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' . Qtff UO Q Tl-IE, I?b'::l EFIHIZI 1255 5 'I J,g,'w 5 251:-1!f," ,, V f ' :QS M VW i. , , ,,,Z , ,, 1 L2 ' '- 2-1,- 5 i 1,A,,AA ci . f , , .g., .ni L. P. Goodrich High School Fond du Lac, Wisconsin w f A ii T W -1 Each day has an identity of its own. With the realization that this day differs from days past and future comes an appreciation of what the day offers Seize The Day . . . its riches, its challenges. . . for today's possibilities are too valuable to pass unnoticed. i ? l E 5 t t T i - Table Of , 2 y 'S 1 ggiqfj-1f'. . 2 .:', - -::- Q fk:-kL: 273, i S ellitproductionye e'ee'ssleetefrter's l 2 ' 51:-5i'25ff5i3':"iii1 .w 'T 2 , :is 2 ' , ,',t'.f.'i K' ,V Activities .... eiei Faculty. ...... 3 .iepi ilit Organizations. . Q i,i 2282 Athletics ..... . .. ,114 Personalities. . . . . . Q . 152 Senior Directoiy. . . . 224 Index. .....a . .t 4229 Supplement. . .p 2. .241 3 ssasiisait it the boundaries of our lives in school. an exciting moment, a special day, a romantic evening. challenges, responsibilities, and demands of classes. , ax, i,,a,l 3 ,iw-,i'f'm , f :if 1 f 2 ' ' E7 - Z I 551' QS??f'AQ?71lf'?i . ,wf,vf,Wff-Q zvwesfyfiliml S 1nz1mf,,,ziQ,'. f flgagww xxx gli W sr ss uaeisfdiiwffi f f ,ML mwwifqyy lsfyymw, f 4 4 A - - 'mgfsww W' KVM:,,z1fg,,,z-1,,4f,afz ,- f, af, L,1gfWw,w, .sz-,,,, ,,a.. ,V , , V 4 we , ' 255151 7 53 J' V - :fic,.:-,,,f5gfyg:5:,,',:,3g,, , . I g . ' nW2,,,:,l Q a desire to learn . . . the initiative to leam setting personal goals and supplying the determination. W, . f.V.if:,.zw,s,Ms,.::w' a purpose and a direction but, the determination must be found within ourselves. teachers help us to develop our minds. ,,,,M,,,M,m,XL.we tw M new fa Temporary isolation through the day allows us to reflect. 8 A time to be alone, a time to think is necessary each day -Stes.-, "" I 1 - Ama 15-E to study . to explore new worlds ,Mmi W Individuals with common interests may merge to form groups . . . and on ski trips in Spanish Club aw 5 gilwlgg' fv17'ff'3M"'J?" 1 iw- My 415' , 'Z K l- x- -N" W-M 1 s, eg all . Z S gi ,gif Q , ,:fW:Qk.,M..,:f,: , , 92,52 gi Y , 5 :fsz,,.' ggis 5 5 ? x,.,Y 5 Working toward a common goal, one learns . . . . . not only to focus on himself, but on others and their interests as well. We, as one, gather in the classroom ff ,W K , M, , acquiring techniques, 12 . . polishing methods, WW and expanding capabilities, to achieve our common goal - ability Assemblies provide interesting breaks in school life with try to fool the students lyceums . . . to Srs. v. Jrs. pep confusion. 14 Guests reach students through humor and folk . . . while fellow teenagers entertain students with their "fire-upw skits 15 Our everyday school experiences help to mold us. l E 4 . . . working in student councilg open house, . . . ilve min. breaksg time to gather books, 16 J l JV fi 52 V? 1 As each school day comes and goes, we learn more about helping, sharing, and living with others through . . . Helping out in the library, . . . Working controls for Little Theatre. . . ,z,,1. .11. , :NI . ::' X..yi. When we see the results of our hours of working, . . . planning, . . . and preparing, 18 P QW lg ,wr Xiu, M? we can step back and feel a satisfaction and pride. The results relieve the monotony of the long weeks before vacations and provide us with an impetus to continue. 19 Days Gf Success Come From 1, .Q Ax. ACTIVITIES E 12 55 3 gf Anxiou Students Converge As School Year Takes Shape V . 122 3 ABOVE: Meeting in a convenient spot, Sandy Christensen, Peggy Lehner, and Nancy Kubelt discuss the weekend plans before heading for home. RIGHT: Sophomore Pam Beckman knows she must have her geometry and biology assign ments ready on time. 3 22 ,,gglll9i LEFT: World Understanding Club members gather to discuss projects. BELOW: One Goodrich couple walks in the 140 hall before class, maybe making plans for a movie or a dance. is s 5 2 is s ii V, i Q Hi-E ye editor-in-chief John Wollner gives sports editor Pete Julka a few pointers on laying outa page for the jirst issue. First D Give Student LWW TOP: During the noon hour the second floor "radiator gang" meets just to talk and goof around. Shown here are Dick Majewski, Don Blattner, Mike Tebo, Jeff Cowles, Dave Domenget, and Mick Fuhrman. ABOVE: Jim Kuter and Jim Lefeber cover for Don Kloetzke who is "illegally" being a part of the Pepsi-generation during hours. LEFT' Two of the "B" Boys meet at the "senior wall'i Brian Rickli and Steve Klotz wait for the rest of the gang to arrive. 24 A Chance T 0 Meet Friend h TOP: Three lettermen, Greg Kramer, Doug Mohr, and Joe Klinzing, serve the club by -hanging booster posters during the football season. ABO VE: Students head for rollroom activities. 25 MEMURIAL SERVQCES AT 7 RM, - FRUTH FIELD MAY THEY REST IN 26 Mr! Homecoming Victory " Q' f ' W ' ' U g-gg. A . 'W . . . A Rtffwge ' gre p , 'I 0 0 0 we igw if sv Heighten Spirit Festivities of Homecoming were certainly "Moments To Remember." With a thrilling all school pep assembly as a start, vivacious Cardinal spirit soared high to the scoring of the last touchdown in our victorious homecoming game. An amusing half-time show by the Goodrich bandsmen included a salute to television commercials. The porn porn girls and twirlers, joining in, added color and class to the event. After having been announced, Queen Julie Graves and her court were escorted off the tield in the TWA Special Homecoming Jet. The shower of tloats down Main Street displayed originality and creativeness. All entries involved dedication and hard work of either groups or individuals. Thus, homecoming parade could only be described as a credit to Goodrich High. Many students celebrated this successful day at the evening victory dance. The moment of crowning King Jim Bond and Queen Julie Graves is only one ofthe few cherished moments of Homecoming 1968. Above far left: Queen Julie Graves enjoys the spirit of the game. Seated along the sidelines, she chats with Pete Pie before the action begins. Above left: finishing touches are put on the Spanish Club entnv prior to the parade. Below jar left: A wish for the Sheboygan North Golden Raiders. Left: Cindy Morgan 's entry in the individual division won herafirsz place. "The Early Bird Gets the Worm," she proclaims. 27 Above: The "Elements of Sound" provided the entertainment for the evening of 'Moments to Remember. " Above right: Dancing and having a good lime was characteristic of the dance. Below right: Jim and Julie lead off tlze dancing along with other court members. Jim, Julie Reign Gver 'Moment Remember, Above: Court members stand patiently as King Jim Bond places the crown on the head of his queen, Julie Graves, Members include Mary Hoyt and Steve Zimrnermang Cathy Diener and Gary Pelotq Dianne Burgess and Shannon Rileyg and, Shelly Bunker and Joe Klinzing. 29 6Of Thee I Sing, Highlight The Goodrich Choirs Talent The Goodrich choirs combine all their brains, talents and spare time to produce one of the more famous, as well as complicated, love stories in the history of mankind, "Of Thee I Sing." Running for the presidency on a four lettered platform, love, touches upon every voters heart and it seems a cinch to win. This, however, proves not so easy when the rightful winner of a beauty contest is sidetracked from becoming the president's future wife. President Wintergreen finds himself in trouble when the winner of the beauty contest turns out to be of French descent and France demandsjustice. But all is well that ends well and everyone knows the vice-president is second in the chain of authority so therefore he is the one to whom the French mistress is wed. ABO VE: Among the decisive groups in the musical was the United States Senate whom were dul J' responsible for the preservation of the memory of Paul Revere's horse, Geney. RIGHT: The other group which had an important say in the turnout of events were those distinguished members of the Supreme Court. :seems BELOW: The honorable French Ambassador stands Frm in defense ofthe injustice! that has been done to divert the French mistress from becoming the future wife ofthe president. BOTTOM: Representing the elegance and dignity of France 's customs are tlze French soldiers who escort the French Ambassador. ABO VE: Before the performance can get under way there are certain final tasks that must be accomplished, one of which is to master the art of make up. LEFT: Another ingredient in the production of any kind of play or musical is a person 's ability to know wlzat's going on in the peak of any amount of confusion. 119' s i1 s " if ",. H, 'A W if J - , , Ja.. V TOP.' Band members do sightseeing before the parade. One of the more memorable sights was John FI Kennedy 's grave site in Arlington cemetery. ABO VE: Ted Kuhnz and Steve Van Vleet rest after a hectic weekend in Washing- ton, D. C. RIGHT' Goodrich High School Parade Band, representing Wisconsin, marches past the reviewing stand. 90-. 'mem 32 -:n lllg X 1 . Egglfffp .4 K . 1 u pt,iw V , 5 1,JMe 1 'S ., ' -v. e Q .fl ymf' iakrzff' ' p ' ' Zf3'iev5e..1t,' . s . . y 1 W A l I i Ak 'aa' f.. . ' . fx. ,Lv .:,u.,l:,,Q.- .. X ..,, N ,, 1 A as 'ar M. , wwfwwwr -ar' . W., ,,. i t aeawwewm -Q f ' . ,V se 1,5 .. , A r-'A s." fiffyf , W ,M . wf ,4 r' www rw-,. :fl 7 J Goodrich Honored For 2nd Time in Inaugural arade Monday, January 20, 1969 was a proud day for the Goodrich High School band and director Mr. Moely, Stepping smartly to the strains of "On Wis- consin" the band led by drum majorette, Deb Kiehnau nobly represented the state of Wisconsin. A sharp cadence, written by Dave Anderson alternated with the playing of the state song. As the 125 bandsmen prepared for the coast to coast performance, the tension and pressure showed. Mr. Moely, the only veteran from 'S1965', wanted everything to the peak of perfection, a desire ful- filled. The band's weekend in Washington was actu- ally far more pleasure than worry. The group spent limited time with Congressman Steiger and then went on to observe America's greatest historical sights. The Los Bandito's concert and the sale of band booster buttons helped pay the way to Washington, D. C. The rest of the needed 518,000 came from gracious contributors. This inaugural event of '61969" will be cherished by these representatives as long as they live to tell about it. .4 33 LEFT: Congressman Steiger, representative for the 6th district, talks to band members about the Capitol. ABOVE: Brian Felda looks at our state flag in the Archives Building. Santa, Ives ABOVE: Junior chss secretary Cheri Royea tells Santa the Christmas wishes of her chss. Waiting for their turns are Paula Wettstein and Sue Pinnow. BELOW RIGHT: Howie Deanovich was just one of many students "caught" in the holiday spirit. ake Annual ppearance A decorating contest, a candy sale, an assembly - each was one part of the many things which preceded Christmas. Christmas is a season of two moods A a gay, happy mood and a time for reflecting and thinking. Both were apparent at Goodrich. The festive spirits arrived with the first sign of winter, snow. And the snow sure did come. Decorating came next. Inventive students thought of better-than-ever ideas. Mr. Smith's homeroom turned their hall into a giant fireplace with all their stockings hung in a row. A santa's workshop with all the trimmings used to be Mrs. Radtke's room. Their idea took first place. Others portrayed in cut-out figures the Nativity, a scene outside a workshop, and Christmas trees. In an assembly held December 20, Santa heard wishes from class secretaries and presented the prizes to the winners in the Domestic Exchange candy sale, Betty Kelly, Greg Schaefer, and Mary Klake. Perhaps the most inspiring moments of the ceremony came when the A Cappella Choir sang selections from their Christmas album, including Handels "Hallelujah Chorus" from The Messiah. MC Jim Bond introduced the group, whose album We Wish You A Merry Christmas, brought more meaning into this holiday season. A, A W LEFT: Santa, Kevin Smith, is being 7 preceded into the gym by his I3 trusty reindeer. RIGHT: Two junior girls are putting the jinishing touches on their homeroom 's entry in the decorating con- test. s, 3 "'h""'Wta97' Y Paula Matthew, Shelly Mathos, and Debbie McCarty "love" their giraffe 'cause he helped them win the decorating contest. 35 mf' f, , 6 v E "' W, .Y., V.MWm,,,f ABOVE: Chris Parow, our AFS student from West Germany, studies extra hard in Algebra II. LEFT: Anne La Borde displays one of lzer many souvenirs from her stay in India. BELOW: Einar Erichson, visiting our school from Norway, eagerly participates in an English class discussion. Y 155 326, fif 5 ' alk Together Talk Together All Ye Peoples of the World' 1968 spelled a big year for Goodrich in exchange programs. The American Field Service selections be- gan in early October, resulting in two of our students, Anne LaBorde and Julie Graves, being sent abroad for the summer. Anne stayed in Calcutta, lndia, and Julie lived in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since A.F.S. believes in promoting understanding through the family experi- ence, each girl became an ordinary member of her family and lived the life of a teenager as it was in each respective country. These experiences overseas have proven to be beneiicial both for the community and the girls. September found Fondy opening its doors to two foreign students also, the A.F.S. student Einar Erichsen from Honefoss, Norway, and Chris Parow from Hamburg, Germany, who is here with the Youth for Understanding Teenage Exchange Program, a church related program. The boys also lived a family situation and were initiated into our American way of life. We hope that when it is time for them to return home, Einar and Chris will have many pleasant memories and thoughts of Ol, Fondy High,just as we will of them. ' ' '1i"?'Q5'1i '.r, s at . ABO VE: After spending her summer months in South America Julie Graves Ends it hard to get back to school work. 6The Solid Gold Cadillac, Enjoyed Man Students "A delightful comedy, a fine satire, an all-around family show." All this and more can be said of the 1969 All School Play, The Solid Gold Cadillac. In this Broadway hit, spoofs on big business, politics, and television had the audiences in mirthful chuckle of rousing laughter throughout most of the production. Set in the form ofa fairy tale, the play pitted the honesty of Cinderella against the corruption of the Four Ugly Directors for control of General Products, Inc. Playing the role of Cinderella 4 Laura Partridge was Nancy Louis who did an excellent job in characterizing the eccentric actress. Dan Mauthe, Ed McKeever, played opposite Nancy as the Prince Charming who saved the day and the money. The Ugly Directors, Paul Lane, Craig Kaemmer, Mike Mann, Orin Mueller, did their corrupt best to thwart Laura and Ed. The role of Miss Shotgrave, Brita Reque, added the love interest, while Miss L,Arriere, Cathy Griffin, was a great satire on modeling. 38 RIGHT: Mr. McKeever gives a state- ment to the press concerning his ab- rupt departure from Washington, D. C, and with a mysterious woman. LEFT: Dan Mauthe as Mr. McKeever recites a speech to Mrs. Partridge from his old school days. 3, w i ww K . 5' ABOVE: Nancy Louis, a one-time actress and model, greets Craig Kaemrner as a new stock holder in General Products. Orin Mueller, Mike Mann, and Paul Lane little suspect the trouble she will cause them. ABOVE: Cathy Griffin models an advertisement as Paul Lane gives his approval. Craig Kaemmer, in the background, saws down a leg for a chair on his electric drill. ABOVE: Gary Sharpe, Kris Diener, and Julia Becker give the daily 5 0 'clock news report. 39 ABOVE: School-spirit students respond to the cheerleaders during an afternoon assembly before a big basketball game that night, RIGHT: Junior girls, Doreen Evans, Cheri Royea, Julie Vodgs, Lisa Reque, Yvonne Strelow, Karen Hayden, Luule Late, and Kathy Kenyon, put on a short skit wlzere Fondy triumphs over the opposing team. BELOW: Gary Kastorff places ESP cards as Mrs. Saxon tells him the symbols that appear. gi X gy' 'Sf , "il 'W Assemblies Add to Student Life This year, we have had a variety of assemblies, ranging from lycums to pep assemblies, and including award assemblies. Some were interesting, some entertaining, and some were educational.. The majority of them were considered worthwhile. The assemblies included a great variety of programs. Some tried to promote school spirit. One was an act that supposedly demonstrated ESP. Perhaps the most successful assembly was the one that included the comedy and singing duo. The team did pantomimesg then they asked for ideas from the audience and enlarged them into impromptu skits. On the whole, this year's assemblies were considered a success, for they provided a worth- while part of student life at school. ABOVE: Probably the best received lyceum was the one combining folk singing and comedy skits. After performing their rehearsed act, they asked for suggestions from the audience on impromptu skits. ABO VE RIGHT: Mr. Stacy, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Gores prepare to hand out awards in track and football. RIGHT: Tlze pep band and cheerleaders combine to lzelp promote school spirit during a pep assembly. Winter Formal 'gln short there's simply not a more congenial spot for happy ever aftering than here in Camelot? As a new idea this year, yellow and pink signs were hung from lockers advertising the annual winter formal. The atmosphere of Camelot, this year's theme, was set by the medevial-type decorations. Murals of castles and the surrounding countryside, sheaths hung from the walls, and a tiny castle transformed students to the fifteenth century. The theme this year was taken from the movie Camelot, which had recently played here. Students devoted their study halls and free hours to painting and putting up decorations. Adding to the scene was the music provided by the Howard Fisher Orchestra. ss. , ,Q an ABOVE dk BOTTOM RIGHT: Couples enjoy themselves while dancing to the i music provided by the Howard Fisher Orchestra. RIGHT: Terry Sullivan and 'ipq i , Shelly Bunker spend their "free" hours preparing decorations for winter formal. ff-is I 42 set in "the land of Camelotl' TOP: Lynn Tonjes and Dick Majewski dance through "the land of Camelot". ABOVE: Lee Geiger assists his "fair maiden", Judy Dyer, with her coat following the dance. LEFT' Diane Korell and Joe Longo dance in the atmosphere of Camelot. 43 Academic Direction Timed By The FACULTY , ., ft". Administration Sets Policy Running a large school like Goodrich is no easy task. To add to the normal problems, Principal James Nelson and his assistants Kurt Thiel and Elwood Bilse had several other touchy situations to deal with. One controversial policy which was set this year was in regard to student dress. Pant-dresses or culottes which resemble Hbermuda shorts" were outlawed. Several female students who arrived at 8 a.m. found themselves going home at 8:30 a.m. The reason - pants-skirts which looked too much like "bermuda shortsf' Others were sent home because their t'minis" were too "mini" Skirts were not to be more than three inches from the middle of the knee. Everyday problems and student discipline fell into the hands of Mr. Bilse. A line of students Wait to see him throughout the day. Programming students was one of Mr. Thiel's many duties. Trying to make sure that classes didnlt overlap and that every student had the urightl' classes, Mr. Thiel was always kept busy. ABOVE: Mr. Kurt Thiel takes a phone call from the parent of a student wishing to change a program. LEFT: Mr. Elwood Bilse also receives a phone call. Mr. Bilse and Mr. Thiel are the two MMM hard working assistants to the principal. 1 f s ABOVE.' Mr. James F. Nelson, principal, and Mr. Thiel confer about the dress code enforced at Goodrich this year. LEFT: Mr. Bilse looks forward to meeting stu- dents and attempting to help them with their classroom problems. Counselor AdV1S6, D1rect ABO VE: Accepting calls for absences is nothing new to Miss Imogene Christiansen, she often "doodles" while taking the messages. ABOVE RIGHT: Before finishing up for the day, Mr. Jorgensen makes a final check to make sure everything is in its place. RIGHT: Miss Twohig advises Don Blattner on the advantages of going to the Fond du Lac Branch campus for two years. Goodrichis Growing Population The busiest place in school is the guidance office. Students come and go whether to choose a college, change a course, or just to talk about those grades. The line-up of students to see Miss Christiansen or Mr. Hargrave never ceases, and one can always see Mr. Henning, Mr. Jorgensen, or Miss Twohig advising some students. TOP: Mr. Alan Hargrave, head counselor, goes over a students application for college to make sure that it is completely filled out. ABOVE: Miss Laura Twohig checks a cumulative record for the grades and record of one of her students. LEFT: Consulting a pamphlet for scholarship information, Mr. Richard Jorgensen and Mr. Jerome Henning will be able to provide answers for interested seniors. ngli h ffers I 1 I FAR RIGHT.' Did you ever wonder what it was like to give a speech? Well, here is one of Miss Rotters' speech classes to show you just what it looks like when you get up in front. ABOVE RIGHT' Both of Miss Thodes' 6 W classes had to do a project. Joe Beck and Steve Casper chose to present a play. TOP: Mrs. Radtke's "baby" this year has been a humanities program. Some of her junior students were interested in Ending out all about it. RIGHT: Mr. McKeon points out a passage in A TALE OF TWO CITIES to a sophomore in class. ABOVE: Lynn Tonjes tries to persuade her speech class to join Ski Club. Variety of Acti ities Term papers, speeches, book reports, and gram- mar exercises are but a few of the many activities included in the English curriculum. Beginning as a sophomore, one becomes acquainted with the liter- ature of many countries. ReadingA Tale of Two Cities and Julius Caesar acquaints students with what lies ahead in English. Juniors study American authors such as Frost, Hawthorne, and Mitchell. As seniors, students have a choice of classes. English 6W involves a survey of world literature. Cervantes, Rostand, and Homer are among the authors stud- ied. Seniors in 6C are deluged with proficiency tests. English literature is studied in detail here. Speech is another senior elective, although it does not take the place of English. .t .K N A si.: 9 :,: 'Y' 'E "fi .w "5 . il .5 5 , d Q-sw X.. r-'s..4- . .5 -gag Ta' 5. K, W X :ie K 'sir' .f:r.-thas J- as-71-s :....f3 -tx,-N '-fa? W. ' 7 - 1- 5 : 1 3. ,. i f 2' A - .Z 5 Q fax in ' 'L "' ' -' A .. AA,- 'f"""'! ' li f"- znmg -xii? s'-- . , ' .V ' gait j,gJg,i1fss- 2 Sie ,i A Q, mg.. YI: , .y :.-Pls . r .f-f " 1171- r. , Q .xl ,Katy - i + . f Q . .. ,Q i X I ,ff E -. , . rsh MQ ' , ,..'.:,'-x r-kk is I t U' K' . . gfffzf sei-wzzvfis., f N -1 .err as.: Z "Af digg. -f. sms fs ai ' 'W' . Q f 'T' I t Lk . ' e , " et, e:.,.a '.' ei 1 ' ,f K ' ii ' 3 " J il 51 Mary Andrew Lloyd Dustman Judith Rotter Linda Garbe Louise Haack Julien Kinzcr Mary Konen Richard Mand Timothy McKeon Beverly Paulick Ruth Petri Ruth Radtke Susan Setzer Rodney Smith Marie Stepnoski Christine Thode Margaret Baker Jacqueline Christner Joanne J arock Margaret J enz Gunther Kaulfuss Jean Kinzer Gerald Pollei Myra Sager r 5 r.. ...Q A 4 , ' 21-1 V in 4' ' wr.-.23-vt W1 ... 4 , W 2 M7 f f fe ff is V ef rr sf 2 3 ,Lf 4 fl ew , ,st " ,., , . , , 4 . 5' "' f X L 'U 5 ,ff ,, ,ya 31 5 tygg fr ' ' 4 . . 2" NX .n H, k.,:k., :Jef .f . ,- .r Lab Enhances ABO VE: Anyone who has had Spanish I will always remember Mrs. Kinzer 's famous hand gestures. She uses them to signal sections of the class when she is teaching the basic dialog sentences in each unit. BELOW: In Spanish IV, Craig Kaemmer, Cathy GriHin, and Martha Halter do much reading outside of their texts. Mrs. Sager gives Martha some help in Ending an interesting story. J i N 1 Learning A Language The foreign language department at Goodrich is really fabulous. The teachers, the students, the atmosphere itself have all combined to make it one of the best programs in the state. The teachers are all the type of teachers that possess the needed quality of making learning a worthy challenge. Patience and perserverance are probably the most important qualities in learning as well as teaching a lan- guage. But knowledge and hard Work are only part of the atmosphere. Each language has a club which is quite active. Spanish club has a traditional slave week. French club has viewed French-spoken plays. Folk festivals, bake sales, and floats are all a happy part of belonging to a language club. Students have found that learning a language at Goodrich is not only perserverance and study but also a stimulating, happy experience. l ABOVE: Mr. Gerald Pollei and some of his German students take an opportunity to develop listeningland speaking skills by using the third floor language lab. Each foreign language class is scheduled to use the lab at least once a week. Students usually listen to tapes or records. LEFT: Mr. Pollei can listen to any student and may also correct him during a tape by sitting at this teachers' station. BELOW LEFT.' Mrs. Kinzer teaches her Hrst year Spanish students the endings for "ar" verbs. I Math Student bilit Roy Baechler Dale Boettcher Henry Graves Marguerite Kneip Royal Kott Peter Doyle Anthony Pass Delbert Stacy Baptest Vescio Spencer Zuelke -rit f , 2523? V ,y t ' 575 W2 fg Y ffflgg , W Qi , ,,, "" , , ' V - wt .,,, vsayffifftf . 4 f ' " T : ' iw? . 2 2 'E K K i X f ' Q3 1 X S N XQQ ze X N X it T 3522935 52 X4 X Wg QX 5 5 X 'N X N Q r , ei: s:.m,Q-.f2- W if ., f. Y f . My ,. ,A f, Q ,. . -f if - t ,M ,Z w e yyyygygg f ' 5 J Y '1x,. , , ,f ,k 'Hsu To Solve Problem More student involvement was combined with the use of more mechanical devices such as over- head projectors and opaque projectors to stimulate the math minded students this year. Student involvement was evident this year in all the math classes. Students went to the board to explain the more difficult problems to their fellow students, and sometimes teacher. Geometric proofs, quadratic equations, hyperbolas, asymp- toes, trigonometric identities and "-11800 were all explained by thought provoked students. Formulas, figures, graphs and equations to the n-th degree kept math student's minds busy. Sheets of scratch paper crammed with problems rapidly covered the desk and wastebaskets of many a student. But the challenge of finding the solution kept him working and after racking his brains he found that the solution was quite simple once he made one revision-2+3:5, not 6. FAR LEFT: Don Blattner explains a math problem to his fellow Math students and Mr. Kott, LEFT: Mr. Boettcher watches as some of his geometry students work on a part of their assignment. BELOW LEFT: Pat Tennis watches approv- ingly as a classmate correctly works out a problem. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Baechler helps one of his sophomores with a difficult geometry problem. 55 Robert Anderson Ramona Hornby Robert Johnson .. Donald Nevala , 6 1w2z?"T.s . Davld Stetter Art Treleven x':L' L Pau1Weidenfe11er LLV' K m Ke1th Zuengler , Q E, to T www:-www Advanced Chemi tr I ffc-:red I TOP RIGHT: Mr. Robert Johnson explains the method used in adding and subtracting vectors to his third hour physics' class. Listening attentively is Gary Kastorff RIGHT: Physical science students use familiar instruments in performing V ss experiments in Mr. Stetters' class. ABOVE: Four boys in one of Mr. Trelevens' chemistry chsses prepare for one of 'X .. .mf H those "smelly " ones. f 1, 'ls 56 For The First Time observation and classification of facts. lt is a human study, an intellectual activitywhose products include facts, concepts, theories, and principles. These prod- ucts change as new facts are discovered. New equipment and new books have recently been pur- chased by the science department in order to keep up-to-date with the latest scientiric discoveries. The science department teaches students to develop the ability to seek new relationships and ideas from known facts and concepts. Youths taking science courses obtain a background of ordered knowledge, develop an adequate vocabulary in science for effec- tive communication, and develop understandings con- cerning the dependence of our society upon scientific and technological achievements and that science is a basic part of modern living. Biology, chemistry, physical science, physics, biology seminar, and advanced chemistry are the science courses offered at Goodrich. This is the first year that advanced chemistry has been offered. This course, taught by Mr. Treleven, is designed for the advanced science student. The objective of advanced chemistry is to extend the understanding of chemical principles and investigate the methods used to deter- mine properties of substances. IN MEMGRIAM J oe Capicik The student body and faculty of Goodrich were saddened by the death of Mr. Joseph Capicik. For 23 years Mr. Capicik was a respected science teacher and coach at Goodrich. He was always devoted in his work, whether it was in helping a student or coaching on the football field. During his 18 years as head football coach, Mr. Capicik's objective was always to win, and his teams were some of the best in Fond du Lac's history. A dedicated educator, Mr. Capicik was an inspiration to youth, and his loss is felt by all who knew him. 57 Poli. Sci. Begin Arnold Brandel Steven Budde Larry Cooper Art Immel WW' r Willard Gores g if - W, X Q - -s 2 :ses W, ,f ,Lf .s Fred Hanson 9 , Donald Huchinson 'ap r- if Q James Johnson We s Q iLd I ,. . ,,.,,, - ,f r. - -- , ,- ff siffz-rw' 1 .. M ,.., -- ,g -L ' x, , i F. -f 5-23555- ' Q ' ' i ,Wi,ff. i in A -72 , wk-1. W' ' 'M ' 3: A .1 ,' it X, , as FAR RIGHT: Members of Mr. Gores economics class study about the New York Stock Exchange. RIGHT: Miss Payne demonstrates the use of the mace to her jifth hour world history class. ABOVE: Don Noe prepares to give a report to his psychology class. 58 E Q av 'M ,, s 'R Q, Ri X N N ,A-hr. , A i so R, 'k 9 ir t Year Successful Social Studies is a Held of learning involving the study of people, their activities, and their customs in relationship to others. The material covered in this branch of education is quite diversified due to the fact that the world is constantly changing. Yet many of the basic facts learned remain the same. A teacher of United States history asked a student, "In what year did the United States break away from Great Britain?" "I knowj' says Bill eagerly, 'fin the year l776." "Right you are!" exclaims Mr. Brandel. Later in the school year an enthusiastic student replies, Slim sure glad World War l ended in 1917. My hand is tired of taking notes and I am running out of space." Here at Goodrich, students are taught how our country was formed, under what circumstances, and why these people acted the way they did. This learning enables people to live among other races in peace and understanding. This year a new course was added to the Social Studies department. It is called Political Science, and deals with different systems of government on a national level. It also is a study of state and local governments in the United States. E 2 i sd R3 The Fundamentals Homemaking Are Properly Taught I Home Economi s Jeanne Bauer Q Y. ' Barbara Pollei Nancy Reische RIGHT: Karen Fischer finds it is best to consult a cookbook before starting. 60 Home Economics is designed for girls particularly interested in the clothing and food areas. In Clothing emphasis is placed on clothing selection and con- struction. Foods is a basic course of basic principles and modern techniques used in the preparation of food products. It also includes units of food buying, food fads and fallacies. Senior girls may take Housing and Home Furnish- ings one semester and Child Development the second semester. There is also Home Economics Survey for Senior girls. This course is related with marriage, motherhood and homemaking. Family Psychology is offered to both boys and girls. It prepares seniors for their future roles in marriage and as parents. Humani- ties, also offered to Seniors, is a course of values. It is structured on the Great Issues Plan and involves man's search for knowledge, expression, identity, truth, and beauty. Therefore, Home Economics has a variety of courses for all. ,Z if ew W9!M!m0w ABOVE: After learning the proper way to adorn a dinner table, Mary through Home Economics. BELOWRIGH T: Holly Reesrnan tries to cut Klake adds the finishing touch with her floral arrangement. BELOW her club sandwich on toast, the proper way. LEFT: Girls learn the proper way in which clothing is constructed ABO VES Chuck Selwbe and 11iS bLldl1'i6S OH HH engine in ll11f0 Wien quick tune-up fob is one ofthe many things that must be done to keep chanics. RIGHT: The sophomore boys enjoy their first year of drafting if running, at Fondy. They jind drafting to be interesting. FAR RIGHT: Doing a nventive Students Take through 62 RIGHT: Industrial Arts is one of the most popular electives at Fondy. In past years we have added new facilities and teachers to up date the techniques of Industrial Arts. In our many different shop courses we teach skills that will be helpful in the future and it does improve the students who apply themselves. There are also the students who take the course because they are not interested in the other electives and end up finding that it can be a vocational interest for them. In addition to trades that are helpful in the future, students make items that can be of use at the present time in the home. They make furniture items that would normally be high priced if bought. The student also learns the fundamentals of engine operation in our mechanics courses, and how to diagnose some of the problems that could prevail in their own cars. Industrial Arts can be a vocational interest or hobby for all. Jerry MeEssey works on one of his woodworking projects the aid ofa drillpress. LEF T: A senior class Ends electronics very in teresting. Semi, J .Zta v : E W g,,,,,W,, we i E .V . A Q X ,Q ,n . . A' ,,,,M,,,.w f. ,ig WE Indu trial Art A V, m..A Q R, Va ' mm -wiffigsssv Q?a:ffQswia5f ' . 5' 1, 1' " ' .1f f x:Q?fQfa?ih,g X f " ' :. sf mek x:.f V , , V, 63 sa . 5 rigggg W A Q HUM 2' PM ,.., ..,, . , . My ffm--Q .,...:, .:m,-- 3 3? in M W Q fa? Q X Q x P4 X 2 RW X ., 2 ' , Q Fffi.a1'I- K .K ., .. , 'f ail - Q ' J 5535 52 1 ls .za-iafeQ.,s52'a n . al 1 fflmsiz :- ' .E513'f,Z-ARK Xffjg.g,f4 R fiff zi i . ' ' 5 - '-ang 'R' Yak. w h Q Q Q Sea ya- Q , iff 155' Q ' 'giksi' 1 X fe R an ' 1 I H 1f5ii11'5-123 f -5 aa-5 -f . . .,,. fa: g31W,33f35,15,2 1 Q2 M 464 z WX it '. 5 -2- was !?'f.saL1f as gipigk V 4 'X J? 3 , 9V l 3 - f law-ex,1flf3,g 31 ln Jerry Gordon Webster Hurst Ronald McCready Ronald Nelson Ronald Reick John Schrum Duane Schmidt Mark Thorkelson Gerold Weberg fit, QV ,, . I iw ww iw i 1 Julie Graves and Karen Schaetzel use their creative imaginations to come up with a new idea for class. Imagination seems to be zz key word to success in art. Julie and Karen, as do most students, enjoy the oppor tunity to take art. rtists Activate, Imaginations 'CWM' WA., i, 4 What kind of students elect art as one of their subjects? Art students are creative in thought and are able to turn their thoughts into material masterpieces. Art students have many types of materials with which to make their masterpieces. Under the guidance of Mr. Glenn Wege- ner and Miss Verna Stillman, the junior artists are able to conceive of ideas and turn them into reality. The two mentors are always available to give the pupils a helping hand in their various projects. Everything from sculptoring to oil painting is done in the art rooms. In the beginning art classes students learn the basics of painting and drawing. From there students may branch into several other phases of artwork. Self-portraits or water color paintings are among some of the many activities. And, of course, all art students are well acquainted with those famous sketch books due each term. Steph Cruckson is busy creating a water color painting. E K Q s L sf' get o r ttct new 'mfg Seventh hour art students learn of facial structure. Miss areas of the face. The pupils will soon be doing chalk Stillman shows her students how to shade the various sketches of their own. -Q' If ----ggx Verna Stillman Glenn Wegener Excellent Music Merit n .af 1, U RIGHT: Mrs. Grine stops teaching so her orchestra students may look over their music. BELOW: The Goodrich Choir puts in many hours of practice. 