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w w -:xiQ0'75"2f AN N UAL fm 1956 Good -I-llUl'lCIQP Hiqlw fclwool Goof! Tlnmrler, Minnesota DEDICATION 'We, the senior class, dedicatf- this hook to our parents and tea- chers, to our class advisor, Mr. Medalen, and to the undergraduatffs of Good Thundor High School. CLASS of 1956 Annual EDITOR NEVA DOSS ASSISTANT EDITOR MARILYN CARTER CLASS WILL JANICE CARLSON CLASS HISTORY MARILYN CARTER DRAMATICS BETTY LOU JORDAHL MARILYN CARTER SPORTS KENNETH MEGAW DICK BRUNZ SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ELAINE BUNDE MUSIC JANICE CARLSON PICTURES BETTY LOU JORDAHL JANICE CARLSON ELAINE BUNDE MOTTO: Hitch Your Wagon to a Star. Keep Your Seat, and There You Are. CLASS FLOWER: Gladiola CLASS COLORS: Lilac and While' Class Gfficews PRESIDENT MARILYN CARTER VICE PRESIDENT ELAINE BUNDE SECRETARY BETTY LOU JORDAHL TREASURER JANICE CARLSON STUDENT COUNCIL NEVA DOSS REPRESENTATIVES KENNETH MEGAXV CLASS ADVISOR MR. MEDALEN TITQ FCICU BAC' K ROIV MRS LANG Home Economics Physical Educfition Bwlogy Geneml Science MR BRANDRUP Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping Band Chorus Educ1t1on Cmch MRS KAIBEL Grades One and Two FRONT ROW MRS LING El'lgl1Sl'l Speech L1br1ry MRS WINGEN Grades Three and Four MISS MCCARTHY Grades Five and Six MISS PARKER Grades Seven and Eight SUPERINTENDENT MEDALEN Physics MR. ANDERSON: Principal, History, Social Studies, Physical MERLE MEDALEN Superintemlent Senior Class Adivsor 2 . , :E:5:::1::::1::1::r:1:4:-:-:-4-. :g:.:,:g.1:::-,':1'f: rag., --'ggy5:5:,13:5:3:3:5:5:5:5: -. -:, -Q, ,.1,1f-:::,:gi-,:1:1:::: ' zifheiaiieiszizig , ''Fi?:.:,:,1,:.:.g.g.:.3.-.Y -1 1 1 3 51221: :rf .. --v:1::4,:,:::g:::,:: ,.1.5:5" 1:5rifzrsil-1:-.5:g:g:5:3:: , :+V .,f12:2:'A 1-2:2:31::5:315:5::. .:E:E:1:1::z:::: ,:,:,f,55?3g55,1:::,,:a -.4,. ,... . , . EzEsEe2zEaEaSa2s2 52522552222 2f1a:5E55gag2 Esiai.-1:12 :e 1 - gs, 's52z2e2siE1f. 121 -'1':sgf:1g:i',:..,:,.:: -425252,:a2sgzagsgagzgg:g:g:g '-5-Eiiriiiri. "E2EE5E2?"-':1: -'lil -I1E:E1E2E '5?1E:2:1'5E5!5f.-:-:1z2E-. 5. l513'1:5E'2515:fE1Ef MQ, . Y' . . 4 . . 5E52E5E53E5E5E2 "5E:E,E,Eg:E:E55,. rE:E5?gE5E:: .5::: 4 15155531 25 ""' 525i Q-r:15:5:3:155ggQg5i,gEj .55 "-5:5354 'E5E:E:Ert3E1E:E:E12: R L LL Q- -11::.5I5g5:g:5:5:5:::::::::::::::..,: 3:-12, 'V:ggfri:-:::t:,:,::g::::,,:-- , ,:,::gg2:55:3:g5:5f5:5:5:5 ..... 2. ,.-.-, .......,, .. ..,. ,.,.. ....:g4:S3sQ5g::::::1:, :1.1.:.-.M 55551212:iriri-5g1gEg555g5g2:' " ' ''5555,135g:,:5.5555EgE5:zE2h 1-' :E":55egeQ5g5g' I --,--- I -:-.4-mr:r-2-1-r-vf:-:1:fr:r:- ":r:r:11r:::11A1-:-:-a:-::::::-:-- " ' -.-:-:-:-.1111:15-:-:-2.111112.3:1:I:-1-:rear:r34:1::'-'-'-'-4- M, .,...,, . .... ,,,,. .. , ,gsglasszieisieisfaizizizezw- . 5is2Eiaiaisfz2s2a:2:1: -- ' 1FsE52a2e2zEsE:,a2s2sEa125a1.zaagzsagaw-w""" 21ErE:E1EiE5E5:3:5:5 11515515:5:5:3:5:E:2:E:iE2Er:I55. A -1:g25:5i31:2:f 5E5E3 5:5.3:5:5:E11:E:ErE'ErE2E1f" I5:g5:5:25515 sz? 4? Q.: ,eaeiiiiis 5:s:z:i:5:z b5QE5E5ElfE2:2r1'f: :::52215155253525E5E51155E,4..5:5:52:i:5:35:i:iA'"53gi555Es23: . -:-:-:: :,:-:v:-:-:-:-:4,,,,.:. 311:1:5111:1::415::,:f:-.:q,2::1:1,1::,9y A .4 ,.:.1. --:gg.:::: :-:-:i:2::1:-':I:':1:2:5:1:1R' . ' :':-'55i:J l'E:EiEIE1EIEliiiilifil:5252523513212 gg 5 58 Q fx gf. E1i:E:i2Es5a2aEa S- Annl I Q 8 is ::22Er:i51ErE225i5E 5325555522292 , .155E3E5E5E5E5E5.::QE- QEQEEEEFEEEEW 13 : Z .. ,. 131.634 VE mf? 59 ,Rf fi :IGII3'E512IEI512:E1512112E21122EEIEIEEEIEEEIEIZ-E2E'5555E:E5E2E2E2E1E1EiE2E3E2E-. ISEI5EEE125EEE2l'15:f11EIE'V'IE2' 2HE5EZ1EfEI9SElEiiE1EfE" '1El?E5E5ElE5iI5Y 2 Af 9' . 51N ,:1'31fsW"'E TE:-,": 4I:I' ,f m '-:mi-E:?:EEZi2E3E2rE?E'i:EH1'5E55 if af: -A .., 55:51sg5:::m:5g:2z:z:s:s:5: -1 ,421 -f r-S2 7 -1 z. ' fa. sd,'11-421515:3?R:2:rE:E5:g:5:5:5:E -A - ' vs-. af 41-.'-'-11,3:2:5:Ef1:::::,:.. 1 2 f-Ni::mf1::515aaf5:E:1:1::::zf1:: saw si' . ' ' 1a:s:s:::5v1a:, , a1Af1Es:f ':piez:111:e:as- '2a1'2.. 5:as52afefsa:1:f-I-2'-:-mn E+ -ev ,- -:' .:f'1m f' S, XM Q 535' 4 'L I9 2 ,V L, L as s 0 4 A N. 49 .-M.