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1 1 - ! 1 4 1957 SPARTAN GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL GONZALES, CALIFORNIA ln Gybffemoriam The Class of 1957, the students and faculty ot Gonzales Union High School sin- cerely join the Annual Staff in dedicating these pages to the fond memory of a fine student, a great athlete, and a sincere friend, Tony Calub. W, ADMINIS TBA TI O A - ' ' 5' 4 w. N' MH 1 1 H I W or N .- , 1 . 2 Q A -1. ' ...Qi . . I ' , . 1 . ! Q., ' . ' -- ' Tn., . .4 Q-Tfuqzz., 2:-W R ' ' ':".'.fv:.'. . :' 3.1 ' ' "mu ix" X11 - 4,.,',,- 4---N,-.'.:,?....n , ,W U..sO,4,,.. qs, - 'HU .yu vu W A Q P --U vw v-T1I1'u"4"' ' ' 8' A . J' - vp W g . s ., ,I mn .v . .1 1... -.-'. .nm l ri,-.'.:, .AQ MR. FRANK S. CORDA MR. TED SALMINA Clerk 6 4. V, ' " MR. I.. W. WILEY MR. FRANK PERB MR. ROY TWISSELMANN' President KL W MR. I.. D. LILLEY Distric! Superintendent MR. RICHARD G. FORCE ' Vice-Principal ,gif MRS. LILLIAN RIANDA Secretary MR. WADE ANDERSON Industrial Axis MR. IOSEPH AXUP Band, Drama MR. IESS BOWERS Mathematics OUR MR. CLARIS BURNS Physical Education , -. ., A, .,. X ,us X V 4 J , 'Q -V M. MR. VERNE GUTIERREZ Physical Educaiion English ., 'T ..,. . ,. :..-sf' MR. IAY CORNWELL Biology Physical Education Mechanical Drawing 11 1 MISS MARY AIDA DAVIS Commercial .f MR. DEAN HARPER Driver Education, Printing Mechanical Dxawing DOW MR. EARL PENIX Agricul lure ' MRS. NORMA RIANDA Homemaking Art MISS LORRI-UNE RODGERS Languages Health MR, FARHAD SAMII Government United States History FACULTY MR. DANIEL SANTOS English Spanish Iournalism -sf MISS ARETHUSA SOUTH English A . Y P S MISS ANITF. SHORT Physical Education MR. VERNON SILVER Science Mathematics MR. I-'RANK TIBBETTS Library x 'q V 1 . 't g , tix - L MR. LESTER WEI GEL Chorus Mathematics Counseling S MR. IOE BORLA MR. ADOLPH BRUSA MR. EDWIN HANDLEY SCH OO EMPLOYEES x 1 if 7' N ' 'Wg . MRS. GERTRUDE IOHNSON Cafeteria I wha- Q .1 I 3 X6 7 . -', ,CI Y, , ,Y 'T' 5 lf Ez! 5 ,L-62.-.3 I 2,3 V ' ,Z 1 - Cp V vw .. ' - -jx, 'z ' ' -' Z2 ' 'Li ' , . ' f 'f 2: K -V ,V -. 34. V ' , -E, . -- r,. . .-'Q 9313.2 V .Qi ?fx xi i l F' I ' -f?. 1-.5 ' Wx . 1 5-"W" " 'f wh .. TJ- R43 ' 'Tw . .V,, . A ' . -Q L 1 't at.-if.-V'?? ..-.V w .,. A .' A .. "J, V- - rx" -., ' ., ,. sV . ' s v Q , - . " wji, :+5ffW ". J , V aiu' , . hy? V ,- 7' 0 2 " E Wifi-ET' - - 3 v,!'- -. .' ' fm... , I . Q ' V 1 , . ' 1- , 4 MR. DENNIS HOOK MR. IACK HYNDING MR. DAN RUBBO awww? CLASSES CLASS OF '57 GONZALO ARROY0 FPA 2-3-4 FFA Vice-President 4 Bo s' Block "G" 2-3-4 Y Football 1-2-3-4 Track 3-4 Football Honorary Captain 3 Basketball Manager 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 ,,,, 4 X 4 will fs' Y f 1 'gi' - 4 , CHRISTINE BAHHERR FHA 1-2-3-4 Girls' League l-Z-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Senior Play Honor Chorus 4 Class Sgt.-at-Arms 3 FHA Vice-President 4 1 F, SHERMAN AVECILLA Boys' Block "G" 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 3 Track 4 MANUEL BALERO Band 1-2-3-4 Track l Science Club 4 P t NONA BARLOW FHA 1 GAA l-2-3 Girls' League 1-2-3-4 Girls' Block "G" 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2 Girls' Chorus 2-3 Iunior Play Staff Girls' League Sgt. at GAA Treasurer 3 1 - lu, L. MARLENE BERT! FHA l-2-3-4 FHA President 4 GAA 2-3-4 Girls' League l-2 Girls' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 Student Council 4 Music Festival l-2-3-4 Honor Chorus 4 Variety Show I x e Z Arms 4 J 'Y EMILY CARBONELI. Rally Girl 2-3-4 FHA 1-2 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 2-3 Girls Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 lt t RACHEL AQUIRRE CELAYA FHA l-2-3 Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 1-2 Mixed Chorus 4 Senior Play SANDRA ANN BREEDEN Girls' Block "G" Ath. Mgr. Honor Chorus 3 Barn Dance Queen 2 Assistant Cheer Leader 2-3 Head Cheer Leader 4 Girls' League 1-2-3 GAA 2-3, Pres. 2 ' Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus l-3-4, Girls' 3 Class Play 3-4 Annual Stall 4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 CCASC Representative 2 Variety Show 4 3 fi-A fl CARLOS CARRANZA BETTY LOU MARIE CARBONELI. FHA 1-2 GAA 2-3 Girls' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 Pep Club 2 PETE C. CASTILLO Football Z-4 Band l-2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-4 Track l-2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" 1-2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" Vice-Pres. 4 995 RICHARD C. CELAYA Track 1-2-3-4 Intramural Football Champs 3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3-4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 Pep Band 2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Show Band 4 V. 5,4 , - ' :. is ,fgsli ' -A ROSALIE MAREZ CASTILLO Class Treasurer 1 Class Vice-President 2 FHA Treasurer 4 Girls' League Treasurer 4 CSF 1b-2a Girls' Chorus 2 FHA 3-4 Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 2 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Iunior Play Staff Senior Play IOYCE EVAUGI-IN COOPER GRA Vice-President 3a, Pres. 3b Rally Girl 3 Spartan Mascot 2 Assistant Cheer Leader 4 Honor Chorus 3 Homecoming Attendant 2 Girls' League 2-3 GAA 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Class Talent Show 2-3 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Variety Show 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Transferred from King City 2 f Y 'Q rg X t L ., f GILI-'. FERNANDEZ Football 2-4 Baseball 2-4 Basketball Honorary Capt. 3-4 All CCAL Basketball 4 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Transferred Irom Salinas DOMINGO H. CHAVARRIA Intramural Football Champs 4 Transferred from Salinas High in BILL DAVIES Boys' Block "G" Preside Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 FFA 1-2 Boys' Block "G" l-2-3-4 Student Council 4 nt4 IANICI-I FRANCES CORDR Class President l-2, Treas. 3 Girls' State Barn Dance Attendant 4 Lions Club Speech Winner 3 Girls' League 1-2-3 GAA 2-3, Sec. 3 Girls' Block "G" 3-4, Pres. 4 Band l-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 2-3-4 Student Council 1-2-3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 CCI-ISC Representative 1-2-3-4 CSF 3b-4b, Vice. Pres. 4b MARY M. FLOREZ I-'HA 1-2 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 3 Girls' Block "G" 4 X - , , ..'.",'f.'il f'-.3-Li-1 LEO COIJINTRO. IR. Baseball 2 Basketball 2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 Basketball Honarary Capt. 3-4 Honor Band 4 Talent Show 2-3-4 Intramural Volleyball Intramural Baseball Boys' Block "G" 1-2-3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-3-4 LOUIS DOIVIINGUEZ Intramural Football Champs 3-4 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 Intramural Volleyball Champs 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Dance Band 3-4 Class Talent Show 4 Exchange Talent Show 4 , I ,t . .. .t . I - , Igft, V s KATIE GARCIA Mixed Chorus 3-4 Honor Chorus 3-4 FHA 2-3 Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 3-4 Band 1 Senior Play RUDY GARCIA Class President 4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Show Band 3-4 Boys' Block "G" l-2-3-4 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 3-4 Exchange Talent Show 4 LOIS ANN FRANSCIONI CSF 4b Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 3-4 Band l-2-3-4 lunior Play Stalt Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 2 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Iournalism Conference 4 Show Band 4 in , PATRICIA ANN GARCIA FHA Secretary 4 Honor Chorus 4 Homecoming Queen 3 FHA 2-3-4 Girls' League 3 GAA 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Pep Club Z Girls' Chorus 3-4 '51 R LAWRENCE GARCIA Football I-2-3-4 Basketball l-2-3 Track 1-2-3 Band 1-2-3-4 Honor Band 2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Show Band 3-4 LORENE GOTT Girls' Block "G" Vice Pres. 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker ol Tomorrow 4 Girls' League 3-4 GAA l-2-3 Spartan Hi-Lile 4 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Trans. from Patterson High 4 Pep club 1-2 Spanish Club 2 Spanish Club Secretary 2 Class Talent Show 2 BILL FRENCH Football 4 Track 4 Band 1-2 Boys' Block "G" 4 Class Talent Show 2 V171 Q .- tg ,Agfa . RAY SANCHEZ GARCIA Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 3 Track 4 Band l-2-3-4 Show Band 4 Boys' Block "G" l-2 Class Talent Show 4 Exchange Talent Show 4 es G- i WAYNE E. HANDLEY Class President 3 Student Body President 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball l Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Boys' State All CCAL Football 4 Boys' Block "G" 1-Z-3-4 Pep Club 2 Student Council 3-4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 Variety Show 3-4 CCASC Representative 3-4 IANICE M. IOHNSON Music Festival 2-3-4 Honor Chorus 4 FHA Convention 3-4 GAA 2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Girls' League l Girls' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Senior Play Pep Club 2 Exchange Talent Show 1-2 WILMA GALE HACKWOBTH CSF Vice-Pres. 4a, Pres. 4b CSF l-2-3-4 CSF Life Member Girls' Chorus 1 Majoretle 4 Assistant Annual Editor 3 Annual Editor 4 Girls' League I-2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Spartan Hi-Lite 4 Exchange Talent Show "2" Variety Show 3 Iournalism Conference 4 ' ,ll g 119 .L-L... . , , 7 'f":Lf ' 531' ,., Frm 'tr s . J" 'Jar "xl nf - -qs, ev 1 Y 4 Jn 'xl A 1 11' 1'-'PRIX - 1 F.-,:, Jg,-" '-.G ',i.-t!v , 4' A, s TIMOTHY M. HANDLEY Boys' Block "G" Sgt.-at-Arms 4 Football 2-3-4 Track 4 l Boys' Block "G" 3-4 lunior Play Senior Play Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show l-2-3-4 Variety Show 3-4 -.-s + G- I . 1 '-il 4 'i X. . EMMA F. IIMENEZ Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4 Honor Chorus 3 Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 2-3 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Annual Staii 4 Pep Club 2 Class Talent Show 2 SYLVIA ANN HOLCOMB FHA 1-2-3-4 Girls' League 1-2 GAA 4 , V I IESSE M. IOHNSON FFA l-2-3-4 FFA Reporter 4 CAROLYN IONES Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA l-Z Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus I-2 Pep Club l-2 Class Talent Show 3-4 Spartan Hi-Lite 4 Exchange Talent Show 3 I Iournalism Conference 4 .X NL .l' BOCCI MARTIGNONI Class Sgt.-at-Arms l Football l-2-4 Mixed Chorus 4 FFA l-2-3 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 CHARLENE DIANA PFEIFFER Honor Chorus 4 FHA l-2-3-4 Girls' League l-2 GAA 2-3-4 Girls' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Iunior Play Senior Play DEAN IUNG Band l Ia Len .' . R LULA MEDINA FHA l-2-3 Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 1-2 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 2 N ' f :JL RONALD MIXON Boys' Block "G" Sec.-Treas Football I-2-3-4 Track 2-4 All CCAL Football 4 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Iunior Play Senior Play Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Senior Play Pep Club 2 .L rx ,-f - .