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fa 055 64, 6003 5Q' Or S sx0Y09S X A trnemg neva' TE Dc-X LEE QYQS f go? 40 I'. 117116 S 72 GORDON TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL 3633 N. California Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60618 Under the direction of the CONGREGATION OF THE RESURRECTION Afliliated with the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. Accredited by the State Superintendent of Public 'Instruction and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Religion Points the Way to One's Knowledge of God A Religion, The base ofa Christian's life. To make students aware of it, Daily Masses and Confessions Single class retreats, Confessional devotions, All showing the necessity of Communicating with God. To point out the true meaning ofthe Liturgy, of Religion, of God. "To the making ofmen" That's Gordon's motto. The man must make himself And benefit from his education. A Gordonite's education ls his foundation, His guide, His rock to stand on. Ilyou are to succeed You must work. You must make your own way To accomplish what you want, To attain the goal You have set for yourself. '-,silk 1 4 i Intellect Must Be Diseiplined for Growth to Set in. 5 Lights, Sounds, People Fill the Social World of the Gordonite gf Weekly Soc Hops. .. Football games . . . Basketball competitione Boys meeting girls Not only for conversation But for maturing. Gordonites have the opportunities. You may take advantage ofthem To act as gentlemen, As a Gordonite should. Now is the opportunity! - -H ew ' ,- ---W.: - ff 'W r LQ , , W - W , gig it gh gm TE 553' if lfilltffihn Q 0 rt r l, u W d ii is ' 1 Q5 -": i pg W M W gzz i.AWq t p , I M , . p p l T . . I I., O U lil ll g :,- T at a World in Depth ' ff .- .,.4: . ,. ,H 2 ., 2, - ..,. . :. .. 'f , . L.. 41 V' ..- Go in a boy, Come out a man. The world of Gordon ls forever expanding. It is always turning. You must push hard All the way around. The beauty of light Playing on the snowf The depth of knowledge To be found in books- Art displayed in the halls fA new dimension of knowledge All is there for growth. You are becoming a man. ., :iff K K I LQ ,f i 9 L A-ag ,631 an, I , ,w x '21 Mm... ..,,. ,A,,,, , ,,., ...,-.wffm V553 ,. ,, sg - -Ma gi k ,E NNW vb Q? 'Uh -war! 'ii--g f 9 IW' MN wr bf' fmt DWR aww Was 'W Q. i 4 IO A strong body A healthy mind Go hand in hand at Gordon A student is trained Physically and mentally. Gym may seem Just like a break in routine, But later in life The student will realize Just how meaningful A strong body is. The full Gordonite Will be formed. Physical Endeavors Discipline the Body Student Life Has a Variegated Surface From chess to football From stagework to Fencing Opportunities To broaden your horizons To meet new friends In a growing, complex worldg The chance to show one's abilities Is encouraged through many activities. Becoming a full individual Takes courage, stamina, will. Opportunities Are many and varied at Gordon. 1511 I 12 2 4 E' a ' 5 2 vi ,..nA , I3 Cardinal John P. CodygProject: Renewal When our Archbishop was selected by Pope Paul to become a Cardinal, it was an honor not only for the Archbishop, but also for all of the diocese over which he rules. The time from his boyhood in St. Louis to the Sacred College of Cardinals has been a most meaningful experience for John Cody. He has been an influential leader without losing the personal contact of the parish priest. After sixteen years of being Auxiliary to Archbishop Ritter of St. Louis, he was ap- pointed Coadjutor with the right of succession to Bishop Charles H. LeBlond ofthe Diocese of St. Joseph, Missouri. He was then transferred to the newly formed Diocese of Kansas CityeSt. Joseph in the same position under Archbishop Edwin V. O'Hara. In l956, he was enthroned as Bishop of the diocese. Bishop Cody's dynamic programs were ex- tended into areas of renovation, education, and administration. In l96l he was named Titular Archbishop and Coadjutor to Archbishop Rummel of New John Patrick Cardinal Cody. 4 C Cardinal Cody as he addresses last year's graduating class. Orleans. He became Archbishop of New Orleans on November 8, 1964. While the Archbishop was the dynamic head of the New Orleans Archdiocese, the two fields in which he was most outstanding were Catholic education and religious vocations. When he became the Archbishop of Chicago in 1965, he had backing him his tremendous successes in New Orleans and the blessings of Pope Paul, the best wishes ofthe people of New Orleans, and the brightest dreams of the people of Chicago. Since his installation he has started many new programs and has strongly backed those of others. When the Archdiocesan Chancery Offices and the division of the Archdiocese into several smaller regions occurred, the Archbishop es- tablished a personal board to help in assigning priests to the various posts in the Archdiocese. The Archbishop then initiated the practice of I Q -i -.,.,... ,,,,,.g5,,t. , ,,.1i,,f,,,,1..-tm., M fs,gg-wif-f,3,,,..,,..,,,, -W, -- .A A I H V ,W , saawmwizmaiawsfa:a3gwsawaFm'ww'te War ,,PM-WIfW'MYQswrK,2a1wms 1h,Yfm-tiff-We A-ez 'rf5.,mmmusifasimw..a:,a.WW..a , Funds from Project: Renewals were instrumental in finishing Phase I of the building program at Gordon. Phases II and lll will include the erec- retiring older priests from the heavy burden of their administrative tasks. Next was approved a program which provided for the care of these priests once they were retired. His concern for the care of priests and nuns of the archdiocese was exemplified when he inagurated a plan for a health examination for them periodically. In the summer of 1967, Pope Paul appointed him to become a member of the most sacred body of the Church, the College of Cardinals. This appointment came on the heels of his 5. Mfg at if ii: gift I r f gk r -6 tion ofa 3 lf2 story building, expansion of the current library facilities and the expansion ofthe cafeteria space. announced plan known as "PROJECT: Re- newalw. This plan calls for funds, provided by the individual perishioner, which would go for the betterment of educational facilities, parishes, recreational areas, and groups throughout the entire Archdiocese. Gordon Tech is one of the many schools which is benefitting from the program by the Cardinal. The 1968 TECH-Log is dedicated, not only to the new Cardinal of Chicago, but to the hard work and saerihees that he dedicates to us all. Drawing of the new building which will be added to the campus complex-f-all made possible through funds from PROJECT: Renewal. a XUX X Q Monthly Chairmen's Meeting Curriculum Revision and Teacher Personnel Intricacies of Language Endeavors Systematic Investigation of Sciences Social Studies, Math, Language Arts Physical Enterprises, a Spiritual Motivation Planning for Future Vocation Faculty of '68 i l Tix , L 3' ' , 7 f as 4.5! 'fi X -"""' ,H Q - M If uv' .fm ,f-fn '5 .M Q 9' Henk ,HW yi ,A V: 4 1. ,, N. -Q X mi , W1 an S+..- Reverend Waller M. Wilczek, CR, Principal I8 The Goal: 'gTo the Making of Menf' The school has experienced a record enrollment of over 2,000. The faculty increased to 86 when 29 teachers were added. Two assistant Principals had been appointed, one in charge of teacher personnel and curriculum, the other, oilice records. The Administration had inaugurated new positions to handle building maintenance, student employment, dis- cipline, and extracurricular activities. A Dean of Students works with those who have difficulties in personal discipline and the Coordinator of Student Activities maintains con- trol over all organizations so that these might be bene- ficial both to the student and to his school. The school hosted National Catholic Education Week with the expressed purpose of opening lines of communi- cations with public as well as parochial schools within the area. Curriculum plans had been consolidated through the monthly meetings of the departmental chairmen and the Principal and the Administrative Board used these and streamlined them to meet the needs ofthe student learning and growing in an expanding world. Student government, under the Council, expanded to include an organization, the Sword and Shield, which aimed for a more disciplined student outside of school as well as at assemblies and during dismissals. Mrs. Therese Pisauro. the Principal's secretary, settles a parent's ques- tion on school procedure. A . . 4,41 4 if MA Mrs. Helen Zielinski and Mr. William Tarpy check the ledger for a previously paid bill. REV. EDMUND I. RACZKA, CR .Xssistant Principalg English I, Il: Chairman. Language Arts Department. REV. HUMPHREY RUSZEL, CR Assistant Principalg Religion I. II, Ill. IYQ Chairman, Re- ligion Dept. -yur-I ulvl't Mrs. Harriet Zak and Mrs. Loretta India are in charge of clerical work in the school office. To Know Gneself Is to Know Others. 7 am-www 7-of K LL hun-ar" REV. JOHN 1. KLEK, CR REV. CHESTER Religion IVQ German II. NORKIEVVICZ, CR Religion 1, ll. Individual class retreats and classes conducted in the Chapel brought the meaning of religion more closely to the student. Each class attended its own personal retreat, at the school, for a day. The students were required to come to school after the normal day was over and par- ticipate in a retreat when the student body had left for the day. The weekly Friday Mass was replaced by Mass held, monthly, for the class. The Religion Department's main emphasis was on helping a student assist himself through self-knowledge. The new liturgy and its function in the life of a Cath- olic in today's society were presented and discussed, all with the intention of making the youth realize that true success must rest upon a solid, spiritual foundation. 501933 REV. CASIMIR V. REV. FRANCIS ROC, POLINSKI, CR CR Religion I, II, IV. Religion III. ,l is an REV. MITCHELL REV. THEODORE REV. LAWRENCE REV. THADDEUS TADLA, CR TOMUSIAK, CR USDROWSKI, CR ZYCOWICZ, CR Religion I. Religion IVg Sociology IV. Religion I, II. Religion I, II, IV. Absentee Regulator 2I The Growing Need for Communications in an Expanding World -Knowledgels Key. Written and oral expression were emphasized through the streamlined reading program, from 9 books to 7 for the year. Intensive discussion, three major themes per quarter, weekly tests, iilmstrips, and audio-visual materials supplemented the program. Visual Concepts, Inc., presented its course on speed reading through the Department's arrangements. Over 300 students attended on a voluntary basis. Language Arts Week, devoted to seeing the varied field which is covered by this subject, was executed with clock- like precision. Each student participated in the activities so that Language Arts became more meaningful for him. Plays were presented on closed-circuit TV, posters drawn, projects based on novels and stories were constructed, and original drawings were made to be displayed in the halls. The curriculum was revised for all four years and new texts were evaluated for possible use in the near future. NIR. JEROME L. BELLAK MR. ARTHUR English iv. Bonxowsxl English IVg Speech. MR. JOHN P. BREEN MR. ROBERT English lV. DERENDAL English lg Speech. MR. EUGENE L. DIEDEN English III. 'ibm MR. JOHN D. HOFHERR MR. ROBERT A. English l. INCRAFFIA English Il. UW? MR. DAVID MORAN MR. JOHN MUELLNER MR. BRUNO OCIEPKA MR. CASIMIR T. English ll. English III. English III, OSTROWSKI English IV. MR. ROBERT F. PERRIN MR. LOUIS D. PRETE MISS MARIANNE MR. WILLIAM WYNN English I, Cn-Chairman Language Arts QUINN English Ilg Speech. Department English Ig English I. Speech. 23 Students Meet the Complicated World of Space and Computers with Math Skills The consciousness of one's need for a background in mathematics permeated the curriculum. Preparing the students to meet the minds not only of their peers but also of their superiors was the task the department had set as its goal. New texts were chosen to fulfill the requirements ofthe Tracks as well as the needs ofthe student on his own particular level. Freshmen worked with algebrag sopho- mores, modern geometryg juniors, advanced algebrag and seniors, pre-calculus tHonorsj and trigonometry. The Mathematics Department Chairman had written a detailed course outline which was later published. This was the guideline adhered to during the year. Under the auspices ofthe Math Department, a contest for grammar school students was held. Students from all across the city attended. mf"-""'-'f MR. ROBERT MR. ROBERT L. ARMSTRONG CWIERTNIAK Pre-Calculusg Modern Trigo- Algebra lg Plane Geometry, nometry. -ul MISS JANE HALL MR. WARREN T. Algebra lg Geometry ll. GUNTER Algebra I. MR. WILLIAM M. MR. JAMES J. OICONNOR MASSARELLI Algebra I1 Plane Gcometryg Nlutllematics Department Modvrn Cr-ornelry CIIBITIIIEJIIQ Modern Algebra IIQ Nlmlern Cleornvtryz Solid CvL'0IIIt'Il'j'. A wv NIISS KATHY PISAREK Xloclcrn Algvlmru Il. NIR. DANIEL REV. EUGENE C. REV. DAVID WVANAT, CR MR LAWRENCE W SKRZYPCZYNSKI SZAREK. CR Algvlnru lg Dean of Students VVATSON Modern Algcbrag Modern Ge- Algclvru I1 Nloclern 'l'rigonom- Algghrd I onletryg Trigonometry. 4-try. eg Q , ,V 'Gunnar-1" REV. HENRY BLASKI, CR NIR. CRAIG C. BOLANOS MRS- SUSAN Biology. Chemistry. COOPERMAN General Science. A -L"h...N, gunman? :P MR. WILLIAM F. REV. JOHN DZIELSKI, CR MR. RONALD A. MR- VVILLIANI A- HUTH CULLEN Chairman of Chemistry and HARRISON Physics. General Science. Physics Depurtmentg Physics. Chairman of Biology and Gen- eral Science Department Cen- eral Science. 26 l MR. JOHN F. O,MALLEY MR. EUGENE General Science. WLEKLINSKI Chemistry. Sciences Encourage Investigation, Experimentation, Leading to Solutions. Probing into the basic matter of which all things are composed led the students into a new world. To facili- tate this task of investigation and problem solving, two departmental chairmen were introduced, one con- centrating on general science and biology: the other, chem- istry and physics. Field trips to the city museums made the composition of the physical world and its purpose more concrete to the students. There they had seen projects and experi- ments which are found within their texts. In some Tracks, new texts were introduced S0 that these students might be able to investigate problems which arise from the chemical composition of certain elements. In physics, each student had to do a term paper on some area of investigation covered during the course. New materials, in the form ofbeakers, flasks, and micro- scopes were added to the Science Department. The courses were offered in labs, structured with experimental data, chemicals, specimens, and living matter which stu- dents observed, thus increasing their understanding of the physical nature oftheir world. Life is Understanding the Forces of Society. Two major changes were in effect this year within the Social Studies Department. The juniors had purchased new texts. These books were identical, both in subject matter and in graphic content, but were structured for two different levels of reading. Among the seniors, Time magazine became the standard text, with col- lateral readings supplied from paperbacks assigned through the department. Secondly, courses, such as sociology, economics, and business, were offered on an elective basis. The sopho- more text, treating of American History, was retained but will be changed for the coming academic year. Thus, the Social Studies Department had aimed to give the student a more comprehensive picture of society and the world, especially of those who had changed it and those who are now helping make history. MR. THOMAS CAWNE MR. RICHARD BIRD United States History Civics, MR DONALD D CLARK MR RANDY W MR. ANTHONY CIES MR. PETER MORRISON Civics Supervlgm 0fM31n FRANKLIN Business. Social Science Department Ch' F nch' United fenance World Historv airmang re , States Historv. MR. ALBIN R. STASIAK REV. CASIMIR MR. THOMAS S. MB. JAMES WHITE VVorld History. SUWANSKI, CR. YVINIECKI United States History. Civics. Business. 1 Pas . 2 jfs Hi 29 Ag - A ssttt 4,-.Af MR. WILLIAM WHITE World History, MR. WALTER HANSEN Latin l, ll. MISS ROCHELLE REV. EDWARD IACOBS JASKULA, CR. French I. French I. Il. Oneis Cultural Background Deepens with the Study of Another Language. The Foreign Language Department had increased in teacher personnel. A new chairman was appointed to the department. This year, the language lab was used exten- sively. New tapes and special books were purchased in the effort to make languages of other nations more meaningful to the students. As a result of this intensified interest in the matter, the Foreign Language Club was formed, so that stu- dents might be able to go more deeply into the subject matter which they had learned in class and to see the world of another nation, to appreciate the sound of the language, and to enjoy the customs which are so much a part ofthat culture. The study of Latin, French, German, and Spanish has become an integral part of a Gordonite's academic career. One of the Held trips sponsored by the depart- ment took place at the Museum of Science and Indus- try where the students of French saw how the French celebrate Christmas. Members of the department visited one of the public schools to compare programs with the purpose of evaluating the present one in hopes of augmenting and expanding the existing schedule to present a more solid program next year. is REV. ROBERT KURTZ. MRS. ANTENISCA R. CR NARDI Foreign Languages Depart- Spanish I, IV, ment Chairman: Spanish I. REV. ALOYSIUS M. MISS IOAN SUPERNAW ORZECHOWSKI, CR Spanish I, Latin II, III, IV. Miss Jacobs demonstrates that learning various foreign words for com mon place items is important to the understanding of French. flint Teen problems grow in a complex society and the guidance programs were directed to assisting each stu- dent in coping with those forces. Personal interviews by the counselors assigned to each year were held at regular intervals. Preparation for the battery of tests which each student must take was done via closed- circuit TV. Each week, guidance programs were pre- sented to the various years, during which time problems common to the year were treated. Representatives from various colleges and military es- tablishments were invited to speak to specific classes during classtime as well as after school. The addition of two counselors assisted the program in that it olTered students more time to speak about those academic and personal difficulties experienced in these formative years. DR. VINCENT D. PISANI MR. STEPHEN K. Consulting Clinical Psycholo- ROONEY gist. Freshman Cuidanccg United States History, Direction Assists Students Towards 21 Goal M. REV. JAMES P. MR. CLARENCE TELKES MR. RONALD WEBER SCHULTZ, CR Guidance Directory Senior Freshman Guidance Counselor. JuIli0l' CLlid3flCC C0l1I'lS6lOl'g Cuidancecounselorl Religion IV. 33 Physical Competition Helps the Student Develop His Body. Physical education is necessary to discipline a student so that a healthy balance between the physical and in- tellectual may be maintained. Each student had to obtain a copy of the Physical Education Handbook, compiled by the Chairman ofthe Department. Rules governing vari- ous aspects of physical endeavors were included. Intramurals play a very important role in the program because these offer the student a chance to compete with his peers and to develop a good spirit of sportsmanship. Competition was opened to all students and games were played after school. Trophies were awarded to the winning teams in football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. All of these were presented to the students so that the individ- ual might develop as a total, well rounded person. l i l l i REV. EDWARD A. DUBEL, BRO. FRANK CR DUSIEWICZ, CR Athletic Director, Sophomore Assistant Athletic Directorg Guidance Counselor, Typing. Cafeteria Supervisor. to MR. KEN BANASZEK MR. IAMES PROFFITT Physical Education I, II, III, Physical Education III. IV. MR. RAYMOND E. MR. DON SWANSON SMITH Sophomore Physical Educa Physical Education Depart- tion. ment Chairman, Physical Edu- cation I, II, III, IV, Director of Intramurals. Todayis ndustry Requires Mechanical Skills. Modern equipment and new teaching personnel had given the Industrial Arts Department an increasingly re- sponsible position in a technical school. Besides drafting, the various shop courses which the students were offered included: wood, machine, electric, and engine. New techniques were used because many of the teachers had taken courses during the summer to prepare for training students whose mechanical skill will be demanded. Preparations for entering the Industrial Arts Fair were started early. Student projects include furniture, which was made within the school building, machinery, and architectural plans for future building projects. NIR. RICHARD REV. IOHN E. BRESDEN BENZEL CR Drafting I. Drafting I. anim:-Q. NIR. NIARTIN REV. DAVE INVERSO, CR CUKIERSKI Drafting I: Machine Shop I. Machine Shop I. Il, MR. EARNEST A RERUCHA Drafting I, "1 vUl MR. CLARENCE KRAWCZAK Electric Shop. We-.Hd MR. HECTOR I. MUNOZ MR. ROBERT REV. ERNEST SOCHA, CR REV. LOUIS A. Drafting I, II. PLURKOWSKI Industrial Arts Department TUSINSKI, CR Engine Shopg Freshmen Foot- Chairmang Woodshop I. Woodshup I, ball Coach. 37 Young Christian Students Actualize Concepts of Vatican II The main objective of the YCS this year was to re- evaluate the progress the organization has made during the past years and to bring these realities in line with the finding of Vatican II. This was accomplished by the members during their weekly meetings, held every Wednesday, at which discussions were held. Many ofthe members contacted other schools to see what progress these were making along the lines of updating and aug- menting the movement. One of the notable events inaugurated by YCS this year was the Books for Vietnam campaign. Three ship- ments of pencils, books, and other items like stationery were sent to the USO in Chu Lai, An Khe, and Tan Son Nhut for distribution. ISEATEDJ Kevin Sanders, Jerome May, Fr. Eugene Szarek, CR tModeratorJ1lSTA NDINGA Thomas Wisniewski, John Waldorf. FRONT ROW: Arthur Marek, James Bieschke, Michael Casimir V. Polinski, CR lModeratorJg ROW 2: Norbert Keller, Rev. Pytel, Tom Acolytes Strive to Enhance Service ofthe New Liturgy To add solemnity to the New Litur- gy, the Acolytes attend to the services during the daily Mass offered in Chapel and at all the Sacred Func- tions at school. The Acolytes meet regularly to discuss changes in the Liturgy and these they incorporate into their practices before the altar. Dedicated to serving God through their function of assisting at Mass, the members instill within the student body a love for that service which is at the heart of all Catholic worship: the Sacraments, especially that of the Eucharist. Ventrelli, Martin Przybylski, Stephen Mazanek, Claude Czekaj, Kevin Kroll, George Ziobro, Daniel Wecker. l John Prokop Qlnlead Maintenance Mani prepares to work on adjusting locks for one of the classrooms. George Matuszewski lNight Mainte- nance Manl assists him in the project. Walter Klick and Alexander Orzerski clean up lobby outside of the cafeteria at the end ofthe day. aintenance Crew Keeps Facilities Functioning Increase in enrollment demands a more constant main- tenance program. With a staff of about five key men, the head of the maintenance crew is able to take care of the complex ofbuilding which house the facilities of Gordon. This year, the task of keeping the building in sharp, exact operational condition has been a challenge which was compounded by the inauguration of the building ex- pansion. All of the men on the crew do the job of about twenty men in seeing that all the equipment is operational. Whether it is to change a lightbulb in the Main Office or to repair one of the windows in any of the 60 class- rooms, the crew handles the task with efficiency and speed. With over two miles of corridors, thousands of windows and lights, tiled walls to clean, and receiving of shipments for use in the program, the men are on hand to care for all of these things. It is the crew which consistently keeps the building in top condition through all types of weather and through the current inliux of students which amounts to over 2,000. l Mike Wnuk as he prepares to check pressure pump in one of the storage rooms throughout the building. Feeding of Over Two Thousand ls Challenge Met Daily The cafeteria personnel have had a tremendous re- sponsibility this year because the student enrollment increased while the facilities remained static. Each of the women who worked during the lunch periods found and met that challenge. The four lunch periods which were inaugurated last year were still in effect this year. Since the school had combined facilities, by way of purchasing agents and bulk orders, with Weber High School, they still main- tained a consistent menu while keeping the cost of meals at a reasonable price level. New innovations in menu varieties and in a wide selection of pastries augmented the program. The head of the cafeteria and her assistants worked to serve at various banquets and special open house assemblies. They also assisted at many of the Mothers Club and Fathers Club functions, including the Carnival and Fashion Show. FRONT ROW: Rose Haracz tCafeteria Directory, Frances Szatko, Georgette Nelson, Virginia Fedyna tAssistant Managerjg ROW 2: Dora " v-"-1'--..... iw , ,, A Di Domenico, Mary Heumos, Helen Hrynkow, Tillie Mix, Lucille Gray, Stella Galkowski. X 'UU 5 X -afar ' ' ' ' - ' Parry a thrust Aim for a basket overhead Weave through ever-present tackles Watch the stars And explore Foreign Languages. The stage, dancing, and song and television's eye Bishop-Checkmate Marching band and music makers Activities for one and all. 1. al 4- ..- FRONT ROW: George Grzeca, Walter Hollinger, Leonard Janiga tSec- retaryj, Thomas Galuhn tPresidentJ, Michael Sare tVice-Presidentj, George Green, William Meyer, Mr. William White tModeratorjg ROW 2: George Richter, Mike Keller, Len Januzik, Henry Godziszewski, Student Council Changes and Expands Format This year, the Student Council took on a new format. First of all, the council was divided into four sections, each representative of the four years at Gordon. From these representatives were chosen men who represent the individual year in open council. This group is supervisec by the council President, Vice-President and Secretary. Under the council's auspices the Korean orphan pro- gram was reinstated for another year. They also spon- sored a new organization, the Sword and Shield, which is composed of students whose main function is to keep discipline before, during, and after school as well as at various assemblies. These members have the power to issue summonses for infractions of school rules. They also rewrote the council charter, modifying sec- tions which are no longer applicable and expanding those which have been necessitated as a result of the large en- rollment ofthe student body. Charles White, Thomas Ceroneg ROW3: John Barber, Michael Patton Lawrence Szmurlo, Richard Williams, Loren Dardi, Michael Hoban Larry Jaworski, John Mika. Mario Pagnucci and John Mika prepare to take their post as Sword and Shield members. - Ax A Sword and Shield aintains Discipline During the October meeting of the Student Council, the Sword and Shield organization came into being. Its two chief functions are fllj discipline and C25 service dur- ing assemblies. The members patrolled both in and out of school, at bus stops, in corridors, etc., and the organi- zation is empowered to issue summonses to students in- volved in infringement ofschool rules. The offenders appear before the Discipline Committee or automatically face a school detention. This committee has the right to judge if the case should be referred to the Disciplinarian or merit a warning. L. L FRONT ROW: Bruce Lempart, Charles Armstrong, Andrew Scolas- Mazarka, Mario Pagnucci, Michael Hanningan, Joseph Guerrereg ROW tic, Richard Wisniewski, Jan Wolanski, Jerry King, Mr. William White 3: John Waldorf, Ken Muellner, Steve Szabo, Robert Kruszewski, Larry fModeratorJg ROW 2: Michael Certik, John Mika, Emil Rode, Russel Dohner, Lawrence Szmurlo, James Chuhak, Keith Kurczewski. NHS Adds Twenty an All-Time High The National Honor Society has always been considered the organization whose members have been carefully screened as to academics, social, extracurricular, and general out of school endeavors. lt is the highest honor given to any student because the membership in this or- ganization is most prestigious. This year, NHS added twenty new members to its ranks, swelling the organization to over fifty members. The sole objective of the organization is to have members who are representative students, who rank with a cum- mulative 3.75 or better average. Each member has shown that, in his own way, he is a leader, an individual who best shows what Gordon Tech is attempting to present to societyfa complete man. The organization's members assist the olhce personnel every morning and afternoon by working on the telephone and by doing such services which will facilitate the smooth operation ofsuch an ever-growing institute. Mr. Peter Morrison, Moderator of NHS, took over three years ago, Within that time, the organization swelled from six to nearly seventy. This year the total has leveled olT at over fifty. This was accomplished through a process of screening, involving special rating forms filled out by the teachers. These were then tabulated and those, who ranked high in the initial screening, were interviewed personally by the Moderator and the Principal, prior to their acceptance into the organization. Nicholas Cudzewicz receives academic letter and NHS membership card from Rev. Walter M. Wilczek, CR, Principal, during the NHS Assembly program. FRONT ROW: Anthony Malina, Frank Kozak, Patrick Swope, Walter Hollinger tPresidentJ, Mr. Peter Morrison QModeratorl. Keith Vigliet- ta fVice-Presidentj, Larry Nazimek, Michael Kasper, William Stein- metz, ROW 2: Greg Golkowski, William Koch, Nicholas Cudzewicz, Robert Brzezinski, Michael Sare, Norbert Szczewski, Thomas Galuhn, Robert Zielinski, Paul Stechmang ROW 3: Donald Berowski, Gary Kizior, Leonard Janiga, Michael Koziara, John Pindelski, George Matwyshyn, Christopher Hellwig, Larry Jaworski, John Talamog ROW 4: Laszlo Szabo, Robert Mahoney, Ronald Pavlak, Joseph Boborci, Len Januzik, Henry Bujwid, Ken Gruszecki, Richard Nicholus, John Rzym- ski, Michael Ploof. Senior Members FRONT ROW: Jack Meyers, Walter Hollinger lPresidentJ, Mr. Peter Morrison lModeralorJ, Keith Vigilietta lVice-Presidentj, Livio Paroling ROW 2: Fred Kist, Michael Hennessey, George Richter, Dominic Di- Gianfilippo, John Folker, Robert Zakg ROW 3: John Barber, Dennis Malec, Thomas Johannsen, Peter Farbotko, Thomas Wisniewski. Jun- ior Membvnr. Twenty inductees recite pledge as new members of NHS. John Pindelski assists in the Main Ollice to tacilitate pre-school and after school business. .. If W A-V and Library Staff Form Communications Center The main concern of the Audio-Visual Department and of the Library staff was to check to see if all the equipment was in good operational condition and to see that the recently re-organized sections of the library were kept in functioning condition. Since the Science-Technol- ogy library was transferred to the Main Library. all ofthe equipment had to be housed within one complex. With this move begins the consolidation of both the A-V and Library Staff into an organization which will function in the new communications center, which will take place when the library facilities are expanded as a part of the recent building program. It will then be the task of both these staffs to compliment each other insofar as all audio-visual equipment will be located within the new complex. The communications center, which is taking shape this year, will be in full working order once the following academic year