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Zjtavlfl Qrlof' I . 1044 if QOL' - V fwfiv . ' Q , cixlwq 2Zo'ov6 fjnw SUM90' UQMWD CQ Lf 4 WWW! 5 K ' i h X. 1- .uw P K ILA x , . X I -er U 1 f T' 1 1 Xx :W ,., ' q1 .-1 ?"'-"s gf P'-R r-f-"ff Q """f'mTf if w ,Q s gff I QQXM .1 S K -ax, J' gg.-- Y r . C 3 ' 4-A A A 1 A K X g'6wM f ggns' N J 5'.b 'fygyi 44 N f F. . W' -N' ' mx ,F Z 'Nl-Q hw f xxx wg, f 2: f 'wi ff. 'W 3 N' f w,,,Hm KT.. 3 -3 ,QSM ,N M. f , i f .. ,ff hw -MN , X 1' . rf -,ws ,Q , f 'x K fb A K wkxm N K Mika , V ' 7315131 ki , 1 o 13 2 ,Wm- lMF' wi .4 E A .A F1 mais HRW fisvwir 5157! ' '-gig' 5. 1 , fn W -Jr, K, N ,.-.1 - gm , .q Q. f ,f.3"f f kv v if Q V, 4 i' ff viii 'WW P- kffn -Ji, A, we Q 'fu 0. j f w , . . v-.-w---.1.,,, f ' Aff Aa-Afnx ' . , ' , . , itz-:A KA A .75-s , . rn. V yay Q '-11.11-'.-. . - B ,.' +,,,,4 ' .. KN , k , . rv..- a,. N .a, ist Mwwmxrlxi N I ...g K ,SQ HE! Ill! ilik .,A . s, 4 .win tug.: ,am go. M15 if , ,g.',x W My 2, Bw, Q-s.,'1' at 'X' 3 'Q ibn 9? 'P' 3,1-'E V,-N, Q .W f gi? , Q, ,,,, wwwagfsn andre 1959 MARTIAN KN dau f LTSEL, Qesigzial L rliitagi 139 Cksf nf 'gy Eoodfich High School LQZQ7 Erie S4 f' ::of12'1Cf., A-.giify None of us know what the future holds where we wlll go or what we wlll do? But wherever we go or whatever we do, we wlll have our HMARTIANH to recall our many happy experlences and frlendshlps we haw shared through our years at Good rlch Hlgh. It has been the deslre of the Senlor Class to produce a yearbook whlch represents the student body and 1t's act1vit1es. The success of the HMARTIANH wlll be measured 1tS value to you and the amount enjoyment you receive from it. With thls in mlnd we, the Sen lor Class, present our book to you by of af-ima Gonlenfii Dedlcatlon Sports COmmUH1ty ACtlVlt16S Student Actlvltlgg S2H1OfS Elementary Underclassmen Admlnlstratlon and S6TV1C2S 102 Advertlsements ' ' ........... .... 6 ............. . ..l1o . ' "' .... .... 7 "' ...56 ' ...... ...l2 ................ ....7h ... ... ...26 ' ' ' ' ,, ' .... ......... ll6 70-4-A040-0444 To students, alumni, teachers, Pa' trons, and parents--to you, to all of you, those pictured here and those not, do we owe so much! Much, much more than we can outline here. Build- ings, equipment, materials, and all the other things incident to the op- eration of our school. Yes, but more especially the effort, the support, the deep-down sacrifice offered will- ll CO ingly and without recourse to the end that we might better prepare our- selves to face the future. The fu- ture with its constantly changing frontiers, demanding education, sin- cerity, judgement and responsibility. If we can and do measure up to these demands, it will be the direct result of the effort and support of you, and you, and you. And so it is to you--all of you--that we dedicate this-our Martian for l959. :zz 1 - if. . , I L HE M , .i 'FL'-: r , W eff: '44 72: '- ,E .1- 5 an Y'-w i, Q ' F' . C K3 V xiv, - "':t'v-...l The 1959 Nartian takes ple in the dedication of this pa one of our Senior Citizens, Mr. Hjunnyu Frick, who opened the pictured above on August l2, Besides fifty years of Conti service to this connunity, Jumm found time to gather together o Michigan's rare gun collections also includes heads and Civ'l H r l A7 the latter is cap, musket, Harry Enders, Resident. +f'7f on ,, asure ge to L.D. shop l9C8. nuous y has ne of . lt arrow Among form, rn by drich Drew Ries, at the left in the pic- ture, 7? years, Uarren Green, in the chair adds 83 years and Boy Hill Q with 66 brinos the total to two and 3 a quarter centuries. To Hr. Frick and his friends our sincere congratulations. FRICK'S BARBER SHOP For Fifty Years I M 'W' lil lllba- --- Junmy was honored at a community banquet last August when he was presented with a wrist watch. The affair was staged by the Goodrich Community Club. Pictured here with Mr. Frick are three other Hseniorsn to make up a Nquartet of years.W These three, born and raised here have been residents of this community for a total two hundred twenty-six years. , 5 g 'I k The year 1959 marks the date of the transforma- tion of the Old Town Hall, corner of Clarence Street and Hegel Road into the HCommunity Center.W This property, owned by the Township of Atlas was transferred to the Village in September. An exten- sive campaign was staged during which money was raised for its purchase through sale of Hbricksn for the building, and plagues carrying the names of do- nors. Proceeds from the Summer Festival homecoming were also contributed. Much of the work was accomplished through the Goodrich Community Club committees. This club is also furnishing funds toward an ad- dition at the rear of the present building which will house a modern kitchen, cloak and rest rooms and a new gas heating plant. The upstairs will have a large recrea- tional area as well as offices for the village council. The auditorium on the main floor will be available for public use as well as for private parties, weddings, re- unions, and the like. It is expected that the entire building will be redecorated inside and newly painted Outside, The senior class is happy to include in its 1959 Yearbook an account of this successful community-wide project and congratulates all those who have helped to make it possible. aaa. 'cazlaancf Main floor before remodeling. Mrs. fzaw 'Jani fluid! Ricky, who expects to complete high school work in 1962 is third in this three generation picture. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horton and nan How HCM: the 1922 Built in 1913 our school and much of its equipment has outlasted the years. Proof is right here on this page. Three generations using the same seats in the same study hall!!! Yes, how 'bout that? Mrs. Clyde Hartwig QPrattj graduated from Goodrich High School with the Class of 1922 and although totally blind was glad to pose for us in a situation Hthirty-six years past.H She is ac- tive in Extension club work and often entertains the group herself, in her own home. 1942 Her daughter, Mrs. uated in l9D2. She has four children in school and besides family and home re- sponsibilities finds time to he an impor- tant member of the e'te ri a Clyde Hartwig school ca,f staff. Mr. Horton employed by the Bell Telephone Company, is also an. Alumnus of Goodrich High. The family lives in their own home on Park Drive here in Goodrich. 1962 Mrs. Richard Horton grandson of Mrs. Clyde Hartwig, is a fresh- and is interested in Athletics and band. old is a generation? Looks like 2G years! old is a school? Shall we Hlet X equal unknown number?u Ricky Hor Richard Horton, grad- u 'a vii .,?..... .nqgw 1 QM ffm.: .Wyr- mf' ,,.fT"'1.iZ Q.. suv. m '50 "W . Q A r "" .W A Qui, wx. v..,,,,yf. -., l - fafy L15 ,,, tudy Hall egors cory 7 , f w-fiom CII ' si UQ Typ giggoom . ' Stage 'Q each 2155 ff x AP ,fx 3-,-xp' xii! Yifv 4,f'A -,,,4. X ff- f - ff' f"5 WX HER E 9,0-. . H1 1-5 ,,-fflrv ....-... 1 . . ,.x.lI:,, , 'sf . in y K K . 'Q Vg H uf 2 2 .ugh -mn., S Q 1. H H. .,,.. 3 4. r 4 s -' , :ab ., AW ,Q E W ..........,-h., ....W..w,.... ...M - .v--.......,,,,w........ Kraus 'f' M-N A fm .N 5.33K Q 'GX C, f, !""""' Ai fi-MM-W 6.-. .. 1 '. 4-.5 v-MQ, -ul 95 f In hun: Q M., Jr Q A-JIU V-, K -'-f-ww.-f.....m1wfm'..v.-,.... . kfwf' A 'nw' is , T gi ,A N., ,- .,,.a.., 1 Y .7 M325 W .f' N ...,. 