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r r,-. bf fm:-+A X-f 'f-22111 . Q 6 ww: a'fv. :rf--rf -3- f 1. M.. . Tu, , A.. Wm., . , Mm., .. V. .. ,, . , ,M ..:- .L . suv .. wf2'i-S "P5:1 ra-,f 4 .,.- 45 4 +--:- ' 11223 n w ' 'ifzffrf 1"fi',i-sz'5 'W5xf',,..,1w 15- , -pw.-1'-'. A W 1 1 f , , M .- 5.-SEQ-iff-E-if Ys'Qi'j:115i1gf'j"f " fglffq f."j , X - . V --.,, U Q.. ,f'-.,,J- I-41.1-9-,gx ,wtf , f 3.-:g,', , s X...-.,.1"""- 1 fr--Nr' 'L4-,M .r ,, ,----x',.-f"".-n ,Wh 'Nw fx, f f' v,.i1.,",.r 'vw' - ,,.-My 1-,Rh ,,,,.,,, .,.,, , , ,..,1-., gl. 1 uw x Zz ...MA I L-!"'h""H, 5 ,, f' xx 1 X ,4n..fg""',l I ,n '- ---- " 1' ' if A , ... 5 I EM N.N sl- 9 'M 2 M 'Xu 5x , 'W-. 'E ,- ., , v ..,-Aj, 1- " .,.f'-x... J" IX, fxJ'x ...z-may ' 1 J- ,.,., I. I s -' Gm-1' ' .- k , .V EL: 2 M. Sy, .K ,rf-a g.....f"f rx "vu-A .75 X I A., Lv f 1 s.. x WL .,l" 2 fx'-x... N ff-"" . ,Y 1 ,,A.-,,,,L,u5.A.,A 5 , . -A..-.Q 1- ff-"x" . , .- '-4:A:J::f'f '- .TL-, :fi .gy1.+?tf41 1. f . ,.,,. .,f.y, .wr ...,., .H M 3' 3-,,: S.-Q-x. 5- :Ziggy K 'A 5 v M .nf i,.:f'f'-fn I-5.11:-f1f..if..1ae f r-fv:-..,1f'f 1'-ext V- ' x 1 V. - , 4,-f,k:,5F ,3M.:,5K , 3.53 f ,ki 1, ., ,. .,,.,,.-q.:,,,.i-, 1, 5 "gig-1 I 'fi' ' -V W - .A . , .....,A., I X,,., 5- , ff r I 1.fgg.f5,'ir .- ,,:',-,-i.f ,wg 3, P' 'Q . iifr U lf" .'-'-: 1-,as fig :ge if k r .vg,,,-'r.,:.-,Y - 5 - ,,,- , 559 . 'U ' f' :4Lf?i7:'f 'K' if L. an Q' :lk-f 1 1 wks xl 'E E -rf if if 4, . 2 !.5.f..QL,f?qef lwnffc, .nk-'. , al' im? ': ri :gi 2, 'f if ' ,gr': , gras .Q V' Y-, if --w , Ng f, m:,.,a-x 4 1" mf , 'S di 'Ilif- coA'r or ARMS Uss GoNzALEz tooo 661 BLAZON SHIELD Per fess Or and Argent from a bar embattled counter-embattled issuing five flashes pilewise Gules, in base a mullet one t Point down Celeste, a bordure Azure. CREST From a wreath Or and Gules a Marine Mameluke and Naval VF! -md Q QM. 3 Z ' . No THE Sword saltirewise points up Proper supporting an eagle Azure. MOTTO A scroll Gules doubled and Inscribed "BEYOND THE CALL" Or. SYMBOLISM SHIELD CREST SEAL Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and symbolize sea and excellence. Red is emblematic of valor and sacrifice. The embattled line reflects the Citadel and alludes to a strong defense. The flashes depict speed and the electronic capabilities of the AEGIS system while reflecting Marine Sgt Alfredo Gonzalez' bravery under fire. The reversed blue star represents the Medal of Honor, our country's highest honor, awarded to Sgt Gonzalez, the ship's namesake, for his sacrifice and bravery. The border symbolizes unity and cooperation while the AEGIS shaped shield highlights USS GONZALEZ' ability to conduct multi-mission warfare operations with quick decisive action. The eagle is adapted from the Marine Corps Seal and reflects leadership and courage. The two swords, Navy and Marine, are crossed for strength and teamwork and honor both services. The arms as blazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed by a blue collar edged on the outside with a gold chain and bearing the name USS GONZALEZ at the top and DDG 66 in base all gold. -.1-1 ILE 1 - USS GONZALEZ Z "7'1'1lTTl xi XX VK .,., lf' U .L QT' DIMENSIONS Hull Length QOverallj 505 feet Beam fMaxj 66 feet Draft CNavigationJ 32 feet Highest Point above the water line 148 feet Masthead Light Height above the water line 112 feet Visual Horizon from the Bridge 10 nautical mi. Displacement 8570 tons COMMAN DXCON TROLXCOMMUNICATION S MK 2 MOD 2 Command Sz Decision System MK 8 MOD 1 Weapon Control System MK 2 MOD 3 AEGIS Display System MK 7 MOD 0 Operational Readiness Test System ANXSQQ-89 CVJ4 ASW Combat System ANXUQN-4A Fathometer ANXWQC-2A Underwater Telephone ANXWQC-6 Probe Alert ANIURN-25 TACAN ANXWRN-6, ANXWRN-7, and ANXWSN-5 Inertial!Satellite Navigation System ANXSRN-17A OMEGA Navigation System ANXUPX-29 IFF System LINKS 11 and 4A Integrated Navigation and Tactical Plotting System Exterior Communications: HF, VHF, UHF SATCOM, INFRA-RED, E 4F ANXSRQ-4 LAMPS Data Link ANXARR-75 Sonobouy Receiver ANXSYQ-7A QVJ NAVMACS H WEAPONS One MK 45 MOD 2 5"!54 Caliber Gun Mount One MK 41 MOD 2 Vertical Launching System QStandard Missiles, TOMAHAWK Cruise Missles, Vertical Launch ASROCJ C90 Cellsy Two MK 141 Guided Missile Launchers CI-Iarpoon Anti-shipping Missilesj MK 15 MOD 12 Block I Phalanx Weapon System Two MK 32 MOD 15 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes FIRE CONTROL ANXSPY-1D Radar MK 99 MOD 3 FCS C3 Illuminatorsj MK 116 MOD 7 Underwater Fire Control System ANXSWG-1A CVD Harpoon Launcher Control System ANXSWG-3A TOMAHAWK Weapon Control System SENSORS ANXSPY-ID Radar ANXSPS-67 QVJ 3 Surface Search Radar ANXSPS-64 CVQ 9 Surface Search Radar LAMPS MK III Helicopter QVIA ANXSRQ-4 Data Linkj ANXSQS-53C QVJ 1 Sonar ANXSQR-19 QVJ 1 Tactical Towed Array Sonar System ANXSQQ-28 CVD 2 LAMPS III Shipboard Electronics ESMXECM ANXSLQ-32ACVJ2 ANXSLQ-25 NIXIE Torpedo Countermeasure MK 36 MOD 18 Decoy Launching System CSix Launchersj ENGINEERING Propulsion Turbine Engines Electrical Speed Endurance Fuel Freshwater Reverse Osmosis 4 LM2500 Marine Gas f100,000 SHP Totalj 3 Allison 2500 KW Gas Turbine Generators 30+ Knots Classified Classified Capacity - 15,215 gallons storage 1 Q? 9,000 GPD 1 Q0 18,000 GPD USS GONZALEZ DDG 66 Mission GONZALEZ exists to win the next war at sea! We will operate offensively and defensively in carrier battle groups, surface