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H Q , !,.iJ,?.5Ei-, 3, -11: 5 . . A 1 - fa 1 . , W. , V r C x 0 .K '4-' 1 r . 4 . 1' I 5 QQ I I 5' i g 'I A .g I . 3 fr L Il ? A ' ' K 1 1 4 v X " 5 f 4' w. vfk F- , ' ,x I K X,u ' , 1. , -' n ML, 1 . ,L , if' ' ' 1,1 ' Q' ,J . , 3, ' .. , 754 , - M , 'L 1' Ti 'H 4 1 ,... -x 3 if .Q .mia 34.1, Jug, J ef- 1f: ' fx if I' V- A 523 5 L-.. Gp, I I. H' , V.- i.'. r . W. - r Y' A ,I 51-1" " ,S+ ' p Hif -. 'Ill ' .- ,Y ,f :mc i .I " 'Nl' 'M ' ' E I Qgvlxf Ll I 1 ,WM Y I .- .' 1 f-. Q x .. J .gr -' ,I , -."1 x. w 1 if-: JL' 5... . ii!g?g'5l 1 We-1' P 'Ra - 5 51.5 3, SPARTAN 1951 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL GONZALES, CALIFORNIA r'-fr 1' rW1 A T F f I I Y v11cirt1rrT Dn- "'v-Q. e rw r u , -- .W-.Q-.-w .. f.v---.,- . 1 4 1 xx -Y--' M W-:.fm,si2!"yJnff"vE'?,,E2.m.:?almtN,. .!,,3,y,f.,, WNAFW ,fq,4,mw.,A-,.K,,fp . Q I 1 . . ' vt- g --,W W. " 'f K " Ni- ' ,ggi ,Y ,Y f M" 'W 'S' 4'-'V-i2!'Q.:-Mfi.-I va. " - I 4 , . 7 Y , f Q E B' L4 W 5 ff? wg, yang Aw? L. vm, Qgaafw PL 3.4, ,WM , . .Wg kk 1.2, k M-M' ' x '19 .qw mb' f wqmwffi - v , . N QF f - f 45,55 A ,, , W I .. 4 i X M L v. an , 'A A Q ' 'K W 'fi in 6 . x ywwguigg . .' R ' ' M.. ' ' W un , x 4' H M.'.,5 - ,ff . .K w- vgy X ai X vi M ,afar 'W ' 5' 'mmf fi! Yi -ml vi M YF? wwzw .Q jmcwmd... Records daling baclc +o June I I, I909, show building progress made on Gonzales Union High School, which s'rar'red as one small room on ihe second floor in The grammar school building. and grew lo a now prosperous and s'rill growing school. ' The masler plan of The fulure school shows 'rhe finished producl of eleven buildings. The enlire building proiecl' will +alce approximafely len years fo reach complefion. A new music building has already been compleled and has proven lo be an essenlial addi+ion. Also compleled are new lennis and baslceiball courls. li is hoped Thai lhe shop will be ready for use by lhe beginning of fhe nexl school lerm. To the above, Iefl, is fha second high school building, which was locaied across ihe sfreef from fhe present siie. Belcw is an aerial view of our high school. ww:-1f"f'a1-ww MR. RICHARD G. FORCE Vice-Principal MR. LEON D. LILLEY Disiricf Superinlendeni MR. ANKER FANOE MR. A. L. RODDICK MR. L. W. WILEY MR. FRANK CORDA MR. CLIFFORD MACELRATH Sludies conducled in induslry show lhal elrliciency increases as desirable worlcing condilions prevail. This lacl is also lrue ol accomplishmenls in educalion. Sludenls in a classroom provided wilh modern equipmenl, modern devices, proper liqhlinq and har- monious color pallerns will respond more quickly and ellleclively 'rhan sludenls exposed lo The 'rradilional classroom vvilh drab. darlc walls, uncornlorlable seals and poorly equipped wilh modern leaching devices. Wilh lhe live-year building program under 'rhe direclion ol a compelenl school archilecl, 'rhis school is endeavorinq lo rneel lhese essenlial needs of mod- ern educalion. ,in tri. k X73 1 A .V.. zal T K 'Q EDWIN HANDLEY HENRY CORDA RENA FRANSCIONI JOE BORLA JACK HYNDING VERNON RODRIGUEZ I We, fhe sfudenfs of Gonzales HiQl'1SCI'1OOI, wish 'ro express our fhanks and apprecia Hon 'ro Hwe cusfodians for Hue wonderful job fhey did in keeping our campus neat clean and comforhable. CLARIS BURNS Boys' Physical Education United Slales History Emporia Slate Colleqe. B.S. VERNE GUTIERREZ Boys' Physical Education Junior Business Training Social Enqlisn Calilornia Polyleclinic Col lege. B.S. DEAN HARPER Shop, Farm Mechanics Central Missouri Stale. B.S. JAMES HINES Drivers' Training Journalism Universily of California B.S. OFA IRVINE Horne Economics, Ari University of Calilornia. BA., MA. AUGUSTA LOVETT Malnemalics Universiiy of Minnesofa. BA. RUTH PERVORSE California Hislory Girls' Physical Educaiio U.C.L,A. B.S. LORRAINE RODGERS Home Nursing, Spanisn Universify ol Calillbrnia. BA. ri VERNON SILVER Science, Mafncrnalirs San Jose Slaie, BA. ARETHUSA SOUTH Enqlisn U,-,mersily ol Calilorniri M.A. WILLIAM TAYLOR Aqricullure California Polylecnnic Col lege. FRANK TIBBETTS Aqricullure Mechanical Draw'nq Universiiy of Minnesola. B.S. MERTON TITUS Biology, Library Universily ol Caliiornia and U.C.L.A. 8.5. BERTIE VEKANDER Commercial Universiiy of California B.S. LESTER WEIGEL Music San Francisco Slale Col loqe. BA. LOUISE CARACCIOLI Office Arrrislronq Colleqe. AA. L 911. JAMES SHANKS was born in Wesi Helena, Arkansas, February 2, l935. l-le came +o California in Jrhe year ol I945 and seiilecl in Soledad, where he affend- ed grammar school and graduaied wifh lhe Class of '48, l-le enlered high school in lhe fall ol: lhe same year. l-le was a member of 'rhe Junior Varsily loolball leam and played 'rrumpel in lhe loand. "Jimmy" passed away Augusl 30, l95O. U ANGELO GONZALES was born on Ocfober 2, I933, in Phoenix, Arizona. He eniered 'rhe Chualar Union Grammar School in Augusf, I939, graduafing in I947 and fhen en+ered high school fhe following Seplember. l-le was also ac- +ive in sporls and band, specializing in fhe percussion insfrumenls. Angelo passed away April 7, l95l. Wilh never-lo-be-forgolien memories of lheir achievemenls in sludenl acl'ivi+ies and on The afhlefic field, we fondly dedicale fhis edilion of lhe I95l Spar+an To James Shanks and Angelo Gonzales. ....,,W-M-4 AM-.MM i..,,,w-M - 7:0 .lg ,............--M-AM, L 1 Wm ' 1, , ' 1 ' ' Q N ,..4 . N4 15 , f it til Q E km faisfs '1 ,vw ,f5,.,,,, l ' 3, ,QA w i 2 ww X Nw --A, . gf i v f ff , ,f 1 fig l ff 1 f 2 ' S, . , J J N - Yi, 1 Y '1 . X iss x SM , X 1 he 9' fix , KV' ygwifuhx x, V , '...i5 8' jg: . W' wh-A W- 4 lg fx I , t f- - in - af M. sr QR ' V ig fig-ex f X 3 ,M N Ziiiwg qv, 1 y, 2 " 2? S85 A , H gsrxxq X N S wh .- 1 . M - Q . s K X . X-zfxg . 5 Q - W JOSEPHINE AISPURO Girls' League I2 3 45 Bnqinnr-r Band 25 Glce 34. PHYLLIS AVILA Journalism Skifs 45 Sparlan Hi Life 45 Sparran Business Mnnnorrr. SUSANA AVIZADO Girls' Leaque I2345 Glen 345 Honor Chorus 45 Cab-inf-I 45 Junior Play Produclion Crew5 Senior Flay Produdion Crew5 Senior SIfiIk5T.1I en? Show 3. EVALEE BARY Girls' Leanne If2345 Ginn 235 Transferred Irorri Snlirins 25 Blmfl "G" 34 PAUL BAUTISTA Band 3-45 Class Sec. 25 Block 45 Dance Band 45 Junior Play Pm ducfion Crc-W5 Senior Plny Prolliir tion Crew. RONALD BONINCONTRI Blocl "G" 345 Junior Play Pro duclion Crew5 Senior Play Proflnr lion Crew5 Journalism Sli? 45 Sparfan Hi LiIe 45 B.1'.Irf:IImII 3, MILTON BRESCHINI FFA. I 2,3 45 Block "G" 3 45VIfrr PreS.5 F.F.A. Rnpresf-nlnfivv 4 Banrl I5 Junior Plnv Proiiiiriori Crew5 Svnior Play. DOLORES BURNETT BURNS Girls' Leaoue l 2f3f45 F.F.A, Burn Dance Ouevn Cnndidarf- 45 Join nalisrn Skit 45 Senior Skirs 45 Jun ior Play Prodnrrion Crrw5 Snnior Play Profludion Crrzw5 Glee 2 3 45 Soarmn HI I.iIr 45 Girlz' Inn gn:- Sirapbonk 4. WANDA BURNETT BENNETT Girls' Lefioue I 2-3 45 FIA Barn Dwnce One:-n Canciiiiarfr 25 Junior PIay5 Senior PIay5 Sporlnn Amis! nn? Erlilor 45 Sfmrlan I-Ii Liiv 4. FRANCIS CAVALLI F.F.A. I'2345 Banfl I'25 Senior SlriIa5 Senior Play Proflilmion Crew. DARLENE CLIZBE GAA, If2-35 Gloria 35 Chorus I 2, Trio Iwo plusrlwrce 35TranSIPrr+i'r1 :rom Bismarck High, N. D., 35 Sparran SMH 4, Skirsg Senior Play 45 Slcifsj Girls' Leaquf-'4. JOHN DAORO F.F.A, I 2-3-45 Band I5 Block "G" Z3-45 Pres. 45 Sfudcni Council 45 Class Vice-Presidenr 45 Junior and Senior Plays Producrion Crewg All C,C.A.I.. Baslmrball 35 Claw, AIIileIic Manaqer 2 3 4. Girls' Lcaque I 2 3 45 Senior Skiing MARY FLORENTIN Girls' League If2-3,43 Block 343 Serqeanl-alrfxrms Iclassl 33 Bands If2-3 43 Sparran 34, Edilor 43 Junior Play Business MGHBQEV: Svnior Play Produclion Crew3 Sen ior Skivsg Sfuflenl Council 4. JUNIOR GARCIA Block "G" Z 3 43 Track I 2-3 43 En Ilsfe-d in Nnyy, Dec., I950. HAZEL GHILARDI Junior PIny1CirIs'LeaquP I 2 3f43 Senior Play Assislant Business Manaqerg Glev 43 Block "G" 43 Ss-nlor Skifs. MARILYN GILBERT Girls' Ienquv I 2343 Glen 2 3 43 Junior Play Production Crr1w3SPr1 ior Plny Produdion Crvw3 Sonrlnn HifLiIP 43 Senior Skils. JOY GILCHRIST Class SCC. I3 Class Vifv Pros 'IQ Class Tru-as, 23 Girls' Leaque I 2' 343 Senior Pl:iy3 Srmrlcln Hi Lilo 43 Svnior Slrilsj Journalism Slnils 4. JOYCE GILLIAM Glee I 233 Senior Play SIri1s3 Jun ior Play Produclion Crf-wg Girl! Lvaque I-2 3f43 Talenl Show 233 Journalism SIriIs 43 Band 233 Ma ioreirr 43 Honor Socivly 43 Spar Inn Hi-Liff' 4. ANGELO GONZALES Band I2 343 Block 'G' 2 343 F.F.A. I3 Dance- Ban-I 4. OPHELIA GONZALES Class Pres. 33 Glee I3 Girls Leaquc I2 3 43 Block 2 3 43 Tnlrenl Show 23 Svnior Pl1y3 Skits Shiclsrnl Body Business Manaqvr 33 Junior Play Prorlufllrn frr1w3 Girls' Stale 33 Sludenl Borly Tren: 43 SIU-lvnI Crvunril 3 4. MILTON GUIDOTTI Band l'2-3 43 EPA. I2 3,43 Ser 43 Bloflr "G" 43 Qnnior Slrilag .Iunf ior, Senior Play' Produclion Crew VIRGINIA HIGGINBOTHAM Translerrerl from Salinas 23 Girls L:-aqua I 2 3f43 G.A.A. I 23 Spar Ian 43 Ss-nior SIciIs3 Blorlc "CE" 4' JuniorSz-nior Plnyj Honor Soci r-Iy 4, ALBERT HOOK Block "G" 3 43 F.F.A. I-2 3-4' Band I3 Senior SkiIs1 Junio' Soniori Play Producfion Grow. SELMA JONES Girls' Loague I-2 3f43 Glee I2 33 Home Room Pres. I3 Vice-Pres. 23 Iuforinq 23 F.I-I.A. 33 Niqlil Under Srnrs I2 33 Trnnslcrronl Irom Soo Iran:-3 Wwslr., 43 Svnior SIriIs. JAMES LAWSON Sparlan 3-43 Senior Play3 Junior Play Production CFEW: Honor Band 3-43 Band l-2-3-43 Dixieland Band 4. SAM LLOYD Honor Sociely I-2-3-4, Vice-Pres, 2, Pres. 33 Spartan I-2-3-4, Assisf- anl Editor 33 Honor Band 2-3-43 Cal. All-Wesrern Band Confer- ence 43 C.O.P. Band Clinic 43 Block "G" 2-3-43 Junior-Senior Play3 Boys' Slafe 33 Srudeni Body Pres. 43 Sfudenl Council 4. ANGEL MARTINEZ Track 2-33 Foolball 2-3-43 Dropped School, Jan., l95l. DON MILLS Transferred from Oakdale Hiqh 23 Track 2-33 Junior-Senior Play3 Senior Skilsg Sparran Hi-Life 43 Enlisled in Air Force, April, l95l. JAMES MORANDA Track I3 F,F.A. l-2-3-43 Foolball 3. NELLIE MUNOZ Transferred from Porleryille High 33 Girls' League 3-43 Dropped School, March, l95l, RAYMOND PEREZ Block "G" 3-43 Band 23 Foofball 33 Baseball 3441 Baskelball 4. BERTHA RAMERIZ Class Vice-Pres. I3 Junior Play Produciion Crew3 Block "G" 43 Beginners' Band 23 Glee 2-3-42 Girls' League I-2-3-4. HENRY RIANDA Band I-23 F,F.A. l-2-3-4, Treas. 43 Block "G" 2-3-4, Sec.-Treas. 43 Sparfan Hi-Lile 43 Class Sec, 43 Junior-Senior Play3 Sparlan Skils 43 Journalism Skils 4. LEROY RIANDA F.F.A. I-2-3-4, Vice-Pres. 43 Block "G" 3-43 Senlinel I'-,F.A, 33 Class Vice-Pres. 43 Council 43 Band 2-3- 43 Senior Skiis3 Junior Play3 All- C.C.A.L. Foolball43 Sludenl Body Vice-Pres. ALVA RODRIGUES F.F.A. l-2-3-4, Reporler 43 Class Pres. I-23 Band I-2-3-43 Boys' Block "G" 3-43 Council I-23 Class Treas. 