66 Continuous Practice ' 4 "Tenors, I want a little more volume from your section. Stop taking off with the rythm, sopranos, let me do it!" Mr. Alan Lemery ls preparing the choir for another of its annual performance. Long hours of practice in blending chords and enunciating words result in excellent music fort assemblies, concerts, and the district festival. I Under the direction of Mrs. Geraldine Grine, the Goodrich orchestra is continuously growing. Within a very few years, the lorchestra will be one of Good- rich's largest musical groups. Choir groups such as Training Choir are thoroughly enjoyed by sophomores. This class meets two or three days a Week and trains the students voices. Through courses such as these, students are better qualified for A Cappella Choir and other excellent Goodrich choral groups. I Geraldine Grine Alan Lemery ABOVE: A Cappella Choir practices for their annual Christmas Concert. TOP: A Cappella Choir, directed by Mr. Lemery, presents their excellent Christmas Concert. 67 Calvin Moely l l mmm. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior boys sharpen up their basketball skills in a friendly game. ABOVE LEFT: Miss Pierce's sophomores practice one part of their routine for a floor exercise. ABOVE: Sometimes even the faculty will get 68 out and play a game of volleyball with the students. Mr. Jorgensen grimaces as he spikes the ball over to tlze interscholastic girls' team. P s. Ed. Rounds A Person ut A stranger passing by is flattened to the wall when, "Gooo youuu chicken fat goo!!!" blares from the girls half of the gymnasium. Upon closer investigation, he finds a female army, clad in blue, march- ing helter skelter about the room. Besides this favorite form of exercise, calisthenics to music, games and many other activities are included in the agenda of the girls physical education program. A typical conversation from next door: "I'm sure glad football is over! lt's too cold to go outside. Besides, l like wres- tlingf, 'Wrestling is O.K. I canit wait for basketball. That and baseball are my favorites? L'Elmer likes track best, but that is probably because heis such a fast runner. He,s good at weight lifting too. Let's go. The bell's going to ring." Replacing Miss Linda Garbe, who is teaching English, and Mr. Bill Parish, who left the teaching profession, are Miss Jeanne Forest fbetter known as Madame Treej from Helenville and Mr. Larry Marchionda fthe famous wrestlerj from Fountain City. The mighty universal Hercules also came to Goodrich this year. Both girls and boys got to climb around, push and pull, and tone up their muscles on this big hunk of metal, called a weight training machine. We are all looking forward to next year when two new courses will be offered. Maureen Merhoff and Kris Konz were just two of about 40 girls who began to jog this fall. Jogging club has been operating under the direction of Miss Call. Each girl must jog at least one mile every time out and many do more than that. , ' .. ,..: L F Dave Bartolutti ' Barbara Can fl si? A X 'R am,- Q, QQ , Q54 1 -sm w ..., ,pl if L ..-...... Mm "-izj:t.t.7g... . , Y X x 0 me B J .. jj i ' - Jeanne Forest A ii-. -as My T ef offer .ff if 31 - , Larry Marchronda A ,,.,, ,seflaigst-. + '..,,,?..., 5 JoAnne Pierce A - 9' A . Wayne Steffenhagen 5 , , f ,f .ggi ' i - . V..-5 1 Something For 11 E 3 1 ABOVE: Miss Braatz shows Darlene Schwartz how to use the mimeograph machine. RIGHT: Mrs. Rowe's shorthand class learns how to take dictation from a machine. fi' is 5 70 .:- ' " . X . , am K f 1 F N S des . 1 ,lmwz Roger Allen Helen Braatz X F S S Lt P sg f 1 . 3 st 'X A s " ' Ns ,R as get gl K .tr .s .extr a X Gay Glewen M gf New Q l N , swat N N ss sis 5 ' Q l xkh' ' K 'f- 'Leis' ' ' . ., .. Q - S . Q . T Hafflffffff Haworth . f ssto s . E sssss . or -t g s, Q i at sii i s Mmm PHHISSH Ti if Vm-,-, fii i ' M ' Vlfgmlli ROWS if it .. L,.L .. 1 Gerald Welf a,,af.,a is X s .. .i,:,sas-- 4 s H e ' . . -. K , .,,., ' 'I '.'.',' I iii' -.mga Q sf l :X V iff? Bus. Ed. Can Be Found In "Clickety-Clack-Clack-Click-Ding! i' "Now if you were an employee of this store how would you handle the situation? "How many of you have 70 words a minute? All of these sounds and statements are very common to the halls of Goodrich. In fact, you can hear them every day as you walk down the hall past the Business Ed. depart- ment. The Business Education department teaches every- thing from beginning typing to data processing which is offered in the advanced typing class for the first time this year. The Business Ed. department is an indispensable part of our school. It mainly gives the students the necessary understanding of business and prepares them for meeting the standards in the competitive business world. Even if you are not planning on running a business, Business Ed. has something for all students. The skill this department offers will be helpful to any person in his future job. 75 15 TOP LEFT: Mrs. Glewen often strolls through the aisles of her ckzssroom, just to see how her students are doing. LEFT: Miss Haworth checks on John Bestor to see that he isn 'I doing something he shouldn 't - like peek. 71 Classroom, Lab Experience Ray Ries ABO VE: Mr. Ries takes time out to go over some of the possible questions asked on the temp. test. Students very often have a chance to take the test right at school. R1 GH T: One of the driver ed. cars leaves the Goodrich parking lot for on the road practice. 72 Help To Educate Future Drivers Driver education helps students acquire the skills and attitudes necessary for sage and efficient operation of an automobile. The two phase driver education program consists of classroom instruction and the laboratory plan. The classroom phase teaches students about the personal and social problems of driving. The laboratory phase is 7h hours of practice driving instruction to teach the knowledge and attitudes necessary to safe driving and skills needed to operate a motor vehicle safely. The laboratory phase is taught only during the summer, but in the future it hopefully will be taught during the school year. This presents a problem for many sophomores and juniors because driver education is now mandatory for all youths under the age of 18 seeking a driver's license. Students who turned 16 during the school year have to wait until after they complete the laboratory plan in the summer before they can obtain their license. Last summer there were 17 cars and 3 in service. This summer there will be 30 cars because of the increase of enrollment of students. This year the students took a trip to the expressway by bus to study the four types of interchanges. There were also speakers that came to the classes to provide further information for the driver ed. students. r t.i QQ ...... 'itit ' t"s r"'ir rri"r he r . , -- .. f- . .f fr .. A -f H 5. .pf-rf' ,Q ., jpg? ' The summer lab sessions offer students a chance to drive brand new cars. Whenever other drivers see the "Student Driver" sign come into view, they usually become extra cautious. V r TOP.' One cold December morning the state inspection team surprised many students by showing up at Goodrich to inspect some of the cars in the school parking lot. ABOVE: Most students found that the headlight aim on their car was off 73 Efficient Library Aid Student The library at Goodrich is among the finest to be found anywhere. The excellent staff is led by the ultra-efficient Miss Connelly. Not only do the library personnel maintain order and quiet, but they also can be a very helpful aid to a very perplexed student. The librarians are willing to spend a great deal of their time in order that the students may achieve a better understanding of the facilities available. ln past years, the library has added new equipment to further its capability oflending materials to the student body. This year, two microfilm recorders were purchased to protect back issues of periodicals at a touch-of-the-button pace. The Library is abundant in its inventory of books. Whether it be fact or fiction, old or new, the Goodrich library has the answer to every problem. Also available are periodicals, pamphlets, and audio visual materials for current events, history, georaphy, biographies or any- thing else the individual student might require. The library is, of course, a very popular place for the students to spend extra time studying, reading, and relaxing. There are also two conference rooms which are at the disposal of all the students for meeting and group studying. There la always a mood of tranquility because of the very quiet atmosphere strictly enforced by the staff. As one student put it "You can't even hear a pin drop." The nicely carpeted floor no doubt prompted the remark. Ut even makes walking noiseless.j The library needless to say, is the center of study in the school, Whether its purpose is fully achieved is entirely up to the students. Without question, the students and faculty are extremely proud of their library. Above: Miss Connelly aids Gary Sharpe and Fred Negus in Ending periodicals. Left: Don Blattner learns the proper way to use the Microfilm Reader Printer from Miss Connelly. 74 Mm Above: Kathy Comeaux and Michelle Radtke enjoy using excellent reference materials. Right: Miss Dobyns finishes another interesting book case. Below: Garv Sharpe and Fred Negus find the Microfilm Reader Printer veijv helpjnl. Facult Relaxes uring ff Hours ABOVE: Some members of the coaching staff gather in the teachers' lounge and discuss, of all things, sports. Meeting today are Mr. Johnson, golf' Mr, Paulsen, basketballg Mr. Bartolutti, basketballg Mr. Lautenschlager, basketballg Mr. Reick, football' and Mr. Vescio, tennis. RIGHT: Many of the faculty members partici- pated in the Faculty-Lettermens game. The faculty won by a very close score, but wait till next year! 76 5 A as 15: N25 ig i is 55852- 5 R as mais -W in Riffs?-is M5535 N QQ A .P 4 Bw f A J 25 K W NS. . W 77 N gg School Staff Stays Calm Through The mission: to keep Fondy running efficiently. In the attendance office at 7:30 sharp, Mrs. Rose Randall and Mrs. Evelyn Lornson greet students, selling daily and weekly lunch tickets. Counseling office 8210: Three frantic students need three different pieces of information Wright awayw. Unperturbed Counseling Secretary Mrs. Helen Swartz locates the necessary items and calms their troubled souls. Mrs. Candace Gilmore, receptionist,races for the continually ringing phone as Mr. Ludgilla Wirkus arranges Principal James Nelson's daily schedule. By 8:50 our study hall monitors have started their day, keeping law and order. At 10:30 Mrs. Helen Swartz is calling Mrs. Rita Koecher, our school nurse, to see a sick student which would like to go home. That is just the morning for these people. The afternoon is just as hectic if not worse. BELOW: Mrs. Rose Randall assists a student with a smile. LEFT: Miss Marcia Meinke checks Mr. Tlziel's busy Schedule, LOWER LEFT: Instructional Secretaries Kathryn Hansen and Ione Nelson type up the following mornings announcements. 78 Hectic D N c ,V . s , e wMMWMmmnw4fM,,.,g W.. ,, ..., ,,.,,....,,,,,,,,,,,.... .WM K if ABOVE: Mrs. Rose Randall explains to Deanna Jones, assistant student secretary, her duties for tlze hour. LEFT: Mrs. Helen Swartz watches to make sure a weary student finds the correct counselor. BELOW: Mrs. Rita Koecher checks the list of absent students. Candace Gilmore Evelyn Lornson Sue Mietzel Enid Powell Jean Schwalbe Ludgilla Wirkus 79 l Cook , , LL 5 l 1 t... nd Custodian At 8:00 Mrs. Marguerite Soll reports for duty to prepare lunch for 600 hungry students. By 12:10 Mrs. Soll and her competent staff have completed their mission and lunch is served. This is not the end of their day. They continue to work, starting to prepare the following day's lunch. "Move in men? The custodians advance with pails, mops, and nerveg and the daily clean-up begins. This year the custodians have been kept quite busy cleaning up after inconsiderate students who tear up posters and signs. Our excellent custodians keep this school looking like a million dollars. LEFT: Mr. Fred Glasser puts on his hat and coat to do his daily duty, raising and lowering the flag. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Donald Brown mops the halls after school. BELOW: The tedius job of scrubbing the floors is done by Mr. Claude Freischmidt. aithfull Serve Student Bod . -,. .41 r V '-f ' .. f Q f me -wr , ABOVE: Marie Faris and Evelyn Hansen prepare the noon lunch for a starving student body. BELOW LEFT: Marguerite Soll and Joyce Klahn mb: up an extra large batch of peanut butter cookies. BELOW RIGHT: Olive Richter prepares a loaf of bread for the oven. ,, , ,itt -N t2,..Ws., 'Wen :.,, 5' Mfufwff ,,, V . V- ,., ,Q M, fe. ,wr f -1:1 :mi-H: f.s?ivzfer gm R .L 11 -f.- f ei. gg: 1' X 'mr is xx we W H K Agn if ..,-'fu sk - .K 0 . M Y E L c -. f K, X VLLL. ,. .,:t. ..,,:: 3 'W ,- 5 -as 1 ' f U -' K ' ccre. , e 2' .s g - L 32522. 1 1 K ff f ' 5 fi? 2 ' 1, it ,. I Zi! 3335 Individuals Merge To Form 1 w s 2 , Hg .. , H , 3 AQ? 3 my mi? 131519 ' ,, , Q , af " Wgfieh I A 4 1 - , A 3i?h'ipM'ffz1zgk , 1 " ' r f 'V 7 V Q97 gb, my M 5 555' HY , ,v f ' W ' , , my if . ,,.. . , Q, . :mm f ORGANIZATIO Rollrooms And Seventh Hour Devoted To Cardinal Production fAb0vej Stephanie Cruckson, one of the Junior co-editors, types up last minute pages to meet a deadline. fRightj Don Blattner, head photographer, gives instructions on an assignment sheet to fellow photographers. "Hey, where's the pica ruler?,' I need the typewriter!" "What,s the date?,, Did you say the 18th, and our deadline is the 20th'?,' Annual staff members devoted their extra time to finishing the yearbook. Room l4l, the Cardinal office was filled by busy people with one thing in mind-finishing the yearbook! The editor, and her co-editors "burned the midnight oil" on some nights to reach their final deadline on March 20. This yearls annual got off to a well-planned start. The editor-in-chief, Pat Karst, while attending a summer clinic on yearbook production, layed-out the entire book. As the year advanced, several problems arose-only one experienced photographer, a change in the size of our yearbook, and an absence of the representative from our printing company. After the "wheels started rollingu the staff finished and sent-in pages up to the last minute. LA sc .0 t 5 ,ri , .Q A- My ,W , 'W' 'sw N ,, , 173 Q., axe. c Vw.. fTop Leftj Sophomore co-editor, Margene Murray, up-dates the sophomore section of the index file. fTop Rightj Sally Jo Pfund checks names in the index me to make sure they are in order. fLeftj Editor-in-chief Pat Karst, gives Rick Gustavus, the other Junior co-editor, instructions on how to lay-out a page. KA bovej Pat Karst instructs sports writers, Brian Felda, Jim Bond, and Steve Zimmerman, on how to write interesting copy. 85 , :naw iq W if t t , s XXXY t f MMA . In ..-f i .. . Fw M , ,-: Top: An October birthday celebration is held for Miss Payne by her Hi-Eye staffers. Editor John Wollner anxiously waits for his piece of cake, while the rest of the staH' waits their turn. Gathered around the table are Betsy Georg, John, Pete Julka, Miss Payne, Mary McLain, Jake DeNwIl, and Julie Becker. Above: Junior sports assistant Jake DeNell interviews Coach Vescio for a tennis story. .. , as is . ..,: s CA, Rating I Earned By Hi-Eye The goals of the 1968-69 l-li-Eye, the voice of the Goodrich students, were to publish news of our school and to take stands on current issues. The Hi-Eye succeeded in presenting news, features, sports, and student opinions in a different perspective in its numerous issues throughout the year. The staff of the Hi-Eye worked long hours trying to meet their deadlines in an attempt to present the readers with the freshest news possible. The Hi-Eye staff includes John Wollner, editorg Julia Becker, news cditorg Mary McLain and Sue Leake, assistant news editors: Betsy Georg, feature editorg Peter Julka, sports editorg Jake DeNe1l, assistant sports editorg and Kris Deiner, circulation manager. The faculty advisor is Miss Betty Payne. The Hi-Eye attempts to give Goodrich stu- dents a chance to take part in an extra-curricular activity through work in the school newspaper. Above left: Hi-Eye circulation helpers must first t'stuff" the papers and ther: count them out by rollroom before distribution. Above: Editors Pete, John, and Julie discuss a page layout. Left: Pete and Jake finish up a sports page for the Christmas issue. Color Th1 Year Success - '- Mx sie-1-115.,yay---s2,f..f A Q ss Tswi?lw I it S K gs sf 1: , , ,,.. X if Q- ix,-.mist sa .. www: Q t . . f -S V L ,,f, xL-- . . . . ABOVE: Student Council representatives take note of the proceedings on Monday mornings, Then all report to their rollrooms later in the week. ABOVE RIGHT' President DeJong addresses the Council in preparation to the Winter Formal. RIGHT: Diane Korell discusses possible improvements of next year's Christmas decoration contest with the members. 88 For Student Council Our student government is comprised of one representa- tive and one alternate from every roll room. Through Student Council all students have the opportunity to voice their opinion on student affairs. Every year council sponsors Orientation Day, class elections, Homecoming, and Winter Formal. This year council held a roll room Christmas decoration contest and sponsored a Christmas assembly. There was also a Christmas Leap Year Dance to top the Christmas festivities. In the early months of school several projects were undertaken such as "Save the Children" and a candy sale to sponsor Domestic Exchange in the spring. The council also sponsored a workshop and the annual variety show which were both very successful. This has been a rewarding year to those who have had a part in the council undertakings. -'-- ffsiiKff1fr.,,a1gg,1if'getQ.,-SP5gglsgitmea.. " "" s.i3eQEiagigeQggEj25ggQigilLp5iWtszig?2fj2sggglmi.i,ggr2sQp: to-4. g -,Q . l -sw 'SAW -5-N6 -- ltglis tfsaaaws s5ke3Ql"'eil?i?eies 'F'-is 15 We L ' :M fe -Ma -. .- ,, 1 X Y' awfifi s '- X ABOVE: Student Council President Jim Delong goes over some of the new business while Secretary Jeannine Merrill rapidly takes it all down. LEFT: International Fellowship exchange student Chris Parow speaks to the Council on his native homeland West Germany. 89 Honor Society ABO VE: National Honor Society gathers for a picture. FAR RIGHT: Mary McCullough, treasurer: John Wollner, presidentg and, Al Birschbach, vice-president display the NHS shield and the flmstrip projector-record player which are part of the club. RIGHT: The National Honor Society bookstore netted the club over 8600 this year. 5 H John Wollner and Al Birschbach prepare to show the club a filmstrip on the new filmstrip projector that the club bought. 90 Inducts Leaders, Scholars ,use HWS 52 ,, .1 .K fx M 1 X x 2 , QQ K Q Nw ri L s fi X Q 5,5153 , 5 Y K S Ee 8 3 as fi 4 ,Z 9 , -gs 6 m 1-3' . fare, so N 1 r ,a j s sf 2 :si S, , Bagan N i N Sault, 5 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the National Honor Society started off their year with a float in the Homecoming Parade which received an Honorable Mention and a picture in the newspaper. Night after night students gathered at Sue Pinnowis house to construct the float. More than S600 of paperback books were sold by the energetic members, who worked every day on the club's main project, the school bookstore, headed by Jill Trott. The group was guided by their officers: John Wollner, president, Allan Birschbach, vice president, Lynn Tonjes, secretaryg and Mary McCullough, trea- surer. The faculty selected the people of the NHS on the basis of leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and service. The advisors were Miss Haack and Mrs. Tonjes. 91 TOP: Debate Club members are: E. Detert, IZ Noe, B. Georg, .L Rueping, T1 Sommerfeld, .L Vrtilek, B. Treleven, K. McCullough, R. Stahmann, D. Anderegg. RIGHT: Posed fora Debate are Jan Vrtilek, Kathy McCoullough, Barb Treleven, and Tom Sommerfeld. ABOVE: Tom Noe, Vice-President, Betsy Georg, and Dave Anderegg, President, of the club go through a debate. Students Express Themselves n Debates and Creative Writers Our fine Debate Club was headed this year by Dave Anderegg, President, Tom Noe, Vice President, and Barb Treleven, Secretary-Treasurer. The club was quite active this year, attending debate institutes at Madison .and Milwaukee, and participating in six invitational meets. The club placed second at the Shorewood invitational. The club also entered the state tournament but was defeated at the Ashwau- baun district meet. The faculty advisors for Debate Club are Miss Thode and Mrs. Setser. "Speak your truth, quietly and clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull and ignorantg for they too have their storyf' These words were printed on the inside page of the 1968-1969 "inkwell,', in hope that they would reach a few people. "the inkwell" was established at Goodrich two years ago as a creative means of expression. It has been and is the goal of "the inkwellw to give people with writing ability a chance to have their voices heard. sr yfrf jg LEFT' Two contributors to the 'tinkweII" are Ross Simons and Tom Raab. ABOVE: Editor Brita Reque confers with Gunars Knubis, Co-editor, on what should be in the Hinkwell. " 93 FAR RIGHT: FTA members, Debbie Randall, Barb Birschbach, and Julie Becker, observe posters promoting their objectives. RIGHT: Jane Seibel and Nancy Louis End assisting teachers in class rooms an interesting exper- ience. BELOW: Putting up bulletin boards and showing what FZ4 is all about interest Orin Mueller, Barb Riese, and Chris Chudd. i 94 it Q fi 1522 at it' W -' fa:f,,:-1- . 'fi-e':.1m1,, 'tn-fyf . ,Z Wgswhjww, ,,-gafggfes it get ts: if ,,,,. .Wwe 1 i 1,31 Znl9Qw"U,J'2?'a,:,,,",:1Qf-IHV:ffwfy MQW' f f :ff fzlvgifrt, Li a ,- ifimgwm ,-,f f zu- J, Asmiifw MZ,,,gmgp'r-f?n:, fs X Z ,,,, 1 ,,,., imi,,,,,M,,W, V f, 5 , X A A t it LL liz - , - fx tgp 1 6 9' A it -,,iftfwwg,, ' C ,, f ' sa 1 t 1 , , 'K ft, 1 S I , --41 f A ,lif- -..ff ""' 1 A 'll , ' -tt ' ' "m n ' , i ,,., sl!!- lff , V ' , , A, ,Q Q " fl 5 t , FTAandFHAServe School and Student Members of the Future Teacher's Club were very busy this year doing various projects. Such projects as putting up bulletin boards, assisting a teacher in a classroom, and teaching a class of students enabled the club members to become more acquainted with the work behind a teacheris job. FTA members offered their service as tutors again this year. Volun- teers aided any student in need of help in a particular subject. Students gained both valuable information and experience by participating in FTA activities. "We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage and high hopesf, This is truly what a future homemaker is, as stated in the FHA creed. We are a part of a national organiza- tion ofjunior and senior high school home economics students. Of the 12,000 chapters in the United States, our Goodrich Chapter, just as all other chapters, is dedicated to serving family and community needs as best We can. 95 MIDDLE: As a part of FHA week advertisement wore red roses. BOTTOM: Among the ac- tivities presented in FHA was a panel discussion. LEFT: Future homemakers pin on their roses for FHA week. A, Red Cross Youth Help I rv Y NRM OCVX The Future Nurses Club is made up of a group of students who are interested in pursuing some type of career in the health field. The membership for this year is fifty-six. Guest speakers were present at some of the monthly meetings. Money was raised through a candy sale for a donation to the Big Brothers, Fund at Christmas time. A spring field trip is planned to Oshkosh, to tour Mercy Hospital and Winnebago State Hospital. Also a joint evening meeting is being planned with other local schools. Red Cross works to relieve human suffering. They try to prevent misery in time of war and peace, and serve all peoplesg regardless of race, nationality, or -religion. Our Red Cross Youth Club does a variety of things. We send birthday cards to the elderly in the nursing homes in Fond du Lac, make tray favors for the patients for various holidays, support a Korean orphan, and do other service oriented projects. TOP: Part of being in FNA is taking the temperature of students who come in ill. Craig Johnson has his temperature taken by Denise Dion. ABOVE: FNA had guest speakers as part of their club activities. ABOVE: Taking Arlene Gau 's hearing test are Janice Zupke, Denise Dion, and Mrs. 96 Communit TOP: Virginia Albert, Pat Bond, Mary Buckarma, Janice Roehl, Betty Mirtz, and Debbie Gurno prepare serving trays for holidays. ABOVE: Counting the money received from the Red Cross drive this year are Mary Cummins, Sue Meisenberg, and Betty Lennop. 97 Vice president Tom Dorst conducted meetings of German Club in the absence of President Jim Delong. With a lack of snow, the tobogganing party organized by Craig Hamberger never materialized. The profits of a dance organized by Treasurer Dave Buehrens were used for a service project planned by Secretary Pat Tennis. Pat also organized a Milwaukee trip where the club viewed a German movie and ate German food. Candy Ackerman and Barb Peterson both helped to get the bowling party and the bike hike rolling. The Latin Club of Goodrich has been an active social group longer than any other organization in the high school. For many years the Latin students organized for the purpose of participating in several annual social functions. At one time the Roman Banquet was "the" event of the yearg now the spring picnic has become the Hin" affair. In November of 1968 the Junior Classical League was organized as a local chapter of the national organization of the same name. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome. Programs and projects are directly involved with the study of Latin. Latin And German Club rganized E 2? iss E5 S as f 3 is E H l ABOVE: Pat Tennis instructs a group of girls from German Club who visited the County Home at Christmas and Easter time. RIGHT: The plans for a bowling party and bike hike are checked over and returned to committee members Barb Peterson and Candy Ackerman. TOP: A very unique and original homecoming float was presented by the German Club. 98 S ? Sf A I O K i I For Better LEFT AND BELOW: Latin Club rehearses for their excellent play, "Between Tlze Twin Mana- echni", which ,was presented April 24, 25, and 26. Tlzis was a very successful activity for the Latin Club. Tliey truly enjoyed performing for 225. the public. nderstanding 99 w French Club Ha Banquet, i, L i iv, wa UQ , as r- in "W 5 . 112' .. .. M 'zgrfrerty 1969 has been a very active year for Le Cercle Francais. Beginning in the fall, the first fund-raising project was raking leaves which will be instituted as an annual project. Bake sales have also proved profitable, especially at Christmas and Valen- tine's Day. In the spring, a new, different and successful project, a rummage sale, was sponsored. The accumulation of funds was climaxed by the major project of the yearwthe adoption of a French orphan who will be supported by Le Cercle Francais for an entire year. The Spanish Club composed of approximately 180 members, is a very active organization. The officers are, Craig Kaemmer Presidentg Diane Korell Vice-Presidentg Mary Kraus, Secretaryg Julia Becker, Treasurerg Julie Graves, Sergeant-At-Armsg Brian Felda, Sergeant-At-Arms. In September, the members were busy with decorating a float for Homecoming. Next, committees were busy making plans for our annual Christmas party in December. The breaking of the pinatas is a customary part of this festivity. Immediately after Christmas plans were begun for Spanish Service Week, held this year from April 28-May 2, During this time Spanish students become servants - for a fee. Money earned is donated to Partners for Progress, a national organization which aids underprivileged children in Latin American countries. The years activities culminate with a traditional picnic held with the German and French clubs. At regular meetings held once a month, we have had our own students, who have visited Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica, speak to us and show slides. Advisors of the club are: Mrs. Myra Sager and Mrs. Jean Kinzer. TOP: Senior members of French Club correspond with Evelyne Meret, recently adopted by hard work and many projects. ABO VE: Sue Van Pelt and Bev Ramsey model the latest 18th century fashions. RIGHT: Raking their way to fortune fund blistersj to Hnance this year's project, the adoption of a French Child. 100 Spani h Club Ha Holida Part ABOVE: Two girls from Spanish Club participate in the fun and games of "passing the Life Saver on a tooth pick". It was one of the very challenging and humorous games played at the annual Christmas Party. MM BELOW LEFT: Members attempt to break the pinata. BQLOW RIGHT: Spanish Club members spend many hours making the pinata before the Christmas Party. V Knowledge ls Gained Through Librar Service nd World nderstanding Club The World Understanding Club, composed of students who are taking or have taken World History, is designed to help its members keep a pace with the modern world, Speakers are invited to speak to the members to increase their knowledge and understanding of World affairs. The speakers may range from a Negro telling of the race problem from first-hand experience, to a domestic and foreign exchange students telling of life in distant places and giving a different view of the world situation. The clubls members nominate and elect their officers at the beginning of each year. A steering committee handles all the details that arise between regular monthly meetings. The World Understanding Club also has a social side. Field trips and a spring picnic help to change the pace of the yearls activities. The purpose of the Library Service Club is to give service to the students and faculty at Goodrich. We serve as aides during noon hour, our study halls, and before and after school. We perform such duties as getting periodicals, shelving books, and any tasks the librarians assign us. Our activities range from a successful CARE Drive, a Christmas Bake Sale, and an annual Banquet. ABOVE: A Negro guest was invited to speak to the World Understanding Club about the current race prob- lem. BELOW: The steering committee of the World Understanding Club meets in the library to clarify a problem. Ufflfsuuqgq sg ABO VE LEFT: Mary Jo Ablard, a Library Service Club member, up dates the magazine rack. ABO VE RIGHT: Miss Connelly explains the use of the Microfilm Reader Printer to the Library Service Club members. BELOW: Library Service Club members aid Librarians by shelving books. 103 Pep Club, ABOVE: Pep Club made it possible for students to attend out of town games, through selling tickets and providing a bus. BELOW LEFT: Soplzomores Tom Thurman and Wayne Schingen exhibit their Sclzool Spirit. BELOW RI GH 71' Pep Club Members paint posters to place on the walls to bring about spirit. 104 Chess Club Interests Many It is the purpose of the Pep Club here at Goodrich to aid in instigating and maintaining school spirit. Throughout the year the Pep Club has the responsibil- ity of organizing bus trips for supporters of our away games. The Pep Club also fosters school spirit by making posters for the various games and putting on skits at the Pep assemblies. Fund raising projects for the club have included such things as bake sales and dances. The various projects of the club are directed by a group of five elected officers and six executive board members. Chess Club is a little organization consisting of about 40 members. The club meets once a week. Students can go and play chess just to relieve their tension. There are two groups of students in Chess Club-beginners and advanced. A pattern is now being set up so that there is a tournament a number of times throughout the year. Officers this year are Keith Singleton, presidentg Mike Davies, vice-presi- dentg Debbie Diaz, secretary-treasurer. Y r ABOVE: Pete Hamilton and his partner pause to look the situation over. LEFT: Mike Davies makes the importaiit move in the effort to beat his partner Joanna Wurtz. BELOW: Clzess Club meets in the Little Theater. This club attracts Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. 105 The Fondy Ski Club is an organiza- tion which combines fun, a chance to learn, a chance for a memorable ex- perience, and a little snow to brighten the lives of many Goodrich students. There is a long wait from the begin- ning of the year until the snow begins to fall before the club has a chance to exist. Then comes the planning of many ski trips for weekends and dur- ing the school week tht will prove a worth-while experience. The club then has a very successful membership drive and soon becomes another throbbing beat of the heart of school activities. Then reality plays its role to enact many of the planned trips which are enjoyed by all. ABOVE RIGHT: The officers of the ski club combine their efforts to plan many fun filled and exciting weekends. BELOW: The ski club strong- ly urged people to join and experience fun. BELOW RIGHT: Fun and exercise is part ofthe key to ski club. New allen Snow - fe- . -fiswnwsifi , falissafssz? -- I-52224 assess 1 . , -Q fre-1 - ,Q-rf.: -fig!" ,iff eljg-if i,.HNf:7 '553"1 3 J ini if .M 5 E gina.: ir' if ssi 106 I-fi X I I Invites T he Fond Ski Club. 1 is s 4 E 1 4 , Q 3 E QM X' Zi. "'5'W"Y ABOVE: Axlittle equipment and some practice, then fun atpmatically finds its place. LEFT.' A group of Fondy skiers examine their surround- ings as they get ready to feel some real excite- ment and fun. i 107 ABOVE: Mr. Lemery enthusiastically con- ducts the choir as they warm up before begin- ning one of the many recording sessions. BELOW: The choir per- forms in an atmosphere that allows the choir to excell their perfor- mance to the most. Goodrich Choir Means cTalent' The Goodrich High School Choir has ex- hibited a reputation for being exceptionally tal- ented and well mannered. They have appeared at various occasions to present concerts that have caused good feeling among its audience. The choir began practicing hard from the first day they met to assure the best performance in, "Of Thee l Singn. Many talented individuals make up the choir and are proud to belong to an organiza- tion of such high standing. This year was the first year that the A Cappella choir made a Christmas record. The practice for the record and the recording sessions involved out of school time which was willingly spent by all of the members and the end result was a self reward for a job well done. At the choral clinic at Appleton this year Daniel Moe, a well known composer, stated that the Goodrich Choir exhibited their talents suc- cessfully and performed with a great sense of pride. i l i . sstsstw r ,, 1- .,-f .. RIGHT: "Pick up the tempo a little bit more. " Mrs. Grine explains to the woodwind section. Band members joined the orchestra when ever a concert was being presented. 