begins. Up to this point, both stafTs have been working to bring about a smooth transfer of all materials under one roof, under a central unit, so that the students will be able to get all that they need. are able to do all their research within the complex of Gordon Tech. Roger Wasicki and Paul Rivera make final check on one of five pro- jectors to be used on the following day for classes. FRONT ROW: William Sove, John Andrzewski, Bob Szabo, Paul Wasicki fCo-chairmanj, Richard Fassl, Norman Pietrasg ROW 3: John Rivera, Carmen lacullo, Alfred Lovende, Fr. Dennis Sanders QModera- Malczyk, Jim Kocol, John Ratliff, Frank Chlebak, Mike Piorkowski, tori: ROW 2: Patrick Molitor. Gary Hayes, Michael T. Dudek, Paul Bob Martin fCo-chairmanj, Casey Rog, Nick Jacob. KA-VS1ajj'J 48 REV. DENNIS SANDERS, CR Lihrariang Religion I Mrs. Florence De Bellis, Assistant Librarian. ,rv FRONT ROWI James F3l'2iCi, SICVC Beluch, Bill Gabfid, RiCh21l'd Sikora, John Jakymiw, James Chuhak, Charles May, Dan Coyne, James Williams fChairmarlD. Rev. DCflfliS SHl1dCfS, CR iM0dera10rJ: ROW 25 Dianovsky, Gary Sammartano. Missing from piczure: Rene Monoz, Joseph Golembiewski, Richard Sengenberger, Joe Marafiino, Andrew Gary Dudacky Ronald Wnekypwmas MCGuiggan.fLfbm,y5,am 49 The band was under the direction ol' Mr. Thomas Wehrheim, who has come to Gordon this year. Many signiheant changes occurred under his direction. First ol' all, lormal classes in band were inaugurated. Groups ol' students were assigned specilic periods in which to come lor lessons. For this they were given academic credit. The second noticeable feature came in the lorm ol' the combined band concerts which took place both at Gordon and at St. Benedict High School. Members ol' the band participated in the Chicago Arch- diocesan Solo and linsemble Contest, held at Weber High School. Forty-two members performed in twenty assemblies. The results were as lollovvs: twelve Superior ratings, seven Excellent ratings. and one Average rating. Forty-six superior medals were won. liach Saturday, grammar school students come to Gordon to practice and to train lor that day when they shall become future band members. These pre-high school students also enter into competition lor top awards. S FRON 7' ROW: Thomas Rock, Romuald Mindykowski, Edward Jensen tCommanderj. Joseph Guerrero. Edgar Huber. fColor Gimrdt FRONT ROW: Bill Gabriel tSeetion Leaderl, Gerald Rutlino, Thomas Armstrong, John Wojtiukg ROW 3: Paul Bogacz, Lawrence Jarasy, Wilda. Timothy Nuvirt. Martin Dudaz ROW 2: Robert Zak, Wayne lirwin Stejan, Jim Graham, John Jakymiw, Jim Mitrenga lSergeant of Burke, Peter Minerva, Nick Tillmann, Chester Grochowski, Charles Aff11Sl.RObCflMHlL. Band Expands Program to Include Formal Classes , rrlsrr is rsarrll A A - l im. FRONT ROW: Robert Cochrane fliquipment Managerl. Keith Sllak. Auano, Herbert Stefan, Tom Ceglareki ROW 3: Michael Schenfeld, William Kreft tVice-President 84 Section Leaderl, Ronald Kocol, An- David Bielat, Michael McBlainc tPresident 8: Dance Band Directory, drew Patrick, Tony Grygowski: ROW 2: Edward Pavett, George Wicrf- Arthur Renner, Dominic Difiianlilippo, .lim Krueger, Tom Bowling. lecki, Karl Mirkes, Gregory Fulara. Richard Dmuuynski, James FRONT ROW: Paul Saletnik tSecrctary-Treasurerl, Patrick Sulak Mrowinski fDrum Majorlg ROW 3: James Pomis, James Perciach, fSection Leaderl, Robert Boniecki. Wayne Cnota: ROW 2: Danny jgmcg ClCury.Th0mu5 w'lcLien, 5l MR. THOMAS WEHRHEIM Band Director Concerts Sets Tone for Holidays as Bands Combine The Gordon Tech Concert Band combined with the St. Benedict High School Concert Band during the Christ- mas Concert. This was the first time such a venture was attempted at Gordon. The co-directors were Mr. Thomas Wehrheim, of Gordon, and Mr. Edmund Stark, Chairman of the St. Benedict Music Department and the Director of Gordon's Marching Band. A special feature of the concert included guest director, Dr. Thomas L. Fabish, Dean of the Instrumental Music Department at De Paul University. Music performed included numbers from all periods and covering all styles. There were "Russian Chorale and Overture", by Tchaikovskyg the "Latin American Suite" by Cornelius, and highlights from "South Pacific." The program concluded with the traditional "Christmas Festival" by LeRoy Anderson. The purpose of such a combined eiTort was to provide a unique musical experience for both audience and per- formers. More of these types of concerts have been in- cluded in the program which will be crystalized this year for next year's implementation. Mr. Edmund Stark conducts one of the numbers during the Christmas concert at which the combined bands of Gordon Tech and St. Benedict High School played prior to the Christmas vacation. FRONT RO W: Ron Rutkowski, George Stachnik, Mr. Bruno Ociepka fModeratorJ: ROW 2: Richard Kurtyka, Charles White, and John Johnston. Forensics Debate Organizes Program While Forensics Continues to Expand Membership FORENSICS During the year, the Forensics group worked on re- training the members and modernizing the organization. This included bringing in more members and visiting various schools to watch tourneys in action. DEBA TE Gordon's Debate Team was instrumental in hosting the Chicago Catholic Forensics League's Second Freshman Debate Tournament. Thirteen member schools were re- presented, with fourteen teams entering in the competi- tion. The group has also been spending time on reorganizing and updating practices and procedures which they have seen in work at various schools during the current semes- ICI. FRONT ROW: Mr. Robert Derendal CModeratorj, Mike Walsh, Rich Kurtyka, Timothy Liden, William Essenbergg ROW 2: Isaiah Pickett, Bob Simpson, Bob Schilling, Glenn Kleinschmidt, Joe Maraffino, Carl Sanders, Mike Chicester, John Caruba. Debare Fencing Program ains Momentum in ts Second Year The enrollment in the Fencing Club, now in its second year, has increased because of a renewed interest in this ageless sport. The program has been augmented in many ways. First of all, the members meet at least twice a week to work out theories and practices in using the foil, the epee, and the sabre. Mr. Thomas Marcinkiewicz, '67 Alumnus of Gordon, assisted Mr. Morrison in training the staFf. To start off the year, the Fencing Club held an open house to intro- duce the art of fencing to new members. At this meeting, the specifics of the art were presented and a mock fencing match between Mr. Morrison and Mr. Marcinkiewicz was held to illustrate the various defensive and olTensive maneuvers used in the sport. A tournament was held at which prizes were awarded to members who had shown outstanding work in the field. The competition was run on a double elimination basis, that is, two losses would eliminate a competitor. Each match was a ten touch bout with a seven minute time limit. Opponents attempt to eliminate each other in a tournament sponsored bythe Gordon Tech Fencing Club. FRONT ROW: Robert Drapak CPresidentJ, James Cimbalista, Edgar Giangrande, Kevin Cunningham, Jerome May, Richard Ameliog ROW Huber, Russell Simmons, Jerry Witkowski, Michael Hill, Mr. Peter 3: Gary Kolar, Gary Hayes, Jim Mitrenga, William Barry, Ronald Morrison tModeratorl, Michael Sare tSecretary-Treasurerl: ROW 2: AkSr10WiCL. Thomas J21SCZak,Tl10maS WiSniWSki. Mark Mikrut, Helmut Starodub, Mark Buzek, Tom McGuiggan, Mark Ground Crew Continues Program FRONT ROW: Michael Arroyo, John Grimes, Eubert .layi ROW 2: Peter Noruk tPresidentJ, Rev. Mitchell Tadla, CR tModcrator5, Richard KasLuba. GARDEN CREW A crew ot' live, together with the moderator, took care of the landscaping which surrounds the block and a hall' complex that is Gordon Tech. Their main responsibility was to keep the shrubbery and trees neat looking in appearance. They also kept the lawn free of debris on a day to day basis. BOOKSTORE The individuals in charge of the bookstore were on hand before and after school to serve the students' re- quirements. They were in charge of stocking, distrib- uting, and repacking ma- terials so that every student was able to come to class with all the necessary ma- terials for their courses. Bookstore Serves Ever-Growing Enrollment 'Q v V-nr FRONT ROW: Rev. Edward Jaskula CR tModeratorJ, John Malczyk, CR: ROW 2: Michael Sare, Stanley Zurawskl, Robert Benton. Edward Pietrucha, Joseph Bloniarczyk, Rev. Theodore J. Tomusiak, Anthony Gierz, Stephen Zdebski, Keith Jarosh, Andrew Scholastico. 55 KGT-TV Expands Programming FRONT ROW: Arthur Borkowski fModeratorj, Michael Malczewski fLighting Chiefl, Phil Expanding this year to over ll5 members, the television staff pro- vided what would be considered the best programs seen on WKGT in its history at Gordon. Televising on a regular schedule, a weekly set of programs included: guidance at all levels, "It's Scientific" Qin its third seasonj, the GT Special, featuring programs and a new program spon- sored by NHS, entitled: "Think . . . If You Dare!" The fully equipped studio re- ceived a loan of equipment from the Archdiocese in October. This Ampex equipment included an video tape machine, an Ampex Studio Camera and other miscel- laneous items. The staff is divided into six de- partments which include: Engi- neering, Production, Lighting, An- nouncing, Graphic Arts, and Scen- ery. During the year, all members of the Engineering staff were re- quired to acquire a third-class license from the Federal Communi- cations Commission. Stobbe fStafT ChieD3 ROW 2: Michael Dudek fGraphic Arts Chieft, George Landelius fChief Engineeri, Richard Serenda QScenery Chiefj, Charles White fProduction Manager 84 Presidenti, Jerry King QChief Announcerj. -f 11-rf 1: were l FRONT ROW: Timothy Navin, Robert Beltramelli, Robert Benton, Ronald Marszalek, Thomas Stremlau, John Barnitz, Jack Meyers, Frederick Stephens, ROW 2: Robert Cain, Richard Wasilewski, Jim Solesky, Jim Dopke, Michael Yarka, John Reilly, Fred Kist, Dennis Bryang ROW 3: Larry Jaworski, John Pindelski, Ronald Lingl, Martin Rozycki, Steven Keown, Jerome Dudzik, James Russnakg ROW 4: Joseph Olszewski, Claude Ogorek, Gregory Hock, Joseph Kilian, Henry Godzisewski, Paul Wasicki. James Kalvelage, Richard Zoladz. Jr. di Sr. Stajjk FRONT R0 W: John Johnson, Michael Magnuson, Jon Michal, Robert Werner Kist, Kenneth Fiedler, ROW 3: Stephen Mazanek, Joe Krol, MCYCF. Phil Cerra, Tom WilS0H. Aflhllf Marek, David Di0rll'lCl ROW David Skowronski, Steve Beluch, Michael Paul, Stanley Latos, Jerry 2: Chuck Niesen, Bill Moser, Mike Lagioia, Lee Kolaczkowski, Joseph Barosso, John Marek, Bill Krakosky, Edward Stamm, Ralph Berry, Nelson, David Glogowski, Don Battaglia, Frank Chambers. FRONT ROW' Anthony Sutera, Joseph Sutera, Edward Bania fScen- ery Staflj, David Wienckowski, Michael Rosato, Jerry DeFrancisco, Greg Cebrzynski, Mike Optieg ROW 2: Tony Segreti, Mark Foch, Wayne Miczek, Jerome Smiglee, Glen O'Hara, Daniel Swiderski, Bob Tasch, Pat Ward, ROW 3: Larry Hubert, Larry Bochenko, William Marshall, Ken Marks, Tom Applegate, Gregory Pacton, Robert Fial- kowski, John DalPorto1 ROW4: Dennis Majewski, Joseph Meier, Larry Hoeppner, Robert Meyer, George Pyszynski, David Baiocchi, Greg Janowiak, Bruce Tofel, James Dianovsky. Stage crcvn members inslrumemal in making the props for thc musical include: lBolLom to Topl L. .laworski lSlagc Nlanagcrl, T, Madiar, K. Marganowski, B. Psujck, T. Nowak, W. Marshall, and Ci. Mrol. R .a ..fr, .-..a3l r Mr. .loseph Hay es, producer and director. Fall Musical Hits Big "Bravo '68" was this year's spectacular. The story centered around a boy and a girl who. while on vacation, cross the continental United States. At various times they meet, only to be separated again. The cast consisted ol' over 250 boys from Gordon and 250 girls from the various Catholic high schools in Chicago. Mr. Joseph Hayes, in his sixth year as producer and director, put the musical in motion. Mr, Arthur Borkowski headed the stage crew who produced many elaborate sets, including a ferris wheel outlined in lights and the psychedelic hack drop for a "swinging" scene in a teen club. ln all, over forty scenes were depicted, each repre- sentative ol' a state. The many novelties presented includ- ed a gushing oil well, a Ferris Wheel, phosphorescent clothing, and six revolving stages. Ferris wheel constructed by the stage crevi complimented St. Louis World's Fair sequence. vffbliih' The Stage Crew is composed of students of all levels, who work behind the scenes on the plays and musicals presented throughout the year. They are instructed in the construction of scenery, painting, lighting, and many other facets of backstage work. The crew is run by the stu- dents themselves, although they do have a moderator. These individuals fill the positions of crew-chiefs and staff-heads. This year the crew was kept busy with a wide range of shows, including "Bravo '68", the Fashion Show, "Little Me" 1the spring play3 and special assemblies. The Stage Crew also does work at many shows out- side of Gordon Tech. CD :s W CD E7 :s cn. C-1' :r CD U3 C CD :s CD U3 3? s: oo 5 CD :S f'f U "1 sa: 5 ss: U3 X '51 115 iilivtfb ' ' V if 15151 1 ln f :'.. J It l W 6,1 Iiisaitf I 113 Michael Luxg 123 Edward Cejkag 133 Robert Meyerg 143 Lee Kolaczkowski, 153 Carl Sanders: 163 Fred Schau: 173 Vito Hrabskig 183 Peter Cunneeng 193 Greg Janowiakg 1103 Thomas Bush: 1113 David Dionne, 1123 David Nowakg 1133 Bruno Psujekg 1143 John Homa, Flybar Captaing 1153 Larry Jaworski, Stage Managerg 1163 Ronald Korabik, Assist- ant Stage Managerg 1173 Mr. Arthur J. Borkowski, Drama Directorg 1183 Robert Butkovichg 1193 Larry Schallerg 1203 John Scotkovsky, 1213 Uaniel Swiderskig 1223 Thomas Nowakg 1233 Gary Brillg 1243 Wayne Miczekg 1253 Ronald Lingl, 60 Scenery Captaing 1263 Bill Edwards, Lighting Chiefg 1273 Edward Stammg 1283 Tim Maderg 1293 Mike Chidesterg 1303 Augustin Lopezg 1313 Glen Mrozg 1323 Bill Marshall, Scenery Artistg 1333 Gary Sammartano. life if 'Tig ""-1--W... -1--mag.---,,. , John Pindelski begins to assemble announcement for an upcoming event at Gordon Tech. ,.,..pv--'P" , arquee Crew Handles Public Announcements ,,f fr' ff! .-"""' David Daugird puts the final letters on a sign announcing an important meeting ofthe Mother's Club. The Marquee stands near the Main entrance to the school building. The function of the Marquee Crew is to post upcoming announcements on the sign so that the community around the school may be notified of the events taking place at Gordon. ,fe These include messages of congratu- ,M tttstxttt lations to notable public figures, ,. announcements of athletic events, 3 special assemblies, and acknowledg- ments of events which infiuence the ii community and school as a whole. fi. ,,W,,.W. f W 'K 3 Q ,,,,i.o.,.i FRONT ROW: George Matwyshyn, Mike Safe, Len Janiga, Norbert Szczewski, Rev. Eugene Szarek, CR fModeratorJg ROW 2: Ted Lacina, John Pindelski, Anthony Malina, Don Battaglia. Weekl Has New Format, Stabilizes Staff, and Wins Top Journalism Awards The RAM-page returned to the four-column format. It also was standardined to four pages, with the exception of the issues devoted to Christmas, the visit ol' Congress- man Rostenkowski, the Musical, the Tratlic-Safety con- test entry, and the College Supplement. The weekly newspaper took thc lllinois Trallic Safety Award lor the safety issue. The RAM-page has taken all top awards, including an All-Catholic and an All-American for the 1966-67 issues. The data received from these citations were used to up- date and modernize the l967-68 edition. The stall has been stabilized at 65 and the newspaper is now completely assembled, put together, headlined, photographed, and printed within the building. Circula- tion has gone up to 2l0O copies. as opposed to last year's l IOO copies. The moderator was recipient of a Newspaper Fund Fellowship tSyracuse Universityl and the Sigma Delta Chi professional journalist status. New equipment, in the form ol' a Besler enlarger and a Yashica 24 were added to the photographic department. I"RON'l' ROW: Bill NyholT, John Welch, Frank Gruba, Mike Kolasin- ski, Jim Miesfala, Pat Ward, Mike Rosato, Joseph Poli: ROW 2: Rich Tasch, Frank Styburski, Jerome Smiglee, Gregory Pacton. George Stachnik, Harry Bork, Bernard Wlodarski. Lee Kolacfkowski, Gerard Bauerg ROWK: Joseph Kofiol, Anthony Byk. Larry lime. Tom Slonka. William Herrick, Richard Nitka, Don Battaglia. John Barnitl. Greg Keiling, Bill Kozak, Tom Downar, Michael Piorkowski: ROW 4: ..,..,--v-4""'1' in W, N,,...s George Pyszynski, John Mika, .John Talamo, Chuck Torres, Bill Neven, Norman Pietras, John Konieczny, Kenneth Kofin, lidward Grygowski, Mario Pagnucci, Barry Deron: ROW 5g Joe Pomis, George Ziobro, .lohn Rfymski, Michael Newman, Ken Meullner, Glenn Gienko, Charles Ponicki. Paul Polinski, Walter Gramiak, lidward Garstka, .Ml'.Y.YfIlg frofi1pi'i'I14rc'.' Mike Optie, Rudy Jaeger. FRONT ROW: Walter Lyson iPhoto Stam, Ronald Kogut 1Produc- tion Managerb, Robert Zielinski fliditor-in-Chiell Mr. Casimir T. Ostrowski tAdvisorJ. Peter Szynkiewiey tManaging Editorl, Paul Zibits tNews liditorhz ROW 2: Jerome May tlfeatures liditorj, lidward Bunta tCirculation Co-Managerl, Thomas Wisniewski tArt Editorl, 1 Robert Zielinski fliditorj, Mr. C. Ostrowski fAdvisorl. Cmdr. Dramus, Mr. Paul Luffe, Jr., Rev. Walter M. Wileyek, CR QPrineipalJ, and Jerome May tFeatures Editorl at Kemper Award Presentation. Richard Nicholus tliditorial Editorl, Dave Daugird fProduction Co-Edi- tori, Richard Krystyn tSports Editorj, Gregory Glazar 1Circulation Co- Managerj, Phil Stobbe iPhoto liditorj, John Pindelski tProduction Co- liditorj, Robert Riley tLithographerl. Ron Kogut tProduetion Manageri works on revising layout Mr Ostrowski tAdvisorj offers possible variations to the project. A' rfeanigfzz H mm'tfi,5iEkL 77 FRONT ROW: Mark Giangrande, Richard Tasch iPhoto Editorj, Rob- ert Novotny fEditor-in-Chief,D James Kocol fLayout Editorj, Richard Krystyn fSports Editorjg ROW 2: Mr. Casimir T. Ostrowski Uournal- TECH-Log Preserves School's History This year's staff, though small in number when com- pared with staffs of previous years, have consolidated po- sitions so as to use each man efficiently and steadily. With regards to the criticisms of last yearls TECH-Log fFirst ClasseNSPA, First HonorseCSPA, and First HonorsvColumbiaJ, the yearbook staff examined the crucial areas, particularly layout and photography, with a view to improving these. Art work was used in the annual for the first time in four years. Copy was placed on the divider pagesethe first time in five years. Many activity groups were posed informally, consiously structured so as to avoid the con- ventional "yearbook grayf, The advisor toured the Hannibal plant, where he learned about the processes of yearbook printing. These ideas were presented to the staff with the intentions of cutting down on the time element in printing and photo journalism. ism Advisory, Peter Kiefer, Thomas Kocian, Michael Suhajda fCopy Editorb, Pat Ward, Tim Grzesiakowski flndex Editorj. Rich Tasch and Phil Stobbe discuss intricacies ofthe 180 mm lense which is part ofthe Mamiya C-22 equipment. Tim Grzesiakowski Qlndex Editorj and Pete Kiefer check names with Jim Kocol tLayout Editorj, Mr. Ostrowski tjournalism Advisorj, Bob picture credits to keep an orderly and up-to-date index. Novotny tEditor-in-Chiell, Rich Tasch iPhoto Editorj and Tom Kocian discuss the layout and pictures to be used in a section ofthe yearbook. l Don Smith, the American Yearbook Company's Illinois representa- tive, and Mr. Ostrowski check the work of a four-color press at the companys plant in Hannibal, Missouri. 65 Presses Roll Continuously The Printing Department has the dilhcult task of printing the weekly newspaper, the RAM-page, the Moth- ers Club news: the High-Lites, the Fathers Club bro- chures, special testing forms, and other material needed for the office, including stationery and attendance cards. This year's musical, printed in four solid colors, came off the Gordon Press. The passbooks, raflle books for the Mothers Club. and football brochures were also turned out on the new press. The basketball and football ban- quet brochures were among the many items to come out ofthe Printing Department. lntricacies of Math Draw Members The purpose of the Math Club is to broaden and deepen the interests of its members in mathematics, to increase knowledge of the subject, and to pass on to others an appreciation of the values and beauties of the subject. This year, with a new moderator, plans were made for , held trips. One of these took place to the l.B.M. company t in Chicago. l Members Ot the Club also asslsted ln the Slide rule Bill Fialkowski prepares press for the weekly run of 2100 copies of the course which was offered to the student body on an extra- RAM-page. prior to runningthe Mothers Club newspaper. ' curricular basis. They also worked on special math test- ing programs given to grammar schools in Chicago. FRONT ROW: George Piotrowski, Frank Kozak, Norbert Szczew- Deschamps. Ronald Lingl, Walter Hollinger, Robert Widing, Wayne ski, Mr. Robert Armstrong fNloderatorlg ROW2: John Pawula, Richard Slffladi Emil Kllbiiiki, Dafliel Delimiiliit 66 FRONT ROW: Joseph Bloniarczyk, Larry Wukits, Edward Pietrucha, Andy Lesniak, Timothy Liden, Michael Hillg ROW2: Joseph Guerrero, Gerald Bojarski. John Tylka. Dennis Wolkowicz fVice-Presidcntl, Lawrence Slmurlo tPresidentJ, Robert Beltramelli, John Bober, Rev. David Inverso CR, tModeratorJ: ROW 5: Tom Susala, Robert Stasiek, Cheer Them on to ictory! The Cheerleaders and Pep Club combined to produce a strong backbone for support of the teams during all ath- letic events. The most outstanding indication of the drive the club members have was evident when a record num- ber attended the Homecoming game in heavy rain. All the members have striven to instill within the student body that healthy spirit of competition and victory which made the team stand out in league play this year. FRONT ROW: Ray Mota, Ibrahim Nadal, Michael Hennessey, Ken Gruszecki. Mr. Anthony Gies tModeratorJ, George Grzeca, Donald India, Tom Foley, Dan Sammong ROW 2: Robert Corsentino, William Steinmetz, Richard Kurczak, George Hirschcnberger, Kenneth Kozin. Edward McKissack. Dennis Zepka, Robert Mullin, Larry Nazimek, Thomas Lach, Mike Healy, Irving Nadal, Thomas Galuhng ROW 3: Stanley Zurek, George Pyszynski, Richard Zoladz, Emil Pfenninger, Ray Demskig ROW 4: Jim Mieszala, James Opolony, Keith Kurczew- ski, Robert Benton, Paul Zibits, James Russnak, Barry Deron, Mike Sheehan. The Lettermen's Club is composed of athletes from the various sports at Gordon. Their main function has been to assist at the various games in the capacity of ushers and referees, as well as to aid in the intramural programs and the special grammar school tournaments held during the Christmas holidays. They also worked on Sports Night, a special feature this year, which brought professional boxing and wrestling to the Gordon gym. Lettermen Continue G1'OW'Ll'1 Bruce Kawecki, John Barber, Laszlo Szabo, Joseph Solis, Michael Pat- ton, Vincent Scire, Jerry Blum, Michael Peleck, Michael Hoban, Nick Brenkus, Paul Kuper: ROW 4: Ken Lewandowski, Keith Brown, Tony Hutter, John Archacki, Tom Ochab, Henry Bujwid, Bill Huss, Daryl Brosnan, Ray Samp, Bill Arendt. g Spain Mr. Dieden fmoderatorj plans Project: Pride endeavor with club members. George Matwyshyn Cstanding to lefty and John Pindelski fcenterj prepare to add their own comments on the event. Kiwanis Spends Year in Serving Community This was a big year for the Kiwanis Key Club because many projects were planned and much recognition and participation resulted from them. Their hrst project was the Peanut Day Sale which was held on Sept. 22. Through the members' efforts, over Sl,000 was collected, an all-time high for Gordon. The annual "Soap for Dixon" campaign and the canned goods food drive, both of which took place in early December also established a record. The Club received over 590 bars of soap and S120 toward soap. In the canned good food drive, well over 100 items were collected and over S160 given toward the drive. The Little Sisters of the Poor, recipients ofthe proceeds, felt this to be most generous. The largest campaign sponsored by the club was called: Project: Pride. It was aimed at instilling in the students more self respect for themselves and their school. The poster contest was run in connection with this endeavor. Pat Sonju fl-CJ was the recipient of the first prize: Sl0.00. His slogan stated: "PRIDE'Should be Seen ...Not Heard." The Easter Project, which involved donations of candy bars or some financial stipend netted over three thousand items, all of which went to orphanages throughout the area. FRONT ROW: William Wurglitz QPresidentj, George Richter fSecre- tary-Treasurerj, Walter Gramiak, John Pindelski, Mr. Eugene Deiden fModeratorj, George Matwyshyn, Thomas Wisniewski fVice-Presidentj, Jerome May fSecretaryJ, Livio Parolin QCoordinator of Activitiesjg ROW 2: Rich Tasch, William Simpson, Fred Kist, Jim Kocol, Ron Ruthkowski, Andrew Flurkey, Robert Novotny, Robert Zielinski, Michael Hennessey, Robert Caing ROW 3: Nick Seufert, Michael Suhajda, Paul Zibits, Bob Krueger, Tom Slowik, John Fisher, Mike Godzicki, Jack Meyersg ROW 4: Norman Pietras, Larry White, Dennis Malec, Peter Maczuzak, Gregory Bialkowski, Richard Nicholus, Russell Maziarka, Chris Pellikan, Al Penuela. FRONT ROWA John Gozdecki, John Pawula, Walter Hollinger, Nor- bert Szczewski, Joseph Bloniarczykg ROW2,' Thomas Jaszczak, George Pyszyinski, Donald Pacholczak, Wenceslaus Achramowiczg ROW 3: Mr. Richard Bird tmoderatorl and Norbert Szczewski fleftj engage in a match prior to time of open competition with teams from other schools. George Gyarmati, David Glogowski, Mike Brandt, Jerome May, Mario Romano, Robert Tamburello. Moderator: Mr. Richard Bird. The Gordon Tech Chess Club engaged in greater interschool competition than in previous years. Through the lirst semester, the club has compiled a 4al record, losing to DePaul, last year's champions. They had beaten Fenwick, Loyola, Holy Trinity and St. Benedict. In their second semester of competition they met with Fenwick, Loyola, DePaul, Holy Trinity, and St. Benedict to score similar to that ofthe hrst semester. This year, the club has spent more time in extra- curricular practice sessions and more extensive meetings with all the members and their new moderator. These sessions proved helpful because of the victorious record the club had shown throughout the year. Chess Members Expand nterschool Meets JETS Highlight Year with Visits to Many Colleges FRONT ROW' Paul Polinski, Michael Hennessey, Ronald Meyer, Michael Sare, Rev. David lnverso, CR QModeratorJ, Larry Jaworski tPresidentj, Walter Hollinger fVice-Presidentl, Larry Nazi- mek, Donald India, Peter Reyes, ROW 2: Gary Kizior, John Talamo, Ronald Kalisz, Robert Beltramelli, Michael Kasper, Donald Gerhart, Ron Korabik, Gerald Gibson, Donald Berowski, Jack Meyersg ROW3.' Nicholas Jawnyj, Richard Wasilewski, Wayne Strnad, Nicholas Cud- The Junior Engineering Technical Society had many field trips this year. Their first was to the IBM Data Processing center located in Chicago. There they learned ofthe recent advances in data processing and of the many opportunities open to prospective programmers. Next, the JETS went to Michigan State University where they stayed at the Kellogg Center and toured the College of Engineering as well as the university campus. In February, the group went to Northwestern University where the engineering facilities were ex- plained andthe programs discussed. The University of Illinois CChampaign-Urbanal was the scene for a two day field trip in March. Housed on one whole iloor of a new dorm in the university complex, the students moved to the engineering center where, after viewing a film on college admissions, a discussion period was conducted. The remainder of the time was spent in visiting with engineering students, specihcally Gordon Alumni. There was also a private trip, by a few members of the group, to St. Louis, where many of the colleges were visited. zewicl, Dominic DiGianlilippo, Michael Miceli, Greg Golkowski, Robert Tatarczyk, Fred Kist, William Simpson, Tom Ventrellig ROW 4: Michael Ploof, Don Klein, John Barber, Chris Pellikan, Joseph Zadorozny, Dennis Malec, Al Penuela, Jerome Dudzik, Tom Lach, Christopher Hellwig: ROW 5: Adam Smrokowski, Claude Ogorek, Andrew Zagata, Thomas Johannsin, Henry Bujwid, Joe Boborci, Gregory Bialkowski, Dave Daugrid, John Rzymski. Fr, David lnverso, CR, moderator ofthe JETS, points out certain col- lege catalog material to Ed Grygowski and other members of the organization. Language Club Opens New Areas for Student Culture Members of Mrs. Nardi's Spanish Il class enacted Columbus' plight to Queen Isabella prior to his departure for the Indies. FRONT ROW: Mike Prokop. Jeff Monroe, Glen Mario, John Carska, Leonard Dyrda, Richard Sengenberger, Michael Hill: ROW 2: Charlie Sokulski, Werner Kist, Miss Rochelle Jacobs fModeratorl, Michael Hannigan fVice-Presidentj, Henry Godziszewski CPresidentJ, Jerry Gibson tSecretary-Treasurerj, Miss Joan Supernaw tModeratorJ, John Kehoe, James Bouzideg ROW 3: Steven Sebastian, Vince Casanova, Frank Sammartino, Richard Kaszuba, Robert Flynn, George Krueger, The Language Club began its Hrst year with a large student response. The club's objectives are to acquaint the students with the French andfor Spanish civilization and to show how one's own culture might be broadened from older civilizations. Their activities included a special Columbus Day tele- vision presentation, during which performance the details of Columbus' voyage to America were presented. The members also went to see a French exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry during the Christmas season. They also spent a great amount of time in after- class discussions on the intricacies ofthe language and the culture. Miss Rochelle Jacobs indicates to members of the club wherein the humor ofa French phrase lies. Glenn Fahlstrom, Bill Wichlenski, Phil Cerra, ROW 4: Carl Sanders, Paul Wuster. John Lalowski, Larry Murphy, Greg Legutki, John Leski, Ron Buzinski, Lawrence Rich, Hector Valdesg ROW 5: Joseph Hatfield, Wayne Pedryc, Donald Bak, Michael Nebe, Robert Butkovich, Bill Gabriel, Dennis Krleminski, Thomas Jaszczak, Dennis Willard, Robert Labuda. Science Club Features Guest Speakers, Projects Gamma Tau Sigma, the Science Club, has under- gone extensive reorganization. Two of the purposes of the club are to instill an interest in science and to provide an opportunity for students to discuss scientific topics. The first step in revamping the organization began with the drawing up of a constitution. Next, weekly meetings were scheduled, during which club business, such as field trips, planned activities, etc., were discussed. Then the meeting moved into its second segment: demonstrations with regard to recent topics in chemistry, movies, guest speakers, and discussion on current scientific topics. Three speakers addressed the group this year: Mr. Wil- liam Huth, who lectured on physics, Mr. Craig Bolanos, on chemistry and its role in high school curricula, and Mr. Walter Hanson, Latin teacher, who spoke on science and philosophy. Gamma Tau Sigma assisted in and sponsored the Science Fair, held at Gordon, Feb. 16. Ten students and their projects were selected at the City Fair to rep- resent Gordon at Champaign-Urbana. Robert Widing, president of the Science Club, assisted by George Piotrowski tat blackboardj, lectures on metrics and the effects of certain components on the overall weight structure of special chemical substances. FRONT ROW: Randy Postiglione, George Piotrowski, Fred Kist, Robert Widing CPresidentJ, Dennis Jadin CVice-Presidentb, Michael Miceli fSecretaryJ, MrQ Craig Bolanos tModeratorJg ROW 2: Werner Kist, Chris Kardaras, Larry Szczewski, George Gawor, Edward Pietrucha, Joseph Koziejag ROW 3: Adam Szczotka, Jerome Dudzik Greg Holther, Richard Czyzewski, Richard Zoladz, Timothy Topole Thomas Jaszczak. Astronomers Closely Observe Phenomena of Universe FRONT ROW' George Stachnik, Wayne Strnad, Joe Elarde, Daniel Doyle fstandingj. ROW TWO: E. Radzik, Reinhold Schmidt, Emil Zyskowski, Henry Antczak, Andrew Mazurek. Moderalor: Mr. Daniel Skrzypczynski. The Astronomy Club had three types of activities this year: C11 lectures at weekly meetings on topics of the universe: Q21 observation schedules: and C31 monthly visits to the Adler Planetarium fChicagoj for the various presen- tations on stellar phenomena. On December 15, in weather which registered a brisk 21" F, members of the Club met at Horner Park to observe the following celestial wonders: Andromeda Galaxy M31, the open cluster M34 and M35, the Pleiades, the globular cluster Ml5, the Great Nebula M42,ihe Crab Nebula Nl, the Moon and the planet Saturn. This observation lasted for three hours. The Lunar eclipse of April 14 CGood Fridayl was the next major observation. The eclipse began at 10:10 p.m. and was over at 12:32. Other sightings and lectures implemented the program. Wayne Strnad captured scenes of the lunar eclipse of April 14. The sequence includes: full moon: beginning of eclipse tshadow to lower rightjg and total eclipse approaching its full cycle. FRONT ROW' Helen Riley fSenior Program Chairladyj, Helen Zielinski tTreasurerj, Rita Czyzewski 1Recording Secretaryj, Helen Mattick fRecording Co-Chairladylg ROW 2: Helen Maciorowski QPresidentJ, Helen Starzec fAlumni Representativej, Pat Galligan fSocial Chairladyj, Evelyn Luczak fRafHe Chairladyj, Helen Schultz Uunior Representativejg ROW3: lrene Wodek fHospitality Co-Chairladyl, Lor- .M--ming' raine Sentowski 12nd Vice-Presidentb, Beatrice Mitrenga CCorrespondence Secretaryl, Myrtle Granacki tSenior Program Chairladyb, lrene Gienko tSophomore Representativel, Loretta India lSergeant at Armsb, Ruth Cardwell LEditor, Hi-Lites and Publicity Chairladyj, Florence Mazew- ski Qlst Vice-Presidentj, Rev. James Schultz, CR ClVloderatorJ. Aladdin's treasure trove stood at the entrance to the gymnasium where the Fall 'Festival took place. Members ofthe Mothers Club prepare to open booth at beginning ofthe evening's activities. i Mrs. Dorie Kolar models one of the Lytton's fashions at Ronianlic' R6fff6'l'I1'OI7S fashion show. Mothers Club Captures Oriental Splendor During Fashion Show Many innovations were effected by the Mothers Club. This year, with the effort of the Fathers Club, the Carnival was expanded and a record number of visitors was re- corded. The Fashion Show, which took on an oriental Havor, proved to be very well received by the capacity crowds which attended on both nights. The school cafeteria was changed into a Sultan's tent, and many exotic dishes were proffered to the guests. Members of the Mothers Club donned garbs of Orientals and the members of the Fathers Club dressed as Shieks. The Mothers Club members served as hostesses when Congressman Rostenkowski appeared for the NHS assembly, and they also assisted the National Catholic Education Week evening ceremonies at which many per- sons from both public and parochial high schools were present, They were likewise on hand to assist for the many special assemblies held throughout the year. rw, .D 5 W .NK 1, Exotic delicacies enhance Oriental and Eastern flavor ofthe fashion show. 75 Fathers Club Members Highlight Program with a Carnival and Dance This year's program, as planned by the Fathers Club, met with great support from all the members of both the Fathers and Mothers Club. The monthly meetings were highlighted by guest speakers from the field of athletics and law. Bobby Joe Greene ofthe Chicago Bears spoke to the members about the intricacies and rules of football while Johnny Kerr, ofthe Chicago Bulls spoke of Basket- ball. The two major events of the year were the Fall Festival CCarnivalJ, which the Fathers club planned in connection with the Mothers Club. The gymnasium was converted into a land of toys, a wonderworld for the youngsters. The cafeteria became the International Room, wherein various nationalities displayed native dishes. The second large scale endeavor was the Christmas Dance at which a record number of parents, friends and faculty attended. 