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fb 771 M 7227 1 " x-. ,. x . v A .fi X4 1 W Wig? if QM" ff x0f'A?Vx 5: M ,QI O . ,fling 4 . EQXXQ i , 59-5 .lm A A . .4.,.M- 35s, W .X ff ff 1 F , 5 X, 1 ' W 5 Q N 435 x 5 ,jf H Uffhdkb My 9 W 2 X .W :Q Q 343: A jf I ' f if ,f fi 5 X r N rx! W FV A QS M X sb M Y Q S Qi fWfa'fMf,f GONZALE3 i-Il Gonzales l-li, Gonzales l-li, our loyal hearls beal lrue, To Thee our school we love so well, 'Mong fields of verdanl hue: Our colors sland for honor brighl, and comradeship in all, Oh le+ us cheer The Orange and Black Come ioin our ioyous song: CHORUS l'r's Gonzales l-li, Gonzales l-li, Gonzales l-li for me. The school of iolly siudenls and fun for you and meg ln baseball always winners, in olher sporls +here's Tame, Oh give me good old G. l-l. S., No olher school's The same. The iuniors and The freshies, The seniors, sophomores, Are all uniied wilh hearls of love, To lhe school forever more: The old lradilions of lhe hi, lhe mem'ries of Jrhe past We all shall guard wilh loyally, lrulh, and honor 'Till The lasl'. Ti-IE SPARTAN l935 PUBLISHED BY THE ' STUDENT BODY OF THE OONZALES UNION H I G H SC HOO L EI BERNICE WILEY - - EDITOR EVA HILLS - - MANAGER FOREWORD To preserve Tor ourselves The progress oT indusTry in The counTry in which we live, and To lceep alive in our hearTs The memories oT The school which has given us so much ThaT is Tine, we oT The Gonzales Union l-ligh School presenT "TI-IE SPARTANH DEDICATION To Jrlwe lncluslries of Jrl'me Slale of California and especially To Jrlmose of The Salinas Valley, we declicale Jrlwis second issue of "THE SPARTANH ORDER OF E-SOCK SCENIC SCI-IOOL ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES , M, 4 .Q V H " gg -V, uf K wi v- 4 ,,iu.4v i ! 1 ',' . I HU. P? ' ,,,.., 3 - J UQ. ffsfm w Egg U ' H ' 'WEE I1 - P .4 J . . 9 .ASF 3. 1 ,flu 3.'?,A' .9.Bmt"1-. in f A x W? w ww Ju. .. -.- .4 .. - . A, 7....-........,....,.... - V ,MQ ,H ,fx m!wm21,,.- www M , A K y,,-1.91 N ,,..qM-Q, Nu. XM EM 1, X Mc tw in qs ' V Q . Q . K . ' H C ,V We H U , M fgifnf Qu' OUR CAMPUS .2 ' 'xnxx M' f .4-A 1 1 vw ml ,E ' 1 m H me iw: ' N, . ' L , W' H my H V ' M wi . . , V 1 L - ' E wwgk "' mm- HSN' " mis W' 5 - ' H H ' 2 2,57 , W ,,, .. , , I - 4 I W, M 1 V - , 1' . , ff L Q 2 H 1 N li I H 5 'W w F W W I n N Wu W 5 Wm N N fa X ,, H mg. 'V-Q v - 'Mil siqhf H T z w ' fi -ax ,, -X X N mm N Q sf w, N 42 Q1 H Q t-'- ? ua. ww ,vm W Uc- wsm M WL "K Qu nk mam W1 mfg? 5 ,av H v if ss- mm 55 f-m wiki F 'M m' 'iw -Jiffy W., . :QU QE' E :wa UW' if 1 ,. w"'.,5f U, y mx 25 RV' netsw wx H ff? u ' . ,Q , -.YL 5 2 5 H- -'W as ig"..Q.. H5135 S ,W Eg 5 5 Q. 3 W ,U H mf' .,www,1wm,',:ei'-vial? 2, M 5. 5. mW,W..HL 'un H 55-. nu.. 1. mvllw 5? ami? sa ww' Hg z2uw"',tu1uN23,' fi?" 'N .ii 49 ?fw'5' E F 1, ,, +I ,zgzf w. M "'w"'mQ5 w 232 eszz .1 X w ?5m5gEmw1 EVM -,,,.w 'wwf fs' ss: iiE""L'V ffiffif 5 Wu ,QQ if . Nine F w 1 A 1 1 CI1 Y ..., , V. .5 , ,1 , . L-, -fgg , '11, ',11,111-121w!T"1vi-'Q-f,, hm ,- Q ' '25, ' 1 .-.. .. 1. 1 3-11-13 1 , . ,gW111 11 '111 Y- - -:1. 14 MQ 52313 31. 'jf bn! 11111 1 1 . 11. 1 1 - 14, - 1 ' A 1 11 1 I .1 1' ' 1, 1 1 -1 , 1 f 1 . 11- - 1 ,. 11, -1 1 ,,' , , 111 1 - 1 ,, 17 f. . . .- A ' ' " x'11.1':' 1 2 , ' 1 1211- 111 1 111 1.111 1111 Jlf ' 'M111 f1'f1111- 51. .iw-5:71 11-1- 11 LF- 111 111 1 ,Q - 1 11 I 4 1K 1 1,9111 11 111 111j 1,11111-111,,K.. , 11 11 1 11 1 , rffiif 1 1 M 1 , 1 1 11115622-ki 1 1' -1 13 ,112 1.5101 1 - 1 111 11 11 ws41111'1s11 11' s1f11 11 11111 1111 11111 '11 111 1 113111 1111, L Qc, H X 1 1 - 1111 fxfwf Y W 1 , 16 X 1115-11g 11 1 1111111111111 11 111h3k w,1,jiiYg.111 1 X111 111 111111111 Zi, , ,- 1 - . 1 1 1, 1 ' 11:4 ,1 ww ,111-A 1 1 ' ' . 4"12f1,11 11 1 1 - ,g, :1 1 1 "1 . 11 ' 111 111 ' J 11 1 W?" u'iszwr"2f1 - 11 111 -1 2511 11, 1 11 .1+. 11. 11 11 .N . 11 ,H 111 1 1 ,11 11 11 5 1 11 SL BK my - 1 11 1 ,Q 11111.11 1 1 .1 AE Ill, 1 .I 1? 1 ' 1 ,. 151311 Si, 11 i E 1 1 , , - , ,1,, M.: Eleven The organizalions in Jrhe school mean ius'r as much lo Jrhe slu- clenls as lhe organizalions for fheir parenls mean lo Jrhe peo- ple in lhe clislricls surrounding The school. Grganizalions help lo liven and "pep up" Jrhe hearls ol: school sluclenls. In Jrhe various classes and olher organizalions of lhe Gonzales Union High School sludenls slrive for accuracy ancl ac- complish all lhe work Jrhey can. SCHOOL I N . S ond Row: Harry A. Hill, Ernest W. Bougher, Keifh J. Abbott, Clifford J. Moore, Alexander McLeish. First R ' Leon D. Lilley, Miss Angelina Dias, MissFEIZanAxorKPiIHman. Miss Beale I-Iobrechf, Miss Louise Nichols, Y re . e . I' ,X ' N rr I f MISS ANGELIINIA DIAS - - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Spanish, Lalin, Drama, France ancl Spain. MISS ELEANOR PITIVIAINI - - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA English, Physical Educalion. MISS BEATA I-IOBRECI-IT - - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Commerce. MISS LOUISE NICHOLS - - OREGON STATE COLLEGE I-lome Economics, Relaled Arls, lnlerior Decoralion, I-lome Management MR. FRED A. KELLY ---- OREGON STATE COLLEGE Principal, Journalism, Office Praclice. MR. LEON D. LILLEY ---- UNIVERSITY OF SYRACUSE General Agricullure. MR. ALEXANDER MCLEISI'-I - - - STANFORD UNIVERSITY Malhemalics, Physical Educalion. MR. I-IARRY A. I-IILL ---- UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS Science. MR. ERNEST W. BOUGI-IER ---- POIVIONA COLLEGE Social Sfudies. MR. KEITH J. ABBOTT ---- OREGON STATE COLLEGE Shop, Woodworlc, Mechanical Drawing. MR. CLIFFORD J. MOORE - - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Music, Vocalional English F rf illL,J!.'iI,,-if hifi W iff will W NEIL FANOE STANLEY HISERMAN Valedicforian Presidenf fzgg, MARGIE BONDIETTE ADELINE LAMAN I Secrefary Treasurer SENIOR CLASS, '35 THE successful career of fhe class of I935 has been broughf fo a close. The class has been oufsfanding for ifs inferesfs and spirif in all worfh while affairs of fhe school. As freshmen we had 5 I sfudenfs, as we have progressed fhrough school as seniors, 35 of us sfill remain fo carry on fhe spirif of our gone classmafes. Proud were we as "Freshies" when we won a hard foughf baffle of "fug-a-war" from fhe sophomores, fhese "enemies" of fhe freshmen. Needless fo say, fhe firsf week or fwo our