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2 ,, E, 1 -MQ, W""pf :f wif . ! K fm! I L' .. ,gf f 6 .tr, 'v,qqg, 5 if 4' J 1'?' V Q' 'H+ u T 'f 5 I 5 ' 'A . A. V .. M41 af- - w ,fm K I , ,.,, V .2 , A if w 5 '3 A ' 'Y - 'rin' , fi 'J .,, 'I A 92,5 .. dn, Q . I qi' , ' 4 K s xr uv In rl' s- h .x',' ' 1 ,X ,5N, 4' Q' Q v.'f, . x f X, K 5 Q., . ,xy A , , x , X . P ' ' Q I 4 . - . ' . - , fx, . H-if . 'fl 5 4 5 Af' .XA 1- A 5 X 3' A W X , ti? , .7959 .him , K Y,-" W ss. Aw ,IQ 1 z,.fQ,MSj , , f-,.K, -Q, z x . ,V ,H 4... Q M. 1 F N ......., Mzjf- "H , ,. 'U' ' , 5 g'1-4:51 V. ,. Vt... ., U ,M N, was fn 51" W 7 .I 1 A . A X . .. M, -f 5, a an i If ' ' K: yd' ' A 1 ., I , 87, n . Y 'F W A , 9 1. ' . N . - , 4 Q . U , ,. L. ff sf , 5- D :Q-, if ' " , . 1 g Q 4 3 1 .1 .--. ,W M, X l Ilia.. fri ' '- h 'X ,M . . - . -Q A MH' Zag' N ' k X , 1 W' X n f' in 5, A A. ,,., , ,ww , M., R . , 1 .. J W.:g'Z?3!2f ,, F . ' 'V' W - Y-QM. f 'I , 1-R-.Q ,v" w, A , ' .. -N , .- Q rf V '-...'. ' .:,.., I ,Mead " . A Q ui' ,, a, X" ,M , , f' ywiiif 1 4 A W 1-H" A . 1 Q M Il ' . Q ' ru. N 3 I ,li ' -My J vv KY ,lk .KIZUQZQ NM s""'s.," QW? . 7 A Q if ff 1. y Q , . W V. in Q 2 R V: -iq 5,552 Q. ,I In I V, 2' . 'ff f 37" TT" 3 -'If-Q' 4 wr, " , Q7 ,YES 'A Llnywig x Ima, qgifg .V , nw Q .,'h'Z.-,355 fy? :ff wg' , """"s. ag yn 76 2, Aft 5.5, X, ..i,,Y'ay .5 A ,sry 26' 1 I ,S in A Q. 11. y Ria Q lv WM1 v H . I, , K 'gr' -if? E zgE,'Xn-4,3 t,,l,?AK.i WM V I. fn ig, I Y . at Y ff . ,M Q. , f 'Mn my, A X N ,, . I A x xwmw ,gays 'r y'f ix -, in?m4'4- ti ' ' Q I y V ,Q ,. wx 65:1 ww wfi. yf - . ff-,-. .i ., W f my fl, R, , W, 1. ,i , UQHJ, ' , . , V ,QV .X W .awww :X i"C,: hz ,- Nu-y'xQ'WM 'aa , 1 Q W L .ff 90 M . x' ' - vw", it Q9 W, Q M 4,4 A ff, il.. x f P k . 4 ' 1 Q .,,'V.v.k .1 ,.A,-.v :QQ . if gf K. rx H Y , , Q m Q Q . I qu' Q K .4 j ,Aff -4 " N. ' 'Y , J'fi,f2g.? ...,j'1Y in-.,., - Q K .U 3 ix v eq , W 5 S ,gi .AL 'V via' 4 'Q . f A f ,, - K Xf bgfjgf ,. 'YZ .,, N , , . , . 7 ,, . I 3' . IM I+ if , Q ' s Q ,v X 1 th A Q MW Mwfgi. .,,.!Q'W 'H vu.: Q ff ff.: xxx, . 1 1 It ks 4' :'fi!1a,"s5x3':'-2, Y" .W f , . .r . f Q 'rf' . ,UM-1' , gwfg, -IW , J i, , . .. . I a V .Q . - . .. A x6 Q , ,v X. f, Q ja' K . ?' I A ' L ff - g Qi, . .3 , Q 2 4 ' , 1 uf-W--........- . , .-,.... .N-.-QV.-Y, -,..--.,-.....'-v---,-.w......vv,... FORWARD The staff, the officers and the entire membership of the Senlor Class take pleasure in presentang the 1957 edltion of the Goodrich H1gh School yearbook we respectfully call attentaon to the alterataon of the name, whach 18 a simpllfied, more usable tatle The Martian we have permitted a phrase of our Class Motto ULook to the Stars' to dictate the theme for our yearbook The most promlnent star represents the school year 1956-1957 From this star radiate smaller stars represent1ng happenlngs whlch make up the we trust that with this emphasls you, the readers, H111 recall the stars in thas Galaxy which were of greatest magmtude to you As the pages of this yearbook unfold and outline the history of this School year, we hope we have succeeded in giving it a new look, a more exc1t1ng and interestmg pattern of design through the inclusion of lnformal pictures, paragraph biograpmes, stories of events, and the ldentification of nearly every pictured person throughout the entire book When recalling the school days Just passed, reach for this MARTIAN, for w1th1n its pages your school year of '56 and '57 w1ll live aga1n We hope the pleasure you rece1ve from reading this book now and :Ln the years to come will reach the same zenith of enjoyment that we have expenenced in its production GALAXY of EVENTS that took place during this year. Dedlcuhon M To Mr Roy Stacey, who for the past four years has been our devoted prlncipal and friend . . He always has t1me to give sound advice and help to anyone ln need. when n100k1Hg toward the starsu his lnspira tlonal rays of loyalty, leadershlp, and example have made Goodrlch a school, one of which to be very proud In our deep appreclatlon for all his unter lng efforts we, of the Senlor Class, dedlcate the 1957 MAR'1'1AN 0 0 'M' .f I T. .-, .Mt hwx U if T .5 I o,,, it 'fm .XQAZZ O O 0 0 O MEMDRIAM Mum 'QQ ROGER STTPHENS 'In the nlpnt of death, hope sees a star, and llstenlng classmates can hear the rustle of a wlng For Roger 1S now a wonderful memory, thus, may he sleep peacefully 1n the countryslde he loved so well, and w1th God's love be pro tected for etermty " Ax ' Q " ' W G u 7 a I . .V I . Q 0 The school year '56 S7 st rted of' alth PGg1StT3tlOH on August 23 and Zh 4 1 x n1ss Johnson, Secretary and Mr Stacey, Pr1nc1pal Barb Horton and Sharon Allen rev1ster1ng for thelr last year Mr Stacey and Rlta Johnson gladly take rental fees for books. J1m VanT1ne representing the class of US6U presents a tape recorder to Mr. Stacey for the schoo1's use. The gift is very m ch appreciated and has been put to good use. Our thanks to the class of nS6N. 7 ' 3 - ' ' L D ' l O A . X Q 5 771 tix . '1 Npgxx f,, if . . . . . l - D . . . 0 o Assemblies M6-0 I i if 'Um Mr Gemeny, Bonnie VanK1rk, Rex Welty, and Tom Llndley dmsplay Safety Award Banners presented to Goodrlch for hanng no accldents to and from school ln the school year 1956 by the Burton Llons Club 1n cooperatlon nth the Genesee County Sher1ff's Dept. Plctured here are Mrs Dalsy E Howard, County Superlntendent of Schools mth Vlce Pres1dent of the L1ons Club and a member of the Sher1ff's Dept who made the presentatlon. Assemblles are one of the outstandlng features of our school Th1s year there were many lnterestmg and exc1t1ng programs arranged and presented A few that stand out 1n our memorles were the wonderful bamtone slnger, Charles Klng, the amazlng General Motors "Prev1ew of Progress" and the "Romance of Words" presented by Mr Myers Among the other outstandlng programs were many lnterestlng movles on Tuberculosl , Nature, Hawan. and Tornadoes In speclal assemblles the Student Councll enllghtened the student body as to the "Code of Proper Conduct" and the Sr Band gave an engoyable spring concert All these assenblles were hlghlisfhts 1n the educatlon currlculum of the school year ,li Env During the Chrlstxnas assembly, Wir Scofield led the slnging of carols. Lynn Cummlngs and Barb Horton are shown here wlth william N. Parsons who presented an assembly on Nature. 8 I , 5 1 We 6 A .,,, Aww we 1 , A 1 'vw x . ' v. ' Q 1 f 's 11 , Y B as A 4 -W ,fwf"" o . . . . . . . . . . Q O , . . .. - u 9 . . o o . . . . . . A' 0 0 0 o n o ' S . . . . . . . o 0 1 . N 5, . g X f, . 5 'f f . ? ' 4f"gv' . V if 1 I 2 'flee-a 4 A . ' 96 , 1 Seniors VALEDICTORIAN ROBERTA L. HOWES Class Officer 2 Teen-Age Traffic Court3,h Chorus 1,3 Latin Club Junior Play Annual staff 1, Hi-C 3,5 Broadcaster Staff 3 2,3 3 SALUTITORIAN BARBARA J. HORTON Basketball l,2,3,h Softball 1,2,3,h Band 1,2,3,h Latin Club 2,3 Track Manager 3 Junior Play Cstudent director, Senior Play Annual Staff h varsity Club 14 Student Council h DQAQRQ Citizen ll, 1 THIRD IN RANK EDWIN G. WI MER Basketball l,2,3,h Class Officer 1,3 Varsity Club QPresJ 74 Latin Club 2 Junior Play Broadcaster Staff 3 Annual Staff h Teen-Age Traffic Court h REX A. WELTY Class Officer Junior Play Senior Play 3 Broadcaster Staff 3 Annual Staff L: Hi-C 2 Teen-Age Traffic Court 3 Student Council 3,h ra, Davison 1 PRESIDENT BeaV8Pt0n 2 NANCY L. B OWN Class Officer l,2,3,h, Basketball 1,2 Latin Club 2 Junior Play Teen-Age Traffic Court 3 Annual Staff h Broadcaster Staff 3 SHARON M. ALLEN Basketball Softball Track Band Chorus Hi-C Varsity Club Senior Play Reporter Class Officer Annual Staff Senior Scouts 1,2,3,U 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,74 1,2,3 1,213 1:25334 M 1,2 h ls 1,2 Senior Scouts 1,2 TREASURER CONNIE L. LARABEE Band 1,2,3,h Senior Girl Scouts 1 Broadcaster JOH M. VANTTNE JUDY A. WARREN Hi'C 1,2,3,h chorus 1,2,3 Annual Staff Secretary 2 Basketball 1 ,Q Football 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Track 3,h Senior Play 74 Annual staff h Varsity Club M Class Officer 2,3 JEANETTE L. McNE1L Hi-C 1,2,3,h h-H 1,2,3,h Latin Club 2,3 Broadcaster Staff 3 Senior Chorus 3 Librarian 2 ,, Teen-Age Traffic Court M 555 Jr. Play fQj QStudent Directorl JC Sr. Play 2 CStudent Directorl 2 Betty Crocker Homemaker h of Tomorrow RALPH C. MCMANUS Latin Club 2,3 Broadcaster Staff 3 Annual Staff Senior Play Junior Play Reporter Teen-Age Traffic Court Boys' State Representative X' BBB. E 351. JOE J Football Basketball Baseball Track Junior Play Varsity Club Reporter BARBARA L. MOORES SEFA 132932,-L H1-c L, Broadcaster h Office Help L CTransfer Student from Lapeerl 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h 2 2,h 2,3 CAROLYN M. Basketball Softball Track Cheerleader Chorus Reporter Latin Club Hi-C Broadcaster Annual Staff Student Council Varsity Club TAYLOR P-'F' ua NJINU as PJPJKDNJKAJKAD u wa u so v u U'C'l?'MJb0hJlNJKDl:'hJU'T Jr. Play , Sr. Play film CHARLES D. SMITH Basketball l,2,h Baseball 1,2 Track 2 Broadcaster 3 Varsity Club 1,h Football Manager l JAY L. BLACKMORE Basketball 1 Senior Play BEATRICE A. KILMURNE Hi-C Hi-C President 2 Latin Club ROSELLA A. MENNE Broadcaster Senior Play Qprompterl Junior Play Qprompterj 1,2,L, M WALTER R. DAVENPORT Basketball 1 Track 2, 3,14 Src ALEX J. BARTSOFF CAROLE A. PERRY Basketball Track Senior Chorus Softball Senior Play Junior Play Reporter Basketball 1,2 Broadcaster Staff 3 Senior Play h Track 2 EMILY L. ADAMS H1-C 1,2,3 Broadcaster Junior Play 1333,-If 3,14 1,2 I4 h RALPH L. AHIEN Football 132 Basketball 1 FoFoA 233 NANCY D. HOLDERBAUM H1-c 1,2,3 B oadcaster 3 Junior Play Cprompterl Senior Play fprompterl DORIS I. HALE Senior Chorus 1,2 Hi-c 1,2 3,11 Senior Play Qprompters Broadcaster 3 Librarian 3 