4- VN V, ""' V .an , -- mm . f , """"- 'cusp' . I A .x.A.,. m f- -wiv ,Q xx 1 YA, V A rg 3 N ' wi A .V 2 X " A it an lim vm x m MARGARET L. FLEMMING Annual Staff A Basketball l,2,3 l Chorus Homemaker of Tomorrow A Junior Play 3 Monitor Staff 3 senior Play A Softball l,2,3 Track l JOANN E. HORTON al Staff A l,2,3,U Basketball l,2,3,h Cheerleader l,2,3,h Senior Play A Softball l,2,3 Track l,2,3 Varsity Club 3,A A Girls State 3 SALUTA DIANA L. SEFA Annual Staff A Band l,2,3,L Basketball l,2,3,L Cheerleader l,2,L Junior Play 3 Monitor Staff 3 Senior Play A Softball l,2,3,h Student Council l Track l,2,3,h vars ity Club 2' 3' L SALUTATORMN SHARON A. RAY CLASS FLOWER: Annual Staff Basketball l,2 Yellow Rose Cheerleader Chorus Junior Play Librarian l, in ' Monitor Staff Senior Play Softball l,2 Track ,D 2 Lui 3A rg I Class Dee Ann Walter Sally Holt CLASS HHere...we CLASS Gold and IN RANK Oflicers Edward Blanchard Jin Hen on XOTTO: go...wbere?H COLORS: white JAMES R. HEMPTON BENQ l,2,3 Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,h Chorus 3 Class Officer 2,3,b Football l,2,3,b Monitor Staff 3 Senior Play A Varsity Club 2,3,b sacarriay L SALLY ANNETTE HOLT Annual Staff L Band l,2,3,L Basketball l,2,3,L Class Officer l,2,3,L Q-H i,2,3,L Junior Play 3 Monitor Staff 3 Softball l,2,3,L Student Council L Track l 2 Varsity ciub l,2,3ib VICE-PRESIDENT DEE ANN WALTER Annual Staff L Basketball 3 Class Officer 2,L Senior Play D Softball 3,L Uarsity Club 3,L -i f PRESIDENT EDWARD A. BLANCHARD Basketball l, ctiss RING QW, ,A 5 in all , Class Officer M Student CmmcM,3h Track l,2,3 Varsity Club 2,3 lk ANN L BACHMANN Junlor Play Chorus Senior Play Monitor Staff LL-H MARY M BECKPR Annual Staff Basketball Chorus Class OfrlC6f Junlor Play Nonltor Starf Senlor Play CAROLYN M. ALLEN 1 A 3 1 fm 4 s df R-,... was hlghllght of the rlp to 3ShlHQ axlng our the an , jects was a stem dln he day One RICHARD I. BLUE Baseball 2 A H l,2 rootball M SUN. -lf ' senior year is a ten ton and New York ears of high school 5 1 . 1 h iQ1Q1E'Q' 3 . JOELLA Band l,2 Basketball 1,2,3,li Cheerleader l,2,3,h Senior Play h Softball 1,2,3,li Track 3,h Varsity Club 3,li Chorus 1 Librarian y - money raising pro ner, pictured above NORMAN B. BRIGHT CUMMINGS LEE R. COUSINS Track l,2,3,h Varsity Club l,2,3,h CLEO K. CIOSEK Basketball Chorus l Senior Play Softball Track vm I' Jigdfiafli I. Band Chorus x , . Monitor Staff Senior Play UAYFU Fr i,2,3,l 1 LL"S -'-54 3 li lj. W C A CHARLES L. FRAI Band Q, Baseball Basketball Football l,4, Student Council Varsity A Ciur 1,4, TGV 2,3 2 N 1,LL J! 4llE5 JAHSS A. HCNSS Basketball l,2,3,L Class Cfficer Z Chorus L Football i,2,3,L F.F.A. L Junior Play 2 Stuoent Council l TK . 1 1 , ,K iratk l,2,3,,QJV .farsity Clut 2,3,L iowa, W awwvi, MNlEJ.HWEE Cheerleader l,2 Chorus l Class Officer 1 Librarian L Senior Play li 3 An annual Senior pro Christras caros. Jud Iiles, '.,.' ho xere i and inventory, ar ct is the selling o' inebrenner and Terry narge of cistributi cturec above. COISTAKCE A. LIKDLEY , Ill I K K P' "brarian fitlfi A. " ral.:7,Li-.ii Annual Staff L Basketball 1,2,3,L Chorus l,2 Class Officer 2 Librarian l,Z Ionitor Staff 2 Softball l,2,3,l Senior Play A Track 2,3 i ,L Varsity Club L QTransfer stuc aagxetbaii 2,3,L Cheerleader 2,3,h chorus 3,a Class Officer 2,3 D.a.k. Citizen L Monitor Staff 3 Softball 2,3,li Stucent Council 2,3,L Track 2,3,Q an, QUT, X 'vfi "1 Q 3OfT7OS' Baseball Basket 3' w- . OO Lfflcl . Track L. 'U'Y 'l lp LJ -gf -9 SHARON K. MCKINZIE Basketball 1,2,3,h Chorus l i-H 3 , 1. Librarian 2 Monitor Staff 3 Senior Play L Softball l,2,3,L Track l,2,3,L Varsity 2,3,h THOMAS H. KUTC Football l,2,3,h Student Council A Track 3,h Varsity Club 2,3,L Easeball 2 JOHN G. NICHOLS Baseball l,2,3,h Pootbaii l,2,3,h r.F.A. i Senior Play L Bake Sales were another Above is a typical scene in the Drugstore with Taylor selling bake means of raising money. of a Saturday morning Connie Lindley and Dick goods. Band l,2,3, Basketball l, Chorus Annual Staff Class Officer Junior Play Senior Play GEORGE L. RUTTER LANNEY D. PASSMORE Baseball F.F.A Varsity Club TERRY L. NILES Li 2 3 Li ALBERT W. POLMOUNTER Chorus 2,3 1,2 3,L1 as xl? QRS .. .r 'Y --4 'N H U -,4,5,a oocr l Lalcg r. Qlhpgas f A A -951515 IYAIQ E. FOIL Football Track .1 641.5 ,Q 4',. Q QQ . i ODS of the fain Toney year was the noon-hour aLova are Iary Becker in charge of the o'vPi1f rm .Jnff Jnlirn J . J i hr. .LCM , L Class Glgicer Librarian Monitor Staff Office Help HHDUHL D151 V vfvv- -Y . .-Lf, .. .l 1 ,. - !LCh f L Band Q,2,3,p Ciaerlaacar 3,L Chorus g Class Qificer Q Fl-C l,2 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play L Traffic Coarc 3 - v ,ETS ity Club 'x we . .,xA 4.308 ,M kQI , f,,e,,,,, MM !MfI!A11Ay raising projects of the candy sales. Pictured and Sharon kay who were candy inventory Scnhci U Mgfp. .f.A,.xA Q FOOCLE-- ...avi f- ,-Y, ,C WM- ---A-.-- ,Geal . N . DST A JUDY A. WINEBRENNSH Basketball Cheerleader Softball Track Chorus Librarian Office Help Jr. Play Sr. Play if A ffl 5 at 4, + A x, H.. ' xwsws .Q .i 1 I L. 3, t3 QP' i,2,3 A i,2,3 3 lu 2 3 3 ,C 4 f KAYE HARD Class Gfficer 2 librarian 3,p Senior Play r Traffic Court L Not pictured are DMNIEL L. KOUAT VTP? A :I li ff' "ru: l.Lt,iir..4L., S. D.-r'.LL, D f ? We fit 1' d Hom was the Plzza KldS Fine Says Sharon Pay, Toann Horton, Dlana Sefa arc Jo lla Cummings. Cunt rs ef ard Sally Hole had naklng up the shornaoe of pies .A Arthur Xurray?! Oh, no, pardon ne, it's Terry Niles and Cleo Ciosek. fan . . .. Pound those lVOfl6S klo, 'O.K.,H Dick Taylor says, ill q .L H- n . . 1944! . ! George Rutter, Gene Crupa of Goodrich. M. 3W Are those white bucks white, or are they white HWho's camera shy?!H says Joann Horton and Terry Niles as they Disc-jockey Dan Kodatil uposeyu HAll right, who's the wise guy?!H says JoElla Cummings and Vernon Johnson. bUCkS, Bic? Iaygvf, Ji? Ho-O-O ia-iaxv Ruth Kiiibreath, Henpton anc :ill service. Terr Niles and Clark Johnson!! ici Working hard To? Kato, Terry Iiles, and ' Dick Taylor? Dishes, oishes, cishes" .Af i Y Let's watch that stuff! ,l 25 Sf' if ff fir wr-f"" ,vc , M 44 y Q ur' 'AEK 'h X35 fa 'Xu I wx f -is 3 Glen Pauline Michael Adams Anderson Arden Ballard Boyt Shirley flfn nomas Slavens 04:44 of 1960 Q., Robert Sherman ,-3 AWARD WINNERS -.5 an Top Magazine Salesmeng Rodney Pierson and Richard " Carol Jacobson. Harold Scharich 28 Dee Janes Rex Reid Ranney James Pratt Evelyn Brown l David Brown Class Standing: Jea son and Virg nnine Nel inia Main Reportersg Rodney Pier son, Vice-Pres Rodney Pierson ident. Jeannine Nelson 'ft na up David Donna Mary Sue Lee Calvin Burton Crosby Cummings Flemming Gordon H812 aneqeaalloqaf Officers Seated: Carol Jacobson, Sec., Robert Sherman, Pres., Mary Cummings, Treas. Absent: Donald Andrews Robert Bough St11dy1D Linda Coffee Dan Steinhoff William Sandra Karen Meranda McDiarmid MCCOrmiCk Bookkeeping sure is interesting isn't it, Lee Gordon! QA typical Junior at Shirley Marcotte Judy Hartman Robert Hillier David Holderbaum ,,.-., 'M- Richard Howell 29 Virginia Clar Cafgl Main Johnson Jacgbgon IG.. 6 'ur QI 1 I Leonard Arden Sq 'QFr-T Paul Liscom Helen Lakin Robert Lake '-- -NM Janice Laird Margaret King Richard Auten J f . Lewis Main .. Caryl Stimson Charles Sumpter Kenneth King .3 . P F 3 X s. 1' Ellis Ballard fx, Q .,, Theodore Maule --..,, Lea Barclay Pamela Meranda Lawrence Beasinger ,,?""s Y' 1 if x John Morrow Kenneth Bell 1:19 Karen Moreau Andrew Bentley Terry McCormick 01644 of 1961 Queen Beverly Brown Class Officers Judy Johnson, Secretary, Robert Goodfellow, Presidentg Andrew Bentley, Vice-President, Tania Giska and John Morrow, Reportersg Karen Moreau, Treasurer. Dan Flgyd Judy JoAnne Linda Kauffman Kannell Johnson Hylla Horton f x ,- .L " Qi -A r A . 12 4 -.13 D Fo Q D Z' H 'Tl D 1 V .. f Jerry Lavonne Richard Wayne Beverly Susan peggy Blackmore Borgert Boyt Brandt Brown Butts Coomer M A,,: -A Fu , A ,M V- .Q , " ,, mm -v-. ' . --I W aa r I1 tra ?W' 'sp 5 Q. X R A P it fain' . gl, V ' Ax ' ,sf P iaJu 1 James EUQQUG Carole Donald Lewis Linda Duaine Perigo Pethefbf M292 RODQTJCS Pi llen Sharland Steinhoff DeBusk I .rlzl b m- g 4-A x 3 . ' M fi fgig ia: A J Candidates Judy Johnson William Hill Annual Staff Tania Giska, Peggy Coomer, Linda Steinhoff Darryl Hill Paul Robert Dale Heusted Hegel Heck Beatrice James Symanzik Driscoll K , Q 3 ' fr' . 'Y' I W Aka, ..