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f., -VJ if 1 L ,,. f' X. 1' x 1,'vx?,,f:j,- ,, .1 , 1 5722? ' 4 ,V- f..x:.5 T. 1 .Lin ,i . fix,-,M A - -, f. - V 1 '- , - 'il ,gf - . . nv., 4 IL . -K1 .15-,-1-,U -fi kwa, 4' .V -g.,:-g,.-,9-- ,ff .ir ' , X, - . 5 w .1 V , PW, , 'f 4 . 1z.11:'1'.,,q- .N . W, J i- 'Q' k,'U1,,:,' "QS .- mg 3 . , K X Y 1 . x...If5' . ,V ' ff-s 1, . ,, 9 . , '--,5,1,.v' ,. L 221' -J. ' Iygi' . ,N X 4 AJ' . ' - . .., .- . ,e . :,, Wa., . .,-12111, ' 1 f, . ' '. ' A H 1:4 ..-' . .,.. .,, , '-,AGN 1 . :I 34-Ai.-,. 2515? -4-fe -- di . . .Ia , X if ill . UI.. K :lg ' i 343' I partan 99 GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL GONZALES, CALIFORNIA Editor . . . ..... KAREN ALLEN Asst. Editor . . . . NANCY FRANSCIONI Business Mgr. , .... JUDY SALMINA Dedication To the students whose achievements, humor, and antics made possible, by pictures and prose, this record for posterity. We have seen a new administration take vigorous hold to insure continuing progress. We too must be ever changing to keep pace with the progressing world. May those who follow, from the new "frosh" to the "old pro" who will be next year's senior, appreciate the opportunity our school presents-"Better education for the students, and better students for education." Administration l . ,,.,, ,. 3 MR. RICHARD G. FORCE District Superintendent MRS. EVELYN LANINI Secretary MR. LESTER WEIGEL Vice-Principal Board of T mstees DR. RICHARD HANDLEY rl s is ' . . .aI . Q 1 is' M X "S . L 'V N M.,,.:f- 2 . 125:33 t Li fa-1' in C ,.fgaz1gaf1 , D ' V: 'J' iflfik 'iffy' 72 "ag if--,-rfwggi. . , Q .. X ,- ,vv A Q, W. ,,.,.5.v '5xhw,45S,4. 3. Y 'U' .gy a .pun M. as .4 x f . .,, . .15,.wgg. mi. ' p Q' 4 .min 1. gk X-Si fu M ' f.s,,1t4.M,,,4if f,,3,,,,x. it . f'.A1fi',v'v.f+!'e'. - '.f.,1.'-,wk Q. 'mfg " ws. 1 R! MR. TED SALMINA MR. FRANK S. CORDA MR. FRANK PERE MR. ROY TWISSELMANN Faculty ii .. 1 3.1. 'Yay MR. WADE ANDERSON MR. JOSEPH AXUP MR. RUSS BUCHOLZ Industrial Arts Music English "' Mi. .QM 'ik X,,, ,ff ii fy . Y W .. 52iYiiil?i915'Nv:s. ! i" .... N- f - ' -1 i . ' A . W 3 gf' R W ,. lg. A A35 R i MR. CLAIR BURNS MR. JAY CORNWELL Physical Education, Government Biology, Physical Education 32231125 was L... if MR. VERNE GUTIERREZ MR. DEAN HARPER MISS MARLENE LAYTON Physical Education, English Mechanical Drawing, Printing Commercial .5 We .2 ff ml 1ffff'2x 5fQ'fii?fififl 7 fix. 'Eg ii? ij!! MR. -IOHN MARLER MR. EARL PENIX Arms and Crafts Agriculture, Farm Mechanics I' '17 3 ,N 9' f Y... .1 C f 1 . MR. I-IUBERT PIERCE MRS. NORMA RIANDA English, Drama, Driver Education Home Economics ,,.a-ana Q MRS. CLAIRE ROBY MISS LORRAINE RODGERS MR. DANIEL SANTOS English, Mathematics, Biology English, Spanish, French' English, Spanish, journalism ,f Q' . A' I , n I y r ' 1 wiss . rVr,.-k, - 'xi . QQ-ff' N MY A K X. MR. VERNE SILVER MISS ARETHUSA SOUTH Chemistry, Science, Mathematics Library .. S 6,7 3 . gi 4 f N l . L ,563 I I I 4 sw Q M ss, , , . ha X in MR. BERNARD TUCK MR. JOHN WENNERGREN MISS JUDY WEST Matlicmatics, Physics Histnrv. Physical Education Physical Education clzool mployees MRS. GERTRUDE JOHNSON MR. JOE BORLA MR. EDWIN HANDLEY MR. JACK HYNDING WJ W.. . K - AW Q is A 5 Jw R . 75951:-Q . -i ..J,. . JNJR . . w MR. J. MITCHELL MR. DAN RUBBO MR. ELMELINDO RUBBO Cum IWM be 39.4-I Iwall bg acocf IWQU be Siid -1-ll l' 6' .Q if ME Bggce :hge Qnsq K ' 1 wm LQ 3.4 vu 9 J A1 ' I W Q2 I " A 'uv T' T... Trap Rllllf jon Baldwin, Rondall Cothran, Don Haze, Cephas Daniels, Douglas Morasci, Mick Pere, Glenn Cooper, Michael Iverson, Rod Roper, james Delielle, Norman Rianda, jerry Decoto, johnny Morton, David johnson, Mr. Burns, Advisor. liuurlb Rout Charles Duncan, Tommy Hensley, Ray Garcia, Bob Bonincontri, james Avecilla, Bill Fitzpatrick, joe Montes, George Albertoni, William Fitzpatrick, Eddie Delgado, johnny Urquidez, Frank Baeskens, Larry Berti, Don DeBrouwer. Third Raza: joe Mena, Ray Rodarte, Carol Sue Burns, Christine Green, Fdua Perlaky, Penny Schadeck, Ruth Leavitt, judy Salmina, Karen Allen, Marie Ricca, Beth juri, Manuel Arroyo, Charles Adamson. Semlzd Ruzw: Miss Arethusa South, Advisor, Irene Radavero, Susan Handley, Aileen Taylor, Donna Cotta, joann Huffington, Anna jo Gadd, Kathy Duran, Helen Gott, Sandra Sanders, Rachel Moreno, Mary Villegas, Alicia Raras, Remie Colantro, Natalie Munoz. Bullrzm Razr: l.upe Robledo, josie Perez, Sondra Henry, Sandra Smith, Treavous Sudderth, Priscilla Perez, Ruth Dacpano, Nancy Yoda, joan Satnpaga, Susan Wilson, Angie Domingues, Elizabeth Santillanes, Sophia Gracia, Mr. Hubert Pierce, Advisor. I As graduation draws near, the Senior Class recalls many of the outstanding events and activities of our last year at G.U.H.S. Our Senior Play, "We Shook the Family Tree," under the direction of Mr. Hubert Pierce, and a talent show, under our own direction, gave us a chance to display our varied talents. These two pro- ductions also gathered in money to help pay for our annual trip to San Francisco and our ditch day. On our trip we visited the Egyptian Museum in San jose, Golden Gate Park, and the Planetarium, Fisherman's Wharf, and Chinatown, all in San Francisco. We spent our ditch day swimming and bathing in the sun at Santa Cruz. Several dances were sponsored by our class, one of which everyone will remember -Q The Bunny Hop. It was well attended and everybody enjoyed themselves. The twirp season, sponsored by our class, was one of the most successful in the past few years. It was well planned and had many new features such as slaves, Lil' Abners, and prizes. May 14 we were the honored guests at the annual junior-Senior Banquet at the Mark Thomas in Monterey. With graduation, baccalureate, and many more memories, the class of "59" can truly say, "We have spent four wonderful and Successful Cl-A55 OFFICERS , years at Gonzales Union High Norman Rianda, President 5 ,, K Donna Cotta, Secretary SLll00l. Michael Iverson, Treasurer Charles Duncan, Vice-President HARLES EUGENE ADAMSON Block G 3-4 CSF 1-2b Class Talent Shows l-2 Football 3 Wrestling 5 Spartan Hi-Life 4a JAMES AVECILLA Block G 1-2-3-4 Block G Vice-Pres. 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Honorary Captain 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Honorary Captain 2 All-CCAL First Team 3 Track 1-2-3-4 Honorary Captain 3 All-CCAL Track Team 3 NCS Track Meet 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 2 Intramural Track Meet 3-4 Band 1 KAREN LYNN ALLEN Student Council 3-4 Annual Staff 2-3-4 Asst. Ed. 3, Annual Editor 4 MANUEL ARROYO CSF la-2-3a Block G 3-4 CSF Vice-Pres. 3a Football 3-4 GAA 1-2 Wrestling 3 Block G 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Spartan Hi-Life 4 journalism Conferences 4 Band 1-2-3 Music Festivals 1-2-3 Class Talent Shows 1-2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 3 Variety Show 3 Badminton Champion 3 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 GEORGE ALBERTONI FFA 2-3-4 Block G 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 FRANK BAESKENS FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Secretary 2 1 JON CHRIS BALDWIN DON BAZE Student Council 3 Block G 1-2-3-4 FFA 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 FFA Secretary 3 Track 1-2-3 Block G 3-4 FFA 1-2 Football 3-4 Band 4 Track 3 Class Talent Show 1 Wrestling 3 wr vs CAROL SUE BURNS Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Sgt-at-arms 4 GAA 2-3a Block G 3b-4 CSF 3-4a CSF Secretary 4a Spartan Hi-Life 4 Lions Speaker Contest 3 Band 2-3-4 Majorette 3-4 Class Plays 3-4 Talent Shows 1-2-3-4 Exchange Shows 2-3-4 Variety Show 3 Band Festival 2-3-4 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 3-4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 ur.. .., I DONNA ANNE COTTA Class Secretary 3--I Class Play 3--I CSF l-2-3h--I, Life Member CSF Vice-Pres. AZHI, Treas. -ia Spartan Hi-Life Iidiror -I journalism Conferences -I Block G 3--i, Pres. -I Student Council -1 Girls' Chorus -I Honor Chorus -I Bilflkl I-2-3--I Honor Band 2-3--I Bank of America Awards -I GAA 2-ia Girls' League I-Z-5 Class Talent Shows I-2-3 Variety Show Z-5 IOOF Speakers Contest 5 Show Band 2-5 S, Er' LARRY ERNEST BERTI FFA 1-2-3-4 Block G 2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3-4 All-CCAL Wfrestling 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 ROBERT BONINCONTRI Band 1-2-3 Tennis 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 GLENN COOPER RONDALL COTI-IRAN FFA 2-3--I FFA 1-2 Block G 2-3-4 Band 2 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3 All-CCAL 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-4 Football 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 2-3-4 Intramural Football Champs 4 Class Talent Show 1 REMIE COLANTRO Girls' League 1-2-3-4 FHA 2 GAA 1-2-3a Pep Club 3 Block G 3a-4 Girls' Athletic Mgr. 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 2 RUTH A. DACPANO Class Treasurer I GAA 2-3a, Vice-Pres. 3 Block G Sh-4, Vice-Pres. -1 Student Council Rep. 4 Girls' League Vice-Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 3 Assistant Cheer Leader 3-4 Cheer Leader Conference 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Music Festival 3 Class Play 3 Class Talent Sliow -I Exchange Talent Show 4 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 1 CEPHAS DANIELS FFA 2-3-4 FFA Treasurer 3 FFA Regional Treasurer 4 FFA President 4 FFA State Convention 3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 Intramural Softball Champs 3 x X EDWARD DELGADO Baseball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3-4 Block G 2-3-4 DON DeBROUWER Class President 2 Boys' State 3 GERALD L. DECOTO Governors Youth Conference 3 Track 1-2-3-4 Student Council 2-3-4 CCASC Representative 2-3-4 CSF 1-2-3 Class Plays 3-4 Lions Club Speaking Contest Block G 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball I Baseball 1-2 Track 3 Wrestling 3 CCAL Track Finals 3 NCS Track Trials 3 Class Talent Shows 1-2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 3 Block G Historian 4 Track Achievement Award 3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Honorary Captain 3 All-CCAL Honorable Mention 3 3 Tennis 3 Bl0ClC G 1-2-3-4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Class Sgt-at-arms 3 Class Talent Show 3 Annual staff 3-4 Pep Club 3 Intramural Track Champs 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Intramural Free Throw Champion 3 CHARLES EDWARD DUNCAN KATHERINE ANN DURAN FFA 3-4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Vice-President 4 FHA 1-2-4 FHA Secretary 4 FHA Convention 4 Block G 2-3-4 GAA 2.3 Football 1-2-3-4 Block G 4 All-CCAL First Team 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Homecoming Valuable Player 4 Pep Club 3 Block G Reporter 3 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Music Festival 2 Barn Dance Queen Attendant 1 Class Plays 3-4 Class Talent Show 2 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 2 Intramural Baseball Champs 1 JAMES R. DeBELLE FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Reporter 3 American Trust Award 2 Tennis 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 Intramural Softball Champs 3 EVANGLIN B. DOMINGUEZ Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 2-3a Block G 3b-4 Pep Club 3 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Class Talent Show 1-4 CARMEN M. FLOREZ Girls' League 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-4 GAA 2-3a Block G 3b-4 