5 A huge pyramid of toys was the center of attraction at the Carnival this year. Members ofthe Fathers Club sponsored their annual Christmas Dance. A record number of couples attended and danced during the evenings festivities. FRONT ROW' Harry Mindak fRecording Secretaryj, Gene Valerugo Chester Wasicki Uudge Advocatej, Edmund Bugajski 1Senior Repre- fPresidentJ, Rev. Henry Blaski, CR Cifhaplainj, Roy Sanders Clst Vice- Seflllllivcl, Tony Zagozdon CAlUmr1i RCpfSSCnlalivCJ, Raymond Sent- Presidentb, Emmet Lamb Uunior Representativeb, Lee Strnad owskiC2nd Vice-Presidentl. fSergeant at Armsjg ROWZJ Bob O'Hara fSophomore Representativej, Mr. Roy Sanders and some of the members of the Fathers club man one ofthe many booths during the Fall Festival. 77 Library Auxiliaries Assist Expanding Program The Library Auxiliaries are composed of mothers of Gordon students from all years in school. They devote their free evenings to cataloguing books and to updating the open shelve items. This year's work has been most exacting because of the vast amount of Title II entries which the library was able to obtain through the government program for subsidising library facilities. Each of the members comes down to school, in the evening and prepares many of the hundreds of entries which must be made in the card catalog prior to place- ment of books on shelves. They also work in updating such crucial areas as the general and specific information files, vocational files, and college catalog materials. To these dedicated mothers falls the task of continual up- dating, binding, and marking books which the students in the expanding complex of Gordon Tech must have in order to augment classwork. This has been facilitated to a certain degree by the addition of a Zerox machine which the Auxiliaries use in preserving materials for future use to students. FRONT ROW' Ruth Cardwell, Anne Hennek, Florence Mazewski, Mary Ann Kurz, Father Dennis Sanders CR., Lynda Drapak, Rita Radcliffe, Dolores Sandburg, Evelyn Johannseng ROW2.' Irene Mueller, Mildred Walleck, Gert Stuffers, Myrtle Granacki, Tecla Monahan, Mrs. Florence DeBellis tAssistant Librarianj scans latest Title Il addition to the shelves. Olga Bialek, Mary Kopinski, Barbara Porazinski, Geraldine .Bak, Dor- rie Kolar, Loretta Fedinets, Lorraine Lorek, Marion Rzymski, Florence DeBellis. Rev. Dennis Sanders, CR CLibrarianD preaches homily at the services ofthe Liturgy during the April meeting ofthe Library Auxiliaries. Missing From Piczures Alice Dudek, Virginia Dudzik, Patricia Galligan, Lillian Herbold, Bernice Justus, Wanda Coriglione, Madeline Macklin, Frances Majkszak, Mary Milbourne, Alice Mroz, Helen Mueller, Virginia O'Donavan, Rosemary O'Hara, Mary Ponicki, Gloria Rocchi, Catherine Squeo, Jule Stailey, Helen Starzyk, Aileene Susala, Olga Traeger, Esther Tyler, Rose Uliasz, Rosemary Valerugo, Irene Vinyard, Margaret Ward, Eleanor Wecker, Mildred Wienckowski. FRONT ROW- Florence Seiwert, Helen Maciorowski, Agnes Drapak, Riley, Agnes Bartojay, Mary Zehentmaier, Dorothy Kulinski, Evelyn Anne Wolcott, Rev. Dennis Sanders, CR fLibrarianJ, Emily Kowall, Camisa, Harriet Serenda, Florence DeBellis, Mary Hyrczyk, Klara Phyllis Pierog, Marge Thomma, Wanda Marjanowskig ROW 2: Helen Kist, Jean Krause, Catherine Cunningham, Marianne Bross, Rita Solesky. X SPO M24 XX Pre-Season Training Football begins the yearg Intramurals Highlight the program As Basketball begins anewg Bowling thruout the year Volleyball, Wrestling, Boxing Baseball caps the season Toward the building ofthe body. Senior Players i.,..... 8 Dan Sammon 1 George Grzeca 2 Paul Kuper 3 Ray Mota 4 Tom Jurkiewicz 5 Bob Cooney 6 Dennis Zepka 7 Ray Samp 8 Tim Ryan 9 Tony Hutter 10 Mike Patton 11 Daryl Brosnan 12 Ken Gruszecki 13 Bill Huss 14 Tom Galuhn 15 Ted Kostrzewa 16 Gerry Blum 17 Joe Solis 18 Bob Corsentino 19 Ed McKissack 20 Mike Pelleck 21 Mike Healy 22 Mike Freewalt 23 George Hirschenberger 24 Joe Guidi 25 W . , w Ee1: i'.- , , 82 1 22 4 23 44. w .Ada ,. Q' Football coaches include: Ray Smith, Jim Proftitt, Tom Winiecki, Bill Wynn. Varsit Finishes ith 4-5 Record GT OPP 24 St. Laurence l9 14 St. Rita 6 6 Mendel 27 17 Loyola 20 27 St. Philip 12 13 Hales Franciscan 0 7 Brother Rice 18 6 Weber 13 0 Fenwick 24 lst ROW L. TO R. B. Cooney, G. Grzeca, T. Galuhn, R. Mota, D Sammon, M. Healy, E. Mcliissack, B. Corsentino. 2nd ROW. J Pecak, B. Johnson, T. Ryan, K. Gruszecki, G. Blum, M. Pelleck, T Jurkiewicz, D. India, I. Nadal. 3rd ROW. P. Kuper, M. Patton, D Brosnan, T. Hutter, B. Huss, R. Samp, J. Solis, G. Hirschenberger 4th ROW. T. Lach, M. Hennessey, T. Slowik, J. Barber, D. Cooney M. Hoban, L. White, L. Parolin, R. Kurczak. Missing from picture. T. Kostrzewa, J. Guidi, M. Freewalt, D. Zepka. Gordon Tech's Varsity Football team closed their 1967- 68 season with a 2ee3 league, and a 4e5 overall record. The season opened with games against three south Section teams. The first opponent, St. Laurence's Vik- ings, fell victim to the Rams, 24al9. Long runs by Ray Mota, Paul Kuper, and Tom Galuhn highlighted a strong running attack. The Gordon defense sparkled in the tight battle with St. Rita the following week. Mota and Galuhn scored once to give the Rams a l4f6 win, When the Rams travelled to meet Mendel on the South side, they were overwhelmed by an inspired Monarch football team, 27e6. Mike Healy entered the end zone in the fourth quarter dissolving any hopes of a Mendel shutout. In the first league game with Loyola, the Rams left Wilmette with a Coach Tom Winiecki protest and a 20el7 loss which stood. The protest concerned the use of the stadium clock which permitted Mike O'Rourke of Loyola to score with two seconds remaining. The Rams snapped the shutout string which Loyola had stretched to six games. Ray Mota streaks towards the endzone for his second TD of the Hales game. Gordon Tech backers on the sidelines as they await the start of the Loyola game. The second North Section encounter was against the St. Philip Gaels. The Rams took an early fourteen point lead and later went on to win 27-12. The Orange and Gray made it two in a row when they shut out Hales Franciscan, l3e0. It was Ray Mota who scampered by the Spartan defenders to score two TD's during the an- nual Homecoming game. In a midseason exhibition, Gordon was on the short end ofa l8e7 score with the eventual South Section cham- pion, Brother Rice. When the Rams met their rival, Weber High School, any playoff hopes had been diminished by the Red Horde's l3f6 victory. Disputed calls were factors in this disappointing upset. Gordon moved to Oak Park Stadium the following Sun- day, to meet the title-minded Fenwick Friars, who blanked the Rams, 24-0, in the season finale. JV's Show Promise for Upcoming Grid Season The Gordon Tech Junior Varsity football team ended their campaign with a 2f3el record. They started olT the season by dropping games to Mendel and Loyola, then came for respectable wins over Brother Rice and Hales Franciscan. They lost the fifth contest to neighbor- ing Lane Tech, l2a6. The final game was a 12-all tie with Weber. GT OPP 6 Mendel 18 0 Loyola 6 I2 Brother Rice 0 24 Hales Franciscan 6 6 Lane l2 12 Weber 12 Tom Galuhn tries to avoid the clutches oftwo Fenwick Friar defenders. Daryl Brosnan 1755 and Thad Kostrzewa upend Art Anderson, a Spartan halfback. 'L A wall ofGordon blockers pave the way for the Ram halfback. Ray Mota heads up field as GT blockers carry out assignments. FRONT ROW: R. Tasch, J. Freund, F. Greif, T. Cordaro, J. Murray ROW 2: L. Pahlke, T. Tenczar, T. Bicknell. J. Russnak, R. Maziarka, B. Kehoe. ROW 3: F. Gaddini, J. Tirado, J. McGovern, M. Riordan Two Hales defenders engage in a wrestling match with the Ram's quarterback, Mike Hoban, W ' if L.. . K. Silvestri, F. Dumele. P. Sarachman. ROW 4: J. Perricone. A. Mangialardi. D. Rybarczyk. K. Mester, B. Schlitter, A. Zagata. J. Schultz, I. Nadal fmanagerj. X aug F . - . ..,...W ...K , , A21 'X . .QELAJ in 1 1' 'T U3 361 fs' A l , Q -flnxl Frosh Makes Strong Debut FRONT ROW' R. Wolf, J. Kippes, J. Johnson, J. Hutter, V. Libera lore, L. Chilicki, G. Brill, R. Cordaro, T. Cerone, W. Grobelney, E. Burnes, J. Freling, I. Nadal. ROW 2: D. Romirez, B. Muryn, J Tinatero, M. Dill, J. Banks, M. Dziedzic, T. O'Brien, T. Doman, J. Stilling, E. Sabia, K. Pena, J. Mullin, S. O'Mally, R. Berry. ROW 3: Coach Pastos, P. Lonsfoote, A. Lopez, B. Sobozenski, J. Starczewski B. lanessa, G. Green, R. Altasano, D. Mroz, T. McShane, M. Lom- bardo, K. Boyle, R. Bull, T. Kokones, Coach Plurkowski. ROW 4 GT OPP 0 Mendel 32 24 Loyola 0 8 St. Philip 6 12 Hales Franciscan 24 6 Brother Rice 28 12 Weber 0 6 Fenwick 2 8 Lakeview 6 J M. Clark, T. Mills, J. Lee, T. Abosti, G. Van Pumbroeck, J. Sum- meruilla, S. Mauro, J. Wirkus, J. Rodgers, J. Kulawik, D. McPoland, S. Schmidt, W. Hoben, P. Lenczewski. ROW 5: A. Stamm, S. Pan- catto, J. Hatfield, B. Cavskie, T. Kurczewski, L. Lang, N. Haluzak, K. Krochman, R. Berowski, L. Dardi, G. Solymossy, L. Cziky, J. Jurkiewicz, H. Groch, F. DiSilvio. Missing from picture-R. Moser, G. Michaelson, M. Duffy, A. Panico. Under the direction of Coach Gus Pastos, the Fresh- man Football Team completed the season with a 5-3 record. The Frosh team practiced the fundamentals of the game in their anticipation of promotion to the Varsity. The Rams gained victories over Loyola, St. Philip, Weber, Fenwick, and Lakeview. They lost to three South Section teams: Mendel, Hales Franciscan, and Brother Rice. Tom Galuhn picks up substantial yardage on 3 pum rgfurnh Ray Mota turns the corner leaving four Brother Rice Crusaders in his trail. After battling in the mud, tackle Ken Gruszecki views the Weber con- test from the sidelines 89 68 Season Senior Players Mike Healy Q15 Ken Lewandowski Q23 Laszlo Szabo C35 Bruce Kawecki Q43 Vince Scire Q55 Tom Ochab Q63 Lou Bryja Q75 Keith Brown Q85 Henry Bujwid 195 Bob Mullin U05 John Arehacki C115 ' " w r s w 9 I Heavyweights Compile 16-7 Season Record The Heavyweight team found its '67-'68 season filled with many bright moments. They posted a successful l6f7 overall record, fourth best in the school's history. The Rams opened the year with a 60-54 conquest of St. Leo. They continued their winning ways to end with an exhibition slate of 942. The two losses were accounted for in upsets by Leo and Hales Fransiscan. The Heavies' league season was filled with a number of disappointments. The Orange and Gray ended up in fourth place of the North Section with a 745 record. They started off league play with a 74465 defeat of Weber's Red Horde. The Rams suffered their worst losing streak of the season when they met head on with the top three finishers in the North Section, Loyola 8244-76, Fenwick 78-61, and DePaul 57744. They were once again revived and grabbed victories from St. Philip 6lf52, Holy Trinity 92-58, and Weber 76-64. When it came to the big three again, the Rams were toppled by Loyola and Fenwick but they pulled out a thrilling 57e55 victory in overtime against DePaul. St. Philip fell for the second time to GT 58451, and the Rams shattered two records in the season's finale, a l05e37 destruction of Holy Trinity. Wx' Lou Bryja arcs a shot over the outstreched arm of Herb Courtney. Henry Bujwid completesabank shot in the L60 COHICSI. Tom Ochab gains possession of rebound while in the midst of four Spartan defenders. GT OPP 60 Leo 54 77 St. Laurence 70 52 Mt. Carmel 47 66 Hales Franciscan 54 61 St. Rita 59 68 Leo 80 63 Schurz 54 70 Mendel 63 88 Foreman 56 56 Hales Franciscan 761 75 Brother Rice 45 74 Weber 65 76 Loyola 82 61 Fenwick 78 44 DePaul 57 61 St. Philip 52 92 Holy Trinity 58 76 Weber 64 56 Loyola 60 56 Fenwick 73 57 DePaul 55 58 St. Philip 5l John Archacki aims for two points against Mendel Catholic. 105 Holy Tfmlty 37 FRONT ROW: Ibrahim Nadal fManagerj, Laszlo Szabo, Brian Bozek, Directorj, Henry Bujwid, James Marino, Vincent Scire, Thomas Ochab Robert Mullin, John Theodore, Irving Nadal fManagerJg ROW 2: Ken Lewandowski, Mr. Donald Swanson tCoachJ, Brother Frank Lou Bryja, Peter Farbotko, John Archacki, William Lang, Keith DusiewiczfAssistantAthletic Directorj. Brown, John O'Donnellg ROW 3: Fr. Edward Dubel CR, tAthletic FRONT ROW: Ibrahim Nadal QManagerJ, Terry Carlton, Jerry McKenna, Richard Podraza, Irving Nadal fManagerJg ROW 2: Peter Gozdecki, Michael Uchen, Larry Maher, Gary Lassila, Michael Healyg ROW 3: Rev. Edward Dubel, CR fAthletic Directory, Mr, GT OPP 47 Leo 50 81 St. Laurence 73 39 Mount Carmel 53 43 Hales Franciscan 48 77 St. Rita 73 67 Leo 52 54 Schurz 40 73 Mendel 49 71 Brother Rice 75 56 Leo 46 42 Fenwick 63 47 Weber 63 66 Loyol-a 57 49 Fenwick 46 29 DePaul 49 61 St. Philip 66 74 Holy Trinity 62 69 Weber 71 75 Loyola 58 57 Fenwick 65 62 DePaul 65 47 St. Philip 77 92 Holy Trinity 66 Ken Banaszek fCoachJ Bill Boller, Bruce Kawecki, James Sechman, Ted Tenczar, Brother Frank Dusiewicz, CR fAssistant Athletic Directory Jim Sechman connects as a referee watches closely. Mike Uchen completes a pass while in mid-air. Bill Boller pulls a rebound away from Dan Schalfer of Loyola. Lightweights Finish Short of .500 Mark The Gordon Tech Lightweight team fell one game short of achieving the .500 mark, hnishing with an llfl2 record. They were 6-a5 during exhibition play and 537 for fifth place in the North Section. Their victories during no-league play came against St. Laurence 81f73, St. Rita 77x73, Leo 67-52, Schurz 54f40, and Mendel 73--49. Another win came in the Fenwick Junior Tourney over Leo, 56-46. The Lights opened the season with a 63-47 loss to the Red Horde. Two Gordon victories were next on the list, 66a57 over Loyola and 49-46 over Fenwick. They went on to drop two to DePaul and St. Philip, and to defeat the Tigers ofTrinity 74-62. In the second half ofthe season,Athe Rams managed only to conquer the cellar dwellers, Loyola and Holy Trinity, by respective scores of 75-58 and 92-66. Mike Healy tosses in a basket against the Demons. The future Ram basketball hopes seem to be very promising after this season's display of talent by the Ban- tams. They were outplayed in their hrst preseason game by St. Rita 32 23 but came back with a 41431 thrash- ing ofForeman's Hornets. Weber was the next victim in a 45 426 burial ofthe Red Horde. Loyola was the only North Section team that presented the Bantams with problems. They won both encounters45 26 and47m445. Five straight victories occurred between the two losses to the Ramblers. The season ended on a happy note, a 48430 romp of DePaul. The team's record was a respectable 8f3. GT OPP 23 St. Rita 32 41 Foreman 31 46 Weber 36 26 Loyola 45 56 Fenwick 50 45 DePaul 32 40 St. Philip 23 46 Holy Trinity 38 34 Weber 18 'O 45 l.OyOl21 47 Jim Marino tips in a rebound against Fenwick. 48 DePaul 30 FRONT ROW: Irving Nadal llvlanagerj, Sam Mauro, Joe Becker, Mr. Donald Swanson fCoachj. Richard Campbell, Bob Schlitter, Jim John Theodore, Steve Pasowicz, Richard Wolff Qlvlanagerbg ROW 2: Marino, Bill Lang, Leonard Lonsfoote, John O'Donnell. Brain Bozek, John Ott, Steve Kroll, Mike Clark, Bob Carski: ROW 3: 96 Victories Evade Flys Tom Weniger has his ankle taped by Donald India QAssistant Trainerj as Mike Hastings, fManagerJ assists, It was a very long season for Gordon Tech's Flyweight team. They possessed a 049 record, but the experience gained would be invaluable for the future. They were edged in the first game of their campaign with St. Rita 29425. They dropped two games each to Weber and DePaul, and single contests to Fenwick, St. Philip, and Holy Trinity. Their team average was a 34.7 compared to the op- ponents, 50.7. GT OPP 25 St. Rita 29 27 Weber 60 30 Fenwick 48 33 DePaul 50 42 St. Philip 49 39 Holy Trinity 53 39 Weber 52 37 Loyola 50 42 DePaul 66 FRONT ROW' Mike Prusank, Irving Nadal LManagerJ, Richard Wolff CManagerJ, Charles Kupka. ROW 2: Joe Hutter, John Rodgers, Orest Petrowski, James Banks, Bob Sobczewski. ROW 3: Ken Banas- zek CCoachJ, Terry Carlton, Don Hubal, James Cleary, Zbigniew Piekielny. ntramural Bowling Expands Into Five ivisions The fourteenth year of intramural bowling saw itself expand from four to five divisions at Gordon Tech. Stu- dents from each of the four years took part in this league, supervised by Mr. Eugene Wleklinski. All of the teams met each Tuesday at Waveland Bowl for matches with opposing teams. The weekly meetings help many in- dividuals improve their bowling skills and sportmanship. The annual banquet honoring the keglers for their achievements was held on May l, in the school cafeteria. Trophies were given to the champions of each division. Special awards were also given for exceptional bowling feats. Joe Guerrero attempts to pick up a spare. Freshman Division E FRONT ROW' Ben Czerniak, Gary Malinowski, Bill Walker, Alf Loverde, Coach Eugene Wleklinski, Tim Mader, Larry Ninow, Jeff Chierog ROW 2: Gary Glomb, Robert Meyer, Jim Orlowski, Tom Lesniak, Steve Chrapla, Larry Bryan, Mike Iles, Joe Kopinskig ROW 3: Marty Budzinski, Ken Kotlarz, Jeff Andrzejewski, Wayne Buczkowski, Rich Kwiecien, Don Jachino, Tom Cihakg ROW 4: Paul Matelli, John Depcik, Dennis Studzinski, Wayne Pedryc, Greg Lewandowski, Frank Cihak, Mike Nantelle, Mike Doherty. FRONT ROW' Gerald Zelnick, Larry Giebelhausen, Clarence Klipo- wicz, Mr. Eugene Wleklinski iCoachJ, Rich Kurtyka, Ralph Greinke, Mike Ederg ROW 2: Richard Depcik, Richard Deschamps, Gregory Gallas, Mike Keller, John Szaflik, Joseph Follmer, Aloysius Mazewski, Junior Division B FRONT ROW: Bob Krueger, Mike Sheehan, Rich Janske, James Gerich, Mr, Eugene Wleklinski QCoachJ, William Pyziak, Daniel Powicki, Robert Beckg ROW 2: John Bober, Mark Plocki, Chris Kelly, Wayne Luczak, Clarence Kass, Jim LoSasso, Gary Ervin Kostick, Edward Sikora, Gary Goczkowskig ROW3: Chris Lorek, William Breclemann, Thomas Lewandowski, Robert Pascaly, Ronald Marszalek, Dan Penkala, John Schmaedick, Frank Dalton, Thomas Miller. iSeni0r Bowleml Kulinski, Gerry Kulinski, Dennis Bryan: ROW 3: Wayne Winnecke, Jack Klein, Emil Pfenninger, Andy Glab, Henry Godziszewski, Larry Hyrczyk, Claude Czekaj, Joseph Polowczyk, Rich Sawickig Missing from picture: John Waldorf. Sophomore Division Cf FIRST ROW: Norb Pytel, Dennis Nicpan, Vince Casanova, Jim Sroka, Bob Gniech, Jim Szymanski, Ron Szatkow- ski, Joe Poli: ROW 2: Jack Sanborn, Jeff Eder, Mike Sobuak, Geary Gaspord, Mr. Eugene Wleklinski lCoachJ, Sal LoVcrde, Gary Try- kowski, Joe Guerrero, Chester Kenney: ROW 3: Joe Bryk, Bruce Kosiek, Mike Koreyl, Dennis Demeyer, Greg Pacton, Stan Denys, Bob Walla, Bob Sebastian, Rich Liput, Dennis Dubielg ROW 4: Gene Wis- niewski, Ken Marks, Ken Candell, Greg Gorski, Joe Meier, Ed Ogorek, Mary Kobylanski, John Perone, Gerald Werner, Tom Grisaffi, Spencer Sajewskig ROW 5: Greg Janowiak, Zbigniew Zielinski, Bruce Tofel, Roman Kuszynski, Jim Zak, Rich Hitzelberger, Bob Puhala, Wayne Wolkowicz, Mike Smaczny, Dennis Krzeminski. Missing from picture: Wayne Wagner. Freshman Division D FRONT ROW: Van Mertens, John Gozdecki, Demski, Ed Gloss, Carl Sirotzki, Allen Panek, John Halerzg ROW 4: John Popp, Mr. Eugene Wleklinski QCoachb, Carl Lasusa, Steve Lee Kolaczkowski, Greg Michaelson, Marty Minogue, Mike Mclntyre, Price, Marty Srokag ROW2: Ed Godziszewski, Phil Cerra, John Stach- Bob Kurek, Marty Przybylski, Paul Godlewski, Steve Banas, ura, Mark Heynessens, Mike Bielat: ROW 3: Tony Koprowski, Jim Rich Depcik brings up his average with a spare. CIBL Juniors Capture orth Section Crown Gordon Tech's top bowlers were chosen from the in- tramural league to participate on an interschool basis in the Catholic lnterschool Bowling League. There is a Sen- ior and Junior Division and competition against members of both the North and South Section. The Junior Rampins brought home the North Section first place trophy this season for their 2la8 record. In the championship game, however, they were defeated by Brother Rice ofthe South Section by a 6f2 score. The Senior Rampins ended their year with a l7ea I3 record for second place behind Weber. Select members from each squad also participated in the Catholic Inter- school Bowling League All-Star Tournament. CIBL FRONT ROW: Joseph Polowczyk, Claude Czekaj, Henry God- Winnecke, Clarence Kass, Ed Godziszewski, John Gozdeckig ROW 3: ziszewski, Andrew Glilb. D311 Penkala, Mfg Eugene Wleklimki lC0aChJ: Ronald Szatkowski, Bob Walla, Gerry Werner, Bob Puhala, James Zak, ROW 2: James SLymanski, Wayne Luczak, Richard Depcik, Wayne Bruce Kosiek,Stan Denys, Bob Sebastian. School Champs in Intramural Basketball f3Cl and Champions of the Junior year include: FRONT ROW: Emil Pfen- ninger, George Schlander, Ken Giaco- mino, Larry Schroeder, Jim Schwegelg ROW 2: Tom Slowik, Dennis Cooney, Greg Bingham, Eric Botcher, Scott Sander. In intramurals six sports were offered to the students. These included touch football, basketball, volleyball, box- ing, softball, and track. In football, a total of twenty-one teams were organized to vie for their respective class championships. The games were played on a double elimination basis. If a team loses more than one game, it is eliminated from competition. Senior A took the school championship by defeating the junior champs, 3E. The sophomore division champs were ZF. In basketball intramurals, a total of 64 teams were officially entered, each of the classes, Senior, Junior, and Sophomore, having 14 teams apiece. These teams were split into seven divisions, in which each played six games qualifying or disqualifying it from the playoffs. There were three freshmen divisions: Red, White, and Blue. The school champs were 3C, who won the honor with a 23 --22 conquest with 4B. The sophomore divison champ was ZA, and the freshman division champ was l-I. Boxing was introduced this year and met with a success as over 200 boxers entered. The participants were divided into ten specific weight divisions f95,l05,l 12,1 l8,l26,l35, fC0ntinued on page 1042 Intramural Sports Expands Program Junior contend for title in basketball finals l Bob Tasch takes a hard left to the head. A key play by members of4B results in a seven point score. School Intramural Football Champions of 4A include: FRONT ROW: Mahon, John Rzymski, Gary Kiziorz ROW3.' Keith Vigliella. C215 Wil John Talamo, Nick Cudzewicz, Wally Pawula, Paul Stechman, Greg kowski, Frank Kozak,.lohn Pindelski, Don Berowski, Wally Hollinger. Golkowskig ROW 2: Mike Ploof, Joe Boborci, Steve Urban, John Mc- IO3 Victors in the Intramural volleyball competition from 4 A include: FRONT ROW: Walter Hollinger, Tom Galuhn, Paul Stechman, Greg Golkowskig ROW 2: John RLymski, Joe Boborci, John McMahon, Don Berowski, Cas Witkowski. Coach Telkes starts to move in as opponents reach end of mat. ffaririrzuedjiom page H121 l48,l60,l65, and heavyweightj Out ofthe 200 starters I7 were pronounced champs of their respective divisions. The champs wereAIsaiah Pickett IAH, Tom Forde I-AAT, Tony La Cassa 21, Terry Mueller 3I, Jim Pacer IC, Dennis Kilgallon 3K, Steve Messina 21, Keith Brown 4C, John O'Donnell ZC, Howard Bultinck 4D, George Czerwionka, Emmanuel Smaczny 4L, Bill Hoban IG, Mike Hoban and Mike Peleck 4AI, Joe Lasse ZE, and Ken Gruszecki 4C. In April competition started for school champs in volleyball. A total of 27 squads from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes entered the tournament. The teams entered the single elimination competition which lasted ten days. Senior A took its second school champ- ionship by beating 3B, 4J was third. Senior A acquired its third school championship ofthe year in softball competition. Each squad played each of the other teams in its division twice. The champ was determined on the basis ofthe standings. This year track was also added to the other sports but wasn't stablized to permit its entrance into the program. I 7' f'jlf 5325? -,I'--12'-:T .L f Competition is fierce in Frosh-Soph basketball contest. Coach Ray Smith fstandingj who organized the program, was assisted Champions ofthe sophomore year ZA in Basketball are I-'RONTROWQ by ll.. to RJ Coaches Don Swanson, Bill Wynn, and Ken Banaszek. viva' Tom Downar, Andrew Starzec, Bob Fialkowski. Bill Kozak, Bill Mar- shall: ROW 2: Bob Puhala, Mike Blinstrup, Pete Smolinski, Mike Newman, Jerry Cukierski. -up I 2 IOS This year's track team has definitely ranked among the best in Gordon Tech history. The RAMS displayed their superiority in all events throughout the entire season. The Varsity finished with an overall record of 11 wins and 2 losses while the Junior Varsity had 12 wins and only 1 loss. Standout seniors for the season were Howie Bult- inck, Dan Wecker, Don Berowski, Bill Steinmetz, Vince Scire, Sam DeMatteo and Bill Arendt. As far as records go, this year's team set a total of 13 records, more than any other team in GT history. Gerry Kulinski set records in both the 100 and 220 yd. dashes. Howie Bultinck smashed a long-standing record in the 440 yd. dash. Sam DeMatteo set a new mark in the pole vault as did Bill Steinmetz in the shot put. On the Junior Varsity level, Mike Martorano set a new school record in the mile run as did Dave Koss in the two mile event. Mike Newman set school records in the high jump and low hurdles and tied the existing city record in the high hurdles. Both the JV and Varsity set records in the mile relay. In the All-Star Meet, the Varsity placed third out of 12 teams competing and the JC was fourth. The GT Varsity again brought the North Section Championship to Gor- don by tallying up an overwhelming 92 points. The JVs came in fourth. In the City Championship Meet, the Var- sity placed fourth out of the twelve schools competing and the JVs came in third. Varsity Track Team Sets New Records VARSITY GT OPP 71 Weber 47 71 St. Rita 15 58 172 Loyola 59 172 62 Taft 41 92 Fenwick 13 JUNIOR VARSITY GT Loyola OPP 60 DePaul 58 62 Weber 50 57 st. Rita 52 57 Fenwick 15 56 13 VARSITY FRONT ROW: Robert Brezezinski, Tony Amatog ROW 2: ski, Nick Brenkus, William Barry, Rich Janske, Dan Wecker, Coach George Richter Michael Kenny, Bill Steinmetz, Rudy Shoewe, Larry Tony Giesg ROW 4: Pete Maczuzak,- Bill Wurglitz, Dennis Bryan Nazimekg ROW 3: Coach Bob Cwiertniak, Howie Bultinck, Don Berow- Vince Scire, Larry Scire, Greg Bialkowski, Bill Arendt. l JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW' Robert Johnson, James Kelly George Krueger, Joseph Rog, Thomas Staszakg ROW 2: Jerry King Mike Hannigan, Dave Koss, Jim Saxton, Jim O'Hara, Anthony Scalise ROW 3: Coach Bob Cwiertniak, Bob Fialkowski, Walter Wojkowski M4 V ,Z ,,,i A Jim O'Hare hands off baton to Howie Bultinck, North Section record- holding relay team, during the mile relay. Len Wesolowski, Roman Kuzmyn, John Starclowski, Mike Martorano John Gallagher, Coach Tony Giesg ROW 4: Greg Stanek, Don Bacik Mike Newman, Dennis Rybarczyck, George Stefanik, Bob Meyer. Dan Wecker 1l4J, Peter Maczuzak 1393, Rich Janske 1435 finish l,2.3 in North Section Championships for high hurdles. l L- The Gordon Tech Cross Country Team ended the season with both teams presenting a fine showing. The Varsity finished with a record of 6 wins and 12 losses over all, and with a 3 win47 loss Catholic League record. Standouts for the season were Bob Butzen and William Arendt. The Junior Varsity ended its season with an ll wine 7 loss overall record and a 6 winf4 loss Catholic League record. Mike Martorano, Jim O'Hare, Dave Koss, and Ray Shauer paced the .I.V.'s. William Arendt was added to the All-Time Cross Country Team, and Bob Butzen was made a provisional member. During the season, Bob Butzen set a new school re- cord of 9:48. This is a full 15 seconds faster than any other GT runner. Mike Martorano set a new Catholic League record with his time of 10:04. This is also the School Junior Varsity record. It distinguishes him as the third fastest