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If ,.,- X f-,xbaligrrsl . Xctss 'YT-5, - N-S"-:N - ' f-N7:?fZEQr'I-F-. . ,. We S' N552 .Q -.. - .v N, .g.. -,, N' g- Ei' N - 'Iris , 7 S' X 'M 'Z ' F ' , ' ,355 f f ' ' " i,:5f'g+f,,, '- . ' 4 - -. f: :'1?'Lig, Y. '- - . ' f ' L . I--fx, ff' if Lf? 4 J R 'fai5sLff--1555545 , Q" 5 , '- VEAQQA5 ,-' we-ia. 2135 3 If '?J Ig We ' Ex .-'HSUL if ,L P 5 ,K fxgiffi 'if 7 I 'L r .EN M, ii 2 f2'ff"" f W, ' T' 2 'fir 3 'L Sash-if-",...... " . 35 - ' 'LW 12.--'V "5'W' iP1'.' if"- ' .i3l!IFh1Hi5i1' "Ml" 'uh . """"""- . , -as-M '2F5:"fHq-'f,ff,bqg5Awq, .Q-ff--Qi: ....,..,,,, ,Nm ,, ,Jul . ,-Wpl .g,- s , :.,.,,3HxjDi,m-Y. x.,HgwK ff. , , 1?1q,f53xK5ALnqQI,m1L'. ' " - ' ,g.,:g,Q.-,f...,. x.'ff . , 1 A 4.9.9 good 9' good glunaffa J NNW 'owmol - la 3 o a We, the senior class of 1959, dedicate this annual to the memory of our deceased classmate, Frank Vaughan. 4.95.9 Manual EDITOR CURTIS SPECK ASSISTANT EDITOR WILTON LENTZ CLASS WILL CURTIS SPECK CLASS HISTORY CEDRIC PRANGE DRAMATICS DEANNA DOYEN SPORTS JOHN GNADKE MUSIC JERRY PATTON ART WORK DEANNA and CEDRIC PICTURES DEANNA and CEDRIC MOTTO "Quality Not Quantity" CLASS COLORS Coronado Blue and whiff CLASS FLOWER White Rose Qglaaa Ewan PRESIDENT JOHN GNADKE VICE PRESIDENT MARVIN BIRR SECRETARY DEANNA DOYEN TREASURER WILTON LENTZ STUDENT COUNCIL CURTIS SPECK 81 REPRESENTATIVES MARVIN BIRR STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS ADVISOR PRESIDENT CEDRIC PRANGE MR. MEDALEN MERLE MEDALEN Supermteudent ROGER BURKEL Puuczpal and Coacb Senior Class Advisor fiacully BACK ROW: MRS. BARNARD MRS. WINGEN: Grades Three and Four. MISS MCCARTHY: Grades Five and Six. MR. BURKEL: Principal, History, Social Studies, Physical Education, Coach. FRONT ROW: MR. BRANDRUP: Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Band Chorus. MRS. LING: English, Speech, Library. MRS. KAIBEL: Grades One and Two. MRS. MEDALEN: Home Economics, Physical Education, Biology, General Science. SUPERINTENDENT MEDALEN: Chemistry. V MARVIN BIRR Chorus Class Officer News Staff Vocal Group Basketball Baseball Student Council Cross Country 1-2-4 4 4 1-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 4 1-2-3-4 DEANNA DOYEN News Staff Library Aid Chorus Band Q Class Officer Play Cheer Leader 1-2-3-4 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 4 3-4 JOHN GNADKE Basketball Baseball Class Officer Chorus Track 1-2-3-4 1 1-3-4 1 1-2 WILTON LENTZ Chorus Class Officer Play JERRY PATTON News Staff CEDRIC PRANGE Chorus Class Officer Student: Council News Staff Plays Basketball Baseball 1-2-3 -4 1-2 3-4 3-4 2-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 CURTIS SPECK Class Officer News Staff Student Council Basketball Baseball Chorus Band 1-2-3 4 4 1-2-3 -4 1-2-3 -4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 inane MARVIN BIRR Born Nov 9 1941 Place of Blrth Wrnnebago Home 1 mule east SC l 3 mrle south of Good Thunder Schools Attended St John s Luth erm 18 GTH 912 Color of Hmr Brown Color of Eyes Blue I-Iexght 6 ft FAVORITES Boy s Name Dale Rxchard Grrl s Name jean Ellen Actor Rxchard Boone Actress Brxgette Bardot Viale Smger P1t Boone Female Qmger P1tt1 Page Orchestrfl Glenn Muller Color Blue Foods Hamburger SL Suett C011 Car Ford Pet Peewe Teachers who make yor work Saymg Oh No' Song To know hlm IS to lose lum ldewl Person Good lookmg md 1 good personalxty Year Semor Subject Typmg Pastxme Chores Magazrnes Sport SL Populfnr Mechamcs TV Program Gunsmoke rutur Plms Fmrmmg wwgerwhy DEANNA JEAN DOYF N Plac of Bxrth Manlnto Schools Attended GTI-I 1 12 Color of Haxr Broun Color of Eyes Brown