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Goode Barren Township High School - Tatler Yearbook (Sesser, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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M' f P! s XX 1 , ,, ft .- . gli' . , .pi I Q: v .'!1l" Pax . - J , , U A T:- ' ,i y .A -T .I, 1, 13,4 s' , '59 yaf er GOODE-BARREN TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Sesser, Illinois "1 4 I I l 4 I I 1 A I --1 l 'fx iles? N N is 4 R t M5227 y I ' OFC ZUOI' On the following pages, the co-editors and staffofthe 1959 Tatler have endeavored to preserve some of the curricular and extracurric- ular activities of the students at Goode-Barren Township High School during this past year. We hope that this year's Tatler will in years to come be a book of memories which will bring back the feeling of joy, happiness, work and play that these activities might have encountered. Be that as it may, the staff members have striven earnestly to pre- sent a record of this year's events and of your moments to remember. A DANc " '5 at u. 'QT , r--,i 7 :slit 'R " is x. - ' , , all ' Q 3 I , KU ,S a J . fzbn Occ-G Ze ".4" ' 4 1' q""' We, the Senior ass can loo ac over t e as four years a e me y lungs and faces: at av c anged smce our first stro 1 through the ha!! H S But one person has not chan edand as rolvn to part of t e sc 00 S e has been o usfc D1rector and our Class sponsor and Ive are ver to dedrc te the 59 LE to her Mus Jan 1n Tw hi' sql C1 , kb If 11 1 z nd S e U 1 ' 11 11 e 3332E5Q3QE5QEgE3Q3gE5QEgE5Q 11 ' A 1 s of 15fiQQff:QQfQ2QQff15fffQfffQfQ Qs. r. . . s 11 fi252?5i2E2fi2iFa2?22E?iiz5 g be .1 11 11 1. 11 uf 5gEgQ5gEgQ5g?5Q3gE5Q3gE5Q5gE3Q5gE3QEgZ 4, ,.,Vr, 3,3.g:g3:gQ:Q:1 M ' y gfffffEffQffEfQffgffffffffgffff? ,,1,141:gs5:5gi532gE5EigE5555555352529 happy la 19 TAT R . ' 6 ,fffiffffffffQfQfQ52ffff21f25fffg:ff2 2555IEEEEQEQQEQEEEEQEQQEfiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? 40" Q"1'7. s ,fi222255EEZSEEESEEESQEEEEESESEifiiiizEiiiiiiii :iffiiiiEifiiiiiiiifiiii'1 1 , ,,ss n nsss , 'l X J oar gf Ciofzcalfzbn The Board of Education of the Goode Barren Township High School is composed of seven men elected by the voters of the school district to represent them in the operation of the school. It is the duty of boards of education to formulate local school policy, levy taxes to provide funds for the operation of the school, prepare a budget authorizing the administrator to allocate these funds and to provide ade- quate facilities and equipment necessary for effective instruction. The board works through the administrator, giving and receiving advice, with one aim, to better educate our youth. The compensation to members is not in salary but in satisfaction of seeing a job well done. jjrzkz cujoa GEORGE REED To thyself be true. To many this may seem a selfish admonition: but let us pursue the thought further. First, let us ask the question, "What does one do when one is true to himself?" Does one take advantage of another to place himself in a more favorable position? An answer to that question might help pave the way for the first. Obviously the answer should be "No. " Suppose one loafs on the job when working for himself or for another. The employer suffers and in turn the employee. Suppose one does not learn to apply himself in school. He just gets by but has exceptional ability. Who suffers? The individual will not accomplish his mission in life. Many will suffer because of wasted time and ability: maybe many millions may suffer. Suppose one is dishonest and undependable. Who suffers? The individual will suffer. He loses his job. No one will have confidence in him. He, his relatives, and friends will suffer. Society has lost his productive efforts. Suppose one abuses his health. His productive years are shortened. He is less efficient. He, his friends, and relatives, and society suffer. So to the first question. One should develop a strong, healthy body, an active and inquiring mind, develop habits that will be useful throughout life, and develop an attitude of live and let live. In short, make the most of your ability by hard work and preparation, honesty, trustworthlness, sincerity, truthfulness, and an in- terest in things and people about us. Thus, one should live a full happy life having made others happy for having known him and having made the world a better place in which to live. Uafkr dxf Our yearbook is a book of precious memories. It is something that we, the students, make ourselves and which contains a complete picture of the activ- ities