Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT)

 - Class of 1959

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Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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4. 2" , , L LL, QMQUS AIN 'T' K Qf2?3'f4f"'5',k 4 Q 1,1 '-V 45. ' .gg 1 ug-A x -1 4 'f I NHL.. W ' "'-ne: X 3 5 , .f E -...A -0- '-QL, ' l lags rfmf, ,621 amwnmwfmnk, , S 4 V n luilrr- , , lllgqfv' ' a -., A VE Vg ,f " gig 51 - 3 4 f 3 V . V? 3 11 iwyyg lg 5' wi, Xxx? z V. , f .H Af 45 2 , rt it I V: L: f J app? g ,Z Y A ,, , ' ' 1 1 1',f'w:szHfbQK.w-flhefwaw - 2, 2 . 5 : 1 l Ji 1' Q f Q ' Sufi , A i F X I if 34 I g ' Q . f 4 .4 35 Q - V' A W - M av. s A ' wal L., v fl' 45 X K., 1- 4 In .., ,Ep i 1 xox ff' gi""... l V 4 O l 'S CCNTENTS Foreword and Yearbook Edltors Dedrcatron Yearbook Staff Admmrstratron and Faculty Offrce Staff Custodlarls and Cafeterra Staff Semors Offrcers of Semor Class and Student Councrl Semor Favoutes Underclassmen Departments and Classes Class Prophecy Class Wrll Class Hrstory Candrcl Photos Sports Act1v1t1es Adve rtrsers 7Zew igutaw, lg, W .xo t Sedan! 74019590 "c'44aolleeta2wofaa4memou'e44t g444wa'7a4. fadenawfklqadwegoomaqiauwwawtluaglkfe, 74efzdendlqface4andfmnddaa4emuwdl4lw4:f4um4dn4 '74c'4a1a4tle4cc4eaadeaeweutleactou. Seldom BACK ROW Fran B1IkS Photography Emma Del Buono Asst Edltor Eleanor Perkxns Edrtor m vertlsxng Hank Froravantl Sports George Olson Advertlsrng Mr Edmund Struzenskx Advlsor 2 Chiefg Lorraine Tremb1a,y, Underclassrneng Dot Klimkiewlricz, Arrt. FRONT ROW: Bi1l,Zesut, Ad- ? ' 'v x y l . 5 - .p I - SheldonT Dean October 26 1903 March 25 1959 We the class of 1959 are proud to dedrcate our annual yearbook to the memory of Mr Sheldon T Dean Mr Dean a natlve of Taunton Massachusetts was a graduate of Taunton Hrgh School He was graduated from Wentworth Instrtute ln Boston Massachusetts rn 1923 and entered the prrntlng trade rn Taunton rrsrng to the posl tron of Master Prrnter and foreman ln 1929 He taught at Goodwrn Tech for the last 28 years begtnnmg 1n the Prrntlng Department later transferrrng to the general educatlon department where he taught socral studles and hrstory He drd graduate work at Teachers College of Connectrcut and on October 1 1956 he was appornted Senror Department Head of General Educatron At the trme of hrs appomtment Dr Joseph Nerden Actlng Chtef of the Bureau of Vocatronal Educatron pard hrm the followrng trrbute Hrs personalrty rs such that he would unquestronably make an excellent leader for the staff members rn the General Educatron Department Mr Dean was Charrrnan of the Department Heads Councll audlo vrsual ards co ordrnator and was very actrve ln the Personnel Club at Tech He was a member of Ktng Davrd Lodge AF8cAM of Taunton and the Connectrcut Vocatlonal Educatron Assocra tron Mr Dean was vrtally lnterested rn crvrc affarrs a member of the Berlm Lrons Club and for the past three years an offrcral of the Berlrn Farr Assocratron Mr Lombardr Dtrector of the E C Goodwrn Technrcal School sand As a capable rnstructor vrtally rnterested rn the work of hrs students and as a human berng warm and frrendly wrth students parents and colleagues Sheldon Dean rs the type of man who rn reallty can never be replaced He wrll be sorely mrssed at Goodwln Tech .'Y .A I I 1 ' 1 1 . . - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 ,, . . , . . - 11 - 1 - - 1 . - 1 . . . . . ,, . , . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . ,, BACK ROW Carl Swanson, Carl Labrckas Hank Froravantr, B111 Zesut Pete Drgnazro, Stan Dayton, George Olson CENTER ROW Eleanor Perkrns, Lorr Tremblay Charles DeMarco, Fen Wackelrn Bud Olson, Art Yarrrsh FRONT ROW Antornette Savmo Emma Del Buono Fran Brrks Trny Ceremra JanDobensk1 Dot Klrmkrewlcz ra OV? W 451 DQ U l'G72,a+Ol Edf fo, O'Vo fy? CIS. X1 ss? -gh JS' L It was not too long ago that you entered the E C Goodwrn Techrucal School to recerve an educatron and learn a trade of your chorce rn preparatron for your lrfe s work Dunng these years your teachers your parents an your frtends have helped and gutded you toward thrs one objecuve You now have reached your goal and are leavrng the E C Goodwrn Technrcal School to take your place rn the adult world We are l1v1ng rn an ever changrng world whrch 15 becomrng very harsh and demandlng New technologrcal and screntxfrc concepts and rdeas are raprdly berng developed that change our thrnkrng and our way of l1fe Here at Goodwrn Tech we have recognrzed thrs and have adapted our courses of study accordrngly so that you wrll be better prepared to meet thrs challenge Your educatron, however, does not end at thrs trme Educauon ts a contmurng process. You have been grven the basrc knowledge and trarnrng that w11l enable you to conunue rn your chosen freld Wrth experrence rn your trade you wrll become sktlled workmen and wrth addrtlonal educatron, through studyrng on your own or takrng extensron and evenrng courses, you can advance to responsrble posrtrons To progress rs natural and xt rs up to you from now on Chart your course w1th a purpose rn mrnd and let your arms rn ltfe be htgh Wrth God's help, and wrth perseverance on your part, you can be a cred1t to yourself, your parents, your fellow crtrzens, and to thrs school In behalf of the faculty and the undergraduates, I wrsh you the best of all good thrngs to come Drrector 6 ff? frtfmjff li g , gi s Lffww K Llgli N jiijy ni r, yr , if . . - :.,,g,WA...,i7r, W, , l I I1 lj I X "IQ f I .V I s -A 5. X 1 u Q - X Q N i. ' ,. , 1 . 0 . . . . . . . , . . I ' I d . . . v . - 1 Z' ,ff Zdwmd f40t6760 Mamma Dmcan ,,-,lf Sail 71446 ?avzacad Daman of Semin: Pnumd SEBASTIAN AMATO Physical Education EDGAR ANDREWS Automobile Department He ad HERBERT BRADY Blueprint Reading Mathematics JOHN CARMODY Mathematics JOSEPH ANGELILLO Automobile GRAEME BUNCE Science Physics LUCILE COHEN English Librarian MARIE BONNETTE Licensed Practical Nurse partment Head ALVESTON CONKLIN SI-IELDON DEAN FLORENCE DeRITO RUSSELL DUNCAN Tool and Die Social Studies Art and Design Mathematics Department Head Department Head Blueprint Reading ARTHUR ERICSON Chemlstr Physlcs Ev is RICHARD PINK Baking Department Head MARY GRIMASON Beauty Culture Department Head WILFRED HARTMAN Tool and D1e r ' ' if .- 'VI , J 4. , f 43? , , we . . KENNETH FOGC Mathe matlcs Department Head CARL HARRISON Hxstory Economlcs EDWIN HENSCHKE Carpentry 5 83 SOPHIE FOR MICA Dressmakmg Department Head EDWARD KISLUK ROBERT LaRESE FREDERICK MALONA GILBERT MARSH Plumbing Draftmg Prmtlng Eltctrlcal D' Pdftmkm Ht'-id Depdrlmfnl Head Department Head Department Ht ad 9 ff-Z' BETTY NICHOLS Home Econom1cs B1010gy GRACE MCSHEFFREY LEO NIEDERER NELS NELSON Health SEYVICCS Screw Machme Electrlcal Health Educatxon Department Head LOUIS PARADIS WILLIAM REISCH Machme Carpentry Depdrtmgnt Head K FREDERICK SCREEN Carpentry 'S- HENRY VREDENBURGH ALEXANDER WORONIECKI LUCY ZIONS Engllsh Industrlal Machlne Food Trades Coordlnator Department Hgad EDMUND ST RU ZENSKI 10 r,,r A if ' If F Y .Y N , . X 1 , uw 1 I "S A Sw I ,Q , I 4 ' I-T jf r-'i M I A " Mr Kenneth Fogg Adult Educ atlon Superv1sor '-..1l..-........,.......,,..- ..M.. ,, ... ,.M.,,,,,,,M,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u,, I-B-l-I-I-I-3 I L..: ,,- Q m... Student dlscussmg his program wlth Mr Fogg "vs-uv-wr 11 Mrs Lucxle Cohen Advlsor to school newspaper Llbranan x T 3 ,-1 Offcce Staff Audrey Damels Margaret Volz Emlly Clark Betty Ann Blackburn SW! SW!! Clrlrenc X Overstrom--Willis Marsh Mrs. Michaud--Mrs. Baxter Omer Dumaib--Florida Dqocette IL Mrs. Hounchell 41 ff in -, J f , . . 