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3 L T r r i 0 1 I l L I 5 3 All M- vs W? "WAX W W I .,-A wh, , Q, , awfllw 52? ,, in ff C 4 I. K Student Lifei' Activities Academics Sports Sophomores Iuniors ,fs N NM sffffrvfl .QfAf2+fi'Q5'X 4 C S , 1 . V X 'Xfxfl w ,x-,, . ,-X KX P ' -"Ay , H tj .,.x5x-z'j'Xvt.xitf0,o, nf., w 1-H' s .9 '- , 4 ' A -N X YN -. if-.zlxifk it x :ti rv OD S S ,. . . , f,Nw xitiwixtt ' "Wi" K M- " ' -28 ga ,. .'rf'-53-7JN"l"1 'Rf tx' X. ,fi .N I- ' t --N Mit . 56 1 ii. ' wg f 'znwflfx-xx Q5 " MX? I 'V x R W4 L fr S it X 1 'ifluii NMI 55 .xNlg,' ' UH Y wA N A X , ' ,L - U qu ' fi' g X , , . , . xt i t, M 108 Q...-i -. Q 'Q x,,3lF.'xQ1J'u"r",J'YY1.!,i . t , t K -M ' ' , 126 fxmtx: Q, 13 rd, 1 -7"W'Yii illfflm 5 Seniors x , W .X 144 Y' 15,51 UU 1 We AN QQ 170 x 1. fx '- ,qc , , ff fif ' f All on ..,fv'1.uft,-w 'nit--t f im '1- Index and Advertismgi- Lt ',- ,V 5 '18XUfJQ"M .Ni:'fE'x it x',.-gaigsqwmqptffx Xpgaffts Kiss-, QP .Yi Y . Q X -- Y - -- s., ' i 1 '-- . ,P SN' i Closing and Colophon QXXMU inf.. d,3Q L,.,.,+,An i . 4. -,5- :t,1,,j,,, ' " , EIL, . 4 A. 1,- -.- 1 M t A Af b K ,..::. Mfv -1 I - -X 'A 5 pipvga, ,--5 Q 1.-1 , , it J 1 , r, . , '-Q, . tb, f- ,, Lu ,Rf Nxlzffyfgxwy x , 4 U - Qt,-'B ,Nj X X.-..,J.i.1,,f5g'gExx-JLZLTY Aj gmt xi . gl: fy.-, ix? X VA , f-. r ' 8" Z-J . , L ' Q f' " , ' ' W 4 xff. v K 1 RE ' I V X I iff" 5 . ' '- . ' - X 1 .W . X 1. -W XI X ' A 4 X, ' U N, xx .Ly X ig, 15 , ,Xu iw X xxx N kOL0Lrw,,0X LLX"'?'xF' UQCL gf Q, ,gill v "X W v giggxkzfbkg, Y, x br" "" 1 W xp. ' , 0 :dom , '43-9.C.! in, V , Wm VL, J RCTLX H w xlyf, ALUMRQQA JDQ' X VY vw .u2SQC'L'Sk'Nf5C3M Xa HQ ITMA Ok W ff fnmdm Jvfhfwdpb in W YW" 'Vx af! ABM" -kpc ,YM Shu- 'K CX' gkjh v V ,QQ PQND 3 X' BU V Q A-kvxgviggkx meg L3 Q30 NX -fluff QQUN N y QMQBCA LQOUBA Q10-, 43 XIYXYYX X S 'WNW :Nd wif bij ' ox-3 XX 665' 'X , "A, X XNX ' dv EX HN 3, gi' .A 2523? 1 53 2? wbiggxipxggx X 3 Qzgfvff2f9?QCf fl ff? QQBQ 2 525133, E222 wQS WH Hlg' photo by F QQ F DL 001 L. P. OOODRIOH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Q5 . 6.3 382 LINDEN STREET . ,xg I C9 FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN 54935 Q4 Q VOLUME so wi tr-I ENROLLMENT 1535 Q i .4 9 F0 I '20 UU LAS. WISQQXX ' Ttl P g 1 REMINISCI What exactly is reminisc- ing? Webster's dictionary defines it as calling past experiences to mind. As time goes by we will find ourselves thinking back to our years in high school when each day brought a new experience, each month a new fashion, and each year the opening of another chapter of our lives. In future years we will come to cherish this book even more because it holds memories of student life, academics, activities, and sporting events. So we will use this when thinking of older times we're missing, spending the hours reminiscing. 1. Blockers make way for Craig Koenigs to rush for extra yardage. 2. While at the homecoming dance, King Scott Barbeau and Queen Nancy Bestor stand together on the bridge. 3. Windows in the gym lobby were decorated by "fired-up" students. 4. During the homecoming game, cheerleaders Toni Ferdinand, Charla Huck, Wen- dy Burns, Pam Panetti, Tracy Schaberg, and Margaret Hauer look on as court ITlBl'IllJ6I'S are Hl'1l'l0lHlC8Cl. C1 Am .au M "V 4 lb- 4412-BH Rerniniscing-3 STUDE The short time that we spend as students at Good- rich High School seems to slip stealthily between our fingers, and before we know it, all we have left are memories. Memories of friends and activities, of games and dances, of fads T LIFE and fashions. The pages of this section serve to record these memories. So, as time goes by, the many exper- iences of our student lives may never be forgotten, but only brought out of the past and reminisced upon. ,- S 1. In the middle of the second quarter, the Cardinals prepare to execute a play on third down. 2. During the pep rally, Tim Thomas escorts Ienny Anderson. 3. While decorating the gym, Sherif Mityas reaches for more crepe paper. 4. On Hawaiian day, Brian Westerman, Al Roehrig, Tim Fischer, Chris Gormican, and Terri Girardi visit before classes begin. -Student Life Student Life--5 S , .V he 44,, x ,.g A .M . V ,R W Y' I . , -' X ,K I 5 ' V x T'xlfL.1?QlA:5f'iV A! fb' an W M4 'lfiiztn . .XAN I -gzsiu , I ,, fl 1 ,I .7 ' 'Z 'L ' LS,-M-fgl , U W wg" ARCH 0 ! The crowds gathered all along Main Street as early as 10:45 in anticipation for the homecoming parade. Every- one's thoughts were focused on the past weeks of hard work that they had contributed. The beginning of the pa- rade soon arrived and the bands were heard resounding down the street. The floats and cars rolled by in brilliant colors and decorative fashions and a finishing touch was given by the numerous clowns. 'lx it 1 A 1. The Seniors take first place in the float contest with the theme "We've Got The Cardinals, If the Raiders Have the Time". 2. During halftime, the Goodrich band per- forms with the accompaniment of the Theisen and Sabish bands. 3. The Iuniors' second place float has the theme, "Raider Busters" taken from the popular movie Ghostbusters. Parade-7 ,Wm-,. W ff w ill 1 1 1 4'-wp ' 1 W" f N ff bf H - -+111 ' . 1 my U' f ... .-vzml, - ': 'QW ' Y Wwirru Jai P2431 13 ::, F-. :. cf, k iz ' ,gjt ' v U Mm ' ' fi ., xy .. ,251 I N fm.,,- L kr ,, . f, :gli ,- ,u -. A W f X 45, 'A D A V' fr 4 M .zzz sf my f-ffffff. , , ,,,,. R415 M .1 Jn R M' .jg v - , - L. Q w Mn. j- ii V. 1 5424? Q , Q. i , . .Q , 'x"x ,J .-hifi . ,,"- qgx N s V' W1 nw .u 1 xx i',, , q1"" "n,'!'UU m' 1' "y ," 'rl',r gf, I"l'Y"" ' VI 'll ,' 'vfv ,v U' uYllI '. I I :'v ' Y c M2517 u 1 n , VW v, ,.u"", .+f. if if X -Xxx, '92 .-7. - if s. fr . W ' ' 0' s 5 f ,A '55 , x?"'w.f 'ian 5 ' " L, t 'g Y -, 1 w f 3 Q' ' 1' 'Q 1 N ' .'f3fiS:5L A, N' J n S Viffjf , z x. , 1 ,gy :1 5 s , if ,Q 3 ' , ' " ' L , 5 J , - .P - , ' 3 H ' K 'A - Q ' - UI W., 4 " ' ' f zfrxw 4' Lfkwfw' , 3, 'Gig QW- 1' 5 ,QA if ' ISV? "if .1 .Q , -- w...,..P -Jeff, 'wg -4 . :5,,,f,:JL, - , ,,.2aw,,,f .1 f' v.:ff2" 'mm' ,, , J ' N394 ' 12 5 ,. My QMS mt, :H 1 s w Ps ' ' ,w fl wiwr , ' M, , Mx 4 W, H "' A L Q kv , uw ' 4 I PM ,,, Vg, 2 2 z i gt' M fn ' WY My W f"""' 4-ii x .s, R. , N4 Nw-wg , . 'viz 13 ,gg Y wwf' 'l51U,w'554 A Y ' 'KWH N ,V H311 K A v,um-' LQ .wx 2 k ' , T. 'V ' ' K WEE A . ,WW r if 12' Mm ' M ,wwf 'f 5, , it 0 , ,G 7 5 if X if , A , 2 1' 4 A W 1 ,d Mi iw 'fy f 1 w' X ' wfffm A 4. ,lx ,.Mw-ff , ' f , ,. ,, JN 11 I M W M R: W W ' ,V MV ,A .,.f'i?w" 'A My JM zwfmi ff r , Qilfiff g Q, WR., P f-film , ,M ,, , SHOW YOUR SPIRIT FONDY What spirit! What imagination! The homecoming pep ral- ly was definitely a Goodrich original. Bruce Smith and Geoff Frank initiated the festivities adorned in their grand- mothers' wardrobes. They proceeded to ask the class offi- cers to come forward for a unique type of competition. This competition included running, jumping hurdles, and finally dressing in women's attire. Tim Fischer, the senior class president, emerged the victor and as a result was giv- en the honor of covering the losers with whipped cream. Next on the agenda was the introduction of the court and the announcement of King and Queen. To the extreme sat- isfaction of the crowd, Scott Barbeau was honored as King and Nancy Bestor our crowned Queen. With the help of the cheerleaders and the outstanding performance of our own pom pon squad, the pep assembly was completed and the students went home with elated spirits. 1. Goodrich seniors roar with laughter at the drinking contest. 2. Members of the homecoming court, complete with baby bibs, get ready to compete in the drinking contest. 3. During the pep rally, Bruce Smith eaves drops on the conversation that his grandmother is having with Geoff Frank's grandmother. 12-Pep Rally .--o-- -' .-1 4' 'fl . M-Iv3g9"g 1 gn' L A U. .3 Q X 1 is if, ,N jx' ' '12 An ,,,.,,,..,,... M- H-M' W....,..,...m.. 3. K 5 , 1.15, " if f is' X i Qs I - ivn z f ,.,, Ftxailli XT ff' ig' 3 'A ' N L' 'L xx A ga m-W, 2 553151. . Fx fs N7b , 1 v ur, :gf fx JI" Xi' -x V ..-A Z, - --5: 21 : 5w4 4?3' 1 .9 H3 1: ii Wa :A wwiyl and .J--M-M -M - ' W AT-,M !f5iX ffix FQLQX 4553 gfim lg In 45 15 lk U W is H511 Nils UQ-Xl ANU- J! all -IL I- ' Q, 19 rf lg fel ff . ' 1 ' ' f , , T 1 2 vs? J A ' 4-s 'ff mb ix , 4 :if 5 I fl Xxx ,, J! -'wkkh-1 5 4-.4 Amr.-I H M Y ' ' .af ' 2 . 'V' Wg "T-, , 'ff M ' " 1 ,,,, -r M Af! f K, X bmw 7"""" "-' 'ab Q ff, M x , -w X' ', 7' 1' i V! . - f if ' F Ni lr I 1 A wmv 1 M K l 3. W . ' I-ct, rv .53 , 1 if . Q lv' , 0 , Qiggaww 4 . A Q.. ..q.a.vAM-W-' Q- -1 "ff" f ,,,.f-"' .v 4--X - ' WH 'sl-ns,-'A -M 7 E "' -3- M- ---- ""' 'SQM'-.-N.- -,. . .... ..-n ' 'Nam-4"" 'j' fn.. .,.,,,, Nw- M' K HRX- my ,JA ,A K Ek 1 ALA: 4.53- 1, ff 1- fa 'fat' f A an 1 ' ' ' 1, QQ: fsfdh, 1 -iv ip has "K IGHTS N WHITE SATI " A distant castle on a beautiful countryside was the setting for this year's dance. The mood was carried on by gray, blue, and white shades of streamers hanging across the gym and glittering gold stars portraying a romantic scene. The bridge set the stage for introducing court: King Scott Barbeau and Nan- cy Bestor, Iim Balthazor and Karen Kauffman, Doug Barton and Ienny Anderson, Mike Bauer and Roxanne Bengel, Mark Faris and Debbie Estaville, Brad Spoerke and Kelly Ruch, and Larry Wetzel and Amy Higgins. The scene was com- pleted by the vision of couples slow dancing to the theme song, "Knights in White Satin". 1. The highlight of the dance is the crown- ing of Queen Nancy Bestor by King Scott Barbeau. Crowning-15 AMERICA TAKES THE GOLD This year the United States had the honor of hosting a world-wide event which provides for civilized competi- tion among nations as well as a type of peace gathering. This event is known as the Olympics. In past Olympic Games, the United States has done extremely well, and the 1984 Summer Olympic Games were no ex- ception. Although our major rival, the Soviet Union, chose not to attend, the spirit and discipline of the Olympic athletes remained elevated. They showed their athletic expertise, dedication, and patriotism to countries all over the world. From the opening ceremony when the torch was ignited to the closing ceremony when the torch was extin- guished, the athletes retained their spirit and devotion giving all viewers something to be proud of. Names such as Mary Lou Retton, Bart Connor, and Steve Lundquist will never be forgotten because of the way they represented the United States at the 1984 Summer games. 1. One Olympic event is wrestling, a sport which has long been a part of the games. 2. Once again the American flag rises majesti- cally at the Olympics, proclaiming yet another victory for the United States. 3. Brilliantly colorful flags symbolize the spirit of the athletes. I bw! ui" Q: 16-Olympics Y 15,1 "OF THEE I Sl Gi' 1. Pam "Devareaux" Panetti catches the attention of the cast as she glides across the stage. 2. Tim "Wintergreen" Thomas gives his inaugural speech to the masses. 3. Lori "Throttlebottem" Walters fills the audience with laughter as she portrays the innocent Vice President. The musical this year was entitled "Of Thee I Sing." It was a great success thanks to the wonderfully combined effort of all of the students and faculty involved. When Lori Walters was asked what she would remember the most about the musical, she answered, "The standing ovation on closing night." Sherif Mityas said that he chose to be in the musical because it is " . ..a fun way to work with people..." Ann Bastian felt that the most difficult thing that she had to do for the musical was "...learning my lines and staying in character. . . " When Tim Thom- as was asked what he got out of the musical he replied " . . .a lot of new friends and confidence in my- self . . . " "Of Thee I Sing CHRIST AS The Christmas spirit can be seen in the halls, in the classrooms, and in the people of Goodrich. The spirit of giving could be seen in the annual Christmas Canned Food drive where more than 1200 cans were donated. The food was dona- ted to the Fond du Lac Food Pan- try, a local organization which helps families in need. FFA collect- ed toys and gifts for the community's Toys for Tots program while Student Council "elves" wrote responses to Letters to Santa Claus. The usually mundane halls gained life with door decorations, a visit from Santa, and carolers. 1. As Christmas draws near, an overstuffed Santa Claus roams the halls. 2. The ianitors get into the Christmas spirit as they decorate their walls with cards, lights, and glitter. 3. This beautiful Christmas scene is found in Mr. Lemery's chorus room, known as "Lemery Land." 18-Christmas -- ...if W.. ' ' Sri 1 whore J' ronouof fb Mr. Allen's rollroom works hard on their door decorations. Santa is certainly on the minds of Mr. Hackbarth's class as can be seen by the drawing on this board. Peace: a wish Mr. Iohnson's class would like to extend to all. The walls of the chorus room echo "noel". A new type of Christmas wish is por- trayed by Mr. Sweeney's rollroom on this door, Christmas 19 FADS A FASI-H0 At the halfway mark of the 1980 decade a combination of new fash- ions is emerging. Music definitely influences the styles as hard rock, punk, and mellow looks are the in thing. Mix and match 'em, create your own style is the attitude of most students. It is truly visible that students cherish individuality and today's generation is definitely an expressive one. 1. Look at Sue Rosenbaum's outfit! 2. Lifting weights is one of many popular past times. Brian Westerman is one of those who spends a lot of time lifting weights. 3. While at a dance, Ed Pavlick breakdances. 20-Fads and Fashions 1 The casual styles of today's students are seen in this picture of Costas Voulgaris and Aspacia Agnos on their way to lunch. A slim tie and loosened collar look good on Chris Werdin. Mini skirts and bobbed hairstyles deco- rate today's fashion conscious senior, Nancy Gores. White bobby socks and low heeled shoes fill the halls of Goodrich. J' EBCE Experienced Based Career Edu- cation is an elective course that gives students the chance to experience the world of work. Stu- dents explore all aspects of a certain career by working closely with a person in the community. The purpose of the program is to give students varied occupational experiences. Through these exper- iences the students receive help in making important career choices and gain understanding of the skills and attitudes desired by employers. When present EBCE students were asked what they thought of the program, they replied with the following: Missy Spoerke-" . . . made me aware of the outside job world. . . Tammy Bahr-" helped me make a career decision . . . " Ann Hornes-" . . .it helped me decide what's right for me . . . " Carrie Morin-" . . . I remember making a lot of new friends and going to some real exciting job sites . . . " Germaine Rogers-" . . . is really beneficial and a great program. . . " 22-EBCE Dr. Ieffery Kraig fills a cavity as Tammy Bahr observes. Dan Sheeley helps pack wheel bearings at Big Iohn's Service Station. While working at Shea's muffler, Iohn Woikiewicz learns to repair exhaust systems. Sue Mlsna assists the city electrical de- partment in hooking up a direct line from the school district's computer to the com- puter at city hall. Running copies is one of Anne Klawitter's many responsibilities while exploring a secretarial career at Associ- ation for Retarded Citizens. Rick Schultz modifies blue prints while exploring the career of Architectural Drafting at Design II. 5 6 EBCE 23 M A M-lv I f M fy ' Q 3 3 f N, ,gr-Q 4- th, . 3 nw I sr fi 3 I f X- is WS EB I Y as-ww: A x is M S , SN? Mfr , I f Ei ISTFEIB lx V 25 ' --h- X ik' 55-4.R 39'?'li wllfiif- .. K .. T N-.NF of kiss. .XX-1 :- ' A Ns. F- M- ur f M1 1,- wg - .- h L f X L X i, .. . , .X-NN -mx. - 1 Ma Q V.5Xia.,iiXSew ' ' 5 . .A M. Q xp f. nw -. A L if ILT: X . M 4- 'SN ,K :SS QR x N STUDENT PARKING LOT There were over 373 parking stickers sold to students this year. However, one fact remains-there are only 115 parking spaces available to students. This leaves over 258 students searching for parking spaces in an area that only allows for two hour parking. This results in numerous problems for students. Many are being parked in by those STUDENT LOUNGE The library is a place to study, however, during noon hour, study sessions turn into gossip sessions. It is not unusual to find several students leaving against their will as the librarian's finger points toward the door. Once ousted from the library, students find themselves with no place to go. Students with open campus also have this problem. SMOKING Is the image of Goodrich being marred by the minority of students that choose to smoke in front of the school building? Cigarette butts, matches, and old packages are being left on the school's doorstep for all of the communi- ty to see. Is this insulting the neighbors and defaming the school? This issue has been pondered by administrators "double-parkers", money is being wasted on unnecessary parking tickets, and in below zero weather, students find themselves walking up to three blocks from their car to school, causing numerous tardies. The most obvious solu- tion to the problem is expanding parking facilities. While on open campus they are not allowed to sit in the gym lobby, even if they are waiting for a ride. If they go into the library they must study and can't leave until the bell rings. Some students need somewhere to be until their ride comes or until they go to work. A popular solu- tion to many students is to convert room 230 into a lounge. and students alike. What kind of solutions can be offered? A few alterna- tives including the use of the Haentze land, the conversion of room 231 into a smoking lounge, and the complete banning of students smoking on or near school property have been suggested. Issues-25 THE CURIUUS SAVAGE "The Curious Savage", a comedy in three acts was this year's all-school play. The story centers on Ethel P. Sav- age who is committed to a mental institution by her chil- dren. In this institution she meets a group of patients who help her see the distinction between sanity and insanity. Her greedy children, who are after her money, seem less sane than the patients. Some of the major parts on this play were portrayed by: Ann Bastain, Tim Thomas, Sue Peters, Mario Casetta, Lori Walters, Geoffrey Frank, Ingrid Adolphson, Pat Ryan, Dan Kavanagh, and lill Koski. 26-Student Life a-.Q s "'t Iill Koski, Mrs. Willie, reads the news of a lost fortune. The finishing touches are made as antici- pation for the premier performance grows. Ingrid Adolphson, Florence, and Ann Bastian, Mrs. Savage, Search the paper for news of the children. 4. 5. 6. Behind the scenes, Tim Thomas nervous- ly prepares for the first drawn curtain. In desperation, Ann Bastain holds on to her teddy for dear life. Liz Christie, Miss Patty, a devout Chris- tian who gave up electricity for lent, is trying to make everyone else miserable by taking their radio tubes away. fx 6 Student Life-27 ACTIVITIES Schoolwork plays a major roll in Goodrich activities, but although students con- centrate largely on grades, they are able to put their books down and involve themselves in many extra- curricular activities. These activities help to break up the monotony of mind bog- gling schoolwork. On the following pages, Goodrich's clubs and activi- ties are recognized, in addi- tion to the people who make them worthwhile. The graduating Seniors who have made these clubs a memorable part of their concluding year, have opened up the fields of excitement offered in these activities to future Goodrich adventurers. So much has been accomplished, yet so many undiscovered areas lie ahead. Students agree, as so many others do, that extracurricular activities make the years spent at Goodrich worth remember- ing. 1. The Goodrich Band marches at the Homecoming pa- rade. 2. The yearbook -editor, Lisa Steinacker, remains cool and calm just before deadlines. 3. Gritting his teeth, Todd Cardinal finds the strength to lift 80 pounds. 4. just before dress rehearsal of the fall musical, Dustin Eilert jokes around with some of the other cast members. Activities-29 STUDE CUU CIL Participation. Cooperation. Giving. Sharing. Student Council means students working together as one unit. Student Council is like an assembly line in a factory. Each member does his part, shares his feelings, and gives of his time, to produce a final product. The fi- nal product is school spirit, city pride, and community involvement. Student Council is togetherness, individuality, origi- nality and conformity all at the same time. Because it is vital that students stay abreast of sub- jects that concern them and what they do, it is Student Council's job to inform both the faculty and the students of events and dates that will affect them. The key is pride. Pride for ourselves, pride for our school, our community, our country, and our world. To some people, giving of one's time is a chore, to members of Council, it is a labor of love. it is 3 i 3 E 4 S 5 X xg, sw--' nf H x was-H-""Q ., .A " guaiw Q .. E vw as R ' 'gs 1-I J ,, vrlk A av!" fx fr M-, gee- N. - f':f.x-na e X? is 1 ' X ,is wr ' 'W X sf W N dw li 2 30-Student Council 3 GU T te x it Nikki' E 5 gl f 5 s , 2 ks, . ,sv if , A qil 1 XM Q .