-r,', MARILYN CARTER NEWSTAFF 3- CLASS OFFICER 1-2 3 DRAMATICS MIXED CHORUS 1-2 3 GLEE CLUB 1-2 3 LIBRARY AID SPEECH BURTON ANDERSON Principal and Coach BETTY I ORDAH L MIXED CHORUS 1-2 -5 -4 GLEE CLUB 1-2-3-4 CLASS OFFICER 1-2-3-4 ELAINE BUNDE GLEE CLUB 1-2-3-4 MIXED CHORUS 1-2-3-4 CLASS OFFICER 2-3-4 DRAMATICS 4 -:-1-1+:-:r:-s:-:fa::i:yf:1s:r::s1:::::::5:::::fa:1::af:-:-S+:-gcc1:-11:21:r:1:r:r:2:r1::::' 11:12:rin:2:1:1::::::z:::51::::ag5:5:3:,:1:I:3:1:::r:111:2:r:1:r:r:2:1:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:::rq EvESi1E1E"'E1EiEFri1Erf'qErErZRl:I-Sf:I:2x:2:r:2:r:r-212:21rE:i1::E:E:2:1:E:E:' "1:l' 1'1-'-'- -"""-I-22:1:2:1:1:2:1:1:f:rg1:I:2:1:1:1::-11251511252EI352EfiriiiriririfiiE:E252rErErErErEvEr 'Q 49 9 ,155 ' " Lf. ' ' ' -i,.5s?a2sEsiz:sfs L- fi 225225 fmz:5::..ef.s:5-+':if'1:'- ' ,V ,E'IE'52E25f52"'1"' 5:25-FilE51-1:IE12ifE2E25:E1E:E1ErE V 35112 .-:ff 'V 'f2i:E2?:5:fj ' -"' .g,g:g:g:P:.2:E :g ' :f" Q:Q:Ezfrfr2:gfj3-j:Q:f:Q:fzfzf:E::.2.5.I,.3212:E:2:3:I::fI:IE13:': 32f:2:7:f:2:f.f:f:f:3:-. "Q:f.f:':f:':5:3:: '7?fiZ7E5f3ff a:2:z:s:s:s,gsg 5555522is552225E5S5522Eai15555Eiififfsiaiiiiiiiiiis 515 Zfisifiziiiifiibii-'. ."1'5"'E5E355:35f-'5 ?i55isSiEif , ' gEiiiil59i5EQ5E?fE2g2 isl.. , 5 -.gig.1,,zfzf-Ez: 1: : : :- 225155 2 ' f5E5E5E5E5E52:" .::zS ::1i:12EiEi- givgfi 1:3:5:5':5:5:3:' 3:5:f 1E:I'E5E5E3E5E5E5E5E""7""iE5EE5E. 55 :25SfEiE3 :gg-gg. :5 ::gE5:5E5?gE2S:' ,5E525E5E5E55531' :Ei:5E535E5:5E5i,5:3:1irQ , 153' ' 551-Af f .. " an. ,,-gif"-nv.. -.-:Am--: N - - 1- 6 -:-:-:-:-242:2ss:::::2s:I:r3::515:515:5-f.:5:::5:2:r:rs::5.fs:r:r:r1:::-14,1::1'112Er:rEr:rEr:'E:ErErfzlrg-5-5:::5:5 1.':5:g5:5:515:5:r:5:j.::5:5:'.5:5:5.25::pg,15:511:,f5:5:51-15:r:2.1E1::f131E mf gg 505 Qgqgigz 6 5335? QQ' Eg Nfkgf ,QSQAQY Q9 QSQJ gf 3515:5:5135:5:2:f:5:2:1:2zrgrfrgr:r1:::g:::3:::5:::g5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:3:5:5:5:,::5:5z5g.g3f:5:jf5-5-:.:g:g::'.w:2:1: KENNETH MEGAW BASKETBALL 1-2-3- CLASS OFFICER STUDENT COUNCIL DRAMATICS IANICE CARLSON MIXED CHORUS 2-3-4 GLEE CLUB 2-3-4 NEWSTAFF 2-3-4 CLASS OFFICER 4 Www . ' I BBB' ,,,g ' ' iw.-s?iSai?' ,.f ,Y-N, ,,.4 . ., ,.... Q ,v.. ,-vw -.9 ...... - -....... .. I S, -r::,:s:2-1-.I:P - -zz -- .ggzfgg:5:5ErE:E1E2?r?e:::5. -3:5255-I-I-. .:.:.:.:., , :: , .3 ': k-4:1 -I --" E .-.-. - --'-- . .,,,. z -. ., .,.. . , ,. 1:f:1:i:i:5:E1:5:7:1f1f55E!''.5:Qbk1'1-35555. 2"-4:2- 'g:Q:f"f: I:I:!::5f:f:f:3f:5:E:f:E:E:E1:1:1:Ig:g:E3f:5:E33f:f:j:2:5:Ef::::g:5 :fl :ff I 35:5:535:5z5E555515225:EiiIEI5:Q5:E:2E2E25251E2ErE3?3:I DICK BRUN Z BASKETBALL 1-2-3 -4 BASEBALL 1 -2-4 STUDENT COUNCIL 2-3 DRAMATICS 4 N EVA DOSS BAND GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS CLASS OFFICER CHEERLEADING STUDENT COUNCIL DRAMATICS SEHIOIQS RICHARD LEE BRUNZ Date of Birth: February S, 1938 Place of Birth: Mankato, Minn. Home: Good Thunder Schools Attended: St. John's Luth-- eran, 1-4: G. T. Public, S-12 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: S' 11" Pet Peeves: Quiet People Favorites: Boy's Name: Gene Girl's Name: Peggy Lee Food: Duck and Ham Car: Ford Color: Blue Movie: "My Sister Eileen" ' Actor: James Stewart Song: Actress: Jane Russell Old Time Band: Whoooee John Orchestra: Lawrence Welk Subiect: Typing Year: Senior Saying: "Why Not?" Pastime: Loafing around Magazine: Popular Mechanics Male Sinzer: Dean Martin Female Singer: Gale Storm Ideal Person: Nice personality and goodlooking Future Plans: Undecided. ELAINE ELSIE BUN DE Date of Birth: December 30, 1937 Place of Birth: Mankato, Minn. Home: Two miles east of G. T. Schools Attended: St. John's Luth- eran, 1-8: G. T. Public, 9-12 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 5' Mfg" Pet Peeve: Conceited People Favorites: Bov's Name: Russell Allen Girl's Name: Cheryl Ann Food: Duck and goose with all the trimmings Car: Mercury Color: Blue Movie: "Picnic" Actor: James Stewart Actress: Grace Kelly Song: "Moments to Remember" and "It's Almost Tomorrow" Old Time Band: Whoopee John Orchestra: Les Elgart Subject: Speech and Bookkeep- ing Year: Senior Saying: "Backup" Pastime: Drivng, dancing, and sleeping Magazine: Seventeen Male Singer: Perry Como Female Singer: .Toni James Ideal Person: Nice personality and good looking Future Plans: Undecided. SENIOIQS I AN I CE MARIE CARLSON Date of Birth: January 14, 1938 Place of Birth: Waterlw, Iowa Home: Good Thunder Schools Attended: G. T. Public, 1-12 . Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Height: 5' 4" Pet Peeve: Bermuda Shorts Favorites: Boy's Name: Jeffery Lee Girl's Name: Shelly Rae Food: Ice cream Car: Mercury Color: Blue, green Movie: "High and the Mighty' Actor: Jeff Hunter Actress: Grace Kelly Song: "He", "Autumn Leaves' Old Time Band: Jolly Lumber- jacks Orchestra: LeRoy Anderson Subject: Bookkeeping Year: Senior Saying: "Many" Pastime: Dancing, Music Magazine: Reader's Digest 1 Female Singer: Marion Marlow, Doris Day Male Singer: Art Lund, Frank Sinatra Ideal Person: Santa Claus Future Plans: WAF 1 MARILYN IANE CARTER Date of Birth: January 7, 1939 Place of Birth: Mankato, Minn. Home: 15 mile west of G. T. Schools Attended: G. T. Public, 1- 12 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue Height: s' 3" Pet Peeve: Conceited People Favorites: Boy's Name: Jeffery Lee Girl's Name: Jackie Food: Ham and salads Car: Ford Color: Blue Movie: "Ransom" Actor: Rock Hudson Actress: Donna Reed Song: "Poor People of Paris" Old Time Band: Jolly Lumber- jacks Orchestra: Ralph Flannagan Subject: Shorthand Year: Senior Saying: "You better believe it" Pastime: Sleeping, eating, and dancing Magazine: Seventeen Ideal Person: Someone with a nice personality, goodlooking. and lots of money Male Singer: Perry Como Female Singer: Joni James Future Plans: Teach. SENIOIQ5 NEVA ANN DOSS Date of Birth: October 10, 1938 Place of Birth: Mankato, Minn. Home: lw miles east of G. T. Schools Attended: St. John's Luth- eran, 1-4: G. T. Public, S-12 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5' ew' Pet Peeve: Conceited People Favorites: Boy's Name: Rickey Lee Girl's Name: Debra Jayne Food: Ham and French fries Car: Ford Color: Blue Movie: "Blackboard Jungle" Actor: Glenn Ford Actress: Debbie Reynolds Song: "Moments to Remembei Old Time Band: Whwpee John Orchestra: Les Elgart Subject: Bookkeeping Year: Senior Saying: "Share and share alike" Pastime: Studying Magazine: Seventeen Male Singer: Eddie Fisher Female Singer: Joni James Future Plans: Attend Gale Ideal Person: Nice personality, goodlooking, and sense of humor. 9. BETTY LOU IORDAH L Date of Birth: August 20, 1938 Place of Birth: Good Thunder Home lw miles northwest of G. Thunder Schools Attended: St. John's Luth- eran, 1-85 G. T. Public, 9-12 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: st 6V3" Pet Peeve: Girls that show off Favorites: Boy's Name: Tony Girl's Name: Cindry Lee Food: Fried chicken and app sauce Car: Oldsmobile Color: Blue Movie: "To Catch a Thief" Actor: Tony Curtis Actress: Doris Day le Song: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" Old Time Band: Jolly Lumber- jacks Orchestra: Lawrence Welk Subject: Typing and English Year: Senior Saying: "Auch Mein Yah" Pastime: Dancing and driving fthe red Oldsj Magazine: Seventeen Ideal Person: Goodlooking and nice personality Male Singer: Perry Como Female Singer: Teresa Brewer Future Plans: Attend college. SENIGIQS KENNETH ALLEN MEGAW Date of Birth: January 11, 1939 Place of Birth: Mankato, Nlinn. Home: 315 miles southwest of G. Thunder Schools Attended: District 28, 1- 2: G. T. Public, 3-12 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Height: S' 10" Pet Peeve: Quiet People Favorites: Boy,s Name: Russell Girlis Name: Peggy Lee Food: Ham Car: Mercury Color: Green Movie: "My Sister Eileen" Actor: James Stewart Actress: june Allyson Song: Shifting Whispering Sands Old Time Band: Wfhoopee John Orchestra: Lawrence Welk Subject: Typing Year: Sophomore Saying: "Oh, No!" Pastime: Reading magizines and loafing around Magazine: Boy's Life Ideal Person: Nice personality and goodlooking Male Singer: Perry Como Female Singer: Gale Storm Future Plans: Undecided. V. 1 : ?"hi' Q 215: Q 2' 5 P' CLASS H ISTO IQV September, 1952, found eleven students registering at GTHS as FRESHMEN. Six girls and five boys, eager to begin their first year of high school, composed this class. Of course, as always, there has to be some bi t t e r with the sweet. That came when we became the laughing stock of Good Thunder on initiation day. The girls were dressed in men's Coveralls, worn inside-out and backwards, and rubbers on their feet. The boys wore women's blouses, skirts and high heeled shoes. Everyone carried a teddybear and a baby bottle with a nipple. Upon sight of a sopho- more we were