of a school year. It is something that we can look through later and cherish the thoughts of the little things that we will then realize were so im- portant to us. We, of the annual staff, hope that in the years to come you will take pride in this 1958-59 year- book and will remember all the wonderful times that it represents. Co-Editors: JUDY THOMPSON GERALD CLAMPET Sponsor: MISS PFLAUM Advertising Manager: PA UL ROBERTS Snapshot Editor: BARBARA BOYD Typists: BUD ROBERTS LEON BAKER GAY LANCE Other Staff Members SUSAN HUIE MARTHA INABNIT CHARLOTTE FRED LINDA HOOREBEKE DAVID HESS RICHARD PORTER BILL WHITE iff fm. ,Q,i'U 1 QTY I dare do all that may become a many Who dare! do more, is none. SHAKESPEARE V L',-Am ' 4 J. Y 'xv :M iff 'I f P21-flfg 1 1 g.,LWM ,, -'tg-. A .A.,Lg.11 5-,V ,- . wiv, -Q my - L, ,A ,f -,ffi-w4z:s,1'-E wr , ' Y - :w'W'-:dw QV: wr . r 1 .. 1. M ,' , 8' "M ff -f 'Q 'hrzfr' fwS1swQ121ff:-g,i- 3.-,, ,. I, , I - VW- .W,.,,YW .., - "'1."F 3. f f XM '- vg3gp,2vzff,,1 4,4 if Y Y N FX, . ., .nk U, . K gf -' , my .ma . f11'5f5'?.--' .. ' ,. 11-Ap ,P 11-iff Q3i:":,:qw. L. - ' f' , -M.wwLv+i2: 1,2 21-'Qffx W. Q .. , V ,.4.x-'fr Q. wg' iff Y? ff E ,Q s s , ,.. .... . V. 45,45 A9 GEORGE REED JANE ANN DUNNING Principal Band Mechanical Drawing Chorus Sponsor Student Council Co-Sponsor Senior Class ROLLA MITCHELL A griculture Sponsor FFA GORDON HERRON Coach American History Social Problems World History Sponsor "S" Club Co-Sponsor Sophom OIC Class ' .' Q A ' .f',':." . ' 15? 1 'K FREELEE WOLL MURIEL ISHMAEL Biology Secretary General Science Physical Educa tion Assistant Coach Co-Sponsor Junior Class JAMES HOUSE Chemistry Algebra I General Math Co-Sponsor lun 1 LA DONNE HOAGUE English I and IV Physical Education Sponsor GAA ior C1355 Sponsor Senior Play I 5 WF OPAL KIRKPATRICK MARY KAYE HANCOCK Bookkeeping Home Economics Typing Sponsor FHA Shorthand Co-Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor Hi-Lights Co-Sponsor Freshman Class CURTIS HAMILTON DQRIS PFLAUM English II and III Algebra 11 Social Science Geometry Library General Business Co-Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Tatlgf SPOHSOT Junior P1aY Co-Sponsor Freshman Class SENIORS Lf' ." O 1 Secretary LORETTA MARIE LAMBERTI "Retts " Class Secretary 4: Chorus 1, 2, President SHARON KAY SHARO ..Kay.. Class President 2, 4: Junior Play 3: Student Council Vice President 2, 4: Hi-Lights 3, 4: Chorus 1: Office 4: Cheer- leader 1,2, 3, 4: FHA 1, Rec. Chairman 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Camp 2: GGA 1, 2, 3, 4: Fall Carnival Candidate 3: Girls' State Award 3: Li- brarian 4. Sponsors 3'4' Junior my 3' Cheeflead' Miss DUNNING MR. HAMILTON el' 2.45 FHA 1,2,-3: GAA 1,2, 3,4. Vice President GERALD LEROY CLAMPET "Jughead" Class President 3: Class Vice President 4: Tatler 1, Co-Edi- tor 4: Hi-Lights 2, 3.4: "S" Club 1, Secretary 2, 3, Treas- urer 4: Junior Play 3: FFA 1, Re porter 2, Secretary 3,4: Foot- ball Manager 2, 3: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3: Track Manager 2: Fall Carnival Candidate 3. Treasurer MELVIN EUGENE HAMMOND "Ralph" Class Treasurer 4: FFA 1,2, Treasurer 3, President 4. sr E: ww ,, xx -w ff: .... . ,f,, . ?fSf3iv .... E 557575 ,g ,L.L A digg., ,..k In W 'ww X 'f.EQ'i.- . 15,1 , MM ,.,, x i 'Lv Y 1 'J 'f Qui:-5 f, ..,: , B gf, ' E :iff . ' I Z'2:iZIa53I , . ,:.., ,.,, A y , gf.: ix is 5 ', ra 33. 2 Y H E 31:35 ' ' 5 i' 5 X? M. 591 mf .,: egg" 5, 5 zz-QifiliifirzVsifzxgz 14,114 if PQ-esE1ff2':f' "F 'ia'if2Lffs,A '935'i'jQj11 4 ' L! J, gif - Q ,+L . . K Mic, "R 'x ff 4 721+- in w x- WKQ, ,. , 5 " 2 fr, -w QQ, hi' - 7 ' ffm .- 'I fi 3 --'I . , V 4-1.':f' i -2,4 , at IEA T x M -1 I v W! - V ' Ji' 1 P ff h sgii 7 - 1 1 3?2"'35 ll 3 A: - ,.x, , 1,52 .. Q 'i?LA?2?m ,' Y v ,gggy . .J 1 f . wa: 1 X 5.0 .,,.. L N 5 W x Xl a x 0 Y 36? . ' :- K Mme sf -Q X f fhigils A U QM. g3f?a5: lz:gA Q 1 15: . V - was SQ MLA, , A , f 1 gg-, -f. f 1 fi: 71 '- ' .J WF :,f.235iQQ5L Biff K ' E, ' ' A 5' Qwwrfew A Ti p, W E253 vii? M ,.,, ' Y 312 ' J'f1f Lg . frfmbg ' A - ' -- ' 7 25 ,vim bc, .f 7 ilxfid -If ri", gifcvfx' '- i 1 5 ff-?2:-7 4 Nga? Q SWE AW www , if u. 'vw . .fs 2 K s w'- ,iw l 55 315. f ,mf ws-2 wp f. if ww,-L, , 1 -w , W , eh 1 Yr, ,X W., M Mfwf' ' - ,J filv ' x 3.- vlr 1" 5 , VM..- g . Qu- ,-' 4' K KW X' W . , . Mgifh ,.Mm,f', LTNYTY 1 1" ' Miva . ww A 'X ,A i x W if 25 ' at A ,Qkffwk ' , . ,K if .ig 5, YARD a K Eifiiasfk - ,f,:k5,Q K 95 1 X i X,.., X., , ' H pe. 