-v Edwin Patricia Titsworth Prantom Absent: - I' Jerry Allen QL BUiyBmdMk A Ralph Scharf Edward Stone Tania Giska 1 Bl Len Robert Harris Goodfellow gi- 6 . I X Linda Linda George Bentley Bubka Burt Q iiswgf Alul 5 '1- ' A? Q nys ,1 X Q Richard Bruce Charles Robinson Rohrer Sanford Gene Carpenter H' 1 X? Q 2'-" ' , C3 Cheryl Saxton John Crawford 2' Nancy Sherman , 01644451962 Robert Reinker Larry Eugene Cummings Deschner ', 'F R ' v rr r C llr R Robert Richard 5nYd9f Steinhoff Jack Powers CLASS OFFICERS Absent: Seated: Omer Welty, Presidentg Linda Mary McKiHZi2 Bubka, Reporterg Joe King, Vice-Pres. Standing: Sandy Niles, Sec,5 Nancy Sherman, Treas,3Ricky Horton, Reporter Karen Pierson 32 Leon Sandra Donald Brenda Steve Vaughn Nilson Niles Moto McDowell Mccandiish Marstgn Wanda Marcotte Delberta Chester Dunsmore Dow Q,5?A Effxwb F j" Paul Mona Stimson Tody LeRoy Kendall Omer Welty Bernadette Jaje Ji!iEE?1! Howard Wier Linda Feher .nv . Y Her -S K-. 7 A Carl Winehrenner L. ,ww ,W 4e,M.f.f Q 'P ,ef 0' E lt's more fun to dance during Freshmen Initiation!! John Crawford and Karen Pierson look better everyday. Donft they? Ross Emma Marcia Mann Limbaugh Lake Geraldine Lagness Joseph King Joan Giska Diane Green Linda Wismer 'V 1 ' ' , ga ' 'A Jvfif Micheal Zeller James Killbreath . 2 . Lois Hempton Hill i 'K Q' Was Kaya Hillier 'Ulf i IQ' ,il Richard Horton 33 Marion Jenca nl- '55 65 ja 4.11131 . r ff- -'Q' .1 , . 1 1 ' f W f I Q Roger Geraldine Lood Hotring yedflfqll-I4 ..2..CA T1 Ngzerature , 1 eft to right: Larry ' ' e Chols, Haney Young, Katy -en nohrez, ifgdf foo -Liar HeuQe, gciezm Eeasl 111511 . '11 'R ' ff-,-.,.w f f y A f ,,,.-., -IENJ S3 W 'Mm Ik "2 vu. A, V 'Q if Carolyn gTidOi I by Linda Becker lv v Me' B- gl3R2 j eohrer f t.r ! fx 1 .,aV-e Roberts Q- Elaine "2'Fi21' 43. ,f Q.. V X 1 l Iargaret Pratt Sanford ja iargaret 'Tv L21 .. Berg ft ,E ff, WWE , ,, tx 5 IL + ! T' ' Lg f ,r ral? Terry Patty SchQege1 Sherman Nary Boyt 'S . I Marsha Slavens Karen Brown xl r fb F Zum William Spencer af 1964 Junior Band Kenhers Left to right: Patty Sherman, Diana Rohrer, Diana Green Carol Pintek Donna Sanford Sandrr 'etts a , , c .. , Clifford Jones, Cheryl Horton, Hargaret Sanford. f-yn ,. :In 1 -..Ecu vw Nancy Ficheal ,ann lSh jcgbge s. Q... Carl Iaginn rrwvi 5, Sandra Letts ve Y. 'G I' . A. ' ff- NJA' LLOI1 Clark .. X J f :LLLLEU .,, ,+ V b o,-....O,- "in juwiloa Coggins X Q A N Larry ferryah Sn.. James Cooxer Stl Elem rhorpe Joyce Coomer ny. H Poster T?re5remmer CM: give wp 1.1.1 wt, Pamela Dooley Qu - if V A D -r1i',g fherry Qeller S Wag fN4ww Class Officers Front now: Patty iierfan, 5.2.5 fonalo Hoon, Presiiextg Kargaret Pratt, secre- tary, QQifforQ Joies, 5.2.. Eask how: Eu ter jlnelremner, Treasur- erg Sheryl Horton, vice President. nior Eano Najorett, Harem Eroyn 2 5: 'w-V.: X3 T f ,-,L ..l.zA.1..A ,MAMA Q, ,A JZYELC ,.,..,CQQ ,-,c,,.A. M.. '16- gonald 3 H fQifforo 7fwf.' Q 'fljjggqufy ,oA.2.o 1 ' X K xiii? ww'- Diana Green v 5 IT Roger f-Lx' , 1 DUDOVIQI VD ,K 40 2 4 aroQyn :echt N if Sean ':11 ', r--l51' 2 gn' fieryl .7 M1 -ALBTOTR 'fl f CAV-Q JJ. ...MVLL bf. A-,, 'JSC .Jlme we me al if ff yplil ft Z' X GQ Of QTJTY OOA-Akeep j 'wx Lunch Line weak, play, ani "???" Us 5 Band ics ll.: A W J QOH ln m ff- 'ii A 2 f 52. A M? I 4 fl 31 11 fd sf, ,fa- ,- 'W K ""' " , f ' 4 X N 1 - t X. A' f , qnstf 3 'A 9. 5 SX: tad' E 'W www W ,r. A 24 vX,' ,wmv K E l N1 Wd F ' w RVN Jw ...f- 9' ug- ii- .4 W vs - V ,P jb- 1 r.....--- 4? g adagpsz R ' 'pl W5 Ev W JW? Y 4 First row, left to right: Ellis Ballard, Larry Cummings, Andrew Bentley, Richard Howell, Eugene Deschner, Dee Rex, Jerry Allen, John Morrow, Charles Sanford. Second row, Donald Pillen, James Reid, John Nichols, James Hempton, Charles Sumpter, Caryl Stimson, Thomas Muto. Third row5Charles Frantom, Glen Arden, Donald Andrews, Michael Boyt, Thomas Slavens, James Killbreath, James Howes, Leonard Arden, Mana- ger Robert Goodfellow, Coaches Mr. Hughes, and Mr. Skvarenina. ,4!au9Aqea41mMaaliw . It was a tough year for the Martians! But we recognize that every small school has its Hupsn and Hdownsn in athletics, espe- cially in football. We're proud of the Championship trouphy we won last year. Give us a couple more years and we'll do it again Inexperience contributed to our losses this year as well as the fact that eight lettermen Ortonville Utley Linden Atherton Dye Swartz Creek Montrose Bentley were lost to the squad through graduation last June. Besides these, injuries kept such pros- pects as Don Andrews, Jim Reid, Clark Johnson, Jack Powers and Jim Howes out of several games. We did take Ortonville 7-O in the opener and later Utley by a score of 7-6 making it a 2-6 re- cord for the season. O-7 6-7 33 O 15 - O 26-6 25-6 39-7 68-12 Co Captains an Charles rrantom Michael Slavens left Tackle Right Tackle li 91921161 Tv' agus - .ff igtw yy, . Thomas Mutog ksj,'Z6'4 , L 1' Q, as Qgmw , w , W Left guard A .Q ,N ,A X ,f,fY'WHe - Q ' lllxwfifvf ff 'ww t A g- V ' 'I- V iqtl M: Q, Q4 ,M 5 . lcv 'W hw K X .N gffswy Y ' ' ' , ww, , My X ,qlr ., V ,. M '?'M N . .V : 39' J.. Q A K . Q .N 'V " . 'za A I Vila" nf, ,D v 35.3, 'yd mn-:yn i Q s-uw,,.16m 'ii' .f isa " 1 K 5, aww Ja' ,Q 'gp J. NI' M gm Af if w uv? A 4' 11 A e Q ,e vs 5.1, .1 Q f , w ' . 'W v "' ' xff3,"' 'ESM 1' , A Q 2' 6 1. MF., , W-QU. , f ,a '16 ' ' -I X' Nl K, ' .'l.f"v1' E ' k K if x .'-H. l, .Q 1' - , 4 .- . N gg .Q .. . .1 gm av WL -. a -a ' 5, ' -' ' 3-2 'lt-4 'lr 4 .ea-Q' fi: A . .ky . ww, .F I , If ,Wy , :A M ,, - ' wi ' , W." ,n ufvahwfa , calf ,Q , 1- 9 . A V 3-JA, in. a 9 :I . f-My n' 'Aw ".vx.r'?fQ' . -is L H- ' K Jw frm :if-Q3 5' . 1 . W." A ' " A ' '. ,E W, ' v' ,,,'5"f , ' ' y 1 "., .' - "ghd ,, , ""'w:'S3M bV,Mf'?Q,,: .. . . 3,5 I A-, iw . ,l if, ra . 5 " i ' ,l' ' "' .- . ,. W, .J ,P , wi g. W- . In Q V g 1' , - .a -Q Q, .' " ., ,." , - 1- f .vig fw --" 2' . . . , ' -' 1.-5 , I v WJ, 4...v .Z ., A K . 1, at , ,.. , , X , I . , , fx, H K ., 1 1- -' pu- - '- " ' N . fmrag Y., 'fl - h , E, MQ 18 .,' ,wr . ,' , 1 w "' 'z -'Q I ew ,KA 3, H z - an r V 3 1 -w 1 I , ,, c-Y, .l 44 Q l".f "1 5" ,'A,,i1-PMVQ-1f:.' Rlchard Blue lneman Quarterback All-Stater For the second year in succession Goodrich has had the distinction of placing a man on the All- Statg football team. Congratulations QQ to Chuck Frantom, who made All-State left tackle on the Class D eleven. According to available records, Chuck, who played four years of varsity football, had the fabulous record of being in on Sli of all defensive tackles. ln the above picture number 36, that's Chuck, nay be seen heading for another tackle. Lynn Cummings of last year's team made All- , State end. I. f , , arf' X if , fi, Q Madam Ja if again!! Junior High Squad Front Row: Clifford Jones, Allen Steinhoff, George Walters, Charles Sanford, Donald Koon, Noodrow Millspaugh, David Roberts. Second Row: Allan Rohrer and Billy Lake, Managers, Terry Bouck, Ronald Middleton, Ronald Auten, James Scharf, Ralph Morey, William Spencer, Larry Terryah. Third Row: Jack Williams, Coach, Micheal McAbee, Robert Andrews, Buster Winebrenner, Gerald King, Michael Berg. ri! r'Q ll Varsity Squad Standing left to right: James Hempton, Caryl Stimson, Donald Andrews, James Pratt, Harold Scharich, Michael Boyt, James Reid, Richard Howell Kneeling left to right: James Howes, Rodney Pierson, Mr. Skvarenina, coach 74-04F404t0ft!l-GQBGJ!! The Martians started the season with one veteran back from last year. Al- though having a losing season, the out- look for the future is promising. Good- rich floored an all Junior-Sophomore team in the district tournament at Grand Blanc on March 3, and looked tremendous by holding the Hoover Championship out- fit to a 61-53 score. In fact, except for a few shaky moments during the last part of the third quarter, they could have won. Winning one ball game out of sixteen this past season, isn't anything to be especially proud of, but we must mention the fact that our team played schools much larger than our own. All season they played much better ball than the scores indicate. Goodrich 38 Linden Goodrich Sl Brandon Goodrich M6 Dye Goodrich Swartz Creek Goodrich Utley Goodrich Brandon Goodrich Montrose Goodrich Bentley Goodrich Ml Atherton 71 Goodrich MM Linden 56 Goodrich Dye QPost.j Goodrich M9 Swartz Creek 76 Goodrich MM Utley 79 Goodrich M6 Montrose 57 Goodrich 86 Bentley llO Goodrich 62 Atherton 7h M5 40" ,Ji if 'H ff-x Tx 'sf Q 3, AO . Ho- A ch , , Y ,a 'LUX 'M "vi if r- 'A M'-1. 