3 Musical Experience Sought "Yakamashi!', 'gStop when I doll' 'gWhy don't you ever practice?', These are among the many statements that can be heard issuing forth from Room 162 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 2nd hour. This is when the orchestra meets under the direction of Mrs. James Grine. The orchestra is composed of 21 string players and a few band members who show up at infrequent intervals. Many things were accomplished in orchestra this year. Two concerts were given after many long, strenuous hours of practice. Many students were involved in solos or string quartets for the district contest at Menasha in April. The big event of the year was a Held trip in November to Chicago to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play. 110 Concentration on your music and the conductor is all it takes. hrough Orchestra 111 TOP: Girls of the Orchestra adapted the new policy of wearing long dark skirts for performances. One of the concerts given this year was the winter concert. ABOVE: Long hours of practice are put in before a concert is presented. LEFT: Mrs. Grine, the high school orchestra conductor, and Miss Averbeck, grade school conductor, display the instruments played to parents on Open House. Keeping n Tune, Band Practices Panorama of 1969-70 began with Los Banditos on TV, exciting football show music, two parades, music for the Governor, church music projects, and school appearances. Bandsmen traveled to WSU-Stevens Point and Oshkosh for state clinics. December brought one ofthe band's most unusual and enjoyed concerts, "An Evening of Marches and Selected Short Subjects? Thousands of hours were expended in preparing the 125 piece Parade Band for Washington, D.C., and the Inaugural Parade. Buttons, benefit concert, and pancakes helped raise money. Following forty-six class projects of the first semester, the second semester offered a grade school concert tour, a top-notch stage band boosting the fortunes of the Variety Show, a tremendously suc- cessful district solo-ensemble contest at Menasha, Band-O-Rama in a new format, clinics with noted state and Mid-West conductors, a well-performed May concert, and a fine Memorial Day Parade Band. Graduation audience will hear pianist Kristian Brandt and alto saxophonist Joseph Mengel representing the band. ABOVE: The Concert Band plays as Mr. Moely listens with his keen ear RIGHT' The Goodrich Parade Band leads the Homecoming parade. ,ff-igrzffti .L ,L ,,,. 2 , if x rg 'A ,I 'i. fftgiif- ff ,-T i fe 42-ifreff Ziff. ,:,gmgg,y,f f l M if isasgwfiszfgnr,warmff ' tif i w Z f'd7lf'iJf of f' ' Q 'V5 ' ' Jill ref 5521-fri-'if A ' i -fi ''fef'z':z1sfzrssff-M:we ft,,:,m.g P' :,fsff2?4es,16Mgsl V wwe e:wffsz4s1s?2,: -:ww sage 'B ,, rs, ,.,, ,,,,, Q ,iggi1lE2Wg,ff,i'Wy,4 1 9, :A 5 , , - ep y ,t ii qwxi, will 1 nw.-, ' tf'W5iSifiiwt4'22' aff-ma .., - S, frm K 1, if ,i ,,,,,,,,reWa'.,,e,e,-swam gi - lflli W, , ,, ,.me--51,937-Wf git: 'ft' zefawfssafew if ,,r,,,esfa2?izszi?i25i1 lm, ziafriillkex: P mam ,V W W , r 4, ,r , vr 5 ff: -ww, 1r:f4,.,,i, f ..,, if-V , ii ,E grfgihyigygigigr 'Mszfiafizbsilflfksnfwmfr as K vi V, ifwgidftixxvwh '-,iaaaeaeaaififfreefaf.. ,W f ,rl . A v'f1w:fw' ww , M i ., it i f-,,,,s,r,,,as ,,zfm,r9z 1 , ,rg-1 , .:r.,ii-mr, ff, in 1 1,ay.e,,,,r5g,m, in 4, .1 ,fi ,, as 'YZ' 9711! Xrrf' 1.7 'V' K f15?'SEfg t i 1, l if ngaiieinww y as lff- Www -wf,f,,,,:,,givie, g H X ,waaeeif:,iniaif,,5, ,rs -rar ffl! y 4? is . . an M., , .ar ,Tl -,f 2 4 . , A . f -an a ffP1sf2'ai zavsiztszz , t ii' as , . . , H , , . ,, : :, aifi31S57VWW ' 120152: 'QT' 1rav'wf5',, f A ',, i1e'?5i'LiraY W X ,EMM ,,ms,M9 gg? . ,i e. ia gt ,E M35 1 1 ex guy ff ef , I 5 f K .,,?W,,,g,,,,gave , ,ae:,i,,W,,,l H 5' M ' f'- wigw tv 33 xi wif , it Lsygagsi i Vai .. it ,y,,,,,.,, ,ag ,,.,, ,,,,,, 56", 5. yi ,,,,, yi 1 lam, ,,-if. a ,i ,, 15, 55 ii E e 112 2 Bias For Concerts And Parade TOP: The Concert Banii, under the direction of Mr. Calvin Moely, practices second Vlour. ABOVE: The Regimental Band practices their marchingwechniques. w i 113 w I Teams Work Towards Great Days In . . . E r 5 E Q ,Zi ' 5 12 1 2, V , , wif, if 2 f'f'Z Ei xx Nl as , is Ma V-we , rn- V M ,I 47 ' - ,,3..-gg., f ,.f1-4,5 gr. -5 f " -1 ,:.,,.4: ,Q g:"Q'1,,' jf : .yr ,GJ ,Cay ' ii famjgzgvk, W-J," 3 fe... . ' fa?-wt fi :Q Vzff, ', Q vQ?'pf5'35 f ' ' I x .f,,'gg3,- Q rw , ', rfb. - - 'Al "sii'gga'v. 'A' ti PM 5 . ' Wi-X933 ' ? 4 f f, U A, , ' 'K it X ., A' ff-14,5 . , Ev jf' 254' H , 1 ,Hg - f ii WH Q f f ' i'! X fl. V. Q 3 ' . If V 4 "4-a " " " ' 4. -5 Q ' ri gszw i . WW Y' L . y ,1 - V - I ' L. m A gf . ,kf fjf,,fgg 7- sg-5: gf 'I2f3E'fX 'xz- -I:..Z:?: 'Q ,.i?S s-f - X495 -iv fwifiiwfi-ff fiifk-'F ff' .- f i ,.,, X: x - f5'f3,..g'f , k Z ' Ji? . b .J .' Q . ' . x E ,Q-wg'-f, 1 M 'f H fs? .lg We ' Ig? ' . 5 ugm - gg . 1 A .F N .jf ,' N , 'f . ' 'N ,Q Xv-- xi ,,.. k1.' xx. AT LETICS 115 l Above: Coaches Johnson, Bartolutti, and Steffen- hagen add to the Cardinals essence of victory "School Spirit. " Right: Steve Zimmerman exhibits the Cardinal hard driving determination. Fond ridders Come The 1968 Cardinal football team was one of the best teams ever assembled at Goodrich. This squad was built around dedicated individuals who sacrificed their own glory for the success of others. Their greatness can be shown in a 7-1 record and in numerous records which they broke. The Cardinals were the No. 1 offensive and No. 1 defensive team in the Fox Valley Conference. In 4 of their 8 games, the defensive unit held their opponents scoreless. It would be difficult to point out certain individuals who made this defensive team such a success. Each player contributed IOOKZJ in making this unit one of the best in the state. The offensive team featured the powerful running of Jim Bond and excellent signal calling by quarterback Jim Bogenhagen. Much of their success was attributed to the interior line who gave them superb blocking all year long. The following players earned a berth on the Fox River Valley all-conference team: Jim Bond fplayer-of-the-yearj, Jake DeNe1l, John Stephany, Ken Krause, Gregg Kramer, Steve Zimmerman, Joe Klinzing, and Brian Harney. Mel Freund won the Mr. Defense award for defensive excellence. 116 n Strong To Rank 3rd n State FRONT ROW: Gregg Kramer, Mel Freund, Howie Deanovich, Fred Negus, Jim Bond, Kevin Smith, Shannon Riley, Bob Hollander, Stan Westphal. SECOND ROW: Bill Olson, Benito DeLeon, Steve Klotz, .lim Bogawhagen, Joe Klinzing, Gary Pelot, Brian Harney, Dan Adams, Jim Albertin, Greg Schaefer. THIRD ROW: Chuek Sina, Bob Christiansen. Steve Schwa.rk, Tom Titel, Alan Rose, Steve Zimmerman, Mike Galles, Bill Jones, Mike Becker, Bob Walgenbaeh. BACK ROW: Gerald Ford, Ritchie Adams, Rick Koeck, Jake DeNell, Ken Krause, Daryl Dudley, Tom Clark, John Stephany, Paul Mumm. MISSING: Jerry Kosterman. Above: First down by inches. Right: A sight of light and the Cards head for victory. 7 The Team That Made The Grade OUR SCORE O28 32 197 T I7 ss O 20 7 45 71968 SEASON RECORD Green Bay West Green BayhEast O Greens Bay Preble h Sheboygan North Oshkosh Appleton West Sheboygan South Appleton East 7 WONT? LOST O1 TIED o OPPONENTS 7 7 7 O 13 O 0 118 LEFT: Fondy proves they 're number one. ABO VE: An aggressive defense is why, in three games, opponents We're No. I and we've got one of the finest football teams. Special recognition should be given to Jim Bond who made the UPJ. and A.P. All-State team and John Stephany who made the A.P. All-State team were held scoreless. RIGHT: Jake DeNell exhibits his talent as an example of Fondy go power. ABO VE: Tom Clark proves time and time again what the Cardinal Spirit and drive can do for the mighty J. V. team. He sweeps the left end for a huge chunk of yardage as the opposition is hotly in pursuit. It was plays and players such as this which carried the Junior Cards to a fine 6-I record over Valley opponents. BELOW LEFT: The Junior Varsity games were well attended as this crowd shows after a 45-0 swamping of Green Bay Preble. The JV Cards Drive To Victor O At the beginning of football practice last fall, there was much concern as to whether the J.V. squad could carry on in a winning fashion. But as the first game approached, the near-miracle inspirational qualities of coach Sal Curcurio began to take effect. After an uneasy 14-13 victory over Green Bay East the baby Cards crushed their next five valley opponents by a total score of 183-56. In their last game against a much-stacked Appleton East squad the team fell 13-12. Coaches Curcurio and John Schrum have undoubtedly instilled the fighting Cardinal spirit upon the Junior Cards. Individual standouts were middle guard Dave Schessowg backs Tom Thurman and Mick McKessyg and superb end Bob Smith. This year's J.V. Squad will certainly provide the proud Varsity with new and excellent talent. Junior varsity football. BOTTOM ROW: M. Fero Cmanagerj, T Rausch, D. Winter, S. Courtney, J. Bestor, J. Pinnow, M. Breister, M. Flemming. SECOND ROW: J. Furman, M. Flood, D. Zamzow, J. Zimmerman, D. Touchet, S. Billman, B. Perry, J. Kennberg, J. Hoyt. THIRD ROW: T. Heinken, M. Kind, D. Guell, F. Haak, S. Kruger, R. Liedke, G. Fryda, A. Frank, D 1968 JV FOOTBALL RECORD Fondy 14 . Green Bay East Fondy 24 Green Bay Preble Fondy 10 Sheboygan North Fondy 45' Oshkosh Fondy 33 Appleton West Fondy 45 Sheboygan South Fondy, , 12 - Appleton East Won: 6 Lost: M1 Tied:0 J Griffen. FOURTH ROW: K. Hamberger, M. O'Nei1, G. Krueger, D. Schessow, T. Thurman, B. Smith, J. Brester, J. Scharf. BACK ROW: J. Mundt, J. Sheridan, R. Mattefs, M. Kuethen, W. Schingen, S. B1-adjic, D. Riederer, D. Mason, D. Bleichwell. LEFT: Here Bob Hollander crashes across the goal for another score. Bob was one of the many outstanding Juniors seeing double-duty with the Varsity. BELOW: An almost sure bet for All-Conference honors next year is Bob Smith. The crafty end once snared 13 aerials in one game. - ,wfztasezf . , Mi kr.. I A stt ttee Cf C0Unfry 1959555 ? t otto dy A Ayi, i , , , B?S3Vef Fondy We gt ',,, 3 North R North5Southrr11rtyittatio112gE55g t R oshkdsh Invitiiiional iri Maufieewvcelwiaflonel FRY5Confere1qce Meetef . - ssts Stat? or 1 aaoir R -- - f ' "1:f:,1457Lf,-12151115 f- H , '11-ezfff 'i R' L"' a f ,, 'fi f 14:-mtg V., , f. , k5,,.,w '!:'i'.!, H" -' ., , , ,Mu-,, f. s ' L',-' Q L.i,- '1'. 2nd Of!--8 h 1StfifR12 Fiiiidy i 6tht of 12 .425-1,1 ' tw- f--, ,. :l,1nm.,,,,. ,W-P+' N As always Dave Gustin leads the pack. Chasing Gustin is junior Gary Stark. These boys were the mainstay of the team all season long. FRONT: Rich Annis, Dave Calder, Jim Peterson, Eugene Race, Walter Parrish, Gary Stark, Dave Gustin, Dick Putz, Wayne Stark, Mike Luttenberger, Doug Lloyd, Tim Dunn. BACK: John Wollner, Mike Richter. 122 Cross Countr . . . Victory Again 123 In the past Goodrich High has always had excellent material for the Cross Country Team. The 1968 Cross Country team can only be described as one of Coach Del Stacy's finest ever. Undefeated in dual meets and first in the Beaver Dam Invitational, the Cards were a very impressive and spirited team. Dave Gustin and Gary Stark repeatedly took turns in capturing individual first places and breaking records. At the state regional meet Gustin finished first and was followed closely by Gary Stark who finished second. Although Gustin was the conference champ, the team was hampered continuously by injuries to key runners. Also turning in continuous fine perform- ances were John Wollner, Dick Putz, and Tim Dunn. Although many seniors will be lost this year, Gary Stark will be back along with juniors Eugene Race and Mike Richter. Of course Coach Stacy will be back and that always means an excellent year for the Fondy thinclads. , f B LEFT: Itk Gustin and Stark again as they cover the last bridge on their road to victory. These boys set the pace all season as the "harriers" swept to their numerous victories. BELOW: Hard work leads to victory as Coach Stacy watches his boys work. Many long, tiresome trips around the parking lot provided needed endurance. FRONT ROW: Glen Cerny, manager, Ken Krause Al Rose Felda Dick Majewskr Brian Harney Ted Bande Berg MISS John Wollner, Bill Olsen, Rick Koeck, John Maki, manager ING FROM PICTURE Mike Galles Steve Zimmerman and BACK ROW: Dave Bastian, manager, Kim Evans Brian John Bestor Cagers Strive For Excellence At the beginning of the l968-69 basketball season, Fox Valley Sports writers picked Fondy for 9th place. At the end of the season, the team had finished in seventh place, three games behind the top teams. Their record in conference play was a remarkable 9 wins, 7 losses and compiled a 12-8 record for all games. Sparked by the return of Kim Evans and John Bestor, and members from last years, jayvee team, the Cardi- nals surprised many teams throughout the conference with their great hustle and drive. As the season started, an unknown quantity of talent had confronted coach Fritz Lautenschlager. Eventually, this skill was used to mold a fine and exciting team. Members of this year's team were Kim Evans, John Bestor, Brian Felda, Bill Olson, Rick Koeck, Al Rose, Dick Majewski, Steve Zimmerman, Ted Vande Berg, Mike Galles, Ken Krause, Brian Harney, and John Wollner. Highlights of the season were three straight victories over Oshkosh, a five game winning streak, and a two point victory over Manitowoc. Kim Evans, Fondyls high-scoring forward, earned a second team berth on the All-Conference team. Preble lt 1969 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD FONDY 'L ',L 7 . .OPPONENT Menasha Green Bay East Q:een,ABgyQ Southwest Sheboygan North Oshkosh West Sheboygan Soufhi Appleton East Bay Westie f tiist l A, islsl 51?91?e0Ygan Nwfhtil gft,gwt,ff. fr - e Apple ton i Eesti wr' .3 --ff-missfi, - firfssrfezv f- V, .L we tm t : mifezistzf 1: I T E E X it eee s ,eeeee I slime phi Brian Felda, Fondy guard, Hres up a free-throw against fleftj arch-rival Oshkosh. fupper rightj During a brief time-out, Coach Fritz Lautenschlager issues instructions to his players. fabovej All heads look skyward as the result ofa jump-ball between Fondy and Sheboygan South. fupper leftj With a speed, Mike Galles drives around a Green Bay Preble opponent. fabovej A Sheboygan South defender is too late to stop a two-pointer by Kim Evans. frightj Fighting for control of the ball, Rich Koeck of Fondy outdeals a Manitowoc player. Fondyls Pla Highhghted B Hustle And Des1re ii ftopj Showing hustle and determination, Fondy's Brian F elda drives past an Oshkosh defender. fabovej Bill Olson looks on as center Al Rose adds to the score with 11 free throw. 1 27 f 5 'tt NI? t . ,,.. ,fr if ff- .W a " f X As the season started, Jayvee coach Dave Barto- lutti was very optomistic about the play of his team. This was due to a lack in height for rebounding and the absence of a player to take charge on the court. As each game progressed, the team developed more and more. Eventually, a strong, well-knit group had been put together showing great attitude and desire to play. At the end of the season, the team had compiled an 8-8 conference record, and an 8-10 overall record. The success of this years Jayvee team was due to well-balanced individuals and their willingness to learn. The following players contributed the most in bringing about an 8-10 record: Dave Shessow, Steve O,Neil, Mike Flood, Kurt Leonhardt, Bill Jones, Jim Pinnow, Mick McEssey, and Bob Smith. Jayvees Sport 8-10 Record f UPPER LEFTj During a game, Bill Jones of Fondy battles for a tip with an Oshkosh opponent. fRIGHTj Coach Dave Bartolutti discusses game strategy with his players. 128 ,,. N g gtgi Fondy. 15 f 4 534 S 554 S S -31 h.m , - 4 -42st S 4434 if 'J 36 53 47 59 i 55 as 59 Menasha hhbhh hh 1- hishi Green Bay East be 4 4 '62 Green Bay South-West 4 of Green tB3YlRfeb1e giig 1 1 App1ei6iiitfwQet5c K Kaukauna Sheboygan South Appleton East 1 West ' esties S . sngfaifpwacs he Sheyboygan it t Oshkosh ' s S hAPPleton West ff m ghhg Sheboygan it 44 S East I N lLEFTj Being closely guarded by a South defender, Bill Jones gets off a jump shot for two points. IBELOWJ Mick McKessey of Fondy shows his determination by driving around a Sheboygan South opponent. KLOWER R1GHTj With Steve 0Weil moving in for rebounding position, Kurt Leonhardt fires one up for Fondy. 1 i Upon Every Wresthng Team M K yiv? ABOVE: The men wlzo made the team work and helped repre- sent Fondy on the mats. RIGHT: The referee gives last minute corrections in position- ing before starting the match O l Some Rain Must Fall This season our wrestling team experienced hard-nosed competition while trying, to capture another first for Fondy. The team again benefited from a challenging season and the experience of working with Larry Marchionda, a new coach and physical education instructor at Fondy. The wrestling team worked hard and sacrificed many a free hour to develop and build their proficiency. They practiced as much as they could, and just about whenever they could, to represent Goodrich as best they could. The varsity had a very hard season against some very hard opponents exhibit- ing performance excellence at meets, but unable to capture first place often enough tot send anyone to state. The junior varsity shocked their opponents finishing the season with only one tie and all the rest wins. 1968 WRESTLING RECORD FONDY OPPONENT 31 Green Bay West 18 16 Menasha 31 20 Green Bay East 27 17 Port Washington 25 16 Green Bay Preeble 27 27 Sheboygan North 19 25 Middleton 16 17 Oshkosh 25 35 Appleton West 11 27 Sheboygan South 17 15 Appleton East 25 WON 5 l LOST 6 UPPER LEFT: Coach Marchionda calls for a volunteer during a demonstration at one of the practices. LEFT: A face, painted with determination, keeps the upper lzand for Fondy as the referee looks on critically. FRONT ROW: Greg Schafer, Fred Negus, Smith, John Slavin, Mike dorn, Craig Wilkum, Howie Deonavich, Dennis Diaz, Stan Wesphal, Becker. BACK ROW: Craig Kaemmer, Tony Schumacher, Brian Bloc- Dennis Schmidt, Eric Schenemann, and coach Ron Nelson. Pucksters Continue To Improve Again this year the Hockey team got off to a slow start because of lack of practice time. The pucksters were limited to ten goals in their first eight games of the season. After the bugs were worked out the team made a complete turnabout and won their last three games. They scored fifteen goals to their opponents three in these finals. This years captains were Fred Negus and Eric Schenemann. The most valuable player was goalie Brian Bloedorn who was among the finest ever at Goldrich. Brian set records for the most saves and the fewest goals allowed. Howie Deonavich was high scorer leading in both goals and assists. Other players who were assets to the team this year are Stan Wesphal, Craig Wilkum, John Slavin and Greg Schafer. The Hockey team was a group of fellows who produced fine results in spite of the lack of practice time. It is hoped that in the near future the city of Fond du Lac would find it necessary to build a permanent ice arena. With this practice ice readily available the hockey team will be sure to be among the finest anywhere. 132 RIGHT: Junior Mike Becker, one of the most aggressive players on the team, is shown getting ready for action. fi" 3 V2 . 1,21 ti m 4 ' I xnxx M me Eli IRB me L 11111 M413 1111 an ' X 9 if Q , ' 3 W ' " ' ,' ,f,,. ne w -M Wi,,LM'?",.i'f,, ,... H . J ' ' ' ' My k w , ,,gu Ng'v ,v ,'-' vyyw 5 ffvw "' I . , ,',' "',' 'LL7' 7 ,,,, fr - f L-, 1 : wtf f w , JMX sw-' ffff -, --f'zf,v,wffU' 'ff - 44,0 1, ,, I ,,,, , ,,,, t ,,,,5,.,.,,, .f,, 35, ht, H, .. , fm, ,F 8, 3 ,v ymw ,, ' , ' A t H . .., - f V as ,Q I W, , , I 4, .. I f 5 , ' ' W :V ' 2, A 4 W' 1 WI LL -E f Q 5 is L LL 4' ABO VE: Fondy's defense sets up as the action moves across the blue line. Goalie Brian Bloedorn stands ready at the cage for whatever might come his way. . -,,Q f,-,,..ff eggs, 4,,-,f ,,,...'-. V -,,, , , ,t..,,f. ,,,. .,,. ,, , ., , , , ,, ,..f :.f,..-.a,, -f,, ,. . .. .f . , - ,fi-:.x,.:t,t ,--,.k ,,,- , , f 1,:-L' is i i ii i s I f'f ' " , -A-V It-fx K .,,fk , , VV,: iw qir. . X2 ,1 n,i J Ei t all ii,i , ..,,.,.. ' lfi flifia Iyik S42 ,i, 1 t 1 , Ef,1lY50zi5 f iss 'wslim-,1'? 'a'fx5P f, f , ,... ii,,.,,.: A t f-., ,. K .V fi g J. ,Tv 47111 :tw , . .. ,, 'ilf' fx. ,, ,,:f4f,, i iiie t i,,, . M3d1S0H'QfQH61f6sAiV , g Madisoit E E PFQ1?35?,9ffe E is E iiiiii i . E ,iii, i ' ieii 658611 Bait lii JOFIYVS t , E, ,,i 7 . y,t,-,.,sM,,,,,6. , .11 H , wtlwtgvvm--ut,:ff1,.,,,sftzi,1fu. 1. 5 ' ' ' '- f , 5 ftitg--i44t,15ift,-933' of A K " " K fx A- ' ' 'VZ 2,'5'i,f35' 'kfifll 5'-"P:.Q7 f -' :wifi 12,1 1f:fg?31ft1xigye,,:' sl - f.Qi':,' . .wig -- W. . : .. K , , ,,V,,, 3 . waz, -f,k-,, 1 OPPOWQPS E f' SL? ,'f, v-- E - . 5216. " i l 133 To MIDDLE: It looks as though someone has lost a glove. Would you believe seven gloves? ABOVE: HowiefDinoj Deonavich gets set as the offcial drops the puck to begin play. ntramural nitiate Spirit - 2:3 I if ABOVE: The pace is fast and the spirit is high in the Intramural volleyball games. This years volleyball program was bigger and better than ever. The taller kids didn 'I always win out though as the picture shows. BELOW: The new Intramural sport, wrestling is exhibited by the two boys working hard on the mats. The program was very successful as more boys turned out for the sport than was expected. 134 At Goodrich boys intramurals is highly regarded as one of the best programs to be found anywhere. This year there was more sports to choose from than ever before. They include flag football, softball, basket- ball, volleyball, wrestling, and track. The newest sport among these is wrestling. A meet which included both the junior high schools as well as Goodrich was held here. The meet was well attended and produced some very fine performances. The annual free-throw con- test was also held with sophomore Jim Mundt winn- ing the final shooting with 23 out of 25 free throws. The basketball program proved to be the most excit- ing in recent years as the WEIGHT WONDERS and the "Bn Boys were neck and neck the entire season until the final tournament when the "B" Boys won the game by one point. All in all it has been a very good year for intramurals at Goodrich. At the mo- ment an even newer sport has been added to the in- tramural program. Fore! H 'fa warm elf LEFT: In wrestling, there is no team to help the athlete in a bout. There is only man against man, and will against will. ABO VE: These top eleven wrestlers were Crowned as champions in the First Annual Intramural Wrestlingllfleet. DIRECTL Y ABO VE: Tlze "B" Boys, this year's intramural basketball champs, gave us the mug shot of the year. 135 Weightlifters Press Forward The Fondy Power Lifters are quickly becoming one of the most popular and Worthwhile activity groups in the school. Not only do they allow all students to participate but they also allow a chance for a person to create something out of nothing. That something is a stronger and healthier body. The program, under the direction of Mr. Wayne Steffenhagen, serves as a body builder and conditioner for football and basketball players. The recent uprising in the Cardinal football picture is a direct result of weight training. Coupled with the efforts of all the coaches, the football success will continue. Besides an Intramural Power Lift Meet the club also held an open class meet in which five schools participated. The Fon du Lac Optimists Club sponsored the meet. Among the lifters who contributed top-notch performance were Junior Dan Adams and Senior Mark Guyette. These fellows along with Junior Paul Mumm will be making the trip to the State Meet in the Spring. The Power Lifters will be back, and so will the success of Fondy Sports. Fondy High is grateful to their hard working coaches for what they are doing to make our school a Powerhouse in the Valley. 53" ABOVE.' Junior Dan Adams, already a much sought after football player, is warming up here with a 350 pound squat As The Kunasch Twins spot. RIGHT: Coach Steffenhagen displays the trophy won at the Optimists meet. 'WMF ABOVE: Senior Mark Guyette proved to be one of the j?nest lifters at the Optimists meet. Here he squats a heavy load as Mr. Steffenhagen and the judges look on. ll tgqjz l ,,,, MIDDLE: Junior Paul Mumm fKen Criterj earn his nickname as Dan Adams' deadlift record is 530 pounds, the Optimist club he repeatedly shows his aggressiveness the hard way. ABOVE: officers will agree, It's heavy! . -22. ABOVE: Varsity Cheerleadersg BOTTOM ROW: Julie Graves, Joan Mehleis, Anne La Borde, Mindy Mans. TOP ROW: Debbie Lemke, Kathy Searl, Laura Rose. BELOW: JV Cheerleaders urge pep for a basketball victory. Vigorous Cheers Urge Fond ' r ug' 1 138 School spirit was surely raised this year with the aid of our excellently talented cheerleaders. Its been a very active year for fourteen girls. They sponsored many money raising events. Their badges reading 'Happiness Is a Cardinal Victory" and "Eat-Em-Up Cardi- nalsw were both very successful. They also held candy and bake sales. With the aid of our cheerleaders, pep club was able to get buses to go to our away athletic games. This year our varsity cheerleaders were privileged in making a change in uniforms. They changed from the sweater and pleated skirt uniforms to the modern pant suit. Whether the uniforms made the difference is not known but out school spirit has really been excellent. Maw is ABO VE: JV Cheerleaders Connie Becker, Mary Fischer, Judy Dyer, Cheri Royea, Laura Spoerke, W M Julie Vodgs cheer at a wrestling match. LEF T 5 Varsity and JV cheerleaders work together to 4' MQW WE if A 62 14 encourage school spirit. BELOW: Fondy cheerleaders await the ofjicials decision. thletic Team to ictor 139 '1'-f ,W lf S ' Q f, ,wi L,.- i , AW? Pompon Girls And 'Nw 5 RIGHT: Porn pon girls ,End that students are always willing to buy some homemade 1 ' 'esl goodies. ABOVE: Tlze first row of Pom pon girls move out in the Homecoming Parade. 1-t , ww . MM ABO VE: One of the ways tried to build-up school spirit was by having an outdoor pep assembly. Here, pom pon girls show their routine for homecoming. 140 i l Twirlers Add To School pirit Both Twirlers and Pom-pon girls added to the school spirit by wearing their uniforms on color days. Among their performances this year were Homecoming and Miss Fond du Lac parades, football half-times, and pep assemblies. Although both organizations had hopes of going to Washington, D.C. with the band, only a certain length of people could go. As a different money-raising project this the Twirler's club held an Hunco- year, ordinatedv twirler week. Members of the club carried containers, and students gave their pennies to the most "unco-ordinatedw one. With the money raised, new uniforms and equipment were purchased. Pom-pon girls are selected from a tryout of the Way they do a routine. While for twirlerls, any girl who can hold a baton is in. ABOVE: Barb Sclzmidlkofer, Ellen Kaiser, Stephanie Crucksorz, Debbie Flentje, Char Hansen, Linda Schmidt, Karen Sslzneider, and Vickie Pinkert all practice for an up-coming performance. RIGHT: One of the first performances in the Twirler's new uniforms was for the 1968-69 homecoming. ABOVE: On one of the many Friday color days, Twirlers, Pam Bublitz, Debbie Krause, and Linda Schmidt rehearse. 141 l Grace, Talent And ractice What person has not been envious by the talented performer as she executes a routine with ease and self-assurance on some form of gymnastic apparatus? For many girls who have a dream like this, it may become a reality when she joins the gymnastic club. The gymnastic club was organized by Miss Joanne Peirce and interested girls in 1967. Present members bring a variety of back- grounds to the club. Some have a strong dance background while others are neophytes working to discover the talent which is theirs. Performing at half-time basketball games, various area meets and attending clinics keeps this club very active. Interested girls who have tumbling ability or are interested in learning gymnastic skills can join the club after passing a series of skill tests in the four areas of vaulting, uneven parallel bars, balance beam and tloor exercise. wwwwxu him:-mise LEFT: Senior gymnast Vicki Matthew goes through a back rollover on the balance beam. Spotting for Vicki are Barb Peters and K. C. Klinzing. ABO VE: Gail Becker practices a new movement on the uneven parallel bars. 142 Required For Perfection ABOVE LEFT: K. C. Klinzing goes up, over, around, and down in one swift, clean movement. LEFT AND ABO VE.' Two more members of the gymnastics team practice an Manga!" on the top bar of the uneifen parallels. Three other areas are in- cluded in the gymnastics program for girls. They are trampoline, vaulting, and floor exercises. N 143 Girl ' Interscholastic Sport btain Goal For Athletic Minded Girls Girls lnterscholastics consists of Basketball, Bad- minton, Volleyball, Softball, and Track and Field. The Basketball Team finished the season with a 7-2 win lose record. Senior Trudy Peterson, Krys Sullivan, and Karen Kees were outstanding at for- ward. Lynn Tonjes was the outstanding defense play- er. The Girls Track Club is still undefeated in invita- tional meets after four years. Chris Shirey is defend- ing her state hurdle record. This was the first year for badminton and softball. The Fondy gals tied for first place with Oakfield and Ripon in the area invitation sports day held at Goodrich. ABOVE: The girls Interscholastic Basketball Team, composed of Mary Fruend, Karen Kees, Coach Miss Call, Lynn Tonjes, Nancy Topp, Sue Luelofji Betty Renderman, and Trudy Peterson, has a pep talk before the game. RIGHT: This jump ball is very important to our team, it 's a tie game, one minute to go and we need one basket to go home with a victory. TOP: Trualv Peterson shoots from mid court for two points, 144 ABOVE: The Girls Interscholastic Track Team practices many hours. RIGHT: Chris Shirey hurdles her way to the Olympics. ABOVE: Carol Weber practices her high jump for the first meet. BELOW: Jackie Eigenbrodt practices the shot-put. 14 Lettermeni Club Attain oal BELOW: This year's officers for the Lettermen's club were: from left to right, Joe Klinzing, Treasurerg Jim Bond, Secretaryg Kevin Smith, Vice-Presidentg and Mel Fruend, President. The F ONDY sweaters shown in the picture were purchased by the club and sold to the entire student body. The officers were elected by the other members of the club at the organizational meeting at the beginning of the year. ABOVE: The meeting takes a very informal nature as the advisor, Mr. George Trtan, lends some advice to president Mel Fruend. The club met every other Wednesday morning and accomplished many things during the course of the year. Right now it looks as though someone in the room has added a small joke to the regular business. The FONDY Lettermen's Club ac- complished more than any other club in the school this year. After the officers were elected the members went right to work on their first project. By the end of the year the club had purchased a wide-angle lens for the basketball pro- jector, tape recorder for all sports, a magnetic bulletin board for all sports, and, as this copy is being written, the club is working on new glass backboards for the gym. Donations of S50 each was made to the band fund and the Joe Capicik Memorial fund. The club was open to all Varsity letter winners and consisted of about 85 members. It is hoped that next years club can carry on in the same manner as this yearis. Let's see now, what can we do for our tirst 146 project . . . ABO VE: Lettermen JeH'Hoard, Jim Bogenhagen, and Steve Klotz are displaying the T-shirts and sweaters which were sold as a project by the Lettermen this year. FONDY blllZ6fS d0l'l!lf-ed by the F0fldy BO0SIer Club. BELOW: On color day this year these three lettermen decided they just had to goof off somehow. Jolzn Wollner and Jim Bond are trying to see if Steve Zimmer- mans face will actually get redder than his shirt. 'ES R, 147 ABOVE: Steve Zimmerman, Jim Bogenhagen, and Jim Bond are trying their hand at modeling as they are shown wearing the new nterschola tic Volleyball . .- 1 ' s . V .. -' V' . f . . up t l A we V . . . . . ..,, ' , 1 .. . .f: fs- , A 2 . ,erm 'f .awar d wi":?' ' . 1 " .stefan 'le .. - ef' -11 . 2 ' f 54,1 " T 2 , r ,- : ww! ,,., . - Pm we , f f , I , My-,':-t'a I. in '- : ,fa A . r gl X 2 - ' ' r - it I ' " VARSITY TEAMS CTopJ ROW l: B. Renderman, C. Elias, T. Peterson, C. Weber ROW 2: K. Jenneke, D. Mesner, L. Reque, K. Fisher, C. Fiebig, D. Young. fBottomJ ROW 1: C. Huebschman, P. Sonnenberg, L. Spoerke, W. Schneider ROW 2: M. McLain, N. Topp, M. Reis, P. Handley. r , "Sl, ' i n ' ' Mf'1ifa1'i-l- ' , , . 3 fe I , A . , ' x I . , ' Q ' -r L l , I J-J ,Q : ' 'N , ., . f , , . , N.:r,fv,, Wy, , , V, ,,,, e-:ff If 1. - ,V -. , . 2 f - 5 ff - K -1, ,- .5 if , W- ,, wife... l 1. ., My w, f W .J , - C 3 if ,P bi mfieffvffi-?'?g-2 " fC - it ' l,33'f1lL4'77',l7Q5ifyfl zf"f7""H s :-" l'l5f'f'r ' 4 ' . V, 1. -wr .awe Mrazaefawrafw--f'sf,z-.,z1,f.w.,ff:s,.f-ff ' , .,.'r-+'--":1:e,m. 1 i l """' ziizuff-'5,,,fLf'f ' -.S,,..?-' Vfrv :aff ' ,f,'14Eiiw' 'SEQ dfiaiifzftf f "N-W , ' fp 'THQ' 1' ' " If 'r - f . . .I ' T - : M. .. -ggi-,5,:W,w: -I , it '3 f t': ff".? - 45? Y E, :'law' 7 .. . ,Z M, ., ,. .,,, ,. . . , .. --.,,.,.,.,,...- 4. H... . ,,..i.,. "1 ' ..i1ff'7it.i:V' .. ,, Z - S -f:9Y'f'22', 'f .,Q?if?7..A:g,fa?5 1555 W" "W 148 One of the many sports available to girls at Goodrich is interscholastic volleyball. After Miss Forest, the faculty advisor, announced try-outs, approximately one hundred and fifty girls showed up. Out of these, thirty- three were chosen to compose four teams two varsity and two junior varsity. The volleyball teams played different schools, held invitationals, and practiced against the faculty. Perhaps the team with the most successful record was Trudy Peterson's. At the close of the season, all the volleyball teams held a pizza party at Bob Long's. Even though the teams didn't win a majority of their games, the participants enjoyed them- selves in this extracurricular activity. fLeftj Captain, Trudy Peterson, polishes-up her sewing before a match. fAbovej Volleyball members divide into class teams and play the faculty. Increases Competition fAbove-cont.j Pam Handley returns a serve to the faculty. fTopj Volleyball teams play in aFondy invitat- ional. J' Mr K S. 1 er 1, :MX l --'te A . -A :f.wE2:5.' i T' 5:'f'1'. -J: 15-QHAHT-fr '- "2'7f:.:reE11ff CS ' fi A -, 'I - JUNIOR VARSITY TEAMS CTopJ ROW 1: S. Lueloff, K. C. Klinzmg C Dlener ROW 2: K. Maillard, R. Thorpe, K. Wilke. CBottomJ ROW 1 B Sples, J Humleker, S. Jarvis. ROW 2: S. Capello, T. Brandt, M. Fisher, E. Majewskr ..... .o... , . is 2 New 9 an --.s P A Q53 W v T sill N Nwgwg. K SN. . . .. W" -' I+, P . X in F . O ff " . 'e 1 , .. ,ir - Q.: . Qhnn .3 , 2 11' fi W H sf Q A '2 V: Si Q" f '--' -'rife 'Q-., : . 53. . ' V K srl. H2 f s X, X '51 'Q wk Q of ilk 3 T ...,. Q ogg we 23 so 'si Y ff 'S' 9 . ... ...... s, , is Missy-4 is Y. 'ta YL, ,arse Xe I ---- f . 2 , Nr , W QQ VH je . ss- .str s..s '- is :'s : E25 Ziff F as W 14 BOTTOM FAR RIGHT: This year's G.A.C consists of KBOTTOM ROWj Sue Pinnow, Lynn Tonjes, Holly Reesman, Sue Behnke, Sally Pfund, KTOP ROW! Dee Dee Hobbs, Karen Jenneke, and Sandy Royea. BELOW: A "huddle" is called for while G.A.A. members plan their next basketball move. BOTTOM: One of the many activities a girls may participate in is after school bowling. RIGHT' "Keeping your eye on the birdie" is part of playing badminton. V . ,.