- . "t 3 9 . . , ff? E- t 53,5 L me SENIORS Theresa Acheson Dawn Beuk Tracy Clemetson Mary Foote Steve Goeden Amy Higgins Karen Kauffman Herb Krahn Andrea Lehmann Iulie Mikalofsky Eric Nelson Al Roehrig Tammy Sabel Bruce Smith Rich Stoegbauer Bill Yunker IUNIORS Georgia Autio Paul Beyer Amy Callahan Wendy DeMaster Shelly Flaherty Dave Haase Sharon Hermanns Charla Huck Vicke Kastein Micheele Kramer Ieff McArthur Sara McNabb Mary Olke Chris Peters Ron Riemeisma Tracy Schaberg Cassandra Shultz Kris Steinberg Craige Thompson Shelley Wiener SOPHOMORES Heidi Armstrong Iulie Bennot Sue Classon Mary Du Ford Iill Fischer Lisa Groesbeck Angie Hicken Dean Iaber Michelle Kivi Damien Lacroix Iamie Mick Dan Mueller Amy Rademacher Chad Reinke Pat Ryan Sara Sell Sigi Strautmanis Mary Weber Margaret Willis Senior Class officers: President-Tim Fischer, Treasurer-Iill Michels, Vice President-Amy Davidson, Secretary-Chris Gormican. During Spirit Week, Sherif plans the itinerary for the next Student Council meeting. Iunior Class officers: Treasurer-Missy Paulsen, Vice President-Tanya Mellen, President-Ieff Abler lnot picturedl, Secretary-Chris Peters Inot picturedl. Student Council Officers: Vice President-Sheryl Andrews, Secretary-Vickie Nett, President-Sherif Mityas, Treasurer--Tim Thomas, Public Relations-Margaret Hauer. Student Council representatives enjoy cafeteria food at the work- shop in Neenah. Sophomore Class officers: Treasurer-Lynn Nelson, President-Ioe Toriello, Secretary-Chris Nickel, Vice President-Ioel Templin. Student Council 31 A CAPELLA CHCDIR Kelly Brachmann hearsal. During the week carols in the halls A Capella Choir 32 A Capella Choir SENIORS Kevin Abitz Scott Barbeau Ann Bastian Nancy Bestor Tom Bonlander Kelly Brachmann Lisa Brickle Steve Burgert Liz Christie Lisa Day Debbie Dobyns Margot Eilert Garrett Goodrich Amy Iohnson Karen Iulka Robert Lefeber Sue Leisses Barb Merkel Pam Miesner lean Roberts Anne Schmitz Lori Tank Tim Thomas Tina Tonn Lori Walters Chris Werdin Eugene Zenner K 1 IUNIORS Terry Albrecht Kim Barbeau Mike Emmer Wendy DeMaster Mike Hundertmark Lisa Iulka Keith Meyer Carolyn Olsen Pam Panetti Sue Peters I Bridget Pevonka Laura Reim Rachelle Wiener Lynn Wilcox Wendy Yndestad Amy Ziegelbauer C Ci A .. 4 A and Ann Bastian sing out during re- of Christmas, A Capella Choir sings SGPHU GRE CHUIR Michelle Abitz Karen Arrowood Robyn Demarb Ronald Donahue Dustin Eilert Candace Flitcroft Brina George Todd Gundrum Laura Henning Michelle Hoerth Kelly Howe Lauri Karpathian Wendy Koepe Liv Lafleur Katherine Loehr Karla Miess Michelle Morse Lori Nimmer Sharon Oberg Iennifer Phillips Michelle Reim Barbara Rice Sandra Rogers Mike Schreiber Melissa Schuff Michelle Sorrell lulie Storzer Mike Summers Ioel Templin Michelle Thomas Darby Thompson Kimberly Wildes Tom Wohlust Tamra Yndestad GIRLS GLEE Tonya Christ Mary Detert Lynette Freimark Michelle Kivi Iill Koski Sarah McNabb Kristin Miller Rhonda Mullins Susan Prickette Mary Ellen Pumper Laurie Schuppe Malia Shipe Kristin Stormo Dawn Turinski Dawn Vandekolk Melody Vandervaart Christine Waite Connie Wegener Theresa Welnetz Sara Zoschke Sophomore Choir Girls' Glee practices in the chorus room Shelly Reim nervously bites her finger before the Christmas Concert. Girls' Glee Sophomore Choir!Girls Glee 33 34-Band BAN Kevin Abitz Patricia Arnold Robert Bacon Kim Barbeau Scott Barbeau Robin Becker Brian Behnke Michelle Blank Rodney Bloedow Andrew Boerner Maria Bonnell Angel Bublitz Wendy Burns Mario Casetta Michelle Chapman Susan Classen Ann DelPonte Donald Dickinson Richard Donahue David Duehring lames Dunton Renee Eggers Mark Eiteuner Michelle Erickson Christopher Faris Lari Feiereisen Cheryl Foote Donald Ford Suzanne Franzen Tony Freund Cindy Fry Dawn Funk leffrey Cast Laura Ceitlel Brina George Robin Giles Diane Gilgenbach Craig Glinski Barbara Gross Indy Grahl Patil Guell Michelle Hall Royu Heidger Bryan llenke Amy Higgins Linda Higgins Limla Higley Kerri Hinke Chari Hoffman Paul Hughes Curt Iustman Michael Karls Erin Kelly Pam Kimball Eugene Kloiher Shannon Knuth Lori Koenigs Kelly Koplilz lulie Krist Iames Krohn Darin Krug Bill Kuru Steven Law Connie Lemke Kaila Liebert Thomas Luecke David Manthey Tony Manowske Kris Marcoe Demetra Menas Todd Meyer Sheril' Mityas Russell Moore Tammy Mustek Ieffrey Mortensen Greg Moyer Ricardo Munoz Vickie Nett james Newhouser Christine Nickel Scott Olson Brenda Papenfuss Chad Pickett Cindy Rasmussen Mary Resop Linda Riecler Susan Rieder Ioe Ries Dean Rinke Lisa Rimbey Frederick Rose Steven Rost Patrick Ryan Dennis Sahel Thomas Saggio Scott Shepard Kevin Schuh Andrew Schultz Michael Schultz Sarah Sell Rick Stoegbauer Steve Strobel Nancy Stokely Patricia Snyder Lori Tank Tim Thomas Lori Twohig Brenda VanHorn Leslie VanHorn William Watry Melissa West Tom Wetzel Lynn Wilcox Mary Willett Friederica Wowerat During the N.H,S. induction ceremony, the jazz band plays a number of selec- tions. Paul Guell and Michelle Chapman are two of the many clarinet players in the band. The Goodrich band rehearses during 4th hour. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mr. Moely diligently directs the Good- rich band. Playing the xylophone is Dan Ford, one of the many Goodrich percussionists. Screwdriver in hand, Tim Thomas as- sembles a drum. Goodrich band members of the trumpet section practice on their shining brass. -N-es..t..t.t.,X URCHESTRA SOPHOMORES Lori Bloedow Rod Bloedow Ronda Brault Don Dickinson Don Ford Ieff Gast Andy Gorske Kris Hupfer Amy Kraemer Greg Moyer Lynn Nelson Michelle Pederson Tom Saggio Tanya Stormo Sig Strautmanis Mike Sweet Iodi Thurow SENIORS Kevin Abitz Scott Barbeau Mark Thurow IUNIORS Michelle Flores Debbie Giebel Karen Hayes Linda Higley Kerri Hinkey Chari Hoffman Dave Ianus Sue Mingus Matt Newman Carla Osterholt Iudy Pohlman Vicki Scheel Ienny Wilcox 36 Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4. ji 1 Mark Thurow, Sue Mingus, and Ien- ny Wilcox prepare for their Christ- mas concert, Some members of orchestra play Christmas songs in the halls during roll room. Matt Newman and Andy Gorske practice intently. Members of orchestra and choir practice together for an upcoming concert with Mr. Lemery directing. -'S R Us DECA Rick Braun Tracy Eggers lTres.l Phil Frei Lisa Giese lSec.1 Dave Hodorff Paul Speiring Becky Stelmacher lPres.l Teresa Tasch Frank Torres Larry Wetzel Teresa Tasch assists Rob Oja after he purchased a pen from the school store. During a home basketball game, Rick Braun fills a cup with Coca Cola for a Fondy fan. Becky Stelmacher, Tracy Eggers, and Teresa Tasch stand in front of the cal- endar that lists important school events in the school store. DECA 37 FREE PRESS Amy Antlfinger Charlie Barfknecht Tom Carrollo Mike Doylen Phil Frei Mike Hammock Narda Hatcher Caroline Hintze Bob Holsman Karen Iulka Angie Iustman-editor Ienny Mick Cathi Morgan Laura Morgan Chris Parr Becki Peters lay Rudolph Mari Sablay Ioe Sharkus Lori Twohig Cary Vandermolen G' 1. Members of the staff discuss the next is- sue of the Free Press. 2. Tony Tabbert and Mike Hammock use computers to type copy for the newspa- ' it per. 3. Ioe Sharkus discusses future plans for the Free Press. 38-Free Press 3 RDINAL COLUMN The 1984-85 school year gave birth to Cardinal Columns, an insert of eight pages in the Fond du Lac Reporter. Members of Goodrich approached the Re- porter with the idea and it was readily accepted. Cardinal Columns is unique because all of its ideas and stories are conceived and written by students. Cardinal Columns allows students to express themselves creatively and have their work published for the whole community. It even has a student editor, Mike Doylen. L to R: Bob Holsman, Mari Sablay, Angie Iustman, Chris Parr, Cathi Mor- gan, Charlie Barfnecht, Lori Twohig, Ioe Sharkus, lenny Mick, Narda Hatcher, lay Rudolph, Mike Doylen, Mike Hammock. if ga 1 Cardinal Columns-39 QIQWWV ,+wov,,,g,dAw'IfWV ZkDan Moletor Terry Zupke yr' CHESSC1lH3 Richard Bratz Mike Moore IV. Pres.l lim Duntary Tim Portnam Bryan Freiberg Cory Rud Phil Gernenz lTreas.j Craig Scheel Mark Iohnson lPres.j Robin Vander Molen David Koene Dean Wirtz Dennis Kruger Lynn Wood lim Kruger Paul Zigelbauer Bryan Mixdorf Eugene Ziegler 3 SKICLUB Mike Antlfinger Paula Baldwin Chaz Barfknecht Rod Bloedow Wendy Burns Mario Casetta Don Dickinson Dave Duehring Kent Elliott Mike Ghrmund Martin Griepentrog Ieff Hoey Pete La Borde Liv LaFleur Tom Luecke 1. During a tough game of chess, Mike Moore and Dan Molitor concentrate. 2. Dean Wirtz and Eugene Ziegler focus intently on the next move. 3. During a Chess Club sale, Mark Iohnson serves doughnuts. 4. While on a ski trip, Liv LaFleur and Kent Elliott prepare to attack the slopes. Frank Nelson Paula Quackenboss Ann Rabbitt Lisa Raymer Robin Ridley lim Roach Fred Rose Tom Saglgio Scott Sc mitz Mike Schuettpelz Nancy Stokely Mike Sweet Steve Fentler Todd Trombley Dave Urahart Chess Club-41 S FGRE SICS Michelle Abitz Patty Arnold Beth Bankstahl Robin Becker Tammy Burnett Mario Cassetta Liz Christie Laura Fincke Ienny Franz Brian Freiberg Debbie Giebel Cindy Griffin Laura Henning Amy Iohnson Mark Iohnson Dave Koene Wendy Koepp Tom Luecke Kathy Martin 42 Forensics Mark Meyer Paul Meyer Ioe Mietzel Troy Pflum Mary Ellen Pumper Dave Reilly Amy Reinert Sandy Rogers lay Rudolph Vicki Scheel Peggy Angie Kevin Dawn Dawn Ienny Schneider Schroeder Schuh Smet Stahmann Timm Melody VanDerVart Connie Wegener T Forensics members. Melody Vandervaart practices a speech for an upcoming meet. Dave Reilly, Ioe Meitzel, Kevin Schuh, and Ienny Franz express themselves on a forensics trip. all FOCUS Tammy Burnette Deb Giebel Neils Hansen Kathy Martin Pam Panetti Iay Rudolph Vicki Scheel Kevin Schuh Connie Wegener HEALTH CAREERS Scott Bjornstad Kelli Bliskey Andre Chastien Kathy Fleury Rhonda Hardgrove Ioy Hebenstreich Scott Hodkiewicz Karen King Iulie Kumbier lsec.1 Iulie Paulin Marcie Piper Barb SasslPres.l Tanya Soukup Diane Schaub fTreas.l Tracy Schessaw Tina Tonn 1. The Focus crew. 2. Health Careers Club. Focus! Health Careers Club-43 FCJGD SER ICE Renee Boudry Mary Edners Iackie Engle De Waine Fugate Linda Hannes Lynn Hoffmann Ioe Kowalkowski Herb Krahn Iulie Kumbier Linda Loecher Barb Merkel Kris Nett Marcie Piper Kecia Pollom Mark Siedschlag Wendy Snyder Chris Treleven Lisa Wilhelms LIBRARY SER ICE Rober Hoerth Sharon Iames Kris Nett 44 Food ServicefLibrary Service Don Rodriguez Kelli Searl Wendy Snyder and Ioe Kowalkowski prepare homecoming cookies at Boone's Bakery. Busy on a food service project, DeWaine Fugate adds some personal touches. During lunch hour, Sharon Iames finds a paperback for a student. f iw' , W ,,,, M I Q t GRAPHIC ARTS GRAPHIC ARTS II lack Balog Beth Bankstahl Scott Bond Blake Casseta Lynda Culver Chris Erickson Dirk Iohnson Paul Prellwitz Paul Rumbuc Scott Schmitz Bill Yunker GRAPHIC ARTS I Dirk johnson Laura Mallat Tony Manowske Amy Rademacher Brenda Stahmann Ioel Templin Tami Wilfong Bill Yunker ATEUR RADIC CLIC B Matt Acheson Brian Bieberitz Greg Crites Bob England Tom Hoffman Mark Iohnson Mike Kent Bob Krueger Matt Newman Gary Pelletier Pat Pickard Tom Romwald Ioel Sommerfeldt Tim Temby Ioel Timmerman While in the darkroom, Cheryl Moyer focuses a picture. A graphic arts student tests lighting. Amateur Radio Club members. Gary Pellitier does technical work in Amateur Radio Club. Amateur Radio Club-45 FRE Ingrid Adolphsen George Agnos Sheryl Andrews Tara Angle Karen Arrowood Mary Austin Iodi Baldauf Iodi Balog Kim Barbeau Charles Barfknecht Paul Beyer Lori Bloedorn Scott Bronkhurst Cheri Burnett Tanya Carlson Gretchen Carney Tom Carrollo Tracy Clernetson Mike Doylen Dan Diener Mark Elliot Lori Feiereisen 46-French Club CH CLUB Toni Ferdinand Shelly Flaherty Mary Foote Bryan Freiberg Robin Giles Chris Gormican Cheri Hardell Vicki Hlinak Dianne Holland Kristin Hupfer Karla Ieffires lPres.l Vicki Kastein Michele Kramer Liv LaFleur Cathy Lange Amy Lewis Ienny Mangas Michelle Martin Mike Maurice lim McAlister Marta McDermot Tanya Mellen President Karla Ieffires, Sec.!Treas. Lori Walters. Laura Reim, Marta McDermot, Shelly Flaherty, Tracy Schaberg, and Michelle Kramer visit the Art Institute of Chicago. SPA Todd Abrahamson Amy Antlfinger Donna Arellano Tony Arellano Patti Arnold Barb Atkins Ieff Augustine Lori Bartus Michelle Batterman Robin Becker Chris Benz Michelle Blank Iod Braatz Richard Braatz Tom Carrollo Molly Casper Chari Clevenger Iackie Damm Mary Detert Mary Duford Chad Eiring Kent Elliot Mickey Erickson Steve Feiereisen Melissa Fink Iulie Flagstad Dora Flores Lynn Freimark Sue Gendron Brina Geor e Narda Hatgher Sharon Hermanns Linda Higley Mike Hilt Scott Hodkiewiecz Debbie Holsman Brett Hunt Karen Iulka Lisa Iu ka Angie Iustman Curt Iustman Amy Karl Dan Kavana h Kerri Kennegy Michelle Kivi Kelly Knueppel Sue Koenigs Don Koshute Lisa Koenigs Lisa Korne lis Annette Kraak Amy Kramer ISH CLUB Carol Kruncos Tina Lauzich Ieff Le Tourneau Kaila Liebert Karla Michalowski Laura Morgan Kate Mossberg Melanie Norton Sharon Oberg Robin Olsen Carolyn Olson Michelle Penn Michelle Peterson Dixie Pinch Paula Quackenboss Cindy Rasmussen Lisa Rinkey Shawn Rimee Albert Rodriguez Dan Rodri ez Iulie Rudoluh Laura Sabel, Tammy Sabel Mari Sablay Ioe Sable Darwin Sampson Iulie Schab Craig Scheel Amy Schmitz Missy Schoenberg Trent Scott Kellie Searl Steve Shaw Amy Sippel Ienny Sfmiering Ioel Ste per Kris Stormo Amy Theisen Iodi Thurow Ienny Timm Ioy Trible Richard Vallierra lack Vande Gohte Gary Vandermolen Robin Vandermolen Angie Ward Shelly Weberg Tom Wetzel Pat Wild Wendy Willis Sara Zoschke 1. Spanish Club officers: Karen Iulka IPres.l, Shelly Weberg ISec.-Treas,l, Tony Arellano lSergeant at Armsl, Angie Iustman IV. Pres.l 2. Members of Spanish Club work at a nacho sale. Spanish Club-47 CERM N CLUB Teresa Andrew Kim Barnes Iulie Bennot Glen Berry IV. Pres.l Rod Bloedow Ieff Boogren ITreas.J Mario Cassetta Susan Classen Keven Cunningham Dan Daley Margot Eilert Dawn Funk Laura Geidel Kristin Hastings Narda Hatcher Mary Huck Erin Kelly Michael Kent Iill Koski Sue Leisses Tom Lueche Sarah McNabb 1. Rick Stoegbauer IPres.l, Ieff Boogren ITreas.l, Glen Berry IV. Pres.l, Sue Schmitz ISec.l, Not pictured-Tim Thomas IV. Pres.l 2. Some of the German Club members discuss an upcoming candy sale. 3. German Club. 48-German Club Todd Meyer Cathy Morgan Chris Nickel Tabbi Parker Doug Percy Becki Peters Ron Riemersma Tom Saggio Sue Schmitz ISec.l Mike Schueltpelz Craig Schwartz Lena Smith lanine Soll Kris Steinberg Rick Stoegbauer IPres.l Tanya Stormo Iulie Strasser Sig Strautmanis Tim Thomas IV. Pres.l Eleni Voulgaris Kosta Voulgaris Mary Weber "0,..-an S Seniors Ienny Anderson Sheryl Andrews Doug Barton Mike Bauer Nancy Bliefnick Laura Dow Toni Ferdinand Mary Foote Narda Hatcher Dianne Holland Robert Holsman Karen Iulka Angie Iustman Karen Kauffman Steve Klabunde Kathy Io Kraus Iim Krohn Dennis Krueger Sue Leisses Ienny Mick Laura Morgan Stephanie Otto Rebecca Peters Stephanie Quinn Mariano Sablay Laura Scheibach Susan Schmitz Tammy Senk Ioe Sharkus Tim Thomas Linda Becker Ieff Boogren Andrew Doll Michael Furnner Diane Gilgenbach Garrett Goodrich lames Hubbell Mary Huck Andrea Lehmann Iohn Marx Iill Michels Sherif Mityas Iennifer Remo Patrick Riha National Honor Society Members. Karen Iulka IV. Presl, Angie Iustman fTreas.1, loe Sharkus IPres.1, lennie Mick Sec.l HS Iuniors Amy Antlfinger Lisa Backus Robert Behnke Ann Bloodgood Iacqueline Damm Wendy Demaster Kurt Eggert Anthony Frey Phillip Gernenz Kerri Hinke Caroline Hintze Scott Hodkiewicz Lisa Iulka Eugene Kloiber Iames Krueger Carol Kruncos Michael Lowther Sarah McNabb Todd Meyer Cathi Morgan Carla Osterholt Pamela Panetti Doug Percy Richard Petak Susan Peters Ronald Riemersma lay Rudolph Denise Sabel Iillayne Salter Kevin Schuh Trent Scott Lena Smith Ioel Steber Kris Steinberg Iulie Strasser lack Thome Craige Thompson Angela Ward Thomas Wetzel Patrick Wild Wendy Willis Sara Zoschke NHS 49 Rob Abig Ioel Asmus Kevin Balog Rod Hernandez Tony Hoepener Mike Madel Robert Abig Kevin Balog Pat Burns Louis Feieriesen Mark Foris Brian Freimark Kevin Hammong David Kuharski Dan Molitor Chris Bastien Tim Christ Greg Crites Iames Eggers Iay Field Tim Flaherty Mark Foris Brian Harkins William Harron lack Balog Beth Bankstahl Scott Bond Blake Casseta Lynda Culver Chris Erickson Margaret Hauer Bob Bacon Iohn Bauer Aaron Brown Mike Egli Tim Flaherty lim Hubbel Tim Kent Iim King 50-VICA VICA WELDING Rich Moyle Iohn Pelletier Dan Plaisance Tim Richie Chris Werdin POWER MECHANICS Mark Nesbitt Chris Newton Glen Priest Ioe Ries Chris Rost Rich Roth Kevin Salm Ieff Schwartz MACHINE SHOP Andy Hass Tom Immel Mark Klapperich Mike Kraus Ray Lindner Randy Mashin Rick Roth George Sabel lim Thome Lamont Wellens GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS Doug Hynek Dirk Iohnson Paul Prellwitz Stephanie Quinn Paul Rumbuc Scott Schmitz Bill Yunker DRAFTING Steve Klabunde Ryan Liebert Pat Riha Tim Richie Dave Ruples Mike Tagliapetra Chris Thomas 1. A student in machine shop sands the right side of a car. 2. Paul Prellwitz uses a headliner to create letters. ,uf , a we 4 -+9 Robert Abig Mark Abrahamson Mark Faris Brian Freimark Doug Friess Duane Hanson Frank Iulka Kim Krupp Randy Davis Tom Hoepfner Iohn Ianiak Scott Iohnson Michael Kitts Michael Narance Bob Arthur Scott Beck Ray Beebe Brian Bieberitz Steve Cornett Mike Fisher Tony Frey Mike Grapentine QW VICA AUTO WOODS Mike Madel Chris Newton Glenn Priest Dennis Roberts Brian Salm Tom Schmitz Greg Schneider Steve Stollfus Dan Roggentine Gary Schabel Mark Siedschlag Todd Stanelle Gary Talma ELECTRONICS Marty Griepentrog Mark Iohnson Bob Krueger Dan Mueller Gary Pelletier Rod Rickli Iohn Sheimo Tim Temby In drafting, students use computers to help them. Two students discuss their layout for a project. Students in the wood shop discuss a future project for Vica. Paul Canfield works in the welding shop. VICA-51 RESTLI G CLUB Missy Amidon Sheryl Andrews Mike Bell Scott Buteyn Lisa Giese Barb Gross Lisa Grossbeck Paul Guell Lisa Hanna Kari Hassell Rogr Hoerth lim Hout Ann King Michelle Kivi Michelle Kramer Tammy Kraus Iulie Krist Connie Lemke 1. 2. 3. 4. 52-Wrestling Club Ray Lindner Ienny Mangas Mary McDermott Kate Mossberg Paul Myers Vicki Nett Barb Olsen Kris O'Neil Iulie Peters Bob Raab Todd Seth Mike Stacey Don Stahmann Michael Tagliapietra Ioe Toriello lay Tribbe Kris Urban Lynn Wood While at wrestling practice, Ienny Mangas, Lisa Hanna, Mary McDermott, Vicki Nett, and Sheryl Andrews read stats. Vicki Nett takes stats at a meet. Wrestling Club officers: Lisa Hann IV. Pres.l, Bob Raab lPres.1, Kris O'Neil lTreas.l Not pictured: Iulie Peters lSec.1 On the way to a meeting, Kris O'Neil talks with Karen Iulka. 1 lu A-Z 2 FFA The FFA, headed by Mrs. Bundsgaard, stands for Fu- ture Farmers of America. Membership in this organiza- tion can be for farmers or anyone interested in various projects and community involvement. This group helps a potential leader or develops one in the interest of agricul- tural needs. Throughout the year the group does many community and school related activities. Some of these include canned food drives, donating Easter lilies at care centers for the elderly, leadership workshops, conferences, and safety articles for the newspapers. During the winter months, FFA is involved in basket- ball and volleyball. Members have a chance to be a dele- gate to the National FFA Convention in Kansas City, Mis- souri in November and to the State FFA Convention in Iune. This year's officers were: President-Brenda Balson, Vice-President-Mary Toehrg Secretary-Lori Lindberg, Treasurer--Wendy Klawitterg Reporter-Lorrie Kunasch, Sentinel-lim Goebel. FFA Brenda Balson Bruce Balson Michelle Batterman Linda Becker Andre Chasteen Andy Doll Dan Entringer Bob Ernest lim Goebel Russ Hendritt Ieff Klapperich Tony Kohlman Ieff Kotnick Lorrie Kunasch Lori Lindberg Brian Michels Dan Plaisance George Sabel Stephanie Schwartze Mike Simon Rich Smith Royal Smit Rick Wightman Ioy Wolf 1. Members of the FFA. ...dh Activities-53 I TRAMURALS Q 5 s MN -. I WW-X :Www NWN Nmwqxpxa Nw"m-wtwk to It is not really necessary to be a great athlete to partici- pate in noon intramurals. This year students and teachers participated in such sports as racketball, volleyball, ten- nis, and many others. Involving yourself in these activities at noon helps to break up the monotony of the school day, with mild competition and exercise. 1. Iulie Vanerem and Dani Swift dribble during noon hour. 2. Scott Nevicosi and leff Mortonson try for a basket while Dave Holvick awaits the rebound. 54-Intramurals 1-M an , , CARDI AL Lisa Backus Kim Barbeau Rod Bloedow Ann Bloodgood Tracy Clemetson Mary Detert Laura Dow Deb Estaville Ienny Franz Lynn Freimark Sue Gendron Brina George Terry Girardi Reed Gordon Dianne Holland Bob Holsman Sharon Iames Karla Ieffries Trevor johnson Ann Iozefowski Karen Iulka Lisa lulka 1 Ienny Mangas Michelle McCrory Marta McDermott Sarah McNabb Tanya Mellen Laura Morgan Michelle Neis Susan Peters Kim Schuppe Trent Scott Amy Sippel Dawn Stahmann Lisa Steinacker Lori Tank Dawn Vande Kolk Eleni Voulgaris Lori Walters Shelly Weberg Brian Westerman Kimberly Wildes Wendy Willis Fred Wowerat Members of the yearbook staff. Front row: Laura Morgan, index co-edi- tor: Sharon Iames, index co-editor: Wen- dy Willis, academics editor: Theresa Girardi, business manager: Lisa Steinacker, editor-in-chief: Dianne Holland, we editor. Second row: Dawn Stahmann, index co-editor: Kim Schuppe, sophomore editor: Shelly Weberg, activit- ies editorg Susan Peters, junior editor: Ka- ren Iulka, senior editor: Kimberly Wildes, photography co-editor: Bob Holsman, sports editor. Not pictured: Ienny Mangas, co-business manager: Michelle McCrory, student life editor: Sarah McNabb, layout editor: Lori Walters, photography co-editor. Activities-55 ,... ACADEMICS This section is designed to show what goes on in the academic world at Good- rich. From Calculus to Phy Ed. classes make up a large part of the school day. Stu- dents devote a lot of their free time to homework and academic related activities. The student-teacher rela- tionships are also an impor- tant aspect of life at Good- rich. Many students sometimes forget that teach- ers are people, too. The academic section serves as a reminder of all of the events that take place in classes at Goodrich ev- eryday. 