Pep Club 3 Class Talent Show 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 1 SOPI-IIA V. GRACIA GAA 1-2-3 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Block G 4 Block G Secretary 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Girls Chorus 3 Class Talent Shows 1-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 BILL FITZPATRICK Block G 1-2-3-4 Block G Historian 2 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3 Basketball 1 Track 2 Class Sgt-at-arms 2 WILLIAM E. FITZPATRICK Student Body Vice President 4 Student Council 2-4 Class Representative 2 Block G 1-2-3-4 Block G Historian 3 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Track 5-4 Honor Chorus 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 4 Class Talent Show 1-2-3 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Exchange Talent Show 2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Class Talent Shows 2-3 Class Play 3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 RAY MAX GARCIA Band 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3 Tennis 3 Senior Play Staff Class Talent Shows 1-2 Talent Show M. C. 1 HELEN MAE GOTT FHA 1-2-3-4 FHA Vice-Pres. FHA President FHA Section Convention FHA Blossom Queen Home Economics Sewing Trophy 2 GAA 2b-3-4a Girls' Block G 4b Pep Club 3 Girls' League 1-2-3a March of Dimes Talent Show 3 Class Talent Show 4 Play Staff 4 Student Council 4 3 4 3 3 ANNA JO GADD Girls' League 1-2-3 FHA 3-4 FHA Reporter 4 GAA 3-4 GAA Secretary 4 CSF lb Q ' Class Play 4 MELBA CHRISTINE GAA 2-3-4 Girls' League 2-3-4 Pep Club 3 junior Play Senior Play Band 2-3-4b Mixed Chorus 2-3-4b Rally Band 2-3 Pep Band 3 Girls Chorus 2-3 Spring Concert 2-3-4 Music Festival 2-3-4 GREEN Exchange Talent Show 4 SUSAN MARIE HANDLEY Student Body Secretary 4 CSF 1-2-3-4, Life Member CSF Secretary 3a Student Council 4 FFA Chapter Sweetheart 4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Medical Club Secretary 4 Girls Block G Class Treasurer 3 Rally Girl 3 Pep Club 3 junior Play Mixed Chorus 3 Girls Chorus 2-3 GAA 2-3. Vice Pres. 2 Class Talent Show 2 Annual Staff 2-3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 JOANN I-IEFFINGTON Girls' League 1-2-3 F.H.A. 2-4 CSF 1-b-2a GAA 3-4 GAA Treasurer 4 MICHAEL MARTIN IVERSON Block G 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Honorary Basketball Captain 4 Tennis 3-4 Intramural Badminton Champ 2 Boys State 3 CSF 1b-2-3 Class Treasurer 4 Class Talent Show 2-4 Pep Club 3 Annual Staff 3 SONDRA SUE HENRY TOMMY HENSLEY FHA 3 4 FFA 1 2 GAA 3 Football Trans. from Arvin High 2 QW BETH ANN JURI Block G 3-4 CHARLES JONES Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Girls' League President 4 Baseball 1-2 GAA 1-2 Wrestling 3-4 Student Council 4 Intramural Football Champs 4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 Annual Staff 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3-4 Pep Club 3 FFA 1 Class Play 3 Class Talent Shows 1- Exchange Talent Shows 1- Band 1-2- March of Dimes Talent Show Barn Dance Attendant Intramural Basketball Clwmps Intramural Speed-a-way Champs Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Intramural Baseball Champs 2 2 3 2 4 3 3 -4 2 DAVID JOHNSON Block G 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2 Wrestling 3 Basketball Manager 1-2 Class Sgt-at-arms 3 Junior Play Senior Play Class Talent Show 5 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 JOE ANSELMO MONTHS Block G 1-2-3-4 Block G President Block G Treasurer 4 3 'Football 1-2-3-4 Honorary Football Captain 2 All-CCAL Football 3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 All-CCAL Hon. Ment. 1- Pep Club Student Council Band 1-2- Honor Band 3 3 4 3 3 Dance Band 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus 2-3 .Class Talent Show 1 Exchange Talent Shows 2-3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 2-3 NATALIIE B. MUNOZ Block G -l GAA 2-5 Girls' League 2-5--1 Girls' l.L-ague Tre.isui'cr Homecoming Queen Girls Chorus Pea Club l Annual Staff -l lntr.unur.il liaselmill Champs -l -l 3 3 3 liitranuiral Spt-url-a-way Champs -I Tr.uis. from Cobrc High Sclioi ml ELSIE RUTH LEAVITT Block G 3b-4 GAA 2-3a Girls' League Class Play 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Music Festival 1-2-3-4 Show Band 2-3-4 FHA 3-4 Pep Club 3 Medical Club 4 Senior Play Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 1 Intramural Basketball Champs 1 Girls Chorus 3b 1-2-3 ia 'Q 1 , nu ' E91 'Z v SQ? , Q A, A To 5 3 3 X I W ' f m 1555 i 4 J args? Q. in W ' as 'it Sai 9 -s.fiid5i4iiasm11g5 'w 1.1 ,, it mia . 4 . , . i Q ,. ..,att,- ,..,-ii,-. 1 . ..if-mrs?-:it 1,3 ' . , I iq , ,pf RACHEL MORENO Block G 3b-4 GAA 1-2-3a Girls' League 1-Z-3-4 Girls Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Pep Club 3 FHA 2 JOE LARA MENA Baseball Manager 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Trans. from Las Cruces JOHN J. MORTON Block G 2-3-4 Track 1-2-4 Intramural Manager 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 Class Talent Show 3-4 Exchange Talent Show 3 March of Dimes Talent Show 3 Class Play 4 Trans. from King City High DOUGLAS A. MORASCI Block G 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 3 Tennis 3 Athletic Manager 2-3-4 Talent Show 2 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 it QE ggi 5 ALFRED R. ORTIZ Block G 3-4 Basketball 3 Track 2 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Mixed Chorus 2 Two-man Basketball Champ 3 4 -i. f MANUEL V. ORTIZ Block G 3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Wrestling 3 Track 2-3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 4 Intramural Track 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 JOSEPHINE G. PEREZ Block G 4 Block G Treasurer 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2 Girls Chorus 3 FHA 4 GAA 1-2-3 Class Talent Show 1 Pep Club 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 PRISCILLA JUDITH PEREZ Pep Club 3 Girls' League 3 GAA 3-4 FHA 4 Block G 4b Class Talent Show 1 Trans. from Salinas FRANK PERE Medical Club 4 Medical Club President 4 Block G 3-4 Baseball 3 Wrestling 3 Football 2-3 Class Talent Show 3 junior Play Band 3-4 my are 41 BUDDY PIEARCY Tennis 3-4 ,..-9 ALICIA L. RARAS Block G 3b-4 Block G Sgt-at-arms 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Vice President 3 Mixed Chorus 2 Girls Chorus 3-4 GAA 2-3a FHA 2 Pep Club 3 1: ,if f me 4 NORMAN RIANDA Student Council 1-4 Senior Class President JuniorvClass Vice President Freshman Class President Block G 4 Tennis 3 Football 1 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Senior Play Staff 4 Class Talent Shows 1-4 Variety Show 1 IRENE EMILY RADAVERO CSF 2-3-4, Life Member CSF Treasurer 2b-3a CSF Secretary 3b CSF President 4 Girls State 3 Student Council 1-3-4 Business Manager 3 Student Body Treasurer 4 Block G 4 Pep Club 3 Class Representative 1 Class Secretary 2 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 2-3 Annual Staff 3-4 Class Play 3 Homecoming Attendant 1 Class Talent Shows 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1-2 FFA Sweetheart 3 fi W RAYMOND EUGENE RODARTE Class Play 4 JOAN SAMPAG Asst. Cheer Leader Cheer Leaders Conference A 3 3 Block G 5--i GAA 2-5, Treas. 5 Girls' League I-2-3--I Bzllni 1-2-3 Pep Club 3 Music Festival l-2-5 Class Talent Show -I ' Girls Chorus 3-4 Mixed Chorus 5--I Exchwn 'e Show . . 9, . lntrimural Speed-a-way Champs -I 5 MARIE LOUISE RICCA Class Secretary GAA 1-2-3, Pres. 4 Block G 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Secretary 3 Cheer Leader 2-3-4 Head Cheer Leader 4 Student Council 3-4 Barn Dance Attendant 2 Barn Dance Queen 3 Homecoming Queen Atten. 4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Girl's Chorus 3-4 Pep Club 3 Class Plays 3-4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-3-4 Cheer Leader Conference 3 MARIA GUADALUPE ROBLEDO GAA 2-3-4 Girls' League 3-4 FHA 1-2 Pep Club 3 Class Talent Show 1 RODERICK JOHN ROPER Trans. from Oklahoma 2 Student Body President 4 Class President 3 Block G 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 All-CCAL 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Wrestling 3-4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Football Honorary Capt. 4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Class Plays 3-4 Journalism Conference 4 Student Council 3-4 Exchange Talent Show 3 Variety Show 2-3 JUDITH ANN SALMINA Annual Staff 2-3-4 Annual Business Mgr. 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Secretary 4 GAA 1-2 Block G 3-4 Pep Club 3 CSF 3a Mixed Cho-rus 1-2-3 Girls Chorus 2-3 Spartan Mascot 3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Sports Editor 4 Jounalism Conferences 4 Class Talent Shows 1-2-3-4 Music Festival 1-2-3 Exchange Variety Shows 3 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 2-4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 f 1- O35 . sm NORMA IRENE RODONI CSF lb-2a CSF Treasurer 2a GAA 2-3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3 Annual Staff 3-4 Class Play 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 1 SANDRA JEAN SANDERS Girls' League 1-2-3 FHA I-2-3-4 FHA Vice President 4 GAA 2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Class Plays 3-4 Class Talent Show 4 Exchange Talent Show 4 Girls' League Sgt-at-arms 3 5 5 z I V Ch,-if ...,A is 1 MARY ELIZABETH SANTILLANES Block G 3-4 GAA 2 Girls' League Mixed Chorus 3-4 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Class Talent Shows 1-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 AILEEN TAYLOR Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Block G 4 GAA 2-3 Annual Staff 3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 journalism Conferences 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker 4 Class Play 3 Science Club Intramural Baseball Champs 3 3 wi SANDRA H. SMITH TREAVOUS ANN SUDDERTH Honor Band 4 Girls' League 1 A Band 1-2-3-4 FHA 2-3-4 Science Club 1 FHA Historian 3 GAA 1-2-3-4 Medical Club 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Circulation Mgr. 4 Variety Show 2 Band Festival 1-2-3-4 Show Band 1-2-3-4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Girls' Chorus 4 NANCY YODA GAA 2-3a Block G 3b-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Pep Club 3 FHA 4 Girls' League Z-3-4 President 3 Rally Girl 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Talent Show 4 Transferred from Gardena SUSAN MIRIAM WILSON Student Council 4 Girls' League 2-3 FHA 2 Pep Club 3 Rally Girl 3-4 Head Rally Girl 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Girls' Chorus 1-3 Honor Chorus 2-3 CSF 4 Music Festival 2-3 Class Talent Show 3-4 Exchange Talent Shows 3-4 Transferred from Salinas PENNY SCHADECK Transferred from Manteca 2 Pep Club 3 Girls' League 3-4 Girls' Chorus 1 FBLA 2 FHA 2 Mixed Chorus 3 MARY VILLEGAS FHA 2-4 GAA 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3 Girls' Chorus 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2 I' 'Q Wi' Q , O . x 'S O TALENT SHOW JUNIOR PROM M. C. Bob Amar:-11 "Winter Wonderland CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Bosio, Sgt.