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 - Class of 1958

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Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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I x 3 -iw Q wf,, ., I N Qifa fe, .-3 -, . , w74,,Lw.:-:WY T, 1. " ll Q. -' ' .i sInn' ul'1l!. I ,g ' Egmvf--1 Qi:-vv Y. 'iff' ht I l I . 1 I A' Z ,fy ' N!LQUZ,HU 2 f f4m,L,, 7 , i - 1 .U F lm f-',g:g-'fijb 4' .Y 3-Q a ti- W - ,gg -Q.. ,Nga . i,.,,,,,'R'g.,,, .Y A JW., ,f . -mx .X an-ia? . I YV Q , Wl?.I.:r ,. A, gg Ii WJ? ., Y- , fill , !" '5 L 'ref-2+-kgs fiffi ' . Iefiffffffrrzl 'U x fZ:.N:'LQ I L' 'Un 'Hi xv - 5- , . ,LI ga.. . jvz' .lip ':2.-.:wi-f if -3-Ta-E115 .L'Z.i"'rr g A-1 i'. :ini 1f'I1.?,!EAf-...T ' ,'-1-f-1- 'rf if 5' 1 31,1-'A ':g',d111gmL.a:g' Lung ra- Al , , .. - .,! ,,..,, . .4 ,1 , A 4g1f"'f." ,, ,',-- - -f, -A., .x .,,.1L,xr, UNIT'-i P4 ' .7. LffZ1"!1.7 '. fill QL. ' Q .fjxnff ' 3 fif-4 5,4125 Ei -ff ,UQZU-?EZ !.'gr1 - -VN l',T" A , I, If- ff: f', ', JA 1 , 'T ji ""' ' A' f ' , mm- -f - ,t Af: .ju f A 7'-lin' , QQHSL S , , " . ,, Kgfvfii W' A 1 -N DH. gl, .. . ii ' F ,, ., . :Ll ix Q47 . a Ir.: ', l - , 51 3' ,:. J ,M M71 ,., i 4- l!iQ'f-L1: V- 'x'::'z11, .I o Q ft3E:,f31.' ",.. - . Zfflly C f? if L 1. f 5 K, , ,I 2 . , W, .. g , - , ,, .' E , :K .5 'I f , . ' f ,. A f h A ., a'f-fb---'U "" 1 2 ff ,. ty S , H . t Y' i Q71 . 8 , 51, ,X,, d 1. M-4-w N -Lu 4 1' ..f QV +4 , 4 , . ,K Q 5 xg. BEAVER 1958 -JU MRM!!! , I '- J' Qpf1s"'Q,,yyox 'I ,J-:'f"' " If XM P,n" ' W1 s fr.E""" 'wa ' If-mdix '- ,,.w:.-N ,vnu v '99 swf ,5:. . f r' N x ,ul 5 K YN'f'f"'vN X, .T'g:I.,,I:.,II,mII as V -f-Wvvw-.X 3' 4' wngtukw! 1 gl P' N lqsqrgua fv, S'N'z,2s, va ... uwtw' mf' 1 in x Y .Qu 1' V" .I V" u w ,H KI 05 ,Agni s px 1 K' 5' ' v IQI5 -ui. I I uufliii N I II Q V -A my "'f"'4"k"' AX- 'if' I, 7'f".'f ' EfYi'1'f'i', F' . I ...' ., . , M' l Pu mm I "wtf, r 5b"iQ'gH:51Q5ff'if2Li0iEZif'-5: ' V ' 'affix R ,'YAWIY'f5"wDS"mh'5giv4'SVxiv v " N' ' "'-'f' U1 2 f , fg, ' " " .-"'ff?.,!Xx'g, """ ' ' V: .5 .V " vm6a"v nv" x"- if - 1... f ., - +L -, VN 1, g.,.,,1....1. 1,11 4.-,VL 5 am '--,?ig-3V--- V . . ' ' -' V 'HV . 1 '1wSfi4,l:1f-mmf 3 A ,, 1'-ff VIJMBEI-' m'EwAEi6ifsm1?f2?:'vff AX, iv 4 1 'Yi 6 1: 6-'f"'4 ""' M we ' or 'J S?M5eag5,Y,'i'gsw1f,5g..:mi' 524-Q., 0' 3! VN f .31 -Q-J"'e""' 'M fu V. .fm rv sum-wi Qwwzuarihnywaw 1. v .zu iumwgmfmwnmnwrnwmnwchbhnnmuwwvmq ,Mr In Ia NWIIII ' f0"0YrMS11y WN 'WM 1, """""" "NHmmmvm,.,,,M N ifox'-gf mmf '3'WP"bu-mn-4.-w-4. 9"!'!'1.'4BfS3-5 r .,-nl '19'pf' I s E Pubhshed by the SENIOR CLASS C Goodwm Techmcal School New Bntam, Connectxcut . ' I XI iii x. " N, uf' . "3 ff' C ' ...v9"'.,.- '. U" TJ-' gn' .f fail 4 A dv.: ,-Q'1cAy'f4 .19 ,:.I,f HSI I. . .Jr SSI HN. I at . f , .-W., ' ..,... II' V," V P . A ", 5, .M -AV:-'39 ,. -' ' ' n . cf .QA-g ' X .... I, , , Q! ,I,.I,. ...I-,.' I I Q: .4 I - 'X .g5.fv .f.ff..-- 'jQ.,:1-- 1 'Qs "IR 6-I up--' -, . I ' 1 4 - ' IVEVVQ . If IH' If III1' I. 5, 'V rr . , .- 1 Q Q 1, - . J, .-Q' ,Z Q., 0- N, , ,.- r I -- ' x - .1 4 ., -. 1-x-nm I vp. I .b.' ',.'I J' .V ' ,Il 51.2, R I .. 1 hw ,. 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I' '- :. -I-V"4r'1::4 1-me ,zz '-E - -4 -1 ' fl fi- II I I y,.:x,,',.YV' 2 IT . V V - IV - 1, 4 ,.,3. , . . '- ' . - -. - ' ' ' ..:- A A. ' f .Q 'cz1::1f'f1f'g.-M S' - "1 L 'li.'f":-?C'3E.'S'A ':!f'i"f5'1" IIII j -:Ip 4 I I II.IIx - . I ,I V .1 WI. I Qfifkg.-I, II I.IIII.I .III.:I.I,r-l.,'f.: ,Q . I4 . I. . . ,. J. HY" '-'Vt-1'-'i:..., "P V'- ,,. ' " Lq-11-.i:'.'- - 'f ,- - V V "if" 5.351 .Lfl.'f'w:2.f'.z-"''Z' ' ""' V Q- '. X . , 1-H'-"'. .2 - z... .. - ,. 7.3. , ' ' - ' '. A -fwfr" HI. 3- . . ' Foreword As you travel o'er life's path- ways, may these pages furnish cher- ished memories you will want to recall. May the spirit of Goodwin, its activities, staff members and many friends, reflect years well spent. We are proud to have played a part in the school life of Goodwin. Senior Class Officers LEFT to RIGHT Mane Dumas Secretary Anthony M C3CC1 Treasurer Frank Pelhgnn Vrce Pres dent R1chardN deau Pr s d ' 2 O O 1 ' , s i , 5 "I, ' - 1 5 a , e1en. 1, ba gl ,.4 i P 1 v Ill 2:4 Iii Ill Dedication To Mrs. Helen Rawlings, whose courage, am- bition and willingness to give of herself to education and her love in doing it, have inspired the students of Goodwin Tech for thirteen enjoyable years, we are happy to dedicate this book. We leave to her our fondest memories and deepest gratitude. may ble of Conten Board of Publication Admlnlstratlon and Faculty Departments Sports Soclal Actlvltles Advertisements 4 Page Ta ts ' ' ........... 5 " ' ..... .7 Seniors ....... . .. ...23 ' ....... ...... 6 5 'iff' ' 512.-'T' f f if f PRS! ,,..g!g:.Qvg Editor ........ Assistant Editor. . . Business Manager. . . . . . . . .1 I :-' 1 fa 19:91 ? . X XX X- D H . I X X ,t Sui .. -r:f:P.4'ii:?1?-3. .58 'iff SITTING, Left to Right: John Sikorowicz, Albert Balles ter, Noel Dery, Marie Dumas, Karen Gleick, Robert Ma lone. STANDING: Anthony Micacci, Walter Rurka, Frank Pelligrini, Michael Bianco. Beaver Staff Assistant Business Manager. . . Art Editor ....... .... Advertising Editors. . . Layout Editors. . Photography Editor. . . . . Marie Dumas Karen Gleick . . . . Noel Dery Anthony Micacci , Michael Bianco . Frank Pelligrini Walter Rurka . Richard Aylett Albert Ballester Robert Malone John Sikorowicz Marie Dumas, Editor, discusses write -up for the Senior Left to Right: Walter Rurka, Anthony Micacci, and Section, with Frank Pelligrini. Frank Pelligrini discussing advertising policies Student Council Officers and Representatives SITTING Left to Rrght Joseph Gadomskr Roland Derosrer Constance Derosrer Paulrne Dauphin Kenneth Brown Mane Dumas Wrllram Fetzer STANDING Benolt Brown Noel Dery Stanley Borkowskr John Vetre Walter Rurka Fred Serra Wzlllam Zesut James 1-lall Kenneth Fogg Advrsor Kenneth Brown Pres1dent Herbertl-I Wrlber Drrector ,pw kv--I Herbert I-I Wrlber Drrector presentmg lmportant matters related to the Welfare of the School ' i ot, S X If I il 5 EV I -VJ ,x I 1 R3-TPITD Y ...NM ' I-A4 J, Y 'I -4" r,--1 f'? A Y I IQ.: ' . 1' If ' 1 .- , ! 9 n ei Herbert H. Wilber, Director December, 1930 January 1958 To the Class of 1958 You the members of the graduatrng class have now successfully completed another phase of your educanonal career The educatron you have recerved at Goodwln Tech has prepared you to earn your l1v1ng rn a skrlled occupauon and to 11ve as a good crtrzen whrle emoyrng the socrabrlrty of your fellow men Thrs has been offered to you through the devotron of your parents and the conscr possrble by the decrsxons of free men rn our democrauc socrety The educatron you have recerved IS yours We urge you to use rt w1sely as a frrm foundauon on whrch to bu11d a more sausfyrng hfe for yourselves and your famrlres It has been a pleasure and an honor to have served you as your drrector In behalf of the faculty and undergraduates I wrsh you success and happmess 8 I entious endeavors of your teachers. You should appreciate that all this has been made l p H. H IS a man of wo th In over 42 years of unrnterrupted servrce -the longest term of servrce rn the hrstory of the State Department of Educatron Herbert H Wrlber has played a vrtal part rn the pro gress of Connectrcut rndustrral educatron Generatrons of Connectrcut students have looked to hrm for gurdance and encouragement Governor Abraham Rrbrcoff HERBERT H WILBER Now therefore I JOSEPH F MORELLI Mayor of the Crty of New Brrtarn rn the State of Connectrcut do hereby proclarm January 4 1958 as Wrlber Day and do urge the crtrzens to recognrze hrs deep rnterest rn the welfare of hrs students and communrty as reflected rn the success of the graduates of hrs school and the whole hearted support of hrs co workers In testrmony whereof I have hereunto srgned my name offrcrally and caused the Seal of the Crty of New Brrtarn to be affrxed thrs 16th day of Decenrber 1957 Srgned Joseph Morellr Mayor In my relatrvely short assocratron wrth Mr Herbert Wrlber I have come to admrre hrs reputatron for educatronal leadershrp for outstandrng loyalty to the people wrth whom he works for the rntegrrty of hrs Judgment and for hrs deep rnterest rn the welfare of all of hrs students The profound sprrrtualrty that has characterrzed hrs lrfe rs reflected rn the clrmate he has created for the E C Goodwrn School Srncerely WrllramJ Sanders Commrssroner of Educatron Connectrcut rs known as The Land of Steady Habrts Herbert Wrlber rs typrcal ofthe Srncerely Emmett O Brren Drrector of Vocatronal Educatron for the State of Connectrcut Mr H H Wrlber rs one of the half dozen proneers who organrzed the frrst vocatronal actrvrtres rn the State of Connectrcut rn the years 1914 to 1920 Mr Wrlber s good Judgment and rnfluence contrrbuted to the advancement of the Connectrcut system and to rts recognrtron as an outstandrng example of sound vocatronal educatron H Skerry Hall Assocrate Prof of Busrness Management fEmerrtusJ Seldom have I known a professronal leader wrth greater devotron to youth and tech nrcal profrcrency than I found rn Mr Wrlber Hrs rnfluence was felt not only rn the New Brrtarn regron but throughout the state of Connectrcut Hrs retrrement wrll be a loss to the educatronal progress of the state of Connectrcut Srncerely Frnrs E Engleman Executrve Secretary Amerrcan Assocratron of School Admrnrstrators It rs my good fortune to have ten years of close assocratron wrth Mr Wrlber I am confrdent that whrle the trme may have arrrved for retrrrng from the admrnrstratron of one of our frne Vocatronal technrcal schools we hope for hrs contrnued contrrbutron to the advancement of educatron rn our state and natron The Senror Class of 1958 Jorns wrth Mr Wrlber s many frrends rn congratulatrng hrm on hrs successful years rn the freld of Vocatronal Educatron We have been fortunate to have recerved an educatron under such a great educator We hope he may be blessed wrth good health and enjoy hrs years of retrrement Alonzo G Grace Former State Commrssroner of Educatron I- ii ' 17 6 I' . I .. 1 4 L . . I I Q J , ' - -Q . . . l . . 0 . L I . 1 as . . ,, . ,, . . . h .. . . 7 0 crtrzens who have grven thrs state that wonderful reputatron. I A ' ' ' f 0 1 Q as V - I . u . p o l 1 I ' ul- Director s Message As graduates of the 1958 Class of the E C Goodwin Technical School I congrat ulate you for a Job well done You have successfully completed a phase of your education At Goodwin Tech not only have you been given the basic knowledge of your future trade but also e u with each other Education is a continuous process and does not end when you leave school Any one who wishes to better himself or herself and make the best use of hts or her abilities must continue to learn by experience observation and study Therefore my best wtshes to each and everyone Your success in life is assured lf you strive to be a credit to yourself to your parents to your school to your country and to your God Sincerely Dmrector, 1958 10 v . , . . I d - p cation in how to be a good citizen, how to get along with other people and how to live ' . ' . . . I 5x John J. Mills Director of Student Personnel i Office Staff LEFT to RIGHT: Margaret C. Volz, Emily L. Clark, Audrey M. Ahlberg, Betty Ann Blachburn. Custodian Staff LEFT to RIGHT: Omer Dumais, Willis G. Marsh, Mrs. Florida Doucette, Clarence Oversuom. X . .1 32, ,Y iw. J Lfif f Z4 nf 51 kzrxbg' if 15 J Tiign- P K , 4. H, 5' 3' 8 'L v . , . 3: :few 4 1 1 4 J, , , U ,K .bs .2 - -:mi 455 X 2,5 H W be af ,WJ '... 4 1 ,F V , ,Nd .'f..-L 5 . '1 vf 4 - :Mi Q if L . . ' . 90. a r Wiz 5 up , ,G '1-L A 'K . S W, 1. w f.-534 1 .fb q wr IW 1 a,,,.,.,,.,mf D -A . 1 QQ. I- 5' A ww' Y fix A f. 2, , Mika 'N A UTQMOBM PRINTING Nl IBEW CHN DRAFTING MACHINE Z G VINQN 4 UQESS gC7fPfC PLUMBING and I-IEATING QQ CMC sooo TIQADES Aims TQQL A UT 600' DIE M TIC M ACH LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSING 'NE vi M4 X Q A74 I 49 Edgar M. Andrews, automobile instructor, explains car- Automobile instructor Joseph Angiolillo trains stu- buretor's relation to the motor. dents to prepare school bus for painting. Richard J. Fink demonstrates the testing of bread baking to his bakers. 1958 Joseph M. Angelillo, instructor, watches students Leo E. Keiderer, instructor in the automatic screw Check revolutions per minute of the automatic 'tl-ang- department, explains workings of the New Britain Gridley mission. Automatic Screw Machine. Beauticians setting hair. Mrs. Mary Grimason, in- structor and department head,not in photo. Louis M. Paradis, carpentry instructor, demon- strates the turning of a piece of stock in a lathe. House located on Apple Tree Hill Road built by carpenters under the supervision of Edwin Henschke. Students of dressmaking department at work on individual assignments. Sophie C. Formica, instructor, not present when photo was taken. 1958 A view of drafting students at work. Instructor Robert R. LaRese, in the background, oversees an individual student's work. Edward Kisluk, plumbing instructor, supervises Alveston F. Conklin checking qualities of lathe work his students as they work on furnace installed in in his tool Sadie Department. house built by the carpenters of the school. As students watch, Wilfred M. Hartman, in- structor in the machine department, checks diameter of work piece in a chuck. 1958 Machine instructor Alexander Woroniecki checks bore William C. Reisch checking safety methods to diameter of work as boys look on. be used by boys in his machine department. Xt ww-1 is 1 v -1 ,Auf --...... Nx 5. 4 . , A Y wif 'ihuh Q y , 4 ,vm A gl A 4 5 1' in . gp E but If v 9 f. QQ NL is 4' N' 'S Ha ,, fi. 'f Q L- af W9 5 ' xr Q M-f y f "'x'5'ff'L X. 6 1 Y "fn i'yf,.,Q: L ' 1 A!" ft' Ax, x l :A ' 'w f3.:.iSg,, ' N , nfl 'Wm' K f THE W E ll 'flames Nm- f- wt-5 4 1 'Ruse 'E' gg 13- 'gli s ax - Q O R P if Mikzm iff? h 'L if . V we ' , gy 5, . 5 - ewgftqgggr. W i J U 'S , , N Ma K' its . 5 f I, x Q W . Q , H V3 4' K fs ' .- , ' . W : f f?ff f V Y v,iia' ' ! A 1, Q 1 .,,.. j .5 .D xc efmthigme fqygai g y! ' fig.- AlJ3l si V' C0 L1 -4,4 r M xx, :inn ..,....-an RJ, ,fa seniors JOAN C. ALBRECHT "Joanie" 150 Richard Street New Britain Dressmaking "A true friend is like a diamond, precious and rare." A very serious-minded girl with her eye on the future, always finding friends and never an enemy is a good description of Joanie. She is a member of the Blue- Denims and O'Reilly's Lassies. Joanie's ambition in life is to get a job in the tailoring business. Student Council Representative, 13 Cheerleader, 2. ANDRE E. ALLAIN "Andy" 94 Kenney Street Forestville Machine "Where seldom is heard a discouraging word." Andre is a carefree young man who gives anyone encourage- ment by just talking to him. His favorite sports are golf, bowling, hunting and fishing. In the future, Andre would like to become a tool and die maker. RUTH E. AMSDEN "Ruthie" 42 lngraham Place Bristol Food Trades "A true friend is one soul in two bodies." Ruth is known as being one of the quietest girls in Goodwin Tech. She enjoys horseback riding and collecting knick- knacks. In the future Ruth would like to continue her trade and become a counter girl. NANCY R. ANDERSON "Andi" 215 Bristol Street Southington Beauty Culture "I smell a fire burning, someone's thinking." Nancy is about the happiest and funniest girl that ever entered Beauty Culture. She gets along with everyone and is seldom angry. Nancy's favorite sports are bowling, skating, and swimming. In the future she would like to own her own beauty shop. FRANCIS S. APARO "FISH" 1445 Corbin Avenue New Britain Carpentry "Honest endeavor is the gateway to success." Quiet, friendly and a ready smile describes "Fran." Dressing up his "Oldsmobile" occupies most of his spare time. I-le still finds time for woodworking, fishing, hunting and swimming. "Fran" hopes to be a contractor in the future. seniors of1958 DAVID A BAILEY "Dave" 35 Chapman Court New Britain Carpentry "Purpose in living makes happiness." David is a boy who never seems to have a worry in the world. A bright smile and a cheerful greeting has made him well- liked by all. In the future "Dave" plans on joining the Coast Guard. JIMMIE D. BAILEY "Rebel" 263 Hillhurst Avenue New Britain Carpentry "Contented and Happy." Jimmie came to Goodwin from the Hartford Regional Technical School. He made many friends at the local school. He likes to build and re -style sport cars. Swimming, football, and baseball occupy his leisure time. Joining the Air Force is his future plan. AIBERT J. BALLESTER "Al" 40 Beaver Street New Britain Printing "All's well that ends well." "Al" has always been polite and well-mannered. He doesn't try to be outstanding, but will go out of his way to do things for Goodwin. His