ordered to fall on our knees and drink from the baby bottle. To add to the fun the sophomores gave us a party that night. About a month later we took our revenge when we sponsored the freshmen return party. Our SOPHOMORE year began with the subtraction of three members from our class. They were Jim Hiller, Glen Schneiderhan and Margaret Shonyo. Now it was our turn to initiate the green fresh- men just one class below us. We in turn were guests at a freshmen return party given by the freshmen. Then we were JUNIORS. This year started with the loss of another member, Marlin Ro-sin, leaving only seven in the class. Mem- orable events of our junior year were the Minstrel Show and the jun- ior-senior banquet at the Burton Hotel after which we saw the show, "Bridges of Toko-Ri." Our SENIOR year has been the most exciting of all. A maga- zine drive, the junior-senior class play, "A Date With Judy," a visit to the State Hospital in St. Peter, visiting our local First National Bank, a trip to the Ice Follies and a banquet given us by the juniors. and our class trip to Chicago were just some of the events to be long remembered. We also had'to choose our motto, flower, and colors. And, of course, we can't forget that big night of Commencement, June 1. Our high school days certainly have been memorable ones that we shall cherish as long as we live. We all hope the future graduat- ing classes of GTHS can take with them as many memories as we are. :z U-Eli-gg --A 9 ' - 2- . C' as A EEE H s Q!! e v.v.vJ.v.vs!!N.V.UsJ.v.vmN.IUNN.v.!!qN!NNm!.!M!-VM! ZR!! sb' r dn K W in W' Senior Social Aclivilies We started the year off by planning and giving "A Date With Judy." We all enjoyed it. We visited the First National Bank While we were studying banking in Economics. We also visited the State Hospital in St. Peter. On April 14th, the juniors took us to the Ice Follies in the Twin Cities. They also served us a delicious banquet. Our most enjoyable event was our trip to Chicago. We Worked hard for this trip by selling cake and coffee after certain events in school and by our magazine drive which was very successful. We Went by train and it was the first train ride for some of us. We enjoyed it very much. This brings an end to high school education. We Want to wish the underclassmen as much fun as we have had in our senior year. -22+ K f X I N OUIQ WILL LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIORS OF 1956 I, Elaine Bunde, do hereby will my diamond ring to Arlys Hil- lerg my glasses to Marly Kaulg my quietness to Diann Doeringg and my naturally curly hair to Corrine Hiller. I, Betty Lou Jordahl, do hereby will my shorthand ability to RoseMary Kienitz my blue corduroy coat to Dawn Armstrong, my ability to chew gum to Mr. Brandrupg my glasses to Joe Jandtg and my height to Darlene Panos. I, Dick Brunz, do hereby will my basketball ability to Ronald Scheider, my crew cut to Rolly Petersong and my musical ability to Wayne Hiller. I, Neva Doss, do hereby will my cheerleading outfit to Marlys Wackerg my clarinet to Betty Petrowskeg my short hair to RoseMary Kienitzg my brown eyes to Sharon Carter, and my freckles to Kath- leen Caven. I, Marilyn Carter, do hereby will my ability to make speeches to Diann Doeringg my ambition to Joe Jandtg my editorship to Evelyn Zuehlkeg and my height to Sharon Carter. I, Ken Megaw, do hereby will my shyness to Steven Crane, my Ford to Betty Petrowske so she can get to school on time. I, Janice Carlson, do hereby will my assistant editorship to Rolly Peterson, my laugh to Kathleen Caveng my bookkeeping work- book to Marlys Wacker, my 'blush to Darlene Panos, and my class ring to Ardis Sternitzke. We, Neva and Marilyn, will our ability to mop cars on Sunday morning to Arlys Hiller and Marley Kaul. We, Elaine and Janice, will our sisterhoocl to Evelyn Zuehlke and Corrine Hiller. We, the senior class, will our quietness to the junior girls. We, the senior class, will our Book of Excuses to the freshmen. We, the seniors, will our honesty to the sophomores. We, the seniors will our ink eradicator to the 1956-S7 book- keeping class. We, the seniors, will our seniority to the juniors. We, the seniors, will our initiative to the juniors. 