---rv rn EMILY B. PEREZ Girls' Block "G" Ath. Mgr. 4 FHA 1-2 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 3 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Pep Club 1 DEANN LOUISE KINNEAR Class Treasurer 2 GAA Vice-President 2 Student Body Business Mgr. 3 Student Body Treasurer 4 CSF 2-3-4, Pres. 4a CSF Life Member Iournalism Conference 4 Spartan Hi-Lile Bus. Mgr. 4 Lions Club Speaking Contest 3 GAA 2 Girls' Block "G" 3-4, Trecxs. 3 Class Play 3-4 Annual Stall 4 Student Council 3-4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show Z-4 lUDl'l'H OBEDOZA Girls' League I GAA 4 Iunior Play Senior Play Pep Club 2 Class Talent Show 2 Exchange Talent Show 2 - ,F 5, 423 , Ev I t ,. 'f f " i , A 2.1 .5 g t i r 1- V lr, W t H: ,, '.':'.' 4 --M' -Ex, .. V . :Fo-, I., 51 'jj' , 4 ,, . :gr ll' t.-1 'lv ,W ll ,ll LLQEEJ, " 1 ' " :Eg . ,- so . ' H' :pf ge Lp, FAUSTO REGUSCI FFA President 4 Football 4 FFA State Convention 4 FFA l-2-3-4 Senior Play Boys' Block "G" 4 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 4 Transferred from Santa Ynez 3 1' SHIRLE M. RODRIGUEZ Honor Chorus 4 Music Educators Nat. Conf. 4 FHA 1 Girls' League l-3-4 GAA 3-4 Girls' Block "G" 4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Pep Club 2 Girls' Chorus 3-4 Majorette 4 MAC PEREZ Football l-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track l-2-3-4 Honorary Capt. Football 4 Honorary Capt. Basketball 4 All CCAL Football 4 All CCAL Basketball 4 NCS 3 Boys' Block "G" l-2-3-4 Transferred irom Campbell High School 4 CAROL RODONI Girls' Block "G" Sec. 4 Head Majorette 4 Majoretle Z-3 Honor Chorus 2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 1-2 Barn Dance Queen 3 Girls' League 1-2 GAA 2 Girls' Block "G" 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4 lunior Play Annual Staff l-2-3-4 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 2 Spartaxi Hi-Life 4 .- ..,f.K:,-. ,. ,,-t ,T L , x.. '4.- 'l.. 'io at-1 IANICE MARIE RODDICK Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2 Girls' Block "G" Treasurer 4 Annual Staff Bus. Mgr. 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Girls' League I-2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Iunior Play Senior Play Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 2 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 K "' 'Rt 14. MARY LOU BOSALEZ FHA l Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Girls' Black "G" 4 Iunior Play V Senior Play Pep Club 2 LOBRAINE RARAS FHA 2-3 Girls' League 1-2-4 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Pep Club 3 DIANE IEAN BODONI FHA l Girls' League l GAA 3-4 Band l Pep Club 2 Class Talent Show 2 Exchange Talent Show 2 FRANK SALE FFA l-2-3-4 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 FFA Treasurer 4 Basketball 2 Track 2-3-4 -1-gr-sy IUNB ANN SIASON Girls' League l-2-3-4 GAA 1-2-3 Girls' Block "G" 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Pep Club 2 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 2-3 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 Girls' Chorus 3-4 Honor Chorus 4 Class Secretary 1-2-3 Student Body Secretary 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 2 5 DENNIS SAKAY Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Football 2-3-4 Track 2-4 Basketball 2-3-4 LUPIZ SAVEDIUI FHA 2-3 Girls' League 3-4 GAA 4 Senior Play Mixed Chorus 4 Iunior Prom Queen 3 Transferred from Franklin K H GLORIA DB SANTIAGO GAA 4 Girls' League 3-4 Rally Girl 4 Senior Class Treasurer Girls' League Secretary 4 Transferred from Campbell Union High School 3 PATRICIA ANNE SOARES Mixed Chorus 2-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Exchange Talent Show 4 Girls' Chorus 1-2-3 Variety Show 4 Class Secretary 4 CSF 4b ' Honor Chorus 4 Lions Club Speaking Con. 2-3 Transferred from King City 2 Music Club 1-2 Band 1-2 SAMMY SAKAY, alll. Boys' Block "G" 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Exchange Talent Show 4 Show Band 4 Football l-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 All CCAI. Basketball 3-4 Z S A IOYCE SCOTT Girls' League 1-2 GAA '3-4 Iunior Play Senior Play Pep Club 2 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Spartan Hi-Life 4 Exchange Talent Show 2 4 Variety Show 3-4 Iournalism Conference 4 CSF 4b Class Sgt.-at-Arms 3 Lions Club Speaking Contest 2 ,Q if ELEANOR URQUIDEZ Barn Dance Queen l Girls' League 1-2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Pep Club 2 6 I N WlLLIAM G. STRETCH Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2 Intramural Champs 3-4 CSF 3a, 4 Honor Band 2-3-4 Honor Chorus 3-4 Dance Band 1-2 Show Band l-2-3-4 Boys' State Mixed Chorus 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Student Council 4 Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 Spartan Hi-Life Editor 4 Iournalism Conference 4 . ,, --. BETTY DOROTHY SWANSON Rally Girl l-2-3 FHA l Girls' League I Mixed Chorus 3 nzrrv mm wnrson ' n Girls' League 1 Band l-2-3-4 Class Talent Show 2 Exchange Talent Show 2 ll ALVIN C VILLEGAS Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Class Vxce Presldent 4 Boys Block G 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Show Band 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 junior Play Stall Senior Play Class Talent Show 2-3-4 Exchange Talent Show 2-4 All CCAI. Track 3-4 Track l-2-3-4 Baseball 3 Capt. ot Intramural Basketball, Volleyball Champs 3 I .7 A Q SHIRLEY MAE WHITE FHA Convention 3 FHA 2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Iunior Play Staff Senior Play Class Talent Show 2 Transferred from Roosevelt High School 2 LARRY WESTCOTT Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 All CCAL Football 4 FFA 1-2 Boys' Block "G" 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 4- Top Row: Leo Colantro, Gonzalo Arroyo, Iesse Iohnson, Wayne Handley, Bill French, Kenneth Ayers, Ronald Mixon, Larry Westcott, Bill Stretch, Alvin Villegas, Rudy Garcia, Tim Handley, Frank Sale, Mr. Burns. Fourth Row: Miss South, Richard Celaya, Domingo Chavarria, Ray Garcia, Pete Castillo, Mac Perez, Louis Dominguez, Sherman Avecilla, Rocci Martignoni, Dennis Sakay, Manuel Balero, Gilbert Fernandez, Bill Davies. Third Row: Carlos Carranza, Sammy Sakay, Deann Kinnear, Carol Rodoni, Christine Barrera, Pat Garcia, Charlene Pfeiffer, Ianice Corda, Lula Medina, Ianice Iohnson, Emma Iimenez, Dean lung, Fausto Regusci. Second Row: Wilma Hackworth, Betty Carbonell, Pat Soares, Rosalie Castillo, Emily Carbonell, Emily Perez, Mary Florez, Katie Garcia, Diane Rodoni, Nona Barlow, Ioyce Scott, Sylvia Holcomb, Sandra Breeden, Ianice Roddick. Bottom Row: Iune Siason, Eleanor Urquidez, Gloria De Santiago, Lois Ann Franscioni, Lorene Gott, Marlene Berti, Shirley White, Rachel Celaya, Lupe Savedra, Shirle Rodriquez, Lorraine Raras, Iudy Obedoza, Mary Rozalez. SENIOR CLASS As Graduation draws near the Senior Class recalls many of the outstanding events and activities of our last year at G.U.H.S. The Senior play, "Stage Door," had a large cast who worked very hard to give an enjoyable presentation. The Twirp Season, sponsored by our class, was successful and ended with the an- nual Twirp Dance. To raise funds our class held several night dances. We also worked hard to present. an entertaining talent show. On our trip to San Francisco we visited Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, The Academy oi Science, the Aquarium, the DeYoung Museum, and Fleishhacker Zoo. Our traditional "Ditch Day," held at Bolado Park and the Iunior-Senior Banquet, held at the Mark Thomas' Inn were enjoyed by many. Sandra Breeden was elected as Head Cheer Leader and Carol Rodoni performed as Head Majoretteflanice Corda was our Barn Dance candidate. Shirle Rodriguez at- tended the Music Educators National Conference Bi-annual Convention in Pasadena. Seven senior boys had the honor of being chosen for ALL CCAL Basketball and Football teams. With Graduation, Baccalaureate and treasured memories, the class of "57" can truly say we had four wonderful and successful years at Gonzales Union High School. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Larry Westcott, Sgt.-at-Arms Alvin Villegas, Vice-President Rudy Garcia, President Pat Soares, Secretary Emma Iimenez, Sgt.-at-Arms Gloria De Santiago, Treasurer ew. CLASS OF '58 The Iunior Class had a very successful year under the leadership of our president, Hortencia Meza. The Carnival was our first main event, followed by the Prom, "Garden of Eden" with music by the Stardusters. We also sponsored a noon dance and a dance after the Pacific Grove basketball game. Under the direction of Sue Hooks, our class treasurer, We operated the concession booth at football and basketball games. Sue was also our class candidate for Barn Dance Queen. On April 5, We presented three-one act plays, "A Cup Of Tea," "A New England Spinster," and "There's Money In Witchcraft," which were enjoyed by many. The Annual Iunior-Senior Banquet, held at Mark Thomas' Inn, marked the end of our social activities. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Gloria Davalos, Vice-Presidenlg Garon Handley, Sgt.- cxt-armsg Sue Hooks, Treasurer. Sealed: Mary Helen Mata, Secretary, Hortencia Meza, President. CI-ASS MEETING IUNIOR PROM-"Garden Of Eden" IUNIOR PLAY ' ',.g,qr'K . V... w-1 in Top low: Viclor Colanlro, loe Palacio, Garon'Handley, Elias Guerrero, Ruben Garcia, Mr. Harper. Third Row: Mrs. N. Rianda, Mike Arroyo, Bill Gerard, Richard Holquin, Herve Bergeron, Richard Garcia, Ierry Berii, Al Amaral, Alex Serna. Second Row: Tony Guzman, Iohrmy Urquidez, Linda Irish, Effie Hines, Io Anne Franscioni, Mary Ann Griselli, Linda Andersen, Marilyn Cox, Lupe Barela, Ioe Carranza. Bottom Row: Georgia De Santiago, Gloria Davalos, Sandra Coltenham, Concha Larez, Sherline Green, Marie Blanco, Helen Barriga, Mary Pauline Garcia, Margaret Celeya, Mary Louise Garcia, Iosie Celeya, -,1 i N2 4 Top Row: Mr. Anderson, Tony Olivas, Ernest Mendoza, Teddy Barrera, Larry Teeters, Gilbert Menchaca, Nicomedes Segundo, Manuel Olvera, Mr. Axup. Third Row: Gerald Sampaga, Doris Stroud, Pele Hernandez, Ieff Young, Dick Rich, Willie Wiltn-mann, Victor Colantro. Second Row: Frances Wilhite, Carol Twisselmann, Sue Hooks, Charlotle Pleiller, Wanda Stockdale, Carol Madsen, Rosie Noghera, Mary Iessie Marquez, Raquel Garcia. Boilom Row: Lupe Ortiz, Horlencia Meza, Drina Seron, Mary Helen Mola, Iune Panzica, Iane Medina, Lydia Santiago, Shirley Raras, Arleen Pura, Doroihy Siason. 5 , " F CLASS OF '59 Under the leadership of President Don DeBrouwer the class ot "59" began its second successful year. The Freshmen-Sophomore tie-up was followed by a very exciting Reception, thanks to the many active students who participated. To raise money we had a talent show which was a lot of work but a great deal of fun. Many Sophomore boys lettered on the Varsity and Iunior Varsity football, basket- . ball, baseball, and track teams. Glenn Cooper made all-CCAL lightweight basketball center. Our class was well represented in many other school activities. We hope our Iunior year will be as successful as the previous years. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Charles Duncan, Treasurerg Susan Handley, Vice-President: Don DeBrouwer, Presidentp Irene Radavero, Secretaryp Bill Fitzpatrick, Sgt.-at-Arms. sf FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TIE-UP I .l ,nv Top Row: Mr. Silver, Charles Duncan, Iames DeBelle, Glenn Cooper, Don Baze, Ierry Decoto, George Albertoni, Bill Fitzpatrick, Mr. Bowers.. Third Row: Roy Davila, Bobby Bonincontri, Iames Avecilla, William Fitzpatrick, Frank Baeskens, Ion Baldwin, Elias de Leon, Rondall Cothran, Larry Berti, Cephas Daniels, Don DeBrouwer. Second Row: Charles Adamson Iames Chavez, George Aragon, Remie Colantro, Carol Sue Burns, Anita Bandy, Christine Green, Karen Allen, Beih Iuri, Ice Barrera, Miss Rodgers. Boliom Row: Pat Hall, Susan Handley, Donna Cotta, Ioann Heiiington, Helen Gott, Carmen Florez, Geraldine Ader, Louise Adkins, Anna Io Gadd, Mary Chavez, Catherine Duran, Ruth Dacpano, Sofia Gracia. R - -- - -f 5.1 ... 1 33' , , 'V Lk Top Row: Fred Kraly, Douglas Morascl, Charles Moreno, David Iohnson, Charles Tones, Rod Roper, Norman Rianda, Iohn Wiley, Allred Ortiz, Iohnnle Morton, Mr. Tibbeits. Third Row: Raymond Rodarie, George Middleton, Tommy Hensley, Ray Hernandez, Anselmo Resquir, Ice Montes, Buddy Piearcy, Michael Iverson, Ray Garcia, Rudy Ynostrosa, Philip Valdez, Mr. Samii. Second Row: Alicia Raras, Frances Renteria, Mary Silva, Ruth Leaviti, Aileen Taylor, Iudy Salmind, Marie Ricca, Irene Radavero, Lupe Robledo, Rachel Moreno, Mary Villegas, Treavous Sudderth. Bottom Row: Delia Carrillo, Socorro Rios, Sandra Smith, Delia Talavera, Norma Rodoni, Iosie Perez, Natalie Munoz, Nancy Yoda, Ioan Sampaga, Sandra Sanders, Susan Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Satillanes. CLASS OF '60 Last September one hundred and twenty-five students started their first year at Gonzales'Union High School headed by Larry Blomquist as President. Initiation was a lot of fun for all of us, and then the Sophomores welcomed us with a reception-party. Willing to wark hard, the Freshman class won the first event of the year which was the Freshman-Sophomore tie-up. We also won the March of Dimes Contest. Later in the year a number of students brought signal honor to our class. Gail Hook reigned as Queen over the Homecoming ceremony. Nancy Franscioni was elected Barn Dance Queen. Chosen for Honor Chorus were Nancy Franscioni and Terralyn Richg David Baker was chosen for Honor Band. Charles Taylor earned a Block in Varsity Basketball. The class feels it has had a good year and is looking forward to future successful years in high school. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Amaral, Vice President: Larry Blomquist, President: Rosemary Sakay, Treasurer: Alexandra Garcia, Secretary. THREE FROSH rnnsmum-sovnouonz rn:-UP FRHSHMAN RECEPTION Hr' ' 'Jeff ' I ' x . t. -'11 ,l, Top ltow: Stephen Burns, Phillip Ausmus, Senon Valadez, Dionisio Gonzales, Bobby Amaral, Bnice Baldwin, Merle Bass, Philip Balsetti, Larry Blomquist, Carl Burns, Lewis Carter, Ernest Delqado. Third Row: Miss Davis, Dennis Campbell, Bobby French, Iesse Cadena, Tommy Davalos, Bobby Bosio, lim Gnesa, Primo Baggiolini, Candido Benabides, Tony A. Celaya, David Baker, Larry Barlow, Paul Chavez. Second Bow: Florence Barrera, Catherine Grisetti, Barbara Bandy, Phylis Fink, Mirna Dionne, Cookie Brazeal, Nancy Franscioni, Kathleen McLaren, Pat McRae, Cynthia Beesinger, Ramona Larez, Lupe Holquin, Mr. Cornwell. Bottom Row: Annie Garcia, Carrie Hernandez, Royline Dustin, Gail Hook, Carolyn Lovelace, Ioan Fernandez, Mary Lou Lopez, Olivia Meza, Clara Iasmin, Beverly Amaral, Mary Ellen Garcia, Vivian Gallardo, Alexandra Garcia ,lq .....-., fe! ,li-,J P me-Q,-41 .-J' if Top low: Mr. Santos, Alex Santlllanes, Bobby Saunders, Iohnny Hooks, Gilbert Lopez, loo Sargenti, Wayne Wilhite, Ieny Harvick, Benny Pangdan, Billy Lopez, Tom Lashley, David Macias. Third Row: Iimmy lohnson, Leon Sagun, Ir., Manuel Raras, Iesse Torres, Iesse Nava, Iohn Rosalez, Howard Stephens, Paul Perez, Kenneth Morris, Richard Prader, Iimmy Muscio. Second low: Michael Teves, Charlie Villegas, Alice Perez, Georgia Schroeder, lean Richards, Marion Morrow, Terralyn Rich, Darlene Strange, Carmel Talavera, Brenda Piearcy, Sonya Whitten, Carol Weigel, Mr. Gutierrez. Bollorll Row: Mary Sanchez, Helen Holguin, Christina Ventura, Marcie Ynostrosa, Charlene Patterson, Iuanita Rivera, Carldene Patterson, Theda Robinson, Donna Raines, Lucy Velasquez, Frances Ramirez, Rosemary Sakay. f-l rl SPECIAL A CHIEVEMENTS ' ""f1'1i:s' '1gi-'.41:::.:LIz?..5".:J l I," 'i i it , 41 ' L . Lorene Gott-Betty Crocker Homemaker ol Wilma Hackworth, Deann Kinnear- Tomorrow at G.U.H.S. CSF Life Members. ., A .LEX 4 f l - eq' .of if l .1 - .Am K VI' J o ima. , ,w .: ' ,, H Y W,-. . ii '1 "U, . ' A 1 2' X.: , , , ' W -. . -. X .-jg -1 ffl'-'L 'rf " , lil .g. ' f fai r, ., Q 3 -1 H, .e , QE, g , V, 1, 2'-V' ' 1 ' ' J ' - '- r- , l . 'A I, Q, 3 . in " Q' 5, ' Qi , f' 5 tl x ,t .v,:.', - Q W -Ay 2 1- ' .see ,A 19.1. 11 . Zi:-:Gia 1-':, ..Qf. Al Amaral-elected to office oi Regional Michael Hodges-Lions Club Students Wilma Hackworth - Bank of America FFA Secretary. Speakers Contest Regional Winner. Achievement Award-Cup Winner lor mathematics. LIONS CLUB SPEAKERS Candido Benabides-Gonzales Lions Club participant. Al Amaral-Gonzales Lions Club Winner David Baker-Soledad Lions Club participant. Michael Hodqes-Soledad Lions Club Winner. Larrv Blomquist-Soledad Lions Club participant. ,. -F2 U OR GANIZA TI ONS Jgffzld, 2'F'oa0k?4e,g. STUD NT COUNCIL Standing: Carol Rodoni, Head Majoretteg Bill Davies, Boys' Block "G" President: Fausto Regusci, FFA President: David Baker, Freshman He- presentativeg Larry Blomquist, Freshman Class Presidentg Rudy Garcia, Senior Class President: Bill Stretch, Spartan Hi-Lite Editor, William Fitzpatrick, Sophomore Representative, Don DeBrouwer, Sophomore Class President: Frances Verdugo, G.A.A. President. Sealed: Wilma Hackworth, Annual Editor, Dorothy Siason, Girls' League President: Ianice Corda, Girls' Block "G" Presidentg Ioe Palacio, Student Body Vice- Presidentg Wayne Handley, Student Body President: Iune Siason, Student Body Secretary: Deann Kinnear, Student Body' Treasurery Marilyn Cox, Student Body Business Manager: Sandra Breeden, Head Cheer Leader: Marlene Berti, FHA President. The Student Council is the Student Government at Gonzales High. It is the duty ot this organization to recommend legislative and judiciary measures to the administration. Some members attended two CCASC conferences-one at Watsonville and one at Carmel. The Student Council has acted as a court for those "few" who do not follow rules. Pat Soares was selected as Chairman of the Exchange Talent Shows, which we have had with Pacific Grove, Gilroy, Hollister, and King City High Schools. A "Brunch period"-10:15 to 10:30 ILM.-was organized under the direction of the Student Council. Classes and 'clubs were given turns in supervising the snack bar. The Student Council backed an extensive March of Dimes campaign. A Variety Show was held at Gonzales and Soledad, and the Freshmen won the class competition drive. Wilma Hackworth, Pat Soares, and grand prize winner-Karen Allen-were selected as winners in the polio poem contest. W' ,ir 1: 'f' A .'r'1 ' ' x ,.. r ,- ,,-- ,, - A I 1 ,-.. 's..-44-L-1 J-, -I 1 - PM -1' wi' 1-:gf--V' '- ' l ' IOE PALACIO , .LL Student Body Vice4President X Y , kr' ' x WAYNE HANDLEY Student Body President ,.f',., 2-.gud p,-.av-'P' ..J...a.:.. 2 .- u wr DEANN KINNI-:An , -P , ,Q Ur- Studenl Body Treasurer j "tx N., s xi Y , Qf' af x ff f 1-' . , V LTL, . 4 V 'vi I , Ny- Q9 Q 1 .-:.':1s'r5- -'JA 4:-sa .,.,. 'i,,"Ax 151' ' -'Sf,fZSAf+..,f - .' f . N314 1: 11, , -- ,K r E I A .. F-.Az fs V -- .-fffn fl"-QE, ,iw V 'l 5 Q EEBZTJ- N' if ' .' M ,f f G P+P3S2Mf415f-4 1. f A " " .Nw 17 -Jmm-+'Q14w 'K : --V, 4 1 .. ,ff1'f4': . ..,fHs.,,,-'Ms' V., I . , V . ff ,A ,g,,,,,-L ,,.., , ., nf mf, .'ff'4Q5wSxZXg'1,f"s' 5. .' A :viagra ' " :jg r. 37 'W mms slAsoN 1 ff, F 'U YW Student Body Secretary 4 5 f. '-'.?'i3'ElSlQ SANDRA BREEDEN Head Cheer Leader MARILYN cox Q r, Student Body Business Manager . 4,54 -a' gzrff 'Q l 1:Q!"Q,.2i,x .' 1 4 v I . W , N .LM Lf! aww THE SPAR TAN The 1957 Spartan has been completed through the co-operation of the Annual Staff and students of Gonzales High. I sincerely hope that in 5 years, in 25 years, the pages of the 1957 Spartan will bring back treasured memories' of your days at Gonzales Union High School. IANICE RODDICK-Business Manager WILMA HACKWORTH-Editor LINDA ANDERSBN-Assistant Editor ,......a ,--, ,..-.. "?"'-',.,.,-- I l sf -M I Top low: Lydia Santiago, Iollnne Frcmscioni, Ianice Roddick, Emma Iimenez, Deann Xinnear, Rosie Noghera, Lois Ann Franscioni, Frances Verdugo, Mr. Force. Middle Row: Carol Madsen, 1-'lrleen Pura, Marilyn Cox, Wilma Hackworth, Sandra Breeden, Ianice Cox-da, Linda Andersen, Carol Rodoni, Ioyce Scott, Pat Soares. Bottom Row: Shirley Raras, Susan Handley, Doris Stroud, Iudy' Salmina, Karen Allen, Iune Panzica, Nancy Franscioni. Not present: Wanda Stockdale. SPAR TAN HI-LIFE Under the direction of editor Bill Stretch, sports editor Deann Kinnear, feature editor Ianice Corda, and adviser, Mr. D. L. Santos, the Spartan Hi-Life had a good year. The April Fool Lo-Life was the highlight of the year. This rib tickling edition was enjoyed by students and faculty alike. Bill Stretch, Deann Kinnear, Wilma Hack- worth, Ioyce Scott, and Carolyn Iones, attended the fall conference at Stanford. Deann Kinnear, Bill Stretch, Ioyce Scott, and Lois Ann Franscioni, attended the spring conference at Berkeley. BILL STRETCH-Editor: MR. SANTOS--Adviser .f-xx., . iw. i -.K Standing: Lorene Gott, Ioyce Scott, Wilma Hackworth, Carol Rodoni, Deann Kinnear, Pat Soares, Lois Ann Franscioni, Ianice Cordcr. Sealed: Bill Stretch, Mr. Santos. C'.S.R A The Gonzales Chapter 226C of the California Scholarship Federation, better known as the Honor Society, had a very successful year under the very able guidance of Miss - Arethusa South. The fall banquet was held on October 17 at the Fish and Steak House on Cannery Row, followed by movies at the Hill Theater. Bolado Park was the scene of the annual ditch day on April 30. Life membership pins will be awarded on graduation to Wilma Hackworth and Deann Kinnear. Top Row: Wilma Hackworth, lst and 2nd sem.: Pat Soares, 2nd sem.: Ioyce Scott, 2nd sem.: Donna Cotta, lst sem.: Deann Kinnear, lst and 2nd sem., Bill Stretch, lst and 2nd sem., Iollnne Franscioni, 2nd sem., Karen Allen, 2nd sem., Ianice Corda, 2nd sem., Lois Ann Franscioni, 2nd sem., Miss South. Middle Row: Don DeBrouwer, lst and 2nd sem.: David Baker, 2nd sem., Michael Iverson, lst and ,Znd sem., Linda Andersen, lst and 2nd sem., Marilyn Cox, lst and 2nd sem.g Irene Radavero, lst and 2nd sem., Iune Panzica, 2nd sem., Susan Handley, lst and 2nd sem.: Charles Adamson, lst sem., Larry Blomquist, 2nd sem.. Bottom Row: Norma Rodoni, lst sem., Clara Iasmin, 2nd sem., Terralyn Rich, 2nd sem., Carol Weigel, 2nd sem., Alexandra Garcia, 2nd sem. x . li gk ,l l 1 First Semester Otticersz NORMA RODONI-Treasurer DEANN KINNEAR-President MARILYN COX-Secretary WILMA HACKWORTH-Vice-President Second Semester Ollicers: IOANNE PRANSCIONI-Secretary WILMA HACKWORTH-President IANICE CORDA--Vice-President IRENE RADAVERO-Treasurer GIRLS' LEAGUE 1 ,- .