1. Mr. Cooper calms his "fans" down. 2. Finding East Germany, Randy West points on the map. 3. Working in graphic arts, lack Balog prepares to screen. 4. In chemistry, Erin Kelly and Steve Rost carefully observe their experiment. 56-Academics I Academics-57 ADMINISTRATIOIN 'ml 'fl W1 58-Administration 1 Referrals to recommendations. . . truancies to class projects. While dealing with attendance may be the most frustrating task, observing students grow, mature, and succeed provides the greatest satisfaction. The principals view graduation with pride as they see young people who have gained both discipline and a desire to succeed. According to Mr. Drew it is particularly rewarding to see the success students encounter after graduation. While most view the principals job solely as a disciplinarian, in reality their job is diverse and complex. Perhaps the most difficult part is finding enough time to do it all. 1. Mr. Drew 2. Mr. McCreedy 3. Mr. Peters 4. Mr. Thiel 1-.uv""s-u SECRETARIES 5 8 6 wmmm ,. ,. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Brachmann Corning Costello Hagen Heyel LaMendola Priebe Swartz Yngsdal Meilahn Academics-59 CCJCJKS A D CUSTGDIA A 1. Laundress: Marie McEathron 2. Custodians: Front Row IL-Rl: Dave Hankwitz, Tom Eggers, lan Letourneau, Dick Stefczak. Back Row IL-Rl: Ierry Pevonka, Emil Salzwedel, Bill Weinshrott, lim Cooley, Dave Pratt. 3. Cooks: Front Row IL-Rl: Betty Riedl, Teresa Magana, Ann Iewson. Back Row IL-Rl: Diana Candlish, Ioyce Klahn, Mary Abler, Ieanne Detweiler, 60--Coolcs!Custodians EJ' LIBRARIANSXSPECIALISTS --1".:,: As he cuts library passes, Mr. Richter talks to a student. AV Technician: Mr. Lane Reading Specialist: Mrs. Keen While finding a book, Mr. Barisonzi assists a student. Librarians!Specialists-61 FACULTY Mr. Allen Mrs. Anderson Mr. Anderson Mr. Baechler Ms. Barkelar Mr. Bartolutti Mrs. Bauer Miss Beck Mr. Bentley Ms. Blatz Mrs. Bundsgaard Mr. Bundsgaard I 'J-ff' am Wa., , ,Ab N f W QL ,,f 3 lll" ee'el. H ' ,., if W K I m, , 1 2 N 1 x ' , 5, l lv ,pm I C W. . V DQ lt V! Mrs. Chan 7 Mr. Ciontea Mr. Cooper 1 'gy' ' Mr. Cousins it 'tig W X flwvx fs free CTC if ffm it O f 9 .- w g' ' 'V ' Mrs' Cronlnger W QJ'-' Q L' "g'L L CLL!-LAB? x V Mrs. Deitte L 1 . b K Q ,-2 Y X L Cxf Q, 053 5!W lppt Mrs. oobrzynskt ff- Ll ff ' - , X 'go' Mr. Fink Q ,C ff X06 ': ' Y f U 'J ,W Y. 3 t 1 'fi ..fiQ'7i.f f . ff Y gf -- V . N . x 4 . at f 4. L 1 X - ,139 ,-A 25 Miss Garbe L I Mr. Gebhardt H I H ,L" Mr. Geurts A I Mr. Gordon 5 it f f f X ff fx W j ,Ar W ,A f K M ,TW im: ' M W 3 1. While vacationing in Salt River Canyon, Arizona, Mr. Baechler enjoys the view, 2. Filling summer time, Mr. Allen does yardwork. . Deep in meditation, Miss Beck practices a Lotus position. 4. On a rainy day, Mr, Bentley stays at home. 4,- Faculty--63 64-Faculty Mrs. Greisch Mr. Hackbarth Mrs. Hasenzahl Mr. Hauser Miss Hayes Mrs. Heins Mr. Hoeft Mrs. Hornby Mr. Iewett Mr. I. Iohnson Mr. R. Iohnson Mr. Kaulfuss Mrs. Kinzer Mr. Kinzer Mr. Kuespert Mr. LaBonte 4: .V W 5 , . ,x ' 3532 X 5 .M V 41 is nw :K "4 f me . lA5vLi:": 3 ,,,L , . U ' 3. , Q4 ,-5 .kj ,, . L. 5 . ,,.. , ,f V, Q ' Nw' M215 , ' ,rw-A -..Jr-Tv-Q. I ' ' . gp 1 Vx 5 . 65 A-5 U9 432 amd 'J .ffnjavi ffl Dflj ,ft-y .Q if Ne. K .ff 9 Milf we .L W Wi' www M ,Yvr 7 kj. Xlfou 4001 Mr' W WW? 1 W' 1. Spending his summer days at the lake, Mr. Hauser enjoys a good book. 2. On a hike, Mr. Iewett and his son stay close to nature. 3. Riding the waves, Miss Hayes steers the sailboat. 4. After a day of hunting, Mr. Cousins is proud of his pheasants. ii Faculty-65 Mrs. Lamb Mr. Larsen Mr. Lautenschlager Mr. Lemery Miss Lemmenes Mr. Loest Mr. Mand Mr. Marchionda Mrs, Marquardt Mrs. McCray Mr. McKeon Mr. Moely Mr. Mueller Mr. Nelson Mr. Nevala Mrs. Orlandoni Mr. Papenfuss Mr. Pass 1. I SI fpfffegii 'W . A ,A f - - .-, 1 4, ' . , 2 ff ff . .2 r 5 .iff V- 'Y L '53, ff . X Y x Q ' Y A Mr. Paulsen Miss Payne Mr. Pollei Mrs. Rahl Mr. Ries Mr. Schrum si? ,AW Q While most of us sat home watching the 1984 Summer Olym- pics, Mr. Marchionda was able to attend the games himself. The only event he saw was wrestling and he didn't miss a match. I-Ie stayed nine days in Los Angeles. Seven of those days were spent at the Olympics and the other two days were for sightseeing and relaxing. Mr. Marchionda had the advantage of knowing the right people and was able to talk with many of the wrestlers and coaches. Watching the wrestling matches wasn't the only exciting thing about the Olympics, though. Being present at the Awards Ceremony gave Mr. Marchionda a feeling of great patriotism. It made him proud to be an American. Mr. Marchionda is not just a wrestling fan, but a wrestler himself. I-Iis wrestling career began at home when he was five years old. He and his brothers wrestled because it was the only sport that their dad allowed them to partici- pate in because they were needed at home to help with chores. He continued his wrestling through high school. There he won three ti- tles and qualified for the Olympic trials in 1968. As for the future, Mr. Marchionda and his son, Rocco, are planning on attending the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Faculty-67 Mr. Schuette Mrs. Schwalbe Mrs. Seibel Mrs. Sewall Mrs. Sheppard Mrs. Skalecki Mr. Sonnenberg Mr. Sorenson Mr. Stetter ,0- J 5 . f V W 1 yy' .fi "K , W VNU' N, L f m y " 'Nw V KA "" 1 " . 'ff 1 V Q kffh Div ' G " , , " ,fc 52? ,ff , WM 68-Faculty 2 Mr. Strasser Mr. Strauss Mr. Sweney 'S 'kai' :QS X P f Mrs. Terlinden X - . 5 .X - , m Mrs. Testin ' Mr. Testin Finishing the Walleye Run, Mr. Schuette takes a deep breath, By the river, Mr. Strauss relaxes. While at a dog show, Mr. Sonnenberg shows off his prize winning dalmation. At Summerfest, Mrs. Sewall goofs around. .i ? . ff' f 4 ff i 4 5 X l J I 'MJJNXQ - O M M Ll Wwtigiflgff MV J f ff F 3 , I .X ' OSS SE Q My fW Faculty 69 70-Faculty FO DY FISH STURIES I Agxxm J .fl 4+ J-. I " M Wa, Q ww., ,gk f - 7. 'I 1' N ff W " 1. . V F a x . ' l I .MM ! sq- .1 ff Mr. Thomas ' ' l Mrs. Thorkelson if - ' Mr. Trtan ff M 1 fp, f ed r al t . y ,Q f , .5 s .cy A I . q 1, of Mr. Vescio Mr. Weberg Mr. Weir fx w .2 , W , ,, Ma-.. Y, S I .vw Q . unfit' Mrs. Wilfong Mr. Zimmerman Mr. Zuengler Aj ,tes W my Q Perched on the end of the canoe, Mr. Kuespert displays his catch. During a vacation at the lake, Mrs. Rahl holds up the day's catch. While on vacation in Boundary Waters, Mr. Weir caught a 36 inch-10 lb. northern. Near a cabin on the lake, Mr. Ciontea and his son share the excitement of their catch. Taking in some sun, Mr. Trtan enjoys his vacation. On her Hawaiian vacation, Mrs. Wilfong enjoys a cool drink. Faculty-71 GLISH 1 In English class, ludy Sommer- feldt yawns as the end of the hour draws near. Students in English class try to finish their "geometry," Giving a speech in speech class, Lisa Giese keeps her classmates attention. A sophomore completes a gram- mar assignment. Preparing for an English test, Kelly Ruch studies her Cliff-notes while Terri Girardi takes a break. Lori Bloedow and Chris Loehr quiz each other for a vocabulary test. Making weekend plans, Mickey Erickson and Katie Mossberg for- get about English. 72 Academics meglwf te mf 229 4 -Q...-n L is as 5' Mi k,...V i .K A 4? ff? A-'E Q5 Aw rs M. jam W x..Q.k W Q ' , L: x Wx 5 31 .. KTRQKUX 5 ' "' QAPQEMA :X g,7s--nw . I KJ' I x K . ,E .- - Y x 3 :,Q:g:v - vhs --13 v 'X 1 JK .19 . f'fY'X3i'Y .Wy . .wi 1. fi SQ- xx Aix?" i ff", 3 V ' A Y! f QA My . Ag' Fda, Bti .l 1. 1 3 M75 n,f'N , f ,Y , . 1. Before stabbing his finger in biology, Sig Strautmanis makes a face. 2. During biology, Mike Bell, Lynn Rost, Lori Nimmer, and Steve Aigner observe and pet a mouse. 3. Working in the chemistry lab, Mike Lowther and Mark Rodenkirch try to light a flame. iz 4. While Pat Ryan looks on, Damian La Croix types his blood with expert help from Ieff Cast. W? 'W' 4 Science-75 MATH 1. In Algebra, Lisa Solamita works on a worksheet. 2. Chad Pickett builds a three dimensional figure with geometric models. 76-Math M"'Wffmm,. While in math class, Kristen Westerhouse measures an angle. Before math class, students prepare themselves for the upcoming hour. While in math class, Darin Krug draws a three dimensional figure on the board. ,mm L 1 SUCIAL STUDIES Before the beginning of sixth hour, stu- dents joke with each other. Sue Sesing and Kelly Koplitz search for a recently studied country. Lisa Steinacker and Chris Gormican re- view for a psychology test together. Q 'I FOREIG LANGUAGE bfi Thrilled by the day's topic in Spanish xt 'N B Q 3 . N., K 1 . class, Ieff Loehr listens intently. Before French begins, Tom Carrollo goes up to sharpen his pencil. Students listen to Madame. Foreign Language-79 BUSI ESS '12 ,, f 4 ', , u W 9 Q + Q r U1 fm 'WHYW X 4 My www.: 7? 1. In a computer course, Trevor Iohnson is hard at work. 2. In typing, Brenda Higgins punches all the right keys. 3. Lori Krainer completes a problem on an adding machine. 80-Business Education wi-avwmma lj-I, .. A! , H0 ECU ICS 1. Students in child development get in- volved in childs play. 1 2. In Food Service, Kecia Pollom and Barb Merkel experiment with a new recipe. Home Economics-81 I DUSTRIAL RTS z-7.3 I, xxgh ,V ,, Yr " 79, gf' it- f 1. Pointing out the parts of a machine in power mechanics class, students begin their work. 2. Adding finishing touches, Dave Velasco and Steve Freund complete their woods class assignment. 3. With a steady hand, Ieff Guelig works on a project in woods class. 82-Industrial Arts ' -Qi X ,Y . x t 5 Q K., . -. .- .,,- t.t Q , N "' S ' ' A t ts ma ' - Y -,. vue.,-Awmg i -P i,ii t. N . 1'- 5 While i FI E ARTS n art class, Holly Alley makes a design using India ink. Deb Baehler and Allen Roehrig make sketches. Making busts in art, Dianne Holland makes a plaster mold. EL' 3 Fine Arts-B3 DRIIHQED 1. Demonstrating positions of cars on the road, Dawn Schmidtz pretends to be the driver. PHY.ED. 2. In Phy-Ed class Paula Baldwin puts up a shot. 84-Driver Ed.fPhy-Ed. an-'l"'A if WW 1. RETIREMENTS RESIGNATIO S Mr. Thiel has been at Goodrich since 1959. He taught English, coached tennis, and began a reading awareness program. In 1964 he became assistant principal. Then, in 1972 he became the prin- cipal. Mr. Thiel feels 1972 was his most memorable year at Goodrich, not only because he became principal, but because the basketball team finished second in the State Basketball Tournament. It was the first time in over 40 years that the team had gone to the tournament and it was very exciting. Before coming to Goodrich he taught two years in Michigan, two years in Stoughton, Wisconsin, and five years at Roosevelt Iunior High School in Fond du Lac. Mr. Thiel graduated from Oshkosh High School. He received a Bachelor Degree of Science Education at the University of wisconsin-Oshkosh and a Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He and his wife, Charolotte, have two sons, jeff and Mark, both gradu- ates of Goodrich. Mr. Thiel plans on spending his leisure time playing tennis and golf, and working with computers. He stresses the fact that Goodrich is "the land of opportunity." People should get involved in the social and extra-curricular activities that Good- rich has to offer because they help to develop students into the best possible people they can be. Mr. Kinzer, the English department coordinator, is retiring this year after 39 years of teaching. Twenty-nine of those years were spent teaching in Fond du lac. He attended La Salle-Peru Township High School in Illinois and then went on to La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Iunior College for two years. He then attended the University of Illinois where he received a Master of Science Degree in Education. Mr. Kinzer's most memorable year at Goodrich was 1969, the year he was promoted to be department chairperson. He and his wife, Mrs. Kinzer, a Spanish teacher, had seven children, all of whom attended school at Goodrich. Mr. Kinzer plans to spend his free time doing garden work, golfing, and skiing. When asked if he had a message to leave behind, Mr. Kinzer replied, " and take the grain, but leave the chaff." Mrs. Blatz, the school nurse, left Goodrich on February 3rd to become a nurse at Taycheedah Prison. She said she would miss the kids and the staff at Goodrich, but her new job offers a lot of opportunities. Mrs. Blatz also said she would miss all the students in her Health Career Club and the Student Assistance Program. Mrs. Blatz lives with her husband, Al, daughter Becky and dog, Adolf. She graduated from Goodrich in 1972 and then from Marquette University in 1976. We all wish her good luck at her new job! Mr. Lane has been the AVfTheater technician at Goodrich for the past nine years. He is a 1970 graduate of Goodrich and a 1974 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. It was through his work here that he was able to get a job with the Herff Iones company. There he will serve as a yearbook representative. Mr. Lane lives in Fond du Lac with his wife, Pam, their daughter, Carrie, and their dog, Danny. Mr. Lane feels that Goodrich is fortunate to have such high caliber staff members and students. Retirements!Resignations-85 SPORTS Being the best doesn't come easy. No matter how many hours of practice an athlete logs, there is still going to be someone who is stronger or faster or able to sink more freethrows. Along the way you set goals and build dreams. The sport becomes a way of life. The athlete craves success more than anything else. But how do you measure suc- cess? It isn't measured by athlete that counts. Going out and giving it your best shot, that's what counts. Having the courage to meet the challenge of participating is success in itself. So whether you are the varsity quarterback or the slowest sprinter on the track team, as long as you are giving your all, you are succeeding. It's not the winning or losing that countsg the friends you meet, the lessons you learn, and the memories you make the number of games that are what matter- you win or how many med- als dangle from your jacket or the points that you score. Instead it's the heart of the 1. Demonstrating the fine art of "pack running", these cross country runners push each other during the County meet. Goodrich dominated the event for the second straight year. 2. Cheryl Bradel watches her putt roll downhill at Rolling Meadows Golf Course. The girls golf team earned a surprising trip to STATE last fall. 3. Soaring to great heights, Mike Bauer tips the ball to a teammate. The team gained respect of opponents and fans alike, 4. Having gained a stride on the defender, Craig Koenigs looks for an opening to shoot at. Koenigs, an accomplished Hockey player, also won ALL-STATE football honors. 86--Sports A ' F CJOTBALL 88-Football Fontly 19 Appleton East 12 Fondy 20 Green Bay Pr Fondy Z8 Fondy 24 eble 12 Manitowoc 38 Fondy 21 Fnndy Z5 Kimberly 14 Fontly Z8 Fontly 14 Fondy 21 Fondy 27 Fondy 49 Manitowoc 12 Fontly 32 Fondy 8 1. 2. 3. 4. VARSITY Kimberly 8 Fondy 7 Green Bay East 0 Fondy 9 Green Bay Southwest 6 Sheboygan North 0 Fondy 7 Sheboygan South 14 Green Bay West 6 IV Fondy 6 Appleton East 22 Green Bay East 3 Preble 0 Southwest 0 Sheboygan North 0 Fondy 8 Sheboygan South 18 Green Bay West 6 As members of the football team push the sled, Coach Steinberg yells words of encouragement. During the second quarter of the Manitowoc game, Mike Bauer makes an astounding reception. After helping his team clinch a victory, Cameron Stewart runs off of the field. During an away game, Coach Bond gives advice to members of the team. T! .X -,V 'rx As usual, the Cardinal football team possessed some very talented players. This year's team was unusually well-rounded, getting contributions from members of each class. The backbone of the Cardi- nal starting roster included 9 seniors. Our Cardinals struggled through each arduous practice hoping to prove to be superior to the competi- tion. A couple of tough losses, that could have gone either way, prevented the team from qualifying for post-season play. Still, the Cardinals pro- duced a very creditable record of 6-3. Their 5-2 conference mark was good enough for a second place finish. Of course, the team record is basically like a report card. It NEVER really tells the whole story. So if you want to know how the Fondy Cardinals did this season, present the L to R: row 1 lim Hubbell, Mark Faris, Scott Barbeau: row Z Chris Parr, Kim Krupp, Dave Velasco, Craig Koenigs, lim King, Dave McCormick, Brian Klapperich: row 3 Terry Lisowe, Mike Karas, Coach Curcurio, Coach Bond, Coach Steinberg, Coach Sahel, Al Roerig, Sean Hansong row 4 lim Hausauer, lim Balthazar, left' Abler, Chris Thomas, Steve McArthur, Mike Tagliapietra. Brad Spoerke, Ieff Augustine, Gary Schabelg row 5 Roy Heidger, Damion Lacroix, Tim Flaherty, Cameron Stewart, Dan Huhn, Dave Mueller, Mike Bauer: row 6 Ieff McArthur, Larry Wetzel, Doug Barton, Andy Luther, Craig Hackbarth, lim Oelke question to a loyal, die-hard, fan. L to R: top row Tony Moyer, Bob lors. loc Sahel, Tod Bonlander, lamie Walz, row 2 Tony Rodriquez, Ioe Herrick, Gary Lakin, Tom Brogan, Mike McDowell, Lonnie Roder, row 3 Matt Acheson, Kacey Calvey, Ken Krebsbach, Ryan Dille, Mark Bastian. Iohn Ramminger, jeff Benzel, row 4 Rob Ciebel, lack VandeGuchte, lim Ruch, Coach Hammer, Coach Redding, Todd Cundrum, Dean Haase, Todd Schmitz, row 5 Gary Peterson. Brian Buss, Dan Diener, Brad Maloney, Dean Iaber, Bob Clement, Dabby Thompson Football-89 90-Cross Country CROSS CGU TRY The boys cross country season can only be compared to a rollercoaster ride. At times the team looked very strong but other times they didn't run as well as their capabili- ties. Throughout the season the boys were one stride away from making a giant breakthrough. They finally reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on October 20, 1984. On that day Goodrich ran and placed 4th in the Sec- tional meet. Prospects for a successful season next year look bright, because this year's team only ,had two seniors. Bob Holsman, team captain and MVP, won All-Conference honors. His protege, Paul Hughes, steadily improved his times as the schedule progressed. Hughes will be captain for the 1985 squad. A very talented and rising star, leff Brault, established a freshman record this season by running a time of 17 min. 51 sec. at the Fondy Relays. 1. At the New Berlin Invitational, Bob Holsman concentrates on running a fast even pace. Bob placed 4th in the meet. 2. Charging up the hill, Paul Hughes leads a trio of runners along the course. Paul was a consistent performer for Goodrich all season. 3. Enduring the pain that is common to all Cross Country races, Scott Bjornstad and Scott Bronkhorst run together in the Sectional meet. L to R: row 1 Iohn Brooks, Bob DeGuire, Dan Cavanaugh, row 2 Rick Munoz, Mark Eitneur, Brett Hunt, Bob Holsman, Pat Ryan, P.I. Pickart, Chad Eiring, row 3 Paul Hugh, Ieff Gast, Randy West, Coach McCoy, Coach Butzen, Tony Tabbert, Dave Riley, Tom Romuald, row 4 Ieff Brault, Doug Percy, Scott Bjornstad, Andrew Gorske, Pete LaBorde, Scott Brankhorst A rm .. 'fi ff fflffl 5 em 7461e!oLXff30q, . Wm vigil We Cross Country is a sport that requires many special attributes: discipline, pride, dedication, desire, and committment. Well, Fondy's girls Cross Country Team had more than its share of these qualities. The squad possessed depth and heart that wouldn't quit. Two seniors, Meg Sesing and Maria Bonnell, were the top runners. Both girls were three year letter winners dur- ing their careers at Goodrich. Meg, who has achieved ev- ery goal imaginable from All-Conference to setting course records, reached the state meet last fall. She advanced to state competition by placing 3rd in the Sectionals. Meg's teammates also fared well last fall. Goodrich fin- ished either Znd or 3rd at invitationals at New Berlin, Hartford, Fond du Lac, and Sussex. kZL6J0fcl L to R: row 1 lodi Thurow, Maria Bonnell, Lynn Nelson, Amy Lewis: row 2 Ann Iozefowski, Dianne Holland, Linda Rieder, Laura Morgan, Meg Sesing, Cin- dy Rasmussen, Iudy Poehlmang row 3 Chris Nickel, Michelle Erickson, Coach Beck, Michelle Peterson, Val Fendt, Tina Lazichg row 4 Stacey Stockstad, Debbie Duehring, Sue Sesing, Cathi Morgan, Ann Hornes Sophomore Amy Lewis enjoyed an outstanding rookie year. Cathi Morgan, Lynn Nelson, and Stacey Stockstad 4 gave Fondy much stability. Determined to keep the competition be- hind them, Stacey Stockstad and Sue Sesing try to widen their lead on the Manitowoc runners. Fighting to qualify for state, Meg Sesing runs even with one of her foes. Meg later passed her and placed third. Recovering in the finish chute after a grueling race, Amy Lewis contemplates the difficult task she just completed. Near the finish line of the Sectional race, Cathi Morgan digs deep inside to find enough strength to sprint the re- maining distance. Cross Country- VULLEYBALL 1 Row 1, L-R, Michelle Walker, Ann Rabbitt, row 2, Chris Schultz, Ann Bloodgood, Coach Hensel, Iulie Rudolph, Carrie Hinke, row 3. Chris DuFrane, Micky Martin, Iackie Damm, Laura Reim, Theresa Acheson, Chris MacLean 1. With many hours of practice behind her, Iackie Damm bumps the ball to the front line. 2. After a well executed set up, Kelly Ruch's spike beats the opposition's front line. 3. Senior Mickey Martin puts the ball in play with a driving serve. 