95' ff pqxlag Ir Vw? 922 my MK,, M, F ai ,J 'V i ' 'yd Y , V' y nior Varsity nager, Richard Horton, Ellis Ballard, Larry cdr ings, Joseph King, Carl Ninebrenner, Ronald Middleton, Manager. Second row Andrew Bentley, Edward Stone, James Killhreath, Lewis Main, harles Su nter, Robert Lame Thirc row Richard Boyt, Robert Hegel, Eugene Petherbridge, Leon Nilson, eoaarc ATGZD, P ul Heusted Richard Steinhoff, Steve McCandlish, Mr.Wil- lla s, coach fa" 9" 'VW' hNf,,:. ,L First row left to right: Shirley Marcotte, Linda Horton, Karen Moreau, Connie Lindley Second row left to right: Sally Holt, Joann Horton, Diana Sefa, Sharon Mckinzie Virginia Main, JoElla Cummings. Third row left to right: Ruth Killbreath, Manager, Mary Cummings, Linda Steinhoff Sharon Ray, Karen Pierson, Linda Coffee, Mrs. Herner, Coach. 7110 G Congratulations Martianettes for the fine job you've done in capturing the Genesee County Class C Championship!! In having an undefeated season, you were able to maintain an offensive aver age of h2.6 while holding the defense to 21.9. The Martianettes opened the season with an outstanding 60-19 victory over Swartz Creek. Sharon McKinzie blis- tered the hoop for 3h points. Next Montrose was easily defeated by the score of bE-22. Goodrich 60 Swartz Creek 19 Goodrich bE Montrose 22 Goodrich 30 Atherton 29 'M'! The thriller of the season was with the Atherton Wolverines. In a nip and tuck battle, sparked by Sharon McKin- zie's 20 points, the Martianettes won by one point, 30-29. In a game which contained many mis- takes by both teams, Goodrich defeated Linden, 30-ll, with JoElla Cummings con- tributing l3 points. Goodrich won the remaining three games with triumphs over Dye, Utley and Bentley. Goodrich 30 Linden ll Goodrich M7 Dye 2l Goodrich 37 Utley 23 Goodrich no Bentley 28 JoElla Cummings Forward y X., ag ,xg f , :ggm gg, 5,1 ww ELA., ,. Forwaro Connie Lindley Jw I -'il x W 5? ii, ,QL -4 1 7 . A if- 3 A 4 if H HG-3 many go!! t15 the Way Tha U . na The Varsity Cheerleaders sure know how to get to do it Ulf off their feet! They are from left to right: nd Jo Ella- a Joann Horton, Diana Sefa, Dick Taylor, Connie Lindley, Jo Ella Cummings. S i, o E ,Jig ,065 Ur fear: WY A 0 ' AO gy Pe fi Q T GO Teal 93122-1 V-I-C-T-O-R the tear on Diana Sefa, Y Varsity Cheerleaders lead to Victory. Left to right: Joann Horton, Dick Taylor, Jo :lla Cummings, Connie Lindley. At the pep meetings both Varsity and Reserve Cheer- leaders lead the students in "Onward Goodrich. " Front row, Left to right: Diana Sefa, Joann Horton, . et knee COWQ Og D1ckaia's and JO' even Wlth D1 n,.l!Y -M-1 FLI! .A 'M '-gc' S I iq Joanngl Omethlng HYea-Teamu lead by Reserve Cheerleaders. Left to right: Karen Moreau, Linda Horton, Judy Winebrenner, Beverly Brown, Lea Ear- clay. TX: YxCnOrE Xl 5Ey L .Q .I aaa. Asif! Sf br S gli . 4- - ,XQON I? Oxy x 15 . Dick Taylor, Jo Ella Cumm- 1965, ings, Connie Lindley. Back row, Lefc to right: Karen Moreau, Linda Horton, A 'fu' ' L rl-X - vf 1 Quay 3Pebrenn?rf Eeve J what happened to the Reserve Cheerleaders drown, rea Barclay. f 7, . . V . F eet.. Left to rlght: Karen horeau, Llnda H . Horton, Judy Winehrenner, Beverly Brown, D19 usru Lea Barclay. fo E1 ' Says Vomhie la an 4 gk af Baseball Front row left to right: Ricky Horton, Edward Titsworth, Larry Cummings, Donald Rillen, James Killbreath, James Hempton, Richard Howell. Second row left to right: Micheal Zeller, Jack Powers, Andrew Bentley, Jerry Pack, Darryl Hill, Robert Reinker, Dave Brown, Robert Roden, Charles Sanford, Ir. Hughes, Coach. Third row left to right: Len Harris, Eugene Petherbridge, Charles Sumpter, Robert Goodfellow, James Reid, Clark Johnson, John Nichols, Carl Winebrenner, John Crawford. Track Front row left to right: Steve McCandlish, Donald Pillen, Leonard Arden, James Killbreath, Chester Dow, Richard Howell. t W Second row left to right: James Skvarenina, Coach, John Morrow, Charles Sumpter, Robert Roden, James Driscoll. x P gm vu Track First row left to right: Connie Lindley, Karen Moreau, Karen Pierson, Diana Sefa, Sharon McKinzie, Shirley Marcotte, Linda Feher. Second row left to right: Cheryl Saxton, Mary McKinzie, Jeannine Nelson, Judy Hartman, Sandy Niles. Third row left to right: Linda Steinhoff, Sharon Ray, Ruth Killbreath, Wanda Marcotte, Judy Winebrenner, Patricia Frantom, Carol Jacobson. 4p1dn94pa1zZ.t! Softball First row left to right: Linda Coffee, Karen Moreau, Virginia Main, Linda Horton, Diana Sefa, Sharon McKinzie, Dee Ann Walter, Shirley Marcotte, Margaret King. Second row left to right: Judy Johnson, Cheryl Saxton, Connie Lindley, Sharon Ray, Mary McKinzie, Lea Barclay, Karen Pierson, Jeannine Nelson, Judy Hartman, Janice Laird, Sandy Niles, Pauline Ballard. Third row left to right: Beatrice Symanzik, Linda Steinhoff, Mary Cummings, JoAnne Hylla, Ruth Killbreath, Sally Holt, Tania Giska, Wanda Marcotte, Judy Winebrenner, Patricia Frantom, Carol Jacobson, Emma Lee Limbaugh, Pamela Meranda. Av EE? ""'0-pe . Aiwffw 4 Xxx -fu! Pr My Q ff' file,-if In the campaign for Student Council President and Vice-Presidents, held at the beginning of the year, speeches were given by campaign mana- gers and candidates. Left to right: Rodney President of the Student Pierson, Clark Johnson, Bob Sherman Sand Mc . . , Y ' Council, Connie Lindley, Diarmld, Michael Boyt, Jim Hempton, Connie is presiding over one of Llndley, Sally Holt, and Joann Horton. the weekly meetings. Left to right: Mr. Stacey, Advisor, Connie Lindley, Presidentg Lea Barclay, Secretary, Patricia Sherman, Bonnie Van Kirk, Beverly Brown, James McNeil, Nancy Sherman, Report- er, Sally Holt, Clark Johnson, Linda Wismer, Richard Robinson, Edward Blanchard, James Pratt. Not pictured: Clifford Jones, Sandy McDiarmid, Treasurer, Bob Sherman, Vice- Presidentg Thomas Muto. ,T Aj, B 3 ,ga ai Self '1 'iii J aff: or M--i f' . , M 41 9 5 ' ' 'P' my -M M.- , 4 A ffvsr'-,Q W... if gun af 71 MNX Above: Mr. Chester Cwiertnia sang and played the Trumpet for grades seven through twelve. What's the matter Jim Howes, afraid Santa will forget you? Above: Showing his skill in sculptur- ing for the high school is Raymond Bogardus. ,AC '! Right: All out at the pep assemblies, to show their support of the teams. Left: Sally Holt reads the Christmas Story, as the Senior Chorus sings. The Senior Concert Band also provided entertainment for the Christmas assembly. :IEE Fi.. if Queen Mary Becke Jfaanecanunq .Queen P F wn1uQ Pfl ofo N-v x ' 5. my we 5 an ..,a3 Patty Sher an, nary Becne- Donald noon John no Junior Candidates CTO Wning 1 ff' r lfy ... Linda moffee Carol Jacobson f J Senior oanoloates 1 V L ' G Bev Sfllhororew Cam?-ta. "' Hori er .Y BTOM A MG QS Mary Becker, An, JUG y Johnso n JI lfae qeaal iran N -. Freshmen Qanoioates ann Gr. KEN UT- Linda Bubka, Diane Green Virginia Heustec, Kargaret Sanlorc, Bonnie VanKirk Patty Sherian W f via J5kSQ?kf Kiss 'A' ,hg5fiiXJ,. A P, The . .mI,4 I in ,f NLL ily ij fi . V Jance Q y2Ao'Aff f ik. , , A Q f' Mn 4, J X W MW,g'f"L5 My X E f- ,f 'if'fxqs -, A gig and jf' 'ff wigf ,W'g' f ww 1- J ,awk ,,5f- I N '25 A 'ff'-T 'dy 1. f!N!'3f:2F The xi -M y-5 D vt xg! X J, any T . Parade x "V: ' f if ' ' fi . ,, ff. Wh ,lqn mm if fy, Q 'QKKKN gg y W iv? 1-15 X Viavvai ', A an K . , I K I K .V O 'J' . . , , , gfffg' 1 1 Q 1 . - o K I M Q n 1 K 1 1 K X U A , 5-A-'iw-fiviww: . K- K viii' WLS, Q I Q W, . 8' .Q K ' wal M 6-1 JF' k my W iii g M , -L-aw . P KK AA, , , nz 7 wi!" W1 gf' Sf K 1 ,my 7 KK Q KK vt JY,-pw ,MK iw, H31 3 6 dials, LEM? Ky T, .K ,ywg WK K, K K, KK V 9.3 1- A ,min wi-,Kg-',g"' -1 f'2:fffp 95.-:Qs f"'W-4 'N Lf -W, K K K ,, ff , w,.+f-w, 1 -K by xiiwf,-'Xfigblfz 1 Af? 'H - K I - fc-ww K KA! - ' iQfM5:,N?-?2fQ' ,f 2 nf K - K ' f ff-Z4 fe' ' Ml gig'i1'Q,' fy Mfg- ' Q K fwwxggf 'K fig in A Q 150- Q, K , K Y , if Q -- J VM S ,f -' 'iw-Q'.'.gZ if ik K fy P V is , 1 - -N 'iii' Y wbfiff- N X .5 K W 7 Kvfflrug. , if -1 KK ,Y K 22 Va f 'iw Y' 1 ' f ' A f" 71' 'VK ' -' 'i -f 4? Q Q1-I. :gin K, V , - X - A V m K, - x N-15" V - at - I X J ' - K gf' 4 "f , K VM g K A :N Mx, K ,, ww . K ,., hz? N K ' 1 XY-' .M ff-- M fy. If' ,Nfl L 4 N an g 4 gi. - ' ' jf ff N 'O , 'Mfg -40 ,Q , Y 4 KW. 4 K K . J M R i V ,ff W- L, ll, , ., Q K Q - K 'K D "' pr 'A' K S . 