitia Club, Clee Club, Art Club, Student Govern- ment Council, Library Club, Y. W. C. A., Hillcrest Board, Editor of Literature, Dramatic Club, Outing Club. MARY VENTRES "Ever fair and ever youngfi ---Dryden. Library Club, Treasurer 2, Class Secretary 4, Art Club, Secretary 3, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., F. T. A., Outing Club, Archery. ELIZABETH YEATON "Thursday come, and the week is gone."-Herbert. Page Tlzirly-fire EDWARD BOTKA "A man must work to get ah:-arl."-Selected. FREEMAN CURTIS "Ile was a scholar, and a ripe and good onef'-Shaken speare. JOSEPH DESCHENES "That it should come lo this."-Shakespeare. Class President 1g Student Government Councilg Kappa Delta Phig Outing Club: M. A.g Basketballg Baseball, Captain 2g Junior High School Coach 3. EDWARD H EN DRICKSON "l hold that man is in the right who is most closely in league with the future."- lhsen. Page Thirty-six GEORGE JOHNSON "Few things are impossible to diligence and skillfl- Johnson. ELIZABETII KELLEY "Oh sxomanl l.ove-ly womanl Nature made lheel'-Otway. RUSSELL MARTIN "Large was his bounty and his soul si11421-re."-Selecterl. RICH ARD MORTON "lt is always good when a man has two irons in the firefi --Beaumont. TH ELMA SANDERSON "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."-Selected. JOSEPH J. WACNIS "For him to conquer, he learned all there was."-Frost. The End of a Long Climb-and Lucey's Still Talking Page Thirty-sem ll JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARTHUR CREEK, lhwesiflent ELEANOR CARVILLI-2, Vice-pr0s1'1l6l1I JEANNHTTI-I DUMAS, Secremry GRACE PESILLI, Trmsulel Time Out for Sun 44 I Listen to This sv nge Tllirlv-Him 'nge l'SUl'f,l SOPHOMORE ROBERT G VICTO R LANDBERO, Vic CLASS OFFICERS REANEY, President e-presiflent HELEN KN IGHT, Secrela DAVID JOHNSON, ry Treasurer Hey, Wait for Us!" It's Dance Time Again-and an Photogzraphic Illusion! llyl' l'vlIl'f V-1 Page l"orIy-Iwo FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BURNALL PAGE, President DONALD KENNY, Vice-president EVELYN BRUNS, Secretary CLYTHRO STAPLES, Treasurer LEE AHLQUIST, Studenl Government Representative The C'orn's A-popping Birds and More Birds l"0rI,V-ffm Fort y- four M 13 N SA N ,DW 0 M E lv 9 S Prlga Forty-fm: Page ForIyAsix Springfs Here See How It's Done ? Don't miss the apple! Altogether Now -If w ,. fww Page Fnrly-seven CHEERLEADER Thx- i'll9?I'll'ildlAl'S. just like tht' tvam they were m't11'4'i'ii1z. fm gut uit' to .1 is mimi start this season. The squad had a nt-is additimi this yvar 0 xx v ml f me m mm l in 91 the spmistwship ul the W. A. A. they purvhasvd new uuifmms It 1 I 1 slstvcl uf fort-st green juiupvrs with Whitt' htnuses. and ful tht huxs is ll t ptu s . white' sxwz-1tPl's. The vhc-vl'leade1's also had all new vlwvis s it ui s xixai-iuus was tht- military vtlecr whivh got-s: l7lZ','xit1'llti4lll Squad Squad It-ft. right! ii4ll'llHlIl llil 'Q-m, llnrham fight! He-arty. Kim. lfirr-Y Bimini if tlanguayf Cin- us rmmif 'lihv 1-uthusiastiv t'ht'l'l'It'LlCif3I'S made many mute-rs PtIthllNldN If 1 1 th 9 1 u squad this yvar xx rlx-1'if'f1l r- ps Hamona l.anm'asl Nl:-lissa Dunn .luv f,lI4'lit'itt' l'1l'iiI'tL'Ph llaxxkvs Bob ii.21NSt'l'Ilt'P liarharu Mmillun Nancy flhiltivk utvs xwiw- Husalim- 1,11-lrlv l'vi1'lIFCtlt' linux Alt-:in Nlustn-r Q-r. Ili-ml fiill'1'1'It'2l Basket? LETTERMEIN Cliarlvs Andre llcrbert Lush lllaplainl Everett Hansen Don Kenney John Knapp Keith Springer Waller Phillips Clifton Hall William Lnnl ,lolm Boclnarik, Coaull F11-cl Spragnv, Managcr Tmn Gagnon, Assistant Barry Linefllan, Assistant 1948-49 BASKETBALL SEASON Gorham 52 at Fitclilunrg 54 at Farniinglun 35 at Willimanlif' 39 at Keene 57 at Salem 54 Plymouth 54 Farmington 45 Salem 56 lfitchlmrg 39 at Plyniunllx 59 at Bates ,l. V.'s age Fa I'lvY-II zgc I' :fly ,,..,..-Y Hokl H1 G. S. 'l'. C. Basketball Team G. S. T. C. Baseball Team Getting in Practice nga l"i,l'ty-om S O C I A L L I F E y- " A N D C Y L U B S Page I'1,lzv-Lllrev ff l"iffy-jo THE HILLCREST BOARD The Hillcrest Board has but one function, that of producing the annual yearbook. To those of you who wonder what the board does, its many duties include having the pictures taken representing the seniors and the many clubs on campus, seeing that each organization is written up in a manner so that in years to come the readers may be able to recall what his or her club did that year, and to make it possible to produce the yearbook, collecting advertisements from the local merchants and business organi- zations. The last and final duties are putting everything into form to compose a year- book and seeing that it gets off to the publishers. This year a very important change was made in the yearbook. Several suggestions were made to the hoard that the name of the publication be changed. These sugges- tions wcre handed over to the Student Government Council which in turn presented them to the student body