4. Staring intently across the net, Kelly Ruch prepares to defend against the serve. 92-Volleyball Surpassing last year's record, this year's volleyball team, under head coach Diane Hensel, was clearly impressive. The girls, led by Mickey Martin, Kelly Ruch, Theresa Acheson, Michelle Walker, played their way to a record of 6-1 and a tie with Manitowoc for Conference title. The Cardinals then went on to Regionals, where they again placed first. This win quali- fied them for Sectionals, where the girls played some of the best teams from all around, and came up with a re- spectable third place finish. The team's overall record was 7-2, leaving them with a successful season and a little more motivation for next year's team to maintain the pride and tradition of Goodrich volleyball. Row 1, L.-R, lulie Bennot, Sarah Sell, row Z, Melissa Sheldon. Theresa Andrew, lulie Slorzer, Lisa Kornelis, Tami Wilfong, Dawn Vande Kolk, row 3, Coach Iank, Sue Knar, Kathy Lowther, Chris Waite, Connie Wagner 1. Kelly Ruch bumps the ball to her teammate while Michelle Walker waits poised to back her up. 2. In the middle of a tight game, Theresa Acheson sets up the ball for a spike. Volleyball-93 TENNIS 1. Absorbed in meditation, Amy Davidson and her partner Mary Foote'await their opponent's serve. 2. Keeping her eye on the ball, Chris Treleven works on her serve. Chris pro- vided the team with leadership and depth this year. 3. Hustling across the court, Mary Weber smacks a solid return on her backhand. 1 Row 1, L-R, Mary Meyer, Iodi Clausius, Amy Davidson, Liz Pollom, row 2, Mette Christensen, Vicki Scheel, Vicki Hlinack, Mary Weber, row 3, Wendy DeMaster, Chris Treleven, Paula Baldwin, Mary Foote. Karen Kauffman. Without the help of many former Letter Winners, this year's girl's tennis team still turned out a respectable season. The need for new talent was met by Mary Weber, Wendy DeMaster, and Paula Baldwin, who greatly fortified the team as a whole. However, the backbone of the team was again two seniors, Amy Davidson and Mary Foote, who together formed a deadly doubles team against any local school. Their record was 12-1, and ended in their 3rd consecutive trip to state. Overall, Coach Vescio felt the team made the most of their talent, and more importantly they had fun and gained experience. 94-Tennis GULF ,, . I ,:, A2 . 9 ,L The 1984 girls Golf Team surprised everyone includ ing themselves by qualifying for the state meet The state tournament culminated a brilliant post season for the girls They reached the State Championships by placing 3rd at reglonals and 2nd at sectionals. Senior Laura Sheibach placed 3rd individually in the meet. It was her 4th consecutive trip to state, closing out an exceptional high school career. Fond du Lac, on the in T . . op-L-R, Illl Fischer, Missy Paulsen, Amy Koenigs, Cheryl Bradel, Iodl Sattler, Laura Scheibach, bottom, Missy Amidon M Wilfong, Laura Mallatt, Christy Brooks, Amy Ba ker, whole, or should I say "hole," also fared well at state. Goodrich placed 4th out of eight schools. They came within 1-stroke of placing 3rd. At state, Iill Fischer proved equal to the challenge of the Sentry World Course by placing 16th. Leadership was definitely a quality that the Golf Team didn't lack. In addition to Sheibach, two other seniors contributed both talent and experience to the varsity squad. They are Cheryl Bradel and Iodi Sattler. 1. Keeping her eye on the ball, Iodi Sattler lines up her putt. 2. Hoping that the putt will sink, Laura Scheibach intently watches the ball roll slowly toward the hole. 4. Iill Fischer launches a long drive. Golf-95 FAS FANS. They are the heart of any sports event. Their enthusiasm can lift a team to play above their abilities. When our teams play at home, the crowd serves as an extra person: it gives us the edge. A loyal fan is a rare individual indeed. Someone who lives and dies on the autumn of his favorite team's per- formance. A true fan is never afraid to let his emotions showy he screams for the good plays and moans at the bad ones, Dedication is another characteristic of a good fan. It means having to tolerate all types of weather and stopping at nothing to see the team play, even if it means traveling to remote places like Green Bay and Manitowoc. Finally, a fan must be extremely die-hard. He will always believe, no matter what the actual l outcome, that his team is the best. rtriaik . we 5326 1. A spirited crowd goes wild at a football game. 2. Two avid wrestling fans, Lisa Giese and Ienny Mangas, pose for a picture between matches. 96-Fans 2 L Q, E 1Q'1W'?iLfZw2ff W0 vx.,'Q 1? 150 'Q ,f i 5 L 1 J Lx Q, + x My h h f '53 'dr X X xi i R' 3-+"" .Q x Q F Q- 9 Qwxe M' if X X I BASKETBALL This season witnessed the hiring of a new coach, Dick Diener, who was a standout dur- ing his high school career. When Diener assumed the head coaching job, he wanted to instill a winning feeling into his players. They experienced this feeling after the first game, a 1-point victory at Brown Deer. The Cardinals went on to win both their home and confer- ence openers also. Fond du Lac soon developed a tenacious de- fensive style that made their opponents earn every point. Although they did lose more games than they won, they played each new rival tough and battled each team to the final buzzer. Scoring threats for Fondy were senior Mike Bauer and Iamie Walz, one of the few sopho- mores to make the varsity squad in recent years. Doug Barton and Mike Lowther helped solidify the middle on defense. As any supporter of the team will say, the Fond du Lac basketball team provided some entertaining games this year. 1. A sight for sore eyes! This convincing win over GB West was very welcome. 2. Bringing the ball across half court, Iim Balthazor sets up the offense. 3. Defending on the play, Doug Barton de- flects the opponent's shot. 4. Guarding the baseline, Mike Lowther covers his man closely. BOYS BASKETBALL Fondy 47 Brown Deer Fondy 45 Beaver Dam Fondy 33 G.B. East M , Fondy 47 New Holstein Fondy 56 G.B. Preble Fondy 53 G.B. Southwest Fondy 41 Sheboygan North Fondy 55 Appleton East Fondy 54 Manitowoc Fondy 51 Sheboygan South Fondy 57 GB. West Fondy 56 G.B. East Fondy 48 G.B. Preble Fondy 51 G.B. Southwest Fondy 38 Sheboygan North Fondy 56 Manitowoc Fondy 69 Sheboygan South Fondy 54 GB. West 98-Basketball R I, L-P, Scott Barbeau, Mike Andrews, Dave Holvick, Dan Eisenach, row 2, lim lim Krohn Lomb Dlenrr Coach Heely, Rich Petak, Dave House, row 3, Mike I th Doug Ballon, lamn, Walz, Rick Stoegb if! ..y if Km-1-lin I' Lwurie Swlwl Couch Schuvtte Clfindv Flitcrolt Standing I-R' Mc-liss'i I"iulst-n Chris ..g.,.. t...,. . ,.. ,.. .tt.., 'I'relevun, Ann Schommer, Antlrea Lehmann, Laura Reim, Kelly Ruch, Michelle Batlermnn, Bernie Mnrsolmll, lookin Ilnmm, Kris MacLean, Iocli Balog, Michele Walker. I-'omly Ifontly Ifomly Ifontly Ifontly Ifnntly Ifuntly Ifontly lfoncly I-'ontly Ifomly I-'omly Ifontly Ifontly lfontly Ifomly Ifoncly I-'omly Ifomly I-'omly lfontly Nui, 'fxigwk XM-N. M...- s..,,,x' ,-"ff" I 2 . 'S .Nw v f E We GIRLS Waupnn 53 CB. I-last -it Preble 58 Oshkosh North 31 CB. Southwest 53 GB. West 42 Sheboygan North 46 Madison Edgewood -IG Plymoth 59 Manitowoc 50 Sheboygan South 32 West Ilend West 52 CB. West 36 GB. East 51 GB. Ilrellle 46 GB. Southwest -15 Sheboygan North 34 Manitowoc 36 Sheboygan South 48 llever Dum 38 Waupnn 52 It took some time for the girls basketball team to get off the ground this year. But once they found the groove, they proved that they could compete with any- one. In fact they were perhaps the hottest team in the conference at the end of the season. The season started out poorly losing four out of their first five games. This consequently put them in the cellar of the confer- ence. At midseason, a two point victory over Manitowoc launched the Cardinals on a torrid streak in which they won 9 of their last 12 games. This left them in Znd place in the conference. Another ac- complishment that the girls can savor is a 47-45 overtime win over conference champion Green Bay Southwest. 1. In the regional semi-final, Kris MacLean shoots a freethrow. In the middle of the action, Michelle Batterman positions herself for the rebound. 3. During pre-game warmup, Bernie Marshall gets psyched up for the up and coming game. 3 Girls Basketball-99 IV BASKETBALL we la.. liuntly lfontly lfontly Fontly lftnntly lfondy Funtly lfontly lfontly lfonzly l-'ondy lfondy Fontly lfontly Ifomly l-'ontly lfontly Fontly Fontly ,.-nd" 56 -I0 54 -15 53 47 53 57 72 67 53 57 65 liti 50 73 49 5-I 59 100-I.V. Basketball if HUYS Milw. Vincent Brown Deer Beaver Dam G.B. East New llolstein GB. Preble GB. Southwest Sheboygan North Appleton East Manitowoc Sheboygan South G.H, West G.B. East GB. Preble GB. Southwest Sheboygan North Manitowoc Sheboygan South C-.H. West wwf 46 37 45 39 41 60 51 53 55 60 54 47 G8 40 57 62 43 53 G3 lfontly lfondy lfondy lfondy lfoncly lfontly Ifontly Ifondy lfoncly Fondy lfontly lfondy lfoncly lfontly lfontly l-'ondy lfomly lfondy lfontly 34 ill l-1 47 37 35 38 42 37 36 37 37 39 34 24 -ltl 33 39 23 1 tzuus Waupun G.B. East Preble Oshkosh GB, Southwest G.B. West Sheboygan North Madison Edgewood Madison East Manitowoc Sheboygan South West Bend G.B. West GH, East GB, Preble G.B. Southwest Sheboygan North Manitowoc Sheboygan South 1. Theresa Andrew breaks away, while Connie Abler hip-checks the defender. 2. Iim Ruch goes for the loose ball. 5 5 v, Q, Kneeling Left to Right Kevin Salm Brett Hunt luck Vlndebucht Dienm Rovll Smut row 'P De in Hust lim Ruch Crng Vantrmolen C Loest, Bob lmdt lohn Rlmmlnger Thom Koenlgs row 3 Ioe Herrick lurs, lot Sxbel K1 ng Hnckblrth Ryan Dllle Mark Bastian Front Dawn rie Si Top r I.ese. l 3 V GYMNASTICS Exhibiting great style and poise, Steph- anie Poulin balances on the beam. Heather Luszack performs on the un- even bars. 3. The Cabbage Patch Kids look on. 4. Shelly Weberg vaulted to three school records this year. i l Row 1, L-R, Lynn Scott, Shelly Weberg, Angie Wirth: row Z, Coach Kelly, Becki Peters, Ioili Sattler, Couch Guerts: row 3, Carla Wendt, Iucki Steffen, Heidi Armstrong, Heather Luszack, Mary Weber, ' My viyff ' Missy Nelson, 'igjwwf ., ,. ,..,,Wr c,,,,,.,.....,. , ,WM . 2 Much attention has been given to the sport of gymnastics this year. This rise in interest can be attributed to the success of the American gymnasts in the recently completed Olympic Games. Here at home, Fondy gymnasts also reached new plateaus. Shelly Weberg led the charge by rewriting the school's record book. Weberg's efforts along with those of teammates Iodi Sattler, Hei- di Armstrong, Mary Weber, Missy Nelson, and Stephanie Poulin, combined to establish Fond du Lac as one of the top gymnastic teams in the conference. The girl's racked up a record 103.39 points in one meet, In his first year at the helm, Coach Guerts was successful, especially taking into account that he had but two seniors, Sattler and Becki Peters. Gymnastics-101 1. Waiting for the drop of the puck, Mike Fischer defends the cage. HCJCKEY 2, Defenseman Rob Oja checks his man off the puck. 3. While Ioel Schneider rifles a wrist shot toward the net, linemate Randy Oja waits on the doorstep for the rebound. 4. The players gather together before the period starts. v lfootly lfoorly lfomly lfomly lfumly lfumly lfootly lfomly l-'umly lfomly l-'ously l-'ontly lfomly lfontly lfomly lfoncly lfontly lfonzly lfomly lfonrly 102-Hockey .ZW K ,W fl IIUCKHY 4 liscnnolxu 7 SJ Waupun 3 5 Stoughton 1 12 Sun Prairie 2 0 Mononn Grove 4 2 Stevens Point t0 t Superior 9 2 Superior 10 J Mitlrlleton 3 .2 Madison Edgewood 1 5 Woupun 3 tll Stoughton 3 4 University School 5 -1 Monona Grove 3 2 Middleton l ti Wuusuu West 2 li Madison Eclgowoorl 5 5 University School 4 t3 Hoover Dom 2 13 Sun Prairie 4 uM.XSU'R nk' , 2 ilk," W I ummm Q . Last season can be remembered as a year of firsts. It was the first year the Cardinals were coached by Ieff Hiltz, a former player from Canada. The team's 12-9-1 record marks the first time the hockey team played above .500. Goodrich participated in an organized conference for the first time.-And in that conference they finished first! An 8-2 conference record earned the Cardinals the Badgerland title. A pair of one goal victories against Monona Grove and Middleton late in the season iced the championship. Prospects for an even better season next year are very good. The entire team will return with the exception of three seniors, Rob Oja, Derek Ellingson, and Ryan Liebert. Ioel Schneider, and P.l. Kohlman, two All-Con- ference selections will return along with Randy Oja and Craig Koenigs. Oja and Koenigs are two of the team's most prolific scorers. With a wealth of talent in the underclasses, Fond du Lac has made a breakthrough which can only improve. . QQV l "Vo it ri ' YL.. 'DY Cmnt' Row I: I.-R. Paul Prellwilz. lamie Steher, Malt Achesen, Andy Haas, Mike Fischer. 'l'ad Lipschullz, Steve U'Keefe, Mark Elliot, Chris Sayles, row 2, Chad Pickett, lim Kohlman, Dan Dorn, Iehn Karas. Randy Oja, Craig Koenigs, Gary Hallz, Terry Lisowe. loel Sleher. Coach Kohlman, row 3, Coach Kritzke, Dan Steiner, Malt Steinberg, Ryan Liehert, Mark Nesbitt, Cary Lakin, l'.I. Kohlman, Roh Oia. Derek Hllingson, Tim Christ, Ioel Schneider, Ieff Schwartz, Shane Wendi, Andy Castle, Casey Calvey, Coach llillze. 1. Terry Lisowe waits for a centering pass from Craig Koenigs who stick-handles be- hind the goal. 2. Fond du Lac lines up for a face off in the defensive zone. 3. lim Kohlman skates up ice to cover his man. Hockey-103 2. The sign in the background reads: "Our RESTLI Skill and Dedication. These two words represent some of the reasons for the success of the wrestling team this year. One of the team's goals, to go undefeated, was missed by excruciating closeness in two of their regular season meets. Despite the first loss by only one point and another by four, Coach Marchionda feels his team is just "as good, if not better" than their extremely tough competition. The quest to reach other team goals, included progressing "as far in state competition as possi- ble." Coach Marchionda is quick to point out, however, that each of the wrestlers has set his own goals aside from those of the team. Many of those were reached also, including, improving on the time needed to pin an opponent, improving on quickness and timing, and many others. Clearly, it takes quite a bit of talent to accomplish everything this year's wrestling team has. They have really made use of the words skill and dedication, and we can only wish them more success in the future. s i -A, .. ...M Individual State Qualifiers Mike Furner Dan Mueller Glenn Berry Darrin Peterson 5 1. Waiting to confront the enemy, Bob Raab approaches the mat. Dozen is Grade A," and Dan Mueller does his part in supporting that fact. 3. In control, Sherif Mityas works to set up a pin. Mityas helped the Cards defeat previously unbeaten GB West in this meet. U .... .iq g , - S . g g A D r l iii 4. The Winner! Dean Lewis scores another , .,., N rt , victory for Fond du Lac. fa- --. i .ilr V ' f i g 7' , 'f 5. Sophomore Damian La Croix makes his . escape. . 5 S, 4 104-Wrestling 3 3 A Squaring off against his opponent, Mike Furner looks for a weakness. Listening to the referee's instructions, Sherif Mityas prepares for the bout.. The Fondy bench watches a key match in progress. as .. A , ... Top Row, L-R, Mike Summers, Ioe Toriellu, Mike McDowell, Tom Brogen. Mike Stacey. Chris Wertlin, Damian La Croix, Scott Butyen, row 2, Don Stabman, Mike lfurner, Todd Schmitz, Coach Sesing, Coach Marchionda, Assist Coach Brian Peterson, Tom Hoffman, Sherif Mityas, Dustin Eilert, row 3, Ron Roen, Glenn Berry. lorry Moss, Les: Kitts, Dean Lewis, Darrin Peterson, Bob Raab, Dan Mueller, bottom row, Rob Schultz, Paul Myers, lenny Mangas, Vicki Nett, Mary McDermott, Sheryl Andrews, Brian Hilbert, Mike Ullrich. WRESTLING Fondy G3 G.B. East Fondy 35 Waupun Fondy 26 G,B. Preble Fomly 54 G.B. Northwest Fondy 31 Campbellsport Fondy 45 Sheboygan North Fondy 30 Manitowoc Fondy 1st Fond du Lac Invitational Fondy 48 Sheboygan South Fondy 29 G,B. West Fondy 59 Oshkosh West Fondy 3rd WIAA Regionals Fondy ist WIAA Sectionals CHEERLEADI Not cold, nor rain, nor dark of night shall keep them from their appointed duties. It is the cheerleaders we speak of not postmen. Our cheerleaders have a pretty tough job if you stop and think about it. Aside from the prestige of being a cheerleader, the fun stops and the work begins. They must carefully learn, practice, and synchronize their cheers. This takes a lot of time and patience. They also assume the herculean responsibility of trying to "fire-up" the students, who can be downright unenthusiastic at times. And as if that's not enough, they make the ultimate sacrifice-they have to wear those skirts no matter how miserable the weather gets. Too often we take cheerleaders for granted. They add a lot to the atmosphere of a game. Why a football game without cheerleaders is like a kiss through a screen door-you just don't get the full effect. 1 Varsity Football: Row 1, Lisa Lindner, Charla Huck, Lori Walters, Toni Ferdinand, Wendy Burns, row 2, Tracy Schaberg, Pam Panetti, Pam Sanger. 106-Cheerleading 2 Varsity Basketball: Row 1, Charla Huck, Toni Ferdinand, Wendy Burns, row 2, Tracy Schaberg, Pam Panetti, Sarah McNabb. - 1. Durin a timeout, the Cheerleaders try 8 . to liven up the crowd. if in 2, As the game clock winds down, the girls 1 ...YW 3 IV Basketball: Row 1, Iudy Sommerfeldt, Shelly Lindquist, Ori Brehmer, row 2, Kris Hastings, Cheryl Flaherty, Sue Prickett, """"""w-Q. IV Wrestling: Lori Bloedorn, Teresa Welnetz, Robin Olson, Michelle Kevi. start to celebrate another victory. 2 5 Varsity Wrestling: Row 1, Iulie Peters, Karla Ieffries, Connie Lempke, row 2, Kris O'Neil, Mary Resop, Chris Peters. Cheerleading-107 SGPHO While adapting to their new environment, many sophomores strove to over- come the nervousness of finding themselves at a new step in their lives. Although these sopho- mores were dedicated to their schoolwork, they were CRES also eager to attend junior varsity games, participate in school activities, make new friends, and display their school spirit. The following pages are dedicated to help you think back on the good times and to reminisce upon the school year. F . 1. Before afternoon classes begin, Lorie Koenigs and Amy Sippel enjoy their lunch. 2. In the hallway, Lynn Freimark stops to talk with a friend. 3. Clad in pajamas and a robe, sophomore president joe Toriello displays his school spirit on pajama day. 4. Clowning around, Dustin Eilert and Mike Sommers relax during rehearsal. 108-Sophomores Sophomores-109 1. Between classes, Sigi Strautmanis reads a magazine at his locker. 2. In biology class, Laura Gerner leans back in her chair to smile at a friend. 3. Between scenes, Candy Flitcroft takes a break from rehearsal. 110-Sophomores Angela Abitz Michelle Abitz Laurie Abler Matthew Acheson Denine Adams Aspacia Agnos Steven Aigner Matt Albertz Deborah Alvarado Iarret Anderson Terese Andrew Tara Angle Michael Antlfinger Heidi Armstrong la. 1. While eating a lollipop, Shelli Reim gestures to Iill Koski. 