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X X V N X A D A X Published BY THE STUDENTS OF GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL GONZALES, CALIP. 1 9 4 4 D E D I C A T I o N On behalf of the -graduating class and the Student Body, we Wish to dedicate this book to our boys in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Each star in our service flag stands for some boy who is doing or has done his best somewhere, near or farp We at home stand by with our help andhopey together we will preserve our liberties and freedom through victory. 'E L. D. LILLEY RICHARD FORCE Principal vice Principal Whatever the trials and troubles of the nation may loe, the schools must go on. In addition to the regular program, provision must be made for pre-induc- tion courses designed to meet the immediate needs of boys and also girls about to enter some branch oi military service. Students must have a more thorough knowledge of American history, oi the meaning and value of democracy, and of the American way of life for which they may soon he fighting. The lure ot high wages constantly shadows educational opportunities and skilled counseling must be used to keep the leaders ot tomorrow Where they may learn the meaning ofthe complete cultural and spiritual destiny of mankind. TRUSTEES' MESSAGE The year ending will long remain in all of our memories. We have been faced with the task of carrying on in spite of many handicaps both as an institution and as individuals. This we have had to do without the stimulus of heroics or adventure. Now it is the fortune of some of our young men and Women to go on to larger fields Where both heroics and adventure may await them. May the best of good fortune be theirs. To those of us who must carry on at home may We have the fortitude and foresight to keep Gonzales High ad- vancing on the same high plane as it has in the past. Clifford McElrath CUSTODIANS The work is done, and we have our custodians to thank. During the past year, not many of us have given much thought as to just how much is done for our campus. We appreciate the time given and labor performed and We are proud of everything the custodians have given us. ww xx a is hu ss a as 1 as a we a ss mm nm H, ms my ALUMNI IN THE SERVICE Amaya, Anthony-M Asmussen, Harvey Areja, Artemio Baroni, Paul Bauman, Bob Bauman, Dick Bauman, William Benadom, E. Dewey Bernard, Richard Bernard, Robert Bernard, William Binsacca, Alfred Bisi, Gene Boekenoogen, William Botill, Robert Bomio, Angelo Bondiette, Clarence Bontadelli, Donald Bontadelli, William Borla, Harold Bougher, Gerald Brazzi, Arthur Brazzi, Fulvio Breschini, Elmer Bright, Max Brown, Edward Brusa, Adolph Bustamante, Frank Carner, Bert Ir. Cassatt, Earl Cassatt, Wallace Cassina, Leo Clayton, R. C. Collins, Eugene Corda, Ernest Corda, Henry Cornwell, Reed Davila, Carl Diel, Bill Doda, Raymond. Doyle, lack Downey, Clyde M-Missing. K-Killed. HD-Honorable Eddings, George Franscioni, Achilles, Ir. Franscioni, Edward Franscioni, Eugene Franscioni, lack Franscioni, Lester Eranscioni, Valerio Franscioni, Warren Galetti, Rena-WAAC-HD ' George, Robert Ghezzi, Elmer Gruwell, Fred Gutierrez, Verne Haile, Wilfred Handley, Richard Handley, Carroll Harder, Berniece-WAVES ' Harder, Leroy-HD Harder, Orrin Hampton, Archie Hiserman, Arnold Hiserman, Stanley Iohansen, Knute lohansen, Marvin Iohnson, Alfred La Franchi, Milton Laman, Albert Livernette, Paul Livernette, Raoul Locatelli, loe Lumley, William Lazier, Iohn Mathisen, Emile Mocettini, Harold Murray, Wilbur Peterson, Norman Piini, Enos Piini, Ioe 'Q Pisoni, Eddie Pisoni, Arnold Poirier, Harry Prader, Rudolph Discharge. Pura, Vernon Ramos, Manuel Ramos, William Rianda, Ernest Rosso, Ralph Sarmento, Harold Sarmento, Ralph Sasules, Frank Scattini, Ernest Scearcy, Richard Scearcy, Robert Soares, Iohn Scettrini, Harvey Schellhaas, Iohn Scolari, Lino Scott, Richard Shiramizu, Iames-K Short, Major Silveira, Eddie Silveira, Iohn-HD Smock, Edythe-WAVES Sommer, Allen Sorenson, Andy Sorenson, Carl Stacey, Lyle Tash, Iames Tate, Allen- Thorp, Marshall-M Tisdel, Ted Tonini, Eddie , Tosoni, Adelio Vaughan, Paul Villegas, Charles Villines, Iohn Vosti, William Wamer, Bob Warner, Ralph White, Bob White, Harold White, Virginia-WAVES Wideman, Harold Wilkerson, Floyd Yop, Sam ACTIVITY CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 20 ....,..... ....... OCTOBER 4 ...... OCTOBER 11 .... OCTOBER 29 .... OCTOBER 29 .... NOVEMBER 12 NOVEMBER 12 NOVEMBER 19 NOVEMBER 24 DECEMBER IO.. DECEMBER 22.. IANUARY 21 ....... .,..,,,, FEBRUARY 8 ........... ....A... FEBRUARY 11 ......... ........ IANUARY l4.. IANUARY 28.. FEBRUARY 18 FEBRUARY 25 MARCH I ............ ,,..,.. MARCH 3 ........ MARCH MARCH 17 ....... MARCH MARCH APRIL 7 ............ APRIL 21 .......... APRIL 28 ........,. MAY 4 ,.,....... MAY 5 .......... MAY 10 ........ MAY 19 ........ MAY 20 ........ MAY 23 ........ IUNE 2 .......... 10 ..,....... ....,., 24 ........... ,,.,... 31 .......... ,....., .Beginning of School ........Assembly, singer Student Body meeting Assembly, sound man Football game-Pacific Grove Class programs, Student Body meeting Football game at King City Football game at Hollister Senior meeting Girls' League meeting Student Body meeting Music Department, Christmas Boys' Block "G" Game with Carmel here Sophomore movie Noon dance Music program Game at Carmel Skits for lunior Play Freshman noon dance Iunior Play Student Body meeting F. F. A. dance Assembly Girls' League dance Girls' Block "G" program Student Body meeting Senior Skits Senior Play Salinas I. C. Tumblers Girls' Block "G" banquet Iunior Carnival, movie Junior, Senior banquet Senior Ball Girls' Block "G" camping trip Student Body meeting Nomination speeches Graduation Program C IJI-X39 AGUINID, ALEX ANDERSON, ALBERTA BALSLEY, sou BARLOW, moms BLOYED. BOB BOTILL, BOB BRUSA. ARTHUR CARPENTER, BOB LANINI, MARTHA HENRY MOCETTINI Presideni' MONTOYA, AIDA ELMER STOIRA Vice-Presideni' VERENA STU DER Secreiary STOIRA, ELMER li' BELLAMY, MADGE BELLI, RAYMOND BINSACCA, JANICE BISI, NIEVIS CASACCA. SERGIO ECKMANN, GLENN FELLOWS, BOB GUTIERREZ, GEORGE MANDARINI, IRENE MASSERA, DOROTHY MIGOTTI, JOE MOCETTINI, HENRY MORISOLI, ALICE PEVERINI, IRENE ROSA, ELEANOR SPRINGER. JEWEL STUDER, VERENA TAYLOR, IMA JEAN TONINI, OLGA VIERRA, VIOLET VOSTI, DOROTHY WARNER, RALPH JUNIORS TOP ROW: Richard Binsacca, Leifer Johnson, Gale Allen, Forbes Hill. BOT- TOM ROW: Faye Franscioni, Hazel Rianda, Joan Hammond, Wilma Giaco- maui, Lorraine Jusfesen. TOP ROW: Josie Silva, William Newion, David Souza, Charles DeWi'H', Mrs. Rowe. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lou Balsley, Mary Madonna, lrene Guidoffi, Frances Bisi. OFFICERS Presidenl: LUCILLE PURA Vice Fresidenf: MARGERIE DOYLE Secrefary: FAYE FRANSCIONI TOP ROW: Bob Blair, Mille Barclmi, Ray- mond Selva, Milfon Moceffini, Mr. Lis- ion. BOTTOM ROW. Janel' Rush, Lucille Pura, Margerie Doyle, Pairicia Fellows, Marfha Bonfadelli TOP ROW: Leonard Allen, Henry Brusa, Bill Koesfer, Leslie Rosenblafl, Melvin Barlow. BOTTOM ROW: Ouida Bishop, Jean Wilmollm, Irene Morisoli, Elcla Gioz- za, Jean Lanini. SOPHGMORES TOP ROW: Charlie Caccia, Peier Aqui- nid, Ernesl Bragga, Ernie Binsacca, Miss Varley, Barbara Roddick. BOTTOM ROW: Garry King, Beverly Andrews, Clara Bresclmini, Gloria Nunez, Joyce Teefers. Minnie Bell Walier. TOP ROW: Gano Bonniconfri, Rudy Mar- linez, Arfhur Davila, Ernesf Piini, Beffy Jean Truslxeff, Mary Fife. BOTTOM ROW: Margarei Ramos, Virginia Tapia, Barbara Lilley, Gemma Scaroni, Ruin Rozell, Dor- ofhy Rosenblaff. OFFICERS Presidenf: BETTY BINSACCA Vice-'Presidenh GERRY KING Secreiary: BEVERLY ANDREWS TOP ROW: Warren Coffee, Doe Woods, Tony Fosier, Louis Wells, Charles Ed- dings, Miss Snell. BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Borla, Lucy Rubbo, Geraldine Rianda, Winifred Rubbo, Lily Sargenfi, Jean Woods. TOP ROW: Louie Giozza, James Pura, An- gel Ramirez, Johnny Violini, Mr. Bougher. BOTTOM ROW: Lorene Vosri, Barbara Carberry, Berry Binsacca, Margery Borges, Rolaline Vosfi. FRESI-IMEN TOP ROW: Floyd Lafham, Roberi Fos- fer, Johnny Marci, Louis Marques, Dale May, Frank Hook, Jerome Pura, Dean Daniels. BOTTOM ROW: Evelyn Sides, Reiha May, Rosamund Koesfer, Beverly Brown, Sylvia Breschini, Frances Ricca, Laura Tognefli, Dorine Scolari. TOP ROW: Edward Whalen, Rudy Sama- niego, Billy Doyle, Lalo Marquez, Willy Provencio, Aldo Bonniconfri, Roberf Mar- linez. BOTTOM ROW: Nicliie Camaclw, BeH'y Gallardo, Alberfa Fabor, Ilene Tay- lor, Regina Nunez, Lydia Vanoli, Doroihy Sadler. OFFICERS Presidenh ELSIE BASSI Vice-Presidenf: ARTHUR BIOGONI Secrelary-SYLVlA BRESCl"llNl TOP ROW: R. L. Hilion, Junior Bearclen, Jimmy Maggini, Waller Tosoni, William Tabacclni, Alfred Aguirre, Marselino Del Muro. BOTTOM ROW: Dolores De La Cruz, Lucille Handley, Ines DePraHi, Rullwie Gann, Belly Sue Hooper, Clara Bell Harris, Mary Hook. TOP ROW: Henry DePraHi, Ar'rl1ur Hio- goni, Tommy Hambey, Marlin Clarli, Charles Silva, John Reiana, Alfred Bas- selfi, Raymond Gularie. BOTTOM ROW: Marie Cox, Laura Lafham, Doris Laiham, Clarice Danini, Elsie Bassi, Wilma Mori- soli, Virginia Binsacca. ACTIVITI ISS 465- 5 wx i,,, ,Z I fX 2315 5 f X l "5 I hfs- I . X ::2.:52' rl , mulmmllnmull " AL- 5,5.::2Ei:Ig:r5:E::fg1 , nfl V gl f,' p',1"v",! if -1 . 1, .V-, , - 1 1 .1 . .v .- ,U ga ,, . 7:51:25ESg:5"2g:3--L-I5--' . . . v 1 . 1 J,. . 3.32, C Q ggi ? 55:25, 'va 4:9'u."'1 4?,5f5'5EE:FI'f- ., 5-L. .-, wifi.--Sig! fm, -:'i:i?F53'Iv ,y,,- gmiiiafniliqzassezuiaew- . ' ff!-1-111:19 -4 -'gaaiaeiiaiiia-222111:-E:3iif:9"' ' , 'L :f.- : -r-!Zf',f1:2'5i5i:E1'2Eg::1-55:21 -, -.' , '. I..-Q.: 1.-iv-2-:ing,,I .film Egg " x-:-."4-J-1 SWE. If' X - I 1445" NW ..: f nun, f M L 153757555 CABINET TOP ROW: Raymond Belli. Ralph Warner, Miss Snell, Mr. Force, Henry Mocettini. SECOND ROW: Wilma Giacomazzi, Janet Rusli, Lucille Pura, Patricia Fellows, Elsie Bassi, Janice Binsacca. -.--S-Q me --, 231 1511. JANICE BINSACCA RAYMOND BELLI FAYE FRANSCIONI Student Body President Vice-President Secretary CABINET The cabinet represents the entire Student Body and large organizations of the school. ' Regular Cabinet meetings are held which are attended by Student Body offi- cials, annual Editor, Class representatives and the boys' and girls' Athletic Managers, and two faculty representatives, Miss Snell and Mr. Force. All business of the Student Body is primarily discussed in the Cabinet meet- ing, then if thought Worthy of the Student Body, it is brought before it for con- sideration. This year each class put on an exceptionally good program, for an assem- bly. A prize was given for the best performance and the sophomores with their splendid acting Walked off with the prize. , The cabinet members are such a co-operative group that it has been a pleas- ure Working with them. I6 Faye Franscioni, Betty Binsacca, Eleanor Rosa. BOTTOM ROW: HONOR SOCIETY TOP ROW: Janet Rush, Lorene H Vosti, Clara Brescliini, Barbara Lilley, Rosaline Vosti. SECOND ROW:Madge Bellamy, Miss South Faye Franscioni. BOTTOM ROW Wilma Giacomani, Bobby Bloyed Janice Binsacca. i A Iylk' mls av tm Q - 5, ,az ,wk inf' as ssl ui ,-rgsqzr' 1 rms: V, ,,,... ver K -Q, - 1 3 ii In . 