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THE SPARTAN YEAR BOOK OF GONZALES UNION HIGH SCHOOL PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF I936 IN :Ts SENIOR YEAR FOREWORD THIS BOOK HAS BEEN MADE TO PRESERVE FOR OURSELVES THE FUN AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE I935-36 SCHOOL YEAR AND TO STIMU- LATE COMRADESHIP THROUGH PAR- TICIPATION IN A COMMON ACTIVITY. C FD DEDICATION TO MR. KELLY, WHO DID MUCH TO MAKE OUR SCHOOL A FINE PLACE TO WORK AND PLAY, AND GAVE MUCH OF HIS TIME AND EFFORT TO US, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. F35 ,I -' I- Ii' . OUR THEME ' BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A VALLEY THAT IS RICH IN MEMORIES AND WHOSE PEOPLE ARE STRONG WITH THE SPIRIT AND COURAOE OF THE MISSION PADRES WE HAVE CHOSEN THE SYMBOLS OF THEIR ACHIEVE- MENTS AS THE THEME FOR THIS YEARBOOK. ,-2 CONTENTS -.QQ SCHOOL ACTIVITIES fl ATHLETICS FEATURES THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE The fundamenlal purpose of educalion is lo make good ciiizens. Al no lime in The hislory of our counlry has lhere been a grealer demand for honesl, loyal individ- uals. inleresled in lhe welfare of 'rheir counrry and adequalely lrained in some , , MR. LEON D. LILLEY slcrll or profession. Principal During pioneer days The people who became dissalisiied wilh iheir environ- menl would paclc 'rheir necessilies in a prairie schooner and move l'o undeveloped lands, hoping 'ro find peace, and grealer financial opporfunilies. Today lhese lands are occupied. 'rhe problems, lherefore, will have 'ro be solved. I+ is lhe funcfion of 'rhe public school 'ro provide 'rraining for lhe individual so 'rhal he may be prepared 'ro face wilh confidence, new silualions as lhey arise and solve lhem l'o lhe besl of his abilily. There is no yarclsliclc whereby we can measure our accomplishmenfs. We hope, as each class is gradualed from This insliluiion, lhal we, l'he Board of Truslees and Facully have done our parl in providing for a complele living. Miss Melva Mr. Alexander Miss Wilma Mr. Ernesf W. Miss Eleanor Halfan Mcl.eish Secresl Bougher Pilman Mr. Harry A. Miss Angelina Mr. Earl Miss Beala Mr. Keilh J. Hill Dias Alcorn l-lobrechl Abboll ...L-..L....L 9 Boys' Afhlefic Manager T. Salmina, Secrefary T. Johansen. Yell Leader E. Silveria, Treasurer E. Franscioni, Girls' Afhlefic Manager D. Wells, Business Manager H, Alcorn, Presiclenf B. Warner. THE STUDENT BODY An organizafion of school-wide imporfance is fhe Sfudenf Body. Every sfu- denf belongs 'ro if and fakes parf in ifs acfivifies. The presidenf, Bob Warner. fogefher wifh fhe ofher officers, arranges business in a cabinef session before each meefing. This cabinef includes Class Represenfafives, Boys' and Girls' Afhlefic Man- agers. and Sfudenf Body officials. The cabinef imporfs speakers, musicians and ofher performers for our educa- 'rion and amusemenf. Dances and plays are given fo malce if a financial success for fhe Sfudenf Body helps finance fhe year boolc, gives annual awards, and helps fhe clubs. if buys parf of fhe equipmenf. The Sfudenf Body acfs in fhe inferesfs of fhe school and makes school an inferesfing place. During fhis year fhere were Sfudenf Body games and fraclc meefs. However, because of fhe influenza epi- demic, we had fewer meefings fhan usual. Membership fees are one dollar. The Consfifufion is whaf rules us and our meefings. If was wriffen a few years ago and. because if is so sensible and fakes care of mosf quesfions 'rhaf come up, if has been amended only a few firnes. The Sfudenf Body broadens our inferesfs and gives us more advanfages. As an organizafion if is fhe social side of school life. There is a greaf deal of inferesf in if. If is fhe cause of school spirif. I0 Vice-Presidenf P. Barioni, Secrefary A. Sarmenfo, Presidenf E. Silveria. Treasurer D. Wells. SENIOR CLASS, '36 Four years ago fhe class of '36 enfered upon ifs high school career. As freshmen, aspirafions vague and undefined filled our hearfs. The firsf year of high school is always fhe hardesf as we soon found ouf. buf fhe class weafhered The sform successfully. Our sophomore year sfarfed ouf wifh fhe inifiafion of fhe freshmen which was enjoyed immensely by all fhe sophomores buf nof by many of fherfreshmen. Our aspirafions began fo fake shape fhis year wifh many of our sfudenfs geffing on fhe Honor Roll and ofhers faking prominenf places in sporfs. As Juniors we furfher disfinguished ourselves in school acfivifies. We did much in making fhe Jamboree fhe success if was. We gave The Seniors a banquef which was a greaf success. Our Senior year was fhe besf of all. Our foofball and baslcefball feams were composed almosf enfirely of Seniors. The girls sfood high in sporfs and sfudies. Our Senior play. "Growing Pains" was given under fhe able direcfion of Miss Dias, a fhree-acf comedy which wenf over big. And now we leave wifh sorrow our feachers who have been our friends. Wi+h fhese words fhe class of '36 bids you farewell. SENIORS ERNEST SCATTINI TI-IAIS JOI-IANSEN EVELYN SILVERIA REED CORNWELL MILTON LAERANCI-II MERYLE GUERRA LAURA BRAZZI PAUL BARIONI EMILY ERANSCIONI ANTHONY AMAYA LYDIA SCI-IELLI-IAAS ALLEN TATE REGINA SASULES ISABEL SASULES I-IELEN ALCORN ARCADIA MENETREY JAMES SI-IIRAMIZU NORMA FRANSCIONI CATHERINE PIINI MARGUERITE SCI-IELLI-IAAS FUMIE SAKODA SENIORS AUDREY SARAIVIENTO EDDIE PISONI BOB WARNER EVELYN SORENSEN DORIS WELLS BILL BOEKENOOGEN TED SALMINA PI-IYLLIS I-IANDLEY CHARLES ESAU EMILIA YOP 1"- Mi I - , ,. 1 , V . Q 4 A Second row: J. Franscioni, A, Silveria, A. I-IampTon, I-I. Widemann, R. Rosso, B. Bauman, I. I-IaTTori. FirsT row: T. Schadeck, G. Fanoe, I.. Collins, N. Jones. E. Onell, F. Plummer, R. Courriiou. JUNIORS Well, here we are! "ThaT lively Junior Class oT '37" made up oT some oi The TinesT looking boys and girls in The school. We may be The smeIIesT class in school, buT whaT we lack in numbers we make up in amloiTion and abiliTy. When we sTarTed as Treshmen, we were righT aT The Top and we're sTiII There. The nexT Time you're looking over The schooI's acTiviTies Take a look aT The "I-lonor SocieTy's" roll, Tor if you look closely you'II see ThaT one Third oT The "Honor SocieTy" is made up oT Juniors. IT you are one OT The lucky people Thar had The good TorTune To see The Junior Play. you no doubT came To The conclusion ThaT our class is made up of greaT acTors and ac:Tresses. Our lively looys Take an acTive parT in aThIeTics. and several boys have earned Block "G's". Speaking of sporTs we musT noT Torc3eT The girls, Tor several girls have earned Block "G's". Well, as I said before, we sTarTecI school righT aT The Top and we inTend To sTay There unTil we Tinish. I4 Second row: E. Breschini, J. Piini, R. Rianda, J. Fasseff, A. Johnson. Firsf