as a whole. After receiving many names for the new year- book, the Student Government Board presented a list of suggested names which in- cluded the old name of HCreen and White" to the student body for its selection. As a result the name Hillcrest was elected by a student majority to be hereafter the name of their yearbook. The board is very pleased with cooperation given by the students. Hats off to the new Green and White Hillcrest. Ill' FACULTY-STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL The Faculty-Student Government Council is made up of representatives from the classes, the various Clubs on the campus, and the faculty. Its chief function is representing the student body in working out the affairs of the school. Among these affairs is the allocation of money from student fees to the various clubs and organizations. This organization is in charge of putting on the three formals at the college, the Harvest Ball in November, the Valentine Ball in February, and the Graduation Ball in June. Each year two students and a faculty member are sent to the Eastern State Teachers College Conference in New York. This year upon the nomination of the Council Pau- line Stewart and Russell Becker accompanied by Miss Edna Dickey were elected by the student body to represent the college at the convention. FRANCIS LUCEY, President FRI-JD SPRACUE, Vice-president GENEVIEVI-I HOUSTON, Secretary l'n r 56 HOUSE COMMITTE ES First semester: ESTELLA P1-imtasi-LN, l're.si1lenL KAY lVlITt:HELL, Vice-pl'esi1le11l HOPE SH.-UN. Secretary-7'reasurcr Second semester: Lois Bi-ZNNER, President JEAN ELI.r:N SMITH, Vice-president HOSALIE PRI-LBLE, Secr'vlary-Treasurar The House Committee is the student government of the dormitories. It assisted in the promotion of good citizenship by carrying out regulations, by such services as col- lection of mail. turning out lights, ringing bells. and keeping hooks, and by encourag- ing quiet during study hours. The House Committee seeks to promote social functions and general welfare of all women students. It had an annual Halloweien party and a Christmas party in Center with games, jokes, refreshments, and laughter. It also supplied magazines and other small necessities. It sponsored a booth at the Y. W. C. A. hazaar for the benefit of the W. S. F. fund. Housc Committee officers and members are elect d " dents. e twice a yt :ar hy dormitory resi- OUTING CLUB Cn.xaI.n: ANDRE, l'resi1le111 Etiinofz Nmsoxi If'ice-,nresiflfvzl Eviiux Axminsox, SCl'l'!'IlII"Y ROBERT Denis. Tl'f?IISlll't'I' The Outing Clulw had an active season again this year with even a larger roster of members than before. Early in the fall the 1-luh made an all day exeursion to Pleasant Mountain in Bridglon. The outstanding event of the year sponsored hy the 1-lull was the annual winter car- nival and 4-oronation of the queen. By popular tote listelle Pedersen was elerted Car- nival Queen of l949. 'llhe vluli also sponsored several splash parties at the Portland YWUIA for its mem- lrers as well as envouraging all other outdoor exents. Page I"1',l'Iy-se SK'-1, YOUNG WOMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION JANE ABBOTT, President NELLIE PAGE, Vice-presiflenl HELEN STEVENS, Secretary TRUDY FORD, Treasurer MRS. FRANCIS L. BAILm',l p'aCu1,,,.14d,,is0,.S Miss EDNA IJICKEY, l I 'lhrough its program of worship, study and reereation the YXVCA desires to aid its inemliers in eharaeter growth and personality dexelopment. Highlights of the year included the Freshman Orientation Wleek, the Big Sister Pro- gram. the l7l'l'Sl1Ill3ll Reception, the Candlelight Service, the Christmas Progrrain and installation of olheers. All these activities were planned at the "YN Cabinet Retreat in Max. Every Thursday night is devoted to our programs, which earry out the essential aims of the organization. During the Lenten Season the Canterbury Club and the HY' joined in a series of Lenten serviees with speakers. The YWCA Choir, directed by Jean Goodwin, was prominent in activities here on eainpus and in the New England Teachers' College Conference. A eonlerenee on Civil Rights and Aeademie Freedom was held here on our own eainpus with representatives from many eolleges in this area attending. Miss Ella- nore Ildisards was eonferenee Chairman. lfzf lzlli llglll THE NEWMAN CLUB ROBERT GRI-IANEY, President HELEN LYNCH, Vice-president GRACE PESILLI, Secretary-Treasurel' BETTY CUMMINGS, Correspmm'ing Sem-ulary REV. JOHN J. FINN, Chaplain Une of the highlights of the Newman Clulfs activities this year was the Christmas party il gave for the Sunday school classes of Catholit- vhildren of Gorham. One of the clulfs projects this year was to assist in toavhing Sunday school fol- lowed by a Communion breakfast. As its 1-ontrihution to the W. S. S. F. drive, the Newnian Clulw sponsorecl ai spring ilzlnce in c'onjunc'tion with the Carnival that was heing held. Page Fiji i' -II CA TERB B E RY CL L1.AN0Ri: Eimmims. lII'I'Sli1lt'Ilf ELLEN IlYl'1R. I'-IIVI'-lIl'l'Sil1t'lI1 RICH-XRD Baum. Sat-nflfiri 'flue Cuiitvrlrti1'y Clulv is an organization of lln- lfpist-upaliiul students on the vain pus. ll has t'zirried mi this year a religious C"flllI'illiHtl prugrani as well as providing for flewrlimial sen ives. lJlll'itl'f the Lenten season it worked in l'0ll.lIlN'li0ll with the Y. W. C. A. in s onsor- . F 1 . 