favorite sports are swimming, football and he does very well at dancing. ln the future Al plans to go to the New York Mergenthaler Linotype School. Movie Camera Club. RAYMOND W. BEAUDOIN "Ray" 56 Sexton Street New Britain Drafting "I exhort you to be of good character." "Say there, young fellow" is the common saying of "Ray." His quiet and serious manner has won many friends for him. He is so thoroughly absorbed in mechanical drafting that he intends to take up architectural drafting in the future. His favorite sports are fishing and swimming and his hobby is electronics. MICHAEL S. BIANCO "Mike" 198 Alexander Road New Britain Baking "When a task is once begun, never leave it 'til it 's done." "Mike" is a fine sportsman with great ability in the field of athletics. He is one of the top students in his trade. Mike 's hobbies are sketching, decorating and he enjoys basketball, baseball, and swimming. Going to the Institute for Baking, then Teachers College of Connecticut, entering the Air Force and finally becoming a baking instructor is his goal. Student Council Representative, Basketball, 3,45 Baseball 3. ofl958 seniors WILLIAM E. BISSONI "Willie the Kid" 64 Dudley Street New Britain Carpentry "Right wrongs no man." William is one of the group who enjoyed every minute at Goodwin. He possesses a liking for the duties of a pharma- cist and may change his trade after graduation. His spare time is spent fishing, hunting, playing badminton and base- ball. Building models and woodworking fill in the remainder of his time. STANLEY G. BORKOWSKI "Stan" 3 Leon Road Forestville Electrical "From Listening Comes Wisdom." "Stan" entered Goodwin September, 1955. He was active in sports all during his school life. His special interests are golfing, fishing and hunting. He plans to enroll at the Hartford Technical Institute and then enter the service. Baseball 2,35 Captain, 45 Department Representative, 4i Intramural Basketball 2,3. GEORGE BROOKBANKS 102 Allen Place Hartford Automobile "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again." George is known throughout the school for his nice person- ality and his "crazy" Chevrolet. He enjoys dancing, skating, and swimming. In the future George would like to further his education in his trade and later make a career of it. BENOIT J. BROWN "Benny" 60 Cherry Street New Britain Carpentry "Remember the end and thou shalt never go amiss." A friendly smile and a cheerful manner have won many friends for Benny. As a dancer, he has become popular. He appeared as a dancer on Channels 8 and 30 several times. He joined the Sea Bees as an active reservist and will further training in his trade in the service. C.Y.O. Basketball team. KENNETH A. BROWN "Ken" 108 Commercial Street New Britain Machine "Not to live at ease is not to live at all." Kenneth Brown, Ken to all his friends, possessor of an out- standing personality, is known throughout Goodwin Tech for his active interest in the social life of the school. He has great feeling towards his school and participates in most school activities. As President of the Student Council, Ken is respected and admired by all. Hunting, fishing, boating, and swimming are his favorite sports. Ken's hobbies are music and collecting guns. To further his education and go into music fguitar, are his plans. Shop representative, Student Council 4 5 President of Student Council 4. seniors ofI958 SYLVIA T. BUCHANAN "Silver" 397 West Washington Bristol Beauty Culture "Come and trip as ye go, on the light fantastic toe." Never a dull moment with Sylvia. She has an infectious laugh and is very rarely angy. Swimming and roller skating are her favorite sports. In the future Sylvia would like to join the W.A.F. MARIO R. CARLONE 107 Albany Avenue New Britain Automobile "Smile todayg Frown tomorrow." Mario is really an ambitious boy. His four years at Goodwin Tech have -made him an asset to the Auto Mechanic world. He collects guns and plays baseball, basketball, and goes horseback riding. Mario also belongs to the Remington Riders. His goal is to be a specialist in automatic trans- missions. State Inspector f1957j at Motor Vehicle Safety Lane. DOLORES J. CASALE "Cassile" 37 Academy Lane Southington Beauty Culture "A penny for your thoughts." Dolores is one of the more quiet girls in our school. She enjoys dancing and spends a lot of her time riding in con- vertibles. Listening to the records she collects is another pastime she enjoys. To be a successful hairdresser is Dolores' ambition. HARRY T. CIANCl Worthington Point Road Berlin Machine "Reason can in general do more than blind force." Harry's main interest is cars. To hear him talk you'd know it. Remember the '49 Chevie with the "Forward Look." Guns, hunting, auto racing add to Harry's special interests. After graduation he plans to enter the services. He has been active in the Boy Scouts and the Road Jockeys and Rappers' Car Clubs. FLORENCE M. CICHON "Flo" 106 Jeanette Street Bristol Beauty Culture "Nothing brings more joy than friendships." The lovelyblondewith the green eyes . . . oh, that disarming smile! Florence is a girl with complete honesty combined with good judgment. She enjoys roller skating and bowling. She plans to open a Beauty Salon in the future. of1958 seniors ROGER A. CLOUTIER 18 Seymour Street New Britain Machine "As Merry as the Day is Long." Roger is a happy-go-lucky fellow with a nice smile. He enjoys working on cars, swimming, hunting, boating and fishing. His hopes are to go to college,and possibly join the Air Force. JOEL J. CONTE "Joe" 83 Queen Street New Britain Carpentry "Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it." Joel is a happy-go-lucky boy with a pleasing personality. His favorite sports are hunting, fishing, and boating. Joel also enjoys fixing cars. After graduating he intends to work at his trade or enter the service. RAYMOND G. CSWERCKO "Ray" George Washington Turnpike Burlington Machine "Opportunity strikes but once." Ray's main ambition is to enter the Air Force and then go into the field of engineering. He likes to work on cars and enjoys sports. Student Council Representative, 1. SAM J. D'AMATO 1518 Corbin Avenue New Britain Machine "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We admire the unusual personality, ambition, and interest in school work that Sam possesses. He finds time for baseball, basketball, football, and especially golf. Model building gets its share of Sam 's spare time. He believes in individual enterprise and some day hopes to own his own shop and to become a mechanical engineer. THOMAS R. DEGUZIS "Tom" 83 Rowe Place Forestville Printing "Always Ready." Thomas is enthusiastic about everything he does. Endowed with the ability to make friends, he will long be re- membered by his many associates at Goodwin. His musical interest, the accordion, occupies most of his leisure time. He is a member of the Forestville Boys' Club and the Vesper Scooter Club. Tom's plans for the future are indefinite. Student Council Representative, Class Entertainer. seniors of1958 ROBERT V DI LORETO " 58 Sherrrll Street New Brrtarn 'Draftrng "A lrght heart lrves long D" rs a student wrth a real sense of humor When thrngs are serrous he really tends to busrness What s your trouble," IS the favorrte sayrng of D " who plans to contrnue hrs trarnrng rn draftrng rn the U S Navy NOEL T DERY 156 Lyons Street New Brrtarn Food Trades Forgrve or prarse me I am what I am, no more no less Noel rs a boy of rather a quret nature He enjoys talkrng rn front of the school assemblres After the years of workrng rn a restaurant, Noel decrded rt was not what he wanted and would lrke to go to school for "medrcal photography or hrs hobbres Noel enjoys parntrng and photography Shop Representatrve 3, Busrness Manager for 1958 Yearbook Junror and Senror Representatrve to State Student Congress RICHARD P DIGNAZIO Drc 98 Maplehurst Avenue New Brrtarn Drck rs rnterested rn burldmg hot rods and enjoys sports such as swrmmrng baseball, and football Drck plans to attend the State Technrcal Instrtute and own a machrne shop of hrs own He rs an actrve member of the Hr Comps Hot Rod Organrzatron Coodwrn says good by to a frne student Basketball 3 4 STEVEN DOMANSKI "Steve 173 Broad Street New Brrtarn ScrewMachrne Happy am I, from care I'm free 'Steve rs noted for hrs cheerful attrtude He rs humoro , frrendly and pleasant I-le lrkes frshrng better than any other sport He has a great rnterest rn hrs trade After graduatrng 'Steve rs lookmg forward to srx months f actrve servrce and then a career rn hrs trade CLIFFORD S FERGUSON e 16 Spnng Street New Bntarn Food Trades "It's better to grve rn han o grve p Clrfford rs a very quret boy wrth a wonderful sense of humor He spends most of hrs spare trme gardenrng and also enjoys basketball To work rn hrs trade and later own hrs own place are Clrff's plans for the future of1958 . DII - - 'll ,, . . . . ' , ' l Il l . . . ,, . . . Q - , ll ' ' I! Q . 