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f"A , 5Q45ff7' 7 . - .pf,e4-'fsvrigb 'isy . H :fseeefg fikaiish .fisijsssi 'TYVi55fQ " ' Qi f?M tvft Sf g'eax ,.f t we s-Q William Mu ray Raleigh Niblick: Track 15 Martin Ravelletfeg Choir Basketball lg cholr 1,L: 2,3,4. Baseball 1. Our class had the concessions at the basketball games which helped considerably in procuring money for the senior trip. Joyce Burton and Jane Gilsinger had the honor of being selected to attend Girls' State. Well, we finally made it. Seniors at last!! Somehow it doesn't seem possible, but here we are and it feels wonderful to be a senior. We observe the underclassmen and remember how we did the same things when we were underclassmen. Jo Ann Lewellen was chosen to receive the D.A.F. award. Judy Burton was elected cheerleader for the basketball team. In Sepieoler we had a very successful fish fry which helped considerably in payment For our senior trip. Joyce Burton, Janet Leffert, Jane Gilsinger, and Ed Shepard went to the I.H.S.P.A. held at Franklin College in October. At last we will graduate and have these many happy and exciting nowents to carry with us forever. Carol Ripley: Choir l,2,3, Ed'1 Sh rd: Basketball Lg Band l,2,3,A5 Sunshine M n epa 1,23 Baseball l,?,3,A3 Soft 1,2,3,Li Iep Club 2,3,L5 LeRoy Royer: Basketball ball 1,2,3,L: Pep Club 23 Annual Staff L5 Paper Staff 1,25 C1555 TTSGSUPCT 19 Band 1 25 Track 1,2,3,Ag L.H Lg Secretary-Treasurer Choir ChOiT 3,Ls Annual Staff 1 2 ' L. L3 Track 1,2. ' ' fn IUNIORS R We "'0'M-X. 9 Robert Lewellen Donald Coty Joyce Babcock Sharon Musser President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary As the juniors worked diligently toward a senior trip in 1959, they, too, found some moments to remember. WFinders Creepers' had its moments and was definitely the grandest and most amusing mystery- comedy ever presented in this school! We will remember inspired performances by the entire cast and crew--which incidentally included the whole class. Something new has been added in the lower hallway. It now is possible to get that 'pause that refreshes'. Business really has picked up in the basement on Friday nights with popcorn popping, apple polishing, potato chip cracking, and pop opening. They have also assisted the Pep Club by selling megaphones. Preparing for their turn at publishing an annual, the class sent three of their staff mem- bers to the Press Conference at Franklin College on October 25 and 26. - F5 if 1' of l F V 4' E E 7 WE wan. Hnvs THESE mo-msms TO RE- E -BER ,,, we Julia Babcock Geqrge Biggs KGHnBth Don Bill Donahue 8 NIORS JOB Donahue Paul Godby Janice Light Did you notice how everyone's shoes shined? This was brought about by s remarkable shoe polish sold by the juniors this year along with a sweet smelling air freshener and rust solvent. Plans for the prom were in the making as this article went to press but nothing definite could be revealed. They wish to take this opportunity to thank those who helped them at their class play and concession stand. Also, they would like to thank their sponsors, Mrs, Velora Miller and Mr. Merland Beyler. These moments and many more will be theirs to remember. J oenne Mitchell 5112811110 Mitten Ralph Mussel. 9 x f gl '-gn ' 5 fic 1 , 'A f fe l Mary Ann McKinley 1'5"-5 Fannie Sue Shepard John Weiand SOPHOMORES AZ. ,Q "' Q5 so A , ,Q Qooomm G F if 'ei-I GRADE IO fx Q: ff sg. " 'Yi 957 M58 Rfk ' 'P A N' A v . I .. 1 i 1,2254 WTF? -gijr. 7. QGZL J Q? iii i5:, if T N qs- p- t . ' " , .. N fs - '-sw , , J f I A X' v x ', A sl dv!!! vs- ' 3 UVXK 14!:1! K- 'T a'n - L sp eg :L 3 'fs 5 L - v -- ,, L i N. , . . NK , rf ,tv -JI bs . Q '.,, jf .li'N, df' Y ! Ilh..l gihfsiwld X i Tfi X " ' First row, left to right: Mrs. Dart, Sponsor, K. Peck, W. Godby, E. Spur- lock, J. Popp, S. Schurtter, P. Williams, H. Purton, M. Templin. Second row, left to right: R. ibKinley, H. Bower, J. Vounts, G. Cochrane, A. Hoaks, G. Lupke. Third row, left to right: S. Dutea, P. Feid, J. Fw Connell, K. bhrion, P. Illingworth, L. Cudworth, K. Johnson, F. Henderson, L. Boyer. Fourth row, left to right: J. Shepard, C. LeEeau, M. Hufty, L. Holland, V. Burton, M. Alkire, E. Wilson, P. Harper, T. Welsh. r:x WE WILL HAVE THESE MO-MENTS TO RE-MEM-BEE The sophomores, with Mrs. Velma Dart their sponsor, started this y9?T'9 mPm0Ti9F by electing the following officers: Marsha Alkire, president, Karel Peck, vice-president, Leah Holland, sec- retary, Robert Wilson, treasurerg and Mary Ann Templin, reporter. Y R v They received their slate gray class sweaters the early part of hovember, and 1hfy af? UO' easily distinguished from the other students. Cn Octoher lf, l7f7 they had their first class party of the yvar in fha school gym where they danced, played games, and enjoyed the refreshments. They had a very successful bake sale at the Halloween carnival on Octokvr 71, 1057. Their memories will continue to grow with each passing day. 10 FRESHME L". I' -.,-v., .A if .L -.f.. A Ml frm , .ttf ,s GOODLAND 5 -15 'ag 4-7 5 gk ' xl" .X-Z5 he Qu . fa, It GRADE 9 -A... ,N ' Y . Xl 1957 1958 3, 1-3? 'av ,X Eg. if :gs h'J' , m.i ,ja , tEg!,K ,LA V- I- Q 1' ll, X 3" 'T 9' Vwfi - ev 9 1" 1 4 "-9 I1kf,,.f'ifm First row, left to right: Mr. Davis, Sponsor, R. Musser, F. Pabcock, P. Eilyeu, W. Hartsock, K. Don, F. Pear, E. Purton, H. Pierson. Second row, left to right: L. Claussen, J. Mounts, V. Viiller, V. Miiller, N. Light, R. Donahue. Third row, left to right: J. Burns, M. Vanaman, C. Miiller, M. Shepard, F. Donahue, M. Welsh. Fourth row, left to right: S. Lupke, M. Montgomery, P. Watts, F. Minick, S. Murray, J. Gerrich, C. Gerhardt, J. Godbey, E. Hoaks. Fifth row, left to right: E. Miiller, A. Cudworth, J. Miiller, L. Fuller, D. Sigo. Alice Bower is not pictured. fTN 9 Qi LJ or F1 V V we win 1-me THESE MO-MENTS TO RE-WNPBER The freshman class elected Freddy Bear, president, Jim Willer, vice president, James Burns, secretary, and Rose Mhsser, treasurer in September and they have bw. Davis as t'e1r SPOHSOT- on October 30th they had their class party. The following night the class had a dart throwmng stand at the Halloween carnival. The day before Christmas vacation, December 20, they had a Christmas art c P yThus far this year, the freshmen have had these moments to remember. 11 Eighth Grade - . in - -X .- .., ,-. 6, -9 1- X 4 ST- r Q. ,airs-. GOODLANU ri Qi, GRADE 8 Lg, '-,,A X, A X u957 - 1958 In W- ? esta ifp,':Uif-,- e V. ff ,:Sf'. 