'gif 51, . , 5 5 ' 6s1 , .,S.f51f' Q H! f if V, 5 F Vt, - . K j" " Nw' K wsggw ,g k,?iZff?3P1f2--1, , . . L.zf.3A:Q,,X L4 fz4:2.,,2f X N ,,.':g..',..,i1Miffa,.M XM f- dv' W 12421 s Q - as i ,..,.. k k .mm vrieii' 11 -f 5,5335-.ff fu - . , ,, M: :f ., .. . wb x ..,.. .4 if 14 5 7 fx I N f' E' E . M ,..,, 4 .Q 4, 5? ga v 'F' X : al ' xi an N, X -, ,. ., ..,,,,-A... . 1 Yi , N, 1 If Q' 'f ,.. K - F . x Q. R , ':1i1u".aff ff-, ? K 3 . 2 . K A Y : ifrli' ,SJ - ' nil, 1... f E ,. ,f . L . 6 'A T-R L -'i 'L 4 X , . it 'uwwiqe 'G A Ham .x .. 1 ga qv, f .f c 'I +I. L I W ": "-5 . ' 'f'1-.,m':l"E7, -.Y f- . fm: .am - 'WE : ' 'i ff JK :5 ::,"': " ' I ,T 11 I "MY A" f f, j wk . '. SPG 'Mfr , .ff , ful ' Elf.. A gf if Q, . l 2 H t Q .:,,l,. G08 CQUFOP 9Cy lmej As we gallop down the old streets of Sesser we can see the old gang of classmates from 1959. It is now 1969 and there will soon be a reunion of the class of '59. The first person we meet is Leon Baker who is a very successful accountant. Norma Boswell is hap- pily married and a mother with several little "Scotties. " Farrell Bradley is playing professional basket- ball for the University of illinois. Gerald Clampet has become the president of the First National Bank of Sesser. Mary Ann Crain is owner and proprietor of the one and only Egyptian Ranch. Margaret Deth- row is the leading artist for the 'Sesser Review. " Cecil Eubanks is a concrete finisher for the Sesser Con- crete Factory. Jim Eubanks owns a share of the Franklin County Livestock Sale. Sharon Eubanks is trav- eling around the world with her husband, who is in the Air Force. Larry Featherston is the owner of Crab Orchard Lake and owns all speed boats on the lake. Charlotte Fred lives in one room back of the Texaco Station in Christopher where her husband works. They are happily married and have eleven boys. Dick Gump, the chief engineer, is now building a bridge across Rend Lake. Cletis Hammonds is a diesel me- chanic for Robinson's Station. As a semi-truck pulls into the station we can see Melvin Hammonds be- hind the wheel. He is driving for the Egyptian Truck Line. John Harvey has inherited his father's farm and is living there. Joyce Hoorebeke is approaching the 4-way stop in a Cadillac. She tells us she is secretary for the Brayfield Funeral Home in Chicago. As we walk past Jones' Barber Shop and look in the window we see Herbert Hutson has taken over the barber shop. Then we happen to meet Joyce Hutson who tells us she is in New York working as a commercial artist for the Empire Company. We find Mar- tha lnabnit in the drug store resting. She has two small boys who look exactly like her husband, Glen. Elizabeth Kohut is working in the Benton Garment Factory. Gene Kohute is the president of the Allied Corporations in Chicago. Barbara Krolikowski is married and has two children. She is also private sec- retary for the president at the Paramount Corporations. Loretta Lamberti is the latest sensation since Elvis Presley. She is the rock'nroll singer that is known to people all over the world. Ferrell Lackey is now a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, and is doing a very good job guarding our country. Gay Lance tells us that she is flying transcontinental for T. W. A. She lives in New York when she has a week-end pass. As we stroll along we meet one of the happy mothers of the old class '59 with her six youngsters. This could be none other than Audrey Lewis. David Mabus now lives on a farm on the 'outskirts of Ses- ser. Ron Maddox is playing professional basketball for the St. Louis Hawks. David McNeil is an account- ant for the Sesser Bank. Don Robbins is driving the fastest car in the Indianapolis Speedway. Joyce Montgomery is teaching Home Economics in Sesser High School. Charles Roberts has just taken over Teachers place in the bookkeeping department. Lana Rone and Norma Scott are both married and they are joint owners of the Hope Theatre. Leroy Sample is a mechanic and owns the biggest garage in Elgin. Kay Sharo is teaching Home Economics in Rome, Italy. Her husband teaches Agriculture. Barbara Sneed is a very successful beautician in Hollywood, California. Donna Spencer lives in Chicago with her husband and two small children. Richard Taylor is the owner of a profitable plumbing business in San Diego, California. He is the father of three children. Judy Thompson and her husband are doing missionary work in Africa. Gary Tittle is doing construction work in the Chicago area. Jerry Wilson now owns the pool room in Sesser. Bob Woll is a mechanic for the Davis Chevrolet Garage. Gayla Rob- erts is teaching kindergarten in Maywood, Illinois. John