sophomore year was spenf in inifiafing fhe new freshman class. Affer fhe excifemenf was over fhe 'Class of '35 became prominenf in afhlefics and sfudenf affairs. A number of sfudenfs affained The disfincfion of being on 'rhe l-lonor Roll. In our Junior year fhe play "The I3fh Chair," a fhree acf mysfery play, was presenfed under fhe direcfion of Miss Angelina Dias. The money was used fo give fhe Senior Class of I934 a banquef which was enioyed by all senior guesfs. The presenfafion of our Senior play "lcebound," a fhree acf comedy was well received by everyone affending. Wifh fhoughfs of farewell in our minds fhe Seniors leave wifh a sense bofh of gladness and regref. Our feachers, who have been our friends, we leave wifh sorrow. Wifh fhese words fhe Class of l935 bids you fare- well. Fff ,W fi, 1 I Mk' fir? 444 CARROLL HAN DLEY L ELEANOR ASMUSSEN EDWARD BROWN RAYMOND DODA JANE MARHOFKE WARREN FRANSCIONI 'E' f ' ,N ORMAN KERNS 37 MARY CAMPBELL L X-. 3' Zig- ' ,p. RUSSELL ROBINSON . 'if x' ' 1 .K Jgxx Xof gxxwu RX Y SAM KELLY I . EVA HILLS I ' M, , 'MARY JOHNSON 1 ,L-1 M A , ' . f1f9ff4"ff 759144, if z J EVELYN EMERY EVA BRIZZI DOROTHY HOLSER ETHEL PELUCCA 'NF N X .. -, so NSTJGL ,u yd xitmv 7 15 M" yi O ,, J xr ' I- U-gin S. t 504. . .r 'O-' .P ' gifs flxxxx l I IX een X. R if fm. I 1, JENETA BROWN JOHNNY VILLINES MINNIE PLUMMER ANITA RIGHETTI ANGELO somlo Af- MARGARET Loveu. Vq E' CN DT J .Sf f"- 1 LORENA MORRILL WILLIE PANZIERA BERNICE WILEY MARY KENNEDY WILFRED HAILE THERESA UROUIDES NECIA JONES WANITA HANDLEY F. S. LEANIO EMILIA LEONARD! f .,' '.,.f,"L-I ' f L f ' ' 1 J r"" lf ,. .LJ v 1 I '- J N J .I Sevenieen 3 ,1 -Aki v fLll..!1f flv!f Q. 'OL P 03' 5 - I 1 05' I Mnlliwjjx Fcuk Row: Peoples, J. Capaci, Cornwell, Beamer, Pisoni, Lafranchi, Salmina. Third Row: J. Shiramizu, Warner, Amaya, Scalfini, Boekenoogen, Barioni, Tale. Second Row: R. Sasules, J. Aulsen, Sarmenfo, E. S I G WIIB Jh FIR CP B GI'rPHdIy orensen,E.Acorn, uerra,H.Alcorn, e 5, oise, oansen. irs ow: . iini, razzi, aeli, . an e, E Sl E Franscioni, Y p I S les, N. Franscloni, Menefrey. JUNIOR3 Tl-IAIS JOHANSEN ------ PRESIDENT EDDIE PISONI - - - - VICE-PRESIDENT EVELYN SILVERIA - v - SECRETARY AND TREASURER Tl-llS is lhe reporl of The junior class of l936: The class lhal slarled wilh a "bang" is slill righl in Ihere wilh leaders in sporls, sludenl body, club aclivilies, cule girls and smoolh fellows. We can be prelly proud of bolh lhe boys and girls in our class. Thais Johansen, presidenl' of our class, is vice-presidenl of The G. C. C. A. L.. and presidenl' of The Girls' Block HG." Norma Franscioni is secrelary of The High School Girls' Federalion of Coasl Counlies. Lydia Schellhaas, anolher one of lhe leading junior girls is 'lreasurer of lhe G. U. l-l. S. slu- denl body. Of I9 girls in lhe Block "G" more lhan hall are from l'he junior class. Three girls of lhe class are members of 'rhe I-lonor Sociely. and all lead in olher organizalions ol lhe school. Now for The boys: lhey're "sweIl." They comprised lhe major parl of lhe 'foolball and baslcelball leams, and we are proud Io say l'ha'r 'rwelve of our boys wear Block "G's." EVELYN SILVERIA '36 Eghf Fourfh Row: A. Silveria, Mangrobang, Schadeck, Correlou. Third Row: L. Emery, R. Rianda, Rosso, Bauman, Rucker, Boise, Fasseff, A. Johnson. Second Row: Thompson, Corda, Fuiimofa, F. Sakoda, Onell, G. J. Fanoe, L. Aufsen. Firsf Row: Self, N. Jones, A. Brizzi, Collins, Nicola, M. Schellhaas, F. Wiley, F. Plummer. SOPi-IOMORES LUCILLE AUTSEN - - - PRESIDENT SIDNEY BOISE - - - - VICE-PRESIDENT LAURETTA COLLINS SECRETARY AND TREASURER I-Il everybody! Yep, iT's us, The sophomore class OT l937. We may be TOO proud OT Ourselves buT we can'T help iT. Anyway-we do have some OT The bes+ aThleTes on The campus. LeT's see, Argal I-lampTon, is Boys' AThIeTic Manager, OT The sTudenT body. l-le was appOinTed TO This OTTice by Mr. lvlcLeish because he was winner OT The Cross COunTry Race when he was only a "Treshie." Many OT Our handsome boys were TOOTball heroes and basIceTball sTars IasT season. Along wiTh Our OuTsTanding boys we have some very "peppy" girls. Lucille AuTsen and Georgia Jane Fanoe re- ceived Block "G's" during Their Treshman year and ThaT's nOT all, They are regular members OT The I-IOnOr SOcieTy. Our Freshman RecepTiOn wenT Over in a big way, and I Think Those Freshmen will agree wiTh me when I say ThaT we showed Them a good Time. When we are iuniors, and seniors, we will show Them some excellenT acTOrs and acTresses as well as aThleTes and singers, nOT saying how many walking dicTiOnaries They will run inTO. Ninefeen Fourlh Row: J. Franscioni, Hansen, A. Binsacca, Sommer, C. Sorenson, Vosli. Third Row: H. Poirier, O'Hare, Silasfre, Shiramizu, A. Hamplon, Cramer, Belli, D. Handley, Malhisen, Buller, Sfacy. Second Row: Silva, R. Galelfr, O. Panziera, Rodoni, Schiekle, Morisoli, Roddick, Tavernelfi, Van Scoy, G. Marhofke, Horr, B. Fanoe, Lucich. Firsl Row: Looy, Romero, E. Sakoda, D. Plummer, G. Binsacca, V. Panziera, Finafli, McNary, V V. Sorensen, V. Lafranchi, D. Franscioni. FRESI-IMEN GEORGE CRAMER ------ PRESIDENT GENEVIEVE BINSACCA VICE-PRESIDENT' VICTORIA PANZIERA - SECRETARY OLIVIA PANZIERA - - TREASURER RICHARD HANDLEY - YELL LEADER THE freshman class ol l938 enlered lhe Gonzales Union High School, lilly-seven slrong and lull ol plenly of spiril, and are proud 'ro be lhe largesl class in high school as well as lhe "peppies'r." Al lhe beginning of lhe year lhe freshmen challenged Ihe sophomores lo a "lug-a-war" on Ihe high school lurl. The freshman girls won 'lhe girls evenls while The sophomore boys delealed The freshmen. A Dorolhy Franscioni, Genevieve Binsacca, James Tash, Gale Marhollce, Richard Handley and Roberl Hansen made various deparlmenlal honor rolls lhe Iirsl quarler of lhe school year. The freshman class is slriving lo make lheir class one of lhe Ioesl and biggesl Ihe school has ever known, and is already one of REAL school spiril, lull ol "vim, vigor and vilaliI'y." n Twe fy NAME Henry Bird .,..,,........,........ Kennefh Boekenoogen ....... Oliver Breschini .....,... Harvey Ferrasci .....,.. Gene Franscioni ...... Lesier Franscioni ,....,.. Warren Johnson .,....,.. William Lumley ........ Harold Moceliini ..., Alvin Oreggia ......... John Panziera .....,.. Blas Quinios .,......, Walier Rianda .,,...... Orson Phelps ......... Luis Scailini ..,........ John Silveria ......... Roberf Wilms ,,..... Sam Yop ............... Dorofhy Adams .,...... Eva Beifencourr ......., Esfherina Corda ..,,.. Margarei Cusick ........, Erma Franscioni .... .... Edilh Hardy ....,,..,. Rinko lwakiri ............. Florence Lovell ........ Dorofhy Mills ........ Virginia Parsons .,,..,., Rena Pincini ....,..., Ada Plummer .....,.. Maxine Porier ......... Eleanor Rianda ..... Yola Regheffi ,..,..,. Rosie Vosli ...,.., .. Thyra Ober ............ Mauricio Anchefa ....,., William Bernard ..,.... Silvio Franscioni .... Knufe Johansen Lewis Jones ......, Eddie Muscio ......,... . Eugene Nicola ............ Douglas Roddick ........ Desio Rodonl ......,........ Richard Schedeck ....... Leo Sgheiza ............. Marshal Thorp .,..,.... Edward Silveria ..... Hazel Bossefii ....... Alma Ferrasci ..,....,.. June Handley ,,,,., ....... Mary Louise Kinnear.. Evelyn Moceifini .,.,,.... Helen Rec+or..'.,.. Anifa Rlanda ............ Kafhrvn Thorp .,....,...... Lois Wells ............ ......... . .. Margarel Widemann. Ca rol Wood worih .........., Rose Yop ...,,.....,...,... , A I UMNI 1 CLASS OF I933 OCCUPATION ,.....,.Farmer ........Farmer , ,,,..,,. Home ........................,. , ......,,...... Farmer .,....,,................,........,....,.,.,....... San Francisco Siafe Universify ....,,.... ,,,......Farmer Baseball player .............................. ..........,.............. S. Navy.................... .........Home .........Universify of Californian... ,,...,,,.Farmer Farmer ...............,....................... San Jose Sfafe College ,.,..,...s,.... ........,Salinas Valley Pipe Company.,..,... .,.,....Clerk , ,sY.... Farmer ..,....,.......... .... .....,.............. , .........San'ra Barbara Siaie College.,...... RESIDENCE ,.,........Chualar , ......., Gonzales Gonzales N...,.Q'.',','.'.'.f.as0ledsA ,. ......... San Francisco Gonzales Marysville Washingion, D. C. ...................,..,.Soledad ,....,,,..Berkeley .,.......Gonzales .........Gonzales .....,..San Jose ...,...,.Salinas ....,........,Soledad ,....,,,.,..,,..Gonzales ........,Sani'a Barbara ..,..,,..Auio Mechanic..,,....,....,..,.,.,,.,,.,... ...,,....,.,....Gonzales .........Mrs. Jack Nelson....,,..........,..,. ......,......,Soledad .........l-lome .....................Gilroy ,..,,,,,,Don Luxe Beaufy School.,..... Jose ,,....,..Business College,.,.,,........,..,.. ,..,......BuHe, Monfana .........Universi+y of California........ .........Horne .........Salinas Junior Collegem... .........Wai1'ress Home .........Si'enographer .......,.Booklceeper .,..,....Mrs. Leroy Larsen.............. .........Salinas Junior College......... .........Bookkeeper .....,...Employed ,..,.,..,Clerk .........Home CLASS OF I934- ,,,,..,,Labor Confrac+or.....,.,.....,,.,., ........,Salinas Junior College...,..... ,,,,,,,,,Farmer ,.,,,,,,,,Poulfryman ,..,....,Home .....,,,,Confec'rionery Sl'ore........ ,..,....Au'ro Meehanic,......,..,........,.. .........Salinas Junior College.......... ........S+age P. Garin Company,,,......, .........Clerical ,,,,,,,,,Fa rmer ,,,,,,,,,Salesman ,,,,.,.,,Home I 4,,,A,,, Bookkeeper ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,...,.............,..Berkeley ....A...........Gonzales ....,....Salinas .........Salinas .,..,..Soledad. .........Salinas .,.....Soledad .,.....Soledad .........Saiinas ....,..Soledad ...,.....Salinas .........Gonzales ,,...,.Soledad .....,...Gonzales ..,.........,Salinas Gonzales ......,..Gonzales. .......Soledad .........Gonzales .......,,Green'field .......,,....Salinas .......Soledad ......,.,.Soledacl ..,,.....GonzaleS .........Gonzales , ......,. Gonzales .........Gonzales .,.......,Soledad a,,,,....San Jose Sraie College..,,.,.. ,,.,,.,,San Jose ,.....,..Confeci'ionery .........Gonzales Camino Lunch .,,.,,,Soledad .,.,.,.4Pos+ Graduale Gonzales High School,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,Gonzales Posf Graduaie Gonzales High School,,,,,.., ..,,,.,,,Gonzales .........l'lome ...,,..,.Gonzales ,,,,,,,,,Salinas Junior Collegen.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,, A,,,,,,,,Salinas .........Salinas Junior College,.......,....,,..,,,,,.. .,,,,,,A,,,,,SaIinas ....,....San Jose Slaie College,....,,.,....,..,........ ,,,,,A,ASan Jose .........Nurse Training. Providence Hospiral..,,,,, ,,,,,,,,z,OakIand Twenfy-One Aclivilies in lhe Gonzales Union l-ligh School lalce The form of clubs and governing bodies of lhe sludenl body al large. Aciivilies in high school life aiclorcl sludenls lhe oppor- lunily lo begin a new hobby or conlinue one ihey already have. Teachers are chosen lo supervise lhe clubs in which lhey lalce greal inleresi, and lo give lhe sluolenls Jrhe very besl inslruclion. AC'l'lVl'l'l1ES 7 ' V-7 I .' QOL.-7:51 -'-:mg , - ' ,A ,I I.,-.,m,4,,,,,,,-V: , ,I LMC, .- V, , .. , . 1 W . - In xl I - In I H Xl w ' 5A 5 I . , , ' ,1'7"L"-NL , """""""T n, I ,, ,, ,, ll-, nn lx- f , -In -..g V ll I Second Row: L. Schellhaas, Kerns, J. Aufsen. Firsl Row: A. Hamplon, Morrill, Campbell, Urquides, Doda. STUDENT BV DY RAYMOND DODA ----- PRESIDENT LORENA MORRILL - SECRETARY THERESA UROUIDES YELL LEADER Appoinfive Sfudenl' Body Omcers NORMAN KERNS ---- BUSINESS MANAGER LYDIA SCHELLHAAS - - - TREASURER ARGAL HAMPTON BOYS' ATHLETIC MANAGER MARY CAMPBELL - GIRLS' ATHLETIC MANAGER MISS BEATA HOBRECHT - - - FACULTY AUDITOR MR. ALEXANDER MCLEISH FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE BERNICE WILEY - - - - ANNUAL EDITOR ALL regular sludenls and Ieachers conslilue Ihe membership known as Ihe Sluclenl Body of The Gonzales Union High School. Twenly-Four ff Second Row: Hiserman, A. Hampfon, J. Aufsen, Kerns, Cramer, Johansen. Firsf Row: B. Wiley, Campbell, Morrill, Doda, Ur uides L Aufsen, L Schellhaas Q CA BIN!