action groups, replenishment groups, and amphibious task groups in a multi-threat environment- that includes air, surface, and subsurface threats. This AEGIS DESTROYER has been designed to fight anytime, any- where, against all threats. GONZALEZ preserves the peace through sea power. Battle Flag The attacking bobcat is the mascot for Edinburg High School which Sgt Gonzalez attended. The red and blue are the school colors. Sgt Gonzalez was attached to the First Marine Division during the battle for Hue City. The diamond shape in the background comes from the unit insignia for the First Marine Division. The two stars showing symbolize the month of February, the second month of the year. This is when the battle for Hue City took place. The building in the foreground, the Ioan of Arc Cathedral in Hue City, is drawn from a photograph taken by then LtCol Marcus Gravel, Battalion Commander of First Battalion, First Marines. LtCol Gravel was responsible for recommending Sgt Gonzalez for the Medal of Honor. The buildings are to symbolize Hue City which the Marines and Navy pounced on and recaptured from the North Vietnamese Army during the battle. Sgt Gonzalez was one of those Marines who always lead from the front. The USS GONZALEZ will also be "FIRST IN LINE" in defense of America as she rides the waters of the world. For all who knew him, the black background represents the dark day Sgt Gonzalez lost his life saving the lives of his fellow Marines. 4 ' USS GONZALEZ -,,, . 0 O S Commanding Officer CDR Ioseph W. Murphy A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Commander loseph W. Murphy was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in May 1981. His initial assignment was in USS IWO HMA QLPH 25 where he served as MachineryfBoilers Officer and later as Main Propulsion Assistant from March 1982 to April 1985. Following this tour, he was Fire Control Officer in USS TICONDEROGA QCG 471 from Iuly 1985 to February 1987. Subsequently, Commander Murphy attended the Naval Postgraduate School where he re- ceived a Master of Science degree in Financial Man- agement in December 1988. Following Department Head School in Newport, Commander Murphy reported for duty as Combat Systems Officer in Precommissioning Unit CHOSIN in August 1989. Following commissioning, he served as Combat Systems Officer and Operations Officer in USS CHOSIN CCG 651 until October 1993. Before entering the Prospective Executive Officer pipeline, from October 1993 to February 1994, Com- mander Murphy was temporarily assigned to Com- mander, Cruiser Destroyer Group EIGHT. From March 1994 to May 1995, Commander Murphy was Executive Officer in USS ARLEIGH BURKE QDDG 51j. In Iuly 1995, Commander Murphy reported to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Finan- cial Management and Comptroller, Appropriations Matters Office, where he served as Congressional Bud- get Liaison until September 1996. He then transferred to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations where he was Deputy Executive Assistant to the CNO until October 1997. He assumed command of GONZALEZ on 10 July 1998. Commander Murphy is married to the former Barbara Kerr of Baltimore, Maryland. They have three children: Timothy, Matthew, and Meredith. 5 - USS GONZALEZ . .. . , - ..., .a. ...W -.. ...-sw.--fha..-Q-.f.., ....-. -.v...,. ...H ,.. .Ne .-.. ,..,'..... ...smKa..4. wp- -. ..-.... ,-.,... - ..a...-.-.f..-,.A. -..u.um4.....a..,.a-..... .....,.,.--..r-,.s. -4-,-... - fs... .--..... , . . Executive Officer 6 ' USS GONZALEZ i' LCDR Yvette C. BrownWahler Lieutenant Commander Yvette C. BrownWahler was born in Walnut Creek, California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Infor- mation Systems from Weber State University in March 1985 and was commissioned through NROTC, Uni- versity of Utah. Lieutenant Commander BrownWahler's sea duty assignments include tours in USS EMORY S. LAND QAS 395 as Electrical Repair Officer and Main Propul- sion Assistant, USS TRUETT CFFG 10951 and USS IOHN YOUNG CDD 9731 as Operations Officer, and Com- mander Second Fleet!Commander Striking Fleet At- lantic as the Tactical Development and Evaluation Officer and Flag Aide!Executive Assistant to the Com- mander. She reported as Executive officer, USS GONZALEZ QDDG 665 in November 1998. Lieutenant Commander BrownWahler's shore duty assignments include tours the Navy Manpower Analysis Center as Division Head for Ship Manpower Analysis, and, Chief of Naval Operations fSurface Warfare Directorate fN86D as Branch Head in the Manpower and Training Division. Lieutenant Commander BrownWahler graduated from Old Dominion University with a Masters of Science Degree in Education Training Management, the Naval War College, and the Armed Forces Staff College. Lieutenant Commander BrownWahler's awards include the Navy Commendation Medal Q3 gold starsl, Navy Achievement Medal fl gold starj and various service and campaign ribbons. Lieutenant Commander BrownWahler is married to Christopher Clary Wahler of Washington, DC. They have one daughter, Diana Marie. Command Master Chief EMCMQSWQ Mark D. Groomes Master Chief Mark D. Groomes is a native of Livermore Falls, Maine. Enlisting in the Naval Reserve, September 1972, he attended Recruit Training and Electricians's Mate "A" School at Great Lakes, IL. Sea duty assignments include: USS KOELSCH CDE 1049, Newport, Rl April 1973 to