l 1 ht 5 ft 6 l AVORITES Bays lN1me Rrchard L5 nn Grls Name Chyrle em Actor Iames Garner Actress June Allyson 'vfovxe Kmg Creole lemale Smger Conrne Frances Male Smger Rrcky Nelson and Johnny Cash Song Nobody Else But You Colors Aqua 85 Orchld Foods Ollves Car Ford Pet Peeve People who brat, S1ymt, Gee ' B1nd Lawrence Welk Ideal Person A cambmltron of Santa Claus 1nd Tommy Sand Year Iumor Subject Shorthand Pxstlme Horseback rndmg md seumi, TV Program Amerrcan Bandstand Future Plans Alrlmes Stem 1rdess Secret Ambxtxon Be a professloml parachuter I I 4 . : . , , . . ' e : '. : . X . I - ' ' Y I 1 - I I - - -leg : in t . 1 ' '. : ' ' 2 3 1 , : ' J . , , . I I A , , . I - l I ' -. ct ' 91 L a 1 ' : . Z - , ' , Q : . ' ' 1 ' . ' I! 77 to : Old Time Band: Vfhoopy John 'and "Tall Paul" : f 1 'z 4 : ' '-: 1 ' ' L 1 ' -J ' 0. 1. ii - - xt as ' 2 ' . Z ' n I . : ' . . , 5 . Z ' Y' 0 1 I u g ' : ' ' n ' : I X A Q . . : . t P e . : 1 ' t inf - A W Zuma JOHN THEO GNADKE Place of Birth: Mankato Date of Birth: April 7, 1941 Home: Good Thunder Schools Attended: St. john Luth- eran 1-6, GTH 7-12 Color of Hair: Brown Color of Eyes: Blue Height: 5 ft 7 in ' FAVORITES: 3 Boy's Name: Kevin Marco Girlis Name: Cheri Lynn Actor: John Wayne Actress: Doris Day Movie: King Creole Male Singer: Johnny Cash and Pat Boone Female Singer: Patti Page Orchestra: Guy Lombardo Band: Six Fat Dutchmen Colors: Blue and White Foods: Steak and French fried on- ions Car: Pontiac Pet Peeve: Girls who talk durin a movie Saying: "I-Ied-loo', Song: "All Over Again" Ideal Person: Blonde and nice per- sonality Year: Sophomore Subject: World History Pastime: Hunting??? TV Program: "Have Gun XVill Travel" Future Plans: Jet Pilot Secret Ambition: Go to the Moon 'gif Wzkyfuwhy WILTON HENRY LENTZ Place of Birth: Mankato Date of Birth: August 4, 1941 Home: Good Thunder Schools Attended: GTP l-12 Color of Hair: Brown Color of Eyes: Blue Height: 6 ft FAVORITES: Boy's Name: Ricky Lee Girl's Name: Lila Jean Actor: Tony Curtis Actress: Jane Russell Movie: "Sing Boy Sing" Male Singer: Johnny Cash Female Singer: Teresa Brewer Orchestra: Billy Vaughan Band: Happy Jake Sc His Cowboy: Colors: Red and White Foods: Steak 86 Mashed Potatoes Car: Imperial Pet Psevez Ford Cars Saying: "Is that bad?" Song: 'iRaunchy" Ideal Person: Nice Personality Y 1-:Freshman Subject: Algebra Pastime: Fishing TV Program: Colt 45 Future Plans: Join the Air Force Secret Ambition: Get a new car Quake CEDRIC WILLIAM PRANGE Date of Birth: December 10, 1941 Place of Birth: Mankato School Attended: GTP 1-12 Color of I-Iair: Brown Color of Eyes: Brown Height: S ft 10 in FAVORITES: Boy's Name: Kevin Lynn Girl's Name: Sherry Lee Actor: Kirk Douglas Actress: june Allyson Movie: "Ten Commandments" Male Singer: Pat Boone Female Singer: Teresa Brewer Song: "Nobody Else But You" Color: Blue Foods: Steak 85 Roast Beef Car: Chevrolet Pet Peeve: People who talk before they think Saying: "Not too good" Band: Lawrence Welk Ideal Person: Brunette and pleasant personality Subject: Bookkeeping Pastime: Basketball Bl Hunting TV Program: Red Skelton Future Plans: College Secret Ambition: Visit every coun- try in the world il.. ' Zzbyeakhy JERRY PATTON Place of Birth: Waseca Date of Birth: July 12, 1941 Home: Good Thunder Schools Attended: St. Peter SL Paul Grade 1, PS Dist. 44 2-6, Dist. S3-7, St. Clair 8-11, Loyola half 12 85 GTH half 12 Color of Hair: Brown Color of Eyes: Blue Height: 5 ft 10 in p FAVORITES: ' l Boy's Name: Elvis Girl's Name: Cindy Actor: Tony Curtis Actress: june Allyson A Movie: "Rebel Without a Cause" Female Singer: Teresa Brewer Male Singer: Tommy