YVONNE R. DUBOIS Chorus 1,3 Class Officer 3 Latin Club Annual Staff h Junior Play Senior Play Teen-Age Traffic Court LARRY L. WATSON F.F.A. 2,3 Basketball l Jr. Play Sr. Play oss History Back in the year of "SZ", A new llttle class came into view It took us seven years to cllmb this Mr Burgett kept all of us up to The eighth grade was next, our in structor Mr Fox Gulded us wlsely Hlth many 1nter 8 estang talks shook hands w1th the Governor on our Lansing tour, had a grand trip, and that's for Fresh en we were and full of fun, Seventeen newcomers makes forty one Basketball was our b1ggest sport, we defeated everyone on the court. we were Sophomores Just two years Our biggest prmde was our class rings, you know! Dances, partaes and many a good Then we were Junlors moving up the As Juniors there were magazines to A carnival, play, prom, and banquets There were new teachers about this 16 And all twenty eight of us were do- xng fine Now in the year of "SY" The Senlors number Just twenty sev We've jagged along the past eleven years, With many a laugh and a few tears we worked on the Homecoming ln a steady stream, And Carolyn and Jack won the King and Queen The Senior play was really great, With the presentation of NDate Balt W The Prom and grand banquets galore more The class worked hard on the money sltuation, made the trip great wlth thelr co operatlon Boat trip, shopplng and great stage Plays: Will help us remember New York through the days New it's June fifth, graduation t1me The Seniors are now all waltlng 1n line The diplomas are handed out one b one When we thlnk back school was r ally fun CLASS MOTTO 'Look to the stars, a ralnbow of opportun1ty W CLASS COLORS Black and white CLASS FLOWER Lllly of the valley CI ' - . 0 O , Sno W ' we 0 - - . Help us treasure our Senior year It ' ' ' Y . . o oo 6' 1 0 ' ' . Seniors In Chem Lab Ralph McManus, Ralph Arden, and Larry Watson expenment as Mr Sco field supervises dex Welty readlng proclamatlon to Klng, Jack VBHTJJIS and Queen, Carolyn Taylor 11' Barb Horton, Edltor of the Annual and Roberta Howes, Co Edl tor converse with Mr Edwards of Edwards Bros , Pnnters of the Class Offlcers Sharon Allen, Vlce Pres , Rex A-Umlal Welty, Pres , Nancy Brown, Treas , and Connle Larabee, Ed Wismer, 6'3" Basketball Star SEIXIOHS stepplng lt off :Ln the Homeconung Parade! I X ., , . .- . 4 c 0 0 - . 0 ' 'fi go 44' ay' 'x if 17 ' f ws 'W Q , fn n K - yfif! :fx l 1 ,ff',"" 'r A , ' A g I 2 ' .I ' . . 0 ' ' 1. . : . ' o ' b - o o . ,Q , , -,,,,,. , M' 4 st f " ' I , u ' . .1 , s- . -' ' ' 7 l X ' " ' 'Nurs , 4 . I M 0 Board of Education The Board has the respons1b1l1ty of seelng that every school a5e chlld 15 g1V6H the very best pos slble educatwon for the publ1c's money They must select competent admlnlstrators,teachers,and other personal so necessary ln runnlng a good school A Board member's task 18 not an easy, nor thankful one Few ap- preclate h1s slncere endeavor. Is there anythlng more precious than a child and his securltyf . . ...A X MMMU' V f1 f W xv . sz - ' I ' 1: Q N 'tts in Q f X 4? 1 X t i l - '5 Q, V1Qa,w"- ' ll frwf ' ogsf - H - W . H 'WQ1 ' a -" tnhczwywik MI' Q gggggglllggsgt ' T'r- xg ,'L ui ' to H Q' I gl m 5 ,n,ls ,y" , ,ApW w 'n xf'j f , 9 ,- jr ,fa lun fM4H - xqvl yrl. 54' I ' w HQQ, 'x Vi' N V ' . -a L 5,5 . , , V 'xxi Q f'?'fW:iKQwl3fr'i1-'14 . . 'E,fs -Mf------ - Q T ' - I lllll -0 ' C 0 I ' 'Q 9 I , 0 " . . ' if! , J 3 ' . I . l JK 1 ,VII diififi Wil! fad? Presldent, Douglas Plerson Treasurer, LeRoy CUm lDgS Cecretary, HaP01d Coffee 'Nyw EDUCATION SECURITY Trustee, Clarence Trustee, George Brlgham 18 iff! www-. n M117 4 L f V ,aww .QMh0i,13. 5 . ff ,L ?ZW1'fm' gf iffj +L 71 ,M w ' ff . 4 Q , , , 4 V W W "1,,'?W+ f 3 .i vwiwwf ,f "ui-va: .4 , ,--was a ' , M--M' K Mu ,WM 1 ,f ' , ,W--'N 4 ,W Q, Jaw ,,-. 1 Admlmstrutlon Above- MR. ELAINE GEMENY, Ab9ve7 MR- ROY SFP-CEY, Superintendent, is pic- i tured here as he leaves his office after a busy day. Below- MRS. HAZEL ROSS, financial secretary, does a swell job and nas much interest in school activ- ities. Above- MR. JOH TOLLY, teaches English courses and helps many students with his counseling Principal, attending to just a few of his daily chores. Below- A bubbling person- ality is reflected in this picture of MISS RITA JOHNSON, Clerical Secre- tfary I Uzzll How D0 Ill! 75,1 3 Above MRS EVELYN PINTEK, the only woman teacher on the Hlgh School faculty staff, has charge of Home Ec and library Below MR JAMES SKVARENINA, new and well llked by every one, teaches Engl1sh and Spanlsh and 13 a coach Below MR LEONARD VANDETTE, who has been at Goodrlch two years has charge f the Commercial De partmevt Above MR GERALD HUGHE' is teachlng h1s second year at Goodrich He 15 a coach and teaches math and sclence courses Belowh MR HENRY WOOD who has been teachlng bands at Goodrlch for three years, reherses the Senlor Band Above A newcomer the last semester, MR JACK ROSS, teaches Hlgh School Sociology and Jr Hlgh courses. Below Always ready to g1ve a helping hand 18 MR BERYL FOX, who teach es Freshmen math and Jr High subjects also adv1sor of the Year book Q K' 5 K N Above MR DAVID SUMMERS teaches Soclal Stud1es, English L1t , and dlrects the Jr and Sr plays L Above Coach, High School science and math. teacher and Hi C advlsor are MR ROBERT SCOFIELD'S, duties at G H S MR EDWARD NOLL, our rlcultural and shop i structor 15 checking the student reports it W wfnw jzfww 4fQnh ?f .ala --""".a Ill Senior- Junior High These S Class Presidents introduce DIVISION III. They areg Tom Slavens, Freshmang Bill Service, Juniorg Ruth Killbreath, Sophomoreg Jack Powers, Seventh, and Bob Hegel, Eighth. NA Q 411 li rf? ff M6 if ...ij "7""fsy f il 'vs uv K Gary Allen Sefa Remd Sherry ,ew ""P""'4f John Robinson Lynn Aaron Cummlngs Brigham Pat Be tty Dom thy Beverly Aldrlch Pack Lesko Hutchlns Joyce McCormick V117 Janet Hubble Wim 'V 1 QV Mary Ken Francis Wlsmer Hecht Butts .lumors YH.-f +P qmy I Marvin Jack Donald Main Goodfellow Adams 'flying-f' I Vern Nancy Gordon Johnson Jacobs 'OV CLASS OFFICERS V P very Reld Sec Mary w1SmBT Pres B111 S8FV1CO Rep Meredith Hall Treas Pat Aldrlch Rep Vern Johnson 04' eff .W X Bob Denn1s Deschner Jackson Bill Servlce Meredith Hall ef 5. Betty Stone Irene Joyce Evelyn on Marsh Scharf Holderbaum 17 Judy Horton L Janet Jones Allen O .4 Qin, sw-Q ,i y W - V gk ,Fm J, L fl J A 12 Q Z 3 J ' 4. If V f , . f I f ,J 4 I , A VVIVI ' ' sir A ,.l, ,ll iailfv , , he A,hMJ nyyu. .H g Jm. mf, A J V ' J, V. J J V 2 V ' :J J k 2 , 4, " J d iw Y V J A C" Q , 'F 29 xhgggg 5 '2lW, '..s, nuv l ,,'. aim? any b"f E 5 Fifj 'V ff if : v::, . - , " " , 5 V - , ,I K ,V 4 ,F Bob ,lg M 25- A :V ,W I x K . gif s Q. K 2 A fl ns. ,L R '4 , -. I H - " X 'L 4? V.: i n ..,, ..,,, m , Q , A, ,V A at - J J in My K . 1: :O Ki L, '1 me if ' 3 " T I - . " 1 i ' A Q. . V , V . . . ' LJ. ' W X. 5 , ' I . syn-an ,,, ' 'F-.X M R " uv- -" " 5' ' - M ax fs ,H as 1 f . ' s sk Q M ilftfilzf 'ar V igg , K W j Q., 1' '- " V ,I "' A Q , fag , Q' ya :bf at 1. Q, 'Q tm ' -If ff fs-V V' J K of V J W. , f . M .iw Q W1 1 fi , i n ., . . Rav 1m Hempton RPOD adv' Sophamores rw W we Charles Judy Margie im Ruth Klngsbury Frantom Fetters Flem ing Carolyn Gelston Smith A Barbara Carolyn All Stralght 4 ln. I Terry Niles Cleo ell Joann Horton Barbara Ciosek McAra West YY' L Sharon McKinzie Jeneane Dayhuff WZ? JoE1la Cum ings Mike Ivan Rachard Slavens Sanford Blue QL, J4 Edward Tom Blanchard Muto Mary Becker Dee Ann Walter Davld Bently X xylem. ,Q Dan Kodat Bonnie Hubble X l Marcella Davidson John ichols iff! Frank Henna Howes Killbreath Inana Sefa Y Judy Houlden George Rutter Pete Slavens 4 5 Norman 'S Lee Couslns Sall Holt Dick Taylor Paul Clark Br1ght Polnounter 14 Lanney im Passmore Parrott Barbara Stra1ght and Rex Welty are admlrlng the televlslon set whlch she recelved from the r and Sr Hlgh School whlle she w in the hospltal as a result of an auto accldent we are all glad 'oo see Barb back 1n school and hope sne 1S en3oy1ng the telev1s1on set Right- Terry Niles and Mary Becker enjoy The noon hour talking over good times. Awam- -.J depresentlng the Soohomore Class as Officers are sec , Jm fienpton, Pres , Ruth Klllbreath, Reoorter, Dee Ann Halter V P , J1m Howes, Re porter, Terry N1les, Treas , Sally Holt 1 .ah In 1 hurry For noon hour are Terry Nlles, Dolores chueller, Jlfn Hempton and Ruth K1 llbreath Rb 1 A I xpg ' V ' y . Yi, :sv yr, .. fl x V A, .' I 4' I Km 'I . A f ' .ff Q J if - L i 1 -K L 3 I ' f H 1?zffg5'2a M Q' f' 'K s ' Q H n ' 0 12' h f x - - - - V5 A 4 , o 0 7 l ' o o l 1205.232 -as i YT, 1 V3 Q w .fi ' ALL X. i Q . fmszw 49 -.GMTII 5 'x M L 3 4. I ff V , W X k E B vxjig 'ff -4 ,-Wi. Q A l A 5 . A A Q f 2' n . , Y, , i . . ' . . 1 E, - A ' V ' . . L J ' G D . 0 I ' ES - . . . P7 4. . l . . . 0 9' WSW Margie Bell Bouck Mary Cummngs Sherman 'X 1m Re1d JW David Brown X-7 Calnn Hale A P V1rgin1a Shirley Main Marco tte 'Yr 12? mm Leonard Arden om Harold Slavene Anderson its Billy Mermda. Lagness Freshmen V7 Lola Karen Hutchlnson McCormick 1: Q Clark J ohnson W Rodney 4117 Pierson Grotts Paulme Ballard TF? Jean Guffey X 1' Richard Ranney W Davld Burton 9-PY Beasinger 0118811 Sandra Flemming Pratt HcDiarmid 'ey 15" Sy... l Lee Gordon Hillier David I-Iolderbaum Powers 'N Mlke B0 Linda Coffee Judy artman UU' Sku rley Kenneth Evelyn J eannine Adams Rex Brown Nelson Lyle Cou sins Nur' Arthur McCoy Frankie Andrews oe Borgert 'il' 4-F Q. ? ix V . ff' " X 11. 1 ZJ we , " J J 11. .4 J 3 '-ZZ? I ' ' ' . www. J I f . J nf' I 1 "-- , v' . if o I 2 ..J e e -Q f- J- Jr -- J 2 - 1 in I y x :.. Z , ix , ' :lb I ' f'-J, 'if fx Jig. 5 6 7' J F W J We J e .7123 ssl i A J I -- A 'J " 1 ' , J . a. . 