April 1975, USS Holder QDD 8191 May 1975 to October 1976, USS EDSON QDD 9465 October 1976 to November 1977, USS SOUTH CAROLINA QCGN 371, USS SAN IACINTO QCG 56, October 1988 to August 1993, USS BATAAN QLHD 55 October 1996 to October 1997, USS GONZALEZ CDDG 66, November 1997 to present. Shore duty assignments include: Naval and Ma- rine Corps Reserve Center, Providence, Rl, Novem- ber 1977 to December 1980, Naval Military Personnel Command QBUPERSJ, Washington, DC, October 1985 to August 1988, Supreme Allied Commander, Atlan- tic, August 1993 to July 1996. Significant selections and promotions, Chief Petty Officer September 1982, Electricians Mate Rating As- signment Detailer, October 1985, Senior Chief Petty Officer April 1987, Master Chief Petty Officer April 1990, USS SAN IACINTO QCG 565 Command Master Chief, August 1993, Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, Class 73 October 1996, USS BATAAN QLHD 5, Com- mand Master Chief, October 1996, USS GONZALEZ QDDG 66, Command Master Chief, November 1997. Master Chief Groomes wears the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist device and his decorations include, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Ser- vice Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Ioint Meritorious Unit Award, Navy Unit Com- mendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation with one bronze star, Navy "E" Ribbon third award, Good Con- duct Medal with one silver star, National Defense Ser- vice Medal with one bronze star, South West Asia Ser- vice Medal with two bronze stars, Humanitarian Ser- vice Medal, Sea Service Ribbon with one silver star, Kuwait Liberation Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Libera- tion Medal Kuwait. 7 - USS GONZALEZ oPNAv 3100199 1Rev.7-841 "'-""LAu""""""""' wmnmmm P' K SHEET g.EEZlqTY JiTE.JJ'.'4'.f I fb -' 1' 1 E " ' " f K IIK T0 FILL ll THIS L08 """"c USS Gan z,11.1:z HULL i H NUMBER A-HPASSAGE mom NN, 5,..........'f l"U5"WT 12 a-4 5.1 121s-1415 - ' rosmou zone mae Posmon zone TIME Posmon zone 'rms LEGEND nano 1200 zooo 1-CELESTIAL M, L av L sv L uv 2-ELECTRONIC 1 3-VISUAL A av A sv JL av 4-0-W 1 1 1 :1 -v 1 : - 1- was onoen css srseo perm nscono or ALL EVEPQTS or THE on 10-21 l as-29 '30-32'i33-36137-40'41 17 HID Lgr'LaYncf-:T C11 -1114646 ASSUQED THE wana ll 55413 ougomzq 1-Hr ewes T wAR.1H:P no 'rv-at FL 551' vas C-ouzngtt SETS SAN- or-J Hill nmpsn DEP!-011-an-rr 'ro -rHE Ncblfpiknugdy srA, wvrn Trans or snobug JS, ffl.-ATIVES nNQF1Z1: pbJ VwAvE 6ooD8YE To 'rwzul LOUKD ourg, THE .HA Ugipuf nb pvv-1 CALLS,' ouz Vavngr: Qsgfuc. 28 MIG- 48" G TA-IJ 41 TAFUSOfLQNTlL VQLTAN " Q FAU PORT v1S1T GQBKALTARI QIK J X1 JG TAN Poxf vnu-r Hhlfhf-QSIKAFL fr-woonsb ....uuqc4wa-A ,NTFP 'Q2 F55 PORT' VISIT TKlE8TE,lTFlvY fbkrl .Jricoubf gz F6615 FEB TRANSIT rxon 1-pncsrc ro NAPLCQ rrggz D 2-5 F58-QSFEB P0117 vas1T NAfLLS'p1'5l.Y fl HAR-QI' 1-mx PoKT vas.-r 3,,g1l ,TMJ 1 I2 r-M5-IC HAR PoKT v1SaT Thlhurol 41-AL7 l gc.f1PK-W1 AM Pon vusfr BAR., ,1-,Ly gm-ASWNJ -, -MAP5-IIAFK Tltlwsn prior-1 GAR! T0 HAUFAIJSKJEL F VILAP R-ILAPR Pour vun HAIFAFLJRAEL - ,g7r1,5Jy-U-pri Porlr vm? cnvnssifuuc Inngnonfnourl if HAH-41 WU PoKT VISIT CQTANDAJ 51c1i.Y ll :ru ,N-lsrvu ron' vusrr HALABAISPAIN '21 ru -23JuN Ana-10110 fy egg,-,995 -lbifv - 2'-I Juni TRANSATLANTIL, - -Confnvwvcn THC vufcn uvotfhvny cnnourt 'rg H0f'1C-f0KT,- -PUKU16 TUC STOP IN Bllhglja 30,475 edgy rygp-"fl-:Q-. b -gnou nr onion!! "T16cx5" 1, ,,4,ng ,,,, ,-Hg I 'KXPE :Suas gf 3:11116 urvbtll wpy, , J -THIS-JIGNIPIILD ro ALL 'rr-mr 11-ag mwm, 51-Kgg-4,4 .Q L, .CLF Ori VOYFGE wu,,Alo-11' To Q-cam. ngpqny gyg.0L W I ' A -2..-i..lE.....-.- ,MV ,wma IF cumralo :nur IIVIIWIDICLAIIIFICATION pg-rg Hn. I gp egjgppgg guy 'U3. 'I'l'lflPlill1Q3 if-704-1814310 QQQSQQUTV lilffil Nl!! 8 - U55 GONZALEZ 4........l---.---- -.Y-. -- V of-NAV 3100199 cnevmaax ---' ................ -., 33:1-M-m1w sHlP's DECK Los SHEET -5 USE ILACK Ill T0 FILL ll THIS L06 0 . 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THF r-'Asp-fn! -I -p:P1..ovr1ruT or THE Gouznurz was ovrk AHB wg-1.4. - -fbkflflclg gvvf IN 001 rwEHOQvES. l .. 41 - ---- -Il - .nl 1 nn- -1: f E D- 199, E0 'es E L K if . E " 0 1 - - - ,- D .0 -4 1 ,, r -:L-1-1 -2-:z -- 9 - USS GONZALEZ ReP191T1 Shment at Sea ' xLg I my: fa 10 ' U55 GONZALEZ A mf.. . -2" V l1""' ' l on .-A P-nl-gh If nf li. ALM, fx, ,Q .i"+n. z:v'g:1':wn:-1-a'---rf-, W:-3-3 - n Y --- ' "' " .......4gm4:.,-.........--v1u..n.-n--qu-,-.n4n--.......- .-.n USS CONZA LEZ ... .-..f..4......f.........,.c.,. W. . A British territory near the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar was the first liberty port of GONZALEZ. After crossing the choppy, savage Atlantic, the crew was more than ready to enjoy the land again. Gibraltar has been a stepping stone for natives of other lands, and its restaurants included the tastes from local descendents of Maltese, Spanish, Portuguese and British origin. Some Sailors enjoyed spicy food at Casapepe's, while others relished a corned-beef sandwich washed down with a cold stein of hard cider at the Angry Friar. Just about everyone made a trip to the top of the "Rock" where they were greeted by apes Cwho were none to shy, especially if you had foodj. 74 is f A i s it A A A I Q- A' 1?-if 1722" ' ' 1 ' ' . 12 ' U55 GONZALEZ ' 'rf 'Of-U ...r Q 1:'rr:v:f,.7-.,-AV.,-Y- 3 an .A , .Af 4... H4-df' USS GONZALEZ .