43Jur1lOr-Senior Play. MARILYN RONNEBERG Girls' Sports Manager I3 Class Represenlarive 23 Class Vice-Pres. lg Chorus I3 G.A,A. 23 Transferred from Lowell High 33 Senior Play3 Girls' League 3-43 Pres. 4. BETTY LOU SALE Class Sec. 33 Spartan Hi-Lile 43 Junior'Senior Play Production Crewg Girls' League I-2-3-43 Seri- ior Skit, GLORIA SANCHEZ Girls' League I-2-3-43 Junior-Serv ior PIay3 Talent Show 2-33 Spartan Hi-Lite 43 Transferred to Bonita High 4, EVANGELINE SAVEDRA Girls' League I-2-3-43 Beqinners Band 23 Glee 3. ROSE SIAS Girls' League l-2-3-43 Junior Play Production Crewg Spartan I-li-Life 4. VIRGINIA SIMPSON Class Vice-Pres. 23 Yell Leader 4, Assistant 2-33 Junior Play3 Girls' League l'2-3,43 Honor Society 4, Sec.3 Class Treas. 33 Band I-2-3-43 Block "G" 23-4. VIRGIL STERLING Block "G" 23,43 Track l-2-3-43 Journalism Slrits 43 Spartan Hi' Lite 4. BETTYE SWINBURNE Transferred Irorn Reagan Junior I-liqlw, Texas, 23 Junior Play3 Sen- ior Play Production Crew3 Girls' League lf2f3-43 Glee 3-4. MICKEY SWINBURNE Senior Slcitsj Spartan I-Ii-Lifeg Journalism Slrits3 Track 43 Foot- ball 3-43 Block "G" 43 Junior Play: Senior Play Production CTCWI Talent Show 33 Enlisted in Air Force, April, l9'5l. ARTHUR TOMASETTI Football 3-43 EFA. 3-4. BARBARA WAGSTER Girls' League l-2-3-43 Band Iv2'3' 43 Junior Play Production Crewg Senior Play Production Crew3 Spartan Staff 43 Spartan I-Ii-Lite 43 Senior Skils. WANDA YATES Band IgGirIs' League I-2-3-4, Sec. 43 Girls' Block "G" 3-43 Journal' isrri Skits 43 Spartan I-li-Lite Edi- tor 43 Spartan Staff 43 Glee 3-43 Junior Play Production Crewg Tal' ent Show 2'3r4: Journalism Skits 4. .6laM,. The Odyssey oT The Class oT 'Sl in iTs journeys To The Land oT Knowledge began in SepTember, I947, when The gallanT IiTTIe class oT sixTy-six Freshmen em- barked upon iTs TirsT expediTion and enTered The yawning and unexplored porTals of Gonzales High School under The brave leadership oT Alva Rodri- gues, PresidenT: BerTha Ramirez, Vice-PresidenT: Joy GilchrisT, SecreTary, and wise guidance oT Mrs. LoveTT, Miss Warren, Mr. Hill and Miss Gaddini, counselors. ln Their Frosh ear, The presenT Seniors bore Their iniTiaTing Trom The upperclassmen wiTh courage. ln The annual Freshman-Sophomore "Tie-up," The Frosh boys bowed To upperclassmen buT The plucky Frosh girls were vicTorious in Their baTTles. The Frosh class boasTed some ouTsTanding aThleTes on The varsiTies: J. Jaso, TooTball: Alva Rodrigues, baseball. and James Moranda, John Daoro, AlberT Hook, Henry Rianda and ArThur Frolli on Track. AlberT Hook was an assisTanT Yell Leader. A large number oT The Freshman boys belonged To The F.F.A. Joan Hoye and Sam Lloyd were The only Fresh- man represenTaTives in The Honor SocieTy. Sam also was The Freshman represenTaTive on The Annual sTaTT and PresidenT Alva served on The sTudenT council. Virginia Simpson, Wanda YaTes, Sam Lloyd, Mary FlorenTin and Barbara WagsTer were The Frosh who made band Their TirsT year, while Ophelia Gonzales, Joan Hoye and Joyce Gilliam were The Frosh song- sTers in The Glee Club. In midyear The Freshman class gave Their annual ReTurn ParTy and enTerTained The Sophomore class and enTire sTudenT body. The Class oT '5I sTruck shoals, boTh in Tinances and acTiviTies, almosT as soon as They embarked upon Their Sophomore voyage. AT The Freshman-Sopho- ore Tie-up, The Sophomores losT The baTTIe, and be- cause oT Tinancial problems could noT enTerTain The Freshman Class aT iTs cusTomary parTy. ForTunaTely The Senior Class came To The Sophomores' aid and assumed command. The class under The plucky leadership oT Alva Rodrigues, President Virginia Simpson, Vice-Presi- denT, and Paul BauTisTa, SecreTary, gave several noon dances and cake and candy sales ThroughouT The year To recoup Their Tinancial deTiciencies. Class members also served cake To The Wednesday nighT Tolk danc- ing class. This year Sam Lloyd and DoroThy CaThcarT were The only Sophomores in The Honor SocieTy and Sam was Vice-PresidenT The second semesTer. On The SparTan sTaTT, Sam Lloyd represenTed The class and PresidenT Alva Rodrigues was on The STu- denT Council. Miss Vail and Mr. Bougher were The counselors who helped The class navigaTe These Troublesome Sopho- more waTers. Boys' Block "G" ranks were increased This year when Junior Garcia, Sam L.loyd, Henry Rianda, Virgil STerling, John Daoro, Angelo Gonzales, and Tommy Aguinid were iniTiaTed inTo iT, and Ophelia Gonzales and Virginia Simpson ioined Girls' Block "G." Vir- ginia was also elecTed assisTanT yell leader. Sophomore members oT The band were Mary Flo- renTin, Alva Rodrigues, Sam Lloyd, Barbara Wag- sTer, Delma Barlow, Virginia Simpson, Mariondell Lawson, Jimmie Galanida, Leroy Rianda, MilTon GuidoTTi and Francis Cavalli. This year a Dance Band was Tormed and Alva Rodrigues was The drummer. The CenTral CoasT CounTies Honor Band was Tormed Tor The TirsT Time aT HollisTer, and Sophomore Sam Lloyd was one OT The Tive boys Trom Gonzales qualiTying, The oThers being upperclassmen. The Class oT '5I was also well represenTed by a good number oT girls in The Glee Club, Girls' League, and by boys belonging To The F.F.A. By The Time These hardy SparTan voyagers were ready To embark upon The Third parT oT Their Travels in The search oT knowledge, They had been so buT- eTed by The waves OT learning ThaT They were worn and sobered and beginning To assume The serious digniT They would have as Seniors. This was The year The girls Took over and The Class of '5I was led by The Amazon crew oT Ophelia Gonzales, Presi- denT: Joy GilchrisT, Vice-PresidenT, and BeTTy Lou Sale, SecreTary, wiTh Miss Rodgers and Mr. Hines, counselors. As Juniors, The class became wideawake and or- dered and received Their class rings in November. WiTh a heavy program before Them, They goT busy and sold hoT dogs, cokes and hoT coTTee aT home TooTball games and cokes and candy aT The baskeT- ball games. A movie, "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim," neTTed Them some more proTiT. In March The class presenTed The play, "Campus OuaranTine," which was a Tinancial success, also, and The Junior Carnival was very proTiTable and helped swell The class Tund considerably. This year The Class oT '5I was proud oT Turnishing many oT The aThleTes on The TooTball, baskeTball, Track, and baseball Teams and I4 boys won Their blocks This year. The class was especially proud oT John Daoro in making The all-C.C.A.L. LighTweighT baskeTball Team. Girls Trom This Class oT 'Sl also helped swell The ranks oT Girls' League and Girls' B'ock Virginia Simpson served anoTher year as assisTanT yell leader. Music sTill had charm Tor The class, as eleven mem- bers were in Band, Chorus and Dance Band, Alva .6IaM'. Rodrigues being 'The only Junior member in The Dance Band. Sam Lloyd and Mariondell Lawson were Two oT The Tive band members qualiTying Tor The C.C.C. Honor Band which was held in SanTa Cruz and was a very praiseworThy success. PresidenT Ophie Gonzales served in The STudenT Council as Business Manager also. Sam Lloyd, only Junior member in The Honor So- cieTy, served as PresidenT boTh semesTers. Sam also represenTed The class on The Annual STaTT, serving as AssisTanT EdiTor. Junior boys made up The maioriTy of members of The F.F.A. This year. LasT buT mosT imporTanT was The long-anTicipaTed Junior-Senior banqueT, aT which The class enTerTained The Seniors and enTire TaculTy aT lovely Loma Linda. ATTer The banqueT, dancing was enioyed. On SepTember 5Th, I95O, when The Class oT 'Sl enTered The porTals oT G.U.l-l.S. as mighTy Seniors To do baTTle Tor The lasT Time wiTh The demon "Knowl- edge," The Timid Freshmen had become sTalwarT war- riors. Time had Thinned Their ranks Trom sixTy-six To a mere TorTy-Three members, buT wisdom was begin- ning To seTTle upon Their brows and digniTy upon Their shoulders. WiTh MilTon Breschini as PresidenT7 Joan Daoro, Vice-President Henry Rianda, SecreTary, and Alva Rodrigues as Treasurer. The boys' ably Took over The leadership of The c ass This year. Miss SouTh and Mr. Force served as experienced navigaTors and guides upon This lasT sTcrmy voyage across The seas oT learn- ing, alThough This Tinal year was noT so TurbulenT as The Junior year. Their TirsT Tinancial venTure oT The year was a dance given Tollowing The King CiTy baskeTball game. This was a Tinancial success. The Seniors also received The proTiT Trom The coke machine. Their nexT big underTaking was puTTing on The Senior play, "The Zoozah," which, direcTed by Miss SouTh, was a big success boTh dramaTically and Tinancially. In March The class puT on Their Senior SkiTs aT a sTudenT body meeTing. These were in The Torm of a Television program and were highly successTul, espe- cially The acT where The Senior boys modeled girls' sTyles. Dolores BurneTT was chosen as The Senior candi- daTe Tor The Barn Dance Queen and served as one of The Princesses To The successTul Sophomore Queen. The Senior Class won in baskeTball in The inTra- mural sporTs. Many Senior boys made up The TooT- ball, baskeTball, baseba'l and Track Teams and won Their blocks. Leroy Rianda was chosen TooTball cap- Tain of The year and was given honorable menTion on The all-C.C.A.L. TooTball Team, and Alva was named as a member oT The all-C.C.A.L. TooTball Team. More Senior girls belonged To Girls' Block "G" and Girls' League. Virginia Simpson was head yell leader This year. Three Seniors belonged To The Honor SocieTy This year, Sam Lloyd, Virginia HigginboTham, and Vir- ginia Simpson. Virginia Simpson served as SecreTary. Marie FlorenTin was EdiTor oT The Annual, and oTher Seniors, BeTTye Swinburne, Wanda YaTes and Ronald BoninconTri were EdiTors of The SparTan Hi- LiTe. AlberT Hook served as PresidenT of The F.F.A. and many oTher Seniors were in iTs membership. There were a number of Seniors in The band again This year, as well as in The Chorus, Dance Band and Dixieland Jazz Band, a new organizaTion Tormed This year. Joyce Gilliam was one OT The maioreTTes. Mariondell Lawson and Sam Lloyd were The Senior band members aTTending The College of Pacific Band Clinic and TooTloall game wiTh Mr. Weigel, direcTor. ln March, during EasTer vacaTion, Sam Lloyd was The Senior who represenTed The Gonzales Band in The CaliTornia-WesTern