'gEg5aEL'I ,'+ Ar! !!I!!Ul 5295. G well . :el :Ut 'Ll ,' ,Q 'lv 'V VI X- ,- Ay ,,. JK ' X 1 X -e 'ff - my 'if H.,.. -:BIA fig ilk 'EEN' 12 Top Row, Left to Fight: Sponsor, Mr. McGrath, M. Henderson, L. Honks, C. Dubea, E. Stovall, J. Rouhier, T. Nnttox. Second Row, Left to Right: D. Schweir, D. Vansman, D. Dalton, P' Donahue, Third Row, Left to Right: J. Godby, C. Hiller, M. Beard, A. Zimmer, W. Smith, R. Pierson, R. Cochrane. Fourth Row, Left to Right: J. Benner, J. Sell, F. Harper, S. Yochem, W. Babcock, R. Jensen, K. Sonders. Drs V VIV 1' 5 Ur WE WILL HFIVE THESE MO'MENTS T0 D.E'MEM'BER Phe eighth grade has many moments to remember. . .the election of class officers. . the Halloween festival. . .class parties. . .election of junior high cheerleaders. . . Russell Jensen was elected eighth grade president. Tom Msttox is vice-president, Jim Sell is treasurer, and the secretary is Fill Eahcock. They finally sneaked a girl into the roster when Phyllis Donahue was selected as reporter. .Mr. William McGrath is the eighth grade sponsor. On Octoher 31, 1957. the eighth grade made money 'hand over bsskethalln when they sponsored a basketball shoot to raise money for their treasury. They spent some of their hard earned cash at their class party November 7, 1957. A real honor came to the class as all three of the junior high cheerleaders were elected f rom the eighth grade. Sherry Yochem, Phyllis Donahue, and Dianne Schwier were selected to get rousing cheers from the crowd. At the close of the 1957-58 school year the eighth grade has these moments to rememher. 12 Seventh Grade ,Y NZVL v. Adi' -1-' Hz, JTT P 2? . 'IX if 'fb L'x A GOODLAND , ,ffm GRADE 7 iff, M 1' X s f, " X 'H 1957 - 1958 f 'H T so . g m s. 2' .e .7 -M - Q . u g, sb la f .g rf.. 4 .4 3 eeeeq Top Row, Left to Right: T. Burton, P. Henderson, J. Strack, S. Donahue, M. Bear, V- Zimmer, J, Crane. Second Row, Left to Right: E. Neimeyer, J. BuI't0n, S. Peck, C. Best. Third How, Left to Right: K, Bramble, J, Cudworth, G. Light, H. Wilson, R. Henderson, S. Mahafey, M. Alkire. Fourth Row, Left to Right: S. Illingworth, K. Hollingworth, S. Dubea, C. Coty, K. Burns. Mrs. Pothuisje, Sponsor, not pictured. Y f Y Y Y KN me Lf-Mr r E' r f D' we wan Hnvs THESE mo- MENrsTo RE-mEM- R The seventh grade moments have been quite memorable. It ia their first year in junior high school and they have been getting accustomed to the new surroundings. They held their first class meeting September 6, 1957 with M s. Pothuisje, their class sponsor. The officers elected are as follows: Vicki Zimmer, president, Jerry Crane, vice president, Petty Henderson, secretaryg Martin Bear, treasurerg and Sharon Mahaffey, reporter One of their most memorable moments was the class party held Noverber 13, 1957. Their guests were M s. Hawley, M . and M s. Pothuisje, Mr. Beyler, and Mr. Brown. They had a relay race, basketball shoot and danced to records. Their memories are just beginning. In the years to come they will have many moments to remember. 13 SNAPSHOTS Gone but not forgotten! what'5 cooking? M W.. ,,n.N,.1 ' .611 "1 . Drink to thine eyes. Pills-bury's? What A night! Sleepy, Janet? Mean looking aren't they. No mistletoe needed? The enQ, f"""K .hi jacu ff, Q P Q Q lj Nr ., df v -.f 'N . 4 - . if Q A ' 1 . Q my ' if I ll EJ Q I Q4 X, s ,f .5 , V354 'J 951- .fn rn K N ' HX J "f 0 W-L-f' 52 Q . Q . ,ei iw.- xxx' 1 I Y 1 , X .v QTY-ff .1v -1. - A , . . , 1.-1 -v"',iE- JA, X 3 I I LQ!- X -.L K .yr 4:22511 A 3 "if fr, 'Z W .fr w 1,1 is ' z "NH 'xl' -1 Q , ." A N5 . ,7 -S '1 In 1. ry' , . , so Mr. Hawn joined the administra- tion two years ago. He has been a member of the community for many years, operating a success- ful implement business. Since assuming his duties of trustee, Mr. Hawn has made many improve- ments in the physical plant. He secured a competent faculty, thus enabling ou school to function successfully. ffXI f X7 f ,f ff ,ff ,f 1 ADMINISTRATION Often during the year our school is visited by the county super- intendent, Mr. Norris. Good- land is always happy to have him return where he spent nine years as principal from 1942 to 1951. Mr. Norris has always shown cooperative spirit in per- forming his duties as county superintendent. He is ready at all times to advise and lend a helping hand where needed throughout the county. Mr. Sharp came to our community in July, l957, and immediately assumed his duties as principal of Goodland Public Schools. He came to our town from Pulaski where he had served eight suc- cessful years as principal of that school. We hope that our school will continue to grow through his leadership. f lx .av sw ', ' JK' X xx , , x I K X1 Valera Hiller n'i' before 'e' except after 'c' or when goundgd B, vac as in.,.n ENGLISH The various English classes, taught by M s. Miller and M s. Pothuisje, include grammar one semester and literature the other semester. In grammar, students progress from learning parts of speech in the seventh grade, tran- sitive and intransitive verbs as sophomores, and advanc d composition as seniors. During lit- erature classes, the seventh grade is contented with short stories while the sophomores read such classics as 'Silas Marner' and 'Julius Caesar', and the juniors study American literature. Sen- ior English is slightly different since it deals with the study of draws, public speaking, and study of English literature. SCCIAL STUDIES Regardless of sputnik's throwing the limelight on science, it is in social studies, the area of people and their getting along together, that the world's fate is sealed. B,,1des vorld history gn ggggraphy, Mrs, Dart and M . M Grath share the teaching of American history, government, and economics. The memories from these social studies classes will continue to make history as the moments progress. History in the making! Velma Dart 1.41- SCIENCE Edwards Br own Throughout the year Mr. Brovn's science students were beckoned to their studies with sputniks orbiting through space and missiles heading skyward. The seventh and eighth graders found general science especially appealing as they studied jets and rockets, astronomy, force, power, energy, machines, and climate. In biology the freshmen learned of the importance of the one celled animal as well as the cunplexity of the largest mammal. In chemistry juniors and seniors memorized ele- ments, velences and reactions hoping to see more deeply into the composition of materials. Experiments and projects will give science students many mcnents to remember. MATHEMATICS The math instructors for this year were Mrs. Dart, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Pothuisje, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Sharp. The seventh and eighth grade studied arithmetic while the freshmen learned algebraic factoring and equations. In geometry, the tenth grade