-N. , .... MawlvfhffK1Hgf If- -is TL- bhfnail.. ..-c"'l.ll' ilu.. - ' ' 1 gsm, Q,-'ia f "' ' I K ,vs 7 A A i , tk' tg Q' 5 QWE-1'f' Q' l X 1- ,4 .. -V, 4 -1 . - as-. . ., . , 'V F ' X! ' ji Qxs. . .gg T ,ls----K Y -wisafh... fy X was Q il xl, .in N .l .- :Pi , 1 . v H U b A . 5? if-by , "" 1-E Wg... K' ,-m:21sm:iEk 'EQ' 6 Q' L . , 14 ' USS GONZALEZ A WAY! ,Y U Y W Y. an 1 A ,,-F., a.-ww--"" - Y 4. , .,f'f V 1 ' .,..,.w.,,,. M, .....-- ,-. ,-1: S bi GDNZALEZ Choir if R ,, 5 ,, aj-gr-gg . , .fn ..-A--'-f , .. g - - - ,A -A .,,2Q.-2-,,,',, 14.,g3f,:,y MV' ,...,, ... .,.,...........w-f.. V. ....,........,.... ,.,, ,.....,......... .-....., ..4a- .-.,.., . A... -..,..i,.L. .,- ..,-....., ...-....,-...-.... ..,,,-...,,Z, -ZW ,,, ..Tm.7.,,,.5.7:7f5.:r..,7,. 4.--.........4..-.. -Y.,.......,-., .-. -.,.,,, , 15 - USS GONZALEZ Trieste, Ital One of the most active commercial ports in Italy, GONZALEZ enjoyed a more relaxing time in this northern Adriatic port. While some crewmem- bers enjoyed sampling the local cuisine and wines of Trieste, others ven- tured to the ski resorts in the Alps or caught the rail to Venice to explore the winding streets and canals of Venice. YISTNQ . " vnuaunfgm GQJU-:Fun arm 14 VH sufwg Ffl, 16 ' USS GONZALEZ ,......,.- W .k.,........n,.,...... ....,.,. .... ..--..................,...-.4............u-..... gh-.. A ...,.... . V--- .-H.. c c , 7 0 A ,F FJ K5 M- 1 i HIM gif? t ' V t . X ,i ' Q. .V 1 V 1555. ,ggi 'PL' fai- 18- U95 GUNZA LEZ Venice has been described as "a city outside of time". Gutlasting the invasion of modern sprawl and pollution, the cathedrals, statues and sculptures con- tinue to leave us in awe. When GGNZALEZ was moored in Trieste, Venice was a brief two hours by train. Soon after arriving, we rode in a gondola through lanes of dark water. Our gondolier stood on the stern in a thick tunic with wide, black stripes and an exag- gerated moustache. Paddling around barges, pleasure boats and other gondolas, he was quiet between ask- ing about our daily lives, and then briefly fed us factf about dwellings and chapels whose windows peered at us from above the water. Afterwards, we wandereci between jade, pink, and other buildings labeled with peeling promotion posters and quiet save for the scam? pering feet of orphaned cats. We looked up at cani- ings of angels on the corners of whitewashed marblg cathedrals, places as if to stand watch over us. Thi cloudy sky made the figures look stark, and the thiclg, massive entrance doors seemed to loom above us, lead? ing to other mysteries. 1 i Q., M "" "Ei: z 10" 'um' """ ' i ,. , , 7 ,sl -4-S. -. , ,,1,,V 0,33 -mu" ....a'-w.. ...-.-1... . -.q..---:-nun.1- , may - Jlhun-.,- -....qq... - . 4. ..ay.........g.:m..L.,., .., , IU - LTSS Ci0,N'Z.'1l,L'Z Naples, Ital "Belle Napoli" tBeautiful Naplesj. As USS GONZALEZ makes her approach, the his- toric Mt. Vesiuvius can be seen, smoke rising from her top. A few hours later "liberty call". We all flock onto a service coach to "Agnano", better known as Naval Support Activity. Walking through those gates was like being in the states again. The NEX, Commissary, Wendy's, Subway. Can't believe it, FAST FOOD FINALLY!! Oh, yea, let's not forget desert, ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Then to Cappodichino, "Cape" to work off some of those calories. How 'bout that gym - is it Bally's or what? The base club a great place to "get your dance on", or just hang out. Naples, a great city to shop and enjoy the night life. just beyond Fleet Landing are several shops, bars and clubs for socializing. Napoli is known historically for Mt. Vesiuvius and its great eruption of ash which covered the entire city of Pompeii. A tour of the city, encased in ash and preserved, shows an outline of what was once a beautiful city. Within the city of Naples several castles and statues reveal how proud Neapolitans are of their heritage. Overall, the crew enjoyed "Belle Napoli" and would like to say "grazie". 'Eff' 1 ' 20 USS GONZALEZ Rome, Italy vw:- lf"',bf,...f- 21 U55 GONZALEZ Bari, H21 i i 11' 'ETA . ,A1i EE Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Bari is the largest and nearest shipping port in ltaly to the Balkan and the Middlg Eastern countries. The crew was able to spend some relax- ing time shopping in the many shops lining the streets of just kicking back in the local restaurants enjoying some good Italian foocl and wine. 22 ' U55 GONZA U52 S Y e Q- ----A - W---Y--7------f----'-' ' ' ' 'U . ' ,,fnEfg.fk.q- . 1 1 A x .,, - I o-4.-an-. 73 U99 GONZALEZ 2 l l l Tara l Although our only working port, the crew was able to make use of the vast pier we were moored at and played basketball, baseball, or just relaxed in the sun listening to music. "1j::,,pg:ff-- V-1 aw: l 1 F V gf' fee af.:-girl 1 u . , . 4 ,. ..,. ' QL, e-1 I I K '-fr ' fi- "kid: K'.' 'f - 24 - USS GONZALEZ X 5, ... -. ., ll f ll lst? ii ll. W li ii. Q M lull 1-e"!'!5 A "'- A ."" Q?" , 'K 2 L: i, KEY X . I fy ,jx .. . ga ,H :-r 1, mai- 1 5 '5":I.1...44',-..Qi -funn. .nw '..'-,gns11....,J.A...:.w.'- .- V, .. . ., ,..,,, W. . .wmv H 54'A"af. '. ' vr ,-:ws rn . ., f , . V 92.- n .7 zlrnf ,nf ,bmgw , - f f JZ ,K 'smut :""".-- gi! ,-...snr usp-3 argon :puns gi .gint Q-11 -'gap 1i1 QQ inns-nun -Q -Q 9-ning. ix... . QQ il lr.:-n lei .-n---- ui an-1 -e-1- ,Q 'w - nlfw 4. la 1-1-4h-aww, 1 -ea-Qq L.mu1-AL...-... w-if mr .. -.ur -5. 1., ...