all-Conference Band aT San Diego. This is The TirsT year ThaT Gonzales has ever had any sTudenTs selecTed To play in The 200-member band which is selecTed Trom high school sTudenTs Trom Tive sTaTes. On May 2nd The Seniors were royally enTerTained by The Juniors aT a lovely banquet which was Tol- Iowed by dancing. The annual Senior DiTch Day was held laTer in The year and The Annual Senior Ball given in The school gym was a gala evenT. Three members oT The graduafing class, Two girls and one boy, were especially advenTuresome and Took upon Themselves The added exciTemenT, dangers and responsibiliTies oT a Trip upon The Seas oT MaTri- mony during The year. The Senior Class has The besT oT good wishes Tor courageous Wanda BurneTT-Ben- neTT, Alva Rodrigues, and Delores BurneTT-Burns in Their venTure and wishes Them all "Happy Sailings." GraduaTion upon June 8Th, wiTh The vicTorious voyagers homeward bound, brings mingled Teelings, pride and gladness Tor a "fob well done," buT sad- ness aT The parTing Trom Triends among sTudenTs and Teachers, and aT The breaking of school Ties. As The members of This Senior Class go Their ways To oTher schools oT learning, To careers, or To homes oT Their own, The days spenT aT Gonzales High will never be TorgoTTen, buT v.ill grow as Treasured memories as Time goes on. wi WILLIAM GULARTE Presiclenf The Junior Class prospered well under our able direclors: iirr-sidenl, William Gularle, Vice-Presidenl VV'iIIiam Smilh, Sec' relary Lois, Tyler, Treasurer Palsy Rianda, and Sergeaniralrfxrms Edifh Harrisi and our advisors lo whom we Turned Conlinuously Tor help, Mrs, Velrandcr and Mr. Hines, Our year siaried uii with The lirsl school asQembIy, lhe Junior Slnilw. Il was very wurregslul, lhanlcs To our lalenled Claasmalee and paiienl audienfe. Being an "inn The beami' claw, we ordered oui ringfs as early as possible, and were delighled In receive lhirm on Nrivember 28 wilh a big Icing year To enioy Them. Wi,- wld hal dogs, colces, Candy and gum ai The Toolball and ba-.lcelball games under lhe able care oi our presidenl and his commiiiees. The Juniiwr Play, "Crashing Sec elyf' prcsenied Marih 30 by a well 'ielccled Casl and erepulive slail, proved io be a muccesa The annual Junior Carnival was very prosperous. Wi- held il on an April ailernoen and also held a danic- in The gyrn with paris OT our carnival in The evening-public inviled. Thi big hil ol lhe year, lhe Junior-Senior banguel, wan held al Ms-,iiin Rnnrh. We had a wonderiul lime. Wm? WILLIAM SMITH Vice-Presidenl A . agile, ii 19 A. ,:- i i LOIS TAYLOR Secrelary Turning To sociely our clas., was well repreuenled in lhe Boys' Bloclr 'Gu by eighi boys, The Girl? Bloclc "G" acquired eighl girls and lhe Honor Sociely was represenled by Tour slu- denls. Palsy Rianda was elecied queen randidale lor lhe Barn Dance. We Qenl Iwo members nl' our class To The Liens Sludenl SDEGIUZFIS Conleslj Virginia Griilin and Emily Harris., epealring on "The American VoIer's Responsibililyf' Emily Harris emerged viclorious, Ialcing Tirsl place. Many members oi our class enrolled in The Music Deparlmenl. There were Tourleen Junior girls on The Glee Club, Band had Seven oi our lalenied sludenls, and The Dance Band won Ihre-e. Verella Bolin was head maiorelle OT The Band. Many oi These siudenls had lhe honor of being chosen lo pariicipale in variou5 musinal aclivi lies wilh olher schools in our C,C.A.L. area. Palsy Rianda and Pxudry File were elecled assisianl yell leaders and made our class pi-and oi Them by Their spiriled yelling al games and al rallies. The Junior Class as a whole prospered well, and proved Their digniiy as upperclassrnen. TOP ROW, leff lo righl: Mike Gonzales, Richard Avila, Vincenl Sias, Ray Rianda, William Gularfe, Leslie King, Wil- liam Smilh, Jim Teyes, Fred Guenlharl, Mr. Hines. SECOND ROW: Alfred DePraHi, Lawrence Colanlro, Manuel Mar- quez, Elmer Pura, Paul Muniz, Belly Hammons, Shirley May, Mary Jo Duncan, Lois Taylor, William Callahan, James Florenlin. THIRD ROW: Honorio Della, Evelyn Baze, Audrey File, Joy May, Virginia Griffin, Barbara House, Dorofhy Gibbins, Paula Valverde, Nancy Leffingwell, Kalhleen Callahan, Allred Elias, FOURTH ROW: Rena Noghera, Vereffa Bolin, Edilh Harris, Emily Harris, Dixie McKinsey, Lorraine Caprara, Bealrice Tavernelli, Jean Morris, Vivian Irvine, Aurora Jaso, Gloria Ramirez, Mrs. Vekander. BOTTOM ROW: Emma Carranza, Isabel Jiminez, Rachel Diaz, Vera Torres, Nellie Vasquez, Palsy Rianda, Esther Celaya, Joan Rodoni, Pal Davies, Bernadelle Nunes, Opal McCraw. I 4 MARLENE AMBROSINI SecreTary Svphv Under The able leadership oT iTs class ohficers, Roberl Hoaq- land, PresidenTg Larry Truman, Vice-Presidenlr: Marlene Ambro- sini, SecreTary: Lupe Correa, Treasurer, and BeTTy RedTe-rn, Serqeanl-aT-Arms, The Sophomore Class had a very suaicessliil school year. ln Odober The Freshmen were aT The merry oT The Sopho mores aT The annual Freshman RecepTion. Under money-raisinq acTiviTies, The Class qave a ralre sale, which proved To be very prolilable. This year The Sophomore Class proved Themselves superior To The Freshmen by winninq The Froshffioph Tie-up. ,W LARRY TRUMAN Vice-President ,xg ROBERT HOAGLAND Presidenl flaw, In The 'lield oT sporTs, The Class oT '53 has been well repre- senled in boTh The Boys' and Girls' Block Henry Lopez had The honor ol malcinq all-C.C.A.L. in laolball. Some Sophomores who were musically Talenled performed in The Honor OrehesTra, Band and Chorus Conrerls. Shirley G-nesa was selecled To aTTend The Elevi:-nTh Biennial Conven- Tion and Fe-sTival in San Dieqo Tor her omslandinq work in music, AT The annual F.F.A. Barn Dance, Lorraine Corda, The Sophomore candidale, reiqned Queen. Mr, TiTus and Miss Rodgers, class advisors, had much To do wiTh The sucress of The Sophomore Class. TOP ROW, leff To righl: Conrad Clizbe, Manuel Alonzo, ScoTT Roddick, Eldridge Jones, Howard Odiorne, Larry Tru- man, Bob Gay, Roy Ford, Craig Wiley. SECOND ROW: Joel Rodriguez, Charles Lanini, Donald Boysen, Clarence Nielson, Sylvesfer Green, Felix Provencio, Frank Vanoli, Secundino Ferrel, Lupe Correa, Bob Hoagland, Bernus John- son. THIRD ROW: Humberfo Ramirez, Tony Vasquez, Jesse Cerna, Ramon Hernandez, Gabriel Relana, John Baze, Donald Colanfro, Melvin Scolari, Roy Fellows, Norman Braga. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Corda, Lola Ferrel, Maria Camacho, Marilyn McLaren, Lois Larson, Carillon Cheney, Shirle Jones, Evelyn McCabe, Ines Rubbo, Andrea Men- doza, Befly Redfern. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Rodgers, Genevieve Ramirez, Annie Daoro, Beffy Moore, RiTa Cadenaz, Sally Cowan, Shirley Gnesa, Bernefle Wimer, Marlene Ambrosini, Pa? LaPreIle, Florence May, Mr. TiTus. 3 V ,ir JOSEPHINE HOOK Vice-Presidenl BARBARA RHOADS DENA SHANKS Presidsnl Secrelary As lhe lirsl order ol business lhe Class ol i954 elecfed qaye lhem in lvlay, Both parlie-, did a lol lo irofvo rl qiiod ollicers lo guide Them lhrouqh lhe lirsl year of hiqh school. spiril belween lhe lla:-.vu ard helped lil la oe? lp.-llrir ai They wisely choso Barbara Rhoacls as Presideril, Josephine quainled. l-look as Vicefpresidenl, JoAnn Barlow as Secreiary, and Nancy We were quile proud when Rulhir- Burriwvll madr- lhr Lei: as Serqearil-al'Arm5. Honor Soriely and when Gary Slubbli-lf.-lil, i i- fxnlririr Under ihe supervision of lhe Boys' and Girls' Block Jesse Palacio, Riehard Grey-rie, llrr-rr Qrillurd-r, .ind Rulnwr orqanizalions, the annual Freshman-Sophomore liesup was Vasquez made Their Blolk 'GMM held, llic Freshman boyz and qirls enlered inlo lhe lun whole Al lhe annual FFJX. Barn Dame, Belly oirriri i ii Mi' lin hcarleclly and won soveral ol lhe eyenls, allhouqh a summary Freshman Queen randidale, ol poirrls showed lhe Sophomores lo be lhe winners. The Class ol' i954 is yery qralrrlul rr iii. sph-rrdid .1-,lvixisrr All lhe Frenhnien enioyed llre receplion qiyen us by ine lvlrs. Loyell, Mr. Silver, and lvlr. Gulierrw, lrrr 'heir irrrlirirr., Sophomore Claus. We hope lhey enioyed lhe relurn parly we ollorlg and quidance. TOP ROW, leff lo righl: Fred Munoz, Jesse Palacio, Billy Osborne, Ricardo Tapia, Raymond Valadez, Humberlo Zavala, Gary Slubblefield, David Gularle, Roberl Vasquez, Ronnie Macadaeg, Jimmy Thompson, Efren Gallardo, Ray Niefo. SECOND ROW: Roscoe Anfrim, Donald Gilchrisl, Louis DeBelle, Bobby Mena, Amado Saenz, Joe Celaya, Tony Rosalez, Henry Sias, Andy Zermeno, Pele Cabanyoq, Joseph Yefler, Harry Singh. THIRD ROW: Mr. Gulierrez, Richard Greene, Donald De Rosa, Glenn Oglesby, Verda Adams, Della Healh, Lavella Dionne, Doyleen Hooks, Shirley MacDonald, Rufhie Barnwell, Barbara Rhoads, Eugene McRae, Jean Skanse. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Silver, Gilbert Lucero, Joan Skanse, Charlene Morris, Joanne Barlow, Norma Smilh, Belly Simpson, Dena Shanks, Joan Hook, Grace Gonzales, Fannie Exum, William Cockrell. FIFTH ROW: Vincent Domingo, .Iune Brooks, Shirley Valverde, Rachel Resquir, Rulh Gandia, Helen Hensley, Sally Holguin, Sally Garcia, Alice Marlinez, Josephine Hook, Nancy Lee, Mara lens Pere, Mrs. Lovell. BOTTOM ROW: Arlene Pura, Lupe Ramirez, Amelia Sakay, Carmelila Ramirez, Lydia Urquidez, Margaref Dayalos, Hope Loya, Julia Sanliagc, Viclorial Magquez, Ruby Yoda, Christine Caldera, Myrna Wiflmann, Nicho asa erna. f...L. -on FP' Q- NIZ. Tl N 454'- "Q-'dnvvv-U' 'Q' K n 1 iw NME? . ..... ' xxx ,,x-... ,. . , .O ,. . MW., V .,. NM. .,. M ,f ' -w ff- .. TOP, Iefi fo riqhf: Our yell leaders, band and sfudenf body roofing secfion af fha King Ciiy games. BOTTOM: Girls' Glee Club singing af the Chrisimas program. " N TOP ROW, lell lo riqhl: Nellie Vasquez, Marie Florenlin, Mrs. Vekander, Bob Hoagland, William Gularle, Millon Breschini, John Daoro, Mr. Force. BOTTOM ROW: Susana Avizado, Virginia Simpson, Virginia Griffin, Mary Jo Dun- can, Sam Lloyd, Leroy Rianda, Ophelia Gonzales, Barbara Rhoads. The Sludenl Council represenls lhe enlire sludenl body and is composed ol lhe presidenls and represenlalives ol all lhe classes and organizalions on lhe campus, as well as lhe sludenl body ollicers proper. in lhis way every class ol organizalion has an inleresl and voice in all sludenl body allairs. The Sludenl Body lhis year was governed by Sam Lloyd, Presidenl, who ably conducled lhe meelingsi Leroy Rianda, Vice-Presidenlg Mary Jo Duncan, Secrelary: Ophelia Gonzales, Treasurer, and Virginia Grillin, Business Manager, wilh Mrs, Velcander and