-5, ' I ' ,..e- T l Hg H ,7",,.r.f.v. .ur Malliv 14- . .. . , .... ,...,. l .,.., . M .. , , V12 il 150 it . i 3 W Qi. . B.i.1 wi SQ E. ri T, is t tt. ::' it LEFT: Dee Dee Hobbs gives Holly Reesman a little spin through the girls' locker room. ABOVE: G.A.C members display their gift to Goodrich this year of school pennants for the gymnasium. Basketball, Tennis, Badminton- all interest girl through G. A. A. a ,ww 9 vw' t . l V 151 This year the GlA.A., Girls Athletic Association, got off to a good start with 320 members. The G.A.A. provides a series of activities for girls to participate in. This year's activities included bowling, kickball, archery, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, softball, tennis, and track and field. Other activities included the sale of pom poms, the Christmas party, the Red and White Game, and many interscholastic meets. The G.A.C., Girls Athletic Council, consists of eight senior girls who were chosen for leadership, sportsmanship, and scholarship. These girls are a part of the executive board for G.A.A., and are respon- sible for the girls intramural activities. Each G.A.C. member is in charge of two sports. This year the girls chosen for G.A.C.i were Sally Pfund, Sue Pinnow, Lynn Tonjes, Holly Resesman, Sandy Royea, Dee Dee Hobbs, Sue Benhnke, and Karen Jenneke. Every year, it has been a tradition for the members of the G.A.C. to present a gift to the school. This year, the girls purchased the school pennants for the l Are Made Successful B ss . 'S 152 ,W . mf 4 mi Q 1 w w M i f N W gl 'ig-W Q , X . .. www-X.. K , '- Ng. YK .,,,.. . 'X J , . V. .Mx Yu an il" PERSO ALITIE Rough 'n Read Soph Learn Quickl , Swing The years of our lives which we will always remember, started September 3, l968. We might have acted like the foolish Freshmen for the first month but we changed fast. With the upperclassmen laughing at us we realized we are sophomores now, not freshmen. When we finally woke up we were accepted as Fondy students. With that we were asked to join clubs and help with school activities. With the help of our excellent class officers we became active in high school activities and love being a part of this school. There is a very small minority of the sophomores who did not take part in Fondy activities, but give them a chance to get adjusted. Our memories of being members of Fondy clubs and organi- zations as sophomores will remain with us forever. m3 I 1 ABO VE: Class Vice-PresidentPete Hamilton gives a helping hand at the Senior Class Elections. BELOW: Newly elected class officers Tom Thurman, presidentg Paula Wettstein, secretaryg Pete Hamilton, vice- presidentg and Dennis Baggett, treasurerg are being interviewed by the press. RIGHT: Sophomore girls became active in GAA and enjoyed bowling at Karl Ray Lanes, Tuesdays after school. nto Senior High Acti ,.,.. , ities A Q - 3153 '-ESQ yu ' -:Z:?fT::'-. SE ii ' 3 -. 'S ,f gy, :Xb aX.i..:..? :gf-f1 1' , N' fm .' C-QM .1 :fgsfg ' K- I' x1 qi: W .I . fi all mc' wfim'-zfigg ng., , xi ii I 'g 3 U gil l Q 2 NX Y Y V, .JVL ' '., I WKI. Sli U W: 'wi Q ff Jw . M ,, V, A ix ' P . .- 5 . in Q.. gi .,, i i ' 5 ,K 5 . 2 .rib g 4 5 Q , X "bb 1 v - 3 MMQLA i Q ,L I init, F 5 ,fs b , ' - , 75 'K K 'li -, . jf " - ..., ., " V' " - - 11 K 1-1 K 1' If . 55511 H , ,Q - - L 'g "" - 'if N ' : 2 1 I ' -' V iv i if w i xvsf- iv' , 'sf' K j uf V1 5 2 uv f ,V 1 x-,mai X K 5 ' -- 'K ' 5 'Tiff ' 1- ' 'LL I " F ' ggi- 1 , ff I . - 'fi ,:., , Q - - - - W A M ,. I . A- , X kay . K, xl Y lr i i ' fx . gif . fi 2 ' Q 5' ' - H ' L K ,E 4' ik f- " f ' if f.. .N ' .. i E Ag if L M ii! Q ., ii ... Q wi ' I N -1 ei' V ,- L A' 'f i fi 1 , T , . 3 ' W 5 i-5 N 6- . ' ,..,. 5 i,': wif ' ' , 3 . 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I 1 Q Wi in LEFT: Two sophomore girls use our excellent Library as an aid in doing term papers. ABO VE: Carla Smedberg and Gary Fryda jimi the dictionary very helpful in their studies. RIGHT: Some study periods are used for studying and others are used for sleeping. .,. .. . n-..1 ll-l 1-. ' '--' l b ' 3 --l-r 7 S A N' l'l 3' A- ., Ji e .redr nnn. . i fn.n. , .51 115 YK? H , . A A E .. Viii . A -3 f El Al lm n. "Q av Q. cy - ' 5 L . f n teeee e e ., Si - , X if- T , .... . . . era f.. . - is x - a n edn. an as I ez. + L Q - A Q W' n i 5' -nf . .kkg our . ,ASX A Q . L - X . .. if na- Q fl I Y X fr. Y - f ' rere .. . e .. n. 5 in.n 1 -2 . , , K gg 11, for ,g Q. 5 ii 1..' X - f W ' 1 . n ' i fi ..,. -f re.. . f z oen . I nn in T i A r.. P' y. -. M - A ff- , . -. . wav .J Q1 f ' .XL r 'A :.VL I 4 -,:, t .,.. t' ,V ... eq Q K ir, five ' 'K-'i f f n ' ' .... .. 7 l X . . 'nnn T l.1.n. . r if ' - Q - X. - - ' . 156 Sophomore-:s Use Microscopes sreye Hcnslm Turn Herbert Jnn Her-ren crnrg Hru cueryn Hur Guy Hemnnr Drnrel Heenrern Den Hodgdcn rerry Herrrnen Mary Hoffmann Debbre Hogenson xyxe Hema Lrnae Ho lman new Hnrrnn James Heyr carol H nerr Rrennra Huebner crnay Huebschmann Dermis Hneurnnn xrmnn Humlekex sne Hungerford Mary Hupfex cerny ngen Fred Ieyrnr Wayne Jammu Gary lambs Beverly Jaeger Sandra serve Mrnre Jenki sary Jensen Pnrnen Iurdcc Mreneex Jnnnnner Davsd Jones Mary inure Elkn xnner Tnnonny Knrrer Jrrn xennenserg Shcm xnpp mn Kauiman Gary Kennedy Rose Mary xeuen crnae Kern, Tern Krefer Jann nrennen Mnrr xrna Susan Krng Tern lung Deubre Kinzex xerny xnennerr Ken Klahn Keren mnpprren crnay Klaske Don Krebs Rrrnnra Klmke Wendy Kunrwerrn Rick Knock Judy Knsnig Juhe Knemg mare Knnnnre Lora Koilmznn Nzncy Kollmorgan Greg Konen Anneue Kerrer xerny Koslosk: Iulk xrnerner Ar-nie xrerner WW L rr r 45Li5i', J", f'hI?+,rg5 If -f Q we 1 rrrf, ry, rn rum f ,r,.,,,re: fvrw, ,Q ny. rf 4 r f r Y rs . ,. , , e,,r, U ,e,. 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' W Wm-.N .- gf' E X fs Biology class is made much more interesting with the aid of microscopes. Sophomores look forward to the days they get a chance to use microscopes. in . . , ooo, g s ' 14 J, ff. ii' i fs , ' 7 -2 "'- f. V A l A ,. S AAA,, , AA.W A . X r .. . . 5 oiii i . -- 1 . ., f5r5'35g . a.. 1 - . . . - eooi , oo n - A so - o f an V 'X 'ooe, e ff' i qs 3 fa q ' 9 - " S! 3 ' L. 'q?T'Ef n 1 - Na.-,,, - :' - .. " 7 , -. ' 'M L l M ' "lu M 'Q f .T ,. . . V, K Eg I .yok .g. y. f n A -.,, ia F P Y ' - - 'Q 1 . 1 n- ,V A 1,' i sf , lgj 2. " n , V -K K Ss. 4 z' . L " ' .2-vii -P 5- . - L 9? ', ff .' . 'fi lg T Q51, -w."5 :. ,Q -Q: ' Q' M n 'f H - ' + . Q .. --an i f... ' ' lf ' ' Q f - . s is e i k grab ggi K S ,-:'. 2 . . i kk.. o 5 ,j . 'kk,. g i i - ' W ' 4. :Z or Q is o i-si i .K :Q 2 - -- ne .SUR 9 , D 1 , n o ni .,, 'wr-: 5. 1 U' 1 - . - , . " I' -1 ' , l- . . 'W s '-1.3 " X ! g .... s in - .e.e.. s in :tif ' K iff , - J : ' E Y I ' ' i s J f -.-- , ' ' l ffm 'sf " A ,, K 'L ' - .Q . .. R2 , ' 'Q 5 '--'i --'- if , 1 An. nnzzvl-f., 'Luv if-.s f - 159 um, mn, amy man. Lnnnn Km-.S um-In Krauss: Andrew Kreun Jnnl Kroll only ufnngfn Knwn Krueger snnu xnmgn. Slcvcn Kfncgnn Susan Krumbcm snnny xfylynnnwm xnmny xnnn Man. xnnum 'roam xnnnn nn.. Kunm JoAnn Kuluw Dm: mann mek won uwrenue Languckcl Dnnnn langc Sundy Langou' Suzanne Lmgoll Damn Lax?mc amen Law Dam Lawrence Lenn unfenw sm: uvlgne Judy Lmnn Iudllh Luc Ekanm umm Jenny LeMxeu,x cunl umm hm umm mu lemke xnn Leonnnnn Enc hchtunwnld cynnnn beak: Roger make Chns unasny Prnup Lune, Dnnnm Lwya Dam Lnwgn uns mefmf sim Lmnnann' Gordon Loenn Tnomas Lang Tmy Longo sun Lu:lo!T may Luhn kno Lundm neun Lusk Sue Mmm snyw Madlnxd Ronald Mun sun Mnmxn Mngmn Mums, May Mnpfkn sam Mnnmk. sunny Malak Nlnry Mnnps James Mann, smnn Mnmnn Pam Mmm Jann Mmm Rebcnca Mm As the Christmas Season surrounded Goodrich, the Sophomore Class became involved in the many Christmas activities. The sophomore rollrooms enjoyed decorating their doors and rooms, unfortunately no honors were awarded to the sophomore rooms or doors. The Christmas assembly was enjoyed by all the sophomores. Paula Wettstein, the class secretary, told Santa the wishes and a good time was had by all. Many sophomores were involved in the Candy Sale, Candle Sale and the many Christmas parties. Sophomore girls enjoyed asking their favorite guys to the Christmas Leapyear Dance. All in all sophomores had a lot of fun and a very merry Christmas. Rohm Mmenau K 31335595 U he ABOVE: Sophomore Rollroorn 243 add the finishing touches to their door RIGHT: Rollroom 252 works together to decorate their room for the holiday. FAR RIGHT: Sophomore secretary Paula Wettstein tells Santa the sophomore chsses' wishes. Sophomores Exhibit MHKMH H A -iff B . music Munn ' W K A -A v.mMm.,. W K W ' gg ummm. A . A. .. gf- M . . ,V L . RonauManen 1. f' 4 f AA Kgw iff .A .V "' i A A -. 1- an-.Ay -V Mmm. Mmm A A A AA - dt- A - e sp . A K. K A Pilfifli MMM K- K w . K Q S 1' -'if' f X W 'lit W ri . fifif-T-5Ki Punk Mccmhy - 1 A jg AAA: 'A - A AAA 5 -yi. A i.z..Am - Midrey McEssy X rp li A A A A ' 91 ix K lp - K K 1 . J' P Mr ., ax- . 1' A - g , 4 ew-Sf .- "" C my -- X 4 th. iv e . Q zf . 'I W' TON MCDOMOH -- vu Masam - 'segfa- . . . ra . sf U N, M.-rmn Mecmn , it qw Q 2 . f Wm AA MlH1ynMcl1od A S5 A: Q? L I i ' 5 was sum Malamm - 4 K J-Q . Af. Q A - A 55 . - ,X A Bob Mcmmn A A. . an nv . A .A A . fx . ., ,AAQQ A. A A. D w M ikl hn Ei. i J, f 2 .,w K. .- ,, ' . -g .. ' K f ' - ' K WE? Mxcnaelmmmgu Q fx. . A , , rf A-A - . A5 A A y -V AA ss - . .1 -. 1 - Row Mvlsenbf-rs ig-. X Q f' 'xg hid' , , Q SME . . K .' . ' ' Q' . 3 :SJ ' 1mpnMmmn A , , -. mar ment A , ' K -- K--41.1 K.: f K cami Miuu K1 SQ. . 155. A - Dave Mmm 'miss K K K f , GBUWUH ,., t K t f . .- .. - .. K , 12- Kefw MIM rf- KK " , K1 K fK K ' . . 2 1 ' . i. .. snmnMnk1 , ' r. . 214 ' Xt K . 7 Sew Stanley Minn KK -.2 sg: lf ' - . t ' A , ,Q ,sf - . SK srmmiuaf ' - . frkw .- CQ'-t K. 'V A ' AA if 1- 5 1lmMfnsr1 ' - . . fr -El 1 ff. . fi . L.. . . 7 2 wnuam Montgomery AAA 'X 'X A .a . ,prggryjg A v : X CQ A: K X J ' 1 3 Mmm Mm . p . 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"xiii -W nmqssfz.-S,-Asians -. .- ,L K x , 3 "lf A R n .NZM W Ho izgg, , , , x 1 :I .k E 'F ." ,sf -f L . K W' 4- - M' A K-mmf?- ., . 6 , -1 N X 1 . X-,E , ' f 4 n ' X ' 4 t -+ A Q: 1 f -. 1 , ida Spirit X .mf mm.A ,ww SQVA ? A Y K L, Q , L WVL., 1 v M .1 gi 7 I ' 1 I H V ' 1? 1 9 me er I ff, " D-Mc? uf X' W,-' K M K ii .sh . A " "T K T . f 71:1 55 x L - , 145 . , N 'Q' f X 3 ,V 3. -:Q , A -l,f.,ggP: , L. V M if N . ' , F K wx I Y S ,.,, ' . X ?5 " r m ,R Qkia A Q. .95 V gag .. .Vk- 1 ki . gr: if kf J I rnmm mwbmg Teny Neumann umm Norcnbng Randy Nurcnbcxg Mary Nowqk Mxchae10'Bnrn Mm o'amn Nm: o'cf-mln nm oem Home O'He:un smpncn on-muh PM omenmg Lum oug Cindy oxm sim o'Ne.u NM-ry osuum Sanur.. owen sum Pages Juan mum John Pmllm Ann Pancm Glen Pzunh C:nmlPa:pa1l Mme mmn Mmm mlm Kzny mme, Pam., Puemcs Run mmm Dale Pclol uw. Pmvbefg umm Pmy Peggy mm Barb Paenen nm Pmmm Pcnm Pmmm mama P:-mon Slove Pulvwun Mum, vnum sm, mna Dum Pnnum mum. Pmmm Calol Ylckarl Jmy mum um Plume Nu-cy Pierce amy Pmnu nm Pmnow Guy Pm mr mm Mark nm mm mm nm Plum, mmm Pompun LeAnn: Pussy cms Pfenwz Z. WMS? 66Save The Children" Successful ABOVE: Rita Kuitert and Barb Kraus tie up one of the many bundles. BELOW: Tom Thurman exclaims '24nother big bundle'i FAR RIGHT: Bundles after bundles are brought in to make a successful project. Hearing of the up-coming "Save the Children" drive in December, the sophomore class officers got together to decide upon a course of action for the class. Our general feelings were similar to those expressed by Tom Thurman in his campaign speech when he said that "with the number of students in our class and the enthusiasm we have, I feel we should take a greater part in the Student Council activities and school functions than we have in the pastv. This drive seemed to be a good place to start. A sophomore class meeting was called. We talked of holding a competition type drive within the class. The sophomore rollroom representatives liked the idea of letting the sophs be heard in this cause. And we found out with a great response, during the first two weeks in December sophomore rollrooms contributed outgrown, but not outworn, clothing by the bag, box, and armful. Altogether we brought in 965 pounds of clothing, which equalled that of the other two classes put together. The winning rollroom was Mr. Johnson, room 151 with 221 pounds. Class Project : Q , L I Q ' .- . si - E.. E2 K,m1- A ' W - I Q l.. , my I :., L K 5' "' K Al .... S i fl " I X. "' . fy l KK gifs J -+1 K -tax 'K KK KK wx - 1. Yi 4 1 K K mi V- . - K U 4 K if A 3 'l 3 I- 4 W is K K . ii- ' - KK K - ',,1 . l 5- ' 'L.L f AKA. ' fl 3- -if X . . 1 M' 1 . l K' ka. I ,. K K f' l y- ,Q yy M W 'V Q. - .. .54 sf l "" K X ,l .1,KKKl. KK K fi? len "mA Q Qs K KSN Kx -x. 'X M .h-h ' Q gap 413: K K N W . - I -L,,. .. T: ' T x-,V r My - KK MQ 1 2- 5' 'Qll WH S? 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'E 1 M Q ' ..,L , N L '-', K .iii 'L A '- ' -' . S' ,ew ' iq W 1 l 2 fk,. , . tan f--- f 4, N F Q A HX' EL ' , ,.... ,-.R .3 6 . . 4 is ,S S A sggflfsj K Y , 4..,. K7 , Nm rf 5 . V ' Q '57 ii ' ' i 3 . K is J A K .- 4, 1 A F . , ' iii N f"' " i 3.3- :,'.!JJ..y I .Q 5 -LKV , , z V ,-Lk' ' 12- . W- in K - K Wx: P51 , -Q : - 8- fy- " , A -v ,- . 1 V S 7 Q., '-LL 5' fl . A, M ' 'av' A ' ,L X if' Q W-AA Y A 1.2: - 'A' is ' V - P V ' in f iq ' -'X' ,152 . K.- f V L - 1- x ,,, sl A 165 sm: rmeac mum Thorpe Lyn Tnmnu Tum Thumun mmm mmf nm, nmu Pmuy new umm Tulzmann lung Tune, mumn funn Ndmy mm, sum Tum :mx Toth uma Tuma lm Tummy smu Towne Kun Tmnxmf Debra Trulcvcn may unm-Au. Dum vunmwn Jnmw vmmm Dcbbw vugm Pal Vuxkml summ ww, un vmlfk CMOIW.1chh0lz me wagner Jw www' Mary wwf, Mm www Muy mm. mmm www amy wma: sue wwgcn Mcuu wwgm Guy wenm Paula we-mm Thaw www Jean Whlllakcr Pam Wxeien Dun wmmhm Dennn Wilkc Melody Wxllaama Mark Wnllas Ken Wxlson Demi Winter Lu wml D.u'rcHW1Skow Lxndm www nn, wmy Lum won cml wnuc umm, women my wuwm: - sum Yun: mm vumnn smm.. zmomy mum zmung uma zwmm mm z-mmmmn Rohan z-,cur Jun zmxy Plent of steam, drive, schemes, Above: Junior officers Mark Lavrenz, Cheri Royea, Valerie Garrett, and Lee Geiger discuss plans for the class project. Right: Mark Lavrenz gives his final campaign speech before class elections, which were held October 16. Above right: Following a meeting of the executive board, junior officers head for their lockers and then to second hour classes. Spirit, enthusiasm, and leadership helped to guide the Junior Class through an exciting and successful year, under the leadership of Mark Lavrenz, presidentg Lee Geiger, vice-president, Cheri Royea, secretaryg and, Valerie Garrett, treasurer. The spirit of a junior shows through his every action. Everything he does says, "Look at me. I'm not a sophomore any more." It takes a while for some new juniors to realize that theylre not sophs now,but that they are juniors. They miss the leadership of the graduated seniors. There are many unfamiliar faces as the new "babies" come in. But when they do realize it, look out. They are proud of the new rings they sport. They laugh at the funny things they did when they were sophomores. School enthusiasm increases in every junior. Juniors feel more a part of everything. S 'iiors say to them, '6Come on and help usf' Acceptance becomes more evident in all things which they accomplish. This year they're the ones driving the cars to school, not the ones riding. Leadership in all areas grows. New ideas that never occurred before are brought before the class and the council. Things begin to look a little better because they are juniors now! xx .ar M1 . f--'ww - :'-:- X.. -1... Y - ,bf-za... harris --'M' 'S '..:'- -f . - s- ' - " .g ,v: a2f22Qs::f1fill v wf - 1- xslt -,. a,' . ,K Q, T if 1-, . "" -':r" rw Qe...- " .gg 166 leadership typify Junior Class spirit sa wr rn N if M A XR fsifbmiifrr. V :r3zrs52Sw..ff'2Kr 'K wig 1 r A , .1. ., sfsif f' ,. ' K ::-rs::1:r.f-as ,rf 2 515-ffl? ,i n Y r wr. 1 i-fK5if?r5?i.- f r 15522 'fi-55225-Fil 'iii r ss 1-I he ,if R15 .. K i , ' . f A f as ul .E r ..,,. - ,... r. W 1 Iii-.rT.'i2 .rfrifijli " E: Urea?-.Q5 'if w x5i5'r fi hifi .. ,. rr: , xii uf fa H - . Sir 'avi A in -' is rr "N ' 0 " km fir i ff? - is r ,, . wif r Wfi i f rr 3. . . L' is 5 L' r ik' in 5. ' gr . Q- L L' ' iff" - . . -'r.1 ry E ., 'f r A r x, S I S A 9 z - " ar va- A , T' 1 1, F 4 . gr '.s r r! 'ii y,: X 4 5. r sl r, X 4 A I A 1 in i r - -'r , ri-KK J k P '59 Mgt? -E .,::,, W .IEE sw r, Kiwi 'JL . ssh fr M Q, 'Cir ' , :ri 56,63 x--" Q '-1 K- gffafw , 3, 4 'X f JL - Q . rn u- , . 8,-. asc? Q -V ' L i fi g' 1 ' .-S. ., .Ew- - ,W J :yy x .,, Tp- ' Q W i ur A 1- 4 - r Q rr ' r "' E Q -es' 2 ,, ,r ,l Q " - ' E r 1 r r U A 2 gr ' if rr, . 1.1 5-sr. E R 2 i I Hin x if I Q as-av XS' nik' . 'f -5 5 . 'X ,- -5? K .Y ggfSQ,:s1.frifff 1 r - A .Q if K A sf v. xi A Nl! 3 . 17 Fi' + 1 - a. ,nr Abillr Vlclol Abler. Su: Abler, Tom Adams, D.rrr Adclm1n,Mzry Anxrun. Jim Au. Nanny Arr, snnrsrr Andcrcgg. uma Anderson, Gregory Andrrsun, Steve Anrrrrrwr, srcrr Arnrn, srrnrry Arrrrrrn, Roy Arkinrnrr, Paul srrrrrr, RandY annnn, mu silken, Fydle anmrnrnr, Derrmrr snrbrrrr. Rrnrr anrbnrnr, Trrrr Huber, Pnrn unrner, Eleanor Bllltllr Deborah nnrrrr, rnrrrcrn arrrrrrn, uma Balchelderr Parry anrrnr, larry srrrrr, xrrrr Bauer. mrrrn aura, Deuurn aurarley, new Beau, Grrrg necrrirrn, Joseph aecxrr, Gail Becker, Mannnrn serrnr, Pam seurrrrr, Mary aenrarrr, William sernrnnrr. snr Benson, Dnvc Benson, Terry Benzel, Mrrrlrrr Benrel, Pnrrrrn ner-rnr, Larry aerrrarn, srrrrn arrrrrlrrr. Lrrrar srrrr, mf serrr, Rrrrrnra Beswr. Larry muy. urn airknurrrrpr, Barb sua. Lrnrxn air-irrrurrrr, sandy sarwrrbarh. Susan s1.rkbrrrrr,1rrrr Blair. Dick Blish. Sue Block. Bob Blumenfeld, Judy' anmrrrrn, Dan snrrlrrrrrr, srepnrrn Bond, mr sorrrrler. John nnonr, srrre anrrnrrx, Jnrrrr some, Diane sewn, Don nnyxr, Kevin arnnrr, srrarenr K ,, i wig, B r rd,Bonmc ' xKK I r '- anntisim - A tg:-x I - - t swim. sneny K - K K . - B -n m,Al1m -K W, fra 1 5, - ,X 1 V Q a -,si-ph f 7' K ' . fy .. - K . .. K F XS . . KV I ,gp , . x fl Y f 1 x V ' I S s 'f' ' A. Bnck1:.Bnan f . ' K Bnen.Suxan . K KA- N .5 ,, sfiggemixa f 1 ,- , K - 3 t Bmwmni - , fi, ' we ,K ' 8 V ig W5 -- rxmwn,D , K K1 K " ' B ,rum . - ' K awww ri K wr' - .J K rr- 9 - f 4, nmwn.Ken or -A Y A 1 ' K3 6 jg ' amwnminct . A ju. X, :AK - , isnmarmob ' it' ' ' " 2 K n bun, Pamela - A M 2 nuuhnrym - t A Kr F25 suarmargo . . 1 . I lk .. ,,K. - imtnti,Jwpn -' X' .1 . . -K - 1 . H chrcns, Dave Q ,K 7 ,A I Z I K .K K . x 'S ' Buclow,Annene it A - sufgttantm , KN.. ff K Bum, naw 1 -'A' Q., - airmen, Lind - ,l - ' KK jmg, " gg, B no ,Sn ii J K J r- i . .-it QK., E-1 3 f f It if " fflgt i K sw Came ,B tx t'..nmg,1.. a Ca K' raw , I li ulsun, Dal: Carlson, Richard Casper, ludy c:my,u1an cumin, cs gi Chnst wi. norm Ch dd Cl sllnc cunacul clamrum ci- iananuu C lI1ns.John C n ,Guy Cumeaux, Kathy compwmanb CouIey,hm mmm, sim Cmclanl, Julac emma, sxeprmk cr-imc., semen Cummins Mary c-mn. and Curran, Terry cum T cunts, nought Dcanovrrh, Sue Derma, aww Damn, Robert nerwye. Jam om. netsw nm, Danna mu, Linda D' ,Al lime frills 5 K 'gf-N4 ' - K , K- K 1.1 - K1, gg . ,Kr A 5 tif- -1'1 H 1 ff-f-2' Y 'Q - r' ...t 13+ ' X .- h 1 5 ., 1 f 'ly'-5' KK . .- KK- K Q--1 K 7 6 rl . e ,Q 3 Q t -3. 3 ga .K .al C K K4 K, 2' fb " ,,,K 5532? ' KK f J K K ir' I K2 K- uk 'filli- st as K KK- KK? X- if K 1 .xl X i 1 i ,' 1 ,f K KK 5.1, TM, 168 Blue, Green Ever since the middle of last October, many unusual comments have been heard around school. "I like the gold one." "NO, I want blue because it's better." "I wish they had red instead of greenf, All of these statements were referring to the class rings for the class of 1970. Every year it has been a tradition for students to order their class rings during the junior year. In the beginning of the year, class officers decide upon the design and colors the rings are to have. The colors chosen for this year's rings are blue, green, and gold. Through the years, being in high school has become a source of pride for many students. But, having a class ring means that you will remember and cherish these high school years for many years to come. ,sf n Gold Class Rings Are Selected 1 X .Vg X. l'1-Vi ' ts, f r 'T1ey, I wanted red!", '7sn 't the gold one pretty?!" Following tradition, Junior students look at and decide upon class rings that their ojfcers have chosen. Darcy Doiel and Alan Diener, jar left, decide what colors they like best. V V iilst fxf,VrV,Vf K 'i". ,,,l, , . V is nw liii f it ,,,,, K 5 A I L K 'AIRS ,Q VV.k ig, , , ,f y I L VVV,Vk i .V rf., V, V i VV 4 , new F rr . -F - , ss r, , V ,l,. ,, , J " , pf E K H V? ' fx .3 5 t" ky! - 5 ' x . li Q 3 1. + V V V, 'Q , fn , rs. ' , - , .' if i ll gm. 9 7- 5- ig, - ' '-- " ' ill, ,, , my I 7 X if 4 is- if 1 -FX F if V 'D Y Q , if Q ,V , .V,V,V , " f t' V l y ' dm Q " .V 'A' 1 'f 0, r-, ' , 5, ' X g f u in if " ,f . il Kfrr -t ' K' ? ' ' i fir U - M15 ,, F 'tv V - ' VVV- V V , H , :Vg Vg . 5' , Lk,, V f ' In I I W 1 fl,' 'Vg fl ',,f 's J 3- j ., i',, "'i L' We Vx, ,r Y 2 . f f f my? 'Qi,,L5tfQ A Q N ' if . f 1 5,11 ,, X ,y - ivredrnw n fkyy krgkkkky V H . tlst - rr lsiil F 1 f - r 1 Y , rf 'f" ' ., ' - -5? H FM " X' A ' ' ' f :',"' r iff ' f , fi , 3 ' s ,, ,V .2 9, ft 1. ' , 1 F 'f - 21 if '1 f r 'e-' A r W if L F r , r -in , - F 4 F 1 leli - F w e it - rf' 4 gay? A! :dr 73' I itt' 'Joi V' V' K My K i 'WI Nfl ' " i s"h s 169 Dicncr,CaVJ1Y Darren, Donnz ndrcl, Dnrry udlnn, Mm Dum. Jdnn Doyle, urydn urdmngdr, und Dndndy, Danby Ddnrdr, Dinnn Dulcy, Rick Dnrsnnn, Randy Edwards. sannxcy Ehlcrl, Mnmn Einng,Ba1b Fund, enum Ellimn, Lynn Engel, Ron errnxson,Pnn1d Evans, Dennis Evnns, norton Ew1ld,Dzm1:l Fnnsm, Mrrnndx Fu, Mddrnnn Fern, srm Fink, Linda Frnk, mnnnrd Fn1gdrn1d,Larry Fndrnrnsng. Mark Fldrnner, cm: Fdrd, Gerald Foss, Jenn Foslzr, Axrrn Ferrer, Sue Fcwkr, Cmlg Frnnx, Denise Freund, Donna Freund, Kdmy Fnnnd, ndrnrnvy Fleund,Thom1s Frexss, Mxke Fuclk. T0nY Fnunr, Mary cnnel, Mike Gaemg, inner Gdlnnkr, Karen Gannon, Debbie GMICII, Vlkllt odd, inner Gcrger, Lu George. Tum Gnrnnr, srnvn Gerrard, sandra crm, cnnrlu Grew, Dennn Gxcse, Lrndn Gjerlsun, mdk Gnnmr, Debra cddbdl, mncx odldnpdrd, Gregg couyr, idnn Gdydr, cnrdx Grams, Susan Gnmn, Bonnie Gnnnnnr, Kmn crdwnl, Candy Gnrnig, Prndmn annex. Nnney Gunn. Dunne Guslavua.R1ukY Hmm. Sandra Hamann. Brian Haensgen, Lynda Hageaofn, scan 1-lnmnnn, Rouen Hamm, Jann Hamm, Rnnnm Hammnng. Cnnn Hammnng, nm mnwn, Crm Hnnwn, Ly nn Hanxcn. sn: Hnnnn. Tm, H.1rney.Hmn nnnqy. Lnnn Hnmnw. Lee mn, xingnm 1-mann. Karen Hensley. Eylffn Hcbennmcn. Mnfy Heftel. Linda Hennmg. Tn.-n Henry, Inman ucntnn, Bonnie Herbert. Mink mn. xxny ninmnnn. Sur mnnn. Debby Hinkley. s-M lhnlc. Ylclm mnlann. xnnn nnfnn, may Hnrrnun. Rose Harm. Melanie Hemnau. when noun-an. Nanly Hmm. cniny t ' n'-nn T f A ' fffg " 3 K f 1:,:,, . 5 ill L' E-.fsinli is lx ,-l. nf A 3 4 ..,.,: ' L X X N 2' X 1, i' R Q , ..lS AxA:yA . ,ij .A., it gy f T ' ix in . , ' 1 Q , P A A 2' f K 4' 'wig . .R , 31- A-W ff , if f .X I jg V1 gk x v 1 5 . f l 5' 5 T ' ' ,yu ' - 1 ' In w 4 ft? l 1 Q'.,'flz'Z.1l . gf f ' H" f, .,..::::: , Ilitlfill n 6 i , ff ,N ff ,bf Tj 1-by - " 'L 9' in Ng. S ' A - . ,.,. A N , ,, ..,. . QA , ,K X .,,. , , X fn i f ,, 5. N X 4. 4 . XX - xi . in I n 4 fr. I ' 2- ' in nn k 1' ' .V . ' 1 I '-' 'S gr. 1 5 - ,gp Q, all-it - l A Zfiflznsli X QX TOP.' Julie Cruciani, Chris Roberts, and Julie Carew rehearse with Mr. Lemery during girls chorus. RIGHT: During an orchestra practice, Stephanie Cruckson concentrates on her music, 0 Mu ic Fill f x va... 8. Y I I L8 w if g 1 if, . X ,' .5 1 lf? Q - Q, ,, RR , .v-If ff 4 - if E lik' W' f l aarg aa g g J LX i "4 i -1 A I 'gg I AX XF: xt 4 . K X.kk . .-P g. L -. if 'f?"'. ' . i 5,5 in ai .. ,1 SJ 1 A iw fig ,, R W .yi K 1, gg., ' 31 'V xi ? I x::' ,:., K X , in xg 5 5 5. is 5 1 3 fi J-1: , . K fc. --' . 1- ,A-K r . , Q ' S , A - . 'f 4' 'f i N. 5 X X 3 GG K . i A , X , N P 4 . -we KL ,' If X HL V j Q xii? g.: : , ab - ARE g. :L 2 Q mu., ,LY 51 Hom, cmumu Hm,my.1W,m Hufx, ummm Hurwllz. Mlcn Immel. DM: Imme1,Iu!xu lmmel, Rodney Ise1y.Dunmw ngaffm. :umm Jmnn. Mum 1uf1.v,fk. Johunncx,Sh.1run mm. xml lohninn. John 10nmon.Lnf 1nnmun.xm, Jvfm, Bxl! 10fgemnn.m im. mm mm.. mmm Rams, Darlene xmw. Jeff mwmxu. mmm xmlngff. um Kcl1x,Beu3 xmnfd, mx.: Kennedy . 5.011 Kanyon, Kmhy Ktllen. Helen mp. mhmh K.mpu1,Pamf1A xmmkow xmg, uluum Klmf smu Km mn Kum...1.m I-cllnklulu Kunzmgx L' Knapp, mfg Knight, Mm Kmmh umm, Korn, mfr xmxncf mgn x.wn1ff,R.,bm xwng. nm k.11n,r'uuMmf num xml xnm...1.sw.- Konen,1ms..r1 Kunophm, smv Man Hour nAJunior' ife 4 .x ABOVE: Some play, some rest, and some smile at the camera man. Juniors get a selfsatisfaction from participating in music programs, 171 JJ RIGHT: Junior student, Betty Kelly, receives her grand prize for selling the most boxes of candy in the Domestic Exchange Candy Sale. FAR RIGHT BOTTOM: Students turning in their candy sale money to Mr. McCreedy. Kem, Mlcrma Kusloskc, comm Kuswnmn, :my Kun, sue xuwanm. wluaam Kms, cms Kms. Damn Kraus. Karen Kraus. May Kms. mu Kremer, :cf-nam Krcmcr, mr Krug.1ohn Krug, sm: Krug,BLl1 Kuckuck. Robert Kuenzx. May mmm. Daniel muy. xmn xuubeu. Enom xunmr..1mme Kamen. Tom Kwalcrskl, Lauri unguku, Mxcrucl ming, Kam L1ne,Pzul LaPxne, Bonmc umm. Jzmes usruy, nom Lane, 1.-wk L1uber,GL'mlyn Lzvrenl, Milk Law, Jury Lszkz, s-mn Lucbel, Michael u-mms, Gary Leimer.Wiu.1am LeMense, nab LeMi:ux. umm. umm. mm Ann Lemmp, amy Lmayen, xmnm ucya. sue mem. Sandy Look. mud muy, mm Lu-my. Ruben Ludkcy, sue Luumbefw. cammm Luuenbelger,Wa1!er Mm. um nmxanm, Diam Mzgdefnu, John Mauna. Kaye Mm, mn Mmm, Km Mznd, Dian: Mzna, Joyce Mm-1. Sm Mann. Michael Mlnlhzy, Jann Mm. Melinda Mmcmn. Erv-in Mmm. Dm Mum., Kzlhy Mm, Mary J E5 1 . 7 ' f?f.44 'W iitii - i f iiee g ag s, -V' , k f,, ,1 ri ' .L if ' 'riff 'I iii f -Wax! ,S f in 'Wt 4 + i A . 'V' tit 55 iffr. l 1 'WV gi Ng 172 3 . . My '.,- ,, , 5 f SD. ,La fs- -1 2 7 idk Env," A I A , . f'k' V' 5 411. X W 1' 'V' 3 , gy S 93 I K A ' V 6 R , , I yi--2 in -2 X X " . . V ' 'FJ ' , f. ,W , -f i, 'l.,ff,Q,g3g,Q-f:'w1l trkx -S ? ,w I V i g, angie K ,, f x , cxss ,j j L4 so I f it V- t 8 i t 'ie X 3 . 11 f J 1 so elf t ' u at f , 'fi 'f ii Vi, s i if gm . :J fl N' ,,,k, :kid ! . f X A ,I xo ,' iff? 'M i Xikf X I 'L A f J g f Q' 1 xi ip. it . 5, . ,, ,ll .. m W -5 M' ff' ' c l , , . 2 I an 'I-if 0 f it 1 elgfll, ' l- " Mele 'fs 'cw l f ' ,,,,5g,lln' H' , ,l fl Nl 1? ,, af f 4 feiisfliff, ffl, l lkzfiifff if ,l ,L .- . A, l 9' , ff. Xa, .,,, gi' of i l u.: X . Q ,ll f ,l , 4 K . ,l fsfkiime, M g W SK r x Q. , .li ,' 'G-N. 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Bob Mocnllnrn, lonn McCoy. mn Mocnllongn, lcnlny Mcbermoll, clog Mosvoy, lcnlny Moasoey. sony McLain. Mary Mollalln klononl Molsonlnllg, slonnno Mcisingu. Jim Molllol, Malone Mononr, Moneno Menon Debby Mlonoolo. nova Mleike. Eugene Mlolxe, Lee Mlllon Amy Mlllol. Debbie Mlnnlon Joyce Mnzolrelul, Cheryl Milzelfeldl. Mmm Moon, viola Moolo, lwnleuno Moore, lcnlln Moreau. Dave Morgan, slmon Manny, uma Monnn, Paul Myroalnrk, John Nelson. lonol Nelson. Mnnloon Nelson, mn Noll. Andrew Nou. colny Nlboo. Rohan Nlolson. Daniel Nllwn. Guy CI'Hearn. Paul olson, William onory. John Pagel. Robert mga l. Sul: Palkovlon. Mary ralkol, Down muck. Greg lfoobles, Molgnlol lun-lugnsl, Anno mm. umm lf. mm. Barbara M Palm, limi Peterson, Mmm Peterson . Mark Polmon. Mary mm. Robert Pio. Peter Pinion, Vicki Plllclll R0dll2Y Pl.-nl, Donna lfonnnonon, slmn Pussin. lcon Possin, Rolml Potts, cnns Pnnk. Beverly Domestic E change Cand Sale Boosted b Jr . 173 To finance the school's Domestic Exchange program, the Student Council held a candy sale from December 2nd to 16th, in which they made approximately 51,650.00 To encourage sales, prizes were awarded to students selling candy. There were four drawings of names for cash prizes of 825.00 each. If a student sold 72 boxes, he received a six-transistor radio, 10 of which were awarded. There were three top prizes for students selling the most candy. First prize, a portable television set, went to Betty Kelly, a junior. Second prize, a radio, went to Greg Schaefer, also a junior. Third prize, a record player, went to Mary Klake, a senior. Junior Use Out- f-School Time P11 111. 11 I X Y 121111111 P 1 . . ' Q ,,, P01111 R ll , 51 - Q -V gt 011111111 -11 - Vg, J-if gy . 1 , ,- R1.-1.1 bers? I .. 1 R1 R 11 ii, L X ,M of , 111 3- 1 - L1 1 1 ' lt M 1. i"k--vfik P 1 1. 31. 1. f. 'l"l"' I 'f r fig? . R A11 11 1 11 ,ff - A fxg 1 . R 111 1 .. N11 .1 sn... I Ii 11 1 1 11' S ' . W R .111 P 1 : .-1 . ...K R s - AS? S , A.. -'r R 11 s 1 .1 i . is , 1 ' K xjlf Y fx 1 l X 1 f R .11 1 K T ' t 11 1 11 ' , - K 11 1 1 1 ." .. .. 1 R 1 111 Q 1 - T a ' Ji H R 1 1 . . ff 12? RR. R lk 11 vm ' .. I4 1 1111 R 111 R 1 - sf. ' R 1 . f - .. ?'. ri' - R 11 111 1 ., 5, 1 il u ggi". R 11 111 ' - by .N it g R 11 1 ' T' f ll V 1,,.. 1.'1, , 1 A-112. 'l R 1 1 11 R 111 R 1 11 1 R 1 R -- a R 11 1 1 Sp 5 Y ' R. ' N 1 1 1 R 11 1 f If 'isp-r A 'li ' 1 X K5 Q N R R 11 1 1 K R r1 . 1- R 1 A . Q- -- 1 R 1 1 R 11 5 R 11 1 1 -,A R 1 11 1 fi . i KN, I . 1 '1 R U . L R 1111 11 11 ' R 1 1 1 1 v 1111111 ' .a R 11 R 11 - , " x 1 1 1 ' su 1 1 1 si 1 x 5 A s11R1 1 L1 SI 1 s 'f- . QS- sn 1 1 1. -V s 11 r 1 H . 1 . s 11 1 J F1 ' : 1 21 1 ' S ll 1 . ilu' s 1 C 31. s1 1 1 L1 -.A xi 1 1 1 l Sl 1 R 11 1 I in x1 1 D1 ' -ff fig 51 1 1 111 X s 1 1 1 Q., fs .1 Sl 11 1 L. 1 . F s 11 1 11 fx T 1 - is s1 s 11 R1 1 11 1 1 K. k., Sl 1111 1 11 1 - , s 1 1111 1 11 1 , fe- A 1 - 51 1 1 1 " .W L' 4- R s 1 1 11 1 p .. h VL .X p 'fi' if :1 1. v- . s- xy. ai if 'ai 1, 1 hi 1 R .ss 1 -.ff . Q03 CII .1 N1 11. 3 X ' 'fa . .1 4 ff- .. J'- - E ,p ia ..1:V Q A, 1 , .1.-' V ' 1 .- 1. .11 1,1 , SL : Ra -1- ' . - 5 .E ..,A .V K , , A , . JY.. 'jf'-.1 M11 332 K 11: R ' A f H1 '- my.. I 1 -L - Q zip .fxr ff I ! . " ff N . 5 1 . i i QQ 1 3 at an Q . 1 211 U 5-5. .N 1 1 2. 1 X. .xr S 'P l 1 Q 5 . li 5 QL- dye. E1 1 I . 1 -. 'F 11 ,K sa 1 4 . R 174 At 3:40 pm. every day, most stu- dents have one thing in mindfto go home and relax from the pressures of the school day. But some students have another thing on their mindserthey have to hurry and get to their jobs. They do everything from checking out groceries to Waiting on people in local stores. Many work at gas stations and drive-in restaurants. They Work for many different reasons. Some are earning money so they can go to college. Some are saving to buy clothes or a new car. A few Work because it gives them a feeling of accom- plishment and satisfaction. No matter what tl1ey work for, they are proving that students today are responsible and really do care about the future. 5 11 --1 ffibovej Bob Christensen, one of the many working Juniors, washes car and truck windows as a part of his job at 11 nearby gas station. To Earn Money For College, etc. I ii- W , ff' R 'msg 4' F9592 -pf' fLeftj Dave Benson demonstrates the art of salesmanship wlzile workin local clothing store. KA bovej Vickie Pinkert finds that checking out grocerie provides a worthwhile way to earn money for college. 1 i i fi. ,V - in-3: -V-if' ll ll if' f v ' ' Q . 1' ' ' 22 l,,, ' "FW 5 "' 5 W -3 .,T. f r. 1 VJ,i5"llY al Rf irir A ll V, V , M ,lo i E i V . -s- .. f i?" ' f f" - 1 f 5 . V X "Elle f,' 5535 'A 'f - fkf ,' in " 'N X 5 K. 'Qxf lv I ' 1 .,,,.-- "' A fa ','l , 'u , -i ,IE 'fr iv' 1 , U 'K l - ll ' li ii in i r f fe in W e'lr if A f 'V A Q ,R ,L 1 V A AFWV ., , v if Q3 V g, C, ' 44 X 4' a V If V. safes ' V V ' V l an 175 Smiumr, llfmw Smmnf. mn Smnmm.Alm1 Smn.-:dm mum Snummf, lm Sshxwulur Rulsurl Sslvulx UML Smmmlfr.'x1.ux Sslvmcdur. Lmcx mmm. Immr Sdvuvmllwr mu smmli. mlm... snmfxxs. :ww Mlvulll l3clmV.xlx mmu,.1.,rm mm.,fx.m-,m. x.nm.m1,1+.-mms sw: mmm..- swl Sv.lrs.S.w!l mm mm.. Nrrlux XMIM sxwwmy ww siymawlmx sim. ml.-1 mf.. mm u,.NW slmimusg Hmmm.: Summw Rows sm,,V..w, mms im.1.1!.Arlrw smglmu lmumu SWA. 'MZ smxilam bmw sum, mum. smm Jww sm. mm, sms: Lms sm.m,on-.e smf1fr.Jfm snyufmzsynmnd smmfnmg rm., sl-limp, Psmrxs gina S Serious Junior chieve Scholastical Standing -5-iq ' 1--..,.,,,,, wqm WH wlwwmmw ABO VE: Algebra II teacher, Mr. Baechler, explains a puzzling math problem to Susan Rasmussen. UPPER RIGHT: Linda Bertuleit makes good use of the library when looking for a book, by using the card catalog. LOWER RIGHT: As a Physical Science experiment, Steve Hinkley and Ed Kurzynski, raise and lower the water level in a vibration tube. 176 " Noun. 1 K . K 'K J Sw w if' Y' " I KK Q 1k..k K . . KK . Ks, .Q .' N X ft . X "k' J K v E A Kiln., li- 2 I w. X Q f.Kk . .if ri , 'Z Sf K K . ' Q K LW' ' .Q Jw ' YF J J 1 .,. .,f J I ' N y L. N' ' K N- y -SJ , sr A J J ... , v . ,fda r -3 as ,L - I Q- K 3 . , Hn X 1515 5' K -K' f.. .. , 4 .,,,. KK . .I K K, KK 11,5 2. . - J K 55' K , 3: 15 -- , Ar ky K KK K , , h IW' K'A M . ,n .Y , 4. . . K , Beg J- -' Kos Kg wr f s J, .1-K. ,-"' , L - WJ? .,,-...K, ,. .1,,:.j L. 4 ' 1 , ,QQKKK f .r K, 1 Aix 5 - on I H A 3 IQQIAE I K' .. ,ik 9 K . -aah-J - . . . ,nf KK ,K . 'K f rf? -' .5 Raging, K TE 1 7 A - 4 ' QQ f , kg A , .K -N r L K K f,K.K Jr- K KK K- . W J ' K . I! ff or J E fs - " M . .. .. sv. . ui ,, 4' ' . . - . , I QN K , , -K . K - -.375 . W- Q wir' K s, S 21 . -" , C 5 .9 W E N", , ' 4' K ,J ,sz Kr 4- K Q , .. K, .K ..K, .HY I , . A x K 1 K '1 K K . X Q . J .X - - . f - 'V 1 , , .K K, SK, K K , Q, ,Km , A K 'T' Xof s'b?5wK in. 55, ' VJ . 3 'fr - ,fo K, X 3' . - 5 K o , irgf,-WM .QJ K5 r J R V K f . .... 'Eg . .r x - ,r 'K Q .::.. . . , rn ' 'fx .L L" ' 'Q 4 if . . A ns., KK , ' 'K .K ' K' J' . ,K J K .K K H ra 7 ... n u. .f A KJ .. S fr , ."gg. .pn KKK,KK K J- K KK K .. Q .Kkk . -K . L53 K K .,, 5555 3-'K Y- 'X y if gf K' 'ETH - - cz r ., K QI 'K 'KJ -K fvi 533'-ir, 'tg lfr SQ? . , J J K K J . K - J A aff, j . W h, er .J , . , A .f 3,231 rK - r 4 Kffxa. so . - K ' Jf KK".f,N - .K -, - .Kira 'A J Y .... K K'. -' , no X . , .25 , W M M. ' ...M 177 snonrs, Rnrnono snorhork. muy snoorko. Lnnrn Slahmunn, RoSCm.lIY sam. Gary srorror. J louse srornhnrnr, Ivan Sluph1my.Lmda Snnnorm, Kamhy Slukcly, Dim Siokosn, PM Si1can,Gnsgory smrolon, Yvonne Strobel. coorgc srnnnr, Jnnnrr Sluck, Maflalnt Stunz, Nyn Sullivan, 'rorry Summtrvlllc. Slcvv swf. Dororhy swnmy, Jrrn snnnrz, Mail Symo, Mm snnru, Jrn T.1J.Iyuh,Mnnl:J Tank. Mhrn, n Tcgon. Phuhp Tegon. Phyllis rorkoy. uonnn Then. hm, 11rryrrJ.Lrnr1n TJ-oyrru. srorr Thorpr. Roxnn 1'hrosJror,mu Tnr1,Jnrmh Toshncr. Join' Trulcvcn. unborn Trononrrr. Jrrn Trrnrn , uma Tnrnor. wrxhnn Tuncnxkx. rnrnrur lmnoron, Mm Vnlncnz. my Vnndcl1crg.Thomas vnnuonforr. xnurloon vnn Pon. Susan van Vlvct,Ba1baru vohrr. cnmy vnago, John vorngo, Juhu voagr, J-or vo1haour,JorJKroy vornl, Kmtlxlutn voir, Jnho wnohnoxz, Susan wngnor, nnnn wagner, David Wagncr.J1m wngnor, xnrhrnno Wagner, Mrnhnox wnhoskr, cnrnx wn1ahorr,Jnnor Waldschmlci. William Walgcnbauh. Robert wnhor, Trrnorhy wnrnnnn, Dan warm, errno Walcrs,G1cgory wnhh, mx wnnor, carol wnlhng. xrnhno wonm, Dean wrnam. Gary wen. Dough, wrsrphru. snnnlry Whuc, mor wnror, Jonory wnnor. shnrn wrlxorn, crm wrug, John wrurnrnr. Jnmrr wrnn, sermon wnkhs. Aurn ww, Jnhn wruy. cushy wou. Donglrs wnu'r, Jrfrory Wo1lcrsIwJm.WuYnc Wothc, mu wnorr. urn Vapp, mon znrnron. unvru Zcnncr. Thoroso zrrnrnorrnon. cnolrn zarnrnorrnnn, Jny Zimmerman. Jnuo zrnkrrop, Jnnr zyanfk, sony Jacksnrl, Preston IuhnsurJ,Cm1g fiicers Lead Class ri a Successful Year ABO VE: Senior class ofjicers meet every Thursday noon to discuss class business. Leading the Senior class through a very successful year were Robin Mitchell, treasurerg Sue Pinnowl secretary,'Bill Murray, presidentg and Cindy Fiebig, vice-president. BELOW: This year the senior class presented the band with a flag to carry in the 1969 Inaugural parade. Throughout the year Seniors participate in extra activities which make the school year more reward- ing. Those possesing acting ability have made the Se- nior Class Play a success. Seniors possessing humor and wit have aided by writing the Class Will and Prophecy, and those with artistic talents decorated the gymnasium for Senior Prom. Being a senior means many things, it means responsibility and leadership. Being a senior offers a feeling of self-satisfaction, a knowing that all you have worked for during the past three years will be acknowledged on graduation day. It is also a time to look back on days past, and to offer a friendly hand to those who will follow as Seniors. It is also a time to stop and think about the future. lt's rewarding to be a Senior. Mary Jo Ablard Linda L. Abler Ritchie L. Adams Thomas R. Adler Virginia A. Albert Robert J. Anderegg David Anderson Richard R. Annis Robert J. Anthony Richard B. Arndt Janet L. Bachman Karen A. Bacon Diane E. Baggett Ellen A. Ballwanz Linda S. Balnis Alan J. Balthazor Judith A. Baltz Carol J. Barnes Linda L. Barthuly Kathleen A. Bauer Steven J. Beau Sandra S. Bebow Joe M. Beck Julia B. Becker Lookmg for zdeas for semor class projects, Bill Murray viszts the yearbook office to look through old yearbooks. Seniors Cheri h La tHomeeoming ABO VE: Drum majoreite Debbie Kiehnau leads the band in the 1969 Homecoming parade. This year the parade and the game were held on Friday night with the dance Saturday night. RIGHT: Iraf Jabali, formerly of Tehran, Iran, attends "Moments to Remember" with Rosemary Deslsles. Karen M. Becker Susan M. Behnke Judith A. Bengel Nell A. Bergman Sandra K. Bernath Beverly Berndt Allen L. Bertram Steven H. Bertz ,K . -- -A wifi-IES B' i er -. -. X .C .. ' 1 ' . - S "1 " . fwiefl ' 1 Q. f Q- f f iff J Q2 Yr - J -S g :ii . N K ., liif M X . . gfiigsriiszri-Sine if rg ..... Q RP S ' ai" 'i1--- - Q- N Bonnie J. Be w' ,I S51 1 John D. Bestor wif. . ' ll Roger A. Bethke Judy Bickelhaupt 180 me - jig-K3 4? el? ri 5:39- Mei gf' mi av 5 1 K 'S I my? X mf' in :kg-Ja' X X X Fgft 04 gig is Wg Y N X Q eva .,,, My , Robert Bieniewski Allan R. Bird James S. Bird Allan R. Birschbach Barbara J. Birschbach Constance Blackburn Lucy J. Blakely Don E. Blattner Brian L. Bloedorn James E. Bogenhagen James J. Bond Karen A. Bond .fag 1: 1 we " LEFT: Stopping to enjoy the scenery at tlze dance festivities are Jzm LeFeber Sandy Garrett, Sandy Clzristensen, and Jeff Hoard. ABOVE: Before the dance student council put in many hours decorating the gym. Anne La Borde and Karen Schaetzel helped put up a few of the many balloons needed to complete tlze decorations. 