0 1 . J 1 . n P mg weekly worship Servives. Various Rpm-upznliaiii rm-tors were invited to vonclut-t these serv ivus. This it-ur tlit- vluli umitinued its study ul clillt-rent religions by inviting various speakers to tht- meetings. This prmerl In-in-lit-iul tu the memliers by gixing them at f'lP2lI'Pl' lllllll'l'SliltltiltlfI of the different religinus svvts. 'ilu varry mi its xxurlx in the dewtitmal serxives tlle vluli provided for e' ' ltlllltilltl serxit-es t'mirlut'tecl in tlie tezivliers' rumn in liurtliell H' zgv Shri' .lily unn- all for its lll0llll1Q'I'F. LIBRARY CLUB EI.i:AN on TOBFY P . , resirlent CRAQIE PESILLI, Vice-presiflenz MIIRIEL BARNi:s, Secretary ADA HALL, 7'rf'r1surer MHS. LIDBACK. Facullbx' fldvisor A few of our numerous activities ranged from musical varieties, picture tinting, and splash parties to book reviews. Some of the must successful enterprises of the club were the m '15 sandwich sales wliivh were held in the dormitories. Our final activity was a banquet for all members of the club. P nga Sixly-0 N0 F. T. A. DOROTHY GIBBS, President MICHAEI. ANTHONY, Vice-president BARBARA WYMAN, Secretary GERALD HOAR, Treasurer FREDA LEUPOLD, Student Council Representative Miss ETHELYN UPTON, Fawn Advisors RALPH DUso, y The programs of the Walter E. Russell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America this year were very interesting. During Education Week the F. T. A. sponsored speakers for chapel. Other speakers spoke at our meetings. Miss Ellen Dyer acted as Program Committee Chairman. This year there was a meeting of all the Maine Chapters of F. T. A. held at the Maine Teachers, Convention in Portland. Miss Janice Upton and Michael Anthony participated in the panel discussion as representatives of Gorham. We are looking forward to next year when the meeting in Bangor will he under the leadership of Gorham. lubr Srxlv two ART CLUB ROS.-XI.Il-I PREBLE, President DAVID ROBINSON, lf"ice-president Rose NIAXWELL, Secretary Driuonfxn SCRIBNER, Treasurer S,-mllil-II. BROCATO, Faculty Advisor The Art Club was organized for the purpose of group sharing and individual growth in art crafts and appreciation. This year many projects were entered upon by the club. Some of the most suvcessful were a chapel program presented to the student body and an exhibition of the work of the members which was open to the public. Four hundred Japanese prints were included in this exhibit. Tea was served to the guests afterward with the members of the club serving as hosts and hostesses. Work in crafts consisted of making bookends, soap carving, and working with water colors und oil paints. Page Sli.l'f-Y-1lIl'l't DRAMATIC CLUB Lois B1fNN1f:R, l'resi1Ient ELEANOR Torsrzv. Vice-presirlenz DAVID Jonnsoir. Secretary lRI-:NE XVICHT. Treasurer lSARxsDALi: lVlACBE'l'H, Librarian RALPH Diiso, lfaculty Arlvisor ll is interesting to note that this year all productions in the Dramatic Association have heen completely produced hy the students themselves. This is true of ex ery phase in drama: acting. directing. stage technicians, make-up, and costumes. The first major production of the year was Hjanuary 'llhaww which was directed by Eleanor Tobey. This met with a great deal of success and enthusiasm. Following 'Ilanuary Thawl' came an evening of one-act plays which included '6Strange Roadn, Wine of Usw, and Wlllley Also Semen. The latter, a choral selection, was produced in conjunction with the Art and Clee Cluhs and originally was given as a heneflt produc- lion. The final niajor production of the year was HLittle lVlinister7' which was under the direction of Fred Verrill. This production received many favorable connnents and hrought to a close another happy and successful year. Illl' 'Ta' - N, 'wa POLITICAL DISCUSSION GROUP The Political Discussion Group started again this year opening its membership to dents with Miss Esther Wood as faculty advisor. Chairman was Lois Benner Pauline Stewart. and Lincoln Anderson as directors who were l also an elector fron 7 shing- all stu , . ' Leupold. . . s. -chool ant ' C n ' ded in Wa with Freda responsible for the program Mrs. Cora Roberts of Westbrook, a trustee of the s Maine. spoke to the group about Inaugural festix ities which she atten ton. D. C. The group also held a debate in Chapel on Civil Liberties voicing opinions of both the North and the South. Among the timely topics discussed at the weekly meetings were the North Atlantic Peace Pact, Crisis in China, Problems in France, the Supreme Court and the Public Schools. and Measures and Issues before the Maine Legislature. We feel that these meetings have done much to stimulate interest in current events among the students who participated in these discussions. Page Sixty-fire nyc Sixly-si MEN'S OLEE CLUB The lVlen's Glee Club this year has worked in conjunction with the women7s in pro- ducing several presentations at the college. For the benefit of the W. S. S. F. it worked with them in presenting Wfhey Also Servew. At Christmas it presented the annual Christmas Cantata. In addition several groups from the club have put on special numbers in chapel programs. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION During the winter months a small group of young men met at Dr. Bailey's home to form a Young Menls Christian Association. This new organization chose for its ofhf-ers: VICTOR LANDBERG, President RAYMOND FLACG, JR., Vice-president DAVID JOHNSON, Secretary-Treasurer ALBERT LACHANCE, Representative to the Civic Council At our weekly meetings we have discussed topics of interest to Christian young men. We give our thanks to Dr. Bailey for his pleasant hours of Christian fellowship and wisdom, and look forward to next year with anticipation of an active club. X i WOME ' GLEE CL B JEAN Gooowm, President ATARY KIMBALL Bucxizu, Vit-e-president CARoLLA HAGLVNI1, Secretary KATIIEHINIL lNTITCHl'lLL, Treasurer HELEN STEVENS, Stzulent Government ELIZABETH KELLEY, VENITA CONANT, Aceumpmzists JEAN GOODWIN, Miss MIRIAM E. Awlmaws, Faeulty Advisor The Women's Glee ClIIb opened a most successful year early in the fall by accepting the project of replacing the school songs as printed in the back of the auditorium hymnals. The first appearance of the group was in conjunction with the men's. group when we presented un evening of song at the First Baptist Church in Saco on Sunday, October 24th. On November 18th the Womens Glee Club was again joined by the men and a program pre- sented at the Portland Gorham Normal School and State Teachers' College Alumni Association. On November 23rd the Women's Glee Club presented a chapel program. The annual Christmas program was presented on December 19th. A cantata 6'The Manger Throne" by Charles Nlanney and groIIps of carols from various national groups were sung by indi- viduals Zillil sections from both glee clubs. An April 6, 1949, the united Glee Clubs joined with the Art Club and Dramatic Club to present the choral reading pageant, "They Also Serve" for the benefit of the W. S. F. Fund Drive. Previous to this presentation, the separate and combined glee clubs presented a short musical program. The finale of the evening was our rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republicv as ar- ranged by Roy Ringwald. We again united with the men's group to broadcast over a local Portland station. During the Winter Carnival Snow Sculpturing Contest the Womens Clee Club's model of the RCA Victor dog won first prize, and the engraved cup was presented to the Club on March 16th. This year there were 55 members in the club, including girls from each of the four classes. Page Sixtut'-seven i E 5 3 E E 1 3 s 5 5. E E 1 . E i Page Sixty-ei AMICIT IA CLUB CIRARDINA PAYNE, President PATRICIA STEVENS, Vice-presirlent GENEVIEVE HoUsToN, Secretary NELLIE PAGE, Treasurer Miss CENEVIEVE CLARK, Facully Aflvism' The Amicitia Club joins together girls on the Campus who have a common interest. Miss Genevieve Clark was our faculty advisor. This year the initiation was held early in January at which time nine girls were taken in, raising our membership to the maximum of forty. During the Christmas season we collected toys and articles of clothing to make the holiday a little merrier for some families. Three dances were sponsored by the Amicitia Club during the year. In February the theme HWhat to Wear the Year Houndli' was well illustrated when a style show was held in Center. Faculty, women students, and many friends of the college attended. For the first time in many years we held a banquet at Dot's Restaurant. Here we had speeches given by the officers and several of the members provided entertainment which made it an evening not soon to be forgotton by the club members. In A ril the annual Facult ' Tea was held in Robie Rece tion with the club officers I p y a . P 1 pouring, The room was very attractively decorated with spring flowers and Easter favors. . gilt COMMUTERS CLUB HERMAN Fosrm, Presrklenl RICHARD BEARD, Vice-president JANICE COPELAND, Secretary HoRToN Bmocs, Treasurer The Commuters Club is very proud of its large membership. lts members have worked earnestly and conscientiously for its success and popularity. The results may be seen in our very full activities calendar. Social activities of the club have included several outstanding dances, cspecially the novelty Hsockli dance. and banquets which were cooked and served by the club mem- bers. The