-ET RAYMOND DODA - LORENA MORRILL - TI-IERESA UROUIDES NORMAN KERNS - STANLEY HISERMAN v Tl-IAIS JOI-IANSEN LUCILLE AUTSEN GEORGE CRAMER MARY CAMPBELL ARGAL HAMPTON - BERNICE WILEY - MISS BEATA HOBRECI-IT MR. ALEXANDER McLEISl-I - - PRESIDENT - SECRETARY - YELL LEADER - BUSINESS MANAGER - SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE - JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE SOPI-IOMORE REPRESENTATIVE FRESI-IMAN REPRESENTATIVE GIRLS' ATHLETIC MANAGER BOYS' ATI-ILETIC MANAGER - - ANNUAL EDITOR - FACULTY AUDITOR Q FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE Tl-IE Cabinef consisls o'F 'rhe officers of The Sludenl Body bolh ap- poinlive and eleclive, and is The governing body of Ihe Sludenl' Body. The Cabinel holds ils regular meelings openly, preceding each Sludenl Body meeling. All mailers of imporlance are lalcen up by 'rhe Cabinel and 'lhey may be aI'I'ended by anyone having legilimale Sludenl Body business lo presenl. T fyF If. 1' I l Fourlh Row: Scaffuni, Bomlo, Kennedy, Riqhefli, l-liserman, Robinson. Third Row: J. Aufsen, E. Asmussen, P. Handley, Pelucca, Hills, N. Franscioni, E. Sorensen. Second Row: G. Marhofke, F. Wiley, H. Alcorn, M. Plummer Urquldes J Brown, B. Wiley. First Row' M S h llh s, Morrill, J. Marhofke, E. Alcorn, E. Silv ' Ca pb ll E E y M nelrey. Ti-IE SPA! TAN STAFF EClilOr ----------- Bernice Wiley Assislanl Eclilors - - - Anila Righelli, Theresa Urquides Business Manager --------- Eva l-lills Assislanl Business Manaoer ------ Jenela Brown Aclverlising Managers - Russell Robinson, Jane Marhollce, Ernesl Scallini Circulalion Managers - Mary Campbell, Marqarel Lovell, Lorena Morrill Arl Edilors - - Boys' Sporls - - Girls' Sporls - - Freshman Reporler Sophomore Reporler Junior Reporler - Senior Reporler - Oroanizalions - Aclivilies - - Jokes and Snapshols Pholographer - Facully Advisors - - - June Aulsen, Phyllis l-landley Marguerile Schellhaas, Marcelle Poirier - - - - - Slanley l-liserman - - - - - - Evelyn Emery - - Gale Marhofke - - Florence Wiley - ----- Evelyn Silveria - - - - - - Elhel Pelucca - Eleanor Asmussen, Minnie Plummer - Evelyn Sorensen, Mary Kennedy - - l-lelen Alcorn, Norma Franscioni Eloise Alcorn. Arcadia Menelrey - - - - Mr. Alexander McLeish - Mr. Fred A. Kelly, Miss Louise Nichols Twenfy-Six Qi - f 's 3 T cf' 1 ,' ' Tie ' l D -4. 'Q Yi Qffl A E Q 1 J " ' X l Second Row: L. Schellhaas, Laman, Wells, J.. Marhofke, L..AuTsen, G. J. Fanpe, Mr, Fred A. Kelly. Firsl' Row: N. Fanoe, D. Franscionu, E. Franscnoni, Campbell, Hills, Kerns. CHAPTER 226 'i 'I 'XQNIIP "" 'i' 'Ylil J I x oCr Ol.:-n or r!:Dr.l r V F "Scholarship For Service" FirsT Semesier Office Second SemesTer ADELINE LAMAN - PresidenT GEORGTA JANE FANOE GEORGIA JANE FANOE Vice PresidenT - MARY CAMPBELL LYDIA SCT-lELLl-IAAS - SecreTary - - EMILY FRANSCIONI LUCILLE AUTSEN - Treasurer LUCILLE AUTSEN FRED A. KELLY - - Advisor - - FRED A. KELLY Tl-lE Gonzales ChapTer 226 of The CaliTornia Scholarship EederaTion, is one of The mosT acTive organizaTions in The Gonzales Union l-ligh School. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To TosTer a higher sTandard oT scholar- ship and broaden ideals oT service on The parT of The sTudenTs. RequiremenTs Tor membership in This organizaTion are, Ten scholarship poiniTs. A grades counT Three poinTs while B grades counT one poinT. STudenTs who have earned membership To This organizaTion are awarded a noviTiaTe pin, and on graduaTing are allowed To reTain iT, pro- vided They have been members oT The chapTer Tor six semesTers or more. A graduaTe who has been a member aT leasT six semesTers is also given an oTFicial gold life membership pin lC.S.E. Lampl and The chapTer seal is embossed upon his diploma oT graduaTion. l-le is Then recognized a life member oT The chapTer. T iyS Third Row: Barioni, Doda, W. Panziera, J. Piini, Pisoni, Kelly, R. Rianda, Villines, J. Franscioni. Second Row: A. Hampion Bufler, Hansen, Widemann, Vosfi, A, Silveria, E. Breschini. Firsf Row: H. Poirier, H. Asmussen, Mangrobang, E. Brown, J. Franscioni, Mafhisen, Mr. L. D. Lilley. FUT U RE FARMERS WILLIE PANZIERA ------ PRESIDENT RAYMOND DODA - VICE-PRESIDENT JOE PIINI - - - - TREASURER PAUL BARIONI - - - SERGEANT-AT-ARMS CNE of Ihe oufsanding purposes of Ihe Fu'rure Farmers is Io promo+e vocafional agriculrure in Ihe high schooIs of America by deveIoping 'rhe pride of Fufure Farmers in Vocarional AgricuII'ure. The work of Iheir organizarion is planned and carried our by a program of work ou'rIinecI as follows: I. Iniiiarion of Members. 2. Exhibirs aI 'rhe Siaie and Counlry Fair. 3. Faiher and Son Banquet 4. Reporlrs of Home Proiecrs. 5. Sending iudging Teams 'ro meefs. 6. Enierfainmenfs. The Fuiure Farmers aIways welcome new members. IvIee+ings are held Three days of each week in Ihe Agriculiure buiIding on Ihe campus. Twenty-Eigh+ Third Row: Tafe, Breschini. Second Row: Peoples, Cornwell, Boekenoogen, C. Handley. Firsf Row: Scaffini, Salrnina. BOYS' BLOCK "G" CLUB CARROLL HANDLEY ----- PRESlDENT ERNEST SCATTINI - - - VICE-PRESIDENT TED SALMINA - - SECRETARY AND TREASURER Tl-lE Boys' Block "G" Club has, during The pasT year, expended iTs energies along aThleTic lines almosT enTirely. PromoTion and handling all lnTer-AcTiviTy aThleTic schedules in Baseball and Volleyball was one oT The main club TuncTions. STaging iTs Annual Block "6" Track MeeT Tor Grammar Schools in The high school disTricT has become a cusTom, and This years' meeT was as successTully handled and enThusiasTically enjoyed by The parTicipanTs as previous meeTs. The Block "G" Club This year sTarTed a new movemenT, when They began hanging on The wall of The Coach's Room, enlarged picTures oT Block "G" members on aThleTic Teams. IT is TelT This will leave wiTh The school a lasTing impression oT iTs aThleTes as The years roll on. Due To iTs membership being enTirely oT aThleTes, The club mainTained iTs supremacy in all sporT evenTs which iT enTered. T TyN 3 ? T d Row: Haile, Hills, W. Handley, A. Bornio. Second Row: Doda, Urquides, Kennedy, Kerns, Firl R N F L Il L M d' +1 . ance, ove, aman, Bon IS E. "ICH-if UND" NORMAN KERNS MARY KENNEDY MARGIE BONDIETTE Tl-IERESA UROUIDES ADELINE LAMAN EVA HILLS - - NEIL FANOE - ANG-ELO BOMIO RAYMOND DODA MARGARET LOVELL WANITA HANDLEY WILFRED I-IAILE Characlers HENRY JORDAN - - ' EMMA - - NETTIE SADIE FELLOWS - - ORIN ELLA JORDAN BEN JORDAN DOCTOR CURTIS JUDGE BRADFORD JANE CROSBY HANNAI-I JIM JAY Tl-IIS Jrlwree-acl comedy was presenled by The Senior Class on Friday November 2, l934. ll was wrillen by Owen Davis and direcled by our own dramalic leaclier and senior class advisor, Miss Angelina Dias. Ice bound" was a grand success bolln dramalically