3 President: JANET RUSH Vice-President: LORENE VOSTI Secretary: ROSALINE VOSTI HONOR SOCIETY Well, this year the Honor Society has clone its yearly bit of mischief with a larger group than the previous year. At the beginning of the first and second semesters, initiations were held which were accompanied by luncheons. Dur- ing the second semester "The Cat and the Canary," a movie sponsored by the Honor Society, sent chills up and down the backs of the Student Body. A more notable event of the year was the publishing of the "Lemon," the Honor So- ciety's version ol the Cornet. All members Worked hard on it, and the Future Freshmen, who were visiting that day, enjoyed it very much. I7 fa M' Us 1 si FUTURE FARMERS This year's group of Future Farmers continued to live up to the tradition they set since the war began . . . that of "PRESENT FARMERS." lt is interest- ing to note that the relatively small number of upperclassmen really carried on a farming program worth mentioning. The eight upperclassmen, in addi- tion to attending school and carrying on their F. F. A. projects which showed a labor income of S3,2U3.45, averaged 800 hours each or an average of 15 hours a week per student yearly for the 52 week period spent for himself at the home ranch. The other ranching group made up of freshmen show lOU per cent home projects plus the many hours they, too, spend assisting in the labor shortage. Among the activities taking place this year were: Picnic and barbecue in the fall, initiation of Green hands to the Chapter Farmer degree held in Salinas, the annual F. F. A. Barn dance, dinner and show in Salinas, and finally to round up a successful year a picnic and berbecue in the spring. we ,, r- ,, it V v S... H , Ie, .f-H:1,.frf1e.,,-.51 FUTURE FARMERS TOP ROW: Mr. Pappas, Raymond Gularte, Tornmy Hambey, Franlc Hoolr, Elmer Guidotti, Harry Im- wallee. SECOND ROW: Henry DePra'Hi, Johnny Marci, Bill Koester, Leslie Rosenblati, Eddie DeCarli. Leonard Allen. BOTTOM ROW: Dean Daniels, Jerome Pura, Arthur Biogoni, Sergio Casacce, Alfred Basetti. President: BILL KOESTER V. President: LESLIE ROSENBLATT Secretary: SERGIO CASACCA ff' . "T" Q' "T TY?" ' " ' B s H it s M ,R if 5, ' ,,,--'.- ...:' ' " - E H Eff- it U, .1 1 S I X , ., za sn - E in r . :. A is H 1 , T Y I Z is E ji ll 1 2. HB, 31.1" , X K .i -L ,- if L?-I-M ' - 2 :r 2 I! dk' . is gi is I r sr 4,1 f "' wife N .ann ,Mr5,,Y,m..n,,t,s.- ,, w,..s. ,- -. H-r " GIRLS' LEAGUE TOP ROW: Wilma Giacomazzi, Doris Barlow, Ima Jean Taylor, Mary Fife, Winifred Rubbo, Clara Breschini, Jean Woods, Jo ce Teefers, Gloria Nunez, Beverly Andrews. SECOND ROW: Ouida Bishop Olga Tonini, Janice Binsacca, Madge Benamy, Alberfa Anderson, Belly ean Truskefl, Minnie Bell Walker, Aida 'Monfoya, Barbara Lilley, Gar- aldine Rianda, Lucy Rubbo, Gloria Bora, Dorothy Rosenblatf, Barbara Roddick. THIRD ROW: Jewell Springer, Lorraine Jusfesen, Alice Morisoli, Rosaline Vosli, Gemma Scaroni, Lorene Vosfi, Barbara Carberry, Berry Bmsacca, Margery Borges, Faye Franscioni, Joan Hammond, Ruih Rozell, Mary Lou Balsley. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Rowe, Verena Sruder, Josie Silva, Gerry King, Janer Rush, Lucille Pura, Pafricia Fellows, Martha Bonfadelli, Margery Doyle, Hazel Rianda, Margarel Ramos, Virginia Tapia, Eleanor Rosa. GIRLS' LEAGUE TOP ROW: Frances Bisi, Irene Guidolli, Dororhy Vosfi, Irene Peverini, Irene Mandarini, Clara Bell Harris Frances Ricca, Wilma Morisoli, Clarice Danini, Mary Hook, Lydia Vaneli. SECOND ROW: Madha Lanini, Jean Wilmofh, Dorolhy Massera, Relha May, Laura Tognelii, Sylvia Breschini, Beverly Brown, Inez DePra'Hi, Rosamond Koesfer, Dorothy Sadler. THIRD ROW: Mary Madonna, Elda Giozza, Jean Lanini, Evelyn Sides, Ruih Gann, Regina Nunez, Ilene Taylor, Rachel Tapia, Laura Latham, Doris Lafham. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Rowe, Nievis Bisi, Irene Morisoli, Doreen Scolari, Elsie Bassi, Beiiy Gallardo, Nickie Camacho, Dolores Dela Cruz, Alberta Fabor, Marie Cox, Lucille Handley. GIRLS' BLOCK "G" TOP ROW: Wilma Giacomaui, sacca, Frances Bisi. SECOND ROW: Mary Madonna, Martha Bonfaclelli, Dorothy Vosti, Irene Peverini, Faye Franscioni, Olga Tonini. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Rosa, Janice Binsacca, Verena Sfucler, Violet Vierra. President: VIOLET VIERRA Vice-President: PAT FELLOWS Secretary: VERENA STUDER GIRLS' BLOCK " " The Girls' Block "G" is a sports club consisting of girls who have earned their blocks. In order to obtain a block, she must be active in sports, a good sport and have the ability of getting along with other girls. So many points must be earned before she can obtain her tirst stripe and block. The number ot points required are 125 for the first stripe. There are a number of sports played at our school and for each sport two teams are chosen, first and second. First receives 25 points and second 15 it it becomes champion. Having this system at our school has promoted a great interest in sports by the girls of the G. U. H. S. Each girl tries harder in all sports so that she can be the proud owner of a Block 20 Nievis Bisi. Lucy Rubbo, Betty Bin- BOYS' BLOCK "G" TOP ROW: David Souza, Sergio Casacca, Arthur Davila, Arthur Brusa, Benarbe Aispuro, George Gutierrez, Louis Giozza, Ernie Bin- sacca. SECOND ROW: Henry Moceffini, Ernie Piini, Louie Escher, Gena Bonniconfri, Elmer Stoira, Bobby Blair, Louis Marquez. BOT- TOM ROW: Richard Duran, Rich- ard Mills, Miko Barchi, Bob Fel- lows, Raymond Belli, Ralph War- ner, Raymond Selval Milton Mo- ceitini. ivpp-if-.fm W-Nw W ss a H is President: RAYMOND BELLI V. President: HENRY MOCETTINI Secretary: ARTHUR BRUSA BOY'S BLOCK"G" This year the Boys' Block "G" Club has been more than just a school club. It has resumed interscholastic games with the thought of building stronger bodies and quick thinking minds. For it has been proven that athletes are more Capable of adapting themselves to the Armed Forces curriculum. Due to our interscholastic games new members entered in large numbers. The initiation of new members was held after our football banquet. We did not sponsor a track meet for the grammar schools in our district as in previous years on account of transportation difficulties. 