Mr. Force as counselors. This year lhe council inilialed lhe plan ol lhe classes and organizalions pulling on programs ol slcils by lheir own mem- bers in place ol pulling on movies lo maine money. This made lhe programs more inleresling, developed sludenl lalenl, and gave more clear prolil. The amendmenl lo lhe conslilulion, permilling Bloclc "G" awards lo be given lo "J.V." loolball members, was approved famed by lhe council, Boys' Block "G" has had no conslilulion unlil lhis year when il was linaily drawn up and presenled lo lhe council lor approval. Sludenl Council members received council pint. again lhi-. year as a symbol ol lheir service. ln addilion lo lhe various C.C.A.L. meelings lhroughoul lhe year, lilleen sludenls allended lhe annual C.C.A,L. Confer- ence al Monlerey. Here sludenls lrom lhe various schools speak on lhe dillerenl problems ol' lheir schools and how lhey meel lhem. These conlerences do a greal deal lo bring aboul more lriendliness, underslanding and good leeling be-lweon schools in lhe league, as well as a broader lcnowledqe ol whal olher schools do, lheir problems and aims. Sludenls allendinq bring baclc enlhusiasm and new ideas. The Sludenl Council has had a busy year and has been very successlul in slrenglhening lhe loundalion lor lulurc successes. SAM LLOYD LEROY RIANDA MARY JO DUNCAN Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary 2 I :sew milky we W! ,ei ellis in b 5.7, ""-1 .rilsf lui' 'IX TOP ROW, Iefl' fo righl: Verelfa Bolin, Virginia Higqinbolham, Sam Lloyd, Manuel Alonzo, Miss Soufh, Bernus John- son, Lorraine Corda. BOTTOM ROW: Rurhie Barnwell, Joel Rodriguez, Virginia Griffin, Virginia Simpson, Bernefle Wimer, Lois Taylor, Shirley May. The lo- al Chapler 226C of fhe California Scliolaruhip Fed eralion, beffer known as lhe Honor Soiiefy, slarled -iff 'Ilie srhiuiil year by elecfinq fhe followinq members as officersi Preuidcnl, Virqinia Griffinq Vine-Presidenl, Joel Rodriquez: and SeiielaryTreasi.rer, Virqinia Simpson. Af flie beqinninq nf fhe school year fhe fliib was made np of len members who had fulfilled fhe reqiiiremenfs for mem bership. The reqiiiremenf for membership is len poinfs. This year Sam Lloyd will receive fhe Covefed Life Mem- bership Lamp pin af qradiiaiiori. To receive fhis pin yon miisf be a member of fhe Honor Sociefy for six sernesfers, one of wliiili miisf bein flie Senior year, To raise our financial sfafiis we had a cookie sale in flie cafeferia and qave a dance affer c qame, Our skifs, which BERNETTE WIMER Secrelary JOEL RODRIGUEZ Vice-Presidenl' Al 50 . were held on May II, were considered shorf and swenf by flue sliidenf body. Our social arlivilies were sfarfed off wifli a banqiiel wliii I1 was given in The Home Economics biiildinq, Ori May 29, our annual dilgh day pienic was held af Arroyo Sore. Qn April 26, five members, Joel Rodririiim, Bcrnelfe Wimer, Lorraine Corda, Manuel Alonzo, and Virqinia Griffin, accompanied by fheir good friend and advisor, Miss Sriulh, affended fhe annual C.5.F. Conference af Berkeley HiqhSnl1ool in Berkeley. Before Ieavinq Berkeley fhey visifed the Universify of California Campus. The members of fhe Honor Sociely would like In qive lhese fwo words of encouraqemenl fo fhe reef of ilm sliidenl body, "Join Us." VIRGINIA GRIFFIN President MARIE FLORENTIN WANDA BENNETT PHYLLIS AVILA Edifor Assislanl Edilor Business Manager The purpose oi 'rhis annual is 'ro show lhe diillerenl achieyemenls lhrouqh lhe school year. Also lo beller acquainl you wilh 'rhe sludenls who have allended school lhis year. We hope you will cherish lhis boolc in lhe iulure years, and as you loolc baclc 'rhrough H lhal H will bring baclc old memories of your spiriled high school days. We wish lo lake This opporlunily io lhanlc Mr. Force, our annual advisor, for all his helpful hinlst also lo lhanlc all lhose who placed adverlisemenls in our boolc. For lhe iirsl lime, lhis year ihe annual slaht members presenled slcils in which diiierenl iacully members and sludenls parlicipaled. We wish lo express our qralilude and appre' cialion lo each ol lhem. The siaii and l now presenl lhis bool4 io you and hope lhrouqh our ehforls you will enioy H and Hs memories. EDITOR AND STAFF. TOP ROW, leff fo righlz Gary Slubblefield, Lois Taylor, Virginia Hiqginbolham, Craig Wiley, Mariondell Lawson, Sam Lloyd, Honorio Della, Mr. Force, SECOND ROW: Wanda Yales, Kalhleen Callahan, Phyllis Avila, Marie Florenlin, Wanda Bennelf, Darlene Clizbe, Emily Harris. BOTTOM ROW: Rulhie Barnwell, Lorraine Corda, ABSENT: Barbara Waqsler. :sb t I el .nfl RONALD BONINCONTRI BETTY LOU SALES WANDA YATES Business Manager Assislanl Edilor Edilor This year 'rhe Sparlan l-li-Life, our school paper, was published every weelc by lhe Journalism class under lhe able supervision ol Mr. l-lines. The paper was allernalely prinled and mimeographed, unlil lhe lasl quarler, when all lhe issues were prinled. Prinling was done by Ben Jacobsen, edilor ol lhe Soledad Bee. The mimeographed issues were pul' oul by l'he l-li-Life Slafl. The Journalism class visiled lhe Salinas Californian and lhe San Francisco Chronicle lo see how a newspaper is published bolh in a large and a small cily. The members of The class proved lhey had olher lalenls when lhey presenled lheir Journalism Slcils lo lhe Sludenl Body. TOP ROW, Iefl lo right: Don Mills, Dolores Burneff, Ronald Boninconlri, Beflye Swinburne, Mickey Swinburne, Joyce Gilliam, Mr. Hines. BOTTOM ROW: Henry Rianda, Verefla Bolin, Marilyn Gilberf, Wanda Bennefi, Wanda Yales, Joy Gilchrisf, Belly Lou Sale, Phyllis Avila, Virgil Sferling. iv We Sli. A A-.iss TOP ROW, Iefl lo righl: Miss Pervorse, Bernelfe Wimer, Dixie McKinsey, Ophelia Gonzales, Virginia Simpson, Marie Florenlin, Virginia Higginbolham, Lorraine Corda, Marlene Ambrosini, Evalee Bary. BOTTOM ROW: Wanda Yafes, Mary Jo Duncan, Audrey Fife, Nellie Vasquez, Nancy Leffingwell, Palsy Rianda, Shirley May, Vereffa Bolin, Annie Daora, Bernadelfe Nunes. 132141 Blodr, "9 " Under lhe leadership ol Miss Pervorse, lhe Girls' Bloclc "G" has compleled lhe year wilh ils usual program, which included such sporls as baseball, bas- lcelball, volleyball, soccer, field-hockey, and lennis. Each year il is lhe cuslom ol 'lhe surrounding gram- mar schools lo have a lraclc meel sponsored by lhe Girls' Block This year il was held al Gonzales Grammar School. The Gonzales Union l-ligh School Girls' Bloclc "G" was hosl lo Soledad, Mission, Chua- lar, and Gonzales Grammar Schools. Aclivilies were so arranged lhal each evenl' was under lhe super- vision of a Block "G" girl. The annual Girls' Bloclc "G" Playday was held al Gonzales on May IZ, l95l. Schools parlicipaling were King Cily, Walsonville. and Gonzales. The girls plan lo gel logelher wilh lhe Boys' Bloclc "G" lor a barbecue inslead ol Their annual banquel. NELLIE VASQUEZ AUDREY FITE NANCY LEFFINGWELL Presidenl Vice-Presidenf SECYGTBVY 'sawg' illsrsh in TOP ROW, lefl lo righl: Alva Rodrigues, Ronald Boninconlri, Roscoe Anlrim, Roy Ford, Bob Gay, William Smifh, William Gularle, Henry Rianda, Larry Truman, Eldridge Jones, Leslie King. SECOND ROW: Coach Burns, Lupe Correa, Richard Avila, Ray Perez, Raymond Rianda, Secundino Ferrel, Bob Hoagland, Vincenl Sias, Millon Breschini, Millon Guidolli, Sam Lloyd, THIRD ROW: Paul Baufisla, Angelo Gonzales, Leroy Rianda, Alberl Hook, Virgil Slerling, Elmer Pura, Alfred DePralfi, John Daoro, Mickey Swinburne, Felix Provencio, Manuel Alonzo, Gary Slubblelield. BOTTOM ROW: Humberlo Ramirez, Allred Elias, Honorio Della, Ramon Hernandez, Tony Vasquez, Donald Colanlro, Manuel Marquez, Melvin Scolari, Gabriel Relana. Enya' dglonlr, "9 " llwe Boys' Block an organizalion for prornol, ing beller sporlsmanslmip and lriendly cornpelilion among llie boys, is one ol llie leading and mosl ac- live clubs in llne scliool, ll is rnade up ol boys vvlno malce llweir blocks in any one or more ol lliese 'lour sporls: loolball, baslcelball, lraclr, or baseball. For llwe lirsl semesler llie new loolball lellermen were inilialed in ceromonies llnal proved lo be very amusing. 'llie baslcelball lellerrnen were inllialed vvilli flue lraclc and baseball lellermen. HENRY RIANDA MILTON BRESCHINI Secrelary Vice-Presidenl The aclivilles of llie Club slarled vvillw 'rl'ie Fresli- rnan-Sopliornore"lie-up,"wl'1iCliisllwe lzresliman ini- llalion. llriis was lollovved in llne early spring willn llwe annual Bloclc "G" Dance, wlnicli was proven lo be a greal success. lliis year for somelliing unusually dlilerenl llwe Boys'Bloclc"C5"invi+edll1e Girls' Bloclc "G" lor llweir annual barbecue, lield al llie end ol every year. ll proved lo be a very enloyable aflernoon for bollw boys and girls. JOHNNY DAORA President l I .,,.+ D Q e ' ii 'f . - -5' ,., 5. ""'k i '5'fi5'i X 4 az ,1 t ' s ' . L I P sv' fax, try., -. If it ' v 'W lar 3 r- l Q 0. . , .-1, g,-M , . 1 ai.. . M MM i s kc-XX v . Q 5 s M., AJ sv ' ' . A .,... 