-..,f-.-. ..........u-.-4-....-Q ....-... up Z5 USS GONZALEZ 1 ' - ' ' ' 2 il-:Y.Q.!,,W1ffLfg51-::,,qf,1f .K 1 -f f 4 " . ' A ' ' f 7 Qivffsf,'3"'1v,'.1:' - -r .453 v I Q . X , ..,....4,, Ln., La u,1mgl:,s, "A ' M' I N A 4-M - ff , '- qvg ,, jx., - T A A ' W' ,k . . ' N 1 e' My-1 .. W 1 b v ' N' ! M, Q 4 .,L.A.....,,..A- , ,.,-, M , , . , 7 . , . .,., ., W -..t I :- g - W L I , , , ., , ,-Y.,-,r'3L.,-fx" . g ', b '5'f'N,,X ...,.,.-'.' ', , -. 'v , , 4 .. :inf ff-LFQJ Pffiyigli Raw:-53 Iwi V "Flex Strike. Set tactical operations." On the Bridge, in the Combat Information Cen- IC d En ineering these words stated by the Tactical Action Officer over the I ter QC J, an g , f ship's announcing system, put the GONZALEZ crew on alert. Within minutes, the Strike Team has assembled in CIC and preparations to launch Tomahawk missiles have begun. On station in the Adriatic, USS GONZALEZ, along with other ships assigned to the ENTERPRISE Battle Group, launched the first wave of attacks against Serbian targets on Z4 March 1999. Actin in support of NATO, GONZALEZ' actions were part of a larger air 8 campaign aimed at stopping the violence in Kosovo. While on station, GONZALEZ stood ready to respond to critical mission tasking from Commander Sixth Fleet. Sometimes the ship would be called upon to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles on short notice. Other times, crewmembers remained on station for hours ready for tasking and execution. 5 .,. . : ga l .tl N 26 - USS GONZ4LI:'Z L SSCON7 UE7 Haifa IS 21 Upon arrival to Haifa, GONZALEZ showed her community spirit with many crewmembers participating in the dedication of a new arts center at the Yemen Ordes School for Youths, which edu- cates orphans, homeless, refugees, and abandoned children from all over the world. Others volunteered at the Ahava Orphanage just outside of Haifa painting, doing yardwork, and rebuilding the school's barnyard. Then they joined in a soccer match against the children. The crew enjoyed tours to Jerusalem, horseback riding in the Carmel Mountains, and shopping for diamonds Cone of Israel's primary exportsj. l l :lin ,+ v-1.1.1, 23' U55 GONZA LEZ A 1 .......... ,... -,.. ... l .1 WH Qi .. I1 FY, X.. f F755 , T J' L 6 ml,-I9 ' 'hd . il.. 5.11 ,ML-.'. rp, A- P .'-Rf 4 1 4. , qw Wifi- .. - ' 4-. - - ,f , '2p-.I1.,.- .1 wr '- -d uri' 7, . I Q.:'9gl'Q mf' - . P' -f g 1 s: .HJ1 -- ,T-, 'I -", C' ': in-J. A-0' -fp? 5 1-gt 3 as O I x '19 - LFS C.'U,N'Z.-Xl,IjZ ..--....., gi. i .,, ,-Qin 'M 1 N v WI' L 1519 CIKLNZ-I L LY 7 .-...Ft-J-1:,,, --'--fm" "A 'Li-'-A --rify in-' ' zrf- ' ' ' ,fn-1, Easter Services . . A... . ,, .V aw.f..4-' .--' -e .fare -- ,' " ' , ,L -' f-:.,,4 --4.. -.-'l'Jf11'4,.f-ff V-.:..,1Q , xl A 32' U55 GONZALEZ ' " ' AW f " 'A ' M-"A W ' X 6,-g:1.,",g -- - 4. ...,...,.n ..-...-.... -ii-i. -.v.Q..,..1. .....-..-...-....,......................- ., - .. , USS CIONZA LEZ --an-. ,,-M, , . Cannes, France J 4 1A'A, ni- S 4 v 1 . ,4 .:2,t.-- ,---u 1 , .,, BM K V Q . D , , . .3 C it 'ixi ' , Ilia? .iv-uxinlm i 34 ' U55 GONZALEZ pn-umu:l:mnn.u-:isis tri .44 25 I 43 I I Q x French Riviera port. -. 1 Li. iv LQ. GGNZALEZ was greeted warmly by the people of Cannes, with many crewmembers attending a reception hostedb the De ut Ma or and ceremonies commemorat- Y P Y Y the 54th anniversary of the WW II Armistice. Cannes had to offer the crew, with activities ranging from relaxing on the beach, sampling local cuisine in the many restaurants and cafes, and just walking along the harbor admiring the multi-million dollar yachts. Everyone had a great time in this --.--ww re: -'-' f..-V, tl , - . , ,V--www. ef. --'rl w-e::'1""'--.. .-c'zfvTt'f'H' f,fw.r:. f"rt Y.-'1,i:',f'.f'5f A L3 71, r ' 154' ?"ef : ffl, ' 1-ff-Y'-'f f ' ' ' 2.21, ' "'2"t 1 ,-104 -if " gf---.Q e '-Eff .' 'i""SCs-1 LHR' 53- 'I ' f .3 ,i PM -A e f 2. " 1551 :Z 5'i5'Eif f?3.15'FE3l9'5A 55' l 37i55" '5?-" :"5i?.'t fn" 4' , 4, nfs- 1' cfs. , 5,4 if ,. 15 - 'N 'if 1.11 ,gg v -Mg. , : --ix . ' 1-.---Q.-9-n' -'wig' H1943 .ck , r. f if 1, QL- 5Qi,.es, . f'. -H - ' Hg, A11."',1 Q .W '5.Z:-ge - 9- -me - .ievf imw,1y,? i'.r'l-QH0"'V-1 -".6fj,T'f' . wwb .. . iw-LH'-f-ry-:Prix-1-r -ff.,-,: : I ,-.fr--PM.. ,ta " fe5..' . mv- ., 1 '- ' Vg 5, x I-Q -E, A1':g,.,.Vx:-:'. 1. 5,,. . j V-.31 -'Q-:img ,ze-1' "" .3 .4 . v' '.a5+mg,i-Wg r 1'-.-:xr B' -fist Gi P.-151-5 U V . ',',2f5:l,-Fr: -'ref'-z , ?f-f9l'3'5ST+:. ' m f-l"" -- " '3j'z'i"I iftlki ?T"f'fff'ff 'I 5? ' 'WI fkfiyff 7' 17:5 l ,.. .. - 4 , . . . -V ., ., ,N 5-3 ,..,,1,,1,i,:,4:.,ffP,-.5 '55, .- iw ,-,1.v,:- -U W.-I-.V A 4.. lg' 'll ' r- ,....-A--....... . -1' -rv if 0 +ve --1 we 5, f ....-.. .. -,. 4' ...- ..,...1-.f,....,... ......,...-,f,...- .... . .,. is ...,...... . ,.-... .,,.m....-.....,...-......-.-4-.1 .-.....4--., , .. .............. .... ....,-. ,. USS GONZALEZ Swim Call , , ., , ,-,.,f,w,-,, .-,,,.., .M -,W -fm -N'-r-1-:V5.-4.Firf't::f,-f' VT''Fc':xsff71,-ri-?32'f-?Q"'5lF3f2fP'i??3'Q37'i' Q A -W' -- f -1 -"ww " X 7""' 'SPQQ--1 . .,.k sw, an-ally I ' USS GONZALEZ wi f i s ' Z H 5 s 1. 1 l P 3. '5 ' fi Q? iv. 1 ' 5 A X X i A 'N' wpx ww- 4-A--K1 - , M., .. ,ng b --u"--qu-.,..,, .... ,N , "5" -fx-nl f., T M5 '71 My 3 37 "-" ----uv --- -. -......-..an..-.-....-u..........,...........,..... .....,.,... ...,....-..----........