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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1958 volume:

Q: 58 GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL GONZALES, CALIFORNIA Dedication Mr. Lilley, you have been behind that desk as principal of Gonzales High School for twenty-two and a half years listening to the pleas of students, at times curbing their wilder enthusiasms, instilling in them an appreciation for learning, and guiding them to- ward realistic futures. The senior class has had the good fortune of being under your direc- tion these past four years. During this time, although many of us did not really become well acquainted with you, we have always felt the influence of your educational philos- ophy, and respected your firm and fair handling of student problems. We have only to look around the campus to find testimony to your wise handling of the school's building program. In the last few years a new industrial arts building, a modernly equipped music building, three new classroom wings, and a new gymnasium have been constructed, and the construction of a new cafeteria is now under way. Mr. Lilley, we wish to dedicate this annual to you as a small measure of our ap- preciation for the long and dedicated service you have given our school. F JE' ff Administration MR. L. D. LILLEY District Superintendent Principal MR. RICHARD FORCE Vice-Principal '-.. MRS. LILLIAN RIANDA Secretary MR. LESTER WEIGEL Counselor fudenf LINDA ANDERSEN MARILYN COX Student Body President Student Body Treasurer ' l'ii.1.,.Y I ,Q E i i A J AL AMARAL IRENE RADAVERO Student Body Vice-President Student Body Business Manager ,:,5,2z .rv K A 55, ' . 2 . ' .-Q S? g Q , S . ,I I I Q . no S 'H' i w , aj ,rl I K rr 2 I IVY' A rf" I I I ,V : ' , ..kV g. 5 jj!! r'-' I f '4-'-:Ji e C " . , f' 5. I f f , V2 31 5,35 gf - i 1 Q' f :w' eff'F 1 It - 1 ' - W" Z' r.', ' VFW 'ia gf '22 W sr' H is " I " 1 Gi f? . ' ,. A vt -1 DOROTHY SIASON RUBEN GARCIA Student Body Secretary Head Cheer Leader Govemmenf STUDENT COUNCIL The student council, under the leadership of Student Body President Linda Andersen, firmly took over the reins of student government by revising and bringing the School Constitution up to date. On February 26, the Gonzales Student Council hosted the First Coast Counties Associated Student Councils meeting to be held at Gonzales High School. The conference was very successful and benefited everyone who attended it. The Gonzales Student Council, last November 19, was host to King City for a joint student council meeting. In addition to regular duties, members of the council attended two of the CCASC meetings-one at Santa Cruz and one at Gilroy. A E M A ix:-'xmas Nr, ref . . .5 - --if lgff, ,,., , . . 1. 1 251232552 - i . if is f . iv .1 fi -si f..,....m-Wa f . if 8 . .5 .ts 'eff ' if Q ilwmu . ...L . ,, - ., . ,,.. , i 7,46 Q 5 Standing: Olivia Meza, Soph. Pres.: joe Palacio, Boys' Block "G" Pres.: Rod Roper, jr. Pres.: Al Amaral, Vice-Pres.: Ruben Garcia, Head Cheer Leader: Tony Olivas, Sr. Pres.: Pat McRae, FHA Pres.: Nancy Franscioni, Head Majorette: Mr. Force, adviser. Seated: JoAnne Franscioni, Hi-Life Ed.: Wanda Stockdale, FHA Rep.: Cookie Ricca, GAA Pres.: Lydia Santiago, Girls' Block "G" Pres.g Karen Allen, Spartan Rep., Irene Radavero, Business Mgr.: Marilyn Cox, Treas.: Linda Andersen, Pres.: Dorothy Siason, Sec.: Nancy Yoda, Girls' League Pres.: Felisa Aquino, Freshman Pres.g Kitty Teves, Freshman Rep.: Terralyn Rich, Girls' League Rep. Not pictured: Don DeBrouwer, CCASC and CSF Rep.: jim Gnesa, Soph. Rep.: jon Baldwin, FFA Rep.: jane Medina, Pep Club Rep. Board of Trustees Mr. L. D. Lilley, superintendent. Mr. Frank Corda, Dr. Richard Handley, Mr. Roy Twisselmann Mr. Frank Pere, Mr. Ted Salmina Retiring Teachers Mr. Frank Tibbc-tts, Mr. jess Bowers Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Gerald Sampaga, Sgt,-at-arms, Garon Handley, Sgt.-at-arms, Mary jesse Marquez, vice-president Seated 1 president, Wanda Stockdale, secretary Class History With graduation upon us, we find ourselves reminiscing over the past four years and the fond memories they hold. Our senior play, "Bottoms Up!" directed by Mr. Bert Pierce, revealed our in- dividuality in its uniqueness-center staging. "A New England Spinster," "A Cup of Tea," and "There's Money in Witchcraft" were the three one-act plays we presented while juniors under the direction of Mr. joseph Axup. Members of the class of 1958 in the Student Council instigated a Coast Counties Associated Student Councils meeting here, the first such meeting held at Gonzales High in the organizations eleven year history. We remember, also, dancing on a starry-eyed night in the "Garden of Eden," the junior prom. And we smile as we think of Twirp Week when undaunted girls even climbed to the roof tops to catch their boys. We gave the seniors a banquet at the Mark Thomas' Inn in Monterey when we were juniors, and this year the juniors hosted us at the San Carlos Hotel. The 1958 March of Dimes Pie Auction sponsored by our class took in over sixty dollars, three times as much as was collected the previous year. Then there were the knock-down drag-out fights to hold the senior benches, which we participated in as attacking juniors one year and as defending seniors the next. Seeing "Around the World in Eighty Days" highlighted the senior trip to San Francisco. Sunburns and bloodshot eyes were the result of the ditch day at Paraiso Park. Yes, we'll remember the things we've done, the fun we've had, and the studying we should have done. But most of all we'll remember Gonzales High and the friendships we've made. And now, starting down another path, into the wide, wide world, farewell, Goniniles High, and farewell, friends . . . till we meet again. . . . jo Anne Franscioni, treasurer, Tony Olivas ls' MIKE G. ARROYO Band 1 Mixed Chorus 3 Football Manager 4 Basketball Manager 4 Baseball Manager 4 HELEN LAREZ BARRIGA Pep Club 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 2-3 Block G 4 FHA 1 Play Staff 3 AL AMARAL FFA 3-4 FFA President, 4 FFA Regional Secretary 4 CSF 4a Comm. of Activities 4 Student Body Vice Pres. 4 Class Plays 3-4 Lions' Speakers Contest 3 Exchange Talent Show 3 FFA State Convention 3.4 Student Council 4 Transferred from Salinas 3 Thespians LINDA KAREN ANDERSEN Student Body President 4 Spartan Hi-Life Sports Ed. 4 CSF 2-3-4, Life Member Student Council 4 Annual Editor 4, Asst. Ed. 3 Hi-Life Asst. Ed. 4b Annual Staff 3-4 CCASC Rep. 4 Governors Conference 4 journalism Conferences 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker 4 Class Plays 3-4 Variety Show 3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Girls' League. 2-3-4 Pep Club 4 GAA 4 FHA 2 Class Talent Show 2 As Seniors at last FLORDELIS BERCILLA FRANK J. BIIRTI LUPE S. BARELA Block G 3-4 Football 1-Z-3-4 Wrestling 4 HERVE A. BERGERON Boys State journalism Conferences 4 Play Staff 4 Class Talent Show 1 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Transferred from Philippines 4 FFA 1-2-3-4 Student Council Rep. 1-2 FFA 56r1ilflCl4 C1355 Viqe-Pre5, 3 llllfamufal Basketball Champs 5 Intramural Official English Club MARGARET CASTRO CELAYA Block G 4 GAA 2-3 Girls' League 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 MARIE BLANCO Girls' League I-2-3-4 Block G 4 Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Honor Chorus 3 Rally Girl 3 JOSEPHINE A. CELAYA GAA 3-4 GAA Sgt.-at-Arms 4 Block G 4 Girls' League I-2-3-4 FHA 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 VICTOR A. CULANTRO Class Talent Show I.2 Basketball I-2-3-4 Block G l-2-3-Al Intramural Football Champs 3-4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3-4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 Exchange Talent Show 3-4 Band I-2-3-4 Pep Club 4 Show Band 3 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Track Manager 2-3-4 We took over the reins of MARILYN J. COX Student Body Bus. Mgr. 3 Student Body Treasurer 4 Student Council 3-4 CCASC Rep. 3-4, Treas. 4 CSF2-3-4. Life Member CSF President 4a Girls' State Annual Staff 3-4 Spartan Hi-Life Feature Ed. journalism Conferences Lions' Speakers Contest IOOF UN Speakers Contest Class Plays 3 Talent Show 1 Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Honor Chorus 4 4 2 3 4 2 3 2 FHA I Blofk G 4 Girls' League 2- 3 GEORGIA De SANTIAGO JO ANNE FRANSCIONI GAA 3-4 Class Treasurer 4 Girls' League 2-3-4 FHA 1-2 Mixed Chorus 3 Girls' League 4 Majorette 3 Pep Club 4 Transferred from Camden High 2 CSF 3-4, Pres. 4b CSF Life Member CSF Sec. 3b, Treas. 4a Annual Staff 5-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Hi-Life Editor 4 ,Iournalism Conferences 4 Student Council 4 CSF Rep. 4 Class Talent Show 2 Intramural Volleyball Champs 2 GLORIA DAVALOS Class Vice-Pres. 3 Girls' League I-2-5-4 GAA I-2 Block G 3-4 Block G Treas. 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 2-3 Rally Girl 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 5 Talent Show I Variety Show Z ALIZX GARCIA Mixed Chorus -I MARY LOUISE GARCIA Girls' League 2-3--I Band 2-3 GAA 2-3 Intramural Football Champs -I CSF la Class Play 3 Block G 4 MARY PAULINE GARCIA Girls' League l-2-3-4 Pep Club l-4 GAA 1-4 Block G 3-4 Block G Secretary 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Chorus 4 RAQUEL GARCIA Class President I-2 FHA 1 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Block G 3-4 Student Council l-2-5 Annual Staff I-2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Class Talent Show 1 Variety Show 2 Barndance Queen Attendant l Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 student govemment and publication RICHARD GARCIA Track 1-2-3 KX an RUBEN I. GARCIA Head Cheerleader 4 Assistant Cheerleader 3 Student Council 4 CCAL Cheerleaders Conf. 3-4 Pep Club 1.4 Pep Club President 4 CCAL Head Cheerleaders Conf. 4 Q SJ? me WILLIAM L. GERARD MARY ANN' GRISETTI Class Play 3-4 FHA 1-2 Football Manager 3 Girls' League 3-4 BIOCIC G 4 GAA 3 Pep Club 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Annual Staff 4 EFFIE M. HINES Pep Club 1-4 GAA 1-2-3 Block G 4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 TONY GUZMAN, JR. Pep Club 4 Block G 3-4 Block G Vice-Pres. 4 Class Talent Show 1-2 Band I-2-3-4 Basketball I-2-3-4 Honorary Capt. 4 Track 2 Intramural' Volleyball Champs Intramural Baseball Champs 3 Intramural Football Champs 4 GARON B, HANDLEY Block G 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Track 3 Baseball 1-2 Class Pla 4 - Y Exchange Talent Show 3-4 Variety Show 2-3-4 4 Band 4 Class Talent Show 