'S X M . ,. Y F' KK- A ' Q . ' 3 , - ' ,- x K , W ' K . N Y. f f A A. ' an Nadi: H.-f w fa ' , K - K K W -K K - , , K ,F 1 KK K . Zig. Q N -1 . ,nw ,M , 'f K. . ' ' U' K -,W my N . . - f,3,w,,K - ' '. sa -- ' , ,' ' em -1. Q fi Y . Q 'X 1 .V , 'P f Y I ,K K, ' -, H" , W A -' y -x f 'M-4,,p 9112: - ' ' ' 'f NK, K .ig . ' z : Z 'M f 4 Y ?wW?"f 3 H71'f,L5iiwssfyiWTK1+15h " M EK K ,,,,g-,Q QT P - '- f yy' V x, V.-, f..- 7,3i.kV3,xAw,f Nafx ,mf K 4, .MN 8 - -Ag!-Kiw,,,f A -4 :Ki iw 'Q fm , 'a H K .1 K U Kslikwmr 0 Q Q fy ..,j's',K K 4 43.743 Dawg: 3 Al K K 5 .. K., fK K .A,., x M vi, li A K V K. : K -K - . -ff f- X 4 -- , -K-,-shy :W f.K .' ' 96- gf--M-vs'-V , 3 1 ' ,Kyra-' " is i ' fav Q , M," ' " '- lf., ' - ' 'f -f x if ,Q K 1 "' F , , . ww K ,K . Q' A f I -,K if , ,Q k V, f . "H A.: Q A, ww ' mn, X ' 1,3-w f ,W K .iw .i ,X 1,- K -K, v f, K. K A - " ' '- 'f- K TL- ' . J ,Kf:,-K1K,: K Q ,K 1- Q fa uf ,f ' A ,Me K VK .5 hh ul K K . -I 5 A: - .A F Marchmg Band .K Q ,U-4, ' ' 1 fiff K, , 'Wane 421 'rfb maxi? ' J' if 'vw-.vw .Mm R,-,, N. Q , M ww-ww KWH .K ' -5' ze-g-1- ugy f ,K ' ' S??Q5WFQ,1ll',l K K Q. ,.rfvwg,2:3- 'f , ,V s1-"111r"- .h3,'.:- il?-',,5:,'ifl ,. -1 'L 1---f ' -S --x ,415 ' Q XV' X -Q K,,,K -.ff 4 'K H X lv x- ? If ' W ' 'S' '4 IM KH , E Q Nw Y 9 ,...,,,,., Q Q . I "" Wi, i' V, K, I ,my-1 sf li nd 21.4-.L MMA 'Qi --1.4.4 CI Fi--. 4 3 1 - 2 M Q' 4' ..1. in like ca leaacef!-' s Y ? fy . K in V x -.1 4.1 ' 1' ,fr . I 'f , . A P- 3- , , M. - f 1, .. . - Q Wm 'W F uf Y. 3 'gL xy M . ' XL W-' fu Rx, E' 1 5 My -24, fx .xr i- fh 1, 'r L. Q xx ' I 5 if 4 ' ,px ef A I I ' 1 Q n ' . yr A Q 'VJ ' H A g +-5 ' I .A 0 ,w g.r?' , ,xi Q A I I 'alum ux V 'Kg 444.45 A ...1.L,1f ' . . g -yi uxftlsgzivj o ' X . n 4 4 nf Y I N . f i , M 1: 1 ,- W. X , -""--- A ' xx f ' Y 'ww x- ' 5 p - 'sql' in X M M11 J' Q I W 'M 0 ' Q7 f I ,T-X 3, v""" .T ',a X ...av s --1 - f-- - if Hr f' . A fy 'A A W2 5 ta If 1 gb s. ,N v , ' ,, 'gm j 5' ' 5 - ww f "T.7.,mf A V' ' f if , V ' - - f f ' - ' "M""' Mai J , ywgg ,,, yilffwn? W ,Ag Q ' , f, - If ,ff . -' if Q W'2.'z" ' -X 1,5 '59-if Q f4f4,.,,K '5W'ff:2frfv..f K , A , . V . - 'K ! '7 I -'f K f N WIS' l'A-z -all! yn? X14- ifvb iiw. .4 5 N ,. - "Q . , K' , f . DZ' X sf fag?-iivila 14, 5 V ' L AA 5- A 5. A H 6 3 Eiiqvt, lg 5. , 4 'md ' 8 ,. f AV gy K. Q gi., x COUCQTJC Band A M A 1114! Q., mg frwz. Q , x, fm wg' 3 Y W - ' , ,K K ., N Eff .., , ,, . .,. .fx ':"' Z" fig 'f LW 1 We Q Wig Junior Band First row: Patty Sherran, Diane Rohrer, Margaret Sanford, Sandra Letts, Diana Green, Allan Rohrer, Carol Pintgk. Second row: Roger Wood, Woodrow Millspaugh, Donna Sanford, William Halstead. Third row: Clifford Jones, Mr. Judson, Director, Cheryl Horton, Cheryl Saxton Mwub! Mwub! Mmm! Beginners Band First row: Jane Feher, Marcia Heusted, Mary Cousins, Rusty Burdick, Patti Simmons, Ronald Simmons. Second row: Mary White, Susan Sherman, James Pierson, Philip Rockafellow, John Coffee, Joanne Allen. Third row: Sharon Sutton, Diana Feher, John Moore, Glenn Mckennon. Fourth row:Kenneth Allen, Ronald Moreau, Pamala Jacobs, John McNeil, Linda Wilson, Mr. Judson, Director. cl - Q 'if' n . ,fn Chorus 5 Mr. Judson, Director, Dick Taylor, Pianist. I First row: Judy Ziinebrenner, Beatrice Symanzik, Linda Steinhoff, Connie Lindley, Betty Burdick, Peggy Coomer. Second row: Dan Modal, Tania Giska, Jim Howes, George Rutter, Judy John- son, John Morrow. IP' i ., ,fo . ly A A ,W J FH . 5 X. Varsity Club Front table: Officers, Clark Johnson, Reporter, Sharon McKinzie, Treasurer, Sally Holt, Secretaryg Charles Erantom, Presidentg Michael Slavens, Vice-President, Mr. Hughes, Advisor. Seated left to right: Mary Cummings, Virginia Main, Dee Ann Walter, Ruth Killbreath, JoElla Cummings, Diana Sefa, Joann Horton, Donald Andrews, Michael Boyt, Dick Taylor, Eugene Petherbridge, Lewis Main. Standing left to right: Dick Howell, James Killbreath, Eugene Deschner, Andrew Bentley, John Morrow, Tom Slavens, James Reid Robert Goodfellow, Tom Muto, James Howes, Charles Sumpter, Caryl Stimson. . 7Ae Mm - fl Give Dick Boyt a box of Pom Poms, but don't short and Eugene Deschner change him Lan- gather a good crowd. How much! Jim Howes ney Passmore. Sure wished that I could get up there and t something to eat' Sharon Mckinzie and JoElla Cum- mings, making programs for Sw...-..... the games. 55 1 1 ada-M0 46140124 Constructing corn crib on Ed Stone's farm. X61 1' if' 'W"n-Q.. .VMPWA Charles Sumpter and Richard Auten demonstrate post hole digging the modern way! Ca in site on summer tri Rodney Pierson, Pete Slavens, and atmgt'QIgnaS State Park. p Edward Stone, fixing chow on the summer camping trip. -w4,..,, It ,Si YUP' 21.11 afflmmwdwaw. Dick Main, Kenneth Bell, Lewis Main, Pete Slavens, and Kenneth King, watch the adjusting of tappets on F.F.A. tractor. Logging wheels and members who went on the summer trip, at Hartwick Pines State Park. Gary Reid and Donald Adams plant oats on F.P.A. farm. Preparing chickens for annual chicken barbecue. Ego Emma Lee Limbaugh, Sandra Niles, Karen Pierson, Linda Bubka, Linda Wismer, and Diane Green look on while Mrs, Pintek, Teacher, ex- plains classwork. Cleo Ciosek, Tania Giska, Susan Butts, Evelyn Brown and Beverly Brown work heart- ily on Christmas decorations, while Mrs. Pintek supervises other students. alwaak. Lois Hempton, Marion Jenca, Marcia Lake, Bernadette Jaje, and Joan Giska carefully make their decorations. 5 Mrs. Pintek examines Carolyn Allen's work, as Bonnie Hub- ble touches up by decorating. ff-inf W T Q f"x 'isp E 1 'Q F 5 if N H, ' Q . ' f iv ,Q The typists, Dick Taylor, Mary Becker, and Sharon Bay all had a never ending task of typing the yearbook. B.. Annual Staff Front row: Dick Taylor, Diana . Sefa, Sally Holt, Joann Horton, Mary Becker. Back row: Clark Johnson, Margie Flemming, Ruth Killbreath, Sharon Bay, Mr. Fox, Advisor, Terry T Niles, Dee Ann Walter. - To Dee Ann Walter and Margie Flemming, did a lot of the writing and many other im- portant items. Clark Johnson, the junior class representative observes. za --c ,f The Editor and Co-Editor, Sally Holt and Joann Horton, had the responsibility of organizing and putting our yearbook together. ff cam? eddy .. Below: The business staff did a ter- rific job this year in raising the money to finance our book. They are: Terry Niles, Ruth Killbreath, and Diana Sefa, Business Manager. Andrews?! Will Shirley Narcotte ever get the paper typed in time?! nmmewkad !! Standing: Carol Jacobson, Virginia Main, Harold Anderson, Jeannine Nelson, Glen Arden. Seated: Sue Flemming, Judy Hartman, Clark Johnson, Thomas Slavens. It's a big job run- ning the paper off on the 'ditto' ma- chine. Isn't it Don If you don't think it's hard editing the school paper just ask: Clark Johnson, Virginia Main, Thomas Slav- ens, Jeannine Nelson, Harold Ander- son or Glen Arden. '4 Seated: Mrs. King, Teacher. Left to right: Don Andrews, Sue Flem ing, Glen Arden, Carol Jacobson, Clark John- son, Jeannine Nelson Virginia Main, Judy Hartman, Harold Anderson. 71 Pizza sure tasted good I'- Cleo Ciosek demonstrates the Charlest for the Hbump-rumpu gals! after the big show! ls that money Terry is giving Dan?! Hr. Neil Connin, Director r ceives gift from the senio class presented by Hut OD Killbreath. On Novenber 21, the Senior Class of l959, presented the three-act comedy, called HThe Form Divine.H It is about a teen-age girl, who to suit mother . Her mother goes to a beauty school, much to her husband's objections, and graduates with high honors. tries to re-arrange her herself and her friends I C iii' Iii!!! ... CAST gucilla Webb.. ....... ..Cleo Ciosek grthur Iebb.. ..Terry Niles Hoopy Mebb.. ....Eonnie Hubble Peggy......... Jinny Compton.. 3retel....... ?aris Green... Dorothy Coips.. Eetty......... Freddie...... Miss Meadows. Charlotte Benson. Harry........... Mrs. Midge.. Kiss Nitz.. Iut...... Linda... anon Judie Ninebrenner ......Jim Hempton ..Carolyn Allen .. ...Sharon Ray .......Diana Sefa .JO Ella Cunmings .....Dick Taylor ..Margie Flemming ...Joann Horton .....John Nichols ..Sharon NcKinzie .......Kaye Hard ..Dan Kodat .Mary Becker - su V V V '! 