studied theorems involving planes, and in college algebra, some juniors and seniors studied a more advanced form of math. They must have figured it out! 2 + 2 : I, Joyce Pothuisje K ' A 'UQ VNU X FX Ralph Davis !,3 jllfx Qr'Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country n 1 Q , f 1 rxxgf A' x. 9 COMMERCE Among the more important objectives of the business education department are the vocational contribution and the developing of economic literacy for all students. The business department developes competency in marketable business skills to the point of employability. Along with the vocational training students may select certain courses of a general nature that will provide them with a proper social business, economic, and consumer education back- grou d. Business education is taught as an integral part of the total school program. M . Davis teaches the commercial courses. HOME ECONOMICS The EIG NEWS for the year in home economics is of course the acquisition of n w equipment and the redecoration of the clothing laboratory. The new fluorescent lighting, rosy beige cabinets, and bright curtains make Goodland students feel that they are in a new building. Additional equipment in the foods department has given Goodland a department to rival those in the newest of schools. New laundering equipment and additional cabinets have been added to the storage room. Pts. Hawley, the home economics teacher, has given the girls many home king tips which will bring them many moments to remember. , X of n... and just a pinch of arsenic.N J Alice Hawley A.. if' 'ji -'-.-+'lK'f Q fl 1 X ,C 1 ' 4 An architect's dream! Harland 89713 INDUSTRIAL ARTS ear of dust collecting over forgotten machinery, Mr. Beyler has the SDOP 01199 QBainAiZZZigEyVith activity. The new heating system, fluorscent lights, and fresh Plint have made a great improvement in the appearance a.nd comfort. Since it is the first year for both the seventh and eighth grade, they have learned 1119-V1.7 new skills. While pert of the freshmen students were becoming acquainted with the 150015 of the shop, the others were learning the basic principles of mechanical drawing. The more advanced students were busy making useful furniture and detailed mechanical drawing. This modern dance really wears you out! PHYSICAL EDUCATION 'Variety has been the keynote of the girls' physical educa- tion classes," according to Mrs. Hawley, physical education teacher. In the fall the girls began their activ- ities with softball and kickball. Later they tried volleyball, basket- ball, and improvised bowling. As an inovation this year, the girls included two dance units in their work. One included tap, ballet, and moderng the other was folk and square dancing. They concluded the year where they had begun with softball. Sore muscles from "p11ye. ed." will cer- tainly be moments to remember! Z0 PHYSICAL EDUCATIOIN Developing healthy bodies is equally as important as developing Bood minds. To do this Mr. McGrath, boys' phy- sical education instruc- tor, has used various mea-D80 Vigocrous activity followed by a stim- ulating shower prepares the boys for more stren- uous activity in sports and work. Some of their activities include cal- isthenice, basketball, dodge ball, poison baJ.1, and volley bell. Besides building strong bodies, physical education can be fun. This class gives its students many pleasant moments to remember. Where's the spare tire? DRIVERS' TRAINING ,Q Z ' U xl. 5,1-J '-t'-nxxg A ,X 1 Q , I V" 1 1 '1- N - X' " lg 0 'At the sound of tne gun, put your foot on the brake' are familiar words of Mr. 1"bGrath, drivers training teacher, when he is testing the the students' reaction time. Besides this nerve wrecking test, drivers training pupils learn to park, park up hill and down hill, proper right and left turns, and many other driving skills. It isn't enough to know only how to maneuver a carg a good driver knows how to care for his machine. Learning the parts of the car, changing a tire, watching the gauges and indicators are all facts discovered in drivers training. Mistakes that nearly kill the class, blocking traffic while turning around in the middle of the road are all moments that will be remembered for many years to come. Z1 William McGrath 7'-v --v le" '- -':"': ". fecklev, H. Esver, 3. Finley, S. Eiusser, S. Mitten. Second row, left, Nasser, -..-.--,---. .---,,. - - , , fc :-ight: E. I:"J:so:, E. Lzjske, I.. Clezsser., J. P-a"c:w:k, J. Ea!-cock, 3. Fierscn, S. Lxzpke, F. filings,-:'tt, J. 1531. Thi:-E :-ev, left fc right: 'f. Viller, A. Cudworth, R. Eusser, R. F. Fe:-:er E. Ei:-s F. '-'etts Y. Yciinlev J. Eileinzer 5. Cochrane. Fourth rcs: left to right: . 9 -5 5 5 - Q - 9 i - 2. 3:17, F. EBepa:'f1, V:s. 1::1:-ith. Iac: :ffi:e:s electei f::' ige scL:::l year are Preeiient , C1155 E"'1."t::., Tice kesiiezt Lei 'Q' Pager, Secretaziy'-Treas'::'er Ca.":L Ripley, I.Lbrar.e.: ' J.,e...' "e Yitclzell, Assists.-.t I.i':re.rLa..' .1 E'...a..."f "e Yit'Le:., a:.i 5:'.1:.e::: Ii:-ectcr I..e.?.:j.' Eager. ' " Ee:i effisers fc: the gee: are President Cane Gilsing- er, Tice Preeiient ki Gcty, Sec:-etfary-T:-easxzrer fitter., Stziezt Iirectcr ani Quart-ez':.Eter Ralph Musser, Li- bre.:-ia I-ez-.a Beckley. ani Assistant 1.i"::-ariar. Suzanne Biitter.. SeTe:'al 'nazi e:.i Sfliil' r.e...."l'e:'s were :zz the e:'t,':.t ' grcgz-ar. fc: the ju:'.i:: play. Th:-se helping were .lucy Burton, Patricia '-iezzs a:.:Q :..:se Phaser fro: me ca:-ir and Patricia ':1...e'7e:, Patricia Watts, Joyce Eabccck, er.: .ane uilsmger iran tie band. As zaei: ga:-1 L: hose gaze activities, the bani pleyed g::':s :vi :ushers iurig the intervals between games an: at YILJ :.zae' I Late: 2. the year the band ani choir participateci ir. 1.2 etri 12 :::.ce:'i - - ' ' Jirene lang-with ?i:-st 1-cw, left tc :-ight: K. Jebzlsm, K. Don, R. Phaser, T-2. Eusser, I.. Heel-fs, R. Fitlick, J. Pab- ::':k, E. Ritter., Yrs. l:g.'it':. Second rw, left to ight: E. Purtcm, J. Yitchell, P. Watts, F. Efellette, 1. ?.:7'er, E. Biggs, C. Ripley, S. 'fu'-ea. '32-A.-3 :-ew, left to right: M. Vammn, C. .-e:-Ea:-it, F. E-feiinley, Fi. levellen, ?. Shepard, J. Ea?-cock, J. Ezzrtcn. is .fgcfiui fied N QV: bil? ,ZH I 21?