0 yi Bob ' Bob . :.1 by 1 , J V A y H 4. E S - , , 'N 'nr fm ' 3 vi E, I ! x, -Jg Q g '- J J . 1 ' 4, eu. I 'J ... fx J , ,v,v' J G 0 l ' rr 'gl 5 P J J B , f x an R V ed .W -SQL '-un. Q gs fe I.. J 1 eff. J f- Q wtf 1-J Q ap G K f-5 v vi' nf A laly K .11 X J J . . A , 4 - A Bob T G . 2 ' , f F A ' V ' ' uk Q K A gr ma eve- ws A A 3.5, 4 In S 1 we-J, J fi? no ff l .L -so so J J. X. J mf J J we no J 'Q J' J 1 ' 4 , Q f J -..VJe. . J ' ' J im . H I V .. '., 0, A -I 'L JA VZAQ It J Q3 J 'F' fi - 4 5 , Q ' J " J 5 N 41 J Z - Y w i f ' k,w ,., 7 ee, X' I B mes- ' Q X JL. : ' ' . its , - ylrl J llll 339. Bob ' J 3 E Bti f s ff 1 , I '- x . I . 1 - s I " . .., L i A 9 V'rginia Main, the only Freshmen on Varsity Basketball explalns a few plays to Jeannlne Nelson, Mary CHmmlUbS, Aargle Bell, Shlrley Marcotte, Llnda Coffee, and Daullne Ballard MQKI Class OiflC9PS Tom S1 vens, Pres , Llnda Coffee, V P , Rlchard Ranney, Reporter, Paul1ne Ballard, Sec , harf Cummlrrs, 1 e s 'A fi' ' i "'i"N ..f ' J . ,ci The Freshmen homemaking g r's shop boys exchanged classes a few weeks in March. Thls very excltlng and 1nterest1n5 gave each an idea of the oth an for was an er's class work and what responsl b1l1t1es may be expected of them 1n the years that are ahead. Pictured here are Lols Hutchmnson, Margie Bell, Judy Hartman, Mary Cummlngs, Susan Flemmlng, Paullne Ballard, and Llnda Coffee. Bob Sherman a typ1cal Freshman en joys a typ1cal Freshmen pagtlme Left- These are the boys who rep- resent the Freshmen ln Hlgh School athletics. Row 1 Lee Gordon, Bob Bouck, Clark Johnson, J1m Reld, Rod P1erson. Row 2 Glen Arde J1m Pratt, Lyle Cous1ns, Hlke Boyt, and Dav1d Burton 9 f 1 x o . 1 A E 1 . I x . . d ' ' . A . . 0 O t I d an FU W 31? , N . I 1 I Y ' ' : a ,- ' o 0' i 0 ' .0 ,' ' AJ ffmrva.. . . 1 I L.-u a . - -7 5-.' 'I ' - V 1,-Q ., ,, A . --' 1 ' f A "'u ' C, 'l N F a -f--44-1 utr px F ' ' -Y. 'Q' I l a sl: X O gym xi , . . N'A ' v I ,f' - L ' 1 - f . n' xx: f, X I ' o x. 2 'Jw ""-ev Kenneth King Ralph Scharf 1.1 Theodore Maule Jerry Enghth Grade Robert Darryl George Hegel H111 wCStT1Ck amy, E ,Lg 'Wil Ronald Rlchard Lll1s Cross Auten Ballard I im n Leonard Drlscoll P1l1en Arden Edward Robert John 'SZ' 'Q' 3 Lewls Sharland Edwln Tltsworth Richard Dale Heck Bo H0118 Kenneth Tody Bell 'ZF' 4? an Lanny Terry Blackmore Stone Hmghlen b Tolly McCorm1ck Carole Robert dr 1 ,Q 'F ... PQI 5 M o , I . . Pamela Meranda N'-1 Shirley Holderbaum LaVonne Peggy Borgert Coomer W fm 49 ls 4 ,- A an dv' 1"-4 mv? L M N 'EY' 4-L 1 "l Susan B tts Lea Barclay Janice Laird Lols Robert Goodfellou Caryl St1mson 'Y' I A, f Jerry Allen Beatrlce Symanz1k i.f l tty Beverly Taylor Burdick Brown Q 'Qu -05, 4' a A i f it 'Q' W W X EVIL 1- L Patricia Joan Carolyn Frantom Hylla Bennett O ? ',"" ., ' V V TEN I 'w 1,5 ',,, ' - Q' . I w 7' in 'V j vm! - -vvlyl - . I 5 L , I -, " A 4 1:5 V 71 V, my 1, G , N, ,Z 4 ..,. gl, 1 -,V., G . Q ' Q -- f -W L B L- My-f ML W aeaf 4, 1- 1 K ,. , f '. B f - gf C , .h i "5 W pl. mls? 34 f 2' 4 :ff X , W , Av It V A AA K Q 'X , fi, 1: , E , M ,qc 1 I I ...' ., 2 ' X Ft ' Y L tit "Z a 2 J V e, - M 2,y W amd .., , - at X t. Q, J A , x L -,M VK ', B , I , 51 . J D0 .,f3Qt Q My V r r .3 i .2 -8 ' E",-1: 13 v- 1 1-:"'g 1-gr N Q I ' f Ai 9 . J U a d f at n , ire 'L I? A. A, , , law if W if I -.4 ' A 4 Q. hifi A A 5 A 'Ill L ' 'll . iixxbll- ' ' Al ro ' ' 51" ii ff Q ., W f ix , , jx N ' s - it x XX in I f L ' WF? was - 1 15, 'af N- Qgb ll. 'gf A 'M 1 I ' il ' ll Q' YN' nur K Karen Bonnie Moreau Gage Llnda Wayne Horton Brandt an " Wil """ N. Charles D118-ine Su-mpter Ullll i Qobert Lake Inu-I Andy Bentley l 7 Reporter, John Morrow, Treas , Llnda Horton, Pres , Bob He el, Sec , Janlce Lalrd Back row V Pres , Eugene Petherbrldge, Reporter, Lea Bar 43 fp. John Paul Eugene Morrow Llscom etherbr1dge -sq! ww, W1 Beecher Paul Lew1s Bmssonette Heustead Main O Ln tne Elghtn Grale ss, Ed Stone on the bench as Judge, Paul Heusted, sher lff, and Leonard Arden, the prls oner, who was acqultted on tue flfth ballot On tr1al Government cl Clay untlng ballots in "Fall electlon ' S Darryl Hlll, Bonnie Gage, John Morrow in charge as Chuck Sumpter recites. Gene petherbrldge f A G Q CN 4 5 - ,, jx X . , B B so N 1 aw u I 2 .,,,,f J ' 'ff S wx ,Qt V . C . 1 , nz Y' f f' . J 5 1 4 or an I 1 A Ac., ' ,Q , V' lv. Q-QM -, A131 N , 1 ' ' ' 4 A ' J' 1 W 1 ya Lx, t J. ' 53' G 3 -.., 4 ' J v. ua I 6 g 5 ' X A ' I ,. V ' A r 'Zag B , 'T " L 2 ' X s K ,. , wxwbiummm-0 Y '- ,,,: I 's,3 to we . SX .2 flafr :rn 6 , n, . wx' . ,xpfz It ' I . O x v Q N 7 ' Q 'if 1,1 U. Q ' nl ' ll ' ' ' ' rv I Zi 1 . 1 , , 0 . i ' o o . . 0 ' 0 9 ' - I Co ' ' 0' - u V E If ' Ilan' 4 " 'I 1 Q I ,A ' nw ! D . R Y .. ' i . Q. 0 aw f imvf Karen Plerson 42? 'url' J1m Klllbreath Paul Peterson Q11 i Raymond Converse 'QW49' Jack Powers Cheryl Saxton Seventh Grade Sarah Clark Paul Stlmpson QPF? Leon N11SOD George Burt f hh. Rlchard Holderbaum Roblnson Fred Bruce Gene Rohrer Carpenter 'E LeRoy El1zabeth Kendall Kristek Q, 'mAh s. Vaughn Moreton Eugene Deschner Judy Linda Lo1s Lake Bentley Hempton Em a Lee Llmbaugh Gerald Dayhuff Linda Wi msr Nancy Sherman Rlcky Horton Mary McKenz1e 'Nw Geraldlne Lagness 12 Ye! Ross Wanda ann Marcotte Www Wm Dlck Holden Susan Kristek MW J Berry Stevens Joe Gage i5 Kathy Good an airy Q . Marcla D1ane Lake Green Willy, V Joe il. ary King Pack Flemmlng EL.-2' Nf Steve McCand1ish Donald Muto Qdilmk 'ape fd- C :eg .A A 5 ,y', , 11 S 5 . L S N, K trgf R LX Qin I ".,.,,.: 23,41 " "1-' P. M xg, 3 "3" F 8 H wr-'ff . 2 n QL Tief . me - - " - S- as . . M no G AJ ex fnfm a ,,.,.e C r -Q h e C C 'G r 5 f 2 ea 'i G We T ,Z at ' 5 .: g wit? W3 I H M T W-,L 2 5 9 ,ff-n --ar. A 1 C riff h e -wf C 'fer - 'e 'Q' W '-. . 4" , I Q 'N If f ' -. V, ' ' J ' ef 3 y : .,,---. S , . , . v.,. 2 7 ., 'Al NM, A vm . - ' 1. Eu VV , M A - I W f gx fx 'hh 1' -a' L ,QWR wgx. v fe e - flwln, -iterate 1 Q , ?ew'fl H H ef : QC., , 'Q fl. of vide 5 S fy l - be we ., :ft A f Y 1 f T 1 fd Wir- K ., 3' Q , A X Q KW' V -,Run M nqq I, E .W, myw L l A n flip., V 3 3. 1 , 1. A , 5 ' A A g 'V R ' nf ' - ,,- t C C I C A w-V w 'G 1 V. ': fx R 5? I :A T C lg, 2 5 M' 4 .W 5. P V 'L A V fi www rem, QL .E-2 ' do of gry Eff? 1 ' ' , Q ':"'-v ' ' rf, 1,7 K l C M, A - f . S ef. C on G - M A A ' Bob QLQ Jn, 'SQ W fe git P 1,- ,. S, , o U , x .f f 'wx ' Q iz C P f at '-" ,w can 95ml Ww iff and V X - C r -. f :mf 5 , og - W Q - 5 X YJ C3 xaf 3g.giA f' was ewf j f- ' 4 no af. A f S M-1 A . A ar ff I gre Q 11,2 5 .Q it we ,luv 52.AF "' , , rise were 5 ' W5 1.. S C --11' A A ' ',.? ,.,, '2': :ow l Y w'Lf tgp 5 JA W ,gh ., ., .,,,. W. X .:,, , ij, ,A . I 1, 6 G lf- 'v A! Q A7 Q THF, 5 an Michael Floyd Linda James Paul Richard Larry Zeller Gosciniak Feher Bensett Graham Stevens Cummlngs The Seventh grade work ed very hard th1s year on class progects durlng the Homecomlng perlod and won the Honors of Prlnce and Prlncess They are Lo1s Hempton and J1.m Klllbreath. Z Class Officers are Jack Powers, Pres., Bob Flemmlng, V P , Llnda Bentley, Sec., Susan Krlstek, Reporter, J1m Klllbreath, Treas , Llnda Feher, Reporter The Seventh grade also has a group of cheer leaders They are left to r1ght Wanda Marcotte, Nancy Sherman, El1zabeth Krlstek, Susan Krlstek and Lind Bentley Plctured here are the Seventh grade girl ath letes. Row 1 Susan Krlstek, Marcla Lake, Lllzabeth Krlstek, Geraldlne Lagness Row 2 T015 Hempton, Llnda Feher, Llnda Ventley, Cheryl Saxton. Row 3a Emma Llmbough, Manda harcotte, Nancy Sherman, Kay Hllller, Sarah Clark, Llnda w1SW6P, bary McK1nz1e 33 5 .N ,,. ,Q - an . . . . . ' , . . . '. 51 A 4 . ' . . - -- -in,-ks-Q . K 4 --..... n 0 LJ V LJ 1:3 K I ll ' ." N ,Aw- . , 1 , , ,a 5 ' o 4 , X A 1 . 5 . .. , . - - 1 X 1 f' 1 - f , f . , K6 my E. 'N s - i K, 0 .. M- If . . J O f Q - ' ' v A . . MZ!" - . . ' ,W AJ 4 , . - 7 n ' v - - O , tv a ' Q ' ' v - ' 1 0 - O O A A 0 . 9 . . I ' Q . ' O Sports are the main extra-curricu- lar attractions at Goodrich. Students, teach- ers, and townspeople attend all the games and give excellent support to the var- ious teams. Through ihe train- ing given by the coaches, football, basketball,softball, baseball and track are offered to the students. This shot of the enthusiastic specta- tors at a pep meet- ing ushers in the SPORTS DIVISION and STAR events of the years 1.-A-f""" I' l Football Row l uon Andrews, Gary Reld, Dan Sefa, Ton Mute, Paul Clark, Dave Bentley, J1m Reld, Clark Johnson, Glen Arden Row 2 Aaron Br1gham, Vern Johnson, Joe Sefa, Charles Frantom, Bob Deschner, John Nlchols Gelston Cummlnge, Jlm dowes, Lyle Couslns, Ray Klngsbury, Mlke Sl vens, Bob Gordon, Coacn Mr Pughes, Leonard Arden Manager Paul Clark, Bob Gordon, Dan Sefa Jim Howe Mlke Slavens, Gary Reld, Bob Deschner, Vern Johnson, Charles Frantom, Lynn Curnrunss Aaron Bnghm ,Uri . , -v Y . , I West, Mike Boyt. Row 3. Pete Slavens Manager, Coach, Mr. Skvarenina, Lynn . 