4173133 . .1 ni. A A ,' " 'Q 11- ' A A 'fs QI 'H -A fx Ruth C Anglletta Berkley Ave Southmgton ' Ang1e Beauty Culture It IS better to say somethx g good about a bad man than sometlung bad about a good man Not too senous, not gay, a true fr1end ln every way Jr Class Sec Prom Charrman , Welcome Dance 3, A A Get Acqualnted Dance 3 Amb1t1on To be a success 1n whatever I do 4 ,k www sau ing, 'tif Q John A Bartlett Forest Ave Merlden Jack Food Thou shall not steal, Just bor row Qulet? Shy? Only untxl you get to know h1m' A A Dep Rep 4 Amb1t1on Marmes Rlchard T Aylett H1lls1de Pl Brlstol Dlck Prmtmg The good you do IS not l , t ough you may forget lt ' D1ck's smxle and personallty have made h1m one of the most popular boys at Goodwm Tech Dep Rep Delegate to the Jr 6: Sr Congress, Yearbook 3 Amb1t1on Contlnue vv1th my trade John Baragl1a Gladden St New Br1ta1n Dxgger Automoblle 'lt IS better to g1V8 than to re CEIVS ' Be not mlsled by hrs 1n nocent looks If Dlgger s around, there s boxmd to be fun A A Ambltxon Automotlve Fxeld Robert H Bergeron Wlllow St New Brltam Bob Electrlcal mai, Llfe IS one long serles of 1n er Fran A Birks rupt1ons Bob s personahty has won h1m many frlends here at Goodwm Tech A A Ambltlon Navy 14 Hanover St Memden Red Beauty Culture From a l1ttle spark may bur a mxghty flame A spry and cheerful gal 15 she, and full of personallty A A Yearbook 4 Welcome Dance 4 Get Ac quamted Dance 3 Ambltlon Whatever the future may brlng I ' ll A I ll ' 'n ' 1 . , 5 f i , n - ll - ' ." too H D - - I ost . . h - I 3 . . - ' '7 . ' . ll - u - . . z . . ' . . - D , ,, , . , . . . - .- . . u . U l ' ' I : . . 0 A '- A .Y ' hh . ' - - ll.. . Y .. K 2 - la. ,Q l 5. ia'-V, , w 141 " ' , , , ,,., 5 ,YLI .. I ,,J3kfkH -I u , qzxlxyq , gr-'jig EW is h i. j . "' 4 v- Fila? Y' f , .' zlfqggf , -'-fizrlt' 'li 'fayffli' 3.3 " 5 - l .Z-I'E'n-if ii-F0111 1-1:5153 14- A -35, -'rtlf-2-tv: f1.:221::fr:3. ll ll ll ' - I Il ' ' b . ' ' . . ' ' ' ' ll u - - - ,, . . . . - - . ' t - . ' ' - H I . 1 ' ' ' ll ll ' ' ll - St ' ll . . . , , - L1nda Jean Bonolo Newton St Kensmgton ynn Beauty Culture Actlons speak louder than words Though she IS t1ny, she 1S WISE, a l1ttle terror for her s1ze A A 3 Sc 4 Rmg Com mlttee Amb1t1on Maruage after grad uatxon 19-5, Qin ,J fC' ,-v I-hgh Road Kensmgton J ack Mach1ne Be thy own boss Jack IS far from belng shy we all thmk he s a wonderful guy A A 2 3 Ga 4 R1ng Commlttee Amb1t1on Undeclded Everett M Brewster Beacon St Forestv11le Chlp Tool Sz D1e fast car A lad1es man IS he wherever he may be, though he may seem qu1et, he always starts a r1ot A A Amb1t1on Further my trade ID the SEYVICE Joan Marxe Conk11ng South Colony St Wallmgford "Joan1e Beauty Culture I can resxst anythmg but temp 1232: ,vfxfgll tatlon " A wonderful gal all her hfe, she'1l make George a won Plymouth MRO .. Pr tl derful wxfe A A 38a 4, Jr ,, Y In ng Prom Queen, Welcome Dance 4 When I am rlght no one re members, when I am wrong no one forgets " He can ask more QUCSIIOHS than a hundred w1se men can answer A A , News paper 4 Amb1t1on Naval Reserve Amb1t1on Work 1n a Beauty Salon 15 'L':'." Stanley J Dayton Lmcoln St Br1stol Stan Carpentry 'Good thmgs are easy to get 1f you try for them ' A l1tt e m1sch1ef now and then, but mostly all the tlme A A , Newspaper 4, Kmg of the Jr Prom Amb1t1on Servlce, Carpenter if ' V' " i'f'f-XZ, JPN Aw . 'tv' , I 3 4, Q J N J I . A X ' ' A' .1 H ' ll ' ' J0h1'1 A- Bfadbu-VY "He who owns a Chev. owns a ' ll - I - ll ll ' - ' . Il -ll ' . . . ' 5 Q u q . . l : l ,, . . . . . . , I ' I 2 A. xy - I L' V I I f If . . A 1 1! . - II ll . . V D . ' ' .' ' 1 ' ll . ll - ' , . ' ' ' 15" Emma Koreen Del Buono Menden Ave Southlngton m Beauty Culture 'Whatever you do do w1sely and thmk of the consequences She has the dev1l1sh look IH her eyes whatever she does 1S a surpr1se A A , Jr Prom 3, Get Acqualnted Dance 3, Welcome Dance 4 Yearbook 4 Newspaper 4 Xmas program 3 Cafe Amb1t1on Enter College Own my own Beauty Salon Nxcholas J D1Batt1sta Church St 'Nhw Brlt un lxlck 'wlachune l lxkc work l could svt and witch ll rll day Short swett and full of lun A A Baseball Ncwspaptr 4 Amb1t1on Contmut Vllllll my tradt ln the A F Charles Ralph DeMarco Woodruff St Southxngton Chuck Automob11e If you can't do It r1g , on do It Th1s man w1ll go far for he bel1eves every word he says A A , Welcome Dance Chaxrman 4 lnstltute nv' 5.0: Contance P Derosler Sprlng St New Br1ta1n Connle Dressmakmg Pat1ence IS bxtter but 1ts fru1t sweet Small and qulet bu yet, always a r1ot A A Stu dent Assoc Treasurer 3 6: 4 Sen Class Sec Amb1t1on Contmue w1th my trade Vxctor Paul D1Pmt0 East Road Brlstol Vxc Carpentry Peter Robert D1gU371O If you thmk you are nght pro Maplehurst Ave ceed Vlc 19 an outdoor guy New Br1ta1n w1th a look of mlschlef ID lus Pete El6CtI'1C3l eye A A Baseball A man s reach should exceed h1s grasp Pete s a guy who lb full of ll 5 and s and but s and manages to drne the faculty nuts Vlct Pres ofSen1or Class A A Rep 3 Basketball 3 Amb1t1on Electx-1caIF1eld 16 Amb1t1on Servxce . iq.. i fi , ,kg Q 5222? . ' -',' sn' , f 4, ". i l .. 453, A . :L V- ll ' Il ' ,, . . . . . rv - t I - ' ' . . ., - u an - . , u - - ht d It . I A . . U ' - u - - : . ' ' . 1 IIE ll . ' . I ' . ' 1 ll ' - l U - Ambition: Enter General Motors 3 . 7 ! 1 l 1 4' : 1 ' 4 Il ' ll ' ' ll ' . ' - ul ' - , . . . , ll ll ' , K A . , H ' .. U. I., I . , 'o ll I , ' I A ' ' Q' - v I I u '- vv W - ' , L' I ll ' . ' , . . V 4 I 7 I r H E .. ' . ., ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . , . 1 - . .y Y ' 4 I ' 4 . Jann1ce Ann Dobensky Markham Pl Merlden Toots Beauty Culture Don't worry unt1l somethmg happens A l1ttle mlscluef now and then IS always sure to please her frlends A A Year book Amb1t1on Own my own Salon Marrlage Mane A Dumas No Broad St Merlden Tweety Beauty Culture By the grace of God go l ' Wlth her dark eyes and dark harr, she IS a g1rl so sweet and falr Yearbook 4 A A Sec of Sen1or Class 3, Cheerleader 3 Rep 3 8: 4 Get Acquamted Dance 3 Amb1t1on Attend Halrcolormg School 'JD Henry Edward FIOFSVHHII Stanley St New Brxtam Hank Electrlcal Do rxght or don t do at all As our class Presldent he d1d swell, and all through hfe he w111 excel A A Semor Class Pres Sz Student Assoc Captam of Basketball Ambltlon JOIH the Navy 'S Edward W Gadomskl Vlctorla Rd New Brxtam E Tool 8: Dre lf you can't do xt rlght don do lt at all He came 1n hke a lamb went out l1ke a l1on Amb1t1on Navy 17 Arthur Al Eza Kmnear Ave Newmgton Art Carpentry ' Lrfe IS a game of chance A IS a carefree guy who has a smlle and a good word for everyone A A Amb1t1on A1r Force 'VRD Vlfglnla Mane Geremxa East Mam St Mernden T1ny Beauty Culture The noblest revenge 15 forgxve ness Our gal Tmy w1ll never be a bore, because she'1l always talk and talk some more A A Yearbook 4 Welcome Dance 4 Ambltlon To own Beauty Sa on 4 5 I A I - ll ll V M u ' - I H . . . ' . . . ., - u ll , ll I : , - ' , l , n ll . . , . ., . ' ' I .H rt ! ' 7 l , my., I , l' ,I ' 0 3' 19 4 ,A 3,8 3 3 Vf ffgflhg . - , . ,pg A ,',if.f4:2Y'f VJ. kg 5 5.4, w e ,swf , 4 , ,WN , ' ' W ,i-f ,L .,.-f, ' - . 1 ,f "1 fn-ggi - - - w 'fr'3!!' H .4 t ll ll ' ll ' I ll ' ' ' ll ll ' - -1 , t . ' u - - . Z . ' 7 l l ' n - lu A.A... H I , l ' ' H . . . . ., 1 A' l . ,9- Robert A GI'I1tZC3.V1Ch Merldlan St Pequabuck ' Blg ed Machme 'Do what you can w1th what yo have B1g Red IS always ready for fun, he beheves 1n gettmg lots of work done A A Ambltlon Machmlst ,,r' +15 tw... Gene Allen Haynes Stanley St New Br1ta1n Gene Machme If you have knowledge, let oth r hght the1r candles by It " Gene IS a boy we are all proud to know He w1ll go far 1D l1fe, for he sets h1s goals h1gh A A Ambxtlon Unlted States Navy fails R1chard F Gross Cherry St New Br1tam R1ch Electncal 'Hard work w1ll always br1 g good results Noth1ng worr1es our boy R1ch, and nothmg hur rxes hlm e1ther He IS a real pal to all A A Amb1t10n Jom U S A F and contmue school lam Frank K Hellawell Heather Lane New Brrtam "Nook" Automoblle "It's better to gxve 1D than g1ve up " A very llvely and peppy guy makes Frank a wonderful pal A A Arnb1t1on Jom the Navy 18 47- '-5' 3 iz,-,Eg Russell A Gut Redstone St Forestvllle " Rugs Tool 5.4 D16 Don t put off t1ll tomorrow what you could do today llttle mrschxef now and then IS always sure to please h1s frxends Rep A A Amb1t1on Jom the Army Carol J Hertenstem Reservo1r Ave Merlden "Herky" Beauty Culture "The greatest fault 15 to be conscxous of none " Sugar and spxce and everythlng nxce A A Ambltlon To own my own Sa lon 'x W. gf L Q, , I fm x xl like . ' ' f . . 4 F 'f - ' V . .gy .Z gb I, vi I-:rig , . uf ., ,,,f. ft . , . - 4,--I Q- N My , 441 Afhsqzlhar ssfffak V I ' R ll - ,L',,'.,f',,? mv. V' - iw. :.,.r f 1' v ' u ' , E211 va fg Q' 'LQ A ff ' - . . . . . 