Sands Song: "Stagge1' Lee" Orchestra: Lawrence Welk Band: GTH Color: Red Farid: Steak, Szalloped Potatoes Car: Chevvy Pct Peeve: Having to get up in the morning Saying: "Really" Year: Senior Subject: None Magazine: National Geographic P1st'me: Sleeping and Eating TV Program: Maverick Future Plans: Carpenter Secret Ambition: Go round the world in 80 days Zuma CURTIS MAX SPECK Date of Birth: Dec. 17, 1941 Place of Birth: Mankato Home: zlfg miles E of GT Schools Attended: St. John Luth- eran 1-8, GTHS 9-12 Color of Hair: Brown ' Color of Eyes: Blue Height: 5 fr 8 in FAVORITES: Boy's Name: Tony Girl's Name: Suzy Actor: Cary Grant Actress: Elizabeth Taylor Movie: "The Shaggy Dog" Male Singer: Fats Domino and Richie Valens Female Singer: Teresa Brewer and Connie Francis Comedian: Red Skelton Orchestra: Guy Lombardo Band: Spike Jones Colors: Pink and Black Foods: Anything with pineapple Car: Mercury Pet Peeve: Showoffs Saying: "Well, Man" Song: Blue Berry Hill, La Bombo Ideal Person: Good Personality -- friendly Year: Senior Subject: History, Typing Pastime: Tear around Magazine: Sport TV Program: Alfred Hitchcock Dick Clark Show Future Plans: Attend College Secret Ambition: Be a disc jockey on TV Qywubfz Qyocakvl Qxfofhwfzleo fr, fume .Qwzkzl Jfclireezfvbo The first activity of the senior class was their annual magazine drive. The drive was very successful, and the money was used to finance the senior trip and other activities. October 27-because of the small number in the senior class a joint junior-senior class play was presented on this date. The proceeds were divided between the two classes. On December 11 the seniors attended the Governor's Youth Traffic Safety Conference at Mankato. On February 24 Wilton and Vivian Lentz represented our school at the State Traffic Conference. A Career Day was held for the seniors of neighboring schools in Mapleton on February Sth. Representatives from various institutions spoke to the seniors about their schools and their functions. In the early part of thc spring the seniors took off a half day to visit the mental hospital in St. Peter. They were all very impressed with the trip. April 3-The juniors and seniors visited the state Capitol, ob- serving both houses in session and taking a tour of the Capitol to acquaint themselves with the operations of our state government. May 8-The juniors and seniors had their banquet. This year it was held at Eibner's, at New Ulm. The senior class trip is one of the highlights of the senior year. This year seniors went on their class trip the weekend of May 21-24. May 29 closed the school life of the 1959 seniors. On that night. ocmmencement exercises were held in the school auditorium at S p.m. Mr. William Wetteirgren, of St. Peter, was the speaker. ,L WMM A610291 , IW! 1 aaa:-W , all-'acl 275 6 W , 2.- 1044 smokey September 1955 found thirteen students registering at GTHS as freshmen-five girls and eight boys, beginning their first year of high school. To get us off to a good start the sophomores initiated the boys in ladies' costumes and the girls in men's costumes. To add to the ex- citement of the day, we were given a party at night at which we were told to act out different personalities. We took time for revenge when we gave a freshman return party. Our sophomore year began with twelve students. We lost Mary Pat FitzSimmons, who enrolled at Good Counsel, and Opal Peterson, who moved out of the state, but we gained Marie Masters, who came from Lyola. We abolished the initiation and started class parties, each class putting on one party a year. In the fall of 1957 we lost Tammy Crane, who