Recreation Room in Corthell Hall through the efforts of the Commuters Club and under leadership of Mitchell Salim has been kept open and has been newly decorated. The Tuesday morning apple and ice-cream sales were profitable and very much appreciated by faculty and students alike. Pugc Sixlnv-rzim Sczfv ALPHA LAMBDA BETA CURTIS ToLMAN, President HAROLD lNlAILMAN, Vice-president ROBERT BOLDUC, Treasurer FRED VERRILL, Secretary BARKSDALE MACBETH, Chaplain CHARLES MARTIN, Faculty Advisor Alpha Lambda Beta has increased greatly in size this year with the addition of ten new pledgees. Through them it has hecome actively engaged in sponsoring social af- fairs on the campus. Among Alpha's activities on campus this year was the introduction of the l'Casha77, a night club affair with music furnished by records combined with movie-dances, which was held in the gym. An added attraction was the presentation of the mysterious 'll7atima'l. The frat hopes that it has started a precedent with the Casba and that it will hccome an annual event. As Alpha Lambda Beta enters into its third decade of activity on the hill it is be- coming increasingly active in the social life of the college. KAPPA DELTA PHI RUSSELL BECKER, President HAROLD HOUSTON, Vice-president PERRY THOMPSON, Treasurer GERALD HOAR, Secretary G. FLINT TAYLOR, RALPH DU50, Faculty Advisors SAMUEL BROCATO, lota Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity has had the honor and distinction of holding the Kappa Presidentls Cup, which is annually awarded to the chapter which has shown the most improvement and had the largest group of delegates in attendance at the National Convention held each year in Boston. Some of the activities which the frat has held this year are the caharets in East Hall dining room, the tea dances in Center, and the monthly smokers held in Sawyer's Hall. At these smokers educational speakers or movies, and refreshments are provided. This year for the first time a scholarship has been the project of the chapter and is to be presented to an underclass member who has shown potential characteristics of a leader in the educational field. Page Seventy-one MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION XVILLIAM JoRnAN, l'1-esidenz CLARENCE Comms. Vice-president NORMAN HAP. TI't'f1Slll'6I' KEITH GRANT. Secrerary The M. A. A. is a leading association in the athletic program on the hill. Through its leadership many necessary improvements have been made in the program. The I1ew electriv sm-oreboard which everyone enjoyed at the basketball games this past winter was a project eondurted by t'Hill" Jordan. With the support of the entire WI. A. A. the project was varried through and paid off to the satisfaction of all con- verned. This past season we hate been fortunate in inrreasing our enrollment of many young athletes from the various high srhools in the state. Through them we hope to expand our athletic- program thus attracting many more into our organization. At present varsity basketball and baseball are the major sports. Also a well- balanced intermural program of volleyball. tennis, softball. and winter sports has been conducted. Social events also are held by the M. A. A. and the after-game danres always proved popular. S1'1't'lIfvV-YIUU W. A. A. BOARD ELEANOR CARVILLIQ, President JEAIN ELLEN SMITH, Vice-presidenl HELEN KNIGHT, Secretary'-Treasurer MISS DORIS FITZ, Faculty Advisor The purpose of the Womenis Athletic Association is to encourage girls to participate in the various sports and activities which it offers. The association is headed by a board whose ollicers are elected by the student body. The other members of the board are the counsellors for the various womenis sports on campus. The board plans the schedule of the sports and determines the point system of awards. One of the hrst activities of the board was to choose the cheerleaders for the basket- ball season and at the end of the year the board awarded them letters. During the year the W. A. A. has sold sweatshirts, T-shirts, decals, stickers, em- blems, and jackets to give the students aII opportunity to purchase these things. One of our most pleasant trips was to Nasson College for a game of basketball. Later the W. A. A. invited them to our campus for a game of softball. Another enj oy- able activity of theyear was the Play Day with Farmington held here on our campus. Teams were chosen for the various sports, points were scored and prizes were given to the winning team at the end of the day. This is an annual affair and it is hoped that it will be continued to create a cooperative spirit among the neighboring colleges. Page Seifellly-Ilirffe I wr DORMITORY LIFE f arg M gi J:g,:,M After Supper Session in Robie Smoker llllgl' Sf'Iff'IllAV'.l-lllll' Those Who Serve Must lint Dnn't Forget to Sign Out Girls! "The Pause That Refreshesn Always Smiling Nothing Wrong With the Top Hunk' i i in Seve Nothing