1 i - f "sv-N 5. ll - ll ' . . : f . " ' 1 - -n uv ' ' ' . . . u . H A I , , ll I ' ' ' : ' . . . . " A 'SQ ' ' : ' . fg' . ' . J . " Y. - l ll ll ' ll e S . ' . I Sandra J Kazmlerskl Wa hmgton St New Br1ta1n Sandy Dressmaklng A frlend IS llke a diamond rare and preclous Sandy IS one of the more quret grrls rn our school She IS a true frxend to everyone Her hobbxes con collectmg records A A Amb1t1on Seamstress gn.. i Raymond Joseph Kerr Anderson Ave Brlstol Kerr Draftlng Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Don be mrsled by h1s mnocent looks Act1v1t1es A A Newspaper 4 Amb1t1on Draftsman Farth Carol KOV1ICh Pratt St Brlstol F Be aut Culture Y Lawrence J Koplec Blushmg IS vrrtue s color A Hartford Ave pretty g1rl IS our Fay, always New 3,-Item sm111ng rn a way Act1v1t1es Larry Drafting Knowledge IS the key to suc cess A real outdoor sort of guy who takes whatever lrfe brmgs wxth a smlle Larry en Joys huntmg f1sh1ng and trap P1118 Amb1t1on Co 1nto mdustry A A Cheerleader 3 Amb1t1on To travel own my own Salon 19 Dorothy Y Kl1mk1ew1cz Jeannette St Brrstol Dot' Beauty Culture Upon the heat and flame dlstemper sprmkle cool pa tlence Clever snappy full of fun and a very wrllmg work er Dot IS well l1ked by every one A A Parade of Youth Yearbook Alternate Rep Get Acqualnted Dance Welcome Dance Sec Student Councrl Amb1t1on Contlnue trade Albert J Kulesa Pleasant St New Brxtam ' A Electrrcal Be true to thme own self Al IS a favorite basketball star He should go far 1n hrs chosen freld Basketball A A Al'sfavor1te hobby IS grrls but he takes tlme out to enjoy photography Amb1t1on Undeclded . A V r fi 1 Vi X ll I VI v ' . ' 'll - ll ll ' ' ' ' , - . I I' , . . S .' ' in 't G . 4 ., I - I . . .. . . . , ., ll ll ' I , ,, , , H . . . . ' I Z . . . ' . ' H Uv . . l , sist of dancing, bowling, and AM ' 1 1 , , ' 1 v lu ' . I ,I - 'vw I nu ayn . Z , ., I . . ll ' ' ' I 'll , ll ll ' ' ', . . l Il - , - ' ' 3 , . . , . . , - Qs 'nu Carl E Lablckas Maenola St New Br1ta1n Carl Carpentry If you want th1ngs done r1ght, do them yourself Carl IS one of the most popular boys IH school I-hs character and per sonallty show through 1n every thmg he does Yearbook News paper, Baseball 3 Amb1t1on Army K.. James D Larese R1Cl1dl'd St , X df" Norman R LaCasse Stanley St New Br1ta1n Leo Electrlcal "Work now, worry la er Ta l dark handsome and a real r1ot to be w1th He w1ll go far llfe A A Leo llkes most sports Amb1t1on Servlce "l"""'r W1llard C Le1ner Cherry St New Br1ta1n Red Electrxcal HIS thoughts are many, h1s words few Red IS sort of a New Brltam lone wolf, on the qu1et sxde ut .hm Plurnblng Wlt makes xts own welcome and levels all dxstmctlons When Jxm s around you re never Lmhappy HIS hobbxes cons1st of football sw1mm1ng dr1v1ng and watchmg wrestlmg matches Amb1t1on Marlnes then be come a Plumber he has made many frlends at Goodwm Tech A A Amb1t1on Get marr1ed 20 Claudia S Laglsh South End Rd Plantsv1lle Glsh Beauty Culture Many a true word IS spoken 1n anger Claud1a has person al1ty plus Her frlendly manner and cheerful smlle have made our school years more pleasant A A , T1cket Chaxrman Junxor Prom 3 Her favorlte hobby 15 l-lalrdressmg She also enjoys ICE skatlng Amb1t1on Become a beautxcxan then get marrled 'fy-T' Kenneth M Levensaler M111 St Southmgton Baldy Electrlcal The world belongs to the erget1c Though he may seem qu1et, he can always start a r1ot Actlvmes A A , Alter nate Rep lntramural basket ball Amb1t1on Attend Hxllyer Col lege , 1 A WM ' 1' I hi ll ' H ll ' ' - u ' - ll ll ' l . . . 7 . 3 . l D ' ' H H ' . ' 1n . . i . H . . , . . : . . I Q , ' V ' , A V V. ' My ,ga . H f V 1577 K ' J, K yi-' 4,54 ' H Il ll ' l 1 I ll en- . ' ll ll ll ' I l ' I ' ,l is vu - 'Y - v . . . . , b 'D D : . - ll ' ll ' - vu - ' - ' , . . . . . . ,, . . Z . . ' I I Y . - J l . i 17' James E Lozler Lexmgton St Bl'lStOl J1m Carpentry Only hard work w1ll brmg you success A quotatlon that real ly SUIIS J1m for he strlves for success 1n everythmg HIS good sense of humor adds to h1s pop ularlty A A He enjoys work 1ng on cars and sports Amb1t1on Army, then become a carpenter Edward J Mazur Hutch1nson St New Br1ta1n Babe Machrne MUSIC IS the fI'Ll1I of love play Cool calm and collect ed Babe IS never seen wlthout a Smlle He IS a member of the Navy Reserves and the Tr1 carbs He enjoys hot rods and huntmg A A Amb1t1on Contmue trade ln Navy 51'- Maureen A Mascagm Lockwood St Merxden 'Mo Beauty Culture ' Nothmg IS 1mposs1ble to a wrlhng heart Maureen IS one of our most w1ll1ng workers She should go far ln her chosen f1eld of beauty culture A A 3 Ambltlon Haxrdresser Franklln I. Merrxman Prospect St Plantsvllle Frank Draftmg Llfe IS one long ser1es of mter YUPIIOIIS Frank IS a l1ftlE on the qu1et Slde but always bound for fun A A He enjoys tennls f1sh1ng and huntlng Amb1t1on Serv1ce 2 Ph1l1p E Mazrek Curt1ss St Brlstol Ph1l Carpentry Llfe IS a ser1es of surprlses Ph11 IS on the qulet s1de but IS known among hrs frlends as a great guy HIS favor1te hobby IS huntmg Amb1t1on Marrlage ff? Claude R M111ett Park St New Br1ta1n Claude Draftmg He who hath a trade, hath an estate A St11d1OU5, qulet guy w1th a good sense of humor A favorlte sport of Claude s IS bowlmg He also enjoys worklng around radlos and H1 F15 Ambltlon Draftsman Q , A, ll'll " :, . 'I ll -lv 'sf V U A. on." , , S -Y -. . '-.Z-.. , ' I., - ', nl In ' Y - ' - . n . ,, . . . l.' 1 "z . Fillmore W Olson Demlng Rd Berlln Bud Tool 8: Dle Co operatlon IS not a sent1 ment It s an economxc neces s1ty Bud IS lots of fun to be Wlth a w1l11ng worker and a good sport A A Yearbook 4 Amb1t1on Serve apprentlce sh1p ln a factory '55 'ew TR Wm-D Stephen J Ostrowsk1 Osgood Ave New Br1ta1n Steve Screw Machme It IS better to wear out than to rust out Steve has made our school years more pleasant Wlth hls sense of humor and fr1endly smlle he should go farm llfe A A H1s hobb1es are dI'lV111g and swlmrnlng Ambltlon Marlne Corps ln June 1959 ,..'fa-V?" if t George A Olson Hartford Ave New Bflfaln Elvls Bak1ng "I'm not here to play, I m here to get an A George s talent for musrc has brought us many enjoyable hours Where you see George you'll fmd mlschlef A A Basketball 3 Yearbook 4 Ambltxon Marlnes ff? Ixorman E Owen Pltasant St South1ngton Swarnpy Machxne lf you tx ant dreams to come true don t over sleep Good looks and charm comblne to make lNorm one of our outstand mg personalltles He w1ll be best remembered for hls 1ntereSt 1n danclng A A Student Rep 4 Basketball Ambltlon Marmes 22 M1chaelJ O'Shana East St New Brltaln Mlke Bakmg "He who laughs last laughs best ' Mxke IS full of 1Tl1SCh1Ef and always has a good word for everyone He should succeed 1n the Navy A A Basketball 3 Ambltlon Navy Lawrence A Pare So Hlgh St New Br1ta1n Larry Screw Machlne People don t lack strength they lack vull Larry IS qulte shy and qulet strll we thmk he s a great guy A A Hms hobbles are football tra1n1ng horses horse shows, and rodeos Ambltlon To advance ln h1s trade 1 A We L ll H - ,, . . . . , . , l ' ,. . ,, . . . . u ' .ul - I x . I . . .' I l . . u I , ' , ' ' ' ' u - .' . . A 1 . , . . . . . . , . ,f A . .- ,fs-wi Q 'I ,J A .,,5 fwun, ' 1 1 'fi I sagittal. 5 H f, . V 'Wing , -- A as K 'T' , , 1 f - ll u ' ll ' . o " 1 , N' . ' ' h ' ll ,ul - . A . A 'l V V ' . f ' ' '. . ' 1' ' ' . . . l ' 7 ' ' ' ' A Y' ' vu ,un - .. Y ' ' Z ' ' n v , V . . . . , . ,. ,, Y . . . . . , ' ' v . . ., . . . . Y ' 1 l. v . . : . . , , Ervm C Peabody Wood Court Terryvrlle rv Automob1le Love IS bl1nd marr1age 15 an eye opener Erv1n IS a consc1 ent1ous worker We all w1sh hzm the best of luck 1n h1S chosen trade A A Amb1t1on H15 own Auto Re pa1r Shop 'Y 2' 'Q gl Stephen J Poplawskx Neanda St New Br1ta1n Steve Automobxle Deeds measure a man Steve 15 a quxet, studlous boy HIS hobb1es 1nclude bu1ld1ng model cars A A Ambxtlon Own h1s own as stat1on Eleanor L Perk1ns Hudson St Berl1n x Beauty Culture A man 1S what he 15, not what he was Success Wlll be hers because success 1S what she str1ves for That's our Sox Always ln the m1ddle of mls Chlef' A A Cheerleader Cap ta1n 3 Yearbook 3 Yearbook Ed1tor 4 Parade of Youth 3 Newspaper 4 Chr1stmas Party 3 Ambltlon Marr1age sooner or later Walter W Prus1nowsk1 Country Club Rd New Br1ta1n Wh1tey Plurnbmg To get along 1n th1s world you have to try Wh1tey has many 1nterests xncludmg sports, sw1mm1ng, and workmg on h1S Merc He 1S well known and l1ked for h1s fnendly sm11e Amb1t1on To marry h1s glfl Jeanne 23 Robert J Perry Nash St New Br1ta1n Bob Electr1cal To err IS human to fOl'g1VE d1v1ne Bob IS known for h1s sense of humor Hls sm1le should carry h1m far on the road to su cess A A H15 hobb1es consist of most sport: AITlblIlOl'l Contmue m the electrlcal fu ld Walter A Radzlsfewskv Hart Street New Brltam When 1n doubt stop and thmk Wally IS the qu1et serlous type who wants to cllmb the lad der of success at a moderate steady pace H1s hobb1es are bowllng Woodcraft and rlfle and hand gun targetmg Ambltlon Suctfess t my work X . ll ll ' r u . ll ' ' Y . . . ,, . . , :ISO u l' A ' vu - ' I I . H , c . . . . n , hr' V . u ll ' - - , - - HE . . , , ' ' vl .ll . ' I I I . - - ' n - ' -- - ' . ' . . ., " . . . . , I . s u , , ' ' 2 ' - . . t ' . ' sr 'K E ,, K y , A 1 3 . 