'W DIQGDH ECY . What?? Dick went to college! It seems impossible but it's right here in plain facts. Dick Brunz went to college for six years and got his master's degree in English. He has taken over Dr. Grosse's po- sition in the Herb Shriner show, mustache and all. Is that a fact! Well, it must have gotten the best of her. I guess that's the way it usually goes. Elaine's out-door life has led to a career as a zoologist. She raises rabbits and runs various tests on than hoping to perfect a cure for that dread disease--the common co . This one I can believe. I always knew she'd do something like this. It says right here that Neva is a test driver for an Atom.ic Pow- ered Futurama car at White Sands, New Mexico. Her new steady'is a test pilot for atomic radar planes which have now been perfected so that the heat barrier is no problem. Good old Ken owns a women's swimming suit company and was arrested recently for being a bigamist. I-Ie just couldn't resist all his swimming suit models. O Boy! This is a good one. You all know that Marilyn was a brain in high school, but that little guy with the bow and arrow came around and that ended her dreams of education. But still, be- cause of her being a whiz in physics, she is now home economist on T V, demonstrating the use of the new atomic infra red ovens which roast 25 pound roasts instantaneously. She is also a practicing home maker with three small sons, so now she works with other electrical appliances in her home-namely that new wash-d'ry and diaper fold- ing combination. I'l1 bet Betty is happy at her job. You know she always did like to tinker around with her dad's combine, cornpicker and others pieces of machinery. Betty took one of those Glamorer Mechanics courses and liked it so well that she is now head mechanic at John Krueger's. No little mechanics yet. E I can hardly believe it. Janice must have finally found her hidden qualities. I surely would like to know how she did it. Janice is now in Norway as the United States Ambassador in the country of some of her ancestors. She flew home recently and addressed the University of Minnesota graduates, telling them all about the field of diplomacy and women's part in it. Juniorfs First row, left to right: Evelyn Zuchlke, Betty Petrowske, Marlys XV:x- cker, Arlys Hiller. Second row, left fo right: Ardis Sternitzke, Diann Deering, joe Jandt and Ronald Scheider. Third row, left to right: Corrine Hiller, Rolly Peterson, Steven Crane, Sharon Carter, Kathleen Caven. Fourth row, left to right: Darlene Panos, RoseMary Kienitz, Dawn Armstrong, Wayne Hiller, Marley Kaul, Mrs. Ling. 5Opl'lOI'l'l0PQS First row, left to right: Duann Dalluge, Janice Kaul, Karen Speck, Loretta Vierboom, Joe Vaughan. Second row, left to right: Harry Petrowske, Trudy Bouman, Alvin Birr, Kenneth Tischer. Tloim' row, left to right: David Storrs, Ronald Lachmiller, Barbara Beise, Gary Carlson. Standing: Mr. Anderson, I:-PQSI'llTlQl'l First row, lift io right: Lyle Bartsch, Tommy Caven, Marvin Birr, XVilton Lentz, Francis Vaughan, Curtis Speck. Back vow, left fo right: Opal Peterson, Mrs. Lang, Mary Pat Fitz- Simmons, Deanna Doycn, Tami Crane, Carol Sternitzkc, Cedric Prange, john Gnadke. X Sevenlh ond Eiqhlh Gvudes First row, left to right: Carlyle Schwantes, Dean Attenburger, Joan Mongeau. Second row, left to right: Beverly Luhring, David Litche, Sharon Goutermont, Ruth Ann Sippel, Marie' Sargent. Thi1'rlrow,lc'ft to right: William Luhring, Ruth Ann Sonnabend, Tom Yahnke, Judy Hawker, Rosalind Lindner. Fourth row, left to right: Norita Sternirzke, Terry Sohre, Gary Dal- luge, Gary Megaw, Herbert Sargent. Stmzrling: Harlan Heubsch, Roger Raether, Bonnie Lou FitzSimrnons, Donald Ziemann, Barbara Kaul, Charles Medalen, Sharon Kaul, Miss Parker. Fiiiin and Sixiiw Grades Front row, left to right: Judy Carlson, Wayne Kaul, Gene Dalluge, Marcy Mongeau, Jerry Schwantes. Buck row, left to right: JoAnn Luhring, Paul Sargent, Frances Ann FitzSi1nmons, Vivian Lentz, Miss McCarthy, Orrie Doyen, David Me- dalen, Ejay Brauch, Danny Zuehlke, David Vaughan, Dennis Huebsch and Mary Bate. -l-l1iPcl oml l:ouPll1 Grfcules First row, left to rigbi: jerry Ziemann, Karen Armstrong, Carla Par- sons, Kenneth Sams, Susan Baumgart, Beryl Peterson, Gary Lachmil- ler, Neil Doyen, Barbara Hiller. Second row, icfl to right: Donna Huebner, Darwin Scllwantes, Sharon Sargent, Jerry Armstrong, Tommy Barnard, Ann Carlson. Third row, left io right: Bradley Jones, Gary Jacobson, Susanne Sto- ver, Georgeann Wiedenheft, jim Mongeau, Mrs. Wingen. 