1 ' . E s GAME BENTLEY SQUEAKS BY CDODRICH In a hard fought defensive game the Martians lost 12-9. Bentley scored in the first quarter and Goodrich picked up a safety just before halftime. In the third period Joe Sefa scored to put Goodrich ahead 9-6. On the return lclckoff however the Bulldogs went for a TD. The Martians threatened but there was no furthur scoring. LINDEN3 TOO MUCH POWER Linden scored first but Bob Gordon picked up a TD and Jim Howes picked the extra point to put Goodrich in front 7- 6. In the second half the Martians let down a little and the Eagles punched across two TD's to win 20-7. Before this game Joe Sefa was injured and un- able to play the rest of the year. MARTIANS EDGE ATHERION Goodrich edged out another victory by the score of 12-O over a weak Atherton team. Although the score was close, the boys controlled the ball most of the time. Jim Howes and Bob Gordon scored the two TD's for Goodrich. GOODRICH 18 - UTLEY 9 In a rough and tumble game marked by many minor injuries and flaring tempers, Goodrich beat Utley 18-9. The Martians were especially alert on defense as they intercepted 6 passes, two going for TD's. Dan Sefa scored all three touchdowns. One was an eight run and the two others were on pass interception runbacks of seventy and twenty-eight yards. MARTIANS OVER SWARTZ CREEK In the first quarter Bob Gordon scored a TD for Goodrich but the extra point was no good. In the second quarter Lynn Cummings scored on a fifty-one yard pass play to make the score 12 to O, favoring Good- rich at halftime. In the second half Swartz Creek took the kickoff and marched seventy yards to score. The extra point was blocked. Though outplayed in the second half Goodrich withstood a Swartz Creek drive to the six yard line and won the game 12 to 6. Paul Clark was the outstand- ing player. DYE OVER GOOD ICH In a hard fought game all the way Dye took the Martians by a score of 2h- 0. Dye, fielding one of the most power- ful teams in the area, had a rough time, although winning by four touchdowns. Goodrich moved the ball well between the twenty yard strips but couldn't get in to score. The Martians also played one of their best defensive games of the year. HOMECOMING GAME MONTROSE OVER GOODRICH 27-12 In a game attended by many former students of Goodrich, the team lost a very well played game. Montrose picked up two of their TD's on long runs by their speedy backs. The Martians two scores came on a forty-two yard reverse and a twenty-two yard end run by Dan Sefae This was the last game of the year and the coaches put together a promis- ing team. Next year will bring an all veteran team and the best record in the county we hope. Best of luck to the team in '57e Joe Sefa, the only Senior on the team, and co- captains, Lynn Cum- mings and Bob Gordon Vurslty Basketball Lynn Cummlngs Dlstruct be fa Roy Allen Regional Aaron Br: gham Bill Sernce Bob Gordon ary Reld E .fa Semor Joe Sefa KM on Lindley ww , Z3 DS Coach Scofield NISMSF Chas mlth D1str1ct 8: Reg1ona1 Champs 1957 After endlng the regular season w1th an elght won, elght lost record, the Mart1ans set out on the tournament tr1al w1th fresh sp1r1t 1n the1r heart and the state champ 1OHSh1p 1n mlnd In the flrst D1str1ct game the boys managed to down Hartland 57 bl However the champlonship game was qulte a b1t closer The loyal fans Qw1th stronger heartsl suf fered through the game unt1l w1th three seconds rema1n1ng Bob Gordon popped 1n a jump shot for the 36 35 w1n There was joy 1n Goodrlch that n1ght as the Martaans brought home the first District trophy s1nce 1951 It was a nervous ball club that attended the pep meetlng before thelr first reglonal game at the IMA After a relaxing speech by Mr Fox the boys looked toward the game w1th new determ1nat1on The game proved that they were relaxed and ready to play ball as they beat favored Owendale 61 52 Agaln the Champ1onsh1p game agalnst Ruth SS Peter and Paul proved to be nerve wrack lng and exhausting to everyone The gane was very hard fought by both sldes In a tnr1ll1ng flnlsh the Martlans came from beh1nd and won the game on Dan Sefa's Jump shot wlth seven seconds left The Reglonal trophy was the first ever won by a Goodrlch temn In the State quarterf1nals the boys lost a heartbreaker 63 62 Th1s year the team d1d a good job. The club was well balanced w1th a lot of compe t1t1on between the players for a starting berth The final record was twelve w1ns and n1ne losses w1th a w1nn1ng streak of s1x in a row endlng at the State quarterflnals Ed wismer and Lynn Cummlngs made f1rst and second team All County respectlvely How Zgerl each player on the squad starred in a very successful season Congratulations ys The players set thelr goal high at the beg1nning of the season the State Champlon shlp They came so close but not qurte enough to make lt We all hope the team w1ll go on next year and 1n the years to come and w1n the State trophy One of the reasons why! Look at No. 5. They were astounded, The way we rebounded! MO I I Q . . . . - .. . . . . . . - . . . . 0 . . . - 0 . . . . 1 I . . . . . . . . . . q . . O - . . I I . . . l I I O . - . . . Q - - . r . O I - . . . . . . . . . . O . up O . , . I . . . O ' - Q . . , , O . . , . 0 . s O . . . Q 1 . , . . ' o ' 0 C g Junior Varsity P , 713 is Tlme out Two Polntsl Th1s ye r the Junlor Varslty had a poor record but not a d1sappo1nt1ng one with no experience hatsoever a young team made excellent progress through the season All the games won by the J V were well played even though the boys were much shorter than thelr opponents Belng 1n good physical shape and show1ng a lot of scrap pald off w1th two w1ns toward the end of the year Actually a successful season 1sn't lndlcated by a good record, rather by what the boys have learned toward graduat1ng to the V3PS1ty team Next year some of the players w1ll be on the varslty, but those who remaln should put together a well balanced team under the guldance of thelr very able and hard dr1v lng fxv N Q ' .'z I u W 1 'lf,? 2' ' Q he I '4 f VL? N L a X r N ...-...-. , a f 10 L n p g jx 'ff XJ tmwggfmy A! .xy M ,f - u l U D 1 'U 5 ,, + lf s" l l Mwsfl M y so a p I2 9 at M e ,7t ,Y tl V' . S . K 1 ' y ,Il , Front Row, Left to Right Bob Bouck, Chuck Frantom, George Rudder, Kingsbury, J1m Parrot, Rod Plerson, and Dave Bentley Back Row Jim Reid, Glen Arden, Lyle Cousins, Coach, Mr iughes, J1m Pratt, Vlke Boyt, and Lee GOL LOD '41 Girls Basketball Row l Betty Stone, JoElla CUmmlHbS, Sharon Allen, Barb Horton, Carolyn Taylor, Sally Holt Row 2 Janet Jones, Sherry Allen, Sharon Ray, Vlr 1018 Maln, Sharon McK1nz1e, Judy Horton Row 3 Betty Pack, Mary Becker, Joann Horton, D1ana Sefa and Connle Llndley bunch and had an enjoyable even 1 On March 13 the glrls made a tmp to Frankenmuth to the Annual Basketball Banquet Janet Jones was chosen as song leader and led the slnglng for the 6V6H1Dg 1h1s concluded very exc1t1ng year for the Martlanettes L12 -'If The Advanced Homemaklng glrls, Barbara Moores, Janet Hubble, and Evelyn Holderbaum, under the sup erv1s1on of Mrs Plntek prepared a de11C1OUS meal for the Martlan ettes Later the Varslty squad gave the Senlor glrls on the team a surpr1se plzza party The glrls ordered seven plzza ples, made Senior Glrls --nf' NI TA GAGE, coAcH X! ff! SHARON ALLEN, Foawmw xx BARB HOHTON, GUARD "QB CAROLYN TAYLOR, GUARD 113 Games GIRLS LOSE TO SWARTZ CREEK he g1rls basketball team lost to Swartz Creek 1n thelr first league game after defeatlng Mllllngton 1n a non league game the week before Swartz Creek had a s1x point lead at the end of the first and second quart- ers wlth a score of 12-6 and 21 15 re spectlvely Swartz Creek scored ten polnts and Goodrlch n1ne glvlng a third quarter score of 31 224 The Goodnch glrls were unable to break the lead of the opposlng team leavlng the final score of 37 27 1n the flnal frame. Sharon Allen was hlgh scorer with twelve points GOODRICH VS UTLEY Utley was unable to break up the Goodrlch lead throughout the entlre game The half tame score was 16 11 and the f1na1 score was 28 22 Sharon Allen plcked up slxteen polnts to lead GOO RICH DOWNS MONTROSE Montrose was unable to break th lead of the Goodrich g1rls through the entire game. By the end of the flrst half the girls had a n1ne po1nt lead and finish ed with a score of 27 17 hh BENITLEY 'IUPS GOODRI CH In a hard fought game the Martlan ettes were downed by a score of 27 to The game was close untll the thlrd quarter when Bentley outscored them 9 fourth quarter to close the gap to only three baskets Sharon Allen was hlgh scorer wlth el ven po1nts ATHER'lON OVWR OOODRI CH Goodrlch gals were overcome by a well balanced Atherton team Atherton was able to hold a lead through the en tire game Flnal score, 3h 20 Sharon Allen and JoElla Cummlngs paced Good r1ch w1th nlne and elght polnts respec tlvely GOODRICH WHOPS LINDEN In one of the best games of the year tae g1rls won by a large margin of 37 12 All of the glrls got 1n the game and played extremely well GOODRICH VS DYE W th three of the girls playlng thelr last game for Goodrlch, the team played a f1ne game but lost to Dye 314 21 Betty Stone led the Mart1anettes w1th s1x polnts T . Q . 1 . . - . ' 0 21, , . . . . . -Z the G00dI'iCh attack- However, the team came back in the O u ' 0 . e D . . - . . . . . . Truck Team low l Al Polmounter, Dave Bentley, Lee Couslns Row 2 Ed Blanchard, George Rutter, Lee Gordon, Dan Sefa, Walter Davenport, Jack VanT1ne Row 3 Coach Skvarenlna, J1m Howes, Lyle Couslns, Joe Sefa, Ray Klngsbury, Jlm Parrott, Ivan Sanford Ns..-.. Row l Jeannlne Nelson, Llnda Coffee, Lo1s Hutchlnsofx, Chlrley Marcotte, Marg1e Bell, Judy Hartman Row 2 Connxe Llndley, Sherry Allen, Sharon McKinz1e, Judy Fetters, Joann Horton, Sharon Allen, Dlana Sefa Row 3 Ruth Kllloreath, V1rg1n1a Maln, Cleo Closek ' w L o 9 g . I I o - . . n Q i A - Q ' .4 , ..a. M... ' ...,,...... ' U " '7 M Il "fs I L f 0 ' fl ' I Q, . fn f ep 5' 5 .. 1 ' N ' , L . . . . . 9 A .2 I O , . 9 0 . - . - . . 0 O B, y Softball Row 1 Barb Horton, Judy Fetters, Margle Flemmlng, Sharon McK1nzie, Ruth Klllbreath, Mary Wisner, Joyce McCorm1ck, Sherry Allen. Row 2 Nancy Jacobs, Marcella Davldson, Janet Hubble, Joann Horton, Sharon Allen, Cleo Ciosek, Sally Holt, Connie Llndley, Diana Sefa. Row 3 Lo1s Hutch1nson, Shlrley Marcotte, Mary Cummings, Virglnla Maln, Jeann1ne Nelson, Linda Coffee, Judy Hartman, argle Bell and Paullne Ballard Judy Horton, Carolyn Taylor, Betty Stone Betty Stone, Mar1don Jones, JoElla Cummlngs D6 Baseball PF8Ct1ClDg p1tCh1Dg 1S Row 1 B111 Meranda, Uon Anorews, Bob Sherman Joe Sefa Row 2 Glenn Arden, Jlm Reld, Dav1d Burton, Clark Johnson, Coach, Mr Hughes, Lyle Couslns, Pharles Frantom, Bob Powers, and Rod Plerson Vern Johnson practlces catchlng wh1le Aaron Brlgham has batting practlce Row l Paul Clark, Dan Sefa, Jlm Hempton, Bob Gordon, Vern Johnson, Gary Reld, John Nlchols, .Jave Bentley Row 2 Aaron Bingham, Rlchard Blue, B111 servlce, Roj Allen, J1m Howes, Joe Qefa, and Coach, Mr Huvhes U . -D . ,, ' J 0 0 l G ' ' H J ' HG HG , HG'- ? 