181 Karol L. Bond Carla K. Bonno Tom R. Borndahl Richard R. Bosin Stephen J, Bostwick Timothy Botdorf David L. Boudry Kristina M. Brandt Barbara A. Braun James P. Braun Beverly R. Breister Karen S. Brown Darlene A. Bublitz Mary B. Buckarma Barbara J. Buehrens Suzanne Buell Bonnie Burroughs Calvin Carling Stephen R. Casper Fred L. Christ Peter J. Checki John Chaloupka Donald Chadbourne Jerome A. Forester sw. . 1 , .Eid .. Yr is W iff' fgk xi-we ,Nw ' K 1" ri? fx.. ff , xl, f lt ' H ,KQXRSH Wgmvwr Xe? N N181 ,rky 7 lr, Q , M - l A Any period of the day students can be seen going to the room doors throughout the building taking Iittle white slips of paper from the door. These people are helping the attendance office keep track of who is here and who isn 't. 182 7 6 Seniors Serve School I A Variety S TOP: G.A.C, members display their pep to the student body in one of many assemblies. ABOVE: Throughout the entire year Tim Freiss has served as the head technician for all school plays. One of the many he worked on was "Of Thee 1 Sing". 183 Classes Become A W y Of Life K X as sweet' .Q lit F I TOP: Don Blattner helps Karol Bond hgure out a diffcult math problem. ABO VE: Before printing a poster, Cindy Morgan has to put the finishing touches on the mat. RIGHT: In advanced chemistry all work requires accuracy. Chester Schwartz weighs a powder element. 4 You hang around for twelve years so that you can tackle college or a job. Most of us have caught on that education is the best thing going. You try to take courses which will benefit you later. But, you canit always fit them in, so you end up taking Home Economics instead of Sociology. But, after all, Home Economics isjust as valuable as Sociology. The many courses offered cover a broad area of interests. They provide a technical and vocational, as well as a college preparatory education. Industrial Arts and Home Economics give a vocational back- ground. Physics, Spanish V, and English 6C are but a few of the college preparatory courses offered. Sandra L. Christensen Kay Christie Richard J. Christie Bernard E. Clark Paul Cleveland Renee Colward Leslie J. CommO Jeffrey A. Cowles Diane Daley Michael W. Davies Howard M. Deanovich Rosemary D. Des Isles Susan Detert Kristine K. Diener Denise J. Dion Diane Dittel Lawrence J. Ditter David C. Domenget Sharon A. Dorn Thomas Dorst Charles L. Dowler Robin L. Draves Jean A. Dreifuerst Michael A. Hayward Timothy O. Dunn Carey J. Dvorak Margaret M. Eaton Marceine A. Ehlert Jacqueline J. Eigenbrodt Mary B. Emery Dale P. Emmer Einar B. Erichscn Patricia A. Erickson Barbara A. Evans Wesley Evans Robert G. Everix Steven P. Faris Gerald O. Garvour Brian J. Felda Brooks L. Feldmann Cynthia S. Fiebig Roger A. Fields Catherine Fink Jan D. Fischer Jean D. Fischer Karen A. Fischer Barbara J. Flood Thomas G. Fontanna ,,.. .V ...y r N r ff 4 , Z' rl W . ., 'E' . 552 W 2 Q33 an ry a x Q5 f-ea-sl gsm -gsgcggs-1:g.xNQq.-. fkffffif' Q5 ,X m W... sash? W.. ........ .. his bw EW X 'X is 11 M X 9 r -rs is N 1' r .3 .l . '-QLETJZQ M' J "Ssi:?Sl5S'ss'se 1:35 -ef ' M -11 " . M at Q if S' 'J iff f' ..... . . .. .. . ss J' . . XX 186 r-NM., Three Future Homemakers members do a little cleaning up after one of the club 's very successful bake sales. Balance O ork, Pla in ,yi Qi RIGHT: Working on decorations for Homecoming was one activity which filled rmzny free periods. Cindy Fiebig, Paula Matthew, Bonnie Burroughs, and Mona Leasa try to complete the train before the end of the hour. ABO VE.' John Wollner is just one of the students who always go up the down staircase. akes Year 'K Senior Cheerleaders Exhibit Pep ABOVE: During tryouts for JV cheerleading the varsity cheerleaders taught the hopefuls a few routines and basic moves they would have to know. RIGHT: Varsity cheerleader Anne LaBorde leads the school in a basketball cheer. This year the cheerleaders made new uniforms for the basketball season. 188 I 72911 ? ,ae ,Y 1' ' V ' i pre - , 8 QIIJQW J Q- . ,,:, 3 : '-N ia' fi-'ZS-" K ..f ?f5 'f 2 Vx if is X if fini-5f'.:i:"-: '71 V: '- V 'fff1'A11i,'.T 54:..:'E1l -jr. " fi., ff,,j: ay- WW My aigwwalfw wi HW -- . K H g s 1, f V . 1 .V egg f . ' e 1 :sf m . E as.. LU.., . args? X. r Q . . . X . 4 9 42+ . . as ,,,xxX 'Q Q":K!qQ: euq T .f.savxer.sssw:ssSs 1 is ., Xia rm sg? . 5? ,,-,: f 4,.:" ' ,. ev 'QM' 189 Robert Fowler Joan R. Freund Melvin C. Freund Kristine M. Friedel Tim L. Freiss Bruce G. Fryda James G. Fryda William Fuerhammer Michael L. Fuhrman Susan J. Furnner Roger J. Gajeski Bonnie J. Galle Michael B. Galles William G. Gardner Sandra J. Gerritt Arlene Gau Betsy J. Georg Carl D. Gilmore Mark W. Gottinger Thomas M. Goudy Joseph G. Grailer Gary G. Graves Julia Graves Harold A. Greene Debby Lemke watches a Cardinal drive during the Oshkosh game in Oshkosh. Throughoul the game the cheerleaders led the many Fondy students who went to the game in cheers. Jayne Greuei Catherine Griffin Steven H. Groh Reed K. Gross Rocky K. Gross Rick N. Gulbrand Deborah A. Gurno Ed Gurno David J. Gustin Wilbert W. Haase III Mark E. Hackbarth Jean M. Halter . f . f . - wee Martha Halter Craig F. Hamberger I Pamela K. Handley Paul M. Hanisch X X 1 5 Lmgansrx ig 5 as ,B ,i I X Q, X , will If Bruce R. Hanke .ii. E' ' Dennis A. Hansen . i . Lawrence S. Hanson Barbara K. Harmer Judy M. Harper Gerald F. Heisler Daniel F. Hencke Donna L. Schemmel ABOVE, FAR RIGHT: Math 5 is a course offered to those students who do quite well in math. ABOVE RIGHT: Oral reports were given in Miss Thode's 6 W class. FAR RIGHT.' Mr. Paulsen 's retail merchandising classes did a survey, and they put up a bulletin board to illustrate what they did. RIGHT: Group discussions are often held in English. msgs M' . tfffs as xx. .. R -ll Xe I f .3 X 5 W X X sg ..r SHN um-.-. . gi 'E K . is M X ,,... s 3 as Elk 5:2 Q-2. ' T I 'Ii-as rr , 'Q If : ss.: . f: K - . .. ...,. . - . ..-lik e -gs .i I .s .1 . .sem X NQY5 . X K. .. . If -1 ..t, A X A 190 -N, ""'- M... W, Senior ' Studies Var Greatl WW A great variety of subjects are open to all students, in- cluding seniors. Many of these courses are to be found in the area of social studies and business education. With approxi- mately 100 subjects offered, there is not always room to fit in the subjects. Senior electives are offered only to seniors while most other courses are open to all students in the school. r 4. I 4 ,w i if 4524 f .. . M at - 64 4? p ay Q S 191 Participation In Athletic 192 LEFT: Coach Bartolutti gives quarterback .lim Bogenhagen some instructions for the next offensive series. ABOVE: Vicki Matthew executes a knee scale on the balance beam. I High S - -. .. ,egg S--.J aw-'zur w""7' -.N we 19 a RP S1 ex QW J AK . f 1 J , , f AQ .V , A,-.,L,. ,y ,,,, rm.: W L ., W Q V ffaffgiv 1 V 5, I Y I f aw, , iS5i1:i.f..' M we sz 51.1.5 rf ' eq. L,.L.,.K,,.,.,. , . Q -. we M Mai. 3 .e:,.XX5f.. i 4 ,- w x lf? 13551, .... . .. X 5.11. X. ---.vs I X' - ge X s O x 25 of ' :iff 1 ek .S .., ..,,. ., Jf7f,'i ' J - .f:: : va rv P . iffzfy ,-2 - Q iffy' 1 Q . Aki., W 193 Bonnie J. Henslin Carol Herman Theresa M. Herres Gregory J. Hewitt Jeffrey G. Hoard Deidre R. Hobbs Mary J. Hoepfner Helen J. Hoffman Robert A. Hofmann John M. Holman Mary Hoyt Michael A. Huber Ray Huebner Karen M. Hughes Lois A. Huhn Donald J. Hull Betty A. Huth Christine N. Jaber John R. Jacobs Sandra K. Jacobs Karen L. Jenneke Jon W. Joel Jeff G, Johannes Sue A. Swalby Kurt Johns Kent R. Johnson Ronald M. Johnson Deanna L. Jones Daniel Jorgenson Peter T. Julka D. Craig Kaemmer Kerry Karpathian Patricia A. Karst Gary P. Kastorff Karen A. Kees Robert Kelly Diane A. Kendall Mark Kennedy Debra R. Kiehnau Kathleen E. Kimbel Lawrence A. Kimpel John King Ronald King Mary Klake Linda Klapperich Richard Klein James Kleinhans Joseph C. Klinzing Helpfulness Shows U .rf-pf MN MTA'-A. . .... sa t Ogx H bl X R .W 3 QR E Q r X .sw f X x Wu as .. L . Q. K W fam Y 1 1 fe-rsrfw za. .41 ',..." W--'H .JV fi 1 'ig 'ew' 1 HW. an W 3 J 4 K W .. 7 I W 194 In an Wa GSS' fr 5. A if if i ,M Y ',:1i'4W' I ,y 5 ZZ! gg f If f fe, ,af l WKW' W 9 24' a t Z as f 5 5 ti W? 1, 1 vt, ,., " 5 57' ., rx 2 ,ge ,Z QA ff 2 uf in f 9255 1 Zff f A 1 M W Q 1,4 t ' , f 2 it rf F Q X aa, , 3 ,f J ,r I fi 1 if 45 hy, My , xi ff f , 7 1 5 nz, 1 ff 141 Mg, f M f , ,wa 5 ff A ff 7:1 X 7, f X f f ff' 'V 1 f f, ,, me it V Y f 2 5 49' , 1 fp, 3 f ,t Six, z JV it-mis' Z ' W 21151 ' s 'zu Q: X ' ,iii X i -J fl -, W , f,",v3'5,f, ,, ,j :,,',,,,3g.f, .1 , 5 2 f,, ' K, "'- Q-ff.. 10 i .f,,., ,f:,.f.. ,, 1 -x ,V ,,,. ,,, ,fi ,f,,?fhfM' QTMZWZQ iff? 5 le ff 1:5 ad I 4 5 Q, W z ! ,g , A 1 Q MW ' ,. if 5' 5 Q-,X li ff l ' zz K M A z ,, 3 5 3 , fb F ,ZAZ,1,,1 .A 'M , ,,,, .. N, V M A 1 ffl- -V'V. . .,,,,, , ' ' , 1,'2 "A' I Vq'V' F L K i ,E f 'Q 3 -fl FAR LEFT' Seniors often serve as student aides taking tickets and handing out programs at football and basketball games. ABOVE: Betsy Georg, Julie Graves, and Diane Korell help clean up the south balcony after the Spanish Club Christmas party. LEFT: In pre- paration for the Red- White game, Trudy Peter- son and Pam Handley put up posters for White. 195 Stephen A. Klotz Joseph S. Knueppel Karen K. Knuth Beatrice J. Knutson Jeffrey A. Kocos Darlene M. Koenig Raymond R, Koenigs Gary L. Koepke Raymond Kohls Kristin H. Konz Diane M. Korell Karen L. Koren Kathleen A. Kosterman Gail S. Kottke Connie L. Kramer John Kranig Linda A. Kraus Paul J. Kraus Susan F. Kraus Kenneth M. Krause Robert Krauss Barbara J. Kroes Kathleen J. Krueger Randall R. Krumbein Assemblies ffer Senior A- Q we gg...-. -.Q--fa-:1g,s:,.gs g 5 N 'Nw , qi. N' .fl w M 495, WWW X ff X f ei ff 196 s f. A Chance To 6ShoW ff' is P 1 ff? h ia- TW W? ABOVE LEFT: Gary Kastorff set cards on the blackboard and the blindfolded lady guessed them all correctly. LEFT: The pom pon girls portrayed the reindeer for the Christmas assembly. TOP AND ABO VE .' Seniors helped in several other assemblies. 197 vi' Turn-About Chri tma Dance Brightens Spirit ABOVE: Santa Claus, Dick Majewski, waves to the "Children " wlzo visited him at the dance. RIGHT: A few of the many couples stop to watch the others dance. V YY 198 2? Q.. . s- -. -. iw 'I 'ff-.QT .Aw-x::rs.fw fi i x P4 s .. l .. ix. 3 .. .hLg, . - ,X seg K - . S as . . r eg ,X Q x 'N' K fi x X . Q x N . ffm- ' 5. . 4 . .5 X W ,A . as X A .. x .ek ' Wil . ' X ,..,. . ... .. 'I ' - 5 . Mrs. Radtke's rollroom won the decorat- ing contest and the famous traveling trophy. The room was decorated like a workshop. Susan K. Kryzyanowski Nancy J. Kubelt Jeffrey R. Kuhnz Ted Kuhnz Edward J. Kurzynski John P. Kurzynski James H. Kuter Anne M. LaBorde James C. Lakin Susan E. Lambeseder Joan M. Landerman Nancy Landerman Robert C. Lang Karen Lange Phyllis Lange Barbara J. LaPine Dennis LaShay Liivi Late Steve R. Lauer Sharon A. Launders Mona Leasa James Lefeber Margaret A. Lehner Deborah A. Lemke Robert F. Lemke Thomas J. Letourneau Gerald G. Lichtenwald Christopher E. Lindberg Craig A, Lindberg Barbara A. Litscher Douglas L. Lloyd Thomas Loberg Julie M. Loberger Joseph Longo Nancy J. Lord Nancy L. Louis Renee D. Lowe Kenneth A. Ludkey Joseph H. Lueloff Katherine R. Luhman Donald F. Maas Duane V. Mann Donna M. Manthey Janice R. Markert Mary C. Marx Michelle A. Mathos Paula L. Matthew Victoria L. Matthew ..- .... E, ' ' ' , ' ' if 'f 'J 'i r ' -1 2 I . M ...N 3 JN' - f ,jifigfs-SQL - N 1 ' V tl . L L x Es 8 i .... t. : ,X A 'auf i f . Q. -1... X x A w k Q 'X be if f J 5 at ak rx 5 if Rollroom Decorating Contest Miss Ko1zen's rollroom began to work with afew people. A little while later a few more willing Vfr. H me-aww helpers came along. ,WM ,R iw Z 'W .G M 7 W lf Nw WW lt a llftlfgl ' ' ,,,,.. ,, ,W . W. ,., . M," . Q .y.. K A .At --M,-21.1.1 LEFT AND BELOW: Two senior rollrooms put their genius to work Each rollroom that entered the contest was judged on originality of idea. Stimulates New Ideas Daniel Mauthe Timothy J. McAbee Ann McCallum Yvonne M. McCarthy Debra A. McCarty Jane L. McClellan Kevin F. McCready Catherine McCrory Mary E. McCullough Candice J. McNinch Joan M. Mehleis Peter G. Meisinger Daniel N. Meixensperger Mark M. Meixensperger Joseph P. Mengel Steven G. Mensch Maureen E. Merhoff Thomas H. Merkel Jeannine A. Merrill Anita A. Meyer Donald J. Meyer Judith A. Meyer Sara M. Meyst James P. Michler qiz in J in Q 4 H' + QR Q ffl . X 4 .JI Wm, ii eww are ' I-sg? . . ,,,. .V - "ii :Af Enhances Winter Seene WAV , mf' TOP LEFT: Kathy Hoover, Mary Klake, and Lynn Tonjes put the Hnishing touches on the shields which were used to decorate the cafeteria. LEFT: Standing in one of the lookouts or. the castle of Camelot are Karen Jenneke, Terry Wilson, Dave Anderson, and Margot Buch. TOP: Many seniors attended Winter Formal this year. Among those who attended the annual dance for the last time were Sue Pinnow and John Wollner and Debbie McCarty and Pete Julka. ABOVE: Mr. McCreedy and Cindy Fiebig prepare to hang one of the murals painted for the occasion. 203 ABOVE: A bunch of senior boys survey the slopes at Pine Mountain during one of the weekend ski trips. ABOVE RIGHT: Jerry Lichtenwald and Craig Sandburg wait to begin their trip down one of the slopes. RIGHT: When Jim Braun bought his skis the guar- antee said that they were un- breakable. 204 Semor Enjo k1 Weekend W . , N , . X .. , . 'X ,M ..,. f. L.. rf. , 45- x :ef - s. if r 537 or D E 1 . -'-'k f'- s Ig W fra.. r. ia am 'Z Susan M. Mielke Damon C. Mills Gerald A. Milton Joy M. Miras Betty M. Miritz Robin D. Mitchell Douglas W. Mohr Cynthia K. Morgan Daryl D. Morgan Patricia Morgan Roujcan Morstz Orin L. Mueller Mark A. Mumm Ron Mumm William Murray Robert L. Neas Fredrick W. Negus, Susan K. Neisius Linda J. Nell Lynne L. Nelson Lee Neuburg Charlotte Newman Kathleen Newton J. Scott Nintzel Donald S. Noe D'Ann O'Brien Gary R. Oelke Mary J. O'Hearn Susan J. Oldfield Joseph C. Olig Brian Olson James U. Olson Dale A. O'Neill Richard A. Otto AlexandeuG. Ozols Kathleen A. Pagel John G. Parrish Ill James W. Parman Gary Pelot David D. Perry James Peters JoAnn Peters Raymond M. Peters Glenn D. Peterson Trudy Peterson Victoria L. Petri Sally Jo Pfund Judith A. Pickart . QAM :M-X K L: 3. iii? gg:-, at XX xii S el.. , 5.2.5 P rg illlls 'N X4 an ,QYSQ 2 O6 Speech Student 207 Rehearse v7"1w- Maureen Merhofjf Kris Brandt, and Cathy Griffin give their forensics speeches trial runs for the speech and English classes. 5 hz ':-'E' ''::.-'-'S'-5 g x jmaxxgss s ,gsm 95. ,I . ss:-Twig w iv X-.lxcf-915' E ' - -1 wff n Ar, k,L.5igs, 5. g . . 5531 'NDA 3 - 1,,,,,,... BELOW RIGHT: Bill Murray learns about many different colleges gives Brian Bloedorn a run-down on the entrance requirements at the talking with his counselor Mr. Henning. BELOW: Ann Vale completes University of Wisconsin. her application to the University of Wisconsin. ABOVE: Mr. Hargrave Senior Look Forward nafe' 208 or l Linda M. Pickart Thomas A. Pickart Fred Piehl Deborah M. Pierce Susan K. Pinnow Jane Puddy Richard L. Putz Susanne F. Putz Thomas L. Raab Jon L. Rauls Joseph M. Rauls Ronald J. Rautenberg Jeffrey J. Reeck Holly B. Reesman Jane E. Reinardy Marilyn F. Reis Brita J. Reque Marilyn R. Retzleff Kathy A. Rice Brian F. Rickli Nancy C. Ries Shannon J. Riley Cheryl L. Rock Kent D. Rockweit Cynthia S. Rodriguez Janice A. Roehl Barbara A. Ronning Alan E. Rose Linda M. Rosmonowski Ellen K. Rost Sandra L. Royea Susan A. Saltzwadel Cindy Sampson Elaine R. Sandmayr Dale G. Santee Dennis Schabel Patricia M. Schaefer Karen M. Schaetzel Ann K. Schafer Nancy J. Schaub Cynthia R. Schave Susan M. Scheer Thomas F. Scheer Joel C. Scherer Linda J. Schmidt Carolyn J. Schmitz Linda A. Schmitz Ralph G. Schmitz Qin em., . ... ...,.. . .... . QW. fafif. . . .asiiflil.liillifil wlaiaerifgex r. 45351: MA Wf- W - k , Q . fzffig V V lf, li 'liliif 1' , I , X W 44rif?'?f f f Q f i nf! .... . '-."- . in -ran...-'-.'-2" Y i ' ..,... tfeifii . 1 S ' xc g ... .,. , N A ' - 5 Em: .- 'l"" - 2 ..-: t"'.-f as 2 M14 Mrs. Fred E. Hanson lectures to the hu- manities class on understanding the mir- acle of perception. Slze is illustratinga few samples of her artwork to the students. 210 s A X iii f 'Q -, 'X We X S sw Q3 Clif' gf ea J Q 'aff-at 2 W 51 . .1, ' V Senior Electives dd Variety To Studies N ei 'RFQ N., M ---- ,.,1 ABOVE LEFT' Political scientists Greg Wettstein, Carl Uffenbeck, and Robin Draves examine some firefighting equip- ment on a field trip to city hall. ABOVE: Terry Wilson and Nancy Louis tape a speech for Miss Rotter's classes. ' LEFT: Roundtable discussions are often held in sociology. Senior Girls Study Home EC 212 W LOWLR LEFT One semester of the home ec course for senior girls is spent in sewing FAR LI:F T AND RIGHT The second semester is spent in learning the fundamentals of cooking and food and budget managemen t. Daniel J. Schneider Kathleen A. Schneider Mark D. Schneider Stephen F. Schneider Steve Schneider Wendy A. Schneider Eric K. Schuenemann Robert Schuppe Chester W. Schwartz Darlene M. Schwartz Gail J. Schwartz Gregory S. Schwartz Susan L. Schwartz Mary B. Scott Allan L. Searl Suzanne K. Seering Jane A. Seibel Gail M. Serres Gary R. Sharpe Robin A. Shepard John L. Shirey Ann M. Sina Marsha A. Slaght Nancy J. Slavik John N. Slavin Sheila J. Smerling Donna Smet Gary D. Smot Jeanne S. Smith Jeanne M. Smith Kevin J. Smith Timothy L. Smith Stephen G. Smithers Melody A. Smytlie Michael W. Soffa Mark R. Sondergard Patricia J. Sonnenberg John E. Sonnentag Sandra A. Southard Sharon R. Soyk Kathi Spoerri Ingeborg Stamurs Thomas F. Stanchfield Jill B. Stanke Wayne L. Stark Aaron Starks Nancy Stauber Jo Ann M. Steffen ramatics Becomes , . - ,,.. ,..,. r Q M.. WW XWZW X 91' W 1 ff 4 . fll A A M ,... 3 Y 01 W A X it 4 Q f 642. 2, a i ': 2 . .fa..f wr ,aW,..w.. -- --if.,..i.v,f... X i WY? i' Afpwazf-,g1f.. f A ' wg! i af in ,. ,,,,,, '- ffityg ?t an I Y, QL M at . 5 are .e Y is . ...i.. . 1 -' ff L af-N . flew , . ' 1. ami.. oi.-f. fi: 1 . V v?fef14452f:fsff',ef-H5351 .15 - A U, , . . VQ.. 23312 ati 2.4 214 An utlet For Senior Energ ABOVE LEFT' Make-up and getting dressed is kind of crowded in the small dressing rooms, but the east of "Of Thee I Sing" managed to do it and still put on an excellent performance. ABO VE: Nancy Louis kept the audience laughing as she portrays Laura Partridge in the All-School Play 'The S0lid Gold Clldilllld H LEFT: Cathy Griffn did a good job in satirizing the modeling business in her role in "T he Solid Gold Cadillac". 215 Seniors Put ut Publication W..-fa" ,,,. . Ei., f--v 22: ::: F E:hh A , 25557 me .. A E-kE:.'f,,::f-t' L fm FAR RIGHT: Hi-Eye staff members get ready to issue one of their publications. ABOVE AND RIGHT: Pat Karst and Brian Felda, along with other members of the yearbook staff spent many Satur- days and nights working in the offce to get the book done on time. .Q :Q-Q .K tw. swf?-tl i A .wie Wm-N, was S5 N Nkxi Qx ' N John D, Steffen Robert L. Steinbarth Alice M. Stephany John R. Stephany Sue Stephany Katherine J. Stiedaman Mary A. Stiedaman Donald M. Stoffel Sally A. Stohlgren Claude Stream Deborah Strean Deborah A. Streeter Diane M. Stubbe Krystine A. Sullivan William H. Sutter Linda L. Talma David L. Tank Dena B. Tasch Mark S. Tautges Kristen Taylor Timothy Taylor Michael Tebo Paul Tebo Robin Teichmiller Patricia Tennis Linda Testolin Karen J. Theel William Thern Suzanne Theyerl Jane Thompson - I ' Janice R.Thompson Mary Tischer I' - f , Thomas Titel A ' Patricia A. Toll Lynn Tonjes Judith A. Topp Robert Trepanier Jill A. Trott Jane L. Turnbloom , . - I '- . ., I Jgfiiifii AWQ1. 3 , 1 ls lr A " A '- A . zxq 1 J 'Q sz X is 5 QJ' X if 25 W X a gk X K 1.5 -ra ,. r.m,rQggfRsE . Mary J. Unmuth XXXX wg? my we Wm Egg was s if was X - - rf, ! i Ann M. Vale J :.. Theodore K. Vande Berg Greg A. Vandeslunt :" A 1 -c"'tF:-as Steve Van Vleet J ..f. : A as ' af . 1 .. Jai 5 ' is Miulil ... Hag, .... . , X , 195 f so , .... ers., , i if nf.. . ,,,, S.. .: .if f-Maisie!fesfgwifmiisf-E- if 2 .Q.f....s.. ...mar .. Julie Becker was named recipi- ent of this year's Elks Youth Leadership contest. Julie is an assistant editor of the Hi-Eye and is a member of Spanish Club and National Honor Soci- ery. 218 Senior Honored For Achievement Achievement proved to be one of the basic ingredients of the class of '69 as seniors received awards from the National Merit Foundation, DAR, and Elks, as well as from the school itself. Scholastic excellence was recognized as five students were named Na- tional Merit finalists. They were: Robert Anderegg, Steven Bertz, Betsy Georg, John Parrish, and Tom Scheer. After elections, held by the Senior Class and faculty, Susan Pinnow was chosen as this year's recipient ofthe DAR Good Citi- zen Award. Sue is the Senior Class secretary and is a member of GAC. Julie Becker was selected by the local Elks as the winner of the Elks Youth Leadership Award. LEFT: DAR Award winner Sue Pinnow participates in the GA C. She works on her costume for the variety show to make ita success. ABOVE: Awards of another nature were given to seniors throughout the year. Many senior boys were awarded letters this year. Cross country coach Del Stacy gives out letters to a number of outstanding members of the squad. 219 Senior Head Plans for the Spring Tour began to formulate early in the school year. The annual trip consists of tours of Washington, D. C. and of New York City. First tlze students must sign up with Mr. Putman and begin to make payments on the total cost of the trip. Any student who don 't get to room 147 fast enough will find them- selves on the waiting list. Among the many sights seen during the spring vacation tour are the Capitol, the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington Memorial, and the White House. In the pictures above and left, the Spring Tour Group is seen getting instructions prior to their departure. East For Spring Vacation YNY-AY J .Il V , Abundio A. Velasco Karla J. Voie Patricia L. Wahoske X Qmhixk is 'See A ,Q 0 B Van Vehrs l Qs H" M W N ..,,. ..,,,.-, Tiff i1? ,E ,, , , n . if James G. Wald schmidt JP e William J. Weber Sandra L. Welch Linda Wendt Q Sharlee L. Wendt Michael F. Westphal Gregory P. Wettstein Susan M. White 5 .55 i xxx M Melvin Whittaker Mary Wilderman 'W Karen A. Wilke . Joan C. Williams Aw Margaret A. Willis '51 Terry T. Wilson Elizabeth Wiltzius Robert D. Winter 221 Mark P. Wisocki Janice M. Wolfe Carol A. Wollerman John M. Wollner Betty L. Yohan Deborah Young Carol A. Zabolski Howard R. Zanto Daniel J. Zenner Glenn T. Zimmerman Judith M. Zimmerman Stephen G. Zimmerman Shirley A. Zitlow Glenn J. Zivkovich Marianne R. Zivkovich Peggy J. Zoch Jo Anne Zorn Janice C. Zupke Jeff Zwicky Barbara L. Bera Daryl A. Dudley Graduation Finall Becomes ,iff if agar. s f 4 Y .ve Q H V f , , W rg Kai!! 52 f fr , A I way? ei.ri Eb J' ,sas ff- -'e1g.v- 5231153 f ge ars . 3 Er JE r sxave Q '-' .--. gy .sirri Mi W rr 222 A A Realit uf' - V I F w -2 A ,fizwlsi ,W ,Wyg1Q1'4's,, 14553 'SH J ,. egg, , A.,, A asf -ww ww ,tiiwzf 1? ' n -7 rwlhfwwkszie l , er am . .. mi, , . . Y 9 af? V -zyy ,V - -..Lz,Z - 1 1:52112 .af :sw -ft ,I ff? L H IgfI.5:"',,7,gzQvf,:.-'liek, j P: " 1, 3 4 mi x- f " LL,,.., . as " 'L 1? .2 l 1 P ut, T , Z1 L. 1 5 A l I Av :I jslalfzii'-j Af' 'v 91 7: V' , g,, ,,,.. ,V., , ,,,. Qi' 921 ,5 f72L'C'A' , .' E5 ii! ' " Q' 35, f :. , ' 'xi 5 .: t 1 1. , .1. ,. lg S ff-..2sg',.,ffi A 3 5 M5 Aimww I V 2, 2 22215 ABOVE LEFT AND LEFT: Pat Karst and Karen Kees get thezr head szze measured for their caps. TOP: Marceine Ehlert zs measured by Mrs Powell for the length of her gown. ABOVE: Exchange student Eznar Erzchsen wzll graduate with the Class of '6 9. 22 Senior Director ABLARD, MARY J. - Girls Chorus 21 French Club l, 21 Student Aide I, 2. 31 Pep Club I, 2,31 Library Service Club 2, 31World Understanding Club 31lntramurals I1 National Honor Society 2, 3. AIZLER, LINDA L. - Red Cross Youth I, 31 Future Homemakers of America 31 Future Nurses Club ADAMS, RITCHIE L. - Junior Varsity Football 11 Varsity Football 31 Weight Lifting l. 2, Intramurals 2, 3. ADLER, THOMAS B. - Junior Varsity Football I1Varsity Football 2. ALBERT, VIRGINIA A. f Latin Club 11 Future Nurses Club 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association 21 Business Education Club 31 Future Homemakers of America 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Hi-Eye Advertising 3. ANDEREGG, ROBERT J. A Capella Choir I, 2, 31 "Oklahoma" I1 "My Fair Lady" 21 "Of Theel Sing" 31Madrigal 31 Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Student Council I, 2, 31 National Honor Society 21 Ski Club 31 Badger Boys State 21 National Merit Semifinalist 3. ANDERSON, DAVID ANNIS, RICHARD R. - Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Wrestling I, 21Track 1, 2. 3. ANTHONY, ROBERT J. - Spanish Club I. ARNDT, RICHARD B. - Junior Varsity Wrestling I,Transferred from Campbellsport High School. 3. BACHMAN, JANET L. - Intramurals I. Future Homemakers of America 3, Future Nurses Club 3, Red Cross Youth 3. BACON, KAREN A. -f Girls Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 31 Service Club 31 Transferred from New Holstein High School, New Holstein, Wisconsin, in 1967. BAGGETT, DIANE E. A Regimental Band l1Cardinal Football Band I, 2, 31Parade Band l, 2, 31 Pep Band I. 2, 31 Girls Choir 1, 21 Concert Band 2, 31 Orchestra 2, 31 Latin Club I1Ski Club 2, 31 Pep Club 21 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 31Summer Music Clinic Scholarship to Madison I1 Summer Music Clinic Scholarship to Stevens Point 21 First in District and State Solo Ensemble Contest 21A Capella 3. BALLWANZ, ELLEN A. f Latin Club I1 Pep Club 1, 2, 31 Creative Writers 21 Future Teachers 2. 31 World Understanding Club 3. BALNIS, LINDA S. - Spanish Club 11 Future Homemakers of America 31Girls Athletic Association 3. BALTHAZOR, ALAN J. BALTZ, JUDITH A. f Red Cross 2. 31 Future Homemakers of America 31 Drama Club 31 Future Nurses Club 3. BARGEWQUAST, ROBERT J. BARNES, CAROL J. BARTHULY, LINDA M. -- Future Homemakers of America 2, 31 Business Education Club 31 Girls Athletic Association 3. BAUER, KATHLEEN A. f French Club 2, 31 Spanish Club 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association 2, 31 Trarfsferred from Arlington High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1967. BEAU, STEVEN J. BEBOW, SANDRA S. f Latin Club 11Pep Club I. BECK, JOSEPH M. Junior Varsity Wrestling 11Spanish Club I, 21 Ski Club 2, 3. BECK, RICHARD G. BECKER, JULIA Forensics 31 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, Treasurer 31 Pep Club l, 21 Ski Club I, 2, 3, Executive Board I, 2, Treasurer 31Student Council I, Z, 31 Poni Pom Girls 2, 3. Treasurer 21 Future Teachers of America I, 2, 31 National Honor Society 31 Drama Club I, 31Jogging Club 31 World Understanding Club 31 Hi-Eye Reporter I1 Hi-Eye Assistant News Editor 21 Hi-Eye News Editor 31 Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 31Student Council Award 1,21 QuiIl8L Scroll Award 21 Outstanding Teen-ager Award 31 Youth Council l, 31 lst Place in Elks Leadership Contest 31 Domestic Exchange Student 21 Badger Girls State Alternate 21 Sophomore Class Treasurer I1 All School Play 31 University of Wisconsin Summer Speech Institute l1Youth Council Decorations. BECKER, KAREN M. f- Transferred from West Bend High School, 11 Ski Club 2, 31 Creative Writers 21Pep Club 2, 31 Spanish Club 2. BEHNKE, SUSAN M. - Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 31 Girls Chorus 21A CapellaChoir 31 Ski Club l, 2, 31 Drama Club 21 Latin Club l1Girls Athletic Council 31 French Club 2. BELL, JAMES BENGEL, JUDITH A. - German Club 1, 2, 31 Latin Club 2, 31 Red Cross 31 Business Education Club 31 Future Homemakers of America 3, BERA, BARBARA L. - Red Cross Club I, 2, 3. Secretary 31Girls' Athletics 1, 2. BERENZ, GARY f Ski Club 21 Intramurals 2.3. BERGMAN, NELL A. - Junior Varsity Red and White Team 3. BERNATH, SANDRA K. v Girls Glee Club I, 2, 31 Drama Club 21 Red Cross Youth 31 Business Education Club 3. BERNDT, BEVERLY - Future Nurses 1. 21 Future Homemakers of America 21 Girls Athletic Association I, BERNDT, STEVE f Junior Varsity Wrestling 1, 2. BERTRAM, ALLEN L. f Intramurals I, 2, 3. BERTZ, STEVEN f Spanish Club I, 2, 31 Debate Club 11 Future Teachers of America 11 National Honor Society 2, 31 Spanish Pronounciation Contest-lst Place, AATSD Written Spanish Contestf Ist Place 11 Spanish Pronounciation Contest- 2nd Place, AATSD Written Spanish Contestf Ist Place 21 Math Contest' Top Quarter 21 National Merit Scholarship 31 Intramurals 3. BERWIG, BONNIE J. Girls Choir l1German Club l1Future Homemakers of America 31lntramurals I,2. BESTOR, JOHN D. A Junior Varsity Basketball I1 Junior Varsity Football l1Junior Varsity Baseball I1 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Captain 31 Varsity Baseball 2, 31 Varsity Football 31German Club I1 Pep Club 21Letterman's Club 2. 3. BETHKE, ROGER A. BICKELHAUPT, JUDITH - Latin Club l. BIENIEWSKI, ROBERT f Ski Club I. BIRD, ALLAN R. - Ski Club 2, 3. BIRD, JAMES S. - Spanish Ciub l1Ski Club 31 Intramurals I, 2, 3. BIRSCHBACH, ALLAN R. - German Club 1, 2, 31 Student Council 2, 31 Ski Club 2, 31 Cardinal Subscription Staff 31 National Honor Society 2, 3, Vice-President 3. BIRSCHBACH, BARBARA J. Girls Chorus I1 Pep Club I, 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association 2, 31 Future Teachers of America 2, 31Ski Club 31 Intramurals 2, 3. BLACKBURN, CONSTANCE f Orchestra 1. 2, 31 Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Pep Club I, 2. 31 Ski Club 2: Chess Club 21 Hi-Eye typist 31 "Oklahoma!" I. BLAIR, ROBERT G., Jr. f Drama Club 21 Ski Club 2. 31 Pep Club 2, 31 Student Council 2, 3. BLAKELY, LUCY J. f Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 32 Ski Club I, 2, 31 Spanish Club I1 Girls Chorus 21 Future Nurses 2, 3. BLATTNER, DONALD E. A Junior Varsity Tennis 11 Yearbook and Hi-Eye Photographer I. 2, 31 Publications Scholarship I1 Varsity Tennis 21 Quill and Scroll 2. BLOEDORN, BRIAN L. - Varsity Hockey l. 2, 31 Student Council I. BOGENHAGEN, JAMES E, - Junior Varsity Football I1 Varsity Football 2, 31 Junior Varsity Baseball I1Varsity Baseball 2, 31Weight Lifting 1. 21 Ski Club 21 Lettermans Club 2, 31 Intramurals: Volleyball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3. BOND, JAMES J. - Junior Varsity Football I1 Varsity Football 1, 2, 31 Varsity Track 1, 2, 31 Drama Club 11 Spanish Club 1, 21 Pep Club I, 2, 31 Lettennan's 1, 2, 3, Secretary 31 Student Council I, 2, 31 Ski Club 21 Class President 21 Cardinal Staff 31 Homecoming King 31 Sports Co-editor 31 All-Conference Football Team 2, 31 Badger Boys State 21 Football CoCaptain 31 High School All-American 31 All-State Football Team AP+UPI 31 Back of the Year Conference and State 31 Associated Press Player of the Week 31Channel 5 All-Stars Team 31 Fondy Power Lifters 1, 2, 3. BOND, KAREN A. f Girls Chorus I1 Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Drama Club 1, 21Ski Club 2, 3-1Pep Club 21 Future Homemakers of America 31 Hi-Eye 2, 31 Reporter 2, Reporter and Cartoonist 31 Girls Athletic Association 2, 31Pom Pom Girls 3132318 Music Ensemble Contest Award 31 Student Aid 2, 3. BOND, KAROL L. f Girls Chorus l1Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Drama Club I, 21 Pep Club 1, 21 Ski Club 2, 31 Future Homemakers of America 31 Girls Athletic Association 21 State Music Ensemble Contest Award 11Student Aid 2, 3. 1969 BOND, THOMAS H. BONNO. CARLA K. Spanish Club l, 21 Future Teachers Club I1 Red Cross Club 3: Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. BORNDAHL, THOMAS R. Latin Club I. BOSIN, RICHARD R. f Ski Club 31 Intramurals: Volleyball 3. BOSTWICK. STEPHEN J. Wrestling I. BOTDORF. TIMOTHY f Wrestling I1 Intramurals: Wrestling 3. BOUDRY, DAVID L. f Stage Band l, 2, 31Concert Band 1.2, 31Pep Band 1, 2, 31Football Band I, 2, 31Paradc Band l, 2, 31 A Capella Choir I, 21 Spanish Club l, 21German Club I, 21 Ski Club 1.2, 31 Youth Council I, 2, 3. BRANDT. KRISTINA M. - Concert Band 1, 2, 31 Pep Band 1, 2, 31 Pit Orchestra - Oklahoma I1 Stage Band 2. 31 Football Band I, 2, 31 Parade Band I, 2. 31 Spanish Club 11 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3. BRAUN, BARBARA A. BRAUN. JAMES P. - Wrestling 21 Spanish Club I1 Ski Club 2, 31 Pep Club 3: Intramurals l. BREISTER, BEVERLY R. Girls Chorus 21 Latin Club I, 21 Chess Club 31 Pep Club 11Drama Club 11 Ski Club 21 Red Cross Youth 31 World Understanding 31 Forensics 31 Girls Athletic Association I1 Intramurals 2, 31 Honorable Mention in Local L'Abilities Counts" Contest 2. BRICKLE, MICHAEL S. - Spanish Club 2. BROWN, HENRY BROWN, KAREN S. f Regimental Band 11 Pep Band 1, 21Concert Band 2, 31 Future Nurses Club 3. BUBLITZ. DARLENE A. BUBLITZ, DIANA - Girls Athletic Association I. BUCKARMA, MARY B. -- Girls Athletic Association 11 Red Cross Youth 31 Future Homemakers of America 3. BUEHRENS. BARBARA f Latin Club 11 Pom Pom Girls 2, 3, Secretary 31 Ski Club 1, 2, 31CardinaI Advertising 21 Future Nurses Club 21 Pep Club Z1 Student Council 3. BUELL, SUSAN BUELOW. WILLIAM - Spanish Club 1, 21 Wrestling 2. BURKHARDT, JAMES - Spanish Club I, 2, 3. BURROUGHS. BONNIE f Girls Choir 1, 21 Student Council 1, 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 31 Pep Club I. 2, 31Ski Club l, 2, 3, Executive Board 2. 31 World Understanding 2, 31Gymnastics 1.2. 3. CARLING. CALVIN -f Regimental Band 1, 21 Cardinal Marching Band I, 2, 31 Los Banditos 1, 21 Concert Band 31 Inaugural Marching Band 31 Spanish Club I1 Intramurals l, 2, 31 Junior Varsity Basketball l. CASPER, STEVE R., Track I1Golf I, CHADBOURNE, DONALD Ski Club l, 2, 31German Club 31 Intramurals 3. CHALOUPKA, JOHN Student Aid I, 21 Ski Club I, 21 Chess Club 21lntramurals 3. CHECKI, PETER J. Latin Club I, 2. 31 Ski Club 31Cardinal Subscription Staff 31 Intramurals 3. CHRIST. FREDRICK L. - Tennis I1 Spanish Club l1Chess Club 2. CHRISTENSEN, SANDRA L. - Chorus I1 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 31 Junior Varsity Cheerleader I: Varsity Cheerleader 21 Pom Pom Girls 31 Gymnastics I, 2, 31 Pep Club 1. 