- -... -r wr Mal? 5 Win ' ,., . Malaga, the major coastal city of Andalucia had a gritty individualism untouched by tourism and, to a large extent, the passage of time. Some of the crew spent hours explgr- ing the narrow streets and old world charm the city had to offer. Torremolinos, a resort area abotu Z0 niuiutes avvay,iMas the niauizutrachorifor the crevv.'There vvas a Htde something for everyone, shopping, restaurants, beaches, and discotheques. EC B'EtB'E'El dmv a Nwy 'iff' '5- 38 ' U55 GONZALEZ SL ' - Q l Ei S L ' AHlL"'-4 .I '. 44 ir" E- ' ..,, - 'I ' xv x i 'fx . vs. .. 3g,fi'3.Q 1 . L :Ll 11- A-L. 'V af-P i A-+411 nna...4.Q- L 99 C ONZALE7 1 1 ." X 1 f f 'l , 1 " 5- 1 :I W4 . K M f I f " A Qm- X 3. 1 f'4"!' A.: ll ' ffm s.. 1 ' n'l: K b A J ' , 1 jf: far?-' - f ' X b 1"-L - ' I if , I f ,, t I fl: A Y W , ,., -, 'f-V-,fs-1113: " n , - - , V V A www-G-0,-. , wLw...-, m.,.,rl,:?,,,,,-,.,iTm7.Z,:i,q?LE.?37i?:T?3i?Q.-.:1'7'gr-4..-fff:'jT.iif?,,i!,ff'.,Tf'1-f,M-.fffm-Q.-,f Y fi? 5-4 Y,.k -7 kj-5 - "-,?'-,..iif-2:31-W------T fl: X-ff? .' - 7- - I ' - . . - . . ., ...,. ,,..,. .... .,..,...,.................-........,...,....,... . f ,...........- ,..... ., , ,, . Q W penn-Mlm Y-M wh b Q Wu H 5 f N fa Q5 IW Q U nf' If Q FN. l I 1 l USS CUNZA L EZ 5 LT Robert K. Morrison, III Combat Systems Officer 3 E 1 'wr 2 i X LT Stephen I. Petroff Weapons Officer LTIG james R. Sposato LTJG Seth A. Miller ENS Charles E. Morris St ike Officer Electronics Material Officer Fire Control Officer r l Y l ENS Lori L. Steen L ENS Preston H. Dunlgp CWO4 Larry E. Reisher FCCSQSWI David P. O'Bannon Ordnance Officer Undersea Warfare Qfficer Systems Test Officer Leading Chief Petty Officer 41 - USS GONZALEZ .......,,,. s..of.,,,- ..,, ..,,. .1 .... , .,......n-.1-,.a..,.:. -...-. . ..-...A. .-4.1,-,.'........-.... -qw......-.-r..-W..---... ...,.......-.w.. -... CA Division STGCISWJ Gerald L. Halladay STGIISWJ Thomas H. Leach STGIQSWT Bruce E- Moore STG1 George B. Shimell, III 5TG2 Kevin R, Eling D STG2 Steven C. Pusateri D Y I STG3 Kristin j. Anema STG3 Ul sses V. D lb 42 - U55 GONZALEZ 5 y E3 21 STG3 Norman D. Martg TMIQSWJ Marcos STGZQSWJ W Randolph TMSN jessie L- s Ramhi STGSA David W. Cussen STGSA Erick M. Guadamuz STGSA Kristy L. Laux STGSA Letigha K, Patterson Charlei STGSR james R. Mullin, II h Lolllhu Q -13 ' USS GONZALEZ CE Division ETC Nichol M. Schine EEQSWJ Kelvin A. Grahanl ETIQSWQ Robert L. Page 1 D D D D l ET2 Donald C- Martin IC2 justin K. Sours ET3 lose Acevedo DIC3 h A. B T T josep ushong IC3 Barry G. Dalton ET3 Timothy T. Dodd IC3 Catherme 1 44 ' U55 GONZALEZ 3? i ? ICS Diana E-1011115 ETS William S. Larned ET3 William W. white DP Division Lulu- -.,, Wu! James l". bChUllZ i ii i f GMIQSWJ Tommy L. Chaffin FC2 James RM3 Charles E. Mattson 45 ' USS GONZALEZ ...V. . ,.,... .W mf . -. ....,.A. ,. . . ,,,. .. , ,.4:. ..,, .,., ..Y- ,. ,,..,., .-,...... .,... ....vq.,.,..-....-.....f..., . ,...... ., .,.- ...,,... . ,,,...,.. . ,.,.,, , FCCQSWJ Ralph A Frgueroa FCCQSWJ Mark W Fortune FC1fSWy Raynaldo Burgos-Torres FC2 Matthew R. Ralston FC3 Christopher M. Billey iwrcs yamie D. Ebel-19 FC3 Tamanika M. johnson ,.......-..........-,..........-....V...,.,.. ... -.... ,.., - , .,........,........., ..... ........v.....,..,,....-.-1--....,.,,...1.---- N FC3 Brian D. Knipfer FC3 Derek P. Pratt Own 41 USS GONZALEZ J! L 'Q we ll CD Division l J 1 D l ee l , GMQSWJ Steven A. Pereira GM1 Edward j. Byrd, jr. GMIQSWJ David H. Cromls GMHSWJ Shaun A. GM1 Donald E. Purc i l ell GMIQSWJ jacob H. Williams GMz Richard A. NaSh - GM3 Eric D. GM3 Michael P. 48 - USS GONZALEZ l I Chase D GM3 Cory D. Connei STG3 Michael J. Smithw GMSA David 5- Ellis L f' -, l gan X ua ,., ,ff "x ., -AM M' ' X N7 '-' Q ,.Q 'Q :Q - h ' -fs 'kv ay f ,gy-Jil ' . it ., , rf b Tjfivliijg. I- L ,Q Q 'iff 3 W 1 ' . !X- Q ' '7215 -I , Ig f' ' ff N I .j.AiA.J!,,. mf . ,A i E ,rpg , L if I 1' : A ,f -1.-.gfj FY? P .ff US NAVY --i7 HMV gl X ll X f f 1' 4-P, av I I X If X 1 ' -.. , .,., ,..f- ,..-.1 .-.....,...f,.. U. ... ,..V:.,.,.R. ,...., , M -, , CX Division FCCQSWJ jerry L. Wells FC2 james S. Cambens? FC2 Richard D. Kaydus, jr, 50 - U55 GONZALEZ FC1 john T. O'Day FCZQSWJ jeremy C. Cheatweod FC3 Renee K. Busch FCIQSWQ Dale W. Smock I FC2 Andrew j. Fealy FC3 William E. Grimm, In FC2 Ferdinand T. i FC2 john M. Gray l FC3 Sara A. Haffison E I L um FC3 Steven D Marmg FC3 jerry A McKee ,--""' USS CONZALEZ loya' ' ' . , . if ' V,,A f 'j,,-rg., f v I, 1 , Q ' I j.Q,fN ' f-. LW If: Y n ay , "A ll L' ' Q H.-,' 4 1' ,' ' ..4..4 4 b M v -W U f ' , 5 A -it ,. " W f Y F . 'ison l 51 - 1 Q i I"I'l E 2 I'l'1 l'l'I E 2 cn U l'I'l -u r- :u -I E l'l"l 2 -I FEES' ..A, ' I sg Jw. , K ll ...W ""' s ww f .5 5' 'gm 1 M H 1 "','i' wg., MP" 9 LT Paul W Marquis Gi' G la, V' iq' 34' f if 'af' -ff?-gf if Q, -5-pfgqig 3 A ima AMW? 41 yy' m y 31 ,M 5 Saab' fa hw 3 ff ff, Aiwa, Mig, sf if K 4 ' ':f", "1 " :I w51i'.".5"5EQi"'5?'Q'3'iH''N' 'Qi "VSV", ' 41 if-iirgfzzwfk ffwff' WLS Q.-I 1"'f..f"'2f55 5'A"Q" '5 1. w, 1,-' g' 1.4 - , 1, ,. gi Q: ' Y " AP , 55522 er--:ff ,. :,.'?ffi" 2- -'rl - . 5' - 'Hr :H-X: " F F- if 235' T1f11'1i' ' " H ' A is f TE? X t A u .Q aff-'fwt ,. Jia iw ' ':v7'k79L337, .'w17zN':g:' - J: .- ,ff-'..A, ' A ,. , 1 fy-w -M, fff:'.'n::1- 'Eg - me 3152 1 'f'1f4H1iw'if 314' , ,. gr 4-1 ff 1 'E 5'-: QQ., gi-p.,3,Q-iz 1 ' TAA4-1 " ik 1 L' LLM ggi "'-'ff '1 -wif-:Lil 5:,f14'f15i,'i5'-xi"?132 5 -ig? 4 K.4:3,Q11.,f9: 1 ,aiLfgv,,h,:-34,-A.,1v1,1915'i?:'g.P,Z79igk.,g,1,' A-vga: .. A ',-Q.