row: G. Long, Z. Self, M. Machado, A. Corda, A, Brizzi. JUNIORS Nexf year we are going fo do 'rhings for fhis school-more sfudenf body acfivifies, more fun. Probably we'll malce up mosf of fhe orchesfra and def- inifely, we'll be 'rhe feams. Since we're an unusual class we have unusual fufures in fronf of us. Among our ranks in forfhcoming years will be found a famous acfor, champion hog caller, holiesf of Holy Rollers, sfurdiesf of foofball heroes, a member of fhe brain frusf, a pofenfial Kreisler, a mayor, a yodeler, a siren or fwo and guife a number of rufrhless hearfbrealaers. However, fhis is foo far away fo be anyfhing buf a dream. Af presenf we are preparing ourselves fo be Americas fufure. Of course fhis requires a huge amounf of menfal acfivify, day dreaming, and planning, which we handle during classes-fhen af nighf we false up fhe business of living. We are remarkable because of our capacify for pleasure-because we can laugh so much. Our manner, fhe unfriendly word spoken by fhe friendly voice. fhe unfriendly face wifh friendly eyes, malces living a simple affair. Our language. our sense of humor, our cusfoms may be queer, buf fhey give us a beffer under- sfanding of each ofher-a closer relafion wifh each ofher. If malces a happier world of youfh. I5 FourTh row: A. HampTon. A. Van Scoy, V, LaTranchi, J. Roddick, D. Franscioni, A. Sommer. G. Marhoflce, E. Bufler, B. Fanoe, R. Handley, B. BondieTTe. Third row: V. Sorensen, O. Panziera, C. Sorenson, R. GaleTTi, K. Morisoli, A. TaverneTTi. E. FinaTTi, G. Binsacca, V. Panziera, H. Poirer. Second row: F. Capaci, L. Horr, G. Cramer, M. I-laTTori, E. Salcoda, C. Smock, D. Plummer, M. Lucich, J. Franscioni. FirsT row: A. VosTi, R. SilasTre, J. Tash, E. MaThisen, A. Binsacca, T. Shiramizu, H. Asmussen, R. ScoTT. SOPHOMORES We're The Sophs! We're clearer and know enough To be conceiTed abouT our clearerness. The usual saying abouT Sophs-"They have all The Tire oT wisdom running Through Their veins, buT iT hasn'T reached Their heads yeT"-doesn'T apply To us. When we changed Trom grammar school To high school we seT our minds on whaT was good To geT ouT oT high school, and we're geTTing iT. We look aT liTe wiTh greaT enThusiasm. The boys and girls in our class are disTinguishing Themselves in scholarship, acTiviTies, aThleTics. Why shouldn'T we be conceiTed? The members oT our class who made TirsT Teams in sporTs are: Gale Mar- hoTlce, Lois Horr, DoroThy Franscioni, Rena GaleTTi, Virginia LaTranchi, Doris Plummer, Barbara Fanoe, George Cramer, Richard Handley, Archie l-iampTon, and Royal Thoroughman. The membership oT The Scholarship SocieTy, The Girls' League, The Boys' and Girls' Block "G" clubs, and The Archery Group have all been much larger as a resulT oi our parTicipaTion. AT The beginning oT The year we gave The incoming Freshmen a REAL PARTY, and all Through The year They've Tound us helpTul Big BroThers and SisTers. So in The Tace oT all This, we ask you again-why shouldn'T we be con- ceiTed? I6 .- ---- ---- -- --',-- - W . lll4. li! l l ill' T ,1 V.,!. .V FourTh row: B. Ferguson, B. Adams, L. Alcorn, H. Norred, W. WhiTe, L. Willcerson, J. Collins, O. Flamos, A. Laman, C. Zami, B. Tosoni. G. Bisi, F. ScoTT. Third row: B. Harder, E. McKinsey. A. Eclcford, C. Johansen, A. Fanoe, S. Frolli, L. Pincini, L. Self, E. LoveTT, E. VosTi, O. Harder, E. VosTi, F. Cornwell. Second row: E. Thompson, K. Sakoda, O. Selva, B. Bianchi, G. Juri, J. Franscioni, E. Fish, R. Bassi, J. l-lunT, J. Alcorn. B. Weeden, E. ZaneTTa. FirsT row: C. Poe, G. TaverneTTi, J. McEnTee, A. Sorensen. G. l-laTTori, lvl. Rianda, F. BonTadelli, E. Tonini, V. Hiserman. FRESHMEN Well, here we are! The Freshman class oT '39. Worlcing, playing, learning, and iolcing. buT above all being graTeTul To our parenTs and Teachers Tor our opporTuniTies, during our Tour years' sTay. IT by any chance, our winning score on "Field Day" is propheTic, we are going To exceed The besT classes which enTered or leTT The Gonzales Union High School. We hope ThaT in all The Things we Try To do, we will reach our goal as successTully as we did aT This evenT. This has been shown by The Two pupils who made enough poinTs To be members OT The l-lonor SocieTy, as well as The boy who made The TooTball Team. The Tour boys who made The baslceTball Teams, and The seven girls who made The hoclcey Team, The seven girls who made The basl4eTball Team, and The Tour girls who made The volley ball Team. AT The beginning oT The school Term a Freshman recepTion was held aT which The Sophomores were our hosTs. AT This evenT The Freshmen were iniTiaTed and we had a swell Time. Well, here we go! WaTch us! Give up help when we need iT. We are sure you will and so we Thank you wiTh kind and loyal hearTs. I7 ACTIVITIES "THE SPARTAN" ln order To commemoraTe our eTTorTs and accomplishmenTs aT high school The STudenT Body annually publishes "The SparTan." MaTerial Tor This book is ac- cumulaTed and arranged by a special sTaTT, including The ediTors, class reporTers, and ECHO, D. Wang Special Wg-H-ers' Business Manager E. Silveria Much Time is spenT gaThering maTerial, Taking picTures and planning The organizaTion of The book. Doris Wells, EdiTor-in-ChieT, boTh wriTes and over- sees The work. She keeps The whole sTaTT busy. BuT even if The book iTselT is a masTerpiece in consTrucTion, iT is noT a success if The Tinancial end is noT held up. AdverTisemenTs musT be goTTen, annuals musT be sold and expenses waTched. Evelyn Silveria. Business Manager. handles This. She has The STudenT Body help her sell annuals, and balances The budgeTi quiTe experTly. OT course The work oT The liTTle men on The sTaTT musT be acknowledged because iT Tills in The pages and makes inTeresTing reading. However, wiThouT The capable managemenT and direcTion oT Miss PiTman, journalism advisor, The book would Tlop. And wiThouT Mr. McLeish's help and snapshoTs iT would be a dry accounT OT unknown people, soon TorgoTTen. WiTh all These people working TogeTher a book is produced-a Treasure. Third row: L. Collins, B. Tosoni. G. Fanoe, T. Johansen, E. Silveria, Second row: B. Fanoe, G. Marhofke, L. Shellhaas, V. Lafranchi, E. Onell, B. Warner, R. Cornwell. FirsT row: E. Frans- cioni, A. Corda, A. SarmenTo, T-I. Alcorn. A. MeneTrey, D. Wells, T. Schacleck. . . - - -H-.M-. Yi- ..-V T ,.., A A .... , Y ., - --, vs -,ex A MTH. 2l Second row: M. Scl-iellhaas, G. Fanoe. J, FasseTT, E. Onell, D. Wells, Miss PiTman, B. Warner. FirsT row: O. Flamos. S. Frolli. D. Franscioni. E. Franscioni. A. SarrnenTo. L. l-lackworTh. HONOR SOCIETY Among The various organizaTions oT our school, The one we are mosT proud oT is The ChapTer 226 of The CaliTornia Scholarship FederaTion. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To TosTer a higher sTandard oT scholarship and broader ideals of service on The parT oT The sTudenTs. STudenTs earning membership To This organizaTion are awarded a noviTiaTe pin. and are allowed To reTain iT on graduaTing, providing They have been members Tor aT leasT six semesTers. A graduaTe who has been a member Tor six semesTers is also given a liTe-membership pin la gold C. S. F. Lampl and The chapTer seal is embossed upon his diploma. l-le is Then a liTe member ol: The Tederarion. t Ten poinTs are required OT each member, eighT oT which are earned Through scholarship grades, and Two earned Through oTher acTiviTies. Besides The usual noon meeTings, The members enioy d:lighTTul suppers, TheaTer parTies, and picnics ThroughouT The year. Members of The socieTy during The year are Doris Wells, Emily Franscioni. Georgia Jane Fanoe, Edifh Onell. DoroThy Franscioni, lvlargueriTe Schellhaas, Audrey SarmenTo, Shirley Frolli, Glga Flamos. Bob Warner, Leamon l-lacl4worTh, and Jimmie l:asseTT. 22 Second row: M. Schellhaas. Miss Pifman. J. Piini, B. Bauman, l.. l-lackworTh, N. Kerns, J. Shira- mizu. Eirsi row: N. Franscioni, B. BondieTTe, A. MeneTrey, l-l. Alcorn, E. Silveria, A. Corda, A. Brizzi, A. Taie. THE COMET The Journalism class of I936 was organized January I3 wi+h an enrollmenT oi TiTTeen sTudenTs. Miss PiTman. our insTrucTor, had The inspiraTion oi publishing a school paper. We sTarTed learning The TundamenTals of newspaper worlc, and "plunged in." Since ThaT day. The class has progressed rapidly over The Tielol oT journalism and has published a weekly paper, The "ComeT". The ComeT's policies are To reTlecT The loroadesT aspecTs oT school life, To keep school spiriT alive, To en- courage a TraTernal Teeling among sTudenTs, To esTablish and mainTain a high moral sTandard, and To do The Things ThaT will be oT some beneTiT To The school. The sTaTT TirsT appoinTed by Miss PiTman, which also has The diTTiculT Taslc of supplying Tour local papers wiTh news oT The school, has been changed buT liTTle To The presenT form. EdiTor-in-ChieT, Norman Kerns: Associaie EdiTors, Evelyn Silveria and Mar- gueriTe Schellhaas: CirculaTion Manager, Leamon l-laclcworThg TypisTs, Evelyn Silveria, Helen Alcorn and Angelina Corda: AcTiviTies, RosiTa Rodoni. Adriana Brizzi and Norma Eranscionig Boys' SporTs. Joe Piini and Allen TaTe3 Girls' SporTs, Angelina Corda and Helen Alcorn: Shop and AgriculTure, James Shiramizu and Bill Bauman: EeaTures, Evelyn Silveria and Joe Piinig OTTice, Margie BondieTTe: Jolces, Arcadia MeneTrey: EaculTy Advisor, Miss PiTman. 23 Second row: Coach McLeish, E. ScaTTini, A. I-lampTon, G. Cramer. E. Breschini. A. Amaya, P. Barioni. R. Handley. Firsi row: R. Cornwell. T. Salmina, B. Boekenoogen, E. Pisoni, J. Shira- mizu, J. Piini. B. Bauman. Pal. BOYS' BLOCK "G" From The above picTure, one would suppose This year's club To be a large one. Such was noT The case unTil early in The spring when The maioriTy oT The presenT membership became Block "G" Boys. The club as an organizaTion was noT parTicularly acTive This year, due in parT To pressure oT duTies in aThleTics and also To inTrequenT meeTings. The Bloclc "G" Club sTrives TirsT To sTimulaTe proper respecT Tor The block an aThleTe wears and secondly iT Tries To inTluence all boys To enTerlinTo sporTs in an eTTorT To win a leTTer. The wearing OT an award on a sweaTer sTamps a boy as an aThleTe, buT his acTions and aTTiTude are whaT marlc him as a man. A club such' as The Bloclc "G" can go a long way Toward malcing boys conscious oT Their place in school and Their duTies as good ciTizens. As usual. The Grammar School Traclc lvleeT was sponsored and sTaged suc- cessfully again This year. This evenT has become a TradiTion and The grammar school lads look Torward each year To The annual meeT. Enough lower-class members are leTT To insure an excellenT club nexT year. More power To Theml 24 ll"Bll QQ' T F FT-Tll 11-'gg Second row: H. Alcorn, P. Handley, Miss l-laTTan, G. Fanoe, A. SarmenTo, D. Wells, E. Onell, P. Plummer, T. Johansen, E. Silveria. FirsT row: E. Franscioni, A. MeneTrey, E. Yop, A. Corda, C. Piini, 6. Marhoflee, B. Fanoe, L. GaleTTi. THE GIRLS' BLOCK "G" The Girls' Block "G" is probably The one organizaTion in The l-ligh School oT which all The girls have hopes oT becoming members. The purpose oT This organizajrion is To sTimulaTe inTeresT in aThleTics. A girl becomes a member as soon as she has received IOO poinTs. PoinTs are received as Tollows: 25 poinTs Tor making The Tollowing Teams, hoclcey, baslceT- ball, baseball, and volley ball, 5 poinTs Tor being capTain oT one oT These Teams, and TwenTy poinTs each semesTer Tor being a member oT The Scholarship SocieTy. For The TirsT IOO poinTs a girl receives a numeral, Tor The second IOO poinTs a Block "G", Tor The Third IOO poinTs a Block and one bar, and Tor The TourTh IOO poinTs a gold "6" pin. Each year The members oT The Girls' Block "G" hold a bangueT and all The graduaTe members are inviTed. lT is aT This bangueT ThaT The girls receive Their awards. During The year The members do various Things To raise money. They have Tood sales, sell candy or popcorn, and give dances. ParT OT This money is used Tor a page in The Annual and The balance is used To oTTseT expenses. 25 Third row: H. Norred. L. Wilkerson, J. Piini. E. Pisoni, B. Boelnenoogen. T. Salrnina, E. Bres- chini, P. Barioni, J. Franscioni. Second row: J. McEn'ree, F. Bonladelli, E, McKinsey, J. Shira- mizu, Mr. Lilley. H. Wiclemann, A. Harnplon, A. Silveria, A. Laman. Firsi' row: G. Ha+'rori, B. Bianchi, H. Asrnussen, H. Poirier, A. Sorensen. L. Sell. FUTURE FARMERS The Fu'l'ure Farmers of America is a naiional organizaiion ofboys siudying vocaiional agriculfure. Some of 'rhe proiecis which were connplefed during +he year were as follows: Fafher and Son Banquet Black Widow Spider Hunr, Pruning and Graiiing of Fruii Trees, Enlerrainmeni, lnirialion of Freshmen, and lncubaiion of Eggs. GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League inieresl in hobbies gave morive for The Tormafion of an Archery and a Tennis Club. Noon dances and an evening dance Tearuring an Amaieur Hour made 'rhe Girls' League an imporfanf organizaiion of The school. Third row: F. Scoil, C. Zani, R. Bassi, B. Tosoni, Miss Secresi, E. Vosfi, M. Schellhaas. D. Wells, A. Tavernefli, C. Johansen. T. Johansen. Second row: E. Vosli. O. Selva. V. Sorensen. F. Cornwell, L. Alcorn, W. While, A. Eclcford, J. Hunl, J. Alcorn. E. Silveria. Firsl row: G. Binsacca. J. Roddick, J. Collins. J. Franscioni, S. Frolli, L. Pincini, G. Juri, M. Hallori. F. Salcoda. 