and financially. Thirfy , .x,,: ...Mx-f If--'jg ,'fjejl.sy,,, ,T T . E. Rucker, R. Handley, V. Lafranchl, R. Doda, W. Halle. l "AROUND Ti-IE WORLD" THE Jamboree given by The sTudenTs oT The Gonzales Union High School on December I9, I934 was enTiTled, "Around The World." Two TourisTs, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jordan, lremember They were The comedy Team in "lcebound" The Senior Play,l wenT around The world. When The curTain was drawn They were on board The Miss G. U. H. S. sTeamer bound Tor Japan. A chorus oT charming sailor girls greeTed The audience wiTh Their dancing, and singing, while Henry, oT course, was Thrilled, buT Emma oh-. They arrived in Ja an, and There They see whaT happened To "Poor BuTTerTly." Hawaiian EeauTies dazzled Them aT Their nexT sTop, so They hurried on To ATrica-ThaT big game counTry. Lion Thrills, and Too many narrow escapes Tinally drove Them To lndia. They Then Traveled on Through lTaly, Germany. and arrived in Paris aT lasTl Thrills oT horror creep up and down Their backs when They see an Apache dance in a dive oT one oT The Paris sTreeTs. The come upon "The LiTTle Gypsy SweeThearT" in Spain, broken- hearTecl, because she Tears her American lover has Torsaken her, buT like in all good Tairy Tales, everyThing ends happily. By a "LiTTle DuTch Mill" a liTTle DuTch boy and girl Tall in love beneaTh The moon. Thereupon Henry and Emma geT homesick and sTarT making preparaTions Tor going home. Home again! IT was wonderTul To be home and see all The Tamilar places and Taces. Th'rfy-O e , 1 '-A ', GIRLS' BLOCK "G" Second Row: Johansen, Miss Eleanor Pitman, Pelucca, G. J. Fanoe, B. Wiley, L. Aufsen, Lovell, M. Johnson L. Galelli, P. Handley, H. Alcorn, M. Bondielfe, First Row: Laman, Yop, E. Franscioni, Campbell, E. Silveria A. Rianda, Urquides. GIRLS' LEAGUE Third Row: Morisoli, Pelucca, Finalfi, E, Emery, Tavernelli, McNary, Collins, Corda, Machado, Self, Penland Van Scoy, Miss Louise Nichols, Sakoda, Brazzi. Second Row: Fuiimola, Romero, A. Brizzi, Nicola, M. Plummer J. Brown, F. Plummer, Schiekle, O. Panziera, Wells, Onell, Firsl Row: Johansen, Menelrey, H. Alcorn, L. Aufsen N. Franscioni, J. Aulsen, Varney, Rodoni, E. Boise, C. Piini. N .J I' H-' Thirfy-Two vi., .. x 55 l4 C., ,, BAND Third Row: Leonardi. Schadeck, J. Piini, N. Fanoe, Peoples, Archie Hamplon, Arqal Hamplon, Thompson. Second Row: Roddick, Belli, F. Capaci, Silaslre, Mafhisen, A, Johnson, W. Franscioni, Warner, Hiserman, V Lafranchi. Firsf Row: F. Plummer, Sarmenio, A. Binsacca, Scolf, Sommer, Elvezio Breschini, Correiou, Beamer, Pale, E. Breschini, S. Boise, Tale, R. Handley, G. Binsacca. JAZZ ORCHESTRA Second Row: Mr. Clifford J. Moore, E. Alcorn, Guerra, Sarmenlo, l-liserman. Firsf Row: Beamer, W. Franscioni, Haile, N. Fanoe, Robinson. Thirty-Th ree 1 1 1 l I l l l l RADIO CLUB Third Row: Mr. Keifh J. Abboll, B. Bondielle, A. Bomio, Rosso. Second Row: A. Johnson, R. Thoroughman, A. Binsacca, S. Boise. Firsl Row: O'l-lare, Malhisen, Sommer, F. Capaci, Tash. SCIENCE CLUB Third Row: Carlson, L. Emery, J. Capaci, Pale, Clayion, Silasfre, Archie Hampfon. Second Row: Sfacy, T Shiramizu, M. Lafranchi, Belli, Hayes, Leanio, Cramer, Rucker. First Row: R. Handley, Warner, Sorenson, Mr. Harry A. Hill, Scoll, Bauman. Thirfy-Four I 1 SENIOR DRAMA CLUB Second Row: W. Handley, E. Asrnussen, Umuides, Miss Angelina Dias. Firsl Row: Kennedy, Lovell, M. Bondielle, Hills. STAMP CLUB Second Row: Fasself, Kinnear. Firsl Row: Amaya, Mr. E. W. Bougher, Schadeclc. :lla-1 "1-12 7531, : rf'- A .A 1 ,v-.I V4 S ...1.., UL 1' Thirfy-Five Many people are of lhe opinion +ha+ physical educalion is an unneces- sary parl of Jrhe high school curricu- lum. They lhinlc Jrhalr lhe lime could be beiier speni in an exira period of malhemaiics, science, English, or some olher sludy. They feel lhal The money 'ro buy equipmenl for sporrs should be used lo buy boolcs. Of course classroom siudies are absolulely necessary, loul physical educarion is a vilally imporranl facior in +he high school s+uden+'s life and should nol be eliminaled. Every person should have some fa- vorile spori, and his high school days may be lhe one opporruniiy where he has a chance To become acquainl- ed wilh aihleiics. So Therefore, we say physical educalion in high schools is necessary and profifable, and should nor be abolished. f'l'i-ILE'I'ICS ,-I kr , ., 1 COACH ALEXANDER MCLEISH Cf A Ci-I IAC LEIST-I The boy who learns on The aThleTic Tield To do diTTiculT Things ThaT TesT his moral courage gains an educa- Tional experience oi greaT value. AThleTics sTands Tor rugged individ- ualism. The boys who are playing The games are noT "soTTies." One oT The reasons They are noT is, ThaT They have learned in Their aThleTics ThaT The righT way is usually The hard way. -ALEXANDER lvlc:LElSl-l. FOOTBALL Third Row: Bauman, J. Piini, Hiserman, Hickson, Cornwell, C. Handley, Taie, W. Franscioni, L. Emery, Clayfon. Second Rvw: Scaffini, Baroni, Salmina, Boekenooqen, Cramer, W. Panziera, Warner, B. Bondieffe, Rucker, L. Bomio. Firsf Row: Arnaya, Schadeck, Belli, J. Shiramizu, Hayes, Coffa, A. Hamplon, Leanio. Thir+y-Eighf IQOOTBA LL Gonzales' O ..,,.. vs ....... lvlonlerey O Gonzales O .,.... vs ......,...... Gilroy I2 Gonzales 3l ....., vs .,....z.. l-lollisler O Gonzales O ...... vs.., Alascadero 6 Gonzales I9 .,.... vs ......... Berkeley O Gonzales 6 ....,. vs ......,., l-lollisler O Gonzales 25 ....,. vs-. Walsonvllle O Under 'rlwe alole coaching of Coach lVlcl.eisl1 The Sparlans wenl llwrouglw a slworl buf successful season of fool- ball. Al+l'1ougl'1 Jrlwe leam was lwancli- capped by ligl'1'r players Tlwey had Hue Hliglwling spiri+". A Hamplon, C. Handley, E. Scalf B B k g in if ll Sa, Thirfy-N J! Rucker, W. Franscioni, Bauman, Hickson, Lafranchi. FOO'l"i'-if LL J. Piini, Schadeck, W. Panziera, Leanio, Cornwell. -I .' . . -, , 5+ L Fo rfy I, , , i : - w Tafe, Hiserman, Salmina, Belli, Warner. -mm' sg f I I r it Barioni, Amaya, B. Bondieffe, Cramer, Hayes. 