Cockrum is in the Foreign Relation Department in India. Larry Jones is chef of the Blue Swan Club in Elgin. enzbr GQJS 1' f I, Leon Baker, will my position as drum major to Bill White. I, Farrell Bradley, will my summer job as ice man to Floyd Cockrum. I, Gerald Clampet, will my ability to get along with Teacher to Paul Roberts and Allen McGovern. I, Margaret Dethrow, will my quick temper to Perry Clevenger. I, Cecil Eubanks. will my curly hair to Ronald Gobtop. I, Jim Eubanks, will my love for skating to James Spiller. We, Sharon Eubanks and Lana Rone, will our ability to wait for our men to come home to Sibyl Roden- bush and Billie Jean Boles. l, Larry Featherston, will my red hair to Sandra Henley. I, Charlotte Fred, will my peroxide blonde hair to Sharon Atchison. l, Dick Gump, will my ability to play football to Roy Pierce and Adam Fornear. We, Cletis Hammond, Leroy Sample, and Bob Woll, will our ability to get along with the teachers to Margaret Bauman, Donna Sammons, and Barbara Boyd. I, Melvin Hammond, will my ability to go steady to Neoma Daniels. I, John Harvey, will my height to Johnnie January. I, Herbert Hutson, will my good behavior in class to Walter Douglas and William Hamilton. I, Joyce Hutson, will my freckles to Burl Cockrum. I, Martha Inabnit, will my love for the country boys to Donna Beckham. We, Larry Jones, Gary Tlttle, and David McNeil, will our used typing paper to Janice Muir, Jeannie Boswell, and Carolyn Gibson. I, Elizabeth Kohut, will my curly hair to Brenda Cliambliss. 1, Gene Kohute, will my hair-do to Jimmy Davis. I, Ferrell Lackey, will my small feet to George Kinkade and Harl Harmon. I, Loretta Lamberti, will my laughing personality to Paula Kirk, Sue Dent, and Joan Quillman. I, Gay Lance, will my love for drums to Terry Cockrum. I, Audrey Lewis, will my love for school to Donald Taylor. I, David Mabus, will my love for the farm to Janice Harvey. I, Ron Maddox, will my ability to play basketball to Virginia Kirkpatrick. l, Joyce Montgomery, will my gum to Walter Klein and Shirley Prior. I, Mary Muir, will my big brown eyes to Olen Eubanks. I, Donald Robbins, will my hotrod, after it is wrecked, to Tommy Mygatt. l, Charles Roberts, will my ability to be late for classes to Barry Webb and Fred Taylor. I, Gayla Roberts, will my long engagement to Marilyn Pierce and Brenda Thompson. I, Barbara Sneed, will my natural blonde hair to Loretta Lovelady. I, Donna Spencer, will my scholastic average to Jackie Zamenski and LaDonna Galloway. I, Richard Taylor, will my cute smile to Patsy Vander. I, Judy Thompson, will my long hair to Dee Ann Martin, Frances Taylor, and Jo Brown. 1, Jerry Wilson, will my quietness to Sharon Robinson and Brenda Eubanks. We, Sharon Sharo, Barbara Krolikowski, and Mary Ann Crain, will our Cheerleading abilities to Charles Carnago, Gary Allen, and Raymond Robinson. We, Norma Boswell, Joyce Hoorebeke, and Norma Scott, will our carefree school days to Suella Mc- Clellan, Brenda Roberts, and Marilyn Robinson. , w, 'N T , r W W wx w-,,,n,v, wi ' 'A , , X-1 -5 President ---- Vice President - - Treasurer ---- Secretary - - - Co-Sponsors - - GARY ALLEN SHARON ATCHISON MARGARET BAUMAN DONNA BECKHAM BILLIE JEAN BOLES JEANNIE BOSWELL -- JAMES SPILLER PERRY CLEVENGER - ADAM FORNEAR DONNA SAMMONS - - - - - MR. HOUSE MR. WOLL 11-.HT BARBARA BOYD ALBERTA JO BROWN CHARLES CARNAGO HIENDA CHAMBLISS PERRY CLEVENGER BURL COCKRUM FLOYD COCKRUM TERRY COCKRUM NEOMA DANIELS IIMMIE DAVIS SUE DENT WALTER DOUGLAS BRENDA EUBANKS OLEN EUBANKS ADAM FORNEAR LA DONNA GALLOWAY CAROLYN GIBSON RONALD GOBTOP WILLIAM HAMILTON HARL HARMON IANICE HARVEY SANDRA HENLEY IOHNNIE JANUARY PAULA KIRK GEORGE KINKADE VIRGINIA KIRKPATRICK WALTER KLEIN LORETTA LOVELADY DEE ANN MARTIN SUELLA MCCLELLAN ALLEN MCGOVERN JANICE MUIR TOMMY MYGATT MARYLN PIERCE ROY PIERCE SHIRLEY PRIOR JOAN QUILLMAN BRENDA ROBERTS PAUL ROBERTS MARILYN ROBINSON RAYMOND ROBINSON SHARON ROBINSON SIBYL RODENBUSH DONNA SAMMONS JAMES SPILLER DONALD TAYLOR FRANCES TAYLOR FRED TAYLOR BRENDA THOMPSON PATSY VANDER BILL WHITE BARRY WEBB JACKIE ZAMENSKI 7? QSCPH CRES i, President - - - Vice President Treasurer - - - Secretary - - - Co-Sponsors - - Billy Allen Farrel Atkins David Basso Lawrence Baty Donnie Bennett Loren Boyd, Jr. Victor Brandalise Linda Bra yfield Offgcers - - LARRY SAMPLE DENA THOMPSON ETTA FAYE WINGO LINDA HOOREBEKE - MRS. HANCOCK MR. HERRON K x Q., x Glenna Brown Janet Cockrum Eugene Cross Leona Dennis YL Harry Joe Dixon Curtis Eubanks Glenda Eubanks Thurman Eubanks Arlie Galloway Brenda Galloway Ruby Galloway Charles Green Larry Hammonds Robert Harris David Hess Reba Hutson Patricia Jones Junior Keller Baiba Kisle Donald Lunardon 3 'N 5' xl 'i un, 'IFB i rnonfm No! Available Patty Martin Brenda McBride Billy Meyers Becky Milburn Lloyd Page Doris Pierce Don Price Dennis Rone Larry Sample Sharon Scott Barbara Sigwerth Joyce Sneed Joyce Sink Rosalie Spann Dena Thompson Charles Trader Linda Van Hoorebeke Judy White Etta Faye Wingo Bill Yung ,4 li -':,,J- - JQ23'f1'. iff Hif life was gentle, and the elementy S0 mixed in him, that Nature might Hand up, And .my to all the world, 'This wax a man." SHAKESPEARE .QQ 5 "rw , .