1 . , a us ' ' .ll F . . , . . . 0 1 . Q I ' . 5 3 3,4. . ll ' kll "Variety is the spice of life." . . y u . , . Il ll . .ll I In - - - . ' us . , ,, . . . ' O IID xl! ' ' t t ' u ." . . . , . Sel1IOl'S WILLIAMH FETZER 'Bill' Case Road Burlmgton Draftmg I ask to know " 'Ball ' rs an easy goxng hard worker He lrkes horseba ndxng huntmg dancrng, and frshrng A smrle at all trmes IS "Bill 's" trademark He rs actrve m the Junror Forest Fxre Frghters 4 H Club Prlgr1m's Fellowship, and Natxonal Rxfle Assocnatxon To jom the Armed Forces and later become an engrneer rs Bxll 's ambrtron Student Councrl Representatrve 3,4, Intramural Basketball 3, Served on decoratron commrttees for dances 3 4 ROGER W FROST FIOSCY" 19 Temple Street North Haven Plumbing " :nk before you spe k, but speak not all you thrnk 'Frosty" IS a boy capable of dorng hrs work but enjoys sports He would lake to continue hrs trade and become a heating engmeer rn the future ROGER GAUDIO 80 Dean Drive New Bntam Carpentry err rs human, to forgrve divine ' A man of few words Roger is inendly agreeable and a fellow who loves fun He llkes baseball and basketball and frnds photography very mterestmg Upon graduatron Roger wrll contxnue workrng rn hrs trade JOHN F GILBERT 518 Eddy Glover Blvd New Britain Electncal "Foot loose and fancy fre ' John quret for only a few seconds rs always wrlling to help anyone rn need Football and water skung are hrs favonte sports In the future John would like to go into the busmess of electncal contracting KAREN E GLEICK 391 Arch Street New Bntain Beauty Culture 'The only thrng we have to fear rs fear rtself Karen s mam aim rn lrfe IS to be fnends with everybody She has always tned to grve a smrle to everyone she knows. Karen's favorrte sports are horseback ndxng and golf. She also enjoys stunt horseback riding. In the future, Karen plans to become a harrdresser and open her own shop Edrting Committee for Yearbook. seniors o I I ll ' , . , . . , . . ck . . , . , . .I . i. . U . . , - , . . . . . I 1 ! ' ll Th' a ' ' -" , . . . sleeping in class. Boats and swimming are his'favorite "To ' ' . ' ! ' . F ' ! ' J e.' , . , . . 1 - - - .u of1958 RAYMOND A GOLAB 'Ray 182 Hrgh Street New Brrtain Plumbing " ood thmgs come rn s l pack ge ' Wrth a gleam rn his eye and always loolung for fun frts "Ray" to a tee Track and held are Ray's favonte sports and take up most of h1s tlrne Hrs hobbres are takmg motron prctures Polrsh folk dancmg and gymnastrc apparatus He has won nme trophres and slxteen medals Workmg at h1s trade for a few years and later entermg the Marines are Ray's ambltrons GEORGE M GRANGER 1441 Farmmgton Avenue Farmmgton Carpentry hy worry over tr1fles?' George spends all his time workrng as a farmer and a carpen ter Once rn a whlle however he goes huntmg and frshmg He has been one of the quret members of the class He also enjoys dancing rce skating and roller skatrng After graduatlon George plans to work at hrs trade EDWARD L GRIFFIN "Edd1e 40 Hart Street New Bntam Automatlc Screw Machrne A pleasant lad of mrrth Full of fun wrth a sense of humor frts Eddre perfectly After workmg at his trade he cla1ms men have become tools of then tools Huntmg and boating consume h1s spare trme After graduatlon he plans to enlrst rn the armed servxces Department Representatwe 4 JAMES R HALL "J 1m Dandy" 11 Benham Street Bnstol Food Trades Never pu ff 't 1 morrow what you can do today " James 15 a fnend to everyone He 15 and always w11l be llked for h1s fme sense of humor Hrs favonte sports are baseball, football and track Playmg dnrms and dancmg are h1s favonte pastrmes James rs known by the whole school for h1s talent ln playmg the bongo drums In the future James hopes to become a cook 1n one of Ya1e's Fratennty Houses Student Councll Representatrve 4, Baseball 2 EDWARD C KLIMKIEWICZ Butch 87 Jeannette Street Bristol Carpentry " augh and h whole world laughs with you " Edward IS a clean cut boy wrth a mee sense of humor He enjoys workmg on cars boatrng and water sknng In the Forestvrlle Boys' Club Edward rs an actrve member In the future Edward would l1ke to become a starr buxlder and work hrs way to the top ofI958 I ll G ' ' mal a s. ' 7 . l ' ' llw ' I i . . , , . . . . . . I . . , . . , . IIL Y , , ' l ll ' .ll , . , . , 0 A 1. " t o i to . ' 1 . ll ll L t e ' . . . , . , .. . v . ' S9l1I0l'S WALTER R KLOCKO 695 Prne Street Forestvrlle Carpentry "StrII water runs de p Walter a lrttle brt on the quret srde, rs lrked by everyone He has a good sense of humor and a ready smrle He lrkes sports and played baseball from 1955 through 1957, wmnrng two letters He also lrkes horseback rrdrng Walter enjoys playrng the accordron and plays very well Hrs future plan rs to jorn the U S Navy and to further hrs education Baseball JOSEPH P KOZUN "Duke 247 Washmgton Street New B1-,tam Machrne Some are rse, and some are otherwrse ' Duke's mam rnterest rs cars and rn hrs spare trme works them Hrs hobbres are burldrng model planes and boats, guns and chess Duke belongs to the YMCA Boys' Cl b Kappers After Duke graduates he rntends to enter the Marrne Corps and contrnue hrs trade When he serves hrs term rn the Marmes, he would lrke to hold an assrgnment rn a sho Goodgrrn Rrfle Club 1,2 Alternate representatrve rn Student Councrl, 4 CHARLES N LA MAR 'Chuck 43 Hartford Avenue New Brrtarn r e IS one long p o e of gettrng trred ' Berng voted Krug of the Junror Prom, Chuck rs as most every one knows, a boy wrth a wonderful personalrty and sense of humor Chuck enjoys motorcycles, and hot rods He rs also rnterested rn swrmmmg and dancrng To jorn the servrce and later open a motorcycle reparr shop rs Chuck's ambrtron DONALD A IAMMERS 'Sonny 587 Maple Hrll Avenue Newmgton Prrntrng 'He who succeeds wrll make somethrng of hrmself Donald really enjoys the trade he has chosen He loans hrs tools to anyone who needs them, whrch proves hrm to be good hearted Donald lrkes huntrng and frshrng and really enjoys dorng errands for teachers In the future, Donald would Irke to open hrs own prrnt shop THOMAS R LINCOLN "Tom 14 Zrpp Avenue Forestvrlle Machrne ' I love work, I could srt and watch it all day Tom rs about the quretest boy at Goodwrn Tech Hrs favor rte sports rnclude baseball, basketball bowlrng and huntrng He also has a stamp collection whrch rs hrs favorrte hobby After completrng hrs mrlrtary oblrgatrons Tom would like to be employed rn the New Departure as a machrnrst seniors O - ' e ." , A , . h Y Il II w' - . l ,, ,, . . . . . . on I ll ll J u , g . . I ll Automobile "L'f ' r c ss ' ' .' I N I ' ' ' ll ll I , ' ll 1 1 ' D of1958 CATHERINE C LOIARRO "Cathy' 441 Brrch Street Brrstol Beauty Culture "Beauty rs po er, smrle rs rts sword Cathy rs always laughmg and never walks when she can run Her expressrve eyes show off a wonderful personalrty Basketball, tennrs, rce skatrng, and roller skatrng are Cathy' favorrte mterests Her favorrte hobbres are srngrng and wrrtrng short storres for magazrnes Cathy rs a member of the Natronal Poetry Assocratron and the C Y O She would like to own a charn of Beauty Shops rn the future Student Councrl, Class Poetess ROBERT MALONE 176 South Marn Street New Brrtarn Pnntrng ' veryone p ays a pa ' Robert spends most of hrs spare trme wrth hrs favorrte hobby dancrng He enjoys baseball and basketball He rs very rnterested rn hrs trade and rntends to work as a prrnter after graduatron Student Councrl Representatrve 2, Baseball 3 ROGER C MARTIN Rog 602 Stafford Avenue Brrstol Carpentry No trme lrke the present " "Roge has a quret, pleasant manner He has the reputat of mrndrng hrs own busrness He succeeds rn everythrng he attempts to do Burldrng model planes and boats take up hrs spare trme He lrkes football, rce skatrng and bowlrng After leavmg Goodwrn he wrll jorn the Arr Force and later enroll rn college ANTHONY MICACCI "Tony 