2I saga, 4 Sf . wi Hmm VERENA STUDER First' Semester Editor ELEANOR ROSA ALBERTA ANDERSON Second Semester Co-Editors st X , bg..- if 2 as 5 W . U, , , Y careless -J erfE.'t2 -11ras3,eirIk.tfi-he Ries- 12,2 LQ COMET STAFF TOP ROW: Miss South, Verena Studer, Elmer Stoira, George Gutierrez, Arthur Bru Bob Balsley. BOTTOM ROW: Aida Montoya, Lorraine Justesen, Jewel Springer, Albet Anderson, Nievis Bisi, Eleanor Rosa. COMET The Comet is published for the enjoyment ot the student and for the free- dom of press, which is one of our country's "four freedoms." The purpose of the Comet is to print the news that takes place at school, or that concerns the school. There is the front page which gives the rnost important happenings that Will interest the student most, then the editorial page for the serious side of the paper: the Sports page is next, that's Where rnost of the boys turn first to see What's what in sports, last oi all is the feature page, in which everyone is interested. The Comet is looked forward to Weekly by the Students, so it's up to those on the Comet staff to Write to the best ot their ability to make this paper inter- esting and entertaining ior these students. SPARTAN STAFF BOB BLOYD, Business Manager OP ROW: Bob Bloyd, Richard Binsacca, Bob Blair, Glenn Eclzman, Janice Binsacca, Olga Tonini. ELEANOR ROSA, Editor BOTTOM ROW: Verena Studer, Beverly Brown, Faye Franscioni, Wilma Giacomani, Eleanor Rosa. SPARTAN Putting out the annual this year has been a lot of fun, and I have enjoyed every minute of work. Our sponsors have been very helpful, and I Wish to thank them personally for their co-operation, because without their help our book just wouldn't exist. . The staff that was chosen, proved to be an excellent one: I have never worked with a more co-operative group. Everytime there Was something to do, they were always just too Willing to help. They dug in just like troupers, and really sold ads and annuals. It has been rather hard qettinq pictures developed and getting the materials necessary for an attractive book, but Mr. Force, our director, has done his best to secure the best possible for all. I thank you, THE EDITOR 23 lg, ELSIE BASSI ORCHESTRA WILMA MORISOLI TOP ROW: Edward Whalen, Ernest Piini, Arthur Davila, Bob Balsley. SECOND ROW: Louis BILLIE DOYLE Giozza, Bill Doyle, Violet Vierra, Wilma Morisoli, Bob Fellows ,Charles Caccia. THIRD ROW Mrs. Weigel, Eleanor Rosa, Elsie Bassi, Lorene Vosti, Alberta Anderson. BOTTOM ROW Gordon Gutierrez, Willie Provencio. ORCHESTRA AND GLEE QLUB The music classes were taken over by Mrs. Weigel after Mr. Weigel left to join the Armed Forces. Both the Orchestra and Girls' Glee were small groups, but by combining the two We were able to present two programs for the Student Body. First, a Christ- mas Cantata by the Glee and instrumental solos, and second a patriotic pro- gram in February. The orchestra also furnished the music for the lunior and Senior plays. GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Mrs. Weigel, Alberta Anderson, Violet Vierra, Verena Studer, Norma Morrison. ALBERTA ANDERSON SECOND ROW: Betty Sue Hooper, Martha Lanini, Dorothy Vosti, Irene Peverini, lrene Man- VIOLET VIERRA darini. BOTTOM ROW: Esther Castro, Clara Bell Harris, LaVonne Schlyter, Lily Sargenti, VERENA STUDER Winifred Rulabo, Ouida Bishop 'NL rf' if I is., F538 5 s fi 1, Q W u rl, -Q ' if f:- . 44 354 r V k gg Z 2,5 P w., Mi , I m we A a- ,. . - 1 .Lf- Q Af .1 4 ,O x- .1 , - ,,-12, V ruff 'Y 41+ 9 if k ,335 K, :wwf fs ' fl l 7295? 4 X 5' hi M Mm fy GL-rl-Ee 'fu J, -va A wQffm.1Rf?'E-QQ55'2N wee- 1 f""I ' ' 3+ We ,v.,.,5., 1 ,:- , C4 t , , . 4 ww, 225222 DRAMA Mrs. Poille gels her man "Or Else" Togefher af lasf The "Believe lf or Noi" casl' No one is fo leave fhis room Would you like some rice? Romance, by aclverfising fm : Q sf wa mn :ug- was wma mu QE M2 ww W QW.. my mu ss sms AROUND THE CAMPUS I '2:'.- g J as-F' N I Our Fighfing Seniors Hiding out again, Oggie? The Head of 'rhe Gang Ready hi? ii! Smiles for everyone Noi busy af ihe presenf A-T-T-E-N-S-H-U-N! Kind of iireci, aifer a hike uv' 3,14 17 Af! ng- ' aw' 1 , Q--vm ' - YET' 55 "ji N wr' ' " mm-ff-- - 5:-A Q :.:-. . f-V '9?'iF-g-:fill - - -, R -'f ' - if if fl 1 ' Q ' 1 4 " lfaifsifi-s.""---Q-.WY A . 4 ' V -L: N ' ' ' .h ' F A ' - Ili -fQ3'iT11vg,wfe -,f' ..,yf'--ig 'H Q . - ZA.-A H-nk ,MY U ' . v 1 I1-fZ,5'g5vL-,jgmg , vw, wg wwwxn,,www-www1,wmQ .Ja-A" A eff-vW ., 1" f K- -ri , .'-5.31-I' p 2 'I ' 1-:sg -.tm . .I ' - V I ,-,,..- - ' - ,1 .,.,w- -A. f - 4. 1-g .9 'fa' ' 1 . xii. . ' a " ,J ' 1 wr ,.,,,.,31 , , 1 ...uv ASQ nv- , .Vi 1 M., ,fx A mf- -7- - xg, -I If Jas x. 1' M' 'R '1 'a , ,X 4 4, . ,-295-Q., J V f,,ZfQ,,aVx3-.,'1S'-lf.-gQ'1 j:2EIee -' f ti!,T3"J 'ww w-::.z2?a ffriuza-rig .r 142 . M Q1- ,kJ-ra. , .1 - 4. - 4 91.3, . . 3 '. 'HI .- .:- ll' 1 'H' WYPW .'fZf'm.ff .-5-lx' . ' A W -ffl 3-',.4'.'Ifg',x,,:-' . sm' ' Q' Sv,'f'1i":,:-An-tix ,sa 'ganna V, ' ' - , .' 'x MA -I ,-.. - - 4 1 5'- ,fr . v , ' -1 xx ' V7.5 4.1, ' ff , . f-Z ,r.,1,'f an .' HW.,-I 'Wi-"V ' ' 1 ' ,,l-4- Xia- Q, W, .. A - ,ye A- - 1' I ' 'vp 12.- '... - H V mm Q -S.: ,Y i- -,Y - I N 5 . ..,. ,J ,:"'.a.u,1.Tt-'. . - .. ' Y tg .. Q., .. 3 -4,..... ,, ' If T-J: -' k, M. 'uffffsflg qw? . 5 -W --.,, A, ' 311-Ye Tai 33 1. - X. V V- ,,w,,?,-, Qing, l ' fwfr? ' nf- ' ' H? ' Y -ew .1 , Q lej.'1 F' - - :Z . Q . L - I - F sijfr A ff ' 4 L ,' ' BSR. . ' V . 1. .J Z ' .V ' , . 1, . ' - - 1 Ig , 1 ---+f - ff -- .fa . , - K 1 . hh 'f' 5 W .. -gli ' "H "-D' K 1 '1 , ' '1 1- 'vb My Qt, - G 'x,L4I. 0-7-at ,-+,xi.! 'K ' JW. T .V . '-. ' J, YV, ., ,,,f. ,- f' , I-,f.,,2n, V.. Q, R514 ,zs QA ' T' '. ,, . jp, . I, 1'.... - Q V Y Ag, .fm .f."'5- v. .f - ffl' v W 1 1 Q N -Bs: -1- -W , vim .Jn A-I -. . he ,, , J- V its I .A Q - 14 Q 1 " ' E - Q,-H -7' X -n-. --aqiif .11 .ff-:A :"9f.,f- -v - l ...