enrolled in a school in Iowag which left us with eleven. This year we had an enjoy- able trip with the seniors to the Ice Follies. Our senior year' left us with still 'a smaller group. Lyle Bartsch decided to finish at Waseca Agricultural school, Marie Masters and Carol Sternitzke left school to be married. We were much grieved by Frank Vaughan's unexpected death during the summer of our junior year. We were happy to gain jerry Patton after our first semester. This left us with a total of seven proud seniors waiting for Commence- ment. , QAM Wi!! x 42393 1 WOQSSVGQA N1-Lggsf f '-geif Y Qi!! JL I Q 5 x 251, ls QI X Q1 -1 - 4 'A' Q , 59 , K fv ' glam CM!! I, Cedric Prange, do hereby will my basketball ability to Jerome Petrowske, my dark hair to Ruth Ann Sonnabend, and my ink eradi- cator to Harland Huebsch. I, Marvin Birr, do hereby will my blue Ford to Mr. Burkelg my ability to get along with teachers to Terry Carlson and my basket ball ability to Don. I, John Gnadke, do herey will my ambition to get to classes to Charles and my extra-neat bookkeeping book to Judy Hawker. I, Jerry Patton, do hereby will my short haircut to Don and my ability to drive to Tommy Yahnke. I, Deanna Doyen, do hereby will my reasonable driving to Roger Raether, my freckles to Judy Hawker, my trumpet to Charles Medalen, and my love for gum to Mr. Brandrup. I, Curtis Speck, do hereby will what's left of my flute to Jerome Petrowske, my ability to run my neighboring univent to Mr. Burkel. and my straight, crooked ruler to Billy and Roger. I, Wilton Lentz, do hereby will my back seat to Dave Lichte, my ability to play cards to Jerome Petrowske. We, the Senior Class, do hereby will our wonderful attendance record to the juniors. We, the Senior Class, do hereby will our rights and privileges to the sophomores. We, the Senior Class, do hereby will our ability to get along so well with the teachers to the freshmen. XVe, the Senior Girls Qhalhalj do hereby will our ability to get along with the boys in our cl-ass to the freshman girls. Wfe, the Senior Boys, do hereby will our ability to outvote the girls in our class to the junior boys. We, the Bookkeeping Class, do hereby will our talent to eradicate to next year's bookkeeping class. ywuw gzafhecy 1 C 5 I . .Y gffwo v9 w WP T Quake geohhecy DEANNA: Deanna was set on being an airline stewardcss. But as fate would have it, her first plane didn't take off because of a break in the fuel line. This discouraged Deanna. She is now ll test driver for GMC-she tests their new tanks. CURTIS: As you know, Curtis was very brilliant. He got his B. S. degree from MSC and joined the beatniks. He now plays flute for a jazz combo called the "Beat-Big Beats." He decided intellectual life was not for him. JOHN: After finishing high school he went to the University of Minesota Farm School. He is now happily married and is raising 25,000 ducks' a year. He decided to save a lot of work by crossing geese with ducks and is raising only one brand of fowl-GUCKS?? WILTON: While Wilton was in school he was quite an inventor. After he finished school he got a job at General Electric. During the first week, he isolated a new material and named it Lentzium. He hasn't been able to use it, due to the fact that it explodes upon Contact with any element on the atomic chart. W'ilton has never looked the same since he invented it. JERRY: As we know, jerry was quite a comic in school. It seems as if this paid off because he has become an all night-all day disk jockey on W.D.G.Y. He is just great, but he claims his job is getting him down and he may join Wilton in his search for a use