- YY, . , . ', im. 'Q 3-,Q -V 1- - , 1 .. ,E-,. ., , i - 'Z x' J,-ig " -,'-.iff il e V " , r - 3 -rw - rl. ' Ex- 4- ,. ' wiv,-ff . 1 i gxrfeiis- ' g '1 1112, -I . ,, . 1, V ,-uw .J ' S h. ., 1 . i 'ggljjq qs - . -.. ,, , r- f 5 , , - A 5, A -ii un... .. ..,s.-...,-g, W- argl .z-35.2"-2 ei: , -Q .ii .gL2gig,1,QLig . i,u,.4spg,ii,.:.1.s'sr .i -- S. Top Row: Rosalie Castillo, Christine Barrera, Iane Medina, Mary Iessie Marquez, Carol Twisselmann, Ianice Corda, Carol Sue Burns, Anita Bandy, Carol Madsen, Emma Iimenez, Lula Medina, Katie Garcia, Emily Perez, Emily Carbonell, Alicia Raras, Sue Hooks, Lorraine Raras, Pat Soares. Fourlh Row: Wilma Hackworth, Lupe Holquin, Karen Allen, Beth Iuri, Sandra Breeden, Marilyn Cox, Linda Andersen, Effie Hines, Ruth Leavilt, Mary Ann Grisetli, Iune Panzica, Drina Seron, Nona Barlow, Terralyn Rich, Sandra Cottenham, Alice Perez, Sonya Whitten, Ianice Roddick. Third Row: Miss Rodgers, Carmen Florez, Mary Villegas, Pat Hall, Cookie Ricca, Iucly Salmina, Aileen Taylor, Irene Radavero, Susan Handley, Mary Florez, Mary Ellen Silva, Frances Renteria, Raquel Garcia, Mary Helen Mota, Remie Colantro, Hortencia Meza, Rachel Moreno. Second Row: Louise Adkins, Ioanne Helfington, Lydia Santiago, Shirley Raras, Donna Cotta, Helen Gott, Sandra Smith, Mary Garcia, Concha Larez, Marie Blanco, Helen Barriga, Lupe Ortiz, Rachel Celaya, Lupe Savedra, Shirle Rodriguez, Iosie Celaya, Gloria Davalos, Iosie Perez. Boltom Row: Dorothy Siason, Mary Louise Garcia, Ruth Dacpano, Margaret Celaya, Angie Chavez, Anna lo Gadd, Arleen Pura, Betty Carbonell, Kathy Duran, Ioan Sampaga, Christina Ventura, Georgia DeSan!iago, Anne Garcia, Libbie Satillaries, Gloria DeSanti'ago, Socorro Rios, Iune Siason, Delia Carillo, Sofia Garcia. The Girls' League is an organization open to any girl in school. Cake sales helped to raise the funds in our treasury. An invitation was extended to the F.H.A. for a picnic and swimming party at Bolado Park on May 4. GLORIA DeSANTlAGO-Secretary ROSALIE CASTILLO-Treasurer DOROTHY SIASON-President LYDIA SANTIAGO-Vice-President NONA BARLOW-Sgt.-at-Arms Top Hour: Ierry Berti, A1 Amaral, 'Iames DeBelle, Cephas Daniels, Ice Sargenti, Bobby French, Larry Berti, George Albertoni, Mr. Penix. Middle Row: Primo Baggrolxm, lim Muscio, George Middleton, Ken Ayers, John Wiley, Ion Baldwin, Dennis Campbell, Phillip Ausmus. Bottom Row: Larry Teeters, Fausto Regusci, Frank Sale, Frank Baeskens, I. M. Iohnson. Not present: Gonzalo Arroyo. Gonzales chapter of the Future Farmers of America has completed a successful year with the help of Mr. Peniz, adviser. The chapter was represented by booth displays at both Monterey and King City Fairs and the members participated in local, regional and state judging contests. In the FFA Farm Program competition, sponsored by the American Trust Company, Primo Baggiolini received a gold award, and Al Amaral, Iames DeBelle, lim Muscio and Ioe Sargenti received silver awards. Al Amaral was elected to the office of Regional Secretary. At the annual FFA Barn Dance, April 12, Nancy Franscioni reigned as Queen. Her attendants Were Cookie Ricca, Sue Hooks, and Ianice Corda. Western attire, a pig scramble, and a parade through town began the week's festivities. The Young Farmers of Gonzales sponsored a community Fair for the local FFA and 4-H members on April 27. A watermelon bust, student projects, field trips, and a Father and Son Banquet were other activities which helped to make this year successful. Left to Right: Frank Sale, Iohnson, Reportery Fauslo dent: Frank Baeskens, S Teeters, Sentinel. Not present: Gonzalo Arr Treasurer: I. M. Regusci, Presi- ecretaryg Larry oyo, Vice -Pres. H H. A. 41.1 - 1 we-1--A Top How: Mrs. N. Rianda, lane Medina, Nancy Franscioni, Mirna Dionne, Christine Barrera, Pat Garcia, Sylvia Holcomb. Third Row: Lupe Roblado Georgia Schroeder, Barbara Bandy, Ianice Iohnson, Charlene Pfeifler, Pat McRae, Kathy McLaren, Rosalie Castillo, Florence Barrera, Shirley White Second Row: Darlene Strange, Delia Talavera, Carmel Talavera, Mary Lou Lopez, Geraldine Ader, Doris Stroud, Charlotte Pfeiffer, Iune Panzlca Sandra Cottenham and Sonya Whitten. Bottom Row: Christine Ventura, Betty Carbonell, Treavous Sudderth, Gail Hook, Iuanita Rivera, Marlene Berti, Helen Gott, Donna Raines, Ioarm Hellirxgton, Sandra Sanders, Vivian Gallardo. Not Present: Wanda Stockdale. F.H.A. OFFICERS Seated: CHRISTINE BARRERA, Vice MARLENE BERTI, President: ROSALIE CASTILLO, Treasurer, Standing: PAT GARCIA, Secretary. Not Present: WANDA STOCKDALE, Reporter. -Pres.: The Gonzales Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America began the year with a candy sale. The installation of officers with our mothers and the freshman girls as guests was also held. Q The F.H.A. assisted the F.F.A. with decoration and arrangement of the Annual Barn Dance. We also filled 22 Red Cross Boxes. The 1957 Section Meeting, held on March 23 at King City, was attended by 10 representatives from Gonzales. The theme was "Love Thy Neighbor" and Mrs. Iohnson, a teacher at Pacific Grove High, showed slides of her travels in Europe. L On March 29, members, chaperones, and Mrs. Norma Rianda, F. H. A. adviser, attended the First Theater in Monterey. During F.H.A. week, the faculty members were given roses to Wear, and a display was made at the Soledad Mercantile. The Girls' League invitation for an enjoyable trip to Bolado on May 4 was accepted by many F.H.1-X. members. The last activity of the year was a booth display at the King City Fair. BOY.S"BLOC'K " " 'x The Boy's Block "G" is composed of ew- boys who have lettered in at least one of the following sports: football, basketball, baseball or track. The purpose of this organization is to promote sportsmanship, citizenship, and good will at Gonzales High. ,x...fj Y 1 In co-operation with the Girls' Block "G" we sponsored the Homecoming Dance, other dances, the Freshman-Sophomore tie- up, and the Invitational Grammar School track meet. The last major event of the year was a successful Girls' and Boys' Block "G" Bar-B-Que at Arroyo Seco. BOYS' BLOCK "G" BILL DAVIES, President RONALD MIXON, Sec.-Treas. CARLOS CARRANZA, Vice-Pres. TIM HANDLEY, Sergeant-at-Arms ,.,,..., .TT Eng! Top low: Pete Castillo, Douglas Morasci, Charles Duncan, Rudy Garcia, Bill French, Ken Ayers, Larry Westcott, Glenn Cooper, Alvin Villegas, Rod Roper, Gilbert Lopez, George Albertoni, Ray Garcia, Mr. Burns. Third Row: Lupe Barela, lim Gnesa, Tim Handley, Frank Sales, Wayne Handley, Ronald Mixon, David Iohnson, Garon Handley, Jerry Decoto, Richard Garcia, Gilbert Fernandez, Ice Montes, Elias Guerrero. Second Row: Leo Colantro, Victor Colantro, Don DeBrouwer, Bill Fitzpatrick, Willie Wittmann, Gonzalo Arroyo, Sherman Avecilla, Philip Bassetti, William Fitzpatrick, Rocci Martignoni, Ioe Palacio. Bottom Row: Carlos Carranza, Ietl Young, Ice Carranzcx, Richard Celaya, Manuel Olvera, Iames Avecilla, Bill Davies, Anselmo Resquir, Dennis Sakay, Tony Olivas, Mac Perez, Tony Guzman, Sam Sakay. GIRLS' BLOCK " " The Girls' Block "G" has had a very active program this year. During the half time at one of the football games, We put on a mock football exhibition- Gonzales vs. Carmel. Needless to say, the tough Gonzales girls comically defeated Carmel. For the first time, Spartan "Rah" "Rah" pins were sold to students during the basket- ball games. Cake sales and various activities pro- vided funds for our annual banquet on May 2, held at Neil De Vaughn's Fish and 'Steak House on Cannery Row in Monterey. In cooperation with the Boy's Block "G", We sponsored the Freshman-Sophomore tie-up, a successful noon dance, the Home- coming, the Invitational Grammar School track meet, and a big Bar-B-Que at Arroyo Seco. 2 li .V l lily. ' 4 .4-' x sal-. , z ' J. 1.1, , IANICE RODDICK, Treasurer LOHENE GOTT, Vice-President EMILY PEREZ, Athletic Manager IANICE CORDA, President CAROL RODONI, Secretary Top low: Deann Kinnear, Ianice Roddick, Carol Rodoni, Charlene Pfeiffer, Nona Barlow. Middle Row: Miss Short, Lula Medina, Rosalie Castillo Mary Helen Motu, Gloria Davalos, Mary Florez, Carol Twiaslemann, Sandra Breeden, Emily Perez, Emily Carbonell. Bottom Row: Betty Carbonell Emma Iimenez, Shirle Rodriguez, Ianice Corda, Lorene Gott, Lydia Santiago, Dorothy Siason, Iune Siason, Lorraine Raras. 'rt .M -Q, NY '1 o 1 we-', G. A. A. ' m The Girls' Athletic Association is com- posed of girls who are working toward their blocks. It is a subordinate of the Girls' Block To be eligible for the G.A.A., a girl must have at least SU points and when she reaches 250 points she is eligible forthe Girls' ' , pl Block "G", if SHIRLEY RARAS, Treasurer MARILYN COX, Seargent-at-Arms FRANCES VERDUGO, President DOROTHY SIASON, Vice President t t l4 'I A 1? Top Row: Sue Hooks, Carol Madsen, Carol Sue Burns, Anita Bandy, Ianice Johnson, Alicia Raras, Remie Colantro. Fourth Row: Ruth Leavitt, Marilyn Cox, Karen Allen, Iudy Salmiria, Mary Iessie Marquez, Beth Iuri, Rosalie Castillo, Doris Stroud, Diane Rodoni, loyce Scott, Sylvia Holcomb, Shirley White, Drina Seron. Third Row: Miss Short, Rachel Moreno, Pat Hall, Irene Radavero, Aileen Taylor, Shirle Rodriquez, Frances Renteria, Iosie Perez, Mary Florez, Raquel Garcia, Mary Ann Grisetti, Effie Hines, Iune Panzica, Norma Rodoni. Second Row: Wilma Hackworth, lane Medina, Susan Handley, Cookie Ricca, Marie Blanco, Lupe Ortiz, Nancy Yoda, Donna Cotta, Lois Ann Franscioni, Arleen Pura, Carmen Florez, Concha Larez, Marlene Berti, Lupe Savedra. Boltom Row: Mary Garcia, Shirley Raras, Kathy Duran, Helen Gott, Ruth Dacpano, Louise Adkins, Angie Chavez, Ioan Sampaga, Helen Barriga, Sandra Sanders, Libbie Santillanes, Mary Louise Garcia, Dorothy Siason, Sofia Garcia. ' MUSIC A CHIEVEMENTS HONOR CHORUS Top Row: Charlotte Pfeiffer, Ianice Iohnson, Nancy Franscioni, Tony Olivas, Bill Stretch, Ioe Palacio, Carol Rodoni, Pat Soares, Pat Garcia. Bottom Row: Susan Wilson, Marlene Botti, Charlene Pfeiffer, Ted Barrera, Iohnny Urquidez, Terralyn Rich, Shirle Rodriquez, I XX Bill Stretch, outstanding trumpet solo- ist for 4 years at G.U.H.S. Iune Siuson. HO on BAND '. 2.9 f' ' is ' Q ' ' 'bsfifi 55 1 Wt..- David Baker, Donna Cotta, Bill Stretch. ' ,L-ex ' 3 p Not Present: Leo Calcmtro, Lawrence Garcia. ' - , ' 'Q -K ,5 19.14 0 f lg' 1 1 ee2:el V G -L..' '- '.