1.5 ,",A 1 ,,'A""- AA.,,A .,,..,., A..:. . . ..:.:.I ,:1A:,V, ..., . . ..1.:Af.:.:, ...,...,... . . . .-,-.-...f,:.:. . 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"""' ',?2255552325.235QQ.3,f.1QZ3Ziff?3?iff?i2?5fZ5E55EZ5Zi:.:.-.zur -'-""" """' " ,A ,, .... . ..,. .a H '-.1.-.,:.,qg:4.,:,.:...,4g,g,.-:5,, - : .f+:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-:-.+:1.41::::::.1:,:::,:::::: .:.:.,,.:.::,:. gy 1 ..:.:.1.::,.:.-.- -.:.,,:.:.:.:.:.:.,4,4g:,.7. ,.:.,.:.:.g.::,.- I .-.-.W.,,-.-.,.:.3.1.,.,.,.,.,. ,,,, ,..,..,.,...,.,. .....,.... , ...... ,...z :-:--.-:-.. .-:-:f..-:ai-1-an fvzwlli , ..,.. - .",. 2,535-23:41, "-'-r:r:5:5:5:3:39i: 24' .Im .,.i.::,.,.1.,. :.35.::, :..:5.:.E5.:.:.5Z5,:.:,,.,. 5,35:5:5:.,5,.:52,32g'gg3,5,:::,5512.133:--r-2:2-2-''-2-::'.j:-.,-3-1:5.g.jj.,--5'5g:r- ,.55E:I:3225355336352522555525E5?5E3E5.::E3Ef:a:.-. ., .. ..... .- -- .:. . .. ...y .1-: '.::::e::-of .. .. .. .1 liirsl oncl Second Grade Fi1'st1f01u,left to rigbi: Earl Ziegler, Ronnie Kruggel, Carl Heins, Ronald Kaul, Leroy Luhring. Seroml 7'0'w', left to right: Michael Armstrong, Barbara Zastrow, Jane Huebner, Jeanne Armstrong, Loretta Doyen, Twyla Treanor. Tbirrl row, left to riglai: Gene Schwantes, Gerald Dehn, Barbara Storrs. Stephen Birr, Cedric Raether. Sta1zdi11g, left to right: Jean Tischer, Linda Sippel, Beverly Zastrow, Peggy Vaughan, Billy Hiller, Gary Schwitzer and Mrs. Kaibel. Absent were Larry Hollerich and Barbara Griffin. P R 0 G R A M UA DATE WITH JUDY" Adapted from the Radio Program of the Same Name by ALEEN LESLIE NOVEMBER 3 Sl 4, 1955 At 8:00 P. M. HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM GOOD THUNDER Direction, Mrs. David Ling C A S T JUDY FOSTER .......,.......,... , ,,,............... - ...,.., RoseMary Kienitz MELVIN FOSTER ....... - ..,,,...., - ............. , ........ , .........., Wayne Hiller DORA FOSTER -. .... ,..... ,. ,.,..,.. .... ,.-- .. .......,. - ...,,....,. Marilyn Carter RANDOLPH FOSTER ------- .... .... .... L yle Bartsch HANNAH ---- .............. ,. ....... -.--- .... .,,.. ,. .-- .... ....... S haron Carter BARBARA WINSVOCKET ......... ....... C orrine Hiller OOGIE PRINGLE ....... .. ....... ..--- .... ........., , . Steven Crane MITZIE HOFFMAN ---,.--,.,,-,... ....... ...... M arlys Waclier MR. MARTINDALE W, .,,..,,,, ,,,,, , H, ,,,,,, ---M Joe Jandr MRS. HOTCHKISS ---,...- .,........., .......... - ....... E laine Bunde ELOISE HOTCHKISS ........... - ........ - ........... Evelyn Zuehlke MRS. SCHULTZHAMMER ...... .....,.......... ..,.... D a wn Armstrong REXFORD MEREDITH O'CONNOR ....... ., ....... Marley Kaul SUSIE O'CONNOR .,..... .. ....... .......,......,... ., ......... Betty Petrowskc SYNOPSIS of SCENES PLACE: The living' room of the Foster home in a town in the Middle West. TIME: The Dresent. Spring. ACT I, SCENE I: just before dinner. SCENE II: Three Weeks later. Late Afternoon. ACT II: The following afternoon. Saturday. ACT III: Early evening. The night of the dance. Curtain indicates interim of one hour. , PRODUCTION STAFF STUDENT DIRECTORS: Arlys Hiller, Kathleen Caven. MAKEUP: Mrs. Luverne Wingen PUBLICITY: Janice Carlson, RcseMary Kienitz, Sharon Carter, Darlene Panos. TICKETS: Marlys Wacker, Janice Carlson. STAGE: Rollie Peterson, Dick Brunz, Ken Megaw, Joe jandt, Ronald Scheider. PROPERTIES: Diann Doering, Betty Petrowske, Ardis Sternitzkc, Wayne Hiller, Marlev Kaul, Steven Crane, Neva Doss. BETWEEN ACTS: Arlys Hiller, Dawn Armstrong, Corrine Hiller. Evelyn Zuehlke, Betty Iordahl. ADVTSORS: Mr. Medalen, Mrs. Lang. PUBLISHERS: The Dramatic Publishing Company. Speech Aclivilies This year ten students participated in extra-curricular speech activities. They were Dawn Armstrong, Marilyn Carter. Sharon Car- ter, Kathleen Caven, Steven Crane, Mary Pat FitzSimmons, Corrine Hiller. Janice Kaul. RoseMary Kienitz and Marlys Wacker. The divi- sions they participated in were humorous interpretative, memorized oratory, extemporaneous manuscript, and a discussion of "What Can Be Done To Prevent juvenile Delinquency." RoseMary Kienitz and Dawn Armstrong represented GTHS at the sub-district speech festival at Pemberton on March 7. Rose- Mary received an excellent rating and Dawn received a superior and went on to the district meet. This was held at St. Clair on March 12. x"-3-It-E 'Y' Maui-J V. V. 