Like a Clean Shave Studying Hard. Boys? wpaw Lwqvi. W Which 0ne's the Cook? What Are We Waiting for? age' Szfvmrty'-svzwr SCENES FROM OUR CAMPUS SCHOOL Re-citation Time "Now, Friends--" Busy hands make busy minds Paints 4' Imaginations 1 Pictures Page' Seiranly-nin Campus Informals What's New ? Boy, YVas That a Good One! X . K Watch That Serve! "' ' " "" "AS 1 Told Him Time Out Between Classes This is Tricky Page Eiglm'-urn Industrial Artists Page Eiglzly'-Lwu Coming Events Cast a Shadow? Commuters Galore iw? AT Cooper and her Capers Page Eiglzly-lhrce Page Eighty Freshmen 1948-1149 D 1 Ahlquist, Leroy A., West Scarboro Bartlett, Donald K., South Portland Beckwith, Pearl E., Sabbathday Lake Belisle, Jeannine, Saco Blethen, Joan L., Portland Brannen, Alice S., Kennebunkport Briggs, Virginia A., Auburn Brom n, Moses S., Jr., South Windham Bruns, Evelyn M., Portland Carlson, Joyce C., Monson Casale, Carmela, Portland Cates, June E., East Vassalboro Chase, Jo-Ann, Milo Chittick, Nancy, South Hamilton, Mass. Clark, Joyce L., Brewer Coombs, Ruth H., Bath Corrigan, Marjorie, Portland Crediford, Lista E., Shapleigh Cronin, Patricia, Skowhegan Davis, Eleanore, South Windham Decker, Theodore, North Baldwin Duffy, Grace H., Portland Dunn, Melissa H., Olamon Elder, Anne M., Portland Eupea, Joan E., Camden Flagg, Alice B., Harrison Folsom, Raleigh L., Springvale Foster, Wilfred, Gorham Gardner, Marjorie, Needham, Mass. Georges, Mary P., Biddeford Gagne, Dominique, Lewiston D 2 Gibbs, Nancy, East Auburn Godfrey, Annette, Bath Cordon, William, Gorham Grant, Margaret, Portland Grenier, Peter W., Biddeford Greuling, Helen, Needham, Mass. Groves, Ruth A., Yarmouth Cuptill, Jacqueline, Gorham Hall, Clifton E., Cray Hall, Nancy, Hope Hanscom, Marilyn, Casco Hardy, Roberta, Lincolnville Hartleb, Emma L., Bath Hawkes, Frances, Gorham Higgins, Janet, Mapleton Hill, H. Joyce, Searsmont Hodgdon, Janet E., South Windham Howe, Charles, Sanford -fou r James, Ellen, Topsham Jepson, Evelyn T., Lewiston Kenney, Donald, New Vineyard Knapp, John J., Jr., South Portland Lafontaine, Lillian, Lewiston Leach, Anne, Portland Leslie, Constance, Richardson, N. B. Lilley, Edna M., West Scarboro Linehan, James B., South Portland Linnell, Geraldine, Peru Littlefield, Marilyn, Scarboro Lunt, William B., Freeport MacDonald, Jean C., Bath Mackay, Carolyn J., Auburn Marlin, Joan B., Portland Martin, Phillip, Sebago Lake Brunelle, Robert, Sanford D3 Masterman, Robert, Lewiston McKellar, David, Bath McSweeney, Patricia, Old Orchard Mitchell, Amelia-Anne, Bath Mosher, Joan A., Hallowell Mower, Ruth M., Auburn Page, Burnall, Orland Palmer, Beatrice, Belfast Payne, Catherine M., Portland Pennell, Arline C., Brunswick Petrie, Gloria, South Portland Phillips, Walter G., Cumberland Center Quimby, Regina R., Rockport Ranger, Mattie M., Portland Reddy, Barbara, Portland Ricker, Florence E., Berwick Ricker, Wendell, Waterhoro Robinson, David, Lincoln, Mass. Roux, Fleurette T., Lewiston Rowe, Marion, Gorham Schumacher, Herbert, Portland Scribner, Deborah, Topsham Spear, Joy F., Bar Harbor Springer, Keith, Bangor Staples, Clythro, Kennebunk Stearns, Marguerite, Lovell Stokes, Donald A., Portland Thompson, Franklin, Gorham Towne, Frederick, Jr., Kennebunk Vacca, Teresa, Portland Wallace, Roger, Millinocket Jordan, Richard M., Portland Coyne, Thomas W., Portland Moulton, Barbara, Harrison ophomores 1948-49 C1 A Abbott, Melva, Lee Bahbidge, Charlotte, Dark llarbor Baker, Alice, Auburn Barker, George, Jr., Portland Barnes, Muriel, Bath Bean, Shirley, Gorham Cook, Ramona, Saco Cooper, Betsey, Rockland Cram, Ruby, Topsham Cummings, ll. Elizabeth, Bath Curtis, Grace, Etna Davis, Robert, Wells Day, Esther, Cornish Day, Everett, Jr., West Baldwin Descoteaux, Margaret, Biddeford Eaton, David, Bar Mills Wentworth, Clayton, East Baldwin CIB Dobrowxsky, Dorothy, Portland Frisbie, Marguerite, Harrison Gilson, Lorraine, Gardiner Grant, Rita, Alfred Gagnon, Thomas, Millinocket Greaney, Robert, South Portland Haglund, A. Carolla, Waterville llall, Ada, Nobleboro Heino, Anna, Rockland Henderson, Frank, Saco Howard, Carolyn, Rockland Johnson, David, West Scarboro Jones, Priscilla, Eliot Keefe, Patricia, Portland Lachance, Albert, Portland Landberg, Victor, Portland Laverty, Carleton, Gorham LeSueur, C. Nancy, South Portland Levine, Shirley, Portland Lewis, Elvira, North Baldwin CZA Chase, Shirley, Winter Harbor Knight, llelen, Brunswick Lovely, Joanne, Presque Isle Lynch, Helen, Thomaston McComb, Cynthia, North Bervsiek McLaughlin, Mabel, West Baldwin Maxwell, Rose, Portland Merchant, Beverly, Rockland Noftall, M. Elizabeth, Bath Ouellette, Joseph, E. Millinocket Parsons, Glendora, Presque Isle Robinson, Marion, York Beach Sawyer, Mary, Rockland Seidel, William, Portland Smith, Richard, Gardiner Snow, Louise, Douglas Hill Verrill, Fred, Cumberland Mills C2 B Lunt. Lam renee, Freeport MacBeth, Barksdale, Brunswick