-1+ ,NWN , , .M3,. - vw'-1 P we f K. fe .MQ if - . JE: f 'fx-Y. "'::'::vu-n... .-1" 'dwarf' President - - Secretary - - Vice President Treasurer - - - - - - - - Co-Sponsors - - - - MONA WOLL - MARGIE MADDOX - - - - - - - GAIL COCKRUM CONNIE COCKRUM - - MISS PFLAUM MRS. KIRKPATRICK Caroll Beaty Jackie Bicanich Harry Bidwell Beth Boyd Barbara Case Bernice Cash Jim Christoff -. ,, ,kr.'. NW1 fwmfmummui-. mmlmg1 Glenn Chambliss f I F 4 -i , 'U -S 1 '12 -us 4, ii' Donald Massey Gary McBride Dwight McG1asson Gene Miller J im Miller Paula Montgomery Larry Nuhn Georgina Phillips Jack Phillips Janet Pierce Richard Porter Sharon Quillman Bonnie Reeves Billy Robinson Jimmy Roland David Sample Roy Sm ith Richard Stubblefield Duane Thompson Janice Thompson Walter Thompson Sarah Upton Rita Webb Mona Woll 14.1.111-1-llllI-IlllllllllllllllllllluulI-1--1-'ll--I-I-In 1111111-lull.Inn..-.lullInI-pn..-I-1-1.-.1--ll..."1u-l--..-..-..-- All the worlifs iz mzge And all the merz and womerz mere! ll7!dy61'J.' They have their exit! and their entrancesg And one man in hi! time play: many paris, . . . SHAKESPEARE 1' Ezygfs FIRST ROW: G. Lance, I. Hutson, S. Sharo, B. Krolikowski, M. Crain. SECOND ROW: L. Galloway, M. Bauman, D. Sammons, M. Dethrow, B. Boyd. THIRD ROW: S. Rodenbush, L. Baker, M. Robinson J. Montgomery, G. Clampet. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Kirkpatrick, C. Roberts, R. Maddox, F. Lackey. C0-Editors - GAY LANCE and JOYCE HUTSON Faculty Adviser - MRS. OPAL KIRKPATRICK The Hi-Lights is a monthly paper published by the students of Sesser High School. The objectives of the school paper are to improve student-teacher-community relationships, pro- vide a medium of expression for student opinion, and to gain valuable experience. Our editorial policy is to print only news which concerns a large number of students. No individuals or cliques is given priority coverage. We are opposed to printing social news about individuals. We print social news only when it concerns the entire school. We back our athletic teams, and our school's organizations, and the establishment of a strong student government. Our purpose is to present items which will create good feelings among students. We feel a newspaper must not only educate, but also entertain, therefore we carry humorous arti- cles and jokes also. By following this policy, we hope we have published a paper of which our school can justly be proud. CSXUUQJQX 6301112 C1- , U L. Lovelady, P. Roberts, M. Woll, J. Spiller, J. Thompson, M. Inabnit - President, Mr. Reed - Spon- sor, K. Sharo - Vice President, D. Basso - Secretary-Treasurer, L. Hoorebeke, L. Sample, B. Cash, and R. Porter. The Student Council may be of help to the student body, faculty, and the community in solving problems that are of common interest to the groups involved. Ezfrarzdns II, F.. .,. 3- ' M. Inabnit, D. Beckham, G. Lance, B. Boyd, B. Roberts. J. Hutson, K. Sharo, M. Bauman, Mr. Hamilton, I. Zamenski, B. Krolikowski, B. McBride, B. Sneed, I. Sneed, S. Robinson, C. Fred, P. Martin, M. Robinson, D. Spencer, S. Henley. The student librarians are a group of girls who are providing an important service for the students and faculty of the school. They believe in friendliness, courtesy, and helpful assistance. The student li- brarians encourage respect for and use of the educational materials. .nan-1 A :-L M pwmwm -gf, .5 1 3 Q " 3, vk,,,, Q gig, m1..:zw fsuklww- -Sw Q,f SQ 1 .W Q, ,W , 3' Q? Q 'f - 5 fx L v , , Mi, f . 'W 1 I ' 'V 15 :gf gn 1, ,hi 1 'Niq ! 1. .. J -X., 5 - - f 1 Q .vw-' iikf . 'U th gs :'v:yg,'x6Kz8x,1x R54 E, -slew Qpqkgi , Q, gs -Q - 5, -:ry M, a, 9, QL G4 QQ, gi 'T' V '15 4 V 'Q .N fo vi Q 5 1, K J . R 3 P A iw ' 7571 4 z - ' gf .- " ' WH As-5 S556 enzbr MR. AND MISS G. B. T. H. S. MOST INTELLECTUAL Gay Lance Joyce Hutson Ronnie Maddox Donna Spencer Dick Gump ,,,,,u.v-www"- lil MOST DEPENDABLE MOST TALKATIVE Kay Sharo Gay Lance Gerald Clampet Loretta Lamberti 1 ,YF .