2. Expressing school spirit, Cheryl Flaherty, Shelli Lindquist, Ori Brehmer, Sue Prickette, Iudy Sommerfeldt, and Kris Hastings cheer on the I.V. basketball team. Denise Barthuly Kathryn Barton Lori Bartus Mark Bastian Lisa Baumhardt Lori Beaudoin Robin Becker Brett Behm Brian Behnke Kurt Behnke Michael Bell Kurt Belzer Iulie Bennot Christine Benz Ieffrey Benzel Scott Bjornstad Michelle Blank Iennifer Blau Lori Bloedorn Rodney Bloedow Daniel Bloemers Andrew Boerner Todd Bonlander Amy Boogren Richard Braatz Kathleen Brandl Ronda Brault Oriana Brehmer Thomas Brogan Iohn Brooks Angel Bublitz Michael Buechel Troy Buechel Cheryl Burnett Brian Buss 112-Sophomores ' kN"""Mws.,...,,,,um "MN-'f--...,...,,t.t.W..,...,,,..Xw......,, .xxx ,,X,, ..,, m....M,m,..a QXX an ..xx..x.x M ,N M. ff WE e,,,,,M M-:asv Renee Caird Kacey Calvey Kara Capelle Tanya Carlson Gretchen Carney Kim Carrier Mario Casetta Molly Casper Michelle Chapman Susan Classen Iodi Clausius Robert Clement Brian Clemetson Shari Clevenger Daniel Creighbaum Gregory Crites Terri Culver Shawn Cumber Kevin Cunningham Daniel Daley Cathy Day Garrett Deak Deanna Deanovich Robert Deguire Iames Delap Robyn Demarb Mary Detert Donald Dickinson Daniel Diener Ryan Dille Iohn Dilling Tammy Ditter Richard Donahue Ronald Donahue Melissa Dowland Sophomores 113 ,, rn , , f 'M .My , i , 2 Eff 1. Kris Miller receives help while talkmg to Mr McKeon 2. During workshop, Mike Griffiths uses one of the machines 3. Standing up, Mike McDowell passes a magazine around his English class 116-Sophomores Annette Freund Dennis Freund Steven Freund Thomas Frey Iulie Gallert Ieffrey Gast Laura Geidel Brina George Laura Gerner Robert Giebel Craig Glinski Andrew Gorske Mike Gray Michael Griffiths Lisa Groesbeck Barbara Gross Ieffery Guelig Monica Guell Todd Gundrum Dean Haase Kraig Hackbarth Kevin Hammang Kari Hassel Kristin Hastings Amy Hau Laura Henning Casey Hermann Ioseph Herrick f ff, kc, -X' Angela Hicken Brenda Higgins Brian Hilbert Kevin Hilbert Michael Hilt Lisa Hipple Vicki Hlinak Michelle Hoerth Ieffery Hoey Lisa Holdorf Debbie Holdmann Kelly Howe Kelly Huck Richard Huck Michael Hundermark Brett Hunt Kristine Hupfer Tracy Huven Dean laber Lisa lanzen Ron Iensen Tracey Iohnson Kellie lonely Deanna Iorgenson Robert Iors Curt lustman Robert Kachelek Dean Kallas Sophomores-1 17 Amy Karl Laurie Karpathian Daniel Kavanagh Ieanne Keenlance Brian Kelley Kerri Kennedy Michael Kent Steven Kimble Richard Kimpel Michelle Kivi Iames Kleinfeldt Brian Klotz Annette Knaak Susan Knar Kelly Knueppel David Koene Lorie Koenigs Thomas Koenigs Carolyn Kohlman Iames Kohlman Daniel Koshute lill Koski Ieffrey Kotnick Lisa Kounelis Gina Kozloski Amy Kraemer Renee Kraus Tammy Krauss Kenneth Krebsbach Iulie Krist Penny Kropp Dave Krueger Dean Krueger Ginger Kunz Damian Lacroix Liv LaFleur Gary Lakin Teresa Lapine Ieff Leduc Michael Lenz Shari Lepsch Teresa Leque Kristin Lese Ieff Letourneau Travis Leu Amy Lewis Erik Lichtenberg Kaila Liebert Shelli Lindquist Tad Lipschultz Bridget Lloyd Kathrine Loehr Catherine Lowther Heather Luczak Shella Lueck Vickie Lueck 118 Sophomores XX .1-. K: lx ff ix El? 7 as 3 fi V46 W V 2 K Z, 1 -423 fm V, 92-ef .iw 4w.,a ,ef 4 X 4 Iennifer Scannell Ianet Schaalma Craig Scheel Bruce Scheer Tracy Schinker Amy Schmitz Dawn Schmitz Donald Schmitz Tammy Schmitz Todd Schmitz Kevin Schneider Melissa Schoenberg lean Schramm Michael Schreiber Ted Schroeder Mike Schuettpelz Melissa Schuff Andrew Schultz Kevin Schultz Robert Schultz Kim Schuppe Penny Schuppe Michael Schwarze Lynn Scott Michelle Scott Kellie Searl Karol Sebastiani Sarah Sell Melissa Sheldon Daniel Shepro Timothy Shepro Malia Shipe Guy Siedschlag Amy Sippel Dawn Smet 1. Torry Zupke concentrates on a game of chess. 2. During geometry, Karol Sebastiani laughs at a joke. 122-Sophomores Y X A 1. lenny Phillips goofs around 1 in the chorus room. Royal Smit Gary Snyder Pat Sokolik Lisa Solamita Ioel Sommerfeldt ludith Sommerfeldt Iesse Sook Michelle Sorrell Iennifer Spiering Kelly Sprotte Donald Stahmann Yvonne Sternitzky Ross Stewart Kelly Stitch Stacey Stockstad Nancy Stokely Tanya Stormo Iulie Storzer Sig Strautmanis Paul Styles Mike Summers Mark Supple Michael Sweet Dani Swift Vicki Swiss Ioel Templin Iohn Thiel Michelle Thomas Susan Thome Patricia Thomma Darby Thompson Eric Thompson Tracy Thompson Cheri Thornburg Iodi Thurow Sophomores-123 1 In the cafeteria, students enloy their lunch. Charles Timm loel Timmerman Robert Tompkins Michele Toney Ioseph Toriello Todd Trombley Iason Trtan Kerry Turner Nicholas Ullrich Dave Urquhar lack Vandeguchte Dawn Vandekolk Craig Vandermolen Iulie Vanerem Timothy Vermeulen Kosta Voulgaris Christine Waite Dawn Walter Iames Walters Rachel Walters Iamie Walz Larry Ward William Watry Mary Weber Leigh Weider Ann Wells Theresa Welnetz Carla Wendt Melissa West William Westphal Debra Wettstein Richard Wightman Thomas Wild Kimberly Wildes Tami Wilfong 124 Sophomores Eugene Ziegler Sharon Ziegler Torry Zupke Margaret Willis Randy Wirkus Rueben Witt Tom Wohlust loy Wolf Lynn Wood "Fred" Wowerat Brian Wunrow Dean Wurtz Neng Xiong Tamra Yndestad Robert Zande Robert Zehren Paul Ziegelbauer 1. While Damian LaCroix waits in line, Pat Ryan drinks from the bubbler. Sophomores-125 IU 1oRs Upon reminiscing about the junior class of 1984- 1985, several qualities of these students come to mind. They can be characterized not only by their group spirit, but also by their individualism. A special attitude of this class is accepting the student for what he is . . . whether a jock or a brain, a lover of french fries or caviar, a lover of Beethoven or a break dancer. This is the year in which the students begin to mold their personalities and seek their independence. The juniors have accomplished this, showing a bit of class and pizazz along the way. By leafing through the pages of memories in this section, the spirit and dedi- cation of these students is quickly revealed. 1. Forming a mold of Shelly Flaherty's face, Tracy Schaberg and Lisa Backus make art class a fun hour. 2. Dave Haase makes flowers for the junior class float. 3. During practice for the musical, Lisa Iulka tries to recall her lines. 4. Ioe Mietzel makes a hilarious nerd during Spirit Week. 126-Iuniors 'Wlf"9!"!!' 4-N gf: A 1? 9, 11 71-0 H V475 f Va? , 2, My ,wff17'5W'lz'f'7"L5 Y 5-f7uCIZ 711115 yxfffl pan, Yau! ff fL'UfX4fffL9 gyqf' Qffytbsi Q 22,001 LECQKULJ ffw,w4nf favs- TW M99 LPN' 5 ' ' if A VFW L7 fp MW K . 5 ASN Qi 4 128-Iuniors Ieff Abler George Agnos Forrest D. Ahonen Deb Albrecht Terry Albrecht Holly Alley Melissa Amidon William Amidon Bradley Amrhein Iulie Anderson Michael Andrew Amy Antlfinger Donna Arellano Michael Armstrong Laura Arndt Cheryl Arndt Tina Asmus Georgia Autio Lisa Backus Cindy Baehler Marsha Baierl Kelly Baldauf Kevin Balog Iodi Balog Iames Balthazor Gary Baltz Kim Barbeau Michael Barker Chris Bastien Michelle Batterman Tammy Battig Iohn Bauer Michael Beck Scott Beck Raymond Becoskie Robert Behnke Todd Beltezore Roxanne Bengel Stacey Berg Ginger Beuk Paul Beyer Tammy Bickelhaupt Brian Bieberitz Connie Binger Ann Bloodgood Scott Bond Todd Boris Iohn Borndahl Iody Braatz Kevin Braeger Kyle Brickle Lori Broennimann Scott Bronkhorst Phyllis Brooks Aaron Brown Howard Burgess XX X E 6 Mb X. ' 1 W FX ' , X . ....,. X Xmf N - .XX XX is S' ' in X X , . X' eg 4' X Q X X X N 3 N 'LX X Q X X S X X X X E, if fX Y VX 3 Q IH .. X X l 6 :XXX-W f is WA QX ...- fff Y XX Xa M 1' i 25' ' X 3. 'TXXQ , v 1 , ,504 F f ' W S ,,,, A fd WX f 2 2' ,nw NW, ' , 2 ST? WWW 'ff I , 51 4 Eff f Q iz Rui, N. . In I . 4- 1 N Q 1 RE, fm 5: X N, ,,... 3 xx N X If E X 2713 Z 4 ff 15 M My 5' 4. -4 ,Z 1 ? f iw, 55., M2 If 1 V Y if Q X After guiding sophomores on their first day of school, Sarah McNabb relaxes in the hall. A group of students work on the junior class float at the Uecker Witt warehouse. Daniel Dorn Patricia Doylen Debra Duehring Christine Dufrane Vincent Dyksinski Kevin Ebertz Cheri Eggers Iames Eggers Kurt Eggert Kent Elliott Mike Emmer Robert Ernest Lori Feiereisen Louis Feiereisen Ieanne Fellers Valerie Fendt Iay Field Shelly Flaherty Iames Flood Michelle Flores Donna Flynn Clare Fontechio Cheryl Foote Raymound Foote Iennifer Franz Pamela Freund Anthony Frey Linda Frisque Dawn Funk Marie Funk Mark Funk leff Gabel Erik Gaffney Steve Gehde Susan Gendron Iuniors-131 Phillip Gernenz Deborah Giebel Ioyce Giebel Robin Giles Gary Gilgenbach Tracy Gokey Iody Grahl Ieff Grapentine Iean Grassy Cynthia Griffin Deann Grube Shelly Grygleski Michelle Guell Steven Gurath Ioseph Gutreuter Kathryn Gyr Brian Haag David Haase Bruce Hackbarth Michele Hall Lori Hanisch 132-Iuniors 1. 2. Lori Feiereisen and Robin Giles practice a new piece in band. After watching a successful foot- ball game, Mike Lowther grins cheerfully. During a football game, Carolyn 1 Iodi Braatz joke in the stands. Lisa Hanna Niels Hansen Cary Hanson Darin Hanson Sean Hanson Anthony Harder Brian Harkins Andy Hass Deann Hau Iames Hausauer Iulie Hayes Karen Hayes Roy Heidger Christine Hellwig Ahmed Helmy Bryan Hencke Scot Henning Sharon Hermanns Sheila Higgins Linda Higley Christine Hilt magna A David Hilt Kerri Hinke Angel Hinkley Caroline Hintze Scott Hodkiewicz Thomas Hoepfner Roger Hoerth Charlotte Hoffman Thomas Hoffman David Holvick Ieff Holzheimer Lee Horey Robert Howe Paul Huber Olson and Iuniors-133 1. Wendy Burns and Robin Giles take time out from their Christmas shopping Getting into the holiday spirit Iulle Smith and Barb Nellessen tell Santa Claus what they want 2. " if ily S A'Ah' 'r 'lf xl Q, A 2 K " gfrnk 134-luniors Charla Huck Christine Huck Iill Hudzinski Rebecca Hug Paul Hughes Mark Huhn Genea Iacovelli Brenda Immel Dawn Immel Ieffrey Immel Valerie Irizarry Leslie Iaber Sharon Iames Ionathan Ianiak David Ianus Iacqueline Iensen Dirk Iohnson Mark lohnston Brian Iones Ann Iozefowski Lisa Iulka Pat Iurgensmier Iohn Karas Michael Karls Vicki Kastein Vickie Kautzer lulie Keenan Wendy Kelley Erin Kelly Patrick Kelly Timothy Kent Robert Kibler Iohanna Killinger Rebecca Kirchhoff Michael Kitts Before a movie, Michelle Peterson and Iohn Karas munch on some popcorn. Taco Iohn's is a regular lunch spot for Debbie Giebel, Geana Lacovelli, Shiela Higgins and Carie Zupan. if Mark Klapperich Eugene Kloiber Lois Kluza Amy Knuth Shannon Knuth Amy Koenigs Craig Koenigs Kristine Koenigs Wendy Koepp Patrick Kohlman lim Kollmansberger Kelly Koplitz Gayle Kozloski Regina Kozlowski Lori Krainer Michelle Kramer Ianice Kraus Kevin Kraus Susan Krause Penny Krawczyk Kellie Krenn Debra Krentz Iames Krueger Steven Krueger Tiffany Krueger Carol Kruncos Gaile Kurth William Kuru lason Kuske Peter Laborde Corey Lange Kathryn Langolf Mark Laning Steven Law Martina Lazich Iuniors-135 A NL Preparing for a long weekend, Lynda Culver and Debbie Duehring gather up their home- work. Beginning another day, Kieth Meyer goes to his locker before school. Steve Rost, Tom Wetzel, and Bill Kuru finish a productive band rehearsal. 136-Iuniors lim Lefeber Toby Lehman Connie Lemke Paul Letourneau Raymond Lindner Terry Lisowe Ieff Loehr Mike Lowther Iulie Luedke Kris MacLean Ami Io Mand Ieff Mand Dawn Manthe Theresa Mark Q mx YM QW if F SG 'EQ 138-juniors Leander Olig Carolyn Olson Corey Olson Ieffrey Olson Carla Osterholt Sean Ozolins Fidencio Padilla Debra Palkovich Pamela Panetti Carla Pankratz Tabitha Parker Melissa Paulsen lane Paulson Debra Percy Douglas Percy Richard Petak Christine Peters Susan Peters David Peterson Michelle Peterson Susan Piper Iudith Poehlman Garrett Polakoski Lisa Porter lim Poulin Paul Prellwitz Shaun Pressnell Tracy Prust Cecilia Qualy Darcy Quimby Ann Rabbitt Billy Ramos Iohn Ransom Max Rasberry Shirley Rauch Kathleen Reiland David Reilly Michael Reilly Laura Reim Brenda Rentmeister Mary Resop Rodney Rickli Ianice Riederer Ronald Riemersma Ryan Rispalie Mark Rodenkirch Dale Roen Nancy Roethig Daniel Roggentine Charles Rogler Albert Rodriguez Steven Rost Richard Roth lay Rudolph Iulie Rudolph Paul Rumbuc 1 Denise Sahel Christie Sabel Iillayne Salter Iudith Salter Lori Samuel lay Sandberg Kelly Sanville Elizabeth Sawyer Gary Schabel Tracy Schaberg Vicki Scheel Susan Schihline Ronald Schmitz Scott Schmitz ll At the Tuckers' Christmas party, Wendy Willis tells Kelly Sanville a joke. During a gymnastics meet, Shelly Weberg leaves the mat victorious. Sandy Defnet is absorbed in the action of a home basketball game. After school Mark Lanning and Ieff Abler encourage each other in Weightlifting. f a v f 2 Iuniors-139 iw. iii UQQQ fig E 5 -. S x if 5' X 3 'e NN X x' 1 'X Q X Q i N 'X we x X 'R RX X 5 X , - 1 rj . 4 x Q wr ? 4 R S H . 4 ,Vi,- V ' W WM V24 ':" ' if f' 4 , 433 4. mm H " 1 H N. ,awk -Q NW' .Q x I 333 A Q xx' fel S --f- , - 1. Qi .xx A- X . 1:3 iw hw" ' i if M hiALAb X "S .1 r, 'R X LY! , ' 3 Q ..Q . ,ff Q , A. gi, 'S Q . J N W f .gi SL --15. A aw X56 N i , X. A f-' 1. S -nada x : Qs-Q ' Y ? A XS -X. ilk Q ,fl 1 .k,A ,,,. N- W X - as X 'W is 142-luniors 1. In the chorus room Melody Vander- Vaart and Connie Wegener await the beginning of Girls Glee rehearsal. 2. Before cheerleading practice Pam Panet- ti, Charla Huck, Wendy Burns and Toni Ferdinand look over some new cheers. W Kristin Urban Robin Vandermolen Melody Vandervaart Brenda VanHorn David Velasco Melissa Wagner lames Walgenbach Michele Walker Ieffrey Walters Angela Ward Clark Webb Iacquelyn Webb Michelle Weberg Connie Wegener Tony Wegner Brenda Weigel Rachelle Weiner Michael Wendt Carl West Kristin Westerhouse Thomas Wetzel f M? While at the Tucker's Christmas party, Tanya Mellen feeds Vickie Kastein. Working at the Mall, Casey Shultz deals with the Christmas rush. Elizabeth Seidel, Mi- chelle Merz, and Crystal McCrory share a joke in the hall before sixth hour. , 9X Bill White Iennifer Wilcox Lynn Wilcox Patrick Wild Sheri Wilfong Lori Wilhelme Brian Willie Wendy Willis Donald Winke Angela Wirth Patricia Wirtz Betty Wolf Andrea Wondra Wendy Yndestad Amy Ziegelbauer Craig Ziegler Ioseph Ziegler Tammy Zoellner Sara Zoschke Carrie Zupan Troy Zupke Iuniors-143 SE IORS Daniel Webster defines a senior as a person older, or of higher rank, or of longer standing than another. However, a senior is much more than that. A senior in high school is a person on the verge of becoming an adult. It is a person struggling for individuality and, in many cases, success. A glance back at senior year highlights a few once in a lifetime events. Memories of Homecoming, Prom, football and basketball games, pizza places, and dates most frequently come to mind. Yet this year some very unique things happened. Break dancing and weekly dances at St. Peter lanes be- came popular. A dispute over allowing Purple Rain as the Homecoming theme arose. Mark Sharenbroich made an inspiring and hu- morous speech. And who can forget shopping at Goodwill. Although this year was characterized by passivity and complacency, its memories will live on. 1. Vicki Nett, Sherif Mityas, Kerri Hinke, and other band members "enthusiastically" watch a basketball game. 2. lim Iarvis and joel Kaphengst show how studying can be enjoy- able. 3. During Physics class, Lori Walters stands on Mr. Iohnson, who is lying on a bed of nails. 4. Showing school spirit, Mari Sablay, Angie Iustman, Tom Carrollo, Melinda McCall, and Meg Sesing enjoy a basketball game. 144-Seniors Seniors-145 Brian Abitz Deann Abitz Kevin Abitz Belinda Abler Mark Abrahamson Todd Abrahamson Theresa Acheson Ingrid Adolphson Cheryl Albrecht Doug Ales Cathryn Anderson Iennifer Anderson Sheryl Andrews Robert Arthur Barbara AikiIIS Ieffrey Augustine Robert Bacon Debora Baehler Bryan Bahr Tammy Bahf Darrilyn Ballwanz lack Balog Brenda Balson Bruce Balson Robert Balson 146-Seniors lames Balthazor Elisabeth Bankstahl Iody Barbeau Scott Barbeall Chi-H185 B3ffkl'l9Cht Douglas Barton Charles Bartus Ann Bastian Michael Bauer Iermie Becker Linda Becker Raymond Beebe Sue Beer Iennifer Beerbaum R0b91'f BSUSOU Ieffrey Berger Glenn Berry Nancy Bestor Dawn Beuk Tgdd Beyer ff 5 A , , r, A ' Ieff Bickelhaupt Sandra Birschbach Nancy Bliefnick Kelli Bliskey Thomas Bonlander Seniors-147 Maria Bonnell leffrey Boogren Laura Bostwick Kelly Brachmann Cheryl Bradel l Debra Braeger Ianice Brajdic Rick Braun Thomas Brennan Lisa Brilrkle Steven Burgert Michele Burgess Scott Buteyn Paul Canfield Thomas Carrollo Elizabeth Christie Tracy Clemetson Amy Davidson Lisa Day D0reerl Delap Ann Delponte Debbie Dobyns Andrew Doll Laura Dow Margaret Doyle 148-Seniors 1. Taking advantage of the opportunity to speak with Mr. Sorenson, Lori Twohig asks questions about the SAT, -W E 5623571 1 --me Wy ' Michael Doylen Iames Dreifuerst M ' , . N f V' .,,. , 5 ' T ,e " 5 ,w.....,.,,, f f T . . -"P ""i' Q " ' 'm'?"'7""'q-H---I " 9 "1, . Valerie Dyksmski Kim Eggers ' ' , " if - ' J 1 Tracy Eggers Brian Eggleston Michael Egli Margot Eilert Danny Eisenach T 5- 4 N" ,, W ,, V , ku -C Derek Ellingson Robert Ellison Mary Enders Iacqueline Engle Miflhael EDDH Christine Erickson Deborah Estaville Mark Faris Theresa Feiereisen Katherine Fellman Seniors-149 Ns X is 5521 fx IV 'Z up rf . M? s Q, Hi Q9 Qty, X. w. XX X V Dawn Funk l w Michael Furnner Michael Gebhardt Iudi Gesell Lisa Giese Diane Gilgenbach Theresa Girardi Iames Goebel Steven Goeden Garrett Goodrich Reed Gordon 1. Barb Merkel is having a "grate" time in home ec. class. 2. During an away football game, a rowdy crowd cheers the team on to victory. Nancy Gores Christine Gormican Mike Grapentine Martin Griepentrog Iulie Gross Tammy Grossman Paul Guell Dave Gurno Charles Gyrion Seniors-151 Michael Hammock Louis Handy Linda Hannes , Amy Hansen D112-H19 Hanson as Cheri Hardell Rhonda Hardgrove Narda Hatcher Margaret Hauer Heidi Hausinger Ioy Hebenstreich Russell Hendrix Teresa Hermanns Rodney Hernandez Todd Herrenbruck Amy Higgins Kristine Higgins ,KW ul Wi l 1. Senior Spanish Club members Angie J lustman and Mari Sablay take charge of f R the Nacho Sale. Kim Hochrein Iulie Hodkiewicz 152-Seniors Ieffrey Hodoff Anthony Hoepfner Lynn Hoffmann Lisa Howard Peggy Hurt 1. Passing time during open campus, lan Newby, Pam Senger, and Sue Rosen- baum "study". David Hodorff Sherry Hoerth 4 1 V xr David Holdmann Dianne Holland Robert Holsman Ann Hornes Y Iames Hubbell Paul Huber Mary Huck Daniel Huhn X . rf-fi , Douglas Hynek Andrew lmmel Brenda lmmel Gary Immel Seniors-153 Sharon Kelly Iames King Ieff Klapperich Susan Koenigs Daniel Kraus Kenneth Kibler Anthony Kimble Susan Kind Cherie King l Karen King Leland Kitts Steven Klabunde Brian Klapperich Brock Klaus Annette Klawitter Edward Knecht Kim Knepel Anthony Kohlman Barbara Korneli Ioseph Kowalkowski Herbert Krahn Kathy Io Kraus Peter Kraus Michael Krebsbach Nanette Krebsbach Seniors-155 Nw ,xg-Q. , X 61 . -. -ggi: gx X SS ,E if Qs x SNS? X My S.. - X i MTX gn, N X .Q x X X X 'iff :Fi . E k Vw X 3-FQ in Q S' . W. ww -Fir Q M-. , A f fl:-iff Christine Langolf Anthony Lechner Robert Lefeber Andrea Lehmann S116 Leisses lacquelme Lemke Norman Lemke Dean Lewis Ryan Liebert Lori Lindberg Andrew Luther Michael Madel Chuck Gyrion watches on as an officer shows the many uses of the computer in crime pre- vention. At a Student Council workshop in Neenah, Andrea Lehmann, Mary Foote, and Amy Hig- gins "enjoy" the cafete- ria food. Seniors-157 Iennifer Mangas Lori Marshall Melinda McCall Barbara Merten Ieffrey Mielkie Seniors Iulie Manos David Manthey Kristin Marcoe Bernadine Marshall Michele Martin Iohn Marx Michael Maurice Christine May Michelle McCrory William Mc:Galloway Demetra Menas Barbara Merkel , I Darren Meyer Karla Michalowske Iill Michels Iennifer Mick Na ale., - W t Marsha Mies David Mikalofsky Iulie Mikalofsky R0ger Miller X U is if ,M ' - 6 ,V ,Q , Q0 , n 0 x . ...sw ,1 ,Q fb 2 5 Y Mi . MN! . , .... .X ff? UWA. f Af f , . 41' lf f f 1 I W f f , 5, f 5 4? I , f 2 hw. sgj. MW 1 Z 'Q 5 9' + Q sl N5-1: MQ, X. ' Ex . X 'kv N V 1? Nkmasvf. X Rick Mueller Eric Nelson i Y K 2-. Kristine Net! Vickie Nett 1 Ianwyn Newby Chris Newton Carrie Nickel Iames Oelke Robert Oja Kristine O'Neil Keith Otte Stephanie Otto Brenda Papenfuss Chris Parr 2 V Iulie Paulin Ellen Pauly Seniors Ringo Pauly Edward Pavlick Gary Pelletier lohn Pelletier Rebecca Peters Iulie Peters Troy Pflum Michael Peichowski Kevin Pierce Marcie Piper av!! , , ,, A ', V y '41 X A V i VV,,,Zv ,, ,, , 3 Daniel Plaisance Attempting to impress Dianne Holland, Bob Holsman shows his break dancing "skill", During EAA, Charles Barfknecht leans against one of the airplanes. A few days after the be- ginning of school, these seniors celebrate open campus. Seniors-161 Bill Pollard Kecia Pollom Mark Post Kristine Preissner Glenn pnest Stephanie Quinn Robert Raab Michele Ralt Robbie Ramirez Stacey Raube 162-Seniors '1. 2. 3. 1 During the school ski trip, a student skis dangerously over a hill. Mike Lowther and Scott Barbeau smile as Mike Bauer shows off his new lunch box. Debbie Estaville looks on as Michelle McCrory chooses pictures for the year- book. Bob Holsman reads in the background. biiyfiix Tina Reilly Walter Reimer Laura Reinbacher Ann Rentmeister Danielle Reynolds Susan Rieder Christine Riley Dean Rinke Lisa Ristau Iennifer Remo Daylen RBITIUS Ioseph Ries Patrick Riha Michael Ristau Timothy Ritchie Dennis Roberts lean Roberts l . -If? will K .. 1- M . 1-' . fsf . . Q.- 1 y 1 A gr X .Y .. M j? "--- t A .. Hector Rodriguez Allen Roehrig - r Xrr-- r if tttt. - L """""" 'sfff lei . s.s,yVQ'f L Seniors-163 Before the Cheerleaders Car Wash, Pam Senger enjoys making a poster. In the background, Mr. B. overlooks the library as Doreen Delap, Kim Eggers, and Nancy Bliefnick study. Margaret Rogers Susan Rosenbaum Spring Rossey Chris Rost Lisa Rowlands Colleen Ruch Iodi Ruch Kevin Rude David Ruples Iayne Rupple Chris Sabel Dennis Sabel George Sabel Tammy Sabel Mariano Sablay Brian Salm Barbara Sass leffrey Sass Iodi Sattler Steven Saunders Diane Schaub 164-Seniors o l Laura Scheibach Tracy Schessow Anne Schmitz l 2 , leffrey Schmitz Susan Schmitz Thomas Schmitz Gregory Schneider Karen Schneider Robin Schneider Iulie Schob Cleve Schultz Michael Schultz Craig Schwartz Theresa Schwartz Karin Sebastiani Pamela Senger Tammy Senk Margaret Sesing Ioe Sharkus Raymond Sharp Daniel Shelly Seniors-165 Iohn Sheimo Mark Siedschlag Michael Simon Cheryl Skupas Bruce Smith Michele Snyder Wendy Snyder Amy Sommers Tanya Soukup Paul Spiering Bradley Spoerke Melissa Spoerke Lori Spranger Kim Sprotte Michael Stacey 1. Unsuccessfully, Mr. Lemery tries to capture the interest of Rick Stoeg- bauer, Tim Thomas, and Kevin Abitz. 2. Mark Iohnson and Ed Knecht are experimenting with india ink. Richard Smith l 166-Seniors X Brenda Stahmann Todd Stanelle I 'xx or NN gi 2 I Q.. . . Lisa Steinacker Rebecka Stelmacher Cameron Stewart Richard Stoegbauer Stephon Stollfus Steven Strobel james Sullivan we Michael Tagliapietra Lori Tank Teresa Tasch Ellen Theisen Amy Theissen Patricia Thomas Timothy Thomas james Thome Caroline Thomson Mark Thurow Seniors-167 an As the crowd watches expectantly, Doug Barton sets himself for a freethrow. Watching the wrestling practice, Vicki Nett and Sheryl Andrews suddenly no- tice the camera. Christine Tobin Kathleen Tobin Tina Tonn Francis Torres Christine Treleven Brent Trewin Lori Twohig Bradleigh Utz Richard Valtierra Gary Vandermolen Lesley Vanhorn Nancy Van Mieghem Iulie Vercouteren Eleni Voulgaris Terry Wagner Seniors Phil Walgenbach Mary Wals Lori Walters Karen Wegener Terry Wegner Donna Weinshrott Chris Werdin Randall West Brian Westerman Nancy Io Westphal E , N Larry Wetzel Kelley White Kurt Wilde Lisa Wilhelms Mary Willett Scott Willis Kevin Winter Thomas Wisner Linda Wollersheim Marcella Wondra if s 1 W Michele Wonser William Yunker Eugene Zenner Terri Ziegler Linda Zipperer Seniors-169 Iii' :Z X - 3 cf 170-We I1 ill 5 N N ,, . if K N 'gilt ,ra ff: M., '1 1: C P , liz . ff 15 : i i is N I i . N lx 1 is XXX--.Q--4 AN X l ur, .