1-2 Mixed Chorus 3 us . . t. .1 . Z Q a RICHARD HOLGUIN Class Plays 3-4 Class Talent Show 1-2 Presented the first play fo SUE HOOKS Class Treasurer 3 FHA 2 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 3 Block G 4 Class Play 4 Barndance Queen Attendant 3 CONCHA A. LAREZ Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-2 Block G 3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Chorus 3 CAROL ANN MADSEN GAA 3-4 Girls' League 1-2-3-4a Pe Club I 4a P v . Annual Bus. Mgr. 4a Class Play 3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4a Annual Staff 2-3-4a LINDA LEE IRISH Class Talent Show 1-2 Girls' League 1-2 FHA 1-2 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Class Play 3 ERNEST U. MENDOZA Block G 1-2 FFA 4 Football 1-2 Basketball 1-2 Track 2 Baseball l Intramural Volleyball Champs 2 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 I 'W MARY JESSE MARQUIEZ Class Vice-Pres. 4 Girls' League 1-2-3--1 Block G 4 GAA 2-3 Mixed Chorus 3 AlANIi A. MIiDlNA FHA 1-2-3 Girls' League 1.2-5-4 Block G 4 GAA 2-3 Pep Club 4 GAA Secretary 4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club Rep. 4 3' -'hav' HORTENCIA M. MIEZA Class President R Girls' League 1-2-5-4 GAA 1-2 Block G 4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 Student Council I-2-3 Class Rep. 1-2 be center staged at Gonzales LEE s.ROY MUNOZ Talent Show 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3 W X' TONY GARCIA OLIVAS Pep Club 4 Class President 4 Block G 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Variety Show 2 Talent Show 1-2 Honor Chorus 3-4 Boys State Mixed Chorus 3-4 JOE MANUEL OLVERA Block G 2-3-4 Track 1-2-3 Intramural Football Champs 4 Band 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus 4 ROSIE I. NOGHERA Class Secretary 2 FI-IA 1-2 Girls' League 3 Class Plays 3-4 Head Rally Girl 3 Rally Girl 1-2-3 Annual Staff 3-4 Barndance Queen Attendant 2 Pep Club 4 Variety Show 3 Lions' Speakers Contest 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 3 JUNE ANN PANZICA GAA 3-4 FHA 1-2 Sec. 2 Girls' League 3 CSF 3b Class Play 3 Talent Show 1-2 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Annual Staff 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Girls' Chorus 2-3 Journalism Conference 4 Music Festival 2-3 JOSEPH THOMAS PA LACIO LUPE ORTIZ Class Vice Pres. I GAA 3.4 Block G 1-2-3-4 Girls' League 2-3-4 PCP Club 4 Girls' League Treasurer 4 Student COUUCII 3-4 Block G Pres. 4 Student Body Vice-Pres. 3 Transferred from Central High 2 Fffefbell 1-2-3-4 All-CCAL Hon. Ment. 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 All-CCAL Hon. Ment. 2 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2 Hon. Capt 2 All-CCAL 2 Honor Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Class Talent Show 1-2 Variety Exchange Shows 2-3-4 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3-4 were honored guests al the ARLEEN FAYE PURA Class Secretary 1 FHA 1 GAA 2-3 Girls' League 2-3-4 Block G 4 Pep Club 4 Class Play 3-4 Talent Show 3 Variety Show 3 Rally Girl 3 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Annual Staff 3-4 SHIRLEY ANN RARAS Class Treasurer 2 FHA 1 GAA 1-2-3 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-4 CSF 1-2-3a Block G 3-4 GAA Treas. 3 Class Plays 3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Talent Show 1-2 A lf GERALD SAMPAGA Class Sgt-at-arms 3-4 Boys' Block G 2-3-4 Class Plays 3-4 Class Talent Show'1-2 Variety Show 2-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3 Exchange Talent Show 2-3 Dance Band 2-3 Basketball 2-3-4 Intramural Champs Volleyball 3, Softball 3 Football 4 CHARLOTTE DORA PFEIFFER Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4a Honor Chorus 3 Girls' Chorus 1-2-3 FHA 1-2-3-4a Annual EFRAIN S. RAMIREZ Intramural Volleyball Champs 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 -'rsh '!.T""" Nqr NICK SEGUNDO Basketball 3-4 Track 3-4 4 Intramural Basltetlwall Champs s 3-4 Intramural Foothall Champ' . Transferretl from St. Vincent Inst, Philippines 2 LYDIA SVSANNA SANTIAGO Girls' League l-2-S Girls' League Vice-Pres. 7 Block G 3--I Pres. -I GAA I-Z Sgt-at-arms 2 Talent Show l-1 Variety Show 3 Stuilent Council -I Annual Staff 3--I Spartan Hi-Life -I Intramural Basketball Champs I Class Play Staff 4 MATT SCHADIZCK Block G -1 All-CCAL Football -l XVrt-stling 2-A.-1 Transferietl from Nanteca 4 Foothall l-Z-3--I Foothall Hon. Capt. -I Block M 1-2-3 XX'restling Hon, Capt. -I 'Y-'if 4. ,f DRINA SFRON llloels Ci -l FHA I Girls' Chorus 3 Annual Staff -I Class Play Staff -I if lntramural Volleyhall Champs 3--l Intramural Basketball Champs -l Intramural Speed-a-way Chan unior- enior Banquet, and constant! DOROTHY Llili SIASON Girls' League 2-3 Student Body Secretary 4 Girls' League Pres. 3 Girls' League 2-3 Sec. 2 GAA 2-3 Vice-Pres. 3 CSF lb-2b Pep Club 1.4 Block G 3-4 Girls' Athletic Mgr. 4 Class Play 4 Class Talent Show l-2 Rally Girl 3-sl, Head -1 Annual Staff 4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Student Council 3-4 Mixetl Chorus, Girls' 2 Variety Show 2 CCAL Cheerleaders Conf. 4 Music Festival 2 l' sl? LARRY TIEIZTIZRS FFA l-2-3-4 FFA Sentinel 3 FFA Vice Pres. 4 Basketball 2 Class Plays 3--I Intramural Basketball Champs -1 l CAROL ANN TWISSELMANN Block G 3-4 Pep Club l-4 GAA 1-2-3 Girls' League 1-2-3 Block G Vice-Pres. 4 Pep Club Vice-Pres. 4 Band 3-4 Pep Band 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 2-3 Intramural Basltethall Champs 3 Intramural Speed-a-way Champs 3 VUANDA K. STOCKDALE Class Vice-Pres. 2 Class Secretary 4 FHA l-2-5--1, Historian 2 FHA Reporter 3-4 Annual Business Mgr. 4b Girls' League 1 GAA I-2 Bloclfc G 3--I Class Play -I Student Council 3-4 Talent Show 1-2 Spartan Mascot 2-3-4 Intramural Volleyball Champ lfxchange Talent Show 4 Variety Show -I Pep Cluh I-4 Annual Staff 3--I ups -I Y 53 ferr- --- W . , ..q,Y,. . .V .1,.:.,.,:.... , , 2,,,,.,1,,, FRANCES R. VERDUGO GRANT W. WILLS Class Play 4 Track 4 Annual Staff 3 Band 1-2-4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 Class Play 3-4 Girls' Chorus 2-3 Class Talent Show 1-2 Rally Girl 2-3 Exchange Talent Show 2 GAA 2-3. Pres. 3 Block G 4 FHA 1 X. -- Q l i l .-V WILLIAM WITTMANN JEFF YOUNG Baseball 1-2-3-4 Block G 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 CCAL Football Hon. Ment. 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 2-5 Block G 1-2-5-4 Class Play 3-4 Homecoming Valuable Player 4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Class Talent Show 1-2 Talent Show 1-2 Variety Show 2 Mixed Chorus 1-3 ,' lookedforward to commencement K' vf Nagy ,SE . il si , il if 5 S 5 , il 1 -..T h 2 he i 5 Q ,f-"' Nw, 4' .Q- I N , Qwfya . x J " 1 ,,., . , f- -ww , 1 X ., 5 L' k L f f ' ' K t"':::x ., W W Y 1 xii' 12' A 9 4 . x i Q.. if s A , ,, lyrrfxwx E " v- s LL., 5 X jr r K, ' 'I f' X gf s My 'V K H., , XYQXK' ""' F Yi 3 .I 1, oi 'f , E, . 2... V ,ufx , Wir . ' fi Y WL is 9 4 L"" '9 if ' 553 is sf' ff 3' 52 ' 1, YN X vi Bom ms uv! vpomcms UV. 'og xfbxaoxm X. C,av,c,ow4 wxooxxcixos S1 PNY PX YYYWXYX' PM Ccwwpq Yobixdxkq . . . Xiewc 90593900 Yixamg , 904604061 XS, X957 , 'BAS Y 35559 55505525 ' ' Gwm QJAMS Yioiveiixes YQXCGM5 XXOXQNNX Y iogiwkez . . . by :Xu Smimgo C' PS1 Ov CYXMMKWS NX XL A mm: Ohm Scion 360060 cos s 5 . Geox Lge YXMQQS . . . XYXY 810090 13515 SMG, , A QM Guard WW UYUXQC - . . N1 MNPXYXPW Oksegw: . . XM. Bank Ykcxce lwfroxsyi' DOOYXKKXC CXf2xPxX,9 SPCQMJ PXGPX N555 Cmwd sqm , . , SUE 90095 Yxodm Yxovl M6 . X399 PX PXSOYLYSSYS Uoxixc YNXXSQQ . YXYXE YXXSYLS Qofxdxc Bxskxogw . , XKOSXY. SQCMQYXPX 'buxvi WU was . yK5YxXXflS cps Uxvfxc LCC . INYQXYS YXBRB Dem Vugc . . QPsYs0L NXPXTSYS Ngcsooo Xxxggm fs NRCS 'fx PXSOXXY Xdm QAM M 55 . Xb?-Q, NWDXSIK XCAKC 553015 YYXPXS XWXRQUQQ PxYxQc XJMXL: QOTTXY, SX P606 Yxccwi . . YPSRYNQ Cm YU win rx 51 QQLQ pm, DraAl A ma. Cmafa lass 1 Pie t sen o Mr. lgiicile gift f f or dirgggghe Se the ni0f Play ' x Xx Bulge, Connie, Billy. and Linda wait im- "Come on. George, let's ,KCI him out ot' patiently for Algernon. lwrvl' 4 Bulge zulrninis-ters the "Holy Ditty for Dogs" p.1rt ol Algids fraternity initiation. If wi x ky! 5 X1 xl "NX'l14lt are these TROUSERS doing in l.intla's room!" Before Algie tutors l.lHLlAl for n1rrlu-- up exrun, she tries to Cure his girl sliyncss. "I toltl you not to tell Auntie l "And XVHO are you!" Miss Cartwright .asks tlisguisetl Algic. X I . jk! A r- K if ' clmngetl l.intlt1's Answers!" "The queen is about to be crowned in the ballroom." Juniors Class of 1959 president, Rod Roper, led the juniors to an eventful year. The prom in February, the junior-Senior Banquet on the Monterey Peninsula, and the two one-act plays in May were the leading activities. The junior talent show, various noon dances, the Sock- Hop, and the Concession booth added to the class treasury. f Don DeBrouwer and Mike Iverson will represent GUHS at Boys' State, and Irene Radavero will atrend Girls' Stare. OFFICERS Back Row: David johnson, Sgt-at-armsg Rod Roper, president: Norman Rianda, vice-president Fran! Row: Donna Cotta, secretaryg Susan Handley, treasurer I The talent show cast sang their final number and ended with- "Beat King City!" -s.4L.L, .r., Q .,,..r. , , , V , ,kj 'limp leilllf DK7ll4Lfll5 lXlomsei, Alolm Wfiley, Don lilze, Ruely Ynoxtrosgt, Mifk Pere. john Morton, Miss ltlnrlene l,11yton Thml Run : Ronalalll Cotlirnn, Ray Garcia. George Allwerronr, Alfred Ortiz, -lon Baldwin, Clmrlex Duncan. Semud Rout live Montes, Suszrn Hrinlley, Rrieliel Moreno. Alien.: R.ir.n, Reinie CQol.inrro, Natalia Munoz. Ftxxnk lflgieslxens. l.11rry lierri. Hnllnfll lllllff lrene Rlnlglvero. Donna Clottal, Lupe Rolwleilo. lNl.u'y Villeigits. Aelelzl Florez, Sonilrn Henry. Treiivoux Surltlertlw, xIo.inn Hefliington, Ann.i ,lo Giulil. 'l'w,l7Rr1u': Vleiry Deeoto, Vliimes Delielle, Glenn Cooper. Rod Roper, Ceplms Daniela, Norman Rizlnela. SLTUIILI Rate: D.iviil Ylolinson, Mike lverson, Anita lirintly. Carrol Sue Burns, Beth -Iuri, Karen Allen, Cllmrles jones, Manuel Arroyo. linllnm Row: Penny Selmtleek, Cliristine Green, Cookie Ricci, Aileen Taylor, Ruth Leavitt, Geraldine Ader, Ylutly Sdllllllhl, Mr. VU.ule Anslerson. Ma LQ-,..,.. VM. X IN, f..f Q.. 