- ,, ' ' -. .,,L:P.. , ' ff N " - ' AP - H ' - - - "' 1 3 - - N J . V Y ,A A -fx ? ,,..f.--.-.-'.7..-wg., , , 1 . ,fi -J , arf es- - ' -- M-1- A - - .1 5,1 ,,-,JA - saw V. rg- N-B-+A. . - x - V - , '- ,Q--4. ,wa Y -5 , -2. ' - . ' - 1 , ' : " 2 1 - ' -as '.Uf-In iff .K-X f K v - M ' ' W K- - ffifi- W' ,nf " ' ' 'N- g?uiy" A-gf uf?-ww 13- --1 ef-'QA- e - Q W, lfgww Q-4 ,- - - H - W , - ! ,- , H. -, ,, w .4 . ,QV -Lg., A- ft X ,gr i I k X fi A, tit as-3 V I . . EV, . I I I, 4 ,.- , N f X -' pf.-w..V,f -, . ' Q -ry.: -H X - ,V . f T - 1 ' . 1 , X J-' - 5 v . ff. r - f' x -+' ' fag". -0119 . ' .' P , . -- A . .. ' A a A ,I I , . . ,,.' , -'L-5-Q: ff -' sgffgv 15,5 3 ' '5' as fc' . ,' , Fffw-K H I g . , , MH -W Ei W 1 3' Z Y --I 4-me -'v - - I 5 6 M A .... s. M ' Z ' ' x ' . f- 4 ? , wm- ' A -2 ' ' - 1 f Q f ,- ' 4. L. A A , M fff' ' ' - ' Y , v., . - I R 1 , ,J "-1 W A W' , ..-Illia: . Q , y 4 l, .-V. ff A ' ' , ' ' x A - , ' . l . Q. in Y XM X! at M F wi X ,fr -ix, ff NH' 'saga 'F vig' Q, lfwnf 5 N f 1.-.A-'TQ -Nh wg , :ba f xy ' Ae . '- , .4 ff . .Y gu i, ' , 7 , il. .K mx w N Mfr., 1 M, li 7 ' XX"-iff X N M: ff i -yan , ' gfiiffl ' ' . -1 1 Af wg , Aja' Q 3 - 111. 1 . ,,,.: ' fl 7 s Ly! o it .,:f'ff , H , in ,F ,. if Vg 1. L fl' k . 4 Indy 1' Z1 2 ' M- 4 , 1 , A 131' , f V fag, 'X ':'...'. Q , - , Www, K .Ax gg. rn . - , 1 . .v . 4 ,ay J X , , bm.. If MR. FORCE, Coach FOOTBALL The 1943 football schedule showed Gonzales playing tive games, with Pacific Grove, Carmel, Hollister and a home game with King City. The high spot ot the season was the Pacific Grove game. The Spartans were trailing 6-0 at half time. They returned, drove to a touchdown, and made the conversion goody winning the game 7-6. In the backfield Ray Belli at quarter, Bob Fellows and Rudy Martinez or Bob Blair as halves and Richard Duran at full made a dangerous combination. Ray Selva, Louis Marquez and Louis Escher alternated at guard. Ernest Piini, Eugene Bonincontri and Richard Mills were stone walls at tackle position. Ends Elmer Stoira and Henry Mocettini held down their positions. Bob Botil and Mike Barchi did a fine job at center. The fact that so many of the boys this year are underclassmen makes the football prospects for next year seem very promising. BOYS' FOOTBALL SQUAD TOP ROW: Tom Hambey, Arthur Brusa, George Gutierrez, Arthur Davila, Louis Giozza, James Pura, Charlie DeWitt, Willis Provencio. SECOND ROW: Bob Blair, Benarlae Aispuro, Geno Bonnicontri, Bob Balsley, Milne Barchi, Louis Marquez, Charles Eddings, Lester Johnson, Milton Moceltini, Raymond Belli, Sergio Casacca. BOTTOM ROW: Rudy Martinez, Henry Mocettini, Ernie Piini, Raymond Selva, Bob Botill, Louis Escher, Richard Mills, Elmer Stoira, Bob Fellows, Richard Duran. ELMER STOIRA HENRY MOCETTINI BOB BALSLEY ARTHUR BRUSA GLENN ECKMAN BOB FELLOWS GENO BONNICONT RAYMOND BELL! HENRY BRUSA ERNIE PIINI S N f' 1-1waj""' V -1 ui' 'M i. 7 Ny- : Ji 5 " ggggxm L s-Q V .rr .L , gm rm 1.,1.H,,jg,,,,.e ., " ' t A FW 'A lim H-Ewen sf Wi X- ,V I : bm ,W-an W ' w M ff. ---5 1. was so was H t g if Z ,K fs . ,,. WWE- fm... l. W H H HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL SQUAD TOP ROW: Ernie Piini, Bob Balsley, Glenn Ecltmann, Henry Brusa, Willy Provencio, Louis Escher. BOTTOM ROW: Henry Moicetfini, Raymond Belli, Arthur Brusa, Elmer Sfoira, Bob Fellows, Gene Bonniconfri. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Spartans' Varsity basketball squad had a successful season cor1side1'i1'1Q the size of our school and heiqht of our team. Our first team, Belli, Stoira, Brusa, Fellows and Mocettini averaged about 5' lO" which was very short as com- pared to the rest of the squads. During the season We Won four games while dropping the same amount. The Gonzales varsity held a record they can well be proud of. Out of the total 256 minutes played, Brusa, Fellows, Mocettini and Stoira all played over 225 minutes. Belli missed one qame due to illness, but played over 200 minutes. Stoira was C. C. A. L. hiqh point man with ll2 points and made all C. C. A. L. All the rest of the boys played qood basketball all the tirne, never qivinq up althouqh the odds were always against them. ' SCORES Gonzales t 22 Salinas ................ .......... l 9 33 Santa Cruz ........ ........ 2 8 34 Pacific Grove ......... .,.,...., 2 3 41 Pacific Grove ....... ,....... 2 9 33 Carmel ............. Q' ........ 41 25 Carmel .......,,.. ......., 5 5 ' ' ' ' 38 15 King City ....... .......... 2 9 26 Kmq City ........ ......... .254 ff , LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL SQUAD TOP ROW: Gordon Gutierrez, David Souza, James Pura, Tony Foster, Ernie Binsacca, Benarbe Aispuro, Alex Aquinicl. BOTTOM ROW: Jesse Marquez, George Gutierrez, Rudy Martinez, Arthur Davila, Louis Giozza. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL SCORES League Team Won Lost Pct. Gonzales Salinas 21 A Salinas ..... .. A Gonzales Pacific Grove 22 A Monterey ....... Gonzales Carmel l8 B Gonzales ....... Gonzales King City 22 A Santa Cruz Gonzales Santa Cruz 27 B Pacific Grove Gonzales Pacific' Grove 31 B King City .....,... Gonzales Carmel 14 B Carmel ........... Gonzales King City 13 A Hollister ......... The lightweight squad Was very successful this year after a layoff of a season inter-school basketball. The only experienced player of inter-school basketball was George Gutierrez, all C. C. A. L. right forward and season high scorer with 110 points. less Marquez, Rudy Martinez and David Souza returned from last year. David's valuable playing and the excellent floor work and scoring of less Marquez added greatly to the team's five victories. Benarbe Aispuro and Ernest Binsaca also proved very valuable. Rudy Martinez held down the center position all season with his fighting spirit. At guards, two ex- cellent players, Art Davila and Louie Giozza