'K 11 4 I D . . 1 Jr. ASW' 1-hr'.fS' Lf'Xf'x,p-1 . ' ' ' ' ig tfilft X 11 H .T-Ex 5591, Wally Carpentry 'Q I v-fling an 5 . H , '." 'l2,'.,'?: ,n 12.1 'fag-. M , v 2 ' ' ' , . we . , 1 , . . ' ,, f uv ' vu - ' 'I . f H . . y , . . . ,, . . . . . , , n vu - ' , I ' ' . H H . . . . . . Z . a . , .' u 4 1 : . l , . Z 3 l K' 1 Ronald J Raecek Blake Rd New Brltam Ronnle Machlne "Make your troubles burst 11ke bubbles Ronnxe IS a popular guy among all of the students HIS hobbles are huntlng target pract1c1ng flshlng and tennls Amb1t1on Navy then be a mach1n1st Robert J Routh1er Lawlor St New Brltaln Red Tool Sa D1e They ar rrch who have true frxends Red IS an amb1t1ous outdoor type of guy who should go far ln llfe Hrs hobbles 1n clude fl9hll'1g and sx xmmlng Ambltlon To own h1s own shop Stanley A Regalls Mal1kowsk1 Clrcle New Brmtamn Sta' Machme Love 19 bllnd but the ne1gh bors a1n t Sta takes l1fe Wlth a sm1le He IS well known for h1s sense of humor l-le IS a member of the Naval Reserves and enjoys huntlng flshlng and bowlmg A A Arnbltlon Contlnue trade Navy John R Roy Governor St New Brltam Jack Automobxle Pep wrthout purpose IS p1ffle .lack IS a quxet sort of guy w1th a good word for everyone There s always fun when he s around A A Jack enjoys 1sh mg baseball football and bas ketball Ambrtlon Navy 24 Dante J Roccasecca Roosevelt St New Br1ta1n Rocco Carpentry Bc led by reason Always smllmg Rocco spreads h1s cheerfulness to all who speak to htm A A Amb1t1on Contractor Ii Theodore Shamborsk1 Cherry St New Br1ta1n Shambo Tool 8: Dle Don't put off t1ll tomorrow what can be done today Ted belleves 1n f1I11Sh11'lg whatever he starts Th1s motto should be a guldepost on the road to suc cess He enjoys water skung and bmldmg a1r boats Ambltlon Contlnue w1th schoohng ,X .NV gg? 1, M - "r 11. I sag 1 1,31 .21 Q - Q? 'fiiifl A fr '3sf',' ,it s, ' luv-,-45, -1" '- T? 'Y - ,ifrtf-fa. fliifial ' - 11 ll ' I1 11 ' ' ' - - 11 11 - , . 11 1 ' - H H 1 U I - I I. ' . . . - 1 - . ' 1 11 ' ' 11 ' 11 ' ', k , ' . I , ," ' I - 1 1 ' - ' ' ' : ' in ' I , . , . ' I , I V an .. ,A l A ,,rk,r 5? '4 '1 as is ' Lis, ' f 1, ' 4, 'Site' V K, V ., .. Q, ' I .1 . f ' i A V , , Q ,375 f g LL? f V , A V 11 11 ' 11 - ' 11 11 11 - . ' ' ' 11 ' , - - 11 ' - - H H , ' ' ' , . : . . " e ' ' ' f' - ' . ' . ll ' ' ' . ' ' ' 1 1 1 ' . . A , 1 . l I 4 . Leonard Slmons Homesdale Ave Southmgton Ronny Electrlcal Do unto others as you would have others do unto you H may be qulet and he may be shy but Ronny IS qu1te a guy Newspaper 1'V Ambltlon Navy and college Thomas L Stevens Maple St New Brltam Tom lvlachme The thmg to remember IS not to forget Tom s mam mterest IS in rldlng motorcycles H goes through l1fe wlth a smlle, and fmds t1 me for huntmg and flshlng He also l1kes to repalr engmes and bulld model a1r planes A A Amb1t1on Cont1nue trade m Navy 'Wife' 'ZW' Raymond S Sitka Burlmgton Ave Brlstol Ray Carpentry ,rf rl" They that sow 1n tears shall Theodore E Skmger reap ln joy Ray has galned Mluer St the respect of all hrs classmates New Br1ta1n He IS a w1ll1ng and consclen Ted Draftmg tlous worker Hrs hobbles are pls The Secret to Success 15 hard tols rlfles and target practrce work Ted IS an 1ndustr1ous Amb1t1on Have hrs own busx ambitious boy Ho eneloys ness HS 3 Carpenter swlmmmg hlklng and bowllng Amb1t1ons Enter servrce at tend State Tech Jolm E Staskl Beaver St New Br1ta1n ack Electmcal 121 ,Qu Haste makes waste Jack IS always around 1f there s fun to Stangfgkioggiijwskl be had A A He enjoys fxshlng and IS st1ll vvaltlng for that blg T h New Br1ta1n aus Machme one Also l1kes h1k1ng and base incompetent people are before ball and bulldmg crystal radlo they Stan Well liked full of s t 9 S fun wlth txme for everyone A A Amb1t1on Alr Force 25 Enjoys huntmg, fxshmg and cars Ambltxon Navy 1 1 3 0 ?' , vw f a ll uv ' vu e ' ." e ' - . . rl rv ' ' H - l A.A., . t I H D . ' ' ' ' - ul ll - , e . . . e H . ' . '. ,, . I . ' 'H I U . 1 e . ' .. y . . , I . : , - lee ,, R' - Q' , 1 l AK l l ' N x l -" f vu uv - vu Q - I H I ' - ' . . . . e C A . l l ' q ' wJ n ' H n ' l , . A e . . . , A . D ' ' h D I - ' A ' u ll - V ' . . . I "' 11 ' , I I u - . .. , Carl A Swanson Farmmgton Ave New Br1ta1n Swany Carpentry God bless everyon ' Carl h plenty of school Splflt He hkes mus1c and can be counted on to make any OCCHSIOD a happ1er one A A Yearbook 4 News paper 4 Amb1t1on A1r Force, then be come a carpenter wwe? pm 995 Lorralne B Tremblay Wood St Wallmgford Lorr Beauty Culture When love and sklll wor o gether expect a rnasterp1ece Lon 15 well known for her school splrlt Always w1ll1ng to help out 1n any school undertakmg A A Class Rep 4 Yearbook 4 Welcome Dance 4 Amb1t1on Become a successful ha1rdresser or teacher 6-f W Robert S Taradema Horace St New Bfltallfl ob Automob1le 'Manners measure a man Bob IS well known for h1s good taste 1n clothes A b1t on the qulet s1de but a good frrend to a A A He enjoys bowlxng base ball and basketball Amb1t1on Own h1s own bus1 ness Gregory C Toomey Burr1tt St New Bfltaln Greg Prrntmg Everybody plays a part xn l1fe Greg 15 our class wrt HIS many pranks and Jokes have brought plenty of laughs to the ent1re student body A A Dept Rep Yearbook 3 Amb1t1on Be a pa1nter 26 James A THSSIC Mam St Southmgton Tassr Automob1le Puttmg your best foot forward doesn t mean to krck about everythlng Tassl has brlght ened many of our hours w1th h1s Jokes H1s cheerful smrle has made h1m many frrends A A He enjoys workmg on cars Amb1t1on Navy My-' va? Rmchard K Thureson Hlgh Rd Kensmgton D1ck Automoblle If It s a car l can f1X II Dlck s determmatlon w1ll take h1m far m 11fe H15 hobb1es rn clude sports and cars A A Amb1t1on Navy ig Arthur N Yarnsh Grove St New Br1ta1n Art Carpentry No man can cl1mb out beyon the l1m1tat1ons of h1s own char acter Art 1S well lxked by all of us H1s sense of humor and ab1l1ty to get along w1th peo ple w1ll help h1m 1D h1s chosen career A A Art l1kes hot rods and sports Ambltlon Government Work 5 Rlchard J Ul1as'L Grove St New Brltam Rlch Electrlca To thme own self be true R1ch IS full of fun and well llked by all of us l-hs musxc has brlghtened many of our days A A Basketball 3 He enjoys photography Ambmon Navy 'Q 'iff Kenneth A Wacklxn Landers Ave New Br1ta1n Ken Carpentry Good th1ngs come ln small packages Ken 15 a w1ll1ng and co operat1ve worker He has been actlve 1n many school actxv1t1es A A Yearbook 4 Amb1t1on Own lus own burld mg concem W1ll1am J Zesut Pentlow Ave New Br1ta1n "Zes Carpentry Don't do today what you can put off t1l1 tomorrow A good sport a good frlend, a combma t1on rarely seen Zes 11kes sports and dancmg Student Councll Rep 3 4, Basketball 2,3 Jr Class Treas , Yearbook 4 Prom Ambltlon Continue h1s trade 27 3 . Robert L Wuchert Howe Rd New Br1ta1n Bo Bakmg Be yourself at all txmes A co operatlve worker who has made many frrends through hzs ability to get along wlth every one A A Newspaper 4 Bas ketball 3 Ambltlon Own h1s own Bakery Theodore H Znosko New Br1ta1n Rd Kenslngton Ted Carpentry Everythmg comes lf a man w1ll only wart " Teddy has won the respect of all h1s classmates Hrs pleasmg personahty and frlendly smlle have made h1m well lxked by everyone A A Basketball Manager V1ce Pres of Student Counc11 Amb1t1on Further h1s educa tlon ll bl' ' ' ' n - .lv n u l , , l . U l ' N . . -- . H , , , - ' 'Q 1 an ll - , . , ' ' I : ' ' ll ' d . . . . . . . ' ' -1 - u ' - , 1 '- X . It gil in , V xp- l vu n ' . H . . . u i - ' . I' u n . ' ' ll ' l C' ' . . - l la u g, ll ' ll - 1 ' , ' . ' ' u - .ll ' , ' . . . ' . - ' ' ' 1 1 - ' . . . . . l , ' 3. l . . ., . : ' Richard I.. Anderson Harwinton Ave. Terryville "Andy" Drafting "A gentle man makes no noise." He may be quiet, he may be shy, but OH! there's mischief in his eyes. A. A. Ambition: Undecided. Donald G. Bouchard Middle St. Bristol "R0l'mie" Drafting "Silence betrays no one." A good mixer, a swell guy, no wonder Ronnie is a popular p A A Ambition Undecided Joseph J. Backiel Booth Street New Britain "Porky" Tool 8: Die "Good nature is the element of success." Calm, cool, collected and always smiling. A.A. Joe enjoys dancing and work. Ambition: To get a job. Robert V. Diloreto "Bob" Drafting "I came, I saw and I conquered." May the hinge of friendship never rust for Bob. A. A. Ambition: Join the Service. E.,-" Robert Diloreto Lee Stewart Donald Bouchard Franklin Merriman Richard Anderson Edmond J Gagnon Edward Kedzior Goodwin St Bristol Eddie Drafting The noblest revenge is forgiveness does nothing in particular but does it well A A Robert S Plocharskl Birch Street Bristol Bob Carpentry Be sure you re right than go ahead " Bob is a guy who takes life as it comes, always smiling Baseball 2 Basketball 1 A A Bob enjoys hunting fishing, and swimming Ambition Contractor Gold St New Britain Ed" Drafting The difference between impossible and possible IS a measure of one s will " A smile and a friendly hello for everyone Ambition Study engineering Lee A Stewart Diamond Ave Plamvllle I-99 Drafting Everything that glitters is not gold ee is a bit on the quiet side We wish him the Restxof luck in whatever he decides to do Ambition Undecided al. . . n ' ll ' n ' lv s ' ' .lv V' ' ' ' Ambition: Draftsman. A. A. I . lv u I " " ' ll I ' , . in ' ' ' ' .ll L A D .I 1 . , . . , . I D. ' S ' 7 ' ' f . . 28 ...J ,M , ww, G? -U.. Senior Class Officers Arthur Yarrish Treasurer Htnry Fioravanti President Peter Dignazio Vice President Constance Derosier Secretary gif OIHCL rs Studtnt Council Htnrx Fiorix intl President Thtodtmre Znosko X ict President Dorothx lxlinrkitxxicf Secretary Const ince Dtrosier Treasurer '79 s r x , , X, 7 'F' V 1 1 Y Q r , x fi ' I .XL . -M-.... I gf Y -W 4 .Z 9 Q., ', Q nu ,A ,, A , 0. , 1 . , i N ' 4 Q , , , f- , - i ,,u.. U ,il 3 . v i . , ' f x . i . 5 . 5 I l . I 1 , H I . x I. ' K vk y x 1 x r- V ' u x H Dld Most For Class Most Popular Joan Conkhng D1Ck Aylett Class Blushers Falth Kovltch Jack Bartlett Connie Derosier Bill Zesut QUICIIESI Roy Bunnell Sandy Kaamlerskx Best Dancers Emma Del Buono Carl Swanson Connu Dnosn r Phu Dxgnazlo Most Likely to Succeed pun, Eleanor Perkms George Olson Most Respected Carol Hertenstem John Staskx Ted Znosko Hank Floravantl Dotty Kllmklewlcz WWI' 'Spf ff Jw'!lnn-as 33 Class Clowns D1Ck Aylett Lorl Tremblay Best Dressed Norm Owen Claucha I.aC1sh Class POl1tlCl3.YlS Emma Del Buono Pete Drgnazmo O ...4.s-,,-. . , ,,,, A H fi .args ,V V A,,,,,F,, M ' f3fM"f - -V1 TM ' '-3 C ' - A M-M ?'ifLf.,i -A f " ' .M , fr an fy F, N . gf' - s Q fe f V is , . X Al , Vx' me 0 X1 ' , K+ - 1 - L l ' 1 n-1 '-. , , :I I C 1. 1 s I fr'-fr I 1' I . 'wi X 3 V , lx - X vii . . . x 1 my C f i - - I v W..-.,,,Q,f ' " l 'YE Class Artxsts George Olson Dot K1lIHkleW1CZ Best Lookmg Hank F1oravant1 Claudxa LaG1sh Class Wmts Greg Toomey Joan Conklmg 99 SNK 0 xx WW ,Wa -5 ' D Q. ,. Whmwu l'l6!8lf'C 6L55Iflfl8I'L I ---.-,-Q FIRST ROW Left to Rrght are Albert Stemmetz Wrllram Pyrzyk Corrrne Monaco Joseph Pellegrlnr Carol Lagase, Judy Corcoran, Joanne Morelh, Barbara Lynch, and Valerre Parda SECOND ROW James Scott, Melv Duprey Rrchard Routhrer Kenneth Srmons, Domrnrc Wreczorek Grlbert Koss Albert Pellegrrnr Edward Root Amxlcare Sepa, and Edwrn Protrowskr THIRD ROW Joseph Gadomskr, Adolph Fal Robert Closek Robert Hrckey, Joel Lrtsky, Davrd Poland Peter Urban and Joseph Tabelllone FOURTH ROW Paul Wotk1ew1cz Phrlrp Bouchard, Mark Ludwm Robert Markowskr, Robert Gagnon Robert Zregler, Anthony Grockl Edward Hoffman Armand Johnson, and Clrfford Albert LAST ROW Robert Rrttner Robert Bocompanr Allen Leonard Robert Meese Davrd Webster John Urban, Robert Montenrerr, Kenneth Snradak Walter Srnolenskr and Rrchard Gabor 'Q .amy Q FIRST ROW Left to Rlght Albert Gay Rayrnond Granqurst Fred Zwrck Hans Erflman Ted Lrnger Rrchard Plasczymskl Phlllp KObOSkl and Roland Pollto SECOND ROW Carl Buslevylcz Wrllram Pearson John VVOJC1k John Latterulo Phllrp Claffagllone Robert Norton Anthony Gunterman Charles Maxf1eld NN1ll1am H1l1s and Ronald Konowskr THIRD ROW Donald Cayer Ronald Vwrllrams Davrd Karambay Phllmp Maynard Roland Derosrer Ronald Whrte Fred Gagnon and Anthony Colagrovannr FOURTH ROW Mlchael INarus James Branco Henry SySkOVMSkl R1chardCzapl1ck1 Frank Dutkrevxrcz Joseph RIZZICO Robert Duffy Edward Platek Edvmrd BICHJS and Frank Rurka LAST ROXN Albert Church Dan1elTopa Robert Wohlfert Edward Wasrk Steven MlSklS John Camarata Henry Anderzcyh W1ll1am V1le Robert Rlndflelsch Barry Gutowskr and Steven Zembko 36 FRONT ROW: Marjorie Fogarty Frances Rudolewicz Carol Cahill, Irene Zurawel Jeanne Mushrall Christine Michel Mr Screen Class Advisor Barbara Lookhe Barbara Kulesa Bernadette Cote, Mary Ann Priola Terry Pickett Antxonette Savmo SECOND ROW Robert Donovan, Claude Vallxeres Robert Wood, Robert Poplawski Peter Stanton Joseph Spagna George Lewis, Donald Sheldon Danrel Marcmczyk Francis Genovese John Ference and Orlando Rinaldim THIRD ROW James Halicho Richard Vanasse, John Torello Alfred Joblonski Larry Lafayette James Fotopoulos James Lavery Ted Jakubiak David Wilkins William Buchholz, John Bloch and Mathew Sadecki BACK ROW Walter Jakubrak Walter Pipke Robert Lucas Phil Pons, Rocco D1 Francisco Robert Broff Tony Raia Frank Berardi Francis Beaudoin William Stevens Ronald Frocier Real Bouthot Joseph Just FRONT ROW Patrick Pouoferrato, Stanley Gut Jan Sadoski Ronald Rurka, Jim Grady Donald Erikson Day 1d Simpkrns Steven Tobin Jerry Crain Frank Steele Peter Roy, Tony Kroweic Philip Joy SECOND ROW Mike Clayton Bernard Singleton Thomas Coker Adelard Lagace David King THIRD ROW Joseph Raia Richard Dziedzic Paul Glovvasky William Patterson Carl Pavano Bruce Sasso, John Gnitzcaxich Roland Mullins Steye Wojculewicz Robert Webb Robert Milanowski Nicholas Paventl FOURTH ROW Robert Beaudoxn Anthony Raucci Lawrence Fraioli Richard Skoxich James Riccio Frank Pagliaruli Stephen Giannini Clement Beau cheimm, Patrick Carlrna Steven Cswercko Richard Juzwik Ernie Cournoyer Leroy Hudson LAST ROXA Alex Gudat Robert Zering Dayid Trojanoyyski Raymond Plourde Ron Kasper Gene Krupa Joseph Rappoccio Richard Baldwin Femand Cyr Fred Bergeron Daniel Krlduff Richard Waskiewicz Ronnie Wright 37 9 F J 3 0 Y ' ! ' 7 2 ! l ! I . y . . y : . , I , 7 1 ' g . Y . . Y I . I . 'l : , . . . . , , Y 7 l 7 l l 7 I Il " : . 7 l 7 Y l ' l Y ' J I! . . ! D . 1 l 3 D : h Y 1 .1 I V1 . 1 '. . . y . , y . y , Y . y , . 1 A 2 . Gripe, Philip Lord, Stephen DeCao, Bob Rosia, Larry Gerlat, Kenneth Provost, Richard Grant, Roger Wing, Thomas , . , I , . . . 1 . 7 . I . 1 ' v1 V- h 1 1 . V. 1 ' 1 V , - . , . . , A . . ' - . I ' . . . , I Z3 I A I ! F V l I -! I , l v V - . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ' Y: I 1 1 'V . J I-1 . . 1 5' 1 1 I A a I l ! ! I Y I D. 7 ' A I I I ' FRONT ROW Donald Kosloskx Ronald Topa Mary Ann Krrstoff, Mr Bunce Class Advrsor Jeannette Burby John Denslow Wrlllam Dunn SECOND ROW James Ostroskx John Zarella Anthony FHDIIZIO Al Konopka Gerald Bernrer Wayne Clark Joseph Monzrllo Alfred Gomer, Jr THIRD ROW Bruce Hanrfan, Dav1d Zle l1nsk1 Carl Graves, James Johnson, James Swanson, Davrd Gallxck Gene Kardok FOURTH ROW John Porch Rlchard Valentulconrs, James Blenthen, Rrchard Nappl Peter Cyr James O Connell Robert Banasrewxcz LAST ROW Thomas Nypert John G1ann1n1, Leonard Hebert, John Srlverman, Harry Post, Roy Ehlmger, Jr Douglas P1na Kelth Falkner, Joseph C1chon, Roy Ferro FRONT ROW Ronald Yarrrsh Wrlfred Anaxr M1chael Brttner Charles Lakovmtch Ronald Cyr, Fellx Henry Rrchard Staubley Roger Souc1e Robert Moore, Norman Brochu SECOIND ROW Charles Mzller Thomas Bozak John Roncaroll Walter Rrval Thomas Zm13ewsk1 Paul Bonolo Walter Stachelek Terry Sadusky Theron Lyles THIRD ROW Wrllram Duncan Marlo Slmeone, Robert Stavmsky Stanley Drezek Raymond V1d1to Robert George James Hurd Edward Jen1slawsk1 Wrllram Mazzonl FOURTH ROW Leonard Kozlowskx Joseph Crancr Benjamm Chanosky John Boyce Joseph Colossa Charles Ouellette James Landry, Rrchard Gaudette IAST ROW Gerald Tully Gary Schrager James Burt Lawrence Carlson Raymond Andrezejewskl Charles Mangan Kennetl' Hubble W1ll1am Plocharskr Edward Koxltch Val Caron 38 elacwlmenfa an 3 Kf6l5585 fx I 'J' .i,1,Qfl.LM-!, Jjgy-::1 If if. ..