-at-armsg Larry Blomquist, Treasurerg Nancy Franscioni, Secretaryg Bob Amaral, President, joe Sargenti, Vice President juniors The Class of 1960, headed by Bob Amaral, had a very successful year. The leading activities were the prom, "Winter Wonderland"g the junior-Senior Banquet, held at the Mark Thomas Inn in Monterey, and the two one-act comedies, "The Show's Tonight" and "Nobody Sleeps." The junior Talent Show, several noon and after-game dances, the Hobo Dance, and the concession booth, all added to the class treasury. Carol Wiegel, Peggy McLaren, David Baker, Howard Stephens, and Stephen Burns participated in the Lions Club Speakers Contest. Larry Blomquist and David Baker were chosen to represent Gonzales High School at Boys' State in Sacramento this summer. U-nil 5.1" Top Row: jerry Harvick, Mike Teves, Ralph Yniguez, Paul Perez, Alex Santillanes, Primo Baggiolini. Fourth Row: Mike Dominguez, Lee Gerard, Senon Valadez, Manuel Raras, Larry Barlow, Bob Bosio. Third Rout johnny Gallardo, Paul Chavez, Lewis Carter, jim Forden, David Baker, Shirley Tipton, Beverly Amaral, Alice Perez, Gail Hook. Swmrd Rout joan Fernandez, Brenda Piearcy, Carmel Talavera, Carldene Patterson, Royline Dustin, Sonya Wliitten, Clara jasmin, Bertha Lopez,'Miss Lorraine Rogers. Borlom Row: Mr. Verne Silver, Carol Weigel, Charlene Patterson, Christina Ventura, Donna Raines, Vivian Gallartlo, Annie Garcia, Alexandra Garcia, Rosemary Sakay. 'Q VH! Top Row: Bobby Saunders, Dionisio Gonzales, johnny Hooks, joe Sargenti, Bruce Baldwin, Stephen Bums, Bob Amaral. Fourth Row: jim johnson, Larry Blomquist, Howard Stephens, jerry Cowger, Carl Burns, Tom Lashley, Phil Bassetti. Third Row: jim Muscio, Ken Morris, Tom Davalos, Ernest Delgado, joe Barrera, Richard Prader, jim Gnesa. Second Rout Mr. Wade Anderson, jean Richards, Cookie Brazeal, Nancy Franscioni, Peggy McLaren, Phyllis Fink, Cynthia Bee-singer, Nancy jean Hollibaugh, Miss Marlene Layton, Bollom Row: Catherine Grisetti, Barbara Bandy, Margo Ortiz, Olivia Meza, Olga Garcia, Pat McRae, Lupe Holquin, Terralyn Rich. TALENT SHOW - Eberly Sisters FROSH-SOPH TIE-UP CLASS OFFICERS: Patty Valadez, Secretaryg Butch Rianda, Vice-Presiclentg Stuart Gronningen, Presidentg Andree Pere, Treasurer oph es The Sophomore class, the largest in the school, has done much this year to make themselves known around campus. Three of Gonzales High's five cheer leaders are sophomores. These girls Sandy Salmina, Yvette Salvador, and Sandra Twisselmann led their class on to capture the trophy for winning the most yelling contests at the rallys, as well as promoting school spirit and sportsmanship at the games. The Sophomore class also boast three rally girls: joyce Dacpano, Johnnie Mae Gabriel, Sharon Witek, and two majorettes, Andree Pere, and Kitty Teves. Sandy Salmina, the Sophomore class candidate for Barn Dance Queen, was elected to reign at the annual event. The So homores were well re resented in Honor Band, Honor Chorus, Honor . P . . P Society, and many other organizations. For money raising activities, the Sophomores presented a talent show for the stu- dent body and also sponsored a noon dance. l Top Rout Terry Handley, Ken Sanks, Charles Durham, Noel Walker, jim Boekenoogen, Mike Benizofeker, Harlan Butler, jim Goad, Charles Gott, jim Cox, Mr. Russ Bucholz. Fanrfb Razr: Allan Murphy, Bruce Cheney, jesse Molina, Ernest DeBelle, Iwlike Rohhins, Troy Bearden, Weltrmn Smith, Phillip Heffington, Norman Selva, Bill jones, Coy Bearden, Sam Pepper. Tbird Rout Mr. Bernard Tuck, Barbara McRae, Betty Ramus, Gloria Medina, Margaret Hammer, David Galvez, George Guerrero, Frank Guzman, Vangie Ynostrosa, Marilyn Leavitt, Sandra Twisselmann. Serum' Raw: A Sandy Salmina, june Bryant, Marcella Armer, janice Morris, Celia Peclroza, Diane Blomquist, Nancy Hunter, Felisa Aquino, Marcia Anderson, Rosemary Cornejo, Ida Barraza, Gloria Lopez. BUIIUIII Rout Patricia Patton, judie Pepper, Mary Beth Higginbotham, Gayle Delirouwer, Sharon Witek, Linda Phillips, Aldora Rodarte, Mary Ann Knudtson, Connie Velaquez. Adela Florez, johnnie Mae Gabriel, Patty Valadez. ,,,. , tl .4 "' - "L" "' "V W 'A . Tuff Razr: Mrs. Claire Roby, Mr. john Wennergren, Bob Daoro, Ray Hansen. Manuel Rosalez, Frasmo Sequndo, jim Ellis. Don Perez, Gary Morriston, Pahlo Reyes, Ken Thompson,Mr. jay Cornwell, FUIIVIIJ Rout Ruth Glass, Raymond Lopez, john Sanders, lien Doughty, Richard Correa, Stuart Gronningen, Richard Garcia, Cruz Mendoza, jim Adamson, Rudy Moro, Mike Panziera. 'l'liira' Rout Gloria Luna, juanita listehan, Larry Fuller, Simon Valadez, Leslie Breschini, jerry Twyman, Butch Rianda, jesse Mena, Eddie Blanco, Arturo Garcia, Cipriano Arroyo, Augustine Rios, Kitty Tc-yes. Bulfom Rmr: Sylvia Ortiz, Mary Olivas, Yvette Salvador, joyce Dacpano, Alice Dominguez, Helen Celeya, Norma Gadd, Theresa Medina, Mary Torres, Fdith Untalan, Frances Gracia, Fsther Munoz, Sue Fitzpatrick, Norma Sevillo. l FROSH-SOPH TIE-UP CLASS TALENT SHOW CLASS OFFICERS: Ronnie Decoto, Vice Presidentg Gilbert DeSantiago, Presidentg Virgina Martinez, Secretaryg Leo Torres, Treasurer Freshmen One hundred and thirty-five green but eager freshmen enrolled at Gonzales High School this year. Although the freshmen do not have too many opportunities to raise money, they were able to get a good start by sponsoring noon dances and a talent show. The Freshmen Class put on a good show at the Freshman-Sophomore tie-up, but they were finally overpowered by the determined sophomores. Led by President Gilbert DeSantiago, the Freshmen had a prosperous and educa- tional year. . ,T W..- G, ip! lm T1 Rm ': Mr. Vcrnc Gutierrez, Stephen Bianco, Wailly Mills, John Nlafsstri, Tony Garcia, Luo 'Ifnrrcs, Gilhcrt Padilla, Ross Gilclcrslcfcvc, 2 fr 1 Louis Triimhmw, liiwh Dulgailu, Tum MCClu1'c', Fred clHl'I'L'1l, Mr. Daniel Santos, liwrrffv Rant ,lim Hall, l.L'l.ll1Al Vusri, Mika l'ra11sC1i1111, Hcnry Rcsqiiir, Santos listigoy, Manuel Rllllllftl, Bciiny Fstigiwy, Mike flOl'I'Cll. l,c1w11111'il Ortiz. Alivhn Grisctii, l,111'1'y llimlas. M111111c'l Ciclcya. 'I'l1irJ Razr: David SLlIUP.lg.1, Alfonso Mcza, Nick Salilivar, Tum Gmail, Manuifl T1-llus, Dale Fiasur, Chris Hanwn. lALIH.lL'IU i1.11'i111, N mlm ' i ' H B1 in Hirl nc lNlLlCi.l5, Dick Smith, Mike- XX'hitrcn, Gene XX'inklcr, Mrs, Nl5l'lll.l Ri.1nil.1. Sarllilzl lwzit Olivii l.ll.lK'L'Ill, -lanvt k"I21l'l'4 . . 1- ' Maiilwvll, Mary Duniiiiquw, hmily Arroyo, Dimluirs Galvcz, Mary Sixulrgi, CiLll'IIM'l1 Rims, Rmiv l'l.ll'L'l,l. Shamii hir-.:111111.-xx. S1:1il1'.1 Fiillcr, Ruth Villa-14.15, I.11pu Rml1'ig11cz. Hnllffm 1111114 Dimruthy Ci1l.111t1'11, lrunc Aguiluru, Sara hir-si-1'11li', Gluria Salaay, C1.11'11li11u lliqiiixlu, , 1 jcanii- Garcia. Mary Camras, Mary Lnu Muna, Clfill XXf1ls11n, Francus B.1rcl11,Gli11-111'l'.1v11rcz,1',.a1'yMag1111.1,HL-linOr:111.1n1g. ,-......., f-M, Y, ' ag, ls-11 ...V S 1 4... P xv 5.- Tup 13111111 Mr luhn Marlcr, Glenn Henry, lucy Sigala, Ignacio Palininiirs, David Guzman, Manuel Ruhledu, Larry Haze, Dun Stacy, DL-an Cughill, SIL-vcii Kane, Gary Rogers, Craig liurnctr. Alciry Banily, Carl Patton, Loc 'l1Vl'lS5L'll'l1.lHI1. lffffzvllv Rffni l,i111is Ortali, Gary Hakcr, -Inc Vclaxqiiuz, Rnnnir- liurri, Gr.1ci.11m Aguayis, Mike Cfixrillu, Gilwrr D4-S,1111i.1gi1, Rimnalil Diuiriv, 'l'!1,1,1 Rffng Runipig I1-vpiiiii, Angclu x'L'llllll'.l, -liiily Ail.1111S, -lcanic -lum-5, K.lI'L'I1 Lipslxy, Marilyn Bizlzinll, -luily ,l1111Qs. lllL'.llN'I' G.11'i1.1, ll.'l'lW.lI'.l fii1.lI'lPL1lS, Fxxinlx VllI111'L1L'Z, Arthur Ciuipug, Elm' Cf.11lc11.1L. S11'1ff:1f Kffiit liiyant Dustin, l.L1vll.1 Hrwmlxn, Hulan fyllll. liiwlina D1.14, -liiily XV1ll1it1', M1r1.1 l..lIK'l, licvc-l'ly Rcilfcrn. hlcnnifcr Sclmlyck, Virginia Martincz, B.11'h.11'.1 Knuiltsun, Nurmgi SLlQlLlL'l'lll,,lC.lI1 liicslquis, lfllllllil XY'ilhiu'. lifflffwz Rrlzr: Dixie 1 I'11I.1stri1, Nurcnc Martin, D11li11'cS Giwiizalcs, lxl.lI'ill.l Villugas, l..lI.1I'.l Avci'ill.1, Delia X illcgas, llL'l'll.lI'illl'l.l Rivuixi, Rmgilia Ch.1x'.1r1'i.1, Barhargi Haminimnil, Mr. Dean Harper. peeial Achievements IRENE RADAVERO, DONNA COTTA, SUSAN WILSON, LARRY BLOMQUIST, TERRALYN RICH, DAVID BAKER, Bank of America Award Winners. Boys' and Girls' State Representatives. A ., .,.,.. 4, DAVID BAKER, CAROL WEIGIEI., AILEEN TAYLOR, JIM MUSCIO, Treasurer: Lion's Club Speakers' Contest Betty Crocker Young Homemaker. PRIMO BAGGIOLINI, Presidentg Zone Winners. PHIL BASSETTI, Reporterg FFA Regional Officers. f ,IL Wg M..-nf - I, x. 91111 IRENE RADAVIZRO, DONNA COTTA, SUSAN HANDLEY, DAVID BAKER. STEPHEN BURNS, HOWARD STEPHENS CAROL SUE BURNS, KAREN ALLEN, SHARON WITEK, CAROL WEIGEL, PEGGY MCLAREN, CSF Life Members. Linns' Club Speakers' Contests. OPS ' 'Z . ? Y I f 456 my 1 D ff. NE: X' Z r y 11 A2 3291 fa J Var ity Football Top Rout Mike Domingues,.joe Sargenti, Tommy Davalos, Manuel Raras. Don Baze, jim johnson, George Albertoni, Erasmo Segundo. Middle Row: Manager jerry Cowger, Doug Morasci, johnny Hooks, jerry Harvick, Noel Walker, Tom Lashley, Phil Bassetti, Larry Blomquisr, jim Gnesa, Troy Bearden, Coach john Wennegren. Bolmm Row: Coach Clair Burns, Don DeBrouwer, jon Baldwin, David johnson, Rnd Roper, joe Montes, james Avecilla, Eddie Delgado, Manuel Ortiz, William Fitzpatrick. The Spartans, coached by john Wennergren and Clair Burns, had the potential for an out- standing team this year but couldn't click into the team they should have been. This was proven when it came to ALL - CCAL selections. Gonzales placed five boys on the CCAL teams. james Avecilla, Charles Duncan, and Rod Roper were elected honorary captains. Charles Duncan was named the most valuable player of the homecoming game. Gonzales had a league record of five losses and two wins. The Spartans lost their first league game to San Lorenzo 20-19. Gonzales led in statistics but lost on the scoreboard. Gonzales was able to hold Hollister down till the fourth quarter until a Gonzales punt was blocked in the end zone. A few minutes later Hollister scored another touchdown winning 12-0. Gonzales jumped to a 12-0 lead early in the first quarter against Gilroy but were unable to keep it. The Mustangs came back and scored 19 points winning the game 19-12. The Carmel Padres scored 20 points againts Gonzales and held the Spartans to6points. Gonzales first tasted victory when they dropped Live Oak 26-0. In this game a Spartan tackle scored a touch down. The Spartans saved all of their energy for the homecoming game as they romped over Pacific Grove 60-14. At this game it seemed that all of Gonzales' plays worked out fine. Gonzales was unable to hold down their rivals the King City Mustangs in the Big-Little game. King City won 27-12. 'E K 1 W K L I S Q- '1 w , g Q .A 5 J , -...M . ,-., -if 1, , . yn 2 , , if . , . .Hx Y ,wx - ,V A H ,f ..' Who's go: the football? HONORARY CAPTAINS 'L N-num A - 1 aff?- X 'Nu ar- it Y ' l You're after the wrong man! Q-xiii 2 E i, 1g JAMES AVECILLA CHARLES DUNCAN ROD ROPER j .k K K nn! A X wk- W V - 5 1, x W u 2. wg. M .L .NWN ,iw V. . ,Mi .... . .., J ' A N - I kkkk - :Ng -ll - ' 5. J .f 'SW Q ' W iw i S ,z, qw, ' ,. A 2 '1 -- W V iz. ' A X " NW? A -Q x A . A MM A A , .. K fs ' Q' , fy A-1,.11f,g..zxf is I f 'f .3555 W A A A , . 1: K A Q A ...:. Q A . Q . - ' 5, '--- w'e.y-1 "fam Q. x Al ,N . . .. , K N f A -1 AQA ' I ' ' -A ff 'llli-if-iQ1.,w? 9' W1 31' f i- - A A 1 ii- ' ,,,1,,s, .Kx. -Vx 'zgifrzw f ix..-W - V , '- 'f' AQ X' A A A .N N' . Wg: . V ' , V A :Q W A M , zr, ff-fn: ' N 1 , ik-, J A A ' A A . wi . , ..X. . Q11 V .:,, , f ra, .ff-g.:1 ' f -:R ' .Lji" . :zwj '- f- '- , ,., X' ' M- ' J . A -- -' A i f A- f M' w' A -. A " , : " -b 'A 'Y' , ' ff ' " H - f 1' .M u ,,.