Merrill, Sidney, Freeport Newman, William, North Whitefield Stanley, Barbara, Bar Harbor Stevens, Helen, Lee Stockholm, Emilie, Portland Sullivan, Lillias, Rockport Taylor, Marilyn, Kennebunk Upton, Janice, Millbridge Walker, Norman, Liberty Webb, Thelma, Gorham Welton, Bernice, Brewer YVentworth, Alice, Conway, N. H. Wentworth, Clayton, East Baldwin Wlentworth, Joyce, Milton Mills, N. H. Vlleymouth, Marilyn, Morrill Wright, lrene, Bethel Vllood, Annabel, Portland Wyman, Barbara, Small Point Hanson, Everett J., Westbrook Page Eighty-,Eve Juniors 1948-49 Allan, Lois, South Portland Anderson, Evelyn, Stockholm Arey, Lewis L., South Portland Athas, Rose, Westbrook Barbour, Phyllis, Portland Bartlett, Clyde, Portland Beard, Richard, Eliot Briggs, E. Horton, Portland Brown, Mary, South Portland Carville, Eleanor, York Village Cates, Marian, East Vassalboro Conant, Venita, Portland Copeland, Janice, Portland Cullinan, Joan, South Portland Curry, Nina, Limerick Davis, Lorraine, Gorham DiNardo, Carmen, Millinocket Dearnley, Glenys, Lisbon Falls Doyle, Donald, Gorham Dumas, Jeannette, Limerick Edwards, Ellanore, Gardiner Ford, Gertrude, Milo Fuller, Noreen, Springvale Goodwin, jean, Randolph Hall, Rena A., Waldoboro Hayford, Ella Laura, Kittery Hoar, Gerald, Gorham Houston, Genevieve, South Portland Jones, Gwendolyn, Portland Jordan, William R., Westbrook lllhf. I'zt,l1tv sax Jorgensen, Charles, South Windham Lancaster, Ramona, Lincoln Lush, Herbert, Newport Blank, Esper, North Waldoboro Nlicohen, Shirley, Portland Mitchell, Katherine, Dark Harbor Morrow, Maurice, Sanford Hyatt, Barbara, Gorham Page, Nellie, Bath Payne, Barbara, White Plains, N. Y Pesilli, M. Grace, Auburn Peterson, Carmel, Portland Poor, Leona, Medford, Mass. Preble, Rosalie, Five lslands Pulkkinen, Elsie, Harrison Sampson, Clinton, Portland Searle, janet, York Beach Small, Barbara B., East Xlachias Small, Ruth, Bath Smith, ,lean Ellen, Cornish Stevens, Agnes, South Portland Stevens, Audrey, Portland Tobey, Eleanor, Eliot Tolman, Curtis Nl., Warren Yerney, Evangeline, Slleepscot Wallace, Marilyn, Sebago Lake Welch, Anne, Portland Whitney, Phyllis, Oxford Dion, Rhoda, Brunswick Industrial Arts FRESH MEN Ahlquist, Earle, West Scarboro Ahlquist, Edward, West Scarboro Ange, George Steve, Portland Burns, Richard C., Mexico Caron, Roland, Saco Covert, Gerald P., Portland Gagnon, James H., Millinocket Gardner, Kenneth, Kittery Point Gibson, Ralph E., Newport Gile, William C., Farmington Giles, Richard L., Franklin Grovo, Richard E., Westbrook Hale, Donald G., Portland Humphrey, Ralph F., Gorham Jackson, Frederick, Gorham Johnson, Edward R., Gorham Lemieux, Robert J., Westbrook Libby, Lincoln L., Garland Randall, R. Clifford, Sanford Walker, Robert S., Gorham Wallace, Linwood R., Portland SOPHOMOIIES Andre, Charles, Bath Bodwell, Vernor, Portland Bolduc, Robert, Winslow Chandler, Robert, Livermore Falls Dumais, W. Kenneth, Livermore Falls Hague, Albert, Gorham tudents 1948-49 Hunter, Donald, Damariscotta Keniston, Floyd, Oakland Lawrence, Roberts, Lisbon Falls Pickett, Francis, Kennebunk Richardson, Keith, Gorham Roberts, Blynn, Sanford Thompson, Perry, Bath Tobin, James, Gorham White, Linwood, Livermore Falls Hesdorfer, Frank, Jr., Pittsfield JUNIORS Anthony, Michael, Portland Bailey, Robert, Augusta Berry, Arthur, Bath Coombs, Clarence, Fryeburg Emerson, Joseph, South Warren Flagg, Raymond, Gardiner Foster, Herman, Gorham Grant, Keith, Gorham Greer, Arthur, Sanford Huston, Harold, Seal Harbor Lucas, Vernon, Kennebunk Mailman, Harold, Saco Rau, Norman, Boothbay Salim, Mitchell, Portland Silver, Roy, Gorham Sprague, Fred, Masardis Stewart, Charles, Bar Harbor Tufts, Stanley, North Berwick Page Eighty seven Aeknowled ments The making of a yearbook is a cooperative endeavor requiring the active help of the people Whose college life is chronicled as well as the technical skill of commercial craftsmen. The Hillcrest editors wish to express their appreciation to the following persons and groups who helped in publishing this yearbook. To Mr. Benrimo and associates of Purdy's Photographic Studio for their good natured patience, speed, and skill. To Mr. Brocato for emergency services without which we would have been sunk. To Mr. Corey and associates of the Portland Engraving Company for kind advice beyond the line of duty. To the Kennebec Journal Print Shop and Phototone Cover Company. To staff members and students of the college for cheerfully meeting appointments. e Eighty -ciglil ADVERTISEMENTS The Barden Drug Company Nelson G. Barclen, Registered Pharmacist Parker Pens and Pencils School Supplies Greeting Cards Stationery Luncheonette and Soda Fountain Gifts Games Novelties Cameras Films Camera Supplies THE REXALL STORE GORI-IAM MAINE A. B. C. Cleaners, Inc. "As good as any - better than many" IOIQ Off to All Students 5 SCHOOL STREET GORHAM, MAINE Clarence E. Carll COmP'im'mfS of "Insurance of Every