- l S I HH 'L , U x 1 : - . ""'v. A IWLL' Mrss Formrca explams to Ma Anne Krrstoff and Dorothy D'Amore the proper way to 1ron materral Dressmakrng arf'- Mr Dean porntmg out trouble spots rn the Near East to a World Hrstory Class Bob Crocek Ed Root Bob Rrttner Tony Grockr and Hank Anderze Jczyk watch as Mr Nels Nelson demonstrates an expermment rn the electrrcal freld Mr Klsluk of Plumblng workmg wrth Tony Colaglovanm Don Cayer and Bob Zregler .nk XX alter Smolenskr student oi Foods Dept demonstratmg the mvcture of salad dressmgs Qi? Yiwu Ll bf K Mrs Bonnette shown wmth group of student nurses '1 41 Mr. Anderson demonstrating electrical theory to students John Boyce, Clayton Brundage and Robert Banasiewicz. Mr Errcson explammg the use of the mrcroscope to a scrence class 4' Mrss D1 Rrto shows her class of Sandy Kaszmrerskr, Emma Del Buono Eleanor Perkrns and Con me Derosler the fundamentals for makxng the Madonna Art Class nfs Q ll Grrls of the Beauty Culture Dept seen workxng on each other BACK ROW Left to Rrght Carol Hertenstem, Tlny Geremra Maureen Mascagm and Farth KOVltCh FRONT ROW Joan Conkllng Marre Dumas Jan Dobenskr and Lorrarne Tremblay S i. li Hx 43 Mr Leo Nrederer of Screw Machme Dept explarns how to operate the rnachrne LEFT TO RIGHT Storer Ve11 Mr Nrederer B111 V11e and Greg Chomko 1 Mr Paradrs and students at work rn the Carpentry Department LEFT TO RIGHT Frank Dutkrewrcz Fred Gagnon Mr Paradrs and Terry Sedusky Mr Carmody smihngly explaxnmg the properties of the c1rc1e to his class Ken Synidack, and James Burt working on a printing press in Printing Department Christine Michel and Richard Vanesse caught in a moment of relaxation in English class. In the background are John Torello and Irene Zurawel behind her handbag. Mr Conkhn and Mr Relsch care fully observmg as Edward Tycz IS sharpemng a Cutter ID a Cutter Grmdmg Machme ,I L Mr Duncan checkmg the 1nstru Mr Harrlson and hls Economxcs Class drscussmg Qualmes of Good Money Students are Rxchard U11asz Stan Dayton Ted Skmger and Carl Labxckas if mental drawmg of Stan Regahs as Tom Stevens works on hxs -19 Fehx Henry and Paul Aparo hsten as Mr La Rese of the Draftmg dept explams an ass1gnment Mr Fmk of the Bakmg department explams bread makmg to Ken Pmta Jxm Hurd and Dave Webster v-' 'I Mrs Nrchols seen wnth her sopho more class of homemakmg Shown here are LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Cah1ll, Irene Zlrawell Terry Prckett Tony Savrno, Mary Anne Prrola and Jeanne Mushrall --if -1 Mr. Bunce explaining forces and moments in a physics class to Earl Buchholz and Don Sheldon. -lf John Wojack James Scott Bob Rmdflersch Carl Buslewlcz and Chfford Albert takrng notes 1n machme theory class as Mr Woronreckr lectures The student cafeteria at lunch time shows Mrs. Hounchell serving lunch to Steven Cswercko, Patrick Carlina, Frank Merriman, Joe Raia, and Bob Webb. A our -ix if ,nz Georgette Rosrgnol is shown here selling milk at the ten minute break to Don Ericson and Ronald Rurka in Students eating lunch in the stu dent cafeteria Shown LEFT TO RIGHT are Mrs Doucette, Fran Birks Linda Bonolo Sandy Kas zmierskx Teddy Bougor, and Bill Buchholz x The teachers cafeteria being patromzed bi, LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Shaw Mr Struzenskx Mr La Rese Miss Blackburn Mrs Clark and Mrs Cohen 444p"'P4'4'f TIME June, 1974, 8 OO P M PLACE E C Goodwm Techn1cal School New Br1ta1n, Conn You are cord1ally 1nv1ted to attend the reumon of the class of 1959 R S V P Hank F1orvant1, Pres An 1nv1tat1on to our class reun1on'7 It doesn't seem pOSS1blC we ve been out f1fteen years' Imagme seemg our old classmates once more' I wonder what they ve all been do1ng W1ll we recogn1ze them? Here 1S the b1g n1ght Don t want to m1ss anythlng so we arr1ve on the dot at 8 O0 P M What a lovely new school but oh, the memor1es at the old one The coke mach1ne that never worked Mr Lombard1 and Mr Amejko always appear1ng at the wrong t1me we never could understand It And the food that our pals IH Food Trades and Home Ec snuck out to us Ah, here comes Carol Hertenste1n seems to be as qu1et as ever Ph Carol, haven't seen you for ages o " she repl1es, ' I have my own beauty parlor on the ocean l1ner Cont1nental " There's Pete D1gnaz1o the class pol1t1c1an Well he IS st1ll at lt Mayor of New Bfltaln Here comes Jack Bartlett, J1m Larese 8cNorm Owen and look at the ha1r cuts The mar1nes have a way at conv1nc1ng a man Uncle Sam sure has some of the old gang on the payroll here they come N1ck D1 Batt1sta Art Eza and Rrck Gross all representmg the A1r Force and DIG ' that Admlral s umform on Hank F1orvant1' Bet he keeps Bob Bergeron, Ch1p Brewster and Gene Haynes on the ball Army well represented by Russ Gut, Leo LaCasse and Carl l.2lb1ClC3S all reachmg for twenty year s serv1ce Who are those b1g wheels 1n the corner? Well 1f It 1sn't Stan Dayton, .hm Lauer Ray S1tka, Dante Bxusseau and Ken Wackl1n, all bu1ld1ng contractors mak1ng the town over Take lt easy boys Rome wasn't buxlt IH a day Better consult D1ck Aylett, Ray Bunnell and Greg Loomey, our three newspaper men before you go all out And speak1ng of newspapers 1sn t that Eleanor Perk1ns the colummst? She has made qu1te a success w1th Adv1ce to Forsaken lovers " There's Bob Plocharsk1 Slftlng alone over there H1 Bob we re xnterested 1n what k1nd of luck you ve had over the past 15 years Well after serv1ng 4 years w1th Uncle Sam, I started teachmg draftmg here at our new school Oh d1d you know R1chard Anderson, Lee Stewart and Don Bouchard went 1nto DUSIHCSS together as contractors? They couldn t make It tomght because of some b1g bus1ness deal on the West Coast but they sent Larry Koplec and Frank Merr1mar1 who work for them to represent them Well hello Ted Znosko We hardly recogn1zed you You have lost much we1ght How d1d you do xt? "I own my wn sl nder1z1ng salon for men ly I appl1ed for free lessons " Oh, look what band 15 p1ay1ng torught It's George EIVISH Olson He has h1s own band now called Cozy Olson and H15 Cuddly Frve There's Ruth Anglletta I hear she IS now Mrs Stan Borkowskl and 15 very busy takmg care of 49 , . . . . . . ,, -- . ll , . IIN 1 . , . . 1 , "' . . a H Z . . . , . . . H ,, , . , . , . . . , . ,, . ,, . . . . . . . ' 1 . , . , . . . , . . . . ,, . . . . ,, . , . . . , ' l Y ll ll ' ' ' ' ll , . , . . . . Y . , . . so ' . ' ' . o e ' ' on . ' . . . . ,, . . their teen age twins Look over there at that table It s "b1g' Red Grutzcavich He IS domg tremendously well at his kennel where he rarses and breeds hunting dogs Larry Fare Just flew in from Oklahoma where he has a 5 OOO acre ranch Have you heard that Ted Sklnger is one of the most famous Jockeys m the raclng field and is racing next week on Alvin, an up and commg thoroughbred? How do you do, Mr 8: Mrs Prusrnowski ahas Whitey and Jeanne I'm sure glad you two finally made it H1, Connie Derosrer Let us guess what you are domg" Fashion de slgner for G Fox and Co No," she replies, for Saks Flfth Avenue ' Who rs that lady with the beautiful blonde hair? Why that 15 Mrs Ray Cade nee Claudia LaG1sh She tells us that she has an exclusive coloring salon on Fifth Ave nue I-Ier number one customer IS a "cute redhead" Franny Birks Have you heard that Mlke O'Shanna is head coach at Alaska University an all girl college? Look over there at the corner table there 15 Mr 8:Mrs Stan Sokolowskr and Mr Ktlvlrs Thomas Stevens, two lovely couples What lucky grrls' I overheard Art Yarr1sh telling Bill that he is racing in the 500 rmle race at Indianapohs Speedway with the hottest lrttle hot rod the racing offrcrals ever saw Chevy We have delrcious pastries set on the tables made by Weechert's Bakery The owner, Bob Weechert, was a graduate, too H1, Maureen Mascagnl What are you domg now? 