-', '., Q t ff' ' E f' 'H 'fi-iieul --Q N ' - I " lr, 'X . - f S' e I f ff-Q, ' f . 12,35 . if xx x, X ' - f i f . . . . Ei:-in H YW uf .111 XX X' l A K , I I I fx l E F l V- 5' W'-fm , if .-fin'-A1-it-Q'-lx K. X ' H ' i . ' ' ' '? 'if r' 'L N " ggi X Xx I, :ff V l 5 Q .K b I ' vu . ilk' " '!'.. , R vc, M .if V mx i .L X gh, U X,-1 - A,V -,-4. ,- 1 vs, f--' 6 far.. Y i i f ,. ' ' 'p"'jiT' kr . Egg.. '. 1- i l , 11. , . f -' n ..' -.-'::1.f::sQ-:H - N w ri 1 . i , f ', fi 5 3 ,eq ff- - X X H Q - , s 1 .--1.-e--be "ef 1. N infl .-1 t 1 - - Q .-f .V .H N- i-,A Wi, g if Y f i .K ' -7 ll ' V A f ..,- . -f f' W i" ' ' - V' . . U i.: - A 7 ' i gl 1, f - Q ,,,,,.1a-P-',F','Lf-':""a ' ..-f - 3 l If ...0V'n 5 jf- '17 I l ' ,-'JO f- - wi f .fi fi.j 1 ff ...wt lp, Q g , . 1 fi, , Ax! Our Ol' Goodrich High I N Q. 2 ' In the silence of the night, I hear the soft sound of if 'rig ' qi . the snow and the wind enclosing the ground. 5 A A blanket of white conceals summers green grassg X -, ' X the lakes become dormant and covered with glass. I , ' The presence of winter marks the end of the year Q Y ' and with springtime approaching, graduation is K 5 near Q We remember a time of our earlier days: that first ll day of school and our child-like ways ' More than a decade has passed since that point in C time: now we've finished the race and we've mas- . tered the climb . f As we proudly accept the diploma at last, we A M ,jp prepare for the future, but cherish the past ""' ,, Now that we're done, it is time we must part to a I "'- f I- new occupation or college we start ' ' .. Wherever we go and what new things we try, we Q just will not forget our ol' Goodrich High c YIQQ . V. . by Allen Roehrig ' .A fl' X'-fiQv5x5S-kjjlb 5 .l WljIf'e1t7JJ,1, ' ' ' ls , ,f C J' -.-fri ' . 44:5 ci X I r l N I I I NN ai' l wlf:x'lxXil!ll f l ' W' " ' 'x Hxx-NX? J S "lb, - ' .xx " X 4.x N- A l-Kip lx I. -Q- . 2 9 ul . gimzir 1 " Y , As- "' .,.' - t l ','.'-'14- f lf w is in 11 ,'f' .1 -'v' '-'-' 21.1 h ' X X f' fl. W.,,,,i . 5 W 'tw NF'-Ngo i s is , n. .5-g.' I :- 1- . vig -.,4 - X V ix .H . xv' , Vu I ,' U N owne., 'H I ' 5' ' .,f4.g' 'IOG- We-171 ENTERTAINMENT The entertainment industry's chief target is teenagers. Probably because we thrive on it. After being couped up in school all day, we look to music, movies, and T.V, for some fun and diversion in our free time. A lot of memories were generated this past year from entertainment. In music, the biggest concert of last summer had to be the lack- son's Victory Tour: Michael himself also remained hot, riding on the success of his smash album Thriller. "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen also had an immensely popular tour. Cindy Lauper emerged as the top new female artist. Billy loel and Christie Brinkley tied the knot. Steve Perry of Iourney and Dennis De Young of Styx each opted to go solo at least for the time being. And Prince burst into the spotlight with a hit album and a starring role in the movie, "Purple Rain". At the box office, two extremely successful and hilarious com- edies highlighted the year's movies Ghostbusters and Beverly Hills Cop. On the flip side, Steven Spielberg's latest, Gremlins, was not as popular as it was expected to be. The top television shows for the year were "The Cosby Show", "Dallas", "Dynasty", "Cheers", and "the A-Team". The board game also made a comeback with the popularity of Trivial Pursuit, a game which greatly adds to your knowledge of 'he world. By the way, what is the only marsupial residing in the United States? POLITICS On the political scene, Ronald Reagan's landslide victory over challenger Walter Mondale enabled the president to continue with his second term. While Mondale was unsuccessful in unseat- ing Reagan, his candidacy had historical significance. By choosing Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate, Mondale was the first presidential candidate to select a woman. Major issues of the campaign included the economy. The uncontrolled federal deficit, nuclear arms freeze, and prayer in the classroom. While farmers in America suffered the pains of over production, internationally, massive famine ravaged many coun- tries in Africa, threatening the lives of millions. A chemical leak at the Union Carbine plant in India killed 12,000 people. After years of impasse, arms talks between the United States and Soviet Union gave some hope to the slowing of the arms race. In Wisconsin the drinking age once again became a heated is- sue. Wisconsin schools proudly accepted the number one ranking in the nation for ACT test scores. Locally, the Retlaw hotel underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. Responsibility for school nursing service became a controversy between the city council and the school board. A record number of candidates ran for school board positions as in- terest in school district news received increased attention. GOODRICH Ten, eleven, or twelve years from now, when you are attending your class reunion, what will you reminisce upon about your days at Goodrich? Many events made the memories that you will look back at in years to come. Looking back at last fall, homecoming seems like a good place to start. The theme was "Knights in White Satin." Scott Barbeau and Nancy Bestor were crowned king and queen. The senior class surmounted two incidences of van- dalism to win the class float competition. We can be proud of the accomplishments of our athletes during the past year. The volleyball team won the Fox Riv- er Valley Championship. The hockey team also triumphed in the Badgerland Hockey Conference. The wrestlers won the sectional title and sent four wrestlers to the State Tour- nament. The girls golf team placed fourth at the State meet. The golfers were led by Laura Sheibach's third place among individuals. Meg Sesing qualified for her second State meet in cross country. Under the direction of former Goodrich star player, Dick Diener, the boys basketball team season ended with a heartbreaking loss at the regionals. Excellence in performance was not just limited to athlet- ics. Goodrich students enjoyed many other successes. No one is likely to forget the school play "The Curious Savage" or the musical "Of Thee I Sing." Academically, four Good- rich students were named as National Merit Finalists. They were Bob Arthur, Ienny Mick, Sue Leisses, and Ioe Sharkus. This year L.P. Goodrich itself underwent some changes. Additions were built on to the southwest corner of the building. The addition space is utilized by many organiza- tions such as wrestling and orchestra. Probably the biggest news of the year was Mr. Theil's announcement of retirement. Kurt Theil served as princi- pal here for 13 years. It's a lPlasticj Iungle Out There On my way home from school the other day, something rather strange came to my attention. Why are so many people so infatuated with plastic wildlife? I mean, some yards are just crawling with it. Why are these animals there and where do they come from? How long will they stay? lust who do these people think they are fooling with their plastic squirrels, rabbits and deer? Certainly no human being is dumb enough to believe these creatures are real. Any real squirrel is smart enough to tell the difference between a plastic imposter and one of his own. The plastic herd of deer meticulously grouped together in a backyard on Bruce Street is a real riot. What next? Plastic hunters? My personal favorite, and it is a classic, is the great, plastic flaming pink flamingo ltry saying that 10 times fastl Now folks what could Fond du Lac a town a fair distance from Florida possibly have to offer a pink flamin- go? Get real' I dont know about the rest of you but personally I would like to go on a synthetic safari and put these artificial varmits where they belong in a plastic garbage can Anonymous O Q . f Qmfudggyau ff 5 K ,J .1 I Af I a p ., - 0 0 ofhd s .,., 1 ,- Xxx? NW 17 We it 'J Q Q Hn if Q -r - ,... -A f . sr s Qt , 1 ' ,rtf f Q ' 1' Q X 'C f . ,fit ,, r I . I x ,, if ' qi' I Q ' 'ass' - 2 -T .1 wg -' ,. 1.4 .ls ll- , p . ' '-N", ' I v, arf 1,21 :if xl if fl 2,- I hi, 'f 4- Q . Q gi ffm., y I ix if O I: gl 5 .hw 1 on Ns. f if .ff at qv f'9 4 'L'-' I 'gf 'K 'X Il? x f l 'X A View of Reality It is 1:00 a.m. and the wheel hangs empty. No orders for the last half hour. The heat rises off the vacant grill like the morning fog off a calm lake. The smell of hot grease escapes the fryers and lingers in the still air to my displeasure. Two policemen drink- ing coffee in a booth and an old man smoking a stale cigar at the counter are all I see. The waitresses gossip at a water station waiting for the door to open. Nothing to do so I wipe off the already clean counter top. A few dishes clank in back as the hands of the clock lazily continue their trip around and around the face. What seems like hours are only minutes as I sip some ice-cold water. The door finally opens and in walk a few drunks from a near-by bar. They stumble after the waitress as she seats them, their speech is slurred. She takes their order and hangs it on the wheelg "two big boys and fries" she calls out. I throw the meat on the grill and listen to it sizzle. Time trudges on. by Ieff Boogren '85 K, fx.. firm 14221112 -TM nf! -1 A '- v ' J" TAS' f ,Z -. 'fx-N, ' I ' Yt".l li' r . 'lj I All 'J' '55'v n' ' ' iff.. " X nj l l , 4 flu. . ' PM 'es - I U I .' ,v QV 1 'yi' .4 Q' 1' f 'Q X NWI 3 f VP "' 1 ' :fi 0 1, ',0 . . ,t it 4? , . 56 l ABQ 4 gy- . -'71 S? W Q, f.-. A If is ,,sbo:,Q' f , .I 212.3 ,fjgr '1 I i at-"5 ,r V R H' V r v J l Q-, .,,,, Aww Goodbye, Goodrich Sometime during this summer, I will be leaving Goodrich and Fond du Lac to spend a year as a foreign exchange student through Rotary International. I know that my year will be fun and exciting-and, yet, I will miss my senior year and graduation. But, I think my past two years here at Goodrich have made up for that with all the memories I have and will share with others. I will always remember the start of my sophomore year. Good- rich didn't seem that big-until the next day when the juniors and seniors came. I spent the year trying to understand the semester test schedule, always finding new staircases, and being wary of upperclassmen who seemed to be "allergic to sophomores". Since my locker was on the third floor for two years, I must have climbed thousands of stairs. I remember spending the summer with a nervous driver education teacher. The junior year added more responsibility to everyone. A job was a must to pay for gas, insurance, clothes, lunch food, and, not to mention, speeding tickets. Now it was our turn to yell t'Sopho- mores!" when they got up to leave from gym at the ten minute bell. Now, it was our turn to pick activities first. Now it was our turn to come in second in the homecoming parade. And, now, it was our turn to organize activities to raise money for senior events. My past two years at Goodrich have given me many good memories to keep and share with my new family overseas. I real- ly will miss sharing with all of you the activities of the senior year. You will be with me in my thoughts and I'll keep in touch-I hope that you will, too. As they say in French, "Ar revoir, mes amis!" lGoodbye, my friendsll Wish me luck! by Iulie Strasser I ,f2Ff?ff'tif!1fiQ. L Qt 'Af 3 Ni .-, Q X f , .I i eil , ,lj lf. ,1 f' ",z3""' " wgw. .f Q 'K Frm The End of a Brilliant Future Iamie sat nervously, chewing polished fingernails as her seemingly mammoth history teacher, Mr. Hansen, took his leisurely time handing back the last grueling test jamie and her classmates had suffered through. After what seemed like a million centuries, Mr. Hansen finally reached Iamie's desk. Smirking down at her from his towering height, Mr. Hansen looked like an elephant ready to squash a timid mouse. Shaking like a leaf, Iamie grasped the paper Mr. Hansen unceremoniously shoved at her with a raucous laugh. Slow- ly she glanced at her grade. A big, fat, red D-minus! Iamie couldn't believe her eyes! It was devastating! Suddenly the room became a claustrophobic cubicle with gaudy, irridescent, orange walls that blinded and hurt her eyes. The chipped gray linoleum floor was three feet deep in dust and dirt. The two million year-old desks were midget size and on their last legs. Any slight move- ment would disintegrate them in a split second. Everyone Iamie looked at wore twisted, mocking smiles, and maliciously flaunted their superior grades. As Iamie sluggishly dragged her feet out of the splintered, creaking door of the temple of doom, she thought she would never again experience even a slight shade of happiness. An ugly D-minus had ruined an extremely brilliant future! by Denise Schneider Attack of the Killer Pickles "I asked for a hamburger without pickles, and this is what you gave me. This hamburger has pickles on it," said the indignant customer. "Oh, I'm sorry. I must have grabbed the wrong one," replied the timid wait- ress. "Well, your mistake could have cost me my life. I'm allergic to pickles!" shouted the customer, whose face had turned a bright pink in the midst of this excitement. "I, I," stuttered the waitress whose face was turning very pale. "Don't give me that! I want to talk to the manager of this dump!" interrupted the customer. "I'll go get her," replied the girl as she walked away, "Well, hurry up! I don't have all day to wait," snapped the customer. A tall, thin woman with glasses emerged from the back room. She had a concerned look on her face. She walked right up to the counter where the woman was standing and asked cheerfully, "Can I help you, Ma'am?" "You certainly can, if you are the manager of this so-called restaurant. I ordered a hamburger without pickles. just look at the hamburger I got. Look!" exclaimed the woman as she shoved it under the manager's nose. "I'm terrible sorry. I will have a hamburger with no pickles made immedi- ately for you." She walked over to the microphone and called for a hamburger without pickles. The worker making hamburgers was laughing the whole time that the lady was complaining. He stopped long enough to make a hamburger without pickles. The manager stood nearby to ensure that the hamburger didn't have pickles on it. When the worker had completed the hamburger, he handed it to the manager. The manager walked up to the woman and handed it to her. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience," she stated in a pleasing tone. The woman grabbed the hamburger and turned around to walk out the door with her nose high in the air. The manager turned toward the trembling waitress, smiled and walked away. by Donna Weinshrott We-175 As my senior year was fast approaching, my family left forlEurope. In Europe we visited eight countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxumberg, West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Liechtenstein. Our first night we stayed in Utrecht. The hotel was an experience for us. The halls had vending machines that sold beer. There was no T.V. I had a real fun time trying to figure out how to take a shower in a sit-down tub with no curtain to keep the water from spraying all over. While in Germany we stayed in a walled city one night tRotenbergj. Another night we fulfilled a fantasy I'm sure everyone has had at one time or another... That of sleeping in a castle lCastle Harberbl. We also visited the concentration camp where the Nazis sent criminals, homosexuals, priests, and enemies of the government. It is extremely sad to see man's inhumanity towards his fellow man. It was a very som- ber experience. We spent our last night on the town in Amsterdam-taking in some Indonesian food, some vibes from guys jamming tunes in the streets, watching drug deals taking place, and witnessing people solicit themselves. On our way back I thought of all the things that will never be the same. . . especially me. Cool temperatures, funny door knobs, sit-down showers, fast driving, cars, excellent meats, the different foods, the unique people, and all the spectacular sights that I may never see again. I am convinced, however, that America is the richest and most beautiful country that I have ever seen. -By Eric Nelson IJ MJ 5-9 Lu Lb QE at 'ii L- P-H rf' fl .,x .' - sit .H 'I Ya r' ti ll-. ka ivaxucnroxr lg Var Hx 'Q - 313,919 I IN I was impressed by Britain's buildings. Buildings so tremendously old, I couldn't believe it. Stone steps actually hollowed out from millions and mil- lions of feet moving to their destination. Inns and quaint shops of medieval times lean over as if to say they had enough of standing tall and wished to recline to rest their creaking but solid structures. With glory and importance long since gone, stately castles atop hills stand defiantly and proudly. Unfortunately, these impressive and beautiful places clash with today. Cars tear and roar among the narrow streets, blackening the walls and destroying what is in their path. Finally, trains rat- gb Ca ffcsnf-1-d 1 Q'--f"'-122.3 rj 5 fl - 0 .QE Ui iii' 52 x 6 If lu 'I Ffffllr mreffffi 1 Pl if :Q tle and bang X, . N my . . -u.- I 4 H, W I p p ,. ,A x x 6 2 . V , A , ' fi ai . 'ii' I I l -X' l A - ii. 1 - Tafvv, gf ' W , lI?3YfVSz!,:': is . 1 I .- I ll. .ek . vi .4 ,n I' 1. TJ: viizjru U , 'inf 176-We their way an hour behind schedule. People at every turn rush on by without much of a thought to the ancient buildings and the message they have to convey. Because of all this commotion, I was frustrated in my attempts to appreciate the places of old, and I am sorry to have missed out on their messages. I shall have to return some day, perhaps in a more peaceful way to try again. -By Laura Morgan What's Paradise? Mile long beaches? A crystal blue sea with white-capped surfs? Palm trees swaying in gentle winds? An island in the sung in the ocean: in the Carribbean maybe Puerto Rico, Iamaica, Martinique, St. Thomas? Barbados fits this hapless stereotype: a Carribbean is- land with blue seas caressing white beaches. But if this is Paradise, then it has hidden drawbacks only visible to its natives and lon -stay visitors. Laziness is its worst enem . Its inhabitants sack ambition and zealg however, they dlb express a fervor for love towards their homeland, but their patriotism stops there. Like of crime, greed, or insensitivityg but that doesn't mean that you can't find friendly, helpful, unselfish Bajans. Are these characteris- tics of Paradise? Does the perfect Paradise exist? Is Paradise filled with love, happiness and security? My paradise is. Does Paradise show you new experiences, let you feel new emotions, give you opportunities? My para- dise does. I've been fascinated and bored: welcomed and alienat- ed. I've felt isolated and lonel . I've learned the meaning of need, of the value of friendls, familiarity, and opportu- nity. And I've learned about Paradise and its stereotypes. When I'm happy I'm in Paradise. When I'm love I'm experiencing Paradise. Where I'm safe and secure is where my Paradise is. Can you find love, hap iness, and security on an island such as Barbados? Maybe. But it's riot my paradise. But, just being an island, nestled in a remote art of our planet, neither guarantees nor negates one's chances of findin Paradise. My not-so-perfect I fi , I K '26-T ' Qf'fCLT5l , fi -f x 4,73g?oA - , f V X Il t I ' I "2 -5'-7. fait ' I 'I T. ., dgffsa X - I I It -1' I ? 'fs . llli ' I Wx tl NN xx K ., It X xt ' ll tl lyk ? ,Z If X - " ' ?' aradise is here with my fiiends and family, who give me happiness, love, and security. lThe author, Dianne Holland, spent two months in Bar- bados on an AFS foreign exchangel lf X I I I I 4- 1 t , X I K Xt . ' . X ' ' 1 . X i ' ' x I R5 ,, x ,X X I. all .A K 17? k . I.: -. ' nd X , K ' 1 me I -f V 1 HB6 gi? "Oh, look! It's a Koala bear! I wish I had one for a pet, mum. They're so cute and cuddly!" A little girl pointed excitedly at my sister and me-the newest exhibits in Average City Zoo, U.S.A. "But we're not bears," I protested to Kandy, "we're marsupials. Everyone knows that, don't the ?" As the day wore on, I found out I was wrong. Everyone decfared that we were Koala bears. "Boy, maybe I am wrong. Maybe, we are bears after all." My thoughts whirled that night as I tried to slee . My baby sis- ter, Kandy, and I had been shipped to the Uniteclf States from a wildlife refuge in Australia, and we had arrived just last night. The next thing we knew, we were in the midst of a crowd of strangers who called us "neat," and tried to feed us popcorn, of -By Dianne Holland - 'X . l' , " f UM " ' , .