4 y A I L W, X . A Harold Scharich Says, nyou canst Front row: David Brown, Linda Coffee,. Paul- propose to Sandy McDiarmid, Dick ine Ballard, Carol Jacobson, Sandy McD1armid. Howell She is minelu Back row: Clark Johnson, Virginia Main, Mike , Boyt, Harold Scharich, Dick Howell, Mr. Connir, Director. - - h.,.zzw.f1 The story concerns the troubles that come about when Mollie Farreil's cousin Lucy Lee Sanders, comes for a visit. Instead of turn- ing out to be the expected shy quiet type Lucy Lee turns out to be a Female dynamo, who threatens to take away not only Mollie's boy friend Harry Ames, but also Jodie Armstrong's boy friend Bruce Bartlet. To counter this threat Jodie and Mollie with the help of another friend Jennifer Desmond, embark upon a plan to train shy Tom Jackson as a sacrafice to Lucy Lee, to save their own boyfriends. All seems to go well, Tom is trained in such basic things as tennis, dancing, and flirting by the three girls. Unexpected events, however, tend to foil the plan at the last moment. The wrong people fall in love, but a late arrival, Randolph Fitzhough, from South Carolina saves the day and the entire cast ends up happily coupled. Cast Jennifer Desmond .......... Carol Jacobson Jodie Armstrong .... ...Linda Coffee Mollie Farrell ..... .... Virginia Main Lucy Lee Saunders... ...Sandy McDiarmid Bruce Bartlett ..... ...... Dick Howell Harry Ames ....... ...Harold Scharich Tom Jackson ......... ........ Mike Boyt Randolph Fitzhugh... . ...Ken Pack Mike Boyt, Dick Howell, Linda Coffee, Virginia Main, Carol Jacobson, Sandy McDiarmid, Pauline Ballard, Harold Scharich, David Brown, study their parts as Clark Johnson watches over them. HDon't fight girlslu Linda Coffee, Mike Boyt, Virginia Main, Carol Jacobson. is mf he Y , Q Q X. s' A K Q 4 , L mls S -0,- . -wif W5 . if I K. 3543 Q' N QW fag 3' in 1 5, h 5 mm" L , ,t ' zip Xt, af! 'Rf an ,. A -Sv ,X v LQ. - ,,, as g " f' of 1 -.M 9 Q 1 YQ: -J-gk V , md in 'Nur-1 'B +g,,,,luw.x we 4 K fa, f. ,hi I - x M M wa? l 'W M fy M' , mn P A , A.A, Y ,L ' 'M 5 ' .. 5 K, ,, x Y --P we A ,- , ., 1 ' , , 1, 74 Ky , , by V M A ' Ni-gf "' ah. x KA"-,Inf ,Q K 4 if mm i NNN h ' ' ' W. v-,L V ,-'L QM. 1 " fx V ., e Q M - A , ' , n - , , -. " Q Wu " N N , ' I Q . .F vw -QQ , Q- V K . vu "U-a,"N ' v A , M g v ,. I Q Kash' , G' ' xv. ' ' 1 1 ' , " ,B-V "fy" . -Q K 1 , , ,2 ,- WN Ntzmm t 7.1.0 Joanne Allen Shawn Beedy BOhl21'1 Bray Ronald Brown Q Za' 'S AK fw'V9'D'4 'X if bw 5' . , 1? ,, -4 N vi 5 r'Q? V ' ' in 1 il' fm A Norma Zubke il. to o x 4 2. it ix' Wiki x Melvin Wotring Robert Walters 76 Nancy Taylor 1.672 Nancy Burt 01444 af 1965 .. IR' .l Y' 'K I 's Bulletin Board Display Left to right: Nancy Burt, Diana Feher, Robert Pillen5 Shawn Bohlen, Mary Eckel, Narma Zubke, Janet Rockafellow. Rodney Pamela Carl Sumpter Stewart Stgjnhoff x y f Zyl B I Absent: George Bachmann John Bentley John Hartman Michael Hoglund Linda Wilson Janet Rockafellow Mary Cousins Mary Diana Laffy Eckel Feher Herman Mrs nuten, ieacher visiting with Mrs Zubke at Parent Teacher Conference. Robert Pillen laobilafuluhaf .Ni .q 3 ik.. mvqav'-W' Around the World Left to right: Nancy Burt, Rodney Sumpter, John Bentley, Mary Cousins, Susan Jacobson, Pamela Niles, John Moore, Nancy Taylor, Clayton Liscom, Pamela Stewart, Beedy Bray, Pamela John Davie Niles Moore Michael Susan Jacobson Beverly Lagness is Clayton Liscom 77 Alan McDiarnid ox Kenneth Robert Marilyn Allen Bellmore Blahnik Donald Brandt William Carolyn Sally Brosius Burroughs Burton Allan Young AT CORNERS Current Events are Interesting Kirk Reid, Herbert Mylin, James Stevens, Robert Eellmore Taking a Look at Geography Terry Lake, Mr. Doane, Teacher, Eugene Spencer, Jane Feher. Russell Wolford 73 N Robert Ronald James West Walker Vanitvelt Sharon Sutton Charlotte James Eugene Straight Stevens Spencer Marcia Heusted Cindra Hawley Gary Linda Eric Jane Cousineau DavenpOfi Eisheid Feher hmm Pamela Jacobs Joseph Jaje Terry Lake or a Standing, Left to right: Cindra Hawley, Jeanne Middleton, Marcia Heusted. Seated, Left to right: Nathan McAbee, William Absent Erosius, Carolyn Burroughs. Gloria Allen 79 Ronald Kirk H2rb2ft Ronald Jeanne Glenn Nathan Mcnhee Simmons Reid Mylin Moreau Middleton MCKQUHQU Xancy Patricia Kathlggn Aiidon Bellmore Blahnjk Adrienne Eubka Gian af 7966 IQ. RUSty Gaylord Burdick Dgwdy , Roberta Edwards Iary White 5:71 Maw dv haw Willian Welch Look at That! Left to right: Neil Walker, Robert Linskey, George Petherbridge, Stanley Koon, Adrienne Bubka, Linda Green, John McNeil. 86 n Neil Nancy W3lk6f Tfgcy Charles Thorpe Patti Simmons Robert James Michael Sanford Roberts Reppuhn Winebrenner anes Carolyn Linford Amidon Baldwin Betts Bough Cgffee ""r xx 5 "' 1 ' 'f-W Qll-l:U Tf,,..v-- ' cl..,, Robert 0- if' I Q-HM Q. William John Charolett Kathy Coggins Easton -- its Mr. Fivecoate, Teacher, shows a location on the nap to, Left to right: James Pierson, Marsha Howard, Wendy Hunt, Russell Welch, William Welch, Charolett Coggins, Gail Profrock. 82 i William Russell Janet aohin Glenda Susan Welch Welch Tracy Surfpter Sm th Sherman sooning at E YOCS -ref rcuntain ar ielt to right Kathy Easton, Clar ence Fylin, Joh Coffee, Janes Ani don Shirley frat ' Young, an 'iebreiier Ph"' Rock iiip afello ? 3 r1,,,,,-H David Risden Fifi .. J. Shirley Paula Patricia Hinton Hoglund Linda Howes Wendy Kristine Bernard ua l Droirocn M14 Hunt Kodat Leder of wk HV if Fipxaig J yf" Joyce David Morea indicates points of interest to, Left to right: Robin Sumpter, Carolyn Baldwin, James Poe, liiam Eouck, Bernard Leder, Linford Ee:'s O2 TSOT1 c . Clarence Mylin David Morea Ma 11 1 e Jessica Maurer 83 Bruce McPhail A T ! Russell Allen Mark Williams Rodney Wallace Sharon Tracy 811 Francis Symanzik wx, L David Revanna Steven Beverly David Ameen Bellmore Berg Borgert Coomer l x X ' WK QFWK ' ,vw wif ,Yi Adventures Seated: Mark Williams, Ann Krueger, Thomas Poritt, Francis Symanzik, Richard Hillier. Standing: Rodney Wallace, Revanna Bellmore, David Ameen, Walter Morrow, James Middleton, Russell Allen, Dennis Logan, Steven Straight. Steven Straight Connie Richard Thomas Pamela Sears Roberts Poritt Petherbridge 3 D , L D ni W A , A s ,. , W T V, 1 ,X S S' 35542 Janis Joyce Sherry Terry Dowdy Pearson Gillett Harris 5 X' I Q 4 A Q Donnie Hightower 4laaZL'aaamlllwwaalJ 'iv . Mawr. . Ag 1 Mrs Cummlngs, Teacher v1s1ts wlth Mr and Mrs Fredrlck Krueger at Parent Teacher Con ference Nature Study Left to rlght Sherry Glllett, Joyce Morey, Judlth Maurer, Connle Sears, Suzanne Horton Terry Harrls, Steven Berg, R1chard Roberts Cynthia Walter Joyce O'Morrow Morrow Morey "" X mf is rv 9 J' T-S., , ,fgp f' James Middleton f 5 M, A 1 .5 X "ISP Roger Allen Penny Wingau Linda Welch Roger Wallace YWQ Constance Cristopher Marilyn Robert Chgfyl B611 Belzinque Brown Congdon Dayenpoft Tonette Time Sally Trumble and Lee Steinhoff Earl Sally Janice Albert Wallace Tfumble Teffyah Symanzik Michael Stewart f W a W A . gr Jacqueline Mefle Eckel GreQOfY Study Hour Fourth graders study as Mrs. Lakin, Teacher, looks on. Lee Steinhoff . it Mark Henrichson Sally Leonard R052 Holderbaum Jaje Koc Busy Day Absent Rosemary McCrary, Constance Bell Marle BaChm8F Ralph Marcotte, Patrick Murphy, Roger Rossman. Kathie Potts C' ' 1 43" agiqmhgf Patrick Murphy K Y . 