-N w my 5 i x SUNSHINE First row, left to right: G. Lupke, K. Johnson, D. Beckley, J. Burton, J. Leffert, J. Leffert, J. Burton, S. Mitten, Mrs. Pothuisje, Sponsor, P, Watts, H. Alkire. Second row, left to right: L. Foyer, M. Templin, M. Bower, A. Cudworth, P. Donahue, A. Bower, K. Don, H. Musser, J. Ropp, P. Bilyeu. Third row, left to right: F. Harper, P. Williams, L. Holland, J. McConnell, P. Illingworth, C. Ripley, J. Levellen, M. Vanaman, F. Shepard, R. Donahue. Fourth row, left to right: S. Dubea, G. Cochrane, W. Godbey, S. Lupke, J. Mitchell, S. Ihmser, J. Light, M. McKinley, L. Glaussen, E. Purton, C. LeEeau. The Sunshine offioere for the eohool year, 1957-53, ll-'C Jane I-effort, preeidentg Janet I-effort, vice-preeidentg Joyoe Burton, aeerefteryg Judy Burton, treaenrerg Donna Beckley, reporter: and Susanne Mitten, corre- eponding secretary. Thirteen freshmen girls were initiated into this society in September. Hrs. Pothuieje, Jane Leffe t, and Jndy Bu ton attended the an ull Sunshine meeting Saturday, September 21, in the Travertine Room of the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, Indianapolis. At Thanks- giving the organisation gave beekete of food to different families :ln Goodland. On December 18, 1957 they enjoyed a Chrietmee party at which they sang carols, plqed oharedee, and had refresh- ments. These are the moments they will remember in the years to come. Z4 PEP CLUB s xg I , .I A, xv -, 4 , v: . + ,,,,,.1:. X f af -' , x I A 4:1 -5 ESQ 4 W X 'N 5 D4 Cheerleaders left to right: M. Alkire, D. Schwier, G. Cochrane, S. Yockem, J. Eurton, P. Donahue, S. Mitten. lst row left to right: lk. rbGrsth, LT. Davis, Mrs. Hawley, E. Pierson, P. Iontgomery, N. Vananan, K. Johnson, G. Lupke, S. Dubea, S. Lupke, J. Purns, E. Shepard, S. Fhsser, J. Light, H. Darche, V. Miller, N. Hartsock, M. Ravelette. 2nd row left to right: J. Gilsingcr, J. Leffert, V. Zimmer, S. Peck, M. Miiller, W. Godby, L. Holland, P. Harper, F. Williams, N. Te pl n, M. Nelsh, B. Lewellen. J. Bjtchell. E. Donahue. A. Cudworth. J. weisnd. R. lmsser. 3rd row left to right: J Burton, B. Babcock, H. Shepard, J. Godby, A. Power, P. Watts, R. Musser, K. Don, J. Fourier, R. Jensen, B. Babcock, T. Mattox, R. Harper, J. Sell, E. Cochrane, D. Donahue, E. Donahue. Lth row left to right: G. Light, M. Alkire, J. Purton, C. Fipley, D. Eeckley, J. Leffert, S. Donahue, J. Pabcock, J. Babcock, M. McKinley, J. Miiller, D. Dalton, N. Light, R. Donahue, K. Don. Sth row left to right: F. Shepard, A. Zimmer, C. Niiller, J. Rupp, L. Boyer, M. Bower, C. LeEeau, J. McConnell, P. Illingworth, R. Donahue, P. Eilyeu, L. Claussen, E. Burton, D. Henderson, M. Bear. The Pep Club officers for 1957-58 are president Judy Burton, vice PP681GBht QF9' QD Suzanne Mitten, and secretary-treasu er, Janice Light. The sponsors are Mr. qmkcgfg Moor-ann, Mr. Davis, and Mrs. Hawley. A There are ninety-seven members in the pep club, which makes this the best and the biggest pep club ever. There have been SBVBTB1 PSP sessions held on Friday afternoons, which have bolstered spirits during the games. A silent psp session held before the Brook game will always be remembered fur its uniqueness. Z5 F 9 r 'A M a - H-. 4 , x iff V 1 ' 4 'fi' x ' 'N- rl .rf .f Jia' ,, Q' .P if 1 LH. L-7, L, , ., 3 ,I 'ir' if ,- ,sv 5, . 4 i lf -Kp" 1, ' ., -4: . ,I u. . x, Q 1 . .'. '. V' ' r " 1 L . .I , ., -if .I6 'R , wif, f .,. ' r L ,NA ,M . 9 , H 5 . :' W, ,X , A ,, f 1-5. I. . 21' ' . . ,L - L ,-"1- Q! .V . M 'Lzr 1 ' +- .- 9, 4 . -J nn. - '. '1 ,"'i'. ' X225 , ' r-,rw f. -,Q L L" -A nf-A is .r 1' ,f,'.-,-F., N ,Q , , - 'f. . f",X:"xa . ' , " '7 -I. ,. . ' ,Q ga" - 4 x -1 ,-1 , ni s 7 gals. V -s. : 'if' gm ,,, - -5.7- 1 . -ll1."?' .' we ,, jj, , j - k A Y V FW" - l-. , ' ' .AF .. K', ' Y I A l 2 , 'I ff".5,- " - J JL, 1 Y, ., v , 53 ANNUAL STAFF ff! Seated, left to right: H. Brown, Sportsg J. Gilsinger, Editorg J. Burton, Asst. Editor, !,f , C. Ripley, Businesag D. Beckley, Circulation. I f Standing, left to right: L. Hoaka, Art, L. Royer, Arty Mrs. Hawley, Advisorg J. leffert, s,,:.,mg.,,5,i5.,:,,. Literaryg J. Lewellen, Photographyg J. leffert, -'-' - Circulation. if r Not pictured, the juniors who assisted. nnvmf Q ,V , I The book before you began to take form about seven months ago and has not been laid aside for an instant since. The lights in the commerce room were often seen burning late at night while the staff and their 'witty' adviser, Mrs. Hawley, struggled to get the annual out on Mime. It all began one morning in early December when e frustrated photographer and two of the editors were rushing aroun taking pictures. From that time on there was never a dull moment. Carol Ripley, Donna Feckley, Jane leffert, and Jo Ann Lewellen were sent out on a series of afternoon excursions with instructions to get ads. They did. About this time the seniors hegan pursuing you until you bought your book. The 1958 Tivoli has now emerged, a record in picture and print of this year's moments. We trust you will enjoy it for many years. 26 PAPER STAFF Standing, left to right: Mr. Davis, Advisory J. Leffert, Societyg J. Gilsinger, Asst. Editorg J. Burton, Editorg J. Leffert, Reporterg C. Ripley, Business. Sitting first row, left to right: J. Burton, Societyg P. Montgomery, Reporter. " Izfz.-Q Second row, left to right: J. Lewellen, !25,TSS3xs Societyg H. Brown, Sports. Beacon ? nThat's too much gossipln 'Get the sports news in by tomorrowi' 'Put more ink inlu nDon't forget to run off enough copieslu An issue of the Trojan Beacon begins to take form when articles are assigned to the members of the staff. A knowledge of jujitsu comes in quite handy when the editor attempts to secure the reporters' articles on the deadline date. Since articles never need to be rewritten C??J, they are typed on stencils and proef. read before being sent to press. Hhen the paper cones out, familiar cries of 'Is my name in there?' 'I didn't know thatl' 'Look at thisl' echo through the halls of G.H.S. as each student rushes to get his paper from the editor 0 It was with regret that the paper staff sent their lest issue of the Trojan Beacon to press on April 25th. Z7 A Hill LIBRARY 'I don't remember the title a the a thor, but it was about. . .' iv For a good took, the library is always on s I x hand to give you the test. This year the litre- g ,D 1 ry has added a set of World Book Encyclopedias 0' Q f 1 5 5'N 'L m ! and many other new books to its shelves. FX ow 9 y G, , I fb 0 S f gi ,' U' , '5 The library always provides reference ggi ':.f 7 Xs'd5E .il books and material for research and term pa- pers. The newspaper and latest magazines pro- vide students with the opportunity of catering up on current events or just reading for pleasure. M s. Miller, school litrnrian, is assisted by several students who are especially interested in the work. As assistants they gain knowl- edge of books and the functions of a library. Plans are being made to send some Goodland representatives to the Hoosier Student Library Assist- ant Conference in Lafayette next fall. The many memories you can gain fror books will le lasting. Z8 5. 