- Y N l Shirle Rodriquez represented G.U.H.S. at the 1957 California Western Music Educators National Conference Bi- - annual Convention at Pasadena. BAND Top low: Rudy Garcia, Alvin Villegas, Ruth Leavitt, Gerald Sarnpaga, Carldene Patterson, Ray Garcia, Mr. Axup. Third Row: Elias Guerrero, Bill Stretch, Pete Castillo, Larry Barlow, Charlene Patterson, Ray Garcia, David Baker, Ioe Montes, Christine Green, Sam Sakay. Second Row: Lois Ann Franscioni, Carol Twisselmann, Florence Barrera, Manuel Balero, Beth Iuri, Karen Allen, lanice Corda, Tony Guzman, Richard Celaya,, Senon Valadez, Carol Sue Burns. Bottom Row: Marcie Ynostrosa, Donna Cotta, Sandra Smith, Alex Garcia, Louis Dominguez, Nona Barlow, Gilbert Menchaca, Alice Perez, Lee Gerard, Ioan Sampaga, Louise Adkins, Carol Weigel. MAIORETTES This year's musical, activities have been numerous and varied for the band. Its initial activ- . ities were performing at all home football games: and a voluntary pep 'band played at quite a few of the basketball games. These were followed con- h secutively by participation in the Pioneer Day Parade at Paso Robles, the "Band Day" at Berk- eley in which high schools from all over the state took part, the Christmas Program, the Central Coast Counties Music Festival, the Spring Concert. the Memorial Day Parade, and concluding with Baccalaureate and Graduation. Standing: Shirle Rodriguez, Carol Rodoni, Head Maioretteg Wilma Hackworth. Kneeling: Georgia De Santiago. MIXED CHORUS - W. . , :,t7:iLg:51 V 'zsltifi-"..'1'fI .m'ef4:le'Q!l.4.'n..lf ,:.L-'!': Q' ' -', wi.,Le-.Lli-..Tl-QI-"3-liiadil'-f'.4 - - ' --ffsfdl ,Q'5l""' I 3"liSj.m.-,nl1.J: ""',i55gJ-l'. -l-Aill,'d1:'L7f?f?i --'P-L Top Row: Remfe Colantro, Katie Garcia, Charlotte Pleiffer, Ianice Iohnson, Nancy Franscioni, Christine Barrera, Tony Olivas, Pete Castillo, Ronald Mixon, Bill Stretch, Ice Montes, Carol Rodoni, Christine Green, Irene Radavero, Mary Iessie Marquez, Alicia Raras, Rachel Moreno. Third Row: Kathy Duran, Lupe Ortiz, Raquel Garcia, Linda Irish, Marilyn Cox, Ray Hernandez, Victor Colantro, Alfred Ortiz, Billy Lopez, Dennis Sakay, loe Palacio, Pat Soares, Sandra Breeden, Angie Chavez, Sonya Whitten, Carmen Florez, Director Mr. Weigel. Second Row: Susan Wilson, . . . . k B Royline Dustin, Hortencia Meza, Marie Blanco, Lupe Savedra, Rosalie Castillo, Ioe Carranza, Anselmo Resquir, Bill Fitzpatrrc , Ioe arrera, Iohnny Urquidez, Dionisio Gonzales, Iune Panzica, Sandra Cottenham, Shirle Rodriguez, Donna Raines, Iune Siason. Bottom Row: Iosie Perez, Mary Villegas, Geraldine Ader, Marlene Berti, Charlene Pfeiffer, Gerald Sampaga, Sam Sakay, Mike Arroyo, Ted Barrera, Bill Davies, Pat Garcia, Terralyn Rich, Cookie Ricca, Iudy Salmina, Carol Weigel, Iosie Celaya, With a large membership. the Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Weigel, took part in several programs including the Christmas Program, Central Coast Counties Music Festival, Spring Concert, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. We were also represented at the MENC Conference by Shirle Rodriquez. GIRLS' Us Top Bow: Ioan Fernandez, Ramona Larez, 'Charlotte Pfeiffer, Marilyn Cox, Marion Morrow, Cookie Brazeal, Pat Garcia, Linda Andersen, and Drina Seron. Middle Bow: Lupe Ortiz, Frances Wilhite, Sherline Green, Raquel Garcia, Kathy McLaren, Iune Panzica, Cookie Ricca, Iudy Salrnina, Susan Handley, and Delia Talavera. Bottom Bow: Libbie Santillanes, Lucy Velasquez, Carol Weigel, Hortencia Meza, Darlene Strange, Marie Blanco, Shirle Rodriguez, Iosie Celaya, Gloria Davalos, and Iune Siason. CHEER LEADERS CHEER LEADERS ' v +. -1 Le!! lo righl: Ruben Garcia, Cookie Ricca, Sandra Breeden, Head Cheer Leaderp Pai Hall, Ioyce Cooper. BALL Y GIRLS RALLY GIRLS Lell lo xighl: Rosie Noghera, Head Rally Girly Arleen Pura, Marie Blanco, MASCOTS Gloria de Santiago, Doroihy Siason. MAS COTS Sparky and Iuggy 4 if M XS? fx X WMMh1flM1lLwLMf1l!lzutaf,LLu4wA114Fa Jlflbklfw jfgsg 4 ALL C. C. A. L. ,1 -e .m - ' ., W . .f-". A- Q "- -l' L if L I, K , .f ,V-' ' ' .-1 rw " ,p . t . A . X t in w , ' A ,W IK 1 I 6 A , LARRY WESTCOTT MAC PEREZ RON' MIXON All-CCI-ll.. Varsity Football lst Team All-CCAL Varsity Football All-CCAL Varsity Football 2nd Team lst Team sf? , Ui? r 552 A L WAYNE HANDLEY GILBERT I-'ERNANDEZ All-CCAL Varsity Football All-CCAL Varsity Basketball 2nd Team 2nd Team x wx H Wh ' ,-Y, ' 1 v ' l b - ' il' T.. 1 3 ri, ' 1 Hilda' Kc, l ' ul . L F51 . .gf v J 1 l V ll' ,Q , 3 Q fr 1 ,-' 4- ,IQ V fllfli ,- , 3, A ' 1 -, I 1, n.:-Au xl ' ll ' . .6 ' , X. F' 52" - 1- ,f l . ll - ..! ng' 1 . . 4,1 :I 1 .' - ' if KX Af .' 3' , . L . . it 1,33 lu- e L ,s R' ' ' 4 1 lf ' .Y . il ' na ' mme Pzmaz anim cooper: SAMMY SAKAY All-CCAL Lightweight Basketball All-CCAL Lightweight Basketball All-CCAL Lightweight Basketball 2nd Teqm lst Team ls! Team w - Q t 9 iq f43ct47.-r,4s' at 7 A ly? .HG tt! 5 El 5 QE X44 5 2373493451 fill it -l raw as' :agar :LEO FSS 1-:...,-, ' :- 259 a'E.n 22-1'-' mi? SOE O. Ss 53-15 3'-..:s -32 3 2 no -49,-1 050 css : -e '02 . 7,9 us ::mN ...za ESP En. 5:19 P21 0 gnu .. 359 5-UE E13 Q Epi? 0-1 ur-n. Nao. EE' 0 no Wm 319.2 302 OETQ -er. 0 -gm Q22 ,U .- OEM Dm'-1 '-'rn EOE 5'0" og' F52 sz mr- offm QOQ O .--Qc 22 En' Q35-'L Z-235' 'S' f' S53 :nrql Q H220 HHH m. Quub :rom acru EVE. -can . Fm Qu E'Etn- 399 f-1535 Westcott, Pete Castillo, Sherman Avecilla, Wayne Handley, Mac Perez, Sammy Sakay. VARSITY FOOTBALL The Spartan Varsity had a rather successful season securing two Wins over their traditional rivals, the King City Mustangs-7-U in the Iamboree and 12-7 in the league contest-and having the recognition of being the only team to score against the cham- pion Hollister Haybalers. In the league battle at King City the tenacious Spartans held the Mustangs one yard from the goal line for three consecutive plays. Then, on the first Gonzales play, Wayne Handley, on the lateral from Mac Perez, ran 95 yards to pay-dirt. - During the pigskin season, quarterback Wayne Handley and halfback Mac Perez constituted the passing and running power, while tackle Ron Mixon and center Larry Westcott provided the blocking power. f il ilft A--tt T 'H 'K t sconss Gonzales 7 . . 'King City 0 y l -' Q' Gonzales . n. Atascadero 18 ' ' Gonzales . . Gilroy 7 ll, ,Q 2-'t"ri z f Gonzales . . . Carmel 13 Gonzales . . Morgan Hill 7 HA' if ' Gonzales . Pacific Grove 14 , Gonzales . . Hollister 9 Gonzales . . King City 7 MAC PEREZ 'ik F' E LARRY WESTCOTT "CHAMPS" K - M W Top Row: Manuel Raras, Tom Lashley, Frank Baeskens, Don Baze, Charles Iones, Cephas Daniels, Dennis Vistalli, Ice Barrera Tommy Hensley Ioe Sargentir Third Row: Mike Teves, Larry Blomquist, Bobby Bosio, Steve Burns, Iohnny Hooks, Manuel Olvera, Roy Davila Tommy Davalos Larry Fisher, Iimmy Iohnson. Second Row: Iesse Cadena, Johnny Gallardo, George Albertoni, Ioe Torres, Manuel Benabides David Iohnson Douglas Morasci, Tony Olivas, Rod Roper, Don DeBrouwer, Eddie Delgado, Coach Verne Gutierrez. Bottom Row: Manager Bill Gerard Manuel Ortiz, Gilbert Lopez, Iames Green, Charles Duncan, Ioe Montes, William Fitzpatrick, Anselmo Resquir, lim Gnesa, Bill Fitzpatrick Phil Bassettx The mighty Spartanbabes tied for the mythical championship with the Carmel Ian-ies Avecilla, I I Paclrebabes. The Babes success may be partly attributed to Coach Verne Gutierrez's creation of the "race horse" offense-a system in which the signals are called at the line of scum mage, thus doing away with the customary huddle. But, more important than the "race horse" system, the team had the desire and teamwork needed to come out on top. N . u-if ni. 14. H, - - L f F 4 3 f . tr" f :LM . if' 3 Q. fl K A v ' ' , . 0 ' V if ,Y . :fi rglx ,A kg' , n fs ' . Q, , ' :,-:Ft J' 'W I: , it Y I 1 ICE MONTHS Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales 45 SCORES . Atascadero U . . Gilroy U . . Carmel 46 . Morgan Hill U . Pacific Grove 13 . Hollister 7 . . King City 19 . Palma 6 "ln I .. I 52, 0- '24 ,. v a v 5 ., U rr.: . ,M i , .cf .., , 4 I fn.. " 1 ., fw ' uk 1 ri dk 'iii a W fx 4 N wi-'Q 59 5.31 "Enid lb iii?-.1 -+- '- , , I, If -f.'fr.L ,ifqgf 51? ' M- K s f, ..'.,,.,,a4,-" .'3 -1, S 1 5 I a 33 if ' '11 jaw "'vn.4 ' x v" H- V- , . lhmfs A-.Q Y -, , 4 . . , 'E'-' -' ..g. -'- "'r'S'f3? M- ..f- .5 ful, -4-of'- ' w Q' .N-2-x':'Z .ikL.hL..4i2r. . I 4 - W A ,.Q- ,M ,Q V'-'Q' 1 A x ...-J, :iii it 'JJLL '2 '7 A' M . ' -' ' V-'.. K-L:J1','i Lfffnx .1 on x A -...-,-Pak, .g'fv- ,,-H-M..-U vm -fm ,g..:, ,53,g,. Q. fax-T., ,N 5. v. .,,... , ,.-...A .QU .Im 21,133,- , '- 1... ,W-.,-lg, q- ' g a- ' 1 qf. pin! 'Q ,V J ir .. , ., A , V b ,. u -. , 'T' 'Pt l -': 1 M r , .... -..-1-., ,, ,- K 1g,1 ,5'. 4 li, A .415 ., al . ,ax 3-! a .K K . -2, w rv-- if , Mm.-I, .:,.,1 vf 'zzrf' 4 - I ,, 3 RQ ff? gli! v'4 V' - . , ' Algal V? , . A . . , W '-"1a-.g'1'uN, is jf rf U, -1'l'JL' K , ' uf: 54.337, . . gpm' az, ' 'vw'- : 'A-yur, .JMX Q1 ..,q, elf f4f,q V,- - 1 -gf:-Q.: ws JJ ---if ,-f '..ff- 1. .- '-1 . fu I 1, A Jw 1.'.,.f.,,':, :A-' .-Q. esaiigfrggimi M . , A, .,... . .wav .- N, .. V f Top Row: Rudy Garcia, Charles Taylor, Rod Roper, Nick Segundo. Midddle low: Coach Verne Gutierrez, Ray Garcia, William Fitzpatrick, Man ager David Iohnson. Bottom How: Ioe Palacio, Ioe Carranza,YLeo Colantro, Gilbert Fernandez. VARSITY BASKETBALL y Although the Spartans had only one returning letterman who stayed with the squad throughout the season, the team provided many thrilling games and was a threat to all opponents. The Spartans, known as a second half action team, continually surprised op- ponents With a variety of defenses. The loss of Larry Westcott, Ken Ayers, and Iames Green from the squad left the team handicapped from lack of height. Gilbert Fernandez, who was selected to the All-CCAL team, provided most of the scoring punch along with Leo Colantro, Ioe Palacio, and Ioe Carranza. The tour Senior boys on the squad, left to right--Gilbert Fernandez, Rudy Garcia. Ray Garcia, Leo Colantro-were chosen Honorary Captains of the team. I 'F 4-fs. ""s" -. Nav? fm - . O w Top low: Ioe Montes, Charles Duncan, Glenn Cooper, Ierry Decoto, Tony Olivas. .Middle Row: Iunior Resquir, Iimmy Iohnson, Ioe Sargenti, Iames Avecilla, Willie Wittmann, Manager Gonzalo Arroyo. Bottom Row: Coach Clair Bums, Tony Guzman, Vic Colantxo, Mac Perez, Sammy Sakay, Carlos Carranza. LIGHT WEIGHT BASKETBALL Led by All-CCAL Glenn Cooper, Sammy Sakay, and Mac Perez the lightweights finished second in the league. The Babes were running neck and neck with Live Oak for first place up to Gonzales' second encounter with Gilroy. The Gilroy Ponies squeezed past Gonzales With one all-important point 41-40, which knocked the Babes out of the first place running. The Spartanbabes had all the qualities needed to make up a Winning basketball team-height, speed, ball control, teamwork, spirit, and good coaching. The starting line-up, pictured below, left to right, Iames Avecilla, Ioe Montes, Mac Perez, Glenn Cooper, Sammy Sakay, were unanimously chosen 'Honorary Captains by their teammates. LEAGUE STANDINGS Wins Losses Live Oak . . ll l Gonzales . . 10 2 Gilroy . . 9 3 Pacific Grove . 