-I ,':1,.f,f, 6 ' j I F f LV tx .K It X 1, xrgQl T4- "Lf 'UJQ I. wa-I-H1 'WZ -495 r X . V, , Q ,A -wif A, 1 mu If Tk!!! I ,"Qf.3. 1 .. law .f I , . . R 1 11 4 . tagi nv-gf W '- ' V , ' S . N . V 3 FEW?-?3?:'w if , A 1 W 4? fi, x .f , . If .fd K Q.. QW WNW' 3 AHPS? 0? -Elf 'W x x, .-an Owlw , wuwyglfmfx,-,915 xwi 'iw F5 A M' i . M -5 VQSI 3 2. A ' V' 5 .4 ag - I V I .- ,i . ' A5 '-11 W ff ,. ,iiiy-W-x,:f' E ff 1 Q i,ga-,. iffg:1i':3.f '-N..,..4., g f5z?:255 , K X, ni? gyww . ,Q U f .R fy-A K . H sgwya Gp' 'Elf Q Mwwfwwfmnw ,- my v m M ,ma F' " .V v xii N x x n x .xl 'M ' -45. iii ' 1 4 K . :mm vf - r-1:4 --. J' up E1 ,f1.f?3i,. l D ' , 351:-5 it fff' 'Y T 1 Y QQ Q . ,,5k5N, ,,,5t,H:a5 V K f - Qrgfeimx w r sw ff- I fm - v'--' - wwf' www C ..,,,. , -xgf fwiq. q 3 Q, "1NI... 3-'fcnfmfff 7"-1.5: . Crqf' JI-'fa . :-- B' ww f .M . , 'IJ,n,,,-.6 Wim: k W V K M ' 1 'f'Q.,,,,. y .. ' ' ' I nm'-Qww , my ' ' qui, ' 'Hx 'ffliwff ,W HM. ' K -5,. wvx A-L, In pb, ., . A ' K-'gf .1 ., f Tfffgnzifzgi- .,,,,,,m,wN , ,Q , ' A "m"'M""M- 1: W -W. ' 1 W--,Q-MWQ.. M -L' 1.4. 7 ,,.9i,. ' 7 N' - . .,,h.. A 1 .L A , , ' fw4.M4., "f'1',g K , 25 www! MM-H. W"W"Q"'N"f""'M..w "2sge'2 jg 4 -aw, 1 NV 1 x S? 46 1 , g Alfifg 3 " - ga 1 , -4 V pl, h,, A Q' " ' ' 11 a V V Q . I . L' 17,7516 , K 4 N ,iff k ,, W, " in 1:4 ' ,, 1 " t , W v 1 3 if "1 ' , 2- , f an -1 X' 45: Q 4 V' , .Q 1 , I 2 V I - 4 . l.44fhWf..-1wv',-,,w44lvv"'3' vlvfw' A ' , ,Q 3-4 . , i f , , A -s 751+ I N f , 77V ' ' ' Q his V., V2 S E 1 W ,ian lk. 4 i K in rl , . ' ., ' I ,i 41 w K '42, an 'VU . JM , H , .3 , I. Q W 5 -'bk if ' 'QA Q Nu ,gg gi ff, . 'J' r -up J Wi' 5 N , 1 L , R' , Q- . 4 A Z xx 4, fx w Qi. if - A : '-wif 7313- E-T' Z V , -, i X " A . . 1 .' if , - ' , sw - l ,r Ax- Q' v-' 2 2 N N 'Q' " :""' 4' A 1 A y ,H .i ,..?M 1,0 ii 9 iiwmf I f A1 fl r :EE 1 S 'f , ' xi ' ' ,Q ,QU-f , yy ,V 1 , 3 , .gf 'P W ,QQ , 2 2 Gaia ,Q 'xy , 'k3jM,,"1 uf! .. ,, 1 A JH- .1 f ,Q 2. Q 'Q 'f '? ? T A ' ' F !,,, 5.2gigi.3 , fl' f 'X V 1 ' mirj 4 Q R 1' WI 8 QQ? 1, 3 V Km ,M- kiqx 4 Awww Kr""""K Q , M .J Si The pep band members are all high school students. They played at many of the pep sessions dur- ing the year. The chorus is made up of 42 high school girls. They sing at the Christmas and Spring concerts each year. This year, they also sang at the Franklin County Teachers Institute. fi i K - Q' 1 1 2 531113 if 5 It ve: MQ ' ,. ,,,,.. ,LAM 5' L, MM--' 1 . --MN -.-rf' ' ' G-iff fsxf .Q . . .V z . ,Mi 4 - - L . fwf ..,..W, ,.,,., . 1 QV A t PX , I A gk 'ak . - Q A 3 'ff E' w 25 W T lv f xl 1 ri ,Pix E A ' . C V Q ,W V Q L ,, L, I Nfl, 9 Wx' H A A ' ,X Q W Q' 1 K' 9? A" ' fa , ! . 5- w ,. ZR M If ls W I AX "" , Y . . V 7 Q , . 1 ' ' i A - K P g ,K , ' I Q 1 3 ' ' K X 1'-2 LT if ' 5' 4 5 f ' ' ' jf' w , 's ' H M DPW Q., ,,NT V. N ,J A H -Q .1 . ,Ml mv Avi X . I 41. If N X ffm X ,NE l j 2 ff i f' X f ' M 1 5 fig, , .i ihi I --1- 4 LA ' ' J 'f' g X 5 M 15, 4 f M 5531 J -.. M4 W ..I aw: 1 if ,- auf. U , 1 an LW, ,L .Aw Q 1 ugh ., ' .q. , , a ' IP?"- 1 ,. T15 lg!! ,- a A, ,P fix A 2? 5 wi, A gf ,555 1 3 I Q R an JY 99 I, 36 J' Mba A.,g,kmwusfsff 1 1 . , . 7 5 "ffM'mM"H-g,, i QUEEN MARTHA INABNIT 5 , - gi., f V 1 .AN , ,.V,,, - . I Zia BRENDA EUBANKS BETH BQYD MQNA WOLL fom ecom Any tqffen UQU Z9 Flower Girl RICKIE MARTIN Football Bearer RICHARD CRABTREE Queen Martha with her court. WL? fZfss1Qs'fa12 fs Miss Ishmael, K. Sharo, L. Hoorebeke, B. Sneed, D. Spencer, L. Galloway, J. Montgomery, D. Beck- am, M. Crain, 1. Thompson. The office assistants do various work in cooperation with Miss Ishmael in the school office, such as taking roll, typing and the various jobs that arise every day. C fafeferztz s fefiefts' P. Vander, M. Muir, C. Eckles, B. Milburn, L. Lovelady, D. Smith, B. Cockrum, A. Lewis, G. Cross The cafeteria helpers are a great asset to the students who eat in our cafeteria. Their pleasant smiles, as they serve us, make the food taste even better. +0 iw Az, pg, , Q V 5, if A,Q2 1 1 V 42 1 ' 24 Sa. 41 , -E5 I :Mx , V vu, y Q 'ti' fx: , A - h W 1 ff, Ph E? if xg! 1 . .. ,,.,,..., I K ' S 30 9 H S. Yi My 'Q' ' J 5 Q -signify, M l 8 TT' 0 af . ! J A :gn f' 'E M. Robinson, I. Zamenski, M. Inabnit, G. Lance, B. Krolikowski, J. Hutson, K. Sharo, D. Spencer, S. Henley, S. Robinson, J. Sueed, P. Martin, M. Bauman, B. Boyd, B. McBride, C. Fred, B. Sneed, 5,5,1.,,y om The most recently organized club at G. B. T. H. S. is the Library Club. This is the first year for the club, it is small and has fewer activities than the larger, more mature clubs. All girls who have served as student librarians are members of the club. The club is both social and educational. BARBARA SNEED - MR. HAMILTON - JOYCE HUTSON - MARTHA INABNIT OFFICERS BARBARA BOYD - - - - Secretary - - Treasurer - - Sponsor - - President Vice President 'X 1 X 1 wha 4. x 1 3. '35 FIRST ATTENDA NTS SUSAN HUIE - Freshman Class JIM DAVIS - Library Club PRINCESS THERESA McCLELLEN BRENDA COCKRUM - 1lll'li0l' C1383 PRINCE DONNIE CASEY JACK PHILLIPS - Freshman Class gk Jfifeau .11 -u' rx G , ,ii ' ,, '.' , 1 ' I F Q -,.p. . W ".. x ,K A s Jig-y , l L 4' """ Q V. 