4 I .. Q A' H 4 M 1 , ,, Q - G- A Q ll I N ' ' 1' ' 9 1 ' , , - fl V. 2 ' Q ! 4 n 1' x 1 K ,x,.' ' K 41, s D , 'Q , . , O - ' U 0 T. 1 v I ' . C A 1 l , 0 ,J -.f o In Vurslty Cheerleaders Janet Jones B tty stone Jolll Cummlngs Carolyn Taylor Judy Horton 11" T 3 The Varslty Cheerleaders have worked hard thls past year on new cheers ard routlnes They have also created more SItHUSl8StlC pep meet- 1PgS and more school sp1r1t To make the HOm6COmlDg a blg success tne Cheerleaders planned and presented a spectacular pep meetlng and parade The plcture at the rlght was taken durlng the HOm9C0m1Hg Parade 4 1 O ' e , C A a ' ' ,F W 4' T fa Y 1 I fig, Lgg 3' , Jaxx T .J 1 Q If F 5 Y . I . . he U 4 . 5 . . . , . b . NK 4 0 ' O u q . .II The cheerleaders worked hard this year in making this basketball season the best ever. The job of the cheer- leaders doesn't end with just leading cheers on game nights Behind the scenes are the hours of practice, planning pep meetings, sign making and even sewing. The effort put forth is very rewarding, when they can help the team win and see the school spirit and interest in the student body. Jo Ella, Judy, Janet, Betty, Carolyn. 'Q Thanks students, for support ing the cheerleading squad and backing our team Pictured here are the cheerleaders, Jo Ella Cum mwngs, Judy Horton, Janet Jones, Betty Stone, Carolyn Taylor, troducing the starting line up Ed Wismer, Lynn Cummings, Bob Gordon, Aaron B igham, Joe Sefa Reserve Cheerleaders -. rl rn, I or 'Sp gs-new-nw I M, . B U - XX ' r.. 4,3 hn- L A imbjf Q. -I ...r W Connie Lindley, Sharon Ray, Joann Horton, Bonnie Hubble, Diana Sefa, Linda Coffee li? , in r'I '5-'N Q in If wring xflnx a', ' x K7 'Y . . , P wk H KNA5 , N ,L , Practice in the Gym! These energetic gals' job is cheering on the Reserve Basket- ball boys. Many hours of hard practice are spent learning yells and chants to encourage the specta- tors and the team at games. The girls look forward to ' the day when they will be able f to take the place of the Varsi- f ty Cheerleaders. , The picture Kleftl shows the enthusiasm with which the girls undertake their task! Activities l The first meeting of the Student Councll ff! The Student Councll was a newly or ganized group at Goodrich Hlgh this year A committee had made a consti tUt10Ho The Senlor and Junior classes nominated two students from each of the1r classes to run for presldent The four candldates, Janet Jones, Carolyn Taylor, Rosella Menne, and Tom Llndley, put on a v1gorous campaign. They held an assembly in whlch the candldates and thelr qualifications were lntroduced to the student body When votlng day came over 955 of the student body voted Right- Reporter, Connle Lindley, Pres ldent, Tom Lindley, Treasurer, Rex Welty, Vice President, Janet Jones, Secretary, Carolyn Taylor Advisor Mr Stacey The purpose of th1s organization snall be to develop attltudes of, and practmce in, good cltdzenship, promote harmonlous relations throughout the entlre school, 1mprove student-teacher relatlonshlps, lmprove school morale, a sz. t 1n the management of the school, provlde a forum for sutdentexpresslon, provlde orderly dlrection of school 8Ct1V1t1eS, charter school clubs and general welfare of the school E... , x 4 1 rf' x R if 4 , ,p , fag T T A12 I 1. - I i r-4 "' 0 A i . . . . '- av l . 0 .CN ," ' ' o ' 0 to-f,a..,.k G .C . 0 E-ff:-f Q f - T other organizations, and to promotethe f O 0 "' V . . 7 A L . . A 7 . 4 O Senior Band Row 1 Left to Rlght Dorothy Lesko, Llnda Coffee, Sally Holt, Dlana Sefa, Judy Horton, Karen Joreau, Pam neranda, Dlane Jest, Janlce Lalrd Row 2 uelston dest, Nancy Sherman, Dlck Taylor, Llnda Horton, Mary CHmmlDgS, Beverly HUtCh1HSOH, Ken Hecht, Betty Stone, Jeneane Dayhuff, Barb Horton Row 3 Davld Lalrd, Karen Plerson, Llnda P1erson, Vlrvlnla ieusted, RICKY Horton, Arthur ncCov, Cathy Lesko, Barry Zubke, Rodney Plerson, Charles Frantom, B111 SBTV1Ce, Jlm Hempton, Janet Jones, Rlchard Roblnson, Leon Nllson, John Roblnsor, Paul ieusted, Wlke Boyt, Aaron Brigham Back Row Joann Horton, JoElla CUmMlHgS, Joyce MCCOFmlCk, Mary Wismer, George Rutter, Connle Larabee Conductor, dr Henry wood, Nancy Jacobs BAND OFFICERS Presldent- Barbara Horton Reporter Janet Jones Llbrarian Judy Horton Vlce Presldent Betty Stone . . . . - ,, N. . . , . . A v o o 1 ' 1 f ' ' ' ff 1, I , 1. ' 1. o 0 . . . . . . . . , . , D A -. . . i U . . . . . ' . Y ' w A 1 A Q Q 1 U I I D , f Tx . r Q . o .-1. K X S C f as K' 'fe " 'f 2:1955 - ,.,..A-V K . 4. M 1- n . , .,. 1 v. . . . D .I 3 , - I . yy 1 Y, M 1 S ' -Q, 'Y , -, 5 . ' Fi ' 2 E 'A x ' - x aj. .. . - . . X - , 1 1 . , .- Secretary Treasurer B111 Serv1ce Jr Representative Ricky Horton Marching Band N N, Tne marchlng band nas been one of our brlgntest stars nd 1S certalnly deserv 1H5 of our T6COgHlt1OH Under tne dlrectlon of Mr Henry Wood, our band has preserted many excellent ex h1b1t1ons at the football games durlng thls school year The year's act1v1t1es lncluded a trlp to the State Falr on September 8, 1956 and Band Day 1n Ann Arbor on October 20, 19 6 Junior Band Y E Row 1 Susan Kristek, John Meranda, Ronald Auten, Carol Sue Pintek, Carol McAbee, Ellzabeth Kristek Row 2 Allen Rohrer, Ted Maule, Diane Rohrer, Ronald Morea, Ralph Moray, Jack Powers, L1nda W1smer, Woody Mlllspaugh, Bonnie Van Kirk Row 3 Pat Sherman, Karen Brown, Mike Berg, Vonette Gemeny, Steve McCandish, Cheryl Horton, Terry Bouck, Mary McKenzie, Bruce Rohrer, Bill H8lSt63de BEGINNERS BAND Row 1 Margaret Sanford, J ana Feher, Dlane Feher, Sharon Sutton, Joanne Allen, Row 2 Marcla Heusted, Carolyn Hecht, Norma Zubke, Gloria Allen, Llnda W11S0no Row 3 Yvonne Borgert, Donna Sanford, Melnn Wotrxng, Bill Bros1us, Bobby West, donald Moreau, John Moore, Glenn McKennan Row 11 Pamela Jacobs, Cllfford Jones. -1 O a O O Q Q s O 0 1 1 i w N . O ' 1 . O Q 4 . O e 5 O 0 Junior Play THE SKELTON WALKS A Mystery Comedy in Three Acts Directed by David Summers Student Director Mary Wismer Presented on A r1l 6, '57 P Stage Crew Roy Allen, Jack ooodfellow, and Aaron Br1QH,m Mary Wlsmer, Student Dlr ctor, Evelyv Holderbaum, Judy sherry Allen and Betty P ck, Horton, Dan Sefa and Drompters Evelyn Holderbaum, wancy Jacobs, Merry Hall, Dennls Jackson, Bill Servlce, Dan Sefa and Judy Horton Dennls Jackson Meredltn Hall Nancy Jacobs Dan Sefa Judy Horton B111 Servlce Evelyn Holderbaum Bob Descnner Betty Stone Beverly Hutchinson Dr Harold Ferslg Elalne Blalr Mrs Embrey Bobby Embrey Klnks Embrey Wllllam Clavton Anne Rowell Mrs Ellza Hubbard Ollie Hubbard Mrs Lllla Donahue Nancy Jacobs 9' 2 Standlng Bev Hutchlnson, B111 Service, Dennis Jackson, Bob Deschner, an Betty Stone Seated Dan Sefa, Merry Hall, Nancy Jacobs, Evelyn Holderbaum, and Judy Horton S5 . w, wi a , J a , Y f E' 1- , . if H , 'YI . E A . . Q rs . Q Y ai ' ' n D' T fs I L A 3 . 5 O 6 , V ' A 2" , i 1 1 ' a 'H ' - as A M- . ,y . 'CJ , , K 1 - S 11 l l ' r' . - ' 1 ' . L ff 1 . . , . , 5 ' , , og L N . . N I , ----.. ,iq -. ,.,4x,:' on-ssc---Q-Q ,K 'Y up I . Rv ,Q. fi? X . ------------- . . . V liiiiijiiiiiliil 8 ' ------------- d '. l J Qccqunqqn . D 1 Q - -------- L . . 111111 Q I 111111111111 A Q . -- Senior Play Back Row Carolyn Taylor, Von DuBois, Jay Blackmore, Alex Bartsoff, Larry Watson, Ralph Arden Front Row Ralph McManus, Sharon Allen Carole Perry, Rex Welty, Barb Horton and Jack What are we going to do now?'P VanT1ne How are you feelnmg? Dad 1S always on the phone! 56 Emily Walker Agnes Walker Mary Walker Pat Walker Anna Gibbons Harley Allen Jim Allen Ed Walker Johnny Burns Lester Gray Dave Wilson Harold Smith Carole Perry Sharon Allen Von IIIBOILS Carolyn Taylor Barb Horton Rex Welty Larry Watson Walter Davenport Jay Blackmore Jack VanTine Ralph Arden Ralph McManus Officer Benson Alex Bartso ff November 30,1956 was the date for the pre sentatlon of the Senlor Play, 'Date Ba1t ' It was a lmght-hearted comedy about a famlly of teen age glrls and thelr premeditated sit- uatlons wlth thelr frlends 'lhe story revolves around,the young est S1 ter, who considers herself a socidl. misfit Her father's polit1cal pos1t1on makes a compllcated s1tuat1on whlch unfolds a plot for this exceptlonal comedy D L Summers Director Jeanette Mcblell Student Dlrector Homecoming On the following pages tne nistory of the Homecoming is depicted. A Pep Meeting and Parade started it off with a Football game in the evening. Tne following evening a Dance was held. All these activities honored the Alumni. 4,Mr1 After the Pep Meeting the candidates for King and Queen and Prince and Prin At the pep Meeting cess paraded in conve rtibles The Cheerleaders' float led the students Seated on the float are Alumnae Cheerleaders, Jeanette Pierson and Vio Moreau .Y Even the Teachers marched and after tne parade all left to come back to the football game in tne evening 57 X 5 A . sooo . ' 0 "'9 - caan . . 0 in 'CIO .45 -Yi. sf? ' l f fm I ' J . -54 v - I ' coco . Game Row 1 Prlncess, Lo1s Hempton, Klng, Jack VanT1ne, Queen, Carolyn Taylor, Prlnce, Jlm Klllbreath Row 2 Gary Reld, Joann Horton, J1m Hempton, Betty Stone Row 3 Llnda Horton, Tom Slavens, Mary Cummlngs, Ed Stone Thls was the first annual Homecoming game for Goo L1Ch High Th1s event took the place of the Carnlval usually held every year It gave old frlends a chance to get together and whoop lt p Wh1Ch they dldi All ln all everyone had a good tlme at the game and afterwards, even the teachers Although our team lost to Montrose 27 12 lt was a very exc1t1ng, well played game Old fr1ends meet agaln at tne Homecomlrg game Pic tured here are Ann Barker, Connle Br1gham, and Har Alumnl Dave Clark and Ron 197 Haddflll Allen watch as the Mart1ans 58 make a splendld play 1 0 Q 0 0 V O . . - . O I . . 