5 7 Hollister 4 8 King City 3 9 Carmel U 12 " 5 W .gm I- -:igri .V gn K -,I I F w , I 9-:ff ' f 15 Q 1 .R4, l . L " I ' lfrlq gin' 'aw' dk A 4. al, .. . I, ,-A k 5 . gf 5 E V: ,, ,M r N, ,' - r r-H- X1 v7 ' N ' v I 'J 'R F ss Sf 3,53 ,rv -l g",s 'lift Us it ' 7 nv '..,, if aff -A X U A xv Q ,.,, f' N .,, ,ag V Q 0 ' H itz? ix 5 Iv L L l J 3 E ,,. Top Row: Manager Pete Castillo, Sherman Avecilla, Mac Perez, Rudy Garcia, Leo Colantro, Richard Prader, Nick Segundo, Leon Sagun, St Burns, Elias Guerrero, Larry Berti, Frank Sale, Tim Handley, Iim Gnesa, Iohn Wiley, Ierry Harvick. Second Row: Ioe Carranza, Bobby B unior Resquir, Carlos Carranza, Bill French, Alvin Villegas, Ron Mixon, Ierry Decoto, Iames Avecilla, Manuel Olvera, Sammy Sakay I h Morton, Coach Iay Cornwell. Bottom Row: Manager Carl Burns, Manuel Ortiz, Iesse Nava, Iesse Torres, Richard Celaya, Iesse Cadena, T y Davalos, Lee Gerard, Richard Garcia, Billy Lopez, Larry Blomquist. TRACK The Spartanbabes literally burned up the track this season. The only team that defeated them was the Hollister Hayseeds. In the Little Seven meet the Hayseeds again topped the Babes 57 5f6 to 57 lf3. Larry Berti missed breaking the school record by .3 of a second in the 120. His time was 3:34.9. Mac Perez set two Little Seven records this year with a :l4.0 in the 120 Low Hur- dles and a leap oi 20 tt. 7 in. in the Broad Iurnp. Iames Avecilla made 51 ft. 10 in. the new school mark for the lightweight shot. Leo Colantro hurled the discus 120 ft. to set a new school record. Throughout the season Alvin Villegas seemed to be the backbone oi the varsity squad. He cracked his own Little Seven record ot last year with 4246.5 in the mile. During this season Alvin's time of 4:38.9 broke the school record of 4:42.2 set by Charlie Villegas in 1942. SCORES TO DATE VARSITY March 16: Santa Cruz 71, Gonzales 42. March 23: Hollister 32 5f6, Monterey 86 2f3, Gonzales 20112. March 30: Gilroy 5, Carmel 84, Gonzales 55. April 6: King City Invitational: Gonzales- llth place. April 12: Atascadero Relays, Gonzales-tied for 6th place. April 25: King City 74, Gonzales 37. May 4: Little Seven Meet: Gonzales 15- Sth place. LIGHTWEIGHTS March lB: Santa Cruz 41, Gonzales 72. March 23: Hollister 56112, Monterey 36. Gonzales 42112. March 30: Gilroy 51112, Carmel 13112. Gonzales 74. April 6: King City Invitationalg Gonzales 20 4th place. April 12: Atascadero Relays: Gonzales 25 lf5-2nd place. April, 25: King City 66, Gonzales 47. May 4: Little Seven Meet: Gonzales 57 lf3-2nd place. fire: h'Iu.1 H QP . 5 -K. ,Q 4-L, - . i.-,i,,, ..-rf , U '-it ge A ' ----4 '-4 SN .I -. ,ss lf 5 fs 'v , H . f g.- .Q A, gy - :ani U46 +' .. .f 1 V LS '1 .5-'-, l"1 ' f , R r""1' - v '-1 ' U '-'-"ff 'fi' al-A -'Q' L J f -Z ' 1: 7 .5 A f nm N C,gi7h,tH,1: 55: ,V 1, fwfl , ' C12-'LM T' hyf-Q-f'L-95,4 Ig-,,' ww ,gf iq W -Q V A , 'afi1 : '.. -4-1-fm fkgjxv - """ : - v f 52,1-5 ,Pu ,ff 1 1 H- .. 5" . ,A ' "wma sb , 'f' Sf-+51 Tiff' f 1 - 'r .gif n :Q 'ji-W . V - 1-I ' ir . , kb ' t '..,'l. I ' I 7' T- V . J ' u. ,ff 6-. X Hi . ., ri n- All! 1 t r 1 ,J jg' at . .. gif '-'14f1.Q,55'. .p f fill, FQ I, f ' -- .- 15 kilns' . A fi 'HT F . I rs, . 1 xr? I 4 Q in K .'.l- - . -' ab, '- wwf 15 J v'-" ' i x 'Nl if 5 7 N i '- , 5 :Qing Q 4' 2 W1 , H-3' ' I 5,31 gf, xx: , 1. ' J -x if 1' wt" I ! 2 V5 U ..1' 'Y . - Q f.xeg,,.l I 4. ,, g',.,'l. NQQIQI: - 1 W 35 7- ri 1 , 1 Aa I , . i Top Row Manager Lupe Barela, Raymond Rodarte, Ernie Delgado, Tom. Lashley, David Iohnson, Rod Roper, Ioe Sargenti, Iarnes DeBelle Plul ' M T dd B . M'ddle R w. B bb French, David Macias G1 nn Cooper, Charles Ione Bassett: Candxdo Benabides, Manuel Raras, anager e y arrera 1 o ' o y , e Bill Davies, Don DeBrouwer, Tony Guzman, Eddie Delgado, Iohnny Gallardo, Iim Iohnson, Coach Verne Gutierrez. Bottom Row: Willie W ttm nn Bill Fitzpatrick, Paul Chavez, Tony Olivas, Charles Duncan, Wayne Handley, William Fitzpatrick, Gilbert Fernandez, Ioe Palacio BASEBALL The Spartans Baseball team, composed mostly of sophomores and juniors, has be gun the upward step toward another championship. This year the Gonzales nine has been near the top of the league and with another year's experience the Spartans should bring home the league pennant. The squad, at present, is in a three-way tie for second place with a four Won and three loss record and it batting .262 and fielding .884 after 13 ames. g Bill Fitzpatrick, .349 and .95lg Gilbert Fernandez, .349 and .8755 Ioe Montes, .345 and .7775 Willie Wittmann, 323 and .7437 and Chuck Duncan, .286 and .843, are the out- standing players along with the squad's leading pitcher, Ioe Palacio. "Pepin Palacio is one of the best hurlers in the league and he has already pitched several two and three hit games. SCORES TO DATE Gonzales 3 . . Hartnell 16 Gonzales 7 . Carmel Gonzales 4 .... Gilroy 1 Gonzales 4 . King City Gonzales 10 . Iunipero Memorial 6 Gonzales ll Pacific Grove Gonzales 5 . . . Hollister 10 Gonzales U . Salinas Gonzales 2 . . Salinas ll Gonzales 6 Pacific Grove Gonzales 4 . . . Palma 3 Gonzales 2 . . . Gilroy Gonzales 5 . . Morgan Hill 7 Gonzales 6 Hollister Gonzales 7 . . San Lorenzo fi al I . 'r ' ' 3 5,3 f ' . ' 1 ' X - i '.p",'e.fn,- . - .,',, V- ' Z' 'sn . - ' V. Q , ,fig '. ,f ' . '2ff.g.4. . , I N , R... 7 - Y 4 .,. A -ml x5 , A '- , x ' bf., --N Y' ',, l.. KN ,X-vm iii' Y.,,,,. .. 'V 1' 8 ,L . Q . ,.....-.Iifi?fQ- "V N ' A ,L A 1, 4- px , ' V' ' 'ffffl ' ' ".f-'l'LiaJ'-f' f 31' 5' . V- - s 'iii'-War-'wgilli-.-' P'ts3'v-'FLSA t i'-H-w,-- 'PX x . 4 . . i.gg.,4gf5a.,'L HI Ls? A ' ' ,wg ,hfsfz ---1' . 2.4.7, M gl: jx, 5 i ' , f f ',.7W'2 ?2f'31i'l'?'25' F' 4- Ql'A'f,"-1T"f- 7A'L3W.'-:Hel . 4 Qg,5."5g:g?3'g?Q,1g, if. A' gig? -1 5 1- 'L 2. ,Li"14'1VfK'Ef-f12E:,'?+,T .f f3.5EW .L17Fg'!f"'lf ml ' " f'J-141 Q.-."' " fi ' ' ' Y ' 3-,, VL? ,'-n 1' "'-ff f?irQi:.:nv- ,- ,.,i'.f'.,f"f-f' 'WW' , L...'5 ,' 1- in-iff.,-A . 4 1. I L- 1-33' "rf-'F - , g I I .31 5 U6 bfi! 1-.,,. BOYS' IN TRAM URALS 4. SJ. BASKETBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Gonzalo Arroyo, Alvin Villegas, Captain, Louis Dominguez. Bottom Row: left Young, Elias De Leon, Bill Stretch. if FACULTY BASKETBALL SQUAD .gs-4,1 lv L m- u. . SAMS, ., 1 1' 4 FOOTBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Elias De Leon, Domingo Chavarria, Bill Stretch, Manuel Balero. Bottom Row: Ice Carranza, Gonzalo Arroyo, Alvin Villegas, Captain, Louis Dominguez. ' 1 ' -f -1,-' " .S Bg'?ig.utLLlA22, Ml. L f .' -. L A F, .3 -V V4 . 7 M-14 .62 VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top Row: Glenn Cooper, Ioe Palacio. Bottom Row: Gerald Sampaga, Ice Carranza, Iames Avecillag Not Present: Sam Sokay, Captain. Michael Iverson-Badminton Champ Mr. Santos-lHe just sneaked inl GIRLS' SPORTS SPEED-A-WAY CHAMPS-3rd period Top Row: Lorraine Raras, Susan Handley, Carol Rodoni, Carol Twisselmann, Mary Florez, Pal Garcia. Bollom Bow: Shirle Rodriguez, Iune Siason, Ruih Dacpano, Sandra Breeden, Captain, Iudy Salmina, Kathy Duran. BASKETBALL CHAMPS-3rd period Top Row: Susan Handley, Carol Rodcni, Sandra Breeden, Carol Twisselxnann, Mary Florez. Boiiom Bow: Shirle Rodriguez, Iune Siason, Lydia Saniiaao, Captain, Pat Garcia, Dorothy Siason. - VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS-2nd period Top Row: Raquel Garcia, Gloria Davalos, Drina Seron, Mary Ann Grisseii. Boliom Row: Charlene Pfeiffer, Ianice Roddick, Ianice Corda, Nona Barlow, Wanda Stockdale. Not present ljortencia Meza, Captain. 1 B ' iff .. f i.-gm X - ul1ll gi l ,f N I,"-4 1 ,v,X 'Mm HM' .-VE 1' . 'flAm'yl" 5? Q, 'O , rs " 4 2 "fi..,. W NP BHRN DRUGS 6 OJO! ' N? o3oI .-"" Q N-ov-IOKA GLN AA-Nha' GM. .S, 5' cnc' f - ' 66 691,47 !7 02111 'I 'X 4 oe , HELp QQ, 6 Qf-gf., I L- 7L 6 A 'APRN u2,l95'l M-59 If '70 ee Q 0 0 X Y , 71' N .-, 04,3 U oflsx A S 7' -e- cf ,Q 4 'Off 462 42.4- ogffsffkff-00 ssffa 4 o4,x 3? !?0,Q 0 xxx -15' X -7-'QAAZ 4 JN S .3 U -x fmgl' , J X gl! Y W ff sv vb f' a'Fmi?A Clagjl tid .fp in X ffuppxvflziiad "fp-W' wp ed A 'S .1 , 6 I AC' TI VI TIE 0,2 f THE SENIOR PLA Y K "STAGE DOOR" Olga Brandt . Bernice Niemeyer . . Susan Paige . Mattie . . . Big Mary Harper . . Little Mary McCune Madeleine Vauclaine Bobby Melrose . Iudith Canfield . Ann Braddock . Mrs. Orcutt . Kaye Braddock . Pat Devine . Iean Maitland . Prank . . . Louise Mitchell . Kendall Adams . Terry Randall . David Kingsley . Keith Burgess . Dr. Randall . Larry Morton . Adolph Gretzl . Deann Kinnear Sandra Breeden Ianice Iohnson . Mary Rosalez Iudy Obedoza . Lula Medina Lupe Savedra . Shirley White . Ioyce Scott . Chris Barrera Charlene Pfeiffer . Ianice Corda Wilma Hackworth . Ianice Roddick . Alvin Villegas Rosalie Castillo . Pat Soares Ioyce Cooper . Bill Stretch Ronald Mixon .Fausto Regusci Fausto Regusci . Tim Handley PRODUCTION STAFF Publicity .... Pat Soares Stage setting . Bill Stretch, Ron Mixon Sound effects . . Pausto Regusci Wardrobe . . . Katie Garcia Properties . . . Alvin Villegas Artwork . Carol Rodoni, Richard Celaya Director .... Ioseph Axup Gonzales High School Show Band directed by Lester Weigel iL 4 4 u 1' ' M gg Wi 4 W W fl .M if sm---ft..-. Ia,-I M33 ' " ' - -- , ,S .V V I 3, 3 , gang My f I ,Q my ii FF: I UNI OR PLAYS THERE'S MONEY IN WITCHCRAFT Alfred Snowden Emily Snowden Elizabeth Byline Rachel Snowden Harry Pillby . Griselda Weaver Dan Weaver . Stage Manager . Ieff Young Linda Andersen Shirley Raras . Arleen Pura Gerald Sampaga . Carol Madsen . Grant Wills . Effie Hines A CUP OF TEA Ieanne . . Beth . . Mr. Wimpole Rosemary Fell Celia . . Philip Fell . Stage Manager Mary Louise Garcia . Doris Stroud Richard Holguin . Linda Irish . Marilyn Cox Bill Gerard . Helen Barriga r I r L ef A NEW ENGLAND SPINSTER lane Dyer . Lily Dyer . Louisa Ellis . Mrs. Wing I . Ioe Daggett . Stage Manager PRODUCTION STAFF Stage Sets and Properties . Larry Teeters Alex Garcia Publicity .... Carol Madsen Director .... Ioseph Axup G.U.H.S. Show Band directed by Lester Weigel Sandra Cottenham . Iune Panzica . Rosie Noghera . lane Medina . Alfred Amaral . Iohnny Urquidez .V n f X A -aw. N I f, ,' P guy' a S '71 03.1 I shui! 'P' His 'A 7 an .31- "4-I w',1 L ,JW 5 L-f .1 -QE- 6 'ig fx M . - we x HI 1 .,Ff ---.. ax Lg. Q-2,154 ' x ff, gf Yi' f. g .. In .r 1 - i'f"'K ' '15 . ig, x 2 Nw L xi U WWM.FU', ' ,P "-GUI" r ,f s 53.-.ZS 5 Hx 1 'Aw ,I .T-Tv? ln!-ggggmgq Y t H Q "" '--x ' Fil, 'W' 3 ' fins il 2 it ' gf! '-HTL" ly. E,-AFIQ,-5.2 5 4 1 f m 1 M- V, 'ATF ff Y' A f . -1:31 , A m ' , ' -. H1', 'i"-Q35 : 1, 1 ff ,X . Q 4 0' ' y'.f-4':- 1-ax I , 17,1 Q ' xr I. ai-1 mx.-M 4'-2-WK 3 , up A - - 'f ---X 4 , X' ' L a 2 V: . 41 X P . -15-N 'li . . . , V. L M, xv, : m,,.M ,- , - L ' , A - M 4 ' ' .g fy I Q 45" Q l 1-T?: - if N r- V Vx ff -A rz F: XX- viii? AJP!!! + ,y P . , ! K lfrgff in x Mx 'txcrwg .ff if :iv X' 2' ' N ' "4 .g.x. Qmlffl, U -ln: I l ' f . ' W f. ff AN Iwi. IL' m ff' J im J , Q L , "" 118 3! Q L- -gf L 5 f. - 1 - ' A ' ,1--, -'Q-:Y V GLYQTQ- " -"H, W' 'B 1 ",:"F4p ,yr ' Q," ' ,- I ,L ' ' ' ' 1 A .f 1 -' '-zg gwq Q ' - .-A., v N A fa Q 1 K Jw DA him, - A 4 - . I mv imu' am 1- - f 'Q k7.fHr'Y5 PM ,- v 'il 5g.". 5f v . b if if Y Q AX- qf:- -'.i4' Q .. , . mv.- .. S 1 F555 WM DUNLAR EORD SALES TELEPHONE ORioIe 8-2408 von FRONT STREET Percy I-I, Dunlap SOLEDAD, cALlFoRNrA TOM HAMBEY LUMBER COMPANY - One Srop Cenfer for a Complele Line of Lumber 0 Hardware o Millwork o Building Supplies Phone OR8-246I - Free Esrimales Furnished SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Bank Service Since l854 Member Federal Deposii Insurance Corporalion SOLEDAD WAREHOUSE COMPANY LUMBER WAREHOUSINC-3 BEANS SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA -. - .V ,- -vm " H '-'f-'AI ' 4 I-1 ff ' ' , r. ,.' - '-nil., tv' K 'f 4r.,. f U - . 