41' . A sq, S TOP ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Marilyn McLaren, Carollin Cheney, Joy May, Pal Rianda, Mary Jo Duncan, Shirley May, Lois Taylor, Levella Dionne, Belly Lou Sale, Phyllis Avila, Shirley McDonald, Virginia Griffin, Ruthie Barnwell, Kalhleen Cal- lahan, Nancy Leffingwell, Dorolhy Gibbins, Marilyn Gilberl. SECOND ROW: Della Healh, Belly Hammons, Lois Larson, Charlene Morris, Joan Skanse, Jean Skanse, Barbara Rhoads, Alice Barlow, Doyleen Hooks, Verda Adams, Evelyn Bale, Paula Valverde, Dixie McKinsey, Belly Tavernelli, Wanda Bennell, Barbara House, Mrs. lrvine. THIRD ROW: Norma Smith, Palsy Pura, Dena Shanks, Joan Hook, Lorraine Corda, Belly Redfern, Shirley Gnesa, Marlene Ambrosini, Pal La Prelle, Ruih Gandia, Selma Jones, Darlene Clizbe, Joy Gilchrisl. BOTTOM ROW: Belly Simpson, Emily Harris, Edilh Harris, Bernelle Wimer, Wanda Yales, Marilyn Ronneberg, Marie Florenlin, Verella Bolin, Sally Cowan, Vir- ginia Simpson, Ophelia Gonzales, Joyce Gilliam. zhlaf The Girls' League ol l95O-l95l , a very democralic club consisling ol one hundred and lhirly-seven girls, gol oil lo a good slarl lhis year under lhe direclion ol our wonderful advisor, Mrs. lrvine. The main evenls ol lhe year included lhe Annual Girls' League Conlerence in San Luis Obispo. There lhe girls heard Dr. Charlolle Elmonl spealc on 'iCa- reers, Dales, and Teen'Age Problemsf' A vocalional conlerence was allended by a group ol inleresled girls al Asilomar on March 3. Many spealcers were on lhis program. The lwo we lound mosl inleresling were Judson T. Landis, who spolce on "Marriage As a Voca- lion," and Miss Juanila Robley lrom lhe l-lighland School ol Nursing, in Oakland, who spolce on "Gp porlunilies in Professional Nursing." The Molher-Daughler Banquel was given in lhe High School gymnasium, April l8, wilh a large crowd allencling. The enlerlainmenl lealured individual lal enl and lhe Dance Band. The girls' beach parly al Pacilic Grove was en ioyed during May by all girls allending. Dues and calce sales were lhe main source ol revenue. Gur club lhis year has been successlul in ilf. ven- lures. We hope lhal nexl year lhe Girls' league will enjoy an even more successlul one. TOP ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Nicholasa Serna, Sally Holguin, Rifa Cadenaz, Vivian Irvine, Andrea Mendoza, Maria Carna- cho, Aurora Jasc, Gloria Ramirez, Josephine Aispuro, Rose Sias, Berlha Ramirez, Evangeline Savedra, Eslher Celaya, Nellie Vasquez, Grace Mola, SECOND ROW: Lola Ferrel, Rachel Diaz, Dolores Burns, Bellye Swinburne, Jean Morris, Lorraine Caprara, Josephine Hook, Helen Hensley, Florence May, June Brooks, Alice Marlinez, Sally Garcia, Vicloria Gomez, Mrs. lrvine. THIRD ROW: Carmelila Ramirez, Julia Sanliago, Emma Carranza, Susana Avizado, lsable Jimi- nez, Genevieve Ramirez, Graciela Gonzales, Evelyn McCabe, Ines Rubbo, Annie Daoro, Lupe Ramirez, Amelia Sakay, Chrisline Caldera, Belly Moore, Hope Loya. BOTTOM ROW: Fannie Exum, Shirley Valverde, Opal McCraw, Joan Rodoni, Lydia Urquidez, Margarel Davalos, Ruby Yoda, Nancy Lee, Marlene Pere, Myrna Willmann, Vicloria Marquez. ni, W -.. an l TOP ROW, lefl lo righl: Mr. Harper, William Smilh, Eldridge Jones, Roscoe Anlrim, Hob Gay, Henry Rianda, Conrad Clizbe, Ramon Pardo, Scoll Roddick, Richard Avila, James Moranda, Melvin Scolari, SECOND ROW: Eugene McRae, Roy Ford, William Callahan, William Gularle, Alberl Hook, Leroy Rianda, Millon Breschini, Frank Vanoli, Richard Greene, Ray Rianda, Milfon Guidofli, Mr, Tibbefls. BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Thompson, David Gularle, Roy Fellows, Francis Cavalli, Alva Rodrigues, Laurence Bosio, Joseph Yelfer, Louis DeBeIle, John Daoro, Bernus Johnson, Donald DeRosa. jj. . The Gonzales Chapler of lhe Fulure Farmers ol America has compleled anolher highly successlul and prolilable year, They have linished paying lor lheir lraclor and had lheir annual Fall Barbecue which proved lo be a greal success. They had lhe Barn Dance. which also was successful. Lorraine Corda was crowned Queen by Annie Daoro, lasl year's Queen. The Queen was allended by Dolores Burns, Palsy Rianda, and Belly Simpson. Roy Fellows, a very aclive member, represenled lhe l:.l:.A. al lhe Regional Speaking Conlesl held al Salinas. l-le look second place in lhis year's conlesl. Alva Rodrigues and lvlillon Guidolli, lwo ol our rnosl aclive zludenls, were presenled wilh lheir hard-earned Slale Farm, er'5 Award. TNQ have laken parl in lhe Salinas Valley Fair and lVlOn inrey Counly Fair, lor which we are expecling lo receive lhe Maizler Cerlilicale Award lor lhe sixlh conseculive year. ' W' ALBERT HOOK President LEROY RIANDA Vice-Presidenl MILTON GUIDOTTI Secrelary M W.. -jf X H 1 x Pnl ' 5, Qi! ' .. if! xg: :.' Q '5.xt L SQ. I L 1 N v' H L3 gf Fr +5 -.N ' 1 K QQ 1 -Q .5 Yi 3 K .tg wg If ww wi gh 'E 1 . . S N 'P 55? fi D rgllwe A Q, M .- QAIFLM . wr, rjgl Q is J. X,.,r , ' V j V19 X 6.1 Q 'lf aw ii A A 3 ' 'MW Ng Q5 -. Qs , mv ' ' iw all ,am wa 4 A . . 1 1 l 1 l TOP ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Leroy Rianda, Millon Guidolli, Eldridge Jones, Angelo Gonzales, Mr. Weigel. SECOND ROW: Bob Hoagland, Jim Treves, Ronnie Macadaeq, Donald Gilchrisl, Melvin Scolari, Gary Slubblefield. THIRD ROW: Sam Lloyd, Mariondell Lawson, Laurence Bosio, Barbara House, Shirley MacDonald, Rufh Sandia, Alene Pura. BOTTOM ROW: William Gularle, Marlene Pere, Dena Shanks, Doyleen Hooks, Rulhie Barnwell, Bernefle Wimer, Hope Loya. 0 gm gm Tho uvrhwlm, lirwdr-v lhcz mrollrlnl leadership Ol Mr, l,w.1r-v Anrwlher Glzrfef-sllll and Qxrilincq ycfar lfr Thu cqirlu ol lhr- VV.s?rr.ll lui: lwirl .a xr-ix .ir livee riml umm will-il your. Thr? on hw Gluu Club 'llarlvd when lllr- lsearllliill vww lvliswli lwllilrllnq ww lin pe-rl -inwd iw llwr- ,lrinilwr Play and also nl qmoll.f1?imw i pnblirly rsprgnocl Dccswmbrir IQ, lo llw' s'vnln1. ri Clrvlalrrmu Juno. Carrwls rrvmlnq lrr-rn lhc choral rrrorw. l-.ir flu- lirs' 'lmv in lvlonlvrey Cnllnly,.1rw Hon- r Qi. liwlm Thr' -lifirin was very prmld lm :mid leianr y lr-llinqwr-ll and Cr ri url rms held. lvm wrl hrwlra sllrdnnls lrfvm Gwnml r--, llnl li' Shirlwy Grnrffa lo sincq wilh 500 filhryv wlnclr-nil, in llw llwrlinm lliqlv Si him' www sr-lr-rlvcl lv play in lim lculival. Bum-l'v lor lho Wrgslg-rv' lvlua-lu lgdiilpalrr-l C4 nif:v"n'ff vvvsiulr lf-yliml Wlrvwfar and lj' xluvn Hr-rarkf-., bolh yiwllnlmlll wmv? lhw pmlir- irl Son Dleqw. pnnlr. Alloy' prcsenlinq llwo Chrlslmas prwqrarn lhr- lqirlu r-nlr-1 Thu eil lu- 'ra has lumen rrwrqanized lhis year and hal dom- lalnod lhrx Rfllary Club, sang for lhr- Sprinq Crinf r-rl, and lm r-xrrfpliwnw x' wr-lx Will: an inrrva-.Inq nnmlwr -il vi.-linixls qradlmlion, and prwudly lenl -,rfwfrnr fri lhrfir uimrf-i, lr, lhr- Talent Show, lwrwrxq irivfw lin- qvnnwmar wlwornl-X, lhr- wvihu-,lm rmf a vi-r, pmmi-.iml ll lure. This has been an Qvc-nllul yrmr lar the 6rL34'ClL1lvurlCl wr- all hripo rl Wlll be mow so neil yflfil with mnlry vi ww, iv lhf- addcd allv'a.Qllr1:r-. TOP ROW, lefl fo righl: Lorraine Corda, Belly Redfern, Lola Ferrel, Carollin Cheney, Lois Larson, Marilyn McLaren Joy May, Ruth Sandia. SECOND ROW: Verefra Bolin, Opal McCraw, Sally Cowan, Hazel Ghilardi, Nancy Lefiinqwell, Wanda Yales, Kalhleen Callahan, Selma Jones, Mr. Weigel. THIRD ROW: Shirley Gnesa, Jean Morris, Hope Loya Emily Harris, Ediih Harris, Nellie Vasquez, Bernelle Wimer, Bealrice Tavernelli. BOTTOM ROW: Genevieve Ramirez, Susana Avizado, Carrnelila Ramirez, Dolores Burns, Berlye Swinburne, Joan Rodoni, Chrisline Caldera, Esfher Celaya. Q. Xsr ie -, ffws LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Simpson, Palsy Rianda. .6U'l.d, i As in olher years. The cheerleaders and maiorelles are some ol The mosl imporlanl people al 'rhe loolball games. This year we had only Three maiorelles, Verella Bolin, Pal Pura and Joyce Gil- liam. They were very lailhful and allended all 'rhe foolball games even lhough ii was very cold al limes. The cheerleaders were also very aclive and of much help lo our leams al lhe baskelball games as well as The loolball games. The head cheerleader, Virginia Simpson, is a Senior so will nol be wilh us nexf year. To her we exlend our hearly lhanks and apprecialion for all The work she has done lhis pasl year. Palsy Rianda, her Tailhful assislanl, we also lhank for l'he hard work she has pul Torlh. We losl' lwo swell assislanls when Audrey File had To disconlinue because ol illness and when Doris Underwood moved. A cheerleader's responsiloilily is no small one. She musl have pep and vigor as well as knowledge as 'ro when lo yell and when +o remain quiel. We are very proud of bolh our cheerleaders and maiorelles, and lhink lhem lhe very besl. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Gilliam, Veralva Bolin, Arlene Pura. is ah. is ik X5 x -F S ,X. N , Q' 'ESQ W xii? N92 , Q ., E eg - ww . , .K 3, Aft? if 5 Q ffl .Y S' X A Q , q, Qiffrfb 23.4- 85 vw. -. ', I. A H5154 K 5 SW f W' if fJ f 5 Eff 5 x M . ' is 1 " ., rgiwj fi? li: '4' .WF 'L E ., ,.. Q T 3 X K X fs- Q . Ne SN gh 2 2 i 5 3 4 . f Yf 'Q ' T X5 Vs ,TN "" , 7 I 1-ixfx X h - 4, ' , ,ix 1 hug, X r 3' 4' . x km s:Sui 1 gy-f 52: Mm. , X 5 ff., Q, . Q-Q gg ,. v, .7 X -an -if WM, 1 Q ,,g x w 'i 'W fs? i 5 ' ff Q' 4:25 RX ' ' J - .+'43'c', ri 1f Q 'E . 4 :Tlx K qc Q." ,f , 3- . - 'e 'dilfxsfq N .N-, W gy -Q f- wx 2 - S l I' K Yi -xx - vwwww as-1 W, , , 5, q vifrj f ' 9 A M352 gtg 555,555 s A. , fb Q MW A .13 x eg., ff QM! ' uv ff, I Q, I 'f 'E' f 5 ' ff."'1' M as -in '94 5' , we - A , fff li N . Q, six k . :W v . .. , aww:-Q,w 'f,'6+,"wm 'S sv .. 1 ,. -'QJSQ4 ' .. X e F? is X A 4: , ' if QE .fl b'Xf"m' 1 W I ' '. if fs ei " . 3 f9f,, 5 'H WS' , ,LS - - kfiyg.-wkgbi Q li 3 lil-AA1?.xJ,wiAsguyg-my 7- 1, 3 jig A fm 4- ww: ig , ' , 4,1 :ig ' x ii fc xl C . WNW. .,,.,. M .. W-Q-mam:-.wp,-mwmam, ,,..... 1. KW -1 " fx-FT .4 - 1. ,, f., ,w I I wx. X ' san. I was ' -L 'Wil . mW E Q xi Kr fs: 5 lunar-5 .. " 1 v Q. - in ,, H ,H . V", S :A .., K! ,. 5? A. 5 ,F x K' X . Q r up gllqglrf'- ' -x , ALJ: , H A' - 'Ayn' .. . V, f- "Mi-W ww: "drag, ,L B - I , fix. limi ,.A L -v .1 f. w ' ,. - ..' Q fy iiy ' , ,. I W , i yf. . F 3: x Q ' 4- A ' if" 5' ,WN " s ' 1 ., -ff1',vIe.fn.d,Q'r , ' A x 4 '4 mg . A gf Vs I W . -Ywh Jgiguiif ?,h3y'iarPH1!,k 4M. ,,y Q . 4 A My 29 mMWMQ M X, xNyQ X..X. X X. ?NQ,Hn- A, 'L 'K W W MF ' 1,1 Q5 H Q , w f ig V W A, We .X x ,af V ,X M V, -Q zll XR K Y ak may we -N-.N lv ' AFM-Q jj x JV X f f - ' - 'Y i - A A ff" -"'f 'wsfixx ':"" :Q Yi M Q , 1 5 4- 3 . , , 1 L -:' . Q 5 K " . 1 . , , - x mf, fix , fr i mmf '5 Q f if M A f QQ. ' LEROY RIAN DA Honorary Caplain COACH BURNS 1-x TOP ROW, left to right: Tony Vasquez, Vincenl Sias, Fidencio Camacho, Eldridge Jones, William Smilh, Alex Molina, Secundino Ferrel, Henry Lopez, Alfred DePraHi. SECOND ROW: Angelo Gonzales, Elmer Pura, Larry Truman, William Gularle, Bob Gay, Mickey Swinburne, Coach Burns. BOTTOM ROW: Sam Lloyd John Daoro, Alva Rodrigues, Milton Guidofli, Leroy Rianda, Alberl Hook, Virgil Sferlinq. U ' jnnfbad The I95O loolball schedule showed lhe Sparlans playing eighl games, of which lhey won lhree, losl four, and lied one. Afler dropping lhe firsl game lo lhe powerful Alascadero Greyhounds, lhe Sparlans came baclc and look The Salinas "J.V.'s" I9-O. The same pallern conlinueol lhroughoul lhe season, lirsl winning a game and lhen losing. The final game wilh King Cily, our lradilional rivals, ended in a lie. Al lhe final gun 'rhe Sparlans had lhe ball on lhe I3-yard line of King Cily. The Sparlans will lose nine senior lellermen. They are: Alva Rodrigues, Alberl l-loolc, Leroy Rianda ll-lonorary Caplainl, lvlile ion Breschini, Sam Lloyd, Raymond Perez, Angel Marlinez, lvliclqey Swinburne, lvlillon Guidolli, and Angelo Gonzales. There are six sophomore leiiermen on lhe leam who will relurn nexl year. Sparlans who made "All-C.C.A.L.": Alva Rodrigues and wilh honorable menlion, Leroy Rianda and l-lenry lopez . 4 SCORES "TT 52 iig g g Alascadero . . 