'llnfz Ruiz! Mr. llulwert llinrce, ll.1y l"lk'lI1Allltll'l, liolwlwy Bonninrontri, M.1nueI Ortiz, I.unem Avu1ll.t liill l7ilLputliel4, Don Di'llrouxxel', Hinltly l,lk'll'l'y. Nr. Dan Santos. SLrr1f'cfR11ll'I R ly Roeli11Ie,Cll1.nles Anlnnison, lNl.lllllL'l lieniilwitles. Helen Ciott, SilI1Lll'.l Sllllfll, Nlll'l11Al Rotloni, M.u'y lflimlwetli S.lllIlllilllCS, Sofm Grqieni, XXfilIi.un Fitzpaxtriek. linfmnf lfont Prmilll Perez. l,ouixe Ailklns. Ruth DLlL',7.ll11t, ,lo.in S.1inp.igi1. Kiltlw Duran. Simili-.i S.IniIers. Angie Dominguez, Susiui XX,Il5Ull. ll "Quiet Please" jeff . William Fitzpatrick Judd . Don DeBrouwer Mattie . Aileen Taylor Rev. Andrews . Rod Roper Jessica . . Donna Cotta Josie . . Norma Rodoni Catherine . Cookie Ricca Monologues: Geraldine Ader-"Casey at Bat" Louise Adkins-"Jack and Jill" "We have come to save you!" "Take that!" I, A .. "This sparerib tastes good." "I don't want no sauerkraurf' ,'tii . T e zgijgiffrr ' 4' L' L ,gg 1, ' 5"se j ffs' , ' , ?QSFJs.Y iifffg . if 4' WH A' fl . fi W' it as as T if T Qi ' of t ' 3, ' "Sleep where?" "Thank you. for your hospitality "Opening Night" Cornelia Otis Skinner . . . Carol Sue Burns . Mick Pere Ruth Leavitt . Beth juri Sandra Sanders Louise Adkins Alden Blodgett . Lila . . Buzzie Patterson Mrs. Judson . . Mrs. Palmer . Patsy . . Irene Radavero jean . . Christine Green Thelma . Ruth Dacpano Dodie Halliday Janice Upham . . Kathy Duran Susan Handley . . 1-A l - .f X . x Q . M5 I ' ' f. -hx "isa fri' ,q'v5""' 3 'Swrpfifxf Q'-'eff--fb 1 get ifEii?133vQ5F35fE'xft ' Q QW. -.gSX3fl"?m wi 1' ' , , .,..e..i-,a. Y V '45, 2' file. ' f m, ie' ' P - f by ffffiggs V f- WT i '-e-Site L Q K Q- f- eg K-.Qi R """'i' . e i 5, limit Q , N t.,w, , t s 1 3, , . . "We are reporters from the newspaper." "You remember us, don't you?" 5 .'x 1 ' 1 ,'J 6 V uf 7 . Q, Y 'N Oyster stew and opening nights make me ill." "Not more flowers?" c i P ' V , i A Vi Y H J . Q . Q e he ' .4 s 7 xi ' -xxi 't " Vx. ,J Mft I ' .ei - i . i If Q 5 4 ,, Y K. - ' ,, X '., "And do you like the theater!" "If you have any more questions you'll have to ask my husband. Sophomores Led by Olivia Meza, the sophomores started off the year with a gay and lively party welcoming the freshmen to GUHS. During the year the sophs sponsored an after-game dance, a privilege rarely granted to sophomores. The class donated to the Red Cross and helped raise money for the March of Dimes. The class of 1960 blossomed forth with a group of promising orators. Carol Weigel, representing the Gonzales Lions Club, won the zone division of the Lions Club Speakers Con- test. Terry Rich won the club contest at Soledad, also competing in the contests were David Baker and Howard Stephens. CLASS OFFICERS im Gnesa, representative, Tommy Davalos, vice- president, Olivia Meza, president, Alexandra Garcia, secretary, Rosemary Sakay, treasurer. The boys' tug-o-war at the first event of the year, the Freshman-Sophomore Tie-up. TUP Rr1u'Z Primo Baggiolini, Mike Dominguez, Tony Celaya. Alex Santillanes, Paul Perez, Candido Benabides, Lewis Carter. David Baker, Larry Barlow, Billy Lopez. Second Rout Ernest Delgado. jesse Torres, jesse Cadena, Carolyn Lovelace. Royline Dustin, Sonya Whitten, Alice Perez, Beverly Amaral, Charlie Villegas, Lee Gerard, Mr. jess Bowers. Brulom Rout Clara jasmin, Gail Hook, Mary Ellen Garcia. Annie Garcia, Vivian Gallardo, Alexandra Garcia. Rosemary Sakay, Donna Raines. Theda Robinson. Brenda Piearcy. 7- -6 ,na I I HIE. lint I Ili! ul lil lllgl ljg sqm tx Top Rauf Dionisio Gonzales, Leon Sagun, David Macias, Tommy Davalos, jim johnson, jerry Harvick, jim Gnesa, Steve Burns. Second Rout Manuel Raras, Bob Bosio, Bobby French, Kathleen Flores, Margo Ortiz, Lupe Holguin, Howard Stephens, Ken Morris, Richard Prader. Butlnm Rout Mr. Vernon Silver, Carmel Talavera, Terry Rich, Carol Weigc-l, Charlene Patterson, Carldene Patterson, Marcie Ynostrosa, Helen Holguin, Sara Gracia, Miss Lorraine Rodgers. Tr1pRr1u'I Mr. Wennergren, Bobby Saunders, joe Sargenti, Bobby Amaral, johnny Hooks. Bruce Baldwin, Gilbert Lopez, Robert Peterson. Second Row: jerry Cowger, Tom Lashley, jim Muscio, Nancy Franscioni. Cookie Brazeal, Nancy jean Hollibaugh, Larry Blomquist, Se-non Valadez, Phil Bassetti, Mr. Frank Tibbetts Bolloni Rout Pat McRae, Phyllis Fink, Cynthia Beesinger, jean Richards, Catherine Grisetti. Bertha Lopez, Olivia Meza. joan Fernandez, Barbara Bandy. Freshmen "Freshmen Overpower Sophomores in Traditional Tie-Ups Friday," was the headline of the Spartan Hi-Life following the annual olympics in which the frosh proved their athletic ability. The freshmen presented their talent show in April, the only activity of the year spon sored by the frosh. stair? -ip ' 7:31221 Top Row: Kenneth Sanks, julian Ornelas, Terry Handley, Charles Gott, jim Cox, jim Boekenoogen, Noel Walker, Mr. joseph Axup. Third Raw: George Hernandez, jesse Williams, David Galvez, Troy Bearden, Coy Bearden, Rusty Atkinson, Sam Pepper, Harlan Butler, john Marquez. Semnd Row: june Bryant, Betty Ramus, janice Morris, Diane Blomquist, Margaret Hammer, Sandra Twisselmann, Barbara McRae, Linda Neff, Phillip Heffington. Bnllom Row: Sandy Salmina, judy Pepper, Aldora Rodarte, Marcie Ynostrosa, Celia Pedroza, Felisa Aquino, Nancy Hunter, Marcella Armer, Marcia Anderson, Marilyn Leavitt. Officers: Manuel Rosalez, secretaryg Kitty Teves, vice-president 7 Fe-lisa Aquino, presidentg jim Cox, treasurer. Top Rauf: Mrs. Norma Rianda, Terry Twyman, Allan Murphy, jesse Molina, Welton Smith, Arthur Smith, Richard Correa, Ruben Cano, Augustine Rios, Stuart Gronningen, Mr. Verne Gutierrez. Second Row: Raymond Lopez, Manuel Rosalez, Rudy Mora. Diana Maynard, joann Sanks, jessie Menza, Gloria Morisoli, Andree Pere, jim Adamson, Gary Morriston, Simon Valadez. Bottom Rout Sharon Witek, Kitty Teves, Ida Barraza, Rosemary Cornejo, Lucy Celaya. Emma Villegas, Angie Ramirez, Clara Olivas, jackie Stalter, Patricia Patton. fx . . fav. ' My ,H is ,ff-:,. f,,, , .., gg Q'--as V lidillgiklaimgfe .argon-' ..5aielim.,r' A 1xSi gWH5W2fff,i'1Yf?'z "" . ft' wig Top Row: Norman Selva, Raul Talavera, jim Goad, George Guerrero, Bruce Cheney, Richard Garcia, Ralph Burgos, Pahlo Reyes, Nick Balero, Mr. Dean Harper. Second Row: Ben Doughty, Severo Baggiolini, Bobby Daoro, Helen Adkins, Adela Florez, Ruth Glass, Gloria Lopez, Cipriano Arroyo, Erasmo Segundo, Don Perez. Bollom Row: Mary Beth Higginbotham, Mary Ann Knudtson, Rita Marquez, johnnie Mae Gabriel, juanita Esteban, Gayle DeBrouwer, Pat Valadez, Sylvia Moreno, julia Magana, Laverne Carter. Top Row: Mr. Lester Weigel, jerry Twyman, jesse Mena, jesse Castenada, Charles Durham, Mike Panziera, Emile Rianda, Bill jones, Ernest DeBelle, Danny Perales, Ed Blanco Semnd Row: Ray Hernandez, River Castillo, Leslie Breschini, George Navarro, Helen Celaya, Alice Dominguez, Mary Medina, Lupe Cadena, Larry Fuller, john Sanders, Tom Harden. Boilom Row: jeanette Moreno, Rachel Barrera, Edith Untalan, Esther Munoz. Mary Ellen Nava, Mary Olivas, joyce Dacpano, Yvette Salvador, Norma Gadd, Susan Barlow, Norma Silva. 44 5 E Q Ak my if va.. 7 v , mlm ky ,Q yN i fi., . ,..L W i. , K 5 K I 1 Z A V' 'i i' . li LPVV .'z:' 3 P i L i i ,ai . 4 b gs. na Q. A if . Z R gil 5 'ii l..,..i . A Z ' MRS. WADE ANDERSON, Substitute MR. JESS BOWERS MR. WADE ANDERSON, Industrial Arts MR. JOSEPH AXUP Mathematics Music if 5 A ,115 xl. MR. CLAIR BURNS MR. VERNE GUTIERREZ Physical Education, Government , Physical Education, English MR. JAY CORNXXIELI. Biology, Physical Education. Driver Education MR. DEAN HARPER MISS MARLENE LAYTON MR. EARL PENIX Mechanical Drawing, Printing Commercial Agriculture, Farm Mechanics chool Employees MRS. GERTRUDE JOHNSON MR. EDWIN HANDLEY V L,L,.- ,lu ,f?,i J Lk.., A H O :,:'1?fl55E wr 5715 L,,.L . H 1 91- ' f '1 94: 'Q' ilzz 1 W? as 'lim R k M ' El! wif If N V if , 555 1 ill H f Raina' W3 ' ' , -- In it ,QF V 2. .1 fx.-V 4 I I Q' 'TQHW41 W 355 ,J , A fffzw J ex - R Y Uv A ,Li ir I V- V' f J f lg k ' . KLA. grh i F , Q S, ,N MR. JAMES MITCHELL MR. DAN RUBBO MR. JACK HYNDING wma N H- W M MR. ELMELINDO RUBBO MR. JOE BORLA Coaches ' - Mrvwl igigi . 1 W f 2 -s sa. 1-- 1 .. H' 2 i l ff 5 Verne Gutierrez, john Wennergren, Clair Burns, jay Cornwell Our four coaches, Verne Gutierrez, john Wennergren, Clair Burns, and jay Corn- well, have unrelentingly trained and coached boys for football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and track. Often discouraged, but never letting it get the best of them, they have unfailingly encouraged the boys to higher standards of skill and sportsmanship, Inter-scholastic wrestling was offered for the first time in the history of the school. The intramural games played at noon created competition for those boys who do not participate in interscholastic sports. The intramural sports this year consisted of flag football, volleyball, basketballfteam and two man, softball, and a track meet in which the four classes, freshman through senior, competed against each other. The juniors came out on top in this event. 4 5 ig ,it ,L i, . ?'Wl'fiaw-sf' I , gf F ,.f,,,., ,,,..' s 3 f . A 1 gi '..,. J 1 S at-is + All CCAL 3 it s.,,,7,,,g Matt Schadeck, Varsity football second team joe Montes, Varsity football second team joe Palacio, Varsity football hon. men. William Wittmann, Varsity football hon. men. Tony Guzman, Lightweight basketball second teamg Glenn Cooper, Varsity Basketball second teamg james Avecilla, Lightweight basketball first team Varsity Football g 1' K , Tap Row: Manager Mike Arroyo, Lupe Barela, Gilbert Lopez, Elias Guerrero, Glenn Cooper, Matt Schadeck, Don Blaze, john Wiley, Alex Santillanes, Ralph Yniguez. Middle Row: Coach Clair Burns, joe Palacio, Manuel Ortiz, Tony Olivas, Manuel Arroyo, Garon Handley, Charles jones, Charles Duncan, David johnson, William Fitzpatrick, Eddie Delgado, Coach jay Cornwell. Bozlom Row: joe Montes, Willie Wittmann, George Albertoni, Anselmo Resquir, Bill Fitzpatrick, james Avecilla, jeff Young, Douglas Morasci, Charles Adamson, jon Baldwin, Manuel Benabides. The Spartans, coached by Clair Burns and john Wennergren, won only two league games and had one forfeited this season, but in spite of this, the season was termed successful because it ended with a victory over King City. Matt Schadeck was elected honorary captain by his teammates and Willie Wittmann was named most valuable player in the Homecoming game. Live Oak forfeited their game because of the flu epidemic. ' Opening the season, the Atascadero Greyhounds ran circles around the Spartans as they chalked up 34 points to Gonzales' 12. First of three successive defeats for Gonzales was the game against Gilroy and a final score of 13-0. The Mustangs out- chargecl and out-passed Gonzales throughout the game. At the Jamboree in Salinas the Spartans had stomped Gilroy, 12-7. Putting up a tough fight, but fumbling away possible chances to score, the Spartans lost a third league game, 18-0, at the hands of the Pacific Grove Breakers. The first league encounter was victorious for the Spartans as they downed the Hollister Haybalers, 20-12. George Albertoni pounced on a Hollister fumble in the end zone. With a first quarter score of 19-0, the stronger Carmrl Padres defeated the Spartans with a half time and final score of 45-0. Gonzales lacked desire and drive in the first half and woke up too late. Carmel won the B-League championship. Showing desire and drive for the first time in many games, Gonzales out-kicked the San Lorenzo Cougars, 14-13. Bill Fitzpatrick kicked both Spartan conversions. The Spartans outwitted the favored King City Mustangs in the traditional "Big-Little" game, 33-13. Half time score was 19-13 for Gonzales. hx L:A , W.. 2' W QQ -Q. x V f Q, 7 t i .Alf W R ., , . A A at 1 Q 5 f A 1 Q an 7 Back King City, ack. sf - 7, f .j I K wi. X'-in-' ' ,L.' ' ff 5 5' - 9 a ,fax . -W -, f ff P 5 x W ' X- I: gm, 6, -4 ' my X f X ' ' , K . 