1 y V 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '57 SOLEDAD PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC CO. - PLUMBING SUPPLIES - ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I - DAIRY SUPPLIES I ERNEST GNESA TELEPHONE oRa 2630 I If you like Halian Foods Come To Us PASOUALE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT P. Tonini, Prop. ITALIAN DINNERS 0 PRIVATE BANOUETS 0 ROOMS TELEPHONE OR 8-9963 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA JACK PIQADER REAL ESTATE S INSURANCE REALTOR TELEPHONE HA 4-482I 22I SALINAS STREET SALINAS CALIFORNIA I C9139 OPS S10 P1 'AEM QP 320 MAIN ST. lk. , T WIRP WEEK 'V , -. V7 ,df xg pv- I , l . JOHNSON MOTOR CO. BUICK - PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS GONZALES CALIFORNIA VOSTI REPAIR BI HARDWARE SUPPLIES River Road - Phone OSS-3344 Hardware 0 Plumbing ' Elecfrical AUTO Supplies 0 Aufo Repair Surface Pipe and Baling Wire GONZALES CALIFORNIA Garcia Saddlery CO. SADDLES SILVER MOUNTED BITS AND SPURS LEATHER GOODS TELEPHONE 5975 32 W. GABILAN STREET MILLER-TOLAN OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC 3Ol MONTEREY STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA PIE AUCTION 4 1-sa - - I -if 'Q 40" "Your hands? My lace! . ---1-1 .ef 2 . N if ' A L-Q I F saw f Nl kid!-Glvl A ' The hme has come" -KX X 3 1 ciiemenf' ullevenge? onel H'-r ,YPUTGIE We lqcky "RI lasl!" IIC. UJ- PAT. OPI. COCA-COLA BOTTLINC5 CO. SALINAS, CALIFORNIA HArrIson 2-5328 JIM SALMINA 5:3 SOUTH MAIN STREET THE PRUDENTIAI- SALINAS. CALIFORNIA INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA CongraTuIaTions To The GraduaTing Class of '56 SALINAS LETTUCE FARMERS CO-OP GROWERS - TELEPHONE 2.4763 PACKERS - SI-IIPPERS . . CALIFORNIA VEGETABLES POST OFFICE BOX 594 L.D. 2-5502 SALINAS. CALIFORNIA 1 -,l.', , !,,.. Congrafulafions To The Class of '56 FELMAN'S MENS WEAR CLOTHING OUALITY EOREMOST I62 MAIN STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA 'wp'-I"'Ur'r The Rhylhm Masters Tired, SIIHUUL Ll lil Leon? 'fb Fleas? B51 .,.-h. Nice. clean xoom See. l've go! ten lingers You wouldn't dare! E3 n 4.4 'if- 'iii ' an - - 3- 'E M l I WW ' f no ' h ' ,o . ,. lumgos '1 ' I '11 . '- ,QM X- -' Lint.. I! H I' - A A: l' 'I .,, it A 7 ,Y - A .,-- I ,-fa E '- nw-aw .v o - h f-FK f .KBS Bu! il ran Ihis an A ' x Quee , Y 4 sg -A --- , E O - ' +1 '1' V 43: P 4.- A faith? ' ,Ig L. . ' Muni A " I rg' Wit: f gl in y . , 2 Trgafpyl 1 , ij 1 f 'J f'1 ' sf 'Q-K3"f:A7 , L - ir,g3,.i - ',, -x Y t L V Q ,if ' A 1 0 K Q Shy lreshmen guys 41. Looking lor somelhing? .I h w ,fr 1 11 an 7 1 i Three ood heads Volunieel-5? 'pax-r 1+.1 'J--nr SOILSERV INC. AgricuII'ufaI Chemicals SALINAS: HA 2-6473 INSECTICIDES o I-IERBICIDES o FUNGICIDES o SOIL FUMIGATION HOOKER Q9 PAY Members: NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SAN FRANCISCO STOCK EXCHANGE 420 SOUTH MAIN STREET A SALINAS. CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CARMEL SAN FRANCISCO , PM CHEF G61 pXl2hu,ov.unmr sn.0"'5' A 3 330 MAIN STREET - PHONE HA 4-746I .ev ' g ,U A-7 Carmen Nardone Salinas, California EIYIILY'S SI-IAKES 0 SUNDAES 0 CANDY SANDWICI-IES 0 SODAS Open Affer All Fooiball Games vw 2.1 Y The lme up 559574 5, xii' 4,-f Where are my fun 4 "" i' da -- --' -- Dig Ihal bashlul bo ln Ihe back Eddie, my love V ' - "Q, 4 :1 , QL' ,S ITICITI. 31 Y 35 R -S' w V O 4 lil' I L TURNER'S PHARMACY The REXALL Slore AUSTIN F. TURNER, Proprielor TgLgpg-IQNE 055-3643 GONZALES, CALIFORNIA BERRY'S FLOWERS ITurner's Pharmacy, Agenfsl We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Harry and Mable Thomas Telephone 488I TELEPHONE HA 4-488I SALINAS, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE GARIN COMPANY SALINAS CALIFORNIA Custom Budding Welding Blacksmithing GoNzAi.Es CALIFORNIA Warner Machine Shop PRINOLE TRACTOR CO. "CATERPILLAR" JOHN DEERE Earfhmoving Equipmenf Farm Machinery KING CITY SALINAS WATSONVILLE SOLEDAD BAKERY We specialize in Wedding and all occasion cakes FRONT STREET PHONE OR 8-224I 1 I 'x L29 - L Queen Gull und lllendanl: 5 .. L i-1-,L i-.. IU K 1 Q85 hill Frolh Tonyllll llll l ime , if 1 -'? h" ' Y Lol! hand dnve? L- 2 .fb 1 , ,r 'vagg Girls V.S. Foolball we ma 1 ,-- - .dv A .X ,J Full. clear lo here .4 L I . - . J Take her buck lo the Apaches Friends. Romans. and . ,,-7 rv' ' e'A 4' e bug lhxee plus one New siudenl? Seven come eleven 'Q-F-3'2" W f ,X K V I I Th ' 1 . " f e- -- ' 1' - ' '.:2'12'T -'f ...'wf ff- 1' P . I ' ' nf N e' ' rl' A ' V ' " U" -V "fx -ft, fr", fwf : ' Z", "4a"vQ:,, A 'WQT I ' . A.. X . .A , , ,AL J ' " 1.4.15 '?-l 1 L-. iii,-152225 -L ' 21 54- , 1 ' 1 " 5' .N Jia.. na- -iq! "lT?5l?5xuJ . 1,53 CuIiforniu's favorite homogenized x Oren N 5 I mllk a o den I iii state I uomosfmzfu T x Doo M l l lf 5TXT2.'f"-QTQIAETUHMIN U .: "' AN W . ."' i--I-.rf .-.-L -- ' ...... SALINAS PHONE HA 4-I844 CALIFORNIA J Mums VALLEY SAVHNGS "C, 'Q if gf 05133122 ll 'Vila II9E +Al'-lsr + SI' CIT ' 7 Telephone HA 4.l82l' SWW, W sew 1928 vel- I . SALINAS WATSONVILLE A CUMPANY 72I ABBOTT STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA KANE A ZECH DEL CARON Soledad Cleaners I "We Cleon with Core- Everything You Weor." Telephone ORB-2725 - V. H. Davis Corner Ook C1 Monterey Streets, SOIedod,.Colifornio Television 84 Appliances Telephone HA 4-25II a i ornia 3I3 Main Slreei' - Salinas, C If Dresses 0 Sporiswear Telephone HA 2-6522 ' W 929 So. Main Sl. - Salina, COAST TILE COMPANY DICK WALSH-Owner JOE PANATTONI--Manager Phone HA 24233 Phone GA 3'65OI 345 Alolooii Sfreel - Salinas, Calif I3O Wafer Sfreel' - Sanie Cruz, Calif LUTZ JEWELERS Fine Welch Repairing 65.3 E. Ansel Streei Salinas, California PATTON'S MARKET Prompi 8: Courieous Service Phone OR 9-233i Chualaf. I i s Califor a C If Al Y. nl K ', vp-Af' P "I i Miss Qmericu of l3?? ffbx .- Xxx V - W s-.Lk I ,-'lf RNA! xx ig Typical frosh Sw: climiadr v99d"3 1119911 kt' , ei' HI'-" SOLEDAD TRADING POST I Owner-MARIE TREADO Dealers in Good Second Hand Fqrnifure and Clolhing We also deal in Anlriques 0 Trade where your dollars have more cenls I2O Oak Sireef, Soledad phone OR8.2q32 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS CHICAGO PRINTED STRING COMPANY WESTERN PLANT BIS Wesf Marlcef S+ree+ Salinas, California HARDWARE GIFT WARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES DUTCH BOY PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GONZALES HARDWARE CO. Fourfh Sfreef Gonzales Telephone OS 5-3655 PERE'S HARDWARE DRY GOODS PAINTS SHOES PHONE OR 9-23I6 CI-IUALAR, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS BOTILL'S MEN AND BOYS' STORE "We specialize in all Iypes of clorhing, shoes. and sporfs equipmenf for The High School SIudenI." 4+h STREET GONZALES, CALIFORNIA HARDWARE 0 HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 0 TOOLS PAINTS 0 PLUMBING 0 ELECTRIC SUPPLIES I GONZALES LUMBER CO. BELDEN 81 C STREET GONZALES PHONE 055.3315 T: -23- 2 drops poison Z 5 il miiillllmllllll uullllillllllllu ws ".! cs New kind of fish L"" 4f-N vs . .5 nn "IT W frm , l......-- Holding upiihe world day A ' . 1' . f 2, '5:' jQ. W.. . f H N... 'fr , .' ,f ,ij A k VL, '.v.j.-Lf----- is-f' "" . .1 H-.4-'M-n,T,,.., W- ' ' I L f .i Q . , x ...M Q , ,,g + if ,wi A . ?,,,,.--1-01 n ,W -. 1-.,-u , Qbwzgo. us? Floocb? -V v y V- - -T-0-R-Y ........... .E .f .fy r- -, Telephone Salinas HA 4-7656 Soledad OR 8-244-I Clwualar OR 9- AF A N v LIFE INSURANCE ' REAL ESTATE ' GENERAL INSURANCE W. J. RESCH W. D. RESCI-I TI-IE SPORTSMAN SALINAS' PICDNEER SUPPLIER TO OUTDOORSMEN PHONE HA 4-43lI 249 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA FRANK LEONI SHEET IVIETAI. WORKS Everyfhing in Tlie SI'IeeT IvIe'raI,Line FURNACES AND HEATING SYSTEMS SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY 0 FRANK LEONI, Prop 0 P. O. BOX Il62 PHONE OR8-2749 0 ' STATE AND OAK STREET 0 SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA GONZALES FAMILY GROCERY LOUIS NOGI-I ERA, Prop. PHONE OS5-3645 GONZALES CALIFORNIA MITCHELL SILLIIVIAN COMPANY GRAIN ' BEANS ' ONIONS Ivloclern Bean Cleaning Our Specialfy Warehouses af Salinas and Camplwora M. B. FOWLER CONCRETE PIPE IRRIGATION SYSTEM MANUFACTURING . INSTALLATION . MAINTENANCE O P. O. Box 838 MELVIN B. FOWLER Gonzales, California Res. Phone ISI-W Telephone OSS-3436 King Cify, California 23I2 M 1 , ,, af, 'N I I r . gm in -Y 224.1111 'W ' 'ir .- L,-QQ t lo Gel ihe poim' Monkey see monkey do "lW - .fifffs -Alwifzefcfancf ALTA STREET GONZALES. CALIFORNIA ALEX - ALCANTARA Your Sparlan Annual Pholographer POR-IRAITS ' WEDDINGS 0 COMMERCIAL Fwnl Slfeel Telephone OR 8-2754 Soledad, California I l Cangralulafians To lhe H . , . GC Tl Free Delivery - Ph. l-IA 4-3859 C. E. BAETSCHEN Ph., T I .C. d. Open unlil 8 P.M. Sundays INSURANCE I go e evlglon O. lo H l-lot Pount Electrical Appliances and l'l0llClGYS Telephone OR B-2777 Phone O55-3393 77 Sanborn Rd- - Salinas. Calif- I67 Main Sheet Soledad 34 Front Street Gonzales K. R. NUI-LING CO. GROWERS - PACKERS - Sl-IIPPERS PHONE HA 4-2753 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA OR 8.2650 OR 8-2920 CLARK 81 BRESCHINI GENERAL INSURANCE 545 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA Invaders! W.. SU' gui Is xl thu! bad? Guan! A lug problem? Ihol Ou! ol our way! The Royal Courl - Dig lhole shades Foreign Legion Tender momenl: Smilgs Complimws OI DIAMOND SPECIALIST W P ,mv a scum, NI-I 3 mf' ""'Q E CE C MPANY S Rvl O Sfafionery and Oflice ws owe 26' DIVIDED Eq ,pm + G-ONZALES sbncnssnf MAIN, JAYMENT UI en O5 5348' STAMPS I' OX PLAN Typewrirers o Renfals SALINAS 26I Main sneer PHONE HA MB6' HA 4-4672 35l Main Sfreef S I' C l'f ' G mos 0 l elmo Salinas California VALLEY TV CENTER SALES 84 SERVICE We give S 84 H Green Slemps X' PHON E HA 2-4793 IO4-5 So. Main Sf.. Salinas When in Chualar iT's RENO Good Mixed Sandwiches Cold Drinks I Banquels I PHONE OR 9-8994 WATCHES - DIAMONDS PARKS JEWELE PHONE HA 2-0866 570 E. Alisal Sfreef RS I California ROD AND RENO Salinas, California Friendly Service-Realior THE DAYTON-JOI-INSON RENTAMLL COMPANY R. W. PARKER CO- Real Esfale o Insurance ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Life - Fire - Aulo if PHONE HA 4-3938 I57 Main Sfreei Salinas PHONE HA 2-474I 623 E. Alisal Srreer Salinas, California FOUNTAIN BOWL PHONE oss-sw THE SMART SHOP PHONE OS5-33IO CAMILLA 81 CHESTER SARINA Propriefors IO SEVIER'S PET CENTER GARDEN FEED SEED PETS FOODS FURNISHINGS Valley Cenler 49 SO. MAIN ST. SALINAS 833 SO. MAIN ST. SALINAS, CALIFORNIA MIKE 84 MARBA NEYLON DISTRIBUTORS Tide Waler Oil Co. o Telephone HA 4-7702 SALINAS 0 CALIFORNIA 1. ix- . ' ' ,L-wr' HIGH, scAf00L GYMNA SIUM ROBERT STANTON, AAENITECT-'FRED RESALE 4 A chi 'r ROBERT STANTON A I A FRED KEEBLE 8: GEORGE RHODA A IH cis BEST WISHES EOR CLASS OF '57 TCDMBLESCDN 694 I-IUCK, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS SAL I NAS J. A. JOHNSON 81 SON We Specialize In Manufadure and Repair of Local Farm Equipmenf WELDING 0 BLACKSMITHING U PORTABLE EQUIPMENT Paul Johnson Telephone: HA 4-5 I 34- Res. HA 2-0270 637 Alobofl Slreel SAI-INAS CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS RUSSELL PACKING COMPANY Growery-Shqpem Bong-Up - Boss Brands CALIFORNIA VEGETABLES FERENCE9 MAIN OFFICE sALlNAs NATIONAL BANK Telephone HA 4-7676 PRODUCE REPORTER SALI NAS, CALIFORNIA p, O, BOX 730 TI-IE TRIANGLE CO. OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA INSECTICIDES 0 FERTILIZERS 0 AGRICULTURAL MINERALS 320 WEST MARKET STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE HA 4-4843 TI-IE LADY SI-IOP QUALITY FASHIONS 343 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA FRANICS MARKET Groceries o Vegefables o M3515 Phone O55-3688 Gonlaleg F. N. FRAINISCIONI BUILDING CONTRACTOR Phone ORB-2266 0 Box 4I7 SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA W' fr-ff S A IVI Y O I3 BUILDINO CONTRACTOR PHONE Os 5-3477 - BOX new E ' ii' T3 'q.I-.ILA -'54, 3 15?