1 ' T ,isp W . , X5 G Alfkfefzc "A" TEAM BASKETBALL 52 4 M 55 E S f 1 First row left to right: A. Hoaks, R. Musser, K. Peck, W. Donahue, R. Donahue, J. Weiand, J, Don- ahue- Second POV, left to right! W. Reid, T. Welsh, R. Donahue, K. Don, L. Cudworth, H. Darche, R. Brown, Mr. McGrath. Goodland opened the 1957-58 basketball season under their coach William McGrath with eight re- turning lettermen and a promising group of underclassmen. The lettermen were as follows: Harvey Darche, Robert Donahue, Ray Brown, Richard Donahue, Kenneth Don, John Weiand, Ralph Musser, and William Donahue. The starting five had good height with Harvey Darche 6'3", Ray Brown 6'l.", Robert Donahue 5'll", Kenneth Don 6', and William Donahue 5'10". Robert Donahue and Harvey Darche are the oo-oaptians this season. 30 "A" TEAM BASKETBALL The first game was dropped to Remington, however, after the team had first had a battle with the flu. In the next games Goodland proved that they had a team to be honored and as this article went to press they had and 11-5 won-loss record. The Trojans participated in two four-way tourneys. In the fourdway tom'ney at Kentland the Trojans lost a close battle to Fowler 52-50. They came back in the consolation to defeat Kentland 60-55. In the Rensselaer fourdwsy tourney the Trojans defeated Lowell in the first game 56-50. In the championship game the Trojans lost to the Rensselaer Bombers 59-33. One of the factors that may have caused them some trouble in the tourneys was Harvey Darche's ankle. Hs was out of practice for a few weeks and missed four games. Ray Brown, Harvey Darche, Richard Donahue, and Robert Donahue were awarded basketball jackets. They have been a credit to the team and are worthy of the fine jackets. This is going to press before the season ends and we will have :Ln our memories the moments to come as well as those that have passed. The record as this went to press: 11-5 H .mil 1.9 Remington 68 There Remington There 67 Gilboa Ll Here Oxford Here 68 ue. Ayr 55 Here Pine NP- Hers 71 Deliotte 6o There Wadene Ther' v 'ro rm- om 63 rum-6 . 1 56 Boswell 40 There Q: gil? 51, Brook 64 Here I 49 Dellotte 65 nm AM K X 50 Fwler 52 -- 1.-way at xenzlam ' I ' X N 60 Kentland 55 --- 1 u I 56 Lowell 50 -1- 4-way at Rensselaer p 33 Rensselaer 59 -1- . 46 Morocco 45 Here W 73 Earl Park 34 mm ' ' 59 Kentland 1.1 There 53 Hheatfield 49 Here 31 "B" TEAM BASKETBALL First row, left to right: C. Miiller, K. Marion, J. Godbey, M . McGrath, V, Burton, R. Wilson, M. Shepard. Second row, left to right: E. Spurlock, B. Babcock, F. Bear, N. Light, J. Burns, R. Henderson, L. Fuller. The Trojan B's have had rather a disappointing season thus far, but this is due mostly to inexperience. The first five have been predominately sophomoresg however, the freshmen have seen considerable action also. Bob Wilson and Alvin Hoaks at forwards, Vertrees Burton at center, and Everett Spurlock and Bob Henderson at guards have been the starting five most of the time. The 'B' team record to date is 1-7. The boys will have to hustle if they are to improve on that record. 1957-58 'B' TEAM BASKETBALL SCHEDULE WE THEY The following games were played after this went to press: 17 Remington 43 Morocco A0 Gilboa 28 Earl Park 31 Mt. Ayr 36 Kentlend 22 De Mbtte 32 Wheatfield 27 Fair Oaks 33 Rami 20 Boswell 27 ngton Oxford 28 Brock 47 23 De Motto 26 Pine Township 32 Game time! BASEBALL First row, left to right: R. Henderson, R. Donahue, H. Donahue, U. Reed, J. Weiand, V. Burton, B. Darche, R. Brown, K. Don R. Musser. Second row, 1eft,to right: F. Bear, K. Marrion, Q. Hoaks, H. Donahue, J. God- bey, M . McGrath, B. Babcock, J. Burns, K. Peck, M. Shepard. BASEBALL The baseball team consisted of Hay Brown, Karel Peck, Bill Donahue, and Bob Donahue in the in- field, while Kenneth Don, John Weiand, and Richard Donahue played the outfield. Harvey Darche and Robert Donahue shared pitching duties, while Ralph Musser was their battery mate. Since Goodland High has no baseball field, all the games were played on the road. The team won over Pine Twp., but lost two games to Remington. mwah I is w,WW,.4 E' X W TRACK Wk ' rj ' Ds r - pf I.. aft!" ,X 1. Since Goodland's track team won the Newton County track title last year, this year's team will be counted upon to successfully defend their title. The team will be led by mostly seniors and juniors. Some of the boys will represent Goodland in the track sectional at Lafayette. TRACK First row, left to right: R. Henderson, R. Donahue, R. Donahue, E. Shepard, V. Burton, H. Darche, R. Brown, K. Don, R. M sser. Second row, left to right K. Marion, A. Hoaks, U. Donahue, L. Cudworth, Mr. McGrath, K. Peck, J. Welsh, R. Wilson, M. Hufty. 7th 55 Sth Basketball First row, left to right! R. Cochrane, D. Hende eon, R. Jensen, W. Babcock, Mr. Franklin, T. Mattox, J. Sell, L. Hoake, M. Bear. Second row, left to right: G. Light, J, Bu ton, W, Noble, J. Godbey, D. Dalton, R. Harper, M. Beard, D. Vanaman, C. Best. The 7th and 8th grade team, at the time this was printed, had enjoyed victories over Morocco and Mt. Ayr. Although they lost more games than they won, the boys obtained actual playing ex- perience, which helped build them for the future. Besides coaching the 7th and 8th grade, Mr. Franklin is kept busy coaching the 5th and 6th grade team. These boys won six games du ing the season while losing only four. Sth Sc 6th Basketball First row, left to right: J. Donahue, R. Holmes, D. Mbaier, R, 395593-NSYST, J. Vanaman, G. Mitten, P. Beyer, R. Illingworth, J. McGraw. Second row, left to right: Mr. Franklin, M. Light, E. Souders, R. Sinks, C. Hufty, G. M sser, J. English, L. Jones, J. Henderson, L. Holmes. Third row, left to right: G. Hoaks, M. Honn, J. Provo, M. Bruning, E. Fuller, R. White, J. Watts, D. Mclntee, D. Mahaffey. 34 Varsity Cheerleaders Left to right: J. Burton, G. Cochrane, H. Alkire, S. Mitten. G0 GET 'EM YOU TROJAHS, GO GET 'EMU If you attended any of Good1end's basketball games this year, you saw the cheerleaders, heed ed by Judy Burton, leading the crowd in this yell and many others. These girls did much during the season to keep the morale and the spirits of both the fans and the teams high. The varsity cheerleaders were also kept busy planning and supervising the pep sessions before s number of the games. Left to right: s. Iocnem, D. Schwier, P- Donahue- uniors High Cheerleaders Morale boosters are as important to the junior high and grade teams as they are to the varsity teams. The Junior high cheerleaders spent many hours during the year cheering their teams to victory. 35 F 9 r 'A M a - H-. 