1 1 QS' 5 . , I pew' , . ,Q K A K X . A K K L 'n K 1 1 ' f F 'V Q I Q .. V . J.. ff, ig , KG- 'Q 5 We , dy S , ,.Vi A .-K Qi - 3 Around or over :is . Q .fifffflg R 'y"'Sfigg. I L-A j 14, R ,L .M Q22 is-M X X N., Junior Varsity Football Q gin ,.. I Tap Row: Tom Christensen, Tom Lashley, Larry Fisher, Cipriano Arroyo, Steve Burns, jim Cox, Sam Pepper, Mike Dominguez, Rusty Atkinson, Edmund Gahn, Paul Chavez, jesse Nava, jesse Torres, Charles Durham, jim Goad. Semnd Raw: jesse Mena, Bob Neff, Charles Gott, Dennis Vistalli, james Stubhlefield, Bob Saunders, Don Perez, Manuel Raras, john Hooks, joe Sargenti, jerry Harvick, Ken Sanks, George Navarro, Travis Vistalli, Ernie Delgado, George Guerrero, Coach john Wennergren. Bottom row: jesse Cadena, Tommy Davalos, Rod Roper, Billy Campbell, Don DeBrouwer, jimjohnson, Noel Walker, Jim Gnesa, Phil Basseti, Larry Blomquist, Erasmo Segundo, Manuel Rosalez, Burch Rianda, Coach Verne Gutierrez. The Spartanbabes' 20-12 Win over the King City Ponies was the highlight of the 1957-58 season. This year the 'Babes lost only one game, won five, tied one, and had one forfeited. Starting out with an inexperienced team, the Lightweights, coached by Verne Gutierrez and jay Corn- well, soon became one of the strongest teams in the league. Sophomore Larry Blomquist was elected honorary captain by his teammates. The scores were as follows: Atascadero 6-21, Hollister o-6, Gilroy 6-15, Carmel 35-6, Pacific Grove 7-7, Live Oak 0-2, San Lorenzo Valley 0-40, and King City 12-22. Touchdown! Mighty Bahes Victorious Wrestling rr s. ,fr ' ., 11 I Standing: Bill Fitzpatrick, jerry Berti, Charles Jones, Rod Roper, Matt Schadeck, Gilbert Lopez, Manuel Arroyo, Lupe Barela. Coach john Wennergren. Kneeling: Manager Ray Garcia, Larry Berti, Tom Lashley, Mick Pere, Tommy Davalos, Manuel Ortiz, Eddie Delgado, jon Baldwin. Sitzing: Charles Adamson, Billy jones, Roger Castillo, Simon Valadez, jesse Caclena, Ernest Delgado, jesse Torres, Don DeBrouwer. As this was Gonzales' first year of organized Wrestling, the entire team had to start with the basic fundamentals. Wrestling is an individual sport requiring not so much strength as it does speed, co-ordination, balance, and experience. Gonzales participated in the CCAL wrestling league which includes Salinas, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Hollister, and Gilroy. Before being defeated Larry Berti reached the semi- finals in the Northern California Wrestling Meet. Matt Schadeck was elected honorary captain of the year. l Oh, no you clon't! Pin him, Mat! Va rsify Basketball few 305 .s Q . 4 15' ,gi ,apr x . 1 3 ' V.,, A! it L ' if., ' 9 w e ' S All 'S S f K .yy klyh, W ,J 1 K Rfk: Top Row: Nick Segundo, jim johnson, Charles Duncan, Noel Wrrlker, Coach Verne Gutierrez. Second Rau-: Manager Mike Arroyo Garon Handley, Norman Rianda, Glenn Cooper, jerry Decoto. Mike Iverson, Manager jesse Nava, Bottom Rau jeff Young joe Montes, joe Palacio, Tony Olivas, William Fitzpatrick. Although our varsity team, better known as the "Never give up Spartans," didn't taste victory very often, they appreciated it when they did win. Our boys made the opposing teams fight for their points. The four returning lettermen this year were joe Palacio, William Fitzpatrick, jerry Decoto, and Nick Segundo. Spartan center, Glenn Cooper, was the only boy to make the All-CCAL B-division second team. Receiving honorable mention were joe Montes and jerry Decoto. jerry Decoto was elected honorary captain by his teammates. Seniors who played their last games for Gonzales were joe Palacio, Nick Segundo, jeff Young, Tony Olivas, and Garon Handley. Honorary Captain jERRY DECOTO J i , al i ighiweight Basketball Top Row: Manuel Rosalez, Gerald Sampaga, Victor Colantro, Tommy Davalos, Manuel Benabides, Bobby French, jesse Cadena, Coach Jay Cornwell. Second Rout Manager Doug Morasci, Larry Blomquist, Alfred Ortiz, Richard Garcia, Steve Burns, Bobby Saunders, Manager jesse Torres. Bartow Rout Tony Guzman, Erasmo Segundo, joe Sargenti, Willie Wittmann,james Avecilla. The lightweights had a rather successful season this year, finishing tied for third place in the league, tied with Pacific Grove. The 'Babes complete starting line-up returned to the court this season: Joe Sargenti, James Avecilla, Victor Colantro, Tony Guzman, and Willie Wittmann. Other starters were Gerald Sampaga, Manuel Rosalez, and Erasmo Segundo. James Avecilla was named to All-CCAL first team and Tony Guzman to second team. Victor Colantro won the free throw trophy with Tony Guzman a very close second. AIX Tony Guzman was elected honorary captain by the squad. The lightweight team will be hurt by the loss of three seniors: Tony Guzman, Gerald Sampaga, and Willie Wittmann. james Avecilla will move to the varsity team next year. Q V ly , ig 1 V Honorary Captain TONY GUZMAN Q is rid ,r 4 X W 'H' I Baseball Led by senior hurler joe Palacio and junior pitcher Charles Duncan, the Spartans had a good season, winning almost half of their games. The squad, composed mostly of juniors, has good potential for next year. Seniors who played their last games for the Spartans were joe Palacio, Willie Wittmann, Tony Olivas, and Tony Guzman. Charles Duncan established a new school record by hitting in six runs in a single game. joe Palacio pitched a no hitter, the only one so far this season. The Spartanbabes had their first year of organized interschool competition this season. E . gil KX Q if Q 'QE . J . M yy I igm kw 91,12 YQJI gi liri 4, ' M Y' M if 1 P cliff' - 4 N Q, is ' OYML 'V gi"-,f' i i , Wx J af- ., v x' ' N x ' J X sv Top row: Terry Handley, Troy Bearden, Kenneth Sanks, jimmy Ellis, Manuel Raras, Tom Lashley, joe Sargenti, Richard Correa, Phillip Chavez. Second row: Manager Lupe Barela, Mick Pere, Ernest Delgado, Mike Dominguez, Phil Bassetti, Eddie Delgado, julian Ornelas, Manager Mike Arroyo, Coach Verne Gutierrez. Bollom row: Manuel Benabides, Tony Guzman, Tony Olivas, jim johnson, joe Palacio, William Fitzpatrick, Bill Fitzpatrick, Willie Wittmann. 5 mmhmmi? ,W 5, . 4,43 awk ' z 'M X, x gk 13 MAL if is Q -1 X, .P Nei? W NS fl ii"g,5,,.p41,xj 4 v a ,lb uf s Track Heavy spring rains cancelled many early track meets. In spite of the fact that over fifty boys showed up for practice, the team was not very strong in the varsity division. This slack was made up for in the lightweights, however. Lightweight james Avecilla set a new school record of 56' 5" in the shot put, topping his record of last year by almost five feet. "In two years, the team should be one of the top in the league. This year's freshmen and sopho- mores have the potential to make the Spartans a strong team," stated Coach jay Cornwell, backed up by Coach john Wennergren. james took two firsts in the CCAL-B division meet at Hollister on May 3. He put the shot 56' 5" and ran the 120 LH in 14.5. Top row: Manager jerry Cowger, jerry Harvick, jim Cox, Gilbert Lopez, Matt Schadeck, john Morton, Don Baze, johnny Hooks. jerry Berri, Manager Vic Colantro, Coach john Wennergren. Third row: Tommy Davalos, jeff Young, Larry Blomquist, Richard Prader, Steve Burns, Larry Berti, jim Boekenoogen, Douglas Morasci, Richard Garcia, Nick Segundo, jim Gnesa, jon Baldwin, Coach jay Cornwell. Seaond row: Butch Rianda, Bob Bosio, William Fitzpatrick, Don DeBrouwer, Manuel Ortiz, Erasmo Segundo, james Avecilla, john Wiley, Don Perez, Cipriano Arroyo, Cruz Mendoza, Grant Wills. Bolmm row: Mike Panziera, john Sanders, Charles Villegas, George Navarro, Gary Morriston, Gerald Sampaga, jesse Torres, jesse Nava,Manuel Rosalez, Mike Teves, Candido Benabides. '5'2"'f-F 1 F' W ., qw.. I 9 1 , ., J Q ,.,-. -"""' 4 , 5 ' X 9 1, g f 9 A .., - . L - M .. N. M ,E .ffl . f Rb kr I Q ' 3' v ' b -Ll ya-An' '- :-1' Maxi, Q --V m x, A ff his ' , A L 2 ,A K7 4' 1 ' ' ' ' .f "' " 'mf " H- M 5 My L. Sh Q fi' . s , 'ff 5 x ,. .Q 0,1 , W' 4 L Qs A is '4 .ss Y f ,M,,-- v X Q . ,L b -gr' gf .- 1 s S :,. Q . . M.-.K 1? ' Lf Y K -b-vM,g, -wg V Q awww' A ,fl m ' f , Q l.amumlsm, ,. n- '-S R. 'K lm , A A E lf, 35 x fl ,.a.,,. Q M' .4- yn .QWMW ,iii .....1....l 'Q A if 'Y - K 'Q 1 K M A Mn?2'n9 . -4- gi i ' .- .- I , 4. V ' ' ,, . 0 M' ' ' , L. W - ,. . ,xii ec Y A , - WY -J f ,, s ffl fo - ' ' -A ' A ram- '- -- Y . ' m an it 5 i 'ix .J , kk 1 . A Qt ' 1 -Y-Q. 5, k , ,L ,L if-.1 . 7. f 5, . 3. , A1v,,.af5.A XX ., ' - A : , .At 4' L fj jp, ' w .1 . -J: - "':g- 5, . E: 41" 1' 49 ' M 5 5-iff' x I . K . Vr Lu 'f -QM ,xr 'Y' A A W, ' '- - if 1,2 . f -'Sf ' ' yffi Rm -f Q Aiwa.: 4. b ,3 ,gy Q as :fr-fu h Q14 - D . 4 D I 41, - S 3.1 A - , U I 2 . ' . :Q L NM-N-V , V L Rv V an S m F r b Map, M 'W f -: 4 f ' is .,, +R ' . I ,' 1 . f' s I -jg--u-vw 'P 'Z ' ul 4 X M 6.- I Boys Intramurals BASKETBALL CHAMPS Top row: james DeBelle, Ernest Mendoza, Cephas Daniels, john Wiley. Sealed: Manager, Glenn Cooper, Butch Riancla, Captain Larry Teeters, jerry Berti. TENNIS TEAM Top raw: Coy Bearden, Ray Garcia, Norman Rianda, Garon Handley, Mike Iverson Douglas Morasci, Ralph Burgos, Bud Piearcy. Botlom row: Carl Burns, jesse Molina Bill Gerard, Richard Holguin, Billy Lopez, Herve Bergeron. TWO-MAN BASKETBALL TENNIS CHAMP K K .. k,k. V ik, VV.k ,gi at I as + ......,,,,,,,M .... ::,,., 5 ., E - X - A NWN . A 1AAA T 1 A f's, :'-2,2715-?i7 ,L T5 C -' V' fgrgg '. i hL.A , .- I A A A +:j5fjj1',sf,5.a-j , ' 1 :arg--1-yg,1,7115-f:i.fr,:.,5,2, X . K me is 1fA,L 1LAl ,L,L ., Y - I VLW, , . - . L L . 1 - .,A, 1 22 L A 1. -- ' -QL J - Q1 i- R L.. Zim Haul, fr C1317 I K-i ti. 1 1 rr-'1QlLQ:L ff :, .L L ' S . .. H -- - -'-If'-5-WY-H P' A SY, 5 ,P Alfred Ortiz and Nick Segundo Herve Bergeron VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top row: Manuel Benabicles, Alfred Ortiz, jerry Decoto, Nick Segundo, joe Montes. Bottom raw: Tony Guzman, Captain joe Palacio, Gerald Sampaga. a-,.