runner in Gordon Tech history. Varsity GT OPP 43 DePaul 18 33 Loyola 22 38 Leo 17 21 St. Rita 43 40 Mendel 19 42 Brother Rice 20 20 Mount Carmel 33 41 Fenwick 20 15 Hales Franciscan 50 Cross Country competitors begin their run at the starters' signal. Larry Nazimek fRightj overcomes a Loyola opponent while ending his I'UI'l. . ,Q JYQ 0 'Q Cross Country Squads Present Fine Showings FRONT ROW: Mr. Robert Cwiertniak tCoachj, Larry Nazimek, Kelly: ROW 3: Anthony Scalise, Gabriel Hartl, Gregory Stanek KCHUCIH Kozin, Dennis K0nCZyk, William Arendt, Tom Foley, Mr, Gregory Bialkowski, Lawrence Scire, Robert Meyer, Keith Kurczewski Anthony Gies tCoachJ3 ROW 2: Richard Laxner, David Knitter, Jim Raymmld Sl'lHUCf-TONY Amam- Saxton, Gary Hayes, Jim Corunty, David Koss, Roman Plotycia, James Coach Gies and Ram runners offer a prayer before the start ofthe meet. Junior Varsity GT OPP 29 Leo 26 20 Loyola 35 22 St. Rita 34 15 Mendel 50 31 Brother Rice 26 36 DePaul 23 I5 Mount Carmel 47 21 Hales Franciscan 34 24 Fenwick 32 Senior Basemen l Dan Cwiak 2 Ed McKissack 3 Ron Meyer, Bob Groszek 4 George Grzeca 5 Tom Barrett 6 Carl Brader 7 Lou Bryja 8 Mike Yanku 9 Nick Cudzewicz 10 Ray Samp ll Dan Penkala 12 Dennis Dalke 5 Q 'X we. 4,5- dv W ,- M an f ,., ,fy "H-Q-nv' A fm ...,,n,:,.4s N X In K QLQJ ,MM W-YWMMA , A.,, .K 4.24 ' M. L N. n 4 yn . , " , w" 1 5' . Q. .f X 'i 1 X Lai imc- INV Ram Basemen Tie for North Section Under the direction of Brother Frank Dusiewicz, the Gordon Tech baseball team won the 1968 North Section Title. This was the first time since 1962 that a Gordon baseball team won the North side championship. Unlike in past years, Brother Frank had an assistant coach, Mr. Thomas Gawne, who greatly contributed to the success ofthe team. This years team was centered around returning all star second basemen, Ed McKissack, and the righthanded pitching ace, Dennis Dalke. Besides sharing this year's most valuable player award, both players were elected to All-Catholic League all star team. The 30 player squad started early in January preparing for the tough '68 schedule. The Rams had a fair exhibi- tion season against Public League opponents. The team got ofi' to a shaky start in league play by losing four of the first six games. But after a few changes on the squad the Rams rebounded and surprised everyone by winning ll of the final l2 games. Included in that streak was the first Gordon Tech victory over Weber in five years. At the end of the season both Loyola and Gordon had identical l3u5 records. Both captured a share of the crown. The Rams went against Brother Rice in the play- off for the Catholic League Title. Gordon was stopped by brilliant pitching. They managed to get only four hits in two games ofii of Brother Rice hurlers. The two losses ended a long but successful season for fine Gordon team. Other senior players on the team were outlielders Carl Brader, Tom Barrett, Dan Cwiak, Mike Yanku, and Dan Penkala, infielders Lou Bryja and Ron Meyer, and North Section all-stars George Grzeca and Ray Samp. GT OPP 4 Holy Trinity O 3 Loyola 5 5 St. Philip 7 2 Brother Rice ll 2 DePaul l 0 St. Laurence 4 5 Fenwick 4 7 Hales Franciscan 3 8 Holy Trinity 2 4 Loyola 3 14 Mendel 5 3 St. Philip 0 0 Weber 16 4 Weber 2 8 Leo 5 8 DePaul 3 12 St. Rita 0 3 Fenwick 1 Mike Bulicek connects with a pitch in the game with Austin High School. Wk ff' fi if aff" ll2 eff A Hugs' tif ,ral YH' ,H 7775 f'VQ?" wiv' FRONT ROW: Lou Bryja, Mike Bulicek, Bob Groszek, Nick Cudze- dore, George Grzecag ROW 3: Mr. Tom Gawne QCoachl, Ray Samp, wicz, Rich Rossini, Tom Ventrelli, Vince lcandella, Richard Gorski, Claude Czekaj, Bill Broecker, Jim Mazukelli, Steve Galuzzi, Roger Tom Downar, Ken Silvestri, Bob Walla, Dan Cwiakg ROW 2: Roger Davino, Mike Dugo, Al Penuela, Don Ryan, Tom Barrett, Jim Lawson, Gorski, Mike Polanski, John Fabry, Clarence Klipowicz, Carl Brader, lid Mcliissaek, Dennis Dalke, Bro. Frank Dusiewicx, CR fHead Base- Larry Krenos, Mike Woodward, Ron Meyer, John Tylka, John Theo- ball Coaehb. Rich Gorski hustles out an infield grounder. Jim Mazukelli throws to the plate for an attempted out. I I3 i HLoyalty and Dedication Exemplified . . ." Millw- FRONT ROW' Dan Sammon CMost Valuable Linenianj, Ray Mota Walter M. Wilczek, CR fPrincipalJ, Rev. Edward Dubel, CR fAthletic fMost Valuable Backy, Tom Galuhn CCoaches' Awardj. ROW 2: Rev. Directory, Coach Tom Winiecki. Gordon Tech's Athletic Department presented the l967 Football Banquet, December 9. Mr. Jim Valek, head football coach at the University of Illinois, and former coach at West Point was guest speaker. Coach Tom Winiecki stated his idea of the squad as a whole by saying, "Loyalty and dedication exemplified this year's team." Ray Mota was presented the Most Valuable Back trophy and Dan Sammon was awarded the Most Valuable Lineman trophy at the Fifth Annual football banquet. The two were also voted as honorary captains of the '67 RAMS. Tom Galuhn was the winner of the Coaches' Award. Coach Jim Valek, guest speaker at Gordon's Fifth Annual football banquet. Sonny Means, head coach from Western Michigan, was guest speaker at the annual basketball banquet. FRONT ROWA Mike Uchen, Lou Bryja, Brian Bozek, Laszlo Szabo. Bruce Kaweckig ROW 2: Fr. Walter M. Wilczek, CR QPrincipalJ, Fr. Sonny Means Addresses Cagers at Annual Banquet Gordon Tech's Athletic Department honored the Ram basketball teams at the Annual Basketball Banquet held on April 6. The guest speaker was Mr. Sonny Means, the head varsity basketball coach at the University of Western Michigan. Coach Means stated, "If you don't discipline yourself, no one will discipline you. Learn to sacrifice and always bounce back from defeat." Lightweight coach, Mr. Ken Banaszek, gave the Most Valuable Uunior Varsityj Player and Best Junior Free Thrower trophies to Bruce Kawecki, who made 216 of 561 field goals and 110 ol' 144 free throws during the season, Heavyweight coach, Mr. Swanson, handed the Most Valuable Senior Varsity Player Award to Lou Bryja, and the Best Senior Free Thrower Award was given to Laszlo Szabo. Bryja ended the season with a total of 384 points. Szabo connected on 69 of 91 free throws for a .756 percentage. The Most Improved Player trophy went to Brian Bozek. The Coaches Awards went to Tom Ochab of the Senior Varsity and Mike Uchen of the Junior Varsity. Dr. Ted Chase received the Service award this year. Edward Dubel, CR tAthletic Directory, Tom Ochab, Mr. Ken Banas- zek fLightweight Coachi, Mr. Donald Swanson fHeavyweight Coachj. ,fl The Homecoming court was composed of QI.. to RJ Put Arms, Kathy Rill, Mary Cumpanelli, Elisa beth Gross fthe Queenj Linda Smith. Mona Thornton, Muurccn Puterek, and Put Hussey. i 1 Those who attended the Homecoming festivities danced to the music ofthe Los Angeles Twilight. H6 1 Miss Elisabeth Gross tllomecoming Queent is escorted onto the held during halftime by George Matwyshyn, Kiwanis Key Club Secretary. Despite the inclement weather, she still maintained her sense of humor and her pleasure at the progress ofthe game. The winning car in the Kiwanis contest was that which represented the Alumni of l966. Homecoming Festivities Cap Ram Victory Gordon held its Fourth Annual Homecoming game, Oct. l5. The RAMS trounced Hales Franciscans 13--0. During the halftime ceremonies, in mud and rain, Elisabeth Gross was presented to the spectators as the Homecoming Queen. The Kiwanis Key Club sponsored a special float contest, the winner of which was awarded a trophy. This year it went to the car which the 1966 Alumni had entered. No matter how bad the weather was, the spirits ran high and the stands rang out with VICTORY! when the team registered an uncontested win. The actual Homecoming Dance was held on Oct. 10. Many alumni and the student body attended and danced to the music of the Los Angeles Twilight. The high point of the evening was the actual crowning of the Homecom- ing Queen. Decorations in the gymnasium was simple yet striking. The jerseys of those who would play in the game were mounted on a backdrop and displayed with the name of the player placed below the shirt. About 200 couples were in attendance at a dance which set the mood for the vic- tory on the following Sunday. Rain and mud did not halt the RAMS in their quest for victory over Hales Franciscans, X X 'jimi' Sports, Taking a bus to school Or rather waiting for it Everything so big 0r so it seems dances, rules, and policies All so new Watch the T-squares! Move fast to class! Crowded halls all so- diflicult . . . but All combine in my worlds A Freshman at Gordon. Freshman A ROW I David Yarka, Steven Ta- bor, Richard Echavarria, John Tarczon, Thomas Staszak, Paul Austermuehle, Timothy DeSmet, James Demski, Joseph Swojenskig ROW 2 Joseph Strzalka, Arthur Marek, Thomas Wieczorek, Ed- ward Godziszewski, James Toff, Chris Kardaras, Daniel Cobb, John Welch, John Gozdecki, John Popp, ROW 3 Joseph Becker, David Skowronski, Lester Kozlowski, Martin McHugh, Loren Dardi, James Carsello, Kenneth Muell- ner, Thomas Samp, Mark San Hamel, Jack Kulawik, Lawrence Szczewskig ROW4 James Piekarz, Glen Scroggins, William Nyhoff, Stephen Pasowicz, Michael Postel- nick, Bob Lempa, Tom Agosti, Robert Javor, George Gyarmati, Bernard Pacyniak. Freshman B ROW 1 Joseph Nowik, Robert Hack, John Rodgers, John Glen, Anthony Camisa, Timothy Howe, Paul Godlewski, Gerard Bauer, Dennis Coriglionielg ROW 2 Charles Niesen, Daniel Schattnik, James Pomis, Franz Rausch, James Azzano, Gary Dalke, Rus- sell Simmons, Jon Michal, Timo- thy Ryan, Val Mertensg ROW 3 Don Battaglia, William Futschek, Lester Jedynak, James Lee, Steven Kroll, John Kotarski, George Green, Gerard Seiwert, Richard Slupikg ROW 4 Steven Gajewski, Robert Kucharz, Steven Bielik, Steve Muzanek, Mark Buzek, Ted Sawicz, Lawrence Mertes, Joseph Barosso, Patrick Minogue, Danny Kelley. FreshmanC ROW I Kenneth Pena, Alfred Deutschmann, Robert Sobczewski, James Pacer, Ted Slupik, Rob- ert Meyer, Robert Jacobs, Mi- chael Gebhardt, John Stuking ROW 2 Steve Price, Thomas Wilson, Michael Magnuson, James Krueger, Nick Tillmann, James Watermann, Sigismuncl Nicia, John Johnson, Ronald Grochowski, Joseph DePryckerg ROW 3 William Hickey, Jerome Michaels, Joseph Krol, Steven Felke, Michael Haderlein, Paul Michael, James Targos, Harry Koulentis, Gerald Nelson, David Glogowski, John Rayskig ROW4 Stanley Sobala, Raymund Tauku- lis, David Sikora, Mario Romano, Michael LaGioia, Steven Hordosi, John Scotkovsky, Paul Sonju, Bill Muryn, Glen Swiatek. Freshman D ROW I Steven Sebastian, Werner Kist, Michael Rakowski, Gary Constantino, Edward Czerwinski, Philip Cerra, Robert Kaczmarek, John Kehoe, William Malkowski, John Halerzg ROW2 Martin Sro- ka, Robert Elliot, Michael Swo- boda, Robert Pawlowski, George Fidler, Charles Sokulski, Paul Bogacz, Glen Marino: ROW 3 Frank Patitucci, James Slipetz, Patrick Dillon, Patrick McGee, Erwin Stefan, Paul Lenczewski, Joe Hatfield, Stanley Latos, Greg- ory Cudlewiczg ROW4 Mark Ca- boor, Robert Flynn, Bernard Wlo- darski, Robert Kurek, Walter Peters, Martin Budzynski, Steven Cafcules, Frank Styburski, Joseph Mack, Edward Adamczyk. Freshman E ROW I Robert Bak, Ed Gillen, Joseph Mikalajunas, Marion Mi- kosz, John Stachura, Raymond Klimko, Paul Mastropolo, Joseph Hutter, John Longewayg ROW 2 Bruce Richardson, Andrew Wnuk, Terry O'Donnell, Carlos Mer- cado, Patrick Moore, Ambrose Panico, Richard Szmyd, Steve Masercik, Richard Komarg ROW 3 James Gallery, William Krenz, David Labuda, Thomas Glonke, Michael Clark, James Butzen, Michael Nash, David Merriam, John Cieslakz ROW4 Walter Zel- iasz, Richard Topolinski, Joseph Kepski, Gregory Fulara, Leslie Chilicki, Thomas Hanik, John Star- czowski, Rodney Kurz, Stanley Polinski, Keith Prosser. Students leave the school after another busy day of classes. Freshman F ROWI Michael Burns, Carl Sir- otzki, Philip Trocchio, Steve O,Malley, Keith Boyle, Ciro Gros- si, John Sindut, Richard Bus- cemi, Michael Hill, ROW2 John Long, Jeff Monroe, Mark Heyns- sens, Mike Pennino, Chuck Dugan, John Lalowski, Raymond Roth, Dan Balogh, Ted Gamrat, Ventur- ino Liberatore, Lee Kolaczkowskig ROW3 Martin Madonia, William Dzike, Michael Nebe, John Ott, Joseph Zajac, Salvatore Pancotto, Richard Berowski, Peter Noruk, William Monohang ROW 4 John Regan, Stephen Banas, Ste- phen Recce, Richard Fuller, James Perciach, George Konieczny, Mar- tin Przybylski, Conrad Sojka, Chester Grochowski, Tom Kobus. Freshman H ROW 1 Carl Sanders, David Mroz, Keith Boven, Ronald Buz- inski, James Bufka, Gregory Do- maracki, Lloyd I-ligley, Michael Doherty, Richard Kaszubag ROW 2 John Caruba, Thomas Schoewe, Gary Sammartano, Glenn Fahlstrom, Terry Carlton, Mike Lombardo, Frank Sammar- tino. Michael Prokop, Dan Coyne, ROW3 Larry Peters, Hubert Jay, Ronald Jaskula, Stephen Beluch, Richard Campbell, Jerome Babicz, Richard DiPompeo, Thomas Do- man, John Leskig ROW 4 Hector Valdes, Stanley Kolodziej, John Fassl, Frank Gabl, Leonard Misz- tal, Lawrence Murphy, David Mar- tin, Edward Stamm, James Siudut, John Schranz. Freshman G ROWI Frank Such, Robert Matz, Mark Nasciszewski, Robert John- son, Mark Kostecki, John Repeta, Lawrence Ninow, John Freling, Jurgen Frank, ROW 2 Scott Jay, Larry Jones, David Dionne, Mi- chael Geraghty, John Schwarz, Norbert Pluska, Tom Ceglarek, John Evenhouse, William Walker, ROW 3 Bruce Szpakowski, Rob- ert Peters, Sam Mauro, James Sanavaitis, George Wierzbicki, William Hoban, Ronald Zurek, James Jurkiewicz, George Murphy, ROW 4 David Litewski, Phillip Zawada, Wayne Buczkowski, James Cleary, John Kippes, Vin- cent Moscato, Gary Maher, Mi- chael Wesolowski, Edward Lat- kowski, Dan Coughlin. Freshman J ROW I Vito Benigno, Franco Cec- chini, Brad Hack, Robert Holbach. Dennis Eng, Pat Gallagher. Stan- ley Gurka, William lannessa, John Burkowskig ROW 2 Joseph Zajac, William Thurman, Kenneth Fied- ler, Michael Zender, Thomas Ko- konus. Robert Kinsella. Tom Les- niak, Mike McBride, Michael Ver- es, Dominic Cantoreg ROW 5 Henry Kane, Steven Chrapla, Gary Von Bergen, Michael Lux, Joseph Mueller, Bob Carskie, Wayne Ped- ryc, Frank Antosz, Robert Labuda: ROW4 Juan Marin, James Raver, Paul Matelli, Luke Capuano, Wil- liam Krakosky, Roger Pompa, Charles Burnell, George Noda, Paul Wurster, Robert Fabielli. Freshman l ROW 1 James Papak, Mitchell Kotlarz, Michael Kuzniarowicz, Gregory Wlodarski. Michael Iles, Wayne Dercngowski, James Or- lowski. William Goers, Casimir Swist: ROW 2 George Mitchell, Jerome Kopacz, Michael Prusank, Dennis Sarwecki, Robert Meyer, James Matheson, Matthew Jas- kiewicz. Edward Janiga, Wesley Frackowiak, Tim Mader: ROW3 Thomas Weniger, Edward Bole, Denis Sludzinski, Paul Arnold, Tod Rottman, Leonard Lonslootc, Daniel Szewczyk, John Gallagher, Arturo Porras, Fred Schau, Gabor Solymossy: ROW 4 Jim Banks, Gene Barbarone, Lubomyr Hal- amaj, Don Jachino, Adam Ger- hardt, Scott Galloway, Richard Kwiecien, Kenneth Kotlarz, Greg- ory DeMarc0. Jeffrey Andrzejew- ski. Freshman K ROWI Peter Meder, Michael Jen- dro, David Knitter, Richard Plo- min, Joseph Borek, John Samocki, Gary Malinowski, William Weiss, Mike DeMuytg ROW 2 JelT Chiero, James Kelly, Richard Lax- ner, Michael DiGrazia, William Kolton, Gregory Zabielski, Rich- ard Szarometag ROW 3 Richard Mikosz, Joseph Stilling, Robert Twahey, Chris Schadt, Gregory Lewandowski, Henry Groch, Ed- ward Connelly, Tom Kurczewski, Anthony Scalise, James Kamien: ROW 4 Larry Bryan, Leonard Muchala, James Kurtz, Kenneth Chmara, Moses DeCastro, James Schaefer, Walter Bagorek, Gil- berto Iglesias, Orest 'Petrowsky. Freshman M ROW1 Michael Rappa, William Essenberg, Joseph Arturi, Bob Simpson, Andrew Muller, Gary Roden, Timothy Liden, Ralph Berry, Joe Marafhnol ROW 2 Je- rome Gajewski, lsaiah Pickett, Salvatore Petrancosta, Thomas McShane, Robert Schilling, Wil- liam Soveg ROW 3 Philip Berto- lani, Hans Palinkas, Andrew Si- kora, Michael Woods, Ronald Kreczmer, John Szczepawski, Rus- sell Shelton, James Getz, Joseph Panekg ROW 4 Frank Gonzales, Kurt Vigiletta, Robert Fortelka, Carl Rassell, Bob Szabo, John Pluginski, Nick Skarzynski, Jim Rywelski, Edmund Sabia, Glenn Kleinshmidt. FreshmanL ROW I James Faraci. Bernie Czerniak, Michael Trotti, Albert Eustich, Donald Frantz, James Mulligan, Joseph Gide, Walter Niewiara, John Morley: ROW 2 James Doughty, John Stimek, Charles Kupka, Bill Moser, Lar- ry Zuniga, Thomas Mazzanti, Bruce Staileyg ROW 3 Michael Resko, Gary Vavrinek, John Mar- ek, Clyde Michaelson, Larry Stetz, Kenneth Zavacki, Ralph Valentino, Richard Kryl, Mark Simon, ROW 4 Irving Nadal, Anthony Lukasiak, Bill Chlebow- ski, Michael McManus, John Mal- czyk, Michael Duffy, Michael Nantelle. Tony Giovenco, Gregory Bennett, Mike Collins, MISSING FROM PICTURE: Raymond Wilczynski. l l i Freshman N ROW1 Joe Rog, Boguslaw Bialek, Gary Glomb. John Orzel, Patrick Fiege, Gerard Sato, John Parker, Tom Fallon, Alfred Loverdeg ROW 2 Joseph Kopinski, John Sammon, John Andrzejewski, Tom O'Brien, Michael Schmack, Carmen Iacullo, Randy Bullg ROW 3 Frank Chambers, James Godziszewski, Raymond Corcor- an, George Stefanik, Mike Mat- tes, Charles Wohland, Vincent Kaminski, John Simon, Stephen Zdebskig ROW 4 Terrance Sudol- nik, Michael Conley, Ronnie Skol- moski, Thomas Labaski, John Depcik, Kenneth Brzezinski, Nich- olas Jacob, Alan Konwinski, John Wirkus, Patrick Gallagher. Freshman O ROW I Sal Vasta. Dennis Gates, John Fay, Richard Altosino, Je- rome Young, Michael Kolak, Jose Herrera, George Guuarde, Phil- lip Skultetyg ROW 2 Robert Sjo- berg, Vincent Panowicz, Jerrold Witkowski, Charles Armstrong, David Bielat, Leslie Pietrusaewski, Walter Serapin, John Wojtiuk, Michael Schenfeidz ROW 3 Rob- ert Hock, Zbigniew Piekielny, Don- ald Hubal, Thomas Cerone, Mi- chael Zajac, Brian Storey, Ingo O'Rourke, Thomas Swenson, Ralph Parrag ROW4 Brian Weber, Dennis Ziobrowski, Edward Glos, Thomas Cihak, Thomas Krystyn, Michael Barak, Raymond Schnepp, Lawrence Mattes, Marty Minogue, John Summerville. FreshmanQ ROW 1 Walter Lukasik, Roy Clark, Ben Fiorentino, Frank Le- wandowski, Raymond Troy, Carl LaSusa, John Plotycia, Robert Cordaro, Michael Nellesg ROW2 Lawrence Jarorz, Jim Saxton, Tim- othy Lally, Michael Lombardi, Glenn Hanck, Michael Nowacjekg ROW 3 Edward Barnes, David Maas, William Huber, Helmut Schuster, Edward Radzik, Jerry Jawnyj, Rick Runnels, John Schu- macher, Dennis Kapustka, ROW4 Robert Gilley, Gregory Timm, Robert Hogan, Paul Bittakis, Eu- gene Van Puymbroeck, James Mangannello, Michael McIntyre, Erwin lrlwey, Terrence Wisniew- ski, Richard Krutsch. Freshman P ROW! Wayne Cnota, Steve Kerr, Walter Kubiak, Richard Lewis, Mitchell Piwowarski, Larry Wol- nicki, Allen Panek, Richard Wro- bel, Steve Zagatag ROW 2 Ed- ward Ukleja, George Kraenzle, Richard Riess, Robert Edwards, Robert Raesaatko. Gregory Mi- chaelson, Arthur Molenda.1 ROW 3 Paul O'Donnell, Daniel Wiatr, Jim Rachowsky, James GafTney, Denis Nalomski, Carlos Silva, Jim Jensen, Andy Parrilli, Richard Amelio: ROW 4 Jerry Skoczylas, Laszlo Csiky, Myles Joyce, Frank DiSilvio, Phlip Depino, Casimir Krolikiewicz, Tullio DePaolo, Kenneth Krochman, Mark Didom- enico, Richard Strutz. Freshman R ROWI Gregory Lind, John Rut- kowski, John Mullin, James Es- senberg, Gary Brill, Thomas Bush, Mike Chidester, Jesus Tinajero, Richard Kingg ROW 2 Jessey Al- dape, Daniel Gunsteen, Frank Jes- ko, John Duffy, Edward Sweezy, Augustin Lopez: ROW 3 Casimir Jakubowski, Robert Moser, Charles Janeczko, Steven Ketzner, Gary Michelini, Mike Rubino, George Martini, Thomas Arendt, Joseph Wallochz ROW 4 Ray- mond Perez, Timothy O'Kelly, John Ortenzo, John Miller, Mi- chael Wolczyz, James O'Hare, Andy Matesi, Don McPoland, Leo Kafka, Julio Valdivia. Freshman S ROWI Robert Rodde, David Ro- zich, Peter Bajalcaliev, Ronald Depa, Michael Bielat, Ronald Barroso, Leo Kosciw, Angelo Pas- cente, Rene Munoz, ROW2 Gary Dudack, Casimir Szczap, Ronald Wnek, Tom Smaron, Tim Cardew, William Petro, Anthony Koprow- ski, Michael Dziedzicg ROW 3 Henry Wieczorck, Charles Cerve- ney, Roger Schlage, Mark Zga- nina, Louis Lang, Michael Am- brose, Steve Schmidt, ROW4 Jer- ry O'Connell, Dennis Ramirez, Thomas Baker, Michael Arroxo, Michael Dill, John Patrick Grimes, Peter Koziol, William Goggin, Stanley Tukiendorf, Wesley Gro- belny. FreshmanT ROW I Stanley Zurawski, Rob- ert Kelley, Anthony Buccieri, Gary Lang, Carlos Feliciano, Fred To- ledo, Keith Jarosh, Kenneth Pa- relius, Steven Penwayg ROW 2 Thupe Randolph Mills, David Ar- royo, Thaddeus Budzynski, Tom Forde, Richard Vollmann, Leo- nard Glowienkeg ROW 3 Frank Cihak. LeRoy Winiarski, Nestor Halvzak, Frank Haslwanter, Stephen Long, Joe Garbacz, Francis DeCantillong ROW 4 James Boshoud. Richard Smaron, John O'Kane, William Breisch, John Verveniotes, John Lewan- dowski, Daniel Wilton, Allan Abramowicz, John Milan, Joseph Mielnikiewicz. Rev. Dave lnverso conducts a class dis cussion with Freshman E during their re treat. QQHF, if 0 No more uncertain wandering They know all the tricks Of making it known They begin to know More about themselves They know everybody And everybody knows them Or so they say Sophomores at Gordon SOPHOMORE A ROW I Mario Pagnucci, Andrew Starzec, William Kozak, Tim Grzesia- kowski, Jerome King, Roman Kuzmyn, Gregory Keiling, Kenneth McFadden, Gregory Cebrzynskig ROW II Joseph Poli, Glen O'Hara, Thomas Rock, James Cichorski, Larry Bochenko, Robert Sebastian, Thomas Downar, Patrick Ward, ROW III Thomas Wagner, William Marshall, Thomas Szwaja, John Mika, Jerry Cukierski,' Spencer Sajewski, Nickolas Kaskovich, John Wieczorek, Stanley Denys, ROW IV James Howe, Randy Tchon, Brian Bozek, Michael Newman, Peter Smolinski, Robert Puhala, Richard Tomasino, Michael Blinstrup, John Theodore, Robert Fialkowski. SOPHOMORE B ROW I Dennis Plisz, Harry Bork, Rudy Jaeger, William Meyer, Robert Walla, Michael Deren, George Matysiewicz, Peter Kiefer, Ernest Matia, ROW I1 Frank Gruba, Tom Bowling, Anthony Dzik, Jack Sanborn, Kevin Powers, Michael Marko, Jim Stroka, Steve Mancusog ROW III John Tuszynski, William Victor, Andrew Polanin, Robert Pietrzak, Wil- liam Neven, Richard LaGrant, Robert Meyers, Michael Coleman, John DaIPortog ROW IV Edward Ogorek, Wayne Wolkowicz, Edward Naw- rocki, George Pyszynski, Andrew Osiol, Glenn Gienko, Donald Bacik, Charles Krolczyk, George Ziobro, William Broecker. SOPHOMORE C ROW I Mark Foch, Martin Duda, Martin Mroz, Richard Bruchhauser, Jerome Smiglee, Bernard Waszkowski, John Freund, JefTrey Kolton, Jim Mieszalag ROW II Jerry DeFrancisco, Mike Kolasinski, Robert Tasch, Michael Optic, Michael DiPaulo, Richard Butkovich, Anthony Grygowski, Alonzo Carrillog ROW III Kenneth Marks, Michael Benk- er, Bruce Gura, Richard Anderson, Phillip Surdynski, Peter Sarach- man, Robert Rocchetti, Gregory Pacton, Thomas Pappalardog ROW IV James Sonju, Mark Zimny, John O'Donnell, Douglas Contos, Ed- ward Boyk, Jurek Rakoczynski, Anthony Skaczylo, Steve Diehl, Den- nis Gollogly, Henry Antczak. SOPHOMORE D ROW I Thomas Nowak, David Wicnckowski, Robert Mackey, Bernard Szczepkowicz, Michael Samocki, Richard Freewalt, Vitold Hrabski. Mark Neil, James Dianovskyg ROW Il Wayne Miczek, Steven Daniel, Roman Plotycia, David Koss, Michael Rosato, Kerry George, Paul Magnus, John Setlakg ROW 111 Arthur Klobucar, Bruce Tofel, Daniel Szarzak, Thomas Fox, Bruno Psujek, Barry Deron, Wayne Wagner, ROW IV David Nowak, Paul Fedinets, Joseph Meier, Robert Meyer, William Hock, Glenn Mroz, Dennis Rybarczyk, Frank Fix, Michael Spread, Larry Hoeppncr. SOPHOMORE E ROW I Michael Walsh, Richard Slobodnik, Frank Fruzyna, Richard Raver, Andrew Mazurek, Robert Bowieki, George Czerwionka, Alex Smolecki, Edward Houskag ROW II David Lantz, Andrew Kruzel, Greg Malinowski, Jeffery Eder, Joe Elarde, Edgar Huber, Daniel Doyle, George Swierczynskig ROW III Richard Pulido, James Sheridan, Lewis Woodall, Frank Chlebek, Andrew Patrick, Joseph O'Donovan, Larry Hubrich, Bill Kehoe, Thomas Tyrpak, Dennis Demeyerg ROW IV Joseph Hynes, John Jedrzejewski, Emil Rode, Michael Nowik, Ken- neth Szczesny, Joseph Lasse, Roger Gorski, Edward Jensen, Michael Naward, Kevin Sanders. SOPHOMORE F ROW I James Slomka, Bill Cuda, Helmut Starodub, Joseph Bryk, William Lang, George Steinbichler, George Liewehr, Chester Kenney, Richard Monson, ROW Il Thomas Stoll, Robert Gniech, George Krueg- er, Joseph Leyser, Richard Rozwadowski, William Wichlenski, Vince Casanova, Tony Segretig ROW III Arthur Renner, Gerald Wer- ner, Andrew Gwiazda, LeRoy Dziewylski, John Perrone, John Kepski, Dennis Dubiel, Gregory Gorski, Michael Hannigan, ROW IV George Teufel, Steven Galuzzi, Casimir Gasiorowski, Donald Bak, Michael Bezdon, Glenn Traeger, Zbigniew Zielinski, John Rice, Edward Spula, Fred Greif, SOPHOMORE G ROW I Witold Subkowski Dennis Nic an John Soto Michael Mon . P , . ' tonera, Geary Gaspord, Gerald Bojarski, Richard Meyer, Mark Mikrut, Jim Fortmanng ROW II Michael Halper, George Stanaszek, Mike Gal- lagher, Steven Cimbalista, Bruce Dudek, Thomas Ryan, Kenneth Taut- weis, Vince Incandela, Patrick Miceli, Edward Pavettg ROW 111 James Kaczmarek, Leonard Wesolowski, Daniel Reed, Keith Stade, Ray Dem- ski, Edward Cejka, Walter Wojkowski, Mark Kobylanski, Michael Voll- mann, Zbigniew Bajorski, Mitchell Constantinog ROW IV Chuck May, Ray Gielarowski, Herman Limburger, Greg Lukonits, Thomas Jursich, Victor Przysiezny, John Flynn, Donald Ryan, Thomas Bicknell, Ken Sil- vestri. SOPHOMORE H ROW I Ronald Ferrari, Michael Sobczak, Michael Schmit, James Ma- zukelli, Dan Usalis, Mike Pestrak, Kenneth Candell, Mike Korocyl, Fred Thomas, ROW II Tom Kotz, Michael Kefer, Emil Zyskowski, Ronald Mrozek, Robert Madiar, John Mueller, Mike Hastings, John Ibes, Ted Rzepczynskig ROW 111 William Basgall, Donald Mangialar- do, George Ragusa, George Makowski, James Groenwald, Joseph Cannello, Kenneth Marjanowski, Richard Key, John Zabawa, ROW IV Gabriel Hartl, Michael Hoban, Lawrence Herrmann, Jerry Murphy, Wally Kieras, Richard Gorski, Timothy Topole, Michael Brzezinski, Richard Meeker. SOPHOM ORE I ROW I Joseph Guerrero, Alan Milarski, Brian Clare, David Pajak, Mark Bajko, James Moskal, Anthony Marzano, James Chuhakg ROW II Glenn Lesko, Joseph Sutera, Lawrence Fujara, Len Cichon, Charles Haynes, Tom Dexl, Daniel Swiderski, Richard Dziurzynski, Walter Lysong ROW III David Dziurkiewicz, John Pierce, Ibrahim Nadal, Tom Applegate, John Manczko, Gregory Stanek, John Lorenz, George Mul- czynski, John Vaheyg ROW IV John Ciebien, John Chojnowski, Richard Marchesky, Steve Szabo, Terry Polowy, James L'Odense, Den- nis Majewski, Terrence Minogue, Mike Riordang MISSING FROM PICTURE: Sal lannessa, Thomas Bert, Larry Wukits, Peter Nicioli, George Zapuchlak, Joseph Nootens. soPHoMonE 1 ROW I Richard Steading, Dennis Reece, Gary Lassila, Michael Rosen- bach, Frank Scafidi, Jim Szczotkowski, Robert Wierzbicki, Loren Hel- wink, James Lalowskig ROW II Frank Genualdi, Anthony Lacassa, Herbert Heidrich, Bill Flesch, James Szymanski, Ronald Szatkowski, Carl Link, Dennis Schultz, Thomas Russo, Joseph Bloniarczykg ROW III Lawrence Hubert, Michael ,Martorano, Carlos Olvera, Wenceslaus Achramowicz, John Ratlitf, Bob Malczyk, James Donatowicz, Bernard Farmer, Michael Dugo, Stephen Messina, Bruce Zagurski, ROW IV Michael Walcott, Frederick Palys, Anthony DiMaggio, Michael Peder- sen, Michael Rocchi, Lawrence Hyc, Greg Janowiak, Paul Culp, Jere- miah Scannell, Ronald Pastick. SOPHOMORE K ROW I Robert Valentino, Shawn Morreale, Stanley Twardowski, Stev- en Sners, Gary Kobylewski, Thomas Phillips, Tim Trynkiewicz, Timothy O'Laughlin, Greg Beaudette, ROW ll Michael Hogan, Joseph Golem- biewski, Gary Trykoski, John Portell, Thomas Whitey, Joseph Vikidel, Michael Crudele, Edward Bania, Peter Anzalone, Anthony Suterag ROW III Ronald Smith, Tom McGuiggan, Joseph Moran, Steve Joyce, Wayne Gorski, James Opolony, Michael Soto, Joseph Dopierala, Patrick Joyce, Louis Schoen, Lawrence Maher, ROW IV Terrence Franck, Leo- nard Liszewski, Joseph Malk, Michael Congoran, Ken Formanski, Bob Schlitter, Daniel Coyne, Dominic DeFazio, Frank Kolowski, Alan Gilew- ski. SOPHOMORE L ROW I John Mann, Salvatore LoVerde, Peter Castelon, Fred Beau- dette, Tom Steinwandtner, Fred Kunzer, Michael Szafranski, Richard Kolanski, Thomas Grisaffig ROW ll Jim Pasquinelli, Martin Mitrenga, Zenon Binicewicz, Dennis Bolger, Richard Liput, Gene Wisniewski, Ronald George, Bruce Heck, Norbert Pytel, Ron Pallachg ROW 111 Steven Krejci, Roman Martyn, Giulio Pellegrini, Paul Leska. Michael Manczko, Glenn Mueller, Douglas Ferket, Raymond Schauer, Michael Smaczny, Bruce Kosiek, Wayne Burekg ROW IV Ron Ziolo, Jerry Junak, Reinhold Schmidt, Richard Hitzelberger, Kenneth Mester, James Marino, Kenneth Wyer, James Zak, Roman Kuszynski, Mike Knitter. I Almost at the top But not quite Almost the biggest But not quite the biggest The homecoming dance Receiving class rings The battery of tests Choosing colleges-Conferences All in the life of Juniors at Gordon Russel Adomaitis Ronald Aksnowicz Raphael Aldape Ariel Alvarez Anthony Amato Francisco Arcego Lawrence Arciszewski William Austermuehle Daniel Babich Thomas Balogh Tom Barazowski John Barber CPres, 3AJ Edward Barczak John Barnitz fPres. 3BJ Richard Basinski Robert Beck Craig Beierwaltes Robert Beltramelli Robert Benton Gregory Bialkowski George Bicknell Gregory Bingham Frank Bintz Jack Birren Gerald Biskup Kenneth Blok John Bober James Boeck Lowell Bogard William Boller Ray Bond Steven Borozenski John Bosten James Bouzide John Brener Robert Briarton Thomas Brindisi Irwin Bross Dennis Brown Michael Browne Dennis Broz Gregory Brozek Dennis Bryan Thomas Bryant Kenneth Budziak Thomas Bugajski Michael Bulicek Patrick Burns Thomas Butero Robert Butkovich Robert Butzen John Bychowski Robert Cain Joe Caliva fPres. 31-lj 'CTP' 4 I kwt 1 ffn? - ' J ta 5 bn -X ' 4 Q Pix .. W 1 A -af , M. I ..,-, 'A .Q . W t T: 'fy -fri Y, '51 at Y 'I A it T A A 'KM' 'f an 3195 .. 'Q' 138 .4 an i ,A y ls A , fp y I. A. ' I - I T g is k L In -A 5' "' W I. 1 ' A f J . 1:,: y I y . 4 I may lah ,I wx. 1 A The elTects of oxygen on a glowing splint are observed by Peter Cun- nen Dennis Broz and Bob Janczewski in the chemistry lab. Joe Casolari Tony Castiglioni Pete Catalano Louis Cerone Michael Certik QPres. 3 Robert Chilver John Collins Michael Connolly Curt Constantino Dennis Cooney Anthony Cordaro Lawrence Cottini Peter Cunneen Leroy Curcio Claude Czekaj Joseph Czerwionka Richard Czyzewski Robert D'Agostino Marion Daniel Roger Davino QVP. 31-U Dennis DeBellis Bruno DeLuca Robert Depa David Derenzo Daniel Dettloff Michael D'Hooghe Leo DiDomenico Dominic Digianfilippo Sam DiMatteo Larry Dohner Lawrence Domeracki James Dopke Jerome Dudzik Martin Duellman Frank Dumele Andrew Dutczak a..s uf1 zlulnl:1 G A T eh 'fav KF' I - -, ' ,,.J 5 'Y A I vm F' . P kc: tk 9. 'i , S Q V: H i I i A blv 2 - ,: A nr -I get ffl I Nm 'I J l F' J if ,. . v 5-2 ... A 140 Arthur Dutkovic John Dworakowski James Dziura Raymond Eitermann Thomas Estes John Fabry Peter Farbotko James Farrell Richard Fassl Gary F elten Frank Figura Jerry Fina Jerome Finn Earl Fleming Thomas Flood James Folaron John Folker James Forde William Gabriel Frank Gaddini Ronald Garcarz George Gawor James Gerich Kenneth Giacomino Mark Giangrande Gerald Gibson Andy Glab Lawrence Glogowski Robert Glowacz Michael Godzicki Henry Godziszewski John Goodnow Martin Gosciniak Peter Gozdecki James Graham Allen Grasser Joe Grillo Mark Groeger John Guzzarde Robert Haapasaari Donald Hamre Patrick Hannigan Gary Hansen Raymond Hardy Joe Harrison Robert Hassett Albert Hehn Robert Hemmer Michael Hennessey William Herrick Chris Heynssens John Hohol Gregory Holther Lawrence Hyrczyk Richard Imielski Donald India Dennis lverson Ted Jablonski Dennis Jadin John Jakymiw Robert Janczewski Jerome Jania Jack Janisch David Janota Ray Janowiak Rich Janske Thomas Jaszczak Nicholas Jawnyj Michael Jedrzejewski Zdzislaw Jeziorowski Ramiro Jimenez Thomas Johannsen William Johnson John Johnston Edward Kafka Richard Kalinowski Ronald Kalisz James Kalvelage Robert Kaminski Greg Kane Larry Kapryan Lawrence Karczewski Clarence Kass George Kedra Christopher Kelly Michael Kenny Steve Keown Dennis Kilgallon Joseph Kilian Fred Kist Donald Klein John Klein William Knarr QPres. 