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ir , ,v if ' , f fi 41254 ziffffff W ilfffki,-' Az -',v Qg . 26-f'i.'1"' ff XY, 15' Q, '5 1gf1'a?Y 'XM . fm: f if6j,fng:'jife 1-fl' flfffmf, We ' f N v f 4, " -ww y any mg me . , "f,eJ'w Q51 - 1 'Sf w ., K: .,: QV' .s. sf. .W ,L - Q -.-, ., - YN a , WMA k DEDICATION We f,If'SCIll-fH'C1flNN of 1956 flcflimlc flris 1956 Tevlz Img lo the Mnxt 1fc1'c'reml Holler! Stephen Delzlcr, C.R., ILD., Tifular Hixlmp uf C'lazm11c11c', and Vimr' Apostolic of HQVWZIIIIII, f'm1xec'rulefI on llze feast of bl. Josepl1,MCLrf'l1 19, 1956 wifi: fl1Jl'fl!,lCl'H1flf St.Josepl1,l'c1 tron of the l7Il?.l'Cl'HflI CfIIll'f'lI, 1 11ferc'ede for ham and obta 1n for lun: every ncfcasazy fjlflfC an lm Htllf jzclrl of lfllmr. TECH LOG CONDUC TED BY THE RESUQRECTIQNIST FATHER5 GOQDON TECH. HIGH sm-mm. l456W QIVISION SK Cl-IICA GO ILIJNOXS Qtx X I A 1 'fa' 14, 1 L X N I 5 S 216' Rx x . Q0 Q X in we-rm Q45 all 1 O :sri :'. rr-iff' ,Z ..-"'fww1 QW W' " ' 4' ,... 'F' 'K -1. 3 naw if ,my M.. phi' ,--illlf , .' ogg 0 . ,ol-1. . fb' 10 M UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE RESURRECTIONIST FATHERS VOL. III GUIIIIH IHIH HIGH scnnul 1456 W. DIVISION STREET CHICABU 22, ILLINOIS 'fx- .N rx, X. 'X ' s.- ' '-.Q XX X N X4 .,., S-MXN NX P 8 S X ' v , ' ' In, '1n,, fp.. MMIRQ 'Mr 1..,n...,ML. ML.,-3 .1-'1""' P 5 Q --.. f f 1 .. 1 X X 2 H-J . v s E 9 T' 2 Q 2 , E !, K' i , . . 1 ,, lf'1""T ,h?,ff" 1 A "'e fr 4,1 'il H Y 's -Q s. E llnlnn-.Q l"ur'ris lyprns "Form l,4'll4'l'S.u 4' PICTURE DN PAGE 4 Svniurs in ilu' rluurzmy uf lliliilllill 'i1'l'llUl' liuilfling. lfr. ll ullvr. lf.H.. issuing tlllif' lm' slip In ,l. Sujlru. ' Ill'l'III1llll'lIl r1'1'ur1l ,Nll1'1'l. n- -VI' lfl1c'ill,sl.'i vnlvrs grurlm :III lABll lll CUNHNIS Theme 7 , Faculty S , - Classes , nn, , H Student Council 7 , , Seniors W., We ,, Iuniors , S , W . Sophomores so S Freshmen , S Activities , , , Sports Y. . 7 S IFIIIIIYY l'mlru:r: girvs infnrnm- linn lPl'l'l' ilu- plmlw. Page Five lHl lflllllll Al His Eminence Samuel Cardinal Siriich, DD., Cardinal-Priest of the Title ol Si. Agnes Ouiside the Walls, Archbishop of Chicago. 5 li lu BP' 4. 0 si il 1 'ii ill! Q3 lil! Q -. i ,:.A 1 E S A ,n 2 S If " ' , X 49 -if gj His Excellency Roberi S. Dehler, C.R., D.D. Tiiular Bishop ol Clamozene, Vicar-Apostolic ol Bermuda 1 PROVIlHAl The Vciy llcveiend Stanislaus Fiolek, UR., S.T.L,, Superior-Provincial of the Chicago Province, Chicago, Illinois. SUPH UH Bl lRAl The Very Reverend John S. Mix, CR., Ph.D Superior-General ol the Congregalion of lhe Resurrection, Home, Italy. X 442' Q .AL A 0 X9 Q Q 'Q E 5 5 5 Q -'Z' Q -5 fe e io-g TEQQQ Q ' 'bah ov mmf A planning conference always precedes the decision to produce a new product in the industrial world. The raw material is then brought in, and the artisans began to work on it: first, the rough phase - the cutting, the shaping, the grinding: then the future product undergoes the finer treatment - the polishing. smoothing, and finishing. Finally, the finished product emerges - embellished, highly attractive, very saleable - another very successful product on the market of the world. Here, at Gordon Technical High School, every student is considered as raw material to be worked upon to produce the "finished man" - a man truly in the image and likeness of God, who can enter the market of the world and make it better by his influence. The first year is like the planning conference at which the student is exposed to an all-around picture of what is before him educationally. The sophomore year is spent in shaping him by molding him to the desired form. In his iunior year, he becomes quite smooth so that now there remain only the smallest chips to be chiselled off with the tiniest of strokes of education. Finally, as a senior. he is ready to emerge as a Tech-ite of whom the entire faculty is proud and eager to send out into the future, fully confident that he will influence his environment for the better rather than be influenced himself by that environment to his detriment. O rs lf- A MISS Gi Ill THE GRAIIU HS Dear Graduates: During these four years you have been delving into the rich mines of wisdom and experience. Almost daily your teachers have pointed out to you the many vistas and labyrinths-any of which will lead to success ii you but follow them rightly. God grant that all of you reach successfully the goal lor which you are striving! Though you will reluctantly say farewell to the happy days spent within the walls ot leaming and bid Adieu to the teachers who have guided you through the years, to the classmates with whom you have made happy associations. you still will be bound by the sacred ties of your tour-year association in high school . . . ties which will grow stronger with advancing years. Let us remain true to God . . . grateful to teachers . . . and ever loyal to our beloved Alma Mater. Adieu! LOUIS GRACZ, C.R. Page Nine ' 1 THE REV. LOUIS A. GRACZ, C.R., A.M., in Library Science, and in Education, Principal, Mothers' Club Moderator. PRINITIPM FR. IOSEPH BAKER, CB., A.B., Kvligion, I. ll, III, IV. PR. STEPHEN BIES, CR., A.B., Ph.L., S.T.L., Y. C. S. Mmlvralur. CISCA Mmlvrulor. Yearbook Mmlvrulor. English I.lll.lV Driver-Training. FR. IOHN BRESDEN, C.R., AB., FR. LEO CUKIERSKI, C.R., AB., l'1unv and Solid Gvrmwlry. lluxim'x.' .lllllffif Uil'f'l'l0l'- M'H'Ili'N' SIIUII Il. .1llllIll'Ill!llil'S, Tri gunom airy. Page Ten FR. LAWRENCE KURLANDSKI, CR., AB., lfllHlx'SllH'l' ,Vurlug1'r. Slmlf-nl f:4IlllH'fI Mull- l'l'1IlUl'. l,ulin I llllll ll. lfldigillll I. ll. U". FH. LOUIS TUSINSKI, CR., AB., S.T.L. .'SNiSl1llll l'l'illrilml. I'vfIlIl1'l'-S Club Mudvr- ulur. llunn' and film- lflulr .'Uu1lw'ulm'. SI'lliUl' 'Ho1lvrulur. lflvvlrir' Shop. l'llysir's. Page Eleven FR. LEONARD LONG, CR., PHD., 0,Uic'v. Rr-Iigimz I. FR. ALOYSIUS CHZECHOWSKI, CR., AB., lfuxur. lfrlglixlu I, Ill. ER. EDWIN ZYGMUNT, CH., A.M. l,ilu'1u'iun. Y. C. S. Mmlr-rulur. Uixxiorl Slump Mmlvrulnr. "s'iIu.w1111'lw'l"' ,Umlvrulur lfnglixlz ll. ' MR. IAMES CAGNEY, B.S., MR. IOHN Di GIOVANNI, BS., "Tim lf.4M-pugv', Moderator. S1llllliSll. Buxlfvllmll ljlillfll. l,llj'Sil'lIl lt'l1m'uliun t'IlH'fil'llll Hismry, lfnglisll I, Ill. IV. MH. BRICE GONZALEZ, BS. MR. IOHN HARDT, B.S., MR. WILLARD HYATT, AB., U ulvr Sufvly lIlNll'lll'llH'. II' umlxlmp. Urafling 1. A1110-Sllllll. Tyllilljl. Page Twelve MR. CHARLES PASECKY, AB., MR. WALTER PAWUL, BS., A.M., MR. IMIL VALASEK, BS., M.S., World Hislnry, Civics. .-llgvbfu. Ilmfting ll. FMIIIHY MR. EDWARD WASIELEWSKI, BS., MR. EUGENE WLEKLINSKI, BS., Fl'f'SllIlHlll Fmrllmll and Huxkvllmll ffouvh lfmrling Mmlvrulor. .wllgvlzru 1. .Ahl1'ur1H'1l CPlIPT1l1 Sl'il'lll'P. lflzglixh I. .'1lHf'Ill'll. l:,Il'llliSll'f. Page Thirteen HH! 5' N Y f4,,5,,,5, D 5 www.-wmwmwwewwnmf Wzmwm R 3 552 'ws I 5 fi r I i Q I W li' I3 Y X' X "'2Nns..N K X Q? 5 Q L, K-XXX A N. 'sr - x J' ' A ,-Q Q I Nut: R 'X xxx ,gy IQ YIM' V, l x .TL ' ll vw-may-u 'I if 5 i-Elf f ' ' e f 5 ' 4 X Ag . ,Q ,. Q .iizeisg Q . W :we LS . :- .S i Q -1' , A .3 Q 'nm A 3. s " mr fx.. S hs 1 Y. if ,fs G J Xi? ?' -,N Q QM 'N Founders of the Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. THE PUHPIISE lll Hlllll H0 The Founders of the Congregation of the Resurrection have left a rich heritage for their spiritual sons in the field of education. They have ever stressed that it is not information or purely intellectual learning which constitutes the end of education but rather character formation. This character formation was to be along supernatural lines so that the end product might be a Christian Gentleman imbued with supernatural principles. To accomplish this end, the tirst task of a student in school will be to learn to labor. This they considered more important than a pure Page Sixteen acquisition ot knowledge or the passing of examinations. A studious, diligence is a trait impressed in the soul for all time, an accomplishment for life. The supervision so necessary in education may be at times superfluous, and even harmful, if a pupil becomes habituated to do nothing without it. Hence to teach him to be industrious, even though control weigh heavily upon him to work. not from fear or even in view of superlative success in the classroom but from a sense of duty alone, is an achievement worthy of Christian education. This sense of duty is a monitor, as it were, whom nothing can supplant, and it may be truly said, that only he is well educated who hears and hearkens to the voice of this monitor in his soul. For a young man to acquire this perfect education, it is imperative, that he first learn to reflect within himself, become introspective, reckon with his conscience, iudge himself aright and in case of necessity even condemn himself, but above all, that he know how to be industrious, encountering adversity unflinchingly. As members of society, the students must be taught to become good citizens. However. they must be convinced that they cannot be good citizens unless they are good Catholics. They will serve their country best only when they get rid of their defects which each nationality has as its peculiar characteristic. RHIGIII Og.. I Fr. I. Ii11lf1'r. CIC.. l'IlllIlillN llll' usa' uf ll l'lIllIil'l'. 'l'. Iirrrltkrlzrslfi. lf. Sl1111'il.'. und I. :'V11l:lf1- N4'I'l'flUl ,fl'lll'llil'lilIll. Fr. .-1. lfy'llIll'f'Zf'l'n'. lf.lX'.. 1'o111l111'Ii11g the' 41111111111 rvlrvul. ,I'H'lI I"I'PS,Illll'll page' fllflllljlh llw lflflllllll Missul. Q . SUIPIIIII Kvquivrn Mass on All Souls' Huy for Hvrwfurlurs of Conununily. 'l'v.rl-lmnl: uxml in ull lhrvv Nurs of high ll S1 tr .wlmnl Ifvligiun. Z ' L MY FAITH mtou IS L,.RAvo El- ,.v,A :si "x. News fl. llnziun. II. Zurhurxlfi preparing In rise' for Cnspvl nf Mass. HHIGIO The study ot Religion at the Gordon Technical High School receives the most important consideration because it and it alone prepares the Gordonite for the kind of lite that fulfills and reaches its final purpose. In view ot the impact of secularistic attitudes on the American way ot life, special practical as well as theoretical values are imparted to the student, so that forewamed as well as fore-armed, he can rise above the mediocre in whatever walk ot life he will choose. Page Nineteen E if Sophomore class in u llH'l'lllIllil'lIl vlruzrirzg session. Engineering and science enter into the ii affairs of everyday living to such an extent today that it is impossible to remain informed on events and progress without some facility in reading the unique language of Industry - Mechanical Drawing. NIHIHA Ill l DHAWI B 5 W fgt: ,XXV 1 'ffiffftkifiizf ' A i5ff"TS-Qfdr 9. i it Vp s it . X ,. X gh K . ., M LJ 6 9'-is xi Xx- gijeff-fwo X - l Nt , ,QL S, s f ll 1 , W fllfhn butt - Wf33f'rfrr3i ww e ' t 1 f We-ffffii X ,, sf 03 XX X - XXI fl 672 ln.xlrum1'nlx usval ill llll'l'lllIlIi1'1ll Ill'lIH'lllK. Here at Gordon Tech, the two-year course f I in Mechanical Drawing is so set up that it will f develop the Gordonite's powers of visualization, strengthen his creative imagination, train him in precision and exactness of thought, teach him to read and write in the language of the Industries, and give him the practical experience of making working drawings. Page Twentyf0ne W: 4515311 ,,.fwX E f , , my fjllllllllvfilll u alrufling xlfvlrll. qi frvxlunun u'urlring illlvnlly ul his pro Even before the rise of the Roman Empire artisans in wood were engaged in the framing and in the construction of ships. In these United States. in colonial times, the woodsman and the wood-worker were busy with the cutting down of trees, hewing them into timbers. and the shaping of shingles for the homes that had to be provided for the early settlers. As civilization developed and the homes were provided, work in wood became an art. Today. the woodworker must be very skilful both with the hand and machine tools to keep pace with the demands of modem living. The freshman at Gordon Tech is brought up-to-date with woodworking both theoretically and practically. He soon learns to select the materials for his proiect. to lay out and dimension the finest obiect. and to make as well as read blue prints. The numerous proiects in the woodshop give him the opportunity to acquire a dexterity with both the hand and machine tools. llvlul in lu'f'p1u'uliol1 for zruml lrunnung So'phom0rvs preparing uquipmvnl and material for prujvvlx Nl CHI l SHUI' At the beginning it is iust a round piece of steel, somewhat dusty and sometimes stained. At the end it is a very sleek looking screwdriver. properly tempered and highly polished, with a knurled handle for easy handling. In between the beginning and the end. the student at Gordon Tech puts in a great deal ot "know how" into his proiect. Selection of the material. the cutting and shaping processes. grinding. tempering, and polishing - iust a few oi the processes in the making of a hand tool. Page Twenty-Four The Machine Shop at Gordon Tech offers many opportunities to the Tech-ite to ground himself fundamentally in all of the interesting phases oi preparation for the machinist trade. lIlIlUHI0l'4'k ltlll'lt'lVIH nl In-nf-Iz. 22. 