21Jogging Club 31 Ski Club I, 2, 31 Business Education Club 3. CHRISTIE, KAY Latin Club I1 Library Service Club 31 Business Education Club 3. CHRISTIE. RICHARD J. CLARK, BERNARD E. Student Council 2, 31 Ski Club 21 Intramurals I, 2, 3, CLEVELAND, PAUL A Capella Choir I, 2, 31 Madrigal I, 31 Chess Club 2. COLLAR, RANDALL f Junior Varsity Football l1National Honor Society 21 Attended Delavan High School. Delavan, Wisconsin, grades I0 and ll. COLWARD. RENEE Ski Club 3:Girls Athletic Association 31 Intramurals 2, 3. COMMO, LESLIE J. COWLES, JEFFREY A. - Junior Varsity Wrestling I1 Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Letter of Commendation from National Merit Scholarship1 Intramurals 3. CUNZENHEIM, LYNNE DALEY. DIANE f Latin Club I1 Red Cross Youth 31Girls Athletic Association 31Intramurals 2, 3. DAVIES, MICHAEL W. f Tennis l,2, 31Chess Club 2, 3, Vice-President 31 Intramurals I, 2, 3. DEANOVICH, HOWARD M. - Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 31 Junior Varsity Football l1Letterman'S Club 3. DE JONG, JAMES G. f Regimental Band l1Pep Band I, 2, 31 Marching Band 1, 31Concert Band 2, 31 Junior Varsity Wrestling I. 21 Intramurals 1. 31 Junior Varsity Cross Country 21German Club I, Z, 3, Treasurer 2. President 31 Student Council I, 2, 3, President 31 Ski Club 2, 31 Pep Club Z1 Youth Council 31 Third Place Elks Youth Leadership Contest 31 Domestic Exchange Student to Roanoke. Virginia 21Class president 2. DES ISLES, ROSEMARY D. - Transferred from St. Mary's Springs High School, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin1 Girls Athletic Association 2, 31 Spanish Club 21 Pep Club 2. DETERT, SUSAN DIENER. KRISTINE K. - Concert Band I, 2, 31Pep Band 1, 2, 31 Parade Band l, 2, 31 Football Band I. 2, 31 Girls Glee Club I1 A Cappella Choir 2, 31 Madrigal 21 Latin Club 21 Spanish Club 2, 31 Future Teachers of America 2, 31Twirling Club 21 Drama Club 31 Hi-Eye Reporter 1, 2, Circulation Manager 31 Girls Athletic Association Z, 31 Summer Music Clinic-Madison University 2, 31 National Honor Society 2, 31 Quill and Scroll 2. 31 Youth Council 1, 2, 31 "My Fair Lady"1"The Pleasure ol' His Company"1 "The Adding Machine"1 "Of Thee I Sing"1 "The Solid Gold Cadillac"1 Teenage Republicans. DION, DENISE J. - Pep Club I, 2, 31 Student Council 1, 2, 31 Future Nurses 2, 31 Future Homemakers 2, 31Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. DITTEL, DIANE f Intramurals I, 21 Girls Athletic Association 3. DITTER. LAWRENCE J. f- World Understanding Club 3. DOMENGET, DAVID G. - Regimental Band I1 Concert Band 2, 31 Parade Band 1, 2, 31 Junior Varsity Basketball1 Junior Varsity Baseball1 Latin Club l, 2: Boys Intramurals I, 2, 3. DONOVAN, MARY H. DORN, SHARON A. Girls Chorus l1Pep Club l1Pom Pom Girls l1Future Homemakers of America 31Student Council 31 Hi-Eye Circulation 31Girls Athletic Association 3. DORST, THOMAS Junior Varsity Football I1 German Club 1. 2, 3, Vice President 31 Executive Board 31 Ski Club 21 National Honor Society 31lntramurals 3. DOWLER. CHARLES L. Junior Varsity Wrestling I. DRAVES. ROBIN L. DREIFUERST, JEAN A. - Library Service Club 2, 3. DUDLEY. DARYL A. - Varsity Football 2, 31 Varsity Wrestling 2, 31Weight-lifting 21 Intramurals 2. DUNN. TIMOTHY O. Junior Varsity Football I1 Track I, 2, 31 Powerlifters l1lntramurals 1. 2, 31 Goll 21Cross Country 31 Ski Club 2. DVORAK, CAREY I. Girls Athletic Association l1Ski Club 3. EATON, MARGARET M. f Girls Choir 1, 21 A Capella Choir 31 Girls Athletic Association I, 21 Pep Club I1Latin Club I, 21 Ski Club 2, 31 Drama Club 21Chess Club 31 Red Cross Youth 3. EHLERT, MARCEINE A. A Girls Athletic Association I1Latin Club I, 2, 31 Junior Classical league 31 Future Teachers of America 1, 31 Library Service Club 31 Business Education Club 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Student Aide 31 Intramurals l1Track 2, award for 440-yard run. EIGENBRODT, JACQUELINE J. - Pep Club I. 2. 31Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 31 Jogging Club 3:Track 2, 3. EMERY. MARY B. - Student Council 1, 2, 31 Pep Club l1Ski Club 21 Girls Athletic Association I, 21 Junior Varsity Red and White I, 2. EMMER, DALE P. ERICHSEN, EINAR B. f A Cappela Choir 31 Ski Club 31 attended Ringenke Gymnas, Norway, I, 2, foreign exchange student. ERICKSON. PATRICIA A. f Red Cross Youth 1, 31 Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 31reporter 21 intramurals 3. EVENS, BARBARA A. f Latin Club I, 21 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 31 Library Service Club 2, 3. EVANS, KIM - Junior Varsity Baseball 1: Junior Varsity Basketball I1 Varsity Basketball 2, 31 Spanish Club 1, 2. EVERIX, ROBERT G. Junior Varsity Golf I, 2: Pep Club l, Z, 3: Spanish Club I. 21Chess Club 24 Ski Club 2, 31StlldCn! Council 1. 2: Intramurals l. 2, 3. EWERDT, DEBRA M. EWERDT, DONALD T. Spanish Club l .Ski Club 2. FARIS. STEVEN P, f Junior Varsity Football I: Truck lg Varsity Football 2: Spanish Club 1, 2434 Chess Club 21Ski Club 34 Intramuralsi Basketball 21 Volleyball 3. FARVOUR, GERALD O. Intramurals 1 Football lqwrestling 3. FELDA, BRIAN J. -- Regimental Band l. 24 Pep Band 1, 21 Parade Band I, 2, 34 Concert Band 34 .lunior Varsity Basketball l. 21 Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Baseball 1, 2. 3: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Student Council I, 2, 33 Letterman's Club 2, 3: Powerlifters 2, 31 I-li-Eye Sports Reporter 2. 3: Cardinal Yearbook Sports Co-Editor 3: Badger Boys Representative 2. FELDMANN. BROOKS L. Latin Club l, 25 French Club 31 Chess Club 24 Ski Club 34Wrestling 24 Intramurals 34 Forensics 2, 3. FERRIS. MARY J. - Drama Club l1Fulurc Homemakers of America 34Girls Athletics Association I: Intramurals 2. FEUERHAMMER. WILLIAM R. FIEBIG, CYNTHIA S. - French Club l. 2. 3: Pep Club I, 2. 31Cluss Vice President 3: Ski Club 34 Jogging Club 31lntrzimuralx I, 2, 3: lnterscholastic Varsity Volleyball 31Truck Team 2. FIELDS, ROGER A. f Varsity Track 1, 2,31I.etterman's Club 3. FINK, CATHERINE Girls Choir l,2, 3: Drama Club I 3 Red Cross Youth l,21l-'uture Homemakers ot' America 3: Girls Athletic Association I, 2. FISCHER, JAN D, Intramurals l, 2. 3: Girls Athletic Association I, Z. 3: Latin Club I:Ski Club 3. FISCHER. JEAN D. Intramurals I. 2, 34 Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 34 Latin Club lgSki Club 3. FISCHER, KAREN A. f French Club 1, 3:Ski Club l, 2, 3: Pep Club 34Girls Athletic Association 2: Gymnastics 1, 2, 31 Girls Track I. 2. 34 Intramurals lglntcrscholastic Volleyball 3. FLOOD, BARBARA J. - Orchestra I, 2, 34 Girls Glee Club l: Accupclla Choir Z. 3. Madrigal 34 "Oklahoma" 14 "My Fair Lady" 2: "Ot'Thce I Sing" 31 German Club l. 21 Future Nurses Club ll Ski Club 24 Drama Club 2:Girls Athletic Association 1.13, FONTANNA, THOMAS G. f Intramurals 24 Spanish Club 1, 2: Chess Club 2, 34 Ski Club 2. FORESTER, JEROME A. FRENCH, JEFF J. - Intramurals 2, 3. FREUND, JOAN R, FREUND, MELVIN C.. JR. - Junior Varsity Football l4Varsity Football 2. 34Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3: Sophomore Class President 1: Lelterman's Club l, 2, 3: President 3. FRIEDEL, KRISTINE M. - Girls Choir I: A Capella Choir 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association I, 2. FRIESS, TIM L. - Regimental Band 1: Pep Band l, 2, 3: Marching Band l, 24 Concert Band 2, 3: Football Band 2, 3: Parade Band 31 German Club 11 Spanish Club 2. FRITZ, MARY E. - Red Cross Youth 2, 3. FRYDA, BRUCE G. FRYDA, JAMES G. - Intramurals 3, FUIIRMAN, MICHAEL L. Cross Country I4 Junior Varsity Basketball 11 Track l, Z: Power Lifters I, 2, 34 Varsity Basketball 24 Intramurals 33 Ski Club 3: Pep Club 3. FURNER, SUSAN J. - Girls Chorus ILA Capella Chorus 2.34 "My Fair Lady" Z: "Of Theo I Sing" 34 Mudrigal Singers 31Gem1an Club I, 2, 3: Red Cross Youtli 21 Drama Club 2: Ski Club 2: Pep Club Z. Cardinal Circulation 2, 3, GAJLSKI, ROGER J. - Regimental Band l:March1ng Band 1, 2. Concert Band 2, Intramurals l, 2, 3. GALLE, BONNIE J. f Red Cross Youth 1, Z, 34 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3. GALLES, MICHAEL B. - Junior Varsity Football I:Varsity Football 2, 33 Junior Varsity Basketball I1 Varsity Basketball 2. 3:Track l, 2, 3gLetterman's Club 2, 34 Ski Club 2: Badger Boys State 2. GARDNER, WILLIAM G. GARRLTT, SANDRA J. f Chorus, l:Spunlsh Club l, Z: Ski Club 1.3, GAU,AR1.ENli ff Latin Club lglfuture Nurses Club 2, 31 Girls Athclctic Association 3. GEORG, BETSY J. - Girls Glee Club l: Student Council 2, 34World Understanding Club 3: Spanish Club l, 2, 3: Youth Council l, 2, 3, Treasurer 34 National Science Foundation Summer Science Program l: Quill and Scroll 2: National Merit Semi-tinalist 34 Debate l, Z, 3: Forensics 1, 2. Hi-Eye 1, 2, 3, Editor 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. GIERIL, DONNA M, - Red Cross Youth 1. Transferred from Appleton West High School, Appleton, Wisconsin in 1967. GILMORE, CARL D. f Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Stage Band lg Dixieland Combo lg Pep Band I, 2, 31 Cardinal Football Band 1, 2, 3: Goodrich Parade Band 1, 2, 3: Linden Street Jazz Society 2: German Club Z4 National Honor Society 2, 3, GOESER, DEBORAH A. - Girls Glee Club Z, 31 Red Cross 2, 3. GOTTINGER, MARK W. f Junior Varsity Football 14 German Club I. GOUDY, THOMAS M. f Band 14 Student Council I. GOYER, JAMES A. GRAILER, JOSEPI-I,.lR. GRAVES, GARY G. f Intramurals 1, 2. GRAVES, JULIA A. -- Girls Chorus I1 Junior Varsity Cheerleader l, 2: Varsity Cheerleader 3: Ski Club I, Z, 3: Class Secretary I: Pep Club I, 21 Girls Athletic Association 14 Youth Council l, 2,31 Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Hi-Eye 1: Inkwell 24 Volleyball Intramurals 24 Future Teachers Association 2: Student Homecoming Court I: Homecoming Queen 34 American Field Service Student to Costa Rica 3. GRAY, THOMAS R. GREENE, HAROLD A. - Regimental Band l,Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Football Band l, 2, 34Concert Band Z, 3: Los Bunditos 2g Junior Varsity Football lg Purdue Band Camp Scholarship I, Z. GREUEL, JAYNE - Red Cross Club l, 21 Business Club 34 Intramurals 1, 2. GRIBBEN, THOMAS L. - Track l, 2, 31Weiglitlifting 1, 24 Cross Country 2, 3: Junior Varsity Football 14 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. GRIFFIN, CATHERINE J. f Girls Glee Club Z4 Madrigal Singers 34 School Musical 3: A Cappella Choir 3: Pep Club l, Z, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2, 34 National Honor Society 2, 31 Ski Club 2, Drama Club 3: Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: School Play 3. GROH, STEVEN H. - A Cappella Choir l, 2, 34 School Musicals I, 2, 31lntIamur3lS 3: School Plays 2. 3, GROSS, REED K. GROSS, ROCKY K. GULBRAND, RICK N. - German Club Z: Ski Club 2, 31lnt!amurals l, 2, 3. GULIG, GARY li. GURNO, DEBORAH A. - Red Cross Youth 34 Business Education Club 3. GURNO, EDWARD L. f Junior Varsity Football 14 Varsity Track l:Weight Lifting lp Intramurals l. GUSTIN, DAVID J. f Track lgCross Country l4Varsity Track 2g Varsity C1-055 Country 23 Varsity Track 34Varsity Cross County 3. GUYETTE, MARK R. f Varsity Football 1, 24TraCk l:Student Council lg Executive Board Ski Club 2: President of Ski Club 3. HAASE, WILBERT W. Ill - Varsity Football 1, 21Trnck l1Ski Club lg Student Council lg Executive Board Ski Club 2, 3. HACKBARTI-I, MARK E. - Spanish Club I, Z4 Ski Club 3, HAESSLY, JOHN J. HALTER, JEAN M. - Spanish Club 2, 34 Red Cross 34 Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 3. HALTER, MARTHA e Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 14 Future Nurses Club l, 2: Future Teachers Club 34 Cardinal Advertising Staff 24 G.A.A. Intramurals I, 2, 3. HAMBERGER, CRAIG F. - Orchestra l. 2, 34 Football I, 2: Tennis l, 2, 3: German Club 2, 3: Student Council Representative l:Student Council Alternate 2, 3. HANDLEY. PAMELA K. - Spanish Club 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association 34 R and White Game 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 3. HANISCH. PAUL M. HANKE, BRUCE R. HANSEN, DENNIS A. Ski Club 3. HANSON. LAWRENCE S. HARMER, BARBARA K. French Club 14 Future Teachers of America I, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association 2, 3: Pep Club 34 Intramurals 2, 3: National Merit Letter of Commendation. HARPER, JUDY MAY Girls Glee Club 2, 3:Transferred from La Cross. HAYWARD. MICHAEL A. f Junior Varsity Wrestling 1, HEFTER. BARBARA E. - Spanish Club l: Red Cross Youth Club 3: Co-Ed correspondent Co-Ed Magazine 3, I-IEISLER, GERALD F. HENCKE. DANIEL lf. HENDRICKS, THOMAS J. - Spanish Club lglntramurzils 3. HENNING. CHERYL HENSLIN, BONNIE J. f Intramurals 1. 2, 3: Pep Club I, 2: Girls Athletic Association lgDram:ltics Club I . Z. 34 Red Cross Youth Club 2, 3: Future Nurses Club 2, 3. HERMAN, CAROL Ski Club l, 2, 3: Pep Club 2: French Club 2g Student Council l, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 3. HERRES, THERESA M. Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 3: Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Future Teachers ol' America I, 2, 3: German Club 1. Z, 3: Ski Club 3: Student Council l, 2, 3. Student Council Certilicrlte l. HERRMANN, CHRISTINE 51. - Pep Club 2, 3gCreative Writers Club 2, 34 Ski Club 31 Inkwell 2. 3. HEWITT, GREGORY .lf Pep Club 2. HOARD. JEFFREY G. Concert Band l, 2: Cardinal Football Band I, 2: Wrestling l, 24 Spanish Club l. Student Council lg Pep Club l4Class Vice-President l:Student Council Executive Board lg Letterrnurfs Club 2, 3:H0mecoming Court l 1 Red and White Cheerleader 3. HOBBS. DEIDRE R. Latin Club I 4 Drama Club l1Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 34 Ski Club I, 2, 3:Pep Club 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: President: Pom-Pom Girls 3: Red and White Game 3. HOEPFNER, MARY J. Girls Chorus lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Club I4 Future Homemakers of America Z4 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3: Drama Club 2: Ski Club 3: Elected: Future Homemaker ot' America for Goodrich 3. HOFFMANN, HELEN J. Pep Club 2, 3: Intramurals 2: Girls Athletic Association 3: Future Homemakers of Amcricu 21 Red Cross 2: Transferred from San Angelo Central High School, San Angelo, Texas junior year. HOFMANN, ROBERT HOLMAN, JOHN M. Intramurals I, 2. 3: Ski Club I. 2, 3: Chess Club 2: Student Aid 2. HOOPS, SANDRA J. - Girls Chorus lg ACapella Choir 2, 34 Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 3: Inkwell 2: Drama Club 1, 2, 34 Future Nurses 1, 2. 3, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 34Pep Club l, 2, 3: Ski Club 1: 2, 34 Red Cross Youth I, 2, 34 Inkwell 3: High Eye, Reporter l: Gold medal for Solo-Ensemble in Girls Chorus l. HOYT, MARY Girls Athletic Association l. 2. 3: Pep Club l. 2, 3: Ski Club 2. 3gCreatlvc Writers Club 2: National Honor Society 2, 3: Business Education Club 3. 'Treasurer 3: Inkwell 2g Gymnastics 2: Badger State Girl Representative 2: Homecoming Court 3: Homecoming Float 2. HUBER, MICHAEL A. f German Club 2, 3: Intramurals 3: Volleyball 3. HUEBNER, RAY Intramurals l, Z, 3: Spanish Club I, 2. 3: Ski Club 3. HUGHES, KAREN M. f Spanish Club I, 2, Sergeant at arms 24 Ski Club 25 Red Cross Youth 2, 3, Sergeant at arms 3: Girls Athletic Association 2, 3: Red-White Game 3. HUHN, LOIS A. f Choir lg Pep Club 1, 2, 34 Future Nurses Club I, 24 Future Homemakers of America 21GirI'S Athletic Association 2, 3. HULL, DONALD J, German Club l, 2, 3: Ski Club 2: Pep Club 3. HUTH, BETTY A. Girl's Chorus lg Ski Club I, 2: Red Cross Club I4 Student Council 2, 3. JABALI, IRAI - Transferred from Tehran, lrun, 3, JABER, CHRISTINE N. - Latin Club I, 2: Future Nurses Club 2, 3: Red Cross Club 2, 3: Ski Club 2: Intramurals 21 Business Education Club 3: American Institure for Foreign Study 3. JACOBS, JOHN R, A Capella Choir l, 2. 3. JACOBS, SANDRA K. JAEGER, MELISSA JENNEKE, KAREN L. Band l, 2, 3: Pep Club l, 2, 3: Pep Band 1. 24OrChestra 3: Ski Club l, 2, 3: Director 3: Spamsh Club I, 2: Drama Club l1World Understanding Club 3: Hi Eye 2: Yearbook 31 Reporter 3: Girl's Athletic Association I, 2, 3: Girl's Athletic Council 3: Interscliolustic Volleyball 3: Red and White Game I. 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. JOEL, JON W. JOHANNES. JEFFREY G. Spanish Club l1Chess Club Z. JOHNSON. CARY JOHNSON, DUANE H. Wrestling I, Z, 3:Cross Country 31Transl'erred from Stoughton Senior High School, Stoughton. Wis. JOHNSON, KENT R. Football l4Varsity Football 2. JOHNSON, RONALD M. Intramurals 1, 2, 3. JONES, DEANNA L. Girls Glee Club 2: A Capella Choir 31 Pep Club I, 2, 31German Club l, 2, 31 "My Fair Ludy" 2: "Of Thee I Sing" 3: Business Club 34Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. JORGENSEN, DANIEL JULKA, PETER T. - Tennis I, 2, 3: German Club lg Leltermuns Club 34 Hi-Eye Reporter 14 Hi-Eye Sports Assistant 2: Hi-Eye Photographer 34 Hi-liye Sports Editor 34 Intramurals I, 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3. KAEMMER, D. CRAIG -f A Capella Choir 3: "Of Thee lSing" 3: Hockey 3: Football I, 2: Wrestling lg Spanish Club l, 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3: Drama Club 3: Pep Club 3: Domestic Exchange 24 National Merit Letter ol' Commendation 3: "Solid Gold Cadillac" 3: Variety Show 3. KARPATHIAN, KERRY Intramurals I, 2. KARST, PATRICIA A. f Latin Club 1, 2: Forensics l4Spanish Club 2: Pep Club I, 2: Future Teachers ol' America I 4 Drama Club 2: Red Cross Youth 24 Hi-Eye Reporter l, 2: Cardinal Assistant Editor 1, 2: Cardinal Circulation 24 Cardinal Editor-in-Chief 3:Girls Athletic Association I, 2: Delmar Printing Company Journalism Scholarship 24 Quill and Scroll 2: Jaycee's Outstanding Achievement Award Scholarship 2: University of Detroit -4 Summer journalism workshop Z1Fond du Lac Youth Council I, 2, 31Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter Correspondent I, 2. KASTORFF, GARY P. f Tennis Junior Varsity l, 2, Ski Club 2, 3. KASTORFF, KENNETH G.. JR. KEES, KAREN A. f Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Red Cross Youth 3: Business Education Club 3: Junior Varsity Red-White Team 14 Varsity Red-White Team 2, 3: lntcrscholastic Junior Varsity Basketball 2: Varsity 3. KELLY, ROBERT Library Service Club 3. KENDELL, DIANE A. - Girls Chorus 1: Spanish Club l, 2, 3: Pep Club Z, 3: World Understanding Club 3: Debate lg Drama Club 3:Girls Athletic Association 3: Jogging Club 3: Ski Club 3: American Field Service 3. KENNEDY, MARK KIEHNAU, DEBRA Pep Band l, 2, 3: Marching Band l: Cardinal Football Band 2, 3: Drum Majorette 2, 3: Parade Band 2. 3: Concert Band 2, 3: Regimental Band I4 Future Nurses Club l. 24 Pep Club I: Latin Club I, 2. 3: Cardinal Staff Circulation 34 Cardinal Reporter 3: Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 31"Of Thee I Sing" 3. KIMBLE, KATHLEEN E. f Regimental Band 11 Pep Band l, 2, 34 Marching Band I, 2. 34 Football Band I. 2, 34 Concert Band 2, 34 Choir 2, 34 Girls Glee Club 24 Inaugural Band 31 Future Homemakers of America 3: Business Education Club 3: Future Nurses Club 34 Hi-Eye 34 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 34 "Of Thee I Sing" 3. KINBEL, LAWRENCE A. - A Capella Choir 1, 2, 34 Regimental Band I, 2: Pep Band I, 2, 34 Cardinal Football Band 2, 34 Concert Band 34 Marching Band 2, 33 Junior Varsity Football I1 Wrestling 24 Intramurals 24 Latin Club 2, 34 Scholarship to Purdue University Music Camp 24 "Oklahoma" I: "My Fair Lady" 2. KING, JOHN KING, RONALD KLAKE. MARY Latin Club lgPep Club I, 2, 3, Drama Club 1,21 Ski Club I, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Creative Writers 2, 34 Inkwell 2, 31Hi-Eye Reporter 33 Cardinal Reporter 3:Girls Athletic Association 1.2. KLAPPERICH, LINDA f Red Cross Youth 1: Business hducation Club 31lntramuralsl,2 KLEIN, RICHARD KLEINHANS, JAMES - Regimental Band l :Marching Band I. 31Concert Band 2, 3: Stage Band 2. 3: German Club I. KLINTWORTH, JOY KLINZING, JOSEPH C. - Weight Lifting l. Z. 33 Varsity Track I. Z. 3. Varsity Football 2, 3: Intramurals 2,31Letterman's Club 1. 2, 3, Treasurer 31 Pep Club 2, 3. President 31 Ski Club 2. 3: All-Conference Second Tcam Offensive 31 Homecoming Court 31Rcd Cheerleader 3. KLOETZKE, DONALD Student from Wiesbaden High School. Germany. KLEBS, RONALD Transferred from Horace Mann lligh School. North I-'ontl du Lac. Wisconsin 3. KLOTZ, STEPIIILN A, f Varsity Baseball I. 2. 31Juntor Varsity Football lg Varsity I-'ootball 2, 31 Weight Lifting I. 21 Letlerman's Club 2. 31 Ski Club 31 Intramurals 1. 2. 3. Red and White Cheerleader. KNUEPPEL, JOSEPH S. f Varsity Wrestling 1.2. 3: Letter'rnan's Club 2, 3. KNUTH, KAREN K. Girls Choir 1. KNUTSON. BEATRICE J. KOCOS, JEEEERY A. - Junior Varsity Wrestling l,Varsity Wrestling 2. 31 Varsity Football Z1 Power Lifters l, 2, 31German Club l:lntramurals l, 2. 3. KOENIG, DARLENE M. Spanish Club 3:Girls Athletic Association l, 2: Girls Athletic Association Bowling 1. KOENIGS. RAYMOND Junior Varsity Golf I. Varsity Golf 2, 31Spanish Club l1lntrarnuralsI.2. 3. KOEPKE, GARY L. Junior Varsity Wrestling 1. 3:Skt Club 2, 31 Spanish Club 1.2, KONZ, KRISTIN H. Girls Glee Club l:Concert Band 1. Z1 Pep Band 1. 21 Marching Band I, 21 All Star Chorus 21A Capella Choir 2, 31Madrigal Singers 2. 3: "Of Thee I Sing" 31"My lfair Lady" 2: State Solo Ensemble Contest 21 Pep Club I. Z. 31 German Club I, 2g Drama Club l, 2, 31 Ski Club Director l. 2, 3: French Club 21 National Honor Society 2, 31Hi-Eve Reporter I. Z. Cardinal Copy Staff 31 Cardinal Advertising Staff 3: Girls Athletic Association l,2. 3: interscholastic Basketball l. 21 Girls Red Varsity Team 1. 21 Secretary-Treasurer oiiGirls Athletic Association 31 Youth Council l, 21 Forensics 3. KORELL. DIANE M. Concert Band I1 Marching Band 11 Girls Glee Club I: Spanish Club l. 3, 3: Pep Club l. 2, 3: Student Council I, 2, 31 Ski Club 2. 33 National Honor Society 2. 31 Future Teachers Association 31 Fifty Mile Jogging Club 31 Cardinal Advertising 1. 2,31Hi-Eye Reporter 2. 31 Gymnastics Club I. 21 Varsity Gymnastics Club 31 Girls Athletic Association l. 2. 31 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 11 Varsity Cheerleader Z1 Pom-Pom Girls 31 Student Council Award I. 21 State Math Contest 21 Girls State Track Meet 21 Girls Athletic Association Letter Winner 2. Elks beadcrship Contest-3rd Place Winncr 31 Youth Council 3. KOREN. KAREN L. Student Council I, 2. 31 Youth Council I1 Drama Club l. 2: Pep Club 2: Spanish Club 1, 2. KOSTERMAN. KATHLEEN ANN Student Aid 31 Pep Club 31 World Understanding Club 31G1rlx Athletic Bowling 31 Transferred from Ashwaubenon High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1968. KO'I'1'KE,GAlL S. f Girls Glee Club l1Solo and Ensemble Contest lg Latin Club I1 I-uture Teachers ot' America l, 2, 3, Executive Board 2, 3, Pep Club 21 Student Aide 21 Ski Club 2. 31 German Club 2. 3: Girls Athlctic Association l.2. 3: Pom-Pom Girl 311-ond du Lac Youth Council 3, KRAICMER, KATHIE J. - Transferred from St. Francis High School. Wheaton, Illinois in sophomore vcar. KRAMER.CONNll1 L. - Girls Athletic Association l1IIr-Eye Typing Staff I, 2, Library Service Club 2, 3: Secretary-treasurer 31 Business Education Club 3. President 31World Understanding Club 3. KRAMER. GREGORY P. Junior Varsity Football I.Varsity I-'ootball 2. 31'l'rack l.2. 31 Wrestling I: Power Lifters l, 2. 31 Ski Club 2. 31 Pep Club 3. Red Team Cheerleader 31 All-Conference Offensive Interior Linetnan, Defensive Interior Ltnernan. All-Statc Interior Line-Defense. second team tU.P.l. Teamh 3: Lettcrman's Club l. 2. 3: Intramurals l, Z, 3. KRANIG. JOHN KRAUS, LINDA A. Future Homemakers of America I. 2, Historian Z1 Red Cross Youth Z3 Girls Athletic Association l1lntramurals 2, 3. KRAUS. PAUL J. Intramurals l, 2, 3. KRAUS. SUSAN F. -- Red Cross Youth I. 21 Pep Club 1. 21 Spanish Club 211-'uturc 'Teachers of America 31 World Understanding Club 33 Intramurals l. KRAUSE, KENNETH M. f Junior Varsity Basketball lg Track I: Varsity l-'ootball Z. 31 Varsity Basketball 2, 31 Varsity Baseball 2. 3: All-Conference Ilootball, third learn 3. KRAUSS, ROBERT KREMER. ANN M. f Chorus I1 Intramurals 2: Spanish Club 11 Girls Athletic Association Z1 Red Cross Club 2, 31 Future Nurses Club 23 Pep Club 2: Drama Club 2. 3: Future Homemakers ol' America 3. KROES, BARBARA J. French Club l1Pep Club 1. Z: Ski Club l. 2. 31lixccutive Board 2, 3: Drama Club I. 2, 31 Future Teachers ot' America l. Z. 31"The Solid Gold Cadillac." KRUEGER. KATHLEEN J. Spanish Club l: Future Homemakers ot' America Z. KRUMBEIN. RANDAL Pep Band l, 21Letterrnan'S Club 2. 31 Band l, 2, 31Wrestling l. KRYZYANOWSKI, SUSAN K. - Girls Athletic Association 21 Pep Club 3. KUBELT, NANCY - Pep Club I. 21 Ski Club 1. 2. Student Council 2. 33 Spanish Club 21Busuicss Education 31 Hi-Eye Circulation l1 Hi-Eyc Art Staff 31Girls Athletic Association l1Gymnastics lg Youth Council l. KUENZI, JAMES KUHNZ, JEFFREY Junior Varsity Basketball I1 Junior Varsity Golf l, 2: Varsity Golf 31 Spanish Club l1Pep Club I, 2: Ski Club l: Intramural 2, 3. KUHNZ. THEODORE J. - Regimental Band l1Concert Band 2. 31 Stage Band I, 2. 31 Pep Band 1.2. 31 Marching Band 1, 2, 31 Football Band 2, 31 Solo and Ensemble Contest l1DlAleI2!nd Combo 2: Varsity Wrestling 1, 21 Latin Club l. 2. 31 Latin Club Secretary-Treasurer 21Letterman's Club 1, Z, 31 National Honor Society 2, 31 Pep Club 2: Ski Club 21Junior Classical League 3: Intramurals I. 2, 3. KURZYNSKI, EDWARD J. Ski Club 3. KURZYNSKI, JOHN P. - Spanish Club lg Business Education Club 3. KUTER, JAMES H. Ski Club 2. 3. LABORDE, ANNE M. - Girls Choir I1 A Capella Choir 2, 31 "My Fair Lady" 21 'iOklahoma" l:"Ol' Thee l Sing" 31Junior Varsity Cheerleader l:Varsity Cheerleader 2. Captain 31 Pep Club I. 2: Latin Club I1 French Club 2, 31 Drama Club l, 2, 31 Forensics I1 National Honor Society 2. 3lJogg1ng Club 3: Ski Club 2. 3: Inkwell 2. 3:Girls Athletic Association l, 21 American Field Service Student 2. LAKIN, JAMES C. LAMBESEDER, SUSAN E. Intramurals l:Gymnastics I. 21 Ski Club 2: Pep Club 2. 3. LANDERMAN, JOAN M. LANDERMAN. NANCY Pcp Club I, Z. 3: Latin Club 11 Student Council I: Business Education Club 31 Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 3: Junior Varsity Cheerleader l, 2. LANG, ROBERT C. f- Junior Varsity Football l1Junior Varsity Wrcstling I. LANGE, KAREN Future Tcachers of America I. LANGE, PHYLLIS - Girls Chorus I1 Ski Club l1Pcp Club 21Girls Athletic Association 31 Shorthand Award 21 Gymnastics 2. LA PINE, BARBARA J. - Concert Band l, 2. 31 Pep Band l. 2. 31 Marching Band I, Z, 31 Football Band I, 2, 31Choir l. Z, 31 Inaugural Parade 3: Latin Club l1Spanish Club 2. 31 Future Nurses Club 2, 31 Hi-Eye Staff I, 21 Girls Athletic Association I. 2. 31 University ol' Wisconsin Summer Music Camp l.Z1 "Of Thee I Sing" 3. LA SI-IAY, DENNIS LATE, LIIVI f Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 31 German Club 1, 21 Ski Club I, 21 Pep Club 21 Business Education Club 31 Drama Club 31Gymnastics l. LAUER. STEVE R. Ski Club 2, 3. LAUNDERS, SHARON A. f Pep Club 1, 21 Future Homemakers of America 2. 31 Business Education Club 31 Hi-Eye Typing Staff 11C-irls Athletic Association l, 2: Shorthand Award 2. LEASA, MONA Future Homemakers ot' America 21 Business Education Club 31 Pep Club 3: Girls Athletic Association 3: Shorthand Award 2, LE FEBLR, JAMES M. - Ski Club 2, 3. LEHNER, MARGARET A. - Pep Club 1, 2, 31 Ski Club I. 21 Business Education Club 31 Pom-Pom Girls 31 Hi'Eye Circulation I, 31 Girls Athletic Association 1, 21 Gymnastics Club l. LEMKE, DEBORAH A. f Junior Varsity Cheerleader I1 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 31 Ski Club l, 21 Gymnastics Club I, 21 Pep Club l. 21 Business Education Club 3. LEMKE, ROBERT F. Latin Club I, 21 Debate Club 2, 31 Chess Club 21 Business Education Club 3. LETOURNEAU, THOMAS J. LICHTENWALD, GERARD G. Ski Club l,21 Chess Club 2, 31 Pep Club 31lntramurals 3. LINDBERG, CHRISTOPHER f Intramurals 21 Ski Club 2, 31 German Club 1. LINDBERG. CRAIG A. f Chess Club 21 Ski Club 2, 3. LITSCHER, BARBARA A. Spanish Club l1Student Council I1 Student Aid 31World Understanding Club 3. LLOYD. DOUGLAS L. Baseball l, 2. 3:Cross Country 2, 3:German Club l,31Trees for Tomorrow Workshop Scholarship 21 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, LOBERG, THOMAS German Club 2. 3, Vice President 21Ski Club 3: Intramurals 2, 3, LOBERGER. JULIE M. Girls Athletic Association 1.2, LADETKE, CHARLES I-I Transferred from Hamilton Union High School, Sussex. Wisconsin 2. LONGO, JOSEPH German Club l:Student Council 2. LORD. NANCY J. French Club I: Pep Club 2: Ski Club 21Girl's Athletic Association Z, 31 Drama Club 3. LOUIS, NANCY L. Girl's Chorus I1 A Capella Choir 2, 31 Pep Club 1. Z, 31 Spanish Club I1 Drama Club Z. 3: Secretary 2: Student Council 2, 31 Ski Club 21 Future Teachers of America 3: Girl's Athletic Association I. 2. 31 Ht-Eye Publication I: Forensics I1 "My Fair Lady" 21 "Of Thee I Sing" 31 "Solid Gold Cadillac" 3: Domestic Exchange Student to Quincy. Florida 2. LOWE. RENEE D. Student Council I1 Business Education Club 3: Girls Athletic Association 3. LUDKEY. KENNETH A. LULLOFI-', JOSEPH H, - Latin Club I, 2, 31 Intramurals 2, 3. LUIIMAN, KATHERINE R. Concert Band 31 Parade Band 31 Orchestra 31 Pep Club 31 Ski Club 31 French Club 31 Hi-Eye Staff 31 National Honor Society 2, 31 Transferred senior year from Monona Grovc High School, Monona, Wisconsin. MAAS. DONALD Latin Club 2, 3. MAGANA, WANDA L. - Girls Athletic Association 2. MAJEWSKI, RICHARD A, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 31 l'Oklahoma" I1 "My Fair Lady" 21"OfThee I Sing" 31 Madrigals 2: Junior Varsity Baseball l1Junior Varsity Basketball l1Varsity Basketball 2, 31 Varsity Baseball 1, 31 Varsity Tennis 2: Spanish Club 1, 2, 31 Student Council 1, 2, 31 Pep Club I1 Chess Club 21 Ski Club 1,31 Business Education Club 31 Reporter 31 Hi-Eye Reporter Student of the month-March 21 Madrigals 21 Student Council award 31 Intramurals I, 2, 31 Powerlifters I, 21 Domestic Exchange 2. MANN, DUANE V. f Varsity Football 21 Manager1 Intramural 21 Chess Club 21 Drama Club 3g Pep Club 3: Ski Club 31Lctterman 2. MANTPIEY, DONNA M. Latin Club I1 Future Nurses Club 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 3. MARKERT, JANICE R. Ski Club l. 2. MARX, MARY C. Latin Club 31Junior Classical League 3. MATHOS, MICHELLE A. Chorus I1 German Club 1: Ski Club 1, 31 Drama Club l, 2, 31 Spanish Club 2, 31 Pep Club I. 2, 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Cardinal Circulation Staff l. 2, 31InkwclI 2,31Girlx Athletic Association I. 3. MATTHEW. PAULA L. Girls Glee Club 2, 3: Spanish Club l, 2, 31Girls Athletic Association 1, Z, 31 Pep Club 1.2. 31 Drama Club l. Z. 31 Ski Club 2, 3: Forensics 31 Intramurals I, 3. MATTIIEW. VICTORIA L. Drama Club I1 Gymnastics 2, 31 Pep Club 21 Girls Athletic Association I, 2. MAUTHE, DANIEL A Capella Choir 2, 31German Club I. 2, 31Drama Club 3, President 31 Student of the Month 21 Forensics I: Domestic Exchange 21"My Fair Lady" 21 "Of Thee I Sing" 3. MCABBI-1. TIMOTHY J. French Club 1, 2, 31 Pep Club I, 31 Dramatics 31 Intramurals I. MCCALLUM, ANN la. Girls Glee Club 11A Capella Choir 2, 31 Madrigal Singers 31 "My Fair Lady" 2: "Of Thee I Sing" 31 Latin Club I1 Future Teachers ol' America l, 2, 31 Secretary 31 French Club 2, 3, Treasurer 33 Pep Club 21 Drama Club 21 Inkwell 31 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Vice-President 31 Youth Council 1.2, MCCARTHY, YVONNE M. Girls Glee Club I, 2, 31 Pep Club 2, 31 Future Homemakers of America 3. Secretary 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Intramurals 1, 3. MCCARTY, DEBRA A. f Regimental Band lg Marching Band 1, 21Cardinal Football Marching Band I, 21 Concert Band 21 German Club I, 2. 31 Red Cross Youth 2, 31 Future Nurses Club 2, 31 Future Teachers 2. 3: Business Education Club 3. MCCLELLAN, JANE L. German Club l, 2, 31 Pep Club I1 Future Nurses 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association I, 2: Intramurals I. MCCREADY. KEVIN F. Golf I1 Track 2, 3: German Club I, 2, 31 Pep Club 1.2, 31Ski Club 2. 31 Chess Club 21lntramurals 2, 3. MCCRORY. CATHERINE Girls Glee Club 11 Pep Club 2, 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Future Ilornemakers ot' America 2, 31 Intramurals I, 3. MCCULLOUGH, MARY ln, Latin Club I1 Spanish Club 2, 31 Pep Club 1, 21 Student Council 2, 31 Drama Club 11 National Honor Society 2,Trcasurer 31 Hialiye Reporter 1, Z, 3: Girls Athletic Association 11 Intramurals 11 Badger Girls State Representative 21 Youth Council I. 2, 3, 2nd Vice-President 31 First Place Local and Regional Spanish Speaking Contest, Second Place AATSP Test, Level I, 2. MCNINCH. CANDACE J. Girls Chorus I. 2, 31 Pep Club l, 2, 31 Spanish Club 21 Drama Club 21 German Club 3:Jogging Club 31Girls Athletic Association l, 2. 3. MEHLEIS. JOAN - Varsity Cheerleader 2, 31 French Club I, 21 Pep Club 1. 21 Girls Athletic Association l. 2. 3. MEISINGER, PETER G. Junior Varsity Wrestling 21 German Club l, 2, 3, President 21 Student Council I1 Ski Club 2, 3. Chess Club 2, 31Pep Club 2, 31Hi-Eye Advertising Staff 31 Intramurals 3. MEIXENSPERGER, DANIEL N. Chess Club 2: Ski Club 3. MEIXENSPI-IRGER, MARK lvl, Spanish Club I, 2, 31 Ski Club 31 Drama Club 3: Cardinal Advertising Staff Z, 3. MENGEL, JOSEPH P. Concert Band l. 2. 31 Stage Band l. 2, 31 Pep Band 1, 2, 3gJunior Varsity Football I1 Junior Varsity Wrestling I1 Varsity Wrestling 21 Ski Club I, Executive Board 2, 31 Latin Club lgChess Club 21 Student Council 31 National Honor Society 2, 3. MENSCII. STEVEN G. Regimental Band I1 Pep Band I, 21Concert Band 2, 31Football Band l, 2. 3: Parade Band l. Z. 31 Ski Club 3. MERHOI-'IQ MAURl-1l1N C. Girls Chorus lg Ensemble Contest l1Drama Club 11German Club 31 Pep Club I. 21 Girls Athletic Association l, 31 Cardinal Circulatiin Staff 2, 31 Ski Club 2, 31 Forensics 3: Hi-Eye Reporter 3150-inilc Jogging Club 3. MERKEL. THOMAS H, Junior Varsity Wrestling 2. MERRILL. IEANNINE A. Girls Choir I, 21 A Capella Choir 31 "Of Thee I Sing" 31 Red Cross Youth l: Student Council l, Z. 3, Secretary 31 Class Treasurer 21 Pep Club 21 Girls Athletic Association I, Z1 Youth Council 31Domesttc Exchange Student to Roanoke, Virginia 21 Delegate to Stevens Point Leadership 21 Work Shop 2. MERWIN. ALICE M. lfuture Homemakers ol' America I, 31 Inkwell 31 Forensics I, 21Transferred from Sparta Senior High School. Sparta, Wisconsin. MEYER, ANITA A. f Spanish Club 31 World Understanding Club 31 Girls Varsity Basketball 31 Interscholastic Basketball Red and White Team 31 GirI's Track 31 Transferred from St. Mary's Springs Academy 3. MEYER. DONALD J. MEYER, JUDITH A. - Girls Athletic Association 11 Latin Club I. MEYST, SARA M. - Girls Chorus l: Drama Club l, 21 Future Homemakers of America 31 Girls Athletic Association 1. MICHLER, JAMES P, Track lqlntramurals 31 Youth Council I, 2, 3, President 31 Debate Club 1. 2, 31 German Club 11 Ski Club 31 Hi-Eye Sports Staff I1 Flight Scholarship 21 Toastmasters Youth Leadership 2, MIELKE, SUSAN M. - Girls Chorus l, Z, 31 Pep Club I, 21 Spanish Club 21German Club 31 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3150-mile Jogging Club 3. MILLER, KATHLEEN MILLS, DAMON L, - Wrestling 1, 2, 31 Intramurals 3: Letter in Wrestling 2. MILTON, GERALD A. MIRAS, JOY M. - Future Homemakers of America I 1 Future Teachers of America 21 Drama Club I1 Cardinal SlalT I1 Ski Club 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association 11Transferred from Valley High School. Des Moines, Iowa at the end of Sophomore Year. MIRITZ, BETTY M. - Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, Historian 31 Red Cross Youth 31 Cardinal Advertising Staff 2. MITCHELL. ROBIN D, f Girls Choir 1. 