3LJ Thomas Kocian Jim Kocol Ronald Kocol Floyd Kolassa Ron Korabik Bruce Koschnik James Kostro Ronald Kostus John Kowalczyk Joseph Kozieja Andrew Koziol Joseph Koziol Larry Krenos Michael Krolikiewicz Kevin Kroll 'H h, A 4 ..,.L, V Ek 3 1 1 I i'4r45"f 'V -A RV ,JJJ e J ?h,. i 7 ,-:-- , so I i 1 1 ,, 4, QP J 1Ql4b , " ' X- wi' if mf' fu' , -gr ,,,.. , , , J 5"W' sf I wail? M I s E af Z Q 2 R L - ' Q. W J J A at M W A , f ' i . 4, -for L if' r e ... 1 ld 1 I .., I 0-NM A I A Ak ii fu-wi L, wk gm, ,, 1 1 1 g J inf Robert Krueger Robert Kruszewski Gary Kulinski Gerry Kulinski1Pres. Richard Kurczak Paul Labant Thomas Lach Joseph Lacriola Isadore Lakics Gregory Lamb Lawrence Lange Timothy Larkin 3 Gary Lasorella QPres. 3FJ Henry Latkowski Philip Lauricella James Lawson Gregory Lawton Steven Lazzerini Gregory Legutki Frank Leicht Patrick Lejman Bruce Lempart John Lesk Andy Lesniak Richard Leyser Alan Link Carl Liture Frank Lombardo QVP. 3L Edward Lorenz James Losasso Wayne Luczak John Luporini Robert Mace Wallace Macejunas Peter Maczuzak James Madej J Martin Maher Steven Maher Vincent Majestic Mike Maks Thomas Maksa Hernan Maldonado Dennis Malec Michael Malewig Robert Margelewski Bob Martin Thomas Mattick Stan Matusiak Ronald Maxin Jerome May Russell Maziarka John McGovern QPres. 3K5 Martin McGovern Jerry McKenna Irvin Meyer Jack Meyers Michael Miceli Walter Michaelson Matthew Mielnik Joseph Milbourne Robert Miller Romuald Mindykowski Peter Minerva Lawrence Misiewicz John Moran Ted Morun Richard Morys Robert Moynihan Danny Mrowinski Peter Mraz Lee Mueller Terrance Mueller John Mulligan John Murray Anthony Nalepa Salvatore Napoleon Allan Napolitano Timothy Navin Edwin Niemira Arthur Niemaszyk Richard Nitka Gregory Nocek Charles Nolan Robert Novotny John Nowik John Nuccio Claude Ogorek Eugene Okrasinski James Olech Mark Osborn lei' A if -DW W L. 5 1 It at CT? -J I A A X xl 'Ei X I --if gf I NH' B- Z? LW h Ku . I if y i , - Qi x J lf 1 M 'i -4-.. - gn n 8- I A Joseph Oskroba Stanley Ostrowski Donald Pacholczak Edward Pachowicz Larry Pahlke Daniel Pajak Livio Parolin Emil Parzygnat Scott Paschal Philip Pavoni Joseph Pawelek Peter Pawlik Wayne Pawula Joseph Pecak Phillip Pecord Chris Pellikan Alvaro Penuela James Perhne John Perricone Emil Pfenninger Patrick Phillips Norman Pietras Edward Pietrucha Michael Piorkowski Richard Piotrowski John Piwinski Richard Podczerwinski Richard Podraza Michael Polanski Joseph Polowczyk Bill Popp Randy Postiglione Daniel Powicki William Pyziak William Radcliffe James Ramholz Thomas Reich John Reilly Karl Resele Peter Reyes George Richter Paul Rivera Casimir Rog Raymond Rokosz Zenon Rosa Richard Rossini Gerald Ruflino James Russnak George Rykowski John Sabatino Michael Samp Scott Sander Richard Sawicki Larry Schaller 'V-ft in-5 XL' fit. . .I Gvuy T L, W' ,Q , f aa Ms, fm. . V, .pw 4,1 I ,L .I5 1 - ' i ' ,J 'K 'C 7.. E -Ji Vi 1 i v x ' i L V rf .IJ ae- M J I uf? A . . l I -a. I-4' if ,iuv I. ,A il ..iQ I44 9 ...v J T -f J was , 'er' - 'fr' . 'ff' rf 4' A 1 x I A . 't ugs ll... ,Tig 'TQ P 1:14, J Q I ffl Q p ,f tcm i K' if -W fl :fl fd - . K 5 Y kr W k y ,V I K 2: gun 1 KT' 5 Tv 1 ,M :ffl fi as ki' Nr' lil: . va silt ' -o if TS- fr Q- F' ,- 1 aw' if H Nj H 'Sf L, -nr T T 'I l45 -W 1 st f Robert Schell Thomas Schipula William Schlage George Schlauder John Schmidt James Schoewe Larry Schroeder QVP. 3Cl Philip Schramm John Schultz John Schwab James Schwegel Lawrence Scire CVP. 3K5 Andrew Scolastico James Sechman Gerhard Seidl James Seneker James Sengenberger Nick Seufert QPres. 3EJ Tony Severino Dennis Sharkey Michael Sheehan David Siatta William Sieczkowski John Siedlecki Casimir Sieradzki Jim Sima William Simpson QVP. 3E Bruce Sims fPres. 3JJ Thomas Skaja John Skalski Norman Skolozynski Jon Skorey Thomas Slonka Timothy Slonka Tom Slowik Daniel Slupik Adam Smrokowski Stephen Spano Robert Spragia Francis Spula John Squeo George Stachnik Thomas Stahl Robert Stasiek John Staszowski Herrert Stefan Gerhard Stegemann Frederick Stephens Robert Strada Paul Stukin Roger Sudolnik Michael Suhajda Joseph Suminski Russell Sus Thomas Susala Adam Szczotka James Szewczyk Emil Szimeth Keith Szlak Lawrence Szmurlo John Tanaschovsky Richard Tasch John Tataryn Scott Tchon Theodore Tenczar Joseph Tirado Steven Tisinai Daniel Toomey Edwin Trader Cary Truesdale Joseph Tur Robert Tusk John Tylka Robert Tyranowski Michael Uchen Thomas Ventrelli Louis Vernagallo Vincent Vogt Frank Vukonich John Waldorf Richard Wasilewski Thomas Wdowiak Frank Weinketz Wayne Welninski Larry White Jerome Wicker Gerard Widmann Thomas Wilda Dennis Willard Wayne Winnecke Rev. Robert Kurtz, Jim Kocol, and Mike Suhajda take advantage ofthe equipment in the language lab ,AW, . fi Mi? T l"mW Mr. Bradley as he lectured on the art exhibits to Junior A. . ' ire. Z we ,, M f- 5 wa, Wm mf' ,za 3 , T T . - NVQ + . , V, age if Y ".. ,,fi H i g l47 4 A H gi " Richard Wisniewski Thomas Wisniewski Eugene Wojtal Mattew Wojtaszek Jan Wolanski Dennis Wolkowicz Michael Woodward Phil Woznicki William Wurglitz Michael Yarka Donald Yungerman Joseph Zadorozny Andrew Zagata Thomas Zajac Robert Zak Leo Zawilla Paul Zibits Thomas Zielinski Richard Zoladz Frank Zurek Stanley Zurek l It has come at last! No one above them Everyone below More tests Letters of application Ideas to be crystallized The Prom Finals Graduation This is their book This is their year Seniors at Gordon FQ wind. -nm--w-up Enrique Aldape Robert Anselmo john Archacki Bill Arendt Robert Agkin Greg Azzarello Thomas Balcota Peter Banas Greg Baranowski Thomas Barrett 4? 4 ig 1 r qv--Q' William Barry Luke Bartojay Richard Barwacz Peter Baumhardt Sergio Becerra asf'-"f" james Bellert john Benter Don Berowski james Bieschke Wayne Biesik l5O Cary Bilotta Richard Binek James Blanco Francis Blaszak Gerard Blum joseph Boborci Mr. Plurkowski shows John Schnoor how to use the acetylene torch. Robert Bock Andrew Borowicz Allen Borzych Carl Brader Michael Brandt l5l Q :ar Y an-, V Q ,. 1' 1 'w,"'f'9' William Bredemann Nick Brcnlcus Keith Brown L0uiS Bryja Victor Buczarski Michael Bugajski Henry Bujwid Edward Buklis Boh Brzczinski Howard Bultinck Edward Bunta Steve Burmeistcr james Buzinski Antonio Byk Stephen Byk Q it LE I joseph Caprile Philip Caputo Vincent Castelon Stanley Cehrzynski I52 Edward Cebulski Dan Cejka Jerome Chrohak Daniel Cieslik james Cimbalista Bill Clark Robert Clay Dwight C1055 Alexander Cobb Robert Cochrane joseph Consol Paul Contos Robert Cooney Nicholas Cudzewicz Kevin Cunningham Daniel Cwiak .... - Q. , w ,J,,.,2, . ,. my ug, Wwwlvif-My W 935, V - will-'rf i f -V .. ff f f ' 7", 1'ffE?2iI2E?f5i5,?zQf1 .ps ".t Robert CYZH Dennis Dalke Frank Dalton Eugene Damato jerry Daniel 153 Davg Daugird Michael DeBe1li5 Daniel Delimata Richard Depcik Richard Deschamps 7 james Dillon Iames Dolman Daniel Dombkowski Edward Dominow James DOWHU Robert Drapak Mitchell Drozd Mike Dudek Robert Dudek The principal addresses the Seniors concerning the Prom and new changes in school policies. 154 joseph Dudzinslci Mitchell Dzialo Thomas Durr Phillip Dziekonski Michael Eder William Edwards Cary Eitermann Lawrence Eme Michael Esposito William Fagus Mike Fayman Jurgen Feichtinger George Fencl William Fialkowski Allan Fisher john Fischer Larry Fleming Joseph Flocca Andrew Flurkey Thomas Foley l55 joseph Folmer Michael Freewalt Mark Fries Frank F uscone Eugene Gabanski Glenn Gabriel John Gaertner Gregory Gallas 101111 Calligan Michael Galloway Thomas Galuhn Charles Gambill Edward Garstka Edward Gartner Edward Gates Richard George Don Gerhart Laurence Giebelhausen Anihony Gierz Gregory Glazar l56 john Gloeckle Gary Coczkowski Robert Golab Gregory Golkowski Walter C050 je,-omg Cl-abowgki Waller Cramiak James Cranacki Ralph Creillke James Gfonke Robert Croszek Theodore Groszek Kenneth Gruszecki Edward CfYg0WSki Edward Cryzlo George Grzeca Joseph Guidi Leslie Cullery Edward Cunia Ioseph Cuzolek 157 595,33 9 M 6 in M? lil? v gif 2 We M Peter Cwiazda Louis Habryl Karl Hansen Cary Hayes Kenneth Hejza Christopher Hellwig William Hennelc Warren Hernandez HOWal'd Hess Mike Hess George Hirschenberger Gregory Hock Kenneth Hodl 101111 HOIHH Walter Hollinger Donald Hubert William Huss Kenneth Hornyak Anton Huuel' Peter lndufanle 158 Casey jagielnik Richard janicki Leonard Janiga Lenny Ianuzik Robert Iaskierny 53 eight Larry Jaworski Walter Johns David johnson Peter Iovanovic Thomas Iurkiewicz Randall Kalinowski Ronald K2lIIliIlSlii Vincent Kane Richard Karpinski Joe Boborci receives his academic letter from the Hon. Daniel Rosten kowski during the Honors Assembly on October 20. Michael Kasper Thomas Kazmierczak Frank Kehoe Michael Keller StePh9Il Kempf Thomas Kissel Steve Kitlinski Gary KiZi0l' john Klein Clarence Klipowicz Edward Klocek Stephen Knorst William Koch Ronald Kogut Cary Kolar Dennis Konczyk john Konieczny Peter Konrad Ervin Kostick Theodore Kotlarz l60 1094109 Gerald Kowalczyk joseph Kowalski Frank Kozak Michael Koziara Kenneth K0ZiIl 'UN df, ..,, AM, Ya .vw-y Robert Kramer Ronald Kraus William Kreft Wayne Krok Richard Krystyn 175 R' Aung 'Tk Emil Kubicki john Kubik Robert Kuczynski Paul Kuper Keith Kurczewski Richard Kurtyka Donald Kurylas Thomas Kutt Ted Lacina Peter Lagioia l6l VJA that e George Landeliug Kenneth Lajeunesse Stanley Lewicki Cl12ll'lf?S Lewis William Lansu Kenneth Lewandowski Thomas Lewandowski -'UF ur" Helmut Likar Albert Lindeman Ronald Lingl john Lopatkiewicz Michael Lopinto Chris Lorek Sam Losurdo Edward Lux Dave Daugird and John Pindelski take advantage of the seniors' privilege of driving to school. 1 5 wg A-M-V' john Machnik Steve Maciontek Theodore Mack Robert Maday Michael Maher Gerald Mahon Robert Mahoney Joseph Majer Leon Majewslci Rivhard Mallo Robert Mallo Michael Malczewski Anthony Malina Dall Manola Thomas Marci-l john Margelewski Adam Markiewicz Allen Markus Ronald Marszalelc Dennis Maslowski 163 r -'-' .l059Ph MHUCOIH George Matwyshyn Aloysius Mazewski Gerald Mazurczak Michael McBlaine Stephen McBrady Terry McEvoy Edward McKissack john McMahon Mark Mer-tens fGf'ev,fe:ff wwf? 'Z ' if-.img-sfwS? -Mg.,:,-',-m,- -ff , 4 f,-w.,.m:,L A Ag'L ' Q r rr f 9- I 'HQ' . ' ri M '- and kkf,. ,4- .ws Ronald Meyer john Mikosz M ,S r,,Q ,X ,W , ffriimflfiiivff fff2ff,5'lW f R W Q 215 W f , f iiawflhwi - L, Aww . A V A l , ,-,.L ,,.' f,,,. , . . ,,. i , , -,,,ll..,. . . S :f:'f1:-2 ' .Q , if R N Si f S34 S my 'sa Thomas Miller Simon Mirabal James Mitrenga Thomas Miseli William Mohlman Patrick Molitor Raymond Mota Dennis Mr01 164 who Mauro Mucciame john Muller Robert Mullin William Mundt john Musolf Manfred Naase Richard Nalepka 101111 NaV0y Laffy Nalimek James Nedla john Nelson Dennis Neri Elmer Neurauter Richard Nicholus Andrew Nodzenski Stephen Norris George Novak Philip 0,Bl'i9H Thomas Ochab Michael O'Kelly 165 """i'.' we I 4115 v . . Y 2 2 i joseph Olszewski Daniel Opyd Michael Ozgowicz Ielfery Pando fr Dennis Parchim Robert Pascaly James Stec stops in the cafeteria lobby for a cold drink before leaving school wfdlulii, 28 if s , Michael Paugn Ronald Pavlak john Pawula Michael Peleck Daniel Penkala i was Sebastian Perna Richard Peters Wayne Piekarz R0nald Pierog Joseph Pierri moan John Pindelgki George Piotrowgki Mark Plocki james Plomin Michael Ploof Paul Polinski joseph Pomis Charles Ponicki Robert Porada Roman Prokopij i iaai a i away! - 3 . Q' :Z 'L V sal W W We Q ,f "'lE"""!!l"' Leon Pryzybyla Walter Psujek Ch6l'l6S Qllaivel' William Quinlan Phillip Ragio l67 Harold Rand Raymond Rickman Robert Riley james Rohrlack Edward Ronkoske Martin Rozycki Ted Rozylowicz Bernard Ruclmiewicz Richard Rundio Ronald Rutlcowski Timglhy Ryan john Rzymski Paul Saletnilc Jerry Sammarco Dan Sammon Raymond Samp Michael Sare Dennis Schimanski Iolm Schmaedick Michael Sclmau l68 Peter Schniedermeier John Schnoor Rudy Schoewe Vincenf Scif? Richard Serek KW' ,:. Z ,- -f'. V, .5 . 2 V Richard Serenda Raymond Shute Edward Sikora William Simpson Richard Sipiora "'sf,f' James Skolmogki Robert Skwarski Michael Slipelz Emmanuel Smaczny Robert Smiegowski t James Solesky Walter Solinski Joseph Solis Steve Soltis Mario Sparcino 169 Edward Speck john Squiller William Staszak james Stec Paul Stechman William Steinmetz Richard Sterczek Philip Stobbe Paul Stranor Th0IIl3S Slremlau Wayne Strnad Robert Strutz Patrick Sulak . , . S ' tk' ' P t ' kS During the Mass ofConvocat1on, Fr. Sanders dis- Albert Swanson Thomas wla lewlcz a nc wope tributes communion to the Seniors. l7O Laszlo Szabo john SzaHik Richard Szczepkowicz Norbert Szczewski George Sztajer Keith Szymanski Peter Szynkiewicz Wayne Szypulski Richard Taepke 101111 Taibl john Talamo Robert Tamburello Robert Tatarczyk James Tatone Martin Teufel Mark Thomma Cary Thornquist Anthony Torres 171 Charles Torres Kenneth Trendel Dennis Troken Stephen Tyler Robert Tylutki Stefan Urban Michael Valdez Steve Valerugo Keith Viglietta Dennis Vinyard Richard Waigand Ralph Walleck Paul Wasicki 'Vi S D' 5 Ei 55' ff C' V 'f flgtwwg . , 5.5 , lik if-ff' . 'f f G5 4 -EtiE:'fl:!.'.- 'S Y- V 'Slif-:-'E.'1:.'SE.a:f:"r?" Jerome Wilcox Daniel Wecker Greg Wesolowski Charles White Robert Widing john Wilczynski Cary Wilewski Richard Williams Richard Wilson 172 I 5-L1":'Q,23z5Na?E5ZEEf2f? T homas Vvisniewski Casimir Witkowski . . , i gzz M, - S 42 Fa , .. is , , Q S l Y i7'4,f:'4g2,,f- ,-gjfgfrjjm-7 .Cf 5 Sf QT12gxL1'- 15f'if:S3:31Yg?d V3 The Seniors at the Weber pep rally. Thomas Wlezien Frank Wojkowski Thomas Wolff Thaddeus Wolinski Leslie Wroblewski james Wrzesinski Michael Yiillku Fred Zajler Gerald Zelnick Dennis Zepka Rvberi Zielinski john Taken l73 H 5 Spring Concert Closes Social Calendar On May 26, the Gordon Tech Concert Band presented MELODY HARMONY AND RHYTHM: A CON- CERT FOR SPRING. The Concert Band performed music, which included one outstanding play, motion picture, and instrumental group. The Concert Band also offered musical literature from the popular to the serious symphonic works, climaxing the program with the music they performed at the High School Band Contest on April 27. The Spring Concert included the presentation of tro- phies to the Senior Band members. Mr. Thomas Wehrheim, Band Director Bill Kreft and Keith Szlak during opening number 4' W, 'S ,svn -S ,1 1 .Q lm V552 W . H. L, f A . an.. .fi 'AQ .x , rg. f X . X L ff" , L f v , Q - -.-.'f',. 3 Q 44,4-V ,WMF W g f 1 K., 5 , 1, ., Q2 4 ' ' . Rv fin + T 1 X, aj., X v Q' 'fy ml .. if qs Og 'W ' 1 is 'M . A 'iam-1..y e. ., 315.35 Q WWW' 3 m HKQPQM. I ,my K, W4 32 B a ww t .W , ag , ' , 4 QQ, n.. ,., 5 1 ,mm A - V125 an-r9'1 daring vf , MQ K m :H 1, flaw ssif,is1i.f1i1wf-' .W .,M,,S5Li?LL?55ff3qzi'P3Rif'f'f"2"v - W. .,..,A., v,.. W U.,., ., ,. v,.., v.--f M-fw1fzfM:,w, ww-ff .. .h,. W,.W, ., w-1Sxf24.Ww:w ,ss W' 4 24. ff ,LAMJ 'X iff? Enjoying a light moment in the show are Mr. Richard Vennell, Musical Director, Mr. Art Borkowski, Director. and Phil Koziol, Assistant Di- rector. A fatal accident ends a Hollywood career. ln 21 magnificent dying scene, the people of Rosenzweig bid farewell to their prince. The poor people of Drifters Row discover that Mr. Pinchley flid Ogorekj is not so bad after all. ms i Spring Musical A Hit Comedy The Gordon Tech stage lit up promptly at 8 pm on May 17, for the weekend run ol' LITTLE ME, this year's spring musical. Mr. Art Borkowski, director, spoke with regard to the production: "LITTLE ML' is witty, combining the writ- ing talents of Patrick Dennis and Neil Simon, both of whom have established themselves in the field of comedy writing. The show is extremely well-written, and has not been overdone in the high school circuit." The story centers around the rise to lame of Belle Poitrine, a poverty-stricken girl from the wrong side of the tracks who takes giant steps toward wealth, culture, and social position in order to win the love of Noble Eg- gleston, a boy from the right side ofthe tracks. The part of Belle Poitrine, present, was played by Sue Ptasinski. Belle's younger counterpart was interpreted by Debbie Prangl. Principal male roles were covered by Bob D'Agostino, Ed Ogorek, Mike Malczewski, Bob Mahoney, Gerry Kulinski, and Norman Pietras. Upon the blutT. Noble Eggleston tBob D'AgostinoJ is given a set ot' matching trust funds by his mother tl.ois Di Pompeoj. Dreaming of a beautiful future is young Belle Sehlumpfert, played by Debbie Prangl. .. if ',, ag F1353 , I . 1' A ,nfl W fe .assi sri 7 V if . .va , X'-fee ackstage During Little Me 5 i r -1 Mu i 5 1 is . it if fix Si Members ofthe stage crew receiving key instructions prior to setting the scenes for LITTLIL' M111 Michael Orlowski and Bill lgdwards simulate water by means of long paper for a realistic ellect ofwaves. ui Chiefelectrician. Larry Schaller, focuses a stage spotlight. Daniel Swiderski checks out the PA system prior to the performance. l78 FRONT ROWS Robert ZiCliHSki, Rev- Wallel' M- Wilvzek, CR- fpfifl- Pindelski, David Daugird, Greg Glazar. ROW 4: Joe Pomis, Paul Cipalli ROU-Qld Kosul- ROW 2-' Edward BUHU1, Robert Riley, AUUIOUY Polinski, John Rzymski, Mr. Casimir T. Ostrowski Uournalism Bvk. Philip Slobbev ROW 3-' Peter S2YUkiCWiCZ1 J0hfl THIHITIO, John Advisorj,Charles Ponicki, Richard Krystyn, Richard Nicholus. uill and Scroll Membership Expands to Fifteen Richard Krystyn, Greg Glazar, and Ed Bunta make final check on the RAM-page mailing list which now averages over 325, an increase of over 100 in the past year. A record number of journalism staff members were approved for membership in the Quill and Scroll Inter- national Honor Society for High School Journalists. Fifteen were enrolled on an active basis and two on an honorary capacity. All received the gold pin from the Principal in a private ceremony at which the Principal and the Assistant Principal were present. This year's Quill and Scroll Honorary citation went to the Assistant Principal Rev. Edmund Raczka, CR. Presenting the award were Robert Zielinski fEditor in Chietj, Pete Szynkiewicz CManaging Editorj and Mr. Casimir T. Ostrowski Uournalism Advisory This year's members have made it a special project to inculcate new structural changes in the organization of the paper, in layout format, and in photographic re- organization. They have also worked to update the cur- rent mailing list of the RAM-page and the public re- lations area of the newspaper. Those who went to Champaign-Urbana for the State Science Fair in- cluded: FRONT ROW: Chris Kardaras, Don Battaglia, Venturino Liberatoreg ROW 2: Dennis Jadin, Michael Hannigan, Jerry Bauer, fSeniors not included in picturel John Marek accompanied his project with a paper on Electromagnetic Repulsion. Eleven Participants Represent Gordon at City Fair On April 20th, the City Science Fair was held at the International Amphitheatre. Above 50 students from Gordon participated in this event. Those chosen to represent Gordon were taken with their projects from Gordon's own Science Fair held on February 16. The School Fair was sponsored by the Gam- ma Tau Sigma under Robert Widing, its president, and its moderator, Mr. Craig G. Bolanos, Junior Chemistry teacher. Chairmen ofthe fair were Mr. Ronald Harrison and Mr. Eugene Wleklinski. Thos who participated in the Fair were Gerard Bauer, lB, HA Chemical Analysis of Carbonate Mineralsgw Don Battaglia, IB, "Water Pollution: A Close Look at Chica- go's Waters," Dennis Jadin, 3C, "Digital Computorsf, Michael Hannigan, ZF, "Actinomycetales: Isolation of Antibiotics from the Soil," Timothy Topole, ZH, "Ad- vanced Solid Fuel Propellantsf' William Krakosky, IJ, "Electroplatingg" Robert Widing, 4A, "A Study of Chi- cago's Water Pollution." Timothy Topole and Michael Hannigan were rated Outstanding at city, and Hannigan was interviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Gary Kolar and Rich Kurtyka going over a brief on their project. Nll'l',Xl'H?K3 TWG HQ Werner Kist presented a project on the analysis of LSD. Inn 181 ',2i.Ti 1 ri YIYEEIN 2 NEON!! is UYYGDIR '3 WAKYI 'WIN n A H-Di 2 AXMIIJQB 'MZOLISH VME HEAR! KWH! mmuulx 1 wxwfzraxfnmg PVQIIIUQYX Fred Kist's project on the preservation of organs outside the body. l6 Entries Awarded at Regional Exhibit In the 4th Annual Regional Industrial Education Ex- hibit held at the Museum of Science and Industry, the fol- lowing awards were won by Gordon students: ARCHI- TECTURAL DRAWING: John KubikfGrand Award for his "Family Residencef' Dan Delimata-Superior, WOODS: Richard Mikosza-Outstanding: John OrzelA Superior: MACHINE SHOP: James Boeck, Schmidt Reinhold, Geary GaspordfOutstandingg Timothy Top- oleAaSuperior. White ribbons CHonorable mentionb were awarded to Chris Heynssens and Helmut Schuster for General Draft- ing: Larry Scire and Ken Candell for Electricity: and Ed Klocek for Machine Shop. Geary Gaspord presented his project, Semi-automatic Telegraph Code Key, for which he received a Blue Ribbon. Richard Mikosz won a Blue Ribbon for this model ship. James Boeck with his model ofa Steam Engine and Joseph Guerrero with a model ofa Vise took a Blue Ribbon each. Timothy Topole received a Superior Award for his project, a Fuel Thrust Stand. Www- , H M f.--..-w.w-man-ff-J Pi ln. 2, .V a g,,. f -v : 3 5 il- F Ll John Orzcl's Red Ribbon fSupcrior Awardj project was a revolving book stand. 'info '75 l 5 ,fwmfi:-wwwamwsrswwmwmv.-mi w:v:l w whxzwalr'-if 4 , gi egg . --- iw'-5' , M wi f . 2 pf "ny '41 WV f ig' wb .Zuni A ' is 5? fx 5.1 . N 42, lj 1 . -, .:. gfa 'gg 'wiffmf I mm" 'r'-1,0 ' ' H ff' V- ,. l P' his 5 John Kubik, Grand Award winner, with his entry entitled, "Family Residence," E ' "Ml -VZ, 2 t..,,v4+.af Mi ,. ze, 5 .A -. W. ,mt A drawing, entitled "Community High School," won Dan Delimata a Red Ribbon. The Turtles were featured at a concert held after the homecoming game tOctober ISJ. Over IXOO students were present, M, 5 X 25 if Muxirfbr Modern Americans tMay 215 was a Chrysler Motor Corpora- tion sponsored program on safety. Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows were featured. Sports Night Uanuary 265 featured four boxing bouts and three pro- fessional wrestling matches. Throughout the year, many special programs were presented either during special assemblies or after school hours. These ranged from specific social activities, including concerts by such groups as The Turtles, The Association, The Fifth Dimension, and The American Breed, to programs sponsored by the Mothers and Fathers Clubs. Sports Night brought professional boxers and wrestlers to Gordon's gym. A special nuclear display was presented, under the auspices ofthe Atomic Energy Commission. Mr. Ray Page, Superintendent of Public Instruction, was present for the nuclear display. Traflic Safety was emphasized by a program entitled, Music for Modern Americans. Art exhibits, sponsored in coordination with the Illinois Sesquincetennial cele- bration, were viewed. Prominent artists lectured on art today. Special Events Highlight the Year Students from the Cleveland Elementary School tWhipple and Byronb toured Gordon Tech on May 15, to see the Illinois Sesquicentennial display of photographs which were outside the main library. Father Dennis Sanders, CR, librarian, conducted the tour. Dr. Ralph T. Overman ol' Oak Ridge. Tennessee. demonstrates a Nu- clear irradiator tApril 251. '67-'68 Happenings in Review At the closing assembly Uune 53 the Student Council omcers for l968- ter, Secretary-Treasurer. Fr. Casimir Suwanski, CR Cextreme left3 l969 were sworn in by Michael Sare. These include tl.. to R.3 Michael Coordinator of Student Activities, was in charge ofthe program Hennessey, President, Livio Parolin, vice-President, and George Rich- The Christmas Dance sponsored by the Fathers Club drew a record crowd of parents and facultv members Uanuary 53. flnsuragcc lllintiislligh Sdiool Q 'fulvlication ilrafhc Sutctv kbutcsr Held in Ilw Olwmxmg gf. :NS :illinois S!83S9n'i'11ffNY1ixll Qcrnhcutc of lltcrit to illbv 3 i adm-we fin weognizim at' in 0f83SKIh1'i1i14f'R'YY! av pm-me i imllk' wire Q 'first Qrize of Tlisumfyluofihcwnimfelawof 3 3 illegible Rx A Q llamcsiilicmperhubaumiidwkmbip t MW ,,.,,s,..si,s,i st... ,is 1 3 - ' g swf r , Q. i gi W Plaque awarded fApril 303 to the RAM-page as the winner ofthe Illinois Division in the Traffic Safety Contest. With this award came a four year scholarship for a Gordon Senior from the James S. Kemper Founda tion. S Thurlow Spurr textreme rightl illustrates a test for Safe Driving Apti- The Association entertained a crowd ot' over 2200 teenagers in a con- tude fNIay 215, cert tDecemher 175. The Senior Social Committee took care of the many special concerts David Inverso, CR tlVloderatorl. Paul Contos. Leonard Janiga. Michael throughout the year. Among the members are FRONT ROW: James Malczewski, John Pindelski, George Sgtajer. Solesky, Len Januzik. Mario Sparacino, Bob Golabg ROW 2: Rev, 187 Ring Dance Climaxes Year for Juniors On May Zl, the Junior Ring Ceremony was held in Gordon's gym. The ceremony consisted of a Mass of Concelebration followed by the distribution of the rings and a recessional. The refreshments were provided by the Mothers Club. The principal celebrant at Mass was Fr. Walter M. Wilczek, CR, Principal. He was assisted by Frs. Eu- gene Szarek, Edmund Raczka, James Schultz, Henry Blaski, Dennis Sanders, and David Inverso, with Fr. Francis Rog, CR, as Master ofCeremonies. The Ring Dance was held on May 24 with a Hawaiian themeeParad1'se. The Gymnasium was decorated with Tiki gods and a fountain to carry out the theme. About 175 couples attended and danced to the music of "The Paupers" and "The End." Members of the Mothers and Fathers Clubs acted as chaperones. The highlight of the Ring Ceremony was the placing of the class ring on the student's hand. This was done when the ring was given by one of the celebrants at Mass to the parents who, in turn, placed it on their son's finger. Students dance to the Music ofthe "Paupers." l88 F gave at gf M U Q 4, Qu gm' QW' Hi. Yesterday's Memories, Tomorrow's Dreams Yesterdays Memories, T0m0rr0w's Dreams, was the title of Gordon's Senior Prom, held on May 10, in the Grand Ballroom and Crystal Foyer of the Sheraton- Chicago Hotel. About 375 couples were present. The highlight of the evening came with the presenta- tion of Miss Eileen Pyrzik, of Notre Dame High School, as the 1968 Prom Queen. Her escort was Lawrence Flem- ing. Music was provided by Louis Esposito and his orches- tra. The Prom began at 8:15 and ended at 11:00 when the queen was crowned. Members ofthe Mothers Club and Fathers Club acted as chaperones. Mr. and Mrs. John Maciorowski presented the Prom Queen of 1968. i Mr. and Mrs. John Maciorowski crowned Miss Eileen Pyrzik as Prom Queen '68, Prom Comrnillee FRONT ROW' John Squiller, William Koch, Walter Hollinger, Gary Eitermann, William Staszak, Robert Anselmo, Rev. Walter M. Wilczek, CR tModeratorJ1 ROW 2: Joseph Caprile, John Nelson, Walter Gotto, Len Januzik tCo-Chairmanl, John McMahon, Gregory Hockg ROW3: John Kubik, Howard Bultinck, Leonard Janiga, Robert Mullin, Casey Jagielnik, Thomas Miller, James Downar, Mario Sparacinog Not pictured: Mark Thomma, Michael Healy, Peter Schnei- dermeier, Dennis Dalke fCo-Chairmanj. F? 5 s 1 Dennis Dalke and his date during one ofthe slow dance numbers. , .1 fe fi Seniors and their dates pause during the evenings festivities. K 31' 1 3 jxx K F Liturgy-Apex of '68 Commencement This year's graduation ceremonies were divided into two days. On the night before the commencement exercises, which were held on May 30, all of the graduates were present at a Mass of Concelebration. The principal celebrant was very Rev. Bernard Bak, CR. who was as- sited by Rev. Walter M. Wilczek, CR, Principal, and other honored clergy. Grand Marshall and Master of Ceremonies for the festivities was Rev. Francis S. Rog, CR. The Ceremony began with an academic procession, which included the graduating class of '68 dressed in togas and mortar boards, the chairmen of all the depart- ments, also dressed in academic garb, all the members ofthe faculty, and the parents ofthe graduates. Father Wilczek delivered the homily during the Mass, and the Eucharist was distributed to all present. After the Mass, the senior members of the NHS were presented with the gold tassel, which replaced the orange and gray tassel the other graduates wore. Music for the Liturgical services was provided by mem- bers ofthe Gordon Tech Band and members of the junior class. The Leader of Song was Father Robert Kurtz, CR. Honored guests at both the Liturgy and the commence- ment exercises included: Mr. 8L Mrs. John Maciorowski, President of the Mothers Club, Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Wroblewski, Senior Representative of the Mothers Club, Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene Valerugo, President of the Fathers Club, and Mr. 8a Mrs. Edmund Bugajski, Senior Rep- resentative ofthe Fathers Club, The Marshalls for the ceremonies included the Student Council officials for 1969 and members ofthe National Honor Society. Fr. Robert Kurtz, CR, Director of Song, cues the Juniors who provided musical accompaniment during the liturgy. If Fr. Wilczek reads Gospel after which he preached the homily. Fr. Den- nis Sanders, CR, fleftl was Master of Ceremonies. Fr. Wilczek, CR. assisted by Fr. Suwanski, CR distributes the Eucha- rist to members ofthe class of'68. Principal presents to Anthony Malina the gold tassel which all NHS members wore. Mr. Peter Morrison, NHS moderator fleftl, assisted in the distribution. Dr. 0'Ne1ll Addresses Class of,68 At 9:30 A.M. on May 30, the Commencement Exer- cises of Gordon Tech High School took place. The pro- gram began with an introduction by Rev. Francis S. Rog, CR. the Master of Ceremonies and Grand Marshall. Robert Zielinski, Editor of the RA M-page. gave the Sal- utory speech which was followed by a report on the State of the High School by the Principal, Rev. Walter M. Wilczek, CR. The Principal's address was followed by the Commencement Address given by the guest speaker, Dr. John O'Neill, Associate State Superintendent of Public Instruction. After Dr. O'Neill's speech. diplomas and awards were conferred on the graduates. With a faculty of less than 20 and only 50 graduates in I954, Gordon has grown to 80 teachers and this year's graduating class of 454 seniors. Of these graduates 106 have already received scholarships. 