- ni 1 , f 3 A . -'tf'ges "M .J Ns .V !'g' . J A-if ': W5'5'f"' . X all things! They talked funny, too. The next morning my sister and I inspected our surroundings. There were bears on one side, and monkeys on the other. So many more people stopped by our cage, than by the other animals' cages. We began to fee conspicuous. So over lunch, we decided to ecome more "normal," then everyone wouldn't point and stare at us. Since everyone was callin us bears, we decided to try to act like bears. Kandy and I ambled around the cage, sat down once in awhile, swatted at things with our paws-but when we tried to stand on our hind legs, we couldn't do it! Bruno Bear was doing it, so we had to be able tog but no, we failed at it again and again. continued on page 178 We-177 , 8 - Fulfillment Recently, I walked with her through the park. The shimmer of the rising sun streaked cheerfully through the tall oak trees. The frost glistened radiantly on the soft grass. The warm touch of her tender hand was enough to warm my en- tire body. As we walked, the crackling of fallen leaves under our footsteps sounded like a symphony to me. Nearby, in one of the channels, a pair of beautiful Mallards gracefully cut a "V" in the water as they glided by us. The water was crystal blue and as smooth as glass. Next, we crossed the channel on a dignified, old bridge, which had artistic designs molded on its eloquent metal railings. Pausing on the bridge, we looked at each other and smiled. Her eyes dazzled me and her smile always made me forget all my worries. As I kissed her, I knew I would always remember her in such lovely surroundings. by Robert Holsman '85 Life Does Go On Love is very painful the feeling is very deep With this we are not careful and in the end we always weep Your friends try to show they care with all their kind ways To you it seems they're never there throughout the long, drawn-out days Eventually you know you'll be alright for life does go on To know you won't cry tonight is a sign you'll go on and on by Candy Flitcroft '87 aThe Horse Running, Graceful, delicate frame Beauty in all Flowing, Movement upon movement The rythm The sway The beat The heart Alone in victorious fulfillment Beauty in all The hoofs The clopping The mane The coat Mellifluently dancing Graceful, delicate frame Beauty in all fulfillment Sl' er, 0 lg , I l, fu , RX Llp' Li X 'ew' by Ienny Franz '86 178-We lAustralian bears continuedl ' But us Aussies don't quit that easily. Kandy and I were going to fit in if it killed us. "Well, maybe we aren't bears, but I know we can be monkeys." So we swung from branch to branch through the trees. "Hey, this is the life! Now we're cookin'!" This was something we could handle. But supper time came, and we were faced with bananas. We knew then that we could never be like monkeys. The only food we like is eucalyptus leaves. I spent our third night in America thinking about our problem. The answer finally hit me at about 8:00 a.m. We didn't have to be like anyone else! If we just acted naturally, people would accept us for what we are-"fair dinkum"' Koalas! We could be ourselves. Sure, we still like to pretend to be other animals-occasionally-but it's all in fun. Swinging in trees is one of our favorite pasttimes but we always know we're Koalas. So when people stop by our cage and say, "Oh, those Koala bears are so gorgeous!" we know better. True, we are gorgeous, but we aren't bears: and it was only important for us to realize it. by Diane Hintum '85 ' an Australian term for real or true offx N f W1 A X f l al 5 H fl f l 81323. O . 'X , wi it .Ma W W 'fl X , My U x 4 Never Ending Tunnel I 4- PWV' I EW""i'y df It ' l'k l d k t l 'th d 432,-1, ,L IS 1 ea ong ar. unne W1 no en ll! it in up f I keep trying to fix lt but It doesnt mend. MN ' .'Z?T?? . Wil mf WM X At one end is me, at the other is hope, WW ll, K Ui A , v I run, but it IS a never ending slope. ' al ft f 1 l J' On the ceilin 1 d h ' J th . . , g are goa s an on t e floor IS me, lf' f ' x f 'YIM K I reach nd reach th n fall into the sea .1 all Q1 H we I QJ ff . MF I X ' ' at ' The walls are wide and on each is a dream, jffu ,I ,il fbi I I try to grab them, but I'm blocked by a beam. JC , 11 4 . ,JI ,MU W G D So I sit in my corner, stare into space MJ K- , Fl I Hoping someday I will get out of this place. nM I . WM 1 . b 1 , it y Ienny Mangas '85 f , U - O N H V ,QI W1 Cross Country Practice alkin into the locker room, I felt somewhat re- q - Q lieved that school was finished for the day. Then my ' ' . V w f thoughts turned toward the agenda for the day's lg' ,R , J-it workout. I wondered if I would have to run the "five ' X'-5 M, " mile block" or do speed work on the track. In either ' W1 case I realized that it was going to be a long afternoon. , 7 f . After I dressed and was ready to begin the grueling .- , " workout, the coach, Paul Butzen, delayed the inevitable . - 5 , by holding an informal team meeting. These meetings , M 1 Qs L vlflx aj usually last for ten or fifteen minutes depending on how -1 A , 'X K 1, Mx vp well the students cooperate-which is seldom. The topic ,Fl ' lf, x of discussion commonly concerns the day's activities, ' 5 xx ' Rf 1 ' 4 ranging from callisthenics to the warm down. Mr. f 'wr " Kf IWUZ' Butzen's speeches are usually a cross between a sermon 'f X a 3 , , and an advertisement for the Army.Reserves-we are iff' x -N -, ' K encouraged to be "the best we can be." At last the f A 2 Q ,lf C0 Ml, meeting ends with the Coach saying, "It's a great day to 1 f f 4 4 4 17 7. M W run," lwhich means the temperature is in the low 40's, it -4 " -fri 7 f - is raining, and there is a 25 mph wind from the north- , '59 j, ff' 4 2 6? 5 1+ I ,fl eaillfithout sufficient stretching, the team hits the pave- f 7 K ' ' ' fl' ment for the five-mile block. At first I float along with fi, fl .gg 7 , relatively little effort put forth. At the one mile mark, I '-f f f 5 - can feel my lungs beginning to ache slightly. Two ig ,IU 1 I , I milles, my pace starts slowing down. As I reach the Lf: ,' , 'K' . ,V third mile, I begin to wonder why I am doing this. My lflff ' 1' 0 legs feel sore and my mouth is as d1'y as the Mojave QQ 7 ' y - Desert. After what seems like an eternity, the four-mile ofa, N , vwq mark becomes history. By now, I feel like stumbling into P- CX i the ditch and dying. Finally, I cross the "finish line", , and I feel like I have just conquered the world. Now Za , , , all that is left to do is an easy one-mile warm down, .pa -. ,-,x X y Al Ajxfjwjg after which I can crawl home and do my homework for X 'N by lfgiffff t f at ,Rf W N their 2Q,1su..w gg Gigi ' m the rest of the night. by Scott Bjornstad '87 We--179 MELODY MUSIC 143 S Mam Street CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1985 II W Hgrdcgst 838 E. Iohnson St. 921 4715 921 7 78 Footwear Rocky it Rococo qw, swus PQ 774 W. Iohnson St. Il LX I-HI I--I I Q J WY-EWJSVEIIA llfxWffu.l'N1f WISFONSINXS OLDEST TRAVEL AFENFY Your Friends 107 P.O. BOX 510 376 'VORTH MAIN STREET FOND Db LAK' WI 5495! . '-"Xxx . I- ' 'HW r i . 0 Stay 0 mp alma... sslw.1Qm-mn ISIS-Main ' - H hug du Lu, wg Fond du Lac. WI Good Pricas on Glod! Shoal' , I -, , f Q Phone: - ' ' 92145281 ' D 1 ' ' 1 jlzmun as , . . fin 0 , 4-'- Z4 I Q-T9 tra ' . W 5 , 1 ' ' ' T 1 ' , 163' ' .ff 'd Y' I X r- I I 9 A J Y I ? 1 1 1 7 X J J J J . l , K ,gf . V ' 5 ' 180-Advertising 90 W. 2nd St. Fond Du Lac, WI 54935 921-3330 MCA 4 Great Idea FOND DU LAC CYCLERY Schwlnn Trek Raleigh Full 209 S Main St FDL WI 923 3211 922 9560 STYLING SALON COMPLIMENTS OF deo H Station 53 W Scott Fond du Lac WI 54935 I414l 921 osoo 125 I DEXA DAD ERTISI SOPI-IOMORES Abitz, Angela 110 Abitz, Michelle 33,42,110 Acheson, Matthew 69,103,110 Adams, Denine 110 Agnus, Aspacia 21,110 Albertz, Matthew Alvarado, Deborah 110 Anderson, larret 110 Andrew, Terese 48,93,100,110 Angle, Tara 46,110 Antlfinger, Michael 41,110 Armstrong, Stacy 111 Armstrong, Heidi 10,31,101,110 Arnold, Patricia 37,42,47,111 Arrowood, Karen 33,42,111 Asmus, Tod 111 Austin, Mary 46,111 Baehler, Dawn 111 Baierl, Brian 111 Baker. Shirley 111 Baldauf, lodi 46,111 Balthazor, Iulie 111 Bankstahl, Eric Barnes, Kimberly 48,111 Barthuly, Denise Barton, Kathryn Bartus, Lori 47 Beaudoin, Lori Becker, Robin 37,42,47 Behm, Brett Behnke, Kurt Behnke, Brian 37 Belzer, Kurt Bennot, Iulie 31,48,93 Benz, Christine 47 Benzel, Ieffrey 89 fljurnstilfl, Scott 43,90,124,179 Blank, Michelle 37,47 Blau, lennifer Bloedorn, Lori 36,46,72,107,114 Bloedow, Rodney 36,37,41,48,55 Bloemers, Daniel Boerner, Andrew 37 Bonlander, Todd 89 Boogren, Amy Braatz, Richard 41.47 Brandi, Kathleen Brault, Ronda 36 Brehmer, Oriana 107,112 Brogan, Thomas 89,105 Brooks, lohn 90 Bubiitz, Angel 37 Buechel, Michael Buechel, Troy Burnett, Cheryl 46 Buss, Brian 89 Caird, Renee Calvery, Kacey 89,103 Capelle, Kara 9 Carlson, Tanya 46 Carney, Gretchen 46 Carrier, Kim Casetta, Mario 26,37,41,42,48,120 Chapman, Michelle Clark, Mary Clemetson, Brian Coffey, Robert Creighbaum, Daniel Culver, Terri Cumber, Shawn Day, Cathy Deak, Garrett Deanovich, Deanna Deguire, Robert 74,90 Delap, Carole Delap, lames Detert, Mary 55 Dibell, Moreau Dickinson, Donald 36,37,41 Dilling. Iohn Ditter, Tammy Dowland. Melissa Duffy, Dawn Duffy, Michael Dunisch. Daryl Dunton, Iames 37,41 Edler, Brian Eilert, Dustin 28,33,48,105,108 Ellison, Brenda Enfelt, Michael England, Robert Entringer, Daniel 53 Erickson, Michelle 37,47,72,91 Everson, Eric Eyers, Lisa Feldner, Philip Fenhouse, Don Ferg, Michael Fields, Roy Fisch, Patricia Fisher, Patricia Fisher, Susan Fitzsimmons, lim Flaherty, Cheryl 107,112,126,129 Flitcroft, Candace 33,99,100,110, 119,178 Flores, Steve Ford. loel Ford, Donald 35,36,37 Freimark, Lynette 33,47,55,108 Freund, Annette Freund, Dennis Frey, Thomas Gallert, Iulie George, Brina 33,37,47,55 Gray, Mike Groesbeck, Lisa 52,31 Guell, Monica Gundrum, Todd 33,89 Gurno, Troy Hastings, Kristin 48,107,112 Hau, Amy Hermann, Casey Herrick, loseph 89,100 Higgins, Brenda Hilbert, Brian I-lipple, Lisa Hoerth, Michelle 33 Holzheimer, Ieffrey Hopp, lames Huber, Paul Huck, Kelly Huck, Richard Hupfer, Kristine 36,46 Iacovelli, Genea 135 Iaber, Dean 31,89 Iagow, David lanzen. Lisa Ianzen, Lisa lensen, Ron lohnson, Tracey lonely, Kellie Iones, Schawna Iorgenson, Deanna Iors, Robert 89,100 Iustman, Curt 37,47 Kachelek, Robert Kallas, Dean Karl, Amy 47 Karpathian, Laurie 33,100 Kavanagh, Daniel 26,47,90 Keenlance, Ieanne Kelley, Brian Kennedy, Kerri 47 Kent, Michael 48 Kimble, Steven Kimpel, Richard King, Ann 52 Kivi, Michelle 31,33,47,5Z,107 Kleinfeldt, james Klotz, Brian Knaak, Annette 47 Knar, Susan 93,100 Knueppel, Kelly 47 Koene, David 41,42 Koenigs, Dennis Koenigs, Lorie 37,108 Kohlman, Carolyn Kohlman, lames 103 Koshute, Daniel 47 Koski, lill 26,27,33,48,112 Kotnick, leffrey 53 Kounelis, Lisa 47,93 Kozloski, Gina Kraemer, Amy 36,47 Kraus, Renee Krauss, Tammy 52 Krebsbach, Kenneth 89 Krist, Iulie 37,52 Kropp, Penny Krueger, Dave Krueger, Dean Kunz, Ginger Kunz, Richard Lacroix. Damian 31.75,89,104,105. Lafleur, Robert Lafleur, Liv 33,41,46 Lakin, Gary 89,103 Langolf, Kathryn Lapine, Teresa Laura, Bradley Ledden, Wanda Leduo, Ieff Lenz, Michael Lepsch, Shari Leque, Teresa Lese, Kristin 100 Letourneau, jeff 47 Leu, Travis Lewis, Amy 46,91 Lichtenberg, Erik Liebert, Kaila Lindquist, Shelli 107,111,112 Lipschultz, Tad 103 Lloyd, Bridget Loehr, Kathrine 33 Meisner, Kristine Melius, Ierold Merwin, Richard Meyers, Rebecca Mick, Iames 31 Mielkie, Robert Miess, Karla 33,114 Miller, Iodi Miller, Kristin 33,116 Mitchell, lacqueli Moore, Russell 37 Mossberg, Kathryn 11,47,52,72 100 Morgan, Sandra Morse, Michelle 33 Mortensen, Cheryl 100 Moyer, Anthony 89 Moyer, Cheryl 45 Mueller, Daniel 31 Mullins, Rhonda 33 Munoz, Ricardo 37,90 Myers, Paul 42,52,105 Nack, Kerri Nater, Michael Neas. Randall Nelson, Leah Nelson, Patricia Nelson. Frank 41 Nelson. Lynn 30,36,91 Nickel. Norton Christine 30,48,91 , Melanie 47 Novitch, lames O'hearn, Tammy Lowther, Catherine 93,100 Luczak, Heather 101,114 Lueck, Shella Lueck, Vickie Luecke, Luedke, Lumblo, Thomas 37,41,43,48 Dawn 100 Eric Macias, Martha Mallatt, Laura 95 Maloney, Bradley 89 Manowske, Anthony 37 Marcoe, Michael Masarik, Spencer Mathers, Michael Mathwig, Sheila McAlister, Iames 46 Mcarthur, Lori Mcarthur, Alan McCauley, Kevin Mccormick, David 89 Mccrory, Kevin Mcdowell, Michael 89,105,114, 116 Mceathron, Paul Meisner, Kelly Oberg. Sharon 33,47 Ohrmund, Michael 41 Okeefe, Steve 103 Olsen, Robin 47,107 Olson, Angela Olson, Scott 37 Pankratz, Wayne Paquin, Tina Pauliot, Mark Pautsch, Brett Pederson, Michelle 36 Penn, Michelle 47 Peterson, lamie Peterson, Gary 89 Phillips, jennifer 33,123 Pickart, Patrick 90 Pickart, Traci 100 Pickett, Chad 37,76,103 Pierce, Brenda Pinch, Dixie 47 Poulin, Stephanie 101 Prickette, Susan 33,107,112 Pumper, Mary Ellen 33,42 Quackenboss, Paula 41,47 Raasch. Kimberly 111 Rademacher, Amy 31 Randall, Michael Rasmussen, Cindy 37,47,91 Raube, Ronald Raven, Iulie Raymer, Lisa 41 Reim, Michelle 33,112 Reinert, Amy 42 Reinke, Chad 31 Rhoades, Michael Rice, Barbara 33 Ridley, Robyn 41 Rieder, Linda 37,531,100 Rimbey Lisa Rimel, Shawn 47 Rising, Danielle Roach, Iames 41 Rodencal, Matthew Rodenkirch, Cris Rodriguez, Dan 44,47 Roeder, Lonnie 89 53555255535 E32 it fiifiii 5 E Vi S we if wwtm gm, 5:-i ssSzQ1thi3jQ3i?Z5H3, 4 A wwfgawzsrtwwww qzfiwgtmwttih gw,g4,y54,,, an1'Fiiiiifiifiivegigzztlfiiifiiit Eizgyizznrrxtllzzsif bzeimsmiz w, ' aww 1. .idessgmfm - 4, .V ,WWA-U B 2 s E3 i 'W ,fa ,wmwseeg I in ..- 1,,g,sis'v:r,.W,mss,W, ,.t,h.g, cw., ,Amit . Vt., x:5g...,, sw, 3 1 S aw, Roen, Ronald 105 Roeth, Gary Rogers, Sandra 33,42 Rogler, Raymond Rohde, Phillip Romuald, Thomas 90 Rose, Frederick 34,41 Rosenthal, Lisa Rowlands, joshua Ruch, james 89,100 Rud, Cory 41 Ruleau, Tammy Rutz, Paul Ryan, Patrick 26,31,34,90,114,125 Sabel, jill Sabel, Laura 47,99,100 Saggio, Thomas 34,36,41,48 Sampson, Darwin 47,111 Sass, Lori Scannell, jennifer 100 Sayles, Chris 103 Schaalma, janet Scheel, Craig 41,47 Scheer, Bruce Schinker, Tracy Schmitz, Donald Schmitz, Tammy Schmitz, Thomas Schmitz, Amy 47 Schmitz, Todd 89,105 Schneider, Kevin Schoenberg, Melissa 47 Schramm, jean Schreiber, Michael 33 Schuettpelz, Mike 41,48 Schuff, Melissa 33 Schultz, Andrew Schultz, Robert 105 Schultz, Kevin Schuppe, Kim 55 Schuppe, Penny Schwarze, Michael Scott, Michelle Scott, Lynn 101 Searl, Kellie 44,47,100 Sebastiani, Karol 122 Sell, Sarah 31,34,93 Seth, Todd 52 Sheldon, Melissa 93,100 Shepherd, Scott 34 Shepro, Daniel Shepro, Timothy Shipe, Malia 33 Siedschlag, Guy Sippel, Amy 47,55,108 Smet, Dawn 42 Smit, Royal 53,100 Smith, Mathew Snyder, Gary Snyder, Pamela Sokolik, Patrick ,fszfaeztsiiizes 1 ' U 9 if 5 ,,tV,,,7m 1. Sommerfeldt, judith 72,107,112 Sook, jesse Sorrell, Michelle 33 Spiering, jennifer 47 Sprotte, Kelly Stahmann, Donald 52,105 Sternitzky, Yvonne Stewart, Ross Stich, Kevin Stich, Kelly Stich, Kelly Stockstad, Stacey 91 Stokely, Nancy 34,41 Stormo, Tanya 36,48 Storzer, julie 33,93 Strautmanis, Sig 31,36,48,75 Styles, Paul Summers, Lawrence 33,105,108 Supple, Mark Sweet, Michael 36,41 Swift, Danforth 54 Swiss, Vicki Templin, joel 30,33 Thiel, john Thomas, Michelle 33 Thome, Susan Thomma, Patricia Thompson, Eric Thompson, Lynn Thompson, Tracy Thompson, Darby 33,89 Thornburg, Cheri Thurow, jodi 36,47,91 Timm, Charles Timmerman, joel Tompkins, Robert Toney, Michele Toriello, joseph 30,52,105,108 Trombley, Todd 41 Trtan, jason Turner, Kerry Ullrich, Nicholas 105 Vandeguchte, jack 47,89,100 Vandekolk, Dawn 33,55,93,100 Vandermolen, Craig 76,100 Vanerem, julie 54 Vermeulen, Timothy Voulgaris, Kosta 21,48 Waite, Christine 33,93 Walter, Dawn Walters, james Walters, Rachel Walz, jamie 89,98 Ward, Larry Watry, William 34 Weber, Mary 31,48,94,101 Weinshrott, Michael Wells, Ann Welnetz, Theresa 33,107 Wendt, Carla 101 West, Melissa 34 Westphal, William Wettstein, Debra Solamita, Lisa 76 Sommerfeldt, joel MPTI Your Door Into The Future' Moraine Park Technical Institute can help you train for your future It provides training for entry into dozens of careers, Biotechnology Health Home Economics, Office and Marketing Safety, and Trade and Technical Divisions Dont get left out in the cold Check out your vocational education options at MPTI' V Y Morame Park L J Technical Institute i ' :QZfz+st:g3'fif ' S tg it 2 sg was Mfgior is aus, H5 tg as fezgnwif, Qgziilf12:13-22e':s::,,.:,fiff trftzmz X , 3, ' sm,,,gwQZ,gggs,g:v.g:.,, 25172, Q if i',gv2Qfft243fi??fi:fQiZ:. A Q Ti' 4" tv , 1, , t..J waist., QW . il: if -' White, William Wightman, Richard 53 Wild, Thomas 74 Wildes, Kimberly 33 Wilfong, Tami 93 Willis, Margaret 31 Wirkus, Randy Witt, Rueben Wohlust, Tom 33 Wolf, joy 55,74 Wood, Lynn 41,52 Wowerat, Friederic 34,55 Wunrow, Brian Wurtz, Dean 41 Xiong, Neng Yndestad, Tamra 33 Zande, Robert 100 Zehren, Robert Ziegelbauer, Paul 41 Ziegler, Eugene 41 Ziegler, Sharon Zupke, Torry 41,122 IUNIORS Abler, jeff ao,40,89,139 Agnos, George 46 Albrecht, Terry 32 Alley, Holly 83 Amidon, William Amidon, Melissa 52,95 Amrhein, Bradley Anderson, julie Andrew, Michael 98 Antlfinger, Amy 38,47,49 Arellano, Donna 47 Armstrong, Michael Arndt, Laura Arndt, Cheryl Asmus, Tina Autio, Georgia 31 Backus, Lisa 49,55,126 Baehler, Cindy Baierl, Marsha Baldauf, Kelly Ballwanz, Darrilyn 146 Balog, Kevin 50 Balog, jodi 46,99 Balthazor, james Baltz, Gary 103 Barbeau, Kim 32,37,46,55 Barker, Michael Bastien, Chris 50 Batterman, Michelle 47,53,99 Battig, Tammy Bauer, john 50 Beck, Michael Beck, Scott 51 Becoskie, Raymond ,, .ia , ,Q we sa s Beer, Suzanne 147 Behnke, Robert 49 Beltezore, Todd Bengel, Roxanne 15,97 Berg, Stacey Beuk, Ginger Beyer, Paul 31,46 Bickelhaupt, Tammy Bieberitz, Brian 51 Binger, Connie Bloodgood, Ann 49,55,92 Bond, Scott 50 f Boris, Todd Borndahl, john Boundy, Renee Braatz, jody 47,133 Braeger, Kevin Breister, William 50 Brickle, Kyle Broennimann, Lori Bronkhorst, Scott 46,90 Brooks, Phyllis 95 Brown, Aaron 50 Burgess, Howard Burnett, Tammy 42,43 Burns, Wendy 2,37,41,106,134,142 Burns, Patrick 50 Callahan, Amy 31 Camomilli, jody Cardinal, Todd 28 Carter, Duane Carter, Vonette Cate, jeffrey Chasteen, Andre 43,53 Chouinard, Duwayne Christ, Tonya 33 Christ, Timothy 50,103 Christiansen, Mette 94 Ciske, Thomas Coonfield, Deborah Crosby, Melissa Crouch, Diana Cruckson, Peter Culver, Denise Culver, Lynda 50,136 Damm, john Damm, jacqueline 47,49,92,99 Davies, Guy Davis, Randy 51 Day, julie Defnet, Sandy 97,139 Dehart, james Demaster, Wendy 31,32,49,94 Dempsey, Scott Deurr, Thomas Diebell, Moreau Diedrich, Wendy Docter, Michael Doll, Anthony 9 Dorn, Daniel 103 Doylen, Patricia Duehring, Debra 91,136 Dufrane, Christine 92 ranging from accounting to welding, through its Agri- ..,, ,Y 5 4. tw, f 55 R wright, 2? 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PETER new xt-Wrlrmr awjt Bowling M1 " 14 U Binquels 922 26,0 ,, --l EEL' Receptions Pwrties Sunday-Brunch Friday-Fish 921-0079 ' SILKSCREENING T-SHIRTS JACKETS wifi: SPORTSWEAR CAPS A f fl f Mr! 'l I L kNNINNlllKILfl scnriw PRINT X PUNDY T-SHIRT SHUP 780 S. MAIN ST. 4I4 92I-4448 FOND DU LAC, WI 54935 l'l66lY YIIEGU Tom, Uuwnwlf 545 E Johnson For Service or Info PAUL ABEL CALL 922 5782 CERT OPTICIAN Abel s Optical Service 1. 323 Amory Fond Du Lac WI 54935 9 C Husslime Offi e M h p B es Syste N M El 1 1922 e one ou LAC vas if ,N , Yr N I ' 'l D -f J If V V '1.,..fxgi I Y- VJ N- '5 ' in . ST. , . . y I G27 , A , . 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K STATE FARM ..... .... ,, wg Hnunww zu. .IIJANqV5E6j5IIfRON1AbEROAD FO U DU LAC WI 54935 Advertisements-187 Schommer, Ann 99 Schram, jennifer Schrank, Larry Schroeder, Angeline 42 Schroeder, Ted 50 Schuh, Kevin 34,42,43,49 Schultz, Gerald Schultz, Christine 92 Schumacher, Christine Schuppe, Kenneth Schuppe, Laurie 33 Schwartz, jeff 50,103 Schwarze, Stephanie 53 Scott, Charles SCDII, Trent 47,49,55,129 Seidel, Elizabeth 143 Seideler, Patricia 97 Sena, Khristine Senn, Susan Sesing, Susan 78,91 Seth, Todd Shady, Michael Shanaberger, Wendy Shaw, Steven 47,129 Shaw, Angela Shultz, Cassandra 31,143 Simon, Michael 53 Simon, Paula Smet, David Smith, julie Smith, Lena 40,48,49 Smith, julian 134 Snyder, Patricia 34 Snyder, Michelle 166 Soll, janine 48,140 Sommers, Tracy Soukup, Tanya 43,166 Spranger, Colleen Stacey, Robert irst Stahmann, Allen Stahmann, Dawn 42 Starkell, Robert Steber, joel 49,103 Steber, james 103 Steinberg, Kris 31,48,49 Steinke, Sue Stiemsma, Timothy Stormo, Kristin 33,47 Strasser, julie 48,49, Sturm, Lisa Tabbert, Anthony 38,90 Tagliapietra, Angela Talma, Gary 51 Temby, Timothy 51 Tentler, Stephen 41 Tetzaff, Lori Thomas, Chris 40,50,89 Thome, jack 49 Thompson, Craige 31,49 Tiedt, Michael Timm, jennifer 42,47 Totos, Ann Treptow, Steve Trible, joy 47,52 Turinski, Dawn 33,129 Urban, Kristin 52 Urquhart, David 41 Vandermolen, Robin 41,47 Vandervaart, Melody 42,142 VanHorn, Brenda 34 Velasco, David 83,89 Wagner, Melissa Wagner, David Ward, Angela 47,49 Webb, Clark Webb, jacquelyn Weberg, Michelle 47,101,139 Wegener, Connie 33,42,43,93,142 Wegner, Tony Weider, Leigh Weigel, Brenda Weiner, Rachelle 31,32 Wellens, Lamont 50 Wendt, Michael 40,103 West, Carl Westerhouse, Kristin 77 Wetzel, Thomas 34,47,49,130,136 Wilcox, jennifer 36 Wilcox, Lynn 32,34 Wild, Patrick 47,49 Wilfong, Sheri Wilhelme, Lori Willie, Brian Willis, Scott 169 Willis, Wendy 47,49,139 Winke, Donald Wirth, Angela 101 Wirtz, Patricia Wolf, Betty Wondra, Andrea Yndestad, Wendy 32 Ziegelbauer, Amy 32 Ziegler, Craig Ziegler, joseph Zoellner, Tammy Zoschke, Sara 33,47,49 Zupan, Carrie 135 Zupke, Troy Abig, Robert 50.51 Abitz, Deann 146 Abitz, Kevin 36,32,146,166 Abitz, Brian 37,146 Abler, Belinda 146 Abrahamson, Mark 51,146 Abrahamson, Todd 47,146 Acheson, Theresa 31,92,93,146 Adolphson, Ingrid 26,27,46,146 Ahonen, Cynthia Albrecht, Cheryl 146 Ales, Douglas 146 Anderson, Cathryn 146 Anderson, jennifer 4,10,15,49,97. 