26 Second row: J. Franscioni. T. Schadeclc, B. Warner, E. Tonini, E. McKinsey, R. Courriiou, J. Franscioni. Firsr row: E. Scaffini, A. Binsacca, A. Sommer, V. Panziera, E. Marhisen, R. Silasfre, BAND The main evenjr of The year was an annual band concerl held in The Gonzales Grammar School Audirorium in Ocrober. An evenings program included over- lures, march and walrz numbers. Soloisrs on The program were Eddie Tonini wiih his accordion, and The Girls' Chorus. ORCHESTRA The orchesfra is a group whose work is mainly 'rhe srudy of many diiferenr kinds of music. Marches, overrures, walizes and operaric arrangemenrs, as well as iazz seleclions have been used in class. Music lor The Junior Play, held in April, was provided by The orchesrra. R. Handley, G. Binsacca. Second row: F, Capaci. R. Silasfrre, A. Tale, Mr. Alcorn, J. Piini, T. Schadeclc, D. Osborn. Firsr row: A. Johnson, E. Marhisen, M. Guerra, J. Thompson, J. Fasself, E. Tonini, G. Taverneffi. 27 D adj- Second row: J. Piini, E. Breschini, G-. Long, L. Collins, G. Fanoe, A. Silveria, l-l. Widemann. Fivsl row: Miss Dias. A. Hamplon. T. Schadeclc, R. Courriiou, J. Fasself, R. Rosso, A. Johnson. "WHISTLING IN THE DARK" "Whislling in lhe Dark", a very clever and Jrhrilling deieciive siory wrilfen by Lawrence Gross and Edward C. Carpenler, was given by The Junior Class on April 3. I936, and was a greai success, loojrh dramaiically and financially. The applause from The audience and ihe many commenis on il showed Thai il' was really apprecialed and enjoyed. The play was excellenlly direcled by our drama ieacher, lvliss Angelina Dias, and lhe siudenis Thai Jroolc parl are To be compli- ! menrecl on 'rheir fine per- formance, lor They all work- ed hard and deserved lo be praised. , H Q 28 I , , chool age who were lrying lo grow up and were very clumsy aboul il They experienced all lhe loys and sorrows ol adolescence. The scene look place in lhe palio ol a residence in Norlhern California anal lhe house was a modulicalion ol lhe Spanish. Members ol lhe senior class enjoyed praclicing and pulling on lhis pla Prudence and Dulch es- pecially lilced il, as lhey had a swell love scene, loul we noliced lhal Terry and Brian didn'l seem lo mind lheir lillle scene eilher. ln addilion lo being a good enlerlainmenl il was a financial success. 6 , ATHLETICS COACH McLElSH The qualify oi leadership is a characier- islic some boys are born wiih, some develop ir while oihers have il Jrhrusl upon Them as The resuli of achievemenis or arhlefic prowess. Few high school boys deliberaiely de- , velop an abiliiy io lead olhers. A youih's l ombilion io have oihers follow him is a qreal 1 Thing, and brings our The be-si +ha+ is in a COACH A. MCI-E,SH boy, provided his pursuiis are praiseworlhy and his influence runs in The righl channels. The bane oi all leaders is fhe boy who is looked up io because of aihlelic abilify and who does nor have Jrhe sirenglh +0 siand up under The responsibiliiy. The biggesi achievemenl a boy can aiiain is The molding of his characlrer 'ro Til 'rhe demands made of him by his confacrs wilh his fellows. Alhleles should remember Jrhai Their opporiunifies for leadership are many buf The pirfalls oi vaniiy and selfishness cannol be Jroo carefully avoided. Third row: E. Scaflini, R. Cleyfon, B. Boelcenooqen, G. Cramer, J. Piini, R. Cornwell, A, Tale, E. Rucker. Second row: l-l. Wideman, J. Shiramizu, A. Ama-ya, M. Lairanchi, E. Pisoni, A. l-lamplon, l-l, Poirier. J. lvlanqrobang, P. Barioni. Third row: A. l-lampion, D, Osborn, T. Schadeclc. T. Salmina, J. Franscioni, B. Vlfarner. i FCOTBALL Nine games played. Six won. One Tied. Two losT. An excellenT record Tor one oT The smarTesT and harclesT TighTing Teams ever To wear The Orange and Black. STarTing The season wiTh a loss To WaTsonville, The squad from There on gave every opponenT more Than They could Take. l-lighlighTs oT The season were our Tie TED SALMINA wiTh The sTrong PaciTic Grove Squad, and Bays' Aihlefic Manager vicTories over Gilroy and l'lollisTer Junior College. IT is hard To single ouT any one player as ouTsTanding. Bill Boekenoogen aT leTT half was The greaTesT running ThreaT on The squad and Piini could never be sTopped shorT oT The Two or Three needed yards. UnTil injuries slowed Them up. Shiramizu wiTh his blocking, and Cornwell wiTh his running were unloeaTable. A Team is as good as iTs line. STandouTs in line-play were Salmina and Cramer aT guards. 'l'aTe cenTer, Barioni and l'lampTon aT Tackle and Warner and ScaTTini aT ends. . L .ig , . - I f . ...ent .4 35 J. Franscioni A. Hampfon M. Lafranchi J. Piini D. Osborn E. Pisoni A Hampfon B. Boekenoogen E. Rucker B. Warner J. Mangrobang ,n4,. . , I -T ',..a. ,. " K A 1. V Fl Alt . ' " 4. "--- .. -1- -. , .EG , y... M . V' 4 ' 1 Widemann Amaya Tafe Barioni Poirier Cramer Cornwell Scauurini Schacleck Salmina Shiramizu Second row: E. Sca'Hini, T. Salmina, B. Boekenoogen. Firsf row: A. Tale, E. Pisoni, A. I-Iampfon. J. Piini. HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL The varsily squad was handicapped in many ways by lack of numbers and seven men had To carry 'rhe load in every game. Playing a Tough schedule, ihe Sparlrans did noi have a highly successful season, being foo slow To malch The opposiiion in mosi games. The squad was composed of Erncsl Scallini and Ted Salmina a+ forwards. Bill Boelcenoogen, cen+er, and Allen Tale and Joe Piini a+ guards. Being Jrhe bosr shol on The squad, Scarlini was high poinf man for The season and a slrrong defensive player. Salmina, playing forward for The firsl Time, played good ball and was a beirer sholr 'rhan 'rhe score-book would indicale. Very seldom a high scorer, Boelcenoogen's chief slrenglh lay in defense where he was always a Jrhorn in 'lhe side of lhe opposifion. A sleady and hard playing pair of guards were Tale and Piini. Alfhough neiiher were ever flashy bolrh played fine games. ln addilion lo defensive abili'ry, Tale was a dead-eye shof and never failed To score in every game. George Cramer and Argal l-lamplon played every game and will undoubledly be lhe mainsrays on nexi year's squad. Bolh are good shols and fine floormen. 38 B. Bauman H. Poirier S. Fanoe fx. Hampfon .,",-QF The Sparfan baseball feam faced a fairly good season once fhey gof sfarfed. The maferial was all fairly green, buf we gof enough experience wifh a few games fo brealc info The winning column. George Cramer wifh some experience became a reliable pifcher, and wifh a liffle supporf and fighf from his feammafes looked good. Af baf Anfhony Arnaya, having hif ever four hundred lasf season was beffer fhan ever. The baffing was also well falzen care of by l-landley, anofher promising "sficl:er", and Ruclzer, who found fhe range, as w3'l as several ofhers. Men who had fheir lasf season on fhe squad were Eddie Pisoni, Ernesf Scaffini. Allen Tafe and Anfhony Amaya. Those fhaf complefed fheir firsf season were Allen Tafe, George Cramer, David Chung and l-larry Poirier, Eddie Pisoni. regular firsf baseman of fwo seasons had an operafion and was nof quife fif fo play. The lineup was: cafcher, Allen Tafeg pifcher, George Cramer: firsf baseman, Billy Bauman: second baseman. Ed Rucker: fhird baseman, David Chung: shorfsfop, Ernesf Scaffinig righf field, Richard l-landleyg cenfer field, Anfhony Amayay leff field, l-larry Poirier. The reserves were Ted Salmina, for pifching and infielding, and Eddie Pisoni for ouffielding. 