3 Foriy-One 'S I 5 .P Peoples, Boekenoogen, Bomio, Cornwell, Amaya. BASKETBA LL . Heavyweighi' M J X Scaftini, Peoples, Taie. Forty-Two W. Franscioni, B. Bondieffe, N. Fanoe, A. Hampfon, J. Shiramizu BASKE' BF LL Ligh+weigh+ Belli, S. Boise, Salmina, J. Piini, Rucker, Bauman. Foriy-Three Second Row: E. Breschinl, Bauman, Cramer, C. Handley, Robinson, Scalhni. First Row: N. Fanoe,Bell1,Amaya, D. Handley, Peoples, Rucker. BASEBALL WlTl-l lhe coming of spring lhere comes lhe call ol Baseball. The Spar- lan Baseball squad, playing one of Jrhe shorlesl C. C. A. L. schedules in 'rheir hislory, gave an excellenl accounl of Jrhemselves when lhey delealed lhe Gilroy high school nine and losl lo Sanla Cruz by a score ol Twelve 'ro SIX. I The lineup for The leam is as follows: Ernesl' Scallini, calcherq Carroll l-landley, pilcherg Eddie Pisoni, lirsl base: Edward Rucker, second base: Neil Eanoe, lhird base: Elmer Breschini, shorlr slopg Ernesl Belli, lell' lieldq Anlhony Amaya, cenler field: and Dick l-landley, righl field. Subslilules were: George Cramer, Billy Bauman, Raymond Peoples, and Russell Robinson. B Each member of The learn played his besl in order lo mainlain lhe good old "Gonzales Union l-ligh School lighling spiri+" and repulalion on lhe diamond. F fyF r.. if . Ja .Q. 'iff ,f .. L M. Lafranchi, A. Hampfon, Haile, Beamer, Hiserman, Peoples. TRP Ci GONZALES enioyed iTs mosT successTul Traclc season in years, This year, boTh Trom The sTandpoinT oT place-winners in meeTs, and in The added inTeresT shown in The sporT wiTh The increased number oT boys coming ouT. STanley l-liserman was our biggesT single ThreaT.on The cinder paTh, being a consisTenT winner in The lOO and 220 yard dashes. OTher dash men oT promise were Reed Cornwell and MilTon LaTranchi boTh winners in The C. C. A. L. meeT lasT year and repeaTers This season. Ross Beamer showed good Torm in running The hurdles and in The I-ligh Jump while Ray- mond Peoples should develop inTo a TirsT class pole vaulTer. Argal T-lampTon has aspiraTions as a disTance runner and if he shows The same abiliTy aT The mile as he has shown in winning The Annual Cross CounTry, he should become a good miler. A hosT oT oTher boys are sTriving To make Track-men ouT oT Themselves and may have, since The Time oT This wriTing, covered Themselves wiTh suTTicienT glory To warranT menTion on This page. FrTyF COACE-l'S MESSAGE PERI-TAPS iT seems odd ThaT This business oT sporTs Tor girls aT Gonzales Union l-ligh School should be such a jolly aTTair when There is no inTerscholasTic compeTiTion, nor much "rah- rahing" generally. The main Thing is ThaT iT IS iolly. We have good Times in our gym classes. We call our squads by odd sounding names. People are good skippers when They are ribbed Tor hiking wiTh The ball in Baske+baII, Tor need- ing a baskeT in Baseball, or making beauTiTul "sTicks" in l-lockey. ThaT's The way iT goes. There are no end oT Things To work Tor-Class Teams lA or B divisionsl, All-sTars, Play Day line ups, and Awards. The compeTiTion is keen, buT always Tine-spiriTed. And so To you-my girls-because you keep 1.-. . 4 smiling, because you play wiTh all ThaT's in you, MISS MANOR WMM 'A' uffbecause youlmake iT Tun To be alive-l say To cms' coach J-Qi you, "Cheerlo and many happy days." x ' T -ELEANOR PITMAN. GIRLS' AT i-ILET I CS , EVERY girl aTTending The Gonzales Union l-ligh School has an oppor- TuniTy To win a Block "G," The awarding oT block leTTers is based upon: The abiliTy To play The game well, membership on TirsT Teams, subsTiTuTe poinTs, and scholasTic honors. The Block "G" poinT sysTem reads as Tol- lows: TwenTy-Tive poinTs Tor making TirsT Team in each oT The Tollowing sporTs: Field l-lockey, BaskeTball, Volleyball, and Baseballg Tive poinTs if elecTed capTain oT a Team, TiTTeen poinTs if chosen as a subsTiTuTe and plays aT leasT halT oT The game: Ten poinTs if chosen a subsTiTuTe and doesn'T play. PoinTs vary Tor scholasTic achievemenT. NineTeen girls are in The Block "G" Club This year. Thais Johansen is The presidenT. The SevenTh Period gym class won The Eield T-lockey Championship The .Tormer parT oT The year. This class had a good hard working Team, capTained by Phyllis l-landley. The SixTh Period gym class, capTained by Doris Wells, capTured The BaskeTball Championship. AT The beginning oT The Term Mary Campbell was appoinTed Girls' AThleTic Manager oT The STudenT Body by lyliss Eleanor PiTman, our gym Teacher. FrTyS CHAMPIONSHIP HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: G. J. Fanoe, J. Marhofke, 6. Marhofke, Capfain P. Handley, L. G-alelfi, E. Leonardi, M. Campbell, E. Franscioni. Firsl Row: Morrill, B. Fanoe, G. Binsacca, A. Laman, Roddick, D. Plummer, Yop. CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: T. Johansen, H. Alcorn, F. Plummer. Firsf Row: Corda, Caplain Wells, E, Silveria. rw For? rj 1 I 3 J' 6 " y-Seven 4 IT is due mainly To The unsTinT- ing eTTorTs oT The ciTizens oT The Salinas Valley, who willingly l3oughT aclverTising space, ThaT "The SparTan" oT l935 is pos- sible. The sTaTT and sTudenTs oT The Gonzales Union I-ligh School wish To express Their sinceresT appreciaTion and graTiTucle Tor The paTronage oT These adver- Tisers. The besT way, however. To show our Thanlofulness is To aid our supporTers. We ask espec- ially ThaT The STuclenTs oT The Gonzales Union High School assisT These loyal backers oT "The SparTan." -The EdiTor. FEATURES fsf Congrafulafions, Class of I935 As Close as Your Telephone The RED 84 WHITE Sfore "The Buyer Saves - The Owner Serves" Propriefor, Carl Frudden, Gonzales MOSES-GETSINGER, Inc. Aufhorized Ford Dealers GONZALES SOLEDAD Complimenfs of JOHNSON 'S GARAGES Gonzales California Complinnenfs of JOHNSON 'S GARAGES Soledad California Jenefa Brown: "Whaf would you advise me fo read affer gradua+ion?" Mr. Kelly: "The 'help wanfed' column." Mr. Moore: "Wha'r's a synonym?" Eddie P.: "A word you use in place of one you don"r know how fo spell." Regina S.: "Are you going fo church fornorrow'?" Lorena M.: "Yeh, if fhe sfafic ain'f foo bad." Besf Wishes fo Th e Class of l935 Tl-IE GREEN STUDIO 240 Main Sfreef Salinas, California STUDEBAKER WESTCOTT cnevizouar GARAGE Sfandard Merchandise - Dependable Service Phone 8 Soledad. California Fifty H f'?i?n'15z3a:m , K , im ,fl fm. 51' 'ETS M HH ' .Misa ' K new x ,u , w Mg w. L ' .."-Lez1! 1 up Ass fa 4, ' v N YH, ,. . w ' Hgrfvm my my x--.f , .X Hffffi' Eff " M556 1 ' ' A ' ' . v A a me FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES Fiffy-One Complimenrs of -I-he Hub Cenlral Hardware Co. SALINAS, CALIPORNIA WI-IITEI-IILL'S 247 Main Sfreef Phone I57 226-228 Main SIreeI', Salinas, Calif. 