-233, , . -wg, , , -Q-- " A - ' - . ' X, ' 'ffl J fr f x fy x xNfA gi" I fx" K, 1 " A - M ',?rM""v"?v-lug' tant- f F N Ax A 'W mm' WMS Q A A A A A ' james on the run- Time out for a snooze . . . funior Var ity Football Top Row: Larry Hooks, Artie Velasquez, jerry Bandy, Charles Durham, Mike Panziera, Angelo Ventura, Mike Robbins, Allan Murphy, Manuel Torres, Manuel Robledo, Benny Estigoy, jim Hall, Mike Correa. Third Rauf: Larry Baze, Ernest DeBelle, Leonard Ortiz, Richard Garcia, Bruce Baldwin, Mike Brenzikofer, jim Cox, Louis Ortali, Henry Resquir, Mr. jay Cornwell. Second Row: Manuel Rosalez, Ralph Chavarria, jim Boekenoogen, Harlan Butler, jim Goad, Ken Sanks, Steve Burns, Charles Gott, Sam Pepper, joe Velasquez. Boltom Row: Manager Alfonso Meza, jesse Cadena, John Sanders, Leo Torres, Coy Bearden, Bob Saunders, Butch Rianda, Gilbert DeSantiago, David Guzman, Manager Ysidro Macias. The Spartababes highlight game of the season was the homecoming game with Pacific Grove. Gonzales trailed 19-0 at the end of the first half but came back in the last five minutes of the game to tie the score 19-19. Verne Gutierrez and jay Cornwell coached the boys to a record of three wins, three losses, and one tie. Butch Rianda and Manuel Rosalez were elected honorary captains by their team- mates. The scores of the league games were as follows: San Lorenzo 14-0, Hollister 12-55, Gilroy 6-0, Live Oak 34-0, King City 0-14, and Pacific Grove 19-19. HONORARY CAPTAINS fa, X , - fr., , , . if Manuel Rosalez Butch Rranda in-. Go, Butchie! Pile-up fi was-uf 591913359 R 1' w As good as Tackled Touchdown!! Two Down . . . Tackle him Var ity Basketball Top Row: Glenn Cooper, jerry Decoto, johnny Hooks, jim Johnson, Norman Rianda, Michael Iverson, Coach Verne Gutierrez. Second Row: Donald Stacey, Larry Blomquist, jim Cox, Noel Walker, Kichard Garcia, jim Boekenoogen. Bozzom Raw: Manager Manuel Raras, james Avecilla, Troy Bearden, Joe Montes, Manuel Benabides, joe Sargenti, Manager Douglas Morasci. Gonzales, one of the strongest teams in the B-league this year, wound up with third place honors having won 6 games and lost 4. The Spartans had three varsity returning-lettermen: Glenn Cooper, jerry Decoto, and joe Montes. James Avecilla, Larry Blomquist, and joe Sargenti were the lightweight lettermen who moved up to varsity. Glenn Cooper, Gonzales 6'7" center, was chosen for the All-CCAL B division first team. Mike Iverson, a boy who showed much improvement this year, was elected honorary captain by the team. Seniors who played their last game at Gonzales were: joe Montes, Jerry Decoto, Norman Rianda, Mike Iverson, James Avecilla, and Glenn Cooper. ' Honorary Captain, MIKE 1vERsoN if 155 Pg 51 .L,, A -gi A.,, I J g 2.131 r gg , , h W "3 H RH f If V,1. if 413 5. 1 M' ix ,, ai A, A ?,,v X N , . 1 X X X , 2 ,gb i- -51 K' f iv x 525 gp, A . ffl' Eg' 5 as Jw. ,,,k fx" fy if if M, A., ,ff if P:-V7 if 'age w ' l 5 ,X in , w , E as 1 was 5 zv- Q W :W aff ki Lightweight Basketball Top Row: Coach Jay Cornwell, Eddie Blanco, Phillip Chavez, David Guzman, David Galvez, Coy Bearden, Emile Riancla, Tommy Davalos, Manager Allan Murphy. Bottom Row: Manager Douglas Morasci, Ronald Decoto, Manuel Rosalez, Bob Saunders, Gilbert DeSantiago Ken Sanks, Steven Burns, Erasmo Segundo. The Spartababes had a very successful season this year. A 6-4 record tied them with Carmel. Boys who played first string throughout the season were: Manuel Rosalez, Gilbert DeSantiago, Tom Davalos, Bob Saunders, Steve Burns, Erasmo Segundo, and Phillip Chavez. Erasmo Segundo was chosen for the All-CCAL second team and was also awarded the free throw trophy for having the highest percentage. Tom Davalos was elected honorary captain by his teammates. Honorory Captain TOM DAVALOS kj. L sf QQ f wr ' if ig. , - qv, ' 1 1 3, I .XR v-A.: ikw 9 V -I li 1 , m "M ' ' A K- - A 4731-T Y f-sf , . E Ns l D 1' , 4 f f ' f . . A . : V' ,M fu H. ,fi ,fb ff rf vQ'mx Q -4 nf? A 475 - .353 9, 1 k ,Q 5, S 'Sv is ' g..f g N13 1' .lf A ,3 A fm .1 Wre fling Slunding: john Sanders, joe Velasquez, William Fitzpatrick, Charles Gott, Sam Pepper, Rod Roper, jim Goad, Tom Lashley, jerry Bandy, Ken Thompson, Mr. john Wennergren. Kneeling: Simon Valadez, Norman Selva, Ronnie Berti, Benny Estigoy, David Magias, Artie Velasquez, Bill jones, Larry Berti, jim Ellis. Sitting: Ysidro Macias, Manuel Torres, Richard Correa, Mike Correa, Alfonso Meza, Lewis Carter, George Navarro, Santos Esrigoy. Approximately thirty boys engaged in organized wrestling this year. The overall statistics of the team improved greatly this year due to the fact that many of the wrestlers had one year of previous experience. Gonzales participated in the CCAL League which included Gilroy, Hollister, Sali- nas, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville. Rod Roper was named the most valuable wrestler of the year. MOST VALUABLE WRlfSTl.liR Rod Roper 1 'Iggy-ex .M A new hold? Roll him over . . . if ,f l ViCf0l'Y! A tired winner 1 u. ., V -h X -5 Pm mmf Dudgc him - 'LX Baselwall Top Row: Mike Dominguez, Manuel Torres, Joe Torres, Manuel Raras, Terry Handley, Don Stacey, Coy Beardon, Freddie Correa, Ralph Chavarria, jim Hall. Second Row: jerry Bandy, William Fitzpatrick, Charles Duncan, Troy Bearden, Ken Sanks, jim Ellis, Eddie Delgado, john Gallardo, Phil Chavez, Leonard Ortiz. Boflom Row: Angelo Ventura, jim Johnson, Glenn Cooper, Bill Fitzpatrick, Ernie Delgado, joe Montes, Paul Chavez, Tommy Davalos, joe Mena. The baseball team got off to a roaring start this season by taking the Consola- tion Championship at the Monterey Tournament. To date the Varsity has won five league games and lost one. The Spartans are now leading the B League. Seniors: Charles Duncan, joe Montes, and Bill Fitzpatrick who have all earned four stripes in baseball, and Eddie Delgado and Glenn Cooper will be playing their last season of baseball with Gonzales. The top pitching of Troy Beardon with a 5-0 record and Charles Duncan with a 4-3 record, the strong hitting of Bill Fitzpatrick, Paul Chavez, joe Montes, and Troy Beardon, and the outstanding fielding of Paul Chavez, Bill Fitzpatrick, Phillip Chavez, and Troy Beardon have been important factors in Gonzales'S success. Outstanding performances so far this year 'have' been: Charles Duncan with 12 runs batted in and two shut outs, one being a one hitter, joe Montes has 12 stolen bases, and Bill Fitzpatrick has hit five doubles. The j.V.'s have had a good year as they have won most of their games. Track ,,.,...i, I K ' L Top Rauf: Mr. jay Cornwell, David Macias, james Avecilla, Richard Prader, johnny Hooks, jerry Decoto, Jim Cox, john Morton, Sam Pepper, Jim Goad, Charles Gott, Larry Berti, Jerry Cowger, Mr. john Wennergren. Middle Row: Manager Allan Murphy, Mike Dominguez, David Guzman, Benny Estigoy, Lewis Carter, Stephen Burns, jon Baldwin, Joe Sargenti, Jerry Harvick, George Navarro, Keri Thompson, joe Velasquez, Jesse Montez, Douglas Morasci, Bobby Saunders. Bozlam Row: Ronnie Decoto, Gilbert DeSantiago, Santos Estigoy, David Galvez, john Sanders, Erasmo Segundo, Larry Blomquist, Bob Bosio, William Fitzpatrick, Don DeBrouwer, Emile Rianda, Artie Velasquez. Even though there weren't many on the track squads, Gonzales had a fairly successful season. The Varsity made a substantial showing at the small meets but was unable to come through at the big meets. The lightweights however had a good year in both small and large meets. They placed fourth at the Big 8 Meet. Freshman Lightweight David Guzman leaped 7112" at the Big 8 Meet to break Gonzales's high jump record which he set early this year at 5'8". David and Butch Rianda both took first places at the Big 8. jerry Decoto, the only four letter man in track, Cephas Daniels, Larry Berti, and John Morton are seniors who are in track for the last time. x "rf Q uf., -. ,nf A ' -7--qv g 'mf 'H 1,4 4 41 il 1- Q 3 . q, gi 5? airw- gt f Aexv- " 4J X Q 5 Q' .. ' ' M L 2- " Q A ' ri i SL ! r Q if x 25 X Q Q - 5 A Q . K as ' 5 l K 1 ' T 'JW' .............,.-...- ,k "' ,ff-'-X ,.,f+-.1., f5:g f iw K .. x,LL . A. f - --L- Af , , , . K - . ss- . .- 'U - N e 4 V "Z, y . jr ,Lx ..-. 6 M 1 f -.... .1 ' an "M ' v-'J-Fi' 21. 'fs fl -f. R - LZ.. ,J 'H - vm: ur . ,J LW- . 4. I 59" 5. . 4. 1 , hm :f.r:xz1 ,,i'fZ,f. ,sr H I , ,J + . . X pax ff t---Q , ig f. x-,rl .,,, , mi. W' A .Q 7 i K K Qs, i K f K W Zi .... L . . 1 , f 1 - 4 ff' A ' ' 1 , M LVLV , ,, ,., . , ,M .,., EQ, - -X ,- ,,,m. ,- K... . . ,.,, . ' - ff . - we Awww., i -fM'NE4ffwA1f -3 4, if zgfkifiv-f N241--..-14,-i.,,,..:,V rw-nv.. ,ax - Q-Q, f -- wa s fy-. Vg .4191 W . - fm, - -fn . ,- - ,.-,.,,,.. - ,:,,,,-4-gg. Q4 pk .arf .' " as wx , we M 3 1 y i P Vv Q W , it AW 'h , ' fl . f ,i .. 5 2 '-IW TW? -if 14 -I-, x' - X-44" -X ,, 'i 14' W x x Q ii Af. 1 Q V . . ':f : 1' - A , , x , ' L , Q 3 5 - - ta .. An. 'fx' '." 1 .ff SL M, my ., 'TI P 9 F ff? E1 .. f .,,h, - , i 1 L I ' ' ,Quik H I C ' . 5. QV - WH! ' ,, X ,ik K t' Y 8 Aix LL ., V gg W' xl'-Q? V 4 x iinleihffz -Yr' K f :K -in X km. k A A: A I ,M I I . 'ffggy V , 1 n L iaZ A ,fm-.ff Q. gf s , A Q SD' :'k. M ' Vi 2 H 21' K ? r' IF Q A . AW A ' I .sk K I K n ' 4' if ' I 5 ft A ,:,,!,,,,ifag,f,, ,4Z,.f Q4 . A www , 5 w w, X f WL. A., XA L - sn ' K Boys ' Intramurals TENNIS TEAM 'e .W if57' i' A if f ,Hera -"' k L A I. i . 7 - . 1 . A .L-7 , S , , Q , i , I ' . EW if V7 -Z lj gr , -- E : an if - S17 Q ' -H if I K ,L 'gi' A "QfiM l- 1- i i i JW 7.9 ,ii 5 'Z Q digit ' A K..' ,'.. if E l l A 'W - , ' f A' if . N A A . S , A Q L ' 1 . V.A,V- 1 - . ' : X - - S 'V ii' lffs W. I . J' , , 4 N A . gig YY L. , Air f Q1 K' K 53' '1 --"- 1. V , ' F 'W - e wwrlli . S N' 135- f r , W' , .,w ,.f,n xi ' 'E i- yi.: if ' " 'ff i A 'I , +2 '15 if 1 5isX'- -" 1 r A . Rope Climbing Champ Bruce Baldwin FLAG FOOTBALL CHAMPS fr, , LE ,K pg I , si 3 1 ? V iiii ' a Top Row: joe Sargemi, Bob Amaral, joe Barrera, David Macias, Lewis Carter. Bolmm Raw: Ernie Delgado, johnny Gallurdo, Paul Chavez. 5. Q11 ,, 'r Top Row: Larry Fisher, Buddy Piearcy, jerry Cowger, Noel Walker, Richard Garcia, Larry Baze. Boltom Row: Howard Stephens, Bruce Cheney, Stuart Gronningen, Manuel Rosalez, l fy' 'H .-is Z? l, ,ig A Q 1' Rope Climber Hurlun Butler - , L iw .S - K sa, A 2' rf! 'E BASKETBALL CHAMPS C ' il ' m, h 1 j i D li l A C if! 5 it . 7 Y A A ' EYE N , V V K i Lkhh S .. ,. V in C fAA A Top Rauf: Alfred Ortiz, Bobby Bonincontri, Manuel Arroyo, Douglas Morasci. Bottom Row: Don DeBrouwer, johnny Morton, William Fitzpatrick. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS mfzzs--nz ' Top R.ou': Bobby Bonincontri, Alfred Ortiz, David johnson, Doug Morasci. Larry Berri. Bollom Row: William Fitzpatrick, Don DeBrouwer, Johnny Morton, Charles Adamson, Don Baze. Girls 'Intramurals The past year, under the competent direction of Miss Judy West, the Girls' athletic department has enjoyed a memorable year. The Physical Education Program promotes physical development as well as sports- manship. Much enthusiasm was shown in speed-a-way, basketball, volleyball, and softball. The individual sports program, badminton, archery, and tennis, was enjoyed by all. The memories of this year will not be forgotten. Playday, which was held in King City, was enjoyed by all those who attended. Admiration is extended to the girls for their wonderful cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. These three factors accounted for the pleasant and healthy atmosphere throughout the entire year. SPEED-A-WAY CHAMPS gist , ta, Q M A ,.,, y . l ir P Tap Row: Sandy Salmina, Gayle Delirouwer, Peggy McLaren, Sandra Twisselmann. Gloria Morisoli. Bottom Row: Yvette Salvador, Karen Allen, Captain Judy Salmina, Natalie Munoz, Ruth Dacpano. BASKETBALL CHAMPS Q MM 3 ' fl I "-.. A ii if Top Row: Betty Ramus, Joann Sanks, Susan Handley, Lupe Holquin, Cookie Ricca, Marilyn Brazeal. Bottom Row: Kitty Teves, Elizabeth Santillanes, Captain Carol Sue Burns, Celia Peclroza, Karen Lipsky. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Paz Verela, Marilyn Leavitt, Beth Juri, Mary Beth Higginbotham, julia Magana Carmen Rios, Connie Velasquez, Helen Ochinang, Marcie Ynostrosa. All- CCAL Football i 1 :::"1.f: 3551, psrtfzs. -,tgaf - 33 A , aff? :ESV ,,,. H :. U ' X L. 'Q . ' M m,m,.. L . w f iktlEf3f52S5::2fff'Yff' ' ' . , . 'IE LQ 7- j - Q fi an V ' I li IH Q .,Z1 Zff' I y ,. 'L'-51' . A ,,:E 2 , ,.,, 'fZ'l. zh I. . " f l ,1 Charles Duncan, lst team james Avecilla, 2nd team tail t . Mu E I 'f 1' 1' K M joe Montes, 2 nd tea Mg, -. 17 5 X ..,,, all Basketball ., - E ll 1 . -I f M , 1 , ,ffl ll .. Rod Roper, 2nd team Manuel Raras, Honorable Mention Glenn Cooper, lst team, Varsity Erasmo Segudo, 2nd team, Lightweights r3cmizc1TfonS X 1 XS X x X maint Council The Student Council, under the guidance of Student Body President Rod Roper, revised the Student Body Constitution and adopted rules for the operation of a Supreme Court. The addition of the Supreme Court to the Constitution was the biggest insertion made in the Constitution. The Council also helped to put on exchange talent shows and assemblies, and installed new boards in the senior benches. Other jobs undertaken by the Council were: establishing a rally trophy, fixing the school record player, designing a school victory flag, and planning for the excursion to the Record Hop, Television Program. The Student Council also played host to King City at a joint student council meeting and several members of the Gonzales council attended the three CCASC meetings. Sf.1mIin,q: Ronald Decoto, Freshman Rep., Butch Rianda, Soph. Vice-Pres.g David Baker CSF Rep., Cephas Daniels, FFA Pres.g Olivia Meza, CCASC Rep.: Susan Wilson, Head Rally Girly Karen Allen, Annual Ed., Nancy Franscioni, Head Maioretteg Helen Gott, FHA Pres., Beth iluri, Girls' League Pres.: Sandra Twisselman, GAA Presg Donna Cotta, Girls' Block "G" Pres.g Don DeBrouwer, CCASC Rep. Seated: Gilbert Dc-Santiago, Freshman Prcs.g Stuart Gronningen, Soph, Pres.3 Bob Amaral, junior Pres.g Norman Rianda, Sr. Pres.g Susan Handley,Secretary: Rod Roper, Pres.1XX!illiam Fitzpatrick,Vice-Pres.g Irene Radavero, Treasurer: Clara Jasmin, Business Mgr.g Cookie Ricca, Head Cheer Leader: joe Montes, Boys' Block "G" Pres. ROD ROPER WILLIAM FITZPATRICK President Vice-President SUSAN HANDLEY Secretary tuclent Body Ufffcer IRENE RADAVERO Treasurer CLARA jASNlN COOKIE RICCA Rmim-QQ Af-mvmpr NMA r'k-.,.. 1..,...l.,. Annual tag Top Raw: Judie Pepper, Beth Juri, Marie Ricca, Susan Handley, Judy Salmina, Karen Allen, Nancy Franscioni, Irene Radavero, Kitty Teves. Second Row: Aileen Taylor, Sandra Twisselmann, Nancy Yoda, Ruth Dacpano, Natalie Munoz, Vivian Gallardo, Alexandra Garcia, Clara Jasmin. Bollom Razr: Mary Olivas, Carol Wilsrun, Norma Rodoni, Sandra Salmina, Donna Raines, Sharon Witek, Gloria Morisoli. Nancy Fmnscioni, assistant editor, Judy Salminn, business nmnager, Karen Allen, editor. This year's annual will serve as a book of memories for you to have now, and for many years to come. I sincerely thank Mr. Weigel, advisorg Mr. Alcantara, photographerg Mr. Santos and the journalism class for all their help with the 1959 Spartan. -Editor. - , I pal' an L' L 0 nussmw. ssrr. 11. ness eoxzsnss Umor: man scrroor.. eonziusss. csurommi vowm: a. Nurissri' 1 Student Body Officers .iclent Body President Rod Roper, seated, is surrounded by xer student officers. Lett to right: Susan Handley, secretary: okie Ricca, head yell leader: William Fitzpatrick, vice pres- ent: Irene Radavero. treasurer: Clara Jasmin, business manager. SPARTAN HI-LIFE lished bi-weekly by the Iournalism ss ol Gonzales Union High School er the direction ol Mr. Santos. TOR ..,... DONNA COTTA LINESS MANAGER . . BETH IURI .TURES ..... KAREN ALLEN, SANDY SMITH CULATION . . . SANDY SMITH URTS .... IUDY SALMINA, ROD ROPER, BETH IURI 'ORTERS .... AILEEN TAYLOR. WILLIAM FITZPATRICK, CAROL SUE BURNS, SUSAN HANDLEY W.. Message from Mr. Force It gives me a great deal of pleasure to welcome all stu- dents, old and new, back to Gonzales High. One thing that particularly impresses me is the fine spirit and 'en- thusiasm that is annarent I .,,, I .ieifii Enrollment Hits All-Time High ot Gonzales High School Enrollment at Gonzales Union High School has reached an all-time high-442. Last yea.r's peak en- rollment was 425-in early October. "We expect the enrollment to reach at least 450 this year," stated vice-principal Les Weigel. X f f 'E A V -I are 9 1: , e l ,H :..'-: ,,. sz' ,,,ss' 'Si I' Mr. Dim Santos, ntlvisur, Donna Cotta, etlitnr .. .. ..l be un- :ugh ities. used ' in- mes. and here able the s 1 the -1-ash. .S to irate stem firess off will Sl.u1tIn!,h: Donna Cotta, Clmrlt-s Atlnmson, XX'illi.1m Fitzpatrick, Rod Roper, Susan Huntllcy. Ailt-cn laylor. Smfwl: Cowl Suu Burns, S.xnd1'.1 Smith, Karen Allen, judy Sulmina, Beth juri. 23.165 ICPIUDUIILULAVCB tl! s' and Boys' State held in 'amento. Don and Mike were tally city officials and the ding was held to illustrate vil wedding ceremony. me purpose of Boys' and s' State was to teach the a and girls attending more -luuy cannula auu ucuuc uuran- tro. They were all divided into cit- ies and set up city governments. Three cities made a county and all the counties combined made a state. All three have returned to Stanton, Fred Keeble, and George Rhoda. The construction was done by Tomblesbn and Huck. Looking Ahead Sept. 18 -- Tomorrow As usual, the freshman class is the latgest, with 147 members The sophomore class has increas ed from last year's 100 student: to 130 students. The junior class has decreased three student: from last year's 85 to this year': 82. The 83 students in the sen ior class constitute the largesf senior class Gonzales has eve1 had. Classes are Crowded Even with the addition of one teacher to the faculty this year the classes are still crowded Typing, arts and crafts, and in- dustrial arts seem to be the big- gest classes. The Agriculture classes are the largest in years To furnish better transportation a new Gillig bus was purchased this year to replace the old bu: driven by Mr. Jay Cornwell. Ap- proximately 300 students ride the busses. 'Greater emphasis is being placed on providing an enriched program in all subjects, partic- ularly in mathematics, English, and science. To graduate now students are required to have one and one-half years ol mathematics and three and a half years of English. Also one year of science is required. Barn Dance Date Changed to Fall The annual FFA Barn Dance, which is usually held in the spring of the year, has been changed to the fall. The date has been set for November 14. The committee of FFA boys is working very hard to make this dance as successful as the others have been in the past. It was changed because the FFA has too many activities in April and May. The Father-Son Banquet will be held in its place. The boys who receive scholarships will be presented with them at this time. ford. Girls ' Bfocie 'G ' Top Row: Cookie Ricca, Sandra Salmina, Karen Allen, Nancy Yoda, Beth juri, Ruth Leavitt. Third Raw: Kathy Duran, Remie Colantro, Natalie Munoz, Rachel Moreno, Susan Handley, Irene Radavero, Carol Burns. Serond Row: Donna Cotta, Helen Gott, Ruth Dacpano, Josie Perez, Carmen Florez, Aileen Taylor, Miss Judy West. Bqzzom Row: Alexandra Garcia, Vivian Gallardo, Angie Dominguez, Elizabeth Santillanes, joan Sampaga, Rosemary Sakay, Sophia Gracia. The Girls' Block "G" started off a very successful year by writing a new constitution which contained a new award system. One of the most important factors of the new constitution was that all the girls can now get white sweaters on which to wear their blocks. The first activity of the year was the joint sponsoring of the Freshman- Sophomore Tie-up with the Boys' Block Other activities sponsored by both clubs were a well-attended Homecom- ing game and dance, a grammar school track meet, and a grammar school basketball tournament. Cake sales and noon dances pro- vided the funds for our annual banquet held over on the Peninsula. A joint Bar-B-Que was held at Arroyo Seco to end the year's festivities. GIRLS' BLOCK "G" OFFICERS Burk Row: Remie Colantro, Athletic Managerg Alicia Raras, Sgt at-arms, Susan Handley, Sgt-at-arms. Fmnl Razr: Ruth Dacpano Vice'President-5 Donna Cotta, President, Sophia Gracia, Secretary Josie Perez. Treasurer. Boys 'Block 'G ' Tap Row: Mr. Clair Burns, Glenn Cooper, Michael Iverson, jerry Decoto, jim Cox, Norman Rianda, Rod Roper, Bruce Baldwin, David johnson, Mick Pere, Stephen Burns, Noel Walker, Bobby Saunders, jim johnson, joe Sargenti. Third Row: johnny Hooks, jim Boekenoogen, Terry Handley, Don Baze, Tom Lashley, Coy Bearden. Ken Sanks, Charles Gott, Larry Blomquist, jim Goad, Troy Bearden, Phil Bassetti, Douglas Morasci, jon Baldwin, Larry Berti. Second Rauf Eddie Delgado, jim Gnesa, Charles Duncan, Manuel Arroyo, William Fitzpatrick, Don DeBrouwer, Manuel Ortiz, Bob Bosio, Tommy Davalos, Ernest Delgado, Richard Garcia, Richard Prader, George Albertoni, Bill Fitzpatrick, joe Montes. Bottom Row: Butch Rianda, john Sanders, Manuel Rosalez, Rudy Mora, Paul Chavez, jim Ellis, Mike Teves, Charles Adamson, Bill jones, Manuel Benabides, james Avecilla, Manuel Raras, Simon Valadez, Leo Torres, Mike Dominguez, Erasmo Segundo. The Boys' Block "G" is composed of boys who have lettered in one of the five major sports, football, basketball, baseball, track, and wrestling. The objectives of the organization are to promote sportsmanship, citizenship, and good will at Gonzales High School. The Boys' Block "G" in con- junction with the Girl's Block "G" sponsored the annual basketball tourn- ament and track meet for the grammar schools. The two clubs also held a very successful Homecoming, and at the end of the year, a successful Bar-B-Que was held at Arroyo Seco. jerry Dt-coto. Secretary-Treusurerg james Avecilla. Vice'Presidentg joe Montes, President, Don DeBrouwer, Historian. GAA Fifty-three members, led by president Sandra Twisselmann, helped make this year very prosperous for the Girls' Athletic Association. The GAA, under the guidance of Miss Judy West, was able to raise the treasury from 32.00 to 380. In order to become a GAA member, a girl must accumulate 60 points by playing in intramural sports or officiating games. GAA OFFICERS Upon receiving 250 points she then becomes Anna Jo Gadd, Secretary, Joann Heffington, Treasurerg Sandra . v U U Twissclmann, President, Lupe Holguin, Vice-President. 