27 Gonzales . ' i,," Salinas J.V.'s . . O Gonzales . 2 Chowchilla . . 39 Gonzales . 'l-lollisler . . . 20 Gonzales . Gilroy . . . O Gonzales . 'Carmel . . . i9 Gonzales . 'Pacific Grove . . 7 Gonzales . 'King Cily , . O Gonzales . 'League Games. lv , ,WW-wQ.Nm:? ,- my - Q , K ,R N I Q -L XRQSQ. K X, ' ' 5 ' ', '-Q mi ' W . E x . fw i ,A is A . . In Wi W WK , .. - ' Q - Q 4 , U 3 x 1 ' 'alms COACH GUTIERREZ LU PE CORREA Co-Caplain ROY FORD Co-Ca plain ,,...q- -'-,,, 'Pl-ff ,gifs P8 R Q W .,.,'. 2 W. . -: ii' so ii ., Nr' I D' . TOP ROW, lefl fo righl: Bobby Mena, Manuel Marquez, Humberfo Ramirez, Jessie Palacio, lsidro Aquino, Gabriel Relana, Elmer Aquinid, Norman Braqa. SECOND ROW: Coach Gutier- rez, Ray Valadez, Tony Rosalez, Roberl Vasquez, Ra Rianda, Cecal Doughly, Roscoe Anlrim, Roy Ford, Craig Wiley. THIRD ROW: Gary Sfubblefiield, James Kosinski, Lupe Correa, Melvin Scolari, Roberf Gonzales, Cornelio Garcia, Manuel Alonzo, Larry Fifzwaler. BOTTOM ROW: William Callahan, James Florenlin, Bob Hoagland, Felix Provencio, Howard Odiorne, Ray Nieto, Melvin Ausmus. .U. Jn Mal The purpose ol having a iunior varsily loolball 'leam is lo provide a chance lor inexperienced and smaller boys lo play loolball. Also il ohfers lraining lo varsily players ol lhe lulure. This pasl season, lhe Sparlanelles had a very successful sea- son. Aller dropping lheir lirsl game lo l-lollisler, lhe boys dis- played some razzle-dazzle loolball lhal lell lhem undelealed lor The remainder oi The season. Probably lhe mosl speclacular game was lhe one in which Roberl Gonzales ran wild againsl Carmel. lhe linal score being 47-6. Some ol lhe reasons lor lhe Sparlanelles' good season are Elmer Aguinid, fullback: Bulch Hoagland, cenler: Gabriel Re- lana, hall: Roberl Gonzales, scalbaclc: Lupe Correa, hall, and Roy Ford, end. Nexl season, many of lhese boys will be wearing varsily uniforms and give every promise ol carrying on lheir viclorious J.V. lradilion. SCORES , J.V.'s Foolball Summary ill Gonzales loses lo l-lollisler ..... . 7-20 l2l Sparlanelles beal' P.G. J.V.'s. . . 75- O l3l Gonzales over Gilroy . . . . IZ- 6 l4l Sparlanelles over Carmel . . . 47-I3 l5l Gonzales wins over King Cily. . . I3' 7 ,K v Y y Riga ' wx vi 5, - jpggig ,vagina A uf ,Q X wWggmqwZ l.,,,, A 3 'G f J wwwgiwmwm ego, , N Q an , ,,wfh,, W Q, 5, ,ii QQ, M . Q' H W. E V K V, - - ' i A K V - 1 : I2 X W " " .. .... . if.. . . +A K if ' P 'Ni' X 7 L + I Q 'W 'V 'IIW5 - .. -.-., ,sk . 'mm . Q Q Q ' y N gl N , 1, k - Q J Xiwsgg v' ,f :, " 4- ,, X 'W W , if s E 3 , 1 , . ff' ' ' W , :iff V 'f' - wf' 2 , . W , ,,,,, . , ,. ' "If: "" ""' ' 1' ""' x -' . " ,' " V :' " '2 ,. ' ' -'Im '.,,',..::.g-..:a2- NN Si , W if 5 ,A -- ' .a.gif::::g-+,:5a5afE1s,:., ..,. ' 1-.HI sg- -A '-'- ' ' g , gg Ax X Q ' K Ri N er m f 1 253" QT 'Q' if v ' f w 'sQf ymv1f J ' if , . . - .HA-a W, 4 f . W A ' W 5 . ge, z WASQ M pgigiwgir E if Q. ,ggvg is 5, ,, 4.1, ' 'lb ' k . , ,. X ,. X ' Yi sf . . .. -.-- E Q51 "" 'I-ist . ,"'5"3:n.525-" ,, ,Mgr 36 Af f I , .wi 5 ' 2+ 'H Lg! Y s i r + " 35.513 Q, A 2 ' ' X' 1 J , Q it x bf gxfawf 'mg k Xfv-KWi'g3i 'A A :Hifi 3-A Q , , - E ,if K gif K 3 gw mv - 55: ,NL5g,,g352!i X?L " A, M Q, t A A E ' Kb W, .M . , wwf QQ 1 ..:? -, , 5 .r ips. W 5 -' - , x 9 A, Y A , X 3 . A 1 A N , as B 5-105,54 , ."' f f , -1 wg A X' Q x mf , Q KL ,W -1 aiggggg j R 'eff A- f A A . , sz' X .V WP ' fy 1 Q , . , 4 , 1 XX ' 1 A Q Y wa , Q-ww 'f A Na:- ' K' .:- -, N M ' 'W 6' i, I f fm ,Xl f 1 - A Q , Q W XF D' - f A f ,V Q KN 1 , .,,. .- . ,Z K A . ,Y g V y - . ...Z QW J M 1 4: ig . my ' NP . 2.4 Q., Q cv 4 J 4iS"'? NM Y, QKK if gl! " 31 Y We Ulu. .V A ,.,. Ji. 'Fw E ,A ?L COACH BURNS LEFT TO RIGHT: Leroy Rianda, John Daoro, Lupe Correa, Milfon Breschini, Alva Rodrigues, Bob HENRY RIANDA Hoagland, Henry Rianda, Leslie King, William Smilh, Coach Burns. Caplain ' Ba.4luzfbalL The varsify baslcefball season of l95I has loeen a season fhaf mighf well "fry mens souls." An enfhusiasfic furnouf of good maferial gof fhe squad off fo a good sfarf. How- ever, affer winning 'rheir opener againsf Afascadero 26-25, fhe looys ran up againsf some of fhe foughesf compefifion ever fo appear in fhe "B" League. Though low on games won, fhe boys rafe high on spirif and sporfsmanship. They never gave up unfil lhe final gun and made every opponenf work every minufe of every game. The loss of Alva Rodrigues af mid-season was a biffer blow fhaf was felf lceenly loy fhe squad. Henry Rianda was elecfed honorary capfain af fhe close of fhe season. SCORES Gonzales . 26 Alascadero 25 Gonzales . 26 Salinas . . 46 Gonzales . l7 Carmel . 25 Gonzales . 22 San Lorenzo 30 Gonzales . 29 King Cify . 46 Gonzales . 30 Salinas . . 42 Gonzales . 36 San Lorenzo 46 Gonzales . 53 l-lollisfer . 35 Gonzales . 3 I Pacific Grove 42 Gonzales . 24 Carmel . 37 Gonzales . 38 King Cify . 48 Gonzales . 35 San Lorenzo 45 Gonzales . 43 l-lollisfer . 52 Gonzales . 40 Pacific Grove 46 ,W 4, JAMES KOSINSKI LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Baufisfa, Humberio Ramirez, Alfred Elias, Ramon Hernandez, Tony Vasquez, COACH GUTIERREZ Caplain Gabriel Refana, Donald Colanfro, Elmer Pura, Jessie Pelacio, Ray Perez. The Sparfaneffes under fheir new coach, Verne Guiierrez, had a very successful season. They placed second in fhe "B" League Championship and were led only by 'rhe fall Pacific Grove learn. They also placed fhird in an invifafional baslcefball fournamenl held af Gilroy. The boys were oufsfanding because of fheir good feamworlc and snappy ball- handling: fheir fasf lorealc and conlrolled siyle of baslcefball, combined wifh an aggresa sive man-fo-man defense, made fhem a Tough feam fo beef. Two lighfweighfs were chosen on fhe honorary C.C.A.L. feam, They were: Elmer Pura, who was high scorer of fhe leam. and James Kosinslci, who was elecfed honorary capiain of The Team. Gonzales 'Afascaclero Gonzales 'Afascadero Gonzales 'Salinas . . Gonzales Carmel . Gonzales King Cify . Gonzales Salinas . . Gonzales San Lorenzo Gonzales l-lollisfer . Gonzales Carmel . Gonzales King Cify . Gonzales San Lorenzo Gonzales l-lollisfer . Gonzales 'Junipero Serra Gonzales Pacific Grove Gonzales Gilroy. . Gonzales 'James Lick " Pracricc Games. W my Q Ji R. 71 1:4 - , ' N Mi, ' 5 5 ! ' v A fi ' an 4 1 1 V ' in A Sw? ' ' x i . '. 3. 45f9':55' fy I lrihffi' :' -, . f ' ' Af: ' Zi zu- 3 2 . ,K Q, hnl' V A ' - N 5, . 5 1 Aww 535.2 Wwswww Q... 7595 'QW M-Qi, as ve.-w 2-'f 'im '2 f N Nw if :Fw , fa ! I ,za 5 an , yi ' ET! f M ,W M 2 S N, f 1 J TOP ROW, lefl lo right: Howard Odiorne, Lupe Correa, Andrew Zermeno, Pele Cabanyog, Efren Gallardo, Felix Provencio, Mariondell Lawson. SECOND ROW Bob Hoagland, Richard Greene, Donald Gilchrisl, Roberl Vasquez, Secundino Ferrel, William Callahan, Craig Wiley, Ray Perez, Roy Ford, Coach Gulierrez. BOTTOM ROW: Humberlo Ramirez, Billy Smilh, Leroy Rianda, Elmer Pura, Alberf Hook, Eldridge Jones, Angelo Gonzales, Gary Slubblefield. 46'mm6alL This year's baseball leam had one oi lhe pooresir win-loss records in many years. lvluch oi ihis was due lo lhe inexperience oi lhe players on lhe squad. Plagued by iniuries and hard luclc, 'rhe Sparlans losi Elmer Pura, one of Their besi players, and also dropped several close games by one or fwo runs. Freshman players who show promise oi becoming good baseball players are Elren Gallardo, Jesse Palacio, Gary Siubbleiield, and Roberi Vasquez. Wifh reiurning players like Eldridge Jones, Bill Smilh, and l-lumberlo Ramirez, lhe Sparlans have high hopes oi being slrong conlenders in ihe league nexl year. Guisfanding games played so far lhis year were games againsl l-larinell College and Soledad Slale Prison. Beaiing ihe Soledad Prison 7-4 was one ol lhe highlighls oi ihe year. The leam will lose lhe services oi piicher Ray Perez and second baseman Alberi Hoolf nexl year due io gradualion. There are sfill four more games io play: SCORES Junipero Serra . . I Pacific Grove . . 4 COACH GUTIERREZ l-larinell . . 3 l-'larlnell .... . 7 Junipero Serra . . . . IO ' f Soledad Slale Prison . . 9 A L Q Carmel ..... . I2 Soledad Siale Prison . . 4 ' ' l-lollisler .... 7 4? Carmel . T King Ciiy . . l-lollisler . . . . Pacific Grove . . S King Ciiy . . . 5 Salinas . . Gonzales . . 22 . S . 2 . 3 . l l . 7 . O . 7 . 5 .3 iii N' em Ei riff TOP ROW, lefl lo righl: Melvin Scolari, Ronnie Macadaeg, Bob Gay, Larry Truman, Mickey Swinburne, Leroy R'anda, Secundino Ferrel, Coach Burns, BOTTOM ROW: Lupe C rrea, Ramon Hernandez, Ri:hard Avila, Tony Vasquez Gabriel Refana, Richard Greene, Donald Colanlno, Hcnoric Della, Harry Singh. .7 Don Colanlro qualified lor The Norlh Coasl Seclion meel al Berkeley by placing fnird in lhe group rneel held al Sunnyvale. Only lvvo Seniors will be losl' by gradualion and prospecls loolc good For nexl year. In spile oi small squads, bolh in Lighlweighl and Varsily, ihe lraclr reams gave a good accounl of lhemselves in league compelilicn. The Lighlweighls wcn dual me-els wiih King Cily and Carmel, placed lhird in lhe Lilllo fix meel, and placed sixlh in The "All-C.C.A.L." finals. The Varsily record is nor impressive, having won only lheir encounf ler wilh King Cily. Virgil Slerling and Lupe Correa placed in lhe "All C.C.A.L." finals. Oulslanding poinl-makers in lhe Lighlweighl division were Dcn Colanlro, Tony Vasquez, and Richard Avila. Lellermen in lhe Varsily division were Lercy Riancla, Larry Truman, and Bob Gay. .n lhe limiled division l-lonorio Della, Ramon l-lernandez, Gabriel Relana, Richard Greene, and Jesse Palacio all scored suilicienl poinls lo malce lheir blocks. COACH BURNS iw if N ., , ai' i. T X " --1 V ,. 7 .. . 'r ""'-1--..,. , Nw. eff" A 412539 vp 6 - r ' Q W' 1 a .F Q x :SL an tfifi m , T' 2un.1Q Y A Pswggi . -. .--. 3-xi ' X S535 4 s flak f"""'F 3. W4 ' x QR. if Wx 333 1 X N K YL Q . g4:f.-- , V... Q WMILVI a .4 5" . 4 1 1 nf . 2?-5 K x Q: ii ' ? ichard Avsia . --Broac:1bJumD vu- -gm. ...mx ,fv- if il H1 his y , I sal N x '91 K n 23-dvr, 1 ALFRED DePRATTI Boys' Athletic Manager lnirarnural acriviiies were very successfui ihis year and a iaroo VKHTIIUCF oi boy iook pari. These acriviiies include such acriviries as baskeiinaii, iriid, vvieylrah is soifbail, and iennis. Any boy is eligible +o parficipaie who i-a'n'i yer made hi Q Al- Block "G" in fhaf parficular sport NY The basiceiball 'rournamenf was von by ihe Seniors, id ,wail ii, 'iw mcres, Freshmen, and Juniors in Thai order. The had cvefrim i,e-- fic mm. if eniirely by ihe Freshmen since ihere was only one liqhi'veiQiiii.ii'1 rn'v" fir im parficipaiing. Vrhen fhe poinis were added +:Qeiherfr'r1 M, ii 1' rr irq' ii-Cifliii and fhe heavyweiqhrs, fhe Freshmen were iirsr, fhe Scruhcfrw Cf i. nd, Sr-:iiiir and Juniors following. The resi of The sporis have nor yer been piayed 'o ihe-re sffii .1 cgond fhnni L for any one of 'rhe classes fo have ifs name engraved on fhe pinoue. sh: if 3 I ""'5"l"E'l sf!! J Q mike., yarns-an '5 .i . . M, 36 .2, ,.