-'W"' "r GONZALES CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS I-IARDEN FARMS JF Telephone HA 4-73 I4 EI Camino Real. SOUII1 Salinas, California HOTEL JEFFERY "FRIENDLY" COFFEE SHOP SALINAS CALIFORNIA AG-RO FERTI LIZERS JOHN PRYOR COMPANY Phone HA 2-5307 P.O. Box 266 SALINAS CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS Salinas Marketing Cooperative TELEPHONE HA 2-8857 - RESIDENCE HA 2-0206 P. O. BOX 357 SALINAS CALIFORNIA Congrawlefions Graduafes PINNACLES CAFE THE BEST COFFEE AND MUSIC IN THE VALLEY Come and See, You're Welcomeol SOLEDAD NORTON I-IEVRIN A ' -m BUILDING CONTRACTOR .59 . L., , W-.-.JL SOLEDAD o CALIFORNIA 1, -N- .,P V . . l ,--I I I SOLEDAD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE STORE APPLIANCE - FURNITURE TELEVISION - RADIO CANEVASCINI BROOKS SOUZA PHONE OR8-2451 I36 DIXIE STREET SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA WESTCOTT MOTOR COMPANY "S+andard Merchandise" o Dependable Service CHEVROLET SaIes and Service Phone OR8-262 I SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA I SOLEDAD MERCANTILE COMPANY I "The House of Friendly Service" HARDWARE o GROCERIES o DRY GOODS Disfribufors for INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Tracfors o Trucks o Farm Equipmenf SOLEDAD General Mefghandase-oRa,2644 SINCE I907 Parfs 8: Service Dept-OR8-2645 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS AND BEST WISHES HARVEY BERKUIST BOY'S WEAR 253 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA . L A Q-Q-1. .nr - -Q -I -- .: un -u .- -. an -. - - - v. an Q-. -v .. .-. 1 qu - an Q - 1 .-. np -Q-uv -0-v utricc Timds n. IIE QSIITQH Charge The Lovely Things You Wanr The "Fashion" way, Twelve Tiny Monlhly Paymenls. Nol a Penny Down. 231 MAIN STREET PHONE HA 2-2I54 FIBRE FLOWER STUDIO Arrangemenls for all occasions Tropical Plaslic Planls. Free Wood Fibre Flower SALINAS, CALIFORNIA "EveryIhing In Music" C5ADSBY'S MUSIC CO. o si-IEET Music o RECORDS 0 BAND INSTRUMENTS AUTO PARTS SERVICE R. E. and V. A. Kellner, Owners Aulo Parls - Machine Shop l3l Abboll SI. - Ph. HA 2-4775 CREDIT BUREAU IRSHUCIIOHS . RADIO . TELEVISION CREDIT BUREAU OF SOLEDAD MILLIE MARRIOTT : -II pays lo pay promplly- 337 Main Sfreef - Salinas. Calif. I . OR 3-2956 345 Mem Salmas Soledad California 81 Subscribe now fo The GONZALE5 HOTEL HEAD DEPARTMENT STORE Phone OR8-2675 Salinas California "For All fhe Local News" Soledad California U55 .Wlzliwg ALTA STREET GONZALES. CALIFORNIA Underwood Typewrirers - Sundsfrand Adding Machines g Srarionery - Office Furnifure Gfttltdllzdf . 1 1 1 TYPEWRITER COMPANY "CompIe're Office Ou'rfiHers" 2I3 Main Srreef Phone HA 4-2525 SALINAS. CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 LACEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY Monferey CounIy's Oldesf 935 FRONT STREET SOLEDAD DUTTON'S PET SHOP AND NURSERY "Every+I1ing .for your Per" TeIepI1one OS 5-3922 I30 Alfa Sfreef - Gonzales, Californ SAM BARCLAY Disfribufor of SEASIDE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Salinas, California CongraIuIa'rions Io I'I1e Senior Class BURKE' DRUG STORE PEVERINI QROCERY o SOLEDAD Sglgddd CaIiforni B AT THEN. . . 0 CAN BE Youks JEANETTE BRASSIERE SHOPPE Sole Manufacfurers of "JEAN-BRA-ETTEH THE DIMENSIONAL BRA Also STRAPLESS and GIRDLES All Garmenfs Carefully Fiffed 904 Park Row-Valley Cenier Salinas - Free Parking TYNAN LLJIVIBER CO. PHONE HA 4-22I6 242 E. ALISAL STREET SALI NAS, CALIFORNIA l'leadquarTers for RCA Whirlpool Appliances BAGGETT G- COMPANY 4-67 E. MARKET STREET SALINAS 965 N. MAIN STREET PHONE HA 2-7893 PHONE HA 2-6363 SHERWOOD GARDENS SALINAS MOTOR PARTS Complelre Machine Shop Service SGHEIZA BROTHERS ELMER SGHEIZA 329 MONTEREY STREET RES. HA 4-4417 SALINAS. CALIFORNIA COMMERCIAL RADIATOR WORKS RadiaTors-Cleaned. Rebuilt Recorecl PHONE HA 4-5944 448 N. MAIN STREET A. B. IWoodyl Woodward SALINAS, CALIFORNIA RALPH THCIMSEN REALTOR Real Es'raTe - Insurance - MO'rels - Ranches 426 SALINAS STREET OFFICE-I-IA 4-6445 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA HOME-HA 4-7246 SALINIIS IIPIMATURE AND M0'l'Illl WIIRKS Sales and Service PHONE HA 4-37-II 321 N. MAIN STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA LOLA'S DRESS SHOP Personalized Sefvifie PIEARCY FLYING-A-SERVICE Al'reraTions PHONE OR 9-2436 Telephone OR 8-2493 s2I Fronf s+. . soieaad, caiafomxa' P. O. Box 245 CHUALAR. CALIFORNIA Conoco Motor Oi'l CONGRATULATIONS ANDY'S DRUG MARTY'S STURDY STCRE SNACK SHOP COngra+uIaTions, Fine Food and Diesel Fuel Seniors Founfain Service Kerosene Stove O GOLDEN STATE 'CE CREAM Phone HA 2.aaoI PHONE HA 4-2529 Soledad - California 633 E. ALISAL ST. SALINAS P. O. 46 - IOI Hwy. So., Solinas KING-'S FOOD MARKET AL'S Qongraiulafgons Groceries - Frui+s- VegeTabIes BARBER SHQP Meaf-Wholesale Meafs DR. CI-INTQN BRYNER P. O. Box asv o Phone oss-3628 COHQFPTUIGHOHS- Seniors G,,,,,.,Ie5 Coirrofnra SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA VICTQRY Texaco Super Service SHERWOOD COFFEE SI-IOP "The Place Io Eat" ANDERSON 81 TEVES I Gas - Oil - Lubricafion ' Tires - -Tubes - Bafferies AUTO Repairing Cleaners Xe Laundry One Day Service In by 9:00, OUT by 5:00 NO EXTRA CHARGE Alla Shea' Gonzales Soledad California Sherwood Gardens PI1. HA 2-9800 Al-,S STORE FOR MEN CQNQRATULATIQNS Congralrulafions. Seniors HATS Q SHOES DR, KRAFT DR. JAMES I-I. PETTEY RIDING TOGS 9 FURNISHINGS 210 Main Sfreef Solinas SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA 330 SOLEDAD ST. SOLEDAD I-IAYWARD LUMBER COMPANY I-IA 4-8075 II ABBOTT STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA CongraTuIa+ions To The Graduafring Seniors TOM CLARK DRUG STORE 24- 734 E. MARKET STREET SALINAS PHONE HA 4-5855 T I It PHONE ' Nv ORa.266o SOLEDAD BEE Prinfing and Publishing DALEY'S BOOTERY FINE SHOES SINCE I9I8 230 MAIN STREET SALINAS 3IO BROADWAY ST. KING CITY MISSION OROCERY Serving The Mission Dis'rricI wi+lT Oualify FRANK RICCA Office Supplies OR 3'25l3 Soledad W. J. ALLEN NELS CARLSON gc SON JONES 8z JONES HA 4-W8 Plumbing PAINTING CONTRACTORS WILSON'S Sheef Meial Work Hardware and Boysen Painfs PHONE OSS-39 I I Gonzales California SOLEDAD KING CITY GONZALES Dis+incTive Dry Cleaners AlIera+iOns and Repairs Dale Robinson-Driver 24I Salinas Sfreef - Salinas, Calif JIIvI'S LIOUORS PHONE OR 8-3358 SOLEDAD. CALIFORNIA THE NATIONAL DEPARTM ENT STORE TELEPHONE OR 8-2774 SOLEDAD - CALIFORNIA SOLEDAD FRENCH LAUNDRY EDMOND COURREJOU Propriefor PHONE OR 8-2263 SoledadVSTreeI - Soledad Herberf Roflwsiein SHERWOOD DRIVE-IN 907 NORTH MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA MARVEL CLEANERS Well Cleaned-Well Pressed is Well Dressed FEATURING Knii Blocking by Georgia GEORGIA 8: AL BISHOP Phone HA 4-3279 434 Salinas Sfreel' - Salinas, Calif. HELEN'S CORSET SHOPPE I Formerly Frances Mahlerl HA 2-l765 439 Salinas - Salinas, California- PERFECT PHOTO, INC. PHONE HA 4-4556 933-A N. Main Sireel Salinas, Calif. KAY'S BEAUTY SALON PHONE HA 2-05II JIMMIE'S VILLAGE FOOD CENTER BOWLING 'ALLEY BOX 25,8 42I Soufh Main S+ree+ d REST UR . . . an OR 8325! ANT PHONE OR 8-2605 Salinas, California Soledad Sfreel' - Soledad l734 Vasli Avenue - Soledad. Calif. ---if Congrafulafions Gusfav Eberhardf, M.D. and James FasseH. M.D. Gonzales Californ ECKHART SEED CO. Locafion lSpencel Salim Phone I-IA 4-4297 Congrafulafions Io The Senior Class RALPH C. MULLER EVANS ECONOMY DRUG STORES 238 Mean-409 Maanvaza Essf AIISSI CARLA'S BEAUTY SHOP WHERE BEAUTY IS UNSURPASSED OR 8-2493 SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA SIDNEY HUOUENIN Civil Engineer Fourth Sireef Gonzales 0ll"'55 Cillfoffl Salinas, California CONGRATULATIONS Prader Bros. - Rudy and Eddie Richard HMT- M- D- GTRSEEIROSDQRU'mxTEfsSSLSfS TELEPHONE HA 2-2967 F hand Belde S Soledad Callfofn IOI9 SO. MAIN ST. SAIINAS Gf,,,,.,.e, phone 0553466 C,,,Iff,,,,Ia GONZALES MACHINE FRANSCIONI Conggfmjnfgjo The AND FORGE WORKS ass o MEAT MARKET ' EDWARD FRANSCIONI, Prop, from The Wall Rianda Arnold Pisona "The Besf of Eafs in MeaTs" FRANK MORASCI TELEPHONE OR8-2446 Kennedy and Callahan CHEVRON GAS STATION Sozeddd Camom Soledad California Lubricafion Service TIRES O BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES Con rahilafions Q FLOWERS by DON SHOE STORE DR' O' PHONE HA 2-742i 0 . valley Cemer Shoes and Shoe Renewing Gonzales Calllomla II Wes? Acacia Salinas, Calif. Soledad California ALISAL UPHOLSTERY NATIONAL DOLLAR SHOP PURITY STORES, LTD. STORES GEO. F. HUMPHRIES "Every Day is Sale Day af PURITY" Where Your Dollar Buys More Proprielor Fresh FNHS - Vegefables Always Beffer Values Here Telephone HA 4-9304 SOLEDAD . 257 Main Sfreef sII EAST AKLISAL' ST. o SAIINAS 5"""'S C""0"'l' SOCKS I ORIGINAL PAINTINGS CARDS PRINTS VALLEY BOOK AND ART SHOP wo PARK ROW HArrison 2-9291 SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Jill uw-we-W W Y JOAQUIN BONDIETTE-CHEVROLET Service for Economy "HOT ONE FOR "57" PHONE OS5-3454 GONZALES. CALIFORNIA BURCI-IELL MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - IMPERIAL -Over 40 Years in Salinas- 3l EAST GABILAN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA J. M. ELECTRIC CO O. W. JOHNSON Commefciff' MAKER OF STAN LISK IndusTriaI SPORTING GOODS . . FINE CLOTHES Resrdenhal Phone HA 4-445I y 2o.A W. eabTIf,n si., saianas, CaIIf. 645 E. AIISEII Salinas, Calif. TeIepI'O"e HA N819 3I2 Kings S+. 0 Saiinas, California CongraTuIaTiorIs +oI'I1e Senior CIass FARLIEY FRUIT COMPANY SALINAS CALIFORNIA YOUNO'S TOY I-IOUSE TRAVELERS' DAVEIS T- V- Qualify Toys RESTAURANT Sales - Service Reasonably Priced For The BSSI IVIGBI E"I2FeIp,I1raiIIeaIIg?II,3g M. Bayard Young - Esfher C. Young for your money Dave Karle R. N. Kennedy TeIePI"0ne 2-653I Margaref and Jens A. Nielsen HA 2-6350 HA 241893 357 Main S+. - - Salinas' California I4 Fourfh S+. . Gonzales' Cam. 54 Eas'r AIisaI Sf. 0 Salinas, Calif. H Congrafulafions STANDARD FURNITURE CO. CompIefe Home Furnishers Headquarfers for Lane Cedar Chesfs JOHN AND CALIFORNIA STREETS SALINAS. CALIFORNIA i 1 -J ll' Jll

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