77672 of the graduates have enrolled into 52 different colleges and universities in Illinois and out of state. The scholarships were from the following institutions: Bradley University l: Catho- lic Order of Foresters flg DePaul University I1 Doane University I1 Hastings College 3g Illinois Institute of Technology 4g Illinois Junior Academy of Science li Illinois State Scholarship Fund 71 Kiwanis Key Club ll Knights of Columbus lg Loyola University 5: Mayor Daley Youth Foundation4l1 North Wcst Missouri Stateflg St. Joseph College tin musicj lg Ukranian Worker's l: USAF Academy Appointment IL Uni- versity ofChicago lg and Washington State I. After the presentation of awards, the school song was sung and a recessional followed. Music was provided by Mr. Thomas Wehrheim and the Gordon Tech Band. Michael Sare Chosen Senior ofthe Year September Larry Jaworski was named "Senior of the Month" for September. Academically, he ranked twenty-fourth of 460 seniors, with an ac- cumulative average of 3.91. He had been on the honor roll every semester since entering Gordon. He was a member of the Stage Crew for four years and was also stage manager. He had been on the WKGT-TV Stall' for three years, a mem- ber of the NHS, the JETS, of which he was president, and a representative of the JETS and Stage Crew on the Student Council. Larry's community activities included three years of service in the Civil Air Patrol as a flight commander. He was a delegate sent to the Premier Boys State Convention last summer, under the auspices of the American Legion. He had also been an altar boy in his parish church, St. Constance, for five years. Larry jaworski November John Pindelski was chosen the "Senior of the Monthw for Novem- ber. He ranked twenty- fourth in the senior class, with an accumulative average of 3.91. He was on the Honor Roll for each of his eight semes- ters at Gordon. He had been a mem- ber of the RAM-page production stalf for four years, and Production Land Layoutj Co-Editor the past three years. He was a member of the Kiwanis Key Club, being secretary in his senior year. He was also a member of the NHS, the Social Committee, and the WKGT-TV an- nouncing staff. He has participated in intramural basketball, volley- ball, and softball this and last year. As a member of 4-A, he received, together with his class, a trophy for School Champions in intramural football and softball this year. john Pindelski October The Student Council Galuhn selected Tom as the October "Senior of the Month" Academically, Tom ranked twentieth in the senior class with an ac- cumulative average of 3.87 He had been a mem- ber of the football team since his freshman year and a varsity starter the last two seasons. Tom also played lightweight basketball his first two years and participated in Gordon's Intramural Program. He was a member of the NHS since his junior year and was Student Council President. Tom is active in the teen-functions at his parish St. Bonaventure. He hopes to enter the university of Notre Dame upon graduation. Tom Galuhn December Michael Sare was se- lected "Senior of the Year" for '67-'68. He was also chosen by the Principal and Mr. Wil- liam White, Student Council Moderator, for the "Senior of the Year" Scholarship com- petition, netting him the Mayor Daley Youth Award. Mike had been pre- viously submitted by the 1 bookstore for the 'gSen- ior ofthe Month," and was chosen for the month of December. Academically, Mike ranked second out of454 seniors, holding and accumulative average of 4.19. He was also an Illinois State Scholarship recipient. Mike was a member of the NHS and the JETS and had been in the Gordon Tech Fencing Club for the past three years, the last two years being the Secretary-Treasurer. He was voted vice-President of the Gordon Tech Student Council for his Senior year. Michael Sare january Among his many achievements which qualify him for the Jan- uary "Senior of the Month," Larry Nazimek ranked eighth out of 454 seniors and had held a six semester accumula- tive average of4.07. Larry was a member of Junior Achievement, intramural softball, the Radio Club, where he held the omce of vice- President, and the Math Club, where he assisted in teaching the slide rule course. He was also a member of the Track Team, the Cross Country Team, the Real F. C. Soccer Team, the NHS, and the JETS. Larry received a Congressional nomination to the United States Air Force Academy where he hopes to major in astonautics. He was also accepted to the Illinois Institute ofTechnology, College of Engineering. Larry Nazimek March Peter Szynkiewicz was chosen the March "Sen- ior of the Month." He ranked in the upper quar- ter of the Senior Class and held a B-average. Peter was a member of the RAM-page Staff for three years, and had been managing Editor during his Senior Year. He was News Editor in his Junior year. Through his efforts as a staff mem- ber of the RA M-page, the paper has received an All-Catholic and an All-American Award from the Catholic School Press Association KCSPAJ and the National Scholastic Press Association QNSPAJ. He was one of the I5 seniors of the RAM-page inducted into the International High School Journalism Honor Society, the Quill 84 Scroll. He had also been a member of the Junior Ring Dance Committee and the Social Committee. He was a member of his class's intramural football team and a member of the Real F. C. Soccer Team. Peter Szynkiewicz February The February "Senior of the Month," was Richard Nicholus. For eight semesters Rich ranks l6th in a class of 454, holding an accumu- lative average of 3.98. His extracurricular ac- tivities included his three years on the RAM-page one year as an editorial writer and two years as Editorial Editor. He was a mem- ber ofthe Kiwanis Key Club. In Rich's two years with the Key Club, he participated in com- mittees for the American Cancer Society Drive, the Soap for Dixon Campaign, the Peanut Day activities, and in the Project: Pride. Nicholus was a two-year member ofthe NHS. Richard Nicholus l April Robert Zelinski was named "Senior of the Month" for April. He ranks 44th in the Senior Class of 454, with an accumulative average of 3.76 for 3 lf2 years. He had been a member of the RAM-page Staff for three years, serving as Features Editor in his Junior year and Editor- in-Chief in his senior year. He was inducted into the Quill SL Scroll, the national Honorary Society for High School Journalists. As Editor- in-Chief his elforts brought great honor to the school when the School was awarded a four year James S. Kem- per scholarship and a plaque of recognition for work well done, as a special feature devoted to safety, on the Traffic Safety Issue. As a result, Gordon took the Illinois regional award. Robert was a member of the NHS and the Kiwanis Key Club for the past two years. He bowled in the schooI's intramural league for two years and captained the '66 sophomore champs. He participated in intramural basketball, volleyball, and football. Robert Zielinski A tp, 1503 ENRIQUE J. ALDAPE Immaculate Conception Student Council Il. ROBERT A. ANSELMO St. Wenceslaus JOHN R. ARCHACKI St. Pascal Football I, Intramurals II, Basket- ball I, II, III, IV. WILLIAM J, ARENDT St. Sylvester Track II, III, IV, Cross Country III, IV, Bowling I, II, Lettermen's Club III, IV, Chess Club I, II, Student Council III, Math Club II. ROBERT D. ASKIN Our Lady Ol'Grace Intramurals II, III, IV. GREGORY P. AZZARELLO St. Francis Xavier Bowling II, Intramurals II, III, Student Council I, Library StalT III. B fpp. 150-l52l THOMAS J. BAKOTA St.Adalbert Football I, II, Ill, Student Coun- cil I, II, Intramurals III, IV, Dou- ble Omega I, II. PETER M. BANAS St. Mary Of The Angels Student Council II. GREGORY R. BARANOWSKI St. Helen THOMAS E. BARRETT St. Alphonsus Intramurals II, III, IV, Baseball I, Student Council I. WILLIAM E, BARRY St, Bonaventure Football I, Musical III, IV, Fenc- ing III, IV, Bowling I, Track III, IV, Soccer IV, Student Council II. LUKE P. BARTOJAY St. Genevieve Football I, II, Stage Crew II, III, Ski Club I, II, RICHARD E. BARWACZ St. Sylvester RAM-page I, Chess Club II, PETER J. BAUMHARDT St. Peter Football I, II, III, Track I, II, III, IV, Intramurals III, Student Council I, II. SERGIO BECERRA St. Michael JAMES F. BELLERT Our Lady of Mercy Student Council I. JOHN E. BENTER Immaculate Heart of Mary Musical I, II, III, IV, Audio Vis- ual I, Intramurals I. PHILLIP C. BERG St. Viator Hockey II, III, QNot Picturedj. DONALD F. BEROWSKI St. Juliana NHS III, IV, JETS III, IV, Track II tCo-Captaint, III, IV, Student Council IV. JAMES M. BIESCHKE Our Lady of Victory Band I, II, III, Acolytes I, ll, III, 1V.P.l, IV. WAYNE R. BIESIK St. Francis Borgia GARRY T. BILOTTA St. Timothy RICHARD J. BINEK St. Helen Pep Club I, II, Intramurals II, III, IV. JEFFREY A. BLAKE St. Hyacinth Senior Summaries Bowling I, II, lNot Picturedt. JAMES W. BLANCO St. Andrew FRANCIS H. BLASZAK St. Mary of Perpetual Help Library II, III. GERARD V. BLUM St. Veronica Football I. II, III, IV, Hockey Club II, III, Soccer III, Intra- muraIsII,III,IV. JOSEPH F. BOBORCI St. Sylvester N.H.S, III, IV, Jets III, IV, In- tramurals II, III, IV, Math Club IV. ROBERT J. BOCK Queen ofAngels Intramurals II, III, IV, ANDREW M. BOROWICZ St. John Cantius Football I, Intramurals II, III, IV. ALLEN J. BORZYCH St. Helen Student Council IV, RAM-page I, Intramurals II, III, IV. CARL G, BRADER Queen of Angels Hockey II, IV, Baseball Il, IV. MICHAEL E. BRANDT St. Bonaventure WILLIAM L. BREDEMANN St. Alphonsus Bowling IV, Intramurals Il, III, IV. NICHOLAS R. BRENKUS S.S. Cyril BL Methodius Track ll, III, IV, Student Coun- cilI,II,FootballI,II. DARYL S. BROSNAN Our Lady of Victory Football III, IV, Letterman Club IV, Intramurals III, IV, INot Pic- turedl. KEITH J. BROWN St. Hilary Student Council II, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Intramurals II, III, IV. LOUIS J. BRYJA St. Ann Basketball I, II, III, IV, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Student Council III. ROBERT F. BRZEZINSKI St. Hyacinth Cross-Country II, Track II, NHS III,IV. VICTOR J. BUCZARSKI St, Hyacinth Bowlingl. MICHAEL J. BUGAJSKI Our Lady of Grace HENRY C. BUJWID St. Genevieve NHS III, IV, Jets III, IV, Bas- ketball I, II, III, IV, Intramu- ral I, II, III, IV. EDWARD R. BUKLIS St. Pascal Math Club IV. HOWARD J. BULTINCK Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cross-Country I, II, Track I, II, IV, Intramurals III, IV, EDWARD T. BUNTA St. Peter Canisius RAM-page I,II,III, Co-Editor IV, Quill and Scroll STEPHEN G, BURMEISTER St. Casimir Bowling I, Intramurals II. JAMES R. BUZINSKI Our Lady of Victory Track II. ANTHONY BYK Our Lady ofthe Angels RAM-page III, IV. STEPHEN BYK St. Fidelis Musicalll, III, IV. C lpp. 152-l53l JOSEPH P. CAPRILE St. Wenceslaus Musical I, II, III, IV. PHILIP J. CAPUTO St. Ann Football I, II, Student Council II, III. VINCENT A. CASTELON St. Sylvester Track I, II, IV, Intramurals III. IV, Musical I. II, III, IV. GEORGE W. CAVALENES Our Lady of Mercy lNot Picturedj STANLEY G. CEBRZYNSKI Good Shepherd Intramurals IV. EDWARD CEBULSKI St. John Berchman DANIEL M. CEJKA St. Priscilla Bowling I, Il, lCaptainl, III lCap- tainl, Musical ll, III, IV, Design- ers Club III, IV. JEROME S. CHROBAK Immaculate Conception Hockey Club II, III, IV lVice- Presiclentl, Intramurals II. III, IV, Musical II, III. DANIEL F. CIESLIK St. Viator JAMES R. CIMBALISTA St. Paul FencingCIubII,lII,lV. WILLIAM C. CLARK Immaculate Heart of Mary Musical II, Ill, IV, Intramurals II, III, Football II. ROBERT F. CLAY Our Lady of Mercy Garden Club I, Intramurals III, DWIGHT J. CLOSS St. Stanislaus ALEXANDER P. COBB Queen ofAngels Bowling II, III lCaptainl: JETS III, IV. ROBERT J. COCHRANE St. Sylvester Band I, II, III, IV lEquipment Managerl, Musical IV, Legion of Mary II fVice-Presidentj. JOSEPH A. CONSOL St. Bonaventure Chess Club II, Musical I, PAUL D. CONTOS St. Hilary Social Committee III, IV, Ring Dance Committee, Intramurals II, III, IV, ROBERT J. COONEY St. Gregory Football III, IV, Basketball III, IV, Intramurals III, Student Council IV. ROBERT J. CORSENTINO St. Pascal Football III, IV, Lettermen's Club IV, INot Picturedj. NICHOLAS E. CUDZEWICZ St. Roman NHS IV, Baseball I. III, IV, JETS III, IV, Designers Club IV. KEVIN J. CUNNINGHAM Our Lady ol' Mercy Radio Club I, Fencing Club II, III CPresidentj, IV, Musical IV. DANIEL P. CWIAK St. John Cantius RAM-page I, Baseball I, ll, III, IV, Stage Crew II, Musical I. ROBERT A. CYZA Our Lady ofVictory Library StaITI. Dlpp. l53-1551 DENNIS A. DALKE St. Genevieve Student Council I, Il, Football I, l98 II, Baseball III, IV, Lettermen's Club III, IV. FRANK J. DALTON St. Viator Bowling I lCaptainl, Il QCaptainJ, III, IV lCaptainl, CIBL I, II, III, IV, Intramural II, III, IV. EUGENE L. DAMATO Immaculate Heart of Mary Musical I, II, IV, Intramurals III, Bowling I, IV. GERALD L, DANIEL Our Lady of Mercy DAVID L. DAUGIRD St. Edward RAM-page ll, III lProduction Co- Editorj, IV QProduction Co-Edi- tory, Intramurals III, IV, JETS IV, Quill and Scroll. MICHAEL C. DEBELLIS Immaculate Heart of Mary Intramurals II. DANIEL W. DELIMATA St.Camillus Pep Club I, Intramurals II, III, IV, Football II, Math Club IV, Designers Club IV. RICHARD J. DEPCIK St. Barbara Drama I, Bowling I, II, III, IV, CIBL I, Il, III, IV, RICHARD DESCHAMPS St. Michael Fencing Club III, Bowling IV, Math Club IV, Intramurals III, IV. MICHAEL G, DIESING St. Bartholomew Baseball I, Intramurals III, IV. ,Not Picturedl, JAMES P. DILLON Our Lady of Victory Track II, Student Council I, II. JAMES R. DOMAN St. Mary ofthe Woods Track II, Musical III, Intramu- rals III, IV. DANIEL R. DOMBKOWSKI St.Andrew EDWARD W, DOMINOW St. Hyacinth Football I, II, JAMES R. DOWNAR St. Ladislaus Acolytes I, II, RAM-page I, II, Intramurals II, III, IV, Musical I, II,III. MICHAEL T. DOYLE St. Pascal LNot Picturedl. ROBERT E, DRAPAK St. Genevieve Stage Crew I, II, Fencing Club II, III, IV QPresident5. MICHAEL M. DROZD St. John Cantius Student Council II. MICHAEL T, DUDEK St. Robert Bellarmine Audio-Visual II, III, IV, Televis- ion Statf II, III, IV IGraphic Arts Chiefj, Stage Crew III, IV, Intra- muralsIII,IV. ROBERT M. DUDEK Divine Savior JOSEPH D. DUDZINSKI Our Lady of Grace Patrol Club III, THOMAS A. DURR Our Lady of Mount Carmel Intramurals IV. MITCHELL DZIALO St. Boniface Bowling I, Il, III, CIBL II, Pa- trol Club III, Track II, Intramu- rals II, III, IV. PHILIP A. DZIEKONSKI St. Ladislaus Elp.l55l MICHAEL W. EDER St. Francis Borgia Bowling I, II, III, IV ,Co-Cap tainl, Double Omega II, Stage Crew I, Intramurals II, III, IV. WILLIAM C. EDWARDS St.Gertrude Audio-Visual 8: Television StalT I, Stage Crew I, II, III, IV tLighting Manager 8L Head Electricianj. GARY M. EITERMANN St. Genevieve Stage Crew II. LAWRENCE B. EME St. Tarcissus Radio Club I, RAM-page II, III, IV, Musical I, ll, IV, Math Club IV, Language Club IV. MICHAEL A. ESPOSITO St. Francis of Rome Designers Club III, IV. F lpp, l55-l56l WILLIAM J. FAGUS St. Stanislaus B 8c M MICHAEL J. FAYMAN Our Lady of Victory Intramurals II, III, IV. JURGEN FEICHTINGER St. Andrew Football II, Intramurals I, II, Stu- dent Council II. GEORGE F. FENCL St. Ann WILLIAM E, FIALKOWSKI St. Cornelius RAM-page, Bowling I, II, III, IV, Printing Dept I.lI,III,IV. ALLAN D. FISHER St. Mark JOHN V. FISCHER Immaculate Heart of Mary Cross Country I, Kiwanis Key Clublll, IV, LAWRENCE J. FLEMING St. Wenceslaus Baseball I. JOSEPH M, FLOCCA St. Edward Intramurals III. ANDREW J. FLURKEY St. Bartholomew Garden Club II, Kiwanis Key Club III, IV. THOMAS M. FOLEY Our Lady of Victory Track II, IV, Intramurals IV, Cross Country III, IV, Hockey Club III. JOSEPH M. FOLLMER St. Helen Double Omega II, Student Council II, Designers Club III, IV, Bowling IV, Intramurals II, III, V. MICHAEL M. FREEWALT Queen of Angels Student Council I, Football I, IV. MARK J, FRIES St. Andrew Football II. JOSEPH M. FRUGOLI Resurrection fNot Picturedj FRANK M. FUSCONE Our Lady of Pompeii G tpp. l56-1583 EUGENE J. GABANSKI St. Francis ol' Assisi Garden Club II. GLENN R. GABRIEL St. Celestine, Band I, II, Musical III. JOHN J. GAERTNER St. Ita Student Council III, GREGORY M. GALLAS St. Genevieve RAM-page I, Intramurals III, IV, Student Council III, Bowling IV tCo-Captainj, Musical III, IV, JOHN F. GALLIGAN Intramurals III. MICHAEL C, GALLOWAY St. Margaret Mary THOMAS GALUHN St. Bonaventure Student Council IV IPresidentj, NHS III. IV, Football I, II, III, IV, Lettermen's Club III, IV, Bas- ketball Il, Intramurals I, II, III, IV. CHARLES R, GAMBILL St,Ann EDWARD J, GARSTKA St. Hedwig RAM-pageII,IV: Fencingll. EDWARD F, GARTNER Immaculate Heart of Mary Intramurals Il, Ski Club II. EDWARD V. GATES Our Lady of Mount Carmel RAM-page I, Il, Musical II, III, IV, Drama III, IV. RICHARD C. GEORGE Our Lady ofthe Angels Hockey Club II, III, Bowling I, Student Council I. DONALD A. GERHART St, Matthias Football I, II, JETS III, IV. LAWRENCE P. GIEBELHAUSEN Immaculate Heart of Mary Musical I, II, III. IV, Bowling 8: Baseball IV, Intramurals Il, III, IV. ANTHONY N. GIERZ St. Edward RAM-page I, NHS III, Social Committee 84 Musical III. GREGORY S. GLAZAR Our Lady oIGrace Debate I, Stage Crew II, RAM- page II, III, IV lCirculation Co- Managerj, Quill and Scroll, JOHN R, GLOECKLE Our Lady ofGrace Student Council I, Astronomy Club II. GARY M. GOCZKOWSKI St. Stanislaus Bowling I tCaptainl, II tCaptainj, III ICO-Captainj, IV tCo-Captainl, CIBL i, ii, iv, lmmmufais ii, III, IV, Musical I, II, III, IV, Li- brary StafTII, ROBERT J. GOLAB St. Helen Pep Club II, Social Committee III, IV, Intramurals I, II, III, IV. GREGORY E. GOLKOWSKI St. Juliana NHS III, IV, JETS III, IV, Bowling8L CIBL I, II, WALTER R. GOTTO St. Andrew Garden Club I, Musical II, III, IV, Intramurals II, III, IV. JERRY G. GRABOWSKI St. Pascal RAM-page II, Science Club I, Audio-Visual I, Intramurals III. WALTER J. GRAMIAK St. Hedwig Musical I, II, III, IV, Garden Club I, RAM-page III, IV, Ki- wanis Key Club III, IV ITreas- urerj. JAMES L. GRANACKI St. Viator Bowling I, II. RALPH M. GREINKE St. Robert Bellarmine Bowling I, II, III, IV, Band I, II. JAMES GRONKE ROBERT A. GROSZEK St. Mark Intramurals I, II, III, IV. THEODORE S. GROSZEK St. Mark KENNETH G, GRUSZECKI St. Josaphat Football II, III, IV. MICHAEL J, GRYFINSKI St. Frances Cabrini Bowling III, IV, Chess Club I, II, III, IV. tNot Picturedl. EDWARD A. GRYGOWSKI St. Hyacinth RAM-page I, II, IV, Stage Crew I, II, III, Social Committee III, Musical IV. EDWARD W. GRYZLO St. Mark Intramurals III, GEORGE GRZECA Holy Family Football I, II, III, IV, Hockey III, IV, Student Council III, IV, Let- termen's Club III, IV, Intramurals I, II, III, IV. JOSEPH G. GUIDI Transliguration Football I, II, III, IV, Student Council I, II, III, IV, YCS II, As- tronomy Club II. LESLIE J. GULLERY St, Viator Designers Club II, Intramurals II. EDWARD M. GUNIA St. Cornelius Designers Club II, III, IV. JOSEPH H. GUZOLEK St. Sylvester PETER P. GWIAZDA St,Andrew Student Council II, IV, Football II, Social Committee III, IV, Ring Dance Committee, Musical I, II, H tp.l58t LOUIS S. HABRYL Transliguration Musical I, II, III, Intramurals II, III, IV, Astronomy Club. KARL H, HANSEN Immaculate Heart olMary Cross Country I, Musical IV, In- tramurals II, III, IV. GARY J. HAYES Maternity B.V.M. Fencing Club II, III, IV, Audio- Visual III, IV, Social Committee III, IV, Ring Dance Committee, Intramurals IV. MICHAEL F. HEALY Our Lady of Lourdes Football III, IV, Basketball III, IV, Student Council IV. tNot Pic- turedj. KENNETH D. HEJZA St. Ferdinand Student Council IV, Bowling II, Intramurals II, III. CHRISTOPHER R. HELLWIG Our Lady of Mount Carmel RAM-page I, II, Stage Crew II, NHS III, IV, JETS IV, Musical III, IV. WILLIAM J. HENNEK Our Lady of Mercy Intramurals II, III, IV. WARREN HERNANDEZ Holy Family Hockey Club III, IV, Football I fManagerj, Intramurals III. HOWARD M. HESS St. Alphonsus MICHAEL J. HESS Our Lady of Mount Carmel GEORGE J, HIRSCHENBERGER St. Pascal Football II, IV, Student Council III. GREGORY HOCK Our Lady ol Victory Audio-Visual I, II, III, Television Staffl, II, III, IV. KENNETH F. HODL Our Lady of Victory Musical I. Il. JOHN K. HOMA St. Constance Football II, Intramurals II, III, IV, Musical I, Stage Crew II, III lCrew Chiefj, IV tCrew Chiefl WALTER A. HOLLINGER St. Benedict NHS lPresidentl III. IV, JETS III, IV tVice-Presidenti, Science Club Ill lSecretaryl, IV, Chess Club lPresidentl I, II, III, IV, Musical II, Ill, Student Council II, III, IV IChairman of Academ- icsl, Intramurals II, III, IV, RAM-page I, Math Club IV. KENNETH J. HORNYAK St. Gregory Television 8: Musical Il, Audio- Visual I. DONALD A. HUBERT St,Ann Intramurals II, III. WILLIAM C. HUSS Queen ofAngels Football I, II, III, IV, JETS III, Intramurals II, III, IV, Letter- men's Club III, IV. ANTON J, HUTTER St. Gertrude Football III, IV, Intramurals II, III, IV, Lettermen's Club. Itp. l58j PETER J. INDURANTE St. Genevieve Track I, Baseball II. J tp. 1593 CASEY J. JAGIELNIK St. Helen Student Council I, II, III, Basket- ball I, II, IV, Football I, II, Hock- ey Club III, Double Omega II, In- tramurals III, IV. RICHARD JANICKI St. Sylvester Musical I, II, III, IV. LEONARD M. JANIGA St. Hyacinth Track I, Ring Dance Committee, Science Club III, Student Council IV tSecretaryl, NHS IV, Social Committee IV. LEONARD R. JANUZIK St. Hyacinth NHS III, IV, Football I, II, Stu- dent Council III, IV tSocial Com- mittee Chairmanl. ROBERT J,JASKIERNY St. Robert Bellarmine Debate I, Forensics I, Intramurals II, III, IV, Hockey Club III. LARRY P. JAWORSKI St. Constance Bowling I, II, NHS III, Student Council III, IV, JETS III, IV tPresidentl, Television Staff II, III, IV, Stage Crew I, Il, III, IV tStage Managerl. WALTER P. JOHNS Immaculate Conception Debate 8: Forensics I, Intramurals II, III, IV. DAVID W, JOHNSON St. Bonaventure PETER JOVANOVIC Maternity B.V.M, Stage Crew II. THOMAS R. JURKIEWICZ Immaculate Heart ofMary Football I, II, III, IV, Student Council II. K lpp. l54-l6lt RANDALL R. KALINOWSKI St. Ladislaus I99 Band I, ll, Intramurals III. RONALD A. KAMINSKI St. Barbara Bowling I, II, Musical I, Intra- murals Il, III, IV. VINCENT E. KANE St. John Berchman Student Council III tVice-Pres- identl. RICHARD J. KARPINSKI St. Francis ol'Assisi MICHAEL W, KASPER St, Stanislaus Kostka Musical II, III, NHS IV, JETS III, IV. BRUCE M. KAWECKI St. Valentine Baseball I, Intramurals II, Bas- ketball I, II, III lCo-Captainj, IV. lNot picturedl THOMAS M. KAZMIERCZAK St, Hedwig Football II, Intramurals II, III, IV. FRANCIS C, KEHOE Our Lady of Lourdes RAM-page I, II, Intramurals II, III. MICHAEL C. KELLER St. Robert Bellarmine Bowling IV, Designers Club III, IV, Acolytes I, II, III lVice-Pres- identl, IV tpresidentl. STEPHEN M. KEMPF St, Alphonsus Intramurals II. THOMAS S. KISSEL St. Cornelius Musical I, II, III, IV, CISCA I, Patrol Club I, Il, Pep Club IV, STEPHEN M. KITLINSKI St.Aloysius GARY J. KIZIOR St, Alphonsus NHS III, JETS III, IV, Hockey Club Il, RAM-page I, II tNews Editorj. JOHN R. KLEIN St, Cornelius JETS III, IV, Bowling II, Math ClubIV. CLARENCE R. KLIPOWICZ Our Lady ofGrace Baseball I, Il, III, IV, Bowling IV, Intramurals II, III, IV. EDWARD J, KLOCEK St. Fidelis STEPHEN T. KNORST Our Lady ofMount Carmel Student Council Il, WILLIAM F. KOCH St,Gregory Basketball Manager I, II, Base- ball Manager I, II tHead Mana- gerl: NHS III, IV. RONALD R. KOGUT St. John Cantius RAM-page I, II tProduction Co- Editorl, III lProduction Mana- geri, IV tProduction Managerl, Bowling I, II, Musical I, Science Club I,II, Quill and Scroll. GARY W. KOLAR St. Hedwig Bowling I tCaptainl, Science Club I, Astonomy Club II, Fencing Club III, IV. DENNIS KONCZYK Our Lady of Victory Cross Country IV, Track Il, III, IV. JOHN W. KONIECZNY St. Wenoeslaus Hockey Club 8: Intramurals II, III, IV, Debate III, Musical IV, RAM-page II, III, IV. PETER KONRAD Immaculate Heart of Mary Kiwanis Key Club III, Musical IV, ERVIN S. KOSTICK St. Hyacinth Bowling I, II, III, IV, Intra- murals III, IV. THADDEUS KOSTRZEWA St. Helen Football I, II, III, IV. THEODORE S. KOTLARZ St. Sylvester Football I, II, Track III, Student Council I, II, III, Intramurals II, III. GERALD B. KOWALCZYK St,Thecla Football I, II, Intramurals II, III, IV, Musical III, IV. JOSEPH A. KOWALSKI St. Mary of the Angels Band I, II, III. FRANK J. KOZAK St. Edward NHS III, IV, Track I, II, RAM- page I, Math Club IV, Musical II, III. MICHAEL C. KOZIARA St, Hyacinth Track I, II, III, Cross Country II, III, NHS III, IV. KENNETH S. KOZIN Our Lady ofthe Angels Bowling I, Audio-Visual II, RAM- page II, III, IV, Prom Committee IV, Lettermen's Club IV, Cross Country 8L Track III, IV. ROBERT J, KRAMER Holy Innocents WALTER KRASICKI St. Sylvester tNot Picturedl RONALD G. KRAUS Immaculate Heart of Mary Bowling I, II, III, WILLIAM J. KREFT St. Celestine Intramurals II, Musical I, III, Band I, II, III, IV IVice-Presi- dentl. WAYNE J. KROK St. Ferdinand Intramurals. fNot Picturedb. RICHARD M, KRYSTYN St. Helen RAM-page II, III, IV tSports Ed- itorl, TECH-Log III, IV, Intra- murals II,IIl,IV, Quill and Scroll. EMIL J. KUBICKI Maternity B,V.M. Math Club IV, Musical IV, Intra- murals III, IV, Football III, IV, Stage Crew tRight Stage Managerj III, IV. JOHN C, KUBIK St, William Designers Club III, IV, Track II, IV, ROBERT M. KUCZYNSKI St. Barbara Bowling II, CIBL II, Intramurals II, III, IV. PAUL J. KUPER St. Benedict Football I, II, III, IV, Student Council I, II, III, Basketball I, II, III, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Letter- men's Club III, IV. KEITH A. KURCZEWSKI St. Hilary Cross Country IV, Track IV, Bas- ketball IV, Pep Club IV. RICHARD J. KURTYKA St. Helen Bowling I ICU-Captainl, II, III, IV ICaptainl, Speech Club IV, Stu- dent Council III, IV, Debate II, III tAssistant Moderatorl, IV tAssistant Moderatorj. DONALD M. KURYLAS St. Nicholas Intramurals II, III, Drama II. THOMAS J. KUTT St. Ann Fencing II, III, Stage Crew II. Ltpp. l6l-l62J THADDEUS E. LACINA St. Fidelis Chess Club I. PETER J. LAGIOIA Our Lady of the Angels Hockey Club II, Intramurals II, III,IV. KENNETH J, LA JEUNESSE St. Edward GEORGE C. LANDELIUS St. Monica Audio-Visual I, II, Stage Crew III, IV, Television StalT II, III, IV fChief Engineerj, WILLIAM H. LANSU Holy Name Cathedral Stage Crew II. KENNETH M. LEWANDOWSKI St. Hedwig Basketball I, II, III, IV, Football I, II, Intramurals II, III, IV. THOMAS J. LEWANDOWSKI St. Wenceslaus Intramurals II, III, IV, Bowling IV. STAN O. LEWICKI St. Mary ofthe Angels Musical Il, III, IV. CHARLES J. LEWIS St. Gertrude Footballll. HELMUT A. LIKAR Our Lady of Mercy Intramurals II, III, IV, Hockey ClubII,III. ALBERT M. LINDEMAN St. Ladislaus Baseball I lManagerj, Letter- men's Club III, Football II, III CManagerl, Musical I, Audio- Visual I, Intramurals II. RONALD P. LINGL St. Alphonsus Audio-Visual II, Math Club IV, Stage Crew II, III, IV tScenery ChieD Television Staff IV, Intra- murals III, IV. JOHN J. LOPATKIEWICZ St.Fidelis Football I, II, Hockey Club II, III, Student Council IV, MICHAEL A. LOPINTO Immaculate Heart of Mary CHRIS H. LOREK St. John Berchmann Debate I, II, III, Bowling IV tCaptainJ, Forensics I, II, III tCo-Captainj, IV, Chess Club II, Fencing II. SAM F. LOSURDO St. Bonaventure Football Manager I, II, III, Stu- dent Council III, Intramurals II, III,IV. EDWARD J, LUX St. Alphonsus Bowling II tCaptaint, Hockey Club II, Intramurals II, III, IV, Library Stall' II, Stage Crew III, Musical IV. M Qpp. I63-l65l JOHN M. MACHNIK St. Sylvester Science Club III, Intramurals Manager Il, III, IV. STEVE R. MACIONTEK Our Lady ol' Mercy RAM-page I, Student Council II, Stage Crew II, III, Track I. THEODORE L. MACK St. Helen Spanish Club IV. ROBERT E. MADAY St. Priscilla Track 8: Cross Country I, II, Hockey Club II, III lCo-Captainl, IV tCaptainl. MICHAEL W, MAHER St.Aloysius Football II, Intramurals II. III, IV. GERALD M. MAHON St. Bartholomew RAM-page I, Student Council IV: Sword 8: Shield IV. ROBERT A, MAHONEY St. Timothy Musical I, II, III, IV, NHS III, IV, Legion of Mary II, III QPresidentl. JOSEPH P. MAJER St. Veronica LEON S. MAJEWSKI St. Benedict Drama I, II, Intramurals II, III. RICHARD J. MALLO St. Ann ROBERT J. MALLO St. Ann Drama I, Il, Intramural II, III. MICHAEL J. MALCZEWSKI St, Roman Social Committee III, IV, Li- brary Stafl Il, III, Kiwanis Key Club Ill, IV, Television Stall' III, IV Il-ighlitlg Chielj, Ring Dance Committee, Prom Committee, Drama III, IV, Musical I, II, III, IV. TIMOTHY MALCZYK Our Lady ofGrace Bowling I, II, III, Intramurals II, III, IV, Football I, II. fNot Pic- turedj. ANTHONY MALINA RAM-page I, Band I, II, III. MICHAEL J. MAMMOSER St. Edward lNot Pictured, DAN W. MANOLA St. Robert Bellarmine THOMAS S. MARCU Our Lady of Mount Carmel Track I. JOHN P. MARGELEWSKI St, John Berchman Intramurals II, III. ADAM W. MARKIEWICZ Holy Trinity Intramurals III. ALLAN J. MARKUS St. Stanislaus B8cM RONALD MARSZALEK Our Lady ofthe Angels Stage Crew I, II, III, Bowling III, IV, Television Staff II, III, IV. DENNIS J. MASLOWSKI St. Priscilla Intramurals II, III, Stage Crew Ill. IV, Bowling III, IV. JOSEPH M, MATTEONI St. Genevieve GEORGE A. MATWYSHYN St. Nicholas Cathedral Chess Club II, Astronomy Club II, NHS III, IV, Kiwanis Key Club III, IV QVice-Presidentl. ALOYSIUS A. MAZEWSKI St. Pascal Bowling I, II, III, IV, Intramu- raIsIII. GERARD T. MAZURCZAK St. Tarcissus Student Council IV, Sword 8: Shield IV, Intramurals III, IV, MICHAEL R. McBLAINE St, Priscilla Band I, II, III, IV tPresident3, Li- brary Staff II, III fPresidentl. STEPHEN J. MCBRADY St. Margaret Mary Band I, II, Ski Club II, Televi- sion Stall' IV, Student Council I, IV lClass Presidentl. TERRY V. MCEVOY St. Aloysius RAM-page I, Cross Country I, Il tCo-Captainj, III, Track I, Il 1Co- Captainj, IV: Math Club IV. EDWARD MCKISSACK Our Lady of Angels Student Council II, Lettermen's Club IV, Baseball II, III, IV, Football IV, Hockey Club II, IV, Intramurals I, II, III, IV. JOHN D. McMAHON St. Andrew RAM-page I, II lCo-Editort: Bas- ketball II, Intramurals ll, III, IV. MARK V. MERTENS St. Timothy Bowlingl. RONALD J. MEYER St. Michael JETS III, IV, Baseball III, IV, Musical I, III: Intramurals II, III, IV, THOMAS A. MICELI St.Andrew Radio Club I, II, Math Club IV. lNot Picturedj. JOHN M. MIKOSZ St. Fidelis THOMAS L. MILLER St. Stanislaus B8cM Track Il, III, Musical I, II, III, IV, Television Staff IV, Bowling III, Intramurals III, IV, Basket- ball I. SIMON A. MIRABAL St,Hedwig JAMES R, MITRENGA Immaculate Heart of Mary Science Club II, Fencing IV, Band I, II, III, IV tSergeant at Armsj. WILLIAM J, MOHLMAN Blessed Agnes Intramurals II, GT Choir II. PATRICK J. MOLITOR Our Lady of Mercy Audio-Visual IV, Stage Crew IV. RAYMOND M. MOTA St. Charles Borromeo Football I', II, III, IV tCaptainl, Lettermen's Club III, IV, Intra- murals I, II, III, IV, Basketball I, Student Council I. DENNIS MROZ St. Mary ofthe Angels MAURO W. MUCCIANTE Our Lady of the Angels JOHN M. MULLER Mount Carmel Vlath Club IV, Musical II, III, ROBERT J. MULLIN St,Gertrude Basketball I, II, III, IV, Letter- men's Club IV. WILLIAM J. MUNDT St. Helen Bowling I, II, Pep Club II, III, MusicalII,III. JOHN A. MUSOLF St. Teresa Bowling II, III, IV lCaptainl, CIBL II, IV, Intramurals II, III, IV, Baseball IV. Ntp,l65l MANFRED M. NAASE St, William WILLIAM L. NAKULSKI St, Gertrude Math Club II, tNot Picturedj. RICHARD J. NALEPKA St, Mary ofthe Angels JOHN F. NAVOY St. Mark LARRY E. NAZIMEK Str Hyacinth 200 Radio Club I tVice-Presidentj, II, Math Club II, JETS III, NHS III, IV, Cross Country Se Track III, IV, Intramurals II. JAMES M, NEDZA Our Lady ofthe Angels Intramurals I, II, III, IV. JOHN R. NELSON Our Lady of Mercy Intramurals III, IV, Musical IV. DENNIS P. NERI St. Bonaventure Intramurals III, IV. ELMER E, NEURAUTER St. Timothy Intramurals II, III. RICHARD H. NICHOLUS St. Matthias RAM-page II, III lEditorial Ed- itorj, IV tEditorial Editorj, Ki- wanis Key Club ll, III, IV, NHS III,IV, Legion of Mag' II, Quill and Scroll. ANDREW K. NODZENSKI St. Fidelis Musical III. STEPHEN K. NORRIS Our Lady of Mercy Intramurals I, II, III, IV, Kiwan- is Key Club III. GEORGE D. NOVAK St, Casimir O IPP. l65-l66t PHILIP J. O'BRIEN St. Constance Cheerleader I, II, III, Musical I, II, III, IV, RAM-page I tEditorial Editor.l THOMAS J. OCHAB St. Wenceslaus Basketball II, III, IV, Lettermen's ClubIV, MICHAEL T. O'KELLY St, Pascal Basketball II, Intramurals III. JOSEPH G, OLSZEWSKI St, Pascal Double Omega 8: Designers Club II, Television Staff IV, DANIEL W, OPYD St.Viator MICHAEL M. OZGOWICZ St. Sylvester Bowling I, II. P tpp. 165-l66l JEFFREY J. PANDO St, Wenceslaus Intramurals III, IV, Musical IV. DENNIS C. PARCHIM St. Bonaventure Bowlinglll. ROBERT J. PASCALY St. Viator Intramurals II, III, IV, Bowling I, QCo-Captainl, II tCo-Captaint, III,IV. MICHAEL A. PATTON Our Lady of Mount Carmel Football III, Intramurals III, IV, Lettermen's Club IV, RONALD M. PAVLAK St. Hilary NHSIV. JOHN E. PAWULA St. Fidelis RAM-page I, Chess Club I, II, III, IV, Math Club IV, Intramu- rals Il, III, IV. GLENN A. PEKALA St. Hyacinth fNot Picturedj. MICHAEL A, PELECK St. Stanislaus Kostka Football III, IV. DANIEL J. PENKALA Our Lady of Grace Bowling II, III tCaptainj, IV lCaptainl, CIBL 8: Intramurals II, III, IV, Hockey Club II, III, IV, Musical II, Baseball IV, Stu- dent Council IV. SEBASTIAN M. PERNA St, Ladislaus RICHARD J. PETERS St. Mark WAYNE L. PIEKARZ St.Casimir Intramurals II, III. RONALD M. PIEROG Immaculate Heart of Mary Band I, II, III, Kiwanis Key Club III, IV, Fencing III, Student Coun- cil Il. JOSEPH PIERRI St. Columbkille Musical 8: Intramurals II, III, Student Council IV. JOHN A. PINDELSKI