'I ' .. 5,2 , P Hs 1 Q M 'N t + 4 1 LA , .f M' ' AQ' i ' 1 X: k F ,J f ,, Q ZF- A In vw' 17.1 1.5417 -55 X ,., .41 L , ,M , 1,1 1.4! w ,u .,. a .xx 'fa' xl sa, ,vp P 5, AA .r. 1 ,QT -3 Av, ga if , .,,i,q. 5 3? ,. .L if W Jw " L -' '-f.g,g1:'kl I1 .2'g5f,.1. fl' 'I .1 'F .L N 7 ' 1 -X Q?' . 3ii' A f ' ' V +b f E I ' ' M U X ,Af .H ' ' 1 -,L wh- .. if ,if -. -' , 3: :iq "9 3521 4 Gusloofdns t HACK MURRY GENE BRADEN Changing light blubs is only one of the many jobs Hack and Gene perform during the school day. A few of their other jobs consists of sweeping the halls and washing the windows. IIS KDFIUQFS GENE moan CLAUDE ROBBINS They are helping Joyce Hoore- beke, Larry Nuhn, and Suella Mc- Clellen off the bus. Our buses serve as transportation for the students of Bonnie, Nason, and other students who do not live within a reasonable distance of the school. We are very proud of our new 1958 Chevrolet bus. Goofs HELEN GLEGHORN OMA MONTGOMERY We, the student body apprect ate the effort put forth by our cook for their work in seeing that our physical bodies were fortified with the proper vitamins and calories ATHLETICS I-pave, F. fix: IJ. ', . AK M... .nr 5 -1 Ill ' xx - 4 nl .1-r ' ,...- Szoofgaf W Z J 'vs mf -: ' ,M . X K ,Ag a K 1, X L K l ' I x Coach Y 1 1' ' ' N - GORDON HERRON - Assistant Coach FREELEE WOLL m w J 7 .il f W'7.S3 "': 1 1 Q FIRST ROW: R. Stubblefield, D. Gump, R. Maddox, D. Basso, C. Eubanks, D. Hess, L. Sample, G. Cockrum, G. McBride, I. Phillips, and H. Dixon. SECOND ROW: Coach Herron, L. Baty, L. Feather- ston, D. Taylor, F. Cockrum, R. Gobtop, L. Page, I. Spiller, V. Brandalise, L. Boyd, and Coach Woll. THIRD ROW: H. Hurson, G. Harmon, R. Taylor, G. Kohute, G. Kinkade, D. McGlasson, W. Klein, F. Lackey, and F. Bradlev. Co-Captains RONNIE MADDOX DICKIE GUMP pi w-wry' ln- ..,.,!,,,' ' ' 'Wax .zrnwg xl UIIIIJ 1' Q 55 wzwvwwryki 5,1 5 ,ixaggg Q f 3521 5 3: I ZQVW' - -fffhs, Lif? W Mi nm, 3 Q8 ,f"Sm 2 . ,dw W, ,ww .sf x J- zgl 2? yn J T Q36Ww1P1-'ffhfvff 5 V1 L A -A pg , if , vi ff r. 1 .i 122: . -fa? ,Q Q Q , 'Q' , ' 1 Af' , V Lk f , A ,' , :-., 44 ' W' M V Q . ,... , ,A . J,,: , ,T I K gm V 'N' 3 MHJQ1 'Y - we 1' 'K :sv ,oy Q . I M42 f 3,52 x H 'R-1 H 1 K A G X! ..-Q K gg M lx A 23351 Q af 31 K .1181 4 f W rf 4 Ifm 24: 0 1' -Q . ,'J Q' 'A ' 15 J f ,' I, if ' R 1,, .v .w. ' .1 'EL "K-J",'. ., ' .. .U K 9 :gn . pf-in . M, I V +G, f lv I v 1 , 12. A914 V 1 .Qu F -1 Y,--74.1 J f' 1: uf. -q -as xl' Q- I i. 'V' ' 'E -':'a f 5 K fx V X fq -- m 1-44410 xx . 5. - ,. :' - k . L X K , -V ,Y My Q, f . . I 5 ' V , , Ai Ex fm we 7 ., fa , 1 " f , mga wWm,x,,, ,, ,MW 4 . ye Q. a..W5geE9iLM g tg 'M 55, M I Ahmqw .Mg " v K . Qzgg' . 4, 'mv gi' ie. . .1 ff:-f 5 Q ' E 2 ' N2 ,, , M V Q K E?3 , f f ,:,,f1 MA K , 6? AA :gm 5.1 A ,R . . exam X W - . s Q?-1 , X j -, , S . ff aff' 2. A' ..,, , 'MM , K X Kiki .21 ,gig Gif W A x Q ,QA 5 L. 1' . , :ai 'M fha! 7 Aff .. 5, M A A ,E l K , 15m4fmWm,,W my V' ,. X fi' J ' an W 7 Y ,ww v I, -mm -ww+N4 gf if fe f 5,6 K if E ,mm Hag, in-A . 7 .h , . ff 1131 sw In W an f A, I' Q Manager - RONALD GOBTOP Captain - RONNIE MADDOX Coach - MR. HERRON Manager - RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD Our basketball team has had a very suc- cessful year. We won first place in the Holiday tournament held here in Sesser, and second place in the Anna -Jonesboro tournament. Ronnie Maddox broke the school record by scoring 50 points in one game. Hy? " csyuaof Q.-:'- ' 'R . TJ K grit: Q- Q - A I K U 'C f Xkass . 4 fr 32 9 L fb X51 .WBA 53 lr, FIRST ROW: Mr. Woll, B. Robinson, L. Page, C. Eubanks, D. Hess, R. Harris. SECOND ROW: B. Harvey, J. Christoff, J. Phillips, L. Baty, G. McBride, D. Thompson, L. Lewis, J. Bicanich. Z'a,sAef6a!f f 4 15 R. MADDOX D. MCNEIL F. BRADLEY H. HARMON P. CLEVENGER O. EUBA NKS i B. WEBB D. BAsso R- CURRY D. GUMP T. MYGATT L. SAMPLE B . ROBERTS v f T YW. 'Z QW- 1 Q Y Q 8 i . L R f K - ua Z? ,.,, ,E 511 W, 3 A . ? 2 X fig: ayfvff. 