21A Capella 31 Drama Club 1, 2, 31 Pep Club I, 2, 31Studcnt Council I, 2, 31 Senior Class Treasurer 31 Ski Club 2, 31 Pom Pom Girls 3150-mile Jogging Club 31 interscholastic Volleyball 21 Student Council Award 2: "Of Thee I Sing" 3. MOHR. DOUGLAS W, -- Cross Country 1, 2, 31 Spanish Club l, 21Lettcrnian's Club Z. 31 Chess Club 2. 31 Creative Writers 21 Ski Club 21Powerlil'tcrs 211-Ii-Eye Circulation Staff 31 White Cheerleader 31 Gymnastics 3. MOORE, STEVEN L. f Transferred from Winnebago Lutheran Academy. MORGAN, CYNTHIA K. - Girls Chorus I1 Drama Club 1, 2, 31 Debate Club 1, 21 Pep Club I, 2, 31 Future Teachers of America 1, 21 Ski Club l, 2, 31 Director l,Captain 2. Executive Board 31 Future Homemakers of America 31 Student Council Representative 31 Girls Athletic Association Z, 3: Gymnastics l, 2, 31 Girls Track Team 2, 31 Intramurals 3, MORGAN, DARYL D. Regimental Band lg Concert Band Z. 3: Pep Band 2. 33 I-outball Band 1.2. 33Stagc Band 3: Intramurals l. MORGAN, PATRICIA Girls Choir l, 21 "Oli Thee I Sing" 31A Capella 3: Latin Club litierman Club 21 Ski Club I. 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association l. Z. 31 National Merit Lettcr ol' Commendation 3. MORSTZ, ROUJEAN Red Cross Youth 33 Future Homemakers of America 3. MUliLLliR. ORIN L. Intramurals l, 23 Future Teachers ot' America 2,31Sergcant-at-Arms 3. Drama Club 2, 3:"The Solid Gold Cadillac" 3: Student Council 3: Forensics 3. MUMM, MARK A. Chess Club 2, 3. MUMM. RON Intramurals 1,33 Pep Club 3. MURRAY, WILLIAM Spanish Club 1, 2. 33 Student Council 33 Senior Class President 33 Student ot' thc Month Committee 2. NEAS, ROBERT L. NEGUS, FREDRICK W. f Track I3 Junior Varsity Football l3Varsity I-'ootball 2, 3. Hockey 1.2.31 Ski Club l. 2, 33 Letterman's Club I, 2, 3: Chess Club 2. 33 Power Lititcrs I, 2: Red Cheerleader 3. NI-IISIUS, SUSAN K. Future Homemakers ot' America 2: Business Education Club 3. NELL. LINDA J. Hi-Eye, Typist I3 Library Service Club 2, 33 German Club 2. 31 Future Teachers ot' America 3: Girls Athletic Association 3. NELSON, LYNNE L. Girls Choir l, 2, 3: "Of Thee l Sing" 33 Future Nurses Club I3 Future Homemakers of America 2. 31Skl Club I1 Red Cross Youth Club 33 Girls Athletic Association 3: Hi-Eye, Typist 1 3 Intramurals l. NEUBURG, LEE f Girls Chorus lg A Capella Choir 2. 3: "My Fair Lady" 23 "Ot Thcc I Sing" 3. Future Nurses Club lg Spanish Club l. Z1 Pep Club 23 Ski Club 3: Forensics 33 National Merit Scholarship Letter ot' Commendation 3. NEWMAN. CHARLOTTE Spanish Club l, 23 Ski Club l. 23 lfrencli Club 23 Pep Club 21 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. NEWTON. KATHY Ski Club I, 2, 3: Future Nurses Club lg I-'uture Homemakers of America 23 Student Council lgGirls Athletic Association l. Z3 Red-White Basketball l. NlNTZEL..lAMl1S S. Intramurals lLSki Club 2, 3. NOE. DONALD S. Track 23 Latin Club l3Druma Club l. Z:Chess Club 23 Ski Club 33 t'All Because of Agatha" l. NOE, THOMAS G. f Junior Varsity Wrestling 21 Varsity Wrestling 33 Debate Club l, Z, 3, Vice-President 31 Latin Club l, 2, 33 Drama Club 11 Forensics I, 3: Ski Club 2, 33 Chess Club 2,33 World Understanding Club 2, 3. O'BRlEN. D'ANN Latin Club I. 2. OELKE, GARY R. Intramurals l, 2, 31 Junior Varsity Wrestling l1Junior Varsity Track I. 0'l-IEARN. MARY I. Chorus l. 23 Spanish Club l. 2. 31 Red Cross Youth 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 33 Girls Athletic Association 2, Youth Council l. OLDFIELD, SUSAN J. Girls Chorus l: Latin Club I1 Ski Club I. 2. 3: Pep Club l, 2, 33 Student Council l, Z, 33 Girls Athletic Association l, 2. 33Gymnastics I, 2. 3: Girls Track l. 33 Student ot' the Month 2: Junior Varsity Cheerleader Z1 French Club 3. OLIG, JOSl:PH C. Junior Varsity Football l. OLSON, JAMES O'NElL, DALE A. Transferred from Rosendale High School. Rosendale. Wisconsin 2. 0'IVl'O, RICHARD A. Intramurals l, 23 Junior Varsity Wrestling I, 23 Student Council lg Spanish Club I. OZOLS, ALIzXANDRA G. Girls Chorus l:German Club I. 2, 33Ski Club 3: Dramatics 3: Honorable mention in Gorman Contest l, 23 Youth Council 3. PAGEL, KATHLEEN A. French Club l, 23 Future Nurses Club Z, 3. PARISH. PATRICIA A. PARMAN. JAMES W. Regimental Band l3Concert Band 2, 33 Pep Band l, 2, 33 Parade Band l. 2. 3: Cardinal Football Band I, 2, 3: Junior Varsity Wrestling I: Ski Club I. 2, 33 Scholarship to Purdue 21Summer Music Clinic 2, PAROW. CHRISTOPHER F. A Capella Chorus3 Transferred from Hamburg, Germany to Goodrich in 1968. PARRISH, JOHN Ill Pep Band l. 2. 3: Stage Band I, 2, 3, Football Band l, 3. Parade Band 1.2.31 Concert Band 2, 33 Regimental Band I3 Orchestra 3g Street Jazz Society 23 Purdue Summer Music Camp Scholarship 2: Junior Varsity Football Manager I3 Varsity Football Manager 23 Track I: German Club I, 2, 3: Ski Club I. 2. 33 Pep Club I3 Chess Club 23 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 3. PELOT. GARY - Junior Varsity Football ll Varsity l-'ootball 2. 31 Varsity Track I. 2. 3: Varsity Wrestling 3: Letterman's Club I, 2, 33 Weightlifting Club 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 3: Vice-President 3. PERRY, DAVID D. Junior Varsity Track I3 Varsity Track 2, 3:German Club l:Weightlifting Club I. 2. 3. PETERS, JAMES - Transferred from Sheboygan North: A Capella Choir 2, 3: "My Fair Lady" 2: Varsity Football 23 Intramurals 3: Cardinal Advertising Staff 2. PETERS, JO ANN Future Homemakcrs ot' America 3. PETERS, RAYMOND - Transferred from Santa Marta High School. Santa Maria, California 2. PETERSON, GLENN Cross Country I, 13 Track lgSpan1sh Club l, 23 Ski Club 3. PETERSON, TRUDY Spanish Club I. 2, 33 Latin Club l. 21 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association President 3: Red Cross Youth l, 2, 3: Pep Club l3 Varsity interscholastic Basketball l. 2, 3: Red-White Game l. 2, 31 Track l,Z, 33Gymnastics 2: Red-White Most Valuable Player I. PETRI. VICTORIA L. Girls Glee Club 2.33"0l"l'l1eeISing." 33 Red Cross Youth l3Girls Athletic Association 2, 33 l-'uture Nurses l, 2, 31 Girls Track l. 2, 3:Girls Intramurals 2: Student Council 3. PFUND, SALLY J. Girls Sophomore Choir ILA Capella Choir 2. 3: Madrigal 33 "Of Thee I Sing" 3: Spanish Club l, 2: Drama Club I, 23 National Honor Society 2, 3: Cardinal Co-Editor I. 2: Girls Athletic Association l,Z.31Girls Athletic Council 3: Quill and Scroll 2. PICKART, JUDITH A. Girls Athletic Association 3. PICKART, LINDA M. Girls Glcc Club 2. 3: "Of Thee I Sing" 31Chess Club 2, 3: Library Service 2, 33 Intramurals 2. PICKART, THOMAS A. Intramurals I. 2, 3: Spanish Club I. 2. 3: Pep Club 2, 33 Chess Club 2,33 Student Council 2, 33Cardinal Advertising Staff 33 Hi-Eye Advertising Staff 3. PIE, PAMELA French Club l. 2: Pep Club l, Z, PIEI-IL, FRED R. PIERCE. DALE A. PIERCE, DEBORAH M. Girl's Choir l3 A Capella Choir 2: Student Council l:World Understanding Club 33 First Place Award at Music Clinic l 3 Second Place Award at Music Clinic 2. PIERCE, JOHN W. PINNOW. SUSAN K. Girls Choir 1, 2: A Capella Choir 33 "Oli Thee I Sing" 3: Pep Club l, 2, 3: Senior Class Secretary 3: Business Education Club 3: Student Council 33 Hi-Eye Typing Staff 3: Hi-Eye Circulation Staff 3: Hi-Eye Reporter Staff 33Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Council 31 National Honor Society 2, 3: D.A.R. Award 3. PLATUKIS, JOE ANNE M. Library Service Club 3. POLINSKE. MARY JEAN K. Ski Club I3 Latin Club 2, 3: Dcbalc Club 2, 3: Red Cross Youth 2, 3: Future Nurses Club 2, 33 World Understanding Club 33 Junior Classical League 3: Girls Athletic Association 1. PUDDY. JANE f Red Cross Youth I3 Class Secretary 23 Student Council 2, 33Treasurcr 3: Pep Club 2, 3: Chess Club 2: Drama Club I, 2: Youth Council 3. PUTZ, RICHARD L. f Junior Varsity Cross Country 2: Varsity Cross Country 31 Lcttcrmank Club 2. 3. PUTZ, SUZANNE F. - Pep Club I3 Girls Athletic Association l3lntramurals 2. RAAB, THOMAS L. - Junior Varsity Football Ig Varsity lfootbull 2: Junior Varsity Wrestling I: Student Council I, 21 Treasurer 2: Latin Club l. 2, 33 Prcxitlcnt 2: Creative Writers Club 2, 3: Junior Classical League 33Spanish Club 3, Inkwell 2, 3: "The Pleasure of His Company" 2. RAULS, JON L. - Varsity Wrestling 2, 3: Junior Varsity Wrestling l3Lcttcrman's Club l, 2, 3. RAULS, JOSEPH M. - German Club I: Inkwell 2, 3. RAUTENBERG, RONALD .l. REECK, JEFFREY J. - Latin Club I, 2. 33World Understanding Club 3. REESMAN, HOLLY B. - Spanish Club l, 2. 3: Future Homcmakers of America 33 Business Education Club 33 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Council 3:Governors Award on the Essay Contest for the Handicapped 2. REINARDY, JANE E. f Latin Club l, 23 Future Teachers of America I, 2, 3: Red Cross Youth 23 Girls Athletic Association 2, 33 Pep Club 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Elks Leadership Contest-Second Place, REINES, ROBERT REIS. MARALYN F. - lnterscholastic Volleyball Narsityj 3: Girls Athletic Association 3: Transferred from the Sl, Marys Spring Academy, I-'ond du Lac, Wisconsin. RliN'l'MI'.ISTIiR, KATHLEEN L. Intramurals I, Z. 3. Rl-QQUl'.. BRITA J. lfuturc Nurses l. Z3 French Club 23 Creatine Writers Club 2. 3: Co-editor of "The Inkwell" 2, 3: Quill and Scroll Award 2: Homecoming Court 2: All School Play 3: "The Solid Gold Cadillac." Rl','l'ZLlCl-'I', MARILYN R. Spanish Club l, 2. 3: Red Cross I. 2: l-'uturc Homemakers of America 3. RICIC. KATHLEEN A. f Red Cross Youth 2: Intramurals l3G1rls Athletic Association 2. 3. RICKLI. BRIAN l-'. Wrestling 2: Ski Club I. 2. 3: Pep Club 2: Student Council 31 Cardinal Advertising 2, 33ChecrIeader tRed-Whitel 3. RIICS, NANCY C. Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Ski Club l. 2. 33 Girls Athletic Association I. 2, 33Chess Club 2. 33Cardinal Circulation Staff 2, 3: Pom Pom 33 Student Aid 31 Drama 3. RILEY. MAUREEN RILEY. SHANNON J. -f Football 1, 2, 3: Track I3 Intramurals 33 Lctturmatfs Club Z, 3: Student Council l, 2, 33 Homecoming Court 3: Cheerleader lRcd-White! 3. ROBERTS, GERALD C. ROCK, CHERYL L. Red Cross Youtlt l. ROCIUVEIT, KENT D. - Latin Club 2. RODRIGUEZ. CYNTHIA S. f Red Cross Youth I :Spanish Club I 3 Business Education Club 3. ROEHL, JANICE A. f Red Cross Youth 33 Future I-lomemakers of America 3. RONNING, BARBARA A. - Business Education Club 3. ROSE, ALAN E. - A Capella Choir I, 2, 33 Madrigal I3 Junior Varsity Football I3 Junior Varsity Basketball I3 Junior Varsity Baseball I3 Spanish Club I, 2, 31 Varsity Football Z, 3: Varsity Basketball 2, 33 Varsity Baseball 2, 3. ROSENTHAL, WILLIAM F. - French Club l, 2: Ski Club I, 2, 3: Junior Varsity Wrestling 23 Intramurals 2, 3. ROSMONOWSKI, LINDA M. - Girls Chorus l3Intramurals I, 23 Future Homemakers of America 3. ROST, ELLEN K, -- Jogging Club 3: Pep Club 3: Ski Club 3: World Understanding Club 3: Student Aide 33 Student Council 33 Drama Club 33 Girls Athletic Association 3: Transferred from Marinette High School, Marinette, Wisconsin. ROYEA, SANDRA L. Pep Band I3 Band I, Z, 3: Orchestra I, 33 Dramatics I3 Pep Club l3Frencl1 Club I3 Ski Club I, Z, 3: Gymnastics I3 Student Council 2, 3: Cardinal Advertising Staff 2: Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 33 Pom Pom Girls 2, 33 Future Nurses Club 23 Concert Band Z, 33 Pom Pom Girls President 33Girls Athletic Council 3. SABEL, CHARLES T. SALTZWADEL, SUSAN A. Girls Athletic Association I, 2. SALZWEDEL, JAMES M. SAMPSON, CINDY SANDBERG, CRAIG K. f Intramurals I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2: Ski Club 2, 3. SANDMAYR, ELAINE R. - German Club 2, 3: Future Nurses 33 Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 3, SANTEE, DALE G. SCHABEL, DENNIS Intramurals 3: Ski Club 3: Business Education Club 3. SCHAEFER, PATRICIA M. f Latin Club l3Future Nurses Club Z3 Girls Athletic Association l, 2. SCHAETZEL, KAREN M. Girls Chorus I3 Student Council I. 2, 33 Vice-President 3: Ski Club I, 2, 3: Drama Club 23 Future Teachers of America I3 Future Nurses Club 23 Pep Club l, 2: Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3: Student Council Award 1.23 Wisconsin Association Student Council Workshop, Stevens Point. SCHAFER, ANN K. - Latin Club I, 2, 3: German Club 2, 33Girls Athletic Association I, 2. 3. SCHAUB, NANCY J. German Club I, 2, 3: Pep Club 33 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3: Girls Track 2. SCHAVE, CYNTHIA R. f Ski Club 3: Intramurals I, 23 Girls Athletic Association 3. SCHEER, SUSAN M. f German Club I, 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. SCHEER, THOMAS F. - German Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 3: Intramurals 3. SCHEMMEL, DONNA L. f Girls Chorus 2, 33 French Club I3Red Cross Youth 3: Pep Club 3. SCI-IERER, JOEL C. SCHMIDT, LINDA J. f Musicals, "Oklahoma" I3 "My Fair Lady" 23 "Of Thee I Sing" 31 Girls Choir 1, 23 A Capella Choir 33Twirlers Club 2, 3: Pep Club 3: Girls Athletic Association 2, 3. SCHMIDT, PHILIP F. Student Council I. SCHLICHER, JEANNINE A. - Girls Athletic Association l, 23 Girls Choir 3. SCHMITZ, CAROLYN J. - Girls Choir l3Red Cross Youth Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer 2: Spanish Club I. 2. 3. Sergeant-At-Arms 2: Pep Club I1 Drama Club I: Girls Athletic Association 2, 33 Future I-Iomemakers of America 33 Student Council 3. SCHMITZ, LINDA A. - Red Cross Youth Club l, 23 Future Homemakers of America l3Ski Club 33 Intramurals 1. 2. 3. SCHMITZ, RALPH G. SCHNEIDER, DANIEL .l. - Intramurals I, 2. SCHNEIDER, KATHLEEN A, - French Club l, 23 Red Cross Youth Club 23 Intramurals I, 2, 3. SCHNEIDER, MARK D. - Intramurals 2. SCHNEIDER, STEPHEN F. Intramurals 1, 23 Wrestling 2, 33Weight Lifting 3. SCHNEIDER, STEVEN M, - German Club 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Intramurals 3. SCHNEIDER, WENDY A. Girls Choir I 3 Intramurals 33 lnterscholastic Volleyball 3. SCHUENUMANN, ERIC K. Hockey I, 2, 33 Lettermans Club I. SCHULTZ, SUSAN SCHUPPE, ROBERT SCHWARTZ, CHESTER W. - Junior Varsity Football l3Junior Varsity Baseball I3Ski Club 2, 3. SCHWARTZ, DARLENE M. Business Education Club 33 Red Cross Youth 33 Girls Athletic Association 3. SCHWARTZ, GAIL J. Red Cross Youth Z, 33 Future Homemakers of America 3. SCHWARTZ, GREGORY S. SCHWARTZ, SUSAN L. Intramurals I3Pep Club 2. SCOTT, MARY B. - Latin Club 1, 23 Pep Club I, 23 Drama Club I, 23 Future Teachers of America I. 2, 3, Vice President 33 French Club 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 33 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3: 50-mllc Jogging Club 33 National Merit Letter of Commendation 3. SEARL, ALLAN L. Intramurals 3. SEEFELD, KIRK SEERING, SUZANNE K, - Spanish Club I3 Pep Club 33 Red Cross 3. SEIBEL, JANE A, - Girls Chorus 13 Regimental Band I3 A Capella Choir 2, 33Concert Band 23 t'My Fair Lady" 23 "Of Thee I Sing" 33 Drama Club I, 23 German Club lg Pep Club 23 Future Teachers 2, 33Girls Athletic Association 2, 3. SERRES, GAIL M. f Girls Chorus Z3 Latin Club l, 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 Hi-Eye Advcrtising Staff I. SHARPE, GARY R. f A Capella Choir I, 2, 33 Madrigal 2, 33 Spanish Club l, 2, 3: Debate Club l3Ski Club 23 Summer Music Clinic Scholarship 23 Fond du Lac Youth Council 3. SHEPARD, ROBIN A, - Chorus 13 Student Council I, 2, 33 Ski Club I, 2, 33 Spanish Club l. Z. 33 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. SHIREY, JOHN L. V French Club I3 Debate Club 23 Ski Club 33 Intramurals 3. SINA, ANN M, - Latin Club I, 2, 33 National Honor 2, 33 Business Education 33 Girls Athletic Association 3. SINGLETON, KEITH - Chess Club 2, 33 President 3. SLAGHT, MARSHA A. v Business Education Club 3. SLAVIK, NANCY J. f Girls Chorus 13A Cappela Choir 2, 33 "Of Thee I Sing" 31 German Club I, 2, 33 Ski Club 23 World Understanding Club 33 Girls Athletic Association I. 2. 3. SLAVIN, JOHN N. - Varsity Hockey 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 Chess Club 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Transferred from St. Mary's Springs Academy, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin after Sophomore yearg Pep Club 3. SMERLING, SHEILA J. - Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Library Service Club 3. SMET, DONNA SMET, GARY D, f- Ski Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Chess Club 2, 33 Pep Club 3. SMITH, JEANNE S. SMITH, JEANNE M. - Chorus 23 Pep Club l, 33Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3,3 Spanish Club 1, 23 Ski Club 23 Intramurals l, 2, 33 Red-White l, 2. 3. SMITH, KEVIN .l. Junior Varsity Football l3Va.rsity Football 2, 33 Hockey 1, 2, 33 Track 13 French Club I3 Ski Club I, 2, 33 Executive Board Z, Vicevlfresident 33 Fondy Power-Lifters l, 23 Letterman's Club 2, 3, Vice-President 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33Girls Red Team Cheerleader 3. SMITH, TIMOTHY L. SMITHERS, STEPHEN G. - Regimental Band l3Parade Band I, 23Concert Band 2, 3. SMYTHE, MELODY A. - Future Nurses of America 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 23 Future Homemakers of America 33 Red Cross Youth 3 3 Girls Track Team 1. STAMURS, INGEBORG - Girls Choir I1 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 'lMy Fair Lady" 21Madrigal 3:"Of Thee I Sing" 31 Future Nurses I, 2, 31 Vice-President 21 President 31German Club I, 2, 3, Secretary I: Pep Club 2, 33 Drama Club 2, 33 Ski Club 33 Girls' Intramurals I, 23 First Place Class B Solo I: First Place Class A Solo 23 State Contest First Place 2. SOFFA, MICHAEL W. f- Stage Band 33 Ski Club I, 2, 33 Hi-Eye Reporter I. 2. 3: Latin Club I. 2. Delegate I: Pep Club 1.2. SONDERGARD, MARK R. - Latin Club I. SONNENBERG, PATRICIA J. Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3, Recorder 3: Business Education Club 3, Secretary 33 Circulation Staff Cardinal 3: Girls Varsity Volleyball Team 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. SONNENTAG, JOHN f German Club 2, 3: Business Education Club 31Slu Club 3, SOUTHARD, SANDRA A. f Transferred from Horace Mann High School, North Fond du Lac, 31 Girls Athletic Association 33 Jogging Club 3. SPANNBAUER, MARK SOYK, SHARON R. -f Future Nurses I3 Pep Club I3 Ski Club 2: Girls Athletic Association I, 2. 3: Pom Pom Girls I, 2, 3, Drill Captain 3. SPERBECK, WILLIAM J. SPOERRI, KATHI - Band I, 2, 33 Spanish Club I, 2, 33 Library Service Club 2, 33 Summer Music Scholarship I, 2. STANCHFIELD, THOMAS F. f Intramurals I. 2, 3. STANKE, JILL B. f German Club I, Treasurer I3 Student Council I, 3: Pep Club I. 2: Ski Club 23 Drama Club 21 Spanish Club 2, 33Girls Athletic Association I, 2.3. STARK. WAYNE L. - Junior Varsity Cross-Country 23 Varsity Cross-Country 3: Varsity Track 2, 31 Latin Club 2, 3. STARKS, AARON STAUBER. NANCY STISFFEN, JOANN M. STEFFEN, JOHN D. STEINBARTH, ROBERT L. Varsity Track l3Varsity Football 2. STEPIIANY, ALICE M. Pep Club I, 2, 3:German Club I, 2, 33 Future Teachers ol' America I. 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3: World Understanding Club 3: 50-mile Jogging Club 3: Girls Athletic Association 2, 3. STEPHANY, JOHN R. Junior Varsity Football I, Varsity Baseball I3 Junior Varsity Basketball I3 Intramural Volleyball I, 2: Varsity Football 2, 33 Weight Lifting I, 2, 33 Ski Club 2: Pep Club 2: Letterman's Club 2, 33 Student Council I3 All-State First Team Football 33 Allfonference First Team Football 3. STEPHANY. SUE - Pep Club 2, 35 Business Education Club 33 Hi-Eye Typing Staff I. 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association 33 Intramurals I, 2, 3. STIEDAMAN, KATHERINE J. Latin Club I, 2, 31 Red Cross Youth 2, 31 Ski Club 2, 3: Pep Club 31 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. STIEDAMAN, MARY A. Ree Cross Youth I, Z, 3, Vice President Z, President 3: Future Homemakers of America I, 2, 3, Vice President 2, President 33 Future Nurses Club 2. 31 Intramurals I3Ski Club 2, 33 Home Economics Crisco Award I. STOFFEL, DONALD M. STOHLGREN, SALLY A. - Girls Choir I 3 A Capella Choir 2, 33 Spanish Club I: Future Homemakers of America 1:Red Cross Youth 1, 2: Ski Club 2. 33Ifuture Teachers of America 1, 2, 33 President 3. STREAN, DEBORAH Spanish Club 33Girls Athletic Association I, 2. STREETER, DEBORAH A. - Future Homemakers of America 33 Business Education Club 33 Girls Athletic Association 3. STUBBE, DIANE M. SULLIVAN. KRYSTINE A. f Drama Club I3 German Club I3 Ski Club I. 2, 33 Pep Club l3Future Nurses Club 23Pompom Girls 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Student Council 2, 33 Cardinal Advertising 23Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 33 Red and White Game 2, 3. SULLIVAN, PATRICK SUTTER, WILLIAM H. - Ski Club 2, 33 Chess Club 23 Intramurals I. SWALBY, SUE A. TABBERT, BRIAN H. TALMA, LINDA LOU - Future Homemakers of America 2, 33 Business Education Club 33 Intramurals I3 Girls Athletic Association 3. TANK, DAVID L. - Regimental Band I3Concert Band 2, 33Pep Band I. 2, 33Marching Band I, 2,33 Stage Band I1 "Los Banditos' 2, 33 Latin Club I, 2, 3: Ski Club l3Student Council 23 German Club 33 Debate Club I3 Forensics I3 Drama Club I3IntramuraIs 1, 2, 33 Variety Show l:NationaI Honor Society 2, 3. TARPEY, RONALD TASCH, DICNA B. - Latin Club I. 23 Ski Club 2, 3:Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 31 National Honor Society 2, 31 Student Aide 2, 3. TAUTGES, MARK S. TAYLOR. KRISTEN Pep Club 33 Girls Athletic Association 33 Drama Club 33 Forensics 33 Transferred from Blooming High School, Bloomington, Illinois for Senior Year. TAYLOR, TIMOTHY German Club I, 3: Hi-Eye artist 3. TEBO. MICHAEL Regimental Band I3Concert Band 2, 33 Marching Band I, 2, 3: Junior Varsity Tennis I 3 Varsity Tennis 2: Golf 33 Intramurals 2, 3. TEBO. PAUL TEICHMILLER, ROBIN Junior Varsity Wrestling I3 Junior Varsity Football l3Varsity Football 2. TENNIS, PATRICIA Orchestra I, 2, 3: German Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 33 Ski Club 2: Student Aide 2, 33 World Understanding Club 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Girls Athletic Association 33 Cardinal Circulation 3: National Merit Letter of Commendation 3. TESTOLIN, LINDA f Future Homemakers of America 3. THEEL, KAREN J. Red Cross Club 2, 33 Future Ilomemakers of America 33 Business Education Club 3: Intramurals 2, 3. THEIS, THOMAS Student Council I3 Intramural 3. THERN, WILLIAM L. - THEYERL. SUZANNE f Future Homemakers of America I, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3: Future Teachers of America 13 Future Nurses ot' America 23 Girls Athletic Association 13 Intramurals I. 2: Girls Track Team I. THOMPSON, JAME THOMPSON, JANICE R. - Future Homemakers of America 3. TISCHER, MARY f Chorus I3 Red Cross Youth I. TITEL. THOMAS - Varsity Football 3: bettermans Club 33 Transferred from Plymouth High School, Plymouth. Wisconsin 3. TOLL, PATRICIA A. f Student Council I, 2, 33 Future Homemakers of America 3, TONJES, LYNN - Pep Band I, 23 Concert Band I, 23 Marching Band I. 23 A Capella Choir 33 Ski Club I, 2, 3, Executive Board I, 2, 3: Latin Club I3 Drama Club 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 31Student Council 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association l, 2, 33 National Honor Society 33Girls Athletic Counsel 3: Hi-Eye 2. 33 Intramurals I, 2, 33 Red-White game 2, 3: Girls lnterscholastic-Varsity 33 Badger Girls state lst Alternate 2. TOPP, JUDITH A. - German Club I: Future Homemakers of America 3: Red Cross Youth 3: Business Education Club 33 Girls Athletic Association 33 Red and White Team 31Il1ICISCIl0IL1SlIC Basketball 3. 228 TREPANIER, ROBERT TROTT. JILL A. f Girls Chorus 13A Capella Choir 2, 3: Spanish Club I. 2, 33 Drama Club 33National Honor Society-Librarian 33 Girls Athletic Association 3. TURNBLOM. JANE L. f Regimental Band I, 23 Pep Band I: Concert Band 31 Cardinal Football Marching Band 31 Parade Band 3: Business Education Club 3. UFFENBECK. CARL - Concert Band I. 2, 33 Pep Band I, 2. 3. Stage Band 2, 3: Cardinal Football Ma.rching Band l, 2, 3: Parade Band I. 2. 33 Los Banditos 3: German Club I. 3: Ski Club 2: Purdue Summer Music Camp 2. UNMUTH. MARY J. Chorus I: Intramurals I. VALE. ANN M. Orchestra I, 2, 33 Girls Choir I. 21A Capella Choir 3:Gcrman Club I, 3: Student Aide 33 Intramurals 3. VANDE BERG JR.. THEODORE K. A Capella Choir I, 2. 33 Orchestra I. 2. 33 Madrigal 2, 33 "Oklahoma" I: l'My Fair Lady" 21 "OI Thee I Sing" 33 Junior Varsity Basketball l. Varsity Basketball 2, 3 3 Varsity Track I. Z, 33 Lettermans Club 2, 33 President Junior Union Youth 2. VANDESLUNT, GREG A. VEHRS, VAN E. - Tennis I, 2, Manager I, 23 German Club I, 2, 3, Executive Board 31 Lettermans Club 2, 31Student Council I. 2, 3, Alternate 2, 3. VELASCO. ABUNDIO A. - Junior Varsity Football l3Varsity Track I, 2, 33 Lettermans Club 2. 3. VELIE. DENNIS R. VOIE, KARLA J. -f Girls Chorus l3Business Education Club 3. WAGNER, BRUCE M. ff Spanish Club I:German Club 2, WAHOSKE. PATRICIA L. f Latin Club I, 2: Red Cross Youth 33World Understanding Club 3,Girls Athletic Association 3: Future Teachers ot' America 33 Ski Club 3: Jogging Club 3. WALDSCHMIDT, JAMES G. WALLEY. ELSIE A. Transferred from Memorial High School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. WATSON. JAMES M, Junior Varsity Golf I: Spanish Club I: Ski Club 2, 33 State Math Contest Winner 2. WEBB. RALPH WEBER. JEFF WEBER, WILLIAM J. Latin Club I. WELCH. SANDRA L. Girls Glee Club I. 23A Capella Choir 33 "Of Thee I Sing" 33 Future Nurses Club I: Girls Athletic Association I, 2. 31 Junior Varsity Girls Red-White Team 33 Spanish Club 31 Red Cross Youth 3. WENDT. LINDA Future Homcmakers ot' America I. WENDT, SHARLEEN L. Girls Athletic Association 2. WESTPHAL. MICHAEL F. WETTSTFIN. GREGORY P. German Club I. 2: Pep Club 23 Drama Club 2: Ski Club 23 Student Council 2. 3. WHITE. SUSAN M. Regimental Baud I: Football Band I, 2, 3: Pep Band I. 2. 33Concert Band 2, 3. Parade Band I. 2. WI-IITTAKER. MELVIN WILDERMAN. MARY - Spanish Club I, 2, 33 French Club 2, 31 Latin Club 3: Girls Athletic Association I 1 Drama Club I 3 Junior Classical League 3. WILKE, KAREN A. Varsity lnterscholastic Red and White Team 3: Girls Athletic Association 1.3: Red Cross Youth I. 2, 33 Business Education Club 33Girls Track Z:Junior lnterscholastic 3: Junior Varsitv 3. WILLIAMS. JOAN C. f Latin Club I3 Future Nurses Club I: Library Service Club 2: Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 3. WILLIS. MARGARET A. - German Club l3French Club Z, 31 Spanish Club 3. WILSON. DEBORAH L. f Pep Club I: Varsity lnterscholastic 33 Girls Athletic Association I. 33 Student Council I:Business Education Club 33 Intramurals 2. WILSON, TERRY T. - Concert Band I. 2. 3: Tijuana Brass I3Parade Band I, 2. 33 Football Band I, 2, 33 Stage Band 33 Ski Club 2, 33 Band Award for 2nd place in district Contest 2. WILTZIUS, ELIZABETH - Future Nurses Club l,Pep Club I, 2. 3, Girls Athletic Association I, Red Cross I, 2. 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3. Pom Pom Girls l. WINTER, D. ROBERT - Junior Varsity Golf I. 2. Varsity Golf 3. Pep Club I, 2, 3, Ski Club I. 2, 3: Drama Club 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3. WISOCKI, P. MARK - Pep Club l, 2, 33 Drama Club 2, President of Drama Club 33 Ski Club 2, 33 Student Council 33 Stage Crew 2, 3. WOLFE, M. JANICE - Future Homemakers of America 33 Business Education Club 3. WOLLERMAN, A. CAROL - Basketball Intramurals 2, 31 Girls Athletic Association 3: Business Education Club 3. WOLLNER. M. JOHN Junior Varsity Cross Country I3 Varsity Cross Country 2, 33Junior Varsity Basketball I: Varsity Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Track I3 Track 2, 33 Student Council l3Letterman's Club I. 2, 3: German Club I3 Pep Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, President 33 Drama Club 3. Ili-Eye Reporter I, Assistant Sports Editor 2, Editor: Badger Boy's State 2:Quill and Scroll 2, 31 State Mathematics Contest Iglntramurals I, 2, 3: Fondy Power Lifters 2, 33 Forensics 33 Journalism Scholarship 3. YOHANN, L. BETTY YOUNG. DEBORAH Pep Club I3 Girls Athletic Association l3Pom Pom Girls 3: Intramurals I: Volleyball I 3Girls Gymnastics 2. 3. ZABOLSKE. A. CAROL Pep Club I. 2. ZANTO. R. HOWARD Spanish Club I. ZENNER, DANIEL J. Track IL Football I. ZIMMERMAN. GLENN T. Pep Club I, 2, 33 Ski Club I, 2, 33 Drama Club 33 Business Education Club 3: H1-Eye Staff I. 2. ZIMMERMAN. JANICE A. Girls Choir I, 23 Girls Athletic Association I, 2, 33Pep Club I: Drama Club 23 World Understanding Club 3: Future Homemakers of America 3. ZIMMERMAN. JUDITH M. German Club I, 2, Secretary 23 Future Nurses Club 2. 3: Drama Club 2: Ski Club 21 Girls Athletic Association 3. ZIMMERMAN. STEPHEN G. Junior Varsity Football I3 Varsity Football 2, 3: Junior Varsity Basketball I: Varsity Basketball 2, 33 Varsity Track I, 2, 33 Lctterrnan's Club I, 2, 33 Powerlifters I, 2. 3: Student Council 2, 33 Ski Club Z3 Pep Club 3: Drama Club 3: Hi-Eye Reporter 2. 3: Badger Boys State 21All-Conferllnce Football 33 Intramurals I. 2, 33 Homecoming Court 3. ZITLOW, SHIRLEY A. Pep Club I3Library Service Club 2, 3, Vice President 3. Business Education Club 33 Hi-Eye Typing Staff l3l'-li-Eye Advertising Staff 33 Girls Athletic Association I: Intramurals I. ZIVKOVICH, GLENN J. ZIVKOVICH, MARIANNE R. - Red Cross Youth I, 2, 3: Business Education Club 3. ZOCH, PEGGY J. f Forensics 3. ZORN, JOANNE - Library Service Club 2, 3, President 33 Drama Club 23 Business Education Club 3. Vice President 33 Hi-Eye Typing Staff I. ZUPKE, JANICE C. f Girls Choir I, 21 Pep Club I. 2, 3: Ski Club I. 2, 31 Future Nurses Club I, 2, 31 German Club I, 2, 33 Drama Club I, 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 World Understanding Club 33 Intramurals I, 2, 33 Girls Athletic Association 2, 3. ZWICKY, JEFF f Intramurals 1,23 3:Varsity Baseball 33 Ski Club 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Drama Club 33 Hi-Eye Circulation Staff I, 2, 3. Index '69 CLASSES English so Foreign Languages 52 Math 54 Science 56 Social Studies 58 Home Economics 60 Industrial Arts 62 Art 64 Music 66 Physical Education 68 Business Education 70 Driver Ed. 72 Special Ed. 74 Library 76 ORGANIZATIONS Cardinal 84 Hi-Eye 86 Student Council 88 National Honor Society 90 Debate 92 Creative Writers 93 Future Teachers 94 Future Homemakers 95 Future Nurses 96 Red Cross Youth 97 Latin Club 98 German Club 99 French Club 100 Spanish Club 101 World Understanding 102 Library Club 103 8 Pep Club 104 Chess Club 105 Ski Club 106 Choir 108 Orchestra 110 Band 112 ATHLETICS Varsity football 116 JV football 120 Cross country 122 Varsity basketball 124 JV basketball 128 Wrestling 130 Hockey 132 Boys intramurals 134 Weightlifting 136 Cheerleaders 138 Pom Pon Girls 140 Twirlers 141 Gymnastics 142 Girls interscholastic Basketball Girls Interscholastic Track 145 Lettermens Club 146 Interscholastic volleyball 148 GACXGAA 150 SENIORS Ablard, Mary 179 Abler, Linda 179 Adams, Ritchie 117,179 Adler, Tom 179 Albert, Virginia 96,179 Anderegg, Robert 179 144 Anderson, David 179,203 Annis, Richard 122,179 Anthony, Robert 179 Arndt, Richard 179 Bachman, Janet 179 Bacon, Carol 179 Baggett, Diane 179 Ballwanz, Ellen 179 Balnis, Linda 179 Balthazor, Alan 179 Baltz, Judy 179 Bargenquast, Robert 179 Barnes, Carol 179 Barthuly, Linda 179 Bauer, Kathleen 179 Beau, Steve 179 Bebow, Sandra 179 Beck, Joe 50,179 Beck, Richard Becker, Julia 38,86,87,94,179,218 Becker, Karen 180 Behnke, Susan 151,180 Bell, James Bengel, Judith 180 Bera, Barbara 222 Berenz, Gary Bergman, Nell 180 Bernath, Sandra 180 Berndt, Beverly 180 Berndt, Steven Bertram, Allen 180 Bertz, Steven 180 Berwig, Bonnie 180 Bestor, John 71,124,180 Bethke, Roger 180 Bickelhaupt, Judith 180 Bieniewski, Bob 181 Bird, Allen 181 Bird, James 181 Birschbach, Allan 90,181 Birschbach, Barbara 94,181 Blackburn, Connie 181 Blair, Robert Blakely, Lucy 181 Blattner, Don 24,48,55,74,84,181, 184,240 Bloedorn, Brian 181,208 Bogenhagen, James 117,147,181,192 Bond, James 28,29,35,85,1 16,1 17,119,141-6, 147,181,240 Bond, Karen 181 Bond, Karol 182,184 Bond, Thomas Bonno, Carla 182 Borndahl, Tom 182 Bosin, Richard 182 Bostwick, Stephen 182 Botdorf, Tomothy 182 Boudry, David 182 Brandt, Kristina 182,207 Braun, Barbara 182 Braun, James 182,204 Breister, Beverly 182 Brickle, Mike Brown, Henry Brown, Karen 182 Bublitz, Darlene 182 Bublitz, Diane Buckarma, Mary 96,182 Buehrens, Barbara 182 Buell, Suzanne 182 Buelow, William Burkhardt, James Burroughs, Bonnie 182,187 Carling, Calvin 182 Casper, Stephen 50,182 229 Chadbourne, Donald 182 Chaloupka, John 182 Checki, Peter 182 Christ, Fred 182 Christensen, Sandra 22,181,185 Christie, Kay 185 Christie, Richard 185 Clark, Bernard 185 Cleveland, Paul 185 Collar, Randy Colward, Renee 185 Commo, Leslie 185 Cowles, Jeffrey 24,185 Cunzenheim, Lynne Daley, Diane 185 Davies, Michael 105,185 Deanovich, Howard 34,117,185 DeJong, James 88,89 Deslsles, Rosemary 180,185 Detert, Susan 185 Diener, Kristine 38,185 Dion, Denise 96,185 Dittel, Diane 185 Ditter, Lawrence 185 Domenget, David 24,185 Donovan, Mary Dorn, Sharon 185 Dorst, Thomas 185 Dowler, Charles 185 Draves, Robin 185,211 Dreifuerst, Jean 185 Dudley, Daryl 117,222 Dunn, Timothy 122,186 Dvorak, Carey 186 Eaton, Margaret 186 Ehlert, Marceine 186,223 Eigenbrodt, Jacqueline 145,186 Emery, Mary 186 Emmer, Dale 186 Erichson, Einar 36,186,223 Erickson, Patricia 186 Evans, Barbara 186 Evans, Kim i124,1 25,1 26,1 86 Everix, Robert 186 Ewerdt, Debbie 186 Ewerdt, Donald 186 Faris, Steven 186 Farvour, Gerald 186 Felda, Brian 33,85,124,125,186 216 240 Feldmann, Brooks 186 Ferris, Mary 186 Feuerhammer, William 186 Fiebig, Cynthia 148,178,186,187 203 Fields, Roger 186 Fink, Catherine 186 Fischer, Jan 186 Fischer, Jean 186 Fischer, Karen 60,148,186 Flood, Barbara 186 Fontanna, Thomas 186 Forester, Jerome 182 French, Jeff Freund, Joan 189 Freund, Melvin 117,146,189 Friedel, Kristine 189 Friess, Tim 183,189 Fritz, Mary 189 Fryda, Bruce 189 Fryda, James 189 Fuhrman, Michael 24,189 Furnner, Susan 189 Gajeski, Roger 189 Galle, Bonnie 189 Galles, Mike 117,124,125,189 Gardner, William 189 Garrett, Sandra 181,189 Gau, Arlene 96,189 Georg, Betsy 86,92,189,195 Giere, Donna 189 Gilmore, Carl 189 Goeser, Debbie Gottinger, Mark 189 Goudy, Thomas 189 Goyer, James Grailer, Joseph 189 Graves, Gary 189 Graves, Julia 26,28,29,37,64,l38,189,195 Gray, Thomas 189 Greene, Harold 189 Greuel, Jayne 190 Gribben, Thomas Griffin, Catherine 39,52,1 90,207,2 1 5 Groh, Steven 190 Gross, Reed 190 Gross, Rocky 190 Gulbrand, Rick 190 Gulig, Gary Gurno, Deborah 97,190 Gurno, Edward 190 Gustin, David 122,190 Guyette, Mark 136,137 Haase, Wilbert 190 Hackbarth, Mark 190 Haessly, John Halter, Jean 190 Halter, Martha 52,190 Hamberger, Craig 190 Handley, Pamela 148,190,195 Hanisch, Paul 190 Hanke, Bruce 190 Hansen, Dennis 190 Hanson, Lawrence 190 1-larmer, Barbara 190 Harper, Judy 190 Hayward, Michael 185 Hefter, Barbara Heisler, Gerald 190 Hencke, Daniel 190 Hendricks, Thomas Henning, Cheryl Henslin, Bonnie 193 Herman, Carol 193 Herres, Theresa 193 Herrmann, Christine Hewitt, Gregory 193 Hoard, Jeffrey 147,181,193 Hobbs, Deidre 151,193 Hoepfner, Mary 193 Hoffman, Helen 193 Hofmann, Robert 193 Holman, John 193 Hoops, Sandra Hoyt, Mary 29,193 Huber, Michael 193 Huebner, Ray 193 Hughes, Karen 193 Huhn, Lois 193 Hull, Donald 193 Huth, Betty 193 Jabali, lraj 180 Jaber, Christine 193 Jacobs, John 193 Jacobs, Sandra 193 Jaeger, Melissa Jenneke, Karen 148,151,193,203 Joel, Jon 193 Johannes, Jeff 193 Johnson, Cary Johnson, Duane Johnson, Kent 194 Johnson, Ronald 194 Jones, Deanna 79,194 Jorgenson, Daniel 194 Julka, Peter 23,87,86,194,203 Kaemmer, Craig 39,52,194 Karst, Patricia 85,194,2l6,223,240 Karpathian, Kerry 194 Kastorff, Gary 40,56,194,197 Kastorff, Kenneth Kees, Karen 144,194,223 Kelly, Robert 194 Kendell, Diane 194 Kennedy, Mark 194 Kiehnau, Debra 180,194,240 Kimble, Kathleen 194 Kimple, Lawrence 194 King, John 194 King, Ronald 194 Klake, Mary 35,61,194,203,240 Klapperich, Linda 194 Klein, Richard 194 Kleinhans, James 194 Klintworth, Joy Klinzing, Joseph 25,29,1 17,146,19 Kloetzke, Donald 24 Klebs, Ronald Klotz, Stephen 24,117,147,196 Knueppel, Joseph 196 Knuth, Karen 196 Knutson, Beatrice 196 Kocos, Jeffrey 196 Koenig, Darlene 196 Koenigs, Raymond 196 Koepke, Gary 196 Konz, Kristin 69,196 