-4.3.-t WW . W, W 1 . Girls' Intramurals Dorothy Siason, Girls' Athletic Manager Under the leadership of Mrs. Ann Schuttenberg, the girls' athletic department fos- tered physical development and sportsmanship. The round robin intramural games cre- ated enthusiasm and interest in the four main sports--speed-a-way, basketball, volleyball and softball. In the intramural eliminations, second and fourth periods were the main rivals. Fourth period usually became the victor after many close games. Other games on the program in- cluded tennis, archery, badminton, table tennis and croquet. This year for the first time, the girls participated in a physical fitness contest. Some of our girls were rated excellent according to state and national standards. The memories of this year are momentous. The Playday in Santa Cruz was enjoyed by the twenty-two who attended. Top row: Drina Seton, Sandra Twisselmann, Sandy Salmina, Mary Beth Higginbotham, Christine Green, Beth juri. Bottom row: Donna Cotta, Gayle Debrouwer, Captain Karen Allen, Ruth Leavitt, Patty Valadez, Louise Adkins. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS to . L '., . X J LLA ag L L J 'N ., L, n Wi inf get Lrii L E J, K, 27 + A A f il ff it Q A I1 ' Top row: Betty Ramus, Sandra Smith, Drina Seron, Gloria Medina, Angie Ramirez Gayle DeBrouwer. Bozmm row: Beth Juri, Karen Allen, Captain Joyce Dacpano Sandra Twisselmann, Patty Valadez, Sandy Salmina. BASKETBALL CHAMPS J Q 3 ki. 1 , :fig i if f X , I ., f if M x f 5 f if I . ks, L, . k.V,k. at g 4 .E K . 'saws f ,K I J ,fy , ' , lf' 11,4 .5 1 N ii 1 'B A' af if 1 me .V EL . J-.3 -S ,J . K . :Q ' if ' ., wi 5 ' . f I 7 . A L i ir J Q c an My A - If N . . 5 1? ..... , Top row: Joyce Dacpano, Angie Rarnirez, Sandra Twisselmann, Karen Allen, Gloria Medina, Drina Seron, Donna Cotta. Bollom rout: Beth Juri, Judy Pepper, Captain Sandy Salmina, Patty Valadez, Clara Olivas, Mary Ellen Nava. x wi pan-tan The 1958 Spartan-completed at last-is, I hope, a year- book you will treasure for years to come. The time and effort, that went into the finished product you now hold in your hands, would be impossible to total. I want to thank Mr. Force, our advisor, Mr. Alcantara, school photographer, and Mr. Santos and the journalism class for their interest and assistance. -Editor Linda Anderson, editor, Karen Allen, assistant editor, Wanda Stockdale, business manager. Top Row: Linda Andersen, Marilyn Cox, Michael Iverson, jerry Decoto, Karen Allen, Ruben Garcia, Mike Dominguez, Nancy Franscioni, jean Richards, Rosie Noghera, Mr. Richard Force. Second Rauf: Wanda Stockdale, Aileen Taylor, Sandy Salmina, Lydia Santiago, Judy Salmina, Arleen Pura, Sandra Twisselmann, Catherine Grisetti, Mary Ann Grisetti, jo Anne Franscioni. Boltom Row: Irene Radavero, Dorothy Siason, Norma Rodoni, Shirley Raras, june Panzica, Drina Sc-ron, Gloria Morisoli, Donna Raines. '-ecife par tan DNESDAXEA IAN. 1.5. 1958 GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL. GONZALES. CALIFORNIA VOLUUE I Science and Mathematics Curriculum At GUHS Russiafs successful launching of Sputnik last October 4 has caused quite a flurry of excitement among the peoples of theworld. The uneasiness of the Western world has been aggravated bythe fail- ure of the United States to launch its own satellit- Since October, politicians and ' - New Cafeteria Plans Ap Plans for the new cafeteria have jus proved by the 'State Division of Architect intendent L. D. Lilley Announced last plans now have to be approved by the Sc of Trustees. However, ,this is consider GAA Holds 4 formality. 'since th a direct 'hand in ' 'he origin v cafeteri me prominent educators have aced the science and mathe- atics programs of American eh schools under close scrut- y. By emphasizing these cours- in all levels of their educa- onal system' and by spending eat sums of money in m:is"i"' earch, Russia seems to Y mathematics - algebra e '- either geometry, advanced gebra, or trigonometry, and 1 years of science 1 general: eet long mpproxim ld gym. rpassed the United 'States e fields df technology l ich we complacently thot, e excelled. with this scientific war gl for a place in space, itm well to examine the sci: d mathematics cuvribulu-n onzales High School. 'ence -and Mathematics In order to graduateg ei ence and either chemistry zgtalxnm physics. 'M 'Li xr r. 239 Take Mathematics. nson and all over SPARTAN HI-LIFE C U was ie various resumed bi-weekly by an remain In the Clan of Gonzalo:-Union Hlqh School an, of the under the direction of Mr. Santos . znrron .......... -.. tomme rmucscxom 8 'HI-Fi ASSISTANT znrron ............ mana AN- dining 1- cast-IN. Business rumacmi .... Mnnmnl cox 910 ers, and ra cmcU1.A'r1oN ...... nonon-tr sutson . rnknmss ...................... mnnnmt cox. the old Lvmn siumnco. arm sums. the new nononn' suison, nntz PANZICA. lame. .ee -T. T ' If-grfrPlYg-g:g.nsgNf x t jo Annu Frnnscioni, cditorg Mr. Dan Santos, .iclvisor l IOI' 118.1108 nr-:roimms ............ mmvx me ou, 'n 9 ' 5 , ue used for-,ban-q' yung PANZICA, gnrm BRIS g SC1- A-t the Future Farmers meet, munity affairs A -ling' held last Thursday, the Th f Father-Soni banquet committee e new lbuudm' udent is required to take one r ar of ma either 'ge a. Colleg- nts are re ars of me ended tha' ur years. 'General st ithout ta hatsoever. udents arf 0 years 'o 'ence in ernistry or fourth ye erarewrv pied 'to fa nera1"scie try, and fpl To enter 1 iri-rd to H1 r plans fdr . the is to be held ans include a l a guestspeak- 5 decided to in- s and honorary n-g people who 3 FFA will -be iorary Member- ey will 'be an- 'ht of the ban- ed Text book sales that Thursday and urprise success, 53930. Approxi-' fth of the 'Stu- Slizmlingi Linda Anderson, jeff Young, Marilyn Cox, jo Anne Friinscioni Lydia Santiago. Sealed: Hcrvc Bergeron, june Panzira, Dorothy Siason, Effie Hines, Arlccn Pura. cated in back of th home economics r quet. Chapter Sweetheart The club is loo idea of choosing sweetheart ,to help activities. On the look lntosthe idea glolinl, Glenn .Coo Rianda. Baoks.Sel wmn Aviation, 'El ' a-ture, 'Woodw6i'k, y ihand, Radio, 'Bren Qovernment, Drliv ' Ilatin, 'Mechanical This year the Gonzales chapter 226c of the California Scholarship Federation had another successful year under the leadership of Miss Arethusa South. Leading the first semester members were President Marilyn Cox, ,Vice-president Donna Cotta, Secretary Irene Radavero, and Treasurer 'Io Anne Franscioni. Second semester members were headed by President Io Anne Franscioni, Vice-president Karen Allen, Secretary Susan Handley, and Treasurer Irene Radavero. Fourteen members attended the fall banquet held at the Spindrift Restaurant in Mon- terey, after which they went to a show. Paraiso Springs was the scene of the ditch day in May. The annual CSF Conference, attended by Gonzales members, was held at Downey High School in Modesto. Marilyn Cox, Linda Andersen, and jo Anne Franscioni attained Life Membership. I FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS jo Anne Franscioni, treasurer, Marilyn Cox, president, JU ANNE Ff21HSCi00i, Pf6SidC'f1lL KHYCH Allen. ViCC-Pl'CSi- Irene Radavero, secretary, Donna Cotta, vice-president dent, Irene Radavero, treasurer, Susan Handley, secretary Top Rauf: Howard Stephens, Don DeBrouwer, Charles Adamson, Al Amaral. Third Raw: Stuart Gronningen, David Baker, Terry Handley, Robert Amaral, jim Cox, Linda Andersen, Karen Allen, Marilyn Cox, Semnd ww: Terralyn Rich, jo Anne Franscioni, Sandra Twisselman, Felisa Aquino, Miss Arethusa South, Judy Salmina, Carol Weigel, Clara Jasmin. Bottom Row: julia Magana, Kitty Teves, Donna Cotta, Irene Radavero, Susan Handley, Shirley Raras, Alexandra Garcia. pecial Achievements 1' JF' eg S s ' N 5 5 X Efmin Ramirez, Star of john Steinbeck's Marilyn Cox, jo Anne Franscioni. and Don De-Brouwer and Limlgt Andersen, "Flight," Linda Andersen, CSF Life L14-mbers. Governors Conference for Youth is ness-re.Qe'm'1ff f Q fe Mike Iverson, Irene Ratlavero, Don DeBrouwer, Boys' and Girls' Ceplms Daniels. FFA Regional Treasurer, State Representatives. i-A Y - -if,-W: .f -F - X' ' .. "if e-" 'fi , ' 9' 2- 1. 5 .:'2 . David Baker, Howard Stephens, Don Delirouwer, Carol Wfeigel, Terralyn Rich, Carol Sue Burns, Lions' Clubs' Speakers' Contests. , LSP' if W . -. ,wr , KNEW' Carol Weigel, Lion's Club Zone Linda Andersen, Betty Croeker, Speakers' Contest Winnei'. Young Homemaker. Boys' Block " " The Gonzales Boys' Block "G" is organized to inspire good sportsmanship. Boys vfho have lettered in any sport may join. Some of the activities which they sponsor are the Gram- mar Schools' Basketball Tournament, the Grammar Schools' Track Meet, Frosh-Soph Tie- Up, Homecoming, Barbecue, and several noon dances. OFFICERS William Fitzpatrick, historian, Charles Duncan, secretaryg joe Palacio, president, Tony Guzman, vice-president, joe Montes, treasurer Twp mir: johnny Hooks, Tom Lashley, Manuel Ortiz, james Avecilla, joe Montes, Gilbert Lopez, Matt Schacleck, Glenn Cooper, Mick Pere, David johnson, Douglas Morasci, Ken Sanks, Richard Garcia, Larry Berti, jimmy johnson, George Albertoni, john Wiley, Mr. Clair Burns. Second ww: Lupe Barrela, Larry Blomquist, Steve Burns, Don DeBrouwer, Bill Fitzpatrick, Manuel Arroyo, Richard Prader, john Morton, Rod Roper, Manuel Olvera, Nick Segundo, jim Gnesa, Bob Bosio, Charles Duncan, William Fitzpatrick, jerry Decoto, Bill jones. Bumm row: Charles Gott, Tommy Douglas, jesse Cadena, jeff Young, Willie Wittmann, Garon Handley, joe Palacio, Gerald Sampaga, Victor Colanrro, Tony Guzman, Tony Olivas, Erasmo Segundo, Manuel Benabides, Bobby French, Bobby Saunders, joe Sargenti. Girls' Block " " As president of the Girls' Block "G", Lydia Santiago led the girls through an eventful year of athletic events. The first activity of the year was the joint sponsoring of the Frosh-Soph Tie-Up with the Boys' Block The Homecoming activities were also under the direction of both clubs. They also sponsored a basketball tournament and a track meet for the elementary schools in the district. Neil De Vaughn's Fish and Steak House on Cannery Row in Monterey was the scene of the annual Girls' Block banquet. Seniors Carol Twisselmann, Lydia Santiago, and Dorothy Siason earned their fourth stripe. Concluding the year's activities was the joint barbecue at Arroyo Seco on May 25. OFFICERS Carol Twisselmann, vice-president: Mary Pauline Garcia, secretary: Lydia Santiago, president, Gloria Davalos, treasuterg Dorothy Siason. athletic manager Top Rout jane Medina, Rachel Moreno. Alicia Raras, Wandzi Stockdale, Marilyn Cox, Karen Allen, Beth juri, Sue Hooks, Susan Hand- ley, Carol Twisslemann. Raquel Garcia, Mary Jessie Marquez, Mary Ann Grisetti, Middle Row: Nancy Yoda, Lupe Ortiz, Frances Vet- dugo, Arleen Pura, judy Salmina, Cookie Ricca, Lydia Santiago, Shirley Raras, Hortencia Meza, Gloria Davalos, Helen Barriga. Bottom Rani Marie Blanco, Carmen Florez, Margaret Celaya, Ruth Dacpano, Dorothy Siason, joan Sampaga, Mary Elizabeth Santillanes. Mary Pauline Garcia, Mary Louise Garcia, Drina Seron. Activities sunny. fi 1.