1, s , 'U' , I Ill Q-4-w AS Q V! Bruce Allen W P Y se-2 Edgar Wotring A, I 'f f-um Rosemary Rebecca Marsha Susan Kathleen Mickey Andrews Beers Bohms Bouck Brosius Burt 61444 af 1968 .. -xi .X 491' Charles Walker Halloween First row: David Passmore, Bruce Allen, Chris Muto. Second row: Kathleen Brosius, Leroy Cousins, Susan Bouck. Third row: David Steinhoff, James King, Cyn- thia Grab. 88 David Henry Robert Chester David Christopher Steinhoff Schlegel Porter Poe Passmore Muto I ni f ' I If 5 f' " 1 C - 1 ,nl A 2 A sf if' 'Hr' --f '59 Donal ena Wayfle Carter COQQ1HS Time Out Mrs. Rohloff, Teacher, escorts students from lunch to class. Jack Middleton Leroy Jerry Cynthia BFUCG David Cousineau Cousins Feher Grab Hale feaawimavuf John Hardacre Janet nl Herman Panorama of Maplewood Left to right: Karen Koon, Rebecca Beers, Gerald Linskey, Kathryn Hovey, Mickey Burt. Absent Kathryn Hovey 89 Gerald Joseph Karen James Sue Linskey Kyle Koon King Hubble Glenndean Cole Jacqueline Chasteen QEIHEQEEE x -5 Kenneth Eckel Larry Edwards inffaelfu?uf91u:Je.' Robert Mary Pearson Gethicker Beneath the Sea Mary Halstead Left to right: Melanda Meranda, Randy Bezinque, Kenneth Eurnette, Jacqueline Chasteen, Candie Houck. Reid Linda McAbee LaCross Keith Koch Penny Johnson Charlotte Heck 9l Pamela Robert Hopkins Hinton 45" Carol Alford Larry Welch Amy Welch 92 Terry Wallace mix Wayne Harold Timothy Patricia Wayne Allis Bachmann Bohlen Burnette Cole 61444 4 1969 .. X .iff We Welcome Alaska Amy Welch and Peter Frick are adding to the flag as other second graders salute. Judy Joseph Marcia Marie Tody Slavens Rossman Profrock 1 W 2' ?" A Q' ' and Ross- are visiting th Hrs. Hill, eacher, at Parent- eacher Conference. Dennis O'Morrow ,fn- 05 f dr' 1 ' . .Q James Nancy JoAnne John Peter Steven Cummings Ehler Pearson Feher QJJJMJ Frick Henrickson Ill Joanne Morea ,nr A. ,,.i,. 7,q,m ,, Look at the Pumpkins!! Standing: Konalee Koch, Barbara Laird, Carol Alford. Seated: Steve Henrickson, Larry Welch, John Feher, Joseph Hughes, James Cummings. Dale Randal Kathryn Miller LaCross Krueger B Dona Horton Thomas Howes Absent Barbara Laird Paul Williams 93 Monalee Joseph Koch Hughes 'UH Kathy Carl Beryl Sally Kat Hamel Herman Kietzman Koon Kr ,1,M,,zzMe.,.We,f, . QY'I.Q.4'x"+,gi' Reading Left to right: James Millspaugh, William Amidon, Sally Koon, Susan Laird, Darlene Bohms, Sherry Barker, Carl Herman, Susan Coffee, Diana Welch, Beryl Kietzman, Sherry Walters, Angela Neville, Jennifer Maurer. Absent William Amidon Michael Davenport Susan Laird Robert Titsworth Judy Leo Angela James JG Reiflkef Petherhridge Neville Millspaugh M . K -..- - Q I , E 'V -wr A N L A 'Q .,:V ' I K7 Deborah Boris L32 Deborah Burt Couture Diane Leach wie than ,4,B,8'4 .. .-. us A -.-5 . v X f. s , 'x ' fi - 3 jig M . H A J v W , gi ,, Q , 4 ' , 2' h . , ,. fu . A - ri! We Play Store Left to right: Mary Titsworth, Thomas Jaje, Kathy Rockafellow, Jimmy Hill, Diane Leach, Lee Burt, Norman Culver. Gary Debra Killhreath Kyle new 5: .Q 55 is 59? Terry Ehler Lynne Flood James Hill Absent Norman Culver Joseph Hardacre Gregory Horn 97 Thomas Jaje .,fj: , 5 , W, .g,'ME revel Mguwwi W1 'R 'L !3k 1? Peggy ?qp nigh :Q f 4?3?J' 7 wfwmavfvmwi AEaJ-New ,'as21+h .Q Sallie Gary Mark Steven Gary Adair Allis galdwin Beers Blahnik 4-I Janeen W Snlth We Learn Left to right: Bobby Sharon Flemming, Jimmy Betty Sanfora See the Good Work Left to right: Mark Baldwin, Barbara Coomer, Mrs. Hilbrecht, Teacher, Jimmy Burton. 98 Juanita Joan Thomas Mary Gary RO132f5OU Planck Phelps Myers Morea , fb YEZQCXQ .R 1 3 A I3 A ia 2 S ,..A.. , , , i. X, ., W, .. va -V-A.. 4 ,. W' ,-W 'M' A gf - ,,,,,,,,.MQ4 3ff'WY W' 5, pl f 'W ' , 'S' I' ai - -W 1' ,M K 4523535 1 'Z' ' ' , 'vw v f 2, , ,gp .Xw . I W.,,, A...,, QNX ,wx Xu 9 ii f f ffl' I fa Tf"' f fs.. J, QUJ ww 'G ii " I : iq! Af 'A P 1 sl vu., rl jk? ' N. ,vu fr N52 W M T 5 g, x -4 ,X gw M ff" ww 2' ffm iii! ,wwf-4--f I aw 7 9. . .,q,, ' ji? -:,A -V smfgsnmwfpmwf ,ex f 4? ,na fQv,' ' L Nod in 10h ' a , is 52 Nl Q 6 'r 2 5' rustee. ted, left to right: Harold Coffee, Secretary, illiam Reid, President, tanding, left to right: Douglas Hill, Treasur- Charles Stone, Trusteeg Glen Frantom, aaa "Bosal of fb " ii Below: Parents interested in our school often attend the meetings. Above A semi monthly meeting of the Board gets under way. 1 Mr. Frederick W. Kruger, who came to us two years ago received his B.S. degree from Wheaton College, Ill. and his M.A. from the University of Minn. His name appears in HWho's Who in A- merican Education.H During the last two years the elementary school has grown from seven to thirteen rooms. The consolidation of Atlas, Horton and White Schools with Goodrich was consumated through special elections last year. The budget was balanced even though the total enrollment in- creased one hundred twenty and the teacher-pupil ration decreased to thirty or less. He is a life member of N.E.A., and has had articles pub- lished in the M.E.A. Journal, and School Executive Magazine iHLf?it?M.w, .w aah.-Lula Ita K' Mr. Q ff .. . W. Mr. Beryl B. Fox, High School Counselor, teaches Junior High Math, Science, and Senior Math. This is his thirteenth year at Goodrich. He is the advisor of the High School Annual. Mr. Fox earned his A.B. degree at Wes- tern Michigan University. He has done graduate work at the Univer sity of Hawaii. His hobbies are photography and travel. Principal, has been at Goodrich High School for eight years This year he is teaching American Government and is advisor of the Senior class Under his guidance the Stu dent Council was form ed and for three years has made continous ik N progress Mr Stacey received both his A B and M.A degrees t Michigan State Univer sity. Whenever free time can be found, h enjoys hunting and raising flowers i V ::,: fr Q mm O '-.Q uw E Mrs. Barker and Mrs. Petherbridge try to prepare something new The cooks in the cafeteria pre- pare the delicious hot meals every- day and serve them to the students and teachers at reasonable prices. The custodians keep our floors clean, shovel the snow on the side- walks in the morning, and are on hand when a key is needed. Haffy Ffick Mr. Burt Gree Mr. Paul Kay Mrs. Horton ouards the cookies' They surely cooks Mrs Beers Mr. ues ret with ll years of Jud ' qeludkeneanclfnomel Mr. Minor Main has driven for 9 years. W-ST-?m'?S Aff S service. This is Mrs. Vio Rae Moreau's 7th year. Mr. Clare Johnson has been at Good- rich for Y years. fe: Mr. Coons, bus superintendent, Bennett, and Mr. Parsell. At the right: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. McKinzie, and Mrs. Johnson. 6230! Q54 K W- i :Jinx W .i' J 23456 39 7 zo zz zz I3 24 1617 za zo 21 23 I9 Q22 24 25 26 27 28 12 30 3? K . .f , .. . MNA ev1? fsh QW. Q iw' n 'Nr' "Ns 1. -3555" W 445 ffffffff it Aer it QYQ 04 as is 0an14f40'V"Z'4?4"' 615' URAINE STUIJIUS PUNT szs HARRISON cs 9 2:84 Anofher Pune Job Done By Your Yearbook Phofoqraphers BOB WHYTES JOHNSON MOTORS Orfonvllle Mlchlgan Phone NAhonal 7 3185 1 Outboard Murine HURD HARDWARE ROBERTS MARKET RENTAL SANDERS AND POLISHERS . We De11ver RENTAL PIPE TOOLS T Groceries , Meats , And Notions PH. OL 3-2242 Gas - Oils T PH. 1411 ATLAS Main St. Davison Best of Luck To The Graduates From GREEN LAKE MEAT MARKET LAKE SHORE Ray Campbell Prop Our Own Hlckory Smoked Ham and Bacon All Styles German Made Sausage Phone NA 73901 2601 M 'IS Phone NAHOMI 73615 ORTONVILLE 1358 M I5 Orfgnyglle Nw: ' H STAFFORD and JACKSON CO ATLAS MICHIGAN 3 M I E "ZX ' , . GTV r Y R ' Af , r L X, g .R m - 71.5 l 4' 1,-il' V p A ,H K ,' 9 :. k ., ,., 5 .V f N ff 1 , fa, El. - f I '. wfafwwf .,.,.. .. . r T fl? ,l a - 1. " i , , R fl, ,hz 'A R :f,:2z,,I:'?ff:: T? . ':5"'?. . . f:.5,f'E, M T , ze MEM " A' 1,31 , ' V W. -2 4 , , 2:2-ir. - X f 2 1 r My -' -. , KEN S REDI MIX and GRAVEI. DELIVERY Qswn BASFMFW DIGGIIVG BIEIDOZING PHONE YARD ww GOODRICH HOME THE WORLD S MOST FORD SALES BEAUTIFULLY PHONE I3 PROPORTIONED GOODRICH CARS I A i A A . v4 Q C , I 2 , ? L E K - -333 f V , E 9 . YERKEY 81 SUN CHEVROLET SALES Ph OW 4.42-8-2 Grand Blanc CUNGRATULATIUNS SENIURS ON YOUR STEP TOWARD A SUCESSFUL FUTURE LET US HELP MAKE YOUR FUTURE BRIGHTER WITH A 2 7 SAVINGS ACCOUNT OR 37 TIME CERTIFICATE GQDDRICH BRANCH DAVISON sms BANK GCDDRICH, MICHIGAN MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 8 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Compliments Davison Shoe S+ore of mp-5 pgug "LARGEST STOCK IN THE AREA" STORE Norfh of Ihe Lighi' Telephone OL 3-4 340 219 N. Main Street DAVISON 725 N. STATE QAXISON RAY LINDSAY GRAND BLANC VETERINARY HOSPITAL A R Conquest DVM Televnsuon AppIl6f1C9S DAVISON Phone OL 36050 O W 4-4321 Grand Blanc Large 8. Small Ammal Comphmems 10 the STERLING S