42 R. Cornwell, A. TaTe, A. HampTon. M. Lafranchi, B. Boekenoogen, P. Barioni. B. Warner. J. Shiramizu. TRAC K A well balanced squad in Track can noT be made wiTh The limiTed TurnouT which we usually have. Our ouTsTanding Track men This year as in previous years were runners. lvlilTon LaTranchi conTinued his successes oT previous years in The sprinTs and showed his heels To pracTically every compeTiTor. l-le is a worThy successor To Hiserman who led The way Tor The valley sprinTcrs lasT year. Argal l'lampTon. winner oT The cross counTry during The lasT Two years, Took up The mile run This year and by increasing his speed developed inTo The besT miler we have ever had. The C. C. A. L. TBT meeT aT PaciTic Grove is The annual evenT in which prac- Tically every SparTan Track man or would be Track man aTTempTs To make his leTTer. The 'compeTiTion in This meeT is somewhaT limiTed, Thus giving many boys an opporuniTy To accomplish someThing wiThouT having To buck compeTiTion which is Too sTrong Tor Them. Our enTries in This meeT This year were very repre- senTaTive and indicaTed The inTeresT which The boys are Taking in Track. Having a perTecT quarTer mile Track This year is a big help To The looys in preparing Themselves Tor Their evenTs and in Timing Themselves. 43 COACH'S MESSAGE There are. of course, many specific values which are derived from The aciiviries carried ' on in our physical educarion classes, loui' I il suppcse rhar mosr oi Jrhese could be summed , up under 'rwo headings-healrh developmenf and characier development l The girl who exhibilrs endurance, viraliry, V resisrance ro farigue. quick recovery from Miss MELVA HATTAN , . , , girls' Coach iarigue, and so on, is developing organic power Through These aciiviries. This organic power is The developmenral source of power for healrh. When This girl exhibils "good sporrsmanshipu la rerm which has a more or less definile meaning ro usl in her play. We know 'rhar 'l'hose- emorional response organizarions in human naiure are being 'favorably developed. This is a fundemenial aspecr of her characler and moral eclucarion and when she plays for The love of play she is gaining lhar "spiri'r of play" which in short is an arrifude roward life-an alrfirude which makes all our unclerrakings. nor work buf play. Second row: 6. Fanoe, Capiain E. Franscioni, P. Handley, G. Marhofke, B. Fanoe. Firsf row: D. Franscioni, J. Thompson, D. Plummer, J. Aulsen, E. Yop, A. Corcla. 44 GIRLS' ATHLETICS WiTh Doris Wells as girls' aThleTic man- ager and Miss Melva T'laTTan, a new Teacher in Physical EducaTion, The year of sporTs sTarTed ouT Tull oT promise. Every girl in school had an opporTuniTy To make Teams in Tield hoclcey, baslceTball, volley ball and baseball. A and B Teams were chosen in each class, and There was keen compeTiTion DORIS WELLS Tor places on The coveTecl championship Girls' AThlaTic Manager plaques. The gym worlc was varied wiTh Talks by Miss GerTrude BrandT on healTh and beauTy and The compiling oT healTh books. One oT The main evenTs in The girls' schedule was The Annual Play Day on May The 8Th. A bus Tull oT girls journeyed To SanTa Cruz To represenT Gonzales in numerous evenTs. The sTaTe deparTmenT permiTs oT no inTerscholasTic compeTiTion Tor girls, buT The girls made Their inTerclass games keenly exciTing. Their whole-hearTed supporT was given To The boys' Teams who represenTed us in inTerscholasTic aThleTics. Second row: F, Plummer. D. Wells, T. Johansen. FirsT row: E. Silveria, A. MeneTrey, T-l. Alcorn. 45 Second row: E. Onell, D. Wells, CapTain C. Johansen. T. Johansen. FirsT row: E. Silveria. V. VOLLEYBALL The sixTh period gym class came To The TronT To win The Volley Ball Cham- pionship The 'Former parT OT This year. The Team was chosen by Miss lvlelva l'laTTon, our physical educaTion Teacher. This Team compeTed wiTh The TirsT Teams oT The sevenTh and eighTh period classes, buT proved Too powerTul Tor SIXTH PERIOD GYM. CLASS The sixTh period gym class has much To be proud OT. Besides being well represenTed in The Block "G" club They won Two championships-Volley Ba.l and BaslceTball, and aT The Time This book wenT To press were in a deep argumenT wiTh The oTher classes as To which Team would win The Baseball championship. Lafranchi. H. Alcorn, R. GaleTTi. boTh opponenTs. Third row: A. Brizzi, R. Sasules, C. Johansen, A. TaverneTTi. E. Onell, F. Plummer, M. BondieTTe, D. Wells, G. Binsacca. Second row: N. Franscioni, V. Panziera. A. Corda, F. Salcoda, O. Pan- ziera, T. Johansen, V. Lafranchi, J. Roddick. FirsT row: E. Silveria. H. Alcorn, A. MeneTrey, J. Alcorn, A. Van Scoy. R. 6aleTTi. 46 il. Third row: L. Brazzi, L. Galeiii, E. Vosii, R. Bassi. J. Collins, G. Juri, O. Flamos, E. Zaneifa, E. Thompson, E. Vosfi, F. Scoll. Second row: A. Ecldord, B. Harder, L. Alcorn, W. While, J. Franscioni, S. Frolli, L. Pincini, J. Huni, F. Cornwell, M. Haliori. Firsf row: C. Piini. B. Tosoni, G. Long, K. Salcoda. C. Zani, E. Lovell, M. Schellhaas, B. Weeden. SEVENTH PERIOD GYM. CLASS The se-ven+h period gym class was made up mosily of freshmen, allrhough Jrhere were a few upper class girls. None of our Teams became champions, buf we'll wager no champion 'ream had as much fun as we had. Several of our girls will become full Block "G" members when They are sophomores, for Jrhey made numerals This year. EIGHTH PERIOD GYM. CLASS In our gym class we combined business wiih pleasure. Our business consisred chiefly in Trying To make fhe leams in The various games. Our pleasure came in winning The hockey championship Jrhis year. Third row: N. Jones, L. Collins. D. Plummer, V. Sorensen, l. Sasules, E. Fish, Z. Self. Second row: P. Handley, G. Marhoflce, L. Schellhaas, E. Finarli, A. Sarmenio, D. Franscioni, M. Lucich, O. Selva. Firsf row: B. Fanoe, L. Horr, E. Yop. G. Fanoe, E. Franscioni, M. Machado. 47 FEATURES Do or Die. Boxers? 