for LENTZIUM. MARVIN: As soon as school was out, Marv settled down and got married. He took over his father's farm, but he got sick of that and turned to politics. I hear he is running for Vice President of the United States-and hopes he will take first place in the 400 yard Clash and bring home the championship to the White House. CEDRIC: Cedric continued his interest inibasketball after graduation and is now the owner of the "Globe Trotters A la Prangen. They toured the world on their trips with Cedric averaging 41.99 points per game. This is a girls' Eeam. Lucky Cedriclllll 5 cuuhfm ,.,. P frwlf-flig., , . , :I -.:::.Q.11- iE'21f'2r.v 4 :g:,.:,11:g:,:5:.:.11:1:311:53zg::.g.:vg::g ' Q'2:1.,::jE X ss- 5I:lvfq:sDmA1:w3,4gg::-rziw'?hsf4:f1-i.4,f2- 2553ei:-:-rszrwzffrzarlnlsz-:- ' 111:- 1:--1-:.: ' -- -. 'Vg .V - " V, -- - - 1-2-1 z- :-.-1.1.2 -gs,--.--mr-1:1 - 1 ..:a:::113:e:. .1:1.2i:h.r:a:a:f:2:11a:-: .544 .11'-.sw-1'.,',.,-.v-:1'-1 V1 -- , .. -1.5:a:1::v:'-1-' "f1212".:f-1:-:- .es.:1:Q1::.:i:1:. 1:s:1:f:m.:aa.:.:.:f1 zu:3g:a:a:a..5::aa:am1:es1:sez-.a.aJef. se:1.-:...:1---.a.1i... . . .1 . , zrs:v:+:1m:1' -is:-1+:-xiii-4:1112-sam:sir-r:1:':1: ss: '1:'::mQ:':,:-.' 2:4 -' .1-I--y -:as 11 :11:11-:'-:1:11'Q..--- U--1-:::1rr-A-' ::.p:-15:z11g1,:Esr?:,::11:,::1i1,1-9:13.vga- - 1-:-1-1-:-1.41-1 ., 4: '- 1. , 98 . -:-:1:1::1.1v-21,1-.2 V' 1115: 232115e:a:ae:EzE:2m:sg5:Ei1j332g:? ' 5q.,.a1aia:131Q-:11:f.- .,,:v'1-.egg ,....1-g.2,. f111:2:szgaga.1g,ag.111.' ., ,,.,. 1 . ,V , 5 , V. ' f . .. - -.5:,:5g,x, . ,y-1':r:2:.,:1:E:gQg.- R539 -:,.p::::gg:1 I 1 :sq-1, -11 --.-.,:f,: :g.112iQ.: '-'5-211:11--1.-1 f. ': ,.1::22:rw:g:4 x 1:11-:'.-:f ,11s5::.s1-2"-1 "4 me- 'L ,:gr.,:- -11,113.2 -315,1-' ., ,, .... " :m6:5:1:2Q:kf:'g '19, 7!'l3xq-gi:-'2:g.Qi!gi5:? " J 15'-'512121E4 '- f1:'tElglE1:31- -. "1 U .I:1:-" ''I:1:E'i5lQ':1:5-iiiilaizlz ': "'i-' '1i1i1'-1i13S5-.- :-5"':i I ' '-: l - i . . - .V -.-111:1-.2--.1-meaI..1-1:.1a-vez.-.:e:-. :ef-aa. .1-1:-, .,mf..'-:,1:.-1-. ., sara.111- .':5z-.1.,-e:a' + ms' -" ::.-1. .- - 2:1:z:.1:esaa:1::aa:.:afq 11'2'1.1- -:VL-'-1:-1.,21-.11--1-13" 'fu'-lzgcfv'-'. ".19-1:-.:-'- .1 ,":-:1:3.--- 2-2 ':2:-P 1'-'22:1ei.Er:-:iz r:34:2:f:f1E':4 f' Lirfxzeii-WRcshi15+-13-A .1:235rE1115:2f1Er11x32g??5 . ..L-.. 1sw-11:1qv:a4511::s.'-11111:-1:'fr:.11:.1,.1--,,. ,,,, .- ,Z rs- :W--N -4...-:-151: :mp-lax... ,.1-:1,:11.'.'. -mfg, iqfwwlm.-, - " ei:-:iff111:-.s:E::v:15:a115E::2:1:1:1-3:2119f:Er5:2:?'g:1:f::-'31 3:21-. ,951 -1 1.215259 szrzizgzailfu-115: 51:41.-12-L f:s:':1:'2 523-2:2"'l75F1: - : , -'-' '- A . " ' ' V. ' ' :va-fefiisepw-mrffi-veg?--fb N., ww.-.1-wi.-.4 -4:11-i M.:-eg.-.1-1-.-ia.,, :...Q1.- .4 Q:-in 14.3.,.14.6.1.err1.1V14-:.:-.,i.:.1gg255,,g,s.-,M:43.:.1.:-1-:-5, may. 1::':132:t?iElS:Eze:1F132-Zi-':'f::' ":f:,:53'.'r - . ' ' .' , + 2 , i'4s:ff24i'g:1Erw-1, an-1-: alia: ''"i5i:E:4qQiE:,:3:.:2fQ1.5i15:1:1:-3:31332 51,15 I .111-+33-Q-':.:,Q,v:1::.,-q.. 'zf -:SW-1 .-1vr.png.11 1:1134 -3"'q3:-ywzszidms1i:,.2'rllr: :4:1:3o-1i5:- 9,145-1Q13S:a:-iss' 5 H'-29" -w'-'-ml:-:-15mszkmfz-. V Ji:-:f -1,1-:5..g.:-.-,- 3 1-.,:31.:.1.p-1:52144 --'-':- -n.1.::.,. V, -' 'X'- ' -"-'- 8 ' + . . - -' .- . :.: -V , ,fegit-g,3ss.,.ef,,-.-.g,gW.,.. . 4. . f . .- - - v,-3.-.-.1.-.1- 5-ifyrW.-,,.-.,....-M,,..