0 O . C . . , . . Pl u. 9 . . 0 . . . . uquo I . . . 1 O 1 ,Q Q, V I . . - - Q , L O . . an . . . . O Dance November 3 The Alum i, Carl Horton, Mr and Mrs Ken Horton, Margret Benson, Mr and Mrs Dlck Horton, and Mr and Mrs B111 Taylor, talk over old tames. Right- Carolyn Taylor, Queen, and Jack VanTine, King, reign over the dance Below Teachers took part Mrs Ruth lhmmnngs and Mrs Evelyn Pintek w1th thelr husbands 'gn R1ght- Gir1's athle tic coach Nlta Gage, an Alumna Jean HcKenz1e CIJOYID the fest 1V1t1GS JoE1la Cummings and D1ana Sefa cut a nice floor flgure on the dance Rlght Muslc was supplied by D1sc Jockey Gary Wilson who pictured mere wlth Von DuBo1s qt R 7 , -L Q16 I ,Wg N 'VMV' C O O C ' O O . D I . - . ix V A Q . I T N is I . . t M, . . o ,Q K T A 1 lj' 5 Q I 1 ' "A -.4 ' ' ,LZQN Q ff 1 W' gf' - ' " T K ',v' xl 1 4 fi X Z -W. - .la U'- -V d 45 on N- 'x 6 in IW X ' s 4, . , , . ,, , x V ! . . g . Future Farmers Lanny Passmore, Frank Menne, Dave Bentley, Rod Pierson, Don Andrews, Lyle Cousins, Paul Clark, Jack Goodfellow, Lynn Cummings, Gary Reid, Marvin Main, Pete Slavens, Dick Main, Jim Pratg Joe Bogert, Jim Reid, Mike Slavens, Bob Lagnesq Billy Meranda, and Mr. Noll. Strict Parlia- mentary Procedure is carried out at all meet- ingso 1 0 A -D vi '1l5 F.F.A. Officers: Frank Menne, Trees., Marvin Main, Sentinel, Lynn Cummings, Pres.3 Pete Slavens, Sec.3 Gary Reid, V.P.5 Paul Clark, Rep. a.'3fiii Q iw 'E Mike Slavens looks proud of his corn project. ii , "y" b,3g,,u,'i'g,, .-A. 4 W -25 M 'f'1YY'f:n-S' SENT 25 MQVQ Nmfeww Cleaning up after the tornado! , Marvin Man and Jack Goodfellow drying popcorn. 60 America f-56' Tractor Co-Op Dlck Maln, Rod Pler on, Mlke Dxck Maln computlng butterfat Slavens,Marv1n Maln, Don Andrews, Frank Menne, content Lyle Couslns, Lynn Chzmmlngs, Pete Slavens, Gary Reld, Joe Bogert, B111 Meranda, Lanny Passmore, Paul Clark KB' -if 2 Frank Ifenne and B111 Meranda demon Mr. N011 and Maman M In I, trate tractor safety a epalr equlpmept ,,rf4 DOH Adams and other mem- Paul Clark soeaklng on soil conservatlon bers learn to USS the for the State Contest. He placed second. Chaln SSW OH thls F-F-A- Rod Pierson and Pete Slavens practlce f . K' - ,. ' , 4 5 or - N., I A21 1 0 , ' I ' - ' rf , ,. 1 5 5 . V U..- X H . , ,J ' u J Y ' , , K A ., V' 4 ,. , fl! f L as f 1 L. , N U PM w ,:.,.,, , M ' V A H t,,3VV H .P fs-, . . , H L iksx " ..a:4v,,,: 5 ,ng , 4. V K ' s. 13, 'W t"""'xv-if T- ' P ' .4 R -V' t"- -- fro, , , ' . ' , -' . , . . U. U its .V 6 N! ,..., rv-T f 5 ' , I, -9 I , V ' ex f J, 4 g, 1 ' V.: Y W 4 I ,ix V Y 5 '. ,,f , X - I 5 J 47 at -4 ' - . . . , 0 L , . S ', 5 ,f V4 A 7 " 1 - ' field trip. judging, 61 A garment can't be properly construct- ed if it isn't properly cut and marked. The material must be marked before the -pattern is removed from it or the dress may end up being a jig-saw puzzle. Left to Right- Karen McCormick, Paul- ine Ballard, Mary Cummings, and Mrs. Piflteko 62 lkers for each figure. appear taller. and Sandy McDiarmid. Meal planning includes table setting and proper table manners. Demonstrat- ing here are Shirley Adams, Jeannine Nelson, Virginia Main and Evelyn Brown. Before you can sew you have to select the right pattern and the proper style Tall girls can look shorter if they wear full skirts while shorter, heavier girls can choose styles to make them NIt's all in the study of the linesn, says the instructor, Mrs. Pintek to Frankie Andrews, Linda Coffee, Lois i Hutchinson, Susan Flemming, Margie Bell Know1ng the r1ght way to use a pattern is lmportant to the g1T1S taklng SeW1Dg ln Homemaklng Class, Judy Hartman expla1ns to the other g1rls Pauline Ballard, take the 1DStTUCt1OH library Stuff Left to Rlght Evelyn Brown, Mrs Plntek, Karen McCorm1ck, Shlrley Marcotte, Sharon MCK1HZl8, Nancy Jacobs, Pauline Ballard, seated 15 Judy Fetters Shirley Marcotte, Mary Cummings, and Karen McCormick 0 Row 1. Roberta Howes, Adv1sor Mr Fox, Barb Horton, Von nlB01S Row 2 Sharon Allen, Rex Welty, Judy Warren, Carolyn Taylor, Nancy Brown, Jack Va.nTine Row 3 Ed W1smer, Ralph McManus Journalism SECOND SEMESTER Back Dan Sefa, Tom Llndley, Francis Butts, Ken Hecht, Bob Deschner Center Henry Wier, Joyce Scharf, Betty Pack, Bill Service, Nancy Jacobs, Merry Hall, Sherry Allen Front: Mary w1smer, Beverly Hutcknnson, Mr Tolly, Judy Horton, Pat Aldrich ul -Alb bmw FIRST SEMESTER Back Joyce McCormick, Aaron Bngham, Bob Gordon, Vern Johnson, Evelyn Holderbanm Centers Dorthy Lesko, Lynn Cummings, Roy Allen, Dennis Jackson, Jack Goodfellow, John Roblnson Front: Irene Marsh, Janet Hubble, Mr Tolly, Janet Jones, Betty Stone Varsity Club During the donkey basketball gave For HAP f1FSt tlme 1n several years a Var lty Club h s been o 3'1ZSdo It conslsts of all glrls and boys who have won Vars1t3 letters 1U sports The purpose of the Varslty Club 15 to promote an actlve lnter t ln sports among the student body The Varslty Club has had several dlflereat proqects tnls ye r some of them are the selllng of candy, hot dogs, and pop at the baske ball names Fdey also sponsored a donkey basketball game The money from these progects lS to be used to lmprove ath letlcs around the school Row l. Carolyn Taylor, Judy Horton, Lynn CUmm1ngS, Ed Wlsmer, Joe Sefa, Betty Stone, Bob Deschner. Row 2 Janet Jones, Gary Reld, Dan Sefa, walter Davenport, Ed Blanchard, Lee Couslns, J1m Hempton, Vern Johnson, Barb Horton, Sharon Allen, Jack VanT1ne, Charles Smith, Sherry Allen, Adv1sor, Mr. Scofield Row 3. Bob Gordon, Aaron Brigham, Roy Allen, Charles Frantom, and Sally Holt. W K , A Y I - Y . . . P. h A . . , .3 I rl lfff -. f x . . . .h es . 1 0 ' ' " f ' ' .K c' 1 ' .,d. 0 A : K . 1' 4' ' U 4 ll I Q . . . . . g - O N 1 Tn' l I Q Q O . . . A MAINTENANCE JANITORS JEQSE BEERS In thls sectlon we lnclude Janitors, cafeterla staff, and bus drivers beg1n with the janitors whose task 18 maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the school grounds and building. A healthful and clean environment contributes much to the attitudes, learning processes and working places of the students and teachers. we wish to, in this small way, thank them and express our appreciation to them MELVIN HOLDERBAUM ANDREW OGG Cafeteria The cafeteria staff this year accomplished the task of pre- many excellent meals appeal- 1ng to the tastes of those from the first grade to the twelfth, as well as the faculty. Mrs. HB'l1S'fnBd, Mrs. zllbke, and Mrs. Petherbridge are prepar- ing for another daily special. M Zubke left to be a teach- er's a1d and Mrs Barker took her place Below The students are enjoy1ng their lunches on the shiney new tables Above Mrs Zubke grade school students 68 5 t+k serving the X- 34 1.w..M , W, eg W sawn X x 1 I ,V 2, pl 4 E I ,K ' , wi A Q 1, 24 gig? Q may I 5 5251 I 3 M .Aff wx Jr! My, .mg A Wirk. ff slisfwmw ,M at fwmwwf 1 0 -5 4 . H-mm ,,.. , X -n W f VII This picture of Reid Elementary School introduces the grades. Housed in this beautiful, modern building are grades Kindergarten through five. The Sixth grade is housed in a tempor- ary elementary build- ing built in the sum- mer of 19148. The year 1953 saw the completion of the new six room Reid Ele- mentary School, named in honor of the late Dr. wells C. Reid, who had a deep and sincere interest in the commu- nity's ed cational welfare. 70 Mm Kin' . 51,1-feng., fm 5 , ' ,lyfffrlg h h tdld 2 ' QLQYQ i M . . ' ,bin rt .1-w, ,, we xifvfwi' 'vxx Y." v ., 4 lm ws -Q... 9? 6 X-cf in me T L Robert Andrews W1 David Andrews WN Woodrow Ralph Millspaugh Morey U"ff Y"'C7 In Vlrginia Heusted Peggy Bray V' 'I A -',, Mary Liscom 1 0 ,. WTA? 'UT Gerald1ne Wotring 1m Sanford 'WMI athy esko Sixth Grade Barry Zupkn Penny Gage Nr'-1' Charles Feher V7 Dlann Bennett Dav1d Laird LWf'W Nr--. ' Linda Bonnie b'Diane Tody Va.nKirk West B lly Lake Ronald Mlddleton YQ: Mary Butts if Nancy Young John Meranda 'fix James Scharf Ronald Morea it-gf W11liam Halstead Betty James Flemming Wanda Hubble Hz' James Holderbaum McNe1l Q-'f Ronald Vlckie Auten McCorm1ck Houlden Carol McAbee ,-v. ,iw CN .K E ,v me sf Ann Nichols Llnda Allan Veronica Rohrer Morrow Linda Mary Ellen Pierson Potts Richard Brown Charles Stevens if , A. .4 - 5 ' . wax, ag. Danny Davenport A social studies study period. Left to Right- Geraldine Wotring is using a reference book from the reference li- brary in the background. Veronica Morrow and Nancy Young are locating places on the wprld globe. Betty Holderbaum is writing out a report. In the background, David Andrews and Virginia Heusted are consulting the library for information. Mary Liscom is receiving individual help from the teacher, Mrs. Erie Myers, while Ann Nichols and John Meranda await their turn. Diane west, Linda Houlden and Jim Sanford are enjoying a free period to find interesting reading material at the magazine stand and the free reading library. 