35 Emmons Place New Brrtarn Tool 8: Dre e makrngs of a mrghty ma Tony rs a gay boy wrth a cheerful smrle Hrs favorrte sports are baseball and basketball Tony enjoys bowlrng cars and photography Gorng to college and berng a srnger are Tony s plans Treasurer of the Senror Class EARL S MIFFLIN 11 Yale Street New Brrtarn Bakrng Every prcture has a hundred words ' Earl rs well lrked by most of hrs fellow workers He enjoys helprng new students and srngrng a few hrt tunes every now and then Musrc rs the marn rnterest rn Earl's lrfe Along wrth hrs two brothers Qtrrpletsl, they have sung rn many shows and even rn the Far East for the Armed Forces Hrs favorrte sports are bowlrng, swrrnmrng and golfrng In the future, Earl would lrke to work rn a bakery or try srngrng for a lrvrng ofl958 I . W .3 . . . D., . . . . S 'E l rt.' Y ll ell Il ' ' . " ' . ion ll "Th ' ' n." I . . , , . ll ' I . . , . . Sel'llOl'S RICHARD B MINDEK Dxck 102 Summlt Road New Bntaxn Machme "A Job worth dolng IS worth domg rrght ' Drck IS held 1n h1gh6St regard by all hrs frrends and class mates He partxc1pates m nearly all school 3Ct1VltlCS and IS mterested 1n the welfare of the school After graduatxon, D1ck plans on furthermg h1s educat1on m the fxeld of englneenng H1s hobby IS playmg the guxtar He IS a member of the C Y O Musrc Club Baseball 2 GERALD JOSEPH MITCHELL M1tch 49 Sachem Street New Bnta1n Machxne e world belongs to the energet A happy go lucky boy w1th no wornes on hrs mrnd, that 's a good defrmtron for "M.rtch ' Hrs sports are baseball, foot ball, and basketball Sw1mm1ng and f1sh1ng are hrs hobbxes To get a Job rn the mach1ne trade or get a job as a tool and dre maker are the future plans for Mrtch RICHARD K NADEAU Dxck' 67 Kmnear Avenue New1ngton Electncal "The head to dlrect, the hand to execute and the heart to understand " Drck IS a fam1l1ar f1gure around Goodwm I-le's such a cheerful lad and so fnendly to all at school He enjoys dancmg, bowlmg, and has a specxal rnterest ln football H wrll further h1s educat1on at the State Techn1cal Instltute Pres1dent of Class 3,4, Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 RICHARD F NEWELL Rrch 41 Peter Parley Road Berl1n Machxne To err ns human, to forgrve, d1v1 " R1ch 15 a good natured boy and IS known by all for has sense of humor He 15 a member of the Mad States Mod1f1ers, Hot Rod Ofg3.lf11Z2tl0D and also enjoys hobbles such as cars, planes boats, and dancmg Playmg the accordlon mterests hxm, too To go to eng1neer1ng college and make a career of the Navy are hrs plans Basketball 3 4 BARBARA J ORLOWSKI Babs 43 Westerly Street New Bntaa Food Trades ake up and r s Howdy Partner' " IS a favorrte say1ng of Barbara 's and sults her smce she hopes to someday explore the "Great West " Barbara plays the p1ano and gu1tar and enjo lxstenmg to mus1c She lrkes to r1de horses and hopes to come a rodeo queen seniors O ll ' ll Il ' II "Th ic." u ll ' ll l . ll ' I i . . . . . i e . ' v 1 r ' - I I Il ' ll , ,.,. . .neu Y , . 7 ll ll . .F "w ie.-' " , . ' ' ' , if n .1 1 1 . 0 . ys b . 8- of1958 FRANK G PELLEGRINI "Pelican 12 Walker Road New Britain Electrical 'To know him is to like him ' Everyone at Goodwin knows and lrkes Frank For a period of three years he has played basketball, and been active rn all school affairs Frank intends to join the Air Force and study electronics Basketball 2,3,4, Co Captain 4, Vice President of Class 3 4, Advertising editor of the Yearbook, Student Council alternate 3 4 GEORGE PLOCHA RSKI "1-look 30 Birch Street Fogeggvllle Carpentry ' on' worry until something happens ' George is known for hrs ability rn baseball In his junior year he pitched two no hitters I-hs hobbies are hunting and frshrng In the future, George would like to continue m hrs trade or join the service ROBERT S PLOCHARSKI Bob 30 Brrch Street Bristol Carpentry 'Be sure you're right, then go ahead ' ll , . . . , Il 'D t ' . ' ll ll I ' . .ll Bob intends to go to the top in his trade. He 's especially interested in boat building. Baseball tops his list of favorl ite sports. He played with the Little League and the Boys' Club in Forestville. Following graduation, he intends to work at his trade. . l he I nr " ' i , ' l . " a , d ne. ' Baseball 2 LLOYD A POTTER 'Sleepo t I 370 Lake Avenue Bristol Baking lf you want something done r ght do it yourse f " Lloyd likes a joke now and then and IS a very good sport He likes bowling with the Connecticut Central State "B' League Lloyd's favorite sports are baseball basketball and bowling He hopes to join the Navy and continue his trade BRUCE S PRIOR 116 Keeney Street Manchester Food Trades Love all, trust few o wrong to no ' Bruce rs a quiet boy wrth a good sense of humor and you just can't help but like hrm 1-le gets along well with everyone Bruce's favorite hobby is cake decorating which he does very well Hrs favorite sports are swimming and volley ball In the future Bruce plans to own his own catering service of1958 seniors MARCIA C RANCOURT Marsh 300 Baldwrn Avenue Merrden Beauty Culture "F ew knew her because of her quretness ' Marcra rs a petrte grrl wrth a cherry 'Hello' " for everyone She enjoys swrmmrng dancmg, and rce skatrng To become a beautrcran rn her home town rs Marcra 's hope for the future CARLTON V RAYMOND "Ray 7 Prne Street Plarnville Draftrng ve a lrttle, take a lrttle Ray, a calm serene person gets along wrth everyone Ray came to us after servrng three years wrth the U S Marrne Corps Hrs future arm rs to become a draftsman WALTER P RURKA 'Walt 196 Brngham Street New Brrtain Be led by reason " Walt one of Goodwrn's hard workers rs admrred by hrs class mates for hrs ambrtron and hrs personalrty Workrng as an occupres most of Walt 's spare trme He enjoys art and cars To open a Job shop of hrs own rs Walt 's highest goal Student Councrl Representatrve 4, Advertrsmg edrtor Yearbook STEPHEN SANDSTROM 'Sandy 514 Prne Street Forestvrlle Carpentry 'Labor conquers all things " Stephen rs a quret, retiring boy He 's very cooperative and gets along with everyone His favorrte hobby rs hunting He rs also an actrve member of the Boys Club Stephen would lrke to contmue hrs trade rn the future Baseball 3 4, Basketball 3 ANTON W SCHULER Preston Street Terryvrlle Machme Looks that speak ' Anton rs an rntellrgent boy who gets along wrth everyone He rs a member of the A F M A and C Y O Huntrng, flshrng and swrmmrng are hrs favorrte sports Anton rs also rnterested rn farmrng and the care of anrmals After graduatron from Goodwrn Anton would like to further hrs educatron rn hrs trade seniors I 1 ll ll 1 U ' I . . . . . , ll "Gi ' ' ' ." ! Y ' I ll ll . , . . . . - assistant manager on a vegetable counter in a super market . . . . , I ll I . . , , . - - ll . . l . . - - . . . . . D , i l ofl958 FREDERICK D SERRA "Pre " 50 Hzgh Street New Britain Baking ' e knows the trme and place for everythrng Fred IS a qulet boy w1th a good sense of humor He IS a brg baseball fan and keeps records of all the Yankee ball players Fred's hobbles are records H1 F1, and radros When he graduates, Fred plans to further hrs educatron rn bakmg at the Rochester Institute for Baking Student Council Representatlve 4 JOHN SIKOROWICZ "Jack 200 Daly Avenue New Brrtam Electrical ' rthout dange , e g e grows co ' Thrs quotatron rs true of Jack rn every respect Erther he IS hot roding around town, taking chances as brg as they come or running 1nto school late and trying to beat the bell when he knows It 's rmposslble Despzte hrs dangerous outlook, he rs a good frlend, really worth havrng He always has a smxle from ear to ear, and 1t's worthless to try to get hrm angry Intramural basketball GERTRUDE Y STEELE Gertre 55 Tulrp Street Bnstol Dressmakmg 'One smile commg up Gertre rs a happy g1r1 fzlled wrth school sp1r1t Her face rs usually covered wrth an mstantaneous smzle Her favorrte sports are basketball and baseball In the future, "Gert1e" plans to open her own alteratron shop Cheerleader 3, Student Councrl Secretary 3, Semor Class Secretary 4 JOSEPH R ST JEAN Rog 408 Maln Street Newmgton Automobrle ' ecessrty rs the m he of rnventx A happy outlook on lrfe rs Joseph's rdentrfrcatlon H1s favor 1te sports are basketball, swxmmmg, and bowllng Joseph's hobbres are hot rods and oil pamtmg To become an arr craft mechanrc is h1s future plan GERALD D SYMONAITIS Sy 86 Kenwood Street Kensington Carpentry "Love all, trust a few, do harm to non ' Jerry wants the carpentry trade as a background for h1s future ambztlon, an acoustrcal engmeer He llkes nothmg better than to work on hrs car Hrs future ambrtron rs to jorn the Naval Reserves Projectxomst Club 3 of1958 , d 'H ' - - .ll u , u u s ' . ll 'W' r th am ld.' I 7 . ll ' ll I ' ' .ll ,. . ,, . . . . . . . . . . ll Il 'N ' ' ot r ' 'on." . ll mol! e. ' seniors ROBERT S. TARADEINA "Bob" 20 Horace Street New Britain Automobile "Right's right, and fair's fair." Robert is a boy who enjoys football and baseball. He would like to work for a while at his trade and then go into the service. Assistant State inspector for the Department of Motor Ve- hicles, 1957. JOHN A. VETRE "Butch" 102 Gold Street New Britain Plumbing "A friend to all is the best friend." Easy going is the best definition for Johnny. His favorite sport is basketball. He has been active on the varsity team for two years and also plays with an outside team. In the future, Johnny plans to continue his trade, go into the service, and later on get married. Representative for Student Council 4, Basketball 2,3 ELIZABETH J. VINCENT "Betty" 19 Fairfax Avenue Meriden Beauty Culture "I had rather have everybody on my side." Betty is an attractive girl with a pleasing personality. She is known throughout Goodwin for her cheerful smile. Betty enjoys skating and swimming. To work in a beauty shop and possibly manage one of her own are Betty's future plans. JOHN M. WOITOWITZ "Whitey" 66 Winthrop Street New Britam Electrical "I have tried so hard to do the right." "Whitey" made many friends at Goodwin because he was good-natured and friendly. I-Ie enjoys hopping up and customizing cars. He likes basketball and football. 1-le led his team to victory in his junior year. In the future he plans to join the U. S. Air Force and continue training in the electrical field. ANDREW ZNOSKO "Andy" 178 New Britain Road Kensington Automobile "Friend to all, enemy to none." Andy, along with being the largest fellow in his class, is also outstanding for his pleasing pemonality and cheerful smile. He is known for being a friend to everyone. Andy enjoys playing chess in his spare time and sports when he is able. In the future, Andy would like to work at his trade for awhile 5 then further his education. Assisted as inspector at Willow Brook State for the Motor Vehicle Department, Intramural Sports 25 Basketball Manager 2. seniors of1958 MARTHA ZUCCI-ll Marty' 18 Kenton Street Kensmgton Beauty Culture The poorest way to face lxfe 1S to face lt wrth a sne Martha s happy go lucky way and good sportsmanshrp wxll always be remembered by her classmates Her frlendly personallty has won her many frlends and w1ll carry her happlly through the years A lover of sports, her favorxtes are tenms, bowllng, and shuffleboard 791' Educatton rs the leadmg human souls to what 13 best and makmg what lS best out of them and these two objects are always attamable together and by the same means the trammg whtch makes men happtest m themselves also makes them most servtceable to others X xi ,fx 1 x of1958 " f f, f7N i f mls" A 711 xl 12115 C f A mxtfrflk W f 1 " ' ' X w s' u U Class Wrll To Mrs Rawlings the senrors leave a robot to get into her class on time l Benoit Brown leave my dancing shoes to the person who gets my locker To Mr Fogg we leave Badge 714 To Mrs Hounchell we leave the money we owe for past meals To Food Trades we leave Paul Neil I Joe Kozun leave my push broom to the next strong armed man the tool room I Walter Rurka leave my lock fixing abrlrty to some able bodied Junior Andrew Znosko Clarge boyj leaves hrs coveralls to Roland Derosrer Qsmall boyj William Fetzer leaves hrs chopped up desk to a future senior Karin Glerck leaves to Marie Dumas her dislike for sprt curls Al Ballester leaves to Michael Bianco the luck to get a flat tire Nancy Anderson leaves at last I Francis Aparo leave my seat on the truck for someone who doesn mrnd bouncing around Florence Crchon leave my learning abrlrty to Dorothy Klrmkrewrcz Michael Bianco leave my Art Book to Mr Harrison Cathy Lorarro leave untrnted locks to Emma Del Buono Sylvia Buckanan leave to Mrs Grrmason a case of chocolate milk Earl Mrfflrn being of sound mind leave to Benny Brown who rn Dolores Casale leaves to Lorraine Trembley a foot pad for her burning oot Barbara Orlowskr leaves her paint brushes to Jean Savage Gertrude Steele leaves her cheerleading Jump to Corrine Monrco Thomas Deguzrs leaves hrs George Gobel looks to anyone who wants them Harry Crancr leaves hrs glasses to any near sighted instructor Roger Frost leaves hrs seat on the bus to any Meriden grrl Lloyd Potter leaves the mopprng of floors to Mrke O Shana Ruth Amsden gives all her pencrls to Dolores Murzyn who never has one To Mrss McSheffery the senror class leaves a present of a new book of gym excuses To Mr Ferruccr we leave our darly logs To Mr Duncan we leave a large bottle of red rnk Kenneth Brown leaves hrs funny antrcs to Anthony Gunterman To E C Goodwrn Tech we leave all the candy wrappers and empty coke bottles To Mr Dean we leave a solrd gold Cadrllac To Mr Fogg we leave the largest algebraic equatron To Bill Schubert George Brookbanks leaves hrs seat rn Mr Lombardr office James Hall leaves hrs towel throwing arm to Jack Bartlett To Janice Warner Marcra Rancourt leaves her marcelle wrg Frank Pellegrrnr leaves hrs basketball skrll to hrs brothers Al and Joe Rrchard Nadeau leaves all hrs electrrc wrres to Edward Root The senrors leave to all the underclassmen Goodwrn Tech 40 O ' I . , . . , . , , - in . ' . 'Y I. . I . . . . . . I, ' ' , . ' . I. ' . ' . I, ' , . ' ' . I' . , I . . , ' . turn will leave to Goodwin Tech, music as it arrives. f . -4 Atwlf - , ' w I ' l n X 1 I . , . c p . . u ' , ' ' . "s , h I , , , . Durrng Our Sophomore Year Goodwrn Tech recetvetl a new Televrston set Votrng machmes were used for the electron of offrcers Mrs 1-louncell Head of the Students Cafeterra came to Goodwrn Decoratrons for the sprrng dance carrted out the theme Parrsran Fantasy wrth the most spectacular decorattons the school ever had Durrng Our Junror Year Joseph F Morellr New Brrtam s Mayor attended a Student Coun C11 meetrng at Goodwrn He talked to the students on the theme So bends the twrg so grows the tree Goodwrn had tts frrst Iumor Prom Goodwm publrshed tts frrst Yearbook The school took on a new look All classrooms and shops rn the old burldrng and some n the new burldtng were freshly parnted Beauty Culture recerved a new harr dryer Durrng Our Senror Year Mr Wrlber our drrector retrred We had cheerleaders avarn Goodwrn came rnto possessron of a bus for the school The prrce of cokes went up from srx to ten cents Mrs Doucette came to us as our new matron We had a new Scrence Lab We had a car for the Safe Drrvrng Course Mr Dean won ftrst prrze for an O11 patntrng at the Berltn Farr Rrchard Nadeau Frank Pellegrrnr Tony Mrcaccr and Marre Dumas were elected our class offtcers The great worry rn New Brrtarn The Greatest water shortage the crty has ever experrenced Beauty Culture featured a new hart do the Cobra Cut The 1-lomemakrng Class parnted and decorated a barrel and frlled tt wrth toys and games for the younsters at the Crrppled Chrldrens Home at Newrngton The surprrse of all the senrors when Russra sent out Sputnrks one and two Was Russra ahead of the Unrted States rn the freld of Sc1ence9 41 Remember? O . , , . o l I I 1 - We had a new coach, Mr. Amato. O h ' . , . . . : O A 1 R, , F 4: xf' ut... iron but we have Steele. a corridor but we have a Hall. St. Joseph but we have St. Jean. a peach but we have a Pare. black but we have a Brown Washrngton but we have Lrncoln an old well but we have a Newell snow but we have Frost a Savmgs Bank but we have a Brookbanks any rnuffrns but we have M1ffl1ns a road but we have Allarn chem lab but we have a Golab house loan but we have a Carlone A T O but we have Nadeau prrrer or a patter but we have a Potter Superror Court but we have a Rancourt wmd storm but we have a Sandstrom red cent but we have a Vrncent swtss Chard but we have a Rtchard a lron s den but we have an Amsden a cow but we have a Dery a Chrrstmas tree but we have a Noel 42 "For I dipped into the future Catherme Lorarro To 0ur Future We ve had the brtter wrth the sweet The best rs yet to be Our fame and fortunes he ahead Wrthxn us rs the key To great success and happy days Our work ts cut and dry There IS a world that hes rn store For those who dare to try We march in step to get ahead And all of us advance We ll overcome the qurrks of fate Wrth only half a chance And as the years fade one by one When all our dreams are known We ll thank the Lord Who led the way That we were not alone Wtth those who saw our needs And we were honor bound that they Should glory rn our deeds Whtle revelatton formed our skrlls And happmess our wrt It should have been a shameful thrng For all of us to qurt But now the portals open wrde And we have overstayed There s danger rf we hesrtate We must not be afrard The future beckons brrght and clear We re gutded from above To face each day wrth dauntless strength And Truth and Joy and Love , . 