-. - '-.1 3 fy, f.-' ""4'wyQq,.g vgpi X- 13 - -2.-5 ,V 1-ff34fNmhE1?f.ga V. -1f.1f,,:, 1- ,f ,f if 3,g?g,vf,i3jf5gg :Mfg 27 ,251 5,5-?f.?1,.: kc 41 f .-W.--1-1-3.1-.-f 45,3-gg,.g':f - U .55 1 ix gy ,, . 'Qin' L- ,rw , ,, y N Wa '2 wieyfwaaq, .1 ia, iw Q ,s I' f' 5 9 1 Aj N P 5- 1 1 if W U . , .Q g f g g ' ,-.:g,f,51 ENS Keith D. Richards R Division Officer 2 53 USS GONZALEZ A Division halls., ENCQSWXDVJ Gary B. Wommack ENIQSWJ Christopher L. Curry ENZQSWJ William J. Mullinax EN3 Dante D. Hedda' EN3 Richard M' Harding EN3lSWJ Scott E. Riffe ENFN Matthew E. Irace FA Nicholas M. Hugh2S FA Shonte D. Smith 54 ' U55 GONZALEZ D1v1s1on NIQSWJ Douglas A Paslno EMIKSWJ Frank Tamasa jr EMZQSWJ Nestor A Glron EM2 0 ll h rv1 e Wrlg t F , , 0I1, If- EMFN Ighnny L, germ, jr, EMFN joshua A. Wright ...M-wi 55 - USS GONZALEZ I 1 .....-.1--............:-fun..-n....... .-., :-4.,..f,-v-,,....f,-..-q.-...a..-4.a1un-.....-..au-+,,, .. -........-w...-m ..-eq... -1'-Arun..-...--.. . .. .. . .. .... .. ,. . , , MP Division GSCSQSWJ jeffery H. johnson GSMIQSWJ James E. Mebane GSM2 David A. Martinez 56 ' USS GONZALEZ GSECQSWJ William S. Blair GSE1 Dennis J. Baird C 5 GSE2qSWy Derek L, Helirgi GSMZQSWJ George K. johnson ' r W I GSM3 Chfisfopher M. Currie GSM3 Phillip J. Diehl GSM31SWJ ROY N- DYS"""'l i 'N GSM3 Ronnie W. Narcisse i GSM3 Michael A. Russum 'ESM3 Rlvelino A. Zavala GSEFN Yvette M, Herbert GSEFN jose N. Oregon GSEFN Christopher C. Smith R Division DCCQSWJ Melissa A. Shelton HT ' ' ' V I 1fSWj Anthony P, Hopkins DC1 Charles M. Hryncewicz HTZQSWJ Tannie D HT2 Scott R. Roser 58 - USS GONZALEZ C V 4 .C l DC2 Brian j. Strong DC3 Andrew I. Hiniker DC3 Darren R l l l l -.....--.i. ,.................,.......-...... --. ------'-"'-""""' l , . i 1 Anders R. jacobsson l ,,i, -.....--Q..--n--4.n--1 -.-..x...-mg...--.. ,,,.,. W M, . Russell N. Swann, jr. DC3 Donald B. Wallace DCFN jessica M. Boyce FN Matthew C. Gaul 9 - USS GONZALEZ OPERATIO SDEPARTME T 'f M11 . 1-,' ' ',, ! '1::.'-+f11,Q5+ 4U'2u-,J N .,,fL-.ijd '. ' U , 3- '-v .6 122'-Q 4. al V Ziff' A In 75 V ""fl2l W-'fl ' J- '.,, l,Ly!"..., Y K ' .,.,,. , ,,,,vyfQ'.'Qv 1 Q: -4... N, . 8, Q 44,4 ' .f N. A ,,,- . """"'k'jf "L ' '- ::: ., it ,IA uf ir' "' '- il -,. 1 2 ma xi: V' -V L V3 Q "4 : ilk ,,,,,., ,, D -arm. 'AAA ' 9 fiat I . . - .1 1 '1 iff: M A .11 60 ' U55 GONZALEZ PHOTO Nor T AVAILABLE LT Charles E. Good LT Stephen F. Murphy OP6rat1ons Officer Operations Officer PHOTO N OT iiQ4VAH?4BLEi LT Danial Wyatt LT Tamara L. Chase LTIG Michael C. Elliott Assistant Operations Navigator Communications Officer Officer ENS Penny A. Arrington RMC Beth A. Hardy First Lieutenant Leading Chief Petty Officer 1 i 5 ENS Michael E. Simpkins Combat Information Center Officer 61 - USS GONZALEZ OC Division RMT Tyrone j. McKenney Benjamin M. Legum lm -i RMZQSWJ John T. Alliscn fm! - RMSN Laurence H. Masoyli A 3 K ? lson SNICISWIAWJ Gregory L. Hankins flason BM2 Kurtis L. Wylie vlj Mallhew Crocker A UD Division BMIQSWJ Robert R. Lilley, 111 BM1QSWl Troy wagers BM3 Phillip T. Carter, II BM3 Cesar M- Castillo BM3 Mark E. Hawkins -'A'-lnonn.1,-.H BM3 Sopheap Pang BM2 William P. Wagner BM3 jeremy E. Cavanaugh BM3 Nicholas L. Schkrutz 63 ' USS GONZALEZ ' 652.9 ,Q BM3 jason A. Stark BM3 Kitty N. Ward SN Melissa C. Fletcher SN Claudine A. Ggyk ,vf..-,h SN Timothy A. Graham SN Lguanda K, Harris SN Timika T. Lassiter SN Nathan L. i u f SA Tommie Leslef SA Willis M- Nelson, II SA Dale E. Salvalaggi sn Timothy M.La118 SR Augustine N. Stevens 64 - U55 GONZALEZ ! nyle j irphy . Lang Edmundo E. Cota osziswi Iohn M. Ingold john S. Sprowl, jr. 'NN-. OSIQSWJ Mark D. Feifel OSZQSWJ Robert W. Davis OS2 Lyndon M. jones DI Division Qui 052 Marty R- Brewer oszqswmwy Charles E. Bums OS2 Paul L. Drake i OS2 Ennis 1. Hooker OS2 Dean L. Martin O S2 Charles W. McMahan 65 - USS GONZALEZ oszqswy Paul A. Men 1 O53 Robert M. Rodriguez OSSR Isaac D. Nelson 66 - U55 GONZALEZ i OS2 David B. Murray OSSN Orathay Sivilay O52 George R. Waller OSSN Chandra D. Thomas 1 i OS3 Agnes N. johnson Wm OSSA joshua T. Horton mm OSSR Mlchael A. Pilcher "" Auf fi Il Division I1 M1131-1195 A. Bostwick QMHSWJ Dennis W. Fitzjohn QMIQSWJ Paul E. Oxley SM1qSWy Cecil G. Wilder, jr. al, QM2 Martin Herrera, Ir. SMSN Rondy R- Pringle Shana C. Donley an I ' 1 - P X -. 67 - USS GONZALEZ GT D1v1s1on EWIQSW1 james F. Byrd l EW1 Dean D. Lewis IS1 John 5- Yoder, III EW2 john M. Goncalxg H EW3 Kelly A. Carlson EWSN justin M. Brown EWSA Nicole T. Balderrama .g,,, Yi I 1 68 - U55 GONZALEZ x I-541- ,.i. 239: 9435, I .1. . - N .Q w-, .Q-r.?,.1r", .W F +0 G A3 4-ua . ,diff ,X . 619 - USS CIUNZA 5 EXECUTIVE DEPARTME T nf 'Tn' ,N .I h "'1..9 .V E ZW P" .Q Q 'S "W au.. "E 4 !vz":A5 !li,rw ,NPT ll. I . I! . ,W A ff in 5 13' -4 ""' 'A V- 70 ' USS GONZALEZ ls S LT Bfialf Monfgomefi' LTJG jennifer L. johnson Training Officer Training Officer HMCSQSWXFMFJ Norman G. Gray Leading Chief Petty Officer Division HMQQSW QSUSWJ Robert K. Hull OS2 Alicia L. Ash iiifha NCIQSWJ Erik w. Blomgren elA,perry ,ff 71 . U55 GONZALEZ Division PNCfSWJ Andrew E. Malloy YNCISWXAWJ Robin M. Zuellig MAIQSWJ David C. Allen YN2fSW, Eric W, Chenowen N HM3 Maria T. Billings YN3 Darranqg A, Wglfe PNSN Candance M. McNally PNSA Synder A. Punch 72 - USS GONZALEZ ., ' wetlx ch i 1 Y 73 - USS GONZALEZ nl' if I 1 fm, W Wuvri Q W ., 1 4 UM X. 