7. Serious and Ofherwise The Three Muskeieers. A W P 7 8. Porlrers? in'Jr e reHy. . . Beau Brummei and a Serious Lady. 9' Rip Van Winkie' pride of me School' IO. An Afhleiic Musician. All Smiles. II. Buddies. SENIOR WILLS I, Audrey Sarmenlo, hereby will and bequeaih my place on our Chesrerfield Iboy friend noi includedl Io Lois Horr as soon as she needs ii. providing she uses if as regularly as I have. I, Emily Eranscioni, hereby will and bequeaih my blue slaclcs and gold sweaier 'ro Mr. IvIcLeish providing he appears in Ihem ai The Big Game and vows To re- main loyal 'ro "dear old California." I, Lydia Schellhaas, hereby will and bequeaih Norman's and my place on Ihe Commerce room sieps Io Cerian Zani and Leamon I-Iaclcworfh. I, Evelyn Silveria, hereby will and begueaih my abiliiy Io acl Io Ralph Rosso. providing ii doesn'I go Io his head when he gels Io Hollywood. I, Laura Brazzi, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliiy 'ro correci iyping papers Io Fern Plummer, providing she has a Iceen eye Io find erasures. I, Reed Cornwell, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliiy To play Iooiball Io Ralph Rosso, providing he doesn'I use big words when calling signals. I, Thais Johansen, will and bequearh my abiliiy To drive a car fo Charley Handley, providing he doesn"r ierlc when siariing oui. I, Ernesi Scaiiini hereby will and bequeaih my brains, abiliiy and pull 'ro Billy Bauman in Miss PiIman's English Class, providing she geis him where she goi me. I. Doris Wells, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliiy Io Iliri wiih The boys 'Io Virginia Lafranchi, providing she doesn'I follow 'rhe leap year plan and propose Io one of Jrhem. V I, Regina Sasules, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliry +0 make cheese souffle To James Eassefi, providing he can eai il afierwards. I, Emilia Yop, hereby will and bequeaih my capaciiy for Iagliarini Io Mr. I-Iill, providing he doesn'I' gei siclc. I, Bill Boelcenoogen, hereby will and bequeaih my horse, "Don Juan" 'ro Ardene Eclciord providing she pleases him. I, Isabelle Sasules, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliry 'ro sing Io Alihea Van Scoy and Virginia Lafranchi, providing Ihey hii Ihe righi noies. I, Ted Salmina, hereby will and bequeaih my abiliry 'ro gel A's in U. S. Hisiory Io Bill Bauman, providing he doesnur cheat 52 SENIOR WILLS I, AnThony Amaya, hereby will and bequeaTh my abiIiTy To play Tennis To Virginia Lafranchi, providing she can calm her wild swings as I have. I. Marguerilre Schellhaas, hereby will and bequeaTh my InTerior Dec. book To Ralph Rosso so ThaT he may conTinue building air casTles in Spain. I, CaTherine Piini, hereby will and bequeaTh my abiliTy To do English To Miss PiTman, providing she doesn'T use slang and uses all puncTuaTion. l, Allen James 'I'aTe, being OT sTrong mind and aThleTic body do hereby will my argumenTs wiTh ShorTy To RabbiT Binsaccag my abiIiTy To lead a band and play Herberl Clarks Solos To Eddie Tonini, providing ThaT he will shine as brighTIy in The musical sky as I do. I, Norma Eranscioni, hereby will and bequeaih my ruined sTockings To Ber- nice Harder providing she wears Them everyday. I, Helen Alcorn, hereby will and bequeaTh my red hair To Mr. I-Iill providing he doesn'T lose iT. I, Paul Barioni, hereby will and bequeaTh my abiIiTy To Throw erasers aT Ivlr. Kelly To Jimmy Tash providing he can hiT Mr. Lilley as easily as I goT Fred. I, James Shiramizu, hereby will and bequealrh my abilify To wriTe news in iournalism To Bill Bauman, providing he doesn'T copy The news ouT OT news- papers. I, Bob Warner, hereby will and bec1ueaTh my abiIiTy To play a saxaphone To Copper MaThisen, providing he doesn'T play any blue noTes. I, Eumie Sakoda, hereby will and begueaTh my darling David Chung To Mary I-IaTTori, providing she doesn'T propose To him as I did. l, Charles Esau, hereby will and bequeaTh my abililry To reciTe Evangeline To Fred Boniradelli, providing he doesn'T reciTe iT To The girls. I, Phyllis I-Iandley, hereby will and begueaTh my special seaT on The bus To ETheI Fish, providing she doesn'T annoy Charlie. I, Eddie Pisoni, hereby will and bequeaTh my curly hair To Charley I-Iandley, providing he keeps iT combed. I, Iv1ilTon Lalranchi, hereby will and bequeaTh my abiIiTy To calm Bill Boeke- noogen, when he has nighT mares, To Clarice Johansen, providing she Takes as good care oT him as I did. I, Evelyn Sorensen, do hereby in sTaTe oi mind, will and bequeaTh To Fern Plummber my abiliTy To obTain docTors' excuses Tor noT parTicipaTing in P. E. 53 e Song rif Favo engouf I-I Sayings Favoriie 'tion .5 E fi if E c .54 .2 Z 0 E ru Z 5- .o .o o I an 5 .9 Tw no CD V. ro ,Dm 12 ,vi C le an : LU - 3 0 -O- D il +52 3 mo '4- an C Q50 -4- 3 o -C JI 3 i. FO o YO un b .ZO- 'o.E -E 041: ,..- :- 'U D -0- an Ui E: -3445 ,EI O: .o p-.1 C o .D :S fD-E .co L-in an U1 fo B .E ia. E 2 an : If o '5 Ugg.. ,"'o..u, cu!-om '- C EQEE I-fO1 TE EEE 5 c f0 'UO I- 0.4: To IE Q. U, o .E in -C -+- 0 C -D- .-: C25 an -Uyggw Imgm :rn:3 LQ- o 4- 2 O o 'S 4' 2 ii .JLIUQ o Tirgfve mg-.Q V, ooo'76 I-.ci-an U1 C.. 332' U-C.- 7'-Toi Omuu in C ,U .1 an .E no Q. 5 .- T C 2-021-E -C .ZWE3 n.I1Iu.nv.n 'D C 'U 23 3 0. C BLS. 2 63.40. ofu.EB i.i.i.Ln.i.u my .,..!.9 4-0- SH-75 o.O:.4 -.- 54- 3 - .A 4- .E ..- 2 -.: -'-U5 '--D-C 6539 :a:a:".Z ax .0 0 E - an -C aa .1 YU FD EE L-io oo!-5 2.0 .. 'o C I o .. IU -A4 UNO .ES .,, C+ E 5' 2-2 no Qi., .9 C 'U O C r .Q :i DJ I 'Q BEWVG 5552 cnsog 2CDZu. Q ling lv .E-ig 4. cum 301+ C vo OIF.: in CLC!- 2 0300, 'D 2:11076 :- S 2531 O g my? Q wr: 1: an IQI 'Uoio .,,.Q- an BQ Q E: -C 'U -Qesw 4u.mb-ig IIQE .A .U 3 -C ..- 1 -35: ff .2 U' BSE A-G++ 21.54 wma. mcg 'CC-95171 f-10341: ..- :EOE07 --to? -ou.u.l-12:41 mmm: 50-E .mr CD"T Du.:-3: W3 -.- .,.-5020 fcfiigwg gekggig L: .c 4 -2'aJ: -:L-Ezff Q -.- O -an 3.5 'PH- 'U o up C.:-U cu 0"'.- .C ,C UN -L. -o- 'QQ. - um 375.92'545"'T5-95 ggwtwmlaggw-5- omomo-90000 2,-Ei-51-"Gi--bi-1 .E EE '09 fi dm CP ow'-U-5 ox U' c C Bb-C: .E 1Z'5.mOa:gg: -4-L+ EL: cn -o-.-mmflggog tDfU -'- w.:LD4iccImE.fE if mi -0 E E 'U 1: GJ fu an 23.1 nz an 'C .Q .- U .- Cc"'r:: .E gmw2mma-.Q mam: :--Uni. ,.:u.::3:'Um-Iolc u..ic314f.JKDIfCa.cc: U5 -:E EE .Co DOO G30 -C- i-fi V, 7. GJ .C ov J o Q3 .'f.' .C 'UI gr- .2-S -o gh- - 115 'Q GJ -EU' -4-C if Oc OE 1-'U V, 'g Ill -E ow IL. Q38 PN E o I- ? 03 -C ,Pro :E 4141 an P-r: -sz., ruoi-L. '21 E3 gb-fi-. mf-O 'Km .mga- CLUE 3"g 23 OE mu: L8 o.mO. .C - o 3 fi +-- . SWE 'U cu ."'.n-. -'IE .C cu 'isp EB 2.2 1U..C p-.r- .ga M26-.c .- O: mc 113.213 UN .E U1 g C 2 Si ua 27: To E 'S -2 0 ."' c .E nn I- E il? 3 I 22433 Ou.rl'm .9 3 ed Cornie Taking To siay ou? longer "I could go Whi1'ie's Liqhis ornwell picfures Sa+urday nighfs for her" Ouf drey Piggy Louie To marry 'rhe "Louie was Blue Every Liffie Breeze rmenio poor guy over lasi ni+e" Plymoufh Seems 'io Whisper Lo mi Fewme Proposinq +o To have "Will you Office China Boy kocia Chung him accepi marry me?" an Dlusvo nxU4Zmu.w Song Fevorife angouf g H Sayin Favorife Ambifion obby H kname .9 Z an E ru Z cv .c 3' +A. 5 '65 4- 43 DMV? 0 'Odbrcs no CHQNJ ,N 'DO Q .Ic 233 -9-.D 'U Urn" or I-,C an 'U P- 210.4-was Lna:m.