-Q-"' rs fwfr J i..Q cfs ' T3 1, .,:'5?? I . " A' .Jig ' ff, F M I D , Q-5-F----if film li... illp 1 X FIRST TEAM BASEBALL SECOND TEAM BASEBALL TOP ROW, Ieff lo riqhl: Evalee Bary, Virginia Simpson, Arlene Pura, TOP ROW, lefl To riqhl: Belfy Simpson, Nancy Lee, Shirley G-nesa, Rulh Gandia. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Jo Duncan, Evelyn McCabe, Vir- Kalhleen Callahan, Lydia Urquidez. BOTTOM ROW: Dena Shanks, Joan qinia Hiqginbolham, Shirley May. Hook, Carmelila Ramirez, Ruby Yoda. FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL TOP ROW, Ieff lo riqhf: Virginia Simpson, Arlene Pura, BOTTOM TOP ROW, lefl To righlz Nancy Lee, Nancy Leffinqwell, Rufhie Barnwell, ROW: Annie Daoro, Evalee Bary, Lois Taylor, Evelyn McCabe, Ines Lydia Urquidez. BOTTOM ROW: Dena Shanks, Joan Hcck, Pal Rianda, Rubbo, Mary .lo Duncan, Doyleen Hooks, MISS PERVORSE , c. ,awww .c.,.ss.c..i,,,c Mwwa -N,-4 .wewwmwmww arhl This year has been a very successTul one, especially Trom The sTandpoinT oi inTeresT and enThusiasm. The girls have shown greaT improvement probably due To increased eTiorT as The season progressed. Our memories oT soTTball are more clearly recalled by colored moTion picf Tures oT The play-oTTs. BaslceTball seemed The mosT popular oT all our sporTs and iT does noT even require picTures To vividly recall some oT Those close Thrillers. We spenT more Time This year Than usual on volleyball and inTeresT was enhanced by The co'recreaTional volleyball TournamenT. Soccer season is TasT drawing To a close, To be quickly Tollowed by Tennis and archery. The oTTicers and members oT The Girls' Block "G" are To be highly praised Tor Their splendid work on The Playday and all during Their l95OA'3l Term oT oTTice. Especially deserving oT plaudiTs is our presidenT, Nellie Vasquez, whose unTiring spiriT and boundless enThusiasm are goals Toward which Tulure presidenTs may sTrive. lT has been a pleasure worlcing wiTh The Bloclc "G" and all The girls in The physif cal educaTion classes. May we have many more such enioyable seasons. N, 5 Qx. Xe- gi Ix, - Ny V . . 1 R y New g H S 132141 We are in debl lo our gym leacher, lvliss Pervorse, lor a really sue Cesslul year in sporls. There were six dililerenl sporls lhal we played. They were baseball, baskelball, volleyball, soccer, lennis, and archery. Second period won lhe championship in baseball, baslqelball, and volleyball, One ol lhe lavorile sports lhis year was lennis, because ol our new lennis courls. Shirley May deserves a lol ol credil' lor her abilily as Girls' Alhlelic Manager, and for keeping lhe Girls' Block "G" poinls accuralely. Allin all, il was one ol The rnosl enioyed years in girls' sporls. SECOND TEAM VOLLEYTBALL FIRST TEAM VOLLEYBALL TOP ROW, lefl fo right: Phyllis Avila, Belly Lou Sale, Jean Skanse, TOP ROW, leff lc righl Hazel G,-hxlardi Lois Taylor Virginia Simpson Helen Hensley. BOTTOM ROW: Darlene Clizbe, Jo Ann Barlow, Shir- Ines Rubbo. BOTTOM ROW Pal Pura Virginia Higginbcfham Shirley ley Wagsfer, Mary Villalobos, Shirley Valverde. May Mary Jo Duncan SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL TOP ROW, left io righf: Belly Redford, Lorraine Ccrda, Marlene Am- TOP ROW, leff lo righl Pat Rianda Nancy Leffingwell Bernie Nunes bros: Maria Camacho, Eveleyn McCabe. BOTTOM ROW: Berneife BOTTOM ROW: Lois Taylcr Shirley May Nellie Vasquez Audrey File Wimer, Sally Cowan, Ines Rubbo, Shirley Gnesa, Mary Jo Duncan Q' f - . it Q Q II, ' ' . 4 . v- f hifi X 1 Si Egfr X f MNM' -,,. 3 . mx ,Q iw ww K Q NM W Y G .... .:.., . ' w wwf' 1 1 ' ip , 1 Egff . W R xfsu . f. - gm f wr., PM 4,5 . bi X ax. Www. X . E AQ, K z 3 sf Q-fb v X' f ' k 0 ,Q X rx FEJVIUREQ Iii IIE ISHS Ili F-Lxgx T MzRv-M STOLTE, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS MONTEREY 2-4557 P. O. Box I47O Q3 QNX K Nw X mx we Q N Q Qs, 11-fi 4- N " xv X X- if g. -- . yi N- x. PRACTICE ROOMS CHORAL ROOM Designed by ROBERT STANTON Archifecf Carmel, California ta H qhesf acclaim to editor and sfafi. QV lfYou Lilce llalian Foods - Come lo Us PASQUALE I-ioTEL SOLEDAD LIQUOR STORE P. lonini, Proprielor Ilalian Dinners Q Privale Banquels 0 Rooms Phone I6 Fronl Slreel Soledad, California JOI-INSON'S GARAGE BUICK a PONTIAC oxG.IvI.C. TRUCKS SALES-SERVICE Phone I7 Soledad California F. N. FRANSCIONI Building Conlraclor Phone33 o Boxll-I9 Soledad California Your Friendly Pholoqrapher ALEX ALCANTARA Commercial Candids s Porlrails o Weddings Phone 253-W - Res. 287-R P- O. Box 256 FronliS'rreel Soledad, California yu. This is Tusf The begi Docfor of Today. A FEW miqhiy SEN A A 531 ij v A. s' . ww ,f W Z Ewa . N.,-,f nninq, kids. 4. The Royal Throne. 7, F.F.A. Barn Dance, 5. Oh!ThaiChris1rnds spidf!! 8. Pin up of l95I. IORS. 6. Seagulls Ray, Ray Ray. V!! 91,5 , aff -w 3 S-A-w-e,. L.- 1'6- GOLDEN STATE COMPANY Salinas 0 California CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 'BI EL PATIO BALLROOM 5:41-mme . DANCING E. Alisal Street SaIinas, California -X Ready Mix Concrete e First In Lumber Trrr .V - S O BUILDING COUNSELLORS I I jr I ' Telephone 7603 3I2 East Alisal Street Salinas, CaIiTornia HARRY RHODES mass - RADIOS - APPLIANCES - FURNITURE U. S. Tire Distributors o Recapping Service Corner John and Front Street Salinas BW l, "l never forget a lhinq." 4. Noon Rally, 7. Our spiriled school. 2, Frosh and Sophomore lie-ups. 5, Oh! Those wonderful mumps. 8. Emily wins Lions Club Speakers conlesl, 3, Old Glory in fhe March winds. 6. Frankie has his lroubles, loo. d5'!zown.3, A. L. Brown 81 Sons DEPARTMENT STORE . . . . . "The Coed's I-IeaoIquar+ers" 320 Main S+reeI COATS . . . SUITS . . . DRESSES SWEATERS . . . SKIRTS . . . BLOUSES JANTZEN SWIMWEAR A CompIeIe Sporfswear Depar+menI "Salinas I-Iome of SXII-I Green SIamps" GROWERS PRODUCE DISPATCI-I Growers o Packers ' Shippers Sfraighf and Mixed Cars CALIFORNIA VEGETABLES P.O. Box I I87 o Telephone 5724 SALINAS CALIFORNIA A-0 ,gl W Ax sg . I Mr Silver 5 Daredevl S 4 Our happy yell leaders 7 Bur 2 Mr and Mrs Alva Rodrigues 5 Mooch Vukes has prwze 8 Wham' Bum Ahcazam' 3 No crowding 6 Love fha? Man SPORTING GOODS OF ALL TYPES Boslonian Shoes, Arrow Shirls, and Slelson I-Ials ASHLEY'S DEPT. STORE Spor+SIacIcs o Shirls o Yardage o SIcir'rsandCameron Blouses Phone 23 GONZALES CALIFORNIA SOILSERV INC. Agricullural Chemicals Salinas: 8850-2-I827 INSECTICIDES o I-IERBICIDES o FIJNGICIDES o SOIL FUMIGATON M AJ O R DISTRI BUTIINIG C O M PA N Y Salinas Valley Carrors Exclusively P. O. Box 7l9 o Phone 8OI4 SALINAS CALIFORNIA J. A. JOHNSON 81 SON We Specialize in Manulaclure and Repair of Local Farm Equipmenl WELDINHG 9 BLACKSMITHING 0 PORTABLE EQUIPMENT Paul.Johnson Telephone: Office 5l34 - Res. 2-0270 IOI Highway - I Bloclc Soulh of Cily Limils SALINAS CALIFORNIA MISSION CREAMERIES, INC. TI-IE FINEST IN MILK Produced Locally - Sold Locally AOEN FROZEN FOOD 222 Norrlw Main Slreef Salinas, California G E O R G E H . C O X PERE'S JEWELERS SHELL SERVICE Bulova Wafcl-1 Dealer PI1one432-W one 25l I Clnualar Box 37 Gonzales, EL cAMlNo PRESS JOlQNCCcf,,',Q',5,"gx'QfxlAN P R I N T E R S A N D Appliances 0 Houseware l-lTHQ6RApHERS Hardware 0 Service Plumbing Plwone 8082 225 Main Slre 3. High sociely. 5. Which Iwin has Ihe Toni? 8. Track manager, Harry, 4. Prospechve homemakers. 6. Double-double, Boil and Bubble. 9. Professional model. 7. Joe and Wil La Ferma. BEST WISHES +o+I'1e CLASS OF I95I V E R N R. H U C K General C ontrcictor Geo. W. Tombleson, Manager VOS-I-I REPAIR 84 HARDWARE SUPPLIES River Road - PI1one25-E-5 HARDWARE Q PLUMBING ELECTRICAL AUTOSUPPLIES AUTO REPAIR GONZALES CALIFORNIA ConqraIuIaIions Io 'rhe Class of 'SI MONTEREY COUNTY TRUST 81 SAVINGS BANK Banking Service Since l89O JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY BUICK Q PONTIAC GMC RUCKS GONZALES CALIFORNIA on .,M.'f f 1 XXX .-amz. MA,,,,, K I, Whai is fhis world coming Oo? 2 Lay ?hu1' pisfoi down, bnbe 3 "Saying your prayers, Mr, Silver? 4 Lucky Melvin! S i . f- 1 1-' J E Q.. k wig k J'm5 1 ,. ya.. h.aM3Qifl-Z9 I T Lal mm-asus' ij Q A I 5 , , fi A 9 .v'1"Q.4 5, Compefifion for Hope. 7. Barn dance ceremony, 6 Genius at work 8. Them fhar were fhe good oie days, Not Numbered-Blase. 9. The End . .. 63 Congralulalions Io The Class of '5I AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY Monferey Coun+y's Oldesl IO8 Monferey Slreel, Salinas 423 Broadway, King Cify Phone 485I Phone I5O The Hub Label Means Added Value in Men's Wear! Salinas VaIIey's Larqesl' Men's Slore 226 'T' We Give MAIN ST. S8fI-I SALINAS I i-' Green Slamps WHIT ILL'S NEW AMERICAN MARKET MEATS Q GROCERIES GENERAL MERCHANDISE Free Delivery Phon 22l e -J 8 Oalc Sfreel SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA JOAQUIN BONDIETT Service Tor Econom E - CHEVROLET Y Save Ihe Wheels Thar Serve America PHONE 35 GONZALES, CALIFORNIA 0 HARRIS Q N ew B Diamond Experli I"'l'Qs ml' X Specialisl W 1, I, af I,!, SPROLES Repairing Budqel Terms al 26I Main Sfreel in I Salinas, Calif. MISS, Conqralulalions Io The Class of '5 I RENO BRESCH I NI Licensed Brolcer REAL ESTATE 0 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PHONE I-Y-4 SOLEDAD SOLEDAD MERCANTILE COMPANY "The House of Friendly Service" HARDWARE o GROCERIES o DRY GOODS Disiribufors for INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Tracfors 0 Trucks 0 Farm Equipmenf SOLEDAD PHONE 9 SINCE I907 HOTEL JEFFERY "FRIENDLY" COFFEE SHOP SALINAS CALIFORNIA WESTCOTT MOTOR COMPANY "S+andard Merchandise" o Dependabie Service C H EV R O L E T Sales and Service Phone I28 SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA TOM HAMBEY LUMBER COMPANY One Sfop Cenfer for a Compiefe Line of Lumber o Hardware 0 MiIIworIc o Building SuppIies Phone 56 - Free Es+ima+es Furnished SOLEDAD CALIFORNIA GENERAL BOX DISTRIBUTORS A LUMBER o BOXES Highway IOI Soulh-Opposile Romie Lane Telephones: Salinas 5774-734l o Walsonville 4-4769 SALINAS CALIFORNIA CATERPILLAR PRINGLE TRACTOR COMPANY KING CITY SALINAS WATSONVILLE 222 8036 2880 Congralulalions 