4 , x iff V 1 ' 4 'fi' x ' 'N- rl .rf .f Jia' ,, Q' .P if 1 LH. L-7, L, , ., 3 ,I 'ir' if ,- ,sv 5, . 4 i lf -Kp" 1, ' ., -4: . ,I u. . x, Q 1 . .'. '. V' ' r " 1 L . .I , ., -if .I6 'R , wif, f .,. ' r L ,NA ,M . 9 , H 5 . :' W, ,X , A ,, f 1-5. I. . 21' ' . . ,L - L ,-"1- Q! .V . M 'Lzr 1 ' +- .- 9, 4 . -J nn. - '. '1 ,"'i'. ' X225 , ' r-,rw f. -,Q L L" -A nf-A is .r 1' ,f,'.-,-F., N ,Q , , - 'f. . f",X:"xa . ' , " '7 -I. ,. . ' ,Q ga" - 4 x -1 ,-1 , ni s 7 gals. V -s. : 'if' gm ,,, - -5.7- 1 . -ll1."?' .' we ,, jj, , j - k A Y V FW" - l-. , ' ' .AF .. K', ' Y I A l 2 , 'I ff".5,- " - J JL, 1 Y, ., v , 53 X CALENDAR AUGUST Enrollment day SEPTEMBER Labor Day vacation First full day of school 10th grade order sweaters Baseball game at Pine llth grade started play rehearsals Baseball game at Remington OCTOBER Fire Prevention Week Individual school pictures were taken llth grade play Sophomore class party P.T.A. meeting Scholorship tests given to Senior girls Freshman class party NOVEMBER "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Remington fherej 8th grade party "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Gilboa Cherel "Sth" 8: "6th" basketball game with Mt. Ayr Ctherel "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Mt. Ayr Cherej "7th" 8: "8th" basketball game with Brook Qherel mysterious Lawrence Qmagicianl "7th" 8: "8th" basketball game with Wolcott CthereJ Beginning of 2nd 6 weeks "A" 8: "B" basketball game with DeMotte Cherel "7th", "8th", 8: "9th" basketball game with Mt. Ayr Cherel "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Fair Oaks fthereb Beginning of Thanksgiving vacation 36 CALENDAR DECEMBER Senior girls take Future Homemakers of Tomorrow Test "Sth" 8: "6th" basketball game with Brook ftherej "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Boswell Kherej P.T.A. meeting "7th", "8th", 8 "9th" basketball game with Morocco Ctherej "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Brook fherel "5th", "6th", "7th", 8: "8th' basketball game with Kentland Ctherej Sock Hop for classes 7-12 'A' 8 'Bn basketball game with D6 Motto Ctherel Beginning of Christmas vacation A-way Tourney at Kentland L-way Tourney at Kentland JANUARY End of Christmas vacation A-way tourney at Rensselaer If-way tourney at Rensselaer "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Morocco Choral "A" 8: 'B' basketball game with Earl Park Ctherej P.T.A. meeting "5th" 8: "6th" basketball game with Brook Cherel End of first semester "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Kentland Ctherel "7th", "8th", 8: "9th" basketball game with Morocco Choral "7th", "8th", 8: "9th" basketball game with Wolcott Qherel 'A' 8: 'B' basketball game with Uheatfield Choral Sock Hop "7th", "8th", 8: "9th" basketball game with Mt. Ayr ftherel "A" 8: "B" basketball game with Remington ftherel FEBRUARY 'Sth' sf '6th" basketball game with Mt.. Ayr um-eb 'A' 8: 'B' basketball game with Oxford fherel P.T.A. lbbting '7th" Se "8th" basketball game with Rensselaer Ctherel "9th' basketball game with Rensselaer fherel 'A' Ke "B" basketball game with Wadena ftherel 37 - CALENDAR FEBRUARY Ccontinuedl 21 "A" 8: "B" with Wadena ftherel 26 Basketball sectional begins at Kentland MARCH 3 Grade basketball tourney at Morocco 4 ll ll I! I1 H 6 ll Il I1 if ll 10 P.T.A. Meeting 28 Senior Class Play - Our Hearts Were Young and Gay 29 I1 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll APRIL WORK? MARRIAGE? 11, P.T.A. Meeting 4 comics. A T .kb X X MAY f xg 'QV 7X 9 Junior and Senior prom I ' 12 P.T.A. Meeting ' g 18 Baccalaureate Q ,i 20 Commencement Q' :hr 23 End of second semester kg, 38 rf' N 1 -,mx 4 -.lvx , .,'- '-45, . ,Q , 5, I fgf gi' lf ' .fo f 1, 6' gfafleif Sixth Grade 4. r I - ' A - S. ,mfg 'Ti' f H- 'K ' we . 5? few -:iffy ' " 1. A gi' GOODLAND p 9' F - I sift" 'U f ' GRADES 6 ' l W ii. 1957 1958 wg... 'M nl X ' ff 'o . . T 1 Vx K l f .Q . ,, . ' . 31'-ffu, L xi fs Fi J lf . N II X 'Axe jk ,X 1.-ik! First row, left to right: Mr. Smith, F. Godby, J. Donahue, K. 0'Hesl, L. Jones, E. Coty, G. Mitten, P. Shurtter, R. Illingworth. Second row, left to right: J. Henderson, S. Dubea, J. McGraw, S. Pierson, H. Carlock, C. Godby. Third row, left to right: J. Watt, J. Ivory, J. Gerrich, J. Lew- ellen, P. Beyer, A. Zimmer. Fourth row, left to right: R. Seddelmeyer, A. Constable, D. Mosier, N. Bell, D. Edmonds, S. Noe, B.. Holmes, S. Watt R. Godby. Fifth row, left to right: O. Reynolds, K. Brown, W. Burns, K. Bogan. The members of the sixth grade, besides doing their regular school work, such as arithmetic, reading, social studies, English, health, and science, have participated in a number of other ac- tivities. Suse of these activities are the school boys' patrol, I.-H, and Scouting. Most of the boys are members of the basketball team. BOYS' PATROL The patrol bays, under the direction of Mr. Jack Wilson, the traffic officer, see that the students cross the highway safely when going to and fran school. Rain or shine, they are always there on time. First row, left to right: D. Mosier, G. Mitten, R, Seddel- Neyer, J. Watt, R. Illingworth Second row, left to right: P. B9YG1', J. McGraw, D. Edmonds, Mr. Wilson, J. Gerrich. fi f"- if -2.5 gr -55 at Q Q Q 5 Flfth Grade 4, .1 g J. - 4 5 - F' "lr lil! 'ammflutflit 'fl it X, , sooomwn - 2 1 - .2 M gf . i ' I 4 . f 4 , ' -1 'I ' .j H f 7 Their regular daily work GRADE 5 ' 1 I ggi. W includes outside reading, arith- metic, health and science, Eng- 1 lish, social studies, WTOZU-DS, - I957 V358 -5.5 ' reading and spelling. ca- E f fx f , t "" ff ,, mmldimfy u.f'?'JU f 1 World Books, and special re- 'ff'-S'-' - ports are used to challenge Q7 4 the students who have extra W'-if 4- 'qv . ' - ,, 1, A ,Q . , I talent or time. fl-g if , Q ' P, Q, 1 5 3.6. ,IN Vg: N5 P' l ' ' ! ' 1' "' M X , " x5ff lN'll'.l' ' 6T"'i5ge 2 'nagi5W'IL wir ,T 2:3 "G ' 5 ' X f- 'if Tj' 'ln Q at 'hmm First row, left to right: Mr. Franklin, P. Smyth, R. White, D. Musser, E. Souders, S. O'Neil, M. Bruning, S. Miiller, G. Hooks. Second row, left to right: A. Sainte, S. Reynolds, B. Claussen, L. Marion, G. Mug- ser, P. Rouhier. Third row, left to right: G. Sinks, S. Butler, M. Honn, D. Mclntee, G. Bohlinger, C. Hufty. Fourth row, left to right: P' Vamman, -7- English, G. Alkire, M. Light, M. Fuller, E. Fuller, S. Sheets, S. Provo, M. McGraw. Fifth row, left to right: M. J. Humston, W. Brown, S. Gerrich, L. Holmes, D. Mahaffey, D. Schriner, First row, left to right: Miss McGraw, J. Franson, E. M. Coty, B. Sheets, M. Provo, G. Oliver, L. Beard, R. Sharp, J. Yarborough. Second row, left to right: T. Burns, P. Yochem, V. Bear, E. Oliver, M. Illingworth, J. Boice. Third row, left to right: J. Henderson, R. Marion, M. J. Welsh, P. Bower, R. Sainte, C. C. Cochrane, L. Oliver, B. lewsllen, C. Watts. Neimeyer. Fourth row, left to right: D. Green, A. Haste, J. Pierson, M. Hollingsworth, C. Deno, Fifth row, left to right: W. Mitchell, D. McKin- ley, M. Godby, P. Schneidt, P. Pasel, J. Welsh. E. Royse and V. Noble are not pictured. S5 , , , . . .Tr Q5 Fourth Grade 4' fr, S' f L 1' A C 'Q one of their first f -- Q -, projects was s westher l A - 1 calendar which included Q reading the outside tem- , , , , perature the appearance Q, Q, f GOOULP-NU . or the siy, and the ai- ! I , Wk ,K '35, NP' veg,-Ll rection of the wind. fi' I GRADE 4 t Vfgf,L.t'-4.4 1 - r M Christmas time they made transparencies, h for their classroom doors, 9 1957 1958 ' f ., 1 A to resemble church windows. Y: -., 'P 'Q' Another project was r m, '-" . ,.., , ' X + . - writing business letters. A ' '53 ' ' M They received helpful in- fomation from many com- in., I , p , 3 P, panies. One company sup- -5-. ,,, - I 'f 1 4, fs, ' plied them with tooth M ' H 4 ' 1 lj 3 ' PM brushes and tooth paste , lv " ' ' 1 ig 'W 4 L, f at a very low cost. 52 K+- Q ' is LLAAL ' , -f ' 'Q 6 T- ,gi -1, .-a Vw ' ' 1: C 55 9 vo Q Hi ' fi 1 f .322 1 fQss5fSf'V V , GOODLAND S ,QQ-, 4 D ,-P GRADE 5 f f Q. F'QafQQ. A 1957 - 1955 1 Sis W fu if wk . , I - fl ' , N... -, W ft W.-as - :NW .V " - 1 KJ fs 5 rr: K QE a ,QI Y Q 7 , f l X242 K B 1 KK., J 2 J' 'i bbawf First row left to ri t: Mrs. I-8811: J- Devo, C- 5155915 P- Smith 5, Phelps: P, 0'Ne11,zg. Davidson, J. Messe smith, S. Mclntee Second row, left to right: E. Souders, D' Godbin K- 595099-s C Schneidt, J. Horlock, J. Harker. Third row, left to right! T Pierson, K. Sell, P. 301111112915 B- Durham, D. Uilson, A. Sinks, E, Reynolds, C. Lintner, A. Burns. Fou th row, left to right. C amen, J. cm-ua, D. su-wk, 11. Miller, B. McGraw, L- Paul, D B1-using, v. Bm-bank, R. Dart Third Grade Besides regular les- sons, the third grade has done several interesting things this year. In art the students have done several free hand lessons, correlated with Indian and pioneer life. The students have also worked with color study as related to dress, homes and products. In health the pupils have made nutrition books of pictu es and the im- portance of nutrition For social studies the student's books are a collection of art, maps. textiles, homes and clip- Pines The pupils are es pecially proud of their reading Each pupil has averaged twenty outside reading books fo the semester First row, left to right! M s West, L Illingworth, A Seddlemsyer, S Butler, H DeGroot, C Illingworth, M. Sainte, R Constable Second ES row, left to rights P. Klinker, S. Pendleton, D. Franson, V. Lock, G S Hollingsworth, K Butler, E Sell, D Smythe, N Zimma , J Fowler Fou th row, left to right: J Hotler, J Carroll, B Hessersmith, R Uilliams, P Bower, L Hoaks The students have en- joyed using little skits to portray the characters in their reading stories These short plays encou age the pupils to think through the plot of the story and to make up appro- priate dialogue A store was construe ted in the room and a va riety of articles were purchased and sold. Each boy and girl had real mon- ey with which to make the pu chase and the store- keeper had to make change This means was used to speed up the learning pro- cess of adding and sub- tracting in arithmetic AA IA.. 4fvpWh W 2 E, ' ." iii COODLAIND I W! GRADE ' 957 - 955 3 5 'a, Xt , pp uw f -5 -up fa. h.Qif.l'll, ' Ill?" XD X x 'S N .K H 5 i "f .5 E, 0 3 X ' X -at 4 I? li r 5 1 Ig fx S5 X 1 0 I . I C O C I O O D O 0 I Q CCOI1d Gfgdg Claussen, J. Humton. Third row, left to right: T. khhaffey, E. Latta, C O I C C C Q U O O O O O C 'av' sl, vf ga ' P' "' " I ' ' g v vw o 1 X 1 1 . I 1 f-55 A 2 ' f ' 2 U If in 6 X' 5 A T . 4 , 4 - ' - ,.. fn "' x - an s"b K ' Q 2 ,H Qu VE P 2, Q i '- 1 ' 1 5 as I Y- -f ' '- 5- ' .1 T' O 3 f-9 'JN wr N39 X.. by ,XVI ,X M :as 5-.3 eva Q, it it ,Ei i 'gmaylql A Ak Q' y e M 5 1 . 3 . iffy 1 g A j Q .:::. . aan l -1 ' -e is 1 Q we K :I 1 9 Q Q 4' fx ww N , Qvgf ff N , xx Q 1 A if QS 'an at f,, . , '4-I2 ,Aves J -N4 Q A " Fmt Gfade J The beginners have GOODL NND been a busy group learning X N A H ef D Q Og Q, not only to read, write, " T 1" GRADE I rs. ' Mi 1 and spell, but also s great 'f , 9. 927 ' ', w ' j deal about science, nature Q - vi' we N '95-7 l958 1 1' A- 4 studies, family living, X 5 'QQ X i '5 1 . safety in the home and on ' ' " ' ' ' "' the street. ' A . , These activities begin cm ' E ,pa Q F' ,la -6, the 1:1-smug of the boys and wg 'jr ' .ss s r 31, ' X4-X-ff F35 girls, who will take then- 1 5 5 gg. X i , . X places as well-adjusted ' A J-,Tj j i"i"'7 ' ff I uf Q T fi' useful citizens in the com- f p V ' 1' .TQ ' munity in which they live. J K 'N , Vg A N fig? -di J ff' ' nf!" 'ff l' fl J p 'gn ,4-'N LM, J as QHEHWQ , .. f First row, left to right: Mrs. Donovan, R. Reynolds, M. Klinker, M, S0ud91'5s M- Schrinern S- G0dbYa 5- Bausch, K- Garvin. Second row, left to Pi-2151153 G- Reed, M. Davidson, R. Godby, D. Curtis, M. Bohlinger, C. Doan. Third row, left to right: M. Smith, J. Vanaman, C. Schneidt, fx, F. Fuller, N. Harker, L. Illingworth, S. Duttenhaver, D. Illingworth. - 2 - Fourth row len to right: G. White c. Bruning c L ma M Pugh f RE E. Donahue: T. Sheets. , , 8 8, ' gl 6 S-,tx 7' ra . . ' ju' F:Lrat row, left to right: Mrs. Illingworth, R. Hotler, C. Alexander, J. Boice, B. Miiller, C. Ihyotte, B. Godbey, J. Schriner. Second row, left to right: M. Harker, J. Ritter, P. Davidson, E. Reynolds, J. Welsh, J. Phelps. Third row, left to right: C. Hall, G. Jones, J. Dubea, J. Lock, J. Fowler, T. Morlock, L. Marion, R. Pssel. Fourth row, left to right: J. Benner, B. Alexander, G. Dano, C. Reid. J. Miiller and N. Carter are not pictured. 5 W E First And , 4,275 -f' . i ' T F if Q' 'f 2 151-5 Second Grade The combination of K, ,. GOODLAND 5 , , fifteen first graders and S Q" GRADE I .V I " " Q twelve second graders have - W' been doing a number of dif- ', 1957 , 1958 M ferent projects this year. E ffl g , ' ' Q .... The pupils do their health A ,,.,Q,,,, ..-' . and safety and posters to- : ' . p gather. The postal unit " 4 .. u .5 x was centered around Valen- .. ' xi" Q ' W2 Q' "TQ Q, W tines Day. The second ,gc l" sf .. i- .,', p ,L Lx , V "W , . grade students read stories , . ..gk in X X W 4 J ,..,,, before the room. By doing . """ -"' I 'll--L-J X - N, , this they f111 then- cards with book stamps. E Var- In r 6 Q .aiu tg.: 'J Tami CUSTODIANS Left to right: C. Burns, E. DeGroot From early in the morning until late in the day, M . Charles Burns and M . Ernest DeGroot are working to keep the building warm and clean for the students and fac- ulty. 