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Shaw 77 - USS GONZALEZ S3 Division sniqswp William B. watson SH3 Matthew J- Gladden SA Monique j. Edwards SHSA Manuel I. Ortiz i S4 Division SHSN Eirene V. Lansang SHSR Km C. Aguilera? DKIQSWXAWJ Kenneth E. McCauley FN Janice T. Scaife Scaife S6 Division M52 Jamoal A. Abdul-Iabbar ICZ Janles D. Bradley ii l., . W5 GONZALEZ Talent Show Q n A L 9- wo- -4- -'4- -Q- -'.-'Q - .. .- - 1- -N. .L - ,mlxjfng ' Zffuf' 7511 nvn., J- 1 A----...2Q.4ggf qi'- -Q ,.f' I v Z 5 .hie- ,, wlfser-ww., ,vi '- .--. txt- Q-.. -0 - -0- -Q-6 502- 'Tc- Qb 'br 3 1' -Q.-.-Q tl 'Dlx be be 4- 0 ooo Q--Q- o- ' 0- -Q f .5 Q - -Q. 4-, ' - -0- -0- - 0 4 Q- -r -v -0- Q Q 0- Q 04-4- 0 .pq Q-on--0 ,-- --- Q.. 80 ' U55 GONZALEZ 0 will if 'S Ng N- , qw-- -,.,,.4-V .,.....x,.. , ,.-..,,.x, ,-Q Y, ..X-7.-,. Y . , . fun'-.yr '-'rH.ye,.,-- ,Ji L- J. ,. 4 ,,r,, .. Af ,vu-f J da 'Y1'e'110. . . D011 mm P" lf. lk "If1f720 needs Cookie Cutters!" .1Q,. '24 ll I'1lEJ'hlL.f Mryre CfI1fkl317 .U " 82 ' U55 GONZLILLTZ the best. 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I 1 'F' 4,9 WMM i Sf. ,...-.- LSSCIUNYX ......-a-...,.-,. iiwww 8. .mu 88'U55G'ONZ1LEZ STATISTICS DAYS UNDERWAY 146 OUT OF NUMBER OF PORTS VISITED TOTAL NUMBER OF MILES TRAVELED RADIO MESSAGES SENT RADIO MESSAGES RECEIVED NUMBER OF EMAIL SENT NUMBER OF EMAIL RECEIVED GALLONS OF FUEL CONSUMED GALLONS OF IPS PUMPED NUMBER OF UNREES NUMBER OF TOMAHAWKS LAUNCHED NUMBER OF CIWS ROUNDS SHOT NUMBER OF 5 PACEIRE ROUNDS SHOT NUMBER OF CANS OF SODAS SOLD NUMBER OF MEALS SERVED NUMBER OF EGGS USED AMOUNT OF MILK USED LOAVES OF BREAD USED AMOUNT OF CHICKEN USED AMOUNT OF BEEF USED NUMBER OF EISH FILLETS AMOUNT OF COEEEE USED 35,120 99 , 00 12 000 60 000 73 000 3 MILLION 30 000 5 980 70 000 640 2 700 DOZEN 3 240 GALLONS 7 200 10,800 POUNDS 8,600 POUNDS 5 300 3 700 PGUNDS 89 USS GONZ XLEZ 2 180 2 10 2 25 . : , ' : I 29 I S00 : V IV, z 43 U ".", H : I I I I , ,A I 90 USS CONZA LEZ ADVANCEMENTS LT Tamara L. Chase LTIG Penny A. Arrington EN1 QSWJ William J. Mullinax FC2 Reginald M. Brown O52 David C. Campbell FC2 jamie D. Eberle FC2 William E. Grimm, III BM2 Christopher M. Gwyn ICZQSWJ Diana E. johns OS2fSWj Agnes N. johnson FCZQSWJ Brian D. Knipfer STG2 Norman D. Martin RM2 Charles E. Mattson SK2 Cory L. Morrell BM2QSWj Sopheap Pang GSE2 QSWJ Terris S. Patterson OSZQSWJ Robert M. Rodriguez GSM2 QSWQ Michael A. Russum STG2 Michael I. Smith GSM2 Daniel A. Wilkerson DC3 Matthew C. Gaul PN3 Claudine A. Gayle DC3 Anders R. jakobsson PN3 Candace M. McNally SK3 Alpha Sanon SH3 Janice T. Scaife OS3 Orathay Sivilay MS3 Hiram Vega-Rivera GSM3 Dan I. Walker EM3 joshua A. Wright GSM3 Rashad S. Lewis - -L .. V ' ' 1 'Huw Wu C""f'l' 'SLMmmflillffflllnri' SURFACE WARFARE OFFICER LTJG P. ARRINGTON LT D. WYATT LTJG K- BIANDO ENS N. SCHINE I-TIG L- FAGAN LTJG M. ELLIOTT ENS M. SIMPKINS LTJG L. M AZ AK ENS D. NEICE I - .. 'V - 7 -' . III-. "1T""Hlu 5 W ? flIv"'Lf-mn GIIIHMWJT ' "'f:!f1WlM11r1r1W" ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST STG2 QSWJ W. RANDOLPH ISIQSWJ J. YODER TM1QSWJM.RAMIREZ FCIQSWJ J. O,DAY HTz QSWJ T. BLACKMOND FCIQSWJ C. SANDY MS2qSWJ D. JOHNSON EM2qSWJ S. PANG GSMz ISWJ G. JOHNSON BMSISWJ P. CARTER GSE2 ISWJ D. HENRY FCZQSWJ R. BROWN DCZQSWJ R. STROUP EWSQSWJ K. CARLSON YNZQSWIJ E. CHENOWETH FCZQSWJ A. FEALY ETIQSWJ K. GRAHAM OS2 ISWJ L. JONES ENSJQSWJ S. RIFFE GSE1 CSWJ D- BAIRD QMIISWJ P. OXLEY YNSISWJ D- WOLFE FCZQSWJ 5, TRYBUS GSE2 ISWJ T. PATTERSON FCzqSWjJ J. CHEATWOOD BMZISWY K- WYLIE GSM3 JSWJ T. O'ERIEN DC2 ISWJ B- STRONG ENSQSWJ R. HARDING DCFNKSWT J- BOYCE RMIISWJ E. OMIETANSKI OSZISWJ A- ASH PCZQSWJ K. WILSON OSZCSWJ P- DRAKE Fczfswy R. KAYDUS OS2 QSWI G. WALLER GSMSQSWJ P. DIEHL C3233 OS - OSzqSWJ C. MCMAHAN 053 QW, R. RGDRIGUEZ BM24SWJ C. CASTILLO GMZQSW, R. NASH ICz ISWJ D. JOHNS RTIN EMZQSWJ O. WRIGHT 052 GW, D' MA RMMSWD R- HAYWOOD CSMz QSWJ M. RUSSUM HMSQSWJ M. BILLINGS MSzqSWJ D. HAWKINS RMCISWJ B. HARDY FC3fSWJ R. BUSCH 91 USS CONZALEZ Tiger Cruise A 92 - USS GONZALEZ 1? . x-... 93 USS CONZALEZ r ,x um, X . Q' .X ' , YE ...fd M,.. ' 4' " i 5 . I A KW I 4 l 3 K Home at last!! A Tis v S 9-I - U95 CUNZ4 I L7 ii M. + -5 9 V 1 Li ' 1 11, li L, 11 WEL L S5 BON IALEL COME HOME DDC-csc 1.- L15 . ws c:0.wZ.Ax 1.151 CREDITS Cruise Book Officer: LTIG Seth A. Miller Editor: YNCQSWXAWJ Robin M. Zuellig Photographers: ET3 William W. White GMZQSWJ Richard A. Nash Artwork: FC3 Christopher M. Billey Articles: PCZQSWQ Katrina M. Wilson ET3 William S. Larned We greatly appreciate all the help given by the entire crew. Thanks for the memories! -can .,.-ff A-1.1-J'f-.1 - , kmrlvkx - xxx'-X 3 XX. ' Q. A4"'V,g,..-, I 5 ,f'X..r""'1..'fJFA Ar M,,4!7 f-'N-""X.Z,"2 'w ,v'V Y I X ' 'ig L? 'N iff' .fsxxj X - 1'!uXsf"!W! 3 BR wr I i -Q I, I, 7 , -I K K F v . J"-.dr IL fg Jr Nxq xxx-,x ff f '9- 'J' w kblx JK Ivfx X'x.,,--.- 11 X-. , ff Y ., I 1,5 !'l.,x.v,-.-If I. x EA V xi HM-R M x """' KM RN I M. .N Y,-,...r'-L' Lax- v S .mth 1 X - f W. ,- I R"-K, ,,.ff4' C7 A f,,,. wI'X.I.f-4. ,KJ J I I I' I ' 'I WA" ----'x.., . , 4 "Maxi . X I I , H .., 1 I I +A- -I., 7 iff--A' - g-'IAQ-gs.-ff A - 71-ur, I I I C A I N1x,.Jxx I hx ,xx I 15 I I I I I 4 f' I 'I I I '- ur L I . 6,1 I I I I I 1-fxis-ME I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I ....4,.-.....- ,, is L- - ----

Suggestions in the Gonzalez (DDG 66) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

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