-f. First ROW, left to 1'igbt:Barbara Kaul, Rosalind Lindner, Judy Hawker, Ruth Ann Sippel, Jerome Petrowske. S6'c'011d Row, left to rigbf: Sharon Hiller, David Lichte, Harlan Hueb- sch, Dean Attenberger, Roger Raether, Mrs. Medalen Third Row, left to right: Sandra Glaeser, Renee Pautsch, Donald Ziemann, NVilliam Beschnett, Charles Medalen Zhhomoaea First Row, left In rigbf: Eileen Caven, Bonnie Lou FitZSimm0ns, Ronald Hiller SC'C011d Row, left to rigbf: Sandra Speck, Ruth Ann Sonnabend, Terry Carlson Third Row, left to right: Gary Dalluge, Terry Sohre, Tommy Yahnke Fourth Row, left to right: Harvey Austin, Norica Sternitzkel Mr. Burkel, Sharon Kaul, Willianm Luhring, Herb Sargent 92646712672 First Row, left to right: Frances Ann FitzSimmons, jerry Schwanres JoAnn Luhring, Vivian Lentz Second Row, left to right: RaVae Hiller, Orrin Doyen, Ejay Branch Judy Carlson Third Row, left to right: Mr. Brandrup, David Hiller, David Medalen Katy Beisc fgfaadea 7 2 8 First Row, left fo right: Neil Doyen, Barbara Hiller, Susan Baumgarr. Gary Lachmiller, Dawnya Walsh Secoml Row, left lo right: Gene Dalluge, Ronnie Kaul, Richard Zuehlke, Paul Sargent, David Vaughan Third Row, left to right: Jerry Zieman, Karen Armstrong, Catherine Patton, Ruth Austin gfaaclea 5 S 6' First Row, left to right: jean Tischer, Bernard XVCH11Cf, Peggy Vaughan Second Row, left to right: Jim Mongcau, Steve Zuehlke, Ann Carlson, Donna Huebner, Gary Jacobson Third Row, left to rigbt: Tommy Barnard, jerry Armstrong, Doug. Dorland, john Austin, Marsha Brunz Fourth Row, left to right: Georgann Wiedenlieft, Sharon Sargent, Kenny Lamb Fifth Row, left to figlviz Miss McCarthy, Ronnie Baurngart, Billy Hiller, Susan Carleton, Linda Sipple, Darwin Schwantes ggfzculea 3 : 4 First Row, left to right: Wfayne Kaul, Marlene Zuehlke, Gene Scliwantes, Barbara Storrs . Second Row, left to riglat: Twyla Treanor, Barbara Griffin, Ronald Kruggel, Loretta Doyen, Carl Heins, Jerry Dehn, Kathy Walsh Tbira' Row, left to right: Peggy Tischer, Dick Barnard, Mary Sue FitzSimmons, Kenneth I-Iollerich Fourth Row, left to right: Stephen Birr, Maurine FitzSimmons, Laurine FitzSimmons Fiflb Row, left to right: Gail Wieclenheft, Martin Flintrop Slflllillivig, lvfzf I0 riglyf: Jeanne Armstrong, Cedric Raether, Jane Huebner, Earl Ziegler, Harold Wenner, Mike Armstrong LeRoy Luhring, Larry Hollerich, Mrs. Wiiigen, Margaret Dorland F , , .. ' , M, psf. -zz, M R:-,,. N...-N .,.- 1::'35" Sv f up uulea 4' rf 2 First Row, left to right: David FitZSimmons, Tommy XVrigl1t, joan Hiller, Gayle Kaul, Linda Luliring, Kathleen Birr, Debra Hollericli, Mickey Walsh, Peter Austin Sc'm1ul Row, left fo rigfaf: Robert Dorland, Tommy Doyen, Dale Heins, jack Armstrong, Janice Sollre, Rita Wenner, Helen Flintrop, Ronny Sargent, Tommy FitzSimmons, Danny FitzSimmons, Stanley Wfenner Third Row, left to right: Bradley I-Iollerich, Jane Armstrong, Peggy Kaul, Ann Flintrop, Cameron Raether, Arthur Sohre, Onalec Dalluge glam yfay A Comedy in Three Acts - By Bettye Knapp October 29, 1958 HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM C A S T DAVE ELLIS, an advertising agent ANN ELLIS, his wife GEORGE ELLIS, their son KAT Y ELLIS, their daughter NEIL OLSON, George's colleague KATY'S GIRL FRIENDS: ADA CLARK CORA RIDGLEY HELEN WOODS JANET SMITH TESSIE ADAMS At 8:00 P. M. GOOD THUNDER CEDRIC PRANGE SANDRA GLAESER ROGER RAETHER DEANNA DOYEN BILLY BESCHNETT RENEE PAUTSCI-I ROSEY LINDNER BARB KAUL JUDY HAWKER RUTH SIPPEL SYNOPSIS OF SCENES PLACE: ln the den of the Ellis home TIME: Early Summer ACT I: Late Thursday Afternoon ACT II: Scene 1, Afternoon, two days later Scene 2, Evening, two days later ACT III: Scene 1, Afternoon, three days later Scene 2, The following evening, seven o'clock PRODUCTION STAFF DIRECTOR: Mrs. David Ling PROMPTER: Sharon Hiller MAKEUP: Mrs. Luverne Wingen PUBLICITY: Deanna Doyen, Sandra Glaeser LIGHTS: john Gnadke, Wilton Lentz STAGE SETTINGS 81 PROPERTIES: Mr. Hensel, Marvin Birr, David Lichte, Dean