'Oh, ' she answered," I have a beauty shop rn Greenwich, Conn I have many patrons such as Fa1th Katuch, Emma Del Buono and Sandra Kasmierski, famous movie stars, who have of course changed the1r names ' Richard Thurson and Richard Ul1asz are both rnstructors at New London Navy Base where they are teaching the latest methods of survrval Joe Backiel and Carl Swanson are headlined at the Latin Quarter rn New York as a famous dance team and making out fine We have a sea food assortment set up on one of the tables tonight through the courtesy of Conkling 8zBrewester nee Linda Bonola and Joan Rogers and their husbands, George and Bob, co-owners of the famous C 8cB Clam Bar There rs James Larese He was Just awarded the contract for plumbrng in the Umpire Buildmg? Across from your stadlum there's the famous playboy, Willard Lerner, strll a bachelor 'Nasty Break" as he would say There IS a rumor Robert Routhier and Theodore Shamborskr have started a Driver s Ed School for women only Here 1S their slogan Driving lessons hght at dark to teach the ladres how to park Here IS Jann1ce Dobensky H1, Jann1ce What have you been doing smce graduation? Oh, I have become Mrs Edward R Netsche, Jr I sold my beauty salon rrght after my youngest son was born Dottle Kl1mk1ew1cz is a well known halr stylrst in Washington, D C to the Pres1dent's and many other political leaders w1ves The marrnes are well represented by Raymond Kerr, John Staski and Norman Owen V1ctor D1D1nto and Robert D1Loretto were unable to be reached for tomght's reumon 50 . . , . , . , . . . . . i . . , . . l ,, . ,, . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . on the track. Bill Zesut has a used car lot and is having quite a bit of trouble getting rid of a two tone green 1953 ' ' ' . ' '59 . . . , , . . . , . . . . . . . . , , . . . , , , . . . , . . They are rn confrdentral spots Have you heard that James Tassre IS a dresel mechanrc for some brg rarlroad out west'7 Well rf rt 1sn't Jack Bradbury He frnally became h1s own boss by ownrng a garage rn Kens1ngton Rrchard Blarn rs workmg for h1m as top mechamc Here comes the beauty culture mstructor at the new E C Goodwrn Technrcal School Mrs Roger Frost nee Lorralne Tremblay How's Roger and your daughter? laura Lee IS frne but sporled by her grandmother Frost Buddy Olson 15 workrng m an atom1c plant rn Cape Canaveral, Florrda Well, look who just came through the door' Steven Ostroskr Say fella how come you are so dark? "I have been down off the Gulf of Mexrco gatherrng coral for sc1ent1f1c purposes Hr, Mane Dumas I heard the wonderful thrng you have been domg by grvrng war orphans lovrng care As a person who d1s11ked people rn general wh1le you were rn hrgh school you certamly have done a wonderful thrng rn grvrng these chrldren a home How are you, Albert Kulesa, are you strll workrng as top fashron photographer for Mademorselle M3g3Z1H87 "Yes, and dorng frne After the reunron we are all gorng to Cosmo's to see the floor show where Paul Mazur 18 M C Ronald Raecek IS workmg as a mechanrc on the atom1c submarrne, Connectrcut Well, look who just walked rnto ful beauty salon rn Venrce, Italy Just what I always wanted all Italran customers We heard that Ervrn Peabody a graduate at the automobrle department 1S now teachmg at Goodwrn rn the same trade from whrch he graduated Robert Taraderna couldn't make It tomght because of an rmportant busrness deal rn Pans, France He IS a very brg success as a drstrrbutor rn the forergn car busrness Ed Gagnon, Edward Kedzror and Claude Mrllet are all dorng well rn therr chosen freld of draftmg Mr d:Mrs Charles De Marco and famrly are now resrdrng rn Detrort where he rs head of a brg automobrle factory Have you heard about the new T V statron E C G T '7 John Boragalra rs a news commentator at the statron and rt IS owned by Stephan Poplaweskl Stanley Regalrs John Raye, Lennard Srmons are here comparrng notes on all the parts they have vrsrted as navy offrcers It seems that you are the last one that we have gotten around to, Bob Perry Bemg rn the electrrcal freld you must have contrnued rn your trade Yes," he replred, ' I have been pretty lucky Lookrng about the room at all the fam1l1ar faces we are glad to see our fellow classmates lookmg so well We probably wrll see some of them agam very soon Hope lrfe IS always kmd to them They re a pretty swell gang So once more, we take a fmal look and walk through the door each rn a world of our own Vrrgrrua Geremra Jannrce Dobensky J1 - . a , , - . . . . . ,, . . . . . . . . . . ,, . the room. Tiny Geremia. Hi, pizzon. What are you doing after 15 years? Well, she answered, I own a very success- . . . . . . ,, . , ll . . . . . , By . . . . Sz 61444 70:16 I Ruth Angxletta, leave to Chrrstme Mlchel my bad temper D1ck Aylett leave my whrskers to anyone who wants them Jack Bartlett, leave to a fortunate boy from Menden my seat on the tra1n and bus w1th the gabby females from Menden Fran Bxrks, leave to Valerre Parda my red haxr, may she wear rt 1n good health Jack Bradbury, leave to Emest Cournoyer my V1S1tS to Mrss Blackburn Lmda Bonolo, leave to Mary Ann Pnola my long eyelashes Roy Bunnel, leave to Ernre Bntton my gauge pxns, my tweezers and all the money 1n my locker that he can fmd Stanley Dayton, leave to any underclassman my tool box rn the Carpentry Dept No 11 Emma Del Buono, leave to Mary Plckett all my B C customers Conme Deros1er, leave to Carol Cah1ll a box of Kleenex Jannrce Dobensky leave to Judy Mlnkwrtz my curly trpped harr Marxe Dumas, leave to Judy Mmkwrtz my black harr Arthur Eza leave to Carl Labrckas all my hammer marks to sand V1rg1rua Geremra, leave to Rosemarxe Leone my ab1l1ty to f1nd out everyone else's busmess Gene Haynes, leave to Mr Conklrn some of Mr Enckson s atomrc energy Carol I-Iertenstem, leave to the Beautv Culture Dept a new broom and dust pan Dorothy Khmklewltz, leave to Jean Mushrall my Job to collect attendance sl1ps 1n the mormng James Larese, leave to Mr Brady my good blue pr1nt read1ng work and I hope he w1ll have many more students llke me James LOZICI, leave to Thomas Coker my techmque to bother Mr Henschke Edward Mazur, leave to Nlck Pavent1 my rnachme shop offxce and my hrgh school secretarres George Olson leave to Joe Calossa my place as Mr F1nk's rrght hand Stephen Ostroskr, leave to Adelarrd La Gace my shop coat and parkrng place Eleanor Perk1ns, leave to any grrl w1th school sp1r1t, my cheerleadrng capta1n s unlform Bob Plocharskr, leave to R1chard Plasczynslu my coveralls Walter R3dZ1SZeWSk1, Jr leave to Norman Lemreux my plans of a do lt yourself soap makrng machrne Stanley Regahs, leave to John Carone my Machrne shop 0f.f1Ce and my h1gh school secretarres Phrl Mazrek, leave to Goodw1n Tech amb1t1ous Jumors to work on the yearbook I Dante J Rocco, leave to Norm my coffee Raymond Srtka, leave to Dave Wrlkrns, my techmque to get my work done fast for Mr Henschke I Carl Swanson, leave to some lucky Junror the ab1l1ty to be elected Best Dancer of h1s Semor Class as I was Lorrarne Tremblay, leave to Joanne Morellr my Lrvelmess and bleach bottles We the mach1ne shop boys, leave to Mr Rersch a bottle of nerve p1lls, and to Mr W0fOn1CCk1 all our scrap 1ron I Theodore I-I Znosko, leave to the teachers of E C Goodw1n Tech my good penrnanshrp We, the class of 1959, leave quletly qurte a surpnse, eh J , . . . . l I, ' , ' . I, . . . I, .... . . I, . . . . I, ' ' . I, . . . . . I, ' . . . I, ' . . . 1, ' ' ' . I, . , . . . . G I, . . . . I I, ' . I, . . . . . . . . . . I, . ' . ' ' ' . I, ' I . . I, . . . . . . . l I, 0 . . . I, Norman Lemieux, leave to Phil Maveick my cigarettes. I, ' ' . . I, .... . . ' I, , . ' ' . I, . . . ' I, . . . . . . . , . l I, . . . . I, . . I, . . . . . I, . . . . . . I, . . I . . . . . I, . . . . I . , . . . . . . I, . . . . . , . . . '2 Shu ML! X ,ff w, F555-l .af 9ndcd?4oto4 Y X 'Al .jan-. """""""llnnu 54- ,A- Q ,, . 