'Sli 4 uEYv3m Ag? ,,.. vi! . A ' Z r 'j 2 as Q53 ai? -4 ' M., ff 2 , u,-, 4 5 rf '- W F 4 H xv I .-1 X u fr1""T"' ' .faq--'I V ' V! 3 ll 1 fl" QQ gn gl 69 ,. . F fb 3 i. . ..,k Wh Wax lu '. Q! 4 'f'13'1" , J p 4 A K 1' X 'n' Gr' YI I , 'fn ' ' .A-.1-711 " .'- ' -5' C' A 4251, " 1 1 'I : 'f'a'w ff! L Tloif above all -- to thine own Jeff be true Ami it mmf follow, as the night the day, Thou cami not then be false to any man. SHAKESPEARE I :Yew Q WM re script 0 s Filled Promptly Compliments of SESSER REVIEW SERVICE WHEN ED IT E: . -3 coox AND MINER'S SHELL SERVICE Qu gpq 'H j ? iEgC?gqQgQ?,g?fQM-' . Q? N. L, SCHOOL DAYS ARE HAPPY DAYS Remember 'I'hern With PHO TOGRAPHS Made by SPIETH STUDIO Centralia, Illinois "Where Most Schools of Southern Illinois Have Their Photographic Work Done. " COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF H 8. S OIL COMPANY L N O Y Un Sesser, Illinois ' A' -.... SINCLAIQ fm ii .:r 1 M,,,,,,,,,,'l Phone 7731 GARASClA'S Ses ser, Illinois SINCLAIR LOREN W. BOYD JOHN W. BOYD Phone 7170 Phone 7433 Phone xt,-iff-Tug, k ' " 1 - h A X ,xlllllllll 2- BOYD BROS. GENERAL CONTRACTORS We Do Excavations of All Kinds 3456 Se s ser , Illinois HUIE yFORD R I 1 A AUTO SALES COMMUNITY BUILDERS -' ' :Ta':n?g . . ifirzfwi F ffl H112--'2'l -fvjgiglgzh ,N "'-:yi-1 ffl: Ffgn,-tv5e,pif,f-cQ- 'v1'j.Q'I:.f. EUGENE BASSO, JR. A Good Place to Eat PAGE'S CAFE Sesser, Illinois GENERAL CONTRACTORS Se s ser, Illinois us-.uogai , , 'fQ4,, lfiQUI::':'illH UI i " Tires I ff. of 1' ' ROBINSON'S ' 'P' SERVICE TI AND j SAVE STATION EOVALDI ,gd L 1-..AT LUMBER Co. Compliments of DR. W. H. WARD Sesser, Illinois Phone 3601 oAvls cl-IEVRQLET co. SALES SERVICE Phone 7511 Sesser, Illinois MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE With Gas Appliances 7 L -F 5 e--'- A A wi f Fm SESSER hl l ' 4 GAS CO. S LET us no Youn . wonnvmc V X Fire - Auto - Cas. - Hosp. gf QI E LLOYD A. STEVISON, Agent Phone 3741 Sesser, Illinois SESSER INSURANCE AGENCY uccess to the graduating class DU QUOIN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF YHE COCA-COlA COMPANY IV 41645 fi LQSY CHURCH? Q L 1 DRY Goons 4 Compliments Shop and Save at of BEN FRANKLIN ALLEN STORE and LOUCKS Ses se r, I11inois I Sesser, Illinois For Service - Quality - Satisfaction Ca11 2811 SESSER CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO 311 South Cockrum Sesser, I11inois BYFORD N. BOYD EVERETT K. THOMPSON 2522 7472 -Q 6-36-' . . 0 ? Q wily? U H' Q Ig ,all ' ' X x A I U ROBINSON'S Phone 7932 Sesse r, Illinois They Bought All of Them From 2444! cleaning f ., 9 Rf -F4 M 'W Compliments jd' A A Of cmes snows S snvlcl SUPER SERVICE Phone 2672 Q Pick Up and ART, LEROY, LEE, EDDIE Delivery gfel Gnocfb Q ' 'Q SESSER 9 LMS' O , LOAN co. i " ELMER JONES Phone 3222 ROZENSKI'S Se s se r, Illinois FRANKLIN CO. L. S. AND COMM. SALES Auction Every Tuesday Annliluncing SHELToN's FARM SUPPLY co. St COLE S1-LELTON at SON ite TRUCKING Sesser, Illinois KAY'S Barn-7441 Store-2621 BEQSIFEY Cole-2661 Frank-3851 1 N 'ff of Oxygen Equipped Ambulance EAST SIDE BRAYFIELD FUNERAL SERVICE GROCERY fx F02 Go SU HARDWARE x J' ,z :I " .. wh ITURE YOU CAN RELAX I LCER'S AND FURNITURE We stinghouse Appliance s Phone 3211 Ses se r, Illinois N w FDR COMFORT - FOR DURABILITY FDR STYLE MARTIN'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Gene ral Electric Appliances Nationally Advertised Brands .-V. qzf' f:2::Q5:,3: Phone 2 6 1 1 I "'5'f':5 A.'4 V V 'Hifi W 2 Sesser, Illinois 'fp ' ELECTRICAL I 3' 61 I 'ip APPLIANCES VANDER'S wldnlpaob And Washing Machine Repairs Sesser, Illinois Quality Meats Compliments of and Groceries ROYAL at P 8 M INSURANCE HAROLD STEPHENSON A E MARKET G NCY If-Q.. IS OUR 5 4- FIRST QTHOUGHT in Pickup and Delivery Expert Cleaning It Pays i to Look won ' SULCER'S BARBER I sl-IOP GRQ el r sEssER 44 ,, '01, 9 F'-iffy 0 C LEANE RS Q I ' Phone 7611 ' M' W! 9 Sesser, Illinois S ' ' 0 0 o o Q M OR R fgf -4 EINAQ I-1- WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT BANK OF SESSER Member of F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE THE CLASS OF 1959 TOWN OF GOODE FROM THE TATLER STAFF AUTOGRAPHS ,QI Xxx A' s 5' as in E QP 'f I is 'T , x L ,4 V 5 ' 1 5 , Q r -Dr .NQ nu ' 5 V1 K s fig is , , '.' f ,gi f f .' f ifiwf' r u ns Qty. ',Y-.fw-gy' .. - EN HQ! ,wg hug - ,v X iw ku! 'r ng. ' , -' 2 gin , an 3 Hi? 5 ' ,, far , Q , Q if ' ig' K ' Lima L,-V ' W- . 'E 'W' ' 1 A if is ' .te ' E I- N 'V E I ki Mm . if - E .i 1 ' I f 1 gt-, , In M 5 1 K 5 Wh-. 'Q xx .1 0, 4. 1 ,ff

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