Attenberger, Charles Medalen, Curtis Speck TICKET COMMITTEE: Dean Attenberger, Charles Medalen POSTERS: Don Ziemann, Sandra Glaeser, Harl-and Huebsch, Jerome Petrowske MUSIC: Boy's Quartet under direction of Mr. Holly Brandrup - Marvin Birr, Billy Beschenett, Charles Medalen, Don Ziemann ADVISORS: Supt. and Mrs. Medalen PUBLISHERS: Row Peterson Publishing Company ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: All those who so kindly lent properties and gave so freely of their time to help us produce this play I I I I I I I I I lg 19-1 ' u-'Xf!75'Z .flluub If lflmu- Musncql mctlvntnes play 1 bng pxrt m the rxtrm eurrneulzr wctxvnucs m hugh school Mr H J B1 lndrup dxrects the chorus band md other muslcal groups We feel thu the success of our musxc department IS largely due to the vs onderful dxreetxon of 'VI1 Bmndxup gba mo Our chorus th1s year eonsxsts of 40 members whxch mcludcs most everyone ln hmgh school Our bxggest musncal event us the sprms musu festxval held this year on March 9th at Mmkato State The result were excellent we recelved 1n A ratxnp and were praxsed on our wonderful tone and balance The chorus also sang at the Chrxstmas grand The band hws recexved m1ny new members thxs year It also tools part m the sprmg Musxc Fest1v1l on Mwrch 13th at Nxcollet ngn school In spxte of the fact thu: our band IS relatlvely small we st1ll hold our own m compeutxon wlth the lar er bmds The bmcl 1lsc part1c1p1ted xr our Sprm Concert It school um!! Sgw 4 The Brass Trno and the Boys Quartet xre the two small groups m our musxcal department Those 1n the brxss trno are Roger Raether Smdy Glaeser and Dem Attenberger Marv Burr Don Zlemann Charles Medmlen and B1ll Beschnett make up the quartet Both group have entertamed at 1 number of school events amd made very good showmgs They both plan to entex a Small Groups Musxc Festlval later nn the sprmg I C ' 1 ' . L ' ' " Q 'l A ' if A ' A z . ' I ' 1 . . . . 'Q ' ' , . ' . K . n Y V A K . . 5 ' f 1 . , . . 1 . . I .... Y . . , . . s , K 1 x 7 A program and at the Spring Concert. NVc are very proud of our chorus, 1 1 I 7 Al ' V u ' . . . . 4 S . 1. , . . L . . I V G , p . ' ' . 1 ' g L . I , . Y . . I . 2 A . 5 6 4 I . . , l . . 6 K . A A , . . gfand First Row, left to rigbt: Ann Carlson, Karen Armstrong, Gene Dalluge, Barbara Kaul, Tom Barnard, Barbara Hiller Second Row, left lo right: Frances FitzSimmons, Gary Lachmillcr: Rosy Lindner, Ruth Ann Sippel, Tom Yahnke, Curtis Speck, Susan Baumgarc, Ruth Ann Sonnabend, judy Hawker, Kenny Lamb, Jerry Ziemann Third Row, left fo right: Sandra Glaeser, Deanna Doyen, Dean Atten- berger, Roger Raether, Terry Sohre, David Lichte, Ejay Brauch, David Medalen, Mr. Brandrup Fourth Row, left to right: Harland Huebsch, Sandra Speck, Vivian Lentz, Eileen Caven, Charles Medalen, Donald Ziemann, Bill Beschnett. Ronald Hiller. Q A W. ' 55' ff "J" ' , ..I.,,:.f6'x ,'.f: '1,21f5- 'I ,..-1, , G, ., 'J' 31, N' - ' -J',K4g"'?9, ,ww - M, N.. 1 -.W . N 4 53A..:,3. . 4 39.4 Q pe! dub Left to right: Dean Attenberger, Sandra Glaeser, Roger Raether Qwafofef 1 ,,.,.::5.3:2:5:5:5g5:mE:2:i'1:51555I-1-49"1?'W' :f,g:5:::1:2a5:2:::-:I 21115-1 N , Q 'gf' . 5:12522 fsf isias: p .. ""' 3 v,:1gf,:,1 sys, :1:,:::+x-be ':ear::5:1: . , 'EEZ-SIE-354:25:5Z5:f:i:lr-:22:52:12:f315'2:EEE:iilgigifigigkfffkkff .,,,, g5gr5:g:::3x,-ESI: VF:3.:-Q333125:V.,-,-:If37F:Ig1gI...1.,.-.v5I3IE!52f72IQ.-.g.-::- -,-7-1-5.9g-gg-1-34+-L-.+L-:-3.':4:'"':3fIEfII,7':5.:fIf:'1i5:-,v.'3":,'.-,-'g.'- 5 -will'fiK:3'5f7E51lmf3fi2?7 :5:35?ff'H2W..-'j35:5: "" 'ffl - - 1 M132EI51519aa?Ey5:'kkE:2f2rE25255523315153519:rE:E1ErEr5:3:91:5:32inN1555325152:5:5:E5:515:jg:5aglfsmi5:5.. 