21 IT16IHl3CI' of the Girls BlOCli G . hr 'rap Row: Miss Judy West, Charlotte Brazeal, Peggy McLaren, Gloria Medina, Sandra Twisselmann, Vangie Ynostrosa, Jean Richards, Catlicrint- Grisetti, lda Barraza, Rosemary Cornejo, Norma Rodoni. Third Razr: Marilyn Leavitt, Judie Pepper, Felisa Aquino, Mary Villugas, Lupe Holguin, Celia Pedroza, Terralyn Rich, Patricia Patton, Sandra Salmina, Mary lieth Higginbotham, Gayle Delirouwer. Svrmld Razr: Alice Perez, Brenda Piearcy, Joann Huffington, Priscilla Perez, Sandra Smith, Anna Jo Gadd, Sandra Sanders, Adela Flores, Johnnie Mat- Gabriel, Patty Valadez. Bertha Lopez. Bullrml Rllllf Carltlcne Patterson, Charlene Patterson, Joann Sanks, Susan Barlow, Julia Magana, Sylvia Ortiz, Yvette Salvador, Joyce Dacpano, Annie Garcia, Frances Ramircr, Frances Garcia, Norma Scvillo, Second semester officers: David Baker Vice-President Jim Cox Treasurer Irene Radavero President Carol Sue Burns Secretary First semester officers: David Baker Vice-President Clara Jasmin Secretary Irene Radavero President Donna Cotta Treasurer The Gonzales Chapter of the Calif- ornia Scholarship Federation had a very successful year under the direction of Mr. Hubert Pierce. Among the many activities of the Federation were the holding of the fall banquet at the Spindrift in Monterey, the sponsoring of a dance in December, the raising of money for clothing and food for needy families in foreign lands, and the partaking of ditch-day held at Paraiso Springs. First semester officers were Irene Radavero, Presidentg David Baker Vice- Presidentg Clara Jasmin, Secretary, and Donna Cotta, Treasurer. Leading the spring semester members were Irene Radavero, President, David Baker, Vice-President, Carol Sue Burns, Secretary, and Jim Cox, Treasurer. Tap Rout Manuel Raras, Terry Handley, Howard Stephens, Jim Cox, Stephen Burns, Fourlb Row: Larry Blomquist, Craig Burnett, Jan Jacobsen. Stuart Gronningen, Manuel Rosalez, David Baker. Third Rout: Mr. Hubert Pierce, Virginia Martinez, Idolina Diaz, Peggy McLaren, Karen Lipsky, Sandra Twisselmann, Carol Sue Burns. Seward Razr: Donna Cotta, Terralyn Rich, Clara Jasmin, Susan Handley, Irene Radavero. Bollom Row: Julia Magana, Jessie Meza, Carol Weigel, Kitty Teves, Alexandra Garcia, Susan Wilson. The Gonzales Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was the most active organization at Gonzales high school. The annual Barn Dance, held in November this year, was one of the most success- ful dances of the year. Among the other activities sponsored by the FFA are the Father- Son Banquet, the FFA Fair, and various noon dances. Susan Handley was chosen Chapter Sweetheart for this year. OFFICERS Mike Panziera, Reporter, Butch Rianda, Secretary, Bob Saunders, Treasurer, Cephas Daniels, President: Phil Bassetti, Vice-President, Charles Gott, Sentinel. Besides preparing their displays and entries for the Salinas Valley Fair and the Monterey Fair, the boys also partici- pated in and won many land judging and Parliamentary Procedure contests. Three Gonzales FFA members were elected to South Coast Regional offices. Primo Baggiolini was chosen president, jim Muscio, secretary, and Phil Bassetti, reporter. Cephas Daniels, Gonzales Chapter president, served as regional treasurer this year. Top Rou Don Perez, Larry Berti, Jim Goad, Charles Gott, james DeBelle, Glenn Cooper, joe Sargenti, Lee Twisselmann, jim Muscio Primo Baggiolini Tbifd Row: Cephas Daniels, Bob Saunders, Charles Duncan, Coy Bearden, jim Boekenoogen, Troy Bearden, Phil Bassetti Frank Bleskens, jon Baldwin, Ben Doughty. Second Raw: Ken Thompson, George Albertoni, Louis Ortali, Mike Panziera, Glenn Henry Bob Delgado, Cipriano Arroyo, Tom McClure, Ronnie Berti. Bottom Row: Nick Saldivar, Mike Whitten, Mike Fransciom Butch Riandu, john Grisetti, john Maestri, Leland Vosti, Gene Winkler, Mr. Earl Penix. ,. 9 -J .5 ,, K :..: '- . .k,k- w X ill! , X . S sf .Q :PF I 8,5 FFA Events 'x'qw"vslc:fW 7 f Q lg: EW, 3 YQ ' E l"""' fi if 'li' A " E 4 neu NWNJ' Lv 'UE' X , Q . . . A XJ 4 if V 3 , A: V , ' K YV' ' 4 , . ' l '. 1 ll X . . Q "' A K ' 1 4 ...QT ""i 3 X W ,.-,BA a , 'Q .f S f 5 f FH. ,, fi 3 l l . 'gal ' Qi M . 1 , A X V ,A , , g 11' f . J . dmv , - .. K If " fif l I Q if W' ' 3, 22' , r - iw ,lik al, if .M . ' Pig Scramble nQ 'F 71,4-K KA Jr 2 ,u A :wr V--'F .ffl very. ., - . , lx l, , ,. . .L -g...-.- - -, t--. ..4:H "f-'flaw "-- ":::' :rr Y runs, vqwiii - , pn.. ,Rn ' .L--. N322 ..,.,:5 .. in-... .z....- mi-ff lf-4-A .:-Si. X-l...: .ax f E fsrix' xx Barn Dance STUDENT TEACHERS fi' lsr Sem. - Mr. Neil Lilibridge 2nd Sem. - Mr. Lonny Merson FFA Sweetheart - Susan Handley L-'Y FFA Fair The Future Homemakers of America, under the leadership of President Helen Gott, participated in many activities this year. The FHA filled many Red Cross boxes for needy children in foreign countries and sponsored aMarch of Dimes dance. Several of the members attended a Section IV meeting in King City while the officers went to the executive meeting in Salinas. Sharon Witek and Judie Pepper took part in the FHA Convention at Asilomar. For recreation, the members went skating in the fall at King City and swimming at Bolado in May. The club also participated in the Salinas Valley Fair at King City. Many girls entered food and clothing in the individual exhibits as well as working Anna jo Gadd, Secretary, Sandra Sanders, Vice-President, on tho Gonzales FHA booth display. Helen Gott, President, Kathy Duran, Historian, judie Pepper, Treasurer. Top Raw: Bernardina Rivera, Geanie Jones, Betty Ramus, Idolina Diaz, Nancy Hollibough, Phyllis Fink, Cynthia Beesinger, Emma Wilhite, Barbara McRae, Diane Blomquist, Ruth Leavitt, Mrs. Norma Rianda. Third Row: Pat McRae, Judie Pepper, Mary Beth Higginbotham, Patricia Bitton, Marcia Anderson, Virginia Martinez, Dixie Polastro, Rosalia Chavarria, Barbara Chappuis, Charlene Richardson, Treavous Sutltlertlt, Joann Huffington. Second Row: Helen Gott. Mary Villegas, Alice Perez, Sondra Henry. Priscilla Perez, Sandra Sanders, Kathy Duran, Anna jo Gatld, Mary Ann Knudtson, Sonya Whitten, Bottom Row: Patty Valadez, Nancy Yoda, Beverly Amaral, Gail Hook, Sha'l'on Witek, Laverne Carter, Susan Barlow, Sandra Fuller, Dorothy Colantro, Lupe Rodriguez, Norma Gadd. Girls ' League Top Row: Beth Juri, Judy Salmina, Karen Allen, Carol Sue Burns, Marilyn Brazeal, Penny Schadeck, Barbara Bandy, Gloria Medina, Jean Baeskens, Jennifer Schadeck, Beverly Redfern, Remie Colantro, Nancy Yoda, Mary Villegas, Alicia Raras. Sindh Row: Judy Adams, Cookie Brazeal, Peggy McLaren. Judy Wilhite, Karen Lipsky, Sandra Twisselmann, Marcella Armer, Cookie Ricca, Susan Handley, Irene Radavero, Aileen Taylor, Olga Garcia, Olivia Meza, Joan Fernandez, Rachel Moreno, Natalie Munoz. Fiffla Rout June Bryant, Vangie Ynostrosa, Rosie Castro, Jean Richards, Catherine Grisetti, Cynthia Beesinger, Mary Ann Hawkins, Felisa Aquino, Janice Morris, Maria Larez, Rosemary Cornejo, Ida Barraza, Eleanor Garcia, Carmel Talavera, Lupe Robledo, Bobbie Knutson, Nancy Hunter, Fourfb Row: Celia Pedroza, Margo Ortiz, Gloria Lopez, Lupe Holquin, Terry Rich, Sonja Wliitten, Brenda Piearcy, Sandy Smith, Carolyn McCrary, Harlene Maidwell, Patricia Patton, Sandy Salmina, Connie Velaquez, Ruth Glass, Rosie Barela, Olivia Talavera, Carmen Rios, Jesse Meza. Third Rauf: Caroline Urquidez, Janet Bergeron, Carol Simon, Norma Sudderth, Charon Meginness, Joann Sanks, Juanita Esteban, Gloria Luna, Adela Florez, Johnnie Mae Gabriel. Pat Valadez, Sylvia Moreno, Mary Dominguez, Emily Arroyo, Dolores Galvez. Second Row: Mary Magana, Julia Magana, Clara Olivas, Lupe Untalan, Mary Savedra, Bertha Lopez, Charlene Patterson, Carldene Patterson, Carol Weigel, Kitty Teves, Gloria Morisoli, Irene Aguilera, Andree Pere, Jeanette Moreno, Rachel Barrera. Rita Marquez, Donna Raines, Christine Ventura, Angie Dominguez, Annie Garcia. Boimm Razr: Vivian Gallardo, Alexandra Garcia, Mary Olivas, Sylvia Ortiz, Yvette Salvador, Joyce Dacpano, Theresa Medina, Mary Torres, Laura Avecilla, Sylvia Moreno, Frances Gracia, Frances Ramirez, Gloria Sakay, Helen Ochinang, Carol Wilscmn, Frances Barela, Ruth Dacpano, Joan Sampaga, Libbie Santillanes, Rosemary Sakay, Sophia Gracia, Sue Fitzpatrick, Norma Sevillo. The Girls' League, with approx- imately 15O members, is the largest organization on the campus. Among the various activities of the League was the sponsoring of a Christ- mas party for all the girls in school, presenting a food basket to a needy family in Gonzales and Soledad, and holding a Hat Dance in April. Eleven girls attended the Girl's League conference at Santa Cruz in November. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Ruth Dacpano, Vice-President, Natalie Munoz, Treasurer, Beth Juri, President, Judy Salmina, Secretary: Carol Sue Burns, Sgt.-at-arms. cience Club . fwg f F, Top Row: Idolina Diaz, Dixie Polastro, Mick Pere, jim Boekenoogen, Emile Rianda. Middle Rauf: Mrs. Roby, Ruth Leavitt, Nancy Hunter, Celia Pedroza, Susan Handley, Adela Florez. Bolmm Row: Sandy Smith, Marcia Anderson, julia Magana, Joann Sanl-cs, Mary Olivas. A pre-medicine and pre-nursing club was organized this year by Mrs. Claire Roby, a registered nurse and teacher at Gonzales High. All students who were interested in nursing, laboratory science, dentistry, medicine, or veterinary fields were welcome to join. The purpose of the club was to give students interested in medical careers an insight into the field of medicine. OFFICERS Mick Pere, Presidentg Susan Handley, Secretary. J .11 .rf 'V A555112 Q W r f usic F7 Q 'JN E Kff,,,,,.' Q wg Band Tap Row: Bill jones, Ruth Leavitt, Erasmo Segundo, jim Adamson, Lee Twisselmann, joe Cadenaz, Senon Valadez, Celia Pedroza, Nancy Hunter, Dick Smith. Semuf,1'l?rm': jim Ellis, Mick Pere, Bryant Dustin, Gary Baker, Stuart Gronningen, David Baker, Weltran Smith, Larry Barlow, Balmm Rmr: Kitty Tcves, Donna Cotta, W.illy Mills, Carol Wt-igel, Terry Handley, Mike Franscioni, Don Baze, Felisa Aquino. Sandra Smith, Andree Pere. Kneeling: Carol Sue Burns, Nancy Franscioni. In October, the Gonzales High School band traveled to Palo Alto to participate in Stanford's Band Day. The band members were among the 3,500 musicians who took part in the half-time ceremony of the Stanford - Air Force Academy football game. The band also participated in the Christmas program and music festival during the year. Six band members were chosen to represent Gonzales at the annual Coast County Honor Band festival in Monterey in March. Homecoming Parade Pep Band Honor Band U- Bark Row: David Baker, Felisa Aquino, Stuart Gronningen. Front Row: Donna Cotta, Sandra Smith, Kitty Teves. M a 'orette Slfmdiug: Kitty Teves, Carol Sue Burns, Andres Pere. Kneeling: Head Majorerre Nancy Franscioni. 'KT M ixecl Chorus Top Row: Bertha Lopez, Olivia Meza, Olga Garcia, Gloria Medina, Vangie Ynostrosa, Erasmu Segundo, Bill Fitzpatrick, Ken Sanks, Manuel Arroyo, Christine Grccn, Carol Wt-igel, Clara Olivas, Mary Savctlra. Swo11c1"Rozi': Frances Ramirez, Helen Holguin, Ruth Glass, Ruylinc Dustin, Dim Perez, Iirltlif Blancu, ,lim Ellis, Manuel Iienalaitlcs, Arturo Garcia. Sylvia Mnrcnn, Annie Garcia, Lupe llntalan, Nancy Yuila. HUIIUUI Row: Hulcn Cclcya, Alice Dnmigucz, Mary Torres, lilizalwctli Santillancs, Miles Panzicra, Raymonrl Lnpuz, Larry Fullcr, juan Sampaga, Rosemary Salcay, Sonya Wliitten, Ruth Dacpann. Honor Top Row: jim Ellis, Frasmo Scguniln, Kun Sanks, Larry Fuller. Semrld Rout Vangic Ynostrusa, Patty Valatlcz, Donna Curia, Marcia Andcrson, Marculla Arnier. Boflom Rout Ruth Glass. Ruylinc Dustin, Carol Weigel, Sylvia Murcnn, Annie Garcia. Girls ' Chorus Top Row: Beverly Redfern, Edua Perlaky, Gloria Medina, Barbara McRae, Maria Larez, joan Fernandez, Betty Ramus. Cookie Ricca, Mary Villegas, Judy jones. Third Row: Marcella Armer, Marcia Anderson, Patricia Patton, Marcie Ynostrosa, Olivia Talavera, Ida Barraza, Martha Villegas, Dolores Gonzales, Clara Olivas, Laura Avecilla. Serond Row: Charlene Richardson, Treavous Sudderth, Ruth Glass, Helen Holquin, Aldora Rodarte, June Bryant, jean Baeskens, Mary Cazaras, Jeanie Garcia, Sharon Meginness. Bottom Row: Lupe Untalan, Elizabeth Santillanes, Angie Dominguez, Patty Valaclez, Christine Ventura, Frances Gracia, Helen Celeya, Rita Marquez, joan Sampaga, Rosemary Sakay, Dorothy Colantro. The girls' chorus and mixed chorus, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Axup, presented their annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. The choruses also performed for the Soledad Elementary School students in May. In February, fifteen singers from Gonzales, were chosen for honor chorus. The honor chorus is composed of students from mixed chorus and girls' chorus, who have exceptional vocal talent. The final activities for the two groups were the singing for Baccalaureate and Graduation. A great deal of preparation was required for each performance. Cheerleader' Standing: Yvette Salvador, Sandra Twisselmann, Sandy Salmina, Ruth Dacpano. Kneeling: Head Cheerleader Cookie Ricca. Rai y Girls Smznfirllq: -Iulmnic Mau- GLll7flL'l. He-.ul Rally Girl SllslL'Wils4rx1, Slmrun Witck. lx'm'u1'ir14q: VIuyccD.xCpa1nu. Mascut B.ll'l5.lI'.l Silver. Donna Raines. 