- 57-f' 'A My , . S .. ., -x wi 1 ' W- 'L1:f:-.n- we , ,,., M . .f L, . wa... ' .. 'fav ,.1 1-view , kmqaigsiw fx .QSWPWS ,. 1-5 1,21 'cf' 'iff' wh- M ' Pi fi as ..-...q..w.. 2 GAA Top Rauf: Rachel Moreno, Remie Colantro, Alicia Raras, Natalie Munoz, Jane Medina, Jean Richards, Catherine Grisetti, June Panzica, Mrs. Ann Schuttenberg. Fourth Roux Pat McRae, Christine Green, Ruth Leavitt, Olivia Meza, Anita Bandy, Carol Sue Burns, Mary Vil- legas, Josie Perez, Joann Heffington, Anna Jo Gadd, Aileen Taylor. Third Rout Sandy Salmina, Norma Rodoni, Donna Cotta, Irene Radavero, Carmen Florez, Lupe Robledo, Kathy Duran, Sandra Sanders, Priscilla Perez, Sandy Smith, Judy Salmina. Second Row: Marie Blanco, Cookie Ricca, Helen Gott, Beverly Amaral, Gail Hook, Helen Barriga, Mary Louise Garcia, Charlene Patterson, Carldene Pat- terson, Sondra Henry, Louise Adkins. Bozmm Rout Nancy Yoda, Ruth Dacpano, Joan Sampaga, Margaret Celaya, Vivian Gallardo, Alexandra Garcia, Angie Dominguez, Rosemary Sakay, Frances Ramirez, Georgia De Santiago, Sofia Gracia, Annie Gracia, Mary Ellen Garcia. The purpose of GAA is to improve play-offs and to help girls work toward obtaining their athletic blocks. Under the direction of Mrs. Schuttenburg, the Girls' Athletic Association started a Round Robin system of intramural play-offs. Handling the play-offs in this way is fairer in that all teams compete against each other, and all have a better chance of winning. In order to be eligible for GAA, a girl must have 60 points, which she earned by play- ing in the intramurals, or helping handling the . games. When she has earned 250 points she -Mft becomes a member of the Girls' Block A at 3. .f L OFFICERS Joan Sampaga, treasurer, Cookie Ricca, president: , Ruth Dacpano, vice-President, Not pictured: Jane Medina, secretary FFA The Gonzales Chapter of the Future Farmers of America added four firsts to their curriculum this year. The South Coast Regional Conference was held at Gonzales and also the sectional Speaker's Contest. The Gonzales FFA organized a Parliamentary Procedure team which entered the sectional contest at Salinas. Irene Radavero was elected the first sweetheart of the club. The annual Barn Dance, held April 11, always the most popular dance of the year, was only one of the club's many activities. Others included noon dances, the Father-Son Banquet, and "Slave for a Day," a money raising campaign. In addition to the displays and entries if in the Salinas Valley Fair, the Monterey County Fair, and the local FFA Fair, the boys entered the Farm Mechanics and Land judging con- tests. Q... Cephas Daniels was elected South Coast Regional treasurer for the next year, and Al Amaral, Gonzales chapter president, served as regional secretary. OFFICERS jerry Berti, sentinel, james DeBelle, reporter, Cephas Daniels, treasurer, Al Amaral, president, Larry Teeters, vice-president, jon Baldwin, secretary Top Rout Charles Duncan, john Wiley, Cephas Daniels, joe Sargenti, jon Baldwin, Glenn Cooper, james DeBelle, Larry Teeters, Mr. Earl Peniz. Second row: Ben Doughty, Ernest Mendoza, Coy Bearden, George Alhertoni, Ernest DeBelle, jim Muscio, Phil Basseti, Frank Baeskens, Tony Bearden. Bollom Row: Mike Panziera, Burch Rianda, Severo Baggiolini, Charles Gott, Al Amaral, Primo Baggiolini, Jerry Berti, Bob Saunders, Larry Berti. Barnda nce XX I-f i ,xlpd ... ,A I W1 gnu Nlffffw QQ , Q ' 51753, I' , f ,1'f.a'SfZLfw' -f f - , Q ff A , ,:L,,,'f ,vw A 'ED if , V ,' f iii mffiffiff if "' ""W Q- was "" JFS' R F Y 'I' 'Q- Li 1 i M jf, WL , -ff S . gi., 'ap-1 3-. A. !.,,x3,,,,,N,A f ggi Y if fa 1, l ' E J if ml K Q r 5 1 Z5 X ?j HH 5 ,. t .5 ,V Q A N x .. M- L 45 " . 2 5 I hx , gl x WM? ff :Fw Km. ,uf 2 -4v"fQ D .ff WA M.,.l W. ,.....wv NA. 'IX 1 K . Ami i X K uv sk Q K gg I ,1 FI-IA Top Rout Janice Morris, Clara Olivas, Angie Ramirez, Barbara McRae, Cynthia Beesinger, Cookie Brazeal, Treavous Sudderth, hlrs Norma Rianda, Pat McRae. Third Rout Betty Ramus, Mary Beth Higginbotham, Judy Pepper, Johnnie Mae Gabriel, Helen Gott Sondra Henry, Ruth Leavitt. Second Rout Sonya Whitten, Jackie Stalter, Patricia Patton, Sandra Sanders, Kathy Duran, Alice Perez Beverly Amaral, Gail Hook, Bottom Razr: Sharon Witek, Julia Mafgana, Sylvia Moreno, Clara Jasmin, Norma Gadd, Susan Barlow Lupe Cadena, Joyce Dacpano. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Together with the Girls' League, the Future Homemakers of America hosted the Blos- som Day Tea for the club members and their mothers on March 27. Helen Gott was chosen Blossom Queen of the Tea. Another activity of the year was the sectional conference held at Hollister High School. As in the previous years, the FHA had a display booth at the Salinas Valley Fair, and in honor of FHA Week, they made displays for the windows of the Gonzales Hardware and the Soledad Mercantile. Other activities of the club included the Freshmen Welcome, a skating party, noon dances, and an after game dance. Slumliugz Geraldine Ader, song leadergg Treavous Sudderth, historiang Sonya Whitten, treasurer, Wzlticlzl Stockdale, reporter. Seated: Joyce Dacpano, secretaryg Pat McRae, presidentg Helen Gott, vice-president. f isa . Pep Club irls' League Band Top Row: Helen Adkins, Beth Juri, Karen Allen, Ray Hernandez, joe Montes, Garon Handley, Charles Adamson, Billy jones, jim Cox, Grant Wills, Ralph Yniguez, Bobby Bonincontri, Mr. joseph Axup, director. Third Row: Ray Hansen, joan Sampaga, Ruth Leavitt, David Baker, Stuart Gronningen, Richard Prader, Larry Barlow, Pat McRae. Nancy Hunter, Senon Valadez, Tony Guzman. Seronrl Row: Louise Adkins, Sandra Smith, Carol Twisselmann, Nick Balero, Felisa Aquino, Christine Green, Carol Weigel, Kitty Teves, Celia Pedroza. Boztom Row: Head Majorette Nancy Franscioni, Raul Talavera, Senon Valadez, Arturo Garcia, Victor Colantro, Sandra Twisselmann, Terry Handley, Sandra Salmina, Carol Sue Burns, Donna Cotta, Diana Maynard, Rosemary Sakay, majorette. This year the.Gonzales High School band, in addition to performing at football and basketball games and rallies, traveled to Berkeley, California, to participate in the University of California Band Day. Gonzales, along with 100 other bands, took part in the half-time pageant between the California-Oregon football game. The band also participated in a Christmas program on December 18, a spring concert on April 25, and a spring festival on April 19. This year the seven members in the Honor Band participated in two Honor Band performances by the Central Coast Section of the California Music Educators Association- one at Salinas on February 1 and one at Santa Cruz on February 8. The meeting at Salinas con- sisted of a first rehearsal and selection of posi- tions and the Santa Cruz meeting included another rehearsal and an evening concert. HONOR BAND Beth Juri, Felisa Aquino, Stuart Gronningen, David Baker, joe Montes, Kitty Teves, joe Montes, Kitty Teves, Donna Cotta. Chorus MIXED CHORUS Tap Row: Charlotte Pfeiffer, Rita Salas, Cynthia Beesinger, Nancy Franscioni, Anita Bandy, Victor Colantro, Bill Fitzpatrick, Dionisio Gonzales, Cruz Mendoza, Joe Montes, judy Salmina, Susan Handley, Alice Perez, Carldene Patterson. Third Row: Ruth Glass, Olivia Meza, Ida Barraza, Margo Ortiz, Penny Schadeck, joe Palacio, Johnny Urquidez, Lee Gerard, Cookie Ricca, Terralyn Rich, Charlene Patterson, Concha Larez. Second Row: Olga Garcia, Royline Dustin, Geraldine Ader, Raquel Garcia, Hortencia Meza, Marie Blanco, Billy Lopez, Tony Olivas, Manuel Benabides, Ruth Dacpano, Lucy Ortega, Annie Garcia, Donna Raines. Bottom Rauf: Mary Elizabeth Santillanes, Mary Olivas, Susan Wilson, Angie Dominguez, Kathy Duran, Patty Valadez, Gloria Davalos, Nancy Yoda, Josie Celaya, joan Sampaga, Sylvia Moreno, Mary Pauline Garcia. Under the direction of Mr. Lester Weigel, the mixed chorus and the girls' chorus, consist- ing of 120 students, presented the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. Dressed in their usual costume-black robes, white collars, and orange stoles-they also participated in the Music Festival at Carmel. The honor chorus is composed of stu- dents chosen from mixed chorus and girls' chorus, who have exceptional vocal talent. This group participated in the Tri-County honor cho- rus, band, and orchestra festival at Santa Cruz, February 8. HONOR CHORUS Top Row: Bill Fitzpatrick, joe Palacio, Manuel Benabides, Tony Olivas Second Rouw Terry Rich, Nancy Franscioni, Carol Weigel Boltam Row: Susan Wilson, Royline Dustin, Donna Raines Girls' Chorus Top' Row: Olivia Meza, Marilyn Leavitt, Nancy Ftanscioni, Alicia Raras. Christine Green, Susan Handley, Judy Salmina, Terralyn Rich, Ruth Leavitt, Rita Marquez. Third Rout Jackie Stalter, Geraldine Ader, Marcia Anderson, Marcella Armer, Aldora Rodarte. Second Rauf: Emma Villegas, Angie Ramirez, Remie Colantro, Ruth Glass, Kathy Duran, Patty Valadez, Sylvia Moreno, Marcie Ynostrosa, Josie Perez, Mary Villegas, Natalia Munoz, Sandy Salmina, Rachel Moreno, Carol Weigel, Mary Olivas, Mary Ellen Nava. Bnllnm Row: Lupe Untalan, Helen Celaya, Susan Wilscmn, Angie Dominguez, Sofia Gracia, Nancy Yoda, Ruth Dacpano, joan Sampaga, Yvette Salvador, Annie Garcia, Esther Munoz, Lupe Cadena. Majorefres Head Majorette Nancy Franscioni, Carol Sue Burns, Rosemary Sakay Cheerleaders Smfzding: Head Cheerleader Ruben Garcia Kneeling: Ruth Ducpgmo, Cookie Riccal, joan S1ll11lNltLILl Rally earns Shuzdifzgt Hand rally girl, Dorothy Simson Swivel: Susan Xwilson, Tcrry Rich, Susan Humllcy, Elizz1bctl1 Sinson Nancy Yoda, Gloria Dzlvallos, Viviun Gullardo Frosh- oph 'Ee-up ff' Oh , to he ll Fmsh again? fn?