played fine ball all season. The three games the lightweights lost were only by one, two and three points. Showing promise for the future are: Rudy Martinez, Louie Giozza, Art Davila, Dave Souza, Gordon Gutierrez, Tony Foster, Iames Pura and Ernie Binsacca. Seniors were Benarbe Aispuro, Alex Aguinid and George Gutierrez. INTRAMURAI. Intramural athletics have held much importance this year. The demands of the armed services for boys who are physically fit has encouraged compe- tition in all sports. Football, basketball, boxing, baseball, obstacle course, cross country, tennis, track and volleyball were played. All boys were encouraged to partici- pate in these sports. The result has been a noticeable improvement in physical condition and body co-or- dination. Equally important is the development of a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. Q YN: ' 56 r I -1' B A S E B A L L TOPUROW: Ernesi Piini, l'lenry. Moceflini, Arfhur Brusa, Willie Pro- venclo, Bob Balsley, Joe Mxgoih, Louie Escher, Gale Allen. BOTTOM ROW: Benarbe Aispuro, Raymond Belli, David Souza, Bob Fellows, Rudy Marfinez. B G X I N G BACK ROW: Raymond Belli, Elmer Sioira, Bob Blair, Bob Fellows, Richard Mills. FRONT ROW: George Gufierrez, Rudy Marfinez, Gordon Gufierrez, Arihur Bigiogni, Alex Aguinid, Alfred Aguirre 'A l :nu 3 rf I ' gg I L- 1 GIRL'S A cool shower and everything will be okay. That is what you hear every afternoon after playing a hard game of hockey, baseball or some other strenuous exercise. The girls have participated in tive different sports this year under the successful coaching ot Miss Varley. Teams are chosen every six Weeks, and they play off. Fifth period seems to be champs this year, and We have had excellent sportsmanship amongst the girls, and had many enjoyable plays together. MISS VARLEY, Girls' Coach GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS TOP ROW: Pat Fellows, Lucy Rubbo, Faye Franscioni, Mar- garet Ramos. BOTTOM ROW: Mariorie Borges, Martha Bon- GlRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS tadelli, Geraldine Rianda. TOP ROW: Pat Fellows, Lucy Rubbo, Faye Franscioni. BOT- GIRLS, SPEEDBALL CHAMPS TOM ROW: Mariorie Borges, Martha Bontadelli. TOP ROW: Faye Franscioni, Pat Fellows, Lucy Rubbo, Lor- GIRLS! BASEBALL CHAMPS raine Justesen. Margaret Ramos. BOTTOM ROW: Wilma TOP ROW: Lucy Rubbo, Faye Franscioni, Pat Fellows, Lorene Giacomazzi, Martha Bontadelli, Mariorie Borges, Gemma Vostl, Clara Breschini. BOTTOM ROW: Wilma Giaccmazzi, Scaroni. Mariorie Borges, Martha Bontadelli, Beverly Andrews. ,,,...m,... M. ..'. . M, . 1 if 'iljgr,,4j,Mw l . . W. H l 1. zl' 'g'l? ll7'5V:i fflf5"?"'Mgg H Wh A' A I 9 4 mx? J' my 52 W 1 ,Q A 2 Www L , i . S .. .. if it , 7 if Q., Fi ' ' ' ' " W' -PWYE v em.. N4 Erasing' , W 1 SPORTS Now, more than ever before, it is necessary for girls to be Well and strong. During the past few years We have found that a girl who takes her share of Physical Educa- tion here at school is better physically than the average. We have had some excellent games, and I am sure everyone is prepared. TOP ROW: Clarice Danini, Ilene Taylor, Reiha May, Lyclia TOP ROW Clara Harris Frances Rncca Elsie Bass: Violet Vanoli, Barbara Rodcliclr. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Wilmoih, Vierra, Wilma Morlsoll BOTTOM ROW Belly Sue Hooper Rufh Rozell, Beverly Brown, Barbara Morrison. Verena Sfuder Sylvia Bresclwml Laura Tognelh TOP ROW: Doro+l1y Vosfi, lrene Mandarini, Madge Bellamy, TOP ROW' Eleanor Rosa NIEVIS Bus: Virginia Blnsacca La Irene Peverini. BOTTOM ROW: Lily Sargenii, Norma Vonne Sclwlyler Belly Blnsacca BOTTOM ROW Alberla An Morrison derson Janice Binsacca Olga Tonmi Mariha Lanlnl l....,,. .xK,..1,.,: l r,:Cv. JWiHl'+5dI - '59, rr., EW? F X-L 1 7432? 6 asf ' Q +L Q .. . .. ' , H I 5.1: 1 Q," , '- ' -2.34: sw , 'f RQ . -4 .Wg 4, :gg 'ara - -1. gmf 1, 'V M L, '33 .L V I ' , .,:d5pW:1 ,wil ,ff M ,. 1, by , 'pf H - - 5. W: A H W ,B K U yyka 7 em, 1-'."m . gg QW, Biirsilwfggi - H :- ss--' ,f 2' WM' ,lg was Sf., :mama :www :ways zu,-:uma mq.,.Lu.. -mv: Mi :xv 1,4 'W 5 s fam q . rv In ,A ,N F, 3 .N M Q, ills-1. ' Hmm .mmm Hwy MMM wmnzzvkhs wma ,WM ,x nm sl sms mmm: swans , mangas-'4 ...smug .MWBF-E ,bw A 1-WV. nw: .fsmf , t,,g.,Am-1 -2 . . ,. w E. X .. mln.. - -' K. ,. ,,- M'5"., ua sw-fs Q . is w . :Sf 1, H Q " , If 'S 4 ,Q - , 'F ' N' as ww , Via-we A tiff. mm was mum 'ma 1535555 QW - M My V .ww .. L.. f 'M ivesuwf f - .mfs 5 ik, My may-f V -awww 1.--'awww 1-wxm pwmx , snmggf 31 Q-.-, ang., A ,M WMA -,vw 4 as 1 A ww Qwsz., E585- , -W .WJ H 1 1,333.1 4 53mf',Ziff ,meg .. Q:-1-:gill ,awww .,..,g . WF X Msww, .fx-fgq-11 1 ., y.n.w. X ,,,w,,V. -1 .-XM V . ws wx w M za :WIS Efxhow www a,mumm,m,w,f wqpfff-" -A sam- v I Q w 4 v. wxg-,ww n l.l.wsg A vnu-vw mmm: W gwmmmmw M521 ax: wg fu mg- -nag xxgm, was -4.5 Q f 1 3,02 5 . -.FP my ,. .-45: 1 "E:l :..: 'ig Y K , -- 'TZ' ,. .3121 "" ff M ii mx, g is ., , s .3 W. as iw 5 9 , f f 5, 545 ffM:4xw'5-4, , ziaiggiywg L EE gay N, ,Wq .aww-12:4 4, 5 5 gag-1 pq 3? .L ig Q., gs . E ' -X 5 B541 r-X mm ay . ' k QQZV? 5 Egg we-ggsn M wg-4 521.5 , fm f " ' as 53", L' Q if A - wg- N' X if sa-war Q mv-.f.w'3ff ,xx- 5 nf mvm,.wwx-mmm: -L wax mx? lf-- FSS rrz, n,,1-1-- . -ffm-f..LW , If AM wiau 1 was 'K "F:fzm-22. sw W--f YM 96 K :gay mia fm WQEA ,A mia 5? fa' F if 5' g w .WN- gfx MW Z H. .E M w M.: t - E, ..,. ,VL w 1 gh.. - in ,wa W. Q., K f-.. .,. 453 H Q Qui W 5 3 V '4 :NP 55 Wye Q. S+.,- ,kb wh? Q 51,-4, -fig 2 qs? - N, W Ng .- f T5 Qs 5, LEEQESTX., Q'T3W,.ggifg M My :Q M Ma -m OL .QE 1 'CI Q,- Q X I 'F 'll CQ I I THE MISSION A FARMS CO. SALINAS, CAMP. l FARMERS MERCANTILE COMPANY Salinas - Watsonville - Hollister INTERNATIONAL IMPLEMENTS TRACTORS AND TRUCKS MACHINE SHOP AND SERVICE GARAGE FARM HARDWARE Phone 7283 Salinas "We Never Close" WALKER'S SIGNAL CAFE BAR-B-Q -1- STEAKS AND oHoPs "Food Y0u'll Like" TED and MARY ANN WALKER, Proprietors lOl Highway at Iohn Street Salinas, California FLORENCE E. RICHMOND CORSET SHOP MATERNITY DRESSES cSf LINGERIE 14 W. Alisal Street Telephone 6161 Salinas, California 43 H . I I W.