555225222225222552555555i5E35EQEfE5E555E5 i ififiifififiz-. iiififif .. , fl -'A' ' nf I 4 Hi4'l'Zlll 0lI4'l'1llilIH Ill:- L!l'ill4I1'l'. HHIIHIII SHUI' Electricity, in less than 75 years, has transformed our entire mode of living. Today, the modern home is a veritable "House of Magic". The invisible genie - the electron - at a flick of the switch - goes to work lighting and heating our homes and making them more comfortable to live in. This same genie, harnessed and controlled in the vacuum tube, or in the more modern transistor, fills our homes with music and song and floods the living room with pictures of world-wide events and progress as soon as they are happening. The iunior at Gordon Tech is introduced to electricity both in theory and in practice. The course is so designed as to impress the student with the importance ot a knowledge of electricity. Since all of us live so dependently on electricity, it is important to know as much about it as possible, that it may the more easily and more efficiently be put to work as America's magic servant. L Y i . lt. Ihzlzrw: using 011-r'lr'i4' .wlrlvring iron I. 'llulrr l'.t'lIllltll.Y vlvrlrif' lmlwl lmural In rluss. 4-ln ,l. ll illilllllh. f". f'r'r':l.'u. l'. lxmwlnxz .-lurly l'0II.Nll'll!'liIIll of fllwllilljl 11lllIlilllIl'f'S. 6 5 . YINlM""l U . ffullf. fl. lfurl. ff. l'fll.ir1 nlnwru- wunal fl'l'4flll'Hl'iI'.N un uw lU.Nl'llIH'. -A....,,, I Itivln-rl toslingz Pllflilll' colnlzuxliulz. Run' I. lo R: I. fIZf'l'I4HlIN. If. jruwzlzsun. If. IN'IllllI4'. ral Ifuu' I, In lt: ll. If.YIIlI1'l4'.YIx'I. I". lif-lmlr. I.. Zlljl H I, In ICR. I"01':I.'n. .lIr. I. Ilurfll. Page Twenty-Eight Ultl SHUI' The automobile industry had a banner year in 1955. It was a tar cry from the year 1900 when automobiles began to be produced in some quantity. Today it is at its biggest. With this growth of the industry there developed a problem of maintenance - faster and more efficient repair. Today, even the mechanic must be familiar with certain scientific equipment which will facilitate his work. And this is more true for the automotive engineer who plans to work in the industry which is fast undergoing automation. The Auto Shop at Gordon Tech offers an exploratory course to the student to acquaint him both with the production and the maintenance of the automobile. Well equipped in engines of all types, the shop gives the student ample opportunity of working on them and carrying out the various tests which prove the power of an engine. Olin.-qc mil. llurrll l'1Ill.'lilIN !4ll'lllIllll In S. llnrznllz. F. lf:-lmk. I. l'1u'l1ul1':1rl.'. :uul If S1-lun-irlf 'Q' s.. 5, lvju wnrlfillg on 4-llginv. . U4 llllilfllffl ll, Sfll1l1'l!IN1'lllPlH'l'. lf, Ixun Since Gordon Technical High School is committed to the cause of preparing the youth of today technologically, the administration has included a tour year program in mathematics. Without mathematics, there can be no talk ot technology, tor mathematics is the proverbial corner-stone of its very structure. MATHEMATICS l'vl'4'SlIlH4'Il H'lII'lt'lIl1Lf :ml 'lp.fl'IIl'4l prulrfvnlx. lt. lxu-ilus. I'. ,l'lll'l'ill1l.4tIHI 'l'. S:1':olltogz'sl.'i It'lPl'lt'l nut word prulrlvms. lil HIM Sllll Ill At the very beginning of his high school career. the Gordonite is introduced to the mysteries of science which comprise the fundamental basis ot his technical knowledge. In General Science. he is given an over-all picture of how best the various sciences can serve man. A much fuller and protound appreciation of God's infinite wisdom is the result of the study of Nature that He created. The study is supplemented with numerous proiects to enable the student to acquaint himself practically with the adaptability of scientific theories to practical living. 'l'4'Yf-Illllbln' use-rl by Frvslulwn in Cvrwrnl Sli!-'llld rnursv. ll. lfumis uhsf-rrvx as I". Upulnny slr:-'Irlws projw'l un lllurk-lwurcf. mo, 99. 60 CHEMISTRY The obiect of Chemistry is to study the myriad changes in both the organic and inorganic worlds. The many compounds and elements are brought forth in the laboratory where the chemistry experiments provide many intriguing hours. Precision of observation and the control of the chemical changes form the basis of the attempts at prediction of what will happen under given circumstances by our budding chemists. lvurinus svvrws from ilu' f:hl'IlIi.SlI'f lulmrulury. lppvr pirlurv 1. l,u.mlf. 'lf Kvlws. llllll nl. f1ll1'11l1r':ylt'. S0l'4Illl1 lfmr: I". lxllffslvl and I. Mal: uhsvrra' f'.X'lll'l'illIl'lIl. Vlvllifll Huw: lf. Srhullz IIHIINIITUS will: lwulrvr. Since man has pierced the nucleus of the atom, the science of physics has taken on a vitality that seems boundless. The students at Gordon Technical High School get well acquainted with such principles as those oi Newton and Dalton and, at the same time, keep pace with all progress that is being made today. Q. ll, Sivrxlfn14'.wl1'i. ff. Ifllllllllllfl. N. Nlnplru. unrl S. Hurts-I t'Ull1lll1l'1' Imlvs I l'lI!YNil'S 1'rp4'l'ir11vlll in lllv rnlnpnsilimz nuff rvsululinn of furrvs. PHYSICS ll. n'llurf':ulr. lf. fllyszlm. unrl lf. l'lux:f-j Illlllfl' ulrxvrruliulls on spm'ifi4' gmrily of fiquicfs. lf. Sf'll1'Hl1'r'. I- .ll-x'xliu'i1'1'. R. lfulfufu. lf. Hul1'nu'xlt'i. unll H. SZflll4IlIXli'f in pr'u1'vss nf .wlling up nrxpvrilnvlll nn pull:-ps :mal lfn' H'lll'l'l llllll u.r14'. l"r'4-.vlnmvr lixlvn ullvrllirvly us lfnglish Hflllllllllll' is vvpluimul In llwm. E BUSH The study of English is indispensible in a technical high school because unless a student can express his ideas in writing and orally much of his knowledge becomes useless. Especially will this prove to be true in the future when reports will have to be written up on experiments demonstrated in the various fields of technological endeavor. I. Hvzrlvk rliugrumw for C. l'4u'vlli anal C. Stein. N5 M , .Y x in 5 f X if 3 x s L. ,, X 5 5 A Q .9 X x 5 ,F wI'ix.i 4 X x Q K' I XS A X hi?-A,3? .-5-AQ? K Q ,,.. umgffffkiwk QQ, i . - 5 :A ww f f f i: Q E ' f is 9 l f x :N ' X 1 K nf f w 2 Q 'SG if-'12-fx - x ,-'fx is gf: 5 X fy r. y S, S -0. - xxx G' -N' ' ,,., Q s if! q, CIVIIIS The study of Civics is one of the most vital courses at Gordon Tech. In it the student learns how laws are made, policies of the country set, the function of the administration. The responsibilities of patriotism are treated in fullest detail. The student learns that the right ot voting is not only a privilege but an obligation as well. He also learns that the exercise of this right in later years can spare our country from a fate similar to that met by nations behind the iron and bamboo curtains. Ix'. l'ujulr vxpluinx worlrings of Ihr' l. S. Curr-rn mvnl lu lf, lll'11lwf'. II. SII!t'fllSlx'i. and K. lllurvssm R. flnlwlri. lf. Sulm uml M. Sll'FJlA'llIl'Slx'i Nlllllll' Ivxl. R. .-lnlosz. C. Svrzvn. I.. lx'ur:1'n. I. Slrysilr and li. U ulrurlz lmlrl fllllllll lulrlf' rlisruswiun on .flllwrifwll !:1H'l'l'IlIlH'lll us Hr. l'u.w-vlry lmrks nn. Ur. llyull timing llu- lyping .wpvvd of .wninr,, lf. Sr'ln'fIl1'r ul l.YlIl'll'f'il4'l' :luring lyllilllll flux, Typing has once again appeared in the curriculum of the seniors as an elective. This is iust another way of providing the students at Gordon Tech with the opportunity of acquiring another vehicle to facilitate their work in later years. Typing is an invaluable time-saver for the busy man, not to mention the fact that it adds to the work the desired neat and business-like appearance. Page Thirty-Seven WPI G 5 1, ttf ' H I U illl' lursvs llilfill .' If-mv' for lx. Zllll'iS Ink. lf. l'1-lr. uml II. lf:-rlnurz. Fr. l,. lxurlumlslfi. ff. lf. l'.YIfIIlillN Latin nm Sll'lll'fi0Il lo ll. Crvgory and lf. l,l'jllHlll. Although listed as an elective, the students of Gordon Technical High School are encouraged to study Latin because it is such an excellent mental discipline and because it is practically invaluable to the technician. A most precise language, it inculcates in the student an exactness and precision of speech and expression thus becoming a worthy helpmate to the English language and the technical studies. Page Thirty-Eight SPA ISH 'fha' Slflllllhll rlum ll.Sf4'lI.N mlvnlls In lfr. f,I1lKfH'N.l' rtplflrl- ulinn nf Spunish rul1.xlr'lu'Iiur1s. 'Ill f,'llHlll'Y lIIIl4'4'fN Spunislr wnlf-flu-s fn S. IK I I tl lt. I HL' 4Ill.Nl'l'I'4 . wi' i xxx A51-N, .ww 4426, With so much progress being made south of the border and in other Spanish speaking countries, the administration finds it expedient to oiler its students a chance to learn Spanish. Another language - another man - might be said. Although it is listed as an elective, it is iust another tool ofiered at the school to those who would avail themselves of every opportunity to keep apace with progress. x. L, .. ...- , ,...-. , i.-. ,Y m DRIVER IRAINING 'WY Fr. Hivs. CR, rulnzinislvring om' of lllv Illllllj' psyrlw- physical lvsls lu R. sllilllllfl zvlzifv Snjlfu lvsls llix 1Ill'll ulrilily in judging l1iSl4Illl'l'. The fluul-1'ultlrvls urv l'.XlllIlil11'l1 lu Sojlm. l'mcl:illslfi. tllalms. and Civlvv. With the concentrated effort for an "all-out safety" program in Illinois, Gordon Tech introduced the Driver-Training course which embraces both the classroom and road phases. Stress is laid here to engender proper attitudes concerning man and the auto. Courtesy and safety-first. along with an alertness to driving conditions, might be called the theme of this course. Emphasis is placed upon the fact that driving is not a right, but a privilege to be exercised conscientiously. Written tests and road practices are given with the hope oi building conlidence in the future driver. Page Forty' A sound body is a great boon to the forging of a sound mind. Immediately upon his entrance to Gordon Tech until the student leaves her portals as a graduate. his physical welfare is supervised with the greatest care. All forms ot intra-mural sports are provided, in addition to the regular Gym and Health classes. Team-work becomes a by-word to the student as he learns that, despite his excellence, he still has need of others in a contest. He learns tolerance of others to the extent that he tries the harder to make amends for the lacks of others. Above all he is forced to make quick and definite decisions which make tor that flexibility of mind to adiust to the most unexpected of circumstances. The Health Class provides him with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge for the care of his body which makes the life of the whole man so much easier both physically and spiritually. Hr. I. llifjillflllllll l'1Hll'lIill4LZ illlru-mural sport. PHYSIC l Page Forty-One EDUCATIU Q 35525 as aim fl? 55? mg ii X, ig? W WWC? WZVMW F JW M my SENIIIRS I956 www Q 213, WW? WWJVWM 5,fWM Bw4mf .wjkf J LJ if ' J f . THE STUDENT CUUNCIL RUSTER: T. Tobias, S. Koziol, P. Crall A. Toledo, R. Michalski, D, Schams, J. Prindes, E. Chrapla, G Gustafson, M. Staszewski, W. Rizzetto, L. Zajdel, Representatives