146,199 Andrews, Sheryl 30,46,49,52,105, 146,168 Arellano, Tony 47 Arthur, Robert 51,146,173 Atkins, Barbara 47,146 Augustine, jeffrey 47,89,146 Bacon, Robert 37,50,146 Baehler, Debora 83,146 Bahr, Tammy 22,23,146 Bahr, Brian 146 Balog, jack 50,563,146 Balson, Brenda 53,146 Balson, Bruce 53,146 Balson, Robert 146 Balthazor, james 15,89,98,147 Bankstahl, Elisabeth 42,50,147 Barbeau, jody 147 Barbeau, Scott 2,12,15,32,36,37,89. 98,147,162,173 Barfknecht, Charles 38,39,41,46, Walgenbach, james Walgenbach, Philip 169 Walker, Michelle 92,93,99 Wals, Mary 169 Walters, jeffrey SENIORS Wisconsin O FIRST WISCONSIN "BOB" WILHELMS ROOFING 8. PAINT CO. CARPETING-ALUMINUM WINDOWS. DOORS. AWNINGS FLOOR COVERING-INSULATION-PAINT 78 North Main Street Fond du Lac. Wisconsin C4l4J 92l-496I 1954, Fwns mmrm FDIC 147,161 Barton, Douglas 15,49,89,98,147. 168 Bartus, Charles 147 DON EDWARD HAIRSTYLING 332 N. Main Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Phone: 922-2446 Hair Styles for Men, Women 8: Children Closed Mondays Open Tues., Thurs., 8: Fri. Eves. FAST DELIVERY 'Ng AT 4:00 PM DAILY -I' 'S' Q 160W S r S Q 155522 921-1535 1' 9534? flllll 3 Q Bastian, Ann 17,26,32,147 Bauer, Michael 13,15,49,86,88,89, 98,147,162 Becker, Iennie 147 Becker, Linda 49,53,147 Beebe, Raymond 51,147 Beerbaum, lennifer 147 Benson, Robert 147 Berger, leffrey 147 Berry, Glenn 48,105,147 Beslor, NaI1Cy 2,6,12,15,32,48,97, 147,173,199 Beuk, Dawn 31,147 Beyer, Todd 147 Birschbach, Sandra 147 Bliefnick, Nancy 49,147,164 Bliskey, Kelli 43,147 Bliskey, Kent Bloch. 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Dewaine 44,151 Funk, Dawn 48,151 Furner, Michael Furnner, Michael 94,105,150 Gebhardt, Michael 151 Giese, Lisa 37,52,72,96,151 Gilgenbach, Diane 37,49,151 Girardi, Theresa 4,55,72,151 Goebel, lames 53,151 Goeden, Steven 14,31,151 Gokey, james Goodrich, Garrett 32,49,151 Gordon, Reed 151 Gores, Nancy 21,151 Gormican, Christine 4,30,46,78, 151 Gotes, Nancy Grapentine, Mike 51,151 Griepentrog, Martin 41,51,151 Gross, lulie 151 ' Grossman, Tammy 151 Guell, Paul 34,37,52,151 Guell, Christine Gyrion, Charles 151,157 Haensgen, Gary Hamburg, Robert Hammock, Michael 38,39,152 Handy, Louis 152 Hannes, Linda 44,152 Hansen, Amy 152 Hanson, Duane 51,152 Hardell, Cheri 46,152 Hatcher, Narda 38,39,47,48,49,152 Hauer, Margaret 2,30,50,152 Hausinger, Heidi 152 Hebenstreich, Ioy 43,152 Hebert, Steve Helmy, Ahmed Hendrix, Russell 53,152 Hermanns, Teresa 152 Hernandez, Rodney 50,152 I-lerrenbruck, Todd 152 Higgins, Amy 15,31,37,97,152,157 Higgins, Kristine 152 Hintum, Diane 178 Hochrein, Kim 152 Hodkiewicz, lulie 152 Hodoff, jeffrey 153 Hodorff, David 37,153 Hoerth, Sherry 153 Hoffman, David Hoffmann, Lynn 44,153 Holdmann, David 153 Holland, Dianne 46,49,55,83,91, 153,161,177 Holsman, Robert 38,39,49,55,90, 153,'161,162,178 Hoppman, Paul Homes, Ann 22,91,153 Howard, Lisa 153 Hubbell, Iames 49,50,89,153 Huck, Regina Huck, Mary 9,10,48,49,153 Huhn, Daniel 89,153 Hurt, Peggy 153 Immel Immel Immel: Immel, Immel, Douglas 50,153 Hynek, . Andrew 153 Brenda 153 Gary 153 Iames D. 154 Iames I. 154 Immel, Thomas 50 lagdfeld, Angela Ianiak, Iames 154 Iarvis, lames 144,154,159 Ieffries, Karla 46,55,107,154 lohannes, Amy lohnson, Amoret 32,42,154 lohnson, Mark 41,42,51,154,166 johnson, Scott 51,154 lohnson, Trevor 55,154 Iones, Kip 154 Iulka, Frank 51,154 Iulka, Karen 32,38,47,49,52,55,154 lustman, Angie 38,39,47,49,144, 152,154 Kaphengst, loel 144,154 Karas, Michael 13,89,154 Karuhn, Kim 154 Kasprzyk, Beth 154 Kauffman, Karen 14,15,31,49,94, '154 Kavage, Sue 154 Kelly, Sharon 155 Kibler, Kenneth 155 Kimble, Anthony 155 Kimpel, Rhonda Kind, Susan 155 King, Cherie 155 King, lames 50,89,155 King, Karen 43,155 Kitts, Leland 155 Klabunde, Steven 49,50,155 Klapperich, Brian 89,155 Klapperich, Ieffery 53,155 Klaus, Brook 155 Klawitter, Annette 23,155 Knecht, Edward 155,166 Knepel, Kim 155 Koenigs, Susan 47,155 Kohlman, Anthony 53,155 Kornelli, Barbara 155 Kowalkowski, Ioseph 44,155 Krahn, Kraus, Kraus, Kraus, Kraus, Herbert 31,44,155 Daniel 155 Kathy Io 49,155 Mike 50,51 Peter 155 Krebsbach, Michael 155 Krebsbach, Nanette 155 Kreie, Tina Marie 156 Krenn, Patrick 156 Krohn, lames 37,49,98,156 Krudwig, Robert 156 Krueger, Dennis 41,419,156 Krueger, Donald 156 Krueger, Iill 156 Krueger, Kenneth 156 Krueger, Sheryl 156 Krueger, Robert Krug, Darin 37,77,156 Krupp, Kim 51,853,156 Kuharski, David 50,156 Kulow, Mark 156 Kimbier, Iulie 43,44,156 Kumbier, Richard 156 Kunasch, Lorrie 53,156 Lamb, William 156 Lange, Cathy 46,156 Langolf, Christine 157 Lechner, Anthony 157 Lefeber, Robert 32,157 Lehmann, Andrea 9,31,49,99,147 Leisses, Sue 32,48,49,97,157,173 Lemke, Iacqueline 157,199 Lemke, Norman 157 Lewis, Dean 104,105,157 Liebert, Ryan 50,103,157 Liebert, Karla 37,47 Lindberg, Lori 53,157 Lindner, Lisa 106,157 Loecher, Linda' 44,157 Luczak, Cassi 157 Luther, Andrew 89,157 Madel, Michael 50 Mangas, lennifer 46,52,55,96,105, 158,179 Manos, Iulie 158 Manthey, Davida Marcoe, Kristin 37,158 Marschall, Bernadine 83,99,158 Marshall, Lori 158,199 Martin, Michele 46,92,93,158 Marx, Iohn 49,158 Maurice, Michael 46,158 May, Christine 158 May, Robert Mayer, lustine McCall, Melinda 144,158 McCoy, Richard McCrory, Michelle 55,158,162 McGalloway, William 158 Menas, Demetra 37,97,158 Merkel, Barbara 32,44,81,151,158 Merten, Barbara 158 Meyer, Darren 158 Michalowske, Karla 47,158 Michels, lill 30,49,158 Mick, Iennifer 38,39,49,158,173 Mielkie, Ieffrey 158 Mies, Marsha 158 Miesner, Pamela 32,37 Mikalofsky, David 158 Mikalofsky, Iulie 31,158 Miller, Roger 158 Mityas, Sherif 4,6,17,30,37,49,104, 105,144,159 Mlsna, Susan 23 Mohr, Rachel 159 Molitor, Dan 41,50 Moon, Theresa 159 Mooney, Lori 159 Moore, Michael 41,159 Morgan, Laura 38,47,49,55,91,159 Morin, Caroline 22,159 Mossberg, Christopher 159 Mostek, Tammy 37,159 Moyer, Rhonda 159 Moyle, Robert 159 Mueller, Daniel 51,104,105,159 Mueller, Rick 160 Nelson, Eric 31,160 Nett, Vickie 30,37,52,'105,144,160, 168 Newby, Ianwyn 153,160 Newhouser, Iames 37 Newton, Christopher 50,51,160 Nickel, Carrie 37,160 Nitschke, Robert O'neil, Kristine 52,107,160 Oelke, Iames 89,160 Oja, Robert 37,102,103,160 Otte, Keith 160 Otto, Stephanie 49,160 Papenfuss, Brenda 37,97,160 Parr, Christopher 38,39,89,160 Paulin, Iulie 43,160 Pauly, Ellen 160 Pauly, Ringo 161 Pavlick, Edward 20,161 Pelletier, Gary 45,51,161 Pelletier, lohn 50,161 Peters, Rebecca 38,48,49,101,161 Peters, Iulie 52,107,161 Pflum, Troy 42,161 Piechowski, Michael 161 Pierce, Kevin 161 Plaisance, Daniel 50,53,161 Pollard, Bill 162 1 Post, Mark 162 Preissner, Kristin 162 Priest, Glenn 50,51,162 Quinn, Stephanie 49,50,162 Raith, Robert 52,104,105,162 Rait, Shelly 162 Ramirez, Robbie 162 Raube, Stacey 162 Reilly, Tina 163 Reimer, Walter 163 Reinbacher, Laura 163 Remo, Iennifer 49,97,163 Remus, Daylen 163 Rentmeister, Ann 163 Reynolds, Danielle 163 Rieder, Susan 163 Ries, loseph 34,50,163 Riha, Patrick 49,50,163 Riley, Christine 163 Rinke, Dean 34,163 Ristau, Lisa 163 Ristau, Michael 163 Ritchie, Timothy 50,163 Robert, Balson Roberts, Dennis 51,163 Roberts, lean 9,32,163 Rodriguez, Hector 47,163 Roehrig, Allen 4,31,83,89,163,171 Rogers, Germaine 22 Rogers, Margaret 164 Rosenbaum, Susan 20,153,164 Rossey, Spring 164 Rost, Christopher 50,164 Rowlands, Lisa 164 Rllch, Colleen 6,15,72,92,93,99,164 Ruch, Iodi 164 Rude, Kevin 164 Rupple, Iayne 97,164 Sabel, Christopher 164 Sabel, Dennis 34,419,164 Sabel, George 50,53,164 Sabel, Tammy 31,47,164 Sablay, Mariano 38,39,47,49,144, 152,164 Salm, Brian 51,164 Sass, Barbara 43,164 Q Sass, leffrey 164 Sattler, lodi 95,101,164 Saunders, Steven 164 Schaub, Diane 43,164 Scheibach, Laura 49,95,165,173 Schessow, Tracy 43,165 Schmitz, Schmitz, Schmitz Schmitz: Schmitz, Anne 32,154,165 Ieffrey 165 Susan 10,48,49,140,165 Thomas 51,165 Crystal Schneider, Gregory 51,165 Schneider, Karen 165 Schneider, Robin 165 Schob, Iulie 47,165 Schultz, Michael 34,165 Schultz, Richard Schwartz, Theresa 165 Schwartz, Craig 48,165 Sebastiani, Karin 165 Senger, Pamela 153,164,165 Senk, Tammy 49,165 Sesing, Margaret 91,144,165,173 Sharkus, loe 38,39,49,165,173 Sharp, Raymond 165 Sheely, Daniel 23,165 Sheimo, lohn 51,166 Shultz, Cleve 165 Siedschlag, Mark 44,51,166 Simon, Michael 166 Skupas, Cheryl 166 Smith, Richard 53 Smith, Bruce 12,31,165 Smith, Peter Snyder, Wendy 44,166 Sommers, Amy 166 Spiering, Paul 37,166 Spoerke, Bradley 15,851,166 Spoerke, Melissa 22,166 Spranger, Lori 166 Sprotte, Kim 166 Stacey, Michael 52,105,166 Stahmann, Brenda 167 Stanelle, Todd 51,167 Stebor, Brad Steinacker, Lisa 28,55,78,167,199 M Stelmacher, Rebecka 37,167 Stewart, Cameron 88,89,167 Stoegbauer, Richard 10,31,34,48, 166,167 Stollfus, Stephon 51,167 Strobel, Steven 34,167 Stubbe, Mike Sullivan, lames 167 Tagliapietra, Michael 50,52,89, 167 Tank, Lori 10,32,34,55,97.165 Tasch, Teresa 37,167 Teichmiller, Penny Theisen, Ellen 167 Thiessen, Amy 47,167 Thomas, Patricia 167 Thomas, Timothy 4,6,14,17,26,27, 30,32,34,35,48,49,5U,166,167 Thome, Iames 50,167 Thomson, Caroline 167 Thurow, Mark 36,167 Tobin, Christine 168 Tobin, Kathleen 168 Tompkins, Randell Tonn, Tina 32,43,168 Torres, Francis 37,168 Treleven, Christine 44,94,99,16B Trewin, Brent 168 Twohig, Lori 34,38,39,149,168 Utz, Bradleigh 168 Valtierra, Richard 47,168 Vandermolen, Gary 38,117,168 Vanl-Iorn, Lesley 34,168 VanMieghem, Nancy 168 Vercouteren, Iulie 168 Verhaalen, Kevin Voulgaris, Eleni 48,55,168 Wagner, Terry 168 Wals, Mary 169 Walters, LOI'i 17,26,32,4G,106,144, 169 Ward, Patrick Wegener, Karen 169 Wegner, Terry 169 Weinshrott, Donna 169,175 West, Randall 56,90,169 Westerman, Brian 4,20,55,169 Westphal, Nancy Io 169 Wetzel, Larry 15,37,89,169 White, Kelley 169 Wilde, Kurt 169 Wilhelms, Lisa 44,169 Willett, Mary 34,169 Winter, Kevin 169 Wisner, Thomas 169 Woikiewicz, lohn 23 Wollersheim, Linda 169 Wondra, Marcella 169 Wonser, Michele 169 Wydeven, Michael Yunker, William 31,50,169 Zenner, Eugene 32,169 Ziegler, Terri 169 Zimpher, Daniel Zipperer, Linda 169 Werdin, Christopher 21,3z,5o,i05, fag Phone: 922-3210 ff if l fliljlll' STYLING SALON 86 S. Portland Fond du Lc1c,Wi5. 54935 444 W. Iohnson St. 927 S. Main SI. Fond du Lac, WI ef fs, , 'f , 32.1 ' 922 ,421 'B' far' 'P ,J fs? Headquarters for Smith-Corona typewrlters Art and School supplies WEGNER OFFICE DEPARTLENT STORE 1517 CuASlNnl'FLrl1 W LIC Wvscousli 51935 ' Phone 9211240 fym 7990 x 1 is 1. . .M j xgig 0 Q FAMILY RESTAURANT East Frontage Road South of Forest Plaza Fond du Lac Welcome to the Bonanza Family Restaurant, where you'll find convenience and big values K, for the entire family. There are sizzling steaks, delicious chicken and zesty seafood, PLUS the .Y Y ' All-You-CanTEat Freshtastiks Soup tl: Salad Sar Ji p Lily ' -4-SD -,df included with every meal. There s a special kg? K lk Pres tastlkse menu for the kids. Treat your family to a great .gi ' rg dinner at an affordable price. Come on out to '- V- W' Bonanza. Open daily at 11:00 A.M. F' C I-onn nu mc nmpeghopp IUIIIBER CO. 2-5'5VZS'I52SW'LL'AMSSTF'EET Phan 922 9911 FUND DU LAQWISCONSIN 54935 Forest? Plaga OFFICE: 1-414-922-4200 RES.: 922-8312 Michael E. Klotz Mon.-Thur. 9-9 Fri. 9-8 Vice President-Retail Sales Sat- 8-4 SUD- 11-5 KIELMANN 3 TRUE VALUE Q HARDWARE Bank of Ibm' du Lac PETRIE'S BAVARIAN INN PO. Box 1687, 888 South Main Street, 84 N Main St' Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935 921-9150 40 E. ist-315 Winnebago Drive 923-0099 Fond du Lac, WI Convenient Banking Hours 192-Advertising Mm g photography 1096 S. Main, Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Phone 4149210910 Our desire is to create a senior portrait which helps you look your very best and which reflects that "special you". Our creativity goes beyond the use of cameras and photo- graphic materials, it's a knowledge and a feeling for what is just right for you. Of course, the major reason underlying the unique difference of the senior portraits is Mr. Ahrens himself. His desire to create a lasting senior portrait of you can be found in very few photographic artists today. His blend of psycho- logy, art and photographic technique give his works a very special style we call the "Ahrens Look". Watch for it! .... .. tt . .kkk . my Advertising--193 A,,?,2,.S,e,, V., M ACTION PRINTING 745' ACTE.N,,4.Qv5.E.I,'SER aww. D-qnavw.emvwm.1.1o..m wma yum vw'-e cf-ws www-f mums M I asa wen homage nmaquws Al A zap rom ou me wa 54935 Au-mum 111eA"'HZ The Place To Go For Those Who Know 922-0999 Sk I rden FEED ' .wJ.'2L.... SEED Eden FERTILIZER S RESTAURANT EDEN FARM SUPPLY Eden, WI 245 North Peters Ave. I Northwest Supply Fond du Lac, WI WIP , N fa. X KRAIL N 1 ' Jsweuzvl I I Jackson ll1n.sm1rr'a.1m:e A ermcy Hmm. "YOUR MORE THAN ONE COMPANY AGENCY" R E G R E D I' E R F0nd3f16fgg"'wMH"'S"23935 AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY ri 921-2475 Q 922,720 Food do I.oC's Oldest Finest Jewelry Store I I THE BAKERS DOZEN .fi Congratulations from Quality And Freshness A L'ss rr Fond du Lac Credit Union YOUT Blue Ribbf-m Bakery if 5 serving all persons living or working in Fond du Lac and surrounding townships 288 W. 9th St. Fond du Lac. i1fi4ff22+tiif6ffiSetnf51ifSi?r 1 rnnn is A . , .. PERRY'S CERAMIC Green ware - Supplies - Classes Custom Firing 265 North Seymour Street Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 5493 Phone: 921-8674 5 - Haentze Floral Co. " , "On-7The-Avenue" ' 'TVN ur .I Ili l..l1 'lm' If! , flI.n..fs 'ilu Alklllturn-:urls - is ' A f1'1vr.,,i'vumjs 1 lhmzs ' lfmr Siu-i 1 H lull' V' " Phone: 921-0970 0 CCMIETIIIVE PRICES 0 EXCEILEIII SERVICE L . convmcm mms 0 VISI L 3 3 0 nnsmzcmo O I L L 4 t+.N, 'U' ON HWY 1 75 Nonrl-I FOND ou LAC CALL 922-5880 CROUCH BROS. FOOD STORES - FLORAL SHOPS 309 WINNEBAGO DR. - 813 S. MAIN FOND DU LAC, WIS. 54935 Hwy. 45 South Fond du Lac, WI U.S. Pat. Off.. Am. D.O. Corp. I - READY MADE FRAMES I H , - cusroM MATS EQI0 - METAL FRAMES E- WI ROUND a. OVAL MATTING . MUSEUM FRAMING - SFR MING ,, I3 A "WERE THE PROFESSIONALS . , 5 Q ., - IFYOU Love IT . , , HAVE I IT FRAMED BY THE BEST I -. """"" " 1,5 Also Feat r'n : I'- G311C1',Y C35 I LIMITED EDIIQIDN COLLECTOR PRINTS Frame Shop I FOND DU I,Ac'S COMPLETE I 151 L Main Fond du Lac ll' ,D 44143 921-1144 , - 4- 'fu' 'SI -Q-a h. -A Is - PRICE FROM THE RIGHT DEALER WE ARE ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU! , "" 4 fx WHY PAY MORE? CET GM QUALITY AT A CHEVROLET PRICE! 'AWXP DGISIIIE Makes the DII-IVPVPIYK c' 1.1.1, W-. - ,Ziff H IX. QJX -' lohn Dngng l0 lIl 1 LEE I EET QUALITY FOOTWEAR FROM THE EXPERTS FOREST MALL, FOND DU LAC, WI. 54935 PHONE 923-2684 Fond du Lac Avenue's Dairy Queen Brazier 'E 9th and Fond du Lac Ave. alll! ,,,W.4bFS-A., iiiliiiji 515905520 WSWS BAKERY 81 SUB SHOP Renting Makes Graduation A Pariies Successful! 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I' . , W ': f 1 m. 1 -- ., Q 1 , 5' 1 1- 'L X 4 ' Q LM f Q ,L Y-Z 9 air. Sun. IS famlly nlght. 1:30-4 and 6-8:30 Appovnfmenfs Available, Not Required Phone 923-2868 19 Sheboygan Street Fond du Lac, WI 54935 198-Advertising CLGSI As the years pass, time and time again we will look back on our years in high school with a sense of achievement. Memories of friends, homework, dances, all of the other activities that fill a student's life will come flooding back as the pages of this book are flipped through. Our main goal for this book was to record the highlights and uniqueness of the school year. The final product is something we are proud of and hope that you will enjoy. CULUPHU The 1985 CARDINAL, volume 30, was printed by Inter-Collegiate Press, Shawnee Mission, Kansas and Ion Haberman was the company representative. All copy was written by students and printed in Ballardvale type in the fol- lowing sizes: headlines 36 point on division pages, 30 point on regular pages, body copy 12 point on division pages, 10 point on regular pages, captions 10 point on division pages, 8 point on regular pages, folios 8 point, index 6 point. All artwork and most photography was done by students. The CARDINAL would like to thank the following: Iackie Lemke and Lori Marshall for typing copy, Ienny Anderson, Nancy Bestor, and Debbie Estaville for furnishing photos of the homecoming dance, Paul Lane for furnishing photos for the endsheets and title page, Don Nevala and Tony Pass for super- vising the sales campaign, Marty Paulsen and the Marketing and Distributive Education classes for selling advertising, and the custodians and secretaries for their assistance and cooperation. The CARDINAL-L. P. Goodrich High School, 382 Linden Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935 Editor-in-Chief-Lisa Steinacker Advisor-Earl Iewett Photography Advisor-Paul Lane Sales Advisors-Don Nevala, Tony Pass Principal-Kurt Thiel Superintendent-Bill Halverson Closing-199 AUTUGRAPI-IS W ?S,,,,5,,qwQLmwo4CL6L4Q6Q6MwuMM cw++UwQ W SU wg S501 QJMM ' , , 55,14 VW . ' .NI WwM Jian 5fLU041f",Uf WL Wm XLMLM7 W Zfffbd .,Z,jK,6'1f5' uyggm ig UQ Mglruuhaco CWA Uaiftf oxfw cliff LUY7Ck,ff'fL,QfCg OD JQ70-faq' UQ Ljdnwwc, qw fggfmw. X ' wuz, www UQUQUNQ WWW MM W Vi mi A A 6 JINCLU-Q Cui QA ULLQJ Qfhwvfwmnvulfx SMMQQUQ Q Uf5C9vQ,M9xClSJWN .LJCLQ UV? famd. Qwfy, 661, gbmmcm OJJQJ CDUAQ oo-Autographs n KW W , WW QD mqwy w 6 N f- f wfU ,i 1 U C1 cg mm I 1'i PffJ ax ?dL-Kxfq-'C-KX Dxgydt xx. sfhi kk,Q7kf"RX"XX iffgx Lf Xwl, wtf C N"'C'Q,X XNGLM . ,x fd fx - N X-N4A, A, A X . Q KJ C. A K X X . ! 1 rf, I ,fig XWCVI xg CA Xlfl iw'-Xi Kg 3 kJXxXJ..,X'ygg X X X XL wxmxlk iw ZXXQXD QX 5 AC X Q X ilxfufwix CEFSXX Xf5'Q1L" Ki CW llfig L x-2 CK. T, my CT ,Mi t !L', Jf mf 1, Y ' x V V fi VN'-' 2 I .V x Z, Cl LAY, K A K Lbf RN Q- U I ! V3 REL 7 jf 3 'lf - ix K f I K Q xX'7ffCf5W1 L, uf! fi MAC fx Vff V12 K f f . X i, 2 vi f A 1 - Xfff 1 X" 1 "W W f' W f' Y ' W1 1' M 1:4 'Qim p uf- ! X J X ' X ' Q X 'T ,, , , V , , 5 5 1 k,l Q N ix we Q W fl, X ! xf kg X w xy A Jr L if M Vim H1 r ki cg ,I fC ik x QNX- 'xx Xx fix ff- Nf' .. .fx r X M, 1 fr '- i f X' ' Q-N , N 1 +1 fx 4 wi L1 lf 1 Jw fa m All Qi' Q A f I , fb, ,Y I ,, . Q ,I If Q ' sl ' A If Vg KVLI fx' 'L CNC! Qlmlk-' mtg- U KMX ffl! f"'K,f'fQQlWx',fjiivf, Q0 5 RQ NCT, L,,'Cgi'Yf , Qgfyx fx cfm, .nh .A A - f' Q ' f V N' Xu K 'fx in Lk L cfm x fx-fav 1 Q - XA 5, A 'fi . J, i 1' ,A :Xu ,3 H f' m K f X X' A if-N , V ? .. X, X Lf xX X. xx! I D, X i If L KM ,X xxx!-xxpQ1X lil Rh XXX A 74' I 'XX' li hx " EA MQ-9 5 - 113 X ... f -W "' X , ,f . f. K' X . ' 'lf -, A17 A f xubkfx 'Y x-'NF- 5 x , fj-ffifyf mx 'f, Qfq xXxw14 mi X5 C' XIT.iiY'Ai1lC"' ff 5 W 7 N'W W Q wO f1 my- ag Cl Q 1 ffff .XXX N Ex C4 , K. 'f1f qi V S , I 7, WJ: ,VM ' 2 X bl' l x ,f x fy kk ,rf-4 Y- lr xix N ,x K R 'XXX' cj 1 C- C--7, Y 5 iff, 'z , :fi .141 I WJ, ' N ,Nj m X M 'X-' li isa V , bf Vw L l ici 1 1 f m Q nr X ,wr X, -X K W . A U R F D fu :X Q' A .Tl NK- AN E X-NX, ,Nl xr A CC I xml, XX MN kv kt- Q .X..lC.., R fur if Lk X X Xxx, xxx WLX ,w N K B G3 'EX 53, . A , X F N, u , X XL -U 1 V Q .,.,. ,, , 3 1 . , ki fa WV- J W Kwxfx W " f'k VX7 M f""9 X K m,.. f1'x, XC 1 'DQf fPC4L fm ..NfNSy ., ' , , ,X v -in H, U ' X N V W ' , , K' 3 - , -X !??X . LX YQK K, yi .TL YY-dxcfciyt f V 3 Led kr XV MSO, CVO f . 3 ' X Wifi I xx-'GF x 'QQ mx fx, kxXM Al1 K H Aj fi ,fx M63 g YQ NIJIC? 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C .. -21 .W PM '99 f5' ' 'PX W' F L C y ' fl. y " L X i' 2 X U 'I ' ' 5 W I, - ' X N ' K ' ' ,W - ' ' "'x 4 NX I lf A 1 ff-' ' I J X , -, , SMMTBX W -xifxl fiflrf Qi'-ba if .5351 Lufik - Q LW' i.M'+X U fm 1, i1cwf' C -X . Q W -if ,ULVS x N1 mf lx mih yfckl Y . gy M e fs LL ,. x nw. X. llxxli j' J I Q Q fki Qui ,hu 'V ll 451W -Vx Xt ki X ' X If X, ,X p J l Hx - 3 - X X M jx K - ef'-Nw N, Z IVX U' kk XQL! Q'f'xAXXQX xx 'X 'QQKQ 3 fw K -1? I' X J V ki ' x " 'TRN if X2 ' Y ff ' fm. 1 W K 1 f 1 f we my r m a K4 Q 9 Q EMI, Stn 1--f--cf'N, N fx if '. 'I 'x,!3 ' EXX-T kit. - A ch 1 C 4 -x fl Xl' .9 i fx. ' HX K QNC IVE lK .,g,QXXXX X V XX . v 3 . N FN f' - . I .J 1 N . ET -. Mix!! M ,ffl q1VAQ X QQJXX Q if A ig -- J, x j x-.k, ,hx MMA- ' ,z 5 C ,. .1111 x. .XXL HREMINISCINGH Friday night, it was late, I was walkin' you home, we got down to the was dreaming of the night. Would it turn out right? I-Iow to tell you, girl? I build my world around you. To tell you that it's true. I want to you understand. I'm talking about a lifetime plan. That's the way it began. We were hand in hand. Glenn Miller's band was better than before. We yelled and screamed for more. And I wanted you night and day. Porter tunes made us dance across the room. It ended all too soon. And on the way back home, I promised you'd never be alone. I-Iurryg don't be late, I can hardly wait, I said to myself, "When we're old. We'll dancing in the dark: walking through the park, and reminiscing." Friday night, it was late, I was wall-zin' you home, we got down to the gate, was dreaming of the night. Would it turn out right? Now as the years roll on, each time we hear our favorite sang, the mem'ries come along. Older times we're missing, spending the hours reminiscing. Hurry: don't be late, I can hardly wait, I said to myself, "When we're old. We'll go dancing in the dark: walking through the park, and reminiscing." " 1978 American 'Vumhlewonrl Music Used hy permission. il. " v mi. f g if . f,, , fix 'kk 'Z f Ji! W j 1 1 NNNNN 4 1? 3 f , ff . A ' 3? " 'E 4 ..,,... -, g,f,,q5yA 5 A-A ,A - 'Im fi, ' v' ' 'E' 57,7 if I F: fi 'C '- 75- 3' ?ff?l'f fl " -K.. . , w f :M Q, Y? X . ' 'filw

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