Kindi' Rainbow Cleaners Tl 3761 Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing C . Gorham Maine 28 Main St. Gorham, Me. - I ICITIC S Full Line of Stationery Magazines Papers Daily News School Supplies 28 MAIN STREET Tel. 2921 GORHAM, MAINE l' N lx School Supplies Stationery Complete Line Distinctive Records Columbia Decca Victor Western Popular Classical Greeting Cards For All Occasions awyer's tati n r Lending Library O 6 y Latest Books lfOlZ'C FORMER BURNELL LOCATION GORHAM, MAINE Headquarters for Students' Supplies Turneiis 5c-S 1.00 Store FEATURING Complete Assortment of School Supplies Nationally Known Brands of Toilet Goods and Cosmetics Wide Choice of Quality Hosiery Anklets, Nylons, Sport Sox Numberless other items needed by G. S. T. C. students can he found at GORI-IAM TURNER,S! MAINE 545 1 A N al . - - , - - - K - 1' W ' I if it -ag ICE c EREAM Ee- Deering Ice Cream al- The Coca-Cola Bottling Plants, Inc. 650 MAIN STREFT SCUTI-I PORTLAND, MAINE -1-1-:-1-:-2-4.1.:v-,:4-:w.-.f.- ,.,:.g.::1:ss:2::Q:::g:5,.-,,.,, gf z-:-g::.-.g.:.-- g-mag.-.-.1-1, : 121EE1525235-:'fEr-fgizfgiriii ,:E121:EQEE2' 1.522215335121253 "" ':'515'Z:fFZ-IMF' f41E5:f:E::':-' -2- '12, V -.-",s-,:g:-'.-:1:-: 34:5 1-Q... 43:-,.,:,:f :-'J-:-:I gf ' : i q - , iw-4" ' :- v" S-2122? .1: a::2:::-zfrizle. M -4 -- : ' .--:- mt. , -:far-'-" - P' "-sf 2.-:I 1 '- 4 .4 ,V fq .15 as ,A -?Ei:2:1:-' ' ,-1 " '. WI, -.Eilwiinix ' --11112151-2-1-I-1:11113 we-:- 'f .:.ea,.'.:t4b:!:Q::-fr, x as 044' 0 wa A H fwslf Ni LOW PRICES EVERY DAY! MILLIKEN TOMLINSON King Cole Potato Chips and Potato Sticks All-Ways Best Best Always King Cole Foods, Inc. 174 CASH STREET SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE 2-2040 - Telephone - 2-6417 Johnsonis Variety Mabelle - Jack - Eciclie Italian Sandwiches Greeting Cards - Noon Lunches Tel. 2371 50 MAIN STREET GCRI-IAM, MAINE Pugz' Ninvlyv-four The Playhouse Theatre "Where Fine Entertainment is at Its Maximum" GORHAM MAINE "A goocl place to meet, a fine place to eat." Dot's Restaurant Known for excellent New England home cooking! GORHANI MAINE Pug r' Nl'l1t'll'efIl Boothby's Socony Station Clyde V. Boothby, Prop. Telephone 2891 Tires Lubrication MAIN STREET Batteries Accessories GORHAM, MAINE Compliments of Dixon's Barber Shop 176 Main St. Gorham, Me. Compliments of Carswe11's Drug Store Fountain Service Gorham Maine Compliments of Gorham Savings Bank Established 1868 Evans' Service Station Clyde W. Evans, Prop. Gas, Oil, Grease and Accessories Dial 2351 61 Main Street Gorham, Maine Compliments of Trafton's Shoe Store Westbrook Maine Compliments of Dr. C. Bouifard Dentist Tel. 2061 Gorham Maine irwh vii' Barrow's Greenhouses Florists of Distinction 324 MAIN sTREET Dial 2751 ooRHAM, MAINE EN Joy YoURsELF AT Louis, Restaurant Steaks - Dinners -- Entrees - a-la-Carte Menus Novelties - Fountain Service MAIN STREET GORHAM, MAINE l'rlg1' Nil I Loring, Short 86 Harmon Booksellers and Stationers Gifts and Art Supplies MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND, MAINE Milliken Tomlinson Co. Fruit and Produce Wholesale Grocers PORTLAND MAINE Porteous, Mitchell and Braun Co. PORTLAND MAINE A store is more than just a store-it is part of the hopes and lives of people. Apparel and Accessories for Women and Children Y Y Quality Since 1874 505-507 CONGRESS STREET PORTLAND, MAINE I N ll :hz The New England Teachers Agency, Inc. of Portland, Maine 407 LIBBY BLDG. 10 CONGRESS SQUARE Doris A. Lewin, Manager A personalized service to teachers throughout New England Not connected with any other agency Compliments of The Goodall Tree Expert Company ,or Famous for Junior Misses' and Women,s Quality Fashions Compliments of Hannaford Bros. Co. Wholesale Dealers Fruit Produce Groceries Meat Frozen Foods PORTLAND MAINE Pu N Ls PHILIP W. HAWKES GORHAM H MAINE Dial 2591 "TI-IE SERVICE STORE" Fresh Fish Meats Fancy Groceries and Fruits and Vegetables 3 STATE STREET GORI-IAIVI, MAINE Tel. 5851 GROSS'S Compliments of The Portland Branch of the Gorham Normal State Teachers College Alumni Association Compliments of The Gorham-South Windhaxn Bus Lines operated by The Falmouth Transportation Company FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE I 0 ll ll Farewell from Gorham State Teachers College M I I ll h Al M Your Favorite Pictures N . rm..- Q - f Mrs' Mary K' Leach Mac's Auto Service Commercial Typing Fred McCready, Prop. Manuscripts: Typed and Edited n Auto Repairing Our Specialty Room 511, Bank of Commerce Bldg. Dial Office 2-0359 Home 3-4122 Tel' 4-8881 465 Congress St. Portland 3, Me. 498A Woodford St. Portland, Me age Une Hunrlrerl Two Autographs Portland Glass Co. Auto Glass Set While-U-Wait Tel. 48049 496 Woodford St. Portland, Me. II? ksfn-,"'J,L.f"'1f?5f--f.' L,'u' 9 '1 -.gy 1. . -' lp, A ' .. A.. , .,.. .D s Jma, Q. 4, A' ., 'Y -?H9l.,r in .rig Y r b x , D. -. ,, ,, T ., Q .S f 'l

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