N. Stopka, S. Horvath, H. Czapla, W. Lang, J. Kedzierski, R Walejeski, J. Krzeminski, E, Scheffler, M. Sierakowski, D Bednarz, R. Marrese, and J. McGovern, Officers. Sllllll T CHU Cll The program ot student activities has been expanded during the past year by the formation ot the Student Council by which self-government was put largely into the hands of the students. There seems to be no better way to learn the priceless ideals ot true democracy than to put them into practice and make them work. Although supervision still is vested in the authority of the school, the students have the opportunity to help in its practice - thus making it a government ot the students, for the students, and by the students. Page Forty-Four Sl IIIH MASS IIHIIIHIS J. WEGRZYN, Secreiaryg L. ZAJDEL, Vice-Presidentg S. HUHA VATH, Treasurerg and B. STBENSKI, President. M. REIF, Treasurerg W. BIZZETTU, Presidenig C. MYSZKA Secretaryg J. LYNN, Vice-President. if-ff RAYMOND M. ANTOSZ-Parish: Holy Innocents: Ac tivities: Bowling 3: Favorite Subject: Civics: Ambition: Engineer. KEITH P. BANIOUED-Parish: St. Hedwigs: Activities Football 1, Basketball 2: Favorite Subject: Drafting Ambition: Architect. STANLEY J. BARTEL-Parish: St. Mary's: Activity Band 2, 3, 4: Y.C.S. 4: Favorite Subject: Trigonometry Ambition: Engineer. FRANCIS J. BEBAK-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs: Ac- tivity: Football 3, 4: Camera Club 3: Choir 1, 2, 3 Bowling 3: Favorite Subject: Civics: Ambition: Agri- cultural Career. WALTER E. BEILKE-Parish: St. Ann: Activity: Band 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Favorite Subject: History: Ambi- tion: Teacher. RONALD A. CABALA-Parish: Blessed Agnes: Activ- ity: Swimming 3, Science Club 1: Favorite Subject: Trigonometry: Ambition: Nuclear Physicist. ROBERT A. CETNAR-Parish: Holy Innocents: Activ- ity: Football 1, Basketball Z, 3, 4, Bowling 4, Golf 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Typing: Ambition: Architect. HENRY C. CZAPLA-Parish: St. Francis ot Assisi: Ac- tivities: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4: Favorite Subject: Mathe- matics: Ambition: Engineer. JAMES R. CZERLANIS-Parish: St. Mary's, Activities Bowling 3, Class Otticer l, Favorite Subject: Civics, Ambition: Lawyer. ANTHONY J. CZERWIEC-Parish: St. Pancratius, Ac- tivities: Basketball 3, Favorite Subject: Civics, Ambi- tion: Engineer. DANIEL M. DZIEDZIC-Parish: St. Hedwig's, Activi ties: Class Olticer 2, Football 2, Camera Club 3, Favor ite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Engineer. RONALD F. FECZKO-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs, Ac tivities: Camera Club 3, Bowling 3, Water Safety 3, Choir 2, Favorite Subject: Civics, Ambition: Draftsman. THEODORE F. FUGIEL-Parish: St. Aloysius, Activity Glee Club 3, 4, Choir 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Favorite Subject Trigonometry, Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. ROBERT S. GESINSKI-Parish: St. Stan's, Activity Bowling 3, Favorite Subject: Auto Shop, Ambition Naval Otlicer. BEN F. GORE-Parish: St. Hyacinth's, Activity: Foot ball 1, 2, Bowling 4, Favorite Subject: Auto Shop, Am bition: Naval Career. ROGER A. GORSKI-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs, Ac tivity: Football l, 2, Favorite Subject: Physics, Ambi tion: Aeronautical Engineer. CASIMIR J. JACHIMOWSKI-Parish: St. Francis ot Assisi: Activities: Football 1, Science Club 1: Favorite Subject: Chemistry: Ambition: Chemist. STEPHEN F. JEROUTEK-Parish: Immaculate Heart ot Mary: Activity: Band 3, Bowling 4: Favorite Subject: Mathematics: Ambition: Civil Engineer. ROMAN P. JUREWICZ-Parish: St. Mary's: Favorite Subject: Physics: Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. ROBERT J. KAMINSKY-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs: Activity: Bowling 3, Camera Club 3, Clee Club 3: Favor- ite Subject: Civics: Ambition: Mech. Engineer. NICHOLAS T. HOLTHAUS-Parish: St. Philomena: Ac- tivity: Bowling 4: Favorite Subject: Drafting: Ambi- tion: Architect. STEVE R. HORVATH-Parish: St. Cornelius: Activities: Prom Committee, Newspaper 3, Capt. Football 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Bowling 3, 4, Student Council, Class Olticer 3, 4: Favorite Sub- ject: English: Ambition: Architect. BERNARD J. JACOBSON-Parish: St. Pascal: Activi- ties: Drama Club 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Mathematics: Ambition: Lawyer. ROBERT J. HRUBEC-Parish: St. Barbara: Activities: Bowling 4, Camera Club 3: Favorite Subject: Chemis- try: Ambition: Photographer. EDMUND D. KORN-Parish: St. Alphonsus: Activities: Drama Club 4, Social Committee 4: Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing: Ambition: Electrical Engineer. LEONARD C. KORZEN-Parish: Holy Innocents: Activi- ties: Bowling 3, Science Club l: Favorite Subject: Math- ematics: Ambition: Civil Engineer. JOSEPH A. KRZEMINSKI-Parish: St. Stanislaus: Ac- tivity: Basketball 2, Bowling 3, Social Committee 4, Drama Club, Cisca 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Auto Shop: Ambition: Automotive Engineer. THOMAS G, LAWLESS-Parish: St. Viator's: Favorite Subject: History: Ambition: Commercial Pilot. GEORGE F. KANARY-Parish: St. Joseph Academy: Ac- tivity: Prom Committee, Y.C.S. 4, Newspaper 3, Year- book 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Drama Club 3: Favorite Subject: Auto Shop: Ambition: Railroad Administrator. EUGENE W. KARPINSKI-Parish: St. James: Activity: Science Club 1, Radio Club 3, Bowling 3: Favorite Sub- ject: Physics: Ambition: Electronic Engineer. RONALD W. KLOSINSKI-Parish: St. Mary's: Activi- ties: Y.C.S. 4: Favorite Subject: Civics: Ambition: Arch- itect. JEROME E. KOMALA-Parish: St. Fidelis: Activities Bowling 3, 4, Social Committee 4: Favorite Subject: Mathematics: Ambition: Certified Public Acc't, JAMES J. LYNN-Parish: Maternity BVM, Activity: Science Club 1, Bowling 4, Drama Club 4, Clee Club 3, Band 3, Yearbook Statt 4, Newspaper 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 4, Class Olticer l, 2, 3, 4, Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Engineer. HENRY A. MARCZUK-Parish: St. Hedwig's, Activi- ties: Band 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Bowling 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Favorite Subject: Chemistry, Ambition: Biologist. RONALD J. MARRESE-Parish: St. Pascal, Activities: Y.C.S. 4, Student Council 4, Camera Club 3, Favorite Subject: Wood Shop, Ambition: Heating Contractor. RONALD F. MATEJA-Parish: St. Sylvester's, Activ- ity: Glee Club 3, Favorite Subject: Drafting, Ambition: Printer, STEVEN S. MIKOLOWICZ-Parish: St. Ladilaus, Ac- tivities: Science Club 1, Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Engineer. LEO R. MYSLIWIEC-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs, Ac- tivities: Football 1, Yearbook 4, Favorite Subject: Eng- lish, Ambition: Lawyer. CHARLES I. MYSZKA-Parish: Our Lady ot Grace, Ac- tivity: Science Club 1, 3, Bowling 3, Class Otticer 4, Yearbook 4, Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Construction Engineering. ERNEST J. NIEWIADOMSKI-Parish: St. Tarcissus, Activity: Monogram Club 4, Football 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Certitied Public Accountant. JOHN D. PACHOLCZAK-Parish: St. Stanislaus: Activ- ity: Band 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing, Ambition: Draftsman. KENNETH J. PAJAK-Parish: Holy Innocents: Activ- ity: Football l, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Bowling 3,4: Favorite Subject: Physics: Ambition: Engineer. JOHN S. PAWULA-Parish: St. Fidelis: Activity: Bowl- ing 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Dance Committee 4: Favorite Subject: Chemistry: Ambition: Commercial Pilot. RONALD A. PLOSZAJ-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs: Ac- tivities: Yearbook 3, Swimming 3, Water Safety 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing: Ambition: En- gineer. 1 l l i l ANTHONY J. POFELSKI-Parish: St. Fidelis: Activi- ties: Clee Club 3, Bowling 3, 4, Social Committee 4: Favorite Subject: Auto Shop: Ambition: Aircraft En- gineer. BENJAMIN J. RAKOWSKI-Parish: St. Stanislaus: Ac- tivities: Y.C.S. 4, Yearbook 4, Camera Club 3: Favorite Subject: Chemistry: Ambition: Pharmacist. MICHAEL A. REIF-Parish: St. Alphonsus: Activities: Y.C.S. 4, Camera Club 3, Bowling 4, Science Club l, Class Otticer 1 and 4: Favorite Subject: Mathematics: Ambition: Engineer. JAMES T. BICHEBT-Parish: St. Edward's: Activity: Bowling 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Monogram Club 3: Favorite Subject: Auto Shop: Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. DENNIS C. RYTLEWSKI-Parish: Five Holy Martyrs, Activity: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Favorite Subject: Typing, Ambition: Auto Mechanic. J. SCHACHTSCHOBEH-Parish: St. Ferdinand, Activ- ity: Camera Club, Favorite Subject: Religion, Ambi- tion: Engineer. EDMUND J. SCHEFFLER-Parish: St. Hedwig's, Activi- ties: Y. C. S. 4, Bowling 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Student Council 4, Favorite Subject: Trigonometry, Ambition: Chemical Engineer. ROBERT W. SCHNEIDER-Parish: Immaculate Heart ot Mary, Activity: Radio Club 3, Favorite Subject: Auto Shop, Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. WILLIAM U. RIZZETTO-Parish: Holy Rosary, Activ- ity: Football 1, Basketball 1, Bowling 3, Glee Club 3, Yearbook 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Officer l, 2, 4, Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing, Ambition: Sales Manager. EDWARD L. ROHDE-Parish: St. Josaphat, Activity: Bowling 3, Class Otticer, Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. CONRAD P. ROMPALA-Parish: St. Monica, Activity: Y.C.S. 4, C.I.C. 3, Glee Club 3, Bowling 3, Favorite Sub- ject: Trigonometry, Ambition: Electrical Engineer. DONALD J. RYBA-Parish: St. Stanislaus, Activity: Bowling 3, Social Committee 4, Favorite Subject: Me- chanical Drawing, Ambition: Draftsman. NORBERT L. STOPKA-Parish: St. Hedwig's, Activity: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Monogram Club l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Student Council 4, Camera Club 3, Favorite Subject: History, Ambition: Electrical En- gineer. WILLIAM J. STRENSKI-Parish: St. Hedwig's, Activ- ity: Football l, 2, 3, 4. Bowling 3, 4, Tennis 3, Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Newspaper 3, Student Council 4, Class Otticer 3, 4, Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Ambition: Business Administrator. JOHN S. STRYSIK-Parish: St. Sylvester's, Activity: Science Club l, Favorite Subject: Physics, Ambition: Engineer. ROBERT A. SUBA-Parish: Sacred Heart, Activities: Football l, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Monogram Club 4, Glee Club 3, Class Olticer l, Favorite Subject: English, Ambition: Engineer. RICHARD L. SCHOLTENS-Parish: Sacred Heart, Ac tivities: Camera Club 3, Drama 4, Favorite Subject Marriage Guidance, Ambition: Electrician. GERALD L. SERZEN-Parish: St. Genevieve, Activity Bowling 3, Golf 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Favorite Subject Physics, Ambition: Engineer. MELVIN R. SIERAKOWSKI-Parish: St. Stanislaus Activity: Student Council 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Librarian 2 Social Committee 4, Favorite Subject: Trigonometry Ambition: Civil Engineer. DONALD A. SOWINSKI-Parish: St. Stanislaus, Activ- ity: Basketball l, Bowling 3, Favorite Subject: Trigo nometry, Ambition: Civil Engineer. 