9 . For we were blessed in home and school I 3 : 1 . 1 l I I I 0 FW fl fl, f'-'TJ JWLpnm" 32? 'S' x..'G Dolores Casale Betty Vrncent Karen Glerck Gertrude Steele Sylvra Buchanan Joan Albrecht Florence Crchon Nancy Anderson Karen Glerck Barbara Orlowslu Brlhgene Allen Gertrude Steele Nancy Anderson Florence Crchon Mane Dumas Marsha Rancourt Betty Vrncent Ruth Amsden Joan Albrecht Senior Notables BEST DRESSED BEST DANCERS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ATI-ILETES SCHOOL POLITICIANS QUIETIST CLASS BLUSHERS CLASS CLOWNS MOST POPULAR CLASS ARTIST S SINGERS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT LIVELIE ST SAYS LEAST THINKS MOST DID MOST FOR CLASS MOST RESPECTED CLASS LEADERS CLOCK WATCHERS CLASS DREAMERS 44 Anthony Mrcaccl Benort Brown Kenneth Brown John Vetre Noel Dery Lloyd Potter Roger Frost John Wortowrtz Robert Plocharskr Mrke Branco Anthony Mrcaccr Albert Ballester Frank Pellegrrnr Joseph St Jean Walter Rurka James Hall Rrchard Na deau John Srkorowrcz Donald Lammers Q - A 4 , f L1 ' -5 ' N ' ' L, '? x ' -I I Marsha Rancourt BEST LOOKING Stanley Borkowski Marsha and Stanley Gertie and John BEST LOOKING BEST ATHLETES 1 ,X 1, P ff A ' Betty and Benoit Karen and Kenneth Dolores and Anthony BEST DANCERS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED 45 Sylvxa and Noel Joan and Lloyd Florence and Roger SCHOOL POLITICIANS QUIETEST CLASS BLUSHERS I-fl if BI! Nancy and John Karen and Robert CLASS CLOWNS MOST POPULAR 46 Senior ,' gtk lf' ,w if ' S 33' - ' f 4, ff Y! O I Barbara and Mike Billigene and Anthony CLASS ARTISTS CLASS SINGERS Notables Gertrude and Albert Nancy and Frank Florence and Joseph MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT LIVELIEST SAYS LEAST THINKS MOST 4-7 Mane and Walter Marsha and James DID MOST FOR CLASS MOST RESPECTED Berry and Richard Ruth and John Joan and Donald CLASS ILADERS CLOCK WATCHERS CLASS DREAMERS 48 'AK 4 w,.3m. 'h.,,,w X 1 'PK ,. n ,I ti ' " was x ,I 1 in 5 . :fr ' MM WJ. If 5 in LV Y ,R Q , I 1 N 4I,f ., . L 'i A4 ' alan' Q. Vg, 1 xv Q... iv.-.WH l Www A- ' Q A A Q ,A-Q if - N , . ., , ' . f' 'i.':.-:mf:i..4gL1gfYR' ff ,,.l ,p X L' kh- -Qrls' ya' -ui Ky! ,A , if - ' 'i-his gifs 1 Jxmx. Mfr. 'L . ff, .2 4, .T 5- 4'7 r' lg -A 11, 'f' s, ,?f:,qg 'f .F '.51 HE. ' efv lu: A. -1 'za-.1 14 I .r iE.',""-:fl : p S+!! 1 : 'I .Vp 'f -3 'mf ii., ' 1,1351 A ffw' ...U if ' ' . ' A I f -i.'Nk"x: , - 'w a ' MA 'I V ' '-.-Q' - A :inq- 'e2'1fs::Qm2ixe:w- Q 'lu..g'b.-.-..,..-0, BJ Jayvees FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Don Cayer, Dave Karamby, A1 Pellegrini, Walt Smolenski and John Kovaleski. SEC- OND ROW: Nonn Owen, Joe Pellegrini, A1 Kulesa and Denny Proll. Basketball Highlights of the 1957-58 Season Led by Capt. Frank Pellegrini, a green and inexperienced team took to the court against some of the better bas ketball teams in the state. Suffering from stage fright, Goodwin proceeded to lose its first four games. . .to Hartford Tech, St. Thomas Seminary, Eli Whitney Tech, and Fitch High, the first three by slim margins. Finally, on January 3, the eve of Mr. Wi1ber's retirement, the basketball team gave a superb team effort and won their first game of the season. . .a game long to be remembered by all who saw it, and, in particular, Mr. Wilber. The rest of the season saw Goodwin on the short end of the score 12 more times, and the final record was one win and 16 defeats. The graduating seniors will leave quite a gap in the starting five next year with only one veteran, Hank Fiora- vanti, remaining. Seniors who played are Capt. Frank Pellegrini, Stan Borkowski, John Vetre, Mike Bianco, Rich Dignazio, Rich Newell, and Tom Lincoln. The J,V,s are stocked with Juniors and Sophs and have shown a great deal of improvement through the year. Those boys, who will probably be wearing the Varsity uniforms next year,wil1come from these ranks. 51 'Qi .K ff ,f 1 Pa X A Yea Team LEFT to RIGHT: Sunday Russo, Faith Kovitch, Corrine Monico, Christine Mills, Barbara Lynch, Eleanor Perkins. 54 's LEFT: Thomas Lincoln, catcher, Stanley Borkowski, second base. Highlights of Season Co -captains Joe Marine and Pat Baldino led the team to victory in 50010 of the scheduled games. On May 6,the co -captains had perfect days at the plate - each getting 4 for 4 in a game against Wilcox Tech. George Plocharski allowed only 2 hits in the game and had 3 hits in 4 trips at bat. On May 13, George Plocharski pitched a no-hit game against Wilcox at Willow Brook, score 3-1. Our team defeated Berlin High 5-1, May 22, and Vinal Tech for a second time 8-'7 at Willow Brook. A heartbreaking 12 inning decision went to Hartford Tech in Hartford with a score of 4-3 on May 29. It was George Plocharski's first pitching loss for the season. Co- captain Joe Marine had 4 hits for 5 times at bat. With veterans retuming, namely, Stanley Borkowski, Stanley Myslinski, Robert Malone and Thomas Lincoln, Coach Amato expects a successful 1958 season. zaafyfg 5 Z, John DeChesser, first base Ernie Dagata, outfielder. Stanley Myslinski, third base. Co-captains, Joe Marine, centerfieldg Pat Baldino, Pitcher. 4.2 4 C, ,PNN 5 Q-we wana 44351 Ziff? K Z K ,RW Q i W A r Students and fnends dancmg the B O P Get-Acqualnted Dance Back of table Nels Nelson Electncal Instnxctor and Lucxan Lombardx Dxrector drscussmg Goodwm's Socral Program Z1 LEFT to RIGHT Beverly Chester Robert Wuchert LEFT to RIGHT Merton Madore Jean Savage Ovlde Wxllxam Grockx, Carl Swanson Judy Robertson chat Albert Noel Dery Jamce Warner Frank Pelllgrxm trng between dances Paulme Dauphxn talkmg over old tlmes 57 O fi ' v' X L 3 if 1 Q as f x X tlll 4 . A . .x , Xxi, A x f 1 XV T7 Q4 uf 1 f LEFT to RIGHT: Karen Gleick, Francis Sonzella, Beatrice Surdam, George Olson, Georgiana I-lanic and Ralph Dorbuck dancing a Fox Trot Prom King and Queen: Charles La Mar and Paula LEFT to RIGHT: Jean Savage, Joyce Yeske, Genovese swinging to a Fox Trot Benoit Brown and Patricia Kobus s fix Frank Pelligrini and Theresa Beaumier swinging LEFT to RIGHT! Judy Serra, J0h1'1 VSUG and to 3 HB O pl' Theresa Beaumier talking over happy school days LEFT to RIGHT: Paul Neill, Corrine Monico, Don Robbins, Jean Savage, Francis Sonzella, Noel Dery and Janice Warner appear to be Karen Gleick, and Janice Warner discussing the enjoying the Prom success of the Prom LEFT to RIGHT Kenneth Brown Carol Nesta Allen LEFT to RIGHT Carol Lagasse Frank Pelhgrmr Leonard Sandra Carubba Walter Rurka Rose Mary Kenneth Brown, Charles LaMar Arthur Ita Jean Motto enjoylng refreslunents Remeckr enjoymg a toast by Benolt Bromm ocroaen New X ,X . Halloween I J Dance LEFT to RIGHT Charles LaMar, Mary Ann Drgnazro LEFT to RIGHT Allen Leonard Theodore Lmger Rlchard Nadeau Ethel Bubrer hstenmg to Frank Pellr Barbara Levme Carol Nesta pose for a photo durmg gr1n1's chatter refreshment trme 60 5 . -. I l : ! 2 : F . . 'l , 1 . , , 1 u . , 1 , . , . - . I f' I R' X ., , 1 X, N X LY 'ilk l, an - " , I A ,1 . ' rx . . : s Q I . .s , Q : , . - , 1 4 , - ' , I Students view exhibits and chat between classes. LEFT to RIGHT: Paul Neil, Barbara Orlowski, Richard Nadeau, James Hall, Marie Dumas, Benoit Brown, and Karen Gleick. Benny Brown is Goodwin's T.V. dancing representa- tive on Band Stand. He is ready to begin as soon as the music starts. AQ! ,4 Alumni members make plans for the annual din- The occasion was the presentation of a "Procla- ner dance. LEFT to RIGHT: Jean Gregory, Jean mation" to retiring Director Herbert H. Wilber, Michelsen, Henry Czerwinski, John Conti. by Mayor Joseph Morelli. LEFT to RIGHT: Lucian Lombardi, Mayor Morelli, Kenneth Brown, President of Student Council and Herbert Wilber. Mr. Wilber is accepting the Mayor's Proclamation. 