'x"g:!l 44 BUS DRIVERS Left to right: John Allen, V. Cloutier, J. Hall, E. Simonin. Mr, John Allen, Mr. Vernon Cloutier, M . Joy Hall, and M . Eldo Simonin ses to it that the out of town students arrive to school on time in the morning and 8rriV6 home safely after school. In addition, they provide transportation to the ball- games and other extra activities. 1 1 4 COOKS Left to right: M. Stombaugh, M, Loge For a tasty meal, Mrs. Mary Stombaugh and Mrs. Mary Lowe are always on hand to serve the students. New trays were added to the cafeteria for more convenience. with the new inter-c m, the students en- joy music while they are eating. ' A SHERMAN VM-IITE 5160. J I - -A A - ' HOME LOANS STANDARD El-EVA-fog ' INSURED SAVINGS AccouNTS c OMPANY NEWTON COUNTY LOAN AND SAVINGS PHONE " "G ASSOCIATION M Sauce. l894 ' GOODLAND, INDIANA A GOODLAND, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS QF Gnssussn H A-R Qvsyx RE- fN -ip fwfr WE WILL HHVE THESE MO-MENTSTO RE-MEM-BER Contents 0 Classes 3-14 0 Faculty 15-22 0 Activties 23-28 0 Sports 29-35 ' Calendar 36-38 0 Grades 39-43 Goodland Public Schools Jane Gilsingef ' Edifof Joyce Burton - Ass't. Editor Goodland, Indiana Carol Ripley - Business Mg'r. Joyce Burton - Assistant Editor Carol Ripley - Business Manager 4 -' . gage 5 C:un.n.aGAN Son WATER Ssnvucs GUODLHND1 Iuomwk Rmmouo 'IT PENDLETON PHONE Bl Thi Y ' DRY Gooog C C Chccofafz Cup LOTWNG ' SHUES Q FuRNxSHlNc,s, l... ..iJ2uQ....1 'TGus5'fl- G pmcef Q""l"'Y : ' -A E Rssuczeo : E , ,. W ' L.......--I Aff Don EDFORDBS Darien GOODLAND, INDIANA .F "" " '- ,, ,.,,, 1 , , , Hemoub Hoe MARKET, INC. 1 ""' I GOODLAND, INIMANA PHONE 9 46 lf ,O f 1 4. 1. The class of 1958 takes this Opportunity no thank all of the merchants who have so willingly assisted us in ou various activities throughout our high school career, PATRONS Franson Electrical Earl LeBeau Meadow Gold Dairy Hotler Print Shop Pasel Shell Service Gagnon Meat Market Downs Grocery Humston Chevrolet Bales Lumber Company James Griffin Crane Flower Bu Fred Crowden Constable Insurance Agency A G P Tea Company Fowler Jewlery Store Russell Mattox George Deno 47 0 5 QL US LIQUID FERTILIZER CORP. 525 EAST 3811481 INDIANADOLI8 INDIANA Flaws ah 77!0P7'UW!V - WQJAW - CUXVVEADJZI XWYTAQE-L ' EATON ' GOODLAWD -3, IIILLIS CHALMERS New IDEA NEW I-Ion.n.ANnf , KEWANEI: " I I A XII' 'WIIII I FARM MACHINE RY fg, , 21, I1 I 9 f I ,wav-,I BECKLEY IMPLEMENT CO. INC. Goool-ANb.INDfANA ' R'iONE IGS 48 4 6 WE Faeezz To PLE -FQOZE N FOODN ER DALE PCZEQSIINC, GREEN G. ..L..D , CONGRATULATIONS from f-f ...M 49 WWDORIS ALLENR Music STUDIO Like many other young people, line Rouhier is enjoying lessons at DQRIS ALLEN'S MUSIC STUDIO. Private instructi in piano and voice is availabl PHONE 82 GOODLAND, INDIANA M6435 oowsis HARMACY JUL GQQDLAND, IND!-ANA L9 fm a J f "?2i"1i25eT?i3nC?'3m1Q2iEZ H RAu6L,'S J ohn B. Cooke - Louis R. Sainte Lawson J. Cooke Y S Registered Pharmacists at Your Service COMPUMENTS or ' -QUALITY CLEANERS - -MARSHINO RADIO-TV GOQQLAND, Inoumn Duane Z 50 BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCE SS To THE ENTIRE SENIOQCLASS CHARLES HOLLAND. MD. IQMISTONS TANDARD ERVICE ' rs t , . STANDARD GoooI.AND,INDIANA 'SERVICE Rin BOND I-IERSHEI. BURTON SYAQEOL pl-lONEi 24 I SERVICE BURTON IMPLE ME NT CO., INC. GOODLAND, INDIANA ' INTERNATIONAL TRUCK ' MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT WHEN OTHER NIGHTS AND OTHER DAYS WILL FIND US GONE OUR SEPERATE WAYS 6N 51? LJ' r f' L LL WE WILL HAVE THESE' MO-MENT5 TO RE'MEMBBER f .. ,gg ffm- . , .. . ' 1- ,. Af .J , " ., ' , L, f, ,u'.. I - -- ,F p:t.r 1 '-'if . 3 ,Q ., Al n N.,1.f , Q- , . V 1 ,4 ,- -4, 1 1. 4 X . , 5 . , 1 H, .-f. . ,1:.'7,. t. - -' .1 ,...,, V-V? ov 1 1-qw ' Y x .-...a, A , w .1 ....H. .Yu .,- ,-4 .hx .x, lr, ,.n .: 'I -v-.ggn Y , .- . J '-n .-- w M , x L+ "3 " ' . -f 1 11 N.: 1 ,l 1. 1. I I lbw., 1. hx,- bf' n. ww 4 X v, V, , ,-, C G- , 5 3 . . - A-4"'n.'1l .-., .H .4 . f. ' a .V-1' .,.v. , 1, ,A va s.'. fg Lf 15'T,." cf I S FN 1.4. f ' . . I x ' ' , , S , , R I 4 I ' x 5 , 5 X 1 l , , I I il Q l ' :ff ff? V .v'A.., U 1 X Q .wg 1 . X .. -K, ,Q . v ., , w 1'1- "x. w '-Q Q xv ,v V4 4.1, H- i:'.'.' VM ' .. lu Mg 4--' ,far DEDICATION -an 3 We the Class of 1958, keenly aware of their cooperation throughout the years in building n better community, do proudly dedicate this book to our merchants of Goodland. Z k.. -1 " 1.x 4, Q. -N. . -'g . "1 ,vu Y -guy: 'z .iff -if Li. :'xf""f 4,514 'ig-54... 45.2 A, --'ffffll ffl' 2.5 155-t'?' ,., ,. ..,.. A Jiiiii fs e 216151 .,. .rg q f J 4433"-" .,..f..a, .f .gngg 'r - I fl' Safe .N , .fg.f,, .,-lie-I Tq.'.f',gi --Av: -. 'ew'-'. . ,..1, ,, vw- ' 1-51,- f'Ei1': 1 1-Q.: Q l'::.2,'. 'Arai .. 1. xivi gi' ,J ,, ., 1 .T ..:g. I' 1. ,qu " ..,, ,, ., , 'H '4 1, 11' -:ff .""':: .X v 5 ,Q .11-R-. V' . --N F4-an "'r K' L .. 1, Q. , . N... '1-. ' , .9 K X 'qs X X K ' x A s x x X es-- . ., .f-Q ' :Nfl ff' .5 N 1 x ' L . x '.f1f'f. ii-1 X ,,1 !!S 1+ M, , Q , xv'-X 1 1 - 1 --- rl-iv ,fx iii Orin: 4-Q-an ik! S ii E S if Hia Hlllillllllllllllllllil , CAM I i M A , y a -'f1,1nm4,i4,,:A+,,a - z . AA,,A . 4 ,A. 5 4 ,. In ,Q ,n 1. X H 1: Meeting of the senior officers and the sponsors SENIORS 620' Our stay in the seventh grade was very thrilling as we were always hurrying to and from classes for fear we would be late. It was difficult at times to find the right room, but we soon learned to find our way. Doris Peck, Carolyn Spurlock, Jane and Janet leffert had the honor of becoming junior high oheer leaders for the year. The eighth grade was just as exciting as the seventh had been. Mrs. Cain, the English teacher at that time, was chosen to be our sponsor Each semester we had a class party which we all enjoyed lb. 5 Far' 5 WE WILL HRVEC THESE M0-MENTSTO RE-MEM-BER Joyce Burton: Annual Staff 43 Paper Staff Lg Sunshine l,2,3, Lg Sunshine Secretary 3,43 Pep Club 2,3,Ag Choir 1,23 Class President Lg Class Vice President 2,33 Girls' State Representative Lg A-H l,2,3g A-H Reporter 3. Robert Donahue: Track l,2,3,L: Basketball 1,2,3,L5 Baseball 3, Lg Soft Ball 1,25 Pep Club 2,3, Lg Class President 1,33 Class Treasurer 23 Class Secretary L. Lewis Hoaks: Choir l,Lg Class Secretary 33 Class Vice Pres- ident L5 Basketball lg Student Librarian 2s Annual Staff L. Janet Leffertx Band 1,23 Sun- shine 1,2,3,4g Sunshine Vice President Lg Class Treasurer 45 Class Secretary 2g Pep Club 2,3,L3 Annual Staff A5 A-H lg Paper Staff Lg Student Lib- rarian l. 4

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