73 muy? wwf iv Donna ary Sanford Nelson ww, 1 Q1 "inf AAN Cheryl Llnda Horton Becker 'Y Fifth Grade X51 Elon Clark V7 David Roberts Mary Ann Cl1ffOrd Terry Boyt Jones Bouck A-41 HLA Gean Pamela H1ll1er Dooley 'Mar 1171 Larry Glen Terryah Thorpe 41 7 L x Nancy Na Timothy Graham Nerf Joyce Coomer 17 Dlane Rohrer Jkt Illll Wm? Vonette Gemeny Elroy Converse Marsha Slavens QW! Sharlene Judy McCand1ish Zeller HcAbee Hecht Kodat Karen Brown 'limi K Margaret Pratt Patty Sherman lk? Sandra Letts Wayne ylor James Stephens James V1ola Coomer Deckard W if Q ull I QA H1dh361 Carolyn Donald Margret Kingsbury Sanford Diana Michael Terry Carolyn Glinda Green Berg Schlegel Amidon Swack .1 X Dennis Barber Carol Sue Pintek Right- The Science corner is a busy place. Carolyn Amidon mounts shells brought from Florida. Gean Hillier reads to find the answer to her Sci- ence question. Discussions are ne- cessary and accuracy in measuring is important as is shown by David Ro- berts, Mrs. Watson and Diana Green. Pam Dooley is an interested listeners Larry Terryah views a fungus growth through the microscope. fir" V 1 .- . if 'ii iw ':'?fQf'7f ' Q . .Vim READING is about the most importan tool that we use. Here we see a group working on a Social Studies Unit wi Teachers-Aid, Mrs. Holt assisting They are left to right, Glenda Swack, Judy Kodat, Donna Sanford, Sherry Zeller, standing is James Coomer, Terry Bouck, and Elroy Converse. g wssalar ,nr- Left- Carl Maginn, Terry Schlegel and Mary Ann Boyt receive instructions on how to make a Christmas gift which is part of Sth grade art work. Supervising is Teacher, Mrs. Watson y ig Left- Study in a smaller, more informal group with a leader makes Geography more interesting for Margret Sanford, left, and Nancy McCandlish, right, who are ready to recite. James Stevens, and Margret Pratt on the left, and Pam Dooley, Gean Hillier, Dennis Barber, on the right enjoy this type of study, too. ' 'Si f-ff.--I tw 'lsr Donald Bran M9-VY Cous1ns Linda Green J 'L '1"'Y Clayton Llscom June Peterson 'yuk- 'W 'Ger d Joanne Allen Beedy B ay Michael Bross Carol Haney Douglas McAbee Robert P1l1en Fourth Grade .B Billy Ronald Brosius Brown LL. Marllyn Davies Larry Herman Glen McKennon Mlcheal Roblnson C7 Glorla James Allen Stevens Jane Eckel J Douglas Pamela Horton Jacobs Jeanne John Mlddleton Moore ,lx 'Eff Nancy Sally Burt Burton Jane Feher Erie E1sch1ed Y! r Terry Lake T3 Patrlcia T1'udF Gage Bernard Leder Ronald Herble Moreau Mylin S flu ,Ax Janet Mar11yn Kenneth John Rockerfellow Blanik Allen Bentley Dlana Stevens 'Tw' V' Norma Alan Melv1n Zubke Young W0tr1D8 . ' ,If 'ii' 3,5 . 'V J ' " v '- J .LT Q., 4. - , ,gl 4 if 1, If ' 4 ' L 'Y UQ s hvk, gil. J A f 'y 7 '4"' if 'll Q A . 'ff Y dt . H F R as "' Q " J ,, l ,A 3 , . 5 L- ,Q J J . 4 Q- r-r 1. M Wray 1 J , - 'V' V f fy 0 n,f 1 ' S Q 4 qc fan A all n nv.. , xg i joy. , -. ,ie M 1 A , li ., 1. be . W 3? , ' ' K' J e J " on r x,..,..IL. ff J J J 5 Ll JI ,in 1 M, J A ' vs Y it 'R' " A5-J-J 3 M . 2 H -H 1. 1 A . . k 'tr' I vi' V ta' " 1 -'M ,Q '.1 , s ,- x 4 j I EQ " ' ,. f A Y. A A 1 1 -5 - I k f ,w A J "Qi 'N A "J" 'Y " J 41 .: E wb' 'W 5 . f ilw i Y ,. -J J . - -- . J .. er, K , , fun, , 'T K Wu y X574 .:' L - , in 'A ,.u VA' V X 15 ' A V A V J as 'fe Q a ane gg , J . ,, , 4, :JT 7, x c V 'C 1 ,T Q. ' .Q Y N f '-:' L gg - f 1 - J 1 R . Q J . Q I X , k . . Jak Q 's R 1 ,, if: 'Lg william Linda Robert Sharron Rodney Ronald Marcia Young Wilson West Sulton Sumpter Simmons Heustead X- '1 Q X HY+ ,L 1 , L LeH1ond J amos Roberts Shlrley Grab Ji 'tr-'rr' Edward Morea -n--pf David Stevens 'GW' N. Gaylord Dowdy at 'wer' vu ?""f J ohn McNeil Casey Michael Gemeny Green Nancy 300120 James Apidon Petherbn dge suck l!"""P' W Timothy J ames don David Gage Am. don if tr X., Paul Penny Peggy lhrdick Howe Powers Brace McPha1l Pmuip it 'qu' 'uw' Billy Susan Bill y Bouck Sherman Welch Swack Rockafellow lf-I Paula Hinton A Janet Tracy J Ne' Kristine Kodat Samuel Robin Taylor Sumpter I Patricia John Millspaugh Coffee fo km' Linford Betts YN? Patricla Simons We Dennis Herman Charles Robert Sanford David Mcrea Kathy Easton QI? Carolyn Baldwin Michael Clarence Tommy Feher Hylin Por:-em f To L. 1' Y. f J fx J - an Ann W 2" e , . . N rm 9 , S tylf T . A . r is, ' f A x WEN I I 1 XV , ' ' ' ' gy, 1 V:-1e 1, J' Y ,P X 3 I .L -nf fi" 1 .Sf H " ' Ris i gf., 1 A ' :' I I , A f W ri -elf sf si-J ' ':" f 'IAI Q-X al I 4 L I 'Ihorpe . f-A Q4 2. 1 Dj my K. J Q e,,, ' A 37 1 , n J 1 T f , Pierson 'bf' 'Tl"'ul" I Teacher, Mrs Rolhofi offers advlce It has been a busy year for t1e thlrd grade Soclal Stud 1es and sclence have been add ed to thelr currlculum I socmal StUd16SHB studled about grocery stores ard tnelr worx Upon completlon of thls unlt the class vlsited the Hamady Store and warehouse 1n Fllnt We al o had a candy and popcorn sale The money re celved from thls was used for games and other tnlngs wanted for thlrd grade use Below left Mrs Rohrer, teach ers a1d, glvlng a readlng drlll Below Mary Wh1te prepar1ng for tae popcorn sale Iorking on a Halloween Bulletin Board vu' Russell Allen Dav1d Barber T7 Leroy J anls Cou s1ns Dowdy Shelley mana Letts 'WZSH' Gale Morrow Howe Z' Pat Murphy 114 Cornnle Albert Sears Symanzlk T COI1I118 Beverly Bell Borgert Second Grade X "7 FX .wif J oyce Linda Marilyn Davmd Danny Morrey Allen Brown Coomer Bravaldo -new ' N X Bradley Mark Dick Sally Susle Haney Henri ckson Hlllier Holderbaum Horto riff ,uv Arn Ralph J :Lmmy Be th Marco tte Frost Mccrary ,al WF? Richard am Rlcky Peterson Petherbridge Roberts winery J anlce Terryah Roger Allen 4'-P85 Q..-I Francis Sharon Symanzlk Tracy QPU- J mmy Middleton "now" XX xx Kathy Potts 11 V3.1 Sally Trumble Steven Mrs Bailey Mrs Mylln Aid Berg Teacher Bobby Morea Roger Rossman Penny Wirgou ,T ' Je ai, ew 41, ' A , , X ' 1 A K . 'xx .... G J? I A ,t B Ayn Gent IX. J r y .,o B B . w 3 f-' :M -,,, :-ffaf 'X 9- lf K 4'- V ,... 1 llll VA Q.-V A I, Q . VK V A ki' hx I gr. Wu Y W . . n W' 4 I it 1 y X It d il Q 16? ' ' in 'W' vw QE A ,. W ii' ' aw K J V 5 J ' M ,A I s B' 'xeb M- -V ' nr S. 'W Q' 'BY it 1 P . o to so sw, I E' in il 1 . AA K N fl, .' rQ xAx.'..A'kL . XX 'l h 5 - s U K K 5, .J gl My T. . L Q . K v I - B 55 . J ' , " J ," Y J A . X N o . . . , all Teacher, MPS- Bailey Mrs. Mynn, teacnerfs aid, is pointing out the picture to Llnda McCullough , 'K' XS IJJSQ Mrs Balley 1S instructlng the reading clrcle zanne Horton is about to read dj wma Changlng the 'mercury' on the bulletln thermometer to correspond mth the outdoor one, 15 Roger Rodney 1S talang care of the one that marches our room temperature Earl Wallace on the left, approves of what h1s twln brothers are dolng JANUARY 1 FESQL 'Hia X HAY f colored paper hands deplct SEPTE varlous dutles asslgned to each ,, L ,Ji 2 pupll for the week Placing the hands are Walter Morrow C una 1 yn g'MOI'I'0W, Cheryl Davenport, Lois on a b1rthday weather calendar arr Linda Walter, Edwin Burt, Rose Mary Houlden, We ,n A K 'f I 4 V ' O ' . . v i i A ' V J ' , i . A , L, ' , , H I 9, I A . ML f l V av V Sz- W ,-2 xg --N yi Yi. r 1 . , vt Q , If 1 46, , of 1 . i 'P 'N' - 'K I ' Q , p I A , . . . . . . O Su . E . , ', l l lt . i . Z- - ' n ' ' ., jg x ' . . . . . , Q ' . - LJ' , ' ' XC O J- - ' R '- 1 U-'9 ,V 5 ,b , f Q in , Q , . , if ' I 1 "'v- V . as , YJ h Y .E as it 4 1 1.n" r 1 W .f ' ' r 4 3- ,' 'r , c ' ' 4 J ML, 'L ..' 'L--M ' ' 1 5 L . . , ' V, L, fi, ,Z ,.,,,-.:. 1, ! , k. 4, ,, n . ' . A ' Jacqueline Eckel, and Mary Jo Robinson work . - . O First Grade Heck Rohrer Dav1d Bruce Holmes Hale Pamela Kenny Hopklns Myers Ruth Ann Marsha Richards Bohm Teeples Sutton Meredith Janelle Jack Bobby David Bobby Ba ddlto H tdorf M1 e n lnton P G many SSSTHOTB 8 Mary Halstead 'SHUI Penny Pamela J ohnson Brandt Mel1nda Bruce Candy B0bbY n Taylor Bouck Porter Leo Mary Ellen Mike Laura Nancy rldge Geth1cker Wlnebrenner Allen McMahon Ro semary J ack Diana cre Wll son g""-...., J erry Feher if Glenndgan J oey Melvin Llnda Nancy Edgar Kathy Cole McNe1l u1lCOX Lacro ss Lustlck wo tl-mg Bro sius .2 I f' . 10 c 1 Y- an rnr H H, I .5 ' X wx n . yyy, kk? . A ,mv n A ' - in 1 V ' ' 8 . . . 6 H 5 QV.,ri J Barbara Kr1stek Danny Chr1s Mlke Walter Muto Howe Bobby Polzln Buddy Walker Cjntnla Beverly Susan Hubble Herman Scnlegel Gr b Edwards Bouck ue Janet Henry :FF Teacher, Mrs H111 Janet Herman, Llnda Lacross They laughed when they saw me, but LeBlond Mrs E Cum mlngs A1d .vx x...,,.x"3 Didn't I turn out to be 8 H108 mano Kathy Broslus, 41ckey Burt, Barbara Krlstek Carol Cunard, Kenny Myers, Henry Schegel Cythla Grab, Charlotte Heck, Bobby Pol 1n, Sue Sutton, Glenndean Cole Bobby Gemeny, Nancy Lustlck, Mel v1n wllcox Left Jackle Hardacre, Jerry Feher FUTURE BEAUTY QUEENS Our Indoor Snowmen Fish are fun Kindergarten The afternoon class romps and plays Mrs VanK1rk plays tne plano whlle games P2-ul lN111l8I'1S, Dona Horton, Amy Welch, and Becky Cunard Slhg Playlng house are Ronny Roberts, Dancing 18 fun even J amps Haney, Paul Willlams, Wayne for the little folks Cole, and Kathy Hamel. Llstenlng to a sb0l".Y Meanwh1le, back at tue ra.c., che chlldren en3oy thelr chuckwagon 'fs 1' 'I w, Joey Slavens, Steve Henrickson, Pete Frick, Dale Miller, Johnny Feher, Jimmy and Harold Bachmann play on the teetor-totter. Millspaugh, Joe Hughes, and Gary Gage listening to a story. jfvsgfg' 1QflQ-inmate! gg' '52 3- 'E 400 CHIANSHCG TISSUES Tommy Howes, Diana Teeples and d ' Rocky Herman building a glock recor S house. Becky Cunard, Amy Welch, and Dona Horton listen to 5 Susan Coffee, Marsha Rossman, and Tommy Howes admire the sugar plum tree. Kathy Hamel models the graduation robe which all the child- ren will wear. Listening to the childrens' voices on the recorder. Fun" unnm Goodrich BLANC The adverflsements that flash across the following nages were submitted by the progress1ve merchants of our own and neighborlng communi tl6So The Yearbook Qtaff takes pleasure 1n recommendlng these persons, organ1zations, and bu lness concerns who, through thelr patronage, have helped to make tnls year's MARTIAN a reallty and k1ndnes shwn to tie buslness mana ers of the staff by the merchants dur1ng the p st weeks 15 truly appreclat- ed by them and by the entire membershlp f the MAQTIPW Staff Ortonv1l1 e DAVISUH 97 I . 