- Wflm ig if? Hi-hu, Silver! Snplms down Frosh Frcylufzncnj! Wlmiclm twin has the Toni! Power , , , Gut ready, get set . . . Junior Prom I ,,f fi pa -4 i xx 115152 1 Y 1 K M f w K.,-f,.f vw., KQ f"v--W' -"vw ..f A ff W. , - ff, MM f K ,V SES W M I g W'-f.. W? ' W If 1 1 i-I .iw 5 My, Q W - -I 8 fx K, ,A R X f f wf X959 R 77fi?'2? fE DUNLAR EORD SALES TELEPHONE ORioIe 8-2408 von FRONT STREET Percy I-I. Dunlap SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA TOM HAMBEY LUMBER COMPANY One Sfop Cenfer for a Complefe Line of Lumber 0 Hardware o Millwork o Building Supplies Phone OR8-246I - Free Esfimales Furnished SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Bank Service Since I854 Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion SOLEDAD WAREHOUSE COMPANY LUMBER WAREI-IOUSING BEANS SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA iv' Everything happens to mc! Faculty room cxpuscc Neat grimlcr ' 2 an 4 Pic, amyonc! Master Craftsman .mi 2 i . X 5 Puls? 2 4 4 t i t You don't say! Watch your hand CONGRATULATIGNS TO THE CLASSOF '58 SOLEDAD PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC CO. PLUMBING SUPPLIES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES DAIRY SUPPLIES ERNEST ONESA TELEPHONE oRs-2630 If you Iike Ifalian Foods Come To Us PASQUALE I-IOTEL AND RESTAURANT P. Tonini, Prop. ITALIAN DINNERS 0 PRIVATE BANQUETS 0 ROOMS TELEPHONE OR a-R963 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA JACK PRADER REAL ESTATE 84 INSURANCE REALTOR TELEPHONE HA 4-482I 22I SALINAS STREET SALINAS CALIFORNIA Wm? Yolo.,-IN P so A X. B ENT QP-'W gi 320 MAIN ST 'E A f l t, X s N This is the way, watch What ig it? 14 eyes We decided to take the day off Mutt 'n jeff Ah, this is the life W lull asgg ' fl , W YF: ' .. -,y f '-f .1151 . 'ifi t is af swan? 'F w xt S :- ik 'gil.i,m,,,Bel wg'-"" K K ff S y gy ,iyiiz 'fi S? , 0 i What do I hear? Reach for the sky Our smiling faculty 5 JD You're not getting through Go, William! Everybody pay close attention I JOHNSON MOTOR CO. BUICK - PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS GONZALES CALIFORNIA VOSTI REPAIR 81 HARDWARE SUPPLIES River Road - Phone OS5-3344 Hardware 0 PIumbing 0 Eledrical Aufo SuppIies 0 Aufo Repair Surface Pipe and Baling Wire GONZALES CALIFORNIA Garcia Saddlery Co. SADDLES SILVER MOUNTED BITS AND SPURS LEATHER GOODS TELEPHONE 5975 32 W. GABILAN STREET 6 ' if MILLER TOLAN Moron Co. if-Z, Ausm. AND MONTEREY OLDSMOBILE I.. SALINAS , CALIFORNIA 1'ELEPv-cons HARRISON 4-6457 "E Now look, men . . . Need any help? Bu5y Beavers 'A vii, ,',E: L e l,. ,,.o . f . ' 'T "1 , Q ., 1r.,i, -55:3 . WL Iv.: 1 Shame on you! A little to the left . . Hu, x NY. And this real gone chick . . . My finger ! ! I ! Gee , , Y 1 ' 4 And you put this here. I lhink WC' Do I hear a dime? gf RIG. UJ. PAT. Off. COCA-COLA BOTTLINC5 CO. SALINAS, CALIFORNIA COngraIuIaIIOrIs To IIIe Class of '58 FELMANS MENS WEAR CLOTHING I QUALITY FOREMOSI 3 I l62 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA AQ,-ff' fff-'.f ' IA . , "E::j!Ix I -2-QI IL7"t' . .J L GIFT AND CHINA I -4' GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION O HArrIsOn 4-746I 330 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA EI'III.Y'S SI-IAKES 0 SUNDAES 0 CANDY SANDWICI-IES 0 SODAS Open Affer All FOO+baII Games PHONE Os 5-345I GONZALES, CALIFORNIA Lucky boy N M 'Uh Clmuffcur An qagy way to Study Quiet. genius at work! 1 i ii xx ,M""'vf ' 'B-wg 7 Now hear this 'F' it FFA sweetheart and president Grinning frosh Girls in shop? I think they want the ball CoIifornio's favorite homogenized wg '.. I milk I olden state IIoMucfNIzfII X DQ , I MII k j, C, O 'UEQINI , 'Q'-grades?-1 ..o. R .. A SALINAS PHONE HA 4-I844 CALIFORNIA o SALIINAS VALLEY SAVHNGS in 'L II "I R- , II9 Easl' Alisal Slreel' - Salinas, Ca'ifornia Q! Telephone HA 4-l82I SWIM, ,M sm 1928 vullgv I' Complimems of DIAMOND SPECIALIST Q U L ,N S Qmounv S sauimfhcq NH 3 KIIAISI o ni I1 SERVICE COMPANY Slafionery and Office we cave 2 6' mvloeo Equipment en , PAYMENT GOCgN5?4LE5S 0' MAIN ,LAN Typewrilers 0 Renlals SALINAS 261 Main Street PHONE HA 4486' HA 44672 35l Main Sfreef li I X ' SG nos CGI forma Salinas California VALLEY TV CENTER SALES 81 SERVICE We give S 84 H Green Slamps When in Chualar ii's RENO Good Mixed Sandwiches Cold Drinks WATCHES - DIAMONDS PARKS JEWELERS 4 PHONE HA 2-0866 I Banquels I 570 E. Alisal Slreef PHONE HA 2-4793 PHONE OR 9-9994 lO45 So. Main SI., Salinas, California RCD AND RENO Salinas' California Quail' N E i " 1 5 5 if 4 5 Came back on Sputnik Brothers! I Climbing up from where he's going L0Ckiaw Pfimfss Bev Calm yourself! X X ,..,. mf' ni Lazy juniors Q35 X 'T 1724. L . g A . 1 Q f 'N' Q..rf.M,,: vs. , r dx nk . Sa . Fourscorc and seven year ago K ' Q . . 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TURNER, Proprielor TE!-EPI-IQNE QS53643 GONZALESCALIFORNIA BERRY'S FLOWERS ITurner's Pharmacy, Agenfsl We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Harry and Mable Thomas Telephone 4881 TELEPHONE HA 4-488I SALINAS, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE GARIN COMPANY SALINAS CALIFORNIA Custom Building Welding Blacksmithing y GoNzAL:s cALlFoRNiA Warner Machine S p A WPIRUINIGLE nmcron co. X voun CATERPILLAR umm F 'kSaunAs 0 M tm-Cm wUfSOI'lVilI8 0 SCHIIGS U King city .noun alll: I 'Caterpillar and Cai are Registered Trademark: ol Catsrplllar Tractor Co. SOLEDAD BAKERY We specialize in Wedding and all occasion cakes FRONT STREET PHONE OR a-224: , V jg limi, Q M r 5 W A Patrolman now! H Y, Sold! Q- -lusr wait until next year! Don'r iust stand there. Dance! Whcm's got the big hurl mm Congrat ulatiuns, And ICC s 5 E .,: .. :1i.y:Ei?,' ., 3 vf . i' 1 M - 3535! ' 5-155 ' , I r r 4 ll.l r n nlnl nnl l Q 1 Bowl X I lt's part of growing up Howdyc-C-c-c-c Hum-m-m-m-m SOLEDAD TRADING POST Owner-MARIE TREADO Dealers in Good Second Hand Furnilure and Clofhing We also deal in Anliques 0 Trade where your dollars have more cenls I2O Oak Slreel, Soledad phone OR8-2932 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS CI-IICAGO PRINTED STRING COMPANY WESTERN PLANT 8l5 Wes? Marlref Slreel Salinas. California HARDWARE GIFT WARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES DUTCH BOY PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GONZALES HARDWARE CO. Fourfh Slreel' Gonzales Telephone OS 5-3655 PERE'S HARDWARE DRY GOODS PAINTS SHOES PHONE OR 9-23I6 CHUALAR, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS BOTILL'S MEN AND BOYS' STORE "We specialize in all Types of clolhing, shoes, and sporls equipmenl for The High School S'rudenI." 4Ih STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA HARDWARE 0 HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 0 TOOLS PAINTS 0 PLUMBING 0 ELECTRIC SUPPLIES I GONZALES LUMBER CO. BELDEN a c STREET GONZALES PHONE 055.3346 ,Q ... rf-M Q it ,Q I K! Kk.. K fi 'f - ' A If ' n Officer I 'ust . . . 1 XWurkin , but rhmkink of fishing I starr at S2'3,0U0 a wr-uk y I r ww A if fr- ?: yi rn jfflkj ,Q ..v-. K r r :ir .ff .1 . 2 Q , ' 1 ff 3.655 s N sf ..zr"". B .1 4 -- .fr 1 ff' I 3 vi NL , ' X ,lx -l jpf' ' k ' Q f . v K X f 9 I V xy K 5-1- 2 'gf 'ff' -.k..-k nf' m 1 i sv :- Gilbcrt and Margo Blind data' Listen ru rhc pro On the way to rlmr- puky! j K, . if l-2-3-4 tally The great race if --1 Q I .fifffs .giwifzsfzfancf ALIFORNIA ALTA STREET GONZALES, C ALEX ' ALCANTARA Your Spartan Annual Photographer PORTRAITS 0 WEDDINGS U COMMERCIAL Front Street Telephone OR 8-2754 Soledad, California HArrison 2-5328 513 SOUTH MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA JIM SALMINA OSborne 5-3678 THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Congratulations to the H . , ALISAL FLORIST Class ot '58 gms? Free Delivery - Ph. I-IA 4-3859 C- E- BAE-I-SCHEN . eclirlc? op . Open umm 8 P M Sundays INSURANCE Philco Television 8tdRadio . . H.-F. 8' and HoIidaYS Telephone OR 8-2777 Lholne 05232335 77 Sanborn Rd. - Salinas, Calit. H37 Main Street Soledad 34 Front Street Gonzales Soledad Cleaners KANE gl ZECH DEL CARQN "We Clean with Care- Everything You Wear." Telephone OR8-2725 - V. H. Davis Corner Oak E1 Monterey Streets, Soledad, California Television 84 Appliances Telephone HA 4-25lI . 3I3 Main Street - Salinas, California Dresses 0 Sportswear Telephone HA 2-6522 929 So. Main St. - Salinas, Calitornia COAST TILE COMPANY JOE PANATTONI-Manager Phone HA 2-4233 Phone OA 3-65OI 345 Abbott Street - Salinas, Calif, I3O Water Street - Santa Cruz, Calif. LUTZ JEWELERS Fine Watch Repairing 653 E. Alisal Street Salinas, Calitornia PATTON'S MARKET Prompt 81 Courteous Service Phone OR 9-233I Chualar, C alif , pf. ' I at W at at l fl 7 at 1- ,e x a t E it ',h: t - -l Mtg, ..' xr l"'l ea Q I"-.. yi ---f 'Q 1-g. f . ga--H WWW R " ' . ., I., - Q - - 5 ff if e El S Q 9 Cris 1 iw! 5 in 1, 'X , Eli I ' Cream of the crop Stealing bases, league leader Sure funny ascii! 1 Bench warmers K +1 'N A' X 4 to 4137 lirwgai Carol Weigel and trophy Food at last Granny me ,av Q Hernando Cortez just sweep them away Gee, whiz KVW, Peter Potter Pierce Wh1lIlS in a handshake? Calypso joes Telephone Salinas HA 4-7656 Soledad OR 8-244I Chualar OR 9- new LIFE INSURANCE ' REAL ESTATE ' GENERAL INSURANCE ALT' C W. J. RESCH W, D. RESCI1 THE SPORTSMAN SALINAS' PIONEER SUPPLIER TO OUTDOORSMEN PHONE HA 4-43II 249 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA FRANK LEONI SHEET METAL WORKS Everyfhinq In The Sheef Mefal Line FURNACES AND HEATING SYSTEMS SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY 0 FRANK LEONI, Prop 0 P. O. BOX II62 PHONE ORS-2749 0 STATE AND OAK STREET 0 SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA GONZALES FAMILY GROCERY LOUIS NOGHERA, Prop. PHONE OS5-3645 GONZALES CALIFORNIA MITCHELL SILLIMAN COMPANY GRAIN ' BEANS ' ONIONS Modern Bean Cleaning Our SpeCiaITy Warehouses aT Salinas and Camphora M. B. FOWLER CONCRETE PIPE IRRIGATION SYSTEM MANUFACTURING . INSTALLATION . MAINTENANCE O P. O. Box 838 MELVIN B. EOWLER Gonzales, California Res. Phone ISI-W Telephone OS5-3436 King Cify, California 23I2 Archafecf, ROBERT STANTON. A. LA. FRED KEEBLE 81 GEORGE RHODA. Archifoch BEST WISI-IES FOR CLASS OF '58 TQMBLESQN Q Huck, unc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS SALINAS SALINAS fu-gg-V .5 . P,.,:T,-N., I yvn...,....-E, I U. J. A. JOHNSON 81 SON We Specialize in Manuf"acfure and Repair of Local Farm Equipmenf WELDING 0 BLACKSMITHING 0 PORTABLE EQUIPMENT Paul Johnson Telephone: HA 4-5 I 34 - Res. HA 2-0270 637 Abbofl Sfreel' CALIFORNIA 343 MAI N STREET TI-IE LADY SI-IOP QUALITY FASHIONS SALINAS, CALIFORNIA INSECTICIDES SOILSERV INC Agriculfural Chemicals SALINAS: HA 2-6473 HERBICIDES o FUNGICIDES Q SOIL FUMIGATION ORV-IN'S SHOES In The friendly SI-IERWOOD GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER I SALINAS. CALIFORNIA VALLEY CENTER BOWL ao AUTOMATIC LANES Feafuring wonderful Luncheons and Dinners aT The beaufiful COPPER ROOM PLENTY OF FREE PARKING O Phone HA 2-903I IO8I Soufh Main Salinas f5acXk- SHOES W EXPEFI' REPCIIPW Since l9I9 . 