61 Q N 4' Y, , . , v ! I -e a ,JS 4 f bf E l X if if a ,af 3 ,ix m I K ' A. dbx N1 3 R z Iii' A8 fi-,P 11, fg 15, Q bfi . 15 X Q ,: ,L - If rl aww A wg. W W M L 4 , ,V I m Q. f 'Qs Www, 1,, n K I hi tt Q. Y Q 1 'V , , I 1 . , 'I vi w-O 14 . :ee-f N57 33 X, if Q. X, Q .., 1 M 2- 'ff' I 79' 111- Nz iii 3 F' OWY' DaVld L ngih BI tud egere re K K aenf Ken halfmen em Con I hung Pre ges1 th C 1 Colman P mxecxs wx atulafes Be ess of ec szdent of th Sw 29" councd P fehdent I fn-'ird em 1031 Soho e Sta e o 1 drscusses es ne 1958 rthesc O01 ygar Elected tzlssefon tie comrm e prember 1 5:57.35 Mrs Mane Bonnette presents grft to Herbert Pmgre as Herbert H W11ber looks on Mr Pmgree former head of the electrrcal department retrred October, 1957 Dlfe Lomb C1 H d an L School I 1 at the Jombardr d gym June uillol- Pronlalgfes wlth NI: 957 eld S 111 the c-for Lu 64 15 dexlghte rn io' 22 nge! a geen ey H3tixSO91 gfedencxziczbwxv Augie YOYWXC Catx' i e 35251 Ye assop Scoge Ocxatk pr P S Seo X Kee? Xo0k5 Cn f I r 7 Q I . Qi S l . I We ' , ' gf g T ' d . 5 . L 'hn- t ' . . U 1 ' h k' ' - l Q r f D 3 Wylh h round, 'flfifihifr J .. N. 1 J wi M1445 A ' i , , Y 59 a """ f ,f 5 3 si "vm-:xx vW,.,,..,,x. 1 W V fi X1 I If 34 wwf!" Q g ,......,A...--- i M I 1 N Xmmmm N.. Y' M.,,.,N I r'w57JlKNFRl-1 .T I 5 , .L rw A v S f, v- 3 IN' 1 -4 X x xv , H .w' M ,k THE ATRAX COMPANY THE NATIONAL WELDING AND MANUFACTURING CO BEST WISHES tothe CLASS OF 1958 CLASS OF 1957 THE HALLS mr PRODUCTS DFI SINCE 1895 Always Better All Ways BAIdwm 9 I0 CHAMBERLAIN HIGHWAY sprung KENSINGTON PLAINVILLE BERLIN SOUTHINGTON MERIDEN X NEW BRITAIN NEWINGTON Q W ann IEIDAI-E DAIRY ICE CRE Q Xa I1 X XX gm CAVAL TOOL 8. MACHINE CO 655 New Brltoln Avenue Newington Connecticut ' , , - Sr: A H , S 'III' 'HE- f ATLANTIC MACHINE TOOL WORKS INC C plim nf I GLOBE TOOL 8. GAGE CO DONNELLY D- S BRICK COMPANY Fi fu .I gs Phon JA 7 4959 77CsfrStre1 BYTOURG V' ood I0 o n THE CASHWAY STORE P S 0 Pay Less Pay Cash CONNECTICUT LUMBER MILLWORK PLYWOOD INSULATION PANELING STAMP AND BENDING CO I B00 5 0 OPEN ""' ....,' " cl 0Il400 6N gfo A The Bulldmg Producis Go "O C0 n Cm' Phone MOhowk 6 4656 'I74 Francis Ave Newlngion Conn 5701 ilk RH ilk ilk Riff Congratulalmns Tools le x res I Gages e: - U e e New i i o d Kensi gton EImw , C n . IJ!! R8 'Y 'ni R8 ilk NLS x . f. . 1 w IIL hmgl ubucces .' ss x 99 - ' ' ' an 1 X Woich for our weekly p ' Is in Iocal new p p rs X I I T i z o.m. o :3 .m. I Friday ni o i :00 p.m. 5 Solur ay ohornoon i : p.m. 3 I ,I 20 ewin n ve. ' ' New Br' in n e i ' x T . , . x ACME TOOL 81 MFG INC PRECISION GRINDING TOOLS GAUGES AND DIES PROGRESSIVE DIES EXPERIMENTAL WORK E TIBAd 9 X is X , . I I it ,I L I R' ht: Noel Dery und Frank Pellegrini, seniors, observing Sum Rossitto, o graduate of G d f'I' d' equired size. O' . I085 ost Sire N B ' ' C T I ' -379I KOLODNEY BROS INC IIIIOI PSAII' CIXI It XI II XRDII XIII IDEAL MACHINE CO SI PPI East Mom St ISLII DI IIS II IIIIIII XIII' PIomvlIIe Connecticut 66 West Mom St 25 Court St NEW BRITAIN CONNECTICUT BERLIN AUTO SALES INC I 0 D SAI I S and SI II 928 Farmington Ave BERLIN CONNECTICUT Compliments OWEN TOOL 8. MANUFACTURING COMPANY O, I NIII.I, .' 7 ,IES - I of I o " It . if YICII EAGLE LOCK AND SCREW COMPANY LOCKS SPECIAL HARDWARE SCREWS MANUFACTURES Elecfroylhc and Ceramlc Capacitors TERRYVILLE DIVISION ShMS T Y 'H C ' T I ph B ' I - Luau 2-7476 OF T y 'II C ' Compliments Cvmplimenfs of of EDDY DNRY SELEMAN s INC 'I-400 Willard Avenue 223 233 Broad St Newington 'll Connectncut Ludlow 23155 56 Telephone Mohowk 6 0001 Forestvllle Connecticut BQUI-EVARD GUIDA SEIBERT DAIRY CO carfhful Service Smce 1886 lO5 Memorial Boulevard 433 Pork S1 Bristol Conn New Bnmm Conn Tel LUdlow 2 3135 CHRYSLER-IMPERIAL, INC. WMM? Congratulatuons and the best of luck' We at Lornng are proud of the port we have had an helpnng to malce your classbook a permanent remnnder of your school years recordung wrth photo graphs one of the happrest and most excntrng tnmes of your photographer you wlll contunue to thunk of Lortng Stuclnos when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come' When you choose Lorrng portrarts you are sure of the finest craftsmanshup at the most moderate prrces' New England s Largest School Photographers I ' 7 ? life? We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class I . ANDERSON SPECIALTY C0 CORBIN SHOPPING CENTER HCGT TYCGTIHQ VCPOI' 8 Gflt BIOSIIFIQ Phone Hartford CH 6 6630 TEMPLES 87 C ster Street PETER DRUGS I'Imw00d 10 COHH CORBIN SHOE REPAIR BONELLI S JOHNNY S RESTAURANT WAYSIDE FURNITURE STORE and on the CHARCOAL KITCHEN Beflm TUmP'ke 50 West Moen St 29 West Mom St Newmgmn Connechcu, New Brltoln Conn W T JACKSON INC PLAINVILLE PRINTING COMPANY Ford Letterpress and Offset Llthogrnphers Sales and Seruzce Telephone SHer ood 7 0773 1097 Mom St 93 West Mom Street N9Wll19i0n COHHGCTICUY Plalnvllle Connecticut MANAFORT BROTHERS INC DXBXA NEW BRITAIN HOUSE WRECKING C0 1141 Stanley Street WILCOX RAU CHEVROLET INC All Work EuIIy Insured New Bf'fO'f' Conn Au I J I 7 ' I l l . ' . I I . .I . Anafol F. Bonelli . . , . w U - U , . .. I , ll n ' ' I . YANKEE HADFIELD S Sports Mort Complzmcnts BAldwm 5 3587 10 Mom treet A FRIEND New Brltum Conn Hefldquarters F or Ha ketball Unlforms C lub ,llckets Club Sweiter N11 Sports T qlupment tores n N o t o oo lor fn Cl urzrf lu rcslznmnls I TRANSPORTATION C0 JIMMIES T34 South Mom St Arch Street New Brltoun Conn New Brltoln Connectncut fompllments of fonzplznzfrlts ANGELO ToMAsso INC 3 Suppllers of f 0OdWlIl lech Chss Hmgs 54 Mom St New Brltoun Conn Vtllllaml Carnovw Graduate GCIIl01OglSt Complxments of EBLEN S UPSON LUMBER, INC w0fklFlQ M9n'S S7079 180 Chestnut Street Men s Furnlshmgs Uniforms Shoes Army 8 'N IV, Supplles Vt ork flothes Phone BA 3 3916 432 Munn Street New Brltcln Connecticut 1 , ' I ' - ' 5 . . I u Of , u 1 , . S' ' - I 1 ' I f ' 1 5 , . ' 4: . S i ew Brit in, Hart rd, Elmw d, Clearwater, Fl f 'ffv "f A - STU J fl 1' , of . 1 1 . . 1 . . . .I . I ' . w . 1 1 . . . s , v . 5 - ' ' ' . - r ' '. 2 ' . - . LAKE MFG. CORP. Screw Machine Tooling Screw Machine Production New Brutam Connecticut Telephone BA 5 353I NICK GILL'S Sports Headquarters 25 West Mom Street New Britain, Conn. NG Outboard 'Ilotors Flshlng Tackle Huntlng Fqulp BSAH1cy-:les Slcls Basketball Skates Baseball Bowllng WILSON SUPPLY CO INC Wholesale Distributors Plumbing Heating and lndustrfal Supplies 4I 45 Pleasant St New Brltaln Conn COOKE S TAVE RN House Fme Foods New Brltann Ave Pldlnvllle ODD Compliments U S ROYAL TIRE SERVICE Phone BAIdwxn 9 3794 THE STANLEY SVEA COAL 8. OIL COMPANY Masons Supplles Rooflng Insulation Dlstrxbutors of The General Motors Delco Ileatlng I' qulp nent 763 Stanley Street New Brntaun Conn Carbide Tipped Spec C Bores 8 Mrllmg Cutters Light Manfg Jugs 8 Frxtures Tool Desrgnmg BRUNETTE TOOL CO INC I72 Stanley Street New Brltaun, Conn. Phone BAIcIwln 3 3679 COMMERCIAL PLUMBING SUPPLY CO . lnc WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS PL ME N EATI G O L BURNER SUPPLIES 9 2076 7 3 25 D IGH O ONYS EET NEW RIT CON M N CON PETER SANZO LOUIE LADUKE , , , 1 - . . - . I . . 7 - A . - I ., . . I . , . . of Q u I . . I 0 . 1 I Q . of A . . K . . 1 . I , . Circular and Flat Form Tools - High Speed or I o n n ' U I 0 . . ' . U I 'G - H N - I 5 BALDWIN ' BEVERLY - 4 SO-34 NN T STREET 772 N. C L TR 1 E AIN. N. ERIDE , N. Autographs Autographs kwa, D, ,Ai ,x , . ,A 1, A.- fm. Lx. 1 . , . . A . . ,, 1. L, I- W , ., ., Q ,. f P J . 1 1 2 1, li' ' wg'f':L?"f" 71.1 ' Q ...,. V N ..-.J 'Q ,.-. has 5 l,,.,k' .., 1 ,',,xJ f-xx 1 L W M . . 57' V+: -ry I X "tx ..,.- Q7 L' 1. QA :aim an O Q11 t 9 . , an E is ' W mf-f-' X, A if X Nm, : , My XY -K

Suggestions in the Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) collection:

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 6

1958, pg 6

Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 70

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Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 66

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Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

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Goodwin Technical High School - Gladiator Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

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