'ffl' L. .fs ft- ' ' 'N -arf ., -A iQ'i259C.st5v 91 his wr .1.,.:' N" is' " 'zfsz' J- 'ft if 'eiegff ff tri. 'ml'-'ic' :iii . ,V . diff.: 1 - ftygfiii' A - .--.1-31 '. . -: gi, ,U M iI'lflPQl Show On October 14, 1954, juniors sponsored a minstrel show in the high school auditorium. The purpose was to raise money for the jun- ior class. All twelve grades participated in a very enjoyable program with music and comedy. The c horu s, under the direction of Mr. Brandrup, sang songs of the gay nineties. Marley Kaul, Donald Megaw, Steve Crane, and Larry Bartsch, as the end men with Jack Kienitz as their interlocutor, kept the pro- gram alive with jokes and clowning. Judy Hawker gave a tap danc- ing selection. Larry Bartsch and Wayiie Goutermont played a saxo- phone duet and Donald Ziemann sag a solo. A group of fifth and sixth grade boys. known as the Pickanimies sang "Short'nin' Bread" and "Polly-Wolly-Doodle." - The evening performance was seen by a good crowd and was a big success. Following the performance a lunch was served by the juniors. The Bond Fifsf row, left fo rigbl: Ejay Brauch, David Lichte Roger Raether, Lyle Bartsch, Tami Crane, RoseMary Kienitz, Corrine Hiller, Sharon Carter, Deanna Doyen, Karen Speck, Barbara Beise. Second Tow, left to right: Bonnie Lou FitzSimmons, Ruth Ann Son- nabend, Judy Hawker, Beverly Luhring, Tom Yahnke, Rosalind Lind- ner, Ruth Ann Sippel, Mary Pa t FitzSimmoins, Dawn Armstrong, Neva Doss, Kenneth Tischer, David Medalen, Terry Sohre, Dianri Doering. Third row, left io rigbf: Mr. Brandrup, Steve Crane, Sharon Gouter- mont, Kathleen Caven, A r l ys Hiller, Wayne Hiller, Marley K a u l, Charles Medalen, Dean Attenburger, Alvin Birr. This year the Good Thunder High School band has thirty- four mem-bers. Under the direction of Mr. H. J. Brandrup the band appears at the Memorial Day program and gives a spring concert each year. A smaller group. the brass quartet, took part in the Music Fes- tival on February 25th at the Teachers college and in the Music Fes- tival, on March 16th, at Mapleton. MIXED CHORUS First row, left fo right: Sharon Carter, Dawn Armstrong, Mary Pat FitzSimmons, Arlys Hiller, Neva Doss, Betty Lou Joirdahl, Diann Do- ering, Evelyn Zuehlke, Opal Peterson, Betty Petrowske, Trudy Bou- man. Secolzd row, left fo right: Bonnie FitzSimmons, Janice Kaul, Joa n Mongeau, Kathleen Caven, Steven Crane, Alvin Birr, Wayne Hiller, Marley Kaul, Barbara Beise, Corrine Hiller, Deanna Doyen, Tami Crane, Sharon Kaul. Tbirrl row, left fo rigbf: Carol Sternitzke, Duann Dalluge, A rdis Srernirzke, Elaine Bunde, Ronald Scheider, XVilton Lentz, Lyle Bartsch, Cedric Prange, Barbara Kaul, Marie Sargent, Ruth Ann Sip- pel, Karen Speck, Mr. Brandrup. Fmlrfb row, left fo rigbf: Ju dy Hawker, Beverly Luhring, Loretta Vierboom Janice Carlson, John Gnadke, Kenneth Tischer, Marvin Birr, Tommy Caven, David Storrs, RoseMary Kienitz, Darlene Panos, Marilyn Carter, Marlys Wacker. The mixed chorus has S0 voices under the direction of Mr. H. J. B r a n d ru p, who has taught music in Good Thunder for six years. The highlights for the mixed chorus are the Christmas program, spring concert, music festival and annual Creamery meeting. Smaller groups taken from the mixed chorus are the girls' glee club, sextet and octette. Baslfelhull SCIUGCI Back row, left to right: Herbert Sargent, Gary Megaw, William Luh- ring, Ronald Lachmiller, Marvin Birr, Roger Raether, David Storrs, David Lichte, Curtis Speck, Tommy Yahnke. Second row, left fo right: Coach Mr. Burton Anderson, Cedric Prange, Kenneth Megaw, Wayne Hiller, Rolly Peterson, Gary Carlson, Steve Crane, John Gnadke, Francis Vaughan. Front row, left to right: Lyle Bartsch, Alvin Birr, Marley Kaul, Dick Brunz, Joseph Vaughan. Elsa! . RZ., NE. I ul I X - diffs! ., , s 1 1 .Z '.-QV- . CL. -zsg........-.