55:354g:3:gg5g:g:g:g5:555:55-5:'..,,-53,1-:5:5E5::fg1:,''3g4f""- i'f"'1'2 --" ,, .. ,-,aifga5:5:i:3::2:5:Ei f:a:2l55-wsisiff 11125 a355: fi:3i 1- - ,Q-+5Q5E31r2:1,fg5fi'aza, -2" E 252 5? ' A . Q, .- c.....m1,:x'.J4w--, 1. , '. .-4. ,.,m.M.' .f .-- V x.. 4: Wgs:amggfs:g:fgjg1f .,g"-1 : -"- sgshfgggggf,rf-'-1-agessgpsgz EE212EE5EIEE?5f5'5?f555j.j5:::1.':. ':1:-:rEr::jEEE,:-:-'Z-E1E"'sg:--:-,''' 52 .1 ' 1, ., .F - .. 54: ' " 'ff "" : 1.::5:'1551f5if'3:f5: ' ' 32: ',gzgfggzgiifgirig5551,,. Q , ,' .1 -2,j:? 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'- " Left to rigbi: Donald Ziemann, Bill Besclmert, Marvin Birr, Charles Medalen Jffdvea' gkauao First Row, left fo right: Dawnya Walsh, Karen Armstrong, Davicl Liclatc, David Hiller, Tom Yahnke, David Medalen, Ejay Brauch, Sharon Kaul, Sharon Hiller SC'L'C'I1!l' Row, left fo right: Georgann XViedenl1eft, Ruth Sonnabend, Judy Carlson, Gary Dallugc, Cedric Prange, Mervin Birr, Dean Attenberger, Ronald Hiller, Katy Beise, Ruth Austin, Renee Pautscla Third Row, left to rigbt: Sandra Glaeser, Deanna Doyen, Donald Ziemann, Roger Rnetlier, Clmrles Medalen, Bill Beschnett, Curtis Speck, Vivian Lentz, RaVae Hiller Fourib Row FitzSimmons Fitzsimmons Luliring, Mr. left to rigbf: Susan Baumgart, Barbara Kaul, Bonnie Eileen Caven, Norita Sternitzke, Sandra Speck, Frances Rosalind Linclner, Ruth Sippel, Judy Hawker, Joann Brandrup I Yfwala ll m y A K 1 Q Q Gy gheeekaclefaa Front Row, left fo riglrf: Barbara Kaul, Deanna Doyen, Rosey Lindner Back Row, lrff fo luigbtz Katy Beisc, Sandra Speck Judy Carlson Qfaokellalf Zheduk Team Played Here There We They Rapidan X 57 Minnesota Lake X 70 Hanska X 48 Pemberton X S6 St. Clair X 46 Garden City X 58 Mapleton X 8 2 Amboy X 3 S Nicollet X 52 Waldorf X 3 5 Rapidan X 57 MANKATO TOURNAMENT St. Clair 43 Lake Crystal ' 65 waakeflall fwianahzyd Player FG FTA PT F TP Cedric Prange 93 159 98 284 Marvin Birr 33 67 3 0 96 Curtis Speck 23 49 22 68 Harvey Austin 36 17 150 Terry Carlson 71 3 2 1 3 S Roger Raether 8 2 18 Tom Yuhnke 5 2 4 Bill Besclmett 0 0 0 John Gnadke 3 2 4 Harlan Huebsch 4 2 4 TOTALS 270 400 207 766 195 8-59 BASEBALL SCHEDULE PEMBERTON April 21, 1959 HERE WALDORF April 2 8 , 1959 THERE MAPLETON May 5 , 195 9 HERE ST. CLAIR May 12, 1959 TI-IERF MINNESOTA LAKE May 15, 1959 HERE Zaakelhzlf mm From? Row, left fo rigbf: I-larvcy Austin, Terry Carlson, Cedric Prange, Curtis Speck, Marvin Birr Second' Row, left fo rigbf: Mr. Burkcl, Dave Lichce, John Gnadke, Billy Beschnett, Harland Huebscli, Roger Rnether, Tom Yahnke, David Hiller Third Row, lcfl to right: Gary Megaw, Gary Dalluge, Terry Sohre, Dean Attenberger, Donald Ziemann, Ronald Hiller, Ejay Brauch. Herb Sargent, Orrin Doyen Www Wounhy girun '.,rr Left tg riglaf: Mr. Burkel, Terry Carlson, Ronald Hiller Marvin Birr David Lichte, Herb Sargent -1 finden! fauna! Back Row, left to right: Mr. Mcdalen, Marvin Birr, Curtis Speck Vivian Lemz, Terry Sohre, Katy Boise, Tommy Yahnke, Billy Bcsch- nent Smfrfl in fY'01lf1 Cedric Prangc, Rosey Lindner gladly ' 4 Back Row, left to rigbf: Judy Hawker, Frances Ann FitzSimmonS Bonnie Lou FitzSimmons, Renee Pautsch, Mrs. Ling, Barbara Kaul Vivian Lcntz, Deanna Doycn, Ruth Sippel Sfcomf Row: Sharon Kaul, Judy Carlson Srfatml in frcmf: Katy Beisc, Rosey Lindner, Sharon Hiller elm WW Brick Row, Ivft fo rigbi: Billy Beschnett, Dean Attenberger, Charles Mcdalen, Rager Racther, David Lichte, Curt Speck Cedric Prangc, Marvin Birr. Pro-nf Row, left fo right: Sandy Glneser, Mrs. Ling, Deanna Doycn, Renee Pautsch, Ruth Sonnabcncl F i

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