6GnZaIeS Radio and Congra+uIaIions 'ro Ihe Class of I935 EIS-drric SHOP J. c. PENNEY COMPANY Phone 88 Gonzales "Where you can always do beHer" FORD GARAGE BUILDING SALINAS CALIFORNIA Adeline L.: "Are all Jreachers booIcworms?" Neil F.: "All buf geomelry Ieachers and They are angle-worms." Mary C. lal' a big gamelz "We're in a pickle! A regular iam!" Meryl G.: "Heaven preserve us." Miss I-Iobrechlz "If an au+o is coming a+ Jrerrific pace, whaf is beiler Jrhan pres- ence of mind?" Johnny V.: "I don"r Icnow unless iI's absence of body." Complimenis of SALINAS FUNERAL PARLORS "Sincere Service" WEST SAN LUIS AT LINCOLN STREET SALINAS. CALIFORNIA PI-IONE 97 OR 796 SALINAS TITLE GUARANTEE COMPANY 22 Wesl Gabilan Sfreel' SALINAS, CALIFORNIA TITLE INSURANCE AND ESCROW SERVICE Fiffy-Two lmagine: Allen Tale being high poinl man in baskelball. Margie Bondielle having a perlecl allendance. Eva Hills doing lhings willingly. Willie Panziera being pigeon load. Mr. Abboll calching a lish. Mr. Kelly wilh a sense ol humor. Anila Reghelli wilh slraighl hair. Miss Dias wilh her hair cul. Miss Pilman nol using her eyes. Slanley l-liserman in overalls. Neil Fanoe surrounded by boys. Russell Robinson wilhoul a gueslion. Minnie wilhoul Johnny. Kids riding lo school everyday on lhe lrain. Jane Marholke wilhoul her midgel. Miss Nichols wilhoul her Ford. . "Sue" nol crazy aboul blondes. Mr. Moore round shouldered. Mr. Mcl.eish wearing a smile. Selling Dorolhy l-lolser's goal. Phyllis Handley having a sleady boylriend. Jimmy Tash discovering Mars. Mary Johnson gelling along wilh Mr. Kelly. Miss l-lobrechl malcing a lol ol noise. Mr. Bougher gelling anolher lavorile saying. Mr. l-lill being impolile. Warren Franscioni malcing a scrub leam. Adeline Laman gelling an HF". Mary Kennedy lall and slim. Willred l-laile wilh a Swiss accenl. Emile Malhisen a "Big Shol." Dick Scoll acling his age. June Aulsen saying Waller inslead ol "Wall-+ar Laura and Eva gelling along wilh Miss Nichols. l-lelen Alcorn wilh a sweel disposilion. Thais Johansen having an enemy. Mary Campbell wilh red hair and lreclcles. Dorolhy Nicola wilhoul make up on. Tommy Schadeclc wilhoul dimples. Ralph Rosso wilh a girl lriend. Lorena Morrill nol giving lhe boys a ride. Fifly-Th NESTLE'S MILK PRODUCTS, Inc. Ma nufacrurers of NESTLES AND ALPINE MILK GONZALES CALIPORNIA Miss Nichols: "Name Ihree arricles confaining sfarch, Minnie Minnie P.: "Two cuffs and a coIIar." Mr. I-IiII: "Wha'r course are you graduaring in. E+heI?" E+heI P.: "In Ihe course of Time." EveIyn E.: "Did you say heaI I'raveIs fasrer Ihan coIcI? Whar do you mean?" Necia J.: "Because one can cafch cold." 6OnZaEfO?eiS,dg:VZre and Monferey CounIy TrusI I-Ieadquarrers for Reach and and Savmgs Bank Wilson Sporring Goods - - Winchesrer Guns and Ammuniiion COMMERCIAL SAVINGS TRUST Prompjr and Courieous Service The Oldesf Bank in Monierey Counfy I SCI-IOOL SUPPLIES - PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY The Phofos in This Annual were 'raken wirh an EASTMAN KODAK A using Easfman Verichrome and Easfman Panchromafic Film, and Developed and Prinfed 'Ihru us I-IERNDOINVS PHARMACY - TI-IE REXALL STORE AUSTIN F. TURNER, Prop. Agenfs for Moore X: Moore Flower Shop-Cui Flowers, Floral Pieces, Corsages Fifty- Four JOKES Jessie R.: "Ch my hero-my greaT big TooTbaII hero! I-Iow did you break your arm?" ErnesT B.: "The bench Turned over." lk Ik Pk MargareT L.: "I saw The besT-looking girl Today." Ivliss Nichols: IInTeresTedIyI "Where?" Iv1argareT L.: "In The mirror, my dear." PF ,If lk Emily F.: "Is Russell R. poIiTe?" Eva I-IiIIs: "SayI ThaT boy Takes olzi his haT in a phone booTh beTore calling cenTraI." PIC :If Bk Willie P.: "Do you know who is in The hospiTaI?" Bob W.: ISadIyI "Noi Who?" Willie P.: "Sick people." :Ii FII ik Mr. Bougher: "Bill B. where was The DecIaraTion oT Independence signed?" Bill B.: IATTer a silencel "AT The boTTom." Pk ik Pk Ivlr. AbboTT: "One man is knocked down by an auTomobiIe every Ten minuTes in Salinas." "Sue" I-Iandley: "Wow! I should Think iT would wear him ouT." Sk lk Ik Zona SeIT: "There are Two Things ThaT keep you Trom being a good dancer." Ralph R.: "WhaT are They?" Zona SeIT: "Your TeeT." PI! Pk FIC Alan S: "Did you ever Take ChIoroTorm?" James T.: "No, who Teaches iT?" Pk Pk JI! VicToria P.: "I iusT boughT a nickle eraser." Mary K.: "Oh, I should Think a rubber one would be much beTTer." Fiffy-Fi SALINAS VALLEY ICE Co. COmPIimef1+S To Ihe CIass of '35 MYR-I'LE'S PRINT SHOP I24 SOLEDAD sr. SALINAS, QALIE. TELEPHONE 77 sALiNAs ICE - FUEL - REFRIGERATORS Complimenrs To The Class of '35 WYLIE-GOWMAN OPTICAL CO. TELEPHONE in 259V2 MAIN sr. sAuNAs Congrafulafions To The CIass of I 935 RALPH C. MULLER Jane M.: "Why is a cIen+is+ Iike a +ramp?" MiI'ron L.: "Because he always lives from hand To mou+h." Margie B.: "You say ou were once an acfor? Wha+'s your Iavoriie role?" Eva I-IiIIs: "A bun wirh a hoi' cIog in i'r." Georgia Jane F.: "Miss Dias I'oIcI me Thai Jrime is money." Lucille A.: "I guess I'ha+'s why 'Ihe judge aiways says: "IO days or SIG." MONTEREY COUNTY TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY TITLE INSURANCE - ESCROW SERVICE I6 WEST GABILAN ST., SALINAS PHONE IZOO SOLEDAD M ERCANTI LE COM PANY Deparimenf S'rore HARDWARE - GROCERIES - DRY GOODS Visir Our Three Deparrmenis - Each Meriis a Fair Share of Your Pafronage SOLEDAD PHONE 9-W CALIFORNIA Fiffy-Six JUNIORS AND SENIORS Fiffy-Seven 5OIh Anniversary SOUTHERN PACIFIC MILLING CO. DEALERS IN ALL KINDS or BUILDING SUPPLIES, FEED, BEAN CLEANING PHONE 2 PHONE 6 PHONE 5 CHULAR-GONZALES-SOLEDAD "There Is No SuIos+iIu'Ie for Qualify" DEPEN DABLEWEARING APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN SIYOU NG WOMEN Qualify Merchandise ThaI Gives LasIing Sarisfacfion SNEIBLE-TAVERNETTI CO. Groceries - Hardware - Shoes - Farm ImpIemen'rs GONZALES. CALIFORNIA SALINAS ELEVATOR CORPORATION SALINAS, CALIFORNIA RAILROAD YARDS, FRONT AND SAUSAL STS. CompIeIe Line of POULTRY FEED - DAIRY FEED - MASHES - SPECIAL MIXING GRAINS Bring Your Own Formula and Have Us Mix II 'Tor You FH sqm WHY... Does Mary Johnson like The oTTice? Do kids cuT school? Did Miss Dias cuT her hair? Did Mr. Kelly buy a Ford? Does Elmer