-Q :B u-.zu ,wsu sz- H, mm: mn I A FEW OF OUR BOYS ELMER GHEZZI VALERIO FRANSCIONI BILL BOEKENOOGEN ADELIO TOSONI ALFRED BINSACCA MILTON LAFRANCHI ARNOLD PISONI BILL BONTADELLI HAROLD SARM ENTO EDDIE PISONI HAROLD BORLA DONALD BONTADELLI BILLY VOSTI DICK FELLOWS VERNON PURA PAUL VAUGHAN CHARLES VILLEC-PAS MAJOR SHORT ANTHONY AMAYA WALLACE CASSATT "There Is N 0 Substitute for Quality" Dependable Wearing Apparel for Young Men and Women Quality Merchandise That Gives Lasting Satisfaction SNEIBLE-TAVERNETTI CO. Groceries, Hardware, Linoleums, Shoes, Dry' Goods, - Venetian Blinds GONZALES, CALIFORNIA Cofzgratulations to the Class of 1944 MONTEREY COUNTY TRUST 84 SAVINGS BANK Banking Service Since 1890 MONTEREY COUNTY TITLE 81 ABSTRACT CO. Title Ir1s11ra11c'c' - Escrow Service Phone 8011 l6 West Gabilan Street Salinas, California JOHNSON'S GARAGES, INC. Buick, Pontiac, Dodge, Plymouth GMC Trucks, Dodge Trucks GONZALES PHONE 41 45 ali 'mr gg.. E xiii. Our Principal Jusf a bunch of Juniors Freshmen Tie-up Pistol Packin' Mama Our School Tie-em up good A long way over Our English Teacher 'The Queen of fhe Barn Dance Red, in person Walling for fha? bell Yo ring Real Pals There is a man who work Pilch if a lillle fasler hu Our Coach . Don'f fake my picfure h SALINAS TITLE GUARANTEE COMPANY 22 West Galoilan Street Salinas, California Tifle Imnraizce and Escrow Service E. I. DRUSSEL GEO. C. DOELTZ Vice-President - Manager Assistant Secretary Phone '76l5 WESTCOTT MOTOR COMPANY "Standard Merchandise"-Dependable Service Chevrolet SALES and SERVICE SOLEDAD Phone 8 CALIFORNIA TOM I-IAMBEY LUMBER COMPANY One Stop Center for a Complete Line oi I Lumber, Hardware, Millwork, Bruilzlizzg Supplies PHONE 56 SOLEDAD, CALIFORNIA FREE ESTIMATES FURNISHED Courtesy of BANK OF AMERICA and National Trust G Savings Associatio FUNERAL HGME Helpful Services AMBULANCE SERVICE Offered KING CITY SALINAS h 6520 S 1 S I cl d C lf 47 s, Eli, L. Always on lhe iob The Fufure Farmers Wailing for someone ' Take if oulside Our Science Teacher l Old Pals The Beach is swell Something good, I hope Won'l' you smile? Mrs. Bianchi Leo, lhe lion Washing dishes again Wanf some emply bollles? Hif lhaf ball hard Janice and her dogs Anolher of the gang FRANK'S MARKET Groceries -:- Vegetables -:- Meats PHONE 75 GONZALES K O D A K S DEPENDABLE DRUGS TURNER'S PHARMACY AUSTIN E. TURNER, Proprietor GONZALES Phone 31 CALIFORNIA Get Your Athletic Equipment at SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS Quality Goods at Lowest Prices FRAZER'S MUSIC AND SPORTING GOODS 249 MAIN STREET PHONE 4311 SALINAS, CALIF. SALINAS SODA WORKS Bottlers ot Pepsi-Cola, I-Iires Root Beer and Mission Beverages V 101 NATIVIDAD STREET SALINAS, CALIF. HAY -:- GRAIN -:- BEANS -:- POTATOES -:- ONIONS MITCHELL SILLIMAN COMPANY MODERN BEAN CLEANING OUR SPECIALTY Warehouses at SALINAS and CAMPI-IORA Telephone Salinas 7656 Soledad 100 Congratulations from FOWLER and MYERS CONCRETE PIPE Phone 84-W CQNGRATULATIQNS wowo got n, will ooi ii, room AT ITS BEST Mons o DAY Ofmot What' ALPINE LODGE BEAUTIFUL DRESSES TI-IE PINNACLES COPPEE sHoP LINGERIE - Hos1ERY SODA FOUNTAIN Eiizoboih Dawson, Prop. s Iinas ond Monterey Phone 71 Soledad 101 I-Tghwoy ooo 49 if Our Algebra Teacher LiHIe Art Ou? of fhe Hockey Field She keeps ihe office in order Clear over ihe 'top Mr. Bougher and his beard Put up your dukes Please save the rope Forward Ma rch Walking 'downtown Whai, no paper? Finishing up Hey, pass if! Quife a huddle Hey, no fair Nice iump! MONTEREY COUNTY SURVEYORS, Inc. 227 Salinas Street Phone 9393 SURVEYING BLUEPRINTING PI-IOTOCOPYING MAPS SALINAS CALIFORNIA I f You Like Ifalinn Food. v... Conzv I0 Us PASQUALE HOTEL P. TONINI, Proprietor ITALIAN DINNERS - PRIVATE BANOUETS - ROOMS Phone I6 Front Street So1edad,CaIiiornia SOLEDAD MERCANTILE CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Hardware - Groceries - Dry Goods Visit Our Three Departments Each Merits a Pair Share of Your Patronaqe ' SOLEDAD PHONE 9 CALIFORNIA I Congratulations I I g G-OODPRIENDS SALINAS I Leading Iewelers Since 1919 NATIONAL BANK The St with the St t Cl I Safety Service I I 218 Main Street S 1 a.. S y N I r A I SI MISSION STOCK FARMS DUROCS - REGISTERED PoLANDS Arroyo Seco District Phone 1IE22 Soledad, California JOAQUIN BON DI ETTE-CI-I EVROLET Service for Victory - Save the Wheels Phone 35 That Serve America Gonzales CONGRATULATIONS CORNELL TRACTOR COMPANY Farm Implements - Tractors - Road Machines Sales - Service - Parts WATSONVILLE - SALINAS - KING CITY B A R T L E T T ' S coATS - SUITS - DRESSES I SPORTS WEAR - COSTUME IEWELRY I-IOSIERY - BLOUSES 224 Main Street Salinas, California MISSION CREAMERIES, INC. 20 East Alisal The Finest in Milk Produced Locally, Sold Locally Phone 7583 Salinas, California WHERE YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE THOMPSON PAINT SANTA LUCIA INN CO. A. HIRSH 5: SON. Inc. E y PAINT I EAMoUS FOR Eooo RELIABLE IEWELERS PAINT 51 246 Main Street 371 Main St. SALINAS SALINAS SALINAS 52 Congratulations HARRY RHODES BE5TCOl"A1g1L?l4Tgg THE ANTHONY PETTI . . . FURNITURE CO. TITGS - Radtos - Appliances GONZALES S G H Green Stamps A 101 HIGHWAY S Opposite Rodeo Grounds Phone 5593 Salinas, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS K R O U G H ' S CLASS or '44 CUT-RATE DRUGS BURKE'-5 DRUG STORE 156 Main Street TOHN R- BURKE I AL S 420 Monterey Street S I d d C H A Soledad California E. Alisal 6 Pearl Streets O e C G 1 Omm MISSION GROCERY TRAVELER'S STQFFEY 5, RQCHEX FRANK mccr, prop. RESTAURANT FLOWERS "WHERE GOOD MEALS l Phone 