+ an E-O2 ,2'UO'U.C,U : 0.3 lDfuIL.n O ... .9 G J cn .C O .2 C C4- mygw 'U .E:':L'Dcg MULDEOL 32 .23 U' 3- 3 -.L-. .COLQVED QLBOQM-o . :5-.b- 2 +- IC u, - TE 'A'- L' :Eg og' 'D 'vu ,,,Urnm.c4-: :Eagan L .D L20 IUE To Q, as omof- -'IDP-Ll-U1 :L ro 'U C O 2 C 0 'E ow ,E .EEC 4- .c'-,. 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O-59 ?'.Q .Low .SE Um 0.9 I-UW L 0-4- L-o C: gc GJ 'O.r: 0,3 'c . 3-93 U12 C 101 I.C B.- CD 2.0 cw U cz U. E2 013 KDUU ill! OU -Sd U 549 '+Ln an CUP- 'U av .EU 2 UL: ...I an Db- o o Q 'W 0 o an lD.l'U O Cbm'U 3 ZOBCOC T an 9"'r.-32-wc'-'U " L2 aa- cnjqpg wa: 0glU'U im mg-E 2033232 T: gf ZJI-,Lu-,Z- I.Enn 3 .A - E 'Z 'P C v u.EE."'E'D2:9 C ax- - 'C:.::: 'U .czf-787203000 f-'K I-IOLI24f.c1.c 4- L za- mv E3-Em i- Ja 2 O m..:.!LjQ qw - O JEL! -. 26- -. Q W... ru-. ':.: Cl' .ci--arg.: OUWQO o.-:of:o D33 :0.u.Q.: :+:r5 l"' E 0 'E EZ ,N vu 0 fu E Q, 'U"'bN .C r-mo L UL L 0 .- ::'0' 1-mNL'U1u 3'-v--u va fum wx: 0-0 E.2L3E:'U0-:.9 L .- o'5o.E'3mo:mg"': l-I-Ll-5-OQ.l-3U3542E .L KD 23 w -of C T, .2 UW -o .2 .D+ E -u.gjg'U 26125 ov .-.- .9-95 2' 9 :bei :LSL :r-'L' 3 xv' 'C O 'EUS 352: DLI mln. -Ln..- an 45 6 .U .E o U1 : 2 Rf as Q 1 'E 67 3 ... C 0 O gg w an P- 3 KD o-LD C an 3' 0 5 C .92 -2.2 ...lc if 'oo-m:a'CE2J3R5.' 'o.2:oEoO -rupO uJa.mmu.ub-D341-u.1m 'E .c UW r: NJ .1:: V7.1 L CD01 3.2 ABL' .F .D vo -6- OI U50 -.E 4- 'ES CNE E+ LDS : LZ '-'40 SLE -0.3 O LDB cn u 3 -0- -4- Qc vu U13 .E aw 11:2 cum LCLZ .C u L ID O. 3 .E 'AE QE :UE 11.11 .Q .A JE 'DI is C2 My J.. o PB 'L-I 5- L aw ,,,E L3 3. fo E: '4- .EE LD Z IU ,DO 4 . .EI- Q0 +5 2: .Q 11.2 '4- IU -D92 Oo r-E ow C 'G .ffm I 2.0 0 'G D ua 5- .233 'U 02 Em 422 55 Helen Alcorn Anfhony Amaya Paul Barioni Bill Boekenoogen Laura Brazzi Reed Cornwell Charles Esau Emily Franscioni Norma Franscioni Phyllis Handley Thais Johansen Millon Lafranchi Arcadia Menefrey E i A N T V .E E 15 1 S ,ff ff 1 4 '- I' ,.,-F V 3, '.',,, J . K -g M l A ' v'-V M 9 -, Y ' .A V I in It - ' Q W 1 :f J l - 1 li , , ' A 'l 'ia ' l , l 4 ' 4 1 ., 2 4 Effif 1 ,lp . l 4 ll: , , 1 Y 1 ' ll 'V ' . , , 0, Caflwerine Piini Eddie Pisoni Ted Salmina Audrey Sarmenlo Ernesl Scaflini Marguerile Sclwelllwaas Lydia Sclwelllwaas James Slwiramizu Evelyn Silveria Allen Tale Bolo Warner Doris Wells Emilia Yop Evelyn Sqrensen Mr. McLeiglf1 Which is Whose Xa Why? 6. Wha'r's funny abouf fhar? Afraid of ihe Camera 7. In Acfion? ls she a drug sfore cowgirl? 8. Three of a Kind Bafhing Beauiies 9. Whosif? Can she ride H? IO. Olympic Hopeful xx Susie and Corney 7. Sfudious? Dorff be Bashful 8- Mad Vemoff ' TWO Deep 9. Now Mr. Hull We Donf Mean 'ro . Scold Girls Leaguers IO- Sligmed Muff 29 Jeff II. LIHIe Girls Dressed in Pink Cure, Huh! l2. Aw! Grow Up! Jusl Three LiHle Boys Keenie and Teddy Bear You don'+ quile Fil Gorilla The Winner This is so sudden Don'+ Slip Frenchmen Draw il prefly girls S+. Louis Woman lvloonsfruck Some More of The Same Thing 60- Pals? Red Camaro Possession Co-eds I W rL,,,f"' 1, V f ff 4. L Y ,E X The Daring Young Woman on The Flying Trapeeze Bellyaclwe? Up 8: Over Higher, My Dear Perfed Form 60-A IMAGINE: Charles Esau wiihoui a smile. Isabelle Sasules wirh shori hair. Reed Cornwell going wiih Arclene. Audrey Sarmenro wiih make-up on. Fumi Sakoda wi'rhou'r Chung. Caiherine Piini riding a musiang. Evelyn Silveria wilrh blond hair. Ted Salmina saying a senlence wiihoul a cuss word. Margueriie Schellhaas keeping quiei. Bob Warner wirh a physique like Mae Wesi's. Lydia Schellhaas noi going 'ro Church every Sunday. Millon Lafranchi wiihour a Freshman. Regina Sasules bald headed. Eddie Pisoni refusing a drink. Bill Boekenoogen wiih siraighl legs. Emilia Yop six leer Tall. Doris Wells geiiing D's and Es. Allen Tale saying- "Yes, Miss Piimanf' Eveyln Sorensen acring sensible. James Shiramizu wiihour his pinro hair. Arcadia Menerrey wiihoui a Salinas boy. Thais Johansen driving a car. Phyllis Handley going wiih Paul Barioni. Ernesi Scailini noi earing. Meryle Guerra noi showing her lellrers io everybody. Norma Franscioni being in a hurry. Emily Franscioni roofing for Sianford. Laura Brazzi wiih sfraighi hair. Margie Bondieire geHing 'ro school before noon June Aursen wiihoui Waller. Lillian Galejrfi weighing ZOO. Helen Alcorn wiihoui her freckles. Paul Barioni wiihoul a shofgun. Anihony Amaya redheaded and freckled. NESTLE'S MILK PRODUCTS, INC. Manufacturers of l NESTLE'S AND ALPINE MILK Gonzales California Try Ihe New Sfandarcl or Noiseless UNDERWOOD Por'I'a ble Typewrifer. EASY TERMS Peninsula Typewrit Exchange Central Hdwe. Co. I I Wesiinghouse Refrigeralors I' Washing Machines - lroners er R. C. A. Radios I FULL LINE HOUSE WARES I29 Franklin S+. 342 Main S+. ,I Monferey, Calif. Salinas, Calif. I 24 7 Main S+. Phone I 57 De Laval Dairy Supplies - John , I COMPLIMENTS OF THE Deere Implemenfs - Insurance Salinas Valley SUPPIY I Babcock Cover Store FRED TONINI, Proprielor Soledad, Calif. I Company Res. Phone 5I Office Phone I3 I ANNUALS OUR SPECIALTY SOUTHERN PACIFIC MILLING CO. Dealers in All Kinds of BUILDING SUPPLIES - FEED - BEAN CLEANING Phone 2 Phone 6 Phone 5 CHUALAR - GONZALES - SOLEDAD l Monterey County I C0mP'lme"+S of Trust and Savings Pe.-e'5 Service Bank l Station COMMERCIAL . SAVINGS l GAS - OIL - ACCESSORIES TRUST I Phone I8 The Oldest Bank in Monterey FRANK J- PERE Coumy 1 P. O. Box 76 Chualar, Calif. - E, . E s y A as . A . Congratulations to the Class Compliments of of I936 l I J- C- Pennet' C0mP3'1Y P Johnson s Garages "Where you can always N do better" , I Gonzales - Soledad Salinas California California Handley's Meat Salinas National Market Bank l Wholesale and Retail Dealers In PRIME BEEF - MUTTON PORK ' VEAL YOUR I-IOME B NK Sausage of All Kinds A Pure Leaf Lard - Hams and Bacon Phone 65 Gonzales l Safety - Service - Secrecy l Salinas Valley Anderson-Dougherty- Ice Co. l Hargis Co. N C f 0 lI lcgealn ytmr gjczagrilgd I Plumbing - Heating - Sheet Metal lce Anywhere Hardware - Well Casing --PLANTS-- . l 225 Main Street Salinas Chualar - Salinas - Del Monte, lnc. 1. Monterey l Phone 9 A l SOLEDAD MERCANTILE COMPANY Deparfmenf Sfore HARDWARE - GROCERIES - DRY GOODS Visif Our Three Deparfmenfs - Each Merifs a Fair Share of Your Pafronage Soledad Phone 9-W California SALINAS TITLE GUARANTEE COMPANY 22 Wesf Gabilan Sfreef Salinas, California TITLE INSURANCE AND ESCROW SERVICE S. E. BOMER, Presiclenf Telephone 609 "There Is No Subsfifufe for Qualify" DEPENDABLE WEARING APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN Qualify Merchandise Thaf Gives Lasfing Safisfacfion SNEIBLE-TAVERNETTI CO. Groceries - Hardware - Shoes - Farm Implemenfs - Linoleums Gonzales California WESTCOTT GARAGE "Sfandard Merchandise" - "Dependable Service" CHEVROLET STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Phone 8 Soledad, Calif. LUMBER TOM HAMBEY LUMBER CO. LaI'h Shingles Roofing Cemeni' Windows PIas'Ier Board Sash Plywood Doors Building Specialiies Phone Soledad 56 - Palm Ave. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE MONTEREY COUNTY TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY TITLE INSURANCE - ESCROW SERVICE I6 WesI Gabilan S+., Salinas Phone IZOO SALINAS ELEVATOR CORPORATION Salinas, California RAILROAD YARDS, FRONT AND SAUSAL STS. Com ple-Ie Line of POULTRY FEED - DAIRY FEED - MASHES - SPECIAL MIXING GRAINS Bring Your Own Formula and Have Us Mix I+ for You SCHOOL SUPPLIES - PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY The Phofos in This Annual Were Taken WiI'h an EASTMAN KODAK Using Easiman Verichrome and Eas'I'man Panchromaiic Film, and Developed and Prinied Through Us HERNDON'S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Ausiin F. Turner, Prop. Agenfs for Moore 8: Moore Flower Shop - Cui' Flowers, Floral Pieces, Corsages THE HUB WHITEHILL'S 226-228 Main Sf. Salinas, Calif. THE EMPORIUM Smarf Shop for Women 224 Main Sf. Salinas C. E. DUNN Sfafionery and Equipmenl' Co. Ph. 9I 343 Main Sf. Salinas, Cal. RUSSELL'S READY-TO-WEAR formerly Hollywood Smarf Shop 238 Main Sf. Salinas WYLIE-GOWMAN OPTICAL CO. JOHN C. LAZIER Real Esfafe - Insurance Phone I37 Salinas 259V2 Main NOTARY GONZALES Complimenfs Congrafulafions of A. L. BROWN 8: SONS GONZALES DRUG CO. I55 Main Sf. Salinas NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE Congrafulafions 257-259 Main Sf. BUTCH ABADIE Salinas California Gonzales California MOSES-GETSINGER, Inc. DR. GUY R. MILLER . CHIROPRACTOR Auihorlzed Ford Dealers Suife 205 Recreafion Bldg., Salinas, Cal. Gonzales Soledad 225 Main Sfreef GONZALES FAMILY GROCERY P. Zani, Prop. Imporfecl and Domesfic Groceries E. S. TAVERNETTI Real Esfafe and Insurance Gonzales California HOLADAY'S PHARMACY Prescripfion Pharmacisf 345 Main Sf. Salinas Phone 634 Congrafulafions MISSION TRAIL CAFE Gonzales California Congrafulafions TRAVELERS RESTAURANT Gonzales California BRESCHINI'S RADIO SHOPPE Philco-Zenifh Radios LA RAE SHOPPE Smarf apparel for women ancl girls 266 Main Salinas, California 223 Main Sf. Phone I234 Congrafulafions DR. G. EBERHART Gonzales California RAMONA BAKE SHOP for Home Made Cakes, Pasfries Phone 427 Salinas, California THE BOOTERY Fine Shoes 230 Main Sf. Salinas, California COMPLIMENTS OF PARISO HOT SPRINGS Gonzales Radio 8: Elecfric Shop Ford Garage Building Phone 88 Gonzales EMSTEL'S SPROUSE REITZ CO. INC. Good Shoes and Hosiery 5 and I0c - Nofhing over 49c 262 Main Sf. Salinas Soledad California Phone II9 C.8uC. CO. Gonzales Wearing apparel for women cooics srumo Qualify Phofographs Ice Cream - Candy - Cigars 252 Main Sf. Salinas FROLLI HOTEL Congrafulafions Ifalian Dinners and Banquefs ALPINE BARBER SHOP Phone I6 Soledad Gonzales California PARISIAN BAKERY ,Besf French Bread in Monferey Co. I8 Cenfral Ave. Salinas Phone 673 Complimenfs of fhe Monferey Co. ICE 81 DEVELOPMENT CO. Salinas California W. J. ALLEN CHUALAR GARAGE Plumbing, Heafing, Sheef Mefal D. C. Freeland, Prop. Phone I00 Gonzales Chualar California GOODFRIEND 8: TRAUB Leading Jewelers - Salinas "For Correcf Time Phone 254-" HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Permanenfs Wifh Sfyle 238 Main Sf. Salinas Phone 23I4 GONZALES TRIBUNE All 'Ihe Local News Gonzales California SOLEDAD BEE Progressive - Indepenclenf Soledad California SANTA LUCIA INN Good Place fo Eaf Salinas California VALLEY APPLIANCE CO. Mayfag Sales, Service for Salinas Valley I4 E. San Luis Sf. Salinas DR. L. R. BINGAMAN Soledad California SOLEDAD STAGE DEPOT Soff Drinlcs and Candy Soledad California Congrafulafions DR. O. I'I. NUSZ Gonzales California SOLEDAD MEAT MARKET Wholesale and Refail S. E. Naylor, Prop. HOLMAN'S DEPT. STORE 46 Deparfmenfs Pacific Grove California . JOE FROLLI Real Esfafe - Insurance Phone 35 Soledad GONZALES SHOE HOSPITAL Shoes and Repairing Reasonable Gonzales California AL'S STORE FOR MEN Hafs - Shoes - Furnishings Salinas 256 Main Sf. KARL'S SHOE STORE 208 Main Sfreef Salinas California PURITY STORE, LTD. Lowesf Every Day Prices Soledad California BRUZZlNI'S RESTAURANT lfalian Dinners Soledad, Calif. Phone 46 CALIFORNIA FURNITURE CO. Complefe Home Furnishers 325 Main Sf. Salinas, Calif. DAYTON-JOHNSON CO. Real Esfafe - Insurance I57 Main Sf. Salinas Phone I23 SOLEDAD FRENCH LAUNDRY Edmond Courreiou, Prop. Phone 54 Soledad GIBSON'S CONCRETE PIPE for Efficienf Irrigafion Gonzales California KROUGH'S DRUG STORE Prescripfion Druggisfs I56 Main Sf. Salinas, Calif. THE QUALITY SHOP Women's Sfyle Cenfer 3I8 Main Sf. Salinas Phone 424 Phone 6 K.B.F. Soledad Dry Goods - Groceries - Hardware G. E. Radios and Refrigerafors Gonzales Laundry 8: Cleaners "Service Thaf Serves" Gonzales California Frazer's Music 8: Sporfing Goods Sporfing Goods Headquarfers 249 Main Sf. Salinas Phone 423 Besf Wishes fo fhe Class of I936 THE GREEN STUDIO 240 Main Sfreef Salinas, Calif. BURKE'S DRUG STORE John R. Burke Soledad California JOAQUIN BONDIETTE Chevrolef Sales and Service Gonzales California PORTER 8: IRVINE Deparfmenf Sfore Salinas California HANK'S DRUG STORE Make fhis your drug sfore while in Salinas 3I7 Main Sf. Salinas Phone 98 HOTEL ROMA G. Tosoni, Prop. Ifalian Dinners - Chicken and Raviolis Phone 53 Gonzales, Calif. Congratulations SOLEDAD THEATRE SHANNON'S GROCERY Show Every Wed.-Thurs. - 8 P. M. Phone 76 Gonzales I Sunday 6 and 8 P. M. --Try-- PETE'S SHOE SHOP SESSUM'S BARBER SHOP New Shoes and Repairing For Good Haircuts F Soledad California Compliments of SYLVlA'S BEAUTY SHOP Chualar Phone 3 LITTLE GREEN SHACK Fresh Fruits Chualar California FRED A. RIANDA California-Western States Life Box 38 Insurance Co. Gonzales J. W. FRANSCIONI Meat Marlcet Soledad California Congratulations Westcott's Plumbing and E'ec. Co. ELVEZIO G. GIACOMAZZI Plumbing Supplies - Electrical Soledad California Phone 80 Fixtures Soledad WHITIE'S A. H. CLARK Ice Cream - Candy - Tobaccos Beans - Grain - Insurance 4-th Street Gonzales Phone Soledad 50 Soledad STOP AT GILMORE SERVICE gliiuglifnalinflillfliif N. S. Andrew, Operator THE T. V. ALLEN CO Chualar Canfornia 8I2-SI6 Maple Ave. Los Angeles JACK PRADER Chrysler and Plymouth Motor Cars 235 Monterey Sf. Salinas, Calif. BEEBE DRUG STORE Cut Rate Drugs Try Our Fountain Salinas MEYENBERG MILK Products Co. Manufacturers All Pure Brand Milk Plants: Soledad and Ripon, Calif. If wi'I be best to room at COLLINS HOTEL Sam Moranda Gonzales Congratulations DR. L. P. DAVLIN Gonzales California Congratulations to the Class of I936 RALPH C. MUELLER Salinas California AUTOGRAPHS Prinied by THE TRIANGLE PRESS Selma. California P51010 Engraving by METROPOLITAN ENGRAVERS Los Angeles, Calif. Covers by Webber-McCrea Co. Los Angeles. Calif.

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