3' -T' ' -1-111-ii, lm? 0 lt me Q AMES -3 O f if fuif W if Af 5 bf f 6 QW enior Hildegarde Sally . . Jimmy . Bobby . Production Stage Crew Makeup . Publicity . Tickets . Director "WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE" . Carol Burns . Ruth Leavitt . . john Morton William Fitzpatrick CAST Mrs. Dolson ..... Sandra Sanders Freddie . . . . . . Rod Roper Ellie May . . Christine Green Mr. Dolson . . Don DeBrouwer jill . . . Kathy Duran Mrs. Sherman . . . . Cookie Ricca Paize . . . Anna jo Gadd Mr. Sherman . . Ray Rodarte PRODUCTION STAFF . . . . . Donna Cotta . . . Jon Baldwin, David johnson' Helen Gott, Irene Radavero Donna Cotta, Ray Garcia . Donna Cotta, Norman Rianda . . . Mr. Hubert Pierce "MY POOR FREDDIE Pay Is Hildegarde ready for the Prom?" "There's a big black bass in the bathtub! "Fr6dCli6!" "Stop it, Bobby! Stop it! ! !" - . 'Slew'-.i.f5fi . 'Q if "Now, you listen to me . . . "Oh, Freddie, you look wonderful" junior x, E -,.:i gi? 1 . . 1 7- 5' ?' if a Q, , fY 'L 1 Z if s H' . .Ei I THE SHOW IS TONIGHT Mr. Peters . Child . . . Stage Manager Catherine . Betty Lou . Betty jane . CAST . . . Howi1rdStephem fl xi' Bob SllLllRlL'IS Barbara Bundy Donna Raines Shirley Tipton Sonya Wfliittt-n z ,. 5, ...-4 -Q ,mwf ll i , it I .L -7 .ai Tv . Wf M.. 's'2f?ht, its-if? 9 16 2, i:.,,- , W-fwrf , it l, gigyi, f 441+ gi w,m,i,, J . ,, . ,I-H ,fi . w f -' 'm-. ig are .5. . ,-vw'--:ft ,A if . ' .. -yfigryzf'maxi-:2k.,i taiwig 5- ' , gf , -' .f-eww' .,,af+eq:Qg:Z-5-sg:tinkzh-fam, "Will you he mine?" "M0mmY. MUWWYVI H omecomz V' QM , 3. W funim' Prom f ..' LIVE, "Jia, A -I 3 f X'x.4..,,,.!f4"' "Ag' ' sl!!! v K Q lu 'x .Af ghw ,X C 4 , .. , .-91.5 Barn Dance My 2 Q ff U , il A. A , X 3 K QF' . Zi "J,-f ,K wk 4? ' 133 Ma f f ., f am. AG' if ZZ 2. I x , s '-3 J 1 1 . L: gif, A ,W-A ' A. Hgigx f ,, . ,. 5.0 1? T 1a..N 3 ,A L " ' . ,K lv 3 3 N - - l ,QQ '- Barn Dance Parade GRAND VXABIQEBS DUNLAP EORD SALES TELEPHONE ORioIe 8-2408 Ton FRONT STREET Percy H. Dunlap SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA TOM HAMBEY LUMBER COMPANY One Sfop Cenfer for a Complefe Line of Lumber 0 Hardware 0 Millwork 0 Building Supplies Phone ORS-246I - Free EsTimaTes Furnished SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Bank Service Since l854 Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion SOLEDAD WAREHOUSE COMPANY LUMBER WAREI-IOUSINO BEANS SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 SOLEDAD PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC CO. - PLUMBING SUPPLIES - ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES - DAIRY SUPPLIES ERNEST GNESA TELEPHON E OR8 2630 If you like Halian Foods Come To Us PASOUALE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT P. TonInI, Prop. ITALIAN DINNERS 0 PRIVATE BANOUETS 0 ROOMS TELEPHONE OR 8-9963 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA JACK PRADER REAL ESTATE R INSURANCE REALTOR TELEPHONE HA 4-482l 22I SALINAS STREET SALINAS CALIFORNIA EOM. gi- 94119291 S A X 5 1095 320 MAIN ST X ., H'-un-aura .ex Q A' fi Q sf, 1 ,la . ,.. if 4s,7'm ' W 1 . Ng , f JOHNSON MOTOR CO. BUICK - PONTIAC OMC TRUCKS GONZALES CALIFORNIA i I! D999--A ' if-7:.lI1,. f VOSTI REPAIR K ui Nw., . 'Lysym' ?"3"-N ., 4' ' 1-, ii .murzj -fr ,, I HSEQML. -,. I. ' ' v' T" H M.-S. , . Jaan-fr.. ' '.JE"f'if5Isw:,,,w ,M 81 HARDWARE SUPPLIES River Road - Phone O55-3344 Hardware 0 Plumbing 0 Elecfrical AUTO SuppIieS ' Aufo Repair - . My Surface Pipe and Balinq Wire OONZALES CALIFORNIA A ' IL Garcia Saddlery CO. I f fi SADDLES fr D' SILVER MOUNTED BITS AND SPURS I 1 I . LEATHER GOODS ,4 -QW, NEEDLE, TELEPHONE 5975 32 W. GABILAN STREET Elf I J CZQMQ LWL, Ti I, TOLAN CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE INC. ALISAL AND MONTEREY NT' 3-.XT ,. SALINAS,CALIFORNlA OLDSMOBILE TELEPHONE HARRISON 4- 5457 X 1 The Lineup M' V.. . 'w A-+A aw 'Qi QQ ' QQ 'Q - ik-. 7 Betty Crock at Wnrrk 1 ' Q, V. , iw: fi E .X V :ly V M,-G, 5 , , .p..-., , f ,A ' ' - 'A ,. 5 Q- E. ,. xx! s Duh, it's coldl! ! I'm the Fuzz ! Ni- Lag Here I am . . . Backer and his wumun BuchoIz's Dream Car 6' RIO. UJ- PAT. OFF. COCA-COLA BOTTLINO CO. SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Congrafulafions Io Ihe Class of '59 FELMAN'S MENS WEAR CLOTHING QUALITY EOREIVIOST l62 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA STU RDY OIL CO. DISTRIBUTOR OF QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS I-IA 2-88OI I5II ABBOTT STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA EMILYS SI-IAKES 0 SUNDAES 0 CANDY SANDWICI-IES 0 SODAS Open Affer All Foofball Games PHONE Os 5-3-+5I OONZALES, CALIFORNIA 1 5 Q "---gjm, Q. as Something must be funny Olaly Y Y ,1',,, ,:q. , V U' 'QW Huy, you Y L ' ,V H -V yn... . 1 , Dodge Twins Whz1t's Buggin' her! E vi 4 A , , W" M I ,lata cihil-CIL1-Ch.l Tha' gang Y Culifornidsfuvorite , homoqenlzed 3 -I 0Id8n rf Q state Q 1 milk Q ei State uumocfmzfn F F Q I Mini M .. I N xv, ygy J SALINAS PHONE HA 4-I844 CALIFORNIA SAUNAQ VALLEY SAWNGS i. F ' II9 Eaifiiilii Siie iiinCaIuIornia Lim. Telephone HA 4-I82II SIMM, W, Swami 1,025 XFOII J' CompIimenIs of DIAMOND SPECIALIST gERY 6 EQUIPM NH3 Sxlngumsx - naman Q RV E COMPANY SF IC Sfafionery and Office ws cave. 2 6' olvwso , oonzmss wwnnew MAIN. XPAYMENT EqU'Pmef'f snmvs 0, ,X PLAN , O5 5'3"'8I Typewrifers o RenIaIs SALINAS 261 Mum sneer PHONE HA 'Mah' HA 4r57'6 35I Main Sfreef S I' C If ' G mos O I Umm Salinas CaIifornia P 81 P MEAT MARKET "We Feafure Top Grade IvIeaIs" Frozen Food Lockers Processing OS 5-346i GONZALES. CALIFORNIA When in CI1uaIar iI's RENO Good Mixed Sandwiches Cold Drinks I Banquefs I PHONE OR 9-8994 TRIPP AND RENO WATCHES - DIAMONDS PARKS JEWELERS PHONE HA 2-0866 570 E. AIisaI Sfreef Salinas, CaIifornia ,.-,,,, .. MAVA W.,,,-W. .,.. .M A AL. i Y. , EIL Qffiw ffifi- W ' f "i i MM, .... . 551 t . ww., . ,.,. -uw W ' 1 ....u.....,,, M ,Lm,,. ,,,,W,,,, 1: i . 3 is i U 5" , j , Q. Q V V' g 3631- 'M' 5 i in A 4. A ,QKQQ 4 f gl " 4 1, , 4,,,,.,K Q X! 70" r , . '- 'I i 2:22235 K , 'I 1 u A I i , Y , Our Pc-p Club P -L 1-I-ni Wimc-rc's the lumix! 'mai' W, ,J xc. if Don't cross me Y aw-...Q i, 3 ,W ' 'V i .. 'K . , , f'?fk'1l7'jl?A .QSM .W . . M...m..M ,kg , ,Q i,w,,, .QQ Ar W-,....,,..,ww- L. Q i.fgr'f,,Qyi ...... Help! the Baton's too heavy -Mg..." gf Charge i i Poor Mustang DJ. 8: j.S. Siesta 'X i The Cfififs Such Coordination Future Leaders 'S L: PX LVYINV Yi gi A 1 ,Uv 6' A 7 6710, 2512666 U06 r ,.f"' ' Dfmiclu Maiorcttes Verna Rnd ' fx 55 Q5 Q00 FFA J . I ' Cx, 717' , J Qlm X vb 4,6 'C 5,51 Future Activities ,Q ri wed vw' ' 1' ,,. "R 's X X i P31-ta i Q Leiaeis 4 , LE T 5' 'N A,,, ., 1. '91, K Q5 ,ff 5 7 A I S xx I It g I ,E if . N 5 1 ,- A A 'Q y ' ll 5 ' iv ' kt'Kk N X 1. L K, 3 A Homecoming Queen- Kenna Morris TURNER'S. PHARMACY The REXALL Sfore AUSTIN F. TURNER, Proprielor TELEPT-TQNE 055.3643 GONZALES, CALIFORNIA BERRY'S FLOWERS lTurner's Pharmacy. Aqenfsl We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Harry and Mable Thomas Telephone 488I TELEPHONE HA 4-4881 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA I-IAYWARD LLJNBER COMPANY l'lArrison 4-8075 ll ABBOTT STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Custom Building Welding Blacksmithing eoNzAu:s cAuFonNiA . Warner Machine S p Hmm IPIRIIINIGILIE mmon co. . 'Caterpillar and Cat are Rnginorsd Trademarks ol Caterpillar Tractor Ca. SOLEDAD BAKERY We specialize in Wedding and all occasion calces FRONT STREET PHONE OR 8-224I . 55 ,,M,,f ,A ,,,xu,..., mm... pn 'fx or SOLEDAD TRADING POST owner, MARIE TREADO - AUTHENTIC ANTIOUES - FURNITURE, DISI-IES, COLLECTORS ITEMS 'ISEE Us FOR BARGAINS" 983 Fronf Slreel Soledad, California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS CHICAGO PRINTED STRING COMPANY WESTERN PLANT 8I5 Wes? Marlief Sfreef Salinas. California HARDWARE GIFT WARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES DUTCH BOY PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GONZALES HARDWARE CO. Fourfh Sfreef Gonzales Telephone OS S-3555 PERE'Si HARDWARE DRY GOODS PAINTS SHOES PHONE OR 9f23I6 CHUALAR, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS BOTILL'S MEN AND BOYS' STORE "We specialize in all Types of clolhing, shoes, and sporfs equipmenf for 'rhe High School Sfudenff' 41h STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA HARDWARE 0 HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 0 TOOLS PAINTS 0 PLUMBING 0 ELECTRIC SUPPLIES GONZALES LUMBER CO. EILDIN x ci STREET ooNzALEs PHQNE 055.3316 l'iUINL'lI1.lkC'l uf "VJ" HIL' Buys F 5 w. .LW ff Q Ronin RU xx.ls n'lc.m for upnn IIUIINK' Antlvc XYI'L'N!lL'I'N' WWI -wi f , 1 Q is 3 S mu. Ambntiuus Sm-r11u1's Lurrlp f..llAPk'I1lL'l'N A., xi fa .Q ,.t,.. i A CkI.lflIIM'II 3 lmuk .lt ilu' limhful UI1t'llI1fllCL'I1Li fiffle .glwifzszfancf ALTA STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA ALEX ALCANTARA Your Spartan Annual Photographer PORTRAITS 0 WEDDINGS 0 COMMERCIAL Front Street Telephone OR 8-2754 Soledad, California HArrison 2-5328 9678 NORTH MAIN SALINAS, CALIFORNIA OSborne 5-3678 JIM SALMINA THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA S O ' Congratulations to the I ALI AL FL RIST ' Class of 57 Free Delivery . Ph. HA 4-3959 C. E. BAETSCHEN SCH Wm, Service Open until 8 P.M. Sundays GLEN ROSS Dealer and Holldays Telephone OR 81777 Telephone OSborne 5-344I 77 Sanborn Rd- ' Salinas. Calif- I67 Main Street Soledad 400 Belden St. Gonzales, Calif Soledad Cleanem I sPRousE-REirz co.. INC. DEL CARON "We Cleon with Core- Everything You Wear." Telephone OR8e2725 - V. H. Davis Corner Ook C1 Monterey Streets, S0Iedod,ACoIifornio Congratulations Dresses 0 Sportswear Seniors FRONT and SOLEDAD STREET SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA Telephone HA 2-6522 929 So. Main SI. - Salinas, Calilorn I 3 ' DICK FELLOWS LUTZ JEWELERS PATTON'S MARKET U.S. Soft Water Service Fine Watch Repairing Prompt 81 Courteous OR 8-245' SOLEDAD 653 E. Ansel Street Service Salinas, California Plwone OR 9-233I Chualar. Ca TeIepIwone Salinas HA 4-7656 SoIedad OR 8-244I CI'IuaIar OR 9- AFR ' LIFE INSURANCE ' REAL ESTATE ' GENERAL INSURANCE W. J. RESCH W. D. RESCH THE SPORTSMAN SALINAS' PIONEER SUPPLIER TO OUTDOORSMEN PHONE HA 4-43II 249 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA FRANK LEONI SHEET METAL WORKS Everyfhing in II1e SI'meeI Me'raI Line FURNACES AND HEATING SYSTEMS SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY 0 FRANK LEONI, Prop 0 P. O. BOX II62 PHONE ORB-2749 I STATE AND OAK STREET 0 SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA GONZALES FAMILY GROCERY LOUIS NOGHERA, Prop. PHONE OS5-3645 GONZALES CALIFORNIA MITCHELL SILLIMAN COMPANY GRAIN ' BEANS ' ONIONS Modern Bean Cleaning Our SpeciaIIy Warehouses aI SaIinas and Camphora M. B. FOWLER CONCRETE PIPE IRRIGATION SYSTEM MANUFACTURING - INSTALLATION . MAINTENANCE . P. O. Box 838 MELVIN B. FOWLER GonzcIes, California Res. Phone ISI-W TeIepI1one OSS-3436 King Cify, California 23I2 svn wQmrHTMWf vWPfWwWrV'H' "WWM A makin: if ami: xiii: Archniecf. ROBERT STANTON. A. l.A. FRED KEEBLE 8: GEORGE RHOUA. Archifidl BEST WISHES 'FOR CLASS OF '59 TQMBLESQN ev HUCK, unc. 