1 Q U , , S. ' O The cooperation, assistance, 1- ' S O L. ' 55 A 8 . . nn . 0 A .1 O I SHOP AT Sefa Brothers GOODRICH MR FRED SEFA ' 5-hh HA LARGE SELECTION OF CANNED GOODSH 'ALWAYS A FRESH LINE OF FRUIT A D VEGETABLESH 88 nfs fy? 5 Mn :AM SEFA 4 ' Yr: A 6 A Y My cs H VV F ,V 2 45 ,a ' 1 K 5 i 1 5 ' L - , 1 ty ' 1 , :.' ,i ...v,, V ' 5 K 4, 52 'Q 'wg Q 5 F .Q ,M , ., 1 . ' Q A fl I A Q ym A 1 Y B 1 W X 35 Q A' J ,M .QR in pf' . 1 if 1 'via ' I, ri V 1 1 -b S K A, N A 5 Q F . I KEN S REDI MIX and GRAVEI. DELIVERY BASEMENT DIGGING PHONE YARD 79W HOME 333 GOODRICH SHARLANIJ MUTUR SMES Mf- '-if A FORD FOR EVERY PURSE AND PURPOSE HEGEL ROAD GOODRICH -'N ' T ' 5 4 ' I ' 1 x , , I V I ,X 0 I, n D rvwgww, A , A, fgfmrvyyffv , V , K 0:4 V Y l ' I - .. :7 ff V X- Y ir -EA-Y WE- .11 - ' S - - x BARCLAYS Good Gulf SERVICE itll!!! Washlng Greaslng PHQNE lo, Bonded Brake Servnce GOODRICH STATE BANK OF oRToNvlu.E C F SHERMAN CompIe'I'e Banking Servlce FU NERAL HOME cimbulance ,Sermce Member of FecIeraI Deposuf Insurance Corporahon W' 'V-'T 135 SOUTH ,Tun 'V4 7-fwl oR'roNvn.l.E MICH ORTONVILLE MICHIGAN John s Spagheth House WE SPECIALIZE IN I+aIian Spagheffi Home Made Soups and Chili Home Made I+aIian Sausage Sandwiches WE ALSO SELL ITALIAN BREAD "II You Try Us Once . You'II Come Agaun" ' , I . I I ' o I I I ' , I 90 C AND F SERVICE DALE Ka SONNY ----- PROPRIETORS SUNOCO SERVICE Tires - Tubes A to Z Lubrication Batteries Steam Cleaning Motor Oil Undercoatinz Fram Oil Filters M0t01' T1ll19"UP Muflers Sz Tailpipes Installed GOODRICH M - 15 Compliments "Congratulations To of The Class of '57 BOB'S COLLISION SERVICE DALBY'S FOOD MARKET Bumping Sz Painting Sz Customizing RALPH gl FRANCES SATISFACTION Home Killed Meats GUARANTEED Groceries GOODRICH PH, 282 - GOODRICH c-soonRlcH PLUMBING a HEATING Mfg RECREATIQN WATFR MYERS .. SOFT ' INERS Sc PUMPS "Congratulations HOT wAfr1-:R HEATING To The Seniors' PHONE 86 GOODRI CH GOODRICH cw' avi" My exe? xge YERKEY 81 SUN CHEVROLET SALES Ph OW 4-4282 Grand Blanc BENNETT S TV CENTER h Id App EMERY BENNETT 10260 H 9 I Rd d PROMPT EFFICIENT TV SERVICE " hs .3 Nfliln '31 3 ALM.: N 3210, HERE TV AEPLQANCES BY MQ' '-IOTPOINT RCA WHIRLPOOL ZENT TH MOTOROLA REVCO ADMI RAL GOODRICH DAIRY BAR MI5 GOODRICH THE FINEST IN GOOD FOOD LLOYDS SERVICE LLOYD G MOREAU CONGRATULATIONS TO Lubrncahon Accessories THE SENIORS Hunhng and Flshlng Supplies OFF SET PRINTING M as eooomci-1 PHONE bl ADVERT'5'NG The MARTIN Shop Gills Hallmark Cards Ready To Wear CIoI'hmg or THE ENTIRE FAMILY GOODRICH PHONE 7 CONGRATULATIONS THE SENIORS MIMEOGRAPHY PHONE 74I I 8 5 Sl'aI'e Rd Goodrich C. F. WHITE Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE Telephone 82 8090 Slale R065 Goodrich GOODRICH PH. GOODRICH LUMBER 81 COAL CO. Building and Mason Supplies Dairy and Poulfry Feeds Feriilizer and Seeds l Il ll 'I TO I I . ' 27J Davison Pami' 8: Wall Paper S+ucIlo FASHIONS th LT h p N Sf e Ph 460 B I W TI81Cpefg eef ds WdoS e e NOFII1 of I'I1e Lngl-I+ Deale s fo PERMABILT Cut Desg edPeu1Homs BRANCHEIIU SAIES 8. SERVICE USED 9h TI-IE FINEST USED CARS I070l S SAGINAW GRAND BLANC CARS SPM!! DAVISON OIL AND GAS CO BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATES 107 MILL STREET DAVISON PHONE 148 DAVISON The Class of 07 STATE BANK REID S DRUG Member Of STORE Federal Depos1t Insurance Corp DAVISON OUR AIM RAY LINDSAY A BETTER BANK FOR A BETTER COMMUNITY Te1ev1s1on Apphances SALES AND SERVICE Phone 304 DAVISON phone 45 DAVISON X ! O "Compliments To K 77 Comphments from DICK ZEIS your INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER GOODYEAR and HOTPOINT DEALER Mam St DAVISON 1509 S NURSE RY AND GREE NHOUSE Flowers For A11 Occas1ons Phone 132 State Rd DAVISON UPTEGRAFF MOTOR SALES Telephone 64 H0 RM HILL Men s and Boys Wear Shoes For The Entmre Famlly ARROW Sz BOTANY SHIRTS Phone 5 224 Maln St DAVISON Downtovsm Da.v1son GORDON I GRAHAM RESTAURANT Insurance Agency A11 Forms of Insurance 212 N Mam St CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS Dawson Open 24 Hows DAvIsoN COMPLIMENTS OF ROLLAWAY RECREATION Bowling and SIca'I'mg Keep You FII G E DOOLEY JEWELER THE FINEST IN WATCHES and DIAMONDS MAIN ST DAWSON Ph saw eoonklcr-I ME . WHITEY'S DRIVE-IN P I3I CLIFF 97 BELFCRD MOTOR SALES AM BUICK - PONTIAC LADIES AND CHILDRENS APPAREL 316 N MAIN STREET D v A 216 M3111 St DAVISON WGLOHAN CASH WAY CIC I'I GV mms Wm LUMBER and ELEVATOR COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS TO Where Men Shop for THE GRADUATES The Fmesf I34 E Second S+ FLINT PHONE 9 6766 Phone 67 DAWSON CRAINE STUDIOS FLINT CE 9 2I84 525 HARRISON AnoTher Fnne Job Done By Your Yearbook PhoToc-graphers H. , ' CLARENCE W HILL GRAND BLANC Phone ow 44:41 ,L J f LOG CABIN FLORAL SHOP WLLAGE 'NN Sfeaks Chops Home Cooked Foods and Pasfraes Whefe 'rhe Fumes? an FLOWERS AIR CONDITIONED Q auway so reasonable H609 S Saginaw S+ GRAND BLANC Flowerphone OWens 4-6621 I N G S WHYTE MANUFACTURING COMPANY S+erllng s Men CONGRATULATIONS TO and Boys Wear 57.. SENIORS ow 46,2, GRAND BLANC PHONE 76 ORTONVILU' Mzdway Theatre FOR THE FINEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT VISIT OUR THEATER OFTEN DAVISON ON 14-21 O ' ju er Ebirec or 5 ' Qui To -v.'Z,,M.9.b1.'f ---f - :A L ' s I v I N LJ o CHARLES MORTON HADLEY DISTRICT HARDWARE Dairy Associafion WISHES You SUCCESS ISINCE l893I AND HAPPINESS HIGHER PRICES FoR CREAM HADLEY Ph 25F2 HADLEY SI'andard Onl Producfs CO'19'aIU'a"IO"S IO Rough and Plain Lumber Ihe Class of 57 Cusfom Sawong Saw Logs Wanfed TI1e FrlencIIy nfl GROVER S GARAGE Hadley M 2I DAVISON RUBERIS MARKET Compliments W6 Deliver ATLAS HILLTOP BEAUTY SHOP Groceries Meats And We W111Cut Wmd And Notions Set Your Home Perma nent Completely PH 1411 ATLAS ALINE MCGAUGHEY OPERATOR STAFFORD and JACKSON CO Of 9 7 u . ! ' 7 Gas , Oils 9235 Perry Rd. OO Complfmenfs +0 The SENIORS Dr Defendorf 8: Dr Conques'r VETERINARIANS Small Annrnal Hospufal an General Hospital Prachce GRAND BLANC KING CIGAR CO WHOLESALE CANDY an TOBACCO DISTRIBUTORS 3202 E Courf SI FLINT FIRST STATE 81 SAVINGS BANK YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PHOTOGRAPHER EDWARD S HURCOMB I'Io y Grand Blanc 3f on Tnrne Cerflfucafes Member of I'I1e Federal Deposafors Ins Corp II730 So Sagmaw Rd GRAND BLANC DAY BROS HARDWARE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS JAMES LUMBER CO PH OW 44134 GRAND BLANC PH OW 4434I GRAND BLANC JENSON SALES and SERVICE CASE FARM EQUIPMENT NEW HOLLAND NEW IDEA and GEHL FARM EQUIPMENT PH OW 4"'0" GRAND BLANC d d n ' Davison Shoe Sfore GOODRICH MANUFACTURING co LARGEST STOCK IN THE AREA h fwzhls ' SUCCESS AND HAPPINES PH 484 IN H1-L FUIUR 725 N STATE DAVISON LINDSEY S TEXACO BEST OF LUCK SERVICE T0 THE I957 CLASS I2 0 5 A J TOOL PH OW 4984! GOODRICI-1 1 X11 Af0cl if he 5 fofnoff of Wages ndzferffsers our bool! 15 f'7f4cf6 ossfbff 1 Kaffe ffwjfa Mcfr fafara brfkz' 7 Sujpforfmf fheffzl 101 Norf o e ETQM , I 3 . Saginaw ' GRAND BLANC SPECIALTIES - - ' M-I5 ' ix I 2, fl nr I 1 I f I A 731 ' , ,Y 1 I f 7 b ' 7 , I TMO STARS HOVER OVER GOODRICH Before the pages of the MARTIAN close on 1957 we must call attention and give re- cognition to the close relationship between school and community by noting two STAR projects which were undertaken during the school year 1956-'S7. These projects of major consequence to this area have been under way during the past few months. As a result of a government survey one of these is already approved and as the picture shows is well underway. GOODRICH is to have its own QQH POST OFFICE BUILDING ready for occupancy by' June 1, 1957. New post office takes shape as blocks fall into place. Postmaster Roy Mellon "points" toward better and --......... more efficient service for G0OdI'iCho 1 1 Shop boys building big thermometer to show pro- gress of campaign. The "temperature" rose to 3l,Ol0,000.00 in The slogan for weeks now has been "Let's Open the Bank". The other, through an area-wide campaign, is a determined effort to "Open the Bank'. AS this yearbook is about to go to press, hundreds of folks are anxiously awaiting favorable word from the State Banking Commission for the establishment of a Goodrich Branch of the Davison State Bank. So strong has been the effort, so thorough the program and so keen and cooperative the attitude on the part of the citizens of this community that the go-ahead-sign is hopefully and momentarily expected. The Bank closed here 214 years ago. will it open again? The Martian Staff hopes the answer is YES! X Autographs 4 4 f E a QTAR in our RAINBOW of fri X 4 X 4 A 4 X ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS Assemblles Bands Beginners Junlor Marchlng Senior Bank Baseball Basketball Glrls Jr Varslty Varslty Board of Education Bus dr1vers Cheerleaders Reserve Varslty Dedlcatlon Elghth grade FACULTY Flfth grade Flrst grade Football Forward Fourth grade Freshmen Future Farmers of Amerlca GRADES IIEX 51 o6 86 lOl 52 Sh 0 38 hh h2,b3,hh 33,39,hO h8 SO h8,h9 30,31 19 T2 7h,75 82,83 36,37 76,77 28,29 88,81 70 55 HIGH and JUNIOR HIGH 23 33 Homecoming 57 53,59 Home Economics 62,63 In Memor1am Janitors Journal1sm Junlors Jun1or Play Klndergarten L1brary MAINTENANCE Post Office Registration Second grade SENIORS Senlor Class HlStOTy Senior Play Sexenth grade Sixth grade Softball Sophomores SPORTS Student Councll Thlrd grade Track Varslty Club Yearbook Staff h 5 8h,85 67 69 o 88,81 32,33 , J 26,27 3h So 6h A I -f f - 6 . 8 J B 67 ' 65 ' ' 2 ,2 5h ' 55 ' 5h ' 53 K S2 1 2 ' h7 H ' L 0 D . I-ll ' 18 M ' 69 C - P Cafeteria 68 ' ' 1 2 SO ' R D 7 ' ' 5 S E . 9-17 . . L - 56 F v 72 TQ Q -L . -S1 h T ' ' Y8 79 h5 G V ' 66 H Y 2

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