St. Ladislaus RAM-page I, II tProduction Ed- itorl, III tProduction Co-Editort, IV tProduction Co-Editorjg Hoc- key Club II, III, IV tPresidentj, NHS 8L Social Committee III, IV, Kiwanis Key Club III, IV tSecre- taryll Television Staff IV, Intra- murals II,III,IV, Quill and Scroll. GEORGE C. PIOTROWSKI St. Stanislaus B 8: M Science Club 8a Math Club II, III, IV. MARK J. PLOCKI St. Helen Band I, II, III, IV, Math Club 8: Bowling IV, Language Arts Club IV. JAMES R. PLOMIN St. Matthias MICHAEL J, PLOOF St, Jerome JETS III, IV, NHS IV, Chess Club I, II, Intramurals II, III, IV, Stu- dent Council II, Musical II, PAUL J. POLINSKI St, Francis Xavier RAM-page I, III, IV, JETS Kc Baseball III, IV, Stage Crew II, Television Stall' III, Quill and Scroll. JOSEPH J. POMIS St, Robert Bellarmine RAM-page II, III, IV, Hockey Club III, IV, Degate I, Intramu- rals II,III, Quill and Scroll. CHARLES J. PONICKI Queen ofAll Saints RAM-page I,II,III,IV: Quill and Scroll. ROBERT M. PORADA St. Stanislaus B Sc M ROMAN PROKOPIJ St.Aloysius Footballll. LEON J. PRZYBYLA St, Pascal Intramurals II, III, IV, Student Council II. WALTER E. PSUJEK St, Hedwig Bowling I, II, Designer Club. Q tp, 1673 CHARLES P. QUAIVER Our Lady of Mercy Designers Club II. WILLIAM R. QUINLAN Our Lady of Grace Rqp. 1673 PHILIP A. RAGIO Our Lady of Mercy RAM-page I, Ski Club II. HAROLD G. RAND St. Pius RAYMOND E. RICKMAN St. Viator Student Council I. ROBERT G, RILEY St. Viator RAM-page iPhoto-lithographert I, II, III, IV, Printing Depart- ment II,III,IV, Quill and Scroll. JAMES C. ROHRLACK St. Hilary Intramurals II, III, IV. EDWARD C. RONKOSKE St.Gregory MARTIN E. ROZYCKI Our Lady of Victory Bowling I. II, Audio-Visual III. IV, Television Staff 84 Student Council IV. THADDEUS R. ROZYLOWICZ St. Ferdinand BERNARD J. RUCHNIEWICZ Our Lady of the Angels Intramurals Il, III, IV. RICHARD W, RUNDIO Our Lady of Victory Hockey Club III, IV lCaptainJ, RONALD A. RUTKOWSKI St, Genevieve Television Stall' II, Pep Club III, Forensics II, III tPresidentl, IV lPresidentl, Kiwanis Key Club III, IV: Student Council. TIMIJ. RYAN St. Benedict Football I, IV, Student Council I, Intramurals III, IV, JOHN E. RZYMSKI St. John Cantius RAM-page I, II, III, IV, JETS IV, Stage Crew II: NHS III,IV, Quill and Scroll. Stpp.168-1711 PAUL H. SALETNIK St. Hyacinth Band I, II, III, IV lSecretary- Treasurerl, Musical I, Il, III, JEROME SAMMARCO Our Lady of Pompeii Student Council I, II, III, Foot- ball I, Track II, III. DANIEL F. SAMMON St. Gertrude Football 8L Intramurals Ill, IV, RAYMOND J. SAMP St, Pascal Football 8: Baseball I, II, III, IV, Hockey Club II, III, IV, Student Council II, III, Lettermen's Club IV, MICHAEL J. SARE St.Timothy NHS 8L JETS III, IV, Fencing Club II tSecretaryj, III. IV, Stu- dent Council IV lVice-Presidentl. DENNIS M. SCHIMANSKI St. Stanislaus Kostka Bowling I, II, CIBL II, Ring Dance Committee, Intrmurals II, III, Student Council I. JOHN A. SCHMAEDICK St. William Bowling II, III, IV tCo-Captainl. MICHAEL J. SCHNAU St. Bartholomew Stage Crew II. PETER P. SCHNEIDERMEIER St. Alphonsus Track I, Ski Club I, Intramurals. JOHN L, SCHNOOR St. Andrew Football II, Intramurals II, III. RUDOLPH F. SCHOEWE St. Bartholomew VINCENT J, SCIRE St. Gertrude Student Council I, II, Track 8: In- tramurals III, IV, Basketball I, II, I1I,lV. RICHARD SEREK St, Andrew Intramurals II, III, IV, Bowling II, III, RICHARD A. SERENDA St. Victor RAM-page I, II, III, Student Council I, Television Stall' III. IV IScenery Chieft, Chess Club II, Hockey Club IV: Intramurals Il, III. IV. RAYMOND J. SHUTE St. Tarcissus Chess Club II, EDWARD SIKORA St. Helen Musical II, Bowling III. WILLIAM F. SIMPSON St. Tarcissus Football II, RICHARD E. SIPIORA St. Gregory JAMES M, SKOLMOSKI St. Pascal Student Council IV, Intramurals Il, III, IV. Television StalT IV. ROBERT W, SKWARSKI St, Bonaventure Football I, Student Council I, II. MICHAEL A. SLIPETZ St, Sylvester Musical I, II. EMMANUEL J. SMACZNY St. Helen Football II, Intramurals II, III. ROBERT G. SMIEGOWSKI St. Hyacinth Bowlingl. HENRY L. SOBOR St, Fidelis Hockey Club Sc Intramurals II, III, IV, Student Council IV, Mus- ical II, III, IV. INot Picturedj. JAMES P. SOLESKY Divine Savior Band I, II, III: Television StafT8c Social Committee III, IV, Student Council I, JETS III, IV, Musical I, Il, III, IV, Bowling IV ICD- Captainl. WALTER J, SOLINSKI St. John Bosco Intramurals II, III, JOSEPH S. SOLIS St. Mary ofthe Lake Football III, IV. STEPHEN R. SOLTIS St, Francis Xavier Chess Club I, Il. III, Intramurals II, III, IV, Library EL Designers Club II, III, IV: Hockey Club III, MARIO C. SPARACINO St. Benedict Football II, Ring Dance Commit- tee, Social Committee IV. EDWARD F. SPECK St. Cornelius Musical I, II, III, Intramurals II, III. JOHN D, SQUILLER Our Lady of Victory Intramurals II, IV. WILLIAM D. STASZAK St. Hedwig Track I, II, Musical I, II, III, In- tramurals II, III, IV. JAMES J. STEC St. Bridget Intramurals II, III, IV. PAUL E, STECHMAN St. Alphonsus NHS III. IV. WILLIAM C. STEINMETZ St, Hilary Track I, II, III, IV, NHS EL Let- termen's Club III, IV, Student Council I, II, III. RICHARD S. STERCZEK St. Fidelis PHILIP C, STOBBE St. Victor TECH-Log I, II, III, IV, RAM- page I, II, III iPhoto-Editorl, IV iPhoto-Editorjg Television Staff III, IV QNews Staff ChieD, Stu- dent Council III. PAUL A. STRANOR St. Cornelius Band I. THOMAS L. STREMLAU St. Margaret Mary Band I, Television StalT Il, III, IV. WAYNE A. STRNAD St. Stanislaus B Sc M Astronomy Club President Il, III, IV, -Math Club II, III lVice-Pres- identl IV lPresidentl: Chess Club Il, JETS III, IV, Library Stall' Il, III, Student Council Il, III, IV, ROBERT E. STRUTZ St. Constance PATRICK C, SULAK St, Mark Band I, II. Ill, IV, Musical I, II, III: Intramurals Il. ALBERT W. SWANSON Queen ofall Saints Bowling I, II, lntamurals III, IV. THOMAS A. SWIATKIEWICZ St. Ladislaus Intramurals III. IV. PATRICK C. SWOPE St. Andrew NHS III, IV, Hockey Club II. III, IV. LASZLO F. SZABO SI, Ignatius Student Council I, Il, III, IV, Bas- ketball I, II, III. IV, NHS IV. JOHN E. SZAFLIK Holy Trinity Bowling I, II, III. IV fCaptainJ, Designers Club III. RICHARD E. SZCZEPKOWICZ St. Fidelis Track II, Hockey Club III, In- tramurals II, III, IV. NORBERT Z. SZCZEWSKI St. Helen Math Club IV: NHS III, IV, Student Council IV, Chess Club I, II lVice-Presidentl, III lVice-Pres- identy, IV fVice-Presidentl. GEORGE SZTAJER St. Ferdinand Track II, JETS III, Social Com- mittee III, IV, Bowling I, II. III, Student Council I, Musical I, In- tramurals II, III, IV. KEITH J. SZYMANSKI St. Aloysius Audio-Visual II, PETER J, SZYNKIEWICZ Good Shepherd Ring Dance Committee, Pep Club III, IV, RAM-page II, III fNews Editorj, IV lManaging Editorl, Quill and Scroll. WAYNE R. SZYPULSKI St. Cornelius Tipp. I71-1725. RICHARD H. TAEPKE St. John Berchman Musical II. JOHN A, TAIBL Transfiguration Double Omega I, Intramurals III, IV, Garden Club I, Bowling I. JOHN J. TALAMO St. Juliana NHS III, IV, JETS III, IV, RAM-page lII,IV, Quill and Scroll. EDWARD J. TAKEN St. Viator IPicture p. 1731. ROBERT J, TAMBURELLO St. Clement RAM-page I: Bowling I, Chess 201 Club 81 Musical I, II, III, IV, As- tronomy III, Math Club IV, In- tramurals II, III, Forensics II ROBERT J. TATARCZYK Good Shepherd Bowling I: JETS III, IV. JAMES T. TATONE Holy Rosary MARTIN TEUFEL Our Lady of Lourdes Hockey Club IV. MARK S, THOMMA St. Monica Audio-Visual I, Musical II, So- cial Committee III. IV, Intramu- rals ll, IV. GARY THORNQUIST Intramurals II, III, IV. ANTHONY A. TORRES Our Lady of Mount Carmel CHARLES A. TORRES St, Bonaventure Social Committee III, IV, Intra- murals II, RAM-page III, IV. KENNETH A. TRENDEL St. Celestine Bowling I. II, III, Intramurals III. IV, DENNIS J. TROKEN St. Cornelius STEPHEN E. TYLER Our Lady of Mercy RAM-page I, II, Musical Il, IV. ROBERT J. TYLUTKI St. Roman Science Club I, II, Musical I, Math Club ll, Radio Club III. Utp. 1723 STEFAN F. URBAN Our Lady of Lourdes RAM-page I, Chess Club I, II, III, IV, Astronomy Club II: Intramu- rals II, IV. vqp. 1725 MICHAEL A, VALDEZ St,Wa1ter Intramurals II, III. STEVE K. VALERUGO Our Lady of Mercy PAUL T. VAZQUEZ St. Francis ofAssisi Football I, II, Basketball I, II, III, Intramurals II, III, IV, Stu- dent Council II, III. KEITH P. VIGLIETTA St. Andrew Kiwania Key Club III ISecretaryl, IV lPresidentj, NHS III, IV tVice-Presidentj, Student Council III, IV, DENNIS H. VINYARD Our Lady of Mercy W lpp. 172-1731 RICHARD J, WAIGAND St. Clement RALPH W. WALLECK St. Benedict PAUL M, WASICKI Our Lady of Mercy Audio-Visual I, II, III, IV tPres- identj, Television StalT. DANIEL K. WECKER St, Cornelius Acolytes I, II, III, IV, Track II, III, IV, Designers Club III, IV. GREGORY J, WESOLOWSKI St. Ladislaus Television Staff I, Student Coun- cil III, Intramurals III, IV, CHARLES A. WHITE St. Viator Audio-Visual I, II, Student Coun- cil IV, Television Stall' II, III tProduction Chiefj, IV tPresidentj, ROBERT W. WIDING St. Gertrude Math Club IV, Science Club I, II, III, IV lPresidentl. JEROME C. WILCOX St. Viator Musical II: Double Omega II: In- tramurals II, III. JOHN E. WILCZURA Holy Innocents Track I, Patrol Club II, Sword 8L Shield IV. tNot Picturedl. JOHN P. WILCZYNSKI St. Viator Intramurals II, III. IV. GARY N. WILEWSKI Immaculate Heart of Mary Intramurals 8L Bowling I, II, III: CIBL II: Musical II, IV. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS St.Joseph Garden Club Il, Library Stall' III, IV tPresidentJ. RICHARD R. WILSON St. Priscilla Stage Crew II QProp Chielj, III, Debate II, III, THOMAS E, WISNIEWSKI St. Bonaventure Football I, II, Musical 8z Science Club III, Intramurals III. CASIMIR J. WITKOWSKI St. Hedwig Intramurals II, III, IV: Math Club IV. THOMAS W. WLEZIEN St. Peter . Band I. II, III, IV, Ski Club I. FRANK J. WOJKOWSKI Holy Innocents Track II, Radio Club I, II, Sword 8: Shield IV, THOMAS J, WOLFF St. Genevieve Band XL Ski Club I, II, Musical IV, Science Club III: Intramurals III,IV. THADDEUS WOLINSKI St, Fidelis LESLIE R. WROBLEWSKI St. Robert Bellarmine Football I, Student Council IV, Intramurals II, III, Stage Crew II. JAMES M. WRZESINSKI St, Andrew Intramurals II, III. MICHAEL J. YANKU Z tp. 1731 STEVE D, ZAJAC St, Ferdinand fNot Pictured, FRED J. ZAJLER Transliguration Bowling II, III, Intramurals III, IV, Pep Club III, Double Omega II. GERALD L, ZELNICK St. Hyacinth Bowling I fCaptainj, II 1Captainl, IIIlCaptainl,IV. DENNIS P. ZEPKA St. Hedwig Football I, II, III, IV, Basketball 8: Track I, Ski Club Il, Intramu- rals 8L Hockey Club III, IV, Stu- dent Council II, III, Lettermen's Club III, IV. ROBERT J. ZIELINSKI St. Juliana Bowling I, II, NHS III, IV, Ki- wanis Key Club II, III, IV, RAM- page II, III 1Feature Editorj, IV IEditor-in-Chielj, Quill and Scroll. I DEX A Abramowicz, Allan-127 Achramowicz, Wenceslaus-69.184 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS-208 ACOLYTES-39 Adamczyk, Edward-121 ADMINISTRATION -18 Adomaitis, Russell-138 Agosti, Tom-88,120 Aksnowicz, Ronald-54,138 Aldape, Eugene- 150 Aldape, Jesse-126 Aldape, Raphael-138 Altosino, Richard-88,125 Alvarez, Ariel-138 Amato, Anthony- 106,l09, I 38 Ambrose, Michael-127 Amelio, Richard-54,125 Anderson, Richard- 131 Andrzejewski, Jelfrey-101,123 Andrzejewski,John -48,124 Anselmo, Robert- 150.190 Antczak, Henry -73,131 Antosz, Frank-123 Anzalone, Peter-135 Applegate, Tom---57,134 Arcega, Francisco-138 Archacki, John-67,90,93,150 Arciszewski, Lawrence- -138 Arendt, Bill-67, 106,109,150 Arendt, Thomas- 126 Armstrong, Charles-45,50, 125 ARMSTRONG, ROBERT MR. - 24,66 Arnold, Paul-123 Arroyo, David-55,127 Arroyo, Michael-127 Arturi, Joseph-124 Askin, Robert-I50 Austermuehle, Paul-120 Austermuehle, William - -138 AUDIO-VISUAL 8L LIBRARY STAFF --48,49 Azzano, James-51,120 Azzarello, Greg-150 B Babich, Daniel--138 Babicz, Jerome-122 Bacik, Donald-107,130 Bajocchi, David-57 Bajalcaliev, Peter- 127 Bajko, Mark-134 Bajorek, Walter-123 Bajorski, Zbigniew- - 133 Bak, Donald-70,130 Bak, Robert-121 Baker, Thomas-127 Bakota, Thomas- I 50 Balogh, Dan-122 Balogh, Thomas-138 Banas, Peter --150 Banas, Stephen-100,122 BANASZEK, KEN MR.-35, 94,97, 105.1 15 BAND- 50,51 BAND CONCERT- I 74, I 75 Bania, Edward-57,135 Banks,.1im -88,97,123 Barak, Michael-125 Baranowski, Greg-150 Barazowski, Tom-138 Barbarone, Gene--123 Barber, John-44,47,67,70,84,138 Barczak, Edward-I38 Barnes. Edward-88,125 Barnitz, John-56,62,l38 Barosso, Joseph-57,120 Barrett, Thomas-110,113,150 Barroso, Ronald-127 Barry, William-54,106,150 Bartojay, Luke-150 Barwacz, Richard- I 50 BASEBALL-110 Basgall, William-133 Basinski, Richard-138 BASKETBALL-90 Battaglia, Don-57,61,62,120,l80 Bauer, Gerard-62, 120,180 Baumhardt, Peter- 150 Beaudette, Fred- I 35 Beaudette, Greg-135 Becerra, Sergio-150 Beck, Robert-99,138 Becker, Joseph -96, I 20 Beierwaltes, Craig- I 38 BELLAK, JEROM E M R. 22 Bellert, James-150 Beltramelli, Robert -56,67,70.138 Beluch. Stephen 49,57,I22 BENEFACTORS-207 Beniecki, Robert 51 Benigno, Vito-123 Benker, Michael 131 Bennett, Gregory --124 Benter, John-150 Benton, Robert--55,56,67,I38 BENZEL. RICHARD MR. 36 Berowski, Don-46,70,103,104,106, 150 Berowski, Richard -122 Berry, Ralph-57,118,124 Bert. Thomas -- 134 Bertolami, Philip --124 Bezdon, Michael---132 Bialek, Boguslaw 124 Bialkowski, Gregory- 68,70,106,109, I38 Bicknell, George- I38 Bicknell, Thomas 87,133 Bielat, David- 51,125 Bielat, Michael- 100,127 Bielik. Steven -120 Bieschke, James- 39,150 Biesik, Wayne- 150 Bilotta, Gary- 151 Binek, Richard-151 Bingham, Gregory -- 102,138 Binicewicz, Zenon- -135 Bintz, Frank--138 BIRD, RICHARD MR,-28 Birren, .lack-138 Biskup, Gerald 138 Bittakis, Paul-125 Blanco, James-- 151 BLASKI, HENRY FR,-26,77 Blaszak, Francis- 151 Blinstrup, Michael-105,130 Blok, Kenneth- 138 Bloniarczyk, Joseph-67,69,134,I55 Blum, Gerald-67,82,84,15I Bober, John-67,99,138 Bobora, Joe- 159 Boborci, Joseph--46,70,103,104,151, 159 Bochenko, Larry-57,130 Bock, Robert-151 Boeck. James- I 38,182 Bogacz, Paul-50,121 Bogard, Lowell-138 Bojarski, Gerald-67,133,189 BOLANOS, CRAIG MR.-26 Bole, Edward-123 Bolger, Dennis- 135 Boller, William-94,95,138 Bond. Ray- 138 BOOK STORE--94 Borek, Joseph- 123 Bork, Harry-62,130 BORKOWSK1, ARTHUR J. MR.- 22,51.56,60,l76 Borowicz, Andrew-151 Borozenski, Steven - -138 Borzych, Allen- 151 Boshold, James-127 Bosten, John- I 38 Botcher, Eric-102 Bouzide, James' 71,138 Boven, Keith-122 Bowiecki, Robert-132 BOWLING-98 Bowling, Tom-51,130 Boyk, Edward-131 Boyle, Keith--88,122 Bozek, Brian-93,96,l 15,130 Brader, Carl-111,113,151 Brandt, Michael-151,69 Bredemann, William-99,152 BREEN, JOHN MR.-22 Breisch, William--127 Bremer, John-138 Brenkus, Nick-67,106,152 BRESDEN, JOHN FR. -36, 208 Briarton, Robert--I38 Brill, Gary-60,88,126 Brindisi, Thomas-138 Broecker, William-113,130 Brosnan, Daryl-67,82,84,86 Bross,1rwin-138 Brown, Dennis--138 Brown, Keith-67,90,93,152 Browne, Michael-138 Broz, Dennis-138 Brozek, Gregory-138 Bruchhauser, Richard-131 Bryan, Dennis-56.99, 106,138 Bryan, Larry-107,123 Bryant, Thomas-138 Bryja, Louis -90,92,93,I I 1.1 13,1 15, 152 Bryk. Joseph 100,132 Brzezinski, Bob- 46,107,152 Brzezinski, Kenneth- 124 Brzezinski, Michael -133 Buccieri, Anthony-127 Buczarski, Victor -152 Buczkowski, Wayne- 101, 122 Budziak, Kenneth-138 Budzynski,Martin-101.121 Budzynski, Thaddeus-127 Bufka, James -122 Bugajski, Thomas-138 Bugajski, Michael-152 Bujwid, Henry -46,67,70,90,92,93, 152 Buklis, Edward-152 Bulicek, Michael-112,113,130 Bultinck, Howard -106,I07,I52,190 Bull, Randy--88,124 Bunta, Edward-63,152,179 Burke, Wayne-50,135 Burkowski, John-123 Burmeister. Steve- 152 Burnell, Charles-123 Burns, Michael- - 122,189 Burns, Patrick-138 Buscemi, Richard-122 Bush, Thomas-60,126 Butero, Thomas-138 Butkovich, Richard-131 Butkovich, Robert-60,71,138 Butzen, James-121 Butzen, Robert-130 Buzek, Mark -54,120 Buzinski, James -152 Buzinski, Ronald-71,122 Bychowski, John-138 Byk, Antonio-62,152 Byk, Stephen-152 C Caboor, Mark-121 Cafcules, Steven- 121 Cain, Robert-56,68,I38 Caliva, Joseph-138 Camisa, Anthony-120 Campbell, Richard-94,122 Candell, Kenneth- 100,133 Cannello, Joseph-133 Cantore, Dominic-123 Caprile, Joseph- 152,190 Capuano, Luke-123 Caputo, Phillip-152 Carlton, Terry --94,97, 1 22 Carrillo, Alonzo-131 Carsello, James- 120 Carska, John -71 Carskie, Robert-96,123 Caruba, John-53,122 Casanova, Vincent-71,100,132 Casolari, Joseph-139 Castelon, Peter-135 Castelon, Vincent-152 Castiglioni, Tony-139 Catalano, Peter-139 Cavskie, Robert-88 Cebrzynski, Gregory-57,130 Cebrzynski, Stanley-152 Cebulski, Edward-152 Cecchini, Franco- 123 Ceglarek, Thomas-57,122,189 Cejka, Dan-153 Cejka, Edward-60,133 Cerone, Louis-44,139 Cerone, Thomas-88,125 Cerra, Philip- -57,71,100,1ZI Certlk, Michae145,139 Cerveny, Charles-127 Chambers, Frank-57,124 CHA SANG DU K-207 CHESS CLUB-69 Chidester, Michael-53.60.126 Chiero, Jeff -101,123 Chilicki, Leslie-88,121 Chilver, Robert- 139 Chlebek, Frank-48,124 Chlebowski, William--132 Chmara, Kenneth-123 Chojnowski, John- 134 Chrapla, Steven- 101 ,123 Chrobak, Jerome-153 Chuhak, James -45,49,134 Cichon, Len-126,142 Cichorski, James-130 Ciebien, John-126 Cieslak, John-129 Cieslik, Daniel-153 Cihak, Frank-101,127 Cihak, Thomas-101,121 202 Cimbalista, James-54,153 Cimbalista, Steve-133 Clare, Brian-134,142 Clark. Bill- 153 CLARK, DONALD MR.-28 Clark, Michael- 88,961,121 Clark, Roy -125 Clay, Robert--153 Cleary, James-51.97.122 Closs, Dwight-153 Cnota, Wayne-51,125 Cobb, Alexander- 153 Cobb, Daniel -120 Cochrane, Robert- 51,153 Coleman, Michael- 138 Collins, John- 139 Collins, Michael-124.189 Congoran. Michael- 135 Conley. Michael-124 Connelly, Edward- - 123 Connolly, Michael ---- 139 Consol, Joseph-153 Constantino, Gary -121 Constantino, Curt--139 Contos, Douglas 131 Contos, Paul-153,187,189 Cooney, Dennis-84,102,139 Cooney, Robert-68,114,153 COOPERMAN, SUSAN MRS. --26 Corcoran, Raymond- 124 Cordaro, Anthony-87,139 Cordaro, Robert-88.125 Coriglione, Dennis-120 Corsentino, Robert -67,82,84 Corunty, Jim-109 Cottini, Lawrence- 139 Coughlin, Dan-122 Coyne, Daniel-135 Coyne, Daniel-49,122 CROSS COUNTRY-108,109 Crudele, Michael- 135 Csiky, Laszlo-88,125 Cuda, Bill- I 132 Cudzewicz, Gregory --121 Cudzewicz, Nicholas--46.70,103,I 11 I 13,153 Cukierski, Jerry-105,130 CUKIERSKI, MARTIN MR.-36 CULLEN, WILLIAM MR.-26 Culp, Paul-134 Cunneen, Peter-60,139 Cunningham, Kevin-54,153 Cwiak, Daniel-110,113,153 Curcio, Leroy-139 Cyza, Robert-153 Czafrarcki, Michael-135 Czekaj, Claude-39,99,101,1 13,139 Czerniak, Bernie-101,124 CZWERTNIAK, ROBERT MR.- 26,I06,107,109 Czerwinski, Edward-121 Czerwionka, George-132 Czerwionka, Joseph-139 Czyzewski, Richard-139 D D'Agostino, Robert-177 Dal Porto, John-57,130 Dalke, Dennis-I 1 1,1 13,153,191 Dalton, Frank-153,199 Damato, Eugene-153 Daniel, Jerry-153 Daniel, Marion-139 Dardi, Loren-44,120 Daugird, Dave-61,63,76, 162,179 Davino, Roger-113,139 DEBATE-52 DeBe11is, Dennis-139 DeBELL1S, FLORENCE MRS.- 49,78 DeBe1Iis, Michael-154 DeFazio, Dominic-135 DeFrancisco, Jerry-57,131 Deluca, Bruno-139 DeCantiI1on, Francis- 127 DeCastro, Moses-123 DEDICATION-14-15 DeMarco, Gregory-123 Delimata, Daniel-66,154,183 Demeyer, Dennis-III! Demski, James- 100,120 Demski, Ray-67,133 DeMuyt, Mike-123 Denys, Stanley-100,101,130 Depa, Robert-139 Depa, Ronald-127 Depcik, John-101,124 Depcik, Richard-99,101,154 Depino. Philip-125 DePrycher, Joesph-120 Deren, Michael-130 DERENDAL, ROBERT MR.-22,53 Derengowski. Wayne-123 Derenzo, David--139 Deron, Barry 62,67,131 De Saegher, Georg-133 Deschamps. Richard-66,99, I 54 De Smet, Timothy-120 Dett1o1T. Daniel-139 Deutschmann, Allred-120 Dexl. Tom - 134 D'Hooghe. Michael-139 Dianovsky, James-49,57,I31 DIDOMENICO, DORA MRS.-41 DiDomenico, Leo -139 DiDomenico, Mark-125 DIEDEN, EUGENE MR.-22,68 Diehl, Steven - 131 DiGianfi1ippo, Dominic-47,51,70, 139 DiGrazia, Michael-123 Dill, Michael-88,127 Dillon, James- 154 Dillon, Patrick-121 Dilsilvio, F.-88 DiMaggio, Anthony-134 DiMat1eo, Sam-139 Dionne, David -57,60,122 Di Paolo, Tullio-125 Di Paulo, Michael-131 Di Pompeo, Richard-122 Di Silvio, Frank 125 Doherty, Michael-101,122 Dohner, Larry--45,139 Domain, James-154 Doman, Thomas-88,122 Domaracki, Gregory-122 Dombkowski, Daniel-154 Domeraeki, Lawrence-139 Dominow, Edward-154 Donatowicz, James-134,189 Dopierala, Joseph-135 Dopke, James-56,139 Doughty, James-124 Downar, James-154,190 Downar, Thomas-62,105,1 13,130 Doyle, Daniel-132 Drapak, Robert--54,154 Drozd, Mitchell-154 DUBEL, EDWARD FR.-35,93,94, 114 Dubiel, Dennis-100.1 15,132,189 Duda, Martin-50,131 Dudack, Gary-127 Dudek, Bruce-133 Dudek, Michael-48,56,154 Dudek, Robert-154 Dudzik, Jerome-56,70,139 Duellman, Martin-139 Dudzinski, Joseph-155 Duffy, John-126 Duffy, Michael-124 Dugan, Chuck --122 Dugo, Michael-113,134 Dumele, Frank-87,139 Durr, Thomas-155 DUSZIEWICZ, BRO. FRANK- 35,93,94,113 Dutczak, Andrew-139 Dutkovik, Arthur-140 Dworakowski, John-140 Dyrda, Leonard-71 Dzialo, Mitchell-155 Dziekonski, Philip-155 Dziedzic, Michael-88,127 DZIELSKI, JOHN FR.-26 Dziewylski, LeRoy-132 Dzik, Anthony-130 Dzike, William-122 Dziura, James-140 Dziurkiewicz, David-134 Dziurzynski, Richard-51,134 E Echavarria, Richard-120 Eder, Jeffrey-100,132 Eder, Michael-99,155 Edwards, Robert-125 Edwards, William-60,155,178 Eitermann, Gary-155,190 Eilermann, Raymond-140 Elarde, Joe-73,132 Elliott, Robert-121 Eme, Lawrence-62,155 Eng, Dennis-123 Esposito, Michael-155 Essenberg, James-53,126 Essenberg, William-24 Estes, Thomas-140 Eustich, Albert- 124 Evenhouse, John-122 F Fabielli. Robert -123 Fabry. John 113,140 Fagus,William- 155 Fahlstrom, Gleen 71,122 Fallon. Tom--132 FALL MUSICAL 38 Faraci. James-49,124 Farbotko, Peter -47,93,l40 Farmer, Bernard 134 Farrell, James-140 Fassl. John 122 Fassl, Richard-48,140 FATHERS CLU B 96 Fay, John --125 Fayman, Mike- 155 Fedinets, Paul-131 FEDYNA, VIRGINIA MRS. -41 Feichtinger, Jurgen--155 Feliciano, Carlos - 137 Felke, Steven- 120 Felten, Gary-140 Fencl, George- 155 Ferket, Douglas 135 Ferrari, Ronald-133 Fialkowski, Robert-57,105,l07,130 Fialkowski,WiIIiam 66,155 Fidler, George -- 121 Fiedler, Kenneth--57,123 Fiege, Patrick-124 Figura, Frank-140 Fina, Jerry- 140 Finn, Jerome -140 Fiorentino, Ben- 125 Fischer, John- 68,155 Fisher, Alan-155 Fix, Frank-- 131 Fleming, Earl- I40 Fleming, Larry 155 Flesch, Bill-134 Flocca, Joseph-155 Flood, Thomas- 140 Flurkey, Andrew-68,155 Flynn, John-133 Flynn, Robert-71,121 Foch, Mark-57,131 Folaron, James--140 Foley, Thomas- 67,109,155 Folker, John-140 Folmer, Joseph-99,156 Forde, James -- 140 Forde, Tom-127 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT, - 30 FORENSICS-52 FOOTBALL-82 Formanski, Ken-135 Fortelka, Robert-124 Fortmann, Jim-133 Fox, Thomas-131 Frackowiak, Wesley --123 Franck, Terrence-135 Frank, Jurgen 122 FRANKLIN, RANDY MR, 28 Frantz, Donald-124 Freewalt, Michael-82,156 Freewalt, Richard 131 Freling, John-88,122 FRESHMEN-118 Freund, John-87,131 Fries, Mark-156 Fruzyna, Frank-132 Fujara, Lawrence-134 Fulara, Gregory- 121 Fuller, Richard-122 Fuscone, Frank-156 Futschek, William-120 G Gabanski, Eugene-156 Gabl, Frank-122 Gabriel, Glenn-156 Gabriel, William-49,50,7l,140 Gaddini, Frank-87,140 Gaertner, John-156 GalTney, James-125 Gajewski, Jerome- 124 Gajewski, Steven-120 GALKOWSKI, STELLA MRS.- 41 Gallagher, John- 107,123 Gallagher, Michael-133 Gallagher, Patrick-123 Gallagher, Patrick-124 Gallas, Gregory- 1 56 Gallery, James-121 Galligan, John-156 Galloway, Michael-156 Galloway, Scott- 1 23 Galluzzi, Steven-112,132 Galuhn, Thomas-44,46,67,82,84,86, 89,l04,l14,156,196 Gambill. Charles--156 GAMMA TAU SIGMA -72,73 Gamrat, Ted - - 122 Garbacz, Joseph-127 Garcacz, Ronald 140 GARDEN CLUB--94 Garden, Timothy 127 Garstka, Edward --156,162 Gartner. Edward- 156 Gasiorowski, Casimir- I 32 Gaspord,Geary--100,133,l82,189 Gates, Dennis 125 Gates, Edward. 156 GAWNE, THOMAS MR.-28,113 Gawor, George-140 Gebhardt, Michael-120 Genvaldi, Frank -134 George, Kerry-131 George, Richard-156 George, Ronald--135 Geraghty, Michael -122 Gerhardt, Adam- 123 Gerhart, Donald- - 70,156 Gerich, James -99,140 GetL,James- -124 Giacomino, Kenneth- 102,140 Giangrande, Mark-54,64,l40 Gibson, Gerald-70,71.140 Gide. Joseph 124 Giebelhausen, Lawrence-- 156 Gielarowski, Raymond-133,189 Gienko, Glenn-62,130 Gierz, Anthony-55,156 GI ES, ANTHONY M R.-28,67,I06, 107,109 Gilewski, Alan 135 Giller, Edward-121 Gilley, Robert-- 125 Giovenco, Tony-123 G1ab,Andrew- -99,101,140 G1azar,Gregory 63,156,179 Glen, John--120 Gloeckle, John-- 157 Glogowski, David-57,69,120 Glowgowski, Lawrence-140 Glomb, Gary-101,124 Glonke, Thomas-121 Glos, Edward-100,125 Glowacz, Robert-140 Glowienke, Leonard-127 Gniech, Robert --100,132 Goczkowski, Gary-157 Godlewski, Paul-- 100,120 Godzicki, Michael-68,140 Godziszewski, Edward-100,101,120 Godziszewski, Henry-44,56,71,99, 101,140 Godziszewski, James-124 Goers, William- -123 Goggin, William- 127 Golab, Robert-157,187,189 Golembiewski, Joseph-49,135 Golkowski, Gregory-46,70,103,l04, 157 Gollogly, Dennis -131 Goodnow. John-140,189 Gonzales, Frank-124 Gorski, Gregory - 100,132 Gorski, Richard-113,133 Gorski, Roger -113,132 Gorski, Wayne-135 Gosciniak, Martin-140 Golto, Walter-157,190 Gozdecki, John-49,l00, 101,120 Gozdecki, Peter-94,140 Grabowski, Jerome-157 GRADUATION -192-195 Graham, James -50 Gramiak, Walter-62,618,157 Granacki. James-157 Grasser, Allen-140 GRAY, LUCILLE MRS.-41 Green, George-44,88, 1 20 Greil, Fred-87,132 Greinke, Ralph-99,157 Grillo, Joseph- 140 Grimes, John-127,155 Grisalfi, Thomas-100,135 Grobelny, Wesley-88,127 Groch, Henry-88,123 Grochowski, Chester-122 Grochowski, Ronald-50,120 Groeger, Mark- 140 Groenwald, James---133 Gronke, John -157 Grossi, Ciro-122 Groszek, Robert 110,113,157 Groszek, Theodore- 157 Gruha, Frank-62,130 Gruszecki, Kenneth-46,67,82,84,89, 157 Grygowski,Anthony 51,131 Grygowski, Edward---62,157 Gryzlo, Edward -157 Grzeca, George -44,l10,113,157 Grzesiakowski,Tim 64,65,130 Guerrero, Joseph- 45,50,67,98, 100, 134,182 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT 32,33 Guidi. Joseph 82,157 Gullory. Leslie- 157 Gunia, Edward- V157 Gunsteen, Daniel- 126 GUNTER, WARREN MR, 24 Gura, Bruce 131 Gurka, Stanley 123 Gurzada, Peter--158 Guzolek, Joseph --157 Guzzarde, George --125 Guzzarde, John I40 Gwiazda, Andrew 132 Gyarmati, George - 69,120 H Haapasaari, Robert 140 Habryl, Louis - 158 Hack, Brad-- 123 Hack, Robert --120 Haderlein, Michael 120 Halamaj, Lubomyr 123 Halerz, John- - 100,121 Hamre, Donald- 140 HALL, JANE MISS 24 Halper, Michael 133 Haluzak, Nestor 127 Hanck, Glenn -125 Hanik, Thomas 121 Hannigan, Michael- 45,71,I07, 132,180 Hannigan. Patrick--140 Hansen, Gary-I40 Hansen, Karl- 158 HANSEN, WALTER MR. 30 HARACZ, ROSE MRS. 41 Hardy, Raymond--140 Harrison, Joe-140 HARRISON, RONALD MR. 26 Hartl, Gabriel -109,133 Haslwanter, Frank-127 Hassett, Robert 140 Hastings, Mike - -47,133 Hatfield, Joe-71,811,121 Hayes, Gary-48,54,I09,I58 Haynes, Charles-134 Healy, Mike -67,82,90,94,95,l84 Heck, Bruce-135 Hehn, Albert-I40 Heidrich, Herbert- 134 Hejza, Kenneth- 158 Hellwig, Christopher -46,70,l58 Helwink, Loren-134 Hemmer, Robert --140 Hennek, William- 158 Hennessey, Michael-47,67,68,70, 89,140,186 HEUMOS, MARY MRS.--41 Hernandez, Warren-158 Herrera, Jose-125 Herrick, William-62,140 Herrmann, Lawrence- 133 Hess, Howard-158 Hess, Mike-158 Heynssens, Chris-140 Heynssens, Mark-- 100,122 Hickey, William-120 Higley, Lloyd-122 Hill, Michael -54,67,71,122 Hirschenberger, George --67,82,84, 158 Hitzelberger, Richard-71,100,135 Hoban, Michael-44,67,84,l33 Hoban, William--88,122 Hock, Gregory-158,190 Hock, Robert-125 Hock, William --56 Hodl, Kenneth-158 Hoeppner, Larry-57,131 HOFHERR, JOHN MR. - 23 Hogan, Michael- 135 Hogan, Robert-125 Hohol, John-140 Hollinger, Walter-- 44,46,47,66,69, 103,104,158,l90 Holther, Gregory- 140 Holbach, Robert- 123 Homa, John-60,158 Hordosi, Steven-120 Hornzak, Kenneth- -158 Houska, Edward--132 Howe, James-130 Howe, Timothy-120 203 Hrahski, Vitold 60,131 Hrynkow, Helen- 41 Hubal, Donald-97,125 Huber, Edgar -50,54,l32 Huber, William- 125 Hubert, Donald- 158 Hubert, Lawrence 57,134 Hubrich, Larry- 132 Huss.Wi11iam -67,82,84,l58 HUTH, WILLIAM MR,-26 Hutter,Anton 67,82.84,158 Hutter, Joseph -88,97 Hyc, Lawrence- 134 Hynes, Joseph -132 Hyrczyk, Lawrence-99,140 I laeullo,Carmen-48,132,189 Iannessa, Sal --134 Iannessa,Wil1iam-88,123 Ibes,John-133 Iglesias, Gilberto-123 Iles, Michael 101,123 Imielski, Richard-141 lncandala, Vince-113,133 India, Donald -67,70,94,97,l41 INDIA, LORETTA MRS. -19 Indurante, Peter- 158 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT.-36 INDUSTRIAL ARTS WEEK-184 INGRAFFIA, ROBERT MR.-23 INTRAMURALS--104 INVERSO, DAVID FR. -36,67,70, 127,187,189 Irlwey, Erwin-125 Iverson, Dennis--141 J Jahlonski, Ted-141 Jachino, Don-101,123 Jacob, Nicholas-48,124 Jacobs, Robert 120 JACOBS, ROCHELLE MISS-30, 71 Jadin, Dennis- 141,180 Jaeger, Rudy-62,130 Jagielnik, Casey- 1 59,190 Jakubowski, Casimir-126 Jakymiw, John-49,50,141 Janczewski, Robert- 139,141 Janeczko, Charles- 129 Janie, Jerome-141 Janicki, Richard-159 Janiga, Edward-123 Janiga, Leonard- -46,61,l59,187,189, 190 Janisch,Jack--141 Janota, David-141 Janowiak, Greg- 57,60,100, 1 34 Janowiak, Ray-141 Janske, Rich-99,106,l07,14l Jarcisy, Lawrence- -50 JASKULA, EDWARD FR.-30,55 Januzik, Lenny-44,l46,159,187, 189,190 Jarosh, Keith-55,127 Jarorz, Lawrence--125 Jaskierny, Robert-159 Jaskiewicz, Matthew-123 Jaskula, Ronald-122 Jaszczak, Thomas-54,71,141 Javor, Robert-120 Jawnyj, Jerry-125 Jawnyj, Nicholas-70,141 Jaworski, Larry -44,46,56,58,60, 70,159,196 Jay, Hubert -55,122 Jay, Scott-122 Jedrzejewski, John-132 Jedrzejewski, Michael-141 Jedynak, Lester-120 Jendro, Michael-123 Jensen, Edward-50 Jensen, Jim--125 Jesko, Frank-126 JETS-70 Jeziorowski, Zdzislaw- 141 Jiminez, Ramiro-141 Johannsen, Thomas-47,70, 141 Johns, Walter-159 Johnson, David-159 Johnson, John--88,120 Johnson, Robert-84,107,122 Johnson, William-141 Johnston, John--53,57,14l Jones, Larry-122 Jovanovic, Peter-159 Joyce, Mi1es-- 125 Joyce, Patrick-135 Joyce, Steve-135 Junak, Jerry - 135 JUNIORS-136-147 Jurkiewicz, James --88,122 Jurkiewicz, Thomas--84,881,159 Jursich. Thomas- 133 K Kaczmarek, James 133 Kaczmarek. Robert- 121 Kalka, Edward 141 Kafka, Leo- 126 Kalinowski, Randall- 159 Kalinowski, Richard--141 Kalisz, Ronald-70,141 Ka1ve1age,James-56,141 Kamien, James-123 Kaminski, Robert-141 Kaminski, Ronald-159 Kaminski, Vincent- 124 Kane, Gregory- 141 Kane, Henry- 123 Kane, Vincent-159 Kapryan, Larry--141 Kapustka, Dennis-125 Karczewskl, Lawrence- 141 Kardaras, Chris - 120,180 Karpinski, Richard-159 Kaskovich, Nickolas 130 Kasper, Michael-46,70,I60 Kass, Clarence-99,101,141 Kaszuba, Richard--55,7l,122 Kawecki. Bruce 67,90,94,l 15 Kazmierczak, Thomas-160 Kedra, George - 141 Kefer, Michael- 133 Kehoe, Bill-87,132 Kehoe, Frank-160 Kehoe, John-71,121 Keiling, Gregory--62,130 Keller, Michael-39,44,99,160 Kelley. Danny-120 Kelly, Christopher-99,107,141,189 Kelly, James-109,123 Kelly, Robert-127 Kempl, Stephen-160 Kenney, Chester-100,132 Kenny, Michael-106,141 Keown, Steve-56, 141,189 Kepski, John---132 Kepski, Joseph-121 Kepski,Joseph- 121 Kerr, Steve-125 Ketzner, Steven - 126 Key, Richard-133 Kiefer, Peter-64,65,130 Kieras, Wally-133 Kilgallon, Dennis-141 Kilian Joseph-56,141 King, Jerome -45,56, 107,130 King, Richard- 126 Kinsella, Robert- 123 Kippes, John --88,122 Kissel, Thomas-160 Kist, Fred-47,56,70,68,l41,l81 Kist, Werner - 57,7l,121,I8I KITCHEN CORPS-41 Kitlinski, Steve-160 KIWANIS KEY CLUB -68 Kizior, Gary-46,70, 103,160 Klein, Donald- 70,141 Klein, John -99,141 Klein, John-160 Kleinschmidt, Glenn- 124 KLEK, JOHN FR. --20 Klimko, Raymond- 121 Klipowicz, Clarence-99,113,160 Klobucar, Arthur - 131 Klocek, Edward-160 Knarr, William-141 Knitter, David- 109,123 Knitter, Mike-135 Knorst, Stephen-160 Kobus, Tom-122 Kobylanski, Mark --100,133,189 Kobylewski, Gary- 135 Koch, William-49,160,190 Kocian, Thomas-64,65,141 Kocol, Jim --48,64,65,68, 141 Kocol, Ronald-51,141 Kogut, Ronald-63,160,179 Kokonas, Thomas-88,123 Kolaczkowski, Lee-57,60,62,I00,122 Kolak, Michael-125 Kolanski, Richard- 131 Kolar, Gary-54,160,180 Kolasinski, Mike- -62,131 Kolassa, Floyd-141 Kolassa, Floyd- 141 Kolodziej, Stanley- 122 Kolosowski, Frank-135 Kolton, Jeffrey-131 Kolton, William -123 Komar, Richard --121 Konczyk, Dennis -109,160 Konieczny, George 122 Konieczny. John-62,160 Konrad. Peter-- 160 Konwinski, Alan -124 Kopacz, Jerome 123 Kopinski, Joseph- 101,124 Koprowski, Anthony-100,127 Korabik, Ron --60,70,l41 Korcyl Mike - 100,133 Koschnik, Bruce-141 Kosciw, Leo--127 Kosiek, Bruce - 100,101,135 Koss, David 107,109,131 Kostecki, Mark 122 Kostiak, Ervin-99,160 Kostro, James - 141 Kostus, Ronald 141 Kostrzewa. Thad-82,86 Kotarski, John -120 Kotlarz. Kenneth-101 Kotlarz, Mitchell 123 Kotlarz, Theodore 160 Kotz, Tom---133 Koulentis, Harry ---120 Kowalczyk, Gerald - 161 Kowa1czyk,.Iohn-141 Kowalski, Joseph--161 Kozak, Frank 46,66,l03,161 Kozak, William-62,66,105,130 Koziara, Michael--46,161 Kozieja, Joseph - 141 Kozin, Kenneth---62,67,104 Koziol, Andrew-141 Koziol, Joseph 62,141 Koziol, Peter-127 Kozio1,Phi1-176 Kraenzle. George -125 Krakosky, William -123,57 Kramer. Robert -161 Kraus, Ronald-161 KRAWCZAK. CLARENCE MR. -- 37 Kreczmer, Ronald-124 Kreczmer, Ronald-124 Kreft,William 51,161,174 Krejci, Steven ---135 Krenos, Larry-113,141 Krenz, William--121 Krochman, Kenneth-125 Krok, Wayne--161 Krol, Joseph 57,120 Krolczyk, Charles- 1 30 Krolikiewicz, Casimir-125 Krolikiewicz, Michael -141 Kroll, Kevin -39,102,141 Kroll, Steven --96,120 Krueger, George-71,132 Krueger, James-51,120 Krueger, Robert -68,99,l07,l42 Kruszewski, Robert --45,142 Krutsch, Richard- I25 Kruzel, Andrew--132 Kryl, Richard -124 Krystyn, Richard-64,161,179 Krystyn, Thomas-125 Krzeminski, Dennis-71,100 Kubiak, Walter- -125 Kubicki, Emil-66,161 Kubik, John-161,183,190 Kucharz, Robert--120 Kuczynski, Robert-161 Kulawik, .lack-88,120 Kulinski,Gary - 142,189 Kulinski,Gerry -99,142,189 Kunzler, Fred- - 135 Kuper, Paul-67,84,88,l61 Kupka,Charles -97,124 Kurczak. Richard-67,84,142 Kurczewski, Keith--67,109,161 Kurczewski,Tom-45,823,123 Kurek, Robert-100,121 Kurtyka, Richard-53,99,16l,180 Kurtz, James---123 KURTZ, ROBERT FR.