354 Main Slreel, Down Tow l'lA 4-7569 9 I6 Wes? Romie Lane, Valley C HA 4-6992 I SALINAS, CALIFORNIA 8 FRANICS MARKET Groceries o Vegefables Phone OSS-3688 Gonlaleg F. N. FRANSCIONI BUILDING CONTRACTOR Phone OR8-2266 0 Box 4l7 I W I so LE DAD CALIFORNIA , 1 I' l I SAM YOP BUILDING CONTRACTOR PHONE os 5-3477 . Box I6I GONZALES CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS I-IARDEN FARMS 4 Telephone I-IA 4-73 I4 EI Camino Real, Soulh Salinas. California HOTEL JEFFERY "FRIENDLY" COFFEE SHOP SALINAS CALIFORNIA AGRO FERTILIZERS JOHN PRYOR COMPANY Phone HA 2-5307 P.O. Box 266 SALINAS ' AUTO ' FIRE ' BONDS ' LIABILITY ' HEALTH gl ACCIDENT ' PACKAGE POLICIES ALL TYPES OF GENERAL INSURANCE FOR THE HOME OR FARM A. H. CLARK and RENO BRESCHINI OR 8-2650 OR 8-2920 545 FRONT STREET. SOLEDAD gflsciafizirzg in has fgarccfwoocfa foz aakioof agofu L. J. Curr and CO. Successors fo Gordon-MacBea+h Hardwood Co. P. O. BOX I282 SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA Telephone GLadsIone 2-2657 Warehouses: 2727 - 65fh STREET, SACRAMENTO - TeIephone GLadsIone 2-2657 84-OO BALDWIN STREET, OAKLAND - Telephone LOcIchaven 8-2578 H. L. PRIDDY CO. "EveryIhinq for Ihe House" SPECIALIZINO IN WALL TO WALL CARPETINCJ I-IArrison 4,5796 NATIVIDAD AND W, LAKE STREETS SALINAS, CALIFORNIA SALINAS MOTOR PARTS CompIe+e Machine Shop Service SOHEIZA BROTHERS ELMER SGI-IEIZA 329 MONTEREY STREET RES. HA 4-44I7 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA We Give S 81 H Green Sfamps LOLA'S DRESS SHOP PerSOf1aIi2ed Service PIEARCY FLYING-A-SERVICE AI+era+ions PHONE OR 9-2436 Telephone OR 8-2493 52I Fronf Sf. - Soledad, California P. O. BOX 245 CHUALAR, CALIFORNIA C755 UDQZLEE ALTA STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA Underwood Typewrifers - Sundsfrand Adding Machines 0 Sfafionery - Office Furnifure I I I I TYPEWRITER COMPANY "CompIefe Office Ouffi'rTers" ZI3 Main Sfreef Phone HA 4-2525 SALINAS. CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 LACEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY Monferey CounI'y's Oldesf 935 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD Try our deIicious Pies af your favorife Markef or Resfauranf FRESH DAILY Fred X1 Freddie I HERR PlEs sl CAKES QUAUTY MEMS Bob WI1ife Disfribufor Phone OS 5-3604 ' 4+h 81 AI+a S+s DALEY'S BOOTERY BURRES DRUG STORE Fine Shoes . Since I9I8 230 Main Sfreef ' Salinas SOLEDAD h , 3IO Broadway Sfreef ' King Clfy FRED'S MEAT MARKET I WW CAN BE YOURS GMM AT THE . . . JEANETTE BRASSIERE SHOPPE Sole Manufacfurers of "JEAN-BRA-ETTEH THE DIMENSIONAL BRA Also STRAPLESS and GIRDLES AII Garmenfs CarefuIIy Fiffed 904 Park Row-Valley Cenier Salinas - Free Parlring TYNAN LUIVIBEI2 CO. PHONE HA 4-22I6 242 E, ALISAL STREET SALINA5, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS AND BEST WISHES HARVEY BERKUIST BOY'S WEAR CADET X4 STUDENTS 268 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA A-Ls. utrice Timds fu. 222 NORTH MAIN STREET - SALINAS , CALIFORNIA Ili ESE .51 Congrarulaiions Io Ihe Class of "58" 23I MAIN STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA "EveryI'hing in Music" RECORDS - HI-FI Bring your yearboolc info our record deparimeni and receive IO7, off on any record purchase PHONE HA 2-2I54 FIBRE FLOWER STUDIO Arrangemenis for all occasions Tropical Plasiic Planis, Free Wood Eibre Flower AUTO PARTS SERVICE R. E. and V. A. Keliner, Owners Auio Paris - Machine Shop I3xl Alabofl Sf. - Ph. HA 2-4775 CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT BUREAU OF SOLEDAD ' lnslrucfions 6ADSBY'S Music co. ,ME MARNOTT -"fPaYS+OPaYPfOmP+'v- 345 MMT' STREET ' SAUNAS 337 Main Sfreef - Salinas, Calif. S I d d OR 8-2956 C H . 8 Subscribe now Io Ihe GONZALE DEPARTMENT STORE S TRIBUNE Salinas California "For All fhe Local News" Phone ORB-2675 Soledad California NORTON I-IEVRIN BUILDING CONTRACTOR '59 SOLEDAD 0 CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE STORE APPLIANCE - FURNITURE TELEVISION - RADIO CANEVASCINI BROOKS SOUZA PHONE OR8-245I I36 DIXIE STREET SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA WESTCOTT MOTOR COMPANY Sfandard Merchandise 0 Dependable Service SOLEDAD CHEVROLET Sales and Service . Phone ORioIe 8-262 I CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD MERCANTILE COMPANY "The House of Friendly Service" HARDWARE o GROCERIES o DRY GOODS Disfribufors for INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Tracfors o Trucks o Farm Equipmenf SOLEDAD General Merchandise-ORB-2644 I907 Paris 81 Service Depf.-OR8-2645 Congrafulaiions Gusfav Eberhardf, M.D. Sl-ICP and ECKI-IART SEED CO. WHERE BEAUTY IS James FasseH. M.D. Lennon lspem, UNSURPASSED Gonzales California Salinas Phone I'IA 4-4297 OR 82493 SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA TRAVELERS' RESTAURANT EVANS ECONOMY For The Besf Meal SIDNEY I-IUGUENIN for your money DRUG STORES Civil enqaneef Margaref and Jens A- Nielsen 238 MaIn -499 Mam 823- Easl AIIsaI Foudh Shea, Gonzales I4 Fourfh Sf. 0 Gonzales, Calif. Salmas' Cal'lOm'a A DAvI3'S T. V. CONGRATULATIONS Sales - Service and Insfallahon Prader Bros. - Rudy and Eddie Richard HandleY' M' D' Telephone 24508 GIRIEOZEERNEEOODSRLIITSBARERITEEOOIIJLSLS Dove Karle N' Kennedy Fourfh and Belden Sfreels - - HA 2-6350 HA 2-6893 Phone OS5-31466 Soledad Calllorma 54 Easf Alisal SI. 0 Salinas, Calif. Gonzales CalIIo"'Ia GONZALES MACHINE FRANSCIONI BQSIWRTGS IO'C'f'SS of 58 AND FORGE WORKS MEAT MARKET e EDWARD FRANSCIQNII pmp, from The Walt Rianda Arnold Pisoni "The BeS'r of EaIS in MeaIS" FRANK MORASCI TELEPHONE OR8-2446 Kennedy and Callahan CHEVRON GAS STATION Sogeddd Camomid Soledad California Lubricalion Service TIRES 0 BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES Conqraiulalions CONGRATULATIONS DR. O. I-I. NUSZ Shoes and Shoe Renewing onza es OIIEOVVIIG . . 6 I C I Soledad - Cahforma ALISAL UPHOLSTERY FFI"e+ mid NATIONAL DOLLAR SHQP oun aIn SFVICS STORES GEO. E: HUMPHRIES GOLDEN STATE ICE CREAM Where Your Dollar Buys More ProprieIor 1 ' Always Beffer Values Here Telephone HA 4.9304 Soledad ' Cal'fO""a ' 257 Mein Sfreef . . 8Il EAST ALISAL'ST. 0 SALINAS 5"""s C""fo""' T BOOKS ORIGINAL PAINTINGS CARDS PRINTS VALLEY BOOK AND ART SI-IOP 960 PARK ROW I-IArrison 2-929I SALINAS, CALIFORNIA JOAQUIN BONDIETTE-CHEVROLET Service for Economy "SO NEW FOR "58" PHONE OS 5-3454 GONZALES, CALIFORNIA J. IVI. ELECTRIC CO. Commercial O. W. JOHNSON STAN I-ISK Indusfrial MAKER OF SPORTING GOODS - - FINE CLOTHES Resldenhal PII HA 4- One 445' TeIepI'Ione HA 2-7819 20-A W. Gabilan SI.. Salinas, CaIif. I6 E. Romie Lane Salinas, Calif. 3I2 Kings S+ . Salinas bamomia CongraIuIaIions Io 'rhe Senior Class FARLEY FRUIT COMPANY SALINAS CALIFORNIA R. W. PARKER SEVIERS DAYTON-JOHNSON REALTOR PET CENTER COMPANY i GARDEN FEED SEED GENERAL INSURANCE Real Esfafe o Insurance PETS FOODS ' FURNISHINGS PHONE HA 4-3938 PHONE I-IA 2-474I Valley Cerner I57 Main Sfreef Salinas 623 E. Alisal SI. Salam, Calif IO49 SO. MAIN ST. SALINAS Congra'ruIa+ions STANDARD FURNITURE CO. Complefe Home Furnishers Headquaders for Lane Cedar Chesfs PHONE 4859 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA 5, WALKER'S I SIGNAL CAFE BAR-B-OUE A:-Kia .gg-P PHONE LW A-if SOLEDAD BEE Prinfing and Publishing STEAKS 81 CHICKEN CHUCKWAGON LUNCH ll:30 a.m. ' l:30 p.m. CHUCKWAGON DINNERS 5:00 p.m. on MISSION GROCERY Serving The Mission Disfricf wifh Qualify FRANK RICCA Oliltlce Supplies Abboff 8: John Sfreefs Salinas OR 8-ZSI3 Soledad Ll-EN THE TRIANGLE CO. VV' A 81 of Cenfral California 8: SON Plumbing PAINTING CONTRACTORS ' 'NSECT'C'DES Sheef Mefal Worlc , PERTH-ES Hardware and Boysen Painfs SOLEDAD U AGRICULTURAL PHONE OSS-39II KING CITY ""NERM5 Gonzales California GONZALES PHONE HA 4-4843 320 Wesf Marlcef Salinas, Calif. .IIM's LIOUORS PHONE OR 8-3358 SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA THE NATIONAL DEPARTMENT STORE TELEPHONE OR 8-2774 SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD FRENCH LAUNDRY EDMOND COURREJOU Propriefor PHONE OR B-2263 Soledad Sfreef - Soledad Herberf Rofhsfein SHERWOOD DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 907 NORTH MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA MARVEL CLEANERS Well Cleaned-Well Pressed is Well Dressed FEATURING Knif Blocking by Georgia GEORGIA 8: AL BISHOP Phone HA 4-3279 434 Salinas Sfreef - Salinas. Calif. HELEN'S CORSET SHOPPE, IFormerly Frances Mahlerl HA 2-i765 439 Salinas - Salinas. California A - B - C AWNING 81 UPHOLSTERING CANOPIES - TARPS All- Worlc Guaranfeed PHONE HA 4-7926 l203 Abboff Sfreef Salinas, Calif JllvlMlE'S BOWLING ALLEY and RESTAURANT OR 8-225i Soledad Sfreef - Soledad ORVlN'S SHOES in The friendly SHERWOOD GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER Salinas California Vern Rice Disfribufor TIDEWATER OIL CO. HA 4-7702 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD TIRE SERVICE Tanlcersley 84 Peverini Owners EXPERT RECAPPING ' EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE Phone ORioIe 8-2212 960 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA HOME DEPARTMENT STORE Everyfhing in CIoThes for The whole family S 84 H GREEN STAMPS Phone ORioIe 8-22I5 SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA I Congrafulafions Groceries - Fruifs- Vegefables BARBER SHQP MeaI-Wholesale Meafs DR' Cl-INTQN BRYNER P. O. Box 857 0 Phone OS5-3628 Congralulallons- Senlors Gonzales California SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD U CALIFORNIA VICTORY VILLAGE FOOD CENTER SHERWOOP COFFEE SHOP "The Place Io Ea?" BOX 25I8 PHONE OR 8-2605 Cleaners 84 Laundry One Day Service In by 9:00. OUT by 5:00 NO EXTRA CHARGE Alfa Sfreef Gonzales I734 Vasfi Avenue - Soledad, Calif. Sherwood Gardens Ph. HA 2-C2800 I CQNQRATULATIQNS Congrafulafions, Seniors ALS STORE FOR MEN HATS Q SHOES DR, KRAFT DR. JAMES H. PETTEY RIDING TOGS 3 FURNISHINGS 2,0 Mm Shea, Saunas SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA 330 SOLEDAD ST. SOLEDAD I-IAYWARD LUMBER COMPANY HA 4-8075 ll ABBOTT STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA IT PAYS TO PATRONIZE YOUR ANNUAL ADVERTIZERS 7eQ.,.,,g ' . ,LMA Y Y Af' 1' 1 f l 'rr , A is Q fv- " '- ,e . f , . :J ', f .1 ., L"':,4 f-:J N" -1 4 .-' -' f' , rl-. 1 , HF K..-f M 1 N.. .sff---?g?.5'...f-a,",,5f:f, -Sk ,Y -2 .1.z'.8.. 1-Auf,3, ,I.-1'

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