----W H- 1' Spovis Acliviiies Basketball and baseball were the two main sports at Good Th- under high this year. Although the basketball teain did not end the season as one of the top teams of the district, they did play some fine basketball and showed some fine sportsmanship. Two seniors, Ken Me- gaw and Dick Brunz, will be a loss to the team. The fine support of the fans and the cheerleaders: Neva Doss, RoseMary Kienitz, Dawn Armstrong and Diann Doering, helped a lor to encourage the boys. Barb Beise and Tami Crane were the "B" team cheerleaders. We all think Mr. Anderson did a fine job coaching the boys in his first year of teaching. The prospects for next year's basketball season are very good. Everyone is looking forward to some fine games. The success of the baseball season will rest on the returning lettermen. The lack of experienced' pitchers will be the greatest draw- back to a successful season. SDOIQTS 195 5-195 6 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Dale Opponent Where April 24 St. Clair Here May 1 Minnesota Lake There May 8 Pemberton There May 1 5 Waldorf Here May 18 Mapleton There 195 5-1956 Basketball Schedule Date Opponent Home Away Q Wt- They Nov. 29 Pemberton x 34 8 0 Dec. 2 Nicollet 43 69 Dec. 6 Mapleton x 45 75 Dec. 9 Rapidan 5 1 3 2 Dec. 13 Amboy x 64 62 Dec. 16 Hanska x 70 93 Dec. 23 St. Clair 44 55 Jan. 12 Pemberton 57 8 1 Ian. 2 0 Minn. Lake x 52 57 Ian. 24 Rapidan x 70 47 Jan. 27 Amboy 62 54 Feb. 3 Waldorf x 62 69 Feb. 1 1 Mapleton 50 5 8 Feb. 17 Mankato 3 8 75 Feb. 21 Garden City x 48 75 "B" Tournament Feb. 27 Mankato H. S. Lake Crystal 54 76 BASKETBALL STANDINGS PLAYER FG FTA FT F TP Marley Kaul 106 80 56 50 268 Alvin Biff A 61 101 59 51 181 Dick Brunz 46 109 61 49 153 Joe Vaughan 17 44 19 37 53 Lyle Bartsch 19 38 14 20 52 Wayne Hiller 17 4 2 10 3 6 Cedric Prange 7 2 8 12 1 1 2 6 Joe Jandt 3 7 3 4 9 Frank Vaughan 3 6 2 8 8 Steve Crane 1 5 2 3 4 Kenneth Megaw 0 3 0 1 0 Gary Carlson 0 0 0 1 0 Marvin Birr 0 0 ' 0 0 0 TOTALS 280 425 230 245 I 790 -I-'19 CLIQQPIQGKIIQPS Barbara Beise, RoseMary Kienitz, Diann Doering, Neva Doss, Dawn Armstrong, Tami Crane. Sfuclenf Council Seated, President Steve Craneg Secretary Arlys I-Iillerg Treasurer, Neva Doss. Standing, left to right: Mr. Medalen, Kenneth Megaw, Wayne Hiller, Gary Carlson, Carol Sternitzke, Opal Peterson, Barbara Beise. LllDPClPlJ Aifls Scaled, left to right: Janice Kaul, Marlys Wacker, Marilyn Carter. Sftl11di11g, left to right: RoseMary Kienitz, Dawn Armstrong, Corrine Hiller, Mrs. Ling. News Stuff First row, left io right: Sharon Carter, Marilyn Carter, Editor, Mrs. Ling, Janice Carlson, Assistant Editor, Corrine Hiller. Standing, left to right: Trudy Bouman, Marlys Wacker, Janice Kaul, Mary Pac FitzSimmons, Deanna Doyen, Dawn Armstrong, RoseMary Kienitz, Kathleen Caven. news about SC OL The school notes, published weekly in the Good Thunder Herald, had their face lifted this year. The news s taf f, under the direction of Mrs. Ling, changed the style and makeup of the high school and grade news. This year there were no class elections of members to the news staff. Anyone interested in news reporting could become a member of the staff. Rather than presenting the news by classes, as has been done in pre- vious years, the reporters are given assignments and bring in t h eir news stories to be edited 'by the editorial staff each Monday. This eliminated over-lapping and repeti- tion. Reorganizing our news in this way has given us a better news coverage of school events. This plan also gives reporters actual ex- perience in the Writing of news stories and articles. It tends to give variety in coverage and do away with the repetition from week to week of school departments in some papers. ' Some features, however, that proved of interest in the past yearsi such as -- Chatterbox, Mystery Character and Senior Biography, were retained. NEWS STAFF Staff Editor, Marilyn Carter Assistant Editor, Janice Carlson Reporters, ..... Dawn Armstrong, Trudy Bouman, Sharon Carter, Kathleen Caven, Deanna Doiyen, Mary FitzSmimons, RoseMary Kienitz, Corrine Hiller, Janice Kaul and Marlys Wacker. Adifisorr, . Mrs. Ling Ut0qPClpI'lf 7AUt0qPClpl'If UtOqPOpl'lf Good Thunder Herald - Printers

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