-31,193 Kurylas, Donald-161 Kurz, Rodney -121 Kuszynski, Roman-100,135 Kutt, Thomas-161 Kozlowski, Lester-- 120 Kuzmyn, Roman-107,130 Kuzniarowicz, Michael-123 Kwiecien, Richard-101,123 L Labant, Paul-142 Labaski, Thomas-124 Labuda, David-121 Labuda, Robert 71,123 LaCassa, Anthony 134 Lach.Thomas 67,70,84,l42 Lacina, Ted 61,161 Lacriola. Joseph 142 Lagioia, Michael 57,120 Lagioia, Peter 161 LaGranl, Rciahrd 130 Lajeunesse, Kenneth 162 Lakics, lsidore 142 Lally, Timothy --125 Lalowski, James 134 Lalowski, John 71,122 Lamb, Gregory -142 Landelius, George 56,162 Lang, Gary - 127 Lang, Louis- -88,127 Lang, William 93.96.132 Lange, Lawrence 142 LANGUAGE ARTS DEPARTMENT 22,23 Lansu, William 162 Lantz, David 132 Larkin, Timothy- 142 Lasorella, Gary -142 Lasse, Joseph 132 Lassila, Gary- 94,134 LaSusa, Carl---100,125 Latkowski, Edward- 122 Latkowski, Henry - 142 Latos, Stanley 57,121 Lauricella, Philip 142 LAVIN, FRANCIS, RT. REV. MSGR. 195 Lawson, James 113,142 Lawton, Gregory 142 Laxner, Richard 109,123 Lazzerini, Steven- 142 Lee, James -88,120 Legutki, Gregory 71,142 Lejman, Patrick --142 Lempa, Robert 120 Lempart, Bruce- 45,142 Lenczewski, Paul 88,121 Lesk, John-142 Leska, Paul-135 Leski,John-71,122 Lesko, Glenn --134 Lesniak, Andy 67,142 Lesniak,Thomas--101.123 Lewandowski, Frank 125 Lewandowski, Gregory 101.123 Lewandowski, John-- 127 Lewandowski, Kenneth- 67,90,93,I62 Lewandowski,Thomas 99,162 Lewicki, Stanley 162 Lewis, Charles 162 Lewis, Richard 125 Leyser, Joseph-132 Leyser, Richard 142 Liberatore, Venturino - -83,122,180 LIBRARYAUXILIARIES 78,79 Liden,Timothy -67,124,153 Liewehr, George 132 Likar, Helmut- 162 Limburger, Herman- 133 Lind, Gregory-126 Lindeman, Albert- 162 Lingl, Ronald-59,60,l62 Link, Alan--142 Link, Carl-134 Liput, Richard 100,135 Liszewski, Leonard- -135 Litewski, David-122 Liture, Carl - 142 L'Odense, James- 134 Lombardi, Michael- -125 Lombardo, Frank-142 Lombardo, Michael --88,122 Long, John-122 Long, Stephen - 127 Longeway, John 121 Lonsfoote, Leonard-88,96,123 Lopatkiewicz, John --162 Lopez, Augustin 60,158,126 Lopinto, Michael---162 Lorek, Chris-99,162 Lorenz, Edward--142 Lorenz, John -- 134 Losasso, James -99, 142 Losurdo, Sam-162 Loverde, Alfred-48,124 LoVerde, Salvatore- 100,101,135 Luczak, Wayne-99,101,142 Lukasiak, Anthony---124 Lukasik, Walter --125 Lukonits, Gregory-133 Luporini, John--142 Lux, Edward---162 Lux, Michael--60,123 Lyson, Walter--63,134 M Maas, David-125 Mace, Robert- 142 Macejunas, Wallace 142 Machnik, John-163 Maciontek, Steve 163 Mack, Joseph-121 Mack, Theodore-I63 Mackey, Robert -131 Maczuzak, Peter -68,l06,107,I42 Maday, Robert--163 Madej, James- 142 Madiar, Robert-133 Madonia, Martin-122 Mader, Tim---58,60,l01,123 Magnus, Paul-131 Magnuson, Michael 57,120 Maher, Gary-122 Maher, Lawrence 135 Maher, Martin 94,143 Maher, Michael-163 Maher, Steven-143 Mahon, Gerald 163 Mahoney. Robert- -46.163 MAINTENANCE 40 Majer, Joseph- 163 Majestic, Vincent- 143 Majewski, Dennis-57,134 Majewski, Leon--163 Makowski,George-- 133 Maks, Mike-143 Maksa, Thomas 143 Malczewski, Michael-56,163.187, 189 Malczyk, Bob 134 Malczyk, John-4S,55,124 Maldonado, Herran-143 Malec, Dennis-70,143,168 Malina, Anthony-46,6l,163 Malinowski, Gary---101,123 Malinowski, Greg 132 Malk, Joseph-135 Malkowski, William- 121 Mallo, Richard-163 Mallo, Robert-163 Mancuso, Steve- 130 Manczko, John --134 Manczko, Michael-135 Mangannello, James-I25 Mangliardi, A.-87 Mangialardo, Donald - 133 Mann, John-135 Manola, Don-163 Maraliino, Joe-49,53,124 Maron, Thomas-163 Marcheski, Richard-134 Marek, Arthur- 39,57,l20 Marek, John-57,124,180 Margelewski, John-163 Margelewski, Robert - 143 Marin, Ivan-123 Matino, Glen-71,121 Marino,James- 93,94,96,l35 Marjinowski, Kenneth 58,133 Markiewicz, Adam-163 Marko, Michael-130 Marks, Kenneth-57,100,131 Markus, Allen-163 Marshall, William-57,58,60,105,130 Marszalek, Robert-59,99 Martin, Bob-48,143 Martin, David-122 Martini, George- 126 Martyn, Roman-135 Martorano, Michael- - 107,134 Marzano, Anthony --134 Masercik, Steve ---- 121 Maslowski, Dennis-163 MASSARELLI, WILLIAM MR. - 25 Mastropolo, Paul-121 Matelli, Paul-101,123 Matesi, Andy---126 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT -24-25 Matheson, James- 123 Matia, Ernest-130 Matteoni, Joseph-164 Mattes,Lawrence-125 Mattes, Mike-124 Mattick, Thomas-143 MATUSZEWSKLGEORGE MR.- 40,68 Matusiak, Stan-143 Matwyshyn, George-46,61,l 17,164 Matysiewicz, George- 130 Matz, Robert-5,122 Mauro, Sam-88,96,122 Mawig, Michael--143 Maxin, Ronald-143 204 May, Chuck -49,133 May. Jerome -38,54,63,68,69,l43 Mazanek, Stephen - 39,57 Mazewski.Aloysius 99,164 Maziarka, Russell-45,68,87.l89 Mazukelli, James-113,133 Mazurczak, Gerald 164 Mazurek, Andrew-73,132 Mazzanti, Thomas-124 Mc Blaine, Michael-51,164 Mc Brady, Stephen -- 164 Mc Bride, Mike-123 McEvoy, Ted-164 McFadden, Kenneth-138 McGee, Patrick-121 McGovern, John -87, 143 McGovern, Martin-143 McGuiggan, Tom-54, 135 McHugh, Martin-120 Mclntyre, Michael-100,125 McKenna, Jerry- 94,143 McKissaek, Edward-67,82,84,1 10, I 13.164 McMahon, John-l03,104.l64.l90 McManus, Michael-124 McPoland, Don 88,126 McShane, Thomas-88,124 Meder, Peter-123 Meeker, Richard-133 Meier, Joseph-57, 100,131 Meirszakel, Ronald-163 Mercado, Carlos 121 Merviam, David-121 Mertens, Mark-164 Mertens, Val -100,120 Mertes, Lawrence-120 Messina, Stephen 134 Mester, Kenneth-87,135 Meyer, Irwin-143 Meyer, Richard-133,189 Meyer, Robert-60,l01,107,120 Meyer, Robert-60,109,131 Meyer, Ronald-110,113,164 Meyer, William-44,130 Meyers, Jack-47,56,68,70, 143 Meyers, Robert-130 Miceli, Michael-70,143 Miceli, Patrick-133 Michael, Paul-120 Michaels, Jerome-120 Michaelson, Clyde-124 Michaelson, Gregory- 100,125 Michaelson, Walter-143 Michal, John-120 Miche1ini,Gary-126 Miczek, Wayne-57,60,131 Mielnik, Matthew-143 Mielnikiewicz, Joseph-127 Mieszala, Jim-62,67,131 Mika, John-44,45,62,130 Mikalajunas, Joseph-121 Mikosz, John-164 Mikosz, Marion-121 Mikosz, Richard-123,182 Mikrut, Mark-54 Milan, John-127 Milarski, Alam-134 Milboume, Joseph-143 Miller, John-126 Miller, Robert-143 Miller, Thomas-99,164,190 Mills, Thupe-88,127 Mindykowski, Romuald-50,143 Minerva, Peter-50,143 Minogue,Marty-100,125 Minogue, Terrence-134 Minogue, Partick-120 Mirabal, Simon-164 Mirkes, Karl-51 Mise1i,Thomas-164 Misiewicz, Lawrence-143 Misztal, Leonard-122 Mitchell, Constantino-133 Mitchell, George-123 Mitrenga, James-50,54,164 Mitrenga, Martin- Mohlman, William-164 Molenda, Arthur-125 Molitor, Patrick-48,164 Monahan, William-122 Monroe, Jeff-71,122 Monson, Richard-132 Montonera, Michael-133 Moore, Patrick-121 MORAN, DAVID MR.-23 Moran, John-143 Moran, Joseph-135 Moran, Ted-143 Morley, John-124 Morreale, Shawn-135 MORRISON, PETER MR.-28,46, 47.54.193 Morys, Richard --143 Moscato, Vincent-122 Moser. Bill 57,124 Moser, Robert 126 Moskal, James -- 134 MOTHERS CLUB-74-75 Mrowinski, Danny--143 Mota, Raymond -67,84,85,87,88,89, I 14,164 Mroz. David -122 Mroz, David 164 Mroz,G1enn 58,68,88,l31 Mroz. Martin---131 Mrozek, Ronald-133 Mucciante, Mario-165 Muchals, Leonard-123 Mueller, Joseph 123 Mueller, Glenn--135 Mueller, John- 133 Mueller, Lee - 143 Muell MUE er, Terrence- 143 LLNER, JOHN M R.-23 Muellner, Kenneth-45,62,l20 Mulczynski, George-134 Muller, Andrew-124 Muller, John -165 Mulligan, James-124 Mulligan, John -143 Mu1lin,.lohn 88,126 - Mullin. Robert-67,90,93,165,190 Mundt, William- -165 MUNOZ. HECTOR MR.-37 Munoz, Rene, 127 Murphy, George-122 Murphy, Jerry-87,133 Murphy, Lawrence-71,122 Murray, John-143 Muryn, Bill- -88,128 Musolf, John 165 Muzanek, Steve-120 N Naase, Manfred-165 Nadal, Ibrahim -67,87,88,93,94,134 Nadal, Irving-67,84,93,94,96,97,124 Nalepa, Anthony-143 Nalepka, Richard-165 Nalomski, Denis-125 Nantelle, Michael-101,124 Napoleon, Salvatore-143 Napolitano, Allan-143 NARD1, ANTENISCA MRS.-31 Nasciszewski, Mark-122 Nash, Michael-121 Navin, Timothy-50,56,l43 Navoy, John-165 Naward, Michael-162 Nawrocki, Edward-130,189 Nazimek, Larry-l06.l65,l67,197 Nebe, Michael-71,122 Nedza, James- 165 Neil, Mark-131 Nelles, Michael-125 Nelson, Gerald-120 NELSON, GEORGE'1'1'E-41 Nelson, John-165,190 Neri, Dennis-165 Neven, William-62,130 Neurauter, Elmer-165 Newman, Michael-105,107,131 N.H.S.-76,77 Nicholus, Richard-46,63,68,165, 179,197 Nicia, Sigismund-120 Nicioli, Peter-134 Nicpan, Dennis-100,133 Niemaszyk, Arthur--143 Niemira, Edwin-143 Niesen, Charles-57,120 Niewiara, Walter-124 Ninow, Lawrence-101,122 Nitka, Richard-62,143 Nocek, Gregory-143 Noda, George-123 Nodzenski, Andrew-165 Nolan, Charles-143 Nootens, Joseph- NORKIEWICZ, CHESTER FR.- 20 Norris, Stephen-165 Noruk, Peter-55,122 Novotny, Robert-64,65,68,l43 Nowacjek, Michael-125 Nowak, David-60,131 Nowak, George-165 Nowak, Thomas-58,60,l3l Nowik, John-143 Nowik, Joseph-120 Nuccio, John-143 Nyho1T. William-62,120 0 O'Brien, Philip 165 O'Brien, Tom-88,124 Ochab, Thomas-67,90.92,93, 165,175 OCIEPKA. BRUNO MR.-23 O'CONNOR, JAM ES M R,-25 O'Conne11, Jerry- 127 O'Donne11, Jerry -121 O'Donnell,John 93,96,131 O'Donnell, Paul 125 O'Donovan, Joseph 132 Ogorek, Claude-70,143 Ogorek, Edward-100,130,176 OIHHFH. Glen 57,130 O'Hare, James-107,129 O'Kane, John-127 O'Ke1ly. Michael -165 O'Kel1y, Timothy- 126 Okrasinski, Eugene-143 O'Laugh1in, Timothy 135 Olech, James- 143 Olszewski, Joseph -166 Olvera, Carlos-139 O'MALLEY, JOHN MR.-27 O'Malley, Steve--88,122 O'NEILL, JOHN DR.--194,195 Opo1ony,James -67 Optie,Michae1-- 57,131 Opyd, Daniel-166 Orlowski, James-101,123 Orlowski, Michael-178 O'Rounke, Ingo--125 Ortenzo,John -126 ORZECHOWSKI, ALOYSIUS FR, -31 Orzel, John-124,183 Osborn, Mark-143 Osiol, Andrew-130 Oskroba, Joseph- 149 OSTROWSKI, CASIMIR MR,- 23,63,64,65,179 Ostrowski, Stanley-144 Ott, John-96,122 Ozgowicz, Michael- 166 P Pacholczak, Donald-69, 144 Pachowicz, Edward-144 Pacton, Gregory-57,62,100,131 Pacyniak, Bernard- 120 Pafer, James-120 Pagnucci, Mario-45,62,130 Pahlke, Larry-87,144 Pajak, Daniel-144 Pajak, David-134,142 Palinkas, Hans-124 Pallach, Ron-135 Palys, Frederick-134 Pancotto, Salvatore-88,122 Pando, Jetfery-166 Panek, Allen-100,125 Panek, Joseph-124 Panico, Ambrose' -121 Panowicz, Vincent-125 Papak, James-123 Pappalardo, Thomas-131 Parchim, Dennis- 167 Parelius, Kenneth-127 Parker, John-- 124 Parolin, Livio-47,68,84,144,l86 Parra, Ralph-125 Parrilli, Andy- 125 Parzygnat, Emil-144 Pascaly, Robert - 99,166 Pascente, Angelo-127 Paschal, Scott-144 Pasowicz, Stephen -96,120 Pasquinelli, James-135 Pastick, Ronald- 134 Patitucci, Frank- 1 21 Patrick, Andrew- -51,132 Patton, Michael-47,67,82,84,166 Pavett, Edward- Pavlak, Ronald- 51,133 46,166 Pavoni, Philip-144 Pawelek, Joseph- 144 Pawlik, Peter-144 Pawlowski, Robert-121 Pawula, John---66,69, 1 66 Pawula, Wayne-103,144 Pecak, Joseph-84,144 Pecord, Phillip-144 Pedersen, Michael-134 Pedryc, Wayne-71 , 101,123 Peleck, Michael -82,84,166 Pellegrini, Giulio - -135 Pellikan, Chris-68,70,144 Pena, Kenneth-88,120 Penkala, Daniel--99,10l,1l1,166 Pennino, Michael-122 Penue1a,A1varo 68,70,113,144 Penway, Steven 127 Perciach,James- 51,122 Perez, Raymond-126 Perhne, James -144,189 Perna, Sebastian -167 Perricone, John-87,144 PERRIN, ROBERT MR. 23 Perrone, John 100,132 Pestrak, Michael -133,189 Peters, Larry-122 Peters, Richard-167 Peters, Robert 122 Peters, Walter- 121 Petrancosta, Salvatore- I 24 Petro, William-127 Petrowski, Orest -97,123 Pfenninger, Emil-67,99,102,144 Phillips, Patrick -144 Phillips, Thomas-135 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT -34,35 Pickett, Isaiah-53,124 Piekarz, James-120 Piekarz, Wayne 167 Piekielny. Zbigniew-97,125 Pierce, John-34 Pierri, Joseph- 167 Pierog, Ronald-167 Pietras, Norman-48,62,6S,144 Pietrucha, Edward-55,67,144 Pietrzak. Robert 130 Pietruszewski, Leslie -125 Pindelski, John-46,47,56,61,63.68, l62,167,l79,187,l89,l96 Piorkowski,Michael 62,78,144 Piotrowski, George-66,167 Piotrowski, Richard--144 PISANI, VINCENT DR.-32 PISAREK, KATHY MISS 25 PISAURO. THERESE MRS,-19 Piwinski,John -144 Piwowarski, Mitchell- 125 Plisz, Dennis-130 Plocki, Mark 99,167 Plomin, James-167 Plomin, Richard 123 Ploof, Michael-46,70,103,167 Plotycia, John--125 P1otycia,Roman-109,131 Plucinski,John- 124 PLURKOWSKI, ROBERT MR, 37,88,151 Pluska, Norbert-122 Podczerwinski, Richard-144 Podraza, Richard-94,144 Polanin, Andrew--130 Polanski, Michael- 113,144 Poli, Joseph-62,100,130 POLINSKI, CASIMIR FR.-19,39 Polinski, Paul-62,70,167,183 Polinski, Stanley-121 Polowczyk, Joseph-99,101,144 Po1owy,Terry-134 Pomis, James--167 Pomis, James-51,62,l20 Pomis, Joseph-167,179 Pompa, Roger-123 Ponicki, Charles-62,167,179 Popp, Bill-144 Popp, John-100,120 Porada, Robert-167 Porras, Arturo-123 Portell, John-135 Postelnick, Michael- 120 Postiglione, Randy-144 Powers, Kevin -130 Powicki, Daniel-99,144 PRETE, LOUIS MR.-23 Price, Steve-100,120 PRINTING 66,67 PROFFITT, JAMES MR,-35,84 Prokop,Michae1-40,71,122 Prokopij, Roman--167 PROM-192,193 Prosser, Keith -121 Prusank, Michael-97,123 Pryzybyla, Leon - 167 Przybylski, Martin-39,100,122 Przysiezny, Victor-133 Psujek, Bruno 58,60,131 Psujek, Walter-167 Puhala. Robert --100,101,105,130 Pulara, Gregory-51 Pulido, Richard-132 Pyszynski, George-57,62,67,69,130 Pytel, Norbert- 39,100,135 Pyziak, William--99,144 Q Quaver, Charles 167 QUILL 8L SCROLL 179 Quinlan,Wi11iam-167 OUINN, MARIANNE MISS-23 R Rachowsky, Jim--125 RACZKA, EDMUND FR.--19, 179 Radc1i1l'e,William--144 Radzik, Edward 73,125 Ragio, Phillip-167 Ragusa, George-133 Rakoczynski, Jurek -131 Rakowski, Michael -121 Ramho1z,James--144 Ramirez, Dennis 88,127 RAM-page -62 Rand, Harold-168 Rappa, Michael 124 Rassell,Carl--124 Ratlifl, John--48,134 Rausch, Franz 120 Raver,.1ames-123 Raver, Richard --132 Rayski. John 120 Reece, Dennis 134 Reece, Stephen--122 Reed, Daniel 133 Regan, John--122 Reich, Thom 144 Reilly, John -- 144,56 RELIGION DEPARTMENT - 20 Renner, Arthur--51,132 Repeta, John 122 RERUCHA, ERNEST MR. -37 Resele, Karl -- 144,189 Resko, Michael --124 Reyes, Peter- 144 Rice, John--132 Rich, Lawrence 71 Richardson, Bruce--121 Richter,George 68,l06,l44,l86 Rickman, Raymond-168 Riese, Richard-125 Riley, Robert 63,168,179 RING CEREMONY SL DANCE 190 Riordan, Mike 87,134 Rivera, Paul-144,48 Rocchetti, Robert 131 Rocchi, Michael-134 Rock, Thomas -50,58,l30 Rodde, Robert-127 Rode, Emil-45,132 Roden, Gary-124 Rodgers, John 88,120 Rog, Casimir-98,144 ROG, FRANCIS FR. - 19,195 Rog. Joe- 107, 1 24 Rohrlack, James--168 Rokosz, Raymond 144 Romano, Mario - 69,120 Ronkoske, Edward-168 ROONEY, STEVE MR.--32 Rosa, Zenon- 144 Rosato, Michael--57,62,131 Rosenbach, Michael - 134 Rossini, Richard-113,144 Roth, Raymond 122 Rottman, Tod-123 Rozich, David 127 Rozwadowski, Richard-132 Rozycki, Martin 56,168 Rozylowiez, Ted-168 Rubino, Mike 126 Ruchniewicz, Bernard 168 Rulfino, Gerald- -50,144 Rundio, Richard- 168 Runne1s,Rick-125 Russnak, James-56,67,87,144 Russo, Thomas -134 RUSZEL, HUMPHREY FR,- 19,195 Rutkowski, John-- 126 Rutkowski, Ronald-53,625,168 Ryan, Donald-113,135 Ryan, Thomas 84,133 Ryan, Timothy-120 Ryan, Timothy-82,168 Rybarczyk, Dennis-87,107,131 Rzepczynski, Ted-- 133 Rykowski, George 144 Rywelski, Jim-124 Rzesytko, Robert--125 Rzymski, John-46,62,70,l03,104, 168,179 205 S Sabatino, John-144 Sabia, Edmund --88,124 Sajewski,Spencer ---- 100,130 Saletnik, Paul--51,168 Sammarco, Jerry 168 Sammartano, Gary -l9,69,I22 Sammartino, Frank-71,122 Sammon, Dan --67,82,114,168 Sammon, John 84,124 Samocki, John 123 Samocki, Michael--131 Samp, Michael- -84,144 Samp. Raymond 82,67.1 I 1,1 13, 168 Samp, Tom- 120 Sanavaitis, James 122 Sanborn, Jack-100,130 Sanders, Carl 53,60,71,122 SANDERS, DENNIS FR, - 49. 48,78,79,17O,193 Sanders, Kevin--36,132 Sander, Scott-102,144 San Hamel, Mark 120 Saraehman, Peter--87,131 Sare, Michael-44,46,55,61,78,l68, 196 Sare, Vincent-54, 169 Sarnecki, Dennis 123 Sato, Gerard --124 Sawicki, Richard --99,144,189 Sawicz, Ted 120 Saxton, Jim-107,109,125 Scafidi, Frank 13 Scalise,Anthony 107,109 Scannell, Jeremiah-134 Schadt, Chris 123 Schaefer, James-123 Schaller, Larry 60,144,178 Sehattnik, Daniel 120 Schau, Fred-60,123 Schauer, Raymond ---- 109,135 Schell, Robert 145 Schenfeid, Michael-51,125 Schilling, Robert-53,124 Schimanski, Dennis-168 Schipula, Thomas 145 Schlage, Roger 127 Schlage, William- 145 Schlauder, George 102,145 Schlitter, Bob-87,99,135 Schmack,Michael- 124,189 Schmaedick, John-99,168 Schmidt, John-145 Schmidt, Reinhold-73,135 Schmidt, Steve 88,127 Schmidt, Michael-133 Schnau,Michae1--168 Schnepp, Raymond--125 Schneidermeier, Peter-169 Schnoor, John 151,169 Schoen, Louis-135 Schoewe, James-145 Schoewe, Thomas 122 Schoewe, Rudy-106,169 Schramm, Philip 145 Schranz, John-122 Schroeder, Larry 102,145 SCHULTZ, JAMES FR.--33 Schultz, Dennis-134 Schultz. John-87,145 Schumacher, John -125 Schuster, Helmut-125 Schwab, John 145 Schwarz, John-122 Schwegel, James-102,145 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-26 Scire, Lawrence-101,106,145 Scire, Vincent 67,90,93,106 Scolastico, AndrewJ5,55,145 Scotkovsky, John-60,120 Scroggins, Glen 120 Sculise, Anthony-123 Sebastian, Robert 101,106,130 Sebastian, Steven-71,121 Sechman, James-94,145 Segreti, Tony--57,132 Seidl, Gerhard-145 Seneker, James 145 Sengenberger, James- 145 Sengenberger, Richard-49,71 SENIORS--148 SENIOR OF THE MONTH 8: YEAR--196 SENIOR SUMMAR1ES-198- 201 Serapin, Walter-125 Serek, Richard 169 Serenda, Richard-56,169 Severino, Tony 145 Setlak, John-131 Seufert, Nick-145,168 Sharkey, Dennis-145 Sheehan, Michael-99,145 Shelton, Russell - 124 Sheridan, James-132 Shute, Raymond 169 Siatta, David- 145 Sieczkowski, William-145 Siedlecki,John--145 Sieradzki, Casimir-145 Sikora, Andrew-49,124 Sikora, David -120 Sikora, Edward-99,169 Silva, Carlos-125 Silvestri, Ken 87,113,137 Simmons, Russell 54,120 Sima, Jim-145 Simon, John--124 Simon, Mark-124 Simpson, Bob-53,124 Simpson, William-68,70,145 Simpson. William - 169 Sims, Bruce-145 Sindut, John-122 Sipiora, Richard-169 Sirotzki, Carl-100,122 Siudut, James 122 Sjoberg, Robert-125 Skaczylo, Anthony--131 Skaja, Thomas- 145 Skalski, John-145 Skarzynski, Nick - 124 Skoczylas, Jerry-125 Skolmoski, James-169 Skolmoski, Ronnie -124 Skolozynski, Norman-145 Skorey, Jon- 145 Skowronski, David-57,120 SKRZYPCZYNSKI, DANIEL MR.-25 Skultety, Phillip- 125 Skwarski, Robert-169 Slipetz, James-121 Slipetz, Michael-169 Slobodnik, Richard 132 Slomka, James-132 Slonka, Thomas-62,145 Slonka, Timothy--145 Slowik, Tom-84,68,102,145 Slupik, Daniel-145 Slupik, Richard-120 Slupik, Ted-120 Smaczny,Emmanue1-169 Smaczny, Michael 100,135 Smaron, Richard-127 Smiegowski, Robert-169 Smiglee, Jerome- 57,62,137 SMITH, RAY MR,-35,84,105 Smith, Ronald-135 Smolecki, Alex--132 Smolinski, Peter-105,130 Smrokowski, Adam--70,145,189 Sners, Steven-135 Sobala, Stanley-120 Sobczak, Michael-100,133 Sobczewski, Robert -88,97,I20 SOCHA, ERNEST FR.-37 SOCIAL COMMITTEE-189 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT- 28 Sojka, Conrad-122 Sokulski, Charles-71,121 Solesky, James -56,169,187,189 Solinski, Walter-169 Solis, Joseph -67,84,82,169 Soltis, Steve-169 Solymossy, Gabor 88,123 Sonju, James-131 Sonju, Paul-120 SOPHOMORES-128 Soto, John-133 Soto, Michael 135 Sove, William-48,124 Spano, Stephen-145 Sparacino, Mario-169,187,189,190 SPECIAL EVENTS--184-187 Speck, Edward-170 Spragia, Robert-145 Spread, Michael-131 SPRING DRAMA-176-177 Spula, Edward-132 Spula, Francis- 145 Squeo, John-145 Squiller, John-170,190 Sroka, Jim-130 Sroka, Martin-100.121 Stachnik, George 53,62,73,145 Stachura, John-100,121 Stade, Keith 133 STAGE CREW-60,178 Stahl, Thomas -145 Stailey. Bruce--124 Stamm, Edward- 57.60,88.l22 Stanaszek, George -133 Stanek,Gregory 104,107,134 StarCzowski,John 88.I07,l2I STARK, EDMUND MR. 52 Starodub, Helmut 54.132 Starzec. Andrew- 105.130 STASIAK. ALBIN MR. 29 Stasiek. Robert-67,145 Staszak,Thomas --107,120 Staszak, William ---170,190 Staszowksi, John- 143 Steading, Richard- -134 Stec. James --166.170 Stechman, Paul -96,103,I04,170 Stefan, Ervin--50,121 Stefan. Herbert-51,145 Stefanik. George--- 107,124,189 Stegemann, Gerhard 145 Steinbichler, George- 132 Steinmetz, William-46,67,l06,170 Steinwandtner, Tom-135 Stephens, Frederick 56,145 Sterczek, Richard--- 170 Stetz, Larry-124 Steven, Daniel-131 Stilling, Joseph --88,123 Stimek, John -- 124 Stobbe, Phil 56,63,64,l70,179 Stoll, Thomas- 132 Storey. Brian-125 Strada,'Robert 145 Stranor, Paul-170 Stremlau, Thomas-56.170 Strnad, Wayne 66,70,73,170 Strutz, Richard-125 Strutz, Robert 170 Strzalka, Joseph 120 STUDENT COUNCIL- -44 Studzinski. Denis - 101,123 Stukin, John 120 Stukin, Paul 145 Styburski, Frank-62,121 Subkowski, Witold - 133 Such, Frank 122 Sudolink, Roger-145 Sudolnik, Terrance -124 Suhajda, Michael-64,68,145 Suminski, Joseph--145 Sulak, Patrick-51,170 Summerville. John 88,125 SUPERNAW, JOAN MISS-31. 71 Suroynski, Phillip- 131 Sus, Russell 145 Susala, Thom-67,146,189 Sutera, Anthony-57,135 Sutera, Joseph-57,135 SUWANSKI, CASIMIR FR. -- l7,29,186,193 Swanson, Albert 170 SWANSON, DON MR,-35,93. 96,105,115 Sweezy, Edward-126 Swenson, Thomas- 125 Swiatek, Glenn 120 Swiatkiewicz, Thomas- 1 70 Swiderski, Daniel --57,60,l3-4.168 Swierezynski, George 132 Swist, Casimir 123 Swohoda, Michael-121 Swojenski,Joseph - 120 Swope, Patrick-46.170 SWORDBL SHIELD - 45 Szabo, Bob-124,48 Szabo, Laszlo - 46,67,90,93,l 15, 171 Szabo. Steve -45,134 Szallik. John -99,171 SZAREK. EUGENE FR,-- 25. 61,187 Szarometa, Richard 123 Szarzak, Danny 131 Szatko, Frances - 41 Szatkowski. Ronald-100,101.34 Szaczap. Casimir - 127 Szczepanski. John -124 Szczepkowicz. Bernard- 131 Szczepkowicz, Richard- 171 Szczesny, Kenneth- 132 Szczewski, Lawrence-46,120 Szczewski, Norbert-6l.66.69.17l Szczotka. Adam -146 Szczotkowski. Jim 134 Szewczyk. Daniel 123 Szewczyk, James- 146 Szimeth, Emil-146 Szlak, Keith-51,146,174 Szmurlo. Lawrence- 45.411.67.146 Szmyd, Richard- 121 Szpakowski, Bruce-132 Sztajer, George-171,187,189 Szwaja, Thomas 130 Szymanski.James -100,101,134 Szymanski, Keith-171 Szynkiewicz, Peter-63.17I,l79,197 Szypulski, Wayne - 171 T Tabor, Steven -120 TADLA. MITCHELL FR. -21,55 Taepke. Richard-171 Taibl, John 171 Taken, John 173 Talamo, John-46,62.70,103,l79 Tamburello, Robert--69,171 Tanaschovsky, John 196 Tarczon,John - 120 Targos, James-120 TARPEY, WILLIAM MR.-19,207 Tasch, Richard- -62,64,65,68,196 Tasch, Robert ---- 57,87,l03,l31 Tatarczyk, Robert -70. 1 71 Tataryn, John 146 Tatone, James-171 Taukulis, Raimund 120 Tautweis, Kenneth 133 Tchon, Randy 130 Tchon, Scott -130,146 TECH-Log 64.65 TELKES. CLARENCE MR.- 33,104 Teulel, George- 132 Teulel, Martin- 171 Theodore, John-93,96,l 13.130 Thomas. Fred-133 Thomma. Mark-171 Thornquist, Gary-171 Thurman, William-123 Tillmann, Nick-50,120 Timm, Gregory --125 Tinajero, Jesus-88,126 Tirado, Joseph---87.176 Tisinai, Steven- 146 Tolel, Bruce-100,131 TolT, James --120 Toledo, Fred- 127 Tomasino, Richard-130 TOMUSIAK, THEODORE FR. -21,55 Toomey, Daniel-146,189 Topole, Timothy-133,182 Topolinski, Richard-121 Torres, Anthony-171 Torres, Charles-62,171 TRACK-106,107 Trader, Edwin --146 Traeger. Glenn 132 Trendel, Kenneth-171 Trocchio. Philip-122 Troken. Dennis-172 Trotti, Michael--124 Troy, Raymond-125 Truesdale, Cary-146 Trykoski. Gary---100.125 Trynkiewicz. Tim- 127 Tukiendorl. Stanley- 1 27 Tur, Joseph-146 TUSINSKI. LOUIS FR.-37 Tusk, Robert - 146 Tuszynski. John-130 Twardowski, Stanley- I 35 Twakery. Robert 123 Tyler. Stephen -172 Tylka, John-67,113,146 Tylutki, Robert-172 Tyranowski, Robert-146 Tyrpak, Thomas- 132 U Uchen, Michael --94,95,1 15,176 Ukleja, Edward-125 Urban, Stefan-103,172 Usalis, Daniel-133 USDROWSK1, LAWRENCE FR,-27 V Vahey. John-134 Valdez, Hector-71,122 Valdez, Michael-172 Valdivia, Julio-126 Valentino, Ralph- 124 Valentino, Robert-135 Valerugo, Steve-172 Van Puymbreck. Eugene 88,125 Vasta, Sal-125 Vavrinek, Gary-124 Ventrelli, Thomas--39,70,113,146, 189 Vernagallo, Louis-146 Veres, Michael-123 Verveniotes, John-127 Victor, William-130 Viglietta, Kurt-124 Viglietta, Keith-103,172 Vikidel, Joseph-135 Vinyard, Dennis-172 Vogt, Vincent-146 Vollman, Michael-133 Vollman, Richard-127 Von Bergen, Gary-123 Vukonieh, Frank-146 W Wagner, Thomas-130 Wagner, Wayne-131 Waigand, Richard-172 Walcott, Michael-134 Waldorf, John-38,45,99,146 Walker, William-101,122 Walla. Robert-100,101,113,170 Walleck, Ralph-172 Walloch, Joseph- 1 26 Walsh, Michael-53 WANAT, DAVID FR.-25 Ward, Patrick-57,62,64,l30 Wasicki, Roger-98 Wasicki, Paul-48,56,172 Wasilewski, Richard-56,70,l49 206 Waszkowski. Bernard 131 Watermann. James -120 WATSON, LAWRENCE MR. 25 Wdowiak, Thomas Weber, Brian -- 125 WEBER. RONALD MR. 33 Wecker, Daniel 39.106.l07.172 WEHRHEIM. THOMAS MR. -- 52,174,175 Weihits, Tony 67 Weiss, William- 123 Welch, John - -62.120 Welninski,Wayne 147,189 Weniger,Thomas 97.l23.l3l Werner.Gerald I00.101.132 Wesolowski, Greg 172 Wesolowski, Leonard 107,133 Wesolowski, Michael 122 White.Charles 44,53.56,l72 WHITE. JAMES MR. 29 WHITE. WILLIAM MR. 29,54 White, Larry -68.84.146 White.Thomas- 135 Waitr, Daniel 125 Wichlenski,William 71,152 Wicker, Jerome-146 Widing, Robert 66,172 Widman,, Gerard - 146 Wieczorek, Henry- 127 Wieczorek, John - -130 Wieczorek, Thomas 120 Wienckowski. David- 57.131 Wierzbicki, George 122 Wierzbicki, Robert 134 Wierzlechi, George ---51 Wilcox, Jerome- 172 WILCZEK. WALTER, REV, - 18,46,1 14.1 15,154,179,l89,l90, 193,195 Wilczynski, John --172 Wilczynski, Raymond --124 Wilda, Thomas- -50,196 Wilewski, Gary- 172 Willard, Dennis-71,146 Williams, Richard -44,49,172 Wilson, Richard--172 Wilson, Thomas --57,120 Wilton, Daniel-127 Winiarski, LeRoy-127 WINIECKI, THOMAS MR. 29.84,1 14 Winnecke. Wayne -99,101,146 Wirkus, John- --88,124 Wisniewski, Gene 100.135 Wisniewski, Richard -45.147 Wisniewski, Terrence- 125 Wisniewski, Thomas -38,47,54, 63.68,146 Wisniewski. Thomas -173 Witkowski, Casimir- 103,104,173 Witkowski, Jerrold - 125 WKGT-56-57 WLEKLINSKI. EUGENE MR. -27,99,100,l01,l07 Wlezien, Thomas- 51,173 Wlodarski, Bernard-62.121 Wlodarski, Gregory- 123 Wnek. Ronald-127 Wnuk, Andrew- 121 Wnuk, Mike-40 Wohland, Charles- -124,189 Wojkowski, Frank-173 Wojkowski, Walter -107,133 Wojtal, Eugene-197 Wojtaszek, Matthew-197 Wojtiuk, John-50,125 Wolanski, Jan- 147 Wolczyk, Michael--126 Wolff, Richard-88.96,97 Wolff. Thomas-173 Wolkowicz. Dennis - -67,197 Wolkowicl. Wayne-100,130 Wolinski, Thaddeus-173 Woodall. Lewis-132 Woods. Michael-124 Woodward. Michael - 113.197 Woznicki, Larry 125 Woznicki. Phil 147 Wrohel, Richard-125 Wroblewski. Leslie-173 Wrzesinski. James-173 Wukits. Larry-134 Wurglitz, William-68,106,147 Wurster. Paul -71,123 Wyer, Kenneth- 135 WYNN, WILLIAM MR.-84. 105,123 Y Yanku, Michael-111,173 Yarka, David 120 Yarka. Michael-56,146 YCS 38 Young,Jeiome --125 Yungerman, Donald-147 Z Zabawa, John-133 Zabielski, Gregory-123 Zadorozny, Joseph-70, 147,189 Zagata, Andrew-70,87,147 Zagata, Steve- 125 Zagurski, Bruce-134 Zajac, Joseph-122 Zajac, Joseph-123 Zajac, Michael- 125 Zajac. Thomas -147 Zajler, Fred -173 ZAK. HARRIET MRS.-19 Zak, James-100,135 Zak, Robert -47,50,101,147 Zavacki, Kenneth-124 Zawada, Phillip-122 Zawilla. Leo-147 Zdebski, Stephen-55.189 Zeliasz, Walter-121 Zelnick, Gerald-173 Zender, Michael-123 Zepka, Dennis-67,82,l73 Zgonina. Mark-127 Zibits, Paul-63,67,68,147 ZIELINSKI, HELEN MRS.-19 Zielinski, Robert-46.63,68,l73. 179,195,197 Zielinski, Thomas-147 Zielinski, Zbigniew- 100,132 Zimny, Mark-131 Ziobro, George-39,62,l30 Ziobrowski, Dennis-125 Ziolo, Ronald-135 Zoladz, Richard-56,67,147 Zolebski, Stephen-124 Zuniga, Larry-124 Zurawski, Stanley-55,127 Zurek, Frank-147 Zurek, Ronald-122 Zurek, Stanley--67,147,189 ZYGOWICZ, THADDEUS FR. -21 Zyskowski, Emil-133 BENEFACTORS MR. ALEX C. BIRREN MR. di MRS. EMIL BURDA MR. di MRS. PETER EPSTEEN DR. ROBERT HAMILTON JOHN AND ROMONA HEALY MR. di MRS. LEON KMIECIK DR. MICHAEL J. KUTZA DR. GERALD MCCABE MR. EVERETTN. MCDONNELL THE HONORABLE DANIEL ROSTENKO WSKI THEREV. CORNELIUSRYAN MR. DANIEL D. SKORD MR. WILLIAM TARPEY MR. di MRS. EDWIN UGOWSKI MR. di MRS. JOHN MACIOROWSKI REV PETER P. WITMANSKI MR. di MRS. ALOYSIUS MAZEWSKI Sang Duk Teaches That Generosity Pays Gordonites have been very fortunate in that the bene- factors listed above who have assisted the school in many ways have taught them how they can, in turn, become benefactors. Last spring, Gordon adopted a 12 year old Korean lad through the Foster Parent Plan for War Children. Cha Sang Duk Cpronounced: Tsha Sang Dugkj is now in the eighth grade. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and a younger brother. The total family income is S30 monthly, including the S8 cash grant from PLAN. Sang Duk expressed his feelings about his new "parents" in this manner in a letter addressed to the student body: "I hope this finds you well and happy. I am in good health and enjoying school. "It is getting cooler here now. How is the weather in your country? Our school soccer team will have an an- nual general game with the team of Don Buk Middle School at Seoul Stadium.We are busy practicing cheering our team. I hope our team will win and I will write to you about the happy news. "We are anxious to hear from you soon. It is a great deal ofjoy for us to get your letters. "Thank you so much for your monthly PLAN grant, a suit ofwinter clothes, and a pair of sneakers. "Looking forward to your next letter, I will close for now." Sang Duk writes his letters in Korean and the Foster Parent organization translates these into English. The Korean boy is very intelligent, he ranks hrst in his class. His favorite subject is English, which he is very anxious to learn so that he may be able to write to Gor- donites in English. He is very grateful to have Gordon Tech as his foster parent and, we, as students, are justly proud of Sang Duk because he has taught each of us the value of giving gen- erously and extending our good fortune with him and his people. TECH-Log Stalin Sports in Chief Richar Rev Edmund Peter Tasch Kocol Kocian yn Pat Ward Journalism Advisor Mr. Casimir T. The Journalism Advisor and the OI' would Van staff would N m we done appear for the helps ning an Hause, express their for EISSISIHITCC and suggestions during TEC og book: the year to Mr thanks t the plan- to Mr. for materials 208 1

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