1 "f'Y ?2jl V . '.y', A 1 ' 'H V :Ns A ' N A AQ 4 . ,---? , ,-, , W5 1 :!l,,i'Q V - , fn, .Sparks v .X x X- ' J. ll THE VARSITY SQUAD Left to R1ght FRONT Joe Tabelhorme, B111 Buchholz, Hank Froravantl, Mlke O', John Tore11o BACK ROW A1 Kulesa Doug Pma, G11 Koss Berme Smgleton, Pete Urban, and Pete Drgnazro Varsrty Record Goodmn 21 St Anthony s Plamvrlle Hartford Tech St Thomas Semrnary Alumnr Aqurnas St Thomas Vrnal Tech Xx 11coX Tech Kaynor Tech V1na1 Tech Hartford Tech Kaynor Tech St Thomas Aqurnas Srrnsbury Xwrlcovc Srmsbury The Jayvees had a record of 8 urns and 9 Iosscs Goodwm Tech players frghtmg for rebound Hank Frora vantr Q14 Doug Pma U71 Berrue Srngleton behmd num ber 44 of V1na1 Tech and A1 Kulesa guardmg for fast break U21 36 , Z Inf, 5 X J . 3 U Q 1 '1 Q1 A IHA If I 1 " .... . " ......... 67 39 .... ' ' ........... 70 32 .... ......... 4 8 31 .... . ' . . . 72 65 .... ' ............ 53 38 .... ' , . .... 46 39 .... ' .......... 44 22 .... St. Thomas Seminary . . . 63 35 .... " ......... 56 36 .... ......... 4 3 'TO .... ' .......... 43 49 .... ........ 5 4 31 .... ......... 3 T 44 .... . ' .... 45 32 .... ' ........... 64 55 .... " , ............ 43 47 .... ' .....,..... 66 I., j H . , . . A, . F Hank Pioravanti going up for a jump shot while Doug Pina U72 Bernie Singleton QlOj, and Pete Urban f4j, stand by for rebound 'vw Doug Pi ia dri ig lor a lay up while Ha il Fioravanti fl-lj Bum. S1 igleton and Pete br ban stand by Q1 4 -iv, Hazda Fioravanti driv- ing for a lay up, good for two points. Doug Pina shoots while Hank Fioravaziti fl-lj. Bernie Singleton: QlOj, and Pete Urban. GQ. hold their breath. is Coach Amato Hank Froravantr dnvmg rn for a lay up whlle Doug Pma 17 and Mlke O Shana, 7, break for the basket A Word from the Coach The turnout for the basketball team thrs year was much better than rt was last year whrch rs a very encouragrng srgn The basketball stock at Goodwm seems to be on the upward trend The boys practrced hard and developed good sprrrt as the season pro gressed and by the end of the season an rnexperrenced team began to vell and gave a good account of 1tse1f1n the last half dozen games Mr Brady helped tremendously wrth the Jayvee team and wrth the organrzatron of a Freshman team thrs year our squad next year should be easter to whrp rnto shape The schedule calls for 18 games next season wrth Berlrn Hrgh a new addmon I enjoyed working with this year's squad and look forward hopefully to basketball season next fall. 58 An attempted bunt that faxled Note ball 1n catcher's hand as he sets to throw Berhn player 1' tagged out by Tom Llncoln rn an attempt to score on a ground ball h1t to second 'w"""' CJ in 'ue' awnl. -'fi 110984. Captaln Stan BOIkOWSk1 racmg to f1ISt base to beat out a throw from thxrd -p--4, ip' 9 42.4. flu- N' 13 14" Q ns V5 Berhn player roundmg flrst on a hxt good for extra bases Catcher Tom Lmcoln steps out of the bat:ter's box and watches an attempted steal of second by a team mate A high pop up and an easy out 'id Out of fourteen scheduled games last year Goodwm Tech s baseball team played ten and wound up on the short end of the score nrne trmes Captarn Stan Borkowskr s all around play won hrm the Most Valu able Player Award Bob Poplowskr won the award for Hrghest Batt mg Average Coach Amato plans to start practrce earlrer rhrs year and wrrh a nucleus of veterans from last year s team and some promrsrng new matenal he feels that wrth hard work and some frghtmg sprrrt Goodwrn Tech wrll dent the wrn column often thrs year Baseball nrnes as well as all school athletrc teams the coach wams however need the moral support of the entrre student body How about It Tech1tes'P Show the boys you are solrdly behrnd them and watch them go 60 ' , L. Q ,V A ' ' H ' l . . ., . ,. .. - - , . . , . , . V , . , . I"""'x V I X . v Q O 'X - J! , , . sw , Q ' s xx wi' Q . 'N i , .0 ', 0 '. - .' C'1',x - .. A XN --X af' - - ' S 6 ' . 1 , 'i . 00 U ,Ellis C ' QIHAQ This scene shows the students dancing at the Harvest Hop. John Urban, Walter Prusmow Skl, and Jeanne Mushrall havmg a soda wh11e talkmg to Larry Gerlat and R1ch Gross Before the dance we frnd LEFT TO RIGHT Jerry Zrm merman Dot Khmklewrcz, Jeanne Mushrall Walter Pru smowskx, Betty Cook George Olson, Joy Analr, Carl Swan son, Emma Del Buono, and Ken DeLuco FZ Mr Parad1s servrng refreshments to Ph11 Maynard, Carol Cah111 Roland Derosrer and C1a1re LaChape11e Zwr The band that played at our Val entme Dance on February 7 1959 d1d a fxne Job of pleasmg the students LEFT TO RIGHT are Many couples crowd the dance floor and enjoy dancxng A1 Pellegrini, Judy Boice, Alice Cadieux, Ed Root, Dolores IaRo and Joe Pellegrini enjoy the re- freshments served at the dance. 4 se, .-S Andre Salsedo Bob Salsedo, Walter Smolenska Ps FOREGROUND: Edward Klim- kiewicz, Rosemary Subnieski Walter Pmsinowski, Don Klinkiewicz, and Jerry Zim- merman BACKGROUND: Allen Leonard, Sheila Keith, Jeannette Burby Joe Monzillo Ted Linger, and Elinor Perkins I Conme s f1ance, Tony Pnsco pms on her corsage Who will stand at the throne of honor? The gym was beautifully decorated by members of the senlor class COHIIIE Deros1er was P1CkEd as our Queen by a vast majonty vote Here she 1S shown recewmg her cor sage from Dot Kl1ml1ew1cz --uuaapnn qw-Q ,av Standmg at her place of honor IS our 'Queen of Hearts," Comme Derosxer Chrlstmas Party Assembly at Tech Rock and Rollers Tony MSHZI, Ted Bougor, Frank Morelh and Phll Pons entertaxnmg w1th songs and muslc Shades of the Roarmg 20's The Charleston ably done by a group of glrl students 1 I W ,, , W ,WA ,W ,, f, bf ,M , Joy Anair and Carl Swanson sing to the music of George Olson, Tony Manzi, Frank Morell, Ted Bougor and Phxl Pons The Charleston group of Farth Kovxtch, Nancy Lee Nolan, Eleanor Perk1ns and Corme Moxuco gettmg competltron from John Urban and Walter Smolenskr Students gather for refreshments after Chnstmas Party FESt1V1t1eS x JJ wg, Q , hr-, Q, fr ' ISCEIVC 6 I 1 wi ' '45-'f"Q ,,,,.,, , Z iam F, .- ff Y :- A-Al ,X fi ' ,. . i Q R fx' fd? f" ' ,gr XXX ' r Q K' Y 'Vi IL-P .... in X L j fffffi fx g f. . U el' liflflg X 1 Xi A V 9 y x. -,-, !Cf 1 Y p r. Frank Romeo, of ACME TOOL 51 MANUFACTURING CO., demonstrating a new Jig Bore Machine to Goodwin Tech. tudents Theodore Shamborski, Fillmore Olson and Kenneth Wacklin. ACME TOOL 8. MFG., INC. PRECISION GRINDING TOOLS GAUGES AND DIES PROGRESSIVE DIES EXPERIMENTAL WORK 1085 East Street B ' ' C cfiCuT . 791 70e5 cw Congratulations and the best ot luclcl We at Lorlng are proud ofthe part we have had In helping to malce your classbook a per manent reminder of your school years recording with photographs one of the happiest and most excltlng times of your lute' W hope that lust as you have chosen us as your class photographer you will continue to thlnlc of Loring Studios when you want photo graphs to help you remember other momentous days to come' When you choose Lorlng portraits you are sure ot the finest LoRlNG 'Q' srunlos .f D A . I. I n . e orattsmonship at the most moderate prices! New England's Largest School Photographers L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Official Jewelers To E. C. GOODWIN TECHNICAL SCHOOL TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY The Fmest College and Hlgh School Y earbooks Gron P Lloyd Mgr Box 144 Frankl McCracken Canaan Connecflcut Jong y RUSS LINDcQUlST the AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY prese for d es oo: e perfo er eS AdsKt OX I I 611' . , . o I I 'XA is 5 ,WAS , 5 f 'f' ' ' I , if X ' qs' If , -H .. I . e . on .9 re rh ofthe F f -FRP' f C p th' iq eff WI THE ATRAX COMPANY PRECISION TOOLS OF soun CARBIDE Nahonal Welding THE NATIONAL WELDING AND MANUFACTURING CO phone MOI1cwIc 6-2451 240 Do Newin ton II Connecticut Ph VA 8 55 FEDERAI- TELKE TOOL DIE N H MACHINE TOOL CO OWEN TOOL 8. MANUFACTURING COMPANY CONN STAMPING BENDING CO 206 N -99 - , I C. Tools - Dies P g ' D' ' .I'g F' If 'I , ' , I R Nl d III I4 Cambridge 'gh B ' I K ' g C Complimen of 81 . 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Suggestions in the Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) collection:

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 81

1959, pg 81

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 80

1959, pg 80

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 15

1959, pg 15

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 79

1959, pg 79

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 41

1959, pg 41

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