'GENERAL CONTRACTORS SAL I NAS J. A. JOHNSON 81 SON We Specialize in Manufacfure and Repair of Local Farm Equipmenf WELDING 0 BLACKSMITHING 0 PORTABLE EQUIPMENT Paul Johnson Telephone: HA 4-5 I 34 - Res. HA 2-0270 637 Abboff Sfreel' SALINAS CALIFORNIA TI-IE LADY SHOP QUALITY FASHIONS 343 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA SOILSERV INC. Agriculfural Chemicals SALINAS: HA 2-6473 INSECTICIDES o HERBICIDES o FUNGICIDES o SOIL FUMIGATION PETE SALMINA BUILDING CONTRACTOR SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA FIQANICS MARKET GROCERIES -- VEGETABLES Phone OS 5-3688 Gonzales - FREE DELIVERY - 0 .,,. ' ' .K K Y- F E, EEE' F.N.FRANSCKNN S' . Eamh llxrb .QX E,E 5 s,iRoix EEEfE N ?5j l2E EEQfEE mm1Q'QQijayr? BUH1NN6 CONTRACTOR E E I . I A , Phone ORHM ' BO' 'W 7 EEE: SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA mei. 'RI -. 4-, im amos. :xl . Xi f- I SAM YOP BUILDING CONTRACTOR PHONE Os s-3477 . sox IRI jx ,kf.kC. ,Q i- , GONZALES CALIFORNIA Gordon-lVlCBeatl1 Hardwood CO. FINE HARDWOODS FOR SCHOOL WCOD SHOPS Teleplfmone GLads+one 2-2657 2727 - 65'rl'I Sfreef Sacramenfo, California HOTEL JEFFERY "FRIENDLY" COFFEE SHOP SALINAS CALIFORNIA AGRO FERTI LIZERS JOHN PRYOR COMPANY Phone HA 2-5307 P.O. Box 266 SALINAS ' AUTO ' FIRE 0 BONDS 0 LIABILITY ' HEALTH 81 ACCIDENT ' PACKAGE POLICIES I ALL TYPES OF GENERAL INSURANCE FOR THE HOME OR FARM , .. ,, ,, A. H. CLARK and RENO BRESCHINI OR 8-2650 OR 82920 545 FRONT STREET, SOLEDAD INDEPENDENT SAVINGS and Loan Associalion if AT THE TIME AND TEMPERATURE CORNER 400 Salinas Sfreel DOWNTOWN SALINAS HArrison 2-5356 VICTORY COFFEE SHOP "The Place Io Eat" Congrafulalions, Seniors WILDE'S CUSTOM SHOP KING'S FOOD MARKET Groceries - Fruils- Vegefables Meal - Wholesale Meals P. O. Box 857 0 Phone OS5-3628 Alla Streef Gonzales P. O. Box 243 Gonzales Gonzales California AUS STORE FOR MEN CQNGRATULATIQNS Congra+uIa+ions. Seniors HATS a sHoes DR, KRAFT DR. JAMES H. PETTEY RIDING TOGS 0 FURNISHINGS 2I0 Main Sfreef Salinas SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA I 330 SOLEDAD ST. SOLEDAD l'l. L. PRIDDY CO. "EveryIhing for Ihe House" SPECIALIZING IN WALL TO WALL CARPETING HArrison 4-5796 NATIVIDAD AND W. LAKE STREETS SALINAS, CALIFORNIA SALINAS MOTOR PARTS Complele Machine Shop Service ELMER SGHEIZA RES. HA 4-44I7 SGHEIZA BROTHERS 329 MONTEREY STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA LOLA'S DRESS SHOP Personalized Service Alferalions Telephone OR 8-2493 52I Froni SI. - Soledad, California We Give S 8: H Green Siamps PIEARCY FLYING-A-SERVICE PHONE OR 9-2436 P. O. BOX 245 CHUALAR. CALIFORNIA Ulla 9-UQZZEEE FINE FOODS- CATERING ALTA STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA OIiveTTi TypewriTers - Adding Machines p STaI'ionery - Office FurniTure a 1 a v TYPEWRITER COMPANY ZI3 Main S'rreeT "CornpIe're Office OuHi+Ters" Phone HA 4-2525 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS LACEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY 935 FRONT STREET Monferey CounI'y's Oldesf SOLEDAD Congrafulafions, Seniors LOVE'S THRIFT STORE 24 FOURTH STREET FRED'S MEAT MARKET I ww CAN BE YOURS I3 Fred 84 Freddie OUALITY MEATS GONZALES CALIFORNIA Phone OS 5-3604 ' 4th 81 Alia SIS SOLEDAD H PHARMACY "Your Rexall Drug Sfore Feafuring Fine Shoes Since I9I8 NafionaIIy Known Brands" SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA 338 Main Sfreef ' Salinas 3IO Broadway SIree+ ' King Cify ATTHE... JEANETTE BRASSIERE SHOPPE Sole Manufacturers of "JEAN-BRA-ETTE" THE DIMENSIONAL BRA Also STRAPLESS and GIRDLES AII Garmenfs Carefully Fiffed 904 Pari Row-Valley Canier Salinas - Free Parking TYINAN LUMBER CO. PHONE HA 4-22I6 242 E. ALISAL STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Complimenis of THE GARIN COMPANY SALINAS CALIFORNIA E L . .1 - .- .."' "-Q" If 'S I 2 v. fp ... Q :L 5: - - I cn.: crave -ucv M-M-M-Miglify Good utrice Timds n. 23I MAIN STREET If E55 Congraiulalions fo Ihe Class of '59 RECORDS - I-II-FI INSTRUMENT-S Bring your yearbook in and receive IOCX, off on one record, Hi-Fi or lnsirumeni purchase GADSBY'S MUSIC CO. SALINAS, CALIFORNIA i FREE TRAVEL CONSULTANTS Air-Sfeamslwip Tour Reservalions World Wide Passporl 81 Visa Service ,A PHINNEY-McGINNIS TRAVEL SERVICE I-IANS KIESSLIN6, Manager MAXINE RAINES, Secrefary Sally Blanco OS 5-3848 SALLY'S STYLE SALON Open From 9 a.m. 24 Fourflw Sireef Gonzales CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT BUREAU OF SOLEDAD 'il' Phone HA 2-889I -H pays +0 pay prOmpHy- 342 MNN STREET SAUNAS 406 Main Sfreel Salinas OR 8-2956 Soledad California 8 Subscribe now fo flue DEPARTMENT STORE Salinas California Phone OR8'2675 Wedding Invifafions Soledad California DICK BRUI-IN 356 Main S'rreeI' Salinas, California SOLEDAD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE STORE APPLIANCE - FURNITURE TELEVISION - RADIO CANEVASCINI BROOKS SOUZA PHONE ORB-2451 I36 DIXIE STREET SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA WESTCOTT MOTOR COMPANY S+andard Merchandise 0 Dependable Service CHEVROLET SaIes and Service O Phone ORioIe 8-262I SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD MERCANTILE COMPANY Your Shopping CenI'er in Ihe Salinas Valley HARDWARE - GROCERIES - DRYGOODS MEN'S FURNISHINGS - TOYS - GIFTWARES BOYS and GIRLS WEAR and SHOES Disfribuiors for INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Trac+ors -- Trucks - Farm Equipmenf GeneraI Merchandise -- OR 8-2644 Paris 8x Service Depf. - OR 8-2645 IQO7 Congralulalions Gusfav Eberhardf, M.D. SI-IOP and ECKHART SEED CO. WHERE BEAUTY IS James FasseH, M.D. Lmnon mme, UNSURPASSED Gonzales California Salinas Phone HA 4-4297 OR 3-2493 L . SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA TRAVELERS' RESTAURANT EVANS For The Besl' Meal DRUG STORES SIDNEY HUGUENIN TO' Your money. 409 MAIN 823 EAST ALISAL CM' Enqineef Margaref and Jens A. NIelSen SA!-'NAS' CALIFORNIA Fourth Shea, Gonzales I4 Four+h Sl: 0 Gonzales, Calif. I SHOE REPAIRS CONGRATULATIONS Fasi' Service - Qualify Work Prader Bros. - Rud and Eddie Richard Handley' M, D, SHOE PALACE GROCEIIIES - FRUITSYO QIEGETABLES JAMES F- CORBA- P'Op'lel0' Fm'2.,ifffffd J,.lf1i,l.?OODS Soledad California, as FOURTH ST. GONZALES Gonzales P'-W 055-3066 Gamma I'IAWKIN'S MARKET "Don'+ ask if we have i+ Congrafulafions To The Senior Class GONZALES MACHINE AND FORGE WORKS ln Iusf aslc where if i " . W WSII Rianda Arnold Pisoni MEAT MARKET S e ializin in Qualify Illiafs aid Produce I-YDIA and ED FRANSCIONI 'A' CHEVRON GAS STATION Sas FRONT STREET SOLEIJAD SOLEDAIJ CALIFORNIA L"b"C"'On Same TIRES 0 BATTERIES C ACCESSORIES Conqraiulaiions CONGRATULATIONS DR. O. I-I. Nusz SHOE STCRE 'F v Shoes and Shoe Renewing Gonzales CGIIIOHIIT Soledad California S F' a d ' ALISAI- gjl-ITSELSTERY FduI:TaITioSeRvIice NATIONAL DOLLAR n STORES GEO- F- HUMPHRIES GOLDEN STATE ICE CREAM Where Your Dollar Buys More Propriefor ' . Always BeH'er Values Here Telephone HA 4-9304 Soledad ' Ca"lO""f' u 257 man sfmf 8II EAST ALISAL ST. o SALINAS 5"""'s C"i'0""' BOOKS - BOOKS - BOOKS - BOOKS CARDS PRINTS VALLEY BOOK AND ART SHOP 960 PARK Row I-IArrison 2-929l sALINAs, CALIFORNIA 1, JOAQUIN BONDlE'I'I'E-CHEVROLET Service for Economy "SO NEW FOR '59" PHONE OS 5-3454 GONZALES, CALIFORNIA J. M. ELECTRIC CO. COmmercieI CAMILLA SARINA, Prop. STAN LISK lndumial Women's X4 CI1iIdren's Wear S 81 H Green Stamps SPORTING GOODS Residenfial OS 5'33I0 GONZALES Phone HA 4S445I TeIepI'1one HA 2-78I9 I6 E. Romie Lane Salinas, CaIiI. M2 Kings S+' . Salinas Camo'-ni Congra+uIa+ions Io +I1e Senior Class SALINAS CALIFORNIA DAYTON-JOHNSON SEVIERIS L. E. JOHNSON PET CENTER W Dresses ' IvIiIIinery ' Accessories JR. - REGULAR - HALF slzss GARDEN FEED SEED Real Es+a+e - Insurance PETS FOODS 'A' FURNISHINGS PHONE HA 4-3938 26 San Miguel Ave. Salinas ' Valley Cenfer P- O' BOX 450 5aI"'aS 1049 SO. MAIN ST. sALINA Congrafulafions STANDARD FURNITURE CO. CompIeI'e Home Furnishers I-Ieadquariers for Lane Cedar Chesfs PHONE HA 4-4522 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA I X, C x QQ QQKRXXXT all iiil i, 1 9 PHONE OR8-2660 SOLEDAD BEE Prinfing and Publishing Office Supplies Vern Rice Disfribufor TIDEWATER OIL CO. HA 4-7702 ad SALINAS. CALIFORNIA MISSION GROCERY Serving II'1e Mission Disfricf wi+I1 Oualify FRANK RICCA OR 8-25I3 Soledad THE TRIANGLE CO. W J ALLEN . . ' ' of Cenfral California 81 SON JONES za JONES Plumbing PAINTING 'CONTRACTORS ' 'NSECWDES Plumbing - Healing , PER-FILES Hardware and Boysen Painfs SOLEDAD U AGRICULTURAL PHONE OS5-39II KING CITY M'NERAL5 Gonzales California GONZALE5 PHONE HA 4-4843 320 Wesf Marlref Salinas. Calif I-lELEN'S THE NATIONAL SOLEDAD CORSET SHOPPE IFormerIy Frances Malnlerl HA 2-I765 439 Salinas Sf. Salinas, Californ DEPARTMENT STORE TELEPHONE OR 842774 SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA FRENCH LAUNDRY EDMOND COURREJOU, Prop. Phone OR 8-2263 i Soleclacfl Sfreef J-Soledad SOLEDAD TIRE SERVICE Tanlcersley 84 Peverini Owners EXPERT RECAPPING ' EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE Phone ORioIe 8-22I2 960 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA HOME DEPARTMENT STORE Everyfhing in clofhes for fine whole family S 81 H GREEN STAMPS Phone ORioIe 8-22l5 SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA AL'S BARBER SHOP Congralulalions. Seniors SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA I VINCENT'S BARBER SHOP Weelcdays 2:30 - 9 Safurday and Sunday 9 Io 9 Closed Monday G-ONZALES CALIFORNIA Congralulafions DR. CLINTON BRYNER SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA MARVEL CLEANERS Well Cleaned - Well Pressed is Well Dressed 'A' FEATURING Knlf Blocking by Georgia 15' GEORGIA and AL BISHOP ' 434 SALINAS ST. SALINAS IT PAYS TO PATRONIZE YOUR ANNUAL ADVERTISERS n v L0 L 1 a "" :M , .- is 4 !3,' .:- 'E .1415 ug,-y 11-N Tfi :ivy .I W 47: br 1 1' . L w . .14 .' - '4- .. ll ,. 1 f. 4 .x .5 . gi ,gg AE ,I H Ai ' 4 1 K, T '?E'G3 , ,egg . Di , , T32 ,fx f':+r 5- ' . 'F ,ii 5 Q. .Ll 3. . If n ig r ' y 5. L 11 . .. ,. w .1 e i 1 4 S L, .nxvn -5 ff., I . gg ff? 10' .t . .rl-It X wr, 315 , gag--: .v:' - -1 1 k 3:2 Inn . VM ?rY'.E ., A ' -4,:- . ' Q +P 5, , -- ,e Q ' 'E ,-I .f af J. j 'sp , ?A , :E 24.1 315 5: .nj ,fi 1 .,1vl,.i , ,, Q .- n Hag, .L -5 . .5 C -A 12 if X V, -F , 4 ,, -L " ai ?? .- QQ 1 -' ,v 4. L f w N . 1,1 -an. Hg 1 fu Q ': ., QP . :af-22 If . w 1 I , v . 1 . 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Suggestions in the Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) collection:

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Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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