Korell, Diane 43,88,195,196 Koren, Karen 196 Kosterman, Kathleen 196 Kottke, Gail 196 Kraemer, Kathie Kramer, Connie 196 Kramer, Gregory 25,117 Kranig, John 196 Kraus, Linda 196 Kraus, Paul 196 Kraus, Susan 196 Krause, Kenneth 117,124,196 Krauss, Robert 196 Kremer, Ann Kroes, Barbara 196 Krueger, Kathleen 196 Krumbein, Randal 196 Kryzyanowski, Susan 199 Kubelt, Nancy 22,199 Kuenzi, Jim Kuhnz, Jeff 199 Kuhnz, Ted 32,199 Kurzynski, Edward 199 Kurzynski, John 199 Kuter, James 24,199 LaBorde, Anne 36,1 38,1 81,1 88,19 Lakin, Jim 199 Lambeseder, Susan 199 Landerman, Joan 199 Landerman, Nancy 199 Lang, Robert 199 Lange, Karen 199 Lange, Phyllis 199 Lapine, Barbara 199 LaShay, Dennis 199 Late, Liivi 199 Lauer, Steve 199 Launders, Sharon 199 Leasa, Mona 187,199 Lefeber, Jim 24,181,199 Lehner, Margaret 22,199 Lemke, Deborah 138,199,189 Lemke, Robert 200 230 4 9 Letourneau, Thomas 200 Lichtenwald, Gerard 200,204 Lindberg, Chris 200 Lindberg, Craig 200 Litscher, Barbara 200 Lloyd, Douglas 122,200 Loberg, Tom 200 Loberger, Julie 200 Loedtke, Charles Longo, Joe 43,200 Lord, Nancy 200 Louis, Nancy 39,200,21 1,2 1 5,94 Lowe, Renee 200 Ludkey, Kenneth 200 Lueloff, Joseph 200 Luhman, Catherine 200 Maas, Donald 200 Magana, Wanda Majewski, Richard 24,43,l98,l24 Mann, Duane 200 Manthey, Donna 200 Markert, Janice 200 Marx, Mary 200 Mathos, Michele 35,200 Matthew, Paula 35,200,187 Matthew, Victoria 200,140,192 Mauthe, Daniel 39,202 McAbee, Timothy 202 McCallum, Ann 202 McCarthy, Yvonne 202 McCarty, Debra 35,203 McClellan, Jane 202 McCready, Kevin 202 McCrory, Cathie 202 McCullough, Mary 90,202 McNinch, Candace 202 Mehleis, Joan 138,202 Meisinger, Pete 202 Meixensperger, Daneil 202 Meixensperger, Mark 202 Mengel, Joseph 202 Mensch, Steve 202 Merhoff, Maureen 69,202,207 Merkel, Thomas 202 Merrill, Jeannine 89,202 Merwin, Alice Meyer, Anita 202 Meyer, Donald 202 Meyer, Judith 202 Meyst, Sara 202 Michler, James 202 Mielke, Susan 205 Miller, Kathleen Mills, Damon 205 Milton, Gerald 205 Miras, Joy 205 X Miritz, Betty 96,205 Mitchell, Robin 178,205 Mohr, Douglas 25,205 Moore, Steve Morgan, Cynthia 205 Morgan, Daryl 205 Morgan, Patricia 205 Mortz, Roujean 205 Mueller, Mumm, Orin 39,9-4,205 Mark 205 Mumm, Ronald 205 Murray, William 178,1 79,205,208 209 Neas, Robert 205 Negus, Fred 74,75,1 17,205,164 Neisius, Susan 205 Nell, Linda 205 Nelson, Lynne 205 Neuberg, Lee 205 Newman, Charlotte 205 Newton, Kathleen 205 Van Vleet, Steve 32,218 Nintzel, James 205 Noe, Donald 58,206 Noe, Thomas 92 O'Brien, D'Ann 206 Oelke, Gary 206 O'Hearn, Mary 206 Oldfield, Susan 206 Olig, Joseph 206 Olson, Brian 206 Olson, James 206 O'Neil, Dale 206 Otto, Richard 206 Ozols, Alexandra 206 Pagel, Kathleen 206 Parrish, John G. 111206 Parish, Patricia Parman, James 206 Parow, Christopher 36,89 Parrish, John Pelot, Gary 29,117,206 Perry, David 206 Peters, James 206 Peters, Joann 206 Peters, Raymond 206 Peterson, Glenn 206 Peterson, Trudy l44,148,195,206 Petri, Victoria 206 Pfund, Sally Jo 85,151,206 Pickart, Judith 206 Pickart, Linda 209 Pickart, Tom 209 Pie, Pamela Piehl, Fred 209 Pierce, Dale Pierce, Deborah 209 Pierce, John Pinnow, Susan 34,151,178,203,209,219 Platukis, Joe Anne Polinske, Mary Puddy, Jane 209 Putz, Richard 122,209 Putz, Suzanne 209 Raab, Thomas 92,93,209 Rauls, Jon 209 Rauls, Joseph 209 Rautenberg, Ronald 209 Reeck, Jeffrey 209 Reesman, Holly 61,151,209 Reinardy, Jane 209 Reines, Robert Reis, Maralyn 148,209 Rentmeister, Kathleen Reque, Brita 92,9 3,209 Retzleff, Marilyn 209 Rice, Kathy 209 Rickli, Brian 24,209 Ries, Nancy 209 Riley, Maureen Riley, Shannon 29,117,209 Roberts, Gerald Rock, Cheryl 209 Rockweit, Kent 209 Rodriguez, Cynthia 210 Roehl, Janice 96,210 Ronning, Barbara 210 Rose, Alan 117,124,127,210 Rosenthal, William Rosmonowski, Linda 210 Rost, Ellen 210 Royea, Sandra 151,210 Sabel, Charles Saltzwedel, Susan 210 Salzwedel, James Sampson, Cindy 210 Sandberg, Craig 204 Sandmayr, Elaine 210 Santee, Dale 210 Schabel, Dennis 210 Schaefer, Patricia 2 10 Schaetzel, Karen 64,181,210 Schafer, Ann 210 Schaub, Nancy 210 Schave, Cynthia 210 Scheer, Susan 210 Scheer, Thomas 210 Schemmel, Donna 190 Scherer, Joel 210 Schlicher, Jeannine Schmitz, Carolyn Schmidt, Linda 141,210 Schmidt, Philip Schmitz, Carolyn 210 Schmitz, Linda 210 Schmitz, Ralph 210 Schneider, Daniel 213 Schneider, Kathy 213 Schneider, Mark 213 Schneider, Stephen 213 Schneider, Steven 213 Schneider, Wendy 148,213 Schuenemann, Eric 213 Schultz, Susan Schuppe, Bob 213 Schwartz, Chester 184,213 Schwartz, Darlene 70,213 Schwartz, Gail 213 Schwartz, Greg 213 Schwartz, Sue 213 Scott, Mary 213 Searl, Allan 213 Seefeld, Kirk Seering, Suzanne 213 Seibel, Jane 94,213 Serres, Gail 213 Sharpe, Gary 38,74,75,213 Shepard, Robin 213 Shirey, John 213 Sina, Ann 213 Singleton, Keith Slaght, Marsha 213 Slavik, Nancy 213 Stiedaman, Mary 217 Stoffel, Donald 217 Stohlgren, Sally 217 Strean, Debbie 217 Strebe, John Streeter, Debby 217 Stubbe, Diane 217 Sullivan, Krystine 217 Sullivan, Patrick Sutter, William 217 Swalby, Sue 193 Tabbert, Brian Talma, Linda 217 Tank, David 217 Tarpey, Ronald Tasch, Dena 217 Tautges, Mark 217 Taylor, Kristen 217 Taylor, Timothy 217 Tebo, Mike 24,217 Tebo, Paul 217 Teichmiller, Robin 217 Tennis, Patricia 55,98,2 Testolin, Linda 218 Theel, Karen 218 Theis, Tom Thern, William 218 Theyerl, Sue 218 Thompson, Jane 218 Thompson, Janice 218 Tischer, Mary 218 Titel, Thomas 117,218 Toll, Patti 218 18 Torijes, Lynn 43,50,144,151,203,218 Topp, Judith 218 Trepanier, Robert 218 Trott, Jill 218 Turnbloom, Jane 218 Uffenbeck, Carl 211 Unmuth, Mary 218 Vale, Ann 208,218 Vande Berg, Theodore 124,218 Vandeslunt, Greg 218 Slavin, John 214 Smerling, Sheila 214 Smet, Donna 214 Smet, Gary 214 Smith, Jeanne D. 214 Smith, Jeanne S. 214 Smith, Kevin 35,117,146,214 Smith, Timothy 214 Smithers, Steven 214 Smythe, Melody 214 Stamurs, Inge Soffa, Mike 214 Sondergard, Mark 214 Sorinenberg, Patricia 148,214 Sonnentag, John 214 Southard, Sandra 214 Soyk, Sharon 214 Spannbauer, Mark Sperbeck, William Spoerri, Kathi 214 Stanchfield, Thomas 214 Stanke, Jill 214 Stark, Wayne 122,214 Starks, Aaron 214 Stauber, Nancy 214 Steffen, Joann 214 Steffen, John 217 Steinbarth, Robert 217 Stephany, Alice 217 Stephany, John 117,119,217 Stephany, Sue 217 Stiedaman, Katherine 217 231 Vehrs, Van 221 Velasco, Abundio 221 Velie, Dennis Voie, Karla 221 Wagner, Bruce Wahoske, Patricia 221 Waldschmidt, James 221 Wally, Elsie Watson, James Webb, Weber Weber Welch, Wendt, Wendt, Ralph Jeff William 221 Sandra 221 Linda 221 Sharleen 221 Westphal, Michael 221 Wettstein, Gregory 211,221 White, Susan 221 Whittaker, Melvin 221 Wilderman, Mary 221 Wilke, Karen 149,221 Williams, Joan 221 Willis, Margaret 221 Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Terry 203,211,221 Wiltzius, Beth 221 Winter, Robert 221 Wisocki, Mark 222 Wolff, Janice 222 Wollerman, Carol 222 Wouner, John 23,s6,s7,9o,122,124,147 187,203,222 Yohann, Betty 222 Young, Deborah 148,222 Zabolski, Carol 222 Zanto, Howard 222 Zenner, Dan 222 Zimmerman, Glenn 222 Zimmerman, Janice Zimmerman, Judith 222 Zimmerman, Steven 29,85, 222 Zitlow, Shirley 222 Zivkovich, Glenn 222 Zivkovich, Mariann 222 Zoch, Peggy 222 Zorn, Joanne 222 Zupke, Janice 96,222 Zwicky, Jeff 222 JUNIORS Abler, Susan 167 Abler, Thomas 167 Adams, Daniel 117,136,1 Adelman, Mary 167 Albertin, James 117,167 Alf, Nancy 167 Alf, Sandra 167 Anderegg, David 92,167 Anderson, Gregory 167 Anderson, Steven 167 Anheuser, Steven 167 Arndt, Sherry 167 Asmus, Roy 167 Atkinson, Paul 167 Bacon, Randy 167 Bacon, Terry Bacon, William 167 Balken, Edan 167 Balthazor, Deborah 167 Barbeau, Renee 167 Barbeau, Theresa 167 Barber, Pamela 167 Barnes, Eleanor 167 Bartelt, Deborah 167 Barth, Patricia 167 Bastian, David 124,167 Batchelder, Patty 167 Bauer, James 167 Bauer, Jerome 167 Bauer, Marcia 167 Beard, Deborah 167 Beardsley, Betsy 167 Beau, Greg 167 Bechlem, Joseph 167 Becker, Gail 140,167 Becker, Michael 117,167 Behnke, Stephen Beirne, Patti 167 Benedict, William 167 Bensman, Susan 167 Benson, David 167,175 Benson, Terry 167 Benzel, Marlin 167 Benzel, Patricia 167 Berens, Larry 167 Bertram, Steven 167 Bertuleit, Linda 167,176 Bertz, Jeffery 167 Bertz, Richard 167 Bestor, Lawrence 167 Betty, Daniel 167 Bickelhaupt, Barbara 167 Bird, Linda 167 Birschbach, Sandra 167 Birschbach, Susan 167 37,167 117,124,147, Blackburn, Jean 167 Blair, Richard 167 Blatz, C harles Blish, Susan 167 Block, Robert 167 Blumen feld, Judy 167 Bohlman, Daniel 167 Bohlman, Stephan 167 Bond, P Bonzele atricia 167 t, John 167 Boone, Stephen 167 Bostwic k, John 167 Bothe, Diane 167 Bowen, Donald 167 Boyle, Eugene 167 Braatz, Sharene 167 Bradfor, Bonnie 168 Braun, John 168 Breister Breitzm Brenner Brickle, Brien, S ,Sherry 168 an, Allan 168 , Stephen 168 Brian 168 usan 168 Briggs, Michael 168 Brookins, Brad Brown, Diane 168 Brown, Donna 168 Brown, Janice 168 Brown, John 168 Brown, Kenneth 168 Brown, Patrice 168 Bruflat, Robert 168 Bublitz, Pamela 141,168 Buch, Bryan 168 Buch, Margot 168,203 Buechel, Joseph 168 Buehrens, David 168 Buelow, Annette 168 Burgess, Diane 29,168 Burke, David 168 Burnett, Linda 168 Burns, John Burton, Sheila 168 Cameron, Bruce 168 Candlish, Craig Carew, Julie 168,170 Carling, Liana 168 Carlson, Dale 168 Carlson, Richard 168 Casper, Judith 168 Cerny, Glen 124,168 Chase, Rollie Chirolis, Georgia 168 Christensen, Robert 117,168,174 Chudd, Christine 168,94 Clark, Carl 168 Clark, Tom 117,120,l21,168 Cleveland, Paula 168 Collins, John 168 Colton, Gary 168 Comeaux, Kathryn 75,168 Compton, Robert 168 Cooley, James 168 Crabtree, Brett 168 Cruciani, Julie 168,170 Cruckson, Stephanie 64,84,l41,168,170 Crumer, Bernice 168 Cummins, Mary 97,168 Curran, Bradley 168 Curran, Terry 168 Curran, Timothy 168 Curtis, Douglas 168 Davis, Michael Deanovich, Susan 168 Deleon, Benito 117,168 DeNe1l, Robert 86,87,1 17,1 18,168 232 De Troye, James 168 Diaz, Deborah 168 Diaz, Dennis 168 Diaz, Linda 168 Diener, Alan 168 Diener, Cathy 29,148,169 Dilts, Dennis Dittel, Donna 169 Doiel, Darcy 168,169 Dolan, Christine 169 Dorst, John 169 Doyle, Brian 169 Drollinger, Donald 169 Dudley, Debra 169 Duket, Diane 169 Duley, Rick 169 Dussault, Randy 169 Elias, Cathie 148,169 Edkins, Jacqueline Edwards, Stanley 169,240 Ehlert, Marcia 169 Eiring, Barbara 169 Ellison, Lynn 169 Engel, Ronald 169 Erickson, Paula 169 Evans, Dennis 169 Evans, Doreen 40,169 Ewald, Daniel 169 Faust, Michael 169 Fee, Maureen 169 Fero, Steven 169 Fink, Linda 169 Fink, Richard 169 Fitzgerald, Larry 169 Flemming, Mark 169 Fletcher, Carol 169 Ford, Gerald 117,169 Foss, Jean 169 Foster, Alice 169 Foster, Susan 169 Fowler, Craig 169 Fowler, Bob Frank, Denise 169 Freund, Donna 169 Freund, Kathleen 169 Freund, Rosemary 169 Freund, Thomas 169 Friess, Michael 169 Fucik, Tony 169 Fuller, Mary 169 Gabel, Michael 169 Gaertig, James 169 Gajeski, Karen 169 Gannon, Debra 169 Garrett, Valerie 166,169 Gau, Janet 169 Geiger, Lee 43,166,169 George, Timothy 169 Gerner, Steve 169 Geritts, Sandra 169 Giese, Charles 169 Giese, Dennis 169 Giese, Linda 169 Gjertson, Richard 169 Gneiser, Debra 169 Goebel, Patrick 169 Goldapske, Gregg 169 Gough, John 169 Goyer, Carolyn 169 Grams, Susan 169 Griffin, Bonnie 169 Grimmer, Karen 169 Groeschl, Candyce 169 Grunig, Paulette 169 Gudex, Nancy 171 Guell, Diane 171 Gustavus, Ricky 85,171 Habeck, Sandra 171 Hackbarth, Brian 171 Haensgen, Linda 171 Hagedorn, Scott 171 Halfman, Robert 171 Hamm, John 171 Hamm, Richard 171 Hammang, Chris 171 Hammang, David 171 Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Harkins, Harmer, Harney, Harvey, Haskins, Char 141,171 Lynn 171 Susan 171 David Terry 171 Brian ll7,124,l7 Laura 171 Lee 171 Hass, Margaret 171 Hayden, Karen 40,171 Headley, Eyleen 171 Hebenstreich, Mary 171 Hefter, Linda 171 Henning, Sheryl Henning, Thomas 171 Henry, James 171 Henscin, Bonnie 171 Herbert, Mark 171 Herr, Mary 171 Herschleb, Susan 171 Heruth, Deborah 171 Hinkley, Steven 171,176 Hinze, Victor 171 Hjelden, Karen 171 Hoerth, Judith 171 Hoey, Debra Hoffman, Roseanne 171 Hoffos, Melanie 171 Hollander, Robert 117,121 1-lolz, Louis Holzman, Nancy 171 Hoover, Cathleen 171,203 Horn, Charlene 171 Huberty, Joseph 171 Huck, Deborah 171 Hurwitz, Allen 171 Hutter, Thomas lmmel, Dale 171 lmmel, John 171 lmmel, Rodney 171 Isley, Dennis 171 Jackson, Preston 177 Jagdfeld, Robert 171 Jewson, Ardena 171 Joel, Vickie 171 Johannes, Sharon 171 Johns, Kurt 171 Johns, Nancy Johnson, Craig 177 Johnson, John 171 Johnson, Lyle 171 Johnson, Mary 171 Jones, William 117, 171 Jorgenson, Patricia 171 Joss, Mark 171 Julka, Rosalie 171 Kairis, Darlene 171 Kaiser, Jeffery 171 Kassick, Suzette Kawleski, Richard 171 Kedinger, Mark 171 Kelly, Betty 35,171,172 Kennedy, Michael 171 Kennedy, Scott 171 Kenyon, Kathryn 40,171 Ketten, Helen 171 ,171 Keys, Deborah 171 Keip, Terry Kimpel, Pamela 171 Kind, Rose 171 King, William 171 Klaske, Scott 171 Klee, Mary Pat 171 Klima, Timothy 171 Klinzing, Kathryn 140,143,14 Knapp, Gregory 171 Knight, Alan 171 Knubis, Gunars, 92,171 Kobs, Tyler 171 Koehler, Leigh 171 Koehler, Robert 171 Koenigs, James 171 Koenig, Julie Kolb, Christine 171 Kohls, Carol Kolitz, William 171 Kolstad, Stephen 171 Konen, Judith Konopisos, Sandra 171 Korrer, Michael 172 Kosloske, Connie 172 Kosterman, Jerome 117,172 Kott, Susan 172 Kowalski, William 172 Kraus, Christine 172 Kraus, Daniel 172 Kraus, Karen 172 Kraus, Mary 172 Krause, William 172 Kremer, Jennifer 172 Kremer, Jeffery 172 Krug, John 172 Krug, Stephen 172 Krug, William 172 Kuckuck, Robert 172 Kuenzi, Mary 172 Kuitert, Daniel 172 Kulaga, Karen 172 Kulibert, Eileen 172 Kunasch, Jerome 136,172 Kunasch, Thomas 136,172 Kwaterski, Laura 172 Langacker, Michael 172 Laning, Keith 172 Lane, Paul 39,172 Lapine, Bonnie 172 Larson, James 172 LaShay, Donna 172 Late, Luule 40,172 Lauber, Geralyn 172 Lavernz, Mark 166,172 Law, Gerald 172 Leake, Susan 172 Lefeber, Michael 172 Leiserling, Gary 172 Leitner, William 172 LeMense, Robert 172 LeMieux, Deborah 172 Lemke, Ruth Ann 172 Lennop, Bette 97,172 Lindgren, Kathleen 172 Lloyd, Susan 172 Loehr, Sandra 172 Look, David 172 Luby, James 172 Ludkey, Robert 172 Ludkey, Sue 172 Luttenberger, Catherine 172 Luttenberger, Walter 172,122 McCallum, John 173 McCoy, Daniel 173 McCullough, Kathleen 92,173 233 71 McDermott, Craig 173 McEvoy, Kathy 173 McEssey, Jerry 62,173 McLain, Mary 86,148,173 Maas, Linda 172 MacKenzie, Diane 172 Magdefrau, John 172 Maillard, Kaye 149,172 Maki, John 124,172 Malson, Kenneth 172 Mand, Diane 172 Mand, Joyce 172 Manis, Stuart 172 Mann, Michael 39,172 Manthey, John 172 Marrs, Melinda 138,172 Marschall, Ervin 172 Martin, Daniel 172 Martin, Kathy 172 Marvin, Sheila Marx, Mary 172 Mashock, Donna 173 Mathers, Linda 173 Mauer, Robert 173 Mayer, David Meilahn, Richard 173 Meisenburg, Suzann 97,173 Meisinger, James 173 Merkel, Marlene 173 Mertens, Marlene 173 Mesner, Deborah 148,173 Michaels, David 173 Mielke, Eugene 173 Mielke, Lee 173 Miller, Amy 173 Miller, Deborah 173 Minnich, Joyce 173 Mitzelfeldt, Cheryl 173 Mitzelfeldt, Maxine 173 Moon, Vicki 173 Moore, Jacqueline 173 Moore, Karla 173 Moreau, David 173 Morgan, Sharon 173 Mueller, Jeffery Mumm, Paul 136,137,117,173 Murray, David 173 Myrechuck, John 173 Nelson, Janet 173 Nelson, Maureen 173 Nelson, Michael 173 Nett, Andrew 173 Nett, Kathy 173 Nibbe, Robert 173 Nielsen, Daniel 173 Nilsen, Gary 173 O'Hearn, Patricia 173 Olson, William 117,124,l27,173 O'Neil, Faye Ottery, John 173 Pagel, Robert 173 Pagel, Susan 173 Palkovich, Mary 173 Palzean, Ronald 174 Parker, Dawn 173 Pasvantis, Debbie Paulick, Gregory 173 Peebles, Margaret 173 Peebles, Michael J. Peebles, Ronald Pendergast, Anita 173 Peters, Barbara F. 173 Peters, Barbara M. 140,173 Peters, Hazel 173 Peterson, Martha 173 Peterson, Mark 173 Peterson, Mary 173 Petrie, Robert 173 Pie, Peter 27,173 Pinkert, Victoria 141,173,175 Pitzen, Rodney 173 Plaisance, Barbara Platt, Donna 173 Plonsky, Jim Polzean, Ronald Pommerich, Steven 173 Possin, Kenneth 173 Possin, Robert 173 Potts, Christine 173 Prink, Beverly 173 Provot, Kenneth 174 Puddy, Patricia 174 Quackenboss, Mary 174 Race, Eugene 122,174 Race, Kathleen 174 Radtke, Michelle 75,174 Rahll, Janice 174 Ramirez, Colin Ramirez, Joseph Ramirez, Mike 174 Ramsey, Beverly 174 Randall, Paula 174 Rasmussen, Susan 174,176 Rathman, Gary Redman, Sandra 174 Reed, Cynthia 174 Reinardy, Donald 174 Reitz, Gail 174 Reitz, Mary 174 Reitz, Roxanna 174 Renderman, Betty 144,148,174 Reque, Lisa 40,148,174 Reschke, Bobbie 174 Resop, Betty 174 Reynolds, Roger 174 Rice, Guy 174 Richter, Michael A. 122,174 Richter, Michael J. 174 Riese, Barbara 94,174 Roberts, Christine 170,174 Scharf, Gerald 174 Scharf, James 174 Scheiback, Gayle 174 Shallinger, Bonnie 174 Scheuers, Sandra 174 Schick, Margaret 174 Schindelholz, Martin 174 Schlicher, Keith 175 Schmidlkofer, Barbara 141 Schmidt, Denise 175 Schmitz, Cecelia 174 Schmitz David 174 Schmitz, Thomas 175 Schmitz, Donald 175 Schneider, Allen 175 Schneider, Catherine 175 Schneider, Joseph 175 Schneider, Robert 175 Schob, Dale 175 ,174 Michael 177 Roberts, Jean Rockweit, Kurt Rodman, Patricia 174 Roehrig, Robert 174 Rolling, John 174 Ronning, Tom 174 Rose, Laura 138,174 Rosenberg, Kathy 174 Rosenthal, Lois 174 Rost, Barbara 174 Royea, Chergyl 34,40,139,166,174 Ruddy, Kathleen 174 Rueping, John 92,174 Ruppel, Donald 174 Rutlin, Kathleen 174 Sabel, Gilbert Sabel, Jane 174 Sabel, John 174 Sabel, Nancy 174 Sabel, Richard 174 Sabel, Susan 174 Sabel, Terri 174 Salaja, George 174 Salchert, James 174 Sampson, Sampson, Saunders, Scannell, Schaefer, Schaefer, Schaefer, Michael 174 Sandra 174 Larry John 174 Gary 174 Gregory 35,117,174 Robert 174 Scharf, Diane 174 Schroeder, Mark 175 Schroeder, Janet 175 Schuh, Robert 175 Schumacher, Anthony 175 Schuelke, Roger 175 Schultz, Daniel 175 Schultz, Deborah 175 Schultz, John 175 Schwark, Steven 117,175 Schwartz, Dennis 175 Searl, Debbie 175 sean, Kathy 138,175 Sears, Scott 175 Seibel, Terrence 175 Serres, Kathy 175 Shannon, Michael 175 Shafer, Jeffery Shafer, Michael Shaw, Cheryl 175 Shaw, Janet 175 Sheppard, Leath 175 Shirey, Christine 145,175 Siedschlag, Ronald 175 Simons, Ross 92,93,175 Simpson, Debra 175 Sina, Charles 117,175 Singleton, Debbie 175 Sippel, Joan 175 Skrenes, Danny Smet, Joann 175 Smet, Kathleen 175 Smet, Larry 175 Smith, Ottis 175 Snider, Jerome 175 Snyder, Raymond 175 Sonnenberg, Nancy 175 Soukup, Pamela 175 Soyk, Patrice Spears, Ramona 177 Sperbeck, Mary 177 Spoerke, Laura 139,148,177 Stahmann, Rosemary 92 ,177 Stark, Gary 122,177 Steffes, Eloise 177 Steinbarth, Jean 177 Stephany, Linda 177 Stewart, Kathy 177 Stokely, Daniel 177 Stokosa, Patricia 177 Strean, Gregory 177 Strelow, Yvonne 40,177 Stroebel, George 177 Strutz, Dennis 175 Stubbe, James 177 Stuck, Marlene 177 Sturtz, Nyla 177 Sullivan, Laurie 234 Sullivan, Terese 42,177 Sullivan, Pat Summerville, Stephen 177 Svec, Dorthy 177 Swalby, James 177 Swantz, Milton 177 Syms, Michael 177 Swartz, Jill 177 Tabbert, Carol Tadych, Marcia 177 Tank, Marilyn 177 Tarpey, Robert Tasch, Lois Tegen, Philip 177 Tegen, Phyllis 177 Teskey, Donna 177 Theis, Mary 177 Theyerl, Linda 177 Theyerl, Scott 177 Thorpe, Robin 149,177 Thresher, Matthew 177 Titel, Judith 177 Toshner, Julie 177 Treleven, Barbara 92,177 Trepanier, James 177 Triatik, David 177 Turner, William 177 Turzenski, Camille 177 Ubbesen, Mark 177 Ulrich, Gabi Valtierra, Raymond 177 Vande Berg, Thomas 177 Vandervort, Kathleen 177 Van Pelt, Susan 177 Van Vleet, Barbara 177 Vehrs, Catherine 177 Vogds, John 177,240 Vogds, Julie 40,139,177 Vogds, Patrick 177 Vollstedt, Jeffrey 177 Vorel, Kathleen 177 Voss, Juliann 177 Wachholz, Kathryn Wachholz, Susan 177 Wagner, Brian 177 Wagner, David 177 Wagner, James 177 Wagner, Katherine 177 Wagner, Wahoske, Carol 177 Waldherr, Janet 177 Waldschmidt, William 177 Walgenbach, Robert 117,177 Walter, Timothy 177 Warnius, Daniel 177 Waters, Grace 177 Waters, Gregory 177 Webb, Paul 177 Weber, Carol 145,148,177 Wehner, Patrice Welling, Kristine 177 Wendt, Dean 177 Wendt, Gary 177 West, Douglas 177 Westphal, Stanley 117,177 Weyekker, Timothy White, Peter 177 Wiegert, Melita Wilcox, Jeffrey 177 Wilcox, Susan 177 Wilkum, Craig 177 Willgy, John 177 Williams, James 177 Williamson, Marsha Willis, Rebecca 177 Wirkus, Allen 177 Wise, John 177 Witty, Cathy 177 Wolf, Douglas 177 Wolff, Jeffrey 177 Wollersheim, Wayne 177 Wothe, William 177 Wuest, Charles 177 Yapp, Richard 177 Zamzow, David 121,177 Zenner, Therese 177 Zimmerman, Gaelin 177 Zimmerman, Jay 121,177 Zimmerman, Julie 177 Zinkgraf, Jane 177 Zyduck, Betty 177 SOPHOMO RES Abitz, Clarence 155 Abraham, Robin 155 Abrahamson, Lee 155 Ackerman, Candace 98,155 Albrecht, Barbara 155 Albrecht, Susan 155 Andrews, Gayle 155 Aplin, Susan 155 Ashton, Kathie 155 Assaf, Richard 155 Bacon, Terry 155 Baggett, Dennis 1,154,155 Baker, Katherine 155 Baker, Michael 155 Baker, Ricky Ballwanz, Karen 155 Balthazor, Loren 155 Balthazor, Mark 155 Barounis, Dorthy 155 Bates, Rocklyn 155 Batson, Theresa 155 Batterman, Darrell 155 Baumhardt, Shirley 155 Baxter, Scott 155 Beahm, Debbie 155 Beam, Mary Sue 155 Beck, James 155 Becker, Constance 139,155 Becker, Gary 155 Becker, Pamela 155 Beckman, Pamela 22,155 Behlen, Rita 155 Behnke, Stephen 155 Belanger, Corrin 155 Bell, Kip 155 Benedict, Jane 155 Bennett, Kathleen 155 Bennett, Kristine 155 Benzshawel, Cindy 155 Berenz, James 155 Berenz, Renee 155 Bergman, Alice 155 Berwig, Bill 155 Bestor, James 121,155 Bethke, Lu Ann 155 Beuk, Renee 155 Beusch, Cheryl 155 Bickelhaupt, Jeffery Bigsby, Susan 155 Billman, Bradley 121,155 Bindert, Deborah 155 Binnebose, Julie 155 Bird, Vicki 155 Birschbach, John 155 Blackburn, Dan 155 Blattner, Susan 155 Bleichwehl, David 121,155 Blitzke, Joan 155 Boese, Linda 155 Bohan, Mary 155 Bond, Daniel 155 Bonnell , Edward 15 5 Borndahl, Jeffery 15 5 Boudry, Arlene 155 Boyke, Gary 155 Braatz, Oran 155 Braatz, Susan 155 Brajdic, Steve 121,155 Brandt, Timothy 155 Brandt, Trudy 149,155 Breister, Mark 121,155 Breister, Mary 155 Breister, Richard 155 Breister ,James 121,155 Breister, Julie 155 Ebling, William 156 Edkins, Janice 156 Edkins, Jennifer 156 Edwards, Gary 156 Elsinger, Lester 156 Engel, Barbara 156 Engel, John 156 Engel, William 156 Engleman, Donna 156 Ericksen, Daniel 156 Erickson, Karen 156 Essman, Cindy 156 Everling, John 156 Fero, Michael 121,156 Fields, Anna 156 Fields, Mark 156 Fink, Judy 156 Bricco, Catherine 155 Brink, Richard 155 Britt, Ken 155 Brown, Christine 155 Brunet, Jeff 155 Bublitz, Wesley 155 Bucher, Kathleen 155 Buechel, Dolores 155 Buechel, John 155 Bunker, Michelle 29,412,155 Burgess, Sandra 155 Burkhardt, Sue 155 Burnett, Gary 155 Burroughs, Joy 155 Buschman, Gary 155 Calder, David 122,155 Callender, Karen 155 Calvey, Colleen 156 Candlich, Lynn Capello, Sandy 149,156 Carlone, Cindy 156 Carlson, Thomas 156 Carter, Sherry 156 Caves, John 156 Charneski, Carol 156 Chase, Roland 156 Christie, Bruce 156 Christie, Kenneth 156 Christie, Scott 156 Christensen, Lois Clapper, Randy 156 Clark, Jo 156 Clausen, Gail 156 Clochesy, Michael 156 Colward, Linda 156 Cords, Eimer 156 Cords, Shirley 1 56 Corth, Daniel 156 Costello, Betty 156 Courtney, Scott 121,156 Craw, James 156 Crawford, Ann 156 Crego, Raymond 156 Crook, Kathleen 156 Curran, Lynne 156 Cutler, Robert 156 Danor, Stephen 156 Darch, Debbie 156 Davision, Diane 156 Deeth, Debra 156 Deising, Jane 156 Dietrick, Willam 156 Deitte, Rita 156 Detert, Eugene 92,156 Develice, Charles 156,164 Dill, Robin 156 Dilts, Dennis Ditter, Marlene 156 Donahue, Richard 156 Dorn, Franklin 156 Dowland, Michael 156 Duitman, Gary 156 Dyer, Judith 43,139,156 235 Fink, Margaret 156 Fink, Thomas 156 Fischer, Mary 139,149,156, Fisher, Susan 156 Fitzner, Arthur 156 Flaherty, John 156 Flemming, Mark 121 Flentje, Debra 141 Flood, Mike 121,128 Floyd, Denise 157 Flynn, Wilmer 157 Fontaine, Phillip 157 Foote, Diane 157 Ford, Betsy 157 Ford, Cathleen 157 Forester, Mary 157 Fowler, Richard 157 Frank, Al 121,157 French, Julie 157 Freund, Annette 157 Freund, Kenneth 157 Freund, Mary 157 Freund, Nancy 157 Freund, Roger 157 Freund, Therese 157 Freund, William 157 Fritz, Susan 157 Fryda, Gary 121,156 Fryman, Earl 157 Fuller, Jo Ann 157 Funk, Diane 157 ,157 Furman, John 121,157 Gabrielson, Robert 157 Gaffney, Patricia 157 Galle, Ronnie 157 Geiger, William 157 Geis, Rich Lee 157 Gerner, Jerold 157 Gerred, Patricia 157 Gesell, Deborah 157 Gilles, Richard 157 Gilmore, Keith 157 Goding, Deborah 157 Goeser, Julie 157 Goron, Patricia 157 Grailer, Rose 157 Graves, Charles 157 Greminger, Dennis 157 Griffin, Donald 121,157 Gross, Hollie 157 Gruenstern, William 157 Guell, David 121,157 Guell, Kathryn 157 Gulig, Robert 157 Gusse, Gary 157 Gustavas, Randy 157 Gutreuter, Thomas 157 Haak, Frederick 121,157 Haase, Merry 157 Haensgen, Thomas 157 Haertl, Marna 157 l-lagedorn, Linda 157 1-lalfman, Gary 157 1-lalfman, Mary 157 Hall, Janet 157 Halle, Mark 157 1-lalter, Barbara 157 Hamberger, Kevin 121,157 164 Hamilton, Peter 105,154,157 Hammer, Ronald 157 Hanisch, Philip 157 Hankwitz, Sharon 157 Hansen, Jonathon 157 Hansen, Mark 157 Hanson, Wanda Harmer, Richard 157 Harris, Michael 157 Hartzheim, Margaret 157 Haskins, Lee 157 Hefter, Barbara 157 Heimerl, Steven 157 Heimerl, Steven L. Heisler, Debra 157 Heisler, Donna Heller, Mark 157 Helmeid, Richard 157 Hendricks, Virginia 157 Henkel, Mary Ann 157 Henken, Thomas 121,157 Henslin, Steve 158 Herbert, Thomas 158 Herres, James 158 Hiebner, Richard Hill, Craig 158 Hilt, Cheryl 158 Hobbins, Gary 158 Hochrein, Daniel 158 Hodgden, Donald 158 Hoey, Debra Hoffman, Jerry 158 Hoffmann, Mary 158 Hogenson, Deborah 158 Holland, Kyle 158 Holman, Linda 158 Horton, David 158 Hoyt, James 121,158 Huck, Carol 158 Huebner, Richard 158 Huebschmann, Cindy 148 Huelsman, Dennis 158 Humleker, Joann 149,158 Hungerford, Susan 158 Hupfer, Mary 1 58 Ilgen, Cathy 158 Isyms, Fred 158 Jacobitz, Wayne 1 58 Jacobs, Gary 158 Jaeger, Bevery 158 Jarvis, Sandra 149,158 Jenks, Michael 158 Jensen, Gary 158 Jerdee, Patricia 158 Johannes, Michael 158 Jones, David 158 Julka, Mary 158 Kaiser, Ellen 141,158 Kaiser, Timothy 158 Kannenberg, James 158 Kapp, Sherri 158 Kaufman, Karl 158 Kennberg, J. Kennedy, Gary 158 Ketten, Rose Mary 158 Keup, Cinda 158 Kiefer, Thomas 158 Kiehnau, John 158 Kind, Mort 121,158 King, Susan 158 King, Tom 158 Kinzer, Deborah 158 Kirchhoff, Kathy 158 Klahn, Kenneth 158 Klapperich, Karen 158 Klaske, Cindy 158 Klebs, Don 158 Klinke, Richard 158 Klintworth, Wendy 158 ,158 Koeek, Rick 117,124,126,158 Koenig, Judy 158 Koenig, Julie 158 Kohnke, Jody 158 Kollmorgan, Nancy 158 Konen, Greg 158 Korrer, Annette 158 Kosloske, Kathleen 158 Kraemer, Julie 158 Kramer, Arnold 158 Kraus, Barbara 159,162 Kraus, Elizabeth 159 Kraus, Luann 159 Krause, Debora 141,159 Krenn, Andrew 159 Kroll, Joel 159 Krueger, Gary 159 Krueger, Karen 159 Krueger, Scott 159 Krueger, Steven 121,159 Krumbein, Susan 159 Kryzyahowski, Sherry 159 Kuen, Kathy 159 Kuether, Mark 121,159 Kuhnz, Todd 159 Kuitert, Rita 159,162 Kulow, Joann 159 Lakin, David 159 Lakin, Nicholas 159 Langacker, Lawrence 159 Lange, Dennis 159 Langolf, Sundy 159 Langolf, Suzanne 159 La Pine, Daniel 159 Law, Eileen 159 Lawrence, David 159 Lawrence, Lena 159 La Vigne, Steven 159 Lazich, Judy 159 Lee, Judith 159 Lefeber, Eleanor 159 Le Mieux, Jennifer 159 Lemke, Carol 159 Lemke, James 159 Lemke, Sherry Lemke, William 159 Leonhardt, Kurt 128,129,159 Lichtenwald, Eric 159 Liedke, Cynthia 159 Liedke, Roger 121,159 Lindsley, Christine 159 Litscher, Phillip 159 Lloyd, Donald 159 Loberger, Dale 159 Loeffler, Lois 159 Loehndorf, Steven 159 Loehr, Gordon 159 Long, Thomas 159 Longo, Terry 159 Lueloff, Sue 144,149,159 Luhn, Mary 159 Luker, Terri Lundin, Eric 159 Lusk, Edith 159 McAbee, Maureen 160 McAbee, Patricia 160 McCarthy, Patrick 160 McDermott. Thomas 160 McEssy, Michael 128,129,160 McEssy, Pamela 160 McGowan, Pat 160 McGrath, Maureen 160 McLeod, Marilyn 160 McMahon, Robert 160 McNamara, Sara 160 Magana, Susan 159 Marvin. Sheila Millard, Gail 159 Main, Ronald 159 Majeska, Barbara 159 Majeska, Margaret 159 Majeska, Mary 159 Majewski, Edyth 149,159 Malak, Kathleen 159 Mangas, Nancy 159 Manley, James 159 Manthey, Steven 159 Marcoe, Pamela 159 Markert, John 159 Marrs, Rebecca 159 Marschall, Robert 160 Marten, Mark 160 Martin, Deborah 160 236 Martin, Vicci 160 Mason, Dana 121,160 Mattefs, Ronald 121,160 Meiklejohn, Dawn 160 Meilahn, David 160 Meininger, Mike 160 Meisenburg, Rose 160 Meixensperger, Jeff 160 Mengel, James 160 Michaels ,Joseph 160 Mielke, Richard 160 Miller, Carol 160 Miller, D Maier, G Maier, k avid 160 ail 160 aren 160 Miller, Sharon 160 Miller, Stanley 160 Miller, Steven 160 Montgomery, William 16 More, Marcia 160 Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Ann 160 Rod 160 Maureen 160 Maurice 160 Dennis 160 Morris. Sue 160 Mourafetis, Janet 160 Mourafetis, Madline 160 Moyer, Sondra 160 Mrazek, Thomas 160 Mueller, David 160 Mueller, Karen 160 Mueller, Norma 160 Mundt, Jim 121,160 Murphy, Murray, Negus, S Nehring, Nehring, Daniel 160 0 Margene 85,160,240 usan 160 Carolyn 160 Charles 160 Nett, Darlene 160 Neubaue r, Gary 160 Nueburg, Theodore 161 Neumann, Terry 161 Norenberg, Linda 161 Norenberg, Randolff 161 Nowak, Mary 161 O'Brien, O'Brien , Michael K. 161 Mike 161 O'Connell, Mike 161 Oelke, lr ene161 O'Hearn, Bonnie 161 Ohlrich, Stephen 161 Oldenburg, Patricia 161 Olig, Lin Olson, C da 161 ynthia 161 O'Neil, Stephen 121,128 Osborn, Nancy 161 Owen, Sandra 161 Pagel, Susan 161 Palko, Joan 161 Pallin, John 161 Panetti, Ann 161 Parish, Glen 161 Parpart, Carol 161 Parrish, Michael 122,161 Pasavantis, Dalphine Patterson, Sharon Paulin, Marvin 161 Peebles, Peebles, Peebles, Kathyrn 161 Patricia 161 Ronnie 161 Pelot, Dale 161 Perleberg, Dean 161 Perry, Brian 121,161 Peters, Peggy 161 Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson , Barbara 98,161 ,James 122,161 , Penelope 161 , Richard 161 , Stephen 161 Plum, Melody 161 Pfund, S Phillips, Phillips, andra 161 David 161 John 161 Pickart, Carol 161 ,129,ie1 Pickart, Gerald 161 Pickart, Loretta 161 Pierce, Nancy 161 Pierce, Patrica Pinno, Betty 161 Pinnow, James 128,161 Pm, Gary 161 Pipkin, Jeffrey 121,161 Pittl, Mark 161 Pittl, Patti 161 Plonsky, James 161 Pomplin, Jolene 161 Posey, Leanne 161 Possin, Robert Prelwitz, Christine 161 Promen, John 163 Prus, Susan 163 Puddy, Janet 163 Puddy, Sharon 163 Raab, David 163 Rahl, Glenn 163 Raidy, Patricia Ramirez, Colin 163 Ramirez, Gregg Randall, Deborah 94,163 Rather, Jerome 163 Rathman, Gary Rauls, Margaret 163 Rausch, Mary Ann 163 Rausch, Thomas 121,163 Razner, Angela 163 Reader, Patricia 163 Reidel, Shelley 163 Reimer, Marlene 163 Reinecke, Jo Anne 163 Reines, Catherine 163 Reinhardt, John 163 Renderman, Raymond 163 Rentmeister, Debra 163 Retzleff, Karen 163 Richter, Kathryn 163 Riderer, David 121,163 Riese, David 163 Ring, Gary 163 Ritter, Catherine 163 Roberts, Linda 163 Roberts, Sharon 163 Roberts, Suzanne 163 Rockweit, Keith 163 Rodman, Marcia 163 Roggentine, Margeret 163 Rose, Donald 163 Rosenthal, Linda 163 Rost, Linda 163 Roughen, Dennis 163 Ruff, Nancy 163 Runge, Gay Russell, Jerrold 163 Sabel, David 163 Sabel, Gerald 163 Sabel, Jerome 163 Sabel, Karen 163 Sabish, Nancy 163 Sarauer, Mary 163 Sasada, David 163 Sawyer, Steve 163 Scannell, Diane 163 Schaefer, Robert 163 Schaeve, Harold 163 Scharf, Jeff 121,163 Scharf, Joyce 163 Scheer, Barbara 163 Scheer, Dianne 163 Scherschel. David 163 Schessow, David 121,128,163 Schibline, Michelle 163 Schiel, William 163 Schingen, Joy 163 Schingen, Wayne 104,121,163 Schlicher, Jannie Schmahl, Margaret 163 Schmidt, Dennies 163 Schmidt, Kenneth 163 Schmitz, Bradley 163 Schmitz, Robert 163 Schmitz, Ted 163 Schneider ,Aaron 163 Schneider Bonnie 163 Schneider, Ellen 163 Schneider Frances 163 Schneider, Jo Ann 163 Schneider, Karen 141,163 Schneider, Randolph 163 Schneider, Richard 163 Schneider, Terrance 163 Schneider, Thomas 163 Schoebel, Edward 163 Schroeder, Marcy 163 Schuchardt, Debra 163 Schultz, Doris 163 Schultz, Jane 163 Schultz, Nancy 163 Schultz, Sandra 163 Schultz, Susan Schultz, Thomas 163 Schuman, Carol 163 Schwartz, David 163 Schwartz, Linda 163 Thurman, Thomas 104,1 2 1 ,1 54,162,165 Thurston, Lori Toghe, Patrick 165 Tinnell, Janis 165 Tischer, Patricia 165 Tolzmann, Renate 165 Toney, Julie 165 Tonn, William 165 Topp, Nancy 144,148,165 Toth, Susan 165 Toth, Rick 165 Touchet, David 121,165 Tousey, Patrick 165 Towne, Scott 165 Treitline, Ken 165 Treleven, Debra 165 Unmuth, Judean 165 Vistinin, Janice 165 Vodgs, Deborah 165 Voskuil, Patricia 165 Verhasselt, Diane 165 Voysey, Suzanne 165 Seal, Barbara 163 Seibel, William 164 Setser, John 163 Setzer, Kay 164 Schafer, Michael Shaw, Mary 164 Shepro, Debbie 164 Sheridan, John 121,164 Sheridan, Suzanne 164 Vritlik, Jan 92,165 Wachholz, Carol 165 Wagner, Joe 165 Wagner Joe 165 Wagner, Earl Wagner Loretta Wagner, Mary 165 Wagner, Mary 165 Walsh, Mary 165 Shreves, Linda 164 Sievert, James Sievert, Mike 164 Simon, Simpso Sandy 164 n, Colin 164 Singleton, Gayle 164 Singleton, Marie 164 Slaght, Paula 164 Smedberg, Carla 156,164 Smith, Barbara l. 164 Smith, Barbara E. 164 Smith, Jeffery 164 Smith, Paula 164 Smith, Bob 120,l2l,128,l64 Snyder, Marilyn 164 Soles, Stanley 164 Sommerfeld, Tom 92,164 Sondergard, Mary 164 Sonnenfeld, Virginia 164 Sonnentag, Gary 164 Soyk, Cathy 164 Spallas, Julie 164 Spies, Barbara 149,164 Stafford, Caroline 164 Stahmann, David 164 Stamurs, Anita Stanchfield, Donald 164 Stark, Ellen 164 Stellmacher, Carla 164 Stephany, Robert 164 Stoegbauer, Connie 164 Stoegbauer, Janet 164 Stoffel, Michael 164 Stokosa, Barbara 164 Stoll, Pamela 164 Storke, Jerold Strean, Timothy 164 Strelow, Marcia 164 Stubbe, Sharon 164 Sturtz, Robert 164 Sturtz, Virginia 164 Sullivan, Katie 164 Tadych, Marcel 164 Tarpey, Robert 164 Taylor, Robert 164 Tennis, Barbara 164 Tennis, Linda 164 Thern, Raemond 164 Theurwacter, Tom 164 Thew, Jacqueline 164 Theyerl, Mark 164 Thiede, Steven 165 Thorpe, Debra 165 Thresher, Marilyn 165 Warner, Deborah 165 Wedde, Elizabeth 165 Weigelt, Suzanne 165 Wendels, Joan Wendt, Gary 165 Wettstein, Paula 34,154,16 White, Theresa 165 Whittaker, Jean 165 Wiesen, Pamela 165 Wilhelms, Daniel 165 Wilke, Dennis 165 Woznick, Dennis 165 Wiegert, Melita 165 Williams, Melody 165 Willis, Mark 165 Wilson, Kenneth 165 Winter, Dennis 121,165 Wirtz, Elizabeth 165 Wiskow, Darrel 165 Wiskow, Linda 165 Witty, Terry 165 Wolf, Linda 165 Wolk, Carol 165 Wrzesinske, Richard 165 Wurtz, Joanna 105 Yelle, Susan 165 Yohann, David 165 Younkin, Greg Zibolsky, Sharon 165 Zibung, Donald 165 Ziesmer, David 165 Zimmerman, Rita 165 Zoelle, Robert 165 Zwicky, Jeffrey 165 0,165 By living each day to its'j?zllest,' by taking advantage of the opportunities for friendship and good times, as well as for learning, we, as students of Goodrich, can benefit from our three years here. 1 5 , N: W The time is now. Today too soon becomes yesterday and tomorrow is nearly today. Look back, remember, and learn from yesterday. Look ahead, make plans for tomorrow. But then, free yourself from the web of memories of yesterday and the plans of tomorrow so that you can observe this moment and. . . SEIZE THE DA Y. 238 -1 239 425- 1 :waitin a. N We 'ii , ci THE CARDINAL STAFF FRONT-' John V0!s'dS, photographer: DOW Murray, sophomore assistantg Mary Klake, copy writerg Pat Karst Blattrzer, chief photographerg Brian Felda, sports co-editorg Jim Bond, editor-in-chief' Debbie Kiehnau, copy writerg Stephanie Cruckson sports co-editor. BACK: Rick Gustavus, junior assistantg Margene junior gygigtgnrg Stan Edwards, photographer, hi i ih:h 'Pgfyicia Karstt Ehilitrfjrsfwi i b Cfitclfisog Sports editors i Photographers' t , E1 M ,gk 240 - . f... .1 if.,-X I ,K pR1Q1i QPSYQWS MHrgeHeefMu1ray 3SaIly Jfo Pfunid i ames Bond t f5Bfi??H t Kara-:n,,J ennelge it tuebfafmehmm h M2iry K1ake grtsjzxnew Konz i Diane Kotbll Linda Bertuleitt Chfisfineftfismfey Donald Blattner ffSt41UidW5?f45 Hdrreis lu11gn Kmzer ,, , ,.,k. , . , vu, 91 5 XL SV T li L :LII ,

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