1 JOHN M. SWIECA-Parish: St. Mark's: Activities: Foot- ball l, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Monogram Club, 3, 4, Class Oiticer l: Favorite Subject: English: Ambition: Indus- trial Engineer. MICHAEL F. SZYMANSKI--Parish: St. Hedwig's: Ac- tivities: Science Club 1, Choir 2, 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4, Bowl- ing 3, 4: Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing: Ambi- tion: Draftsman. JEROME T. TOBIAS-Parish: Maternity B.V.M.: Activi- ties: Science Club 1, Social Committee 4, Y.C.S. 4, Prom Committee 4, Bowling 3, Glee Club 3, Drama Club 3, Yearbook 4, Newspaper 3: Favorite Subject: Auto Shop: Ambition: Automotive Engineer. DENNIS K. WATRACH-Parish: St. John Cantius: Ac- tivity: Science Club 1: Favorite Subject: Civics: Ambi- tion: Certitied Public Acc't. GERALD S. WEGRZYN-Parish: St. Mark, Activities: Class Otticer l, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 3, Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Captain of Basketball Team 4: Favorite Subject: Mathematics: Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. LOUIS T. ZAJDEL-Parish: St. Francis ot Assisi: Ac- tivity: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Olticer l, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4: Favorite Subject: English: Ambi- tion: Business Administrator. LAWRENCE N. ZAWISLAK-Parish: St. Ladislaus: Ac- tivity: Camera Club 3: Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing: Ambition: Corporation Lawyer. llllllllllll Graduation this year will launch the first genuine Gordon Tech ship on the waters of the world. The present senior class is the first that enrolled at the newly founded Gordon Technical High School four years ago: the two previous graduating classes originally had enrolled while Gordon Tech was still a technical branch of the Weber High School. With the change in name came autonomy for Gordon Tech - autonomy from Weber High School. Our present seniors learned the lesson of independence well and early. Supplemented by their study of American History and Civics, they used this lesson during their senior year to give to the student body a small part of self- government by founding with the permission of the school authorities the Student Council, a new first at Gordon Tech. When the seniors of 1955-1956 first entered the new Gordon Tech they were iust as imbued with the making of progress as was the school itself. There was a great deal to accomplish, and it was largely due to their efforts in the Magazine Sales Drives of 1952 and 1953 that large contributions could be made for the schoo1's first football equipment. the school bus, and the initial equipment of the school band. So, as we grow older and are about to leave Gordon Tech, we have a large number of very fine memories to recall. The finest of these, however, is the memory that we have remained faithful to all the fine traditions that were begun by those who came before us. Such, for example was our Cisca Holy Hour Activity which continued to bring the Cisca Boys' Banner back to Gordon Tech month after month. Page Fifty-Five PETER ARENS JOHN BABOR MARTIN BARGIEL GEORGE BART .Ill IIIRS R ROGER BIGDA P THOMAS BIGDA A TI-IADDEUS BONTKOWSKI KENNETH BRANSKY , KJ DENNIS BUBACZ I RONALD BUCZKOWSKI ROBERT CIELEC 1 WALTER CWIK GEORGE DEAN ' JOSEPH DeMILLIANO JEROME DEXTER CHARLES ELKIN DANIEL FOYET VICTOR FECZKO RONALD GEBERT JOHN GEDES THEODORE GEDVILLE EDWARD GLASCOTT EDWARD GOLEG LAWRENCE GREZLIK GERALD GUSTAPSON JAMES HALAS RICHARD HOEFLICH ANDREW HRYNIEWICZ ANDREW JAKUBGZYK PHILIP KARDASZ MARION KAZMIEROWIGZ JAMES KENDZIERSKI JOHN KELLNER Page Fifty-Six 43 f? s w I r .3 ' .rv Q Q, fx tx ,. .. A Q arf .. r , 'C JOHN Mcsovsnn he .1 gf' R7 'U 4 X .1 mrs' 5 . ff QQ , i I V N. x b, X , 2 . 1 X. x U 5 Q P , Q Q Page Fiiiy-Seven GERALD AMATO ALBERT BEBAK DANIEL BEDNARZ ROBERT BIESIADA MITCHELL BIESZCZAD DAVID BOLLIE ROBERT BORUCKI GERALD BORZYCH PAUL BYKOWSKI EDWARD CHRAPLA HARRY CZERNIAK VINCENT DeBARO JOSEPH DePRANCO RONALD DOMOLECZNY ROBERT ELKIN RICHARD FILAR FRED FILIPOWSKI ROBERT GAY JOHN GIER ANDREW GLADKOWSKI JOSEPH GNIADEK RAYMOND GORSKI THOMAS GORSKI DONALD GREGORY EDWARD HERLIHY EDWARD HERLIHY I .b ' A I - ALLEN HOZIAN . 'Q ,Q ', .R -- JOHN INCAHDONE LE 'N -E4 A 1 Q 5 4j IfJSf A f MARION KECHNIK E ' If '1" I2 I KENNETH KASPER Tn A f I Page Fiiiy-Eigh! SUPHUIVIUINS S Nw L.. 1 E LEONARD KAY STEPHEN KLIMARA WILLIAM KOLAD RONALD KOPALA CASIMIR KOSTRO FRANCIS KOT MITCHELL KRAWCZYK GERALD KRZYZAK RAYMOND KWIEK ANTHONY KWILAS GEORGE LACKO RONALD LEJMAN STANLEY LEMPA WILLIAM LEWIS RICHARD MACHAJ ROBERT MAGGIONCALDA FOSTER MANNING WAYNE MARGIEWICZ PHILIP MARKIEWICZ ROBERT MEYER DONALD MIKOS DANIEL MIKOSZ RICHARD MUHR LARRY MURZYN KENNETH MYSZKIEWICZ FRANCIS NACHMAN WILLIAM OLAND RONALD PASOWICZ THOMAS PELC 7 '. ,G 5 STEPHEN orwsxo I 1 E 1 ALI I ,C a Vi, 6 .X "' ' ,Q h I If Al lf f I. I I gm Y I , I, Q J Q ' 5 . if x 'Z I, 7' , ,A I GL . I I , , Page Fifty-Nine KENNETH PELZ RICHARD PIERCE JOHN PLUCINSKI THOMAS POBLOCKI ROBERT POKRYFKA JOHN PRINDES EDWARD PRUGAR JAMES PSTRZOCH GERALD RABICK PAUL RAKONCAY RAYMOND RAKOWSKI RUDOLH RECH RICHARD RYBKA ROBERT RYBKA ALBERT RYMARZ DONALD SCHAMS WALTER SIEKIERSKI EDWARD SIEROCKI STEPHEN SIWEK GERALD SKWERES ROBERT SLEZEWSKI DENNIS SMITH RAYMOND SOJAK THOMAS SPECK RONALD SPYCHALSKI RONALD STACHOWICZ ROBERT STAWIK JOHN STRENSKI ROBERT SZARZYNSKI THOMAS SZCZOTKOWSKI LEON SZYMONIK PHILIP TORINA DANIEL TYNUS THEODORE TRZASKOWSKI DANIEL YORE JAMES WADAS DANIEL WENC JOSEPH WIATR DENNIS WIERZAL GERALD WITEK JAMES WOJCIK DANIEL ZACHARSKI FRED ZAGROBA RICHARD ZAGROBA DENNIS ZAJAC JAMES ZAREMBA JERRY ZAWILENSKI ROBERT ZAWISLAK DAVID ZIMMERMAN ROBERT ZYCH ga ' ,, W I F15 I HI. yy S 1 t 11 ' . 1, .,,.. . x f 'F nik. QX 'lr at ,, ,..E E X I .ing 75, ' A , P is 'N Q 9' Page Sixty ya ?s R mi Q- 1 ,, I 6 HIISHIVII f an 1 '. I S SS 'H 4 A I. M 1 I 1.,. , H ' , I wig WJ I I 1-fx an uf' I i 1 ,X K 43:3 Q H zwg Q. f f: I , I-sz. I CWD "I ' - I- In ' 1 :H Y n , "- 51 y gl ls N A Lx v- . 'S . 4 I- . . I I L I , A X '33 X' S Ibi A I un, , . 4, Page Sixiy-One EDWIN ALESSANDRI GERALD ANDERSON DANIEL AUGUSTYNIAK ROGER BANICKI CARL BARTEL JOHN BENN JOSEPH BEZDEK THOMAS BIDERMAN ROBERT BIELSKI ROBERT BIK EDWARD BOCHANTYN STANLEY BOCK JOHN BONAR JOSEPH BORYCA DONALD BRADY KENNETH BRADY FREDERICK CABALA DENNIS CAMIS RICHARD CHODELKA RICHARD CIECKA PATRICK CRALL BERNARD CZARNOWSKI JERRY DATILLO ART DEEREY WILLIAM DINCHAK JAMES DONOHUE KENNETH DUDA LAWRENCE DUDA ROBERT DUDZINSKI FRANK DUFNER GERALD ELDER RONALD ERRERA JEROME FIGURA PETER GANC RICHARD GANCARZ THOMAS GARDYNSKI LAWRENCE GOLDEN EDWARD GONKA JOSEPH GORMAN EDWARD GRAMZINSKI JOHN GRUBER ANTHONY GUINA EDWARD HALSTEAD RODERT HANSEN E , , ROBERT HAFACK nv I I I WILLIAM HAURY I fra-A ,, f -F JAMES IIUDZIK n Iva 'Qh A .I .I 4 WILLIAM JABLONOWSKI J. ", I f n A I A JQQ W , I . -A A M, , ZA 'TIA 9 X WQILIAMDJAMDOR 1 I I . O I WAR JELEN . I FRANK JOLOWIECKI g . , 11 I A EDWIN KLINGER is If A if A-I ELM , BERNARD KLIIC , . I ' W H ',,q " WILLIAM KLYMUS Q A gm W N . K EDWARD KNYREL K :-' RONALD KOMALA , , Q Q BENJAMIN KAMINSKI A A Q. I ' - - ANDREW KONIECZNY R W' A U A., If I., W STEvE KOZIOL A--A - L, - . , TED KOZIDL A- H A ...-, . h I W -As.. .IN R X I . 4 A ' DANIEL KRIIPA ' . ,W A. DENNIS KUCIA I T , JEROME KUFFEL ,Q I :J A ' RAYMOND KUKULSKI F! , KI I I I I 5, X LAWRENCE KWASNIEWSKI . , ,L v ' K.. KENNETH LADIJDA 5 A ' A Q I 4: RICHARD LACH I A FRANCIS LACOWSKI I , ANTHONY LANZAROTTA g A , REED LESIAK ,A A A I Q A , -.AA , fl' , I EDWARD LESNIEWSKI ., I AR W A g. A STEVE LEWANDOWSKI II II " A f ,I f 1 , f ax X A 'E , L . :-- Y ...ll I... A III ' Sh LEONARD LOJEWSKI RICHARD MACHALSKI A I ' , LESTER MACKOYICK 1 . I Q , A DONALD MADURA , ju .3 1 Y F ,,, 6 -, S, X NORBERT MADURA -.:- 'eg ILa I I M3 1 A RAYMOND MAJCHER 'I :-' I 1: 135 -AAI, . I ' f A I :YEAH RODEIRDT MAJKA TE Y MALIK . , FRANCIS MECEIJ I - I ' I JAMES MESCHER .. I A: N A A ,H - 5 MITCHELL MICEK , - Q MD If FRANK MICHALSKI A X 3 .A A A Z., ' I 1 A RICHARD MICHALSKI RICHARD MICHEIL :,. . .. WALTER MICDOL -' Og A Q ANTHONY MUZINIC w A 4. Ay J 'F ,Q CASIMIR NETZEL .. , I DANIEL NOCA 'Mi . - A I" ' N 4 A I R XD' ' X y ' 'X ROGER NUGAL I I A - FRANCIS NORKUS , A TIIAIIIIAII I 'F If W ...- N . R I Q 1 ,R ' 1 iv IN.. . In PHILIP Nuzzo - f-.. is I I 53- I ' I 'K RICHARD OAKES .. Q, A X I RONALD OCKERLAND FRANK OPALONY JAMES PACELLI THADDEUS PAWLICKI WALTER PECHEREK ROBERT PETRUCELLI , , Q . A I. II . . . , f, A . .,,. . , ' I , A-A ' DAO' if " R X L. A A A . . q . AEK ANTHONY PIETRZAK I r NORMAN PLUCINSKI 4 ,, I ROBERT PLURKOWSKI "f I. ' JAMES PLUSKOTA ' " - GERALD PODGORSKI ' LEONARD PRINDES JOHN PYRYNSKI 9 0 I," s Au X 'J xi' MICHAEL POSKOZIM X R35 Q? I X It 3 JOHN RACHAL JAMES RECH JAMES REIBEL RONALD RHODES REGINALD RICE if JOSEPH ROSCOE DANIEL RUCINSKI EDWARD RZESZUTKO JOHN RZESZOTKO I EUGENE SADOWSKI -3 3 W-J -x XXX A 'Mm HERBERT SAMIEC PATRICK SCHIMF FRANK SHIBOVICH ' ARTHUR SIKORSKI FRANK SKROCH GERALD SOVIE GENNARO SFINELLI CLIFFORD SROKA QQ BRUNO STACHON LEONARD sTANIszEwsKI 4 I . . DONALD STERNA P KENNETH STOLZ I MARVIN STRESKE CHESTER STRZALKOWSKI WILLIAM STUBNER 1 - I 2 ps -0 ' 3 ' 9 r DANIEL SYDOR I 3 f I J, SEERPAKIEWICZ A RI HARD szuEA EI 'TRI in ROMAN szYEOwIcz RICHARD SZUDLUWSKI ' RONALD SZYMONIK ' 4- I ' fe 'f 1- 'P THEODORE SZYSKOWSKI , I 1 - THOMAS TADDA ' . FRANK TARGONSKI Y ,x A i I j X WILLIAM TAROOS ' LESTER TATAR - WILEERT TJARDES ' ', TED TORIAs I I I , ' ARISTO TOLEDO Y If A It E ' GERALD WARDZINSKI , ,I ' , I , A ,- KENNETH wAwwRzYNIAK JAMES wLEKL1NsKI , EDwARD wOHLAND . 2' f A c 4' PAUL zAcK X I 1 ' ' JOSEPH ZAJAC A ' ' DANIEL ZAIDEL , , , tix. I ROBERT ZAWORSKI 54 H' I JAMES ZGODA FRANK ZIELINSKI JAMES ZOLDOWSKI ALBERT ZYCH RONALD ZYDEL 3-V I I '. 9 I - . I rx i 1 K .HEX I R I N A . 1 I QI Hu I I I 1 I I-N '15 I . 'Q 'Q ls ta I I II-0 Lg ' RAI I BAND DRAMA GLEE CLUB DANCES SKATING PARTIES LIBRARY ACTIVITIES CISCA STAMP DRIVE TECH LOG PROM Page Sixty-Four PROGRAM, MARCH 18. National Anthem BAND l. On the Beat fMarchJ 2. Maytime Selections Ctrom Maytimet 1956 Francis Scott Key Forrest L. Buchtel Sigmund Romberg GLEE CLUB l. Salve Regina tfiregorian Chantl e H ,, A Capella 2. Glory to God in Nature Ludwig von Beethoven BAND 1. Beau Sabreur lflverturet H ,, J. Olivadoti 2. Dancing Tambourine ,, , W, C. Polla Piano Solo 1. Minute Waltz , , Frederick Chopin 2. Revolutionary Etude , Frederick Chopin Leszek Wolowski, Pianist BAND l. Starter CMarchJ , , , , M, H, Ribble 2. Irene C0vertureJ W -f V J. McCarthy and H. Tierney INTERMISSIDN H- 15 minutes BAND Mr. James S Flutes Theodore Kepes Raymond Kukulski Robert Rybka Clarinets Robert Waleieski James Soika Edmond Scheftler Robert Milano Michael Poskozim Patrick Walsh Walter Beilke Richard Oakes Raymond Matcher Alto Saxanliones James Halas Thaddeus Bontkowski Leonard Staniszewski Trumpets Robert Suba Henry Marczuk Thomas Poblocki Ronald Gebert Theodore Tobias Beniamin Kaminski Marvin Streske Piano-Accordion Edmund Scheftler Page Sixty Six RO ovinec, STER Conductor Mellopliones Stanlev Bartel Allan Ropa Robert Bik Edward Rzeszutko Baritones Jerome Dexter Jerome Natzke Anthony Gnnia Lawrence Duda Bass Pohn Pacholczak Bernard Klug Tenor Saxanlrone Ronald Pasowicz Trombones Eugene Sadowski Herbert Samiec Lyra Anthony Gunia Percussion Edward Pruqar Dennis Smith Casimir Netzel Daniel Krupa Robert Bielski Ted Koziol 4 The Buml and C190 Club ut their first joint l'llllf'9l'f. PROGRAM Continued? ' 7. GLEE CLUB l, Students March Song Ctrom Student Princel -- S. Romberg 2. Parade ot the Wooden Soldiers ..,,,,,,,,,... Leon Jessel 8. Piano-Accordion Solo 1. Two Guitars 2, Original Boogie-Woogie Edmond Schetiler, Accordionist 9. BAIID l. Pan American tSelectionsl --- ...... E. De Lamater 2. Stout-Hearted Men ....,-, W ..v. Sigmund Romberg lil. GLEE CLUB l. Wunderbar ,.i.., ...,,,,,,,,.... - ,.,, Cole Porter 2. April Showers ,W . ..., B. G. De Sylva and L. Silvers 3. Happy Wanderer -. ,, ,.,,, -W .. ..,.,,,.., .. W Anon ll. Guest Soloist l, 0 Mlynarce z Pewnej Wsi ..,,,,,. ..Y........ . ,,.. Z eller 2. Without A Song L ....,,..,i,,,......,..,.. V. Youmans Mr. Matthew Stepien Baritone Former Teacher at Weber and the Gordon Tech High Schools IZ. BAND 1. Sentinel tMarchl .,,,,,,,,,.......... Forrest L. Buclttel 2. Three Gates ot Gold fflverturel -. ., ,,.. Carl Frangkiser Q 9 Q GLEE CLUB ROSTER Mr. Leon Krzoska, Conductor I Tenors I Bass Edwin Alessandri Edward Bochatyn John Bonar Kenneth Duda Andrew Jakubczyk Theodore Kepes Leonard Prindes Edward Rzeszutko Marvin Streske James Sylvester ll Tenors Gerald Amato Lawrence Duda John Gier Anthony Gunia Leonard Kay William Kolad Jerome Kuitel Francis Lagowski Richard Langford Foster Manning Robert Milano James Soika Daniel Zaidel Page Sixty-Seven John Benn James Donohue Robert Gay Kenneth Labuda George Lacko Joseph Matz Robert Petrucelli Thomas Poblocki Rudolph Rech Robert Rybka Marian Staszewski Theodore Tobias Daniel Tvnus Patrick Walsh Richard Wilke Daniel Zacharski Il Bass Fred Filipowski Theodore Fugiel Ronald Gebert Lawrence Grezlik Richard Hoetlich Peter Koester William Pradzinski Melvin Sierakowski Daniel Sydor Robert Talles Aristeo Toledo Richard Zagroba "BROTHER ORCHID" Brother Orchid an Brother Geranium Fat Dutchy .,,,e,, Father Abbot ,U Solomon .,....... Brother Nastartium Dominic Battista N Gimp ..i,..... Dum-Dum - - Freckles .......... Cast - - - - - - - A , ,I. Krzeminski - - T , G. Iacobson ,-- ---.I. Lynn - - - . A. Hryniewicz , , , ,M. Staszewski , , , .I. Wiatr D. Gregory , M - ,T. Woicik , , T , T. Tobias , , , , I. Matz Page Sixty-Eight T Phill." J. Lynn uml M. SIns:a'u'slri u nflrlmi. 'l'. Tnlzius. lf. .ln1'nl.wn. nuff Krzvrllillxlri us grulgwla-rs. I lxr'vminsl.'i uv "lfrn!ln-r U1 lfrnllwr f:l'l'1lHilllH urn' Fullnl DRAMA The purpose oi the Drama Club is not the mere production and presentation of plays but its end is also to prepare the student for later life by giving them poise, sell-confidence and self-assurance in facing an audience. It affords the students facilities for the exercise ot their literary and oratorical' abilities. Working together with others as a unit the Gordonite learns the spirit of co-operation. The fruit of this year's dramatic effort was seen in the first stage play presented by the "Masqueteers" in "Brother Orchid," written by Leo Brady of Catholic University of America. '. ,. ,QI . ,. . uf In H, Iurulzxoll Sulunmn ll'4llll'.N rlmrn ilu- stairs wlrilf- Illllll- Illllll :'4'ml.x ilu- ll4'1l'SflllIlI'l'. rlrs un tu Ur. I. 'Ill'NSlIll'l' 4'.xpluiI1.w lmrl mm .ss r 'FFVFN ...S QM 'xv llltlt HY The library at Gordon Technical High School is very well equipped since it contains not only the standard volumes and encyclopedias found in other high school libraries, but over and above this. there is a special section devoted to the field of Technology and Electronics. Constant effort is made to bring the tomes up to the present clay. Students find this a veritable oasis to prepare their classwork and to do research in various subiects assigned by the lacutly. Page Seventy R. U ulvjvslfi. R. liivsiualn. Fr. lf. Zygmunl. lf. R.. uml pl. ,IIIIHIIIA rzylf. lx. l,HllIl.,I. lAllIllll1l.lllIll,l. ll iulr slzulying. l'l1lSSi!j'll1'IZ Imolfs. fl. lll'j'l1i0ll'il'Z und lf. ,l1llSll'1lll doing rv.wurz'll u'm'lf. I. Malz. l'. Hunlvy. 111111 J. ll njcil. in lllllgllllllt' sf-fliolz nf library ,f V , 99' y a V WW x11 j f, 1 ff:-K f? FQ' I ,, I "'i"r. 9 'F' X xl V ' - e NH. ...-...::-fs , "H" x N ixyiiw . is-fr M ' 7 'A MN 7 ' Gt" "Is: 1 - i -Q za. . -ffff.'1f'-Q 'f M flltgilllll Svniur Y. lf. S. Crump ff. lfornpnlu. H . lfivllfv. lf. lx'ulf1r:f'x.'fi. R. llur'l'1'w. ff. S1'lll'Ull'I'. THE YHU G IIHHISHA SlUlll IS The obiect and theme of the Young Christian Students Movement is found in the sentence "Christian Believing Means Christian Living". The Y.C.S. has as its objective the restoration of the practice of Christian living to the student environment and attitude as well as the institutions they attend. This is done through discussions on subiects pertinent to their way of liie, held at regular meetings in their schools. ffwr. 17. frl'l'fl0l'f. I. ffnimla lf:-rllmrz. lf. lfivsiuafu. N QUIIIIUIIIIJIT' i. lf. S. Group f it f xl! 'flu' gltllllll fllllll in prvpuruliun for ilx unmml llrirv fur SIIIIIHIN "Save Stamps, Save Souls!" has been the inspiring motto which prompted the students to bring cancelled stamps. Each class has a Pilot who I I fur lite rnisxions Xt K Sl NIP HUB gathers these stamps and these in turn are sent to St. Iohn Cantius Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. There the seminarians sell these stamps to interested dealers of stamps. The funds obtained from the sale of these stamps are used for missions. Last year the Gordonites won first place in this contest drive for stamps. Thus, in this manner the students participate in the spreading of the Gospel to less fortunate souls. Page Seventy-Two THIH l0G SMH ll't',l Img .Yl1lvU4'l',N all H'III'lf. ll lhzzvll Sf Qu H011 .1- C I 4 A . , X F IBZI 4' J 'ff N 'fs' Vx A 5503 0. R. l.ulm1u. fll. Kvf Sujlm. ll. IXIIIIIIVY. Tulrius. nl. lIl'Ylll1'Il'iI'Z. lf. llyxzlm. lfflilur l.vlll'l'lx'llIf.f plmln film urv lf. f flr vrf. I. IQHII. lf. lf11l'n-xr' lt'1llf0l4'slfi. R 4 E is 'J f' The third edition of the "Tech Loq" once again is the result of co-operation on the part of a fine staff. Mirroring the school year 1955 - 1956, it aims at giving a picture of the students' happy educational and social life at our school. Every effort has been expended to portray our life at this institution honestly and boldly. lfnllvr slmling for livgillllll u'l'iIlI4"0lllu for Il ruin' fH'lH'l'l'Il xlmlillu svx,wiul1,s. jf. Sulzinslfi lllllllll "q11ilv Four skating parties, spaced conveniently through the school year, proved to be the best liked of the social activities. They also proved financially successful, so that worthwhile contributions could be made to other activities which do not have similar financial returns. Probably the principal reason why skating parties are such well-liked activities is because there is never any dearth of girls. The skating party is a very important tool for the social growth of the Gordonite. Students from most of the surrounding schools are invited and the skating party becomes a "Mecca" for meeting new faces and making new friends. Page Seventy-Four nzulfv il " - ..-.x IIA Cl l,. lllllilll IIIIITIIIISIHH lIlllll'l' Iif'lt'1'lx for his 4lu1rfrnn: H, fl1'.sir1.slf4' u.s ,I. l'uu'ulu llllll Fr I ' - - - n f,llfru-lislrl. l.. lx.. lnnlr Ull, "'l'imv out for rvfr:-.slrlnvnls" for J. llnjrilf mul his alulv nml lfliruplu will: lxnnmlu :mal lXIll',lllllf .wrring llr. H. lllllllvll. Inrflun. Sig, Suk' ul Ihr' nflllff' IIIIV... 'l'rr-usurp' I,l'lP1ll'flII4'Ill. ll ill uu'i1': ltllll MIUPII ugvrs." ll . l,4'u'ix gvllinqu VIIIIIIHI' nl "f'vlfa- IIIIVN fur l'll.YlUllI1'l'. 'Iv,l1'fllllII'l1 "Um my Hop." Dancing proves a most interesting pastime for the typical Gordon Tech-ite. A number ot dances, beginning with the most popular "Kick-off" Dance which is held iust prior to opening the annual football season, are always well attended. It is getting to be quite traditional at Gordon Tech to have one or more celebrities. of Radio or TV, attend the dance. It is also a way for the Tech-ite to grow out ol his stumbling adolescence gracefully and enter young manhood without too much ot a mental upheaval . Well-supervised by the religious and lay faculty of Gordon Tech, the dances seem to grow bigger and bigger and more popular with each succeeding dance. ii df 3 H . Q Mrs. ll. Kurdusz. prvsirlvnl for Molli- rrx' Club. Fr. lf. Zygmnnl. C. lf.. calls numlwrs al unnuul Bingo l'urly. rwxl lo him Mrs. Tryba. Portion of worm-n who ullvnrlvd Bingo l'arly sponsored by the Mothefs Club. NIUTHIHS' Clllll Everyone acquainted with the Mothers' Club of Gordon Technical High School knows the tremendous capacity for aid it has rendered to the school. The mothers' time, energy. and work is proof ol their interest in the material welfare of Gordon Tech. A most recent exempliiication of the concentrated effort ol this club was the purchase of a new station wagon for the school. May God reward the good mothers for their loyalty and service to the school. Page Seventy-Six lAlHlItS' Clllll Upper lett, lett to right: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pietrzak, Rev. Peter Fiolek, CR., and Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Pranica. Upper right, Dancing: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Karl dasz, Mr. and Mrs. John Di Giovanni, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Koziol. Lower lett: Mr. Eugene Plata, Mrs. Joseph Wolte, Miss Geraldine Rata, and Mr. Ronald West. Lower right: The President ol the Fathers' Club, Mr. Carl Mantsch, waltzes with Mrs. C. Mantsch. Last year we wrote that perhaps it was the youth of the Fathers' Club as an organization that made its energy seem boundless. We are glad to report this year that ageing in the Fathers' Club is a very graceful process. Like the daring young man, the Fathers' Club continues to expand lavishly of its energy for the good of the students and the school. Highlights ot the past year were the First Annual Picnic, Sunday, August 14th, 1955, the Second Annual Dance, Saturday, February 4th, 1956, and the Second Annual Easter Party, Tuesday, March 13th, 1956. Entering into the administration of the Fathers' Club for l955-1956, were the following: Carl Mantsch, president, Michael Milano, vice-president, Iohn Waleieski, Ir., recording secretary, Sylvester Poblocki, financial secretary, Iohn Kelliher, treasurer, Mitchell Zawislak, sergeant-at-arms, and Casimir Szczepinslci and Edward Paul, trustees. The Rev. Louis A. Tusinski, C.R., is the chaplain. Top lett to right: Geraldine Stelmach, George Kanary, Pat Rozen, Charles Myszka, Doris Sunde, Jerry Serzen, Jerry Tobias, Bar, bara Budzban. Bottom, Standing: J. Tobias, Sitting, foreground: Geraldine Stel- mach, Background: Barbara Budzban, George Kanary, Dancing: lett to right: Doris Sunde, Jerry Serzen, Pat Rozen, Charles Myszka, The "love1iest night of the year" - this, however was the loveliest night ot the entire high school career - the night of the Senior Promenade - sparkling dates - the melodic strains of Craig Williams and his Orchestra - in the beautiful Red Room of the Tam-O-Shanter Country Club -- the Punch Fountain - the day, First Friday ot Mary's Month, May 4th - Yes! It was "The Loveliest Night of the Year". Page Seventy-Eight Sianding: Charles Myszak, Pal Rozen, Silling: Jerry T0- bias, Barbara Budzban Top, leh lo right: Geraldine Slelmach, George Kanary, Doris Sunde, Jerry Serzen 3 Bottom, Fronl Table, lell io right: Pat Hoz- en, Charles Myszka, Barbara Budzban, Jerry Tobias Rear Table, leh io right: George Kan' ary, Doris Sunde, Jerry Serzen, Geraldlno Slelmach. J CUIVIMI HEMI I ru: lfhinu. f 0 A 1 CllIllIllI'lH'f'lIlPIlI .Nlwult'vr. llls lulmrlf-m'a' l.4ll'1lllllII 'l'lmnm 5.-"' 3 n l! !! 1 71 ll, ix X30 P J? Another school year - and another Senior Class leaves the halls of Gordon Tech - this time as graduates. Like the commencement exercises in previous years. so too, this graduating class wished to make their commencement exercises from the beautiful St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, where for the last time as a group, the graduates might render humble thanks to the Source of Wisdom for His untold blessings through the four years and invoke in all humility His never-failing help for the more difficult and uncertain future. Strengthened by the Presence of Him Who is in the Tabernacle, as well as by the presence of those who love them, our Seniors will leave the church with a courageous smile, knowing that they have the best example of facing their problems in Him Who became tor all the Model and Pattern to be imitated. Page Eighty 011 JINI INN, ' - .iyiw 'fly I fl I ffl Jig I I 1 I ,,.,- .W-I ,..,, ly ',.,f -. I II I I 1 I Sl: I ' rl W ,I II I I I If I 1 I 1' ' " " " , C6."'Zneg1L.Beqifzs J I - . 0fI9.ers' L . , 6 , ' IYOM- Uurzlead. 0:25533-.s iii J, W' - 89 S H. .ix Tw 1 djs ,,.. " L gf? 'mmf P A 'Win for Steve-L Brings No Classes Gordon Tech Goes Wild -Ends Losses af I9 Si. Philip I3-6 Upset Victim By Tommy Kougmanoff There's joy today at 1456 W. Division st., where Gordon Tech's student body of 450 boys is celebrating the schoo1"s first Catholic League football victory. But, coach Joe Osmanski's 30 players-including injured co-captain Steve Horvath, for whom the -Rams "played" yes- terday's 13-6 triumph over St. Philip-weren't around for the demonstrations. This upset overshadowed St. Georges 12-O win over Fenwick in the North-Central section feature of the day at Soldier Field. The Rev. Louis Gracz. CR., Gordon Tech's principal, rushed down into their dress- ing room at Lane Stadium after the history-making game and rewarded them with a "free day" today, no classes. 