'ro Ihe Class of '5I FARLEY FRU IT COMPANY sALINAs CALIFORNIA Hardware o Household Supplies o Tools Painls o Plumbing Supplies o Eleclric Appliances GONZALES HARDWARE CO. FOURTH STREET OONZALES TELEPHONE IO Congralulalions STANDARD FURNITURE CO. Complele Home Furnishers Headquarlers for Lane Cedar Chesls JOHN AND CALIFORNIA STREETS SALINAS, CALIFORNIA BARTLETT'S Coals 0 Suils 0 Dresses 0 Sporlswear Coslume Jewelry o Ivlillinery o Blouses 224 MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA BERRY'S FLOWERS lTurner's Pharmacy, Agenlsl We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Harry and Mable Thomas Telephone 488 I 422 SALINAS STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA HAY o GRAIN o BEANS o POTATOES o ONIONS MITCHELL SILLIMAN COMPANY Modern Bean Cleaning Our Specially Warehouses aI SALINAS and CAMPHORA TELEPHONE SALINAS 7656 SOLEDAD IOO M A R G - E L I TA Social and Commercial Srafionery GREETING CARDS Q BOOKS o ART PHONE 6I7O l 2I4 MAIN STREET MAC'S CAFE Good Food 0 Always Open 2 I 3 Monlerey Sheer Salinas. California TU RNER'S PHARMACY The Rexall Slore AUSTIN F. TURNER, Proprielor TELEPHONE 3I GONZALES, CALIFORNIA FRANK'S MARKET GROCERIES o VEGETABLES o MEATS PHONE 75 GONZALES "DUTCH" ORVAL 81 KAY COOK YOUNGMANIS CONGRATULATIONS FORTRAN CLASS OF '5' PHOTOGRAPHERS Horne of The I "We peafure me DUTCHBURGER EU-'S 3 PRISMATIC T Make-up" AT The Sign offhe S Phone 2I2 Monferey S+ree+ Salinas Gonzales Calliomla S l. 353 Main Sire? H G a mas a T ornia lnsfrumenfs o Supplies U N N M u 5 1 ci W E I S .mmol EL CAMINO PRESS s1H!E?Z'i'Tf 5. "f,f,'If'f.'L'c0 EVERYWNG T ' ' for Musicians and Music Lovers P R l N T E R 5 A N D iii-:te-uA: TM LITHOGRAPHERS Sfafionery and Office Eouiprnenl' 5:2 2 2 .' 2 2 gg 2 - 5 ,, f Telephone 7693 Typewri+ers o RenTals 55 3 5 5:5 if :ig Phone 486' M U 5 ' C C D M P 9 N 5 336 MonTerey Sfreel 35l Main Sfreef 345 Maw Slireel d d m Salinas Salinas California Salinas California Thrgislgioapnpelegfiinps E. R. S'rurTevan+ H. H. Henry refreshed Thlgflorfgvfllllihe ree oc s STURDY OIL COMPANY lOl Highway Soufh Salinas l 2l8 Main STree'r Downfown and Drop in OUT Slallon 936 Soufh Main, Valley Cen+er any llme Salinas OF SALINAS POLLY- ANNA cONeRATuLATiONs DAYTON-JOHNSON BAKERY COMPANY Gusfav Eberharclt M.D. Specializing in and BIRTHDAY, WEDDING and RealEsTa+e o Insurance James FGSSSH' M.D. PARTY CAKES Phone 3939 3l9 Main Slreel l57 Main STree+ Salinas Gonzales California Dial4793 "Your Appearance ls Our Complimenfs of ResPonsibili+v" PQRTER gc IRVINE The Salinas Sporf Shop DEPARTMENT STORE SCHCOOL'iW5ATERS MENS WEAR Salinas California of SPOSIUQ Goods 220 Main SlTeeT Salinas 332 Main Sfreel Salinas Congrafulafions and STORES COFFEE SHOP Where YPIHDOIIQIBUYSMOEP DR. O. H. NUSZ Foumain Service Always Beffel' Values Here Soledad California Salinas 257 Maul Slreef California Gonzales California E MIL Y ' S AL'S STORE FOR MEN LAZIER Shakgjmjwijgfais Sgdjdnedy HATS - SHOES INSURANCE AGENCY OPEN AFTER ALL RIDING TOGS ' FURNISHINGS REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE T H E G A M E S Zlo Main Sffeef SPIFPPS Phone 45 Gonzales Subscribe Now lo 'fha MESSICK HARDWARE JOHN O. BRESCHINI J hT.P"' dW .A. Breen GONZALES po, gms mp 'gllzgmen m PI-,One 8084 Real Esfafe ' Bonds ' Insurance Hltor All llle Local News.. 247 Maln Sh-eel Salinas 64 Wes? Alisalll?rT'Ee?'O26 Salinas TAN D A R D ' ETATIONERS SALINAS LETTER SHOP SHOE PALACE , . Alice G. Macarfney Office Supphes and FUFDITUFB NEW SHQES . REPAIRING Machines Telephone 9442 624 Scum Mal?:0g'Z.:J+07 Salinas 626 Soufh Main Sfreel Salinas 38 FOUffl'1 SIFSSI 9OI'l1Gl6S BRESCHlNl'S STOFEEY 8: ROCHEX FRED A. RIANDA RADIOS ' APPLIANCES F l- O W E R S GENERAL INSURANCE FRIGIDAIRES Phone 5755 NOTARY PUBLIC 353 Main Sfreef Salinas 632 So. Main Sfreef Salinas 360 AHB Sheef Gonzales C0'1Q'P+U'PfiP"S F R A N S C I O NI ANTHONY PETTI QRQQERY IJISTINCTIVE u MEAT MARKET HOME FURNISHINGS LOU-Se Nofahefa. Prop- Ed d F . h 225 El Camino Real ' Phone 5593 Phone 44 WSIO rggrgflonl Opposife Rodeo Grounds ' Salinas Gonzales California P FRANK l-Eolxll PURRITY STORES LTD THOMPSON PAlNT SHEET METAL WORKS ' COMPANY Everylhing in The Sheel Melal Line Low Every Day Prices' BUY PAlNTT"0m 0 Dairy ' Irrigafion and Building F fS+ + S I d d PAINT Slore Phone 73-R Soledad ron ree O e U PI10fIe3985 ' 37I Main Sfreef Salinas Congralulafions Io SOLEDAD PLUMBING Congralulalions Class of '5I d JIMMIPS an SNACK SHOP Eine Food and Eounlain Service Alwaysa Friendly Welcome PLUMBING SUPPLIES BORDENS ICE CREAM ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FINE FOOD DAIRY SUPPLIES Where The Gang IS Always I Welcome 423 Fronl Sfreel So edad Emed Gnesa Phone '42 Soledad California Conqralulalions Io The CIGSSOWI BURKE'S DRUG STORE PETE ZANETTA'S C. E. BAETSCI-IEN SI-IOE STORE INSURANCE ' Sh d Sh R D OBSOTT O9 GYTCWITTQ Tele hone 246 . . SI5 Eronl Slrcef Soledad Soledad Callforma Soledad California JOE and BOB EROLLI AII Types of Insurance REAL ESTATE SPROUSE REITZ CO. INC. A. I3. MATI-IEW, Manager Complimenls of SOLEDAD BEE Prinfing Sc IOC and I5c STORE Phone 358 ' Fronl Slreef Soledad SOlSdGd California BEN F' JACOBSEN Conqralulalions Conqralulalions from SALIINIAS NATIONAL BANK Plumbing ' Sheel Me+aIWorIc Hardware and Boysen Painls MARK'S FOUNTAIN BOVVLING ALLEY YOUR HOME BANK and Safely . Service PI1Of'eI0O'-I POCKET BILLIARDS SBCUVITY GOVIZGIGS California Gonzales California A. V. RIANDA, JR. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE T I-I E S P O R T S M A N All Types Alhlelic Equipmenf AWARD SWEATERS BEANS THE EQUITABLE soclerv Northern Monterey County SKIS . RENTAL Representative phone 5735 Telephone 43I I It H r 249 Main S+ree+ Salinas, Calif. Sa mas Ca I Orme W. J. Resch ' W. D. Resch Congraiulafions from FOWLER 'AND MYERS CONCRETE PIPE IRRIGATION and DRAINAGE Phone 85-W Gonzales Congrafulafions To The Cl6SS0i'5l FURNITURE CO. DODGE - PLYMOUTH from we fmhmt Phone ,65 BUCKEROO LANE CEDAR CHEST 4+l1 and Belden Sfreefs Kennedy and Callalian for llle June graduale Gonzales California Soledad California Phone 9646 440 E. Alisal MONTEREY COUNTY G' L' IQQEQARTNEY ' N N S SPROUSE REITZ CO.. LANDS L3??53n-d RlnlE?l'S5f+l Realiors ' Insurers PLM'-"ance - n 9442 6 R W M 626 SO. Main Srreei Salinas 626 Soulln MainOSi'Teei' Salinas . . aoces, anager I-lElM'S 5, IO and I Sc Siore ELECTRIC SHOP Hof Poin+ ' Eleciric Appliances Philco Radios GONZALES MACHINE AND FORGE WORKS Alisal Salinas Phone 4,0-W ' 34 Fourfln Sireef Gonzales Wall Riandi Arnold Pisoni G I I We Repair and Manufacfure Bliss-:I Qiflince Farm Machinery LAFRANCHI MISSION WELDING REALTY CO. BEANS ' GRAW AND FranlcLafrancl1i ' Milion Lafranchi INSURANCE Pllone8 Soledad ' H Asmussen Jr ' CaI'1' 324 Alla S+. Gonzales Phone 50 Soledad ' ' ' l ' cOngrs+uis+aons+0 me QQNZALES LAUNDRY GREENFIELD THEATRE CLASS OF 'SI AND CLEANERS v. E.and D. H.Sfebbins RALPH C. MULLER Phone T03 Phone 5 - BOY izo Salinas California P. O. Box 373 Gonzales, California Greenlield California COTPP+u'a+iOTS COAST HOBBYCRAFT ED . Phone 58521 Salinas, Calif. 0 426 Salinas-Sf Lowfion ISPPRCPI MORTUARY aA::3?'M.31::1'?n:,s.,Y?:'sL5 ll,'i.iilsh.RliaZLnpg Telephone 230 Elias, Eeiafhercrafr and Jioolsl SIBHPS ins, T n I , Salinas Phone 4297 Soledad Norlll all Easl Slreegalifomia aribd LioneluTT?:incE,E:'exfilesPainlTiieai1cdaliooIiiied opper. VET'S COFFEE SHOP Where The EIiTe Meef To Eaf -In Our New Locafion- WILLIAMSON REALTY CO. Arf Williamson ' Wilma M. Williamson THE SMART SHOP Readyvfo-Wear for All The Family We Give S8cl'l Green Sfamps Phone 59-W Brolcers Edyfhe Salmina ' Camilla Sarina Alfa Sfreef Gomales I '24 Somkh Mglirfne 398I Saunas Fourfh STree+ Gonzales Porfraifs ' Groups ' Commercial Weddings THE HOLLYWOOD STUDIO Mariin Langlo, Proprielor Phone 9IO5 I36 Main Sfreef Salinas. Calif. SIDNEY HUGUENIN Civil Engineer Fourfh Sfreef Gonzales ALPINE LODGE Mofel ' Coclcfail Lounge Dining Room T. A. Dorney, Jr., Manager IOI Highway Gonzales VIRGINIA'S DRESS SHOP Clofhing for Men, Women and Children Phone IOI-J Monferey Sf. Soledad, Calif. HOME DEPT. STORE Clofhinq for The Family Soledad California AHRENKIEL MUSIC AND APPLIANCE CO. 334 Main Sfreef Phone 6323 Salinas. Calif. INNES - SHOES formerly RELIABLE Shoes ' Bags ' Hosiery FRIENDLY MARKET Prader Bros. - Rudy and Eddie GROCERIES I FRUITS I VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS 0 BAKERY GOODS Fourfh and Belden Sfreers Phone I53 Gonzales California LACEY'S PAINT SHOP AUTO PAINTING Phone 4932 North Main Salinas, California "You save every day by coming our way" f HARDWARE'-c TOOLS HOUSEWARES 0 APPLIANCES Everyfhinq for Home Mainfenance SALINAS HARDWARE COMPANY 33I Main Sfreef Salinas We Give S 81 H Green Sfamps Besf Wishes To The Class of 'SI BAN K OF AMERICA Gonzales California VICTORY COFFEE SHOP "The Place fo Eaf" Alfa Sfreef Gonzales LANG'S VARIETY STORE School Supply Headquarfers Binders ' Pencils ' Pens ' lnlcs Scrafch Pads ' Rulers ' Profracfors All School Supplies Congrafulafions To The Class of '5I NOGGLE-SWENSON LUMBER CO. Fronf Sfreef Salinas California FRANK MORASCI CHEVRON GAS STATION Lularicafion Service LOUIS ELECTRIC CO. Elecfrical Confracfors M. S. CAHOON 81 F. M. HAGESTAD REAL ESTATE and GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 36II 34 E. Gabilan Sfreef Salinas RAY'S DRIVE IN Feafuring Hamburgers and Chiclren in a Baslcef Open 24 Hours 283 E AI' I Ph 9380 TIRES ' BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Ml 'Sa one Easf Alisai s+fee+ Sdllf't5S,C6Il'iOf'I'1l6 S S I-I O P Congrafulafions Yarns ' Yardage ' Dresses C RODU TS HMO K P C Biol... . Umm... STRUVE AND LAPORTE Coffie Kelfner Shoes Phone 5507 Salinas Fourfh Sfreef Gonzales Salinas California Printed by Leann, SHEET Sl Zeus Co., INC., BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA w 'PQ ' 'JI .-,., v .- ,US - . 'iz -fl. , . 1 w 4 .X Q .,A,:.,' , awiw 4 . ff. H . ? . wr, .JJ l.F fy -u .V 'll .il X 2.1. , 15 15 ii I" 9' .. .lid ' 4 f E? 5 5? 3 1? l 'Y , 1' J. ' -My LH . NF ' L? . 5 . if I, La... If ...id'... J.. 2:54.- .V-1. ' vi ,A- - 'Y ,J J X -1 74 .LW :QI ,. W , H., , ,HY I iw-J: " fe: ' n. v L x is .59 Q.. fi- .ll ,fu ,A '.-4. ,vu ,.,'gI5f .4 . U I 4"

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Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Gonzales High School - Spartan Yearbook (Gonzales, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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