12-F-4,3 ARE SERV-EDU 162 Main Street Phone 5755 Soledad California Gonazles California Salinas Oongfutulufions E M S T E L ' S W. I. ALLEN Standard Furniture Co. GOOD SHOES AND HOSIERY PLUMBING HEATING LANE CEDAR Cl-IESTS Telephone 3595 SHEET METAL John G California Salinas 262 Main Street Salinas, California phone 1004 Gonzales Congratulations BLANCHE E. LISK RQBERTS Millinery - Hand Bags - Hanlcies SMART CLOTHES for STATIONEBS Neckwear - Corsaqes - Hosiery S MEEUHCI WOMEN uzts Coats - Stacks 214 Main Street NOVOHY IOWOITY Complete Sportswear Salinas California 12 West Alisal St. Salinas 200 Main Street Salinas The California Ieweler NATIONAL DOLLAR C. GARCIA 61 SONS FINE WATCH and IEWELRY DRIVE IN MARKET REPAIRING T. ienda de Abarrotes Phone 7781 257259 Main Sheet Carniceria Y qasolina SUHIIGS CCtlif0fHiC1 SOHHOS COlifOmlO Telefono 87 Gonzales LAMARR BROS. TIRE RECAPPING POLLY-AN NA BAKERY Salinas California - "THE HOME OF GOOD Williamson :S Purdy THINGS TO EAT" REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE 3l9V2 Main Street 319 NlCIlI'1 Street SCtll1'10IS Phone 4487 Salinas California 53 SOUTHERN PACIFIC DR GENE R FULLER Fountain Bowling Alley MILLING CO, ' ' FOUNTAIN SERVICE OPTOMETRIST Dealers in All Kinds of Lumber, We Make the WOTST HGmb'-lfqef Building Materials, Feed Phone 6201 in TOWN B Cl ' - A Gun ecmmg 264 Main Street Salinas, Calif. TRY IT Gonzales California Gonzales phone 414 SALINAS HARDWARE I OHN O. BRESCHINI Successor to Geo. S. Gould Y Real Estate - Bonds - Insurance Phone 3737 phone 8026 331 Main Street Salinas 64 W. Alisal Street Salinas, Calif. BERTHA DAY SHOP SPROUSE REITZ CO. Correct Wearing apparel for LADIES, MISSES and CHILDREN A NEW BOYS' DEPARTMENT One to 16 Years A. L. BROWN 6 SONS Department Store 231 Main Street Salinas SOLEDAD FRENCH for Inc, LAUNDRY SPORTWE-AR 55, 10C cmd 15C STQRE EDMOND COURREIOU, Proprietor 340 Main Street Salinas Soledad Cdmorniu Phone 54 Soledad Coflqfflfulufionft to the RODEO OIL CO. "soon LUCK" DALEYSSSEZSZJTERY HANCCCK PRCCUCTS CLASS OF '44 EEEEEE EEEEE Come Kehnef ROMANA BAKE sHoP Saunas California Phone 55U7 Salinas 354 Main Street Salinas SOLEDAD APPLIANCE STORE Electric Supplies - Butane Gas Stoves - Refrigerators - I-lard-ware, etc. Office Phone 43 A. FRANSCIONI, IR., Proprietor HICKS LUMBER CO. LUMBER, MILLWORK HARDWARE and PAINT East Market and Merced Streets Telephone 3710 Salinas LABEL'S HOUSE of STYLES QUALITY APPAREL For Men and Women CARLYLE'S Credit Iewelers "The House of Cheerful Credit" 149 Main Sweet 362 Main Street Salinas, Calif. SALINAS Phone 8646 Congratulations To Class of '44 GADSBY'S MUSIC CO. Salinas MERRILL S. CAHOON Best Wishes to Class of '44 KIRBY'S SHOE STORE 256 Main Street Salinas BARD DAUGHTERS Doctor of Optometry 245 Main Street Phone 4171 Salinas, California "Service with a Smile" lACOBSON'S. Inc. FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION Phone 4881 422 Salinas Street Salinas BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF '44 Dillard Electric Service 247 Monterey St. Salinas California Compliments of DAYTON 6: IOHNSON GENERAL INSURANCE AL PRICE REAL ESTATE -INSURANCE SPORTING GOODS Phone 3611 ..SWEATERS., Phone 3939 Salinas California 332 Main Street Salinas 157 Main Street Salinas 54 Congratulations 6 COFFEE SHOP GUSTAvNf:g:RHARDT DEPARTMENT STORE Fountain Service ' ' ' V l Soledad 1 California Gonzales California Seimas Cahlomm KARI-'S SHOE STORE I. W. FRANSCIONI GONZALES Shoes for the Entire Family POPULAR PRICES MEAT MARKET Best of Meats DRUG COMPANY THE PENSLAR STORE Phone 9286 252 Main Street Salinas Soledad CUMOYUIG Where Pmces Are Rlght "Your Appearance Is Our Congratulations Responsibility" L d C1 aun 1' Q11 ., eaI'1e1'S WICKENDEN'S Y DR. O. H. NUSZ MEN'S WEAR Phone IU3 ' A Gonzales COl1lOI'l'11G 5CIli1'1ClS SGH LUIS Ol-713190 P. O. Box 373 Gonzales, Calif. A - Nita's Beauty Salon u 1 u Conqratulotlons S from DISTINCTIVE PERMANENTS BOWLNG ALLEY Contoure Cosmetics for I. C. PENNEY CO. Slovene, You Phone 141 Soledad 320 Main Street Salinas Phone 29-W Gonzales CONGRATULATONS FRED A, RIANDA AL'S STORE FOR MEN CLASS OF '44 GENERAL INSURANCE HATS - SHOES NQTARY PUBLIC RIDING TOGS - FURNISHINGS Soledad California 310 Alta Street Gonzales 210 Main Slfeel Salinas Congratulations Lauritson 6 Salmina ECKHART SEED co. , Wh I I WHITEHILL S O ESC' 9 Locqqion gspencep CANDY, GUM AND CIGARS S 1, Ph 4297 226-228 Mum street Phaaa 5967 Q mas one Salinas California 233 Salinas Street Salinas Congratulations To The Congratulations Stationery and Supplies Class of 1944 Graduation Cards and Gifts . I I Phone 5830 RALPH C, MULLER Rtchheld Serv1ce 343 Mm street Salinas Salinas California Gaaaalaa Califafafa NESTLE'S MILK IQE FRQLL1 A. H. CLARK REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE BEANS i GRAIN Manufacturers of NESTLE'S and ALPINE MILK Phone 35 INSURANCE Gonzales California Front Street Soledad Phone 50 Soledad 55 BUCK-AROO lEWELER coNGRA'rULAroNS Q To THE CLASS OF ,44 Diamonds - Watches - Iewelry' Soledad Hotel leffery Bldg., Ph. 5133 California Salinas, California SYLVIA THEATRE ALWAYS A GooD Snow GERMAIN SEED 62 PLANT CO. FARM and GARDEN SUPPLIES HOTEL IEFFERY Next fo Post Office "FRIENDLY" 357 Main Street I COFFEE SHOP Larry Santiago, Manager Phone 7601 Gonzales California Salinas Cuhfomm Salinas California HELENE'S HOWARD'S BEAUTY SHOP SPORTSWEAR - DRESSES FOX IEWELERS 21 E. A1isa1Street COATS DIAMONDS - WATCHES phone 4307 Salinas California JEWELRY Salinas California Momerey California I' GOI-'DEI Manager oRvAL and KAY c:ooK PHOTOGRAPHERS "W7 e Feature Pa1zcr01natic Make-zap" Telephone 8604 Phone Salinas California 353 Main Sireet Salinas, California Pacific Watch Shop WATCH and IEWELRY REPAIRING Telephone 4410 Salinas California 56 .-,-

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