Best WlSheS STERLINGS MEN AND BOYS FURNISHINGS Gm ,AR HARDWARE GRAND BLANC ow 4-6121 GRAND BLANC PH OW 4434! CLARENCE W HILL FUNERAL Home Ambulance Service AL.. L Grand Blanc Ph OW 4 4141 119 SALES AND SERVICE Pfadice I I V5 "I' I ,,.' A--.....3. ,... . f' ' SA .. I H T ' T ' 3 .S ' 'il K K - Compliments Best of Luck l To The Class DALBY S FOOD MARKET Z I- , I RALPH Sz FRANCES of 58 . X1 -'N- ix A .I TOOL f 5 Home K111ed Meats PARTAH Grocemes 551-uns SPECIALTIES GOODRICH M I5 GOODRICI1 CompIImenYs from DICK ZEIS NURSERY YOU' AND GREENHOUSE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FIOWGTS FOI GOODYEAR All Oc GSIOOS Mann sneer HOTPOWT DEALER DAVISON ,509 5 Stale Rd Davnson COrnpIImen1s OI ROLLAWAY RECREATION 12 gowlme Alleys LADIES AND CHILDRENS ALI1OrTIa1 Q P nspOIIe s APPAREL ROLLER SKATING DAVISON PH OL 32011 216 MaIn S7 downtown DAVISON C F WHITE X X Insurance Agency LLOYD s SERVICE SPM!! LUbf'IC6IIOf1 Accessones GENERAL INSURANCE Hunhng and FIsI1Ing Supplues Telephone 82 M I5 GOODRICH PHQNE I 8090 Sfafe Road Gggdf In of F? ' I I- We M I ,I .T il EQILIAXQAI - 23 JL . and Phone OL 3-2200 I I T - iiaj' I I - 6 ' I: I GOODRICH TELEPHONE OFFICE N Y Q' ni IX. '..l SINCE 1897 C F SHERMAN Compliments of the F U N E R A L H O M E e2mbuIance ,Sewzce Pl' 'V-'f 135 sour:-I smear IV4 7341.1 oRToNvu.LE MICH HADLEY MILL Hadley Michigan COMPLIMENTS III H E R E M E R DR N DEL ZINGRO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OFF SET PRINTING ADVERTISING 1 2 of Main S12 Davison MIMEOGRAPHY 7' I T ' ' ' Rd. - 'RF' offee tune PHONE 74I I 8 I 5I SIa+e Goodrich X X aBEST OF LUCK To THE GRADUATES SPM!! DAVISON OIL AND GAS CO 107 MILL STREET DAVISON PHONE O L 3 2 250 G E DOOLEY GOODRICH MANUFACTURING CO Jeweler SUCCESS AND HA PPI NESS The Fmest nn Watches and Diamonds IN THE FUTURE Phone 63W Goodrich FRICK S CECIL S STANDARD SERVICE BARBER BEAUTY Tires Tubes 8: Batferues 5HQp5 Phone OW 4-9820 GOODRICH Grand Blanc Michugan 122 I, D I 0 GOODRICH DAIRY BAR Chl cken Steak Chops PHONE 641 GOODRI CH cnmvumfms ur A Friend CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 OOOORICH FLORAL 8 GIFT SHOP RICHARD and JANET MAULE Phone 74-J Goodrich was long but not goodby FRED and ADAS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Bald Eagle Lake Resort SEMORS' Bwfms Swlmmms DON FRICKS BARBER SHOP PICNIC GROUNDS "'27O Allen Road OrfonvlIIe OrI'0nvlIIe Mlchlgqn if I A 'fd II , M MI I ,, ,,. . , So , , , H 'hffif'ZZ5E'5?5f'P""m'? iw 1 . 0 . I L . CLIFF 12h Q M,-4 Chow Line!! R1 -4. UPTEGRAFF MOTOR SALES WHlTEY'S CHEVROLET 81 OLDSMOBILE RESTAURANT Telephone Ol 3-4111 Congratukmons To the Class For Reservations f O. L. 3-6666 224 Main sf. DAvlsoN DAVISON L ,J KING CIE-AR oo. vww'-f WWE WHOLESALE CANDY COMPUMENTS OF and TOBACCO DISTRIBUTORS Where Men Shop IOF Ihe Finesf. I34 E. Second S+. 3202 E. Courf SI. FLINT PHONE 9-6766 FLINT "The MARTIN Shop" GIFTS HALIMARK CARDS DOMESTICS CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIORS GOODRICH PHONE 7 BENNETT'S T V CENTER COMPLETE LINE or TELEVISIONS Ano APPLIANCES WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Phone 10J Goodr ch Centre heater Congratulatlons io the Class of 'I959' Grand Cecll and Kathryne Welshuhn 81 Family Blanc Markham Corporation ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Grand Blanc OW 4-4171 LOG CABIN FLORAL SHOP IS always so reasonable Flowerphone OWens 4-6b2l UNUCDD c s. F sinvlcs We Can Glve Your Car a Treat lnsteacl of a Treatment' PHONE GOODRICH Good Luck to the Sensors I Grand Blanc Appliances 11237 South Saginaw Street GRAND BLANC OW 4 6803 Good Luck to the Sensors I LATREILLE CLEANERS Grand Blanc Michigan HOMER M HILL Mens and Boys Wear Shoes for the Entire Family ARROW SHIRTS an BOTANY SUITS Award Jackets and Sweaters Phone OL 3-4828 Davison 1 25 W 7 I comms REAL :sums ssnvlce Where Hue Fines, in FLOWERS AR I' l - d UF 59 EUMPLIMENTS IIF FLEMMING S MKT CUNGRATIILIITIUNS T0 THE CLASS MILES MARKET 3355 S STATE RU DAWSON CORNER UF ATNERTIIN ANU IIURT HWY HADLEY DISTRICT DAIRY ASSOCIATION ISINCE 1:5937 HIGHER PRICES FOR CREAM 1' ICE P o 25F2 HADLEY! 'm""'I"IF"Is 0' PHIITO FINISHING FLINT RIIAII BUILDERS E BRISTIIL RD PHIIN PI 2IIII5II MICIIIITRN THE TIRE MART BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE FISK TIRES BATTERIES TO THE CLASS OF T959 RECAPPING VULCANIZING 24 Hour Road Truck Servuce MECHANICS ON DUTY Telephone OW 49897 A 11339 South Saginaw Gfdnd Blanc 7 X, ck: Q A 'f" 1 h ne I I AT IT'S BEST 3251 . . E - FLINT FARMERS STATION STIIP IIT TIIE SIGN IIF TIIE IJIIANGE DISII Washmg suns TATE Gfeasmg PHONE not eoooRIcH MAURICE E REID GOODRICH PLUMBING 8. HEATING FINE FURNITURE Myers Water Softeners and Pumps ANTI ES REPR DUCTI N QU and 0 O S Hot Water Heatmg Phone 1421 8470 Perry Road ATLAS pH0NE 86 GQQDRICH JOSEPH L PINTEK JUDD'S DRUG STORE LIFE INSURANCE Representlng the Northwestern Mutual FOUNTAIN SERVICE PRESCRIPTIONS Lrfe Insurance Company of Mrlwaukee Wlsconsln Open 900 am to IOO0 pm PHONE 6211 fExcept Sundaysl S E E L E Y Goodrich lumber 8. Implement Co BUILDING and MASON SUPPLIES General DUPONT Elecmc FEED SEEDS and FERTILIZER Equspment TOOLS Complete Lme of Paints Ohver und Gehl Equupment Year Around Toy Department Goodrach Phone 3 PHONE 27 GOODRICH . S I I 1 1226 Green Road Goodrich PHONE 118 GOODRICH C ' James Magyar, Jewelers Diamonds, Watches and Cameras Diamond Resetting - Watch Repairing FILM DEVELOPING 333 Main Street DAVISON GREEN NOOK RESTAURANT Air-Conditioned CHICKEN "IN A PAIL" TO TAKE OUT OPEN 24 HOURS Davison OL 3-8983 M-15 8. M-21 WARREN E. THROOP Soles 8. DUI-Von' S P I gmc? .noun nasal cms H A R D W A R E Davison Phone I Charles Wolohan, Inc. Feed and Gram Elevator YOLJR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN OL 3 2937 Davison MISENER PHARMACY COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT 24 HOUR PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 8am toIO pm CaIIOL36I37 IO pm to 8 a m CaIIuOL 3 5700 Davison Shopping Center IM 'I5I Congratulations To The Class of I959 THE DAVISON INDEX Your Local Newspaper and YOUR GOODRICH CORRESPONDENT Mrs LlIIlan Sefa Phone OL34II8 or OL34II9 DAVISON COLLISION SERVICE 126 BEFORE AFTER ALM wwwwwawvvv 1 'la 'X- xx M ff Phone OL 3 5640 819 N State Street If . ' I n -at sg-',,,,f.w f' 1 , - '-i'G""" I I ,X " swf we 5, .,.. ' f we ft-me ' ff I I . I r Y 'M fi ,N 4: ' mf ' 2 - . coMPLIIvIsN1s TO TI-Is CLASS or 1959 . . ClIilclren's Apparel 309 North Main Street fDowntovvnI afhlfms . I . . ladles' Fashions 723 North Stote Street "North of the Light on M-I5" D A v I S 0 N IO EVANS HARDWARE TI-IE CLASS OF T959 ENTERPRISE PAINTS WESTINGHOUSE and MAYTAG Town 81 Country Cleaners APPLIANCES GRAND BLANC MICHIGAN D,,,,,so,, or 3 4626 Early American Shop Davlson Palnt 8. Wallpaper Studlo Bertlomnn Mocre Pomts All Colomol Furnnshmgs Corpetmg Floor Covermgs cmd Woll TIIe LAMPS PICTLIRES Drop rIes Venetnon Blnnds Wmdow Shades BRAIDED RUGS I-Ioor Fnmshlng Rental Equlpm rtt 719 North State DAVISON 72'I NORTH STATE OL 3 6000 LARRY'S MOBIL SERVICE mmm Washmg DOY or Lubrrcafmg 3 NIght Complete Brake Work L29 8359 S State Rd GOODRICH Phone 3611 ' - 1' I Q I 0 I I i I G , - . . - . . . . . , S , Miwtseggxdr 'ww fluff-Efxwgvx we . ' .,,.v I1 V l to A , I it R 5' I 'M we, Iiflzitft H H - f A ' H5 I A i 1 W ,wel rQ:,::fMs'2'31AN uf-,ifsf ig , 5112 A Xi, ' ' sl Kees riff' "':'33G'J:,i,'V'Ml 'ifmffiuwkigzi - . . 'es-:ff-ffff a,. G aancfglanc ' . 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Suggestions in the Goodrich High School - Martian Yearbook (Goodrich, MI) collection:

Goodrich High School - Martian Yearbook (Goodrich, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Goodrich High School - Martian Yearbook (Goodrich, MI) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Goodrich High School - Martian Yearbook (Goodrich, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 58

1959, pg 58

Goodrich High School - Martian Yearbook (Goodrich, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 138

1959, pg 138

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