B. like To show oTT? l-lave SOME oT The Junior girls goT The "Big l-lead"? Does Russell R. wanT To run The Senior Class? Does Mr. Lilley wear gray suiTs? Do girls Tall Tor TooTball heroes? Does Jessie R. go To The show every Wednesday nig Are Freshmen so inquisiTive? Does Mr. Bougher wear glasses? Does Raymond D. always have a wave in his hair? Are Jane and MilTon always siTTing on Mac's sTeps? Don'T we geT ouT earlier? Do we have To Take Tinal examinaTions? Did The Soledad and Mission kids ride To school on The Do so many kids geT senT To The oTFice? Does Barbara Fanoe always go wiTh The Girls' Block ' Are Jane M. and Mary Cl graduaTing This year? Do some kids raTe so high wiTh oThers? Does Adeline L. wear a diamond ring? ls Emile M. always TighTing wiTh l-larry Poirier? lsn'T VicToria P. in The Girls' League picTure? Doesn'T The Home Economics Class give The girls Do some people leave school early? Doesn'T Margie B. come To school every day? Does Mr. Bougher say: "Don'T you see?" Doesn'T Mary Machado like To Take gym? Doesn'T Russell like To have six girls ride in his car? Does Mr. Kelly say "Who's going To win TonighT"? ls Lydia Schellhaas so poliTe? l-lave so many oT The boys goT wavy hair? ls l-larvey Asmussen so shorT? aT FfTyN hT? Train April I? Did WilTred Throw Russell's wrench in The waTer Senio 'C5"? r DiTch Day? eed? S I, N Jr, I B k Anderson-Douglwer+y- G Ines G IOUG GU Ha'-gis CO. Your Home Bank Plumbing-Healing-Slweel lvlelal Hardware-Well Casing Safely-Service-Secrecy 225 Main Slreef, Salinas-Phone THE SHOW PLACE OE THE SALINAS VALLEY FOX-CALll:0RlNllA Salinas - -I ------ - - - - California La'H'x Shingles Roofing Cemenl' gggjows Tom HAMBEY LUMBER co. gfjjjjcgjwd Doors Phone Soledad 56-Palm Ave. We Solicil Your Palronage Building Speciall HEAD HOTEL Special Alrlenfion Paid 'ro Privale Parfies-Lunclieonsq Banque-is Tasfy Food af Popular Prices Soledad Sixfy JOKES Warren F.: "Pass lhe lump sugar, please." Paul B.: "There ain'l any lump sugar. l-lere's lhe granulaled and if you don'l like il you can lump il." Ik lk Ik Mr. lvlcLeish: "You have a perlecl head lor geomelry, Georgia Jane." Georgia Jane F.: "Why?" ' Mr. lv1cLeish: "ll's bolh plane and solid." wk lk Sk Mr. Lilly: "Was your garden a success lhis year Elmer?" Elmer B.: "l'll say so. My brolher's chickens look lirsl prize al lhe Slale Fair. Pk lk Pk Bill B.: lAl Presidenl's Balll "ll is so kind ol you lo dance wilh me." - Phyllis l-l. "Don'l menlion il. Aller all, lhis is a Charily Ball!" Ik Ik lk Anila Reghelli: "Whal do you slick your hair wilh?" Slanley l-liserman: "Crisco." Anila Reghelli: "Why?" Slanley l-liserman: "So l won'l have lo gel my hair cul, Crisco is a shorlening you know." FK ik ik Bernice W.: "Which end ol lhe slreel-car do l gel oll?" Mary J.: "ll makes nogdillerence, bolh ends slop?" lk lk Dk Reed C.: "Do lish grow l,asl?" Johnny V.: "l'll say lhey do, lvlr. Abboll caughl one and every lime he lells aboul il. il grows six inches more." PK Pk ik Theresa U.: lTo Wanila l-l. who is looking under her slalled Ford.l "Whal are you looking lor, Wanila?" Wanila l-l.: "Nolhing." Theresa U.: "Well, you'll lind il where lhe gas was." S'lyO SOLEDAD MEAT MARKET Wholesale and Relail TI-IE SOLEDAD BAKERY Choice Pies, Calces, and Breads Sam Naylor. Prop. Soledad Califo SOLEDAD TI-IEATRE C0nQfa+uIa+iOf1S Selecled Piclures DR, Q. I-I, NUSZ E. Gnesa E. Franscioni Gonzales Califo Frazer's Music 84 Sporling Goods PURITY STORE, LTD. Sporfing Goods I-Ieadquar+ers Lowe-sr Every Day Prices 249 Main SI.. Salinas Phone 423 Soledad Califo Qongrafulafgons Complirnenls of The A. L. BROWN 84 SQN Monierey Counly Ice and I55 Main Slreei Salinas I Developrnen-L CO' ' Salinas Califo SALINAS VALLEY su PPLY co. COng,a+u,aHO,,S De Laval itrogisgfohn Deere JACKS BARBER SHOP Soledad p n S California Gonzales Camo GONZALES INN JOI-INNIE BURKE Rooms and Aparlrnenls Druggisl Phone 93 Gonzales Soledad Calilo TI-IE EIVIPORIUIVI GONZALES TRIBUNE Smarr Shop for Women All Ihe Local News 224 Main Sfreel' Salinas Gonzales Califo GOIXIZALES SI-IOE HOSPITAL Shoes and Repairing Reasonable BABCOCK COVER CO. 4I I Easl' Ninely-Iirslr Slreel Gonzales California Angeles Califo E. S. TAVERNETTI SOLEDAD BEE Real Eslale and Insurance Progressive-Inclepencleni Gonzales California Soledad Califo Congraiulalrions DR. L. P. DAVLIN Gonzales California CALIFORNIA FURNITURE CO. Compleie I-Iome Furnishings 325 Main SIree'I Salinas S tyT R SCHOOL Sixfy-Three KROUGH'S DRUG STORE Prescripfion Druggis+s GOODFRIEND 8: TRAUB Leading Jewelers-Salinas Iso MAIN ST. SALINAS, cALIE. "EOR CORRECT TIME PHONE 254' PORTER 84 IRVINE COHQPGTUIGTFOHS . Deparfmenf Slrore BUTCH ABADIE SALINAS, cALIE. eoNzALEs CALIFORNIA KARUS gp-405 STQRE Cochran 81 WoodworTh Fred Jacobsen, Mgr. Meal' MGTISGT zoa MAIN STREET SALINAS, CALIF. Phone 65 GONZALES CALIFORNIA Hollywood Bea u'ry Lounge CompIeTe Beaufy Service 238 MAIN ST., SALINAS PHONE 23I4 THORUP-DAYTON CO. Real Es+aTe - Insurance SALINAS ' PHONE 123 THE OUALITY SHOP Women's Sfyle CenTer 3l8 MAIN ST.. SALINAS PHONE 424 c. Ei' DUNN S+aTionery and EquipmenT Co. PHONE 9I SALINAS, CALIF. WesTcoTT's Plumbing and Elecfrical Co. Plumbing Supplies, EIecTricaI Fixfures MODE O'DAY Froclcs 'lor The High School Girl 246 MAIN ST., SALINAS PHONE I938 SOLEDAD, CALIF. PHONE 80 J. W. FRANSCIONI RODEO SHOE SHOP MeaT Marlcef All Work Guaranfeed SOLEDAD PHONE 25-W 32I MAIN STREET V SALINAS PHONE 6 K. B. F. SOLEDAD CongraTulaTions Dry Goods - Groceries - Hardware TRAVELERS RESTAURANT General EIecTric Radios, RefrigeraTOrs GONZALES CALIFORNIA Soledad French Laundry W- J- Al-I-EN Edmond Courreiou, Prop. Plumbing, I-IeaTing, Pump Worlc PHONE 54 SOLEDAD PHONE IOO GONZALES JOE FROLLI JOHN C. LAZIER Real EsTaTe - Insurance Real Es'ra're, Insurance PHONE 35 SOLEDAD NOTARY GONZALES I-IITCI-lCOCK'S DRUG STORE COHQVGIUIGIIOUS Dependable Druggisfs QUALITY MEAT MARKET SALINAS CALIFORNIA PHONE 77 GONZALES Priulezl by SixfyfFou I A r v . X X F - f f' 1, 1 Y 1 l , . v ,vvfdfyxe V . f 'jfs 'balm'-erb , - fffff ' f .. is W ' I ,Ylo,WJxg,,qLgiB'ZVY?'QJlfiJ'YkL1 ' Q 'AI' If ' , . 4 I 4 3 ' p A 7:5 . ,E fi iff? OSS J Q9 xx fn N ,M- L? D ,MMg,,, w ' j i A 5, U EN 1 V lm W , . , '1 4 J , N A , Q 1 N N l ,I , N A ' 1 W . W W

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