1 5 X ffff ff X x , ' n I I Pictures on Page 82 er Photo: Letter club of Gordon Tech with Fr I. : Cultierski, CH. Athletic Director Extreme Lett: W. Lanq. 'tx P V. Middle: Cheerleader Captain, Alice Huuinski , Right: li. Czapla, 3 I 0 H -I 3 HllHBAll 'KK First Row - Lell lo right: E. Chrapla, Mgr., R. Bigda, E. Glascoii, L Murzyn, J. Swieca, J. Wegrzyn, W. Sirenski, J. Borzych. Second Row - Lell In right: D. Rytlewski, D. Wierzal, T. Bigda, N. Stop- ka, Co-Capiain, H .Marczuk, R. Suba, F. Bebak, R. Bieciada. Third Bow - Leli lo righl: Fr. L. Cukierski, C.R., Aihleiic Director, J Osmanski, Coach, J. Richeri, W. Siekierski, W. Lewis, T. Gedville, R Piaszek, J. Golec, R. Stachowicz, L. Zajdel, P. Kardasz. Fourth Row - Lell lo righi: R. Slezewski, Perry, D. Wenc, P. Torina, G Slubner, D. Pajerski, H. Zyniewicz, B. Oland, V. De Baro. U". Slrvnslfi punts upminst Wvvlu-r High. F. Ifvlrulf Illlllfilljl an vml run llKtlillSl lflvlzf-r High. HllllBAll Gordon, in the opener of the Catholic League, pulled the surprise of the day, by defeating highly regarded St. Philip 13-6. The victory was well deserved: it was also the first win for the Gordon Tech boys since ioining the conference three years ago. Trailing 6-0 after three quarters, the Tech men intercepted for two fourth period touchdowns. For the first T.D.. Iohn Swieca climaxed a 40 yard Tech drive with a 5 yard plunge. Larry Murzyn. sophomore quarterback, snatched 5 yards, and Dennis Rytlewski converted to make it 13-6. Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... SCORES ----l3 St. Philip - 0 St. George - 0 Holy Trinity 0 Weber ..... 0 Loyola .... ----l2 De Paul--- Assistant Coach, Mr. Moserg Coach. Joe Osmanskig N. Stopka, Co Captain S Horvath, Co-Captain: Fr. L. Cukerski, C.H., Athletic Director. Page Eighty-Five R. Hicsiudu running with bull for u Imu'h1lou'n 11- guinsc W'vbcr's Fmsh Teurll. H. Marrvzzak limbvring-up before l,0l,!llll ganna. , inf .,i,Q ' '23, I,. Zujdvl. I'. Kurrluxz. W. SiPki9rski.ul1d T. Gvdrille watch play against W1-Iwr High School. FRESHIVIA llllllllllll llAlVI 1955 will long be remembered as a season ot undefeat for the Freshman Team. Although not the biggest team in number, it made up in determination and the sheer desire to win this numerical deficiency. The "F reshie" Team is expected to give the Varsity the bench strength that a tootball team needs. Few of the "Freshie" players may obtain starting positions. May it serve as an inspiration to the Varsity. Gordon Gordon Gordon ..... Gordon ..... Gordon Gordon ..... SCORES 20 St. Patrick - 33 Holy Trinity 49 St. Ignatius 27 St. George - 7 Loyola --- 6 Weber --- First low: R. Plurkowski, R. Machalski, J. Figura, S. Koziol, J. Datillo, A. Pietrzak, F. Cabala, J. Boryca. Second low: W. Haury, P. Crall, L. Mackowick, P. Spinelli, D. Krupa, K. Stolz, R. Bielski, T. Rachal, G. Sadowski. Third How: D. Brady, M. Michiel, G. Lewandowski, Norku, W. Stuhner, D. Camis, J. Hansen, R. Rice. Fourth llow: Mr. E. Wasielewski, Coach, E. Hapack, R. Maicher, J. Muzinic, E. Jamhor, Fr. L. Cukierski, C,R. Athletic Director. , l, 4. , .. - i uf -1 mf' VARSITY: Mr. J. De Giovanni, Coach, R. Machalski, W. Lewis, L. Murzyn, D. Perry, D. Krupa, R. Kopala, S. Koziol, J. Boryca P. Torina, R. Plurkowski, D. Wierzal, W. Lang, Fr. L. Cukierski CR., Athletic Director. Kneeling: R. Milano, Mgr. JUIIIURS: Mr. J. Di Giovanni, Coach, L. Mackowik, H. Czapla W. Cwik, C. Gustalson, L. Zadjdel, J. Golec, R. Cetnar, D. Mad ura, C. Elkin, V. De Bam, J. Lusak, D. Foyet, Fr. L, Cukierski C.R., Athletic Director. B A S K I 'I' B I- I- Kneeling: H. Milano, Mgr. Try try, and try again! Although the basketball teams have gone through another season without a victory. yet they did not cease to try. As the season rolled along, the teams improved. Vllith each loss suffered, more basketball "savy" was acquired by every Ram basketeer. Page Eighty-Eight Basketball terms as , "half-court press", "fast-break", "1-2-2", "l-3-l", "five man weave". any many others will no longer baffle the Rams as was proven in the St. George, Holy Trinity Weber, Loyola, and De Paul games. With the new experience acquired, the Rams are eagerly preparing for the next season. Each loss has renewed the team's determination to tight harder for victory in the future. FLYS: First Row. lelt to right: D. Rucinski W. Haury, J Jajka, L, Machowick, R. Siachowicz. Second Row: lett to right: Mr. E. Wasielwski, Coach, J Roscoe, R. Szura, J. Golec, G. Figura, D. Madura, P Schimpl Br. Waller, CH., R. Hech, Mgr. BAIITAMS: First llow, let! to right: R. Incardone, D Wenc, T. Szczotkowski, R. Machalski, D. Sydor, W. Lewis D. Krupa. Second How, lelt to right: Mr. E. Wasielewski, Coach, J Benn, E. Herlihy, J. Boryca, R. Torina, D. Zimmerman H. Plurkowski, T. Gardynski, W. Siekierski, Br. Walter C.R. A 1 Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon llASIlllllAll SIIUIIIS Iuniors G3 St. Michael 81 St. Benedict 43 Fenwick 72 De La Salle 53 Fenwick 57 St. Mel 50 St. Ignatius 55 St, Leo Bl St. Patrick 73 St. Mel GI St. Ignatius 79 St. Benedict 55 St. Philip 87 St. Michael Iuniors 57 St. Philip 47 St. George 50 Holy Trinity 57 Weber B4 Loyola 4l De Paul B3 St. Philip 55 St. George 55 Holy Trinity 65 Weber 55 Loyola 49 De Paul PRACTICE GAMES 55 Gordon 53 Gordon 56 Gordon 91 Gordon G3 Gordon 58 Gordon 48 Gordon B7 Gordon 49 Gordon 75 Gordon 56 Gordon 45 Gordon GG Gordon 47 Gordon LEAGUE GAMES 70 Gordon S2 Gordon 70 Gordon 77 Gordon 75 Gordon 48 Gordon Bl Gordon 64 Gordon 85 Gordon 89 Gordon 57 Gordon 53 Gordon Seniors 51 St. Michael 63 St, Benedict 44 Fenwick 55 De La Salle 50 Fenwick 44 St. Mel ' 26 St. Ignatius 29 St. Leo 42 St. Patrick 33 St. Mel 37 St. Ignatius 32 St. Benedict 65 St. Rita 83 St. Michael Seniors 38 St. Philip 47 St. George 47 Holy Trinity 53 Weber 45 Loyola 61 De Paul sz sr. Philip 22 St. George Y S0 Holy Trinity 40 Weber 55 Loyola 50 De Paul .-I. 'llnrinnu lfrlcing hull utvuy' from 41 ll vlwritv. II . lung scores uguinxl lh1l'uul. TFUFIIUIIFIPN um! lf vfwr riv for Intxlwllntll Svniurs lrying .wrurv upminsl U vlwr High. Vlvflffillll rvrlrllillg for lmll us il lI'llIln'l'4i off Nw lmurff. Ur. Ui f:i0l'lll1IIi pairing inslrurlinnx IH'lH'1'l'H quurlvrx In I.. M41-illfl. I. lflrilf. lf, lfzuplu. uml I. Lusuk, Standing, lolt to right: J. Kedzierski L. Pstrzoch, Co-Captains, Mr. B Gonzales, Moderator, F. Kot, Man ager. Sitting: J. Gorman, P. Zack, W. Tjardes, D. Semans, M. Poskozim, K. Stolz, R. Micheil. Really lor the dive: R. Kukulski, G. Rabick, M. Poskozim, F. Duftner, J. Gorman, P. Zack, R. Micheil, J. Pstrzoch, J. Kedzierski, F. Kot. UEIF SWININII G The swimming team at Gordon Tech has completed its second year of competitive swimming under the direction of Mr. Brice Gonzales. This sport serves as an outlet for many students who cannot participate in other sports because of force ol circumstances. It is a sport which builds character inasmuch as each member must leam to think for himself and be gracious not only in victory but also in defeat. Hard work and courage are the two badge marks of the swimming team at Gordon Tech. Page Ninety-Two Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... 'N 'Il Jlr. I Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... Gordon .... SCORES Mt. Carmel Loyola --- Y.M.C.A. -- St. Leo .... St. George - Wells ..... St. Patrick - St. Philip -- Weber .... St. Ignatius I. Gnnzuluz issuing inxlruvliunx In-forv ll nmol lu Nlllllllllillg IPIUH. Page Nineiy-Three limrling ffulllllfllx in ssiun will: llwir nmflvrulur. Mr, If ll If-lrlin.wlri. BUWH G The bowling season has come to a very pleasant end. The popularity of this sport at Gordon Tech is attested to by the number of students who participate in it. The victors of this season were teted by the Fathers' Club on March 18, 1956 at the Easter party in the school cafeteria. BOWLING CLUB CAPTAINS I. Natzke, A. Iakubczyk, I. Soika, B. Gancarz, D. Samiec, H. Czerniak, I. Pawula. I. Roscoe. R. Elkin, D. Tynus, K. Paiak, W. Strenski, I. Zawilenski. Page Nlnety-Four foreground: Alice Rucinskig Clock- vlise, Alice Rucinski, Connie Piet- rzak, Lucille Dziurdzik, Pat Koz lowski, Dolores Farris, Toni Winic ki, Dorothy Podraza, Diane Syl- vestri, liHlllllHlIllllS Although not a co-educational institution, Gordon Tech does not lack for beauty or enthusiasm on the part of the "fair sex". The cheerleading squad is made up of eight of the prettiest girls from the Holy Family Academy. Thru "thick or thin" the volubility of the girls and the stands at both fooball and basketball games was ever the same. Sportsmanship of the teams and the girls made for such enthusiasm - no matter what the score. Special mention in our yearbook must be made of Alice Rucinski, a very pretty, blond senior from the Academy, who is the captain of the squad and who has to her record the fact that she hasn't missed a single game in the tour years On the squad. I. llulilln l'4'4'4'i1'1-s llll'lll'1l from III4' l'rinr'ipul. Fl. l,. f,ru4':. l,.lu. . , , l00lBAll BA HHH The football players were honored at a special Christmas Party sponsored by the Mothers' Club. Awards were presented to the most valuable players and the best sportsmen. In a similar fete sponsored by the Fathers' lr. l,. f.rur':. l..lf.. lIHllx'4'X prw- - - Wnmmm ,U ,fi H,HW,n,,. Club m Apnl, not only the Basketball players. but also, the Swimmers and Bowlers received lr. l,. l,lll.'n'rsl.1. f If 5' " ""l"'i" their awards for a work well done in these iI'4'I'llIl'. l'J'fII4liIIN Illll'jHI.Kl' nj fnnllmll In group ul lrrrllqllvl. particular sports' 's W. my' Lett to right: Mr. Joseph Pranlca, Treasurer of the P.R.C.U., and Mr. John Waner, President of City and Suburban Heating and Sheet Co., Inc., recipients of the Gordon Tech Medal tor personal interest displayed in the school's weltar Bl llfillllllt Rt. Rev. Msgr. T. Czastka, P.A. The Rev. C. A. Brzegowy, C.R. The Rev. S. Duda, C.R. The Rev. P. Lenczyk, C.R. Fathers' Club Holy Family Academy St. Mary's Hospital S. Koziol, M.D. L. Narut, M.D. Mrs. Marie Bykowska Mr. F. Bies Mr. R. Braski Churchill Cabinet Co. Mr. Joseph Ciborowski Cohen Scrap and Iron Co. Gordon Boosters Club Mrs. J . Hardt Mr. V. J anicki Mr. E. J ozwik S Rt.Rev. Msgr. J . Zelezinski The Rev. The Rev. J . Mysliwiec, C.R. The Rev. J . Polinski, C.R. ' Club V. Lesiak, C.R. Mothers St. Elizabeth Day Nursery Resurrection Day Nursery C. Przypyszny, M.D. J. Fafinski, D.D.S. B. Tatarowicz, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John Waner Mr. Joseph Pranica Kawell-Walker Motors Mr. and Mrs. John Kozy Mr. John Krak Marrese Heating and Plumbing Mr. C. Nogal Mr. E. Scheffler Mr. J . Walejeski Mr. J . Wilk Mr. A. Zurat Page Ninety-Seven Brother Walter Wroblewski, C.R., in charge ol Haddon Ave. building. Mr. and Mrs. G. Larsen Mac Ray's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Nick Marchik Marrese Heating Sr Plumbing Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mateia Mr. and Mrs. John Miniar Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mysliwiec National Cylinder Gas Co. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Niewiadow- ski and Family Palatine Drapery and Linen Shop P.F.C. Richard R. Palikii - U.S.M.C. Mr. Philip Parr, AFL-CIO Peoples Federal Savings 8: Loan Association Mr. and Mrs. Pietrzak Mrs. John Rachal Roman's Home Bakery Mr. and Mrs. Casmir Rompala Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rompala Mr. and Mrs. Al C. Ropa Joseph P. Ropa Joseph P. Rostenkowski Mr. and Mrs. John Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sierakowski Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schneider Stanley Shibovich Sophomore A CRoom 4063 James J. Spinelli John J. Spinelli Mrs. Rose Spenelli Li'l Wally 8: Lucky Harmony Boys Frank Zacharski David M. Zimmerman lllll llS Saint Aloysius Church Rev. Leo P. Coggins Dominican Fathers of St. Piu Saint Fidelis Church Rev. Ignatius S. Renklewski Honorable John C. Marcin Al's Market Mr. and Mrs. V. Baniqued L. Bednarski, Catering Mr. and Mrs. A. Bildren, A 81 S Club Don Blasi Charles S. Bonk Fiore Buccieri Mr. and Mrs. A. Cabala Kaz. Cabanski, R. Ph.G. Mrs. M. Carroll Chicago Rawhide Mtg. Co. Mr. and Mrs. J. Dorult Driscoll 8: C., Electroplaters Freshman ot Room 104 Freshmen of Room 202 A Friend A Friend Mr, and Mrs. A. Gedville Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fritzler and Gerald F. 81 S. Laundromat Joseph P. Giammarese Sam Giammarese Gene's Radio 81 T.V. Repair Shop Gore 8: Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gorski Mr. and Mrs. S. Grywaz Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gunia Mr. and Mrs. Halas and Family The Haralx Co., Mfgs. ol Motor Care Harriet's Bake-Shop Mr. and Mrs. Holes Br Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jeronlek Mr. and Mrs. L. Kardasz and Son Mr. and Mrs A. Karpinski Valentine P. Kaszuba Emil Kerak Kirsten Funeral Home Stanley Klosinski Kolssak Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. George Kot Mr. and Mrs. Steve Koziol, Sr. Art and Louise Kwas Mr. and Mrs. Florian Kwasniewski Mr. and Mrs. A. Labuda Mr. and Mrs, Frank Lagowski Brother Thomas Guzy, CR., in charge of Division St. building. Fr. I.. Tusinski. C.R.. Fathers' Club Moder- ator addresses guests at 0'rganization's Bas- ketball Banquet. SPO SIIRS Rev. Ierome I. Andracki, C.R. Rev. William P. Dunne Rev. Iohn A. Fedor Rev. Edward T. Kush Rev. Matthew C. Malley Rev. Iohn I. Rochtord Mr. and Mrs. A. Amato Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Baredziak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bebak and Family B. 6. F. Liquors 6. Tap - Flory Bellak Francis Biderman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beilke and Son Mr. and Mrs. Max Biesiacla Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bieszczad Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Bik Dr. C. I. Bochenek, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bonicki Ald. Charles S. Bonk Mrs. Anna Boryca Brenner's Bicycle Store Dr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Bresden Mrs. Irene Cetnar Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cetnar Mrs. I. Chrnura and Ioseph Mr. Harry Czarnecki Iow Czerwinski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Czerwiec Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duda Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dutner Elaine's Variety Shop El-Terminal Restaurant Emerald Radio Shop Mr. and Mrs. Iohn G. Gedes Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gesinski Mr. Frank Gietzen Mr. and Mrs. F. Gladkowski Stanley A. Godek Eugene I. Golec Mr. and Mrs. L. Gregory Antoinette Grochowiak Edward Grochowiak Mr. and Mrs. Grzegorek Marie Handzel Hansen's Liquor Store Mr. and Mrs. E. Herlihy Mr. and Mrs. Nick Holthaus Mr. and Mrs. Steve Horvath Don Howard Mr. and Mrs. M. Hozian Helen Hughette Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hudzik Imperial Store for Men Iack's Super Food Mart, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Iesse V. Iacobson Mrs. R. Iahnke Mr. Iohn F. Iayko Ioe's Grilll Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Barbara Kay Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Pauline Mr. and Mrs . Iohnson C. I. Kazmierowicz Louis Klein Knybel Koester Mr. and Mrs. . Ioseph Komala Ewald Funeral Home Mr. Rodney F axon Mr. and Mrs. Frank F eczko Mr. and Mrs. Frank Figura Fortuna Bros. Funeral Home Freshmen of Room 104 Fullerton Barber Shop GaHke's Meat Market Stephen C. Lackawicz Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lange and Mrs. Ioseph Lejman and Mrs. S. Lempa Ioseph Lestar . and Mrs. Bernard Lewandowski, Sr and Mrs. L. I. Lewandowski Logan Drugs Page Ninety-Nine SPO SIIRS Mr. I. C. Mabey Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Machaj F. L. Majka Realty Co. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Malinowski and Son Markiewicz Family Mr. and Mrs. August Martz Buddy, Barbara, Anne, Thomas Martz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maciej Mr. and Mrs. F. Meyer Mrs. Iulia Morris Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Mozdziesz William Mounsey Movers and Son Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Musial Mrs. Ignatius Myszka Mr. Ioseph Muhr and Family Mr. and Mrs. I. Novak Nu-Seal Combination Window CS Siding Co. Mrs. G. Obora Mike Olenick Mr. and Mrs. I. Olney Eugene Osinski Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Pajak Frances Pawula Pearl and Gene Mr. and Mrs. Iacob Pluskota Frank M. Poskozim R. B. Clothing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rice Delphine Richert Mrs. Theresa Rizzetto K. Popa 6- Sons Clnsurance Agencyl Recorder Ioseph F. Ropa Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosmus Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Rotter Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Rzeszotko Mr. and Mrs. George Sabo Sadowski Funeral Home Henry M. Sarton, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Serzen Schafer's Iewelry Shop Fr. Peter Fiolek. CJK., editor of "The Ban- ner" who served us M.C. at Basketball Ban- quot. Peter Schams Family Th Scheiiler Family Pauline Schneider A Sermak Family Mr. Max Shapiro Theresa Shibovich Harry A. Sheck - Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. W. Siekierski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sierocki and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Skupien Spearhead Cabins, Knolton, Wis. Iams S. Spinelli I. Michael Spinelli Michael Spinelli, Ir. Gay Spinelli Rose Spinelli Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Swieca Iohn, Tom, Frank, Ierry, the Boys Dr. and Mrs. T. V. Srutwa Mr. and Mrs. F. Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Szymanski Peter A. Stolz Mr. and Mrs. Peter Siolarz Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Tadda and Family Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Tatar Throop Street Inn Mr. and Mrs. Tiardes Tony's Grocery Mrs. Earl P. Vickery Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Walejewski Walter's Market Mr. and Mrs. Walter Watrach Mr. Charles Wojcik and Family Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zajdel Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zawislak Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Zawislak Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zgoda Dr. Louis Zelazo, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zielinski and Family Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zygmunt Z. S. G. Rev. Rev Rev. Rev. Chester A. Brzegowy Valentine Lesiak James Prusinski, C.R. Joseph Prusinski, C.R. Br. Robert Skopeck, C.R. Alderman and Mrs. Bernard Prusin- ski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adamiec Elsie Alessandri W. Ambrose 8: Son American United Cah Association Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Amorella Antosz Family Aristocrat Valet Shop Arlson Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. W. Augustyniak John Baierski 8: Son Mr. and Mrs. A. Balanowski Mr. Adolph Baker Ben, Agnes, Patti, Tonie Mrs. A. Baredziak Miss Karen Baredziak Mr. and Mrs. John Barnas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bartel Clarence L. Barts Beath Music Studio Bee Mor Grill Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bellak Mr. Harold Bennett Mrs. Betty Benson Mr. Roy Benson B. 81 F. Food Shop Mr. and Mrs. Reno Biasi Mr. and Mrs. Biderman Mrs. Catherine Bieszczad Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Blk Mr. and Mrs. George N. Bock Jo and Al Bonar John M. Bonar Mr. Charles J. Bondi Joseph Borek Robert Brandt Mr. John Braun Leo M. Brieske and Son Mr. and Mrs. J. Bresnahan Mrs. Betty Brostek Ghes. Brozek Tavern Mr. and Mrs. J. Burda and Son Mary M. Butler Antoinette Bykowski Paul Bykowski Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bylmowski Kaz, Cabanski Mr. and Mrs. J. Cahay Paul Calista, Jr. Campbell Midwest Grocery Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Casanietta Eleanor 8: Bruno Chmiel Mr. and Mrs. Chester Chmura Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chrapla Walter Chrapla from Bradys Pub Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Christopher Mr. Chips, Sr. Louise Ciechen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cieslak Miss Wanda Cieslak Richard E. Contorti Commonwealth Edison Co. Compliments of L.F.G. I. S. Crane, Inc. Congress Radio 8: Appliance Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Cohn Cub Pack 3124 ot St. Hyacinths Mrs. Joseph Czerwinski Mrs. A. Czerlanis Mr. and Mrs. S. Czerlanis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. B. Czapla Mr. and Mrs. J. Czyzewicz Daluga 8: Huges Floyd Davison Mrs. Theresa DeMose Mr. and Mrs. Archie C. Dillon Zen Dobociewicz Dolores 8: Ken Mr. Edwin Dominiak Mr. and Mrs. J. Donkowski Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dominiak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dominiak Page One Hundred-Une PlIlllS Sig Sukowicz and Mr. R. lhalen with ralph rities inuuguruting Bond Drive. Mrs. Bernice A. Drabanski Mrs. Rose Draiin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Draus Drake Lounge Mr.. and Mrs. Christ Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. John Drwal Anna Dudzinski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dutka Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dziedzic Aniela Dzik Frank E. Dziwicz Dubis Family E. 8: B. Meat Mkt. Mrs. and Miss Elder Mr. and Mrs. T. Elkin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ernest A Friend John Fako and Family Mr. and Mrs. E. Fitelski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fiqura Mr. and Mrs. Walter Filar Flamingo Gilt 8: Card Shop Frank Fluzek F. 81 M. Cigar Store F. 81 N. Food Store Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Forys Joe Fratczak Freshman A ot Room 102 Freshman B ot Room 101 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Fugiel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ganc Mr. and Mrs. A. Gasior Mr. James Gau, Jr. Mrs. Annette Gay Miss Trinita Gay Mr. Wm. Gay John Gier, Jr. Ginek's Sweetshop Dr. Joseph D. Giosh Mr. and Mrs. Chester Glab Mrs. Antoinette Glogowski Stanley Glogowski Mrs. Glowacki Mrs. Agatha Godek Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Godek Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gorski Charles L. Gracz Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gromek and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grzechowiak Miss Joan Grzegorek Mrs. Nora Haines Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hajduk Mr. and Mrs. F. Hanschke and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hernacki Lorraine Holthaus Nick Holthaus Genvieve Hrubec Richard Hruhec Joseph Hudzisz Mr. and Mrs. Tom Husband Frank Incardone Mr. and Mrs. E. Izral Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Jachimowski Jaeger Funeral Service Joseph Jakoby, Sr. Jakubowski Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jambor Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jandow Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jarmula Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Harczyk Jasiak Family Mrs. Sophie Jazdrzewski Mrs. Edward Jelen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jendras Jerry Restaurant Jimmy's Nicest Rest J. 8: L. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. C. Jurewicz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Juric Mr. and Mrs. C. Kaczmarek Edward Kaczmarek Mr. and Mrs. B. Kaminski and Son Dr. M. V. Kaminski Kamysz-Mrozek's Grocery Mrs. Frances Kanary George E. Kanary C. Kapp Plumbing - Heating Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Kappy Genevieve Kalcth Dr, and Mrs. Walter M. Karr Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Karwowski Josephine Kasprzak Julia Kasprzak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kato Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Katz Kedzie Blueprint Key 81 Lock Repair Shop. Mr. and Mrs. F. Kica G. A. Kleba Joseph Klepsce Stephanie Klepsce C. Br J. Kohos Richard W. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Kondor Mr. and Mrs. R. Kolas Mr. and Mrs. Roman Komala Mr. and Mrs. Walter Komala Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kolaski Mr. Stanley Kopala Mr. and Mrs. Koester Mr. and Mrs. Chester Korzuchowski Gene Korzuchowski Mrs. Louisa Kosatanon Gilbert Kosirog Korzen Family Steve 8: Harriet Kordek Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Koziol Miss Julia Koziol John Kovacik, Jr. Jerome Kowalski Stanley Kozuch Mr. and Mrs. E. Krawczyk Louis Krizinecky Mrs. Agatha Krupa Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Krupa Dr. and Mrs. M. S. Krupa Mr. and Mrs. Casey Krupa Mr. Thaddeus A. Krupa Mr. and Mrs. C. Krupe - Nancy - Ann E. W. Kruse Mrs. Frank Kucinski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Krzeminski and Family Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kulkulski Mr. and Mrs. V. Kusek Eleanor Kuzma Edward and Gladys Krysa Mr. E. Kwidd Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kwiek Robert Kwiek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kworka, Jr. Elaine Labuda Mrs. V. Lackawicz Mr. Joseph A. Latico Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lanzarotta Mr. Thomas G. Lawless Elliott R. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leia Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lestar Ted Leszkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewandowski Miss Mary A. Lew John Lew Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lidzbinski Chester Lidzbinski Lilac Forert Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lisak Ray and Elaine Litterski Mr. and Mrs. Bruno V. Lojkutz and Son Mr. and Mrs. M. Lukarz Joseph S. Lukawszczyk Mr. and Mrs. John Lusak Mr. and Mrs. James Lynn Lvtynski Family Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Machai Machaj Family Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Machalski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Madura Mr. and Mrs. S. Madura Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Madura Mae's Food Shop Mr. and Mrs. A. Madzinski Harold Magender Mr. and Mrs. L. Malecki and Family Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Malinowski Gary A. Malinowski Mr. and Mrs. J. Malley Margaret Malley Veronica Malley Mr. and Mrs. Foster Manning, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mandrake Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marach Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinek Josephine Marcinek Marelr's Candy Co. Marek Pharmacy Page One Hundred-Twu Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Margiewicz Maram Drugs Mr. Nick Mareola Mrs. Rose Mareola Marnow Drug Store Bob Martell Mrs. Mary Matz and Sons Misses Sally and Josephine Marzec Mr. G. Marzec Gus Mazen Mary Mekena Mr. and Mrs. J. Micek Mrs. V. Michalski Joseph Micheil Emilia Mikolowicz Josephine Mikos Mr. and Mrs. John Mikosz Mrs. H. Mikula Mr. Nick Minola Mrs. Sue Minola Mrs. Bernice Miroslaw Mrs. Mary Moncala Mrs. Michael Mondone Dr. and Mrs. Alex A. Morgan Edward Moskal John Moskal trom Brady's Pub Eva Mosz John Mozdziesz Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mozuch and Family Stanley and Antoinette Mrozek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Muza Mr. and Mrs. John Myszkiewicz Charles Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Napora Victorion Nicpon Nick's Tavern Mr. and Mrs, N. Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Niemiec Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Noga Francis Norkus John Norkus Mr. and Mrs. Frank Novak Mr. and Mrs. Henry Novak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Novak Mrs. Rose Novak Northwest News Agency Dorothy Nowicki Mr and Mrs. Tony Nuzzo 0. K. Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Ray Okon and Son Mr. and Mrs. C. Oland Mr. and Mrs. William Olinski B. 0necki's Grocery One Day Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Steve Onysio Mr. Anthony Orlowski Stanley Oslowski Walter Ostrega Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ostrowski Mr. and Mrs. A. Pacelli Johnny Pacholczak Mrs. Margaret Panella Daniel Pankow Park Avenue Grill Joseph W. Paner Mr. and Mrs. Roman Pasowicz Victoria Pasko Mr. and Mrs. F. Pawlicki Mrs. Perceval Mr. and Mrs. Donald Petzel Mrs. Marie Peters J. W. Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Pawlowski Pllltll S Mr. and Mrs. Pasciak Mrs. F. Pirnat Mr. and Mrs. J. Pisowicz Mr. and Mrs. E. Placek Miss Gloria Placek Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ploszai, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Plucinski Estelle and Andrew Pociask Mrs. Mary Pociask Mary and Edwin Pociask Mr. and Mrs. J. Poczatek Frank Podraza Mr. and Mrs. J. Podgarski Mr. and Mrs. F. Podgorski Eugene and Harriet Polelslri Dorothy Polonczyk Joe Potempa Mr. and Mrs. Porto Mr. Henry Poskoczem Mrs. Mildred Poxitone Mr. and Mrs. J. Prindes Leonard Prindes Chester Przyhylo Mr. and Mrs. J. Pstrzoch Joseph Ptasznik Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Ptaszek Mr. Casimir Pulawski Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Puralewski Mr. and Mrs. Louis Puralewski Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Puralewski Pure Farm Dairy Mrs. Anna Pyrchla Edward J. Pyrchla Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pyre Mr. Edward Pyrzynski Adele Rachlal Mr. Francis Rachtal Connie Radosta Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hakoncay Fred and Mike Hakoncay Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ratz's H. B. Clothing Store Mrs. James Reibel Mr. Ray Restarski Mr. and Mrs. Clay Rhodes Mrs. Annabelle Rhodes Della Rhodes James Richert Joseph Rizzo Ceorqe Rolros Mr. and Mrs. E. Rohde Dolores Rolek Mr. and Mrs. Rolek Mr. James Ronan Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Ropa Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ropa Mr. and Mrs. J. Roscoe Anthony D. Roumanas Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rymarz Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Rytlew- ski Mr. and Mrs. T. Sambor Miss Vicki Sambor Mr. and Mrs. A. Schachtschober Mr. and Mrs. A. Scheier Peter Schoenenberger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shibovich Chee Schornack Mr. and Mrs. Tony Semenity Mr. and Mrs. A. Shershen Mr. and Mrs. John Selranka Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Siebert T. J. Siemior A. R. Seeber Howe Mrs. Edith Sikorski Mrs. B. Sierawski Lucille Siwek Mr. and Mrs. Steve Siwek Mr. and Mrs. Burno Skopeck Miss Virginia Skopeck Miss Jean Skiha Mr. and Mrs. Ted Skozey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skonie Stella Skipinski Mr. Leonard Skripski John Skweres Stephanie Sliwa Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smolarek Mr. and Mrs. J. Slupski Joseph and Edward Smaron Mr. and Mrs. Gus Soiak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Soika Mrs. Ray Sperkowski Adalbert and Agnes - Spider Web Mr. and Mrs. Allen Spiegler Angeline Spinelli Delphino Spinelli Florentina Spinelli Josephine Spinelli Mary Spinelli Rose Spinelli Theresa Spinelli Mrs. Michael Spinelli Ray Spreitzer Mr. and Mrs. Spychalski Dr. and Mrs. Thaddeus V. Srutwa Stanley J. Stack Mrs. Charles Stahl Mrs. Ida Steiner Helen Stanczewski Mr. and Mrs. John Stasik Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stegowski Steindl's Grocerland Mr. and Mrs. F. Slelmachowski R. Stelanczyk Mr. and Mrs. John Stock Stanley Midwest Store Clara Stolarz Peter Stoltman, Jr. Louise Stopinski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stopka Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stopka, Jr. Mr. J. R. Stolzenbach and Son Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Strenski Mr. and Mrs. Ben Strenski Miss Harriet Strenski Mrs. Stephanie Strenski Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Strybel Thomas Strzoda Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sweda Mr. and Mrs. J. Swoboda Szalapski Linoleum Mr. and Mrs. Casey Sydor Josephine Szarzynski Mr. and Mrs. S. Szatkowski The Sylvester Family Mr. Joseph Szelranka Mr. and Mrs. Szybowicz Helen Tadda Paul J. Tadda, Jr. Wally Tabola Mr. and Mrs. T. Tobias Mr. and Mrs. M. Tomchuk Thrilty Food Store Mr. and Mrs. Torina Page One Hundred-Three Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Trawinski Erwin L. Trawinski Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tiardes Lottie Truskoloski Ella Trzecieski Mr. and Mrs. Al. J. Urbanski Mrs. Victoria Urbas Nich Urso Mr. and Mrs. Victor Vangelisla Sam Viviano - The Barber Mrs. Michael Wadas Dr. J. S. Wagman Mr. and Mrs. J. Waleiewski and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Waleiewski and Family Dr. Edward Warnick Walkin's Duality Products Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weiler Wasko Funeral Home Helen Wegrzyn Jean Wegrzyn Mr. Charles Werner Mr. Joe Werner Mr. Joseph White Mrs. Theresa White David Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wiatr Mrs. Clarence Wiatrak Clarence Wiatrak Mickey Wishniak Miss Theresa Witek Witzke Bakery Arnold Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wleklinski Mr. and Mrs. T. Wleklinski Mr. and Mrs. Adam Woicik Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wojcicki Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Woinicki Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Woinicki Mr. and Mrs. Woitas Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Woitas Mr. F. Woitanowicz Casimir Wojtowioz Sophie Woitowicz Robert Wojtas Mr. Edward Woitowicz Mr. and Mrs. Victor Woloszkiewicz. Mr. and Mrs. M. Wolinski Miss Diane Wrobel E. J. Wroblewski Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Wyse Mrs. Mary Zachacki Mrs. E. Zagroba Mr. and Mrs. H. Zagroba Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zagroba Mr. and Mrs. John Zaiac E. Zalewski Bernadine A. Zawislak Joe, Clara, and Billy Zawislak Estelle Zawilenski Mr and Mrs. S. Zawilenski Mr. and Mrs. Jon Zawistanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Gene Zaworski Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zelazo Mrs. Stephen Zidek Anne Zielinski Joseph Zilka Mr. and Mrs Ted Zydek Anne Zygmunt Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zylinski Mr. and Mrs. Zymali . i T 1 T? g W? Sivrrrkrizlwlri. lXvl'Zl'll1ilISlx'i mul Gregory Pxlllllillf' mln' h'oy'S lfunner fur Cisru llnly Hour. flisru lf.l'Pl'llfit'l' ffrmllnillvv of Conlon 'l'vr'h: lxvlizivrxlri. Vive l'rr'sir1vnt: WHS! Szulony. l'rnsi11wit: Snjlm. Ser-rvtnry: l'lus:Plf. 'l'rPux1lr0r. Mill llWllIll3lNIl TS Our gratitude and thanks to : Fr. Louis A. Gracz, C.R., Principal, for his interest, generosity and permissions granted to the staft, Fr. Louis A. Tusinski, C.R., Assistant-Principal, for his untiring labors in behalt of the Patron Drive and great help rendered in preparing the tinal copy of the manuscript, Fr. John Bresden, UR., tor arranging underclassmen and Patron sequences both in copy and pictures, Fr. Peter Fiolek, CB., editor ot "The Banner" tor his invaluable advice and excellent suggestions, Mr. Imil Valasek for his enthusiastic assistance in the art work, Mr. Karel O. Valasek, for his illustrations, Boot Studios for their splendid courtesy, grand co-operation, and excellent photography, Mr. Mitchell tor his time and professional guidance, Mr. Harold Beckett of DeLuxe Craft Studios for work on covers, and the Students and Faculty for their co-operation in the Patron Drive and interest displayed in the production ot the "1956 Tech Log". C. Myszka and J. Lynn, Co-Editors with 1956 Tech Log Stalt. Page Une Hundred-Four ,-' 'fl' ' , 4. gv vb 5

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